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Defining the future of customer service for the modern hatchery With a passion for precision and a dedication to the future of hatchery technology, Pas Reform understands how important it is that hatchery managers have access to the help, advice and support they need, when they need it - wherever they are. This is why we’ve developed SmartPortalTM: a new, interactive, web-based Customer Service Portal that delivers a comprehensive range of practical services for the hatchery manager, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. SmartPortalTM defines the future of customer service for the modern hatchery, providing access to a uniform hatchery management framework online, that has been devised specifically to help improve daily practice, performance and results. Created exclusively for the use of Pas Reform customers, SmartPortalTM offers rapid, secure access to information, help and advice across the complete range of Pas Reform products and services, including: • documents and procedures to guide a successful incubation process, from the arrival and quality control of hatching eggs, to the placement of day old chicks • downloadable Academy publications, including incubation programmes, user manuals and installation guides • access to real-time online collaboration and support, regardless of time or location. SmartPortalTM complements Pas Reform’s phone and e-mail based customer support services – structuring information under three distinct headings for ease of use: Pas Reform Academy, Pas Reform Products and Pas Reform Company.

Academy Consultant A systematic solution for analysing hatchery results

Community SmartPortalTM users have access to a global community, where Pas Reform’s customers take part in Academy discussion forums on embryology, incubation and hatchery management. Here you will find a truly interactive and valuable opportunity to share and discuss ideas, challenges, opinions and suggestions for Pas Reform’s hatchery community around the world. Ask questions, log problems and find answers. Fast! Consultant As a powerful diagnostics system for analysing hatching results, SmartPortal’sTM Consultant module enables hatchery professionals to analyse incubation results quickly, identify challenges – and be advised on how best to enhance hatchery performance. The system provides direct access to a constantly evolving knowledge base, built on accepted scientific knowledge, the latest research findings and the hatchery manager’s practical experience. Library Connect and learn! SmartPortalTM shares knowledge from the Pas Reform Academy, so that users can take advantage of the latest research and updates in embryo-, hatchery management- or project management-related information. Here too you will find incubation programmes, incubator user manuals, specific incubation guides for different breed-types, hatchery recording forms, hatchery design guides, technical product specifications, published articles, and much more. The library module also provides information on the full range of incubators, hatchery automation systems, hatchery climate control systems, project management and training that is available from Pas Reform. This is the first place to find the latest technical and management-related publications from our Academy, together with studies and materials from other respected research institutes.

The Consultant module is available exclusively to Pas Reform customers through SmartPortalTM, to help hatchery professionals analyse incubation results, identify challenges and find the right advice to enhance hatchery performance... fast! The module provides direct access to a constantly evolving knowledge base, built on accepted scientific knowledge, the latest research findings and the hatchery managers’ practical experience. Information is presented in a simple-to-use, searchable question and answer format. Anyone can contribute, and everyone is encouraged to do so. The Consultant module delivers: • trusted hatchery management content from Pas Reform Academy sources, including carefully reviewed incubation reference charts to find possible causes for any challenges or problems you face in daily practice. • Procedures to support you in organising your hatchery results into logical, easy-to-follow data sheets. • Regular updates on the latest hatchability and chick quality related research and test data, to ensure that information is always relevant and reliable. The module provides a highly effective decision tree structure, which by prompting you to make a series of choices will bring you to advice on the best course of action for the situation your decisions have described. You may of course also forward your questions to the Pas Reform Academy, when an answer will be returned directly to you. All questions sent to the Academy directly are also incorporated into the knowledge database, to ensure that the system maintains the most comprehensive and up-to-date framework. The module also includes search functionality and a dictionary, with added information on incubation and hatchery management related subjects.


Order Smart Portal’sTM 24-hour ordering system ­enables users to access extensive information on ­genuine factory certified parts around the clock. The order module is much smarter than a simple ­electronic order form, ­providing specific information on incubators, hatchery automation systems, hatchery climate control systems and incubator spare parts, with technical details and 3­ D graphics to illustrate each component both as a stand-alone part reference, and in the context of its ­location in your equipment. Projects SmartPortal enables realtime communication and collaboration between your technical specialists and the Pas Reform Project Team, regardless of time or ­location. It provides project teams with secure ­solutions for the management and deployment of ­documents, tasks, team calendars and custom lists – in fact, all of the data and information relevant to any hatchery project. TM


Order Spare parts information and ordering system As part of its commitment to customer care and ­future-focused hatchery management, Pas Reform ­introduces a fast, effortless online ordering system – created to make short work of spare parts ordering and management in the modern hatchery. The module enables users of SmartPortalTM to make enquiries, search for a part or place an order online, ­anytime, anywhere, 365 days a year. The system uses a hierarchical dropdown structure that spans the complete product range – from ­equipment level (eg. incubators, hatchery automation systems or hatchery climate control systems), right down to a single component. Searching is fast and easy: users simply use the search facility for a quick part number lookup. Every spare part is supported by a 3D-graphic and light animation, to help verify part selection – and once satisfied that the correct part has been selected, users simply click the ‘Order’ icon to confirm. Pas Reform acknowledges all orders or price requests placed through the module for delivery to a specified address. Online ordering couldn’t be simpler... or smarter!

News SmartPortal’sTM regularly updated news module ­provides details of forthcoming events and exhibitions, the latest company news, photo impressions from around the world and many other items of topical ­interest to the hatchery sector. Resources Here you can find company information, downloadable people and product image libraries, product movies and company presentations. SmartPortalTM ... • Open for business 24/7 – anytime, anywhere around the globe • Orders and requests at your convenience, around the clock • Comprehensive diagnostic system for analysing hatching results • Active participation in Pas Reform Academy forum discussions • Delivers access to a worldwide hatchery community • Secure online collaboration for Project Teams on hatchery projects • Free access to a comprehensive range of hatchery ­related downloads

Pas Reform Hatchery technologies Pas Reform is an international company, which has specialised in the development of innovative hatchery technologies for the poultry sector since 1919. The company has earned its position as one of the world’s leading hatchery equipment manufacturers, through decades of research into the biological and physiological aspects of embryo development, combined with a complete understanding of all aspects of the poultry production chain – and a dedicated focus on the future.

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