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Christmas Message 26

The above prophecy states, “Starting from Monday the 1st of June (2015) to Monday the 1st of January (2016), for the next six months and afterwards”. The Lord made it very clear this time of cleansing, purification, purging, sifting, and shifting is not limited to the sixmonth period specified, but will continue long after it. A great shaking, sifting, and shifting is occurring in the Church as well as the world which has continued throughout 2015 and 2016. The Lord is testing His people to kill the sinful nature and draw out Godly character. To see who is truly hungry for and serious about Him, His Word, and Kingdom. Who will put Him first. Who is FIT for the next level. Who is ready for everything which is about to occur in the Church and the world and who will give everything, even their lives, to serve Him.

2016 was a year of great personal testing for the Church and the world. The Church has never been tested as deeply, intensely and extensively at any time or in any year as this year. The cleansing, purification, purging, sifting and shifting the Lord said would occur this year most definitely did and will continue in 2017 and beyond. In last year’s newsletter the Lord said the following about 2016, “In May this year (2015), the Lord spoke to me and said, “Starting from Monday the 1st of June (2015) to Monday the 1st of January (2016), for the next six months and afterwards, I am bringing a holiness revolution to the Church and the world!” What does this mean? There will be a great sifting, cleansing, purification and purging that will sweep across, not only the Church but the entire world. For several years, the Lord has been speaking to and showing me a vision about this in which I saw Him separating the sheep from the goats, just as He stated in Mt 25:31-46. It will begin with the Church and will spread everywhere because whenever the Lord does anything like this, He always begins with the Church” (1 Pet 4:17). (Pastor’s Letter - 2015/2016).

During 2016, the Lord gave me a terrifying prophecy confirming the above. I saw the Lord walking with a crowd of thousands upon thousands of people. He was at the head of the crowd and stood out from it. The people were happily walking with Him, oblivious to what was about to happen. Suddenly, He disappeared then reappeared a few 1

A major focus of this year was the Presence of God. In July We saw the message “His Presence or His Presents”. Over time, believers have perused gifts, ministries, offices, anointings, signs, wonders, miracles, manifestations, blessings and things above God and His word. As a result, even believers are being enticed away from God by the enemy, the cares of this life and the things of the world. Through this message, the Lord challenges all believers to return to their first love, seek Him rather than His blessings, His face rather than His hand. The Lord is calling all believers to draw closer to Him, know Him more intimately, be more intimate with Him and become more like Him. This theme will continue in 2017. As the Lord is preparing us for a great move of the Spirit, it will be vital to go to the next level with Him in order to conquer the attacks of the enemy and any challenges that may come our way.

meters ahead of them. The people stopped and began murmuring amongst themselves. He then cried out, “Whoever wants to be with Me, COME NOW!” Immediately, a group of people broke off from the crowd and ran to Him. The rest stood motionless, as though unwilling to move, not even for the Lord. When those running to the Lord reached Him, He motioned and said, “Let’s go.” They turned their backs and walked on. The Lord didn’t appeal to the others to join them, didn’t wait for them and didn’t even look back. After they disappeared over the horizon, a thick, black, ominous cloud slowly overshadowed those who were left behind. They were so afraid, they were huddled together, trembling with fear. Even after all this, they still didn’t run after the Lord. Then I saw these hideous looking hands and arms reach out from the shadows. They grasped someone’s face and pulled them in. Then someone’s chest and pulled them in. Then someone’s feet and dragged them in kicking, screaming and scratching at the ground. They pulled people in by the hands and arms who were struggling, kicking and screaming in absolute terror, knowing what was going to happen. Each one disappeared until not one was left. I could hear screams of terror in the distance. Then there was silence. Then I heard the Lord say, “This is what will happen to those who walk in sin, disobey Me, do not put me first, pursue things over and above Me, and become distracted by the cares of this life and the things of the world.”

It was another year of greater signs, wonders, miracles, salvations, deliverances and healings in our church and the Body of Christ. For 2017 the Lord revealed the following 2016 was a dark year for the world and in 2017, the darkness will become darker. In Revelation 9:13-21, the Word of God reveals a plague that will kill one-third of humankind. The population of the world today stands at over seven billion. Onethird is approximately 2.3 billion. This plague is obviously a war that will spread throughout the Middle East and Europe. 2

Isis will escalate into a full blown third world war as soon as 2017, however, if God’s people pray, this war will be postponed yet again for the sake of the salvation of souls. Also, it will be confined to the Middle East and Europe. Australia, the U.S.A, and England will be protected. This war will prepare the way for the coming Antichrist.

It is also known as “The Sixth Trumpet War” or “World War III”. In 2015 and this year, people all over the world claimed to hear sounds of a great trumpet blast from the sky with no apparent source to be found. Towards the end of this year, the Lord revealed to me the world is now moving into the sixth trumpet which will see the commencement of this war. Some believe it has already begun with the current terrorist movement, as the Bible states will begin at the Euphrates river located in the Arab world. The Word of God reveals that four angels were released who were bound at the river Euphrates. I believe these angels are not holy angels but wicked angels. The fact they were bound suggests they were wicked angels. Holy angels are never bound. Also, holy angels are never responsible for starting wars among men as these angels were. It also suggests they were held back. This disaster has been postponed or “held back” for some time now because of prayer offered by God’s people, however, it must eventually occur. The Euphrates river is situated in the Arab world which is the cradle of Islam. This is where the current terrorist movement was born. Isis has been attacking territories along the river Euphrates and have aspirations to overtake the entire Middle East, Israel, and Europe. The description of the army is obviously referring to the number of soldiers in the army and the weapons of war by which they make war on humankind. However, even after such an atrocity, unbelievers still do not repent. It is possible the terrorist movement led by

In Revelation 12:1-6, the Word of God tells us about a great sign appearing in heaven. The woman represents Israel and Mary pregnant with the Messiah. The twelve stars on her head represent the twelve tribes of Israel. The Dragon represents satan waiting to eat (kill) the Messiah (King Herod ordering the slaughter of every child under the age of two to kill the Messiah) and the child who was born to the woman represents (the birth of) Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Although this is mainly referring to the birth of Jesus Christ, it is also referring to something in the spirit and tells us about a sign that will literally appear in the heavens. This sign will coincide with a major event that will occur on the earth. Around the 23rd and 27th of September 2017, the sign of Virgo (the woman or virgin) will appear in the night sky (Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman) (Rev 12:1). The moon will be situated at her feet (with the moon under her feet) (Rev 12:1). The sun at her left shoulder (clothed with the sun) (Rev 12:1). The sign of Leo (the Kingly sign), which is composed of nine stars, but at the time of this conjunction will include an alignment of three additional stars 3

them and all people to their very core! As it did, the fear of God came upon the world! Then I heard the Lord say, “I AM ABOUT TO ROAR THROUGH MY PEOPLE (THE CHURCH)!”

Venus, Mars and Mercury, at her head (and on her head a garland of twelve stars) (Rev 12:1) And the constellation of the snake or serpent (Dragon) to her left (And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon) (Rev 12:3). The startling thing is this sign only appears every seven thousand years, rarer than the Bethlehem star that appeared last year and the blood moon tetrad that was completed last year, and will appear again next year. This sign will mark the commencement of an extremely important event on the prophetic calendar. Following the description of this sign is Verses 7-17 which describes war breaking out in heaven, satan being cast out of heaven to the earth and the woman (Israel and the Church) being persecuted by him. This is plainly describing the tribulation and great tribulation period. Is it possible this sign will mark the commencement of the tribulation and great tribulation period as soon as 2017?

Then, a body, lying down, silent, still, resting, sleeping, as though dead, suddenly stood to its feet, HUGE, MASSIVE! It was a man, tall, thick and muscular, of HEAVY build as one like a body builder. He stood HIGH and towered over the earth. His shadow COMPLETELY covered it. He was decorated in HEAVY armour - thick and sharp with spikes and protrusions, which itself was fearsome. When I saw this, the fear of the Lord came over me. Then I heard the Lord say, “THIS IS YOU (MY PEOPLE, MY CHURCH)! I WILL RAISE MY BODY LIKE A WARRIOR AND I WILL ROAR THROUGH THEM! WHEN THE WORLD SEES AND HEARS YOU, THEY WILL FEAR! WHEN THE ENEMY (SATAN AND DEMONS) SEE AND HEAR YOU, THEY WILL FLEE! I AM RAISING MY HOLY ARMY! THEY WILL BRING THE TRUE, HOLY WAR TO THE ENEMY AND THEY WILL SUCCEED! AMEN AND AMEN!

The Lord revealed the following for the Church, The following is a vision of the Lord I saw and spoke out at a revival fire meeting on Wednesday the 20th of July 2016, as I was in the Spirit.

The following is a prophecy/vision titled, Preparation, Equipping, and Warfare, the Lord gave me at a Sunday night service on the 15th of March 2015 after returning from our holiday at the Central Coast. I shared this prophecy on Sunday the 12th of April 2015, and concerns what the Lord is NOW doing and WILL do in the Church all over the world.

And I saw the Lord ROARING like a lion - His FACE was that of a WILD, RAGING lion, His mane was of BLAZING fire, His eyes were red like rubies, His mouth WIDE open revealing white, sharp teeth from which came a deafening ROAR that was heard throughout the earth and universe, shaking 4

a metal bar across the bottom of each blade. They were the same length. One wasn’t longer or shorter than the other and they too brightly reflected the light whenever they were moved. And I saw another sword. It also had a golden hilt and was made of fire. I could see the blade within the fire - the blade was on fire. The fire changed colour from orange to red to white and from white to red to orange again. It continued changing and flickering between these three colours. It was amazing to see! The Lord then spoke to me and said, “The first sword represents the Word of God.” (Eph 6:17). “The second represents the equality and unity of the Holy Trinity and the third represents the fire of God.” By the end of the vision, everyone had a sword in their hands. Everyone! Not one person was without a sword and each sword was different - representing a different course of action for each situation.

I saw three visions. The first was composed of four individual visions. I saw the Church being cleansed by four waves. Firstly, I saw the Church purified or washed with a wave of water, then a wave of blood, then a wave of oil and finally a wave of fire. The Lord revealed to me these were four levels or types of purification He was about to take the body of Christ through and we are actually going through now. Water represents God purifying, washing or changing our hearts, minds and attitudes by His Spirit through His Word. Blood represents God cleansing us from sins, weaknesses and impurities with the blood of Jesus. Oil represents God purifying us with the anointing and sending a fresh, intensified anointing upon us as a result and fire represents God burning away whatever is left of any bondage in the Church and His people’s lives with His fire. Then I saw another vision. I saw the Lord walking among the congregation. As the people worshipped, He placed swords in their hands. I could see what some of the swords looked like. One had a shiny, golden hilt with a shiny, fiery, polished blade which was a double edged blade. It was as thin as paper but as strong as steel. It was so shiny it looked like glass or a diamond and brightly reflected the light whenever it was moved. I saw another sword which was a tripled bladed sword. It too had a shiny, golden hilt. Each blade was a double edged blade which was also as thin as paper but as strong as steel and was shiny as glass or a diamond. The blades were joined by what looked like

And there was a third vision. I saw the head of a lion with a mane of fire. His face was stern and strong. He had his mouth wide open, I could see his teeth and was letting out a mighty roar. Then I saw the head of that same lion within the spirit of each and every person in the Church. It began forming, developing and rising out of every single person. Then I saw each person together, not just one here or there or before or after the other, but together as one, in perfect unity, letting out a mighty roar with the swords in their hands. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “The head of the lion you are seeing is the lion of the tribe of Judah 5

the wicked angels, demons, wicked people and kingdom of darkness on the left-hand side. As I looked, I saw each side growing in power and strength. I saw the darkness becoming darker over and within the kingdom of darkness and the presence, glory, power and anointing of God multiplying over and within the Church. Then a trumpet was blown and I saw each camp charging towards each other at great speed until they engaged each other in a deafening explosion and a mighty battle.” (Pastor’s Letter 2015/2016). This is obviously referring to the sixth trumpet war referred to earlier that is soon to come.

(Jesus Christ). “I am rising up within and out of My people, I am sending a spirit of boldness within and upon My people and I am raising My Church to be the bold lion it’s called to be. They will not fear any man, woman or thing. They will not even fear death, they won’t fear a thing. They will rise up as a bold, mighty army and from them will come the roar of the lion of the tribe of Judah. When that occurs, satan and demons will be driven back. Things will be broken in the Spirit everywhere. Negative cycles will be broken and reversed. Things will not be as they are now. Things will change dramatically. It is not going to be the same. The time is coming. Get ready!” Then He said, “I AM ONCE AGAIN PREPARING MY PEOPLE FOR WAR!” Amen and amen!

Despite all this, the Lord has promised to protect His people - those who walk with, obey and serve Him. Therefore there is nothing to fear for as the darkness becomes darker in the world, the light and glory of God will increase in and through the Church (Isa 60:1-4).

From the above prophecies, the forecast is that as the enemy mobilizes his armies for battle, the Lord is also mobilizing His armies for battle. However, unlike a natural war, we are required to war in the spirit through prayer, intercession, and fasting. As we do, we will see great victories in our own lives, the Church, and the world. In 2015, the Lord gave me the following prophecy confirming this. “The Lord also spoke to me about the fourth and final blood moon of the blood moon tetrad. The Lord said once the fourth blood moon has occurred, all hell will break loose on the earth. Then I saw a vision of God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, all the angels, people of God and the kingdom of heaven on the right-hand side and satan,

Get ready! We will see greater things with the Lord in 2017! My prayer is that the Lord will continue to bless and protect you and your family throughout the New Year and the years to come.

Blessings. Richard Pace. Light of the World Ministries Church.


Exodus 33:14 (NKJV) “And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Over the past few decades, an imbalance has slowly and gradually developed in the Church. Many Christians are chasing gifts, ministries, offices, anointings, signs, wonders, miracles and positions over and above God and His Word. As a result, many are moving in these areas with hardly any or no fruit of the Holy Spirit (Godly character or Christ - likeness). This is extremely dangerous as it creates a climate which promotes selfishness, wrong motives, competition, rebellion, divisions and the abuse of the gifts, ministries, offices and anointings which then leads to an abuse of others and has the potential to destroy the Church itself. The Lord is grieved that His people are pursuing gifts, ministries, offices, anointings, authority, positions, fame, money and the things of this world over and above Him, His Word and kingdom and is moving to rectify this imbalance. That is the reason for this message. This IS NOT a teaching against gifts, ministries, offices, anointings, signs, wonders and miracles. I love them, God CONSTANTLY moves in these ways in this ministry


and is going to do so much more. However, when people pursue them over and above God and His Word, that is when problems occur. There must be a balance of both. There’s a saying, if you only have the Word of God, you’ll dry up. If you only have the power of God, you’ll blow up but if you have both, you’ll grow up. The presence of God is EVERYTHING! He is our breath, blood, food and life. Without Him we are nothing (Jn 15:5) and with Him we can do all things (Phil 4:13). King David understood this when he wrote, “Do not cast me away from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit away from me.” Ps 51:11 (NKJV). Jesus stated in Matthew 6:33 (NKJV), “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” When Jesus said, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”, According to the Greek, He was actually saying, “Drop everything to seek, pursue, chase down or make priority, knowing God, His Word, His will and His way of doing things.” Unfortunately, many Christians have this the wrong way around and are seeking first “things” then adding the kingdom of God later. Their priority

is not so much to know God and build His kingdom, but to build their own little kingdoms/empires, churches or ministries. Jesus DID NOT say seek first all these THINGS and the kingdom of God and His righteousness will be added to you, but seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. When you put God, His Word, will and kingdom first, everything will then fall into place and you will be blessed. However, do not seek God just for the blessings, but because He is God, you desire to know, walk with, obey and serve Him, which is actually the greatest blessing. Then as you do, the blessings will follow. Paul the apostle wrote in 1 Corinthians 14:1 (NKJV), “Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.” Here, Paul exhorts the Christians in Corinth to pursue love and desire spiritual gifts. However, like the previous scripture, many Christians also have this the wrong way around. They are pursuing spiritual gifts and desiring to love - that is, as long as they have the gift, ministry, office, anointing, position or things they want, they are not too concerned about walking in love, obeying God and co-operating with others. Here, Paul tells us to pursue love. The word “love” here in the Greek is agape and refers to the love of God. So Paul is telling us to pursue the love of God. The word “pursue” means, to drop everything to go after or chase down, to put first or make priority. So we are exhorted to pursue the love of God - that is, to drop everything to go after, chase down, put first or make priority the love of God knowing the love of God and showing that love back to God and one another in everything we think, say and do.

“We are called to know the Lord intimately”

“The presence of God is EVERYTHING!”


Jesus stated in John 17:3 (NKJV), “And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” Paul wrote in Philippians 3:10 (NKJV), “That I may know Him and (that I may know) the power of His resurrection, and (that I may know) the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.” In both instances the word “know” in the Greek is “ginosko” which means, “to intimately know” or “to have intimate knowledge of”. Just like a man intimately knows his wife and a woman intimately knows her husband. It’s an intimate relationship. We are called to know the Lord intimately. His presence is in and with us and it is by this we can intimately know Him Psalm 103:7 (NKJV) “He made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the children of Israel.” Have you wondered why the Word of God here doesn’t say He made known His acts to Moses, His ways to the children of Israel? Or He made known His ways and acts to Moses, His ways and acts to the children of Israel? It’s because Moses wanted

in Your sight. And consider that this nation is Your people.” 14 And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” 15 Then he said to Him, “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here. 16 For how then will it be known that Your people and I have found grace in Your sight, except You go with us? So we shall be separate, Your people and I, from all the people who are upon the face of the earth.” 17 So the LORD said to Moses, “I will also do this thing that you have spoken; for you have found grace in My sight, and I know you by name.” 18 And he said, “Please, show me Your glory.” 19 Then He said, “I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before you. I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.” 20 But He said, “You cannot see My face; for no man shall see Me, and live.” 21 And the LORD said, “Here is a place by Me, and you shall stand on the rock. 22 So it shall be, while My glory passes by, that I will put you in the cleft of the rock, and will cover you with My hand while I pass by. 23 Then I will take away My hand, and you shall see My back; but My face shall not be seen.”

to know the person of God - who He is, whereas the Israelites were more interested in His acts (signs, wonders, miracles and blessings) - what He could do for them. The ways of God are associated with His person (presence). The acts of God are associated with His blessings (signs, wonders and miracles). Because Moses was more interested in who God is (knowing God) rather than what He could do for Him, God drew near to Moses and allowed Moses to draw near to Him. Whereas the Israelites were kept at a distance (Exo 20:18-21). Many people, including Christians today, only walk with and seek God for what He can do for them, what they can get from Him and how He can bless them rather than for who He is (knowing Him). This then is why so many struggle in their relationship with God, have difficulty receiving from Him and even walk away from Him (or backslide). One of the reasons is because they are more interested in the gift rather than the Giver, the anointing rather than the One who anoints or the blessing rather than the One who blesses. This is a result of selfishness (the flesh, self or sinful nature). NO ONE can know God, walk with Him, obey Him, serve Him or receive from Him if they are walking in the flesh (self or sinful nature).

“The ways of God are associated with His person (presence)”

“the glory of God is His presence”

Exodus 33:12-23 (NKJV), “Then Moses said to the LORD, “See, You say to me, ‘Bring up this people.’ But You have not let me know whom You will send with me. Yet You have said, ‘I know you by name, and you have also found grace in My sight.’ 13 Now therefore, I pray, if I have found grace in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You and that I may find grace


In Exodus 33:13-23, God reveals Himself to Moses. Moses asks God to show him His way in Exodus 33:13. God responds in verse 14 by saying, “My presence will go with you...” Moses then asks God in verse 18 “Please, show me Your glory” and God replies by saying, “I will make all My goodness pass before you….” Firstly, this reveals Moses was a man who wanted to KNOW GOD and was more interested in

who He is (knowing Him) rather than what He could do for him. Secondly, this reveals the glory of God is not just the power and light that surround Him but His presence, person and goodness.

The Word of God here gives us seven revelations of the glory, presence or person of God; 1. His ways (Vs. 13) - God’s ways reveal Him (who He is) 2. His presence (Vs.14) - the presence of God is His person 3. His glory (Vs. 18) - The word for “Glory” here in the Hebrew is “kabod” which refers to the majesty, greatness and heaviness of God’s presence. 4. His goodness (Vs. 19) 5. His name (Vs. 19) 6. His Face (Vs. 20) 7. His power (Exo 34:5) Each are a revelation of and deal with His presence, person and glory. The word “Presence” here in Exodus 33:14 is the Hebrew word paniym and paneh – both words refer to “the Face”. More specifically the face of God, His person or Holy Spirit. The presence of God is the HOLY SPIRIT.

In Exodus 34:5-7 the Lord descends on mount Sinai and reveals Himself to Moses through a revelation of His name. Here we see eight aspects of the nature, character and attributes of God. 1. Merciful (the mercy of God) “”The LORD, the LORD God, merciful” (Vs. 6)

2. Gracious (the graciousness of God) “gracious” (Vs.6) 3. Longsuffering (patience) (the patience of God) “longsuffering” (Vs. 6)

4. Goodness (the goodness of God) “and abounding in goodness” (Vs. 6) 5. Truth (the truth of God) “and truth”


(Vs.6) 6. Faithfulness (the faithfulness of God) “ keeping mercy for thousands” (Vs. 7)

7. Forgiving (the forgiveness of God) “forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin” (Vs. 7)

8. Just (the justice of God) “by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children’s children to the third and the fourth generation.” (Vs. 7) So when Moses asks God to show him His glory, He reveals His presence, person, nature, character and attributes. The glory of God is His presence and the presence of God is HIM - who He is.

“The presence of God is the fruit of the Holy Spirit”

What attracts or activates the presence of God? 1. The Word of God (Eph 5:26) 2. The name of Jesus (Mt 18:20) 3. Obedience to God (Deut 28:1-14, 1 Sam 15:22) 4. Love (The Love of God) 5. Humility (Jas 4:6, 1 Pet 5:5) 6. Prayer (Jer 33:3, Jas 4:8) 7. Praise (2 Chron 5:11-14, Ps 68:1-4) 8. Worship (2 Chron 5:11-14, Ps 68:1-4) 9. A pure heart (purity) (Mt 5:8) 10. Righteousness (Pr 15:29, 1 Pet 3:12) 11. Unity (2 Chron 5:11-14) What repels the presence of God? 1. Sin (Pr 15:29, 1 Pet 3:12) 2. Disobedience to God (Deut 28: 15-68) 3. The sinful nature (Gen 4:7 – Esau represents the sinful nature. Rom 9:13) 4. Pride (Jas 4:6, 1 Pet 5:5)

It is not only God’s will for His presence to be with us but in us and to be conformed to that presence or image of God. When a person is born again and receives the Holy Spirit, He comes to live within the person, sows His fruit - nature character and attributes, and begins to develop them in the person with their co-operation and obedience. The glory of God is His presence. The presence of God is the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Holy Spirit is the person, nature, character and attributes of God the Father and Jesus Christ sown in, formed in and revealed through us by the Holy Spirit. How the Lord develops His Presence (the fruit of the Spirit) in a believer The Lord develops His presence (the fruit of the Spirit) in the believer through a process of sanctification which involves cleansing, purification, purging and transformation. Just as God took Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt then took Egypt out of them by leading them through the wilderness, when a person is born again and receives the Holy Spirit, God takes the person out of the world then takes the world out of the person and does this by killing the sinful nature and replacing it with the fruit of the Spirit (Godly character and Christ-likeness).

5. 6. 7. 8.

Fear (Heb 10:38) Hatred (1 Jn 3:15) Offence (Rom 16:17, 1 Cor 10:32) Bitterness (Eph 4:31, Heb 12:15, Jas 3:14) 9. Anger (Eph 4:26-27) 10. Gossip/Slander (1 Tim 5:11-13) 11. Division/Disunity (Rom 16:17, Gal 5:20-21) 12. Negative words (Eph 4:29) 13. Contact objects (Deut 7:25-26, Josh 7:12)

“The Lord develops His presence (the fruit of the Spirit) in the believer through a process of sanctification” What will occur in your life as a result of the presence of God? 1. Salvation (Ps. 62:7) 2. Rest (peace) (Exo 33:14) 3. Joy (Ps 16:11, Neh 8:10) 4. Deliverance (1 Sam 16:23, Mk 16:17) 5. Healing (Exo 15:26) 6. Restoration (Ps 23:3) 7. Transformation (2 Cor 3:18) 8. Strength (Neh 8:10, Phil 4:13) 9. Power (anointing) (Phil 4:13) 10. Victory (2 Chron 20: 1-30, 1 Cor 15:57) 11. (Divine) protection (Ps 91)

“Putting on the armour of God is putting on Christ”


How the Lord develops His presence (the fruit of the Holy Spirit) in us 1. The Holy Spirit (2 Cor 3:17-18) 2. The Word of God (Eph 4:23, 5:26) 3. Obedience (to God) (Deut 28:1, 1 Sam 15:22-23) 4. Prayer (intimacy, fellowship and communion with God) (Eph 6:18)

5. Tests, trials, difficulties, hardships and wilderness experiences (1 Pet 1:6 & 7) 6. Dying to self (Gal 2:24) 7. Praying in the Spirit (Rom 8:26)

The presence of God is the HOLY SPIRIT How to walk in the presence of God (in the Spirit) 8. Put off the old man (Eph 4:22) 9. Put on the new man (Eph 4:24) 10. Taking up your cross (Mt 16:24-25, Lk 14:27) 11. Be led by the (Holy) Spirit, not the flesh (Rom 8:14, Gal 5:18) 12. Deny or die to self (Gal 2:24) 13. Put on the armour of God (Eph 6:1018) When we put on the armour of God, we are actually putting on Christ because each of the pieces of the armour of God are a revelation of Christ and an aspect of His nature or character and Word. When you put on the armour of God, you are choosing to show Godly character and be Christ-like and this is the greatest defence against the enemy. The enemy cannot defeat one who walks in Godly character or Christlikeness 14. Constantly choose to walk in and show Godly character and Christ-likeness (Gal 5:1 & 16)


The blessings of walking in the presence of God (in the Spirit) 1. You will know the Lord more intimately 2. You will become Christ like or more like Jesus and as a result, 3. You will enter a higher and deeper realm of intimacy and fellowship with God 4. You will have greater authority and power over satan, demons, temptation and sin 5. You will overcome the lusts of the flesh (the sinful nature) 6. You will have a platform for the power of God to flow more fluently through you 7. The anointing or power of God will be increased upon your life 8. Your spiritual discernment will become stronger and more accurate 9. You will hear and discern the voice of God more easily, clearly and frequently 10. You will see in the Spirit more easily, accurately and frequently What are you after? What are you pursuing? His presence or His presents?


Richard Pace

“What are you pursuing? His presence or His presents?�



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The Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ ONLY ONLY

Fourteen CD teaching series, revealing the cleansing, ONLY healing and restoring power of the blood of Jesus Christ.



“I listened to “The Power of the Blood of Jesus” whilst visiting Australia in 2008. I’ve been a Christian for 24 years, but there came new revelation in this teaching that was like the light ONLY Would like to hear more from being switched on. Amazing...! ONLY Richard Pace!” – Christine

Come Up Here

Seventeen CD teaching series, including digital booklet/CD ROM revealing God’sONLY heart for the church and the world.



“I listened to this series and it gave me fresh revelations of the things of God as you go to the next level with Him. I would greatly recommend it to anyone who is keen to keep growing in God as there is no limit for one wanting to go higher with Him.” – Nina




Rising with the Eagles

Two CD teaching series, revealing how to go to higher and deeper levels of intimacy with God.


“Pastor Richard Pace’s message on “Rising with the Eagles” has been such a life changing message for me. Using the Eagle as an analogy of who weOare N LYin Christ and biblical examples to back that up. Richard has really opened my eyes to the truth of God’s word and fullness of life we have in Christ. I have been fed spiritually to overflow. “TOP MESSAGE PASTOR RICHARD.” O –Sylvette






Running with a Vision


Ten CD teaching series, O with N L booklet revealing how to identify a God given vision and see it’sYfulfillment.

O N LY teaching is a MUST for everyone who believes that the Lord has a “This

calling on their life. After listening to this teaching, you will be able to stand strong while you are waiting on Him to fulfill His promises and visions to you. PastorORichard uses scriptures to explain how you can N LY ON identify godly and ungodly visions, dreams and desires and how to see LY the Lord’s purpose fulfilled in your life. A powerful teaching!” –Tiara







Tenacious Faith Six CD teaching series, with booklet revealing how to have tenacious ON circumstances. faith in difficult L


“This teaching has dramatically ONLYchanged my life. When I first listened to it, I ONLY struggled with fear, especially of the enemy. However, after listening to it, it completely changed my feelings and outlook in every situation I was facing. I highly recommend this teaching to every believer, especially those who may need encouragement and a better understanding of the gift of faith.” –Catherine












NEW in Walking Love ONLY

ONLY CD teaching Twelve series, with booklet revealing how to walk in the love of God.










The Lord Will Fight For You

Single CD with booklet revealing that God will fight for you in difficulties.





WILDERNESS At the present time, God has been leading the Church through a season of testing, discipline, and purification commonly referred by the scriptures as the “wilderness” or “desert”. Have you noticed the past ten years have been the most difficult yet most prosperous years the Church has ever seen? This is because God has been taking us through the wilderness in preparation for the glory to come and at times, prosperity comes as a result of a test.

“God has been taking us through the wilderness in preparation for the glory to come” 15

the impurities, so too God tests us through certain situations to remove the impurities from our hearts.

“Almighty God is with you in this wilderness” Every Christian will have to go through, at the very least, one major wilderness experience in their lifetime. Adam was created in the wilderness (Gen 2:7). Abraham went through a wilderness experience (Gen 22:1-4). Jacob (Israel) went through a wilderness experience (Gen 28:10). Joseph went through a wilderness experience (Gen Chapter 3741). Moses went through a wilderness experience (Exo 2:15). The Israelites went through a wilderness experience (Deut 8:2). Elijah went through a wilderness experience (1 Kin 19:1-4). John the Baptist lived and ministered in the wilderness (Mk 1:4). Jesus Christ went through a wilderness experience (Mt 4:1-11) and the apostle Paul went through a wilderness experience in Arabia (Gal 1:17).

Most people see wilderness experiences as extremely negative because there is usually pain involved, however, it is a “good” kind of pain - the pain of (positive) change. There is the pain of (positive) change and the pain of regret. It is better to endure the pain of (positive) change for a time than to endure the pain of regret for a lifetime. Also, because it has been instilled in most that wilderness experiences are negative, we automatically enter them already having a negative attitude, which then causes us to resist God and the good thing He wants to do in us - making the situation more difficult and painful. However, the wilderness is a good place and can be a time of great blessing, strengthening, and encouragement. A place of retreat, rest and respite. A safe place where you can draw near to God and search your heart under God’s protective covering. Don’t forget, God blessed and miraculously provided for His people (the Israelites) in the wilderness and during the great

What is a wilderness experience? A wilderness experience is a situation, set of circumstances or season where you are tested either by God, the enemy or both. They are also known as “trials” or “fiery trials” (1 Pet 4:1214). As gold is tested in fire to remove

“The Lord will comfort, bless and provide for you in the wilderness” 16

this in God’s dealings with the children of Israel. The time came for the Lord to lead His people into the Promised Land. “For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and springs, that flow out of valleys and hills; a land of wheat and barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive oil and honey; a land in which you will eat bread without scarcity, in which you will lack nothing; a land whose stones are iron and out of whose hills you can dig copper. When you have eaten and are full, then you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land which He has given you.” Deut 8:7-10 (NKJV).

“It is better to endure the pain of (positive) change for a time than to endure the pain of regret for a lifetime.” tribulation, will lead His people back into the wilderness to hide and protect them from the antichrist (Rev 12:6 & 14).

Purpose of a wilderness experience Wilderness experiences are usually perceived as negative because most people do not fully understand their purpose. The key to victory in a wilderness is understanding God has a purpose for us in it and satan also has a purpose for us in it. God’s purpose is good and uses wilderness experiences to strengthen us however satan uses wilderness experiences to destroy us. One of God’s key purposes is to crucify and remove the flesh - the sinful nature or the very things satan can use against us (Gal 5:24) and have us lean on trust in, rely on and depend on Him as a result (SS 8:5). This is actually what strengthens us and depending on how we respond to God in that wilderness, will determine whether we make it through or not.

But before He did, He led them through the wilderness. “And you shall remember that the Lord your God led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you and test you, to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not. So He humbled you, allowed you to hunger, and fed you with manna which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.” Deut 8:2-3 (NKJV). He did this to humble them, test them, know what was in their heart and if they would obey Him or not (Deut 8:2). He allowed them to hunger so they may eat the manna and know they were not to rely on anything or anyone besides Him (Deut 8:3).

Unfortunately, most people, including Christians, will not seek, pursue or obey God unless they have a reason to. So at times God will allow us to go through difficulties to get our attention. We see


The wilderness causes you to desperately yearn for, seek after and press deeper into God and His Word. This, in turn, builds the fruit of the Spirit (Godly character) in you and causes you to prosper in Him and the work of the Kingdom. What is the purpose for the wilderness? God’s purpose for us in the wilderness is to; 1. Humble you: to purify the pride, stubbornness, selfishness, hatred, bitterness, selfish ambitions, selfish passions and ungodly desires out of us so we may seek Him and learn to depend on Him (vs. 2). 2. To test you: to reveal the sin, impurities and hidden motives of our hearts so we may see them for how destructive they really are, repent and have them removed (vs. 2). 3. To know what is in our hearts (vs. 2). 4. To see if we would be and remain obedient to Him or not (vs. 2). 5. To allow us to hunger and feed us with manner: Bringing us to a place of total desperation for Him so we will run to Him, seek Him, wait on Him and have Godly character the nature and character of Jesus - developed in us as a result (vs. 3) and 6. To prepare us for the next level: To teach us how to depend on Him for victory over the giants and move us into our promised land. To take us to a deeper level of intimacy with Him and position us to receive what He has for us.

“The key to victory in a wilderness is understanding God has a purpose for us in it.” Jesus Himself went through a wilderness experience before commencing His public ministry. The Word of God tells us in Mt 4:1, “Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.” The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness, not because He was sinful or imperfect and needed to repent and be changed but as a man, had a free will of His own, a right to use it and had to bring it under submission to God’s will. This was the place Jesus learnt to do so. This is why Jesus, in the garden of Gethsemane, under extreme spiritual, emotional and physical pressure, was able to say; “not as I will, but as You will”, defeated the giants of Satan, demons, and sin at Calvary and came into His Promised Land - the resurrection and eternal glory. If Jesus had to go through a wilderness experience to prepare Him for His public ministry, how much more will we need to go through the wilderness in preparation for what God has for us?

“At times God will allow us to go through difficulties to get our attention.” 18

haven’t eaten for a few days? You crave for food. What do you do when you haven’t had water and are thirsty? You seek for water. What happens when you become spiritually empty? You crave for and seek to fill the emptiness in your soul, which then propels you into the arms of God (Ps 42:1-2).

“Jesus Himself went through a wilderness experience” Leaning only on Him Leaning on God is absolutely vital for an intimate relationship with Him. The only way we can lean on God is if the flesh – the sinful nature, is broken and removed. However, because the flesh is so close to most and dying to it can be painful, we tolerate and even cling to it. Yet, the pain is not in dying, but in resisting death. The more we resist, the more painful it becomes but the less we resist, the easier it becomes. In situations like this, we must surrender to God and His will for us. When we do, we will find the reward far outweighs the sacrifice. The wilderness is the place God brings you to where everything you are depending on, leaning on or clinging to beside or instead of Him, begins to fail you or is purified (burned) out of you. It is the place where God empties your heart and soul of selfish lusts, passions, desires and puts your flesh to death; this then leaves you starving (hungry) for Him which then causes you to seek Him. What do you do when you


This is to “make you know” - that you may realize (have a revelation) - you cannot trust, rely or lean on anyone or anything besides God and His Word. “That He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.” (Deut 8:3). It is so you may no longer lean on your own power, might, wisdom, intelligence or resources but come out of it leaning on Him; “Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?” (SS 8:5). In wilderness experiences, you can either choose to run to God or run from God. When you run to and seek Him, He will purify the sinful nature out of you and replace it with the nature and character of Jesus (2 Cor 3:17, 18). However, the decision will be yours!

“The pain is not in dying, but in resisting death” Developing Godly Character The Lord takes us through wilderness experiences to develop Godly character - the nature and character of Jesus - in us. You cannot pursue God unless you are truly hungry for Him and to be hungry for Him, you must be emptied

“You cannot pursue God unless you are truly hungry for Him” (of self). Paul understood this when he wrote; “And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope, now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us” Rom 5:3-5 (NKJV). Paul wrote; “we also glory in tribulation...” (vs. 3). The word “glory” here means, “to boast about or in” or “to rejoice about or in”. He wasn’t boasting or rejoicing about the pain and suffering he endured in them but the work God was doing in and through him as a result of them. God was forging the fruit of the Spirit - the nature and character of Jesus - in him through it. In Galatians 5:22-23, we see the nine fruit of the Holy Spirit - which is the manifestation of the nature and character of God the Father and God the Son (Jesus Christ) sown in and revealed through the believer by the Holy Spirit and three of which are also mentioned in Rom 5:3-5: long-suffering (patience), faithfulness (faith) and love. Paul also mentions perseverance produces character and character, hope. Whose character? The nature and character of Jesus in us, so Paul was talking about Godly character and one of the ways it is formed in us is through tribulations or wilderness experiences.

tribulation, affliction, trouble, anguish, persecution, to be burdened, “a pressing down”, “anything which burdens the soul.” Just as a potter fashions a piece of clay by applying pressure to different points on the clay with his fingers to create a beautiful vessel, so too God uses external circumstances to fashion, mould and make us into people after His own likeness, beautiful vessels fit for the Master’s use. He is not responsible for the difficulty, hardship, pain and suffering that you have experienced, are experiencing and may experience in the future but works in and through it to our advantage by turning what was meant for our harm, to good. “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive” Gen 50:20 (NKJV), “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” Rom 8:28 (NKJV). What a wonderful God we serve! This is what Paul meant when he wrote; “we also glory in tribulation...” It is not God’s will for us to die in the wilderness nor for the present circumstances, hardships, and difficulties to consume and destroy us. The purpose of God for us in the wilderness is to help us draw near to Him, learn to trust, rely, depend on and feed off Him as well as to have the

The word “tribulation” in the Greek here is “thlipsis” which means; pressure,


“God uses external circumstances to make us into people after His own likeness”

nature and character of Jesus forged in us as a result. His purpose for us is to know Him more intimately, go to a deeper level of intimacy with Him and in doing so, obtain the grace to handle whatever responsibilities, gifts, anointings, assignments, challenges, hardships, difficulties and giants that may come our way as well as to receive what He has for us.

“It is not God’s will for us to die in the wilderness” The Hiding God God works in and through wilderness experiences to draw us closer to Him and to help us develop our relationship with Him.

see a perfect picture of this in the Song of Solomon. The lover - who represents Jesus Christ, hides from his beloved - who represents the Church and the believer. When the beloved notices her lover is gone, she desperately searches everywhere for him, asking everyone she meets if they had seen him. The irony is he never left her nor had he gone very far but was hiding from her, watching her search for him. In the end, he reveals himself to her. It is the same with God. You may think He has left you but He is actually watching to see if you will pursue Him. And if you do, just as the lover did for her beloved, the Lord will eventually reveal Himself to you. This whole process encourages and cultivates intimacy with God because when you pursue God, you are drawing near to Him and as the Word of God states, when we draw near to God, He will draw near to us (Jas 4:8). However, this will occur only if we choose to pursue Him. In wilderness experiences, we will need to choose whether to pursue God or not. If we do, He will reveal Himself to us and if we don’t, He won’t. It’s your decision. Another reason He does this is to test us so we may know what is in our hearts. To reveal the hidden sins, weaknesses, obstacles, barriers, wrong attitudes, selfish motives and intentions that prevent us from growing in God as well as to draw out our strengths and talents. The word of God reveals in 2 Chronicles 32:31, “However, regarding the ambassadors of the princes of Babylon, whom they sent to him to

One of the ways He does this is by the unusual act of hiding Himself. This is actually one of the ways you will know you are in a wilderness experience. Have you ever heard a Christian say, “I’m going through a dry time at the moment” or “When I pray, it’s so dry” or “I can’t feel the presence of God.” It is usually because they are being tested or are in a wilderness experience. We


inquire about the wonder that was done in the land, God withdrew from him, in order to test him, that he might know all that was in his heart” (KJV). Here, the Word of God reveals He withdrew Himself from King Hezekiah. Why? Not so He could know what was in the king’s heart but so the king could know what was in his own heart – the hidden sins, weaknesses, obstacles and barriers preventing him from walking with God. When you read it at first glance, you are given the impression God tested the man so God could know what was in the man’s heart. However, God didn’t need to do this because He is God. God is omniscient meaning, He is all-knowing – He sees and knows everything. If God had to test the man to know what was in his heart, He wouldn’t be God. He did this so the man could know what was in his own heart. Notice, in the verse in the King James Version, “him”, “he” and “his” are written in a lower case “h”, which means this is referring to the man, not God. If it was referring to God, the statement would read, God withdrew from him (the man), in order to test him (the man), that He (God) might know all that was in his (the man’s) heart. Thus, at times, God withdraws Himself from us so we may become hungry for Him, pursue Him and when we do, He comes not only to reveal Himself but what is in our hearts – the hidden sins, weaknesses, obstacles, barriers, wrong attitudes, selfish motives and intentions that prevent us from growing in God. This then brings repentance and when we repent, we are changed, brought


closer to God, become more like Him and become stronger. Though the Lord may hide so we may seek Him, there will also be times when He makes His presence even more obvious to us. Why? Because if there is a situation where we desperately need to experience the presence of God, it’s in wilderness experiences.

“In wilderness experiences, we will need to choose to pursue God or not” What to do in a wilderness experience The following are fourteen key things you SHOULD do in a wilderness experience. 1. Seek the Lord (Deut 4:30-31, Ps 34:10, Ps 105:4, Isa 55:6, Mt 6:33, Acts 17:27) 2. Pray (Mt 26:41) 3. Praise and worship (2 Chron 20:130) 4. Obey the Lord (Deut 28: 1, 2 & 15, 1 Sam 15:22-23). 5. Submit to God (Jas 4:7) 6. Humble yourself before God and others (Mt 23:12, 1 Pet 5:6). 7. Keep your eyes fixed on Him (Heb 12:2) 8. Stand on the Word (and promises) of God. 9. Repent of sin (1 Jn 1:9) 10. Let God change you 11. Do what is right (Gal 6:10) 12. Serve others (Gen 40:2-4) 13. Fast (Mt 17:21) 14. Speak out the Word and promises of God (Proverbs 18:21, Mk 11:23) 15. Persevere (Rom 5:3-5, Rev 3:10)

the greater the impact your ministry will have! The Lord will give you the grace (power) to come through. He, Himself will carry you through and out of the wilderness you are facing.

“God withdraws Himself from us so we may become hungry for Him” It is time to see the wilderness in a different light – as a good place rather than a negative place. A place where God takes you aside, covers and protects you with the shadow of His hand, showers you with His love and gently does an intimate, personal work in you to make you better than you were. The Lord will comfort, bless and provide for you in the wilderness. He will show you miracles in the wilderness. He will give you victory in the wilderness. Therefore, you won’t need to wait until you come through your wilderness to see the victory; you are receiving the victory as you go through the wilderness. Many declare, “I’ll see my victory when I come out of the wilderness” but there is victory IN the wilderness! The greatest victory anyone can receive is to become more like Jesus and this transformational process occurs IN the wilderness as you surrender to and co-operate with God to die to self. When I see it like this, I think, “BRING IT ON!” Many are facing wilderness experiences unlike any they have ever experienced before. If you are, be encouraged! The hotter, longer and more intense the wilderness experience, the stronger your relationship with the Lord will be, the more your anointing will increase and


Isaiah 43:2 states, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you.” Notice, in this scripture, “when” is used, not “if”. This means we ALL will have to go through tests, trials, difficulties and deserts. However, God promises to be with us, therefore, we will not drown, be burned or scorched. So take heart! Fear not! Stand your ground! Almighty God is with you in this wilderness comforting you, blessing you, changing you, providing for you and will bring you out of this dry, arid place better, stronger, purer, more like Jesus, with a greater anointing and a deeper relationship with Him than you had before you went into it! Even now KEEP YOUR EYES ON HIM! Watch, wait, listen, be still and see the salvation of the Lord! He is with you! He is there and WILL bring you out of this wilderness! THIS TOO SHALL PASS! And this wilderness will soon end! Trust Him! He will NEVER fail you! “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.” Hebrews 12:2 (NKJV). Blessings! - Richard Pace

“There is victory in the wilderness”

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We are in a season of war! The Church and the world is at War! Angels are ministering spirits sent to minister for us. In times of great need the Lord dispatches angels to assist, fight for, protect and give us victory. In this series you will discover: • The Nature of Angels • The Origin of Satan • The Four Divisions of Satan’s army • The Five Types of Angels • Thirty Revelations about Angels • How to Activate Angels And much more!


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In October 2007, the Lord showed me a vision of a flood of darkness covering the world involving specific events including a worldwide economic disaster. Approximately a year and a half later, the first economic crisis befell the world during which the Lord began telling me of a second which will be far worse than the first. We are in the end times and everything revealed in the book of Revelation about the last days is beginning to come to pass. The Lord revealed to me that during this time He will build, enlarge and increase the Church to prepare it for the unprecedented harvest of souls that will be coming into it as a result of these events. In this message, the Lord reveals the importance of being connected to Christ in an intimate relationship, being planted in the Church and building the Church ESPECIALLY at this time and for the times to come. - Richard Pace.


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Light of the World Ministries Church Magazine 2016/2017  

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