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Abdomen Liposuction - Safe and Effective Procedure that Delivers Results Abdomen liposuction is a popular plastic surgery procedure to remove excess fat deposits in the abdominal region. This reshapes the abdomen and waist bringing about a better body contour. About Liposuction Surgery Liposuction is also commonly known as lipoplasty. This is a type of plastic surgery procedure whereby excess fat deposits in particular body areas are removed. This procedure gives the patient the desired body shape and it slims as well as reshapes the body. It improves the overall proportion of the body and ultimately contributes to enhancing one’s self-image. In spite of good health and regular exercise some people are unable to get rid of stubborn fat in various parts of their body. Generally this happens due to genetic reasons, or family traits. Liposuction surgery is apt for such people. It is not, however, the solution for obesity and it is also not a substitute for regular workouts and healthy eating habits. Liposuction can be done for various parts of the body including:

>> Abdomen

>> Upper Arms

>> Hips and thighs

>> Back

>> Chest

>> Neck

>> Chin >> Cheeks About Abdomen Liposuction Abdominal liposuction is one of the most common among liposuction surgeries. This aesthetic procedure is equally popular among men and women. Abdominal etching is a procedure that can provide high-def results and the much coveted six pack for men. Factors that contribute to the success of this liposuction procedure include:

>> The location of the fat >> The amount of fat

>> The history of the patient in relation to weight loss and gain >> Age of the patient >> Pregnancy history

Manhattan in New York City has select specialized plastic surgery clinics where you can safely undergo this procedure. Service is provided by a dedicated team of plastic surgeons that ensure personalized care to each and every patient right from the time of admission to discharge. Abdomen Liposuction Procedure Reputable plastic surgery practices in New York City use Smartlipo Triplex, the advanced body contouring device from Cynosure to perform abdomen liposuction. This is an FDA-approved laser liposuction process. It utilizes three powerful laser wavelengths – 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm – for effective body sculpting. The procedure is safe, with minimal discomfort or pain to the patients. The Smartlipo Triplex system comes with safety features – ThermaGuide and SmartSense – that ensure safety and help in delivering consistent results. This procedure guarantees loss of belly flab and is the best way to get a flat stomach or a six-pack in minimal time. The laser energy melts the fat in the abdominal area and simultaneously thickens the blood vessels, tightens loose skin to provide a more toned look. Liposuction using Smartlipo Triplex has the following advantages:

>> Minimally invasive

>> Less bleeding and bruising

>> Minimal downtime

>> Barely visible scars

>> Less painful

>> Outpatient procedure, hence does not

>> Fast recovery

take much time

>> Surgery using local anesthesia Any plastic surgery procedure is best provided by a reliable and experienced plastic surgeon. This will ensure your safety as well as outstanding aesthetic results. When considering abdomen liposuction, your first priority should be a good plastic surgeon who offers this service at a reputable AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery center.

Abdomen liposuction safe and effective procedure that delivers results  

Abdomen liposuction is a popular plastic surgery procedure to remove excess fat deposits in the abdominal region. This reshapes the abdomen...