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[ "Meher Asramam" Saidapet, (Madras)


A quarterly devoted to 1he propagation of V. T. Lakshmi B.A., L. T.


Universal Brotherhood through 'Meher League'.

Vol. I

JUNE, 1930.

No. 1

"Lokam Prina: Make the whole world perfect : " Yajur Veda. 12·54. "Where is ignorance: Where _Sori:ow for him, who has seen the One in Many?" -Yajur Veda 40·7 . "The aim of Life should be to'' realise one's own self as the Universal Self." Shri Meher Baba.

Ourselves. We offer our humble prayers to:_ t_he Parabrahmam and invoke the blessings_()£ our Master, Sri. Meher J3abaji, b_efd're sending this Quarterly to the world. -< We respectfully thank our dear Babaji, for ha.v· ing permitted us to issue this leaflet, for the present, every quarter, and for having kindly blessed it. This paper will have nothing to do with Politics. Its purpose is to spread far and wide the Divine Idea of Universal Brother~ hood through "Meher League," and to a

small extent, supplement the tremendous.; spiritual work done by " Meher Message. " Our religion is the religion of Love. We shall have nothing to do with the pernicious dogmas and injurious traditions of any Organisation. We shall ever pray for the spiritual uplift of every being in this world. We shall ever preach against the many social evils, which have brought our Motherland to the present condition. We shall also try to make (Babaji willing) Mother India the Spiritual Mother of the World. May Babaji bless this movement! Om Tat Sat I!

th e s;d vation and

sp~ ritu«l

evolntion of th e · uni\·erse. 1-"br this alone 1s His

s«cred mi ssio-n.

The number of His Holiness' devotees and admirers is very large, Rnd includes members ·of all castes ·and creeds . .. B ut His Holiness has no concern with .their beliefs or activities.

His Holin ess never gives any order or in structio ns

to any one in any matter of social, political, or religious propaganda, ~except in

the matter,of one~s efforts ,for ·bis .Gw:n spiritual upliftm~Jit... It is· therefore necessary to make it quite clear that the part that is bein g taken by some of His ·disciples in the prese nt C. D. move ment is being take n by them of th e ir ow n accord and free will, and on th ei r own r esponsibility.

tP.'S.-A s we

have observed we have nothing to do \\·ith politics.

to do much in other departments of life before we enter politics:

\V c have

\ Ve s hall try

at first ·to theosoph ise our :homes. ·our master sta nels for the s pi ritl.1al u pT if tni ent of th e world. vVe reg ret that our brother should have thought it proper to ma ke a note about the C. D. M. in Meher Message, which is now th e leading spiritual organ in the world. \Ve r ej oice that, a t this juncture, our dear Ma ster--th e greatest in the wor:ld now--has cleared all .doubts in th e explana ti on we have ,publis hed und e r His instructions. His prese nt crucifix ion is worth the att ention of thinkin g minds.

Ed.-Mehe r Gazette).



B. I have received from Bro. F. H. Dadachani j i, the Private Secretary of His Holiness Sri Sadguru .Meher .Bab<J., under .His instructions, a communication, for publication, which clearly shows that Babaji has nothing to do with the step taken by some of His disciples in the Civil Disobedience movement, or any organisation. ·Extracts from it are published below for immediate circulation for obvious reasons. The full communication will be published in the September issue of Meber Gazette; C. V. Sampath Aiyengar. J A statement is published in the April number of •Meher Message' to the effect ·that certain staunch devotees or rather disciples of His Holiness Sri Meher B tb:t ~re taking an active p1.rt in the present Civil Dis0beclience movement ..... In order that no misunderstanding may be created in the minds of the public with regard to His Holiness' spiritual teachings or workings by the . publication of the above statement, it is thought necessary to publish a brief explanation that His

Holiness has no connection or concern whatever with a,ny,political, social or·religious ques· tion Gr movement. His Holiness is no doubt spiritually concerned with every indi vidual soul, action and movement, and the universe itself, while keeping Himself externally aloof from the same.... All are equal in His eyes, and the only aim of His working, life and teachings is to effect moral and spiritual evolution and emancipation of ·individual souls from the bondage of Maya and to make them know their inner and real selves. Such Sa.clgurns work only for the Spiritual upliftment of the whole U!liverse, and with this end in view, they occasionally make use of such means as observance of silence, solitude and fasts, but not for their own selves as they do not need them being themselves God-realized persom.lities, and hal'.ing the consciousness and experience of their highest state every moment. The present being a critical and an extraordinary time for the universe,' His Holiness Meher Baba has alc;o commenced His inner working through these means of silence, solitude and fasts. Silence He has been <1lready observing for the last nearly five years, during ' Wh.i ch period, He has also observed several fasts. He has no'v retired in seclusion since the 15th of May current in Panchgani...... During His seclusion, He will cease to have any connection whatever with the outside ·world......... His Holiness IS doing all this only for

2 "Our Master '' :

By the Editor.

India, the great land of Saints, is never _poor for want of true Saints, and the greatest of them is the God-realised Personage, Sri Sadhguru Meher B aba. Born in Poona, on the 25th of February 1894, he is a Zoroastrian by birth, but, by creed and by 'the reason of his vast sympathies, "a citizen of the world." After passing a period of happy and active childhood, characterised by righteousness, dutifulness, love of truth and self-control, he passed his Matriculation Examination in 1911, and joined the College in the same year; but, left it soon, as a result of his spiritual enlightenment. In 1913 He came into ·contact with a 'Kutub.' H azar at Baba Jan, and, under her able guidance, attained spirit· ual perfection. Thoug h he became Godrealised before he was 21 and a conscious Sadhguru before he was 27, still he works for the spiritual wellbeing and progress of the world. His religion is tha t of Love and Universal Brotherhood; a nd with the purpose of spreading this relig ion far and wide he has started an institution, "Meherashram," wherein are imparted both secular and spiritual instruction freely. His objects are to abol ish the m ost. pernicious caste-system, to elevate the so called " Depressed classes" and to establish equ:llity between man and woman. Such is the Master, who sta nds for Love and Truth and who has come to lead Mother India in her incessant strug gle for not only Social but also Spiritual freedom. Let, us heartily gather under His banner and do His work, which is the Path of Evolution:

Sayings of our Master. 1- No matter however vicious qualities one may be possessed of, one should neither hesitate to come nor feel any shame in coming before Me. I am for all. The wicked have as much right to approach Me as the virtuous. Indeed, My main business is to improve the vicious. , (Feb Issue. "Neher Message.) ~. You surrender your head to a barber, when you want to get your hair cut, till the work is done. Similarly, you must surrender yourself . to a Sadhguru, if you want God-realisation: (June Issue (1929) Meher Message).



"Sages look equally on a brahmin-humble and learned-, a cow, an elephant, a dog and even an outcaste," for, ." Oh Arjuna I The Lord dwelleth in the hearts of all beings ! " Thus, the notes of Love and E quality, in clarion tunes, was struck by my Lord, Sri. Krishna, in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. This message of Truth was not only meant for deluded Arjuna, but it was given for all people, in all places, at all t imes. But, alas, most unfortunately, it has been lost in the wilderness of time and forg otten by sheer ignorance. Living in civilised times, we should not, for a moment, forg et that India once s tood for fa ith , p urity, equality, love and Sacrifice; and we must not therefore let her grovel, as she d oes no w, in tJhe impure dust of social and religious ine quali tie~, nor shall we submerg e her in superfluous conventions and stigmatising arti ficialities. Without any shame, we must admit that the most ignoble and unjust treatment given to our depressed brethren bespeak s , not in the least, of our love to guard the 'Sa natan a Dharma,' but m akes a clean breast of our pride and rapacity to withhold the a utocra tic authority, which was ill established long ag o. We have g one to th e meanest extent of robbin g the ' untouchables' of ev en their rud imenta ry and n a tural ri g hts: They · should neither use our wells and-in some places-even road8, nor should they enter our houses and templeshowever clean and pure they may be! Their very shadow, much more th eir touch, pollutes us 1! Instead of educating them in all phases of life and elevating them, which is our Duty we stamp them down with the utmost cruelty, which is unsupported by re ason and even unwarranted by our religion. Let us at least now set out to redress their grievances and g rant th em th eir social liberty and equality, in the attempt of obtaining which they are determined to win or die. Let us not be led a way by the ing enious Sanatanists, whose reasons for their sophistical attitude towa rds the 'untouchables' are both absurd and ridiculous. My Lord, Sri Sadhg uru Meher Babaji, h::ts come now to put d own all these inept social evils and establish social equality. Let us-havin g Him as our Guide-lead Mother India from the gloom of social de· gradation to the dawn of social emancipa.• tion !!

3 Sayiags of Sftgea. 1. Imparting knowledge to the ignorant and light to the benighted, rise, oh mortals , like unto the dawn: (Yajur Veda 29-27) 2. Do not spend your thoughts upon other people, nor pry into the talk, fancies and projects of another. (Marcus Aurelus A. D. . 121-180). 3. A brave man is clear in his discourse, and keeps close to the Truth. (Ibid)


2-611T .$ <!!5 .$

~ bQ ITGlSI' QJtT ~ 'futr ILjW'

a; ~61}/T fE6lJtT a;'&-ITILJ w. 6lJ UJ %J6.> Jlf E.Q a a; iPI r§ G S'6.>6lJa w ifPI ~t~ ri jiil& a;,a16.


tT a;'&friLjtD'

(!IJ j].i-!6 ~6lJti lE'&rr114


t..& iv61JIT_s6Q.lff a; 'futr 14w

I. Sri Meher Bsbaji. 1.

The only Path, Resplendant Light, Art thou, our Lord, at the present day. The Mayic clouds do melt away. And the blissful Haven is in sight. 2. Father and Mother art Thou, Lord, Rich for the poor, Poor for the rich. Ever true, like the electric switch Thou art the only Spiritual Guard. (By C. V. Sampath Aiyangar..)

II. Our Duty. "Children t Love all : " sings aloud !

[Do not scoff at your inferiors, disabled, illiterate, elders, ugly and poor people.] [Manu 4-141.] 5. What i~. it we cannot love since all is created by God. (Thomas Carlyle).

'Meher Free Reading Room'. On 21st April 1930, a· free Reading Room was opened in 'Meher Asramam' by Khan Bahadur S. K. Abdul Razak Saheb Bahadur, Municipal Chairman, Saidapet. In the morn. ing about 100 depressed class~children were fed. A commemoration tree was planted in the place in the Asramam, where Sri Sadhguru Meher Babaji mixed freely with children and disciples and distributed sweets. The days function was wound up by a Kalekshepam given by Brahma Sri C. Subramania Sastrigal Avl.

Full particulars will be published in the next Issue of the Gazette. The President and the Editor beg to record their heart-felt ~thanks to the Acting Collector, Md. Jawad Hussain Bahadur and Khan Bahadur S. K. Abdul Razak Saheb Bahadur for their hearty support. Ed.

my Lord, thus

Let us give up all our hate, ire and vice; Let us disperse vile thoughts, which our minds crowd : Seize Truth Divine; Give up Satanic lies. ''In eve-ry thought and word and deed,'' show Love. Let us serve all ; destroy Caste, drink and pride; Let us uplift the Low: That is our Vow. Let us march on with Baba as our Guide. (By the Editor.)

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4 Articles. ¡ [N.B.-Short artiCles, not exceeding 150 Words, on Social and Spiritual Subjects are earnestly invited : Ed].

'Hatha Yoga' By 'Meher Daaa/. I shall say a few words about Hatha Yoga, as propounded by Gherunda Muni in his Yoga S a mhitha . He says therein "There is no pasa t_bond) like that of Maya : There is no force (balam) higher than Yog a: There is no relative truer than knowledge : There is no enemy worse than pride." He prescribes seven Sadhanas or practices for the attainment of the Spiritual goal.

They are :I. 2. 3.

4. 5. ~

6. 7. shall

Sodh ana m or purification Asana or posture Mudra Pratyahar Pranayama Dhyana Samadhi, which is Emancipation . briefly explain these :

(c) Hrid-Dhouti (Heart cleaning) (d) Mula-Sodhana,m (Cleaning the anus) [To be continued.] [A dialogue Nasthika ].


Meher Dasa and

N.-My dear friend ! Where are you going? M.-1 am going to pay my obeisance to the

Greaf Master, who has come from Nasik. N.-Who is he? lVI.-He is called' Meher Baba ', who I believe , is the Greatest Sadhguru. N.- I have seen many Gurus and I must honestly tell you that I have no faith in them. They say one thing and act in a different way. M.-H you have patience and come with me for a minute, I am sure, you will become a different man. N.- I am not so sure of that j but as tolerence is my badge, I shali go with you with an open mind . .


[They see the Master and come out]

These are different kinds of purificatio n and they are:-

M.-My dear friend! What do you think? Have you ever seen before people of different castes and creeds revering a Master thus and being blessed so nicely? Is not Love radiating from Him ?

}. 2.

Dhouti Bhasti 3. Neti 4. Loukiki 5. Trataka 6¡ Kapelabata These a re called the 'Shatkarmani.Six practices known as Sadhanas.

N.-At the very sight of the Master, there was an electric, spiritual thrill in me and I have become His Sishya . M.-1 knew that this would be the result [Exeunt]

(1) Dhouti

It removes the impurities of the bo'dy: It is of 4 kinds. (a) Anthar-Phouti (Washing internally) (b) Dh<Utth-Dhouti (Cleaning the teeth )


" Meher League "

5 I. Brotherhood: (C. V. Aiya.nga.r).

11. " Meher Asramall."

Brotherhood is the Supreme Law of Love. By Whenever sympathetic people speak of C. V. Aiyanga.r. Brotherhood : they only think of brotherhood which bind only men and women. They forget our ' fratern"al ' relations with the " Meher Asraman '' Stands for Social animal kingdom. Equality. The origiaal Vasishtadwaitic perSri Krishna, the Lord of Love, in His suasion proclaimed " All the Godl'y are to be wonderful Gita, repeatedly emphasises the honoured, irrespective of Social Status" Brotherhood towards the whole creation. He (Bagavath Vishayam, Book V). This was calls himself ' the· friend of all beings ' (Sarva· translated into action when Shri Meher bhutanam). He says th'lt one should always Babaji visited Saidapet. He sat with all his think of the welfare of all beings (Sarvabhuta disciples an(,! non-disciples (who were o·f all hite rathaha). He points out the Great Truth castes and creed;;) for dinner. That is that He is in all beings (Sarvabhuta Stitham), Brotherhood par excellence shown in action He says that a Yogi should regard everything by a Great Sadhguru. To bring about such equally (Sarvatra Samabhudayaha). · result:;, the magnetic presence and guidance · Our Lord Babaji says "the aim of life should of a Sadhguru are essential. be to realise one's own sell as the Universal Nanjiyar used to say "Whenever 1 saw a Self!" Saint, a devotee of Vishnu, and 1 fell at His Let the Creecl of the members of ' Meher feet with my head touching them, I felt as if League', therefore, be-Love to the whole 1 ate my fill; as if my hunger vanished." creation: Brotherhood in the whole creation. Let us, those who are connected with Let us have the heart to feel and the strength , 'Meher Asraman," incessantly work ·t or the to remove all cruelty not only to men and realisation of Universal Brotherhood, women, but also to the mute creation. Let us on~ day go to the Moore Market and see the hundreds of small, beautiful birds, which are kept crushed in a small basket for the use of the palate of the barbarous hungry man ·I How many of us, even after reading the Geeta, felt the enormity of it ? That is an Join atrocious crime committed by the so called civilised man. In the name of Shri Babaji, I '' Meher League " appeal to His disciples to understand the true Law of Brotherhood and try to remove igno· and ranee and put down cruelty, wherever it may Spread be found. Intellect alone is absolutely useless, if it is not seasoned with heart. "He prayeth best who loveth best (See last page.) All things both great and small ; For the dear God, who loveth us, He made and loveth all." (Coleridge.)

Universal Brotherhood !

6 Vernacular articles.

[Translation: by V. T. Lakahmi]. Modesty.

'' ~'-ci;a;Lil ".




.!PfL-lio;w fiTfiKu.§l ~(5 ~ ;r>r616



oroji/rfo;@j.$(!5 ~(5 ~UDIDWTLDITILjW, LfG~o;e§.$@5 5l(5 <31Ljf6LDITILjW 619 f!lril (!) fiJ fD tJjJ; ~G LfG~~ILJITu9~<5 8'rfl

we 8'11, ~G

~ t_.$o; uSJ i'J6lJIT16

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uSJGo;,ijl;DC3o; ~ut.SIL-6l1JTw.


C3w f6.T619o;6ff !OW foil o;irr wL.Jh/(1w .M t_.$o;wrr o; u51(5.$o; YG~4iGir' .$fruiTo;6ffl~L-uuUf­

(JQJ-(hJ()w<OiJr JPJW,

-'/L..L-o;rr8'LDITo; u51(;6lJn- Gwoirr JPJ6 G/8'n-i!JJY}Jfil~ fD'iJST IT. @t!Jl er ,i16,i 160lf JPJ•

6nJ jill o;'&fr Gw~ WLDu

. u(hJjit!JliiD (!!j(illlJJ'W YGiiJlfffo;e§.iC!!Jw ro6ilr61Dw G8'!iJILjw

61<irr JP1 @QJITo;Gir;619i!J'26v. 6T ~rDlli1T'W

t!Jl fourr .$ &;) ILJLDIT611T


~ 6lJff WiN jili!J

(§ 1¥- $

GlJj ITfililffut-G uwPis (161) C21lJ16,.<irr, row t!Jl j>ITUJ


@li;p ao.'f.-,ifiJ61D'J6/DUJ ~61DL-r6ji/(5.ifii ,!D.tfil•


w611fl 16@ $ (§

619 p

6T i!J6l11T

G6l1 ;D f&ILJIID

Lf o;<!iw

G 8iff®uu§I -'/6l1 f!)J61DL- llJ .$1 L<io;w!T6lJT @5 -aw. .!)/QJQJIT (3 fD ~ (5

~ QJ '&rr

oro ji/ rf 6/DUJ (3 LD <iff Q1JLDU u®,i§JQJ tfjJW, ~(5

6T 6-J 6"tJIT(5 .$ (!!) t.B

~ u fi/u;rr o;

6fl wrrisJ o; .#.

G8'ti.Je.J.ffi]W $fOlJ~6/DL-IlJ; Gw<ifffilflJ {!Sllll' H~~aw.


Modesty is a rare quality. Modesty adorns a woman more than any o~rnaments, while to men, it serves as a weapon. A man or a woman, who is devoid of this divine quality, is like a beast. Some wiseacres are of opinion that it is an exclusive attribute of women .and that men need not be modest. It is umioubtedly a serious mistake. Whatever that is good for women should necessarily be useful to men. It is because some persons entertain such unjust and faulty views that our Motherland has come to this deplorable condition. We may again say that Modesty affords all fame and success to a man; while it is this quality that ennobles a woman and makes her shine, like a Kohinoor, in the midst of her sex. For example, Schopenhaur, a German philosopher and God· blessed man, modestly exclaimed, at one time, thus: "vVhat a fool I am ! God ! When will You remove my ignorance." It is his modesty and nothing else that endears him to us even today. Hence, cannot we unhesitatingly say that it is modesty that gives us renown and happiness in this world and reserves for us a high place in the next?



16%.§1QJ <§ITJ1, C36l.?JTUW ~' 8'1Totuj)D t§y.UITILjW'


o; L-6'1/ 6ffl6Ur

fiiJ (5 6/DU6/DILJU G U!Tff. ~6lJT QJ(!!f ILj


9 (§ 8'WIUW, "

<i1r fiT w 6lJT

l o;L-6J.1C2etr ! Gr<irr @(5&1'

('!fJ'-@)il @(5<ifiiiC2 fDW 6Tfiisr ./I)I


tf$(§QJITUJ," 6T~ /PI;wrro; yo;6isr(!!1(5'W•

.;I/QJ(5Q1JL-UJ; @<irr.~t.D







a.:.'u.iiriipw up61961DtUILjW Go;fT®,MiiJ<irr

JD~ ~fisru~;De 61tilr6IJI

mw ~


"C:w~ri- 6'8~~~,,


.fiiL-.i&fiw f6LQ~® @J;jiPJ.8.> yo;61D!;eU{W aro;;i61Dif


a=r:J fljfr f!Jff a=r:: fljfr lflFR$ r:: w r

(J B=(!!Jiil a; 6tr &.~ 6WfJiU u ~alJ01»UJ




1 Correspondence rThe Edit.o r does not ho_ld herself responsible-for the vie'?fS of the corresp<mdents. Ed.]


To The Editor:


Meher Ga iette. J)ear Editor, It would be for us, sons and daughters of India, to take the beam out of our own ·eyes in the matter of our social evils, which have brought us to the pres~nt unfortunate condition, · before endeavounng to remove the mote from the eye of another. I am strongly of opinion that until we solve sanely our question of marriage and married -life, we are doomed to eternal perdition, We have forgotten all the splendid rules of life, laid down in our Vedas. But, when the vital question of marriage comes in for discussion, our old Brahmin wiseacres howl like wolves that their religion, is in danger! Will those, who foolishly opposed the Sarada Act in the . Assembly, and those, who have been crying hoarse against it, since it was passed, place their right hand on their breast and swear, " we are all acting according to the rules of Sanatana Dharma?" 99 per cent of them dare not do so. These pseudo-Sanatanists are the curse of our dear Motherland. Our Great Lawgiver Manu says in unam. biguous language; " Let him choose for his wife a wotnan, who has a graceful figure without , any deformity, wh<;> has a pretty name, who walks gracefully hke a sw~n or an elephant who has fine hair and lovely teeth and wh~se body is exquisitely soft." The word in the Sloka is "Striyam " (3. 10) •' Stri" can J: ~-"·"'{ mean a girl. After a careftir~tudy of this subject, Swami Dayananda Saraswathi wrote: ''The best time for marriage for a girl is from the sixteenth to the twenty-fourth year of her life and for a man, from the twenty-fifth to the forty-eighth yoar. The marriage of a girl of sixteen with a man of twenty-five years is called ' Inferior marriase : ' Of a ~irl of

eighteen • or twenty wit~ a m~n ~f thi~~y-~ve or ·forty IS called ' medlUm marrtage: · Of a girl of twenty-four with a man of forty-eight is called ~- superior marriage.' Are our-,wise--. acres Superior in knowledge to the Swatpi ? They will unhesitatingly say 'ye~.·-

1 shall send you a few artiCles, which will . clearly show that our . wise~ ancestors never sanctioned child or girl-marriages, and that1 this pernicious custom came into vogue on account of political reasons in tlte dark ages of our country. Leave alone the Hindus. What do you say about the Muhammadan marriage, cele-. brated on the 25th of March 1930, between, the six year old son of the Maharaja of Mahammadabad and the four year daughter of Mr. Wazir Hussain, the chief Judge of Oudh Chief Court. These gentle men ought . to be congratulated on their splendid performance!! Dear Editor, you are the fittest person to devote all your time and energy towards the · amelioration of our children in this matter. Till Mother India solves her marriage problem satisfactorily, she is destined to suffer materially and spiritually. Yours truly, (Sd.) C. V. Sampath Aiyangar, Prl. Sub Judge, Guntur.


"Meher League" blessed by the

Greatest Master (See page).


Meher Le•gue. When His Holiness Sri Sadhguru Meher Babaji graced Saidapet with His .P resence, the following resolutions were passed in His jmmediate presence:i. That a League called, ''Meher League," be formed with the object of promoting Universal BrOtherhood in God's creation. ii. That all persons, who are aged 15 and above might become members of the League, iii. That the only condition for becoming a member is that he or she should undertake in writing to promote brotherhood in thought, in word and deed. iv. That the League should spread far and · wide the message of our Divine Lord Meher Babaji. v. That 'Meher Gazette,' published quart· erly, be conducted by the League. vi. That members mig ht have their meditation at least onee a week (on Sundays) at 'Meher Asra\llam' Saidapet. vii. That a · Free. Reading Room and Library be opened in 'Meher Asramam' Saidapet, · His Holiness Sri Meher llabaji is the E'atro1t of 'Meher League.' The following office bearers were appointed for the Year June 1930-1931 : Presidents ·K. J. Dastur Esq., M.A., LL.B. -:S:. V. Sampath Aiyangar Esq., B.A., B.L. Vice PYesitlent:-M. Vadivelu Mudaliar Esq. Secretaries:-K. S. Srinivasan Esq. · V. T. Lakshmi B.A., L.T. Treasurer:-C. V. Ramanuja Charlu Esq.

In cha1·ge of the F1'ee R eading Room:C. V. Ramanuja Charlu Esq.

Editor of 'Meher Gazette':V. T. Lakshmi, B.A., L.T. [N.B.-Those who wish to join '.Meher League' should apply to:-.:.. C. V. Sam path Atyangar Esq., B.A., B,L., Principal Subm Judge, Guntur, Madras Presi dency, India.]

Members of 'Meher League. 1. 2. g,

4. 5. 6. 7• 8. 9·

10. 11 . 12. 13.

14. 15. 16. 17. IS ~

19· 20. 21. 22. 23. 24· 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

K . J. Da stur : Editor : Meher Message Office, Nasik. Editor: Meher V. T. Laltshmi: Gazette, Said a pet. M. Vadivelu Mudaliar, Mechanical Engineer, Choolai, Madras. K. S. Srinivasan, Chartered Bank, Madras, B. S. Lokaiah Naidu, Chartered Bank. Madras. C. V. Sampath Aiyangar, Principal Sub-Judge, Guntur. C. V. Ramanuja Charlu, "Meher Asramam" Saidapet. , C. V. Kamalamma c/o Principal SubJudge Guntur. V. Rajamma: Meher Bhavan', Saida· pet. K . Janaki : 'Meher Bhavan,' Saidapet. V. Parthasarathy, cfo Principal Sub. Judge, Guntur. Beharanji, F. Irani: 'Meherashram' Nasik. Framroz H. Dadachanji : 'Meherashram, Nasik. S . D. Deshmukh '.Meherashram', Nasik. Abdul Vaheb 'Meherashram' Nasik. Chander, 'Meherashram' Nasik. Khaikusne E. Afsari , B.A., 'Meherashram', Nasik. Vishnu, N. Deorukhk:\r 'Meherashram' Nasik, Jal, 'Meherashram' Nasik. D. R. Shahane: '.Meherashram' Nasik. R. B. Kale, L. C. E . Meherashram' Nasik. S. G. Shelke, 'Meherashram' Nasik. Gustadj i 'Meherashram' Nasik. Manik Shroff 'Meherashram' Nasik. A. Vethachallam, Chartered Bank, Madras. S. Balu Subramaniam Pillai. Ramachandran Naidu, cfo K. S. Srini· vasam, Chartered Bank. Gopalswamy Na,idu, Husen Tod & Co, Armenian St., Madras. M. Murugesa Mudaliar, Chief Clerk, Chartered Bank. T. G. Logana tham Pillay, Depty Cashier.

[Printed at the American Advent Mission Press, Saidapet, and published fom 'Meher Asramam' Saidapet, Madras, by the Proprietor and Editor: V. T. Lakshmi, B.A., L.T.]

MEHER GAZETTE Volume One Number One  

Meher Gazette. This is the first issue of the Meher Gazette. Meher Gazette published June 1930. One of the first early magazines published...

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