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Pasadena Society of Artists Celebrating 95 years

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Pollinating Karen Hochman Brown Photography 18" x 12" $275 "Pollinating" was created during a Call and Response collaborative project sponsored by Shoebox Projects. Over the course of two weeks, my partner and I responded back and forth, creating fourteen pieces total, or seven each. I had the first "call" and began with a kaleidoscopic video of bees going crazy on a big red poppy in celebration of spring. Sometime during week two, I went back to a project from Graduate School and made a geometric construction covered with images, this time of bees. I photographed the cuboctahedron in my garden setting for my fifth contribution to the project. This piece followed. I took the construction out of scale and virtually placed it inside the flower alongside the actual bees. The vivid blue background was a direct response to my partner’s previous contribution to the series.


Contact Information: FB: KarenHochmanBrownArtist IG: @hochmanbrown Vimeo:

Crying for the Moon Peter McDonald Watercolor with Ink 24" x 18" $1200 Salvador Dali said, "Don’t worry about it because you will never achieve it." He was talking about perfection and in "Crying for the Moon" I have attempted, imperfectly of course, to capture the feeling, the waves of dark and bright moods, the sharp barbs as we turn on ourselves. The moon seems so close, but it is still thousands of miles away.

Contact Information: Artist Profile


Immolation Fred Chuang Spray Paint, Metallic Pigment, Seen through thin clear panel 23" x 18" $1500 I paint primarily with spray paint on the back of a paper-thin, clear panel -- there is no canvas or board except that used to mount and frame the finished artwork. The clear material works as both my canvas and as a functional "glaze." Using resists, both deliberate (masks) and inadvertent (water and/or yogurt), and solvents, I layer color by color, typically starting with backgrounds, and finishing with foreground details. Thus, unlike typical "reverse" painting, my creative arc parallels that of conventional painting. The textured surface is created by misting the surface of the finished painting with water, sandwiching it between glass plates and heating it. The thermal plastic material conforms organically to the resulting pockets of steam. The spontaneity of my technique is particularly suited to capturing the energy of wildfire.


Contact Information: FB: ftchuang

Ocean of Ash Maryellen Eltgroth Cibachrome Print of Digital Photograph 20" x 16" NFS In September 2017 the La Tuna Wildfire roared into this once sheltered glade. Sudden incineration of the chlorophyll canopy transformed overhead greenery into a sea of thick white ash. The burn exposed seemingly chaotic branching. Each twist and turn actually marks an encoded environmental decision for survival. Hopefully these native oak and sycamore trees will continue to prevail.

Contact Information: Artist Profile


Melaleuca Bark Rebecca Harvey Pollack Collagraph Print 4" x 20" $500 My exploration of printmaking encompasses many techniques. I enjoy the craftsmanship involved in the handling of different materials and of the press. I am currently working on a series of collagraphs of tree bark. A collagraph is a contemporary form of creating a printing plate. In this instance, it is composed of natural materials from the Melaleuca or paperbark tree. They are glued, layered and sealed to a base surface, and then inked and printed on an etching press.


Contact Information: Artist Profile IG: @beckpollack

Thicket Joanna Kos Acrylic 24" x 36" $850 My recent painting "Thicket" is a visualization of certain feelings related to the current pandemic situation: uncertainty, fear, and isolation. The bush, full of spikes, is immersed in fog and creates a very hostile and scary environment.

Contact Information:


Sea Anemone Mims Ellis Cone 5 Ceramics 9" x 11" x 4" $175 While snorkeling in Kauai, I was fascinated by the many creatures that I observed living just a few feet under the water. I found the sea anemone particularly beautiful and intriguing. Named after the land dwelling and multi-petaled anemone flower, it comes in a myriad of colors from beiges to greens, blues and pinks. It is very relaxing to watch their tentacles wave in random patterns with the ocean currents as they search for food. This "Sea Anemone" vase is my attempt to recreate in ceramic form these eye-catching creatures. It is made with over 50 hand-rolled coils arranged in a fan shape. Five different glazes were brushed on in overlapping layers.


Contact Information: FB: MimsEllisCeramics IG: @mimsellisceramics

Fused Glass Drop Vase Paul Martinez Fused Glass 6" x 7" x 6" $250 Paul Martinez, a California native, received his early creative education in art and drafting. He began his career in art glass working at the Judson Studios, a Southern California institution with a 100-year history of providing quality stained glass windows. He has always been interested in different glass techniques. Fused glass has become a continuing expression of his technical abilities and his eye for color and design.

Contact Information:


Time to Reveal Debbi Swanson Patrick Digital Print on Metal 16" x 20" $400 This image is one of delicacy and subtlety at a time of anger and rage. It speaks to the part of us that wants joy, togetherness, and beauty. The lacy texture represents the openness of our hearts when we allow it.


Contact Information: FB: TellingImages IG: @TellingImages Twitter: Telling Images (coming soon)

Geranium 2020 Kathleen Swaydan Oil on Canvas 8" x 10" $395 I am a studio artist. My art focuses primarily on realistic still life and landscape paintings. I work in several media depending on the subject at hand. The still life in this PSA Virtual Exhibition, “Geranium 2020," features a geranium from my garden. I have repurposed a canvas from a previous painting which gives this work an interesting dimension. My art, whether watercolor, pastel, oil or graphite, is influenced by the ancient Greek and Roman tradition of landscape and still-life paintings frequently found on the walls of guest quarters in private domiciles, such as those found in Pompeii. These images provided a private devotional area and visual banquet for the guests and evoked an impression of hospitality and generosity. This ancient tradition is the undertone of my artwork. Contact Information: FB: Kathleen.Swaydan IG: @KathySwaydan


Muchacha of the Cactus Fruit Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin Acrylic on Canvas 11" x 14" $400 "Muchacha of the Cactus Fruit" is an indigenous-native Yaqui from the new world. She is also from old world Spain and Africa. Mexican mothers gather, cook, and serve nopales and tuna cactus fruit. The nopal cactus is both sustenance and medicine. The young woman is part nopal herself, with cactus growing out of her head. Luscious tuna cactus fruit crowns her head. I paint in broad strokes. I play with colors and forms as I narrate a story with Mexican iconography and textures. Just as words and sentences tell stories from letters, painting tells stories with visual imagery, using color, texture, and contrasts.


Contact Information:

This Goddess Kills Viruses Sonali Kolhatkar Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 20" $489 A fierce goddess with power to destroy viruses may be what we all need right now. But perhaps this divine entity is within us all, ready to smash the coronavirus and the Trump regime all at once.

Contact Information: FB: ArtBySonaliKolhatkar IG: @sonalikolhatkar


Origin E. M. Tietjen Stoneware Ceramic with Oxides and Glazes 10.5" x 7.5" x 10.5" $275 When hand-building ceramic sculptures and functional art, I strive to make objects that evoke awe — the awe I feel when I consider how the natural world is put together and how life survives. I don’t try to copy nature exactly, but hope to capture something essential about physical and biological processes, so that there might be a feeling of recognition in the viewer — even when the forms and images are abstract — that the living world we depend on looks like that, invites us in like that, or challenges us with mystery and complexity like that. Human-made art began with our observations and experiences of nature, and I believe those elemental interactions still define us. I find the urge to investigate the foundations, forms, textures, and patterns of our universe to be endlessly compelling. And through this limitless exploration I actually come to feel more fully alive myself.


Contact Information:

Arsenic & Old Lace Martin Ehrlich Ceramics 4.75" x 8.25" x 4.75" $160 I love working with raku firing since I have so many options for modifying and manipulating the result, from first centering the clay on my wheel to final removal from the reduction vessel. Yet, with the piece within my grasp from start to finish, the Kiln Gods still have a major influence on the final result.

Contact Information:


Beach Memory Ken Weintrub Oil on Cradled Panel with Cold Wax Medium 20" x 20" x 1.75" $395 Ken Weintrub uses squares as a pure abstraction in his work. Size, color, and relationship among the shapes and between the shapes and the background impart emotion and meaning. "Beach Memory" recalls the color, movement, and excitement of breaking waves, sand and rocks at this time when access to the real thing is limited or impossible.


Contact Information:

Working from Home Jeffry Jensen Digital Photograph 20" x 16" $350 "Working from Home" is a digital photograph that presents inventive color schemes and an intriguing point of view (humor/horror) of myself that I hope will entice the viewer to approach this time in history with an open mind and an open imagination.

Contact Information: Artist Profile


The Seven Gates Rhonda Raulston Encaustic, Oils & Gold Leaf on Panel 14" x 11" $550 Throughout the ages, women have conformed (willingly or not) to the cultural conventions of what their hair "should" look like – even to the point of losing its true beauty in the never-ending attempts to straighten, curl, bleach, dye, style, braid, cover and ornament it. ** *** ** "I went there of my own free will. I went there in my finest gown, With my rarest jewels With my Queen of Heaven crown. In the Underworld At each of the Seven Gates I was stripped seven times Of all I thought I was Til I stood bare in who I really am." Excerpt from "The Goddess Oracle" by Amy Sophia Marashinsky Contact Information: 18 FB: RaulstonART IG: @RaulstonART

Seeking Shelter Leah Knecht Oil on Mirror, Broken China, Resin 22" x 44" x 2" $4500 Based on Botticelli’s "Birth of Venus," she has aged in this version, but with age has gained the strength to nurture others. She is sheltering birds in her hair, and seeking shelter from viruses, domesticity, and strife herself. I started this with a more traditional take on Venus, but when the stay-at-home orders started, it morphed into the present version to reflect our current reality.

Contact Information: FB: leah.knecht.3 IG: @leahknecht


Mt. Rainer Robert Michael Sullivan Photograph 12" x 18" NFS Beauty is an aspect of my essence, my being and nature; it is my very soul. It suffuses my awareness and consciousness. It is my passion. I feel spiritually nourished and joyful in beautiful environments. Through photography, I create beautiful images to delight, savor, share and hopefully inspire you.


Contact Information:

White Sands Tom Oldfield Archival Inkjet Print 14" x 11" $300 My photography is an escape from everyday reality. I am fascinated with the process of how things became what they are and where they are going, whether the subject is a grand landscape or some decaying technology from the past. All of my work is in black and white. To me a black and white image is more elegant and encourages people to participate by bringing their imagination into play. I mostly use traditional large-format film and traditional darkroom techniques. Although large-format film is my passion I use other processes when that avenue is more appropriate for my image. Contact Information:


Nala Marvin Jackson Oil on Belgian Linen 20" x 24" NFS This is a painting of my daughter’s cocker spaniel. She’s had it since it was a puppy. The dog is now sixteen years old and I wanted to do this before the dog and I transitioned into the next life.

Contact Information: 22 Artist Profile

Oscar and Alfred Shaney Watters Mixed Media on Panel 24" x 24" $1000 This is a piece from my MFEO (Made for Each Other) series which focused on loving relationships. This couple of herons was inspired by Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas. The piece is gold leaf, oil paint, and resin on wood panel.

Contact Information: FB: shaneywattersart IG: @shaneywattersart


Sonoran Twilight Emily Suùez Oil on Wood 16" x 16" $650 My oil paintings depict an idealized, enhanced, and simplified form of southwestern landscapes. Painting in this style allows me to show my deep respect and admiration for the natural world. "Sonoran Twilight" captures a picturesque Arizona desert sunset surrounded by the phases of the moon. This painting explores my own spiritual connection with nature and celestial bodies, considering that the earth, the moon, and our bodies are all made of the same elements. I aim for my work to cultivate a spirit of connectedness to the natural world and serve as a reminder to the viewer of earth’s beauty and sanctity.

Contact Information: IG: @emily_the_painter 24

The Collectors S. A. Smith Mixed Media Constructed Box 27.5" x 29.5" x 2.25" NFS I am a storyteller. A symbol can provide a multitude of responses, each unique to the interpreter. The viewer is presented with a set of symbols as a vehicle to transport him/her into a unique new world based upon the person’s imagination and experience. My titles will suggest a starting point to understand the genesis of a work (at least as much as I can glean) . . . but each viewer will make her/his own voyage of understanding. My work recreates the visual experience of my childhood walks through alleyways with my grandmother. There were layers of history evident: old faded signage and posters. There was a visual circus all along the street. There was a rich celebration of history and of time. My work recreates this experience.

Contact Information:


A Quiet Spring Field Mina Ferrante Painting 20" x 16" $900 This is to remember the year when the beautiful spring was forgotten outside while we were stuck indoors.


Contact Information:

Sycamores and San Gabriels Karen Winters Oil on Linen Panel 24" x 18" $2100 There are many architectural landmarks of the San Gabriel Valley, but I painted this to represent two natural icons of our area - the San Gabriel Mountains and the native sycamore trees. The point of view is from an area not far from Sierra Madre in early winter when the trees are still turning and the hills are green from the first rains.

Contact Information: FB: karen.winters.artist IG: @kwintt Pinterest: kwint/boards


Rupture Nancy Wood Pink Glazed High-Fire Stoneware 19" x 15" x 4" $350 My current work consists of sculptures based on, but not replicating, elements commonly found in nature. "Rupture" melds soft, segmented forms found both in undersea creatures and in the human body.

Contact Information: 28 Artist Profile

RESPECT Victor Picou Terracotta and Travertine 4" x 12" x 4" $1200 "R E S P E C T," my terracotta sculpture, represents the simplicity of elegant form. I’ve placed it on a high pedestal of hand-carved travertine, and used crushed quartz to unite the two media.

Contact Information: IG: @Artistvic


The Benefit of the Doubt Tsvetelina Valkov Etching, Aquatint and Watercolor Monoprint 12" x 9" $580 When combining printmaking and watercolor techniques, the transparent appearance of aquarelle softens the heavy imprints of the ink, while the geometrical drawings of the etched plates form the construction of my prints. The coalescence between the etched ink and watercolor contributes to the balance of the composition and color choices. The etched image becomes an armature that holds the watercolor floating elements. Here, I paint directly on an inked plate, and the printing welds together layers of images one over another. Often, monotypes like this turn into unusual images, unlike my expectations. I gladly accept the mechanical way of converting the initial paintings where the force of the pressure leaves its final marks.

Contact Information: 30 Artist Profile

Under Siege Albert Natian Acrylic & Ink on Paper 16" x 16" $2020 The pandemic affects everyone. Some succumb to it. Others live on to ponder over it. Artists, with their art, make commentaries upon it. Eventually we all die. But, for now, we have work to do; art to produce. Art, and the production of works of art, play important and meaningful roles in the lives of many, especially those of the artists. I’d like to believe that I will help bring about new discoveries and insights in our very human experience and production of art, and thereby push asunder the existing boundaries toward a wider expanse. Art can be practiced and experienced to question and challenge both our very personal as well as societal axiomatic assumptions and perception of reality, and ultimately change who we really are.

Contact Information:


Odd Man Out Steve Ohlrich Oil on Linen 14" x 11" $850 "Odd Man Out" is an oil painting about a dreamer. He prefers to spend his days lounging about blowing bubbles, avoiding the pain of failure and rejection. He will never leave his safe place. The man’s small dog stands by, looking out, engaging with the viewer as the only bridge between his world and our own. His idyllic surroundings are illuminated by the bright sun as it initiates its descent in the western sky, soon to give way to the dark blanket of night.

Contact Information: 32 FB: Steve-Ohlrich-Artist-113988151988029/ IG: @steveohlrich

Shadows Andrea Abonyi Photographic Image (digital media) 20.5" x 16.5" $280 I love to create narrative photo compositions. My aim is to describe human complexity and address everlasting topics like secrecy, bonds, separation and nostalgia.

Contact Information:


Follow the Blue Dotted Line Margaret Raab Oil on Board 30" x 42" $3250 As an artist I work in oils and pen and ink. I have three distinct series: realistic still life, pen and ink, and botanical. "Follow the Blue Dotted Line" is one in the series of botanical oil paintings. My botanicals are closeup views. I approach these botanicals similarly to the way I approach still life. Plants and flowers are chosen to fit the composition rather than to depict a particular view of nature. The techniques and subject matter are traditional, but my approach to the painting and the result, although realistic, is created from multiple sources and arranged with attention to scale, color and surface detail. In this painting I chose to add decorative elements to the composition providing unexpected variety and movement through the work. My goal is to paint beautiful objects realistically and to combine contemporary artistic elements within the work. Contact Information: 34 IG: @MJRaabfineart

Vined Old Soul Liz Crimzon Digital Photograph 11" x 14" $95 My work is focused on the tiny things in our natural world that we are systematically taught to ignore as we grow up. These are the things that we saw when we were children – when the world was still fresh, new and exciting. When the world was still filled with wonder and magic! I want to take you back, to a time when you still searched for animal shapes hidden in the clouds, and when every insect, leaf and rock you saw was an invitation to visit an undiscovered world. I want you to remember what it felt like to be a human being, instead of a human doing, and to fall back in love with the natural world.

Contact Information:


Ear Brian Mark Alabaster 11.5" x 14" x 7" $225 Nature is raw. Art is practiced. Each stone has its own language and I work to understand that language. Some of the learning comes from striving to listen to what each stone is saying. Each has a color, a shape, and a hidden beauty. And so begins the conversation between stone and sculptor. When a stone selects me, I cannot know what striations, hues, density, faults, lie under the surface. As I begin chiseling and grinding, the stone talks to me, saying, "I have this special colored line running through me: preserve it." Or, "slightly shift the angle of this or that curve." Or, "work with me: together we can bring forth that special surprise, that new beauty never before seen." I do this until the stone tells me: "stop – our work is done." For me that conversation must lead to a sculpture that has movement, movement, movement. That movement is stone brought to life in a way never before seen. Contact Information: 36 IG: @BrianMarkSculptor

Tropic Mariko Bird High-Fire Ceramics 4.5" x 10" x 4.5" $270 For this vase I used a combination of sgraffito (Italian) and mishima (Japanese) techniques, revealing tropical leaves in pastel colors. It was fired to 2400 degrees and is watertight.

Contact Information: FB: marikoceramics


The Old Salt Peggy Ebright Watercolor 15" x 20" $300 Peggy Ebright was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been painting since childhood. She studied art at the College of Wooster and, after moving with her family to Pasadena, painted many years with Corinne West Hartley. Later years brought classes with Chris Van Winkle and Tom Fong and the joys of watercolor. Painting with a group from Mid Valley Arts League every Monday has brought continual growth and satisfaction. Peggy’s other love is the theatre and she has worked with the Pasadena Playhouse for over fifty years. There she has worked backstage on the sets and on the promotional side with many paintings and drawings. Art is enriching and satisfying, she says . . . and definitely addictive. Contact Information: 38 Artist Profile

Crossing Over Michael Childs Figured Purpleheart Top and Padouk Legs 42" x 30" x 13.5" $2600 For fifty years, I’ve been a professional woodworker, taking on commissions of all kinds, designing and building. Since 2005, I’ve been producing original pieces which have been well received by jurors and the public. I have won fifteen awards for woodworking and poetry, most notably: 1st place in Woodworking at the 2008 California State Fair, 1st prize in Large Tables and 3rd prize in Studio Art Furniture at the 2014 and 2019 Orange County Fairs, 3rd prize at the 2018 California State Fair where, in 2019, I won 1st prize and Judges Choice for "Crossing Over."

Contact Information:


A Fragrant Spot Nora Koerber Oil on Panel 8" x 10" $400 "A Fragrant Spot" was created during the early weeks of the pandemic. An overgrown corner of my backyard was lush with fragrant climbing jasmine, profuse with thousands of white flowers with narrow pink stems. The plant merged its way over a fence, up into an orange tree, and across a ratty rose bush. This was a plein air work I completed over two visits, with a bit of studio work atop. My style is "Impressionistic Realism." This painting, "A Fragrant Spot," is a reminder that through all the cacophony of life, there remains a ray of hope. Contact Information: 40 FB: NoraKoerberFineArt

Vantage Point Janet Manalo Mixed Media on Canvas 32" x 53" $1500 I create art because it visually represents my philosophical balance between planned structure and random chaos. The flow of color, the combination of textures, and the effect of light are all very important to me. But I also enjoy the spontaneous accidents that can occur during the process of creation. My work is inspired by our planet’s beauty. For my manipulated canvas projects, I create multiple canvases with similar colors and texture. I then cut up those canvases and rearrange the pieces by layering, or pleating, or weaving them together to create one new canvas. Mixed-media collage and assemblage allow me to push my artistic experimentation toward abstract compositions.

Contact Information:


River Angel Matthew Tanaka Photograph 47.5" x 23.5" $749 We are all voyeurs, whether we choose to admit it or not . . . we watch, we observe, we live vicariously through what we see. I am a photographer and unabashedly admit that I am a voyeur and that I love looking through the lens to capture the pure emotion of a fleeting moment. It has taken me decades to finally ‘come out of the voyeur closet’ and show my art. My photographs capture unabridged and unfiltered humanity, the ever-changing urban organism, and nature’s desire to slowly reclaim what was once hers. My goal is to cheat time and steal these moments of transition that would be forever lost. We are all artists in some fashion. Our experiences influence how we express our art. Our history dictates our view. I am no exception . . . Contact Information: 42 FB: sharedperspectivesphoto IG: @shared_perspectives

Fall in the Arroyo Suzanne Urquiza Painting 24" x 30" $400 This is a painting of the Arroyo in the fall. Rich golden colors are also part of my palette. My passion and love for my canyon drives my recent work.

Contact Information: Artist Profile FB: suzanne.urquiza


Six Feet Danny Mattijetz Sculpture 9.75" x 5.5" x 3.5" $150 In the age of the pandemic, we have learned how to do things differently. We now sit six feet apart, wear masks, and communicate electronically.

Contact Information: 44

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