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Driving performance and uniformity in the hatchery

New setter tray design delivers enhanced comfort and uniform airflow for modern embryos, to promote maximum chick quality.

Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies

SmartTrayTM Improved setter tray design delivers greater comfort and uniform airflow Genetic selection for high post natal growth has altered patterns of development and rates of biosynthesis in modern embryos. In ovo, this results in ever higher levels of metabolic heat production, which needs careful management in the setter to deliver optimum hatching results. SmartTray™ from Pas Reform has been designed specifically to enhance the comfort of modern embryos during the critical phase of incubation, delivering uniform airflow around the eggs to manage increased metabolic temperature effectively. • Supports hatching eggs at two levels: suitable for large and small eggs, with specially shaped support points to fit all egg sizes. • Open, spacious grid: prevents the development of ‘dead spots’ and allows free movement of air for the uniform distribution of heat and humidity. • Stable, self-centring egg positioning: ideal for in-ovo vaccination, prevents eggs from sticking and breaking. • Maximum protection for the egg prevents hairline cracks – also ideal for farm traying. • Suitable for the highly automated hatchery: superior construction, material stiffness and high impactresistance withstand temperature changes and weight load for the lifetime of the tray.

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• Safe, secure stacking: Blind find bottom design means SmartTray™ easily finds its secure locking position for fast, stable stacking. • HACCP compliant: completely smooth finish for easy, thorough cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dirt. • Ergonomic design: lightweight, smooth finish for comfortable, easy handling. Technical specifications • Capacity 150 hen eggs • Dimensions (lxwxh) 733 x 507 x 37 mm • Weight 1250 grams • Strong, resilient, high impact polystyrene (HIPS) • Resistant to strong disinfectants • UV stabilized to prevent deterioration