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Issun #126




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GWS is based on the idea that young people are good at learning and that learning happens everywhere. Our stories explore how people ofall ages learn and grow and how others can best help them. GWS is an ongoing conversation among its readers, and it allows homeschoolers (and other interested people) to share experiences, thoughs, questions, and concerns. Eorron - SuselweH Ssnrrnn . PusLrsHrn - Pemrcr Fanrrce . Booxxrnpsr & Pnoornreor,n - ManvMennn . CoNFERTNcE CoonorNeron Dey FenrNce o Corrapurnn AoMTNISTRAToR - GrNIcrn Fttzsh.fir.toNs o Orncr AourNrsrRAToR - Er-rze Pacxeno r Orrrcn Assrsraxrs - ManroN

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or Dnrcrons:

MeunrnN Cenrv, Parrucr FanrNce (Conronarn PnrsrorNr), Mexv Menrn, SuserNnn Surrrun Covnn PHoro rs or MaonmrNr, L'ENcr.E. PHoro Pnru-ps. Srr

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"Here are two poems I wrote today," the letter begins. "I'm dying to have somebody read them, as I'm kind of intoxicated with the feeling of writing right now." This is from a young writer who sends me her work and asks for my comments. Her pleasure in writing, and in having an adult with whom she can share that feeling, is obvious. Is it equally obvious that I too delight in receiving her letters and poems? That working with her and others like her is a treat, not a chore? A few years ago I was speaking with the mother of a lG year-old who was begging her parents to let her leave school. Her mother was concerned about what her daughter would do if she left, and as we spoke about possibilities, I returned frequently to the idea of connecting with adults who could share what they knew The mother was skeptical. "It'sjust hard for me to believe that there are people who would want to help my daughter like that." Somehow in today's world, it zs hard for many parents to believe that other people whose professions are not necessarily designed to include helping the young would nevertheless choose to offer that help. But there are a fair number of people who are notteachers (or counselors or youth leaders), whose work doesn't regularly put them into contact with young people, but who (sometimes for that very reason) welcome the chance to connect with a child or teenager. For this issue's Focus, we asked three adults who mentor homeschoolers to tell us what they get out of the experience. Here are three adults in very different fields saying that having a young person around is fun, it's interesting, it's not the amazing self-sacrifice some people imagine it to be. On a very visceral level, it's gratiSing to see someone else discover the particular pleasure of the things we ourselves enjoy. When I get a letter saying "I'm intoxicated with the feeling of writing," I think to myself, wow, she hnows what it's like. (Yes, I think that when a kid complains of the maddening frustration of writing, too.) And it's not only the most profound parts of the experience that are fun to share. I get a kick out of discussing details like commas or line breaks with kids, too, so I have no trouble understanding the fun computer programmer Max Rivers has discussing technical details with the lGyear-old he mentors, or artist Colette Yon has answering her 15-year-old friend's questions about how to capture light on canvas. One of the young people who considers me her writing mentor once asked me if I had had such a writing mentor myself at her age. Maybe she expected that I would say yes, that in helping her I was drawing on a memory of how I myself had been helped. But although I did have some very helpful adults in other areas, when it comes to writing, my experience is closer to what Max Rivers says in this issue of GWS: we mentor people in the way thatwe wish we had been mentored ourselves. We offer what we wish we had been offered. Feeling as young people that there had to be another way, we try to live that "other way" when we have the chance as adults. No wonder the experience is rewarding for the mentors as well. - Susannah Sheffer GnowNc Wrruour Sgroonuc +126 .JaN./Frs. '99


homeschooling is to create notebooks

for each public library reference section in our area. I first wrote to the head administrator of the county libraries telling her that I wanted to prepare an information notebook and include: questions and answers, a copy of the homeschool law a list of books

& Reports

Information Nights Martine Palmiter (MD) writes: When I first started homeschooling, I was desperate for information and friends who were homeschooling. These were difficult to find at first, but I followed one lead after another. I am grateful to those first few people I spoke to, and I eventually became a contact person in my area myself. I enjoy helping people, but I soon

found out that my time was being eaten up by the phone. So, I decided to do two things to protect my personal time with my kids. Another woman and I developed a Homeschool Information Night for the public. I wanted to be able to tell people on the phone that I couldn't answer their questions right now, but they could come to the upcoming information night. I developed flyers on my computer that I mail to each public library about six weeks ahead of time, I put ads in all the classified community sections of the local papers, and I give spare flyers to my friends for post offices, grocery stores, etc. I also send a flyer to the county education department that receives requests from parents about homeschooling. They know very little about homeschooling and are glad for the infor-

mation. Then, I assemble a panel of four families to speak about their experiences. I have found it very important to get a variety of families each time: an unschooling family and a family that uses a curriculum, a family with teens, a family with one child or whose two parents worked, a family with more than three kids, a father. I try to have a teen on the panel or at least to have children of the adult panelists there in the audience. We heard over and over again from the audience that "seeing the kids made all the differ-

ence" (i.e. the kids seem normal and excited about homeschooling). I ask questions of each panelist for the first 45 minutes to give the panelists a safe start and to get the basics out of the way. "Tell me about your children and have they ever been to school," "What are the benefits of homeschooling to your family?" 'What about socialization?" "Where do you get your resources?" "Do you plan each day, each month, or yearly?" 'What is unschooling?" '\Mhat about college?" We use the final 45 minutes for questions from the audience, and we also have a resource table at the back on which we include old copies of GWS and Home Education Magazine, a list of local support groups , a pile of homeschool catalogs, a copy of the state law. and several homeschool books. I fit this all in a box that I use each time. I have another box with water cups and name placards for the panelists and a sign for the door, masking tape, etc. The whole thing packs up easily and I don't have to plan too hard for each panel.

After doing several of these Information Nights, I find that there is almost no planning needed at all. We get about 30-40 people each time and the panelists and the audience get so

much out of it. I used to do these events four times ayear, but now do them twice yearly and am in the proof trying to pass the job on. In the


current set-up, I usually have a partner to help; one of us asks questions, the other attends to the newcomers and kids, etc. Also, I send each panelist an information letter before the panel: please come on time, thanks for doing this, please don't bash the schools, bring any resources you love to use, keep your answers brief, etc. And


always follow up with thank you notes

to the panelists.

The second thing I've done to help people find information about

,99 GnowrNc Wrrnour ScnoolrNc #126 .JAN./Fpe.

and resource catalogs, support groups (both religious and secular), a list of homeschool publications, information about college, county review process, etc. I got the OK, so I purchased 22 inexpensive notebooks (the whole job cost me less than $1 per notebook) and requested information from HEM and GWS and our state home-school group. I typed up a Q, & A sheet with the basic questions answered and included that as well. I gave the completed batch of notebooks to the regional library for cataloging, and they were distributed and put into the computer data base. I do need to update them after ayear, but most of the updates are on my computer, such as support group numbers, etc. Now when people call me, I tell them to go to any county library and look up the notebook and if they have any other questions, to call back. I've also recruited some friends

who want to serve as contact people and I refer some calls out. And so that I don't even have to answer all the calls that come to me, I recently got an answering machine with two mailboxes, and the answering machine instructs the callers to hit mailbox #2 for homeschool information. Then, it informs the caller about the notebooks and the information night. So this way, I feel as if I'm getting people started out on homeschooling, but still have time with my family.

Homeschooling in the News [SS:] Many of you saw the l0/5/ 98 Nansweek article about homeschool-

ing, and, judging from the letters published in a subsequent issue and

from the comments about it that we received, your reactions were mixed some thought it was quite a good article, others thought it was an inaccurate portrayal, and others seemed to feel it fell somewhere in between. Not long afterwards, the Natt Ymk ?imas published two stories on 3

* homeschooling. One, on October 29th, was about homeschoolers' use of online networks and online courses, The other was an article in the Sunday "Education Life" section (November 1st) about grown-up homeschoolers. The piece profiled four grown homeschoolers. I spoke briefly with the writer of this piece when she was doing her research, and from her questions it was clear that she began with the hlpothesis that leaving home for college or other pursuits would be a big shock for homeschoolers, who had presumably been quite sheltered up to then. I'm pleased to see that the overall tone of the finished piece is much more positive. One quote in this piece deserves a further comment. The article describes Tad Heuer, a homeschooler now at Brown University, and mentions some of the activities he pursued as a teenager, including working for a gubernatorial campaign, "impressing the staff so much that he was promoted from making copies to doing research on the opposition." After this description, the article then quotes one of the people who had worked with Tad on that campaign, who says: "My guess would be that homeschoolers would give you pause if they

seemed to be a person of average talent ... You'd be thinking, 'Who is this person? What have they done?

What do they know?'You'd think to yourself, 'Are they, like, coming out of a cult or something?' But [Tad] is so talented, you think, 'Well, geez, maybe this homeschooling thing is something to consider."' This ends up being a positive quote about Tad and, in a way, about homeschooling itself. But what this colleague was saying was that homeschoolers have to be extra talented, extra amazing, just to be taken seriously and avoid being dismissed as coming out of a cult. This is rather like the prejudice blacks and other minorities have faced over the years, in which it's not enough just to be "of average talent," Iike everyone else; instead, the member of the minority has to prove himself by being way above average. While we can't change this attitude overnight, I think it's helpful to recognize this kind of thinking when we see others responding to

Nrws & Rnponrs.!'

homeschoolers that way, and to chalIenge it if at all possible. For the purposes of assuring others that "this homeschooling thing is something to consider," it shouldn't be necessary to

Our mailing address for


subscription, and back issue orders only is

John Holt's Bookstore, PO Box 8006, Walled Lake, MI4839f-8006 See our catalog in our previous issue, GWS #725,for a complete listing

be above average.

Office News [SS:] Whew! What a whirlwind it's been since our last issue went to press. First there was our conference, which was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work, especially for conference organizer Day Farenga. You'll see Day's report,

and some photos from the conference, on the opposite page. No sooner had we regained our energy from the conference when we had to gear up for moving our offices up the street to a new location. Now that we have outsourced our shipping and subscription fulfillment, so that these pars of our work are being handled from Michigan, we no longer needed such large quarters and were able to move into a smaller and less costly space. We were very happy to find suitable space so close by - among other advantages, we were able to retain our phone number, causing much less disruption. Our thanks go to Holt fusociates board member Maureen Carey, who put her real estate sawy to work in finding us new space. Our thanks also go to Day Farenga once more, for doing the lion's share of the work as we attempted to fit our many books, desks, and file cabinets into fewer square feet than we were accustomed to. The Farenga girls - Lauren, Alison, and Audrey - were also a big help measuring furniture. Twelve-yearold Lauren was only 2 when we last moved the office, so that gives you a sense of how long we had been in the previous location. Though our mail will be forwarded for several months, we appreciate any help you can give in spreading the word of our new address. Many local newsletters, resource guides, and so on print our address, and anything you can do to update this information will be a help to us. Our new mailing address, for correspondence, informa-

tion requests, GWS submissions, customer service inquiries, etc. is 2380 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 104, Cambridge MA 02140 GnowrNc

ofbooks we carry and for our current order form. In the middle of this hectic time, we also brought on board a new Office Administrator. Eliza Packard will be in the office 30 hours a week and will very likely be the person who answers the phone when you call. Also in the middle of this hectic time, I went on a brief trip to London, speaking at a conference called "Home-based Education: Past. Present. and Future." The conference was organized by Leslie Barson, whose homeschoolers' center, The Otherwise Club. was described in GWS #120. Leslie organized the event in conjunction with the Creativity in Education Community of the Open University. It was great fun to meet British homeschoolers. hear the Educational Heretics Press director Roland Meighan speak aboutJohn Holt, hear Education Otherwise's founding member Sarah Guthrie speak about homeschooling in Britain today, hear a panel of grown homeschoolers and note the wonderful similarities between the way they answer those familiar questions and the way our grown homeschoolers do, and finally to speak on the subject of "Does home-schooling prepare kids for real life?" to a very welcoming and receptive audience. This was the first time any of us from Holt Associates had been invited to speak abroad, but in the coming months we're about to multiply that as Pat Farenga goes to Italy (in late November - next week, as I write) to speak at a meeting about education and training organized by the Nova Spes Foundation, and then goes to England and France in early April. In our last issue, by the way, we said that the English conference at which Pat will be speaking was organized by Education Otherwise, but that was our error. In fact, it's organized by Malcolm Muckle of HE2K-Plus (Home Education for the year 2000 onwards) . Malcolm can be reached by email <>

WrHour Scuoor-rNc #126 .JAN./Fnn. '99



& REponrs


Report from GWS's 1998 Conference Our GWS Conference at Eisner Camp the weekend of Sept. 25-27th filled with panels, talks, discussions, and camp activities. Families came to Great Barrington, Mass. from every northeastern state, plus Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Idaho, and Georgia. We had a mom trek in from Washington State, the distance exceeded only by the mom from France. Another family traveled all the way from England to join us; a few came from Canada. We are so glad to offer conferences that fill the needs of families who find the trip worthwhile. We took over the whole Eisner Camp, which gave everyone a wonderftrl sense of community. The highlight for many people was the freedom the children could have on this private acreage, with counselors assisting them on boats, bikes, climbing towers, ropes courses, and more. We heard reports of otherwise clingy children being positively elated by the freedom that this safe space, with so many fun activities, allowed them. With the children happily and saf'ely active, parents heard many ideas from a variery of speakers. Tips on helping children learn math, reading, science, and writing abounded. Adults enjoyed discussion sessions in which they shared stories on such topics as special needs children, how to stay involved as a homeschooling fatheS what it means to be a feminist homeschooling mother, and handling doubts. Teens brought forth concerns and gained empowerment in their "What Next?" discussion and in was

I{yleJenkins climbs the Alpine Tbwer

the many spontaneous conversations all weekend. On the evaluation form, one parent wrote, "My kids had a major ball here - home may be a letdown after this!" Others said, "Mom was in heaven to meet so many other interesting unschool families," and "As a \reteran homeschooler, I actually learned somethins this time." After all the work and planning, we really appreciate your grateful comments, and we also appreciate the specific suggestions that will help us improve future conferences. The only thing that would have improved the weekend is if even Duy Farenga more of you were there!


Susan Eaans (fourth from right) took her discussion session outside to enjoy the weather whik also enjoying the exchange of ideas and support

Eueryone enjoyed the outdoor pool, set in the middle of the camp uith the

Berkshire Tnountains

photos lry LuciaJenkins



Scuocxriv<; +126 .JeN./Fre. '99

in the bachground

Readin the Snow

In at least one Native American tongue, the term for "learning" is also the term for "breath." So that, literally, life and learning are synonymous. This is not only a beautiful concept; it is also a necessary one. When I was out in a tiny Eskimo village on the edge of the Bering Sea one February, a young man died attempting to get to the next village, only five miles away. He became lost in a snow squall and froze to death on the tundra. They found him next to his snow machine. He was wearing a mail-order two-tone parka and Nikes.

was read snow to frnd deliverance in its swirling script. It is an aspect of science pertinent to survival on the coast of the Bering Sea. His community hadn't failed him, but it could be said that his schooling had, because there was nothing in the curriculum of the village school about reading snow. It is mainly a conventional Anglo curriculum, the national curriculum we don't admit we operate under. Ironically, in this same tiny village, a powerful shaman, an ancient man, lay on his deathbed. He was so weak But that is not why he died. It

that he had to be given water on the tip of a feather. Think of that - to drink from a feather, the wisdom and poetic delicacy of the act. A shaman, a medicine man with magical powers, sustained till the last by this ancient ministration: a young man, a clan member, dead out on the trrndra - in Nikes and a flashy parka.

No curriculum should aspire to wean us entirely away from custom, from lore, from a way to read the stars or the snow that will get us safely home again. The best stories - the ones we never forget, the ones we use as teaching stories, with which we

Lur{ -.-)) use this?" =

rk,!J M1t""noG*/

"Vhen will

.. "".


ritJer l:,,'irrrrni"*'Ma


Everyduy Living

. Svirq . Boral:]^rl,.q

. rN€stjrslt . Ins.naa-re

th g ma ti CS f O f Tbat's whent


. S-'i jsi-iG . Ta€s

. f.fldian & hr.eciaticn

@lq€ dd hiqhly relffit lgi€ of B wldccks &igrd b ilu m@ ts mh r usd in tu, jf..


"...l(:ljls d:o iwily L4or pcliel q)Li@Li@ rco prcblffi. . .sRxls6 @ @rk rhmldl F"te irdssdmtly1



Ela Ei







qrq qq


nr olullm




a:tsfv nrft A@isite:


Copfeuo of 8th qrd& mfr





are almost always

apocrlpha. They are what the

communiqr gives us, a verbalized sense of place. No story can be wrong, a

comfortably credible notion until we come to the hard ground of application, until we succumb to evidence to the contrary. at which point a story becomes only a story. Why, I wonder at

This essay is by Peter Stillman, familiar to many GWS readers as the author of Families Writingand Write Awdy. He is also the Vice-President and Editorial Director of Calendar Islands Publishers.

because he didn't know how to



rTlerrclran GRouP cri'eartvE i... A Drvrs oN oF LAFSON rExTS, NC. ' 5178 Sbtio d, ftie, PA 1651t) http,//


my considerable age, do we then invariably give in to infmmatiorn \\\ry do we so glibly honor fact over folklore when the former has betrayed us again and again throughout its brief and infamous history? The community is not only an ever-renewable source of psychic

energy; it is indeed a university of sorts, a place for thought and learning, for the acquisition of skills, for the study of history, art, culture. It should not have taken the Foxfire series to make blazingly clear that we often learn best by standing still, on our own ground, by watching, by asking questions, and in the process by learning how to ask, and then by

writing our versions in our own words.

I have set kids loose to do this on many occasions - to go into homes and offices and workshops and garages and hospitals and factories and onto construction sites and into the woods with loggers - to watch, to ask, to sketch, to photograph, to write - and they and I have learned, I no less than they, and they have published what we learned. We can prepare for life in classrooms, but we cannot study it close at hand. We can readabout life in textbooks and never realize that we are, even and especially as children, its essence.

It should not have taken a Studs Terkel to inspire us to put kids to interviewing people in the community - to discover close at hand not only what people do but how they feel about work, about themselves, about their particular worlds. In long years as a teacher, I've never been more fascinated by what students discovered this way - by their finding out about work, standing in the din of it, smelling hot oil, sweat, manure, sawdust; and I have never felt better about being a teacher than when kids began making huge conceptual leaps of understanding about what it is like to be human whv it is so beautiful and miserable at Wrrsour Scuoo;rNc #126 .Jer./Fen. '99

Yes, we can bring communiry

resources into the school in the way of speakers, artists and artisans, people from business and industry, and indeed we should. But it is not the same, is it? It is decontextualized,

ungrounded, a demonsl-ration, a display of components. More than we realize, itis context that we learn from, not the purported mattnof a lesson. You cannot build anything lasting unless you know the ground from which it will rise. Tb knou. There is a point in teaching - perhaps in life itself - where much of what we think we know reveals itself as mere dogma, and we are suddenly confounded by the sense that we cannot possibly comprehend our own species - what is best for it, how it learns, what it should be taught,

what finally it should know.Teaching, unlike most other trades, does not begin as mystery; it becomes mystery. I think about the Manhattan parking lot attendant in Terkel's book Wmhing how he had found in this lowlyjob a pride and a beauty. He was

utterly without doubt about his skill; it was what he knew, and it sustained him. I'm not sure to this day whether or not the simulation I designed for my students resulted in the kinds of learning that sustained any of them. It was a lesson in survival in a region strange to many of them, a rugged land of poverty and harsh winters. The project is too elaborate to detail here, beyond sa)nng that each student was given a 5-acre patch of land and $1500, with the challenge to live there unsubsidized through three seasons, including a brutal winter. Those kids, 9th and 1Oth graders, exhausted virtually every resource in the community determining how to get by. Some went so far as to actually construct a y.rrt; others demonstrated the preparation of foods available in the wild; some spend weekends camping in the

while they keptjournals, reporting on daily progress and about life on the land. Nothing they learned came out of textbooks or from me. It came from the community - from shopkeepers, farmers, hunters and trappers, conservation personnel, carpenters, mechanics, even a gunsmith. It was, literally, a thrilling project for most of them. It became real, not a simulation. I suppose it took too long. And it was dif-


those kids learned, only that they came away from the experience. most

Students designed water systems,

food storage facilities. The room frlled up with catalogs, classified sections

from area papers, brochures, actual tools and implements. And all the



justifr, coming


it did out of

the English department. Worst of all,


was unassessable in any formal sense. The only assessment was in fact im-

posed by peers: did this parricular stu-

dent make it through the winter or not? Each kid's efforts came down to whether he or she lived or died out there.

I can't say with certainty what of them, knowing somcthing knowing that they had designed the learning of that something, and sensing that that something was important. A

The Voy'ageur Experience invites young trail' lake' and

adults or families to traverse


river in eight day journeyc recalling the travels of these earlier peoples' Participants

will not only relive an historical process but also absorb low-impact, safe wilderness camping, canoeing and kayaking skills. These expeditions ane small, personally

managed adventures based on the understanding that hunanify has spent most of its tlme on earth in close cuntact with the nafural world. We are committed

in Michigan's upper peninsula for TEENS or FAMILIES The geographlc lmation of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan may account for its unique histora' Its sparse human population, abundant wetlands and uninterrupted needleleaf and hardwood forests result in a biological compleilty which provides some of the most varied habltat in the U.S Warm glacial lakes arc found everywhert across the peninsuln It was in Luce County, near McMillan, next to one of these bodies of water in 1989 that we found and established our 40 acre outfitting center, Aboriginal peoples moved across this erea as hunters rnd nomads for millions of years. The dense forest dictated that the waterways' the lakes and rivers, were to be the main thoroughfares. Canoes of all sizes were the commonest modes of travel for the indigenous peoples as well as for the French and British voyageurs of recent times seeking trade routes.

Outdoor Leadership School, Outward Bound and Whitewater Specialty, His wilderness safety record is spotless. CA,LEIIIDAR: Jdy f1-18 (teens), July

YOURGUIDE: BEN BARKER Ben has been working with children and families in outdoor education and guiding

his entire life, first at the Ohio farm pnogfam, then, after 1989, h Michigan's upper peninsula, the Idaho and Montana Rockies and Arizona canyonr. He has spent over a thousand days in the out of doors

gurding. He is not only trained in


Montessori approach by his parents but also has certification as an Emergency Medical Technician and Wilderness First

14-21 (teens), August (family sessions by custom date scheduling) $81[/session, $600 for children under age 13. Homacholen deduct 20olo. TRANSPORTATION: Van provided to


and from Columbus, Ohio, Ann Arbor Michigan, and points north along US 23 and I75 on day one. Airport rrndezl'ousl Pellston, Michigan in the afternoon of that same day. WEBPAGE: www.valkvrie.neU-tcs

E-mail: The Cauntry Sch@I, 3516 tomship roEd 124,



Wrnour ScHoor-rlc #126 .JAN./FEB. '99



Challesses 6K Concerns Access to School Activities:

Negotiating Policy Ruth Matikhy (NJ) wrote earlier this ]ea,r:

Our school board is rethinking their homeschooling policy and is in the process of drawing up a written policy concerning homeschoolers. I first heard of this when I tried to sign my sonJake up for driver's ed and was told that no homeschoolers can take

until the new policy is set. (In the past, homeschoolers have been able to participate in school activities classes

fairly easily; our older daughter took choir and drama for a year.) I have gotten people to write letters and attend board meetings in order to convince the board and the curriculum committee that they should talk to homeschooling parents about a policy that will concern our children. My biggest concern was that I didn't know where the school board members were coming from: I didn't know whether they were just drawing up a formal structure to follow when signing homeschoolers up for classes or whether they were planning to say that in the future homeschoolers couldn't attend classes. At the board meeting I attended, where I tried to ask this question, I was told to feel free to give all the input I wanted. \A/hen I kept saying that I wanted feedback - that I wanted to understand what their concerns were one of the curriculum committee members said, "Oh, you can tell us what you think, but we don't have a dialogue." When I said I thought a dialogue would be a good idea, one of the Board members finally said, "Why nothave a dialogue?" Hooray! The 8

curriculum committee member who had originally said "no dialogue" got totally flustered at this point but indicated that she would talk to the other members about it. In fact,Jake does not particularly want to take Driver's Ed at the school, and is only doing it for the discount on his insurance. Then when I told him that the worst that could happen would be that he enroll in school as a full-time student for six weeks and take Driver's Ed along with all the other courses, he thought about it, figured out how much earnings he would lose if he gave up his various jobs to enroll in school, and decided that what he would save on insurance might not be worth it. All that aside, I think this brings up all kinds of issues. Philosophically, the Board of Education of a town should care about the education of all its residents. We are all affected by other people's actions. HowJake drives should be ofconcern to everyone. If one believes that the 40 hours that are required for a discount on the insurance are valuable then wouldn't it stand to reason that one would want all potential drivers in that class? It seems to me that school's resources should be available to the community at large. The idea of education has broadened so much. School used to mean academic subjects. Now the schools put on plays for which large royalties must be paid and expensive costumes used. Wouldn't it be better to use that money for an arts program for the entire community? Sports is another issue. The Interscholastic Athletic Association has said that any school that uses homeschoolers to compete

on a team will be disqualified. I

pondered this and wondered whether it should be fought. Then I started thinking about the nature of competitive high school sports. Only a small minority of kids get to play on those teams. Wouldn't it be better to use the money to create a more all-encompassing intra-mural program for everyone

in the community? I've been told that homeschoolers are elitists because we are not involved in public education. In actuality the schools promote elitism when they don't let homeschooled kids participate. Families like ours can afford to pay for private lessons for all kinds of things, but people with lower incomes might think twice about homeschooling from an economic point of view. I know people who are so committed to homeschooling that they find ways to provide what their kids need, even if their income is low. But there are others who are not as convinced at the beginning that homeschooling is the right path, and if money is an issue, some will never do it. For those people it would be very useful to have the school's science classes and theater programs open to homeschoolers. In a letter that the curriculum committee sent to homeschoolers, they mentioned that they are worried about the impact on the school budget if more and more homeschoolers take advantage of the schools. While it is true that we have a lot of people homeschooling in this town, if you were to figure out how many homeschoolers there are at each age level, you would find only a few in each grade, and none in some. In addition, as more homeschoolers leave the school system, others return.


ueek later Ruth wrote:

We met with the Curriculum Committee and they presented several silly reasons why it would be difficult to include homeschoolers in classes and after-school activities. The reasons were so silly, I don't want to waste time by writing them. Clearly, if they wanted to do it, they could. I got the feeling that one woman in particularjust hates our guts for homeschooling. At the end of the meeting, she smirked and said, 'Well, if you wantyour children to take a class. all vou have to

,99 GnowrNc Wrruour Scuoolrr.rc #126 .JaN./Fnn.

do is enroll the child in school for


year. They might enjoy it."

I later found out that this woman had a learning disabled child who couldn't get the help she needed in school, so she took her daughter out and put her in a private school for several years. Her feeling is that


people don't like the public schools, they should suffer and pay what it costs for private school, as she did. Meanwhile, another homeschool-

ing group in NewJersey has pooled resources and is renting a church for several hours one day a week and is calling it a resource center. There is a ggnnasium and an outdoor field for soccer and lots of little rooms inside as

well as one big room for art activities and play rehearsals. It's a wonderful thing. I am willing to drive 45 minutes each week so my kids can be part of this. Unfortunately, we will be looking for another space because the church

will no longer be available. And a fa:t months later, Ruth wrote:

The Board of Education came out with a homeschooling policy in which they said we could have access to textbooks, and homeschoolers in grades 912 can take one class ayear and

participate in extra-curricular activities. The policy is OK, but it does exclude younger children. This after years of allowing younger homeschoolers to take classes. I got together with a friend and wrote a strongly worded

letter urging them to amend the policy to include middle school children. I pointed out that so far theY have not been deluged with requests and that in fact most homeschoolers don't have the time or the inclination to attend a school class. I said that forcing a child who wants to take one class to attend full time is counterproductive if that child is thriving in the homeschool environment and that excluding children discriminates against families who cannot afford science equipment or private tutors. Much to my surprise, I received a call from a School Board official who told me they were very surprised to get my letter because they thought their policy was so inclusive. I spoke to her a while and was even more surprised later to get a second phone call in

which she said that they were considering allowing the middle school students to participate in extracurricular activities. Soon afterward, I learned that they voted to include the middle school students. I don't think we can push for more; they say they are open to reviewing the policy next year. Meanwhile, I am gratified by the power of the pen.

Online Community is Beneficial Nichy Hardenbergh (MA) writes:

I'll be frank. The headline, "Should Homeschoolers Use the Internet?" and the article which prompted it, "Homeschoolers Online? Not So Fast" (GWS #124) really annoyed me. The authors, Matt Hern and Stu Chaulk, depict a state of affairs that is almost totally unconnected to my own experience as a long-time homeschool parent and as a contented member of the homeschool online community. I would be dismayed if any homeschoolers uncritically accepted the authors' analysis.

I wish, first of all, that the authors had not used the term homeschool "movement." "Movement" implies an organized group working toward a common goal. The authors appear unaware of the vast political, social, economic, and religious differences within the homeschooling community. Instead, they treat homeschoolers as an undiverse population, a population that the authors would like to use to promote their own particular vision of social transformation through "school resistance. "

In their eagerness to achieve that vision, they are impatient with homeschoolers who might be relegating "social concerns to a place far behind personal interests." The authors disparage the desires of parents to find the best educational experience for their children, terming such motivation "individual opportunism." I find this a bizarre comment. In my experience, few people begin homeschool-

ing in order to make a political statement, We simply, and quite reasonably, wish the best for our children. The very process of homeschooling itself

Gx.owNc Wtrsour Scuoot-tNc #126 'JAN./Frs. '99

begins to transform our old ideas and conceptions. As we see our children thrive outside of educational institutions, we become motivated to work to help insure that homeschooling remains a viable option for any who choose it. (And we often use electronic communication in order to organize politically.) As those around us see the successes homeschooling brings to our families, some are encouraged to try homeschooling themselves. In this organic way, homeschoolers constantly induce social transformation. As to the authors' main argument, that "the rise of the net necessarily means a loss of community," I am

dumbfounded. I would like to know if Hern and Chaulk have any hrsthand acquaintance with homeschooling and with the online homeschool community. Their description of "virtuality" does not match my experience online at all. My participation in the homeschool online community in no way detracts from my participation in my geographic community. I can't, as the authors urge, "consider what [my online communityJ replaces." It replaces a total void. I could not have gained the

benefit of the wisdom of more


soned homeschool moms in my geographic community; there are no homeschool moms with more experience within miles of here. Nor could I help homeschooling novices much in my geographic community: homeschoolers are rare. Yet I can help

homeschoolers across the country through online connections. Learning to be a more effective homeschool mom is a very specialized area of expertise; we need all the help we can get. The online community permits

homeschoolers throughout the country to act as a support and resource for each other. In fact, we are fostering Hern and Chaulk's stated goal of having families learn to "shape and build their own lives rather than have bureaucracies and professionals do it for them." I can't imagine that Hern and Chaulk could be aware of the tremendous exchange of ideas and sustenance that occurs on internet homeschool lists and on the AOL

Home Education Magazine Forum, for


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& CoNcnxxs *

example. I hasten to concur with the authors about potential dangers of the internet. It is a challenge to learn how to blend this technology, which could easily consume enormous amounts of time, with other aspects of my life. But in no way have I "stopped going to libraries," as the authors suggest. And the notion that I have stopped writing letters is laughable. Previously, I was more likely to telephone rather than write a letter. I stay in much closer touch with friends and family now that

I am online. The authors' concern that homeschooling might become another "elite privilege" strikes me as particularly unfounded. Most homeschool families live on one income, and often a small income. They are not an elite group economically, and certainly there is no danger of the majority of homeschoolers becoming']rrppified." I fully support the proposition that must all be discriminating in our we use of technology; certainly, there are dangers and limits to online technology. Hern and Chaulk, however, only seem to put forward facile and unsubstantiated arguments, rather than to provide any genuine service to homeschoolers.

Getting In, Getting Out Penny Barker (OH) wites:


Jamegtown New York City



informabion Vacket available

Am eriaan

?tu dent



quality, educalional travel for 16 yearo


b00-945-7410 l0

Because so many of our friends were shocked when one of our children chose to enter the U.S. Marine Corps, I began to think about it myself. Since all five of my children

follow their own drummers, I'm never too surprised by them. Initially, I'm sometimes puzzled by some of their choices, but it doesn't take long for me to realize that I've allowed them to have their own ideas and views and that their actions will follow suit. So whenJonah told me a year ago last September that he was going to a nearby town to talk to the Naly Recruiter, I thought of it as one of his many explorations. As he began to get his father Richard and me involved in the process of supplying high school credentials, etc., I realized that he was moving forward with action. I did GnowrNc

advise him that though it was his choice (at 19, he didn't need our permission to enlist), once he was in, it would be a pretty solid arrangement for the next four years so he should be sure it was what he wanted to do. Andrew Hill wrote in GWS #119 about not being able to get into a

branch of the military without a diploma from a high school recognized by their organization. The same thing happened toJonah. When he said he was homeschooled, the Nar,y Recruiter just couldn't work it through their system. SoJonah tried another branch of the service. He spoke to the Marine Recruiter, and with help from Pat Montgomery of the Clonlara Home Based Education Program explaining Jonah's Clonlara diploma, Jonah was accepted into the Corps. Things moved quickly then, and within the month, a car with his Recruiter in it had driven out to our

farm and whiskedJonah



"processing." We didn't see him again for three months, though we sure got a lot of letters since telephone use is not allowed in Boot Camp. I think this period gave a real boost toJonah's letter-writing skills! We were also able to see a sentimental, family-attached side of him that is not obvious most of the time. It was tough in Boot Camp, butJonah was prepared for that and managed to get through the grueling 12 weeks. After that, he got a l0-day leave before going on to his next phase of training.

He was very happy to be home but seemed preoccupied and somehow nervous. All he could think of was having everything perfect for his next training camp - everything had to be

folded or ironed or rolled in a very particular way or big troublc. I figured this was good discipline forJonah and I wasn't bothered by it. But when I read his orders and realized that he

would be going off to Infantry school, I wasn't huppy since I knew that Infantry had been the thing he had told his Recruiter he did notwant.I realized that in an effort to meet his recuit quota, the Recruiter had railroaded Jonah through quickly and, as he told me afierJonah was in, 'At the end of the fiscal year for the military, there aren't manyjobs left to

Wrrsour Scuoor-rNc #126 .JAN./Fnn. '99

* choose from." He further told me that Jonah should have gone in with "delayed entry" and he could then have been assured ofhis choice of jobs. "You're a little late with this information," I winced to myself when I heard this.

\AlhenJonah got to Infantry School, he found out that he would be learning to be a machine-gun carrierl Well, what didJonah expect when he signed up? What did I expect?Jonah was unexposed to TV or films as a child and then became a regular movie goer at age 15. In hindsight, I think he was influenced strongly by the romantic picture portrayed of the military in many cinematic stories. As for my expectations, I plead guilty to lack of clarity in thinking at the time Jonah was enlisting. It was the end of an intensely busy summer and I hadn't yet had the quiescent time I need to shift from The Country School (our summer program) to my rest-of-theyear life with my family. Jonah wanted out; he felt he'd been misled and misinformed. He told me he was exposed to more smoking, drinking, and drugs than ever before in his life. He said he could handle it but it was indicative of how grueling and boring the days were; it was the only way the men got through. I realized at this point thatJonah had gotten himself into something that was not a match for him. Everyone I talked to who had had anything to do with the military indicated that forJonah to obtain a discharge would be next to impossible. I only allowed myself to hear "next to," not "impossible." My brother in Arizona told me of a friend of his who had gotten out of the Marines during Boot Camp. I finally got ahold of this man, and he said his son had gotten a dishonorable discharge that had hindered the boy's ability to get into some other things he'd wanted to pursue. (This boy had found Boot Camp so unbearable that he'd gone UL - unauthorized liberty - and had to return to Parris Island with a lawl'er to keep from going into the brig, the military prison.) I knewJonah didn't want to go that route, but I was also aware that he badly wanted to leave. Feeling a little desperate at this point, I called my Congressman and Gnowrruc


& CoNctnNs


Pat Montgomery. Pat Montgomery has helped my children (and tons of

others) through their growing up years, usually helping them get tn to

something (as she had earlier with Jonah). But now we wanted help with getting him out. Without one word of surprise, without a "tsk-tsk," Pat got to work, contacted some folks she knew in the military, and came back with the

information thatJonah's first step should be to talk to the Base Chaplain. Pat's "let's get going" attitude picked me up and gave me the frame of mind I needed to work onJonah's situation.

\Arhen I spoke with my Congressman, he was sympathetic but said that once he got involved, the Marines misht get tougher withJonah. Indication of work onJonah's part outsidethe Marine Corps chain of command would be frowned upon. Since I was now able to speak withJonah by telephone occasionally, I could ask him if he did want the Congressman to get involved. When he said "y.p," I gave the Congressman the go-ahead.

Meanwhile,Jonah began to work on his discharge fiom inside. It meant days spent waiting to see this person

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eh i lcl rr'n .rtrt] [t'ens.

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cntail: sourcr'ri, fl.tsh. Irct

Wrruour Scsctolrxc #126 .JAN./Frs. '99



M IN D FU ll

.1. Cnarr-r,Ncrs

and that, until he finally was assigned to MAT Co. (Marines Awaiting Training). There were about 450 young men (and women I think) in this company who were not continuing with their training for one reason or another: waiting for injuries to heal, under suicide watch, awaiting discharge, etc. It wasn't a good place to be, butJonah knew it was a necessary step in his getting an honorable

discharge. Over the next two months, he spoke to officers in the chain of command, psychologists, and medical doctors, and did lots more waiting. Finally, after much in-your-face berating from officers in command, he was given his last medical examination, given a bus ticket, and told he was leaving the next day, with his honorable discharge papers to follow in a month, during which time, if war broke out and U.S. forces were involved, his discharge would be void. As of this writing,Jonah has been out of the Marines for five months, none the worse for the experience and pleased with himself for completing the Boot Camp ordeal.

& CoNcrnNs


ShouldJonah have finished his commitment? I decided that in this case it was like a book. Growing up, if the children chose a book from the library, began reading it and did not especially like it, they were not compelled to finish it. Perhaps this is rationalization. I don't feel that quitting when things get rough is an especially admirable idea. But neither do I feel that my children should stick to a situation that makes them truly unhappy, just for the sake of sticking it out. I suppose the deciding factor for me is in what is experienced as truly unhappy. Since this is going to be different for every one of my kids, I can't make a rule that will cover every case.

In GWS #118, I wrote about my older son Dan's attendance at a conservatory and how I see it affecting him. What I am having to face is that what Neil Postman would call the "monastery environment" in which my kids were raised is not going to exist once they leave home. They will adjust, and have adjusted, to other environments. The choice is to decide

which environments offer enough strengths to outweigh the weaknesses. I realize that I can listen to them talk about the costs and benefits of their choices and can even offer my own opinion. Ultimately, however, they make their own decisions, as Dan did when he decided to complete his degree at Oberlin Conservatory. I may have felt the environment spiritually too costly, but I am not Dan; I am very

much aware of this. I've found that, even though our children are grown, they like to keep in touch with us and to bounce their ideas and plans off our experience and wisdom. But they do not like for us to be adamant (either pro or con) about their choices. We respect this and have adopted a somewhat dispassionate (though not uncaring) approach. For most of the year, they live away from us, with several of the five returning home each summer to run The Country School with us. Britt, the oldest at 30, calls home less frequently thanJonah, the youngest at 20. I also

notice that their communication with home is more frequent when things in


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GnowrNc WrrHour ScHoouNc +126




JtN./Fnn. '99

* their lives are disturbing than when their lives are sailing along. Richard and I accept our role in their adult lives, of being here when they need us. The love and trust developed during

those "learning together" years is solid, and it is all we need to know in order to know it was been worth it. even with the bumps.

Supportive Grandparents Pmny Ward Marcus

of Massachusetts


We are that mythical family you were looking for in GWS #125, with "Grandparents and other relatives and

family friends who do support homeschooling, or who were once skeptical but have become supportive." Guilty on all charges. I am hoping you will hear from others, because it seems like our experience has not been the norm for homeschooling families in the past, but I suspect others are seeing the changes as we are. Our decision to homeschool our daughter Abby was initially met with severe doubts from my in-laws. When we asked for their opinions about the option, they came to us with reasons that it would be a disaster. We thanked them for their efforts and then went ahead and based our decision on what we had learned about homeschooling from a lot ofresearch and from knowing others who had been homeschooling for years. When we told my in-laws we were going to give it a try, they agreed to support our decision from that point on, but it was clear that they had reservations. We took Abby out of school in the middle of third grade and never looked back. My husband's parents were sure she would be in private school by the next fall. Within four weeks, Abby was

coming out of a three-and-a-halGyear funk. She was once again the huppy, curious, loving child that I hadn't seen much of since her first day of kindergarten. Her grandparents couldn't help but notice the change. After the first month, my husband Ed's father came to us and apologized for their

initial reaction. They were completely converted. 'This is the best thing you've ever done," were his very words. GnowrNc


Scsoor_rNc #126


& CoNcrnNs {.

I was relieved, because I had envisioned a long process ofjustiSing and explaining our daily lives. Abby is their only grandchild, and if they thought for an instant that we were compromising her education, we would hear about it, loud and clear. These days, Grandpa loves to read news about homeschooling on the Internet, and Grandma makes it a point to find as many interesting books for Abby as possible. They are available to help when we need it as chauffeurs. sitters. and even teachers. Ed's 93-year-old grandmother even supports the idea of homeschooling. She doesn't really understand how it works, but she remembers a time when not everyone went to school. It isn't a nao idea that people can learn on their own. There is curiosity on the part of Ed's brother, aunts. and uncles, but I can't recall any criticism. My family was less of a trial. Mom was the first to suggest homeschooling Abby. "Why don't you homeschool her?" she said. "You're both intelligent and educated. You would probably do a betterjob than any school." This came when Abby was in first grade! We didn't even consider Mom's advice until it was clear there was no way to fix the gap between what school is and what Abby needed. My mother was thrilled (she had been listening to my griping about school for some time). Not one member of my family has expressed any doubt about the choice. Once again, curiosity over details shows up the usual questions about legal procedures and how we choose what to do. When we visited my family in Washington State during Abby's first year of freedom, my sister and her husband were impressed with the change in her behavior and attitude. They both said it was clear that she was doing much better than the last time they had seen us. My three brothers just take it for granted that we know best and they don't see anything at all strange in what we do. My cadre of aunts feel pretty much the same. Even outside the family we have had support. Our closest friends expressed only surprise that we didn't put Abby into private school (their kids have been tucked away in private

.JaN./Frt. '99

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* schools from the beginning). But there has been a growing acceptance

of the rightness of homeschooling for us, and while it isn't what they would choose, they have a considerable interest in how we go about it. As well, Abby's private instructors and coaches noticed a chance for the better before we even got around to telling them she had left school. Only one person

didn't really understand the concept but was glad it was working anyr{ay. So you don't think that I live on another planet entirely, let me say that I hauemetwith some people who think that school is a necessity, that we are depriving Abby of something that will be horribly apparent in the future. I haven't been able to find a clear definition of exactly what that thing is, but no matter; there are people who feel very strongly about it. Because I have strong support and acceptance from family and friends, as well as the contacts made through several homeschooling groups, I don't feel like I have to convert anyone. This also explains a recent conversation I had with other homeschooling parents. One was sayrng how much she enjoyed being with other homeschooling parents so she could relax and stop feeling like she was a revolutionary for a while. When I reacted by blurting, "I don't feel like what we do is revolutionary at all," most of the

other parents were surprised. Many had started homeschooling long before we did. I think public acceptance of homeschooling has grown enormously in the last few years, and my family has definitely reaped the benefits. I thank GWS in part, and those families who bucked public opinion in the past decades. Most of all I thank the people who are openminded enough to realize that school, which works for many, may be poison for some. I appreciate my family's

Crrulnucps & CoNcrnNs

{. pages.

beyond words. I hope that others who are currently at odds with family and friends can resolve their problems and finally relax a little more often!

and it would allow me to break free of my boredom at the library. I gave myself a year to start the business and get it going before quitting myjob at the library. Well, it is a year later now and I am still working at the library, am happy there, and have decided that I don't want to run a web design business. What happened during those twelve months to so turn around my outlook? Well... I really made an effort to figure out why I no longer liked myjob at the library, and if there was anything I could do to change how I felt. As I've said, I realized that my dissatisfaction didn't come from boredom as much as from the feeling of having to do that job. I then understood that designing

Part-Time Work Supports Other Activities Mae Shell



I have been very interested to see the discussion recently in GWS regarding whether or not is possible to find work that one loves. I was especially struck by LindseyJohnson's piece in GWS #125, because the idea of not "submitting" by getting a job that's boring is something I've struggled with myself this past year. Right now, I work part time (18 hours per week) at a local library. I've been employed there for three years - I started out at the age of 16 volunteering, was offered temp work, and then finally got a permanent position. For a while, I really loved being at the library, and even considered a career in library science. But, not too long after accepting a paid position I began to experience the feeling of having to do certain things at certain times, whether or not I felt like it. Being a lifelong unschooler, I had really never faced this reality before. Gradually, it got to me more and more, and made me dissatisfied with myjob. For a long time, I thought I was unhappy because I didn't like the work I was doing; really, it was because I had to do it that dissatisfaction crept in. I realize now that no job is ever completely free of that. I've always liked playing around on computers and designing things. One year ago, somewhat on a whim, I came to the decision that I wanted to start my own business designing web Archltectural Educatlon Resource Câ&#x201A;Źnter

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I thought this would be exciting

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web pages would be no different if I had to do it. Suddenly, the idea of being self-employed became frighten-

ing. I started to cling to myjob at the library, listing in my head all the good things about it. I began to wonder if I was just lazy and in a rut since I couldn't stand the thought of casting out on my own. Finally, I got ic I would have to keep some kind ofjob to survive as an adult. Being self-employed would mean uncertainty, which I realized is far different from exhilaration and excitement. So, I kept myjob at the library. After a few months, I found that my attitude towards it had changed again. I was actually enjoying it once more - not all the time, but enough to find it satisfing. This was an amazing turn-around, and has really made an impression on me about the power of attitude. Having

found peace of mind with my library job, I was able to see how web /gtaphic design is really an extension of the other artistic things I do (like writing poetry or taking photographs), and somehow the idea of being paid to do it didn't appeal to me. I'm very stubborn when it comes to anyone telling me how I should do something artistic. Designing web pages for other people would take the fun out of it for me. I decided that I wanted working on the computer to be a creative

outlet, not ajob. I'm still bored with myjob at the library from time to time. However, like any adult, I do have bills to pay

GnowrNc Wrrnour ScHoor_rNc #126


JNr./Frn. '99

* each month (phone, Internet, car payments). Continuing to live at home cuts out the rent issue (I pay that with time instead of money). But even

without rent, I'm still living in a culture where money is necessary. To get money, ajob is necessary, and I feel lucky to have one that fits me so well (minimal hours, close to home, etc.). When I get bored, it's easy to remind myself that I could easily get a

full timejob about 30 minutes away from home as a computer technical support person, earn wads of money, and have my own apartment. That cheers me right up, because I know living such a lifestyle would render me

lonely and miserable, with no time or energy left over to do the things I love. So, do I think it is possible for someone to do paid work they love? Maybe for some people it is. For me, it has been necessary to strike a compromise: doing part-time work I like gives me the resources and time to do the things I love . I've found that happiness is not so much a matter of being inspired every single moment (which


& CoNcrnNs.l

is probably impossible) but spending

the majority of my time on things that give me joy and satisfaction.

OK to Have One Special Friend Anne Hodge (NY) unites:

On reading Yvonne Garson's "OK Not to Be Social" (GWS #125),I was reminded of my daughter Emily's experience in nursery school. On her first day she met Katherine, a painfully

girl, and they became fast friends. Emily would wait outside the door so she could arrive with Katherine, and they always chose each other as buddies. Katherine's mother told me how grateful she was that her daughter had made such a good friend. The teacher, on the other hand, did not think this relationship was a good thing. In fact, she began separating the girls so that they could "make other friends." Emily and Katherine obliged as best as 4year-olds could but shy

ultimately they were miserable, and I found myself at my first parent-teacher conference. Both Katherine's mother and I told the teacher that we were huppy to have our daughters develop such a close friendship. Had any other children complained of feeling left out, we asked? No. Could she just let them be together? Well, yes. But in fact she couldn't, and the rest of the year was tense.

The next time I met with the teacher was to tell her that we had

decided to homeschool the next year. Her concern, of course, was socialization. I shared with her the words of Katherine's mother: we meet many people throughout our lives, but few ofus are lucky enough to have a true


I am glad to be reminded of this at a time when my children are eager to

be everlwhere at once. Sure, socialization is important. We tend to forget, though, that time for ourselves or for that one special friend is important

too. And sometimes harder to find.

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Why Mentors Love Mentoring GWS often prints stories about homeschoolers who volunteer at adult workplaces or connect with adult mentors in some other way. It's clear that these are valuable experiences for the young people, but what's in it for the mentors? We asked three adults who mentor homeschoolers (in very different fields) to tell us what they get out of the experience.

Studying Bald Eagles with a Biologist From Angie Hodgson of Alaska:

I work for a national conservation group called the Wildlife Conservation Sociery and they gave me a grant to go to Southeast Alaska because they wanted to support a project there. I came up with a project of studying bald eagles in Haines. Haines is the site of the world's largest congregation of eagles; they call it 'Valley of the Eagle." People had questions about the management of the eagles in the area. Although there is a bald eagle preserve there, which was created 16 years ago to safeguard this population of eagles, there hadn't been any intensive biology work done,just the occasional survey. Because the preserve was starting to be used in commercial ways as well, some people wondered about the consequences ofrunning these commercial tours through the preserve. How did this increased human activity affect the eagles? I designed a project that would look at this question and would also do some basic research into where the nests were, how many eagles were using the nests, how much success they were having raising their young. When I came to Haines and began the project, the local newspaper wrote an article about me and my work. Caitlin Stern, a 1Ayear-old homeschooler living in Haines, read that article and said to her mother, "That's something I'd be interested in; I'd love to help out with that project." Soon afterward, I happened to run into Caitlin's mother and she told me about Caitlin's interest in helping me. I was a little bit overwhelmed by the idea at first, because I was just in the process of designing a new project and furthermore I'd never worked with anyone that young. I'd had field assistants, but they had always been older and had already gotten BA's in biology. Still, I said "I'd love to have her help me," because one of my goals in my work is to reach as many people as I can. I told Caitlin's mother that I didn't know right offhand what I could do with 16

Caitlin but that it would be a great opportunity for me to figure out how to include somebody her age. I went home and thought about what Caitlin might be able to do. Biology can often be very technical, and I didn't want to start her off with something boring. It was also hard to think of how to include someone who was just starting to learn, as opposed to someone who already had a lot of experience. There were a few different aspects to the project I had designed. One was to locate the nests and then, once the eagles started breeding, to watch the nests. I had already hired field assistants to do that, so I couldn't see a place for Caitlin there. But I knew that once a week I was going to be going through the preserve and surveying the birds who were using the aquatic habitats. I had a route set up which involved stopping at 30 different places and counting the number of eagles, ravens, and waterfowl there to get an idea of what rype of habitat they needed at different times of the year and to understand how fish affect bird numbers (different fish come at different times of the year, and I wanted to see how many of the birds were really dependent on particular fish). By the time Caitlin's mother approached me, I had already done this route a couple of times by myself, and it was hard to do alone. You're scanning for the birds, trying to remember how many you've counted, and writing it down, all at once. I realized that this was something I needed help with and I thought it would probably be interesting to her as well. It worked out wonderfully, right from the beginning. Caitlin would help me spot birds as we were driving, and then once we got to the assigned places, I was able to scan and count and read off the numbers, and Caitlin kept track of everything, including the time and the weather on each day. Toward the end of the summer, she began coming along with me on raft trips too. This was another part ofthe project: in trying to assess the effect ofthe commercial tours, one thing I did was ride on a raft trip once a week, count the birds, and see how they reacted to Gnowruc Wnuour ScHoouNc #126 .JAN./Fns. '99

boats coming by. When Caitlin came along she helped to collect the data. I was surprised and huppy at how quickly Caitlin Iearned everything and how accurately she recorded the data. She was completely up to the task I was giving her. As I said, this was my first experience working with a teenager, and I hadn't known for sure that a teenager would be interested in the work I do. It was rewarding to be able to expose someone to what I do and it was fun to have her out there with me because she was always excited - she

loved to see the young in the nests, for example. It was neat to see that level of interest and to know that this wasn't something her mom was telling her she had to do; it was her idea.

Knowing that Caitlin would be with me actually helped me to keep up my own interest and enthusiasm. When you're doing this kind of thing week after week, some days you wake up and think, "I don't want to do this." Knowing Caitlin would be there motivated me and reminded me that the task was meaningful and necessary. It was also interesting to have Caitlin ask me questions or make observations about what we were doing. We spent all day together, and because we had to drive from one spot to another, we had a lot of time in the truck when we talked about things. I tried to explain some of the theory behind the tasks we were doing. After a couple of weeks of that, she began to ask her own questions or to notice things on her own. It was clear that she was learning and picking up on things, and that was neat to see. And I think when you have to explain something to someone else, you have to have it real clear in your own mind; you have to be sure of what you're sapng. Instead ofjust being by myself as I went along this route, I had a sounding board to bounce off ideas. The experience of working with Caitlin has definitely opened my mind to exploring the possibility of working with more young people. I think a lot of adults are scared of teenagers - you hear so many bad stories - but seeing how great it was with this one teenager makes a difference. It's given me more confidence to work with kids.

Working with a Computer Programmer From Max Rioers of Massachusetts:

I make my living working as a computer programmer, doing medical robotics programming. The "robots" are machines that are controlled by computers that move things in the physical world. They do things like dispensing pills, extracting samples from test tubes, and so on. More and more medical procedures, like examining blood samples for DNA, are being processed by these kinds of machines. These "robots" process samples so quickly and produce so much more information than can be done by hand that only computers can keep up with them. So I write software that either controls the robots or analyzes the data they produce or both. I work from home for laboratories and hospitals all around the world. After doing this work for twenty years, I feel I've GnowrNc WtrHour ScHoot-tlc 4126 oJeN./Fnn. '99

reached a certain level of mastery. One of the reasons I was huppy to take on a student was that it has given me a chance to share what I've learned. As is the case with a lot ofjobs, the real art and mastery of my work never gets seen by anyone but me. My customers use the end product, but they don't get to see how I actually solved the problems that came up in the process of creating the software which is where my tlventy years of experience really comes into play. Occasionally I'll write articles about a particularly clever trick I've discovered, or, even more rarely, another programmer will look over my shoulder, but there has been no way to share my work processwith anyone. And since, as with most adults, my work life is where I spend the vast majoriry of my time, getting a chance to share this part of my life with the next generation is a real treat for me. Tibet Sprague was a young man whom I'd known and whom I'd helped periodically, just by answering a few of

The opportunity to mentor someone LN the way that I wish I had been taught is aery healing to me. It closes the book on something that has felt unfi.nished in my life.

his computer questions now and then. Tibet and his family decided to homeschool when he was in junior high school. In some areas, like computer science, Tibet is capable of Iearning much faster than most kids. I identified with that. I have a similar aptitude in math (they didn't have computers when I was in junior high) and although I was fortunate in that I found some really great teachers who essentially taught me everything I learned in school, I spent the whole rest of those 12 years just being patient and bored' Tibet is very motivated and self-directed, and, like me, he loves learning. One of the reasons I picked the computer field is because it's an area where the learning never stops. There's always something new, always more you can so it's continually interesting and challenging. So when Tibet and his parents came to me and asked


if I would be willing to tutor him in computer science, I jumped at the chance. It gave me the opportunity to offer something that I had needed when I was his age. It's true that, as I said, I found a very small number of really good teachers over the years, but to get the kind ofhelp I wanted I had to go in after school, and a lot of it I simply had to do on my own or with other kids. So the opportunity to mentor someone in the way that I wish I had been taught is very healing to me. It closes the book on something that has felt unfinished in my life. I remember Richard, a friend I had in the sixth grade. t7

* Richard could read 1000 words a minute. The first day of class, the teacher handed out the textbooks and we spent the morning writing our names in them and making book covers. In that time, Richard read all the textbooks from beginning to end. He then proceeded to be so bored for the rest of the year that each morning he filled his desk with books, and he would spend the day with his head inside the desk reading those books. Instead of recognizing his special abilities, the teacher was continually punish-

ing him for not payng attention. Richard never made it through high school. He ended up in a lot of trouble in his life, and to me, that was a failure of the educational system and nothing else. There was nothing wrong with Richard's behavior. I could see the same potential dilemma with Tibet. Being able to learn at his own pace is important for keeping him interested and not having that powerful, positive mental energy turn against himself or against society. As a student I spent a lot of time waiting for those few precious moments when the learning environment met my abiliry to learn, and although it did turn out that those few moments were enough to keep me from shutting off to learning, they didn't have to be so few and far between. The first poem I ever really liked was one by Richard Brautigan which goes, in its entirety, "My elementary school teacher should have ridden withJesseJames for all the time she stole from me." I guess Richard and Tibet and I aren't alone in this. Tibet and I met once a week for an hour and a half. He does a lot of work on his own, in befween, as well. After a while, we moved from a teacher-student relationship to a mentor-apprentice one, in which he works for me on some of my contracts. He's gotten to see how I actually work on real-world problems. He gets to see not only how things are done, but why. I think this is very important. There were very few computer courses when I went to school, but the few that I took were mostly about how academics would solve problems, which is not how things are done in the world of commerce. When I went out into the world I ended up spending two or three years fighting the real world until I realized that the real world wasn't wrong; I'd been taught \,!rong. Particularly in a field like computers, where three years constitutes a generation, it's ideal to have a teacher who is also a practitioner of the trade s o that what is being taught is the current state of the art. Of course, one reason working with Tibet is so rewarding is that he's an amazing kid. I've done some mentoring of hard-luck cases, kids who really didn't get the kind of fathering that they needed, and I've been able to help them, which is rewarding too. But what a treat to be able to work with someone who's smart and happy and loves the work! It was so much fun for me to be with a kid who feels about learning the way I do. In some ways it almost feels like cheating to get all the credit I've gotten for giving him this real-world teaching, when in fact it has become more of a partnership and friendship that he and I developed. There are lots of side benefits for Tibet in this realworld experience, too. We went together to a computer show this year where I was selling one of my products. I taught a class at the show and had Tibet help me teach it. I




had him go around the class and show the grown-up programmers how to do a concept that he and I had invented together. At the end he said to me, "It didn't concern them that I was 16. All they saw was that I am a programmer and I can do this." It was powerful for him to watch how people interacted with him so respectfully. Another thing I've passed on to Tibet is how I've managed to weave my way through the lablrinth of possible dead ends in my field. I love what I do now, but there are a lot of programming jobs that I wouldn't do. I've been able to show Tibet how and why I've made the choices I've made. I've occasionally given him some of the work that I hate to do so that he can see the drudgery too, and we've talked about the fact that that drudgery is some people's whole job, which is hard for him to imagine. Now if he decides to be a programmer in his adult life, he not only knows how to program but also what aspects of it he likes and doesn't, and how to make the part he likes into a living. He knows what to say yes to and what to say no to. I've taught groups in several different contexts, but I find the one-on-one relationship particularly satis4/ing because your minds get a chance to interact directly. When you teach a whole class, you kind of throw ideas out and watch as some people get it and some don't. Working directly with Tibet, I can feelhirn get it. It's a very powerful experience. All in all, working with Tibet has helped me see how much I've learned about my craft over the years and given me a chance to pass on my legacy to the next generation. It's created camaraderie where there was only solitude. And it's given me a chance to right some of the tlrongs done to me and my generation by an educational system that couldn't meet the needs of the kinds of minds that it should be most excited to nourish.

Joining an Artist in Her Studio From Colette Yon of Neu York:

I met Sarah Mantell's familyjust before I began homeschooling with my daughter. Sarah's mother Amy was very helpful in getting us started, and now that we're in our second year, I've become quite friendly with the family. I've always enjoyed Sarah's company, so a few months ago I asked her if she would like to come and work in my studio with me and my daughter Natalie. I work primarily in oils and watercolors, and I have my studio on the third floor of my house. I knew Sarah was very interested in the kind of work I do, so inviting her to join me seemed like a natural thing to do. Her parents never said anything to me like, "It would be nice if you would work with Sarah," but I knew that she had done a lot of artwork on her own already - when she read, she made sculptures of the book characters, for example. I knew she had this interest and ability. Even though ir was to be an informal setting, I wasn't sure how she would respond to my invitation; you never know if such a prospect will seem too daunting. But it turned out that she was really looking Gnowruc Wrrsour Scuoor,rNc #126 .JAN./Fns. '99



forward to coming to the studio. We try to meet at least once a week. Sarah brings some ideas she's interested in, and we talk about how to make them happen. Or sometimes I have ideas of things we can do. One time I was talking to Sarah about how I was disappointed in myself because I hadn't been doing much work outside. For three years, I'd had a nice French easel that you can take with you everywhere, and I'd never used it. So we decided to go outside and work together. We dressed up and took turns posing and then sketching each other. It was really fun; sometimes you need someone else to give you the incentive to do something that you've been meaning to do. In fact, that's what has been especially enjoyable about having Sarah come to the studio: I'll say to myself, 'What have I not done for myself lately that I might like to do and that Sarah might find interesting?" When Sarah arrived at my studio the first time, I took the time to show her where everything was and to let her know that she was welcome to use the materials. She also had her own materials with her. Now, sometimes she comes in and gets right to work on her own project, so we're working side by side, and as we work we talk about music and books and movies and other things that are not related to what we are doing. It's nice simply to be able to have companionship when you're working. I've tried to arrange a similar set-up with adults but what so often happens is that a competitive element emerges. I find that when working with someone of a different age, this is less likely to happen. I remember that when we first arranged for Sarah to work with me, her mother wanted to make sure that I really wanted to do this and that I would have enough time for my own work. But it's easy to have enough time for my own work when Sarah, Natalie, and I are mostlyjust working comfortably together. Sarah's not a student to me; she's a friend. If I perceived her as a student, I probably would feel under a greater obligation to teach her specific things; I might indeed feel that having her there took time away from my work. Instead, even when Sarah is asking me questions as I'm working, I find it interesting rather than distracting. Often when she arrives, I'll set her up with whatever she needs and then continue to do my own thing, and after a while she'll come over to watch me paint. She was very interested in how I catch light - how I see it and how I manage to paint it. So she asked me several questions about it, and it was actually quite pleasant for me to step back and think about how I do what I do' I appreciate the opportunity particularly because I haven't found a group of people in this area with whom I can get together and talk about my work. I'm sure that being able to observe the process of my work and ask me questions about it is valuable for Sarah too, because so often, people show you their finished products but you don't get to see the process. Sarah has seen me stretch the canvas, prime the canvas; she's seen all the work that goes into painting.And sometimes she will look at something I've done and say, "That's great, I love it," but I'll tell her that I'm not satisfied with it, that I don't think it really works. She asks why, and as I explain it to her she learns something about how I think about my work GnowrNc Wrruour ScHoor_1sc

+t26 .JeN./Frs. '99


I'm trying for. What's fun about this for me is that adults aren't always as honest; they're more guarded. Sarah has never been rude, but she's honest - she'll express her own opinion about what works or doesn't work, and I enjoy that kind ofconversation. I try to help Sarah look at her own work constructively, because sometimes she'll get frustrated and think that nothing's right, nothing's the way she wants it. I encourage her not to be so hard on herself, to learn to play with it rather than worrying about having the line be just this way' It helps her to see that no matter what age you are, things don't always work, and you need to learn to work with mistakes. Some of my best work has come out of making a mistake and then fixing it. If Sarah has questions about how to work on something, I'11 show her a technique, but I don't say, 'This is how you have to do it." In drawing people. for example, she has a very individual way of working, and I don't want to ruin that. And Sarah knows that when she asks me a question, I'll answer it through telling her how I deal with that same problem in my own work. She was fascinated by how I paint water. That's something that's very hard to do; I've struggled with it and am not always successful. I told her that there are times when itjust clicks and times when it doesn't, and I think it was helpful for her to hear that, just as it's helpful for me to reflect on my work as I try to explain it to her. I taught artyears ago, and I really enjoyed the children's ideas and enthusiasm. I had a lot of flexibility in how I taught. One of the things I've noticed is that somebody whose background is in art education won't teach the same way as somebody who is an artist. People trained in art education have the view that you have to have a product at the end of every experience, yet they don't always give the students enough time. In this area, the schools give 35 minutes for art class, and the student has to have a product at the end of each class. I know from my own experience that, so often, that doesn't work. So many kids will tell me that they hate art, which is so sad to me. Practicing artists know that it often makes no sense to say, "There will definitely be a finished product at the end of these 35 minutes." And often, the higher the child's standards are, the more frustrated they feel at having to work under these conditions. In one art class, the children were shown a picture of the Sistine Chapel, told briefly about Michelangelo and how he had to paint the chapel lying on his back, and then were given the assignment of lying down under the table and painting that way. You can see how this might strike a teacher as an innovative idea, but most of the kids weren't at all happy with their product, which doesn't surprise me. So these are some of the limitations I see in how art is often presented to children. I feel fortunate that I can share my love of art with Sarah and Natalie in an environment where there are no philosophical or time constraints. Having l5-year-old Sarah join me and my daughter in my studio has been a fun and enjoyable experience for all of us. O and what


Watching Chitdren Learn Homeschoolers' Orchestra Jennifer Biggs Walton of Califurnia writes:

When I first began homeschooling my kids four years ago, the only experience I thought they would miss out on was being in a musical ensemble class. After searching the Internet and asking practically everyone I

ran into for ways to provide this experience, the leads were few and far between. Some groups held auditions to get in. Other ensembles had age or skill requirements. Then there were those groups rehearsing on Saturday mornings, which I really didn't want to accept. My background in music began at age 3 when I started violin lessons. When I was 5, my parents added piano lessons. My father isJohn Biggs, a composer, and my mother, Salli Terri, was a well-known singer and arranger. When I was a kid, I toured the world

playrng music professionally with my family's ensemble called theJohn Biggs Consort. We played Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Modern music. I was, and continue to be, totally immersed in music. Now I am fortunate to be called to play on motion picture soundtracks such as Mulan, Dr Dolittle, Small Soldiers, As Good as it Gets, Deep Impact, Armageddon, and many others. This work is part time and our

homeschooling works with my schedule. It was becoming obvious that my best choice was to create an orchestra just as I wanted it to be. I decided to found the Rainbow Kids Homeschool Orchestra, a subgroup of our support group, which is called the Rainbow Kids. This group is a collaborative effort of many people who have all Ievels of musical abilities. Everyone helps out where they can in the way 20

they can. We meet once a month for two hours. We divide into sectionals of similar instruments and work on the tunes for the day, and then we get into group formation and all play the selections at the same time. Following this comes an open-forum time where anyone can play whatever he or she likes, one at a time. Their pieces don't have to be polished, although some are truly amazing. I didn't realize how successful and enjoyable this would be. Some kids, teens, or adults decide to playjust the first few measures of whatever they are working on with their private teachers, and others play

their old favorites. The result is very encouraging and educational at the same time. We use the Essential Elements for Sfnngs series,

which uses harmony on all the orchestral selections within the series. Even if there are only a few people on a part, they can play top or bottom lines and hear an immediate musical result. They make musical pals as well! In addition to all this, we hope to offer a couple ofconcerts per year for family and friends.

Volunteering in Youth Orchestra Office Hannah AddarioBerry (BC) writes: One of my main passions in life is music. I have played the cello since I was 8 and I am now studying it very seriously. I have played in the Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra for two years now and it has been a wonderful experience. After my first year there, I went to the manager and proposed to do some kind of volunteer or paid part-time work at the orchestra office. She talked it over with the board, and since then I have been working four

hours per week, half volunteer, half paid. My duties are extremely varied (each week I usually learn one or more new things about how the orchestra is run), from poster distribution to computer database updates to frling to writing press releases to answering telephones. Once I designed and produced a publicity survey, which was distributed at the concert, and then I tabulated the results. From the work at the orchestra office, I have acquired a very good reference for futurejobs, and I have also been offered the position of orchestra librarian for the coming year.

Families Enjoy Writing Round-Robin Stories Tbdd Thsha



Last year, my family and I took part in round-robin story writing organized by homeschooling mother Nancy Deaver. We had a lot of fun with it and would like to organize another one to take place in late winter/spring of 1999. Here's how it works: Each person is part of a group of four writers. Everyone begins by writing the first page of a story, then sends it on to the next person in the group. Next, everyone writes the second page of the story started by the previous person. This process continues until each writer finishes a story.

At the end, each story contains a page (at least) written by each group member. The person finishing each story mails it back to the one who started it, and that person sends a copy of the completed story to each person in the group. You have two weeks to complete each writing installment. Many surprising things can happen to a story written in this manner. It is entertaining, and it is empowering to realize that not only professional writers can do this sort of thing. I majored in engineering in college and had never written any fiction until I got involved with these round-robin stories, and I found that I had a lot of fun with it. My wife's group was a group of women from around the country, and in their writing they incorporated personal

GnowrNc WrrHour Scsoor-rNc +126 .Jaw./Fte. '99

material from their lives and from their parts of the country, so it ended up being a great way to get to know each other. The flavor of each person's writing was different and it was always a surprise to get the next installment in the mail. It loosened up everyone's writing. The added bonus was the way they all got to know each other - some even ended up phoning each other just to talk. Our 1 l-year-old daughter Hannah's group - kids ranging from 10-12 - was probably the most successful group in terms of the writing they produced. They got really into it and included drawings to go with the story. Hannah too loved the surprise element, the way there were always remarkable twists in the story when the next writer jumped in. Hannah happened to like writing already, so for her the fun of the round-robin stories was connecting with other kids who also like to write. We live way out in the country and she doesn't know many other kids who like to write. But I think the round-robins could be great for someone who doesn't already like writing, too. It's a great way to become interested in writing. About 84 people participated in the round-robins last year, from all around the country. We're looking forward to doing it again. Before you

rush to sign up, though, a word of warning: please try to assess whether you really have the time and determination to commit yourself to this. I experienced great disappointment when I did my part last spring but only received one completed story. Do not sign up if you are feeling totally overwhelmed by other demands on your time and energy. This is open to kids and adults and we will try to match you with three others in your age range. Ifyou want to take part, please send a SASE by January 25,1999 to Todd Taska, 1926 Valley Rd, Lowell VT 05847. Please include your names and ages.

History and Science Groups Cindy Thoman-Terlazzo of Maryland unites:

Our family has found what we feel

Learning At Home: A Mother's Guide To Homeschooling

are some pretty interesting and fun ways to study world history and environmental science this year. For history, we've joined with two other


families - kids' ages ranging from 1ll5 - to meet once a week and watch two segments from a video series on world history. The series is titled 'Vorld History: The Fertile Crescent to the American Revolution." This is a high school-level class presented by Lin Thompson, a high school history teacher from Bellflower High School


in Los Angeles. The series consists of 30 half-hour lessons. We watch one. then have a discussion, have a break, and then watch the second. The Teaching Co. (the company that offers these videos) provides a workbook and answer booklet which you can use to record the highlights from each section (but you don't have to use it). We are pleased with the tapes. I think they provide a good overview, a place tojump off from. We plan to complete the series by Christmas and then supplement their material with books, especially lots of historical fiction, and visits to various museums. We are also highlighting Ancient Greece with another group of seven

families (kids' ages ranging from 717). We're meeting once or twice a week in a four-week intensive, studying various topics through another video series titled "Greek Fire" (available through the library system). We follow the videos with discussions and other activities including Living History presentations, in which the kids impersonate and tell the story of a particular character from Greek history. We've lined up a day of museum visiting with tours in Philadelphia, we've watched a film adaptation of The Od,yssE, had our own mock Olympics and Greek gods charades, created our own stories and pictures of a Greek god, built our versions of Greek buildings with foam board, and are doing a paper on a particular aspect of Greek life. All of this is also supplemented by various books and magazine articles. As I re-read this, I recognize that sounds ambitious. It is. Two mothers

organized the schedule and the activities with the input of their kids and then they offered the idea to other families and invited them to

GnowrNc WnHour Scsoor_lNc #126 .JAN./Frs. '99


Marty La5me


writfen o rother of four with !$+ years etcperiencehelping her childrren leorn ot home

Friendly Informotive Helpful htp/imembers. home.neVseacf nrgepublicatir:nJ




Sea CharBe Publications, Dept H 1850 San l-omaAve. Vr6tb, BC \EN 2E9 Canada



Meetins ScLool


Celebnting ow 4oth yead Strong program of academic

and experiential leaming in a farm and forest setting. Students participate in small classes, family style living, growing food, caring for farm animals, and making community decisions.

A Quaker school engaging students in fundamental values: respect for the integrity of individuals, peaceful resolution of conflict, stewardship of the land, the dienity of physical worh the importance of group process, and the persistent practice of intellectual and spiritual openness. Boarding Grades 9-rz. Financial aid available.

For more information, visit us at wwwJnvcom,/ipuservfins call or writo: telephone: (6o) 8gg-2t66 email:

The Meeting School 56 Thomas Rd" Rindge, NH o346r 21

* participate. The sessions have been going really well with the full participation of the kids and other parents offering nice tidbits along the way. For science, we again have been meeting in a group (the same one that is involved in the Greek studies). In August and September we met five times, approximately four hours each day, with a friend who is a biologist. Tom (the biologist) led the group, having the kids do various water testings in avariety ofsettings (farm pond, swamp, small stream, larger



well as observing the waters

for physical parameters and biological life. The group also visited a sewage treatment plant. This group ended with an afternoon of presentations the kids speaking on various topics

ranging from the water cycle and pollution to the variety of plant and animal life found in local waters. We also took a field trip into the Baltimore Harbor with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. It was an excellent program. We again tested the health of the water. observed the life in the waters, collected samples from the

river with a net, checked out a newly re-seeded oyster bed, crabbed, and noticed how industry affects (for good or ill) the relationships between people and the life in the bay. We've also done some independent readings and are planning to participate in various volunteer projects sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. We're also interested in an overnight study program with the CBF or with the Marine Science Consortium on Wallops Island, VA- a research center which offers a variety of educational programming using the

marine environment

as a



room. Some of these ideas involve some

money; others involve time and organization. My kids have really enjoyed the energy created in the group of families and have found the explorations of these topics lots of fun. I feel fortunate to be connected with a number of families and to be able to come together for such shared explorations. Next year we're talking about a group study of chemistry, sparked by one parent's conversation with a high school chemistry and physics teacher. This teacher is quite intrigued by 99

WarcHnc CsrlonnN LrenN {.

homeschooling and offered his services to us. My children are 11 and nearly 15. As I mentioned, the kids in the group ranged from 7 to 17. Since many of these kids are of high school age, the emphasis of the activities has been geared toward a high school level. We are finding that the younger kids work quite well in this group, each coming in at their own self-determined levels. Here are addresses of the companies and organizations I mentioned: The Teachin g Co., 7 405 Alban Station Ct. Suite 4-107, Springfield VA 221502318, phone 800-TEACH12. The Marine Science Consortium, Box 16 Enterprise St, Wallops Island VA 23337, phone 80+82+5636. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, 162 Prince George St, Annapolis MD 21 401, phone 800445-557 2.

Grown Homeschooler Savs: "I Didn't Miss Out" Jarni.e Srnith Hopkins urote in issue #81 of the Maryland Home Ed,ucation As s o ciation nan s letter :

A decade ago, when homeschooling was still considered avant-garde by the general public, I was often asked if I missed being at school. 'No," I would answer, simply. 'You can't miss something you've never had." Such a literal answer from a 10year-old always got a laugh. But now, at 21, afew weeks away from a college degree and several months into a marriage, I can look at that old question from a larger perspective - and I know I didn't miss out on anything by learning at home. Instead, I gained so

much more. Sure, I didn't go to the prom, but judging from my friends' experiences, that's no loss. And while I didn't get to play for a school athletic team, I swam for a community league and figure skated competitively in rinks up and

down the Eastern Seaboard. And, more importantly, I cannot remember a time when I hated to learn. Learning was usually fun and always interesting. I liked to read, I liked to write, I liked doing math - all right, occasionally I was frustrated, but I also like a challenge - and even

science, my least favorite subject, was

never a chore. Homeschooling allowed me, with help from my parents, to design a curriculum that held my interest. In "elementary school" - for lack of a better phrase - learning was relatively formal. Math was courtesy of Miquon, language arts came from a textbook, and history and science were ajob for Mom, who read books to me as we sat under cozy blankets on the couch in our Columbia, Maryland home. By middle school, I was more independent. Dad and I decided on good biographies and overviews for history and science, and I read them on my own. I worked on Saxon math, again alone - usually hunched on the

floor in my bedroom, even though I

had a perfectly good table and chair. For English, I picked out classics like tane Eyre and The Ctreat Gatsby. High school was the same, only more so, and a year before I "graduated," I took the sound advice of homeschool veterans and enrolled in several courses at the local community college to find out what the next educational step was going to be like. The big questions the public and new homeschoolers alike seem to have now revolve around college - specifically, will a homeschool graduate be accepted into one? And if so, will he or she succeed academically? And even


that happens, won't the homeschooler be out of his or her social league?

I'm no educational expert, but I do have a little experience in this area, and none of the homeschoolers I knew had any problem. In fact, they all did extremely well. One of my friends is going into her senior year of college with a 4.0 grade-point average in the academically challenging field of biology. Another graduated with distinction in both her two majors. And these former homeschoolers have social lives, too.

But the college atmosphere is a change from the homeschool one, at least in some ways. Grades, for instance. When I started at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

(UMBC) in 1995, I had a case of the - mostly because I was afraid the classes were too hard and I'd lose my full-tuition scholarship. Getting a nerves

GnowrNc Wrrnour ScnoolrNc #126 .JAN./Frs. '99



CHrr-onrN LSARN .:.

B minus on my first paper didn't help.


But grades haven't turned out to be a problem, and by the end of that first semester, I felt much more comfortable. (I later found out that almost every student, homeschooled or not, feels at least a little nervous at the beginning of his or her college career). One thing that helped me out is that, academically, college is very similar to homeschooling - in both arenas, students do a great deal of independent study. In that way, and because I wasn't tired of learning, as some of my schooled friends were, being a homeschooler gave me an edge. I was used to a high level of studentteacher interaction from the homeschooling experience, so in college, I wasn't afraid to ask questions and I made a point to get to know my professors. College students who file in and out of class as if they're still in high school are often the ones who see

A little career dabbling before college is a means of avoiding all that. And homeschoolers. with their flexible schedules, are in the best position to do it. Visiting Dad or Mom's workplace, shadowing an older friend on the job, and internships (paid or unpaid) are just a few ways to find out which careers are interesting, and which ones to cross of the list. It worked pretty well for me. In the early years of high school, I was certain I'd be in the art field - either as a graphic artist or an animator and I spent hours drawing and designing. But after talking to an aunt who's a graphic artist, reading up on the career possibilities, and visiting art schools, I began to think it wasn't for me. And once I spent some time as a staff writer for my community college's student newspaper, I switched gears. Reporting seemed like the thing to do. The summer before I started studying English and journalism at UMBC, I interned at a local weekly to test my theory out, and decided I liked this career choice. If I had been really on the ball, I could have been interning throughout my high school years, as some of my homeschool friends did. It's a great time to intern, because you don't need to wait until summer or winter vacations, as I feel pressured to do as a time-poor college student. If all goes well, I'll graduate in December - which means byJanuary, I'll be flung out into the work force. It's a pretty scary thought, but I feel prepared by the foundations homeschooling gave me. Ultimately, that's how I know I didn't miss out by learning in a two-story house instead of a 3O-seat classroom.

their grades slip. And what about socialization? In the medium-sized research university I attend, I probably would have felt pretty lonely if I just came to class and went home. As it happened, I didn't I've spent most of my college time in the cramped offices of the school newspaper instead. I joined to get experience, but it was also a great way to get to know others, and a good education in working with people of completely different temperaments. (Addi tionally, the newspaper was where I met my husband, but that's another story.) Involving yourself in a campus club or organization is one of the best ways to have a social life in college: it makes big universities seem small and turns the foreign into the familiar. So homeschoolers can master college. But what about the work force? Again, I think those who learn at home in their formative years are ahead of the game - or at least have a great opportunity to get there.

It's often hard to figure out exactlywhatyour career goals are, and the average person waits until college to decide, which can be a waste of time and money. You see, what you major in generally depends on what you want to do, and if you're not sure what you want to do, you may change majors several times, keeping you in college

Taking Community College Classes as a Teenager Kath.y Hmsky utrote in the Nouember/ Decembn 1998 issue ofHearth Notes, fft.e nausletter of the Connecticut Home E d,uc ation As s o ciati on :

When Tess started her first class at Middlesex Community Technical College (MXCTC), she was somewhat apprehensive. Although she had done

GnowNc Wrrsour Sgroor_rNc +126 .JeN./Frs. '99

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discussioru based on original source readings, from Aristotle to Woolf.

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a college


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WercsrNc Curlon-nN Lrenr.r


well on the English placement exam required for entrance into some classes, she was a month and a half away from




You and your children can experience the joys of hands-on science discovery together!

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your child's current skill level/achievement in reading, written language and mathematics

your child's aptitude/ potential in verbal and mathematical reasoning

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turning 14 and



that it would be very obvious to some people that she did not belong. Actually, Tess looked older than her age and with high school juniors and seniors now able to take community college classes, she blended in easily. She did tell me that she felt some embarrassment at times when someone would discover her age and exclaim, 'Wow! You're only 14?!" The administrative process was not diffrcult. We tried to sneak through a general registration day but got stopped at the first station when Tess wrote down "homeschooled" for the high school space. Several administrators were sent to speak to us and we were told that Tess would need to have an interview with the Dean of Admissions. Since it was very close to the first day of classes, I told them that I didn't think that an interview was necessary and that I believed that placement tests were given to predict a student's ability to succeed. Someone quickly pulled her file and although her scores placed her into a credit-bearing English course (she began with a Literature class), the small but oh-soserious group of administrators concluded that the interview was still something she needed to do. A couple of days later, we drove to MXCTC for Tess's interview which we laughed about later. One of the questions we remember was, "lVhat would you do if someone asked you out on a date?" However, after I questioned the effectiveness of a short interview, the Admissions Director explained to me that what the college is concerned about is the maturity level of younger students. He told me about a l3-yearold homeschooled student who apparently wanted to draw attention to herself. Her teacher had gone back to the Admissions Office and complained, 'Why did you let this student into my class?" Please, parents, realize your child's limitations and don't put

him into an environment for which he's not yet ready. No counselor can judge this better than you can and several poorly behaved kids could cause an adverse reaction toward homeschool kids in community

colleges. Tess continued to take one class a semester for three years. She started

out in her strongest discipline, English Literature and English Composition, and progressed to what were (for her) more difficult subjects, including Algebra II and Biology with a lab component. We looked for classes she would be likely to succeed in to start with and then looked to diversi$ her education with courses such as Communications, Philosophy, and Sociology. For the last tlvo semesters, Tess was also on the Student Senate. This year, in what would be her senior year of high school, she is taking German I at Southern Connecticut State University. She was ready for a change, and when it comes time to fill out college applications for more selective colleges,

I think it will look like


interested in tackling a more challeng-

ing environment. Overall, our experience with MXCTC has been very positive. Tess was easily accepted as a peer by the

other students; her grades indicate that her professors also felt she belonged in their classes. Mira, her younger sister, took Design I last year (at the age of14) and found another high-school-aged homeschooler in class with her!

Tutorials with College Students From


B ergs on-S hi lc o ch ( PA ) :

My friend Cailin and I have found that arranging tutorials with college students is a great way to learn things that we want to learn with some guidance and help. As I was getting older, I kind of wanted to pull away from my parents a bit more and to do something that would be a little bit different. I decided that working with a tutor would be fun, and I thought I would try psychology. My older sister Emily was taking a psychology class during her frrst year at college, and the books she was reading always

looked interesting. My friend Cailin had been working with tutors for a while already - she would hang up a

sign on bulletin boards at local colleges, and she got good results. So when we wanted a psychology tutor, we

GnowrNc WrrHour ScHoorrNc #126 .JAN./Fne. '99

* a senior at Haverford College who was interested in helping us. Initially he thought that he would have to make up tests for us and do a lot of extra work outside of our weekly meetings, but we told him that we just wanted to get an overview ofbasic psychology. We wanted to have reading assignments in between sessions, but we weren't ready for papers and


midterms. We were only 14 then, and just wanted to get our foot in the door and begin exploring this. We knew it would be hard for us, because we were going to be using his college psychology textbook. But he did a good job of picking out specific parts that he thought we could understand. We met once a week for two hours and discussed our assigned reading. It was very informal, and we all felt comfortable voicing our opinions. It wasn't like with some teachers where you're afraid to ask because you feel you should already know the answer. Each week our tutor would check with us to make sure that we were huppy with how the class was going. He wanted to be sure we were getting what we wanted, that we were learning enough but he wasn't going too fast or it wasn't too boring. Cailin and I always did our homework on the phone together. We would take turns reading the assignment aloud and trying to understand it. There were so many confusing parts, and often one of us would understand it more quickly than the other, so we helped each other. After this experience worked out so well, I started taking Latin with a good friend of our family's, David, whom lve'd known for years. He was a homeschooler and is now a junior at Villanova University. I decided on Latin because one of the requirements to get a diploma from our local high school is to have a foreign language. Homeschoolers can get a diploma - my two older sisters have done that - and I knew I wanted one also, but I wasn't sure what language to take. For me, with something like a language, if I don't really want to learn it, I'm just not going to put in the time you need. But Latin interested me because so many of our English words are derived from it; it seemed like it was language and we



Wercrrrxc CHrr-onl'N Lulru.* .f.

history pulled into one. Again, Cailin was also interested,

some poetry, some short storles, some one-act plays. Lucy comes up with the

and David's younger sister Christine, who is my friend too, asked if it would be OK if she joined us. So the three of us meet with David twice a week. We work out of a textbook, and as in the psychology class, we feel comfortable asking questions. It's not hard for me to take instruction from David even though I've knorvn him since we were young, because it's clear to me that he has so much knowledge in this area. In fact, one of the thinss I like about

recommendations, but what's nice is that she's flexible about it. We want to dip into different things, but if we come to something we really like, then we can spend more time on it. I think working with college students is a great idea for homeschoolers. For me, the small group works well, but it could also work to have a few more in the group. One of the draws for college students is that they're always looking for extra cash. But from our perspective, a college student tutor charges a lot less than an adult professional who is trying to earn a living from tutoring. So it works well financially (but I think you could also work out a bartering arrangement), and it works well in all the other ways I've described, too. l

working with someone just a few years older is that they often remember what it's like to be our age. The other class Cailin and I are taking now is a literature class with a junior at Temple University. We told Lucy that we wanted to get a taste of a

lot of different things. We've read

Scsoo1rNc +t26 .JeN./Fns. '99




SS: You've said elsewhere that there used to be so many rules about what you could and couldn't say in a book meant for children.

A Conversation with

Madeleine LEngle

ML'E: My book Meet the Au.stinswas criticized because it opened with a death. There was the thought that children couldn't understand anything big or difficult, and that life had to be prettied up for them. But children already know that life is not

In a letter that Madeleine L'Engle sends to the hundreds of young readers who write to her each month, she says, "I wrote my first story when I was five years old. It was about a 'little grul' because that was how I spelled 'girl'when I was five, but at least it was a story, and I've been writing stories ever since." Indeed she has. and her books - A Wrinkle in Time, AWind in the Door, photo by Nanq Crarnplon

and many others - are well known and well loved by many GWS readers. Her characters, who often don't fit into the conventional school world, are deep-thinking, interesting young people, and L'Engle is clearly a writer who takes children seriously. To explore some of these connections between her work and ours, we interviewed Madeleine L'Engle at her office at the library of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.

Susannah Sheffer: I want to tell you that this interview will be read by both young people and adults, and that reminds me of the answer you once gave in another interview to the question of why you write for children. You said, "Because I can't tell the difference between literature for children and literature for adults." So that usual distinction isn't a meaningful one to you?

Madeleine L'Engle: No, because people underestimate children's capacity to understand big concepts. Mosdy children can understand a lot of things their parents can't. The only difference in a children's book is the age of your protagonist. Why should you write less well for kids than you do 26

for grown-ups? Whether it's going to be a child's book or an adult's book doesn't enter into my mind when I'm writing; I just try to write the best I can. SS: A lot of the young people I know who love your work love precisely those big concepts. I think it's hard sometimes to be a young person who is wondering about big questions, and maybe you reach these readers simply by knowing thatthey are wondering such things.

ML'E: Yes, I get letters all the time from all over the country saying that people aren't interested in the big questions, only in little things.

all pretty, so that idea didn't make sense. One of the problems with A Wrinklc in Timcwas that it deals with evil. Children weren't supposed to know that there was evil. Well, if you walk down the street in any village, you see evil. SS: Were you in a position of having to respond to that charge?

ML'E: No, I just wrote what I needed to write! SS: And now it seems to me some people make the opposite criticism; they say that children are exposed to too much.

ML'E: They do make that criticism. Sometimes now they say that we

write about nothing but the ugly things. The real point is that life is a combination of both. SS: Was that business about A Wrinkle in Time dealing with evil one the reasons it had such a hard time


finding a publisher? Was it that issue in particular? ML'E: It took me two and a half years to find a publisher for that book. It was that issue and every other issue: 'Tesseract" isn't on a limited vocabulary list; the children in the book were interested in things that children aren't even supposed to know about; the character Meg got into danger. a female protagonist! They said I wasn't supposed to use a female protagonist either.

And I used

SS: How did you keep the faith in that book, when everybody was

doubting it?

GnowrNc Wrrnour Scnoour1c #126 oJen./Frn. '99

ML'E: I'm stubborn! And I knew it was a good book. I mean, you do have that sense, that this is a good

book, and youjust hang on to that.

In this issue of GWS we have mentors talking about their work with SS:

young people, and they make the point that young people seldom have a chance to see work in progress, and to see the struggles that people go

through. It's great for our readers to hear that you had such a hard time getting that book published, when we now know how successful it turned out to be.

ML'E: When it comes to writing, I think that very young people, say third or fourth grade, aren't up to work in progress yet. Let them write what they want to wdte. Then as you learn to write, you begin to learn to revise. You don't start revising with your first story. SS: Picking

up on that point about

"tesseract" not being on limited vocabulary lists, in another feature in

this issue of GWS, a homeschooling parent writes about noticing that children's literature was becoming more and more didactic. that it seemed to need to have explicit educational value. What do you think about that distinction between educational material and just plain

children's books? ML'E: If I want to give a lesson, I'll preach a sermon. When I write a story, I write a story. It's like wearing a dress and having the slip hang! A story is supposed to be a story; you don't want

the message to show you want it to be implicit. And you don't have to worry about limited vocabulary - kids know all the words, or if there's a scientific word like "tesseract" that is unfamiliar

but is necessary, they'll learn it through reading. That's how I learned my vocabulary. SS: Another reason I think many of our young readers are drawn to your books is that so many of your

characters have a strong sense

means that she has an exceptional talenq itjust means that she doesn't see youth only as a time of waiting or

of preparation. And then I think of your character Katherine in A Small Rnin,who was serious about the piano. So many of the other people at her boarding school didn't understand that seriousness.

ML'E: Katherine was a genius at the piano. She'd come from an adult world, in which she'd spent most of her childhood, and had been shoved out of that into a kids' world of boarding school. She had come from a world in which it was logical for her to be preparing to be a serious pianist. SS: Were the teachers at the

'KOAE, of Alternative the |ournal

SS: In one way or another many of your characters don't fit into the school scene. Why does that come up so often for your characters, that there's some chafing or some dissonance between them and the world of


ML'E: Because I write about what I know. That was totally my experience. I was put down, and my stories were put down, by the teachers. They thought I was stupid. I think they

didn't respect that sort of work, or didn't think it was what a child was supposed to be interested in. You were supposed to be interested in basketball, or running relay races. I had a bad knee and was no good at sports. I was not helpful to teams, so I was put down there, and I guess the teachers decided that a general put down was called for. SS: With your characters, when there's a struggle between their own lives and the school life, are you

primarily on their side? ML'E: Of course. SS: Is it OK if a child like Charles Wallace in A Wrinklz in Timz and A Wind in the Doornever fits in? In A Wind in the Door, that's the main problem in the beginning, that he doesn't fit in at schoo-.

An Independent School with a Public Purpose



Interviews with educational visionaries


Experimces of teachery parents, and students


ML'E: Well, that's what my teachers told me. But it felt arryfirl. I hated it.

-iltltr^ft\ Verde Valley School

Education quarterly journal dedicated to the lives of children and to the leaming process. Profiles of successful altemative schools and a



work and interests. They're serious in a way that adults often don't expect young people to be. I'm thinking of a l3-year-old who wrote to us saying that in school, you say, "When I grow up, I want to be an artist," but now out of school, she finds that she can say, "I'm an artist now, and I think I'll still be one when I grow up." I don't think this is arrogant or even necessarily

boarding school right to tell her to lessen her commitment to her work?

Academic studies of altemative education

o Reviews of bools wriften on educational o And much, much morel


- IKOAE, T2Philip St., Albany, NY 12202; Tel: 518/432-1578; $2Uyeat.



Accepting Homeschool"rs Since L948 . 12 o Co.Eclucational . College Preparatory . Day and Boarding Sedona. Arizona Ph: 52O-284-2272

Be a Sutainer for $36 and als leceive a complimentalv subsctiption to ou sister qualtelly-the loumafof Fnnily Li/e.

GnowNc Wrruour ScHoot_rNc *126 .JeN./Frs. '99

www. / schools /wschool 27


ML'E: Some of the great geniuses have never fit in.




knew things she needed to know that were not being taught in school, and

lot of extra stuff was being dumped on her at home, and she needed some time she was the oldest and a

SS: There's also a sense in your books that school is not the whole world, that if you don't make it in school that doesn't mean you're in complete exile - there are other worlds in which to grow up.

ML'E: Yes, and that's especially true for any child who has a vocation. Of course, sometimes there is a struggle to find out where you fit, but I think the struggle is not bad. SS: The example of Polly in An Acceptable Time is special to our readers in a particular way, because

that's a character who actually doesn't go to school for several months. You have her spend time with her grandparents, learning from them, rather than attending school. How did you

think of that?


It seemed like a reasonable

choice. Of course, she was living way out in the country where there weren't many people close by to ask her questions about being out of school.

ML'E: By the teachers, the organi zations, by "them." I myself crave time alone, so I always assumed my kids would crave it too. Itjust seems like an ordinary thing. SS:

Earlier I mentioned our

feature on mentoring. Are there young people with whom you have any kind of mentoring relationship nowadays?

That makes me think of the related issue of solitude. You often have characters who crave solitude. sometimes more than is thought appropriate. So many kids' lives are so SS:

scheduled nowadays that it seems important to confirm that there's nothing \4,rong with unscheduled time alone.

ML'E: I think we always need solitude. But we 're taught not to, we're taught to be sociable, to frt in the group.

ML'E: Well, her grandparents

ML'E: All myyoung people have now grown up. I used to have that, people asking for my help with stories theywere writing, or saying, "Let me read you this paper I'm working on." I always felt that if they asked for that kind of help, they should get it. SS: Did you have that sort of help when you were younger?

ML'E: Nope. That's why, when was asked

for it, I gave it!



SS: Taught bywhom?

Gomputers can be a great learning tool. But only if you make the right choices. rD-

Finally, a comprehensiue guide that helps home schoolers pick educational software andWeb sites.


I he llrenff


?ocke+ Guide +o Kidr &

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Wrrsour Scsoor.rNc +126 .JaN./Fes. '99

Resources & Recommendations The Horn Book Magazine Phoebe

Welk (MA) atrites:

I began reading parenting publications 15 years ago when I became a stepmom so I could quickly get up to speed in all sorts of vital skills, like packing lunchboxes and making Halloween costumes. The things I read were pretty low-key, practical, and generally confidence-building. About eight years ago, though, I began to notice a change in the articles I was reading. The rainy day suggestions had fewer arts and crafts ideas and more suggestions of "edutainment" to buy. The new message seemed to be getting stronger: in order to be worthwhile, child's play must be full of lessons in disguise. Still trusting these information

sources (and my stepdaughter's teachers), I would go to the library armed with their booklists and bring home fiction books that got a lukewarm response and nonfiction books

thatwere endured at best. I too read these recommended books. both because I've always been interested in children's literature and because I felt

I had to be prepared for those "teachable moments" which were then coming into vogue. I was struck by how these books seemed almost entirely geared for kids to use when writing school reports. They had limited vocabulary, the text was little more than a string of facts, and the illustrations were disconnected from the text. Fortunately, I was rescued by two

things: Ctrowing Without Schooling magazine and a librarian who asked me why I checked out so many mediocre books each week. Didn't I know such-and-such authors? the librarian asked, mentioning names that were unfamiliar to me. Finally I was saved from medicinally educational reading by strong literature that respects children and inspires their curiosity. It was several more years before I discovered how my librarian knew GnowrNc

about all these great books she was now recommending to me. The

library's main source of children's book recommendations was the Horn B ooh magazine. Another librarian lent me a copy, and I'm so glad she did. 'fhe Horn Bookis a goldmine of wellwritten critical reviews of only the best in new kids' books of all rypes for all ages.Judging from the books they choose, the editors obviously have a deep respect for children's intelligence and abilities. You will never find

them recommending books intended to "get" kids to learn something. Instead they eagerly share books which are truly a pleasure to read and are authentic, stimulating, and meaningful. But I don't mean to imply that all their suggestions are heary; in fact, many are good honest fun. Apparently this vision began with Bertha Mahony Miller, a Boston bookseller who founded the Horn Bookin 1924. Subsequent editors have re-

mained faithful to her original enthusiasm and high standards. Our family has enjoyed scores of their recommendations. Most of my son Eoin's history favorites were discovered in the Horn Booh'spages. My younger son Daire and I especially like to take an issue, clean the library shelves of books reviewed for his age, and then spend several hours wrapped up in good stories and beautiful illustrations. I remarked to my librarian when I returned my first issue of the magazine that I felt my values and world views so much more supported by the Horn Boohthan by many designated family-

friendly magazines. She replied that many parents have told her that while other parenting magazines have sold out to mainstream consumerism, the Horn Book has continued to offer depth and meaning. An added bonus for confirmed bibliophiles like myself are the articles, which are like icing on the cake. I frnd children's literature a wonderful way of looking at issues and trends facing children today, so I was delighted to

Wrrsour ScuoorrNc +t26 .JeN./Fnn. '99

frnd such thoughtful and well-informed articles. For example, one issue has articles examining the accuracy of popular historical fiction and the authenticiry of multicultural literature written by people outside the cultures. The same issue prints the acceptance speeches from the 1997 winners of the Boston Globe-Horn Bookawards. One by Kazumi Yumoto, who won for the book The Friends, echoed what I've read in GWS about school refusers inJapan. In another, Walter Wick, author of the winning (and well-loved in our house) A Drop of Wate4 recownted his days as a poor student and described the school visits he now makes to talk about his photographs. He says, "After slide presentations, which involve a lot of audience participation, teachers often comment to me that the most active participant - the hero of the assembly - is a kid who does not otherwise perform well. My comment to the teacher is always the same: 'I was that

kid."'You can see why I find so much confirmation of my own beliefs in these articles. The Horn Book also publishes a

second goldmine, The Horn Book Guidz. Issued twice a year, each Guide briefly rates and reviews every new hardcover kid's book published in the U.S. in the past six months - that's about 2000 books per Guide! The Guide is so clearly organized that anybody can do a complete search on virtually any top-

ic and find good recommendations in seconds. We use the Guide frequently. We quickly amass a stack of books on whatever the current obsession is in our house: trains, honeybees, math, biographies of children's book authors, or non-scary, non-school-based, novels for young kids. The only downside of this great resource for me is that I can't afford my own subscriptions ($40 for the magazine and $45 for the Guide). Fortunately, my librarians realize the value of both publications and have gotten second copies which circulate. If you and/or your librarians would like a sample copy or a list of their Boston Globe-H orn B ook awar d winners, contact them at The Horn Book, Inc., 11 Beacon St, Boston MA 02108; 800-3251 170; email info@; website: I 29



EAMILIES WRITING, Peter Stillman. BACK IN PRINT! NEW SECOND EDITION. Offers a vast array of ideas. Peter Stillman is a skillful writer himself, so all his suggestions are grounded in actual experiences; he never asks you to do something that he wouldn't consider doing himself. Furthermore, the book isn't just about writing; it's about strengthening family bonds and using writing to preserve family connections and family memories. It serves the family that already loves writing and the family that feels the need of some ideas, some guidance, and some reassurance. #6010 $18.50 See

p. 6 of this issue for ,*iting

by Peter Stillman

LEARNING ALL THE TIME, John Holt. BACK IN PRINT!John Holt was working on this book before his death and it was completed using his articles in GWS and other previously uncollected writing. It demonstrates that children, without being coerced or manipulated, can and do pick up "the basics" from the world around them. John suggests simple ways anyone can give children the slight assistance they may need to learn reading, writing, math, science, and music. Paperback. #1492 $I2.00 a

All in nav corndition

uriless other-

All items are sold on first come, first served

basis. Items that are sold out will not be charged or backordered: check refunds

wise rnted.

CLEARAI{CE SALE ENDS FEB. 28, 1999! THE BEST OF BOOMERANG: 4 cassette tapes from this well-produced radio show performed by and for kids. #3360 $+8Se NOW $10.00 THE LIVES OF CHILDRXN, George Dennison.John Holt's favorite book about adults working with inner-city children. This edition is in mint condition - a new more expensive edition comes out this spring. #1496 $Iâ&#x201A;Źâ&#x201A;Ź#NOW $4.95 STANDARDIZED TESTS AND OUR CHILDREN, Fair Test. A short but comprehensive examination about the problems and abuses standardized tests cause teachers and students . # 1622 $g+e $1.00

CAMBRIDGE PRF-GED MATH. A preparation workbook for the math section of the standardized test, the GED. We also Iike it as a good review for anyone studying high school math. #186 $f+Se $3.00 UPTAUGHT, Ken Macrorie. Macrorie's description of battling "Engfish"-bloated, pretentious language-is inspiring. Few professors are as willing as Macrorie to challenge what they previously believed about students and teaching. #3358 ${4# NOW $8.00 SIIARING TREASURES, Ed. P. Farenga andJ. Holcomb. The collected book reviews ofJohn Holt. Written for GWS, Rniar Of Bookq LIFE magazine, and other journals. Holt's personal recommendations! # I5l2 $5*5 NOW $1.00


SHOULD I TEACH MY KIDS AT HOME, Kate Kerman. A quick and easy workbook that helps you decide not only if homeschooling is right for your family, but also if other rypes of schooling are more appropriate. #694 $g5e NOW $1.00 WHO DOES WIIAT WI{EN, Kate Kerman. Record keeping ideas for homeschooling. #838. ffi'Oe NOW $1.00

STILL TEACHING OURSELVES, Agnes Leistico. The sequel to I LEARN BETTER BY TEACHING MYSEIf. How her children fared in high school, and then at home. #3292 $9# NOW $1.00 THE FLYING CIRCUS OF PHYSICS WITH ANSWERS,JeaTI Walker. This book is no longer available while the author works on a new edition, due out in 2000. We decided not to put it in our current catalog due to this limitation. Though we 30

are selling it at its regular price, we only have 15 copies left of this superb and unusual science text. Get them while you can! #1678 $19.95

PETERSON'S INDEDPENDENT STUDY GUIDE. An essential reference for high school and college correspondence

courses. #1654 ${+S5 NOW $5.00 READING WITHOUT NONSENSE, Frank Smith. How adults can help kids learn to read. Explores the limits and potential of all forms of reading instruction. Well researched and presented in plain English. #620 $1+€5 NOW $3.00 FAMOUS HOMESCHOOLERS, Malcolm Plent. Brief biographies of Edison, Shaw, Franklin, etc. #278 $g5e NOW $1.00



ERS #2048

Each set con-

tains 46 complete back issues of GWS that are specially hosen for stories on the topics noted. The wrapping that urrounds each set is slightly damaged; the issues them-

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GWS BACK ISSUE SALE: If you're looking for particular issues to complete your collection, or want to just delve in and read what was going on in homeschooling 10, 15, or 20 years ago, here is a list of what we have left. As these issues run out they will no longer be printed individually, though we hope, over time, to collect them all in book form. Choose any number of issues at $1.00 each. Postage charges below apply to all back issue orders. #9043 #9044 #9045 #9048 #9049 #9052

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1999 Directory About the GWS Directory

fomdd the letter without reading tt, address tlle outside of ttre envelope to t}te witer's nme, c/o GWS.

Here is ou. complete 1999 Dlrectory. Entries that arrtred after our deadllne (late October) will be publtshed in GWS *127. Wtthtn each atate, nmes are mged tr dp codc order to make lt easy for readere to flnd othere netrby md for travelers to flnd host famiues in a partlculx rea, If you're loolilng for someone by nme, sklm t]le last names, which de prtnted tn capltal letters. When you're readarg a Gl\lS story, how can you tel |f that wrlter ls llsted in the Directory? If a me in a GWS story ls followed by a statf abbrtriatlon tn parentheies (e.g. 'Jme Goldsteln (MA) Erites...") that IreFon is in the Directory. If the nme ts followed by tlrc enure state nme (e,g. 'Ume Goldstein of Massachuetts wr{tes..."} then that pe6on ls not in the Directory. We ile happy to fomrd mail to thos whose addresses m not in the Dlrectory. If you wmt us to

AL - O^i.t & Justine FIAYS (Angela/88, Cameron/91, Rym/93, Aldna/g7| 267 Shady Ln Rd, Cleveland 35049-3573 (H) -. p.* & Nmcy

GOODSON 0ltvendy/8o, Derek/83, Dylm/86. Dden/8g) Rt I Box 44O, Rockford 35136 ... Iaura & Michael MCKENZIE (Christopher/85, Sean/88, BenJamin/95)

255 Oak Grove Rd, Springville 35146-9666 (I4... Buddy & Sherry SCHENCKER (Iaura/88) Rt 5 Box 600, Talladega 35160 ... Beth & Joe O'DONNELL (Strah/8s, Joshua/89) East I€ke UMC Academy, 1603 Great Pine Rd, Bimingham 35235 ... Kilen & William GIBSON (Katherine/85, David/a7, Charles/9O) 42OO Al Hwy 157. Danville 35619 ... Shili HENRY & Tim JONES (U/85, Rebekah/8g) llO Femwood Cir, Madison

35758 (H)


Ric & Cynthia SMITH (Hanah/85,

Emma/88) 3302 S Perry St, Montgomery 36105 ... John & Clndy LEWIS (Janice/77, Da\.ld/7g, Dmiel/8l, Mdk/89) 156l Said Rd, Semmes 36575... Stuart & Penny POPWELL

(Luke/8l, laura/83) 2249 Wire


Aubum 36830

AK - V^l.ri.

& Jeff MANFULL (Ashleigh/86,

Freier/g3) 7421 Tmgle Ct, Anchorage 99504 (II)

Muk & CJnthia


CEBUHAR (Kaue/8s, Zachary/ad,

Andrew/87, Jonathm/8g, Destiny/gl) 9324 Kavik, Anchorage 99515 ... Melmy & Pete CUEVA (Christopher/a2, Iktie/83) 2lO4 Belair Dr, Anchorage 99517


Linda & Rob BROWN (Rebecca/83, Ezekiel,/89, Reuben/g2] PO Box 782, Cordova 99574 (H) ... Ktrl & Nilcie ELLIS (Anika/84) PO Box 277, Kasilof 9961O ... Mtrk & Helen HEGENER (Joh\/74. Jim/76. Jody/aO, Christopher,/8 l, Michael/851 HOME EDUCATION PRESS, PO Box 1587, Palmer 99645-1587 Ol) ... Andrew & Deborah BYDI,ON (Matthew/8g, Christopher/gl, Cheyenne/g3) General Delivery, Big lake 99652 (Hl ... Jim & Kathy RUTTER (Jeff/77, Jrnmy/ 86, Ruth/8g) PO Box 893, Valdez 99686 ... Coby & Trifmy GIBSON (Austin,/go, Tac}]Tiah /92, Jesse/96) 3242 Ralph Tumaround, North Pole 99705-6330 (H) ... Jmlee & Ken IRVING (Geoffrey/81, Bonnie/86, Bfta/An 2650 Home Run, Fairbmks 99709 OII ... Paul & Pat LUCIN (Matt/8l, Katel/84) 1934 Tall Timbers Dr, Fairbmks 99709 ... Richud & Cuol ZDANOVEC (Kimberly/82, Mami/8s) 1453 Birchwood Dr, Falrbanks 99709... Kay IilCKI{EY & Fred DeCICCO [Lucas/87) PO Box l0314, Fatrbanks 99710 (H) ... Tom DTLLON & Kathy GROSSMAN (Sm/82. Edl85, Monty/88) PO Box 362, Nome 99762-0362 (If) ... Nona & Conrad MULLER (Anna/83. Zoe/86, lrene/g2) 4Il W 12 St, Juneau 99801 ... lani SPENGLER & Steve BEHNKE (Megan/g2) 4545 Thane Rd, Juneau 99801 (m ... Shma CRONDAIIL & Craig WI1SON (Katherine/93) 527 Nelson St, Juneau 99801 GI ... Irnne MUSARRA (AIen/84, Sungie/87, Tim/go) 6729 Sheni St, Juneau 99801-9443 ... Paul & Gayle YOUNG (Nathan/8o, Tamar,/83, Hilary/86) Box 8OO5, Port Alexander 99836 (H) ... Debbie GRAVEL & Peter DWYER (Tristm/83, Gaelen/8s, Mollie/ag) 7941 S Tongass Hwy, Ketchikan 99901 (I4 ... Steve &


of Families

If you wt us to read the letttr and then foMrd it, pleme enclose mother stamped envelope. Our Dlrectory ls not a list of aU subsffibere, but only of thme who 5k to be listed, so that other GWS readers, or other interested people, may get tn touch with them. If you would like to be included. please send the entry fom or a 3x5 crd (one family per cdd). Plese take cae to include all the infomadon. If a Dircctory listing is followed by a (IO, the fardly ts willlng to host CWS travelers who make adroce mgements tn wrlting. When you send us m addres chmge for a subscriptlon, pleare remind us if you ue ln the Dtrectory, $ we cm chmge lt here, tm. Please remember that we can't control how the Directory is used: if vou recelve mwmted mall s a rsult oi belng ltsted, .1ust toss it out or recycle it.

Christine WARREN (Ginger/8o, Mariah/83. Misty/86.

Atron/88) PO Box EDB, Ketchikm



AZ - ,lot^ & Suzi I-ORSON (smmtha/8r, JDl 86) 6915 E Suail Run Rd, Paradise Valley 82523 ... Dov

& Carolyn SIiAPIRA (lsaac/86, Camel/87, Chalotte,/ 15229 N 25th Dr #1. Phoenix 85023 ... John & Cyndie KIMBALL (Sarah/84, Jennifer/86, Joshua/gl) 3l t3 W Irs Catos Dr, Phoenix 85027 ... Betty & David GYONGYOS (Megan/83, I{atelyn/86) 3138 N 83rd St, Scottsdale 85251 ... Amy & Dave SCHUSTER (Sam/93, Jack & Tom/95, Beth Ann/97) 9O3l E Sharon Dr. Scottsdale 85260... Kim & Mike MARTIN (Lilyl8s, Tess/87, Theo,/go, Clay/g2) 526 W 14 St, Tempe 85281 ... Roy & Susan TANIcUCHI [Sally/83) IO4l4 w


Mulberry Dr, Avondale 85323 ... Gwlme OKOREN fAdrim/g1) PO Box 453, Wenden 85357 ... Steve & Jackie JOHNSON lToby/7a, Iei/a4l 33233 N 224 Av. Wittmann 8536r ... David SKINNER (Ethm/8s) PO Box 777, 54 Wood Canyon, Bisbee 85603 (H) ... Linde MOHR & Nandor FELSEN (Ariane/86, Zephyr/Aa) I8O2 Sagewood Pl, Stera Vtsta 85635 ... Milk & Dmetta MECIKAI^SKI (Adon/84, Jordm/87) 7580 CaIe Sin Desengmo, Tucson 85718 ... Greg MCGAIIY & Wendy LOWE (Jorde/g2) 5008 W Placita de tcs Vientos, Tucson a5734-9235 (H) ..o 51.u. g MARRTA (Darryl/8s,

"tdu Ctrolyn/go, Emtly/g4) 5rr6

..r Donnalee & Buzz PArcH (Seth/88. Dreu,/89) l,24ll W Mile Wide Rd, Tucson 85743 (I4 "' Jeffry & Deborah GERHART [tunmda/ 7 7, Sarah / 7 9, Olivia,/8 1, Iaura/88, Emily/go, Valerie/ Malachite. Tucson 85741

92) 2420 S Placita Hohokm, Tucson 85746 ... Kelly & Amber MARCUM (Lucas/81, Christtna/82, Jessie/88) HC 63 Box 7179. SnoMlake 85937... Uintah SHABAZZ & Dillon DOWNEY (Sante/75, Sonnet,/77, Irxyl88) PO Box 668, Springewille 85938 (E) ... Kden RASKINYOUNG & Btll YOUNG (Jeremy/84, Meredith/g7) 4403 E Rustic Knolls Ln, Flagstafi 86004 ... Cathy ALGER & Ed CUMMINS (Elil86, Kaelin/89) PO Box 6209, Iees Ferry. Muble Cmyon 86036 (II) ... Arme & J m DORRE [Matthew/78, Andrew/8r) 345 S Vtrginia St #lO, Prescott 86303 (H) ... Don & Sue LOSCHEIDER (Nolan/85, Colin/88, Courtney/go) 842 Saddlehorn Rd. Sedona 86351

AR - Jack & Mary VOLLERSTEN [Laura/80, John/84) PO Box 37. Parthenon G4 ... Pat & Ldry BERGMAN (Thomas/87, Ellen/g1) PO Box 215, Yel!'tlle 17687 ... Kevin & Priscilla TENNAL [Limna/ 80, laura/82. Catherine/86, David/go) 5l19 C Street. Little Rock 72205 (Vl ... Heather MCCARTY & Jeffrey FEIRMAN (Arlo/93. Rachel/97) 1237 Tumer St. Fayetteville 72703... Elaine CAGLE & Bruce MULKEY (Atticus/g0, Aspasia/96. Demetrius/g7) 10848 Pack Ln, lnwell 72745

CA, North (ztps 94OOO & op)


I€slte & Richtrd ROBERTSON [Anna/g3) Box 2428,

355 Sm Jum Av, El Grmada 94018 (II) .er Debbte & Robert NANSEN (Ianl8o, fyler/83) 725 Rose Ln, hs Altos 94024 ... Kimberly DOMINO & Buck HALLEN (Nathaniel/91) l58O Oalhurst Av, lps Altos 94024... Helene ROCK (Mia Tova/87) 1048 Border Rd, Irs Altos 94024-4726... Sheryl CALISH & Patrick COY (lml92) 40 Kent Pl #2. Menlo Pak 94025... Mitch & Donna BRADLEY (Aryen/87, Mirabel,/8g) 2732 Katrina Way, Mountain View 94O4O ... Amy OWENS & Wai lrung KWOK (Mina,/86, Tucker/8g) 52O Rockaway Beach Av, Pacifica 94044 (H) ... George & Julima LOCKWOOD (Cameron/8s, Galen/gIl 300 Beresford Ave, Redwood City 9406I ... Mary & Todd PHOENIX (Saah/8s, Antonio,/g3) 3O3O Broadway, Redwood City 94O62 oor Michael & Tammy BILLECI (Joseph/86, Chrisuna,/96) 607 Arcadia Ten #2O2, Sunnyvale 94086 ... Judy & Ken KONDO (Sanayo/81, Asae/85) 744 Pierino Av, Sunnlvale 94086 ... Jme & Sam BECKTEL (Edwtrd/ 81, Melmie/8s) 795 Sheraton Dr, Sunn5ruale 94Oa7 ... Lucy & Frank FIANIGAN (Daniel,/82, Benedict/84) 1473 Nomm Dr, Sunnlrvale 94047 ... Mary Ann & Joe LIPSIG (Scott/83) 1388 Wamer Av, Sunnyvale 94087 ... Annemdie & Robert DONJACOUR (Eva/89) 32 Highland Av, Sa Francisco 94f lO H) ... Heather BRICKLIN (Jeanita/8g, Christopher/g2) 162 wilson St, Sm Frilcisco 94112 lrll ... Frmcesca & Jeff PERA (Aidan/87, Eliana/gl) 3639 Webster St, Sil Fraclsco 94123 ... Sheila JOHNSON & Keith STEMPFLEY (Ammda/S7. Sophie/8g) 5O2 Font Blvd, San Frilcisco 94132... hra & Joe DALTON (Elalna/83, Robert/88) 15 Rutlmd St, Sm Francisco 94134 ... Jane & Saul MORSON (Emily/8g) 827 Sonoma Ten, Stanford 94305 ... Deborah GOLDEEN & Erik GUTFELDT (Simon/86, Martin/8g) 2130 Birch St, Palo Alto 94306 ... Hillay & Doug SMITH (Geordie/gl, Geoff/g3) 429 W Hillsdale Blvd, San Mateo 94403-4221 0{ rr 5-.1"t & Margaet SANTHANAN (Shobie/go, Meghana/g2, Emily/g4) I t 16 Daberry Ct, Antioch 94509 (Il) ... Lynn KU]SAL (Alexandra & Taylor/88, Delaney,/95) 3509 Claybum Rd, Antioch 94509 ... Mike & Jmet MCDOLE (lie/A0. M{k/aZ 844 Coachmil Pl, Clayton 94517 ... Liz O'BRIEN tMary/8g, Robert,/g2, John/g3, Michael,/g7) 244 Roundhill Pl, Clayton 94517 ... Stewart & Alida BIRNAM (Ian/91, Rachel/g4) 2312 Humboldt Av, El Cerrito 94530 ... Connie ADAMS (Joy/ 74, Maggje/77, Rym/8O, Shaun,/8o) 747 Broadway St, Fairffeld 94533 OIJ ... Bob & Dorothy LELAND (Jercmy/87, Rachel/91) l80l Nantucket Pl, Fairfield CA, North 94533 ... Harrjr & Michaele MAURER Joel,/ 76, Deidre/83 2O8 Goodrich St, Halvtrd 94544... Tom & Pat MORGAN (Icistin/74, Seth/77, Tim/8I, Josh/83) log Grenadlne Way, Hercules 94547-2041 ... Renee & Andrew ANKER (Zacherylgo, Dagmtr,/g2, Astrid/g4) l79O Reliez Valley Rd, Lafayette 94549 (H) ... James VOISIN & Luisa De PAWA (Dmielle/g1, Nastacia/g2, Octa!'ialgs) 5323 Hillflower Dr, Livemore 94550 ... David & Patricia MUNRO (Miranda/84. Deborah/86) 957 Roxme St, Livemore 94550 (f0 "' Rick & Carol EDSON (Shauna/83, Rosalie/86) Wildflower Homeschoolers, 1557 Vmcouver Way, Livemore 94550 (H) ... Laura MAXEY (Marissa/82, Tamara/84) 486 South N St, Livemore 94550-4356 ... Diane KALI-AS & Bruce KOLLER (lanl 89) 213 Riveryood Cir. Martinez 94553 ... Jemnette HILTON (Bradley/8g. Irnaine/gl, Evffi / 93, Scott/96, Saah/g7) 2OO2 Rosemary Ct, Martinas 94553 (Il) ... Jeane & Davtd AUERBACH [Rebecca/7g) PO Box 2l17, Napa 94558 ... Bry & Mike CONLEY (Sed,/87, Devin/go, Alden/94) 39195 kvi St, Newark 94560 O{) ... Suzanne & Iawence CORY (Silah/78, David/ 79) PO Box 6275, Rheem Valley 94570 ... Joe & Aileen AIDNIK (Shana,/88) 988 Collier Dr. Sm Irandro 94577-3a2O (H) er. pgmi. PEACHEY & Btrbila NEU (Celia/8s, Neil/87) 16073 Gramercy Dr, San lf,andro 94574... Pam & Mark PETERS (Becky/86, Jonah,/88, Hmnah,/9]) 245 Irs Bonos Av, Walnut Creek 94598 (H) ... 4O.1 ELLIOTT-EDELMAN (Morgan/88) 6363 Christie Ave, 4O5, Emeryville 94608 ... Kim HUSELID & Matthew GI,AS-S (Jesse/83, Zachary/Ag 567I Cabot Dr, Oaklmd 94611 (H) ... Jemifer BURKE & John BURGER (Silas/g4) 1734 Buena Av, Berkeley 94703 (II) rto 3e66t & laura INGRAM (Amanda/83, Katherine,/85, Noah/88) 80l Sm Cillos Av, Albmy 94706 ... Michael (mom) & Steve SCOTT (Slmmtha/ 82, Susmnah/84) 1238 Ctrlotta Av, Berkeley 94707 (IO ... Dare & Gary BoLAND (Sylvie/84, Culy/86, Gulliver/gI) l92O Yolo Av, Berkeley 94707 ltll ... tarry SIMON & Diane SCHOENFELD (Irslie/gl) 1876 Sm lrreuo Av, Berkeley 94707 ... Ann KOSITSKYHAIMAN & Peter HAIMAN (ANon/82, Joshua/84)

GnowrNc WrrHour Sc;uoolrNc 41 26 oJen../Fes. '99

lO90 Mtller Ave, Berkeley 94708 (H)


John & Ann

MCCHESNEY-YOUNG (Dmiel/82, Amber/8s. Mary/88)

2120 8th St, Berkeley 94710 ... Judith JENNA (Doielle/8o) 22O D St #8, Sm Rafael 94901 ... Netl & Vicki ZIEMBA (Corey/8s. Irene/8g) PO Box lg7, Bodega 94922 OO ... Michael DUNNE & wendy LABOV-DUNNE (Gabriel/8l, Raphael/85, Diliel/8g) l8 Wood lane, Fairfd 94930 [H) ... Glena & John RECORDS (Eliabeth/8l, Rosie/84) 35 ToMview Ln, Petaluma 94952 ... Melissa HATHEWAY & Kevin MCDONNELL (Sem,/83, Coutn/8s, Gbmis/87. Wells/ 95) 3Il Howud St. Petaluma 94952 OI) ... Ellen & Michael BICHELER (Melissa/8l. Lindsay/86, Dyln/g2) 70 Ralmond Hts, Petaluma 94952 (II) ... Mily & Jeff LANCTOT (Peter/87. Dmiel/8g, Nina/g2) l5O2 Yaberry Dr, Petaluma 94954 ... laura SCOTT (Lilal8o, Nick/82) PO Box 53, Pt Reyes Station 94956... Doreen & Muc GOUNARD (Maya/a7, Tristtr/g3) 300 Napa St, Slip 25, Sausalito 94965 ... Fred & Iaurie KEESAW Uesse/84, Nicona/86) 26800 Hwy 9, Boulder Creek 95006 (I4 ... Richtrd & Tera CANANT (Ben/82, Culy/ 85. Will/gI) 2OO Fil View Rd, Boulder Creek 95006 ... ceorge & Susd COEPEL lInIa/84, Gemma,/go) lO88O Wunderlich Dr. Cupertino 95Of 4 ... Milgilet PEVEC [Monica/81) lo29l Johnson Av, Cupertino 95014 ... David & Gtnny SCTIWINGEL (l^urel/77, Katie/8o, Roger/83) 1428 lrst Acre Dr, Felton 95oi8 (IO ... Dafid & Mary HANSEN (Colter/83) 14258 lrra Dr. Irs Oatos 95O3O... Grete & George JOHNSON (Aprl/77, Dale/8o, Kyle/83) 16765 Sl{yline Blvd, lps Gatos 95O3O ... Caolyn & Jim SCHIMANDLE 0ns/87, Milguerite/8g) 460 Kalma Av, Morgm Hill 95037 ... Tane TACrrYON & Jon SHEMITZ (Sm/88, Arthur/g4) 139 Heath St, Smta Cru 95O60 ... lrrie & Fick CARI,SON (Anders/88, J{ed,/92) 112 Ocem View Av. Santa Cruz 95062 ... Kim & Court GRAFF (Joshua/81, Tachanah/84. Hmnah/87, Strah/8g) 2921 Fre€dom Blvd. Watsonville 95076 ... Lisa & Ron WILLIAMS (Jacob/84, Bnffi/A7J 69 Shady Oaks Dr, watsonville 95076 (II) ... Erin COOMBS-FRIEDMAN & Craig FRIEDMAN (Amie/89, N1x/91) 4276 Smson way, Sm Jose 95124 ... Anita & Jason HOLLISTER (Sem/ 85, Terrylgo, Iauren/g5) 28OO Julio Av. Sm Jose 95124 ... Kevin & Cheryl JUST (Trevor/8o, Brett/83) 2854 Kring Dr, Sm Jose 95125 ... talne & Rosama SANDA (Melmie/82. Tant/88, EmtIy/87J 667 Eisenhower Dr, Sm Jose 95128 ... BtU & Valerie WINTERBERC (Saah/8o, Heather,/82. Bitly/86) 555 laswell Ave. Sm Jose 95f 28 ... Frryi & Wemer HAAG (Kirstin & Tuia/8g) 4751 Blmco Dr. Sa Jose 95129 0{).- JiU BOONE (Crisue/78, Paul/8o, Curtis/83) 4795 lage, Sm Jose 95130 (H) ... Lloyd & Edwina WEBER (Sadie/87) PO Box 3089, Amold 95223... Shilon & Rtch MOLDOVAN (Kristina/87, Travis/89) 243 Brighi Sta Rd, Valley Springs 95252 ... Linda MAHER (Dmieue /79. Caleb/83. Silah/86. Hsnah/891 3761 Roeding Rd, Ceres 95307 ... Andrea MARTINEZ & Al REAGAN [Terryl83, Domy/84) 32O Marie Av, Mmteca 95336 ... Roy & Judy SHIMP (Alyeska/87, Taurema/89) 2164 E Bellewe Rd, Merced 95340 (I4 ... Pam & Craig GINGOLD (Jeremiah/76, Serena/ 78) YOSEMITE AREA HoMESCHooLERS, PO Box 74, Midptnes 95345... June & Mike MILICH (Kate/a2) 1084 RiverbluffDr, Oakdale 95361 ... Marie Kay HANSEN & John HAMILTON (Patrick/86, Christopher/An 15564 Rancho Ramon, Tracy 95376 ... Susil GOYA (Jonathm/86, Timothy/8g) PO Box 848, T\rolumne 95379 (H) ... Btrbtra DYSKANT & Barry MILLER (Raymi/8O, Erek/86. Nadine/91) 1288 w 7l St #278, Tracy 95396 ... Robert & Naomi WILLIAMS (Stom/88) 216-8 HeeL Smta Rosa 95401 ... Dede & Matthew PAPA (Nikolai/84, Alemdra/go) 566 Mayfield Dr, Smta Rosa 95403 ... Brook TROL.n &


PEDERSEN (Rowm/8s,

Dylm/86) 9lO

Spring St, Silta Rosa 95404 ... Patrick & Linda SMITHSON (Patrick/84, Dale Oeorge/87, Clayton/go) 6293 Meltta Rd, Smta Rosa 95409 ... Tom & Nicole BLEES (Melina/84, Shmtl/86) 32567 MiU Creek Dr, Fort Bragg 95437 (I4 ... Eric MoNRAD & Therese SHERE (Eve/83, Emma/go) 7566 Eastside Rd, Healdsbug 95448 ... Petra SCHULTE & Chuck HINSCH (Cadna/86, Katherine/8g) Po Box 463, Mendocino 95460 Oil ... Nina & Bruce SUTCLIFFE (Tmner,/g3) 20115 Gold Flat Ct. Middletom 9546r ... Esther BARUCH & David BUTLER (Mlchael/8l, Daiel/ 85, Shira/88) Po Box 329, Philo 95466 (IO ... Dime PAGgf & Bill SEEKINS (Jade/7a, Iaurel,/8o, Chillie/ 84) PO Box 223, Phtlo 95466 (II) ... May NEWKIRK & Man'in TROTTER (Amber,/a4, Evn/87, Eliza/gl) 2400 Meadow Dr, Redwood Valley 95470 (I4 ... Lilltan

GnowrNc WrrHour ScsoolrNc

JONES & Edwad BASSET (Ethm/82) 12420 Fioni Ln, Sebastopol 95472 ... Gina & Brim PAISLEY (Eliot/83, Emily/86. Oliver,/9l) 6o3 Omm Spgs Cir, Sonoma 95476 ..r Annelle DURHAM {Artec/8s, Kyla/88) PO Box 637, Upper take 95485 (H) ... LJme SARTY & Jon HAFSTROM $yla/42, Teal/go) 45O Redmond Rd, Eureka 95501 [H) ... Susm & Jim STEPHENSON (Nada/65, Ursula,/69. Michael/82) MICHAEL OL,AF MONTESSORI CATAITGUE, PO Box 1162, Arcata 9552r ... Scott & Joni HAMMOND (Jacob/83, Jesse/ 86, Kalea/8g, Brima/g1, Abigail/g4) 5465 Dods Prairie Rd, McKinleyuille 95521 ... Tom & Amette LESHER (Rebekah/81, Silah/83, Caleb/86) 2993 Spimger Dr, McKlnlel&'ille 95521 ... Greg & Paige SMITH (Ed/81, Muk/85) Humboldt Homeschoolers, PO Box 2125, Trinidad 95570 ... Jue & Doug BROCKBANK (IMM/47) 607 Flicker Av, Dards 95616 0I) ... Paul & Mtrgilet TURANo (Briu/8s, Michael/ 87,Emma/g4]. 857 LSt, Davis 95616... Donna SACHS (Annie/8o) 37750 Russell Blvd, Davis 95616 ... Mary l,OlBL & Frank LOMELI (Cadelba/a2,Y6a/43) 1422 Nutmeg Ln, Davis 95616 ... Oak & Aurelia WEBB (Zachary/47) 2505 sth St #172, Davis 95616 ... Katje SABIN-NEWMILLER & Jeff NEWMILLER (Cordell/88, Julia,/go, Clalton/g3) 2OO2 Regis Dr, Davis 956162536 (H) ... Gary & Melissa CLARK (Amy/85, Nicholas,/ 88, Thomas/gl) PO Box 1073. El Dorado 95623 (I4 ... Mike & Moira NOBLES (Smantha/78. Christopher,/ 80) ESPARTO HOMESCHOOLERS, PO Box 3O5, Esparto 95627 ... Marc & Jemy BRINITZER (Cmeron/87, Rachel/9l) 9824 Oak Place West, Folsom 95630 [Hl ... Mary & David GRIFFITH (Kate/ 84, Christie/88) l8 Madison Ct, Roseville 95678 ... Julie & larry KROGER (Travis/8s, Marta Rose/87) l3l Hunters Glen Ct, Vaca!'ille 95687 (lI) ... Steve & Pat GRA!'ER (Allison/7g, Andrea/83, Nathu/84. Erin/86) 1243 Ls Robles Ct. Vacaville 95687 ... Fred & Bonnie SELLSTROM (Kevin/76, Gary/7g) PO Box 282, Wilton 95693 ... Rik & Anne SKINNER {Stacie/82, laura/83, Jmes/85, Juliilne/87, Allison/88. Jeffrey/90, Matthew/g2) 712 PoplT Ln, Woodlmd 95695 ... Nmcy & David GRAY (lralgo, Emma/gs) 128 First St, Woodlild 95695 (II) ... John & Betty BRINGHURST (Strah/80, Benjamin/82, Smuel,/84, Hmnah,/87. Jesse,/9O) 736 Boryood Rd. Woodland 95695 (Il) ... Sharon & Da!'td FREEMAN (Tyler/83, Brett/86, Jessee/89) Bx 157. Truckee 95734 (II) ... Arnie & Milk LEMIEUX (Tyson/86, Jesste/87, ln/gD A737 Whltehouse Rd. Elk Grove 95758 ooo hslie DOYLE & Gary FERMNTE (Roxma/8s, Tasha/go, Kelly/g1) 182 Buter Av, Sacrmento 95815 (H) ... LJmn & Jemette JOHNSON lPad / a2, J acob / 84, Ke!'in,/86, Natalie/ 88, Heather/9I) 3341 Nut Plains Dr. Sacrmento 95427 ... Ruthmn BIEL & J wil1im CI-AYPOOL (Patrlck/8g) 7139 Steelmm Cir, Sacramento 95828 (II) ... Mike & Patti MICHEL E\/I.E"IH (Nikki/74. Skyler/83, Hailey/ 88) 16 Meridim Ct, Sacramento 95833 (I4 ... David & Nadine FREDRICKSON (Megm/84) 609 Nmth Way, Sacrmento 95838-2654 ... Ctrollm & David MCCARTER-RIBAKOFF (Hava/86, Stmha/88, Yonatm/ 90, Rahamim/g2, Nehemya/94, Moshe/g7) 2841 Siena Mills Ln, Sacrmento 95864 ... Caryn & Michael JONES (Kalie/8g, Ma€g)e/g2) 1696 Vallambrosa Av, Chico 95926 ... laris ITBARON & Hmk ALRICH (Mylie / 7 7, Shajdri/8o, Milessa/82. Tessmy,/84, Kylm/ 89) PO Box 869, Greenville 95947 (H) ... Jeff & Diana WYLES (Bret/86) 123 Spring Creek Rd, Oroville 95966 ... Christina & Bradley DYER (Brennen/8g, Mashall,/ 92], 1375 Brill Rd. Piladise 95969 ... David HENDERSON & Alison WOOD (Sophia/87, Benjmin/ 90) 2668 Pernie Tr, Redding 96001 (H) .or ph111p * Michelle HOrcOMB (Hilary/83, Scott/86) 485 I-ma Vista Dr, Redding 96002 ... Mike & Linda Cotrad JANSEN (Kristina / 82, Derek/ 83. Monika/86, Dominic/ 89) 25031 Hwy 44. MiUville 96062 (II).- Lym BROWN (Chris/8s) l€ming Naturally, PO Box 5759, Shasta lEke 96089-5759 (II) ... Jenine & Joe HOISINGTON (Brmdon/86, Ntcolas/88) Po Box 66, Portola 96122 ... Jim & t uisa SWANN (Brmdon/8l) Box2078, Portola 96122 (I4 ... Hillay & Stew BITTMAN (Arieue/88) PO Box 11435, 1721 Delaware, S lake Tahoe 96155 (H)

CA, South (zips




& Rasoul SHARIFI (Milina,/8s) 3l l8 Iroquois, tpng Beach (IO ... Steve & Linda EVANS (l^nea / 7 9, Saah/82, Andy/84, Nathmiel/g0) 2467



Loy Ln, Los Angeles 9OO4l (Hl ... David & Patricia BARULICH (Daniel/88, Nadia/93) l041 Rutland Av, Los

+t26 .JeN./Fre. '99

... Dma & Paul MORGAN (lbtie/83. Dardel/8s) 8500 Belford Av, l-s Angeles 9OO45 ...

Angeles 9OO42

Steve & LJm THOMPSON (Michael/84, Dmiel/88) 1O7lO Esther Ave, Ls Angeles 90064 ... Sumy DAUN & Philip SHOFNER (Brim/8s. Jordm/8g) r2O34 Mushall St, Culver City 9O23O ... Robert & Martna

TIDWELL (Ted/88, Tom/g1, Colin/g4) 9041 r/2 Krueger, Culver Clly 90232... I€ura & Paul MARKS (Dmion/84. Justin/88. Jeremy/g1, Taylor,/g3) 3629 W 152 St, El Cmino Village 90260 ... Ltsette I-ARKINS 0!valter/87) PO Box 4202, Malibu 90264 OO ... Pat & Pete LUBOFF (Paladin,/78, Pepper/8l) 93O Brett St, Inglewood 9O3O2 ... Brigid & Nomm BRETT (Dmiel/ 86, Mirmda/8g) 1434 Stanford St, Sata Monica 9O4O4 ... Terry & Debra NEWBY (Melissa/88, Wesley/ 90) 2127 235th Pl, Tonmce 9O5Ol ... Cecil & Cmdy SNYDER {Julim/82, Johmy/86) 20556 Entradero Ave, Tonmce 9O5O3 ... Beth & Richud LASTER (Erin/88, Kathertne/g2) 22703 KatluyD Av, Tormce 90505 ... Bill & Sea PETERSON (Kellie/7g, Colin/8l) PO Box 5085, Avalon 9O7O4... Eric & Shmon SCHERMERIIORN lHena/g2, Mattias/g4, B,ekab/g7) 10353 Trabuco St, Bellflower 90706 (H) ... kslie & Michael SHORES (Nicholas,/88, Matthew/g l) 3889 Faquher Av, Ls Almitas 9O72O-397O... Chdy & Steve SKALE (Kenneth,/88, Robin/9o) 1036 Oliver St, Sm Pedro 90732 ... Caoline & Aaron FALK (Katie/96) 1745 W 26 St, Sil Pedro 90732 (II) ... Craig & Cilol HIGA (Mushalt/8l, Jimmy/84, Kenn/8g) 1354 Hull Ln, Altadena 9lOO1 ... Ed & Robin MEARES (Benjmin/88. Julima/g2) 1O767 Mountair Av, Tujunga 91O42 ... Willlam & Micheile BUSH Ueremtah/86) 2374 Stonyvale Rd, Tujunga 9fO42 ... Mak & Mary Kay HOLLINGER (Ama/88, Sm/90, Mickey/g3) 29119 Hillrise Dr, Agouia HtUs 9l3ol (II) ... Mike & Milcia SARKA [DaJeJeremy/87) 22O4O Gault #34. Cuoga Puk 91303 ... Robert & Eliabeth SOUZA (Jason/ 75, Jtred/8o, J asrun / 82, Jillim/84) 2923 Mlc}rael Dr, Newbury Pilk 91320 (H) ... 14i"h."t & Ltsa THOMAS {Nicole/86, Benjamin,/9o, Smmt}ral 92) 4088 Greenwood St, Newbury Pdk 91320 ... Dennts & PeggJ FOI:rZ (Dennts/76, Tina/78, Lisa/81) l3OOl Beilford St, Arleta 9r33r ... Coddy NUCKOLS & Mary SHANNON (Mu/85, Sm/88) r1305 Blue Sage Dr, Kagel Cuyon 91342 (IIl ... Ron & Angela WALKER [Wesley/87, Yolmda/gl) 34940 Bouquet C]T., Saugus 91350 ... Jim & Eileen NANCE (Jordm/8I, Rob/84, Kira/881 772 Sm Martin Pl, Thousad Oaks 91360 ... Allen & Irslie GORIN (Arleue/86. Anna/88) 440 Calte Yucca. Thousmd Oaks 91360 ... Rafael HERRERA & Mtria RANGEL (Cmille/82) 43Ol Abbington Ct, Westlake ViUage 91361 ... Smdra & Paul KATZ (Natalie/88, Benjmin/go) 3OO8 E Black HiUs Ct, Ttrousand Oaks 91362 ... Steve & Sua BRECHT fvirginla/81, George/8s, Edward & Jonathu,/85) 20555 Dumont St. Woodlmd HtUs 91364 ... Dima & Holger LEIHE (Joshua/g2, Aeren/g4) 649 N Naomi St, Burbmk 9t5O5 (H) ..r Dm & Teri ENDSLEY (Andrew/73, l<lra/75) 4546 Willow Crest Dr, Toluca Lal<e 91602 (IO ... Cmy RANDOLPH-CILBEKI & Jack GILBERI (Ebe/az, Kellin/8s) 4223 Inmp Ave, Studio Clq" 9rcO4-2922... Cafty EARLE & Jtm MUSCATO (Mindy/82, Lindsey/84, Whitney/g1) l29lO Boston Av, Chino 9l7lO (H) ... g-ott." MERRILL (Jonathm/87, Rym/89, Paul/g1) 1245 N Dartmouth Av, Clilemont 91711 (H) ... Chdlie MILES & Rlchild PRYSTOWSKY (Samila/84, Jacob/88) 73I Mt Whitney Cir, Corona 917f9 ... Preston & Patty GIBSON (Iauren,/8s, Ntck/ 85, Molly/88) l3l7l Spur Brach Cir, Corona 91719 ... Ken & Musha TUDOR (Colin/82, Carissa/861 6266 Mayberry Ln, Alta lrma 91737 ... N & Christjne LOZANO (Diffia/82, Mdcus/8s, Alena/g7) 75O E Beuett Ave, Glendora 91740 (m ... Lee & Edlyn WEST (Eugene/84) 1325 S Bromley Av, W Covina 91790 ... Claude & Claudia DIAMOND (Rebecca/86)

539 Telegraph Cmyon Rd Ste 145, Chula Vista 9l9lo ... Tim & Jemy GRIFFIN (Lindsey/86, thylee/gs) 3690 Motroe St. Ctrlsbad 92OO8 ... Rosemary & Joy ROBB (Angelo Joseph/8g) 3023 Segovia way, Cillsbad 92009 ... Andrea & Jason MARTIN (Drake/g2) 1850 Wind River Rd, El Cajon 92O19 I. John BOSTON & Stella O'CARROLL (Sean/69) 9942 Cyn Coutry Ln, Escondido 92026 (E)... Rani & Eric NEISON (Jesse/ 84) 534 Fancho Ten, Escondido 92026 ... Steve & Tilly KETTERING (Claire/84. Hanna/86. Emily/89) 614 Minnesota St, Falbrook S2O2A ('l1... Bill & ththy PUETT (Irslie/go, Siena/gs) 1796 Laurel Rd, Ocemside 92054... Dem SHEARS & Bilbila SAWZAK' SHEARS (Dean/86, Bethany/8g) l3ll Henshaw Rd, Ocemslde 92056 ... Tom & Marlme STOCKTON aa JJ

(Matt/86, Brym/go) 13031 Via del Toro, Poway 92064 ... Rene & Beil ECKENROTH (Sage/86. Galen/88) 17617 Rancho de Oro Dr, Ranona 92065 (H) ... Katrina & Ken WHITE (Nicole/78, Enca/zg, Joe/8I, Chris/84) 224t6 LiItle Klondike Rd, Ramona 92065 ... Aloma & S. FARRAR (Taal8l. Zevenl8s) 454 Papaya St, Vista 92083 ... Rick & Swmne SOULE (Kevin/go, Tracy/92J tBtO Spyglass Clr, Vista 92083 ... John &



(Alerodra/gl, Thomas/g3, David/g5,

Mattlew/g7) 3585 Ema Ln, Vista 92044-6634 ... Susm SELVIG & Rtchad GREENBLATT (Rary/8O, Chalotte/83) 1935-31st St, Sm Diego 92102 ... Peter & Anne SALAZAR-DUNBAR (Ben/A7, Alex/gi) lO52

Llncoln Av, Sm Diego 92103 (H) ... L)mn BROWT{ (Chris/8s) 4507 3oth St #87, Sil Diego 92116 (H)... Becky & Kevin JONESTRASK (I-ril87, Cassie/g3) 2633 Wymdotte Av, Sm Diego 92117 (H)... Dave & Julie FREEMAN (Alffidra/8g, Chloe/gs) 3972 Ecochee Av, Sm Diego 92117 ... Paula & JeIl REMMEL {Tenie/82, Christopher/87, Suamdia,/go) 487 2 Royal Creens Pl, Sm Diego 92L17 ... June & Bemie DODGE (Alex/88) emall (Sm Diego) oo. Anu & AJit SIMH (Anjali/85, Abish/go) I1467 Vta Playa de Cortes, Sm Diego 92124 ... Theresa & Eric GRAITAM (Alsmdra/88, ftym/9o, AdM/94) 74451 Dorby Rd, Bemuda Dunes 922OI ... Steve & Darlene LESTER (Nathen/ 7 I, / 7 3, Damtm/ 78, Gabe/8o, Ben/86) PO Box 2O3, Joshua Tree 92252 ... Ray & Kathrjm SESSIONS (Patricia,/79, Et}]an/ 82, Richud/ 85) 12640 Reche Cdyon Rd, Colton 92324 ... BriM & Deborah BARTLE (Jacob/83, Rachel/85) PO Box 291786, Phelm 92329 (14... William & Dahlia LEWIS (Selena/8o, Victoria & Vanessa/8s) School of Home treming Support Group, 1904 Flora Vista St, Needles 92363 ... Neil RHODES & Julie MCKEEIIAN (Nicholas,/ 78, Alexmder/8o) 1328 Clock Av, Redlands 92374 {H) ... Jilice & Irv EICH [Heidi/83, Gretchen/8s, Has/89, lagrrd/g2) PO Box tO2O, Running Springs 923A2 ... John & RoxAnne LAWSON (Francisco/73, Lta/76, Mele/7g, Shalna/82, Cricket/88) PO Box 2930, Running Springs 92382 (lO ... Dtma & Eliseo RUIZ (Jessiah/82, Key:r./g2) 10367 Campbeil Av, Riverslde 92505 ... Tom & Mdge YEAGER (Phil/83, Ceclly/87l ll72 Fetlock Way, Riverside 92506 (lO ... Debbie OI,SEN & Phil MARTINEZ (Cecella/86, Andreas/8g) 231 Hillmdale Ct, Riverside 92507 (Hl ... Tina & John FISCHER (AJal84, Ariel/gl, Zoe/931 a21 S University Dr, Riverside 92507 ... Ere'in & PhyUis GRAUDSZUS (Enc/79, Ivm/8O) PO Box 244, Agumga 92536 ... Edc & Cher TOWNSEND (Seil/8o, Metissa/ 85) PO Box 1085,54240 Strawberry Valley Dr, ldyllwild 92549-1085 ... Gdy & Susm PENDER (Colin/88, 1Jere/921 3l8O Sicily Av, Costa Mesa 92626 ... Luma & Gary HOLZER 0UViUim/83, JoseVST) 657r Colon Cir, Huntlngton Beac}r 92647 ... Nathmiel & Jile ADAM 0vka/8o, L'ly/aq 19472 Salt water Cir. Hunthgton Beach 92644 ... Irla & Luis TIRRE (lana,/ 82, Shelley/8s, Llvia/88) 2O7 E El Portal, Sm Clemente 92672 tc. Timothy & Sheri JACKSON (Shelley/86, Stacey/88, Stephante/gO) 14 I Shapley Way, San Clemente 92672... Cathy & Kerry RATHSAM (MatI/75, Chris/84, Michael,/87) 5265 Ave de Despaclo, Yorba Linda 92647 ... Monique & Mtrk CYMERII.,IT (Sammtha/g3, Brtgitta/gs) 7 Talega, Rancho Smto Milgilita 92688 ... Shelley & Regm CANDEI,ARIO (Aide/g2, Avery/g4) 2591I Via Del Sur, Mission Viejo 92691 (H) ... Elizabeth & Terry WOODFIELD (Sarah/84, Katherine/88) 14852 Iaurel Grove Cir, lwine 92714 ... Jea BELLINGER &

Christopher PINCKNEY (Nathaniel/86, Caitlin/8g) 4672 Stena Tree Ln, Irvine 92715-2245... Debbie & How{d GREEN (Bailey/88, Hillary/89) 5l Monticello, IRVINE 92720 ... Bob BL\]R & Zona GRAY_BI,AIR (David/8g) 443 S Ormge Av, Brea 92821 (H)



& Stephen KALLY (Jmes,/gl, PeIer/g2) 1lO3 Casitas Vista Rd, Ventura 93001 (H) ...'I'iza & Skip GARRETT (Jackson/88, Jasmine/go, Jorde/g2) 552 S San

... Mike & Rhoda ABAYAN (Michael/8I, Matthew/82) 56 S Gilden St #6, Ventura 93OOl ... Alm & Irrt HARRIS (Jumita/84, Charles/87, Chdlotte & Samuel/8g) PO Box 849, Fillmore 93016 (H) ... Kim McDONALD (Steven/85, Nicole/87) 4903 Nautilus #3, Omad 93035 (H) ....1q6t THaMAS (Joyal86, Jorda/88) 1524 Robbins St. Smta Bsbila 93101-4733 ... Kristine POE (Luisa/go) 1524 Robbins St, Smta Btrbila 93101-4733 ... Nmcy FRIEDI,AND & Alm MOSES (Mtrina/84, EthM/g7J 1114 E Ortega St, Smta Bilbtra 93103 ... Cilol DOOSE (Brim/87) 3400 Gibralter Rd, Smta Barbua 93105 (II) oor Anne & Ron CHRISTNER (tuieUe/84, Adrien/86, Angelique/g1) Clemente St, Ventura 93OOl


629 Calle Palo Colorado, Smta Bilbila 93lob ... Rick & LeAnn HARPER (I{ristin/84, Shelly/86, Shama/g3) 464 Alan Rd, Smta Bilbtra 93log ... Nacy & Alm EDMUNDSON tchristyn/84, Alisha/86, Bmdley/8g) 974 Cocopah, Smta Barbtra 93110 (II) ... Shtrley MUELLER & Mrk GALBRAITH (Angelika/88) 3862 Crescent Dr, Suta Bdbda 931lO (I{) ... Thomas REAPER & Erika THOST (Tristm/86, Clncy/47, Tobias/g21 3866 Center Ave, Smta Bilbtra 931 10 ... Mike & Angie DEPEW (Taylor/83, Mason,/84, Klak/ 871 PO Box 2591, lake Isabella 93240 (H) ... 1,4*iGOLDEEN & Arthur OGAWA (Grace/87, Evm/9O) 40453 Cherokee Oaks Dr. Three Rivers 93271-9743... Rose Ann & Jose CUTIERREZ [Ric}lafi,/7g, David/82, Mark/85) 366014 Millwood Dr. woodlake 93246-9743 -. Amy & Chmba COOKE (Nora/92) 31191 Road l8O, Visalla 93292 (IO ... Bill & Kuen ENOCH (Christopher/84, Stephuie/87, Rebecca/9o) 5613 Reroth Av, Balersfield 933OO 3735 GD ... Cary & Kmeta CRUM Uordan/9l, Laurfn/93) 42O9 Gmsey Ln, Bakersfleld 93309 (II) ... Heidi & Demis MORATA (Ifel8s, Elizabeth/87, Lilliu/89) 620l Hesketh Dr, Bakersfield 93309 ... John & c KIRKI_AND (Tabitha/8s, Alen/87, Cody/93) 4436 Wavertree, San Luis Obispo 93401 ... Tenell & Caft COHEN [Jeffrey/7s,'lamra/77J 160 Comerstone Ln, Arroyo Grmde 9342O ... Llme & Andrew PETERSON (Rachel & Ariane/8s) 1640 Robin Cir, Anoyo Grmde 93420 ... Btrb{a & Alm ALWARD (Nicky/83, Suzme/86) 7600 Milchmt Av, Atascadero 93422 ... Dale & Agnes LEISTICO [Jame/7s, laurene/ 77, Susil/7g) 313 Somerset Pl, Irmpoc 93436 (II) -. Moira & Daa YOUNG (Drake/88, Raleigh/g2) 865 Millstone Av, Smta Marta 93455 .- Amy & Bob MCCALL (Brendm,/9O, Gavin/9r) 19425 aTth St, Califomia City 93505 ... Jtra FOREMAN-SELF & Cltnt SELF (Cody/42) 2257 Av O-4 West. Palmda.le 93551-3366 ... Katzi & David ENGLE (Anselm & Joshua /42, Wayland/46, Wolfram/92) 3OO8 Temperance Av, Clovis 936f2 Of) ... Walter & Kathleen HILL (Rebecca/88, Ituise Rose/ 90, Jues/92) 7586 N Bond Av, Fresno 93720 ... Aru & Michael DeLOLLIS (Erik/88, Kathrln/gr) 5330 E Madison, Fresno 93727 ... Tracie GIB & John BURGE (Da!'idlgo) 1030 Kentlield Dr, Salinas 9390I-1064 ... Jmning & Scott KENNEDY (Tyler/as, Caitlin/87) 17918 Pesmte Rd, Salinas 93907 {II) ... Scott & Jm FLEETHAM (Crajg/ a4, Christina/87, Aleroder/9 I ) 9128 Coker Rd. Salinas 93907 ... Tracie GIB & John BURGE (Da\ddlgo) A La Carte Int'l School, 25383 Mrkham Ln, Salinas 93908 ... Beverly & Steve BEAN (Deiel/8g) 39 Calera Cmyon Rd, Salinas 93908 (H) ... Michaelia MORGAN (Morga/87) 628 Pine Av #2, Paclflc Grove 93950 ... Milk & Beverly PARKER (Bryce/77, Naomi,/8o, Chtrlotte/86) 471 Palm Av, Seaside 93955

CO - a*y & Michael WAGNER (Alexmder/85, Smuel/87, Milia/gO, Michael/g2) 7235 Robb Dr, Arada 80005 (IO ... Nmcy & Mdk BOHNE (Kathleen/ 85, Ieigh/871 5779 E Geddes Cir, Englewood 8O112


Nmcy COLEMAN & Greg WHITEF{AIR (Ben/85, Jake/g7, Ntklr/8g) 6006 E lrng Pl, Englewood 8O112 ... Joy & Henry SCHULTZ (Aaron/86, Jmi,e/8g 2715 E Maplewood Av, Littleton 80121-2823 (I4 ... Ken & laurie HUFFMAN (Alex/82) 13154 Satum Dr, Littleton a0l24 ... Oeorge & Kathy I,ORENTZ (EvM/75, Ammda/8o, Tyler/84. Erin/86, Hmnah / 90, Erhn / 92J 31 Pin Oak Dr, Littleton 80127 ... Barbila & Marc SI\ryDER (Atot/ 87, Tac}raty / 9O) 19395 Greenwood Dr, Monument 8Of32 (It ... George & Denise NEWMAN [David/87, Elyse/9O) 12447 w 16 Pl, Iakewood 80215... Holly KEIFDR (Emily/82) 2888 Bluff St #492, Boulder 8O3Ol OO ... Ho[y & BiI BENDER (Iâ&#x201A;Źncelot/go, Donovan/g4) 400 Whispering Pines Rd, Boulder 80302 (H) ... Denise & Ralph SUTHERLAND (Rodger/88. Jemifer/91) I l50 Monroe Dr #D. Boulder 80303 ... Peter & Valerie BERG (Irtfl85, Noah/88) 1495 Riverside Ave, Boulder 8O3O4 ... Judy GILIIGAI{ & Dayid KLINE (7achary / ao, Caitlin/83, Stephanie/8s) lO2O Oakdale Pl. Boulder 80304-0748 ... Elaine FISCHER-HITCH & Brad HITCH [Noah/S3, Wtllim/96) l8l4 19 St, Golden 8O4Ol (II)... Lucy & Dave BAUER (Alex/89, Naomi/g1, Heidi/gs, Bibima/gs) 283r I Shadow Mtn Dr, Conifer 80433 (II) ... Ker'ln & Jmet RHODES (Dacy/86, Hilary/88, Gilltm/go) 148 Snyder Mtn Rd, Evergreen 80439 (H)... Robert & Lisa MACALUSO (Alf,xlg], Anthony/g3) 6284 Ross Rd, Morison 80465... Shelley & Richild PARTRIDGE [Ryan/86) Magnolia St Rt, Nederlmd 8O466 (I{) ....1i6 & Debbie BODMER (Rachel/87, Jacob/8g, Nicholas,/g1)

lO33 E Longs Peak Av, Irngmont 8O5Ol ... Shaon & Richsd DEKESTHLER (Jurlia/88) 1220 Snowbank Ct, Irngmont 8O5Of (I4 ... Terry & Kathy COLBERT (Sarah/82, Smmtia/86, Julia/g2) 661 Pilliament Ct, Ft collins 80525-5864 ... Kurt & Ttghe YOVANOFF (Brema/79, Maddy/8f) 4633 Slvline Dr, Fort Collins 80526 ... Herb & Lisa STREHL tMary /92, Miche[e/g3) PO Box 839, Wellington 80549 ... Kdstin JASPERSE & Chtrles SJOLqNDER (Sem/88) 2816 w Kiowa St, Colorado Sprlngs 80904 ... Jerry & Arm LANGINHOOPER (Stephanie/81, KJl83) 13010 Bridle Btt Rd, Colorado Spgs 8O9O8 ... Irene & Matt ARNDT (Lydial88, Spencer/881 517 Potter Cir, Colorado Springs 80909 (II) ... David & Cheryl NORTHRUP [Nathm/7s, Gra]affi/76, CNey/78, Cmella/8l, Jonathm/86, Ktra/88) 511 S 3 St, I-mtr 81052 ... Teri BLESSIVI\N ('9O &'95) 165 Vega Rd, Walsenburg 81089 ... Ron & Brenda KIESTER (Seth/84, Shey/go) l3I County Rd I I, Gunnison 81230 (H) .- Larry & Jemette l-ARsoN (Arjuna/84, Rmi/86) 545 K St, Penrose 81240 (Il) ... John & Pat EVEREST

(Erin/83, Matthew/84, Richad,/86, Michael/89) 2914 Richad Dr, Dumgo 81301 GI)... Ktp & Nelue BOYD (Jennifer/79, Brmdie/83) 13 Perins Vista Dr, Durango 8r30I ... George & Dima GRING (John/8o, Crug/82) 315 Timberline Dr, Dumgo 8l3ol Kim & Jim ADAMS (Kalin/8g, Iauren/94) PO Box 8O09, Durmgo 8l3ol ... Joe & Detrdre MACLAREN In/a7, Hnnah/ 89, Teslin/g3) Mesa Verde Homeschoolers, PO Box 134, Mmcos 81328 ... Walne & Monica WIITANEN (Amy/76, catherine/83, Corey/86) PO Box 879, Paonia 81428 {H) ... Timothy & Krista STEWAR. (Rick/8I, Ruth/84, Thomas/87) PO Box 2101, Ridgway 81432 (Ir) r.. 6it6 & Pegg/ NISHU(AWA (Karen/84, Stacey/ 88, Rachel/93) 2420 N I St, Grild Junctton 8I5O1

(H) ro.4qr & Gig LEADBETIER (Kate/87, Molly/89) 2440 Smta Rosa Ln, Grmd Junction 8t5oa (ff) ... Susm & Daiel OVIATI (lrei/76, Jessica/78, Jackson/ 8i, Rosma/83) 619 Acadia Dr, Orud Junction 81503 Ol)... Jonathm & B{btra HARSCH (Jonathan/83, Anne/85, Ttmothy/89) 3I2 Su King Dr, Glenwood Spr'ngs 81601 ... Jmet COURSLEY (Nico/g4) 103 Stackyild Ln, Basalt 81621 (H) ... Bill GRAIfiM & Susil L"qNIDR-CM-HAM (Patrick/84) 556 Baclay St, Craig 81625 (Hl



Paul a



Anna/86) 224 Brewster Rd, Bristol 06010 ... Alisa GRIGGS & Wilim DOMLER (Griggs/83, Timothy/86) PO Box 37, Collinsrille 06022-1516 (II) ... Walter & Ertn MOODY (Smuel/8g, Erica/gl, Rowm,/97) 32 East Shore Rd, Eutngton 06029 (II) ... Susm & Joseph PIESCIK {Andrea/84, Jeremiah/88) 20 Wells Dr, Fmington 06032 ... Peter & Ruthmarle LAWLER (Colby/8a) 78O Chestnut Hill Rd, Olastonbury 060334114 GI)... Mtchele LAMY (Acacia/'8) 120 Old

Hatchery Rd, Kensington 06037 (H) ... Eill & Ellen PAPPALARDO (D.J./83, Eve/89) 70 Linden St, New Britain 0605l-2412 (IO .r Stephen & Mary Lyme BOIS!'ER| (S'Nah/g7, Anna/8g, Noah/96) 34 White Oak Av, Plainville 06062 (H) ... Bill & Elizabetl ELDRIDGE (Bryon/8l, Strah/86) 47 Wentworth Dr, South windsor 06074 ... Stephen & Katileen PASAIGRNIS (Ttm/81, Chrts/86) 98 woodlmd Dr, S Windsor 06074 (II) r.r ps1.t & Cilot DELANEY (Michael & Frmcts/8l, Ruth/8s, Davtd/88, Marylgl) 125 Clinton Dr, S Windsor 06074 (H) ... Lydia & Jotul FLYNN (Michael/84,

Ciltlin/a7l 9 Corime Dr, Tollmd & Beth SPENCER (Frark/9o, willim/ 92, Kathrln/g3) 22 Vlllage View Ln, Fmington 06085 ... John & wendy CORMIDR [Nicole/76, Jason/ 78, Tyler/88) 662 Htghlmd St, wethersffeld O6rOg ... Brigid DONOHUE & Paul CHILL (Madeline,/94, Camille/ 96) 28 Amoldale Rd, W Hartford 06119 (H) ... Alm & Joyce SCHAEFFER [Ben/88, Saah/go) 32 Herick Rd, Brookllm 06234 (lll ... Lort & George DUHAIME [Micah/88, Cr^loe/g2, lii/96) 263 Randall Rd, Irbmon 06249 (H) ... Scott & Cdol-Ame ALLEN (Patricia/87, lnah/gl, George/g2) 459 Fabym Rd, Fabym O6255... Cheryl & Frmk POMERANTZ (Saah/ 81, Jacob/86) 39 Stons Heights Rd, Stons 06268 ... vicki & Milk FRENCH (Sarah/78, Danica/88, Malee/ 89) 229 Bundy Hill Rd, Lisbon 06351 ... Friltr MENNITI & Smdra MILLER (Peter/go, Christina/g3) 10 Relnolds Hill Rd, Mysilc 06355 ... Roger & Betsy SHAFER (Ben/88, Chillie/go) PO Box 522, OId Mystic 06084

... Flak

06372... Stephen & Lisa SARFATY (Joseph/84) 283 Talmadge Rd, Cheshire 06410 ... Linda & Dick

GnowrNc WttHour Scuoor-tNc #126 .JAN../Fns. '99

SCHROTH (Alison/81, Jonatha/82, Brim/84) 48 l$g Htll Rd, Coba-lt 06414 (II) ... KtIn & Rtchild GILLI-I,AND (Richild/g1, Tori/9s) 27 High St, Deep River 06417... Luz SHOSIE & Ned VARE (Jonatim/7g) Unschoolers Support, 22 Wildrose Av, Gutlford 06437 (II) ... Monika & David STEIN (Noah/86, Sonja/8g) 53 Pond Meadow Rd, Ivoryton 06442 (II)... pia. & David METZLER

(Dmielle/8l, Stephen/84) 26 Shore-lmds Dr, Madlson

06443 ...

Ke!'tn JONBS & Ktren GUMPEL [Viola/84. chalotte,/85, CaJeb/a7, Baby/9o) l2o Bradley Rd,

Madison 06443 ... Theresa & Dwight NEEDEIS (Thea/ 82, Corie/8s) 40 MoNoe St, Meriden 06450 (II)... Chrlstopher & Chrtstina DUFFY [Timothy/85, Samuel/ 86) 25O Summit St, PlmMlle 06479 ... lrri MARTIN & wiUim MOONEY (Benjmin,/91, Caleb/96) 20 Avon St,

Haven 0651 I (H) ... Betsy GOLDBERC & Allm BRISON (Rebecca/88, Diila/go) I l5 Everit St, New Haven 0651 1-1306 (Ifl ror 6'1"^ g Amy STEVENS (Corey/8g, Mo,Jy/92J 30 Dume Rd, Hmden 06514 (H) ... Victoria & Stephen KNEZEK (Milgilet,/81) 151 w Rock Av, Nil Haven 06515-2222 OI) ... Beth STENGER & Michael ROSS (Zacharyl8g) 75 Ralston Av, Hmden 06517... Joseph & Doma MCDONoUGH (Matthew/84) 154 Haverford St, Hmden 06517 ... Bernadette BAIINER (Theresa/83, Christopher,/84) 48 Rimmon Rd, RR 9, Woodbrtdge 0652$ r.r 4li5en & Larry BRION


(laura/81, Julia/84. Meredtth/9O) 203-355-4724 (Shemm) ... Michael & Dima HURWTIZ (Dmiel/84) PO Box 1275, Washington 06793 ... Cdolyn & Dominick DeMASI (Iaua/7g. Sda/81, Arna /a4, Emny/aa\ a Pond Crest Rd, Dmbury 06811 OD ... Kimberly ENDAHL & Mdk TSOCANOS (Nina-Aldmdm/84, Nikolas,/86, Sebas-tlm/89) ll Chules St. D{ien 06820 ... Michael & Ctroline GORDON lKemy/87, Slrye/g5, Scott/g7) 3 River Av, No 28, Greenwich 06830 ... Peg FEUREY & Jim KITTLE (lm/85, Blron/89) 87 Knollwood Ln, New Cmam 06840 ... Ilene TRr\IGER & Joseph SHAPIRO (Anne/7g, Sally/82, Clua/az, Nathm/89) 73 Blackmm Rd, Ridgefield OGa77 ...Iaurie DOIG & Btrgir NItSEN (Ingmtr/g1, Lim/931 6 Howes St, Stmford 06906 (n)

DE - fi-ottry & Bomie BOOKWALIER (Erich/ 88) 218 Rushes Dr, Betr l97OI (H) -. Dave & I{athy FARMER (Jimmy/85) 415 Gumbush Rd, Tomsend 19734 ... Sr:me & Stephen WYSHAM (Silah/8f) 1O9 Cmbridge Dr, Wilmington 19803 0l) ... Richild & Kathleen BRADY (Sdah/87, Lucas/8g, lnge/g2) 4313 Veroua Dr. wilrnington 19808 (II) ... Russell & Ama KNAPP (Jason/84, Jemifer/87, lJex/gz) lO7 Fm Av, Wilmington 19810 ... Jody & Justin FryATT (Anders/ 83) 2008 Eden Rd, Wilrnington 19810 ... Jemie & Al MORRIS (Undsay/82, Mike/86) 113 Beachfield Dr, Rehoboth Beach 19971 DC -

Houy & Brym ALBERS (Henry/8g, Breccm/g3) 316 sth St SE, Washington 20003 ... Hayley & Eric LINDEMAN (Im/87, Gavin/go) 4614 38th St NW, Washington 20016 (II)

FL - Ly"r

& Tom SOUTHWOKIH (Lindsay/84, Nicholas/86) 3623 Mmiloneck Ct, Green Cove Spgs 32043... Mtke & Amy GRIGGS (Mike/77, Jake/83)

355 S Hightild Av, Green Cove Springs 32043 ... Shilon & Iiuis DEPPE (Amber/82, Mmdy/85, Regan/ a8\ 2120 Plahlield Av, Ormge Ptrk 32073 OD ... v. E. SOUTHWELL (Morgm/gl) ll9 Sea Hammock Way,

... Ralph & Virgirda ITBRUN tAdon/75, Johnpaul/81. Jacob/86, Ruth/9O, Benjarnin/941 Rt 2 Box 785, Crescent CIW 32112... Chet & Terry THOMPSON (Drew/86, wade/88, Cory/go) 116 E Julia St, Perry 32347 ... Abdul-Salaml Fatimah SITABAZZ (Aina/84) 7O4 Helen Av, Pmma City 32401 ... Steven & Rebecca HENSON (Julle/89. Thomas/g1, Joseph/9s) l7O7 NW 38 Ten, Gainesville 32605 (H) ... Susie & Ken MICHAEL [Dm/85, Steve,/87) 6014 NW Ponte Verda Beach 32082

52 Ter, GalnesviUe 32606 Ot) ... Greg & Sallie MILLER-HOUSE (Btll/7s, cary/9o, Caal93) 95Og Nw 24oth Ter, Alachua 32615 (Hl ... Sadra MIKEL & David STITES [Mul86, Zoe/91) RI4 Box 35, Hawthome 32640... Lln MILUM & John MCGRATTI

(Aryen/8o, John Michael/88, Justin/g3) Homeschool Network, 548 N Iake Pleasmt Rd, Apopka 327123904 ... Ka-en & Ralph BOVE [Chris/82, Ben/87, se/ 89, Katie/gs, Jack/96) 423 Soft Shadow Ln, DeBary 32713 ... Ttromas & Roblm MAESEKENTHIN [Matthew,/87, Michael/gI) 2608 Vaug]m Av. Deltona 32725... Robert & Shirley ECKES Wil/9O. Cole/94) 106 Chmd Dr, lzke Mary 32746... Jamal & Dima

[Silah/80, Mahmoud/84, Nadia & Hmnah/ 90) 2O2O Tirrpentne Rd, Mims 32754 ... Gwen & John MEEHAN (Patdck/76) 1520 Briercliff Dr. Orlmdo 32806 ... Kathleen & Chip IACONA (Gwen/8o, Anna/8l, Jotn/A7l 3895 Hield Rd Nw, Palm Bay 32907 OI) ... Cdey & Melody COOPER (Aaron/8', Crystat/83, Jeremy/88) 3lO W Osceola Ln, Cocoa Beach HUSSEIN

3293r (Hl


Kristi DOYNE-BAILEY & Dm BAILEY (Ben/89) 628 Nw 4 St, Homestead 33030... Kathy &

Tony SUERGIU IEtizaberh/A2, Juliette/8s) 1510 NW 17 St, Homestead 33030 ... David & Kellye MCMUL LEN (Abalyn/gl, Talis/93, Cole/gs) 1O2O Jmes St, Key West 33O4O ... Robert PINKERTON & Dotty FLOWERS (Chris/go) 8OO Emma St, Key West 33O4O (I4.- cheryl & Mtchael KELIoGG (Arielle/88) 16785 Tamilind Rd, Summerlmd Key 33042 ... Kerry & Jim MCCALL



(Jmes/8s, Amy/87, Matthew/8g, Junemtrie/ Martinique Dr, Cuiler Ridge 33189 (H)


MCCALL (James,/8s, Amy & Mattlew,/87, June/g2) 9870 Martinique Dr, Cutler Ridge 33i89... cuy CI-OUTIER & lpuise SIROIS (Tomy/83, Steven,/ 9\l 47a2 121 Ten N. West Palm Beach 33411 ... Jan.t

Jim & Kerry

WEINSTEIN & Brlm DECKER (tree,/9O, Klva/g2\ 734 Buttonwood Ln, Boynton Beach 33436 (Il) ... Ka-en & Rtchtrd FRANKLIN (Adam/77, Jessica/8o, Christopher/83, Andrew/8g) 3939 winfield Rd. Bolnton Beach 33436... Steve & Cheryl IiAIFIELD (John/85, Drew/86, clay/88. Ross/go) 92o sE ITth St, Deerfield Beach 33441 o.o Mary & Steve MARIOWE [Rachel/87, Hsnal/gO) 407-588-8039 Uake Worth) ... Debby PASTERNACK (Jenna/84. Mrla/86, Dda/go) 15830 113 Tr N, Jupiter Fams 3347A ... Beth TREPECK (Hayden/86, Cmeron/8g) f361 SW l5 St, Boca Raton 33486 ... Walne & Reenie MaCIIARRIS (Michael,/81, Molly/83. Kelly/8s, Mrk/89) 36814 Chestnut Ln,

phFhtlls 33541 ... Robin BUKION & Don AKRIGm (l<aliya/g2, Jasmine,/g4) 4206 N Doming St, Tmpa 33603 ... Ja & Dave HANCOCK (Anna/go, Steve,/g4) 1260 Alma St, Iakelmd 33803 ... Sodra & James THOMAS (Rachel/83, Vmessa/9O) 1449 Lanier Rd, Iakeled 33809 (IO ... Gina & Richild MILLER (Erin/ 87, Rym/88) I139 Colony Ams Ct, Iakeland 33813 ... Sheri & Don LINSENBACH (Devin/7g) 4536 Sw 14 Av, Cape Coral 33914 ... Ka'en & Wes KINNEY (Keeley/ 79, Beau/g2) 21293 Burkhart Dr, Port Chdotte 33952 (H) ... 1Lut. & Ktren BEACH [Evm/8O, Megm/83, Erin/86) 3403 67th St Ct E, Bradenton 34208 ro..Jays & Michael MLLIAMS (Alex/8g) l81O Bayshore Ct, Englewood 34223 ... Willim & Judith BEALL (Lucius/ 78, Forest/8l) 73O t-ngboat Ct, Irngboat l{ey 34228 ... Ralph & Sherry BOAS (Arnber/7g, Jenny/81, Timmy/83, 'toby/921 i9546 Bamboo Bend, Grovelmd 34736... Eric & Bdbtra REINIIARDT tAnna/86, Strah/go, Emma/94) 53Ol Avalon Rd, Winter Garden 347a7 ... David & Rosmna RICHMOND (Kyla/8s, De!'tn/87, Shaila/go, Brendm,/9s) 2785 SE CmoU St, Stuart 34997

GA - ;ray & cary



Audrey/84) 1837 Tree Top Ct, Mdietta 30062 ... Linda & Matthew BI-AISDELL (Justtn & Nathm,/88) 261 Fielding Ln, Rosewell 30076 ... Chdlene & Jody BLANKE (llml/84, Zack/a7, Mel/94) 9179 Eves Cir, Roswell 30076


Robert & Rachel ROSS [Andrew/8g,

Benjamin/96) 1OO25 lake Forest Way, Roswell 30076 ... clem & Ronder YOUNG Wiiliam/81, Alec/83, Im/ 88) 1420 Shenta Oak Dr, Norcross 3OO93 ... Mike & EUen FOSTER (Derek/83, Rym/86, Jiled/88, Jason/ 89) 3112 lal(e R Cir, Acworth 30102 ... Milk & Dime JOHNSON (Ltndsey/82, Milk/84. Alex/86, Mathew,/ 88, wesleigh/gI, Hmah/g4) 1541 Brookshire Rd, Acworth 3o1o2 (Hl .- Roy & Mary HooD (Sm/78, Ginny/8o, DN/83.latra/86) PO Box 2524, Cartersville 30120 (H) ... Jody & Elizabeth NEWMAN (Kate/9o, Sophia/g2, Gabai/gs) 664 Crescent Ridge Tratl, Mableton 30126 (Il)... Beth & Robert MOORE (Nate, lyler, caleb/g2) 5060 Bayber4; Ct, cumming 3013o... Claudia CONN & Jim DURDEN (Aaron,/8o, Megil/86, Elma/g3) 2986 Acworth Due W Rd, Kennesaw 30144 (H) .- Jill WOLFE & Jeff HERBST (Jotn/7a, Jeffrey/ 84, Jacqueline,/88) 6473 Huy 140, Woodstock 30188 (H) ror 5p".L" & Linda RAMEY lAprrl/7', Mrk/79\ 718O Cme

traf Dr. Faabum 30213 ... Shuon

BAOATELL (Diego/8r, David/8s) 82O Pa.latine Av, Atluta 30316 (IIl ... Fatimah AFIF-SIIABAZZ (Aina

Dini/84) 1412 Eastlmd Rd SE, Atlmta 30316-3222

(Hl ... Julie & Michael SgUIRES (Elizabethl8a) 64lO Wright Rd, Atlmta 30328 (H) .-.1o.6 U",n.t LILLEMOE (Srah/75, Etlm/84, Rachel/88) 3143

GnowrNc 147'rsour ScHool_rNc #126 .JAN./Fre. '99

Semmes St, East Point 30344 (H) oo. 51ry. 6, L"1t" RErcHKO (Jesse,/81, MaJy/82, Jake/A{, Jed/a7l 1,450 Hessle Ln, Sugs Hill 30518 ... Vmessa & Im COWIE

(Natasha/85, Tristan/8g) Rt 3 Box 3171, Dawsonville 30534 ... Bob & Chris BISHOP (Curie/7g, Bethey/8l) .1439 Izke Forest Dr. Oakwood 30566 ... Robert & Colleen WILLLAMS (Kallm/86,



... Susm HODOES & Tim DENI'IY (Riva/8s, Ethm/8g) 4l3O Old kxington Rd, Athens 30605 04 ... Bruce & Bilbila Henderson Falls Rd, Toccoa 30577

BROWN (Anna/7g,

Joshua/8I, 7acharyl8$ 815 Veeler Rd, taFayette 3O72A (Hl ... John & Dime SINCTAIR (Daniel/8s, Nathm/89) 978 Windmill Ln, Evms 3O8Og (H) ..r po6.6 & Gall PENDERGRAST (Michael/8s, Rachel/88, Julta,/go, Joseph/g4) 816 lake Roya.l Dr, Grovetom 3O8r3 ... Robert & Cathy MORRIS [Megm/ 77,Rob/79, Andy/84, Caitltn/gs) 211 Edlwood Dr, Dublin 3lO2l ... Derek & Ikisten MADDOX (Ia/83, Emily/86) 98 Red Fox Run, Wmer Robins 31088 (H)

... tuâ&#x201A;Źela & Chtrles OTT (Christina/82. Cuea/85) 322 Steele Wood Dr, Richmond Hill 31324 [IIl ... Catherine & Bill MCKEE (Jessica/87, Michael/g2, Ama/941 6O5 Cmack Ct, St. Marys 31558

HI - PAt SMIT & Jennifer VANI,AANEN-SMIT (Gage/g3, Scout/96) 35 Kuloli Pl, Hatle 96708 ... Rita & Jmes LEONARD (Benjamin/79, Alemder/86) PO Box 832, Hilo 96720 ... Tina SIERRA & Dwight D'ARMAS (Ku'det/87) 2558 Ainaola Dr, Htlo 96720 (H) ... Jmet KRUSE [aurel/83) 535 Nowela Pl, Kai]ua 96734... Michael CLARK (Eli/79. Rose/86. Nick/gs) PO Box 1546. Keaau 96749 ... Alyse & BiUy INGLIS (Cyrus/g7) PO Box 1406, Kapa'au 96755... Mdgset & Hlggins MADDIGAN (Caitlin/88, McKeroie/9 1) Iahaina Milket Place. Iahaina. Maui 96761 ... Nicole TERGEOOTOU & David SHEEHAN lArtel/g2, Dylm/8s, Dimitri/87) PO Box 35, I:upahoehoe 96764 [I{l ... Jemne & Jason AMAS (Joshua/84, Jessica/85) Christim Homeschoolers of Kauai. 4416 Hanmaulu Pl. Lihue 96766 (II) ... Diru KAGELER & Tim TUNISON (Jesse/gl, Emma/g3) Volcmo Homeschooling Hut, PO Box 4I l, Volcilo 96785 ... Linda INOLIYE & Brad LAU $^W/e4, Emily/87) PO Box 3476, Mililmi 96789 ... Heather & Anson BERNAL (Noah/89, Tasha/9o, Fonest/g4) 87-221 Ohtohi Pl, waleoe 96792 ... Gail & Jordm NAGASAKO (Thumper/83) MAUI HOME EDUCATORS. 777 Kolmi St. Wailuku 96793 ... Mike & Robyn LUEDERS (Jacob/8s, Benjamin/87, Abrm/89) 1803 A Fox Blvd, Honolulu 96818 ... Mili & Roland PECK (Christina/83, Matthew/8s, Trevor/g2) 105 Pulehu Nui Rd, Kula 97797 ID - p* pRurtr

& Fred YAPUNCICH (Itate/83.


175 Tautphaus Dr. Idaho Falls 83404 (IO Donovan & Linda BRAIVIWELL (E.rtka/76. Christlm/78,


Brian/8o, Jorde/8.2,Isaac & Alex,/86, Jessica/88) 322 N 3220 E, Irwisville 83431 ... Betsy & Art AYERS (Sadie/85, Emma/8g, Hmah/gl) l5l5 Everett, Caldwell 836O5 OD ... Linda OARDNER-MASTERS & Noma MASTERS (Gamaliel/79) 3027 Hwy 95, Council 83612 (IO ... John & Kerry KUHN (Kevin/86, MoUy/gO, Madilyn/92) 4l2O Wisteria Way, Boise 837O4 ... Paul & BettyTHOMAS {Chava/go, Ariel/g4) 9835 w Sunflower Ln, Bolse 83704 (H) ... la)ae & Any BELL (Susie,/gl, Suah/92, Emily/g4) 9293 Austin St, Boise 83714 OO "' Mike HUBBELL & Liz CANNONHUBBELL (Chris/78, lan/41, Kerry/a7l Rt 4 Box 617, Bonners Ferry 83805 OD ... Rosaltnd LMNGSTON ffyler/A2, Colin/88, Gayle/9o) 2615 N 4th St #455, Coeur D'Alene 83814 ... Patty & Tom GORMAN (JiX/ 82, Holly/8s) 4412 E Split Rock Rd, Hayden like 83835 (H) ... Weezil & Karen SAMTER (Gretchen/78, Mogley & Naomi/8l, Roselte/82) HCR Ol Box 325,

Naples 83847 (H)

IL - P"tU. DONAHUE-KRUEGER & BiII KRUEGER (Christopher,/84, Mu/89, MoUte,/gl, Tess,/ 93) 736 N Mitchell Av, Arlington Hts 60004 ... Bruce & Debbie I'(APLAN (Brim/78, Kevin,/8l, Amy/44, Jacob/87) 312 Bell Dr, Cary 6O0f3 ... John & Pat TETZLAFF (John/8o, Dmny/84, Irahl88) 1424 lnch Irmond Dr, Crystal lake 60Of 4 ... John & Katie FREESE (Terrill/g2, Tristan/gs) 160 Eastview Rd, Crystal Iake 60014 ... Willim TORIORIELLO & Dam MUKIAUGH {Mu & I'ni/86} 20401 Hmud Htlls Rd, Harvtrd 60033... Beth COUGHLIN & David WANG 35

(Elise/84. Atron/8g, Hmnah/g1) 70l E Prospect Av, lake Bluff60044 (II) ... Outnn & Cathy CRAWFORD (Madeletne,/86, Patrick/88, WtUim/gO) 2365 High Pt Dr. Lindenhurst 60046

... Milk


(Ammda/8s, Ashley/88, Zachary/a9J 2208 valley Dr,

Lindenhurst 60046 ... Brim & Sue DeYOUNC (Iauryn/ 83, tane/86) 494 Waterford Dr, Lindenhurst 60046 (IO ... Robert & Jmine MOORE (Bobby/g2,'fommy/ 95) 57f O Bumy Av, McHenrJ. 60050 ... Michael GOCEK & Deborah CUNEFARE (Ted/78, Melissa/84, Patrick & Suah/92) 5O7 Brierhill Dr, Round Iake Park 60073-3041 ... Kaury LARSON & Shinobu SATO (Im,/ 87, Colin/go, Maya/95) 8115 Kolma Av, Skokie 60076 (IO ... Michael & Patti MlLl^S tElijah/88, Erica/8g) 8205 Wonderview Dr. Wonder lake 60097 ... Mattiew & Michelle KRUECER {Matt/86, 'lina/88, Lily/931 16410 Colnns Rd. Woodstock 60098 ... Pete & Terri PACINI (Peter/88, Devin/g2, Corey,/9s) 108 Austin Av, Carpentersville 60110-1506 ... Kate & Jim KVASNICKA (Emily/88, Joseph/gl. Jacob,/g4) 1510 Elmwood Av, DeKalb 60l l5 ... Dmny & Audre RATIIBURN llnoa / 7 A, Andrew/8 1, Charlotle / 85) 27 7 kssendeu Pl, Elgin 60f2O-7705 ... Heather & Ron FISHER (Chris/85, Tim/86) 218 Richilds, Geneva 60134 ... John & Marty GYLLECK (Tamsen/88, Kezia,/ 91, Broeden/92) 34356 State Rt 23, Genoa 60135 (H) ... Rick & Nmcy BILLINGS (Adm/90. Timothy,r92, Caroline,/94, Jack,/gs) 392 HiUside Av, Clen Ellyn 60137 ... HlNey & Ellie DUNHAM (Zach/83, CaJvin/ 86, Hmnah/88, Tessa/go) 4O9 Hill Av, Glen Ellyn 60137 (H) ... Richild & kona URBANEK (Jason/78,

Jonathm/8o, Roxme/84, Stephmie/88, Gaylene & Valerie,/g2) 991 Quarry Rd, Kirklmd 60146 (I{) ... Rick & Diane TOLER (Daniel/86, Sara/88) 1616 Alten

Ln, St Chdles 60174 ... Rachel & Roy ANANIIY (Rubin/ 87, Ethm/89) l3O5 Ash St, St. Chilles 60174... Lon & Joaquin GARCLA (Esther/78, Jesse/82) ONO13 Nepil Av, Wheaton 60187 ... Greg & Linda BRUNE"I (Kimberlyl83. Alissa/87, Patricia/gI, Jema/g3) l35l Lilac Ln, Cdol Strem 60188 ... Vicki HARDDR & Mark THORNE (EvM/a7, Grilnn/g3) 74O Maple Ln, Hof&nm Estates 60194 ... Tricia & Keith DREVETS (Paul/88. Megm/gl, Peter/g3) 1415 Judson Av, Evmston 60201 ... Jilet & Bruce FLErcHER (Catherine/82, Beclry/84, Megan/88) 1159 S Taylor, Oak Pilk 60304 OO ... konild & Joyce KUHL (Nathm/8l, John/84) 635 Superlor Ave, Calumet Ctty 60409 OO ... Sandy PRENDERGAST lMat/47) 2737 Lighthouse Ct, Lynwood 604I r ... Tom & Wmda BERRY (Outnn/82, Caitlin/85) 2949 Willow Rd, Homewood 60430 ... Dem & Mary DICARLO (Adam/821 18321 Riegel Rd, Homewood 60430 ... Btrb & Iarry JOHNSTON (Jessica/84, M{k/ 871 1452a Cuvas Back Ct. Iackport 60441 ... Rick &


ACKERSON (Aaron/8l,



Washington St, Pak Forest 60466 ... Kevin & Suki BALDWIN (Jemne,/88, Silah/gl) 1452 Andover Dr, Auora 60504 (H) ... Mary & Eduildo CANTORAL (1ffi/81, I*v/92) c/o Femi Nat'l Accelerator lab, MS 122, E791, PO Box 5OO, Bata!'ia 60510 (IO ... John & Susm GIBSON (Eliabeth/90, Rhimnon/g4) 325 6 St, Dowers Grove 60515 ... Llmda & Jeff EHRET fEmma/ 92,Wil/94\ 7327 Northgate Way #3, Domers Grove 60516 ... Beki SCIACCA [Tracy/8o) 244 Elmwood Dr, NapeMlle 60540 (I4 ... Dm & Milcia BENNETT

(Audrey/8l, Teddy/go) 814 E Benton, Napetrille 60540 (If) ... Ranachmdran PUTHUVAL & Terry OUAIN (Srala/83, xannm/85) 1o5 S Elsworth St, Apt

... Mily BRONSTEIN & llna/al, kv/92) 29 W533-C Country Ridge Dr, Wffienville 60555 (Hl ... KeYin & Lily FIELD (Ella/go, Logan/g4, Renee/9s) 13 S Lincoln st, westmont 60559 (H) ... Ilma & Ezra GoLDMAN lYuon/75, Ctdeon/84, Abiga!/47, Rebbeca/gl) 1720 Shagbffk Ct, Naperville 60565... Jane MASTERSON & John TREDON (Rachel/8s) 5lO7 S Blackstone #1006, Chicago 60615... CathryT & Paul BAKER (Hmah/9o, Rachel/g2) 1424 E Hyde Puk Blvd #3, Chicago 606153Ol0 ... Dime & Andy BLACK {Michael/88, Mtrgilet/ 90) 3752 N lamdale, Chicago 60618 Oil ... Matin & Shirley WEISENBURGER (Martin/8b) 3807 W 60 St, Chicago 60629 ... Robert SCHORDT,JE & laua HALLSCHORDJE (Noel/8s) 3144 N Neenah, Chicago 60634 ... Vickii & Phil GERVAIS (Nicholas/85) 2322 N Newlmd, chicago 60635 (H) -. I{arolyn KUEHNER & larry ORAY (Soflia/94) 10859 S Irngwood Dr, Chicago 6O643-33f2 (H) ... Steve & Marti ADEISMAN (Aaron/ 74, Ethn/77, Paul/80) 59O4 W Race Av, Chicago 60644 (H) ... Andryea & Bill NATKIN (l|J'.Na/87, ClTa/ 90) 3111 WJatris, Chicago 60645-1113 ... Betty WILFONG (Sarah/82, Ertca/97, Adrieme/8g) 6155 N l,

Napen'ille 60540 (H)




Moody. Chicago 60646 ... Donna LAKEN & Russell WOLF (Kailg2) 2628 Newburg Rd #251, Belvidere 61O08 or. Rick & Dimne HOGAN (Mary Beth/87, Hmah/g2, WIll/931 4777 Concord Dr, Byron 6lOlO ... Kristin & Mtrk PODEMSKI (Caitlin/gl, Jessica/gs) 2210 Countryside la, Freeport 61032 ... Eltzabeth & Douglas SEARLES (Mackeuie,/88, Mccleary/g2) 2o3 s Main St, Mt Catroll 61053 (m ... Dm & Toni BARRY {Snow/87, Renee/88, Jensen/8g, David/8g, Jasmine/ 90, Theodore,/92, Grace/g3) lO9 S Washington, Rochelle 61068 ... Llnda & Dric TURNROTH (Jouathm/8o, Moly/86) 3OOO Middle Dr, Rock Falls 61071 ... Ken & Julie BERGENER (Chillene/86, CJl 9I) 9804 Applegate Dr, Roscoe 61073 ... Rhonda ERICSON (Iauren,/87) 919 westchester Dr, Rockford 6l lO7 ... Bruce & Shilon BOYD (Brmduin/78, Aurora/ 81, Miliah/84, Juon/88) 1321 4th St, Moline 61265 (H) ... parl & Mary LEGLER (Shmon/8s, !hril87, Don/89) 3416 E 2179th Rd, Ottawa 61350... Brett & Laura BRUNER (ZacI\/gOl 712 LaSaUe St, Ottawa 61350 ... Jim & Susa COURIER C89, '92) 8r4 S tafayette, Macomb 61455 ... Patty DOHERTY & Don NOYCE (Kyle/83, Breama/8s, Elliot/go) 23423 N Hmpton Rd, Chillicothe 61523 (I4 ... The ALOIA fMily, Rt 2 Box 31, Ellsworth 61737 ... Marty & Deb STOERGER fvtncent/8o,

Benjmtn/81) 10l9 N


East Rd. Bement 6f8f3 ... Keith & Euzabeth CAMERON (Cheryl/8o, Paul/84) 2038 Cty Rd 125 E, Mahomet 61853 (H) ... Matthew & Mililyn WOJDAK (Jeta/78, Brim/8o, Ben/82, Jesse/84) Rt i Box 89, Brighton 62012 (H) "' Cay & Beverly ADAMS (Jay/79, Joe/87, Sral/89) 610 Ltla Ct, New Baden 62265... Jeff & June FLEMING (Justtn/78, Jason/8o) 6 Iarch Dr, Olney 62450 ... Anita & Milk MOSHENROSE (Michael/78, Stra/87) 1412 N Ludlow, OLxey 62450 (tD ... Jim & Becky RAUFF (Andy/8g) lll S Westdale Av, Decatur 62522 ... Tim & Sue RERICFIA (Lorlm/g3) RR I Box 89. New Berlin 62670

IN - W^yr. & Ada JOHNSON (lpmie/8o, 42655 ... Rick & Jaclde STOUT (Kevln/83, Laryn/8s, Bea/a7) l}47g Bishop Cir, Camel 46032-8599 ...

Julie/8l, Crystal/82, Kayla/83) HC 7l Box 25b, Windy Tom & Mtrim BE\aOR (Mdk/28, David/8ll IO9OB pleasantview Dr, Cmel 46033 (II) ... John KLYCE & pemy MARSH (ted/a2, John/a4, Jeff/a4, ZOTO N Caldwell Rd, trbmon 46OF2 -r Richard & Smdra MERRION (Rob/24, Rebecca/77. 'tiffey/a2l 223 S SOO E Rd, Dmville 46122 (IO ... Jim & Kate SMITH (utnch/72, Mo|y/74, Maggie/83) 6014 N Moristow Rd. Shelbyuiue 46176 (H) ... Meta SCO|TI & Jeoffry BRENNICK (tan/agl t2OZ N New Jersey St. tndimapolis 46202... Jill WHELAN & Chuck MULLEN

6ndrew/85, patrick/gI)

l7i4 E 5l

St, Indimapolts

46205 OI) ... Shilon SCHWEIZER (Dam/Bl, Dime/ 83) pO Box 26796, Indtmapolts 46226-0296... Jlm & phyllis TUBESING (Kelly & Robin/8o) 932 Beechwood Ln, Indimapolis 46222 ... Dick & pam ROE (Richtrd/

82, Kate/86, Emily/88) 8642 Ray Circle, Indimapolis 46256 (It)


Sheryl & Stephen SCHUFF (Emilie/7g,

Reuben/8l) 8lb6 Lieber Rd, lndimapolis 46260... Terry & pam AHEARN (tin/7r, Dn/73, Bndget/z7, Brendm/79, Myles/8l) 7048 Forest Ave, Hmond 463'24 ... Smdy & David WHITE (Benny/83, Jmna/85) r5I2 bth St, taporte 46350 (H) ... Bilbila & Dmtel o'BRyAN tEoin/8g) 3291 N chimti Dr, Iaporte 46950 ... Donna & Allm PARKER (Justin/83) t4b3 Sheryood Dr. Valpdaiso 46383 ... Susm & Jim ME"IHEIIY (Sumtha/7s, Natim/8O, Drew/83) 23367 Greenleaf Blvd, Elkhart 46514 (II) ... Ktm & Andrew pyFER (Jon/82, Drew/84, clay/aa, DJl90) 3o6os Edgewater Dr, Elkhart 46b16 (Hl oro tu6st6a & Mattiew ASHLEY uohn/8g, Hmnah/93) 22839 Arbor pointe Dr, S Bend

4662a... Caollne ANDERSOHN & Kevin HORTON 6my/83, Ben/88) 51412 Lilac Rd, South Bend 46628

... Mary BERGHOFF & Neil MEYER (Jason/82) 8708 Seiler Rd, New Haven 46774 (91 ... Jotut & Debbie HAFBESON (Melissa/83, Keith/8s) 3O5 Deer Run Dr, Sellersburg 42t22... Neil & Susm WEINTROB (Elizabeth/8l, Teddy/83) 46O4 N Tillotson Av, Muncte 47304 ... Susm & Ted BLODGETT (Megm/8o) Oakwood Fm Community, 38Ol S Co Rd 575 E, Selma 42383 (IO ... Crystal CARTMELL & Michael CASSADY (skyler/78, Jerod,/82, lake/84, Ross/86, calen/88, Mason/9I) 5994 E SR 46, Bloomington 474Ot ... Vm & Penny PIERCY (Patrick/g3, Seah/g7) 2330 S Curry Pk, Bloomington 47405 ... Llmn WEDDLE & Steve CORDELL (Cila & Eltot/83, Dm/85, I{aXl93, Mira/951 R5 Box 368, Nashville 47448... Lt\da

CHAPMAN & Deryl DALE (Macy/82, Anna/8s) Box 435 Rt 1, Spencer 47460... Btrb{a & Craig BENSON (David/86, Alexilder & Andrew/8g) 9577 E State Rd 45, Unlonville 47468 (Il) ... Steve & Pmela

WHEELER (Scott/83) 60r Middle St, Newburgh 47630 (I0 -. David & Tamtra JONES (Brmdon/8z, Kedrlc/ 85, Derek,/88, laShma/9l) 7311 Acom Dr, Newbugh 47630 0l) ... Donald & Cilolyn DUCGAN (Ertca/86, Boise/88, Semus,/g2) 4lll Forest Green Dr, Newburgh 47630 ... Tom & Lym WEISS [Kurt/7g, Cory/83, Kelly/85) I43O0 Browning Rd, Evmsville 47711 ... John & Regina REITER (Davtd/82, Adm/86, Simon/8g) 1618 Southeast Blvd, Evusvile 47714 l'll ... Suzmne CARTER & Paul BURKETT (Iml71, Shaun/ 78, Patrick,/86, Molly/88) 622 S 22 St, Tene Haute 47aO3 ... Kenneth & Cynthia BLAND (Al*is/96) Discovery Toys, 5207 D Baycroft Ct lat 27, Monucello 47960... Mak & Alesha REEVES (Colt/8s, lt\dy/47, Cody/8g, Kellen/921 2280 W 1OOO N, Perrysville


IA - ni"n-a & Shilon cARclN {Luke/82, I$'il 86, Ttmothy/88) 256th Av NE, L€Mils 5r03I tH) -. MoUy COXE & Craig CANINE (wiil/88, Frmny/go) 796 Coolidge St, Noryalk 5o2ll (Hl ... Jemne & Mtchael SCHOONOVER (Cilolie/go, Madelyn/g2) 392 Gea St, Noryalk 5O2l I ... Dam & David KIMBLE (Casey/82, Salem/a4) 1026 65th St, Wtndsor Hts 5O311 ftfl ror

Willim & Roberta

BERRY (Thomas/89) 9609

Hmmontree Dr, Urbmdale 50322 ... Cnig & Ihthy GIDDINGS (Clay/83, Kelsey/86, Kyle/87, Cmeron,/go) PO Box 29 1 , Burt 50522 0O .- Syh'ia & Ben OLsoN (Sky/82, Grmt/85) RRI Box 114, Pocahontas 50574 (H) .- Rmdy & Kaen GRAEIoWSKI (Jemifer/84) 922 w 10th St, Cedtr Falls 50613 ... Terrl BENSKY & Dmie FREDRICKSON (Caleb/8g) Rt 2 Box 143, Afton 5O83O ... Shilon & Rich CARGIN (l^ke/82, l*v/46, Timothy/88, Saah/9o) 25 6 Av NE, kMds 5lo3l (IO ... Jmine & Doug CALSBEEK (John /AA, |nn/92) PO Box 185, Ormge City 51041 (H) ... Becky LEACH & Bill TURNER (Elnora/87, Gnce/gI) 230r S Henry St, 106 ... Sue & Vm RADOSTI (Adrie/86, I(ay t€algo) lOO4 South St Mary, Siou City 51106 ... Caey & Shaon PHILLIPS (Alex/83, Stephen/85, Chrisum/87) RR 5 Box 68A, Siou City 511O8 (II) ... David & Mary KEI{YON (Dm/8O, Beth/82, Michael/87, Rachel/88, Matthew/93, Emily/96) 1526 30oth Av, Dyers!'ille 52O4O ... Ed & Cheryl I-ACHOWSKI {BenJamn/92) 150,4 laurel Dr, Decorah 52lol (I0 ... Steven MOORE & Paula I-AWSON-MOORE (Benjamin/82) Rt 5 Box 238, Iowa City 52240 ... Susan & Jeff ZACrIARAKIS-JUTZ (Frilces,/84, Reuben,/86, George/88, David/92) 5025 r2oth St NE, Solon 52333-9155 (H) ... David & Karen LAVENDER (Brendan,/85, Siobhm/ 871 PO Box 98. West Brmch 52358 ... Drew & ltrraine

Siou City 5t

FN,K (JD/74, Emilia/81, Alisa/83, lgny/84) 121,5 GleNiew Cir N, FaFneld 52556 ... Joyce & Tony SINGH (Aleeal88, Jack/8g, Moselle/gl) 23055 260 Av, k Claire 52753 (IIl ... Bruce & Julie BAINBRIDGE (Kathleen/88, Eltzabeth/go, Jonathm,/g2) PO Box 4, Teeds Grove 52771

KS - nil & M.egre MELVIN (zacharylgl, Emmalee/g3, Nova/gs) 137 W Pilk, Gtrdner 66030 (I4 ... Cathleen MCMAHoN (Stra/go, Ltke/921 1225A Rhode Islmd St, lawence 66044 ... Beth Anne MANSUR & Richad HECKLER (Rose/83, TaJl86) I2I7 Prospect Av, lawence 66044 (H) ... Jaln & Ed SMITH (Mackeruie/84, Chelsea/86) 1300 S Esplmade, l€avenworth 66048 (I{l ... Tom PETERS & Bilbtra MICHENER (Arthur/84, Josephine/87) RR 1 Box 496, Perry 66073 OI) ... Victoria MORAN (Rachel/ 83) PO Box 3344, Kansas City 66103 0t ... Diila & Kelly WERTS (Molly/8g) 5901 Delmu, Fairuay 66202 ... Milcy HALL & John WHITMORE (Gabrlelle/95) 78Ol Allmu, Ienea662l7 ... Bob & Gay BARKER tKate/88) PO Box 216, Chmute 66720-0216 tIO -. Susm MAYO & Massu ISI,AM fchloe/go] 20O w 93 St N, Valley Cetler 67147... Cindy & David BRUBAKER tRym/76, Josh/78, Derek/8O) 650l Odessa, wichtta 67226... Scott & Judy EDWARDS (Stwen/8o, Kaue/ 88) Rt i Box 155, Btson 67520... Kevin & Cynthia MEAD (Ivyl89, Norrls/g2) 648 Arowhead Rd, Inmm 67546 ... Elaine & Mike WILLIAMSON (Katie/8l, Betony/83, Wi[ow,/86, Jonathm & Pippln/8g) Rt I Box l3O, Lyons 67554 (If) ... Susm & Don PEACH (Elltott & Clrk/89) Rt I Box 28A, Rush Center 67575... Phil & Julte NORRIS (David/83, Abigail/84, Hmnah/87) 733 N 6th St, sterling 67579 (I4 ... chuck & Lydia

Gnowruc Wrrnour Scuoor_rNc #126 .JAN../FEn. '99

WHITFORD {Ra!'t/83) 1924 Wr@klage Av. lpuisvllle 4O2O5... Sylvia & John GORDINIER (Jacek/87,

Stephen/g2) 3122 Rumtng Deer, lrulsvtlle 40241 l'll ... Alvin & Fmie MADDEN-GRIDER (Aaron/88, Arielle/9O) 80 Kimberly Ln, Clearfield 40313 (H) ... Pat & Greg WLLIAMS (Cm/79, Lick Rd, Gravel Switch 40328


75O Black

I(Y - Ior.. & Michael O'CONNELL tEltjah/g2, Wiley/gs) 2840 N Mlddletom Rd, Pilis 40361 ... Gene


& Beth

KLEPPINGER (Benjamin/86,

1O0 Bridge Av, Berea 40403


... Jmet & Dlck

FUTRELL (Brook/8o) 239 Reeves Rd, Rtchmond 40475... Cherie CARROLL & Jimmy GADD (Nlcole/82, R.I/89, Cody/91, Jatme/g4) 600 Shake Rag Rd, Walmesburg 40489 ... Annabel KELI-AM & Keith SCHILTO (Joey/86, Meg/89) 18OO Brad Petrey Rd, Walmesburg 40489 (H) ... Michael FOCLER & Suane MCIIITOSH (Benjamln/88) 722 Bts}rop Dr, Irxington 4O5O5 (m ... Davtd & l€slte PETERSON (Ben/88, Hmah/go, Ariel/gs, Im/96) 1233 Brightleaf Blvd, Erlmger 4lol8 ... Rachel & Milk BATTEY (Sam/85, Astrid/87, Tanelg2) 7732 Hollywood Dr, Florence 41042 ... Michael & Patricia HERSEY [Gabe/82, Nora,/ 84, Spak/86, Rosie/go, Forest/g2) PO Box 435. Chent 41045 (I4 ... Leslie MCCOI,GIN & George KENNEDY (Candra/84, Calea/87) RR 1 Box 146, Cuminghm 42035 (I{) ... Dave & kora GROVES (Timon/7s, Austin/8o) 1558 Oford Dr, Munay 42071 ... Jane RAI{SDELL & Tom GFTEEN (Margilet/go, Joseph,/g4) 912 Elm St, Bowling Green 42lOl-2224 ... John & Meg MCCLOREY (Christopher/83, Mertwether/ 86) PO Box 275. Somerset 42302 ... Mdgaet TRIBE & Dan GOLDBERG (Noah/79, william/83) 77O Rocky Htll Rd, Columbia 42728

Ll\ - .lray a Mick

GAMBoA (Miguel/8l, strah/ 84) PO Box 312, Hmey 70059-0312 ... Mike & Jmet FERGUSON (Ben/83, Patrlck/86) 2152 Valentine Ct, New Orlems 70114 (I4 ... Sheila MURPHEY & Nicholas TRENTICOSTA (Cecilia/83, Miles/88) 2006 Cadiz, New Orlems 70115 OD ... Jtm & Judith S'IARRI,AS.SEN (Chrlstim / a5, Mxuna/92, Swne-Maie/95) l2IO Calhoun St, New Orleans 7Ol 18 ... Tracey & Thomas SHERRY (Jema/8s, Jacob/88) 6055 General Meyer Ave, New Orlems 7ol3l (I4 ... tateefah Imai Ahmad POLK (Shahidah/82, Ka.leemah/84) PO Box 71576, New Orlems 70172-1576 ... Mtrie BREAUX (Cerild/82) l2O4 Front St, Morgm City 7O38Q ... Demis & Alyce WISE (James/85, Dmielle/go) 59i26 Hwy 433, Slidell 70460 (IO ... John & Shmon TANDRY (Rachel/82, Justtn/86, Silah/gl) 40798 Hayes Rd, Slidell 70461 ... L)nn & Bill \,'INCEIIT (Dylm & Julia/84) 18690 Magnolia Estates, Prairievtlle 70769-320'4 (Hl "' 61.r1ot & Angela DECOTEAU (Dem/8r, Irla/A5, Meage/8g) 45r98 Fontenot Rd, St knel70774 (II) ... Chuck & Penne Davldson ARD

(Brmdon,/8l, Nike/86, vince/88, Milk/go, Fam/93, Keith/gs) ARD Cooperative, email (Zachary) ... lrnalne & Steve REDMOND (Jim/go, Abby/g3) 31O Unadilla St, shreveport 7t 106 ... Bob & Ifigh BoLING rfim/8I, Susm/84, Andrew/87) 4613 General Eweil, Busster Ctty


ME - CU^' GRAVAI,S & Arthur HARVEY (Emily/76, Mu/8O) Cmton (IO '.. Aimee & Dennis PERRTN [Janie/8O, Cmille/85, Jonas/go) 19 Stimson St, Kittery 03904 OI) ... Ellen HIRSHBERG & Guy PETTY (Mac/83, Dean/86) 54 Crockett Neck Rd, Kittery Pt O39O5 0O ... B{baa & Rick PROSE [Sophia/ 88, Celeste/gl) PO Box I2O, Hilton Rd, Denmark O4O22 (H'r... Susm ATWOOD & Thomas WIIALEN (Brim/83, Michael/8s, Joseph/88) RR I Box l89A Rt 5, Houis O4O42 ... Willim & Irratne HOYT (Joanna/ 8l,7achaf,y/861 44 Raymond Hill Rd, Raymond 04071 ... Sally EMBER (Merlyn/8o) 129 Smutty Ln, Saco ...

Thomas & Mary ECKSTEIN (Michael/83, Mdie,/86, Peter/881 RR 2 Box g, Sebago Izke O4O75 ... Miltha & Walt ORADY (Rym/83, Jessica/86) 14 Foreside Rd, Topshm 04086 (I4 ... Eill & Linda STEVENS (Jamie/8o) 25 Belmeade Rd, Porfland 04rOr ... Rob & Andrea ROSENBERG (Noah,/7g, taua/ 82, Annie/86, Tommy/8g) 1859 Congress St, Portlmd O41O2 (H) "' Ken & Constmce JONES (Andrew/84, Alm/85) 127 lzlmd St, Portled O41O3... Iaura & John GARSON (Molly/go, Heath/g3) 1O5 Foreside Rd, Falmouth O4lO5-r731 (H) -. Lucy & Chrls WAGNER (Erik/8s, ElaJna/87) ll3 Fowler Rd, Cape Eliabeth O4O72

GnowrNc Wrrnour ScHooLrNc

04lO7 ... Patricia LOGAN & John COTTTNGHAM fJesse/ 89) 819 Bolsters Mills Rd, Otisfield 04270 (I{ ... Pat WILLE"|TE & Tim JONES (Alexmder/87. Nicholas/90) RR 2 Box 3145. Turner 04282 ... Jmie MATRISCIANO & Joe EDWARDS (Jamie/85. Maddy/a7) Rt I Box 483, Readfield 04355 ... Mtrgaret & Ronald EDMONDSON [Joe/78, Anna/79, Emily/821 RR 2 Box 5846, Winthrop 04364 OI)... Winston & Pegg/ LUMPKINS Winston/g1, August/96) RR I Box 4650. BroMl'ille 04414 (I{) ... Jason FIELD & Debbie CHzuSTO (zactnry/74, Gus/9O) 25 lrugee Rd, Exeter 04435-3513 ... Patdcia BI-ACKMER (Jessie/82, Ned/84, Thomas/86) PO Box 28, Creenville 04441, ('J1... Lou{rm & Royce PERKINS (Reuben/8o, Jonatha/82) Rt I Box 22-C, Penobscot 04476 (m... Jmet JACOBSON-FALLOS & Harold FALIDS (Tom/8O, Matt/g1) Home & Unschoolers Group, RR I Box 925E (Biscay & Plnkham Rds), Dmariscotta 04543 (H) ... Chds & Pattl LIAMILTON (Rebecca/go, Abrahm/92) Paker Head Rd, Phippsburg 04562 OI) ... Catherine HALL (Justin,/88, Rachael,/g2) 10 Beals Av, Eusworth 04605... Arme & Bill FITZGERALD (Joln/74, Kyle/82) RFD 2 Box 25OA, Ellsworth 04605 (H) or. p"t & Eliabeth WEAVER (Jomna/g2) HC 35 Box 60. Gouldsboro 04607 ... Glen MITTELIT{USER & Daaby TINGLE (Celeste/g2, Pepin/96) RR I Box 75O, Gouldsboro 04607 (IO .- Ruth EVELA,ND & John O'BRIEN {Joel/88, Davrd/9l) RR I Box 1965, Bar Hilbor 04609 (H) ... 9.6 & Annie POOLE (Tobias,/a6, Estelle,/88, Vita/g3) RR I Box 106. Brooksville 04617 ... Nmcy DEWEY & Michael WOOD (Megan/84, Felicity/87) PO Box 235, Deer Isle 04627 ... Alice & Brim SCHUTH (Sm/92, Henry/g4, Frilk/96) 162 Water St, Eastport 04631 (H) ... Debra SCHRADER & Da\dd HILTZ (Abigail/gs) PO Box 57A, Isle Au Haut 04645 (H) ... Sune & Patricia NOREEN (Rosa/8l, Lisa/86) Jonesport Shipy{d Main St, PO Box 214, Jonesport 04649 (H) ... Mary Arm HALE & Dick HANELIUS (Jessica/84) PO Box 6, Bass Hilbor 04653 (Il) ... Arme & Jeff SAWYER [Ben/86. Erin/88) , Bass Hilbor 04653-0097... Ka'en DOHERTY & Mdk PUGLISI {Emily/8g, Noah/g3) HCR 33 Box 4O8, Mmset 04656 ... Will & Mary TAYL,OR (Benjamin/86, Caleb/881 PO Box 151, Sedgwick 04676 ... Julte & Btll TURNER (Nate/7g, Phoebe,/82, Bessy/ 94) RFD I Box 1175, Stonington 04681 [H) ... Jim BERGIN & Judy GAR\IEY lMatrhew/77, Dmiel/8o) RRI Box 3215, Surry 04684 (IIl... Kathy & Doug VANGORDER (J ake / 47, Thomas/8g, Bethmy/g21 Box 189 A Rtchtom Rd, w Ttemont 04690 (H) ... Roberta & Robert MOSENFELDER (Robert/7g, willim/82) 32 Pleasant St, Holton 04730 ... Jmet CAMPBELL & Stephen RYAN (Joshua/9o, Micah/g2) RFD I Box 3174.. Houlton O473O ... Jeff & Ellen STANCLIFT (Joshua,/g2, Caroline/g4) lO Norumbega Dr, Camden 04843 ... Karyn & Thomas LIE-NIEISEN [Kirsten/go) Po Box 8o5, Union 04862 ... victoria DePERSIIS & Kemeth COLE (Julimna/86, Devon,/g1) RR 3 Box 654. Belfast O49lb_9bo4 ... Herb & San THOMAS (Heather/ 90, Llndy/g2, Cectua,/g4) RR I Box 608. Belgrade 04917 ... Jan & Cam BOPP (Ritter/87) PO Box 312, Famington 04938 ... Tim & Ellen KETCHAM (Susm,/ 75, Donald/?7, JMea/77, Colin/89) RFD 4 Box 5500. Fmington 04938 (fO ... Dume HANSON & I€e IIANSON-CART fYule/go, Johun/g2, Finn/g4) PO Box 2O5, Jackmm 04945 ... Debuse ROHDIN & Scott SMITHNER (Chaya/80, Sheleia/81, Lucas/83, Colleen/ 84, Jolma/88) RD I Box 4390 Wtlson Rd. W Ptttslield 04967 ... Chris & Betsy HALL-WEAVER tTaryn/86, Curtts/87, Molly/8g) PO Box 1084, Rageley O497O... Victoria LIMBERGER [Cory/9o. Coltn/g1, Aaron/gs) RR I Box 2540. Vassalboro 04989

MD - vi"ti

& Doug BII/ENS (Douglas/85, ... Erin &

DMen/87) I1551 Buckskin Ct, Lusby 20657

Amy SCHRAM [Sharavah/86, Fiona/87) PO Box 3213. Iaurel 20709 (II) ... Rene & Bob BANE {Pallas/go, Tucker/93) 12108 Ouick Fox Ln, Bowie 2O72O l'l1...

Jim & Jemy HOERST [Kendra/g7, Ben/ag, baby/g2) 11415 walpole Ct, Bowie 2O72O II 1 ... Michael &

(Adm/80, Jessica/83, Connor,/89, Gabriel/ 92) 8515 6oth Pl, Berwln HIs 2O74O... Stra SMITH (Brioa/83) 5515 Yorkshire Dr. Camp Spgs 20748 ... Don & Jem NORIHAM (Chris/76, Enc/77, Jeffrey/8s\ 11505 Comwall Rd, Friendship 2O75a (Hl ... Jme & Ted MICIIALEK (Raisa/8s, Teddy/88) 8339 Verona Dr, New Cffiollton 207A4-3419 (I4 ... Cathleen COONEY & J@ WIEHAGEN {Paul/9l, Milgdet/g4) 3019 Iake Av, Cheverly 2O7aS ... Michael AEIRAHAMS & Susm WHITE (Mirmda/85, Rosa/88) 19920 White Cround Rd, Boyds 2O84I (I{) ... Jtm & Cathy WILLIFORD (Jiml Zeld,a BELL

#126. JN.t./Fnn. ,99

81, Cori/83) 10229 Nolm Dr, Roclcdlle 2O85O OD...

Al & Martine


(Dem/88. Ollvia/gl) I422O ... Deborah & I€*'is

Dennington Pl, Rockville 20853

SMITH (Kelley/go) 7813 Jeremy Terr. DeMood 20855 ... Ma4r & Tom DXON (Andr€w/g0. Anna/g2, Maggie/g4) 17705 Ciffboume Ln, Deryood 20855 ... John & Linda SALB (Philip/g7, Ntcolas/go, Zander/93) 19012 Jmieson Dr. Gemetom 20874 ... Monique & Dmiel BRADBURY (lna/92) l3lOO Deer Path Ln, Gematom 20474... Diane & Ctrl FOLTZ (John/8o, k)na/42, David/88) 75 Orchad Dr, Gaithersburg 20878 ... Anmd & Susan MODAK {Mark/85, Johanna,/ 89) 20610 Plum Creek Ct, Gaithersburg 2oaa2 ... Tamah KUSHNER & Greg DAVIDSON (Arik/88, Ga\rieUe,/91) 306 Hmes St, Silver Spring 209Of ... Marta KRONFELD (Ceorgtna/90, Madeline/93) 2O5 Crestmoor Ctr, Silver Sprtng 2O9Ot ... Clila & Bha!'lndra RA.,U (Ntra & Rohm/g2, Yljay/951 2025 Randolph Rd #2O2, Silver Spring 2O9O2... M. Elizabeth HERNANDEZ & Steve HILL (Hma/84) 3Ol622-2217 (Silver Spring). 20904 (H)... Radhika & Sandeep RISHI (Abhishek/91, Kma/96) Rishi's Viasnava Ctr for EducaUon,2623 Deer Ridge Dr, Silver Sprlng 2O9O4 (I4 ... Esther GEIGER & Joel SNYDER (Emerie/83) 84Ol Bmon St, Takoma Pdk 20912 ...

Susm & Ed HOCHSTEDT (Kirsten/8l. Ed/83, Erik/ 87) 56 Cherrywood Ct, Hunt Valley 21030 ..r Glenn & Ramona ANGUS (Silah/7g, Morgm/go) 992 Waterview Dr, Cromsvllle 21032 ... Jem & Dean PFEIFER (J uslln / 7 7, Ho]dy / 7 a, F aw / 7 9. lance/8 I, Drew / 87 ) 322 labumum Rd. Edgewood 21O4O... Fred & Thelma SCOTT (Phoebe/76, Saah/78) lOO58 waterford Dr, Ellicott City 21043 (IO ... Celia GREENBERG & Blll SEXION (Miriam/86, Sarah/gI) 5488 Endicott Ln, Columbia 21044 ... Mmfred & Jemnte SMITH Uamte,/ 77, Jesse/81, Darcy/87]. MD HOME EDUCATION

ASSOC, 9085 Flamepool Way, Columbia 21045 ... Loren & Mary ERICKSON (Delnora/81, Patty & Shannon/87,

Margaret/go, Nmcy/g2, Rafph/gs) 8513 Window Iatch Way, Columbia 21045 ... Joel & Bubda PALMISANO (James/82, Stephanie/82, Dilielle/88. JT,/gO, Brenda/g4) 4&5 Watertank Rd, Manchester 21102... Nancy & Bill GREER (Glen/88,l^e/92) North County Home Educators. 1688 Belhaven woods Ct, Pasadena 21122-3727 (m o- Jeanpq DEIGNANKOSMIDES & George KOSMIDES (Arima/84, Justinian/87) 19 Sunday Ct, Reisterstom 21136 (H) ... Donna & John FARRELL (Daniel/76, Michael/8s) 6608 Deer Pilk Rd. Reisterstom 2f f36 ... Jerome & Deborah SOLINAS (Elizabetn/83, Kathryn/86, Ifttstin/ 88) 3iO5 Ctrdinal Dr, Westminster 21157 ... Michael & Catly KUHN (Brad/73. Erich/84) 5916 Glenoak Av, Baltlmore 21214 ... Victor & Dlizabeth TAILLON (Robin/8g, Phoebe/g1, Ava/93) 3832 Yolmdo Rd, Baltlmore 21214 ... Renee HOHREIN (Melanie/87, Evm/90) 303 Royale Dr, Ba.ltimore 21226 ... Cathy & Thomas HUDSON lCul/84, Bradley/86) 6018 OId tawyers Hill Rd, Elkridge 21227 (g)... Kfstln BARDOFF (Jacob/88, Aaron/gs) 4 Sprtng Creek Way, Baltimore 21234 ... Ron & laura WESTON Nvalter/84, Avery/A7l l9l3 Hidden Meadow Ln, Annapolis 21401 (I4 ... Vivien & Burger ZAPF ('hvlen/77, Melanie/84) 858 Coachway, Annapolis 2l4ol ... SaTaWOOFTAI I (Armie/7g, Zach/84) PO Box72. St. Michaels 21663 ... l€if GARBISCH & Kerry FLE'ICHER-CARBISCH (tuntrm/87, Jirina/8g) PO Box 66, Trappe 21673 ... Sheni COOK (Nikki/86, Heather/88) 156 Willowdale Dr #33, Fredertck 21,702 |.'Il ... Kedn & Katherine t,oLl,AR (Md/86, Mischa/8g) PO Box 483, Burkitts!'tlle 21718... Jim & Jmet LATHAM (Corinna/67, Catherine/70, Kenneth/78. Allyssa/8O) ANTIE"IAM FAMILY EDUCATION, 418 Robinwood Dr, Hagerstom 21740 (H) ... 1ai" DWYER (Jmice/7g, Davd/82) 11,32 Beechwood Dr. Hagerstow 21742 ... Smdi & Craig ROBERTS lEAn/76, Sham/78, Brim/8l, Kevin/8s, Ttral83) 925 Huffmaster Rd, Knowille 21758 (I0 ... Debbie & Chillie RIDER (Nex/a7, Thomas/88, Kerianne/9O) 5O2 W Green St, Middletom 21769 (IIl ... lawence & cretchen KAIIN (Meghil/82, Etdy/

85) 4933 Green Valley Rd, Monrovia 21770

... Pffi


Jim COLBORN (Carly/g4, Thomas/97) 13429 Bottom Rd, Mt Airy 21771 ('I1... Dm & Eydie SEARLES (Corey/86, Annie/go) 13344 Bottom Rd, Mt Alry 21771 ... Cuoline & Ben STEEN (Avery/g2, Clairc/g4) 3410 Brethren Church Rd, Myers\dlle 21773 ... James & Judith Kaplan WARNER (Susannah/85) 2o5tl Bent Willow Rd, Rohrersville 21779 (Hl ... Betty & Bruce ROTH (Chava/83) 2541 Barnes Ln, Edlersburg 21784 (H) ... Steve & Stacy BELL (Sam/92, Ma/95, Jake/96) 308 Clea Ridge Rd, Union Bridge 21791



& Naomi DAVIS (Enn/85, Margilet/88) 123OI Liberty Rd, Union Bridge 21791 ... Bill & Susm STREAKER [VJl83, Joseph/8g) l33OO Frederick Rd, W Friendship 21794... l4u & Mditta KIS.SEL (Ezral 81, lrrin/84) 351 Linton Run Rd, Port Deposit 21904 (H) ... Blake & Lisa WARD (Rachel/87) 98 Bentley Ln, Port Deposit 21904 ... Gil & Cathay CROSBY (Pilson/ 88. Wtllow/gl) lll Little New York Rd, Rislng Sun 2t9ll (H) ... Joe AYERS & Mike MORRIS (Taylor/ 83, Michael,/86, Chelsea/88) 66 Richard Dr, Elkton George


MA - Sr"*

& Rene THEBERCE [Surone/78,

Stephm/8o) 25O Shutesbury Rd, Amherst 0r0O2


Jom MIKAISON (Dmiel/8r, Henry/8s) PO Box 2386, Amherst OIOO4 (Il! ...14i"h"tt" & Robert FATCHERIC (Amanda/87, Matthew,/92, Natassja/gs) 107 James St, Bme 0IOO5 (H) ... David & Sandra FOURNIER (Bethay/7g, Will/83, Jonathan/87) 84 Old Bay Rd, Belchertom 01007-9709 (H) ooo 6.o.t & Monique FOURNIER (Sarah/77, Molly/81, Aim€e/84) P.FD 2 Box 101. Brimfleld OIOlO ... Susil & Alan FIGUEROA (J Ted / 7 7, l€igh-Ellen/8o, Clrthia/83, Frank & Dominic/86) 11 Cook Htll Rd, Chester OlO1l (H) ... Tim & Chrls CHAMILI-ARD (Timothy/87, Nicholas/8g) 112 Mt Wamer, Hadley O1O35 (IO ... Kathleen O'KANE & Duen GARDNER (Nolm/87, Clara/9l) 51 Pilgrim Dr, Northampton 01060 ... Chilles & Audrey WESTON (Ianlg2, Graham & Emily/g3) PO Box 43, Waies OlOSl ... Dorie CHAMPAGNE (laura/go) 68 Huover St, W Springfield O1O89 ... laurel PROVOST (Kevin/83) 13O Rogers Av, w Springfield 01089 (H) ... Linda COURI-NEY & Scott STYLOS Ueffrey,/8l, Joey/ 85, Melissa/88) PO Box 628, Worthington OlO98 ... Karen HIGCINS & Ron BIRRELL [Terre/85, Fauve,/87) 6 Hlggins Rd, Worthington 01098 ... Kim KAUFMAN & Bruce MCCARTER [Noah/go, Emily/96) 16l Jug End Rd, Great Buington Ol23O-9724 .or Denise & MitcheU BARACK (Jesse/87, lnah/g2) 394 Housatonic St, trnox 01240 ... Jack & Maggie SADOWAY fsolon/ 79, Sonya/g2) 57-B Housatonlc St, l€nox 01240 (Hl ... laura & Procter SMITH (Charles/83, Irighton/87, Comelia/go) Berkshire School, Shelheld 01257 ...


WASH & Klaig PETERSEN [Val/83, Ga!'rnl86) PO

Box 682, S Egremont 01258 ... Cynthia CARRKRAMER & Peter KRAMER (Adm/81, Ethan/84) 12 lake!'iew Dr. Greenfield 01301 ... Michelle LESPERANCE & Diltel KERCKHOFF [Casper/g7) 148 Hoosac Rd, Conway 01341 (I4 ... turn MILLER (Liam/ 84) 7i Shelter St. Ormge 01364 ... Judith & Tom MUSCO (Lydia/78, TaJl8O) N Fitzwillim Rd, Royalston 01368 ... PegS/ & David ROBERTS (Emma/76) Jeweu Hill Rd, Ashby 01431 ... Zack & Holly SHALTZ (Christopher/79, Jonathm/8I, Bethmy/gl) 3r2 Antietm St. Ft Devens 01433 ... Paul & Katlleen NEWMAN (Lindsay/87, Emma/gI) l4I Ayer Rd, Hilad 01451 (H) ... 5r"* & Ron OSTBERG (Emily/

75, Elizabelh/7g, Christopher/8l, Mary/8s) PO Box

HNard 01451 ... ArDa & Fran FADDEN (Sarah/ ll Brmt Ln. Littleton 01460... Perry & Gretchen DENNISToN (laurel/76, 246,

89, Shlroon/gl, Kelly/9s)

S\y/80, Autumn/84) 49 S Ashbumham Rd, 01473... Jem CARDNER (Kati€/8s) r73 Burlington Rd, Chillton O1507 ... Cliff & Sue GAULIN (Clifv/88, Jake/gr) 3O4 N Sturbridge Rd, Chtrlton O15O7 ... Michael & Pamela VANN fElizabeth,r88,


Christopher,/93) 33 Stafford St, PO Box 1274, Charlton City 01508 ... Sandra & Christopher SOTAK (Derek/ 83, Ona-lte/85, Michael/87) 65 Kendall Rd, Jefferson 01522 ('l1... Amy & Christopher MATHERLY (Victor/ 79, "tom/87, Chris/88) 24 Maple St, Millbury 01527 ... Chrls & Nucy SINACOTA (Alena/83, Jonas/87, Mary/ 89, Lucy/92) 59 Elmwood St, Millbury 01527 (H) ... Daphne SLOCOMBE & Nym COOKE (Thalia/87, Kestrel,/9O) 29O Wine Rd, New Braintree 01531 ... Karen & Richud MURPtry Ohomas/82, Bobby/84) 52 Cedil HiU Rd, Northboro OI532 ... Denise MANDEVILLE & Kryin MAHONEY (Kyle/g2, Cassidy/ 94) 22 Southwest Cutoff, Northboro 01532 ... Adele & Dal'id CARLICK [Shayna/85, Joshua/89, lhyla/g3) 96 Cooltdge circle, Northboro 01532 (H) .or l{athy & Brian HUCKINS (Andrew/84. Galen/86) 67 Ceda Hill Rd, Northboro 01532 ... Jennifer & Milk HAZELTON (Chrtstopher/9O, Nina/g2) 24A Calmint Hill Rd N, Princeton 01541 ... Therese & Peter CALVERI {Robert/85, John/86, Kate/88) 18 Mountain Rd, hnceton Ol54l (Hl ... Michael & Lisa BRESCIA

(Ashley/88, Nec/92) 25 Orchild Hill Dr, Rutlmd 01543 ... Steve & Martlne PROUTY [Ltuim/8s, Iaura/


88) 62 S Spencer Rd, Spencer 01562... Lynn & Mike FAHEY (Jenna/8g, will/971 PO Box 253, Upton O15680253 ... Cilol SHAW & Donald MASLEY (Andrew/g1, Joama/g4) 33 Elm St. Webster Ol57O ... Dem & ArDe CROMACK (Johama/88, Abigail/gt) lI Phlllips Dr, W Boylston 01583 o- $hs1gg GREENWOOD & Jerry STILES (MilshaU/84) PO Box 97, W Brookfield 01585 GI) ... Deb & Jtm GAI,ANOS (Meghan/84, Dmiel/88) 387 Putnam Hill Rd, Sutton O159O ... Frmcesa MARENCO & Alison SMITH [Lucienne/a4, lda & lntteya/g7, Molly/88, Beatricia/8g) 94 Fatdield St, worcester Of 602 ... Marym & Aktba MERMEY (Jamila/8o, Raphael/87) 343 Depot Rd, Boxborough 01719 (I4 -. Andy & Chuning MIGNER (, Taylor/8g, Julia,/931 118 Cobleigh Rd, Boxborough 01719 ... Howard & Milion WEBSTER (Jakey/9o) 8 Concord Rd, Acton 01720... Greg & Shmon GAUDET {Robert/9o, Patrick,/g2, Anne/g3) I l9 Nonset Path. Acton Ol72O ... Ltnda UGELOW & Endre JOBBAGY (Eva Alqis/96) 2 Glenridge Dr, Bedford 0173O OI) ... Vickie & Jim HEFFNER (Shmnon/8g, Lyndsey/9r) 5 Nellis Ten, Hanscom AFB 01731 ... Susm & Peter BARNES-BROWN (Dima/77. Julia & Davidi/8g) 195 Haywild Mill Rd, Concord 01742 ... Mary LEE & Mike WORIHY (Chris/83, Lizzie/g7) 15 westvale Dr, Concord 01742 ... Deborah Day SMITH (Richrd/87, l*ila/49) 35 Church St, Holliston 01746 (Ir) ... Bill & Ioretta HEUER (Tad/77, Jed/A2l 164 Norfolk St, Holliston 01746 (H) ... Randall & Julie SHAW (Melanie/87) 118 Ash St, Hopkinton 01748 ... Susm RESSLER (Stephmle/88. Hope/8g) 13 C St, Hopkinton 01748 ... Joyce & Ruben MICHEL (Lisie/gi, Essie/g3, Jesse/g7) 38 Walcott Valley Dr, Hopkinton 0i748 ... Sume & Roger MaCDONALD (Hannah/9l, Emma/g4) 24 Wmer St, Hudson 01749 ... Roy & Wanda REZAC (Ron/74, Jeil/

76, Catherine/8o, Peter/82, David/85) 379 Concord

Rd, Marlboro 01752 ... lawence & Nina BARBIERI (Damon/86, Jema/8g, Mia/gr, Adria/g3, Claa/9s) 122 Blanchette Dr, Marlborough 01752 ... Ellen & Glem PROTIAS (Molly & Rachel/84, Davld/87) 9 Overhill Rd, Natick 01760 (ll) ... C{ol & David KRENTZMAN (J e\Dy / 7 I, Nellie/ 8 I, Sam/ 83, Sophie/ 88) 97 Wmdland St, S Na[ck 01760-5437 ... Caol SAI{AI-A & Dan DICK ll€ah/8g, Jota}r/gz) 32 Cottage St. Natick 01760-5840 (II) ... Judith & Peter WEILER (Gabrielle/82) 66 Taylor Rd, Stow Ol77$ ro. 391h 6 Sadler LOVE [Keily/83, Katelyn/84) 10 Martin Ln, Stowe O1775 ... Patty & Muk MILIOTIS (Geordiei/82, Arlama & Alexadra/85) 14 Thresher Rd, Andover O181O (H) ... Bruce & Heidi BACON (Anabel/9l) Phillips Academy, Andover 01810 ... Chrtsthe VOSS Uason,/86, Alexander/88) 16 Bartlett Dr, Georgetom 01833-150r ... Mary Ellen MooRE & Josef KISH (Peter/88, Jenna/g1) 56 Baremeadow St, Methuen 01844 ... Btll & Shirley TOOMEY (Ned/91) Deerlield Fam, 73 Cross St, Methuen 01844 ... John & Mily WALI-A.CE (lony/7a, Monica,/84) 54 Iacy St, N Andover Ola45 ... Claudette & Jonathe BEIT-AiIARON (Natha/83, Noah/87, Miriam/g1) 7O5 Westford St, lowell 01851 ... Manoj PADKI & Mmisha KFIER (Gautm/g4) 142 hnceton Blvd, lpwell Ol85l (Hl ...

Falth &

Peter SPINNEY (Abram/9I, Ouentin/g2) 73

Bumslde St, lowell Ot851 ... Lisa GWIAZDA & Matthew DONAIIUE (Matthew/8g, Gregory/go) rl EasMew St, Irwell 01852 (II) ... Mil-tjn MILLER (Martin/g2) I 19 Wentworttr Av, Ilwell 01852 ... Al & Geri LECH (Melissa/82, Ammda/8s) 5 Red Oak Acres, Merimac 01860 ... Alysa & Gary DUDLEY (Rachel/86, Jennifer/go, Healr'er/g2) 13 Ashdale Rd, N Billerica 01862 ... Judy & Richad IIALEY (Kevin/8g, Ctralgl) 29 Fiske St, Tewksbury Of876 ... Tom & Mary MAHER (Scott/7o, Mandy/75) 30 Park St, wakelield 0188O ... Lucia & Thomas JENKINS (Taylor/80, Kyle/a2, Aletds,/ a4, zachary/88, Cameron/gl) 16 Hawthome St, Wakelleld OlaSO ... vicky & Scott DORAN [Ibtelyn/86, Andrew/89) 14 Atwood St, Wakell€td 01880 ... Edl & Phyllis SPIVACK (Rebecca/92) 16 Emerson St, wakelield o188o ... Pete & wendy DITMARS (Hillary/ 90, Matthew/g2, Chrlstopher/96) 6 Joyce Cir, Westford 01886 ... Ro KILIORY-ANDERSEN & larry ANDERSEN (Trevor/83, Sinead/88, Trlstan/go) 32 Fletcher st, Winchester O189O ... Keith & Chrtsune St. GEORGE (l<allle/g2, Ashley/g3, Nicole/gs) PO Box 937, Llnn 01903 ... Chris & Cdollne CI,AUSEN (Neil/ 9O) 23 Phiilips Rd, Nahmt Ol9O8-1123 ... Kim & Todd KLIBANSKY (Kelsey/90, Katherine/glJ 47 Matthies St, Beverly 01915 ... Robert & Mary Pat CREVATAS (Samuel/88, Ethm,/go, Justine/g1) 7 Mlrtle St, Beverly 01915-3315 ... Shilnon VALE &

Demis CORRIGAN (Sem/86, Brldget/8g) 145 lake Shore Rd, Bodord 01921 ... Judith HUMBEKT (Matthew/85, Mtrc/88) Cape Ann Homeschoolers, 6 Emily Ln, Magnoua 01930 ... Nlcky HARDENBERCH & Garick COLE (Fonester/8o, Sage/83) PO Box 1514, Mdchester 01944 ... Katharine BROWN (Elizabeth/86) l5 Phanuef St, Middleton 01949 (I4 ... Cheryl PINIO & Ron MADIGAN (Mouy/8g, Hannah/g3] 30 Gardner St, Peabody 01960 ... Kimberly & Jonatl"m SARKIN (Curtis/88, Robin/gl, caoline/g4) loSR Main st, Rockport ofg66 ... Susm CAPLAN & Michael KAZENEL (Melmie/88, Jessie/gl, Danlel/gs) 9 Oak

Rd, Canton O2O21 ... Kathleen O'Keefe & Thomas DIGIOIA (Kimberly/49, Mary/gl) 283 Maple St, Frdklln 02038-1581 [II] ... C]ndie & Jim CONNOLLY (Jesse,/82, Kyra/86, Hmnah/89) 25 Cedr St, Htnghm O2O43 ... David & Heather EUSDEN (Tyler/83, Alison/ 84) 6 Cedr St, Hinghm O2O43... Glenn & Donna BIGOT,IY (Tyler/gol 10 Cmen Cir, Medfteld O2O52 ... Ted & Shirley CARPEI{TER (Todd/84) 188 First Pdish Rd. Scituate 02066 ... Jom & Aren HOROWITZ

(Mirim/8r, Simon/8s, Eli/87, Nathm/8g) ll Gmnett Ten, Sharon 02067 ... Wendy & Dave HIRSCHMAN (Russell/88, Guett,/gl) 8 Kings Rd, Shdon 02067 ...

Patrick & Sharon TERRY (Elizabeth/87,lM/Aq 23 Mountain St, Sharon 02067 (H) ... Stewat & Thelma HIRSCH (Dov/87, Sollie/8g) 68 Ames St, Shilon 02067 (lll... Leslie & Paul DOBBS (Adam/86) 63 Dracut St, Dorchester 02124 lIIl ooo $s6s & Robert KROLL (Perry/86, Bryce/go) 622 Beech St, Roslindale 02131 oo. Sidney MITCHELL [Matthew/88, Roy/go) 36 Taft Hill Pk, Roslindale 02131-1717 ... tarce & Linda OZER (Owen/7g, Drew/83) 61 Hastlngs St, W Roxbury 02132 (H) ... Megm HILL & Nathm FERN (Ilma/83, Sarah-Mattea/85, Jahmai/86, Ktdme/87, Wadada/89, Nyala/91) 35 Ftdelis Way #139, Brighton 02135 ... Bonnie BI-ACK Mari/86, Glem/8a) 356 Hryild St, Cmbridge 02138 (II) ... Don & Jem MURRAY (Tegan/ 72, Txa & Jmah/74) 87 Fayeryeather St, Cmbrtdge 02138 ... Catherine & Rob STREIFFER (Samuel/94) 10lO Mass Av #61, Cmbridge 02138 ... Nina & Paul IIATIIAWAY (laa/921 127 Lalevtew Av, Cmbridge O2I38 ... Maureen & Michael CAREY (Aidin/8s, Timothy/go) 7 Fayette Pk, Cmbridge 02139 (H) ... Phoebe BARNES & Donald PEDICINI (Jmeela/82, Rafael/8s) 514 Franklin St, Cmbridge 02139 (II) ... Phoebe WELIS & Tadek OdJ {Eoidr/a7, Dafte/921 19 Florence St, Cambridge 02139 ... George & Susm TESHU (Noah/87, Corina/go) 6l Jackson St, Cmbridge O2l4O ... Elaine & John CAMPBELL (Catriona/88) 60 Berkshtre St, Cmbridge O2l4l ... Paul & Rebecca LARRAEIEE (Susmah/8s, Brendm,/ 88) 16I Naples Rd, Brookline 02146 (H) ... Jmis & Kent vAN HEUKELOM (Emily/88, Noah/921 74 Wallace St, Malden 02148 ... Valerie I-AGORIO (Jayl8s) 14 Odord





Mtrgaret PRIMAC

(Gus/911 I I Hammond St, apt I, walthm 02154... Melanie SNOW (Dera/88) 16 BroM St, waltham 02154... Susa & Gene BURKARI (David/8s, Dmtel/ 85) 6 Hemlock Ten, Waltham 02154 (H) ... 66y DAVIES (Ian/gr) 41 Traincroft St, Medford O2r55 (H) ... Dam & Mike LEASE (Spencer/83, Courtney,/85) lo0 Jerome St, Medford 02155 (I{) ... Martln PEARLMAN & Jem RIFE (Anna/87) 45 Kilgore Ave, Medford 02155 ... Fem REISS & Jonatim HARRIS (Benjamin/93, Dmiel/96) 44 Tdleton Rd, NeEton 02159 (IIl "' Brenda FOX & Steve SCHULDT (Rainer/ 94, Julima/96) 32 Gilbert St, Newton 02165 ... Eric ALBEKT & Rose WHITE (Gus/91) 14 Hmcock St, Nw'ton 02166 (I4 ... Jmice & Ross GOODMAN (Anna Grace/8g, Zachuy/91) 40 Sealund Rd, North Ouincy 02171 ... Naomi PLESS (Lilah/g7) 50 Milshau St, Watertom 02172-4711 ... Tmya & Peter CASALE flhomas/84) 74 Grasslad St, I€xington 02173 ... Sophta SAYIGH & Rick SLADKEY (Fred/8g, Nadia/g2) 24 Avon Pl, Arlington 01174 ... Viviil SOUTTIWELL (Morgm/g1) 22 HartIord Rd, Arlington 02174 ... Elizabeth & Andrew MAHON (Jake/93, Lance/g5) t6 Spring St, Arlington 0.2174 (H| ... Clmthia HUARD & tarry HAMBERLIN (Dardd/88, Saabeth/91) 17 Milton St, Arlington O2r74 ('t1... Julia BERKLEY & Jeff CRAIUER (KuIa/gO, 7ne/93) 192 laurel St, Melrose 02176... Anne & Bob LERMAN (Adam/85, Gordon/87, Saah/88) 41 Myrtle St, Belrnont 02178 OO." Peter & Beth FUKIH (Salim/82, Kezia!1/85, Evmgeline/88, Bmabas/92) 31 Bates Rd. Milton 02186 {II) ... Linda WEKIHEIM (Jenna/83) 138 Melrose Av, Needham 02192 ... Christtne & Frederick BEALL (Christopher,/ 89, Cyle/g2) 40 George Rd, E Bridgewater 02335 ... Celia PURRINGTON Robert O\ERHOLTZER

GnowrNc WrrHour ScHooI-tNc #126 .JeN../Fne. '99

(Gretchen/83, Nathmiel/85) Box 2O7,284 High St, S Hmson 02341 (Ifl I. 9,11i^* & Kristln MOORE (Hayden/gl) 122 E Washington St, Hmson 023411137 (II) ... Btrbda & Jonathm ATWOOD (Silah/g') PO Box 1770. Mmomet 022345 ... Eileen & Milk FORTUNATO (Michael/82, Kaue/86) 2l Jm Mtrie Dr, Pllmouth 02360... Michael & Nmcy FIERO (Mikaia/ 76, Nathm/78, Martk/82, Narin/851 87 Snell Ave, Brmkton O24O2 ... Malinda MAYER (Nicholas/85, Ammda/89) 18 lvest Dr, E Falmouth 02536 (H) ...

Milgtret KNICHT & Sidney MORRIS [Lily/42, Elliot/ 86) Std Rt #124, Edgartom 02539 G4 ... Lyn & Will

CI"{RKE (Chelsea/a4, Rachael/87l 28 t ngview Rd, N Falmouth 02556 ... Patricla ROBERGE (Jesse/81, Gabriel/86, Asia/g l. WiUow/g2, Attumn / 94, Siena/96, new baby/g8) PO Box 1604, 25 Fresh Meadow Dr, Onset 02558 ... Anika HODSON (Russell,/85) Box 82, w nsbury 02575 (lf) oor lvtaqlssn KARLE (Mtchaela/87) 44 Govemor's way, Bmstable O2630 ... Elisa & Bill WOOD (Alynda/8g) 18 Agawm Rd, Milstons Mills 02648 (H) ... Dave & Sue OIULIANO (Jesse/7g, Jenna/ 82) 127 Kingsweil Cir, S Demis 02660 ... Jmet BURKE (Aisa/88, Ia/94) PO Box 156, Cuttyhunk Isl 02713... Heather LITTLE-ANDRADE [Jesse & Raquel/ 82\ 2a7A Elm St, Dighton 02715... Susm & Richdd FAULKENBERRY (Duiel/89, David/83) 3 Pdk Av, Fairhaven 02719 ('i1... Beatrice & Gus MADEIROS (Betty-Ann/79) SE Mass. Homeschool Assoc, PO Box 4336, Fall River 02723-0403... Don & Mily PARTINGTON (Ben/92, Wtuiam/g4) 57 Ailmthus Av, Somerset 02726-3203 ... Christine MCCOY & Michael MONIZ (James,/go, Alqmdra/g2) 374 Hawthom St, New Bedford O274O (m ... Michelle McAlpin & Da!'id MORRIS (Sm/8O, Robin/83) 85 Chestnut St, Rehoboth 02769 ... Jeff & Bet GIDDINGS (Sarah-Kate,/ 79, Annie/82, Patrick/85, Mtrgilet/go) 61 Cross Rd, Rochester O277O (lll... Heather SCZUROSKI (Kendra/go, Cra/93) 30 Mayneld St, Seekonk 02771 ... Heruy & Sume I-ANGLOIS (Matthew/82,



1.460 Ne\mm Av, Seekonk POWERS (Maggie/8s,

02771-2613... Bill & Kathy

39 Mlricks St, Berkley 02779 ... Edwdd & Christine SUTKA (Serena/g0) 2OlB Indiil Meadow Dr. Taunton O278O


MI - Sandra & Scott BROWN (Emily/gl, Molly & Betsy/g4) llog Market, Algonac 48OOl (H)... Paul & Ellen KOEHLER (Seth/8o, Bree/82, Smuel/87) 218 S Gainsborough. Royal Oak 48067... Gary NEGzuCH & Kirsti HART-NEGRICH (Ktra/83, Blake/88) 633 S Alexmder, Royal Oak 48067 ... Mike & RutI I-APEYRE (Jacques/8o, t uis/83, Coco/8s, Milie/8g) 708 Gadenia Av. Royal Oak 48067

... Ivd

& Jemifer

ROZENS (Ben/8O) 33411 Jefferson Av, St Clair Shores 48082 ... Artma ARLEN (Kennm/86, Willow/g1) 1756

N Maple Rd, Am Arbor 48103 G{) ... Trtsha & Tim BREWER [Kelley/8g) 25082 Sumpter Rd. Belleville 4811I ... Hollts BENNETr & Rosemilie BRENNANBENNETT (Ashley/87, Jason/88, Adm/grl 8685 Tmilack Dr, Brtghton 48116 [H) ... Diana NEWMAN (Athena,/88, Teddy/9o. tlarold/93) lO25 N Fletcher

... laura

DESCFIAINE-ROLLER (Miles/87, Gabrielle/go) I1356 Pleasmt Shore, Rd, Chelsea 481 18

Mmchester 48158 ... Jim & Jiil BALL (Bremm/80, Andrea/8l, Nathmtel/8s, Steffen/87) 1083 Jewell, Milm 48160 IIO ... De & laurie IANG (Ben/76, Nik/ 78, Zach/a2, hurie Beth/88) 9834 Mushall, S Lyon 48178... Debra & Martin COHN (Rosalie/84, Olivia/86,

Forest/88, Montma/gl, wtllow/g31 6036 7 Mile


South Lyon 48178 ... Ka'in CORLISS [Ertc,/87, Nathe/ 89) Home Educators' Circle, 1280 S John Hix, Westlmd 48186... Gary & Betsy DEAK (Lauren/86, Willim/9O) 78OO Jennings Rd, Whitmore lake 48189 {IO ... Ka'en TAKACS & Patrick BURKETT (Paul/83, Erin/8s) 404 Emons, Wyildotte 4a192... Christine & Michael MOALE (Hilary/88. Roger/go) 16445 Rossini, Detroit 48205 ... Maurita LYDA (Mauricta & Maurikla/8o, Andrew,/83, Apnl / 87\ I 73 I I Bradford, Detroit 48205 ... Kelly KOSSUTH & Andre PIETRUCHA fvittoria & Achilles/gs) 11678 Kltnger St, Hmtramck 4a21,2 {n| ... Thomas & Dime LINN (Emny / 7 7, Sarah/8 I, Andrew/83, Robert/ 86) 9 I 20 Dwight Dr. Detroit 48214 (I4 ... Frmcina & Walter KNALL {Shmnon / 85, Geoffr ey / 87, Brim/g I) I 5380 Evergreen Rd. Detroit 44223 (Hl ... Jem & Donna DUGAY (Simone/ 7 4, J ubtlee / 7 8, Pascalle/8 I, JeaPtene/86) French Kld Stuff, 2lll4 Huttngton Blvd, Harper Woods 4a225... Jeff & Debbie BAILEY (Chloe/

9O, Jason/93, Amber/96) 39339 Mame, Sterling Hgts

48313 (IIl "' Emest & Frmces BAUER (Andrea/75, Wad,e/77, Russell,/84, I\bby/a7l l50 Chippewa. Pontiac 48341 ... Gan GRAVNSTRETER (Tual8l. Jonathm,/ 82, Justin/g7, Jordm/9O) 8650 Knox, Clilkston 48348 ... Scott & Susd EVANS (Luke/77, Jesse/7g, M{garet/g2, Kathryn/86) IO755 Hibner Rd, Hartland 48353 (II) ... Smdra LINDO (Nya/92, Jackson/g3, Miles/96) 722 Soule Blvd, Ann Arbor 48403 (II) ... Karen & Gale STILL {Sarah/82, Halle/84) 10206 Clark Rd, Davison 48423 ... Sam & Irene ANDZELEWSKI (Simon/83, Alaina/88) 2948 Oakview Dr, Dryden 44424-9790 ... Jemnie MCLEOD & Ignacio VILI-A [Mateo/85. Cmila/88, Pablo/g1) 12291 Fagan Rd, Holly 48442 (I4 ... Lisa & Ken KANDER (Beth/8l, Jacob/83, Adm/86, Claire/8g) 2122 Houser, Holly 48442 (H)... Rick & Susm AKKERMAN [Karl/82) 6561 E Custer Rd, Port Smilac 48469 (H) ... Creg & Cary DARDAS (Mul88, Sammtha,/9o, Alex/93, Hmnah/96) 3435 Win-Kae Pl, Bay City 48706 (IO ... HURLEY & George tORD (TachNy/84, Atstin/ 86, Meg/89) 3241 Bradlelville Rd, Vassil 48768 (H) ... Rosa & Hryey MUSKET (Joshua/8s) 1514 J Spartan Village, E lffsing 44423 ... Bill & Mariu KRIPPES (Bllly / 7 5, Silah,/ 78, Robert/7g, James/82) 7I2 Tucker Ln, Howell 48843 (I4... Maybeth WILSON & Sem MUNN (Maley/9O, Aidm/gs) 4O2 E Maple St, Mason 48854 ... Chester & Dime ROLKA (Luke/82, Emily/84, Simon/87, Cmeron/go) l4l4 N Scott Rd. St Johns 4aa79 ... Neil & Ellen PUETZ (Michael,/84, Jeffrey/88, Kaue/go) 2565 30 St, Allegm


49010-9255 (I4


Ken & I2ura PROBST


Amy/89) 67623 Oak Ridge Rd, Lawton 49065 ... Natalie & Jose VALLE (Elena/86, Mmuel/8g. Tomas/ 941 21671 B Dr N. Milshall 49068 ... Vicki HALL (Joseph/79) 13549 U.S. 12, Union 4913O ... Thomas

& Marybeth

ANDERSON [Andrew/88,

Julia/91) 315

4th St, Jackson 49201 ... David & Keiko CARISON (Emily/8g) l4OO Park Rd, Jackson 49203... Katja & Roy SZARAFINSKI (Hms/84, Ianl86, Liese/8g) 6851 N Weston Rd, Nlen 49227 (IO ... Cathedne KING (Billy/ 77, Kenny/8l, Edwin/8s) ll8ll Beech Rd, Brooklyn 49230 (H) ... Greg & Anne BARRET:. [Jeffrey/84) 1038 Woodlam Av, Grmd Haven 49417 ... Arue BURGEVIN & Yao AGAWU-KAKRABA (Sena/g3. Delalt/ 96) l42ol Osner Dr, Grand Haven 49417 (lll t.. Ss DOZEMAN (Adelle/8l, Havalah/84) 268 w l2 St, Holland 49423 [H) ooo I,tl. & Jultet KAUFFMAN (CaiUin/83) 132 Grmd NE. Grmd Rapids 49503 ... John & Bonnle MIESEL (Jennifer/75, Jessica/78, Andrea/8o, Dmiel/8g) 1111 Cricklewood SW, Wyoming 49509 ... Penny & Jim KOZMINSKI (Jimmy/ 90, Maggie/g3) 6650 Tanglewood SE, Grmd Rapids 49546 ... Tim & Frm BURKE (Amie/77. Ctri/8o, Katf,aryn/az, Flip/g3) Po Box 2o8, Beroonia 49616 (H)


Joyce YAENBAARD & James NESTOR (Llsa/73.

Silah/75, lawra/78, Patrick/88, Dmiel/90, Naomi/93) 5308 Chief Rd, Brethren 49619 (H) ... Roger & Cilla Bl,oOM (Geoffrey/88) Po Box 219. lake Ann 496500219 ... Lany & trnne MUSARRA (Aren/84, Sungie/ 87, Timothy/go) 3364 Tibbets Dr, Traverse City 49684 (H) ... Chris & Toby RHUE (Joshua,/8s, Alex/87, Anc/ 93) Rt 1 Box 133A, Brimley 49715... Marlowe & Susm PAUL (Angela/7g, Jesse/81) 2330 Angle Rd, Rogers Ciq, 49779 (H) ... Kdi & Paul MARCOTTE (Zach{y/ 9U 415 E A St, lron Mountain 49801 (H) ... Bllrthe PELrIAM & Steve BUSH (Kelin/88, Catyma/go, Khlmba/g3) 125 E Lincoln, Negaunee 49866... Kathy & John DONAHUE [Enc/82, Katie/83] PO Box 69, Atlmtic Mine 49905

MN - elson CREEN & Dmny CHANG (Kelm/ 94) 15216 Afton Blvd S, Afton 55001-9734 ... Kat}ty & Bob DOLEZAL [Katdna/7s, Mu\rose /77, Theresa/8o) Rt 1 Box 381, Cambridge 55008 ... Ann & Bob MilIe/86) 2O5 Railway St S, Dundas 55019-4014 (I4 ... Tumy MEICALF-FILZEN & Da!'id FILZEN (Zachary/aa, Taylor/91, Rikki/g2, Kyle/g4J 2A7O Cmby Ct. Northlield 55057 O{) ... Penelope & Eric HILLEMANN (Phoebe/8g, Harriet/g2) 3OO E 6th St, Northlield 55057 ... Grilf & Robbie WGLEY (Collin/76, Qson,/78, Grahm/81, cillim/86) 1016 S Linden St, Northfteld 55057 (H) ... Joni & Iawence CALI-AHAN Conor/8 1. Ma€€ie / 84, Dmiel/86, Rosie/8g) 10986 N 218 Ct, Scandia 55073 (IO ... Todd & DeAnna GANZ (Iaceyl84,'l\ler/86) 18322 Greenbrook Dr NE, Wyoming 55092 O4 ... Cathy BOEBEL-DENISON & Keith DENISON (Bret/87, 9i) l45O Silgent Av, St Paul 55105 (I4 ... Linda GREOORY-BJORKLUND

GnowrNc Wrrnour Scnoor-rNc #126 .JAN./Ftn. '99

WINSOR & Andrew PROKOP (Iruis/84, Evn/87, James/gl) 7O8 Goodrtch Av, St Paul 55105 (Hl ...

brin VELIKONJA & Cerald SKERBITZ (Dylm/go. Arlo/92) 1366 Palace Av, St Paul 55105-2554 OO ... Pat & Sue MCGOUGH (Zachary/Aa, Katte/go, Dne/92) 2444 N St Aibms. Rosevllle 55113 ... Sheryl & Gary CHAPIN (Parker/g2, Brlgid & Emma/g3) 3215 Valley Ridge Dr, Eagm 55121 ... Eric & Susm BUNDLE [Kira/8o, Bryn/eD 1628 Ashbury Pl, Eagm 55122 ... Mark & Martha WIGMORE (Spencer/88, Kate\n/go, Morgm/gzJ 18913 Boston St NW, Elk River 55330 ... Mary & Ed RYAN (Jen/77. Edl78, Anne/8o, Job.t/82, Ntck/84, Gwen,z8s, Marlr Grace/89) 6730 Galptn Blvd, Excelsior 55331 ... Gary & Julie JEDYNAK (Alqmder/ 84, Joseph/88, Maua/go) 10556 1o4th Av N, Maple Grove 55369

... Jmes & Tmila



Beryl/8s) 18620 FairlaM Av, Prior Lalrc 55372... Mdti MARKUS & Tony PUR\IEY (Jess/go, I€e,/92) 609 Oueen Av S, Minneapolis 55405 (H) roo pq15 IIAMLIN & Davtd HUSTED (Margot/88, Irene/8g) 2220 28 Av S, Minneapolis 55406 ... Phil & Brenda GROVE (Coltn/89, Molly/93) 3712 37 Av S, Minneapolis 55406 (IO ... Cindy CALI,ANAN & Jay ORDOYNE (Calley/81. Shmm,/85, Luke/88, Jobmy/g3) 3828 Garfleld Av S, Minneapolis 55409- r I 17 OJ) ... Jma & Ktrl KLE\,'EN (1fna/92, Ibtie/gs) 4537 Pem Ave N, Minneapolis 55412... Kate & Bill GOODSON (Ntcole/ 79, lffi/ao, Brent/83) 6034 James Av S, Mimeapolts 55419 (II) .- KathY AHLERS & Curt MCNAMARA (Amelia/8, Alena,/9l) PO Box 21196, Minneapolis 55421 ... Kaia DeSCHANE (Jesse/83, l<aia/951 2244 Hwy 169, Ely 5573r Oil ... Todd & Karen INDEHAR (Shmnon/88, Davtd/g11 PO Box 253, Ely 5573I (Hl ...

Bilbda & Arthur

MADSEN (I'Hst/85,



92) PO Box 274. Winton 55796 (II) ... Nmcy GRLJ!'ER & Joe KELLY [Nia & Ma!'is/8o) 2127 Colmbus Av, Duluth 55803 (II) -. Bill & Susm REES (David/7g, Dana/83, Aleta/85) 5652 N Ptke lake Rd, Duluth 5581 I ... Patti & Creg LUKE tKtah/87. Dakota/go, Cedx/92) 4702 McCulloch St, Duluth 55804 (IIl ... Alex & Brenda KRAMER (lel84, Elizabeth/a$ 54 E Kent Rd, Duluth 55812 ... M{k & Judy HICKEY (Zacharyl86, Nathm/88, Matthew/g2, BenJanin & Noah/g4) l8O7 Northern Viola Ln NE, Rochester 55906 ... Dave & Beth KROI-AK (Brtm/83, John/8s) RR 2 Box 57, Dodge Center 55927 l'Il... Mike & Jennlfer RUPPRECm (Johana/87) RR 2 Box 81, l€wiston 55952 (H) ... pi"L GALLIEN, The Winona Fam, Rt 2 Box 279, Winona 55987 (II) .- l-ynn DeBuhr & Muk JOHNSON (Brimna/84, Casey / 87, Meghm/go, Aleruder/g2) 905 Albion Av. Faimont 56031 (H) ... Chd-is & Susie FRENCH (Saa/8O, Brim/85, David/89) RR I Box 65, Tracy 56175 ... lrwell & Audrey DITTBERNER (Forest/7g, Selena/82) Rt I Box 43, P[kers Prairie 5m6I Gr) ... Theresa CHIDESTER & Jeff HASSKAMP Winchester/go, Remington,/91) RR 3 Box IlO, Altldn 56431 ... Linda & David ERICKSON-DAVIS (Morgm,/ 82, Cordelia/84) Rt 2 Box 111, Iake Puk 56554 (H) ... Stephanie & Jeff EBERHARDT (Courtney/89) lOO3 Taft St, Thtef River Falls 56701 (Hl

MS - L"rt. ELKINS & John RoBBINS (Allbriton/84, Adele/88) 612 S 8th St, Oford 38655 ... Bill & Htlary SHUGHART [wiuie/87, Frmk/8g) Oldord Homeschool Network, 2l CR 3024, Odord 38655 ... Michael FOSTER (El€na/8s) 84 Sragossa

... Bobby & Martha Unqh/7g, Seth/82, Erin/87) PO Box 160, Sta 39167 (II) ... Don & Beclry POTTS (Maple/

Rd, Natchez 39120 (I4 PENNEBAKER

81, Linden/83, Ced{/a7J 4083 Robin Dr, Jackson 39206 OI) ... Timothy & Julima PICKFORD (laurellen/ 92, Jackson/gs) 68 Robishaw Rd, Picalune 39446 (H)


Casey & Jenny CHURCH [tom/88, Conor/9o) 605 Esplmade Av, Bay St lruis 39520-2915 ... Jim & Kathy RASKETT [Victoria/87, Michael/9I) lIl Mccuire Dr, lpng Beach 39560 ... Howad & Iaura SMITH (Sem/ 88, Emily/9o, Naomi/93) 2Ol Front Beach Dr, Ocem

spgs 39564 (H)

MO - nle & Scott PEARISTONE (Eval8S, Noah/go) 60l Wickford Way, Mmchester 63021 ... Karen & Frank ALPERr (Betsy/87, Alil/8g) I2I89 Oakwilde Ct, Marylud Helglrts 63043 ... Ka'en & Htrold KARABELL (Gabrtel/88, Alexmder/g 1, Elil96) 4147 West Ptne, St lruis 63108 {II) ... Robert & Dorothy GIANSIRACUSA (Herschel/8 I, Noah/84) 54O Ridge Av, Webster Groves 631 19 ... Jim & Kathy O'DONNELL (Milgaet/86) 47 Clemont Ln, St t uis 39

... Irondd & Barbila RITTER (Anon/77, A?AU Jeremy/82, Rachel/8s, taura/go) 7157 Sugar Spnng Co, St t uis 63129 ... Jocel)n & Steve KOPEL (Kim/ 7 4, Burt/ 75,Sua,/81, K^tle / 84, Paul/88, Brym/ 90, Da\.'idlg2, Jonathan/g4) 5450 Bradbury Dr, St lpuis 63129 ... Jane HOMEYER & Robert JENSEN (Mtrgaret/88, Anne,/gol 7lO5 Amherst, University City 63124

Maria/83) Rt 3 Box 73. Ord 68862

63r3O ... Terry SURINSKY & Michael DUNCAN [Noah/ 89, Rosa/g2) 650 Ashmont Dr, St lruis 63132 ... Alm & Sammtha PARKER [Valerie/84) I21r N Elizabeth Av, St lruis 63135 ... Angel & Bob DOBROW (Joey/9O, Dmny & Tommy/g4) 1803 E Washington St, Kirksville 63501 (H) ... Leslie & Craig MCINTOSH {Colln & Ouinlan,/96) 5874 Colony Church, Fmington 63640 ... Linda MCCULLY & Linley GRESHAM (Eric/96) RR I Box 90, catewood 63942 (II) ... John & Madel)n SHEAFFER (Shmdra/go, Ceneva/gz) 7lO Osage Tr, Independence 64056 ... Cynthia & William SCOTT [Vmessa/8o) 635 E 45 St, Kansas City 641f 0 .- larry & Colleen IOCKARD (Emily/84, Damon,/85) 5O7 Hlllslde Dr, Rock Port 64442 ['I1... Mike & June STANCLIFF (Rachel & Nathm/go) 7O2 Shady, St Joseph 64505 (H) ... 5r""r LOCK (Cort/7g, Casi/8l, Gabe/82, Maggie/8s, Mandy/84) Rt I Box 88A, Dewitt 64639 (II) ... Dennls & Christina CONNELL (Ash/81, Steve/84) Rt 5 Box 278A, Carthage 64836 (H) ... Maggre GAGNON (Sumy/al) Rt 3 Box 3550, Cmdenton 65020 (ID ... Julia FOSTER & Robert MUEHL (Zeke/an l5O2 Wilson Av, Columbta 65201 (H] -. Terry & Jane SMITH (Seth/7o, Lindsey/7I, Strah/76) 1712 Clitf Dr. Columbia 652oi [II) ... James & laurie SCHLAPPER (Sunny/8s, Bud/87, Guy/88) Riversun. Rt 4 Box 157. BooN'ille 65233 ... Joel & Karen HERMAN (Peri/8s, Dylan/go) 1618 wheeler St, Moberly 65270... Bill & Jm PIERCE (Sonnet/76, Naomii/8o, Eva/82) 36001 Nathm Ln. Eldrtdge 65463 (I4 ... Brian & cherylee DUNCAN []lerl83, cally/8s] 5581 S Fm Rd 131, Brookline 65619 ... Michael & Catherine tANE (Dlana/83, Jesslca/87] Rt I Box 37, Harwille 65667 ... Tom & Julie O'DAY (Meghann/7g, Katherine/81, Brtdget/84, Timothy,/87, Conor/8g, Iml 9f, Anna/g3) 1400 W Broadway, West Plains 65775 (H) ... pomt & carol TAG (Da\'ld'/77, Amy/8o, Rachel/ 87) Rt 2 Box 63, Springfield 65802

MT - charles & Emily RINGER [Willow/78, Zeb/79, Tahmina/g2) Box 75, Joliet 59041 ... Cmdace & Henry KREWER !Btll/77, Cathleen/87) 605 Calhoun Ln, Billings 59101 GD ... Ben & Deborah BULLINCTON (Samuel/86, Joseph/92, Ben,/94) Box 363, White Sulphur Springs 59645 (H) ... Jotm & Madelln taFAVE (Helena/8g, Peter/gl, Andrew/g3) l1O8 W Galena, Butte 59701 ... Andrew & Robin PUDEWA (Heather / 7 8, Gene\deve/8 1, Morielle/ 87, Ftona/go) 8lO5 Balsam Dr. Bozeman 59715 ... Jerry & Yvonne COOPMANS (Call8l, hren/8s) 25O Melbome Ln. Bozemm 59715 ... Daryl & valerie VAN OOKI Uessf ca/76. M{Iit/7g, Nicholas/8s) 50l St Mary's Av. Deer Indge 59722-1553 (I4 .- Josie & Btll PRENTISS (girl/gl, boy/95) l13o Mtn view Dr, Missoula 59802 ... Hdold & Sharon YOUNG (Alex-ader/79, Arthur/ 81, Ema/83, Dorothy,/8s, Teddy/8g) Hc 77 Box 75, Dixon 59831 ... Ipri NEwrIv{AIv & win PETERSON (Mua/a7, Duncan,/go) 5808 N Klements, Florence 59833 (H) ... Mily Ellen CARTER & Kevin SCOTT (Anna/86, Molly/8g) 10825 Sl€emm Gulch, hlo 59A47 ... Michael & Dime BUCHAN {Bobby/83, Laura/ 84, lhtie/go) 70 Vinson Mill Rd, PO Box 1378, Trout Creek 59874 ... Linda TAYLOR [Casey/82, Ihty/8s) 2847 Rippling Woods, Vlctor 59875 (II) ... Brym & Elaine GREEN (Andrew/78, Dmiel/8o, Stuart/82, Katherine/86) 692 Echo Iake Rd, Btgfork 59911 (H) NE - corliss SCFTAEFFER & George ocEAN (Fonest/86, Melody/89J HCr 64 Box 221, West Plains 65775 (H) ... Ruth & Duncm MURRAY (Kevln/82, Doug/86, Scott/87, Glenn/9l) 8O2 Michael Dr, Papillion 68046 (Il) ... Anne & Troy EASTERDAY (Madison/8g, Collin/g2) 14808 Edna St, Omaha 68138 ... Rich & Debi EDELMAIER (Sarah/7g, Im/82) Rt I Box 18, carland 68360 oo. Tim & SuZy LANDRETH (Christian/87, Steven/88, Michael/90. Rochelle/93, Delainey/96) PO Box 6, Halam 68368... Jody & Steve SCHAUBROECK (Kelcie/g2, Cole/g4) 30l lowa St, Utica 68456 ... Dick & Rose YoNEKURA (JoEh/74,

Abi,/77, Tessa/8o, Ddcy/83) 7741 E Avon, Lincoln 68505 ... Susm & Ray WINCHESTER (Jmes/84' Jake/ 871 9360 Pamee Rd, Gtbbon 68840 (14 "' Duane & Kathy TANGE (Jacob/77, Joey & Steven,/7g, Mil/8O'


l[V - Janet HOPE (Jared/81, Siena/9O) 2oOO Bonita Av, Ias Vegas 89104 (II) ... Jennifer & Gerald MILLER (Mtria & John/g4) 834 Ave H, Ely 893012604 ... Cher & Ed BATEMAN (Jeb/75, Da\iel/77, Kelsie/8s) PO Box 323, Glenbrook 89413... Kathy & Bob RUI',IYAN (Brym/89, Keith & Mark/g2) 1036 B Tomahawk Tr, Incline Village 49451 (I4 ... David & Nancy DEAVER !Diana/82, James/8s, John/88, Ash€r,/ 90, Liam/gs) 576 Croydon Dr, Elko 898Ot (H) NH Ann & Andrew PODLIPNY (Ltda/8O, Lvcla/gz, Magda/83. Micaela/86) 159 Detrbom Rd, Aubum 03032 (ff) -. l-ary & Chris I1AMILTON (Katy/ a4, Steven/gs) 84 Mason Rd, Brookline O3O33-22O4 ...

Elizabeth LONGFELLOW & Gary ANDERSON (Haley/

80, Taury/8l. Winter/83) 16 Gulf Rd, Deerfield O3O37 ... Ted & I(athy BROOKS (lara/83, Im,/84, Melissa/8s) 32 lane Rd, Derry o3038 (H) ... Kim & Steve FYLER (Stephen/88, Itutrina/gl) 60 Old Danville Rd, Free mont o3O44 ... Pam & Dave RYAN (Jesse/86) 43 E Union St. Goffstom 03O45 Xr John & Michelle WEBSTER (Alexmdra/93, Josiah/gs) l9B Dunster Av, PO Box 327, Creenville O3O48 ... Julie & Brian HAFFERKAMP (Scott/86, Seth/8g) 5l lamson Dr, Merrimack 03054 ... Doris & Paul HOHENSEE (Michael/8o, Erin/ 81. Kira/83. Douglas/86. Gregory/88, Dianna,/g2) l5 Swart Ten. Nashua 0306O ... Ka'en & Martin FURUHJELM [Elinor/83, Elizabeth/g7) 38 Musket Dr, Nashua 03O62 (IO ... Michelle & Tim KINSELLA (Rym/8r, Aidan/83, Nikki/8g) 57 lrng Hill Rd, Raymond O3O77 ... Grtnnell & Linda MORE (Hannah/ 93) 672 Old Revolutionary Rd, Temple O3O84 0I) ... Denise MORGAN & James COLEMAN (Jonathan/82, Marc/84) 483 Mammoth Rd. Milchester 03104-5463 ... Loraine & Harold JONES (Sila/85, Harold/87) Box 77IC, Brtstol 08222... Lilly & Rick GLATZ (Ctrobn/ 85, Matthew/89) RFD I Box 736, Bristol 03222... Trilli & Gil TIM (Damon/So, Amberlee/83, Jeel8s, Bevd/8g) 3lO E Ricker Rd, Chichester 03234 ... Tomsend & Kathie THORNDIKE (Jea/76, Lisa/78, Kevin/82, Eric/85, Shme/86, Nick/g2) 36 Blueberry Hill, Meredtth 03246 ... Harry & Stephanie WOODLEY (Sophia/82) 51 Holmm St, Iaconia 03246-3017 ... Erda GRASS & Michael COWARI (Ceda/87) PO Box 61. N Sandwich 03259 ... Pamela ENGLISH (Brooke/ 85. Spencer/8g) 30 Essex St, Concord 03301 (II) ... Teresa & Hugh TANDIS [Brynne/83, Walker,/85, Ezra & Owen/88) RR 2 Box 1448, Peterborough 03458 ... Sonia CERMAN {Sonya Miriam,/78, Biil/8o) f 63 Kinsman Ridge Rd, Easton O358O ... Jennifer WRIGHT

& Stm MCCUMBER [Vmessa/69, David/8s, willis/8s)

HC 60, Box 50, Ouaker City, Chillestom 03603 00 ... Iaura & Stefm FOLEY-SHARFF (Aaron/84, William/88) RR 3 Box 90, Comish 03745 ... M{gdet & Harrison TRUMBULL (Matthew/77, Julie/79) RR I Box 97C, Enfield 03748 ... Clmdi & kn JARVI (Jonathm/84, Jake/88) 8 Hough St, kbuon 03766 ... Mlke MUNDY & Theresa LOCHNER (Molly/gl, Kierm,/94, Iml96) 34 Hardscrabble Ln, Llme 03768 0t ... Dtane & Richild

lM/83, Inon/g7, Ouentin/gU PO Box 197. Rt 12-A, Plainlield 03781 (I4... Cindy YOUNG (Cona/83, Jamaica/88) 175 South Rd, Kensington 03827 (Hl ... Hubed & Deborah TALry (Christopher/82, Nicholas/8g) 1O Hunter Dr, Hampton O3A42 ... Sudy & Paul MAIDA (Matthew,/86, Michael/ ROGERS (Justtn/8o,

88) PO Box 15, Plaistow 03865... Terry & Luigi AMATO (Femando/83, Monica/8s, Nicoletta/88, Alyssa,/9O) 8 True Rd, Seabrook 03874 ... Sefanie BURK & Bill TODD (Andrea/87) Old whig Hill Rd,

Strafford 03884 (H)

NJ -.t.ffr"y & Mtrtam OKIIZ-GROB fWilliam/ 86, Da\.'idlgo) 30 Iavtna Ct, New Providence ... Alm & Emily GINDER (lsaiah/86, Ezra/9O) 49 Ketner St, Bloomfield 07003 (Il) ... Valerie KAY & Raymond HONEYWELL (Calvin/88, Ttmothy/g1, Bennett/g4) l4 Brook Pl, Broomfield O7OO3 ... Susm & Mario KAwCztl{SKI [auren/8s, C}]^arlie / 87, Gabriel/g3) 3 I

Crmford Ten. Crmford O70f 6 ... Annette & Philip PgfRIS (Julim/8g, Sophia/g1) 226 W Linden Av, Linden 07036 ... Fred & Frmcine NEI-SON (Janet/82, Amada/8s, lage/aa, Dustin,/gl) 14 Midlmd Blvd. Maplewoood O7O4O (H) ... Linda & Jon KRAUSHAR {Matthew/8s, Elizabeth/87) 42 Woodlad Rd' Maplewood O7O4O



(Marissa/go, Pamela/g4)

& Stacia


... Arthur & Marlane EDELMAN (Jessica/84, Heather,/88) Llewellln Park, West Orange O7O52-49O9 ... Rachel & Tryi ANOLICK (Chma/8 I, Bitzy / 44, Meir / 87, Esther/g3) 191 Spring St. Passaic O7O55 ... Llnne COLLETT & Tri NGLTYEN (Erin/86, Emtly/8g) 161 Washington Dr, Watchung 07060 (I4 ... Bemard GRO!'EMAN & Bilbila ANcoNA (Tmar'/86' Ethu/88' Benjmin,/8g, Hmah/gl) I I Shamee Rd, Short Hills O7O78 (H) ... Christine AUSTIN (Kamau/87) I I Marttn Pl. Iryington O7lll (H)... Maureen & Patrick HAGAN (Timothy/84, Kathleen/86) 213 w 4th Av, Roselle O72O3... Paula BORENSTEIN & David BURD (Lilyl87, Russell/9O) 134 Lincoln Av, Eliabeth 07208 ... Renee & Steve KOHN (Rebecca,/88, Hunah/go) 36-24 Hale St, Fairlam 074rO (H) ... Cilole & Steve BI,ANE (Megan/go, Rebecca/g2) I Duncan St, Waldwick 07463 (H) ... Robert & Milgtret REITH (Evelyn/8l, Andrew/82) 40 N 17th St, ProsPect Pilk O75O8 ... Pat DeLUCA (Christopher,/86, Laura,/g1) 239 Walnut Av, Bogata 07603-1605 -. lvy GREENSTEIN & Christopher DOOLITTLE (Coltn/8s) 178 Hddenburgh Av, Demarest 07627 ... Judy RUDERMAN & Robert DUBNER (Miranda,/88) 13 Westeryelt Pl, Westwood 07675 ... Iaura & Milc JOHNSON (Dmiel/8s, Michael,/86) 76 Manning St, Red Bark 07701 ... Ann BINGHAM & Joe TANZINI llatra/7g, Domenlque/82, Sylvia/85, Chillie/87) 49 Maida Ter, Red Bank O77Ol ... Nancy & Malcolm PLENT (Ertc/72) UNSCHOOLERS NETWORK, 2 Smith St, Famingdale 07727 ... Debi & Steve RICHTER (Katrina,/85, Cody/a7) 54 Mmalapan Av, Freehold O772a (H\ ... Laura KRA"TEWSKI & Milc PETERMAN (Sdah/g2, Julia/9s) 7 Hull Av, Freehold 07728 ... Btll & Wendy WETZEL (Becl$t/7I, Stzie/72, Scott/78, Bill/8o) 615 Little Silver Pt Rd, Little Stlver 07739 llil... Richard & Barbila BRANDON (Nara/92, Nexa/94) 38 laurie Ct, Matawm 07747 ... Hunter & Kathy MCKEE (Jack/881 2l Borden St, Monmouth Beach O775O (H) ... p*t"1 & Marla BACHMAN (Kaila/ 88. Amy/91, Marielle/g2) 421 Salem Av, Spring lake 07762 ... Howild & Irene MoTT (MisW/77, wickltffe/ 79) lO lambert Rd. BlairstoM 07825... Shelly & Forest KINZLI fNathanael,/8 1, Micaella/86) 57 O7O47



73 St, North Bergen

Hoagland Rd,




Caot WADE & Bill

HAK (Autumn/8o, Hmony/84, Claire/87) 8 landing Trail, DeN'ille 07834 (H) ... Jm & Jim OUODOMINE (Justtn/88, Johnathm/go) 164 Petersburg Rd, HackettstoM O7A4O ... Llmn & Demis TAPEKI (Dadd/g1) 5 Hillside Rd, Rockaway 67366.I luEllen BUKION & Ed SZCZEPANSKI (Joceyln,/86, Lucie/89) 20 Main St, Randolph 07869 ... Ltnda BRYK & Tom BIAS [Victoria/89) 6 Hickory Tree Ln, Sparta 07471 ... Ray TURICK & Theresa MARESCA (Laura/83) Box 129, Stillwater O7a75 ... Stephen WALDOW & Kathleen DONNELLY [Meghan & Patrick/8s, Stephen/87, Dmiel/go) 14 Country Hollow Cir, Sicklerville 08081 ... Ka'en & Stephen KURTZ (Brim/87, Hillary/go, Joshua/92) 23 Old York Rd, Tumersville 08102 ... Tim & LiUian HAAS (Alex/g2, Ben/97) l4l Oakland Av, Audubon 08106 (IO ... Philip & Eileen COYLE

(Bndget/a7, Sem/89, Maura/g3) 824 Stokes Av,

Collingswood O8lO8 (IO ... Cilol & Michael STEIN (Jenni/86, lanra/87J 740 S 6th Ave, Absecon O82Ol ... Jim & Debbie MOOERS (Rachel/89, Jessie/g1, Dylm/ 93, Kristen/gs) 144 Main St, PO Box 93, Dennisville 08214 (Il) ... Rose SIAS (Gene/79, Christina/82, Sham,/87. Denise,/8g) 1239 Whitaker Av, Mitlviile 08332 ... lawence KUR1Z & Debra O'LEARY-KURTZ (Jesse,/84, Mtcah/8g, Dmiel/93) 121 N Hartford Av. Atliltic City O84Ol ... Debbie & Ed MILLER {Kaitlynn/ 91, Hannah/g4) l3 Riven'lew Ten, Belle Mead O85O2 (H) ... Jmice & Douglas HIPLE (Aldandra/92) 9l Caims Pl, Belle Mead O85O2 ... Linda WARD (Christopher/83, Andrew/86, Bnan/an PO Box 1363, Hightstow O852O ... Dime & Malcolm ROBERTSON (Bryce/79, Morgan,/83) l1 Bates Rd, Jackson 08527 ... Jilet SIMMONS & Jm EDLER (Cory/87, Riley/g1, Cally/94) I I Wethersfield Dr, Plainsboro 08536 ... Llm I{AMILTON & Richard E\aEFrt fwilliam/7g, r'Jice/8z'J 330 State Rd, Princeton 08540 (IIl ... Jotm & Nmcy DODGE Uonathan/83, Sarah/8s, Hopt/87, Oliver/8g) 233 Carter Rd. Princeton O854O ... Allison HEARN & Hume FELDMAN (Tlmmia/8g, Taey/g3) 9l Hartley Av, Princeton O854o ... Ktren MENDE-FRIDKIS & Iarry FRIDKIS (Kate/86, Jacob/8g, Gabriel/g2) 116 Mountainview Rd, Princeton O854O (H) ... Ken & Marillm DAHL (Sam/8O, Joel/83) lO3 Nursery Rd, Titusville 08560 ... Chrtstine THOMPSON & Chdles BARRANCO (Christopher/83, Emily/86) 6 Wiscasset Av, Ewing 08618 ... Alicia BTITCHER & Willtam EHRHARDT (Jeremy/86, Timothy/88, Rebecca/g1) 6

Growtxc Wlrsour Scsool-INc #126 'JeN../FBe. '99

Balnbrtdge Ct. Hamilton Squile 08690 ... Maria & Robert DOLAN {Alexmder/88, Nichotas/g2) 3402 Sandpiper Way, Box 22I, Allenwood O872O (H) ... HNey & Joella MALICK (Kiah/86, Zun/48) 2207 Ramshom Dr, Allenwood 08720 (H) ... Donna & George CONDOULIS (Georgimna,/89, Kimberlymn/9l) 522 Rhode Islmd Av, BAckO8724 [It ... Susm & Patrick YANANTON (kahl8o) PO Box 458, Mmasquan 08736... Linda & Stephen KRAWIZ (Fachel/85) 1072 Woodruff St, Iselin O883O ... Debra EMERSON & Kirk PETERSON (Kyle/94, Harryl88)

3Ol Midlmd


Metuchen O884O ... Phil & Clile COOPER (Lance/86, Iona/88. Tessa,/go) iO2 Clay St, Milltom O885O ... Barbtra JOELS (Lydia/8l, Julia/8s, Wiuim/g2) 265 Hempstead Dr, Somerset 08873 (I{) .r. Poldi BINDER & Misha BASAI,AEV (Anna/88, Robtn Sue/92) 32I Harper Pl, HtgNmd Pdk 08904 ... Ken & Llz LIPMAN STERN (Sam/86. Jonah/89) 341-C Crowell's Rd, Highlmd Pilk O89O4 (m ... Suzune JOHNSTONE & A1u FREY (Katherine/87, knalgo) 1416 Central Av, Highlild Pilk 08904 ... Steven & Joy KUCHINSKY (Mtchelle/89, Reuben,/92) r16 N sth Av, Highlmd Pilk O89O4 ... Marjorie & BiU SELDEN (Ted/87, Becky/go) ll3 Donaldson St, Highlmd Pilk 08904 (I4 ... Jmes & Michelle MAIONEY llarla/ao) 432 Donaldson St, Highlmd Pak O89O4 ... Ruth & Terry MATITSKY (Strabeth/7g, J acob / 82, April/86, Matthew/89. lrren Isaac/g2) IOS S 4th Av, Highlild



NM - n"t"y & David I-ANG (Daniel/8s, Julie/ 88) PO Box 1231, Grmts 87o2O... Donna COAD & Paul JOHNSON (Mrshall/89, Dustin/g1) 560 Hovenweep lrop, Jemez Spgs 87025 ... Linda & Robert LUPOWiTZ (Arlmna/77, Sion Ben/8O, Mu/84) PO Box2075, Corales 87048 ... Mac & De SANCHEZ (Maggie/8s. Morgm/8g) PO Box 1882, Tijeras 87059 (H) ... Orese & Brim FAHEY (Cajtlin/82, Ravema/84. Elyse/87) 1620 ComeU Dr SE, Albuquerque 87106 (m ... Chules & Shalisha MULLIGAN (Jesse/go, Joshua/92) 15l2 Cmlno Sm Martin Ct NW, Albuquerque 87121 ... Judith THOMPSON & tui MAAYAN (Suah/77. Yoni,/8o. Talla3, Joel/83, Ariel/8s) lllT Rockrose Rd NE, Albuquerque A7122 ('I1... Stephen & Cilol INGRAttAM (Silah/86, Emily/88) Box 162, Rehoboth 87322 (H) ooo 61n. RAY (Heather/82, Monica,/86) 307 Pino

Seta Fe 87501 ... Vincent & Jma BOOKS (Tasha/8O, Chelsea,/84, Genevi/88) Rt 2 Box 309-8, Smta Fe 87505 ... Nilcy & Don SCHULTZ [Georgei/88, Joey,/go, Tessa/94) 1847 Forest Cir, Santa Fe 87505 ... Theodora & Anthony SOBIN (Nicholas/86, Alexmdra,/ 90) 22 Alcalde Rd. Smta Fe 87505 ... Lloyd & Betsy BARTEIS (Jesse/8s, Liam/87, Silas/gr) SANIA FE LEARNING COOPERATWE, 2463 Cmino Capite, Smta Fe 87505... Ctrol & Grahm MARK (Zachary/7g, Jesse/82, Jacob/86) 2076 47th, lps Almos 87544 (II) ... Louise & Al WILLIAMS {Evm/83) I2l Aztec Av. lrs A.lmos a7544 (H| ... Greg SENN & Btrbila Klapperich SENN (Jemifer/8s, Jacob/88) PO Box 961, Portales 88130 ... Edward & Julie ALLEYNE (Thema/ 83, Tsertng,/8s, Amtrmth/8g) PO Box 129, Pinon 88344-0129 (H) Rd,

I\IY - tt*"y BREstow & Ted GoTTFRIED ...

(Sydelle/8g) 318

E ll St, Nry York



EVANS & Matt BAUMGARDNER (znelgo) 70 D lst St #1. New York 1OOO3 ... Theresa MORRIS & Gerald WEINER (Mona/8I, Isaac/83) 341 E sth St, New York 1OOO3 ... Catherine CORAY & Joseph DALY (Harper/ 88) 164 E 7 St, Nw York I0O09 ... Crol & Michael REIFF [simon/8o,7ne/a4J 552 la Gutrdia Pl, New York 10012 ... Dave & Eva CHEN, 545 lst Av #94, New

York lool6 ... Ed & Milgilet KUCZrNSKI [Justin/82, Alena,/88) 545 lst Av #9U, New York lOOt6 (H) -r Smdra & Robert HOFFMAN {Shena,/88, Brooks/go) 245 E 72 St Apt 2A. New York lOO2l ... Nscy WALLACE (lshmael/7|, vtla/75J 615-617 w Il1 apt 63, New York lOO25 ... Nmcy & Philip HOUGH (Evelen/86) 808 West End Av #706, New York 1OO25 ... Judith & Peter SCHAAF (Andrew/86, Chloe/go) 697 West End Ave, New York lOO25 ... Ann MONGOVEN & Brad KARKKAINDN (Emma/g2, Sophie/gs) 404 W 116 St apt 21, NewYork lOO27 ... Alice BUJARSKI. PO Box 7, Staten Islmd lO3Ol ... Bridgett WESTON (Brima/ 89) 1780 Eastbum Av, Brou 10457 ... Virginia & Anthony PURDY (Gemma/9l) 500 W 235 St, Bros 10463... Helene Martin LYNN (Seth/79, Ashley/83) 87 Clinton Rd, Bedford Hills 10507 (IO ... Mily Ann BAIYOR & Ira HANDLER Uos}rta/87, Amalia/gr, Katyal

GnowrNc Wrruour ScHoor-rNc

93) 78i Sleepy Hollow Rd, Briarcliff Manor lO5l0 (H) ... Elisabeth & Briu SNARR (Bertrand/85, Beau/a8) 914-941-7180. (Briucliff Mmor) (H) ... Jeff MEAIi & Iaurie EVANS [Stephmie/86, Jultm/90) 914-2324606, (Katonah) ... Ltz O'BRIEN, 19 Tintem Ln, Scusdale 10583 ... Dmiel BRIONES & Sonia IDEISOHN (Alm/92) 3807 Ravine St, Shrub Oak 10588



(Ruth/go) l47O Malden Ln, Yorktom Hts IO598 (H) ... Doma & Tiliq TAHIR (Deu/90, Sabrina/g3, Noah/ 95) 128 Hillcrest Av. Yonkers 1O7O5 ... Glem & Beryl POLIN (Andrew/85, Gimy/881 l9O Holl,ryood Ave, Crestwood lO7O7

... Milia


(Emtly/go, Sarah/g3) 128 Mmor Ln, Pelhm lO8O32417 ... Therese O'BRIEN, 20 Seacord Rd, New Rochelle 10804 ... Claudta Cain & Biil MALONEY (Geneva/86, Jackson/88) 205A W Maple Av, Monsey 10952 ... Elizabeth FOSTER & Matthew zuCKER (Ruby/9O, Hattie/g4) 68 S Monsey Rd. Monsey 10952 (H) ... Angela GAGo & Dominique VIEL (Julien/go, Anais/g4) 2l EUington Way, New Hempstead 10977l4ol ... Ann & Amold OREEN (Denise,/8o, Wendy/go) 12 Homestead Mllage Dr, wwick 1O99O (II) ooo Sharon FITZGERALD & Rlchtrd CHERRY (Ada/85, lrene/87, Gamet/go, Jasper/g4) llO Demarest Mill Rd. W Nyack iO994 ... Lisa & Itzik YAKOM (Rafael,r89, Maya/gz, Talia/gs) 90 Knights Bridge Rd Apt lK, Great Neck llo2r ... Betty & Frank LEPORE (Mike/ 80, Anne/82, Paul/84, Mary/86, Christopher/8g) 69 Centre Dr, Manhasset f 1030 ... Janine KAM & Rajinder I-AL (7ann/g0. Zubb/93, Nawos/g5) 32-39 35 St 1st Fl, Astoria I I 106 ... Daniel & Remi GALI,AGHER (Tavish/aa, Conor/go) 223 water St, Brookllm ll2ol (H) ... Stuart SEALFON & Celia GELER|NER (Rebecca/83, Rachel,/86, Adam/g1) 34 Sidney Pl, Brookllm l12ol ... Milie & Patrick NIES (Andrew/8o, Amanda/84, Zachary / A7) Hamilton Milor. Bldg i36C. Apt 4C. Poly Pl, Brook.lln I1209 ... Sady & Roger BAGLEY (Jacob/87, Grace/8g, Rose/g1, Charles/9s) 9 Prospect Pk W, Brooklln \1215-\741 ... Regina TRICAMO

& Blaine

PALMER (Devlin/88,


90, Francesca,/95) 39O Stratford Rd, Brooklln 11218 (H)

... q^"-*. & Md

HEINRICH (Cralg,/68, Melisa/

71, Kiersten/84) 164 &g/le Rd. Brooklyn 11218 [H) ... Robert & ya Hui MATTERS (Phurbu Do4e/94) 2435 Htring St 48, Brookl)m 11235 ... Clnthia & Jerry KUZNIEWSKI (Michael/86, Michelle,/88, Christine/90) r50-42 16 Rd. Flushing r 1357 ... Linda TAGLIAFERRO & Frederic THORNER (Eric/8l) 248 44 Thebes Ave. Little Neck 11362 ... Caol & Thomas MORLEY (Thomas/7g) 1595 lrying St, Ba.ldwin 11516 .I Saah & Steve ARIKIAN (Emily/92, Thomas/gs1 l5l Beach 147 St, Neponsit 11694 (II)... PegS/ & Stuart SCHOENER lMary / 87, Ruthie/9o, Sophie/g I, Sadie,/ 92) 87 S Coolidge Av, AmitlMUe I lTOl ... Dime & Robbte PAUL (Robbie/g2) PO Box 2036. N Babylon rr703 ... Oregory SPUHLER & Martha PEREZ [Elena/ 86, Genevieve,/94) 9 Autumn Dr, E Northport ll73l

(H) ... g5;. & Debbie FIGLIOI,A (Pilu/go. Jordan/93) 35 Oriole way. Dix HiUs 11746 -. Kathy & Ed BAKER (Todd/84) 1 Walnut Rd, Roclsy Pt 11778... Christina & John LUND (Duiel/84, Benjmin,/86) 13 Willow St, Sayville 11782 ... John & Ann ENDAIIL (Jesse/86, Oliver,/88) 59 Van Brunt, Selden 11784 (H) roo 11.15" * Ray CRIMMINS (Heather/84. Emily/a7\ 1O7 Brook St, West Salville r 1796 ... Cindy SALWEN & Scott COBURN (Benjmin/88, Malka/go) 23 Beachfem Rd, Center Moriches 11934 OII ... L.L. Aru MOTTA & Jme COHOREL (Montque/83) PO Box 128, E Marion 11939 (II) ... Jem HENDRICKS & Anthony SPANO (Kyle/gl) 6955 Peconic Bay Blvd. Laurel 11948 (II) ooo Jon & Susan FREYER (Emily/87. Hatue/8g) 280 Ridge Rd, Ridge I 196I ... lawie & Raymond WILLIAMS (Kerry/81, Jusun/82, Kyle/87) PO Box 1680, Shelter Islmd 11964 (II) .- P.A.r. & Bridg HUNT (S€lina,/8l, Martin/8s) PO Box 28, Shelter Islmd Hts 11965-0028 ... Edna & Simon LITTEN (Anna/7o, Dan/72, Reuben/ 76, Emily/8l) PO Box 48. Altmont 12OOg (II) ... Cilol GRASER & Jeff HALPERN {Milly/85, Delia/go) 318 Reidel Rd, Amsterdam f20lo (H) ... Victoria & Jeff PERRY (Vera/go, A.lison/gl) RR I Box 15, Buskirk 12028... Kathartne HOUK & Seth ROCKMULLER (Tahra/69. Benjmin/7g, Emny/A2) 29 Kinderhook St. Chatham 12037 OO ... Kilen TENNEY & Micheal DOMANSKI (Elizabeth/85) RD 2 Box 664, Coblesldll 12043 (H) ... Veronique IaLIBER1E (lna/79, lainey/ 8l) 6 Hoags Comers Rd, E Nassau 12062 (H.1...

Btrbila & Brim


Mclntosh Ln, Clifton



Pdk 12065 ... Ginny & Art


(Connor/go, Spencer/9l) 967 River View Rd, Reford

*t26 .Jen./Frs.


12148 [I4 ... Benita & Steve OLWER [Brlttily/g., Brea/g3, baby/96) l9 Walnut St, Troy 12l80 .[ Joe & Sheila STONE (Rym/84, Emily/89) 46 Pershing Dr, Scotia 12302 (H) ... g.ootr. MILLINGTON & Norbert KREMER (Hopper/92) 3559 Consaul Rd, Schenectady 12309 ... Arlene PUENTES & Eliot BROWN (Nlcholas/ 94) PO Box 3057, Kingston \2402 ... Joe & Lisa O'REILLY (Rebecca/8 l, Brtanna/84, Christopher/86, Jonathan/88) RR 1 Box 93O, lrish Cape Rd, Napeoch 12458 (II) ... Nmcy ROTHMAN & Steve OSTROW [Peregrine/88) RD #4 Box 91, Bells Pond Rd, Hudson 12534 ... Grahm & Judy CAMERON (Chrtstie/81, Scott/84, Elisa,/87, Pattd/g2]. 257 S Ouaker Ln, Hyde Prk 12538 ... Bruce & Pat WHIPPLE [Brian/82, Kimberly/g3) 91 Harden Rd, lagrangedlle 125406323 ... Diane & James PEDROSA (Kristoffer/84, Bethay/86, John Mlchael/go, Thomas Chrisum/95) 8l lfrter, Newburgh f255O ... Kim KIMBLE & Tom MCENTEE lBryce/42, Minty/84, Noelle/g1) 94 Plains Rd. New Paltz 12561 (II) ... Jim & Tracey COVELL (Jimmy/84, Jack/87, Glen/9r) 24 Cramer Rd, Poughkeepsie 12603 ... Susm HOFFMAN & Albert PATAIONA (Andrew/9O, B'e+h/92]. 42 Gabrtel Rd. Chochecton 12726... lris & Da!'id HELLER-WAILACE

(Joshua/go, Matthew/g2, Emily/g4) 2517 Rt 32. Glen Spey \2737 (IO ... Carol & Meg HEILMAN (Cal/81, GreIa/82J 6990 State Rt 8, Brant take 12815 (H) ... Laua & DaIe BALDWIN (Tra1'ts/85, Jake/87.7ack/49. Amanda/g1) Thyme for If,arning Homeschoolers' Network. 1372 Buttemilk Falts Rd. Fort Ann 12827 ... Chilles & hulse KNIGHT (Silah/88, CJl92) 113 Mott Rd. Gmsevoort 12a31 ... Michael & Cindy FREEBERN (Sham/77, Rym/ao. Kelly Jem/83, Patrick/go) RD t Box 2324, Hudson Falls f2839 (lI) ... Mark & Anne HODGE (Emily/88, James/9O, Peter/g3) 39 North St, Suatoga Spgs 12866 (IO... Susm & Eugene GARDNER (Sarah/87, Emily/g ll Progressive Home Education Assoc. 37 Lamplighter Ln, Stratoga Spgs 12866 ... Dmiel BADGLEY & Cdol MINERVA-BADGLEY (Jasno/85, Rachel/86, Benjmin/gl) HCR Box 265, Owls Head 12969 (H) ... Mary O'KEEFFE & Ross MILLER (Alison/86, Catherine/go) 2255 Algonquln Rd. Niskaluna l2gog ... David & Brlnda FILKINS [Vmessa,/ 80, Melissa/83. AUison/851 5458 Oxbow Rd, Cuenovia 13035 (H) ... Roger & Heather MILLEN (Tmer/87, t gml89) IO49 Babcock Hollow Rd, Cortlmd 13045 ... Mike & Teri NIZIOL (Megm/87, Abby/8g, Justin/ 92, Enc/94) 500 Nye Rd, Cortlmd 13045 ... Marguerite MILLER & Steven HOTOVY (Mdk/84, leah/87, Paul/89, Joel/93) 33 Keith Ln, Dryden 13053 ... lamy & Virginia KENDRICK-BOWSER (Evee/831 649 Nash Rd, Elbridge 13060 (ID ... Ame & Paul BONAPARTE-KROGH (Mary/83, Iktie/8s, Phoebe/9o) PO Box 474, Etna 13062-0474 ... Sue & Steve RUOFF (Jesse,/87, Jason/g1) 724 Bone Plain Rd, Free\dlle 13068 ... Wayne & Diane PERRY (Dmiel/84, WiI/88. Abigail/go, Owen/g2) 6007 W Scott Rd, Homer 13077 ... Don & Kathy GODFREY (Donald,/A7,Hilary/aA, Josephine/g2. Roberta/9s) 1232 St. Rt. 264, Phoenix 13135 ... Kathie & Rick ARNOLD (CTalea/84, l<fik/47) 3175 St. Rt. 13. Truton 13158 ... Priscilla COLLETTO (Mtrlo/8a) 42ll Rt 13, Truton 13158 O4 ... Peter & Barbda IRVINE (Enca / 79, Philip/8 l. Nicholas,/86, Joma/88) 522 Nottinghm Rd, Srracuse 13210... Terence BURKE & June McINTOSH (86, 89, 89, 92) 109 Grenfell Rd. Dee'itt 13214 ... Tamy WILLIAMS

lPerry/82. Ashley/85) 2615 Cmden-Taberg Rd,

Cmden 13316... Kil'en & Ch{les KREMER (Colin/ 87, Kaitbn/go) RR I Box 21. Cherry Valley 13320 (H)


Ka'en & Frank ZMBA (David/88, Heather,/9o, Megm/g4) 96 Fair St, Cooperstom 13326 (I4 ... Milsha & Gary LICHOROWIC (Nils/83, Luc/87) 135 Clinton St. whitesboro 13492 ... Tim & Frm PURCELL [Casey/82, Julie/8s) Box377, Cla]ton 13624... Lou & Sue HEAVENRICH (Coulter/86, Toby/go) ll5 Hubbdd Hill Rd, Cildor 13743 Ol] ... Trish & Tim ENGELTTARD

(tyler/a4. Kelsie/871 PO Box 609, ... Dillene & Doug ABAJIAN-

Cmdor i3743 (Il)

HULICK (Malcolm/86) PO Box 48, Gllberts!'ille 13776 (H) ... 4"hi6 NIISSEN & Michael STOIZER (Eric/8o, Alix/84) PO Box 32, Hobart 1378a... Amy WILLAWEROBERMAYER & Joe OBERMAYER (Anna/86, Milgdet,/ 88, Gabriel/g2) 434 Trim St. Kirkwood 13795 ... Jeff & Caollm KISLOSKI [Elizabeth/90. Emi]y/92, Matthew/g3) 290 Lackawmna Av, Owego 13827 ... Cathy MCNULTY & Stefm CZAPSKY (l$igail/77, CIyte/ 79, Violet Rose/87, Maeve/9o) 278 Vmdenort Hill, RD I, Unadilla 13849 (II) ... Joe & MaryJo BAYER [Patrick/88) Home Education Exchuge of th€ Southern Tier, 13 woodlmd Av, Blnghmton 13903 ...


stephmie INGLIS & Dwight KAUPPI (laura/88, Benjmin/g2) 2043 Angling Rd, Corfu 14036 (II) ... Tom & AnnMarie LOUCHLIN (Jenna/8O, Brid/83, Enc/A7l lO5 W 4th St, Dunkirk 14048 (rl) .- Roy & taurie CHAMBERLAIN (Zacharyl83, Ashley / A$ 62a7

Grahm Rd, Elba 14058 ... Wendy & Jefferson

WESTWOOD (Adrienne/8o, Phoebe,/8s) 53 Maple Ave,

Fredonia 14063 ... Chff & Deborah WINKLER (Derek/ 89, Robin/g2) 99 Meadow Ct, Glenwood 14069 '.. Linda & Bill GRACE (Jaclyn/89, Adam/92, tauren/gs) 3573 Moyer Rd, N Tonawmda 14120 ... CIila MULLIGAN & Peter WATSON (Holly/88, Fonest/go) 5325 Buber Rd, Avon 14414 GO ... Philip & Kathrym DEITSCH (Emlly/8s) PO Box 106, Dmsville 144370106... Jo MOBERLY (Roy/83, Russell/87) THE CENTER BOOKSTORE, 149 S Main St, Naples 14512 ... Melike & Yatry ERKAN (l*yla/g3, lcnber/g4l 24 Hunters Pt, Pittsford 14534 (I4 ... Lindsay & Mtrk CATLIN (Peter/84, Andrew/8g) 1415 Hogan Rd, Webster 14580 ... Amy & David MANIELL (Saah/83, En/An 275 Ymouth Rd, Rochester 14610 ... Diana PRYNTZ & Brim NADWORI{Y {Avi/87, RaIi/9O, Kmiel/ 93, Doriel/gs) 216 Rhinecliff Dr, Rochester 14618 (u1 -. po6 & Mtrgie RoLLESTON (Jennifer/9o, Caolyn/92) 44 Scilborough Pk, Rochester 14625 (H) ... Dadd & Mdgtret ADAMITIS (Krista Ann/85, Rachel/87, iara,/89, Sarah/g4) 94 W Main St, Cuba 14727 ('I1... James KEITH & Sheri EBERLY (lanl83, Wlan/g2) 179O County Rd 5, Addison I48Ol ... Mardra & Barry I,ASH (Rachel/8o, Hmnah/8l) RD l, Alfred Stauon 14803 (II) ... John & Donna KURTZ (Kirsten/ 80, J[ed/g2, Gunther/84, Abram/g7, Ctcely/gl) RD 1 Box 61, Andover 14806 (f0 ... JoAme & Wffien EDSALL (Milc/8g) I Denwood Ten, Bath 14810 ... Kathy RICHARDSON (Smmtha/84) 27 Colonial Lams. Bath 148IO O{} ... Sume JUNG & John SEAVER (Jes/79) 5130 Rt 227, Burdett 14818 ... Matthew &


GARRISON [E'lleil77, Kent/8s, Ruby/89) PO Box lO3, 10 Thorpe Av, Hamondsport 14840 (H) ... George & Lisa TREICHLER (Dorothy/8o, Elizabeth/83, willim/85, Chules/88) 8033 vm Amburg Rd, Hmmondsport 14840 ... Ward & Alice COTTAR Ueroen/84, Silne/8s, Michiel/87, Kasper,/88, Jol{n/

90) 7 Davis Av, PO Box 623, Hammondport l4A4O ... Pamela BROWN Alm LEFKOWITZ (Shdla/83, Chad/8g) 742 E Fraddin St. Horseheads 14845 ... Jou HARRISS & Jim MURPTry (Kevin/84, Sarah/86, Molly/ 90) 1430 Ridge Rd, Horseheads 14845 ... Teresa & David HALPERT (Sam/84, Claire/8s, Abe/88, Jake/go, Maddie/gs) 120 Moss Hill Rd, Horseheads 14845 ... Theresa GEORGE & Howard HINNANT (Tasha,/87, Benjamin/go, Eli/93) Ellis Hollow Creek Rd, Ithaca 14850 (H) ... Douglas & Ltnda WYATT (Simon/87, Timothy/go, Saah/g3) 20 w Miller Rd, Ithaca 14850 ... Hmk & Jane ROBERTS (Jacob/8l, Maryl8s, WtU/ 92, Lucla/941 253 Coddington Rd, Ithaca 14850 ... Linda HOIZBAUR & Ken RITIER (Grace/8l, Nat/84, Ama/86, Eleanor/89) 249 Coddington Rd, Ithaca 14850 ... Pamela MOSS & Briu FIALL [Madeleine/92, Cora/95) 3l 13 Vm Doms Comers Rd, Ithaca 14850 (H) -. Judy BURRILL & Rlck BoNNEY (Jessie,/8g, Sem/95) Bmes Hill, Newfleld 14867 (H) r.. pish*6 & Susan MASON (Gregory/82, Nicole/8s, Natalie/8s, Frank/87, Bonnie/9o) PO Box 74, Troupsbug 14885 (IO ... Mily BALFOUR & Andri GONCARoV (Alexmdra/ 86, Violet/8g, Andns/g2) 5331 Heverly Rd, Ttumesburg 14886 (II) ooo Jonat}lu KLINE & Flora MARRANCA (Leah/83, Aphra/8s, Mattea/8g) 5066 Mott Evils Rd, Trummsburg 14886 ... Mtchele ITBI,ANC (Dema/86, Taj/92) 7475 willow Creek Rd, Trumansburg 14886 ... Cmdac€ MINCINS & Chris STOSCHECK (Autumn/7g, I€ol83, Claire/8s) 67 Albee Hill Rd, Vm Etten 14889 ... Catileen & Kevin DEERY (Michael/g2, Anna/9s) 804 Maple Av, Elmira 14904

NC - utry & Donna



Joshua/89) 317 Aubumdale st, Winston-Salem 27104 ... Peggr NUGENT (Juha/87, Rebecca/8g) 1226 wnslow Av, Asheboro 27209 (H)... Mary Ann & Stephen PAGANO [Benjmin/87, Noal/89, Lilima/gs] 5330 Three Waters Ln, Gralrm 27253 ... Edie & Rock HUNT (Erin/77, Ashley/81, Kaitllm/84, Dthm/88) 542 E Fffiiss Av. High Point 27262 ... Rachel & Blair HILL (7ach/84'l 4035 lattimore Dr, Hillsboro 27274 ... Dime KATZ & Phlltp BIZZARRI (Elia/84) 1O1 Nick's Bend west, Plttsboro 27312 (fl1 ... Milie HOPPER & Robert WAGNER (Ouim/901 1533 Andover Av, Greensboro 27405 (Itr}... Du & Slru PRAIT (Charlie/82, Oliver/86) 3OO9 Cottage Pl, Greensboro 27455 Ull... Tracey & John POWELL (James &


Caltldn / a7, Allison/g I, Ntcole/g4) 8905 Castleberry Rd, Apex 27502 (111... Stephen & Cail BEAULIEU (Kyle/8s, Casey/87, Travis/8g) 7129 Beaver Tr, Apex 2750.2... Martha & John DELAFIELD [Matthew,/9o, Thomas/92) 336 John Horton Rd, Apex 275Q2 ... Susan tASWELL (Seffi/74, SNaJ\/77, Any /Aq 2O2 Carol St. Cuboro 27510 ... Beth & Randy STEVENSON (MacKenzie/a2, Emma/84, Hannah/88) l4l0 Greenwood Circle, Cary 27511 llll ... Frmcis EDGERTON & Deborah JONES (Caitlin/8o, Zachary/44, Darcy/88) 3232 lne Rd, Clalton 27520 ... Ltnda & Mike NASH lJenay/78. Shdnon/82, Kane/Asl \277 Northside Rd, Creedmoor 27522 ... Greg & Laura COX (Kitty/86) 48oI Abercroft Pl, Fuquay-vtrina 27526... Tom & Bilbila HOWE (Brevet/7g. Ktra,/83, Devon/86) 5094 Lucy Averette Rd, Oxford 27565 (H) ... 5t"*

& Matt LAWRENCE [Mil/84, Clue/8s) 300 Brom cir, Rolesrdlle 27571 ... Tracey MOE (Jon


TaJl86, Collin/go) 2713 Kittrell Dr, Ralelgh 27608 (II) ... Ann CONLON-SMITH & Shepherd SMITH (Nicholasl81, Peter/84, Oliver/88) 5517 Mapleridge Rd, Raleigh 27609 ... Nick & Jennifer KENI\IY (Jonathm/ 90, Thomas/g2, Sophie/97) 6102 Pilker Croft Ct, Raleigh 27609 ... Shed & Bob CLEMEN (laylor/79, Bethmy/8l, layne/A4, Robin/a8) 4812 Montvale Dr, Durham 27705 ... Sdah HOWE & Randy BEST (Madeline/84, David/ 85. Alicia/88, Alaa/ 92) 2934 Dtrhffi 27705-5528 6f) .- Dany & Judy SMITH (Dana/8o) PO Box 434, Belhaven 27alO-O434 ... Jocellm BUTLER & Feryl MASTERS (Dunca/79. Luca/82, Miciah/86, Lilai/go) 1670 NC 33 W, Chocoe'lnity 27a17 (IJ.l.- Ral & Kathy SHARMA (Natalya/87, Alek/8g, Elena,/gl, laora/941 924 white Horse Dr, Creenville 27A34 ... Bob & Susan Ridge Rd.

Sila/7g, Benjmin/84) Rt I Box 741-D, Mmteo 27954 (W ... Bob & Karen MCALISTER (Jenny,/8l, Wil/aq 2222 MoEa Dr, Albemale 28OOl (Il) ... Shilon & Mike CROTHERS (Christina/87, Bill/8g. Andrew/gI) 29288 NOFFSINGER (Darnel / 7 4, Keely / 7 6,

Stoneybrook Av. Gastonia 28054 (H) CARPENTER


Joel & Lisa

(Josh/8l. Jeny/B2. Kerry/Ag 7al

Niblick Dr, Gastonia 2AO54... Scott & Cindy DANIEL (Chrisuan/92, Jaed/9s) 2l2O ShadweU Ct, Gastonia 28056 ... Rick & Ruth wEArvrER (Fredrick/93, David/ 97) 7I8 Forestbrook Dr, Gastonia 26656 .er John & Amy SCHAAF [George/88, Genevieve/8g, Pierce/g2, Muk/95) 12O S Haven Dr, Mooresville 28115 (Hl ... Ron & Demie FIYDLER (Jenny/79, Justin/83, Summer/85) 32O whitehead Av, Spencer 28i59 (II) ... Sila & Frmk GRAHAM (Pete/gI) 281 Suttontom Rd, Nerton Grove 28366 (H) ... 61tt"L & Doma EARNEY (Bmett/77, Oliver/82l 2O8 Cannon Rd, Wilmington 28405... Gary & Laura WILKINS {Rtchild/ 80, Jmette/82, Dmiel/86) 218 Satara Dr. wihnington 2a412... Ed & Jaice HoNEYCU'IT tElizabeth/88. Savmah/g4) 5O5 E Oak Island Dr, Itng Beach 28465 ... Kathleen & ceorge KING (Joseph/83, lrslei/86. Michael,/8g) 1106 E Second St, Ayden 28513 (II) ... bri & Will WACONER (Braelyn/84, lrgm/86, Artron/ 88) PO Box 443, Oriental 2a571 (r',l... Michael & Tammy JONES l{aron/84, Jatmie/86) 4068 Pinecrest Dr, Hickory 28601 (H) ... Joy & David CROSBY (laurel/86) 6re 2 St NE, Hickory 2860I ... John & Cdol WErcH (Saah/88, Joshua/go) log Ellzabeth Av SE, Hickory 28602 (lI) ... Milk & Sherri MCINNIS (lauren/86, Kegan,/go, Jtllian/g4) 712 Maplewood Ln, Statesville 2A625 ... Malin & Chdles WELLMAN (I€ahl 79, Colle/8l, Pollen/83, Elan/a4\ Rt 5 Box 339, Irnoir 28645 (H) ... Stephm & Robln ECKERMAN (Mattie Rose/86, Ezra/go) Rt I Box 29o D, Wmensviue 28693 (U; ... .1*. Brom & Matt WILLIC (Perry/84, Jesse/ 91) 2521 white Oak Creek Rd, Burnsville 2a714 (Hl ... Libby & Jim MUANOVICH (Bums/8g, Spencer/go) 2975 Jackson Grove Rd, Columbus 2a722 ... k\n & Eric YATES (Keller/93, Aaron/94) Rt 2 Box 2945, Columbus 2a722 ... Trish SEVERIN & Doug WOODWARD (Autumn,/83, Forest/86, Rivers/8g) 4 1 2 Thmder Creek, Frmklin 2A734 (m ... Antoine & Lury

lcNIzIO (Graham/8o, Drew/83, Clalre/84, Reed/gl, Joel/g2, Anne Rachel/9s) 40 Iaurel Ridge Dr, Horse Shoe 28742... Ctrollm & Rodney ADAMS (Eliabeth/ 89) IO Alexmder Dr #513, Asheville 28e0t (H) .r Stephen & Rebecca CORWIN (Brook/8l. Heart/85, Forest/8gl 8OO Fain'iew Rd #245, Ashe!'ille 28403 ... Linda & Randy GERGEL (Diana/86, Elizabeth/g2) 30 Martindale Rd. Asheviue 28804 oo. Jom & David HUMPHREYS (Justtn/84, Samuel/87) 466 Windsor Rd, Asheville 28804 (H) ... Kate ZURICH & Jeff STILLSON (Michael/84, Ltke/g7) 375 Old l€icester Rd, Asheville 28804 (H) ... Susm & Bob RATNER Uoshua/76,


Shma/79, Micah/81, Dena/83, Rebeccah/86, Noah/ 9l) 315 Sondley Dr E, Asheville 28805 or. Lisa & Jtm TEVIA CI,ARK (Taija/9o) PO Box 2O7, Brasstom 28902... Jm€ FLEMER [Emma/84, NeU/87) 58O Old Hwy 64,



IID - pnl



GERI-A (Ttmothy/8l, Andy/

84, Paul/g7, Rebecca/go) 711 25 Av South, Grmd Forks 582O1 (H)

OH -

M.egie MRoczKowsKI (Heather/72, 5, Bridget/78, Mana / a2, Patrick/85, Bronwyn,/ 89. Verontca/g2) 17679 Lifer Rd, Howild 43024... Pam EASTERDAY (Katherine/85, Clay / 90, Anna/92)

J aime /


1O2OO Pleasilt VaUey Rd, Mt Vemon 43O5O ... Diue & Jtm BIDIGARE-CURTIS (DanteUe/91, Luke/91, Hannah/93) 9095 North St Nw, Newilk 43055 ... Bradley & Kilen LEPPER (Benjmin/88, Peter/92) 114 Jefferson Rd, Newilk 43055 ... John & Judtth ALLEE

(Nancy/8O) 15055 Brushy Fork SE, Heath 43056 (Hl ... Lori COLLNER & Roy LOWENSTEIN (Dylm/8s, Jacob/go, Mira/g3, Simon/g5) 3636 Pilis Blvd, Westerville 4308I ... Bob & Valerie HOLWAY (Elisa/71, Ryn/73, Iatra/82, Eric/84, Katie/g1) 2695 Litue Darby Rd, Irndon 43140 (II) ooo Paula & Jeff I,ONG (l<ane /

a2, Oliver/84, guincy/86, Aislinn/8g)

3 I


Tappe St. columbus 432Of (H) ... Angela & Todd EMMER Mncent/g2, Russell/g4J 244 Orcllild La, Columbus 43214... Bob & Linda HOLLOWAY (Aaron/82, Clint/86. Austln/92) 3219 Dresden St. Columbus 43224-3544 (IO ... Laurte & Jim CLARK (Ttffmy/85, Kenny/86, Dmy/87, chillotte/g4) 5668 Twp Rd r05, Mt Gilead 43338 (I{) -. lrcRoy & Rachel LIOYD (Frmcine/73, Natalie/78) 14137 Cmpbell Hill Rd, Bowling creen 4340.2... Mak & Deborai WLLIAMS (Mat/a7, Ltzlg0, Hannah/g3) 56 N Bertchen St, Port Clinton 43452 ... Harison & Suzme BOLYARD (Aaron,/83, Simon/8s) 941 Orchtrd Dr, Rossford 43460


Kelly RoTRoFF

(Sm/8r, Suah/85, Shelley/

87. Smmer/8g, Stephen/94) 9520 Co Rd lO-2, Delta 43515 ... Jerry & Debbie LAMMEFS (Brmdon,/76, Kellh/7q, Monica/83) 909 Shemood Dr, Perrysburg 43551 (I4 ... Michael & Milsha BRODY (Joseph/gl, Lucas/92, Kaitltn/g4) 213 N 2 St, wateruille 43566 oo. Pegg/ & Stephen DALY-MASTERNAK (Nathm/84, Ben/ a7l 3455 Drumond Rd, Toledo 43606 (II) ... wendy FRAXER (Enc/82, Nick/85) 930 Brtnton, Toledo 43612-2412 [H) -. David & Phebe ENGEL [Maggie/ 83, clila/86, Crace/8g) 4627 Haddington. Toledo 43623 ... Cassie & Chris HOLDERMAN (Andrew/8g, zan/91, Dytm/93) 9oo5 Hidden Springs Rd, Hopewell 4e746 (H| ... Kevin & Holly RAINWATER (Gabriel/88, Daniel/go) 24514'flufp Rd #167, Fresno 43824 (H) ... Ellen & will HUI,{T [Andrew,/84, Susamah/87) 56 E ormge, chagrin Falls 44022 (H) ... J"* . & Nacho VILLA (Mateo,/8s, Cmilo/88, Pablo/g1, Miguel & Simon/93) 9637 State Rt 534, Middlelield 44062 ... Ernie & Elisabeth JACOBS (Christopher/83, Michael/ 88, IGtrina/go) 13979 Sperry Rd, Newbury 44065 ... Barb & Gil SHERMAN (Jennifer/83, Colleen/8s, Dmiel/88, Ama/89, Mary 91, Peter/94) 3996 Temyson Ln, N Olmsted 44O7O ... Paula & Scott KOWALKE lPeter/7g, Adam/82) 5998 Taylor Rd, Painesville 44077 ... Heidi SCHNITZER (Gretal/86) National Home Education Assoc. 59OO Som Center Rd Suite 156, Wi[oughby 44094... Chrisune IGNASIAK & Demis SADOWSKI (Cxl/92, David/96) 1350 W IO2 St, Clevelmd 44102 (Hl ... Dee PIETSZI'K (Mayal86, Kendra/88) Heights Homeschoolers, 2065 Halsey, S Euclid 44118 ofl ... Jem & Brim MILLER (lsaac/go, Ben/gi) 1618 Rydalmount Rd, Cleveland 44118 (fD ... Maureen & Bob DIEDERICH (Nicholas/gl, Ciloline/ 96J 4357 Balntree Rd, University Hts 44r r8 (IO ... Kathiline EWING (Douglas/82, Mugaret/86) 3966 Elmwood Rd, Clevelmd Hts 4412I ... Muk & Linda KIRBY (Lily Rose/88) l5l E 238, Euclid 44123 ... kRoy & Lisa KLTEVER (Rachel/83, Emtly/86, Alex/gl) 447 E 272 St, Euclid 44132 ... Gayle & Harry AMICK [Joshua/81, Jesse/86) 5544 Columbia Dr, Bedford Hts

44146... Julie & Rtchrd BRASHEAR (Jmes/go, Stephmie/gI) 518 Kattfon Av, Cuyahoga Fa]ls 44221


Debra & Stephen BURES (Sda}I/88, Hmnah/91) lO85 Mattingly Rd, Hinckley 44233 l'irt "' Dmiel & Elizabeth RYAN (Ruben/8s, Raphael/8g) 458 west Hines Hill Rd, Hudson 44236 lIJ'l ooc Qsqff & Alrnuth KOBY (Sdah/84, Peter/88, Elizabeth/g1) 845 Morris Rd, Kent 44240 tIJ)... Michael & Karen DICK tRaymond/83, Willim/86, David/89) 6602 W Smith Rd. Medlna 44256 ... Jeroe & Eric SMITH fDmiel/

Wrtnour Scsoot-tNc +126 'JaN../Fns. '99

88) I I12 Oaklmd Av. Akron 443i0 ... Richild & Pemy BARKER (Britt/68, Mag€ie/7s, Dn/74, Bea/76, Jonah/7a) THE COUNTRY SCHOOL, 3516 Tomship Rd 124, Mlllereburg44654... Bilbaa DEWEY (Chris/ 86, Robin/g0) 899OO Mlll Hill Rd, Bowerston 44695 (IO ... Atthea HAAS [Curtis/88) 825 Columbus Av NW. Cmton 44708 OI) ... Ivm & Mulene BEGGS (Joyl74, Enc/77, Brad/8l, Peter/83) 236 lgth Nw' Cmton 44709-3849 (II) ... Dmiel & Felicia CAIN (Brym/87, Saah/89, Stwen/92) 4323 Skycrest Dr NW, Cmton 44714 (H1 ... Chis & Mary M.IRP*Y (Rym/84, Kyle/ 86, Kate/g2) ll44 Koons Rd, N Cmton 44720 tc. gia4t & Rob SCARBOROUGH (Olivia/go, Mathias/g2) 1181 Poomm Rd, Belh'ille 44813 (Ill ... Dick & Debbie WESTHEIMER (Gabnel/8o, Nathm/83. Hmah/86. Eva/91) 1395 lake AIl1m, Batavia 45103 (II) ... Mario & Lisa RIBIS (Mario/86, Jeno/88, EdwTd/ag) 2292 Chesterfield Ln, Batavia 45fO3 ... M{io & Lisa ERMIRIBIS (Edwad/7g, Mrio/86, Je\o/8gJ 2292 Chesterfield Ln, Batavla 45f 03 (Hl ... Cmie & Jesse O'I-rERSON (Oren/g7) 1805 State Rt 28, Goshen 45122 (lIl... Kim THOMPSON {Benjarnin/87, Enn/

1548 Spring IaM Av, Ctncimati 45223 (H) ... Cheryl WALI,ACE & Billy LARKIN [Walace/86, Lim/90) 42OO Azalea Av, Cincinnati 45227 (H)... Jm MIKINA & Tony LEONARD (Nate/86, laura/go) 3816 Bdker Rd, Cincinnati 45229... Steve & Sydney MATHIS (Iauren/8l, Adm/84, Evm/85) 10426 lrchcrest Dr, Cincimatt 45231 (IO ... Mike & Jenny COATES (Dylm/88, Daniel/go, Arna & Emma/g3) 4218 Oakwood Av, Cincimau 45236-2526 ... Cindy & Jim DAY [Veronica,/85, Christopher/88, Antiony/g2) 2 r r 5 Hacourt Dr, Cincimati 45244-2675 ... Todd EGGER & Debbie TREUS (Ketr/88, Teryn/go) 589 Hamblin Ln, Cincinnati 45255 ... John & Dime BENGSON (Shaun/83, Joel/88) 4386 Knob HiU Dr. Bellbrook 45305 (H) ... Low€ll & Smdy KUNTZ (Jayl88, Beth/ 90, Jefflgs) 811O Falknor Rd, Covlngton 45318... Jim SHAW & lpumn REBBIN-SHAW (Jene/81, Mxyla/871 4412 Osbom, Medway 45341 ... Mil & Jme BLqIR (John/88) 4O2 Wilson Pak Dr, Miamisburg 45342 ... David & Nm ERBAUGH (Zachary/77. Noah/82) 47 S Main St. w Alqmdria 45381-1243 ... sean wolf HILL & Desiree POWERS tAnya/85, Henry/8g, Greta,/g3) 2lO Northwood Dr, Yellow Springs 45387 (H) ooo Tammy LEUBA (Jewel/87, Micah/g1) 1860 Hilt Rd, Yellow Springs 45387 (IIl ... Bridget WAI^SH & Criswell DAVIS (Cole/85. Teagm/gO) 7145 ShuU Rd, Huber Hts 45424... Cilol & Dm NARIGON [Brudon/ 84, Sophie/gl) 2913 Staulfer Dr, Beavercreek 45434 ... Michael & I€sley WDSTRUM (Madeline/8o, Jmes/ 81, Rebekah/83, Rachel/8s) Rt 4 Box 4824, Portsmouth 45662... Sm HESS & Roger ROUSE (Alvema/83, Woodsen/87) 14980 S R 550, Athens 45701 (H) ... May & Mdk VAN DOREN (Helen/8., Greta,/86, Alice,/89, Veronica/g2) PO Box l2l, New Marshfteld 45766


OK - 11.."

KELLER & stephen KENToN

Unah/A2, I€slie/83, Irssa/86) HERO, 475 College, Noman 73069 (I{) ... Dtee VANI,ANDINGIiAM (J€ssica/82, Julie/86) 426 W Eufaula, Nomm 73069 OI) ... Tom & Shama LINCK (Justin/86, Ama/9O, Madison/g2, Jemie,/g4) 12862 Magnolia Dr, Piedmont 73078 (II) ... Llmn & Nmry CHOWNING {Davtd/85, Mary/g7) 7ll Century Dr, Moore 73160 ... Joyce & Eill SPURGIN (Catherine/81) 9401 S Iakes Estates, Tishomingo 73460 cc. Mike & Julie MILLER (Phtllip/ 90, Spencer/g2, Patrick/gs) Rt I Box 4OC, Cleo Spnngs 73729-9705 ... Kathleen GERETY & James HOWARD (Mawa/8g) 6461 Cleil Creek t op, Bartles!'lue 74006



(Robert/gl, Eliabeth/g4, Benjmin/g7) 936 Smd-

stone Dr, Bartleil'ille 74006-4421 (IO ... R.C. & Vicki MORRISON (J.P./A4I r7O25 East l74th St S, Bixby 74OOa-7524 (II) ... Robert & Cdol MECIOMS (Saah/ 84, ltrneda/a7, Ricky/go) 5Ol E Helenas St, Broken Arow 74012 ... Ale & trslie MOYER [Matthew/87, Silah/88, Dlizabeth/g3) 44Ol Ouail Rm Av, Sliiatook


Jack & Maggie CONNOLLY (Sem/85, Jackson,/go) 24O E 2a:}t St, Tulsa 74114 (tll ... J@ & Valerie O'BRIEN (Joey/86, Kevin/8g) 7920 S 78 East Av, Ttrlsa 74133 [II)... Chuck & Paulet OARRETT (Zach/46, Joshua,/89) 2732 E 68th St, Tulsa 74136 ... Kathie & Al SHULTZ (Peler/7g, Martin/82, KaItaa/84l 74O7O


RR 2 Box 224, Ponca CiW 74604



(J eremy / 7 8, Rachel/8 l, Joshua/83, Bethmy/gO) Box I04. SDlro 74959


OR - o.tti. scRAccy (Ashley/86, Morgm/88. Taylor/g3, lagD/96) f 4089 NE River Vista Ln, Aurora 97OO2... Milk & Roni JOHNSTON (Jaeger/g4) 1160

NW 178, Beaverton 97006 (IO ... Milk & Roni JOHNSTON (Jaeger/g4) 1160 Nw 178 Av, Beaverton 97006 0I) ... Paul & Kathy SCHERTZ (Amy/88, Dylm/ 93) 18130 SW Ewen Dr, Aloha 970O6-3848 (I{)... t€slie OTTO & Bruce HILL (Jesse/88, Sage/go, Sequoyah,/92, baby/94) 68183 Northrup Cr Rd, Clatskanle 97016 (H) ... Philip & Yvome KAZMIEROWICZ (Alexmdria/g 1. Jessica/g3, Luke,/gs, Rebekah/96) 23179 S Feldheimer Rd. Estacada 97023 ... June & John LOVELL flom/gl, Adam/g4) 4rOO Sylvester Dr, Hood Rtver 97O3I (tl) ... Davtd & Kathy LAWRENCE (Jemy/8r) 6343 SW Hiawatha Ct, I€ke Oswego 97035 ro Randy & Nacy FIAWK (Casey,/88, Ouincy/gl, Emilee,/g3) 15056 S lrder Rd, Oregon City 97045 ... John & Anne HILL (Christine/82, C}Iulie/87, Kileila4l 21505 S Cloud View Dr, Oregon City 97045 ... Mdk & Mary ANDERSON fvirginia/ao, Matthew/ 82. Bright/88) 52501 E Sylvm Dr, Smdy 97055 ... Mmdy & Jonathm SMITH (Emily/88) 2333 SW Indie Marjr ct, Troutdale 97060 ... Gene & Dima BASKIN (Lisa / 7 2, Chalte/ 78, Milla/86, Anna/89, Iila / 921 20229 NW Green Mtn Rd. Banlis 97106 ... Beth & Paul CRAWFORD lJosuna/77, Eben/83) 39175 NW Hidden Acres Ln, Comelius 971t3 (IO ... Linda ZIEDRICH & Robert WATERHOUSE (Benjmin/84, Rebecca/88, Smuel/9I) 7175 SE Wallace Rd, Datrton 97114 (II) ... Kate CREGORY & L€e LEDERER (Autumn/84, Micah/ 88) 631 W 16 St, McMimville 97128 ... Florence & George MUSSER (Arny/86. andy/88) 315 E sth St, Newberg 97132 ... Christy INGRAIIAM & Pffiiz MOGHADDAS (Calin/85) 92tO N I€ontrd St, Portlmd 97203... Dma & Gary GUMANOW (Ethm/8g, Nora/gl, Caleb/g5) 313 SE 27 Av, Portlud 97214 (ll) ... Marion & Steven WILLIAMS (Stephmie/a9, Mlchael/ 931 2135 NW lO7 Pl. Porll,Md 97229... Conrad & Regtna MUELLER lAneda/77, Georg/8o, Hils,/82, Kirstin/84, Manfred, / 87, Solveig/ 88, Wendelin/g I ) rl20 rsth St NE, Salem 97301 (H) ... Michael & Sue DUGGAN (Jessica,/87, Andrew/go) 2838 River Rd S,

97302... Mtrilyn LOWE & Craig COWAN (t*xa/82. Sol/90. Celia/g3) 1295 Milsha.U Dr SE, #C, Salem

Salem 97302 (m ... Evelyn AVERy (Nichole/88, Michael/go) 3403 Edw{d Dr SE, Salem 97302...

Gordma GUI-ABOFF (ZacharylgI) 4730 18 Pl S, Salem

97302 ... Am & Alm HUSTER (Angela/8s, Abby/88, Monica,/g2) 1734 Cibson Way NW, Albmy 97321 (II) ... Bruce & Wendy REININGER (Erical8o, ltral86, Luke/ 891 19592 Alsea Hwy. Alsea 97324 ... Vlnce & Angela SCHWINDT (Mikatla/87, Colby/8g, Kendra/gl) 325 Nw I0 St, Corvallis 97330 (H) ... Bdbila & Stuart HANDLEY (Mirmda/g4, Ronm/96) 1560 Chambers St, Eugene 97402 (lI) ... Patricia DUNHAM & Gary wAl-KER (Arilg2) PO Box 3597, Eugene 97403-0597 ... Z&ifah & Olen SPAIN (Nathm & Jemila/g3) PO Box 40655, Eugene 97404 ... Jill HUBBARD & Bill GRIFFITHS (Eva/ao, Morgu/86) 245 w 27tt\ Ave. Eugene 97405 (I4... BeUr & Steve ERFURIH (Kiral 76, shue/7g, Chdlotte & Emily/8g) l89O Tigertail Rd, Eugene 97405 (H) ... laurie TRIEGER & Iarry COXD (Amalia/86, Dion/go) 27lO Polk St, Eugene 97405 ... Shilnon & Susm SALMON (Jessica/8l, Ashly/82, Joshua/8g, Dna/921 PO Box24, McKeMie Bridge 97413 ... Julie I!&\ItCHlNl & Eric RESENER (Forest/8g) 79313 Repsleger Rd, Cottage Grove 97424 ... Rick & Debi HAAS (Heakiah/84. Drew/9o, Mdshall,/g3, Salona,/g4) 31619 Gowdlviue Rd, Cottage crove 97424 (ID ... Mtke JONES & Becca PERRY Gnstffi/g2, Havma/96) PO Box 10061, Eugene 97440 2061... Pattiebuff & Richard BEAR (Micah/8o, Bjom/83, Emily/86) 36690 Wheeler Rd, Pleasmt Hill 97455 (E) ... Cerie & Michael KING (Cale/77, Jess,/ 79, le/go, Sage/g3) 3958 Green Valley Rd, Oaklud 97462 ... Kerie & Craig PAIERMO (Casey/86, Taylor,/ goj 2775 Greenbria St, Reedsport 97467 alil ... Silah PATTEE & Stuart HENIGSON {Harley/88, Emma/go) 476 Buckhom Rd, Ashlmd 97520 (II) ... Cathy & Sam PENNINGTON (Jackie/87, Tatum/88, Slome,/go, Sm/92) I I I 15 Wtuims Hy, Grilts Pass 97527 (H1 ... Brym & Deni* MORI,AND (Eli,ah/'I, Noah/g3) 7219 Upper Applegate Rd, Jacksonville 97530 OD ... JeIT & Tauya I,ADY (Brimna/g., Kendra/g3) 528 Delta St, Klamath Falls 976O1 (l{) ... Joel DAVID & Kristin SYKES-DAVID (Aaron/8s. Toby/ aS) HC 72 Box 245A, Princeton 9772I (H) ... Karen & Russell BRANDON (Kayla/75. Abra/8I, Ocia/83, Tmner/8g, 'fFe/94) 4O2 Allium St, Ia Grmde 97850

GnowrNc Wrrnour ScHoor,rNc *126 .JeN./Fns. '99

PA - Cl*ence & Chillotte FREED (Bart/78, Natali/7g) 2402 Brunner Rd, Emmaus 13049 (Hl ... Clndy & Steve SAMPLES (Neal/85, Ben/87, Jacob/88) 9l taughlin St, tunbridge I5O03 ... Spero & Irene MAGINAS (Emmiluel,/92) 155 Orchad St. Fair Oaks l5OO3 ... Jim & Tamt DANZL (Jlmes/82, Cassie,/84, Ammda/s8) 417 Flmin Rd, New Kensington 150686807... Ronald & Dima BASEMAN (Olivia/78, Delia/ 82, Gabriel/86, Raphael/88, Larissa/91) RD 3 Box 256 B. Tilentum 15084 ... Ltsa KAUFMAN & t-u TAMLER (Cory/86, Sara/87, Jennica/g

l) 4645

Cook Av,

Pittsburgh 15236 (fD ... Ctu'istina & Joe BARRY (Kate/ 85, Michael/87) lO5 Marie Dr, Pittsburgh t5237 ... Gloria HARRISON (Anna & Sophia/84) RD I I Box 544, Greensburg l55ol (Hl ... Donna & Karl CLESSNER (Carrte/86, Jacob/89) 166 Baltzer Bridge Rd, Friedens 1554r ... Mtchael & Irra SAIBER (Brel/8s, Ieal89) PO Box 515, Sdonburg f6056 (IO ... Steve & Melissa JOHNSTON (Travis/83, Chauncey,/86) 2822 Winner Rd, Sharpsville 16150 ... Marc & Lisa HUGUS (Grmt/ 93) 6 Buckinghm Dr, Stoneboro 16153-2730 ... Ann & Bob EARLY (Nicholas/8O) 7Ol Feme Dr, Kittming 16201 ... Suso & Howild RICHMAN !Jesse/77, Jacob/8o, Molly/83, Hannah/87) PENNSYLVANIA HOMESCHOOLERS. RD 2 Box l17, Kittming 1620l ... Jim & laurie ADAMS (tom/77, 'nna/79, Blair/8o) I 12 Llnwood Dr #3, Ddinboro 164i2 ... Johr & laura POLO (Fabrizto/8r. Angelo/83. Flavia/85) PO Box 300, Edinboro 164\2 ... LJm & Steve PIPENBERC (Damon,/ 87, Benji/8g, Natha/91) 4OO Pilk Ln, State College 16803 (Il) "' Saah & Dm HAUG (Brlnne,/'i, Cilew,/ 93, Gdeth/g7) email, (State College) ... Scot PATERSON & Jtll BUCHANAN (Jeremiah/8o, Shona/82, Willa/85) SR Box 14, Woodwud 16882 (H) ... Molly BUCHANAN & David ATKINS (Celma/77) RD Box 20, Woodwdd 16882 ... Tom & Madalene MURPHY (Emily/72. Chrisua/76, Clue/791 RD 6 Box 24, Wellsboro 16901 OJ) ... Gina KELLOGG & Chip HOLLISTER (Dadel/al, Lucas,/83, Lilyl87) ENDLESS MOUNTAINS HOMESCHOOLERS, RD 3 Box 80, Columbia Cross Rds 16914 (IO ... John & Milcia LOUGHNER (Kyle/8s) RD 2 Box 1335, Manslield 16933 ... Kathy & Randy IREI,AND (Kelsey/92, Megm/ 941 845 Wlnnewood,

Cmp Hill lToll ... Fred &

Yelena VAN DOREN [Yulia/82, Sophia,/87, Natalia/8g, Diliel/g1, Silah/g3, liah/g4J 365 W North St, Ctrlisle l7ol3 (H) e- 1ryse1er & Cindy GADDIS (Eric/

87, Abigale/8g, EU/g1, Adm/92, Alexmder/g4) RR I Box 182-D3 Peach Ridge Rd, Elliottsburg 17024-9801 (H) ... Eliabeth & Da!'td TANG lsua/a7, Anna/8g) 628 Sweetbriar Dr, Hffiisburg 17111 (fD... Deborah & Merrill UMBREIT (Anna/8o. Gwen/83) 331 Brie Ln, Chmbersburg l72ol ... Jo PENDER & Marty NABHOLZ (James/7g, Chrts/8o, April/84, Joel86) RD 3 Box 860, Felton 1.7322 (I4 .- Ruth & James DUMAS (Rosalie/go) PO Box 3476, Gettysburg 17325-0476... lance & Eileen STEIN (Jeremy/84, Joshua/86, Amy/ 90) Circle of Children Alt. kming Co-op, 3 Keesey Ct, Stewartstom 17363 O4 ... Ann & Chris DAVIS (Calida/83, Jordm/86) RD I Box 1727, Stewartstom 17363 (IO '.. Peter SCUDNER & Theresa MLLNER (Cilal8g, Evffi/g2, Ammda,/96) 2I l7 Waterford Dr, lancaster I760f ... Deborah & Ttm SCHOON (Adm/

83, Eric/8s, Cal/91) 86 Spencer Av, Iancaster 17603 (H)... pr11" & Bob CONROY (Meredith/8o, Fiona/83, Silas/8s) 1724 Smoky Comere Rd, Wtllimsport 17701 (H) ... g*ot FITZGERALD & Wade WRIGHT (Jesse/79, Dtllon/8l, Adrtm/87) RR I Box I2.lA, Sullwater 17878 ... CUfford WRIGHT-SUNFLOWER & lris BIAMON-SUNFLOWER (Beom/78, Phoebe/79, Borleigh/8l, Noah/84) 2371 W Best Rd, Bath l8ol4 (H) ... 11i- yV1OON & Dave FRY (Rosalie/go, Jaimie,/ 93) 4840 Beck Rd, Emmaus f 8049 (IIl .ro Alexmdra FRENCH (Alde/8s, Zane/go\ Box 39A RD #1, Palm r807O ... Noma & hren YOUNG (Jacky/8s) 1755 Fels Rd, Pennsburg I8O73 ... Dime & Dean MO)OIESS (Merelet/84, Eric/87) RR 6 Box 6349, E Stroudsburg r83O1-9I74 ... Mtrk & Josette WARFEL lJacob/78, 18332 ... Cilol MCILVAJNE & Jtm WYCKOFF (Teal/8o, Claes/82, Rebecca,/85) Box 199, Shamee on Delawde 18356 (I4 ... Mary ITUNSBURY & Sal D'ANGIO (HiUary/87, ClaJre/gz) Creative Education Network, Stil Route, Mechmicsville Rd. Cilersville 18913 ... Ctrol & Gene

I:ura/83) RD I Box 395, Henryville

MATTES (Stephen/8s) lO8 Line Dr, Telford 18969 (H) ... Rachel LEHR & Klm MUESER (Jake/A2, Anna/ 86, Benjamin/gO) 106 Union Av, Bala Cynwyd 19004 (H) ... Paul & Sibyl THOMAS (David/87, Liam/gI) l3O Jones St, Bala Cynwyd 19004-1821 ... Dime MIGLIACCI & Rmon PEREZ (Michael/8l. Justen


Diana/83) 1126 wood St. Bristol 19oo7 ... Peter BERGSON & Susm SHILOCK (Ammda/76, Emily/7A, Julia,/8l, Nicholas/84) 314 Bryn MaM Ave, Brln MaE 19010 ... Jm & Mdk THoMAS [Wendy/89) 327 Billey Rd, Rosemont l9OlO ... C{oline MERRILL (Jonathm/ 87, Rym/89, Paul/g1) 9OO Montgomery Av #3O5, Bryn Maw 19010 ... Gerald & Ellen LITWACK (Geofftey/7g. Kate/86) 517 S Roberts Rd, BrJm MaM 19010... Patti SCHAEDER & Rick BARKER (Daniel/8s. Molly/87, Cailtn/gl) 92O Lewis Ln. Rosemont l9O1O-1208 (II) ... Pauline HARDING & Peter EVERE'IT (Matt/8g, Mtke/g3) 4835 Greenwood St, Brookhaven 19015 (H) ... Ka-en LAWSON & lawence IGRPEN (Strah/gl, Mu/92) IOO4 Drexel Av, Drexel Hill 19026 ... Clmthia & Dem GOLDNER (Muc/83, Eric/8s) 125 Pine Glen Rd, Ianghome 19047 ... George & Jan ALEXANDER (Christopher/79) 137 Rutgers Av, Swarthmore 19081 ... Thomas & Pmela BRONSON (Smuel/86, Elia/gol 1O4 Glencoe Rd, Upper Dilby 19082 ... Menily WLLIAMS & Richild SUMMERS (Abraham/82, Elise/ 89) 230 S 2l St, Philadelphia 19103 ... Tom & Patti STARNER (Ntna/go) 11 Appletree Ct, Philadelphia 19106 ... faura Morge KILRoY (Grace/g5) 22o w Evergreen Av B-21. Philadelphia l9l l8 (H) ... Debra SHUMAN (Daw/77. Miles/78, Zachary/82) 6445 Greene St. Philadelphia 19119... Steve & Patty BULACK (Jonathm/85, Alene/86, Chelsea/88, Brima/9O) 92O S 48 St, Philadelphia 19143 ... lruis MARKS & Gina SYL\TESTER-MARKS (Roper/8g, Kaya/g3, Niko/ 94]. 2140 west Chester Rd, Coatesville 19320 (H) ...

Bill & Iaretta


(lnra/7g, william/82)


Paul Circle. Gten Mills 19342 ... Anita BOWER & David ROSS (Ross/8g) 21 Greentree Ln, Malvem 19355 ... Sady, Steve, & Duncan CLARK (Jessie/83, Mary/851 PO Box 213, 2097 Newdk Rd, New lrndon f936O (H) ... Jonatha & Dime BERMON (Matthew/84, Sydney/ 87, Cdolyn/8g, Tyler/g0, Ross/g2) North St Box 193, Pomeroy 19367... Jim IIASSEIT & Linda KELLYHASSETT (Ertn/88) ll19 Talleyrand Rd, W Chester 193a2-74\6... Susm & David WEIDNER-NOVAK (Dna/47) 1427 Juniper St, Norristom 19401 ... Rmdy & Kathy HOLLEGER (Mary /85, Dime/87. Paul/ 90) 3106 Swede Rd, Norlstom 19403 (II) ... Linda & John MICKNA [Alexis/8o. Karen/841 108 Stony Way, Noristom 19403 (H) ... Rich & Mary HIMMER (Rebecca,/81, David/8s) lO35 Hereford Dr, Blue Bell 19422... Dan & Michelle JOHNSON (Lydia/8g, Jeremy,/go, Benjamin/93) 52o collegeville Rd, collegeville L9426 Fll ... Doma & Rtck MULLER (Billy treel80, Silah/8l, Joshua/84, John Caleb/87) 25 HNest Dr, Barto 19504... Rosalia FIGUEROA (Gabriel/8g, Rubi/ 92) 915 Summit Chase Dr, Reading 19611

RI -

eeftr & Mac RICHARDSoN (zacharyl8g, Cilolina Back Rd, Chalestom 02813 ... Jeffrey & Evellm WELLER l<nsIa/74, ScoIt/77, Amber/8l) I35 Ten Rod Rd, Exeter 0282) o..12pv^ MORSE (Jennifer/86, Bethmy/88, Melissa/go, Benjmin/gl) PO Box 875, Glendale 02826 ... Melmie & Dm SPERRY (Kyler/8s, Nathm/86, Jackson/g3) 274 Carpeater Rd, Hope 02831 ... Lisa & Jay DAVID (Ammda/93, Enily/94. Megan/g7) I High St, N Kingston O2A52... Mary PIERCE & Robert PERSSON (Jordm/8g) 3683 Tower Hill Rd, Wakefield 02879 ... Geraldine & Jack BARRY (Jack/8o, James/82, Mlke,/ 85, Brendm/87) 4l Cedil Cir, Ktngston 02881 ... cioia McDERMOTT & Davtd FRANK (Dmiel/82. Sm/ 86) 33t Elmgrove Av, Providence 02906



SC - U".it e TAMM & Jack SEITZ (l€ksi/7g. Abigail/83) 777 Hillvltew St, Spartmburg 29302 (H) ... Brenda & Jaap HILLENIUS (Sytske/go, Micheue/g2) 1216 Orange Beach Rd, Chdeston 29407


tstrah/87, Andrew,/g1, Rebekah/g4) lt22 Hwy

... Dima


& Robert BROUGHTON (Bobby/87) 2420 Golf Course Rd, lancaster 29720 "' Kim & Kathryn HAUER (Christine/87, Patnck/9l) 312 Northwood Dr. Alken 29aO3 ... Carol & Bill FLSICHER


James Island 39412 (H)

SD - O"ntO & Adrienne WHITEHEAD tlftistal/ 79, Patrick/8l, Dmiel/86) c/o Morse, 316 Center St, Vemillion 57069 ... Jay SCHLAGEL (Jacob,/86, John/ 90) 316 S Arch St, Aberdeen 57401 G4... Guy & Jil STEWART (Benjamin/g l, Sarah/g3) I 722 Momingside Dr, Rapid City 577Or TN - custavo & Michelle HUERTA (Monica/8s, Cecilia/ 87, Gustavo/89, Teddy/g3) 1 I t Tanglewood Dr. Dickson 37055 ... Chdles & Jme STODDARD (Nicolette,/87) 412 Perkins Dr, Franklin 37064 (H) ... Frmk & Carollm HATCHER (Cbns/77, Ktmberly/8o) lO48 Oak Pinnacle Rd, Joelton 37080 ... Ame FATHERA (John/83, Ntcki/86, Natha/8g) 3214 Hilis St, Murfreesboro 37130 ... July & Michael ROBILI-ARD ftiVillow/92) 3808 Faulkner Dr, Nashvtlle 37211 ... David OLTVE & Jacki WILLARD (Jmes,/84) 3135 lakeland Dr, Nashville 37214-3312 (H) ... .1.^"t & Margilet

STEPHENS (Marshall/86, Tommy/8g) PO

Box 838, Sewmee 37375 ... Sila & Curtis SIIARPE (Trenna,/89, Jacob/921 3O4 tauel Av, S Pittsburg 37380 ... Donald & Julimne WILEY (Benj@inl8g) 5Og E Unaka Av, Johnson City 37601 (IO ... Kil'en SMITH (Alissa/7g, Rhianna/83, Dierdre/87) 4020 Prescott Dr, Johnson Ctty 37601 ... Ron & Terry DEI,ONEY (John/ 80, Jason/8s) RR 6 Box 284-1, Dave Buck Rd, Johnson City 3760r-9806 ... Joel & Milgie LESCH (Axon/79, Setl/82, Caleb/8s) 888 Shadden Rd, Cray 37615 ... Jmes & Dentse SKEEN (Guthrie/g2, Alefha/g5) 27O Wyatt Hollow Rd, Bristol 37620 ... Betty & Greg KRAMER (Graiam/86, Chalotte/9o) PO Box 7095, Kingsport 37664 ... Todd & Llm EASTIN (Hffia/78, Maren/7g) Rt I Box 76, Johnson Hollow Ln, Shady Valley 37688 (H) ro...13gk & Cuolln STRAYHAM, 13O Lakeview Hills Ln, Clinton 377\6 ... Henry & Patti GERSON (Nita/86. Robin/89) PO Box 1369, Gatlinburg 37738 ... Judy HARDIN-BATTS (Ktruey/831 Rt I I Box 92. creenevllle 37743 ... Bob & Trish ADKINSON [Eltssa,/88, Brenna/9I) 6634 lanier Rd, Maryville 37801 ... Kim & Vmce PAGE (Kindel/85, Kori/88) 10215 Amold Ln. Mascot 37806 ... Debbie & Mike NETSON (Kayleigh/88, Nicholas/go) 2665 Hickory Valey Rd, Maynardville 37aO7 ... Mary & Richild MACTTANOFF (Itatie/7g. 7actjlary / 82, Emily/84) 408 Valley Dr, Oliver Springs 37840 ... Michael & Jennifer LI/ELY (Laura/89 , Emlly /92, Jonathm/94, Joshua/96) 1356 Cov€ Ln, Oliver Spgs 37840 ... Cmdice & Ashtey COOK Milliam/g4) 147 Tremount, John McNeil Blvd, Sneedville 37869 r.e Richud & Spatn SECRIST [Gar/ 87. Keme/gl) 5507 Crestwood Rd NE, Knowille 37918 ... Stefmi LglO & Ertc ANGSTADT (Saafina/ 95) 3217 Ellis St, Knowille 37920-3209 (II) ... Jile & Tom wlISON (Ethan/77, Hman/8o) 1648 Joe Hinton Rd. Knowille 3793f ... Demis & Anne WAHLERT (Rachel/86, Blake/9I) 4317 McCIoud Rd, Knowille 37938 ... Susm & Matthew CA\TITCH (Peter/ 8I, Jemy/83, Adam/84, Mary/86) lll50 Clen Bimhm Rd, Eads 3aO28 ... Christina SPENCE (Micah/ 82, Carilee/86) PO Box 1054, Millington 38083-1054 ... Bill & Linda VANCE (Jesse/8s) 3419 Given Av. Memphis 3a122 ... Milgilet & Thomas MEYER llaura/87, Andrew/g2) 8668 Wine kaf Cv, Gemmtom 38139 (H) oro fta16qad & Pamila DANIEL (Zachary / a3, Gabriel,/8s, Damim/88) 29 I 4 Carters Creek Statlon Rd, Columbia 38401 ... lprie & Paul HOFFMAN (Lucas/8l, Ihitlyn/84, Mffi/go) 1855 Coon Hunt Rd. Baner 38544

Robert &

Lynn GRIESEMER (Robby/88, Meleie,/go. filary / 92, Christina/g3) 1697 Dotterer's Run, Chilleston 29414 ... Beth & Russ HILLEKE (Katie/gl) 2425 Spring cdden St, Chuleston 294i4 ... Walre & Becky HENRITZE (Rachel/85) 168 Hmony Hills Ct, Georgetom 29440 (H) ... Lua & Scott WELIS (Madeleine/85, Patrick/88) I Live Oak Dr, Isle of Palms 29451 ... Sam SAVAGE & Nora MANHEIM (Jeremy/82, Emily/85) PO Box 10, McClellm!'ille 29458 (n0 ... Ctro\m & Cam HENDERSoN [wendy/7g, Nmcy/84) lo7 Eckert St, Walterboro 29488 (H) ... Irwis & Kilen DOSHER Pelzer 29669

(Ashley/84, Amy/86, Sean/8g) 1125 Fmnces St, N Augusta 29841 (H) ... 9.* & Deborah WHITE (Sefmie/88, Aidan/go, Cathe/921 926 Bradford Av,

TX - n"tn MINTLINE (Ertn/84) 3339 tanarc Dr, Plmo 75023 ... t€e & Linda VALIOUE"fIE (Stephen/79) 2017 Ring Teal Ln, Flower Mound 75O2a... Rmdy & Cathy HAEDOE (Kyltn/82, Miranda/ 84, Christina/8s) 822 Arrowhead Dr, Gdlmd 75043... John & Tammy DOUCHERTY (Chelsea/82, Addison/ 85, Caoline/g2) 1503 N Regina Ct, ln'ing 75062... Babaa


lOna/a2, Sarah/84) 325 Overlmd Dr,

McKimey 75069


Therese PALMER & John DUCA

(Evm/90) 1616 N Hills Dr, Rockwall 75087 (I4 "' Steve & Beverly RUSSO (Oumtr,/77, Paxton/8t, Brody/85, Griphed/89, Chmdler/g21 3O8 E Reindeer Rd. hncaster 75146 (II) ... lavome & Jeff PARKER (l<ate/g2, Sda/93) 106O3 Haselwood Ln, Dallas 75234

(H) .- 11o.5t & wendy SEARS (Kelton/go) 9605 Walnut St # I22O5. Dallas 75243 ... Jem & Ed


RODRIGUEZ (Trmothy/78, Benjmin/8 1, Lydia/8s) 3oo3 Tanglewood Dr, commerce 75428 (El "' Ka'en & Davtd HENDLEY (Hms/8I, lenora/&4l Rt 4 Box 13I, Rusk 75785 (Il) ... Sue & Ken HJELM rlom/8o, Ke!'inl8s) 4705 Weyhiu Dr, Arlington 76019 ... Dm & Susie FERGUS (George/g1, Jacob/94, Noah/97) 3920 Tvdn Creek Dr, Arlington 76015 ... Mrime & Ken WHEATCROFT-PARDUE (Emma/86) l8O5 Robinwood, Ft worth 76111 ... Richud & Shmna PETER (Kassmdra/86, Nicolas/87) 1616 Egm, Denton 76201 (H) ... Bill & Jma MARONEY (LyruIlee/8g, Matthew,/ 93) 324 Nocona Dr, Nocona 76255 ... Lisa & Jason BOWDEN (Shme/9O, lauren,/94) 2979 Grimes Crossing Rd, Coppras CNe 76522 (IO ... Dm & Linda FLAKE (Shelly/84) 2405 Fieldstone Dr, Killeen 76542 ... Pmela HENSLEY (Ross/8l, KaUe/83) 8306 Terace Wind Ln. Houston 77O4O ... Bill & Sharon CRANE (Elise/83, Stena,/8g) 1455 Iakeside Est. Dr #iOOl, Houston 77042 ... Jeane & Marty I,MAN (Emmaline/ 89, Strah Peul/921 I I 10 Indim Autum Ttace, Houston 77062 (IO ... valene & Steve SIMS (Rachel/ 85, Greer/87) 5903 Mid Plnes Dr, Houston 77069 ... Gayle & Milk TANENBAUM [Yonit/86, Metav/go, Natmia & Sigalia/g3) 7843 Candle Ln, Houston 77O712l l3 ... Robert & Ho[i CORTELYOU (Alexmder/88, Enc/91) 24O3 kxford Ln, Houston 77O8O ... Sabine SCHAEFER (Tenmce/8g) Rt 4 Box 1285, New Cmey 77357 ... Ashley & Chris FRASER (Nicholas/92, Comor/gs) 12911 Zion Rd, Tomball 77375 (Il) ... Btll & Kay CROWLEY (Kristen/86, Kelly/89) 12811 lvy Forest Dr, ClTrcss 77429... Chad & Marty MOCNETT (Simone/82, Dominique/8s, Milielle/88, Javil/8g) Rt 2 Box 145, Hockley 77447 ... Thomas & Llsa ARLEDGE (Will/78, lpril86) 13603 Greenmy Dr, Sugd knd 77478... George & Kate SUNDAY (Mtchael/8l) 24019 Cd{nn House Ln, I(aW 77493... Ross STIRLING & Pakicia KELLY (Benjmin/86) PO Box 1108, Crystal Be ch 77650 U4 ... Jodi & Andy HICKS (Maggie/8g,

Patrick/gl, Joseph/94) 9Ol ley Ln, Brym 77AO2 ${l ... Einer & Natalie MORrENSEN (Ariel/7', Kellen/87, Trtstm/go) 19OO Gilden St, Iaredo 78O4O ... Susu

[Galen/g3. Halm/96) 562 Cherry Ridge, Flores!'ille 78114 ... Ltsa & Jimmy IaLONDE (Gabrielle/9o, Dylm/93, Etjah/96) 598 Red Berry Rd, Seguin 78155 GI) ... stacey MERKT & John BI-ATZ (Dadel/87, Toby/9o) 1002 Schley #1, Sm Antonio 78210 (H)... Pattt & David KRUSE (Joey/8s, Jesste/ 88) f1635 Temptauon St, San Antonio 78216 (ll) ... Jason & Lisa BOWDEN (Shme/go, Iauen/94) 8a00 Stilcrest Dr Apt #319, San Antonio 78217 ... Roger & Roberta ELLIOTT (Troy/86. Erin/go) PO Box 18886, Sm Antonio 78218 (H) ... Tracy & Cmdy GIES (Tony/ 88, Anneltese/gl) 3O4 tackeU Apt S, Sm Antonio 7A226 ... Kye NEISoN (Bedamin/87, Brendm/9l) 4730 Vlew Dr. Sm Antonlo 7822a-2434 ..r Russell & Judy JENNINGS (Michael/83, Sarah/84) 8811 Ridge Mountain, Sm Antonio 7a25O-411O ... Don & Becky DAVIS (Tony/84, Erica/8s, Teddy/9O, Timotly/gs) 1OO5 Delta Dr, Corpus Christi 78412 (H) .- ygt11 ZENDIK (Fam/76, Ra/80, Colt/82, Teca/83) ZENDIK FARM SCHOOL, Star Rt 16C-3, Bastrop 78602 ... Rebecca SMITH (Meadow/8l) 1818 guailwood. Fredricksburg 74624... Ctrol & Doug STEWAR| (Emily/7g, Rtta/82) Rt 3 Box 931, Wimberley 78676 (IO ... Bob & Kate FULLILOtr/E (Gabe/8O, Jesse,/83, Gracelyn,/87, Sm/gO) l6r0 WUshire Blvd, Austin 7a722 ... Tam VOYNICK & Paul SALETAN (Emma/84, Ben/87) AUSTIN AREA HOMESCHOOLERS, 6502 Bradley Dr, Austin 78723 ... Dime & Jim MCKINNIS (Dylm/8f) 20O-B Tumbleweed Trail N, Austin 78733 ... Dilny & Brenda HARDESTY (Doug/8s) 7805 Doncaster, Austin 78745 ... Maggie MEYER (Eric/76, Anna,/8l, Serena,/85) 4415 Congress Av, Austin 78745l9O3 ... David SCTIWENDNER & Brook RANDAL (Alex/ 86) 5lO Pak Blvd, Ausun 7a751 ... Vella & Demis GREGOIRE (Simone/7g, Camille/81) I 18OO Sterlinghil Dr, Austin 7875a ct. Randy & Wendy FTARATYK (Josh/78) 60ll Siena Arbor Ct, Austin 78759 llll -. Kathryn & Bruce JOHNSON (Chris/83, Dain/86, Emlly/gl) HCR 1 Box 52, Denver City 79323 ... Greg & Casee ANDERSON (James/82, Bria/8s) 1235 Baltimore, El Preo 79902 ... Jack & May SEACROVE (J oe / 7 3, Amy / 7 5, MicheUe/78, J effr ey / 82, Allison/8s, Tommy/8g) 2024 P\er Ln, El P6o 79936 SrVIYLIE

UT - Rrea & comie HADDEN (sarah/84, Clifford/86) 985 SW Hoytsviue Rd, Coalville 84017 Da & Lynn RIDER (Irnal83, Andy/85, Rutlt/88, Adm/9O)




2oO S, Kamas 84036 (II) "' Steve & 7 l, Tmy/73, Ann/7 4' S{ah/

Pemy THOMAS (Ju'je/

Wlrsour ScsooLrNc #126 'JAN../Fnn. '99

76, Cedmen/77, Shoma/7g, Cole/83, Brynne/8s) 634

W 80 N, Orem 44057 ... Jme & Btll MOORE (Abby/8o, John/s2) 3490 W Wrmgler Way, Pilk City 84O6O ee. Tricia & George SAGEN (Amberley/89, Atods/gl, George/g3, Holton/gs) lOO2 E Grove Dr, Pleasmt Grove 84062 ... Linda BUTLER (Jessica/81, Rachel/83,

Matthew/87, Irena/8g, Elissa/gl) 1035 East 55O South, Pleasut Grove 84062 ... Stephen & Holly GODARD (Andrea/84, Robert/87) 9075 Peach Blossom Dr, Smdy 84094 (I4 ... Ken WRICHT & Lynne MYHRE (Rachel/go) 4086 S 3OO East #F, Salt lake City 84107 ... Bill & Brenda JONES (David/77, Ben/79, Joseph/ 80, Dmiel/82, Ellzabeth / A4, Rebekah/86, Samuel/87, Rachel/89, Michael & Matthew/gI, Sdah/g3) 3946

44120... Mary Ann & Jtm HUBBELL (Oordon/74, Kaue & Spencer/76, Enk/79) 3136 South 2OOO West, lag& 84321 ... KaIl & Betty PEARSON (L's^ / 7 8, Erik/8o, Andrea,/82, Glem/84. Dmiel,/86, Michael/go, Joshua/g3) 38O S 3OO E, Payson 84651-2516 Rosemary St, W Valley Clq,

\l1f - oime & Iruin PosT (Nathm/82, Brim,/ 84) Rt 2 Box.1474, Bethel 05032 OII ... Terry & Will BARRY (Meagm,/8s) RFD I Box 81, Brookffeld 05036 (II) ... Meghm & Patrick KEITH-FII1IES (Bronwyn/g2, Aidm/gs) RR I Box 283, Brooldeld 05036 tH) .Robert & lpuise SANDBERG fwilllam/8l) , Corint]r 05039 (I{) ... Edk & Bilbila NIEISEN (Cora/7', Chrtsuna/84, Ingrid/87) PO Box 265, E Randolph O5O41 (Hl ..' Gail & Rod BROWN (Drew/83, Sam,/87, Nathan/93) RR 2 Box 132, Groton 05046-8912 ... Deborah FRANKS & Da!'id LEIN (Gabriel/84, Amelia/ 94) PO Box 39O, Harddd O5O48 ... Nacy THERIAULT & Juon MORGAN (Hmnall/88, Sophie/gl) RR I Box 27O, Hartlmd 05048 (IIl ... Joy & Jon BRILLHART fvictoria/go, Jacob/g3) RR 2 Box 768, w Topshm 05086 ... Dam & BiI WANCURA (Btlly/83, Jennifer/ 84, Melissa/87, Timmy/8g) PO Box 8O4, Wilder 05088 ... Craig & Jessica LEGGETT (Gabriel/87, Noah/9o, Matty/g7) Westerda.le Rd, RR 2 Box 122, woodst@k 05091 [II) ... Jomna OORMAN (Rowen/84, Asa/87) RRI Box I147, Ludlow 05149... Teri & Kevin CAMPBELL (Adm/a2, Kila/83, Scott & Brendm,/86, Rrm/88) RR I Box 3141, Bennington o52ol Or} ... Matt & Scout PROFI (Stlas/86, Uriell/88, Eben/88) RR I Box 7O7, E Doreet 05253 tEo ... Sue AI{DREWS & Bill CHRISTIAN Uonathm,/8g, Matthew/gl) RR 2 Box 42. Pomal 05261 ... Donna & Steve BROOKS 0€if/9O) 46 Cmal St, Brattleboro 05301 ... Susan & SLOWINKSI (Sam/87, Simon/8g) 658 Orchdd St, BratUeboro O53Ol 04 ... Rebecca MOREAN & Cal PLUMER (Hamah/88, Da!'is/g]) RR I Box 512, Putney 05346... Bethmy KNOWLES Dmy MARAVELL (Ralmond/8o, wrenruth,/82, Bethey/87, Tessera,/go) RFD 3 Box 988, Putney 05346 ... Rosemay & Dick LEWANDO-STRUTHERS (Brtdget/87. Retlly/go) RR 4


Box 1400, Putney 05346 ([) oro Chuck & June ALECK (Lisal8l, Mlchelle/85) RR I Box 846, Putney 05346 (H) ....fu1i" TAMLER & Jonathm SCHOTil.AND (Tajl 89, Jess/g1) RR 2 Box 1332, Putney 05346 ... Jmice & Milk ELLIOTT (I.lgn/87, Smmtha/89) HCR 61 Box 38. Wadsboro 05355 ... Ruth & Tom BRADSHAW (I(ate/go, Peter/94') 30 Woods St, Burlington O54O1 ... Cildeltn WAIIL & George THABAULT (Drew/86, Jmie/8g) 36 Baird St, Burltngton 054O1 oor.166t 6 Patu GALTAGHER (Caal9o, Luke/gl) 42O S Winooski Av, Burlington 05401 ... Chris & Gina KROL (Emtly/88, Adm/91, Jeremy,/93) 41 Vine St, Burlington O54Ol ... Lime TYRREL & Peter WALKER (Ethu/9o, Oltvla/g2l 8 Et}lm Allen Ave #18, Colchester 05446 (Hl ... Stephante D'ARCANGEI-O-DALMER & Jeremy DALMER (Mariah/g7) 24 Elb.e Allen Av #80, Colchesler 05446 ... Debbie IiNDAUER & Tom KAFKA (Orion & Alex/g2) RFD 4 Box 1950, Old Boston Post Rd, Enosburg 05450 OI ... Bilbila SEMPF & Thomas PATRY !Nelya/77, WtllyJme/78, Ivm/80, Jacob/8g, Abrahm/g1) RD I Box 2340, Fairfax 05454 ... Dale & Arme BINGIIAM {Andrew,/8s, Ltnley/88, Krista,/go, CaiUin/g2) RR I Box 1635, Franklin 05457 -. Wally & Chrts JENKINS (Peter/86) PO Box 3, 70 East St, Huntington 05462 (II) -. Kelly & Barry KING (Elizabeth/88, Saah/9o, Benjarnin/g3) RR 3 Box 431, Jericho 05465 0t) ... Reed & Chrts SIMS (Emtly/87, Paul/89) 13 Plalns Rd, Jericho 05465 [II) ... Debbie GAWOR (Maia/g4) RRr Box 5380, Jertcho 05465... Kristin EKSTRAND & Thomas MARSHALL (Owen/88, Elsbet/gl) 53 Gendron Rd, Richford 05476 (II) ... Deb & Fred SHELL (Mae/ 77, s.Ta/79, Esnly/42, Eval84) RR 2 Box 289-C, Polly Hubbtrd Rd, StAlbans 05478 (It ... Bob & Kathleen ENGSTROM (lff/A4, Per/gll RD #3 Box 13 Lake Rd,

GnowNc Wrrnour ScHoor-rl{c #126


St Albms O547A... Judy & Stephen SELIN (Lindsay/ 87, Morgm/901 9l Falls Rd, Shelbume 05482 ... Mary

MErcALF [Ollver/87, Electra/9O) RD 3 Box 3843, Iak€ Rd, Vergennes 05491 (H) ... Peter & Sherri MCCORMICK (Elaina/gr) 29 Birch Ridge Rd, Westford 05494-9601 ... Russell & Mary PERSONS (Dantel/8l, Aaron/83, Smuel/86) RD #3 Box 4370 Ctr Rd, Mlddlesex 05602 (IIl ... Ka'en & Edwdd FOX (MorgM/A7, Cassidy/go) IOO East St. Bane 05641 (H) ... y,'".6t MARTIN & Peter MORSE (Heather/83) PO Box 69, Calais 05648 (II) ... Tom KAVET & Emily GOULD (Alexa/86) RR I Box 162 K, Grmiteville 05654-9607 (H)

"' 66**O & SylYia

SMITH (Ltndsey,/

84, Nathmiel/86) RFD #1 Box 1033, Marshlield 05658 ... Debble & Randy KNIFFIN [Serena,/76, Emily/8o, Richte/83, Michelle/88) 179 Spruce Knob, Middletom Sprlngs 05757 (Hl ... Cindy WADE & Todd PYKOSZ (Amaquista/86. Zrbhdiyah/gl) PO Box 127, N Clilendon 05759 (H) ... Elizabeth & t€nny GIBSON (Nathmiel/84, Thaddeus/89) RD Box 25568, Pawlet 0576I (Hl ... Jolur & Kate BILINSKI (C{a/77, Mana/ 87) RR 1 Box 163A, Rochester 05767 lKl... Clnthia HUARD & Iarry HAMBERLIN (David/88, Sarabeth/gl) PO Box 68 Rt lOO. Rochester O5767 (fl}... Zf,lia VAN DEN BERC & Oary RODES (Doname/8o, Alexmder/

84) PO BOX 42, Craftsbury Common 05827 ... Jeremiah & Dorothy REILLY (lsaac/g3) PO Box 57, Craftsbury Common O5827-OO57 ... Jme DWINELL & Slry YARDLEY (Dma/87, Sayer/9o) RD I Box 37A. Irasburg 05845 (IO ... Cindy & Todd TASKA (Hannah,/ 87. Benjmin/8g) 1926 valey Rd, Ipwell O5a47 ... Joseph & Marylou MILLER (Chelsea/83, Julianne/8s, Gavtn/gO) RR 1, West De!'ille 05873 (H) ... Cheryl & Scott SAUTER (Kyle/8s, ryLer/a7, Kiera/9o) RR I Box IOl-8, West Dandlle 05873 (H)

VA - Ron & Rorone STEED (Chelsea & Heather/87) 73Ol Mariposa Dr, Mdassas 2oll2 ... Betsy KOCSIS & Mike KINGSTON (Steven/g1, Frmk/ 95) 13493 Pt Pleasmt Dr, Chmttlly 2ol5l ... Lta & Irrere BELI-O (Kyce/8l, Forest/9l) 20212 Broad Run Dr, Sterltng 20165 ... Robin MARILL-MORGAN & Da!'td MORGAN (Kole/89. Sem/9i. Connor/g3) 3437 Chtrleson St, Annmdale 22003-1609 OI) ... Jorge & Debra KEZMAN (Silah/82, Alexmdra/g2) 13930 Big Ymkee Ln, Centrcville 22O2O ... Don & Mary I-AVOIE (John/86, Milk/a8) 12260 Exbury St, Hemdon 22070 ... willie & Irslee PADIN (Haley/go, DarLika/g4') 22 wllson Av NW, lreesburg 22075 ... ftrny GERHARDT & Chris HOWLETT (Giles/86, Walker/go, Noah/g3, Eva/ 94) Rt I Box 17, Iavettsvtlle 22OAO [Il1 ... Jeme & Dave ROSS (Becca/8o, Sila/84) 11723 North Shore Dr, Reston 22O9O ... Olga DARVIRA (Eratosthenis,/92) 1436 Oakview Dr, Mcbm 22101 ... Peter & Kathleen FLORY (Henry/87, Semus/88, Fiona/9o, xaver / 92, Isabelle/g4) ll2l2 Kettle Run Rd, Nokesville 22123 (H) ... Albert & Kerry FARAONE (Chalie/79, Cody/83, Kaitee/86, Jesse/89) RR 2 Box 68, Purcellville 22132 ... Elaine & Eric PErERSEN (Chris/87, Lucen/g3) 6106 Bachlick Rd, Springfield 22150 (H).- Iaura & Richad ARMITAGE (Chris/83, Alice/84) 277 windover Av NW, Viema 22lAO ... Marta & Tlm KRAUSE (Maura/88, Awil/g1) 2520 Roclry Brsch Rd, Vienna 22181 ... cregory & Shelley ROBBINS (rhitllm & Matthew/86, Chelsea/8g, Jillim/g2) 27 I 8 Woodfem Ct, take Ridge 22192 ('I}... Judith SHAPIRO & Moulton AVERY (Julia/88, Jercy/91) 4307 S 35 St, Arlington 22206 ... Donna NIMEY & Wade CORNELIUS (creg/8g, Katherine/go, Severin/g4) 5803 Mt Vemon Dr. Alexmdria 22303... Scott & Shtron CASTONGUAY (Anall^/87, Shaina/g1) 2257 Arlington Ten, Alexudria 22303-1505... Kit MINDEN & Pilker AUBURN [Taylor/89) 923 Marye St, Fredericksburg 22401-5624 ... Bob & Karen WARREN (Nathm/81, Katebm/86, Emtly/89) Rt I Box 1830, Reedvtlle 22539 ... Kelly IU,{CKLIN & John del RE (I€ylmd/8s, John Dmiel/88) RR I Box 35, Boyce 22620 oot Nick & Kathy CRETTIER (Erin/85. Alex/87) Rt 3 Box 419, Front Royal 22630 OI) ... Russ & Marjr Jae STONEKING (Kest/8l, Tucker/gl) Rt I Box 222H, Keqletow 22832 ... Cdolllm OGLESBY [Iauren /80, Doug/a2, Robbie/87, Annie/88) Rt I Box 431, Mt CraMord 22A41 4m... Guy & Suss BABINEAU (lauren/g., Matthew/g3) 1142 Mtll Pdk Dr Extd, Chalottesvtlle 22901 ... Bwerly SENG & John WHEELER (JohnMichael,/89) 5O5 8th St NE, Charlottesville 22902 (Hl ... Mary & Jack wII,sON (Emtly/86, Luke/88, Dmiel/ 89) 317 Monte Vista Av, Chtrlottesvtlle 22905 (lll... Jom & Tom CICHON (Kali/8s, Maya/87J Rt 3 Box 602,

JtN./FBs. '99

Afton 22920 ... Michael & Ellen NEAL (Kenny/83, Dmiel/8s. Jacob,/88) 422 Perkins Hollow Ln, Faber 2293a... Mtrk & Tmmy MALmY (Joey/83, Julim/ 85, Joshua/go, Jme/95) Rt I Box 3OO-E}, Fishere!'tlle 22939 ... Ellen PEARCE (Miles/78, Jmes/84) PO Box

147, Nellys Ford 22958 ... Jon & Brenda THOMPSON (Brian,/as, Jesse/88) PO Box 1223, Gloucester 23061 (IO ... Brenda E-|HEREDGE (ElUah/gl, lmffii/gz) Twtn Oaks Community, 138 TWin Oaks Rd, lpuisa 23093 (I4 ... Susm & Ed SNO*A (John/84, Suah/'2) 2824 McMmaway Dr, Midlothie 23112 ... John & Suame MEHFOUD (Georganna/82, Patrtck/8s, Colltns/8g) 565 Hmover Rd, Smdston 23150 (H) ... Elizabeth & John HOLLIS (Cdoline/82, Lydia/84, John/8g) 333 Buns Ln, Willimsburg 23185 ... Dennis & Retha DANVERS (Katia/8l, Marina/8s) 3403 Ha*thome Av, Rlchmond 23222 ... Robert & Peg$f Sue TRUETT (Joshua/81, Ismc/83, Hmnah/86, Peter/ 89) 3718 Burke Rd, Rlchmond 23223 L'll... Allison & Bob MESNARD (Natalie/85, Lnora/87J 7736 Whittington Dr, Richmond 23225-2139... Joy & Bill PAYNE (Nick/81, Lule/86. Deiel/88) l4O2 Bellewe Av, Rictmond 23227 ... Joyce HARTLEY & Paul GUIDER (Phoebe/88, Md/gO) 3Ol9 Putney Rd, Richmond 23224 ('Ir... Eric & Cindy SWOVEI,AND (Jason/79, Justin/82, Im/86, Brett/87) 17O4 Scoup Ct, Chesapeake 23320 [H) ... Dm & Theo GIESY (Dmile/65. Dun\ / 67, Susan/69, Anita / 72, Ellen/88) 441 I Colonial Ave, Norfolk 23508 04 ... lauren & Terry FUREYMOORE (Meghan,/88, Maggle/g1, Cdoline/g7) 312 Palen Av, Newport News 23601 ... Adrienne & Scott OUIGLEY (Jonathon/84, Ertcl86, IagM/AA) 418 Cottonwood Dr, Newport News 23602 (IIJ ... Paul & Debra CARUSO (Thomas/8o, Dmiel/81, Briil/83, Ntcholas/87) Rt 1 Box 202. Keysville 23947 ... Laura PAI-OSKI (Aaron/87) 1113 Welch Rd SW, Romoke 24015 ... Kyle SHUIW{TE (Rym/76, Ashletgh/ 80, Kelsey/83) 11896 County Line Rd NE. Copper Htll 24079 llll ... Louis BECKER & Jemie WEST (Jacob/ 82, Aaon/88) 112 Owens Dr, Femm 24088 ... Corey AIELLAR & Virgtnia NATHAN (Ial89, Izabelle/go, Elemor/gl. laurel/92\ Rt 3 Box 119 F, Floyd 24091 ... David & Virginla LOCKETT (Smmtha/82) The lrckett Fm, Rt 5 Box 136, Staunton 24401 ... Llme & Bruce NOEL (Douglas,/78, Dana/8z, Milc/861 Rt 2 Box 429, Staunton 24401 ... Collette & Michael BARRY-REC [Willie/83, Crystal/86) Rt 3 Box 226A, kxington 24450 ... Ceorge & Linda DOBY (Allyson/82, EllzabeLh/ 85, Mak/89, George/g1) ALOFI, 2l2O Wiggtngton Rd, Llnchburg 24502 (lll ... Jmes JONES & Kilen NUZZO (Goss/83, Gmet/87) Rt 5 Box 256, Bedford

24523 (Hl


(JuUd/87, - Monica & Steve KRAUSE Natasha/8g) 16995 RoclV Glen Rd, Perrts 92570... Bev GEARY & Mtrk MUMIVIY (Da!'idl83, Linda/87) 655

Jasmlne Pl IIW. lssaquah 94027 ... Paula RUSSELL & John DICK (Joshua/88, t€ahlgr) 25010 SE 3lst Pl, Issaquah 98027 ... Bridget & Patrick THOMPSON (Thomas/82, Bryony/85, cuy/88, Moruenna/gl) l2l4o lo4th Av NE, Klrklmd 98033 tII) ... Gene & Smdi HALL (Kyle/8l, Cassie/82) \9227 244th Av SE, Maple Valley 98038 ... Shileah & Michael COREY (Nicholas/84, Cdeb / 47, Gabrtel/go, lsaiah/g3) 4302 224th Pl Sw, Mountlal<e Tenace 98043 ... Stephen & Jme KOSER (Henry/8s, Myles/87, George/g1) lO20r 420th SE, North Bend 98045 (H)... Davtd & Leigh FEISTHAMMEL [Matthew/8s, Jordan,/86) 1260 LaForest Dr SE, North Bend 98045 ... Brim & Becky CHAPMAN (Nlcholas/88, Timothy/go, Wyatt/96) 21708 NE 92 Pl, Redmond 98053 (IO ..r Jon & Wendy WARTES (Jeff/7g. Jutl€/ar, Mtke/8s) 16109 NE 169 Pl, Woodindlle 94072... Pattt PITCHER (Becca/8l, taua/84, Heidi/go, Aidm/95) 5526 26 Av NE, Seattle 981O5 ... Christopher & Lydia KINATA (Jonah/84, Cedu/89) 5OO4 2oth Av NW, Seattle 98107 ... Babtra & Ntckolas CHRISMAN (Cabriel/7g, Simon,/8o, Linsey,/ aq a687 Oddfellows Rd, Bainbridge Islmd 98ll0 (H) ... Julie & Keith SCANDORA (Rhimnon,/82, Rikki/84, ry/87) 8rg NE 84, Seattle 98115 ... Mary HOI.SCHER & Paul FINLEY (Sonia/87) 77lr rgth Av NE, Seattle 981 15 (ID ... Paula BECKER & Barry BROWN (Hunter/ 92, Sawyer/9s, L/.lhe/g7) 62O3 21 Av NE, Seattle 98115 OO ... Ronald RICHARDSON, 4OO3 Av SW, Seattle 98116 ... Mdcy & Milk RAY (Alex/82, Coltn/ 83, Thomas/88) 7037 22nd Ave NW, Seattle 98t17 (I4 ... Ahava GOLDWATER (Gawiella/85, Avil88, David/go) 6009 Sewud Pk Av S, Seattle 981 l8 ... CoUeen LAWSON & Steve MITCHELL (Ben/87, Sm/ 92) 5436 49th Av SW, Seattle 98136 ... Peter & lrene


GLICK (Jtred/87, Ropnne,/go) 1221 Nw Norcross Way, Seattle 9A177 W1 ... Jim & Dma STRICKI,AND (Avery/95) l4to 20 St, Everett 98201 (H) ... p"u16 * Robin STANGI-AND lAmmda/gl, A\tuey/941 22lO Baker Av, Everett 98201 ... Dime & George CEANULEAS (Jenny/8l, Mark/83) 438 W Shore Rd, Guemes Is 98221 ... Gary & Bobbe McCtLL (Naphtali/ 7 7, J oseph / 7 9, Elisabeth/8 1, Hadassah/88, Micaiah/ 91, Kemuel/95) 385I Brttton Rd, Bellinghm 98226... Ann & Tadd HESS (Jacob/gl, Maya/g3) l73O N Zylstra Rd, Oak Harbor 9A227 ... Irslie & Dusty WILLIAMS (Jesse/8o, Rachel/84) 18ag H St Rd, Blaine 98230 ... Peter & Megm NORDLUND (Philo/77, Theresa/86, Dmielle/89) 916 Blue Heron Rd, Bow 98232 ... Naomi & Hmey ALDORI [Yonate/86, Irmon,/go, Oliver/g3] HC 1 Box 277, Eastsound 9e245 {lll ... Jay & Bedelta SAMSON (Dmas,/8s, Lilliu/88) 2600 Central Rd, Everson 98247 ... Debra & Chris CO\IERI-BOWLDS (Steven/gl, Smh/94) 5967 Abbey Rd. Femdale 98248 (H) ... Milcta & Don MILLER (Benjamin/93) PO Box 1256, Monroe 9A272... Kim & tarry TUCKER (hchary/go, Nyka/g2, July/g3) 1111 Dike Rd, Mt Vemon 98273 ... Lisa & Chris CONYERS (Hallie/gl, Kyle/gz) 2293 Otter Pond Dr, Mt Vemon 9A274 (Hl ... John Oren & Joyce LACKEY pason/82, June/79, Orton/gOl 121 Alder Dr, Sedro Wooney 98284 ... Greg & Nucy DUKE (Jack/8o, Sua,/81, Beth/87) 2247 Old Day Creek Rd, Sedro Woolley 98284 ... Julie & Da!'id LoYD (Chtrlie/84, Peter/86) General Delivery, Waldron Islmd 98297 [II) ... Lisa & Ted HILE (Dmica/86, Marty/88) 8216 271st Av E, Buekley 98321 ... I'hth & Dm RAYMOND (Seth/7s, Vallte/7g, Lydia/86) 8rl U St, Port Tomsend 98368 ... Alison HEDLUND & Douglas WARREN (Coltn/87, Benjamin,/89, ^foby /921 625 55th St, Port Tomsend 98368 (I{) ... Rlck & Rose MARSCHALL (Pad/7a, Jon/81, Barry & Claire,/ 84) 72 W Suail Ln, Sequim 98382 ... Robert & JoAnn RICHARDSON (David/9o, Marta/g3) 4166 NW Hofmm Ctrcle, Silverdale 98383 ... Jerry & Anne SEAI^S (Brim/86) 5514 1A7 Av Ct E, Sumner 98390 ... Thomas & Janice KVAMME (Da\'ld,/g2, Marlan/g4, Stephen/96) 617 l2O St S, Tacoma 98444... Cill & Jue HANSON (ElI/74, Molly/7g, Erik/8s, Jason,/88) llO28 Cowlltz Dr SE, OlymPia 98501 (I{) ... Ktren cRowN (Jade/82) 1516 7 Av Sw, Olympia 98502 (II) ... Mike & Chris CONROY (Justin/84, Gabriel/88, Nichotas/92) 260 N Dubois Rd, Artel 98603 (I{) ... Da!'id & Margaet FRANK (Jack/88) 384 Hemlock, Goldendale 9a62O-2428... Patti & Patrick WIIITERS (Gmett/87) 3520 NW 166 St, Ridgelield 9a642 ... Patti BLYSTONE (Seth/8o, Sem/83, Dylm/87) PO Box 484, Ridgefleld 9A642... Mdk & Petm HANLEY (Caitlin/g4, Amelia/96) 492 Beacon Highlmds Rd W, Skamania 9a648 ... Kathleen & Rardy SPRENGER (Jaclyn/8g, Michael/gI) 5318 NE 66 Av, Vmcouver 98661 ... Martjr & Rebecca FIORES (L€ah/88, Cillie/ 9l) 860l NE 59th Cir, Vmcouver 94662 ... Lori & Jack LORANGER (Amber/84, BreAna/88) MPO r7-R Krogstad Rd, Washougal 94671-9623 ... Joy & Matin OVERSTREE*I Wylie/83) 15518 NW 23 Ct, vmcouver 98685 [H) ... Emilie FOGLE & Don OVERMILLER (lsaac/88, Carter/g3) 1413 Easthills Ten, E Wenatchee 98802 (IO ... Sua DENIUT{]V & Dmel NASH (Bryan/77, Made Elise/82) 2306 SummiMew Av, Yakima 98902 ... Swmne NOBLE & Ande STRITMATTER (Amy/86, Stevie,/g2) I 238 I vantage Huy, Ellensburg 98926 (H) ... John & Pmela RANDALL (Sila/8l, Rachel/83, Im/87) 30 Eiler Ln, Zillah 98953 (II) ... Cath AUVIL (Tyl80, Jahmar/85) PO Box 1847, Deer Pak 99006 ... Randy & Lyme KNOWLES (Asthory/77,

Je ny/79, Joma/84, Arly/86, Elspeth/88, Galen,/go, Conor/93, Brennm/95) Pend Oreille Unschoolers, 2322 Mccloud Creek Rd, Newport 99156 (H) ... Susil MCMINN-SEEFELDT & Steve SEEFELDT (Robln/85, Holly/a7, Heather/89) SE 4O5 Htll, Pullmm 99163 ... Milk & Tmy ROLOFF (Melissa/81, Jostah/83, Caleb/8s, Lydia/86) HC 10 Box 337, Ritz!'iUe 99169 ... Eric & Toni JOHNSON (Tmya/ 83, Melmie/86) Rt I Box 355, valley 99181 (Ifl o.. Paula & Rtrdy COUNTRYMAN (Mu/88) S 2323 Lincoln, Spokane 99203 0l) ... Jotm & Pat HOLMES (Chrls/83, Steve/83, Nathm/86, Emily/87) lTrg School St, Walla Walla 99362 (II)

WV - nu & Dime LEED (F,lm/7a, Emma/8o, woody,/8l, Elijah/86) Box ll4A, Fritrs Hill 24939 "' Susm & Steve WELLONS (Matthew/79, Jonathm/82, M{k/85) 1702 Smith Rd, Chaleston 25314 "' Libby & Chris BARKAN (Chdotte/86, Phoebe/go) Blue Ridge 46

Acres Box 71, Hapers Ferry


Lise SADE &

(Benjmin/8g, Slryld/g3) PO Box 251. Shepherdstom 25443 ... John & Martha MISHOE



(Christopher/7o, BnN/73, Matthew/74, Jeannie/76, Benjamin/78, Nicholas,/8O, Tony/88) 29 Rosemont Ct, Huntington 25705 lHJ ... Kent & Tonya DAVIS (Katharine/94) 206 Munay St, Beckley 25801 ... Mary Beth & John STENGER (John/8g, Bob/91, Frmk/93) Rt I Box 44C, lpst Creek 26385 (IO ... Bubila Ann VOLK & Mik WRIGHT (Autum/87, l€ilal88) Rt 4 Box

551, weston 26452 ('I1... Linda CAMPBELL, PO Box 4152, Stil City 26504 ... Kim & Mike JACKS (Mtchael/ 83, Jonathm/86, Kevtn,/9l) 655 North St, Morgmtom 26505 ... Bilbila WALKER & Steven ROOF {Ben/ 84, Tegm/go, Jordm/g4) Mtrion Cty Home Educatlon Organlaton RR 6 Box 336, Fatmont 26554 (H) ... Mary Ellen SULLIVAN & Donald FISHEL (Jake/8l. Dotg/A2, Mil/85) Rt 2 Box 113, Mmnington 26582 (H) ... Pete & Irenie HOBBIE (Elll88, Dakota/g2) l5 Grassy Lick Rd, Kirby 26729 F\... Stephen & trigh CALIACHER (Donald/87, Rudy & Jmes/8g) PO Box 36, Sugil Grove 26815

'WI cl"rry WHITOMB & Jerry FRANZEN (Julian/88, Mtles/g1) N4469 Hwy 55, Chilton 53014 (H) -. Arm & John HIPPENSTEEL (wtlltam/84, Margrethe,/87, Isaak,/9O) 2499 Iakeshore Rd, Grafton 53024 lII1 ... Brian & Eliabeth SPIELMAN (GabrieUe/ 81, Ben/84. zach/851 1265 l-is Av, Broomeld 53045 ... PegS' & John BURNS (Johmy/8o, Megg//82, Patrick/86, Marylgo) lO2 E White Oak Way, Mequon 53092 ... Roy & Shelly UNDERHILL [Elyse/86, wyatt/ 9l) 14535 Club Dr. Elm Grove 53122 ... Tiila MUHR (Crystal/83, Justin/88, Mu/93) PO Box 994, Genoa City 53128 ... Jeme WELSCH & Robert RAINEK (Tegan/8g,'teah/a4\ t92o S Sprtngdale Rd, New Berlin 53146 (II) ... Ken & Shtron DUNFORD (Ashley/ 87, Chris/8g) 8312 252 Av, Salem 53168 (I4 ... Iaura & Davtd HONAN (Slrye/83, Nicholas/86, Benjmin/88, Elia/go) 312 S Cottage St, Whitewater 5319Q eo. 5qsELIAS & Tom MCCONNELL (Apdl/8r, Mdk/84) 3145 N 54 St, Milwaukee 53216 (lO ... Mik€ & Peg SToECKLEIN (Jerry/83, Annte/86, Danny/8g) 5620 Randal Ln, Racine 53402 ... Jodene & Patrtck kDENMAT (Catherine/95) 3112 Cozy Acres Rd, Racine 53406-5152 (H) ... Tom & Gretchen SPICER (Jacob / 7o, Seth/73, Jesslca/74, lsaac /78, Esau/81, Moriah/87) Rt t Box 15, Avoca 53506 (H) ... Camy MATTHAY & Paul HASTIL (BeilA7, Emma/gl) 5708 Bell Brood Rd, Brookllm 53521-9453 (H) ... gt"1t g Helen KITZMAN (Jacob/8l, Eval84, Hmnah/88) 455 Irndon Rd, Deerfleld 53531 ero Marie BAKER & Dave JAMIESON (Sarah/79, Becky/84) RR I Box 65, Dodgeyille 53533 (m ... Matha & Iarry SHEA (Elemor/88, Ruth/8g, Caroline/g2) 42O Augusta St, Jmesville 53545 ... Cdol & Martin STlfi (Jason/85) 1768 Skyline Dr, Stoughton 53589 ... larry & Susan KASEMAN (Bet}r / 7 2, P eter / 7 5, Gretchen/78, Megan/ 8l) 2545 Koshkonong Rd, Stoughton 53589 (I4 ... Keily KOTEWA-VELDEY & Greg VELDEY (Gemma/86, Nolm/9O) & Kdla WADE (Altes/87) 4471 Windsor Rd, Windsor 53598 (ll) oro $q2anae tr$KEY & David FOSS (Ben/871 544 Elmside Blvd, Madison 53704 ... Altson & Da!'id MCKEE (Christim,/78, Georglna/821 5745 Bittersweet Pl, Madison 53705 (II) ... Melissa ALLEN & Jay OTTO (Benjamin/94) 7lO Copelmd St, Madison 53711 -. Phyllis HASBROUCK & David SIMMONS (Nicholas,/86, Nathe/gO) 3l13 view Rd, Madison 53711 (H) "' Henry & Julte THOMPSON (Marcy/95) 2108 Muir Field Rd #2. Madison 53719 ... Richdd & Nmcy PEIDEI-STEIN (Alice/82, Apnl/87'l 614 Rtdge St, Baraboo 53913 OO ... Brad & Georgene KUNZE (Stephen,/86, Megu/88) 53646 N Bent Tree Dr, Baaboo 53913 O{) .- Kill & Melmie BURGI (Kyler/ 85, Ciara/87) El267aA Mm Mound Rd, Baaboo 53913 (Il) .ro John & Susm I-AMPI (Ruth/78) 3O4 Rounsville St Apt B, Waupun 53963 (H) ... Kathleen MELIN & John SI(y STARKEY (Kodiak/84, Blre/a5,Iank June,/ 88) l54O 2OO St, St Croix Falls 54024 ... Jilt & Me(itt BUSSIERE (Elena/83, Abram/85, Lilah/88) N5942 Meadow Rd, Kewaunee 54216 (II) ... Jmet & Ken BEROGREN [Chalie/87, Julia/9O) RR I Box 118, washtngton lsland 54246 ... Peg LeROY & Fred POCKRANDT (Andrew/88, Matthew/go, Suah/92, Anna/g3, James/95) 2894 Sweetfem Dr, Green Bay 54313 ... Etizabeth BARR (Jordm/88) 3Og S llth Ave, wausau 544OI 0l) ... Shdon & Frak DeSTEFANO (Nicholas/84, Dmielle/86) lO07 W 6th St, Mdshfleld

54449 El)


Dave & Kilen SMITH [Kayleigh/86,

Aaron/8g, Cassmdra/go, Alyssa/g2) 8Og 6 St, Mosinee 54455-1615 ... clsk & Silajue SI{YDER (Eliabeth/ 83, Becky/85) 14711 Rmgeline Rd, Nekoosa 54457 (Hl ... Katie PERRY & Rlch WALKER (Alex/go, h/93, Muia/96) 2325 Prals St, Stevens ft 54481 ... Phil & Jmice ZINDEL (Srah/87) 5120 Wilsch Rd, Conover 545i9 (I{) ... Frm & Dick SWIFT (Henry/8s) 3039 S 27 SI, la Crosse 546OI ... Pattt & Kevin VAN BUSKIRK 179, 82, 85) RR I Box 127, Westby 54667 I'I| ... Bryce BLACK & Kathleen PLUNKETT-BI,ACK Uana/7g, Christopher,/82, Geoffrey/87| Rt 2 Box 2O5, Arkmsaw 54721 (E)... Davtd & Ellen LIBEKIO (Jonathm/84, Jesse/87, ltrne/921 Rt I Box 194, Menomonie 54751 (H) ... Jim & Jm ERDMAN (Marttn/76, will/78,

Rylmd/8l) 1317 Meadow Hill Dr, Menomonie (H)


54751 Pam OLSON & Bob WAISH (Katte/8s, Hannah/

87) Rt I Box 83, Stockholm 54769 (I4 ... David & Rachel GRAPENTINE (Devin/82, Ertc/84, Will/87, Jacob,/91) Rt 1 Box 4494, Maple 54854... Megm & Mark PERRINE (Mika/78, Teal/81, Curt,/84, Nort/8g) Rt I Box 73A, Mason 54856 (II) "' Mary & Mm BI,oEDOW (Jason/84) N2723 Cty Hwy W, Weyerhauser 54895 (Ir) ... Rebecca & Terry SCHMITZ (Mtchael/82, Christopher/86, Matthew/8g) 1523 S Oakwood Rd, Oshkosh 54904... Peter & Sarah GILBERT (Emily/85, Susmnah/g2) l9O8 N Clak St, Appleton 54911 (II) ooo Annie & Richdd KRUPNOW (lsaac,/8s, Sasha/87, Raven/gl) N363 4th Av, Coloma 54930 OI) ... Bruce CASNER & C. ke DUCKERI (Da/85, Be\/88) 229 Berkeley St, Neenah 54956 0I)... Gordon & Ma{orie BERG (Joel/8o, Rachel/82) 5Il E Cectl St, Neenah 54956-3818 ... Rene & Steve EMoNS (Juline/8s, Clalton/8s, Caelia/87) RR I Box 328-2, Wautoma 54982 (H)

WY - Ct''is & Richtrd


(Andrew,/8o, Peter/83) UNSCHOOLERS OF WYOMING, 429 HW 23O #2O, IilTile 82O7O (IO ... Breece & Sherryl FERGUSON {Alm/84, Elizabeth/86, Kelley/88, Denise/gl) 1507 So Flat Rd, Worlmd 82401 ... Randy & Cindy HOWDYSHELL (Joey/83, Ketry/8s, Bronwyn, 87, Moriah/8g) 23 Dance Hall Rd, tander 82520 (H) ... Irs & Mary PICKRELL (Andrea,/8o, Valerie/83, Mtchael/86, Christopher,/89, Ashley/g2) 28 Knode Rd, Sheridan 8280I (m ... Genie BOWERS & Paul STONE (Dmiel/8s, Susmna/89) PO Box 6072, Shertdm 8280f ... Chrtstlne & Art DENTON (SMer/87) PO Box 2420, Jackso\ Hole 830O1 ... James & Cheryl KELLY (Meghan/9o, Joseph/92, Iaura/gs) 3678 HW 241,

Afton 8311O

Canada: AB -

Str.ita MaCLEAN & Ken SMITH (Jemy &

Daw/82, Heather/86) Box 716, Smoky (IO

... John & Rena





(Silah/87, Shalev/go,

Shme/g4, Savannah/96) 6207 39 Av, Stettler mC 2Ll


Jaye HEAIITI'IENWOOD tl-gm/86, Caspim/gl) Box 35, Baons mL OGO Olll ... Robert & Evome SMULDERS (tuny/8l, Jesste/83) Cenerl Delivery, Black Dimond mL OHO (H) ... Anne BROWN & David CEBULIAK (Noah/8g, Emma/9s) PO Box 178, Bragg Creek mL OKO tm ... Calvin & Rita VISSER (Mattiias/ 79, Hmah/8o, Htlary/83. Reuben/85, Jmelle/88,

Micah-John/9l, Benjamin/g3) RR 4, Rimbey mL zJO ... A:mmd & Cherie PITRE (Ammda/87, Jade/gl) Box 2405r. Iathbridge TrH 6Hl (Hl ... Elizabeth & Ray CARLSON (Jennifer/82, Tommy/87) 545-7 St West, High River TMBg ... Ltmn JENSEN (Tmmy-Lynn/ 75, Ross/76, Patti-Ann/78, Jakcte-Sue/8o, Cathy-lpu/ 82, Remmington/84) 212 Deerview Ct SE, Calgary TzJ 6J9 ... Susu SPYKER-NOONAN & Gavin NOONAN lsage/g2, Tansy/94) Altematlve Educ Resource Assoc,

I I Mosely Close, Red Deer T4N 5S8 (II) ... 6"t g Grace MARCINKOSKI (Gordon,/a I, Paige/83, Cathy/86) Box 1057, Camose 'I4V 487 ... Sylvie RAY & Robert WRIGHT (Gabriel/86, Orton/8g) 6O6F Michener Pilk, Edmonton mH 5A1 ... Sylvia & Otto BUTINERSCHNIRER [Moira/ 7 5, Patrick/7g, Katya/83, Stephen,/ 84, Tony/86) 47 Broad view Cres, St Albert T8N 0Br (H) ... Bob & Kathy RoLLHEISER (Kris/78, Llsal8o, Bret/84) lol I r 105 Ave, Peace Rlver T8S lK8 "' Janet & Ray KEIP (Jaime/8s) Box 5027, Peace Rlver T8S lR7 (H)

BC - R""rt.t RoSS-HERBISoN & Davtd HERBISON (Brynne/8g, vida/g2, Marln/96) #l Licha Ln, Argenta VOG IBO 0{l ... Stephmie JUDY & David

GnowrNc WrrHour Scuoor_rNc #126 .JAN../Frs. '99

STEWART (Tessa/82) 2 Press Rd, Argenta voc lBO ... Stephen & Cdolln FAWCETT (Maurice,/83, Delrae/86) Box 1198, Kmlo VOG fMO (I4 ... Llnne THUNDERSTORM {l€afl7r, Raven/8o, Fox/87) Box 58, Telegraph Creek VOJ 2WO OO -. Tta LBSCHKE & Rod IIYBERC !las/87) 2023 Maple Av RR 3, Sooke VoS lNO... Bilbila KENNELLY & Ray CAMPBELL (S€bastim/88, Alemder/glJ 5949 Jupiter Pl, RR #6, Sooke VOS INO 04 ... Mmte ANDREWS & Mike BULI-OCK

(Marttn/87. Mu/89) Box 505, Queen Chillotte City Vm 7S0 (I4 -' Terry & AUce MALOFF (Andrew/8',

Stwen/83, Jon'Iyler/85, Kevin/87) 3lO8 sth Av, CmUegil VIN 2T8 ... Mlra CHURCHMAN & Thomas COLLIER (Kyla/77, Morga/83, Alexmder/8s) 341 Hartley St. Quesnel V2J 1W5 ... Jotn & Made ZE"fTL (Charity/82, Brayden/85, Grady/A7l 2883 Killmey Dr, Prince George V2K 3J5 OO ... Nicole FIAMAN & Robin DASS (Sasha/8l, Mischa/8s) 19677 21st Av, tangley VSA 4P4 [II) ... Jom MILLER & Cal WHITNEY (Mil/ 85, Emma/88) 253 Bolne St, New w€stminster vgM 5J8


Lisa & James LARGE (Kiere/87, Aidm/9o,

K^ela/g2, Comor/gs) 50954 O'Byme Rd, Sadis v42

186... C)mthta HAMILTON tAmy/8g, Lydia/gg ),4222 29A Av, Suney V4P 1M6 (IIl ...'Iba RAMSAY (Colton/ 92, Troer/95) 25708 l2a Av, Maple Ridge V4R lC4 r. Mililyn & Tuck KONSTAPEL (Amber/gi) 26607 3OA Av, Aldergrove V4W 3C8 ... Lisa & Jmes Itr{RGE (Kterm/87, Aidan/9o, l\aela / 92, baby/gs) 50954 O'Byme Rd, Chilltwack V4Z IBG (I4 ... Mischa & Dima SANDBERG (Sonja/83, Sabrina,/86) 24O N Howdd Ave, Bumaby V5B lJ7 (H) ... Maureen BERGER & J@l HAWTHORNE [Virginia,/89. Olivia/g2) lOlS E 22 Av, Vmcouver V5V 1W2 [II) ... Iauren & Elspeth BANERD (Mtka/87, walker,/8g) #812-1483 Iamey's Mlll Rd, Vmcouver V6H 3Y7 ... Pm MARTIN & Neil SEEDHOUSE (Willow/88, Robin/gl, Fonest,/ 94) 2633 York Av, Vancouver V6K IEO (I4 ... Kathryn & Doug ALDER (Rima/8r, Cory/83, Robert/86, Sm,/ Ag) 3276 W 22 Av, Vmcouver v6L 1N2 ... Claudia BEAVEN & Philip TOLEIKIS (tauren/84, Anntse/881 Box 39OO9 Pt Grey RPO, Vmcouver V6R 4Pl ... Smdy KEANE & Michael MISKIN (Neal/8s, Nicholas/8g) 1163 Wellington Dr, N Vmcouver V7K lI3 (lll ... Amette MacKAY (Lincoln/92, Grmt/96) 212 W Mndsor Rd, N Vmcouver V7N 2Nl ... L)m & David MIDDLSfON (Andrew/7 I, J on the / 7 4. Benjmin/ 78, Katie/8l) 2095 Flyrn Pl, North Vmcouver V7P 3H8 O4 ... Comie ADDARIO & Stephen BERRY (lruigi/8l, Hmal\/a2, Cmen/84, Gina/87)

I5O BFon Rd,

Saltsprlng Islmd V8K lC8 ... SuJo STONE & John GILBERI (Saewd/8l, Sascha/83, Obm/86, Thea/89) 159 Hlghwood Pl, Saltspring Islmd V8K tRg ... Kate & nm COSTIN (Geoffrey/8s, Ben/88, Vmessa/92) 652 Oltver St, Victoria V8S 4W3 ... Allce WHITEHEAD (Lucle/82, HeeVA4\ 2O2-93O Convent Pl, victoria V8V 2Y8 ... Jerry & Jmet ETZKORN (Jake/42, Justine/841 c/o Cmmah Lightstaton, 21 Huron St, Victoria V8V Vg (II) ro Sheila & Peter REDHEAD (Erruly/A7, Thomas/9o) Cape Scott Lightstauon, 2l Huron St,, Victoria V8V aV9 (H) o.o Jan HUNT (Jason/ 8l) 9525 Doyle Rd, Black Creek VgJ lE7 ... Eva TRINCZEK & Geog STRATEMEYER [Ymal8s, Elyl87, Miguel/gol 4876 Milshall Rd, RR 3, Duncm vgl. 2xl O4 ... Courtenay & Adrim CATo (Tajal8g, ocema/g3) RR 7 HiUbank, Duncu VgL 4W4 ... Bilt & Aueen TaJEUNESSE (Zachary/83, Desiree/86) Site G C-35 RR 2, Naaimo VgR 5K2 ... LJm TURI{ER & Jmes KLYMIUK (Zoelgo, Molly/93) 1464 Richter St, Kelowa lTY 2lA ... Brigitte ELMDR & Marco HAESSIG fYvon/ 9r, Nikolai/g2) PO Box 223, Horsefly VOL ILO O{)

MB - Brenda & Donald DUNN (kmne/8s, r\ayla/87) Box 1022, Russell ROJ lwo (H) -. Gay & Smdy HOLT [Joshua,/8o, Tasha/8l, Benjmin/83, Sunshtne/86) 709-15 Carlton St, wlrnipeg R3C IN8 ... Mary Beth & Gary DAUGT{T (Nat}rmiel/84, Mtcah/87, Anna,/go. Devorah/9s) 83-1545 26 St, Brmdon R7B 2C8... Katht CALLEN & David DOERKSEN (Jedediah/ 44, EltJah/g7, Zep}]rm/gl. Atemts/gs) Box 825, Dauphtn R7N &J5... Ron & Lillim MEISTERS (Tristm/8l, Persis/85) Box 4348, The Pas RgA lR2 NB - otatr" MANDRoNA Sussex EOE IPO (H) ... Milgdet

(April/84) 8ox2227, MCLEOD (Melmie/ 82) 151 Rym Ct, Frederlcton E3A 2Y9... Sim & Hugh McLEAN fWillow/84, Rowm/87) Black Avon, RR#2, Heatherton BOH IRO GI)



naary MacEAcHERN & Ted DAWSON

(Moses/88, Benjmin/go, Anna/g2) RR 2, Scotsbum BOK lRO (ID ... Gail REBBECK & Brock ELLIOfi (Cassin/7g, Bmie & Rory/83,lrlgh/87) PO Box 1138, Anugonish B2G 2L6 (Hl ... pot DEWAR & Susmna E\rE (Danlel/86, zachary / 87, Noah/89, Sym / 92,'foby / 96) 2029 Kltne St, Halifd BsL 2x4 (II) ... po*" * John ANDREA [Wilim/g2, Enc/95) 7014 Churchill ADr, Halifu B3L 34S (H) ... John & Kim CAHILL (Mimi/gs, Wolfgmg/g7) 34 Hmmonds Plain Rd, Unit 414, Bedford B4A 3P6 (Il)

ON - x.ttr.yo

PRIMROSE (Andrew/87,

Dmen/8g, Nicole/83) 37 Howarth Av, Scaborough Simonne KAI-AU & l€o TAVORMINA [Celestia/94.


Mahalia/96) 2OOO9 Conc 6 Kenyon Twp RR #5, Alexandria KoC IAO [H) ror .1.- DE"IHEUX & Carol PORTEOUS [Yolmde/88) PO Box 45, McDonald's Comers KOG lMO ... Aleta KARS'IAD & Federick SCHUELER (Jennie/86) Bishops Mills, RR 2 Odord Station, KoG lm (I{) -. Anne gUICK & Jim ROSS {Polly/81, Jemy,/83, Christy/86) RR 3, Maberly KOH 280 (I4 ... Mdgilet & Don SIMMS (Richard/87, Mattiew/gl, Grut/g4) RR t, Carrying Place KOK 1l,O (H) ... Male PRINS & Edwild HACEDORN (Jesse/8l, Arden/86) RR #2. 45 Pdliment St, Colbome KOK lSO (H) roo 6a1h1""r DORNER & Diliel SULLIVAN (Elizabetl/83, Debbie/9s, Milgaret/87, Noah/g4) 17O Main St, Ottawa KrS 1C2 ... Paul & Riada ROCH (Colin/ 77, Nicholas/7g. Christopher/82) 22 Meadowbak Dr, Nepean I{2G ONg [H) ... Karen & Clenn MORRISON lRory/75, Jenna/7g, Joey/83) 48 Bethune Ct, Kanata K2K lB9 (IO ... Cm GRAY & Olga 2UYDERHOFF (Orion/83. Flinder/8s, Millen/8g) RR #4 Brooke Valley Rd, Perth K7H 3C6


Jasper & Jme

HOOGENDAM (Philip/78, Hmah & Jordm/8I, Soltta,/ 89) RR #6, Cobourg K9A zug (IIl n. Alison SCOTT & Brent WOOD (Ceilidh/g3) 125-7OO Pilkhill Rd W,

Peterborough KgJ 7Wg ... Jotm & Michelle TIDBALL (Andrew/85) Box 264, Mt Albert LoG IMO ... Frank & Tmmy GOUWELOOS (Caly/9o, Cr^E/92) RR 2, Oro Station I-OL 2EO ... Kelly GREEN & Bruce WRIGLEY (Bnm/88, John/9o) 37 Keeble Cr, AJd LIT 3R7 Oil ... Jane HOLMES & lawence MULLER (Sarah/75, Sophia/78) 35 Brlttmy Cres, Unionville LsR 0R2 ... Llrn & Ron GALLOWAY (laura/9o, lhthryn/g2, Daiel/ 95) 349 Peter St North, Orilla t,3v 5A5 ... Joyce & Jerry SOLOMON ($l/43, boy/87, girl/go) 194 Charles St. Thomhill L4J 3C7 ... Peter & kah FREEDMAN (Josh/84, hlia/a7) 49 Joshua Ct, Thomhill L4J 886 ... Melmle NOVISS & Mike MCCAFFREY [Aldil/g3, Wllla/ 95) 193 Rossmore Blvd, Burlington L7N lPg ... Karen GOLIGHTLY & Russ WALKER (Hffiis/8g, Robyn/g3) 70 Delaware Av, Hamilton IaM fT7 (H) ... Lisa WEINTRAUB [yonah/86, kvl91) 25 Magi[ St, Hamilton I8R 2Y4


Roy & Susm BRADBURY (Sarah/8l, Luqt/44) 74 iRl ... Choles & Lily SMALL

South Oval, Hmilton L8S

(Jery/8l, Benjy/83, ShaMa/86) 79 Jerome Pilk Dr, Dundas L9H 6R8 (H) -.6ngg1a RANA (Abaid-Ullah/89. Maryam/gl) IO95 Neilson Rd #r104, Scilborough MIB 5K5 ... Eve PETERSEN (Peter,/8s, Id/86) Scilborough Homeschoolers, 135 Clappison Blvd, Sctrborough MIC 2H3 (I4 ... Yvome GARSON & Paul SARGENT (Helen/go) I Forsythia Dr, Scilborough MIE lxg (H) ooo po...t D'EATH (Joel/78, Rowm/8l) 274 Arlington Av. Toronto lAlGC 227 (H) ... Jacqueline PEETERS [Ymn/87, Lucl8g, Sean,/gI) 66 Sellers Av, Toronto M6E 3T6 ... Lisa FANNIN & Tony HAMILTON W illy / a7, Austin/go, Fonest,/g3, Clov er / 971 7 97 Mamtng Av, Toronto M6G 2w7 (tll ... Robin & Debby MOORE (Ryan/81, Emily/83, Dmny/86, Orie/8g) RR 3 Htrley NOE rEO OO ... MaryllTn & Phil SAUNDERS (Joey/8O, Angela/83, Brim/85, Timmy/88, Jeremy/ 91) RR 2, Otten'ille NOJ lRo (I4 ... Jom WARREN & l€s CARTSON (Ned/88) 15 Troy St, Kitchener N2H lL7 ... Paul & Ctndy KERKHOF (Brmdy/8o. Tdal84. aml87, Nichole/8g) 2135 River Rd, Ipndon N6A 4C3 ... Tina & Jmes LnTELY (Hmah/g2) 3l Blossom Pl, Chatham N7L 5G4 ... Robert & Monica REID (ElizabeLlr/ 82, Patrick/84. Im/87) Vilta Villekula Homeschool Resource Grp, l25O Gladstone Av, Windsor N8X 3H3 ... peter & Jome FARIS (paul,/78,

Jacqueline/81, Stephen/83, Angela/86, Victoria/88, David/go, John/g4) RR 5, St Thomas NSP 3Sg ... Deb BAKER (Jamie,/83, Taylor/88) RR l, 23 Dairy Ln, Hunts!'ille POA rKO ... Tlm HARRIS (7ane/83, Zachary/ 84) RR r, Bruce Mines POR ICO (II)

[fC - ciray & Rene

Jem Luc/921

Gnownc Wrrnour ScHoor-rxc +126 .JeN./Frs. '99

PELLETIER {Mathieu/88,

1845 Ave Homet, C.P. 712, Alouette GoV

IA0 ... Ben & Helene WALKER (Jem-Luc/8g, MilieHelene/g2) PO Box 1018, Mistassfri GoW 2CO [H) ... Rafaelle BRIEUC (Eleonore/94) 6456A, Des Portes, St konild HIT 3T5 tIil .- Susma ROSENBAUM & Ron DEWAR (Dmiel/86, Tachuy/a7, Noah/8g, Slm/92)

5578 Waverly St, Montreal HZI

2yl [l{t...


WATERS (Amelta/gf ) 4216 Saint-Urbain, Montreal

H2W 1V5 (H) ... TrlKie & Glen LEMESURIER (Mijon/ 83, Exene,/g2, Tallulm/96) 3893 St taurent, Montreal H2W lxg (H) ooo g1r6"Ut. DOWAL & Raynatd ASSELIN (Smuel/g2, lna/94) 854 St Chdles Av, ChomedeylAvalH7v 2Y8 -. Libby & Piene MITCHELL (Lucy/79, Anna/84) 33 Av Penault # 14, St Ame De Bellerue HgX 2El (H) ... lf,slie TITCOMBE & Bill PRATT (Adrteme,/ 83, Jesse,/86, Brennm/8g) 6328 rue de la Riviere. Val Morin JOT 2RO (Il)

SK - O."iA & Ma!'ls COBB (Phtltp/7g, Ftron/ 81, Regm/8s, Jesse/86, Emily/9I, Dickon,/g4) Box 144, W Roxton SOA 4SO [lI) ... Ralda & Dave BURDENIUK (Trelle/gO) 301 Oakview Dr, Regina S4R 787 ... Sylvle ROY & Robert WRIGHT (Gabriel/86, Orion/8g, t€ilmi/S3) 3223 Mccallum Av, Regina S4S OR7 (IIl -. Celia & Peter GOODE (Kathleen /82, ltJan/ 87) #9O-i128 McKercher Dr, Saskatoon S7H 4Y7 ... Bob & Marion BRYCE (Rob/76, Jon/80, Aprtl/8s, Daniel/86, tuny & Kristen/87) 130 Priel Cres, Saskatoon 57M4K7... Brlan & Lw PETERS. 1631 Vickies Av. Saskatoon S7N 2U2

ff- Jann & Tim BAIN (Klrsun,/8g, Kerynne,/ 93) PO Box 1457, Dawson Ctty, Yukon YOB IGO ... kslie KNICm & Afm JONES (Bryn/8g, Rhiilnon,/gl) 28 Hilbottle Rd, Whitehorse, Yukon YIA 5T2 (IO

Other Locations: AUStralia -

Rarph & Jmet MACKEY (Amy/

84, Emily/86) 5 Glossop St, New tanbton, NSW 2305, ... Steve & Robyn WIGMORE (Katherine/87, 7achily/ 89) 12 Ipxton Pl, ForesMlle, NSW 2087 ... Magdet & Mtrk PURCELL (l€ahl8 I, Lucy / 84, Maddy / 87, Jonathm/89) #40 Broms Rd, Belli Pak !'ta Edmundi 4562 Oueenslmd O4 -. Cal & Pegg/ GROENEVELD (Andrew/g4. Emily/96) PO Box 621, Emouth, Westem Ausbalia 6707 OII ... Robert & MajeUa FIEDLER (Katie/84, Brydte/86, Mtchael/89) Box 7559 MC, Toowoomba 4352, Queenslmd (I4 ... Sue & David DOWEY (Robert/82) Denwood Pk, Kennedy Grove, Appin 2560 ... Wendy & Steve HODGMAN (Sem/86, Jenni/8g, lrwi\/g2) RMB 594 Captains Flat Rd, Captains Flat, NSw 2621 (IJ1... Michaelina MEERBACH & Greg tlALl,AM (Joshua/g2, Darcy/g7) 12 Biloona Ct, Wmgmtta, Victoria 3677 (I4 ... Dima SCHNEIDER & John KENNEDY (Stefan/87, Alexmder/ 89) 4 Coldie Pl, Kmbah, ACT 2902191 .o. pam & James SHERIDAN (Morgm/84, Lyndsay/85, Ellyse/87, Rowm/9o) 97 Tallagmdra Dr, Quakers Hill, NSW 2763 ... Ralph I-ATTIMORE & Alison TATTIMOREHORRIDGE (Finnim/8s, 'lor/A7\ lO Schomburgk St, Yanalumla, Cmbena, ACT 2600 (H) ... Eve & John LUICK (Jack/84, Tommy/9o) PO Box 1468, Muray Bndge. SA 5253 ... John MacKAY & Teaa CI-ARK (Rachel/84, Elemore,/86) 25 Karlwila St, Dundas, NSW 2lI7 (H) ... Cheryl & Ald COOPER, (Michelle/ 89) 24 Heysu St. W, ACT 26ll ... Milk & Peri COLEMAN (Bevm/8o, Faith/8l) 28 Chmock St, targs North, SA 5016 (IO ... Jome & Jaap BRUGMANS

(Kylie/83. Stephen/86, Nicole/8g) Sphiu Rock, Kyogle Rd, Via Uki, NSW 24A4 l'Il ... Jmlne BANKS & Rtchard WATSON (Alexmder/84, Nicholas/85, Josephtne/86, Muimiliu/87) 24' Jmes St, Toowoomba 4350 (H) ... Jim & Anna ADAMS (Toby/ 77,Danny/8O, Jessica/84) 3l Baird St, Ryde 2112 ... Drew & Vmessa CORRIGAN (Amy/89) Cmbena Home Education Network 23 Budolph St, Bonython, ACT 2905... creg & Jo-Anne BEIRNE (cregory/8o. Rebecca,/82, Stephen/84, Mary-Beth/8g) PO Box 42O, KeUlville 2153, NSW (Hl -. Kathy & Graeme BOLES (Steven/8s, Jesstca/87, David/g2) Druces Rd, MS 142, Yeppoon 4703, gueenslmd (H) ... Angela & Tony EDWARD (Jade/84, Jenna/86, Jessica & Anthony/go) 2 Havtlah Av, Wahroonga, NSW 2076 ... Arm AUSPIN {Paul/8o, David/81) 2 Bullam Av, Mitcham, Victoria 3132 (H) ... Gerry & Virglnta de GROOT (Genevieve/ 7 2, Vanessa / 7 3, Melinda/7s, Rebecca / 7 7, Adam / 7 9, Gabrielle/81, Dmiel,/83, Anneltese/86, Philippa/88) PO Box 313, Deloraine, Tasmmia 7304 0i Jenntfer KIRVAN (Kira/84) 30 Green St, Califomia cullv,


Bendigo 3556 Victoria (H)

...'lila & Yoichi OHTA (Rie Elise/gI, Gen Daniel/ 93) 1312-4 lijima-cho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama 244 (I4 ... Heather & James IIACKETT (Mmi/84, Noa/g1) 02

Frence -

Didier & Marte-chrlstine

COLLUMEAU Ueil-Frecois/85, Nattrieu/88) L'Archinee I827O Culan, Reigny (H) ... Cltre & Michel MANGION (Matthieu/86, Geoffrey/87, Clothilde/89) Allee de la Mabe, Ol 48O Mlleneuve (H) ooo 5oO51" * Huub FIAESEN (Alexmder/g I, Esther/93, Friedertke/ 94, Arna/g7J 7, rue de la Montagne, F-6848O VieuFenette (H) ... Nadine STEWART (Adeline/g2, Ludultne/95) LEcole a la Malson, 6 Grande Rue, 3866O IJ Touvet (H) ... Debbie & Frmcis DESMOULIN (Stephme/85, Allzee/88) 17, rue de I'Abbaye, 77860 St Gemain Sur Morin



Nakayagiri 3O8-1, Matsudo, Chiba 271 ... Tadaaki & Nmcy HACHISU (Christopher/gl, Andrew,/85, Matthew/96) I -28 Harashinden, Kamtkawa-machi, Kodma-gun, Saltama 367-0242 (H) ... 1e* 6 yoUo UEHARA fYuki/8s, Ittetsu/86, Shohei/87) 2-16-18 Matsuo. Naha City, Okinawa 9OO (H)

The Netherlands -

Liz & Pieter OROEI'fi/ELD (Lizzy/aT Raadhuisla@ 31, 213r BC Hoofddorp (I4 ... Doma RICHOUX & Frark ROSS (Noma/87) Boukelstrat 14, 2I3l WT Hoofddorp

Michael & Karen ZIMMERMAN

(KaW/87, Darin/go) 66 Ml BDE, CMR 456 Box2213, APO AE Ogr57 ... Robert & Rebecca GRUNDBORG ... Valerie & Rtchild MOON (Bnail7o, Andy & Cindy/8o, Rosie/82) Hgs Usileur CMR 42O, Box 606, APO AE 09063 (II) ... Anne-Marie & Michael CORMAN (Sophie & Teresa/g1, Monica/g4) Venloerstr.l-3, 50672 Kdln .ro Jom & Richdd FISLER (Grace/8g, Emny/92) kimbergeretr. 40, 9rO52 Erlmgen (IIl ... Mary MCMANUS-TOHAK (Niall/91, Oisin/92) HalleMeiher SI 7, 90,475 Numberg [H) ... Kaln & John DAVIDSON (Hannai,/9o, Zak / 93J bel Pehle, Calvinstrasse I 3, 10557 Berun (II) ... Dma SCHWARZENBERG (Thor/ 9I,Silvia/gs) An Der Meeruiese 10, 48157 Munster (ll) ... Sonja & Stefil WERLE (Jonathm/95) Bleiweisstr. 36a, 60599 Frankfurt

Ireland - John & cindy DRING (Megm/76, Etlm/83, Gwen/8s) The Fm. Moycullen, Co.Galway (H) ... pog"t & Maie MANKTEI-OW


(Matthew/8o, Ruari/83, Ntall/87) 29 Moneywick Rd, Fandalstom, Co. Antrtm, N. Ireland BT4f 3ffw G4 ... John & Theresa MURPtry (Fiacc/82, Cliodhna/88) Clahme Ballyad, Tralee Co. Kerry ... Sabina de STURLER (Aron/9O, Naomi/gs) Renny, Iâ&#x201A;Źttermacaward, Co Donegal (m ... Mary & John SHEEHAN (Patdck/8g, Ciryn/g4\ 14 Glenad, Mona Valley, Tralee, Co Kerry... Kim CURRAN, [MaJeUa/8g) Flat 2, 38 Windsor Pak,, Belfast BT9 6FS N. lreland (H) ... Jme & Frmk DONEGAN (Sem/8O, Brendm/83, Conor/84, Aidil/8g, Claae/g4, Eoghm/g7) Drog. Outgley's Pt, Co. Donegal (H)

Japan - Timothy & Junko RUSSELL (Ryo/ 86, Shtn/go) USA Meddac - Box 65, APO AP 963385011 (H, "' Beryl NELSON & BiPin INDURKHYA (Xela/9o, Althea & Bela/gs) 2-24-4a-3OS Nakacho. Kogmei, Tokyo 184 (H) ... Amy & Selji UENARA (Rvoma/90, Mina/g3) 2- 12-302 Yagi-cho, Hachiojt- shi, Tokyo ... Smdy MATTHEWS & Chris GILMAN (Cattlin/ 82, Conme/83) 7-l-49 Midorimachi #2O1, Kita ku, KOBE 651-12 ... Michele & Yasuyuld YAMANO (Nicole/ 90, Kefty / 92, Cody/g3) Yashimmishlmacht I 380-9, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa-ken 761-O1 ... David & Fumiko HOUCH (Ken/89) 136 Ymate Bluff, Yokohama 231 ... Amy & Setjl UEFIARA (Ryoma/go, Mina/g3) 37rl-10 Nagura, Fujtno-Machi, Tsukui-gun, Kmagawa-ken 199-

NeW Zealand - cathie & Fred WILLIAMS (Luke/88, Emily/gl) PO Box 228, Westport (IO ... Jm BROWNLIE (F'LIzabetJ\ / 82, Russell/84, Gareth/86) 225 Killmey Rd, Hamilton (H) ... p"1". & Jill WHITMORE ffom/7,, Ben/77, Anna/88) 3 Thompson Rd, Pmmure, Auckland 6 fill ... Camella ANSELMI & Christopher TURNER (Evm/89, Frmo/g2) Kaitarlnga Rd, RD l, Te Kuiti, North Islud (IIl ... Debbie & Wamick BENNETT (Daniel,/85, Tristram/87, Benjamin/g4, Natalie/g7) 68 Brmdon St, Featherston, Wairtrapa


United Kingdom -

Robert & Jill GILLINGS (J on / 7 9, Llm / a3, zoe / Ail Ballaglomey, Ronagwe, Arbory, Isle of Man, Britlsh lsles ... Bdbda KAY & Steve SPENCER (Ktckl/gl) 41 Dundas Gdns. East Molesey, Suney KJ8 IRX England ... Rod & Kim WARK (Samuel,/84, Matthew / 87, Mirim/g2. Abigail/ 95) 48 langford Ln, Burley in Wharfedale, Ilkley, lS29 7DJ Englmd... Sdah IAWRENCE [Lulie/8g, Liberty/ 9l) Taking Children Sertously, 46 Iatimer Grmge, tatimer Rd. Oford OX3 7PH Englild (IO -. Nataly KENDZERSKI Oane/9o) 23 Moorhouse Rd, Ipndon w2 sDH Englmd ... Taggart & lrnaine KING (Rhianna/go, Megan,/93) 7 Stour Ct, Brainbee, Essex, CM7 6XG Englmd ... Uri & Sophie HENIG (Otniel/g2) Wolfson College, Oxford OX2 GUD England r.. David & Anna SHERMAN (Kate/a6, Molly/9o, Peter/gs) 46 lawence Grove, Henleue, Brtstol BS9 4EJ England (II) ... Tricia & David FEWER/SIMS (Madeleine/86, Gabriel/ 89) westwood Flat, Fonthill Rd, Bath, Avon Englmd BAI SRQ roo ..1s1. RIDLEY & Al BIRKS (Sadie/9o, Ruby/ 94, Casey/96) 32 Cheltenham Rd, Chorlton, Mmchester Englmd M2l 98N ... Paula & Tony PANFIGLIONI (Jennifer & Paut/88) 2l Stockwood Rise, Camberley, Suney GU152EA Great Brttatn ... Martine & Christopher ARCHER (kwis/88, Thlmim & Jacob/9O, Mlrinda/g4) 3 Brookfleld, Hmpsthwaite, Hanogate, N Yorkshire. Great Britain HC3 2EF Kim PICKETT & Rory DePAOLIS Uoshua/88, caleb/g1) 6I Caemarfon Rd, Bilgor, Gwlmedd 1,57 zI-Jt, UK (II) ... pati6 6 Helen MICHAEL (Hmnah/86, Sdah/87) 147 Constiltine Rd, Hampstead, Ipndon Nw3 2LR Engldd (I4 Penny & John VEITCH Uohnny/8s, Jenny/89) Bffiavourich, Ramoyle, Dunblme, Perthshire FKf S OBD Scotlmd (H) ... .1oLr & Jme DE LA HAYE (Samuel,/86) 167, Gilmerton Dykes Cres, Edinburgh Scotlmd EHIT

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AJG (II) o. Mary-Heather STYLES & Roger WANE (Duncan/89) 6 Dene Rd, Guildford, Surey GUI 4DB Unlted Kingdom (14 ... .- trslie BARSON (Iruis/83, Lilyl89) r Croxley Rd, bndon WG 3HH Englild O{)

Elsewhere - Eher & Natalie MOK|ENSEN (Ariel / 7 5, Kellen / 87, Tristan/go) I 9O0 Garden St, Iaredo TX 78O4O, (residence is Sm Miguel de Allende, Mcdco) ... Llnda & Nigel NORION (lsaiah/8S, Ruya/88, Maryam/gs) PO Box 607, Colonia, Yap, FSM, WCI 96943 ... Debbie & Sem MARgUEZ (Graeme/9O, Zana / 92, Rhiamon/94) Windy Ridge, York Rd, Navy Gdns, Ch. Ch., Bubadoa ... Eugene & Bdb{a cREGoR (Alexmder,/89, Sonia/92, Hmna/95) Bmside Estate #E}4, 9 South Bay Rd, Repulse Bay, Hong Ko!8

... Mdy


N at

SCHULTZ & Rtchtrd CONDIT a7, Luc / I l) Smithsonim Tropical Reseilch Inst, Unit 0948 APO AA 34OO2, (Rep. of /


(H) -. 5^1t SHERMAN (Theo/84) Po Box 6 Retreat, St Mary, Jm&ica, w Indies (m ... Robin MooRE & Richdd BRYANT (Alex/8o, Tegm/88, Nicky/9o, Calahad/g2) cDR R.A. Brymt, Sc, USN, PSC l2O3 Box lo4l, APO AE O98O3-1O41 (Saudt Arabta) ... Mario & Beaulai TAGUIWALO (Milk,/74, Freddie/ 78, Mike/84) 2l Everlasting Rd, Pilar Mllage Las Pinas 1750 MM Phlllppirc8 ... William & Marle STIGLIANI [Marisa/82, Claire/8s, Emtlie/8s. Caterina/87, Anthony/9o) Ottensteinstrasse 123, Sudstadt A2344 Autrla (It) ... Ursula HARLOS & Soubhi CHEBIB (Dmia/83, Amar/86, Nadim/88, Ianal93) PO Box 819, Mmama. Bahratur ... Karen MAXWELL (Jason/82, Andy/86) l5 Chaussee de lruvain, l2l0 Brussels Belglu (H) ... 6ary SCHULLER & Elese COIT [Magali/88) 393 Rue du Tilleul, B-114O Brussels Belglrm (H) ... gh6",ttu & Peter DeSCHEPPER [cole/g2, Michelle,/95) Rue du Miledje 16, 6960 Fays Belgtm (H) Jom DONAGHEY & Juan FRIAS (Pu/90, Joy/93, Maria 50l/96) casilla 23, Colina, Smtiago Chtle (II) ..' Betti SACHS & Dtego FATON' (Maya/8s, SoIia/9O) apto 160, Otaualo Ecudor (Il) ... Aleta & Doug SHEPLER (Kirstet/77, Os/8O, Halce/8s) POBA Int'l #368-A, PO Box 02 5255, Miaml FL 33rO2 fVenczuela) ... Altce FIr\LOWSKI (Melinda/gl) Villanyi UT 8, Budapest Il 14 Hungary (II) -. Iaw & Peggy WATKINS (Nathaniel/74, Sophia/7g) Nmgiaretu, Malakila via Edaytrmmula, 689532 Kerala Indla ... Abe & Shoshana SOCHER (Naomi,/86, Anna/88, Coby/ 91, Dmiel/9s) 19 Bialik, Jerusalem 96221 Isracl ... Sda-Rivka & Moshe ERNSTOFF (Kobi/86, Martha/88, Chami/g1) Tekoa, D.N. Tzafon, Yehuda Isrscl 9O9O8 ... Elisabeth & Giorgio VAZZAlMano/gl, Andrea,/g3, Nicola/g7) Via Corba Masiera 7. 32100 Belluno ltaly GI) ... Elisabeth GIANSIRACUSA & John FoRRESTER (Eve/91) Via Bondeno 42, OOl27 Rome ltely ... Miranda Mady WELTER & Maurice TRAPP (Nikolas/83, Sellna/87, Makmdeya/9l) House 5, L-8541, Kapweiler Luemboug (ll) ror $ssan1s FRENZ & Mak LINCK (Ammda/86, Sila/gl) Apto 1OO, Punta BMda 2279I, Baja, Califomia Medco 0I) "' Judiur & Jim STARR-I-ASSEN (Christim/8s, lvlilltna/ 92, Suanne Mtrie/gs) Birkelmdsbotn 76, 5O5O Nesttun Nomay (H) ror Qada6s & Charles COE (Christopher,/ 84, Amber/86) PO Box 789, O98O Manila Phlllpptnes ... Htrold & Cemma BAER (Harold/9O, Arnila/g2) Bmtauyan, Batad, Boac, Marinduque Phlupplnes 4900 (H) ... David & Fiona HANCOCK (Laura/83, Gmhm/86) PO Box 366219, Sm Jum Puerto Rlco 00936... Cynthia & Scott CRAIG (Alexmder/88, Greta/ 92, Rheese/g4) 5 Siglap Rd Unit 17-43, Mildtrin Gardens Shgapore 448 9O8 ... Bippan NORBERG & Peter SztL (Irmil81, Tolmi/86) Apdo 45, O358O L'Altas Del Pi, Alicante Spat! (H) ... Elisabeft ATMER, Karlavagen llI. S-ll5 26 Stockholm Swcden... Marie & Michel HEITZMANN (Sasha/gl, Ariane/93) Au Village #12, 1277 Borex Swltzcrlud (lI) ..r trintt & Mdk KENNEY-BLUMER (Wemer/go, Xildra/g1, Matti/g3) Opffkonstrasse 95. 8O5O Zririch Swltzcrlmd (H) ... Jim RATZ & Ifftien CHU (Mei 1-ong/88, Wtllim/g3) 82 Hu Ti Lu, Ymgmingshm lI3 Taipei, Talwu, ROC (II) ... 1it"ort LU & U-Ser JENG Wen/ 93) 8F #68 Sm-Chung lst Rd, Chu-Dung Hsin-Chu Tatwu (H) ... Patrick & Johanna CURRAN (Emmet/ 78, Malachy/79, Mlchael/83) c/o Irtsh Aid, Box 7791, Kampala Ugmda (n) ... Joaquim & Flory MONTEIRo (Myo\a/76, Myron,/8s) PO Box 7682, Dubai Untted Arab Emlrates (II) ... tarry & Erin HAAS (Nyita/9s) Box 37, St John Vlrgitn Isluds OO381 (H) ror Eltzabeth NOBLE & Iro SORCER (Cilsten/88) PO Box

304681, St Thomas


IslEndE 0O8O3 (H)

GnowrNc WIrHour ScnoolrNc +126 'JeN../Fre. '99

Directory of Otg anizations Correspondence Schools or Curriculum Suppliers A Bcka Corrcspolde[cc School/Home Video School/Book Publications, Pensacola FL 32523-9160: l-8OO-874-BEKA

Alpha OEega Publlcatlons, PO Box 3153. Tempe AZ 852AIi 602-43A-2717 AIta Vlsta Collcgc Prces HoBe School Currlc. PO Box 222, Medina wA 98039: 206-453 7848 Amcrican Home Academy Matcrlals, 2770 S l0OO W, Perry UT 84302 American School, 85o E 58th, Chtcago IL 60637 (high school) Associated Chrlstiu Schoola, PO Box 27115, Indianapolis IN 46227i 317-8817


BrlghaE Youg U-Dept of Indcpcndcnt Study, 206 Haman Continuing


Metcr Schools, PO Box 427, Rosharon TX 77583 Mout Vcnon Acadcmy. 184 Vine St, Muray UT 84107 Mt Carmel Academy, RD I Box 1737. Wateryille tr/T 05492 Ncwbrtdge School, 3131 Olympic Blvd, Smta Monica CA 9O4O4; 3rO-315-3056 Pllgrim Chrlstiau School. 3759 E 57th St, Maywood CA 9O27O; 213-585-3167 Pinewood School, ll2 Road D, Pine CO 8O47O:303-670-8180 Puget Somd Commuity Scbool, 1715 ll2 Av NE. Bellevue WA 98OO4:206455-7617 Rocky Moutaln Hlgh Academy, PO Box 418, Flora Vista NM 87415 Suta Fe Commulty School. PO Box224l, Smta Fe NM 87501; 505-471-692A Seedllng, c/o Joy Reiter, 69 Sanderson Crescent, Richmond Hill Ontario IAC 5L5. CaGda

Sidlcy kdeon School, 33 Overlad Dr, Don Mills, Ont, Cmada M3C 2C3; 416 447-5355 TEACII, 4350 lakeland Ave, N Robbinsdale MN 55422 Thalassa!, 5917 Oak Av, Suite 176, Temple City CA 91780 24O4i 8la-2a7-a595 Upatthas School,429 Greenridge Rd, Glenmoore PA 19343;6f0-458-5138 The Venlcc ComEunlty School. 3I191 Road l8O, Visalia 93292: 209-592-4999 Vlrtual Hlgh and WonderTree Education Soclety, PO Box 38O, Vancouver BC VSZ 4L9, Cmada 604-739-5941

Bldg, Provo UT 84602 Calvert School, lO5 Tuscily Rd, Baltimore MD 2l210i 4f0-243-6O30 Chrlstlu Libcrty Academy, 5O2 W Euclid Ave, Arlington Hts IL 60004 Classlc Currlculu, Dept G. PO Box 656, Milford Ml 48O42i 313-481-7008 or l800-348-6688 CloDlsa Homc Bascd Educ Program, see 'Helpful Private Schools,- below Educators Publlshhg Serlce. 3l Smith Pl. Cambridge MA 02138: 617-5476706 Glenn Dlstrlbutors, 7251 Bass Hwy, St Cloud MN 32769 Hewltt Reseucb Foudation, PO Box I, Washougal WA 98671; 360-835-8708 Home Study Altenative School, PO Box 10356, Newport Beach CA 92658 Home Study Dlrectory, Nat'l Home Study Council. 160l f Sth St NW, Wash DC 20009 Home Study Int'I, 6940 Cuoll Ave, Takoma Pilk MD 20912. 30I-680-6000 Intcrratlonal llstltute, PO Box 99, Park Ridge IL 6OO6a Kolbc Academy, 1600 F St, Napa CA 94559 Iagua Beach Ed'l Boots, 245 Crandvtew, laguna Beach CA 92651: 714-4944225 Laucl Sprhg School, PO Box 1440. OJai 93024 The L€aniag Expcriencc CoEpuy, PO Box 1457, Bryson City NC 28713; 1800-367-8532 Llvhg Herltagc Academy, PO Box 1438, trwisville ^fX 75067 McGuffey Acadcmy. 2213 Spur Trail. Grapevine TX 76051: a17-4al700a The Moorc FoudEtion, Box I, Camas WA 98607: 360-835-2736 Natlonal Boot Co, 333 SW Park Ave, Portland OR 972O5-3784i 5O3-22a-6345 Oat Meadow School, PO Box 74O, Putney VT 05346: 8O2-387-2021 Ou Lady of Vlctory Schl, 4436 E Alptne Dr, Post Falls ID 83854: 20A-773-7265 Phocnk Special Programs, 3132 w Clarendon. Phoenix Az 85017 (high school) Rod & Staff PubllEhers. Crockett KY 41413: 6O6-522-434a School for Youg Pcrfomerc, 2472 Broadway Suite 312, New York IIY lOO25; l-800-390-5899 (K-12; students cm euoll for one course or the full program) SetoD School llomc Study, One Kidd Ln, Front Royal VA 2263O-3332i 540-636-

to have information about state laws or regulations, and may have conferences and packets of information for new homeschoolers. Other groups are local support groups that are likely to have meetings and activities. Both state and local groups may have newsletters. Try gettng in touch with a state group even if it's far away from where you live; many state groups can refer you to families, or smaller support groups, in your immediate area.


Homeachoolers Unllmited, 392D Kenal Av, Ft Richardso\ 995O5-1227i 9O7-

SMM Educatlotral Scrvlccs. Box 1079. Sunland CA 9lO4O 8f8-352-23lo U of Nebraska Indcpendctrt Study Htgh School, Continuing Ed Ctr Rm 269, Lincoln NE 68583 Weaver Currlcullu. 2752 Scarborouah. Riverside CA 92503 (Pre K-6th, 7-l2th supplements)

Some of these groups are statewide (look for the state name in the group's title as an indication) and are likely

State or Local Groups: (alphabetlcally by state): AL: Alabama Home Educators, PO Box 16091, Mobile 36116

East Lats UMC Academy, 6206 WhippooMill Dr, Pinson 35126; 205-68035126 {acts as cover school)

Velleydale Ilomc School Acadcmy, 2408 Valleydale Rd, Bimtngham 35244: -6277 or 205-987 -7 132 4!f: Alska Homespu tducators. PO Box 798. cirdwood 99587: email

aOO-947 I

02 1 55.7OO@compuserye,com

428- lo22i Sltka llome Educators, PO Box ll9l. Sitka 99835 AZ: Arlzott Famllles for lfomc EducatloD, PO Box 4661, Scottsdale

85261-4661: AOO-529-3927

Bethmy Home Educators, 2720 S Flint Cir, Mesa 85202 DaBt Vallcy Educators (Phoenix/Metro ilea), Sue 602-983-5660 or Sylvia


987 1404

Helpful Private Schools

Honc School Supplica,ll2s E Ouick Draw Pl, Tucson 85749 Pboenlx lrarnlng Altenatives Network, 8835 N 47th Pl, Phoenix 85028;

Private schools etrolling or helping homeschoolers in various ways (curicula, legal help, support). Abbott Ireop Chri8tlu Ctr, 2626 Abbott Rd, Anchorage AK 99507 Abblngton Acadcmy. Box 3303, Gibbs Av, Wueham MA 02571, 508-29I-1229 (Cape Cod only)

Comuity School, PO Box 24, Arivaca Az 85601 Bruford-Grovc School, PO Box 341172, Arleta CA 91334:

Homeschooling Organizations



Bay Shore School, PO Box 13038. bng Beach CA 9o8O3: 310-434-3940 Cascade Cuyon Scbool, 459-3464 (San Anselmo, CA) Clonlua Home Baacd Educatlo! Progrm, 1289 Jewett St, Ann Arbor MI 48104:313-769-4515 Coopcratlve l€|mhg Ctt, 454 Papaya St. Vista CA 92043: 619-726-3020 Daysprhg Cbrlstiu Acadcmy, PO Box 60956, Palo Alto CA 94306 G.A-T,E. School. 1725 N Date #43. Mesa AZ 852O1: 969-4821 Grassroota Frcc School, 2458 Grassroots Way, Tallahassee FL 32301: 904-6563629 IICL Boston School, PO Box 2920. Big Beil City CA 92314; 909-585-7188 Ilorlzon Academy, 21102 Pleasant Park Rd, Conifer CO 80433: 303-697-8158 IDdepcDdcrce Pdvatc School, c/o Principal: M. Black, 45 Albert St North, Orilla. ONT I3V 5K3. Cmada The Lanlng Comulty, 9085 Flamepool Way, Columbia MD 21045; 4\O-73Ooo73 The Lcmlng Commulty, Inc, PO Box 5177, Herndon VA 22O7O Llttle Piney School, Rt I Box 20. Newburg MO 65550 Ltttle Red Homc School, 9669 E l23rd, Hastings MN 55033; 437-3049 Maglc Meadow School, PO Box 29, N San Juan CA 95960

GnowNc Wrrnour Scuoor-rNc +126. Jxt./FEa. '99

602-483-338r - check again SPICD, fO4l4 W Mulberry Dr, Avondale 85323; Tclao IIoEc Educators 52O 749 4757 fTucson) A8: Arkmsas Cbrlstlan Ilome Educatlon Assoc, PO Box 5Ol, Little Rock 72203 Coalltlon of AR Parent8, PO Box 192455, Little Rock 72219; 501-888-1942 q!: Callfonla Ilomcschool Nctworl, PO Box 55485, Hayward 94545O485; 1-8O0-327-5339; ematl Esp.rto Homescboolcrs, PO Box 3O5, Espilto 95627; 530 787-3613

Home School Aasoc of CA (formerly Northcrr CA Homeschool Assoc),


Box 2442, Atascadero 93423-2442i 888-HSC-4440; web page (newsletter, legal news, local support) Homeechoollng Coop of Secramcnto, 15 Moses Ct, Sacramento 95823-6368 Humboldt Homcachoolers. PO Box 2125. Trinidad 95570: 7O7-677-3290 Los Angcles Homescboolcrs, PO Box 1166, Malibu 90265; 310-456-3845 Mt! Vlcw ParL Homeschoolers, 6603 Mammoth Av, Van Nuys 91405-4813 North Suta Clra valley Homcschoolera. 795 Sheraton Dr, Sunn)ryale 94087 Pcnlnsufa Homeschoolers, 4795 lage Dr, San Jose 95130; 408-379-6835 Rlyersldc Arca Home L€aners, 731 Mt Whitney Clr, Corona 91719: 909-279-

4026 San Dlcgo llomc Educators, 619-281-6581 Su Franclsco Homeschoolers, c/o Anne Donjacour, 41 Eastwood Dr, San Francisco 94112-1225 School of Homc Learrlng Support Group, 1904 Flora Vista St, Needles 92363: 6t9 326 2107 SoDoma Couty Homeachoolera Assoc, 5584 Carriage Ln, Santa Rosa 95403; 7 07 -7 65 -2 la | :


South St Centre, Box 261, Boulder Creek 95006 (resource ctr for families) South Valley Homeschoolcra Assr, Box 961, San Martin 95046

Belhaven Woods Ct, Pasadena 21122-3727

Prlncc Gcorge'a Home Leernlng Network, 3730 Marlborough Way,

College 2o74O: Jacqui walpole 301-935-5456; Sydney Jacobs 301-431-1834 MA: Au)HA (A loosely Orgmized Homeschool Assoc), c/o rlueltoa' 244

SPICE, c/o PO Box 282, wilton 95693



Altcmativc wayr of Lamhg (unschooling grp), PO Box 1274, Chillton city 0I5o8:508-248-7182 Apple Country llomcschoollng Atsoc, PO Box 246, Hartrd 01451; 978-456-

Trl-Clty llomcachoolcra, 39195 l€vi St, Newark 9456O wlldflowcr Homeschoolcrs, 1557 Vancouver way, Llvemore 94550; 925-455Yosemltc ArGa llomeechoolc$, PO Box 74, Midpines 95345 QQ: Boulder Couty Ilome Educators, c/o Berg, 1495 Riverside. Boulder 80304:303-449-59I6 Colorado lloDe Educators'Assoc, 3043 S Laredo Cir, Aurora 8OO13; 303-4419938: email CO llomc Schooltng Nctworl, 7490 w Apache, Sedalia 80135; 303-688-4136 Fall Rivcr Homeschool, PO Box 3322, Idaho Springs 80452 Ilome Educators for Excellerce of Duugo, c/o Grlng, 315 Timberline Dr, Durango 81301

Homc EducatoB Llte Me, r0r5M S Taft Hill Rd #100, Ft Collins 80521: 97O206-9569 Rocky Mtn Educatlo! Comcctlon, 20774 E Buchman Dr, Aurora 8OOl I Weat Rlvcr Unschoolere, 2420 N I St, Grand Junction AISO\: 970-241-4137 q!: Conrectlcut Home Educatora A8aoc, PO Box 25O, Cobalt 06414: 203-78 I -8569 lrrschoolcrs' Support, 22 Wtldrose Av, Guilford O6437i 203-454-7402 DE: Trt State lfomeschoolcrs AsBoc, PO Box 7193, Newark 19714-7193


E!: Flortd! Puent-tducatora Assoclatlon,

PO Box 1193, Venice 34284-

Calamint Rd N, Princeton Ol54li 978-464-7794


Berkehlre Homeachoolera Qtp,217 Old State Rd, Berkshire OL224',413-443'

t770 Cape

Arn Homeschoolera,

1O8R Main

St, Rockport 01966; 978-546-7125

FrmLllD County Eomelcan|rg tramlllcs, Jem Johnson, 72 Prospect St, Greenfield Ol30t; 413-773-9280 Groto!-Dmatable llomc Educators. c/o Leslie Mclrod-Warrick, 663 Tomsend Rd. Groton Ol45O: 978-448-0929

IlomcschooleE of Mass. Educatlon Club (Boston dea), contact

Phoebe Wells,

617-476-7273 Homcschoollng Togcther (Arltngton,/Belmont ilea), Sophia Sayigh 78I-641o566 Lowcll uca Group, Debbie Finch, 978-458-3896 Mass. Home Educators, 22 Galand St, Lynn O19O2:781-599-6267 Mass. Ilome lJmhg Asaoc, Po Box 1558 Mastons Mills 02648; w. Mass. contact Irretta Heuer 508-429-1436; E. Mass. contact Kathy Smith 978-249-9056

Medway/Mllls Support Group, 508-359-591O


I18 Cobleigh Rd, Boxboro

Ilomcschool Networl, 548 N Lake Pleasmt Rd, Apopka 32712-3904:4o7-aa9-

Nashoba Valley UnschoolerE, c/o Andy Migner,

4632 Trllehassce Homeschool crp, 5227 Wild Olive way, Tallahassee 32310; 85o575-7091 Q! Atluta Altenative EducatloD Nctworl, c/o Sheffield, 1672 Cody Cir, Tucker 30084: 4O4-636-6348 Cobb Couty HomcschoolcB, 813 Wyntuck Dr, Kennesaw 30144 Frce to Lcam at Home. 4439 Iake Forest Dr, Oakwood 3O566i 770-536-4077

O17lgi 974-635-9447 Nevbuyport Arca Homc3chool Network, 32 Columbus Av. Newburyport O I 950; 978-462-568O North Shore Support Crp, 978-468-4663 or 978-658-8970 Pathfltrder L€amfDg Center, PO Box 8O4, Amherst OlOO2i 413-253-9412 Plymouth PALS, Eileen Fortunato 508-747-0297 SE Miss, Ilomeachool Aasoc. PO Bor 4336. Fall River O2723-O4O3i 50A-672024a

(teen group)

walelleld dca Group, Lucia Jenkins 781-246-2059

Hanest Home Educators, PO Box 1756, Buford 30518; 770-455-0449 North Slde

Atluta IloEescboolers, c/o

Jane Kelly,





III: cbrtsttu llomeachoolera of llawall, 91o824 oama St, Ewa


96706r 689-6398.

Hawali llomcachool At3oc. PO Box 3476, Mililani 96789 Hawall Islard Home Educators, 968-8076 or 965-9002 The Troplcal Homcschooler (newsletter), c/o Pinsky, 22O waiPalmt Rd, Haiku, Maui 96708: 80A-572-9249

IA: IA Famlllcs for Christlm Educ. RR 3 Box 143, Missouri Valley 5f555 Iowr Home Educators Assoc, PO Box 213, Des Moines 5o3o1 ID: Famlly Unschoolhg Nctwork, tSOg N 7 St, Boise 83702:2OA-3452703

Ilome Educators of ID, 3618 Pine Hill Dr, coeur d'Alene 83814; 2oa-667-2778

IL: Evanaton Home Educatora, Maureen O'Grady, 847-676-2440

IIOUSE, 9508 Springfield Av Evmston 60203:, A47-675-3632 (statewide) Spectm Homeachoolcr8, c/o Kuolyn Kuehner, IO859 S. Longwood Dr, Chicago 60643-33 12: 77 3-7 7 9-7 60A IN: Famlll$ Leanllg Togcther, c/o Jill Whelan, 1714 E 51 St,

Indianapolis 462O5i 317-255-9294 IN Assoc of Home Educ's, 85O N Madison Av, Greenwood 46142, 317-859-1202 Wabash Vsllcy Homeschool A5soc, c/o Palmer,2515 E Ouinn Av, Tene Haute 47ao5i aI2-466 9467 [g CcBtral Kmsas Homeachoolca, c/o Susm Peach, Rt i Box 28A, Rush Center 67575

Cbrlstlan llomc Educators Colfcderatlon of Essas, PO Box 3564, Shawnee Mission 66203; 316-945-08r0

Lamerce Arca Unafllllated Grp of llomeechoolerg, c/o Michener, RR 1 Box 496, Perry 66073

Teechllel PseDts Assoc, PO Box 3968, Wtchita 67201: 316-945-08I0

1{f: KY Home Educatlon Aasoc, PO Box 81, Wnchester


Scarborough O4O74i 2O7 -aa3-9621

wcstem Wa3hlngton Cty Homcschoolcrs, RI'D 1 Box 93, Harington 04643

!!D: Educatlng Ou Om, 686 Geneva Dr, Westminster 2ll57i 410-857'

0r68 Famlly Unscboolers Network Ncws, 1688 Belhaven woods ct, Pasadeaa 211223727 Glen Burnie llone School Support Grp, c/o Whetzel, 6514 Dolphin Ct, Glen Bumie 21061 Home & Unachoolers Group (HUG), RR I Box 925E (Biscay & Pinkham Rds), Damariscotta 04543: 2O7 -563-2383 Marylud IIoEe Education Assoc, 9085 Flamepool Way, Columbia 21045: 4Io730-OO73

Maryland-Pernsylvanla Home Educators, see under Pennsylvania North County lloEe Educators and Famlly UDschoolcrs NetworL' 1688



Marshall 45068: 616-781-1069 Herltagc Home Educators, 2122 Houser Rd, HoUy 48442 Homc EducatorE' Clrcle, 1280 S John Hix, Westland 48186; 313-326-5406 Info Netsort for Chrl3tlaD llomcs, 4l5O Ambrose NE, Grand Rapids 49505 Older Homeschoolcrs Group, c/o Linn Fmtly, 9120 Dwight Dr, Detrolt 48214; 3 l3-33 r-8406

owL (oakland, waghtenaw, Llvlngsto!) Ilomeschool support Group, c/o Debra Cohn, 6036 Swen Mile, S Lyon 48178: 810-437-8931 Suryrldgc Alternatlve L€arnhg Ctr, HCO I Box 134, Pelkie 49958 ![N: Fargo-Moorehcad Ilomeschool A5soc, l9o9-8th St S, Moorehead


Mlnnesota Homeschoolcrs


PO Box 23072: Richfield 55423i 612-2Aa-


![S: Home tducators of Ccntral Mlsdsslppl, 4083 Robin Dr, Jackson 39206: 60l-366-9218 Oxford llomeschool Networl, 21 CR 3024. Oxford 38655 Ii!O: oruk hre Soclety, c/o Eisenmiro, HC 73 Box 160, Drury 65638; 417-679-3391 (Ozilk uea grp) SHELL (Sprtngtleld Home Education: Irtming for a Lifetlme), c/o lnalt Rosenthal, 8lO S Kickapoo Av, Springlield 65804; 417-866-4017 St. Ipuis Homeschool Nctwotl. Karen Kilabell, 4147 W Plne, St. Iruis 63108; 3t4-534- | 1,7 | !f,f: Bozcmu Homcschool Nctwork, c/o lara Dalton, 2OI S 6 Av Apt A, Bozemm 597f 5; 406-586-3499: Mortua Coalltlon of llone Educitora, PO Box 43, Gallatin Gatewav 59730; 406-587-6 163 NE: LEARN, 7741

E Avon Ln, Lincoln 6a505i 4O2-4AA-7741 Iry: Homc School6 Ullted/Vcgas Vallcy, PO Box 93564, tas


HoEcachool Assoc. 239 Reeves Rd. Rlchmond 40475 LL: Southwest Acadlma llomeschoolcrs, 5O7 S. Arenas, Rayne 70578; 3 l8-334-24 12 wlld Azalea Unschoolers. 6055 General Mever Av. New Orleans 70131 504-3925647 !{D: Malne Homoschool Aasoclatlon, PO Box 421, Topsham 04086; 1aoo-520-o577 Penlnsula Area Homescbooling Assoc, PO Box 235, Deer Isle 04627 Scbago lnke Homeschoolers Support Grp, RR 2 Box 54, Sebago Iake O4O75i 207-642-4364 Southern MalDe Home Educatlo! Support Nctworl, 76 Beech Ridge Rd, Madlsoq

MI: Benzle Home Educator8, PO Box 2O8, BeMonia 49616 Famflles Lcamlng and SchoollDg at Ilomc (FI"ASH), 21671 B Drive


89 193-3564: 702-A70-9566

[E!: ltew llanpshlre llome School Coalitlo!, PO Box 2224, Concord O3302; 603-539-7233

IIL Educatlonal E:cellcnce-School at lfome, O7901


PO Box 771, Summit

No. .tersey Home Schoolers Assoc, 44 Oak St, Hillsdale O7642i 20I-666-6025 Thc Tutor. 1239 whitaker Av, Millvile 0a332; 609-327-1224 Unschoolers Nctwork, 2 Smith St, Farmingdale O7727i 908-934-2473 (statewtde)

Unschoollng Fams. Support Grp of Ccntnl NJ, RD I Box 713, Jobston OAO4Ii 609-723-1524 NM: Glorlcta Fully Educators, Std Rt I Box 4O4, Glorieta 87535 Homc EducatoE of Suta Fe, 2l Frasco Rd, Santa Fe 87505; 505-466-4462 Homeschoollng PACT, c/o Senn, Box 961, Portales 8813O: 505-359-16f8 Unschoolera of Albuquctquc, 2905 Tahiti CT NE, Albuquerque 87112: 505299-2476 NI: AFPLE (Attachment & Positive Ptrenting & Irllngly Educating) Family and Homcschool Group, PO Box 2036, N Babylon 11703; 516-243-1944: email

Famllles for llome Educ, 3219 Coulter Rd, cuenovia 13035: 315-655-2574 Fingcrlal.cs Unschoolers Networt, 2Ol Elm St, lthaca lAasot 607-273-6257 Ilome6choolera Networh of the Mld-Hudior vallcy, RD 2 Box 2llP' Ski Run Rd, Bloomingburg NY I2721i 914-733-10O2 Lo!8 Island Homcschoolers Assoc, 4 Sevtlle Pl, Massapequa Park 11762; 516-



Scnoor_rNc #126 .JeN../Fns. '99

Clty Homc EducatoE 1Or56:212-505-9884

New York


PO Box

l2I4 Muray Hill

Station. IIY

New York IIoEc Educators' Nctwort, Anne Hodge, 39 North St, Saratoga Spgs 12866: 518-584-91 10 (statewide) OASIS (Oneonta ilea Shiling in Schooling), PO Box 48, OtlbertsviUe 13776i 607743-227 |

Rochester Area Homeschoolcrs Assoc, 275 Yarmouth Rd, Rochester 146I0: 7 t6-27 1-0445 Wcstem IrfY llomcachoolcra, Gloria Zemer, 18 Maple Av. Portville 1,4770'. 716933-8669 Ng: Fullles lrutrhg Togcther, i67O NC 33 West, Chocowlntty 27817; emall North Ctrollnlus for Ilome Educatlo!, 419 N Boylan Av, Raleigh 27603-12Il, I t9-834-NCHE ND: ND Home School Assoc, PO Box 486, Mandan 58554: 7O\-223-4O8O QI!: Chrlstlu Puents Asaoc. 310 Bluebonnet Dr, Findlay 45840 (local only)

Fanlllcs UnEchoollng h thc Ncl8hborhood (FUN), 3636 Paris Blvd, Westerville 4308 f ; 614-794-2 l7l : email Growlng Together, c/o Nilcy McKibben 1676 Trendnl Ct, Columbus 43229 Helghts llomcschoolers, 2065 Halsey, S Euclid 44118 HELP Northscst Ohto, 3905 Hen Rd, Sylvania 43560: 419-843-7179 Ifome Educatlon L€ague of Parents (Ce[tral Ohto], PO Box 14296, Columbus 43214: 614-470-2219 Homc Education Resourcc OrgulzatloD, 17O w Main St St, NoMalk 44857: 4

19-663- 1064

Home School Nctwort of Grcatcr ClnclD[atl, 2115 Harcourt Dr, Cincinnati 45244: 5\3-683- 1279 or 513-772-9579 IIFE (kamfng in Fmily Enviroments) Suport Group. PO Box 2512, Columbus 43216: 614-241-6957: ematl Ohlo Home Educators Networl, PO Box 23054, Chagrin Falls 44O23-OO54i 330-274-0542 Puents Enrlchlng Alt. Chtldhood Educ., 9520 Co Rd IO-2, Delta 43515: 337-

4ato OE: ComeFtoDG (Tulsa area grp), PO Box 459, Sperry 74073:918-4254162

I Box 4OC,Cleo Springs 73729; 918-396-0lO8: email (statewide grp supporting unschooling) gB: Grcater Portland Homcachoolers, PO Box 82415, Portland 97282; 503-241 -5350 The L€antrg Comectlon. PO Box lO91 #196. Grots Pass 97526: 541-476Homc Educators Resoucc OrgulzatloD, Rt


Oregon llomc Educatlon !{etwork, 4470 SW Hall Blvd #286. Beaverton g7OO5; 503-321-5166 mllamettc Homeschoolera. 245 W 27th Av, Eugene 97405 Z!: Chcrter Cty HomeEchooleft.226 Liandoverry, Exton 19341 Delawuc Cty HomeachoolcrE, 356 S Old Middletom Rd, Media 19068;610565-7974 Dlvcrslty Unlted ln HomcschoollnS, 233 Bluebeu Av. Langhorne 19O47; 215428-3865 Pcrnrylv&nla Ifome Educatiotr Nctwork, 285 Allegheny St, Meadville 16335;


Pennaylvula Homeschoolcrs, RD 2 Box ll7, Kittanning l620li 412-7a3-6512 People Alway8 Lc8Elng Somcthing (PAI-S). fos Marie Dr, Pittsburgh 15237: 4r2-367-6240

vallcy Unscboolcra Nctwork [I€high Valley areal, c/o Kiernan, 4458 Coffeetown Rd. Schnecksville 18078: 610-799-2742 BI: PucDt Educatora of RI, PO Box 782, Glendale 02826 Rhodc Islud Gulld of HoEc Teachcrs (Home Spun News), Box I


9e: Cuouaa HoEG


Hope RI


Superschooler3, 777 Hlllview St, Spartanburg 29302

Orgulzatlo! of Paratrt Educators, c/o Griesemer, 1697 Dotterer's

Run. Charleston 294I41 763-7a33 Teachcr's ht (fomerly Homeschool Assoc of SC), PO Box 13386, Chaleston 29422i AO3-795-9982; email South Carollna Araoclatlon of IndcpctrdeDt llomc Schools, PO Box 2104, Irmo 29063 South Carollna Homcschool Allluce, 1679 Memorial Park Rd, Suite 179, Iancaster 297201 emul 9D: SD HomG School Assoc, PO Box 882, Sioux Falls 57101; 605-335I 125 IN; Home Education Aaaoc of TN (HEAT), 3677 Richbriar Ct, Nashville

372r1 Tcnncssec Ilomeachoollng Famillcs, 1356 Cove Ln, Oliver Springs TN 37840 IE: Austln Area llomcacboolcrs, 5IO Puk Blvd, Austin 7875I Ilouaton Altenatlye Educatlotr Alllucc, l28f I lly Forest Dr, Cypress 77429 Ilouaton Unschoolcre Group, Holly Furgason, 9625 Exeter Rd, Houston 77093: 7 l3-695-4888; North Te:as Self-EducatorE, c/o Jordm, I50 Forest Ln, Double Oak/I€wisville

75067i al7-430-4435


Homeschool Coditlol, PO Box 6982, Lubbock 79493i 806-797-4927 UI: Salt IrLe Home Educators, 6522 Appomattox Way, Tayloryille 84123:

Blue Rldgc Area Networt for CoDgctrial HomeschoollDg, c/o Amy Btrdwell, 255 Ipswich Pl, Charlottesville 2290I Ilomc Educators Nctwort, 3320 Waverly Dr, Fredericksburg 22401 Home Irstruction Support Group, 217 Willow Terr, Sterling 22170 LEARN/No. \IA llomeachoolcrs, c/o Vemon, llll Waynewood Blvd, Alexandria 2230a Lcarnlng ln a Famlly Environmcnt (LlFEl, 40672 Tankerullle Rd, I-vettsville 2O18O: email Rlchnord Educ'l Alt€rlatlves for Chlldren at HoEc [REACH), Box 36174. Richmond 23235-8003; 8O4 795-7624i; / HeartLa\d / Plilns / 7 44O / VA llome Dducatlon Asroc, Rt I Box 37O, Gordonsville 22942:540-832-3578: email vhea@virginia. edu WA: Cluk Couty llome Educatora, PO Box 5941. Vancouver 98668 Families Lanlng Togcther, Box 1O Tig€r Stil Rt, Colville 99114 Fanlly Academy, 146 SW l53rd #29O, Seattle 98166 Fmtly L€mi!8 Or8, PO Box 7247, Spoka\e 99207; 509-467-2552 Homeachoolera' Support Aasoc, PO Box 413, Maple Valley 98038: 253-89I-

o384 Palouae Home L€amlng Altcmatlve3, SE 4O5 Htll, Pullman 99163 Ralnbow Wry Playgroup, c/o Bystrom, 8632 Invemess Dr NE, Seattle 98115 3936: 206-522 4313 Seattle Ilomeschool Grp, 819 NE 84, Seattle 98115: 206-525-8359: email

Teachlng Parents Aasoc, PO Box 1934, Woodinville 9ao72-1934i 425-739-a562 Warhhgton Ifomeschool Organlzatlon, 6632 S 191 Pl Suite EIOO, Kent 9AO32 -2 1 17, 425 -25 I - 0439, email Whatcom Homcschool AsEoc, 3851 Britton Rd, Bellingham 98226 W: Marlon Cty llome Educatlol Org, RR 6 Box 336, Faimont 26554 WV llome Educators Assoc, PO Box 3707. Charleston 25337-37O7i 1-800-7369843 WI: Fmillcs h Scbook at IIoEc (FISH), 4639 Conestoga Trail, Cottage Grove 53527

IIOME (Madison Chapter), 5745 Bittersweet Pl, Madison 53705: 608-238-3302 UtrBchooling Famllles, 1908 N. Clark St, Appleton 54911:414-735-9832 Wlsconsh Puenta A8aoc, PO Box 2502, Madison 537O1 wI: Unschoolc$ of Wyomlng, 429 Hwy 23O, #2O, larmle 82O7O

National or General Homeschool Groups: Amcrlcan Homcacbool Assoc, PO Box 1125, Republic WA 99166-1125:



Ileart of llomeschooUng, ed. Shrui Henry, PO Box 1055, Madison AL 35758 (newsletter based on ideas of Raymond Moore, Chillotte Mason, md ot}Iers)


Aasoclates/GrowlDg Wlthout SchoollDg, 2380 Massachusetts Ave, Suite lO4, Cambridge MA 0214O; 617-864-3lOO: fM 617-464-9235 Ilome Educatlon Magazlne/Hone Educatlo! Presa, PO Box 1587, Palmer AK 99645-1587; phone 907 746-1336; fu 907-746-1335 Ilomc Scbool Ipgal Defensc Assoc, PO Box 159, Paeonim Springs VA 22129; 540-338-5600 Ilomc School Reseucher, see Nat'l Home Education Resedch Institute Ilomeschool Support Network, PO Box 1056, Gray ME O4O39,207-657-2800 IIoEG Educrtor's Famlly Timcs, PO Box 7O8, Gray ME O4O39i 2O7-657-2aOO Natlonall Ccnter for llome Dducatlon, PO Box 2OO, Paeonian Spgs VA 22129; 540-338-7600 Natlond Home Educatlon Research lDstltute, Western Baptist College, SOOO Deer Pilk Dr SE, Salem OR 973OI-9392: 503-375-7019 Natlonal Homeschool Assoclatlon. PO Box 29O. Hartland MI 48353: 513-7729580 Tbe Teaching llome, PO Box 20219, Portland OR97220-0219

Special-Interest Homeschooling Groups: At Ou Om Pace, c/o Jem Kulczyk.

102 Willow Dr. Waukegu lL 6OO87i a47662-5432 (newsletter for homeschooling families with special needs) The Drlnli!8 Goud (homeschoolers of color), PO Box 2557, Redmond WA 98O73; 206-836-0336 or 1-800-TDO-5487 Homc School Assoc for Chrlstlan Sclcrcc FemlllcE, 445 Alrport Rd, Tioga



Homcschoolcra for Pcacc & .tustlce, PO Box 74, Midpines CA 95345 Homeschoolcrs Travel Network. NHA.l0755 Hibner Rd. Hartland Ml 48353 Homeschoollng Unitarlan Unlyersallsts and Humanlsta, 3135 Lakeland Dr. Nashville TN 37214-3312: 615-889-4938 IalaEic Homeachool Aasoc of North Anerlca, l3l2 Plvmouth Ct, RaleiSh NC 27610 Jewlsh Home Educator's Networt, c/o M. tnwe, 1295 Milshau Dr SE, Salem OR 973O2i 503-362- 1203: email Nat'l AsEoc of Cathollc llome Educatora, PO Box 420225, San Diego CA 92142 Nat'l AsEoe of Momon HomG Educators,2770 S l0OO West, Perry UT 84302 Nat'l Challenged Homeschoolcra Assoc (NATHIIAN), 5383 Alpine Rd SE, Olalla WA 94359: 206-457-4257

80r-269- 1997 Utah Homc Educatlotr As3ociatlor, PO Box 570218, SiSurd 84657-0218; 801-

Nat'l Handlcapped Ilomeschoolers A5aoc, 8I4 Shavertow Rd, Boothwyn

535- l 533

Slmor of Creae Aaaoc (Africm-Americm Homeschoolers of Christim Faith),

Irf: Resoucc Ccnter for Homcschoolhg, c/o Deb Shell, RR 2 Eox 289C,


1906I:215-459-2O35 PO

Box 26357. Rochester NY 14626

Polly Hubbad Rd, St Albms O547a. aO2-524-9645 RR 2 Box 1332, Putney 05346 VA: ALOFT (Alt. l€aming Opuons for Free Thinkers), 2l2O Wiggington Rd, Lynchbug 24502

WlDdhu Couty Homeschoolcrs,

GnowrNc Wrruour Scnoor-rNc #126 .JAN./Fns. '99


Homeschool Groups Outside of U.S.

K2B 6T4: 613-729-01\7 Salt SprtDg Unachoolcrs Nctwork, 132 Bullock Creek Rd. Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2r3 Saatatchcwan Home-Bascd Educatora, 116A ldylwyld Dr. N, suite 13,


Saskatoon SK S7L OY7

Albcrta Homc Educ Assoc, c/o Aine Stasiewich, Box 3451, Ifduc AB TgE 6M2 Altematlve Educ Rceouce Assoc. 1l Mosely Close, Red Deer AB T4N 5S8 Calgary Home Eda Encouragement & Resource Soclety, RR 6, Calgary AB ^t2M 4L5

Cmadfm Aluuce of lloEcschoolcn, 272 HW #5. RR

I, St George, ON

Trt-City Home Learreta Nctwork, 604-464-1056 (Port Coquitlan, BC) Vlctorla Homc Lcamlng Netsork, 106-290 Regina, Victoria, BC V8Z 650 Vllla VllleLula llomeschool Rcaoutce Grp, l25O Gladstone Av, Windsor ON N8X 3H3: 519-254-3593

wordcrtrce Educ Soclcty, Box 38083, Vancouver BC


rNO:519-448-4001 Cuadiu Home EducatoE Assoc of BC, 4684 Dain Ct, Keloma BC VIW 2E}3; 604-764-7462 Comuity Conrectlo[8, zu Smith, 225 37 St NW, Cafgary AB T2N 4N6 Cowlcbu Vallcy HoEclcamcrs Support Grp, RR 7, Duncan BC VgL 4w4 corlchan Valley Chrlstlan Homelearncrs support Grp, lo5o Marchmont Rd,

Australia: Acceleratcd Christlan Educatlo8, PO Box 10, Strathpine, Old.,; 07 2O5 7503 Altematlve Educatlon Rcsouce Grorp, PO Box 71, Chirnside Pilk VIC 3116 Brlabue Homcschooung Group, Int 2, Caboolture River Rd, Upper Caboolture

Duncil BCvgL2I|"dT

4510 Canbena Home Educatlor Networt, 23 Bardolph St, Bonython, ACT 2905, I Ilomeschoolera Australla Pty Ltd, PO Box 42O, Kellyville 2f53, NSW Australia NSw Central Coast Homeschool Grp, RMB 6346, MacDonalds Rd, Lisarow NSW

Educare: Homeschoollng News, Box 2302I, Woodstock ON N4T lRg EducrtloD Advlsory, 2267 Klngs Ave, W Vancouver BC V7V 2CI creatcr vancouver Home Learrera gupp Grp, 6O4-22a-1939i 604-298-671O Home Educatlon New, Box 39OO9 ft Grey RPO, Vancouver BC V6R 4P1 Home kanlDg Resouce Centra. Box 61, Suathiaski BC VOP 1N0 Home School Lcgal Defensc Assoc of Canada, PO Box 42OO9, Mtllbourne PO, Edmonton AB mK 4C4; 403-986-1566 Honebased leamlng SoclGty of Albcrta, 8754 Connors Rd, Edmonton AB T6C

2250. Australia #4O Brows Rd, Bellt Park via Edmundi, 4562 Oueenslmd Yma Valley HomeschoolcF, 9 Salisbury St, Wilburton

Sushlae Coast Homcachoolirg Grp,

486; 988-4652


63ll t4 Av, Edmonton AB T6L lYl Marltoba Asgoc for Schoolilg at llome, 89 Edkar cres, winnipeg MB R2G 3H8 Montreal HoDcachoolera' Support Grp,5241 Jacques Crenier, Montreal PO Homeschoolcra Asaoc of N Albett8,

Education otherwke, PO Box 7420, lpndon N9 gSG: (tel.) 0891 518303 local contacts throughout Englmd



the U.K.) Homc Educatlon Advisory Scrvice, PO Box 98, welwyn Cdden City, Herts AI-8 6AN: (tel.) O17O7 371454

H3W 2G8

MoDtrcal !fietropolltan Support Group: website http: / /w.angeuire. com/mn/nevenfamily/ Ncw Bru[a, Asaoc of Christiu lfomcschoolcrs, RR I Site ll Box I, Htllsborough NB EOA 1X0; 506-734-2463 Nova Scotla IIoEe Educatlon A8aoc, c/o Madon Homer, RR 1, Rose Bay

\,152 4L9; 604-739-5943 YT YIA 4S2

YuLon Home Educatora' Soclety, Box 4993, Whitehorse

France: HoncEchoollng Bulleth, c,/o Sophte Haesen, 7 rue de la Montagne, F-6848O Vieux Fenette L'Ecole a la Malson, c/o Nadine Stwart, 6 Grmde Rue, F-3866O l€ Touvet Les Enfuts D'Abord, c,/o Shosha, 4 rue de t€rgue, F-34800 Brtgnac


2xot 902-7 66- 4355: Nova Scotla Support Grp, c/o laura Uhlmm RR l, Pleasmtville NS BOR 1GO Ontarlo Fcderatlo! of TcacblDg Pdents, 83 Fife Rd, Guelph ON NtH 6X9:


519-763-1150 ODtarlo Homeschoolera, Box 19, Gilford, oN LoL 1R0; 705-456-3186 Orllla llomcschoolcrs' Support Grp, 45 Albert St North, OriUa ON L3V 5K3 guebcc Homeschoollng Advisory, CP 127A, lOO2 Rosemuie, Val David PQ JOT

Sa Bhailc (At Hom€), Clahane, Ballyad, Tralee, Co. Kerry: 066-26901



Rldeau valley Ilomc Educatore Aaeoc, c/o Dubuc, 1144 Byron Av, Ottawa ON



PO Box Kugayama, Suginamiku, Tokyo, Japan; email







TffiffiFHIU $ As the



world leader in home schooling, Calvert School ofiers a well planned and rigorous curriculum covering all traditional studies for the K-8

student, Today, we can deliver a complete program of printed workboola and lessons familiar to many generations of our shrdents. But we are also

now utilizing CD and Internet technology with interactive graphics to stimulate students and to encourage ftem to progress at their own pace. Our proven curriculum is enhanced by our technology, not overshadowed by it. Our new Spelling, Yocabulary, & Grarnmar program is now


available for grades



5-7 on CD-ROMs. We

have also introduced a new

Advisory Teaching Service (AIS) On Line, which provides electronic testing for all courues in grades 5 though 8. Our Kindergarten II is the perfect program for chjldren who are ready for a challenge but do not yet have reading skills. And we've got many more new ideas on the drawing board!

A century of tradition plus technologr, That's why many Darents consider Calverl School to be the best of both worlds.

Direct inquiries to Calvert School / Dept. GW58 /105 Thscany Rd. / Balto., MD 21210 / Phone: 410-243-6030 / e-mul: / Visit our interactive Veb Site:

Fax: 410-366-0674



,99 Wrrsour Scuoor.rNc +126 .Jer../FEs.

Netherlands: Ncthcrlands llomeschoolcrs, Raadhuislaan 31, 2i31 Hoofddoorp

New Zealand: Ilomc EducatoE Netsork of Aotcuoe, PO Box ll-645, Ellerslie 1131, Aucklud Ilomcschoolirg Fedcretlon of NZ, PO Box 4l-226, St. Lukes, Aucklmd Tbc New Zcaland Homc ScboouDg As8oc, 5 Thanet Av, Mt Albert, Auckland

South Afrlca: N.tlonal Coalltlon of Homc SchoolcE, PO Box 14, Dundee, 3ooo. tel. O34l 237 12, emall

Spain: Crcccr Sln Eacucle, c/o Sztl-Norberg, Apartado 45, Alfu del Pi 03580. Alicmte, (for lndividual

fmily listings ln

several other countrles not listed here, see

Dlrectory of Famtlles)

Other Organizations: These educational, chtld-raising, or self-rellmce orgmizations tre good sources of help ud allies. Again, a SASE is appreclated. Allluce for Puental Inyolv"ment h Educatlon, PO Box 59, E Chatham I{Y 12060-0059; 518-392-6900 (deals witl publtc, private' md home schools) Altematlyc Educatton Resouce orgulzatlon, 4I7 Rosllm Rd, Roslyn Hghts NY r1577: 516-621-2195 EVAN'G, 977 Keeler Ave, Berkeley CA 94708 (agatnst corporal punishment) I: Irchc t*.gue htcmatlonal, l4OO N Meachm Rd' PO Box 4079, Schaumberg IL 6O168-4O79i l-80o-tA LECHE Llcdtoff CoDtlDuu Nctworl, PO Box 1634, Sausalito CA 94966 (people lnterested in The Continum Concept). Nat'l Assoc for the l*gal SupPort of Alt. Schools. PO Box 2823' Santa Fe NM

87501; 505-471-6928

National ccntcr for Falr ard opcn Tcatlng (FatrTcst)' 342 Broadway' Cmbridge MA 02139; 617-864-4810 Nst'l Coalltlon Of Alt. Commudty Schools, PO Box 15036' Smta Fe NM A7'OGi 505-474-4312 These lists may be reproduced in full or in part only if tl:e source ls credlted as 'GROWING WTIIIOIJT SCHOOLING, 2380 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 1O4,

U.S. Postal Service STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT, and CIRCULATION (required by 39 U.S. C. 3685). (1) Title of publication: Growing Without Schooling. (2) Publication No: 04755305. (3) Filing date: 10/1/98. (4) lssue Frequency: bimonthly. (5) Number of issues published annually: 6. (6) Annual subscriplion price: $25. (7) Complete mailing address of known office of publication: Holt Associates, 2380 Mass. Ave, Suite 104, Cambridge MA 02140. (8) Complete mailing address of the headquarters of general business officers oJ the publisher: Same. (9) Full names and complete mailing address of publisher, editor, and managing editor: Publisher: Pat Farenga,2380 Mass. Ave, Suite 104, Cambridge MA02140. Editor: Susannah Shefter,2380 Mass. Ave, Suite 104, Cambridge MA 02140. Managing Editor: N/A. (10) Owner (if owned by a corporation, its name and address must be stated and also immediately thereunder the names and addresses ol stockholders owning 1 percent or more of total amount of stock: Holt Associates, 2380 Mass. Ave, Suite 104, Cambridge MA 02140. Patrick Farenga, 2380 Mass. Ave, Suite 104, Cambridge MA 02140. Thomas and Mary Maher, 2380 Mass. Ave, Suite 1 04 Cambridge MA 02140. Donna Richoux, 56 Grimshaw St, Malden MA 02148. Mark and Mary Van Doren, PO Box 121, New MarshJield OH 45766. Maureen Qarey,T Fayette Pk, Cambridge MA 02139. (8) Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning I percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities: None. EXTENT AND NATURE OF CIRCULATION: (A) Total No. Copies (net press run): Average no. copies each issue during preceding 12 months: 6575. Actual No. copies oi single issue pulished nearest to filing date: 6300. (B) Paid ancUor Requested Circulalion: 1. Sales through dealers and carriers, street vendors and counter sales: Average: 365. Actual: 545.2. Mail Subscription (paid and/or requested): Average: 5740. Actual: 5446. C. Total Paid and/or Requested Circulation: Average: 6105. Actual: 5991. (D) Free distribution by mail (samples, complimentary, and other tree copies): 0. (E) Free Distribution Outside the Mail (carriers or other means): 0. (F) Total Free Distribution: 0. (G) Total Distribution: Average: 61 05. Actual: 5991 . (H) Copies not distributed: 1 . Office use, left over, spoiled: Average: 275. Actual:309. 2. Return from news agents: Average: 195Actual: 0. (l) Total: Average: 6575. Actual: 6300 Percent paid ancyor request circulation: Average: 100%. Actual: 100%. I certify that all the information furnished on this torm is true and complete. - Susannah Sheffer, Editor

Cambridge MA 02140.-

Clonlara School 1289 Jewett Ann ArborMichigan 48104 (734)769-45rr (734)769-9629 fax

web: email:

Founder/Director Dr. Pat Montgomery is an authority on alternative education with over forty years of experience.

Clonlnra School Compuhigh


Clonlara School provides home educators

the world's first high school allowing students to earn a high sciicxrl diploma using personal computers and the Internet.. A variety of courses are offered ranging from Algebra to World



Contact Teacher OTranscripts

I Counseling & Guidance OA Curriculum OA Fully Accredited Program and Administrative Seruices such as: ,tMeeting state regulations lA Private School Diploma and i Interaction with school ollicials

Call for free brochure

GnowNc Wrruour ScHoouNc +126 .JeN./Fns. '99


Best Foreign Language Course

Writing to GWS

Practical Homeschooling Magazine Readers Survey, 1997

The Home School Favorite used World Wide for over 20 Years

The Leurnables' .,

a1 DpAnlSn FrenCh German RUSS|AW HgbfeW ChineSe r


Parents do not need to know the language

Appropriate for all age levels The lessons are easy to use. Does not require translation from English

Students are not confused by mixing English and foreign words in the same sentence

A full immersion program

Czech For more information visit our website -


1-800 237-1830 International Linguistics Corporation

Please: (1 ) Put separate items of business (book orders, directory entries, letters to GWS, etc.) on separate pieces of paper. This helps us get them to the right people more quickly. (2) Put your name and address at the top of each letter. (3) lf you're writing to a specific person, write "GWS" or "Holt Associates" on the envelope in addition to the individual's name. How to write letters for publication in GWS: 1. Handwrite, type, or dictate your thoughts and send them in on paper, on a cassette tape, or on a 3.5" disc that can be read by a Macintosh (send the hard copy too). 2.There is no #2! We have no formal submission procedures, so rule #1 is all you need. Do tell us whether it's OK to use your name with the story (it's fine to be anonymous instead) and do bear in mind that we edit letters for space and clarity and that we often have much more great stufi than room to print it in a given issue, so it can take a while before something gets in. The best way to get a sense ot what kind of writing gets published in GWS is to look through a few issues. In general, we prefer writing that is in the firstor third-person ("1 did this" or "She did thaf') rather than in the instructional or proscriptive second-person ("You should do this..."). We like to hear about what people did or tried, what did or didn't work, what they've observed or concluded or wondered as a result. GWS stories focus on how children learn, particularly how they learn outside of school settings, and how adults learn, particularly how they tried something new, ligured something out, or made their way without school credentials. We are always interested in stories about how homeschoolers meel and deal with common issues - negotiating with a school district, pursuing a particular interest, learning to trust oneselt - to name just a few. We're always interested in responses to writing that has been published in the past, and GWS is often an ongoing conversation among its readers. Because there isn't much time between the day you get an issue of the magazine and the day the next issue goes to press, responses can't always be run right away,

but we do try. Most of the time, readers don't need a special invitation to write to GWS; iust follow rule #1, above. When we are planning to have a section of an issue focus on a specific topic or question, we write or call people ahead ot time inviting them to write on that topic. These are readers whom we suspect (based on previous correspondence) have experience with the subject or something to say on the topic. The more we hear from you, the more likely we are to know what you might be able to write about and thus the more likely we are to think of you when a particular topic comes up. For our regular Focus seclion, we ask kids who have written in the past, kids who have said they would like to write, and - mostly - kids chosen at random from the Directory and pen-pal listings. lf you want to be asked to write for an upcoming Focus, drop us a card, or, better yet, write a GWS story about something else (your thoughts or experiences, your response to something in a previous issue). We love hearing from readers whether or not we are able to publish the story as all letters give us valuable information and food tor thought.

Pen-Pals Children wanting pen-pals should write to those listed. To be listed, send name, age, address, and 1-3 words on interests. Please try to write to someone on the list belore listing yourself, and remember to pul


GnowrNc WrrHour Scsoor-INc #126 .JAN../Fnn. '99


HOME SCHOOLVILII\GE . , . An Inleroctive Website Fd tho!€ who wont lo tak€



Chat rooms, mesnge forum, 100's

with Monopoly-like Board Games

lhef orn leanino of learning links,

participation areas, instructioml ideas, leaming resourc€E, achange idas with other members

Eecome port of our wotdwide cornmunily!

Common wotds - Phonics Revlew Blends - Word Famllies

www.licketysPl it. n Fax: 250-7

46-4142 fel'. 250-7 l5-l


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http: / /www, home-school-villoge, com your address on your letter. MITCHELL, 23305 109 St Cl E, Buckley WA 98321: lvy (4) coloring, monkey bars, hugging; Noelle (7) drawing, reading, writing; Jacqueline (1 1) fun, Ashlon BRYANT (11) 332 W friends, creativity Magnolia St, Brawley CA 92227; swimming, Elena VALLE (12) 21671 B Dr astronomy, reading N, Marshall Ml 49068; tap, ballet, acting



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Mary Shrrgeon Educational Games

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Junior high boarding school for grades 7, 8,


Small self-directed academic classes, challenging outdoor experiences, community service, consensus decision-making, daily work projects in a small, caring, community environment. ARTHUR MORGAN SCHOOL, 1901 Hannah Branch Rd, Burnsville, NC

28714.704-675-4262. PERMACULTURISTS. SE Ohio. Homesieads. Commons. Shared interest groups. Appropriate technology outreach. lnfo, questionnaire: SCA, Box 5802. Athens. OH 45701.

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The Art of

Education Roclalmin0 Your tamily, Commufity, ard Sell

w_* FDewond by John


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Children: The National PIA Masazine


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