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ldea. Donna and oEher members of H.0.M.E. will be collecElng donaEions of $5, $10 and more Ehis winEer' and


alm to presenE as many actual books

as possible on John Holt's birthday'


48 The first

parE of this sPecial

issue is a Eribute to our dear friend John HolE, Ehe founder of GWS. YourIl

find the regular GWS feaEures ( Iegal news, book reviews, eEc.) toward Ehe middle, and our annual DirecEory and resource lisEs at Ehe back.

The lovely letters, deeP with feeling. EhaE have arrived since John's-deaEh Sept.. 14, have cerEainLy helped during Ehis difficulE time' One reader said, "The supporE you have given is out here. And now I hope you feel it rippLing back in." Yes, indeed. It was good to see many of you aE the memorial service OcEober 5, despite a Ehunderstorm. The simple speeches, Ehe beautiful music, and Ehe chance just Eo relax and become acquainted aE t.he poEluck' meant so much to us all. SpeciaL thanks go to Day Farenga who did all Ehe arranging for the event. We are sending a complimenEary copy of Ehis tribute issue to a number of John's friends. A noEe to those people: many of you have said, "LeE us know if there is any way we can help." If you wouLd like Eo keeP informed as to what we're up Eo, and to supporc our efforEs co keep John's ideas aLive, the best way we know for you to do t.his is to subscribe to Ehis magazine. That way rde can keep in Eouch wiEh each other. The New Year brings expectaEions of two babies to our staff families the Van Dorens in earLy February and the Farensas t" t'::_oB:lli *r"no,_,*


CiEy, NY. Education: "I have come to believe that a person's schooLing is ^-


4a 6-rts Vat L ^f

hi c nrirrare


ness as his pol iEics or religion, and thaL no one should be required

to answer questions abouE iE. May I say instead EhaE most of whaE I know and I did not learn in school, indeed was not even rtaughE.ttr J.H. 1943-1946: Submarine service, U.S, Navy. L946-L952: Worked in various DarEs of the World Government moveinent. Finally Executive DirecEor, NY State Branch, United World Federali-sts, L952-L953: TraveLed in Europe. I953-L957: Taught aE Colorado

Rocky Mountain School, Carbondale CO. L957-L959: TaughE at Shady HiII School, Cambridge MA.

f959-f963: Taught aE Lesley ELlis School, Cambridge MA.

1965-L967: Taught aE wealEh School, Boston MA.


L968: VisiEing lecEurer, Harvard Graduate School of EducaEion.

I969: VisiEing lecEurer' DePE' of Ed., U.C. Berkeley. 1969-1985: WriEing, IecEuring. Founded HoIt AssociaEes, a BosEon office with smaLl scaff deaLing wich educaEion and other sociaL issues. 1977: Began publishing GROWINC WITHOIIT SCHOOLING, a bi-monEhly magazine abouE teaching children at home' 1980: SEATICd



a mail-order service for and abou! children. orimarilv ' Died: September 14, 1985, of cancer, aE home in BosEon, Mass.



1983. HO!,j CHILDREN








, L978.




Combined sales

FAIL and



mill ion and a half copies, Articles and reviews by John Ho I c pubTT-56Eif-1 nl-N---Yl-Revi ew of Books, N.Y. Times Magazine, Book Week, Harper's, The AtLanEic, Redbook, Parents' Magazine, SaEurday Evening Post, Look, SaEurday Review, PsychoLogy Today, USA Today, and numerous other publicaEions. Interviews and articles abouE John@ JournaI, nationwide dailies, and many other publications. In-depth biographical sketch in Yankee. Dec. '81. TV, Radio:-F?E!ilent appearances on naEfo-i-il--Eid local programs, on education and che homeschooling move-

menE. "Donahue" show, 1979 and 198I. PUTTING BOOKS IN LIBRARIES

Donna Mahr, a GWS reader from Wisconsin, has starEed a campaign to

donaEe TEACH YOUR OIJN and John Holtrs

other books to every Iibrary in her state. The Iibrary network she conEacEed was vâ‚Źry supportive of Che

April 14, 1986. They plan Eo then cbnEinue the drive in foLlowing months until lhe goal is met. Sounds llke a greaE idea to us practical, workable, and everYone benefits: Ehe homeschoolers, us, Ehe llbrarles, Lhe comnunities. I checked wlth the Boston Public Library and learned Ehat here, at leasE, book donaEions are even tax deductiblel H,O.M.E, could buy the books from us at our regular caEalog prices, or, Eo make their dollars go furEher, they could deal direcLly with DeLl Publishers for a quantity discounE. Maybe in some PIaces iE would be best to have lhe librarY order the books. svsEem It is Donna Mahr's hope that People in other areas would like Lo coPy this idea and Eake responsibilicy for their own staEes or regions. And in fact Ehis has aLready begun. When I described this plan co two Oregon readers, Candace Syman-Degler and Sheri Clemen, who had expressed interesE in donating books to libraries as a memorial to John, Ehey said, "VJe'lI go for it!" and are Eaking on the staEe of Oregon. For their addresses, see Ehe DirecEory in Ehis issue. If there is indeed interesE in this, we are willing Eo make up a bookpLate here, maybe with a photo of John, saying more or less, "In honor of the memory of John HoIt, 19231985, Ehis book is donated by _ ," An individuaL who iusE to wantE?fE donate a copy of one-of John's books wiEhouE getting involved in a big organizational effort couLd use this bookplate, too. If rhis idea is to go anywhere, it wiLL depend on the efforts of You outside Ehe office. Many of you have asked what you can do - welL, here's chance. We'lL be happy to answer your -questions. share news, eEc., but the actual doing and responsibility musE fall elsewhere. You can no Longer bring John Holt co your community to sPeak, buE vou can keep his ideas alive, in prinE-?nd in circulaEion. So - iI you'd like to take on your state or region, tell us about it! - DR MEMORIAL SERVICE

Here is the order of evenEs aE service. A friend of Johnrs made a recording of the event; Ehe memorial

unfortunaEely, we do not have copies available yeE, though we expect to soon.

Opening gree E ing, Cynth i a Edson

Miniscer of the Church of Ehe Presi-



T0 J0HN HoLT: Peggy Hughes:


--- 0ther friends: 2 --- 0verseas: 3 --lYedia: 3 --- Col leagues: 3 --- Nancy Wal lace: 4 --- Visits:5 --- Purdy/Interested:6 --Jerome/poem: 6 --- Influence: 6 --- Wisdom: 7 --- Soeeches at service: 7-9 '-- Emerson/ Success: 9 --- JH & Gl,lS: 9 --- Selections from JH books: 9-12 --- [.lho Are We?: l2-14 --Announcements: 14 --- TMEN/Art, computers: l4 --- Korea: 14 --- l.JA Courses: l4 --- Court News: 14 --- Local News: l5 --- Grown unschoolers: l6 --- Teens: l6 --- Tests: l7 --Ljbrary privileges: l7 --- Housework: l8 --objections: l8 --- Travel network: l8 --Social lives: l9 --- Movies: l9 --- Sign language: 19 --- Math: 19 --- Jewelry:. 20 --Book reviews: 20-22 -'- 1986 D'irectory: 23'28


velled Lhousands of miles in those days wiEh his beat-up Bean's duffle bag, snatching naps under his bLack auEhor, Jack Powers. eyeshades v/henever and \.rherever he IshmaeL and ViEa Wallace played feLE sleepy. And he made hundreds of "Rumanian FoIk Dancesr" by Bela good friends, who feel, as we do, Bartok (piano and violin), and "EighE EhaE he was parE of Eheir family. Czech DueEs" by Karel Husa (four-hand Last JuIy, on the way from our piano). house Eo Ehe Blue Hill hopsiEal, he Tom Maher spoke. For speakers' was very Eired, but not afraid. I words, see elsewhere in Ehis issue. Percival Van Daam olaved rrWestasked him if he had anv idea how manv parents felE EhaE fre hid shown them minster Chimes." and Juiia-and Jessica Van Daam played "Greensleeves." how to see their children. He said, PaE Farenga spoke, and pLayed yes, he did. ThaE he knew he had lost Ehe school baEEle, found Ehat iE rn/as "Goodbve Porkoie HaE" on sax. Norm Lee, founder of HomesEeadunwinnable, but EhaE he did know he ers News. sDoke had made a difference in the wav Deoti^^- -aad a Ietter from ple see kids. And in Ehe way kiis'see uyilL,'rd Anna Van Doren to John. and feeL about Ehemselves. Mary Van Doren played a beginThen he said anoEher suprising ning violin piece. Ehing. rrI feel so sorry for people rrMinSusan Richman played Bachrs who find chemselves alone r^rhen Ehey -: ueE in G Minor" and the Richmans are dying, I have so many friends,rl played "Deep Blue Sea" on recorder. Ic was Erue, I know of four f.amiLies Jerry MinEz, direcEor of Ehe who invited him to come Eo Eheir NATIONAL COALITION OF ALTERNATIVE COM- house Eo die, MUNITY SCHOOLS, spoke. We'Ll aLl remember alL the imporNehemiah Richardson, principal tant serious things abouc him - his cellist wiEh the New Ensland Conserva- irreverence for authority, his anger tory Youth Chamber Orch6sEra, played at pompous, dangerous men, his Bach'srrSuite #3 in C major." absorbed attention as he waEched liEMerloyd Lawrence read a stateEle chiLdren, his conversaEions, his ment by auEhor George Dennison and a curiosiEy abouE the workings of everyshort Diece bv John. Ehing... Buc nothing will replace his LeiIa Berg, British author, sudden preposEerous remarks, the burst, the shouE, of Iaughcer. lf wiE SDOKE, is an index of inEelligence, as I A BosEon Philharmonic recording of the lst movemenE of Bruckner's 9Eh Ehink it is, here is Ehe essence of John. He was, simply, a very funny symphony v/as played. A group of children led the sing- man. He always said he wished he ing of the folksong "Simple Gifts.rl could have writEen funny bits into Everyone was inviEed Eo the Ehe books, as Jim Herndon does. IE's church ha11 for refreshments. odd thaE he didn'E. Because even when he was dealing nith strong emotions about imporEanc subjects - kids, polits: ^^ ^-, geLLlnS ^^FFi Lrcs, war - ano anSry or FROM THE FIRST "HOLT ASSOCIATE" depressed or hopeless, even Ehen someFrom Peggy Hughes of Deer Isle, thing mighE sErike him and he would ME; some readers will remember her as say someEhing wry ChaE made us laugh. the producer of the film, "trle Have To ,..WelL, we are going to have CaIl IE SchooL": find ouc how Eo do wiEhouE him. We'lI have Eo remember Eo see absurdicies ..,For EwenEy-six years, since for ourselves. IE isnrt going Eo be grade John was teaching the fifEh easy.., dent



pnam rve"'r

Ft i no


,^-i rEdu

about rn'hich






k,, uy


mrr hacr

i r rLs



her friend p.h tsha ilT.nail ^f -- tst,.re prece, were members of that grade. On the fall afternoons of 1958, when school was ouE, his rouEe home brought him pasE our house on Sparks ScreeE, And we would EaIk about Ehe day aE school and he would show Che noEes he was giving to Bill Hull. Those noEes Ehac have been translated, I think, inEo sEvE" rdilBudBEs. He was a dailv oart of our family from then on. t^lb played music together, worked in poliLical campaigns togeEher, and CravelLed EogeEher. [,Je alL of us Learned Eo think, in parC, in hi s unconvenE i onal , irreverent ways. tte and I began Holt Associaces EogeEher, when at Iast a publisher finally savr rhaE his collection of unorganized notes was imporcanE enough to print. I have ofcen wondered since how Ehe editors of the prestigious publishing houses who had turned him down felE as that firsC book went into prinEing after printing! Mounds of mail flooded in. Papers were in piles all over his aparEmenE fLoor. (His fiLing was always all over the floor - Ehere loas never a desk top big enough for him. ) We renced an office, bought a Smich Corona porEable, and tried Eo keep up wiEh the leEEers and calIs. PeooIe hungered co taLk to him, ask him questions, telL him how they feLt about themselves and their kids. He EraMy daughEer, Sarah, and


Jerry Friedman of CaLif.: ...As an eLemenEary school Eeacher aE Walden Center School in Berkeley, California I was, in Ehe late sixEies, asked Eo Eeach a seminar at Ehe University of California Extension on music and educaEion. I was cold I could hire anyone I pleased co join me in teaching Ehe course. I chose to phone John HoIt in Boston because I had so admired his firsE book. The course was a success and John and I hic it off. Next came two soLd-ouE seminars on "Non-AuthoriEarian Teaching" with John, PauL Goodman, Herb KohI, Jim Herndon, J. Feacherstone and oEhers. ThaE clinched it! John and I became good friends, with him often staying at my place in Berkeley and later, aE Inverness nexE Eo Ehe PoinE Reyes National Seashore. When John visited, we spent our Eime, NOT calking about educaEion, but raEher Iistening Co music, eaEing good food, hiking wiEh my dog OELer, and once, John even risked a horseback ride with me in the park, When John couldn't visiE, we exchanged leEEers... For over 15 years rre wroEe. . . abouE music, conductors, environmenEal issues, John's cello sEudies, his latesE projecEs, etc. John ofEen wroEe thaC as OEter got older I should consider getting a From

puppy ahead of time. I didn'E, and ironically OEter aC age 19 r4/as puE


sleep on SepEember 18, four days afEer John. I loved them boEh. For me John was an exceDEionaL human being because he cared- so much about life, people, and-fe--f-EiTfrETE. I loved his enthusiasm, his sEubbornness, and most of aLl, his genuine concern about the resE of us.,.

Sheffer (PA): ...Long before I acEually meE John Holc, I knew him Ehrough Ehe books he wroEe. Had this been all I ever knew of him, his effect on me would stiLl have been profound, for by Ehe time I wroEe my firsE Lecter Eo him, something inside me had felt Ehe call of his words and had begun Eo heed Ehem. Since Ehat time, so much of my life has been a response Eo that. call, and for years John made responding boEh easier and richer by giving me the gift of his correspondence. Perhaps John knew, when in his firsc reolv Eo a leEEer of mine he r^irote: "And do f eel f ree Eo write whenever you want,tt how much that would mean to a l4-year-old who thoughE she was the onLy oEher person in Ehe worLd wiEh such beliefs and convictions. Perhaps thaE was just his way, to sense intuiEively whaE was needed in a given situaEion and lo act on it. . . There is so much about John to remember, I think of che way liEtle creatures seemed Eo sense a sympaEhy or kindredness in him; young children, dogs on Ieashes, all wouLd seem Eo seek him ouE when he sat in ouEdoor cafes and pubLic gardens. And I Laugh when I Ehink of the way John held a childrs fascinaEion for the deEaiLs of life - "adults learn from children,rr he would say, going up to people on the street Eo ask questions abouE Ehings thaE interested him while I hung back, more caucious, less like a child. I learned from John. And I think most vividLy of his leEEers, for this is how I knew him best - leEters fuLl of quotes, anec-dotes, his own refLecEions, always on Ehe mark, aLways full of his presence. John never relied on platiEudes or Ehe famiLiarity of Che argumenE. buE filled his leCEers with his own Ehoughts, ambivalences, sErug- ' gles, and aLways made me feel thaE I'd goccen a letter direcEly from him to me, with noEhing else getting in Ene way. The last Eime I saw John, he talked of rereading George Dennison's THE LIVES OF CHILDREN for what musE have been Ehe thousandEh time, so affected was he by rhis book, and being moved Eo Eears by Ehe memory of how much he had once expected Eo see, hor,r lictle of it was realized. And yet he also described himself as one who had "noE yeE quite given up hope." This was the balance wiEhin which John saw the world and wrote about it; Ehis mix of hope and despair fueled his incisiveness, his clear description of whac was wrong and his fierce insisEence Ehat we recognize exacEly Ehe disEance between whaE we wriEe and what is Likely to happen, and, equaLly, his unshakeable belief in Ehe Dossibleness of Ehings, his absoLutely unwavering faiEh in children, in "ordinqrvrr nannlo in fho frmiIu nâ‚Ź nnl"'J leagues whose work he supporEed... I keep coming back to this: he influenced Ehe course of my life. About how many people can rre realLy say Ehis? I wonder whether I can conFrom Susannah



Einue withouE him, but somewhere in Ehe midsE of my sadness I hear John saying I'Yes, you can," to me, Eo so

others. He is with us. So much of John's real happiness and saEisfacEion in life came from Ehe knowledge thaL his words helped oEhers live beEter or fuller Lives. He sCarted someEhing, and he helped us find our place wiEhin iE. LeE us al1 of us - continue his work.,.


And from Theo Ciesy (VA): . . .The lasE time he visited, August '83, John toLd me of speaking at a private schocl recently. He said

rhaE one of Ehe boys asked him what he considered the mosc imporEant rLi-Lilr"B


*ha L"c

F,^.' uvy



drrrino ,.6

hic ..-"

school years, John replied thaE if he Iearned Eo use three phrases he would be well srarted in life.

They were "I rrIIm

don't know," "I was wrong,'r and sorry." John himself did a great deal to decrininaLize "l don'E know"' tiith his tremendous comDetence and knowIedge he sEiLL managed noE to make people feel inferior. . , .l,Jhen I turned Eo John wilh a problem, as I ofEen did, he could aLways draw from his experience and his reading and come up wiEh examples and comments that showed his understanding and supporE and helped put Ehe problem in its proper PersPecEive, giving me the feeling lhat I could handle it. John's death is a greaE personal loss to me, but the strengEh and courage chaE he heLped me find and Ehe feeling of his understanding and supporE will rernain wiEh me...

pubLish your LeEter in our next zine which circulaLes among the

schoolers in


New Zealand.

Llke you we feel Ehankful EhaE John Holt has LefE with us his wriEings. Many homeschooling families in New Zealand have read his books wiEh interesE. The numbers of homeschoolers in New Zealand is slowly growing with a oredominance of children between Ehe ages of 4 and 7 years, However, we are hopefuL EhaE as the years go by and more people see the benefiEs of homeschooling, more families will tzaon ^EcP

rhoir r"c



of 8...




tsh^ c"s

in Education," I decided to do a profile of John Holt. I Eook my tape recorder Eo BosEon and sat and Ealked with him for a couple of hours. IE was nearLv imoossible Eo ediE thaE conversaEionr'sprinkled as it was wiEh insights into schooling, Iearning, chiLdren and adulEs, down to 30 minuEes, For tens of Ehousands of parenEs, John HolE was a IiberaEor. He freed them from whaE he, and t.hey, saw as Ehe cyranny of schooling, and he helped Ehem educaEe their children aE home. John HoIE will be mlssed,

--^ d6s


of Australia:

...lle in AusEraLia mourn John Holt and we vJanc to share our sadness and friendship with you in Boston on Occober 5th. John provided inspiration and insighE for hundreds of Australian families contemplaEing home education. and his works wiII conEinue Eo do so. Books and words cannoE repLace the man but John once wrote Eo us that we must develoP our own heroes. We home learners have Iost our first hero. Ic is up Eo us co find more, If home Learning can't provide heroes Ehen noching can.. '

Pat SEone. che assistanE editor of The MoEher EarEh News. Dut a message aDouE nTs-aeaEh in the Nov. issue of the magazine, and sent us Ehis noEe: ,.,PersonaLIy, I was always Eocally impressed by John's incensity dedicaEion. I vividly recall the and greau interview he gave me for Mother EarEh News f i ve years ago. We sa-'E--Ei-d taTked for six sEraighE hours wiEhout geUEing up oncel (My bLadder was abouE Eo popl ) He was a real friend to me and Eo Mother Ee.!h, giving us loEs of feedbEEE: some soaring, some searing I However, Ehe most important tribute I can give to John is the

facE thaE Ehis fall my 6-year-old son

(who was unhappy last year in kindergarten) and I are Erying homeschoolFROM THE MEDIA ing ourselves. I'd never have even conceived of doine chat wiEhout John Merrow of NATIONAL PUBLIC JoFn-FTeadership and trai I-c learing RADIO sent us a copy of his tribule efforEs. . . to John, which was broadcast on IDR: Issue #64 ot TMEN contain"Morning Edition": ing Pat's interview wiEh John is John Holt was percepEive, conEro- still availabLe here, for $3.00 pLus poscage, l versial, and al ways interesEing. In IMVD: ] IE strikes me EhaE those his scathing crifiques of public three phrases of John's are vitaLly and private schools, HoIr charged imDorEant to us all - John was abLe that school s do not help chi ldren Eo use them with chiLdren as weLl as LETTERS FROM OUR COLLEAGUES learnl instead, he said, schools aduLts, In a way I Ehink it's mosE From Ray Moore (WA), author of deveLop onLy "a tiny parc of the important to say those Lhings Co HOME GROWN KIDS, HOMESPUN SCHOOLS, ch i ldren . tremendous capacjty for learning, SCHOOL CAN WAIT, eEc.: understanding and creating. " SchooLs, Holt believed, teach chiLdren !o ,..In L977, John Holt ltas not become whac he called "answer grabMESSAGES FROM OVERSEAS tt anvrrrpscher hor<rr rnd nl oaqerq happy wiEh my arEicle in HarPers and wroEe the editor Ehat I eJas not. conA Eelegram from EDUCATION oTHER- thing to avoid being wrong or apPearservaEive enough. AE first I wondered TJISE in England: ing stupid. "Most chiLdren in school about him. fail," HoLt wroLe, because schools Later our paths crossed - at ...Our members have been greatLy stifle learning and filL students courEs, legislatures, and professionsaddened by the news of John's untime- with fear, boredom and confusion. BUE al meetings - and I became fond of Iy deaEh. We extend our deepest symneiEher HOl,,l CHILDREN LEARN nor HOI,I this critic of mine. Some of my pathy to his sisters, reLatives, CHILDREN FAIL is as negative as my friends warned me thac he v,/as noE friends and coLLeagues in Uolt summary suggesEs; both conEain sugreligious enough. I asked them of gestions and stracegies for betEer AssociaEes. whaE religion Ehey spoke. Was theirs [,Je are very aware of Ehe great teaching and learning. They make good +^A^,, a religion of love? -^^):^r Edu ! Lvud) . loss John's death is to che home',5 ln the last Ewo or three years Those books made John HoLt well schooling movemenc in boEh our counJohn has been sending me notes and known, in the 6Os, as a leader of the cries. Our organization received a scienEific documents which proved to great boost four years ago when John so-called "school criEicsI movement. him EhaE Ehere must be more'Eo creaTn the seventies and eighEies, howcame to taLk with us at Birmingham Eion than evoLuEion. And perhaps we ever, his career took a ne$l tack, University, encouraging us to shout should eive more atcention !o God. away from schooling and, as he himour cause in the marketplace. Since iF r^,,-'j Iearnino_ Hp My-friends couLdn't believe iE. sEr then we have tried hard Eo do just ^^IF r PUL ^,,F sEarted a smaLl magazine, appropriate- But Ehen, they didn't know John. They that and now receive almost continudidn't know how he loved kids... and Iy called GROWING WITHOUT SCHOOLING, ous publicity through press, radio nthprq- Thcw di.ln'r know how he could and he became Ehe rallying point for and TV. Our membership has nearlv adjust his sighEs withouE altering those parencs who wished co avoid crebled and afEer reading John'shis principles. I learned from [!q, books, many more parents have the schools aLEogether. Eoo. More and more he supporEed-fr! I've been a subscriber to GROWcourage to educaEe Eheir children in research. And more and more I found Ehe loving environmenE of Eheir own ING WITHOUT SCHOOLING from the beginr.. I still have hnmo Tndoa; it ic . --r L^^^i d tLaPPLLJt rLrrrli, drrs, ^r6^FcdL ^^mf^Ft tiL GROt.lING |.lITHOUT SCHOOLING #48, VOI. 8 NO. O.i Eo know that lve can aLl continue in almosE alL the back issues, Taken ISSN #0745-5305. Published bi-month)y by Holt Ehis important reforming movement togeEher, they're a fascinating MA 02.l'l6. Associates, T29 Boylston St,'l Boston wiEh John's chi ld-respecEing, calm record of the growth of the so-called 'l $l 5/yr. Date of I s sue, Dec . , 985 . Secondand practical wri t ings to guide us . . . "home schooling" or "unschooling" class postage paid at Boston MA. movement. For parenEs, GROWING WITHP0STMASTER: Send address changes to G}.lS, 729 OUT SCHOOLING is a buLleEin board: Boylston St, Boston MA 02'l16. From PRUNES of New Zealand: names and addresses of fellow home schoolers, a Ereasrre trove of ideas ADVERTISERS: Deadlines are the l5th of odd...We wouLd Like to convey about education, and straEegies for numbered months, Discount for ads in 3 consecuEhrough you our sympathy to John's combaEEing hostile school bureaucrative issues. Contact Patrick Farenga for rates. family and many friends, and we wiIL cies. When I was producer of 'roptions )



myself undersEanding his ideas.

ly free and uninhibited way, he came to Ehe conclusion that for beginners (whether children, like Vita, or rosin his bow. He ran Ehe bow across adults), playing Like the "pros," as Ehe groove in his rosin slowly and deliberately - partly to exercise his he called it, was far more beneficial, aE Ieast at first, than worrybow-arm, but mosEly jusE because for him it was a sensual experience, like ing abouE Learning everything correcteating, EhaE he vranted to savor. He ly or sEep by step. But the "Knock, (this might spend ten minutes tuning Knock Sonatas" also had a more Dersonel sicnificance fnr J6[n. After that always drove Vita crazyl and then, as a sort of warm-up, he liked Eo impro- day he became happier and more childvise sad melodies high up on his A Like in his approach to his own playsEring. When Ehe sound displeased him ing because he had, in a way, conAnd from Pat MonEgomery (MI), he grunEed or mumbled Eo himself. firmed what he had alwavs hooed was direcEor of CLONLARA SCHOOL: When he was pleased with whaE he Erue - thaE his own constant experiheard, his mbuth relaxed into a smile mentaCion was worthwhile. ...I was so sorry I didn't make and he Ealked Eo the cello as if coaxJohn was more than an inventor it to Quincy for John's memorial... and experimenter, though, he was a so beautil:F,l.t ?: :: I::p.llgyinB My scheduled flight from DeEroit was ,=.1ing ambitious he teacher, and often I thought that deLayed due to bad weaEher in Newark put music on the music sEand, but aE many of the happiest momenLs in his there no and was assurance that Ird our house he seldom actualLv DracIife were when he was imDertine get to BosEon before evening. That Eiced "real" music unless h6 was prechunks of knowledge ;. ;ih;;-;:"was at l0 AM. I gave up in despair. paring for one of our family conple... Although someEimes, in his Susannah Sheffer told rne a lot about eaperness - .Tohn fol ri nannl o fhi noc certs. Improvi sing or just Iisteni ng the dayrs acEiviEies. I feel John's to Ehe sound he made as he drew his that they mighE have preferred to figdeath as Ehoueh I had known him all bow across the sErinss was what he ure out on Eheir own. his sense of u1 r'ry !!Ie. I Iove nlm. Iiked to do besE. excitement while he was in Ehe pro...As often as we shared a workWhen John had had enough, he cess of discovering someEhing was conshop or a podium (never at Ehe same aLways left his cello just lying tagious, and Vita and Ishmael boEh Eime, of course), I never felE that I about. Rarely, perhaps never, did he learned many things from him just by had enorrph fimP fo iust chat and suggest thaE \,re might like to pLay looking over his shoulder. visit. Even at the NCACS conference it, and yet iEs presence on Ehe livOne afEernoon, while John was in Massachusetts in 1979 Chere was no ing room fLoor always seemed like an snoozing on the couch, Vifa and I time i couLd take to siE and talk a open inviEation to all of us. And it decided Eo do a liEELe rnath. We had spell, what with my roles as prez and wbs plain Eo see Ehat he loved to just started learning how to divide helper and general worrier. LasE win- watch us messing around on it, just fracEions and as luck would have it, t/i F.-L-ter, though, John came for a talk aE as he loved Eo watch Vita stumbLe vrLa ^^t,^l asKeo me wny rtt was, anyway, -^ OakLand College in RochesEer. JiLl lnto his EypewriEer and decide to that when alL you were reaLly trying Bastian drove him Co Clonlara, Ehe start Cyping, or to waEch Ishmael to do rras divide fractions. vou not first Eime he came to our liEtle campick some of his sheet music off Ehe only had to Eake the second -fracEion pus, actually. He enEered our (then) floor and play Ehrough iE, ThaE was and turn it upside-down, but then you tiny offi ce, bigger than I i fe - every- how John shared what he loved had to muLtiply and not divide, which one was so thrilled to have him was what you were supposed to be doalmost by chance. T^hn 4n M^?o fhrn ,nvthihd Ehere. I showed him around and, after ing in the firsE place. The cextbook 'r.Ehat he said, "Let's Iind a quiet experimenEer and an inventor. One day Ehat we were using had some sort of . place where we can catch up on when he was in Ehe hospital in Maine confusing explanaEion thaE made us things.rr We went to KiEEy's (our - six weeks before he died - I called both more confused than ever. and finoffice manager, my sisEer). For a him and he EoLd me that he had spent ally, since ViEa was tired anyway, wonderful, Iong Eime we just chewed Ehe day trying Eo design a more sensi- she bursC into tears. (A homeschoolEhe rag. That' s my fondesE memory. . . ble hospiEal bed. And in another hos- er's nightmare, I couldn'E heLp ChinkpitaI, Ehree weeks laEer, he told me ing - to make your kid cry over a thaE he was busy figuring out how Ehe math problem right in fronE of John nursing sEaff could work more effiHolt ! ) NANCY WALLACE REMEMBERS ciently. AlEhough he played the celLo John could never bear Eo hear (NY) F^^1. h^ Fnr nrrar rr.t6nf \r \r6r?. Nancy tJallace wrote a piece children cry, and his eyes popped L'r uury ^61" JLers' about John Holt for Ehe Jan. I issue year or Ewo of Lessons, and I think open with ViEars first sobs. "Whatrs of MoEhering magazine (P0 Box 84L0, that Lhis was because he iust the Erouble, Lambkin?rr he asked. She SanEi-fe--rr-M-87 554'i. t^te got permi s s ion plav couLdn'E bear to be EoId 6ow to !{as in no mood to ansv,/er and so I to,quoEe about half of it here: it. The fun for him was figuring thit said, "Oh, iErs nothing, realLy. tJe out for himself, even if iE Eook him shouldn'c have Eried Eo divide frac. . 'John used to vi si l- rrs nui re years Eo learn whaE a good teacher t ions v,/hen she was so t ired .', "Mavbe often. He wourd Itu"r"-i"-iJ.t'Lir." couLd have taught him in a few monChs. I can help," he said. "Let me look at Mary Poppins, except thac instead of the book." WeIl, I couldn't help He was consEanEly experimenting an umbrelLa and a carpet bag, he wiEh Lefc hand techniques or bowing Ehinking chaE now we were in for real always arrived carrying a duffel bag styles, always making up finger exer- troubLe. Vita was red in the face and and his ceLLo. He'd Lean the cello ci ses for himself, and always trying she looked as if she wasnrE abouL to against a wall and then, usualLy in Eo find more efficienE ways Eo sightIet anybody Ery to teIL her anything. Ehe middle of Ehe living room floor, read new music. He learned a sreat Dutifully, though, she took John the he'd oroceed to unoack the duffel deal by waLching Ehe greaE pifyers, book, and she sat down nexE to him. ba;. Especially for the kids, Ehis mosEly from his balcony seat in SymHe looked over it and then spenE some wa; a magic trick fhat rivalled Mary phony Hall, but he learned as much or fime just sEaring off into space Porpins any day. OuE would come sever- more by playing with kids like Vita while ViEa looked at him curiously, aL sweaters, pairs of socks, miEtens, and Ishmael and by watching them prac- Then he began talking to himself bnd hats and boots (he was up in New Hamp- Eice, improvise and experimenE in scribbling on a piece of paper. Vita shire nowl ), A tape recorder, microtheir own childlike ways. One dav, watched, and listened, and gradually phones, earphones, and tapes. Books, for example, he and Vita closeCei' John began directing his talk to her, magazines, a Little Cypewriter, themselves in our music room and made almost as if she was just an extenpaper, pens and pencils. Eyeshades up a set of silLy pieces for violin sion of himself. And ahe, meanwhile, and earpLugs. Sheet music and music and cello which they called Eheir was becoming totally involved in whaE ttKnock, Knock SonaEas.rr In these stand. Unanswered leEEers. cooies of he was doing, which was trying Eo na*ha^I pliFrq ro chnur rrc rnrl pieces, which Ehey performed for us \rork out a simple proof Eo answer her Pr I rrdPD dbook manuscript or Ewo Ehat he had to in grand sEyLe, they made their quescion. By Ehe time he had actually read as a favor to friends. AII this insErumenEs "speak" to each other in worked it ouE, ViEa was righE wiEh he would, in Ehe course of his firsE crazy musical conversafions. They him, and I think they were both equaLafcernoon, spread Ehroughout the made fire siren sounds by running ly thrilLed. I'Pleased as punch," as house untiL every room seemed Eo be their fingers up and down the he used Co say. filled with John HoLt. strings. They made wild plucking John was Ehe mosE passionate DerThen, aE some point, usually sounds, and they even knocked on the son I have ever met. Often. when hL afEer he had eaten an enormous meal reciEed a poem to us (and he had an backs of their instrumenEs with their (enjoying each bite as if it was some knuckles (hence the EitLe). For Vita, incredibLe ear for poetry), he would sort of miracle), he would take out this was pure fun, but for John, it have Eo sEop and coLlect himself as his cello, He'd set uo the music was much more Ehan Ehat. By watching sobs welled up in his throat. And stand, Eake a chair fiom the dining Vita (and she was only 5 Chen) making ofcen, too, at concerCs, when I room and add an extra pilLow from the full use of her instrumenE in a Eotal- Iooked over at him durino a nrrricrrWe

often exchanged and supporEed one another in our wriCings. Different, perhaps, buE loving each oEher. [',le waEched as our home school renaissance became the educational movemenL of the decade. tJhile each of us had his own ideas, we were growing up together. That's Ehe way wiEh boys. Thank you, John... very much.

couch to give himself a liEtle

heighE, sit down comforEabLy,






larly beauEiful moment, I would see tears running down hls cheeks. ...0n John's IasE vlsiE Eo us, worked every mornlng on Dvorakrs Vlta I'SonaElnaI for violin, and John lay on the couch and listened as she pracCiced iE. Then, on hls last day here, we decided to tape lt, wlEh Ishmael playing the piano accompaniment, since Vlla had put in a lo! of hard work and we always like Eo keep a record of the kids' "works-inprogress," As VlEa finished her lasE chord, I opened my mouth, about to sEart on my usual critique - "Pretty good, you two, but I still think Ehat Ehe opening of the third movemenE is a biE sloppy and Ishmael, we have a loE of work Eo do on balancâ&#x201A;Ź...rrwhen I happened Eo look over at John. He was trying Eo speak, buE for a few seconds he jusE couldn'E geE Ehe words ouE. Then, finally, the words came, "Oh, ViLa, I jusE canrt teLl you whaE an exciting performance thaE wasl Irve never heard playing Like thaE - anywhere!rr ViEa looked over aE me, and after a spliE-second of disbelief, she began to glow and her thoughts seemed to be writEen all over her face. "What a friend John islrr 0f course Ehat hash of a chird on her mind, but movemenE was slill EhaE jusE seemed Eo make John all Ehe more wonderful Eo her - and Eo me.'. MEMORIES OF VISITS

Laurie Huffman (UT): ...When ne met John in August of 1981, we were deeply impressed wiEh his non-authoritaEive manner. He also had a curiosiEy abouE him, an aEtitude onLy found in "life-Long learners.tt He made no judgements, and asked dozens of probing, authenEic From

quesEions. He observed everything around him, and seemed Eo always be

whaE he saw, arrived at our home on Ehe night of AugusE L4 for a brief visit, and as he got out of the car, he was impressed by a stunning full moon EhaE had just risen above Ehe mountains. He said, "Look aE EhaE moonl I have !o serenade Ehat moon.rr So he got out his celLo and asked for a chair, and setLled down in the middLe of the fronE Lawn to serenade the moon. We were so capEivated by the scene (as were our neighbors) Ehat we forgot thaE the sprinkler system was seE on auEomaEic and was due to come on. IE did so direcEly under John's chair, with no warning! This was the moment of Eruth Ehe tesE of a nants characEer. In one neaE bound, cello by its neck, he made iE to Ehe porch. Was he upset? Not a biE. He iust asked for a cloEh co dry his celio, seEEled himself in the living roorn, and conEinued to play, Eo our great enjoymenc...

enjoying He


Joyce KinmonE (UT), the editor

Thc Tendcr

had wr






a5outJohn in l98l:

...AfEer Ehe convencion we took We dropped and John a couple of che children off whiLe we parked Ehe car. Ritchie wroce, "When we went inco the airport Uhe automatic sliding doors opened, John bursE out laughing; they sounded just like a lion roaring. Every time someone came in we couldn't help buE laugh. John went back and made the doors open again, and Ehen jumped out of Ehe way like he was really scared." How many Ehousands of people John Eo Ehe airport...


have passed through those doors without ever noticing Ehe'rIionl there? Few adulEs can find Joy in such simple Ehings. RiEchie continued, rrSlnce the fLight was delayed, we went all over Ehe airporE looklng aE airpLanes and exploring, IE was really fun. Then we went to his gaEe and there $ras a really good view of the runway. We waEched lhe planes come ln and Eake off. Every tlme we saw a light in the sky we guessed wha! kind of airplane

it was and if-i! was his flighE. We right - lt was his." ExpLore the airport Ehey did, John with a childlike curioslty and lnEerest EhaE rlvaled Ehe children's. Noc many adulEs could actually enjoy an hourland-a-half waiE in an- aTffi?c. When Milli, who is jusc four, announced for Ehe third time that she r^ranted Eo go the restroom, I groaned in typical motherLy fashion; but John jumped right up and said, "Come on, I'lL walk you Eo Ehe door.rr And to Milli thaE was as imporEanE as anyEhing EhaE happened at Ehe airporE. She had me write in her journaL, "We fook John HoLE Eo Ehe airporu and we saw two planes go and we saw one land and he walked Lo the resEroom wiEh me and we waLked around and we went up a sEairs and Johnll Holt had Lo go so we ,.^.,^l L.,^s ! ^^^t wdvru Suuu-u)i John said he had never seen an airport with so many chiLdren, and he Ioved iE. As he watched the chiLdren running around having fun, he would say, "Oh, look aE Ehose LiEtle guys!" He deLighted in their happiness' The other aduLts, no doubt, htere grinding Eheir EeeEh. Alnl .Tnhn remarked on ^np noi need !o run and climb che chiLdren's and said ic is E-Eime to conf ine Ehem in classrooms. tlhaE a becEer world Ehis would be for our liEtle children if aLL aduLts appreciated and understood Ehem as John does I . . . both guessed lhe lasE one and we were

From Susan Richman (PA): . ..The first time I met John Holt was aE a television sEudio in Pittsburgh, where John was being inEerviewed about homeschooLing. WhaE I felt right off was his tangible delight in Ehe chiLdren Ehere. He turned from his adult discussion with

Ehe TV moderator, and looked down at 2l-monEh-oLd Jacob - Jacob absorbed in juggLing a slinky abouE in his

chubby hands, John absored in waEching Jacob. Later Ehe room was full of adults, many asking the usual homeschooling quesEions, seeking the usuaL advice. Again John's attenEion wandered - he looked over aE a coy dinosaur set-up ny 4r2-year-old Jesse had arranged on a sofa cushion. John reached over and touched che miniature gianEs, saying their names, watching Jesse's play, entering for a moment Jesse's world. LaEer, as John was gathering his things Eo caEch a pLane back Eo Boston, I thought of one more question, a question from Jesse. We'd been reading RoberE McCloskey's deLightfuL MAKE [^JAY FOR DUCKLINGS, and I'd EoId Jesse Ehat John lived in BosEon, Ehe setEing for Ehe sEory. Jesse now wondered if there really were ducks in Ehe Public Gardens, and if John had ever seen them, Again, John turned from Ehe adulE auestions. and focussed on this ouestion from a child. His eyes brighfened, he seemed less Eired and he benE down Eo address my son. "Oh, yesl Oh, there

are EVER so many ducks there, they swim all over lhe pond, and people do feed them. Why, everythlng reaLly is jusE like iE is in lhe book, only now Lhere are MORE ducks, Why, you can almost see Ehe building my aparEment ls ln in one of Ehe illustrations.,,'r I had the sErong sense EhaE Ehis chiLd's ouestion had been more fun for John to answer than any oEher. .,.Another year I saw John ac a gathering Nancy PLent and Meg Johnson organized in New Jersey. One small incidenE stands ouE in mv mlnd. Earlv in John's talk to the paaked meeEinghall, a EoddLer in Ehe front row began howling. The child's balLoon had jusE popped. John looked over sympaEheEicalIy, asked if maybe someone could find a new baLloon for Ehe child, and only resumed speaking once the child was happily holding a new baLLoon. I can'E Ehink of Eoo many oEher speakers who would have reacted in that way... Sue RadosEi



.,.Thanks so much for letEing


death... IE seemed so unreal, and so sudden, since we weren'E there Eo see Ehe cancer Eakins- iEs toLL all summer, . , .AlEhough we're relative newcomers Eo his work, discovering his books just four years ago, I can'E remember whaE iE was like Eo look aE education and learning from any other perspective. Maybe Ehat's because John simply had Ehe courage and Ehe DerceDtiveness Eo verbalize truEhs abouE- schooling that we'd aLready been feeling in our bones for a Long time. He didn't give us new ideas so much as greater insight into our own experiences. tJe only meE John face-to-face once, when he came to speak in our town and stayed aE our house. I was so nervous! After 30+ issues of GIJS, I should have known betEer. buE I worried thaE he'd be arrogant or feel insulEed by our Iess-Ehan-eleganE accomodaEions for him. I chink i first sEarEed to relax when he sEepped off the pLane carrying his papers in a plasEic shopping bag; and by the next day, I didn't even baE an eye when we stopped aE a cafe for lunch and John reached across rhe tabLe wiEh his fork to sample my burrito! We really enjoy Looking back at that visiE and at aLl Ehe little ways he made himself righ! aE homel But meeting John in person also gave us an opporEuniEy we couldn't geE from his books and arEicles, which was Eo waEch him puE his ideas and values inEo action. firsE wiEh the many skepEics he encountered EhroughouE a day of lectures, and laEer wiEh Ehe homeschooled children who came to supper wiEh their parenEs EhaE night. Toward the skeptics, he was neiEher haughcy nor apologetic; he answered their quesEions buE refused to be drawn into an argumenE, obviously feeling no obligation Eo convince them he was righc. ThaE was a very valuable Lesson to learn from know about John's


WiLh the children, I saw a solemnity that I hadn't expected. I had never seen an adulE who didn'E at some time Eake on aE least a hint of Ehe silly, affecEed manner we all learn to assume v;iEh chiLdren, BuE John sat on the floor, occasionally contribut.ing to che adult conversations in Ehe room, very seriously engaged in the Eask of opening and closing a box of crayons at the bidding of an equally serious one-year-


old boy. No silLy faces, no fake gasps of surprise, no inane chaEEer just an occasional smile and endless 16nafili^n



m^fi^n t'ivLrUrl,



child finaLly turned his attenEion co someEhing else and moved away. Thatrs a very tender memory in my mind. We'lI miss Ehat man. To those of you who worked with him and knew him daily, please accept our warmesE empathy in your Loss,.. (CA):

Williams ...AfEer readins dozens of GWS issues and John's bo6ks, I had developed a mental image of what I thought John would be like. Based on Ehe strong conviction of opinion which permeaEes John's books and GWS, I had envisioned a rebeL with a booming voice, excicable bodiLy movements, a take-charge Eype of personaliEy, who would teLl the world how best to raise children, What I found, instead, when I did meet John in person, was a very quiet man, who was humble enough to look to oEhers for assistance when he needed help; a man who seemed EoEaIly at peace with him..,L^-^ f ^oo anA hnrti I rr nnn_ -^l f . . -.uvur !J Lvrr sEitution would bLend right into a man who crowd, unnoEiced; a simply wanted to share ideas with oeople who cared, like himself, about chiidren. ^--1 1" heard John criEir uLLdsruL'drr) cized for his opinions abouE children because he had no chiLdren of his own, Some peopLe are of the opinion thaE if you aren't a parenE, Ehen you have no basis from which Eo sDeak abouE children. I have learned Ehat these are peopLe who usually put children in a category differenE from aduLEs, I don't uhink John ever did. He looked at a chiLd, but saw a person, one who had Ehe same righEs as adulEs, buE who had fewer experiences. AE the Eime of his visit Eo Sacramento, my daughEer was 2r2 yeats old. She was cauEious in makins new friends - especially with men. My husband, daughter, and I meE John's plane upon his arrival... During the hai nF rho;a.' uaJ r JUL'L' Tnh-.'..' ^F showing my daughter EhaE he believed she was a person worth knowing. I From Jane

the only person who supported me in decision to homeschool. Even my


mother and husband had reservations. But then, neither of Ehem had ever taught in a Ehird grade classroom and

watched learning blocks set in righE before their eyes, John HolE was the only one who beLieved that my son

would certainLy learn how to read. I just hoped he was righr and plodded on.

In 198L when John was in


he had dinner ac our house and met lots of prospecEive homeschooLers and enterfained us for hours with sEories of his adventures and his viewpoint.

of Living. My resolve was set;ith thaE visiE. I felC inspired to help get MinnesoEa homeschoolers organized. Another person at that meeting moved to Madison, tll and worked hard getting the Wisconsin biLl passed. A t.hird attendee moved to Texas and has worked with homeschooLers there. A fourth person, a bachelor, helped get the MinnesoEa Network off the eround and when he moved to CaIitorniI. he assisted homeschool leaders there. One could not be around John HoLc without being galvanized into action. John HoLt was right. My son became an excelLent reader. He is a happy l5-year-oLd who owes a LoE !o a real educator, a real human being and a real friend to chiLdren... JOHN WOULD BE SO INTERESTED...


appendix. . .

John would be so interesEed in the electronic Silver Reed CvDewriter I jusE got for $79 plus g4.50 shipping fr5m DAK II084b Vanowen Sc, iJ Hollywood CA 91605]. A greaC closeout buy on a $250 machine. Hannah (8) has been at it since it came. AE first, of course, I tried to show her where Ehe home keys were, and gave her a list of words Ehat used Che most common letters, and that Lasted for abouE 20 minutes before she became thoroughly bored. (tJhy do we never learn? ) Then she wroEe some LeEters worked at it all day - and now is pretending she is a secreEary and copying all of the text off of herrrWe Are The WorId" poster, including Ehe names of all the performers. (WiEh, I irrst.liscoveredher Finoorc nn rhp home keys the whole time.) She is now Ehe house experc on how Ehe new machine works and can manipulaEe

paper and settings quite quickLy. John would be so inLeresEed in how Jed (almost l1) has been talkine

F^A^.,^ FL^ !v, ^L^..F uar*alue of the dolLar in Ehe world market, develop, ing theories abouE international currency (not all of which I can even begin to undersEand, much Iess help him with), yeE he claims not Co remember how Eo do long division (not thaE I disbelieve him).,.

From Deidre Purdy (WV):

...Two years ago, having gone to see John speak on Ewo occasions here in [^lV over six months, I had sErongly come to feel that he had exhausLed Ehe good he couLd do with his lecture Eours and exhausted himseLf in the process.,. He seemed Eired, very tired... I was greaELy heartened to read (how recently iE seems now) Ehat because of the discovery of the tumor, John had decided co turn

toward the activities





he really wantry



4-l d"u

"'uorL his cello. He had decided Eo let the homeschooL "movement" move on its o\.{n

course. or aE least wiEhout his con-

poet Judson Jerome, now in Ohio:

One hand, he learned on his submanine, vias himself, and one r4as for the ship. !.le were that shi p for whom he always had a hand. He knew,


horizons away, !/as a world of clarity and sense, a world where childhood ends, where musi c

tinuaL Dresence, How unfair it is Ehat he shouLd ha did fhic fn <arr ha chnurad not have had that Eime at the end, to - av.pnf har nnnc i dorrr i h^nocfl \/ raen6.io.l carry out the plans he made when the ^n hor riohr in hcr nurn nnininnc end cancer was discovered. To do, as he showed interest in those opinions, said, what he realized he really and let her know EhaE he would Like wanEed Lo do. to have her friendship. None of chis I am surorised to see how much was verbalized... He had a firm he is in my mind, not just because of belief about lhe worth of children his deaEh, buC as he apparently that permeated his very being. It was always was, only now I notice it, someEhing thaE I felt and so did my reaLizing thaE I canrE get Ehat LeEdaughter. Eer in Ehe mail, next month or ever, I doubE that it ever crossed and so noLice thaE I am thinkine of Johnrs mind that a prerequisite for him again. I was composing a joint undersEanding children was Eo parent letter from my homeschooling-mother/ them. John exEended the same courfriend Marianne Hughes and myself. ;esies Eo chiLdren Ehat he did to John wouLd be so interested Eo know aduLEs. No disEinction was ever made that Marianne, who is a court reportbecause of age, . . er, is helping me learn sEenotype. She and T thought nothing of it, buE when we began to menEion this to othAnd Sharon HiILestad wrote in er reporters. they were amazed, Ehe MINNESOTA HOME SCHOOL NETWORK astounded. Nobody's ever heard of, or newsletter: thought of, anyone Learning sEenotype on their own, ouEside of school (a ...In 1978 I scarted reading two-year fullEime course). I bought Johnrs books, Up to chac Eime I knew my olin machine and the EexEbooks with it, from a young woman who had wanted only Ehat he had controversial ideas about how chiLdren should be educadesperately to continue the course ted. When I saw the traditional meth- (said she loved it) buE if wouLd have ods fail me as a Eeacher in Ehe class- meant going avTay to school r.vhich she room and Ehen fail my son as a stucould not afford. So she was workins denf, I figured it nas time Eo branch as a secretary in a bank. I said to out. I wrote to John the summer I Ehis woman, I'Why don't you keep the decided MatE was noE going back to machine and books? Yourve already had school. For a Long Eime John Holt was a year on your own. Make your own donrE know how Eo expLain exacEly

practice Eapes, use the radio and TV, as Irm doing.r'She looked at me as if I had suggesEed she take out her own

i I luminates

Little c h

the night, where hands hold

percents mount up, John said,




is steady. Steady on. He saw a light ahead that few of us could see. though s1ow,

And when

at last

we beach upon those sands,

the glow around us shimmerjng wjll be the same light he perceived and he transmitted the glow of simple truth, of stieet good will. And now he sails ahead, beyond our ken, toppl ing a row of I ies like dom'inoes. .. He's on a plane somewhere, in tennis shoes, with a book, a cello bow, a canvas bag. Somewhere


he's out there rnakino friends of


let the tiller slip! are wallowing, one hand for yourself. One for the

He whispers back, "Don't When seas are rough and you




Penny Barker (OH) wrote:

...On Monday we received two letters in Ehe maiL - one sadlv conveving news Eo us of John HoLt-'s deach the other fuLl of a spiriEed love for life from our l7-year-old daughcer, BriEt, who is apprenEicing in Canada. Ironically, it has been John HolErs Life and inspiraEion Ehat eventually Ied co che siEuation our oldest finds herself in... (Britt is currentlv travelling with watercolorisc-nafure wriEer Aleta Karstad and her biologist husband, Fred Schueler, as they fravel across Canada \.vriCins a book on Ehe habitats of the areai they GROt.lING hlITHOUT SCHOOLING #48


traverse,) A few days before she lefE for Canada, Britt sat talking wiEh me and said, "You know, Penny, i am now realizing how signifilant this one Knowing man has Seen in ty life." this to be true for our enEire family and interested in her viewpoint, I asked her exactly what she meant. "Well, it nas because of'his supporE Ehrough GWS thaE you decided Eo take me from school when I was 9 years old and that has changed my whoLe approach to learning and life, and now here I am at 16 about to embark on my life's work because of John HolE-'s belief in apprenEiceships and his conviction that people my age could handle Ehis ki;d bf tning. llow he has DuC me in touch with th6se wonderful feople I am going to live with and leain irom - I ieel so much warmEh for him." AE this same Eime, Britt remembered back Eo one of the two times she was able to be wiEh him. She had aEtended Ehe Chicago Symphony as a guesE of David Chickering and found herself in a surprise first meeEin6l with John HoIt whom she saE next to at Ehe Symphony performance. "I'Ll never forgeE hearing his 'Bravol' aE the finish of Bairnboim's Derformance - I can stiLL hear the enEhusiasm ringing in his voice." BritE is able Eo articulate about John's infLuence in our life and is very aware of iE. The oEher four, Ehough noE quiEe as aware, being younger, benefit daiLy from the beLiefs of this man. As I hear them Iaughing together in Ehe orchard, making pLans co spend Ehe afternoon sketching in the woods, or humming as Ehey go about their chores, I am greatly EhankfuL that John HoLE influenced our Life so thaE our famiLy has been able to spend so much cime with one another and be invoLved c..r r-- ..i!L 1 r.^ -^ rurr)i su ' know he has done this for other families and I hope he was aware of the significanE impact he has had on so many chiLdren, parenEs, and families. Thank you, John, with aLl of our hearEs we wiII miss you so much...

and thaC of rny family. He helped me see I had the- power to help my children grow and Liarn withouE sendi.g them Eo a conventional classroom.


gained faith;


gained life.

John, because he spoke from the

heart, showed me a r^ray to. "the pach with hearC." He was, in the truest sense, a teacher - a-seer and a Once I accepted primary responsibilishow-er. We are deeply sad and sorry ty for *y cirildt^.tt, their educaEion and emocional well-being, someEhing for his passing. Yet, as surely as really wonderful happened. Our family life to death passes' what John gave becaml closer, more-inEerdependenE. us shall conEinue Eo Pass on forever We began to enjoy each other more. My - parenE Eo child, teacher to learner, giver Eo taker, living to dead to husbaid began -o'consider Ehe childliving... ren his responsibiLity too, noE just mine. As a resulE of our closeness, grow because we've found more room Eo we trust each oEher and ourselves REMEMBERINGJOHN'SWISDOM more. From Rose Yonekura (NE): Of course much of Ehe credit for alL the wonderful resulLs my famiLy ._'.Examples,of Ehe wisdom of enjoy belongs Eo us, buE we could noE John that wiLl always stick wiEh me haie'arrived here when we did, or at are his "hippoPoEamus questionrr(GWS leasE not as easily, if it had noE been for GROWING WITHOUT SCHOOLING #20), his sEaEemenE on Ehe minority quieEly changing socieEy (GWS #1)' and John Holt. I'm gLad John Lived and his two arficles on discipline when he did and thaL his ideas were (#31 & 38). I don't know if I read availabLe Eo me when I needed them... this in GIJS or if it came from friends who had talked to John on the ohone. but another favorite that I've And Mary Scone (OR) ltrote: ihared many times wich friends who chiLdren out of are taking theirrrhrrrni ...One day in September 1982, i c hi c no hrri l di norl bored and discouraged with my lot in cah^^1 life, dreading another year of whiL- analogy - EhaE if Ehe building is burning, you don'E stop and think, ing away Ehe parsecs beEween early "Ird beEEer stay in here because outmorning goodbyes and laEe afternoon side iE mighE be worse" - you get homecomings, wondering what kind of out, as "out there" cerEainly won'E immaEure nuE I must be to wish we be as bad and wiLl probably be a lot couLd all spend our days doing real and im[6?Eant things Eogether. I took beEEer. (Even if there's a bLi.zzardt myself to Ehe library. It was a Mon- At least you can breaEhe. . , . I Ehank you for sharing Ehe day and oh, how I hated Mondays. In a deEails of his dying with us (GWS fatefuL Eime-space intersecEion I #47). So many people avoid talking found WHAT D0 I DO MONDAY? IE sPoke about deaEh, but Eo me it was so Eo me, I Eook it home, I read it, I imporEant Eo know Ehe details of his read iE again. I read aLl John's other books. I read Herb Kohl, James disease, how he had been cared for, who was with him; choices he had made Herndon, George Dennison, Jonathan such as no radical Ereatment, Eo be KozoI. with friends, and to be in his own I began to see, Eo understand. Odds and ends and threads of everyday home, I hope John realized the impact life began to weave into a whole. I of Ehese decisions - that he showed us how to die peacefully as he had was aLready Eroubled by school showed us how to Live peacefulIy.. ' unbelievably poor texts, stacks of In closing, I send special mimeographed idioE work and Ehe thoughts Eo Mary Van Doren and her ever-presenf al I -invasive peer family over the Loss of Anna. As you pressure. I was already Eroubled by my children's Eroubled Iives - unhap- said, it is a wrenching bLow to al I F-,,-ts,-Fi of us as you have made your readers p! ^^^^i rrE 5J ^- Ioss of selffeel like family. I know Mary and esteem, loss of ABILITY and growing From Marv Friedl (IL): skepEicism. I began Eo recall my own Anna and Helen must have been a school experiences; cimes I had shut delighE to John in his last days and we now al1 grieve for both of Ehem... ..., Eo write abouE my feeldown, given up, hated mysetf for ings about"".a John's death, Of course "faiIing" - and I was a "good stuEherers the outrage. IErs not fair, dentrrl I saw in a new Light Ehe how Hers so young. He had so much co and why of my ending of my high FROM THE MEMORIAL SERVICE give. I cry many times when I think schooL "daze" in a psychiatric \tard, Here are many of the words about him being gone, You know whatrs heaviLy drugged on thorazine after a really crazy? He didnrt even know I suicide aEtempt at age 18. I did not sooken aE Ehe memorial service for Jbhn Holr, heLd on oct. 5, 1985, cared. I was iust one of his crowd of graduaEe, in many ways I had died. FirsE, from Tom Maher (MA): I read some more. . . Bucky "folLowers.",, I= read alI his books. I met him and heard him speak Ehree FuLler, Frances Lappe, Richard Mitch...I have an image of- John Eimes. I gave him a tide to Ehe aireLL, Mortimer Adlei, Nancy tJaLLace, which wilL remain wiEh me for the porE once. I read every issue of GtlS, Jeriy Mander, RolLo May, iloberE resE of my life' This image. in_my the first L8 in a marathon reading Ornstein, Joseph ChiIEon Pearce. I session as back issues. Since Ehen hadn't read so-much, enjoyed reading mind, although iE deaLs wiEh his I've anxiousLy awaited each issue and so much or learned so much by read- death, really says something jmportant to me about his life. dropped all other reading on the arriing... everl I began co feel confiWhen John went home from Mass. deit - E-i6w sensaEion - to feel real val of each. GeneraL Eo die in his own aparcment I guess we shouldn't be too sad. optimism, to recognize my power co We need to celebrate all the things controL and direcL my lite and ener- instead of in the hospital, ic took a lot of care from a lot of his gy. CenEral to all oi this was my John did, How many of us will accomfriends, his round-che-cLock friends. plish as much as John did? He touched T6alization that I can make thinls I remember one night before he died' so many people's lives in such a perbetter for my chiLdren. I can offer sonal manner wiEhouE ever meeEing Ehem a beEter environment Eo grow in especially. In the large living room, most of Ehem. John f.relped people realand I can save Ehem from some of the which was made inEo John's bedroom, ize their own porrer Eo change themmindless, unconscionable hype .of Ehe David Chickering (on Leave from Ehe Chicago Symphony) was passionately selves and influence Ehe lives of day. playing his cello for John. Other Eheir children, John affected the way And so, in September 1983, we many Eeachers and oEhers feel abouE began homeschooling. We evicted Ehe friends were ouE in Ehe kitchen' but learning,.. He chought each of us was Eelevision. We gave up meaE and pollu-on Ehe floor aE Ehe fooE of John's bed Ewo children were playing. or should be in control of our own ted food. We Eook Spanlsh, phoEoTweLve-year-old Anita Geisy was education and that education is a graphy, and art cLasses' We made siEting on the fLoor, and in her lap Iife-long experience. He didn'E just AusiiL penpals. We discovered ourEhink these ideas, he lived them' selves, each other and the open-ended was four-year-old Anna Van Doren' who John helped me change my life potenEials and possibiliEies of life. was totally invoLved in running her GRO}IING WITHOUT SCHOOLING #48



fingers Ehrough Anita's Long hair. John died a few days laEer. Buc that image in Johnrs apartment stays in sharp focus in my mind. At Ehe end, John had what he loved and valued so much in life: friends, music, and Ehe chiLdren - esDeciaLlv the children.,. -From PaE


..,Since I knew John mostlY from HoLc AssociaEes, I often remember him aE work: seaEed aE his word Pro-

cessor, facing out towards Boylston Screet, fingers fLying across the keyboard, EotaLly ignorant. or preEending to be ignorant, of any Presence since he was wearjng his hearing proEectors. John would often waLk down Boylston Street with Ehose bulky green hearing proteccors on' a Iarge canvas bag stuffed with tape recorders and papers slung over his shoulder, and his favorite L.L. Bean haE pushed down over his white hair. I remember how weird I thought John at first. When I found out he kept a worm compost pile on hjs condo patio but had no garden, I decided I betEer

broughE it out in our conversalions

about the day's events, is thaE every-

thing is open to question. We should be critical of John's writing as he was of oEhers' writing, but when we find something in it that withsEands our examination, we should grab ahold nl i r lro.arrra i I anri nrrrl-r1re ilas John did to so many people's work. When John Liked what you did, he was your most enthusiastic supporter... John's book editor,


Lawrence, read this sEatemenc sent by George Dennison, auEhor of LIVES OF CHILDREN, SHAWNO, and LUISA DOMIC:

...The most sEriking thing about

John's writing is its firm, straightforward good sense. He never derives Eheory from Eheory, but stays as close as possible to exPerience itself. His entire career was'reaLly based on this, this making sense of experience . one of rhE-Tlne-sT-EFTngs about him was Ehe underlying moEive

of all that thoughE: he really and truLy wanted co make the world a better DLace for mankind. And iE was the vrorla he r^/as thinking of at all times, nof just the fieLd of educakeep my eyes open around John. Eion - as if that couLd be isolaced Of course, as I goE Eo know from everything else. This overJohn, I found out his good reasons arching care anEedated his own career for wearing and doing these Ehings, as a teacher. It was a Lifelong care and I reaLized he was Iiving his Iife and he labored in behalf of it trith according to his own desires and remarkable patience, tenaci Ey, foreJogic. The more I goE to know John, bearance, and generosity. He was one Ehe more I discovered that he did of the few oeople I have ever known most everything afEer a fair amount who couLd cbndbmn the sin and forgive of thought and deliberation, so Ehat the sinner, In the heaE of argument when he did do something, he was he never became unkind, and never fotally commitced to it. But no abandoned his own great loyalty Eo matter how commiEted John was to an reason. I f one \,Janted to know the idea or invention of his, he was meaning of ethics, one had only to always the first co Ery it a new way, co accept and change his ideas depend- Look at John Holt's ordinarY courtesies. This is a way of saying' too, ing on the criticism and problems he przpr'l narnairrod rrifhnrrl ncinq fhc Ehat he was an authenticaLly civilized man - a rare, Tate creature. iocus of his efforts: to Play the aal fn f^ f..o a .^n.orf 16 .hanop ...In the last weeks of his I i fa T^hn cnani pi ohf .laws "'-' rrs our schools. --*/" wil-h aE our home in Maine. Something hapJohn spent the lasE half of his gave me a glimpse pened thac one day life trying Eo make aduLEs see chiLdof Ehe very heart of his life. He was ren as people and trying to make so weak he couLd waLk only a few schooLs better pLaces for children. sCeDs at a time and wiEh canes. It While he felt he didnrt succeed in i Fi^j rha l.rf6r ho hrd [r-"-] -"a \ras beautiful weather. I Eook him 5uu--'qud!r!lsu driving to see the views from certain cess in the former. We get letters at hills - long views of wooded slopes' HoLt Associates every week from parfields, sEreams, our large river, and enEs and Eeachers who say John's several ponds. Again and again he books make them see their kids in a said,rrHow beautifuL iE isl" He was new, more respecEfuL and enjoyabLe sitting beside me in Ehe fronc seat. light. Every day homeschooling families bear witness to Johnrs words. In We drove on and began to taLk abouc his work. "IE could be such a wonderhis revised HOW CHILDREN LEARN. John ful world,'r he said, "such a wonderwroce: fuL place." His body began to shake and he dropped his head, crying uncon"AtI I am saying ln this book trollably - but he kept caLking can be summed up in two words through the sobs, his voice sErained Trust Children. NoEhing could be and Ehin. "It's not as if we don't more simDLe - or more difficuLt. Difficult because to trusc chiLdren know what Eo do," he said. "We know exactLv r.dhat Eo do. and iE would we must trust ourseLves - and mosE wo?k-,-Tt would work, Theyrre going to of us were taught as chiLdren that wreck it.tt we could not be trusted... We do all have feelings of chis WhaE we have Eo do is break this Iong downward cycLe of fear and dis- kind, buE not many people, at the end Erust, and Erust chiLdren as \^7e our- of life, wouLd feel this heartbroken iEseLf. It oassion selves were not trusted. To do this 'seemed for Ehe world ,.j11 F-1.^ laan nâ&#x201A;Ź !q!Lrr feirh to me thaE Ehe deepesE and rutlB !LqP vr w!!l LdKE d^ 1^-most sustaining Chings in John's charbut great rewards ae,raiE any of us acter had been revealed in thaE who will Eake Ehat Leap." momenE. And like so much in his life and work Ehey were rare and fine. It As John wanEed, we wiLl keep would Eake many words to pay tribuEe HoLt AssociaEes alive Eo help ParenEs to John Holt, One can feel Ehis in make that Leap. Ehe emocion of Loss and Ehe sense \'re one concern John often taLked to have of all Ehe activities of an me about was horr some folks turn him acEive, active spirit come Eo afl into a guru, a patron saint of childend. . . ren whose every word is Right. John had little paEience \tith such worship. One message John brings out in And from Leila Berg, hrho made a every book, and every day aE work he

special trip from England for the service: ...We first mec in the heady sixties. when ideas abouE education were flashing, crashing, leaping from I cloud to cLoud Like electricity' had just \^rriEten a book on RisinghilL, Mike Duane's schooL, and somehow I'd got Mike, Bob MacKenzie, John, and A.S. Neill Eogether in mY house for a whoLe weekend - all sleeping on the floor together. Of course, they'd all heard of each oEher, buE they'd never aLl meE in a bunch. They all Ealked. I cooked. It was quite a weekend. That was in the pre-cello humping era. And when many years Lacer John arrived at my house with Ehis cello, my feeling - me, for whom the worsE part of a journey is carrying luggage - was sheer incredulity Ehat anyone should, by choice, saddle Ehemselves - in aadiElon-to normal luggage at airports, raiLway sta-F^^^ -^l crossrnSs, trons, L..^ Dus sLops , zeora London pavements - with someEhing as large, bulky, cumbersome, and unwieldy, as a ceLLo. In the evening - he was on a Lecture-tour - he'd talk about a question someone in the audience had asked thaE day, that he thought he hadn'r answered welL enough, clearly enough, or helpfully enough, and that he now proposed to work on for one or two hours, or however long it Eook him, till he had made his answer good enough to satisfy himself - because someone, somewhere, he believed might ask thaE question again. He had a great respect for a questtoner, and a cuesEion. And when aIl- that was finished, he'd pLay. And he'd play with pLeasure, a comple Ee I y i nnbc ent s c rai[EEForw-a rd pleasure, without any unease, or modesEy, or display - a natural ber,!6,

.,Li^L w,,rL,,



',,tir last Ehree weeks, In John's very hi f^^ rha nal l n h:d u vs,) ur5 d PorL! ^-rts BuE mosEly it was David Chickering who olaved i t. . , In thaL I i ttle room that John shared wich anoEher man who had something vrrong with his hand, David would unpack his celLo, and Bach wouLd resound, over Ehe intravenous equipmenE, over the bLood transâ&#x201A;Ź,,^i^Lits rh^ F,.,^ Fo.hni.rllrr rrn-to-daEe hospitat beds, che troIIeys, And the man with che bad arm on Ehe other side of the screen, a black man,96 years old, would be deLighted and exhiLarated, and full of laughEer, and people visiting ocher pafienEs would come tiptoing down the corridor to see where this exuberant, goLden music was coming from, and put their heads in curiously. John got weaker and weaker. And one day - I am talking as i f there were many days. I am bewildered, on re.onsiderinc if. fo realise there were very few days,..time sEretches ouE sometimes. So I say again, one day David said Eo John, after playing, because David was so loving and so unafraid. "Would you Iike Eo play, John?" And ihere vJas-;-long sileirce.' The rest. of us looked at John, already gaunt, bone structure standing ouE, seemingLy helpLess on his oillows,,. eves closed... and we i;aited... anil looked down again. And suddenly John opened his eyes. "O.K." he said. We were galvanized. VJe were partly Eerrified. In a mixture of tension and excitemenE and fear and exhllaraEion, we all helped to Lift John to the edge of the bed, moved his legs over the side, held him Ehere, aE his back, at each side, held Ehe cello... and John held the GR0|,'IING t.r|ITHOUT SCHOOLING #48


bow, and pLayed four notes - with power. Then fell back, and we carefulIy lifted him back to the pillows again. It was amazing, and very moving. For a long Eime afEer EhaE, I --greeced visitors wilhrrDid you hear? John played the cellolrr And Ehey said, "l wish I could have seen Ehat.r' If any hospital official had come in, we would aLL have been

of Belmont, MA wrote: ...LasE fall, John was willing to join a small dinner party at my house... The falk turned on education, a central Eheme for all of us. Because I had watched my own moEher die of cancer aE an earLy age, iE was clear to me from John's appearance thro!/n out of Ehe building, and never I began Eo ask uhaE he was very ill. allowed in again. him hard quesEions, in as gentle and And Ehen we brousht him home. He friendly a way as possibLe. "tdhat did had decided he would die. He had reaGWS and the movement iE represenEed soned iE ouE - in front of us - slowamount to afEer all?" "If a Eime came ly, because he was weak, and there for others to take charge, would Ehe were long pauses beEween Ehe words ideas and movemenE go on?rr John's as Ehough iE were a mathematical prob- weIL-thought ans$rers confirmed the Lem, a Iogical problem, thaE had an seriousness of his illness. He was impersonal answer, Ehough one thaE prepared for such questions. He said was important. And Ehe answer he came thaE if GWS actually heLped peopLe up wiEh, was "I am going Eo die." who really cared abouE Eheir childHe want-ed to die at home, wiEhren, THAT r,ras iLs sufficient jusEifiout any hospital paraphernalia or caEion; the indifferent and merely inEervention. And we all followed posturing were not his concern. FinaLeverything he wanted. We broughE him 1y, he said his greaEesc saEisfaction nome. was that GWS as an enterDrise seemed He didnrt play Ehe cello again. eiEher Eo have spawned oi engaged a David played it... Every day. Through- group of people who were naturaL leadouc Ehe day. tJhenever John wanted it. ers. Through these people he was sure TiLl he died... EhaE what v/as best in Gt^lS wouLd find Ehe direction and the energy to continue with Ehe liberaEion of those who are sEifled by our current mode THE MEANING OF SUCCESS of education. I regret thaE I was ouE of the In a memorial secEion about country during Ehe memorial service. John, the Colorado HomeschooLing NetJohn was a man whose courage and work Newsl@r human concern I will aLways remember ouoEe from RaIoh WaIdo Emerson: and admire. . . ...To laugh ofEen and much, to win the respect of intelligenE people and the affecLion of children; to BRIEF THOUGHTS earn the aDDreciaEion of honesE critics and-endure Ehe betrayaL of ...Died?l John Holtll trlhy didn't faLse friends; to appreciate beauEy, I see iE in the papers?l Why didn't I to find the best in othersi to leave hear iE on teLevision? ! There should the worLd a bit beEter, whether by a have been a national momenE of h^.lrk,, . hi^-*a^hia-l ci lonao , a r iolorrica; rrsdrL Lrrr ru d uErr vr d LLrL!rrLu uru|SroPured! ^.-46n r 6ar PdLu", ^.r.h "y ^kil, redeemed sociaL conditionl to know review even one life has breaEhed easier John Holr - chat dear, sweeE, because you lived. This is co have kind and very wise man. I was privisucceeoeo... Leged to be in a small audience in Eureka, CaLifornia when he gave a deLighEful concerE, Eureka - can you imagine a man of his knowLedge Eaking JOHN AND GWS the.time Eo talk to parenEs in a From Arthur Harvey (NH): small ruraL town... - BARBARA SHER ...To me, John HoIt was an exam. . . I was very sorry Eo learn of nle of nonviolence in a time when John's death, but I'm consoled EhaE, i:haE word has losE mosE of its meanlike Gandhi, he essentiaLly compleEed ing. You could see it in his way of his work before he Left us. Good luck aEtacking the foundations of the eduCEIGER (Editor of Manas) ".']RY cational establishmenE. aLwavs looking for individual Eeachers,- principaIs, or even whole districts thaE .,.Our thoughEs and besE wishes would cooperate $riEh homeschoolers. are wiEh vou as vou continue the work he pioneeied. Thb proof an enduring He was not trying to prove anyone idea is \rhen it can be carried out wrong so much as searching for a better way. beyond the lifespan of Ehe founder, MR. & MRS. PHILIP CRANSHAW You couLd see it in his ways of buildins a movement. He did noE fall inco Che pattern of money-raising and organizational structure so character- CARRYING ON HIS WORK istic of Ehe peace movemenE. Instead, he offered a service - GWS - and Ann Lahrson (0R) wrote: charged a reasonable price. News and inEerpreEation did not become instru,..Although I never knew John, ments for raising money, and so have never even wrote a real leEter to him been far more EruthfuL and reaListic at GWS, I feel as if I have lost a in heLping people work effectively dear friend and advocaEe. For Che againsE seemingly impossibLe odds. pasE six years I have eagerly He did noE divide the movement devoured his comments in GWS - words into various camps. When Iin I979] iE writEen bv a suoerb communicaEor wiEh was proposed Eo change Ehe name of powerfuL,- important ideas. I feel Ehe GWS Eo help atEract more people comworLd has losE a truly greaE Ehinker mitEed to schooling, he asked advice whose significance has not yet begun from GWS subscribers and kept Ehe to be noEiced. name. Rather Ehan building name recog. ,.As I have gone about my daily niEion of a few leaders, he sErove Eo routines I have mentaLly wriEten publish as many names as possible of many, many IeECers Eo John and GWS, Ehose acEive in Ehe movement. letters delighting in the learnings He was a magnificenE pioneer... of my children, and the fact thaE I Bob Lawler



learning for more from them about of teaching and learning than I even remoEely dreamed of in my four years of Eeacher Eraining. How sad I am EhaE I never shared with John personally; yet I feel strongly that his work wilL be carried on Ehrough you who were fortunate to have worked with him. The homeschooling movement will need clear Ehinkers more than ever as Eime goes by... I guess I am wriEing, not only to express my feelings of loss, and my sympaEhy Eo John's friends and associates, but also Eo say: Pleasel Carry on! We need you and we Erust you! ... am

Ehe naEure


I To give John's own voice


chance to be heard in Ehis EribuEe issue, here is a sampLer drawn from each of his nine books pLus Che revisions of the first Ewo. WhaE I Looked for, in choosing Ehese, were short passages that seemed Eo me EypicaL of bach 5ook. reDresencaEive oi--ITEstyle or phiLbsopfry. From HOW CHILDREN FAIL (1954):

.,.Here are some noCes from the other day, when the fourEh-graders vrere pLaying TwenEy Questions. Many of them are very anxious when their turn comes Eo ask a question. t{e ask Ehem Eo play T\,renEy Quesr i

i n




rh^F LLrdL,

,,-6Fi 6^ wd,,L r,'6

F^ Lv

find the hidden EhoughE, Ehey will learn to ask more informaEive and usefuL ouestions. TLa., rha nrrira di Ffar-aa r"sy L"c --mo rEr ur!rL!yurr! 6d"'L ently. "When my turn comes, I have Eo ask a quesEion." They are not the Least interesEed in the obiect of the game, or whether Eheir queition gains useful information. The oroblem is simply to think of a que-stion, any nld nrrociinn Fh4r r,^i, ,.ri I I

Thp Fir<i i,,^ts hp uL

danoar ci tsiino JrLLrrrS

ic rhera !rrL!rt

unable Eo think of a ouestion.





ilL^-,.^,, yuu


-^r, a5K


quesEion, other kids wilL think it is silly, laugh aE it, say "That's no



So Ehe problem becomes noE jusE

thinking up a quescion, but Ehinking up a question Ehat wiLl sound good.

The best way to do this is Eo lisren

to kids that you know are pretty sharp, and ask questions that sound Like cheirs. Thus, a child who found in one game thar "Is it. water?" was a useful quesEion, went on asking it in game after game, even when other questions had established thaE Ehe informaEion sought for had noEhing Eo do \^rith waEer.




^F-^*^^,, rLrdLs6y

i !D^

the disguised blind guess. When kids firsE play Ehis game, every question is a guess. Then some of Ehem see thaE iE is silly to guess righc at the beginning, and Ehat the sensible Ehing to do is narrow down the possihiliiio< Thprr nrir;.;2o Ly tearrllnates who sEarE guessing Eoo soon. So the trick becomes Eo ask a guessing quesEion thac doesnrt sound like a guess, like NaErs classic, "ldas he killed by Brutus?" . . . SomeEimes rrre try to Crack down a number with Twenty QuesEions. One day I said I was thinking of a number beEween I and 10,000. Children who use a good narrowing-down sEraEegy to find a number beEween I and 100, or I and 500, go all Eo pieces when Ehe number is beEween I and 10,000. Many start guessing from the very beginning. Even when I say thaE the number is very large, they wiLl


Erv Ehinss like 65 ' lI3, 92. OEher unEil they find kiis will narroh/ down Ehat the number is in Ehe 8'000's; then they start guessing' as if there were now so few numbers to choose from that guessing became worEhwhile. ...They stil1 cLing sEubbornlY Eo the idea Ehac Ehe only good answer is a yes answer. This, of courser is the rE3ilt of che miseducation in which "righE answers" are the only ones that pay off. They have not learned horn/ Eo learn from a misEake, or even Ehat learning from misEakes is possibLe. If Ehey say, "Is the number between 5,000 and 10,000?" and I say yes, they cheer; if I say no, they groan, even Ehough Ehey get exacEly Ehe same amount of information in either case. The more anxious ones wiIl, over and over again, ask quesEions thaE have aLready been answered. iust for the satisfacEion oI nearrng a yes.,.

happening thac \re did noE understand, and let Ehe Little boy play with Ehe

rods in his own


It is certain thaE a child is greaEly inspired and helped to learn by what are ofEen caIIed "competence models" - people who can do things better than he can. But we oughE to remind ourselves now and Ehen thar someEimes a competence model can be altogeCher Eoo competent.




..,Let the children learn


judge Eheir own work. A chiLd learning to taLk does not Learn by being corrected aLl the time; if corrected too much, he will sEop EaLking. He compares, a thousand Eimes a day, the

difference beween language as he uses it and as those around him use it' Rif h\r hir ho maLoc fhp np.pcqrrv changes Eo make his language like oEher peopLe's. ln the same way, kids learning to do aLl Ehe other things HO!,I CHILDREN LEARN ( L967 ): Ehey learn withouE being caught - to walk, run, cIimb, whistLe, ride a ,. 'A friend Eold me a scory bike, skate, play games, jump roPe about his daughter, not yeE a yeat oLd. She had been given a LiEEle plas- comDare Eheir onn performances wiEh what more skilled peopLe do, and tic whisEle, which she loved to cooE. slowly mak"e Ehe needed changes. But It was her favoriEe Eoy. One day one in school ne never give a child a of her parenEs picked up the whistle' chance to detecE his mistakes, Let and, seeing thaE it had holes in iE, aLone corr-r'cE them. We do iE aLI for like a recorder, began to pLay a little lune on ir. They boEh amused them- him. We act as if we thoughc that he wouLd never notice a mistake unless selves with it for a minule or two, iE was poinEed ouc to him, or correct Ehen gave the whistle back co the it unless he was made to. Soon he baby. To their greaE surprise. she becomes dependenE on the expert. Let pushed iE angriLy aside. A! the time her father Eold me Ehe story, she had him do ic himself. Let him figure out, wiEh the heLp of oEher children noE blown it since. Thp crorv rpminds me of someif he wants iE, whaE this word says, what is the answer to thac problem, Ehinq chat Danny once did, when about \,rhecher this is a good way of saying 2r2. t had choughc thac he mighE like or doing this or noc. If right the Cuisenaire rods, and I was curianswers are involved, as in some math ous co see what he mighE do'rith or sciFnce- qive him Ehe answer book. Ehem. So, one day when I visited his Let him correct his own papers. Why parents, I Eook a box of rods with should we Eeachers wasEe time on such me. We opened iE and showed him aII donkey work? Our job should be to the LiEELe colored s!icks. He was heLp the kid when he telLs us that he enchanted. Like glass beads Eo primitha ,.,.\, oats lhe ri ohf tsi\'6 rhoca h'rnriradc nf nicecq wdy fLU rdrr ^---r rL If i nl ^ ^d^nlo ansv,/er. Letrs get rid of alL this of brightly coLored wood Looked !o nonsense of grades, exams, marks ' [,Je him like the most real wealEh in the dontt know how, and we never wiII world. We empEied the box ou! on the know, how Eo measure what anoEher rug, and for a while he jusE sat rhere- nickinq rrn handfuls of Che Derson knows or understands. We certainly can't fjnd ouE by asking quesrods and LeEting them run through his tions. ALL we find ouE is what he fingers, drunk wiEh exciEernenE and joy, Looking for all the world like a doesn't know - which is what our tests are for, anyway, traps designed proverbial miser with his money. I to catch studenEs. Throw it aLl out, know now thaE I should have leE him his and leE Ehe children learn what every go on playing with the rods in own way, getEing his own kind of plea- educated person musE some day learn, how to measure his own understanding, sure out of chem, taking [n informahow to know what he knows or does not Eion about Ehem through his eyes and know... his fingers, gradually exploring t.heir possibiliEies. AE Ehe Eime, I feLE I had Eo scart him off "learnWHAT DO I DO MONDAY? (1970): ing" something. So, in whaE I supposed was my low-pressure way' with, ..ALso good co have is a stethoouE even saying, "Watch," I took some scope. Medical supply stores have rods from the pile and began Eo make a paEtern of them on the fLoor, think- Ehem; Creative PLayLhings of Princeton, NJ sells one for about five ing EhaE he would soon imitaEe me. doLlars.., Most children, and most Danny's faEher joined me, and before adults for that mauter, have never long we had buiLt a simpLe low sErucEure, that we thought Danny could imi- heard through a stethoscope the sound of their heart beaEing. Many young Eate successfully. When we finished, children do noE even know that Ehey we looked at him. He Looked aE us for have a heart that beats... a while, expressionless. Then, withWe might Ery to find Ehe pulse ouE saying a word, he came over and of a relaxed baby. What happens if he wilh one swipe of his hand knocked is crying or angry? (If we puE a cold our liEEle building all over Ehe rug. stethoscope on his chesc he may get Amazed, we asked, "What did you do angryl ) If we take his pulse jusE thaE for?" He just looked aE us. before he is fed, and just after, is SEupidly, we persisced, and buiIE there a difference? tJiEh the sEeEhoanother structure. Again, he scope can we hear the heartbeat of a desEroyed iE, Looking not so much dog? A cat? A smaller animal? We angry as deEermined. We Eried once might ask animal experimenters or more; same result . Then, aE las! r rnte veEerinarians how they get the pulse had the wiE to see ChaE someEhing was

of small animals. How could we listen to the heartbeat of a mouse or hamster? What are the pulses of various animals? What about animals that lve are not likely to find in school cow, horse, or, wilder yeE' eLePhanu, Lion, whale? WhaE is known abouE their pulses? How wouLd one go abouE getting the pulse of a whaLe? Perhaps if he was asleep, or sick, it mighE be easy enough. But what if he were healrhy? Whom might we ask about this?... Is there a correLaEion between the size of an animal and his oulse? What is the fastest known aniinal pulse? My guess is thaE it would be that of a shrew, an animal many chiLdren would Like to learn abouE because of iEs almosE incredibLe appeEiEe and ferocity. What about Ehe oulse of reptiles? Fish? Insects? If people have'measured che pulses of these creatures, how did they do it? If nobody has done it yet, how do you Ehink they mighE do it? What sorE of instrument might we need?. . . Not aII of Ehese questions will

h6 inraroeiino rn eII chiIdrcn or l-o all teachers, Some may want to explore some of Ehese questions, some others, and some may noc be interest* ed in any of rhem. I make so many suggestions so EhaE there may be someEhing here for everyone, or better yet, so thab people wiII join Ehe game and think of new ideas for themqclves- The ofher nolnt is Eo show -^-idBdrrLt


T h4,'^






other places, the many ways in which a study of one thing can lead to a study of many oEhers, and in which in real life aLl Che things Ehat in schooL we caLl Physics, MaEhemaEics, Biology, Physiology, and so on, are aLL tied together.., FREEDOM AND BEYOND


. ..An eighth-grade private school teacher once invited me to EaIk Eo her class. On a warm spring day we sat outside on Ehe grass and discussed what ir might mean to be able to direcE one's own learning, explore the world in one's own way insEead of someone eLse's, The students were very exciEed, involved, serious. They began to Ealk about the

in which adulEs seemed nevlr to take Eheir ideas and \tants seriously, but aLways to find reasons for preventing Ehem Irom doing what they most wanted. Thus, in this particuLar school they wanted very rnuch to have a lounge or common room for the older students, a room of their own where they could go, meeE, and calk without Eeachers hovering around' But Ehe school kept putEing Ehem off, taLking abouE not enough money, maybe in a few years, we'Ll think about it r^r ^.,i-- *.rcEics ^r 1 iL^ qs!d)rrr5 EhaE child_ L< ren and studenEs everywhere know so (If weLL. we stalL them off, theyrll soon forgeE about it.) I suggested to Ehem thaE Ehey consider and take up with the school Ehe possibiliEy of building rhis lounge Ehemselves. They were very exciEed by this, and discussed with great animation possibLe ways of doing this. The hour wenE very quickly, and they aI1 urged me to come back a week later to EaIk abouE Ehese Ehings furEher, which I gladLy agreed Eo do. When I came Eo Ehe classroom a week laEer,.. from Ehe first I sensed something strange and wrong abouE Ehe situation. There seemed a barrier between us. A week before they had been friendly and open; now mosE of them wouLd hardLy look at me. I felt a scranger and ouEsider. The Eeacher

manv wavs


suggesEed thaE Ehey might talk abouE their discussions wiEh Eheir parents, buE Ehough nobody refused, argued, or commenEed, ic was clear afEer a minuEe or Ewo EhaE they did not want Eo and were noE going to do Ehat, So I Eried Eo change Ehe subjecE in a more general direcElon, Eoward the Ehings we had talked abouE the week before. These Ehe sEudents were willing to calk about, buE so differenEly from the way they had in our first meeEing that I scarceLy knew them for the same people, Before, their talk had been open, vigorous, natural, easy. Now iE was full of Ehe awkward, nervous, embarrassed, seLf-deprecaEory phrases and gestures and giggles thaE we so often associate with Eeenagers... one by one, in different ways, uhey EoLd me Ehe same sEory. They were no good. If Ehey were not made Eo do chings by older people, chey would never do anyEhing. The only things they really cared abouE were silly, EriviaL, and worEhLess, if noE acEually harmful. They were incompetenE; Ehey couLdn't do anyEhing; iE rras ridicuLous to think of cheir being abLe to buiLd a common room by themselves. Their only chance of doing anyEhing or getting on in Che world was Eo spend a SreaE many more years doing exactly what che aduIEs told them, Then, maybe, someday, they might amount Eo someEhing. Maybe. They didn't even sound very sure abouE thaE. The hour crawled Eo its end, When the time was up, the sEudents looked relieved.,. None suggested in any way thaE Ehey might wanE to Ealk about Ehese things further, or indeed see me again, I wished them all good luck and lefE, with a heart of lead... ESCAPE FROM CHILDHCOD


...Once I heard an eleven-yearold Eelling his moEher he wanted to take a Ewo- or three-day camping Erip in che mountains with Ewo friends. She raised aLl kinds of doubts and worries. AE thaE Eime of year Ehere were many Ehunderstorms in Ehe mounEains, hence Ehe danger of lighEning? Did he mind Ehe possibiLiEy of storms? No, he didnrt. Did he and his friends know enough to sEay ouE of exposed places, high places, when there was an elecErical storm or away from things Ehat mighc aEtract lightning, Iike very EaLl trees or phone and power poLes? What abouE keeping dry? How much cLoEhing did Ehey want to carry in? It grew very cold at night, colder than they reaLized. Did they have good enough sLeeping bags? l.lhaE abouE cooking? VihaE would Ehey eat? What would Ehey do Eo keep themseLves occupied for three days? And so Ehe discussion went. f or r:ranv days, MoEher and son eich broughc up points, argued against the oEher's, made concessions. They were able Eo do Ehis because he knew that she did not v,rant to prevent him from camping buE valued his adventurousness and competence. Her authoriEy \ras persuasive because it was naEural and noE merelv based on Dotrer. :. The trip was finally okayed, Ehen postponed one day because it looked very sEormy. Eventually they worked out a compromise - yes, you can go, if you do this and if you make sure Eo bring thaE and so on. As it happened many unforeseen things went vrrong. Both nighEs on the mounEain, because of fog, or darkness catching Ehem unalrares, the campers slept away from their tenE. They were ofEen much colder and wetter than GROIIING t^,ITHOUT SCHOOLING #48

Ehey had expecEed. If campers and moEhers had known in advance aIl the Ehings that were going co go wrong,

Ehere mighc have been no triP'

As it

S-chool, no S-chool reform' however good, can Las! unless iE can convince the parents of the chiLdren Chat iE is making Ehem inEo winners. There-

fore, only a few S-chooLs can be profoundly changed. The number of winner slots, for S-chools as for people, is they never Ehought of untiL Ehey were acEuaIly camping. This is r,,/ha! exPeri- fixed and small. . . ence is all about. ..,In anoEher family' a fairLY NEVER TOO LATE (1978): young boy, before making a Iong camping trip wiEh his faEher and oLder ...When I began to sEudy Ehe hrnrhor cl6nr in fhp vard in a ^rrf cello, I thoughE I would have about EenE a number of Eimes. to find wha! seven years of drudgery before I it was like. On the whole, Ehis is began to have any fun, But not so. Ehe way children like Eo meet new Before I had sEudied for even a year, experiences - a little biE aE a Lime. I had my first chance Eo play wiEh They do like to explore Ehe unknown, One evening I wenE Eo a but they are also cautious and conser- other peopLe. concert ae the New England Conservavative and don'E wanE to explore aII Eory. AE Ehe end I applauded loudIy. of iE at once. No chiLd, having never LefE home, is going Lo begin by Ehink- As we were all Leaving Ehe halL, a pleasant-Looking, dark-haired woman ing of taking a three-month Erip Eo said Eo me, "You seemed Eo enjoy che someplace Ewo thousand miles away. music," I said I Ehough! iE was gorThere is much truEh in the old joke geous. She asked if I was a musicianl about the child who runs away from I said I had onlv'iust started Eo home but canrt get past Ehe corner play the ceLLo, She said, "The cello because he doesn'E know how to cross We need celLosl"... and went on to the sEreet. . . The question is, shaII ask me if I would like to olav in a we encourage and heLp these small small chamber orchescra...' I said I steps out into Ehe world or arbitrarwould Ery iE, i I rr â&#x201A;Źnrhi rl f hom? ...After I had been pLaying with Ehe orchesEra for some months, Liz TiEus asked if I would like Eo pLay INSTEAD OF EDUCATION (1976): :haE Ur6 gudrLcL r she was going co lead and coach.,. Much as I IDR: Throughout Ehe book, John enjoyed the orchestra, I soon came to distingui shed non-coercive places enjoy Ehe quarEet even more. I liked chat help people learn Eo ski, cook, being soIeLy .responsible for the dance, speak foreign languages, and rts -^r^ ^^1 1 ^ ^^-ts re feel I was rerrv Pd! so on - "s-chools" wiEh a small s really adding something Eo our music from alL other kinds - "S-chools"'l making,.. At first we wouLd be buried ,..People who caLl Ehemselves rrradical Eeachers" are fooLing Ehemin our o\rn parts, lrying to play the .-i n^roc lroon fho nnrrnt -^F -^1,^ selves. As part of their job, Ehey misEakes. BUE then, as we grew more will Eake aEEendance every day, sure of our own noEes, we would gradureporE late and absent students, aLIy begin Eo hear all che other enforce che S-chool rules, and give parEs, and aII the energy, surprises, f ocic anri oredas - nr l-hcv uri I I he in lhe music. We wouLd fired. Buc in doing these things they and humorplay begin to noc just the notes but hol n iha C-rhnnl nrrf fhpi r frrnthe music, and Ehe quartet would damentaL and sEaEus-quo-preserving tasks. Doing Ehe S-chool's work, they begin to sr^ring, as Haydn had meanE it to, WhaE a moment: It did not happen Eeach Ehe S-chools's message, and alI buE when it did we cheir Ealk, however Radical or Subver- aE every meeEing, would sit back afEerwards and smile sive, wiLl noE outweigh or undo that dazedly aE each oEher, and say, teaching, The idea of a "radical "Wasn'E Ehat great?" as if four oEher of well speak Eeacher" is absurd. As rrr rr musicians, and noE jusE we, had done r "nrniFicf cnlriior -h^"ri-^ r d s"wuLr,'6' , Pdrrrr5L it. haEe warl AII men are broEhers! Thou Our hosE the violist and I were shalt noE kill!" as he shoots at Ehe musicalLy Ehe two junior members of enemy. What does Ehe Army care what Ehe group. He was a large and friendhe shouts - as lonq as he conEinues Iy man, with large feet, In moments to shoot. LeE any who want to join iha Armv i^in ii. One Can be an hOn- of srress he rhrrmned Che floor emphaticaLly but erratically wiEh his est soldier - one of the men I most right fooE. I could ignore the sound Loved and admired was one for most of of ic, but Ehat shiny rising and fallhis life, But let's not tell ouring shoe was righc in my field of seLves that the Army is the Peace vision, jusE under the edge of my Corps and that by joining iE we are music. I couldn'E help seeing it, and working for human broEherhood. The sometimes the syncopation beEween iE same goes for S-chool s - Ehe Army for and the resE of the music would be kids. To those who Ehink of Ehemtoo much for me, IE became something selves as RadicaLs, and who detesE, as I do, the idea of a society of win- of a quarEeE joke... One evening I Eook actlon, I reached out wiEh my norc rnrl lncorc T crrr nhrnoo ir if lefE fooE and very slowLy forced the you can. But donrt imagine Ehat you're changing it by Ealking against toe of his righE foot down on lhe floor. For a second or Ewo he went on it in S-chool, or even by trying Eo playing without noEicing. Then he make all your sEudenEs into winners. began to reaLi'ze EhaE someEhing about A vrinner-Ioser society is noE going his fooE felt funny, Looked down Eo Eo be changed by its winners; a socisee \rhat had happened to it, and saw eEy run by a few peopLe at che Eop is .ny foot on top of it. We began to not going to be changed by putting laugh; soon Ehe oEhers were laughing some other people up there. ...Those who want humane schools with us. Haydn r,ras interrupted f or a while, Ehough I think he mighE have for Eheir children can hardlv add up enjoyed the interruption... to 5 percenE of Ehe populaEion. And' even of these, mosE want the S-chooLs to do what everyone wancs them to do TEACH YOUR OWN (I98I): - Make My Kld a Winner. Get him ahead of aII Ehe oEher kids, inEo a good ...EarLy in 1980 I lras invited college, and a good, interestin8, by the Education CommiEcee of Ehe Minrespectable, well-paid job, No

was, Ehe boys came down saying EhaE Ehere were a Ehousand Ehings Ehat





of RepresentaEives to Eestify at hearings they were holding about home education and orivaEe schools ...To my written staEement I added only these poinEs: (l) In more and more jurisdiccions, where famiI les had prepared their case r,rith enough care, 1,e., made up a detailed educaEional plan, supporEed by quotes from educaEional authoritles and manv relevanE court ciEaEions, Ehe courts h,ere increasingly ruling in Eheir favor. (2) The movemenE for home teaching eras part of a growing nationwide movemenE Eo$/ard ereaEer selfsufficiency and minimlzed dependence on Large institutions, a movemenE Eha! from many poinLs of view could nesoEa House

onLy be considered healLhy and admirable and EhaE in any case was cerEain /?\ T-,,j-- :O Crack dOwn on sv 5! vw homeschooling families would increase, not Lessen, the number and complexity of cases before their courEs.

In this last connection the young county acEorney La previous wit-


I hqrl





poinE EhaE one famiIy was only using the Bible as a textbook. I asked him wheEher he thought he would have an easier time if he found himself arguing in court before a judge abouE how good a textbook the Bible was. I add-

ed that I EhoughE it would not







be Fha

BibLe was a great deaL better EexEbook than most of Ehe ones used in schooL. Did he reaLLy want Eo get involved in such arguments? The pynrpsqion on his face as I said this suggested that he did not.

I wenE on to say Ehat the committee had to undersEand that no matter how rhe legislaEure might change Ehe Laws, Ehe peopLe who for various reasons were now taking their children ouE of school and teaching them at home were going to go on doing so, no maEter what. They will fight in the courts as long as they can, i^l I .-i fnr rroarc -F-l dilu dPPLe uE'dy,^" ^^.a.'] if need be. If finalLv oinned Eo the ..^t l rh^., ,,i 1 1 . i i, ;^rr. i^ 2n^thi.'vvs wdr !, LUEy -^l of the state aLtoer district or ouE",Pr) geEher. The one thing Ehey will not do is send their children back to the publ ic schooLs. Ts it really worEh Fi-^ --, ^^^-Ji-^11 PLi^ Err<r6y LLrrs Lr sPcrrurrrB drr r drru fighL a battle taxpayers' money to 'il<, thaE is losE before it is begun?... Did the schools, and the sEate, really want this kind of publicity? one member of the committee asked me a question EhaE, in one form or another, T hear at almost every meeting. It goes about Like Ehis, "What would you do about a family th-t didn'E know anything, Ehat didn't wan! lheir chiLdren Eo know anr'thing, and Ehat onLy Eook Ehem out of school because they wanced to exploit their work, etc., etc." I replied by reminding them of an old legal maxim with which I was sure they were famiLiar - Hard Cases Make Bad Law, I said fhaE if we write our laws - as we Eoo often tend to - so as Eo Eake care of Ehe worst possible hypocheticaL case EhaE might arise, $re are almost certain Eo have laws thaE are Iong, cumbersome, difficuLt or impossible to enforce, and far more likely Eo prevenE good people from doing good work than bad people from doing bad. I went on co say Ehat Ehere mighE weLl be families like the one suggesEed, but that Ehese people were the last ones in the world Likelrr tn ha ini6t'o.iad in ipaehino lhair children aE home. On the conErary, they are only Eoo eager to geE Ehem ouE of the house, and at Ehe end of

school vacations say, I'Thank heaven vacation is over, I can't wait to gec

kids back in school.,' CommitEee members smiled; Ehey obviousLy Ehese damn

knew such people. . . HOW CHILDREN




IFotlowing a description of a student utterly baffled by ariEh-



,..Twenty-one years IaEer, it makes me sad and angry to think how Iittle the schools and Ehe seneral public have learned from sE6ries Iike

Ehis, which couLd be multipLied


Ehe thousands, or miLLions, in Ehe cLassrooms of this country, This

child was indeed defeaEed and desEroyed by schooL. Perhaps not by school alone, perhaps not even by school first. BuE whatever bad may have happened to her outside of school, school had made a IoE worse.

Suppose I had said to her, "Take all the Eime you wanE, and do anyEhing you want - all I want is that af fhc end vorr can feLl me what seven

noE. She didnrE have enough trust in numbers, or in the physical world in general, or in herself, or in schools - nr t-hal- nafter

in me. How couLd

she be sure chat, when she had really nrrf hersel F on fhe I ine and said that she was absolutely certain thaE 7 x 2

= i4, I wouldn't come up wiEh some tricky question that would once again prove her wrong and make a fooL of her.., She had been caughE by and fallen inEo a thousand of these clever Eraps, and she wasn'L going to get caught anymore, not even by me. might be a Little nicer than most of npr fpechers- miehE not shouE at her when she is wrong, but still, I am a teacher like aLl the others. l f .h^ h^^ h66n r l l nrrod ,rdu r|,,P,y uss,, ^i -^1., to live and grow in her own way, the chances are good that in a world full of numbers she rdould have learned more abouE numbers than she ever Iearned in school . And even i t by che age oF ten she had learned nothing whatever abouc them, which is most unLikeLv. she would sEill have been far better off. At least her mind would not have been fuLl of junk untrue "facts," meaningless and garbLed rules, misery, and confusion. AE leasE she would have had a chance of making some sense of numbers if and when she ever had a use for 'I

them, . .

And from REVISED




...Many peopLe may noE have even this fainE a connecEion beEween the fanEasies and passions of their childhood and Eheir adult lives. No matter, These fantasies, if Ehey are of things chiLdren Love raEher Ehan hate and fear, wilL puLl Ehem into Ehe world, and Ehe world inEo them, If, on the other hand, they are fanEasies of shame, pain, and Eerror, thev wilL onlv drive children ouE of Ehe big ouEside world and back into themseLves, into a dream world of their ordn making. As importanE as fancasizing may be for children, we canrt make Ehem do it on demand, and we risk doing Ehem a serious injury when we Ery. I nor.7 understand more clearly why I have so long and so deeply disliked a scene that is very common in pre-

school and early elemenEary grades. While an adulE plays a piano or gui-

Ear, the children are inviEed, i.e. told, to pretend that they are Erees or birds or snowflakes or wiLdflowers or h/hatever. Children quickly learn Ehat when someone says, "Be ! snowflaker" it is Eheir cue to wave their arms and whirl and jump about the room, Since Ehey get few enough chances to move in school, they are gLad Eo seize this one. But we musE noE fool ourseLves that Ehev are reaLlv fantasizing. They are oirly doing what Ehey know Ehe aduLts wan! them Eo do, pretending !o imagine what the adulEs want Ehem to imagine, and preEending aII Ehe while that Ehey are enjoying it. l,ihoever saw children, in Eheir private lives and play, preEending to be snowfLakes? What thev Dret.end to be is grown-ups, kings and queens, or Eruck drivers and docEors, or mommies and daddies. If we trv to make children fanEasize, chese Fake fantasies, like the ready-made fanEasies of TV, wiII in time drive out most of their frlrF fAnl-Asics. fhe ones that come from their experience in the worLd and their need to make sense of it and become aE home in it.., WHO ARE WE? I,IENDY BARUCH

------TTIZ7: My son Shane is 11. We've been homeschooling legally in Cambridge for Ehree years. I am recently a singi e parent. By Lhe time working here in August, Ir^L-sEarEed ,.^^ -.^-., ^1, was very ^isrcK, r never goc co JOnn know him. I have thought that his jnfluence on my life goes alI the way back to the experimental high school ' I atrended in lOth grade. All the philosophies were there; I'Il bet some of my educators had been enlighEened by his books. My family moved and I dropped ouE of a new high school to have my baby. I goE a GED diploma before my naEural diploma would have occurred. I never saw any roaenn in o^ l^ cni loop ha.arrep l-hp news was fulL of stories about peooLe who had sDenE four vears o[ Ehelr Lives in them only to come ouE unable Fo find Fhe rieht iob. I learned in my own ways and am presently selfemployed as a singing peanut and pretzel vendor; a carpenEer, plumber, and nrinroil rp.anl-1v a rj;iteI. and baSket-making instructor; and parE time here at the office. PATRICK FARENGA

realize I spent -----TooEfig-Tack,in I schooL. I aEtenda loE of my time ed various public and parochiaL schools in my naEive Bronx, NY, and wenE to Boston Col lege and TriniEy CoLlege, Dublin Eo sEudy Irish drama and lirerature. I received my Masrartq doorpo in Fnoli_L ,'^i ! "6 would become a high school English teacher. Before I started the Masters Program aE Ehe University of Wisconsin in Madison, I caught summer schooL in the Bronx and iE didn't quite spark my interest in what I thought was my true vocaEion. It really was more job-Like and routine to me than it seemed when I \,nas a sEudent on che oEher side of the desk. I had not read a book by John HolE unEiI I arrived at HoIt Associates, so I can'E say I was infLuenced by John when I bagged Ehe teacher job hunE. I probably would have given iE another try, except when I goE out of graduate school, jobs for uncertified, inexperienced teachers were non-exisEent in NY and MA (unlike Eoday) and my first job, just so I GROW]NG t.lITHOUT SCHOOLING #48

could have some cash, was as a cashier in a depart.ment sEore. Missing my girlfriend, Day, I decided Eo move !o BosEon from New York and be under-

T oradrral-pd



Now Day is a freetivo lifocfrrlo Trm rrorv inloroeio.l years, waiEing for Day in nutriEion and cooking (I bake all married for 2,2 my own foods), alternative forms of to give birth to our child in LaEe medical care, gardening, sewing, etc. April, and overempLoyed. I Love to read and spend Eime wiEh my My firsE job in Boston was as famiLy and friends. assisEanE manager in a local bookI became incerested in alternasEore. Seeking to improve my staEion, tive education 17 years ago when I a friend recommended volunEeering aE read NeiLl's SUMMERHILL. I knew from Holt Associates, She said her husmv own school exDeriences thaE what band, Tim Chapman, would Eeach me how to use a word processor if I would do NeiLI had to say abouE education was volunEeer work in return. I volunabsoluEely Erue. My biggest hearEache was EhaE Summerhill was in England Eeered for several weeks and Tim job while he went to and I was in America. offered me his T,.'^l "^ \'^.rI af or uhon I rioche reEurned Soain for six weeks, When )/<dr r peracely wanted to Eake my son ouE of wb worked Eogether unEil Tim decided to try_his hand in a new field, compu- schooL, I began reading John's books. I was so exciEed by whaE he had to Eer saIes. I ran the book-order fulfiLLment say chat I knew I just had to meet him. I grabbed Ehe Boston phone book end of Holt Associates for a year; my previous bookstore experience helped and there were listinss for at least me puE in a new book invenEory systen John Holts. I called the right one on mv first trv.,tem, I redesigned our book catalog, Ovei rhe nexr few months, I visand had some success getEing folks Eo ited the office several times, but adverEise in GWS. During this time I John was never there, until one became cLose friends wiEh John. l,lhen A^,, T ainits ts^ a 1 illlp npruc("6 Peg Durkee, John's second in command, udy... Lv h^ino vous about meeEing a Famous author, his Business Manager for 14 years, was offered a job and a raise by the but my fears were qui ckl y di spe t I ed same company she Ie[t 14 years ago in when I saw John sitting by Ehe window order to work for John, she and John at his word processor wiEh his heardoaidad i^ nrrl ma in Paoov'c nnciing proEectors, shorts, sandal s, and no shirtl IDR: No air condiEioning tion. That's where I am todav. runI inEroLrLsr'. t rL wdr uErr6Lrr ning Ehe daily operaEions of- HolE "-^:fulI Associates and working on ways co get duced myself and we chaEced for a our ideas about non-traditional Learn- brief time. ing Eo a larger audience. I didn't teaLLze Ehen that that would be the beginning of a very wonSANDY KENDALL derfuL friendship, I came to love him to GtrlS as a volunas a member of my family, and he ofcen said he felE the same. He Ceer last February, and a IitEle ---T--fTi=E-came later was hired when Ross CampbeLl brought so much beauty and joy into Ieft. Although I had read some of our Iives. He shared his passion For i.!-j^ !,iFh,,halnal yc u ma ts^ ra.l--l ,,rL Johnrs books, and lors of GWS's Lent by a friend, I began to volunteer ize that I was not Eoo old to fulfill upon Che suggesEion of anoEher my Lifelong dream of playing che friend, who recommended it as a realpiano... Having John in my life, and (having Ly good experience done it being involved with the work of GIJS himself some years back) - noE only and the many loving people I have meE because you could learn about the and worked with Ehere, has been one business and a varieEy of skiLLs in of che highl ights of my I i [e. an unpressured setting and among lnteresting people, buE because you DONNA RICHOUX in junior high and could see Ehat such a dreary-sounding -------Th6-fwas Li^L ia^lia^-.^i^ T ,,^*1.^l pLace as an "office" could be made ^^L^^l much more alive and comforEable with in a series of Eeacher aide and tutor tho nracanno nf nhildron iha situations, and became very intrigued ^r with the subjecE of educaEion and why "boss" playing his cello at lunch... And this has preEty much been true, it didn't work better. I read everyrhino T enrrld Find in iho 1 ihrrrv nn Ehough John no longer kept his cello here by Ehe time I came along, the quesEion, and John Holtrs books As for me... I grew up around always \dere the mosE exciting for me, Boston, wenE co school Ehe cusEomary the closest to my own experience. L6-year way, have no children nor any INSTEAD OF EDUCATION almost persuaded immediate plans for any. I work here me to drop my pLans to become a teachpart timei the rest of my life is er, but it was not until I had taughE snent resrorinc the old house I live aduLt basic educaLion for a year in i6 ts-"i6^ +^ ,^ ili' Lryrr'6 "viFin^ wrrLr,,6' uv l !c6c, dtlu ^ I itsFl^ LduS'IL wondering "whaE to be when/if I grow math for two years at. a private techtf .,^ L..F ^^^r E^^f ^1 1 i - F-^ i -i -^ uPr nical school in St. Louis, that I the pasc two years I've been on the realized I could not in good concciencp c^nlinrra tn nrrlicinetsa in US LighEweight Women's Rowing Team, competing in the annuaL World Chamsuch a system. oionshios. This summer I left work I began Eo look around for work ior Ewo-months for selection, trainrealLy worEh doing. An article in ing, and travel to Belgium where the Time magazine, December r78, said compeEition was and where my crew Ehat John had started GWS, and I senE raced to a silver medal. But training for a subscrioEion. The firsE six for next summer has already begun, in issues came ail at once ( that's how my hopes of making the '86 Eeam, so subscrioEions worked back chen) and I apologies if I answer your phone read thim all in one siECing, getEing calls sleepily. . . more excited all Ehe while. In GWS #6, John wroce about how he goE his MARY MAHER firsE teaching job, offering to work -------TaAfr42 years old and have two for noEhing, and mentioned chaE no children, Scott, 15, and Mandy, 9. My one had ever made such an offer Eo husband is a high school EngLish him. When CWS #7 arrived saying EhaE ceacher and an advisor Co the school John and Peg Durkee were swamped wiEh newspaper, in a nearby Eown. thousands of leEcers following the empLoyed

near her.


schooL, I worked as bookkeeper and a secretary for eighE years unEil my son was born... ALthough we do noE live whaE I wouLd consider an alterna-

Iance audio-visual producer, l'm 28,



Donahue show,

I saw my chance. I

Ei6EE-To John saying I wanted co come work for him. He wrote back saying OKI I couldn'E come righE away, but afEer I did one bacch of typing for

him in SE, Louis, he wrote to say they did have some money Eo hire heLp, did I wanE iE? So, you see,

that job-getting rheory worksl Mv six vears here have been Ehe .,^,, hr.,a t ..^t.ir --r j/vu rI i f o v! ^q -. "'J 'rdvs seen the resulcs. PutEing cogether GWS is a much deeper expression of myself than any mere jumble of biographical facEs I could tell you. I have learned a great deal from John, an.l I fhi nlu hi c ororlocr oi fl fo me rras Eo ErusE my judgemenc and so to allow me to ErusE it myself. By the way, for all of you who wonder how to pronounce my Iast name - sav "Ree-shoo." Iike "The bLacksmiEh will re-shoe the horse," STEVE RUPPRECHT


the masazine, I came to know John chroug6 Pal. Pat and I once worked tosether at a remainder bookstore called "BooksmiEh: Another Edition," Ever since we worked together at Bookcmifh






ing a common Love of music. A couple of years after PaL began aE Holt Associat-es, T started here, packing books. I gradually began taking over more and more duties. I oversee subscripcions, order books, open the mai I orror

haln al ca

urifh,.i\/arFi-i-naorlc nninc




-h^,,h^F w"dLa"u

' ---..J. As I mentioned before. I have a love for music, and I play Ehe guiCar, so NEVER TOO LATE was especiaLly inspiring. One goal T have is to play music professionally. John was very supportive of boEh Pat's and my musicaI endeavors, and we had some greac conversations abou! music and music ians . I have realLy enjoyed working for John and Ehe magazine these Past couple of years. I feel I've learned a lot abouE children and myseLf.


-----X-y--Tfi sT-contact wi th John Holr's work was severaL years ago. My husband Mark had read some of Johnrs books before we meE and Eold me about them. We decided then that we would do homeschooling.., One reason we came Eo BosEon was because John was

here - we felE thaE if we were going Eo do something as outrageous as homeschooling, we wouLd be betcer off Iiving in an area where there was some support. We hadn'E read GWS then and didnrt reali.ze how widespread homeschooLing was. We went Eo a conference at the Boston ChiLdren's Museun in 1981. That was Ehe first time we actually meE


Donna Richoux made an


at thaE Eime, asking for

voLunEeers to help in Ehe office. I assumed (wrongly) that to be a voLunEeer, I 'd have Eo go i n frequent I y,

on a regular basis. Anna was only a few months old aE Ehe lime and I didn'E feeL I could do Ehat, So. not

!rntil the sDrinp of 1982 did I sEart Eo come to the office regularly, bringing Anna (then L0 monEhs) ttith me. Irve been coming more or less regularly ever since. I worked as a volunteer for about a year and a half, MOUNTAINEERING PLUS



Cooperative Cames that Teach Sharing & "PLAY TGEIIâ&#x201A;ŹR iNT AGAINST EACII OT}â&#x201A;ŹR"

Illustrated Catalo8,2SC

Fmlly Pastires


4, Perth, Ortario,

Camda K7HIC6

t4 Ehe crre Eop of its regular rrMotherrs scaff. I bring rhe children - Anna Childrenrr feaEure. Werd like to use (4) and Helen (2) - with me, and will some good youth-drawn art. The be bringing our nexc child as well feature focuses on young peopLe who (due Feb. '86 ) . Eake Ehe initiative to make interestJohn very soon became good ing projecEs or create Eheir own busifriends with Anna, and gradually benesses. PasE articles, for instance, came a very special friend of our have covered a boy who changed the whole family, He ofEen came Co our New York State tax laws for minors... home for holidavs. etc. Helen is a girL who created a neighborhood named after him. IErs reallv imDossinerlrspaper .,.a Eeenager who raised ble for me to express just how much miniaEure multi-colored popcorn (she impact John has had on our lives. He, made $6000 sell ing seed ) . . . youths more Ehan anyone eIse, has influenced who made go-carts, masks, rafts, our feelings and attitudes about wooden dominoes (for sale), herb children. We have long feLE Ehat Che vinegars, etc... If Ehe logo arEwork mosE imporEanE Ehing we could do Eo couLd somehow reflect that spirit of help ourseLves, and Ehe world, would do-iE-ness, that would be great. It be Eo help John as much as possible could also include Ehe title, Mothwith his work. [,le sEill f eel that. We errs Children. And iE would have to did as much as we couLd for John when be long and Ehin Eo fiE the top of a he was sick, We feel privileged to ,"a6dz -^^^-i-^ r rrE ^-^^ PdtiE have been able Eo do as much as we We will pay for the finished arEdid. work we accepE, probably around $100. Johnrs influence on our Lives Please send samples as soon as possiwill not diminish wiEh his death. He ble to Pat SEone, Mother's Children, gave us many lasting gifEs, He showed Mother Earth News, PO Box 70, Henderus by example how to realLy observe s6;niffe--Nc-ZffSf . (2) I'm considering doing an chililren and how impoiT?nt-that observation is. He gave me the inspiraEion article on comDuters and home Learnand encouragement. I needed Eo wriEe ing.., I'd lovl to hear from people for the magazine; to learn to play who do use a comDuter in their homeschooling eftorc! - how they use iE, violin; to speak to homeschooling where it seems helpful, where not, groups; Co Ery to do what I really r^ tsL l --j what sofEware is good or awEul, anyr"y r. ife. uu w!Lil -.. r^L- ^^ d vcry thing it's helped them do Ehey mighE dear friend cerfainlv fhe hcsf Friend our chiLdnoE have been abLe to do otherwise, etc. It would reaLLy help me ouE (and ren will ever have - and we miss him. give me anoEher opportunity Eo Ealk IA Lacer noEe: ] A few days after about homeschooling in our magazine). I wrote Ehis oiece. our Anna (4) was kiLLed, as mosE of you know, in an accidenE in the office buiLding. Our lives have toEalLy changed because of HOMESCHOOLERS IN KOREA

and was Ehen made a member of


ir rL,

rnd oilu

arrif6 9urLc

h^noetl,, 'rv"soLry

..'^ wâ&#x201A;Ź



we have Little emotion ' Left now Eo mourn John. However, we do still very much feel his infLuence in our daily Iife wiEh HeLen. I sometimes wish I

could taLk to John about this


crisis in our lives, He and Anna were very speci aI fri ends. We have noE been going into Ehe office very regularly in the past weeks, buE we will be continuing to work with and for HoLt AssociaEes. ANNOUNCEMENTS Who would Like to do an index? Weco@s S4L chrough 50. This is not a Eask Eo r^r,^ ^- r!5r'Lr) 1i^Ltsr,, - !ur" takes a lot Of r^rork and commitment to see iC through. Access to a computer is a big plus. Volunteer? Meg Johnson (NJ) is phasing out thc HoMr-EDUEMTON RESOUR.E CENTER. She will conEinue Eo offer back issues of her bulletin and resource lists unEil supplies give out. Tradins PosE Offer: Felice McGowEn--fP6-B6T-ZT5l-5ohom i s h WA 98290) is sLarEing a publicaEion calLed "SEay-Homish Trading PosE" for selling nevJ and used homeschool maEerials. She offers GWS subscribers one free issue and one free classified ad (non-business; deadline 2/7 186). Research ReDrint Here: We have stories pasce@iEh from back issues abouE research on homeschooling. Cost, lOC; SASE required if you are noE getEing other maEerials from us. - DR


Two announcements from PaE SEone of MoEher EarEh News: ...(l) Mother Earth News is looklogo at ing for new iffi-rr:ffi

From Edgar

A. Howard (POB 721,


...We are living at

Camp Hum-

phreys US Army Garrison in Korea. We have Ehree chiLdren, ages 5, 3, and LL. There are several families here who are not authorized Eo use the DeparEment of Defense schooLs so we

are teachins ours aE home. One of che reasons thal we Eook this job is that we can homeschool without any hassle from the sEaEe, It is really fun to be free of state pressure... The Korean school system is so rigid - schooL aLl day and homework till L0:00 at nighE. The children rarely have time to play or see real 1ife.., COURSES ON HOME EDUCATION

An unusual feature of Ehe new Washington StaEe law on homeschooling (GWS

#46) is the provision that par-

enEs can qualify if they complete "a

course -in home-based instruction at

Dostsecondarv insEitution or a vocational-technical insEiEute." In answer to my question abouE who is to

teach these courses,

Wendy WarEes


writes: ...Debra Stewart and KaEhleen McCurdy have goEEen communicy coIleges Eo approve them as instructors even though they have no college degrees themselves. Richard Wheeler (who also had a "pilot program") is teaching under Ehe auspices of a Bible college, and the BaptisE Teachers CoIIege offers a program. Only Ehe BapEist professor has noE been maEerially involved in homeschooling, though he cercainly knows about cLassroom ceaching. AnoEher instructor is Dr. Al Green, grandfather of a homeschooler and former Drivate Christian school (WA)

admini strator. Two cercified teachers are offering classes. One is currentLy working

for Debra in her satelliEe school and is going through the community colIeges. The other, Karen Fogle, taughE in an alEernative program in Ohio, and worked under Debra at the beginning, quitting Eo begin her own privace alEernative school in her home. She has homeschooled her own children for three years and counseled abouE 100 homeschooling families over Ehe past three years. I took Karen's class and can recommend iE highly. IE was small and taught Learning styLes, LoEs of hands-on math and science. and primarily gives lots of confidence in'foIlowing your childrs interesEs. ...The classes range from $45 to $200 and 16-30 hours. AII instructorg are also in business somehow, seLling nrrrri nrrl rrmc corrri nac r'fa, Lwr'^F ts^-r i -^ ' sultation, etc, . . COURT NEWS

With Ehe assisEance of the




Richard and Margaret Snider have filed an appeal wiEh the U.S. Supreme Court. It may be months before the Court decides whether or not Eo hear

the case.

There is a clause in Virqinia Iaw EhaE says that those wiEh-"bona f idorr






exempted from the compulsory education taw, including the requirements usuaLly made of homeschoolers. The

Sniders, who are EradiEional


lics, claimed this exemption, The Iower court judge who heard Eheir case (says Richard Adams, president of HEAV) is CaEholic himself, and ruled that the exempEion did not appLy because homeschooling is not part of Ehe church's Eeachings. The state supreme court upheLd this decision, The Sniders' lawyer is Bill Beeton of Fairfax, who is working !virhout promise of paymenc. Pat MonEgomery responded to question in GWS #47:


,..There is no home school case per se pending before the Michigan Srrnrpmp Cnrrrf. Thcre is a case which vttrv sutsr would, no maEEer how iT is decided, have ramifications for homeschooLers. IE is as follows: The Sheridan Road BaptisE SchooL IGWS #31, 33], near Saginiw, is fightn^^F -'-^ !L^ ucPL, ^6 Fi Lv. vr on Ehe consEiEu_ tionaliEy of the staters governance of nonpublic schools. Specifically, the Sheridan Road folks challenge the sEaEe's auEhoriEy to regulaEe teacher cerLificaEion and curriculum. They feeL that #.rhaving to use state cerEifiviolates Eheir first cated. teachers amendmenE freedom of religion rights. Michigan is one of the few states that rrrequiresrr homeschooLers to use certificaEed teachers. My quotaEion marks signify EhaE the sEate cannoE Legally require this of homeschoolers, but chey do anyway. There is no law on the books covering homeschooling - just Ewo AEtorney General opinions... A very gray matter all around. WelL, if the Supreme Court rules that the BapEist school doesn't need cerEificated Eeachers, then homeschoolers will shed Eheirs, Eoo' If the reverse is true, we have been promised - EhreaEened? - by che DePt' of Ed. and Ehe AEtorney General that chose two will'rlook intorr the issue of homeschooling. Translate thaE Eo GROI{ING I{ITHOUT SCHOOLING #48


there will be some jockeying to lay down the number of hours the Eeacher musc presenE and how many days, eEc. . .

mean Ehat

More Michigan news: PaE MonEgomery and JiLL BasEian reporr EhaE

following rhe August decision


Oakland Circuit CourE Judge Robert Anderson against the Firminghams of

Pontiac, other families in the area have been taken Eo court. In fact' the state associaEion of truanE officers (MPAAA) has begun to mobiLize on thic iaarto pr;pn lhnrrch rhe Firminqham case is no more of a t'precedent" Ehan the other Michigan rulings that have been in favor of homeschooLers, such as the Nobel decision (GWS #I4).

r'ost pubLic schooLs in the staEe use Ehe MetropoLitan Achievement TesE, Ehe ACHEA is encouraging iEs use, Eo make comparison easier. The ACHEA also reports thaE one of Ehe goals of the Arkansas Education Association is to lower Ehe mandacory school aEtendance age from 7 to 6. COLORADO: The Home Schoolers ndvi so-ii-C6frfrictee continues Eo meet wiEh state education officiaLs. In OcEober, the Dept. of EducaEion agreed Eo notify district superintendents, locaL schooL board members, homeschooling famiLies, and oEhers about Ehe existence of ghe committee. which is also working on public service announcemenEs. Accordine Eo che NORTHERN COLORADO HOMESCHOdLING ASSOCIATION NCWS-

lecEer, the lobbyisE of CONCERNED Learned of pLanned IegislaEion Ehat would IimiE or Proreports r "A woman i.n-'ar5or-treefr-TT hibiE homeschooling and require cerwho agreed Eo the school disEricE's Eification for all teachers. NCHSA terms, was denied permission because feeLs such legisLation wouLd be Eoo the school board had noE voted on it' extreme to stand a chance, but will She was prosecuEed for Eruancy, and monitor Ehis. was toLd Ehe children would be CONNECTICUT : CONNECTICUT HOMEremoved Eo a foster home if they were SCHOOfEtrfpTan another meeLing on noE reEurned Eo Ehe public school. Jan. L8 !o prepare for upcoming legisShe now has Ehem enrolLed in a IaEion, In the meantime Ehey are tryChristian school, where they alLow ing to geE as much positive media her Eo teach her chiLdren herseLf in attenEion as possibLe. a separate classroom." DELAWARE: A new group, the DELAWARE ETFIE--EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, is gathering input for legisLaEion Co be From Ehe ARKANSAS CHRISTIAN HOME introduced in January. EDUCATION ASSOCIATION IDAHO: tJendy Reininger (ID) senE a cIiEE-iiE from Ehe Idaho Staresman 0n Oclober 18, 1985, PasEor about' a L6gi s I at ive Fedrf n-t on SeFE' Larry Cox of Floral, AR was arresEed 26. 40 Darents and 25 hiLdren atEendfor allegedly "conEribuEing to the ed. The- legis Iature is considering delinquency of a minor," The charge severaL bills Ehat would give parents sEemmed from his enrolling his chiLd more freedom Eo Eeach their children' in a parochial school formed by his INDIANA: tle hope someone can local church. ,, The school was formed T'iEE?--Fn , qrrar-^ ^ i r..^ri ^n in Spring 1985, buE had no regular "non by the to our attention brought ^l ^^^ ilsELa116 -^^Fi-^ Prdrcr.. Haddads of Michigan City. SEeve GoLdThe ChrisEian Lavr Association, smith, Ehe county prosecuEor in in conjuncEion with a locaI attorney Indianaoolis. wrote a memo dated who is voLunEeering his services, 2l L] 184', for "InEerested Persons," will be defending Pastor Cox... The saying, "I will direcE my sEaff Eo Erial will be December 4..' ucili ze the following definiEion of 'equivaLent instructionr in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion" Other news in brief: Missouri: The srate i s anneal inc where children are being educated at u.s. bridiEt r,Ji"-r.r""ir;;.-[!;;;i;fi home or in unaccrediEed schools. The (ct^Is #47 ) . definition, which is placed entirely within quotes alEhough Ehere is no Ontario: The Prentice family is explanation of its source, says thaE droppin-[-TEe ir appeal . instruction is "equivalenE to pubLic Colorado: TriaL for Jack and is proschooL insErucEionr Barbaii-OEE6ga of Freedom's Way vided as oart of a writEen insErucChrisEian SchooL is Dec. 20,. Larimer EionaI pIln," which includes perforCo. Courthouse. - DR mance objecEives, ceaching methods, iimo nari^.1 m6ih^.1 nF ^,r-li,-ri^h and "-che adulc responsibLe for disciLOCAL NEWS pline and supervision." A year and a Addresses of homeschooling organ- half later, and over 150 miles away, izations are aE rhe end of Ehis issue. the Michigan City school board adopEALASKA: 5l families with about ed a poLicy requiring such a vrriEten 132 cFTTdren are parEicipating in Ehe PIan. Does anyone know where this VALLEY HOMESCHOOLERS NETIiORK in Ehe definition originated? How and why WasiILa area. Like many other homedid the memo get from Indianapolis Eo schooLing organizations, they puE ouE Michigan CiEy? And most imporEanEIy, a newsletter and offer such activido school boards in Indiana have the ties as field crips, educaEional authority to make such requirements? films, and a science fair. One member Ic is mv imoression that local school even offers free drum lessons, and a boards in thaE sEate are noE emDowclass in American Sign Language is ered Eo regulate nonpublic schoills. planned. IOWA: A reader writes, "Yes, ARKANSAS: The November bulletin I- of IhE--TRKAMSAS thingS--?e really up in the air here CHRISTIAN HOME EDUCAin Iowa, The new DPI ruLes clearly TI0N ASSOCIATION says that Ehe sEace staEe Ehat a certified Eeacher must EducaEion DeparEment wants Ehe assisbe responsible for schooling... Each Eance of homeschoolers in working ouE the deEaiLs of the EesEing procedures school disErict is defining how much teacher contacE is necessary. The required by the new law (cWS #46). Nevada district has seE four hours Testing administrators will have Eo be school counselors or certified oer week. the Ames districc l0 hours. teachers who have experience or train- ...this is 'che' school issue of 1985 and wiLL be fought in the legislaEure. ing in tesE administration. Since The November Home School Journal




"I am a cerEified teacher and we Ehe staff before we became homeschoolers. ,..I have continued Eo be active in the PTA... I am acting as a consulEanE for another family and Ehe parenEs are so good, jusE noE cerEified teachers, and iE seems a shame EhaE they canrt homeschool withouE such

had a good rapporc wich some of

harassmenE, , ,tt



Board of Education feels that any homeschooling legislaEion passed should conEain Ehese Ehree poinEs: EesEing of Ehe parencs, Ehe same num-

ber of hours of instrucEion as Ehe public schools, and minimum competency testing of students. ca

MARYLAND: The MaryLand Home Edut i oF-TGr s-Tdt t e r re-p-o-iEi-EE?E-TEi-



the LocaL supervisor of pupil PersonneI, to review homeschooling guideIines and discuss moniEoring and evaLuation, "This meeEing is a firsE of its kind in Ehis sEaEe, ALEhough individuaL homeschoolers have deaLt vriEh their Iocal schools, Ehis is Ehe firsE cime Ehat aLL Darties concerned have saE down togeEher in a general meeting co discuss topics thaE each cons iders imporEanE . . . The meeE ing was friendly and parents will have direcE input in decisions made regarding that counEyr s guidel ines . . . " MINNESOTA: Sharon Hillestad writeFl-tT'6?-ilork is proceeding on uhe bill (GWS #46)' Money is being coLLecEed and leEters are being wriEten, The sEaEe education deparEment was met wiEh and Ehey have no commenE." On October L, Ehe SenaEe EducaEion CommitEee heard Ehree hours of EesEimony by homeschool parenEs. t^lavne OLhoft. Executive DirecEor of thb Berean League, presented the commitEee with the proposed bill. Sharon says, "The committee did noE expecE to have so much work already done for them. . . " MISSOURI: FAMILIES FOR HOME EDU-

cATIoN-at!-Their "Academic Freedom Bi1L" will be pLaced before the House and Senate during Ehe 1986 session. The group says iE will not accepE any legislaEion Ehat wiLL allow for registration, supervision, or conEroL of home based privaEe education by any scace agency,


UNITED-;E;SleEcer: "one of our fami-

lies went before the Nye CounEy their completed requesE and Eheir consulEing teacher. The board denied their request wiEhout any reason or explanation.. ' The family spoke with a juveniLe judge in Nve Countv abouC their situacion' He t61d them- he wouLd check inEo Ehe matter, The nexE day for some unknown reason. the board conEacted the famihad reversed Lv co telL Ehem Ehev cheir decision. . .rr NEW YORK: Katharine Houk sent us a cop!-6-f-EEE new staEe guidelines on homeschooling, which are available from Rachel Smith, Office of NonpubLic School Services, State EducaEion SchooL Board wiEh

Department, Albany NY 12234i 518-474-

m@Q Much More Than Toys A selecdon


ol0rc rudd's

finest educrttond toys, Bemes

books lor Inhns drrough teens. Child tested for dunbilty tnd cducrtbnd phy value. Write for free crtdog.

Dept.l448, 554 V. Shepperd,lve., llfilelon, C0 80t20


7948. Katharine wroEe in the


newsletter:'rlnput from homeschoolers during the drafting of the guideLines was minimal because there is no organization for Ehe Education Department to consulc. For this reason, and oEher reasons as well, MichaeL Feinberg is planning to organize a scatewide network of homeschooLers. "Some changes from Ehe old guidelines: The PEP (Pupil Evaluation Program) tests are now required in grades 3, 5, and 6. Also, much more emphasis is placed on superintendents making home visits... SchooL officials may accept crediEs earned at home as part or all of those needed for a high school diploma... Now districts may allow homeschoolers to enroll in occupaEional, handicapped and gifEed educaEion programs. . . " ONTARI0: The ONTARIO HOMESCHOOLERS oEEnTZEd a memorial service for John Holt on the same day and hour as the service here. PENNSYLVANIA: Over 500 families from ETEE?633-The staEe came to Harrisburg on Nov. 18 for Ehe rally for the homeschooling bill. In September, Ehe superinEendenE of thej Yough School District informed F46i 1 ^Fk^r nced ha\rF LL'aL Fk^t, L'rcy,,,q1-ev rLLLe f^ Eeaching certificaEes in order to conEinue to teach Eheir own children, beginning in September 1986. The pressure to require Eeaching cerEificaces of parents was apparenELy coming from the teachersr union. TEXAS: Don MiLler (TX) wroce, "In Gff$-F46, page 4, iE was suggested that Texans write to Dr. CLark of the Texas EducaEion Agency. I wroEe t.o him, and he answered that there is no Legal way to teach at home in TexasnT VERMONT: Members of the VERMONT HoME SCEoTIERS AssocrATroN have been discussing Draft 2 of the legislation to be introduced next session. For a copy, send $I and a long SASE with 2 stamps to BilL Schulte, PO Box 124, Jericho VT 05465. WASHINGTON: A 32-page booklet on the nEfr-E6frEG?Fooling law is avaiLabLe from the Suoerintendent of Public InsEruction, OLd CapiEol BuiIding, Fc-lL, OLympia t^lA 98504. Wendy WarEes wroEe, "There are five disEricts Eo our knowledge Ehat upon receipt of the Declaration of Intent, are sending more forms Eo parents and asking them Eo fill Ehem out Eoo. The forms are creating apprehension since they ask quesEions not covered in the law There is a and seem quiEe official... real question about whether a district can reouire more than che Iaw..," Kathieen McCurdy of FLEX recommends thaE families ignore such SCHOOLERS EXCHANGE

reouiremenEs. wErru)




d i elri.f

though, is realLy being cooperaEive.

Thev have hired a cerEified teacher ro i^rork wiEh homeschoolers. . . Thus,


family who can'E compLy with the Law unless they work with a cerEified teacher can, if Ehey wish, use Ehe district teacher and save money. This i^ .-^r -'1


i !. "_'



John Wesley Taylor, an Andrews Unlversity, MI grad sEudent who plans to do a sEudy on homeschooling, was Eaught at home himself. He writes: ...My parents decided to homeschool Eheir children on a matter of conviction. They believed that Ehe home was Ehe mosE ideal environment for fosEering creaEiviEy, inquiry, and practical learning.

Hence, I began home school aE cuted and you were rea1ly discouraged from doing this. Also there is one the age of eighE. My mother, who was school district Ehat won'E allow any my Eeacher for the first eighE form of homeschooling - buE we know grades, was a secretary. During this of one family in that disEricE chat Eime, we were living in Latin America is still doing it. The bottom Line and so did not have to fighE any seems to be you can work it out if legal battles. Nor did we have any support groups, which would have been vou reallv want to. hclnfrrl T am srrre- in the educaEion- As f6r us - iE has been a reallv good thing. Our kids (if you can Beginning with grade nine, I con- stiLl caLl them kids) are moving inco the adulE world and Eaking iE by Ehe Einued studying at home on my own horns... Ginger (19) is making a portthrough Home SEudy InternaEional, folio of three fiLms to send with her Ehough grade Ewelve. There was always aoolication Eo the California InsEiso much more time to sEudy music at tute of Ehe ArEs where she hopes to Ehe conservatory, farm, carry on projecEs in the communiEy, engage in car- study film making. She applied there for the faLl of '85 and was Eurned pencry and construccion endeavors, down but was encouraged to reapply. and in general learn about life and Friends thoughE she would be devastapeople. PL^ .,^^ ^i^LF^^ted but when she goE the Letter she ^^tsF^-L'rr wd5 nLF Er6rrLâ&#x201A;ŹEr, PdLLcr,' ' said she stood by the mailbox for a broken and I entered a "formal" colcouple of minutes and decided she lege program, There I became much involved in camDus and academic acEiv- could ei Eher be depressed or get on with Ehe resE of her life, and she iEies. Three years Iater, my science chose to get on wiEh it.. And as she programs (B.S. and B.A. ) were comEhought about iE, she realized it was pleted, Since then, among other pura good Ehing. She had only decided Ll suits, I have become deeply interestyears before Ehat she wanted to make ed in education itseLf. Presently, I films and felE Ehat was not reaLly am completing a Ph.D, in Curriculum and InsErucEion at Andrews University. very long Eo prepare for your Iife's work. So she seE Eo work right away Looking back, I can attribute on another portfoLio (she feels it is much of what I am Eo those years of so much better than her first one) homeschooling. I believe that they and we bought a VCR and have been were the most significanE years of my viewing any movie we can geC our Life. hands on. She has checked ouE books Just a littLe noEe \,rhich I thought might be of inEeresE: Through- from Ehe library, boughE books and f ha nnlI aoe An.l oradlrrl-o nr.sets the CinemaEosrapher maqazine (a ^rri LnrrsEmas srrc Irom an oroer DroEngrams, my grade poinc average has er). And wE can see EhaE Ehis exEra stood at 4.00 - perhaps a standing year has been really good for her tribuEe to homeschooline. .. she saw Ehat long before we did. She worked this summer at Ehe lnnrl l ihvarrr Ir ic nerf nf tha From an arEicle on homeschooling government youEh job program so her in the SepE. issue of Phoenix (Ariz.) work was evaluated and her superior magazine: at work gave her a copy of that evaluation for her resume. When Gineer ...How do Ehey manage sociaLLy? ilThqf rc tsho f i rcts p .rre<r'i nn noanl came home with it, she said, "It. couldn't be any betEer if they had always ask me when Ehey find out I said I wore a halo," and she was was homeschooled," says Margie righE. They are especiaLly impressed Elledge, a 33-year-oLd commercial with her self-motivaEion and creaEiviarEisE who graduaEed from Flagstaff's Ey - Ewo of the things we have always Northern Arizona University. Folr aro acnoei ur rf d!!cuLsu rrs6d\/-^^^ She explains thaE, as a child, ^11\t ^rF^^F^l tiveLy) by public schooL (or actually she had Ehe-companionship of her sisEeaching in any form). ters and brother as well as neighborDoug (18) is teaching himself hood friends. She aLso participaLed electronics. [^le are buying his books in outside activiEies such as GirI Ehrough an elecEronics book club (havScouEs, church choir and art ing trouble finding Ehem anywhere Iessons. . . else). We gather any discarded electronic item and he Eakes iE aDar!. fixing some and Learning from'alL of LETTERS ABOUT TEENS Ehem. Our friends are beginning to From Pat Tennant of northern Cal- ask his help wiEh their elecEronic problems, and some are paying him for ifornia, who wroEe abouE her unschooled teenagers in GWS #Li and #20: his time. He is also workine at Ehe local Eheater sEilI and has-several lighting design jobs for his resume. "^"-^^^F is 18 now so we .,,uu!n''- yvur'5cDL The Eheater pays him whaE they can for a haven't dealc wiEh auEhoriEies couple of years. We reaLly had a cele- and are profuse in Eheir thanks and bration the day he reached 16. But we praise. A friend was sharing with me are stil1 in touch with oEhers and this week her haooiness because both heLping when we can. It is sEill of her teenagers were deciding EhaE Eouch and go in our counEy. Most peomaybe they did have some self-v7orth. ple wanEing Eo homeschool are manGinger and Doug have always known aging to do so but the authorities are ever-Ehreatening and we have to be creaEive Eo keep them happy' The County SuperintendenE decided Ehat .'o,n ,"'"'l-Irlnser ( Sask. ) : whaE he would accept was an IndependenE Study program. WhaE thaE means . . . I am writing Eo updaEe you on here is thaE Lhe county has hired a my homeschooling. Irve been hometraveling teacher who goes around Eo schooLed for I0 years now using corall Ehe home schools who agreed to respondence lessons plus enrichmenE. this on a once-a-week basis, and I am nor^r 17 and taking Grade XII. I works with Ehe parenE Eo suggesE a am taking seven courses such as sEudy program. She also instigaEes Algebra, Accounting, French and InterCests, eEc. If you didn'E agree you ior Design. could still file the affidavit to be I enjoyed my summer doing some a private school but there was no . cartoons, a few of which Irve had pubguarantee EhaC you wouldnrt be proseGROWING }IITHOUT SCHOOLING #48


lished, and skeEching. I've also worked af crafts such as sewins clothing and have done some wriEing (sEories and songs). I had the opportunity of cohosEing a radio taLk show for one pro-

gram. On an earLier show, peopLe were

calling in Eelling abouE their "fantasy jobs.tr I called in and said mine would be hosting a taLk-show. The producer invited me to come into the sEudio and co-hosE one. I was sent a script which I memorized but the regu1-L^^F ..L^ .--^

^to work wjth. r wiru wds edsy aLlowed me Eo do lots of ad-libbins. We got quite a lot of caLls and I enjoyed it tremendously...


TeEzlaff in MinnesoEa: .,,After three years of nonstructured homeschooLins with our I1-year-oId, we have soie interesEing news... He kept pressuring us as to whaE exactLy he was Iearning. So, SItEr much gui IE and doubt,"we adminisEered the IBS test throush HEWITT RESEARCH. NoE surprisingtyl ne Eested out to an average of an 8Ch grader in his 8Eh monEh of schoolins. We had fosEered his love of reading by just IetEing him read, read, read. We also read a great deaL ourselves and often discuss books. His reading leveL tesced ouE a bit above 10ch srade.., From Barb


More from Ehe Phoenix article


lum. In particular, we had no grammar texE, hadnrE goEEen to meEric units yeE... But as aLl these EesCs arrived, Jed and Hannah (10 and 8) were entranced (and my friend Liz has related this same experience with Shawn,6). The kids lrabbed up the EesEs and began Eaking Ehem. For several days, they wouLd do standardized tests for hours, checking each other's answers. (I did have the thought, Iuckily, to grab out of the piles one CesL at the age-appropriaEe grade level for each child - the REAL test.) As they were doing these tesEs, they would ask: rrWhat does Ehis mean, 'run-on sentence'?" or "How do you muLciply fractions?'i and ^cF-riohl-?rrnr urLsrr, rs Lllrs _ _o-._ "l-tnur Ju5L do you do this?" And we'd taLk about thaE and often be abLe Eo notice when Ehe quesEions or DicCures were obvit,; h.i i -f raarrpnts rrrr r eYuLrrs v!Lu' - . n^F ^,,. rence. For example, a Einy picture o[ a woman standing nexE to a desk with a f1 ap and fhe nrresf ion i s: i s t.his a (1) librarian (2) Eeacher (3) eover-


and I



hrrr Fhpro


ly wasn't a clue, ThaE's an important Iesson too, and a usefuL one right up through the Graduate Record Exams: sometimes there's no good answer, and you can'E worry about each and every quesCion. Hannah learned to alphabeti.ze and Jed to divide fracEions while taking Ehese pracEice tests. They took Ehe tesEs up to 5Eh and 7th grades, checked ouE Ehe answers, figured percenEages and "graded" themseLves before they burned ouE. They wanEed to see i f Chey could nacc uirts'

1n"L rha


FL^., LrrEy


F^^F r duL


liI uru,


L..F uuL



i F rL

^^F t3uL

to where Ehey were hovering around 70% correct, it wasn't fun any more ...Maricopa County Schools Super- and they scopped, meaning Ehey probabintendenE Richard Harris estimates ly worked EhemseLves right up to Chat Ehe county has more than 200 "grade-leveL." (I always have Ehe pichome-educated children of comoulsorv ture of people being squooshed down (8 school age to I6). He says that, Eill they are alL level. ) generally, the children insErucCed at The hard nerf came when iE was home do as well as or better than time to take the REAL tests, accordF:-^ r i-: F^ .rith Ehe Eeacher their pubLic-school counterparts on (me) reading out the directions: tesEs. For example, in 1985, Ehe Grade-5 public-school popuLation "Pick up your pencil. Turn Eo page scored two months behind the nationaL one. Do not begin until I Eell you average of 5 years 9 monchs on their to," You remember. (I didn'E reaIly reading tests. In comparison, 30 home- do that. We just kepc it quiet and schooled 5Eh graders averaged scores they had Eo take the tests working at Ehe Grade 6, seven-month leveL... alone, and we scored them.) But they weren't really interested in Eaking Cests any more. So there was somewhat of a sEruggle. Particularly when we PRACTICING WITH TESTS discovered Ehat the tesE I had held Deirdre Purdy (tJV) disconEinued back for the REAL Eest didn't come pubLishing the AlternaEives In Educawith a norms chart (allowing you Lo q clon newsleccer on a rFqlrl Af hasi translate number of correcE ansr^rers 6d,i,; ;;;-;;i ;' .;""i;r-i;.;;";;' to percentiles). I tried Eo convince September in coniuncEion with W.V. them fo take one more EesE... PEbPLE'S ENERGY I.IETwoRr (RE I Box The best Dractice for Ehe EesEs 79A, Burlington WV 267L0). In one was Ehe CesEs. But Ehe reverse of article, she replied to a parent who this lesson also: lhere really was no expressed concern about standardi,zed one curricuLum that we could have testing: been following Ehat would have guaranteed that our children would have ...Order Ehe Eests for the been taughE all (or most of) the ansapproximate appropriate grades for wers to Ehe quesEions. General knowyour children, boEh by age as if your Ledge, reading and some discussion, child were enrolled in school, and byuse of proper grammar, and sporadic grade leveL if it doesn'E match the intense application to arithmetic childrs age. (Addresses below.) For really seemed Ehe besE preparation. instance, if you have a 6-year-old ,..Before you worry, be sure you reading welI, order grades L through are tesEing Ehe child at Ehe appropri3, or a 9-year-old noE reading, order aEe level.-You have wide leewav'fin grades I chrough 4. Look Ehese tests WV]... You are the school admiiriscraover. There is very liEcle difference tor. There is no sense in testing a among Ehem. None seems particularly child who does not read ye! on tests harder or easier. Thev are all ouite which require reading.,, easy for a child proglessing sEdadily in reading and ariEhmeEic, buE quiEe difficulc for the child who is not. IDR: I Deirdre prinEed a leEter ...When I first Looked at these from Ehe W.V. DeparEment of EducaEion EesEs, I Eoo went "GMCKI" because we which gave these sources for acquirhad not been foLLowing a set curricuing EesEs. I don't know if Ehese are home schoo I




part of a special arrangement thaE the staEe has made or wheEher thev would work for any homeschoolers, but ir crnrf hrrrr i^ ir\,. CTBS and CAT test: Dr. Nick Marunnick, 2514 Woodbine Rd, ALiquipoa PA 15001. SAT IDR: Stanford Achievement Test?l Lon Ayers, The Psychological CorporaEion, 2819 Mara Loma Circle, WoosEer OH 49641.


A greaE story about testing from

Eda LeShanrs book THE



in prinE:

and still



(Page L75:) ..,Even examinations in which essays are required can fail to assess some of the most eenuine talenEs. A newspaper sEory ibout Bel Kaufman, author of UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE, iLLusEraEes this point very weIl. In an exam for hei- Eeachini certificaEe she was asked to interpieE a poem by Edna SE . Vincent Mi I I ay. t^lhen the examiners failed her, she wrote to Miss MiIlay and described her intprnrefafinn- Thp nnol ronl i6.l rh.r even she could not have interoreEed her own poem as weLl-. Miss Kaufman had Miss MiLl ay's Ietter photostaEed and sent it Eo the examiners, buE they did noC reverse their decision, Instead, Ehey decided in future Eo use only the works of dead poets.,. SPECIAL LIBRARY PRIVILEGES

Alice Beckhorn (NJ) writes: . . , I approached one of the directors of our county Iibrary, explalned our homeschooling siEuaEion to her, and asked if we could DLease keeo our books ouE Ionger chan the usual two weeks - a month, perhaDs? It seems mv boys, ages 3\r, 5,' and bl, like to have each book read Eo them several times before we return them - and we alv;ays Eake out so many! She was fasclnaceo wlch Ehe lclea ot Eeachlns one's own children aE home, and Eas been exEremely kind and helpful to me. She broughE the quesEion Eo her boss, who made iE a subject of discussion at a board of direcEors' meeting, and Ehey devised a poLicy on homeschooLs which works like this: A homeschooling parent provides Ehe library wiEh a LeEEer once a year, requesting homeschooling status, stating the name of their homeschool (i,e., The Beckhorn School ), and accepting financial responsibility for losE or damaged materials. This must be accompanied by a leEter from the local superintendent of school acknowledging awareness of your homeschool arrangement (our superintendent was very friendly m'T



ll'onergn lllanguages

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S.d a b5itus si,. SASEIo, coryLt. &ftib atd qplicetb8 to: Lrtrgu$ ftroqh Song & Srory,2l I Annic, CeurdAknc, lD 83Ela Conrr&r Doeitior! dio avdhblc for rhos vho ce:




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and cooperative),


a copy of the

resoLution passed by the Local board of education regarding acceptance of your homeschooL In reEurn, the library extends school borrowing status to your homeschooL, This enables us to borrow books for an indefinite Length of Eime. I rhink-TE-e9-Tav6-E6-5E--

iEtirned once a year for Ehe library Eo check them, but can be Eaken out again right away... I jusE borrowed an entire seE o[ 1983 Childcraft and WorLd Book encyclopedias indefinitE: ly! The children's Librarian was happy to see that someone was going Eo make use of them. They keep the mosE currenE printing at the library for reference only - not be Eo taken ouE. The Library also allows us to use Eheir community meeting room once a monEh for homeschooLer gettogethers. We have about six families currenEly atEending, for filmst.rips, discussions, songs, games, circLe acEiviEj es, arts and crafEs, idea swapping, eEc... So tell your readers Eo check ,,iFL rh^ir I ihrrrv Fircr fnr evu'rL)/ ^^,,hts!, homeschool materials. Itrs stiLL Ehe leasE expensive and besE sEocked

resource around.




From Mary DaLy (SD): ,..

I want to respond !o the

ouerv about housework in GWS #46 ferhips because I have so much trou-

ble myself.-,. My children are ages 8, 7, 5, and lt. After reading SIDETRACKED HOME EXECUTIVES, I made a set of vinyl pockeEs which hang in the kitchen - Ewo rows of four Pockets each, In Ehe top four pockeEs go 3x5 cards with one job on each card. Morning cards are yeLlow (brush your Eeeth, comb your hair...) daytime is whiEe, meaLtime (supper, mainIY) is green, bedEime blue. When theY do a job, che card goes_to Ehe lower oocket. I can see f rom across El-.e ioom who is done and who isn't, and Ehey never forgeE their jobs. We all have bad days. Sometimes iE's best Eo help your child - offer to help today, raEher than Punish. Mom's help is always Ewo-edgedr anYway: companionabLe, but demanding. FinalLy, I have to be ilonest. I have househoLd help one daY a week. She doesn't know where Eo Put many things, and she has her own v'ays, but she vacuums and scrubs the fixtures and is kind to the baby (and everyone else) so we geE a fresh sEart every week. That makes all Ehe difference, because Ehe job is never overwhelming as it used to be. This is an exPense, I know, buE there are a lot of PeoPLe Iooking for work, and the woman who comes here is glad Eo have part-Eime work in a friendLy aEmosPhere... Compare the expense to PrivaLe--sch6ol. I'd rather pay Leila $900 a year Eo LeE me schooL mY own ltids than pay some school $2,000 a Year per chiLd so I can do mY own houseworkl ... And from Toots Weier (WI):

...It wasnrt until I made a coupIe of aEEempcs at answering B.['l .'s toncern about household cho-:es thaE I realized what a reaLLy vasE subject iE isl My reply is brief - but mY intenE is to avoid sounding like an exDert in the fieLd. I felE iE best to share a couple of thoughts for

now, in hopes that oEhers wiLl too, and possibly expand on the EoPic in

Iater issues of GWS if necessarY. I would Like to share wiEh You my aEtitude Eonards Che Eerm "household chores".'. Chore is defined as 'rrouEine work," Ei-d-That's jusE what iE is. The word chore is ofren rnisused to express a performance that is difficuLt, strenuous or even boring' as in t'"Digging Ehat hole was such a chore ! For myself and my famiIY, and many oEher folks, we Eake for granted the word chore and so Eo us it is neither drudgery nor compulsion. I'd oiEv the farmer who wouLd consider his- barn chores as drudgery - or a mom or dad thinking of household chores as compulsion... rl .^^ 6,, ^ki I I'an rc hoi no itr,n us!1,6 oJ rst "'y process of what if is to the learning be responsibLe for daily chores. Being on a farm, thaE includes barn chores as weLL as household. Forest (10) has the cow to feed daiLY, also garbage to cake ouE. He does not take it up5n himself to empEy the fiE?bage r,,/henever it i s f ulI , rather he waiEs ..-F | 1 ^ i Fh^- rT vr husband tell him uLrLMrLrrci ^- -,, "rf Eo. As for teeding the cow' he fulLy understands Ehe imporEance of making sure she doesn't go hungry. Previously iE had been the responsibility of our 7-vear-oLd, Horizon BLue, but he did foigeE more than once to feed her. In that case we avoid Punishment. racher reLaEe what it's like for Ehe cow !o be hungrY Eo our own feelings of hunger' IE was a decision becween the boys to switch jobs' exchanging feeding the cow for throwing down hay in the barn. TheY are allowed Eo exchange chores between Ehemselves aE any time and iE is jus! between the Ewo of them if they choose to do so, If they find Ehemselves doing a task they really dislike, I wiLL offer to'exchange with Ehem myself. 'rYou hoLd Ehe baby, vacuum, or do the dishes (or whatever) and I wiLL rake the Lawn." More oflen than noE EheY will choose to finish what they are doine as whaE I am involved in seems even-Iess inEeresting. ...Whenever PossibLe, alLow them to seE their own time limiEs for when a task shouLd be finished. I wouLd suggest not adding on more jobs for Ehose noE already done - doing so may creaEe a greaE disLike for work in qeneral. ..While iE is not our intenEion Eo threaten or bribe, the children do receive a weekly alLowance. And while we wiLL never withhold any Part of their allowance, if theY have been especiaLLy helpful during the week they will often get an extra bonus, such as a quarter or a Ereat from the grocery- score or co-oP...




Marianne Hughes wroEe in the

Sept. AlternaEives in Education

is evidence Eo lhe contrary - whatever it is. And, in fact, we have heard no new objections - only all the usual, oLd ones. So, by now, mY rebuttal is almost standard... acF^- ^ ,,^^--d a half of home_ yEa! drr\ schooLing, we don't hear the objec!ions very often any more. The people in the county school sysEem now seem to be fairly comforEable wiEh whaE we're doing and reaLly don'E bother us aE all. Our circle of friends is quiEe varied, but mosEIy open-minded' They may noE aII agree with us, buE thev resDect our decision to do \thaE *e Lhink'is best for our chiLdren' WiEh them, we can discuss in a friendLy and intelligent way any aspect of homeschooling. Again, by now' it is no Ionger a topic. IE is sinPIY what we do. It seems to me EhaE the basis for obiecEions is (1) thaE homeschooling is someEhing differenE Ehat Ehey haven't Ehought of and (2) it raises Ehe Ehreatening possibility Ehau there may be a better way for lheir chiLdren... It's much easier for me to listen to peoPle now when I remind myseLf that I'm simply restimuLating Eheir insecurity, Everybody hTanEs to do the best things for cheir children. But most feel that having them home aLl day every day, ErYing Eo "teach" them something, is just beyond what they are capable of or feeL willing to do. EspeciaLLy Ehe "feeL wilLing Eo do" parc' Thac makes them feel I ike terrible parents, which isn'! true, buc chey sEill have Eo do something about EhaE feeling. And Ehe easiesE thing Eo do about that feelins is Eo aElack the source - us. ..,Homeschooling is our choice. I don'E even reconmend iE co anyone eLse, especially not Eo anyone who feels threatened by it. IE's hard work, consEanEly demanding. SomeEimes I wish I could put my kids on che schooL bus in Ehe morning, too. BuE I Love them Eoo much to do thaE !o them. (Although someEimes I think Ehey'd raEher Puc uP wiEh school than put up with me! object to homeschooling do not have a monopoly on EhaE insecuriEy I mentioned earLier. I certainly have my share, Eoo. l^lhen I read GROI^IING WITHOUT SCHOOLING I ofEen wonder whY I don't seem to be the kind of mother who can devote all her time to her chiLdren. ALL the women who wriEe in GWS seem Eo do thaE' (Even though I know Ehat canrt be Erue.) Some daYs it seems thaE I don't want to have anything to do with my kids. I do mY thing, and I expect them Eo do theirs. Somehow, it seems to work ouE all right in Ehe long run, chough there are aLso days hrhen it seems like nobody is haPPY. ' .


Deirdr@s): ...My own reaction when confronted with any objection to what we're doing is inicially defensiveness. (Such a reacEion is my own problem.) I've taught myself not to resPond with thai reaction' and Eo first jusE simply Iisten. Then I verY gentIY reassure EhaE we have, in fact, aLready Ehought of Ehat' EhaE it was an aspbct that encered inEo our decision Eb homeschool, thaE we've done as much research as can possibly be done on the subject, including Ehe asPect Ehey're objecEing to, and that there

fn response to our query abouf whether anyone is using Ehe GI,JS TRAVEL NETWORK, Jan Evergreen (tJV)


..,We just reEurned fron a triP from West Virginia to the midwest. We happened to see a "G[,JS Travel Directoi-y" 3ust before we left and jotted down a few possible addresses. We stayed wiEh the Cunninghams in HannibaL, MO and the Oaks in Yoder, WY. BoEh seemed glad to meet us and we found Ehe visits wonderful

for all of us. The kids PLaYed' we shared our common free-chinking based philosophies, and my husband goE much ireeded Lxercise (Eoo much driving) GROWING }IITHOUT SCHOOLING #48


playing tennis and piEching hay. It a neat feeling for the kids to think there are homeschooLers Like us aII over. Your service is very worEhwhile. I hope iL keeps going and we'd be glad to have visiCors/travelLers nere... IDR: To be I isEed as hosts, or for a copy of the GWS Travel Directory, send a sel F-addressed sEamped envelope to Leigh Taylor, P0 Box 3, Bergland Mt 499I0. Leigh plans to have an aLl-new Travel Directory available in January, and she has been issuing periodic updates.] was


and yet I have never been asked Lo take my children home because they do not meet Che age requirements. When Georgina was one and would go aLong nich us, I would just Leave the room if she couLd noE siE sEilL enough to

allow the other chiLdren to listen. Christopher could handle himseLf alone while I was in Ehe main part of the Library following Georgina around, As Georgina got Eo be 3, Christopher continued to enjoy sEory hour. I did ask him, one day recentty. iF he would like Eo go Eo the main parE of the library and read during story hour. He jumped aE Ehe chance. Now he chooses whether or not fn o^ ln clnrrr hnrrr donandino nn \,ihat the stories are. If he decides not to attend he goes off and reads. This pives him a creat sense of independence, which I t.hink every child needs to develop. . . . I think that, unEil Ehe tirne comes, iE will be difficulc Eo understand just how simpLe iE is fo work the problems out. I know I e,rorried about whaE I would do with an older child and a younger child before our oldest became schooL age. SErange as iE mav sound. I now wonder what I worried about. It seems so naEural Eo have to nl an for borh children...

In resDonse to Ehe moEher who in GWS #46 about whaE wouLd of her and her childrenrs friendships as other moChers sent their children to school. Alison McKee (WI) writes: .,.We have two chiLdren, ChrisEopher (7) and Georgina (3). I, too, wondered abouc whaE would become of mv friendshios with other women as they senE chbir children Eo schooL and I did not send mine. First, an unusual Ehing happened. We moved to Wisconsin the year our son was to enter kindergarEen. tJhen we moved we 2-YEAR.OLD AT MOVIES were not sure what our face, regarding homeschooling laws, wouLd be. I Ellen Shiolev (CA) wroEe in the was very cautious when meeting folks, Western PA Homeschoolers ne\rsLetter: and toLd them EhaE we would be sending Chriscopher a year laEe (not an ...BiIIy is a real movie buff uncommon practice). As iE became ape ofand criEic:-t.t- at Ehe rinc old clear Ehat homeschooLins would be ;o-E;",t. n;;'" legalized we began telling everybody he was small enough to Eheater since"''-t'i;-"i;[-"; i-.,h^ lir in hic nn,,nh Tn Fh^-^ of our intent. InEerestingLy enough, Lrrr udys,,< PvuLrr friends did not falL away like Che iust went co sleeD on BiLL's chest plague. Those persons who were our i,hiLe we munched popcorn in peace. friends were very inceresEed in what Now he sits on BiLlrs lap and demands we were doing. (We have aLways been his fair share of Ehe eaEsl We aLways verv carefuL not to out down folks go Eo an evening showing, so BiIIy k^ d^tq for- choosine to schobl their kids or c l oonw hrri --h ^, F i f ,,c ^^hl. 5E!J h^-^ ,-.,k^ f i^hfEo push Chem into thinking abouE home- fL"E5r claan cn ha nqn ,'s !r5"15 udyr schooling as an alternaEive.) As I see Ehe end of the moviel We've said, our frlendships remained strong always gone to rnovies chaE appealed and we also began to develop a whole to us (our EasEes don't run to the new circle of friends who were homebLood and guEs kind of flicks), and schoolers Like ourseLves. Ri I I rr hrc norror haon hnrod clrncai ...My friend, Melanie, has a by anything he's seen, Things we daughEer EmiIy who is 3, so Georgina Ehought mighE upseE him, Iike some of and EmiIy have ioEs of playing to do Ehe ghosts in G|IOSTBUSTERS, were together. Melanie has admiEted that actually appealing to himl BilI tried she does not quiEe know whaE Eo do putt ing hi s hand in front of BiLly's wiEh oLder children and yet ChristoFenn nnn. hrri fho lzid i,,ct naororl pher and Melanie gec along famously. around it. If we Ehink something is Christopher has been able Eo heLp going to be Eco vioLenE (and even the Melanie out with the tno girLs. and tamest movies can have Eheir rough many times goes to Melanie's house spots), we just take that opFortunity wiEh ideas of what he would like ro ^-r \e's none the rdPJ' d,'u do. Melanie has been able to accommowiser (or sadder! ). date him quite nicely. There are We have always considered BiLly times eJhen Christopher has wanEed Eo a parE of our adult lives, and he has be with older children during my responded beautifully Eo being visits with friends. I have had to included. He is well-behaved in deaL with those situations as they restaurants because we reouire iE of come up, That is noE very ofEen. him, and explain that h'e can onLy go Feconr i el l rr ha i c d',i ro hrnnrr fn ho out because he behaves weLl. He underwiEh younger children, but I also standS-EEi3, and saves his foodmake it a point noE to puE him in throwing for the family kitchen! I that siEuation unnecessarily. I Ehink never would have believed it to be any child can adapt to being with Erue. but vou can reason with a chiLd younger children if they are not ^..^- d- L:L-. uauy required Eo do so all of the time. We .. ing is reasonable. --5ar-t6n-;E-z=E:aLi need to consider Che social needs of our children just as we consider our or.\tn sociaL needs. AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE Considering Ehe quesEions abouE hrhac to do with an older child when a From SEephanie Judy (BC): younger child has acEiviEies Eo parEicipaEe in, like story hour at Ehe ...I'd like Eo recommend Amerilibrary or playgroup, I have found can Sign Language as a wonderful langEhe sol-uEions quiEe simple. Our uage to Learn, even for hearing per7-year-old son stiLl enjoys going to sons. My daughter Tessa (3) and I sEory hour, The notice announces Ehat learned Ehe fingerspelling alphabet the sEory hour is for 3-5 year olds and some basic signs from a friend wondered become



this summer. We don't know any deaf people who sign (though we wilL undoubtedly meet someone someday) but werve fcund what little ASL we know to be fun and valuable. I can sien messages Lo Tess across a nois), ioom or across a parK. Also, she is a clri I d who is annarenrl r' fear-l :r'r hcrseLf to wri Ee heFnrp chp ind -l^hah^r ,,,5 d!P"dusL

rpAri< i-


end rhp Finoorcnal rhic n^inf o.ci_ Lr'!J HUr

I -

er for her Ehan wriEins letters, It's especially handy when Ehere's no pen(ha rclu orl mo ana rlrw nanor ts*ts-' ' A--;^ii m,,

ei I :nrl

rT "-. wdr

w,,y "h.'




u,, ^n

'ily heel, and I told her I wanted lhe cuE ihpro r^ cfA\, .laan so iC wOuId heaL, A ouzzLed look crossed her face. I f ingerspelled H-E-E-L and H-E-A-L, and explained the difference. She aLso used Eo confuse Ehe names of two (:rrh







learned to flngerspell their names. We found a wonderfulLv wittv


Charlip. This helped us get started. Now we're learning additional signs from SIGNING: HOI,J TO SPEAK WITH YOUR HANDS by ELaine CostelLo. tJe're not going Ehrough this in any sysEemat ic way. [.le just browse through and pi ck ouL s i gns we'd I i ke rn la,rn nr r.ra ---.. lnnl up slgns as we need them, We just learned "Huppy BirEhday," and Tess is keen on animaL names right now: kangaroo, giraffe, horse, mouse, ecc. I wouLd be interested in finding out about other resources and books that readers couLd recommend to us... Remi

IDR: ] Stephanie's observation rhat fi npersnel I i np i s easier than writing reminds me of an interesting facc Ehat Kim Schive ("Deaf ChiLd & Parent - At Home," GWS #4I) told me: that babies o[ dea f parents who s i gn Learn Eo taLk with signs much earLier than most children learn co speak. ApparenEly the brain can grasp the notion of words and communicaEion many monEhs before there is enough conLrol over lips and vocal cords for speech, True, the signs may not be done perfecEly - a sorE of "baby Ealk" - buE Ehey are consistent and .nnr^nriala

I find i r an annoel ino Fh-ts hrh., LildL, rdy vLu uauj ^^Fi^n F^ ^^1, F^-^-mnnrh-nl; l.'-^^^-^i^-^t ^ a-., edu rr!;rrdr Ly urdPEr,

rather Ehan having Co cry untiL caretaker can figure out what's






#37, Margaret


(MA) told how her son had spent much time in the family's natural food store since he was a babv. Recentlv-

she sent us the "Brief Summary of Solon Sadoway's Home Education L98485 (Aee 5)" thaE she and her husband ...offering more t'or home schooling

SubscribeToday l....-â&#x201A;ŹS:S{zA; =;*'= ryearl2tssued $2o.oo /aAa. Sz.oo Currentlssue






sent to the schools, and the math secEion is particularly sEriking: ...NUMBERS. COUNTING AND ARITH-

Mt-rrL, rnrs area nas Deen 50Lon s !?EET love Ehis year, We frequently heard him Ealking to himseLf (sometimes ac 6 AMI) like this: "Five and five are ten. Also 6 and 4, 7 and 3, 8 and 2,9 and I." Or: "Half of 24 is 12, haLf of 12 is 6, half of 6 is 3." "Six take away one is five, 5-l=4, 4-L=3, 3-L=2, 2-L=L. " He has proudly counted to 530 by tens, frequently counts Eo 20 or 30 bv twos. and

delights in the names of exEremely large numbers, He knows the value of aLl U.S. coins and how many of each equaL one dollar. He can nearly always idenEify the larger of any Ewo numbers and has a fair grasp of quiEe a few units of measuremenE incLuding inches, pounds, miles and cups, He consi stently prices items correctly aE our natural foods store, setting Ehe price gun alone, and has been able Eo check cusEomers ouE on our electronic cash register since he was two. He has recently reaLi-zed ChaE he can use his calcuLaEor to figure out oroblems he doesn'E know. ("Ohl I see x,8 and / are l)!") This spring he appointed himself the job of checking Ehe ouEdoor Eemperature each morning to see if jackets were needed. He reguLarly uses numbers and arithmetic in many other ways: adding up long columns on his caLculator to find the totaL cost of orders at our store, passing out equal numbers of cookies Eo his friends, checking our speed on the highway, tel Iing Eime on his digiEaL waEch, reading price Eags and making purchases alone, weighing objects on our old-fashioned scales with balance pans and weights, comparing ages of various people, pricing used Eoys for a tag sale, measuring ingredients in the kitchen, weighing and measuring himseLI and his friends, keeping track oF his age in IracEions of a year, and so on...

is smooEh. She will work diligently for hours on a DroiecE EhaU she wants to finish. The propane torch is an essential tool for more sophisticated jewelry making. With constanE supervision ( and holding iE v,/ith Erdo sets of hands, one adult, one child, unEil Ehe smaller hands learn Eo manage) it can be safe. The silly girls who giggle at everyching are a sEudy in concentration when Chey are handling the Another rule is EhaE hair must be held off of the face when the flame i s 1iE. KaEie, Ehe girl who groans, ttoh Momr" whenever the hairbrush is menEioned, quickly brings iE and the rubber band on jewelry day. Tenzyk is a certified elemenEary education Ceacher, She has done cLassroom teaching buE she prefers working one-on-one wiEh the girls. She adds Ehat one of the nice Ehings has been Ehat Rebecca, who started lessons about a year before Katie, rrcan expLain Ehings to KaEie in a more understandable way" since she is closer Co Kafie's age than Tenzyk is. JeweLry has become more than a once-a-week class. Rebeccar s Darents have taken her Eo Ehe Smithsoirian to see Ehe stones and gems Ehere, They also went to a gem show in York last year where Ehey bought many inexpensive sEones. Name Labels came in each liEtle packet, buE Rebecca doesnrt need to read them any more. After endless hours of gazi.nB at them, feeling them and sEudying their markings, she knows Ehem Like old friends. d F Fl or morlzaf e ^f - Fts -h^'.'and thrift stores, KaEie studies the jewelry cases for new ideas. Her eyes gape in amazemenE when she sees a pair of turquoise and silver earrings similar Eo the ones she made for her mother. The "authenEic Indian jewelry" pair list their cosc as $32. KaEie is asEounded...

books to help the neophyte grasp various Asian subjects. I u'as immediately drawn to this book bv the imolied

promise in iEs titLe,

To the ancisnt Chinese. the sun looked like this



From the article EhaE JaneE Williams ("A MoEher Moves On,r' GWS #46) wrote for the Cettysburg, PA Times, about her youngest daughter i-itl-E friend. boch 6: ,..For Rebecca Charles and Katie Williams, making jewelry is their venEure inEo Ehe adult world. Like Ehe VeLveteen Rabbit. they yearn to be real. Jewelry lessons wiEh Susan Tenzyk gave Ehem Ehat opportunity. Over the course of the pasE two years, she has introduced lhem Eo Ehe worLd of meLaIs, beads, and stones. First she had them draw a Dicture of how they wanted their producE to Iook. Beginning wiEh brass wire, a soft malleable metal, she had them Iearn how to make the piece of wire bend into that design. At a1l times, Tenzyk is a guide, noE a teacher. She shares her love of beautiful objecEs wiEh the girls. She EreaCs their ideas as artistically worthy, pointing out the Ehings she Iikes in their work without imposing her tastes or sEandards. She does have a few ruLes Ehough. TooIs must be handled properIy. InEroducing Ehem one at a Eime, she can explain their purpose and usefulness. Basic sEeDs must be mastered before new ones arb begun, Rebecca, the chiLd who can't siE sEilL for five minuEes at the dinner EabLe, will perform the Eedious task of filing the end of a wire unEil iE

From Dorothy lrli L son


"ImpossibIe," I thought, but I paid for the book, along wiEh severaL oEhers chat interesEed me. By Ehe Cime I goE home I was pLeased to discover that I could already recognize several Japanese characters. Suddenly aLl Ehose lines and whirls had meaning; Ehe strange system of noEaEion was being revealed to my undersEanding. This is due to the unusual approach the author takes to present his material, which IrLl show IaEer. .Tananese scems to me at leasf as difficulu a language as English, if nnl.r fnr rho f..ts rh! -..ere are so many ways to wriEe things in Japanese. John HolE raised some questions about this in GWS #44, to which a GWS reader in Japan, Chris Honde. responded: "There are actually three writing systems in Japanese, kanji, hiraeani. ind katakana. Kanii E?E-EheLnlnese characEersi eacn has one or more meanings, and most have two or more alEernate Dronounciations. Hiragana and katakana are che phonecit-+! syllabic alphabeEs developed in Japan many cenEuries ago (not post-war, as you seem Eo have heard). At present, each has 46 characters corresponding to the 46 syllables which, with some variaEions, comprise aLL of modern Japanese. t' Walsh uses only the kanji for hie nlrnnco u,hinh i Lo teach you -s. to recognize and undersEand the basic meaning of 300 of the most common and useful characters, aIter only a few hours sEudy. Through associations wiEh Japanese proper names like Ginza, Tokyo, and Mikimoto, and other Japanese words you already know, Iike kimono and Eycoon, you wilL also be able to remember Ehe pronounciations of many of these 300 characters with very littLe efforE," Here's how Mr. Walsh does it: TODAY.



Ca I


-,qt, .o this :

...I loaned NEVER TOO LATE Eo friends - who in Eurn Loaned it to oEhers and now iErs disappeared... I dearly r,,rant another which I'lL never lend! . . . Af Eer s ix piano t eachers , when I reached 75, I started pLaying weekly for fun wiEh a good doctor violinist - and found my technique sorely inadequaEe so sEarEed Eeaching myself. Itrs working - slower t.han a snail, of course. But who can sightread piano and violin sonatE3 r"il rt First po-rorrnd? If i s so excitins to gec beEter. John Holt frEde me reilize iE is rrnever Eoo laEerr. . .

is th€ way thoy wrole ir. They found

it took too long to writ6 the rays. however, so thsy shortened lt to Q. When rhey changsd it to irs

many musicaL

final lorm, to mako it evon sasier lo write and al the samo timo aesthetically accoptabls, thoy squared the

circle and extonded tho dot to a

Ths basic meaning

of fl

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Kana is the name for the qrammaical-?n--di ngs added to Ehe end-oI each character Eo create sentences, Studying them wonrt be necessary for Ehe casuaL student or traveLLer because, C

NEW BOOKS AVAILABLE HERE READ JAPANESE TODAY bv Len Walsh (S4.95 * posE:T-Ofre 6T-the advancages of living in Boston is our wide selection of booksEores, and one of my pleasures is to find an unusual one. IErs always an advenEure wondering what I'lI find as I enter the strange portaLs of the newly discovered book merchanE, and when I entered Ehe Asian Bookstore in Cambridge I was overwhelmed with the unfamiliar. Books in Jaoanese. Chinese, Sanskrit, and many oiher tongues teased my eyes with Eheir sErange alphabeEs, symbols, and pictures. I was very pleased Co find many English Eranslations and hand-


l --^,,-^^ rdrrSud6s


ci r^r Lvr

i^ Lv

I.^.n rqPar'

"i will see in the sEreets - shop names, advertisements, prices, street and traffic signs, bills, rp.ainfc ct^li^n n.mo< Frmilrr names, menus - not generally in sentence form, are usually writEen with the characters only... To read grammaticaL writings (newspapers, books, etc.) it is only necessary to memorize the kana. The book has a chart of Ehe kana

in an appendix.



While most of us may not get to visit Japan, this book is excellent as an inEroduction Eo understanding any picEographic language, such as Egyptian or Chinese, and Eherefore will aid anv DarenE confronted with quesEions like, "Why do chey vrrite I ike that ? " or "l,Jhere do word s come from?" IE can even help one undersEand how cave-dwellers wroEe. Mr. WaLsh provides us with a fine explanation of the developmenE of such languages in Ehe first seclion of the book, aLready cleverly introducing us to Japanese characters while explaining their origins. Once you get used Eo seeing the pictures the characters represent, and it wiLL take some time r^ oFr rread rn rhp nnneonf nF'rcnrraring" pictures to make Ehem easier lo write, you'Ll be surprised how a seemingly impenetrable language can be readilv made EransDarenC. one other benbfit of rhis book i c i lc nori i non.o f^ rho nroeanf Japan and China are quickly becoming very importanc economic entities, and any American with even a rudimenEary grasp of Cheir Language will be able to enEer Ehe business world with a good head-starc on Ehose who insist on remaining monolinguaL. - PF CENDRILLON (book & cassette, $6 . 98-* pos-tfJ he populari ty of Ehe French picEure book and cassecte Eape BLANCHE NEIGE ET LES SEPT NAINS (GWS #43) warrants ttre addition of anoEher of these Wal t Di sney producEs. Here is a I ively version o[ "Cinderel la," read by the same narrators and rri rh n i.t rrrae and rho cnnoc '.i^rc taken from the cLassic 1948 animated film. As wiEh our earlier taDe. these are intended for French-speaking children and so Ehe sDeech is rapid and Lhe vocabulary has noE been watered down. YeE because the story is well-known (and che narrator rings a bell to teLl you when Lo turn the page) you and your chiLdren can easily foIIow a, ong, Enjoy yourselves while absorbins the accenc and soeech paEterns of native French sDeaKers:


wriEten reporcs 6f children's comments and from conversations wlth his own children. tiirh DIALOGUES, he goes

directLy to a group of children in order Eo do philosophy with them. PartLy he wanEs to show that children are capable and willing to enjoy real philosbphy. This capabflity ii mafvery obvious EhroughouE the book, but MaEt.hews does not belabor his ooinE in his follow-up comments he gbes on with phiLosophy. A major reason he did this, I feel, is because he loves doing philosophy, he Likes and respects chiLdren, and he seems Eo feeL that philosophy wiEh chiLdren is freer Ehan \.niEh adulEs because younger children often don't have our inhibitions yeE. The real significance of Matthews book is, I Ehink, best expressed in his ProLogue: What has noE been taken seriousI rr rho nn<cihil LIIL PVJJ nhildron .l 16cno.r n,ra<finnc


I I rr





no pat soluEions. As Matthews poinEs ouc, phiLosophers have been arguing some of Ehese questions for years and

years. The children understand Ehe problems and like working with them. This goes far beyond what GROWING }IITHOUT SCHOOLING #48

rri dol rr e nnna i rrpd i c F^^l,1inft r.,itsh irrr ^f in a rolafianehin nf mrrirrrhc nrirrolrr nrnfnrrnd nf nhilncnnhw T hnno

that what foLLows will convince my readers rhaE chiLdren can heLp us aduLcs invesEigaEe and reflect on inEeresting and important questions and that Ehe children's contributions mav be auite as valuable as any we aduLts'have to offer. And he comments laEer:

is it Ehac Darents and teachers, ere. Ehe most sensitive and well-meaning of chem, so ofEen fail Eo grasp the momenEs of pure refLection in children's thinking or to recognize Ehem for whaE Ehey are? Perhaps it is because so much emphasis has been placed on the develoDment of chiLdren's abiLiWhv




lhair -l|"'

cnonil-irre vvo"* -_


abilities, that we automaEically assume their thinking is primitive and in need of being developed


toward an adulE norm.

er, $IZ. 50 eth MaEthews post). This is another important book about children and phi losophy Irom Ehe author of PHILOSOPHY AND THE YOUNG CHILD (also available here, $3.95). DIALOGUES WITH CHILDREN is a record of conversations Matthews had with a group of children in a music school in ScoEland. He was able to moar Lri fh fha ai ohf .hi I dron uhn ranged in age from 8-1I years, on a monthly basis to do phiLosophy. Generally, Matthews would begin a story which he and the children discussed, and Ehen he would r,JriEe a compLetion of Ehe story based on the taped dialog, Some of the discussions were: Can plants be happy? How does one Drove braverv? Is cheese made of gras's? How much of a ship can be replaced and still be the original ship? How can one be certain of knowLedge? Are words necessary for Language? Could time travel be possible? Is ir beEter for Ehree peopLe to be selfish Ehan one? (This lasE was discussed in PHILOSOPHY AND THE YOUNG CHILD - itrs much expanded here. ) And, how does one think about the conora

raEor's house, Eucked away in rural


CHILD. In the earlier book, most of his examoles were taken from YOUNG




did in


People like Gareth MaEEhews and Like John HoLE - are rare; there are few who truly recognize Ehat children are oeoole and deserve and wanFrespect Trom older people. Lack of experience is just that; we would not dismiss the ideas of an adult as

being underdeveloped and unimporEant because of lack of experience. DIALOGUES WITH CHILDREN

is a book which

can help us as parenEs, and as people, to accept children as chey realLv are and to resDecc cheir ideas and

f'eeLings. (

Maine. A friend of the narrator, Harold Ashby, a brilliant composer who lefE the world of music Eo explore music therapy with retarded

children. comes to visit the narrator and his family. The narracor describes how he met Harold in New York when HaroId's popuLarity was peaking, EerseLy describing Ehe New York cuLtural scene and Harold's disenchanEment with it. The passages thaE deaL with Harold's work with retarded children are speciaL, but typical of Dennison's wriEing, for Eheir sEraighEforward descripEion of Ehe acCion and Ehe poecic descripEions of whaE feelings and Ehoughts the chiLdren have. Here, Harold and his parEner Ricky are helping some retarded boys put on a play: ...The boys performed their musical and physicaL Easks with an earnesEness thaE at first imDressed me hv i t-s nrrri rv. huE that I Ehen saw was an oasis of adequacy in an absoluEe deserE of failure. They r,rere noc engaged in the art of the fh6.f6r -Fi-^ dLr"B

tr.l ritl,,-i^--

.orrainlrr . Tho r,'!

urara n^i imnnrfanfLurrL !"rPv!


thing for each one was EhaE he had been enErusted with a task required L.. L., k., ^r ^.. ^-i uy FL^ L'r< Prdy' duu uy uy L: Lr,s- -^F^^ Harold and Ricky. These Ehings demand, responsibility, serious tasks, inclusion in public ceremony - had been absenE uEEerIy from the boys' lives, and Ehey concenEraEed in a way that was gripping to watch. After Ehis flashback, HaroLd arrives at the narrator's house. Here we geE to know Ehe famiLy: PaEricia, hi s wi fe; Ida, Ehe oldest child, about 12; Li'za, around 9; and Jacob, near 6. HaroLd is a favoriEe visitor of theirs. and he enEertains the children wiEh magic tricks and scories, most noEabLy with a weLL-Eold tale about Ehe great Houdini. Into ihic r.fh6r irlwl l ir coifino errirrec Marshall Berringer, a political acEi vist, writer, and old friend of the narraEor, and a Chilean refugee he is escorting from New York to Canada, Luisa Domic. Luisa is a profoundly sad woman, and we onLy slottly get Eo know her ^-r ^r.eces of conversar LUr y r :- L:ts- o,ru Pr tion and observaEions everyone makes about her, She is the axis on which thP resr of the sforv turns. Each of Che adulE characters tries Eo help her overcome her severe depression; Marshall by taking physical acEion and aiding her escape, the narraEor and his wife wiEh their compassion and generosiEy, Harold, in a very moving scene, wiEh his music therapy.


LUISA DOMIC, by George Dennison $14.S5- + F;;t-.-I-We-'re cuEting back

on our adult ficEion because sales

aren't as good as oEher categories, perhaps because Ehese books are so readily availabLe at your local booksEores. But there are some books we Like that are important and donrt geE much recognition (aE Least nowl who can say what books other generaEions wiLL revere from our Eime?). LUISA DOMIC is such a book. Written by the auEhor of SHAWNo and the classic sEudy of poor kids learning exEremely well in a friendLy, open-structured school, THE LIVES OF CHILDREN, this book shows us how George Dennison's observations and insights into children and adultsl behaviour are sEill among Ehe finesE and most eloquent wriEing coday. The book takes place at the nar-

through thc use of Records, Cassettes, Books, Music,

Accessories, snd the Suzuki method.

Strn&rd firdcnt rcpcrtoirc on

]lcodrJd clssttct

}8p/o221-92t4 6141194-)547 Wrltc

lor lrce cotolog, in Orio

her for a tlme, buE iE soon wears off. Only lhe children proEach heLps

vide Louisa v,rith some regular peace of mind, especiaLLy young Jacob wiEh his silly antics. The children are forever weaving in and out of the sEory, providing us niEh commencary on Ehe adults and vice-versa, and in manv wavs the book is about the children. I touLd quote passages forever regarding this aspecE of the book, but I won'E. George is not a fussy, overly-ornate wriEer, and Ehis sEyle fits the book and Ehe chiLdren well. However, even the chiLdren stir difficulE memories for Luisa to bear; she LosE her husband and two chiLdren during Ehe infamous Fascist coup in Chile. The deEails and reasons for this are only given at Ehe end of the book, in horri[ying "depositions" from eye-wiEnesses Eo Ehe torEures and murders Ehat took place. The book builds up such a pasEoraL almosphere through its descripEions of che land, the house, Ehe children, and the adulcs' inEeracEion with each other, that the deposition pages contrasE violently and shock us ttich Eheir inhumanity amidsE so much good wilL among friends. -How could Luisa ever bear such horrors? How can such things Eake place in a worLd thaE can be as wcnderfuL as Ehis home in Maine? Near the end of the book, Ida, Ehe oLdesE, asks her faEher abouE the reaL dangers of nuc.lear power afcer they see a movie abouE a nuclear PotnJer oLant disasE.er. lda Dresses her fathbr for facEs, and he'teLLs her Eire EruEh: nucLear wasEe will be with us for thousands of years, we don't know how Eo safeLy dispose of iE, and iE is illegalLy dumped in unsuspecting councies.

We drove for a whiLe in silence, but as we neared our own viLLage she said. "Do we live in an evacuation zone?" of one' Maybe just "AE the edge L^.,^-l ihrf chp !L. 'r A6i faarino ucyurru iF was imbibing, or construcEinS' a disascrous and unbalanced view of mankind, I said to her, "Ida, darLins.., noE aLl the world is like the DeoDIe who want to run the worId. ReaLly, Ida, Ehe Ehings You find Ehe most of are kindliness and sanity -'l She incerrupEed me, smiling soft1,, hor -^il -^-rlU ^-i sdru Iy t drru 6<r'Lr)i mine, rrI know, Dad. "

To say more wouLd ruin Ehe effect of the final pages. DesPite its weII-honed, realisEic depiction of a woman lost in desPair' LUISA DOMIC wiLL bring to Ehe reader many good feeLings about Ehe pol'Jers of friendshio and Love that are needed Eo transc-end the brutalities humankind causes icself. - PF OF CMDLES AND CAREERS bY KaYe

book, Lowma@s subEitled "A Guide to Re-ShaPing Your Job to IncLude a Baby In Your Life," can be very heLpfuL Eo homeschoolers. Published by La Leche League, iE shows how a mother can have a career or job and stiLl spend as much time as possible with her children. There are a number of very workable ideas presented, wiEh the first-Person accounts from many women who wanE to or need to work and don't want Eo give up Eheir time with their families. Some ways to have a job and raise a family Ehat are emPhasized are: working at home; bringing children to work; sEaggering working hours

with the husband; working part-time; using flexEime and/or job sharing. Lowman doesnrt jusE offer ideas, she goes inEo detail on how Eo go about it - approaching an employer in a posiEive way, including the father in Ehe whol-e Ehing, managing breastfeeding and working, and even celling which employers are open Eo flexible work ootions. Another helpful aspecE of the hook is the view we geE of tradiEionaI ideas abouE working and Ehe current "revolution" Eo heLp meet the needs of working mothers. There is also a secEion on daycare, should thaE prove Eo be necessary. Mostly, of course, this book is direcEed towards women \,tith young (pre-schooL-age) children. However, all or most of the information and ideas could be applied to a homeschooLing situaEion as wel1. In many cases, things wouLd be easier for homeschooLers with older children itrs someEimes easier for older children to go to work wiEh parents, Eo help ouE at home, and co be left alone for shorE periods. John HoIt felE t.haE many children, even from Ehe age of 8 or so, could Eake care of chemselves aE home several hours a day, or even aLL day, if necessary, in families wiEh a single parent cr in which both Darents must work. Here at Hblt Associates, I have come Eo the office (though irreguLarLy) with one or two chiLdren for more than three years; Wendy Baruch ofEen brings her son Shane (Il) or arranges for him to go Eo the Boys Club or sEay home; Mary Maher works at her home. Earninq monev and beine with children can"be doieFnd is-being done very successfuliy by many people. OF CRADLES AND CAREERS can helP many of us figure ouE hott. - MVD Smi

ESSAYS INTO LITERACY by Frank ch-T$'f'IIOO-T-p-53ET. -T-don ' E know

if Frank Smith his heard how home-

schooLers Learn to read, but his collection of essays shows so much understanding about chiLdren and reading

EhaE he might as well have. Insight packs every page cf Ehis cLearly writcen volume.

aithough SmiEh is ostensibly Ealking abouE whaE's been wrong vrith our efforts to teach reading and what we might do Eo make them beEter, his ideas say someEhing much broader about how children learn' Nowhere in

his many discussions does he stray from his basic insistence fhat childgood aE it. ren wanE to learn and are At one poinE he says, I'Children do not learn from being correcEed, but from wanEing to do Ehings Ehe righE way." Much of the wriEing in this book is an eLaboration of this basic cruth. As we listen to Ehe aulhor reflect on the naEure of language, reading insErucEion, Literacy in general (and many of these papers htere crigir.aLly spoken Lectures, 3o they carry the fLavor of human speech and presence) we hear this sentence as a varying echo or refrain. Throughout the book, and in many dif f erent r,,/ays, Smithts explanation of how children learn is simultaneousLy an argument for their skill aE ic' He says,

Children do noE first learn language as an abstracEion or as a "skill" erhich they Ehen emPloy to understand whaE peoPle are saying' They learn language by understand-

ing the purposes Eo r,thich iE is put, Obviously no one can Eell an infant how lairguage works,-or what it can do; children have to find

makinF sen.se-of ic- And this is the wav EIeE-cFTldren learn about the

in general, about everything in their experience - by hypoEhesizing whaE musE be going on, anEicipaEing whaE ,Tight occur, and observing Co see if Ehey are righE. This Eoo is how children learn to read, and SmiEhrs most appeaLing example of Ehis is che sEory of a 3l-year-old boy named MaEthew who, on one Erip Eo a deparEmenc sEore, demonsEraEed how much informaEion children pick up, just from the worLd around them, abouE Ehe function of wriEcen wo?Ld

language. MaEEhew, seeing chaE he


in Ehe shoe deparEment, guessed EhaE a sign said "Shoes." The fact Ehat it acEually said "Footwearr" Smith cLaims, is Less significant Ehan che evidence of MaEthew's awareness that prinE is meanE to convey meaning and his skilI at predicting what a parEicular word oughE to say, The conclusion SmiEh draws here is a clue Eo his LaEer argument against phonics as a method of teachffr-?EEaing. He says, "Fluent readers do noE read words, Ehey read meanings." Decoding a word according to Ehe sounds of the leEEers, he argues, is a sErategy which good readers save for a last resorE, when other methods, such as understanding from context, have failed. I won'E detail his enlire argument here, but it's an interesEing one and a usefui response to advocaEes of workbooks and oEher fragmenEed tasks. AIso interesting Eo homeschooLers is SmiEh's claim Ehat "no convincing evidence exists EhaE there is a critical age for learning Eo read." He dismisses any concern abouErrLate" readers when he says, "Progress in learning Eo read does noE require keeping up wiEh the neighbors." Perhaps Ehis advice from a welL-known academic wiII help convince some "neighbors" of homeschooLing families. After criticizing mosE of the rules by which Eeachers of reading commonly abide, Smith offers one simple rule of his own: "Respond Eo whaE che chiLd is trying to do ' " t^liEhin Ehis very basic piece of advice lies SmiEhrs deeo resDect for Ehe child as scientisE aird diieccor of whaEever learning is going on, Others who share this view should find, in SmiEh's book, much encouragement, information, and helpful argument. I hoDe Ehat manv readers will choose Eo melt Smirh for Ehemselves, --- SUSANNAH SHEFFER ORDER INFORMATION Postage charge: 1, 2, or 3 iterns except recordilTTlZ0.--?--6F more, 400 per item. Postaqe for records: $l for I, add 50C for each additior-ETl-nVerseas surface majl: I, 2,

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again available here, for $14.95 plus postage. Get it before it disappears again! GROWING I{ITHOUT SCHOOLI'iG #48






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(Neal/82) 84t Stendhal Ln. Cuoertino 95014 --- Judith & Barry CR:TCHFtELD (i.rm/75, Brent/80, Caral82, Spenier/85) 42639 Lemonwood CRAHF0RD

St, Fremont 94538 --- Sonny DAy, DAySTAR EoUCATt0NAL EXCHANGE,2l340 pet;tuma Av. Fort Bragg 95437 --- Wendy & Glenn EARLy (Andrew/82) Api" t3, t698 0ntario Dr, Sunnyvate 94807 --- t4ary Jane & At FACCHtN0 (Janelle/Bt ) 6390 Via Anri: gos, San Jose 95120 --- Cyndy & t4ichael FEDoROVtCH {l,telissa/77, Stdcey/-84)" po Box 62, Wendel 96136 --- Karen FITZGERILD.3727 Judah St. San Francrsco 94122 --- Nettie & Rav FRANK (susan,/ 7?, Laurel/75, Emr tyl77) 516 frgh St. Sebastopot 95472 --- Cljff & Suzanne GaRi,uCK (wendy/ 76, Ja.k/79) 56lB Bettencourt Dr, Clayton Joleen/82) FAMILY CENIERED LEARNING ALTERNA- 94511 --- pam I Craiq ctNGOLD lJeremjah/76, TIVES, P0 8ox 912, El Toro 92530 --- Dan & Bon- SerenaTTB) SiERRA H0MESCN0OLIRS, p0 Box 60, (Rebecca/Br. 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Rt min/82,5amuet/84) 4043,H Miramar st, ta J;ila 0F VICT0RY SCH00L, P0 Box 5lBl, t4ission Hills ICKIS (John/79) p0 Box 276, Dougtas Cjty 96024 3 Box 360-D, llontgomery 36110 --- Cha.les & 9ZA3j --- Kevjn E Judy BRITTON (Daniet/78, 91345 --- Steve & Sally PAICE (tlmo/74, Chris- --- Ron & Beth GRANT-DeR0OS (Ch;istoDher/67) Lee Anne LYNN, BIR|IINGHAM SUPP0RT GRoup, Rt 4 Michaet/80, ilizabeth/83) l03bB Kenvon ct. tine,/76) 8888 Toro Creek Rd, Atascadero 93422 ToTAL LEARNING ENVIRoNMENT, 8467 Deervate Rd, Box 29-C, Trussvjlle 351/3 --- Linda & Ingo Riversjde 9Z50r --- Cathy & Duane CAtlp (Jesse/ --- Phil & Nanci PATToN (Tad/70, Loyettd/72) Dubtin 94558 --- Biil GRIFFtTHS & Jil] HUBBARD 14EYER (Ang-"la/75, J0hn/79) I'IEYER EDUCATI0NAT 75, Katie/78) 9174 Rosed;te Dr, Sprjng P0 Box 313, Ramona 92065 --- Bob & l4ary Ann (tvan/80) l04B Escondido Vlq. Stanford 94305 Valley CENTER, 916 Pinevjew Dr, ^lexdnder City 35010 92017 --- Ross CAMPBELL & f,tarianne AAiL (Ara: PAUL (David/79, Kristjna/82) 4516 Cather Ave, --- Carolyn & Lee HARDy (Li;d/75, tferruw/79) --- Ed & Sharon PANGELINAN, PARENTS FoR EDUCA- gorn/83) p0 Box 108, Friant 93626 --- CHRISSan Diego 92122 --- Biil & Saliy PECK (David/ NEH LTARNING IDEAS. tZB Satada Av. pdcifica TIoNAL AHARENESS, P0 Box 1688, oecatur 35602 TIAN cHApEL scHool5, 1920 s Brea cyn cut-off 7i, Safah/78, Any183) 619-27194044 --- Cdrot & Stanley HASEGALJA (David/Bt. --- Karl & Ruth REIJ'4ANN (Je.emv/79, Rdchel/ Rd, l,/arnut 91789 --- cHRIsrrAN H0t4i tDUCAToRS 7353 San DiegoJonathan/80, --- Davjd & Kaye Lynn PtTtRS0N Steven/84) 868 yuba Sr, hichmond 94905 --- Lee B0) 228 Lucas St, Florence 35630 (Cecily/75, Colleen/79) ll5 N Janss St, Ana- & Shara HtXSON (ili/79, Deon/Bt ) t497 cray Av, ASS0C, pC Box 2182. Westminster 92663 --CHRISTIAN NOIVIE EDUCATORS OF LOS ANGELE5 cO, Pc heim 92805 --- PILGRIIl CHRISTIAN SCH00L, 3759 yuba City 95991 --- patty NoLtlES & Kevin M - Megan & Roger BtNtDtCT (Damon/84) Bor 1888, Norwatk 90651 _-- Connie COLTEN E 57th St, Maywood 90270 --- l4arihelen & l.lich- l4c60VERN (Kevin/81. Justin/78. Shanti/75) 3293 2403_LaHondd Dr. Anchorage 99517 --- Robert & (Chris/71, Shawn/74, Devin/78, Donika/83) del PITTS-CAI'4PBELL (Jonathdn/79) PARENTS FoR Fotsom St, San Francisco 94il0 --- HoMt Giselle BERGERoN (14atthew/76, r4ark/78) 694t t la24l carreta Dr, Santee 9207i --- victoria & H0t4E DEVEL0PI'4ENT, l2ll E Hoffer 5t. Banning TTRED LEARNING, p0 Box 2025, San Anselno CEN94960 7th Av, Anchorage 99504 --- Ron & Rita tAGLt v]rt t0RBtTt (tapri/79, Tyter/BZ) 219 palo 9222A --- Tom & Kathy PtISKA (Paul/79, Janjne/ --- David & Rebecca HUDGINS (iljzabeth/78. {Rose/80, Eli/81) SR 2884, l,]asjlla 9968/ Verde Av, patm Springs 92264 --- I,tary CUNoV 85) 507 St. Louis Av, Long Beach 90814 --l|Jestey/gt ) 3800 Langtry Rd, St. Hetend 94574 tlaine FENT0N (Tzejtel/74, Tashd/75) Gen Del, (Kendra/78) 9/-B Iasiajara xd, Larmej Val]ey (Bret/70) tladelyn REA0l,10ND 6l1l Shannon Valley --- Geri & Davjo HUaSt-STtpHENS (Nathan/79, Kotzebue 99752 --- Pauline & David GAST0N (Dan- 93924 --- John & Nancy DeBACKER (Jessica/80, Rd, Acton 93510 --- Nancy RECKINGER,8679 t4il0183) 915 E Hjll Rd, |lillits 95490 --- Deboiel/80) 4544 Trafalgar, Juneau 99801 --Jared/83) p0 Box 590, Tehachapi 9356t --- Owei Valley Flores Dr, Canoga Park 91304 --- Kathy rah & Richard JAC0BS (Katv/74. Eti/83) 4107 Thomas & Penny GREEN (Rebekah/78, steven/80) & Linda 0EcKtR lKatie/79, peter/81,Oennis/83) RILLING (Shane/80, Evan/84) 192 Valley Rd,0ak oDal St.0aktand 94609 --- t4azhar 6 Deborah Gen Del, Lake l,4inchumina 99157 --- Dave & t4dry 20148 S Circle View Dr, lrvine 92715 --- peter View 93022 --- Jan & Jerry RISLEY (Trish/73, Ji\l4tL (Adam/78, Shaheen/75) ll76 Greenwood Av, NEBTRT (Carrje/77, Anranda/81) 862 Redpoll Ln, palo Atro 94301 --- oonna J0RDAN & patrick & Alane DtNItT (Danielle,iB2. Jutia,/84) tO34 S lanny/15, Ryan/77, Alex/80) 2810 Dogwood Av, Fajrbanks 99701 --- Steve & Nancy STICH (Stev- Anza St, Et Cajon 92020 --- Allard & Krt DEU l'lorro Bay 93442 --- Linda E DeHitt RUSSELL, poULSoN (tva/75) 15474 Airport Rd, Nevada Cjty en,/78) VAtLtY HolvlESCH00L NETI,{0RK, SR Box (Benjamin/74, Joshua,z77, I,iarjssa/80, Mjcah/83) 5423 Annie -aurie Ln, Bonita 92002 --- SAoDLt- 95959 --- Dean & Darta KARAGIANTS (Deena/75. 5370-A, l'ldsjlla 99687 --- Jeff &.0ebbjel9t Kevin St, Thousand 0aks 91360 --- Roger & BACK VALl-tY CTR, Box 912, El Toro 92630 --Daniet/77, Adam/79) p0 Box 163532, Sacto 95915 TURKINGT0N (Jaron/81, Jorai/B4J P0 Box 3534, June D0l4tNGo, SpRIE DECoR SCH00LS, p0 Bo; SAN DIEG0 H0[48 SCHoLARs, 9174 Rosedale Dr, --- Diane (tLL0U (Jamal/67, Sam/75) 520 AtvaSoldotna 99569 --- Judy & David IiTALLEN (Kesid/ 1709, Ramona 92065 --- cathteen TARLE (Mindy/ Sprlng Val ley 92071 --- SAN DIEGo H0|4ESCH00L- rado Av .204, Davis 95616 --- pauta & Jdck 78, Serenity/81 ) Box 8733, Port Alexander 82, Lindsey/84) 1602 Naco pl, Hacienda Hejg;ts ERS,358l t4t Aclare Av, San Diego 92lll --KING (Lindy/80, Robyn/83, Joshua/83) 156 Bel99836 --- Paul E Gayle YoUNG (Nathdn/80, Tamar 91745 --- John & Valorie ELLI0TT (Suzanne/71. i4ary Clare SCHLESINGER (Rebecca/73) 25161 crest Dr, Los catos 95030 --- Randy & Lynne /83) Box 8700, Port Alexander 99836 Aimee/74) 3t Sycamore Dr, t4entone g?31g --Jesmond Den Rd, Escondido 92026 --- Rich & KNoWLES (Anthony/77, Jenny/79, Jorma/84) Star Donna SC0TI (Emily/78, Eric/80, Virginia/82, Rt, La Porte Rd, Bangor 95914 --- Charles & pessy AZ - r4ichaer & AHERN,4c37 N Raty/85) 73134 Sun Valley 0r,29 Palns 92277 Pamela LACKEY (Bodahn/80, Nakiya/82) 2332 \11Pl, Ph@nix B50lB --- AiiirA 0[lEGA PUBL]cA- iiri.r,."iie6l j"iitca/7/, sam/80) e56 Vate Ter --- Barry & Lorinda STVENANS (Lues (in9/71, lage Circle Dr, Atwater 95301 --- Robert & Tl0NS, P0 Box 3153, Tempe 85281 --- Carol & !201. Vista 92083 --- l4ark & Connie FERRTR Joey/78, Katie/79) 9061 Kenwood Dr #28, Spring Cappy tARS0N (Greta/73, Emma/75, t4ary/78) 1009 David BALSLEY (Adam,/74, Clair/76, l4iriam/79) (|]i]]iam,/76, tliranda/82) 6590 Camino Carreta, Valley 92077 --- Ellen & Bill SHIPLEY (Billy/ DeHaro St, San Francisco 9410i --- Judjth --ll08 N 35th St, Phoenjx 85008 Parsdn E Carpinterja gloll --- Bob E l4ona FiERRO lgecki 83) 23007 l,{ Tupelo Rjdge Dr, Valencia 91355 LaVIGNA (oanielle/80) 39A Cook St, San FrancisJoyce B00NLoRN (Jennifer/78, Jaime/Bl ) 10824 N /77, Nrcf./83) Zt3-662-1162. t.A. 90039 ----- Kevin & Rebeccd 5LAot (Colin/81, A!stin/ co 94118 --- Lanis LeBAR0N I Hank ALRICH 42nd Pl, Phoenjx 85028 --- Tom E Minda BLJHR John & Lorraine F0STER (Jason/77, Stephen/79) B4) 3733 |,Jarner St, Sdn Diego 92'106 --- Eileen (l'4ylie/77, Shaidri/80, t4aressa/82, Tessany/84) {Nathdn/76, Ben/78, Elizabeth/81, l,4ark/83) P0 208 Tennvson. Thousand 0aks 91360 --- John & & Bob SNIDER (Dov/77, Stephanie/80, Casey/83) Box 869, Greenville 95947 --- Paul & Joyce Box 533,5t David 85630 --- CHRISTIAN FAl4lLY patti FRiiNKLIN (Amy/76, Daniet/78, Christopher l67l Richert, Clovis 93612 --- Ken & Aletha tEHtS (l'loody./71, Stephen/73, t'4ary/76, fimothy.i EDUCATIONAL StRVICES, P0 Box 47159, Phoenix /81 ) 907 Ravenwood. Newburv park 91320 --SOtIER {llicky,/77, Sarah/81) 104 St lves Pl, 79, Elizabeth/81) 299 Casa Grande Real, Hamjl85068 --- Bill & Naicy FESSENDEN \S11ly./77,, Morey FUGATT (Chrrstopher/i6) p0 Box 4667, Goleta 93117 --- SPREE DEC0R SCH00t, P0 Box ton AFB, Novato 94947 --- Carolyn LUCKIt (Lisa Jenny/80, David/82) 5623 l,l Vogel Av, Glendale Sati;as 939,l2 --- Dave & Christv GERBER (Terri 1709, Ramona 92065 --- l'4ary E Bruce STEI,IART, /76, llerrow/80) c/o Laurie Barne, B55C Sharmon 85J02 --- certon E Shrrley GARDNLP (Joel /0. 72. _1satj4, Ke\in 7/) ?43 Dorena Dr, \ewoury 3155 t'lt Vernon, Rjverside 92507 --- Ted & Palms. Carnobell 95008 --- Linda LUEBKE & Don Jennifer/79) ARIZoNA FAI'IlLltS FoR Hol.lt EDUCA- park 91j20 --- Sreve & r4arsha GIBSoN iChe/71, Linda StjTT0N (Alex/81 ) P0 80x 1490, Atascadero CASTRo (Quincy/82, Theodore/84) 1200 GravenTl0N, 639 E Kino Dr, l'1esa 85203 --- Bob t Pat Irira/72, t4jrjam/gl) 226 Hillview Dr, Goteta 93423 --- SYCA|'!0RE TREE, 154/8-D Adams Av, stein Hwy 5, Sebastopol 95472 GENTALA (Peter/76, Oavid/79, Luke/81) H0l4t 93|/ --- Jrm & Cjndv GILBTRT (Jacob/92) 4436 Costa l4esa 92626 --- Jon TAB0R (Lara/79) l7l0 Jdcqueline lvlAGNtLL (James/72) 5393 ElsinSCH00L SUPPLIES, 11225 t Quick Draw pl, Tucson Maryland St, San Drego 92ll6 --- Lynda & Jrm Lotus Ln, El Cajon 92021 --- Vernon & Jodi ore l,/ayj Fair oaks 95628 --- Sterling E l'4erry85749 --- Jim & Elizabeth 600D {Rebecca/71, GRtaN, 70 E patm St, Attadena 9i00i --- cayle TALLI40N (Jacob/81, Benjamin/84) 54326 |/Jhite Lynn f4ALBRotjGH (Zayl75, Gwendolynn/80) 5tZl Enlly/72, Daniel/74, Stephen/77, Peter/78, GUZMAN (tily/76) 4446 Linden Ave *3, Long oak Pl, North Fo.k 93643 --- Philip & Evella Tehama Av. Richmond 94804 --- Jayanthi t'1ALLtY, Susanne/83, Kathryn/84) 2109 t Quince, tlesa Beach 90807 --- Svlv.ia HARE. ABILITItS TROU]T, CHRIS'IAN HOI4E EDUCATORS OF LOS l'1AGIC l4EADotl SCH00L. P0 Box 29. N San Juan 85203 --- Tom & Kenly GOoNAN (Rachel/69, tliza- RESEARCH ASSoCIATiS CoNSULTANT, p0 Box 1065, ANGELES CoUNTY, P0 Box 1888, Norwalk 9065195960 --- ftendy MARTYNA E Bill LELAND (Bryn/ beth,/71, Ruth/72) 6815 E Victoria, Tucson Moronqo Vailey 92256 --- Dave & t4arje HARTHELL lB8B --- Charles & Rebecca VANCE (Anthony/78, 80, t4iles/83) 50 Rustic Ln, Senta Cruz 95060 85730 --- Ben & Trudi HoPKINS (Philrp,/78, Cath- (SteDien/80. iherwood/84) 619-Z7g-7OJZ:,an 14alinda/80, 14arshall/82, Aria/84) 3384 Dalhart --- Lynn f4cCULL0CH (T!le/77. Cedar/77) Star erine/80, Nicholas/82, John Simon/841 4q! E-- Oi"q[ giiii'-:--n"drew & Lyndon HAZt (Rosanne/ Av, Simi Valiey 93063 --- i/alter & Lrnda llJALSN Rt, Firnaate 95536 --- Bitt & Gretchen ilatson, Tempe 85283 --- Steve E Jackre JoHNSON 77.-Mptodv/Bt) Rr I Box 139g, Santa i4aria (Russell/77, Douglas/84) 12099 0ak Glen Rd, t'IcPHERSoN (Amanda/74, Jesse/75, Harmony/7g, (Toby/78, Levi/84) 33233 N 224th Av, ilittmann ;i,i5;--:f;;;iy;gebbie HrALy (Andy/80) t50Z Yucaipa 92399 --- l4ax & Karen |IEISS (tllen/75, Peter/84) P0 Box 381. Kenwood 95452 --- |4END085361 --- Chris & Susan JoHNST0N (Alicra/72, N Durdnt il01. Santa Ana 92706 --- Leslie I Dan/79) l89l Ringsted Dr, Solvang 93463 --CIN0 CoUNTy H0t4ESCftOoLERS, P0 Box 626, EoonKate/78)-P0.Box l523,.Eagar 85925 --- Paul & Hank HETNTZBERGER (Amber/76, Land/77) p0 Box Ken & Catryna HHITE (Nicole,/78, Erica/79, Joe/ ville 95415 --- Clearwater & John t4tL0ER, Rosef4ary KEITH- (Christy/74, Jody/76) 7l0l N l77th 1307, Carnet Vailey 93924 -:- pedro E Eva 8l, Chris/84) 426 Andrew Av, Leucadia 92024 mary !./oLTER (Christopher/7o, Ben & Ton/72, Av, Waddell 85355 --- Freda tlAIN (Celeste/77, HERNANDEZ lcob!/77', Er\^/7A, l,tary/80) 73ll De- --- Vicki !,i00D (oouglas/81, Briann/83) P0 Box Anber/77, Taj/80, E]ly/82, Carrie/84) p0 8ox Simone/80) 1305 E Granada, Phoenix 85006 --celis pl. Van ituvs 91406 --: Conni" & Ba""y 491, Yucaipa 92399 --- Linda & l'lichael WoRDING- 862, Ukjah 95482 --- June & tljke t4tLlCH (Kate/ Raven & 0rina I'IANN (Sky,/76, Paho/78, Moriah/ iinsiEv iri.lZS,'lndy/78, Betsy/80, Brett/-e4) ER (Adam/79, Karen/8z) 609 N "8" St, Lompoc 82) P0 Box 234.oakdale 95361 --- Norm & Sher8l ) P0 Box 1339, Snowflake 85937 --- Lauren 49 Haldeman Rd. Santl Mon.jca 9b402 --93436 --- Dale & Carol IU (Cristen/82, Tracy/ rie lllLLER (Dustin/80, Scott/82) 8940 Rosetta Theah/ H.0.M.E. SCHOoLERS,16607 Osborne St, Sepul84) 13833 tlaynes St, Van Nuys 91401 --- Gary & Cir, Sacramento 95825 --- Sande & Brown I'iILLER !!!L!q] & Daryel tRICKSoN (Tiernan/77, 84) 3543 E Bellevue, Tucson 85716 --- Patrick veda 91343 --- Lucy HUNT & Robert ptERSOit Sharon ZACHARIAS (Jared,/75, Jordan/82) 1968N (Brown/74) 455 Flood Av. San Francisco 94112 & lrene t'10RlN (Kathleen/78) 3116 Hopi.,-Glen- (Chantet/78, t4onique,/80) 47517 RD 200, o,Neats Nutmeg St, Escondido 92025 --- 1.8. NELSoN, D0NNELS0N-0ALIHURST SCHooL dale 85307 --- PHoENIX SPECIAt PR0GRA|,4S lNC, 93645 --- Linda ItiouyE & Brad LAU (Katherrne/ GRoUP, l4orqan Nill. 408-779-0353 --- Ad|ienne 3132 il Clarendon, Phoenix 85017 --- Sherri 84) 5226 Carmelynn St, Torrence 90503 --CA, No.th (Zips 94000 & up) - AMIRICAN NEIJMAN (Da;odara/7i, Govinda/76, Nimai/78, PITI4AN, PARENTS ASS0C 0F CHRISTIAN H0l'1E Ch.istine JENSEiI. 5G35 Caile Vista Alegre, HERITAEF--CFRTSIIAN ACADIMY, 9027 Calvine Rd, Syama/80, Jayananda/8]) 980 t 7th St, Chico SCHOoLS,5l66 !J Highland, Phoenix 85033 --io.ui Li"oi-ljziri6 --- Fred & Kathie J6BLTN Sacramento 95829 --- chris ANoEREGG E Dianne 95926 --- 8ob E Lynda NEilpoRT (Charlie/79) p0 Liz & Jack PRoHASKA (Aaron/76, Neill/80)_6250 ii"ooyTezj-rj-A.ioemy Rd, patos Verdes 90274 TAYI0R (Julie/70) 126 Laguna St, San Francrsco Box 368, Ben Lomond 95005 --- t4ike & l'4oira l{ Sunset Rd, Tucson 85743 --- Linda & Allan --- J;ck & Karen J0Hi]STON (Fawn/74, Melanie/ 94102 --- i4argaret & l4ichael ARIcHI (Louis/79, NoBLES (Samantha/78, Chrjstopher/80) 916-787RIEKtN (Forest/78, Echo/80, Ariel/84)._2539 E AO, i"r;"ilrji,-Nicote/85) jZOt i"purqret, }Jilliam/82) 6015 Mauritania Av, oakland 94605 3613, tsparto 95621 --- Kathleen 0'BRltN (SarPortland St, Phoenix 85008 --- Len & tr1ary --- Thomas ARIISTR0NG, LATEBLooI'IERS CoNSULTING ah/8Zl 7062 Ch.jala Ln, San Jose 95129 --Santa l,tarja 9j454 --- Kent & MaTy JO|iNSTON R0THFELD (Becky,iTl ) 5040 N Via Condesa, Tucson (Lucas/75, Evan/79, 0illon/90) litg E Avenida SERVICE, P0 gox 2647, Berkeley 94702 --- Tin Norman & Pamela PACULA {Brian/79) 33 Ftorence 85718 --- Jim & Lynn SAINT (Benjamin/80, Crel- de los Arboles, Thousand oaks 91360 --- KenBAILEY & Kjtty GARRETT (Sarah/82, Seth/83, Zan- Av, Mill Vatlev 94941 --- Joan & Nick PASCH ann/84) 3615 W Solano Dr, Phoenix 85019:-:. neth & Nancy J{iSEF0SKY (Ken/63, Dan/65, John/ (Lauren/8o) 493A ThomDson Av. t4ountain View der/85) l5ll Grant St, Eerkeley 94703 --Bill & Celeste STEEN (John/75, tuke/79, Feliz/ 66, Chris/6i, Fred/73) 358t Mt. Actare, San Antonio & Deborah BARRAGAN (Crystal,/78, Jesse/ 94043 --- Connie & Russ PFEIL (Gretchen/77. 84) HCR Box 324, Elgin 85511-9706---- Eernie & giige 92;t :-- Ray E Victoria KIBLER (Jona8l, Nico/83) 1822 E 24th St, oakland 94605 --- Shawn,/80) 3345 Santa pauta Dr. Concord 94519 tha;/77, Joanna/B3l tqSZS S Blaine Av, Bellt4ark & Susan BAUI4AN (Lisa/78, Laurie/80, Kel- --- Steve PITZER & Karin HINSEN (Melia,/79. laly TUCKER (Tamara/73, Cheyenne/81, l./illow/84) c/o 5735 N 61 Dr, Glendale 85301 --- Geron 11eys1 SOZOS --- Susan & Richard LAURENTE sey/83) l7800.Cooper Rd, Nevada City 95959 --- t4aya/79) P0 Box 18, Davenport 95017 --- Sharon I Sandra.TUCKER (B'nae/76, Shealyn/79, Geron (Dres,/79, Blaire/82) 7580 Chester Dr, Salinas Jane BECKTEL (Edward/81, l'l€lanie/85) 408-735- & Steve PLYLER (Jeremi/80, Jennah/83) 14906 Loyal,/81) 2217 E Poinsettia Dr, Phoenix 85028 93907 --- Barbara LAIIS0N {ilichaet/70; Serena,/ 7525, Sunnyvale 94087 --- Janet & Brent ELACK oonner Dr, San Jose 95124 --- Stephen & Ann --- VENTANA 0PEN SCHOOL, 825 N 3rd Av, Tucson 78, Arten/90) I,4NDSONG LIFESCHSOL, cio 2650 91 (Laurel/83) 5 Kilner Ct, llill Valley 94941 --- REED (Horgan/75, Taytor/76) 2417 iatter Dr, 85705 --- Cracker & David IllLLlAl,lS (Spence./ Jroian pt- Anahein 92804 --- Steve & Darlene Jill & Greg B00Nt (Cristie/78, Paul/80, Curtis Modesto 95351 --- Linda & John SCHMIDT (Moni80) Box 4082, New River 8s02e --- |{gt.!:l l--.Liiiiii fiiLi,"iii, Ety/73, Danian/78, cabriet/ /83) 2A14 l'larcelyn Av, l'4ountain View 94043 --- ca/76, Da\jd/81, Steven/83) l2l4 Auburn Dr, Regina HUNSCH (Gabrielle,/75, Michael/77) 11213 80) p0 Box 203, .tostrui rrie gZ?5? --: Joy & Ruth B0TBNE (opal/78) 17355 Melody Ln, Los Davis 95616 --- i4ary Anne & Jim SCHl,tlDT N Miller Rd, Scottsdale 85260 Davjd LIEZEN (Matthew,/77, 0livja/80, Nicirolas/ Gatos 95030 --- Jim & Jan BRADFoRD (Jason/75) (Elaine/76, Metissa/78, Annie/81, Jutie/84) 17941 Robin Rd, Twain Harte 95383 --- Patt E 84) 1575 Duran St, Salinas 93906 --- Jill 15598 Draper Mine Rd, Sonora 95370 --- Iiiliam



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24 SCHI'IARZ (Jennifer/83) 2l28 Val leio San Francrsco 94123 --- Girny & David SCHI{lNGtL (Laurei//7, Katre/80, Rogerl83)

I60I ]8th 5t

& Patricla

NAT'L H()I.4E STUDY COUNCIL, ]lJashington 20009

C0NTINUUM, 415-792-2193, Fremont 94536 --14adeleine SC0TT & l,lichael 50RtNS0N (Nyrma,/78, Leif/Bl, Anna/84) l7l7 Virginia St. Berkeley 94703 --- iynthid & Stephen 5EARS iCnrrslS0,

FL - Ruth & Victor BALESTRA (Victor/71, Patricl;/73, Teresa/77, Rafael,/81 ) 917 ParaAv, diso Coral cables 33146 --- Ken & Rachel

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Tom & Andrea DAVIDS0N (Ioilmj175, Afldrew/76) 133 !1 Jefferson Av, Cnesterton 46304 --- iASl CENTRAL INDIANA Ht]lqt tDLlCAI0RS, Rt l, lalevi I le 47334 -- Matthew d l'lailcnnd tNGLF. (Annre CATI0N ASSoC 0F lDAH0, P0 Box l7l, Buhl 83316 --- 0rlando & Bonnie G0NzALES (!lichael/72, Mat- /75, Da\ic,l1B, !lark/79) RR 53 Box 262, Tefre Haute 47805 --- f0RT'iAYili AiltA Hr:ll4l !aH00tthew/75) THE ttARNING C0NNtCTI0N 0F IDAHO,

inq 83551 --- Tony & Karen EATON (Jennifer/74, PaLti/75, Ljzzel78, Anna/80, Ben/83, Joseph/ 85) 439 Clairmore, Rigby 83442 --- FAt4ltY tDU-

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Collin5 B052 14ission ti62l7 --- Ker &.l.ar'rc (ASlf.N (Ken(Gracje/82, Emnic/ts4) RR 2 Bo! 467. t'lne 8047(J (]reek !Jay, llood!tock 30lBB --- Edward GlLlST0 & Larry & Kathleen t.0RIM0n {1.rsa177, Heather/79. neth/79, Rosenrar!,/ill, ili.lircl /84) l4{l Pa.i Nancy HaltHN (tydia/78) 1306 Ellis St, Augusta Heidi/i9, tmily/84) RR2, l4etdnrora 61548 ----- :T!Ntl,1C0R Hil ! !1.H001. -l !t.,nerillo. llr, Pl, !ichita 6720:l Jear l,li[iRIi iRrr]63. pueblo 3l!05 ---:inve & itel,"re iArr fiAliail 30902 -- llancy & Perr:r' G000S0N (liendy/80, 0er Sue & Mdrk f4cGARTtAND (Darn/73, tiatl at)t75) 221 Aaron/75, iravi!,'/[i. lonalh.n/79i 6lq 3roknre Polk, Pontiac 6)764 --- Ji | & Robin NIILLNER (Sierra,79, SequLrr'E2) 9929 Apache Llr, Beuek/83) P0 Box lll0, Tybee lsland 31328 ----- Sirbdrd ill{.ffNER (Gal (Becky,/82, Hillary/85) l954lC ll6th Av, |4okena St, Rose Hill 67133 Rjchard & Vjcki HlGGlNS (R.T./73, Joey/75) lah 81023 -- Gregor/ & I'likclyn /JARLI {l\4e!an/ en/77, Arthur/'84) 501 0hro 5t. awr.rnce 66044 3244 Sdddleback Mtn Rd, f4arietta 30062 --60448 --- Tony & Kathy 14lNGt (J.P./78) 207 78, Kerry180, li.ll.i82) 13400 Rtl 3?, Platte--!LliRLl\ Ailarla/ & John 5dndrd lldde & Oeena ioHNSToN (Cldrrssa/76, Jay/83, Bartlett Rd, Streanwooc 60103 --- (en & Carol 7B) 5217 trrgianrl. 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Batavia 60510 --- Nestor & l"lafy 0S0Rl0 (Gdbri- 110N, 19985 Califorilid Av, Lovr"l.nd 80531 -- Fred & K.rer NAI]ONAL Refner lid, !prr!r9 fill bbi)83 - Jeff & GlA, p0 Box 763, Roswell 30077 --- tddie E l'4ar el/18) 829 N llrh 5t, DeKdlb 6ill5 Z:EGLtR (Grdn.,69, An!el.'71) .lla5 Lloodlar,a Ted !ADE, Jr, GA/i.t! P.lBrlLAli0N::, )8 ii querite RADATZ (lylan./Bl, Tyler/85) 1760 tlmDiane PARNtS5 (Aar!n,'Bl. Rd.rel179) 401 ,loann. 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Pikevtl lt' 4150i Rd, Ridlefield 06877 (Patfj.k//:, ?hilip, (Carubie/79, (Sean//1, !a1ri.r,i/71, Av, Diann FoS:ER (Cassrdy/79) 528 !lntfrop Av, !eu ddven 0651 Francis/Bl Holly/73) 837 Sherman ) !JILLiAMS !ra & Don R0DGERS 77, Pennj/81, P5dildntha/rl2r :ill Urnerwu0l -- Eileen iROMBLr lLor.arnel64, Anrv/66, Sarah ;lAliJAIiAN ANGLICAN ACADEIIY, 45-269 Ka Hanahou Evanston 60202 Campbellsville 42/lu -- llavrd & Barbara Cr, Kareohe 96744-3010 --- 14ichael I Karla /70, Ruthie/78) 29 N !iashrn!ton Av, Nrantlc IN - Terry & Pam AHIARN (Tim/71, Dan/73. FRENCH (Luke/Bl, Rache]/Bil Rt 3 Bo\ .15. Vine 06537 --- Dor & Jodnne TURECEK lPeter,'68, ilich RO|,{AN (K€oni/82, 14akana/84) P0 Box 1001, HanaLake --l'1ark l4yles/82) 2610 Jewett Grove 40175 --- il.ler,6R:a,CS iR-tan,'9,:ardt l6 llear Kauai 96714 E tland SHtFRIN Brendan/80, lei, BridgevTT, ael/69, Douslas/76, Gecfircy/80) (Sam/78, Jasmine/83) P0 Box 51, (edlia 96751 St, Highland 46322 --- ASSoCiATED CHRISTlAN 85) 225 Cornelisorr Rd, Richilrono 40475 --14anor Rd. N Branford 06171 --- l,i.ry & Ben (Brad/82, --(Zdchdry/Bl, Hart --46221 Susan & Doug H0LMIs (Fred/6!. clav/B0) 9007 l'lnv St, Penny t4egan/83) P0 indranapolis lyl83) 43 Kent & STRYKER ScH00LS, Box 27115, Enr I.IATTERS Linda & f4ark BAIR (Hilary/76, l,Jhitney/79, Jor- Trentham Ln, Louisville 4022;/ -- i{oxanre & 47-745 Akakoa Pl, Kaneohe 96744 --- Alana ford 06105 --- Nancy illLLlAl'15, C0NNtcTICUT llloLFt & Heartsons B0REN (Altura/74, Cocheiska/ dan/a2) 219 Jackson st, Hope 41246 --- rom & Steve HLJTT (!lade/76. 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Troyl8TF Aberdeen 83210 --- Donovan & Linda (trika/76, (Katle/'78, Christian/78, Brian/80, 23703 River Manor Blvd, Elkhart 46516 --- Crys- Trace, Lo!isville 4C223 --' Ies & Mary Kenny/'79) BURH00D BRAf4UELL & Herb PTTERS tal CARTI'1ELL (Skyler/78, Jerod/82, Lake/84) PICKRELL (Andrea/80, Vdlerre/83) RR3 tJox 369' Jordan/82) Rt I Box 49, Roberts 83444 --CHRISIIAN ACADE|4Y, lNC, RD I Box 820, Dover Andrew & Laurel Cl-lASAN 1l'latthew/74, Ashley/76, 5931 E 5t Rd 46, Bloomington 47401 --- Brent & Clear Creek Rd, Versailles 40383 --- R(JD & 19901 --- Dawn !llLt0UGHBY & Drew KN0X (Brie/ STAFF PUBIlSHERS,606-522-4348, Crockett 41413 Renee CAIIDILL (Gessell/80, Kate/83) 215 N Kinberly/82) 1520 N llth St, Boise 83702 --' 80, Adam/85) 105 u 27th St, ili lmington 19802 Seyed & Rise 5A800Hl (Seyedl'83) I'0 Bot Morrison, l'4uncie 47302 --- 14ary & Tom C0l,lAN Steve & Kathy C0LE (Jackie/78, Robert/80) P0 (T.J./74, Nathan/77, Josh-Paul/80, Jake/82) 905, Murray 42A71 ---;erry & Charle5 SCHULTZ DC - HOI4T SCHOOL LIGAL OEFENSE ASSOC, PO Box 52, Stanley 832t-B --- Jan & Gerry DICK (Christina/76, Iavlor/79) SltRRA ll000s SCHooL' ----P0 Franklin 46131 (Joey/79, Box 675, Spaldc/o Stevens, 8ox 84, llashington 20013.202-737-0030 Ryan/83, Jeffrey,/84) Box 209T, Orew/83)
















t'laple Grove Dr, Somerset 42501 --- Elvin & oorvena SEIDERS (Dariea/79, Andrea/Bl, Erin/ 83) 715 l4orehead Rd, Eowling Green 42101 --Gary & Linda TETTS (Geoffrey/72, Denise/73) 924 Todd St, Colunbia 42728 --- l4argaret TRIBE & Oan G0LDBERG (Noah/79, ilillian/83) Rt I Box 46. Columbia 42728 --- Kevin & Patti VAN 521


St, }Jellesley 02181 --- Mark (Jessica or 405_J/b6 465-3768 ___ l4ark & Juoy Judy bR1GHIMAN BRIGHTI"IAN (Jessrca Ana^da/?8, Abigail/82) /14, Ana^da/?g, Abjqail/82) 524 Northfield Rd, Rd. 14l - 6erry ABELA & Sandy ST0CK (oeva/80, Lunenburg 01462 --- Lois BRINK, il6 Hill t4aya/B{J ll6 Bear Hilt t4aya/8{I 39| T-hree t1i t4ile Dr, betroit it 48224 --39ll Tiree Rd, t4errimac 01860 --- Timothy & Shelley Oouq & Jill BASTIAN (Heather/75) 913 Hejqhts BRooKS (Joshua/79, Adam/Bl ) P0 Box 58, Ashley Rd,-Lake 0.ton 48035 --- I,like BENNETT, 400 S Falls 01222 --- Terry BURCN & Susan 0TT (Jq556 State St. l,lichiqan Center 49254 --- Chris & /75, Rebecca/8o, Jabari/75, tateef/76) 183 Jutie BROCKI4AN iKira/68. Adrienne/70. A]|ex/ls) BOSTON AREA HOMESCHOOLERS

Betty LA'Spencer & Marilyn


1605 Clover






Lake Charles 70605



(5usan/83, Charles/85) 550

St, Middleboro


CLUB, 623.8232



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18252, Raytown 64133 --- Steve E Donna FoRTNEY (Jonathan/82) l5zb [] w Lextngton, Lexinqton, lndependence lndependenc wonalnan/uz) 1525

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0ld Bainbridge Rd,

(Corrina/79, Paloma/82) ERS, Rt 3 Box 163, Rolla 65401 --- Gary




South, Eurlington 49029


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Caleb/76, Tabithd/74, Nathaniel/83) 5 Megonko sica/76, Jeremiah/76) 5901 County Line,


Jackson 63115

Clarence & Dana HILBURN (l'4alonda/75, Janelle/ 84) Rt 2 Box 459,oak Grove 64075 --- Albert &

Candy KEI',IPF {Justin/79, Lindsay/82) 1002




(Peete/76, Melanie/78,

84) Rt 2 Box 458, Choudrant 71221 --Alleman Dr, Lafayette 70506 Box

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Nancy & Richard VoLLETTE (Lauren/75, 75, Nathan/78, Marik/82, Narjn/85) 87


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--- Patricia

Eeech Rd, Brooklyn 49230


Hollow Rd, Manchester 48t58

Thy SE, Grand Rapids 49508




Roberts, Hashington 63090


David & Sandra

3 Box 50, Peculiar 54078 --- Joe & Martha






Anna & Richard

ie/78, Zachary/8]) 46 Marcellus Dr, Newton pelkie 49958 --- LEARNTNG EDGE, 2310 Bernard, Rolla 65401 --- Jjn & Mary SHEPARDSON 02159 --- Clio & Erjc FISHER (Sarah/72, Thea- Lansing 48910 --- Jim & Robin l'IacKENZIE {Josh- /73, I\my/76) 12169 Fox Pt, l4aryland .Naoni773,0badiah/75)BoX2,QuarryRd'North..-GingerFlTzsll40Ns

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--- lrving & Susan RIUTTA \Irr/10, Alex/76, ASSoC, Box 144, lYanhattan 59741 Beth/83) 49 Day St. oracut 01826 --- Jeff & Jason FIELD & Debbie CHRIST0 lTachary/74J Lougee Rd, txeter 04435 --- l'4arjon E Dan F0SS 8et GIDDINGS (Sarah/79, Annie/82, Patrick/85) Grant/B0,0livia/82, Chase/85) RR Box 291, (Amy/80, Eben/81 ) Box 67, Deer lsle 04627 --NE - Ronaele & Russell BERRY {Katherine/ lll Hathaway St, l{areham 02571 --- Don & Sue Houghton 49931 --- David RoSEN & Carol CLAUSS I

8ox 174, Fryeburg 04037





(Kate/78) Paul



--- Ejleen

Box 789, & Pauline





(Becca/81, Laura/84) P0 8ox



& John

--- Gail




1514, l4anchester 01944



SUPPoRT Mike & Carol



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--- Bill t Loretta


--- Bill


& Penny




Box 55, Johnstown 69214


--- Phil



Chadron 69331


bridge, Lincoln 68506 --- Harry & Sandy DAVIS

David & Emilia




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4 Box 5500, Farmington 04938 --- Linda & Paul Upton --- Karen KIMBALL (Rebekah/68, Benjamin/ 48854 MoRSE (Annie/78) Box 425, Bar Mitls 04004 --73) SoUTH SHORE HOt4t SCHo0LERS, tb3 H.inqhan A. l4YERS, RFD 3 Box Kents

Hill 04349

S Natick 01760


Peter & JoAnn



2ll1 Eastern At'B:l!]T:::," pu,q"-iussiia'rnJim,r6g, R6ry/69, A^gela/77, Robert E Audrev BANKS {Brendan/79' e"ti""u/8i.-C.bl,"t,/B3i 26 -Davis Rd; stow




Chestertown 21620


l,/arren QUARTERS, P0 Box 366, Frenont 68025 RUSHToN, NEBRASKA CHRISTIAN H0l4E SCHooI ASSoC,

LoNG LEARNERS, 4238 Lynn

Av S, Edina 55416

--- Lincoln


or, iino iaies 5b014 --- chris & susie FRENCH Ln, Lincoln lsi.ihzeo, Brian/85) RR I Box 65, Tracy 56175





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2l I I Eastern Av, Baltimore 21231

INsTlTUTE,6940carrol]Av,TakomdPk.209]2niiocl,s;,-'i;..ii'uuiootqst-..arjo MYOR (Jennv/78'-Kevin/84) I'I0NTGOMIRY c0' suPPoRT GROUP' 26824 Hosard chgp:.1.^9I:-DIII::

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(Juno/71, Rosy/73, Jasmine/76, Roli/78) Brown Rd, Ta@;rth 03886 --- Grace & Joe I,{ATTY

Aquita Rd,-Bloonington 55438




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Shelley AsicRoFT,iAdan/16, cara/7', Roshelle/ 80, R.J./83) 4568 Prestwick Rd, Mccuire AFB 08541 --- Alice & Harry EECKH0Rl,l-(Patrick/79, (oaniel/81


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Harbor Dr, l'4aineville ScHooL, 60 catehouse Rd, New Paltz 12561 ioMpurgq c0 (Rachet/80) 136 creen HoUK & Seth R0CKi4ULLER (Tahra/59, anna BISSELL (Jodi/68, Greq/73) 9998 Penninan noi,-e"jt" ueaa oesoz --- Kathy & Bi]] J0HNSoN Katharine genjamin/79, H0t'18 scHo0LERS Rd,orwell 44075 --- Ed & Joyce c0tl|,lAY (Bill/ Emity,/82) 071?4 Rd, Eato;town 27 t4axwelt teiirvZzot vtavne/1z' M'ichael/82) 8310^cloverjdge' EX6HANGE, l8 l'{ashinston Av, chatham 12031 I'si"""-ltjcrrrr (selina,/81, Martin/85) chagrin Fatls 44022 --- David & Nan ERBAUGH HUNi 07853 Eridge Rd, Long vajley P.A.T. & 58 catifon l,riiirrinlaz) llaah3ry/1^1, l9"hl9?l-?"]^J98l.Ansonia 45303 a reeeoE ir4eli;sa,/Bl)-72s Schooner Nagai P0 Box 28, shelter Island Harold INGRAHAI'I, CALIJMET --- t'tart & Dolly FISHIR lcor.y/76, Au*ey/82' Heights 11965 Kinqs Hwy, Swedesbo.o 08085 --- Annie & scH60L, RD r Box e5, smyrna l?151-_:-_l^"t9".& sterany/84) 843 oneida.Tr' Jamestown 4s335 --iiiiinvnii'is"ini"7il,-niiuii"zzl, jii-p.".p"ii"n", princeton 08540 -"-- charres & earoa.i rnvrNr (Eriia/7!, Philip/81 ) 522 Not- Doug1ai.l^,ilou.l!99? 1l::n:lll19t Jonelle/80' Sus;nne/83, Davrd/84) 7395 Portage St, Solon roikwOoo-riootE (Todd/78, Roxy/81 ) Hater- tingham Rd, syracuse 13210 --- virginia otuiri" UiCx" (ernnar/79, Alana/83) RD Box 74, 44139 --- Kathleen & Peter F0TIS (Jonathan/78, ioo nO-i, iii"nop" 07874 --- nutn (Joshua/81) --Linda JAENIscH Emily/83) 3539 Olentangy Blvd'.-columbus 43214 ttnitrsxv'(Saraoettr179, Jacob/82) 5 Briarwood Hartwick 13348 Keith --- irwin & Mary GEMLICH-(Ahn |tlarie/8o) 10036 Box 47, Pearl St, Crown Point 12928 O8BZ: --- Laurd & Doug 7 (Karli/79, Kat'ie/85) Ravenna Rd, Twinsburg 440q]---: Joe & Barbara Kyle./82, Anna/84) B l/ooilane t'Cu.yn xenron il,ritiTiS,-B*ku7Aj, "osoqe Laura/8z) ll92 --- Etizabet; & J"iioi na, {.iilow 12495 ----clifford & Margo GRAHAM (charile/79, Annie/81, iun""n.uuilt" Diane 145 Rd, Jefferson 44047 ----Georqe (Lindsay/78, Nigel/83) l,,lebster +2, Shannon/81, Jersey KEyES l,tinniff-ttCrftng, 8l Grant St seth/83) 8731 camelot Dr' oTjoz --- itepnen a Robyn t4tDoUHAS (stephen/ Newton St, salamanca 14779 --- Edith KRAUSE HoRRIGAN (Adam/81, --HoWARD Larry Terri & 44026 (caroline775, l5l crescent chesterland t'4ichael/80) Kimberty it-,-initv/so,'Reed/Bz) i27 l,t {Victoria/73, Joshua/79) 6824 ltlerwin Av. chartette & Jo; 14tKULKA, no, ptttsfo"a 14534 --- oennis & Karen e.ini g"icl osoog cjncinnati 45?27 --- Gary & Pat HUSS (Megdn/ (Jeremjah/76, Zachariah/80, caitlin/84) RR noi gor iso. Branchville 07B26 --- Noward riox 91, !l Chazy 12992 --- Sherrie & Norm LEE 74, Abigail/78, lJhrtnev/83) 2399 coventrv Rd, i."""-i..iori-ir.ri.iv777, !icktiffe/79) RD2 nusseti/es) HoMESTEADERs NElls, Box columbua 4322l --- Joe & Karin JERNBTRG-BRIGGS Jenny iii,-Lirou"i na,"btairstown 07825 Joel/79' sri, iruptis 14512 --- Amv & David MANTELL (Laura/70' Jenny/7l'-Jorianne/79' oici rlipolr (Emiiv/78, Ari/81) N.J. Mariah/83) 216-262-4070, t'looster --(Sarah/83) 07830 t7 Audubon 5t-, Rochester 14610 califon nirZ s6x 236, nisoi, iiirjOll (Amber/8z) Bellbrook Dr, loodedge (lsis/78, 4129 Crystal/84) JoRoAN si"biiu a Mar; PARRILLI (Sara/82, Michael/85) Kathleen & John I'IARKS 45305 --- i4ichele KII'1BLE (Bethany/8o) 4334 1746 Lincotn Ter, Pe;k;kill ZSS-iiotr"oJ nv, eren noil 07452 --- t4ax qC9fs9-1. 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Nt4 FOR EDUCATIoNAL ALTERNATIVES N0!1, P0 --conrtrrol r"rry --ilisZ Susan no, siineiietes 8753g Itfetd RD4, Becker Rt Station, /77) Rrat & Lvnn (Adam/80, 094, Thompson-44086.---^Garv Joseph/83) 30 N t'lain .8ox vini liiol,utr & E;ward cAt4pAU (Nto;y/8o, Jeremy/76) pinon, Atamogordo 88310 --- rran-k & Katy FUCHS St, Mo61eg 16959-----[ilene Steu" SHAKo (Em/ PEPPTRS (Joshi]a/78, Adrian/80, Gabriel/83) susan 45208 cincinnati Av. Bellecrest 3620 aiunillgl RD 2 Box 202, schoharje 12157.-_ isi"piu"i"Zii, Michaet/78) 306 Qujncy Ni, Atbunrrprnrp R7t0B --- E]]en & Ron HALE (Jesse/l'8, Kate SHnnp a Ernie iOlifiiN trauraZgZ) 495 & 14rckey RlCt (Janet/76. Ilrndv/Bo.. Steven/83) --Bill 44231 Rd, Garrettsvrlle soltis 16261 david & Fe 87501 tJ End Av 9c, Nen ioir,-tooiq RUFFIN, 6122 oryden st #2,.cjnc.innatj 45213 leen SHETLAND t..]"'e'yu za' caleb/79, GarV & cjndv HEATH (Seth//J' taih/]5, }en/77 (Jene/8l) REBBIN-SHAI Louann --sHA! 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Hill LEE I

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97331 --- H0I'IESCH00LERS 0F KLAi'IATH C0, 3934 Rio Vista t'lay, Klamath Falls 97603 --- H0I4ESCH0oLERS 0F LANI C0, 1315 Jay St, Euqene 97402 --- xay HUTCHTNSoN (Dustrn/83) Rt 3 iox 27. Forest Grove 97116 --- Jane JoYCE


Box 2028, Crown Po'int 1.2:929 -:-.

N0 - NoRTH DAKoTA HoME scHooL Ass0c' 721 ei8, ir"*i*-ol86o l-l",tun. a Bill FLEI4ER (Emma susan FEUERSTEIN & George ECHEVARRIA (Michael/ N l4th3t, Fargo 59102 82) 33 Roner Av, Pleasantville 08232 --Teaj iiO Mupf"ton Rd, Kingston 08528 --- !,lendy (Zoel78, KelJesse/gg' Joanie I Mark GILLISPIE rOniSS (Aun7ZZ, Richard/Bi, Beth/74) PO Box 0H - Larry E,Patty ARNoLD (Heather/80' rois, ne* Bruniwick 08903 --- Lyn HAMILToN len/82' shane/84) Mathews l'till Rd' Bedford Hiils i0507 --- B.ian & Sharon GRAFF (Heidi/ GabrieTfe/8z) 38000 Shaker Blvd' chagrin Fal.lsi twiiiiamlle, Atice/82) 249 l4t Lucas Rd, princeton 08540 --- td{ard & Kathy HOR'ATH 76) P0 8ox 72, Dolgeville 13329 --- !!iP l--- 4402? --- Terry & Hendv BENDER-ilILLER {Hope/ "Branch Ct, eiiuaia eurnrn (Joihua/74, Elizabeth/82) ?19!.. 78, Teva/82) 1144 s l6th st' coshocton 43812 tsufir,Tig,-r,r"usian/Bt, Jim/84) 6 --l Janet & Nornan BENNETT lKathryn/62) 2747 lliiluo"o ozoqo---- Rebekah & Ben ISRAEL' lilestside Av, schenectady 12305 --- HIGH MEADosl --45039 --- Conrad & Di-



colAbigail/ izzzq---331, St'4tE fiii,i""^ I

(Laura/72, Alex/75)


535 Barbara Dr, Grants Pass 97526 --- Gary & Reqina KE0UN (Sienna/75, Demian/81 ) 293 Cherie Ln; Myrtle Creek 97457 --' Rick & Betsy KRAFT (Jerore/79, Kelsev/82) Maple Hill school 5756 ' 72nd SE. Salem 97301 --- Ralph KRUMDIECK & Lynn CoATES (chad/69, Emily/77, Alice/82) 1440 Lincoln, Eugene 97401 --- Rick & Ann LAHRSoN (Alice/78, irin/81 ) 5360 S! l92nd, Aloha 97007 --- LEARNING CoNNECTl0N,635 Barbara Dr, Grants Pass 975?6 --- Mary MAYFIELo E Donn RoliE {Rhiannon/77) 28915 LiDertv Rd, Sweet Home 97386 --- Kathy MURD0CK (Dave/71) P0 Box 84, Selma 97538 --- NATI0NAL B00K C0, 333 SII Park Av, Portland 97?05 --- Mike & Kathy

(shawn/72, Lisa/79, Becky/82) Rt I Box 3665, Nyssa 97913 --- PARENTS EDUCATI0N ASSoC' PO 8ox 1482. Eeaverton 97075 --- Laura


PRITCHARD (Daniel/77) PoRTLAND AREA TRI-CoUNTY H0MESCH00LERS (P.A.T.C.ll.), P0 8ox 5345'

--- Anna QUINN-SMITH (xris2338 NE l5th, Po.tldqo 9t212 --- Bridn & Betsv RAY (Hallie/80, Rachel/82) 434 5 Atwate; st. f4onmouth 97351 --- Leslie REDPATH oreaon Citv 97045

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(Auqust/76, Brooke/78) 2581B (herry Crl' Rd' Mor;oe 97456 --- 5al ly SHUMAKER (tcho/78. JasDer/81, Marvi/83) P0 Box 895, Port orford 97465 --- Gayla & Richard SLATI0N (Cord/82) 2729 SE t4alcolm, l,lil{aukie 972?? --- Da||n SoFIClt (Brandie/74) 27497 S Skinner Rd' Estacada 97023 --- carlo & Marcia SPANI (shannon/78, Renee/80) ALoltA KIDS ACADEI'IY, 4640 Sl'/ l82nd, Aloha 9700^1 --- Steve & Diana STEARNSSl'1lTH (Corrie/76, \e"ity/19, owen/83) 3060 Elackthorn, Medford 97504 --- Marten & Mary

(T.avis/73, Tyler/75) 13285 Hwy 42' !{inston 97496 --- Jim & Paula SULLIvAN (Ke1 lvl STONE

78. Janie/8],

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lip/83) 685 il flarquam st' --- Mvcall SUNANDA'

Box 1017, Mt Angel 97362



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ser Rd, Cottage Grove 97424 --- Michael & Candace SYI4AN-DEGLER (lsaac/73, Vanessa/76, Lucien/79, India/82) 25409 Valley View Dr' cheshire 97419 --- TEACHING HoME/cHRISTIAN HollE SCH00LS,873l NE Everett St, Portland 972?0 --- Aia & Abhaya THoMS (vrndavana/74' Gopal/79, Vedisa/82, Vyasa/85) 2003 SE 35th Pl. Portland 97214 --- Lynn TURRIFF (Kimberly/ 8l ) RT 1 Box 103, Gaston 97119 --- Dennis TUURI, PARENTS EDUCATI0N ASSoCIATI0N, P0 Box 1482, Beaverton 97015 --- John & Stephanie V0LKI'IAN (Jessamyn/76, caitlin/BZ) 3917 N l'1ass' Portland 91227 --- Jim {ALoRoN & Jean PEKAREK {Kai/80, Maya/85) Rt I Box 728, Joseph 97846 --- John & Teresa !llLsoN {Jeremy/77, Amanda/ 81, Allison,/84) Rt 5 Box 1420, Klamath Falls

--97601 --z v, P0 PA - David & Ruth ARTHURS (Ann/80, Beth/ --I 84) RD-T Box 6ll. Altoona 16601 --- Joli & Ron i"; ;;; --BAKER (Vanessa/80, Stuart/82, Nora/84) 2401 iiiui)Ail I 428, oueen St, York 17402 --- Ronald & Diana BASE& ,.-irorr ? l,r6iiinite' MAN (0livia/78, Delia/82) 1002 Arborwood 0r, st, ----EJ Gibsonia 15044 --- Peter BERGSON & Susan iilLit;ii, io"il,'iqi0. i."i"-;e SHILC0CK (Amanda/76, Emily/78, Julia/81, Nichr"-bzSOt olas,/84) 0PEN coNNtCTloNs, 314 Eryn Mawr Av, --t3383, Bryn l"1awr 19010 --- John & Linda ElNDt (Melis--sa/76, Kristen/79) 1347 Turner St, Allentown I lsland & 18102 --- Dwight & Kathleen B0|'{EN (Timothy/78, ,iqr, Sarah/8o) RD4 Box l4l , Denver 17517 --- Jane ego56 BRANCH (John/71 ) Box 296, Clarendon 16313 ---:Ron.ld & Josette BRo|,JN (Nathan/79, Lisette/82, --i Andrew/85) RR 2 Box 64, ljpper Black Eddy 18972 Jim & Kathy vREELAND (Tanya/75, Rya /171 2375 scHool suPP0RT GR0UP' --- Tony E Carolyn clvlTARESE {Sunshine/80, An)c,'ili.".ii aiore --: ou""vr a-s"iui iionnnn t4ead Piedmont 73078 --- 0KLAHoMA cHRISTIAN H0f4E Rd, s;vannah l3'145 -:- Bob &-Nancy ntreTiij'iqls-ii"l iiicte thony/8s) P0 Box 3, Landingville 17942 --iii.i;i;:;;";;;i; EDUCAT0RS ASS0C, 2008 Meadowbrook, Ponca citv Fullis & Bob c0NR0Y (Meredith/80, Fiona/83, SiSE, R.io Rancho 87124 --- Ltnou iri.qnOf-a 6"ous wnrrnct ltshmael/71, Vita,/75) ll9 ttyllg ll, (Jeff/76' 1i850.--- Geiry & Rosenary IIEINBERG- 74504 --- stacv & chervl RICHARDS0N las/85) RD 5 Box 252K, Smoky Corners, tlilliamseuiNiii tctil.z6o, t4aya/84) p0 s", )2i,-viii"- Ithaca (Jonathan/82) 335 Earion Av, Pat;hogue-11772 Briana/78, Noah/81) 1376 N 76th E Av, Tulsa port'17701 --- Sharon & Bill DAVIS (oustin/70, -citos B75gt --- At & Louise wrLiiiirq!-iiuinZajl i nton / 2, lvlari tt/75, Adan/76, Brett/79, t'leir ii iaro,u, Los A,amos 87544 l^i::i,(;,1-31* qan/82) ;;;,H*,rid:rl::'Bl.:!:116!';,Ii.:i'ii_t;i_ a:l'i;: r:Jl:{ }r3ii,-l:'::;:i RD Z Box 286, Stoneboro 15153 --(Anis/76, Ane'lia/79, l,4artha/84) 25 {Catherine/8t) 5537 N Barnes, 0klahona City Scott & Christine 0eHART, 747 Storch Rd, State Ny - peter & Robin AsHLR (Erinn/68,. BEARSKIN 13112 --- Larry I carol l'liLSON (crista/75) Rt Henrieita 14467 --- Srad & Jan College 15801 --- Tom & Karin DESCHERT (KristoLisa/77: ttegan/751 49 t4ain st, i"tirr,"i-itz:: Hill Terr, :-:-ii;;y A'.]i* gnnnErr tMuttn""7ig, SethZeO, ilINSLoU (8obby/73, Ben/77, Luke/83) P0 Box 2 Box 366-l, Chelsea 74016-9802 pher/78, Ar{enl8] ) 140 ! Highland Av, Philadelphia 19118 --- Jeff & Sarriett DILLER (Adam/ Joel,i84)"213 l,lelbourne Av, Syracuse 13224 --- l755, E Hanpton 11937-0795 0R - Jodi & John ALTENDoRF (Eric/78' 80) 448 E Grand Av, Tower City 17980 --- Anna l,laj. Lyman BARRY,9297 Shaw Rd, R I Box 313, 97330 Dr, corvallis 2375 DuSABL0N Kvle/9zf BELLAVANCE & Michel M Louise !! lhi!99f & Roaer 00DGE (Aaron/73, l'4e1lisa/75, Louis/78, Nunda 14517 --- Jrm BURCELL u sriun r,rlin-ii,i"Z Gabriel/83) 909 ! Lee 5t, -:- chris ANDERSoN (Billv,/79, sissv/80) Rt I RD 2, Edinboro 16412 --- Frank & Jane Jo/8i) 79, Jutjan/83) 94 Faircrest, *"ii6itil'iqdi5'' (saraz79, xavieizet, Box 100-A' Oakland 97462 --- Jim & Tvra ARRAJ 2i893 --- Jocelyn BUTLER_& FerylDoIEGAN (sean/80, Erendan/83, aonor/84) 2037 --- Louis & zeke BLAN6HE tLor,rT)s,'viuil8i, ' witson I4ASTERS (Duncan/79, ruia/82) 717 Ll 2nil st, {Elizabeth/73, John/74) Box 520,,chiloquin Eeech Ln. Eensalem 19020 --- Sharon & Bob cammv/84) I circte Dr, rrvrngton'i6s3i'--liashjngton 27889 --- John E Robin CHALK (Jen- 91624 --- Richard & Pattiebuff BEAR {t'{icah/80' DOI{N0LA (Sean/83) RD I Box 46, Friend5ville ;;il;;;-i r.r."ii." eoiil6Li.1'iMiir'u"i7iS,::- ua"li (Scott/76, nie/79; Miller/81, Morgan/83)-6ll_uindernere- Biorn/83) 464 S 4lst, sprinqfield 9741a --' S



77) 57 lilildwood Av, Mt vernon roSSb ltinston-Salem 27166 --- Ann & Andy HINDs D;ve & Meeky BLIzZARD-(Ben/74, Nicholas/79) Rt ,uiltiam & t4etissa BgsTRgl{ (Matt;;;;74, Andrew/ cir, I Box 916' Beaverton 97007 --- John & Toni B0) Coreys Rd, Star Rt z, trpp"i-lur..'tZggO (0liver/77, Nicholas/79) 1820 Grace st, Patterson. lrinston-Saiem 27103 --- Ton & Barbara Ho!JE BLUM-CATES (Leah/8o, Asa/85) 190 NE(Michael/ :-: i;r;i & Ciaudia gnOSNnl {A""e7ii, eieaTZgt "Cresi";i, 97470 --- Elizabeth BR0[N (Brevet/79, Roseburo Bow Dr, Ra'leiqh 3212 Long Kira/83) Aabyion Vilasi iii6i--:rSZ ihe (seti/ 69, cas;aundra/70)-NATI0NAL H0ME EDUCATI0N BUFFAL6 H6t1EscHg6LERs, 573 sout; si;'i-Ar.o"u ileoq --- ni.r'ara-l,rArirlnlr a ,tiay stooin Hill 2i514 ---.-_. GUILD,515 NE 8th st,.Grants Pass 9752699'--t4052 --- Karen & Mike euscH tnjchiiz)6,-1,r"."- atj Rt 3 Box l90, chapet P0 The CHERS0NSKY {LYNCH) Fanilv, P0 8ox .jnqstar/80) 5077 Federat na, Henioir fi,ioo --- witliam & Reld MiLLER (Ross/78, Hinston/81 ) -2877i --- t4oUNTAlN selma 97538 --- cHRIsrlAN LIFE l'loRKsHoPs' 180 Robbinsviile Drawer 1630, olii"iuliin'a-Mlii"-pnineLi ic"ij"zei, iiinleql MoIiTESS0RI scHooL, Rt 3 Box 130, clyde 28721. sE Kane Av, Greshafr 97030 --- sheri & Bob R0 z Box 1558, Sherburne 13468 -:--s;s;n (Daniel/zq, Keely/ CLEMEN (Taylor/79,.Bethany/8l,-tayne/84) 90765 CHAPMAN & Mark LINDBERG tretissa/76, Myrica/ --- 8ob E Susan NoFFSINGER Dalewood Di, Junction citv-97448 --- David & 83) 12492 smith Rd, r,ledina t4r0;'-:: N;;ct-& 16, sara/lg, Benjmin/84) 1i +-9g1 1y;12,-4i,ex Kittv DESIiIARTEAU-(Heather/77, Daniel/81) 910 H0l4E EDUCAT0RS, P0 21502---NORIH;AROLINA patrick cIHoN (christopher/71, Emily/76, t4at-gox 5182, Emerywood Sta, High Pt 21-262-999^8 Carmil Dr SE, Salen 97301 --- Martha D0LDT & ir,"*Ziri,-iri.ui"u'ZeZi'ti r riii"O"ii, ii,


18818 --- llayne E Nancy ED||loNDSoN Nathan,/80) l4l4 otter St, Frankl in 16323 --Dave & Glenda ERSKINE (Davina/68, Panela/70, 260, Moore Rd, Butler David/77) Shawna/75, .l5001 --- Darlene E i4ichael 'ox FARBo {Sarah/77, Aaron/8o, Zebulah/84) RD I Box 252, conestoga '17516 --John & Donna FATURoS (Joseph/79, Joshua/82, Eenianin,/84) RD 3 Box 402, Saylorsburg 18353 --- Joseph ! 0ebbie FoRilICA (l'!atthew/78, Tinothy/81, Peter/84) 6502 Chestnut 5t, Upper Darby 19082 --- Linnette & Jeff GANAPoSKI (Alia/76, Kagan/79, t'{ica/84) P0 Box 301, Centre Hatl 16828-0301 --- Rich GIoRDANo & ceil GLACKlil (Jessica/77, lan/81) 2626 Bonnaffon St, Philadelphia 19142 --- Ted & Karen HoLT (l4atthew/78, Amanda/8z, l4elinda/83) l9l5 S virginia St, Allentoun 18103 --- Joe & susan JAFFER (suzanne/73, 6i l l ian/75, Joseph/ 78) RD 2 Box 206, Iaymart 18472 --- Todd & Jan

--- James r susan oniri-(ltoih/81, sarah/83) 8ob LLE!{ELLYN (Chelsea/80) l82l Moonshine Pk tttB vt nisrr st, t.iilson 2i893 --- Priscilla Rd. Loosden 97357 --- John & Debbie DoUGHTY cli;a; i2;;i':-: (Mara/75,'sara/77, Leah/81, Rachel/82) Rt (R;chei/75, l'lelea/81) DouGLAs c0uNTY HoilE RIcH fLur.lIiz),-i"aovZ Gary 8 Ftorence SCHooLERS COI{I{ECTI0N' 4053 Hanna St, Roseburg 73, Jodie/78) 169 Van Dorn na, iiiruii tqe5"0 2 Box 59, Zionvi'lle 28698 --- R;lf & Carol Kellv/ sEELBACH {JennrferTao, ihristorrer/g3, Robin/ 9747o -'- steve & Kav G00DSELL-(Kim/74' DecRISToFAno ijeiiievfis, --- J.in & Maureen 77, Lindsay/80) 8l2l sl'l seninole Trail' 28709 putaski R;, Barnardsville oiilrngr'* st, s""tiirpi""'iisig esl rzos JAUSSEiI (Paul/80, caleb/83' Abrahm/84) 452 Michael/76) 73 15201 A;;; t oavii itrvrn (Rosemary/82) Rt s.Box Tua'latin 97062 "- steve & Debie---GURZI Long Av, t{ versailles t5137 --- Alex & Katie --- Robertpo& Linda DoMANosKr rrliiiiris0,--- -:: David & River 97537 lzza, uirpny 28906 --- Andy &.Su-san sl'4lTH (Jen-Hoerster Ln, Rogue Box 66, Hestbrookvr;i; ii;8;'--JAY (Jutia/78, Ezral8], Josiyah/83) RD I Box Beth/8z) (Michael/80, l5'125 Teresa/82) 'f520, Myerstown 17067 '-- Luke & Doris KEEFER nvan/ei, stephenTa3) Tl5.Hebron st, Marilvn HALL paut & ctaudy D91ytR (paul/79, Mir."us2i-Bo" oo -- nii"ilzs, 97,991 -" ::--i;i;ia NE,-silverton Rd vallev Moigan.^-. Evans & i8i3s lenae"sonviiie (Brian/78, Dale/8o) 1940 old York Rd, Di lls RD 3, Tully 13159 --- Richard a )i"l'i"il."i! tilegin77g, ,loseptr/SZ, Haniah/85) I'telissa & L-oren HEUERTZ {Tionne/66' t'lichelle/ 17019 --- Kate & Ed KERMN (Ada,/72, Hanburq FAHEY (Isaac/72, Noel/73, Kateri/74, cuada- S0MMERVILtE Evans crk les08 E po Joshua/74) fiikoti/71' --Lisa & chip 69' Asieville 2881b Box 84r3, nah776, Jesse/7g) llOT Keystone Rd, Chester iijij.izi,-n""1,7ii, i;;;/t6, iti.;;;iilei)-ioill Rd' tlhite city 97503 --- Ton-HIN(LE ! sue --- Joan LAGAN & David GREET{ (Katelyn,/ 190t3 EDU6ATt0N t{6RKSHgps, Homesteaolng School, RD STROUP (Kristin/t6, J;nnifer/76, J"!!19q' lincolnion ?9092'"- scoTl (Jesse/7s, Luke/78' Jill/8l) 2ls9 "L" 78, llarshall/81) 2630 l.larcissa Rd, Plyrcuth 2, gxford t3s30 --- Kerry r Al iinnoiii"iinl"- s";dinlSjt i6 Bb, i:22, 2900 I van- St. sorinqfield 97477 --- rHE HollE scHool & xiil I,IAGoNER (Biaelyn/84) tlta 19462 --- Len & Sue LAUAITo, PAREIIT EDUCAii"7is, i"ii78jf zo7 Draie l" s,r,'li"r-niir,iite- Lori REaEAilctlEi, c/o 8. Rav, sci Ed Dept' 0su' (Jennifer/72, autiu, Greensboro 27407 skaneateles 13152

i,j"iiviiii-ic s""


Jim & t4ary Ann DANIELS

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st'Philade]phial9]49--.Reese&MaryLEELn,Na5hvil1e372|5---Jerome&Vicki5ean/82,Pat;ick/85)rq6-Ns0iii,ProvoB460lDAVIS(Justin/72'Ethan/75Rt 2 8ox 334A,

Munson 16860




Peter & Deby

Glenmoore 19343






(J.R./79) JoY19035 ::: Joseph & Helen 0Mt0R FUL LEARNING, Box 1294 RD 2, Douts Hill Rd,

ton Rd, Knoxville 37931

spruie-Knob Rd, t4iddteto;n spgi osTst


rangiey seioo --- steuu & shepy Goss (caittin

cindy & Rich LARS0N, vERt4oNT ioue scloors )ts', dytiiilazl Rt I Holtwoodl7532..-sharad&MaryPATEL(KeraniTX-Al4ERIcANcHRlsTIANAcADEMY,P0BoxAS50t,RD'!e]l505i14-.-8drbara&KenNYE..-'.aiet


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York Spgs 17372




73' Pe'c1!al/76' Paul/821 46 Provjdence


E George




Ed & Jean RoDRIGUEZ (Timothy/78, BenJamin/ coPus (Josh/79, oytan/ez)-nt i eo, ztin, Rjner Rachet/84J tB89 H st Rd, Blaine 98230 3003 Tanglewood Dr, Commerce 75428 -:24149 --- Earbara I Howard R0BINSoN {Atan/79) lhuck & Judv R0SEN (Nathan,/76, Lerl/82) 2931 Rt I Box 230-A, Floyd 24091 --- Harris & I,tV - Jan & Boward EVERGREEN, HOMESCHOOL



416' Pelzer 29669


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)y/g4) jzl Janet st, Lewisburg 24901 ---


80)Nen-oRtBox1033'Deadwood'szz32...t.tit.eUT-8radELeeALLRE0(chat]1e/72,Dar-(Aa.on/78,Jason/B4)]105taynewoodB]vd' 45' Garretson 57030



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Roanole 24015


tioger & sharon

LindacARTER(Jordan/78.T1ffanv/80)Rt5BoXHolladay84l2l-.-charle5ao;anainian--'30.c,Floydiqoir'--.,/82,Slby/85) -' ""'*'' 202, Lewrsburg 37091 --- Lindd ii ltit<e cl-enr (charle;,/76, Heather/7g, Heidi/82, Jack/8s)

6R01,{lNG |llITH0UT SCH00LING #48


Jacque i,ilLLtAi,tsoN (Nathan/77, Ryan/79, Rach-



Diana, Lynda & paut



(patrick/15, Sean/'t7, Katelyn/83) - .. oNT--_Andrew BLAKE, l7 llohlxk.Av, Port Credit fsc ER5 --- Esther CALDIELL (lin/78, Blvd, Shorewood qlzi1 ----- Penny GRAPENTil{E tOavinZiil irtcfg4l tiary/83) 769 Eyng Ct, l',lilton L9T 3t'12 oylan/74, G€neni I sox aasi, Mapte 54854 --- siiii i Jrii. & Neil oAINARD (Justlne/70, vieve/75, Glbrielle/76) RRs,Oranseville L9!J enroLii 6priiZaii iauta/84) 4p i-;t; i;:' (Kevln/71) --FLAHERTY

ZSO] E Shorewood

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/77, lichaet/80, Richard/84)



222 POT



2v0_---.Kafen DlxoN (caroline/80)

(Mlsr/68. Chlyo/7l,.Shinzo/74 t'legumi/76) l7-4 AslhiElokr-cho, Ashiyr 659 Japln ---.Edgar_. P0 SOHARb-(lslacl80,-BenJrntn/g4-Trchel/83) Box 721, USAFSK APo sF 96271 (Korer) --Kelvin & Noeline BARKLA (ElizaEEf678o, Jrne/ 83) l7 i'lerenere Rd, Rd 12, Hawera lew Zuland

Gillies 143 ---



St.pleford Cres,,Browns Bay, Auckland 10, t{ew Zfi iury t n, lteenatr 54956 --- Jane r Berner Trail, scarborough MIB_IB5 ---_ .-_. 335 christine OREISzIcER {Dines/77, Drni€l/84) --_ Zeaiand --- PRUNES, 120 tskdate Rd, Aucklai?iim xinuiHs ;tonr/1i, Katie/7s, ifi..o.ir,7e2t qiil" lJalmer Rd, Toronto |tlsR 2Y3'-- Barbrra lU,Elgglt!.::: co!!y q |\|rx c80! (J!!g-. SC1OOL,

Ctay st, eieen'aay 54301 --- ni" r (Trevor/7G, Tristan/80, to.i7ei.-s;in:' GAUTHIER (Brett/76, sinon/79, Lewis/81) Box don/83) 312 E lab;sh Av, Wauk;sh;-t3iS6,:-: 627, Vankleek Hill KOB lR0 --- Gord & Cathy Xeiitr a etiine JACKS (Shalinar/7i,-iiiasalte, GILHULY (Brian/78, Sean/84) |(lng 5t,.Frank---. y!]f9.--- Deborah & Norman GoLLEDGE (Janie/83) Arius/Bt ) Rt Z Box 274C, Ashtand 44806 --Box 178,_gracebridge-PoB 1c0 --lariy e iusan KASEIAN (tieth/7z, pete./75, Gret- ]38 River Rd, Diane HALL (Tracy/78) 62 Alna st, St Thonas irrenTl8, tegon/si ) t34d N Dous;an Rd.

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meir3tr-f,Tn-Ffi/84) crlla-B.rranquitl:,!?;_4p! 18, Santurca Pu€rto Rico 00907 --- PUERT0 RICO HoME SCHooLINETSSUf,;-5U3




Puerto Rico 00912 --- Tom & Julie 0'DAY TlfeJ-hafi77y, Kitie/81, Bridget/84) P0 8ox 21815, Riyadh Saudl Arlbia 11485 --- suzanne & oconomowoc 5306c --- p"te" a tuay ioiLMoos N5P 381.--'JlTolly q colleen HARRIS {zane/83, Richard ALEJANtrFfTfriF67t7, Lee/79) Artesa de qn.ri.p zachary/84) 465 0ld Goulajs 8ay Rd, Soult Ste Segre, 3, 08022 Barcelona Spain -'- Dan & Hd62s Arhja/81, Annwn/84') iRhia;;on780, tro.i" ill sle':: Eric & Elain; ilARSHALL Gl6ria HARRIsoil (Elizabeth774;Antonia/78, no, Meriiii ricqsz --- iohn a r,r"ri irjiiil ibviii (Alene/77,-Ryan,/79, Analeah/83) RRI, Enter- Anna/84, Sophia/84) 53 ilAVSTA, FPo NY /79, ahinalis/83) lt3 tJashington Av, lron -Box Ridie 5303s --- Donna & Larri MASR (Natatie t prise KoK-lz0 --- Barney & Patricia MCCAFFREY 09540 Spain --- Geoffrey & Theresa NoBLE (sam/ Natian/67, Laura/68, MatthewTZ2) SOi 1 l,rain (Elarse/65, Amon/68, Oaniet/69, cabriel/59) 73, Foiidit./77, Eden/80) 8or 213, Soufriere, !Jilno KoJ 2N0 --- t4ary &-Alex I,40LNAR.-_. St Lucla, l,lest Indies St, oregon 53575 --- Chris t'4Ayou & La..v ELACK RRl, (Nicholas/7s,.Emily/78, Raihel/81, l,4artha/84) liititii, tenny2g, Gres/84) n.o.r,l,i., ilaii9- 23 Dill. St' Kitchener N2L lL2 --- Melisande & iower St, 0naliska 5455d --- oale & Ruth MANiOR (josh/76, i4etissa,/73) 1403 N Lexington Donald NEAL-(Sandy/78,.Thatcher/82)-8ox_57,- RESOURCES Pontypool LOA lK0 --- NURTURIilG MAGAZINE, 20 "--David & Atison M;KES Dr, Janesvilte 53545 t,le are reprinting nanes of those sho (Christopher/78, Georgina/82) 3001 t{ Beltline PqPglllrlh 0r' Don Mills M3C 2t7 --- oNTARI0 :-H0MESCH00LERS AssoclATI0N, Box 60, 260 Adel- have experience-with the following subjects, Hwy 8, l,{;dison 53713 Jim & Michele 1,1616ExHAIJER (Joshua/82) Rt I Box 179, l,4anitowoc aide St E, Toronto I'l5A lNo --- Terrance E Bar- and who are willing to correspond with others jnterested. As with all of our Re54?20 --- lvlegan & t4ark pERRtNE (l,1jka/78, Teat/ bara-oUELLETTE-(Jessica/77, Simeon/8o, Nathan- who are gl, curi/84)-Rt I Box 73A, I,lason b4856 :-- Ed ael/84) 12642 Riverside Dr, Tecumseh fl8N lA3 source lists, we apprecjate additions 6nd (t4atthew/77' ---.Teresa Hade PlTl'iAN Lisa/78' & corrections. (Julia/81, Rt l,8ox Mary PETERSON tlyse/83) & lg3, i{lns Ctr 54611 --- Charl;tte & pdtrick oaniel/81,_Je.emy/84) 1580 Lancaster Dr, Unit Adoption: Jan Evergreen, Rt I Box 352, RYAN (Soti79, Evan/8]) HAy CREEK SCHooL, Rt I 1],91!flfl" L5H 225 -" Rolf I Wenqy Aox Zi7, Sprinqorook 54875 --- ceorge & Jane PRIESNITZ (Heidi/72, l'4elanie/73) 195 Markville Alders6-n-T[74910 --- l,{endy & Fred Forbes ('12, 10, 3) 494 lilary St, Mt Holly NJ 08060 --SlEt40N iHa;kin;/77, Clovis/80, Cedaiose/82) Rd, un'ionville L3R 4VB --- Anne QUICK & Jin Andrea Heyman, P0 Box 1488' lJindsor C0 80550i CIRCLE SCH0OI, RRz: Viroqua 54665 --- Jutie & R05s (Polly/8], Jenny/83) llA l'l Lynn Av, , Steve SORENSEN (Rory/78, Hannah/81 ) Rt I Box Toronto M4C 3V7_--- Marga RAUDSEPP (Hanno/73, 303-686-2069 ---_Lury lgnizio, .19504 Hiawatha paut Paperbirch Raja/76, tajne,/78, 20 0r, (pauta Jako/80) Rd, odessa Ft 33556 --- Paula King, 156 t20, l,4ason 54856 --: & Lois S0UKUP Belcrest Dr, Los Gatos CA 95030; 408-356-9554 /7?, t4arlene/l3, Lad/75, Corine/76, Jana/78, M9! ?ll -:: Frederick SCHUTLER & Aleta --- Eljzabeth La Cava, 4ll5 N Illinois St' RR KARSTAD, Bishops.i4ills' 2 0xford Sta KoG Ade; & Elyl79) Rt I Box il7, Lyndon Station 53944 ---'E]lje & John TH0I4AS0N (Adete/gl, lT0 --- Lloyd & l'1ary SC0TT (Ben/75, Jenny/79, lndianapolis IN 46208 --- lJalter & l'4ary --Jesse/85) RRl, Campbellcroft L0A lB0 l'4arschner, 107 Paisano 0r, Victorla TX 77904 -,Dafyl & Becca/85) RRI Box 9lB. tlason 5495b --- Suzanne Mortensen, 12600 Coyote Valley Rd, Valerie VAN OORT (Jessica/75. l,tartjn/79) 2-07 S SIDNEY LEDSoN SCHooL, 33 overland 0r, Don --Mills l43C-2C3 Jan TEEVAN & Erjc BELLoUS Mesa Antero, Nathrop C0 9]?9! ::: Lois Porter, --Gene & Betty I'JALTON State St, ilaupun 53963 (Njck,/76; Kat;/80) 812 1 Cramer, Ft Atiinson {Sierra/80, Noah/82, Savannah/85) 85 LeBreton Box 401, New Lebanon NY 12125 (13, ll, l0) ----RD #2, N Hillsdale NY 12529 St N, ottawa KIR 7H3 Judy Laurence URAGG Kerry Ann Sager, (Forpst/75. & --Horr|/tEtER Toots & Steve 53538 zon Btue/28, l,tinter/81) nt z eor-ioi,'poJn;- (Ste;hen,/78, Colleen/82) 305i Cantelon Cres- --- bm Strulils, Peloncillo Primary, Box 91, --Nil l4ississauga Rodeo 88056 (Kame gent, tsN 3J7 Davina & Stef --Amber |{ESTER|4AN & Bi|y KUEHNE 54151 oeafness: John & Shelley Dameron (Julia /g0) t84l Jenjfer St, I4adison 53704 --- l/tS- ZoETI,4ULDER (Farrah/78, Charissa/82) 2A Beau4) 2l0iJ-ltuj1-6frt,Av N, llinneapolis l{N 55411 --CSNSIN pARENTS,ASSOC, p0 Box 2052, I,ladis;n mont Rd, Toronto




Richard & Vjrginja



PO-Tox 187, Dubois 82513 --- Bob & l4arie RISTR0PN (Robert,/74, Alice/75, Trygve/77, tli-


Deborah Doerfel,54o Temperance Ln, Ivyland PA l,4ike ANToLIK 18974; teacher --- Phil Grove, 2736 llth Av s' (LydiaTg4T-RR I, --- John & Minneapolis MN 55407 --- Nancy Kirkland (Shercindy BELL (Tobi/74, zachary/79, lhatcher/82) rie/78) 22631 l'{ Waterwheel cir, saugus CA Box 7, l4urray Harbour CoA lV0 --- Ron FARI'1ER & 91350 --- Kelly Mct4ahan, 8207 Thetford Ln, Cathy 6ENER (Susanna/76, Jude/78, Noah/80) P0 Houston TX 77070;713-459-2208i cert. teacher Box 76, Hunter River CoA lN0 --- Carol & Roger for hearing lmpal.ed --- K'im Schive' 45 Mass. HoGE (trindel/73, Dorian/77, Jonathan/81 ) RRI Av, Arlington l4A 02174

P.[.], -

nar/78, Ingrid/81, Leif/82,

Gunnar/84) 801 S Beech 5t, Casper 82601 --- Susan SilAN (Fraser/ 80, Erin/82) 1392 Twentymi le creek Rd, Lost Springs 82224 --- llY0|!1fNG 8014E tDUCAToRS NETl,l0RK (]llHEN) 158 !l Harney, Laramie 82070 --i'JY0MING H0f4E SCH00LERS, Box 1385, Lymai 82937

cardisan c.A


ARSENAULT & l"lontague COA lR0



Robe.t l{ynne, 2408 Capetown Av, 259-4778 Alhambra CA 91803 Lerrnlng Disabilitlesr Thonls Armstrong,

LATEBLUOEEFSTO]YSMTITFSEIV ICE. PO 8OX 2547, Berkeley cA 94702 --- sharon Grahln, 22500 Rlfl€ Range Rd, C.)velo CA 95428 --- Krts Hall-

bera, 544 Constock Av, Elnhurst lL 60126


Sue-Hinel (Bryan/76) 1723 Iillor Dr, G.rnd Forks N0 58201 Phvsical hondic.Dsr Ka.en Franklin, 26 ( Je s s i c a /80 c. P. ) N ove s Sf;- l!EEilh-ar--l0lF0ZT92 -

Sinqle Prrents: Klm Delauter, l50 N Avery,-7otflEdTTn8054 --- Joln Jurkofsky,

Stlte St,

Glassboro NJ 08028





Cl.srch, V€ntry, Kerry, lreland --- cathy Payne, Block lslrnd RI 02807 --'Naoml Siegl (Saoe 4) l0 Yonae Blvd. Toronto, ont. M5i'l 3G5 ----Carol Ann Siockton, 2307 63, Seattle [A '\ 981 03 Soeech Problems: Suzanne Friedrichs, Rt 3 8ox

?fllEfig-t6i-VA Travel:

24450 GllS TRAVEL NETIoR(, Leigh

gergland lll 49910 --- EDUCATl0N oTH[RlllSE Visit Exchange, Helen Ho]land, lnholms Farm, Plumpton Green, Sussex BN7 30E, tngland

TaylorlTfTox 3,

Travellino Familiesr Lois


( JanicE/7y,--lE idruffPu-683, summerI and Key FL 33042 --- Spencer & Marilyn Bohren (DJango/ 77, An*e/79, Corinna/8z) P0 Box 158, Pointe A La Hache LA 70082 --- l{endy Forbes, 494 Mary





tlatt l2)


NJ 08060 --- Arlene Haight (Becky 527 E ililson Rd, Scottville Ml

I'laxine, Ken E Nejl Hartnann,7132 |lhipple Av, San Diego CA 92122 --- Karen Holguin, P0 Box 2010, Sparks NV 89431 --Becky Ho{ard, 1708 S Boston Pl, Russellville AR 72801 --- D.R, & Georqette schulte (George 49454

2) c/o l30l A Rio Rancho Dr, Rio 87124 --- Beth & Art Shaw, Gen Del, Sechelt BC, VoN 3A0 --- Sally Shumaker (Echo/ 78, Jasper/81, HarVi,/83) P0 Box 895, Port


Thomas Rancho Nll


0R 97465

CERTIFIED TEACHERS Here is a complete list of certified teachers who have told us they are wil ling to

help home-schoolers:

CA, South (Zips to 94000): Ruth ARTHURS, 0 cF6iru-t-I-v;foG-Teh-90906 ; 2 I 3 - 59 5 - 4 I 8 t K-8 --- 6inny ATHERToN, 4420 Eoston Av, La crescenta 9]214; 213-249-1285; music --- Lynne EEHElM,3ll El l'4onte Rd, El Cajon 92020;6192 3 2

442-6579 --- John BoSToN, P0 Box 92, Escondido 92025; 619-749-1522 --- Ruth BoTHNE, 17355 t'4elody Ln, Los Gatos 95030;408-353-3620 --Sandy DoERFEL, P0 Box 271331, Escondido 92027 Herbert HAI{|4ER, 7001 Alvern St #A, Los


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(lB) Publication No: 07455305' (2) Date of HUET & Sruce C0TTINGFIA|4 (Joel/79) Box l28, CARGItL, BRISBANE HOI'IT SCHOOLING GROUP, I48 ijling:9/30/85. (3) Frequency of Issue: Bi-monthly. (3A) No' of issues published annually:5. Silverton VoG 280 --- Jan & l'4arcus HUNT (Jason Henson Rd, Saljsbury 4107 --- Christine (38) Innual subscription prici: $15. (4) Complete mailing address of known office of publicaGAJZAGo ( Ami /76, Pabl o/80 ) I 2 Camerra St, /81 ) 605 l4ary St, Victorja V9A 5Y9 --- Victor tion: Solt Associates, 729 Boylston St, Boston M 02116. (5) Conplete mailing(6)address of the & Edith NEIIMAN ly.arion/72, Carey/75, Ellen/80) Carruf, 3197 --- Christine & Robert PUFFETT Full names and or general businiss offices of the publishers: Same as ltem 4. headquarters {Betrany/81. Colrn R3) 105 Essex St, EpDing l97l Kaltasin Rd, RRI, Sooke V05 iN0 --comDlete mailinq address of publisher, editor, and managing editor' Publisher: Holt Associates' QUE -


JUDY & G.R. l,{ALKER (Tessa/BZ) Box Pk VoG 2E0 --- Edward KELLY & Sandy (Eddie,/75) 208-1225 Nelson, Vancouver V6E lJ5 --- Alice I\4cEACHtRN (Ernie/69, lsaac/ 72, Zoe/76) liihite Rock, 17223 znd Av, RR7, VAB 5A8 --- NEI'J oPTloNS SCHooL,2160 Fernddle Rd, Victoria V8N 22l --- Beth & Art SHAU (Robyn/12, Any/16, Enjly/77, l'4ary/79, Eva) Gen oel, Sechelt VoN 3A0 --- Lynne & Nava THUNDERSToRI4 (Leaf/71, Raven/80) Telegraph Crk VoJ 21.J0 --- IIoN0ERTREE SCHo0L, Sta t Box 35243, Vancouver V6M 4G4


40, Slocan HANSoN

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David oEUTSCH, 123 Harefields,

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67 Melfort Rd, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR4 7RT --- l"larlene STRo|4 & l4ark ilEBER (Angela/81 ) 5l Roderick Rd, London Nll]3 GERIlANY



& Garry BUETTAdam/8o, Elisabeth/



(0;nl?T24, David,/76,


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Dan & Cathy Landstr. I, 0-8042 Neuherberg JAtt4t, Nr'18/243 ADA, AP0 NY 09165 --- Dave &

(Jason/79, t'4ark,/81) 8ox 6ll, APo NY 09751 lCrailshiem) --- Esther & Jim RoSEN (Joshua/75, Adrian/77, Nicholas/8z) A Btry i.linnipeg R3L 0P9 l/41 FA, APo NY 09281 (Goeggingen) --- Ken & NB - Lesley BART0N & Burt CoHEN (Amy/82, Rita STEEIE (Paul/76, Carmen & Cody/78, Skye/ l'1icah,64) c/o l'1orrill, RR l, St Louis de Kent 8C) HHC 23d Engr Bn. APo NY 09166 EOA 220 --- t4ary Ann C0LEI4AN, RR 4, Sussex --tdward E Carolyn GtoRGt (Christopher/70, Jon- oTHER LoCATIoNS athan/74) RR2 l{estfield, Kings Co, EoG 350 --- -a-----En-iai-TTirian C00K (Tomas/82) Chenin Laurence l'4ARIE & Ian CURRY (Nathalie/70, 8astidasse,06550 La Roquette sur Siagne, oonagh/75, S'iobhan/80, Yanneck/81) 644 Shediac France ---l,]illian & Loretta STAPP (Joseph/70) -SFTTlmore Av, Lockwood Terr, FPo San Fran, Rd, t'loncton EIA 2Tl --- Susan PITI4AN & Paul JACQUIS, RR 3, Norton EoG 2N0 --- Don E Isao CA 95630 (Guam) --- Hope & Einar KNUTSSoN (fryggvi/TqJatla/77) Aesufell 4 Apt 2F, lll SANAfiI/MoRRILL (Benjamin/75, Kai/78) RR I, St Louis De Kent EoA 220 Reykjavik lceland --- Christina & Kohei HotlDE Pal9e

T2g Bovlston St: Eoston I4A o2ll6. Editor: Donna Richoux, 729 Boylston st, Boston MA 02116. Editor, Patrick Farenga,729 Boylston St, Boston l'1A 02116. (7) owner (lf owned by a corp6raiion, its nane and address nust be stated and also imediately thereunder the names and addresses oi stockholders owning or holding I percent or more of total amount of stock): Holt Managi-ng

MA 021i6. Patrick Farenga, 729 Bovlston 5t. Boston' M 02115. Stephen Rupprecht, 729 Boylston St, Boston MA 02115. Donna Richoux' 729 Eoylston 5t, Boston l'4A bZttS. iom & i4ary t4aher, 30 Park St, wakefield MA 01880. i4ary & t'4ark Van Doren, 46 Nelson St, Quincy MA 02169. Nancy & 8ob llallace, 119 trving Pl, Ithaca NY 14580. 18) Known bond holders, mortgag;es, and other security holders owning or holding l% or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other securities: None.

Associates, 729 Eoylston St, Eoaton






A. Total No, Copies B. Paid Circulation

Sales Through Dealers and carriers, Street Vendors & Counter Sales 2 . I'ilai I subscri pti on



C. Total paid circulation D. Free distribution by nail, carrier oa other means, samples, complimentary, and other free copies E. Total distribution not distributed F. Copies 'L office use, left over, unaccounted, spoiled after printing

2. Return from news agents Total I certify that the statements made



by me above



-04 4,614

-04,482 4,482

40 4,654




579 696 -0-05,100 5.350 are correct and complete. - Patrick L. Farenga, Business t'lanager'




l22l Susan Hay, Sunnyvale 94087;7-12 --David LE0-NYQUIST, 1920 A Blake St, Berkeley 94704; K-12 --- Frances NICHoLSON. 129 Austin Ct, San Jose 95110; K-12 --- Kurt RoSSBACH, 2720 N Shingle Rd, Shingle Spgs 95682;916-677 -4555r K-12 C0 - Joanne 801ICK,205 []ashington St, Denver-T0203; 303-744-8149; reading --- Sandra GUNTHER,2923 Sunset Dr, colden 80401;7-12, languages --- Jaelee J0NtS,3 Stonemoor Dr, Pueblo 81005;303-561-3510i L.D. --- Karla PUI'IPHREY,3401 Morris Av, Pueblo 81008;303545-7285; K-B --- Mikelyn WARD, 13400 Rd 32, Platteville 80651; K-12, reading CT - Dan BICKEL,48 Eellevue St, lJillimantic-TT 06226; tnglish --- Joan CARLSoN, 256-8 Cosey 8ch Av, E Haven 06512t 467-9222 --- Geoffrey SMITH, 355 Bel levue Rd, New Haven 06511;203-787-5659i Eng., hath 7-12, admin FL - Charlotte THI€N, 12201 0ld Kings Rd, JacFsonvi I le 32219; 904-168-0412 GA - Mary LoHt, 100 Beaverlake Dr 14, tllrjay 30540; K-8, Spec. Ed. Admin. IL - Janet DAVIS, 2705 N University Av, Decatur 62526; English --- Bonnie VERH|LIT, 3321 S 4th St, Springfield 62703; K-9

18974 --- Noelle SICKELS,36 Franklin Av, Rosemont 19010; K-8, NJ & PA --- Beth SToNE, 988 Siddonsburg Rd, Temperance

Ln, Ivyland

Dracut 01826;617-957-5528

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- Kelly

l4cl'lAHAN, 8207

Thetford Ln,

Houston, 77070; 713-469-22O8a K-8 & Hearing Impaired --- Jeff IAHRilUND, Rt I Box Z90AA, Lexington 78947 UT - Brother Janes PETRAIT, 514-24th St, 0gden 84401; h.s. science --- Jennie TEA, 543 Nichols #2, t4oab 84532 --- Gerald KING, Utah

State U, Triad 71, Logan 84321




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Boyd, Battle Creek 49017;7-12 Engljsh --2201 Kipling, Suite G2, Denver 80215; 303-232SC: Tjmothy Farr, l5 Ga|ery Ctr, TayJudy PACKARD, Ausable State Forest, P0 8ox 78, 0766 lors 2E687; 244-7i22 --- Larry tlood, l0 Easi Frederic 49733; K-8 & Spec Ed CT - Frank Cochran, 250 Church 5t, P0 Av, Greenville Z96O1i g03-?33:444? l4N - Phil GRo!E, 2736 |th Av S, HinneBox 1898, New Haven 06508-)898; 203-787-5821 TN - l{illiam Bush. Rural Leaal Services apolis-55407; cert. for hearing impaired --DC - l'ldrk Amerman E George Grange II, of -N,-T.cdde Bldg, Courthouse Sq: Coo\eville Valerie SHEoLUND,4980 Shady lsland Cjf, t4ound 1925 K-Sr Nr'J, Suite 300, !ashington 20006i ZOZ- 38501; 615-52S-7456 --- phitjp Carden, 200 55354; K-6 86t -0770 church St. Nashvi I le 372011 615-254-6747 --l'40 - Karen F05SE, Star Rt Box 82, l,/ashRlssell Pedvyhouse, P.o.Box 24268, Ed Falkowskj, lll S llain Av, pO Box lB, Fayet-Tampa l!: oufn b5/ | I 53621; 813-879-3620 --- Paul Shinek Jr, teville 37334 --- !.Jilliam Jeter. 1334 100 il l4T - Eonnie BILLEB, P0 Box 219, Philips311 N Spring St, Pensacola 3250);904-434-2302 tlain Btvd, f4emphis 38l03; 901-S?7-4673 --burg 59858; 406-859-3919 GA - J. Britten l'4iller, Jr, ceorgia Co- Kidwell Krng, pO Box 472, Greenville 37743; NE - Rose Y0NEKURA, 7741 E Avon Ln, Lin- alition-of Alternative Schools, PO Box 20, 615-839-688i --- Van Riggins, ll6 S Second St, coln 6F505; 402-464-8551 Rydal 30171;404-479-9763 --- Dan Pelletier, ctarksvi]]e 37040i 615-647-3215 NV - Pat & Jare ERUNKER, Hone Schooling 905 Southern Trust Bldg, t'4acon 31210;912-743TX - Charles Chestnutt.4gog Ashbrook Consult;nts, Las Vegasi phone 878-6670 --7465t 912-471-3522 Rd, DaTTas 7,22tt 2]|4-3}]|-1j92 --- t4ike Leonard GoDICK, 4440 Tamarus St #105, Las ID - Lyle tliasen,202 ldaho St, Ame.i- Edcards,34OO Bissonnet St, Suite 290; Houston Veqds 89109 can FaTTs 832ii;208-226-5138 77005;713-666-1161 --- Dave tjaigter, Box Nf - Sally EI1BtR,406 Court St, Keene IL - Helen Baker,440 Addison Av, Elm- 6l7BZ,0al]as 75261;385-9550 --: l'r.K. tlccord, 03431 -- Ramona PATTERSoN,33 Patrician hurst 6'0126; 312-833-5655 --- Thomas Brandon 2100 one calleria Tower, Dailas 75240-6604; Shores, l"leredjth 03253 --- Jennifer SEIP,70A Jr, 820 ontario, 8ox 2059, oak Park 50303; 214-233-57],2 --- Egon Tausch, Landnark Bldg !{inter St, Portsmouth 03801; Spec Ed 312-B4B-7735 --- Shelly Waxman, 30 fi !./ashing- #906, Alamo plaza,-San Antonioi 512-227-9208 NJ - Barbara HIGGs, Pennington Profeston^St, Suite lll5, Chicago 6060?;312-236- --- Mervin Haage, 1807 Westminster Dr, Denton sjonal-ftr,65 S l4ain St, Pennington 08534; 3489 762051 817-555:177i elem & admin --- Sandy l4A0KIFF, 207 Coari Av, IN - Mark Bell, 220 l{erchants Bank Bldg, VA - Steven Grdber, P0 Box 155, l,{illiansMjnotola 08341 i K-12 Eng. --- l.ldrjan R0NALDS, ll S l4qidian St, Ind'idndpoljs 46204; 317-634- burg 23T87;804-253-0026 --- Charles Lecette 62 Ridgedale AV, Cedar Knolls 0/927;201-5380220 Jr, I l0 E Robert Toombs Av, lashjngton 30673; -5016 --- 0iane TASSEY,34 Pine St, Vernon IA - Craiq Hdstrnqs,315 6th St, Anes 404-678-3285 --- Peter l{.0. }Jright, 2008 Bremo 07462i 827-4502 --- Ann HASSERI4AN, 223 Uest 50010i-515-212-2501 ----Fart Hilt, p0 Bor 298, Rd, Suite l0l, Richmond 23226; 804-21O-0?50 End Av, Nest End 07740; 201-222-3510; Spec Ed Kanawha 50447i 515-762-8215 ll,il - fiark Alberq, 105 ll Iisconsin Av, NY - Cindy BARNETT, 136 Fel lows Av, SyraKS - l4ary Ellen Rose; Alder, Nelson & TomahatF 5448ir 715-453-5368 --- Randall cuse lfzlo; elem & spec ed --- Lyman 8ARRY, McKenn- 9300 H lloth St, Ste. 690, overland Garczynski, 617 E }{alworth, Delavan 53115; 9297 Shaw Town Line Rd, Nunda 14517: science Park 66210; 913-383-2720 or 281-5544 --414-728-9196 --- John Mclario & Jack umpleby, --- Joyce HoUCK, RR I Box 148A, Brant Lake Austin Vincent, ll08 First Natl Bank Towers. N 88 x 16783 Main St, Menomonee Falls 5305'l; 12815; elem. --- Virginia JAECK, R0 Box 74, Topeka 66603; 913-233-4122 414-251-4210 --- Patrick Monaghan, ll00 Hartwick 13348; 607-293-6176 --- I'lartjn KY - Theodore H. Amshoff, Jr, Anshoff E !e1ls St, Milwaukee 53233;414-289-1070 --I'llLLER, Aikens Rd, RD I, }Jatkins Glen 14891; Amshof; 1445 Starks 8ldg, 455 4th Av, Louis- Mark Perrine, 514, 2nd St I, P0 Box 384, Ashmath, sci,, accounting vi I le 40202: 502-582-3500 land 54806; 715-682-5156 NC - Linda |'10RGAN, 1720 Flynnwood Dr, LA - Claire Benedict, Rt I Box 160, lllY --- |/Jilliam Twichell & Gerald Mason. Charlo.fe 28205 Lettsworth 70753i 504-492-2612 P0 8ox-785, Pinedale 82941: 307-367-2134 0H - Susan DAH0DA, 5922 Selmont #5, Cjni4E - Samuel l.l. Lanham, Jr; Mitchell & cinatiT 45224 --- Paul HILSToN. 3420 }lilliams Stearnt I I'lerchants Plaza, P0 Box 702, Bangor Ct, Avon 44011 i 7-12 science --- Karjn 04401 -0702: 207 -941 -3741 JERNBTRG-BRIGGS, Phone 216-262-4010, l,looster; MD - Lawrence Bohlen,405 Dorchester Av, PROFESSORS & OTHER ALLIES K-8, counseling Canbriaoe 21613t 22A-9444 --- Ray Fidler, 900 The folloring people are willing to help 0R - Ann LAHRSoN, 5360 S!./ 192, Aloha Elauste'in Bldg, Ealtimore 21201; 301-752-3650 home schooling fami'lies in developing currrcu97007;-R-8 --- l4ary I.IAYFIELD, 28915 Liberty --- Steve Fielder, l2l N 3rd St,oakland ja, evaluating progress, or in other rays: Rd, Sweet Home 97386; 503-367-2474i 5-12 --21550; 334-8874 --- Sandy Hamilton, Rogers & Brian RAY,434 5 Atwater St, t4onmouth 97361 Hanilton, 2806 63rd Pl, Cheverly 20785; 301Larry Arnoldsen, Box l0 McKay Bldg, Brig--- l'larcia SPANI,4540 Sil 182, Aloha 0R 97007i 772-2347 --- Paul Kunberger, 3905 Bexley Pl, ham Young U,, Provo UT 84602 503-642-4094; (-8 l4arlow Hgts 20745;301-899-5933 --- Dale Reid, 0r. David N. Canpbell, Rt 2 Box 1313, PA Dr. Hope BLISS, U. of Pa, Grad Carrolltowne Prof Ctr,6400 Ridge Rd, ElderVan Dyke Rd,odessa FL 33556;813-920-4253 Schoot-f Ed.,4330 Larchwood Av, PhiladelDhia burg 21784;795-5656 Dr. Stephen Corwin, Greenwoods Rd East, 19104 --- Rutn BUTLER, 148 Chickasaw, PittslilA - Eugene Burkart, 566 l4ain St, Norfolk CT 05058 burqh 15237; K-8 --- Patricia HoUSER, Box 88 lJaltha-m 02154r 617-899-5337 --- Charles Gay Eastman,2l22 Kendall Av #2, Madison RD 5, E Stroudsburg 18301; 717-421-3705 --Djl'tare, P0 Box 832, Amherst 01004 --- Susan llI 53705: 608-231-1875 Barbara l'4ct'1lLLAN, #l Sunshine Rd, Herninie 0STBER6, The Comon, 8ox 246, Harvard 0l45li Dr. Mario Fantini, oean of Education, U. 15637; elem & spec ed --- Deborah DoERFEL, 540 6li-456-3688 --- John Sandelli, ll2 Sladen St, of llass.. Anherst MA 01003 l4A







Steven Hall,14,D., Strong Famjly Practice, P0 Box 189, Strong l4E 04983 (physician) Joe Jernberg-Briggs, Phone 216-262-4070, }looster 0H; school psychologist, reading

specialist Hal Jindrich, Psychologist, 555 [J. liliddlefield, #S-301, l'4ountajn View CA 94043; 4r 5-969-9981

Prof. Richard Kin9, Ed. Dept., Univ. of Victoria, Box 1700, Victoria BC, V8|,] 2Y2 Dr. Hal Lenke, 4233 N. 42nd Pl., Phoenix

85018; 602-955-9449 Michael 14asny, 273 Lovell St, tlorcester 01602: certified school psychologist Dr. John McDernott, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of td., iloravian College, Eethlehen PA 18018 Dr. Nadine McHugh, [ducational Fellowship of Christian Schools,oral Roberts U., 7777 S Letsis, Tulsa 0K 74171 Dr. Chalners [. l'1eans, Dir. Reading Programsr State Univ. Colleqe,oneonta NY 13820 Michael J. Murphy, Assoc. Prof., u. of Saskatchewan, Col lege of Educatjon, Saskatoon, AZ



Canada S7N


Dr. Paul Nash, School of [d,

Univ, Boston


I'tA 02215

Dr, Robert Neman, Assoc, Prof.

EmeriTeacher Education, Syracuse U., 137 Pl, Syracuse NY 13210 Andy Peterson, Licensed Psychologist, 25 Rose Hill, Smethport PA 16749 Ed$ard Pino, former school superintendent, 189 Antelope Tr, Pdrker C0 80134




Charles Pregger {History




Potsdam NY 13676



Bruce quarrington, Dept of Psychology, York ti., 4700 Keele St, Downsvjew ontario l'13J

I P3

Nancy Reckinger, 8679 Val Canoga

ley Flores 0r,

Park CA 91304 Jack Robertson, Prof. Eneritus, New York

Univ, P0 Box 55, 6rei9

NY 13345

Prof. Albert Schatz,

Philadelphia PA l9ll9

5097 Shernan St,

Paul Dan'iel Shea, 14.A,, Ed.D., 1450 Beacon 5t., Sujte 801, Brookljne l4A 02146;617277



ile are printing a list of school districts that are willingly and happily cooperating with hone schoolers, and who are willing to be listed in G8S as doing so. one reason for such a list: we want to encourage and reas5ure school officials who may be hesitant about approving hone schooling, and let them know that there are other districts enjoying good relationships with their home school'in9 families. Also, famjlies who are willing to move to escape a difficult situation with school officials would have at least some ideas about where to go. l,le wi I I only I i st these school di stricts under the fol lowing conditjons: il ) the filily has to be not just satisfied but pleased with the cooperation the schools ai€-litTng to their home schooling efforts. (2) The schools thenselves have to be pleased with the relationship wjth the family. 13) The fanily has to be happy wjth the jdea asking the schools whether they want to be


included in this list. lf they feel that l isting the schools, or askjng the schools if they to be listed, may endanger thejr good present relationship, then they sho!ldn't ask. want

(4) The schools themselves have to be happy about bejng included jn the list. If they are uneasy about it, or fear that it may get then in trouble with someone, we'd rather not subject thef, to that risk. So - jf your district is cooperating with your home schooling, and you would like them to be on this ljst, dsk them, and let us know if they say to 90 ahead, By lhe way, we would also like to list school districts that lould like to help home schooling fanjlies, but have-i6f been able to do so because no fanilies have yet asked then.

CA - Butte County Schools, 1859 Bird St, orovilTF cA 95965; 916-534-4678; Ma|ilyn oevore, Home Study 0irector. Lodi Unified School District,835 !j Lockford St, Lodi CA 95240; 209-359-7411; Ron Alsop, Asst. Supt. of tlen. td.

San Juan R'idge union School D'istrict, oak Tree School, 18847 oak Tree Rd, Nevada City 95959; Donna Soldano, Administrator. MA - Barnstable Public Schools,230 South Sf, Hyannis 02601; Jane Sheckells, Cur-

.iculum Director. Cdnbridge Public Schools, 159 Thorndike


Cambridge MA 02141; 498-9233. Mary Lou Mccrath, Director of Elementary Educat'ion. Lowell School District, 89 Appleton, Lowel I l,4A 01852; 454-5431. James McMahon,

Asst. Supt. for Curriculun supt.

Development. Rockland Public Schools, Rockland 02370; John !1. Rogers.

Scituate School District. 606


Hwy, Scituate MA 02066; 617-545-5359; Vida

Gav'in, Dir. of Special Services. Southern Berkshire Regional School District, Sheffield 01257; Director of Guidance, Paul Shafiroff. NY - Ithaca School 0istrict, ithaca 14850;-T. Douglas Hart, Dir. of Pupi I Person-


PA - Southwest Butler County trict,-TD l, llarmony PA 16037; Ron Supt


School DisSnyder,

ooRRESPoNDENCEScHooLS H+i+-sl9ligr9rry',


r84 vjne st', t'rurrav


Educators Assn, 316-327-

Abi]itie5Re5earchAssocjates'P0BoX]065'5hakerl'{ountainschool,l88silinooskiAv,8ur.ffi nffiTr59t-o]--!T-05{0TlT0Fs62-5970!ansan5forAlternativeEducatim,l9985Ren;i;;;'0";;;;,,'ii.uii""',poBox3l53,TempeFamilycentered.ea.nij9]!!]9!,HcR63@-585.23]0 {dnsas Chap. Nat',l Council of Parent Educa@52 AnericanchristianAcademy,P0Box]776,co.l-snohomishcountychris!ianSchool,l2l50lym.@rft5Z r";a@:sso: ErT-Tt--fdfim?-ilA-S80m:l-lT:T/g: (KS) en"e"i.an no*e Aiaoemy Materials, 2770 S 1000 itew Opi'ions Scnool, 2160 Ferndale Rd, Victoria I'lanhattan Parent [ducators. 913-537-2585(KS) 316-264-9053 q--I;6ilr-nr||ItflicFifa feeEFfiC@. S'tr-Cantd-a-f8fzlT; eOq-Czr-otrS l0zl.J8 Blufr 50gs Rentrclv Hone Schoolers, 35243, Vancouver Sta L Box 6063/ r{C!qgf!f!g_!gl9gl, American Scrool,850 t 58!n, Lrrcago " It '"--

ffi' P{f;{.,i-e$-l4q-!l:'

ezg-602e . riffi; : Po Box s66' Bvharia ;r+i#+#:ie*#+t,'t,3:'[]alfu?:i,38"




sTATEs L-'',

Associated Christian Schools, P0 Box 27115,



cl-aFe*rTr-:-Imsi6lq!-%372t -253-5467 CA Ar jzona Fami I ies f ;r Home Educatio, 639 t dffi-ffiParentsForHomeEducation,]3020Blairnore Natjonat Book C0,333 Sil park Av, porttand oR Pq."!!!4:lg!._!J christian Home ScEqE,6166 5F-EETtstiTf-XD-2I70f;101-512-5827 Support Group' ph. 345-6487 Prrnce Georges Prlnce G99I9$_!!!9!!-qIl!ll' r/rm-RrrrzA-:K1d5 TTznE-q1TT:774-:K1d5 @ @ Trd:f--t4is- Arkdisas chnstia! !!Ig !!:-4::9!., P0 Box Scnoot, o0 Bor 5181,'@ApplecountryHomeschool]n9A5sn.'BoX246' 0"r"ii"""",'vi.i".l t4aqic t4eadow school, p0 Bor 29, N Sdn Juan

pensacotd chrrstran Lorrespondence schoot, Box l'4elbourne jupport Group, 368-4147, l'lelbou.ne AR llariii;-id-ffi-ul?5 Tr{ 5:t58F- ffiro-tF-ruTalhii-cI,iTit1dParentEducators,BostonAreaHomeschoolersclub'523.8232or PhoenixSpecialProgra|ns,3l32ilclarendon,ffi46,r.f7rTffFrffiilooltSouthPulaskichri5tianParentEducators,KitchenSchoo]Group,ll4l,jarwickst,Lowe]lmtrTI65Tffi Rod & staff Publishers, Lrockett KY 41413; ffiBaJiAreal]nschoolero'sanJo5eCA;408-265-!ionqeI]&]]!J-!!P!!Il,7lGu]fRd'BelcFerlown-trA-0lImT"fZttt447 or 549-6379 i4it{ or--fts?Fti7B70 seton school Nome study, gne Kidd Ln, Front E;Jr--nT_rr{In:\ftf--'7fu-636-qgg0 Christian Home Edlcators Assoc., P0 Box 2182, South Shore Home Schoolers, 163 Hingham 5t, RmFEi?-fftrT2v70;--T/Si8093 ii]'"i ll]o".ri. i.oip"",i""i-it"ay-Hish school , ferTffii"iieiTn-EzSB.fffichrist,ianHomeEducatorSofLosAnge]e5co,P0copperco.E4!!c!]s!!!!l,starRtBoXl34' Homestudydirectory|Nat.lNomest'av-i""^-@P6TFEff.4s95_i.ij.iioi,retl''ii"llil'iiffi]'.0.l4.E'schcol€rs,]66070!bornest,sepul-FamiliesNurturjngLife]ongLearners.2736 T|t-h-Til-r,TTre;Fo.I1sIItr5'40mr'niln ,.nool, coliege a g.ua iJi"i"t, t"" ffi3Ti{1909-8th st PETERS0N'S INDTPENDENT SrUOV



Far90-M99494L!9I9!9!9gLl$!9' avaiil Hoie Centered Learning, P0 Box 2025, San Ansel- s;-froorfi6?rN-56560 i.io rcIr-r96o-- Homeschoolers, P0 Box 626, Lea.ning Connecttons, Box 56, -'- Tavlor Falls l,4endocinJ County 55OF4--.=-R@;rne rrg'trR-parents l'linnesota Assoc. of Chrjstjan Hone tducators, .







l2ll t Hoffer



l,linnesota Home School Network,9669 E l23rd' San Dreao Home Scholars,9174 Rosedale Dr, 49 private schoots enrot I jng or hetplng home469-0869 or 589-]027 Fa-Tin*-WT50tr;-TTr ffirnsrorl; Mississippi Home Schoolers Association' Rt 4 scfroolers. Atphabetjcalli oy staie."Seno SASE. Sin Diego Homeschool!l!, 3581 l'{t Aclare Av,


ventana 0pen 5ch001,825 N 3 Av, Tucson


5i".ia ior"scr'ooiurs,




American ffi-i61-znz Baldwin park Christian

School, t3940 E l'4erced, Colorado

Heritaqe christian Academy,



Yolo county



P0 Box 60, t4'idpines


Schoolefi, P0 Box 305,

@ tastern

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1525 ll


Education, Box 18252, Rav-

t*nffn*6-4nr_=Homeschoolers Newsletter'

Rt I Box 20' " '"-"' ffiffio'rJ5f3o3:6sg-4136 ffewbwrTo-65-55T-"-[4adjGroup,60l Loujs south county support Cblorado Sprinqs iome sctroolers,2905 Marilyn Home

Schooling Network, Z+90


-" -st ffi ffiso-msKalrspell l4Tl CuFnTfm;-Ta-1nnilnTf789; 714-598-97i3 Dougtas co. loruict'ooj"is,841-5267-(c0). Flathead Ledrninq Exchanqe, NorthLonqBpdc1calvaryclaper'ii)i.nir"''u@i,agr.tzogtco)$r-457r./5':20y6'di"ffi6iiis.rC080236;303-l,4ontanaHomeschoolersAs5oc.,Boxl44'Manhat-r-ai'ATT9I4T7ffi oak Meadow School, P0 aox e, o.]ai'ii-e:oz:; Northern Colorado Home school Assoc., 502 ffi ii]oii'cn,lstiunSchoo],3759E57thst,May-m9-3170sTATEsN-0 Northern i4etro-Denver Group, 450-0305 (C0)fOZ "iioor"s!9!]aL9J_!g,BoX9]2,t]TorocA@,sla.ozor5if+TfoF@!,727.1675ar7?1N

i:;::i :;.;:;: i::in,ne, -A-SZO,Z=-

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Assn, 687'6122 q6q, cnester

Linco'ln Area Home schoolers, LfircTi-T{f-6gTtrtr--rfZ:461TT96



SpreeDecorschool,P0Boxl709,RamonacA66ffiJ.lebraskachristianHomeschoolAssoc,,BoX @ g21JHone Education Liiiue of Parents (HELP), P0 SycamoreTree,]54/B-DAdamsAV,costaMesacA;-orffi]\ebra5kaHomeschooler9Network,80]0Lil]i. - -- FFrdo=-t' rinajfi-Nf-5850-fi7o2-4a3-5754 ffii-osog" Home'scho;ls of vegas. vdlley'-2375 E TropilJindsonq Lifeschool, 2650 !{ IroJan Pl, Anaheim STATLS 0-K


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a's=4frstonemoor Hjlls School,3

Delawdre flome Education Association, P0

@ Stonemoor 0r, Pueblo Fla. Assoc, ftr







Home Educators of PA, RD 2 Box 334-4' f4unson PA-T586'0---Parent Educators of Penn.,3334 Disston St' PhTTa?€IpfiltItrTgl4gl-33s - 06 74 PENCIL (East Pa.), ll7 Broad st' l'4alvern PA T9-J55--



1 17



Parent Educdtors

89109; 702-458-


schoolrng at Home, 1000 Devils ff[39lf2-rfiB.rmr;-]or-56f-]5ro@3;needsAsENevadaHoneschools'lnc.,P0Box2]323'Reno N9-895f5;- 5:o6tGrassroots Free Schoot,2458 Grassroots !,/ay, Fl;: Pa"ent Educators Association,0245 I'JoodrdTI'h'sTr-?arJo4_656.3;i9"".".,,ffil-soqz.NewHamDshireHoneEducator5A5sn.'9l'li2oras in Eiucation,4818 Joy ' Dr-;-NtiiutTf1B0SZ-John Hott Learnins C9I!!!, p0 80;-2261, Iwi,r trgIi@;edom l{ew Hamoshire H@e schools Newsletter' 4 HuntLane, Lr tDurn uA-.OZT-FeT]s TtrT.l3oAlphdchris1|dnscnoo],qt,,Perry(566o73;NatiCounci]ofParent[ducatorsolGeor9]q'ffi tomeschoolers of south Jersey, Rt 2 Burnt iffi sTr-597-5g"2- p0 HNe--R-d-'--VircntMTm808S Box 396, Yarmouthport lvlA Hawari ttorescnmiers Assn., P0 Box 591 , Abbington Academy, oZ5.7F1Caperoilonly)"d;r",-ffi-'NewJerseyFamilyschoolsAssoc.'R02BoX Zj3;-ffii6-n-Tfit$f-. P0 Box prog'a1 Iddlo, of Home Based lducatron , clonlard. ]289 ramil] toucdtion Association jffil4;:j:-iig:q5i5-ffi--^^.,NewJerseVUnschoolersNetwork,2smithSt' Faim'intd-aTe-ffi-0'7'2f 2473 60557-8291; lL H0USI, P0 Box 5/Si9l, Chicago Ljttte Red t-jome Schoot,9669 E t23rd, fastings " SfZlig-alzl N.M. ciristian Home Education, 7417 santa Fe or 948-0665 nS-550'If; {I/rJO49Tron-TW,-I15uqutrqre-Xn-q?0P0 Box 25, Illinois Ct'ristian-lome-taucatm, TEACH, 4350 Laketand Av, N Robbrnsdate t4N 55422 -' fiETTe Piney School, Rt r go* zo',-N""br.g;o ffi " ceniral Indiana Home Educators,7252 Lakeside querqu-l[-8fi9---858561--Tf6:%2-imfi gocat fanities) santaFecommunityschool,P0aor"iiql,santaffiiloneSchoolersEXchange,l8!iashingtonAv, f6-rifntrfrY-T20t/Elkhart Co Parent Educators' 23703 River ca1umetSchool,RDlBoX95,5myrnaNYl3464;ffi;zts.ezs-zqggNorthcarolinian5forHomeEducation'P0Box ;E-Fm-Fort!.ldyneAreaHoneSchooleis'432.li,!irada@2 Hiqhl4eadoU5chool,60Gatehc1seRd'NewPa]tziffi-NorthDakotaHomeschoo1Assoc.'721N]4th --* ---Hu;tinston Co. ttone iaucatorg, ll38 Eyron st, sf-F;ii6-lqD-56ldzi-4t8=?645'-6i 563-8958 ilivd,ffi+ei; l,4ountainMontes5orischoo],Rt3Boxl3o,ffi0hioco;litionofEducationalAlternative5 lnaiani nssociation of Home Educators, 4914 - @ Cllae-[n87zff-7E4-:fal:2o20 Leafnin9connection,635BarbaraDr,Grantsffiql-qzzz0Rrentra]Honeschoo1supportGroup,l4212 tra-s-lr9/5z6;-50T-476-5686|.4idnb"tr'rnlianu"fii'"-sir'ooj""i]giorlrgtt'@-373-.|098 0oenconnections'3]4Bryn[1aw.AV'Brynl'4awriffi.0klahomachristianHomeEducatorsAssociation. p5T9OT0-;?15-TZ7-1504 or 527-4gBZ Souttrern lnaiana iupport eroup, RR I Box 183, @ Pitt5burqhUrbanchristiancoaliiionsctrool,ffi-rrr.s616',christianLifet,lorkshops,]B0sEKaneAv' crrTil 1tFgz030-iiffiE !4I, 18166 ci 4s; tlew piris IN 46553 , Douolas Countv Hone Schoolers Connection' 4053 Meter Schools, pO Box 427, Rosharon TX 77583 filq-f;ilLl1g!-Lr itrriitlun E!19ql!1, RR 3 @ Sunn-iTTlTisIian Academy, 13789 Noel Rd, Suite '- ffi'Hmeschoolers of Klamath co" 3934 Rio vista o"t *q, iq6o'iloooi.na iowa ttone toucatori, Too;.I';.rfil TX-7s24'0-

of R.1.,


P0 Box 546, Coventry

R'f-02EI6-;--{UIj1 ZS:Arrir Rhode Islanders for Constitutiondl Education'

ffi South Dakota

Home School Assn', Rt 2 Box 45' Garre!son )u f,/uJU Home Education Association of Tenn. (HIAT)'







Antonio, 12170

m649-1792 El Paso Hoie Schoolers A9s1., ITTN Tr7g'SZf--



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Texas Home Educators Newsletter, P0 Box

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Ve.mont Home Schoolers Assoc., RD, }Jells


64FT9t-Home Educator5 Assoc. or vlrgirrd, e0 Box ffi703-590-9048 l0 Trger Stdr


families Lear4i4q Ioqetrer, Bo\ F-.. t6Tv]Tl e-Wtr3gfltrr -509' 684-65 I I ldmilv.ea.ninq Etcndnqe, P0 Bo^ 725b.



Natural Learnjnq Network,5725 N Elgjn' 5DOKane WA vVlUJi JaO-uzol p | . I ;achi ns. Pdr,elt:_ls:oc::- l9]99.)f | 69!a , woo0rnvl I le !A 9du/zi zub-coJ_oo{z Teachino Parents Assoc./South tnd Chap., P0

ffi llashinoton Assoc. of Home Educators, 626 @50 Homeschool Education Association, Rt I Box


352-TfekFsinT!_2?q-fH.0.M.E., H8229 Tower St,




609:ft'=7779 lilisconsin Parents'Assoc,, P0 Box 2502'



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Harnev. Laramle Nt vzv/ul tut- I!1-tacr

livominq Home Schoolers, Box 1386, Lyman


629t7:367=797:6728ional or General lnterest


cascade canyon school, sdn nnsetmo ce,459-3464 crir--tftnTFarT5ctools. 19?0 s d."r'cr"-

lITre2, Escondido Tetter co. Homeschoolins


{:!a0uos0ura fA/ Hestern Pa. Honeschoolers, RD 2, Rittanning

self-addressed, stampeA envelope. Use lnterna- Maine Home Study Associatitr, RD 4 Box 5500, F;6FT-nFG6TaTT-6lTlm F-atmlnltonTl-T4918- i,iii-pruriiuiiont, P0 gox 1126, Bar- tional Postal Coupons outside of u.5' cir.ilili^ ;ffi'lara.0/68A]leqanyHomeLearnjnq0ut-Reach'350l,le]sh by Fin;TiliT5we-ED?TBzil!9-:8760 state) {Alphdbetically Local Groups r,rouito" stdte or st. t;il;;:: i;rii;;i"; il;"i;;.-ii Ealtimore Support 6roup,2lll Easte.n Av, B;Tfid6iExD--zr23l;--zr6'-5130 A-c sTATES FL Hwy, st ctoud 725r Bass ei""" oir,lio"i""i, Christian Home Schools of l,lestm l'10, P0 Box ffi iew'it-uoo.s!l].lgo:y:r9Pl'elt^!tr,PoBoX9,Alabamacitjzen5forHomeEducation,Rt3Box@8 wa5nouga|HAybo/|;.Ub-oJ9.o/Uo:@.122lFaTr]ycenlered"'L:a|lilg,A:soc'ofAnneArun(l'0.)---. qome 5940 Carroll Av, -akord Birmingndm Suppo.r Group, Rt 4 Box 29-C, Truss- AETll, phone 850-4496 pilffiSiudy Instrt:ie, Fr-6?EiTck Co. Support 6roup, 6521 l4orningside v-TITe ff-l5l-/5-;--205:55F3363 Uf;-tri-fdfetu-fr-TD-2T7ffi-T/l-4888 lnternationat Institute, p0 Box 99, park Ridge Parents for Educaticnal Awareness, P0 Box r4gryland.Hgme tgucatjon l:sggjgliorl,^9085" t6€8;Ue-;fli-Tt-T550'I;-?Ot-355i6lei lbuu, uecalur AL Jaoul; lu!_Jt:_orr/ iiffi T[6006B

LearningAtHonle,P08oX?/0-G,HonaUnauHIVall;yHomeschoo]ersN;twork,5RBoX5370.A'@30.0073 suppol'l glgup, t4ontsgngry !0. n-afira-Tr9958.rr-r/6':r5-R-

dreqon Home Education Network, 30119 overltEi-Td;-C-ot 6!E-6i6te--0F-97 4 2 1 Parents tducation Association, P0 Box 1482'


Pocono Homeschool ers Associ

H#iI!grrioi.i']'ii.y-nl'a"ltjmore|4DHoMEScHooL|NGoRGAN|zATtoN'ffiliu. Cl"ii6un Liberty Academy, 203 t l\4cDonald, If you write to these groups, please send a FiilE ni;-Sfreveport LA.7ll05;^865-4vlv


l{av. Klamath Falls 0R 97503i 884-4275 Honeschoolers of Lane Counly' l315 Jay St' tuM6-TR-Yf4mTgT d,T9r-


Basic Education, P0 Box 610589, D/FlJ Airport Tr-/525T;-Zr4:452 - I 909 Growino ilitnoJt S(noolinq, aolt Associdtes' 02 I 6 TzqToiM6i-Sa-orffiA Heritt Research ctr (Dr. Raymond Moore) f-X*Fo udtf fA.9867 1 i 206 - 83 - 36 I


P0 Box

2 7

Hone Education t4agazine, P0 8ox 218, Tonasket


Home Education ilorkshops, Homesteading School, RtrZ:-GFa-T;ro-Fd-ffiT3g3o Home School Headquarters, P0 Box 366, Fremont


School Leqal Defense Association, P0


school iesearcher, c/o B. Ray, Sci td



Deptl--01'U;Ctrvd ffrsnR 9733 I r 754-4 I 5 I l4elrose' Cricdgo Home Sweet School, l9l9 uest


Ledrninq Idqe, 2310 Bernard. Ldrsing

N;['Tt6iference of Cnris!raa






National Home [ducation Guild,5]5 NE 8th 5t' uran!s fass uR 9/)zbi )uJ-c/c_ lozo Nationat Institute for Christian Home Educa-

@ SI;t-Homisn Tradrnq Post, p0 Bo{ 136, SnohomiiiiTtr-98ao-='eachinq 8731 home

NE Schools Home/Cnristidn Lveretl )t. Pofllano uK tttzu Tutor, 2770 S l0OO l,l, Per.y UT 84302


Groups outside




home Scfool

rnq lnro Service. l6


ffi Alternative Education Resource Group, 24 llake-




Schoolinq Group, 148 Henson


tafi36wTf0'/, AuslfifrT-FF. 227 -7 945 Canadian Alliance of Home Schoolers,2267 @zcl

Eduaation otherwise, 25 Comon Ln, Hemingford

I6F,jfsjfam6s-.ffT8 9At1, Eng I and Manitoba Assoc. for Schooling at Hone, vtclor >1, xlnnlpeq xJL llo ontario

Homeschoolers, Box



260 Adelaide St


Panama Support Group, PSC Box 1578, APo l'4iami ]I00T-TFt-Tfr 6-iloii-rm ma ) Prunes. 120 Eskdale Rd, Auckland l0' New zea-


Puerto Rico Home Schoolinq Assoclation,503 Barbe 5!. )anlurce Pt uullz Quebec Homeschooling

Advisory, 4650 Acadia,



To arrange for speakers, contact them directTy.l,J:-iesfi ouTd=-makE-Tearthatbeingon this list does not constitute a recommendation. Please write us about any Exper'iences,g'ood or bad, you have with the speakers. r0 De l rsleo, seno us your name, addresFllh'o=n-{--l--bri ef se'lf -descri pti on, and any other important information (distance

Lachine Que. H8T 1N5 l,lorld-l,lide Educational Service, Strode House,

@3NN,Eng1and OTHER ORGANIZATIONS These educational, child-raising, or se l f-rel i ance organi zati ons are good sources of help and allies. Again, a self-addressed stamped envelope


you're willing to travel, fixed fee

special programs).







3;215-catedourfourchi'ldren(oldest20)comp1ete1y at home and within the Community School. Have produced a half-hour videotape "Life Learning

-45STT38 (Directory of schools, $5.75) Nurturing l"lagazine,20 Paperbirch Dr, Don mflTs|Tn-t- -Ien-adi l'43C 2E7


Our Way," which we can show and then discuss

with a arouD,

lists may be reproduced in full or in iJ6 are in the Ottawa area - our expenses part only if the source is credited as "GROW- would vary between $100 and $200, depending on iNG l,lITH0UT SCH00LING,729 Boylston St, Boston distance, curency (US or Canadian), lodging MA 02r 16'" is on sare ror $25 These


about the Coalition.




Rd, Unionvi l'le, Ontario

L3R 4V8; 4\6-477-3641. Have homeschooled two daughters -T9flq-aTkvi

for years; eldest daughter just began attend-

ing high school.


ffianada. corporal puni shment Barney is a former music teacher at the GI,JS Travel Network, P0 Box 3, Bergland Mi 49910 First Street School (described in THE LMS 0F F-ornrJ-tdaers News, Naples NY 14512 CHILDREN by George Dennjson), and, with wife Ii--teafie Ieague Tnternational, 96'|6 MinnePatricia, founding member.l970. of The Community aDotls AV. tranKnn ParK lL butJl School (of Killaloe) in The school is Latebloomer! Qolsql!]ry Service, P0 Box 2647, parent-taught in the fami'l'ies' homes; the main d'ifference between us and homeschoolers is @ Mothering 14agazine, P0 Box 8410, Santa Fe that ouf families come together on a regular 8-150-4basis, varying from once a month to three Nat'l Assoc for Leqa'l Support of Alternat'ive times a week. The two of us have taken turns Schools, P0 Box 2823, Santa Fe NM 87501 as "principal" (dealing with authorit'ies) and Ni-E-TToalition of Alternative Community Patricia currently holds the job. We have edutVAN-c, 977 Keeler Av, Berkeley CA 94708 (on

times to




The Japanese have expressed much interNCACS schools and have flown the past president, Pat Montgomery, there three

est in the


of CANADIAN ALLIANCE 0F HOME in'79; nat'ional coordinator from '79 to '851 director of ONTARI0 ASS0CIAII0N 0F ALTERNATIVT AND INDEPENDENT SCH00LS; published homeschooling newsletter for five years; curFounder


rently researching



Can speak on

osophy, legal


book on


al1 aspects, including phil-

ities, resources, etc. to


type of group, including professional, parent, etc. Fee: $200 per day plus expenses; nego-

tiable for




Ava'ilable to travel any distance within


WANT ADS Rates for ads: 55 Please tell these

per line (up to 47 spaces),

folks you sau, the ad in


THE LEARNABLES - Soan. Ger. Fr. Eng. & Russi an taugfil--5-y--audTo-pi cture system. From GI.JS #3'] ". ..oromotes the fastest learning...most enjoyable." Also excel. Eng. reading prog available, From lnternational LinguisFOR.LANG.TAPES

JERRY I'IINTZ US ----EEtTti ve D'irector, NATIONAL C0ALITI0N (l) Put seoarate items of busi- 0F ATTERNAIIVE C0MMUNITY SCHOOLS, RD I Box tics, 40'l l,l 89th St, Kansas City t'40 64'l'l4 Please (2) paper. your Put ness on separate sheets of 378, Glenmoore PA 19343; 2]5-458-5138. Day Care Home Newsletter*business info*sharing* Founded SHAKER |4OUNTAIN SCHOOL in name and address at the top of each letter. (3) If you ask questions, enc'lose a selfconnecting*0ne year (6 issues)-$'l0, sample-$l Burlington, Vermont, in 1968. For his work, CARING FOR CHILDREN, Boxl302Ashland0R97520-0044 addressed stamped envelope. (4) Tell us if received the Governor's Award for Outstanding it's 0K to publish your letter, and whether to Service to Youth. At Shaker Mountain, all use your name with the story. decisions are made at a democratic meeting in Books for Home Schooling K-I2. Buy 1 subj or entire curriculum. No enrollment. Christian which students and staff have an equal vote, oriented, Catalog $1. H. S. Glenn DistribuClass attendance is not compulsory, yet the tors, 251 Bass Hwy., St. Cloud, Ft 32769 Howro l:li,:.:ll. i;:";:;,il:i.il,l'3i.l3i,ll.fr:l; '100% Once in a wh'ile, someone will tell us of its graduates are either successfully CREATIVE LEARNING MAGAZINE helps families learn together.Practical hints, how-to's, info, more. they've seen Gl^/S, maybe even a number of employed or in college. The school students issues, but they still don't know how to begin have travelled thousands of miles, often work- One year $7.00, sample $1.00. CLM, Box 957-G, lJri ghtstown, NJ 08562. to homeschool. Here are some ways you can-Tina ing their way. out the legal situation in your state. 1t is now his responsibi lity to promote Room, Board & Knowledge exchanged for help on l) Look up the law yourself, in a public the alternative school movement, communicate library or'law library (courthouse, law to other educators and the qeneral Dublic the diversified,organic, horsepowered farm for comschool, etc.) Laws are indexed; try "school significance of the movement. He has been set- patible small family. Time period negotiable. Learn maple syrup operation this spring! l'4eyer attendance" or "education, compulsory." 16 ting up the new national office of the NCACS states have revised their home education laws in Glenmoore. PA, 1:9 ::Yielr_?1{_lr:: :::::r:: il 1:1:: lltlr: (seven year), so check of them this since 1982 Shaker lt4ountain School he'loed the Mohawk the recent statute changes. l^le have printed or Indians start the first Indian Way School when Dover coloring books & full color cut/assemble models at l0% below retail - over 40 titles to summarized these new laws in our back issues. traditionalist Mohawks tranted an alternative 2) Ask the state Department of Education model in 197]. The school is still running, teach about nature, history, architecture.., for any laws or regulations pertaining to home- and it has given rise to the North American Why not make learning fun? FREE BROCHURE The Timberdoodle E16i0 Spencer LkRd, SheltonWA98584 schooling and/or startjng a private school. In Indian Surviva'l School movement. some states ( parti cu1 arly CA, I L, IN, KY there are few regulations concerning private f- - schools and so you can call your home a school. ENTRy FORM FOR DIRECTORy If you are afraid to give ycur name and address to the state (though we have never , If you would like to be included in the Directory but have not yet told us, send in this heard of clerks turning over names to be inves- form or use a separate postcard or 3x5 card (only one family per card). tigated), do this through a friend. 3) Contact state or-local homeschooling I ADULTS: groups. I'je print a list of these once a year 'in GWS. l,Je also keep the l'i st updated and sell it separately for $l as our "Homeschooling Resource List." Some groups have prepared-hand-r 0RGANIZATI0N (applies only if I address is same as family): books or gu'idelines on legal matters, 4) Contact other families listed in our Directory. However, they may suggest you d0 j curroRen, NAMES/BIRTHyEARS: some of the above steps yourself. 5) In general, jt is not wise to start by asking your local schoollTstrict; they usually don't know the law either. Better to gather the facts first on your own. - DR I ADDRESS:















listings of


speak ?b6fE-hofrElChoo-Ting and

willing to

related sub-



No 0r, send I Have been in Directory before: Yes iects, see G|^lS #43 and liter a self-addressed stamped envelope for a free I It thi, is address change, what was previous state? copy of a1 I "Speaker Bureau" listings. -






i;;;;-;::;;;;; i;;;; ;;;;;;;;;i;;;;;;;:


K-12 best qual ity/inexpensive. TEACHING GUIDES -freedom to make cho'ices within a structure you can trust. Matching CURRICULUM 0UTLINtS show the school you know what to provide. Catalog $1 Box 270-G48, Honaunau'HI 96725




of 8 games to learn/prac-

math, Levels K-6. $'l8 postpaid. Also other

math games. Send



dancing, bears --l9l42i horses, 'l226,


for details:


(S) Box music



Hayfork CA 96041;


Seouim llA 983821 Taf


164 Bayview St' read-

itha (14) animals,

inq. stickers; Eleadari (ll ) stickers, ani-

--- Laura STENERSEN (16) 11823 NE 212 Av, Brush Prairie WA 98606; swimrning' camp-

mais, typing

ino. bicvclino ---


NE-i99th-St, Eattle Ground horses, avi ati on

RH0ADES (15) 15806 WA 98504; camping,

SPIRITUAL M0THERING JOURNAL--quarterly publ ica-

tion in its 5th yr. dedicated to the spiritual we'11-being of parent & child.All faiths. $7/yr. 30'l0 S.E. Oxbow Park, Gresham, 0R 97030


At the bottom of this page is a form you can use to renew your subscription. Please help us by renewing ear1y. Hovi can you tell when your subscription

to Ljve Simply & Sanelv expires? Look at this samPle label: In A Troubled World. "Sherrie & Norm are doing extremely important work" - John Holt. Send $'l0 I 2345 (5iss. ) or $2 sample to 85l7-25 Naples NY 14512 JIM & MARY JONES 27 01 49 LIVING HERITAGE ACADEMY: K-'l2 Teach vour child 16 MAIN ST at home. Diagnostically prescribed, self conOI I I PLAINViLLE NY tained, self instructional, continuous progress curriculum, high achievement results, perrnanent The number that is underlined in the records kept, diploma issued, low tuition rates example tells the number of the final issue LIVING HERITAGE ACADEMY-GWS P.0. Box 1438, for the subscri pti on ' The Jones'-3[6E!-iTEs Lewisville, Texas 75067 with lssue #49, the next issue. 8ut if we were to receive their renewal before we sent our PEN PALS WANTED final account changes to the mailing house (early FebruarV), tney would qualify for the Childr91 l.lanting,P?n Pals should send us on'interests free bonus issue. name, @ds new --- 0'DAY, P0 Box 2'l815, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: ----TenefreT-rates are the same as for subscriDtions: $]5 for 6 issues, $27 for 12 Meqh ann ( 6 ) swi mmi ng , reacii ng , painT]ngtRefie --- Elizabeth issues, $36 for l8 issues' If that number in (3) dancing, painting, flowers'l2, the third line of your 1abe1 is 48, 49' 50' Hawera New BARKLA (5) l7 l'leremere Rd, RD etc, please rene$/ now - rates will never get Zealand; dairy-farming, cooking, dolls --any cheaper. JoJ-ph'-S0UTHER (12) 4711 N lst St, Arlington YA 22203; basset hounds, biking --- Lara -




(6) 457 Lakeshore Dr, Atlanta GA 30307; horses, cats, dogs --- Sabrina HICKENBOTTOM (10) P0 Box 5]4, Felton CA 95018; cats, typing, reading --- Dan'iel PAKENHAM (6) South Head Rd, Helensvi'lle, RD 1, New Zealand; swimminq. fishinq, chess --- ABBSiJ4TS'TEkeshore Cirl Gainesville GA 30501: Heather (II ) readinq, horseback, crafts; Hol ly (8) sewing' knittiiq, art --- Katie IdILLiAMS (5) 824'] E Hidden t-ales Or, Roseville CA 95678; Masters/U, cookPERCIFIELD

ing, do1ls --148 School St,

Jenny FITZSII"IM0NS-GAUGER (6) Watertown MA 02172; gymnastics'

Brownies, stickers --- JOHNSON,5901 County Line, Buckley MI 49620: Jessica (9) music, cats, vegetarian; Jeremiah (8) games, magic' computers --- Erin RIEGEL (8) 45 N Edgewood

Av, Sicklerville NJ 0808'l; reading' bikes' drawino --- GRAY. 2]5 l,/ Victoria St, Santa Barbara CA 93,l0'l: Joaquin (6) trains; 0lexii (4)

firefighters --- Tamara KLINGER firetrucks, ('l7) Box '155, Sedley, Sask. Canada SOG 4K0;

art, music, letters ---




2626 Bonnaffon




index to GI,JS #l-30 costs $2.50; to #3140, SlJffiEse prices include postage). Address changes: If you're moving' 1et



reoeat the information in them. Our rates for back issues: any combination of back issues, mailed at one time to one address, cost 750 per issue, plus $2. For example, G!.r|S #l-47 would cost $37'25' (47 x 75d is $35.25 . $35. 25 + $2 = $37 .25 . ) These rates are for subscribers only; non-subscribers pay

us knoffiiF:1il-ress as soon as possible' Please e-nclose a recent label (or copy of one). Issues nlissed because of a change in address may be replaced for $2 each. Group






copies are

edT6-6ie-EiklETTere are the current

qroup rates (lX means you get one copy of each issui, 2x means you get 2 copies of each 'i

ssue, 3X means 3

year 6 iss. $r5 $20 1

rx 2x 3x 4X 5x

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$27 $34 $45 $60




3 Yrs. 18 iss. $36 $45

$67.50 $90


$1 35 $90 $45 etc: $7,50 per person per year. Please send in the names and addresses


7X, 8X,


of your group sub, so that we can touch with_them. Thanks.




cljs was founded in 1977 by John Holt'

Editor -

Donna Richoux


Editor - Patrick


Subsiriptions & Books - Steve Rupprecht, Sandy Kendall, WendY Baruch

office Assistant - Mary Van Doren Editorial Assistant - MarY Maher

SUBSCRIPTIONS Our current policy starts all subscriptions with the next issue publ ished. Rates

are: $,l5 for 6 issues, $27 for I2 issues' $36 for l8 issues. GWS 'is published every other

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For all subs or orders of GVJS (not books), please send check or money ori6Fs payable to GROWING l^ilTH0UI SCHOOLING.

Foreiqn Davments must be either money orders-Th--Ulfunds or checks drawn on US banks, We can't afford to accept personal checks on Canadian accounts, even if they have "US funds" written on them. outside of North America, add $10 per year for airmail (otherwi se, al low 2-3 months for surface mai I ) . Back issues: We strongly urge you to get the back-'issuG3-f G|.,|S, especially if you plan


Holt Associates @

= z = o N

= 4


c t


-z o

to take your children out of school. Many of the articles are as useful and important as when


they were printed, and we do not plan to




form to renew or extend your subscription to SCH00LING. Place the label from a recent issue below, pri nt the i nfo. Thanks.




'if possible. If not, I


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729 Bovlston





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order in-U'S' funds to: Boston l4A 021.l6')





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Growing Without Schooling  

The First Magazine About Homeschooling, Unschooling, and Learning Outside of School.

Growing Without Schooling  

The First Magazine About Homeschooling, Unschooling, and Learning Outside of School.