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ront page , a [,Ja shington PosC ( 10/ 3 i c I e cuoted-6ur-F6?fl-EE-Titl seve ra GtiS families, and homeschooler Becky Rupp's very good arEicle for Country Journal was published in their Decem6er-Tssue. Several ocher interviews, and lots of general inquiries, have followed these articLes. PubI lcity surrounding the Moskos family case in MA (see "Court News," inside) has resulEed in a lot of aEEenEion for our office, too. A locaL TV staEion interviewed the Maher famiLv. and another TV crew spent a coufle of hours here inEerviewing Pat Farenga and Eilming us aE work for a three-parE series on homeschooling, to be aired in late November. Adding Eo Ehe excitement, a fire in an office above us caused us some Donald Graves has deve'loped an innovative inconvenient buE minimal water damprogram for cl assroom writi ng. In an i nterview age. l,Je spenE a couple of days sorton page 8, he and Virginia Stuart share their ing wet back issues from dry ones, findings with homeschoolers. but our insurance will cover the cost I was not successful Unfortunatelv. of the damage. hacod nn ILy wrL'r v" "'r ssilruI l,Je've been en joying the very wel- Tnci6..l T was ofFered a job as the state, come volunteer help of Chris Honde, a Safety and HeaIth Inspector. This is GWS reader who has lived in Japan for full time and requires a great deal several years. and Jerry Puzo, who nf fravol brrr heinq unsuccessIul met us at Ehe Holt Associates Picnic in AugusE and whose article on sEory- getfing what I reaLly wanted, I decided to Eake it. telling appears in Ehi s i ssue. The first quesEion my husband Lauren Farenga, almosf six asked was what I planned to do with months o1d at this writing, has begun Annike (aclually what school I spending time in the office wiEh her decided to send her Eo), I decided father, Pat. We haven'E put her Eo not to send her to school, but rather work yet (even around here young back to her former sitEer. I prepare people get a few months' grace) so a List of work for her each daY' she is able to enjoy life as not jusE check her work at night (and do anYan in-arms but an in-manv-arms babyl Ehing Ehat needs to be done orally). --- SuEEifiah Sheffei f



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tell you that

expecting Ehe birth r.'^of my first ljtu


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ing just fine. Frank and I are Planning a home birth with a midwife connecEed wiEh Elizabeth Noble's Maternal and Child HeaLth CenEer. For a long Eime iE's been a goal of mine Eo have a child and still see GWS come out on schedule without any drop in quality. Now that Susannah SheFfer ic hcre- T feel confident thaE this Eransition can be a realiEy. Susannah has been doing an increasing amount of the producEion of GWS. and we still have Ewo more issues Eo work on togeEher before the babv is due, I exDect thaE she will ao CWS #57 (put tbgeEher in May) preEty much on her own. Afler Ehat I'11 see how I feel, buE T expecE to keep my work load quiEe LighE for some Eime, perhaps working at home' perhaps coming in to the office occasionally. I expecc I'lI always be available for reading maEerial, ediEing, and discussion. What comolicates maEEers somewhat is that iE is also time for us to make another Eransition - to producing GWS on the Macintosh computer. The Olivetti word processors are wearing out and geEtinE more difficulE to geE somefix, so we know we have co Ehing new, and the Mac's I'desktop pubIishing" ability is jusc coo tempEing to delay any longer. PaE Farenga has been using the Mac to produce Ehe 'rBook and Music StoreI inserts that youtve seen this year in Lhe center of GWS. Our cests have shown that Lhere are several attractive typefaces available that are more readabLe chan whaE we use now-Tfcan hear some of you cheeringl) and still allow us'to bring you as mudfi-fr6teriaI as ever. Susannah and I are going to do our darnedesE to Droduce Ehe nexE issue of CWS entirbly on the Mac - should be an inEeresting two months for us. Please bear wiEh us during Ehese changes. In particular, please remember that we always welcome and depend on your letters, even though we may not have rime to respond individuaIly. --- Donna Richoux NOTES FROM SUSANNAH

We've just Learned from Merloyd Lawrence that Addison-tJesLey will bring ouc a collecEion tenEaEively

Eirled A JOHN HOLT READER, made up of previously uncoLlecEed pieces' For this project we may need more volunEeers to Eype Eranscripts of John's recorded speeches. so Let us know if like- to heLp with this. vou'd t^le've had quice a loE of publicitv in Ehe lasE couple of months. The Journai (10/6) ran a wlll sEreet s toEory -e5ouE-TomeFcToo L ing on ic s


I try Eo do trip type things. I decided to continue with honeschooling anyvJay for a number of reasons. First of aLl, I can see how much more she gets from it (esPecially in Eerms of being allowed to read). Second, Annike wanted to do it. Third, so many things we do we weren't about to discontinue anyway' (For example, piano lessons, horseback riding and swimming') I realLy believe going co school would be a waste of time for Annike and tire her out so she couldn't concentrate on what she likes. We use Open Court readers. This is nice because grammar. comPosition and spelling are all found in one book. I also like it because actual is used. The words are literature demanding and iE isn't waEered down. We are pacing ourselves to do one unit a week. It onLv takes 2-3 daYs to do a unit, and usuaLly Annike finishes one book per week in addition to her reading unit. I, Eherefore' think EhaErs more than wouLd be allowed in schooL. Since she's readshe's giving hering good liferature self a wonderful background. ...There are some nice things On weekends and holidays,



time ago I found Ehis Holt in the book SUMMERHILL: FOR AND AGAINST and was struck by how directly it speaks to Ehose of us who are conEinuing John's work, if we substiEute John's name for NeilL's: ...The worst thing thaE can haPpen to any greaE pioneer of human thought is for his ideas to falL into Ehe hands of discipLes and worshippers, who Eake the Living, restless, ever-changing thoughE of their master and Ery to carve it into imperishable granite, so that not a word shaLL ever be lost or changed. The words may remain, but the spiriE is soon Lost. A friend of mine used to say, "A conservaEive is a man who worships a dead radical." Nowhere is this more true than in education; one thinks immediately of Maria Montessori and John Dewey. It would be a tragedy if : F lrdPPelrs L^^^^-^ F^ \1^i Th^ ,,-,, (\crrr.1 I rrrE urrry wdy t^ Lv LU !L ^-l,, prevent it, to honor Neill as he deserves, is Eo try Eo continue the exploraEion he starEed, Eo move on further into Ehe uncharted territory of human freedom, happiness and erowth . [,Je mus E there f ore take Neill's thought, his writing, his work, and SummerhiLl itsel f, not as a final step, but as a first one. [SS: ] Some passage by John


ln GWS #50, we printed several "nrocress renorfs" thaE Diane Chodan of New York ('rCerEified Teachers") wrote about her daughEer Annike (7). RecentLy Diane wrote: ...I believe I indicated to you in a previous Letter my desire to earn some money. I Eried Eo gec a Eeaching posi Eion or part-time job.


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Irve noticed about continuing to homeschool in a less favorable atmosphere. Annike is getting a chance to develop her own sense of responsibiliEy. She cooks dinner for rne sometimes and tries to get her work done. [^le have a new superintendenE who did compliment me on last yearrs organization. However, he has "grave concerns" over homeschooline if I am noE there. He has worked inlo the conversation EhaE he couLd take me to courE and he has a strong moral obLigation Eo see my daughter gef.s educa,..Annike did get some peer pressure to return Eo schooL from her sitEer's chiLdren. However, she has also heard positive things. The Librarian aE Ehe public library says Annike reads so welL that she orobablv doesn'E need school! To counter the argument that school offers band instruments and choir. her oiano Eeacher (also a fourth gradb publ ic school teacher) Eold her she should stick to the things she is already doing and noE try to do everything. Thic Iadw aIcn fnl.l ma in kaan har home if I could because she honesLly felt Annike wouldnrt seE much attention in school . . . I intend to arsue with the superintendent about k6eping her home, I think my mind has changed from simply trying this out to continuing as long as I can. Of course iE is difficulE, but most things worth doing are. THE GREAT EXPERIMENT

From Becky Olson (AZ):

...I would like to take a few Iines to respond ro P.B. (clis #51) concerning "sEruggling.rr I Ehink we all have doubEs and fears. For many of us, unschooling and trusEing oui children is THE GREAT EXPERIMENT. tJe are experimenting with our children's Lives,,. If it doesn'E work, we canrt erase it and start all overl As we waEch our children grow and learn, doubts are fewer and farther between, but still Ehere. And even though we try noc to, we compare our unschooled kids with schooled kids of the same age and see surface skills in schooled children Ehat our children don't have - like memorized multioLication tabLes. (These were imporEint when we went to school, and a litfle voice inside tell s us Ehey stil I musc be imporEant - even if they reaLly arenrEl Then when we sit down and olav cards with Ehese same schooLed kidl and they can't add (much less multiply) their scores of 4 + 6, we realize EhaE those multiDLication tables may as well be Che Rlssian alphabeE for aL1 the usable information imparted Eo these children, And when Che same schooled child that couldnrt add 4 + 6 ( "I'm in special classes because I am dumb!") can add 19 + 19 in her head, we reaLize that the "great instiEuEionrr has convinced Ehis child EhaE she isnrt caoable. yec our experience with her is thit of a very capable, resourceful child... When rhe doubEs begin to gain ground, the best way to overcome fears is Eo assess all the skills you are aware your child has. NoE necessari ly academic ski I I s, buE perhaps survival, social, musical, culinary, companion, or any number of other Next, remember each of us has skills. ttacademic deficiencies,rr Each of us has our own weak areas - and we are )

doing just fine. And some of the weak areas have been turned into strong ones when we really wanted or needed

Chat information.

I struggled for years trying Eo Eeach Rachel (9) Co read, add, count money, etc., untiL I realized she couldn't. wouLdnrE Learn it until she wanted or needed to. Nor,J I have discovered thaL most of these struegles are internal - me sEruggling with myself - Erying co reassure myself EhaE aIl the miscellaneous information I gLeaned in schooL is not necessarily vital for Ehe survival of my children. Locs of people have survived withouE Iearning cursive, maEh Eables, the preamble Eo the ConstiEution, and other bits of trivia. And further struggling to trust my children to learn about what they need. My greatest area of self-di sci-

nline is fo kpon l-hic cirrroolo â‚Źrnm affectinc mv chi ldren - that I don,t try to teach them to saEisfy my own needs, and not thei rs. . . ...Her schooled friends Eell Rachel she will be dumb for Ehe rest nF


i, !!!, i fa

end qrru





BUUU job. This really doesn'E appear to bother her, She knows she isn't dumb (even though her reading isn't up to "grade Level") because she knows loEs of Ehings her friends don'E - like what the concept behind addition is; how to use a compuEer; hrhat sEars are made ofl how mice families Iive; whaE guinea pigs are used for in their naEive countries (food). And she seEs to do lots of Ehings Ehey don't g;E to do, Like cook (unsupervised); go Eo college classes wiEh me; go to the library, zoo, shopping whenever she wants to; and explore Tuscon freely. Sometimes the pressure to conform gets Eo her, but we can usually discuss boEh sides of Ehe issue and she finds she is much betcer off noE in schooL. IErs funny, when her friends Il rsL i^F FL^ Lne llg..-tr run +L:-^ tnrngs concernrng schooL, Ehe majority of Ehe list deals with going home earLy, parEies, recess, lunch hour, arE days and other non-academic activiEies, Once Rachel reaLized the reasons she wanEed to go to school were ways and means her friends were usinp ro cer away from schooL, rn"-1"g."-t;-qi;;tion the validity of fheir argumenEs. AC any rate, as a result of the acEivities of Ehis summer! she and I boEh know her friends think she has someLhing pretty neat going on...

because we do choose

to let our child-

ren be i ndi vi dua I s, be dependent on us unLiI Ehey indicate a desire Eo be

oEherwise, etc. etc. etc., we are very, very isolated. A simple task Like choosing a church where we can learn and worship as a family unit has turned into another dead end. MosE parenEs are all too happy to use church nurserq^h^^l i6c errnlarr gLc., rcot Jurrudy JLrluu! Lrd5>c5, d5 ^r ^-^^a chance to get a$ray to Eheir adulc classes, worship, or prayer groups, so they can be edified withouc interruption. I say this a bit with Eongue in cheek but also with sadness. I, too, would like to study and worship l^^---l ^1^--,.i! *,.h the oEhers, buE noE aE the cost of shrrfrinq ortr mv kids. I think they u" ";;;-;;".;;'""i n^ts i'cF tha A nrrf aF rot I rrnrchin wvr Jrr!t,r rather contifTed teacher's version that is suitable for a 3- or 4-yearoId's comprehension (supposedly). This is how I feel about aIl aspecEs of our lives. TE does no good Eo be wilLing to involve our children if alL of us are met with resentment as a resulE. Consequently we seem to have slowly eliminated many activiEies and areas of interest, hoping to find oEher Ehings that wiLL work or where we can ioin in with like-minded peooLe. BuE-we have Found few Iike-minded oeople. And Ehe worst part is that i find myseLf almost unconsciously pressuring my young children to be independent and willing to separaEe before they are ready, or doubting Cheir (and my) innate integrity and healLhfulness of spirit, as it were, because we dontt seem to be fitting in. I feel like I donrt have many choices to offer them, of acEiviEies, Eriendships, or simple exposure to familiar inEeractions h?ith others on an ongoing basis, Long-Eerm, I wonder if our isolation night jeopardize our continrinq wellness es e famiirr and rha good ouEcome of Eheir growing into fulfilled adults throueh the homeschool ing process I don't foresee a ceopranhicai move for us any tir" i"-iiE-;;;;--fuEure - my husband is tied Eo Ehe security of his position as elecEricaI engineer (he also happens to Iike his work) but T reaIly feel an almosE overwhelming n6ed for- a sense of community, both for myself and for each member of my family. VISITING POSSIBLE SCHOOLS


Patt Bristow in GtlS #51 recentlv caughE my aEEencion. IC was abouE Lauren McElroy and the neElrork MAKING CONTACT (3543 E Bellevue, Tucson AZ 87516 ). I wrote to her right away, because of a deepening sense of frustration I feel aE the differences, to put it bIunEIy, beEween myself, my family, our beliefs of what parenEing and nurEuring entaiL, the rights and needs of our children as individuals (and our rights Eo stand up for them! ) eEc, and those around us. [,ie live in Ehe large metropoliEan area of San Jose, CA and are leading an outwardly fairly typicaL suburban lifesEyle. We are on friendly Cerms wiEh our neighbors and their children, YeE. because of our strong sense of family, because we do not leave our chiLdren so as to be invoLved in adult-onLv acEivities. because we choose not Eo nudse our children inEo the preschool 6cene, From

An article


Madalene Murohv (PA) wrote



In March of Ehis year we reached another of those Eurnihg points as we f r\/



n-'F i ^"1 ^e Pdr LrLurdr


brand of homeschool ing. Our oldesE, Emily (13), was approaching "high school,rr and we thoughE Chis was a good Eime to do a major evaluation,

particularly since Emily seemed to be becoming more and more unhappy with hersel[. We found that she was feeling like she was drifting, Ehat she couldn't reach eoals she seE for herself, and she wIs worrying about whether she would be ready for college. l,Jhen we started discussing the various alternatives for next vear. Emily said she wanted Eo go to schoot to meet more people her own age and ro





.o o'.'.'"t?;: ::i,:l::tn' But, having been out of school for she needed

five years, she soon changed her mind and wanted to eliminate school as a possibility because, among oEher reaGROW]NG t,lllTHOUT SCHOOLING #54


sons, it frightened her. Since fear is a vety poor reason for making decisions, we looked for a way Eo heIP her find ouc about high school life wiEhout having Eo make a commitment for a whole year' We decided to contacC the privaEe high schools Ehat were within commuting disEance of us,

ask for brochures abouE the schools,

and Ehen possibLy arrange for a visit

co any Emily found interesEing.


were pleased to find thaE many of Ehe schools encouraged new sEudents to come and spend one or someEimes tvJo days going-to classes and gecting to know Ehe school

,..We chose two Eo visit. The first one we wenE to had a philosophy Ehat sounded a LoE like homeschooling - Iittle or no pressure and competicion, lots of individualized aEEenEion. While Ehe school had Ehe potenCiaI of being something very inEeresting, at Ehe time we saw it, Ehere was no love of Learning or sPirit of curiosity evident among the scudencs. Emily, who loves Eo answer and ask quesEions, held back for the first half of the firsE class and Ehen began to dominaEe Ehe discussions. By che time she goE Eo algebra she felt confident enough Eo offer to explain her method of doing a parEicular kind of algebra probLem thaE one sEudenE was having difficulEy understanding, and her expLanaEion evidenEly clarified Ehe siEuation. By the end of her day Ehere, her self-confidence had received a Eremendous boost and she talked about how neat it would be to go there. BuE she soon began Eo reaLize on her own that she would have difficulty finding friends among che sEudents, mosE of whom seemed Eo focus all their crearivity on ways to avoid the assignmenEs given Chem, and, while some of the classes sounded interescing, the teachers had Eo spend a Lot of Eime dragging information out of studenEs who didn'E wanE to be Ehete, In shorE, it was the usuaL school siEuaEion. The next schooL we looked at was a much more EradiEional college prep school, but iE emphasized iEs small classes and a flexibilEy Ehat aLlowed it to meet individual needs. I began Eo have my doubEs about the place when, wiEhouE finding out what EmiIy could or couldnrc do, whac she knew or didnrt know, Ehe admissions counselor decided on Ehe basis of Emily's age and the facE EhaE she had been in an unstructured Iearning environment thaE she would not be ready for the pressure of their high school buE should start in eighEh grade nexE yeat. . . Emily returned a week laEer to spend Ewo days going to cLasses. AfEer he first day she was excited abouE an archeology projecE Ehe class was doinq. not because iE made her wanE*fo go Ehere ("I already knew the scuff he was Eelling Ehem abouE techniques of handling arEifacEs") but because ic gave her an idea Eo investigaEe an old oiL-filled well on our properEy. She also was given an assignment to relrriEe Ehe firsE paragraph of Poe's "Cask of AmonEilIado" in her own words and spenE a Iong Eime Ehat evening geEEing it just right, The next day was not so good at all. The LaEin teacher didnrt show up and Ehe class became loud and chaoEic and did not resoond aE all Eo the increasing Ehreats made by Eeachers from nearby classrooms. Immediately after that she was pulled ouE of class to take a math placemenE Eest, a compLete surprise Eo her and to me, since that had not been menEioned as part of Ehe visic. And when I asked GROWING I,IITHOUT SCHOOLING #54

her about the Poe paragraph, she said to strangers why he wasn't in heschool sEartduring schooL hours. Somehow che Eeacher's only comment was, "Oh' ed feeling like he wasn'L learning Ehanks," when she gave iE to him. The This conanyEhing in homeschool' class had not discussed the short cerned him to the point of considerstory and Ehere was no exPlanation ins schooL. His besE friend Jason why she had had Eo do it. In short, aEEends a locaI CaEhoIic school and it was again Ehe usuaL school siEuathis was Ehe schooL Shane wanted' Eion. I made iE very cLear to him that Although we decided to continue he received in the indoctrination homeschooling, Emilyrs time (and CaEholicism cLass would be challenged mine) was far from wasted. Emily (and aE home by my own underslanding of Tom and I) had a much better basis for making our choice. She found thaE Cod, I promised him some i nterest i ng debates, and almost looked forward to Ehe comDanionship and inEeLlectual the prospecc. We arranged a daY for sEimuLation she was looking for was sha.c fo sncnd in class wiEh Jason as orobablv not to be found in the He wasn't very a sorE of trial. ichools- we visiEed or at IeasE she enEhusiastic about whaE he had seen, would have to give uP Eoo much to so I was surprised Ehat he was still gain them. And so we are left wiEh the chaL- very eager for school. The principal, Sister Kathryn, Lenge of making homeschooling work,, wanEed Shane Eo take some tests so given Emily's changing needs. One of Ehat she could be sure he was PLaced Lhe many discoveries we made from the in rhe "nroner srade Level," I schooL visiEs was that we did noE obiect to the structure at this poinE explained this Eo Shane and he agreed to Eake the cesEs. I have no idea in-her life as much as Ehe loss of whar kind of tesEs they were, I rights, particularly the righc to didn'E even Look at chem' It didn't choose for oneself. And so hre are maEEer to me how well he scored on incorporating a bit more strucEure these exams. We wenE to schooL on che into our plans. We aLso saw very chosen day and Shane was very nerclearly the advancage of discussing vous. I had promised co sEay with him wiEh oEhers books, articles' etc' we but Sister Kathryn wanted Shane to be have all read and we are trying to alone during the lests' We had a Priarranqe for even more time when we vate discussion and he agreed Ehat it all alree on someEhing to read and would be OK (he didn't have much chen talk about iE, And we are hoping choice ) . to find other aduLts to act as About a week LaEer Sister resource people.,. HOMESCH@LER IN HIGH SCHOOL

Wendy of the CANADIAN ALLIANCE OF HOMESCHOOLERS senE us two arEicles EhaE aPPeared in locaL pubLi-

cations when her daughter, Heidi (14) entered schooL for Ehe firsE time. From Ehe firsE article: ...When Heidi first starEed Iu8ging texEbooks Ehrough the brighElyiolored haIIs of Unionville High, she made a point of noE telling her teachers Ehat she had never been to school. "My drama teacher heard there was a sEudent in Ehe cLass who had never been to schooL," recalls Heidi. "So he was looking for a misfit. He didn't Ehink iE was me because I was foo weII socialized." And from Ehe second, wricten


Heidi herself: . ,,My teachers seemed Eo Iike to Ealk wiEh me and help me because I was interesEed and wanted Eo be there, and hardly anyone else did, which was something thaE took me a while co realize and even longer Eo unders tand . The place where I Ehink thac my "home schooling" reaIIy paid off is in my aEtiEude and my outlook on life. I feeL Ehat because of iE I am a LoE more confidenE in myseLf and in others as weLl. I also feeL Ehat I have a beEter relationship wiEh my family than I would have otherwise jusE because I've been wiEh them a LoE more. . .

Kathryn called Eo say lhat Shane hadnrc done so well on her exams. His math scores in particular were Low. EveryEhing else was fine but she felt he needed summer-school in mathemaEics before she could honestly place him in the same classroom wiEh Jason. I asked her if I could do the EuEoring hoping Eo sPare Shane summer-schooL, and she reLuctantLy agreed. This gave Shane two choices: 1) sEart summerschool Part-time in two weeks and then go fulltime co regular school in the fall or 2) work ar home wiEh me all summer on Ehe school maEh Eext and Ehen go full time in Shane's response was wonderthe fall fuL. He rejected both choices' Coing school wasn't worth wasting a back Eo whole summer for. I was so glad. Why is iE that whenever somethins's missi-i6 I i F^ ^", -^ ,t ittle of[. or jusc noE going as good as ic should

be, I think Eo myself, or worse Shane Ehinks Eo himself, EhaC school is Ehe answer?

It's funny because alL the

Ehings that are happening to us as Shane goes through puberty would hapnan









Less. Only wich home school, instead of leavinc ir un to schooJ. authoriEies I am finding my own natural authoricy Eo discover what he needs. I want Shane to Learn that you don'E have to go Eo school to get what you want ouE of this life, but it's OK to need help now and than. Right now he takes a karate class twice a week. and saxophone Lessons once a week. He gets help from PaE Farenga on the MacInEosh computer here in the office, and Elsa Haas whots our roommaEe just loves Eo read with him, Recently he #54, Vol. 9 No. 6. ISSN #0745-5305. Published bi-month'ly by Holt MA 02'l'16' Associates, 729 Boyl ston St, Boston.1986. $20lyr. Date of Issue, December I, GR0WING |^iITH0UT SCHOOLING


This summer as Shane's cweLfEh birEhday passed, our conversaEions Eook on a new deoth. I found him won-

dering if homeschooling was realLy a good idea. Being Ehe only homeschooler in the neighborhood bothered him more EhaE iE ever had before, and he seemed more uncomforEabLe explaining

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week he made forty dollars helping a friend of ours on his ice-cream Eruck. I,Je stiLl have our regular read-

ing and math sessions, libraries,

book sEores, museums, cooking proio.rc'






Eies of Life and learnine. Yet there

are still

those doubEing-days.




From Suzy Dodd (TN) . , . I'm encLosing some newspaper arEicl es from this area. . . This year I was contacted by a Knoxville reporter who has friends who are homeschooLTL^F






accomodaEing. One of them volunteered

the informaEion Ehat they could give us Tennessee Basic SkiILs maEerial. which included mastery tesEs and curricuLum guides (our kids wiLI be taking Tennessee Basic SkilLs EesE.s ) . . . The Director of PupiI Special Services wilL be addressing our homeschooling group about Ehe Eesting required by law, He seemed pleased to be asked... One secEion of the law Irm not pleased about is Ehe requiremenL that a naranr nF tridc Qrh orarla nr ahnrro musE have a college degree, buE iE says "a parenE-teacher may request an exempEion from this requiremenc from fhF SfAfF Dpnf- of F.ducation on a year-to-year basis." Ir had been rumored that someone in the EducaEion Dept. had vowed Ehat no parenE would F"ts i n f-^ts rocpi rra fhrf avamnts i ^h know of one family Ehat was granted the excepEion righE from the starE, T

reminds us that the Home EducaEion Act passed in 1985 will expire on July 1, 1987, so homeschoolers shouLd be prepared for home education to be on the agenda of the 1987 session, KANSAS: Bonnie Sawver wrote in the OET56E? KANSANS FoR. ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION newsLefter: "On October 4, home school representaEives and attorneys met in McPherson to discuss our ontions fnr fhc.ominq lpoislefivo year. As you know, IasE year acEion was not Eaken on any of the home school bills, and as a result aLL three bills died in committee... We agreed thaE we need to be prepared so that if the circumsEances warranE, we will have a bill rdritten and ready. II we introduce legislation, a biil similar to Missouri's home school hi urrr,l 1

^...6, Pd>rsu

1 -.F !drL


,,^ar yEu_



Manfred Smith savs in


the faTl-r8-6-newsLetter of the iIRRY,,^-F^J .,4^1^ F--i 1., ^i ^F,.-^ ^F ^,,LAND HOME EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ThAT l,' r l,-^'.' tsk.ts .nd i irc iha nnl - f .-i working together. [,Je are unschoolers the staEe DeDartment of Education has brrt staced an arf anDreciaEi on even requested iE: ... drafted a set of proposed by-Iaws reg"lessonrr for him. It really was a ulaEing homeschooling. These by-Iaws scream wiEh Ehe kids making silLy would allow announced home visiremarks - I think the photographer tations by school officials and wouLd LOCAL NEWS was charmed by it all. He asked if iC require that fami I i es s ign a staCeh^nF Fh-F Fh^,, .,1 was a typical scene and I said, I'No! For addresses of sEate and Local -: tLrrEy ,,i w!rrI I dLLePL ^^^^^ts ^..^L suclt v I5 at aLll" organizations, see this issuers taEions. Manfred homeschoolers says ln qpnfamhFr ure hold r mopfino Resource section. These are uodaEed plan to oppose these visitations at for homeschoolers in this area. We periodically and sold separaCbly public hearings (possibly in January). sent announcemenEs Eo area neldspapers throughouE the year for $1 as parE of MICHIGAN: In OcEober. the staEe and we phoned three school superinEen- our "Homeschooling Resource List.rl Board-6-FTdi6aE ion adoDted "Prodents' offices Eo ask if they were ARKANSAS: Tom HoLiman of Ehe cedures for Home SchooIs" which allowed to give us names of regisARKANSAS-cIIRTSTIAN HOME EDUCATION required home schoolers to hire certered homeschoolers. Two obliged... ASSOCIATION Eold us Ehat on November tified teachers for 900 hours a year hle had 19 families at that meeting, 13th he lesEified before Ehe Joint and to submit a form affirmine that and distribuEed a checklist of inEerEducation CommiEEee, suggesting posEhey were doing so. On Novemb6r 11th, ests so people could maEch up. We sible changes in Che homeschooL Law. however, a circuit court judge grant(See decided Eo have picnics every two GWS #46 for a summary of the law ed a preliminary injunction Co Pat weeks and have had 15-17 families at passed last year. ) Tom offered a list MonEgomery of CLONLARA and Ehe famieach of those. of eight recommendaEions, several of Lies who had filed suit with her, We did send notices fo newswhich the DeparEmenE of Education pub- This means that the stace cannot papers abouE our picnics, just trying Iicly agreed to aC this meeCing. Tom enforce these strict reeulatlo-i=. The Eo keep our name be.lore the pubLic so says thaE homeschoolers will incorpor- judge's redesigned form-which homeEhey'lL become more accustomed to us. ate chese suggesEions, which include schoolers fill out requires much less T["JO reporters and two phoEographers allowing parents Eo begin homeschoolinformation and Leaves very flexible Fi6^ r^ rho â‚Źircr JLlJrll'IL'IEJulLll|5 ni^ni^ ing mid-year and loosening the curLhe number of hours a certified teach'^-,,1 in the remaining two articles I've renE reauiremenE ChaE homeschoolers er must be in Ehe home. enclosed. You may be surprised aE Ehe who twiie score Lower Ehan eishE MISSOURI: The FAMILIES FOR HOME fuss that was made over mv 14-vearmonths beLow grade level on sEandardEDUCATTON ner^rsleCter quotes Chis old son playing wiEh an infantl nnd ized tescs musE enter school, inEo a arEi cIe in Ehe Raytor^Tn Dispatch Tribwhat a gorgeous picture it made! biLL which thev wilL introduce in Ehe une: "[The RayEown C-2 SaI6oT-Boe7IJ . ..We were sorry that one repor1987 legislative session. approved a school policy concerning Itrol l-ar rraa.i rho nhraca ioi^rrc ovrramCALIFORNIA: Judv Britton reDorEs graduation requirements. Under Ehe ist," and it appeared to be attributhat refresbnEaEives from several new policy, home school credifs wiLI ted to the mother he interviewed,., Calif, support groups met in Burbank not be accepted on Ehe high school Tennessee has gone through a period in October Eo discuss the formaEion leveI. According to district offiof being divided - religious homeof a state-wide coalition of homecials, home school credits cannoE be schoolers in one group, quaLity-ofschoolers. The reoresentaEives accurately evaluated. OfficiaLs also education homeschoolers in another. debaEed Ehe need ior homeschool Lesis- said socialization - mixins with BuE of course reLisious homeschoolers Iation in California, and plan Eo olher s1-rrdeni-q - nrnr|idad rn imnnrare ?16Tfr!--it-for qual i ty-of -educa E i on send out a state-wide survev. Judv tant Dart of a hiqh school educareasons, also. And homeschoolers who writes: "Those interested in receivtion.rr The newsletter warns homewould say that religion was not the ing a copy of Ehe survey, being kept schoolers of the importance of being moEivating facLor probably would noE posted on what is happening, and invoLved in Local school board polidivorce any part of Eheir life from Iearning how to become effectively tics. Eheir reLigious beliefs. involved, can send a self-addressed NEW YORK: Katharine Houk sent us I think thaE homeschooLing stamped enveLope to me aE PARENTS FOR a IeIEEFTEET her husband, Seth Rockgroups in EasE Tennessee are making HOME DEVELOPMENT, 10368 Kenyon Ct, muller, who is AssistanE Counsel for an effort to set aside the divisiveRiverside 92505l. 714-351-1886." the State Education DeDarEment. wrote ness. A Knoxville group formerly made Jane WiILiams of Ehe CALIFORNIA about Ehe administratibn of Pupit up entirely of fundamentalist ChristEvaluation Program (PEP) Eests Eo HOME EDUCATION CLEARINGHOUSE asks ians (or at any rate it was beLieved that people send her information homeschooL students: "Because of the thaE Ehey were) is working Eo include about districEs which offer Indepenindividualized nature of home instrucany homeschooLers, and our own group dent Study programs. tion, the Eeacher of a studenE recejvis made up of all kinds... And aren't COLORADO: In GWS #53. we said ing at home an educaEion which is subhomeschoolers a diverse group! We chac EFiSEI-Vrain school board had stantially equivalent to that provican't go around separaEing ourseLves denied aIL Ehe homeschooling requesEs ded to public school students... inEo groups of I ike-minded people or iE received. The October COLORADO would already be taiLoring the we may each wind up in a group of ONE! HOME EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION newsletEer insCrucEion to the child's individual We found that newspapers could reports thaE Ehe board reversed its needs. Accordingly, it is unnecessary not seem to handle routine announcedecision and approved the 22 requests Eo use the PEP Cests to assess Ehose menEs from a group of homeschoolers it had denied, and Ewo new requests. needs." Katharine says that as a without a name, so we did, aFter a The board aLso passed two resoluresuLt of this letEer, school disfew geE-Eogethers, choose the name tions, one aiming to create a local tricts now know thaE they do noE have HOMESCHOOLING FAMILIES. ile also starEhome study policy and one aiming Eo to administer the PEP tests to ho6E:ed a newsletcer with the same name... change policy on a sEaEe leveL, schoolers, aLthough negotiation is Our County AtEendance Officer Ehrough open hearings. stiLl left to Ehe individual discrict FLORIDA: The FLORIDA PARENTand the Director of Pupil Special and family. Services have been quite friendly and EDUCAmRSISSOCIATIoN nevrs lercer VERMONT: In the October LEARNINc cIe. l,Jhen the phoEographer came, he


sory Attendance Statute be ruled unHOME newslerter, Kathy Blair wrote conscitutionall y vague, basing his that a group of Vermon! homeschoolers arguments on porEions of the state voted to draw up a home school bill and federal ConstituEion concerning and to organize a lobbying efforE for parenfal rights and religious belief. the next Iegi slative session. Kathy PENNSYLVANIA: PeCer Berqson of will be rL,!. rdyr, r -^*erial /co! ",oL PENCIT TeTTs-us-ThaE Ehe HOME SCHOOL avaiLabLe to help inform us how Eo be LEGAL DEFENSE ASSOCIATION, which is effective advocates. Lobbying teams currently represenEing several PA famwiLl be established so we wonrt feeL ilies, filed suit in federal court isolated and IoneIy in Montpelier. claiming that the PA school code is Car pools can be established to unconstitutional because it denies provide reduce travel expenses and/or famiLies due process. Harrisburg transporEation." ThoughEs about the artorney John Sparks also filed a sepbiLl or reouests for informaEion arate suiE cLaimine Ehat Ehe state should be addressed to Bill Schulte, DeparEmenE of Educ;Eion has misinterPO Box 124, Jericho 05465, 899-3468. preted the meaning of the term WASHINGTON: KaEhleen McGurdy ''schooI" school" rn in denyr-ng famiLies th denying tamlIles the wrore--ii--iiE-IdLoDer r LLA newsre LLer ; righE to homeschool. Meanwhile, the "It has come to our aEEenEion thaf among certain public school adminsEra- homeschool legislation - which addre sses the issue of due orocess - will tors there is a move being made to be reintroduced next iession. 'righten up' or clarify the homeTEXAS: The judge unexpectedly school law... Two proposals Ehac have i. : withdrew the preliminary ruling in been circuLated are: '1 ) chaE the the class action suit Leeoer vs. aooroval form which is filed wiEh Ehe i ng.c,gn,,l,S, D, in IaEiOEt66er. Superintendent should be more 4rl (see GWS #53.) According Eo homedetailed to assure compliance with existing provisions. lAndl 2) Consid- schooler Judy Rosen, the attorneys plan to request an injunctton if homeeration should be given Eo a signed schooling famiLies are prosecuEed. - SS statement that Ehe requesting parent has not been involved in child abuse or negLecE probLems,' We find both proposals totally unaccepEable. rl The October TRESTLE newsleEEer HOWMANYHOMESCH@LERS? adds Ehat an amendmenE to Ehe WA homeAn article in the Buffalo, NY school Law, titled "CerEification MeEro Communily NqCC reports that the Standards for HomeschooL Instrucnumber of homeschoolers in New York proposed. The TRESTLE tion,'r has been State rrhas grown from approximaEely says that although Ehe proposal is 200 in 1984-85 to 400 in the 1985-86 vague, itsrrulfimaEe inCention" is to schoolyear.,. The city Iof Buffalo] reouire that "homeschool Eeachers... has 15 sEudenEs being taught at home be suoervised bv cerEificated teachers in Ehe State of Washington." - SS in 10 differenE famiLies.'l



In OcEober, a Dallas Councf-Di3t?ict Judge found Dr. Malaika Hakima and Larry Hodge-Hakima guilty of'rconEribuEing Eo the delinquency of a minor" for failing to send their three children to schooL or Eo have them tutored by a sEaEecertified teacher. In a local news article, Dr. Hakima was quoted as saying, 'tWe really wanE to Eeach Ehe children ourseLves. I develop my own curriculum. It suits Ehe needs of the chi ldren." The prosecuting attorney was also quoEed as saying Ehat i[ the Hakimas vioLate the compulsory aftendance Iaw, rrEhat means everybody can do iE." The Hakimas are awaicing sent enc ing . ALBERTA: In October. Ehe Supreme CourtlT-TEiada upheld Ehe ruling against Thomas Larry Jones, a pastor who had been running an unapproved Christian school. Jones had received a favorabLe ruling in Alberta Trial in 1983 (see GWS #33), but the -CourE Court of Aopeal Ehen reversed this decision (lbe Gl,iS #50) and convicted him of Eruancy. The Supreme Court ruling upheld this convicEion, arguing that the state, as well as the parents, has a compelling interesE i n Ehe children's education and Ehat complying wiEh Ehe School Act was noE an unreasonable infringement on Jones's religious beliefs. MASSACHUSETTS: In November, Ehe Stare-SilFiEfrE-T6i?t heard the Oral ArgumenEs in Ehe appeal of Richard and Denise Moskos of CanEon. The Moskoses were scheduled Eo aooeal a District CourE decision Ehat found them in vioLation of Ehe MA Comoulsorv AEtendance Statute, buE at the I!sE minuce the State Supreme Court decided Eo remove the case from Apoeals CourE and hear it themselves.'The family's attorney asked thae the CompulALABAI,'IA:



the Hartford Courant,

186; . . . In ConnecEicut, figures have not been compiled yet for school -' this year, but sEaEe Department of Education oficiaLs say the number wilL probably be higher Ehan it was last year, when 122 studenEs in 44 towns studied in aooroved home instruction programs. That compares with 118 such students in 1984 and iusE 75 in 1983. said Mari e DeIla BeI ti, school approvaL consultanE for the deparEment. Noc reflected in Ehe staEistics, however, are students kept aE home by parents who do noE get schooL board approv.t._ 9 116

An arEicle in Ehe San Jose Mercury News, f015186, says that "whTTe Ehe state has no idea of the exacL number of parenEs educaEing at home, Ehe number of affidaviEs filed ro establish privaEe schools wiEh fewer Ehan four sEudents - a sure sien of homeschooling - has tripled in-the Iast three years. lt's risen frorn 656 to 1808 families. " +_r

the Knoxville Journal: ...The number Iof homeschoolers] registered IasE spring with the lTennesseeJ SEaEe Department of Education was 530, buE knowledgabLe parenEs estimaEe that only a fifth of Che youngsEers Eaughf at home by their parents are registered with pubIic school superintendenEs. The rest are regisEered with privaEe schools, making Ehem not homeschoolers according Eo the law, but homeschoolers in From




wroEe in the November ARIZONA FAMILIES FOR HOME EDUCATION newsletter thaE because people are becoming aware of Arizonats favorable home-

schooLing law, the number has "grown from 50 regisEered homeschooLers to 800 in less than five Years.'l

the Pueblo (CO) ChiefEain: ...To date, the StaEe Board of Education approved 273 requests I for homeschoolinEl for the 1986-87 schooL year. The applicaEions originated from 73 of Colorado's 177 school districts. By contrast, chere were only two school districts in which parents were teaching their sEudenEs aE home 10 years ago, However. I scaff assistant [or the Colorado-Department of Educationrs Field Seivices Office] Roma Duffy said she believes the staters figures represent only a fraction oI the peopLe conducting home study. 'rThere are probably Etro or three times that many. That's stri ctly a guess on my part,r' she said, 'rThere are probablv more homeschoolers that we dbn't have a record of, Some From


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on 6-

lhrnrroh -"_


Thurs, Jan. -orlTdl--6:8prn."Fami15, 1987: Holt 1y Singalong." Bring favorite songs.


At our office; phone 437-1,550. Thurs. Feb. 19: Holt Associates Open H6I3?-TTfrE?&[ucti on to StoryEelling, with Jerry Puzo. Bring a story Eo share if you like. We are happy to run noEices of major homeschooling events, but we need plenty of notice, Deadline for cWS #55 (events in March or later) is Jan. 15, Deadline for GWS #56 (events in May on) is March 15, INVOLVING KIDS IN WORK

Matilsky (NJ): Sara (6) and I have been going Eo our food co-op once a week to work for two hours. I needed to get out of the hotrse and see sympatheEic people and it's working out to be a good Learning experience for Sara. We work on the produce each week and she is turning out to be a good helper. She uses Ehe price gun to mark different items and pucs "organic" stickers on the organic produce. She also can make signs that EelL how much differenE iEems cost. WhaE I find most interesting is that other adulfs are asking her to heLp them and she is From Ruth

ntta lwnd





&.ndlarge8At ?uer\lmvmacfur

Sherie and Gunnar Richardson

1-h i q

office. " The stale has no way co monitor all parents Eeaching Eheir children at home. "[^le have no staf f or budget Eo check on iE," Duffy said.





fr nfufua.Cowu,T{asnna


most conscientious about doing what they ask of her, whether it is cleaning potatoes or piling boxes up. She is settine an idea of how a store operaEe s .

IE's not always peaches and cream. There are some jobs she is

of doing but would prefer not to do and I have been Erying to drive home the point EhaE if she really wants to help then she needs to do what needs doins. I do not wanE to "make up" busy ilork when there is real work that needs to be done. She aLso likes to snack and work on art projects while she is there and while this is OK, I had to be firm in explaining that primarily we are at Ehe co-op Eo work and that eating and drawing sometimes have to Eake secondary place Eo co-op work. She accepted -l I Fhi rhen T rhnrrohr ry u,,u,, ^--j L, she would and looks forward co our weekly trips, It is a nice Eime for the two of us to be aLone EoseEher. John often said thaE chiLdren want to be involved in real work that they want to help. Now I have found this is true Eo a poinE, CertainLy most of Ehe Eime it is true with baking. Wirh the everyday rouji .1,,-,,Fh^ iinac hnr_rovor ichrf LrrrLJ, rruwevLr, rL case. Jacob used to love emptying the lint filter in the dryer and he begged to mix the super milk (we mix dry miLk powder with whole milk to puE on our oats in the morning). However, when we ask him Eo do Ehese thincs on a reprrlar basis (because he reallv does help) he ofcen will baLk, The sbme Ching is true in Ehe garden. I have seen Ehe kids fight over whose turn it is to use the rake, but when iE is leaI raking time I get aIl kinds of complaints about doing the work. And then, when I don't persist in making them help me, one or the other will be asking me Eo please stop working and ,mread or play a game, n^ F^ --1. ^ i Tha nn inl I ir!,i eryr1116 EhaE, aL least in our family. the help doesn't come automatically. Howevcr. T Am rpFl lv nroud EhaE the kids do as much as they do - perhaps the crux here is that thev wanE to helo on their own inner scheduLes and that r.:hnira t'^.11,, ic Fnrrr nannla i<drlySUI'lSvLlyLvyLu -n ^^jhLearning to work together and respect each otherrs needs. (Do it here and then expand it to the world.) capabLe

i In my reply, I wrote: About kids not vranEing Eo do household tasks on a regular basis. This is not really surprising, lots people have pointed ouC EhaE of rr^t ^..rr ^t ..L^F d^ L^I.. uuuy PLay obliged to do, and "work" is whaE a body is obliged to do. IE's Ehe coercion element. RealLy littLe kids are enchanted at discovering they are physically capable of doing some job, and older children who might noE have been aLlowed to do Ehose thines can rIt i-rt camo ihi I i.t usrr6'rL, ^-^...--;;;;--Fho BUE once the initial thriLL is gone, and Ehey know they can do it, things are different. Then it can be an interruption, a calling-away from Eheir fantasy worId, or story, or game. I Ehink you are right abouE t.hem wanting to help on their own schedules. And I suspecE thaE if you let them conErol as much as oossible WHAT they do and WHEN Ehey do it, Ehen in fhose times when you TRULY need Ehem Eo drop what they are doing and do something righE away, Ehey will respect the sincericy of the situation and oblige you. Some work expands as you have IDR:

children - there is more laundry, for examole. So it makes a lot of sense to mb EhaE somehow everyone should be responsible for doing Iaundry - such as doing their own. BuE leaf-raking Ehe number of leaves on Ehe yard doesn't deoend on Ehe number of children you have. Do you honesELy feel their sLave Labor is demanded in order Eo geE Ehe yard raked? And what dire consequences would happen iF the yard wasn't raked? Maybe something had. mavbe fhe crass would die... Ruth replied:

In truth I was a liEtLe put off

by your allusion Eo "sLave labor" in reterence to help with raking leaves.

However, the point abouE only asking for help when I REALLY need iE is a good one. The probLem is Ehat wiEh Lhree kids, one an infant, and living a suburban, non-tribal life, I need a

lot of heLn. ...As'my children grow, I see how caretaki ng responsi bil iti es get easier,., Sara is now my shopping partner. For the first time in my liFa T ani^\' chnnnino fnr iho hnrino rhinss - because I take Sara wiEh me. Jacob is fun in the supermarket. Jacob is aLso fun in the garden and Sara Ls my partner in expanding our macrame swing seE. This is not to negaEe the joy of infants. . . Now, f or the leaves . [.,Je have manv beauEiful trees. and if we don't rake the leaves Ehe grass will die. That is a fact. And it is true that there are no more leaves (or not that many more) than before the children were born, But I have just so much time and energy and feel Ehe squeeze more now. There is more cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping, chauffering, bathing, etc., etc., etc., and sometimes I feel like my life is one of my macrame projects with 100 strings each 10I yards long and F^.-^l T l^-. F tsL^F ^^F.,^1 1 ,, -i-, Ld"6rEu ^l L deLudr!/ j €^ i IurE rhaco raeL< hrri -^^nF ,s^ >PErrL -., ^"'y rharo aro i!'ct c^ mqnrr hnrrrc in lhp

day and I do get tired. So when I see an area where the kids could heLp I

try Eo involve them. Now in actualiEy whac happened with the leaves was this. Last faLL I spent an hour a day raking for several weeks. I toLd chem thaE I couldn't read or do oEher fun things because this was my time to rake. Jacob often sLayed wiEh me, "helping" with Ehe wheelbarrow and raking himself. Sara also joined in occasionally. Then there were the Eimes when I would be doing something else and Sara enlisted her friends to rake the yard. There was only one time when I Eried :^ts

^^ su

L^1i., udury


FL^., LUcy

T r

-^,,^ tsdvE

L^1^ us!y ir F L

^^l oilu ,,^ uP.


TL rrrrs i ^


an area where I seemed to instinctively feeL thaE they couldn't be enough immediaEe helD to make it worEhwhile f^







Ehought about this issue in the last couoLe of davs I've realized that tt-'.i' ','....rr roq I I rr i onnri no lho leaves at aLL and I feel betEer about the whoLe thing. q^ma ^ra.r ierl rhinoc Trrrp done are to have someone in to clean Ehe house every oEher week and sometimes every week. ln the pasc I've used Eeenagers - Ehis time I'm using a recent college graduate who hasn't found her career niche yeE. Ever since Sara was litELe I've had a Eeenager over Ewo days a week for a couple of hours Eo reLieve me so thaE I could do things like wash my hair or meditate or do some shopping fhaE I want to do alone. CreaEive Ehings

are harder for me to do durins the scheduled babysitting rime be6ause I can'E schedule in creative moods. Right now I have a babysitter come one nighE a week so the bigger kids can geE baths aE least once a week and she reads Eo them until bedtime. And I have a couple of other ipanaoorq




I inori



heLp on an occasional basis. Mnro





bedroom, We now sleep on the lowest leveL of our split LeveL. We have a queen-sized maEtress for us and next

to it a singLe for Ehe baby. Sara and Jake sleep on sLeeping bags which we roLL up in fhe morning. The laundry room is adjacent to the sleeping room

and it has made laundry SO much easier, with much fewer compLaints about

putting it ah/ay and made it much easier to helD them learn Eo care for Eheir own crornLng. LoeLr clothing. We we wasn wash orapers diapers and and naDkins and bioboEEoms so there there 1S a LUl LS LUI Of raundrv. OI raunory. This has enabled us Co use three smail bedrooms upsEairs for activiEy areas, Friends are absoluteLy forbidden to come inEo Ehe sleeping area, and there is no need since all the activity things are upsEairs. It pives ne a niacc fo be when Ehe liF^



F-l,i-' LdKrLrb

tlcra PraLL

lrnd \


oLher homeschooling fami I ies T know. ours is a favorite place for neighborhood kids to congregate - a mixed



This summer, Iongtime



buEor Kathy MingL and family moved to Los AngeLes, and have been living in a camDer (unable to find better hous-

ing),-KaEhy writes:

Seems Like an uDdate on J.P, is due; hers changed so much jusE since we lefE Illinois Ehat vourd hardlv

for the same itubborn, bLond Ewerp who's driven his doting mother up Ehe wall these several years. (He's still stubborn, mind you.) CaLifornia must suit know him

bouncy liEtle



,,^ wc


n^r Bvr



ceeded to ouEgrow everything werd brought with him to wear or grow into, and be is now one sdfid chunk

of 8-year-old. Our homeschooling has changed gears too, wiEh both Tony and me working. AE first, I thoughE J.P. could just be in the camper parked at work in Che morning, but Ehat didn't give him enough scope - he's a "peopLe" person. He's been Eaking a Scientology-type course in the afternoons (just general EuCoring righE now, but working up to a Children's SEudy Course, designed fo help him take over the job of getting an education), so now he's going Co another homeschooler's house in Ehe mornins and doing his coursework in Ehe atEernoon.



i n nrnhl om

as I 'm sure

you've heard about before, is finding

work for him to do, After he'd taken Efr-Exercise/sauna program, he was

helping out with washing towels and running errands - for cash money ( | ) - buE once thaE ran out he vJas at Ioose ends, jobwise. Right now he's helping his good friend LesLey (Ehe homeschooler), who babysits several little kids. watch and teach the babies, but noE for cash. At Least he feels useful. l I F





T l-


aE work now. I was originally

hired to do Iiling and simple accounting, even though I had no experience in fhaf







somebody right away and figured thaE anvbodv tJho had spenE two and a half tea.hing their,kid at home must yelrs 'be orettv resourceful. And resourcefulness, it turns out' is exactLy the

cLose friendship with her teacher. She dances aLmost every day at home' so she has pLentY of Eime to "fool around" with dance while the other

Lfri"" oi an establiahed oucfit. and juggling Purchase Orders and schedufei ana receiPts and PectY cash demands (generally not petcy at alLl ) can make you Pretty darned glassYin no time at alL. eved ' I had a terrible time at firsr because I was trYing Eo do two jobs one uDstairs and one downstairs - and the #* l@-j. phone, and learn E6F "..r"'r Eo use the comPutbr - and-T don't even know how to EYPe (as You well know). The funny thing is, once I got the basics down ( I just had Tony show me whaE keys to Push), I had less trouble with Ehe computer than anyone eLse (other than Tony) who'd tried it because I alreadY knew what a PurdhFiE-Trder should look Like and how it works - what informaEion is imPortant and what isnrt - and because with Ehat stupid phone ringing at me all day long' I had no time to even Look at Ehe manual. I think I maY EdkE a Look at it now, because they've hired someone eLse for the phone, and not onlY do I have more time. buc I'm proficient enough that I can see area-s that could be improved, and I understand enough abbut it that I don't Ehink I'd be Ehat conFused by lt. Interesting generaLization to be made Ehere, hmm? Living in a camPer is interesting, too - you Learn all sorts of new wals of doing things_thaE you've-. r.t.r eren chous.hE o[ before. I find I like EhaC, and I'm finding out lots of oEher Ehings abouE mYseLf, too. I don'E know how Long l'11 want to work, acEually, but I vaLue the education I'm getting ouE of it very much. ( Maybe I 'm teach i ng other PeoPIe there some Ehings, Eool ) Irm sorrY thaE J.P. can't be wiEh me there, buE iE wouldn't be as good for him righE now as what he's doing, with me so busy and him so stubborn. We teLI each other things we've learned, and aE niehE we read' We all have a reaL oassi5n for E?f6nce ficEion, and TVrs ire hard to deaL with in a camPer. (We do have one, but it's just too much EroubLe ) ' In Ehe IasE couple of monEhs, we've read LITTLE FTJZZYby H. Beam Piper, THE LAST UNICORN (back in printl ) and now we're on ENTERPRISE' i Star Trek story. Earlier we read some Sherlock Holmes, and next I wanE to starE the James Herriot series. One major trouble with a camPer is not having enough room for books. It is Lonesomer rdaY ouE here in the wilds oI L.A. wj EhouE famiIY or homeschooling friends - werd be glad to hear from people who like visitors who bring Eheir house aLong.

there. Olivia goes Eo class fresh, not tired aftei a long day of siEting at a desk folLowing orders. She has no Erouble with the strict regimenEati on of ballet class since i t is the only time she sPends like that, and the orders are given bY her beloved Eeacher who has known her for five years_. OLivia is essentially an audi-

ten through Eo the school to focus on abiLities and noE on disabilities' and not to labeL. Another Iearning exPerience she. has Eaken part in is the public speaking contest through 4-H. A toPic is chosen and she Presents if' even thoueh she is not able to write che speeih. She does a suPer job of getting in front of a grouP of PeoPIe-. and reading her speech and then caLKing with the judges after it. What t am ciYing co say and teIL other Darents is thab the Down SYn.drome lhiLd and adulE need challenge just like everyone else' '.

teach her cursive, something she

rejected when I suggested it to her or6viouslv, because she must Eake the ro11 as parc of her job, and she can't read the teacher's handwriting co check off names.



toys, although they are LargeLy gifLs and hand-me-downs. But I have to PuE in an enEhusi-

Lhine. that's needed, because the comDanv is iust starting out as a new


Diana Baseman (PA) wriEes:

Olivia (8) recentlY began a job"-or apprenticeship which grew out of our fantasy pLay and homeschooling. Ever since she began walking and talking she has wanEed to be a dancer. She has not wavered from this ambiEion and speaks confidently about her future as a dancer and bal1et Eeacher when she grows uP. This faLl her balleE teacher asked her Eo assist wiEh a large class of preschool baLlet students. She was chosen because of her serious ar!itude irr class and because of her "


balleE students are in school.


don'E have time to fool around ouEside of ballet cLass, so theY do iE

Eorv Iearner. .RecentIY she asked me to


From Elaine BechEold (Resources)

This is an uPdaEe regarding our dauehter Jodi wiEh Down Syndrome (GWS #23). Jodi, now 20 and in her Last

vear of high school, will be graduating next June. We are still homesch5oLine in che area of reading' Irm

usins ch6 book calLed ALPHA PHONICS: A PRiMER FOR BEGINNING READERS bY Samuel L. Blumenfeld... Blumenfeld taueht an aduLt with Down Syndrome Eo read using his Phonic method. This man is now reading Ehe book TOM SAWYER.

Jodi is sEill a 4-H member and involved in Eheir clowning project three years a8o.. It has heloed her a lot to be the same as everyone else - Ehat is, a clown under cLown make-uP and clown coscume. She has marched in many parades wiEh a group, done many team acts,tor smalL children at libraries, people Iivine in nursinq homes, church enEertainmEnt and Ehe-Iike. Learning how to act and performing in fronE of peop[e is noc always easY for some i id ren and adul E s . This year she also became involved in the 4-H ARTS IN program. This is a group of Eeens who practice some songs and acts and presenE their program at the County Fair and again ic Efre Minnesota State Fair. She is with normal teenagers singing' dancing and acting, wearing costume. Thi- year they did songs from the production GREASE. They wiLl again perform aL the 4-H Annual Award BanoueE. ' Also the pasE two summers she had a job working first as a volunteer and then as a Paid ernPloYee. This job was nine miles from home Eransaortation was provided by the parent and peopLe from the communiEy thar drove that route Eo their job. She worked at Vinland NaEional Center, a rehabiliEation cenEer for physically handicapped adults' Here she did office work (which she liked Ehe hesf)- cleanine bathrooms and vaccuuming rooms and halLways, PIus an assortment of oEher jobs. The Division of RehabilitaEion Services provided her pay and job coach Eo work wiEh and train her. This year in school she is work-

From Andrea KellY-Rosenberg

...I was inEerested in Sian

Mclean's comments about toys in GWS #52. I agree with her, aLthough Ican'E cllim Ehe same level of selfcontrol she has - Noah and Laura have

astic plug for a toY chat I Ehink is iust greaE - doIIs. I made a doll 6ach For Noah and Laura, using the instrucEions in THE DOLL BOOK which you selL, and also some liEtle cloth elves from Ehe same book. The kids olav with Ehem everY daY, sometimes for hours, I can think ot nothlng more imDortant or healthier than this doll oIiv, nothing Ehat makes the kids irapiri er. Thet f -ight Ehe t9.y .. least when they are "ptaying erves or with their dolIs.


inq ouE in the communiEY of her sc6ooL at a nursing home and a Farm & Home hardware sEore for t\to hours each day with a job coach. She is al so getEing some comPuEer aE school with Possibili tY for future

job opportunities. I have finally got-

From Mary Watters

I wouldn't saY that all toys are

useLess. The Quadro (offered in your caEalog) is a wonderful waY to be able t6 build withouL the mess of wood and nails. You can aLso take it

apart - try Ehat with wood. ' When it is Eime for fantasy PlaY and my 5-year-old cLimbs a tree wiEh a pla'stic- saw Eo pLay tree surgeon, I am gLad he isn't using a real saw, because iE isn't time to Prune tne Eree - it should onlY be done YearLY and he wancs to do ic daily. ..,If Sian Mclean makes having Eovs an issue with her daughter, she is'only going Eo have a Eoy-crazy kid who wants every toy her friends have. instead of one who'has learned Eo pick toys that Eruly interest her. " From Madalene MurphY (PA): Biology out your backdoor!

RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES weekly mini-posters I


& haunts of native plants & animals

Supplemental info sheets incl

Free sample packet: R.B.Y.E.

Box453G Etna,l.[Y 13062 Subscription rates: 52 36 18

weks for $34.00 weks for $25.00 weks for $15.00




...I wanted to reassure Sian Mclean Ehat there are oEher fa,milies who share her attitude toward toys.

START fNew American Library, 8.95 l DonaId Graves and Virqinia SEuart

of Fisher-Price sets and did eniov nlavinq with fhcm- even then we tried as much as possible to Limit what she got. Our sonrs main interest in terms of toys when he was very young was a large set of wooden blocks, and then he scarted asking for real fooLs as soon as he could talk. Our youngest, Clare (7) has never had any greaE

tralia. The story interesEs us because it is a rare example of schools adopting an approich which homeschoolers can easily supporf.

fel I fhe qforw oF rho nroor:ml

While our oldest did receive a couole






and will

qhc miohli c cn cal



F^!,LU/r nf

ru lnrrar

occasionallv see nrFrrl


cess in classrooms from Maine Eo Aus-

IE's an aDDroach that can be by parents, wi th equal ly satisfying results. In October I met wiEh Don Graves and Vireinia Stuart at the University o-[ New-Hampshire. where they indeed, aiready has been - used

4ltsh^,,-h drL,,uuB,l ' hr;ohf cnlnrc

boEh Eeach.

ask for a Eov

a a^r^1no hpn:rrca hrrr hor orarf inrr

ir hec

always been in making things. They have had unlimited, unsupervised access to: a real Polaroid cam(wiEh era no film) and a real telephone (Ehat no longer worked), a real coi c:la


dichpc incie:d

nicLed rrn af nf r l--ssL -. - -vy

a oayaoF LrrdL rusLr

nore and that no real food will fit on. The one area where we have found ourselves vulnerable ro the lure of Dlastics has been in the


Capsela and Robotics sets...

of New York: One line in Sian Mclean's Letter From Peggy Webb a hi oreen q vr6,o h6r r-,,-hrarrc cL

hrrhhl a of LvJ J t^\/crrfii

onrrrr in

a box that Eucks under a stool." UnLess that srool is Ehe size of a Winnebago, I have to ask a question: How i c


< nnec

i hi a?






how does she conErol iE?


We are not a possession-oriented family, and as a one-income family in a tno-income worLd are dancing pretty .1^ao f^ rha nld nnrrariv I ine Anrl yet, there are toys, Eoys, TOYS under my feet. between the bedsheets, h,^-i in rha I d^ Fh-^"^L ' 6u

nnnrcinnaltw vLeqrrvrru!rJ T,'i^^ ^ .,^^' ysdr

the Local charities qri

mrr afFnrt<


h^its 4l I





richer for f^\/c

some of Ehem the hand-rubbed wooden

imDorEs I was able to afford when I wab still working, some are cheap, F^^1.., LaL^y,


^la-fi^ PldJL




\rell-meaning (usually childless ) friends... The rest of her stash is nnmnri



a1 l





items she has absconded with from her carpenter dad and quilting mom, to rrir. wrLr

romnl rfoe Ls"'prar!Jr

ts_<d,,-'^L rgudre5'

6^^1.^r PvL^sL


culators, measuring tapes, ace banu,ooden spoons. dages. '' One ching is For sure, havLng a








"dJ has it made her demandins for more. In alI her 3L years, shers never bugged me for a toy. and thus far shons real apprec i aEi on for the gifEs she seems to gef weekly from her largeLy-adult circle of friends. In the background, l'm doing my bit ro broadcast my philosophy (with Eact I hope) to our friends and it seems to be Eurning the tide. The same person who gave her the Barfie doll for her ihi rd hi rihd:v i',cr orvp har an oLd-fashioned teLephone (a real one! ) and a bird identification book...

TALK WITH WRITING TEACHERS I SS: ] rrom 1978-1980, Donald Graves and a Eeam of researchers studied how young children in Atkinson,

NH classrooms racrrl



f hi c

learned Eo wriEe. As cr,,.l\r




researchers coll-aboraEed on the deveLopmenE of an unusual program for teaching writing. In WRITE FROM THE


to it after that... Itrs sort of like Ehe university tradition - you prove people unfortunate idiots, and then Ehey are supposed Co want fo disprove you so badly that theyrll go do greaE things. But iE doesn't work. Anyway, they publish. Not a lot - I think in our early work Ehere was too much oâ&#x201A;Ź an enphasis on thac - you FL^F ool a kinA -^,,L"dL rdys ^F ^'fh^j^.,., unless you have Ehis outward sign of a bound book you haven't done anything signi.[icant. But Ehe goal is Eo geE to a position where you're writing about things you know and using writing as a way of thinking. SS: When a Eeacher comes uD to a chiid and asks how it's going, does the child ever say, "I'm busy, I'm not ready to talk about iE nowrr? DG: Sure. They have to have Ehat right. In some rooms we have a Do NoE DisEurb secEion. If you go and sit there it means thaE ro cftitA or Ceacher can boEher you. It may mean EhaE you're having trouble getting starEi ts m^., Fh-F rrnrrr ni aoo aF L'rdL -^.n ^A lvur "rEd'r ttriEing'ild)is hot and you donrt want Eo

DONALD GRAVES: IErs an aDDroach that's based on the belieF thit when writers of any age write - whether yourre a professional or 4 or 5 years old or someone who savs. rrl think Ird Iike Eo be a writer" - ine basic cuesFi^t^I i^ .-^.. ^l )vu tdriEe abouE what you know. And everyone does know Ehings. If the person comes to Ehe rrCao naoc urifh fho norcna.iirre lhrr I don't know anythingr nothingrs ever happened to me," that's a hard start. qnrl Theretq rn amniv nioeo nf nqnor be bothered. iErs like a mirror. If you look in EhaE mirror and chink. "Mv words here VS: AnoLher thing lhat is differare poinc fo confirm to the world ent in Ehese classrooms is the use of Ehat I'm an idiot, because I've been invented spelling, which gives the nrrrl,,ro.l in idincrrrr thon rrn,rrra nnt child a lot more freedom. If the going to put down what you have to child wanEs to taLk about a Doberman nincchcr in lha nlhar crrclom hori say very welI. So. the person writes, and fhe have to write dog because thatrs all rnlp nF lha naronf rar.har he could spell, but here he can go one is very simple.^rIErs fo say, ahead and approximaEe the speLLing and say what he wanEs to say, "hlhere are you now, howrs it going, what are you going Eo do next?" SS: Did the firsE sraders in the VIRCINIA STUART: To add Eo that, classrooms adapt more eisily to inventhere are two things thaE I see as ted speLling, because they hadnrt really heLping children start with been EoLd it was wrong? their own knowledge and go from there, One is to have Ehem choose DG: It's funny - I remember Ehe their own topics. My nephew was fasci- first Eime it came up - well , childnated by knights and armor and medren have been doing iE for centuries, ievaL Ehings, so EhaE would be a natu- but somehow it needed to be leeititshi-ir.l r^.ia fnr him Tha vLrrsr Lrrrrrt3 I r mized. A Leacher said to me, "took at ^th^finding Lhe rjght opportunity, and I this, what are Ehey doing?" I said, think parenLs teaching in the home "That's invenEed spel-fing" and she arc in a orFAf nnci rinn Fnr coeino said, rrtJhatrs Ehat?r' She went and visopportunities Eo wriEe EhaE come ouE iEed a room whd?E-I knew it was going liF^ TF.,^..irrrE, ^F ^,,^-,,1^., )udy rr yuur ^Li1f, on, and she came back and shared the very young and you're going shopping work that those children were doing and you have to make a list, even a with her children, and Chey were 3-venr-n1d een scrihhle a list. II insultedi They said, 'rWe can do that, older children get upset about somewhy didn'f you telL us before?" So thing, they can nriEe about it and now, chiLdren everywhere are knowing that's a piece of persuasive wriring. what other children are doing, and it's like Chis great sEamp of approSS: Can worr describe what wenE val has been put on iE. of on in the classroom studies thaE make course, it works. up [^TRITE FROM THE START? SS: Often, I Ehink, homeschool DG: They wrote every day, and kids use invented spelling readily they had a lot of oral response because no one has told them not Eo. through what we called a conference. but sometimes the parents didn't know You come over to a child when the it was OK and have sotten the child pretEy worried abouE correct spelLchiLd is working, and you say, "Where ing. What wouLd you say to a parent are you now? Whatrs it about? l,Jhat are you going to do nexE?rr If the in this situation nho now wants Che you what it's about, you child tells lll.l^l child's atCiCude Eoward soellinp fo iFl^ s duuuL +L^F --., rSrrL rdy, wsl II , iF rr rL ^h^..F -i^hr LrrdL! be more relaxed? "r I have some questions." There's a pretEy high Ievel of challenge, but DG: There are children who are the chaLLenge has to be appropriaEe Eerrified of inventing something, and Eo Ehe person, to where thaE person I can say, almost axiomaEicalLy, is as a writer. In these cLassrooms. about 95% of Che Cime. it's because ahnrrr cnol I Eherers quite a developmenE of a soph- of fhe vicw oF thp naronf isCicated audience. l.JriEers need audi- ing. They've had a stance about learnences, so yourre trying to develop an ing that says you don't ever make a audience that reaLly knows how to mistake, you gec iE righc aE the help. That Eakes a long time, but first shoE. So in a homeschool situafirst graders and kindergarteners can tion, you can Eake a look at yourseLf do iE. The probLem of course is when and see what kinds of views you've you get learners who are set in the had. There are some children who know tradition of "help means you tell thaE words are onLy spelled one way, someone how stupid it isrrr and Ehen and they need help - we encourage ,

L,,i1li-LUys - ^,,- ha\ra o^rtsen uurr urrrB F^,,^ a oroar daal nf nipaqrrrc 61rf of I eon-

nrnrrnlzod jh 6^

SUSANNAH SHEFFER: What is your approach to wriEing with children?

expect the writer to wanE to reEurn









i F|-


a word they don't know, to just draw a Iine. or to put a dash where Ehey Fhink rhcre riqht he another Iefter but don't know whaf it is. We above r II


rhom L'rL",





- i F,,-

on, ro cont i nue wri t ing. But we cAn'r i npo i ne how nrch werre immersed in a culture LhaL says liceracy equals being able to speII welI. Itrs that outward sign thac you' re LiEerLi


Another thing I would definitely


rro rra




and more, i s show children how Eo invent. You sit there and - well, I acLually sound it out, I put in the i^



T r1 I |r

i i n-

carr ro)

I aarn



rrl oi "Let's I


SS: I'm interested in how the

teachers in Ehese cLassrooms learned rhic





who may not have felt

comfortable themselves,

with writing


,,h^ wrru

oaf 6ev

AnYi nrrq

riceqhinc as a mndol for relaLionships between chi ldren and adults, which you mention in the book with regard to wri ting. Thinking about iE ^F..-:Fi-u! w!rL!1,t3' I find ChaE it's

DG: Yes, because ne sEress, in fhese rooms. fhef fhe teachers write with the chiLdren. That's an absolute must.

VS: I Ehink a lot of parents, just 1 ike teachers, have had negative experiences with writing. I jusE spoke Eo a homeschooling mother from Iowa who said her husband's a professor. she's a soc iaI worker, and nei Cher o.[ them feels rea] Ly confident in their own wriEing abiliEy. So I sugoacrad t n har lhrf chp oar l^oorhor wiEh some other parents who are teachinc af home and discrrss their own wri t ing .

DC: Wel l. you compose aloud. When Don Murray got up - he's a pro-

fessional, Pulitzer prize wriCer before a hundred and Fi lty people at l:cr

aC iE






the chaLkboard, composing aloud. SS: That certainly externalizes


DL: He SayS, LeC S See nOW! me, what should Ehis word's boEhering T nlr horo?rr Va,r nan dn fh i c ,i an1/ Level.

VS: The poinE oF entry is often wherever you have a probLem. ln rny own writing, whenever I have a problem I have Eo draw back and say rrTherers anofhcr wFv to do this." If you can show the chiLd what your options were and how you chose one,

that's heIpful.

DG: WriEing leEters to kids is very important Ehing, and-Expecting responses - you know, having kids

SS: An inEeresting area in all this is Ehe area of resDonse. what you say when a child brings you a vr ^t


think the writer is trying Eo do. I'Ll say, "Oh, I see you have a piece about your dog Mu[fin and how she's always barking at Ehe neighbors. and your friend Billy said his father doesn't like it when Muffin barks and wakes him up in Ehe morning... did I get q^ Trn f hrf riohr?rr Fircr lrvino f ^ get the essence of the content. After Fh.r i f T rrra ocfahi i cha.l fhri rhen Irve earned che right Eo have some quesCions, and Ehen final Iy the right to give some advice. The quesEions I ask are all asked from the sEandDoinE of what a reader needs to know, and I'll probably have only two or three of those, We ofEen get too exhausEive. and the writer is so bewiLdered by that. Actually, you can take the piece over, with your questions. I ask the ouesEions because I first went through Che process of receiving the i nformation, and now I'm asking to reveal more. A problem comes in when the adulC thinks that Ehe child is going Eo wriEe all those answers to your queETi6is jusc because they told you. If you Ehink that, the kid wfTf-never EeIl you anyEhing again. I would think Ehat one of the problems in homeschool teaching would be, how can I get audiences for my chil d's wriCing other Ehan myself, because a

\\/ OUR

SS: Do the teachers siC Chere and write at the same Eime Ehat Che chiLdren are writing?












times that wi I I help you as a teacher. Writing the book was very di fti cult for me, and it's helped me i mmensei v: T reFcr rn it a1 I the time when Irm teaching. I Ehink even if you're sLruggling with wriEing, fh.r

I -




cause your children struggling too.





n P vnrr JUU

ha_ us_

SS: I've no!iced thae some parents who do IeeI comfortable with


-LL,'dC Ehe gap

writing and the chiLd's i s so crpar rhat i r wiI I be di scoura-

between Eheir

- only if Ehe parent says better than thacl" You can say Ehat sometimes, but iE has to be in a di[ferent context. Itts an adulc phenomeEo Ehe chiId, "WeII, you can do a lot








BALL - STICK - BlftD S"i..tifi" $e+"-"



of J.".1,;ne

f.,tr.,. vL" A," Q,"Je o" \"t fQ"nJ" Pl.D., Pr"'iJ.nt


DG: No



VS: I think a Lot of Eimes people think, I'l'm going to Eeach writing so I have to be a greaE writer,rr when often the difficulties with writing, fhe Eimes when writing rorl



DG: Some do, some writ.e apart from fhcn. hrrl- mnre and more are doinc if af fhe same time EhaE Ehe chi ldren are. We noticed, in our last sLuuy '"^ teacher's sit' t i ng there writing, that's probably Ehe peak involvement for the children, coo.


,,-i Fi-^ wrrLrL,6.

DG: The first thins I do is I respond to the information. I Ery. above all, Eo respond from the stand-

c^ Frqw t. ni.frrrF how one would ,nnronfi.a f^ a .rrnonfer Fnr aw:mnlo h"t r^ ir!"rd6, uuL hqrrior PlL, "s urrifino hpn:,rce urririno ceeme ln hp


Find Ietters at alI points, under pil-

Lows, in boxes of coys.

^i^^^ PrsLc

T wonder such an internaL activity. if you have ideas about how an aduLt writer couLd make the work visible,

see, is Ehat a 'c' or a 'k 'k,'?" and I'l j write it in. So I'm slowing the process way down. [,'le' re f i nd i ng that children have never seen another human being do this, and for many, iusf fo fel I fhem "co write a word" lL^Fr^5 PrsLL)/ ,rbstract. So let ''^rr c Lhem see it. Then what happens is, the eroun instrrrcf s me on hor,J chi Ldron


other adults' writing, Young kids are fearless! SS: One part of the Eheory of homeschool ing is Ehis idea of apprenabouE

P. O. 8"" 592, $tone B'oo[,


N.- f""k

5t6 s3t-9t64





very young child, especially, is going to think, i'Why do I have to writer' alI that down, I just told you. But the t\,Jo options you have are, you can say, "WeII, we might need it iater on, and you might forget,r' or, I would Ehink that Ehere are clusters of parenEs so children can Lake these pieces and send them to other places and get responses from other audiences. SS: There often are informaL qrnilnq l iko tshaf .nd na^-l6 o_ "-r" ^,,f r,/riEing in Che mail, Eoo. DG: That's one option, but the lhinq orel

iq wnrr naod in rrni co L|i fh fho

nrr.iieo iovr


rrnrrr nfharc

IE's important enough, I think, to figure ways to provide a live audience. Even the kid next door, v,/ho may go to school, if you can just bring him into the house and Eeach him how to go through the response process

wiEh you.

VS: When you respond to a piece of writing, you need Eo get your pritsi ^^ri i 6g^,-^Fi

fhi --

-r'^i DL!d!5'rL



TLa rrrs

n^i nr Hv!rr!,

rha LLrL

i ^ FL^ ^v!,, ,o ,,,. most important

Th^ rPErrrrrB, ^^^l 1 i -^



exist to help you get that across. If the spelling and grammar, say, in an older child, are so bad EhaE you can't understand iE, EhaErs someEhing you need to address. But sometimes iE mav he hcl nfrrl for narenEs to have fhA chi ld raeA fho hia.a ts^ fh6h instead of looking at iE, especially wiEh a very young child, or Ehe early draft of an older child's piece, so Ehe parent won't be tempted Eo criticize. You have to learn Eo see beyond those errors. When you firsE go into a classroom where children are doing invented spelling, it looks horrible, reaIIy strange, You have Eo get used Eo looking aC it, to see through it. Itrs the same with an early drafE, You have Eo get used Eo reading in different ways, depending on whaE stage Ehe piece of wriEing is SS: What about someEhins even earlier Ehan a whole dra.[E -.'I'm thinking of a child who comes up and says, "I just wroEe my name," and you Look and donrt see any of the letters of the child's name there. vou see a bunch of oEher Ietters, but-you want Eo respond in an encouraging way. WhaE might you say? DG: If thaE happens, Ehe child has shown rne thaC he or she has the concepE fhat letters make words. The next day, I mighE say, "You showed me yesterday that you understand that leEters can make your name, Iet me show you which ones do.r' But I wouldn't do it right then. VS: You always look for what the child already knows, and then Ery to extend it another sEep. SS: What abouE revision? How can you suggest thaE in a way that doesn't seem discouraging? VS: Again, it has a loE to do nith other readerst response, because you need those readers EeLling you whaE they don'E understand, whaE they need more of, what they need less of. DG: Revision comes in aC the poinE when a piece is going somer,nhere, itr s hot, you care abouE iE. There are so many differenE deveLopmenEal levels for this. The most elemental revision is Ehe child adds Che

new information on at the end. It Eakes a whiLe before they undersEand

where the new information should fit

into Ehe piece. I might ask a child,

"You know that thing you jusr told me abouc how you got Muffin aE the dog pound, do you Ehink oEher people need to know that?" The kid might say, "I

think it's

important, but I don't



want to puE it in." So l'I1 say,'rOK, I understand that you donrt want to il


iF tj


wEr E 5u!"6


can you show me where it would go?rl Irm interested to know if the chiLd, conceptually, can handle an inser-

tion, The first bit of revision theyrlL do is probably jusl a sentence. Sometimes, therets so much that we expect them to put in that the revision is bigger than the piece itself . [,Je have Eo have that sense of nr^n^rf i ^h With very young children, so often what they do in Eerms of revision happens in this way: the kid's goE six pieces on roboEs, and he didn't wanc to revise anv of them. but in facE. Ehose six slccessive' pieces over Eime were conceptual revisions of the one before. So itrs pretty important for kids Eo wriEe on the same srrhiecf for a fair lanofh of time, because Chatrs their way of working their way inEo a kind of revision thaE ' s overlooked, Often, it r s repeEi tion and obsession Ehat really help somebody cut inEo a thing. I think that's one of the strong things about homeschool, Ehat you really have that opportuniEy to revel in obsessions.

SS: An issue that comes up among homeschoolers is the issue of Draise. John Holt was basically opposed to

praise -

DG: So am I. Well, Ehere are htays Eo give praise. The more speciFi n rrn'r


r.ri rh



f ho


you are demonstrating undersEanding, ihic






^r'ic6 praise can be manipulative, and it takes conEroI, reaIIy, from the writer to yourseLf. Itrs like holy water, you canrE make a move unEil somebody comes around ancl sprinkles rrnL iLu| d"u .nJ Fhat I c rrarrr ni aa rr ray5, ^ -,,It can be devastaEing. On the oEher hand, I think praise can be very importanE i f it's timely and done sParingly. SS: I can hear some parents asking,'rl,Jhat if you genuinely love the piece? ShouId you hide Ehat?r' DC: It shows all fhrorrph vorrr person. You pick tE -;;Jl;r'J,iir" "p don't smile it doesnrt mean you and your whole body says it. You don't ever hide that. On the oEher hand, you watch your words. VS: The more specific praise is, the more helpful iE is. If you say, rrThi< doiriI raallrr halnorl ma r^ ca6 what this horse looks like," EhaE's teaching Ehe chiLd what has been successful, and Ehe child can build on thaE, as opposed Eo saying, "This is rl


DG: I Uhink we have Eo realize praise gets given. Most praise is given when the person really doesn't understand what's going on. If you're so uncerEain about whaErs happening chaf you keep saying, 'rThaErs good, thatrs wonderfuLr" then afEer a while the kid canrt tell whaErs eood from whaE's not good. There's n5 honest audience there, why

SS: Irm curious to know vJhat you think of Eaking a child's dictation, whether Ehatrs wriEing or not, DG: IC is a kind of writing, because there is thaE shift, If you're dictating to me i E's different from jusE a plain conversaLion. The problem comes in when the parent becomes an emanuensis, when Ehe child thinks, too quickly, thaL it's only aduLcs who can puE words on a page, Once a chiLd knows six or seven consonants, they can do iE themseLves. I thlnk there is a phase vrhere you can say, "OK, if you were going Lo write that, tell me what you would say, how you wouLd acEually phrase iC.rr That moves them closer to writing - but I wouldn't acEually put it down myself. SS: I worked for a while with a 4-year-oLd v,/ho vJas doing some invenCed spelling on her own, but was aE the sEage where physically, that took her a very long Eime, it was very laborious. AnoEher Ehing she was doing was dictating, and that would turn inEo much more text Ehan sherd ever have the paLience to write out. Can we see all Ehis as Darts which wil I coalesce eventually? DG: It is imDortanE to teLl stories. But chifdren'are noE really bothered by trying to put it down themselves, unless they know that you could put ic down ind have a rf,dhbroader EexE. l^lhaE happens i s that even if there's only three words on paper, in the conference, the whole story unfolds, so the child actually has had a significant communication there. Children arenrt frustraEed by the motor parC of iE, as long as Ehey get a chance Eo Eel1 far more than is Ehere in Ehe cexE, and then it grows Eogether, I f they r.{ant to dictaEe into a Eape recorder so that they can remember iE. thaErs OK. SS: In light of tshi c Lrh.t should an aduLt do if a child comes rrr L^,,^ ,.^ r cf^rv cti I i --l ^^.,^ uP ollu Joy5, you write it down for me?r' DG: There's a middLe ground there, for some kids. You can say, "OK, you teII me Ehe story and I'Il vJrite down some key $rords.rr Then afterwards, you have these key words which you can offer. You can say, "You said these inEeresting words when you EoId thaE story to me. You might lranc to use them when you write : + FL^+ t ^s




SS: lt's very inEeresting to us in the homeschooling novement that this approach of yours has been so successful in schools. DG: lt's never going to be a field army, iErs sErictly a guerj Ila operation. BUE iC's spreading, sLor,rly, The hardest part is Ehe sensing h^r,ih^ tsh-ts 1 iroraro m^nanfc Lt,dL , rrdvrr16 ^F great sense of timing. So much of what we do in school is ouE of step with whaE's right at Ehe time. One good thing is it brings more and more teachers togeEher to share their own writing. We're finding thaE anytime we have a conference here we're always way overbooked, immediaEely; the demand is enormous. so thatrs an indica t ion ea.





business novr of going around

in the and

explaining the aPProach to people? DG: Oh ye6 we see about 25GROI,{ING |^l]THOUT SCHOOLING #54

30,000 people a year, iE's just enormous,

SS: And then they aLl go back

and do it?

DG: We11,

the places that


have longer access to - suPPose You can work with a grouP for a week, that LasEs longer and beEEer' A two hour Ealk is like saying, I'Herers the scalpels, go do brain surgerY." By the way, we have some videos now that I Ehink might be of interest

to parents - especiaLLY Ehe one we have on conferences' mostly one-onone, an adulE working with a child. Maybe a cluster of parents could_get on6 and move it around' lAvail. from Heinemann Educational Books, 70 Court SE, Portsmouth NH 03801. ] SS: I understand thaE this has also had an inEernational aPPeal. DG: It's all over Australia, New ZeaLand and Canada. Those are the rhrpe cnrntri es - and iE's in there exEensively, more so than in the UniEed States, proportionallY. SS: Has Ehe approach been sub-

^-.. wr ^. +L^ F-adiEional leL L LU drLy


evaLuation methods?

iE does PreEtY well VS: Sometimes better DG: But the testing just doesnrt even remoCely measure what the children can do. DG: Yes,


From Barry Kahn (ME):

...A GWS reader from Texas asked if I had won a seaE on the PorEland School Committee'.. I did noc. I did come in Ehird ouE of four candidates (for two seats), and I received iusE under 3000 votes (Ehe winners rirere both near 4000 ) , which locaL experts told me was exceptionaL for a first-time, unknown, non-native candime


Tha |rL

â&#x201A;Ź.-^in^ri-d dLr116t

nrmnai lo"'PurbL

exhausting, and unlike anything I had ever done before. The fact that I homeschool my chiLdren was mentioned once in Ehe Iocal paper, but I reaIlY

don't know cost me. I .rorrr

how many voces meE

rii <f rrrhi


iE may have

people who found it (a

f ronttonr


was: "I really believe in the public schooLs..." which impLied, I guess, thaE parents have a civic or paErioEic duty to send their children Eo public school no maEcer what), and others who thought having a homeschooler on the committee would improve it immensely. In the end, I think homeschool i ng was a non- i ssue. I have also been asked by many people why I ran... Last Year T worked as an aide in a pubLic elemenEary school, which realLy opened mY For examDle: eves. ' I. The chiLdren spent lots of Eime doing "reading work" buE Ehey hardly ever read. I doubt Ehey spenE more Ehan 20 minutes per week actuaLly reading stories. And iE was May before th6 class went to che scF66I Library, chose books, and broughE them back to read in school. The contrast with Heather-1Jfi6-TEE?Is 1-2 hours daily was sharp. 2. Testing. These children sPenE over 16 hours Eaking sEate Eests and ci fv eel. i cvpmpnt festS. Add on the weekly spelling tests, social studies GROWING WITHOUT SCHOOLING #54

tesEs, end of unit reading Eescs' etc. , and i E aII adds uP to an incred-

ible amounL of wasted time (teachers readily admiE that the tests are only used Eo create grades or stacistics) and unnecessary sEress. 3. The cafeEeria. On the wall: a traffic Light. When the Light is on red, no taLking. If You talk, You will eet a demerit. Some Eeachers would-harangue the children (Yes, there was a microphone, too) non-sEop through Ehe entire lunch period, others w6uld stalk around hunEing for whisperers, and others thought the. Light was stupid. By February children were reFusing to go to school because of lunch incidenEs - and the parents were uP in arms. The principal chose to ignore the whole business. So, one of the main reasons I ran for School Committee was to PUE mvseLf in a position where I could pubLicize atrociEies againsE childien. Another was to ErY co begin expLainjng to parenEs chaE elemenEary 'schools-ot 630 students cannoE possibly function weLI - not because Ehe Eeichers aren't weLl-intentioned' buE because the scale is wholly inappropriaEe to young children... One rhing I learned Ehis Year is that children in pubLic schools are hostages. I had numerous parenEs teII me poinE-blank thaE they were afraid Eo brocest some horribLe thing which was- done Eo their child because of the probable repercussions. They were not imagining things either, because -[ had oiher parents telI me what hapoened when they did protest. In some tases children-eiEi begged their parents not to intervene because Ehe children knew they would PaY for it in class, , . RESPONDING TO FANTASIES

From Marta CLark

About lantasy play

(GWS #52): I rarely ever play with my children, that is, get down and be a unicorn or tractor-driver or whaEever. Instead, both Elena (7) and Benedict (4) have gone through phases (actually Bene-



n^r LrvL

rhrnrroh rrr!




in which

they Ealk to me about their fantasies. IE goes someEhing like this: B: I want Eo be a farmer when I get bigger. Me: lnlhaE will you do then? B: I want to drive big machines. Me: What kind of big machines? B: Combines. And tractors. Me: WiLL you combine the corn? B: I'11 combine LOTS of corn. I'll have one combine for corn and one for wheat and one -[or soybeans and one for tobacco. Me: Farmers don't harvest cobacco with combines' B: And I'11 have Lots of Erac-

tors, too. I'1L just have John Deeres. I don't want any oEher kind John Deeres. . . . except The more he gets into the fanta-

sy, Ehe less atcention he PaYs to me' but t keep saying things, to LeE him know I'm listening. Irm not reallY guiding the conversaEion and I'm not really pLaying either, I'm just listening. BuE if I don't keep making remarks and asking questions, he suspects (usualLy wiEh good reason) thaE I'm not paying attention co him. USES OF FANTASY PLAY

From Diana Baseman

T'd Like to respond to

some oF

Marie Bakerrs quesEions and concerns about fanEasy play in GWS 52. Olivia (81) began pretending in earnest at about age 2 after seeing the movie_ THE WIZARD OF OZ and having a simplified version of che book read to her many times. She was an onlY child

untiL age 4L2, and we lived in an inner city neighborhood with no other children for her to PlaY with. She began pretending. "DoroEhy," and course my husband and I became of I'Uncle Henri" and "AunE Em.'r We have had many other Parts in the Years since then. ALong balLet and singing, pretending and fantasy play have become our family's homeschooling- methods. Ronnie and I don't have Eime to do our adulE work and Pretend with the children as separate activities' and I have discovered that doing 6i th6r


co..ralo JLPo!ur!



^na so we combine che Ewo. When I cook I am usually rrnot myself.r' OIivia will say, "Mama, I 'm Mary Ingalls, Del ia' s Laura, Gabriel's Carrie, and you're Or, Ronnie has Ma making breakfast." to do Ehe dishes and cLean Ehe The girLs want to play kiEchen floor. t'LeErs Oz. He says, Pretend we're slaves of the wicked witch. She's party, and we have Eo clean having a her kicchen." They all work cogether, pretending as they go. Another Eime' i say, "Olivia, pLease watch the baby while I Eake a shower." When I come out of the bathroom she is having "baby schooL" for her two younger siblines with her as the teacher' DeLia (4)-began to learn leEters, numbers, addition, and how Eo sPeLL and wriEe a few simple words aE age 3' while being a sEudenE in 'rPiggy SchooL." (She likes Eo pretend she's a Pig. ) We try Eo include the girLs in adult work through fanEasy pLay as much as possible. Ronnie and I used to say we didn'E wanE to PreLend a lot more often before we realized that we could do many things we wanted to do while preEending, and that our kids would do many things we wanted them Eo do, which Ehey didn't want to do, Like cLean uP Eheir room' take baEhs, or go somewhere in the car, if we would all pretend while doing them. Even if I haven't read a story Ehe girls want Eo pretend, I can still have a part because they don't usually follow Ehe book's Plot buc make up Eheir own as they go along. I must say Ehat I (unLike mY husband) don't really enjoy pretending unless I can see some adult Purpose in it like Eeaching OIivia phonics while pLaying schooL. I did enjoy it as a child, and I want my children to eniov it. At first Olivia's characteis-always wanEed to have long conversaEions with me which I couldn't follow very welL as I worked. I wouLd not be able to concentrace on two Fhi Lrrlrrtsr-^-






ts^ Lv

.^no lvHlr


Community Forming Seeking families with kids 5-8


homeschooling and extended family. Buy and share rural land in Northern California. Organic garden, natural foods, cottage industries. No smokers or heavy doPers. David & Esther (415)731-2978 2138 36th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94116


mofhers must be able to do two or more thi;EFat once. Also, when Delia

got oId ':nough to reaLly participate (about 2'r), the burden of dialogue was lifted. Now I canrt get a word n^a-1:ina in and trinnrr opf ! r-h!, rPsd^rr'6 6\ parts. I think this ",d,,] is as iE should be. Pretending is a child's acEivicy. The children usually begin, end, and set up the situation for pretending. I think of myself as an excra or stand-in who fiLls in when and however Irm needed. I dontf wanE to maninrrlafe thcir nlav- so I don't direct them. I trv to scav in Ehe background, octasionaliy pIaying a bit 4n r i no rnl a Lla -1,,1 -r,^n^rf L UI JUPPU! PdI cake our kids' preEending seriousJ y and plan for it in our daily Iives. I am always looking for books .-:FL 'r-^^r .^: the kids. For Svuu Pdr ur exannle- iusr afrer Gabriel was born I found a book by Carol Brink, who wrote CADDIE WOODLAWN, about tno sisters rdho were shiowrecked alone on an island with four babies to care for. It is called BABY ISLAND. EvenEually Ehev meet the onlv other inhabiEant of the island, a goat-keeping, oiraEe-Like sailor who becomes their Eriend. The girl s could hardly wait for me to read enough of the book so they could start preEending iE. Soon Olivia was Mary WaLlace, Delia was Jean WaLlace, Ronnie was the sailor, and Gabriel was Joshua, one of the babies. Dolls played the other babies. The girls would commiseraEe with me abouc caring for so many children who all seem to cry at once. This fantasy was great therapy Ior our dj sori enEed. new-baby-oriented household, hetping the girls to gain valuabLe insights and to be more understanding about their Eemporarily unmeE needs for adult aEtenEion. Our children donrt preEend only from books werve read. EveryEhing and everyone they're exposed Eo becomes part oâ&#x201A;Ź their pretending. In facE, I decided to IimiE TV years ago because everyEhing she saw on TV ended up in OLiviars pretending. I didnrt like having to be t'Wonder Woman's Mommy." You have to watch carefully what goes into a child's mind because it wiII come out. I can tell how my chiLdren are f eeling by what and ho\.r Ehey are pretending. Are Ehe characters fighti ng? f^ aro ihp oirlc^ vs,) !e!r,u!,'6 LU h^ us t,dF!, rebellious oeoole like PeEer Pan and Pippi Longstocking or very docile ones like Mary Ingalls? Of course there are snass. WhaE iF rinoro ic anlrr atarrino rnlpt ^no SomeEimes Eaking turns works. One day it hit me, Why couldn't there be Ewo Dorothys or Pippis? With pretending anything is possibLel Thus were born the Pippi sisters. Both are named Pippi and play the part. I only have to remember one name (the girls always correct me if I call them or the baby by the wrong name, and sometimes I lose Erack). Sometimes the girLs want r^ nrplpn.l di lfpranF OK Coo. Peter Pan and Pippi Longstocking found out they had a loc in common. So did Dorothy Gale and Alice in Wonderland. An educational researcher might call this sort of play "exploration of similar characterizations in comparaEive liEerature through dramar^ -r^": some such "educaPL4yLttB tionaLese." We do taLk abouc characEersr similarities and differences, and playing these roles together realIy shows Ehe traits to the girls. ^.fi\te

Rnnnia rnla

aniorrq fakino in F! nrafpnii-! eerru rrL6

a m6re tsh.n rI Lrrou

and since he has Less time wilh

uv t ^^


children than I do, he's fresher in his roles. Pretending helps him to

relax and escaDe from the tensions of his job, too,., . I donrt want Eo Leave the impression that I consEantly play with my children, or that I would advocate such a thing. Children need to learn to entertain Ehemselves. One reason I chose homeschooling was so Ehat my children wouLd not be dependent on adults for enterEainmenE. My daughters seldom complain of boredom, and when they do it is usually after watching TV (ours is used no more than 1-2 hours per day) or after playinp for a lonp rime with other children. I feel that my involvement in rho nh i i dranrc in cpnd fhom


h^ nroianli - I | ^,,HruLsUurrr6 -.1^n^ r,iFh t^ n1..' Lv F!d)i

out guilt when I do need some time with the baby, or for some e.r i\ri f w I iLe wri l-ino Fhis ^ihar letter.



rn GWs #53, r asked how ] cfnrrrrolli .r-----n8 inEo their





Mary Van Doren on our staff


-^-^ 5u"rE

^^-rind rr5 udr'rPr



wouldn't have time for books, BeEween nightfall and sleep, Helen (3) wanted to be read to - noE possible. So we thought about teLlins stories. But - no stories came t5 mind. How-could that be? We quickLy found a jumping off point: we were camping, so Mark told us about camping as a Boy ScouE. Now we know we always can have relevant scories at any time. Helen loves to hear about Mama and Paoa when they were children. She also likes--E6-hear about HeIen when she was a baby and even whaE we did yesterday. I think as we go along we may start making up some sEories too, We Fh^,,^h,.,^ wE hrrro cu thic a l^r ruL , LL,uu6,r L'o vc c,'JU)i certainly Lacked confidence at firsf. The written word is so DowerfuL in our lives. summer! and decided we

From Wanda Rezac (MA)

In the past month or two, we for our 4-year-old. I'd definitely encourage everyone to give it a try it is fun, and truly amazing whaE you can come up with, ln addition, Peter loves to be able to deEermine part of Ehe story. He often has an idea in his head for a subjecE, such as, "TelL me a bedEime scory about a mroin la.F f hai .rn lrrrn inl_6 anv kind of animal and Ehen turn into a lr I n ^^c ^^^ifind ne he magrc rear agarn. d6dril, Often rI rrnq -^-i^ " urEen in rne the mrcoLe middle of will oDJect wrrr object strongry strongly Ln have been making up I'bedEime" sEories

a srory about the direction I have taken. and insist on something else happening. I like to hear his ideas .n.l




T oof




ask him what he thinks wiLl happen nexc. I do have a couple of sugges-

tions: (1) TeIl made-up stories only around peopLe you are EoEally reLaxed with. I cannot EeIl a sood story in front of another aduIE, even my husband! (2) Don't plan ahead in vour mind whaE Ehe olot will be. I iind *y best storiei come when I don't know anything more Ehan whatrs happening at Ehe momenE, I just follow each idea wiEh descriptive narrative unEil a new direction suggests itself. We have had our share of reLaEively stories, buE aII in aII I'd say I am amazed af the quality we come up with, and we enjoy them much

more than the storybooks frorn the

l iL-^-,, r^ F^^ts maKlng up your own rrDrary. rn racL, -^t,' stories helps you real ize how insipid and dull most childrenrs books are...

From Jerrv Puzo. who has been volunteering in our office: Fivp vears apo I rediscovered the magic of oraL storytelLing. My housemaEe hosEed a potluck dinner and storysharing evening. What magic! The arE of Homer in Ehe ase of teLevision. tle listened artentively to each story, After the tale, Ehanks and praise was given to the teLLer, rhon i f rho ia1 I or r.,anrad i I ments on what would make the story betLer. You couLd sense the kindness of the group, Ehe imporEance placed on giving support to the voice Ehat toLd Ehe Eale. At Ehe end of Ehe evening, I knew how foolish it would be to Iet this group of people slip away. The group met at a differenE place every monEh. So I found new stories and new sections of Greater Boston every month. One thing Leads to another. I learned about the NATIONAL ASSOCIA-


StorytelLers in Concert series of I-,, Arr^ll^han <i^ri6< Far a;rrlfc. v udr Ldrrdrr uL Jdy t af and Brother Blue; of the NEW ENGLAND STORYTELLING CENTER and rhe weekend conference called Sharine-othe Fire. go to EhaE hrhen I finally goc conference I found there in one pLace ac one time more friends than I thoughE I had. If you had asked me the day before to count my Eriends I would noE have come uo with a centh the number of people I saw and recognized thaE weekend. I had erown into the communiEy, IE had growi around me. The Friday the conference began I feLt a smaLl buzz, a sLight vibration of warmth. By Sunday Ehe rhyEhm of the conference and Ehe words of a story were rocking in me like waves on an ocean, and I \das one with it. The conference has been Ehe high point of my year for the last three years . For more deEaiLs on Ehe conference conLact Ehe NEW ENGLAND STORYTELLING CENTER, Lesley College Graduate School, 29 EveretE St, Cambridge MA

02238. 617-868-9600 x356.


From John HolE's interview in England, 1981, Eranscribed by Jo-Anne Beirne:

Q. Do you Ehink Ehat that philos-

ophy o[ saying "T want them to go Eo school where it is really tough and hard because the worLd is toueh and

hard" works?

JH: No. it doesnrt work. . . I should say a word on good experiences being Ehe best preparation for bad experiences. At the end of Ehe second

World War, our ovJn army made an experiment. It had found out, as armies ,^






I rr urnn


by soldiers who dive airplanes down Ehe funnels of aircrafE carriers, but by men who slogged on day after day, doine a LittLe bit more than fheir rL ^u^-I snare - as we say, nangrng tn thererrr you know, men wiEh enormous "sticking power"... The army became curious. It said, what kind of growing-up experiences have produced Eo Ehese soldiers with Ehe ability GROI.IING I,IITHOUT SCHOOLING #54


hang on and endure when others are beginning Eo crack and give up. So Ehey made an invesEigation. They got names, Ehey looked into their history, and what Ehey found out ,,hi^h T tshi-l' ,,-Fho ov..i


site of what they wanted to flnd ou! - was that these people had extraordinarily happy childhoods, Ioving families, happy memories... They had lots of money in the bank and they could draw on it when things goE tough. ISS: I John's point here is so imDortanE. and so often missed. Some pe6ple get wha! Ehey need when they are childreni others do not. Which people grow up to be more demanding? Our image of "spoiiedil children, whose needs have been met, is that they wlll grow up to be selfish, demanding adults, But people who have ilrst eafen a qood .linner are noE Ehe ones who go begging in the sEreeEs, or sEeaLing from others. People whose infant and chiLdhood needs weren'E meE are Ehe people who musE-3F-di-df heir arirrl l- I irrec rrvino i6 maal Ehem. How much of adulE life is wasEed in compensation! Imagine for a minute what might happen if most chiLdren were given enough irmoney in the bankrr so that their adult Lives were not fuLlv occupied with efforts

to get what they didn't get as chiLdren. IalhaE wouLd such adults be like? At the very least - and this is cerEainly no smalI thing - they might be able Eo think about oEher Ehings, or ,other people, or the needs of the worId.


Nancy Wallace (NY) \..7rites:

AII along, ever since we took Ishmael (now 15) out of school, I've felE uncomfortable about maEh. It always seemed like the one alien (the one misfit) aspect of our schooL at home. "What really is math?" I used Eo ask mathematicilT!-minded friends. "Aren'E there ways that I could be Eeaching it better?'r For some reason, it's only been in the Last six rnonths or so that I've felt thaE Irve found peopLe whose answers have made any sense. Perhaps that' s because iL' s only recently that I've reaIIy l.ooked at what ViEa and Ishmael have been doing wiEh numbers (and seen, Iikewise, what I've been doing). It's only been recently that T've actually heard what my friends have had to say. (tJhen John said, several years back, "Math is fun," aLl I couLd think was, "YeaFl-for you.") WhaE I am Erying to say is EhaE I have made my fair share of mistakes. Now I am learning from them. Fortunately, as John also said, it's "never too laEe." ...By the time we rescued Ishmael from schooL aE the tender age of 7, he couldn't even add two and Cwo... We used math textbooks, !elLino




rh-ts L"oL

drLL'uuliL' ^1rh^"-h

Ishmael surely needed a resE, we had Eo do math in order to saEisfy Ehe school authoriEies. Later. we iust

continued (not that we ever did speed drills or anything like the school math EhaE IshmaeL had suffered Ehrough) because Vita and Ishmael genuinely wanted Co grow up Eo be competent adults and we were convinced that all competent aduLEs knew math. ...By the Eime they were about 10, both kids seemed comforEable around numbers - even nepative numbers and square roots - Ind I used to GROt,lING t.IITHOUT SCHOOLlNG #54

telL peopLe, "Yes, ViEa and Ishmael -^^ | r ., -^rd aC math.,, But meanwhile, I couldn'E help wondering what we were doing wifh our textbooks. "Whv did thev have to be so .,,rir I r,o^r ; sE-j ng. And then I cnrrld



Fi Lr6u!s


.'h,' wrrj/

Ehe idea thaE we needed texEbooks because we Lived in such math-Door environmenrs. llhen I had first- Iooked around my house. the only numbers I had seen were on my one cracked measuring cup. BuE did we really live in such a

iF !L

was so important for compeEent adults Eo understand negaEive numbers in Ehe Fi rci



T moan



math-poor {or arTTFm6?ic-poor) environment? Now, finaLly, I began to reaLLy look around. What I saw astonished


were they good for? And I didnrt mean for architects or orthodontists but for plain old people like me. I wondered, and yet I never doubted that if I jusE Iooked hard enough, I'd find my answer. IL was Seymour PaPerE, in his book MINDSTORMS (availabLe here, 7.95 post. ), who Iinally gave it to me, ' although nol entirely the way I expected. His book is about mathemalics and how children, with the use of comDufers. can buiLd Eheir own concrete strucmodels to create I'inteLlectual lures" that will enable them to learn even the most abscract math. It is a fascinating book, but iE didn't take me

I nno



i zo


f h-r

p.^^rt I dPsr


We are out taking a walk. The skv is a deeo blue and we can see for miies across'a low valley to Ehe roLLing farm land beyond. Black-eyed susans, daisies and clover Line the roadside. Ishmael and Vita walk together up ahead, "Let's clap rhyEhms," Ishmael says. "You clap in Fivcs and I'll clan in sixes. If we keep sEeady we should cone together on everv thirtv beats." So much for the view and Ehe wildflowersl I


used the word "maEh." he didn't mean muLtipl ication cables or speed he meant a language to drills, describe Ehe world - a language to describe reLatlonships in space and time. Well, I got Eo thinking abouE Ehis and I realized that For years -hi,,^^'.y<d' dilu


ts^ts.11u LvLdrrJ




_ rliitsi^n


e cremnod





1^^r,^ ruu^5

^^iF- LddBr

fed and he begins tapping something in mid-air - with his right hand. The violinist and cellisr look up. "Your sixteenth is coming too late," Tshmael says, "It's sounding like a sextuplet. You shouLd be playing iE righE after my third triplet. BUE don'c Iisten to my parc, just counc


(comDucation) with math. It musE have ltarted in sixEh grade, actually, when our arithmetic classes suddenLy became math classes as we began losing ourselves in "modern math" (SMSG). After that we just al,ways calLed division and fracEions "math." Now it mighE seem Like I'm Iinguistic making some all-Eoo-subtle noinl- hrri Trm reallv not. Once I between understood Ehe distinction arithmetic and maEh, it became clear that maLh, as such, wasn'E necessary. If Vita and Ishmael mnEed to be comDeEent in our monev-centered (cookbook-centered t soci eEy, Lhen al L Ehey rcal lv needcd fo learn was a litELe D1e arithmeEic

am ciffino

watching Ishmael rehearsing at a Yamaha grand with a vioLinist and a cellisE. They are reading Ehrough Ehe second movemenE of a Schumann Trio, SuddenLy, aLEhough his left hand conEinues playing arpeggios in regular



. rl

For IshmaeI, I now remembered, it had been reading LITTLE HOUSE IN

THE BIG WOODS when Laura and Mary had

Eried Eo divide two cookies three ways, thaE had been the key Eo his

discovery that fractions were actu-

ally division problems. And when he Iearned how to read music, he learned Ehat what ' s more, f ract ions mere I y ronracani






i n


Ewo numbers, and that Ewo numbers change -

even when the as when you transcribe a piece with a 4/4 Lrrr|e signature to 212 - i-t will only be a change in kind, not absolute vaIue, since Ehe relaEionship between the Ewo numbers has remained unchanged. Because Vita started music so young, she I iEeraI 1y grew up knowing this. She knew thaE in a 2/2 meastre a half note geEs one beac buE that in a 4/4 measure, iE's the quarter note lhat gets the beat. She knew, too, that if she seE Ehe meEronome to 152 Eo the quarter note it was Ehe same as setting it to 76 to the half note because what really mactered, she knew. was not whether she counted in


divi sion, tion, mulriplLcation, ratios simple declmals and fractions, and simoLe Dercents. I know that this but what I seems like I long list, realized was EhaE even I knew and used those Ehings. (Could it be that I was competent afrer alL?) Bv mixins uo arithmeEic and maEhematics (not to mention making both Ehings compulsory) it now seemed to me thar school had taken arithmetic out of rhe realm of the everyday and had given me, and many other people,

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quarEer noEes or half notes but


- in Cime vaLue to the resE of the notes in the meas(That ure. is what ratios are aLl Ehe noEes reLated

sion of any clue as Eo what all this stuFf is actually good for, what makes iE i nceresting-l-lt's as though some misguided physical education instructor decided to teach his charges to play baseball by sitting Chem down at desks for a couple of years to study che rules (with weekly mulEiple-choice spot qu|-zzes on such key vocabulary words as I'inning[ and "earned run average"), Ehen another coupLe of years working out conventions and sEraEegies ( "With tr,,/o outs and runners on first and second, Ehe third baseman should (a) shade rieht (b) shade lefE (c) play deep (d) move in for the bunt ( e ) noE enoush information"), before he ever leE them out on the field to see whaE in the world they were doing all Ehis work for, There are, of course, any number of good reasons to be interested in math. I (and probabLy everyone who

began to make sense. t^lhat if


Eics, unlike ariEhmetic, was only useful to architects and orttb-ilontists? Was Ehere anyEhing wrong with BiII aha,,ts Ti ri^n ,.,h6n .r -i^kr?l r !tiLrL: ^4.1 simply loving math Ehe way his the age of 7 or 8, she was confronted friend, Marika, loved Mozart? Could wich a piece where she had to play it be Ehat maEhematics was valuable three notes in her rieht hand for in and nF ircolF liL^ -"-i^ every four in the letE, she figured purely aesChetic experience? If out Ehat the easiesc thins Eo do was schools had made Learninq l4ozart to find a common ground bEtween both (from grade one) compuls5ry, I would sets of nofes. in this case twelve have probably spenC years (as I did beats, and Ehen counE out the Ewelve with maEh) trying to figure out why beats as she played, a note wiEh Ehe iE was so necessary for all children ripht hancl on evcrv fourth beaE and a to learn Mozart. Probablv it would nole with the left on every third have seemed mereLy annoying {as iE beaC. (Common denominators, righE?) did when I first read Bill's LeEter) When they were 6 or 7, Vita and if someone had said, rrBuE Mozart is T qhmapl roFrrcod l^ nrrl rho i r mnnorr i n so heavenly!" WeII, Ehat's jusE what the bank because I couldn't assure compuLsion does. (Thatrs why John Ehem that if they put a doLLar in couldnrL bear the idea of kids readfhev'd eer fhrir qeme dollar back. inc Shakpsneare in qchool. "BetEer Eo il ha ,,-^J Later, Ehey learned that a doLLar is F^ \ hAn .ii anrifol_ --,, LU rdy., 4 d^l f -h,,p Fh-r a^,,has an|tanFiFrrr]prr f^r malh) inifiqllrr ruur ^,,- -F^-^1 ^^ LludLLtsr5 drsu Once I was able to get myself over make a dollar and so do Een dimes, got interested in it because it was EhaE hang up I realized thaE jusE as Looking back, it seems clear that fun - I could use Ehis new way of we hired rnusicians to work wiEh ViEa Vita and IshmaeL only became comforEEhinking systemaEicaLly Eo solve math- and Ishmael on music, so it mighE able with our textbook math when they emaEical puzzles (in my day called very well make sense to expose Chem had spent enough time in the real "hrain reasers-" thcse have now been Eo mathematics through Ehe eyes of world using numbers - playing music, promoEed to the status of "games â&#x201A;Źor someone who could really appreciate going Eo the bank and so on - Eo realthe super-intelligenErr) and to its beauty - someone who would love lv scc- cnn.rel-plv thaL numbers had improve my performance in sErategy fhe idea of Ishmael writing a piece boEh set values and relative games like chess and, Later, Go. Of ones. based on sets of four numbers OnIy then could they bel ieve me r,rhen course, as I used this new language. arranged in all their possible T orpw mnro Fami I i ar Lri fh i i darrol nnI toLd them thaE a one in Ehe tens orders; someone who would gladly place was the same as a Een in the ing my own shortcuts so Ehat old spend the afEernoon making Eetraones place (borrowing and carrying) skills became rrautomaticrr and I could hedrons with Vita; someone who would or that when we divided decimaLs it focus on increasingly compLex sholr both kids his own mathematical was fair Eo move the decimal in the patterns of thought. My increasing projecEs. Someone like BilL Hoyt. divisor over to the left in order Eo competence was its own reward, and my I suppose Ehe moral fo this create a whole number as Lonp as we incentive Eo further studv - but onlvwhoLe story is that once again I have moved the decimal Doint over the same because I could measure it by apply learned Chat the environment - even amount of sDaces iir Ehe dividend. ALI ing each newFound idea Eo probLems when iE only contains one cracked of this, of course, had Eo do with that I, for my own reasons, wanEed to measuring cup - is surely "betCer "place valuerr- a concept thac Ishsorve. than school" because at school childmael's teacher had Lried and tailed NaturaIlY' not everyone wiII be ren are never given Ehe freedom Eo stratptzzles or to teach him in first srade. BuC interested in math experimenE, Eo absorb or to daydream then, he was stil I couiting apples eqv games, but as you point out' and wonder. That is precisely whaE and oranges. He had no concrete model tEL'rE are a muLtitude of siEuaLions kids need Eo do in order Eo be able (from computers Eo Pianos) which can to fall back on. Eo Iearn arithmetic, and textbooks .,.By confusing mathematics so serve as ieverage poinEs for applying and fLashcards can never provide an hopelessLy with simple arithmetic math skills. I doubt that any one adequaEe substiruEel-BiE im I advocaby assuming Ehat math could only be such Learning tool will appeal to aLl ting Ehat we "do nothingrr with our found in EexEbooks - I neelected Eo studenEs... (t am a bit skeptical of children? Do I regreE having taughE see Ehe serious work Ehat the kids computers as learning environments Vita and Ishmael math? Yes and no. had been doing on math aLl along and for'children simplv because where MostIy whaE I am advocating is that tI oatrc rhcm fha fool ino fhql lhorr there are computbri Ehere are inevi we wait to teach maEh untiL our kids weren' E mathematicians. abLy computer games - and as a longhave rrincuited Ehe facEs and rules," ------TEet made me feel bad, buE Eo be that You tim-e addicE, I can Eestify to use a phrase of Papert's, Then, we rF nrri fa h^naer T di;n mav as welI buy Your child a televi"^ts I.-^.' "h^F can be Ehere, Eo help Ehem wriEe down oF che one all maEhematician Butafter a (formal1y) on paper whaE Ehey already was, or once again, sion set. ) ' is that whaE mathemaEics (as oDDosed to ariEh- advanEages of homeschooLing know. I am also advocating EhaE jusE metic) was good for. Sb l asked BiII we have the time and inclination to as we exDose them to M,ozart or Van Hoyc, my friend Ehe mathemaEician. Look for situaEions EhaE wilL make Gogh or Jane Austen, so we make an His letter is mostly an answer to learning interesting and fun - for us effort to expose Ehem to mathematics iâ&#x201A;Ź wltryJu5LLU5!vL ir!-F r^ that question, He wrote: as well as our children. oirro rhon rhD ^61,, One finaL Ehought: There is some chance Eo see its beautv. And veE ..,I Ehink you are exactLy right basis for considering math to be a never by compulsion. Never Uy ttrinkin considering maEh as a language, foreign language' more so fnan' sayt ing, however innocently, "All compelf no one in and anyone who has seen how foreign FlGtoit or geography. tenE adults...r' t'speaks" probabLy it math, Languages are taught in our schools Ehe fa;niIy can hardly be surprised at their failmakes sense tb seek the heIP of a ure Eo inferest sEudents in math. . . tuEor who does. CURRICULUM ALWAYS SU&,|ECTIVE either. A language is a tool of communication, and the joy in learning a [DR: ] IE turns out that whaE new language is the resulE of a prompEed Sue RadosEi (IL) to wriEe INancy Wallace conEinues: ] At new-found abililty to express oneself first - OK, I admiE it - I felt quite Ehe following leEter was a misundermore fully. When the sEudy of a disappoinLed i n Bi I I's response. What sEanding thaE is my faulE, and I language is reduced to a succession he said, basically, was that math was should firsE correct thaE error. of drills which purport to instill a fun (Like John had said) and that in In cWS #47, page 4, Karen reflexive knowledge- of its grammar, a some cases it might make sense for Schadel (NY) told about sisnins uD child has no reason to be interested, families to hire maEh Eutors. Those wi Eh Clonlara' s HoME eASED'EDUEeiioIl and therefore little or no incentive were Ehe two thines EhaE I didnrt PROGRAM (MI) to get a curriculum to overcome lhe frustrations inherent want Eo hear. Aft6r all. I'd iust outLine - a list of sub iecEs. r.{ith in any learning process. figured out Chat arithmetic h;d a specific objectives ob for each, What tihat you refer to as our oververy definite utiliEarian purpose and Karen actualLvy wenE on co to say sav was emphasis on computation essenEiaLl y that kids could pick iE up from their chac she asked her local schooL offiboils down Eo an analosous obsession environment. I guess I wanted to hear cials for Eheir lst and 3rd srade curwith Ehe "grammar" of;achematics the same thinps about mathematica. riculums a-n-d-iEs sEartled to Learn the mul Eipl ication tabl es, the posEuBut the frore I thought, both Ehey didnrt have any - so how could Iates of aLgebra and the axioms of about Bill, who lives wiEh a violist they evaluate Clonlara's? Due Eo some geometry, even the method of longwho worships Bach and Mozart, and careless editing on my part, Sue (and division taughE in this texEbook as about the whole arithmetic/maEhemaperhaps oEher readers) Ehought Karen opposed co that one--l-To the exclutics dichotomy, Ehe more his words CONTINUED ON PAGE 19 r



TIIE BAT POET, by Randall Jarrell, ($3.95 + When John Holt reviewed this book years ago in GWS #10 he wrote:


A young bat, sleeping on a porch with all the other bats, decides one day to stay awake when daylight comes. He discovers a whole new world, including many other animals. He is so excited by what he sees that he begins to make up poems about it" which he recites to the other animals. Sometimes they like them, sometimes not. The bat is fascinated, as Jarrell surely was and many readers surely will be, by the ways in which poems are different from other kinds of talk, and by the process by which he makes up his poems, or by which they come to him. He has interesting things to say about this to the other animals, some of whom like to hear it. And the poems themselves (and illustrations by Sendak) are lovely. A nice story, the only one I can think of among all the children's stories I know in which the leading character is himself an artist. TI{E BAT POET is Jarrell's answer to the question, "What do poets do?" When children ask what caryenters or musicians or bus drivers do, we can usually find books to answer them with little trouble. "Poet" has always been a more elusive vocation, but Jarrell's bat capnues it and describes it vividly and eloquently. The fururiest and most

on the mark section, to me, is the one in which the bat struggles with writer's block. He tells his friend and listener, the chipmrmk, "I cant make up a poem about the cardinal."

"Why, just say what he's like, the way you did with the owl and me." "I would if I could," ttre bat said, "but I cant I dont lnow why I can! I watch him and he's just beautiful, hed make a beautiful poam, but I cant think of anything." I-ater, trying to make up a poem about his fellow bats, he struggles again:

For weeks he wished that he had the poem. He would hunt all night, and catch and eat hundreds of gnats and moths and crickets, and all the time he would be thinking: "If only I could make up a poem about bats!" One day he dreamed that it was done and that he was saying it to them, but when he woke up all he could remember was the way it ended. This simple paragraph reveals more about the creative

life tban many non-fiction works with the same intention. Jarrell's bat, hrurting and wishing and dreaming and sometimes writing, is a character children will learn from and enjoy. Susannah Sheffer


John Holt's 729 Boylston Sr

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Ever Present Her name is at my tongue whene'er I spealq Her shape's before my eyes where'er I stir, Both day and night" as if her ghost did walk, And not she me, but I had murdered her.

THE OXFORD BOOK OF SHORT POEMS, edited by P. J. Kavanagh and James Michie, ($19.95 + post). How do you define a short poem? The edion of this volume have seuled on an interesting criterion - any poem less than fourteen lines is considered a short poem. The main reason ttrcy decided to limit tlp poems to thirteen lines is to avoid being swamped by the popular fourteen line sonnet form. This results in an extraordinary collection of brief, punchy, memorable poems by a great many poets, spanning seven cenhries and all tlpes of human experiences. P*!ry, for many people, is nothing but the tedious hysterics of sensitive people, something o be endured for the sake of a grade or good impression. But if you are willing to test your feelings about poery or feel you haven't read any new poetry in a long tirne, dip into this well and be slaked. Thirteen lines won't kill you, it'll be over before you lnow it, and you might like ic a certain rhyme, rhythm, or image will stay in your mind and suddenly you will feel, "This spoke o me." With this book the chances of something speaking to you are much gleater than most poery collections. You can try something from the thirteenth century, examine the seventeenth century, catch up on twentieth century poets. Be.sides the multitude of styles the collection contains, the short length allows a lot of room for many poets from each era to be included, producing an hisorical coniext for the poems as well. Each poem notes the author's name, dates of birth and death, and any necessary footnotes io explain obscure words or references. As a result this book is a touchstone to many subjecs besides poely: gramrrutr, history, biography, and philosophy are some of the major areas you can access through it. One can note the changes in our language (spelling is modernized for all poems before Wordsworth), seeing and hearing how people expressed themselves in comparison to other times, using the poems to provide a richer contâ&#x201A;Źxt for their studies. What continues tD au;naze me about this book is how powerful and evocative thirteen lines can be; even with just four lines a complete story can be told, such as

this written by Philip Ayres (1638-1712):

What suikes one while reading ttis book is the old saymg, "The more things change, the more they say the same." God, wat, love, children, death, dogs, and politics appear in various forms throughout ttre ages and its pages. As the editon note, "'What has been exciting for us has been to notice how a poet, perhaps only in one poem, can suddenly leap out of his time and into ours, not by being different from his time but by being bener. Thomas Bastard (f56G1618), really looking at a child trying to talk, is an example." The unique perspective the editors place on the poets for us by limiting them to trirtâ&#x201A;Źen lines is especially interesting in the case of poets known for much longer works, such as Milton and Whiunan, and more so for ttre many poets I never saw mentioned before outside of old books in university libraries. There are more women poets ffom previous centuries than one usually finds in poetry anthologies and I was pleasantly surprised to find works by authors I don't usually associate witl poetry, such as G.K. Chesterton, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Samuel Becken I would like to quote selections from the last two since they deal with education from two unique angles. The first is by Stevenson, 'I am a hunchback.'

I am

a hunchback, yellow faced,

A hateful sight to


'Tls all that other men can do To pass and let me be.


am a woman, my hair is white, I was a darkhaired lass; The gin dances in my head, I stumble as I pass.

I am a man that God made at first, And teacher ried o harm Here! hunchback take my friendly hand, Good woman, take my arm. Beckens poem is tttled GNOME. Spend the yean of learning squandering Courage for the years of wandering

Through a world politely tuming From ttre loutishness of learning. The wide variety, excellent choice, and brevity of every single poem (more than 650) makes this entertaining and informative collection a tenific bargain.

- ParickFarenga

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maybe you learned this sometime before and you just need reminding." (For those students who really do feel better having lots and lots of practice, Cambridge also sells separate exercise books with more problems') Answers to exercises are at the end of each chapter. The goal of Language Skills is to prepare the students to identify errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, word usage and spelling; it covers such topics as singular and plurals, possessive pronouns, and

THE PRE-GED PROGRAM: LANGUAGE SKILLS ($4.95), MATH SKILLS ($4.95), and READING SKILLS ($4.SS1. When I taught adult basic education, these books were among those we relied upon to prepare people for the GED (high school equivalency) exam. It occun !o us that homeschooled children, many of whom plan !o take the GED or at least wonder if they could pass it, could also benefit from these books. These tfuee books are the hrst slage of the Cambridge preparation program. Written on a 5th-grade reading level, they are clear and straightforward presentations of the topics and skills needed to pass the exams. The publishers also have preparation books written at a more advanced level, either for follow-up or for students whose reading ability is already extremely good. If there is enough interest, we will add those to our catalog. The Pre-GED books are attractively designed, with clever use of white space, bold letters, and generous-size type.

sentence fragments. Math Skills explains how to operate with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, and

graphs. Reading Skills focusses on answering multiple choice questions about short passages - identifying main ideas, looking for details, drawing conclusions. The Science, Literature, and Social Snrdies sections of the GED tâ&#x201A;Źst are written in this passage/question format. I am a little uneasy t}rat some homeschooling parents will seize upon these books as one more ttring to cram down their children's throats. I suppose if you must compel your children to work on textbooks, then these books are as good as any and far better than FFirlltN$: most, because of their iA,\r!,1 *xltr$ clear and dignified nanre. But I would far rather see these used as they were intended !o be by their makers - by students who freely choose to come to them. If your sons or daughters are at all anxious about how their scholastic skills compare !o other children, about how they would do if they were tested, about whether this homeschooling experiment is going to prepare them for adult life, then suggest they work through these books. Not only will ttrey brush up on skills, but they will gain confidence. - Donna Richoux

Clearly they are not intended

for children, as the lack of picnres shows, but neither are they repellently dull or forbidding. The whole attitude






of the pro$am is one of for the user, not


condescension or unconcem.

This respect shows in

the number of exercises in each lesson. Following the presentation of a new idea - for example, the meaning of "predicate" in Language Skills, or how to multiply decimals in Math Skills, - there follow a small number of practice problems - l0 or 15. It's as if the authors were sylng, "We don't want to bore you with lots of drill - we think you're bright enough to catch on right away. Or

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r.OR YOTJR OWN GOOD: HIDDEN CRUELTY IN CHILDREARING AND TIIE ROOTS OF' VIOLENCE, by Alice Miller ($8.95 + post.) Few books are as chilling, or as importan! as this one. Each time I read it I wince as I would in front of a terrible street accident, but Alice Miller is a writer determined not to let her readers get away witlrout looking. What she has to say - and the strength with which she says it - &aws me back again and again, suggesting that I can be something more than witness to the "accident" she is describing. If I look long enoug\ the book seems to be saying, if I get so that I really see, I may be able to help, to begin healing, to prevent furtlrer tragedy. The tragedy Miller sets out to rmderstand is nothing less than grandscale violence, the kind we usually decide must be aberrant or inbom - not something we could have known about or prevented. Toward her understanding and ours - she offers not large theories but small children, one of them the boy who grew into perhaps the worst

criminal of ow cennry, Adolf Hitler. Who was this boy, Miller asks? What happened to him?

The yormg Adolf Hitler, we leam, lived in a world of daily abuse and brutality, none of which he was ever allowed to speak of. His aagedy, suggests Miller, was less his suffering than the fact that he was forced to endure it in silence. The pain he later caused millions of others was, for him, commeNrsurate with the pain of his childhoo4 and inflicting it on otlrers was a way of saying, "[ook what was done to me! This is the extent of the damage!" For many of us, the question, "Why was Hitler Hitler?" is less disturbing than the next question, "Why did no one stop him?" FOR YOUR OWN GOOD is not just about the abuses suffered by one boy, but about the child-rearing practices of an entire culure. With pairutaking thoroughness, Miller tells us exactly what practices srd behaviors have for generations been condoned in the name of discipline. It is horri$ing,


Miller means it to be. Because just about all of Hitler's contemporaries had been raised und€r what Miller calls "poisonous pedagory," Hitler's behavior made the same emotional


to them that it did to Hitler himself. This kept them as silent as it kept him, and explains biographen' failwe to mention aspects of Hitler's childhood which we consider

Boston MA 02116


THE EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE BY FORREST CARTER ($10.95 + Posrage) Toos Weier sent us 0ris letter three yeils ago and now we can share it: ..J have just finished reading 'The Educatisr of Little Tree". . . once I started it, I couldn't bear to put it down. Surely, I feel as though I wont fall asleep tonight until I have shared these thoughs with you. This story was one of the most moving, powerful stories I have ever read Though I tried to keep my emotions to myself, I am not very good at that and for the most parg tears were sneaming down my face as I read. At times I was sobbing, as my heart was truly breaking. I guess I am not a very strong Indian (I am halfbreed Onieda), to let my emotions sweep over me as they did while I read this story. It surprised me to learn the strength of the Indian people as Little Tree spoke of them through his book. I did find enjoyment in the book Happiness at very sensitive moments that I shared with the author alrd Willow John... Overwhelming joy when Little Tree retumed to the mountains and his kin.,. Laughter at ess€ntial to the slory.

Miller writes:

The greatest cruelty Orat can be inflicted on childre,n is to refuse o let tlrern exlress their anger and suffering exc€pt at the risk of losing their parents' love and affection. The anger steruning frorn early childhood is stored up in the unconscious, and since it basically represents a healthy, vital source of energy, an equal amowrt of energy must be expended in order to repress iL

It's right, says this author, o be angry when terrible things are done to you. We may not always be able to Ixevent the abuse of childreru but one listening adult, who confirms the reality of a childs suffering irstead of denying it, csr do mrch to prevent the further tragedy that silence and repression would cause,

This, then, is how Alice Miller offers us a way to save ourselves. Children everywhere suffer more humiliation and disrespect than is necessary; severe abuse is not the only kind of mistreatnent at issue here. But

the experie,nce the slick big-city men had in the mormtains when they venUrred to se€k Granpa and his whiskey makin's.,. At this poinq Winter Star (2) was in my rrns as I read. Some of it was so fwny - earing Granma's fish, their contacts with

poison ivy, etc. I was laughing so hard Winter laughed right along witlr me! He thought it every bit as firmy! I wanted to read the story to our children, but chose to read it o myself firsr Well, at this point, (8) feels that it is too sad to want to hear it. He saw my crying and said "You carne to another sad part, huh?" I told him it was really a good story, but he has chosen not to hear I will leave it be at thar I tldnk my husband Steve will decide to read it one day and since he isn't near as emotional as I, our children will probably enjoy it



I hope to shre this book with many people and I, too, will read it again even though the story will stay with me a very long time. I hope to gain srength ttrough Little Tree, his kin and their

ty a new set of assumptions about chil&en and human nature and see what happens. we can

Peftaps someone will say: But not everyone who was a battered child becomes a murderer; otherwise, many more people would be

murderers. That is tnre,

However, humuikind is in dire enough straits these days that this should not remain an academic question... We dont yet knw, above all, what the world might be like if children were to grow lry without being subject to

humiliation, if parents would respect and take thern seriously as persons. In any case, I don't krow of a single peison who enjoyed ftis respect as a child srd then as an adult had the need to put other human beings to death.

We dont yet know what the world

night be like. All the more


then, to try these new assunrptions and find our - Swannah Sheffer

[ayout & Design by P. Farenga

was criticizine

Clonlara for not having a curriculuml-il8-i-Eh-i s not aE al l the case, Nevertheless, Sue makes some very worEhrdhile poinLs abouE the devising of curriculums ...The schools have really used Ehat word "curriculum" to buffilo people into thinking fhat educaEion i! a much more objective, exacting science than iE really is. They know that curricula are subjectivE-?nd as varied as Ehe philosophies behind Ehem, but Uhey sEill behave in public as though Ehey and Ehey alone have some magical way of knowing whatrs besE, and Ehe lay public canrt possibly understand Ehe intricacies of EhaE masic. When I first enroiled in my undergraduaEe education courses, I assumed that Ehere vras some set of formulas for devising curricula and chaE I would learn E6ose formulas as a parL of my ilprofessionalrrEraining. Ha! The full extent of my Eraining in curriculum evaluaEion ( curriculum development was never even menEioned, a mystery reserved for doctoral candidaEes) was an afternoon session of my reading methods class, in which we were divided into small groups and given some basal readers to thumb Ehrough and rrevaluate" - Ehat is, Eo rnerely note Ehe order jn which the skiLls $rere presented (no one suggesEed thaE any parLicular order was superior to any oEher) and Eo deEermine which basic linguistic philosophy was presented. We were given a brief definiEion of three IinsuisEic philosophies for this task, a;d iE was only because Ird had prior classroom exposure Eo linguisEics that I knew enough to laugh when my group decided that our set of readers reflected two very differenE perspecEives: I'IE starts wiEh one and Ehen snitches Eo anoEher halfway through" - which is about as ludicrous as saying that an economics EexEbook espouses capiEalism in the first five cirapEers but then shifEs to a socialistic bias, It was a ioke. I've conclided, afEer talking with_ Eext-writing professors and observing Ehe various atEempts by sEaEe boards of education to devise a "staEe curricuLumril chaE what really determines a curriculum is a mixture of personal opinions, judgements, prejudices, experiences, and vaLues on the part of Ehe people who nriEe it, Ehe company that publishes it, Che authoriEies that sancCion iC ( sEate or local school boards ) . and che people who Eeach it. It's as much a political process as an educational one, wiEh the authors eJricinE to suic Ehe whims of the markeE. One-orofessor EoId me chat he made changes in a texEbook he'd wriEten which h6 knew were detrimental, because a maior school district refused Eo buy-Ehe text, and consequently Ehe pu'blisher refused Eo print iE, unless iE reflected a cerEain philosophy popular in thaE district. So much for the hallowed concept of the curriculum,.. :





reporters who inter-

view us about homeschooline ask us whether iE isn't a very Ii;iEed option since "everybody has to work these days.r' In this light, I was inEerested to see Ehis storv in the Boston Globe, 7f/3186i

Despite the influx of women into

Lhe Labor force over the past generation, more than half of all mothers GROWING l^llTHOUT SCHOOLING #54

with children under 18 remain at home, according to an American EnEerprise Institute study. Douglas J, Besharov and Michelle M. Dally of Ehe insEitute, a policy research group, described their findings, based on Census Bureau and Labor Department figures, in an articLe in the magazine Public Opinion. They said there is a misconcepEion that almost aIl moEhers are employed full Eime. Thi s impression, they warned, could Iead to public-poLicy errors as the naEion crafts new laws to aid families and working women and Eo revise the welfare 6ystem. The sEatisEics show that many mothers work only part Eime, and Ehat when they work ful1 Eime they do not do so year round. . . The authors' sEaCistics showed Ehat while Ehe proporEion of mothers employed full time aE least some of the year was 47%, Ehe proportion workino fr:l I rima rl I nF rh^ "--than 49 weeks - was smaller, Fisures on full-Eime year-round employm6nt were available only for married mothers: 29% of them worked fuIL time year-round,

would give them a more equaL fooEing wi Eh adults in di scussions. . , ISS: I By coincidence, one of the responses we received Eo the October 3rd WashingCon Post arcicle on homeschooling was f?6fr-Patricia Rector, AssociaEe Editor of NewsScan. tellins us abouE this weekly-iEiGlEler for young people. The sample issue she enclosed looks as if itrs just whaE Azima GilIis is looking for. The news cfnripc





but noE condescendingLy, and give the

kind of background thaE young readers mighE need. This issue covered, for example, Reagants and Gorbachev's meeting in Iceland, f,looding in Che

Mi.lwesr anri rhprrNn Smnlrino" r,rio soon to go inEo effect in California high schools. The paper really appears to cover news. It also comes with a worksheet c-iffed "Stretch." whi ch is less appeal i ng - i E Iooks a littLe too much like a school worksheet. But it could easily be discarded, and doesn't detracE from the value of the newspaper itself. A Free sampLe

is availabLe from


Syracuse NY 13210.






Anna Adams wrote in the New SouEh Wales Homeschool NewsLetter #8:


of California: ,..When I read a leEEer in GWS A reader had an inquirv about recentLy from a mother about the frus- recommendations For a set oi encvclotration of noE being able to find a pedias in one of trre blJt< i;r;;;';;" hole-punch during a craft session, GWS. I have done a little research in felt a sErong sense of deja vu. Been this matter since I am also interestthere, done Ehat, back in the days ed in purchasing a set for my child. when we were a one-scissor family. I am enclosing a consumer's guide When we sEarced homeschooling, wb had called REFERENCE BOOKS BULLETIN, for the kids one pair of scissors, dated Dec. l, 1985, Ehat I checked one sEicky-Cape dispenser, one holeout from our local Iibrary. This bulpunch, and so on, BuC my problem was letin, called "1985 AnnuaL Encyclopedthat a very small (by my sEandards, ia Roundup," has prices and evaLuanot Grandmother's) mess was suffitions on Ehe major encycLopedia secs cient to hide one pair of scissors Ehat are being sold... I t.hink the and just abouE one of everything. reviews are up-to-date and have some Nor,i thaE we are organized to be very valuable informaEion. disorganized, we have four pair of A single reprint of this bulscissors, and duplicaEes of other han- lecin (ISBN 0-8389-6959-3 ) is availady items. This means that at Least ble free uDon receiDt of a selfone pair of scissors is usually visiaddressed #10 (business-size) envelbLe at or near Ehe top of Che heap at ope, sEamped wiCh 394 postage. Write any given Eime, unEil Ehe mess beMarketing DirecEor/Encyclopedia Roundcomes so overDowering fhef wp rcellv up, American Library Association, 50 ----' n"".-t"-a""i;;; ;;;";"-;h;";:. : E Huron SC, Chicago IL 60611... Thii,,^l i^-Fi^r nf cmrl l onrrin_ rIlrouuPrrgdJ||lorrcaUIP_ ment has been a real boon. for while Ehe demands of curriculum DreDaraHALF.RULED NOTEBOOKS tion, etc., never caused mb cb seriously consider abandoning homeschooLSEephanie Judy (BC) sent us a ing, spending ten minutes out of liEEle noEebook where the top of each every twenty looking for small items page is blank and the bottom has nearly did, . . ruled lines. She writes: ...Are these half-ruled. halfplain notebooks available in the CURRENT EVENTS FOR CHILDREN U,S.? Friends of mine who live there RecenEly, Azima Gillis of can'E find them (and consequently I fornia asked: ship them by Ehe dozen to one family I know). Does anyone know of a publicaThey are common everyday school tion for young people thaE describes supplies in B.C., sold in every kind current events in language they can of store for 50 or 75 cents (I've read and understand? Like a news maqa- found them for 20 cents). There is zine Eor children under 10 or so something so inviEing abouE these Iitdescribing major evenfs, and perhaps tIe books to most people. I donrt editorials they can relaEe to,.. Soon know what Ehey are used for in my children will be able to use reguschools, but I've used or seen Ehem lar Time and Newsweek I'm sure. but useo ror: it' s-Ta?d for-EhEfr-Ti read and' f isure ouE at Ehis point. SEandard newspapers are so fuLl of Erivial garabout nature, ecology, adventure, language, bage... We are passing on our interhistory, math, space, world problems & more. est in creating a betEer worLd to our ALL AGES - ALL SITUATIONS kids and it woiLd be neaE if they New, expanded catalog, 25C could read and Ehink about the news Family Pastimes(GS),Perth.Ontario.Canada K independently. Also, iE seems it T

From Cindy Lee


- triD diaries - naEure notebooks ( sketches and noEe s ) - recipes (wiEh piccures) for kids - collecEions of sEories dictated and illustrated by chiLdren - iournals - iecording/ilLuscraEing dreams - family Guest Books - exEended LeEters, esPeciallY to young friends One of Ehe best uses I've seen for these is a "Household How-To" book, with maps, drawings, and written insErucEions for kids, grown-ups, visitors, babysitters, repairpersons, whoever. IEems are added as Ehe need/ situarion arises. Included are things Iike: how ro turn off the main breaker, gas, and waterl locaEion of fire extinguishers and how to work Chem; locaEion of outlets/switches in garage and basement; how to Loop choke chain for dog; how to seE float in toiLet so rdaEer won'E run; fasEesE route Eo hospital; eEc. , etc. . . GOOD SOURCE OF PUZZLES

Loretta Heuer (MA): ,..You mentioned in GWS #51 thaE you hadnrt heard of any good prtzzLe magazines laEely. Go out and acquire a copy of GAMES Magazine a's.a.Pl I One issue and you will be addicEed. (9 issues/$11.97; PO Box 10147, Des Moines IA 50347-0147.) The magazine is aimed at adults, but the puzzles are rated by asterisks from 1 (easy) to 3 (hard). The variety is delightful! Crosswords, Logic puzzLes, visual-spatial teasers, Erivia, mathematical problems, crypEograms, word plays, pictomysteries, eEc. The delight is compounded by che facE EhaE you can have a new issue every month. (And on down-Eime days, you can pick up an old issue and find some unfinished problem whose soLuEion fairly leaps off the page Eo your Iess involved mind,) They also review board games each month and then pick the top 100 of the year Eo EouE in lheir November issue. From the homeschooling perspective, I canrt Ehink of a betEer resource. Irve used Tad's play with the magazine !o cover vocabulary, logic and mathematics, science, and social studies (many puzzles are thematic, e.g., one on immigration and eEhnicitv this Julv to coincide with the StatuL of Liberty CenEennial). In addition, it has Ehe wonderful ability to render adults fallibLe, searching, curious: a good way Eo keep us humble while offering the kids a good role model for oerseverance and mind-olav. Alt- che ptzzLes are really divergent. NoE Ehe pat "formula" puzzLes EhaC mosE magazines present. They really bend your perspectives... No, I'm not employed as Eheir rep. But I do find it regional sales:^.,6..1 .,iFF., ^..^L ^ -i^^ ^If,iFi^rrrLs r JUy rur Eo our life here at home... From


From Jane Reid (MA):

...On page 24 of GI,iS #51, Karen Jackson reported on the BALL-STICKBIRD reading system, I sent for the books the same day I read the article. My chiLdren are supposed to take a national achievement test this fall, and I've been scared Ehat Alex (8) wouldn't be able to read welL

enough Eo answer - ttpanic-stricken" might be more appropriate.

Tim Gallwey, auEhor of THE INNER

who would usuaLly squTTfr'-ETs waY


The books are wonderfuL. ALex,

through a 15 minute reading session, eagerly read for an hour and was mad when I told him we had Eo Put it aside for a while - he was obviouslY

tired of stumbling over the words, but still wanEed to find ouE what would happen next. Toby (8) and Hannah (6) already read pretty weLI, and Ehey scorned Ehe books at firsE because they looked too easy, buE soon they were both hooked on Ehe srory, and I had a hard Eime keeping them from prompting Alex, so he could figure a word out for himself. I sent $40, and two weeks later che books came. Two days later I got a note from Dr. FulLer - the Price had gone up to $49 .95 + $2.50 handling charge. I was impressed thaE she sent the books anvwav. These are and printed in large books , 8\ x 11,ha-^, anl .l r\r- -ud5cu J vrr s!uf ^.^^r PoPcr. They are well worEh the Price to me' considering Ehe little miracle thaE has transpired in the last two weeks with Alexr s reading. . . Iof] lr. Renee Fuller, developer of BALL-STICK-BIRD (Box 592, Stony Brook NY lI790i 516-331-9164) telLs us she got 60 leEEers from GWS readers, "obviously a caring group." ON DATING OUR ISSUES

Q. I was wondering why che date of issue is noE included on the magazines, As I am going back through pasE issues of GWS I'm finding iE would have been helpful to know when some of the pieces were written. A. Ever since Issue #3L when we began using second class posEage, we have been required by law to dace che issues. Look at Ehe box on the boEtom of page 3. The reason we have never made a bis fuss over dates is thaE John HoIt vi6wed GWS as a reference work being published volume by volume' not a newsletter EhaE geEs ouEdated and thrown away. [,Jhat newsLetEer, For example, makes a poinc of reprinting its back i ssues whenever chey run low? It just wouldn'E make sense buE GtlS is different. However, afEer somebody complained Ehey Eried to go to an event listed in GWS that had happened the year before, we made a point of tucking the year into Ehe 'rJohn Holt's Coming Schedule" story, and now in ttCa I end

ar . "


From an arEicle by Beth Ann Krier in Ehe Los Angeles Tirle!'

5/2186: Ti




of Ehese

^6rhrn< topsy-turvy times that the major soeakers ac a recenE music educat ion cbnference included: - A cennis expert who has stilL not fully recovered from being klcked out of his third-grade glee club. - A bassisE who demonstrated who endearingly he couLd play "GreensrsEvss urr NEy. - A neurologist who's wriEten a book titled TONE DEAF AND ALL THUMBS?





OF TENNTS, to write Ehe recenEly published THE INNER GAME OF MUSIC


Six years ago, Barry Green' the nrincioaL bassisE for the Cincinnati Symphohy orchesEra, teamed up with

Anchor Press/Doubleday


Gallwey has always maintained Ehat the most lethal opponent a tennis olaver faces is not on the other side- of- the net buL inside his own head. So he devised mind games to oucwit the more devastating adversary.



Green orovides variaEions Eo Eackle Ehe similar demons of fear and seLf-

doubt prancing in Ehe skulls of mus-

icians. . . a^l I, r.'^r' T^ .lom-ncf rrra ws)i eorrcu ^-1 I ^i for a musician in Ehe audience who was having some difficulty. Kim Blake, a violinisE for 15 years, volunEeered, indicaEing she suffered from tendonitis, rrwhich accs up in sCress situations.rl GaLLwey instructed her to pLay a few ohrases on Ehe vioLin and asked her if the Eendonitis "acted uD." ttNort' BIake replied, t'but I'm shaking. My heart 's fluttering, " Asked to Dlace the fLutter on a scaLe of 0-10,- she ranked it a 9. GaLlwey then invited her to "check out the scariest-looking people in the audience and notice parEicularLy whaEts scary about Ehem.r' When Blake again checked her hearE flutEer LeveI, it had suddenly fallen Eo a 5. Then Gallwey requested that she play the passage again, without Erying to make Ehe fluEter go down, noLicing what it's Iike to pLay with a 5-leveL of hearE flutter. When BLake finished, she announced thaC her flutter had crashed to a 2. What was going on here? How did analyzing scary faces help the violinist Co get relaCively LosE in her music and unwiEtingly reduce her heart flutter from 9 to 2? 'rAwareness of what is (flucEer it go down," leveL) doesn't makeI'AlI I've found is Gallwev exolained. that in a state of avJareness, exceLlence comes out more." In another parE of this musical dog-and-pony show, Green invited a woman who had never played Ehe bass before Eo attempt to do so with Ewo differenE tvDes of instruction. In the'iirst, obviousLy exaggerated and ill-faEed atEemDE. Green told Nancy TarbelI, "Don''E be so stiff here... I want you Eo hold che bow righE pasE your thumb, right here,.. don't grab so hard. Relax this hand,.. Over here, the fingers have to be 7 213 inches apart. No. That's 1 1/3 inches.' Thon





ent frustration and nervousness. Green reminded her of his righE Eo be so picky. He told TarbelL he was instructing her on "all Ehe righE things to do - and Irm Ehe professional." When he finalLy asked her Eo " Pray a good sound," she played a meek noise he instantly pronounced rrnot very good." In THE INNER GAME OF MUSIC, Creen and Gallwey call this type of teaching "do this" insEruction; they contend iE typically increases a studentrs anxiety, confusion, doubt and f rus trat i on . As an alEernaEive, Green demonstrated t'awareness instruction.rl which mereLy asks the learner Lo play atcention to what is happening, So Green simply advised TarbelL, "If you see me doing something, just notice what I do and do ic.r' Period. He then ol . aced a piece of tape CONTINUED ON PAGE^32


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(Joel/70, Jennifer/79)


FAI!ILIES FoR H0l'lE EDUCATI0N, 639 E Kino Dr, Mesa 85203 --- Bob 6 Pat GENTALA (Peter/76. David,/79, Luke/Bl) HoME SCH00L SUPPIIES, 1.l225

Pl, Tucson 85749 --- Jim & Eliza(Rebecca/71, Enily/12, Daniel/74, Stephen/77, Peter/78, Susanne/83, Kathryn,/84) 2109 E Quince, l'lesa 85203 --- Ton E Kenty GoollAN (Rachel/69, Elizabeth/71, Ruth/72) 6815 E Victoria, Tucson 85730 --- Carneron & Julie H0LI'4ES (Ryan/77, Colin/80, Lauren/84) 3419 E Gold oust, Phoenix 85028 --- Ben I Trudi HoPKINS (Philip/78, Catherine/80, Nicholas/82, John Simon/84) 406 E |.tatson, Te'npe 85283 --E Quick Draw



Sandra HoUSE, ARIZoNA FAiIILIES FoR Hol,tE EDUCATI0N, 2l0l }J Paradise Dr, Phoenix 85029 --Rukin & Peggy JELKS (Robin/78, Rory/81, Tarey/ 84, Hanna/86) Star Rt, Box 2B0, Elgin 85611


Steve & Jackie JoHNSoN (Toby/78, Levi/84)

33233 N 224th Av, Wittnann 85361 --- Chris & Susan JoHNSToN (Alicia/72, Kate/78) P0 Box 1523, Eagar 85925 --- Paul & Mary KEITH (Christy,/74, Jody/76) 7101 N l77th Av, Haddel I 85355 --- Kathleen KNEZ, IJESTERI{ NAVAJo RTSERVAll0N, P0 Box 889, Tuba City 86045 --- Kay GROI,]ING I{ITHOUT SCHOOLING #54

Az, AB, CA (SOUTH) BLINICK (Stephen/77, Stuart/83) 3716 S Grandview, Tempe 85282 --- Freda MAIN {Celeste/77, Simone/80} 1306 t Granada, Phoenix 85006 --- Raven & Orina MANN (Sky/76, Paho/78, l4oriah/81) P0 Box 1339, Snowflake 85937 --- Lauren l,4cELRoY & Darvel ERICKSoN (Iiernan/77, Theah/84) [4AKING aoN]ACT, 3543 E LARoUX



8el levue, Tucson 85716 --- Henry 14lLLER, G.A.T.E. SCH00L, 1725 N Date #43, l'4esa 85201 --- Patrick E lrene t'l0RIN (Kathleen/78) 3lt6 Hopj, Glendale 85307 --- Paul & Becky 0LS0N (Rachel/77, Joshua/80, Amanda/Bl, Zachary/82, Micah/85) THE ARCHES, 702t-A Ihunderbird Dr, Tucson 85708 --- PHoENlX SPECIAL PRocRAl,4s, 3132 H Clarendon, Phoenix 85017 --- Sherri PITItlAN, PARENTS ASSOC OF CHRISTIAN


SC800t5, 6166 !J Hjghland, Phoenix 85033


(Aaron/76, Neill/80) 6250 U Sunset Rd, Tucson 85743 --- Douqlas & Ruth RABIN (Jdnet/82) 5650 E 6tn St, Iucson B57l I --- Linda & Allan RIEKEN {Forest/78, Echo/80, Ariel/B4) B23l E Plaza Av. Scottsdale 852537349 --- Len & ltlary RoTHFELD (Becky,/71) 5040 N Via Condesa, Tucson 85718 --- Jim & Lynn SAINT (Benjarnin/80, Crelann/84) 3615 !J Solano Dr, Phoenix 85019 --- Bill & Celeste STEEN (John/ 75, Luke/19, Feliz/84) HCR 8ox 324, Elgin 85611-9706 --- Ben TRUDi (Philip,/78, Catherine /80, Nicholas/82, John/84) 614 S El Dorado, I4esa 85202 --- Bernie & t4ary TUCKER (Tanara/

Liz & Jack


73, Cheyenne/81, |ilil'low/84) c/o 5735 N 6l Dr,

Glendale 85301 --- Geron & Sandra TI.ICKER (B'nae/76, Shealyn/79, Geron Loyal/Bl) 2217 E Poinsettia Dr, Phoenix 85028 --- Cracker & David }jILLIAMS {Spencer/80) 8ox 4082, Nev River 85029 --- !,lalter & Regina IUNSCH (Gabrielle/75, Michael,/77) ll2l3 N Miller Rd, Scottsdale 85260 --- Debbie YoUNG & David TAFT (Taiowa/Bl, Drisana/84) 1628 N 24th St, l4esa 85203 --- Larry E Ginny ZEGER (Diane/76, David /78) 4134 N 35th Pl. Phoenix 85018



P0 Box-501, Little Rock 72203 --- Ted & Diane BEiLBY (8ryan/74, *rol/82, Alicia/83) Star Rt Box 10, Sturkie 1257a --- Eben & Parn BIJRNS

(Greg/75, Andrea/77, Tiffany/80) cen 0el,

Russellville 72801 --- CHRISTIAN H0l'1E EDUCATI0N FtLL0|ISHIP (CHEF) 20 l4orningside, Conray 72032 --- l4ary COI{AN (T-J. /75, Nathan/7B, Josh-Pa!l/81, Jake/82) Rt 9 Box 93-0, Jonesboro 72401 --- Rebecca FULI'IER (Tobin/75. John/ 76) Rt I Box 220, okolona 71962 --- Elizabeth & John HILLBRAND (Rose/76, Anna/80, Selena/82) Bass 72612 --- Bruce & Susan HoLLISTtR (Hudson /82, Hadyn/84) 1605 ilashington Av, Conway 72032 --- Buddy & Agnes RoSS (Robby/79, Sarah/ 83, Beth/85) Rt I Box 784, Pine Btuff 71603 CA, Solth (Zips Jeanne-T[DERSoN


to 94000) - John & lyl75, Kenny/78, Chart i e/

81, Ilaggie/84) 3476 Louis Dr, Newbury 91




Ray & El I ie ANDREII (Karen/7s, Sarah,/

78) 661 Bitlow Dr, San Diego 92114 --- cinny ATHERToN (David/70) 4420 Boston Av. La Crescenta 912'14 --- Karen & Bruce BAKER (Aron/78.


Yucaipa 92399 --BALDWIN PARK CHRISTIAN SCHooL, 13940 E Merced, Baldwin Pk 91706 --- l"laurice & Marilvn BEIDLER

Ben/80) 12568 Bryant

(Joshua//B) PO 8ox 304, Ld Quirta 922fi --Jud & . ynn BLAINE (Josh/76, lAegan/79) 2532 Nabal, Lsconoido 92025 --- John B05T0N & Stella 0'CARRoLL (Sean/69) SCHooL 0F HoME LEARNING, P0 Box 92, Escondido 92025 --i,lichael & Pamela BoSUELL (Sharesa/76. Jordan/ 78, llarinda/80, Cdnaan/83) 3641 I Rd j96. Uoodlake 932B6 --- Kathleen & t4atthew BoYD (Anna-

ljese/78, Joby/80)


10315 l4arcus Av, Tujunga

Tony & Merrie BoYD (Laura/78) 163 Ramona Dr, San Luis obispo 93401 --- Jeff & Beth BRANDT (Joel/74, Kirsiin/77) 720 0ld Farm Rd, Thousand oaks 91360 --- Monroe & Joan EREIJER (Jan/79, Melissa/Bl) 15607 osborne St, Sepulveda 91343 --- Kevin & Judy BRITToN 91042

(Daniel/78, Michael/80, Elizabeth/83) 10368 Ct, Riverside 92505 --- Sandra & Les


BYNUM (Alicia/76, Nathan/79, 86) BELI4oNT PARK SCH00L, P0 Box


Atex/ 6765, Salinas

93912-6765 .-. CALIFORNIA COALITION (CC-PALS) P0 8ox 92, Escondido 92025 --- Cathy & Duane CAMP (Jesse/75, Xatre/78) 9174 Rosedale Dr. Spring Valley 92077 --- Ross CAMPBELL & Marianne AALL (Aragorn/83) P0 Box l0B, Friant 93626 --- CHRISTTAN CHAptL SCH00LS. 1920 S Brea Cyn Cut-off Rd, t,]alnut 91789 --CHRISTIAN HoME EDUCAToRS 0F CALIF0RNIA. p0 Box 28644, Santa Ana 92799-8644 --- CHRISTIAN H0t4E EDUCAToRS 0F LoS ANGTLES C0, P0 Box lBB8, Norwalk 90551--- Sharon CHUNG (Kevin/67. Tanva /69, Alicia/71) 20121 N New Britarn Ln, Hunt: ington Bedch 92646 --- Dominique & Jondthdn C0LBERI (Devan/83) 443 5 Cochran r104. Los Angeles 90036 --- Victoria & titii CoRBETT (Capri/79, Iyler/82) 219 Palo Verde Av, Palm Springs 92264 --- l{ary CUNoV (Kendra/78) 97-B Tassajara Rd, Carnel Valley 93924 --- John E Nancy DeBACKER (Jessica/80, Jared/83) p0 Box 590, Tehachapi 93561 --- owen & Linda DECKER (Katie/79, Peter/81, oennis/83) 20148 S Circte View Dr, lrvine 92715 --- Raoul E t4arqarete deGASTON (Pdthrici a/76, Lric 78) 13574 Road 35, Madera 93638 --- Peter & Alane oENIET (Danielle/82, Julia/84) 1034 S Anza St, El Cajon 92020 --- Phil E C'indi DENNIS (philtio/ 73, Merrick/7i) 1555 Camobell Av. Thousand oaks 91360 --- Allard & Kit DEU (Benjamin/74,

Joshua/77, Marissa/80, t'ticah/83)


Kevin St.

Ihousand oaks 91350 --- Roge. E June D0t"1lNGo, P0 Box 1709, Ramona 92065 --- Jeff & Jane DUNHAi4 (Michael /73, Al lan/74, Joshua/78, Matthew/8l, lara/83, Autumn/85) 20l62 Gilbert Dr, Canyon Country 91351,]602 --- Cathteen EARLE (Mindy/82, lindsey/84) ttaco Pt, Hacienda Heights 91745 --- John & Valorie ELLIOTT


cA (souTH), cA

(SJ/dnae/7 l, Aimee/74) 3l Sycatno.e Dr, I'len!one 92359 --- Barbara & Mark ENGLâ&#x201A;Ź (Eric/78. Jason /79) 66 Lynne Ln, Salinas 93907 --- Ed E Linda ESTRIN (Michael /69, Jessica/77, San/80) 956 Vale Ter #201, Vista 92083 --- l4ark & Connie FTRRER (i,{iIIIam/76. l"liranda/82) 6590 Camino Carreta, Carpinteria 93013 --- Daniel & Dawn FERRINI (Joseph/Bl, Brian/84) 367 N l6th St, Grover City 93433 --- Bob & Mona FIERRo (Becki /77, Nick/83) ?13-662-1762, L.A. 90039 --John & Lorraine FoSTER (Jason/77, Stephen/79) 208 Tennyson, Thousand oaks 91360 --- John & Patti FRANKLIN (Amy,/76, Daniel/78, Christopher /81 ) 907 Ravenwood, Newbury Park 91320 --l4orey FUGATE (Christopher/76) P0 Box 4667, Sal i


9391 2

Dave & Christy GERBER (Terri/72, Lisa/ 243 Dorena Dr, Newbury Park 91320 --- Steve & l'larsha GIB50N (Che/71, Trina /72, l'liriam/81) 226 Hillview Dr, Goleta 93117 --- Jim & Cindy cILBERT (Jacob/82) 6605 Tanglewood Rd, San Diego 92lll --- Lynda & Jim GREEN, 70 E Palm St, Altadena 91001 --- Gayle GUZMAN {Lily/76) 4446 Linden Ave #3, Long Beach 90807 --- Sylvia HARE, ABILITIES RESEARCH ASS0CIATES, 55723 Tanager Rd, Yucca Valley 92284 --- fiarry & Helena HARRISoN (l'4ichael /55, Naomi/70, Lan/73) 3?0 il Garfield Av, Glendale 91204 --- Dave & ftarie HARTI,IELL (Stephen/80, Sherwood/84) 619-279-707? San Diego 921 17 --- Deborah & cary NAIKINS (Scott/ 82, Andrea/84) 20538 Avis, Torrance 90503 --Andrew & Lyndon HAZI (Rosanne/77, l'lelody/81 ) Rt I Box 1398, Santa Maria 93454 --- l4arty & Debbie HEALY (Andy,/8oi 1502 N Durant #101, Santa Ana 92706 --- Leslie & Hank HEINTZBTRGER (Amber/76, Land/77) PO Box 1307, Carmel Valley 93924 --- Pedro & Eva HERNANDEZ (Coby/77, Erin /78' llary,/80) 73ll DeCelis Pl, Van Nuys 91406 --- Connie & Barry HERSHEY llin/75, Andy/78, Betsy/80, Brett/84) 49 Haldeman Rd, Santa Monica 90402 --- Luana & cary H0LZIR (Xillim,/ 83) 18527 Edgebrook Ln, Huntington Beach 92648 --- H.0.M.E. SCH00LERS, 16607 osborne St, SeDulveda 91343 --- Terri & lvlark HoRNING (Jamie/ 8l, Heidi /83) 55 Clark St #4. Sal inas g39ol

74, Kevin/77)

--- Lucy HUNT & Robert PIERS0N (Chantel/78. t4onique/80) 47517 RD 200.0'Neals 93545 --Linda INoUYE & Brad LAU (Katherine,/84) 4514 Halison St, Torrance 90503 --- Douqlas & Susan JAC0BS0N (Ton/77, Peter/78, Ben/80; Toby/84) 340 Dorsey !.lay, Vista 92083 --- Christine JENSEN, 5635 Cal

le Vista Alegre,

Yorba Linda

--- Fred & Kathie JoBLIN (leddy/82) orchard Av, Gardena 90247-5035 --Dwight & Jeanne J0HNSoN (Christopher/80) THE H0l4E SCH00L,36ll Boundary St, San 0iego 92104 --- Jack & Karen JoHNST0N (Fawn/74, l4elanie/ 80, Joshua/83, Nicole/85) 3201 Tepusquet, Santa Maria 93454 --- Kent & l,4ary JoHNST0N (Lucas/75, Evan/78, Dillon,/80) 109 E Avenida de los Arboles, Thousand oaks 91360 --- Kenneth & Nancy JoSEF0SKY (Ken/63, Dan/65, John/ 92686 16313

66, Chris/69, Fred/73) 3581 l4t. Aclare, Diego

92lll ---

Ray &




than/77, Joanna/83) 1325 N College Av, Claremont 9171 l-3199 --- David & Carol KRAJCAR, 5474 Apricot Ln. Riverside 92506 --- Susan E

Richard LAURENTE (Drew/79, Blaire/82) 7580 Chester Dr, Salinas 93907 --- Barbara LAWSoN (llichael /76, Serena/78, Arlen/80) !lINDS0NG LIFESCHooI, 424 N Anaheif, Blvd, #101, Anahein 92805 --- Dale & Agnes LEISTIC0 (Ja$es/73, Laurene/77, Susan/79) 313 Sonerset Pl. LomDoc 93436 --- Steve & Dar lene LESTER (Nathen/71,

Ely/73, lanian/78, Gabriel/80)

P0 Box 203,

Joshua Tree 92252 --- Cathy LEVESQUI, ABItITIES RtStARCH ASSoC, 2650 l,] Trojan Pl, Anaheim 92804 --- Chuck & Cindy LEWT0N (l'1e9ani 80) 7957 Shantung Dr, Santee 92071 --- Joy & David LIEZEN (Matthew/77, 0livia/80, Nicholas/


1576 Duran

St. Salinas


--- Jill

LITTLEWooD (Laura/83) 4600 Russel I Av, Los Angeles 90027 --- Nick & Karen L0CK|,{00D (Steph.nie/72, C.ystal /7 5) P0 Box 95, Los 0livos 93441 --- Joe & Joannie LoNGoRIA (Alisa/74. Adrienne///, Anthony/80) ?49 Country Club Dr #7, Simi Valley 93065 --- Julie & David LoYD (Charlie/84) 6300 Stephens Ranch Rd, La Verne 91750 --- Robert & Chris LYNDS (Taryn/78, Shaw,z8o) liJ l2th St, Paso Robles 93446 Sandy & Jamie MacPHERSoN (Zachary/84)

Top Ln, Encinitas 92024 --- (ol'ina AMPE {Megan/82, Shane/85) 894 Durkin St, Camarillo 93010 --- Carol MATTAX & Jin PETtRS0N (Alanna/81. Diana/84) 1446 6th St, Manhattan Beach 90266 --- Frank & Regina MALLAT (Ahna/75, Josefina/79, MaryMargaret/81) 29930 Desert Charm Rd, india Hills 92240 --- George & Donna IIlLLER (Jenniferl81 ) 35591 Ave B, Yucaipa 92399 --- Kathy & Tory l,4l NGL ( J. P. /78) c 'o cranger Assoc i a!es , 5306 Beethoven St, Los Angeles 90066 --M0NTEREY CoUNTY H0t4E LEARNERS, P0 Box 4667, Sa'linas 93912 --- Driqht & Theresa NEEDELS (Thea/82) 2563 Elden Av rC, Costa Mesa 92527 --- Kathleen & Erjc NELSoN {Misha/71, Joe/78, Jesse/84) 534 Rancho Terr, Escondido, 92026 --- Sharon & t4artin NELSoN (Sarah/79, Virginia /Bl ) 331 Angeles, Camp Pendleton 92055 --NoRTH LONG BEACH CALVARY CHAPEL, 132 E Artesia 8lvd, Long Beach 90805 --- Aros & Telia NUNN 1743



& Patrick

(Chu'an/73, Promise/75)


5CH00LING CENTER, 1225 S Boyle Av, Escondido 92027 --- oAK MEADoW SCH0oL, P0 8ox G, ojaj


Kathy & Allen oGLETREE (Bethany/79, Kelley/83) 961-12 Acosta Plaza Sal'inas 93905 --- cregory & Nancy 0H (Joshua/75, Jessica/78, Jeremiah/80, Joleen/82) FAMILY CENTERED LEARNING ALTERNATIVES, P0 Box 912, El Toro 92630 --- Dan & Bonnie 0'KEEFE (Rachel /79, Katherine /80, Caroline/84) 4213 Fanuel, San Diego 92109 --- oUR LAoY 0F VICToRY SCH0oL, P0 Box 5181, Mission Hills 91345 --- Dale & Pam 0!,IENS (Kari93023






/80) 973 Lacrange, Ner--- Steve & Sally PAIGE (Elmo/ Kati

bury Park 91320 74, Christjne/76) BBBS Toro Creek Rd, Atascadero 93422 --- Phil & Nanci PATToN (Tadl7o. Loyettd/72) P0 Box 313, Rarona 92065 --- Bob & l4ary Ann PAUL (David/79, Kristina/B2i 4516 Cather Ave, San Diego 92122


Cathy &


(Christopher/82, Daniet /85) 2005 The --- Bill & Sallv {David/77. Sardh//8, Jonathan,/80, Amy/-83)


strand, pLCK

Hermosa Beach 90254

619-211-7363 san Diego --- David & Kaye Lynn {Cecily/75,-Colleen/79) ll5 il Janss S+-, Anaheim 92805 --- PILGRIt4 CHRISTIAN SCHooL, 3759 E 57th St, Maywood 90270 --PILGRI[1 5CH00L, 53] N Balna, Porterville 93257 --- l'4arihelen & Michael PITTS-CAMpBtLL (Jonathan/79) PARENTS FoR HoMt DEVELopl,4ENT. l2lt E .lom PETERSON

Hoffer St, Eannjng 92220 --E Kathy PLISKA (Paul/79, Janine/85) l50l Hite, Lonq Beach 90804 --- Madelyn READilOND (Bret/70)6lll Shannon Valley Rd, Acton 93510 --- Nancy RECKIIIGER,8679 Valley Flores Dr, Canoga Park

91304 --- Kathy RITLING (Shane,/80, Evan/84) 192 Valley Rd, oak View 93022 --- Jan & Jerry RISLEY (Trish/73, Tammy/75, Ryan/77, Atex/80) 2810 Dogwood Av, Morro gay 93442 --- Ed & Leah RUIZ {Megan,/81 ) 1239 Jefferson Av, Escondido 92027 --- Linda & Deilitt RUSSELL, 5423 Annie Laurie Ln, Eonita 92002 --- SADDLEBACK VALLEY CTR, Box 912, El Toro 92630 --- sAN DIEGo HollE SCHoLARS, 9174 Rosedale Dr, Spring Val ley 92071 --- SAtl DIEG0 HoMEsCH00LERS, 3581 t4l Aclare Av, San Dieqo 92lll --- Carla & Al SARGENT (Laura/81 )-5520 Clearsite, Torrance 90505 --- Mary Clare SCHLESINGER (Rebecca/73) 25]61 Jesnond Den Rd. Escondido 92026 --Debbie & Steve SCHI'llESS (Andy/Bl, Laura/83, Julie/85) 45 Chestnut, Salinas 93901 --- Rich & 0onna SC0TT (Emiiy/78, Eric,/80, Virginia/82, Katy/85) 73134 sun Valley Dr, 29 Palns 9?277

--- Barry & Lorinda

SEVENANS (Kin9/71, Joey/78, Katie/79) 1857 El Cajon Ln, Ranona 92055-

--- Patricia & David SHAHAKER (Any/70, 26547 oeepbrook Dr. Rancho Palos Verdes 90274 --- Ellen & Bill SHIPLEY (Billv/ 83) 23007 il Tupelo Rioge Dr, Valencia 91355 --- Charles SItGEL & Jeanne t4lLLER (Benedict/81 ) 1807 Bonita St, Eerkeley 94709 --- Kevin & Rebecca SLADE (Colin/81, Austin,/84) 551 liestbourne st, La Jolla 92037-5449 --- Eileen & Bob SNIDtR (Dov/76, Stephanie /79, Casey/82) l67l Richert, Clovis 93612 --- Candy & Cecil SNYDER (Julian/82) 20556 Entradero, lorrance 90503 --- Ken & Aletha SoLIER (Nicky/77, Sarah /Bt) 104 St Ives Pl, coleta 93117 --- Chris & Rob STEITZ (Sarah,/Bl, Anna/85) 675 Park St, Salinas 93901 --- l4ary & Bruce STEHART,3155 Mt Vernon, Riverside 92501 --- Ted & Linda sUTToN (Alex/81 ) P0 Box 1525, Running Springs 92342 --- SYCAMoRE TREE SCHooL, 2179 Meyer Pl, Costa I'lesa 92627 --- Jon TABoR (Lara/7g) l7l0 Lotus Ln, El Cajon 92021 --- Vernon & Jodi TALLMoN (Jacob/Bl, Benjanin/84) 54326 |/lhite oak Pl, North Fork 93643 --- Steve & Lynn 3337




Angeles 90064

Esther Av. Los & Evella TRoUTT,


--- Philip





P0 8ox l8BB. Norwalk 90651-t888 --Bruce & Deborah ULLI.IAN (Shannon/79, Ursula/81) 8l Teasdale 5i, Thousand oaks 91360 --Charles & Rebecca VANCE (Anthony/78, tilalindd/ COUNTY,

80, l'larshall/82, Aria/84) 3384 0alhart Av, Simi Valley 93063 --- l.lalter & Linda WALSH (Russell/77, Douglas/84) 12099 oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa 92399 --- Scott & Anne !EIt{tRT, Villa Narcjssa, 100 Vanderlip Dr, Portugese Bend

90214 --- Max & Karen UEISS {tllen/75. Dan/79) l89l Ringsted Dr, Solvang 93463 --- Ken & Catryna llHITE (Nicole/78, Erica/79, Joe/81, Chris/84) 426 Andrew Av, Leucadia 92024 --Peter & l4ary I'JoLK, 710 Grand Av, ojai 93023

--- Vicki



491, Yucaipa 92399 --- Dave & Hanni

P0 Box I,/00L5EY

(Nancy/74) EUCKINGHM SCHooL, 17800 Hatton St. Reseda 91335 --- Linda 6 tlichae'l ll{oRDINGER (Adan/79, Karen/82) 609 N "8" St, Lompoc 93436 --- Ddle & Carol HU (Cristen/82, lracy/84) 13833 Haynes St, Van Nuys 91401 --- Gary & Sharon ZACHARIAS (Jared/75, Jordan/82) 1968N Nutmeg


Escondido 92026

CA, North (Zips 94000 & uo) ADAt4s Jf,








Ry an




Connie Sh awn



747 Broadway St, Fairfield 94533 --- Zarifah AIR0 & Glen sPAIN, 202 l4irarnar, San Rafael 9490I --- AI4ERICAN HERITAGE CHRISTIAN ACADE}4Y. 9027 Calvine Rd, Sacramento 95829 --- Bob & Susan ANDERSoN (Stephanie/79, Jennifer/82) KRISLYNN SCHooL, 2675 B & 8 8lvd. Merced 95348 --- Chris ANoEREGG & Dianne TAYLOR (Jut ie/70) 126 Laguna St, San Francisco 94102 --l'4argaret & l'4ichael ARIcHI (Louis/79, Hilliam/

82) 6015 l'lauritania Av,oakland 94605 --- Tim BAILEY & Kitty GARRETT (Sarah,/82, Seth/83. Zan-

derl85) l6l I Grant St, Berkeley



Antonio & Deborah BARRAGAN (Crystai/78, Jesse/ lB2? E 24th St, oakland 94606 --Esther BARUCH & oavid EUTLER (Michaet/81. Daniel/85) 2138 36th Av, San Francisco 94116 --- t4ark & Susan EAU|4AN (Lisa/78. Laurie/80. Kelsey/83) 17800 Cooper Rd, Nevada City 95959

Bl, Nico/83)


Jane BECKTEL (Edward,/81, l4elanie/85) 408--- Janet & Brent

735-7525, Sunnyvale 94087

BLACK (Laurel/83) 5 Kilmer Ct, Mill Valley 94941 --- Dan & Payce ELoMQUIST (Scott/73, I'tichelle/77, Steve/81) phone 408-378-6280,

Canpbell --- Ann 80DINt (Jonathan/74, Karina/ 75, David/79) S0UTH VALLEY H0IjESCH0OLtRS. Box 961, San t4artin 95046 --- Jill & Greq BOoNE

(Cristie/78, Paul/80, Curtrs/83)

Palo Alto 94303


3806 Ross Rd,

Ruth BoTHNt (oDa'l/78) 95030 --- Jim & Jan BRADFoRD (Jason,/75) 17941 Robin Rd. Twain Harte 95383 --- Don & Kelley ERANDEAU 17355 Melody

Ln, Los Gatos




{Jacquelyn/78) 1005 Lakedale llay, sunnyvale 94089 --- Janet BRENDLINGER, 149: }l Stadium Dr, Stockton 95204 --- John & Eetty BRINGHURST (Sarah/80, Benjanin/82, Siluel /84) 760 Park Glen, tlartinez 94553 --- Patt & Steve 8RIST0! (f4egen/30, Alane/82) 4298 Leigh Av, San Jose 95124 --- Michael E Linda BUTLER, P0 Box 439, l,]t Aukurn 95656-0439 --- oebbie E Terry BYRD (ileqan/77, Caitlin,/80) 5380 Hessel Av, Sebasto(Murali/73, pol-95472 --- Katherine CARINO ,]249 Bth Av, San Vrindavana/74, Manjari/78) Francisco 94122 --- Peggy & Ross CARKEET (Brent/79, Tristan/83) P0 Box 634, Twain Harte 95383 --- Lorna & Mark CARLSON (Thea/Bl, Zoel 84) 320 l2th Av, Santa Cruz 95062 --- CENTER FoR EDUCATTONAL GUIDANCE, P0 Box 445, N San Juan 95960 --- Ron & Pat CHRIST (Stefan/79,

Alexya/81, Kalyn/85) 11)0 Shadle Dr, carrpbell 95008 --- chris & Patti CHIJRCH (Alli/77) P0 Box 18, l4ontara 94037 --- Sue & Jim C0LLINS (Katie,/78, Annie/82, 14aggie/85) 585-35th St, 1

Gina DiLEoNARDo & Brian PAISLEY (Eliot/83) ]8813 Park Tree Ln. Sonoma 95476 --- DISCoVERY



94521 --- Celia DURHAN (Breean/79) 295 Karel Av, Red Bluff 96080 --- Wendy & Glenn EARLY (Andrew/82) Apt 13, 1698 ontario Dr, Sunnyvale

--- Jean & Ruth ENERo (Nicholas/79, David/82, Alexander/85) 929 Chardonnay ilay, 94807

Modesto 95351 --- Mary Jane & Al FACCHINo (Janel le/81 ) 6390 Via Amigos, san Jose 95120 --- Cyndy & Michae'l FE00R0VICH (l4elissa/77, Stacey/84) Po Box 62, Hendel 96136 --- Karen FITZGTRALD, 3727 Judah St, San Francisco 94122 --- Nettie & Ray FRANK (Susan/72, Laurel/75, Enily/77) 516 High St, Sebastopol 9541? --Cliff & Suzanne GER}IICK (Wendy/76, Jack/79) 5618 Bettencourt Dr, Clayton 94517 --- Pam & GINGoLD (Jeremiah/76, Serena/7B) SIERRA H0I'|E5CH00LER5, P0 Box 74, Midpines 95345 ---


Heidi Gl0, 3613 6reenleaf Dr, Santa Rosa 95401

--- Susan GoRAY & Robert ICKIS (John/7g) P0 Box 276, oouglas City 96024 --- Ron & Beth GRANT-DeR00S

(Christopher/67) ToTAL LEARNING Deervale Rd, Dublin 94568


Mary & David GRIFFITH (Katie/84) 4092 Savannah Ln, Sacramento 95823 --- Bill






(Evan/8o) l04B Escon-

dido Vlg, Stanford 94305 --- Rose & Daniel (l.lendy/77,


Therese/81, Danny / 84) 27 Wawona St, San Francisco 941?1 --Laura & l4ichael GRUND (Lesl iel75. Dan'iel/80) VANCE ACADEMY,24071 Carmelita Dr, Hayward 94541 --- Regina & Michael HA|,4B (Daniel/80, Patrick/81, Elizabeth,/83) P0 ll5, Mad River 95552 --- Carolyn & Lee HARDY (Lisa/75, i4error GRIl4ltl

Bi I


NEll LEARNING IDEAS, l28 Salada Av, Pacifica 94044 --- Carol & Stanley HASEGAWA (David/81, Steven/84) 868 Yuba St, Richmond 94805 --- Carol HEtllTT (l4arguerite/79) 2955 Kilkare Rd. Sunol 94586 --- Lee & Shara HIXSoN (Eli/79, Deon/Bl) 1497 Gray Av, Yuba City 95991 --- Patty HoL|4ES & Kevin I4cG0VERN (Kevin /81, Justin/78, Shanti/75) 3293 Folsom St, San

Francisco 94110 --- N0Mt CENTERED LEARNING. Box 2025. San Anselmo 94960 --- David & Rebecca HUDGINS

Langtry Rd,





(tlizabeth/78, Iiesley/81)

Helena 94574

--- Geri



& David

(Nathan/79, Milo/83) 915 E Hill --- Deborah & Richard JAC0BS


(Katy/74, Eli/83) 4107 opal 5t,oakland

94609 --- Iiazhar & Deborah JAI'IIL (Adam/78, Shaheen/ 76) l'176 Greenwood Av, palo Alto 94301 --tlike & Kathy JoHNSToN (Scott/7,], Dan/74) 7001

Larkspur Av, Cjtrus Heights 95610 --- Donna JoRDAN & Patrick PoULSoN (Eva/75) 15474 Airport Rd, Nevada City 95959 --- Dean & Darla KARAGIANES (Deena/75, Daniel/77, Adatn/79) P0 Box 163532. Sacto 95816 --- Diane KILLoU (Jaf,a1/67, Sam/75) 520 Alvarado Av #204, Davis 956i6 --- Paula & Jack KING (Lindy,i8o, Robyn/ 83, Joshua/83) 156 Belcrest Dr, Los Gatos 95030 --- Janes & Noel KLoPFENSTEIN {Neil/79. Zoe/a4) 325 Lakechime Dr, Sunnyvdle 94089 --Randy & Lynne KNOWLES (Anthony,/7l, Jenny/79, Jorna/84) Star Rt, La Porte Rd, Bangor 95914 --- Charles & Pamela LACKEY (Bodahn/80, Nakiya /82) 2332 Village Circle Dr, Atwater 95301 --Robert & Cappy LARS0N (Greta/73, Emma/7s, t4ary /78) 1009 DeHaro St. San Francisco 94107 ---

(Daniel'le/80) 39A Cook St, --- Lanis LeBAR0N & Hank ATRICH (l4ylie/77, Shaidri/80, llaressa/82, lessany/84) Box 869, Greenvil le 95947 ---




Francisco 94118


& Joyce LEHIS (Woody/71, Stephen/73, l'1ary/76, Tirnothy/79, Elizabeth/Bl ) 299 Casa Grande Real, Harnilton AFB, Novato 94947 --- Frank L0i'IELI & Mary L0IBL (Cadelba/82, Yara/83) 2621 Belmont Rd, Davis 95616 --- Judith LoUISt (Danny,i78) 712 M St, Eureka 95501 --- Carolyn LUCKIE (Lisa/76, l4errow/8o) c/o Laurie Baine, 855C Sharmon Palms, Caopbell 95008 --- Linda LUEBKE & Oon CASTRo (Quincy/82, Theodore/84) '1200 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol 95472

FAMOUS HOMESCHOOLERS: An 8 page pamphlet w/bibliography. Send $2.00 to Holt Associates


(James/72) 5393 Elsin

& Ljnda t'lAHER (Daniel lel79, Caleb/83) 376] Roeding Rd, Ceres 95307 --- Sterling & Merry-Lynn MALBRoUGH (Zay /75, Gwendolynn/80) 512'l Tehama Av, Richnond Ron

--- Jayanthl MALLEY, I4AGIC MEADoll SCHooL, P0 Box 29, N San Juan 95960 --- Bob & Dawna MARTIN (Tara/77) P0 Box 491, Sornerset 95684 --- Wendy MARTYNA & Bill LELAND (Bryn/ 80, l4i1es/83) 50 Rustic Ln, Santa Cruz 95060 94804


John & Ann l'IcCHESNEY-YoUNG (Daniel/82, Amber/86) 2120 Bth St, Berkeley 94710 --- Lynn I4CCULLoCH lIule/77, Cedar/77 ) Star Rt, Ferndale 95536 --- l4elissa & Kevin McDoNNELL (Sean /83, Collin/85) 501 lvlt. View Av, Petalurna 94952 --- Bill & Gretchen I4cPHERSoN (Arnanda/ 74, Jesse/75, Harmony/79, Peter/84) P0 Box 38l, Kenwood 95452 --- MENDoCIN0 CoUNTY H0l,4ESCHo0LERS. P0 Box 626.8oonville 95415 --Clearwater & John MILDER, Rosemary WoLTER


Sacramento 958 6 --- C0l'11'1UN I TY EDIJcATI0N GAZETTE. P0 Box 445. N San Juan 95960 --- Paul & Nancy C00KE (Emily/80, Tif,othy/84) 1805 lvlesa l,/ay, Santa Rosa 95407 --- Gilbert & Mary CooNLEY (Jjmmy/70, Kathy/73) 1523 32nd Av, San Francisco 94122 --- Jan CRAWF0RD (Neal/82) 84] Stendha'l Ln. Cuoertino 95014 --- Judith & Barry cRITCHFIELD (Kifl/75, Brent/80, Cara/82, Spencer/85) 42639 Lemonwood St, Fremont 94538 --- Donna & Tom CR0SS (Joanna/78) 258 Pamela Dr #53, l"lountain View 94040 --- Sol DAY, 18603 N Hwy I #121, Fort Bragg 95437-8761 --- Axel & l.lartha DE LA SoUJE0LE (Raphael/82, Dominique/ 84) 305 Briarwood Dr, |.latsonville 95076 --CHRISTIAN SCH00L,5547 Alabama


ore l,lay, Fair oaks 95628 ---


6 Tom/72, Anber/71, Iai/ P0 Box 862, Ukiah

80, Elly/82, Carrie/84) 95482


June & Mike l4lLICH (Kate,/8z) P0 Box

234, oakdale 95361 --- Norm & Sherrie l4lLLER (Dustin/80, Scott/82) 8940 Rosetta Cir, Sacra-

mento 95826 --- Sande & Brown MILLER (Brown/74) 455 Flood Av. San Francisco 94112 --- Jack & Lana 14ITCHELL (SariAnn/75, Jonathan/76) 8418 Jasper Ct. Stockton 95210 --- Brant & Laura NEAL (l4elanie/75, 14aralie/77) 735 Clinton Dr, Stockton 95210 --- t.B. NELSoN. DoNNELSoNDALEHURST SCH00L GRoUP, l,4organ Hill, 408-7790353 --- Adrienne NEUI4AN (Damodara/71 . Govi nda /76, Nimaj/78, Syama/80, Jayananda/81 ) 980 t 7th St, Chico 95926 --- Bob & Lynda NE'JP0RT {Charlie/78) P0 Box 368, Ben Lomond 95005 --l4ike & l,4oira NoBLES (Samantha/78. Christooher/ 80) 916-787-361 3. Esparto 95527 --- NoRTH SANTA CLARA VALLEY HOI"IESCHOOLERS, 795 Sheraton Dr, Sunnyvale 94087 --- Kathleen 0'BRIEN (Sarah/82) 7A62 Chiala Ln, San Jose 95129 --Norman & Pamela PACULA (Brian,/79) 33 Florence Av, l4ill Valley 94941 --- Joan & Nick PASCH (Lauren/80) 410 Lancaster l,lay, Redwood Cjty 94062 --- Libbey PATTERSoN, 2410 Jefferson Av, Berkeley 94703 --- PENINSULA HoMESCH00LERS, 3806 Ross Rd, Palo Alto 94303 --- Connie & Russ PFEIL (Gretchen/77, Shawn/80) C0NTRA C0STA Holt1E EDUCATORS, 3345 Santa Paula Dr, Concord 94518 --- Steve PITZER & Karin HINSEN {},4elia/78, Maya/79} P0 Box 18, Davenport 95017 --- Sharon & Steve PLYLER (Jeremi/80, Jennah/ 83) 2144'l Bertram Rd, San Jose 95120 --- Sue & Rod P00L (Brian/78, Kelly/80, Steveh/82, Lisa/ 84) 125 Buckeye St, Woodland 95695 --l4arillyn RATLIFF (Sherry/72, Cindy/74) QUAIL HILL SCHooL, l515 Quail Rd, Newcastle 95658 --- Stephen & Ann REEo (l'{organ/75, Taylor/76) 2417 |lalter Dr. Modesto 95351 --- Ronnie & Marsha (Nova/83) FEAR N0-SCH00L, Box 7Bl, Ben Lomond 95005 --- Tim & Susan SANDERS (Any,/77, Rebecca/79, Maria/82, Joanna/85) 2730 condring Rd, Ceres 95307 --- Mary Anne & Jim SCHlvlloT

(Elaine/76, Melissa/78, Annie,/Bl, Julie/84)

18061 Yosemite Rd, Tuolumne 95379 --- Linda & John SCHI'1IDT (llonica/76, Davjd/81, Steven/83) 1214 Auburn 0r, Davis 95616 --- l4ary Anne 6

Jim SCHI'llDT (Elaine/76, Melissa/78, Annie/81, Julie/84) 16598 Draper l4ine Rd, Sonora 95370 --- l,iilliam & Patricia SCHilARZ (Jennifer,/83) 2128 Vallejo St #3, San Francisco 94123 --Ginny & David SCHWTNGEL (Laurel/77, Katie/80, Roger/83) CoNTINUU|4, 4]5-792-2193, Fremont 94536 --- Madeleine SCoTT & Michael SoRENS0N (Nyina/78, Leif/'Bl, Anna/84) l7l7 Vjrginja St, Berkeley 94703 --- Cynthia & Stephen SEARS

(Chris/80, Drew/B3) l07l Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara 95051 --- l4arshal I SER|JITZ, SERI,IITZ

ACADEI'4Y,3373 l4iddlefield Rd, Palo Alto 94306 --- Naima SHEA (Tehya/82) 420 Conmercial St, Nevada City 95959 --- Fred & Susan SHUPP (Rebecca/79, Heather/83, Gabriel/85) 16495

Burl Ln, occidental 95465 --- Anne & Hyman SILVER (lsabella/83) 58 l"lirabel St, San Fran-

ci sco 94.I l0




& Ronnie


(Ariel/81, Leah/85) 14440 Esterlee Dr, Saratoga 95070 --- l4ary & John SII'I0NITCH (Erin/81, John/83) 362 Arroyo flay, Sonoma 95475--- Kathy & Don STANNARD-FRIEL (Sean/77, Jessie/82) 255 Connecticut St, San Francisco 94107 --- Julie STILLER

& Bernard I4ARTIN (Pascal /83. l4atthew/

86) 43 Heath st, lvlilpitas 95035 --- Darryl & Susan SToRRAR \Liz/71, Jenny/73, l'like/77) 1000 Elysian, Penngrove 94951 --- Roy & Susan

lyl83) 9391 Florin Rd, Sacra--- I4ichael & Pamela TH0|4AS (Jereny/78, Julian/81, Sean/83, l4aryLizabeth/ 85) 37 Rose Ln, Redding 96003 --- Karen TURNER TANiGUCNI (Sal

mento 95829

(Ramman/76, Drisan/78) Gen Del, Annapolis 95412 --- Jin & Suzanne VAN FLEET (l'4ontara/79) 2955 Kilkare Rd. Sunol 94586 --- Randall & Nicola l,,lALKER (Siddhartha/74, Naomi/77, Arianna/8]) P0 Box 1226, Hayfork 96041 ---

Earl & Carol


(Melodie/74, Kitk/77)

Alameda 94501 --- Jay & Judy llATSoN (Joseph/75, Benjamin,/76) SKYToP 23883 Eroken Bit Rd, Sonora 95370 --- Jon & Sandi WEAVER {Paul/80, Crystal/83) l4l6 Ballena Pl, Modesto 95355 --- Pat & Gabriel IIELLS-CoNSTANs (Sarah/80, Erendon/82) 1700 Pine Flat Rd, Bonny ooon 95060-9610 --- Jeff & Julia WHITT lJercny/77) 103 Crescent Av #5, San Francisco 94110 --- Christine vJILLARD (Sara/82) 14857 Sutton Dr, San Jose 95124 --Jane & Brian !,ilLLIAl'tS (Katie/80. Annie/83)

2ll6-2 Vernalis Cir,



Strolling Hills Rd,


Cameron Park 95682--Barbara & Chu-Ging !'lILLIAMS-SH!NG (Jilllan/84)

381 sprin9 Valley Ln, l4jlpitas 95035 --- Carl & Andrea HILSoN (Laura/78, Devin/81, Linnaea/ 83) P0 Box 625, Boonvil le 95415 --- Dan & Hedy YAI,IASHITA (Jerry/79, Uin/83) 42OZ Apollo Cr, union City 94587 --- Y0L0 CoUNTY H0t1E SCH0oLERS, P0 Box 305, Esparto 95627 ---

CA (NORTH), CO, CT, DE, DC & John YoRK (Benjamin/84) P0 Box 123, Markleevilje 96120 --- Diana Y0UNG (lvan/73, Lisa/75) 6lC Carmelita St. San Francisco 94117



- Nathaniel & Jane


Lilliar--/82) l0l68 E Lake Pl,




conrad & Diana BISSELL (Jodi/68, Greg/73) P0 Box 157, Guffey 80820-0157 --- C0L0RAD0 l680',l E lliff Av H0r'1E tDUCAToRS'ASSoC, #13038, Aurora 80013 --- Troy & Bonnie DAVIs (Heather/74,, Jenny/78, aen/79) 2961 Foothills Ranch, Boulder B0302 --- charles & L.B. EVtRSoLE (Ashley/73, Laura/75) 5900 0xford Rd, Longmont 80501 --- Willy E Larry FENSKE (sela/81, Robin/83) 420 E 57th #55, Loveland 80537 --- FoRT C0LLINS H0I'IESCHooLERS, 493-1209 --- l'4aureen FoX & Charles |tJILLI4AN (Justin/81 ) ll0l co'lorado Av, Glenwood Springs Bl60l --- Crajg & l4arsha GARRETT (Rachel/77,


Samantha/81) C0L0RAD0 SPRINGS H0l4E SCH00LtRS,

2906 t4arilyn Rd, Colorado Spgs 80909 --- Judy GtLNER, C0L0RAD0 H0l'1E SCH00LING NETWoRK, 7490 l,l Apache, Sedalia 80135 --- Ron & Judy HIRSCH (Josh/69, Shawn/69, Jai/74) Gen Del, Larkspur 80118 --- Jack & Corinne 8oLDER (Joseph/79)


(Jason/76, Jeffrey/78, Kyle/Bl



3501 tancaster, Fort Collins 80525 --& Connie KREl0ER (|!lelinda/76, Nathan/79,

Laura/82) Rt I Box 209. Fowler 8,l039 --- David LARUT & Suzanne i4oLFRAl"1 (Justin/79) 8275 King St, I'lestminster 80030 --- John & lvlary Beth I4ARRS (John/80, Richard/82, l4atthew/83, Adarn/ 85) 86ll Faraday St, Denver 80229 --- Dale & Connie NESBARY

(Nikki/Bl, Matt/82)

10224 owens 80020 --- N0RTHERN c0L0RAD0 602 N California Av, Loveland 80537 --- Kim & l4ary oRR (Nathan/7g, Bethany/81, Noah/83, Rachel) 4750 Chaparral

St, lt]estninster

H0[4E SCH00t AS50C,

Rd, Colorado Springs 80917--- PINEli00D SCH00L, Rt 2 Box 4C9, Pine 80479 --- Paul & Karla PUl4PHREY (Clinton & Kristin/79) 3401 i,4orris Av, Pueblo 81008 --- Craig I l{arilie RIDGLEY (Kim/ 69, sean/81, Laney/83) sugar Loaf star Rt, Boulder 80302 --- Rick & l'4arianne SCHRoEDER (Justin,/75, Nathan/77, Sierra/8o, Laurel/83) 107 N Hollywood St, Ft. Collins 80521 --- Bess & Richard SERR (Benjarnin/74, Aubrey/7a) 1?2 Stagecoach

Trail, tlizabeth





Beth STEVENSoN {Gracie/82, Emmie/84) 2441 S Coors, Lakewood 80228 --- sT0NEl,100R HILLS SCH00L, 3 Stonenoor Dr, Pueblo 81005 --- Dave & Helene VAN l'1ANtN (Sierra/79, Sequoia/82) 8929 Apache Dr, Beulah 81023 --- Allen & Cheryl WALZ (Theron/82, Calvin/86) P0 Box 1255, Pagosa Springs 81147 --- Gregory & Mikelyn IARD (lvlegan/78, Kerry/80, Niall/82)

13400 R0 32, Platteville 80651 --- Ilaureen llLLI4AN (Justin/Bl) ll0'l Colorado Av, Glenwood Springs 81601 --- Tighe & Kurt YoVANoFF (Brenna/79, lvladalyn/81) 602 N California Av, Loveland 80537 --- Fred & Karen ZIEGLER (Grant /69, Angel/73) 3155 [ood]and Hills Dr #923, Col orado Spri ngs B09l B

CT - Stephen & Rebecca CoRi,{IN (Brook/Bl, Heart,165) The Rainbow l4anor, Greenwoods Rd, Norfolk 06058 --- Chris DURNING, EI4ANUEL H0l4ESTEADIRS, P0 Box 79, l,loodstock Valley 06282 --- Cheri ELLIS0N (Julian/75, Trevor/76) l3 oak Pk Av, Darien 06820-4007 --- Hol"lE EDUCATIoN LTAGUE 0F PARENIS (HELP), P0 Box 203, Abington 06230 --- Jean JAKoBoSKI & Alan

DUBINA (Justin,/79, Aaron/83) ll3 Tuckie Rd, I,{indham 06256 --- Nlorgan & Bill JENKINS (Sarah-

,/79, Robin/83) C0NNTCTICUT H0I4ESCH00LERS, 4 Peck Av, l,/ Haven 06516 --- Rebecca K0LADIS {Rachel Star/78, Joshua/80) 77 Douglas St, Hartford 06114 --- David & Gisela LICHTGARN (Gabrjel/74) 48 Valley View Dr, Farmington

06032 --- Cheryl & Frank p0f4tRANTZ (Sarah/81 75 Morgan Rd, Canton 06019 --- Djck & Kathy


--- l4ary & Ben I,/ATTERS (Tachary 43 l4ay St, Hartford 06105 --Nancy !]iLLIAI4S, Box 464, Chester 06412 --Toni & Danny YoUNG (flichael /72, l4atthew/73, Arny/75) l6 High Plains Rd, Branford 06405 /Bl, Enily/83)

tdward & Julie ALLEYNE (Themba,/83)

2923 NJefferson St, ililmington 19802 --H0l4t EDUCATI0N ASSoCIATI0N, P0 Box 55, 0over 19903 --- Robert & Sharon ERNST (Zachari ah/Bl , Nathan'iel /84) 400 Ramsey Rd, Hilmington 19803 --- Torn & Clare JoHNS0N (Tommy/74, Faith/75, Joy/77, Hope/B4) 2820 Frenchtown l'4anor Rd, Newark 19702 --- B.J. & Herb PETERS {Katie/78, Kenny/79) BURW0oD CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, lNC, RD I Box 820, Dover 19901 --- Dawn l,llLLoUGHBY & Drew KNoX {Brie/80, Adam/85) 2410 Rilblewood Dr, !ilmington l9Bl0 DETAWARE


9704 Hidden oak cir, Tampa 33612 --- Fay & John KUHN (Heather/79) 1707 King St' Jacksonville 32204 --- FLoRIDA PARENT EDUCAT0RS Assoc, 9245 Woodrun Rd, Pensacola 32514 --- Karen & Richard FRANKLIN (Adan/77, Jessica /80. christoeher/83) 3939 ltlinfield Rd, Boynton Beach 33436 --- 6LENN DISTRIBUT0RS, T25I Bass Hwy, St Cloud 32769 --- Roger & Bonnie GoRDoN

75, Jenny/79, Beth/82) FoUNTAINHEAo SCH00L, l37l Jeffords. Clearwater 33516 --- l'4ark & Nancy KATTS (Tracey/76, Philip/84) 2086 N Waterway Dr, N Palm Beach 33408 --- Nancy

KIGER, EdD (Katherine/69) 1604 Sunside Sq, 0rlando 32807 --- Dawn & David Kli4BLE (Casey/ 82. Salen/84) 650 Nocatee, Tal lahassee 32304 --- August & susan LANDL (Jessie/78) 500 sea oats Dr- Sanibel 33957 --- Jan & Char'lotte l4cCANN (Michael/75, Sarah/76, Katy/78, Polly/ 80, l4ary l.largaret/Bl, Robbie/82, David/84) 904-75l-5219. Jacksonville 32218 --- Ken & Ginny MILLETT (Kristine/77) 2260 University Blvd N #95-D. Jacksonville 3221,] --- Ann M0RDES (Daniel/73. Gabriel/7B) Rt 3 Box 215, Marianna 32446 SCHooL, P0 Box




Box 209T. lJashinqton lJashington 20013 --- NAT'L H0l'1t H0l'1E STUDY COUNCCIL. I L, l60l lSth St Nl'J, NllJ, Nashington Nashinqtc


20, Ft !,lhite 32028 --- Pan E (Jessica/71, Zachary/76. JoeFinn

/83) 912 Groveland Hills Dr. Tallahassee



Box 18000 Pensacola 32523




Helen & Martin

RUBIN (oaniel/77. Alexander/Bl ) 921 Sll 18th Court, Fort Lauderdale 33315 --- Russ & Muff RUSSELL (Ianl79, Kyle/83) P0 Box 22503, Lake

Vista 32830 --- Charles & LucV SMITH {Tephin/77, Lzral80, Yana/82) /10 S;otldno 5t,


Dunedin 33528 --- Billy & Fran SPARKS (Stephen/74) 1121 Gerona Av. Deltona 32725 --Charlotte & l4arvin THIEN (Heather/73, Scott/

74, Sean/76)

CoUNTRY I'1EAD0],] DAY SCHooL, 12201

0ld Kings Rd, Jacksonville





(Dorian/73, Darius/81, 0rion/83) P0 Box 208. San Mateo 32088 --- Erica & Jeff (Emily/82, tJEIDENHAI"IER Joel/83, David/85) RAINB0l.l SCHooL, 6334 56th Av N, St Petersburg 33709 --- Sue & Al Y0RK (Kim/69) 201 Alta Cindi


DeBary 32713 --- Tom & Denise {Thomas/79, Karl/82) 5029 Stoneler Rd,

GA - Bonnie & Robert ABBS (Heather/74. H011y,75) 1416 Lakeshore circle, Gainesville 30501 --- Xavier & Cindy AIIBERGE (Essence/8?, l,{estin/84) 6601 Payton l{oods Dr, Tucker 30084 --- Patrick BoYD & Linda CARRASQUILL0, 805 Huntinqton #5, l,larietta 30060 --- Paul & lleana BULol,l (Leah/78, Alexander/79, Ian/82) 204 Presley St, Toccoa 30577 --- Eben & Pam BURNS {Greg/75, Andrea/17, liffany/80) 518 James


li,laynesboro 30830-1535



I4ary Ann

(Becky/75) 260 Donald Lanb Rd, I4oreCoNN (Aaron/81) 2986 Acworth Due-1,{est Rd, Kennesaw 30144 --- Evelyn FITZSII4MoNS (Aaron/71, Andy,/72) Rt I Box 474, Burnt l'4ill Rd, Flintstone 3A725 --- Bob E Joan FLINN (Joshua/79, Nathan/81 ) Rt 7 1604D, Nood Ct, Valdosta 31602 --- Jeff & Lynn GARRINGER (David/78, Kristen/82, Rachel/85) 237 Holly Creek l,Jay, l{oodstock 30188 --- Edward GIUSTo & Nancy HoEHN (Lydia/78) 830 Fleming Av, Augusta 30904-6114 --- Richard & Vicki HIGGINS (R.T./ 73, Joey/75) 3244 Saddleback Mtn Rd, Marietta 30062 --- lJade & Deena JoHNSToN (Clarissa/75, CAUTHEN

land 30259 --- Claudia

Jay/83, Sterling/85) Rt 2 Box 920, Cataula 3]804 --- Rebecca & John l'lccHEE (Virginia/79, l,4e1issa/83) Rt I Box 223, Cagle Ct, l,laleska



0F GEoRGIA, P0 Box 763, Roswell 30077


Libby & Jerry PERCIFELo (Lara/7g, Leif/83) 457 Lakeshore Dr NE, Atlanta 30307 --- Eddie E t4arguerite RADATZ (oylan/81, Tyler/85) 1760 tlmwood

Dr, Acworth




Ila St, Stuart 33497

2458 Grassroots 32301 --- Rosemarie & David GRicK (Rosebud/82, 0phelia/86) 3234 Naylor Dr, Ft Pierce 33482 --- 0r Patricia GRIFFITH (Elizabeth/79) 770 Loggerhead Island Dr, SatelI iLe Bedch 32931 --- l,like & Amy GRIGGS (I4i(e/ 77, Jake/83) 355 5 Highland Av, Green cove Spgs 32043 --- Ted & Pat H0LLAND (Rebecca/76, l4ark/77) 1865 Ardsley l,lay, Sanibel lsland 33957 --- Vickie & Curt HoLI4ES (Eamon/76) 455 Butterfly Forest Rd,0viedo 32765 --- Chip & Kathleen IAC0NA (Gwen/80, Anna/Bl ) 3895 Hield Rd NllJ, Palm Bay 32907 --- Antoine & Lury IGNIZI0 (Graham/80, Drew/83, Claire/84) 19504 Hiawatha Rd. odessa 33556 --- Karen JACKS0N, FLoRIDA ASSoC FoR SCH00LING AT H0l4E, 1000 Devils Dio. Tallahassee 32301 --- Ed & l'4arianne JoHNSoN (Tim/73, Robert/77, Rose/Bl ) 8704 t4anchester ct. Tal'lahassee 32301 --LJillian & Gail J0RGENSEN (Brent/Bl, Lance/84) 2805 S 27th St, Ft Pierce 33482 --- Alan & Grace JUSTISS (Suzanne/8]) P0 Box 678, Keystone Heights 32656 --- Jane & Tom KAPP (Tina/ GRASSRooTS FREE SCH00L.

llav. Tallahassee

lat tanassee JIJUl

Branford 06471





anne TURECEK (Peter/68, l"lichael/69, Douglas/ 76, Geoffrey/8o) l6 Clear Lake lvlanor Rd, N



Vista St,

RtILLY (Sean/75, !1aura/78, Bridget/Bl ) 157 l,lebster Ct. Newinqton 06lll --- Linda & Dick SCHRoTH (Alison/8i, Jonathan/82, Brian/84) P0 Box 250, Cobalt 06414 --- Joseph SHAPIR0 & Ilene TRAIGTR (Anne/79, Sal lyl82, Clara/82) 125 Stonecrest Rd. Ridoefield 06877 --- Luz SHoSIE & Ned VARE (Casaidy/79) 628 t,Jinthrop Av, New Haven 06511 --- Eileen TRoI4BLY (Lorraine/64, Amy/66, Sarah/70, Ruthie/78) 29 N Washington Av, Niantic 06537 --- Don & Jo-



(Joshua/78. Sarah/80) 228

EAGTE'S STAR FoUN0ATI0N. Box I. llonument 80.]32 --- Ben & Neidi KII4BELL (Sari/75, Ben/77, Dana


Ruth &



1349 2900 Rd, Hotchkiss 81419 --- H.0.|il.E., P0 Box 543. 0enver 80236 --- H0llE E0UCAT0RS RESoURCE EXCHANGE (HERE), P0 Box 13038, Aurora 80013 --- Bob & Jaelee J0NES (Boo/78, Jaeme/ 80) 3 Stonemoor Dr. Pueblo 81005 --- Jeff &





PatricTa/73, Iercsa/l1, Rafael/Bl) 917 Parad'iso Av, Coral Gables 33146 --- Ken & Rache'l BARNES (Jonathan/80, David/83) 600 E 23rd Pl, Ponpano Beach 33064 --- Lois & Jim BLUI4ENTHAL (Janice/79. David/Bl) P0 683, Sumerland Key 33042 --- John & Nancy BoYER (Patrick/70' Adrienne/75, Stephen/75) 202 Birch Terr, Hinter SDqs 32708 --- Bert & Lucy CoLLINS {5onnv/79) Ri-l Box 50. Hilliard 32046 --- Carev & ltle'lodv c00PER (Aaron/80, Crystal/83) 5407 Seminole Av. Tampa 33604 --- Larry t Sue DotAI4oRE (Kate /84, Jaclyn/Bz) 2224 Red Ember Rd,0viedo 32165 --- Jackie & Stan D0UGLAS (5arah/75, Ian



Connie SHAII, GEoR4818 Joy Ln,


Lilburn 30247 --- Robert & Peggy TRUTTT (Joshual81, lsaac/83) Bl37 Tyree Rd, I'lhitesburg 30,1


HI -


& Sabrina ARIZo (Alan/79,



Ht,lD. tL Maile/81) 87-1215 #G, Hakirno Rd, l,laiane 96792 --- Tim'& Kim BRIGHAM (Jobie/76. Jenica/77.

Jory/791 4701 Kawdihua Rd #36, Kapaa, (auai --- l'largy & Lee CAi4PSELL-I4ARDER (Ari/80, Box 4069, Kea'au 95749 --- Sam & Sharee DARLInG (Heidi/77, Noelle/79, Taylor/84) p0 Box 493, Kilauea, Kauai 96754 --- Art & Leslie BICKS (3 bovs) 1553 C lOth Av, aonolulu 96816 --- l/lilli;rn & Barbara HUSSTY (Lucas/79, Gaven/Bl, Alissa/83) P0 Box 591, Hanaki, Kauai 96714 --- Kathleen & l,lendel I ING (Meredith/76, Kendra/82, Evan/85) 96746

Kiro/82, Iona/85) Star Rt

P0 Box 545, Volcano 96795 --- LEARNING AT HOIE, P0 Box 270-G, Honaunau 96726 --- Monica lus/80, Peony/84) P0 Box 1071, Hanalei, Kauai 96714 --- Cassandra & Don

IkCAULEY (Ma.cel

RoDGERS (Carubie,/79, Francis/8t) HAIiAIIAN AIIGLICAN ACADEI'IY, 45-269 Ka Hanahou Cr, Kaneohe 96744-3010 --- [{'ichael & Karla R0I]AN

(Xeoni/82, l.lakana/84) P0 Box 1001, Hana'le'i,

Kauai 96714


Mark E Elana SHTFRIN (Sam/78.

Jasnine/83) P0 Box 51, Kealia 96751 --- Kent & Penny STRYKER (Brad/82, ttegan/83) 47-745 Akakoa



Alana WoLFE & Seartsong BoRtN (Altura,/74, Cocheiska/81) p0 Box 334, Hanalei 96714 --- lJilliam & oebbie laloNc (tlegan/78, Keola/80, Kona/82, KaiNoatr/83) t1533 Apopo Rd, Kapaa, Kauai 96746 Kaneohe 96744

ID - oave & Ruth


(Ann/80. Beth/

&l) lofsouth-210 tast. Eurley 83318 -:l{ilton E Vicky BECKTR (l.teston/76, Troyl81) 83210 --- oonovan & Linda BRAMI'JELL

(Erika/76, Christian/78, Brian/80, Jordan/BZ) ^berdeen Rt I 8ox 49, Roberts 83444 --- Bennett & Mollv 8Rol.lN, IDAd0 H0l4E tDUCAIoRS/S0LTdtRN

3125 Black

Hil1s, Boise






(Matthew/74, Ashley/76, Kinberty /82) 1520 N l'lth St, Boise 83702 --- Steve & Kathy C0LE (Jackie/78, Robert/80) P0 Box 52. Strnley 83278 --- Jan & cerry DICK (Joey/7g, Ryan/83, Jeffrey/84) Box 84, Spalding 83551 --- Tony & Karen EAToN (Jennjfer/74, Patti/75, Lizzel78, Anna/80, Ben/83, Joseph/85) 439 Clairmore, Rigoy 83442 --- 0rlando & Bonnie




( 14i




chael /7


Matthe{ / 7 5 ) THE


0F IDAHo, HCol Box 70-E. I.]h.ite Bird Jay & Sdndy GooDENoUGH {Jeremy/68,

Dana/73, Paul/77) Box 68, Garden Valley 93622 --- Mark & Al ice GRANNIS. HOl,tE EDUCAIOiS 0F IDAHo,3618 Pine Hill Dr, Coeur-d'Alene 83814 --- Mike HUBBELL & Liz CANNoN (ChristoDher/78-

Lori/82) Rt 4

Box 617, Eonners Ferry 83805 --Greg & (athy t'ilLLLR (Ket 1yl79, Jj I tTBt ) 710 Trestle Creel, Rd, Hope 83836 --- Lindd NIT<oi,lSKI (l,4ary,/76) P0 Box 174, kootendi 83840 --Gerald & Afton oNDRICEK (Crystal/80, Lynda/68) Rt 3 Box 232, Idaho Falls 83401 --- Heidi & Jim READ (Tobias/75, Hannah/79) 5531 Lynwood Pl, Boise 83704 --- Bruce & !/endy REININGER {Erica/80) 839 l6th Av E, Jerome 83338 ---




Falls 83303 --- David & Barbara (Soren/78, cani I la/80, rhora/BZ, Box 293, Coeur d'Alene

Box 2261, Twin ST0UTNER

llary/84, Neal/86) P0 83814



TEXI8ooKS FoR PARENTS, Box 209. 83537 --- Ittark & Lori l,lILKINS (Carson

/80, Bryn/8], Kaitlin/83) Rt 2,



IL Chicago

Box 797 crang€ I, Eden 83525

Cherie IIRIGHT, Rt

AI4ERICAN SCH00L, 850 E 58th, 60637 Elaine ANDRES. 2120 lrJ Cash-


Peoria 61604 --- cene & Deb ASKA (Andv Amy/84) 1407 Hulmes, DeKalb 60115 --- Am; & Terry BART0\ (Rachel/74, Sarah/77) 4lt9 N ' Av, Chicago 60519 --- Myron & Lynne !]gfllol! EEELER (l'larie,/83) 3802 Hest t4Bth pl . Flidl othi an 60445 --- Byron & Joy 80ESE (Etiz;beth/8], Tiffany/83) ll42 S 6th, DeKatb 60|5 --- Bruie & Sharon BoY0 (B.anduin/78, Aurora/81, I,taridh/ 84) l32l 4!h St, [lotine 6]255 --- Roaer & pat BURKE (Jarett/78, Rnyan/80) Box SZ. iiaDle park !0lq1 --- Robert & Judy CApELL0 (Rebec;a/7', Rob/73, Jacob/74, Adail/79) 321 S Libertv. lilaple Park 60151 --- David CHTCKERING. i,O Box 508502, Chicago 60626 --- CHRISTIAN LiBERTy ACADEI'IY SATELLITE SCHoOLS, 502 t{ tuc' Av. Arlington Heights 60004 --- Catherine C0X E At nan




(Jane,/83) 67 Doqwood S!, park Forest --- oeirdre CoX, H0t4E SHTET SCH00L, t9t9 !..tlIo:9, Chicago 60657 --- Lynn & BecLy CIIRRIE (Jason,/80, Scotr/59) 2808 Btack Av. Springfield 62702 --- Jin & Rainie DALLAVIS (Carmen/78, Col leen/82, Hol lyl83) 1824 crant, Springfield 62703 --- Tonr & Lynne DAVIS (tri;/ 73, Eddie/77, Lesl ie/8i ) 42835 N Crawford Rd. Antioch 60002 --- John & Mercedes DtHEy (AteiFRYDRYK


!ndra/78, Tyler/81) 215 paris Av. Rockford .----Dean & t"lary DiCARLo (Todd/7o, Cory/ 75, Adam/82) 1862 Cedar Rd, Homewood 60430 --John & Lois DoLL (Sarah/78, i4andy/80) l5t5 llain St, Crete 60417 --- Larry & Terry DoWDEN (l{ichael/78) RR 4 8ox 444, Btooningto;61701 --- llancy E Martin FAKo (Lisa/67, Laura/69, 61107

llancy Lee/72, Margaret/77, Robert/82) 337 Ridge, Elnhurst 60126 --- Edward & Ldurel FAI{TIS (David,/78, Da^/81) 4824 !,i Deming St, Chlcago 50639 --- Darcy & Jim FOSTER (Joelta/ 73, Ryan/75, Jaime/77) 19tO lTth St. Rock

Island 6l?01 --- Mary & Chuck FRITDL (Nathan/

76, Addn/79) l3l3 Cleveland, Evanston 60202 --- Nicholas & Jan GERENSTEIN VASIL0P0UL0S (Ell/79) ll3 5 gth, DeKalb 60115 --- Karen GREET{BERG E George I,IILLIAMS (Gator/gZ) l40i iloah, Johnston City 62951 --- philip & patricia HAHN (Andrew/77, Jereniah/i6, Katherine/ 83) 3426 $i l56th St, Markharn 00426 --- Kris &

Stan HALLBERc (David/73, Karin/77) 644 Comstock Av, ilmhurst 60t26 --- H0|SE. p0 Box 57829], Chicago 60657-829t --- INTERNATIONAL IIISTITUTE, P0 Box 99, Park Rjdge 60068 --- Joy & l'lark KAISER (Eric/79, Oevin,/621 1OZ E Znd South St, Carlinville 6262G --- Kathy & Butch KRUCK

(Heidi,/80, Katie/83, Jutie/85) RRI



IL, IN 169, !{i imington 60481 --- Chris I Linda KYZIVAT (i4ike/77, Tommy,/8o, Katie,/85) 531 lilcKee 5t, Batavia 60510 --- TllE LEARNING EX2940 Lincoln Av, Chicaqo 00657 --Nancy L EF (Cooper/82) lB34 N M;ud, Chicago CHANGE,

606i4 --- Larry I Kathleen LoRIt40R (Ljsa/77, Heather/79, Heidi/79, Emily/84) RRZ, Metamora

61548 --- Ronald LYI4AN & Diane I\40HR (paut/BZ) Rt I Box 200, colconda 62938 --- Tjmothv & oeborah |,4ARTIN. 2923 Ut 71st St, t{ooor;dqe 60517 --- Sue & t4drk I4cGARTLAND (Ddwn/73. Nathan/75) 221 Polk, Pontiac 61764 --- Jim & Robin 14ILLNtR (8ecky/82, llittary/95) t954tC 1l6th Av, Mokena 60448 --- Ken & Carol tvluzzy (Jake/77, 0ale/78, Katie/80) 208 l{ Franktin, Hheaton 60187 --- Boyd & Christy NlELSEl,t \Karen/77, Corey/78, Anelia,/85) 734 |]alnut St. Batavid 50510 --- Nestor 6 l4ary 0S0RI0 (Gabrie\/78) 829 N llth St, DeKalb 60115 --- Jeff I






--- Jerry

DeKalb 50115

/79) 401 Joanne

& Margaret pARTL0il

lJeff /75, Md.k/77, tlatt//9, JonaIhan/BZ) 1924 S Holmes Av, Springfield 62704 --- Bob & Jul ie PIM0LtFR {Kyle/76, Bret/80, Rydn/82, Jeremy/ 84) 9N 579 Tipi Ln, tlgia 60123 --- tayne & Julia PFERDEHIRT (B"th/80, Rubu..u/82) p.o, PLACE FELLoUISHIP Holt1t SCH00LERS

t02B |llestev

Av, Evanstol 60202 --- Pete. & Therese (Jessica/Bl, Stetson,/83) 9958 S Hill Terrace. pOL

Apt 23-207, Palos




van &

Sue Dave

RADoSTI, 2814 Townway, Danville 61832 --& Jeanne RoSS (Becca/8o, Sara/84) B2B Linden. Elmhurst 60126 --- oavid & Deborah SAALFELD (Karen/76, Danj€l /79, Kathryn/81 ) 8 Lee Ct,


--- Emily SCHILLER (Valerie/

72, Adan/74, Natalie/74, Ursula/75, oerek/gl


3706 Tamarind, Hazel Crest 60429 --- Rosalie Kedzie Av, Chicaqo 60618 --& Diana SEEBER (l i ldl78) 200-N Lombdrd, odk Park 60302 --- Bob SHAll & Karen SHULTZ, I Waterfowl tiay, Ducks Unlimited,6illmore Rd. Long Grove 50047 --- Jeri SlSSoN, ILLIN0tS CHRISTIAN HoME EDUCAT0RS, p0 Box 261, Zion 60099 --- Marybeth & ceorge STRACK {George/75, l.latthew/77) 619 Lawndale, Woodstock 60098 --steve E Bonnie VERHULST {Lori/83. l,4ichael,/86) l2l Walnut Val ley Dr, Springfietd 62707 --Ian & Rebeccd l,llLLIAt4S (Sean/71. Hot lyl73) 837 Av, Evanston 60202 --- Marilyn & l4atthew HoJDA( (Jen./78, Bridn i gO, B;n/BZ. Jessica/84) 912 Dekalb Av, Sycamore 60178 --Chuck & Nancy NoLTER (Christy/80, Charles/BZ, Stephanie/85) 1550 Scottdale Cir, Wheaton 60t97 SCHULTZ, 3755 N


IN - Terry 6



Pam AHEARN Myl es/82)

Brid,gevl7, Brendan/80,


26t0 Jewett

Highland 46322 --- ASSoCIATED CHRISTIAN SCHooLS, P0 Box 27115, lndianapotis 46227 --Linda & l4ark BAIR (Hitary/76, i./hitney/79, Jordan/82) 219 Jackson St, Hope 47246 --- Bob & Shannon BUEHLER (0rew/79, Ctark/Bt. Seth,/84)

S! Anderson 4501? --- Torn & (llark,/78, David/81 ) 265 t/ tilestMarian BEVTR'1, field Blvd, Indianapolis 46208 --- t4ark & Gretchen BLACK}JELL (Caitlin/77, Ermy/gt, 631 digh

Hannah/83) 821 E llth, Bloomington 4740t --Ab & Valerie 8R0lrJN, (Ben/75, Anqela/78, Nicholas/82, Cassandra/86) 23703 River t"jano. Blvo. Elkhart 46516 --- Crystal CARTI4ET | (Skyler/78. Jerod/82, Lake/84) 5931 E St Ro 46. Bloonington 47401 --- Brent & Renee CAUD!LL

(Gessell/80, Kate/83) 2t5 N Morrison, Muncie --- Brian E Coleen CLEAR (Kerrv/7g. 1y,/82, Katy/84) 20l4l Jewel 1 Av. -South Bend 46614 --- Mary E Tom Co!AN (T.J./74, 4730?


Nathan/77, Josh-Paul/80, Jake/82) c/o Stevens. P0 Box 675, Frankl in 46131 --- Ton & Andrea DAVIDSoN {Tomny/75, Andrew/76) p0 Box 726. Chesterton 46304-0726 --- Rex & cina ECKERT (Abby/8o, Holly/82) RR #3 Box 26, I'latkerton 46574 --- l4atthew & t4adonna ENGLE (Annie/75. David/78, lvlark/79) RR 53 Box 262. Terre Haute 47805



Mirada Dr, Ft Wayne 46816 --- Lee & Sharon GRIFFITH (Kara/77, 8en/79) 306 S Ranqel jne Rd. Anderson 45012 --- Sherry & Dicr dAySTRA (Janie/78, Joey/8o, Katie/84) 2723 pomona Ct.

Indianapolis 46268 ---

Roo & Tamni HoDGFs (Ben

/79, Bonnie/81) Rt I Box l3OA, Bloomf.ietd 47424 --- Can E Savilla HUFFIAN {Katrina,/78,

Benjamin/79, Patrisha/80, Trevva/BZ) 715

Spring, Erownstown 472?O ---



HoMt EDUCAIoRS, ll38 Byron St, Huntinqton 46750 --- IftDIANA ASSoC 0F HotlE EDUCA]0RS.

Ln, Indranapolis 4b226 --- fon & Pam IRVIN (raura/78, Ira/81 ) RB I 8ox 85-A, llerom 47861 --- Faye JENKINS (Alan/71, Stuart/ 78) 4059 Hestover 0r, lndianapolis 46268 --Brian & Jean KEITH (Col inl72, Ian/76, ArIrn/81. Logan/84) UNI0N ACADEi|Y, 3473 E Bethei Ln. Bloonington 47401 --- Rick & Carot KOEpLIN (Mary/79, Sal lyl81 , Laura/83, Naomi /85) Rt 3, tlizabeth 47117 --- Jim & t4ary KULIICKI (Nora/ 77, John Paul /79, Margaret/Bl, patrick/g4) 30585 Johnson Rd, N tiberty 46554 --- Didna & Joseph LEHR (Patrick/80, Nichotas/BZ) 8tg !.J Main St, oanville 46122 --- Matthew & Kathv LIND (Kevin/78, Laura/80, Emity/83) 407 N First, Goshen 46526 --- Rick & Cindy trtARQUlS (Justin/81, Andrew/B4) 3717 U.S.52-N, l,lest Lafayette 47906 --- llil liam 6 Lynnae MCC0NAHA 4914 Derby

(Daisy/17, Annahlee/79, Et.jsha/-8t) RR 2 Box 237, Lynn 47355 --- Richard & Sandra MERRION (Robert/77, Rebecca/74) 223 5 Rd 300E, Dan-


46122 --- t'llDNoRTH INDIANA HoMESCH0oLERS, 926 N l9th St, Lafayette 47904 --Lynne NoRRIS (Daniel/74) 213 Union St. New Albany 47150 --- Lewis E Linda 0HtN5 iForrest/

78, Joy/81)


A550C. 7252 Lakeside

Dr, lndianapol is



|lJt CAN, 18156 CR 48, New Paris 45553 --Ton & Lynn l,lElSS (Kurt/79, Cory/83, Kelly,/ 85) 14300 Erosning Rd, Evansville 41711 --l,lichael & Leslie llESTRUI4 (Madeline/80. Jaires/ Bl, Rebekah/85) zl0N FRIL schoot INc. l60t Fox Farm Rd, Warsaw 46580 --- Gail & Cindi |{ILCOX-

(Stacie/72, Sara/78, Joshua/80, !hitney 3 Box 232, Veedersburg 47987




IA -

DeKal b 601 I 5 --- Duane & Shirley SANDQUIST (Eric/66, Delbert/68, Jeremy/72, Jason/73) BZ6 Chelsea, New Lenox 60451 --- Steve & Sharon SCHAAR (Stephanie/78, Suzanne/80, Scott/82) Rt

2, 6alatia

IN, IA, KS. KY Gerald & l4ardee PAGAC (8rook/78, Zachary/ 80) RRI Box 2154, Pittsboro 46167 --- Barbara & Larell PALMER (Jason/78, Kendra/79, Jererny/ 81, Richard/84) WABASH VALLEY H0f4ESCH00LERS ASSoC, RR 53 Box 260, Terre Haute 47805 --ceorge & Jane PICToR (f1ark/80) Rt I Box t67, Batesville 47006 --- David & Luella PoRTER (l'leredith/80, Clint/82) RR I Box 227, llJitkinson 46186 --- Bob PoST (Safron,/75) 320 S pendleton Av, Pendleton 46064 --- James & Darlene SARToRE (Valerie/73, David,/76) P0 Box 275. Patoka 47666-0275 --- Anqie & Ron SCHMITT (Jacob/84) t255 Yankeeto;n Rd, Boonville 47OOl --- Sheryl E Stephen SCHUFF (Enilie/79, Reuben /81) Bl56 Lieber Rd, Indianaoolis 46260 --Kate & Jim SIItTH (Ulti,/72, Ltolly/74, Maggie/83) Rt 2 Box 221, Shelbyville 46176 --- SoUTHERN INDTANA SUPPORT GROUP, RR ] Box 183, Pat. oka 47666 --- Jean & Richard VANoERBURG (Susan ,/73, 14ichael/75) 4116 0ran Ct, Muncie 47302 --- Ruth & Jesse HARREN lEnlly/71, Naomi/81, Esther,/85) 1520 Sunnymede, South Bend 466i5


Doug &

Janine CALSBEEK, Eox lB5,

orange-Tity 51041 --- Rjchard & Sharon CARGIN (Luke/82, levi,i86) RR 5 Bcr l28, L€ lirrs 51031 --- l4ary DRENTII l1hettl /72, oavid/74, Aprit/ 77, Janes/81 J RR 2 Box 16, Nora Springs 50458

--- Phillip

(Molly,/77, Gretchen/79, Forrest/84) 8ox 180. }Jhittenore 50598 --- Evelyn HILL, IotJA HoME EoUCAToRS. 2405 ljoodland /4, Des Moines 50312 --- IoUA & Colleen


FAMILIES FOR CHRISTIAN EoUCATI0N, RR 3 Box 143, i4issouri Valley 51555 --- Howard E patti Ro!JE (Matthew/73, Jason/75, Jenny-Lou/78, Any/

80, Calvin/84) 319 |l 6th St, t'luscatine 52761 --- Harvey & l4ary TTRPSTRA (Shetty/70, Anna/ 75, 0avid/79) 223 E 6th, Ames 50010 --- Robert

& Deborah RtTT (Jonqui I /70, Duane/7j , Bobby/79, l,{dyrose/81 , Joseph/82, Iri s,/85) RR 2 Box l2l, Bellevue 52031 I,/EG|IANN


perry ALPHA CHRISTIAN SCHooL, Rt 66073 Janice DAVIES, CAtR PARAVEL SATEL- LITE SCH00L5, 913-23?-9721 Lona & Kennv K5



--{Josha,/79, Chelsea/82) Rt 2, Iola 56i49 --- Daniel & MaryLou GLYNN (Rebecca/73. Anna/ i5, Quillan/77) Box 94, Highland 66035 --F0UST


& Ldura HAYDE\ (Jennifer/81, Julie/85) 537 Park Rd, Rose Hill 67t33 --- Evalyn HUBERT & Jerry M00RE lJenny/lz) l3t3 S 3rd Si, Leavenworth 66048 --- Betty JoNES, KANSAS CHAP. NAT'L CoUNCIL 0F PARENT aDUCAI0RS, Box 3366, Shawnee Mission 66217 --- Ken & Jeanne KASTEN (Kenneth/79, Rosemary/81, Michael/84) 1440 Park Pl, l,lichita 672A3 --- Jean LAFFERTy (Ron/

68, Aaron/75, Travis/76, Jonathan/79)



l 67133 --- oavid & Leslie LeR0Y (Katie/8z) Rt 4, Great Bend 67530 --Earbara MICHENER (Galen/77, Arthur/84) RD l, Perry 55073 --- John & Sandra i4UTRUX lzdcharv/ 74, Amdnda/78) 5217 England, Herriam 6b203 -:Brownie

Rose Hil

8ob REASoNS, MUNCIE CHRISTTAN SCHoOL. Z30 S 65th, (ansas City 661 I t --- Barbara & Rick R0BERTS, LA NoUVELtt EC0LE, INC (Nathan/73,

Becca/80) Rt I Box 85-R, Mitford 66514 --Bonnie SAI{YER, KANSANS FoR ALTERNATIVE EDUCATI0N, 19985 Renner Rd, SDrjnq Hi]l 66093 ---

JT, GAZETLE PUBLICATIONS. 318 N Lincoln, Liberal 67901 --- paula & Keith HHITE TEd HADE,

(Zephyrus/75, Anemone/78, Xanthus/82) RR 4 Box

70, Pratt 61124 --- Elaine & Mike

(Katie/81, Betony/83)




Lyons 67554

KY - Eill & Diane CTU,4PBELL (Christooher/ 78) l2fGoodrich Av, Lexinqton 40503 --- bavid & l'rarta CLARK (Elena/79, Banedict/82) Rt I Bor 174, l,4urray 42071 --- Norris E Donna CLARK (Allyson/73) 7ll S lngram St, Henderson 42420 --- Perry E Gretchen oENNIST0N (Laurel/76. Skv /80. Autumn/84) 502-942-?736 Ft. Knox 40l2l --- Elaine DIGGES & Terry ELLI0TT (ilathan/81,

Lark/85) Rt 2, l'lunfordviile 42765 --- patricia

E Victor F00TE (Greta/70, Lela/74, Jason/76. Tristan/79) T-2 Sycamore Rd, l4eta Rural Station, Pikeville 41501 --- Gary & Diann


(Patrick/71, patricja/73, philip/77,

Penni/Bl, Psamantha/82) ll67 Lone Vallly Rd, Campbellsville 42718 --- David & Barbar; FRENCH (Luke/8l, Rachel/83) Rt 3 Box 35. Vine

Grove 40175 --- Helen GRIGGS (Ryan,/79, Sarah/ 85) 225 Cornelison Rd, Richmond 40475 --Susan & Doug HoLMES (Fred/65, clay/80) 9007 Trenthaln Ln, Louisville 40222 --- Roxanne & Steve HUTT (Hade/76, MayBeth/78) DAYSTAR H0t1EBASED SCHooL, Rt I Box 304, Gravel Switch 40328 --- Tin & Carol LAMM (Ben/77. Rouwenna/ 85) Rt 4 Box 636A, Berea 40403 --- Ruth McCUTCHEN

{D/70, R/7?, A/74) 33lO Iltinois







Bluff S;qs Trace, Louisvjlle 4OZZ3 --- Mark I Cati; MOR-Box GAN (Andrew/78, Aoam/80, Gaoe/85) Rt I 96C, Dover 41034 --- Bitt &-Libbie MoRLEy KTNTUCKY H0l4E SCH00LERS, tOZ0B

lBetsy/77, Robbie/80) 3522 Greentree Rd. Lexington 40502 --- Marianne ptTLRSoN (Tim Still/ 70) 251 S Hite #2, Louisvitle 40206 --- Les & Mary PICKRELL (Andrea/80, Valerie/93) RR3 Box 359, Clear Creek Rd, Versaiiles 40383 ---

Janya & Tom P0|TER (T"inity/73, Iodd/j4, Iela/ 75) 315 Park View Dr, Louisvi I te 40223 --- RoD & STAFF PUBLISHERS, 606-522-4348. Crockett 41413 --- Seyed & Rise SABo0HI (Seyed/83) pO Box 905, Murray 42071 --- Terry & aharles SCHULTZ (Christina /76, Iaytor/79) SITRRA l{000S



Maple Grove


Somerset 42501

23 KY, LA, ME, MD & Dorvena SEIDERS (Dariea/79. Andrea /81, Erin/83) 715 l'lorehedd Rd, Bowtinq G.een 42101 --- Gary & Linda TEETS (ceoffret/72,

--- Elvin

oenise/73) 924 Todd St, Columbia 42728 ---

Margaret TRIBE & Dan



llilliam/83) Rt l Box 46, Cotumbia 42728 --Kevin & Patti VAN BUSKIRK (Luke/79. Hannah/82, Caleo/85) Rt 3

Box 335, Mt Vernon 40455 & l4argaret IiHEELER (Graham/77, THE FRAMING SCHooL, 920 Aurora Av, Lexington 40502 --- Greq & pat ldtLLIAtlS (Cam,/ 79, Evan/82) Rt I Box 302, Gravet Switch 4032s --- Robert I'IoLCH0CK & Linda Sftoup (Benjaminr 79, Larkin/81, Sarah,/84) P0 Box 145, Bradfordsvi I 1e 40009

--- Larry




Edwin & Pat BERCIER (Eddie/69. Suzanne/74, Mary/77, Catherine,


79, Anthony/82, Theresa/85) p0 Box 23, Rayne 70578 --- Spencer & Marilyn BoHRFN lDjango/l7, Andre/79, Corinna/82) P0 Box 158, pointe A La Hache 70082


Tom E Anna-Maria


(lsabella/83) 412 lSth St, Nex 0rleans 70124 Joe & Vicki BURDICK (Joyous/83) }JAy 0F



RESoURCES, 8236 ADricot. New 0rledns 70118 --- lyatt & Valerie CHANCEy (Laurie/90) 1605 Clover Dr, Lake Charles 70605 --- Cathi EDIIAROS, TOUISIANA CITIZENS FOR HOI4E EDU-

CATlot{, 3404 Van Buren, Baker 70714




Jr (Peete,/76, Melanie/78, Malea,/ 84) Rt 2 Box 458, Choudrant 71227 --- l,{alter & Mary i'TARSCHNER (Jemy,/65, Saul/68, Joe/70) l09 Allenan Dr, Lafayette 70506 --- MaryAnn & Millard McINNIS (Tristan/78, Timothy/81) Rt 3 James HENNEN,



Benton 71005






C.H.E., 4453 Finley Dr, Shreveport Nancy 6 Richard VoLLETTE (Lauren/75,

l,{arisha/79, Jenna/81

) ll5




port 71104 --- Bob & Keitha IHITAKER (Heather/ 72, Andy/ls, Pippin/76) P0 Box 2965, Stide'| 70459

l'lE - Liz & Dave BUELL (Gibran/70, Sharma -Naomi//3, obadiah/75) Box 2, Quarry Rd, North Sullivan 04664 --- cregg & Katie BULLoCK (Nathdniel/76, Ian/78, }Jhitney-Lei9h/81 ) 390 Shaker Rd, Gray 04039 --- C.ystal CHARLy (Hetdmo,/73, Kehneeta/79) P0 Box 9, port€r 04068 --- Mabel

& George DENNISoil (Susan,/55, Rebecca/70, Temp'le 04984 --- Davjd & Karen DETTERI'tAll {Brook/76, Andrea/78, Shaunan/ 81, Em'ily/84) P0 Box 450, Kennebunkport 04046

l'lichael/74) Box 538,

--- t4aggie & Ron EDi,I0N0S0N {Joel/78, Anna/79, Emily/82) 4l oak St, Mechanic falls 04256 ---

Jason FIELD & Debbje CHRIST0 l7achary/74) Lougee Rd, Exeter 04435 --- i4arion & Dan FoSS (Amy/80, Eben,/81) Box 67,oeer Iste 04627 --Rebecca & lesley FoX (Jennifer/74, Mark,/75, l{esley/82, Jonathan/85) Rt tt4 Box 9555. Sebago Lake 04075 --- David & Linda FREEST (Nicole/77, Bryan/79) RR I Box I 74, Fryeburq 04037 --- Eiteen & Hal ty cARRo|,IAy (Kate/78)-RR I Box 789, North l.tindham 04062 --- paui GRIES-

& Paul ine SAB0 (Seanus/78, I'lagg.iel81 , Leon/84) 57 l,4ain St, Lisbon Fatts 04252 --Steve HALL & Patti pITCHER (Becca/8t, Laura/ 84) P0 Box 190, Stronq 04983 --- Andrea & Rob BACH

(ELLY-R0SEIiBERG (Noah779,

Laura/82, Anna/96)

1859 Congress, Portland 04102


Tim &


KETCHAI'i {Susan./75, James/77, Donatd/77) MAtNt HoltlE STUDY ASSoC, RD 4 Box 5500, Farminqton 04938 Scott & l4ary Beth I4ORRISoN (Iaaac/ 74, Caleb/77, Leah/80i RFD 2 #2404. Farninqton 04938 Linda E Paul MoRSE (Annie/78) Bo; 425, Bar 04004 A. MYERS, RFO 3 Box





2550, l.laterville 04901 --- Bob & Boni RAND (Shon/78, Lincoln/80) 228 l,4ain 5t, Bridgton 04009 --- Patricia & Mark SINI0R (Dana/61. Evan/85) Rt 1 Box 233, Iest Newfield 04095 --Beth l.llLol,,lAN-EVANS, P0 Box 475, Topshan 04086 --- Rachel UILLIAMS (Jessica/82) RR I Box 1072, Kittery 03904 --- Donald I Linda !,[StvltR (Sarah/8o) P0 Box 207, Kents Hiil 04349 MO



Hiil, Frostburg 21532 --- BALTII4ORE GRoUP,2lll Easte.n Av. Baltimore

350 HeTah SUPPoRT



Robert & Audrey

Alyssa/81) 519 Silver


--- Bill




Valley Rd, Iestnin-

(Jesse/8s) 2 8ox 42A, Rock Hall 21661 --- hooe BLISS (Bradley,/84) 781 Harness Creek View, Annapotis 21157

& Eetsy






SCH00L, 105 Tuscdny Rd,

Baltimore 21210 ---



MD, P0 Box 564, Cumbertand 2l5OZ --Bill & ilancy DRAZGA (Faith/83) Box 192. Chestertown 21520 --- FAMILY CENIERED LEARNIIIG ASSoC 0F ANNE ARUNDEL C0, 850-4496 --- Linda E Harold FELKER (Dain/83) t050 Nicodemus Rd. New l,{indsor 21776 --- Carol FITZGERALD & lade IRIGHT (Jesse/79,0illon/81) 2tll Eastern Av. Baltimore 2l?31 --- FREDERICK C0 SUppoRT GRoUP, 6521 l4orningside Ct, tliddletown 21769 WESTERN




E Joel



730 Boundary Av, Si lver SDrinq 20910 --- Linda 12825 Jingle Ln, Silver Spring 20906 --- John & Sarah cRACt (Iaoni,/82, Benjamin/84) 3202 Clarence Av, Baltimore 212.]3 --- Dannv & Sandra cRovtMN lAlycia/76, Israel/77, Johannah/78, Judah/79, Daniet /81 , Abraharn/83) 2650 Cory Ter, lJheaton 20902 --- HoME STUDY INSTITUTE, 6940 Carroll Av, Takofta pk 20912 --- Barbara & Richard KLEIN {At.ison. Caleb) ll0 Shiley St, Annapolis 2t401 --- Veronique LALIBERTE (Lara/79, Lai neyl81 ) 2906 peregoy Dr, Kensington 20895 --- Terry & Jim MAY0R G0oDMAN,

(Jenny/78, Kevin/84)




GRoUP, 26824 Howard Chapel Dr, Damascus 20872 --- oouglas & Sharron M00Dy (Nathan/76,

Eethany/79, Anna/79, Jonathan/84) ohone 301759-9258, Cunbertand ztsOZ --- pRIitCE ctoRcEs C0 SUPPoRI GRoUP, 345-5487 --- Deborah RENAUT

(Jonath.n/78, El'izabeth/80, Samuet/83) |5 21401 --- Craiq &

ilonticello Av, Annapolis




R0BERTS (Erin/76, Shawn/78, Brian/Bl, Tara/83, Kevin/85) Rt 2 Box 586, Knoxville 21758 --- Judy & Alan RoBERS0N (Emily/82) 985 Nottingharn Rd, Elkton 21921 --- John & Linda


(Joshua/76, Benjamin/78, Daniel/80, Andrew/8], Jennifer/83) 9339 Appolds Rd, Rocky Ridge 21778 --- l4anfred St4ITH, MARYLAND Ho[,lE EDUCATI0N ASSoC,9085 Flamepool l.tay, Columbia 2I045 --- JacK STOCKDALE. PARENTS FOR HOIV1E EDUCATI0N. 13020 Blairmore St. Beltsville 20705 --- Bill & Alexa TRINDLE {Janila/80, Jamal/81, Alia/85) Box 278. Betterton 21610 --- Law & Peg WATKINS (Nat/74, Sophie/79) 23615 llj Harris Rd, Dickerson 20842 SICKLES




P0 Box 396,

YarmoutF 02675 --- Richard & Merril ADELI'4AN (Ben/74, Hannah/78) 3 Killam Hill Rd, Boxford 01921 --- Susan & Peter BARNES-BR0!{N (Diana,/ 77) 195 Nayward l'1ill Rd, Concord 01742 --- Ann & Russell BARR (14ichelle/75, Marie/71) 22 l,ladi5on Av, ilakefield 01880 --- Richard & Gail BARTLETT {Bryn/79. Robin/84) 70 (onqress St, Salisbury 01950 --- l,lendy BARUCH (5hane/74) l2 l,4oreland St, Somerville 02145 --- Chuck & Cheryl BELLoWS (Jared/78, Joshua/80, Sarah/82, Lizal84) E Oxbow Rd, Shelburne Falls 01370 --oscar & Janet BETTENCoURT (Anna/77, Robert/79, Jared/Bl ) P0 Box 6194, l2 Savery Av, Plymouth 02360 --- James & Dorinda BILLINGS (Benjamin/ '14, Daniel /75, Theressa/77, Rebeckah/78, Timna

/79, Keilah/80, Palestina/84) 204 Bedford St,

Lenox 01240

--- Carol & Steven LASH



79, Isaac/81, Abigail/85) 35 Conway Rd,


Deerfield 01373 --- JoseDh & Ina LeVANGIE (Daniel/76, Joshua/79, Joseph/82, Jesse/85) Box 274, Rush Rd, Wendell 01379 --- tlilliam Muriel LITTLE (Elizabeth/70, l.lilliam/74) 98

P0 &

Cherry 5t, Franingham 01701 --- Nancy & Michael L0PIN (Naomi/75, Jonah/78, Aaron/81) 26 Lonrbard St. Newton 02158 --- Pat & Paul LUGIN (t4att/81, Kate,/84) 48 H Hill Rd, lvlarlboro 01752 --- Tom & Paige LUSSIER (Adam/68, Rory/69, Angela/77, Bethany/Bl, 6abriel/83) 26 Davis Rd, Stow 01775 Tom & l4ary lvlAHER



30 Park St, Wakefield 01880 --- Rory & Steven (Rhys/80, 0l iver/83) 60 Congress St, Salisbury 01950 --- Richard & Susan MAS0N (cregory/82, Nicole/.83, Natalie/85) P0 Box 351, Charlton 01507 --- I\4alinda MAYER & Don I4cBRIDE (Nicholas/85) l8 Ivest 0r, East Falmouth 02536 --- Karen l'IcALLISTER (8eau/74, Anry /76) P0 Box 562, 195 []ebster Av, Brant Rock 02020 --- 1"1.1. & Robert l4cc!IGAN (Gabriel/80. Abigail/82) l3l Dry Hi'll Rd, i\4ontague 01351 --- Peter & l{aryann l4clNTYRE (Linsey/81, Phi I i p/83 ) 22 5al i na Rd, Dorchester 02122 --Doug E Dawn lvlcNAIlARA (Tyler/82) 7l Park St, Turners Falls 01376 --- Gus & Beatrice I4EDEIRoS (Betty-Ann/79) 146 lrving St, Fal l River 02723 --- Carole 14lLLER (Adam/73) I 19 Main St t2, Saugus 01906 --- lvlarilyn MUNSEY I,4ARTIN


175 Derby St, !{est Newton 02165 & Don I4URPHY (5hawn,/76, Jeremiah/80,


Andrea & Dan BLACHLY (Sarah Ben,/83, Emily/85) 35 River Rd, Mattapoisett 02139 --- Cindy & Paul BL1SS

--- Patti

465-3768 --- Mark & Judy BRIGHTITIAN (Jessica/ 74, Ananda/78, Abigail/82) 524 Northfield Rd, Lunenburg 01462 --- Lois BRINK, i16 Bear Hill Rd, Merrimac 01860 --- Tinothy & Shelley BRooKS (Joshua/79, Adan/81) P0 Box 58, Ashley Fal'ls 01222 --- Terry BURCH & Susan 0TT (Jesse /75, Rebecca/80, Jabari /75, Lateef/76) HC 8l , 8ox l0-A, Petersham 01366 --- Charles & Betty

{Enily/76, Elizabeth/79, Christopher/82, l4ary/ 84) APPLE CoUNTRY HoMESCHooLING ASS0C, Box 246, Harvard 01451 --- l,4ario & Carnela PAGNoNI (James/72, Joseph/75) 76 Emsley Terrace, l,4ethuen 01844 --- Joy PEARSoN, 40 Fox St #3, Dorchester 02122 --- Robert PHILBRICK (Jacob/75, Joel/77, Jared/84) 73 l'letzler Rd, E Bridgewater 02333 --- Rob PIERSoN, 29 Matherly Rd, Brighton 02135 --- Gina PRoVoST (Joshua/78, carl/80, Jereny/82) 52 Forest Av Ext, Natick

Abington 02351


/78, Abigail/80,

(Christopher/77, Casey/80) lll0 Burt St, Taunton 02780 --- BoSToN AREA H0MESCHo0LERS CLUB,

(Susan/83, Charies/85) 3l Kirk St, Housatonic 01236--- Linda CANEPARI (Kyle/81 ) Ed Clark Rd. Colrain 01340 --- Andrea & Ross CHARToFF (Isaac/75, Jessica/77, Jacob/78) 92 Rocky Meadow St, Middleboro 02346 --- l{ayne & Barbara CHUDYK (Carl /75, Karen/80, Keith/83) P0 Box 1ll, Tufts Branch, Medford 02153 --Diane CoFFEY (Matthew/78) 5 Susan Dr, HopkinBURGER

ton 01748 --- Nornan & Judith CoPPoLA {Joshu/ 71, Caleb/76, Tabitha/74, Nathaniel/83) 5 Megonko Rd, Natick 01760 --- Pat CUNNINGHAM (Christine/71, Heather/75) 1080 Washington St,

Abington 02351 --- Michael & Diane D'ARCANGEL0 (Julie/76, Stephanie/78, Elizabeth/80, ttichelle/82, l4ichael/84, Jimy/85) 62 Plainfield Av, Malden 02148 --- Don & Carol DRAPER (Rebecca/69, Max/70, Benjanin/78) l2 Horton St, Newburyport 01950 --- Katherine & llalter DRE! (Benjamin/81, Gita/85) 6l Chickata{but St, Dorchester 02122 --- Judy EARLE (Enick/79)

8 Tobey Ln, Andover 018.]0 ---


LISHINC StRVICE, 75 l'loulton St, Cambridge 02238 --- Linda & Art FASCIANI (Sean/79, Ericl 83) I Meadow Rd, Townsend 01469 --- Nancy & Mike FIER0 (l'iikala/76, Nathan/78, t4arik/82, ilarin/85) B7 Snell Av, Brockton 02402 --' Ce-Ce & i4ark FiNS (Ju]ie,/78, Zachary/81) 46 Marcellus Dr. Newton 02159 --- Clio & lric

(Sarah/72, Theadora/78, sophia/82) 0ld Ayer Rd, Groton 01450 --- Ginger FITZSIMI'10N5 & Dan GAUGER (Jenny/79, Alex/81 ) 148 School St, l,latertorn 02172 --- David & Camille F0S'fER (oaniel/77, Rachel/78, Nathan/81, Laura/83, Emi lyl84) 20 Cetrina Dr, Marlboro 01152 --Peter & Beth FURTH (Salim/82, Keziah/85) 3 Francis Rd, ilellesley 0218l --- Adele & David GARLICK, RFD l, Southbridge 01550 --- Gail GARUTI-FRAZER (Bianca/71, Tanya/72) 2l Berkely St, Brockton 02401 --- Paula & Bill GENDREAU (Nathan/74, Ryerson/76, Paul-David/78, SaraBeth/83) 49 Day 5t, Dracut 01826 --- Jeff & 8et GIDDINGS (Sarah/79, Annie/82, Patrick/85) lll Hathaway St, tJareham 02571 --- Kathleen & Richard GoRE (Zandra/Bl) THt KITCHEN SCHooL GRoUP, 404 Main St, P0 Box 96, liest Boxford 01885-0096 --- Don & Sue GRANT (April/81) 24 Trumbull Rd, Northampton 01060 --- Gail GRAY, 7l culf Rd, Belchertown 0,l007 --- llary & Jeff GMY (Christopher,/78, Joshua/80) l5 Reynolds Av, Natick 01760 --- l'laria GRESoCK & Jude BATTLES (Athens/79, Austin/81, Lowell,/85) 26 Port'land St. Haverhill 01830 --- David & .l67 Piper Rachel GtIIDETTI \Enilr/77, David/80) Rd, |/{ Sprjngfield 01089 --- Carol & John HAHNFELD (Rachel/80) 81 Blue Hill Terrace st, Gar|ick l4ilton 02186 --- Nicky HARDENBERGH &,]5.]4, FISHER

(Forrester/80, Sage/83) P0 Box Manchester 0]944 --- Bill & Loretta HEIJER (Tad/ 77 , Jed/82) ]64 Norfol k St, Hol I i ston 01746 --- Carol & Rich HUGNES (Evan/78, Peter/80, C0LE

Audrey/85) 568-1387 stow





(Taylor/80, Kyle/82, Alexis/84) l6 St, fiakefield 0lBB0 --- Kathy & carth J0HNS0N (Valerie/80, Carolyn/82) 7l JENKINS


St, Shrewsbury 01545 --- Stephen & Lynne J0HN50N (Colin/80) 7 Beechnont 5t, l,lorcester 01609 --- Steve & Jean JoHNSoN School

(Alden/80, Ryan/82, Evan/85) 72 Prospect St, creenfield 0,]301 --- John & Caro'lyn JoRDAN {Alex/75) Phone 611-529-6246, Upton --- Karen KII,,IBALL ( Rebekah/68, Ben jami n/73) SoUTH SHoRE

Hol'lE SCHooLERS, 163 Hingham St, Rockland 02370 --- Sue & Jim KINNEL (Ruth/77, Aubrey/81) 97 Haig Av, Seekonk 02711 --- Clive & Glenda Ktiol,lLES (Andrea/75, Adil/76, l4i chael,/84) 26

Sudbury Rd, Stow 01775

--- Carol & David

(Jenny/78, Nellie/81, Sil/83) 97 S Natick 01760 --- Peter & JoAnn KULBIRG (Sorina/79, Nadine/82) 3 High St, KRENTZI.IAN



Sarah/82, Johannah/83, Lyla/85) 7 Horton St, Newburyport 01950-2901 --- Don & Jean MURRAY 11 egan / 7 2, Jannah /74, I ar a / 7 4 ) 87 Fayerweather St, Cambridge 02138 --- Ron & Susan oSTBERG



Susan & Bob RATNER (Joshua/76, Shana

/79, Micah/81, Dena/83)


leston Rd, Uell-

esley 02181 --- Jane & Chris REID (Toby & Alex/77, Hannah/80, obadiah,/82) ll4 [arwick

St, Lowell 01851 --- Roy & uanda REZAC (Ronald /74, Jean/76, Catherine/80, Peter/83, David/ 85) 379 Concord Rd. I'lar'lboro 01752 --- oavid & Peggy RoBERTS (Ema/76) Jewell Hill Rd, Ashby 01431 --- Sue & Michael RoMERI (i4onica,/82, Michael/85) 53 Throne Hil l Rd. Groton 01450 --- Pamela & John RoSSETTI (l4atthew/8o, Jonathan/82, Daniel/82)



246 May St, worcester 0t602 --Jack & Ma99ie SADoI,JAY (Solon/79) Clearwater Natural Foods, Lenox 01240 --- Jack E Linda SAVELo (Andrea,/77) Elaine Marie Cir, Saverhil I 01830 --- Dean SCHNEIDER & Robin 5l4lTH (Julie/ SCH00LERS,

84) Eaglebrook School, Deerfield 01342-0701 --- Gary & Donna SoLolvloN (Jarod/74, Lonny Seth/78) 526 Country lJay, Scituate 02056 ---

Lynn & Charles SoNNIER (Eve/83) 48 Fox St, Worcester 01610 --- Liz & Mike STEVENS (Jacob & Nancy/74, Rachel/82) 147 Navajo Rd, Spring-

01109 --- Adrian & l4ary SULLiVAN (Lily/ 79) lB !.iest St, Milton 02t86 --- Frank E Gayle SI,IEETSER (Frank/77, Victoria/Bl, Sean/83) 154


High St, N Andover 01845 --- David & Nancy ToilLER (llae Star/Bl, Nathan/82) Box 170, l4ohawk Trail, Shelburn 01370 --- l4ark & t4ary VAN {8e1en/83, Greta/86) 46 Nelson St, Quincy 02159 --- Valerie VAUGHN (Gabriel/78, Sean/85) Star Rt I 8ox 194, Ashfield 01330 --Greg & Jan VERRIL (Faith & Leah/76, Heath/80) 26 Pierce St, Greenfield 01301 --- Charlie & Kathie VIEIRA (Rebekah/76, Nathan/78, Garrjson /BZ) 401 Brook St, Hanson 02341 --- Raymond & Karen HALL (Raymond/79, James/82) 55 Gold St, |}lhitnan 02382 --- Nancy ilATSoN & l'4arty RoSEN (Emily/82) 313 Linden St, lellesley 02181 --i4arcia lIELD I Don IiHEELtR (0tis/80, Liam/84) RR lA Box 308A, Shelburne Fal ls 01370 D0REN

- Gerry ABELA & Sandy SToCK (Deva/8o, l'4aya/84)' 39ll Three l4ile 0r, Detroit 48224 --Doug & Jill BASTIAN (Heather/75) 913 Heights Rd, Lake 0rion 48035 --- Jan & Ray BEI4BENMEYER (Travis/83) 450 Sturgeon Bay Trail, Levering 49755 --- l4ike BENNETT, 400 S State St, l4ichigan Center 49254 --- Ton & Jo BLASC0 l'11

(l4ichael/76, Scott/78,



6821 t4aple Ln, Rives Junction 49277 --- Douglas & Jami BoND (Amanda/77, Tin/80, Andrew/81, 0livia/B4) 16502 Blackstone, Detroit 48219 --- Chris & Julie BRoCKI"IAN (Kira/68,

Adrjenne/70, Alex/75) 538l General Squier Rd, Dryden 48428 --- Preston & Teresa CoLE (Triston/76, Iyler/78, Trevon/80, Tianne/83) Rt I Box 255, Mancelona 49659 --- Susan CoLQUITT & Bill LEETE (Corrina/79, Palona/82) 670A Co. Rd NA, Gwinn 49841 --- Doyle & Dorothy ColvlBS

(Heidi/74, Amanda/77) 11777 N Drive South, Burl'ington 49029 --- Bonite DeR0SE & l'1iguel UILSoN (Audrey/80, Leah/82, Isaiah/84) 5660 Austin Rd, Camden 49232 --- Gary ELFNER (Gary/ 78j 1221 E Highland, Howell 48843 --- Scott & Susan EVANS \Luke/77, Jesse/79, l'1ar9aret/82) 10755 Hibner Rd. Hartland 48029 --- Bruce E Machelle FAILoR (Samuel/81, Ianara/82) 2797 Dalton, Ann Arbor 48104 --- David & Rebecca

(Benjamin/78, Sarah/80) 236 Church St, Coopersville 49404 --- Jo HINsoALE & Loren SUENSoN (Robin/79, Jenny/8z) 2279 Hemlock Ct, Ann Arbor 48104 --- Carolyn & Daniel HoBBS (Misty/78, Skyler,/80, Reilly/83, Devon/85) P0 Box 3B7, Empire 49630 --- Carl & Nancy JoHNSoN (Jessica/76, Jeremiah/76) 5901 County Line, Euckley 49620 --- Christopher & ltlartha KAISER FLAGEL

(Justin/78. l'latthew/8] ) 246 Norwood Av, Hol land 49423 --- Ken & Nanette KERN (Teryn/ 84) 2989 Phillips Berkley 48072 --- Ken &

Catherine KING {Billy/77, Kenny/Bl, Edwin/85) llSll Beech Rd, Brooklyn 49230 --- Connie KNUDTS0N & Howard THoI,1PSoN (Daniel/79, Eric/ 82,sanantha/85) 3788 Griffith, Berkley 48072 --- Paul & tl len K0EHLER (Seth/80, Bree/82) 218 5 Gainsborough, Royal oak 48067 --Patricia KRAI4ER & Ron ZANG (Ahia/80, Adam/821 7727 Sharon Hollow Rd, [4anchester 48158 --Tom & Theryl KRINGS (Nathan/79, Rachel/81 ) 535 t4ae-Thy SE, Grand Rapids 49508 --- Ray KRUfil"l, CoPPER CoUNTY EDUCATI0N C00P, Star Rt Box 134, Pelkie 49958 --- Jim & Robin l'4acKENZIE (Josh ua/70, Jacob/70, caleb/71, Naomi/80) 55 Amy School Rd, Pierson 49339 --- Pat l40NTG0!1ERY, N0l4E BASED EDUCATi0N PR0GRAI4,

Clonlara School,

l2B9 Jewett St, Ann Arbor 48104 --- Dinah l'40RRISoN (lvlichael/77) LINDTN sCH00L, 572 l"liliBattl e Creek 4901 5 --- Nick & Carolyn NELSoN (Cati/75. Nicholas/79, Nathanael/83) 433 Cherry St, S Haven 49090 --- Jarnes & Judy PACKARD (lvlary/80, April/85) AuSable St Forest, P0 Box 78. Frederic 49733 --- John & I'luriel PALK0 (Simon/76, zoel84) l5l E tiashington, Ionia 48846 --- August & t'lary REGANESS (Dean/ 73) 601 Carver Rd, Climax 49034 --- Irving & Susan RIUTTA (lrv/70, Alex/76, Grant/80, 0l i v i a/82, Chase/85 ) RR Box 291 , Houghton 49931 --- Edward & Janet R0ELLE (l'4att,/76, Jason/77, Ethan/80) 9300 l{arwick l'1eadows, Grdnd Blanc 48439 --- David R0SEN & Carol CLAUSS (Shale/76) 5268 l9-l4ile Rd, Barryton 49305 --- Mike & Carol ScHUSTER (Tom/78, Teresa/81, Andrew/83) 429 Army Rd, Leonard 48038 --- Jack & l'lary SHARRY (Jessica/75, Gabriel/80) 45310 Byrne Dr, Northville 48167 --- Carla & Floyd SLoTTERBACK (Jenny & Kim/82) ll4 i,{ Prospect, llarquette 49855 --- SoJ0URNER TUToRIAL CENTER, 68ll Dewey Rd, Ludington 49431 --- l'4argo & Thom STEADMAN-JERSEY (Heather/70, Josh/78) 4185 Dallas, Holt 48842I 735 --- Bi I I & Penny ST0W-HERD (Seth/74, Daniel/78, Lauro/84) 2956 Glory Rd, Frankfort 49635 --- Leigh TAYL0R, P0 Box 3, Bergland 49910 --- Thonas E Lesl ie TolvlPKlNS (Ann/77, Cayle,/80) 8282 Island Rd Rt I, Elsie 48831 --Lee E Anndy IaIHIPPLE (l4o/77, Robin/79) 403 Law-



Mason 48854

i4N - Gary & Sally ANDERSoN (Korin/79, Tomika/BT; l'lalia/85) 4238 Lynn Av S, Edina 55416 --- Susan E James BREWER (Jacob/8]) 2452 South-

crest Av,

t4aplerood 551,]9




688 llth Av NH, New BrighPaul & Sherri CoDlSPoTi (Andrev/






Stephen C0I{DER & Kathryn GRAFSGAARD (Seth/

84) ll60


Valley 0r, Northfield


79. Charl ie/82) 559 Harrison St, Anoka


Lowel I & Audrey DITTBERNER (Forest/79, Selena/82) Rt I Box 43, Parkers Prairie 56361 --- Chri s & Vivienne EDIIARDS (l'4ichel le/71 , Leonie/73) 872 Co. Rd 92, Maple Plain 55359






1909 8th St 5, f4oorhead 56560 --- Clare & Barry FARRELL (Christopher/77, Peter/82) 6402

Lakes 55014 --- Chris & Susie (Sarah/80,8rian/85) RR I Box 55, Tracy --- Dick GALLiEN \John/7z, Glenn/74, Kirstin/76, Kathryn/80) 6|115 TRAVEL NETW0RK, Rt 2, tlinona 55987 --- Nancy GRUVERA & Joe KELLY Hokah

Dr, Lino



(t4ans & Antonia/80) Rt 4 Box 368, Marshall 56258 --- Sharon HILLESTAD. t4iNNESoTA HOtlE SCHooL NETUJoRK, 9669 E l23rd, Hastings 55033 --- John & t4'ichel le iCE (Jennifer/72, Alethea/ .I82 74, Joey/78, Erin/80, Sunshine/82) 15500 Av, Elk Rjver 55330 --- Wayne B. JENNINGS, 449 Desnoyer, St Paul 55104 --- LEARNING CoNNECIIoNS, 23330 Paris Av, Scandia 55073 --Ken & Ellen L0EGERING \Eric/69, Any/12, Dean/

74, l4att/71, Peter/79, Philip/82) 688 llth Av N, New Brighton 55112 --- Jeff & Julie MELBERG (Noah/78, Jonathan/80, christopher/82, Jacob/ 84) 9930 Kumquat, Coon Rapids 55433 --- l'1INNE50TA ASSoC 0F CNRISTIAN H0l'lE EDUCAT0RS, Box 14326, l'4inneapolis 55414 --- llayne & Debra NEUR0TH

(Jessica/81, Scott/82) 519 l,,linona St,

Northfield 55057 --- Tim RYAN & Su THURNG (Zoa /79, Ja\ier/84) 326 !{ George St #1, St Paul

55107 --- Peter & Linda SCflrAl'48 (Peter/74. l4atthew/76, Noel/77, Emi lyl80) 6000 Elbow Lake Rd, Finlayson 55735 --- Daniel & Linda Sl'4lTH (Angela/81, Johr/85) l3 Columbia Av SE, St. (John/ SZVT4ANSKI (Jor Cloud 56301 --- John & Kathy SZYIIANSKl R 2 Box 109D, 109D. Alden 78, Mark/8], l4ary/83) RR Aldâ&#x201A;Ź TEACH, 4350 Lakeland Av. Av, N RobRob56009 --- TEACH. binsdale 55422 --- Aletta THoRP & Steve HANSi4ANN (Hayden/82, Colin/84) 642 Grand Av, Center City 55012 --- Carol & Sohail UPPAL (Bram/ 82) 5154 Lincoln Dr, Edina 55436 --- i,lESLEY ACADEI'4Y,9825 Aquila Rd, Bloomington 55438 --Rick & Becky I,IIRKKALA (Amy/74, Ann/77) oxford Hills #25, Cannon Falls 55009 i4S - Jeanine AITKEN, ASHLEY'S H0l'1E TUToR KITS, F0 Box 566, Byhalia 386ll --- Doug & Con-


BALL, I4ISSISSIPPI H0l4E SCH00LERS' Ass0CIATl0N, Rt 4 Box 436, Pass Chri sti an 3957,] --Larry ESTEP (Tinothy/69, Kellie/70, Steven/72, Amy/73, David/78) RR 2 Box l2l-8, i'4endenhall 39114 --- Steve & Sandra LIVERi4AN (Leaf/80) P0 Box 157, wesson 39191 --- Philip & Kim McLEMoRE,206 orville l,lright, Biloxi 39531 --tlartha & Bobby PENNEBAKER (Leigh/78, Seth/82) P0 Box 160, Star 39167 --- Don & Becky P0TTS (Maple/81, Linden/83) 190 Bluebird Ln, Brandon 39042 --- Bob E Marie RISTRoPH (Robert/74,

MO, MT, NE, NV Jena/gzJ Rt 4 Box 373, Iest Plains 65775 Steve & Debra BAIRD (Brian,/78) Rt I Box 228, Gower 64454 --- Kathy & Bil'l BLANCHETTE (Candace/85) 3020 Headland, St Char'les 63301 --- Carol BR0llN (Joshua/77, Anna/80, Zachary/




5CH00L, Rt



Box 20, Newburg

--- Ilene & James BURGENER (Candia/76, celestia/78, Harmony/79, Isaac/82, Jaime/86) 65550

Rt 2,

Newburg 65550


Jean & Raymond


\R.J./12, Edward/14, Patrick/76) 182l tln

0r, St.



Lewis & Linda CAIIPFIELD (christopher/81, Amy/84, sarah/84) 3634 Hartford St, 5t Louis 63l16 --- Joseph CIANo (Mi.hae1/72, Christiaan/74) Rt 5 Box 120, Ava 65608 --- John & Nancy CLAVENNA (l4ary Kae/8'1, Charles 63303

t4ichael/84) 6306 l,{yoming, St Louis 63139 --Gary & Becky coLVlN (Jennifer/74, Jessica/76, Julie/78, Joanna/Bl ) Rt 3 Box 32, Eninence

l4ary & Tim CUNNINGHAI4 (Caleb & Colby Head Ln. Hannibal 63401 --- FAl4lLIEs



/76) 76

FOR HOlvlE EDUCATI0N, Box 18252, Raytown 64133 Steve & Donna F0RTNEY (Jonathan/82) JACKLexington, SoN CoUNTY H0l,1E 5CH00LERS, 1525 Karen & Taylor FoSSE, lndependence 64A52




Star Rt Box 82, !{ashburn 65772 --- Tofl & l4ary FR0t14SD0RI (Car l/71, Kdt.ina/72. lvarguerite/ 75, Thomas/80) 2020 0ld Bainbridge Rd, Jackson





Dana HILBURN (I4alonda/75,

Janelle/84) Rt 2 Box 469, oak Grove 64075 --Albert & cynthia HoBART (Robert/69) oZARK H0l4ESCH0oLERS, Rt 3 Box 163, Rol la 65401 --- HoME EDUCATOR SINGLE PARENT NTT|iJORK, Rt 5 BoX I20, Ava 65608 --- H0l4E LlFE, Box 16202, Clayton 63105 --- l4el & Lila JENKTNS (Lydia/79, i,lyatt/ Bl, Rana/84) HC 76, Box 2720, Piltsburg 65724 --- Gary & Teresa KEEPPER (Jessica/78, zachary /79, Sundance/83) P0 Box ll3, Clever 65631 --KEI4PF (Justin/79, Lindsay/82) Dr, Jefferson City 6510] --Jocelyn & Steve KoPEL {Kin/74, Burt/75, Sara /Bl, Katie/84) 827 Teson Rd, Hazelwood 63042 --- l'4ark & Jonna KRUSGER (Grant/80, Benjarnin/ 83, Christopher & Tinothy/8s) 2l Becky Thatcher, St. Charles 63303 --- Philip & Pamela LANCASTER (sarah/79, Andrew/8o, Laura Beth/83) ST

David & Candy 1002 Laurel



501 l',ladison. Arnold 630]0 --- Susan LASWELL lsean/74, Sarah/71, Amy/80) P0 Box 224, Mtn View 65548 --- Bill & Jo-Ellen lvlcD0NALD (Al lison/81, Erin/84) 6510 Morgan Ford Rd, St. Louis 63116 --- Steve & Ellen MICHEL (Patrick/79, Mandy/77) 6ll Roberts, lJashington 53090 --- David & Sandra MoUNTJoY (Tabitha/75, Amory/78, Kalista/80) Rt 3 Box 50, Peculiar 64078 --- Tom & Julie 0'DAY (l'leghann/79, Katie ,/Bl, Sridget,/84) 3995 Marietta, Florissant 53033 --- Dale & Gwyn PRESTON (Hannah/79, Nahum/8], Elias/83, Jacob/85) 716 Geyer Av, St Louis 63104 --- Joe & Martha SALRIN (Curran/ 81, Heather/82) 2723 Peachtree Trail, oakville 63129 --- Anna & Richard SANKOVICH (Noah/79, Stephen/7o) Rt 2 Box 220, Rolla 65401 --Panela & Robert SEID (Anisa/74) 821 S Kirnbrough, Springfield 65806 --- Jin & I'lary SHEPARDSON (Debbie/73, Timy/76) 12169 Fox Pt, flaryland Hts 63043 --- Ann SHRADER (Ceilee/81) Sandhill Farn, Rutledge 63563 --- Jane & Terry 5l'llTH (Seth/70, Lindsey/7], sarah/76) 6 center Rd, Kirksville 6350.] --- Beth & Tin STACHI!

(Scott/77, Christian/79, Meg/Bl, Elizabeth/84)

2221 Coulter

Ct. lientzville





Retta SUTTERFIELD (Mandy/73, Matt/76) R2 Box 310, Newburg 65550 --- Jim & Marsha ldILsoN {Christopher/78, Corey/Bl ) 402 l4eier Dr, Jefferson City 65101 --- Rose ZII'1|,4ER (Chris/75, Kathy/79) l5l0 N l,lashington, Springfield 65803 l4T - David & Beth BRoWN (Jeremy/78, EleanoF/80, tsther/84) 333 College Av, Sp.29, Kalispell 5990] --- Dennis & Nancy DtIPRE (Jesse/81, Rebekah/82) 921 14issoula, Helena 5960I -.. FLATHEAD LEARNING EXCHANGE, 837-4357 or 755-2036. Kalisoell --- H0I4ESCH00LERS 0F




59102 --- Robin LANDoN (Esrael/78, Genevieve/81 ) P0 Box 882, (Cory/ Corwin Sprjngs 59021 --.]57,Holly i4IKITA Fortine 599]8 --74, Josie/83) P0 Box LETTER, P0 Box



Charles & Emily RINGER lwillow/76, Teb/19, Tahnina/82) Box 75. Joliet 59041

NE - Ronaele & Russell BERRY (Katheline/ 71, Anre/73, Margaret/75, Emily/78, Russell/ 8l ) Box 55. Johnstown 69214 --- Phil &

Margaret CARY (Chad/80, Kiel/83) 227 Lake, Chadron 69331 --- David & Emilia CLEMENTS (Samantha/73, Edward/74, Rebecca/76) NEBRASKA INDEPENDENT H0llE SCH00LERS NETi,,IORK, B0l0 Lilli68506 --- Harry I Sandy DAVIS (Davjd/73, Debby/75, Danny/79, DeeAnn/85) Rt I 90, Brownville 68321 --- l'larilyn HAI4PToN

bridge, Lincoln Box

(lJilliam/79, Marissa/81, Andrew/85) OPEN, 7930 Dr, omaha 68152 --- Jack & Cande (Josh/76, Kiley/78) 12003 !]ashington

Raven oak HANSEN

Plaza.omaha 68137 --- H0ME SCH00L HEAD366, Fremont 68025 --- i,{arren


RUSHTON, NEBRASKA CHRlSTIAN HOI4E SCHOOL ASSOC, Box 1245, Columbus 68601 Linda STR0H, LINCoLN AREA H0I''IESCH00LERS, 0akdale, Lincoln 68506 U 0F NEBRASKA INDSPENDENT STUDY HIGH SCH00L, Continuing Ed Rn 269, Lincoln 68583 Dick & Rose Y0NEKURA (Josh/






74, Abi/77, Tessa/80, Darcy/83) CATED




Ln, Lincoln



Alice/75, Itygve/77, El inar/78, Ingrid/81, Leif/82, Gunnar/84) R I Box 133, Picayune

NV - Cher & Ed BATEMAN (Jeb/75, Daniel/ 77) Po-Tox 323, Glenbrook 89413 --- Gary & Ann DANKWoRTH (gi.l/83, bo}/84) 1027 Spencer St,




Mary SCHICK (Matthew/76) 5031 tiamie,

Hattiesburg lvlo



Paul & Eetsy ALAII'4o llan/77, Alina/

City 89701 --- Kathleen E 0ou9 HoFF (Justin/83) l7 So Patterson Pl, Sparks 89413





2681], Las vegas 89126 --- Jim I Linda


GRolllNG lllTH0UT SCH00LING #54

NV, NH, NJ, NM (Jason/7g, Jessica,/81 ) 4600 9l Sirius Av #184. Las Vegas 89102 --- scott & Raylene KEATiNG, P0 Box 21323, Reno 89515 --- Ton & t4jriam


(Shanda/70, Rusty/80, Toni,/81) 4561 Sacks Dr, Las Vegas 89122 --- John & V'irginia sAXMN (Kim,/70, Patrick/74, Ted,/76, Nadia/79) 2375 E Tropicana 215, Las Vegas 89119 MANGIoNE




03431 --David & Rosemary ARl4lNGToN, Box 190, Kearsarge 03847 --- Paul & Kathie DUPoNT (Jennifer,/76. Lisa/78, Kevin/82) RFD 7 Box ll2, Gilford 03246 --- Christopher & Sally EMBER (Mer'lyn/ 80) 284 [ater St, Keene 0343] --- Bill FARKAS,

3l Franklin St,


03431 --- Karen & l'lartin FURUHJELII (Elinor,i83) 38 Musket Dr. Nashua 03062 --- Elizabeth 6RAV-

& Arthur HARVEY (Emily/76, I'lax/80) Poor Fnnn Rd. Weare 03281 --- Allen & Susan HILLi4AN (Allen/67, Erika/70, Andrew/76, Suzanne/77, Anthony/8o, AJycia/83) 66 Lincoln St, Laconia 03246 --- Laurie & Ken HUFFI'4AN (Jacquie/69, Angie/70, Alex/82) 28 I'lillbrook Dr, Milford 03055 --- l4eg & Doug JoHNSoN (Corinne/71, l,lelissa/72, Eradley/76, Brendan/81) P0 8ox 124, Mont Vernon 03057 --- Janina LAMB (Juno/ 71, Rosy/73, Jasmine/76, Roli/78) Brown Hill Rd, Tamworth 03886 --- Grace & Joe I4ATTY (Jason/72, Graziella/81) 6 Grant St, Derry 03038 --- Doug & Renee !llLLER (Sarah/79) Trescott Rd, Etna 03750 --- NEI HA|iIPSHIRE H0ME SCNooLS NEIISLETTER, 4 Huntington Rd, Henniker 03242 --- Dennis & Barbara PARSHLEY (Sean,/74, Jason/75, Nathan/77) RFD 7 Box l6A, Gilford AL0S


--- Elaine


9 Mizoras Dr, Nashua 03062 --Betty llETi,loRE & Terry DEMPSEY (Harlan & Virgil


/82) 3 Kirk St, Nashua 03060 --- Jennifer IRIGNT & Stan l4ccUMBER {Vanessa/69. l,Jillis lhvid,/85) Quaker City, Charlestown 03603


(Erin/77, Jonah/81, Benjarnin/85) 45




(Vanessa/80, Brandon/82, Corey/

Rd, Vincentown 08088 --- Karen & Gera'ld ELDIR (Krista/74, Robin/79, Dawn/81) 102 Taylor Terr, Hopewell 08525 --- t4eryl & Ron FEINS0D (Rachael/77, Kira/78, Corey/BZ, Luke/82) RD I Box 868, Newton 07850 --- Bob & Liz FETZKo (Holden/85) l0l Hartford Rd, Moorestown 08057 --- Jane & Bilt FLE|TIER (Ema/84) 270 Mapleton Rd, Kingston 08528 --- Wendy FoR8ES (Be;,/72, Richard/Bl, Betn/74) P0 Box 1036, New B.unsl wick 08903 --- Rooert 6 Debra dAtiBy (Anored/ 75, Jason/79, Benjamin/83) Box 144, Heislerville.08324 --- Lyn HAfiILToN (|}Jillian/78, Alice/82) 249 Mt Lucas Rd, princeton 08540 --Diane HATFIELD, l0'l Hartford Rd, titoorestown 08057 --- Edward & Kathy HoRVATH (Sarah/79,

Meaghan/81, "im/84)& 5 Branch Ct, l4arlooro 07046 --- Rebekah Ben ISRAEL, RACHEL,S C0t4PUTER C0 (Rachel/80) t36 Green Av RDZ. Be|e Mead 08502 --- Kathy & Biil JoHNSoN (Bilty/76) 27 Maxwell Rd, Eatontown 07724 --- Jocelyn & Steve JUCKET- (Stevie/79, tratthew/8Z) 58 Catifon Rd, Long Valley 07853 --- phyltjs & Jim LEGCoE (l4elissa/81) 725 Kings Hwy, Swedesboro 08085 --- Annie & Art LIBERMAN (SoDnie/71. Arielle/75, Sylvie/80) 342 prospeci Av, piinceton 08540 --- Charles & JiIl LoCKl,lO0D-KEDDIE

(Todd/78, Roxy/8l) t/aterloo RD 3, Stanhooe 07874.--- Ruth & Ierry MATILSKy {Sarabetir/79, Jacob/82) 5 Briarwood Dr, Somerset 09873 ---Laura & Doug l4LCIt L (Matt/79, Becky/gl, Anna/ 84) 8 Hoodlane Rd, Lawrencevilte 09648 --Elizabeth & !,lil liam I4ERRITT-HICKLING. 8l Grant St-#z, Jersey City 07302 --- Stephen & Robyn l,flooUHAS (Stephen,/77,

Emily/e0, Reed/BZl t2j U Kinberly Av, Brant Beach 08008 --- Charlette & Joe I'llKtiLKA (14ichael /85), RDZ Box l5G. Branchville 07826 --- Howard & Irene MOTT (M1sty/77,

lickliffe/79) RD2 Box llt, Lanbert Rd. 81;irs!o!'l-978?! --- Jenny & Dick NEPON (Enity/78, Ari/81) R02 Box 236, Catifon 07830 --- ithit;ev ! Cheryl NEWEY (Michael/77, Etisa/79, Jennifei /81) 6 College Rd, Princeton 09540 --- Barbara t l,larc PARRILLI (Sara/82, t4ichaet/85) 298 Hiohrcod Av, Glen Rock 07452 --- liax & Svlvia PHILLIPS

Micah,/-85) 96

Asbury Av, ocean Grove 07756 --- plNEVIEl,{ DAy SCHooL,_207 Coari Av, Minotola 08341 --- Nancy t I'laicolm PLENT, UNSCHOoLERS NET!]0RK (Eric/72j 2 Smith St, Farmingdate 07727 --- Jane & Hank RoEERTS (Jacoo/Bl, l,laryl85) 4 c.and Av, Rutherford 07070 --- Itlalcolm & Didne RoBERTSoN lgryce/79, l4organ/83) 691 Carlyle pl, tjnion 920q3 --- Joseph & Ruth SCHAFFFLR (Daborah/B?) 32 E Crescent Av, l,lahwah 07430 --- Carol & Richard SKIDMoRE (Justin/73, Sarah/7S, Natalie /80, Craig/84) t4t cates Av, Gi|ette 07933 --- Judy TRENHotI'{t, 279 Va1 ley }Iy, l4ontclair 9704? :- Gerard & Jacque }JALSH (Robb.inl78, John/84) Box 213A RD l, Philtipsburg 08865 Nl'4


John & oonna BoLAND (Aaron/76, Sdra 87734 --- Susan & Edrard

/77) Plr9ox 43, ocate CAI4PAU

{Molly/80, Jeremy/76) t502 pinon,


99rdo 883i0.--- Frank & Katy FUCHS (Stephanie/ 77, Michael/78) 306 Qujncy NE, Albuquerque GROWING



- Peter & Robin






BARNETT (t4atthew/79, Beth/80, Joel 213 lvlelbourne Av, Syracuse 13224 --- t4aj. Rd, R I Box 313, Nunda 14517 --- Louis & Zeke BLANCHE (Louis/79, Vivi /Bl, Camny/84) I Circle Dr, lrvington 10533

Cindy & Jim


Lyman BARRY, 9297 Shaw

Bernard & Martha



17) 57 Hildwood Av, Mt Vernon 10550 --|/llilliam & l,lelissa B0STR0I4 (Matthew/74. Andrew/ 80) Coreys Rd, Star Rt 2, Tupper Lake l2986 --- Larry E Claudia BRoSNAN (Anne/77. Gaea,/79) 137 lhe Crescent, Babylon Vi||dge 11702 ---

83) 7l ltJellington Rd, E Brunswick 0BB'16 --Janice tFA[-V0lcT (Kaiya/79, Elijah,iSz) H0t"1ESCHo0LERS 0F S0UTH JERSEY, Rt 2 Burnt House

(Jimy,//6, Brian/79,

Judy & ilard

/72, lEgan/75) 49 t'1ain St, Setauket


(oaniel/81) 134 Johnson Av, lvlihwah 07430 --CREATM LEARNING I4AGAZINE, P0 Box 957, lrightstown 08562 --- Sandy DELoPoULoS {E'leni/ 79) 204 Third Av, Belnar 01719 --- Ron & Renee Av, Sicklervjlle 08081 --- t4alcolm


(Lleanore/80, Logan/83) Rt 7'Box l2aAA, Santa Fe 87505 --- Kathy KING, P0 Box 510, Las Vegas 87701 --- Jann & Rick LIGHT (Adarn/82) 2571 36th St, Los Alamos 87544 --- Vjrginia LIf4BERG & l.lill'ian PRESS (Matthew/7g, Mary/82) P0 Box 7, tliani 87729 --- i40TNERING I,IAGAZINE. P0 Box 8410, Santa Fe 87504 --- Ed NAGEL. NAT'L ASSOC FOR LEGAL SUPPORT OF ALTERNATIVI SCHoOLS, P0 Box 2823, Santa Fe 87501 --- NEIJ l4EX1C0 HoME EDUCAToRS, P0 Box 13383, Atbuquerque 87192 --- SANTA FE CoMMUNITy SCHooL. P0 Box 2241, Santd Fe 87501 --- llike E Nanct SEDILL0 {Stacey/80) ll05 N }.lall. Farmington 8740'l --- oan & Harriet SHULTIS (l4ickey/73. Lance/74, Robby/75) PEL0NCILL0 pRIt4ARy, Bo; 9l, Rodeo 88056 --- Larry Slt4p50N, NE! MEXIC0 CHRISTIAN H0t'4t EDUCATI0N,7417 Santa Fe Trait Nl/, Albuquerque 81120 --- John & Donna SpRUILL (Joanna/68, I'lolly/71, Ramona/78) Gen Del, t',taxwell 87728--- Linda VELARDE & Grove BURNETT (Cisco/80, l4aya/B4) Rt I Box 9-A, Gtorieta 87535 --- Al & Louise HILLIAMS (Evan,/83) 77 La Paloma, Los Alamos 87544 KERR



NJ - Edward & Julie ALLEYNE (Themba/84) 254 7tfi-St, Jersey City 07302 --- Robert & Shelley ASHCROFT (Adam/76, Cara/78, Roshelle/ &, R.J./83) 4568 Prestwick Rd, I'lccuire AFB ll854l --- Al'ice & Harry BECKH0RN (Patrick/79, Christopher/8o, craham/82) Box 343 RD 6, Sussex 07461 --- Lorene CoX & l'4itchell DARER

IIET0FSKY Edgewood

/78, ) ll60l Signal Ave NE, Albuquerque 87122 --- l,lill & Thea HoFFI4AN (Brian/79) 3347 Majestic Shadows ilay, Las Cruces 88001 --Brian & Jackie HoRST (Ricky/78, Kristin/83) Luke/81

02A HN Rd, Los Lunas 87031

& Joe KoHLER (Adam/

91, Rym/84) Box 32, Rt l2A, Surry


--- Ellen & Ron HALE {Jesse/78. Luke/81) St John's College, Santa Fe 87501 --- Gary & Cindy HEATf (Seth/73, Faith/75, Ben/77, Nathan 87108

Jody BRoHN & Jim SUTLIFF (Cory/78, Casey/80, Jennie/85) 122 Elm St, N Syracuse l3212 --Jim BURCELL & Susan lllAIN (Joe/79. Jul ian,/83) 94 Faircrest, Rochester 14623 --- Karen & t4ike BUSCH

(Richie/76, l4orninqstar/80) 5077 Federal

Rd, Hemlock 14466 PRINGLE

--- 00;

BUSTIN E Matin RD 2 Box 1558, Sheelah CAI,4BRIDGE & Robin

(Colle,/Bl, Elan/84)

Sherburne 13468 --Rot (Robin/82) 214 Sterling pt, Apt.406, Broot'lyn |238 --- CEIITRAL NEd YORK Hot4EscFooLERS, Side -ill Spgs, Becker Rd, Skanealeles 13152 --- Susan C'lAPt4AN & tvldrk LTNDBERG (Melissa/76, Myrica/83) 12492 Smith Rd, Hedina 14103 --- Diane & Peter CHoDAN (Anneke/77) RD #1 Box 462, Rome 13440 --- Nancy & patrick

CIlroN (Christopher/71,


Flatthew/78, Skaneateles

Elirdbeth/82) ll F Elizabeth St, 13152 --- Dale & Susie CLAIR (Josnud/8t, Sarah /83. Ryan/85) 78 Sibtey Rd, RD ,2, Honeoye


14472 --- Joy E paut CoHEN (Michael/93) St, Brooklyn |235 --- prisci l ld & Hank CoLLETT0, CoMMoN PLACE LAND COopERATIVE.

83 Anherst

I CLyler Ro, rurton l3l58 --- r4aureen Co\hAY, Rt r Box 174-A, Spencer 14883 --421


E Barrbi C0RNETt {Shdnnon/76, Melissa/78) Z3O Cass Hill, Candor 13743 --- Jim & l4arv Ann DANITLS (Judy/75) hC Box 92, Rt 26, Cj imax 12042 --- cary & Florence DAVINPORT (Laurie/

Box 66 RD 3, Tul ly t3159 --- RicharO &-Anna l4arie-FAHEY llsaac/72. Noel/73, Kdteri/74,


HoMt EDUCATI0N l,toRKSHopS, Homesteading School , RD 2, 0xford 13930 --- Kerry S At FARAoNE (Cha.lie/79, Co1y1631 ,0, Diate Av 5J, New Rochelle 10805 --- t4ichaet FEINBERG, NEI/ yoRK STATE H0l'lE SCH0oLERS, Rt I Box 8, Ghent 12075



(Michael/82) 33 Romer Av, pieasantville 08232 li{ary & Christian FoKINE (Daniel/gt ) Box 1563, Shelter Island 11964 --- Jeris & Oate FRENCH-(Rebecca/78, Shana/82) Rt I Box 2028, Crown Point 12928 --- Richard & Lucretia GABRIEL. (Joseph/78, Adete/82) l2 fdrrway Lt, Albany l2?08 --- Paula & Bob GAUS (Tjm/i7, Mischa,iSo) ll9 Cook Av, Jdestown l47Ol --Joanie & Mark ctLLISplE (Zoel78, Jesse/80, Kellen/82, Shane/84) tvathews Mill Rd, Bedfor;



10507 --- Kathleen GoRDINtER & peter DIVEN_(Mischa/8t, Toran/83) 8963 ltayne Ctr, Rose Rd, Lyons t4489 --- Brian & Sh;.on GRATF (Heidi,/76) PO 8ox 72, Dolqevilte 13329 ---

RiChArd GREEN, HOMI SCHOOL ENCOURAGER, 55 Gifforo Av, poughkeepsie l260l --- Dennis E Sharon GRll4ES (ReDekan/79, Joseph/83) 2906 t4id_ .land Av, Syracuse 13205-1922 --- Skip & Bar_

bara GUERIN (Joshua/72, Etizabeth/8t) 2105 Iurtt.19g. ly. Schenectady 12306 --- Nancy & Gary HAtL0CK (E.jca/80, Stephen/93) 4l iamd_ rack Trail, Saratoga Sprinqs l2g66 --- Jill E Jeff HERBSI (Johnny/78, Jeifrey/84) 42A Shore Rd, Sabylon 11702 --- (atharine lOlr a Seth (Tahra/69, Beajamin/7e, Enily/82) l99ll4!!!!! HoME SCH00LER5' tXCHANGE, R0 I Box t72 -E, Edst chatham 12060 --- HICH MEAD0IJ SCH0OI, 60 cate_ house Rd, New Paltz 12561 --- Katharine HoUK & Seth RoCKMULTER ( Iahra/69, Benjamin/79, Emjly/ 82) hoME-SCH00LERS EXCFANGE. l8 Hashington A;, Chatham 12037 --- p,A.T. & Brioqe HUNT'(Setin;

/81..i'4artjn/85) Schoone. Na9d, pO Box 2g, ShelHeights 11965 --- Hdrold INGRAHAM, I91..l:1"!9 CAtUl.ltT SCH00L, RD I 8ox 95, Silyrna 13464 ___



Shaftsbury CHALK

Durham 21704


John E Robin

(Jennie/79, tYilter/81, Morqan/83) 6ll

& Uiet,ilar JAECK (ounnar/79. Atana/83) RD Box 74, llartwick 13348 --- Linda JAEf,IISCil (Joshua/ ljl ) ijox 47, Pearl St, Crown point 12928 --Keith & Caryn KiAT0R ((arli/79, Kyle/02, i/,atie /il5) 7 Jessop Rd, irrillow 12495 --- Cljfford a i.idrgo KiYtS (Lindsd//78, Shannon/El, ;ij9el,/U3) 145 l,ewton St, Sdlan,anca 147/9 --- i.dnces L0Rl (Elisabeth/69, JocelTn/71) 305 Eeach 25th 5t, Far l{ockawa/, Queens l l69l --- Cretchen & Bob KoSSACI( (llatthed/79, Saur/El ) 350 Uodge 5t, Letzvi I le 14C63 --- idith Kt(ALSi iCarol ine/75.

Hilston-Salem 27 106 --- -er.rCRAVEN 8 CarolJn -JCL\T0 (Jesse 73, Cal /j, Cassie/77) l'10UNTAIN I'l0NTtSS0RI SCH00L. 175 lJhite oak Cr Rd, Burnsville 28714 --- pe99y oAVIS & Ton YARB0RoUGH (t4atthev/80) 22j7 kenmore Av, Charlotte 28204 --- Rjck & Lori HAYES (Jesse/80) Rt 2 Box l84-A, East Bend 27O1B ---

LARIN (Nathan/79) RD I 8ox 143A, calway 12074 --- Barry & l4artha LASH {Rachel/80, Hannah/Bl) RD I, Alfred Station 14803 --- Dennis & Karen LEE (Jeremiah/76, Zachariah/80, Caitlin/84) RR I Box 91, H Chazy 12992 --- Sherrie & Norm LEt

Drs. Alan & Phyllis

l'lichael/80) l5l Crescent Hill Rd. Pittsford 14534 --- John E Jane LAI4PKIN (Jolie,/80. Jema/84) 59 Rt 306, Suffern 10901 --- Dan & Monica

(Henry/53, Russell/65) HoMESTEADERS NEI,{S. Box 517, Naples 14512 --- Lou & Vat LEVy (Jasnine/

80, Rachael/82, Joshua/84) 86 Ellis Av. Northport ll768 --- LovING EoUCATI0N AT H0l,4E

(LEAH), P0 Box 332, Syracuse 13205 --- Theresa LUCE {Tara/71, Jeffory/73, Joshua/77) 432B |.litherden Rd. Marion 14505 Rick E llene |4ANGIERI (Gabriel/83. Michael/85) 53 Biltmore Dr, l4astic Beach 11951 --- Any & David I'IANTELLS (Sarah/83) 275 yarmouth Rd, Rochester 14610 --- Kathleen E John MARKS (lsis,/78, Crystal/84) 1746 Lincoln Ter,



--- 0aniel

MRSHALL, Jacques TRAVLRS, Kevin DACY, Pauline SHTUKA,987 E 38 St, Brooklyn ll2l0 --- Cathy MCNULTY & Stefan CZAPSKY (Abigail/77, ClyIie/79) 884 ! End Av,

York 10025 --- Veigh I,ttHAN & Bryan LEE (Hanna/77, Ursa/Bl) Rt I Box t4A. Cant;n Apt



13617 --- Jeanne l'l[RKEL (Beth//8, Shoshana//9, Riukah/Bl ) 64250 t4ain Rd, Southold I l97t --Ken & Phyllis MoNSEY (Kenny/75, Bobby/79,

Pessy/82) 87-13 96th St. lJoodhaven ll42l --& Kathy NEETZ (Joshua/78, Caleb/80, tiaorni 1167 t 98th St, Erooklyn 11236 --Dorothy & Joseph NoRToN (Daniel,i8l, Aaron/83) 4 Troup St, Seneca Fal ls l3l4B --- Malcolm & Sylvia PHILLIPS (Janes/76, Brian/79, Micah,/85) RD 3 Box 2334, New Berlin l34ll --- lvan & Kathy PURDY (Teman/80, Erend/81, Arlan/83, Talitha/85) P0 Box 264, [hitney point 13862 --- Ton E Cindy RASELY (Becky/79) 301 t,tapte Av

Phil /44)

Dl, Ithaca

14850 --- Floyd & Luci REESER (Etizabeth/73, Kristine/74, Catherine/77, John/82) RD 3 Box 203, New Berlin 13411 --- RoCHESTER ASSoCIATI0N, 25 Hi ]l Ter14467 --- ltlarian & Tersh


race, Henrietta RoNALDS

(Reid/75, Roy/83)


207 S Main St, Canandaigud 14424 --- Rose & Rick RUSS (Joshua/80, Mary Rose/83) 2028 Leader Rd, l,{aterloo 13165 --- Dan E Kerry

Ann & Andy HINDS (0liver/77, Nichotas/79) t82O Grace St, ltJinston-Salem 27103 --- I4ark & Nancy ( I saac /82, Franc i s /84 ) Rt 2 Bor 360, Pittsboro 27312 --- Tom & Barbara HollE (Brevet /79, Ktra/83) 3212 Long Bow Dr, Raleigh 27604 --- Deborah JoNES & Fran EoGERToN (Caiil inl80.


Zacha.y/84], 3232 Lee Ro, Clayto4 27520

(Josrua/78, Jessica/83)

dale 12529 --- Rich I Brenda







Ul, J.vru/i1) 421 Ar.,.stronq /,v,5tdten Island l03Ud --- id & :.aren SCH/.J:L (Josnua/76, Setn 7U, Sddran,/Lll :,,,:L ::l) SJgs ltLl4, Ueckcr Rc, SxdneaLeles 13152 --- Te.r/-d vinc SCitUl[:U( iAdam/80, Joseph/83) 30 N tiain St, t{onroe 1.0950,--- 5C0T' ramrly (Benjaminl86, David/84, /endy,/8l ) 39OO ttendy,/81) 3900 Mapte Maple j\v, Av, Seiqate Seaqate il224 :ltZZ4 ---

trnie-PoLSTEIN (Laura/82) 495 ! End Av 9C, New Yorl, 10024 --- David & Co]leen SHETT AND (Jeremy/78, Caleo'/9, Abigait/Bl) 1309 t4eadow_ brook Dr, Syracuse 13224 --- Hau.een & Bob SII'10N (Robby/82) P0 Box 331, Sprjngviile l4t4l Xathleen & John SI4EE (Ryan/8t )-pO Box 52, .--New Woodstock 13122 --- Beth & Andy SMITH, ROCHESTER H0t4E SCL]OOtING





Rochester 14621 --- Lorj SMITH, l'19-A Taborton Rd, Sand Lake 12153 --- Joseoh & Ilana SILIN (Daniet,/82, vivian/84) 76-29 17O St, Flushing I 1366 --- Rick STEINBERG & Ann !,/lLLIAl,4S (Benjamin/82) 3tO Bdynes St, Buffalo 14213.---_Astrid sTolzLR,335 Croton Dam Rd, 0ssiniag_10562 --- Lvan & Toby SToVER (Rio/i9, Deverie/83) RD I Box 428, Hiqh Fdl ts 12440 ___ !tephanie SUNDINE & Victor o;RENZI (Francesca/

aZ) 210 tt l0lst St. *9E, NyC 10025 --- L inda IAGLiAFLRRo & Frederic THoRNER (tric/gl ) phone

718-4?3-0928, Dougldston --- Al ice & Michel (Gurion/79, Micheline/80) 3 hawthorn Rd, Larcnmont 10538 --- Jotynn & l,4ike TH0I1AS, J/ Jackson 5t, Stdten Islano 10301 --- Georae TH0I4AS



(Doro!hyl80, Etizabeth/83)"

rJZ GaLes l'lanor Dr, Rochester 14606 ___ Bruce & Mary TR0FIBLEy (Don/75, Mdtthew/8?) 710 Jiles_,Syracuse 13210 --- John E pe99j V0RM_ HALD (14ichael /81, Theresa/83) Box 7l Ri-3, Tully 13159 --- Jin & Kathy VREELAND (Tania/ 75, Ryan/77) 2375 t4edd Rd,'savannah 13146- --Bob & Nancy WALLACF (tshmael/71, Vita/75) ll9 Irving Pl, Ithaca 14950 --- Gerry & Rosenary !EINBERG (Jonathan/92) 335 Barton Av, patch: ogue 11772 --- Wendy & Jefferson HEST]|looD (Adrienne/80, Phoebe/85) 53 Mapte Av, Fredonia lqubJ .--- Xarren & Rome HHEELER {Aimee/70, Julia/78, Jasper/82) RD Z Box 3t18, rlanjtion 13346_----Susannah & Doug }JHI IE {Jennifer/74, Sara/75, Caleb/83) !/FSTERN Ny H0f4ESCHoOLING NETUoRK, 85 Albany St, Buffato 14213 --Charlene & t4ichael NGER-BEARSKIN (Annise/76, l"lartha/84) 3333 Baitey Rd, E B.looml lT.]iu/Z9, fiel.d 14469 --- Brad & Jan TJINSL'0|{ {6oUby/iJ, Be_n/77,


Luke/'3) p0 Bo^ 1755, F rtmpron il93i-

llc -



& t{.ichel

(.Sara,T9,'. cdoriel/83) 909 llDuSABLON r-ee ii,

Hilson-27893 --- Jocelyn BUTLLR & Feryl MASTTRS (Duncan/79, Luca/92, Miciah/86) 717 rno )r, Hashtngton 21889 --- Nora CASEY E Larry BENNETT (Matthew/82, Michaet/84) 2801



J0YCt-HASHAI1 (Aenqus/81)

Aengus, Rt l, Benson 2i504 --- Jooy & Glenn KELLER (Andy/78, crace/85) 79 Kuvkendall Rd, Alexander 28701 --- Georqe & (dthl;en KING (Joseph/83, Leslie/86) ll06 E Second St. Ayden 28513 --- Richard t4AILMAN & Judy SIDDEN (S;th/ Dun

8l) 2l0l


N Lake Shore




--- l{illian & Reid MILLER (Ross/78. li{inston/ 8l ) P0 Drawer 1630, Robbrnsvi I lF 28/71 --- Bob & Susan NoFFSINGER (Daniet/74, Keely/76, Sara 79, Benjamin/84) RT 4 Box FV-72, ADe\ Z75Oz ---




8ox 5182, Emerywood Sta, High Dt 27262-9998 --- James E Susan 0ATES lNoah/Bl, Sarah/83) lllS I ltash St, lJilson 27893 --- Stephen &

Nancy PoCKLINGToN (Alethea/83) Rt I Box 667. F.anklinville 27248 --- Cyd & Sam RtyNoLoS IKacey/74, tarey/79, Hill/82) 5201 Hazel Ln, llake Forest 27587 --- Priscilla RICH {tvtara/76.

Sara/77, Leah/Bl,




/82) R! 2 Bor 59. Zio;-


Debbie SCARE0RoUGH (Diana


Michelle/74, l'{ark,/79, Ben/83, Peter,/85) 714 l,{ Third St, Ayden 285'13 --- Rolf & Carol Lani SEELBACH (Jennifer/80, Chr.jstoffer/83, Robin/ 85) 1265 Dillinghan Rd, Barnardsville 28709 --- Anne & David SITVER (Rosenary/82) Rt 5 Box

2224, Murphr 28906 --- Ardy t Suian St4JtH (Jennifer/79, Ryan/81, Stephen/83) 715 Hebron St, Hendersonville 2A739 --- Tricia & t4orqan S0I.S,4ERVILLE {Megan/79, Joseph/82, ddn;ahl95) Po Box 8413, Asheville 28814 --- San E Jane SPICER (Pete,/82, lt{att/84) l30l Johnston St. Greenville 27858 --- | isa E Chip SrRoJp

(Kristin/76, Jennifer/76, Jess/b0,

P0 Box 1322, Lincolnton 28092 WAG0NIR

Broden/83) & l,til1

--- Lorj

(Braelyn/84, logan/86) P0 Box 443,

0riental 28571 --- Richard & 14alinod IilHITELAt/ (Harriet/62, l4lrian/72, Andrew/75) 525 Circle Dr, Burl i ngton 27?15 --- Deborah & Bi I l RIcHT \Jenny/71, Jonathan/79, Katie/83) 381 Ftvnt


ley Ct,






Arlene & Steve SHAKo (Eml75,-Brent/7l.) RD z 8ox 202, Schoharie 12157 --- Kate SHARP &

72, Ieddy/73, Jodie/78) 169 Van Dorn Rd, Ithaca 14850 --- Jeff & Linda DAVIS (Atiicia/ 82, Robin/86) 20 Fawn Av, Salamanca 14779 --' Jim & Maureen DeCRISToFARo (Jeffrev/75. 14ichael/76) 73 Pulaski St, Southam;ton ti96B ---. Robert & Linda DoMAN0SKI (Kaiti inl90, Beth /82) P0 Box 66, l,/estbrookviile 12795 --- paul 6 Claudy_0tJYER (paut/79, t4ikey/BZ, l4aggie/85)

Guadalupe/76, Rene/77, Jean/79, ilizabeth/Bt


Peter & tlarcara IRVINE (a.ica/79, Phjl ip,/Bl) 522 llottinghailr Rd, Syracuse l32llJ --- Virginia


1006 3Fd


!,{inston-Salem 27104 NORTH OAKOTA HOI4E SCHOOL ASSOC.


S!./, Mandan 58554

- Larry

& Patty ARNoLD (Heather,/8o, 3B000 Shaker Btvd, Chaqrin fa]ls Richard E Penny BARKLR (Brirton/68, Maggie/73, Dafiel/74, Ben/76, Jonah/78) Rt 3. 0H

Gabrielle,/82) 44022


Millersburg 44654 --- Terry & Hendy BENDERMILItR (Hope/78, Teva/82) 1t44 S t6th St. Coshocton 43812 --- Jdnet & No"mdn BEN\Eft iKathryn/62) 2747 N Harbor Dr. t4aineville

--- James BoDE & Candace t4ILLER (Erica/ Morgan/85) 439 S Cole St, Lina 45805 --& Deborah B0NEM (Laura/80, En.ily/83) 3081 Coleridge Rd, Clevetand Heights 44118 --Greg E Linda BRUNET (Kimberty/83) 770 Anthony 45039




Mason 45040

--- tinda

& Mark CLIFToN

(Joshua/78, Rachei/79, Joel/82) 515 Northwood 45019 --- Ed & Joyce CON|'{AY 18i11/71, Vayne/72, l4ichaet/82) 83tO Cloveridge, Falls 44022 --- David & Nan ERBAUGfi (Zachary/77, Noah/82) Box 3GB, Ansonia 45303 --- Evelyn FARAS (Jutjan/83) 348 E M.idlothian, Youngstown 44507 --- l,1ark & Dolly FISHER (Cory/76, Audrey/82, Stefany,/84) 943 oneida Tr, Jamestovn 45335 --- Douqlas & Linda FL00D (Bethany/78, Jonelle/80, Susinne/83, David/84) 7395 Portaqe St, Solon 44t39 --Kathleen & Peter foTiS (Jonatrai/78, Emily/83) 636 overbrook Dr, Columbus 43214 --- Irwi; & l'lary GEMLICH (Ann Marie/80) 10036 Ravenna RdThinsburg 44087 --- Joe & Barbara GRAhAM (Charlie/79, Annie/Bl, Laura/82) ll92 lebster Rd, Jefferson 44047 --- ceorqe & Diane HoRRIGAN (Adam/81, Seth/BJ) B73i Camelor Dr. Chesterldnd 44A26 --- Ter"i & Ld.rv.lOhAR0 (Victorid/73, Josnua//9) 6824 t4erwln Av. Cin-

Terr, Hanjlton

ci.nnati 45227 --- cary & pat HUSS (Megan/ 74, Abigail/78, i,{hitney,/83) 2399 Cove;try Rd, --- Diane E Carl JAHNES (iieqan/ 78, Benjdmin/81, Jerfrey/83) 3970 pert Hiti Rd, Hopewel I 43746 --- Joe 8 Karin JTRNBERGBRIGGS (Jorianne/79, Joet/79, t4ariah/83) 2t6Colunbus 43221

262-4070, wooster 4129 liloodedge

--- Jitt

JoRoAN iAnrber/8z)

Dr, Bellbrook




lBethany/80) 4334 Graybi I I Rd, ceorgetown 45121 --- George & Ruth KIRCHHAUSEN KIMELE

(Jasnrin/7/, Bryce/81 ) 6414 Rt 86, Concord


!!A77 --- Jack & Lyn (ISTLER (Scott/80, iariT 82) 13881 James Dr, Novelty 440/Z --- Scott &

Paula K0I,/ALKE lPeter/79, Adam/82) 5998 Taylor Rd, Painesville 44077 --- Clark & pan LE|'liN (Iaylor/82, Kaylan,/83) l5B4 Hillwood Dr. Kettering 45439 --- Rich & <andy LIGHT {Rick/67, Dasn/58, Timy/69, David/69, Amy//3, Annee/8i ) P0 Box



Gambier 43022


Canton 44711






OF OHIO, PO 9083,

Mike & Nancy t4cKIBBEN (Carrje /80, Max/82, Susanna/85) 890-3141, Columbus 4.1229 --- Lynda & John t'1c_AIN (lJyatt/80, Coral /83) 3000 Brice Rd, Box 85, Brice 43t09 ---


l4cQulTTY, P0 Bax 223, Rjptey 45167 t4ILLER (Laura/79, Al len/80. Scott/82, Timothy/84) p0 Box 701, Fremont 43420 --- Cleo & l4ark NAFZIGER (Justin,/gtSeth/83) 215-g Delhi Av, ColumDus 43202 ---

--- Craig & oonna




O.C.E.A.I,I., OHIO COATITION FOR EDUCATIONAL ALTERIIAIIVES N0|l, P0 8ox 094, ThoLrpson 44086 --- Gary E Lynn PEPPERS (Joshua/78, Adrian/80, Gabriel,/83) 3620 0ellecrest Av, cincinnati 45208 --- Susan & llickey RIC€ (Janet./76, l'lindy ./80, Steven/83) 16261 Soltis Rd, Garrettsville 44231 --- tlike & Jan RUD0ELL (Eflin/8z) 3085 tlaynesville-Jantestown Rd, Xenia 45365 --- Bill RUFFIN, Box 36347, Cincinnati 45236 --- Jiril E Rosale SCHNECK (Peter/76, Annika/81, Abran/ 85) 231 llohican Av,offville 44667 --- Jiat SHA}I & Louann REBBIN-SHAIJ (Jene/8|) 5038 Indian 8luff, Dayton 45424 --- Kevin & Patti VAN BUSKIRK (Luke/79, Hannah/82, Caleb/85) 5290 Taia Rd, Celina 45a22 -" Johnny & Kathy VAN STYII (H€nry/81) 109 Mulberry, Cincinnati 45210 --- Aaron & Beverly IIELCH (Tir/82, Nathan/84) 4705 |lJ Bancroft, loledo 43615 --Chip & Lynne l.llSARD, H0l4E SCHooL RESoURCE CENTER, 1444 Gurle/ Av, Akron 44310 --- Shari IIISEI{AN, CHRISTIAN PAREIITS EDUCATI ON ASsOC, 310 Bluebonnet Dr, Findlay 45840


0K Frank & Cindy BRASIELL, 0KLAHoM CHRISTnft HoME EDUCAI0RS ASSoC, 2008 Meadowbrook, Ponca City 74604 --- David E Pe99y

BRolil {Angela/76, StacJ/8o, Natalie/85) 510 Crqsby Blvd, Nidwest City 73110 --- Richard & Laura CHURCHILL {Sarah/84) 5456 E 7l il7B, Tulsa 74136 --- Kathryn CLARK {t4icky/77, Hilary/79, Peter./81, John/85) 163 spunky creek Dr, Catoosa 74015-2313 --- Bill & Jeanne DUNCAN

(Travis/76, Jedidiah/78, Chelsea/81

B.oadway, Cushing 74023


753 FAI4ILY LtARlllNg



CoNNECTI0N, P0 Box 12268, oklahoila City 73157 oan & Lee FAUST (Jud/79) Rt Box 155, Jennifer & Hugh GEMI'IELL Ituldrow 74948




(Trahern/80, Caitlin,/84) 4146 S Harvard, F-6, Tulsa 74135 --- Tony & Sandy KAFKA (Yvonne/77, zaneta/7g, Aaron/81, TinDthy/84) 310 s oak, Sapulpa 74066


oennis & Susan LAFFIN (Greg/

830 BelrEnt Rd, 74005 --- oouglas & Patricia (Crispin/79, Ardath,/81) 1409 S l4aple'

78, Brian/79, Valerie,/83)

Bartlesville LAUSoN


NAT'L CoALITIoN 0F Eartlesville 74003 CHRISTTAN H0l'lE EDUCAToRS, P0 Draver 440, Jenks OKCENTRAL HOI,IE SCHOOL SUPPORT OROUP, 74037 '142'12



Piedrilont Rd, Piedilont 73078



Cheryl RICHAR0Son (Jeff/76, Briana/78, Noah/ 8l)'1375 N 76th E Av, Tulsa 74115 --- Cindy & Gary RoBItlsoN (Anisa/75) P0 Box 130, l4ounds

74047 --- Joyce & Earl sPutlclN {Catherine/81) 5537 N Barnes,oklahohE City 73112 --- Larry & Carol ulLSoN (Crista/75) Rt 2 Box 366-1, Chel-

sea 74016-9802



Jodi & John



Kyle/gz) 2375 Nli Chinook Dr, Corval lis 97330 --- Chris ANDERS0N (Billy/79, Sissy/80) P0 Box 418, tlinchester 97495-0418 --- Jim & Tyra ARRA,, (Elizabeth/73, John/74) Box 520, Chiloouin 97624 --- Richard & Pattiebuff BEAR (l.licah/80, Eiorn/83) 464 s 41st, springfield 97478


Jaiaen BEC( E John PARE, P0 Box 346,

Scio 97374 --- Dave E Meeky BLIZZARD (Ben/74, tlicholas/7g) Rt I Box 916. Beaverton 97007 --John & Toni BtUM-CATES (Leah/80, Asa/85) 190


llE Prtterson, Roseburg 97470 BRoltt{

(Michael/59, Cassaundra/70)

Elizabeth NATIoNAL

GUILD, 515 NE 8th St, Grants Pass 97525 --- The CHERSoNSKY {LYNCH) Family, P0 Box 99. Selma 97538 --- CHRISTIAII LIFE woRKSHoPS, 180 SE Kane Av, Gresham 97030 --- Sheri & Bob CLEI,{EN (Taylor/79, Eethany/81, Layne/84) 90765 Dalewood Dr, Junction City 97448 --Alison CLEMENT & Chuck UILLER {Charlotte/83) Kristen l3l6 SE 23 St. Portland 97214 K0ESTER, Rt 3 Box 2310, Gaston 97119-9303 --Davld & Kitty DES|,IARTEAU (Heather/77, Daniel /81) 910 Carmel Dr sE, Salem 97301 --- Martha D0L0T E Bob LLEI{ELLYN (Chelsea/80) l82l MoonJohn & Debbie shine Pk Rd, Logsden 97357 Hol.lE EDUCATIoN



0oUGHTY Rachel /75, l'1elea/81 DoUGLAS C0UNTY RoseHollE SCH0oLERS CoNNECTI0N, 4053 Hanna (


burg 97470 --- steve & Kay G00DSELI {Kim/74, Kelly/17, Lindsay/8o) 425 SE Edwards, Dundee 97115 --- Steve & Debie GURZI 15201 Hoerster

Ln, Rogue River 97537


oavid E Marilyn HALL 15125 Evans valley Rd

(ilichael/80, Teresa/82)

l{8. Silverton 97381


I'lelissa & Loren HEUERTZ (Tionne/66, tlichelle/69, Nikoli/71, Joshua/74) 19908 E Evans Crk Rd, Ihite City 97503


Luke/78, 97477



Jill/81) 2159't' 5t, Springfield


Kathy HoLLoI,,AY (Tiel/81) Box 372,

--- IHE Holt'lE SCHooI RESEARCHER, Ed Dept,osu, Corvallis 97331 Kay HUTCHINS0N (0ustin/83) Rt 3 Box 27, Lloyd & llarie JENSEN Forest Grove 97116 ileskowin 97149

c/o B. Ray, Sci



(Soren/79, Jmes/80, August/82) THE LEARIIING SPIRAt, 11878 Greensprings, Ashland 97520 ---

Jane JoYCE lLaura/7z, Alex/75) THE LEARNING CoNNECTI0N, 535 Barbara Dr, Grants Pass 97526

--- Gary & Regina KEoIN (Sienna/75, Demian/81) 293 Cherie Ln, Myrtle Creek 97457 --- Kristin K0ESTER, Rt 3 Box 2310, Gaston 97119-9303 --R'ick & Betsy KRAFT (Jerooe/79, Kelsey/82) llaple Hill School, 5756 72nd SE, Salem 97301 --- Ralph KRUMDIECK E Lynn CoATES (Chad/69, Enily/77, Alice/82)




Eugene 97401

Rick & Ann LAHRS0N (Alice/78, Erin/81) 5360 S}l l92nd, Aloha 97007 --- IANE CoUNTY

2557 Kincaid, Eugene 97405 --- Mary MAYFIELD & Donn Ro}lE (Rhiannon/ 77) 28915 Liberty Rd, Sweet Hone 97386 --Gary & Gwenn MCCALEB (Krysta & Eryn/77) 571 Lynn & Gordon Lockwood Rd, Roseburg 97470 LEARNING CoNNECTI0N,



(Kate/78, Andrew/83) 950

Pl, Corvallis




Kathy MURDoCK (Dave/ 97330 NATIoNAL B00K 7l) P0 Box 84, Selma 97538 C0. 333 Sll Park Av, Portland 97205 --- ilike & Kathy oPPEDYK (Shawn/72, Lisa/79, Becky/82) Rt Box 3665, Nyssa 97913 Laura PRITCHAR0







PA. Rr. SC

(P.A.T.C.H.), P0 Box 5345,0regon

97045 --- Garth & Pat PUTNAM (David/68, Shannon/70, Eeth/73, Sean/75) H0IIESCH0oLERS 0F LANE CoUNTY, 38040 Pengra Rd, Fall Creek 97438 r-- Anna 0UINN-SMITH (Kristin/71 ) 2338 NE l5th, Portland 97212 --- Brian & Betsy RAY (Hallie/80, Rachel/82) 434 S Atwater St, Monmouth 97361 --- Leslie REDPATH (August/76, Brooke/78) 25818 Cherry Crk Rd, Monroe 97456 --- Sal'ly SHUMAKER (Echo/78, Jasper/81, lvlarVi/ 83) P0 Box 895, Port orford 97465 --- Gayla & Richard SLATT0N (Cord/82, Dain/85) 33330 St Funny Farm Rd, Estacada 97023 --- Dawn SoFICH (Brandie/74) 27497 5 Skinner Rd, Estacada 97023 --- Carlo & l{arcia SPANI (Shannon/78, Renee/80) ALoHA KIDS ACADEMY, 4640 S}{ l82nd, Aloha 97007 --- Steve & Diana STEARNS-SMITH (Corrie/76, verity/79, owen/83) 3060 Blackthorn, l4edford 97504 --- Marten E Mary SToNE (Travis/73, ryler/75) 13285 Hwy 42, Hinston 97496 --- Jin & Paula SULLMN (Kelly/78, Janie/81, Ph'illip/83) 685 l{ i4arquam St, P0 Box 1017, l4t Angel 97362 --- l4ycall SUNANDA, oREGoN HoME EDUCATI0N NETW0RK, 30119 overholder Rd, Cottage Grove 97424 --- Michael E Candace SYMAN-DEGLER ( lsaac/73, Vanessa/75, Lucien/79, India/82) 26409 Valley View Dr, Cheshire 97419 --- TEACHING H0t4E/cHRtSTIAN H0t4E SCH00LS, 8731 NE Everett 5t, Portland 9'1220 --- Aja E Abhaya TH0i4AS (Vrndavana/74, Gopal/79, Vedisa/82, Vyasa/85) 2003 SE 35th Pl, Portland 97214 --- Lynn TURRIFF (Kinberly/ 8l) RT I Box 103, Gaston 97119 --- Dennis TUURl, PARENTS EDUCATi0N AssoclATI0N, P0 Box l482, Beaverton 97015 --- John & Stephanie VoLKMAN (Jessanyn/75, Caitlin/82) 3917 N Mass, Portland 97227 --- Jin WALDR0N & Jean PEKAREK (Kai/80, Maya/85) Rt I Box 728, Joseph 97846 --- Doug & Jenny I.IESTBERG (Jesse/78, Sarah/8s) 3933 SE Francis #16, Portland 97202 --- John & Teresa }jtLSoN {Jeremy/77, Amanda/81, Allison/ 84) Rt 5 gox 1420, Klamath Falls 97601


PA - James & Laurie ADAMS llon/ll, Iina/ 79, Bld-r/8o) 123 I'later St, Apt 25E, Edinboro 16412 --- Joli E Ron BAKER {Vanessa/80. stuart

St, York 17402 --Ronald & Diana BASEi,IAN (0livia/78, Delia/82) 1002 Arbor{ood Dr, Gibsonia 15044 --- Debby E /82, Nora/84)

2401 S Queen

BELL (Gabriel & i4ichael/83, Katie/85) N Lincoln St, Palnyra 17078 --- Peter BERGsoN & Susan SHILCoc( (Amanda/76, Emily/78,

Kernit 'l15

Julia/81, Nicholas/84)


Bryn Mawr Av, Bryn Ma{r 19010 --- John & Linda BINDE (Melissa/76, Kristen/79) 1347 Turner St, Allentown 18102 --- Duight & Kathleen Bol.lEN {Timothy/78, sarah/80) RD4 Box l4l, Denver 17517 --Jane BRANCH (John/71 ) Box 296, Clar,l6313



Ed & Kay BRoMFIELD (Stephanie/

t-2, Shari/74) 1329 Blue l4t Dr, Danielsville 18038 --- Ronald & Josette BRoWN (Nathan/79. Lisette/8z, Andrew/8s) RR 2 Box 64, Upper

Black Eddy 18972 --- Tony & Carolyn CMTARESE (sunshine/80, Anthony,/85) P0 Box 3, Landingville'17942 --- Fullis & sob CoNRoY (Meredith/ 80, Fiona/83, Silas/85) R0 5 Box 252K, Smoky Corners, l,lilliamsport 17701 --- Eric & 0ebbye CoUGHEN0UR (Brian/77, Tegan/8o, oylan/84) RD I Mcshane Rd, Fenelton 16034 --- Sharon & Bill

DAVIS (Dustin/70, Clinton/72, Flaritt/75, Adam/ 16, Brett/7g, Meqan/82) RD 2 Box 286, Stoneboro 16153 --- Scott & Christine DeHART, 747 Storch Rd, State College 16801 --- Tom & Karin DESCHERE (Kristopher/78, Arwen/81) 140 I High-

land Av. Philadelohia l9l18 --- Jeff

Harriett Tower


DILLER (Adam/8o) 448 E Grand Av, 17980 --- Ann & Pat DoDGE (Aaron/

73, Mellisa/75, Louis/78, Jo/81) RD 2, Edinboro 16412 --- Sharon E 8ob DoNNoLA (Sean/83) RD I Box 46, Friendsville 18818 --- uJayne I

(Scott/76, Nathan/80) l4l4

otter St, Franklin 16323 ---

oave & Glenda

ERSKINE (Davina/58, Panela/70, Shawna/75, David/77) Box 250, l'loore Rd, Butler 16001 --Darlene & Michael FARBo {Sarah/77. Aaron/80, Zebulah/84) RD I Box 252, Conestoga 17516 --John & Donna FATURoS {JoseDh/79, Joshua/82, Benjamin,/84) RD 3 Box 402, Saylorsburg 18353

--- Martina & oavid FlNEl,,lAN (Alex/81. Ben/83) 512 Eaird Rd, Merion 19066 --- Linda & Ed FINLEY (Jolene/79, Collene/81, Terralee/84) 792 llazard Rd, Palnerton 18071 --- Joseph & Debbie FoRl'llCA ( I'tatthew/78, Tinothy/81, Peter/ 84) 6602 Chestnut St, Upper Darby 19082 --Linnette & Jeff GANAPoSKI (Alia/76, Kagan/79, Mica/84) P0 Box 301, centre Hall 16828-0301 --- Rich GIoRDAN0 & Ceil GLACKIN (Jessica/77, lan/81) 2626 Bonnaffon St, Philadelphia 19142 --- Robin & Linda HARCHAK (children/77,79, 8l) RD 4 Box 259. Duncansville 16635 --- Jane HILEMAN & Gaeton z0RZI (Katie/82, Graedon/85) 645 woodcrest Av, Ardnore 19003 --- Ted & Karen H0LT (l,latthew/78, Ananda/82, l4elinda,/83) '1915 5 Virginia St, Allentoun 18103 --- Linda HoLZBAUR E Ken RITTER (Grace/81 , Nathaniel /84) 6755 Glenloch st, Philadelphia 19135 --- Brad & Lori HoPKINS (Zachary/83, Skyler/85) P0 Box 219. lilillow Hill 1727t --- Joe & Susan JAFFER

(Suzanne/73, Gillian/75, Joseph/78) RD 2 Box 205, Waynart 1841? --- Todd & Jan JAUSSEN (Paul/80, Caleb/83, Abrahan/84) 452 Long Av, N Versailles 15137 --- Alex & Katie JAY {Julia/ 78, Ezral81, Josiyah/83) RD I 8ox 152D, l4yerstown 17067 --- Patty & Jeff KAPLAN (Sarah/79, Andrea/81) ll5 !inter Dr, North l{ales 19454 --- Luke & 0oris KEEFER {8rian/78,0ale/80) 1940 0ld York Rd, Dil lsburg 17019 --- Kate E Ed KERMAN lAda/1z, Aannah/76, Jesse/79) 7ll Forrest Av. Media 19063 --- Susan & Ed KLETNMAN (Keith/81, Stephan/83, Lea/86) 123 Camp-

bell Av,

Havertown 19083



David GREEN (Katelyn/78, I'larshal I /81 Narcissa Rd, Plymouth l4eeting 19462


) 2630 --- Len

Sue LAURIT0, (Jennifer/72, sarah/73, Jeff







Reese & l4ary LEE


{Justin/79, Brian/

PA, RD 2 8ox 334A, Munson 16860 --- Keith & Robin LEIoHECKER (Joshua /17, Adil/g1) RD 4 Box 233A, Montoursville



17754 --- Hannah LEITER (Ari/70, Ruth/81 ) 300 i4adison Av, Scranton 18503 --- Sharron & L'loyd LERE[ (Jennifer/78, Dorothy/80, Annie/82) R0 2, 0illsburg 17019 --- Adan LEVINE, 507 lloodland Ter, Philadelphja l9104 --- Ellie & Gerry LIT!]ACK (Geoffrey/79, Kate/86) 517 5 Roberts Rd, Bryn lvlawr 19010 --- Kim E Frank LUCERo (Lyndsay/80, l'lari/83) RD I Box 149, Robesonia 1955'l --- Susan LUM|IIIS, S.L.L. ASS0CIATES, P0 Box 212. New Hooe 18938 Joy & Fred MARLEY (Rachel/75, Ananda/76) Mahoninq l'lanor A-2, Punxsutawney 15767 --Mark & Joan MAUGHI'IER (lvlark/80, Kori/83) 443 E

Fairnont Av, State College 1680l --- Kate & llac McPHERSoN {i4atthe{/8o, Meghan/82) R0 I Box 461, Landisburg 17040 --- Peter E Deby l,lEszAR0S (Andor/81

College 16801 ---




Highland Dr, State

Charles & Jeanne MULLIGAN (Frank/71) R0 3 Box 369, I'lontrose 18801 --(Eni lyl72, christian/76' llada'lene MURPHY Ton & Clare/7g\ 823 Church Rd, Hatfield 19440 --NATIONAL COALITION OF ALTERNATIVE


1 Box 378, Glennoore 19343 --Anne & uilliafr 0'BRIEN {John/79, Catherine/83) 1342 t'tonk Rd, Gladwyne 19035 --- Joseph & SCHo0LS, RD

Helen 0l4L0R (J.R./79) JoYFUL LEARNING, Box ]294 RD 2. Douts Hill Rd, Holtwood 17532 --Frank & Meredith PARENTE (Daniel/80, Joseph/

82, Esther/85) l0l E l2th Av,

Homestead 15120 Sharad & Mary PATEL (Kerani/80, Ky'le/83) 421 Cricket{ood Ct, Canonsburg 15317 --PENCIT (PA EAST NETI,IORK OF CHILOREN INDEPENDENTLY LEARNING) 314 Bryn Mawr Av, Eryn Mawr 19010 --- Jodi PENDTR & l4arty NABHoLZ (Jamie/ 79, christopher/80, April/84) RD 3 Box 860, Felton 17322 --- Jay & Janet PINSKY (Max/81, Dorsche/84) lllT S 2nd St, Philadelphia 19147






Stroudsburg, 711 -4?1-5022 E Dave PoRTERFIELD (Link,/73, Sean/74) Box 556, Harmony 16037 --- Glenn & Rebecca




PRoUDFooT (children/80, 83, 85) 310 2lst Av, Altoona 15601 --- Geri & Frank QUARRACINo (Andrea/80, Lara/82, Peter/84) 312 Draper, Kimberton 19442 --- Brucie & Frank RAPoPoRT

(l'4atthew/81, Alexandra/83) 536 l,l llayne Av, Iayne 19087 --- Ethan REINHARD & Molly HALL

(tsther/8|, Cordelia/83) 139 N 4th St, Rear, Philadelphia 19106 --- Susan & Howard RICHI'4AN (Jesse/77, Jacob/80, l,4olly,/83) PA



E Kathryn ERS, RD 2, Kittanning 16201 RICKERS (Emily/76, Thomas/80) 813 Aylesbury Dr, Lancaster 17501 --- Alan & Judy RoBERSoN (Enily/82) 22 Tanguy Rd, Glen l4ills 19342 --Tom & Rhonda SAINT AMANT (Kelly/69, Mark/7g, Joseph/Bl, Philip/84) 317 [liller St, Franklin 15323 --- Katherine & i4ark SEMISCH (Christopher/79, l'fargaret/82, Lucy/A4) 56 flarden Rd, Doylestown 08901






ITY HUi4AN SERVICES CoRP, 374 Lawn St, Pittsburgh 15213 --- Debi SHUI1AN (Dawn/77, Miles,/ 79, zachary/B?l 226 E Gorgas Ln, Philadelphia l9tl9 --- Bi ll & Peggy SI'IELTZER (l'1a99ie/i2)

Box 15, curryville 16631 --- carol SIIITH-RoACH & Andrew RoACH (Carol Ann/80, A^dy/82, Peter/

85) 3338 Richlieu Rd, Apt 0-203,


19020 --- Jonathan & Sandra SPECK (Noel le/75, Laura/78, Autumn/79, Luke/85) 515 3rd St'

--- Jeffrey E lois STiCKLER (Joshua/79, Joel/80, Rachael/82) 240 E Goepp St, Bethlehem 18018 --- Michael & ltlonica VAccARo (Katie/79) RD 2 Box 304, Mill Hall '17751 --- Lieselotte & James VISSER, 100 Shepard 0r, Pittsburgh l5?39 --- Edward E Christjne WALK0 (Joe/78, John/8o, Mary Rose/82, Zachary/85, l'latthew/8s) 109 High St, Rices Landing 15357 --- Josette & t'lark IIARFEL (Jacob /78, Laura/83) R0 I Box 395, Henryville 18332 --- Gene & Linda I,IERNER (Gene/7g, Bill/82) 38 He'llers Church Rd, Leola 17540 --- Greg & Thea (Nathan/79, Lesl ie/95) 88 Rocky Grove .)6323 '.JHEELING --- Bob E Janet l,llLLIAi4S Av, Franklin (Jenny/71, l4atthew/72, Amy/74, Jacob/77, Katie/791 6A8 E Berljn Rd, York Spgs 17372 --- John & Carol ULSoN (Luke/78, Rachel/82) 1409 Pennsylvania Av, Pittsburgh 15233 --- Cliff E Lois l,{RiGHT-SUNFLo$lER (Beorn/78, Phoebe/79, Burleigh/81, Noah/84) Bear Honey Farns, 2371 llest Best Rd, Bath 18014 --- Elmer & Ginny ZINK (t4ichael /80, Joshua/Bl , Stephanie/84' Benjamin/85) 521 N geaver St, York 17404 Cresson 16630


Nancy EDI'|0NDS0N

oavid/75, Elizabeth/78)

RI - Gerry & Jack BARRY (John/8o, Janes/ 82, i,tichael/85) l7 Cedar Cir, Kingston 02881

--- Steve & Ruth CHERRY (Sasha/77, Jered/81) 512 Metacom Av, Bristol 02809 --- Hall E Any HtTziG (Jaana/82, Alexander/84) RR I Box 221, Shore 0r, uesterly 02891 --- RH0DE ISLAT'IDERS FOR CONST I TUT IONAL EDUCAT ION 401' -?7 4-8897 c/o

--- lricia


02906 SC




& Anne JoHNSoN (Eleanor Denny Rd, Columbia

/82, Cat-herine/85) l5l7 29203



Rt 2 Box ]7, St Stephen 29479 --- Gary & Angela CoUTURE {Heather/74, Juniper/77, Tansy/ 78) 107 Arrovhead 0r, sumerville 29483 --' Sid & Lisa HERZoG (Rochelle/73, J.J./16, Brad/

78, Kristin/81, Craig/83)




ISLAND, P0 Box 546, Coventry 02816 --Tony & Bea TERCEIRA (Chuckie/71, t'latthew/74) Central Pike. N Scituate 02857 --- Peter I Brigitta VAN DAAM (Julia/70, Jessica/73, Percival/76, Paul/82) 46 E Georqe St, Providence RHoDE

121 Dogwood

Hill 0r,

Creek 29445 --- David & Colleen LAS0FF (Nathan/82. Katie/84) 138 Jean llell 0r, Goose


SC, SD, TN, TX Michael I Karen SMITH (Alissa/ 79, Rhianna/83) Rt 4 Box 227, central 29630


Creek 29445


l,4ike & Shannah SZCZEPANI( (Ryan/75,

l4ichael/82, Stasia/84) 401 Eln village, summerville 29483 --- Charles & 0olores HHITE (Rachael/73, }lil/75, Benji/76, Nathan/77, Robin/ 78, }lesley/80, Brian/81, Travis/82)'145 Beech Springs Rd, Pelzer 29669-9261 SD - Bhumi EAUMBERGER (Aryca/77, Ashana/ Nefr6 Rt Box 1033, Deadwood 57732 --- Mike & l'4ary DALY (Jon/77, Chris/78, Ruth/80, Eecky /84) SoUTH DAKoTA H0l'1t SCHooL ASSoC, Rt 2 Box 45. Garretson 57030


TN - l,lilliam & Judith BEALL (Lucius/78, ForestTgl) Rt l. Doeelltown 37059 --- Shannon


80TT0i|S, 257 Eisenhower


Robert & Linda





(Jordan/78, Tiffany/

80) Rt 5 Box 202, Le{isburg 37091 --- Linda & l,,like CLARK (Richard/72, Amy/74) Rt 2 Box 314, Johnson




June &



(Crai9/56, Frank/70) 2700 Priest Lake Dr, Nashville 37217-4116 --- Joyce DICKERMAN & Art STEilARI (Joel le/79, Aaron/83) Rt 5 Box 219, Speas Rd,




oave & Suzy


It4ike /72, Erin/7s, Amy,/79, Levi /83 ) HoMESCH00LING FAI4ILItS, ll6 Richards Dr, 0'liver Spgs 37840 --- Todd & Lynn EASTIN (Hanna/7g, Maren/ 79) Rt I Box 76, Shady Valley 37688 --- Manuel

& Susan FELICIANo llracy/70, Scott/72, Anita/ 79, DeLena/82) 232 N Tulane Av, oak Ridge 3i830 --- Don & Sara GIESI'1ANN {Carrie/76, Alison/79) 520 Brookwood Dr, Bristol 37620 ---

(aren & Jerry HARRIS (Tyler/72, Jake/77) 2003 Graybar Ln, Nashville 31215 --- Jerome & Vicki HAVERLAND (Erin/77, Annie/78, Molly/83) Rt I

--- Candace & Oarrel (Jacob/80, Eli/S2) Rt I Box 140D, Ste{37175 --- H0l4E EDUCATI0N ASSoC 0F TENN (HEAT), 3677 Richbriar Ct, l{ashvil'le 37211 --Jim & Brenda JINKINS (Alice/74, 0livia/77, Miranda/82) 6290 Elm Cove, Arlington 38002 --Natalie LeVASSEUR & John BARTIIIESS (Elizabeth/' 79, Julia/85) 6004 Glenmary Rd, Knoxville 37919 --- Jono & Turtie MacoERMoTT (Hannah/80, Toby,/82) Rt 14 Box 159, Cookeville 38501 --Mary & Richard I4ACHANoFF (Katie/79, Zacharyi' Box 274A, Treadway 37883 HEIKES


82, Emily/84) 408 valley 0r, 0liver spgs


Jay & Sandy



(Joshua/7o, Jesse Ella/

79, Annie/81, Becky/85) 916 Bailey 5t,


l le 37206 --- Kathy ltlcAtPlNE (Nathaniel /78) 2220 Ashwood Av, Nashville 37212 --- Susan & Arthur McBRIDE (Richard/81, LouAnne/83) P0 Box 357, Spring Hill 37174 --- Gordon & Mary



(Joel/81, Luke/8z, Timothy/85)


0neega Av, Erwin 37550 --- Gary & Earbara NICH0LS0N (Nathan,/76, Travis/79, Adam/82, Luke /85) 3916 Canbridge Av, Nashville 37205 --Rev. B.E. & Beth PALI'IER (Ellen/79, Annie/81) Rt 1l Box 6, Murfreesboro 37130 --- Lee & Kelly PEIPMEIER (Alison/72, Trey/77, Aaron/80) 59 N Dixie, Cookeville 38501 --- Janie & Butch RoSE (Richard/76, Chri stopher/78, Dan'iel /81 , Holly/83) 3817 lsland Hone Pk, Knoxville 37920 --- John & Cindy SEWELL (Amity/ig, Jereny/8])

Rt 4, Waddell

Hol low Rd, Franklin 37064-9433 --- Karen & Michael SMITH (Alissa/79, Rhianna/ 83) Rt ? Box 279, Decherd 37324 --- Patricia STREET & Courtney SCoTT (Cela/81, Connor/83) RR 4 Box 278K-2, Green Valley 0r, Ashland City 37015 --- Jane & Tom !,llLSoN (Ethan/77, Hannah/ 80) 1548 Joe Hinton Rd. Knorville 37931


TX - AMERICAN CHRISTIAN ACA0EI|Y, P0 Box 16l)eyville 76034 --- Ginny 8AKER, TX

H0['tE SCH00L

C0ALITI0N, P0 Box 1237, Quitman

75783 --- Charles & Ilana 8ARToN llalya/72, Alon/73) 5024 Thunder Rd. Dallas 75244 --BASIC tDUCATI0N, P0 Box 510589, D/FI Airport 75261 --- Kin & Ginger EECKSTIAD (Jason/72, Tal itha/74, Chri stopher/76, Johanna/78, Tati -

ana/83) 6305 Spindrift, San Antonio 78?39 --Mary 6 Bob BELI (David/75, Melissa/79) 2 King Dr, tlAS Corpus Christi 78419 --- Kathy BERRY E l4ark HELLER (Erin/81 ) 4330 Boren, llichita Falls 76308 --- Charles & Margaret BLoUNT (Aaron/72, Kathryn/74, Steph€n/76) P0 Box 451, Lockhart 78644 --- Judith & Kennan BoliloEN (Kennan/78, Nokoni/80, Camille/82, Joshua/84) Rt 3 Box 270G, Cleveland 77327 --- Mike & Tina ERoDERICK (Cory/79, l'latthe{/84) Rt 4 Box 476, Marble Falls 78654 --- Robert & Celita BRoUN (Randy/76) gox 6986, Abilene 79608 --- Pat & Rita BURNS (cheney/8o, Daniel lel84) 6 s}I Rd, Randolph AFB 78148 --- Deanna & Mark CHIASSoN lEn\1y/73, Erin/77, Christopher/80) 3608 Greenwood Dr. Victoria 77901 --- Jim & Gloria CoTNEY (John/75, Joey/77, Katie/83) 1030 Mayberry Ct, Lewisville 75067 --- Brian E i4elinda CRAIG (Jason/81, Allison/83) Rt I Box 705, Henderson 75552-9722 --- Neil 6 launta DANqUE (Hunter-

ilest/77, Erika-llest/85)

oANQUE GIFTEo CHItD SCHooL, P0 Box 832, Bel'lvil'le 77418 DENNiS (i4atthew/79, Andre{,/84) P0 8ox 67, Gorman 76454 --- Bonnie DETTi4EN, FAt'lILY H0l'lE EDUCAToRS 0F DALLAS, P0 Box 280584, oallas 75228 --- Tim & Sherry EARLY (Rachel/


--- Vicki

85) 15707 Rill, Houstoo 77053 --- Kathleen FURNACE, THE I4EIER SCH0oLS, P0 8ox 427, Rosharon 77583

--- Gail

& Jack



Luke,/78) Rt I Box 704, Henphill 75948 --Carol & David KEI'i] (Robert/76, Susannah/77, Zachary/80, Clark/82) 929 E 50th, Austin 78751



75067 --- Nancy LoTZER (Jonathan /77, Benjanin/8zl 2973 Lavita Ln, Farm€rs Branch 75234 --- Liza L0UBE (Tawasi/76, Tashubi/78, Pahos/79) P0 Box 100, Bastrop 78602 --Alicia E George LoWN (Joseph/76, Alicia/70) P0 8ox 888, San Anqelo 76902 --- Robert & Joan



(Jessica/77, lodd/80) 7204 i4ccain

Rd, Colleyville 76034 --- Jim & Lisa MCGIilNESS {John/81, James/85) 5318 Redstart St, Houston GRotilNG l,llTHouT 5CH00uNG r54

TX, UT, VT, VA 77096-6228 --- Travis & Susan I4cKNIGHT (Treva/ 77, Shauna/81) P0 Box 714, Arlinqton 76010 --14drgdreI HcLAtN (Johnnie/83) Rt i, Ddwson 76639 --- Judy & Larry Mct'tlLLAN (Rebecca/72, Hedther/75) 6411 Sugar Creek, San Antonio 7.8244 --- Oon E Sandy 14lLLER (Nicki/68, Tracey /71, Atina/74) 5837 Glen Arbor, Corpus Christi 78412 --- Jess I Linda MILLS (Tammy/68,

Michael/69, Any/72, David/74, Jess/77) p0 100874, San Antonio 78201


Box Sunmer l,1lLT0N,

Rt 4 Box 176, Fredericksburq 78624 --- Jin Nancy |4oNTAGUE lAny/71, Erja/72, Aarcn/74, Annette/76, Philip/78, Heid.j/80, Lestie/84) ZARAHEMLA LEARNING CENTER, I l0 Carter St,


Borger 79007 --- Ton E Tereisa tl0RRIS (Brandon /83) 5737-64th St, Lubbock 79424 --- Chuck &

Suzanne |\40RTENSEN (Stewart/70, Reagan/75, Garrett/80, Ashley/80, Andrew/81 ) Gen Del,

Skidilrore 78389 --- Tim & Jeanie 0LIVER (Corina /82) P0 8ox 1629, l,linberley 78676 --- Eecky PoWERS, EL PASo H0t4E SCH0oLERS ASSoC. Star Rt Box 87, Anthony 19821 --- td & Jean RODRIGUIZ (Timothy/78, Benjarnin/81 ) 3003 Tangtewood Dr, Conmerce 75428 --- Chuck & Judy R0SEN (Nathan/ 16, Leyi/q2) 293] ocean !Jay, League City 77573 --- Larry & l'lari lyn SALINAS (Eleanore/79, Alex /81) 905 2nd, l'larble Falls 78654 --- Bob &

Paula SINGLEToN (Stephanie/81, Jordan/84)

Dr, Dal las 75218 --- SUt4l4lT CHRISTIAN 13789 Noel Rd, Suite 100, Dattas 75240 --- TIXAS HOME EDUCATORS NEI,]SLETTER. Box 835105, Richardson 75083 --- Peter &





Arlene I{ANNEI'IACHER (Lyana/8t, Ariet /84) Rt l9 Box 3510, Conroe 77303 --- Kathv & Alan I{ATTS (tiina/77, Jesse/80) Rt 2 Box 2630. Ceddr Creek 78612 --- Gary & Leslie WEEKS (Austin/77, Zachary/82, Aubrey/84) Rt 2 Box 350A, Linden 75563


Bi I


& Suzanne HILLISFoRD (i4ark/78.

Amyl80, Reoekah/85) 57lO Derby Ln, Beaumon! 77706 --- Jim & Lynn HlSD0t4 (Jarnes/79, f4ichael /81) Star Rt Box 379, Burnet 78611 --- Jean IIITTEi4AN, CHRISTIAN HOME ED. OF SAN ANTONIO. l?170 New Sulphur Spgs Rd, Adkins 78101

UT - Brad & Lee ALLRED {Cha.tie/72. Darrin/74:ilend,y /77, Spencer/78, Penn/83) 1037 oak Dr, Brigham City 84302 --- Yolanda BREIDENBAUGH (Adam/73, April,/75, Jason/77) 4t50 N


09den 84404 --- BRIGHAI4 YoUNG UNMR5lTY, Dept of Independent Study,206 Harman Continuing Iducation Blog, Provo 84602 --Steve & Linda BLIfLER (Jessicd/81, Rachet/83) 441 I'lillcreek, iloab 84532 --- Lee & Kathi 3500

(Ami,/74, Enili,/76, Tiffani/77, Kimberli /79, Christopher/82, Hillari/83, Staci/B5) 1437 Hollowdale Dr, Holladay 84121 --- Charles


(Charles/76, Heather/79, Heidi/ 82, Jack/85) 761 N Hightand, Brigham City 84302 --- Kaye & Iown JENSgN {Kaylinn/71) 795 S Loader Av, Pleasant crove 84062 --- l4ichael I Karen JENS€N (Joy/77, Julie/79, Jason/Bl. Jerenia/83, Joseph/85) P0 Box 1326, provo 84603 --- Joyce & Dick KtNI40NT (Andrea/66, Ritchie/68, Robbie/70, Iina/72, Kari /j4, Mi11i /77, Becky/80, Krystal/83) Ai,tERICAN Hol{t ACADEI4Y, 2770 S 1000 W, perry 84302 --- I4OUNT VERNoN ACADEI4Y, 184 Vire Sr, I4urray 84 t07 --David & Linda 0ISTER (Joanna/72, Andy/73, David/76, Sarah/78, Carrie/80) 330 S 900 E. Kaysvi I le 84037 --- Karl & Betty PEARSOI\ (Lisa /78, Erik/a0, Andrea/8z, clenn/-84) lA-3 S |/lvmunt, Provo 84604 --- Rdymond E Eileen pER: KIilS (sadie/80, Sean/82, pat|ick/85) 146 N 500 E, Provo 84601 --- TENDER TUToR. 2770 S 1000 }J, Per.y 84302 --- UTAH hOt4E FDUCATI0N ASSoC, P0 8ox 6338, Salt Lake Citv B4lO5 --Dennis & Janice }JELKER (Joseph/79, Stephen/81, laomi/82, Jonathan/85) 932 E l060 South. provo 84601 --- Bob & Cathy HRAY (Donna/65, Jut je/ 67, John/69) 5870 ll 10400 North, Hightand 84003 E 0iana






ChaiTotte 05445

--- SalIy


& t4ike ALTI4AN l,] Charleston

(Travis/76, Jennie/79) Box 669,

05812 --- Kathy & Sas BLAIR (Becky/76i LEARNING AT Hol{E, VT, RD I Box 303, l,/atervi|e 05492 --- Seajay & Steve BRICK (Zachorayia/93) P0 Box 217, Warren 05674 --- Celine CLARK (Ben /77) RD 1 Box 810, Starksboro 05487 --- Jim CUNNING|IAII, Waterville 05492 --- & Nerbert DeUEES (Hannah/70, Esa/74) RD I Box 200. Vershire 05079 --- Stephen & Roberta HISLop (Timothy/79) P0 Box 308, Randolph 05060 --Laurence HOLTZ & Priscilla ADSIT (Samara/Bl ) RD I Boi 281G, Plainfietd 05667 --- Debbie & Ranoy KNIFFIN (Se"end/76, Emily/90, Richje/83) Spruce (nob Rd, t4iodletown Soos 05757 --Cindy & Rich LARSoN, VERI'loNT ttOttt SCgOOrrnS ASSoC, P0 Box 1002, Middletown Sprinqs 05757 --- Josepr E Flartl'a l4cSHERRy (Frank/t6, Carolyn/78, tlena/81) RD I Box 340 Hi]lview Rd, Richmond 05477 --- I40UNT CARI4EL ACADEMY. RD I Box 1737, [atervi]le 05492 --- Barbara & Ken NYE (Jeremy/75, Cameran/78) Rt 4 Box l4lBEnosburg 05450 --- Martha oSMUN (tieadow/76) Rb I, Bristol 05443 --- Djane E Irwjn poST (Nathan,/82, Brian/84) Rt 2 Box 445. Bethel 05032 --- Glen & Lesl ie SEiFERT (Emity/79, Nicholas/82) RFD I Box 150, Jeffersonville 05464 --- SHAKER MoUNTAIN 5CH00L. IBB S |lJinooski Av, Ed.lington 05401 --- Jean SHARP \Adair/17) 2590 Shaker Hilt, Starksboro 05487

---_Patti. & creg SMITH (Jennille/77, Eti/79, Ashleigh/81, Averi/84) P0 Box 7, Chartotte 05445 --- Laura & Fred SNYDER (ph.ill iDl75) 7l Alpine Haven, Montgomery Ctr 05471 --- David & Elizabeth SHIFT (Gabriel/78, Box 161, Pittsford 05763

VA - Pierre 6 Linda BLoNDEL (Dif,itri/74, Enile,ry8) 1300 Knolt St, Chartottesville 2290i --- Tom & Ann BRoIN (Todd/7s, Meris/78) Box 452, Lottsburg 22511 --- CHRISTIAN LIGHI pUBu-

CATI0N5, P0 Box 1126, Harrjsonburg 2ZBO1-j126 GROI.IING



--- Scott CHRISTIAN, Rt 5 Box 3398. f4artinsville 24112 --- CLEARINGH0USI 0F EDUCATIoNAL CH0lCE, l6li N Kent St #805, Artjngton 22209 --- Linda & DoBy (Altlson/Bz, ilr?abelh/85) RL I Box 56, Soout Spring 24593 --SallJ & Franklin

(Benjarnin/76, Danie1/18) 7022 Stanford Dr, Alexandria ZZ3O/ --Stanley & Katnleen DoURIS {Aplrodite/72, Athena/75. Nicholas/76. Sophid/81, Ale^ander/ 84) P0 Box 128, Uake 231i6 --- Xit & Mike I tNN (l4jchael/72, Danette/78, Bridqet/79, Socorro/ Bl) 105 Idaho Cjrcle, i,titljam;burq 23t85 --Anne & Gregory F0X (Sara/75, Tony/79, EtizaD0[4INGUEZ

beth/82) 3803 Shelley Ln, Annandate ZZOO3 --Dan & Theo GiESY (Danile/65, Darrin/67, Susan/ 69, Anita/72) 44ll Colonial Av, Norfolk 23508

--- Nancy & cregory cILLES (Jorathan/76, Ndtl'an/79. Brandon/85) I lZ30 frdnbrook Ln, 0a(ton 22124 --- Barbara & Robert G0L0 (HTl7i) 1000 N Quantico St, Arlinqton ZZ2O5 --- peLer G00DI'1AN (Ben/72, Susan,70i Rt I Box tb3. I ree Union 22940 --- Terry & Kim GROoTERS (Brianne/ 85) P0 Box 60, l4ontvale 24lZZ --- Terence & Suzanne HAHl.1 (Courtney/74, Katie/79, tmily/80) INDIG0 PARK LEARNING CENTtR, t04 Giadys Dr, !i I I i ansbu.g 23185 ___ steve & Debbie H0KE (An_ dy/77, Mike/78, Kaitljn/81, tlatthew/84) Rt


Box 223, Lexington 24450 --- to|vlE EDUCAT0RS ASS0C 0F VIRGINIA, P0 Box t810, Front Royat 22530- l8l0 --- Edgar HoWARo (lsaaci 80, Benjamin/82, Rachel/83) Rt 3 Box 456. ADinqdon 24210 --- lina & Pdtrict dUGHty-C0MI4ERS-(Frin/ 80, Noah/85) Rt I Box 60A, Lovrngsron 22949 --- Earbara & Frank J0LLY (Claire/83) p0 Box 33, lJashington 22747 --- Karen KARAFIN & Lloyd H0LF (Ema/84) 5il0 S lst 5t, Arlinq[on ?2204 --- Joseph & Patricia KLtcAN (rtrchaat/73) l862 Post oak Trail, Reston 22091 --- Michaet & Kathleen KING (Alisha/80, Joshua/82, Brieanna/ 85) 3425 Chelsea Dr, ttoodbridqe 22192 --Victoria & Leon KNIGHT (Charlotte/74. Jennifer & Rebecca/76) 5497 Carolin. Rd, Suffolk 23434 --- David & Mary Alice KRATZ (Greta/80. Andrew /84, Joseph/73) 709 S Adams St, Arlingtoa 22204 --- Carolyn & Donald t4ALIN lJulla/77, Levi/79, Joseph/84) 2505 E tlain St, Box A, Hytheville 24182 --- Cdthy E Fred HYERS (Scott /80, l'lichel le/82) NoRTH VA HoMESCH00LERS NE|IJSLETTER,30l5 Fairmont St, Falts Church 22042



CAfl0N, Rt 3 Bor 543, Rustburq 24588 --- Jonn & Jennifer NEhCotlB (LtisaberhTTB, Bobby/Bl, Billy/84) 905 Elliot Dr, Blacksburq 24060 --Jim & [dwind 0 T00Lt (Jimy/55, t4aa9ie,/69. Frank/71, Regina/74) Box 256, xing-George 22485 --- Kim & Leslie PAYNE (Heten/76.-Lee/ 79, Jean/8, Sanuel/84) 3 Battle park Dr. Sootsylvania 22553 --- Ddle & Linda pEFBLES iKaiie /77 , Byron/80, El i zabeth/83) 22'lB Dartmouth Dr, Alexandria 22301 --- L.isa & Richard p0l,JERS

(Patty/80, Kristin/83) Rt I Box 125-M.



Colleen & Steven




19, Dylan/a?) Rt I Box 217A, Riner 24149 --Barbara & Howard RoBINSoN {Alan/79) Rt I 8ox 230-A, Floyd 24091 --- Harris & Harriette RoSENBLATI (Joshua/80, Spring/83) p0 Box 32, Hood




& T,ish



Sinrone/84) 803 t4ountain Rd Nl.i, Roanoke 240t7 --- Jennifer SEIP, Rt 2 Box ll3-8, Ftoyd 24091 --- SEToN SCH00L Hofit STUDY, One Kidd Ln, Front Royal 22630-3332 --- pat & Kyte SBaMATE

(Ryan/77, Ashleigh/80, (elsey/83) i{t 2 Box 177-E, (opper riil Z4O7g --- Ddvjo SLEZAK & Denise ZIT0 (t'ia"^/28, Suzanne/8t, Joel/84) Rt I Box l85, I ree union ZZ94O --- Ma.ian & Rov SPITZER {Virginia/77, Ldwej/79, Brenna/gl, Clenn/83, 6retel /85) 9526 Rocfport Rd, Vienna 22180 --- ClaJdia STEI(qEN (Benjdmin/77) 98t4 Mclearer Ct. fdjrfax ?2030 --- Ron & Linoa ST0|/IELL (Aaron/78, Jason/84) lt06 l,,/avnewood 8lvd, Alerandria znOA --- pdut & pairjcia 5TRoNG (Daniel/77, Kdthryn/78, Dduid/79) ZnA Sewell Ln, Roanoke 24015 --- Roqer & Sharon VINES (t4aury/79, [4ason/93) 3320-f]averlv Dr. Freoerrcksburg 22401 --- Randy & Ma.y itASHiNG-

ToN (Cha.lie/80, t'lissy/81, Mites/84)'Rt I Box 265-A, Axton 24054 --- Linda & Ed t/tLHELM (Bob-

/75, Dayid/78, Mark/80, Jonathan/85) Rt 'l 30-C, t loyd 24091 --- Larry (Rebecca'7/, Davio/80) lO28

McLean 22101

t Date YFAGER B.lts Hiil Rd,




RICULUI.I, P0 Box 222, t4edina 98039 --- paut & I inda ANDERSoN (Jessicd/79, Julia/8t) 915 l4elanie Ct N[, Bremerton 983t0 --- patti E Joe BLYSToNE (Seth,/80, Sean/83) 28823 N! Main StRidge'.t ld 98642 --- Reid BRANSoN & HArN (l,litchel l/82) 946 lOrh Av L q5, Seatite 98102 --- Judy & t4ichdel BROUN (Tayjor/78, Jessica/82) 3415 280th Nl{, Stanwood g82g? --l4aury & Hancy CAIN (Jennifer/79, Noelle/85) Rt 3 8ox 968, Newport 99156 --- Bob & Linda CASELLA (Melinda/79, Carnen/8t) Rt 3 Box 845, Newport 99156 --- Don & Lois COLTON (Larissa/

77, Joseph/78, Benjdmin/80, Daniet/83J c/o


10700 Northup Uay, Bel levue --- & Chris C0NR0y (Justin/94) ?6098004 N Dubois Rd, Ariel 98603 --- Lee & Maraaret DAVIS-(Justir/72, Ethdn/i5) Rt I Box'139, Harden 98857 --- Dan & Deb DEFFINBAUGH (Joy/82, Hope/83, crace/84) THE TtMBERD0ODIE, El'610 Spencer Lake Rd, Shelton 98584 --- Julie

DIAMANT {Sam/72, oan/78, Jon/81, Rebecca/84) 16226 NE l65th St, lJoodinviile 98072 --Barbara & [4ark DRAKE (Andrew/77, John/82, t4argo/85) 4120 lloodland Park Av, Seatile 98103 --- l4ark 0USSELL & Nancy HILDAHL {Scott/82) 22507 SE 304th Pl, Kent 98042 --- Gten 6 Lo.ena ELLENBERGER (Lisa/70, Sunshine/73) Rt I Box 264, #10, Cashmere 98815 --- l,4ary ERVIN

(Jilie/76, Christopher/78)


--- Jiil

WA, WV & Nola EVAllS iJodie/73, David/

IiATUkAL taARNING NETW0RK,5725 N Etgin, Spokane 99205 --- FAl4lLliS ToGETHtR, Uox 10, Tjger Star Rt, Colville 99114 --- FAltILY LiARillNG tXCHAllGi (iLEX l!ewsletter) p0 llox

7256, Spokane 9920/-0256 --- Richard A Evelyn FoI iEonnie/72, Steven/77) 13302 Peacock Hill Av lrl.l, Cig Harbor 98335 --- Judy GAIiBLE a Todd lluoD (Sanoosh/79, Jolahna/81 ) 2530 Duffy Rd, Sedro liioolley 9tj2t4 --- George & Diane GTAIiULEAS {Jennyi't}1, tlark/83) 13635-l79th Av I,i[, ltedrilond 98052 --- Linda {i Leonard G000 (liancye/68) P0 Bo\ l3l, I angley 98260 --Steve & Shelly GoSS (Caitlin/79, Aytish/82) Rt I Box 5, Fa'irfield 99A12 --- Janet & Dan G0UIN \Forest/77 , Robin/81 ) 823 E 6th, Port Anqeles 98J62 --- Gene & Sardi tArr (Kyle/81, Caisandra/82) l7l9 l"lonroe Av 5E, Renton 98058 --Debby I.IALPERIN, 4536 48th Av NE, Seattte 9gt05 --- Don & Kathy HARLANo (Kari/77, Cade/79, Brooke/80, Dan/83) 330 Fredrickson Rc. loodland 98674 --- Stephen & Paula HARPER-CHRISTENStN (Paul /78, Amanda/80, Sam/85) 21325 tit

301 E




Box 266,

27 WV, WI, WY, 26351 --- Fred & Jacque


(Nathan/77, Ryan/79, Rachel/84) Rt


4 8ox 20, Webster Spgs


!]I -

Mary & Robert ALLEN (Summer/7g, Lee /82, Strilby/85J 3442 Ruqer Av, Jdnesvi |]e 53546 --- Don t Sue ANDERSoi\ (5iron/79. Rachel /81) 1105 F yddison St, Iau Ctaire 54703 --0iana, Lynda E Paul BAiiKSToN-TH0MAS (Rhiannon/ 80, Ceridwen/82) l9l4 li 5lst, Milwaukee 5320e --- David & Barbara EAUER (Rachet /80. t4ichal / 8l) 3535 S Hollmer Rd, creenfield 53228 --Cheryl & Bruce BISH0P (Emilie/8C, tlatthew/82) 4ll Bryan 5t, Green Bay 54301 --- Tom & Loren CASI{ICK (Kevin/77, Corey/81 ) RR I Box 69A, Barreveld 53507 --- Mary Ellen C0LE, F.l.S,H. (FAllLlt: lN SCH00LS A; Hollt) 4639 Conestoqa Trai I , Cottage Grove 53527 --- Naori & Jirl CoLVIN (Alysha/75, Sean/'80, Zachary/82) Rt 4 Eox 297, Menononie 54751 --- Kin CRAIG (Joev./

/4, Amity/78,


5ll0 !?6580 Craiq --- Peter 0'ACCSTIt\O 8-


Mukhondgo 53149

l54th St, iloodinville 98072 --- Bob & Susan (Aiex/77, Jake/Bl ) 492 Little River

Linda HUGDAHL (Devon/80) 6027 Sunvat tey pkwy, oregon 53575 --- Biil & Cheryt DANZ (Loretei/ 78, Valerie/81 ) 731 S Bajrd St, Green 8ay

80, Christopher/81 )



--- Richard E Catherine HAYWARD, 914 Mason St, Eellinghan 98ZZS --lvlark & Helen HEGTNER (John/74, Jim/76, Jody/ Rd, Pt Angeles 98362


P0 8ox 2'18, Tonasket 98855 --- t4arty & Sandi (Erik/82, Kyle/85) 8021 8th Av, NtiJ, Seattle, 98117 --- Robert & Nancy HoLM (peter/ 80, Tyler,/B3, Anna/85) 9515 Crystal Lake Dr, riloodinville 98072 --- Jinr & Anne JEFFRIES (Dvlan//8, Mairj/81, Evan/e3) P0 Box 332, Fair-field 99012 --- Patricia KELLEy ( Ian/76, Ashton/84) Rt 2 Box 598 Apt l, Vashon 98070 --HoRNF

Jerald 6 Judith KINCAID {Bryce,/75, Arcfi/77) Rt 1 8ox 5068, 0kanogan 98840 --- Rachel KING & Robert


(Damien/80, Jacob/85) p0


427, Snoqualmie 98065 --- Steve & Carol KLEIN (Adam/82) 6708 5th Av Nu/, Seattle 98t17 --Denise E Jon KLEINE (Zenith/75) 4ll E Hain St. Everson 98247 --- Joel & lldrgie LESCH (Aaron/ 79,seth,/82, Cdleb/85) 6109 Shawn Dr Sk,

0lympia 98502 --- Claude & Cheryl LINDSEy (Roland/72, John/73, Jennifer/75, Claude/ 78, Jesse/83, Tiffany,/85) CHRISTIAN HoME SCH00L FELLolisHIP,3I08-90th Av E, puyailup 98371 --- Richard & Rose I4ARSHALL (paut/79. Jon/81, Claire & Barry/85) 635 Nk t95th St, Seattle 96177 --- Bob & Kathleen I,tcCtiRDy (Joseph/75, Jesse/78) |l.ll2ll0 Charles Rd, Nine

Mile Falls 990?6 --- Mark 6 cloria


TRESfLt, 4423-123.d Av NE, Lake stevers



Bob & Felice t4ccotiAN (tan/79. Tultv/ 18030 James St. Snohomish 9829-0 Deborah E Rusty f4ct\4ULLEN (Damion/72, Juda/


80, -ooin/82)


75, Mia/17, Tobids/80) CIRCLE RoUND THt SUN. Frontier Box 120, Northport 99157 --- Don &

pic Av, Paul


Eamond 98C20






(Sarin/78) ll3l H;villah Rt.



Debra &



80, Erin/83)

P0 Eox 1299,-0roville 98844 --Keith & Judy VESELITS (Amon,/74, Jared/82) E 35C5 Grece, Spokane 99?07 --- Jon & UJendy I,{ARItS (Jeffrey/78, Jutie/Bl, Ntichaet/e5l 98072






]69th PI,


{Ariel,/78) 2850 I'teinhold Rd, Langley 9E?60 --D!sty & Leslie UItLIAMS {Jesse,/80, Rachel/94) lBB9 H St Rd, Blaine 98230 !{V





Rt 3


305, ch'Toe 25215 --- Maqqi ELLIoTT & ytitson BASLLR (John/81, Helena754) New t4orning Farm, Indian Mil'ls 24949 --- Jan & Howard tVERcREEt\

lRosa/7g, Andy/7l, Shawn/76) Rt I Box


Alderson 24910 --- Donald FISHEL 6 Mary El len SUIrlVAN (Jacob/81, Douglas/82, l4axwell/85) Rt

2 Box I 13, Manninqton 26582 --- Ana



Dale MIChLLS (Phcebe/82) cOoD IMpRESSIoNS. pO Box 33, Shirley 26434 --- Dave & Sue GUiLiAtio (Jesse/79, Jenna/82) Box 261, Red Jacket 25692 --- Maggie HENiIESSY & Bitt RAGETTT {oak,/75. 4tgkary/77) 144 Trace Fork, Culloden 25510 --Bill & Marienne HUCHTS (GreEory/77, Cla.e/79) Rt 7 Box 67A. New yartinsville 2G155 --- Bill &-Diane LEtD (Elam/78, En6ra/80, Woody/Bl,


I I i am/78, Ryl anc/8] ) Rt 4 Bo] 298, Totrdh 54650 --- Jim & Kathy FLAHERTY (Patrick/75, Sean/77, Katelyn/83) 4l0l N prosoect. Shorewood 53211 --- David 6 Rachel GR.APENTINE (oavin/82, Ericl84) Rt I 8ox 449A. Maote 54854 --- Eriai t Julie Gf,.lDLE' (Ap.i1,82, pduld/84) 4ll E 5th 5t, l'lerrill 54452 --- Paul & Sandra GtiBBELS (Jason/77, Michael,/80, Richard/e4) lllLt0l/-BR00l. SCH00L, 219 Fury Ln, Neenah 54956 --- Jane & Jim HERi4ANS llony/73, Katie/75, Elizabeth/82) 1644 Halsey 5t, Green Bay 54301 --- oon & Denise HODGES (Lucas/75, t4aia/79. Hadley/83) P0 Eox 183, cenoa City 53128 --Tom & Beverly HoFFAN (Valena/76, Jacob/79, Aprii/81, Clemet/84) Rt I Box t67, Kiet 5j042 --- oan & Riley HoWARD (Trevor/76, Tristan/80. Noah/81, Br.ndon/83) 312 t l^abash Av. !,iaukesha 53186 --- Keith & Eldine JACKs (Shalimar/75, Lalasa/78, Arius/81 ) Rt 2 8ox 274C. Ashland 54806 -- - t.rrj t Susan KASTMAN (Beth/72. Peter/75, Gretchen/78, I'ie9an/81 ) 2545 Koshkonong R0, Stoughton 93589 --- Peter E .]udy KoHLM00S (Rhiannon/80, Arf ia,i8l, Annwn/84) lt4628 Spruce Rd, t'l€rrill 54452 -.- John & i4erj KUTHN \Dyani/79, Chimalis/83) Rt I Box 99A. Mavv.iile 53050 -.- Donna & Larry F:AHR (Nat;lie & iiatnan /67, Laurd/68, Mattheh/72) 561 N l"rajn St. oregon 53575 --- Chris i4AY0U 8 Larrv 6-ACK lErin/1), Jenny/79, Greg/94) H.0.14.E., llJSZ?g Tov/er St,onalaska 54650 --- Dale & Ruth

(Josh/76, l4elissa/73) 1403 N Lexinqton 53545 --- David & Atison MiKtt (Christopher/78, GeorEina/82) 5745 Bittersseet Pl, 14adjson 53705 --- Jin & Hichele t4CLDENHAUER (JoshLa/82) Rt I Bor 179. tvtanitowoc 54220 --- Richard & Nancj pEI0ELSTEIN (Atic€/ 82) 614 Ridge St, Baraboo 53913 --- tteaan E

Dr, Janesville


(tlika/78, Ieal/81, Luri/84) Rt

--- Ed & flarv pETERSoN (Julia,/81, Elyse/Bi) Rt l, Bo/ t83, Atms Ctr

Bcx 73A, f4ason 51856

Box ll44, Friars Hiil 24939 --- Ken & Sarah LESLIE {Tine/79, Kart/8t ) 5tZ Vailev Rd, l,lorgantown 26505 --- Steve & Joillen pEER (Aaron/76) Star Rt l, Box 1Zl, Ft Ashby 26719 --- E6roara & John PLUNKET (Orion/76, Jack/78) Rt 3 Bor 816, \arpers Ferry 25425 --- Deirdre & f'ldlly PURDY (Jed/74, Hanndt/77) Rt 3 Box 305, Chloe 25235 --- Dr. phit SUITER. WEST VIRCINIA HoME EDLJCAtOf,.S ASSoC, p0 Box 7504. Charleston 25356 --- Danny VANLEEU$jEN & Ann B0LAND (Simon/76, Ruben/79) Rt I Box 280A. lJeston 26452 --- l|rv H0t4E EDLCATI0N ASS0C. p0


54511 --- John E Debbie PoLL0CK (Sarah/79, Aaron/92, chad/86) star Rt Box 33A. Durand 54736 --- Caren RLIBIN & Jack ytLuAF]S {David/ B2, 8en/85) 2640 N Birchwood Av, Appleton 54914 --- Charlotte & Patrick RYAN (Sot/79.




Springbrook 54675


CEN]tRED LEARNING ALTERNATIVg:i, HCR 63 BOX 713, Nasel le 98638 --- Deb & Fred SIIIGUlZSHTLL (Mae/76, Sara/79, Emity/81, Eva/84) Rt 3 8ox 639, Colville 99114 --- TEACHIN6 PAREATS ASS0C, SoUTH END CHAPTER, 23335 254th Av SE, Maple Val ley 96018 --- Judith TH0MPSON (James/ 69, Jody/75) 2C2 ontario St, Hoquianr 99550 --Karl & tllen THoMPSoN (Samuel/80) 4295 Deninq Rd, Everson 9e247 --- i4arqaret ToFTE (Jesse/-


54301 --- Roger & Anne EPLEY (Brian/78) THt BEAR FAIlILY SCH00L, lll2 oxford Ct, Neenah 54956 --- Janes & Janice ERDMAN (Martin/76,


Jude t4INIKEN (Joshua/73, Amanda/77, Joseph/78, Sarah/84) Rt 3 Box 1272A, Hoquiafr 98550 --Raynond t400RE, HE!llTT RESEARCH CTR, p0 Box 9. liashougal 98671 --- Natalie & Einer t40RTENSEN (Ariel/75, Seraphjna/76) 627 I,j l.lananaker Rd. Coupeville 98239 --- Kevin & MtjRpHy (AnCrew/77, Madrona/80) 0td tlccaulev Farm. I opez Island 982b' --- Darrel & pamela NAix lBrian/ll, Marie/82) 15506 SE 176 pl, Renton 98058 --- Peter & Megan N0PDLUNo (phi to,/77, Asiyih,rS4) 916 tilue Heron Ro. Bow 99232 --Peter & Catherine PALEY (Jillian,/gl. tJatter/ 83) l510 llaple St, Port TownsenC 98368 --SNoliclllSF CoUNTY CHRISTTAN SCH00L, l2t5 0lym-


{A - l4eldon & Anet.ia ACTESoN (Tatitha/_ 7l, ElF dari/74) 164 Bayview St, Sequin 98382




Rt I Bo/

Dale E Cjndy



(venetta/77, tois/79, Holly/81, tlegon/O?, Thea /84, lsaac/86) l.tlLloii RUN SCH00L. Rt I Box

1 10, owen 54460 --- Dr. l,4ohamr.eC 8 Iavvibdl SETHI (Qudsia/71, Unrer/81, (haled/93,-iafiyah/ 18150 Bonnie Ln, Brookiield 5J005 --- George & Jane SIEI'lott (Earkins/77, Clovis/8C. Cedarose/82) CIRCLE 5CH00L, RRz, Viroqua 54665 --- Jul ie & Steve SoRENStN (Rory/78, Hannah/ 8l) Rt I Bor 120, t'{ason 54855 --- Daut & Lojs


(Paula,/72, Ilarlene/73, Lad/75, Corine/ Aden E Elyl79) Rt I Box il7. Lvndon Station 53944 --- tllie 6 Joh', IH0MASoli(Aoe1e/81, Becca/85) RPI Box 9lB, tlason 54856 --- Daryl & \'alerie VAN 00RT (Jessica/76. t4artir/79) 207 S State St, !auEun 53961 --Gene & Betty IAIT0N (Nicki'76, kate/80) 812 ! Cramer, Ft Atkinson 53538 --- Toots & Steve litlER (Forest/75, Horizon Blue/78, liinter/,81 ) Rt 2 Box 102, Pound 54161 --- Anrber RESTERMATi & Bjlly KUEHNE (Kan1e/80) t84l Jenifer St. flddSoUKUP

76, Ja^a/78,

ison 51704 --- !llSC0r\SlN PAREilTS,ASSoC. pC Box 2502, l,4adison 53701 --- Carla t 0ennis ZEVNIK (Cassandra/Bl, D6niel/84, Samuel/86) 2051 S Laytcn Blvd, Milwaukee 53215

ilY - Richard & Virqinja BARR (Deborah/ 8C) Po-Box 187, Dubois 82513 --- Susan S|JAN {Freser/8C, Erin/82) 1392 fwentyn,ile Creek Rd, Lost SprinEs 82224 --- Steve & t{arcia THoM lcody/78, John/82, Nicnolds/84) tHt MoUNtAtN

SCH00t, PC Box 891, Buffato 82834 --H0l'lE EDUCAT0RS liETl{oRK (kfttN) 158 !t Harnev. 'jyoMlN(1 Laran,ie 82C70 --- ltyoMlNG HoltL SCH00LEpS. Box 1386, Lyn'an 82937 CANADA




& Eric AYRI-JASCHKE (paut,/

79, XaFF/82) Box 2215, peace River Tofi 2X0 --(Iaft/71) t?Zzt-i44 Av, [dmonton

Bonnie BR00K5 -l!14 T5X 3I.I3




c/o ll4'15-43 Av, Edmonton T6J 0y2 --Susan I Art H0R0VIlCH (Vivian,/69, Debbie/73) Bernwel.l ToK 060 --- Carol & Garry KEdLER (Amika//6, Gdlen/79, Irene/84) t0O5 Varlev Dr il!,J, Calgary T38 2V5 --- Harlan E Blue LIG-hl (Leah/79, Jonai/81, Rebecca/95) Box 86, Smith ToG 280 --- Eetty & Lee MAINPRTZE (Dytan,i75) P0 Box 580, Clareshotm ToL 0T0 --- G;y MENTES, ALBERTA HOME SCHOOLING INFO sERvIcT, J6 ronda. ALSERTA,




Close SE, Calgary T2A 6G3 --- Lynn E David MIDDLEToN (Andrew/71, Jonathan/74, Benjamin/78, Katie/8]) ll4l5-43 Av, Edftonton T6J 042 --Sandy & Hal PAULSoN (Siri/79, Kin/83) 10935-



Edmonton T5l,l 0A7


John & l'larlene

(Derek/79, Talitha/81, Rachel/84) Box 149, Picture Butte ToK M --- l4ike I Lynn SPARKMN (Tanmy-Lynn/75, Ross/76, Patti Ann/ 78, Jackie sue/80, Cathy Lou/82, ReminEton/84) ll5-9960 Eonaventure Dr SE, Calgary T25 414 PEACoCK

BC - Tunya AUDAIN, EDUCATIoli ADVISoRY, 2267 Kiiqs Av. ll Vancouver V7V 2Cl --- Susan & Stephan aARTER (Joei/80, Ashley/83) 6718 Grant Rd RR3, Sooka VAS INo --- Frank & Helen CAVE

(Ruth/74, Margaret/76, Charld/19) 4-1322 Pheasant Ln, Victoria VgB 5J8 --- Donna & Park Col/lN (Syra/79, Yoko/84) Site 24, RR2, Camp 19, Glade VIN 3t4 --- Ellen E Reg 0lX0N {Valerie/77) 10394 Shaw 5t. ltlission VzV 4H9 --- Terry FAUBERT (Jody/77) Gen Del, Lund Vol'l 2G0 --- Lee & John GILBERT (tilatthew/8], Sascha /83, 0ban/86) Packena Point Light Station, c/o


St, Victoria


VgV 4V9

--- Tia


(Heather/75, Noah/78) Box 2ll, Sooke UoS 1N0 --- Alex & Juanita HADDAD (Nicole/78, Tacy/80) RR 7 Duncan V9t 4!14 --- Victoria HALIBURT0I{ (Grace/8z) FSJ TUToRING SERVICE, 9706-lo8th

Av. Fort St John VIJ 2R2 --- Jeanne HUET & Bruce CoTTII{GHAM (Joel/79) Box 128, 5i'lverton 280 --- Jan E Marcus HUNT (Jason/81) 606 Mary St, Victoria V9A 6Y9 --- Stephanie JUDY VoG


WALKER (Tessa/82) 8ox 40, Slocan Pk VoG 2E0 --- Edward KELLY & Sandy HAfiS0N (Eddie/75) 208-1225 Nelson, Vancouver V6E lJ5 --- Lee


& oenis KNoPP (Angie/81, liyatt/83, Deanna/86) 47330 Extrom Rd, Sardis VzR l8l --Louise & 8ob I'IACDoUGALL-DELGATIY (Rick/65, Heidi/67, Chris/68, Michael/70, Lisey/75, t'lalcolm/77, Caroline/80) Box 390, Errington VoR lV0 --- Etta & Matt MRIINELII (Steven/7o, Bruce/71) Quatsino LTSTN, |linter Harbour VoN 310 -'- Alice I4CEACHERN (Ernie/69, Isaac/72, Zoel76) white Rock, 17223 2nd Av, RR7, V4B 5A8 --- Brian E Lynn NELSoN (Keith/82, Luke/83, LARKIN

Hollis/86) #4-3891 ll znd Av, Vancouver V6R lKl --- Victor E Edith NEIIMAN \Marion/lz, Carcy/ 75, Ellen/80) l97l Kaltasth Rd, RRl, Sooke VoS 1N0 --- Ron & Maureen PARKER (Allison/83. KirF


462 Church St, Conox VgN 5Gg --RECESS, Box 3076, Courtenay V9N 5N3 --- Lois RoY, VAIICoUVER H0f4E SCHooLERS. 4180 Prirce Albert 5t. Vancouver V5V 4J5 --- Beth & Art SHAI {Robyn/72, Any/76, Entily/77, l4ary/79, Eva) Gen Del, Sechelt VoN 3A0 --- Sean & Lillian sLY (l'latthew/7g, Heather/82) 2352 Kenrp Lk Rd, RR 4 Sooke V05 lNo --- Lynne 6 Nava THUNDERSToRM (Leaf/71, Raven/80) Telegraph Crk

voJ 2!0


Eva FRAME & t',laurice LAPIERRE (SoleiTn2) AnEusville RoJ 0A0 --- l4AlllT0BA ASS0CIATIoi'I FoR SCHooLING AT H0t4E, 776 Victor St, Winnipeg R3C IY6 --- David & Meg McCotiKEY (Allan/77, I'lark/84) RRl, Erandon R7A 5Yl --MAN

Brian E Irene


(Cathilyn/77, Keith/79,

Glenda/82) Box 158. Kenton R3L



Jane ACHEN & Joe WAUGH (Robin/8o. Peter/gZ, Grahaft/85) RRz, Anagance --- Lesley BARToN E Burt CoHEti (Amy/82, Micah/84) c/o NB



I, St

Louis de Kent EoA 220


JoAnn & tlayne BENNETI (Sduel/72, Jan'es/75) #1, Sussex --- I'lary Ann C0LEMAN & Edward EUSTACE

(Jessica/77, Alison/79)





Edward E Carolyn GE0RGE (Christo-



Kate KELLY & Rei







l.lestfield, Kings EGBERS

--- Elaine


(Reed/8o, MNDR0IiA

& Paul Culit{lNGHAI4 (April/84) RR f4, Sussex --Laurence I'IARIE & Ian CURRY (Nathalie/70, oonagh/75, Siobhan/8o, Yanneck/81 ) 644 Shediac Rd, Moncton EIA 2Tl --- Julie & Bruce MARKS (Ra'jssa/79, Josie/82, Zoel84) Elgin --- Susan PITMAN & Paul JACQUES (Gabriel/78, Sarah/81, Isaiah/83) RR 3, Norton EoG 2N0 --- Don t lsao SANAI'{I/MoRRILL (Benjamin/75, Kai/78) RR l, St Louis De Kent E9A 2ZO --- Mary & Paul |IRIGHT (Frances/77, Eliia/79) Sussex Corner, Sussex EOE






BALLARD (Shane/83) RR AntiPaul CHIASS0N & Beth tRIGHT

gonish-Tzc 2Kg --(Eli/82) Box 122, Arichat BoE lA0 --- Erika B0ls (Robert/58, Eric/65, Alexander/69) Box


l4abou BoE

lX0 --- Leslie & Deiter



{Erin/81, Jason/85) P0 Box 140, st Francis Xavier Univ, Antigonish BZG lC0 --Sian t Hugh MCLEAN (tiillow/84) RR 2, Heatherton BoH lRo --- Stan & Christine HoELLER (Luke /70, Naoni/75, Gabriel/79, Jacob/82) RR4 Digby STEiN



& Brock ELLI0TT (cassin/79, Barrie I Rory/83) P0 8ox l l38, Antioonish B2G 2L6 --- Gail & Mark RUBENSTEIN luili/73, Zack/76, Rebecca/82, Aaron/85) P0 Box 1091, Port Hawkesbury 80E 2V0 --- David STINSoN & Janie HUI,iPHREYS (Jul iel82, Laura/84) BoV 1A0



I, Antigonish


B2G 2K8

oNl - Andrew BLAKE, 17 Mohawk Av, Port Credit-T5c ER5 --- Brian & Esther CALoIELL (lan/78, I'lary/83, David/86) 769 Byng Ct, I'lilL9T 3M2 --- CANADIAN ALLIANCT 0F H0l,1E SCHooLERS, 195 l'4arkville Rd, Unionville L3R 4V8 --- Penny & Neit DAII{AR0 (Justine/70,


Dylan/74, Genevieve/75, Gabrielle/76) RR5, orangeville L9',1 2ZZ --- Freda oAVIES (Kevin/ 7l) South Gillies PoT 2V0 --- (aren DIXoN (Carol


143 Berner Trai I

--- Christine



DREISZIGER (Denes/77, Daniel/84) 335 tlalner Rd, Toronto MsR 2Y3 --Dora FoRCE, A Hot'lE SCHo0LERS liEllStEfTER, 268 Butier St. Woodstock N4S 382 --- Earbara GAUTHIER (Brett/76, Sinon/79, Lewis/81 ) 8ox

ltllB l95

ville ---

Deborah & Nornran 60LLEDGE (Janrie/83) 138 River Rd, Box 178, Bracebridge POB lC0 --Lloyd GREENSPooN & l4ikel l BILL0KI (Senjanrin/ 77, Noah/79, Abran'/82, Reuben/85) RRl, Gore Bay PoP lHo --- oiane HALL (Tracy/78) 62 Alma St, St Thomas N5P 3Bl --- Sue HANI\ES0N & Ryan VAN VLIEI (Heather/77, Carla/83) Box l7l, Lansdowne KoE lLo --- Timothy & Colleen HARRIS (Zane/83, Zachary/84) 465 0ld Goulais Bay Rci, Soult Ste ltiarie P6A 5K8 --- Richard & Pat KIRR (Carolyn/6B, Sunny/73, Gordy/75, Roseann/78, Alison/81) RR 3 oalkeith K08 lE0 --- Moby & LAUTERBACH lLutz/72, t'lark/74, Dirk/ 77) RRz, Gore Bay PoP lH0 --- Eric & Elaine I'IARSHALL {Alene/77, Ryaa/79, Anateah/83) RRl, Enterprise KoK lZ0 --- Barney & Patricia McCAFFREY {Elaise/65, Amon/68, oaniel/69, Gabriel/69) RRl, |tlilno KoJ 2N0 --- Jin & l,lendy MCNALLY (Seunras/79, Philippe/82) Box 210, Mindemoya PoP lS0 --Alex E l'lary |40LNAR (Nicholas/74, Enily /77, Rachel/80, Martha/83) 23 Dill 5t, Kitchener NZG lL2 --- Burt & Anna


(Drew/73,8eth,/75) RR I, Brookin LoB lL0 --- Melisande E Donald NEAL {Sandy/78, Thatcher/8z) 8ox 57, Pontypool LoA lK0 --Dieter t Elizabeth NoLLERT (Bonnie/77. i,lichael /79, Christine/81 ) RRl, Evansville PCP lE0 --NURTURING I'IAGAZINE, 20 Paperbirch Dr, Don Itlills tl3c 2E7 --- oNTARI0 H0iIESCH00LERS ASSoCIATIoti, Box 60, 260 Adelaide St E, Toronto M5A lN0 --- Laura & Keith oRGAN (Virgil,/70, Findley/73, En\1e/15, Zoe/77, Iao/79) IHE LMNG SCHooL, RR I, Wilno KoJ 2N0 --- Terrance & Barbara oUELLETTE (Jessica/77, Sin'eon/80, NathanI'iYERS

ael/84) 12612 Riverside Dr.

Tecumseh N8N lA3

--- Teresa E l{ade PITMAN (Matthew/77, Lisa/78, Daniel /81 , Jereny/84) 1235 Redbank Cres, oakville L6H lY4 --- Rolf I Uendy PRIESNITZ (Heidi/72, l4elanie/73) 195 Markville Rd, Unionville L3R 4V8 --- Anne QUICK & Jio R0SS (Polly /81, Jenny/83) llA ! Lynn Av, Toronto M4C 3V7 --- Marga RAUDSEPP (Hanno/73, Raja/76, Laine/

78, Jako,/8o) 20 Paperbirch 0r, Don Mills M3C 2E7 --- Frederick SCHUETER & Aleta KARSTAD. BishoDs Mills, RR 2 oxford Sta KoG lT0 --Lloyd E Mary SCoTT (Ben/75, Jenny/79, Jesse/ 85) RRI, Campbellcroft LCA lB0 --- SIDI{EY

33 overland Dr, Don Mills t43C 2C3 --- Barbara & Bruce SI'IALL (Caro'lyn/75) RR #1, Goodwood LoC lA0 --- Carole SMITH & LEoSoli SCHCo|,

Stephen BYRIE (Katie/7t1, Daniel /81 , Henry/85) P0 Box 82, l'lcDonalds Corners Koc lt40 --- Dean

& Joceline TATE (San/76, John/79, Christine/ 82) 4 Langstone Crescent, Georgetown L7c 4N3 --- Jan TEEVAN & Eric BELL0IiS (Sierra/80, Noah /82, Savannah/85) 85 LeBreton St N, 0ttawa KIR 7H3 --- Judy & Laurence !RAGo {Stephen,/78, Colleen/82, Peter/86) 3051 Cantelon Crescent, Mississauga L5N 3J7 --- Davina & Stef Z0ETI'IULDER (Farrah/78, Charissa/82) 2A Beaunont Rd, Toronto

P.E.l. - Arlene ARSENAULT & l4ike ANToLIK (Lydia784-ntl l, I'lontague CoA lRo --- John & Cindy BELL (Tobi/74, Zachary/79, Thatcher/82) Box 7, l4urray Harbour CoA lvo --- Ron FARl4tR & Cathy GENER (Susanna/76, Jude/78, Noah/80) P0 8ox 76, Hunter River CoA lNo --- Carol & Roaer HoGE (Erindel /73, Dorian/77, Jonath6n/Bl ) RRI Cardigan CoA lco --- Pan & Reji MARTIN (Seamus/75, Sage/78, t'4icah,/8C) Box 242, Cornwall CoA lH0


EoE lP0

pher/70, Jonathan/74)

627, Vankleek Hill KoB lR0 --- Gord E Cathy GILHULY (8rian/78, Sean/84) King St, Frank-

qUE - Sue 6 Tony BIAUREGARD lcunnar/77, FriedaT/g, Lief/84) 8ox 76, C0M0, JoP tAo --Andre & lilarie BoURQUE (Caroline/75, Helene/79, Marie-Claude/8o) 4203 t.tilson, Montreal H4A 2Vl --- Susan & Pat H0R0VITCII {Vivian/69, Debbie/73) 1300 Rang Nord de la Riviere, St Jean Baptiste, Cte Rouville JoL 280 --- t'laxine l4AC-

GILLIVRAY (Jesse/76) 4625 Jeanne Ilance. Mont-

real ---


ADvIS0RY, 4650

Acadia, Lachine H8T lN5 --- Lily & Charles SMALL (Jeffy/81, Benjy/83, Shawna/86) 4742 Bouchette Av, Montreal H3U lC5 --- Danny & Teresa TITTLEY (Nathan/76, Naofti/78, Cateb/83) 30 Victoria, Pointe Claire H95 4S3 --- Pat'138, IiALSH & Stephen MoRRiSSEY (Jake/79) 4359 Rt RR 2, HuntingCon J0S lH0


Randy & Brenda BABICfl (Natasha/ 7S, Nathi-n/8] ) ll72 Grafton Av, Moose Jaw S6H 3S5 --- Gloria & Hernian 8oERMA {Erin/78, Laure'l/81 ) l7l0 Prince of !.lales Av. Saskatoon 57K 3E5 --- Bob & Louise CARLS0N (lngrid/70, Eric/7?], 502 l,lilson Cres, Saskatoon S7J 2M1 --- Erwin & Zelma KLINGER (Tamara/67) 8ox 155. Sedley SoG 4K0 -.- Panrela MASoN & John !AGESASK


Nathan/81 ) 8ox 134, Vanscoy --- SASKATCHEI,{AN HoMESCH00L[RS, t7l0 Prince of llales Av, Saskatoon S7K 3t5 MAKERS






--_-TUS]RAL]I s0URcE-GlOXtr,-24 !,lakef i eld st,


Hawthorn 3l 22 Anne AUSIIN (Paul/80, David/81) 2 Bullen Av, ltlitchar, Victoria 3132 --- JoAnn€ & Greg BEIRNE (Gregory/8o, Rebecca/82, Stephen/84) l8 Arnold Av, Kellyville, N.S.!l. 2153 --- Lyn CARGILL (Skye/81, Brie/85) BRISBANE H0Nt SCH00LING CRoUP, 148 Henson Rd, Salisbury 4107 ---



erra 5t,


l2 CanHoliESCH00t NIIJS-

(Ami/76, Pablo/80)

Carrum 3197


Arno'ld Av, Kellyville 2157, NSll Christine & Robert PUFFETT (Bethany/Bl, Col 83) 105 Essex St, Eppinq NS}J 2l2l LETTER, 18

- Brian


& Miriam C00K (Tonas/82) c/o 26-Te;Fl-ars Av, London Nll ll 0ll5 --- David DEUTSCH, 123 Harefields, N oxford 0X2 8NR --EOUCAII0N 0THERltlSE, 25 Comon Ln, Hemingford Abbots. Canbs. PE l8 gAN --- John 6 Kim EISENENGLANo

OTHER (John/81, Joel/83) 67 l4elfort Rd, ThornCR4 7RT --- Marlene SlR0l'l & Mark tlE8tR (Anqela/81 ) 5l Roderick Rd, London

Single Parents: Joseph Ciano,


ton Heath, Surrey Ntl3






Claudia Dav i



& Garrv





sabeth /'

82) lnstitut fur Biologie, GSF Gesellschaft fur Strahlen 6 unNeltforschung, Ingolstadter Landstr. l, D-8042 Neuherberg --- oan & Cathy


ToRS ST[6Lr-FAFEnT]qETI,I0RK, Rt 5 Box 120, Ava I'10 65608 ($l + SASE) Kim Delauter, 150 N


Avery, Pontiac MI 48054 --- Judy Earle, 8 Tobey Ln, Andover llA 01810 --- Jane I'tara, 1557 l,lilson St, Eugene 0R 97402 --- Cathy Payne, ph. 401-466-2834, RI --- Carol Ann Stockton, P0 8ox 31358, Seattle flA 98103;205-524-9333 --- Karen Turner, Gen Del, Annapolis CA 95412 Travel: GllS TRAVEL NET{oRK. c/o Dick Gal lien,-Rf2, llinona MN 55987; 507-454-3126

JAII'lE (Maria/77, David/79, Juanitd/80, Gabriel /82, Ariel/84, Nathaniel/86) B Co llth Sig Bn, --- Dave & Paige KUETHTR (Jason/79, Mark/81) Box 6ll, Apo NY 09751 {Crailshiem) --- Esther & Jim RoSEN

[xchange, Helen Holland, lnholms Farn, Plumpton Green, Sussex BN7 3Dt, England Travelling Fanilies: Lois & Jin Blunen-

APo liY 09281 (Goeggingen) --- t'4artin l5a, 4400 Munster --- Ken E Rita STttLE (Paul/76, Carmen & Cody/78, Skye /80) HHC t30 Engr 8ie, APo liY 09155 (Hanau) --- Dietnrar & llargy IALTER (Carrie/8], Ingo/ 84, Steven/86) Finkenveg 14,73ll Hochdorf

{Jil-rcTr/t--UaTTd7g3) P0 683, Suffierland --- kendy Forbes, P0 8ox 1036, Brunswick NJ 08903 --- Ar'lene Haioht (Becky/58, Matt/73) 4150 So US dl, R0-2, Palm Bay FL 32905 --- Karen Holgu'in, P0 Box 2010, Sparks NV 89431 Twins: I'lary Cunningham, 76 Head Ln,

APo liY 09801 {l{urzburg)

{Joshua/75, Adrian/71, Nichotas/82) A Btry

l/41 FA,

RL00LPH, Gallenkamp


- Jirr

& Carolyn BR0liltl (Jenny E Rachel /82, Jul i e,/83, Laura/86 ) US Naval Hospita'1, FPo Seattle


($2 + SASE)




Key FL 33042 Ned

HannibaT-flo 63401


Box 65-1503, 95765-1600 (Yokosuka)


Russ & Connie C0LTEI\

(Chris/71, Sha{n/74, D€vin/78, Donika/83)

Butler, PC Box 1575, 98773-C006 (0kinara) --- Christina & Kohei H0N0t (t]lisa/68, Chiyo/71, Shinzo/ 74, Megunri/76) l7-A Asahigaoka-cho, Ashiya 559 TINUUM TXPERIENCE, Camp

FPo Seatt'le

- Kelvin & Noeline BARKLA l7 tleremere Ro, Rd 12, Roger BULLoCK E Jane ELIZABETH (Mea/69, San/71, Janie/83) l6A Neptune Av, Beach fraven, Auckland l0 --- PRUNES, 120 Eskdale Rc, NEIJ ZEALAND


Auckland l0 --- Peter & Jill tlHITI40RE (Thomas/ 75, Be^/77) 58 Jellicoe Rd. Auckland 6 ELSEI{hERE

-------T-n"y 6 Nancy KN0ULES (Dallas/80, Jeremy/ 81, April/84) Box FH14401, l{assau Bahamas --li I I i am & Loretta STAPP ( Joseph/70T-58-Gi lmore Av, Lockvood Terr, FPo San Fran. CA 96630 (Guan) --- Hope I Einar KlilrTSSoN (Tryggvi,/74, Ka71a/71], Aesufell 4 Apt 2F, lll Reykjavik Iceland --- Frank & Jane DoNEGAN (Sean/8o. B?Fniii/83 ) Knockranny, Moycul I en, Co. Galway, Ireland ---,.lohn t Cindy DRING (l'legan/76, Sim-onZ?g,


Ethan/83, Gwen/85) The Faril, floy-

len, County Gal*ay Ireland ---

Shawn SPIT-

& Valerie NADtAti (lEiFmy/75, Nebaj,/83) ltlexico --- Alison (Paloma/80) Zacateroi7l:5, San Miquel de Allende 0T0, Mexico 37700 --- Stephen & Eetsie llEIL (HescFelz6, Helder/78, Jordan/81, Sirrone/83) San Juan de Linray, Estell Nicaraqua zER

AFdo 1457,oaxaca,0axaca PARRA


t'4ike DeBoli, PANA}|A SIJPP0PT GnOUp,-.fSC-E6i

1578, APo I'li6mi 34001 (Ft Ai6dor, Panama)


Conny & lviax CHoll (Jinq-mei/80, Jin!:1;790, Calle Barranquitas 52, Apt 16, Santurc€ Puerto Rico 00907 - - PUERTo RlC0 H0ME SCH0oLINGASSDC, 503 Barbe 5t, santurce Puerto Rico

oO9l2 --- Earbara RAMET (Neal/67iTdaT-IE, Nathan/73) Arnerican Eftbassy {PoL) APC liY 09862 (Moscovr, Russia) --- Suzanne & Richard ALE.TANDRE-Tij16/77, Lee/79) Artesa Ce Segre, 3, 08022 Barcelona Spain --- oan & Gloria HARIIISoN



Sophia,/84) Box 53 NAISTA, FPo llY 09540 Spain --- Clare HARNEY & Stanislaw KTACZANY (P'altFT/84, Stephanie/85) Vastmannag 25/1,113 ?5 Stockholn, Sweden --- Geoffrey & lheresa NoELE (Sanr/73, Foiifst/77, Eden/80) Box 213, Soufriere, St Lucia, }Jest lndis

}le are reprinting nanes of those who have experience with the follouing subiects, and who are uilling to correspond with others

who are'interested. As with all of our Resource lists, we appreciate additions and correcf,r on5 .



Forbes, P0 Box 1036,

Sheryl Schuff,8156 Lieber Rd, Indianapolis IN 46?60t 317-259-4778 Learning 0isabilities: Sharon Graham,

2500 X]fTE-n-anse--fd,-16!6To CA 9 5428 i 707 983-6513 --- Kris Hallberg, 644 Conrstock Av, tlmhurst IL 60126 --- Sue Hinel (Bryan/76) 1723 !illow Dr. Grand Forks ND 58201 Physical handicaps: Karen Franklin, 3939 F L 334 3 6 ( Je s s i c a / 80 Lli nf i e'I?-Td,-Toyn-t6i-FCF )



Kathleen KNEZ, l.lestern Navajo Reservation;Po Box 889, Tuba City 86045; Special ed CA, South (Zips to 94000) - Tutu ANDERSUN;-3'9[9Tisk Av, San Diego 92122; 519AZ


453-1086 Lynne BEHEIM, 3128 James St, San oiego 92106 --- Karen BISHoP, N County Pl, 2204 El Camino Real, Suite 212, oceanside John BoST0N, P0 Box 92054i 619-121-7577 Ruth 92, Escondido 920?5;619-149-1522 BoTHNE, 17355 l'lelody Ln, Los Gatos 95030; Kathleen BoYD, 10315 Marcus 408-353-3620 Av, Tujunga 91042; elem & child devel --Karen CANTo, 233 N l,{ay Av, l4onrovia 91016; 818-359-1669 --- Cathy CARGILE, 10818 Lanentin Ct, San Diego 92124', 619-447-5624 --- t4onica CRoCKETT, 4037 Cheshire Dr, Cypress 90530; 714-570-7225 --- Sandy DoERFEL, P0 Box 271331, Escondido 92027 Judy DUBY, 33181 Paseo l.folinos, San Juan Capistrano 92675; 714-6611049 Herb HAMMER, P0 Box 45918, Los Angeles 90045; 213-281-6025 Julie LoYD, 6300 Stephens Ranch Rd, Laverne 91750; 714593-9646 Phyi MoTToLA, 728 Chiquita Rd, Santa Earbara 93103; 805-955-4838; elem & l4ontessori Telia NUNll, 1225 S Eoyle Av, Escondido 9?027i 619-746-4587 Mary PICARD, P0 Box 28l, Santa Ana 92199i 714-952-4546 --Zorah SANDERS, 204 Venice #4, Huntingdon gch 92648; 714-960-7443 Jim SKEIE, 14816 Daphne Av, Gardena 90249; 213-324-9201 --Paula WRIGHT, 5420 Border Av, Joshua Iree 92252 CA, tlorth (Zips 94000 E up) - li'largaret ARIGHI, 6015 l.lauritania Av, Oakland 94605; 415-635-5098 --- Terri CHRISTL, 144 I'lolitas Rd, Danville 94526i K-7 & Spec Ed --- Marilyn DevoRt, 2120 B Robinson, 0rovil le 95965; 916-












C0 - Jaelee JoNES, 3 Stonemoor Dr, Pueblo-T1005; 303-561-3510; L.D. --- Karla PUMPHREY, 3401 Morris Av, Pueblo 810081 303545-7285; K-8 --- l,4ikelyn l,lARo, '13400 Rd 32, Platteville 80651; 785-6378; K-12, read'in9 CT - Geoffrey Sl'1lTH, 365 Bellevue Rd, Nev Hat;en 06511; 203-787-5659; Eng., math 7-l 2. adnin FL - Charlotte THIEN, 12201 0ld Kings Rd, JadFsonvi l'le 32219; 904-768-0472 IL - Bonnie VERHULST, l2l rlalnut Valley Dr, SpiTnqfield 62107; K-9

lN Rebecca BICKNELL, PR0SPERITY SPRING'SCH00L, Rt Box 221, Anderson IN Linda ollENS, 726? Spec Ed & Deaf Ed




Lakeside Dr, lndianapolis 46278; K-8 - Richard & Sharon CARGIN, RR 5 Box lA-llars 128, Le 51031 t4E - Barry KAHN, 35 College St, Portland



BrunswidF-fitrT8903 --- Lury lgnizio, 19504 Hiawatha Rd, odessa FL 33556 --- l,lalter & Mary l.larschner, 109 Alleman Dr, Lafayette LA 70506 Elindness: Donald & Kathy Klemp (son,/75) Rt l, Ttr-itTf 53036 --- Ruth l4atilsky, 5 Eriarwood Dr. Somerset NJ 08873 --- Naoni Rice, 3205 NE 64th, Port'land 0R 97213; 503287 -1828 Deafness: Deborah Doerfel, 540 Temperance L-n;-TFfild PA 18974i teacher --- Alison Parra, zacateros 77-5, San Miguel de Allende, 6T0, l4exico 31700 --- Kiil Schive, 45 llass. Av, Arl ington MA 02174 Down syndrome: Elaine Bechtold, 10827 Roseda'IE-IV-[-TFT Box 233, Loretto MN 55357; 612-498-7553 --- Gary & 0iann Foster, ll67 Lone Valley Rd, Campbellsville KY 42718 --Glenn & Marsha Salisbury, 7923-l26th St E, Puyal lup !A 98371; 205-841-8589 Home Computers: Doug Calsbeek, Box l85, 0range-lTtyTFTT(ET --- Ted & Martha Laux, 1853 East Shore 0r. lthaca NY 14850 --- Janes O. Mayor, 25824 Howard Chapel Dr, Damascus MD 20872-1247i 301-253-5467 or 595-5500 --- Mario Pagnoni,76 Emsley ler, l4ethuen 01844 ---


is a comDlete list of certified

willing to help











Kathi KEARNEY, 49 04103;-207-797-8866 Gaoage Av, Auburn 04210; ME & VT K-12 MD Frances I40YER, 4017 liilliam Ln, Bowie ZOl15 --- I'lanfred SMITH, 9085 Flamepool


lJay, Colunbia 21045; Soc. studies,5-12 l4A - Adele GARIICK, RFD I, Southbridge 01550;?48-6521 --- John JUDGE' A.l.D.' ll2 Mt Hope St, Lowell 01854 --- Dr. Denise KUHN, EDU-

loodland Rd, Milton 02t85; 333-0730 --- Thonas l'lAHER, 30 Park St, wakefield 01880i 617-245-7634;8-12 CATIoNAL PoTEI{TIAL SERVIcES, 235


Mario PAGN0NI, 76 Emsley Ter, tlethuen 01844 t'11 - Jill BASTIAN, 913 Heights Rd, Lake

Fr,, Eng., reading ---

orion 48035;


S State St, l,lichigan Ctr 49254; 517-764-144li director of conmunity ed --Carol CLAUSS, 5268 l9-Mile Rd, Barryton 49305i K-8 --- Sharon JoRDAN, Rt 3 Box 86, Bear Lake 49514; 616-889-5920; K-6 --- Ray KRU}IM, Star Rt Box 134, Pelkie 49958 --- Dinah MoRR1SoN, 572 Military, Battle Creek 49015; 616-9632877',7-12 --- I'luriel PALKo, l5l E tlashington, Ionia 48845; K- 12 BENNETT, 400

- Karen FoSSE, Star Rt Box 82, l,lash- Bonnie BlLLEB, P0 Box 219, Philipsburg 59858; 406-859-39'19 NV - Pat & Jane BRUNKER, Hore Schooling consulTents, Las Vegas; phone 878-6570 NH - Sally EI,4BER, 284 l,later St, Keene 03431 NJ - Gwin HUTCHINS, 53 N Clark Av, Sorerville U8876 --- Sandy MADKIFF, MINoToLA AcTIvl140


TY CTR, 207 Coari Av, l'linotola 08341; 609-597-

1643; K-I2 Eng. NY


Lyman BARRY, 9297 Shaw

14517:-716-468-2550i science




Diane CHoDAN,







55723 Tanager Rd, Yucca Valley CA 9A2&4; 7i4-99S-6OSg

ph! Omegr PuuicatoN, PO Box 3153, Terpe AZ 85281 ; W4g-2717 Alti Vilta Collego Precr Home Schoot Curriculum, PO Box 2t2, Medlna WA 99q39; 206453-7848 American Ch.lltiln Acrdemy, PO BOX 1776, Coileyvllte TX 76O3; Bt7.48g€565 Af

Amorican HonE Acedemy ltrbdrt.. 220 S 1000 W, perry UT S4@ Ameilcan Scfiool, 850 E 58th, Chbago lL 60637 (htgh 8droot) Ashley'! Horp Tuto? Klt , PO Box 566, Byhalia MS 3861l Aseocided Clri.tirn S€hoot., PO Box 271 1S , Indhnapolie lN 46A27: 312-881-713A Brighrm Young of lndepordent Stdy, A06 Harnan Contlnulng Ed Bldg, provo UT 8460a Calvert School, 105 Tuscany Rd, Ballmore MD 212i0 Chrildin Llberty Acrdemy, 5@ W Euclid Av, Adingron Fts lL 6004 Chrisliln Llg]n Rrblb.tloB, PO Box 1126, Harrlsonburg VA 22801-.t 126; 7wg-ql68 Educato6 PuHl.hlng S€rvlc., 75 Moulton St, Canb*Jge MA @r3S Glenn Dirtlbrdor.,7251 Ba6s Flwy, St Cbud FL 3?Z@ ll€wlrt-Moore ChlH Dsvdop|nnt Ct, PO Bor 9, Washougal WA 9B6Zt; 206-83$8208 Home Srudy lmtitub, 6940 Carroll Av, Takorna park MO AgtZt*Z-ZZg-W Internatlonel lmttub, PO Box 99, Park Ridge lL 60068 Lrarning rl Hom€, PO Box 27OG, Hmaunau Hl9626 Uving lbritage Academy, PO Box 1€8, Lewisvill€ TX 75067 Nalionll Book Co, 333 SW Park Av, Podland OR 9720$3784; 503228€345 Our Lrdy ot Victory School, PO Box 5181, Mbdon Hllb CA 9i345 Ponsacola Chri.Sin Correlpond€ncs School, Box1B0@, pensacoh FL 32523 Phoenix Special Progrrm., 3132 W Clarendon, Phoonh AZ 8SO17 (high schod) Rod & Stalt Puui3herr, Crocksn KY 41413;6O6-Se2-4340 Seton School Honr Sndy, One Kidd Ln, Front Royat VA 2263G3t3A; 7ol6:te99$ Textbookr For PlEnt , Box 209, Kendrick lO 8tsS37tre27il7?1 U. ol Nebraskr Indeperdent Stdy High School, Contlnuing Ed Or Rm 269, Llncoln NE 68593 Home ltudy drectory: Nrtl Honp StrJdy Counclt, 1601 tgth St NW, Wash. DC 2O@9, For high schod, college & grad courBes, soe PETERSON,S TNDEpENDENT STUOY CATALOG. avaihble lrom Holt Associat€o for $5.95 + 120 pctage.

HELPFUL PRIVATE SCHOOLS Privats schools snrolllng or hoFlng horneschooters. Abhabelixlly by 8tate. Ssnd SASE. Abbott Loop Ctnldlin O!, 2626 Abbott Rd, Anchorago AK s)SO7 Tho Archoe, 7o21 A Thunderbird Dr, Tu6on AZ 80708 Chrlrtln F3rtily Edrcdmd Ssrvlco., PO Bd 42159, phoenix AZ 85068 G.A.T.E School, 1725 N Dare t43, Me6a AZ 85201: 96$4821 Annrlcrn tbritrgc Chrlltrn Acdomy, 9027 Calvine Rd, S&rarrbnto CA 95929; 9.1&68a-23g? Baldwln Plrk Ch!l.d!n School, t3940 E Msr€d, Baldwin paA CA 91706;91&337-gg28 Carcade Canyon School, San An8€lrm CA,459-3464 Chrlrtian Chapel Schoot.,1920 S Broa Cyn Cut{tf Rd, Walnui CA 91289: 7i4-S9&97&l Dircovery Chri3thn School, 5517 Aabarna Dr, Concord CA 945p1I415412-5f7O Magic llerdow School, PO Box 29, N San Juan CA 95960 North Long Beach Crln]y Chap€t, 132 E Arrosh Blvd, Lcrg Bdr CA SOBOS; At3.4A&5166 Oak lleadow School, PO Box c, Oial CA 93023; go$e$4510 Pllgrim School, 531 N Balna, Porteilltle CA 93257; 20S792-0402 Pilgrim Chrlltrn School, 3759 E snh St, Maywood CA 90270; 21$5g$3162 Saddlebeck Valley O!, Box 912, El Toro CA 92630;714-95ffi3 Schoof of HoIr|3 Laarnlng, PO Box 92, EscondkJo CA 92025: 61 974*1Sn Syclmore TE€, 2179 Meyer Pl, Costa Mssa CA 92627; 714.6SG4466 Windsong Ulelchool, 424 N Anaholm BVd 1101, Anaheim CA 92BOs Pimwood School, Rt 2 409, Pino CO 80429; B3g-44 1 Stonemoor Hillr School, 3 Stonernoor Dr, pueblo CO 81005:30+561-3510 Grtlsroot! F €G Schoot, 2458 Grassr6t6 Way, Talhhassee FL 323O1; 9O1€5&3629 Morning Glory t,'lv|tr school, Po Box 20, Ft white FL 3aI28 John Hott Lrlming cenbl, Po Bo( 2261, Twin Falb lD 833c1; 208_73/t€746 Alpha Chrirtian School, Rt l, Porry KS 6@73; 91$S97-SO2A Cair Paravel Satelile Schoot., 91&232-9721 (KS) Muncle Chrisdrn School,2S S 65th, Kansas City KS 66fi1; 91+Zg&9018 Abbinglon Acrdemy, PO Box 396 Yarrmuthpon MA @675 (Capo Cod onv) Home 8$ed Educerlm Prog.rm, Cbnlara, 1289 Jes€n St, Ann &bof Mt i8to4;3117694515 Llrden School, 572 Mllhary, Batlo Creek Ml49015:616-969282t or 96A{140 Litua Red HorE School,9669 E 123id, Hastings MN 55033;rt37-3o49 TEACH,4350 Lakeland Av, N Robbinsdale MN 554Aa Lituo Piney School, Rt 1 Box 20, Nerburg MO 6S5fO S!nt! Fe Com|rnlnlty Schoot, PO Bq 224t, Sanla Fo NM 8ZSO1; SO+.171€92B Cll|lml School, RD 1 Box 95, Smfna NY 13484; m phon€ High llerdow School, 60 Gdohouse Rd. New Patr tfy 12561; 9t+2S$8942 Atoha Kid! Academy,4640 sw 182, Abha oR 97007; 5@642-4094 (tocal onty) Lsarning Connoctlon, 635 Barbara Dr, Grants PaEs OR 97526; 503-476-5636 Open Connecdom, 3 I 2 Bryn Mawr Av, Bryn Maw PA I 901 0; 21 $527-1 5O4 or 527-4992 Pittrburgh Urbrn Chrl.tan Corlidon School, Pinsburgh P At412-3??e3€.4 Mebr Schoolr, PO Bd 427, Rcharon TX 7/5&t Summit Chrilliln Academy, 13789 No€l Rd, Suite 100, Datlag TX 7SZ,IO Mount Vsnon Acldemy, 184 Vlne 51, Muray UT &4107 llt Crrmel Acldemy, RD I Box 1737, Wat€rville VT 054e Flmfly CenteFd LstmLrg A||rmtvo., HCR 63 Bor 713, Nasollo WA g8638i?of-48/.-3pr52 Snohomieh County Chdrtlen Schoot, 12r5 Oynfic Av. Edrmnds WA 98O20;2G'Tt1-17g3


SidneybdsonSchool,3ilOvedandDr,DonMills,Ont.CanadaM$ZC3;4't6-447-5355 HOMESCHOOLING ORGANEANONS lf }!u write to lhese 0roups, please send a sott-addressod, stafip€d onvobp€. U6o Inlornalional P6tal Coupons outsito of U.S.





(AFhab€ti:ally by std6)



Homo Educrtor.,


Hlll Cie6t Dr,


AL 36801;20t74$0014

Volc., Bl 3 Box 36GD, Montgomery AL 361 10;20$26$1221 Vrlby Homo.drooler. Norwott, SR Bd 537GA, Wasilla AK 99687; 37S1615 Th6


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lfeaston/Crnton llor||e EducrtoF,31ee7-W2 or 367€205 (KS) Klmanr tor Altemldye Educldon, 19985 Ronns Rd, Spring Hlll KS 66083;91$69&A310 Krnlrr Ch.p. NstI Counclt ot Pirent Educ.tor., Box 3366, Shavno€ Mlss, KS 66217; 631-3952 Msnhattan Parcnt Educrtor., 91+537-2585 (KS)

wichira Terching Plrents, 316.264-9063 (KS) Kentucly Holm Scfiooleru, 1@08 Blutl Spgs Tr-s, Louisvllle lfY 4g?23'i5o2-2454fF/9

S]AIES-LT Louigiam Cftzanr for llorm Edrcrtion, 3/104 Van Buron, Baks LA 70714; W-V$54.72 Maine Home Study Arloclrtlm, RD 4 Bor 5500, Famington ME 04938 Allegany Home Lelming Olt-Rerch, 35O Webh Hill, Frostburg MD 21S@; 689€760 Erltimolc Support Group, 2 l 1 1 Eastsrn Av, Baltirnoro M D 2 1 231 : 27GS1 30 Chrislian Home School! of Wet bm MO, PO Box 564, Cunberhnd MO ZlfiZi 3O1-75S925S Frmily C€ntercd Leimlng Axoc. of Anne Arundel Co., Phone 85G,44$ (MD) Frederick Co. Support G.oup, 6521 Momlngside O, Mijdletqvn MD 21769; 371-4998 Marylend Horn€ Educrtion A!.oclatil,9085 Flanrepool Way, Colurlbia MD 2104S; 730{073 Montgorn€ry Co. Support Group, 26824 Ho|dd Chapol Or, Damascus MD 20gTZ: 2535462 P!rcn|3 for Homo Eduation, 13f2O glajrnpro St, Boltsville MO 20705; 301-S72-5gz/ Prince Georgor Support Qoup, ph.34ffi4{t7 (MD) Apple Country Homeadrooting A$n., Box 246, Harvard MA 01451; 617{56-3690 Boslon Area Hormschoold. Club, 617-46$3768 (MA) Kirchen School Group,404 Main St, PO Box 96, W Boilord MA 0188$@96; 611-}S2-?0ZJ South Shore Hom Schooler., 163 Hingham Sl, Rockhnd MA 02370; B7&80€B Worcester Are! Homeschooling O.grnizrton, 246 May Sl t2. Wd6ter MA 016@; 617-75$9953 Copp€r Co. Educetion Coop, Star Rl Box 134, Pelkje Ml 49{t58 Fargo-Moorhead Homelchool A$oc, 19098th 51 S, Modhed MN 56560 Le.rning Connectiom,233S Paris Av, Scandia MN 55073 Mimlot! At.oc. ol Chris$ln Hom Educ.tor., Bor 14326, Minneapolb MN 55414 Minneiot. Honre School t'lotwork,96@ E 123rd, Hastings MN 55OCl; 612437-3049 Misri33ipli Home Schoobr. Associrlion, Rt 4 Box 436, Pas Christian MS 3957 1 Jrcksn Co, Horne Schoole... 1 525 W Lexinglon, Ind€p€ndon€ MO 64052


Frmilie. tor Hom Educrdoo, Box 18252, Ray,tfln MO 64t3| St Loul. Soulh Cor$ty Swpon Grol?, 601 Madison, A|nold MO 63010 Flatherd Lorinlng Exchrngp, Kalispoll MT; 837{357 or 7s$2GB Home.choold. of llontrn , Box rto, Bllling8 MT 59101 Monlan! Homo.chool€rt Ar.oc. l{ew.lotbr, PO Box 23352, Billings MT 591@ STATES NO Fremont Arer Support Grol?, 727-1675 or Z7-9eP (NE) LEARN,7741 E A\/on Ln, Lhcoln NE 68505; 4@"464€551 Llncoln Ar€r Hottp Schoolor., t82t Oakdalo, Llncoln NE 085OOi 4{t2.18}1 196 l{ebrarka Independent Hom. Scfiool€'| N.twort, 8010 LlllbrHge St, Lln@ln NE 685(B l,lebtaske Chrbtlan Ho|rr School A..oc", Box 1245, Coluntus NE 6g@t OPEN, 79S Raven OakE Dr, Ornaha NE 68152;402-572€515 Home School. Unllod r€gl. Vdley, PO Box 268 1 1, tas Vo0as NV 89t26; 7@-87G956 l{ew Hamp.hirs Hom Educrlon A!.rr,9 Mtsoras Dr. Nashua NH 03@ llew Hampchlre Honro Sdtool. l{errletlsr, rl Huntlndon Rd, Hennikof NH 03242 Hom6choolen of South &rrey, Rl 2 Burnt Houee Rd. Vincontown NJ 09088 lf,ew Jer!€y Unrchooler. l{stflo?k.2 Smlth St, FarmingdaleuJ OTt27i AtG90&2473

Sussx County HonF Educrdon Orgu{zrdon, 375.6178 (NJ) N.M. Chri.dln Homo Educrtlon, 7117 Santa Fe Trail NW, Abuquoqus NM 82120 l{ow lrlerlco Homo Educdor., PO gox 1383, Abuquerque NM 92192 C€ntrlt NY Hom.chootar., Slde Hill Springa, Becker Rd, Skanoatetes t{y i3tSA; gt$6iF'A4gl Home School Encolr.gor,55 Gitlord Ay, Poughl€€psle NY 12601 Home Schooler. Erchrngo, RO I Bor 172 E, E Chatham NY 12060 Loving Educetlon At Hom€-LEAH., F{t Box 3:P, Syradrso NY i3A0S l,lcw York St ts HotrE Schooler., Rt I Bd 8. Ghenl NY t2O7S Rochertar Aro. Hom.clroollng A..n, 1215 Nonon St, Roch€ster l{Y 14621 w6rem NY Hom..dtooilng Notwo*, 85 Abany st, Bufialo tly 14213; 71s881-3585 North Cerollnlenr for Home Eduquon, PO Box 5182. EnFry{flood Sla Hlgh pl NC 226A Norlh Dakot Hor|e School A..oc., tm$3fd St SW Mandan ND SBSil; 701€698959 of 4.t&2646 Chrlatian Hotp Educrto[ ot Ofio, PO Box 908i], Canton OH 447 t I ; 216-494-8:F6 Christitn Prrsnb Educrdon A..n, 310 BluSonnet Or, Findhy OH 4SA40 (bcal only) Home School Re.owco Ct, 1444 Gurley Av, Akon OH 443t0; Zt&6{t}3160 Ohio Collilion ot Ed.rcrtiond Albmtvsr Now, PO Box @4, Thofipson OH.t4086 Frmily l.9lrnlng Co.n€ctlon, PO Box 12268, OkhhomaCity OK Z3t57 OKCabd Hom School Supgort c.oup, 14212 PisdnDnt Rd, pledmort OK 73078; r|(,S37}'1098 Orlahomr Ctulrdan Horno Educ.tor. A..ochdott, 2mg Medon/br@h ponca Clty OK 74604 Dougla! County Holtl Schooler. Conn cton, /O53 Hanna St, R6€burg OR 97420 Hom6chooler! ot County, 38Ot0 Pengra Rd, Fall Clook OR 97439; 50]937-2271 Llne County Lorrnlng Connecdon, 2557 Kincaid. Eugene OR 97408 Oregon Hor: Educttlon Networt, anl tg Ovofiolder Rd, Conage Grovo OR 97424 Prrent3 Educrdon Acrodatlm, PO Bor't492, B€averton OR 97070; SO&ef$3709 Por0and Aro. Trlcounty llor..crroobr. (PATCI0, PO Bor S34S. Oregd| Ctty OR 97045


Home School Debn . A..oclrdon, FO Box 2091, Washingtd! DC 20013i 2A-737-W Home School Ro!€.rchor, cro B, Ray, Sd Ed Dspl, OSU, Cowallb OR 97381 i 7t{-{1 51 Hom. Sw€Gt School, 1919 Wo6l Melro6€, Chlcago lL 60657 Sl, Ann Abor Ml 48104 Lelrnlng Edg., 1289 M|klng Contrcl, 3543 E Bellevue, Tu6on AZ 85716; 8q2-@7-5667 (homschod communllos) Nafl Corlition ot Ch]|alrn ]lonp Edrcrtor., PO Drawor440, Jenk8 OK 74037 Nslionrl HorE Educrdon Gulld, 515 NE &h St, Ganls Pass OR 97540;503474-1501 National lmttrb for Ch.l.d.n llom Edr.Frton, Rt 3 Box 54{1, Ru6iburg VA 4588 Teaching HodF/CM.d.n llo.F School.8731 NE E\rere0 51, Pqtland OR 97220; 5@25+9631 Terder Tutor, 2770 S lom W Pony UT 843@


N.wCettr, 268 Butlor St, Wodstodq Oil. Canda MS 384 Alberr! Hom. Schoollng Inlo Scwlcc, 16 FondeCbse SE, Cal0ary T2A 6G3 Allern.dvs Educrdon Ro.orro Croup, 24 Wakatiold St, Hawlhdn 3122, Aust|alh Brllb.m llorF Schoollng Grorp, 148 Honson Rd, Salbbury 4107, Arrslralla; ph. 227-7945 Crnrdirn Aiima of HoflE S.fioolcr., 195 Marlvllle Rd, Unlonvllle ONT L3R 4V8;416.{Zt-3401 Educrdon Advl.ory, 2267 Klngs Av, W Vancowd BC Canade \r/V 2Cl A Homo Schoolo/.

Educrton Oiherrlr.,

Home Educlto?. of PA, RO 2 Box 334-4 Munson PA 16860 PaEnt Educrtor. ot Psm., 3334 DisEto.l Sl, Phlldelphh PA 19149; gFO674 PENCIL (Er.t Pr.), 31/t Bryn Maw Av, gryn Mafl PA 19010 Pennsylvrnlr HorE choolc]t, RD 2, Kittannh0 PA 16401; 412-783€St2 Pocono Homo.choob[ A.rochdo[, 71H21-W2. ls|]oJd6burg pA) PlEnr ot RJ,, Po Box 546, Co\€ntry Rl @816; 1o182&.a7?1 Rhodo lllg|der. to? CoBfftutonrl Educ.ton,lol-274-8097 (R|) Crrolln. Frmily School A..odttlon, Rt 2 Bor i7, St. St6ph6n SC A9479 Soulh Drkot llom. School A.!r|., Rt 2 gox 45. Gan€tson SD SZGn Homo Educrllon At.odrfon ol T.m. (HEAT), 3677 Ricfibdar O, Nashviile TN 372t r Homelchoollng Frrilh., 116 Rldtards Dr, Ollver Spg8 TN 3Zg{O;43t1O6"/ Chrisrim Home Ed. of S.n Antmlo, 12170 New Sutphur Spgs Rd, Adktns TXZ81O1; O4g17g Ef Prlo Home Schooler. A!.n., Star Routs B(I 87, Anthony TX 799A1; U*gn-Z4lz Family Homc Educltor. ot D!11.., PO Bq 280584, Dathg TX 7SA28;214691n228 Tera. HonE Educrtor. l{cw.btEr, PO Box &}5105, Ri.iardson TX 75083;214-Z3l-9838 Tera! Hom. School Corlldm. PO 8ox tA7, Ouitr|an TX l'lB3i?1+7693617 Urlh Hom Educrton A$odrton, PO Bor 6338, Sall Lafte Chy UT 04106 Addisn Co, Hom. Schoolsr., PO Bor 7, Chadone W 6/|/+s lArning At HonF, vT., RD 1 Bd 3fi1, Wat€ilille vT 0549a; 64+SA.t9 Vemont HotrF Schooler! A.|oG", PO Box 10C2, MHdl€town Sp0s W 05757 Homo Educrtol3 A$oc of Vlrglnh, PO Box 1810, Front RoyalVA ZzdXFlStO; 7@'SSG9O48 l{orthem Vr HomorchoobrdLEARN, Ol5 Fainmnt 51, Fatb Church, VA 22Ot?; 70+690{393 Frmilis. brrning Togethsr, 8ox t0 Tiger Slar Rr, Colville WA 9ofi4 Flmily L€rrnlng Erch.ngG, PO 8ox 7256, Spokano WA 99207@56 Nrturd L.etrnlng Networt, 5725 N Elgln, Spokane WA 992O5; 326"@67 fesching Prrenb A..oc., 16109 NE 169h Pl, W@dinvlfle WA 9BO7A: 206-1S3{642 Tetching Prrent A$oc.-South, 23135 264th Aw SE, Maple Valley WA 98038; 2OG8S$342 Ihs T|ertb, 442+1?3rd Av NE, Lab St€rren8 WA 98258; 20e34€gZO Albrn.dyer ln Educrtlon, Rt 3 Box 305, Chloo WV 25435;304{5$7232 Welt V.. Hom. Educrdon Ar.ocl.tlon, PO Bor 266, Glenvillo WV A6951; 30t46e€A)6 W6l V.. Homo Educttola A..ochuon, PO Box 750/1, Charlsston WV A53t6 F.milie! ln School. rt H,orm (FlSl0,46!B Consstoga Trall, Conag€ G|oy€ Wl SgS27 H.O.M.E, W8229 Tosor St, Onalaska Wl 54650; 60&789fr/9 Wilcomln Prrr|rt ' A..oc., PO Box 25@, Madbon Wl 53701; 71$S3&3e00 Wyoming Horil Educrtor. l{otwod (WHEI{), 158 W Ham6y, Laramle Wy gaDo; 97-712-9243 Wyomfng lforr Schoolcr., Box 1386, LyrEn WY |,€'rl7i gJ'-7gt-6TZs

lhdorl d Grffid Hm.c{ml


B!3lc EduclUon, PO Box 610589, ryFW Alrpon TX 75281i 2tl[{62-1909 Clrholic HortE School t{ow.tctb?, 688 t lth Av NW, Nr Brlghton MN 551tz Chrild.n Llis lvort.hop., I 80 SE Kane Av, Gr6ham OR 970$

C16!tiye Lslmlng lhgezlr, PO Box 957, WdghBtowt NJ 08564 Growing Wlthout Schooling, Holt Assoclates, 729 Boybton Sl, Booton MA @116 GWS Tnrel Networt, do Gallien. Rt 2, Wlnda MN 55987: 507.4t4-3126 lbwitt Relerrch Ctr (Dr. Rrymord Hoo]l), PO Box 9, Washougal WA 9671; 20683$2736 Hom€ Educdlon Mlgrrlm, PO Box 218, Tq|askst WA 98855; 5F'@4-8955 Home Educrtlon Workrhop., HonEtoading School, RD 2 - GW, Oxford NY 1384, Home Educrtd Singb Prrml lletworL, Rt 5 Box 120, Ava MO 65608 (31 + SASE) Home Llts, Box 16202, Claylon MO 63105 Home School lbrdqurbr., Po Box 366, Fiermnl NE 68025;402-727-$42


PE 18 gAN, England

Prune3, 120 Erkdrb Rd. Auddand 10, New Zealand, Puerto Rlco Horlr Schooling A..odrllon, 5fi1 Barbe St, Sanlurco PR m912 Rece!|, Box g)76, Counenay BC Canada VgN 5N3 Ouebec Homelchoollng Adyl.ory, 4650 Acadla" Ladrlne Oue. H8T 1N5 Sarfotdrowrn Hon€.droobr., 1710 Prln€ of Walos, Saskatodt S7K 3E5;30e242-1362 of 2Q1W Vrncouvor Home Schooler., 4180 Princo Albod St. Vancouver 8C VSV tus; 604-87&2794 World-Wido Educrdonrl Sorvlco, Stiode Houc€, 44/50 Oenabuqh Sl, Londo{r NW1 3{N, Enohnd

OTHER ORGANtrATIONS Theso oducalbnal, drlld-raislng, or solt-rellancs organEa[lo]ls are good sourca of heF and dlies. Again, a sslf-addregsod starped envebpe b app.odaled. Cleulnghou!. ol Ed. Cholco, 16l l N Keil St t8O5, Adington VA 22209; rc35?+t556 (vouders) EVAN-G, 977 Koelor Av, Bed(sl€y CA 9.t708 (on corpoal punlshmen0

Home.taad6[ Jlewa, Naples NY t.l5l2 Lr lache l-crgu lnbrmton l,9616 Mhneapolb Av, Frank[n Pafi lL 60131 Nrfl Ar.oc fo, Legrl Suppod of Atbrn dy. S.hoot., PO Box 2841, Santa Fo Nrf I CorllUon of Albrnrdw CofrIrrudty 8d|ool., RD (Direcldy ot


25 Common Ln, Hemlngilord Abbols,

Homerchool New.lolter, 18 Amold Av, Kollyvllle2t5T, NSW Au8tralla Home.chooler. A..oc. of Northom Ab.rtr,l1415 48rd Av, Edmnton Abena T6J 0Y2;45&6741 Manltob. Ar.oc. for S.fioollng rt Hom, n6 Vknd SL Whnipog R3E lYo Ontrrio HorErchooler., Box 60, 260 Adolaide St E, Toroolo MsA lNO Panamr s|rpport Gro|JP, PSC Bd 1578, APO Mhrnl SlOl (Fl Amdof, Panarna)



NM B7S0t

8ox 378, GlenrDoro PA




5.45&51 38.


may b€ r€poduc€d In f ull d ln pan onry tr tho lource b credled ar SCHOOLING, 729 Boybton 51, Bclon HA 02116.'

Ths€ lbl3



(lf owned by a corporation, its name and address must be stated also immediately thereunder the names and addresses of stockhold-

I percent or more of total amount of stock): Associates, 729 Boylston St, Boston l,lA ozll6. patrick Farenga, 729 Boylston St. Boston, l..lA 02116. Stephen Rupprecht,729 Boylston St. Boston lilA 02116. Donna Richoux,729 Boylston St, Boston litA OZllG. Tom Mary Maher, 30 Park St, Uakefield l,lA 01880. l.lary & Mark Van Doren, s owning or holding


46 Nelson _Str Quincy MA 02169. Nancy & Bob llallace, ll9 lrving pl, Ithaca NY 14580. (8) Known-bondholders, mortgagees, and other security lders owning or holding l% or more oi totaT imouit ol bonds, mort-

or other securities:










Total No.

12 Cooies

Pald Circulation l. Sales by Dealers and Carriers, Street Vendors & Counter Sales




on circulation

subscri pti

Total paid

Free distribution by mail, carrier or other nnans, samples, compli-

nentary, and other free copies Total distribution Copies not distributed l. Office use, left over, unaccounted, spoiled after printing


Return fron news agents


certify that the complete.


I'IONTHS 5,458





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5,1 50


statements made by me above are correct

Patrick L. Farenga, Buslness llanager.




Cont. from p.

@GABRIEL. .l?..f9iru9y Ct, Albany 12208i science --- Joyce HoUCK, RR I Box l4BA, Brant Lake lZBl5;5181 494-2012i e1en. --- llartin l,4lLLER, Aikens Rd. RD l, latkins clen l4B9l; math, scj., account'ing --- l'larian R0NALDS, LEARNINc CTR B00KST0RE, 207 S t4ain St, Canandaigua 14424,, 716394-8798

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Karen FoGIE, 18t20 t45th pt NE. 481-2228 --- Debbv HALPERIN,4536 4Bth Av NE, Seatile 9'8t05 --llike SMITH, INTAND El,lPfRE H0t4E SCH00L CTR. p0 8ox 11992, Spokane 9921i; 509-924-318t --Denis $JICHAR, Cascade Jr pigh School, t3900 NE lSth St, Vancouve. 98684-7Zg9i 256-6052 Che.yl & Bruce BISrt0p, 4ll Bryan _. 6ren - !/I -Bay St, }Jt 54301; etem. --- David bRApENTII{E, Rt I Box 450A, Itaple 54854; l-6 --Donna |'4AHR, 56i N t'4ain St, oregon 53575; Soc



St.K-12 --- Alison


5745-Bittersw;et pt,

lladison 53705i elem, vis. inoair CANADA - AYRE-J;\SCHKE, Box 2215, Pelce Fi'EF-AB ToH 2X0 --- Victoria HALIBtiRT0ll, FSJ TUI0RING SERvtCE, 9706-l08th Av, rt 5t John, BC VIJ 2R2;604-7gi-7t36




7T6l I CA




Frank Cochran, 5l Elm St, Box 1898, fs Haven 06508-t898i 203-865-7380 DC - Mark Amermdn, Nancv Lesourd & Gcorge-Xrange II, 1925 K St Nil, Suite 300, CT

20006-l I l5; 202-862-2000


HI - Ton DiGrazia, l4ediat'jon Clinjc. 32 Xlinehe-St, Suite 2028, Kai tua HI 96734: 808262-0730

I0 - Lyle El'jasen,202 ldaho 5t, AneriFaTTs 8321 I I 208-226-51 38 IL - Helen Baker, 440 Addison Av. Etm-


hurst 60126; 312-833-5655 IA - Craig Hastings, 315 6th St,

50010;-515-232-2501 --- Earl Hi I Kanawha 50447; 515-762-8251 KS - Austin Kent Vincent,



p0 Box 298,


Towers]opeka 56603; 9l3-233-4122

following people are willing to help schooling families in developing curricu-


la, evaluating progress, or in other

Baltimore l,lD 21212;800-233-1957 or 30t-377--- Paul Kunberger, 3905 Bexley Pl, farlow Hgts 20746; 301-899-5933 --- Dale R. Reid, 7091 Brangles Rd, t'larriottsville 2|04; 4013

301-549-t 322


[ugene Burkart, 556 Main St, faltham 02154; 617-899-5337 --- Susan Ostberg, The Comrcn, 8ox 245, Harvard 0l45li 617-4563688 --- John Sandelli, l'12 Sladen St. oracut 01826;617-957-5528

MI - Norn Perry, 8976 US 31-33, p0 241, B$rien Spgs 49103; 516-471-2848 M0



Robert Baker, 0n the Square, Sar-

coxie 6{862; 417-548-3321 --- Arnold T. Phillips, l22l Locust St, St Louis 63103i 314-

23 I


Larry Arnoldsen, Box l0 tlc(ay Btd9, Brig-

U., Provo UT 84602 Dr. David N. Campbell, Rt 2 Box l3t3, Van oyke Rd,odessa FL 33556;8t3-920-4253 Dr. Stephen Corwin, Greenwoods Rd East, ham Young


CT 06058

6ay Eastman, 2122 Kendall Av #2, Madison IJI 53705; 608-231-1875 0r. l4ario Fantini, Dean of Education, tj.

of llass.,

Amherst ltlA 01003 Steven Hall, M.0., Strong Family pracP0 Box 189, Strong I,tE 04983 (phisician) Joe Jernberg-Briggs, phone Zl6-262-4070,


Wooster.0H; school psychologist, reading


Hal Jindrich, Psycholoqist, 555 l,/. iljdt'lountajn View CA 94043;

dlefield, tS-301, 4l 5-969-9981


Nancy D.

Sq,0rlando FL

Kiger, EdD.,

1604 Sunsjde


Prof. Richard King, Ed, oept., Univ. of Victoria, Box 1700, Victoria BC, VBt,/ 2y2 Dr. Hal Lenke,4233 N.42nd pt., phoenix

AZ 85018; 602-955-9449 l'lichael Masny, 43 Burncoat St, Leicester M 01524; 617-892-80121 certified school psychologist & social worker Dr- John i,lcDermott, Assoc. prof., Dept. of_ _ Ed., l'loravian College, Bethlehem pA lSOig Dr. Nadine McHugh, Educational Fel low-

ship of Christian Schools, oral Roberts U.,

Dir. Reading prolaBZ0 l'lichael J. Murphy, Assoc, prof., U. of Saskatchewan, Co1 lege of Eoucation, Saskatoon, grms, State Univ, Coilege, oneonta Ny Sask.,

Canadd S7N 0tl0

Dr. Donald Musin, Doninion School of Education, P0 Box 6321, Lakeland FL 33903; gl37

47 -147 6

Dr. Paul Nash, School of Ed,

Univ, Boston


MA 02215

EmeriTeacher Education, Syracuse U., 137 Pl, Syracuse NY 13210 Andy Peterson, Li censed psychol ogi st, 25 Rose Hill, Smethport PA t6749


Edrard Pjno, former school superinten189 Antelope Tr, Parker C0 80134 Charles Pregger (History - SUNy) l9 Lar-


Potsdam NY 13676 Bruce Quarrington, Dept of Psychology, York U., 4700 Keele St, Downsview ontario M3J

be hesitant about approving home school-

ing, and let them know that the.e are other districts enjoying good relationships with their hone schooling fanilies. Also, families who are willing to nove to escape a difficult situation with school officials would have at least some 'ideas about where to 90. l,le will only list these school districts under the followjnq conditions: (l) The fmily has to be not just satisfjed but pleased with the cooperation the schools aiE-gfiing to their home scrool ing er forts. ( 2 ) The achool s themsel ves nave io be pleased with the retationship with the family. (3) The fomily has to be happy with the idea asking the schools whether they want to be


included in this list, If they feel that'jng the schools, or asking the schools if they want to be listed, may endanger their good present relationship, then they shouldn,t ask.

(4) The schools themselves have to be happy about being included in the list. If they are uneasy about it, or fear that it may get then in trouble with someone, we,d rather not subject then to that risk. So - if your district is cooperating with your hone schooling, and you would like then to be on this list, ask them, and let us know if they say to go ahead. By the way, !e would also like to list school districts that would like to hetp home school i ng fami l ies, but have-n-o-t been ab l e to do so because no faniljes have yet asked then. LA

0rovilTe Devore,

- BLtte

County Schools, t859 Bi.d St, 916-534-4678; r,4arityn

CA 95965; Hone Study

Director. Lodi Unified School Djstrict, 835

ford St, Lodi CA 95240; 209-369-74t1; Alsop, Asst. Supt. of Elem. Ed.

|lJ Ron


Tree School, 18847 oak Tree Rd, Nevada oonna Soldano, Adm.inrslraf,or. MA - Barnstable public schools,23O South Sf, Hyannis 02601; 6lZ-771-22|. Jane Sheckel ls, Curriculum Director. Canbridge Public Schools, 159 Thorndike St, Canbridge l4A 02141; 498-9233. Contact Mary Odk

City 95959;

Lou l4cGrath.


School District, 89 Appteton, Lowell M 01852; 454-5431. James l,tctiahon, Asst. Supt. for Curriculum Developnent. Rockland Public Schools, Rockland 02370;

Supt. John ll. Rogers, .. -Scitudte t'lASchool District, 606 Cushing Hwy, Scituate 02066; 6l 7-545-5359; V.idaGavin, D'ir, of Special Services.


Southern Berksh.ire Regional School OisSheffield 01257; Djrector of Guidance,

Paul Shafiroff.

Park CA 91304 Jack Robertson, Prof. Emerjtus, New york Univ, P0 8ox 55, Gre'i9 NY 13345



PA - Southwest Butler County trict,-TD i, Harmony pA 16037; Roir


School DjsSnyder,

Here are some ways you can find out the legal situation in your state. l) Look up the law yourself, in a public

library or law library (courthouse, lail schooi, etc.) Laws are indexed; try,,schooi attendance" or "education, compulsory.,, l8

VTRY FORM FOR DIRECTORY tt you would like to be included in the Director-v and have not yet told us, send in this form, or use a postcard or 3x5 card {only one family' per cardl. Adults: Organization (only

II : Qoug Kel ley, Suite 4G, Arcade Bldq, ; 406-442-0770 or 443-3738 NY - Dustin ordway, ll0 Terrace pl, Brooklyn li2lB; 718-972-9121 --- 0avid pullen48 ll t4ain St, Fillnore 14735i 716-561-2229 --Seth Rockmuller, RD I Box 172 E. East Chatham


if address is same as lamilyt:

ldren, NameszBirthyears :

1?060i 518-39?-4277

_-- 0H - David A. Haffey, 20 King Av, Box 510, Xefria 45385; 5i3-372-8055 ----James Peters, 107 l,t Court 5t, }loodsfield 43793i


6r4-472-1681 PA



E. l4artin, 201 S Broad St.

P0 Box-392, Kennett Sq 19348; 215-444-0285 SEI4ISCH, P0 Box 306, l.lillow Grove pA 19090-0306r 2l 5-659-7680



IN - Philip Carden, 507 N t4th St, Nashvllle 3/206: 615-225-0416 TX - Tom Brandon, 7501 Xavjer Dr, p0 Box 331144-Tt Worth 76133 --- Mike Edrards,3400 GRO$IING I,IITHOUT SCHOOTING


Have been

states (particularly CA, IL, lN,

through a friend. 3) Contact stdte or groups; we print this list




in this issue. l,le also keep the list lpdated and sell it separ-

ately for $l as part of our "Homeschooling Resource List." Sone groups have prepared handbooks or guidel ines on legal natters. 4) Contact other families listed in our Directory, However, they may suggest you do sone of the above steps yourse'lf. 5) In general, it is not {ise to start

by asking your

local school-Tstrict;


usually don't know the law either. Better to gather the facts first on your own. - DR WHEN YOIJ WRITE US

Please - (l ) Put separate items of business 0n separate sheets of paper. (2) put your name and address at the top of each letter, (3) lf you ask questions, enclose a self-

addressed stamped envelope. (4) Tel I us if it's 0K to publish your letter, and whether to use your name with the story, CATALOG INFO A copy of our latest conplete cdtalog dppeared in GHS t53. To obtain a sepdrate copy, send a long SASE with two stanps. |lJe will pay $2 in credit for used copies .. good (in condition) of John Holt,s |llHAT DO I DO


0n request, we will photocopy and majl the GIs reviev of any item in our catalog. Send 50c plus a S.A.S.E. for onei add 254 for each additi onal . PEN PALS WANTED

Children Hantinq penpals should send us nme, age, aooress, and l-3 words on interests


Andy KELLER (8) 79 Kuykendal'l Rd, AtexanNC 28701; motorcycles, swiming, science 330 Fredrickson Rd, Woodland }jA 98674i gynmastics, computer,4-wheelers --- NEURoTH, i2890 orono Rd, Elk R.iver MN 55330: Jesse {5) trampoline, dolls, painting;


--- Kari HARLAND (8)

Scott {4) aninals, books, painting --- liffiStrolling kills Rd, Cmeron park CA 95682: Katie (5) rollerskates, dogs, bikes; Annie (3) She-Ra, dogs, pretending --- t{cl4uLLEN, R#3 Box 120, Northport !A 99157: t"1ia (9) dogs, chemistry, hiking; Toby (6) drawing, dinosaurs --- Simon PALKo (10) l5t E lt.shington 5t, Ionia l'11 48846; art, science, futuriitic ----KlNG, 3425 .Chel sea Dr, Ioodbridge VA AMS,3134

22i92: Alisha (6) horses, penguins,-art; Joshua (4) dinosaurs, pianets, airp'lanes --- Ryan (5) P0 Box 52, New |,toodstock Ny 13lZZ-;

in Directory before:

If this is address change, what



nachines, electricity --- Eamon ('10) 455 Butterfty Foreat Rd, 0viedo FL 32765; birds. bikes, playing --- ColtAN,1626 Francis St, franklin IN 46131: r.J. OZ) stamps, rocks, animals; Nathan (9) stickers, space, animals; Josh-Paul (5), stories, cats; Jake (4) stories, sinqinq; clinbina --- Emanuel HEINI4AN (8) p Box 97, ocate flM 87734; horses, baseball, legos HoLllES


,I I


there are few regulations concerning private schools and so you can call your home a school. If you are concerned about reveal ing your name and address to the state, do thjs



Paul oaniel Shea, tl.A., Ed.D., t45O Beacon 5t., Suite 801, Erookline I,tA 02146; 617277-42t4 Chester S. }./illiams, Assoc. prof./Secondary & Higher Ed,, ETSU, Box 5518, TX 7s501; 214-838-5458

states have revised their hooe education laws since l9B2 so check the recent statute changes. lJe have printed or summarized these new laws in our back issues. 2) Ask the state Department of Education for any laws or regulations pertaining to homeschooling and/or start ng a private school. In





l'iY - lthaca School District, Ithaca 14850;1. Douglas Hart, Dir. of pupil person-

Valley Flores Dr,

Plof: Albert Schatz, 6097 Sherman St, ,. Philadelphia PA 19119




Nancy Reckinger,8679

ltJe are printing a list of school districts that are willingly and happily cooperati ng wi th home school ers, and who are ui I I i ng to be listed in CHS as doirg so. one reason for such a listi we uant to encourage and reassure school offic'iais who


Dr. Robert Neman, Assoc. prof.



5an Juan Ridge Union School

7777 S Lewis, Tulsa 0K 74171 Dr. Chalmers E. t4eans,

Bank IV


Theodore H Amshoff, Jr, l0l2 S 4th Av, Lou-svi I le 40203; 502-582-3500 MD - Ray Fidler, 523 Dunkirk Rd, KY

Mason, p0


Jay Dickey Jr, P0 Box 6038, pine : 501 -534-6302 - J l"lichae'l Snith, 11704 Uilshire 8lvd, Site 226, Los Angeles 9OO2S., 213-473-


ts 53b5t ;- at4-251-9440 - |llillian Twichell & cerald

Pinedale 8294); 307-367-2134






tloodinville 98072;

Peter H.D. lt{right, 2OOg Bremo Richmond 23226; 804-285-2008

MaFfinsvjl le 26155; lQ4:455-2160 }jI - Jack Umpleby, N 8B H 16848 t4ajn St, kY


VA - Scott CHRISTTAN, Rt 5 Box l,{artinsille 24112; 703-632-3780 ---

973-3068r K-12


HenomoiEe Fat

Paul HILSToN, 3420 }li l I i anrs Ct. Avon 4[0] l; 7-12 science --- Karin JERNBERGBRIGGS, Phone 216-262-4070, l,tooster; K-8, counseling --- Candace I,ilLL[R,439 S Cole St, Lina 45805: K-8 0R - Mary MAYFIEID, 24974 }J Brush Creek Rd, SwEEt Home 0R 97386; 503-367-2474; 5-t? --- Brian RAY, 434 S Atwater St. Monmouth 97361 --- Diane soNTAG, po Box i1583. Euoene 97440; t_8 __- Marcia spANI, ALOHA KiDS' ACADEI4Y, 4640 Sl,l 182, Atoha oR 97007i 503-6424094r K-B !{ - oebby BELL, 116 N Lincotn St, Palmyra 17078; language --- patricia H0UStR, Box 88 RD 5, E Strouosburg 18301;7ti-4zl-3i05 --- Barbara McMILLAN, #1 Sunshine Rd, Herminje 15637; elen & spec ed --- Deborah DOERFEL. 540 Tenpâ&#x201A;Źrance Ln, Ivyland 18974 --- Beth S]0NE. 988 Siddonsburg Ro, Lewisberry 17339 TN - Manuel FtLtCIANo, 232 N Tulane Av. oak Ri-ge 37830; science Il - Linda J0NES, 3301 Hemloct, Temple _--^, /b5u4: e I em UT - Brother James PETRAIT, 514-Z4th St, 09den 8it40l ; B0l -399-5627; science w - tilartha ANDERSEN, RR 1 Box 614, Huntingfon 0546? --- Kathi KEARNEy. 49 Gimaoe Av, Auburn ME 04210; ttE & VT K-12 --- Hot'lyKoCHALXA. Rt 2, Johnson 05656; 635-/3tB

339-8, Evelvn LEARN-AT-HOME COI{SIJLTING SERVICIS. A25 Crenshaws t4b Ci, Charlottesville ZZ90l I 904-





St, Suite 290; Houston





was previous state:






orefT-I s monE6-ruI-EommunicaEed only through his bass and non-verbal moverrrcrrLs r


evuPrL ^^"n1o





,,h i ^h


hrrnrrrnr uuvJa'iLr)



encouraging. He pLayed a note. She would try to match iE. No verbal insEruction on how Eo do iC. In a minrrfoc

1 L^,


,,'d r 6r L,-^*^i-

aIIy masEered four notes - enough for a litEle song. Suddenly, she was playing "Mary Had a LittLe Lamb" for Ehe crowd and singing it simultaneously as well. Thpn Crepn o^r har ro cino and niarr iE up-Eempo Eo a feverish taped accompanimenE. The audience of music teachappLauded wiLdly and shouEed ers rrBravo! Bravol" [,lhatrs more, TarbeLl said she had a good time learning to play the bass in front of abouE 1,000 people...

in living in the Boston area? UNIQUE 0PP0RTUNI- $l; to #41-50, $1.50. Soecial: all three indexTY! Exchange/nent (neg.) a room for help home- es, $4.00. These prices include postage. schooling one child. Write the Baruch family, Binders available with rods that hold l2 Moreland St, Somervi I le MA 02'l45 GWS wiThouF obscuring any text. Gold letters on cover. Binder can hold Gl.lS #l-26 ($]0) or l8 later issues ($9.50). Special: 3 binders with rods to hold ctJS #l-60, $26. Add UPS RENEWALS charges for all binders (see center pages). At the bottom of this page is a form you Address changes: If you're movjng, let can use to renew your subscription. Please us kno[-!6li-TEil-?drlFess as soon as possible. help us by renewing ear1y. Please enclose a necent label (or copy of How can you tell when your subscription one). Issues missed because of a change in exoires? Look at this sample label: address may be replaced for $2 each. Group subscriptions: al l copies are mailed to onE-a-iftlieii.-TEre are the CURRENT group 12345 rates (lX means you get one copy of each Ji14 & T,IARY JONES issue, 2X means you get 2 copies of each 27 01 55 issue, 3X means 3 copies, etc. ): I6 MAIN ST 1 year 2 y"s. 3 yrs. PLAINVILLE NY 0lll1


for ads: $5 per line



47 spaces).

il:::: ::ll :!::: l3l!:_r:: ril llr Hm. sch




complete freedom. House & 3i acres/ in s.cent.KY. 4BR, LR lr9


sale or rent 250/mo

lll-ll lll: 13-ll?ll:-l-193:9191?91:i !:!:IT: program ages 3-5!




STANDARDIZED TESTS, home. can rea11y use

FREE CATAL0G. Sample Guide pages ING AT H0ME Box 270-G54 Honaunau REIIARD YOUR KIDS

Sleeps si

Florida Disney

x, washer/dryer, pool ,








for rent.

s court,

:T:l:l :::::-1llil i91-9M:------------------

QUALITY, EDUCATI0NAL WORKBoOKS to teach/tutor your children. A11 subjects, K-.l2. For more 'information, send SASE to Sl"1M Educational 'l079, Sunland CA 9'l040 Services, Dept. G, Box


in living


are, too.

"l\4aking Contact" rvho


P0 Box 74,

Midpines CA 95345 Homeschool



seeking same




share small




it IS homeschooling!

9l i:331


ABOUT home-

0n1y home edu-

cati on publ icati on offeri ng over 25 ori gi na1 features at reasonable rates. Practical activity and learning ideas help families learn together. I yrl$g, Sample/$]. CLM, lst Flr, Box

3ll: lrleillllvl H0MESCH00LERS:

bonus i ssue,

rates are the same as for new ----Ternewal subscriptions: $20 for 6 issues, $36 for l2 i

ssues, $48 for



li 99193-9?:l


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$l 80




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$12 per person per year.

Please send


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i ssues.

in the

nanes and addresses

of your group sub, so that

touch wjth them. Thanks.

we can

Subscriptjons start rvith the next issue published. our current rates are $20 for 6 Gl{S was founded in 1977 by John Ho1t. issues, $36 for l2 issues, $48 for l8 issues. Editor - Donna Richoux published GWS is every other month. A single Managing Editor - Patrick Farenga tssue costs 5J-5uSubscriptions & Books - lllendy Baruch, For all subs or orders of GWS (not Elsa Haas, Sandy Kendall books), please send check or money ordEFs pay- Associate Editor - Susannah Sheffer able to GROWING WITHOUT SCHOOLING. Office Assistant - Mary Van Doren Foreign payments must be either money Editorial Assistant - Mary Maher

orders-TnTlfunds or checks drawn on US banks. We can't afford to accept personal

near other homeschoolers? is a national network of SASE

receive their renewal before we sent our final account changes to the mailing house (ear'ly February), they would qualify for the free

4-12! indispensable


K-'l2 learners

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the number of the fina1 issue for the subscription. The Jones' s[5TI!iTE3-with Issue #55, the next issue. But if we were to ample te11s


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The number

if they have "US funds" written on them. Outside of North America, add $]0 per year for airmail (otherwise, allow 2-3 months for surface mail). Back issues: |,,|e strongly urge you to get the ba6k-TTssuesof GWS, especially if you plan to take your children out of school. Many of checks on Canadjan accounts, even

the articles are as useful and imDortant as they were printed, and we do not plan to repeat the information in them. All back


issues are kept

Holt Associates

= = o =


in print.

Our rates for back issues: any combinaback issues, mailed at one time to one address, cost $l per issue, p'lus $2 per order. For example, c[,JS #l-53 rvould cost $55. These

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It is -0K to sell


my name and address

to other organizations.


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