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I have only one me.sage to give; and I repeat it age after age to one and all: LOVE GOD.

FROM THE EDITOR There have been staff changes at the LSLP; I am sad to announce the departure of Caroline McDonald from the Current Events desk. Her writing will be well missed by us all. If you are interested in writing about current events (Sahavases, programs, etc.) happening on the West Coast, please send a letter!) And we still need a children's comer editor/coordinator. On the bright side, we have two other new editors: Vicki Warner is the poetry editor (see her work on page 7), and Prem Makeig is the art editor. Prem writes, "I'm looking forward to receiving Baba inspired art for publication. Not only illustrations of Meher Baba but also any other inspirational pieces. I especially welcome youth art from the new generation of Meher Baba Followers. Please call me for more information at (619) 436-7155." The trend towards new centers is certainly evident as seen in the four articles on pages 24, 28, 29 and 30. In addition, the second parts of two articles-an interview with Eruch and a study by Filis Frederick-address the issue of centers and groups which meet in Avatar Meher Baba's name. Apologies for the delay in getting this issue to you all. By the time you read this, articles will be in progress for the next one. The theme for that LampPost will be "The Next Hundred Years," with reviews and reminiscences of 1995's Amartithi and Baba-Birthday celebrations. Please send your articles to the address for submissions on page 2. Read and love God. Jai Baba! Christina M. Riley

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A ''CENTERED'' INTERVIEW WITH ERUCH The following is the second in a two-part article. The entire article began as an inquiry into the nature ofthe running of spiritual centers dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba and one's conduct while giving homage there. (Editor) What about the question of unmarried couples, when such people wish to sta, for a time, even for a night? Here we have made it a rule that those who are married cannot live together. Men are to live separately and women likewise; that is the rule that we have made for the Pilgrim Center. This is as Baba wanted it. So likewise at the Amartithi it was Baba's wish and pleasure that men stay in separate tents, women stay in separate tents, and we even suggest that they should therefore bring their separate baggage's, not bring a common suitcase or hold-all. Why is it His pleasure that they should remain separate even though they be married? Baba wants that nothing should distract the individual from coming to Him as an individual. The lane of love is so narrow that one has to go through that lane by oneself, and approach the Lord individually. That is so ordained. That is what He revealed to us. It is good to get married, He said, live together and jointly love Me. But when you approach Me, it is through single file. So the rule should be for a Place of pilgrimage, such as Avatar's Abode, that men (

Eruch Jessawala and Bia LePage, Mandilli Hall, Meherazad, Nov. 1, 1982

should live separately and women live separately. When you create housing facilities on His Abode, then see that the pleasure of Baba and His Wish is maintained, respected and honored. Those who are responsible for it should see to it. And the ones responsible should remain above criticism in the sense that criticism should not affect them. Let the world criticize-so what? Our pleasure is to please Him, and He is pleased when we carry out what His pleasure is.

" should maintain the dignity of the House." Now, with the couple that you find are not married, they can of course visit the House of Baba, they can be at Avatar's Abode together, but if they are going to stay overnight or longer, make it a rule that they stay separately. And if the children are below seven years of age and the child is attached to the mother, even if it be a male child it can stay with the mother, and the female child below seven years of age can stay with the father. Just use discretion-that is what Baba would want us to do. You have now mentioned married and unmarried couples. Does the same rule appl, in both cases? Both cases. But if they cannot stay separately, then it is best that you provide separate facilities for the married ones to live in, and for those who are unmarried there should be facilities provided in motels, etc., outside the premises of Avatar's Abode. If those responsible can afford to provide accommodation for the married couple and their family to stay together, then this can be done. So if it can be afforded, and it is practical, then each family can have a caravan or small cottage, etc., for a short stay. But the unmarried couple must be separate. If

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ERveH, continuedfrom page 3 they don't wish to live separately then they should live. that is, stay, off Avatar's Abode. Unmarried couples cannot be called couples. But if they have coupled themselves, then they should get married. If they don't wish to [or can'tl get married, nobody is going to thrust marriage on them, but when they

"Gather all the information, gather all the criticisms, and then work out the policy." come to the Place of pilgrimage. in honor of the sanctity of the Place they should live separately for the duration of their stay. But what will happen in time when thousands come to Avatar's Abode? People are coming here now by thousands, and we cannot afford facilities for married couples, nor is it practical. I say to you who are responsible that eventually the time will come when men and women will have to be segregated. It is bound to take place. You will have to have separate accommodation for men and for women. That becomes the mo t practical thing. And there is nothing derogatory about this; on the contrary, it is an honorable way of stay at a Place of pilgrimage, where all men congregate together and all women congregate together, and they come together at the common place of the Altar of the Lord. So they come together at the Altar of the Lord, but while staying, for practical purposes and to carry out His Wish and pleasure, they lie separately. To elaborate on this theme-we have a peculiar notion that a church is a church and a Place of pilgrimage, like Avatar's Abode, is not a church. We are so entrenched in church-ianity, and man maintains a discipline greater in the church, which man himself has created, than in the church which the Lord Himself has created, such as Avatar's Abode. Would you copulate in a church or in a temple? If anyone did that, naturally the world would go 4

against them. This is what Baba wants us to become aware of. He doesn't say it in so many words, but it is inherent in a man to observe such a discipline. Again, no one would think of staying in a church, not even in the grounds of a church. In visiting the church, man stays in a hotel, and pays a visit to the masters or meetings or the services of a church. Of course, Baba doesn't mind that you go together, whether you are married or unmarried. In the case of the Place of pilgrimage such as Avatar's Abode, perforce you have to stay there because you come from long distances, and He has created such a Place for that purpose. But you should maintain the dignity of the House. The atmosphere has to be maintained. This is what He has advised us. His Wish was this, that men live separately, women live separately, for the time being of their stay on the Place of pilgrimage. Why is it? If you are questioning, you are not worthy of visiting the Place of pilgrimage created by Baba. Enlch, I'd like to talk about Avatar's Abode which Baba described as both a Spiritual Center for Australia and as a place of world pil. grimage. Avatar's Abode means where the Avatar resides, has His headquarters, His Place, His House. So it is the Center. There has also been 8 meeting for some ,ean once a month, a meeting of at least some of the Baba love,. that has been called an ActIvIties Meting, but whIch I call a Communlt, meeting in the sense that it Is the Baba community that have got together to talk of vari路 ous things affecting the community 8nd Avatar's Abode, etc. Very good. Continue with that, in addition to the weekly meetings. There should be a fair exchange of opinions and suggestions, and voices from different hearts should be heard. And the Foundation should attend, of course, because it is the community around Avatar's Abode, and the Foundation plays a major role in thaL Gather all the information, gather all the criticisms, and then work out the policy-what is to be done, taking into consideration the information and criti-

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THE MEHER BABA GROUP: A Sociological Study The following is the second in a two-part article from The Awakener magazine. Its editor, Filis Frederick, was instrumental in the formation of the Avatar Meher Haba Center of Southern California some twenty years ago. Perhaps the evolution of groups within the Haba community will always be the same, perhaps never. It is Haba's will as to the future ofgroups and centers dedicated in His name. Our efforts to praise, remember and obey Him are, at their best, our strivings to open our hearts to receive His greater love for us. As Haba has His "community" grow, so does He give ample opportunity to address problems, make decisions and resolve conflicts. One such was the use ofall lower case letters for Filis' name in the last issue. Calls and letters! No disrespect was meant; Filis often chose all lower case when writing her name and my reference was one of those instances. (Editor)

* * *

Before she had left, Princess Matchabelli had designated Dr. Bozlca as the one to continue meetings and hold the group together, which she was most pleased to do. Accordingly, she was our new "reader," and she read very well. However, gradually, in her interpretations, and in answer to questions, she brought in much of her "metaphysical" background, which, to those who are steeped in it, leans very heavily to "manifestation," in the vein of Christian Science. That is, you are a very poor religious student if you do not "manifest" good conditions-a good job, good relations with others, good health, etc.around yourself. Whereas, in Baba's emphasis, as in the teachings of all Masters, the tremendous value of suffering and of detachment from worldly wants and desires is stressed. Some of us who had studied

Excerpted and reprinted from The Awakener, Volume 21, No.1, 1956

Meher Baba's teachings would then chaUenge her interpretations. Her personality was a very rigid one in this regard, possible because she actually earned her living as a "metaphysician," i.e. as a healing practitioner, where her advice was paid for by those in need of it. It is also a tenet of this type of thinking never to admit failure and defeat. The result was she became angry and offended at any chaUenge of her interpretations. She also was not tactful to many of the "old ones" there and offended several of them so much they left the group. Several times, she resigned as the reader; an election was spontaneously held, and I was elected as the new reader. At this time, we had moved to a studio in Carnegie Hall, for which we all chipped in a few pence, and our meetings were held to the tinkle and thump of the neighboring dance studios. Our group was still small, not over ten or twelve at most meetings. The large crowds who always came to the large public lectures of the Princess naturally did not attend these smaU meetings. We had no outstanding "personality," nor capable speaker. We also had no funds to continue such large gatherings. There was no one with a home suitable or open for the old teas and intimate interviews. Another troublesome factor for our dear Dr. Bozlca was that it was I who received aU the interesting mail from India and news of the activities in the ashram, and all the messages for the group from the Princess or Mrs. Patterson; naturally they wrote to me, since I had been living with them for a period of over five years. But unfortunately, perhaps, or not being able to Fill. Freclerlck see into the situation at a

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ERUCH, continuedjrompage 4 cism-should we discard this; accept this; how should it be done; compromise; do this; do that. It is healthy to have such meetings in a sense, and encourage the community to come together, sit together, and have a nice friendly chat. The Foundation could even stand a little tea-party on that day, so that it becomes a nice little get-together, and everyone can have freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and relaxation from their daily chores. Come together like that. Anything, everything, should revolve around that one point to maintain the atmosphere of harmony and concord. Strive for that, by

"It is not a political forum. You have to sink all these things and become one-in the oneness of His love for us all." hook or by crook. "Not by hatred is hatred appeased. Hatred is appeased by not hatred." I don't know why there should be hatred in our hearts for anybody. There is reason for one to feel upset or disappointed, but why should it be s deepdown that these differences root themselves into hatred. It should not be so. It is ridiculous. It verges on absurdity that on the one hand we would want to love Meher Baba who is nothing but Love and compassion personified, and on the other hand harbor hatred for one another-and amongst one's own community, amongst one's own fold-it's ridiculous it's absurd. There are differences of opinion, differences of suggestion, life-styles and all that, it is bound to be because we have got minds and minds differ. It is but natural. But there should not be deep-seated hatred for one another.


And as you pointed out in your letter the,. should not be activity directed towards get路 ting the support of others against another. That is the worst thing, that prejudice and pride comes into the picture-bias for somebody, prejudice, hatred. "It is my pride; it is my reputation at stake; I must have my way; I will stick to my say; my principles are like that." What the heck is your principle? Who lives by one's principles? Today you are this and tomorrow you are that. At present we are not capable of asserting our principles, because we do not have principles. Men ~ live by their principle, and that principle is harmony and concord prevailing and pervading. If that be your principle, sire, live by that principle, and stick to it. Otherwise forget your principles and your pride and prejudices. Don't create parties. It is not a political forum. You have to sink all these things and become one-in the oneness of His love for us all. He doesn't differentiate-that you merit His love greater than somebody else. No. He does not bestow His love upon your merits. He just loves all, irrespective of whether you merit or not His love. So it has nothing to do with personalities or with a history that this one is close to Baba, or has been close... Nothing. It has nothing to do with that. We are all equally close to Him and equally distant from Him. There is no such thing as " am closer, I am the chief, I am the head I am this or that"-nothing. All are equal in His eyes. So you have to be very brave. He gives the strength when you leave everything to Him. don't take it to your heart don't be despondent, don't feel frustrated. go ahead take His Name with every step and every breath in you r life, and He will surely help you. Just as He will help all others also. But all that we are to do is to sink our differences, and ~ inely implore Him to bring us all together in His love. Each one should callout, ~enuinely. When there is a common cause of distress, then that cry, that call, should be there from Avatar's Abode imploring Him, beseeching Him, to get you all together in the oneness of His love. And if that atmosphere prevails, you may have the Manifestation of Meher Baba at Avatar's Abode.

The Poetry Page A Poem for Mehera: The Answer Ring I think I love you, Mehera, Though we never met. I feel I love you, Mehera, ow, today, and yet

Would I have known Baba And his glory That day in Sakori? You did.

I wonder is it you I love Or is it your love I love? Pure, sweet, exhilarated, Devoted, unquestioning. Or seemingly so. Ah, you must have questioned Where you came from, How here, But never where to go. Where was wherever He was. Or where He said to be.

Lifelong, you wore Maharaj's ring Taken from his toe. A token of connection, An answering Of where the beginning begins And the ending ends. Nowhere, in a ring. Everywhere, in a ring. For circles Neither sta11 nor stop; They connect continually.

Would I have known Baba And his glory That day in Sakori? When first you saw him So thin and gaunt And hollow-eyed, Black-eyed, piercing-eyed. And beautiful, you said. That day you saw him Looking lithe and wild and divine, Both fierce and kind, Burning and sublime!

You saw Merwanji stride by Looking lithe and wild and divine, Both fierce and kind, Burning and sublime! Would I have known Baba And his glory That day in Sakori? You did.


by Vicki Warner

I ; Vicki Warner lives in Myrtle Beach, Sc. She m~~e her fi;st trip ;;;;ndia in 1994. I ;

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FILlS, continuedfrom page 5 distance, they did not write so fully to Dr. Bozka. On one occasion, the Princess did write a letter to the Doctor, in her usual rather sharp admonitory style-with the most unfortunate result that Dr.

"It was the principle of decision that was in question. " Bozka believed I had written something derogatory about her to the Princess. Although this was completely unfounded, it created what was to prove an irradicable suspicion in her mind. When other people turned against her, due to her own autocratic manner, she inevitably blamed it all on me and my friend Adele Wolkin, who had also lived closely with the three women. Due to her periodic resigning-in which I was left, so to speak, holding the bag-and to these scenes and conflicts aroused in our already-small group, it almost vanished altogether. This was especially true since John Bass, our oldest and strongest member, who was of an autocratic temperament himself, usually sided with her efforts to impose her will on the group as a whole, holding out, as it were, for "discipline," whereas, in my opinion and that of others, the group should be a completely free association of those who loved or were interested in the Master, with no one person dominating the rest. As an example of "discipline" which the Doctor wished to enforce on us all, the practice of meditation with both feet on the ground, back straight, . hands at the sides, was advocated by her; because I continued to cross my legs or sit at ease, she again became very incensed. Mr. Bass upheld her point. I argued that everyone should be free to meditate as they wished, most particularly since the Master had said it did not matter in what position one meditated. We were at that time, meeting in the house of Dr. Bozka herself. We had moved from the dance studio at Carnegie Hall. Everyone, as was only natural, took sides. It seemed the little point mentioned above, on how to meditate, was to be the missing 8

nail that threw the horse. The Doctor called us again to her home and read us the letter she had written to the Master in India. Adele and I had "maneuvered" a plot against her, so it seemed, and she was leaving the group. The idea of writing to the Master any complaint against one of us set us all aghast. The shock brought John Bass around to our side a bit. The very tenet and pivot of the Master's teaching was that we should all love each other and stick together through any difficulties. I recall that none of us made any reply. Self-defense or recrimination was not part of my understanding of my Master's teachings. I also, at last, began to understand more of dear Bozka's character and thought it best to let it all go without comment. My only concern at this point, was to somehow continue the group and hold it together. We were now very few, but fortunately, we had one new-old member, an English woman, Kim Tolhurst, a very fine singer and poet, who had met Baba years ago in England and who was considered one of his "Circle" disciples. She had recently returned to America, and she offered us her studio in the Master Hotel, to continue our meetings. We accepted gladly, and so we began again. Adele and I, however, had decided to write to Baba in India ourselves, not in regard to anything the Doctor had said, but simply in regard to one point, which, I could see was bound to come up again and again. When an important decision was to be taken, who was to decide it? Or how was it to be decided? The matter of meditating with the feet on the ground or off it, or in the air if one pleased, was obviously unimportant. It was the principle of decision that was in question. In the old days, Princess Matchabelli had laid down the law. She had decided who was to be asked to the group, and who was to be excluded. Her personal intuition was usually excellent, but she, too, had had her biases and pre-judgments. Dr. Bozka, no doubt sincerely carrying on this tradition of a "leader," or authoritarian voice, but without the intuition and the love, and perhaps, the deeper understanding of the Master, had not been able to carry

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MEMORIES OF ELIZABETH When Bill and I arrived at Meher Center on our fIrst visit-Thanksgiving weekend 1969-we found that Elizabeth Patterson was most courteous and hospitable. She escorted us to the North Myrtle Beach Piggly Wiggly store and waited patiently outside in her station wagon while we shopped for provisions for our stay at the Center. Then she had us follow her back to the Original Kitchen, showed us where to store our supplies and where to cook and eat, and took us to the Lake Cabin where we would be staying. Before the weekend was over, we knew that Elizabeth Patterson was much more than just a nice, accommodating Southern lady. Reading about her and learning about Elizabeth's many years with Baba, and about Baba's role for her in the development of the Meher Spiritual Center, we soon realized how especially kind it had been of this busy woman, who had the primary responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Center, to take the trouble to help us settle in when we arrived after our l6-hour drive from Miami. In years to come we learned that she rarely had more than a brief and rather formal interview with newcomers. Some visitors never saw her at all except at the Meeting Place on Friday or Saturday evenings, though everyone knew she was the one to be consulted when anything was amiss in the cabins or elsewhere on the entire 500 acres. Often she could be seen in her massive Chevrolet station wagon driving very, very slowly and carefully on the narrow Center roads (narrow because she never permitted the cutting of any tree unless removal was absolutely essential for the passage of automobiles). And sometimes one would spot her as she entered an empty cabin on one of her regular inspection tours. Everything must always be clean and comfortable for Center guests, and she overlooked no slightest detail. In 1975 we wrote to Elizabeth and Kitty Davy, explaining that we would like to bring to the Center the members of an evening class in Practical Mysticism that Bill was then teaching at Gaston College in North Carolina. They graciously agreed, and we were all welcomed at-Dilruba one afternoon in early spring. Elizabeth settled us all on her lovely screened porch overlooking the lake, and in her gentle manner proceeded to tell story after

by Peggy Stephens story about her years with Meher Baba in India, about the diffIculties and the joys of constructing the Meher Center to Baba's specifications, and even bits about her personal life that Bill and I had never heard before. We listened attentively, somewhat astonished. Since Kitty--easily accessible, always warm and friendly-was the one we had more often visited, we were just a bit in awe of Elizabeth. Even though we had been invited to dinner with the two of them several times and had had very pleasant conversations, she had never opened up with us the way she did with these students. They were spellbound by

"...sometimes one would spot her as she entered an empty cabin on one of her regular inspection tours. " their hostess, and for two hours they plied her with questions and obviously lost their hearts to her on their way to losing their hearts to her Master. Most of them never knew what a rare opportunity they'd had. Later in the '70s, Bill had an unusual assignment from Elizabeth. We were visiting the Center with an old friend, a scientist from the University of Miami marine laboratory. Elizabeth asked Bill and Richard to drive to the Baruch research station, about 30 miles south of Myrtle Beach, and personally request the director to make an ecological study of Meher Center property. They were to explain that the Center is all virgin land, with the old King's Highway running through it - an ideal place for an ecological study. She gave them a large map of the entire property mounted on plywood and advised them to inwardly say Baba's name over and over during the interview which she arranged by tele-

continued on page 17 9

FILlS, continuedfrom page 8 it off. John Bass, devoted as he always was, also did not seem to grasp the feeling of present-day seekers for an independent approach, and he, too, very often, offended newcomers by autocratic statements, exclusions and inclusions. So I wrote out a short and simple letter to Baba, the gist of it being, "If any important question comes up for the group to decide, should we not decide it by a quorum of five or more members, and agree this is the way to solve any real problem?" Adele and I signed it and sent it off. We did not consult with John Bass, perhaps an error on our part, as he naturally, by this time, felt that he had inherited the mantle of the "leader." He was the oldest member, and he had been given the precious file of several thousand names of those interested in Baba by the Princess when she had left for India. An interesting sidelight is that we were not allowed to use this file to contact people, in her absence in India, but had to work on our own. The Master, as he always does, answered us promptly, and simply. He agreed that we should vote as a quorum on any question that came up. We read the letter to all. Mrs. Tolhurst had been unanimously chosen as our new reader; her voice and English diction were excellent. She was also a most

"The Master, as He always does, answered us promptly, and simply." attractive and warm-hearted personality; a great lover of Baba and also extremely well-educated, especially in Buddhist thinking. During the next four years, under her aegis, our group slowly began to grow. Luckily for us, too, like all English people, she had a great respect for the individual opinions and rights of others. She had taken our side in the "famous" dispute with Dr. Bozka and she upheld our view on a vote. We did call our "quorum" several times in the following years, on what, I do not remember; not, however, without quite a bit of 10

grumbling from John Bass. He often, as he still does to this day, would make a decision that concerned us all, and simply announce it as a fact, but Mrs. Tolhurst, another extremely tactful personality, always managed to soothe his ruffled feathers. Our main difficulty during this time, was our choice of program. We were divided on how to conduct the meetings. Some wished to have the Master's discourse read, then no discussion whatever, but a silent meditation. Others felt the question and answer period was vital, especially for newcomers; free discussion was to be allowed, but not getting out of bounds on irrelevant subjects. Here came the rub. We had decided that any person genuinely interested in the Master or what he had to teach, was welcome; but inevitable, people with all sorts of religious backgrounds, or with diverse motives, turned up, and were apt to monopolize the conversation with their own opinions and views. There were those who wanted to talk for a good half-hour on their experiences in the seance-room, or their occult powers, or other sidelights, which aroused, let us say, the pet prejudices of someone in our "regular" group, who, in turn, had to put the dear fellow to rights! Then those, who liked only the "silent meditation" or only to hear of Baba himself, would stalk off and threaten never to appear again. It is odd how many people seem to lack humor at such moments; who cannot sit through or talk through a discussion amicably, with someone whose ideas are radically different from their own. The subconscious fear, it seems, of every religious, or perhaps every new religious group is, that it will be 'colored' by too much outside material; and we had indeed such a debate among ourselves on this point, that even today it is not solved. For example, may one read other material, from other writers, or from other scriptures, to illustrate a text of Baba's? We voted on this, finally, after much debate; the result, was, disappointingly to my taste, No. We must keep always and only to his own teachings. In one respect it is psychologically sound, given a limited time; we are not offering a comparative religious study, but the study of a living Master and his word. We are also what is called a devo-

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by Michael Ramsden

As the year 1994 closes, reflection on our Center operations and responsibilities. Eventually Beloved's lOOth birthday year brings in particular the Center will grow into a larger physical building. the realization of the amazing opportunities for All the plans to facilitate this change are now in place-the kind of building, the location, how to work in His cause that He has given us-so that he may draw us closer to Him. Whatever the numerous find it, what to do to buy it and then develop it. In Baba's good time we will have the funds to puractivities, sponsored, created, managed, attended or chase it. To this end, Sam Erwin and Margaret run by Center members and attended by numerous Magnus have others, no matter committed to how much joy, form the final pain, love, sorrow fundraising drive or hardship expeunder the rienced by the Fundraising comworkers, it has mittee. They have been His blessing committed to raise to us. This surely $300,000 total by must be the meathe summer of ger thought of the 1996. They have new year: to constarted the drive tinue to provide an by donating opportunity for all $20,000 themto work in His selves and are Cause so that He seeking other can draw us donors both large closer. and small in either He has drawn ....nc1 you all thought servlng on the AMBSe b_rd of directors was a hard cash or pledge. more of His Lovand arduous task! Shown here are II路r) holdlng Bob Dearbom's daughter, Glen Ru..; gazing lovingly, Bob Dearborn; holding forth, our Pres. Michael The Center ers to Him this last Ramsden; visitor Steve sanders; his mother, our treasurer, Donna Sand路 will also continue year-or so it ers; Mehmoush Lorkalantarl; and visitor Diana Snow. its policy of placseems. He has said that the only Center that He needs are the Hearts of ing 50% of all proceeds from fundraising activities His lovers. He has said that He does not need physiinto the New Center fund. This means that the following events contribute equally to the Center runcal Centers nor the botherance of money nor ning expense and the New Center fund: Sahavas Fly fundraising. All he wants is our love, obedience and to India Sweepstakes, Meherma's Fly to India surrender. He can do His own work-after all, He is . the Highest of the High! Sweepstakes, Silent Auction Drive, Hollywood But He allows us the impression that we are Roosevelt Dance, Yard Sales. All other direct donations to the Center are used for running expenses working in His Cause so that He can awaken us to love, obey and surrender to Him. The work causes unless designated for specific purposes, e.g. Film us to focus on Him, to think of Him and forget ourProject, Library Project, LoveStreet LampPost, Serselves. Not everyone must work for Baba in this vice, Archives, Right to Youth Sahavas, and others. In the past our Sahavas has also contributed but not way. Everything we do in life as Baba lovers is for this year. Him. However the Center can create opportunities Congratulations to Tim Thelen for completing for as many as possible to work to their capacity for the Film Project titled, "Meher Baba-The AwakHim-spreading His message of love and truth. The Center Board is continuing, knowingly or ener." It has taken him over five years of extremely not, directly or indirectly, to foster and expand this continued on next page 27 process by continuing the re-organization of the 11

FILlS, continued/rom page 10 tional group; that is, the atmosphere is definitely one of love, worship and devotion toward a spiritual Master, a definite personality, whom the majority of us believe to be an Avatar, or Christ of this age. Having such a startling theme to offer, with so much detailed evidence and proof, is a great challenge to us all, all of us who are in the Group today as it finally survived. We now meet in the home of a devoted couple, Mr. and Mrs. Winterfeldt, who offered us their home when Mrs. Tolhurst returned to Europe. We now alternate our readers in tum, giving everyone who has a reasonably good voice and intelligent grasp of the Master's teachings, a chance to lead, and which has proved psychologically valuable, as I always stressed, in giving each one a sense of participation in the work. When we do have problems to solve,

"... Meher Saba has predicted that in the future there will be four . groups... " main we do meet and try to vote, though Mr. Bass does still assume "leadership;" however, he has mellowed with the years, and with the opposition of younger people in the group who have the feeling of our American culture, that "my opinion is as good as yours." As for the class and status of those who come to our group, it varies widely as always. As you no doubt have noted, the original three women were defmitely of the "upper-upper" social group in America, though genuinely democratic in their ways, influenced, naturally, by the universal attitudes of their Master. We have had the "poorest of the poor" in our group as well as several independently wealthy ones, professional workers, housekeepers and servants, office workers, people on welfare, members of the old European aristocracy and of the new American aristocracy of the "I'vedone-it-myself' kind. We have grown large enough 12

to support, on our own donations, public work again and every winter manage to hold three or four public meetings in our old stamping ground, Carnegie Hall. Those who come to our meetings are not urged to give up whatever religion they profess, but to let the living Master help them to reach and grasp its innermost core, which is the genuine life in God and for God, lived in the here and now. Meher Baba has predicted that in the future there will be four main groups-the Christian group, the Vedantist group, the Sufi group, and the Meher Baba group-who will be interested in him and carry on his teachings. The Sufis have already acknowledged him and of course groups like ours, in which no past religious thought or tradition is dominant, but just the Master himself, or as he said to one of us, "For you, it is just Baba." There are two main ways a group can maintain its identity in the face of the inevitable changes in individual identities... through a continued appointed hierarchy of offices, as is true of both the Sufi and the Catholic traditional groups; or through a democratic, elected leadership as is true of many Protestant groups and of a Jewish synagogue as well. An absolutely free-form or free-association group is hard to maintain, as we ourselves find it and also, as do the American Quakers, who also stress meditations and silence in their group meetings. Vedantism, of course, has given rise to many forms and sects, but in essence, it always holds that God's grace is spontaneous and sporadic and that the illumined and God-realized soul arises independent of any church or shariat, thus the spiritual hierarchy of the time crosses all religious boundaries. The classic Sufi point of view is also the same, and the Qutub or spiritual leader of the time is automatically he who has most advanced consciousness, whoever or wherever he may be. Thus, a religious group that clings to ol,1tward structuring (as do the Catholics today) will not accept the leader of the time and will fall behind. In religion, too rigid structuring, may, as in many other human institutions, defeat its own ends. (An amusing postscript: In 1956, when Baba returned to Myrtle Beach, Dr. Bozka threw her arms around me and said, "Filis, will you everforgive me for being such a bitch!!")

INTEGRATING SPIRIT AND MIND An interview with Eric Anderson and Ken Lux of the Journal for Psychological and Spiritual Integration What is the Journal for Psychological and Spiri. t",,1 Integration, and how did it get started? In the early 1980' s it was quite apparent that a large number of Baba lovers were in the mental health professions in some form or other. Three of these people, Toni Atmore, Winnie Barrett and Stephen Hawthorne got the ideas that some sort of vehicle for communication among them would be quite useful. This led in 1985 to the publication of the first issue of the Journal, whose subtitle was, "Addressing clinical, theoretical and experimental issues in psychology and spirituality in light of Meher Baba's teachings." Along with the Journal, they also published a directory, with a list of Baba lovers in the mental health professions, and that was to be updated periodically. There were also some tentative plans for a Baba lovers mental health get together in Myrtle Beach. That sounds quite ambitious. Were these ambitions realized? To a large extent they were, although I would have to add that in true Baba fashion they were both "transformed" and realized. By that I mean that the Journal was launched, and it continues to this day, almost ten years later, significantly transformed. The directory was published with a listing of 27 Baba mental health professionals. The idea sort of was if you were a Baba lover and you were having problems (a rare occurrence to be sure), you could take out your handy directory, which was international by the way, and look up your most conveniently located or theoretically appropriate Baba lover health worker and proceed to get help. Well, that part of the project, at least at this time, never went further, and we can look upon that lone first edition of the international directory as a collectors item. Who knows, maybe at some future time, it can be auctioned off at a Baba fund raising event for big money. But, the Journal thrived-not financially or in circulation (as is usual with Baba) - but in terms of becoming a lively and exciting forum of writing and ideas about life with Baba vis-a-vis the mental health professions.

You spoke about a transformation. Well, perhaps that's too big a word, but what I mean is that the focus on mental health began to change. I got involved with the Journal in 1988 along with Gus DeGreef, and a little later on with Jason Saffer. At that time two of the original founders had decided to give up their editorial involvement with the Journal, with Winnie continuing on for a while, providing continuity as well as the unflagging enthusiasm of one of the Journal's original creators. This was a time of transition for the Journal. I noticed that an increasing number of our articles either were not being written by people in the mental health field, or if they were, they really did not concern mental health issues per se, but were matters of interest to Baba lovers in general. I also became aware that a substantial number of the people who read the Journal were not people in the mental health professions. Specifically for me, some examples of articles that we published that I really enjoyed or found valuable, was one about aBaba lover's participation in Desert Storm, the function of metaphors and stories in personal change, an account of a Baba lover with AIDS, an ongoing debate about the validity of the Twelve Step Movement in terms of Baba's teachings, a personal account of special moments with Kitty Davy, among numerous others. None of these really had any more relevance to mental health issues or workers than any other Baba lover. From this it occurred to me that the presentation of the Journal as specifically a mental health Baba journal, was misleading and was unnecessarily restricting our readership. Also, we began to have more people involved with the Journal who were not in the mental health field. So, beginning with the last issue we formally acknowledged this change, and changed the subtitle or the Journal to "Addressing issues in Psychology, spirituality, and contemporary life in light of Meher Baba's teachings." So how would you define JPSI now? I would say that it's a vehicle in the world wide

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MOMENT BY MOMENT Following is an interview with Ahmednagar resident, author Craig Ruff. The Moment Within is not a poem or a story. It's the unveiling ofhidden life-an expression ofthe movement of inner life. Each one ofthe 411 entries collected here came unexpectedly, suddenly, as intuitions, perceptions observations and inspired praise. Later I wrote each thought down in a notebook, and each entry became a means for focusing upon that aspect ofthe truth that had just welled up inside of me. The moment within is the moment without-the moment without lust, greed, anger, jealousy and self-pity, allowing for the quiet light of inner truth to penetrate the ego, making for the moment within. (From the introduction.) When did you come to live in India? My frrst time for pilgrimage was 1973. And in '78 I was permitted to come and live there for some time. At frrst there was no idea of what I was going to be doing. I was a trust-walla in Chicago and a trustwalla in Boston. So there was an immediate linkage with the Trust early on. In the back of my mind, in some little way, you know how things are, I always kind of casually, constantly, quietly, with quiet countenance thought that I would help out at the Trust Office. So when I moved to India at frrst I didn't have any specific duties. At some juncture I started to help out Bal Natu and I was invited into the Trust Office to help. Shortly thereafter also I was barred from the Trust Office and I was asked what did I want to do. I sat in from of Mani, and Eruch was standing by my side. I was new and I was young-a very young 28 year-old. And I said with somewhat of a quaking, emotional intensity in my voice that I just want to give my hands and my heart to Meher Baba for whatever needs to be done in His service and that was all. And that seemed to please them. Eruch said to me, "You are always welcome here." It was a great moment in my life because the office represented to me something almost awe inspiring-this is the place where Mani and Eruch work every day. So to be told that now I am welcome there every day was something beyond any hope. Or, even though there was the feeling to do it, it was beyond any realistic hope. And so I started coming there every day and helping out. That was in 14

the frrst part of '78 sometime. And what have you been doing since that time? In August of '78 I moved into the compound. I'm now very conversant with the Trust's administrative procedures. I don't know if it's a lot of paper compared to an American office. I try to make it communication. I carried a lot of information around the Trust Office, to Bhau, to Adi, at least the frrst two years. I began to recognize very quickly that it was important not to carry the emotion that might be there with the information. If one of them got momentarily irritated and I have to go tell another one I wouldn't carry that irritation or that emotion. I would just carry the information. I recognize that if I carried that emotion that would ruin the work and would spoil harmony. I began to see much later on that those little irritations are superficial and meaningless compared to the depth of what the person is doing in Baba's cause and with his heart. And perhaps, dare I say, perhaps that is behind why I don't mind a behind the scenes position all these years, 17 years now, because I was more interested in the underlying values of things. I just think in terms of harmony, and recognizing that everyone has a different perspective and a different way of seeing things. Understanding these things and how, because of a certain situation, how emotions are and how the circumstances are. You've been able to distinguish tho. . underlying values inherent in the work rather than all of the emotion around it. What happens when there is something that seems to be important enough for people to get upset about? Was there ever anything that was important enough to be concemed about as an IHue? Obviously when one has to take a stance for Him there is no compromise. You can't compromise with the Truth. With Truth there can be no compromise. Baba tells us that. I find that Eruch doesn't get involved in the issues so much but has a sense of the value of oneness. Most upsets are shallow considerations compared to the value of maintaining oneness. That is a strong vision in my life. A circle has 360 degrees and there is one point in the circle. If

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INNER CONTACT WITH GOD PERSONAL What have you received from following Avatar Meher Baba? is a common question. My spontaneous response is, "What has He removed that allows me to receive any spark of His love?" Increased self-awareness is received in direct proportion with the removal of ego-laden impressions; and that barrier of impressions is insurmountable without His compassionate grace. The spiritual heart of each one is where He resides, and it holds an imprint of Pure Love, True Happiness, Perfection in all forms. The image or memory remains stored there and awaits the ripe moment of Realization. I feel a most significant transformation of heart happened when I entered the spiritual ambiance of the home shared by Elizabeth Patterson, Norina Matchabelli and Nadine Tolstoy in New York, in 1944. I experienced a jolt or a wee bit of that purest of pure love by coming in touch with the Babadirected activities of these three women disciples, by Norina Matchabelli through her spiritual thought transmission (confirmed to us by Him) and by the active fulfilling of orders received from Baba through Elizabeth and Nadine. As I recollect that time now, when Filis Frederick and I were invited to share their home and activities in some small part, I see it as our initiation into the New Humanity phase; the Inner Contact with Meher Baba was established. There is nothing more startling to me than this very fact: there is an Inner Contact with God personal and impersonal. The Mighty Beloved has simplified the journey back to God for the New Humanity by giving us the choice of loving God personal, rather than impersonal. This remarkable fact I noted when I first met Him in the Meher Center in Myrtle Beach in 1952. He told Filis and me, "I heard so much about both of you-Filis and Adele-from Elizabeth, Norina and Donkin and Margaret; and I heard from within. I am so happy that at last I have seen you." During the years of awaiting Baba's corning, I was not aware, of course, or convinced always that Baba was there listening to my prayers and contemplation's. So it was thrilling to learn that He indeed "heard us from within," always and eternally. Once, while we were with Him in Myrtle Beach, He said, "I don't have to do anything. All knowledge comes to Me." As contrasted with other

by Adele Wolkin

Perfect Masters, the Avatar is always in touch with His creation. When the other Masters leave their bodies, there is no longer a "communication" the way there is with the God-Man. Baba is always to be reached on a direct line (at least for 100 years). He has said He remains in full contact with every heartbeat. I was a student at the university when I entered into Baba's orbit-appreciating discipline and studying with concentration and focus. I bought all the available books from Elizabeth and Nadine at their home. And, when eventually Baba ordered us to read God Speaks five or ten times, I was able to benefit enormously in this reeducation God granted me. By reading the Discourses and God Speaks I was replacing old rubbish and scaffolding with the authentic cosmic map He provides. This helps to establish a healthy beginning for that necessary balance of heart and mind which The Beloved explains is the goal. It is of great value to develop the intellect for Baba and be familiar with the "cosmic map" He provides, just as you would study a map for a traveling venture where you wouldn't wish to go too far astray. One of the first messages Baba gave to me was the key of surrender or inner renunciation: "Nothing is real but God. Nothing matters but love for God." That established the way to Him for me, forever; and what I mean by forever is the implication that surrender is forever repeated. Each day, each moment a new and renewed surrender happens, which of course is also the key to greater and more real Inner Contact with Him. "To surrender is higher than to love, love me as I ought to be loved is impossible, yet to obey me is possible." It isn't siddhis or powers which draw us into closer contact with the personification of Love, but the seeds of Love that he plants within us which must flower when we earn His grace. The real yoga is "you go" He has told us. So many ways to draw closer to him on this path of love. One of the most challenging in my life has been to love others, all others, in the same ways as I love very dear ones. I have had some rare experiences where I seemed to arise high above my ordi-

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MOMENT, continued from page 14 I'm degree 240 and you are degree 90 we will never, ever see from the same perspective. We see the same center point but see different perspectives. That's the mind. The mind sees the periphery of things but the heart goes to the center point and sees all the different degrees and that's the oneness. When the oneness is there, it begins to uphold the superficial diversity at the same time it upholds oneness.

Well, rour mind I. hame..eeI and It'. plowing the field wen and helping with the work. It didn't come for free and it still doesn't come for free. Like anything, the mind takes a habit. So if you begin to put good habits in the mind, it's easier to plow the field. Out of a lot of ignorance and a lot of suffering we begin to see what is of value. And to continue to uphold the value. And of course the value always works against the ego-mind. So then there's that pain and suffering. I'm certainly not free of it by any means.

You're not? Wen, I can't continue thl. conve,. ..tlon then. There is always humiliation. Eruch says in Mandali Hall these days, that it was a lifetime of humiliation and embarrassment-real significant humiliation and embarrassment.

If life with the God-Man we,. a theatrical plar, woulcllt be a comedy or a tragedy? Probably both.

That'. the perfect tran.ltlon to rour current book. So, a. rou were going through, .ettlng Into a routine and realizing more and more about Inner life and the nature of what'. hnportant, how did rour writing .tart? I've always enjoyed writing and I never really did that much and I think that one of the major impetuses was that I used to spend my free time the flfSt ten years I was in India going to Meher Baba's Samadhi and sometimes sitting there for hours on end and just having my own private conversations with Him. Saying out whatever I wanted within myself to Him. And after ten years, the question was, "What's really inside of me? I'd like to see what's inside of me." So I started to open myself up using the tool of writing. It's as simple as that. 16

So whr411? That's as many entries that came. These are things taken from my notebook. I had no intentions in making a book. For the first book, Traveling Music, a friend of mine, Dana Ferry, said let's make a book of poetry and I said, "I don't want to do it." And another year and a half passed and again she came along, back to India, and said let's do it and with the nudging of a friend, Gary Kleiner I decided to do it. For The Moment Within it was the same thing, it was just my notations, thoughts observation, intuitions as I was running around the Trust Office, Trust Compound. In the midst of my daily life putting these things in to practice and into action I would begin to see results. Like in a sense you are plowing a field and the little seedlings are coming up. And they would just come out of me spontaneously and I would remember them and write them down later that night. And use them for a length of time. Hit was about harmony, harmony. If it was about effacement, effacement. And then some months ago I was relaxing in my room before going to sleep one night and a thought came to me, "Wait a minute, there is content here. I think this is worth sharing with other people." So I just started to prepare a manuscript. I would take the typewriter out and as quickly as I could type out the notations. Ward Parks, who is a Professor, went over it with me and made some nice changes in terms of the clarity of expression.

Over what period are the.e po.....? the.. entrle.? The last few years. Baba said that one of the biggest gulfs in this day and age is the gulf between theory and practice. I found that to be true in my life. It's very difficult to move from playing around with intellectual ideas, which makes us feel that we know something and putting it into action which is totally different. If a thought came to me, like a very simple thought: "If it isn't every moment, it isn't any moment." Let's say if I was really trying to remember Meher Baba as often as I could, and in the midst of really remembering Him as often as I could I began to recognize I really haven't been

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ELIZABETH, continuedfrom page 9 remembering Him at all. And then the thought comes: "If it isn't every moment, it isn't any moment." And then the next moment, the next day or two I might remember that thought now and again during my days and maybe share it with somebody else. And then the next moment another think might come about: "Hey, wait a minute, just because I'm working for Baba running all around the place doesn't mean that it is service. Service has to be when you are putting certain values into the work, not just getting things done. How much can I get done? It's how I'm getting it done." And then I'd have a thought about service. And then write that down. And then think of that thought for some days. The evolution of this book then is from the writing of poetry, which has a lyric quality to It, to the writing of a more literally insightful kind of communication? It seems to me that this is not quite a poetic age. This is the age of visual communication. Obviously television. Poetry is a different kink of visual. You have to use your mind to visualize it and you have your own inner experience with it. One doesn't have to go through that process in The Momenl Wilhin. I want to communicate. I lived most of my life almost like a monk in some ways. And I've read all of the traditions and thought very deeply about "What is our spiritually? What is it we can live naturally? What is it I can live naturally? What is natural in the twentieth century? And what could be really lived in the twentieth century to uphold His message? You feel n.e Moment Within to be more appropriate for the time,that'. why you've chosen .omething Ie•• lyric? I'm feeling that this is what helped me and probably more direct and more accessible. Whereas poetry, unless you have a specific liking for it, it's content isn't necessarily directly accessible. You have to work at it. It's up to the audience to complete the creation. Poetry requires imagination. When will n.e Moment Within be published? Early in the new year, 1995.

Do you have a favorite entry? The one that's helping me with what I'm confronted with.

phone. With con iderable trepidation they set out on a Sunday morning, met with the director at the front gate of the research station, and to their amazement rather quickly obtained hi assent to conduct a study. Richard was shaking his head as they drove away: "Scientists ju t don't make such hasty decisions!" "Only when Baba is the real director," Bill said. In 1979 I had the inestimable good fortune of working with Elizabeth on Elizabeth's her book, "Treasures from the Meher Baba Journal." Many hours of discussion took place around the dining room table. Elizabeth's clarity, purposefulness and pure dedication brought this treasure of a book to fruition. Every word, every comma, every photograph, every typeface was studied, considered, chosen or discarded with the utmost care. Elizabeth wanted it to be easily read even by those with fading eyesight. Sheila Krynski's design made the book a visual delight, and it will always be enjoyed by lovers of Meher Baba-partly because it was such a labor of love. Our last visit with Elizabeth was in October 1980. We had lived in Myrtle Beach for two years. Elizabeth had visited our home just once, and her sweet coinments about our little pine paneled cottage will never be forgotten. When she and Kitty learned we were moving to Nashville, they invited us to Dilruba for a farewell dinner, and Elizabeth told us with great solemnity that the weekly discourse study groups that had met at our horne during those two years would be continued at the Center, for "this was Baba's wish." Baba's wish directed everything dear Elizabeth did, I believe, and when two months later we learned that she went to Baba' s arms, we knew she was where she wanted to be.



OH BABA, OH BABY, OH BOOKS At this writing, Lord Meher, Volume Six has been swaddled and transported to Virginia via its publisher, Hermes Reiter. This sixth Lord Meher is the largest volume yet to be delivered: 656 pages, 349 photographs weighing in at close to four pounds. The printers are now hovering over their arrival with eyes focused sharply as they watch the Meher Baba's story roll through their press with the grace and speed of His stride. Archival paper will support the pictures and print so that our great grandchildren can read this flrst edition to their own kids. Maybe we will be those fresh adventurers of the New Humanity, discovering an amazing lifetime so full and perfect and compassionate that only the Avatar of the Age could have lived it. In October 1968 Meher Baba asked Bhau Kalchuri to write this biography. The Master's suffering was intensifying and all close ones had to function obediently while witnessing His pain. Seven days before he dropped the physical form, Bhau was given explicit instructions detailing exact style requirements for what he called, "Very important work." Twenty-flve years have passed since 1969, bringing us to the lOOth celebration of Meher


Baba's birth. On September 17th, Peter J. Ravazza hosted a beneflt dinner for the Lord Meher biography. "I was excited to think Baba would give us such a complete and wonderful telling of his life," book collector and food connoisseur Peter states in the invitation for the evening. A few helpers arrived at the Columbo Club around 8 a.m. In the kitchen, basil bunches were being freshly ground for the first course. We noticed a picture of the plaza at St. Peter's on the wall looking much like St. Mark's where Meher Baba was photographed with Herbert Davy, Quentin Todd and too many pigeons. An enlargement of that very photograph was auctioned following the multiplecourse fea&t. There were parts of three different sound systems which flnally (whew!) merged as one working unit so that singers and raffle announcements could be heard. People went home with name tags bearing the name 'Meher' in Hindi as a momento of the evening. Past Columbo president John Capraro observed the evening, noting what a "nice bunch, good crowd" we were, and was glad that Meher Baba had an opportunity to see Italy and therefore experience Italian cooking in his lifetime. There are 29 years of Meher Baba's extraordinary life (1940-1969) yet to fulfill in printed form. Beloved Baba's Mehera said, "In Baba's time, this complete biography of His life will have the recognition and acceptance that it deserves, not only by the Baba world, but also the general public." As we ingest these volumes one course at a time, perhaps we can inspire Peter and others to gather us together for another evening of Baba-brotherhood, photo prizes and pasta as we share the waiting-room time in anticipation of books yet to be delivered. Hermes' publishing company, MANifestation, Inc., is now distributing the Lord Meher books directly. You will no longer be able to buy this and future volumes through centers or bookstores. Volume Six spans seven years, 1934-1940. It costs $75, plus shipping and handling. If you missed the opportunity to contribute $100 to include the name of a living or dead loved one as a "Benevolent Spirit" in the front matter of the book, the opportunity will be on-going until this entire series is completely printed. MANifestation, Inc., P.O. Box 7335, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

After an outbreak of influenza ("flu") in the Mandali and resident's quarters, all persons essentially recovered from the virus except Bhau Kalchuri. Alarmed by the continued weakness of Bhau, Dr. Anne Moraigne and the faithful medical "sentinels' ever on the lookout, promptly arranged for further medical testing and diagnosis in a Poona hospital. This fax was received following the decision for surgery. 5-12-94 To: Christine Pearson, USA Dear Christine, Jai Baba! I have just returned after attending Bhauji's surgery. By Beloved Baba's grace the surgery is over and the tumor from the descending colon was resected successfully. During surgery, no spread of tumor to the neighboring structures was evident. After resection, the surgeon did end to end anastomosis of the remaining colon, and there was no need of any cholostomy. The entire surgery lasted for about four hours. Bhauji will be in the ICU for about 48 hours. I will keep you informed of further progress. With loving Jai Baba Yours sincerely, Arvind Much love and Jai Baba to you from Guinar, Jehangu, Mehernaz and Meheriar.

BHAU AT THE MEHER CENTER IN JULY OF 1994 by Rob Little Boy can Bhau give talks! Themefully, seamlessly, without moving from one spot, without a sip of water, standing for over two hours, stringing Baba stories together like beads on a Devine necklace, he can talk. One small story he told, out of the dozens of gems, stands out for me because of its humor, humanness and suggestion of deeper meaning. Baba is standing in the background of this story. Apparently, once several years ago, Bhau sat on a bench at Meherabad where the mast Mohammed was also sitting. Mohammed remarked to Bhau, "Now, you and I are on the same level," to which Bhau replied, "OK, Mohammed, why don't you go and do my work at the Trust Office and I'll stay here." But Mohammed got Bhau's point and protested greatly, "Oh, no, no, no!" Bhau, I hope I got the gist of your story correctly and I hope you return to Myrtle Beach soon.

• • • Christine Pearson's latest report: As of this past Monday Bhau will remain in the Poona Hospital one more week before returning home to Ahmednagar. All tubes were removed. He eats soft food and is walking slowly a couple of strolls on the floor, each day. We send him love always. Bhau's message of Dec. 5th is so beautiful and reciprocated. Monday, 5th December 1994 7:00 AM, Pune, India Message from Bhau Kalchuri to all dear ones throughout the world who have sent cables, phone calls, faxes and get well greetings, and who have expressed their love towards him: "I feel touched with your love and I know that your love for the Beloved is making you to send such messages to me. I'm giving this message before my surgery to all dear ones of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba and I am making my false self inactive so that the Beloved's Wish may become active within me. I am only concerned about His wish and whatever happens will be just His wish and nothing else. I send my love to all dear ones and I salute your love for the Beloved. In His love, Bhau

Bh.u K.lchurl In the meeting pl.ce .t Mehe, center In Myrtle ".ch.





January 7, Saturday, 6:00 p.m. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

February 4, saturday, 6:00 p.m. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

January 7, Saturday, 8:00 p.m. GUTTA NIGHT WITH FREDEE STANKUS IN THE COMPANY OF MEHER BABA The hand of Meher Baba in your life tonight as we celebrate.. ' the New Year in His name in an atmosphere of fellowship, fun, food, conversation, revelation and inspiration!

February 4, saturday, 6:00 p.m. "MEHER BABA, THE AWAKENER." Tim Thelen's new film will screen this evening at 8:30 p.m. Musical guests will be announced.

January 14, saturday, 8:00 p.m. MEHER BABA'S FAVORITE SAINTS Adele Wolkin, who met Meher Baba in the 50's with Filis Frederick will share her insightful impressions regarding St. Catherine of Sienna and SI. Augustine. January 21, Saturday, 6:00 p.m. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. January 21, saturday, 8:00 p.m. EVENTS DURING THE ADVENT OF BABA'S LIFETIME, as correlated with our January Calendar. Which will include when Baba first used the alphabet board, wrote the Gujerati arti and formed his circle. Nancy Merwan hosts this evening of discussion. January 28, Saturday, 8:00 p.m. "Meher Baba says if we really love Him with all of our hearts and establish a link with Him, we will be able to draw all our strength from Him." Adi K. Irani Enjoy the splendor of Beloved Baba on this film night with Charlie Morton. January 30, Monday, 8:00 p.m. AMARTITHI 1995 Tonight we come together in joyful remembrance and reverence of the Beloved's dropping His physical form. While the song, Begin the Beguine was played, as the sun was setting and the moon was rising and Baba's body was placed in the tomb for His lovers to take Darshan, Mani recalled, "the song seemed to convey to us His message that this was not an end but a beginning - the beginning of his completed work bearing fruit." Coordinated by Lois Jones (310) 473-1584. 8:30 - 10:30 p:m. Program 10:30 - 10:45 p.m. Silence coordinated with our Meherazad Saba family in India (noon to 12:15 on 31st)


February ii, saturday, 8:00 p.m. ART IS AN ACT OF LOVE The 10 Circles Chart by Rano Gayley as discussed by Kennedy Mcintosh. Come ready to explore the sublime and the abstract aspects of this fascinating subject matter. February 18, saturday, 6:00 p.m. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. February 18, saturday, 8:00 p.m. PARALLELS IN THE TEACHINGS OF A VATARS JESUS CHRIST AND MEHER BABA Adele Wolkin and Billy Goodrum focus on the surviving "teachings" of these two manifestations of the Avatar. Open discussion. February 25, saturday, 8:00 p.m. HAPPY JOIST BIRTHDAY BELOVED MEHER BABA CELEBRATION. "JOY TO THE WORLD THE LORD IS COME!" This special event will be coordinated by Fred Stankus and Linda Zavala. Stay tuned to the Baba hotline for forth corning details.

MARCH 1995

March 4, saturday, 6:00 p.m. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. March 4, saturday, 8:00 p.m. THE HONEYMOON IS OVER.... Billy Goodrum leads this meeting on sustaining a long-term relationship with Baba. Topics discussed will be: commitment, focus and love. Come ready to share. March ii, saturday, 8:00 p.m. GOD ASMAN Come and share your views and information on this aspect of Meher Baba's dispensation in a round table discussion led by Richard Stermer.

Selections from Avatar Meher Baba's Birthday Messages 1952 Although Baba's physical condition was very weak on February l2, the day He came out of His Manonash seclusion, He called this day His "first real birthday" and He sent the following message to all His devotees: "Oh God, today being My first real birthday, My heart expresses that the Declaration of the 'Life' by Me was entirely Yours and by Your Will; because nothing happens save by Your Will. All My knowledge and My ignorance, all My strength and My weakness, all My freedom and My bondage are as You have desired and decreed. This Life Eternal will be lived by Me in conformity with Your Will and every word of the Declaration of the 'Life' will come to pass by Your Grace."

March 18, Saturday, 6:00 p.m.

FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

1960 Baba's birthday celebration, or "G-Day" (God-Day) as Eruch named it, was again observed on a magnificent scale throughout India. At Meherazad, however, the celebration was again intimate and quiet. At the hour of 5 a.m., Baba was seated at a table that was gaily decorated for the occasion and, as Mani wrote: "Before Him was piled, in the form of cables, telegrams, and a fascinating variety of greeting cards, the love of many Baba-hearts in the West and the East; while others had sent it silently. Baba had each cable and telegram read out, and looked at every card."

BABA'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE "The true lover is born only at that moment when He dies for God." At the request of His Bombay lovers, Baba sent the following Message to be read out at their gathering: "When one remains fully and completely resigned to the Divine Will of God, all service, sacrifice, solitude, seeking and surrenderance, merely symbolized one's love for God."

March 18, Saturday, 8:00 p.m.

LET'S CELEBRATE THE PERSIAN NEW YEAR Mehemoush will share the rich tradition of the Persian culture in this evening of glorification of GOD and new year. Poetry, music and presents for the children will make up this joyful, festi ve evening.

March 25, Saturday, 8:00 p.m.


March 31, Saturday, 8:00 p.m.

FAVORITE FILM NIGHT Charlie Morton, projectionist-walla and artist, surprises us with special films of the Avatar of the Age, Meher Baba.

(Birthday messages are excerptedfrom Love Alone Prevails, written by Kitty Davy. See the indexfor specific page numbers of quotes.)


February 23 cable from India


MEHER BABA: THE AWAKENER: An Interview With The Filmmaker How did this film come about? Back in August of 1989 I was looking for a project and I same Irwin Luck's film Avatar of the Age: The Human Side of God and I liked it. Although I though it was a little ahead of it's time, and perhaps not most appropriate as an introduction to Baba. So for five or six days after that I was toying with the idea of doing a documentary on Baba. This seemed like a perfect blending of my film interest and my interest in Baba. I decided to do a documentary for television, which I thought was the most appropriate medium. Number one, for an introduction to Baba and number two for audience. I wasn't thinking too much about where the money would come from at that stage. But a television audience these days being people who flip around randomly with their remote control-if someone doesn't watch the whole program at least they can get a glimpse of Baba or get some sort of information.

What happened next? The first person I contacted was Kitty at the Meher Center and she encouraged me to go ahead with the project. She put me in touch with Sheila Krynski who also really encouraged me. My original idea was for all the information in the documentary to come through interviews with Baba followers and Mandali. But after starting some of these interviews, that a lot of specific information about Baba's life wasn't coming through. And with the fact that funding wasn't rushing in towards me, I decided to rework the entire concept and go with a traditional narrator. In the final film you see a lot less than I originally hoped for. That was due to the fact that I didn't have much funds to work with.

likes to hear that stuff. I think Baba said it for a reason, even though we don't know exactly what He meant by it. Wh.... did He ~Iarify It for you? He never so much clarified it for me, but, I went to India in January of '92 and began working on the script shortly thereafter. It was an intense time in my life and I wasn't sure if the project was going to get done. There was really no money to proceed at that time so I really just needed to work on the screenplay; I really needed to get serious about it. I was just in a place where Baba's messages about threequarters of the world really hit home. It kind of inspired me, let's say, to hurry up and get this fIlm done now. You think about Baba saying that in the 50s and why would he say that in the 50s and have it be forgotten and not discussed in the 90s when things are very chaotic? In Baba's clarification's of that message, He reiterated that although He was speaking in his own language as well as ours, what He said will come to pass in exactly the way that He describes and we have to, I think, take Baba's word for it.

How did you decide what to put Into the plec.? Actually, I'm mo... Int.....t In what you declclecl not to put In.

Well, I tried to include what I thought were the most important aspects of Baba's life and message. And the part about the destruction of three-quarters of the world... I knew that a lot of people wouldn't be too happy that was there. But I felt that Baba clarified and re-clarified that statement so many times, and it did have a big impact on Baba followers at that time, in the 50s. Also, I felt it was one of Baba's important messages, even though nobody really


.......... .."..TIM'


In other words: Don't build a bomb shelter, but

be prepared for the world to change. Yes, in some way. I'm really optimistic about what is going to happen to the world. You know, I think Baba breaking His silence is going to be a necessary thing and obviously positive for the world. The two main things I wanted to get across in this documentary were: Baba's Avatarhood and Baba's silence. I thought His silence was really a mystery, and I think the Avatarhood is really the main element or the main importance for doing this project. I felt, "If Baba is really the Avatar, why are there so few people on the planet who know about him?" So those were the two issues that I wanted to address. And a lot of the things, like "The Book" (the missing book) is another story or element that some people felt didn't need to be in the project. But I felt it was interesting and was mysterious and it asked a question and it also had to do with Baba breaking of His silence so it was also included for that reason.

An, funn, anecdote? How was Dina Franklin?

he fully covered a whole sequence or a whole event, such as the seven tiles game or the footage of Baba bowing down to the poor. He would cover it from so many different angles that it would appear that the event was shot simultaneously from several angles. But actually he moved around. Mani' s footage I really liked to work with because she would shoot in little two- and three-second spurts turning the camera on and off really quickly and it created the effect of jump cuts which ironically are very hip and trendy now in commercials and music videos. So that footage really worked well. Sharmaine Duce's footage of the Center from 1956 is some of the nicest; and I actually think Anneece Hassen's footage of the East-West gathering is definitely some of the most beautiful footage of Baba. When can we see the film on television? It wil1 be aired by PBS sometime after April. It's been offered to POV and I'll probably know in January. POV is a high profile series of independently produced documentaries and I believe it's a fourteen week series. But I don't know if it will be accepted for that series. Danny McGuire at KTEH in San Jose is interested and wants to offer it regionally. There are several avenues so, hopefully, after April of 1~95 is will get shown. And it's being offered to a lot of festivals. Internationally also. You know what would be neat? If a CD-ROM were to be created from this fllm.

[She's the film's narrator and the LA Center Bookstore-walla.] Dina was actually one of the easiest people to work with on this project. Once I did have to ask her, "Please take it again from the top, this time with less feeling." The interview with the twins was shot in 30 minutes. We wanted to shoot out doors, but unfortunately there was all this construction going on. For most of the interview it wasn't very loud but as soon as we got into one discussion that really had to do with a special moment for the twins regarding Baba's presence, these helicopters swooped in so low that they had to literally shout about Baba's love over these helicopters. It was probably the best moment of the interview, but I couldn't use it because of the noise. It was like Baba was silent, but this interview is taking place where there was hammering and sawing and car sirens and low flying helicopters, and it was really funny. I wanted to mention some of the film's sources: Don Stevens, Mani Irani, Shannaine Duce, Anneece Hassen. The footage was really interesting to work A portion of the crowd gathered fOf the world premier of MEHER BABA: with because Don's style was such that The Awakener video, played SaturdaJ night and three showings on Suncl8J.


A SEED IS PLANTED: The Northeast Meher Baba Center On the 8th of October, 1994, a committee of Baba lovers met for the fourth time to discuss the possibility of creating a Northeast Meher Baba Center on the Dryden Farm in upstate New York. This meeting, like the others before it, was well attended with much support, enthusiasm, and focus expressed towards the commencement and unfolding of this project. These meetings sprang forth in part from the recent Northeast Gathering held this past June on the Dryden Farm. The powerful feeling of Baba's love seemed to reawaken a seed that has been long planted in the hearts of many who have come to Northeast Gatherings in the past, as well as many who have visited the farm over the years and felt Baba's strong presence there. The farm which lies in the historic Onesquethaw Creek Valley has long been a gathering place for Baba-followers, and has hosted such intimate close ones as Adi K. Irani, Bhau Kalchuri, Darwin and Jeanne Shaw, Jal and Dolly Dastur and Lyn Ott. It has been known throughout the years as a place where many Baba singers and musicians have lifted up their hearts in praise of the Beloved. The following is from Rick Dryden.

"As for the Northeast Meher Baba Center, it all began in the Fall of 1993 when Doug Stalker approached me about having the 1994 Northeast Gathering for Avatar Meher Baba on our farm as a special way of commemorating Baba's Centennial. Since we had made all the preparations to hold a gathering here once before (in 1985) it would be that much easier to accomplish this time. We had only one or two meetings when I was almost killed in a head on auto collision in March. Since I was incapacitated, plans to have the Gathering at the farm were nearly abandoned. But within a few days Doug and others decided that they could accomplish not only the Gathering, but some of the farming that had to be done to accommodate the gathering including fixing my hay wagons and getting in the hay from the fields. I can't tell you how many conferences I had from my hospital bed; but in the end everything was accomplished through loving, collective effort and Baba's grace. In addition, we all discovered how wonderful it can be to work together when Baba is the motivating ideal. Baba lovers came from all over the NortheastPennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York City, and northern New York State. Richard Leach, a first-class carpenter and Jacob Weintraub, our peerless, tree-climbing, ladder-scaling electrician, organized the many building and wiring projects while others lent their hands and hearts to do what had to be done. The kind of love and energy that results from

One view of t... propoMd site for t... Mort...... Center klr Meller . .bL 24

continued on page 26

he'Yfortll ast eenter' Vision ~'>b.r.No:~n~~_';"'·l··~t"'~


"'p' ro"'t"0:t"'ype"""....·0'fewCebantterl-s'.:.• ',?/(t t. found a . cu· II (5}ihpottiin~QfhistorY in i;"f that, in various forms, h been associ , '. tbesPiritual puisuii'is often o"erl~6ked. "with the fann for twenty years or mote: , ' , Evolution and involution are processes of f" The ~ortbeast Meber Baba Center, is.~ be integration fulfl1ling the soul's need to be whole rdedieated to Avatar Mebee Baba and will :" " consciously_ The study of historical cultures [provide a setting for the individual andi: often lends itself to [ediscovering or adopting , ' ;~collective e:x.pression of, "truth, love, pUrity, aspects of self that lire part of these twin "", •. and f?eauty in the world of forms'" T<>-v.:~,,; , s~ of development. For example, the that end ~twilL emphasi~thespiritual;;YllIues. ;;.... holistic world view of Native American cultures and teaC~itigs refleciii'~e!ife andw~1CS' 0(' •.... ,:' distingui~btletweenthe spiritual and the !\vaUU:¥~ber Baba. ",x,",l;f~iD~Se\ ciu..:-as a~ifestation o~ the Creator, . woods, by'streams, oratJheedg«fQ( ... ..... '. . "....., .is sacred and all things are related. will provide for silent" ~itation, stUdy;;~' TIiec,Shakers,·who .were prominent in the quietude: A lUger struct~\~ ; \ ' l Albany area, were ~ example of a spiritually ;':frame, could provide for,~ting singing; ':;. . fO£used communitywbose spiritual'path \a large structure will provide for meetings, emphasized celibacy, simplicity, and expressing ;: dancing. workshops, and multimedia "'0/ the Divine in one's daily labor. rpresentatioos. Trails and gardens will ~.. ... "4rt ,Ecologically, we have arrived at a time ~: added. Sleeping quar:u;~~tcben .and 'w~n ~Dsible citizenry requires adopting an facili~~Will also be l\v~!~le. Such" ,igellt and coIDpassionate rel~~i.onsbip to the Ul derm~,the re~t, ~~iIP~S~£ pirilUal ment incl~~,spersonal centet'aIK.lthetr con~ction;willpro Qrnfnunal. in non with environment manY'Q~~unities for Bab~lovers t .. h an emerg~ng sense of unity and .and play together.,);; 'ba.rt1l()0y with alLoflife•. But Baba discouragCd.His lovers from . i llbe overall Se~k is that the Baba ever becoming exclusive Or reclusive. aDd His community will serVe as an intelligent, loving life, His entire incarnation, was one of serving example to others as the New Humanity humanity.,Thus, the Center should also ~~ve,e~ges in the midsiof complex social and as part ofjts mission, community serv,i~J:The. ~liti~<;hange.a¢ competing i~s. The Xfarm wo~ld be idealfo( . uca~~al r. "">ti!mplativ~, <Jey?~ona1life must be wed to a 0'" ...




The hist6~cal and eCo ogical function.

incorporatetbe values andprincip!ei o~tdelier Baba's life and teachings and serve as avenues of understanding for people outside thCBaba community. it The farm is steeped in Native and col?Oial history. it also contain~ w' • its




.Mto the One in the many. 1.'Ile'Center on, , ....armeould serve.tbis purpose. The' primary purPose of the Center, however, will always be to provide a setting 'for spiritual renewal through individual, family, and group retreats devoted to the contemplation andpraise of the Beloved.

NORTHEAST, continued from page 24 this kind of collective effort is truly phenomenal. Then, quite suddenly in April, my father died. This ended his life estate interest in the farm and allowed my brother, who lives n Alaska, to liquidate his share of the property. Since I can't afford to buy my brother out, I either have to sell the whole fann or sell enough to raise his share. So it happened that at the Gathering, with Bhau there fresh from Meherana, I proposed that we consider forming a non-profit corporation and create a Baba Center as a way to raise the money. More than a third of those attending the Gathering attended the subsequent meeting called for this purpose. Forty individuals indicated support for the idea and said they would like to have a center on the fann. We are currently forming a non-profit organization and learning how to function as one. Five appraisals and market analyses have established the value of the fann at about $300,000. We need to raise about $130,000 to satisfy my brother's interest. This is our most decisive challenge and fundraising will begin in earnest in early 1995." Though this endeavor promises to be a complex and delicate task, the group has maintained a fluid sense of enthusiasm and balance as they worked in a spirit of service and love for the Beloved. Thus far, numerous meetings and conversations with lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, other Baba centers and people instrumental in such past endeavors have taken place. State government agencies and the IRS have been contacted for the necessary papers and preparations for non-profit status of the group. At this time we are reaching out to as many Baba lovers as possible who might be interested in this project. We need and want your help! We encourage your input and ideas! We invite you to join us in this exciting adventure in whatever way you feel moved to do so. Do you have know-how in establishing a nonprofit corporation?! Are you a whiz at creative finance?! ...or fundraising? Are you an expert at envelope stuffing?! Landscapinglbuilding skills? Do you just enjoy working with Baba friends? At this time our primary objectives are to achieve non-profit 26

status as a spiritual corporation and to simultaneously work on an agreement for the purchase of the land. Due to the passing of Rick Dryden's father last spring, the estate of the farm must be equitably settled between Rick and his brother Dan within the next few of months. The visions and possibilities for the center are still in nascent form and we encourage your feelings and ideas as we proceed to manifest this work for Baba. A Baba-follower on the present committee who was at the 1994 Northeast Gathering recently wrote... "standing in one of the beautiful high pastures, looking over the valley to the nearest mountain, one can feel Baba's majesty so strongly that it is hard to imagine that spot as anything but a place from which to practice calling His name and expanding our heart's capacity for His love..... Please join us on this challenge and leap of faith in Baba's love! Jai Meher Baba! P.S. We are hoping to have all the different areas of the Northeast represented on this project. Please feel welcome to contact someone in your area who is on the Steering Committee, or mail directly to the address above, if you have any ideas or questions you wish to express. THE COMMITIEE FOR THE NORTHEAST MEHER BABA CENTER 57 Dryden Lane, Feura Bush, NY 12067 STEERING COMMITIEE MEMBERS: Margaret Bernstein Rick & Nancy Dryden Don & Margaret Eucker Herb & Phyliss Fillmore David Cagan Ira Gross Rick Lawton Shimra Lane Wendy Lieberman Richard Leach Dick & Carol Mannis Craig & Louise Smith Doug & Patti Stalker Maxine Stein Jacob Weintraub

518-768-8315 518-768-2126 201-239-0965 914-338-6823 914-339-3407 718-832-1460 717-868-5409 201-868-6771 407-967-4435 914-687-4406 518-768-2126 516-676-1076 914-658-9501 914-626-2762 201-868-6771

CENTER REPORT, continuedfrom page 11

JOURNAL, continuedfrompage 13

hard work, love and patience-not to mention time! The film was previewed at the Center and has been distributed to the large donors as promised. It is currently for sale at the Center or directly from Tim. It is excellent and well worth purchasing. All funds raised from the sale are being used to repay loans and to further its distribution to television and other resources. Congratulation to those involved in the most successful Yard Sale, sponsored by the Center, ever. It raised $1400.00. Especially thanks 'to Adele Wollcin and Trish Shannon and to Karina Page's mom for her generous contribution of many of the items sold. Congratulations to our program director and the Hollywood Roosevelt Dance committee who organized, at short notice, a wonderful celebration which also raised $600.00. Special thanks to Ron Greenstein and David Miotke for sharing "the different types of lovers of God" the evening before the dance. Thank you to the band and singers Billy G., Mike c., George G., Debbie A., Tamara M., Maureen H., Jay "the motorbike man" and others. Congratulations again to our Silent Auction Dinner committee whose efforts raised over $6000.00. Special thanks again to Adele for her very generous donations of Baba artifacts which she has in possession. It is necessary to point out that the purchasers gave generously form their hearts, knowing full well that all the proceeds are used for Center needs. No individual profited financially in any way, as all workers are volunteers, frequently expending their own fmances for Center business. Thank you too, Rustom and Sohrab, the twins, for visiting us and sharing your experience with Baba with us. Your hearts shine with your stories divine and hilarious! Our Center caretaker, Rosalie Dunply deserves special mention. She has been present for just over 2 years and has become a great aid and aide to many board members, assisting in their day-to-day duties and responsibilities. She has welcomed many Baba lovers, both new and old, to the Center at many different times of the day or night. Always making them feel welcome and sharing Baba with them

Baba community for reflection and discussion of contemporary life issues in the light of the existence of Meher Baba. As such, I think it fulfills a unique place among Baba publications, as it is devoted almost exclusively to that purpose. Also, it is still and will continue to be a forum for mental health issues in the light of Meher Baba, but it is now clear that this doesn't mean anything technical or narrow, and these matters turn out to be of interest to all or most Baba lovers.

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An, other chang•• in .tor.? Well, we've already expanded our editorship to six of us located in different areas in the United States. And we also do have readers and writers from other countries. We will include Baba are work in our forthcoming issue and all future issues. Our forthcoming issue will also be our biggest to date. Since the beginning we have come out twice a year. I would like to see us become quarterly, but that will take a substantial number of new subscribers as well as more people writing articles. We are always encouraging people to submit their ideas and their writings. Perhaps we are on the threshold of a substantial push forward for JPS!, just as we often feel that we are on the threshold of Meher Baba's world wide manifestation. Those interested in a subscription to the Journal may inquire at: JPSI, P.O. Box 488, Cape Neddick, ME 03902; (207) 363-8074. IN SOME AGES MEN ARE MORE AcnVE, ENERGEnC AND MATERIAL·MINDED THAN WOMEN. IN OTHER AGES, THE REVERSE IS TRUE. IN THE PAST THE WOMEN OF THE EAST WHERE BRAVE AND INTELLECTUAL THEY CONSIDERED NO SACRIRCE TO GREATFOR THE HAPPINESSANDWELL·BEING OF THEIR HUSBANDS, AND THEIR SPIRITUAL HUMILITY EXTENDED TO LOOKING UPON THEIR HUSBAND AS GOD HIMSELF.IWOWIN THE EASTERN HEMISPHERE THE AVERAGE MAN HAS MORE SPIRITVAL INCLINAnON THAT THE AVER· AGE WOMAN, JUST AS IN THE WEST THE AVERAGE WOMAN OF TODAY HAS GREATER SPIRITUAL INCLINAnON THANTHE AVERAGE MAN. A MAN LIVING IN THE EAST IS DIFFERENT FROM A MAN LIVING IN THE WEST, AND A WOMAN LIVING IN THE EAST IS DIFFERENT FROM A WOMAN LIVING IN THE WEST. THE JOKE IS THAT IN COMPARISON WITH MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX. THE SAME SOUL SHOWS VARYING DEGREES OFSUPERIORITY, INFERIORITY OR EQUALITY WITH REGARD TO SPIRITUAL OR MA TERIAL MA TTERS, DEPENDING ON THE CYCLE OF EXISTENCE, THE SEX OF ITS BODY AND THE EARTHL Y SPHERE IN WHICH IT TAKES AN INCARNA· nON. AVATAR MEHER BABA



by Norma Neunzig

I am the caretaker of a very small Saba Center in upstate New York. Recently I've felt that Saba wants me to share the story of this Center with others that they may be inspired to help me. A LSLP subscriber suggested I write, and that you might help me get the word out. When I met my husband, in his heart was the desire to create a Center in Saba's name. There was much land around him, but for some reason the lady who owned it refused to sell any to him. So for the fIrst year of our marriage we borrowed a small spot for our camper from a friend. One day when we were driving down our hill, we saw our neighbor walking along. "Let's offer him a lift," I suggested. Only a minute in the car, he asked, "Would you like to buy some landT' You could have knocked us over with a feather! He offered us a forty-acre piece for an extremely low price. The money to buy it was given to us as a gift shortly after. Originaly a small farm, the land had lain fallow for over 60 years. We frrst began working to clear the land of debris, a project which took several years. The land has been dedicated as a sanctuary and no hunting is permitted; No chemicals have been applied to any of the gardens. When my husband and I separated, the land was given to me, and I began collecting hardy perennials suitable to it's zone 3 climate. The gardens are starting to look quite impressive and many of the trails are cleared for strolling. It is beautiful property, but what makes it aBaba Center is the feeling of His loving presence, a healing energy to all who visit. You can feel it as soon as you step on to the land. That energy came to the property one night, several years ago. I had a vision of the property as it would be ten years from now, small cabins, trails, gardens, a small library, a gathering place for meditation, music, or lesson, all surrounded by a radiant white light. It will be a place to accommodate the many ways people commune with God and seek to develop the inner awareness of Him. This Center would follow the rules set out by Baba for the Myrtle Beach Center, and be run in a similar fashion. Saba has "told" me that He will send helpers in time and that in ten years, when the need for Baba Centers will be much greater than it is now, the property will be ready. Perhaps hearing this, others will be inspired to give their own properties over to Saba's work. I know that by writing this, I am obeying Baba's request to share my part in His work. Thank you very much. UPDATE: Currently I am working very hard on the grounds. Baba-folJowers are invited to come and help/stay. There is a small cabin on the property for any who might want to fInish it. This property is much like the Dryden farm in spirit, only much more rustic and less suited for a large gathering. Jai Baba! Norma Neunzig, HC 83 Box 261 B, Davenport, NY 13750

A CENTER IN THE CENTER OF NEW YORK DEAR FRIEND IN BABA, On Meher Baba's trip to America in 1932, He was the guest of Phillip and Leticia Stokes at their home at 88 Grove Street in New York City. Many of you have seen the recently rediscovered newsreel video of Baba in the garden of the Stokes house. The Grove Street house is the ftrst place in America where Baba gave darshan to the general public. Over the years, many Baba lovers were welcomed into the home by Mrs. Stokes and were able to spend time in Baba' s room. Ownership of the house remained in the family until Leticia's death, when it was transferred to St. Vincent's Hospital in accordance with Phillip Stokes' will. Now, for the ftrst time since Baba stayed there, it. will be put up either for sale or rent, pending the resolution of a legal dispute involving St. Vincent's. The Stokes house is located in an historic landmark district in Greenwich Village. Built in 1827, it is a three-story structure which actually comprises two buildings with an extensive private garden in the back. A group of interested Baba lovers has formed The Grove Street Committee to explore the possibility of acquiring this property for use as a permanent center for Baba work. Thus far, our discussions concerning the development and use of the property include: • complete restoration of the house, with particular attention given to the room where Baba stayed • installation of a Baba library and reading room open to the public • a retreat for out-of-town visitors • designated areas for quietude and meditation • a center for weekly Baba meetings as well as larger special celebrations • a base for various charitable and community service activities Avatar Meher Baba gave the following message while at the Stokes house: "America has tremendous energy. but most of this energy is misdirected. I intend to divert it into spiritual and creative channels.... My work and aims are intensely practical. It is not practical to overemphasize the material at the cost ofthe spiritual. It is not practical to have spirihal ideals without putting

them into practice. To realize the ideal in daily life, to give beautiful and adequateform to the living spirit, to make brotherhood afact, not merely a theory as at present-this is being practical in the tnest sense ofthe word. " Taking Baba's words to heart, it is our goal to establish a center open to all, dedicated to His remembrance and devoted to serving others. The property has not yet been priced, but we do know that its real estate tax base is $2.2 million. With the understanding that this project far exceeds the scope of anything we've previously considered, the Committee has determined to go ahead a step at a time and leave the results to Baba. Our rust task is to gauge the level of interest and support in the Baba community for this project. Our goal, again, is to establish a permanent home for Meher Baba House in the heart of New York City, at a place sanctified by His presence. A home that will serve as focus for Baba activities in the area, as well as a center for the worldwide Baba community. A home that will provide a base for sharing Baba's name and for bringing His message of love and truth more fully into our lives through community service. The committee's immediate financial goal is to raise the entire purchase price of the property, making the monthly carrying costs for maintenance manageable. Therefore, while any size contribution is welcome, we are requesting pledges of $250 and over. If you are interested in contributing, please check off one of the boxes below. Note that we are seeking only pledges at this time; please do not send money. If you would like to support this project, or want more information, please send your name, address, phone and a note about the kind of support you would like to contribute: time, energy or money. Because your pledges will determine how we proceed with this project, we ask that you do not pledge more than you can afford to give. We ~e asking not only for pledges, but also for your Ideas and contributions of time and energy. Finally, since timing may be critical, we ask you to return your responses promptly. Thank you for your consideration and support. In His Love, The Grove Street Committee 15 Suominen Lane, Ulster Park. NY 12487

INVITATION TO A JOURNEY MEHER MOUNT is on the threshold of a journey into a new future. We are standing at an open doorway and considering thoughtfully which directions to choose. We invite you to join us in defining and making these choices. Some have expressed concern that the direction or vision is not more clearly defined at this time. In fact, so much progress has already been achieved! Since its beginning in 1989, Meher Mount Corporation has focused on seeing that Agnes had adequate care, on establishing a means of preserving Meher Mount as a place dedicated to Meher Baba, and on the building of a new house - a new home for Baba. Improvements to the water system have also been made including fire hydrant lines and ftltration to remove most of the sulfur odor for the domestic supply. Progress has been made toward defining our mission as well. We have had a number of discussions and surveys already, and from these (and past uses) several things are clear. Most people have expressed a desire for day and overnight "retreat" visitation for individuals and groups, meetings and special events with a focus on Meher Baba, and human service programs (especially those involving youths). Clearly, the desired uses are subject to limitations from zoning and so forth, which we are cur-

~--足 ~


by Bing Hecknwn

rently reviewing in detail. We also intend to make sure that each step that we take has adequate support and can be well managed. Our new facilities are now functional and can support a broad range of programs; please let us know if you would like to plan an event! Now, on this new threshold between what has been done and all that might yet be done, we are feeling that this is the time to define our most essential, most elemental vision. Would you like to contribute to this exploration? Your involvement will provide a broader base of perspective and will add to our collective wisdom. What would underlie your enthusiastic participation in our future? (It is relevant to note that the etymology of the word enthusiasm is "ftlled with God"). We ask not only what we might do or not do, but also why. For example, one might honestly suggest that we should preserve the land because Baba visited there and said he loved Meher Mount very much. One might feel that we should have human service programs because Agni dedicated herself and the land to such things or one can enjoy wonderful inspiration there, etc. But we want to make choices that are not based on "shoulds;" such a motivation would probably not be very sustaining. The intent is to arrive at our deepest, most honest motivations (related to Meher Mount or other interests). Couples are drawn to invest in a committed relationship through many kinds of motivations; some through physical attraction, some through personal needs, some through feeling connected with their partner; probably most through a combination of countless factors. Any beginning can lead to a deep and lasting relationship, provided there is a sense of shared hopes, aspirations, and deeper basic values. Dedication and effort become galvanized when we fmd mutual support in those deeper driving forces. These are the forces that are sustaining. Meher Mount has the allure of physical loveliness, and many of us appreciate Baba's love for and connec-

tion to the property. Certainly these are things which should be honored and nurtured. But how do we get to the driving forces beneath what is apparent on the surface? How do we get to the vitally significant? What are our underlying hopes, aspirations and real driving forces? Below are some hopes that have been expressed by those involved with Meher Mount. • To seek, sense, and serve God's pleasure; • To help us hold God as our constant companion by working in community to reflect His love through service; • To serve God in individuals, which may lead to better seeing God in individuals and in all things; • To build community with reverence for life; • To foster a more fmely tuned use of our talents and resources for living more fully within our best sense of God's plan for us; • To nurture the seed that Agnes planted; • To connect spirit, self, and earth; • To help people, particularly youths, (and including ourselves) affinn values, increase sensitivities, or develop undeveloped areas of themselves; • To supplement secular education systems/programs with spiritual and holistic perspectives and provide programs in important areas that are under-served; • To invigorate the warrior spirit, tempered by wisdom, for meeting the challenges presented by Maya's masterful illusion. It may be that the forces that drive us are as or more important than the things that we say or do and, thus, are an important foundation and focus. The activities, events, or programs that we sponsor may, in fact, merely be symptoms of such forces. The following statement by Baba may be related to this notion: "let your life itself be my message of love and truth." What are your hopes, aspirations, and interests that tap your enthusiasm (related to Meher Mount or otherwise)? Would you like to participate in a meeting to discuss such interests? Please let us know. Thank you for your input. In Baba's love, Meher Mount Corporation Please return your expressions to: MEHER MOUN[ CORPORATION 9902 Sulphur Mountain Road, Ojai, CA 93023

Thank you, Baba! Thank you, Agnes! by Gigi Dmssen

Thanksgiving was near perfect at Meher Mount. The view from the meeting hall was spectacular; one could see all the way to the ocean. The hall had been transformed into a formal dining room including candles and flowers for a sit-down dinner for seventy guests who where brought together through Saba, Agnes or just because. They came from near and far! San Francisco to San Diego. Each had a say as to what they were thankful for. Many were thankful for the spirit and t0getherness we were sharing. After a sumptuous feast, we took a walk to Saba Tree, taking the same path He took. It was magical. The panoramic views were clearer than ever. After going back and having Dessert, the sun came down on Meher Mount in the most vivid colors ever seen. This is when I realized what Meher Mount is and the vision Agnes had for it. She wanted a center that was open for all, not exclusive to Saba lovers. Saba is there in pictures, books, spirit, etc. If one wants to pursue it, and there was an interest from some of the at least 30 non Saba lovers, they can follow up, but it is a wonderful retreat for all! Now the work is just beginning for Meher Mount. This is the time that everyone can have a voice for future uses. Funds and work is needed to build it into a major center for all! What a great challenge and opportunity for all! Jai Saba! 00 NOT PROPAGA TE WHAT YOU DO NOT FEEL WHAT YOUR HEART SAYS AND WHAT YOUR CONSCIENCE DICTATES ABOUT ME, POUR OUT WITHOUT HESITAnON. BE UN"N~ FUL OF WHETHER YOU ARE RIDICULED OR ACCEPTED IN POURING OUT YOUR HEART FOR ME, OR AGAINST ME, TO OTHERS. IF YOU TAKE BABA AS GOO, SAY SO; 00 NOT HESITA TE. IF YOU THINK BABA IS THE DEVIL, SA Y IT. 00 NOT BE AFRAID. I AM EVERYTHING THAT YOU TAKE ME TO BE, ANDI AMALSO BEYOND EVERYTHING. IF YOUR CONSCIENCE SAYS THATBABA IS THE AVATAR, SAYIT EVEN IF YOU ARE STONED FOR IT. BUT IF YOU FEEL THAT HE IS NOT, THEN SAY THAT YOU FEEL BABA IS NOT THE AVATAR. OFMYSELF I SA Y AGAIN AND AGAIN, 'I AM THE ANCIENT ONE - THE HIGHEST OF THE HIGH.' AVATAR MEHER BABA


REALITY COFFEE by Rob little

a) Place your perceptual filter (and everything else, as well) into Meher Baba's cupped hands. b) On a daily basis, gently grind yourself into dust-like powder. (Use espresso setting of grinder.)

c) Wait patiently for Baba to pour His Divine Love (Holy Water) through your dust-like self. d) Wake up and smell the Reality Coffee! e) Begin serving immediately. 32

On November 27,1957, Avatar Meher Baba had a meeting with His mandali from Meherabad and Meherazad to give Hisfinal decision regarding the East & West Sahavas. On December 1st Mani writes: Baba wants me to report the main points discussed at the meeting during which Hany Kenmore was also present. Baba said: "I am very pleased with Hany, both with his love for Me and his skill as a doctor. He knows his job 100%, and he has helped in My work by helping My body to extent he has. He has done his best with satisfactory results. But the condition in the hip-joint is very bad, and he knows as 1 have said all along that 1 will not be able to walk about again as before. He says, and 1 know, that if he had come some months before 1 would be walking about normally now. But that was not ordained. My accident is no "accident", and it all comes to one thing: What 1 wanted has happened, and what 1 want will happen. The continuous pain was a distraction to My work, hence the coming of Hany Kenmore who has helped greatly. He has adjusted My body to structural balance and 1 am now able to stand erect in good posture for the first time since the accident. To hold this structural balance, he has advised great care for about a year and utmost precautions while giving darshan and Sahavas. There should be no strain to My body and 1 must avoid fatigue and refrain from movements causing exertion such as handing prasad to large numbers as 1 do during darshans, or being garlanded and embraced by them. 1 have agreed to follow this during the darshans 1 will give in Poona & Bombay in December and thereafter. "I tell Hany that as long as he is here and attending to Me 1 will do what he says, and in his absence will try to cany out his instructions. But 1 cannot promise to cany them out fully because 1 have work to do. He has satisfactorily attended to his business and 1 have to attend to Mine. 1 have taken on this body for humanity's sake, and during the year 1 have to use My body for the work 1 have to do in My love for humanity. Therefore 1 must not take care of it to the extent of letting it interfere in My work. On the other hand 1 must take enough care so that it stands up to the strain of work that lies ahead of Me."

Annarosa Karrasch and Society Go To Him In 1966 Dr. Harry Kenmore and Annarosa Karrasch founded the Society for Avatar Meher Baba in New York City. In 1963 Annarosa met and joined Dr. Kenmore and assisted him in presenting numerous public celebrations in praise ofMeher Baba. Below is a memorial of her passing. On the opposite page is an excerpt written by Meher Baba's sister, Mani, regarding Dr. Kenmore's efforts and advice for sustaining Baba's health. DEAR FRIENDS IN MEHER BABA: We write to inform you of the passing of Annarosa Karrasch, who served as Chairman of the Society for Avatar Meher Baba over many long years of energetic Society for Avatar Meher Baba activity devoted to Beloved Baba's cause. After valiantly struggling for many months with deteriorating health, Annarosa was hospitalized with a stroke on August 10th, then steadily waned in strength over the following week. On Thursday, 18th August, at 10:30 p.m., she passed gently away, her fmal day having been one of great peacefulness. For those of you who knew her well, we wish to inform you that all of her affairs are being lovingly looked after by her son and daughter-in-law, Larry and Rita. In a letter faxed to her son on August 20th from all the close Meherazad family in India, Baba's sister, Mani Irani, wrote:

"Annarosa was and always will be Beloved Avatar Meher Baba 'so All her suffering and problems are now merged

in His Ocean, and only her staunch love for Meher Baba shines forth brightly in hearts of us all who knew her intimately, and she is remembered with great love and affection. " It is the desire of Annarosa's immediate family and the members of the Society that all those who wish to remember Annarosa in some special way should feel encouraged to make a contribution, in loving memory of her singular devotion to her Beloved, to the Avatar Meher Baba Trust in India, or to the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. -. We also wish to inform you that, with Annarosa's passing, the offices of the Society for Avatar Meher Baba in New York will no longer be active. For a time, should you wish to contact us, you may reach us by addressing a note to P.O. Box 1161, New York, New York 10023. We are very mindful of the heart-felt support given by so many of you over the years in contribution to Beloved Baba's work here in New Yorkand trust that the Beloved of all Beloveds will continue to shower His blessings on you in your abiding loyalty to his Eternal Message of Love and Truth. AVATAR MEHER BABA Kl JAI! In His Love, The New York Members of the Society for Avatar Meher Baba

INNER, continuedfrompage 15 nary consciousness. Instead of fixing my eyes on the diversity of good and bad (with strong accents of tolerance) Baba, in His grace, granted glimpses through eyes of love and suddenly all eyes reflected Baba's eyes. (In His love, He has granted me so many opportunities to say His name, and there is a miracle in the mere utterance of His name. Again I have learned and often practice the total difference be-

tween concern and worry. I remain often concerned but much worry is absent and my closer feeling to His Love and Truth has grown.) With God-given energy, the opportunity for service has been granted throughout my life in Baba. The burning up of desires and longings cleanses us to receive His "wine" in an ongoing way until the cup is overflowing. The Inner Contact, the way to Baba, must be the way of the heart, balanced by a mind that bows to the heart. 33

BOOKSTORE HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to the Bookstore. It is October '94 as I am writing this, and I must apologize to all of you who had been waiting for orders in September and October: they were very late in getting out to you. I was getting somewhat overwhelmed with events in my own life, and would feel a guilty surge as I stepped over the partially filled orders that lay for weeks. On September 24th my daughter got married, and 2 weeks later my sister died. Then there was the new catalogue to compose... you should all have it before you get this edition of the LampPost. I do hope you enjoy it, and find it a help' in choosing just what you would like to buy. It was bulk mailed, the same way we send the LampPost out, and it was sent to everyone on our mailing list. If, perchance, some of you dear readers have not received the brand new flfSt edition of the Catalog of the Bookstore of the Los Angeles Baba Center yet, please call either myself at 310-8376419 evenings 'only, or Rosalie at the Center at 310474-9454. Did you know that the Bookstore now has a fax machine? It is operational 24 hours-a-day and the number is 31O-839-BABA (2222), So you can fax your orders in if it is more convenient for you. This will be a very short column this month as we are leaving for India in two days, and have not begun to get ready! The calendars have arrived (see the ad on page 37), so if, at this late stage you still do not have your 34

by Dina Strow Franklin

beautiful Baba calendar,let me know. We do have extras this year, so after you've seen your friend's and know you really must have it, call me. $7.00. If you would like to order one of the Awakener videos by Tim Thelan, (see the article on page 22-23) please write to him for your copy. Its such a shame we have to reproduce the fabulous art work by Wodin in black and white (above). He does the original art work in pastels and these are the photos we have for sale. A catalogue of the artist's work is available, with small but full colour reproductions and, in some cases, the originals are still available. If you are interested in seeing more than we have displayed here, call Steve Jameson at 803-272-3820. So many of you have been asking about Volume VI of the Lord Meher series. We finally have info in it (see the article on page 18). For reasons there explained the Bookstore will not be handling it, so write to MANifestation for your copy. Just as Christina was about to go to press, a new audio tape arrived-Relentless Love-by Jim Meyer. No time/space to review it here so if you don't know Jim Meyer's musical reputation you'll have to wait until the next LampPost to read all about it For those of you·who know of whom I speak, suffice to say Jim's new tape is out... come get it! l5 fabulous songe on an extended tape, for $12. ' See you, at the Booksto~re. \ The. . .re good qu.llty ....vy metel, with "Meher "be" e",r.ved on the top line .nd "Don't Worry . . Heppy" Oft the bottom. (The. . .re IHIlllke the Ofte. of • few ye.r•• with r.IHd pelnted let. te,. thet quickly f.ded!) Of COUrH, you heve to tet your JIJI!Illlcen.. S10eech. YOUNMEi




DNTWORY BHAPPP UNME Ri AHURA(this one on a Mazda)





BABA ART FOR SALE Ed Hanagan, who created these soft, plush carpet wall hangings, claims that they convey Baba's presence as powerfully as a photo, or even more so, and I'm inclined to agree. I fIrst saw Ed's work at the fust Northeast Gathering, and I was stunned because, unknown to me, he had copied the design from a silkscreen card of Baba that I had made. The colors are vibrantturquoise, blue, orange, yellow, and some red in the garland. It would be nice for a child's room. It measures about 28"x 35" and is framed with wooden strips at the sides. The other carpet, showing Baba's head and upper body, has softer, more subtle colors-light blue and beige tones. This is about the same size, only wider. This work is owned by Bob Holdt, whom many Baba Lovers know as the man who wrote the song "The Ocean of Love." (See the announcement on page xx if you wish to send him a message of support.) I would like to sell both of these works to help Bob, who has been diagnosed with a very serious cancer. People can contact me at (617) 4240030 (Boston) during the day or (617) 628-9032 evenings and weekends. Jai Baba! Kendra Crossen


At the start of the New Life, Meher Baba had all His belongings and properties sold or given away. The one exception was His Tomb, which He said He could not dispose of because it belonged to the whole world! The preservation of Baba's Tomb and the many charitable activities which flow from this place of world pilgrimage, are overseen by the Avatar Meher Baba Trust. This Perpetual Trust was established by Meher Baba Himself. It is a special part of His Work which He allows all of us to share in! Baba's only requirement is that love-donations be given freely from the heart. All who wish to participate may contact our trust-walla for further information or to make-a love-donation: Lynne Barry, 267 Hanover Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Please make checks payable to: FRIENDS OF THE MEHER BABA TRUST. THANKSGIVING AND NEW YEAR FOOD-DRIVE

The LA Center will participate again this year with the Seedling Emergency Food Pantry. The main focus will be two major food drive events: Thanksgiving and the New Year. A ten dollar donation will provide a week's food supply for a family offour from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. If you would like to participate, there is a deposit box at the Center for your donation or you can send a check or money order to: The Seedling, 6314 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90003; (213) 753-1524. SENDING SUPPORT AND LOVE

Baba Holdt will be in El Paso, TX for cancer treatment at: c/o Warren, 4748 North Mesa, El Paso, TX 79912. Any messages of support will be helpful to him, as will any financial assistance. BEAUTIFUL SOULS IN UGLY CAGES

God-willing, by the time you read this news Cedric Williams will be a free man-as of early December, 1994. He plans to leave Louisiana. I hop to be in touch wit him so if you want to write or call him, please stay in touch with me. I am happy to say about $950 was raised to help him in his new life. Thank you all for your heartfelt compassion. Regarding Paul Armand: as of January, I will have



written to an inmate advocacy group to garner help and have written to the governor of Louisiana regarding a reprieve. If you are interested in participating in these efforts, please write: Linda zavala, 195 So Oak Ave., Pasadena, CA 91107; (818) 795-8322.


Congratulations to Jacko Caraco and Becky Wightman who were married on November 29, 1994. They will be living in Los Angeles. Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!



Rustom went to court on the appointed date and, due to a computer error, was not on the docket. The case has been rescheduled for January 6.

Seclusion Hill is a treasure left to us from the life of the GodMan. Beloved Avatar Meher Baba stayed on the Hill in seclusion for several days at a time on many occasions over the years. In 1947, Baba had two cabins built on the Hill, one in which He did His Universal Woqc, and one in which for Him to rest. In 1951, returning to Meherazad at the end of the New Life phase, Baba remained atop Seclusion Hill for a number of days. After this, Baba had the cabins taken down and reassembled at Meherazad for completing His Man-o-nash work. The slopes of Seclusion Hill have been blessed with His footsteps on numerous occasions. In 1955 Baba Himself led groups of Sahavasees up the Hill and told them of its importance, for now and for posterity, when thousands will come to the Hill because of the Universal Work Baba did there in seclusion. It is only natural that Baba-Iovers, especially children, like to take souvenir stones from the Hill. But the mandali ask all to please be aware of the long-tenn effect of carrying away stones. They request that, if prompted, pilgrims take only one small pebble as a sacred memento, and help preserve Beloved Baba's Hill at Meherazad. Meherazad Mandali, August, 1994


Internet surfers, join the Meher Baba L1STSERV today to receive up-to-date information including meetings, activities and announcements. To sign up, send an E-mail message to: and in the subject field put "Subscribe." A number of Baba followers are expanding the infonnation available about Meher Baba to include lists of groups, books and publications related to Baba, movie clips, sound files and digitized pictures of Baba and any other material Baba followers may wish to submit. Help get it going by submitting information. A questionnaire for submitting specific infonnation about your group (event and program schedules, services, produc~, etc.) is available from Mark Hodges, 611 Hardendorf Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307; (404) 3782847 or via Internet by requesting file MBONLQ at address To post online copies of newsletters or other files contact Joseph Stewart via Internet at or at 53 Potter Ave, Orchard Park, NY 14127; (716) 662-5473 or (716) 851-1511. (Copyrighted material cannot be submitted without proper permission.) MEHER BASA B.C. Haim Narain Singh's newsletter from British Co-路 lumbia announced a celebration of Avatar Meher Baba's Centenary on February of this past year (has it really been that long?). The event was inaugurated by the mayor of Singh's town, Karnloops. The mayor presented a donation to the city hospital for this sick and suffering and a donation of books by and about Baba to the regional district library system, saying, "I hope these books will help the seekers of real knowledge in our community." Mr. Singh met Meher Baba in 1959-60 while in India.


After years of faithful and diligent service coordinating the audio cassette lending library, the unflappable Larry Fletcher is making way for others to have the opportunity. "After 10 years I've decided it's time to let someone else take over. Jai Baba!" Thank you very much, Larry, for orchestrating this invaluable service. If anyone is interested in picking up the tape, as it were, please contact the Center at the number on page 2. CORRECTIONS AND OVERSIGHTS

In the last issue of the LampPost we neglected to include Janet Luck and Chuck Mays in the contributors list on page 2. Thank you for your contributions-Chuck for his indefatigable typing of LampPost articles, and Janet for her work on the "Mehera Quilt" and the article about it.



$%. w.,#'



1995 CALENDAR is now available. It's filled with


19 beautiful photographs of Meher Baba, lots of His heart inspiring messages, and it also lists many of the important dates in His Advent (although every day :;~

, I-~






was important). All year long, this calendar will help you remember Meher Baba in your

daily activities. It's great for Christmas gifts too. Get your calendars today! PRICE EACH: $7.00 THERE ARE STILL SOME LEFT!

Here are the answers to the crossword clues which appeared in the last issue of the LampPost. Due to space limitations, the next puzzle will be in the April~une issue.


State of the Art Yard Sale by Trish Shannon A yard sale is a perfect way to raise money for the center, because it fulfills so many needs: it gives Baba-followers an excellent way to clean out and recycle their excess material possessions for a good cause; it gives the center an outlet to the public; and it gives the bargain-hunting public a way to buy quality items at very low prices. Besides, it's fun to do some elaborate bargaining. We are particularly blessed to have a high volume location at Adele's place on Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach. Donations were plentiful this year and the sale was very successful financially, thanks to the cooperative efforts of all those who volunteered, and of course, a nod from Baba. We especially have to thank Karina Page and her mother for their ample gifts, including a fabulous collection of jazz albums, and the generosity of Margaret and Sam Irvin. Without them, our sale would not have been such a success. Many people assisted, chief credit going to the tireless Adele Wolkin, Michael Ramsden, Rose Choi, and Mehernoush the Salespeople, Bob Dearborn the Mover, Diana Goodheart and Nasreen Ajang the Sorters, Rosalee the Clown and Donna Sanders the Treasurer. Cathy Broadley from Mission Viejo, Kennedy, Tamara, Patty, Nancy, Lois and many others stopped by to help, donate generously and shop. I think I have become the unofficial Yard Sale Cashier already, and that's because it's the one event a year in which I think I can contribute the most to the Center in a short time. This is my third year at the sale, and I'd say we're getting better at it. I know we made one customer real happyan older lady who purchased a set of exquisite Royal Doulton dinner dishes for a song! (Okay, I'm sure Baba was behind that little oversight...) I guess a little bit more organization would really improve our style, so I've included some suggestions to follow. We hope to see a few more Garage Sale aficionados help out, particularly for the sorting before next year's sale. We also need people who can spot and adequately price your treasures.


Fifth Annual AMBCSC Dinner and Auction a Success by Margaret Magnus More than 50 Baba Lovers gathered at the home of John and Karina Page in Los Angeles to eat, chat and bid on items in the silent and live auctions benefiting the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California. The Saturday, October 29th event featured a catered Italian dinner, many wonderful auction items and the ever-popular auction team of Bobby Mononash (Jeff Maguire) and Ed McMaya (Fred Stankus). The successful event raised almost $6,000 to support the center's operations and contribute to the permanent site fund. Supporters bid on items ranging form personal services (such as an herbal and acupuncture treatment from Bob Street and Jack Caraco, chiropractic treatments and massages from Drs. Ramsden, a facial by Lynn Berry and car detailing by John Page), household items (such as a worm box built by David McNeely and tableware) to clothing and jewelry (such as Indian silver earrings, hand-painted vintage clothing by Virginia Hughes, L.A. Eyeworks designer sunglasses, scarves, a bath basket from Lynn Maguire, and

Auctl_.,. Fred Stankus (I) and"." Magulre . .t a pat on the

shoulder for a nllht of good .ntertalnment and fast IIIcfc1ng.

Hollywood Roosevelt D8nce by Billy Goodrllm

LoI..._ . III .nd ct•• Sucoff ov..... w the door prize .nd registration dutl•• at the most successful auction fundrals., r.t.

semi-precious stone necklaces and saris imported by Karina Page). Entertainment and events included gift certificates from The Cheesecake Factory, a wine dinner given by Sam Ervin and Margaret Magnus, an afternoon sail and lunch from Clea Sucoff and Bruce Peterson, an afternoon hike with Georgeann Erskine, a movie and dinner discussion with the Maguires, Lakers tickets donated by Fred Stankus, a signed script by Jeff Maguire. . The best is always saved for last. As in all preVIOUS years, the most aggressive bidding was for items related to Meher Baba and His Mandali. A popular item was a photographic portrait of Eruch telling one of his famous Mandali Hall stories. Linda Zavala donated another popular photograph from Myrtle Beach. In addition, there was a signed copy of Tim Thelan's new movie about Baba. David McNeely imported materials for the Meherabad Walking Stick. Barbara McReynolds added a vial of sawdust which was mixed with the ice used to surround Baba's Body when He lay in the Tomb immediately after He dropped His Body. Adele Wolkin lovingly dipped into her own treasure trivia and donated a Baba photo signed by Baba along with other photographs bles ed and touched by Baba. Her handmade sachets of flowers from Baba's Tomb added just the right touch. The committee-Karina Page, Margaret Magnus, Diana Goodheart, Pat Griffin and Clea Sucoff-thanks all those who donated items and helped make a successful event.

The night of Saturday October first found many members of our Los Angeles Baba family dancing the night away at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The big bash was held in one of the Roosevelt's lovely ballrooms that was made even more beautiful ~ith large pictures of Baba around the room, pink: linens and roses on the tables, a delicious "New Life" cake and all the party-goors dressed up in their finest. The atmosphere was especially charged know~ng that our Beloved Avatar Meher Baba had stayed In the Hotel on his third visit to Los Angeles in 1956. The evening begin with our guest host Jay Dittersdorf. who had come all the way from EI Paso Texas for the event,-introducing himself and the band for the evening: The Ju-Ju-Kawali-All-StarBaba Swing Band (Billy Goodrum on keyboard, Michael Campagna on guitar, Michael Barsimonto on drums and Roger Capps on bass). The band started swinging and the guests hit the dance floor. The night featured many special guest performers that perfonned with the band. Maureen Hazard Tamara Mark and Debra Ashe all treated the c;owd to their beautiful singing. David Miyaki and Ron Greenstein our special guests who had come down from San Francisco for the event each had a special treat for us. Ron played the guitar and sang us one of his favorites and David, with his accordion and singing treated us to a wonderful set of Cole Porter songs. The evening had other special treats: Jeff Mcguire gave a talk on Baba's visits to Hollywood. Several door prizes were given away and the grand raffle prize. one nights stay in the room Baba stayed in on his visit to the Roosevelt, was won by Bob Street. And of course the evening included the now famous L.A. Baba groups boogie-till-you-can'tboogie-no-more conga line led by Will David (among others) during some of the bands hotter numbers. The dance was put together by a committee cochaired by Debra Ashe and Billy Goodrum and included Tamara Mark, Glenn Russ, Rosalee Dunphy. Chanji and Lois Jones. Thanks to all who donated time and energy and to Mehrnoush and Nasnn for donating the beautiful flowers and Lois Jones for the delicious cake. The event was a successful fundraiser for the center and next year may be combined with the auction for one LARGE fundraiser dinner-dance.

CENTER REPORT, continuedfrom page 27 when requested. She has sold many books, taken numerous calls day and night, suffered crank calls, grumpy Baba lovers, night prowlers, tramps, a leaky roof, burst pipes. She has stamped, stuffed and mailed many a mailing, put up with Board, Sahavas, programs, planning, mailing committees and parties, put up with Baba lovers who just don't want to leave the Center and those who criticize her efforts. She has filled in for programs, leaders, performers, and speakers, all who forgot, canceled or postponed their program and still smiles through it... Thank you. And now we welcome the new Board for 1995/6: Clea Succoff, Richard, Wendy Ward, Billy Goodrum, Lois Jones, Adele Wolkin, Dina Franklin, Donna Sanders and Michael Ramsden. They have already met with their retiring counterpart to begin the hand-over process and will be meeting for a weekend working retreat in time to plan the 1995 budget and the year's priorities and calendar. The working retreat will be preceded by a meeting of the short/long range planning committee that will advise the Board on the year's goals and plans for 1996 and beyond. All the outgoing Board Members have committed to be part of the process and to maintain a working position on each new Director's committee, greatly aiding the new Board. A word to those retiring (but not quite) Board members. Thank you for your love, commitment, time, energy and sacrifice these last 2 years. The Cen-

AVATAR MEHER BABA CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, Callfomla 90025

ter has greatly benefited from your efforts. Part of the labor phase of the New Life it most certainly is. We all had heartache, self effacement, headache, fun, friendship, laughter and love while Baba worked on us together. Thank you Debbie, Glen, Bobby, Mehrnoush, Rocky, Mahmoud and Pris and Chris for your efforts too. Spreading His message of love and truth-How does the Center do that? It began life as a bookstore and meeting place. As a bookstore it makes available to all the printed word of Baba's message, to both new and established Baba lovers. As a meeting place it provides a central focus where He can draw His new and old lovers for His purpose. Both new and old lovers are drawn to hear anew or again His message of Love and truth. Drawing lovers together to communion, actions such as a dance, an auction, a Sahavas, helping serve others of any denomination in need, without thought of reward except to please Him. Providing film, video and audio tapes for lovers everywhere from our library and providing a safe storage for the future for our early treasured artifacts-film, video, audio tapes, letters, books, photos, records, paintings, etc.-so that those who are yet to come may share in His message of love and truth just as we have done. Finally to work in His cause to plan, administrate and labor for Him so that all the above can happen to please Him to await Him to work on us. The Love Street LampPost is one of these jewels that helps many learn of Baba-keep in contact, share His love and Truth. And so we labor. Come and join us. There is much to do and much to lose before the pearl is found.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Post•••

PA I D Redondo Beach, CA Pennlt No. 198







,+, IIJl

Amartithi, Sahavases, a community'sJournal, and something funny!



Beloved God, help us all to love you more and more, and more and more, and still yet more, until we become worthy of union with You. And help us all to hold fast to Meher Baba's daman, until the very end.

FROM THE EDITOR We have already begun the next hundred years. Time flows in creation, and the memory of Meher Baba's lOath centenary celebration is over a year old! Oh Baba, may we always remember you, throughout time and circumstance, and ever unwind our way closer to you. "No sacrifice is too big to set man free from spiritual bondage and help him to inherit the Truth which alone shall bring abiding peace to all, and which alone will sustain an unassailable sense of universal fellowhood, cemented by the ungrudging love ofall, for all, as expressions of the same reality. ", Life's deadlines stand in queue on to the horizon, and, as time tumbles on, instead of forgetting ourselves sometimes we forget others! It has been suggested that, because the LampPost represents an historical context, all articles should be required to have a byline-the point being that historians will be keenly interested in this information. For the same reason an equally compelling case can be made for there being no bylines, since the LampPost is for and about Meher Baba and, truly, it is He who makes it all happen-the point being that we demonstrate our values by how we thwart our ego's attachment to accomplishment, and that this is the greater statement to history. Caught in this philosophic dilemma, I honorably wriggle free by relinquishing all responsibility. Writers may tag their names to submissions or not; if there's no name on an article, none goes in the LampPost; if a writer requests or refuses a byline, so it will be. From this exercise comes another quandary. Some see the LampPost purposefully as a tool for written acknowledgment of the work and contribution of others-from bylines to open thanks. Since this publication relies so heavily on its contributors and critics, even I'd be hard pressed to remove all aspects of acknowledgment. But how can we appropriately acknowledge giving, charity-that generosity which springs from the desire to please Meher Baba, given up to Him? By identifying an individual and evaluating their qualities or efforts publicly, do we inadvertently shift our gaze from Baba? Isn't it fully because of Him that there is giving; and isn't He the only measure beside which all other

giving has meaning? As history attests, soon enough plaques, medals and titles will be conferred to distinguish those who gave "more," as often as praise or recriminations will be bestowed on those whose opinions are either politically correct or not. "Every thought, feeling or action which springs from the idea of exclusive or separate existence binds. All experiences-great or small-and all aspirations-good or bad-create a load of impressions and nourish the sense of the "/." The only experience which makes for the slimming down of the ego is the experience of love, and the only aspiration which makes for the alleviation of separateness is the longing to become one with the Beloved. "* We are all His, each belonging to Him. Rather than finding differences among ourselves-reproaching or praising-perhaps we can "let go" of that which we believe we are doing for Baba, be it the thought, the word or the deed. Contributions made, words written or work done in His name really are our opportunity-to give them and their consequence to Baba, remembering and acknowledging His absolutely and continuously selfless service and His love for all of us. "Let not a single moment ofyour time waste away without singing praises of the Lord." TUKARAM Toward that end, this is an i ue of gatherings in Meher Baba's name. Reports of Babafollowers' celebrations of Amartithi (page 4), Baba's birthday (page 6), the Youth Sahavas (page 14), the upcoming L.A. Sahavas (page 9) and Meher Mount (page 7) only begin to indicate the diversity and range of opportunities Baba has given to remember Him. In addition, there is an envelope attached for you to use in order for us to continue to send you the LampPost. A full explanation is on page 22, but basically we are verifying our distribution philosophy. The cost of an infinite number of free subscriptions is prohibitive for the L.A. Baba Center. We're not asking for money (but we'll certainly accept all your heart can give), just a return stamp to let us know you want to receive the LampPost. Read and love God. Jai Baba!

Christina M. Riley

t Discourses.

Volume III. pp. 103路4; "ibid, Volume II. p. 69.

The opinions expressed in this editorial do not represent the Center or its board. The board serves the constituency and the constituency represents itself in letters to the editor. The board and the editor readers to write to the UmpPost. 2

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In 1954, Meher Baba sent out a circular letter in Hindi through Bhau Kalchuri in response to His lovers'expressed concern 'over the dropping of His body, as He had mentioned in the Final Declaration, given at Meherabad on 30 September 1954. The letter, originally in Hindi. was translated into English by Dr. CD, Deshmukh . ..

Dear Lovers, After Avatar Meher Baba returned to Satara from Meherabad, there was a heavy rush of letters and telegrams here until the 7th of October, and all of them were given replies of assurances yesterday evening. Yesterday at 7 p.m. Baba gave up the Alphabetboard and since that moment, all the doors through which external relations were maintained with Baba, have also been closed. Your letters filled to the brim with deep love were received in the right time and were read out to Baba. In reply to them all, Baba said: "There is no reasQI) at all for any of you to worry. Baba was, Baba is and Baba will also be eternally existent. Severance of external relations does not mean the termination of internal connection. The external contacts had been maintained till now. The time has now come for being bound in the chain of internal connections. Hence. external contact is no longer necessary. It is possible to establish the internal link by obeying Baba's orders. I give you all My blessings for strengthening these internal links. "I am always with you and I am not away from you. I was, am, and will remain eternally with you and it is for promoting this realization that I have severed external contact. This will enable all persons to realize Truth by being bound to each other with internal links. "Oh My lovers! I love you all. It is only because of My Love for My creation that I have descended on Earth. Let not your hearts be torn asunder by My declarations concerning the dropping of My body. On the contrary, accept My Divine Will cheerfully. You can never escape from Me. Even if you try to escape from Me, it is not possible to get rid of Me. Therefore, have courage and be brave. "If you thus lose your hearts. how will it be possible for you to fulfill the great task which I have entrusted to you? Be brave and spread My Message of Love far and wide to all quarters, in order to fulfill My Divine Will. Let the words 'Baba-Baba' come forth from every nook and corner of the world and from the mouth of every child, and let their ignorance be reduced to ashes by the burning flame of My Love. "Come together in order to fulfill My Will by taking your stand on Truth, Love and Honesty, and be worthy of participating in My Task. I give you all My Blessings for spreading My Message of Love." AVATAR MEHER BABA,

8 October 1954, Satara


AMARTITHI REMEMBERED Not even in our dreams did we have an inkling that we would be going for a Sahavas on the I t of February 1969. This last Sahavas was the first one in which no previous intimation had been given by Meher Baba or the Mandali (lovers staying with Baba). It was unjque in many other respects also. Some friends told u that the All India Radio had announced the passing away of Avatar Meher Baba that morning. The news could not be believed until we heard the same announcement on the radio at 10:55 a.m. on the I t. "It must be a mistake," "It just couldn't be," were some of the remarks pas ed by Baba lovers. One said "Let us go to Ahmednagar and confirm." The suggestion was unanimou Iy accepted. All dashed to their homes for an extra pair of clothes and then to the station to catch the 12 noon train for Bombay. We reached Bombay after a trip offive hours that seemed like five day. We rang up Nariman Dadachanji. His ervant replied, "No one is at home as all have gone to Ahmednagar for Meher Baba s funeral."




'Round the clock, pilgrims stand In line, sometimes for more than eight hours, to enter Meher Baba's Tomb for a few moments and offer their gift of love remembered. Days and days of flowers and gar路 lands given to Baba cover to overflowing the marble slab under which his body rests, and fill the air with an unforgettable fragrance.


Excerptedfrom Meher Baba's Last Sahavas, by Dr. H. P. Bharucha, 1969

As In previous years, buses from all over India arrive days before Amartlthl bringing hundreds of volunteers who help organize and manage the flood of pilgrims comming to share the events of Amartithi. January 31 st marks the anniversary of Meher Baba's passing from being physically present with his lovers. It has become a time of celebration and remem路 brance of Baba's unlimited and universal Divine Love for all, shared by those who would love and obey him.

From a di tance the white walls of the Tomb could be seen. We did not wait to loosen our shoe laces but just knocked off our hoe and went in after kneeling at the threshold. What a sight awaited us! How can words express what we aw and felt at that time. We could hear Eruch \ Je awala aying "Why have you come so late?" We did not ee him nor did we try, for our eyes were glued on a ight we had never contemplated before. Down in the crypt was Beloved Baba lying motion Ie ,covered with a pink heet and ro e round Hi head and on Hi body. Only Baba' face down to his ears could be een. The rest of the body was covered. Gone were Hi heavenly welcoming mile, Hi nod. Hi gesture, His loving look, His fast moving eye, His rapid finger movements, His loving tender pat, His encompassing embrace. Hi bewitching ki s, Hi wit, Hi face radiatingjoy, Hi kind care and attention and gone wa His usual love pouring. Only those who have had the felicity of being embraced by Baba can understand the extraordinary feeling of happiness it brought to be there enfolded in love.




On Saturday, the 1st of February, the shocking news spread the world over. It was unbelievable. Some lovers wondered, "Had there been a mistake?" If it was a shock for Baba's Mandali, how intense would be its impact on others who were far away. The sudden news was like a strong blow that literally stunned all. Many telegrams and phone calls were sent to Adi but unfortunately, replies were greatly delayed. The small telegraph office at Ahmednagar was busy only with Babatraffic. Those who heard the dreadful news and were destined to come for His final darshan, left their homes immediately. Their love brought them to Baba. They needed no miracles to keep their faith whole and unswerving. Many came without official leave, many without clothes or cash. Only on arrival at Meherabad did they realize that their brush or soap or shaving set or some such thing had been forgotten.




At Meherabad, the trustees of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust had to wrack their brains to make arrangements for the thousands who were flocking in every day. A makeshift awning-a white cloth

PHOTOS BY FLINT MEDNICK Amidst throngs of Easternen and Westerners alike, Dr. Goher (center) and the rest of Baba's remaining mandall attend the public Amartlthl gathering at the top of the Samadhl hili. Their loving embraces fill pilgrims with the longing to always keep God uppennost In thoughts, words and actions.

stretched over bamboo poles-was erected in front of the Tomb which served to gi ve a Ii ttle shade from the scorching sun. No food was available at first. To get a cup of tea or a biscuit, one would have to go six miles to Ahmednagar by transport -which was far from regular. Chhagan came to the rescue of all by getting vegetable Pulav (rice with vegetables) cooked on Sunday, 2nd February at Ahmednagar and brought to Meherabad. It was really a blessing for most lovers who had been living only on water and His love. On the 6th of February he got puris and a vegetable cooked which was served to all. Luckily, a small canteen sprang up at lower Meherabad which provided tea and snacks for those who could pay for them. The hall at lower Meherabad was filled by lovers to bursting point. There was hardly an inch of space to walk on the verandahs around the hall. Not caring for the cold weather, many had baths with cold water in the early hours of the morning. Many had nothing to lie on nor cover themselves with at night. Padri was on his toes trying to provide bedding to the lovers from his meager supplies. Thousands of pilgrims of all ages and walks of life gathered to share prayers, make music and sing songs In praise of their Beloved on this 26th Amartlthl. More and more come each year to bow down at his Tomb on this day. The festivities culminate at 12 noon on the 31st with 15-mlnutes of silence.

continued on page 23 5




THIS YEAR the Beloved's Birthday Party, hosted by the Lo Angeles group, wa held again at the Interfaith Center of Occidental College in Eagle Rock, a suburb of L.A. Attended by more than 120 people, the party had an Indian theme. There were Indian appetizers, refreshments and two delicious cakes donated by Sufi friends of the L.A. group-David and Sheila Overton, owners of the restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory.

Mehmoush Lomlan.. rt performs an Irani dance for aaba's pleasure on his birthday.

great good fortune (thank their lucky anskaras) to each have known Baba personally. The focus of her talk, shared in a sisterly way, was the memory of the Beloved's Compassion. The minutes flew by as she recounted the atmosphere of love and beauty at Meher Center and Guruprasad... and of truth and it's revelation for each one personally. It is moments uch a the e that we hunger for, when we are able to share through another "the incredible weetness of Baba's embrace" which somehow gave her the feeling of being touched by flower petals... magic moments, when we are able to feel so close to our Beloved. She related how, after years of longing to meet Baba the time finally came in 1952. She was just 18. After being with Baba in per on she soon realized that she really didn't know anything about the spiritual path. Now she became aware something new was happening; the inner voice of intuition was speaking to her more insistently and thi guidance came from Baba. The Ma ter had set her life on a new path. Another shared moment involved Leatrice's memory of finding herself walking directly behind Baba with no one between them. She became uddenly aware of His immense power, the power of the GodMan-He was truly God in human form. She poke of the sudden hock this recognition brought. The e and other lovely stories were shared and received. Wonderfully inspired "torch songs" were sung by chanteuse Maureen Hazard accompanied by saxophonist Glenn Taylor-special

The lovely room donated to us by the College helped to create an intimate family feeling among tho e pre ent and many hours were spent by volunteer to create an atmosphere that would invite Baba's presence. The air was charged with the scent of tubero e echoing the aroma of Baba's Samadhi. There is no lack of artistic talent among the L.A. Baba-lovers ... all eager to share their time and gifts in loving celebration of the Ancient One' birth. The Gujerati arti was sung with musical accompaniment by Chris and Pris Haffenden. The 101 Names of God-a japa comprised of many languages was led by Fred Stankusfollowed by dance, song, instrumental music and ghazals written by Hafiz. The centerpiece of the event however, wa a wonderful talk, graciously given by Leatrice, daughter of Darwin and Jean Shaw.Their family had the Musicians and performers 6

by Mario and Linda Zavala

sing songs of love and praise to the aeloved.

gue t artists from Santa Barbara-heaping their talents on the fire of love. From San Diego, Prem Makeig and from Arizona, Fayre Davis together sang one ofPrem's original ongs. Richard Stermer sang one of his own compositions accompanied on piano by hi 'mother Joyce Stermer. Hi ong, 'I Dreamed 1 Saw the Face of God" had the pathos of one who long to be with God. Young Steve Sadono played elegantly on piano pieces by Kathy Collins and J.S. Bach. Dressed in festive golden yellow, Rosalie Dunphy performed a beautiful dance. And then ... we got rhythm, with Deborah Ashe and The Om Boys-Michael Campagna, Billy Goodrum and Scott Breadman with Maureen and Glenn joining in. When it came to "O'Baba" and "Baba Bagawan" the audience erupted into aBaba conga circling the hall over and over. Well, we couldn't end the celebration without seeing.Baba's lovely form on film-not just in our minds. We got our wish thank to Adele Wolkin generously sharing her own print of the rare film of Baba taken at the Delmonico Hotel in New York, 1956. Watching Baba throwing those grapes to the audience-we could only fanta ize. Finally it wa time for "Begin the Beguine"... Maureen led u on the piano a we all ang together. Well Baba, we hope you were pleased by our efforts and had a few laughs, too.


What's Up at Meher Mount? by GiGi Driessen

Meher Mount is a wonderful retreat for all. You can be a vital part of the direction and continued operation of this major Meher Baba property. You are cordially invited to the next board meeting on Saturday, April 15 at 2:00 p.m. There will also be an Easter celebration at 1:00 a.m. on Sunday April 16. Bring your family, friends, etc. and goodies to share. There will be many future functions and festivities at Meher Mount, including Silence Day celebrations,

a big celebration of the 40th anni-

versary of Meher Baba's visit to Meher Mountthis will be held on August 2, 1996--and many more events. Service is stressed by Meher Baba. What better way to serve HIM than on one of his Centers? If you would like to be contacted regarding periodic work parties (duties include fire clearing, planting new gardens, building maintenance, etc.) call: Los Angeles area: Fred Stankus or GiGi Driessen @ 213-257-8371: San

Guest speaker Leatrice Johnston shares memories of her lifetime within a family dedicated to loving and obeying Avatar Meher Baba.

Diego area: Scott or Anne Makeig @ 619-436-

7155; Santa Barbara area: Jim Whitson @ 805682-3292; San Francisco area: Peter Ravazza @ 510-769-1839. Leave your name and number

with the appropriate community relations person and they'll contact you when there are work parties. If you want to spend a weekend working at Meher Mount call 805-640-0000, there's always a need. If you want to be on the mailing list please send your name and address to: Meher Mount, 9902 Sulphur Mountain Road, Ojai, CA 93023 and please contact any of the

above people if you would like to be involved in the planning and implementation of any events. 7

CENTER REPORT THANK YOU AGAIN to the members who returned their ballots and overwhelmingly approved the 1995 Budget and the 1995 Center plans. Your new 1995 Board is grateful for your confidence. The interim plan for a new Center is in early, but in full swing. The nominating committee elected for 1995 is as follows: Bobby Dearborn, Mahmoud Ajang, Fred Stankus, Mehrnoush Lorkalantari and Glenn Russ. (Tamara Mark withdrew due to pressures of work.) The recommendations of the 1993/94 Long Range Planning Committee are slowly being implemented. There will be several ballot measures to vote on by the next A.G.M. concerning nominating committee tenns, membership qualifications and several others. This work is in the capable hands of Clea Succoff. The entire 1995 Calendar for this year's Center Activities is almost complete, and will be available at the Center by the time this goes to print. There are many innovative programs occurring this year. If you have requests for particular types of programs, then please contact Billy Goodrum. We will be planning for 1996 soon. The Long Range goal for purchasing a new Center by mid- to late1997 is in the capable hands of Sam and Margaret. The immediate needs for Center fundraising is in the very capable hands of Wendy Ward. She has already started to even-out cash flow through the year. Richard Stermer has taken control of the Center Fixed Assets and is currently forming the Archive Committee, and re-establishing audio, video and book library activities. Lois Jones has returned to the Board where her prior experience as Director and Past President has already been of great assistance. She is in charge of Service activity this year. Adele Wolken has also returned to the Board where her prior experience and knowledge of members is most helpful in the key role of Personnel Director. She will be help8

by Michael Ramsden

ing to coordinate volunteer assistance for workers and jobs at our Center in our Beloved's Cause. There are two key positions that the Board is seeking to fill this year in preparation for a future position on the Board itself. The first is as Assistant Treasurer to work with our Director of Finance, Donna Sanders-to learn the new budgeting and bookkeeping procedures. This will remain a key position for many years to come, and will be regarded as a prerequisite for assuming the Finance Director role in the future. The second position concerns two areas with a common need. The common need is that of mailings-both bulk and normal. A worker is needed to prepare the mail to go to the bulk mail office and help package bookstore catalogue sales for regular mailing. These activities involve working primarily with Clea Succoff, Dina Franklin and Wendy Ward. Bulk mailing dates are known, except for emergency/urgent matters, and can be planned for well in advance. Parcel packaging can also be planned on a weekly basis. The Long Range Planning Committee met on February 4 and discussed in particular the future site for the annual Silence Day Sahavas. After two hours of lengthy discussion it was concluded and recommended to the Board that the Avatar Meher Baba Center of So. California maintain its Sahavas in Southern California and not consider moving to Meherana at this time. The Board accepted this recommendation. Your Board is looking forward to our year of change in the hope that our Beloved will be well pleased. Jai Baba. Your 1995/96 Board of Directors RUM', ON THE WORTH OF THE MASTER'S C'RCl.E AND FOl.l.OWERS


JOIN US AT THE 21 sl L.A. SAHAVAS COME PARTICIPATE in our Beloved's Sahavas, July 1 through 4, at Pilgrim Pine Camp in Oak Glen, California. We are plea ed to welcome special gue t peaker Merwan Mehta and Ella Marks, and gue t musician Buz Connor. MERWAN MEHTA grew up in Ahmednagar with Baba's presence all around him. His parents were both ardent Baba lovers. In fact, at hi birth, Meher Baba sent word that he hould be named "Merwan." He and hi wife, Rukshana currently reside in Misouri where Merwan erves a Di rector and Vice Pre ident of Finale International Tool, Inc. Merwan looks forward to joining us and sharing memories of hi chjldhood, and much more. ELLA MARKS

learned about Baba through her lifelong teacher and mentor, Margaret Craske. She first met Baba in Myrtle Beach in 1952. Ella later married her hu band, Peter, an Episcopal minister. Together, they worked at a mission in the inner city where Ella started a school of dance for the neighborhood children. Much of Ella's professional Ii fe has been spent workjng with children who have been abused, uffered terminal illne e or have truggled with emotional pain. Baba' love has been a force in her marriage, in the live .~ of her four children, and in her work.



has been writing devotional songs to Meher Baba since

by Lois Jones

1971 when he fir t began following Baba. Buz ha performed on a number of recordings and recently relea ed a 010 tape titled The Glory of Love. Buz and his wife, Wendy Haynes, are currently workjng on the memoir of Elizabeth Patterson who, along with Norina Matchabelli, by Baba' direction, founded the Meher Spiritual Center at Myrtle Beach. One of Buz's favorite aClivitie i serving as an organizer of the Youth Sahava each summer there. Buz is employed at a non-profit agency in Hampton, Virginia which i dedicated to youth development, and includes drug treatment and prevention. Everyone who attends helps to make the L.A. Sahavas the special event it has become. Talks and concert by our gue ts, the Children's Talent Show Work hops, the Meher Miniatures Forum, the Toddy Shop and the Dhuni are just a few of the activities that make the Sahavas memorable and so much fun. We hope you can join u ! If you have not received a registration form, call David McNeely at (213) 258-9887, and he'll end you one. " out to me and say, "Baba Baba, Baba.""

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai


"How do I participate in the Sahavas? I bow down to Myself, I embrace Myself. It is I who smile, who weep; it is Baba who sits here on the dais seaT and it is Baba who squats on the ground in the tent. Baba meets 'Saba ': Baba consoles 'Saba, ' pets 'Baba, ' chides 'Saba. ' It is all Saba, Saba, Baba. Such is My experience ofparticipation. at the Sahavas. " AVATAR MEHER BABA 9

Northeast Meher Baba Center Update THE COMMITIEE for the Northeast Meher Baba Center has been actively working towards its mission of purchasing the larger percentage of land presently known as the Dryden Farm, located in the picturesque foothills of the Catskill mountains in the small town of Feura Bush, New York. Since the last report in the LampPost, the Committee has met three times and will have met for a fourth time by the time you read this. These meetings, held alternately at the farm and at the home of Two views of the pond sl"lng within more than one hundred Baba-Iovers who live closer acres of land proposed for the NorthEast Baba Center: during summer (above), during winter (below). to New York City (thus providing more of a central location for many of the committee approximately 110-120 acres of the farm subject members who travel from various geographic to a professional survey of the land. At the locations throughout the Northeast), have February II th meeting, we agreed upon the continued to be well attended and received with general boundaries between what will remain the great enthusiasm. Dryden's' property and what will become the Presently, we are working on completing the site for the Center. The proposed plan, in charter of incorporation and by-laws in order to addition to the construction of cabins and a obtain non-profit status which we plan to meeting hall and dining area, is to eventually achieve before continuing with major fund raising projects. We have also established the construct a pond large enough for communal swimming and recreational purposes. There will purchase price of $100,000 to acquire be a clau e in our purchasing agreement that will allow for shared use between parties of some of the land and facilities. In April, as a required measure by the town of New Scotland in order for us to be granted permission to go ahead with the Center, we will begin to decide upon the locations and structure of the buildings to be constructed. Questions and further information can be obtained by contacting the committee people for the area in which you may have a particular interest or concern. 10



Herb Fillmore (914-338-6823) ~nd • Rick Dryden (518-7682126)

The author, who is fond of Bal Natu's books, Conversations and More Conversations, here shares one of his own peculiar experiences which will be published 'soon' as,'



Doug Stalker (91 4-658-9501)

A Burning Question


Margaret Bernstein (518-768-8315) and Phyliss Fillmore (914-338-6823)

In my usual sour mood I was eating breakfast,


having just popped 2 slices of whole wheat

Patti Stalker (914-658-950 I) and _Wendy Liebennan (407967-4435)

bread in the toaster, when you appeared looking

'4 -,_.' '~~_,

over my shoulder. I was awestruck and ·:·if·-,:"':. _.


l1¥ngfe' (914:338:682 David Cagan (914-3393407) TREASURERS:

Dick and Carol Mannis (518-768-2733)

spellbound and a little abashed as well as most amazed! You seemed to be fascinated with the toaster.


Margaret Bernstein (5 L8-768-8315) LEGALITIES:

Craig Smith (516-676-1076)

"Can this be of interest to one such as you?" I thought. "Why not?" you replied. "00 I not toast


those who come to Me. And what would you get

Don and Margaret Eucker (201-239-0965)

if you took the 't' from toaster and added 'Zor'?"


Rick Dryden (518-768-2126) &

Meekly, I had to agree with you. "But why do you


burn your lovers?, " I offered humbly.


Craig and Louise Smith (516-676-1076)

Please note that written inquiries should be made to: The Committee for the Northeast Meher Baba Center, 57 Dryden Lane #1, Feura Bush, NY, 12067 (cha~ge{Jfrom last issue)., Thank you in your interest in the Northeast Meher Daba Center. Please tune in for our next update in May! Jai Baba!!!!! hi.


You gave me a fiery look that was beyond time and space, yet was whimsical and kindly. "Am I not the sun? And doesn't the sun emit intense heat, because that is its nature? It's up to you to protect yourself as best you can from being burnt-by using the best sunblock. Of course, you might enjoy the process of getting burnt to a crisp, " you said with a hint of

The following is a tentative schedule of events to be


held at the farm this spring and summer.

The profundity of your words almost caused me ~:

Northeast Center Committee meeting, 2 p.m.

MAY: possible visit from Dara and Amrit (TBA). ??1: Committee meeting (date and location TBA). JUNE 3 - 4: Northeast Gathering work weekend. JULY 1 - 3: Northeast Gathering work weekend. AUGUST 4 • 6: Northeast Gathering! *

(* will also include a committee meeting, TBA)

to drop my body right there and then! When I opened my eyes you were gone! Were you really here or was I dreaming? The smoke from the burnt toast caught my attention. 11


Progr.". suggestions? 'nterested in presenting a program, artwo,* or music? Ca" 8111y Goodnlm at (2131 466-8233. For directions to any of the events call the number noted, or ca" the 8aba Center at (3101 474-9454.

April 1, Saturday 6:00 p.m.

April 15, Saturday 8 p.m.



This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

April 1, Saturday 7:30 p.m.

WELCOME RECEPTION Come and welcome Amrit and Dara to Los Angeles. Our dear friends from India will be here to share their stories and Love of Meher Baba.



Sunday 4 p.m.

POTLUCK TEA WITH DARA AND AMRIT Come for tea and talk at Mary and Michael Ramsden's home in Long Beach. Special music by Chris Haffenden and Billy Goodrum. Call 310-430-8873 for directions.

April 4, Tuesday 4 p.m.

April 22, Saturday 8 p.m.

MULTICULTURALISM AND THE NEW HUMANITY Harry Thomas, our former Center-walla, has recently returned from the East Coast where he earned a Masters Degree in Multicultural Relations. Tonight he will share his knowledge and how it relates to Meher Baba's writings, particula.-ly on the New Humanity.


April 29, Saturday 8 p.m.

Come for tea with Dara and Amrit as they continue to share their wonderful stories of the Beloved.


April 5, Wednesday 10 a.m.


Come and feast your eyes on films of the ever-radiant physical form of the Avatar. Hosted by Charlie Morton.

May 6, Saturday 6 p.m.


Pat Griffin leads us on a tour of the special places that Beloved Baba stayed or visited during his trips to Hollywood. Come walk in the footsteps of the Avatar. To make reservations call Pat at 818-309-9006.

This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

April 7, Friday 8 p.m. Meher Baba's nephew Dara, and Dara's wife Amrit, who came to know Baba at a very early point in her life, continue to share their experiences of life in the Beloved's physical presence. Musical guest Tim Thelen.

Meher Baba loved poetry and often quoted from his favorites Rumi, Hafiz and Kabir. Tonight Marc Brutus will be reading and discussing some of these poets' work as well as from Bhauji. Francis Brabazon, Homer and others. Please bring a poem that you would like to share. Musical guest Michael Campanga.

April 8, Saturday 1 - 6 p.m.

May 13, Saturday 8 p.m.



Come and welcome Spring with a party and potluck with Dara and Amrit at Becky and Jacko's home in the beautiful Los Feliz Hills. Today is the day the winners ofthe amazing India/Myrtle BeachlBookstore sweepstakes will be drawn. Don't miss this fun-filled afternoon and the last opportunity to visit with Dara and Amrit before they depart Los Angeles.

"To be with a Perfect Master for one moment is equal to a hundred years of prayer with all one's heart and soul" (Hafiz). May 10 marks the 43rd anniversary of our dear Adele Wolkin's first meeting with Meher Baba. Tonight she will reflect on this extraordinary time in her life. Coordinated by musical guest Billy Goodrum.

April 8, Saturday 8 p.m.

May 20, Saturday 6 p.m.


CENTER OPEN Video viewing downstairs and quiet time upstairs.

April 15, Saturday 6 p.m.

FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING Further discussions of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

Make your plans now to attend the SILENCE DAY SAHAVAS In Julylll 12

John Stout will share with us how he uses Baba's Discourses in his work as a hypnotherapisl. How we can do our part to release some of our ego as the Master guides us toward freedom from our self-created bindings and opening to his Love and Forgiveness.

[see the arlicle on page 9]

May 6, Saturday 8 p.m.


FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

May 20, Saturday 8 p.m.

GLORY TO LOVE, BELOVED AND BELOVED BECOME ONE May 20 is the day Mehera-Baba's "very breath"-dropped her body to be with her Beloved eternally. Tonight's program will be an expression of love and joy through word and music. Hosted by Tamara Mark and Debra Ashe.

May 26-29

June 17, Saturday 8 p.m.



Make your plans to attend now. (Especially if you want Hotel Reservations!)

Experience fellowship, food, conversation, revelation and inspiration in this fun-filled evening of focusing on Avatar Meher Baba.

May 27, Saturday 8 p.m.


June 24, Saturday 8 p.m.

Didn't go to Meherana? Come to film night at the Center.


June 2, Friday 4 p.m.

How fortunate we are to live in an age in which the Avatar's physical fonn has been preserved on film for us all to see. JAI BABA!

COME WELCOME BHAU II Welcome to our dear brother Bhau Kalchuri back to his very favorite Lunatic Asylum. Tea at Becky and Jacko Caraco's home.

June 3, Saturday 7:30 p.m.

BHAU'S HERE!! Bhau Kalchuri returns to wann our hearts, soothe our souls and tickle our funny bones with his stories and Love of Meher Baba. Hosted by Michael Ramsden.

June 4, Sunday 1 - 6 p.m.

THE BELOYED'S DIYINE GAME Becky and Jacko's BBQ, Pool and Potluck Party for Bhauji!

Children's Perfonnance---4:30 p.m. (contact Debra Ashe at 818-799-2864) Talk-5 p.m., Hosted by Jeff Maguire

June 6, Tuesday 4 p.m.

GOD IS EVER PRESENT Come for tea and talk with Bhau at Becky and Jacko's.

June 7, Wednesday 2 - 4 p. m.

TEA BY THE SEA Come and enjoy tea and talk with Bhauji at the Ajang's home overlooking the Pacific. For directions call 310-5442878.

June 8, Thursday 4 p.m.

TEA AT BECKY AND JACKO'S Bhau continues to share his beautiful and inspiring stories of his life with Meher Baba.

June 9, Friday 7:30 p.m. 100% Come and hear Bhau explain to us why and how we will move closer and closer to giving Baba 100% of our Love, Devotion and Obedience. Hosted by Billy Goodrum.

June 10, Saturday 7:30 p.m.

THE INEXHAUSTABLE TREASURE OF GOD'S BEAUTY Bhau gives a public talk. This will be Bhau's last talk before he departs Los Angeles. Don't miss it. Hosted by Jeff Maguire and Fred Stankus. Location to be announced.

June 17, Saturday 8 p.m.

FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING An evening of discussion of Meher Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

TO DEAR MANSARI WITH LOVE Tile Single Tune I am an instrument of One string; One note is it's ever sounding melody; One and The Same Soul is singing its tune; One Perfect Artist is it's Eternal Singer. Eternal is that Sound, As it sings the Innermost Secret of the Hidden heart! Sweeter than all songs of Love, As it has only One Lover And its Lover is One Love. Purer than any crystalline cane, As it can never be disturbed, Quieter than any known stillness As it has to be discovered where no mortals seek. The never ending joy of that One Tune is a wonder. It opens the Beauty never faced or known before. Unknown, yet familiar and dear It takes your heart into Ecstasy, It makes you close your eyes In search of the seat of that mystery! It reverses your steps From the outward into the inward It makes you bewildered and still. In stillness of death for the mortals In stillness of Bliss for the immortals! Still is the heart of the Single Tune! Still is the Harmony of Oneness. From Nadine Tolstoy Southburry, Connecticut America, 1932

[Mansari had suffered a series of heart attacks near Amartithi-time. We send our love and prayers that she may get well soon.] 13

THE YOUTH SAHAVAS: An Inner Perspective IN JULY ] 994, nearly ninety teens gathered at Meher Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the fourth annual Youth Sahavas. Basked in the heat of the Southern ummer sun as well as in the warmth of love showered by the most Beloved One, the youngsters, who came from virtually every part of the country, enjoyed a full week of fun, friends and, of course, focus on Meher Baba! Anyone fortunate enough to participate can attest that this is a very special time with Baba and enthusiastically looks forward to this Sahavas all year. Amazingly, only a few year ago the Youth Sahavas did not even exi t-it almo t wasn't even going to happen. Those of us who were teenager and Baba-followers in the 1970s could only have dreamed of such an opportunity to be with other Baba youth! Because I have been 0 per onally connected to thi Sahavas ince it beginnings, I would like to share with you the story of how it all came about and what obstacles were encountered along the way, keeping in mind that nothing happen without Beloved Baba's Grace. TheYouth Sahavas has its roots in the Meher Miniatures program started by Lois Jones as part of the annual Los Angeles Silence Day Sahavas back in 1978. Created as an alternative to adult Sahava programming for pre-adolescents and teenagers, this group had the function of bringing young people together in the focus of Meher Baba, while at the same time providA Youth Sahavas music workshop ing them with ageappropriate activities and discussions. Several of the original "Miniatures" have been counselors at the la t four Youth Sahavas', including Molly Prall, Brooke Peter en, Raina Scott, Freeman Beymer and Jeremy Wilson. Lois still successfully conducts the Meher Miniatures during the L.A. Sahava {now in its 21st year; see article page 9]. 14

by Margaret Bernstein

The Meher Miniatures in L.A. inspired the creation of a imilar group in Myrtle Beach in I986-the Meher Minors. Through Kitty's incentive, the group wa first lead by Jeff Wolverton and later taken on by Polly Branch and Sandy Edelman. Thi group had a similar purpose a the Meher Miniature in that it provided young people with an outlet through which they could safely expre s their feeling about Baba as well as personal concerns with their peers, while at the same time make friends and engage in fun-filled activitie . Unlike the Miniature , this was an ongoing group which met every week on Sundays in the recreation room at Meher Center. These groups have in pired the formation of numerou other Meher Minor/Miniature groups throughout the country. Three of u attempted to begin uch a group in the Bay Area and were supported by the Meher Baba-Iovers of Northern California. But when our efforts were thwarted by the 1989 earthquake and other unforeseen problem , we were quick to turn our enthusiasm and energies over to another youth-related Baba project. In the meantime, whenever I was at the Meher Center (which seemed to be very often at that time!), I would participate as much as possible in the Meher Minor program. On the afternoon of December 31st, 1989, nearly two dozen of us happened to be gathered in the recreation room for the weekly Meher Minor meeting. About to start a new year a Inside the Meeting Place, 1992 well as a new decade, there certainly was a feeling of excitement in the air-the feeling that something new was about to happen. Raphael Telsch, Lilly Overdorff and Andrew Myers had had an idea about having a retreat for teenagers on the Center but it hadn't gone too much farther than being a great idea. The idea came up again this day

and I jumped up, volunteering to propose the stand. I visited the Center in Myrtle Beach in idea to Jane when she returned from India. August and to my dismay was not able to hook Jane Haynes was very amenable to the idea. up with Sandy. When I returned to California I I propo ed that this retreat take place at an "off wa informed that Sandy had a new job and ea on" time and utilize just half of the Center 0 would not be able to a si t in organizing the as not to interfere with regular Center activities event. Furthermore, the two other people who and gue ts. At the had promi ed to time she had only help also had contwo questions: flicts which had What would be recently come up, the age range? and there was What would be doubt a to whether thi ' teen the ratio of teens retreat would take to adults? I, too, place after all. was on the way to I was still India for a month willing to pursue stay and promised this project in to send her notes spite of the oband ketches of stacles. I called up how I envisioned it when I returned Jane who, in a very brief converto the United Momlng .rtt outside the LBgoon C.bln, Meher Center, 1992 ation, responded States. Revved up by saying that the retreat must go on! At the by a new surge of inspiration and enthusiasm to arne time I had received a lovely po tcard from help do Beloved Baba' work through this project, I prepared ideas for schedules, activities Baba's sister Mani saying the Meher Minor Reand other details with help and in ight from treat sounded like a real "Heart Treat." A week orina Edelman who had been at the New or so after my conversation with Jane I received Year' Eve meeting at the Center. a letter from then-Meher-Center-board-member Almo t every day when I was at Baba's Barbara Plews informing me that the proposal to have a teen retreat on the Center wa going to be Samadhi during my trip, I lovingly placed a decided by the board. I needed to provide her mall flower for the Meher Minor retreat that it with clear evidence that this project had been might blossom and bloom in Baba's love. By the carefully planned and could be manageably untime I got back to my California home, Jane had dertaken for the board to approve it. By now I already spoken with Sandy Edelman about the had almost a notebook full of conceptual notes, proposal and wheels were set in motion. Much to During a nearly three-hour, middle-of-the-night my amazement, a date was set for mid-June telephone conversation in September, it was not 1991-almost a year and a half away, and in too difficult for me to convince Barbara that we peak season! Furthermore, permission had been could pull this project off. I remember remarking granted to use all the Center accommodations, as to her that we had nine months for planning-the needed. Baba was getting us in gear! same amount of time that it take to gestate a Sandy and I had regular long-distance combaby. "And what a baby thi will be!," was her munication for several months. In the meantime, re ponse. the Meher Minors in Myrtle Beach prepared Barbara' steady and calm attention to detail questionnaires about the retreat to hand out at the and focu on what needed to be done turned out Southeast Gathering to better understand how to be the perfect compliment to my continuous tho e who would be participating would want it outpouring of ideas and information. While I to be. A similar handout was given out at the Northeast and L.A. Gatherings. Baba has His continued on next page way of doing things that only He can underIS

YOUTH, continued from page 15 kept in constant communication with Barbara by He can be felt radiating in each person's heart. phone and through the mail, Molly Prall and I There are 0 many people who graciously would get together every other week or 0 for a and lovingly-through their contributions of "brainstorming session." I still recall with clarity time, energy, and expertise-make the Youth and affection those late nights, deliriously enSahavas possible. In addition to tho e already sconced on her bedroom floor, wondering how mentioned, volunteers help with transporting we were going to teens to and from reach a youth the airport, givwho might be ing extra upport living in Estonia to kitchen staff or Lat짜ia to tell by upervising clean-up crew them about this upcoming retreat. and helping to Near Christmasclean up after the time Marshall event is over Hay, Charles typing and deHaynes, Wendy signing the registration form, Haynes Connor helping Center and Linda Hansen had joined with staff with cabin cleaning and Barbara and mymyriad other elf, forming a tasks. committee for A "fashion show" after the 1993 Youth sahavas mask.maklng workshop. In addition, planning and coordinating the retreat, which at thi point had artists and musicians from the nearby commuchanged name to now be called the Youth nity and neighboring tate come each year to Sahavas. lead workshop in rna k-making, tie-dying, muBy Baba's beautiful grace, work progre sed sic improvisation, theater improvi ation, claysteadily. With the help of many loving volunworking, creative writing and African drumming teers from the nearby community, as well as an circles. One of the most heartfelt contributors to excellent counselor staff of young Baba-lovers in the Youth Sahavas never even put foot on the their twenties, along with the culinary experti e Center during the event. Mani, through her deofRoz Hay and John Myjak, the Youth Sahava voted love for Meher Baba and Hi young ones, send a beautiful message for tho eat Sahavas was almost ready to begin. The Meher Center which sets the tone for the event each year. One staff, too, worked long, dedicated hours in anticiyear Mani's beautiful greeting wa in the form of pation of this event. Although nobody could a song which we all sang together in Baba' love. have accurately predicted what the first Youth It has been amazing and beautiful for me to Sahava would be like, it was evident that Beloved Baba wa going to be pre ent in an exwitness the Youth Sahavas blossom and grow. traordinary way. Having been 0 intimately involved in its process for eighteen months (the amount of time it For many of us, June 19, 1991, seemed like would take to produce two babies), I felt a sense it would never arrive. But it did; and with it of seeing life begin when the first Sahava actucame teenagers of every shape and ize bur ting ally took place. In exchange for the loss of perthrough the Center gateway into a world that was sonal attachment to omething which was no entirely their own, and, of cour e, Baba's. longer mine, I was given the joy of knowing that Something magical occurs at the Youth Beloved Baba had somehow used me to help get Sahavas every year. From the moment they et a little of His work done, and the freedom of foot on Center ground until the final closing cerknowing that the Youth Sahavas always was, hL emony in Baba's barn, all those who participate is, and always will be, His Baby. Jai Baba! I~ are transformed. Baba is alway so pre ent that 16

THE BOOKSTORE JAI BABA AND WELCOME TO THE BOOKSTORE! I would hope that by now you have all received your copy of our Bookstore Catalog. Chri tina and I really appreciate your words of joyful appreciation for our joint effort in the production thereof, and the L.A. Center really appreciate your enthusiastic response as far as the order are concerned (because the profit from your orders helps support the Center.) Call me chi Idish, but I really get a kick out of packing up your orders and imagining your happines as you open the box and see all the wonderful Baba 'goodies' you ordered, and your joyful surprise at the ones you didn't order that I pack in there as well. Please remember to mention on your order if you need to receive it by a certain date. As I am writing thi I see at least ten orders lying in piles all over the room awaiting packing. Remember, I do have a daytime job, so I only get to do all this in the evening; and I get concerned when I can't get an order out within a week. Best to expect about a three week lead time. Well, we have many new item to tell you about but fir t let me mention a wonderful audio tape that was inadvertently left out of the Catalog. Actually we introduced it a few issues ago, but a we are picking up new subscribers every month, it won't hurt to tell you again. Mary Lloyd Dugan, an ex-Los Angeleno now living in Myrtle Beach, is a Storyteller. .. profes ionally! She goes to schools, hospitals, libraries, anywhere children can gather and be treated to a full theatrical reading of wonderful stories. Mary Lloyd gives her performances the full treatment, voices, costumes and props; the children are enthralled. She has recently made an audio tape including a number of these stories, and it makes for a wonderful experience to sit with your chi Idren and get "carried away" to some far off land listening to them. If you have to drive long distances with young children in the car, what better way to keep them happy and quiet! She call her tape ba-Ba-Boom, $10. The tape that I had only a line to tell you about last issue is the latest from just about everybody' favorite inger, James C. Myer, better known a Jim. That one line was enough to bring the order in but for those of you who don t know who Jim Myer is, or have not been

by Dina Snow Franklin lucky enough to have heard him, let me tell you a little about the tape. He calls it ReLentLess Love, and it is an extended play album-IS ong in all. Jim has composed the majority of the ong , and words like 'powerful,' 'compelling,' 'stirring,' 'gentle,' 'heartrending' all come to mind when searching for the right one to describe each song. Two of them are from the words of Hafiz, I am Full of Love Tonight and Birthday Gifts. The music he has woven around the former is breathtaking. I put the tape on when I am working in my office and have it on repeat play so it goes for hours, but background music it ain't! Try as I might to concentrate on the job at hand, (writing this article) I have to stop and give myself over to the song. The composition and instrumentation on just about every track is exceptional. Jim has assembled a great lineup of talent including Chris Gray on lead guitar, Larry Thrasher on tablas and Lisa Brande on fiddle. The song, DarLing BeLoved, we are used to hearing from Bob and Jane (it being Bob Brown's composition) but here, on this tape dedicated to the memory of Bob, Jim puts his own twist on it, and it is delightful to hear Jane's pure voice in accompaniment. The words, melody and production all come together to make this one of the best Baba tapes I have ever heard. What else can I say? 1'm an unabashed fan! Relentless Love sells for $12 and is worth at least twice that much! Vision From the Bridge oifFire is the latest The hardbound edition of Discourses is back from the prolific pen of In print... and In stock! Michael Mathias. It is an epic poem that narrates Meher Baba's initiation by the five Perfect Masters into God-Consciousness and then His Universal Manifestation. Michael's poems have been previously published in The Glow International, Resonance, the LoveStreet LampPost and The Awakener. Filis Frederick had said, "Michael Mathia,

continued on next page 17

BOOKSTORE, continued you sound like Walt Whitman and Saint Paul come back to the twentieth century to write about Meher Baba. Send me your best shots to publish in The Awakener." Paperback, $8.95 We Ii ted the ballpoint pens in the Catalog at 50 cent each; we are lowering the price to 25 cent per pen. Why not buy 4 or 8 at a time and give them out to your friends, or just casually leave them lying around ... they are black with gold writing on them: "If, instead of seeing faults iR others, we look within our elves, we are loving God." Meher Baba. The hardbound copy of Meher Baba's Discourses has been out of print for some time, but we are happy to announce we now have it back in stock. The new price is $25. Unfortunately the price of the paperback version ha also ri en-it is now $ J 5, however we do sti II have a dozen or 0 left at the old price of $12. The Nothing and the Everything, by Bhau Kalchuri, the" I0% of The Book Baba wrote" (whereabout still unknown) is almo t out of print. MaANifestation has distributed all remaining copies, and we have only eight left. This is a beautifully produced clothbound book in its own matching cloth-covered box. Quite apart from the priceless knowledge contained therein, just the presentation of it is worth far more than the $25 we ask for it. If it is not already in your library, it belongs there! A year ago I read about an item I thought would be good to carry in The Bookstore, so I ordered in 4 dozen, priced them at $4, and watched them just sit there. They are BookHolders, a lightweight, smallish, collapsible metal contraption that you stand on the table and place your book in it, leaving your hands free. Well, I finally decided to try one out myelf, and boy am I glad I did! I con tantly lament that I am surrounded by all these fabulous books 18

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me thinking, "I know someone besides Rosalie and myself who will see the beauty in it." I was right, Mani loved it, so did the rest of the women Mandali, and they promptly bought out our entire stock. Since then, without my telling the story to a soul, I have been getting orders for them through the Catalog. Unfortunately our supplier says they are a summer stocking item only, consequently they have been out since October and mayor may not have them this coming summer. Watch this space! Here's a new item I feel will go over well. You know how it is when you return from your vacation and the best of the photos go in the album. What to do with the rest? If you're like me, you can't bear to throw them away, but what to do? Well, here's your answer, a new product called PhotoPOSTOS. Comes in a pack of 8 for $2.50 or 12 for $3.50. They are so simple, so easy. Cleanly printed on easy writing non-smear self-adhesive backed paper is the design of a post card which you very easily stick to the back of your excess photos, and hey, presto! You have a very professional looking 4" x 6" postcard. Lastly, we still have some 1995 Baba-calendars left (see below). We've reduced the price to an amazing $6. It's worth that for the beautiful, large pictures of Baba and all the quotes. Don't forget! you can fax in your orders 24hours-a-day, 31O-839-BABA (2222) or call me, evenings, at 310-837-6419, or write to the Center, ATIN: Dina. See you, at the Booksto~~ P.S. Due to postal rate increases, the minimum shipping fee is now $3. The up side is that this now allows most of the smaller packages to be sent Priority Mail.


CORRECTIONS (to the last issue) The dozens of people on the LampPost staff obviously were not as careful as they should have been in the last issue (January-March, 1995) and there were, amazingly, a number of errors or omissions. They are set right below. The two-part interview with Eruch Jessawala appearing in the last two issues of the LampPost was originally circulated as a hand-typed. limited-run photocopy in Australia in 1982. Though not noted. the copyright is held by the interviewer, Bill LePage. Dina Franklin submitted the article and we didn't realize the need for obtaining reprint permission or acknowledging a copyright. Our apologies. Bill's lastest publishing effort is his new book, The Turning of the Key-a memoir of Meher Baba and "His Australia." It can be purchased through the Bookstore for $12. The interview with Craig Ruff beginning on page 14 might have been a bit mystifying 10 readers. Craig has written two books-Travelling Music, a collection of poems in remembrance of Meher Baba, and, more recently, The Moment Within, a collection of "intuitions, perceptions, observations and inspired prai e" from which the interview developed. The Moment Within is available for $10 from the Bookstore or Meher Prasad, 2793A Clairmont Rd, Ste. 206-A, Atlanta, GA 30329. Also, in this long interview with Craig there was a mention of how he was "barred" from the Tru t after starting to work there in the late 70s. ot only is this untrue, but after going over my original tapes, notes and materials I have no idea where the word came from. A typo? (marred, tarred, bared, cared?) A pronunciation error? (hard, guard, abhored, bored?) None of these make any sense at all in this context. I can only guess that Baba wanted everyone to know that Craig was always welcome and never bUi ied "ith barred from work at the Trust. My sincere apologies to Peter Ravazza and Katherine Wiederhole for the lack of a byline and the bizarre titling of Katherine's wonderful article, "Oh Baba, Oh Baby, Oh Books." Oh brother, I just don't know what came over me. The LampPost's dozen or so highly-paid (evidently over-paid) staff members should have caught this editor's folderol. Be assured, we are punished by our own remorse. You can count on nothing les than fully effective support for the cause of this most worthy fundraising effort-the continued publishing of the monumental biography, Lord Meher. Peter and Katherine, please continue to keep us apprised of your latest achievements 10 fund future volumes. The interview on page 22 was with Tim Thelan, the maker of the documentary film, MeiJer Baba: The Awakener. Tim has worked for years to see the completion of this project and we are grateful for his talent and dedication. The film can be had for $40 (plus shipping) through the AMBCSC Bookstore or Divine Sport Productions, 1102 11th Street, # I03, Santa Monica, CA 90403; (310) 393-3715. The cost is tax deductible. The beautiful artwork on page 28 was done by our Art Editor, Prem Makeig. The address listed on page 29 was incorrect for the supporter of the purchase of the Stokes house as a Baba Center in New York City. The announcement of the proposed purchase wa initially sent with only a return address on the envelope. The correct contact address to write to is: Meher Baba House, The Grove Street Committee, c/o Keith Sheridan Associates, Inc., 236 West 27th Street, ew York, NY 1000 I. Please send your responses, inquiries and pledges to them promptly. Some articles in the last issue didn't have a byline. As is traditional in periodicals, the editor-in-chief does not get a byline on pieces they create, assign, develop, write or ammend. Besides, I gel all the credit for what everyone running around here does anyway.



This is the greatest sweepstakes we've ever held! The drawing will take place at our Spring Fling Party at Becky & Jacko's on April 8th, 1995. Prizes are: (1) Fly to India; (2) Fly to Myrtle Beach; and (3) $75 gift certificate for our new bookstore catalogue. Tickets are: $7 for one, $10 for two or $25 for seven. Contact: Wendy Ward, 11555 Santa Gertrudes # 190, Whittier, CA 90604. Wendy's phone # is (310) 943-5645. NORTHEAST GATHERING AUGUST 4 - 6, '95

The Northeast Gathering will be held this year on the Dryden Farm, the proposed site of the new Meher Baba Northeast Center, on the weekend of August 4-6. Guests this year will include Jane Haynes. Two work/planning weekends will be held in June and July [see Northeast Center Update, p.8] to help prepare the grounds for this event as well a to help us focus on and create an atmosphere of Beloved Baba's Love. Please stay in tune for further information on this love-feast in the next issue of the LampPost!!! Jai Baba! AVATAR MEHER BABA TRUST

At the start of the New Life, Meher Baba had all His belongings and properties sold or given away. The one exception was His Tomb, which He said He could not dispose of because it belonged to the whole world! The preservation of Baba's Tomb and the many charitable activities which flow from this place of world pilgrimage, are overseen by the Avatar Meher Baba Trust. This Perpetual Trust was established by Meher Baba Himself. It is a special part of His Work which He allows all of us to share in! Baba's only requirement is that love-donations be given freely from the heart. All who wish to participate may contact our trust-walla for further information or to make a love-donation: Lynne Barry, 267 Hanover Dri ve, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Please make checks payable to: FRIENDS OF THE MEHER BABA TRUST. THE NEW WIFE ON NEW LIFE


Our sincere apologies for the negligence in announcing Becky and Jacko Caraco's wedding date as November 29th when, in fact, it was really October 16th. The party responsible for the error knows how irresponsibLe they are and how thoughtless. Please keep us up-to-date on ~ your soon-to-arrive little one. All the best... I:;";



The first issue of The White Hors,e JournaL was published in Myrtle Beach, SC this past January 28. It's a monthly newsletter for and about the Baba community there. Most publications in the Baba world are in magazine format but the WHJ is closer to a newspaper in concept, targeting in on news of what's going on and what's upcoming in the local community. Vicki Warner is the editor, Gordon Campbell is general manager and Ralph Hernandez is circulation manager. "We'll have inspirational feature articles, too," Vicki said, "but the real thrust is to report on what's happening now. The Myrtle Beach community is unique in that we have such rich resources of Baba material here and accessible. We have Saroja Library on the Center and we have Sheriar Bookstore. We also have 200 households with bookshelves full of Baba material that we can borrow, so our need is not for a publication that excerpts writings otherwise available, but one that provides a communication link for the community." The lead article on the front page of the first issue announced an open forum set for February 12 led by Bob Ahrens, newly elected to the board of directors of the Meher Center, inciting the community to "see and talk with each other about the Center and the future, how it can and might expand to meet the needs of the future while maintaining its role as a place for rest and revitalization of the spirit as Meher Baba intended." Also on the front page were Amartithi plans, the schedule of events for Baba's birthday celebration and a picture of the Peace Wall downtown, a project in which many Baba lovers participated. There was a two-page feature interview with Naosherwan Anzar, "How I Came To Baba" by Beth Riger, Hot News items about people by Winnie Barrett, a book review by Max Reif, news briefs about 'Zad and 'Bad by John Page of Los Angeles. The issue also included the Center's events calendar, a story on Florence Childs nearly being arrested in Hawaii in a protest demonstration, articles about Jessica McBride winning a county-wide contest, Mary Sutton winning a grant, the new Center board

being installed, Volume VI-VII of Lord Meher being available, and how to find the Baba bulletin board on America Online. There was a column on local youth activities, exchange news from Baba groups all over the country, a painting of Meher Baba by Charles Mills, a short biographical sketch of Baba, a mandali acrostic puzzle and classified ads. The project is ambitious, publishing monthly with a volunteer staff, but it has begun! Subscriptions are $12 a year and can be had by writing The White Horse Journal, 874 Old Bridge Road, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572. They welcome news and articles submitted from other places, too, as long as the subject is of interest to the Myrtle Beach Baba community. hi. I~

SOME LEARNED MEN SAY we are at the "Defining Point" in mankind's history; some say a "Redefining Point. Either is right-we are at a "Critical Point" in history. Historically, it will be known that God descended as man in this Age and lived on earth as Meher Baba. Mankind is meant to know who he was and his meaning. To those lovers of God who believe the life story of Avatar Meher Baba must continue to be revealed to mankind and that the Biography written by Bhau Kalchuri, LORD MEHER has supreme literary value for the future world! Friends, over the past year you have rekindled interest in the Biography of Avatar Meher Baba's life by extending your faith in and support of this philanthropic work. It will take several years of concentrated effort to completely transform the remaining 3000 pages of translated text into printed books. But we are determined with your interest and support to finish this Biography in book form by the year 2000! And, because there was such a genuine outcry from those of you interested, the numerous photographs of Meher Baba will continue to be included in all future volumes. The mystery of Meher Baba's manifestation is linked with the revealing of his life story and meaning of his universal work. This is becoming more evident and is a form of help to us in understanding and withstanding the upheavalsinternal and external-that are occurring in all aspects of this work, as the veil of ignorance, of 'not knowing,' tears, that the light of the revelation of Knowledge shine forth. MANifestation is now a direct mail order company. Our policy is to print a more limited

WHAT POINT IN HISTORY? number of high quality books that will be sold retail and not discounted to bookstores. MANifestation depends completely on individual book sales and individual benevolent contributions. The fact is, our plans depend 100% on your interest and support. The next book will be the second part of Volume vn and Volume VIII and will extend into 1945. It is planned to ship by December 1995. We wish you to seriously consider, when affordable in 1995, prepaying for VOLUME VII & VIII in advance. One's prepayment, if affordable. expresses faith. All of you who can afford to pay in advance for the new forthcoming VOLUME VII & VIII have our gratitude for your support and good faith. We appreciate you consideration of prepayment for the next Lord Meher book. This volume will also be priced at $75.00. Volume I has been sold out for two years and Volume II has just recently sold out. All volumes will soon sell out and there are currently no plans to reprint any volumes. If you want more information on the Lord Meher series or any particular volume, write to: MANifestation, Inc., P.O. Box 7335, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. If you wish to purchase a back volume-III, IV or V-they are available for $25, $7 shipping. Send your check or money order to the same address. t:;L I~


The Poetry (fta[f-) Pl19 C oh olive of exquisite taste by Eric Solibakke

oh olive of exquisite taste, meher baba, one and all, you heal the divided mind, the feast of my life is to roll your name over my tongue and enter into the silence within you, which is empty of division and full of wholeness. the entire universe answers your question, "who am iT you answer my question, "who am iT i am means the same as you are. other than self, what is there? mind, projecting analysis into manyness, puts it feet down everywhere like a millipede, whereas heart, projecting synthesis into one, reaches every seeming corner with its glue of love. the veil of twoness both reveals and conceals the truth of one uni-formless dual-form. all and/or nothing is and/or isn't self and/nor other.

(Reprinted with permission from Eternal Perfect Beloved, Part 1, 'The Golden Rain" Š 1992) Eric Solibakke is a writer and a teacherof ESL currently living in Norway. He first heard of Baba from Chris Jagger, but Baba stole his heart later when he was in a cave in Greece. Mani calls him "Caveman." Copies of Eternal Perfect Beloved in book form can be ordered from the author for $12. Address request via computer over the Internet to and he will respond. Or, it can be downloaded gratis from the Avatar Meher Saba WWW page at URL http://www.oslonett.nolhome/erics/indes.html(There is no punctuation after html)

• Poetry submissions are welcome. they must be typewritten with the date submitted, your name and address on each page. None can be retruned unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Send to the Poetry Editor, c/o the LoveStreet LampPost, at the address on page 3.


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AMARTITHI, continuedfrom page 5




Thousands came, men, women and children from everywhere the near villages, the hill towns, the far cities and from great distances all over India. Women carried babes in their arms and made them touch their heads on the threshold. Little did these babes realize what they received from the Ocean of Love. They came during the day and many at night. They came by cars, taxies, buses and trains. Trains carrying large numbers of lovers stopped at Meherabad to dislodge them. A constant stream of lovers young and old, rich and poor, their vocatjons and modes of dress as varied in range and expression as their love for Baba. They had journeyed to bow down before God who has taken human form because of love. And their reward would be according to their love. They came and knelt at the threshold of the Tomb offering what poor gifts of love and service they had with them to their Beloved. Their small gift of love would give a fleeting moment of pleasure to Him. There was but one threshold of the Beloved, and there were thousands of heads to bow down on it in obeisance! ~

The sun sets over the tops of the pandal poles surrounding the Avatar's Samadhl. The crows come back to their trees and, once again, quiet descends as thousands of pilgrims quickly depart over two days following the Amartithl events. Another year will pass before the tarpolins, stall-wallas and buses come out at Meherabad, helping Meher Baba's lovers to place their heads, and hearts, at his feet.

Carefully holding a rather huge flower she has chosen as a gift for the Avatar, a little girl takes the pleasure of God very seriously. Many children perfonned songs and dances on the main stage during the three days of festivities. Entire extended families, even small villages, trek long distances to gather with others who they do not know, to remember Meher Baba and pay homage at the Tomb of their Master.


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In spite of telling you very often that I will not give you any more messages or discourses, I find Myself doing just this thing, which is what I do not want to do. This is because most of you do things which I do not like your doing. I had to give you a message yesterday because you expected one; and the theme of the message was on your being My children, because despite much talk about a Baba-family, there is more a semblance than a reality of kinship among you who are the children of One Father. True children of One Father do not greet one another with smiles and embraces and at the same time harbor grudges and ill-feeling, but they have an active concern in their hearts for the well-being of one another and make sacrifices for that well-being. If you make Me your real Father, all differences and contentions between you, and all problems in connection with your lives, will become dissolved in the Ocean of My Love. You are all keen on spreading My message of Love and Truth and many of you in the East and West have labored hard in this work; publishing magazines and other literature, organizing meetings, sacrificing your vacations in traveling, building halls and having statues made of Me. But I wonder how much of My Love and Truth has been in your work of spreading My Message of Love and Truth! Unless there is a brotherly feeling in your hearts, all the words that you speak or print in My name are hollow; all the miles that you travel in My cause are zero; all organizations for My work are but an appearance of activity; all buildings to contain Me are empty places and all statues that you make to embody Me are of someone else. I have been patient and indulgent over the way you have been doing these things, because you have been very young children in My Love, and children

AVATAR MEHER BABA CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 10808 Santa Monica Boulevarel Los Angeles, Califomia 90025

must have some sort of games to play. But now you are older and are beginning to realize that there is a greater work ahead of you than what you have been doing. And you have been searching your minds and hearts as to what this work might be. It is not a different work to what you have been already doing... it is the same work done in a different way. And that way is the way of effacement, which means the more you work for Me the less important you feel in yourself. You must always remember that I alone do My work.. Although only the one who has become One with God can serve and work for all, I allow you to work for Me so that you have the opportunity to use your talents and capacities selflessly and so draw close to Me. You should never think that in your work for Me you are benefiting others, for by being instrumental in bringing others to Me you are benefiting yourself. My work is your opportunity. But when you allow yourself to intervene between you and My work, you are allowing the work to take you away from Me. When you put My work before yourself, the work will go right, although not necessarily smoothly. And when the work does not go right, it means you have put yourself between it and its accomplishment. The Way of My Work is the way of effacement, which is the way of strength, not of weakness; and through it you become mature in My Love. At this stage you cannot know what real Love is, but through working for Me as you should work for Me, you will arrive at that ripeness where, in a moment, I can give you That which you have been seeking for millions of years. -by Avatar Meher Baba, read by Darwin Shaw 011 November 3, 1962 to those assembLed at Guruprasad, Poona,for the East- West Gathering. 漏1963 by Avatar Meher Baba Trust. Ahmednagar, india.

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by Ward Parks

As man is a spiritual being, it is natural for him to attempt to define his varied enterprises in the light of spiritual ideals. The creation of community and the establishment of frameworks that uphold community have always been urgent human concerns; and for this very reason, human social orders have repeatedly been construed, in the eye of a spiritualizing awareness that seeks to find God in all things, as mirrors to the divine order. As history shows us, of course, social and political systems change through time, yet amid these changes the innate human tendency to find divine archetypes within the patterns of human community life persists. Early Germanic tribal societies, for example, conceived of God as a kind of tribal chieftain. Medieval theologians supposed that feudal hierarchies mirrored a "great chain of being" that exists in God's mind. Monarchists asserted the "divine right of kings"; enlightenment-era fashioners of the new "social contract," who tried to rationalize human relations, took reason to be a ray from the sun of God's pure intelligence. All the while, the actual patterns of human community were evolving, molting old shells, reversing themselves. Yet at each stage there were those who saw in the patterns of human interrelations around them the face of their beloved God. I do not doubt that those who saw their societies in this way

domain of values has been to accentuate the uniqueness, dignity, and worth of every individual. This great theme taps into a profound and immortal truth, that God is the real indweller within everyone. God Himself in all His glory abides within "the least of these"; and because of this, no one should be scorned or reviled. The high and the low, the rich and the poor, the dominant and the oppressed are all fundamentally akin, since each is a drop within God's Ocean. Ultimately; as Meher Baba has revealed to us, each drop is the Ocean; but this is a truth beyond the ken of contemporary political intellection. Attuned as they are to these mighty resonances, many lovers of God in this age take democracy to be the consummate vehicle for the expression of higher spiritual values in the domain of politics and community governance. But at this juncture, to speak for myself personally, reservations arise; and I would like to express some of these reservations here. It is not my purpose either to endorse or contest the view that Baba groups and centers ought to be run in democratic fashion. That is as it may be; what matters most is that the people involved work together harmoniously; and whatever best commends itself to my brothers and sisters in Baba I for my own part am content to go along with. What concerns me is not governance as such but rather the politicizing of spiritual vision. Democracy is, even in its highest presentday redactions, a distinctly political refraction of the truth. By nature, politics orients itself toward power. But the magnetism of power distorts, and the eye deluded by power sees false colors. The pristine truths of spirituality are best observed in themselves and not through a lens of political philosophy. In this age when democracy is rising toward ascendancy the world over, the God-Man has generally discouraged his lovers against political involvement. And indeed, the perils and pitfalls of political life are now parading themselves across the world stage in bold display. Nations denounce one another, within states and communities political parties are perpetually at loggerheads, individuals and groups trumpet their claims and grievances and in the process disregard the entitlements and

"...heirarchy constitutes the very warp and woof of creation..." truly saw what was best within them. In this age-which is the age of the Advent-the dominant social and political ideology is that of democracy. Derived from Greek roots that mean "the people rule," democracy is originally and primarily a political vision that, like other political visions, turns its eye toward matters of power, governance, the negotiation of authority. At the same time, democracy entails a view of man; and this view is in many respects a noble one. Perhaps the greatest contribution that democracy has wrought in the 4

sufferings of others. I do not say that democracy or another political system is responsible for this state of affairs. What I do mean to suggest is that this is not an auspicious season for lovers of God to be seeking spiritual guidance in the political sphere. However groups and

"Greater than 'my individuality as me' is 'my individuality as God.'" organizations may choose to administer their affairs, they would do well to avoid dogmatism and intractability in their evocation of "democratic principles." What really matters is love, which can exist in any context. When spirituality is identified too narrowly with any particular political system or philosophy, a loss of perspective and a diminution of universality ensues. I am among those who feel that democracy-like all political systems - has weaknesses as well as strengths. If, as increasingly seems to be the case, Baba groups are going to embrace democratic forms of self-governance, we should proceed with our eyes open and remember to use the revelations of the God-Man, and not something else. as our compass. From my perspective, democracy needs not to be repudiated but transformed-utterly transformed-so that the divine intuitions that have inspired it may manifest in all their glory and the old shells may be discarded. In what follows I would like to outline, first, what I take to be some of the flaws inherent to the democratic process as it now exists, and next, the greater possibilities that a reconceived and reoriented "democracy" could admit. I do not wish to offend and would be saddened if this contribution merely stimulates more political discussions. Whether these observations are accepted or rejected, I will be satisfied by a clear consensus and determination that political conceptions be modeled on community understanding of divine truths and not the other way around. Scholars tend to overvalue knowledge and products of the intellect; businessmen are susceptible to a habit of reductiveness that mea-

sures worth in terms of money. In politics, the prize is political power, and political involvement tends to breed craving for power. Even political ~dealists who consciously resist temptations to abuse power personally nonetheless tend to presume that human felicity depends upon the proper exercise of political power more than is really the case. This kind of distortion occurs within any political system. Yet the particular delusion that democracy feeds is the delusion of numbers. In a democracy one gains power through the support of a majority. As soon as this happens, a majority-minority configuration springs to life, in the sense that the community starts to think of its internal divisions in this way, whereas before it might have thought of itself differently. In the real history of democracy, majority-minority configurations have repeatedly institutionalized themselves through political parties that are unceasingly at war with each other. The see-saw of public opinion tilts first one way, then the other; and as it does so, leaders must glean votes or disappear from the public stage. In short, fractiousness and unremitting competition are one consequence of a system that creates governments on the basis of a division of numbers. Persons reared in democratic environments sometimes forget that, in the spiritual domain, one can be greater than a million. Take the case of a wise man in a crowd of fools. Measured in terms of truth. the words of the wise man carry more weight than do those of all the fools put together; but in terms of numbers, the wise man is a straw in a hurricane. Thus the saints and Perfect Masters and Avatars have often been persecuted in their own day; only in retrospect does the real worth of what they gave become visible to humanity at large. Yet the gainsaying of a multitude cannot alter a reality, nor can an act of real greatness be measured by its applause. Infinity is not to be attained through additions and increments, but through simplifications and surrendrance and loss of self. The touchstone does not reside in what most people say but in the Word of the All-Knowing. Reality itself is undemocratic in the sense that it is not many but One.

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DEMOCRACY, from previous page Democracy is the great leveler, for in its insistence on equality, in its unwillingness to recognize "high" and "low," in its determination to range each and everyone on a common plane, it sets out to demolish artificial barriers that are the residue of dead traditions. Thus it provides a superb instrument for the work of the present age. Yet hierarchy constitutes the very warp and woof of creation, and it is as

"...the freedom to 'do what you want' is merely the freedom to go on wearing your chains and shackles..." futile to deny this as it is to shout at the top of one's voice that one is keeping silence. For one could not even be as one is if the elements of one's nature were not differentiated by levels. Moreover, hierarchies exist not on a single axis only, but along the trajectory of every imaginable variable. The evolved and the unevolved, the eaters and the eaten, the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor, the intelligent and the dull, the spiritual and the worldly, the enlightened and the ignorant-every conceivable opposite and difference makes it appearance in God's great play. An ant is not equal to an eagle, a song is not equal to a tractor. And why is this so? Because God Himself, who is everything and everyone. needs to experience every possible condition on His great journey to Himself. Love needs distances to cross, and so it has breathed forth a vast symphony of infinitesimally differentiated tones and temp.os and timbres through whose harmonious interplay is the sense of unity achieved. A tuba cannot be made to clash like a cymbal, nor a nightingale to crow like a rooster, nor a rose to burn like a lamp. The demand for equality can, at its worst, become a procrustean tailor who cuts off limbs to fit the size of his clothes, a jailer to the spirit, whose soaring flights into ever-new and previously unimaginable realms of beauty and perfection would have mocked his drab platitude 6

that all things are the same. Glum prisoners in their cells may enjoy a certain equality of condition. Yet it was not for this that man was made. Democracy prizes the individual, whom it seeks to reclaim from a long history of degradation and oppression. Indubitably, love has inspired much of what democracy has undertaken in this respect, and those of its works which conduce to human ennoblement and upliftment should be gladly welcomed and accepted. At the same time we must remember that the ego, which is the very seat of individuality in illusion, must eventually be destroyed. Many synonyms for "oppressor" shine forth from the jewel-box of names and titles by which the Divine Beloved has been known down the ages. God's creatures do not usually like this terrible aspect of divinity, yet it is through His merciful mercilessness that in the end we are set free. Yet politicians on the cruise for votes have every incentive to promote the delusion that the ego can endure forever and that its claims and desires are supreme. "You need this, you deserve that, you have a right to thus-and-such, you should claim and demand your due": by such insinuations and half-truths do flatterers garner support for their vault to power. The full truth with the other half restored would balance each stroke with a counterstroke: You do not need this, you do not deserve that, you should yield and let go. But when the ego is only affirmed and never pruned or retrenched, it becomes an almost impregnable fortress whose separative existence is sustained by an army of desires. And an aggregate of such individuals becomes a wide plain where such fortresses glower at each other across unbridgeable distances, joined by the commonality of gnawing and unfulfilled desire yet fearful of love's leap that leaves in rubble the walls marking the perimeter of "not you but I." Greater than equality is oneness. Greater than "my individuality as me" is "my individuality as God." If democracy is to succeed in moving from the shadow of mighty truths into their direct light, it will need to transform itself through awakening to the higher values of love in the springtide of the new Advent. Yet there are valid reasons why democracy

has emerged with such insistence at this particular stage of history. Over the centuries, as traditions that were once expressions of living perceptions of the truth gradually rotted and died within, the spirit of coercion has come to prevail more and more in human affairs. There is nothing inherently evil in one person serving another. Yet at heart this service should be willing. When service is forced, conditions are unpropitious for that inner maturation which would in due course release to the world the bloom and fragrance of spontaneous giving. Democracy is the political response of the modem world to an inward spiritual withering. When a tree that once bore sweet fruit has become black and leafless, it needs to be cut down. Reacting as it is to the tyranny of a servitude that is not inspired by love, democracy celebrates freedom. Unfortunately, from the outset its understanding of freedom has been politically conceived and therefore superficial. Since bondage is really an internal spiritual condition and not something externally imposed, the freedom to "do what you want" is merely the freedom to go on wearing your chains and shackles. Mankind is now being given the opportunity to drink this cup to the lees, and hopefully its disillusionment with false freedom will ignite a new determination to regard the human condition with a more penetrating eye. For outer freedom is a mirage.

"...the doors of the wi neshop have been flung open for one and aiL" Real freedom is the outcome of Self-Knowledge. Only when God awakens to His infinite Identity is He free from the dream. One mark of a spiritual truth is that it contains its opposite; and spiritual freedom is a case of this. One can win freedom only by becoming a slave; the road to mastery lies through servitude. Of course, the world showcases many forms of servitude and many forms of slavery. One of democracy's most vaunted achievements has been the abolition of slavery in the political sense. Yet what distinguishes the slave of love is that his slavery is voluntar-

ily embraced. Indeed, as the glory of the Beloved dawns over his life's horizon, he comes to experience all circumstances and situations as manifestations of the Beloved's will. Since nothing that he can do can add to or detract from what the Beloved has wrought, his passionate longing in every breath is to serve the Beloved's pleasure, so that each act of service might become a tiny cup catching a sun-ray of His wine. Such is the "fortunate slave" whom even the angels envy. Yet the road toward this exalted state is embarked upon the moment one makes the great, transforming, liberating choice. which is voluntarily to surrender one's freedom in order to become a slave of God. This choice, I submit, is the consummation of democracy as it should be, democracy divested of its political trappings. It should be the goal of democracies to entice and encourage each and everyone to the threshold of this choice, though of course, the actual determination to step across that threshold is an intimate and private affair between God and the individual concerned. In that intimacy resides true individuality. In that abdication of self-will resides true freedom. And in the community of common enterprise supporting such acts of ultimate heroism resides true democracy. There is nothing new under the sun, but garments change with the changing season. The dust-way of slavery through love, though it has been known by many names, has always been available to mankind, and in its fundamentals it never changes. Yet democracy's distinctive accent-in which it registers its special attunement to the needs of the present age-is that this opportunity should now be for everyone. No longer do priests and kings and philosophers enjoy favored access, for the doors of the wine shop have been flung open for one and all. Even the meanest of outcasts at the bottom of the social hierarchy, even the simplest of children, even the worst of sinners after a lifetime of degradation-in short, absolutely anyone-can at any moment fling himself or herself before the feet of the Merciful One and cry out, "You are my Beloved, I give my all to you. Accept me and make me Yours." And in a democracy as democracy should be, this selfoffering will be honored as the one free act

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LETTER(S) TO THE EDITOR Dear Editor, This is reference to a question raised in the editorial of the April/June LampPost. It seems that some LampPost writers are in a quandary as to whether or not they should receive bylines. I must admit, I find this dilemma to be somewhat amusing. In seven years as a professional writer this is one issue I have never come across. There may have been times when I wanted to leave my name off an article, but no legit publication would allow it. Even letters to the editor require identification. The truth is, Meher Baba never shied away from taking credit for his words. We know exactly what Baba said and we also know that he was the author of God Speaks. In case there is any doubt, check the cover, His name is right there. Baba's mandali have also taken full responsibility for their writings. Eruch, Bal, Bhau, Adi, Mani and even Mehera all have books bylined by them. Ego has nothing to do with this. It is important for the reader to know in whose perspective the books are written. But the real key here is responsibility. Anyone can knock out a half-hearted piece of work if nobody will ever know who wrote it. But taking pride in that work and full responsibility for its contents is quite another matter. As I see it, whether or not an author has a byline is not the issue here. Only the writer and Baba know the true motives behind any piece of writing for publication. What is most important is writing from the heart, for Baba. and allowing His light to shine through. So please, fellow writers, spare me the B.S. about leaving off the bylines for Baba. I say take charge of what you do. If you can't take the heat of letting readers know who you are and what you think, stick with the Internet. Online you can say anything about anyone, and you don't have to identify yourself at all! Sincerely, Caroline McDonald P.S. You may disagree with my opinion, but I take full responsibility for it.

* * * won't you please come back on staff

Caroline. at the LampPost? I admire your conviction tremendously. We (the world) need the honorable to speak up! You give me inspirationresponsibility isn'1 to be taken lightly. just taken. 8

CENTER OF THE PILGRIM CENTER Sit down, take My Prasad, savor each bite, Energy nourishes energy, You are here to carry out My work, I am the Cook. sprinkling the spices: Little girls' chatter, men's laughter, British, Australian, Russian, Marathi, Siovenian, old lovers, new, blending the rich flavors of each love story. I am the Magician, shuffling the cards: Pilgrims in patterns, Creating visions, focusing directions, Each a part of My plan, perfect for your moment. I am the Archer, filling the quiver, (Arrow feathers at the tables you siLl I pull taut the bow projecting you, My lovers, uP' the path, up the hill. You become My arrows: artists, musicians, writers, raising the young, aiding the dying, Carrying with you the gentle sting of My Love to pierce the hearts of lovers of lovers around the world. Bow down, sing My Artl, take My Prasad In your language, from your heart, which belongs to Me.

by Katharine W. Harding, with help from Meher Baba


MEETING BABA My first experience with Meher Baba was in Autumn, 1993. A photo of Baba hung by my friend's door. When I asked who he was, the response was simple-something about him being a spiritual man who lived in India and spent his life serving God and others. Within a few weeks I met this "man" in my dream: My husband and I were standing in a living room, looking out the window, waiting for our friend, Teresa, to bring Baba to us. With a childlike air of anticipation, playfulness and excitement, we bounced about, waiting and watching for their arrival. "BABA is coming to OUR house to see US!" I said breathlessly. We spotted two figures strolling up the streetBaba in front with Teresa a few steps behind. First I noticed Teresa's walk. Her hands were deep in her pockets and she was casually moving along, with a look of great pleasure about sharing this very special Friend. Baba's walk was a quick, flowing, gliding motion without much bounce. He was wearing loose-fitting, white cotton clothes with a long, lightweight "over-robe." He had a full beard. His dark, curly hair was full, settled just below his shoulders. As our guests entered the house, I marched straight to Baba and forced my hand to him with the intention of giving him a firm "western handshake." Quickly, though gently, he drew back. Embarrassed and puzzled I asked Teresa, "How am I to greet Baba?" She turned to Baba, "Show her your Love," she requested. Carefully he placed his palms together as if in prayer, looking into my eyes. Instantly I knew how to greet Baba! I moved closer to him, noticing that he was a bit taller than my 5'8". He seemed not to be touching the floor. Gently curling my hands around his, I felt an indescribable sensation the moment our hands connected. "LIGHT," "LOVE," "PEACE," "UNDERSTANDING," "BLISS ..." These words don't even touch the feeling. I longed to hold on forever. I had become so absorbed in Baba that I forgot my husband. He was there to meet Baba, too. Now we became quite playful. I turned and laughed speaking loudly, "Get a load of this, Rich! Come here! Check this out!" motioning quickly for him to come over. He too placed his palms around Baba's making the same connec-

by Cynthiil Barrientos tion that I had. Baba and Rich looked delighted. Wishing to offer Baba something to eat, I went to the refrigerator, finding a small container of strawberry soy yogurt. He sat in an overstuffed chair covered with a brown and white woven "throw." As I handed him the yogurt and spoon his face lit up. With bright, twinkling eyes and a huge grin he settled back, spooning the yogurt into his mouth, making gestures which expressed his enjoyment. When I woke up the next morning I immediately telephoned Teresa. She sensed the

"...1 felt an indescribable sensation the moment our hands connected... I longed to hold on forever." specialness of my dream and asked to hear it in person. When I arrived at her house she brought out books to show me what Baba looked like in his early years. I saw an overstuffed chair in several photos, recognizing the same fabric as on the chair in my dream. (It is also on the chair on the cover of Eruch Jessawala's book, The Ancient One.) I also learned that Baba was silent for the last 40 years of his life, communicating with unique hand gestures. A year or so later I watched a film of Baba and enjoyed watching the familiar, graceful, fluid movement of his walk. In time I learned the "Prayer for Saba Lovers" and understood about longing to hold on to Baba's Daman. Most of all what is continually unfolding in my playful relationship with Baba is the powerful sense of love, understanding, and care that comes as I "remember to remember" Baba every day. Jai Baba!




by Kathryn Wiederhold

high-noon hours than last year and when once Keeping intimate comit began to sprinkle rain, it stopped just as the pany with the Master is the meaning of men finished protecting the kitchen with tarps. Sahavas-a wonderful Alan Wagner wearing his red shoeswearing red shoes being a suggestion of word for a privilege Mohammed the mast-maintained a calm poise beyond words. More while stirring his pots of sauce and organizing . than 300 pilgrims venhis crew into an efficient and tightly coordi.r.~ tured through the nated group. The consensus of participants is green gates of ."'.. \;t': Meherana tojoin in that Alan become a permanent Sahavas fix짜.:.!~~. "'t: . the unifying to~ethture-great food which suited the children as well as adults, presented with cheer and good ~~'" erness made possible ",.;::. by the Avatar. our Beloved nutritional balance, and with no snickers when seconds and thirds were scooped up. It is hard Meher Baba. The roadways toward Mariposa to picture that kitchen without this full crew at threatl through lake-like remnants of California's recent flooding. The hills are still full pitch even now at Sahavas end. News of accomplishments since last year soft green and full of wild flowers. This abuninclude the new road to the campsite which was dance of water allowed pilgrims to splash about so much easier to walk along than the steep in our creek by day and to absorb meditative hills that even David Lowman's blue-bus tracmelodies of its flush flowing by night. The tor groaned over. One could port off to one's rocks we hopped upon from bank to bank last tent and back without a major commitment of year have become the backdrop for waving fish time and energy. Flowers in pink and yellow shadows which flow like a Japanese painting in and purple lined this walkway which, in its water color through Meherana. midst, finds the first permanent structure of Sahavas started May 26th on Friday though Meherana: The Bridge of Weaknes es. The some attendees arrived earlier to set up the site; name comes from a song Bhau wrote called, Sahavas ended Monday, May 29th though some stayed on to finalize the packing up. We were like a tribe of Nomads who parked our camel cars in the lot, got our cloth up on wooden structures, placed our pots by the cooking fires to finally sit under the pandal to hear our elders speak and convey the greatness of the Beloved. Last year's straw had sprouted into lush, high grass which was mowed and dried and bailed up then spread out for this season of Sahavas. It created a floor in The Toddy Shop and flashed golden in the sunshine in front of the kitchen. It's roots held in the soil snugly so there was no dust problem in the main camping area-a stunning improvement over last year's powder everywhere! The temperature was cooler during those inten e A view of the creek at Meherana near "Meher Baba's Cabin."


'. <p



"Meher Dear You Must Live In My Heart." I Pandal was located near The Bridge of Weakexpected the bridge's name to have an up-beat nesses and a Fort which was spontaneously ring or a humorous meaning perhaps; but, later created from sheets of flowered cloth. The kids made a banner with Baba's face surrounded by learned of the beauty of this name in its meantheir hand-prints in bright colors. These colors ing-that we use our weaknesses to create a soon drifted to the Toiling Tractor and strawstructure of support toward the One. These are my words, not Bhau' s, yet perhaps some of the lined flat bed which added to the gypsy caravan sense comes through. There was a christening atmosphere. David Lowman allowed the kids to ceremony where, instead of breaking a bottle of champagne over the entrance, we all toasted in the wine of Meher Baba's love while Bhau cut the ribbon. The crowd followed him over the bridge and it reminded me of images of Baba crossing the bridge in Myrtle Beach with His beautiful stride, creating a wave of atmosphere for his lovers to flow into. Children clustered around Bhau, as did the older folks, while ribbons in the colors of Meher Baba's flag scalloped the bridge walls as this auspicious crossing occurred. A sweet temporary structure was put in the place where Meher Baba's cabin will be built. A model of this log-cabin home with a verandah on four sides was on display at the Information Center. Betty .nd D.vld Lowm.n supervise .s children w..h the tr.ctor... Quite an impressive structure to look Md other. forward to; and even now the wood and wash the dust from many Shuttle rides off and cloth home was full of flowers, Meher Baba's chair and a hint of His perfume which was bring back the bright blue color. The famous Los Angeles Bookstore was splendid at Arti each Sahavas morning. This packed up, brought to Meherana. unpacked and home will look out over the water and pilgrim etup-created a wonderful browsing center for faces for generations to come. "Meher Come, the shoppers among us and a generous donation Meher Come, Meher Come!" to Meherana-then the boxes arri ved for packThe Kids & Teens program was so exing up for the trip home, to be unpacked and set panded from last year that they had their own up again in Los Angeles. Who would expect schedule printed up just for themselves. Each that one of the biggest. if not THE biggest day brought lots of art projects, hikes, a Meher Saba book source would be nestled in clothesline full of tie-dyed T-shirts, gold-panthe rolling hills of Mariposa's motherlode. ning, mask-making, storytelling, campfire with Wonders never cease in Meher Baba country. S'mores, face painting, bubble blowing (yes, it Adele Wolkin's First Aid station comforted is true that one bubble was seen measuring many who ventured unwittingly into poison oak seven feet long!)-so much to do it was hard or other problems of the body. One might hear not to miss out. Many of the "Squirters" from an anecdote of the Beloved as an antidote to a last year showed up again, willing to squirt swollen foot or rash. Adele didn't have the water on the tired faces of the old folks who numbers of dehydrated soul she did last year, didn't mind a bit. The children made pictures for Bhau and Meherwan Mistry who were the continued on next page Sahavas' Special Guests. The Children's 11

MARIPOSA, from previous page an improvement indeed. At the end of the lineup of structures sat The White Dove Toddy Shop and Cafe. The earliest arrivals to Meherana noticed that a darling, nearly absolutely white dove was residing in the empty Toddy-Shop-to-be room. She would fly in circles over the camp area then land on the kitchen or trees near the Toddy. She was often seen picking up morsels from the straw and proved to be rather tame as she would let pilgrims venture near. The Toddy was a source of Pearson's mints, cold drinks, chai and coffee (one woman bought a full pot), cookies, gum, red-links which sold out, turkey jerky, even Beedies. Baba's flag hung in the shop and its colors carried the Mastery In Servitude symbol on bright colored paper at the entrance. The photo of Baba washing the fortunate leper of Pandahapur, which is in Bhau' s new book, sat on the counter. One could cut deals with the Italian proprietor, Peter Ravazza, who produced nachos late one night after the Dhuni Fire for a band of merry teens appearing from the black night, their lantern faces lighting up the Toddy with chatter and intoxication of friendship. Will David' s T-Shirt series, The J3 J Names of God, hung on a line for all to enjoy. Each shirt depicts one of the names along with an illustration. The number of the name shown is placed at the top. These whimsical, brightly colored designs made a big hit and can be or-


dered directly from Will even now. So, with this backdrop of Sahavas Setting in place, what happened? There were a cluster of occurrences to contend with: One automobile was hit by a motorcycle while it's owner attempted to enter Meherana (no injuries); a long snake was killed (who benefited by Baba's name); and then there was a small screech owl who appeared on the back of the pandal stage near Baba's chair. This happened after the Dhuni Fire. Evidently he had a mouse which got away and found refuge under Baba' s chair. Our Linwood was able to retrieve this mouse and release him near Baba's "house-to-be," figuring if he came to Baba he deserved another chance at life. Mr. Screech, however, stayed on at the pandal his eyes following the movements of pilgrims to and fro. Every time someone would bow down to Baba's chair, he would nod in agreement. It was quite a sight to see. His tiny glance followed Jeff Lowe as he moved off the stage, then he looked for the next person to come up. He lingered quite a long time and remained while people were present. It seemed a fitting ending to the Dhuni Fire evening where the dark night and the very stars seemed to fall to earth in sparks from fla hlight forms as each pilgrim moved along the line to bring a personal quality to the fire of His love. Bhau described the Dhuni ceremony as becoming a remembrance of Baba and our effort to please him. If one places a preoccupation with, for example, bananas into the flames, then every time bananas are present, one's resolve to please Baba will be there too. An abundance of entertainment took place during the Sahavas. There was a children's chorus, lots of poetry reading and Bhau' s ghazals, singing and singing and more singing. There was the performance of Raine AslmanGannet's "Because of Love," a play about Mira, Mary Magdeline and Mehera with their Beloved's-Krishna, Jesus, and Meher Baba. This play was performed prior to Bhau' stalk Saturday evening and filled the stage with dancing and music and images for memories of being together. Both Bhau Kalchuri and Meherwan Mistry invited questions; their responses were wonderful to take in because they are based upon di-

1·~·*G$.~.*G~.~.*G$.~.*G~ i

rect experience with the Avatar. Along the lines of our master-of-ceremonies Jeff Maguire's bantering style of humor, one exuberant questioner asked Meherwan how we could really be sure Bhau actually was with Meher Baba since, after all, as night watchman he and Baba were never awake at the same time? The answer struck forth quickly, "Bhau is the evidence himself." Meherwan was asked about the difference of experience he has now with Meher Baba as compared to when Baba was in the body. Meherwan explained that as time moves along his conviction is greater and greater and still greater now and that he can see how he could have been more attuned to Meher Baba when Baba was in the body. He gave the example: he was thinking of becoming a doctor and when Baba asked him what he wanted to be Meherwan replied, "a doctor." Meherjee was present and admonished Meherwan to tell Baba exactly what he wanted, which was to be a surgeon. Baba said Meherwan could become a surgeon and chop off his father's legs (Meherwan's father had ulcers on his feet). Meherwan mentioned that his answer to Baba's inquiry should have been "Whatever you want me to be." He indicated that this "regret" is part of learning discipleship. Another question to Meherwan was how he included Meher Baba in his work as a doctor. The answer was practical and to the point of living in the world while doing our best and leaving the results to God. Meherwan replied that he remembers Baba before each surgery by repeating His name, then, "I just go and do my

work." What better example than this for us all! Our Sahavas ended with Bhau greeting each one with a farewell embrace as we all sang the "Meher Come" refrain. It is hard to believe that Bhau was so recently sick with cancer and has had eye surgery as well. He stood resolute and like that "every-ready" battery-he just keeps going and going. Meher Baba allows His Bhau to continue on among His lovers, recharging the spark of love in their hearts like a stalwart battery whose own charge is from the Highest of the High. Bhau promised to take our embraces to Meher Baba's Samadhi. We can all know that to have such an emissary for our love and search for God is rare beyond description. Many pilgrims took with them the newest of Bhau's books, Mastery in Servitude. It is the first copyright for Meherana. The cover carries the Mastery in Servitude symbol embossed on a lovely gray-blue cover. The simple, uncluttered design reflects the book's dedication: all those who are inclined to become slaves of God rather than slaves of illusion" We look forward to the 3rd Annual Spring Sahavas of Slaves at Meherana next year.


Bheu Kalchurl IlUlde the trlp thl. y...., much to the , ...tltute of .....-1ove,. netlonwlde, to .peek of hi. Beloved to tho.e .e,e, eudlenc••. 1'\

YOU WHO MARRY TODAY On married life, Meher Baba said: "Most people marry as a matter of course, and it becomes a help or a hindrance to their unfoldment as human beings according to their understanding of what marriage means... There are immense spiritual possibilities in married life when it is thoroughly determined by the vision of Truth." You who marry today are most fortunate ... You have refused to line up each morning at the loading-bays of spiritual commerce and economic sanctity, leaving your shoulders clean for the burden of the Beloved. Tradition is a glorious thing when it is rooted in living religion and is a reflection of the natural dignity of man and woman, when it is a stronghold against enemies and a sheltered place where the two separate flames of a man and a woman can unite in the flame of divine Oneness. But with us, before the Era of Now-the time of empty cups and prostration and praises-that is, before the Advent of the beautiful God-Man, with his whispered heart doctrine of, YOU ARE BECAUSE I AM, a marriage was a license to wash dirt on a workedout gold field and a wedding as a well-wishing in the labor by those who had panned small or no gold in their lifetime. Marriage is both a settled way of life and a journey to unknown places, based upon honesty of motive and mutuality of consideration which distinguishes it sharply in tone, tenure and texture from casual relationships that have no motive other than self-gratification and no consideration beyond the passing moment. It is an exercise in oneness, the blessedness of doing things together within the context of the whole human endeavor. But too often the wide landscape 9f humanity can shrink to the few shrubs and the patch of grass of 'we and the others,' 'theirs and ours,' if not a straight out 'us versus the rest.' Really doing it together means doing it for the divine Beloved-for together, without him, is two errors trying to make a right, two zeros hoping to add up to one. You who marry today in the Beloved's name, do not even have to carry the burden of hope-for he who the generations in their travaH and misery hoped would come, has come and will be with you to the end of your lives. You have only, hand in hand, to find his house 14

by Francis Brabazon, excerpted and reprinted from The Awakener, Volume 15, No.3 & 4

in Love Street, kiss the threshold and hold out to him the empty cups of your hearts and he, the Beloved of all beautiful unions, will fill them with the wine of his Truth. Your only problem is how to empty your hearts so that you can obtain that wine-for the Beloved does not pour the precious wine of divine union into glasses that have not been thoroughly washed of the cheap drinks of self-desires. The Beloved of beloveds has brought you dear ones of His together so that together you can set about this work of glass washing in right earnest- that is His blessing to youbecause it is so much easier for two to work together than each on his own. God made the world out of opposites; and the most perfect opposites are a man and a woman; and being perfect they alone of all the creatures ofcreation are capable of total union. Animals have their loves, and plants their affinities and the stars attract and repel one another; but only in man can love be fully expressed, for man has that full consciousness by which he can realize that he is in the Image of God. This realization comes by the Grace of the Beloved; but love has given us the work of making our hearts empty to receive that Grace: that it will be poured into the glasses of our own particular heart shapes. This emptying can only be done through love and service. You who marry today do not have the burden of dead tradition and pathetic hopes to carry. Beloved Baba in His loving-kindness has given us the greater labor, the giants' labor of making our heart glasses perfectly c1ean-a giants' labor because the glass itself is impregnated with the stains of countless lives. The last faintest trace of stain must be rubbed away, yet the shape of the glass retained-for it is your glass which is to be filled, not someone else's. Together you go to Him, but He comes to each of you individually. Individuality is never lost; it is made perfect. The more you give yourselves to one another and to the true well-being of others, the sooner you will find the divine Beloved who is the One Self of all. Two singing together, sometimes in unison, sometimes in spontaneous harmonies is a music second only to the singer divinely alone who moves everyone to tears. t'X I~


Please send artworle and writing from Baba's children to Adele Wolleln, 714·A South Pacific Coast Hwy., Redondo Beach, CA 90277; (310} 540·8404. It you wish to halle the artworlr or writing sent bacle, enclose a self·addressed, stamped enllelope when you sent it to Adele.

\ ,







h ,


I remember very well when, not long ago, I was just like one of you. You little ones are especially dear to me. Children are innocent and free from vain egoti m. Children have no low de ire. When, after becoming free of all childishness, a man really becomes childlike, he realizes God. Whether you like it or not. you must soon grow up and cease being childi h. More and more you must enjoy letting your teachers teach you and your elders lead you while you are growing into men and women. Unless you are willing to learn and ready to obey, they cannot help you a they would like to do. The whole of life is like playing the game of hide and seek, in which you must find your real self. I give you my blessings. that you may ucceed in this realization that life i alltime play. God alone is real. all else is fal e, and so you must try to love God who is within us all. To gain this love you should try to be honest in your thought, word and action . Reprintedfrom Listen Humanity. p. 178

'l~ -A.

. ,,[\.:I.! , '.--J

l~~\..l·' ~

by Jeffrey Meron, son of Thad and Heilee Meron

"Though the chi ldren are thus the beneficiaries of the married life of the parents, the married life of the parents i in its turn enriched by the pre ence of the children. Children give to parents an opportunity for expressing and developing a real and pontaneous love in which sacrifice becomes easy and delightful, and the part played by children in the life of parents is of tremendous importance for the spiritual advancement of parents themselves. It therefore follows that when children make their appearance in married life they ought to be .t\'~\ wholeheartedly welcomed by the parents. ' \ J By Avatar Meher Baba, excerptedfrom ...:.•. /~,.-<. Discourse, Vol. I, pp. 150- 151 ". _..... ~':":>~.:.'.~~.'" J~

... , ......

by Julia Pearson, daughter of 8111 and Portia Pearson

~ ..

~.:..':;::.-;=:'. • ';',"






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J ,~ I




,, ,





Prognun suggestions? Interested In presenting a program, artwort or music? Call .IIIy Goodrum at (2131 466-8233. For directions to an, of the events call the number noted, or call the Baba Center at (3101 474-9454.

.July 1路4, Saturday-Tuesday

LOS ANGELES SAHAVAS AT Pll..,GRIM PINES With guests Ella Marks, Merwan Mehta and musical guests Suzz and Wendy Conner.


.July 1, Saturday

Come to Fred Stankus' famous Gulta Night for an evening of fun. food, high spirited humor and friends all focused on Beloved Baba.


August 12, Saturday 8 pm

.July 5, Wednesday 2路4 pm


Come for tea and talk with our Sahavas guests at Fred and Gigi's. Call 213-257-8371 for information.

Tonight we will focus on the significance and beauty of The Universal Prayer ( also known as The Masters Prayer) that was given by Baba in August of 1953. Hosted by Mike Ramsden .

.July 8, Saturday 8 pm

August 19, Saturday 6 pm


DIVINE LAUGHTER Baba said "The amusing events that come at the expense of none lightens my burden." Come and share your humor. Hosted by Rosalee Dunphy.

.July 10, Monday 3路10 pm

Sll..,ENCE DAY The Center will be open for reflection and video viewing as we silently celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the day Baba began his Silence.



This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Hosted by Dr. Mamoud Ajang.



Tonight our dear Marguerite Poley will tell us the fascinating story of her life and the circumstances that led her to Meher Baba. including when she met Baba in 1956 and Sahavas with Baba in 1958. Musical guests Chris and Pris Haffenden.

.July 22, Saturday 8 pm

FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mamoud Ajang.

August 19, Saturday 8 pm

ADELE'S ARCHIVES Over the course of her long and intimate relationship with Meher Baba Adele Wolkin has accumulated a vast collection of photographs, cables from Baba. leiters from Mandali members and countless other treasures. Tonight inaugurates what will become a series (once a quarter) of programs in which she will bring in gems from her archives and tell the stories behind them. Not to be missed.

August 26, Saturday 8 pm

Fll..,M NIGHT Tonight Dina Franklin will show the latest and greatest videos of Meher Baba and the Mandali that our bookstore and library has to offer.

September 2, Saturday 6 pm

FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Saba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mamoud Ajang.


September 2, Saturday 8 pm

Come and take a mini trip to India. Tonight Orang Ajang will show the videos of Baba's Tomb, conversations with the mandali and rare footage of the mast Mohammed that he took on his recent trips to Meherabad and Meherazad.


.July 29, Saturday 8 pm

THE GLORY OF THE BELOVED Come one and all to behold Baba's physical form on film. Our favorite film-walla Charlie Morton will conduct tonight's meeting.

August 5, Saturday 6 pm

FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Saba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mamoud Ajang. 16

August 5, Saturday 8 pm

The Makeig family will be here from San Diego for an evening of music, stories and sharing Saba's Love.

September 9, Saturday 8 pm

HOLDING FAST TO BABA'S DAMAN Tonight Jay Diltersdorf will lead a discussion on moving through the sometimes unpleasant events of ones life and holding fast to Baba in spite of them and sometimes because of them. From his own experIence he WIll diSCUSS the divorce he went through and how Baba helped him through such a trying phase of his life. Come prepared to share. Music by Tim Thelen.

GARLAND FOR BABA by Steve Shames September 16, Saturday 6 pm

FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mamoud Ajang.

September 16, Saturday 8 pm

TRUST NIGHT Come and learn about the past, present and future of The Avatar Meher Baba Trust, mission control of organized Baba work. After the talk we will have music, fun and food. Come one and all. Hosted by Lynn and Steve Berry.

September 23, Saturday 8 pm

BEHOLD THE BELOVED How very fortunate we are that Beloved Baba left us so many beautiful films of him in physical form. Tonight Charlie Morton will show some of our favorites.

September 30, Saturday 8 pm

WHAT'S UP AT MEHER MOUNT Tonight many members of the Board of Directors of Meher Mount come to discuss with us the past, present and especially the future of this beautiful site where Beloved Baba's footsteps once fell. This is an important meeting. As a place that was visited and enjoyed by the Avatar of the Age, Meher Mount is a very powerful and valuable resource right here in our own backyard. Hosted by Bing Heckman and members of Meher Mount Board.

SPECIAL VISIT: DON STEVENS Don Stevens, longtime Baba Lover and Editor of GOD SPEAKS and LISTEN HUMANITY is planning to visit our area in late summer or early autumn. Stay tuned for details.

In eighteen ninety four: the year of the blessed Lord, the blessed incarnation, which will spellbound the whole world. For surely this is Meher Baba's call; of love that will shake the whole world; of love that shall rain the drop of heavenly rains of His sweet love. Meher will sing and sing and sing until we realize that love, that love; and only that will bring us to the King. For love has a voice of silence. The hush of the eternal, of Meher' s eyes. The hands of the Lord transfigure the skies. The palace of Meher abounds in His breathtaking love. Angels, adorn the Avatar! Gracious with His love, Meher Baba lights the stars! Meher lifts up all moons! Love can do most anthing. Meher Baba's love can make the blind to truly see and the deaf hear His celestial tunes. Love is really everything. It's dust at Baba's tomb. It's children walking through this life. It's Baba's kingdom unseen, but ever true. It's the love of the Divine that will bring us surely home. It's Baba's unfailing Love; caught in illusion's hands that will surely lift us to the Beloved's land where Love reigns by Baba's hand. And of silver streams, gold Shangri-la, blue mountains, fields richly green. Baba, in rivers marching to sea. Meher, be my dream. All flowers I shall bring! Meher, will you ring bells of your love?


Mountains fall; cities arise from blessed solitude; reason falls to love. For the Ancient One has come! Silver streams, gold Shangri-la, blue mountains, fields richly green; skies laden with fruit, love on the wind. The scent of Mehers' wealth of being. Keep His song, the day be long. Arise from depths; and when you do dream. Awake! unto Him. 17

NEWS FROM INDIA March 21. 1995. The 1994-95 pilgrim season, which is the first following the glorious Centenary of the Glorious One, has just come to an end. And in the summer silence and blazing heat that are beginning to settle in on Meherabad, as they do every year at this time, memories of the last few months still linger, like an empty stage set that recalls the drama played to a packed house the night before, or an empty cup that still exudes fragrances of newly concluded revelries. The flow of Western pilgrims, which has slowly been increasing since the first sudden influx at the time of the Last Darshan of 1969, was up again this year. A total of 642 Westerners, perhaps a quarter of them first-time visitors, stayed at Meherabad between June 15 and March 15. As usual, most of these hailed from the United States, Australia, England, and France; but the crowded two months between Christmas and Baba's Birthday hosted an unusually international assemblage, with groups arriving from Slovenija and other parts of the world in which latent love-seeds of His sowing seem now to be coming to harvest. The existing pilgrim facilities are still able to meet demand by hook or by crook, though more and more frequently long-term visitors have to be asked to move out of the Pilgrim Center into the Dharmshala or Hostel D. Yet at the peak times it is not hard to imagine a new Meherabad in the days to come, when crowds of lovers are the norm and accommodations need to be provided on a much larger scale than they are at present. As always, pilgrim season in 1994-95 opened in silence and closed in festivity: That is, it opened in the weeks leading up to Silence Day and closed in the aftermath of Christmas, Amartithi, and the Birthday. The principal gathering, of course, is the January 31 st commemoration of the day on which Beloved Baba dropped His physical form, for which occasion thousands of Indians travel to Meherabad from their homes throughout India, creating for the duration of 48 hours a small city of 10,000 which swells to nearly 30,000 on the 31 st itself. Programs of song and dance each day run from early morning until 11 or 12 p.m.; and even in the dead of night a murmur of activity continues, as thousands of pilgrims wend their way 18

by Ward Parks

through the Samadhi-queue for their few brief moments with their Beloved in the place where His body resides. Amartithi is indeed a matchless occasion, in which the oceanic expansiveness of the God who becomes God-Man is for a brief span mirrored in the tidal ebb and flow of crowds of people of all types, differing in their garments and customs and languages but united in the name of love on their lips and the footprint of a common obeisance in their hearts. By comparison with the sweep and grandeur of Amartithi, both Christmas and Baba's

"...residents and pilgrims... arose in the pre-dawn darkness of late winter... with seven loud cries of "Avatar Meher Saba ki Jai!'" Birthday were intimate occasions, although even on these days the crowds ran into the several hundreds. As in the past, Meherazad played host to the Christmas program, which was staged under a brightly colored pandal in the lovely garden area between the backdoor of Mandali Hall and Mehera's Porch. This year the variety show of assorted acts of music and magic and merriment was incorporated into a comic dialogue, riddled with unintended puns and miscues, between Mrs. Claus a~d a rather deaf Santa. After the play, each member of the audience was treated to a small Christmas packet, prepared by the "Meherazadians" and hand delivered by Mani; and this was followed by a tasty lunch. Like old wine in a new bottle, the spirit and pageantry of Christmas acquired new charm in the Meherazad setting, where the birthday of Christ is truly an occasion for rejoicing as it was among the simple shepherds of Bethlehem long ago. Appropriately enough, Beloved Baba's own Birthday brought the pilgrim season to its climax. At the Samadhi at Meherabad, Mandali Hall at Meherazad, and the Ahmednagar Center

at Meher Nazar, residents and pilgrims at their respective places arose in the pre-dawn darkness of late winter and welcomed the stroke of five o'clock with seven loud cries of "Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!" This was the practice that prevailed in Baba's time, and it continues today. Later in the morning all gathered in the theater at Meherabad for the Birthday play, which this year centered on the theme of religion. Written and directed by Meherabad residents but enacted primarily by pilgrims, the play dramatized the transformation of a primor~ dial religious impulse awakening in primitive man into hardened rites and practices that feed religious intolerance. In the last act of the play, however, the spirit of true religion reawakened, as assorted characters rediscovered in Meher Baba the true Beloved abiding at the core of their faith. Meanwhile, the Ahmednagar Center, whose headquarters are in the Trust Compound but whose membership is drawn from the general population of Ahmednagar, hosted a series of celebratory events which ran for more than a week. On the morning of the Birthday the local bhajan singers poured out their song offerings to Beloved B'aba, as indeed some of these very same singers used to do before Baba personally in the 1960s when the Center was first opened. But the evenings that followed the Birthday featured a range of entertainments, including several breath-taking performances of classical music (vocal as well as instrumental) in addition to a new play written and staged by Baba lovers from the Bombay and Poona groups. The final event of the season brought pilgrims and residents, Indians and Westerners together in a grand midday feast in the Trust Compound, which was gaily decked out for the occasion with rows of tables under colorful pandals. A few days later Meherabad closed for the summer, and the last few straggling pilgrims boarded their taxis and trains and set out on the long trip home. So another pilgrim year has come to an end; but for many of those who live here, the arrival of summer (March to June) heralds merely the continuation of their old work schedules under conditions of scorching heat in which the mercury regularly climbs over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit (or into the middle forties centigrade). By the end of this three-

month period the fields and hillsides are parched and utterly barren without a trace of grass or other groundcover. But this year the usual summer austerities will be compounded by the almost complete failure of the 1994 monsoon. Meanwhile, the demands for water have been increasing exponentially, particularly in consequence of the extensive tree plantation that has been carried out over the past fifteen years. The history of the well-digging and waterseeking ventures undertaken under Baba's direction deserves to be written in full one day, if for no other reason than because it is suggestive of the labor which God must undertake to tap the streams of love and compassion flowing deep beneath the surfaces of a parched and love-deficient humanity. But since there is no time for that digression now, our present story begins in the I960s, when a bore drilling on the Meherazad property struck water about a hundred feet beneath the surface; and for the next fifteen or twenty years that well continued to satisfy the water needs of the Meherazad residents and pilgrims as well as the Meher Free Dispensary. Then about a decade ago. this well ran dry. Immediately a new bore was driven, and once again, bountiful water was discovered; indeed this new well, which was dubbed "Amazing Grace," proved to be one of the best in the district. But Meherazad's term of felicity (where water is concerned) came to an abrupt halt in the last days of 1994 when. quite without warning, "Amazing Grace" suddenly began to falter, and after a few days, to fail altogether. Evidently the level of the local ground water had fallen, partly because of the drought and partly because of the extensive ground-water exploitation by local sugar cane farmers. With the Christmas festivities just concluded and Amartithi approaching, the pilgrim season was at its peak, and four days a week the Trust buses running between Meherabad and Meherazad were disgorging thirsty throngs of pilgrims who, naturally enough, require water for drinking and toilet use. Immediately emergency measures went into effect: Pilgrims were asked to bring their own drinking water, and tankers were hired to cart in water in 3000 galIon hatches four or five times a week. Now that

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INDIA NEWS, from previous page pilgrim season has ended. at least the welfare of the pilgrims is not at risk. But the extensive Meherazad gardens, which were a particular love of Mehera's and which have expanded considerably in the last decade. are thirsty drinkers and are likely to become more so as the fiery afternoons of April and May tum up the thermostat. Curiously enough, these disasters on the water front precipitated a new round of waterdrilling efforts that may, in the end, tum the current misfortunes inside out. In the two months since then. diggings in a new open well have gone to a depth of about 30 feet, and even as I write (it is now mid-March), water has been struck. We still don't know what will be the productivity of this well; but the news so far has been favorable. Meanwhile, the diviner who had located "Amazing Grace" was taken to Meherabad, and there he singled out two sites. A bore driven at

"No aspect of His legacy seems more precious than those fortunate "slaves" who lived with Him day by day..." this second site found water exactly where the diviner had prognosticated. and at present this well is yielding about 8500 gallons a day, or almost three times the total output of all the other some thirty-odd Meherabad wells combined! The history of water exploration at Meherabad is a veritable graveyard of bright prospects. All the same, it is possible that the new wells may augur a period of greater abundance of local water supply (apart from the municipal water piped in from Ahmednagar) than has been the case at any time since Baba first came to Meherabad in 1923. Such is the kind of "news" that preoccupies the denizens of Baba Town during the summer months that are unenlivened by the

pilgrim presence. Yet the last year has brought for all of us some sobering reminders that, while many new manifestations of His love will come into being, many will have to pass away. No aspect of His legacy seems more precious than those fortunate "slaves" who lived with Him day by day and who now continue to purvey some of that ineffable fragrance that is one of the signs of His coming in our midst. Yet His mandali have grown old. and while none have dropped their physical forms and returned to Him over the last year, encroaching health problems have, in most cases, become a regular feature of their lives. The catalog of mandali and long-time Baba lovers who have had to pass through surgery and other major health traumas this year is more extensive than I care to rehearse here. One of the more dramatic events was the discovery of an orange-sized tumor in Bhau's colon last November. The tumor was removed in early December, and at present Bhau seems to be recovering well with a good health prognosis. In late January, just a few days before Amartithi, Mansari suffered a pair of heart attacks. She too seems to be recuperating well; and happily she has not needed to leave her quarters on Meherabad Hill where she has been living for almost 60 years. Still another sufferer has been Dr. Goher, whose acute osteo-arthritis in both of her shoulders has necessitated a visit to the West where she is currently undergoing surgery for the replacement of both shoulder joints. With these and other health crises, together with the usual fevers and colds and gastric difficulties suffered by pilgrim and younger residents. it has been a hard year for the overworked Meherabad and Meherazad doctors. And with this health report, my quarterly fund of news seems to have been exhausted. Of course, all this is the surface news; the real story of the love-game that the Beloved plays out with His lovers is enacted in the lives of each of us. These little episodes of our common community life are little diversions along the road to Him in course of those pilgrimages that we call our "selves," pilgrimages that will be completed when we bow down to Him for the last time and merge like drops into the Ocean of His love.


A CONVERSATION ON THE MOMENT This is an excerpted transcription from a conversation this husband and wife had while discussing an entry in Craig Ian Ruff's recently published book of"intuitions, " The Moment Within. On page 62 ofThe Moment Within Craig writes:

"How poor the night sky would be with only one star! How poor a garden with only one flower! How poor the Ocean of Love with only one heart to pour into!"

Jack: Gwendolyn, what does this mean to you? Gwendolyn: To me it means that we don't reach God alone, isolated from other people and from life. We all reach God together. The path to God involves relationships. Whether these are relationships with friends, children, parents, husbands, etc., relationships are essential.

Jack: In other words, through our relationship with one another, Baba creates more love, expands our hearts to pour more love into them. When we try to love and relate to each other, it is really Baba loving Himself through us. Our attempts at relating to each other are really Him loving Himself through us. Therefore, our love for each other comes out of our love for Him, and His love for us.

Gwendolyn: My first impression of the poem was more of a sense of how, through relationships, Baba breaks our hearts, opening them to His love.

Jack: By breaking our hearts it seems you mean He effaces our false selves. We have separate minds and bodies, but there is only one heart. Our hearts are seeking unity with Him through each other. Hence, there is this constant adjustment and conflict between our false selves, i.e., our physical, emotional and mental bodies. There is this constant effacement of our false selves. It is love that pulls us together and as we are pulled together all the falseness within us gets worn away. Love is not static. In our relationship with each other as well as our relationship with Baba, we are either being brought closer or further away. No matter how much we are in conflict externally our hearts are drawing us to each other. The pain we feel in relating to each other is caused by our failure to let go of the mind and allow our hearts to become one. Since I have come to Baba, my

by Jack and Gwendolyn Small

goal has been to know Him. Before I married, I perceived the way to know Him was to participate in the great Manifestation of His love, i.e., to be a part of the external awakening of His love in humanity. I was a Manifestor. All my activities were to inform the world of His being in our midst. Since we have been married, my goal has been simply to know Him in the context of our life together. I am no longer a Manifestor. Baba can take care of the world. I just want to know Him in your heart and in my heart. I believe I was just fooling myself before, thinking I could contribute to the Manifestation when I can not even face my weaknesses on a day-to-day basis.

Gwendolyn: It may be that you were fooling yourself, but I believe we all do that all the time, whatever we are doing. The very fact that we are here shows that we are still learning. The important thing to remember is that we are never fooling Meher Baba. He always knows what we are up to and somehow, even though our intentions may not be completely pure, He makes use of our efforts just the same for our own and for a greater good. What you were doing before was right for that time, now He has other things for you to learn. He's obviously got new things for me to learn as well. and so we're here learning them together!

"How poor the night sky would be with only one star! How poor a garden with only one flower! How poor the Ocean of Love with only one heart to pour into!"



Our first Spring Fling Sweepstakes drawing took place at our Spring Fling Party at Jacko Caraco' s on April 8th, 1995. The Spring Fling Sweepstakes winners follow: The pilgrimage to Baba's Samadhi in India was won by John Cali of Walnut Creek, CA; the winner of our bookstore catalogue gift certificate was Sharon Phillips of Donalds, SC; and finally, the winner of our pilgrimage to Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach was won by Richard House of Goldshore, NC. Dr. House was very happy to win, but because of his close proximity to Myrtle Beach, HE HAS DECIDED TO DONATE HIS WINNING BACK TO OUR CENTER to be offered as a bonus prize in another sweepstakes. This prize will be offered in our Mehermas Sweepstakes this coming December '95. Thanks to Dr. House, and congratulations to all of our winners. If you feel that this is your year to fly home to Baba's Samadhi, but have not yet won this great prize, take heart! Our FLY-TOINDIA SWEEPSTAKES DRAWING WILL BE HELD AT OUR SILENCE DAY SARAVAS ON JULY 4TH, 1995. Ifyou would like to participate in this sweepstakes, mail in the left half of your tickets now; suggested donations are: 1 Ticket, $7; 2 Tickets, $10; AND 7 Tickets, $25. Send them to the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California, 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 90025, Attention: Sweepstakes. If you have not already received tickets for this drawing, or you would like more, please write your request and send it along with the suggested donation to the Center, and we will be happy to fill tickets out for you here. BABA'S FAMILY IS ALWAYS GROWING

Our heartfelt thanks to both Dara and Amrit for being our guests and sharing their experiences with our Beloved Meher Baba at the Los Angeles Baba Center. You are definitiely an example of love in action and an inspiration to us all. Congratulations also to their son, Meherwan, and to their new daughter-in-law, Molly Hayes-married in San Francisco. May your marriage shine with our Beloved's Love. VIDEO CASSETTE LENDING LIBRARY

Borrow these rare talks by guest speakers from decades of So. Calif. Sahavas gatherings and Center meetings! A small shipping/handling 22

charge delivers these VHS tapes to your door. Write to: AMBCSC-Video Library, c/o Raymond Lee, PO Box 3247, So. Pasadena, CA 91 031-6247. AUDIO CASSETTE LENDING LIBRARY

The mail order audio cassette library contains talks by guest speakers from Sahavas gatherings and Center meetings in Southern California. There is a $2.50 fee for each talk, which includes round trip postage and return envelope. For a free information packet write to: AMBC-CL, PO Box 3233, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 INTERNET: larry@salata.comFAX:310-372-0987.JAIBABA! ONE WORLD

One World is a FREE Online Service in the Los Angeles area that carries the Avatar Meher Baba Internet list as a conference. To access One World call 310-372-0987 using a computer and modem. To aCl.:ess the conference select M)essage Menu on the Main Menu and then A)rea change to "750" Meher Baba chat. Confp,rences can be read online, read continuously and saved to your disk for later reading, or you can use an offline reader. JAIBABA! YOUTH SAHAVAS IS GETTING OLDER

Get ready, it's upcoming this summer! Held at the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, registration is taking place RIGHT NOW. Here's a comment about last year's event: "Youth Sahavas '94 not only was the largest Yet, but it also seemed to be most di verse; we even had 4 British Sahavasees this year! The activities and discussion groups targeted immense participation, leading to the somewhat comic grand finale, the "not-so-talented-Talent-Show" with yet another wonderful performance that, I'm sure, touched Baba as it touched us all. The experience in the bam was one that no one will forget. Jane presented to all a wonderful gift from Mani: bookmarks that had been to the Tomb, with dried flowers and pictures and quotes from Baba, and prasad candy with the same loving vibrations. We all thank Mani and hold the gifts dear to our hearts. Sahavas 94 was one of understanding and coming together, and we, the Sahavasees have only one universal complaint-make it longer!" (Kersten Dryden) Call the Meher Spiritual Center at 803-272-5777 for more information; and hurry!

LOS ANGELES CENTER REPORT Patience appears to be the required discipline at this time! Following our membership' approval of the board's budgeted activity for 1995, which included moving to a new, larger, interim facility, pending the purchase of a new site, donations for general expenses fell so low that they did not cover the second quarter's regular running expenses. The board was forced to authorize the treasurer to use our small reserve fund ($2,800) which was still not enough to cover all the expenses. $$$ were privately raised for this. Naturally we could not move. This occurred despite a wonderful response to the new sweepstakes which raised $2,800 net. The third quarter expenditures also appear to exceed the projected income at this time. "HELP, $$$!!!" One quarter's rent is $3,975! There are many regular expenses which most householders understand as well. There are many other expenses that the Center must carry to do its mission. There has, however, been a wonderful, worldwide response to the LoveStreet LampPost request for mailing list confirmation and, indirectly, funds. Each of those who gave wifl receive a note of thanks. This response is a measure of the appreciation that the LampPost has achieved. At this time it's printing and postage is now funded to the end of the year! This is a true labor of love. No one receives any pay in its production. There are still some who receive it who have not indicated that they want to continue to receive it. If you do not let us know now, you will be dropped from the mailing list by the next issue! The shortage of general expense funds raises an interesting question concerning the Center's location for its activities. We have designated funds for several activities, i.e., library, Fly-to-India, Youth Sahavas scholarship, LoveStreet LampPost production and New Center funds. The latter being the bulk of these funds. Obviously we cannot spend these funds on anything other than their designated use. If general fund donations fall so low that the rent and regular expenses cannot be paid, what action must be followed? In the past, on one or two occasions, money has been borrowed from the New Center fund and later repaid. More recent boards have voted strongly against that policy.

by Michael Ramsden

We have a strong commitment to not paying rent in the future, i.e., buying our own land and building. This brings to mind the obvious comment that if we cannot afford what we already have, why commit to more expense? If this is so we will need to streamline and plan accordingly. This does appear to be a test of our collective consciousness and commitment to our already established goals for the future of the Center and its mission. We have just started the serious and strongest fundraising campaign for the New Center ever attempted by this group. (Although you have not yet been contacted...) Fund shortages will come and go, but they create fresh opportunities for work in a different way. In the short term absence of funds we can close the physical Center (this was done in 1977 for several months while the search for a

"We have a strong commitment to not paying rent in the future." new Center continued), temporarily move the Bookstore and other items to storage, hold meetings at different members' houses and larger gatherings at Occidental College or another site. Fundraising activities would continue as usual and we would not have the botherance of at least $5,500 worth of quarterly rent and other expenses. all moneys saved would go to the New Center fund, making it more likely to succeed quickly. But only if donations continued as if the Center were still physically present and if Bookstore Catalog sales replaced lost walk-in Bookstore sales. This returns us back to the statement, "REQUEST, $$$ HELP!!" It is needed if you either want to maintain a centralized building or if you want to continue Center operations without a building, until a new building can be purchased! If the New Center fundraising drive fails, and general donations fail to cover ex-

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Adah Shifrin, author of a number of books on Meher Baba including Meher Baba is Love and Baba 's Garden ofLove, passed away on April 12. There will be a full article on Adah in the next LampPost issue. Below is an excerpt from Baba's Garden ofLove. Did you plant a seed of Love today Upon this planet earth? Did you water it with kindness, Good thoughts to give it birth? God chose you for this very task And needs us, everyone! You can make His garden grow For love is like the sun. AVATAR MEHER BABA TRUST

At the start of the New Life, Meher Baba had all His belongings and properties sold or given away. The one exception was His Tomb, which He said He could not dispose of because it belonged to the whole world! The preservation of Baba's Tomb and the many charitable activities which flow from this place of world pilgrimage, are overseen by the Avatar Meher Baba Trust. This Perpetual Trust was established by Meher Baba Himself. It is a special part of His Work which He allows all of us to share in! Baba's only requirement is that love-donations be given freely from the heart. All who wish to participate may contact our trustwalla for further information or to make a lovedonation: Lynne Barry, 267 Hanover Dri ve, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Please make checks payable to: FRIENDS OF THE MEHER BABA TRUST. GOING MY WAY?

Pilgrims to the abode of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba are welcome in Ahmednagar from June 15 to March 15. The guest rooms at Meherabad are closed otherwise; and Meherazad is not open, nor are the mandali available until June 30. Requests for reservations must be sent six weeks in advance to: Pilgrim Reservations, Avatar Meher Baba Trust, King's Road, Post Bag 31, Ahmednagar, MS 414 001, India. Remember, mail to India can take up to three weeks! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SONG IS MAN

Bob Holt, that wonderful songwriter and author of the well-loved song, "Ocean of Love," is back 24

home after multiple fractures to his leg had put him in the hospital and now into a wheelchair. He has cancer and is also blind and would greatly appreciate any phone calls you'd like to make to him. His number is 617-628-2463. "Ocean of Love" is reprinted here. I I I I

am am am am

* *


the Ocean where all have begun. Beloved sublime. the Ocean where all finally come. the One beyond time. (CHORUS)

And I am the One who made heaven and earth, Planets and stars up above. I am the Treaure of infinite worth. I am the Ocean of Love. I am the Ocean of Love. (LAST VERSE ONLY) Drown in my Ocean of Love. lam the Ocean of limitless joy, Infinite consciousness, too. I am the music that never will cloy. I am the Ocean in you. (CHORUS)

I am the Ocea of unending peace, Infinite hearing and sight. You from your chains I have come to release Into my Ocean of Light. (CHORUS)

I am the Ocean of unbroken calm. Infinite Bliss I am, too. I've been called Jesus and Buddha and Ram; And now Meher Baba by you. CORRECTIONS

Due to a combination of writer/editor mistakes, in the JanuarylMarch issue of the LampPost, in Peggy Stephens' article titled, "Memories ofElizabeth" about Elizabeth Patterson, Jane Haynes was not properly creditted with authorin! (he book, Treasures From the Meher Baba JournaL, and the description of her efforts was omitted. The LampPost doesn't have the staffor resources to thoroughly research all material submitted for accuracy; and I apologize for any erroneous editing of the piece. We hope Peggy will write another article about Jane and all she has contributed to the Meher Spiritual Center during the 30 years she was on its board of directors. Mark Palmer corrects the titling of his submission on page II of the last LampPost: " ... the title was CONVOLUTIONS and the name of the particular piece was, "A Burning Question."

NORTH EAST CENTER UPDATE On May 20, the committee for the North East Meher Baba Center met to discuss the progress of the proposed Meher Baba Center on the Dryden Farm in Feura Bush, NY and to continue planning the annual North East Gathering which will be held on the Farm again this August. At this point, the following developments are underway: The articles of Incorporation are being submitted to the New York State department of State for approval; the By-Laws are in progress; the tentative boundary line for the share of land to be bought by the Center has been mapped out and discussed; and possible building sites have been surveyed; Committee meetings continue to be held once a month in alternating locations. The June and July meetings will be held during "work weekends" on the farm and will focus mainly on details of the upcoming gathering. As always, we are inviting participation and input of ideas. There will be a special information meeting about the proposed center during the North East Gathering which is the perfect opportunity to become involved. If you would like to become involved but cannot attend the Gathering, please write to: The Committee for the Northeast Meher Baba Center, 57 Dryden Lane #1, Feura Bush, NY, 12067.

* * * North East Gathering Update The annual North East Gathering will take place from August 3-6, held for the second year on the Dryden Farm in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. Jane Haynes and Henry Kashouty will be the guest speakers this year, and Jane Brown will be the musical guest. JANE HAYNES came to the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach through her link with Elizabeth Patterson whom she met in 1957 when Jane was producing theater. Her first visit to the Center was in that ear, just two days following princess Norina Matchabelli's passing. Jane and three of her children-John, Charles and Wendy-met Meher Baba the following year when he visited His Center in 1958. In 1965, after a seven year period in New York City, Jane returned by Baba's directive to serve at the Center. Jane was with Baba at the 1962 East-West Gathering in India. From 1965 to

by Margaret Bernstein

1980 she served on the Meher Center Board of Directors and upon Elizabeth's passing in 1980, she was elected president. HENRY KASHOurY first heard of Meher Baba in 1955 and became a devout follower even before meeting Him in New York City in 1956. He was at the East-West Gathering in 1962. He lives in Hampton, Virginia where he is General district Court Judge. He comes to share reminiscences of how he was drawn to the Ancient One and of his life dedicated to Baba. JANE BROWN has been a caretaker at Meher Spiritual Center for 12 years, giving concerts there as well. She has written much original music and can be heard with her husband, the late Bab Brown, on their many recordings. This is her first solo performance at the Northeast Gathering. Programs and act~vities at this year's Gathering will include a circle dance, a campfire, games of volleyball, frisbee, and "Hold onto the Daaman" (a subtle variation of "Capture the Flag"), swimming in the pond, and of course, the annual Saturday Night entertainment program which will be held again in the Old Dutch Bam. A child care program with the theme of "Meher Baba and Animals" will also be available for children three and older. All meals, shared communally, will be cooked on the premises. Participants may either elect to camp out on the beautiful 120 acres constituting the farm or may stay in inexpensive lodging about twelve miles from the farm. For further information, please contact the appropriate committee member.

Registration and Transportation: The Eukers



Child care and youth programs: M. Bernstein



Entertainment: Dick Mannis

@ 518-76827330, Doug Stalker @ 914-658-9501 Food Service: The Fillmores @ 914-3386823, Maxine Stein @ JI4-626-27620 Workshops: Carol Mannis @ 518-76827330 General Information: The Smiths @ 516-676-1076, The Drydens @ 518-768-2126.


BELOVED I HOLD YOU TO ME THUS enfolded in arms made perfect for loving let love itself begin and end in the praying for 10ve路for路You oh Beloved! may I ever hold You to me. thus, and be held by Youthis longing flowing never ending ... in the flow of love beginning and ending in You we find ourselves caught in the flow towards You reaching ever thus towards You with arms made perfect for loving ...


HEY YOU Hey you, you say you're a poet... Have you clothed yourself in threadbare words, Or does the song of your heart gird you? Baba's grace has enabled me to grasp a single thread Of His damaan... 1hang on amid the dust storm at His feet... My understanding is as insubstantial as a thread. Baba's grace transforms that feeble strand Into Kasti. .. I have no need of saffron, I have a thread with which to gird myself.

by Jim Muhlig 26

ARE YOU READY FOR LORD MEHER? The next book in the Lord Meher series, containing the rest of Volume VII and the full Volume VIII, is ready to go to press! It should roll off press by September/October. The text begins with Meher Baba's last meeting with Upasni Maharaj, on October 17, 1941 and Upasni' s dropping the body after the Pearl Harbor attack, and ends with Narayan Maharaj dropping the body in September 1945 after atomic bombs dropped on Japan (August 1945) and World War II ends. The book contains 576 pages and 170 photographs. The price is still $75, plus 7 for UPS delivery. The mail order policy of Manifestation, Inc., has proven the only effective means of supporting the ever-increasing cost of this immense project, Lord Meher. Volume VI &VIII: Only a few hundred copies remain in inventory; Volumes III, IV & V: Some remain, specially priced at $25 each; Volumes I & II: Sold out! Volume I: Pre-paid sales on Iy raised 20171 of the printing costs to date; if inufficient funds are raised by early 1996, refunds will be sent. Note: Volume IX is in its initial preparation and should be another very big book of over 600 pages with hundreds of photograph from between tho e years. Your continued support is necessary for this project. Please send in your pre-payments and Benevolent Spirit contribution for Volume VII & VIII by early July to: MANifestation, Inc., PO Box 7335. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. Jai Baba!


by Dina Snow Franklin

JAI BABA! Welcome to the Bookstore! this enslavement one cannot become the master We are happy to report our Catalog has of the self. For that purpose one has to become been a resounding success-orders keep comthe true slave or servant of the real mastering in, plus requests for more Catalogs. The The Av,atar. Beloved Avatar Meher Baba, beletters that you send show us how much the ing the Master of the whole of creation, is also availability of all the "Baba-phenalia" means to responsible for the whole of creation. He serves you, especially those of you who are the only Creation as a true slave. The world will accept Baba-Iovers in your town! And thanks to you this motto after His Universal Manifestation. sharp-eyed few who pointed out to me that I am Therefore, the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual a woman and not a man-Bookstore "walli" Public Charitable Trust is laying the foundation and not "walla" (Mani enlightened me on that of all its future work under the motto, first inpoint many years ago). Also, on page 31 of the Catalog, the publisher of "The Indian Collection" is Meher Era, in Pune, not Meher Nazar, which i the wonderful little bookstore located in the Trust compound in Ahmednagar. While on mistakes, Perin Jasumani, the woman responsible for putting together that great little book of Baba quotes and stories, The Gift of Love, asked me to make a public correction to her book. On page 67 is a paragraph on "Patience." This was not from Meher Baba but was quoted by Ivy Duce in her book How a Master Works from the book, Sadhana, by Inayat Khan. The Gift of Love is indeed a gift of love to Av."r Meher"~ soles view. SeelN',e 30 for the story••• give yourself or a friend; the cost is $5 and all profits go the Trust in India. scribed on Meher Baba's tomb in 1938. MasUnless you were at Meherana on the Metery in Servitude clarifies certain issues regarding how we should lead our life in His love morial Day weekend (you lucky, lucky person you!) (see article p. 10) this is a news scoop for and, among other things. how any organization you: A new book by Bhau Kalchuri!!-Masshould function under this motto." tery in Servitude. It is just a small paperback, Bhau Kalchuri, a Trustee and one of Meher but it's contents are anything but small! With Baba's closest mandali, began this crucial the way our crazy world is turning, our perbook, Mastery in Servitude. in Baba's centenary year, 1994. Mani S. Irani, Beloved Baba's sonallives are churning and the organizations sister and chairman of the Trust corrected it devoted to Meher Baba are springing up all and, along with Eruch and the rest of the over the country, some words from the Master Meherazad mandali, gave it their wholehearted are needed to help us see our way out of our man-made mess into the Light of the Beloved. approval. Ward Parks provided editorial assisBhau tells us, "By Beloved Baba's direct tance and Doug Cox is rushing to have it published in time for the Meherana gathering. The order the motto, 'Mastery in Servitude,' was first run is only 5000 copies so send your orinscribed on the building which would eventuders in now. $5.95. ally hold His tomb when it was first conOne of the Rumi books we sell, Ruins of structed. The motto conveys a vital message to the Heart, has been out of print for some time. the world for all time. Everyone becomes the It is now available but with a new name, Love slave to their own desires and expectations, never knowing that they are the slave of their continued on next page ownfalse self. Unless one becomes aware of 27

BOOKSTORE, from previous page is a Stranger, and price, $9. It contains all that was in Ruins plus some more of Rumi's writings. Love Alone Prevails, the wonderful story of her life with Baba by Kitty Davy is now out of print. There are, of course, plans for a reprint, but not for a while. Talking of price increases, let me give you some price decreases: there was a misprint in the Catalog relating to the new Harmon-onHudson video. It is not $25 as stated, but a mere $15! If you don't already have a copy of this tape, now is the time to buy it. The footage is from a recently discovered Paramount newsreel filmed in 1932. It has some stunning closeups of Baba and a commentary written by Mani. The "Sunlight Picture" of Baba that was $3 in the Catalog is now only $1.50. It is a transparent decal with a beautiful closeup of our Beloved's face. Previously it was rather difficult to stick to a window without getting wrinkles or bubbles in it; and it had to be destroyed if you wanted to remove it. That part, especially, we didn't like, so we have come up with a new method wherein it can be stuck on a window with either water or a very light coating of cooking oil and, of course, peels off very

MUSIC REVIEW Jamie Newell's The Window to God I was unfamiliar with Jamie Newell's music when Dina gave me his recent tape to give a listen to. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with this first rate collection of songs. The music is all focused on Baba in a way that is easy to feel and relate to. The lyrics are heartfelt and inspiring devotional music. The musicians performances are first rate and the traditional country/bluegrass instruments employed (guitar, mandolin, bass and harmonica) are very pleasing to the ear. The vocal harmonies are beautiful and the overall sound is clean and clear, well mixed and well recorded. I hope that everyone will give Jamie's tape a good listen and that they enjoy it as much as I did. 28

easily (but does stay on until you wish to remove it). Another price reduction is on an excellent audio tape by the "guitarist extraordinaire," Richard Peikoff. We have had it for a few months, but with over 50 different titles in stock it is hard to decide just which ones to buy, so let me tell you a little about his Made in India tape: Richard did not go into a studio to record this tape, he went to India on a pilgrimage like the rest of us. He spent a lot of his time in the Study Hall (top floor of the old Water Tower) next to the Samadhi on Meherabad Hill playing his heart out to Baba. He then heard about an excellent tabla player, Parsuram Sherla, from the nearby village of Arangoa. A meeting was arranged, the two hit it off and they started making beautiful music together. Enter Hugh MacDonald with his top-notch recording equipment and they all felt this was something that should be preserved. When the tape was produced Richard sent a copy to Guitar Player Magazine where they have a section called 'Spotlight on Up-andComing Artists.' They gave the tape a glowing review saying among other things, ".. .it displayed cutting edge finger-style technique with a raga-inflected slide style. Peikoff weds East and West and makes the twain meet big time! It was recorded during a sojourn to the Indian home of spiritual leader Meher Baba. Peikoff says, "It was a meeting of musical brothers from cultures thousands of miles apart and tens of thousands of years apart. Music is sacred to me, as it is to Parsuram. For us, music is God."" As you can imagine, it is a very expensive proposition to make small quantities of tapes and Richard had priced these at $12; but he tells me now he wants this very special work of love to be in many hands (and hearts), so he has dropped the price to $8. Take him up on this offer, you won't regret it! Judith Ernst joined the legion of ex-Los Angelenos when she moved to Chapel Hill, NC. Who is Judith Ernst you ask? One very talented lady who specializes in painting exquisite Persian miniatures, among other things. One of her 'other things' has just come into our hands-a book entitled The Golden Goose King - A Tale Told by the Buddha, retold and illustrated by Judith. It is a very beautiful book, 9" x 12",32 pages, all with full color paintings

of the story. In this story the Buddha is a magnificent golden goose, the king of a flock of 94,000 dwelling near the city of Benares. The Queen of Benares has a dream in which she converses with a beautiful and wise goose. Upon waking she realizes it was only a dream; and yet it was so vivid she longs to see such a goose in the flesh. Thjs ardent wish propels the

story through various episodes to its ultimate conclusion, illustrating the virtues of love, loyalty and self-sacrifice. The Golden Goose King is one of the lataka Tales, a series of over 500 tales told by the Buddha to his disciples. It is retold here with fidelity to its earliest versions, preserving its essentially Buddhist flavor. It is a story to be enjoyed by people of all ages. $19.95 We have another very special item for you; thanks to the generosity of our own Charlie Morton, the Meher Baba Bookstore in Los Angeles has exclusivity on this amazing painting. A very heartfelt "WOW" is the usual response when people see it. The photo is on this page, but in black-and-white you can't begin to appreciate it. Charlie tells me the original was about 34" x 45" and was painted in a combination of air brush, oil and acrylic. 'Photographic painting' he calls it, telling me it was more

mathematical than artistic. To get the "Mastery in Servitude" emblem exactly right on the huge scale he was using required tremendous attention to detail. But let me tell you, anyone looking at it does not think mathematics, they just appreciate the beauty of it. Beyond the Mastery in Servitude emblem it is a pale blue as the rays fade in the distance. The emblem itself is a reddish brown and the painting on our Beloved's face is so lifelike it makes you catch your breath! It was originally conceived many years ago by Charlie and Rano Gayley, to be on the outside of the window at the head of the Tomb at Baba's Samadhi. But as time advanced and his other painting was placed on the inside, it was decided to leave well enough alone. Then, through one of those very strange happenstances those of us who have been with Baba for some time are very familiar with, the painting was destroyed!! So this photo is the only way you can have it to enjoy. I will be selling the 8" x 10" color photo for $20 especially for our Catalog mail-order customers. For those who can come to the Bookstore or Meherana and the L.A. Sahavas, you will also be able to buy it beautifully framed in a very elegant Rosewood frame in a white double mat with the beveled edge touched with gold. I got an extremely good deal on these beautiful frames, which Charlie feels really do his painting justice, so we can sell the framed photo for only $52. If you really want me to ship you the photo with frame it will require a $10 special shipping and handling charge. We also have it available as a 20" x 30" photo; a companion piece to the photo of the inside of the Tomb when Charlie's portrait of Baba was first installed therein. These are both full color photos on Kodak paper (not paper posters). The "Mastery in Servitude" is $35, and the Tomb photo is $30. Talent definitely runs in this family. Diana LePage is Charlie's sister, now living in Australia. She painted the beautiful Baba's Silence I told you about in the October-December 1994 LampPost. We still have one of those 20" x 30" prints left, by the way. Diana's latest project is to paint a portrait of your family with Baba. You send her the photo of the fami Iy and tell

continued on next page 29

BOOKSTORE, from previous page her if you have any preferences a to which period of Baba's Manifestation you would like portrayed. I have only just heard about this yesterday so wait until the next issue for ex-

amples of her work and the various cost . While on Baba portraits, Maggie Bevan has painted a very whimsical depiction of Baba as ''The King of Hearts," a la the playing cards. These have been made into full color post cards for 75¢ each or fold over cards with envelope for $1.50 (see this page). A new book on the humorous side is a follow up to Driving Your Own Karma. by Swami Beyondananda. It is called When you see a sacred cow, milk it for all it's worth! Quite hilarious, a fun gift for $9.95. Talking of gift-giving, a number of you have expressed a desire for gift certificates to the Bookstore. so we have designed some for you. It's a very attractive, classy-looking heet with colored borders, a different color for each denomination: $25, $50, $75 and $100. If you would like to give such a certificate we could either mail you one or send one direct with a Baba card and a Catalog to the person you are so delighting! . Carolyn Parker is a Baba-follower living in California, and a superb photographer. A very inventive one at that! She has conceived and executed a series of cards, (5"x 6" with envelope, protected in a cello bag). The uQject is our Beloved. Carolyn starts with a sepia-toned or black-and-white photo of Baba-a closeup of His face-and then she lays ro e petals or other small flowers all around Hi divine face, On some He ha a small band of flowers 30

around His head, on others He appears to be lying in a bed of flowers. oh so delicately colored. They are $3 each. One of our Indian Baba-Iovers here in L.A. was going through his father's archives (he had spent time with Baba) and came across a photo of Baba lying with His feet towards the camera, I have seen such a photo before, but not this particular one. Hardip has so very kindly donated his photo to our Center as yet one more means of raising funds (see page 27). For the past few years it has been very difficult to get any photos of The Beloved, so it is with joy that we receive this one to reproduce for you. It is $10 for the 8" x 10" photo. Well aware of the scarcity of photos, the Trust Office in India has prevailed upon Panday Studios in Ahmednagar to start printing some of the hundreds of shots of Baba they have been sitting on. We have at least 40 different poses, some close up studies. most' action shots" bathing the lepers, at the Dhuni. on Seclusion Hill, etc. There are some very powerful shots here. 9" x 12"s for $12 each. Lastly, the "Mischievous Chicken" has arrived! Due to constant requests for these Tshirts we now have them in stock. White with black ink only in M, L and XL; $11. Remember you can fax me 24-hours-a-day at 31 0-839-BABA (2222), or call me, evenings only (I do have a daytime job!) at 310-8376419 if you need another Catalog or have any questions. Happy shopping! See you. At the Bookstore...

Gift Certificate ~+...J...of



G--- -I '- .-



DEMOCRACY, from page 7

LA CENTER, from page 23

whose dignity cannot be contested, the one "vote" that is the birthright of every man and woman. "The people rule"-but this can only be when "the people surrender": for God alone can rule, and he rules best who best knows this and tries to efface him elf so that God can rule in him uncontested. But now the clarion call to this high road of surrender rings in the ears and hearts of all "the people" at large. It is for each and everyone of us, all humanity, to rise to this opportunity and to accept this invitation that the Beloved has extended. Democracy as it now exists in the world is not an institution worthy of the Divine Beloved. For too long has a politicized social conciousness been fixated on lesser truths, and in the shadow-fall between these lesser truths the ego's spider has been spinning its webs. If democracy is to become a fitting vehicle for the New Humanity, it needs to be transformed and uplifted to a plane illuminated by the direct light of primal realities. Nothing exists but God, and nothing matters but love for God. It is toward God that the energies of our individual and collective life hould be directed. The purpose of governance is to create and preserve a framework in which the Goal of life call be pursued. It is now high time that our social and political conceptions be measured by this standard.

penses, then of course the board will be forced to consider the options for closing the Center. This is not a serious suggestion to close the Center. It is merely a review of the options. It does present some different ways to work for our Beloved. Meeting in members' homes would give many an opportunity to share with love, by themselves being the host. It could provide opportunity for members to become better acquainted with each other. We have already experienced this on many occasions in the past. More than one meeting could be held in different areas, thus reducing driving time. On a more certain chord, the Lunatic Asylum (L.A.) will again be host to our brother, Bhau Ka1churi, one of our Beloved's true slaves, on June 2nd through June 10th. Although it is too early to write a report on his visit at this time of writing, you may rest assured that those he calls the lunatics (for Baba) in the Lunatic Asylum eagerly await his messages of love and truth to awaken them to more lunacy! And then we have our own Sahavas, July 1-4. We should all be very "mad" by then! Especially if we have also visited Meherana's second spring Sahavas. Don't forget to give your feedback to the Center's board in words, writing or $$!! Thank you.


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Many others feel the LampPost is well worth the suggested annual subscription of $10, knowing that their donation is also tax-deductible. Tear off this section of the page with your address label-we even give you the return enve/ope!-and send it to the L.A. Center bv August 1 for us to keep you on the LoveStreet LampPost fl'" mailing list. Jai Saba!

WALKING HAND-IN-HAND ALONG LOVESTREET We're standing by the LampPost. waiting for you. Don't keep us waiting too long or we'll have to go on without you. Please send your address label, stuck below, back to the L.A. Center by August I for us to keep you on the LoveStreet LampPost mailing list. It's easy! Most of you have responded already and we are deeply touched by your comments and donations. Your giving inspires us to re-dedicate the work with ever more focus on love for Him. We still feel strongly that this magazine remain free of charge to all who request it. From its beginnings as the heart- and brain-child of The Dunns over seven years ago, the LampPost has grown in size and subscribership. In the last two years the number of requests has increased substantially. We think this is because the LampPost is a fine publication serving a real need for reportage and shared remembrance of Avatar Meher Baba within a diverse and spreadout "community" of his followers. We are glad to carry the responsibility of underwriting the LampPost. Postal rates have almost doubled for non-profit, bulk mail in the last few months-the postage for one issue of the LampPost nearly outweighs the printing costs! These increased mailing and return costs AVATAR MEHER BABA CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, Califomia 90025

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Perfection consists In remaining free from the entanglements of dualitY. Such freedom from entanglements is the most essential requirement of unhindered creativity.

FROM THE EDITOR Open your heart by weeding out all desires and by harboring only one longing-the longing for union with the ultimate Reality. The ultimate Reality is not to be sought in the changing things of the external environment but in one's own being.

with deep spiritual significance, as I do the artwork on page 19); but putting pen, or computer, to paper may be an essential par~ ~f. an individual's evolving sense of responslbl1lty, evolving them toward greater integration and inner poise. Congratulations to all those who sent letters commenting on Ward Parks's article (see page 10). We hope Harry Thomas's piece (see page 8) will gamer similar consideration. Of special interest are the many reviews-of . events and artifacts-proving that the ever 111creasing number of ways to remember Meher Baba are all deeply affecting. Keeping with the times. more and more people are seeking and finding information about Meher Baba on the Internet. The "Avatar Meher Baba Home Page," on the World Wide Web has a fast growing list serve. Expectably, rumors of strange postings are circulating along with suspicions as to who would be cowardly enough not to leave an address. Caroline McDonald's article from the last LampPost, about personal accountability for written work, needs re-reading by those who post to the 'Net anonymous Iy! Our own very un-anonymous Dina Franklin is, true to form, ambitiously putting the Bookstore Catalog on the Web this month. The LA Center hopes to encourage Bookstore sales and to distribute those books on and by Meher Baba. That intrepid Bookstore-walli has submitted her usual engaging news-and-chat this issue. Judging by the thankful and congratulatory mail she receives from those ,who purchase, Dina's efforts do not go unnoticed by those who read her regular article. I would add that her writing style is a unique addition to the personality of the LampPost. The LampPost is still seeking an Announcements Editor and a Photo Editor. If you're interested, contact me anyone of three ways (see page 3)!

Avatar Meher Baba*

Hearts open to the spirituality of life are not safe hearts; and renouncing desires while not fleeing from them can be painful. The gift of the Avatar's presence-in experience and in memory-is a gripping fact with which we can keep a healthy hold on life and it's dualities. A careful look at the table of contents on page 3 indicates how sincerely Avatar Meher Baba's presence is considered. It affects Centers, individual creative endeavors, group social events and one's most private moments. Integrating a life with the presence of God is big work! Integrating one's life and taking personal responsibility-philosophically and practically-seem to be threads weaving through this much-late LampPost. In this largest issue to date a common need emerges: though we may gather and share in giving and receiving Avatar Meher Baba's love, we are each on our own distinct path to answer the Question and discover the Goal. The need is to communicate God's presence-find it, hold onto it, share itand build a life around it. Henry Kashouty talks of remembering Him beyond the intellectual answers (see page 5); Adele Wolkin works to put His words in as many hands as possible (see page 22); Bhau Kalchuri indicates the high road to responsibility (see page 27); and Michael Childs has his own view of where responsibility lies (see page 3 J). As those who met the Avatar of the Age pass away (see pages 32 and 33) we miss t~em and, of necessity, rely more upon our own httle light. within. This issue's contributors all express this sense of responsibility. From a more light-headed perspective. the plethora of musings, rants and rambles submitted this quarter is remarkable! People who never met Him are thinking about Him, a lot. We may deem their efforts outrageous, humorous, irrelevant or admirable (or attribute them

Read and love God. Jai Baba! Christina M. Riley *Discourses, p.14 C


not The opinions expressed this In editorial . .or. constituency represents In ItseN leUers do to the .represenTht e~.::~


It board. The board serves the constituency ancIlhe ~tor encourage readers to write to the lamppost

rv £gveStreet£omf}bst Executive and Managing Editor: Christina M. Riley Bookstore Editor: Dina Snow Franklin Calendar Editor (Progrwn Chairperson): Billy Goodrum Children's Corner Editor: Adele Wolkin Poetry Editor: Vicki Warner Art Editor: Prem Makeig Announcements Editor: (yet to bejiLled) Photo Editor: (yet to be filled) Contributors: Christina Arasmo, Francis Brabazon. Priscilla Breindel. Michael Childs. Kitty Davy. Charlie Decker, Gigi Driessen. Rick Dryden. Mary Lloyd Dugan. Leah Florence. Henry Kashouty. Michael Kovitz. Caroline McDonald. Mirek. Jonathan Ramsden, Michael Ramsden, Hermes Reiter. Tom Riley, Barbara Roberts, Mitchell Rose. Julia Ross, Regina Fletcher Sadono. Stephen Sakellarios, Jeanne Shaw, Conne Shentz, Adah Shifrin. Juliana Slemenda, Steve Slemenda, Jack C. Small, Dan Sparks, Tim Thelan, Harry Thomas, Larry Thrasher. Mark Trichka, Wendy Ward, Kathryn Wiederhold, Jill Williams. Linda Zavala Distribution: Clea Sucoff Share your artwork, photos. poetry, letters, articles, humor and ideas with us. Please sllbmit your wriuenwork on comnllter ,/j\'k along with a prim-ow (we accept 3.5" computer disks only). Or typewrite it, double-spaced. single-sided. on clean, white paper. SUBMISSIONS / LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:

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Put Your Mind on Him Henry Kashouty remembers God will wait


A Letter From Baba Independent productions all, we're still searching



.. .. Conversations With Jack Jack Small shares words from within


The Library Project Adele Wolkin sends the word out


The New'Humanity: What Is it? Michael Childs has an opinion!


The Northeast Gathering Caroline McDonald gets drenched... and it rained there. too

6......... 11

Youth Sahavas '95 Bhau Kalchuri in Myrtle Beach


Los Angeles 'Sahavas

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. The New World Culture Harry Thomas ponders the coming change

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The Northeast Gathering: REIGNING IN BABA'S LOVE "WE BOTH FELT as if we had returned from India," said Mark Trichka of his and Lisa Brande's return home from the Northeast Gathering. "It was like a vigorous bath in Baba's love." And a bath it was, literally. Waves of warm, soothing rain soaked campers and drowned out a few tents at the Gathering, which took place for the second year at Dryden farm. "1 always wanted [the Gathering] to be at the farm. and it finally came home, after being on a caravan for so many years," said Doug Stalker, a founder of the Northeast Gathering. "The farm at its best is beautiful-golden Au-

J. . . Haynes reads leUers sent to her 'rom Meher aaba.

gust days; but Baba was saying. "Can you withstand it under the most trying of conditions?''' Despite wet clothing, tents and sleeping bags, we all did withstand it. and most of us left happy. Everyone was well taken care of. and no one went away hungry-particularly after eating the vegetarian meals lovingly prepared by 4

by Caroline McDonald

Herb Fillmore, Maxine Stein and Alan Levenson. For months, Herb and Maxjne prepared for the event, deciding on menus, multiplying recipe proportions and making lists of needed supplies. As the Gathering date approached the four shopped for groceries and utensils. At the site there was no refrigerator, so milk and eggs had to be bought daily. It was a huge effort, but well worth it. The food was nutritious, fresh and plentiful. In some ways I felt truly fortunate-I had made reservations to stay at the Vedanta Center more than ten miles from the farm. I was able to enjoy the food and company of the Gathering, and still be sheltered from the rain. But that, too, had its downside: due to misreading the schedule and back-and-forth driving, I missed several programs. Others who were soaked in their tents were present for every event. So, as usual, there was balance. Bana has a way, however, of turning things around. The biggest "inconvenience," the rain, turned out to be one of the key elements for creating an atmosphere of intimacy. Saturday night under the pandal, listening to talented singers and musicians, was wonderful, and hearing the steady downpour overhead made it even better. Everyone who attended was there under the panda I that night-where else was there to go without getting soaked? "We had a couple of drowned tents but we managed to take care of everyone," Rick Dryden said. "It did keep people together in the tent. It was a very powerful gathering, very strong." Powerful is a good word to describe the impact of Jane Brown's voice, singing songs written by her and the late Bob Brown. As Jane Haynes observed, Jane Brown's voice has become stronger and more melodious over the years and is a wonder to hear. She performed several times during the course of the Gathering. Saturday evening she

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Put90ur~indonJ{im Now THAT WE KNOW about Baba we have spiritual responsibility, duty. We have to make the effort to focus on Baba. Even though we don't see Him physically, as we see other things, He is very much present and very much accessible; and He is very much attainable. Those of us who are conscious of Him and believe Him and focus on Him more and more become clearer and clearer channels for His work. I used to pour out my thinking in a very focused way about Baba, trying to understand what I could not understand-what the limited mind can't understand. Why did I do that? Because Baba said, "You must try to understand everything I have said." I believe in Him, so anything He said, even if I don't understand it, I try to do that. As you do. But later, I don't know whether it was an explicit statement of Baba's or not, I came to the absolute conclusion that even the magnificent things that Baba has revealed for our intellects-in the Discourses, in His various statements, in all the biographical material, what He may have said to you directly, all of the wonderful things that the sole authority in Creation tells us-about all this He says, "The only importance of these thing that feed your mind and provide an answer for every intellectual question, the only importance of all of these things I have said is that it makes you think about Me. I am important. Put your mind on Me. Anything that makes you think about Me is a good thing." It is incredible that the sole authority in Creation-the infinite power of Creation-is able to work through each one of us little ones. It doesn't take us doing something that the world recognizes as great. What it takes is our focusing on Him and trying to put Him first. This is our work, before every thought, before every word; and this requires effort. But Baba makes it clear in so many different ways that it will become less and less difficult and finally it will become effortless. It will become, I promise myself, I promise you, a sheer joy for you and for me, for all of us. That's really our great hope. Baba doesn't make us unhappy. Getting out of the unhappiness, yes, it takes effort. Yes, it takes confronting all these many pressures. I do believe that when the GodMan accelerates

excerpted/rom a talk by Henry Kashouty given at the 1995 Northeast Gathering

everything, it puts pressure on everybody, but particularly those close to Him, because He uses us, if we permit Him. Now if we want to go off on a tangent and indulge ourselves in our own desires, our own reactions, our own selfpity, then Baba has to wait for us. He is not going to abandon us, because we indeed are His. But He has to wait for us; and as it dawns on us, we feel how much better we could have done. You can't do anything about the past; but you certainly can do something about now, can't you, can't we? That's the point. We will always fall down, we will always get back up, but we will get back up more quickly. It will take a little bit more to make us fall down again. And that is our growth. And as 'we grow, the smallest things that represent not focusing on Baba become bigger in our eyes because we see more and more what a great journey we are on. We are on the direct journey to the Goal, not indirect. Our karma is placed there by Baba for our most rapid unfoldment. But He will wait; He will wait for you.


Henry K..houty speaks to a rapt audience at this yea"s Northeast Gathering. Henry did not bring his trombon_ at a future gathering perhaps?


YOUTH SAHAVAS '95 THE WEEK STARTING SATURDAY, July 22, was yet another week to remember forever. For that week the 5th Annual Youth Sahavas took place at the Beloved's Blessed Center in Myrtle Beach, Sc. Attended by "Sahavasees" and staff from three countries and 26 states, the Youth Sahavas this year was the largest in its fiveyear hi tory. It truly was a wonderful, Babafilled event that left nothing to be desired. The activities enjoyed by participants were diverse. Available to us were discussion groups that offered a variety of thought- and soul-provoking conversations. There were workshops in the afternoons, which ranged from writing to relaxation to art. One of the workshop highlights was the huge art tent open daily for participants to express their artistic creativity. Of course, beach time was a favorite-soccer and volleyball were played there by many. A new and very positive addition to this year's agenda was late afternoon arti at Baba's house every day. (I hope they keep that one.) Evening programs were terrific. We square-danced the night away on Monday and drummed the night away on Tuesday. Wednesday the Celebration took place. It was a rich and diverse show of dancers, musiciilns, comedians, singers, poets and, of course, the muchtalked-about "all guys" play. The Barn program

by Jonathan Ramsden

on Thursday was magical. I feel the Sahavas is worth coming to just to be able to be in the Bam listening with 100 other people to Jane Brown's beautiful voice, just bathing in Baba' s love. And, of course, we owe a great debt of gratitude to Buz, Linda, Lois (Lolo), Rozi and all the other counselors and Center taff who work so hard each year to make the Sahavas happen. Jai Baba everyone, and thank you. For whatever reasons we attend, whether it be to take a vacation or to make new friendships or to rekindle old one, one thing that is so magnetic about the Sahavas is the overwhelming sense of Love that Baba creates. It can be felt at almost any given time and in everyone there. It's amazing to be able to see Baba in the eyes and action of his Youth. It has been said that when Sahavas takes place, we do not come to Baba, but that we bring Baba with us. I truly believe because of this the experience is amplified. The sense of bliss is wonderful. "This is the one thing I look forward to all year long," one participant said. I personally share that sentiment. Anybody with an opportunity to attend-I hope that you feel a warm invitation to do so. Jai Baba everyone. I look forward to seeing all the old faces and a bunch of new ones next year.

ISo .. 1r •


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My DEAR ONEs-After a brief stay in New York, I have come here. The seven days voyage in the rough seas, the busy time in New York and again a long, tedious journey for four days across the country, the thought of the film and money hanging all the while in My mind, the visits and interviews resumed ever since I set foot here with everyone who could help, are all so tiresome. And with all that, there are no hopes of getting any financial backing for an independent production of this type, which every businessman feels is a big enterprise involving great risk. Activities are therefore directed to find a producer to whom the story could be sold, so that those who invested in this way have their money back. They are still trying their bestNorina, Elizabeth and Nonny-and many imponant people in the picture world are brought in for interviews-nice people indeed, ready and willing to help, but couldn't for one reason or another. In short, they all tried their best and are still trying, leaving nothing undone, and I saw all whom they brought to Me for contact, and explained to every one of them My idea and object in making this picture, and although they all sympathized, agreed, and appreciated a splendid scheme like this, none could come forward with the financial help that is needed for a production of this kind. But I will try still, for a few days, to see as many people as they bring and explain to everyone the same thing over and over again, however tedious and tiresome it is. And then, as I already told you [upon returning to India] I go to the Himalayas for a year, for the great work that is ahead and in which you all My dearest ones have in future to participate, each in his or her capacity.... I know, My dears, how hard it will be, for those who love Me as you do, to be separated so long, but rest assured, dearest, that I will always be with you. If you only try to realize how I have to do it all, simply for the sake of the work in which I wish you all to participate, you, Mine own, would take it all so willingly, so lovingly. I know you love Me too deeply to need telling you this. This is My first Christmas in the West, and how I wish you all dearest had been with Me here. I miss you so, but I am and will always be with you. All My Love, (signed) 'Jvf.S. Irani


C* $l .. 1r •


CJ[rRlscTM:;[S 9'RrrrrcTI:N9S 'Dear Cfirist UpOIl tfiis Cfiristmas mom Ll?t all mell weep tfiat yOIl were bam UpOIl tfiis 'Eartfi tfiat's tfiollgfit so fair (rfiat's but tfie Cross ,vfiicfi yOIl J1lIlSt bear. erfie beauty of tfie buddillg rose erfie lovely diamollds of tfie delv, rproclaim fraugfit but tfie paill you cfiose erfiat we migfit aile day live as you. all lover's speecfi, all illj{lIIt'S ny, all sicHed sweat alld dyillg groOlI, Is you ill us tfiat we may die us 011£1 live as you alolle.


Let us, tfie brotfiers, lift our fiallds alld pledge our souls ill fioly ballds 'To labour for J{im tfirougfi tfie lalld ,nil 'EOIifi itself ill Cfiristfiood stallds. 'Frallcis 'Brabazoll

DON'T AVOID THE VOID In the next issue of the LampPost, we will introduce a new column that will entertain questions and answers within the context of Avatar Meher Saba's magnum opus, God Speaks. The LampPost is soliciting questions for this department-any and all-to appear in the next issue (deadline is November 20). Questions are easy, but who would have the audacity to presume to give answers on this topic-Meher Saba's most definitive work on spiritual cosmology? Why, none other than Michael Kovitz. Who's he? Certainly a man with much nerve and, upon investigation, one with no Saba credentials to speak of. He says, "My many years as a fly hovering around the Avatar's table has given me the ability to pour from the empty into the void, never letting the truth get in the way of a good story; and God Speaks is the story that never got in the way of a good Truth. God Speaks is the voice of sanity speaking into the insanity of illusory life. It's for all of us!" We encourage you to venture a question or two for Michael to "pour" over; but, of course, read or submit at your own spiritual risk. Send questions and comments to the LampPost editor, address, fax and e-mail on page 3.

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THE NEW WORLD CULTURE: Part I In a comprehensive examination of a New World Culture. many social variables will arise. A superficial listing of, "How things might look, .. might be contained in a single article. However, a full-throttled investigation would uncover a breadth of material that would be beyond the scope of a single essay. But that process has begun. I firmly believe that it sfar better to earnestly contemplate future patterns than not. "Culture comprises the whole complex of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterize a society or social group. It includes not only the arts and letters, but also modes of life, the fundamental rights of the human being, value systems, traditions and beliefs." This is a definition of culture provided by UNESCO (United Nati?ns .Educational Scientific and Cultural OrgamzatlOn.) Following is a passage excerpted from Meher Baba's essay entitled, "The New World Culture": "A new, cohesive, vital culture cannot be brought to life by a purely mechanical combination of isolated elements selected from present cultures. This could only result ~n a .. vague patchwork with no spontaneous hfe of Its own. Such a hodgepodge of assembled ideas can never be a substitute for that essential element from which a new culture must be generated: a direct, fresh perception of the goal. The

"...the Lord Himself has paved the way for an entirely New Dispensation to humankind.." new world culture must emerge from an integral vision of truth, springing independent of. existing traditions, and unrelated to any labonous compilation of historical values." One immediate and significant difference between the two passages is that the UNESCO definition describes contemporary culture, whereas the passage from Meher Baba projects culture toward an unrealized potential. From an intercultural standpoint, one endeavors to better


by Harry Thomas

understand different cultures and to become more sensitive to their intrinsic ways. But Meher Baba' raises our sights to the prospect of an entirely new, regenerated, and synthesized world culture and ushers us into a unique era of human history. In The New Humanity, Meher Baba says: "The Coming Civilization of the New Humanity shall be ensouled not by dry intellectual doctrines, but by a living spiritual experience." Reading this and similar statements by Baba, and contemplating the profound implications of the New Life, one can poignantly realize that the Lord Himself has paved the way for an entirely New Dispensation to human~n~. .. Meher Baba has provided us with mspmng words and deeds; and the message is, "A New Day is coming." He's been joined in thi~ broadcast by numerous luminaries who likeWise have provided inspiring words summoning the brotherhood of man. For example, at the end of "The Dictator," a film which Baba said He could see seven times. Charlie Chaplin delivers a visionary speech remarkable in its sincerity and scope. However, there is a wide chasm between the Idealized Intent and a workable system that would accommodate this expanded version of reality. Hence, we arrive at what I have la?eled the "Structural Challenge." In this enterpnse, we are assigned the task of mapping out the details of such a futuristic society. The words of Baba especially. and others In sum~tuous support.' can propel us excitedly toward thiS goal, but ultlmately we lack a pattern that congeals to the hallowed outline created by these words. What might this New World Culture actually be like? For example. what might commerce and trade be like? The same can be asked about religion, and spiritual practices not deeme.d religious. What about arts, crafts.. and e~tert~m足 ment? How should we visualize faml1y life and communities (farms, villages, towns and cities)? What will happen to political structures and other large-scale institutions. including modern business? What will be the fate of many of the world's languages, cust?ms, ?eIiefs, and traditions? What course wl1l.natlOnalism take and how will racial and ethmc relations be? How will- we be educated and medically treated? And what about farming tech-

niques and dietary practices? What will the architectural landscape be like and what about transportation systems? How will life change when intuitive functioning is activated? How advanced will science and technology become and how should they be utilized? And, let us ponder world exploration and settlement. Will deep space travel or communication initiate extraterrestrial contact, elevating intercultural relations to macroscopic levels? Before proceeding to notions of a future society, I want to focus on the possible transition scenarios that will usher in this epoch. For practical consideration two extremes exist: cataclysmic destruction that will decimate the present order; and, an ongoing social evolution that will gently deliver us to this new era. Innumerable admixtures exist between these poles. Meher Baba stated, in His "Final Declaration," that three-fourths of the world would be destroyed. However, since He employed His language only, we must acknowledge this message to be indecipherable. When Meher Baba says that "The Coming Civilization of the New Humanity shall be ensouled not by dry intellectual doctrines, but by a living spiritual experience," this clearly implies that the new era will be fundamentally different from our current one. Reason alone would indicate that a remarkable rite-of-passage will conjoin the two worlds. However, the task of envisioning this link is left to individual imaginations; in reality, only one link is vitally necessary-that we remain affixed to .the Avatar throughout this passage. One of the paramount characteristics of the New Humanity will be freedom. Freedom allows the human spirit to soar and sing and constantly reach for heights that the joy released from unhampered expression encourages. Freedom is a divine attribute that should reverberate within a mortal frame. True freedom, naturally, belongs exclusively to the province of the soul, and only Final Realization will bestow this gift. Still, humans are capable of relative freedom; and human happiness in large measure is directly proportional to the degree of freedom that we experience. Three phases at the end of the New Life were devoted to Freedom. These were Baba's "Complicated Free Life," the "Full Free Life," and the "Fiery Free Life." The significance of

this Universal Work can only be guessed at. However, this does indicate the importance of freedom in the upcoming New Life. Freedom must b.e considered an integral component of this prospective social reality; in fact, it may be a premier element of this enterprise. What is our present level of freedom? I would answer that most of us, worldwide, are imprisoned. I'm not referring to obvious confinements, or that of the soul within the body, but to circumstances resulting from the world's economic system. At the heart of the economic system is money or currency. Money serves a valid use in

"...Freedom is a divine attribute that should reverberate' within a mortal frame." that it allows us to interact financially in a highly symbolic realm. Money is used in an exchange process that, barter-like, allows us the ease of conducting business without the cumbersome exchange of goods or working out abstract values if labor was being exchanged. Money, owing to its fixed value, allows us to function in a marketplace without the inconveniences that would undoubtedly be experienced if all exchanges of goods and services required inventive negotiation. Also, currency allows complex lifestyles to come into being. It regulates the market, establishes rules of trade ,and fixes values on goods and services thereby serving as an instrument of stability in an advanced or highly materialistic society. It must be borne in mind, however, that the use of money has accompanying ramifications. For one, it often fosters obsessive pursuit. Money becomes an end in itself, a goal-ofwealth to be achieved that in single-minded intensity, has the potential of blotting out other significant aspects of a person's life. With some people, this obsession may engender criminal behavior. Many a crime's been committed for money. Another channel of obsession, or simply play, is gambling. Numerous individuals have turned to this endeavor in order to acquire riches,

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Comments about the articles lind writing In the lampPost? We encour. age leUe,. to the edltol1 Mall, fa. or _all to the addrelles on !NIge 3.

Dear Editor, In reference to Ward Parks's comments on democracy in your last issue, I'm not surprised that he's still attached to the archaic hierarchical political system since it was created by and for males. And men usually like to visualize themselves as at the peak of the pyramid, rather than with the slaves on the bottom. Would he like to give up his political rights as an indi-. vidual and equality under the law? How could he then be free to worship as he chose and to give his full allegiance to his true Beloved rather than some worldly functionary? Think about it. Jai Baba! Julia Ross Dear Editor, I would like to respond to Ward Parks's article on "Spirituality and Democracy." Actually, there's nothing I could add to the article, but what I'd really like to call attention to is the "process" rather than the "content." Ward is not only writing about surrender. he is consciously writing from a surrendered space. He is not only writing about the transcending of the opposites (i.e., monarchy and democracy both proceeding forth as valid aspects of the relationship with God, which then become corrupted forms), but he is writing from a space of intuitive understanding of that truth. Stand in Meher Baba's shadow and you can see everything more clearly. Any subject at all-politics included-becomes clearer. The branch is connected to the Tree; as a result, the leaves are green and the fruit is wholesome! I have been learning about the Internet, and what strikes me is that there is a mountain of information, and everyone is trying to find more efficient ways to catalogue it. but it's a massive mountain of mostly dry leaves. When the New Humanity makes the shift from reason to intuition that Meher Baba talked about, it will, in my opinion, be with the kind of approach that Ward has taken in his article. Baba has said that unless we love Him, we won't be able to understand God Speaks. Similarly, I suspect that unless people love God, they won't be able to understand (and will likely misinterpret) the way Ward is looking at things. So I don't think there's any use trying to 10

convince anyone, per se. But clearly, to me, Ward's approach is a foretaste of how the New Humanity will have to be viewing political structure and all other disciplines. Stephen Sakellarios Dear Editor, I struggled valiantly to get through Ward Parks's article which I found to be an intellectual tour de force, and tedious. I asked myself, "Why did the editor of this magazine not cut this down since he repeats himself often? Why is this piece almost sacrosanct?" Then I read further and discovered that Ward is now living in India. Then I became upset. It has only been 26 years since Baba was laid in His tomb and already many of His followers have created a religion complete with relics, Baba-speak and rules of behavior. and a central authority such as the Vatican exerts on its flock and hierarchy. In the "Final Declaration," Baba said that shortly after He dropped His body there would be a period of Humiliation followed by His Glorification in which much of Humanity would participate, but those who were physically closest to Him would actually not only not feel it but would also be hostile to it (paraphrase and italics mine). Please count me in as part of the Glorification. I disagree with Ward, with mushy Babaspeak, with bowing down when I don't feel it, with the over-emphasis placed on the viewpoints of the mandali. In 1974 when I was last in India, I asked Mani, "If twenty mandali saw the same occurrence, wouldn't I get twenty different viewpoints of it? And none of them would be the 'authoritative' one, correct?" She said, "Yes." Regarding Ward's downplaying of democracy and political participation, I would like to point out the radical transition that Baba made His lovers and mandali go through when He went into the New Life. They were no longer to treat Him as a guru, i.e., as someone on a pedestal apart and aloof from them, but to treat Him as a companion and special friend, even to correct Him when He made any errors (perfect errors, of course). I believe democracy is the burgeoning political and social expression of the New Life and the New Humanity. It requires personal

responsibility. Instead of handing over our power to a minister, politician, general, etc., we become responsible for society. This was the original thesis of democracy. The other formatthe Old Life-brought about feudalism, kings, serfs, slavery, fascism, centralized authority and social stratification that does not reflect the true nature of our relationship to each other, and to God. We are One: one family (squabbling, fighting, contentious, I agree), children of One Mother and Father, God, whatever people choose to call HimlHer. Placing complete reliance on the mandali to keep the lovers of Meher Baba on a straight and true Path is, in my humble and fiery opinion, a big mistake. I don't expect them to lead us through this transitional phase into the New Humanity which, according to Meher Baba, has no precedent. We are moving from the age of reason to the age of intuition. according to Meher Baba. We must learn to think for ourselves. We, the devotees who never met the Avatar in human form, must assume responsibility for ourselves and for each other. We have no Master upon whose feet we can lay our heads. Mistakes notwithstanding, it's our job to sift the information, to listen to our intuition, to differentiate between the urging of our desires and the beating of our hearts, and make our own decisions. We need to concentrate on what unites us, not the differences that divide us. We need to be a family. Would this not please the Mother and Father who created us? Wouldn't our happiness relieve the Avatar's suffering? Isn't being happy our job as spiritual aspirants? We need to weed our gardens and transform ourselves and take to heart His order, "Don't worry, be happy." Michael Childs

Hundreds were thrilled that, despite colon surgery last year and double cataract surgery In May of this ,ear, IIhau Kalchurl visited the United States once again. He was In Myrtle Beach from June 28 through July 14.

Reflections on time spent with the Avatar's orders, Insight Into Maher Babe's advent, and words to heal and 1m up the hearts of those gathered Inthe_of the God-IIanBhau's visits a,. a boon from Maher Balla.

We"'wlshers say thanks and Qod-speed to ..... at the Myrtle Beach Airport before his plane departs.



by Harry Thomas Excerptedfrom a larger article appearing concurrently in The Glow.

THE 21ST ANNUAL SILENCE DAY SAHAVAS, sponsored by the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California, was a smashing success. Early on, however, when David McNeely, cochair of the event, was having doubts due to a

to the event. El1a related her first meeting with Meher Baba in Myrtle Beach in 1952. "My coming to Baba didn't involve a great emotional experience." Afterwards she had the privilege of meeting Mehera, Mani, Meheru and Goher. She remarked, "I had never seen such beauty." Her next meeting with Meher Baba occurred at the Hotel Delmonico in New York City in 1956. Her husband Peter, an Episcopal minister, also had the good fortune of meeting Baba at this gathering. As he approached the line where pra ad Ileft to right) Adele Wolkl", Ella Marks, Buz Connor, Peter Marks, Merwan Mehta and Lois Jones participated In the final panel discussion. would be given, his attention was drawn toward two stern looking low registration count, he received an uplifting men, arms crossed. in dark suits, surrounding letter from Bal Natu that said, "I am sure with Baba. He said that Eruch and Adi reminded Baba' grace this will be a very successful him of Mafia types. Baba later handed him a Sahavas, awakening the heart of Baba's dear grape which he ate. He said he had respect for ones to His glorious and unconditional love." Baba as a holy man, but overal1 wasn't imAnd a success it was. The guests were pressed by him. Merwan Mehta, El1a Marks and Buz Connor, Throughout her talks, El1a made continuwho each brought a unique and refreshing gift ous references to Margaret Craske. Margaret

Ella Marks and Harry Thomas (at left) watch as the annual "Most N_at" .... l1li......,. Cont••tant. (Ieri 10 right) Buz Connor, Margaret Magnus and Peter Marks yield to last yea"s Utle-holder, Will Davl~thls yea"s champion as well.


Craske not only brought Ella to Baba, but continued as a positive influence throughout her life. Ella also told the incident in which Ms. Craske and Baba danced together. Margaret said he had never danced with anyone who moved with such style and grace; she said that Baba was Dance Itself. Merwan Mehta spoke the next day on his recollections of Baba. This talk was done in interview fashion. He recounted how hi most vivid remembrance of Baba was at Dara and Amrit's wedding in December of 1968. He also relayed how weary Baba looked. His uncle came to Baba in the early days, when Baba was operating the ManzilE-Meem ashram. His uncles told him that often Baba would stop by their house to take food and rest when He was coming in from Pimpalgaon. His mother also had endearing memories of Baba. "Baba was a Jot of fun." She told Merwan how Baba would come by at five in the morning and take her, along with accompanying mandali members, to Sarosh

Merwan and Roukl Mehta Join Adele Wolkln for a final photo.

added, "But Baba's voice was more beautiful." And Adele charmed u by recounting many of her experiences with the God-Man. For example. in 1962 she had the privilege of staying in Meherazad where. in the capacity of being a nurse, she could share the company of Baba and His close mandali. But a alway , a Sahavas is more than the combined content of the speaker and performers. It's the camaraderie, the current, per onal tories that gain additional relevancy when shared. It's the diversity of ages and backgrounds and the overall ambiance of so many people gathering about a common focus, Meher Baba. It's where every morning devotional songs are sung and arti is recited. The toddy shop served up chai and provided space for interaction; workshops brought issues to the forefront and allowed for intelligent discussion within a spiritual context. TalNot all of 8uz Connor's songs got the audience dancing, Including special ent, both adult and child, was guest Merwan Mehta, but those that did... well, you had to be there. howcased; and wimming, Cinema here they would watch film fare like videos, hiking, stretching, book sales, child care, a photo session, excellent dining and volLaurel and Hardy or Charlie Chaplin. Buz Connor, our musical guest, provided !eyball rounded out the event. the sweetness and spark that elevated the gathWe come to Sahavas to be energized, to recreate community from our di tant part of ering to exciting heights. He wa musically accompanied by Mike Han on. Once, upon the country, and to reestablish and foster clo er Mehera's porch, Mehera told him that he must lies to the Avatar. Combining the sparks of the guests with those from ourselves, within Baba' always sing songs for Baba. She likened his beautiful singing voice to Baba's; however she embrace, a Sahavas happens. ~ 1::,;1


CENTER REPORT How FORTUNATE WE ARE! Our Beloved Avatar Meher Baba has blessed us with so much good fortune this year: we hosted Don Stevens in early September and Avatar Meher Baba's beloved Katie Irani is visiting Los Angeles in early October, attending Meherana's first autumnal Sahavas and, after other personal visits, will return to LA for most of November. Thank you Baba and Katie and Don. (And thank you Billy Goodrum for setting this in motion). Center activities continue to gather His lovers and followers to His Wine shop. While attending the July Southern California Sahavas I was able to spend a short time by myself dwelling on the subject of the Southern California Center. I was reminded very forcefully that the Center is His Center. It is not mine, yours. or even ours. He runs it and allows us to participate and work in His Cause so that He can bring us closer to Him. This can be a very joyful experience; it can also be a very painful one! It requires great patience, perseverance, sacrifice, and forgiveness coupled with forgetfulness and love. Subsequent to that reminder/revelation and subsequent to the last Center report concerning the apparent bleak financial outlook at that time, I am happy to report that our Beloved has provided funds in unexpected ways-the result of exceptional bookstore sales at both Sahavases and through the Catalogue; the Southern California Sahavas itself and other unsolicited generous gifts. This will fund our operations to the end of this year. Working in His Cause is His Gift to us. At the Southern California Center there are 164 voting members. Of these, there are at least 83 who currently donate their time, energy and love in His Cause and will continue to do so. That is quite remarkable and visible evidence that His Center is well supported in ways other than direct financial donations. Many donate financially in the process of their work. Many of those who are unable to contribute labor donate financially. There are also many others who are not members but who work at events spontaneously and! or donate financially. It is evident that He means for us to continue providing opportunities for all to serve at His Wine Shop. There continues to be movement towards 14

by Miclulel Ramsden

ourlHis goal of providing a new Center for His Cause. Your Board of Directors approved the hiring of a professional fund-raising consultant, Phil Duecker, to work with the Capital Fundraising Committee. The first step is a feasibility review which will take place after the first working meeting with Phil in mid-September. Phil was interviewed and selected as the most appropriate for our group after three professional groups were interviewed. Phil has an excellent record working with religious groups, guiding them successfully to their goals where and when feasible. The Capital Fund-raising Committee has already funded his initial fees. Avatar Meher Baba began the New Life on 16th October 1949. We are in the New Life working according to 0\lr capacities. Bhau's new book, Mastery in Servitude, gives many pointers to the ways in which we may participate through service in our daily lives. Working for His Cause is one excellent path. Bhau places special emphasis on the importance of keeping our Beloved's Wish. Bhau also mentioned (and had read aloud while at the Center) the conditions for the aspirant who wished to enter the New Life without actually traveling with Baba when the New Life began. The conditions were simple yet severe. Bhau emphasized that the aspirants would find themselves making the commitment in a most natural and unforced way when the aspirant was ready. Katie Irani has lived such a life. Her visit will be most welcome at this time. There has been much discussion concerning the merits of a new Center. What would be the point of a larger Center apart from the obvious accommodation of followers and lovers for larger gatherings? Without perhaps realizing what has been happening at the Center we have been following a pattern established some time ago. A brief review of our activities and plans is in order: . • Archival projects to preserve and protect precious artifacts, books, tapes, music, letters,.telegrams, artwork, clothing, hair, nails, pictures and films directly or indirectly concerned with the life and teachings of our Beloved Avatar Meher Baba and His Mandali. • The development of audio and audio-visual libraries to offer to the public and to His followers and lovers everywhere. • Provision of a quiet place for listening, watching or reading

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NEW WORLD, from page 9 many times to their ruination. Money complicates things. We are involved with fluctuating interest rates, insurance policies, real estate and market values. We're inundated with advertisements, sales specials, and the like. The financial sectors face constant fluctuations in stocks and bonds, currency values, futures, precious metal's prices, commodities, and derivatives. It's a whirling kaleidoscope of ever-shi fting "valuations." This reminds me of Baba' s tour of Wall Street in the 1930s when He remarked, "It is all a bubble, so easy to prick." A related phenomenon is that money creates an enclosure to our consciousness. It locks us within a universe of figures, tables, sliding decimals, spread sheets, income tax forms, estimates, mortgage and utility payments, checkbook balancing, inflationary figures, price indexing and talk of "the economy." These data dim our mental horizons and squeeze our awareness into strictures of mathematical confinement. These data are then mixed with life, and all these mental abstractions, which are totally ephemeral. assume a dimension of real-

"We must live in villages of the soul where, from a cultural perspective, we all mix freely and harmoniously with one another." ity and importance far beyond their worth. Money matters gobble up our lifetime and often create worries and strife. We have a certain amount of time to be upon this earth and it's amazing how much of it is devoted to fiscal realities. We waste valuable time that could be spent in more rewarding activities. Money has another subtle consequence. It nullifies the natural offer of thanksgiving that the soul, either spontaneously or formally through traditions. renders to the Creator for

His gifts. All indigenous people fully realize that the earth, or a creative spirit, agency or being, provides the bounty that sustains their life. In a natural way, their appreciation and thanks are their payment to the provider. Money substitutes for this exchange. It shifts the transaction of provider and receiver to the marketplace, and reduces or cancels the need to give thanks. Money also produces a social hierarchy that has tremendous cultural implications. It divides people into distinct categories based on their earning capacities. If you're rich or super-rich, you live in one part of town; if you're middle class, in a different section; if you're poor, in another; and if you're destitute, in the outskirts. . This situation stems entirely from the rules of society. Carefully examining this, a significant feature emerges: we seldom mix with people outside of our economic circles. I have never had dinner with a Rockefeller or with a homeless person. This segregation deprives me of the company of countless people in different spheres of life, and conversely. excludes them from interacting with me. Other factors such as nationalism religion, and racial and ethnic identities also foster separation; all have psychological, social, and cultural overtones. But upon scrutiny, an economic component can often be distilled even from these instances of divisive relations. If the New Humanity is to be characterized by brotherliness. common purpose, and a spiritually-charged life that glorifies our unity both in the eyes of God and one another, then c1assbased and other barriers must be eliminated. We must live in villages of the soul. where from a cultural perspective, we all mix freely and harmoniously with one another. Another outgrowth of a money system is that it assigns arbitrary and often misleading value to objects and work-related activities. For example, what market mechanisms determine the value of rainforest hardwood or the horn of a rhinoceros? It's amazing how much senseless damage is wrought upon our biosphere because a cash value has been placed upon a natural resource, which in many instances may be scarce or even in danger of extinction.

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CONVERSATIONS WITH JACK I am sure that my way of relating to Avatar Meher Baba is not unique among His lovers. I would speak to Him in my mind and imagine what the response from Him would be. What I wish to share is this imaginary dialogue between Baba and me. What I said to Baba was not imaginary, i.e., I had specific thoughts. Baba's response to me is what I imagined, felt or hoped Baba would have said to me. Although at times Baba 's response seemed real to me, it comes from my imaginary longings of wanting to have been personally with Him. In the early 70s, before I moved to India, I was thinking ofBaba and missing Him, regretting not having met Him. The memory of this occasion is very clear. I remember exactly where I was standing in my apartment in Los Angeles at the time. Suddenly the thought came to me, "You have received what I have come to give. " Although this thought came from within me, it felt like a message to me from Baba. I felt that the purpose ofHis coming to Earth was to give His love and that I had received it. I hadn't missed Him at all. I wasn't a second class citizen after all. I had received the benefit of His advent. Even though this seeming response from Baba comes from my imaginary longings, it is comforting. If Baba alone is real and illusion is nothing other than His shadow, then the imaginary conversations anyone has with Baba are also part ofHis shadow and hence come from Him and are as valid and as real as anything else in illusion. I am making no claim of having a special link to Baba, unique from any of His other lovers. Just now as I write this, I feel Baba correcting me, indicating that He is the one who is sharing Himself. Thank You Baba. Once again, I stand corrected by You. I am feeling excited to have this time free to think of you, and to be receptive to what you want to tell me. Yesterday evening I could hardly wait till we could have time together alone to communicate to each other. Yet now that I have a few minutes alone with you, I am not certain about what I want to ask. I really want to know you be"er and be receptive to you.

"Dear Jack, know this: just because I answer your questions doesn't mean you have to struggle to ask me questions. Just know that I am with you, and I want you to remember me anyway you can. "Remembrance is love. I want you to love me more and more and in that process you will automatically forget yourself. I am with you 16

by Jack C. Small

always but you don't always know that. Therefore it is important that you relate to me in the way that is most natural and easy for you. "When you love someone, is it a strain or an effort? Do you have any difficulty remembering the person you love? No, you do not have any difficulty at all. It just happens naturally. The difficulty you have in loving and remembering me is that you think that because I am God, you have to remember me in a special way, in some sort of prescribed spiritual manner. You have spent half your lifetime now hearing about me, hearing how people love and remember me. Is there any fixed formula? I am the Ocean. Think of the ways water reaches the ocean, through rivers, streams, floods, rain, through :ill sorts of means. "Likewise, there are infinite ways of reaching me, of remembering and loving me. You should remember and love me in a way that is most natural to you. It doesn't have to be forced. Although I am God, you don't have to always think of me as God because in a certain way that inhibits you from remembering me. You get intimidated and get caught up in the traditional ways of remembering me. "Tell me, Jack, did you have any trouble loving your wife? No, it was most natural. Loving me is most natural. You are starting to get it but still you have to relax in my love. You strain too much. Love is not a strain. "You think you have started these 'Conversations' with me. You haven't, I have started conversing with you. I have been communicating with you for years, only now you are just starting to listen to me with greater concentration. Your writing these conversations down is my doing. Now that you have started sharing my conversations with you with others and getting a positive response, you are worried that some 'Conversation' will not be as interesting as others to people. "Jack, these 'Conversations' I have with you are for you. It is good to share them, in fact I want you to share them. However, this is not why I am communicating to you. I am conversing with you so you will experience deeper communion with me. If you start being concerned about how others will respond to these

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!4s1( Conne


Though not syndicated, Conne Shentz has been sought out and asked to answer the hard questions dally life 'or quite some time. We are 'ortunate to have the opportunity to print recent Q&A's here In the umpPost. Conne says all answers come 'rom within and there'ore takes personal responsibility 'or at actions. Those submitting are acJvlsed to do the same. Please send all questions to: Conne Shentz, C/o LoveStreet lampPost at the address on page 3.

Dear Conne, I am writing a spiritual etiquette book. What are the three levels of correctness in behavior? Signed, Bound To Be Holy Dear Bound To Be HoLy, The three LeveLs ofcorrectness in behavior are: 1) SpirituaL, 2) EmotionaL, 3) Social. PLease send me a copy of the book when it's done. Best Wishes, Conne

Dear Conne, Last night my wife and I had an argument about whose tum it was to clean the refrigerator. The argument turned into an argument about the right way to have an argument. She says she argues more politely than me. I say there is no right or wrong way to have an argument. What is the basis for evaluating correctness of behavior in relationships? Signed, Disgruntled

Dear Exasperated, There is no Limit to forgiveness since it should always be possible to free yourselffrom the ill-effects of another person's behavior. However, we are often limited by our ego which is very attached to the reflection it receives in the behavior of others. Forgiveness is the water that cleanses us spiritually and this water is abundant in God's Ocean of Love. If we can suspend the attachments of our egos then we are free to swim and be refreshed in this Divine Forgiveness. When we forgive others we can imagine that we ourselves are being forgivenfor our mistakes. Tell your mother in a loving way that the dresses don'tfit and give her your correct size. Best Wishes, Conne

Dear DisgruntLed, If a reLationship has a mutuaL goaL, then the behavior ofthe peopLe in the reLationship shouLd facilitate that goal. If the goaLs are unclear or in conflict, then correct behavior should be respectful and sensitive to the other person. Whether a relationship is professional or personal, behavior should be cooperative and civilized. In professional and personal relationships behavior should honor all actual and implicit promises and agreements. Behavior in relationships should accurately express the nature of the relationship and should be responsible to the needs of both partners. Make a calendar and mark it when you clean the refrigerator. Best Wishes, Conne

Dear Conne, My mother always buys me dresses that don't fit because she thinks I'm overweight. I like my body the way that it is and I'm sick of her sitting in judgment of me. I'm trying to decide whether or not to make an issue over this, since I know she has good intentions. Is there a limit to forgiveness? Signed, Exasperated


0' the cards created by Carolyn Pertler. 17

CHILDREN'S CORNER I love small animals,

At the Hazrat Babajan School... Each morning Baba would inspect the children to see that they were properly washed and dressed. The poorest among them were the Harijans. By circumstance and habit the Harijans were most unclean, and Baba would personally emphasize to them to observe cleanliness by regularly washing with soap, changing into clean clothes and washing their hands before eating. The Master personally gave a bath to all the students twice a week and would daily help wash their clothes. The Harijan boys seldom had haircuts, so every few weeks Gustadji and Behramji became their barbers. When Meher Baba was engaged in bathing the boys, if a stranger happened to come for his darshan he would tell him to first lend a hand in the work. Some persons would readily comply, whereas others would hesitate even to touch these Harijans. Meher Baba would then remark, "If you have come for the darshan of God, these Harijan children are my God! You are welcome at Meherabad if you are willing to serve them, else you should worship your own God in your house or temple. Here, the only God you will find are these children!" Strangers were wonder-struck by the sagacity of the Master's words. Although inwardly wanting to help, they could not bring themselves to offer a kind hand, fearful of being ridiculed by society. Before departing, they would again ask for Meher Baba's darshan, and he would tell them: "Taking me as God, you have come for my darshan, but you are unable to serve those whom I serve. So why this hypocrisy of asking for darshan? Whomsoever your God may be, go to Him for his darshan! I am telling you, the only God here is these children whom I worship!" (from LORD MEHER, Vol. 1/, p. 699-700)



For they are part of my creation; But I love children much more, For with them, I am the eternal child And they in their happy play are my playmates. Avatar Ueher Saba

sta.r.;/ ) "0';'路

sl.In Recently my family and I were in India visiting Meherabad and Meherazad with our friend David McNeely. One evening at the 5amadhi during arti, at a point fairly early in our pilgrimage, our daughter, Juliana, drew these drawings. It was clear to us all that she had been kissed in a special way by the Master. 5 51 d teve emen a

Because Love is onLy reaL when shared and acted on... join us in that spirit, send your chiLd's expression through art, a story, poetry, a joke, etc. to the LampPost's ChiLdren's Corner. (Include a seLf-addressed stamped enveLope ifyou wish us to return any artwork.)

Please send any and all comments and stories relating to children to: AdeLe WoLkin, ChiLdren~' Corner Editor. c/o Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern CaLifornia, 10808 Santa Monica BLvd., Los AngeLes, CA 90025

The following message was sent by Meher Baba and read by Adi Irani, Sr. at the opening of the Montessori School in Kolhapur in 1942. "One can render unselfish Service in the domain of culture. The form of service that a Montessori School takes has practical value. It deals with infants' nature in the prime of its development. Their carefree hearts reflect qualities that are divine by their restless pranks and blissful for their innocence It is to see how

far you can make use of this "Divinity" in man, expressed through the child-God. A little patience, a little kindness, infinite understanding and sweet love are the only things by which the teachers can repay for having received the usefulness of human service at its purest. My blessings to all those who are genuinely responsible for having this school opened as much as to the children who will attend it." (from Meher Baba Journal, page 582, ? issue)


iG I

r.,..{ ....


Mehera is 31/2 years old and is the daughter of Heidi and Rohentou Ghaswalla. 19

CALENDAR OF EVENTS Oct. 5, Thursday 3 - 6 pm

Oct 28, Saturday 8 pm



Come for tea with our dear Katie at Jacko and Becky and baby Adam's home in the scenic Los Feliz Hills.

Come to film night and see our Beloved's radiant human form on film. Hosted by Charlie Morton.

Oct. 7, Saturday 9 - 5

Nov. 2, Thursday 3 - 6 pm



The Centers annual yard sale will take place today at the home of Adele Wolkin, 714 Pacific Coast Highway. Please call Adele (310-540-8404) to donate items or volunteer.

Come for tea and talk with Katie at Jacko and Becky's home in Los Feliz.

Oct. 7, Saturday 7:30 pm

Nov. 4, Saturday 6 pm



Tonight we will be holding a welcome reception for our dear friend Katie Irani. Come with open arms to share in Beloved Baba's Love.

Oct. 8, Sunday 1 - 5 pm

POOL PARTY AND POTLUCK Come to Jacko and Becky's party for Katie!! Bring a bathing suit, something for the grill and a big smile on your face. Oct. 10, Tuesday 7:30 pm

Tonight the Center's Annual Dinner Auction will be held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where Beloved Baba stayed and gave Darshan in 1956. The auction will be followed by a dance featuring The Om Boys Dance Band starting at 9 pm. This is going to be a very fun time, so make your reservations early. Contact the Center or Wendy Ward (310-943-5645) for details.

Nov. 4, Saturday 8 pm



Jacko and Becky will host a potluck dessert and tea for Katie at their home.

The Center will be open for quiet time upstairs and video viewing downstairs.

Oct. 12 Thursday 3 - 6 pm

Nov. 5, Sunday 2 - 4 pm



Tea with Katie hosted by Jacko and Becky at beautiful Caraco Manor in the Los Feliz Hills.

Come to the home of Shireen and Mehernoush Lorkalantari for a Sunday afternoon visit with our Dear Sister Katie. Call 818-368-3800 for details.

Oct. 13 - 15, Friday. Sunday


Nov. 7, Tuesday 7:30 pm

Sahavas Program focusing on Meher Baba's New Life, one of the most enigmatic and important phases of His work on earth during this advent. Special Guest Katie Irani. Contact the Pearson's at 209-966-5078.

Come to Jacko and Becky's for potluck dessert, tea and conversation with Katie.


Nov 9, Thursday 3 - 6 pm Oct. 14, Saturday 8 pm

OPEN HOUSE AT CENTER The Center will be open for quiet time upstairs and video viewing downstairs.

AFTERNOON TEA Katie continues to share her Love of the Beloved. Come for tea at Jacko and Becky's.

Nov. 11, Saturday 8 pm Oct. 21, Saturday 6 pm




This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

Come for a special program of sharing in Baba's Love with his dear Katie Irani. This will be Katie's final program at the Center, don't miss it.

Oct. 21, Saturday 8 pm

Nov 12, Sunday 2 pm



Over the course of her long and intimate relationship with Meher Baba, Adele Wolkin has accumulated a vast collection of photographs, cables from Baba, letters from Mandali members and countless other treasures. Tonight she continues to share from her archives and tell the stories behind them.

Come to Sam, Margaret and Stephanie's home in Long Beach for ajoyous Sunday afternoon program with Katie. Stay tuned for a special surprise. Call 310-498-0883 for details/directions.

Program suggestions? Interested In presenting a program, artwork or music? Call Billy Goodrum at (213) 466-8233. For directions to any of the events call the number noted, or call the Baba Center at (310) 474-9454.

Nov. 17, Friday 7:30 - 10 pm

Dec. 16, Saturday 8 pm



Jacko and Becky will host a Friday evening potluck dessert and tea. Come as we share in Baba's Love with our dear Katie.

Come to Fred Stankus's famous Gutta night for an evening of fun, food, high spirited humor and friends all focu ed on Beloved Baba.

Nov. 18, Saturday 2 - 4 pm

Dec 23, Saturday 8 pm



Tea ,Talk and lots of Love at Terry Lucas's Rose Cottage in Palos Verdes. Call 310-832-3477 for details/directions.

Bring something to share tonight: flowers, a Mehera story, a dream, a reading etc. Slide show, birthday cake and Mehera on tape. Hosted by Linda Zavala and Karina Page. **Mehermas fly to India sweepstakes winner will be drawn tonight**

Nov. 18, Saturday 6 pm

FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mamoud Ajang.

Nov 18, Saturday 8 pm


Dec 30, Saturday 8 pm

FILM NIGHT PARTY Come to film night and bring some food and goodie to celebrate the New Year. Hostcd by Charlie Morton.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, will be attending this meeting to consider the business at hand concerning our Center. Come and participate in the shaping of your Center.

Nov. 23, Thursday 2 pm

THANKSGIVING AT MEHER MOUNT Potluck Thanksgiving at beautiful Meher Mount with our special guest Katie Irani.

Nov. 25, Saturday 8 pm

FILM NIGHT Come to share in the viewing of Baba's beautiful human form. Hosted by our trusted and esteemed film-walla Charlie Morton.

Dec. 2, Saturday 6 pm

FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mamoud Ajang.

Dec 2, Saturday 8 pm

THE BELOVED'S SACRIFICE Tonight's program will focus on the details and significance of Meher Baba's car accident near Satara India 39 years ago on this day. Hosted by Bobby Dearborn.

Dec. 9, Saturday 8 pm

IN THE PRESENCE OF THE BELOVED Tonight our dear Marguerite Poley will tell the fascinating story of her life and the circumstances that led to her meeting Meher Baba in 1956. She will also discuss attending Sahavas program with Baba in 1958. We are fortunate to have so many in our midst who actually met Baba and are willing to share the details of that experience with us.

Dec. 16, Saturday 6 pm

FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING This meeting is devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mamoud Ajang.

One of the cards created by Carolyn Parker. 21



Thanks In Ihe COope"lion of people like

You'Self, The Library Project has been, and COntinues to be, a beautiful oPPOrtunity to spread AVala< Mehe' Baha's Message of LoveBeloved and Truth.


6, 1959

tkF: "'klf'E: HOuSE: """"8 1-0 IlIIc '"0".

F.b,.u~,.J' 1J.

Please call Or Write Adele WOlkin, at the address Or Phone nUlhber On the facing Page if You, Or YOUr group, wOUld like to find Out about how to get involved With

The Library Project. 22

Mar !anna Farm

g:;bt~y, 06811


961 1

The Library Project of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California continues to place books by and about Avatar Meher Baba in libraries across the country. Begun in 1978 (inspired by the generous, far-sighted commitment of a California couple who wish to remain anonymous), The Library Project has placed over 450 books in more than 185 libraries throughout the U.S. and Canada. There are many stories of valiant lovers of Meher Baba who have taken the initiative to place His books or books about Him in libraries. Think of the fruits we would harvest if every Baba lover either donated or placed a book or tape in a library! Did you hear the story of the Baba lover who learned about Him when a copy of Listen Humanity fell from a library shelf straight on his crown? And what about the thousands who first learned of the Avatar by reading a book about Him? The Library Project invites your participation in anyone or more of the following ways: 1) Check your local public libraries for current holdings of books by or about Avatar Meher Baba and forward this information, including the names and addresses of the libraries, to the Project Coordinator. University or college libraries are included. We place books in some prison libraries, too. 2) Make a donation (funds and/or new books) to The Library Project, care of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California; 3) Personally receive and then place the book(s) in your local area libraries, serving as the 'go-between' for The Library Project. We encourage people to serve as 'go-betweens'. We have found that personally delivering the book(s) into the hands of the librarian(s) helps assure that the book(s) will be placed into the circulating material of the library. 4) Tell others about The Library Project through your newsletters, circulars and meeting announcements and encourage their participation. These books are free for libraries and available for the asking. Adele Wolkin

library Project Board Liaison 714-A South Pacific Coast Hwy. Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (310) 540-8404

CONVERSING, from page /6 conversations then you are forgetting me. You are interposing others between you and me." Thank you Baba, I was becoming se"-conscious in the sense of wondering what others will think of these conversations.

"Jack, either I am communicating to you or I am not. If you accept this as coming from me, then it comes from me and not you." Thank you Baba, I was getting anxious about how good this was tuming out to be.

"Be careful Jack. The surest way for you to cut yourself off from communication with me in this manner is for you to forget it is I who am communicating to you. If you start taking credit for this, then how can I communicate to you? You then start to thinking of yourself instead of me. When you have a conversation with someone, don't you listen to them? How else can you understand what they have to say unless you listen to them? In like manner, if you listen to me, instead of yourself, then you will hear me. "Anybody who appreciates these conversations is appreciating me. In the beginning, when I began conversing with you, you had no concern about anyone else but me. Now that you are starting to share our conversations, you have a tendency to want acknowledgment and appreciation for being able to write down my points to you. You have to be careful about getting in the way of what I have to say to you, otherwise, as I have done before, I will have no choice but to keep quite for a while." Baba, I don't want to lose this way of relating to you, I will stop showing these conversa路 tions to other people.

"No, that is the easy way out. It takes greater self-forgetfulness in my love not to be affected by other people's reactions to these conversations I have with you. This is what I want from you. To remember me more and forget yourself. You have to be careful to remember I am the source. "You know from past experience, that I have had to restrict the amount of my presence you were receiving from me because you couldn't digest it. Well these conversations with you are just another form of my giving you my love and presence. If you get carried away with yourself, forgetting me in the process, as you are prone to do, then for your own protection, I will have to stop relating to you in this manner." 23

CENTER REPORT, from page J 5 about Avatar Meher Baba. • Provision of a quiet place for contemplation, meditation and prayer in glorification of Avatar Meher Baba. • Space to continue the operation of a bookstore with sufficient storage and workspace to facilitate future growth to serve the needs of the many followers that He will draw to Him. • Space to allow administrative activity to proceed unhindered, with adequate storage for records. • Continued activity to facilitate ongoing programs both small (weekly) and large (sahavas). • Continued support for the development of film, drama and music in praise of our Beloved. • Continued support for service projects in aid of His followers and others in need. • Continued production of a pUblication featuring stories about our Beloved, stories and events concerned with local, national, and international centers and followers. • Maintaining contact with other centers, followers, and lovers of Avatar Meher Baba by the maintenance of mailing lists and e-mai!. • Development of programs/lectures for the spiritual aspirant. • Provision of space for children and the development of programs for children and young adults.

Reading a copy of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust statement of purpose you would see that all of our current activities. and goals are contained in those purposes currently in operation at the Trust in India. Obviously, the purposes of the Trust are far more extensive than ours and the Southern California Center has not tried to mimic any aspect of the Trust's goals and purposes. Interestingly, His center here in Los Angeles has been nurtured by Him and has grown slowly in His Cause in similar ways-still very much an infant in comparison to the Trust but it will undoubtedly grow as long as it is His Will. A larger center will only come into existence if it is His Will and if we persevere patiently with a continuing labor of love in this NEW LIFE. Re-organization is patiently proceeding with continuing effort being put into membership criteria and by-law review, Sahavas development, financial policy and procedure implementation. Fund-raising activities are planned with a yard sale in October, the Mehermas sweepstakes and a silent and live auction combined with a dinner and dance at the Hollywood Roosevelt in early November. There are many wonderful donations up for auction from the hearts of His lovers. See you there. The Board welcomes our new treasurer Kanji Miyao. Donna Sanders remains as director of finance. Our Beloved is moving us towards His Goals for us. ~ AVATARMEHERBABAKIJAI I Q,U 24

NEW WORLD, from page J 5 Also, what calculations devised a wage scale that pays a person who clears brush alongside a road $5 an hour, while someone in the legal profession may receive $200 an hour, or a professional sports star perhaps $2,000 an hour? What determines this worth? And by the standards of society, the people in the higher earning brackets are better have more status than those in the lower brackets. This is a misguided evaluation based solely on net worth. Finally, the most deleterious aspect of the world economic system is that this financial arrangement enables a cadre of extremely powerful banking interests to install and maintain social conditions affecting everyone's lives. Several results ensue from this situation. For one, at high corporate levels, decisions are often based upon "economic considerations" and not upon human or environmental ones. Reflecting upon automotive history, recall the cases where known design flaws were tolerated because of their cost effectiveness. Often, these imperfections resulted in human injury or death. And witness the continued pumping of pollutants and dumping of toxic waste into the biosphere, because it's cheaper for offending companies to continue these practices than to reconfigure their operations. There's a significant corollary to this mentality, and it impacts our lives in a fundamental

"Baba said that economics and selfinterest were synonymous terms." way. Corporate decisions often suppress beneficial technology; this practice is especially prevalent in the energy field. In the early 1900s, a brilliant inventor named Nicola Tesla, who gave the world alternating current and numerous other inventions, furnished J.P. Morgan with the entire schemata of a system that would siphon off energy from the earth. Realize, the earth is a rapidly spinning magnetic-dynamo which produces tremendous amounts of electricity. Tesla's device

... would tap this natural, inexhaustible supply of energy; then, by means of transmission towers spaced throughout the landscape, it would broadcast this electricity, free ofcharge, to any business, home, or point-locale equipped to receive it by means of an antenna hook up. This system would have operated without wires and poles. In fact, Tesla was even given financial support by Morgan to begin construction of a tower in Colorado. However, before the completion of the "Waldencliff Tower," funding was removed. This system had one major flaw in the myopic view of the bankerindustrialist: without wires and poles, the flow of electricity couldn't be regulated, meaning, people couldn't be charged for it. So. instead of our being able to receive the free energy that our earth generates, we now have to pay for power-plant derived electricity. And there' a disturbing irony to this tale: this was only one device to deliver free, unlimited energy; there have been numerous others, all shelved, including some by Tesla himself. Making decisions based upon "the bottomline.:' ranking economic considerations above human and environmental ones, can inculcate mean-spiritedness where, in isolated boardroom manipulations. the human family is denied the fruits of its full potential. Power is pyramidal in nature-levers orchestrated at apex levels of economic activity permeate the entire pyramidal structure. Depravity is a direct consequence of top-tier decision making that produces these persistent results which manifest at the base levels. Economic realities. worldwide, are a direct reflection of the deliberate machinations of the ruling elite who indifferently perpetuate these adverse conditions. Baba said that economics and self-interest were synonymous terms. This economic system, and all its interrelated parts, has created the social context we are all familiar with. While contemplating Baba's New World Culture, and contrasting it against the overwhelming stodginess of contemporary society, a conundrum is struck. How can a system so utterly contrary to the outlines of Baba's New Humanity adapt itself to embrace this enlightened paradigm? The current one could be transformed, raised to illumined heights, but the question remains, is there or could there be a better way to engage in economic commerce, one more sym-

pathetic to the constructive ideals of the New Humanity? There is a related question whispering silently-can the New Humanity be superimposed upon this pre ent world system of rule. of which economics is one branch? Or could there be another arrangement, more uitable to accommodating this Coming Civilization? On His 1953 tour of Andhra Pradesh Baba said, "To follow the spiritual path and enable the mind to accept the spiritual, the material needs to an extent must be atisfied. So, when I, with My own hands give food and clothing to the poor, the result will be that the world will gain its economic and material welfare." Perhaps a major change in our economic system has been set into motion. This statement certainly suggests so. Given the possibility of a new economic order to accompany the New World Culture, three distinct possibilities arise. Option # I would be a reformed y tem that would resemble the present one. Option #2 would be an economic system that would be fundamentally different than the current one. Option #3 would be the elimination of currency from the economic system. (The finaL part of this article wiLL appear in the next issue.)




Two UNUSUAL NEW BOOKLETS, published in Australia earlier this year, are now available at the Bookstore. Both have eye-catching fourcolor cover (featuring details of two different paintings of Meher Baba by Diana Le Page) and are titled A Garland/or Avatar Meher Saba. They are the first of a series written by Judith Garbett about the many times she spent with the mandali in Meherazad and Meherabad over a per,iod of 30 years. "Mehera Part I" and 'Mehera Part 2' are contained in these issue of twenty pages each, which al 0 have photographs of Mehera and particular places and occasions mentioned in the text. During most of her pilgrimages, Judith made notes of stories told by Mehera, some of which have not been publi hed elsewhere. In recounting these stories, and adding her own clear recollections of times with Mehera-in 1962 and 1969 at Guruprasad, Poona, followed by the 1970s and 1980s at Meherazad on Mehera's porch, in Baba's room, and at the delightful and intimate Women's teas in Baba's dining room-Judith has given many heartwarming little word-pictures of Mehera herself, her beauty and gentleness, her thoughtfulness for others, her sense of humor and, most touching of all, the depth of her dedication and love for Beloved Baba. These booklets tell of Mehera and the mandali as Judith knew them and loved them. They are written in a personal style but are nonetheless absorbing and very easy to read. For those who were fortunate to meet and spend time with Mehera, these accounts will surely revive their own happy memories. And those who did not know Baba's beloved can gain some idea of what she was like, and the joy of spending time in her loving company. There are also brief accounts of the Great Darshan days in Poona and occasions such as Mehera' birthday celebration at Meherabad, as well as de criptions of the garden and main house at Meherazad. These two very attractive booklets will make a delightful addition to your own Baba library and would also be nice gifts for friends. Purchased through the Bookstore, they are $3 each or $5 for the set.

The Salt of the Earth

by Michael Kovitz

A review of the book, Mastery in Servitude, by Bhau Kalchuri, edited by Ward Parks Let me go on singing your name somehow in whatever way I can. But at any cost. let me be recognized as belonging to you. r k

,u aram


most intimate disciples, was speaking one day in Mandali Hall at Meherazad, India. He was telling the story in which Meher Baba had said that there are many spiritual seekers, yet the real secret was not to seek but to become the one who is sought by the Beloved. Someone asked, "How can we make the Beloved seek us? What can we do?" "Love Him more and more, until you are gone and He is there," was the gist of Eruch's reply. Have you noticed? Meher Baba tells us something. We ask, "How and why?" Baba explains. The mandali patiently continue to explain. We keep asking, "How and why?" Above our heads, inscribed on Meher Baba's Tomb are the words, "Mastery in Servitude." They seem to apply to Meher Baba, the Avatar, Infinite God who takes the form of a man and comes down into creation to serve Himself, in us, that we may know ourselves as Him. But do these words also have meaning for me? Is Baba's motto a message about how I might live my life in a way that pleases Him. according to His Wish as well as His Will? Is "Mastery in Servitude" a practical guide to the way we could live our lives? Bhau Kalchuri says yes, and patiently explains why and how. Bhau begins his book with a brief discussion of the doctrine of "Mastery in Servitude," and goes on to discuss Narayan Seva (God's service to God as man). In Part One, he begins to define and discuss the four categories of Baba personnel who work within the structure of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Charitable Trust. I began to wonder where I fit in. I feel Baba's love and wish to please Him, but my life in the United States is far away from the Trust and I participate in no Trust work.... Some years ago I was serving in Chicago as president of the Meher Baba Center there, and one day, walking from my house to the center, I heard within me a voice. "Do you re-

member when as Jesus I spoke to my disciples and said. 'You are the salt of the earth. But, if salt becomes unsalty it is good for nothing and is cast out and trodden under the foot of men'?" The voice continued, "Do you understand what I was saying?" "Not really Baba," I squirmed. The voice smiled and said, "Salt seasons, flavors life and preserves. Yet. in itself. nothing grows. It is inert. My close ones are salt and their lives flavor and preserve life for others. If, in doing so, they themselves remain inert-no desires or worry live in them-then they not only serve me but please me." A great teacher, in describing the character of life in the early twentieth century once said, "Auspicious exterior, suspicious interior." Today, as we are quickly approaching the twentyfirst century, this critici'm is still all too true. Most books are. indeed most art is, technically advanced and refined; yet, because our age is an age of darkness (that precedes the light), the internal significance of these works is found lacking... suspicious. Bhau Kalchuri has written many book' for and about his Beloved, Meher Baba. The interior of these works have happily always been auspicious, revealing real meaning to the mind and joyful inspiration to the heart. ParadOXIcally, the exterior of Bhau's work has at time been suspicious. It is an art to transform the spoken word into a written form and this task falls heavily on those who edit Bhau. Happily, Mastery in Servitude is well edited and attractively constructed by Ward Parks. Take, for example, the story often told by Bhau of the cobra told by the perfect master that to secure his salvation he should cease biting people. In Mastery in. Servitude the story is told to illustrate the difference between modesty and humility. The message is clear and the story is recounted with a real sense of drama and lucid imagery. Mastery in Servitude is a powerful statement of a spiritual doctrine. Within it is the sense of Avataric authority, yet I am disturbed by one thing. Part Three of the book accounts for more than half of the written text, and,

continued on next page 27

*$.~.*G~.~.*G~.~.*G~.~.* MASTERY, from previous page


though thematically related to the idea of "Mastery in Servitude" through the doctrine on Narayan Seva, it is fundamentally concerned with the celebrations of Meher Baba's birthdays and His Birth Centenary. This is an important but separate subject and within the context of the book it seemingly distracts and dilutes the message of Mastery in Servitude. Perhaps it would be better to group parts One and Two under the collective title "Mastery in Servitude" and then create a Part Two under the separate heading "Meher Baba's Birthdays and the doctrine of Narayan Seva." Returning to the question of the practical significance of the principle of "Mastery in Servitude," I am reminded of another time in Mandali Hall, and Eruch telling the story of a great master who was being questioned by his close followers as to why he showed such favoritism toward a certain disciple. To answer their question he removed from his finger a magnificent gold ring, set with incredibly precious stones. "What is the value of this ring?" he asked. "A hundred dinars," one answered. "A thousand dinars," said another. The followers could not decide on the value of the ring. The master even allowed them to call in an expert jeweler. Finally the master called his favorite disciple and placed the ring in his hand. "Tell me the value of this ring," the master asked. The disciple answered immediately, "Like this, off your finger, the ring is worthless. but if you were to place it on your finger, then the ring would become priceless." We are the ring, and that ring has value when it is on Meher Baba's finger. I believe that Meher Baba is helping us all to be in the world but not of it-to live our lives as service to Him. Great teachings, such as the Bagavad Gita, tell us to perform attentively the actions of our lives, in the service of our Lord, without any concern or attachment to our success or failure. This achievement is only possible with the help of the Avatar or a Perfect Master. Bhau concludes Mastery in Servitude by acknowledging his, and our, debt to Avatar Meher Baba and shares with us his gratefulness to the One who gives us so much through His Narayan Seva, the perfect example of "Mastery in Servitude."


Love rrranscencfs fJL[[ fj)ifferena.s by Rick Dryden THE FEELING AT THE LAST TWO Northeast Gatherings was such that they really deserved to be called Sahavas; because that's what we all felt. And this bears on one of our special guests this year, Jane Haynes. Let me say first that, prior to her arrival, Jane had communicated over the phone a considerable sense of anxiety about sitting in front of a large group of people and giving a semi-formal presentation and had specifically asked not to be put in that position. Consequently, we arranged to have her sit in an informal setting with informal groups and not give a main speech. When she arrived at the farm I happened to be there at the house when she drove up. I opened the car door and I felt as though Baba stepped out first! I've never been one to look at those who met Baba like that. I stood there and Ijust felt Baba very, very strongly. And I don't believe this was due to anticipation. Jane still expressed anxiety about speaking before a large audience and was asking me exactly what we wanted her to do. I talked to her a little bit about what was going on, the schedule and so on, and I said, "In terms of your presentation tonight (which was only scheduled for 15 minutes), don't worry,just play it by ear." She said, "No, don't tell me to play it by ear; tell me exactly what you want me to do." Within five minutes her anxiety dissolved; she had our total support. Everybody was just there with her. There were no great expectations; there was no divisiveness or controversy swirling around her; and she became an incredibly humorous and animated wonder. It's important to realize that the dynamic of the love sharing between Jane and the audience over the next three days was transformative. It was a very special gathering. I heard many, many comments about how this was the best gathering people had been to. Something was going on-a sort of alchemy. Some of it may have been due to people's awareness of the recent events Jane has been through. But it was more than that; it transcended all that. The feeling of Baba's presence transcended any personal issues. Baba's loving presence was felt very strongly by all throughout the gathering.


NORTHEAST, from page 4 sang a repertoire of songs, accompanied by musicians from the talented Northeast community. Bob Holdt gave a moving performance that included his own song, "Ocean of Love." Mark Trichka and Lisa Brande ended the evening with music that had everyone literally out of their seats and dancing. But most touching was Jane Haynes's story

"The food for our pIIYS'CII' needs w.s Incredible, too!"

of her first meetings with Baba during the early days at the Meher Baba Spiritual Center. Jane described following Elizabeth Patterson to the Lagoon Cabin, where Jane was to meet Saba for the very first time. There she saw Baba, seated, wearing a white sadra and a pink jacket. This is how Jane related the story: "He gestured for me to sit beside him. I said to him, 'You look so well. They told me you've not been well.' "Saba was very silent, and he looked out the door of the Lagoon Cabin. He then gestured, 'No one understands my suffering.' There was sadness in his eyes. "'Don't think of the theater while you're here,' Baba said. 'Think of me.' "Baba later asked me, 'Have you eaten?' I blushed, because all the way there I had been thinking about how good the food would be. "Baba said, 'Go get something to eat.' "One day in the Bam," Jane Haynes continued, "Baba gestured for me to sit beside him. "A young black woman came forward. It was Beryl Williams. He embraced her and turned his gaze full upon me. He lifted my ig-

norance and my prejudice in that moment. Beryl became my dearest and closest friend .... "I had never known unconditional love, except from Baba." As Jane Haynes described her times with Baba, I began to feel the power of his love and compassion, and I tried to imagine what it was like to be with Him. Jane's detailed descriptions helped me to visualize Baba in the Lagoon cabin, radiant in His pink jacket. attended to by Kitty and Elizabeth, his everdevoted disciples. Sut more than see Him, I could feel his presence that day under the pandal, as it must have felt many years ago in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And that, to me, is the true meaning of gatherings in Saba's name. I wasn't the only one who felt Saba's company; even Romeo, the miniature dachshund, couldn't resist curling up on the pillow for Baba's feet placed in front of his chair. "Baba's spirit was really there," Phyllis Fillmore said. "He brought things to the surface for people, like a cleansing." "I loved Jane Haynes coming and being so open. I really enjoyed it." "It was very powerful when Jane talked about when she first met Baba," said Toni Atmore. "It's always just Saba, His presence. It's always awesome." "I found myself being very much drawn to


the light and energy there," said Rick Dryden. "I found myself not paying attention to the content of the talk so much as to the general atmosphere." Caroline McDonald lives with her husband, Jerry Shapiro, afllture Baba Lover, and three dogs and three cats (all of whom are Baba Lovers). Afreelance writer, she is currently working as a newspaper reporter in upstate New York.


THE HOLYWOOD MINUTE "THE BOOK" HAS NOT YET BEEN FOUND. But, two short films of Meher Baba in America in 1932 were recovered from long dusty burials in film archive libraries last year and both are now available in video. So, for those whose appetite for Baba images is never satisfied, there's both good news... and great news. First the good news. It can be summed up in one word, a word that is rarely associated with footage of Baba: tripod. These are newsreel films shot by real movie folk - the first by Movietone, the second by Paramount. Thus, they are (as they say in the bazaar)jinest quality. Rock solid and clear, these are a welcome departure from the usual 5.2 Richter scale mandalicam, and well appreciated by this writer/director. Now the great news. It's all Baba. Virtually every shot. Need I say more? Yes. The first film to hit the Baba bookstores was entitled "Meher Baba's 1932 Message to America." The six-minute film consists primarily of a scene of Meredith Starr asking questions of Baba and Baba's rapid-fire alphabet board responses (read out by Meredith). The same scene is covered from three angles so as to be edited together movie-style. Blessedly though, the footage is not edited, affording us a fascinating view of how accommodating the Avatar is to the world. The second film is "Meher Baba at Harmon-on Hudson, 1932." Again, in this twominute newsreel, Baba dictates a message on the alphabet board. (Amusingly, fifteen seconds of Baba's pointing is translated as simply "Yes.") The film concludes with Baba taking a drink from a farm well. An extensive interpretation of this simple act is then offered by Mani (read by Ann Conlon). When I first heard this I could only say to myself "God, love her" (and of course He does) for her tireless ability to see significance in every action of Baba' s. The jade then clearing from my mind, I realized, that of course anything Baba did that was being recorded for posterity would be intentional. (I'm sometimes a slow spiritual significance study.) For us Cosmic Almosts who never got to be in Baba's physical presence, these films also have a truly wonderful new element: sound. I thrill when Baba walks by the camera and I hear the actual footsteps made by God in human 30

by Mitchell Rose

form. I can't recall any other actual sync-sound Baba movie, with the exception of the newsreel in London in which Charles Purdom (toying with being turned into a frog) plucks the alphabet board from Baba's hands. But in that film we don't hear Baba Himself make any sound. Last, and for me of greatest delight, both films have good shots ofBaba's alphabet

board as He dictates a message. Let's face it, we all know that you have been secretly lusting, er, yearning to be a mandali member next time around and have been wanting to try your hand at alphabet board interpretation. Good luck! When I tried to follow those divine digits furiously skipping from letter to letter, my initial reading was: C. Then I got lost. But it's tremendous fun to put your VCR in slow motion and write down the message letter by letter. I had about fifty percent accuracy following along at one-eight speed. But I figure I've got six hundred years to work on it. The videos are available in the bookstore for $15 each. Also available are eight remarkably clear 8 X 10 photograph from the second Paramount film at $12 each or $80 for the set. Like Baba? You'll love these films. All in all, I give 'em: Six Planes. Mitchell Rosefirst heard ofBaba ill 1970. He was a cJwreographer ill New York for fifteen years where he was dubbed "the dance world's Woody Allen" by The New York Times. FOllr years ago he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in writing and directing, and he is currently writing his secondfeature-length screenplay.

THE NEW HUMANITY, WHAT IS IT? WE HAD INVITED a bachelor friend over for dinner-Mauricio, a master mechanic and Argentinean emigre. I had met him in the course of doing business with mechanics. I liked him for his humility and European customs. He, in tum, was very amused and intrigued by my venturing into another marriage. Having transformed my pain of previous disappointment into the happiness of love and being in love, I asked him, "Mauricio, when are you going to find a woman and fall in love?" He looked at me with both an amused and a sad smile and said, "Not me... I've been in love and I couldn't bear the pain and the disappointment if it didn't work out. No, I'll stick to repairing and caring for cars and fixing up my house. It's better that way." Later that evening when everyone else was in bed, I picked up my guitar and began singing "Begin the Beguine," and then I remembered what day it was, Amartithi. I began to think about the song, that Meher Baba had claimed authorship albeit through Cole Porter, that it was to be played three times a day for seven days in His tomb when He died. Why was it so important to Baba? Alone in my living room it dawned on me. Not only is it about the obvious-a love songit is about never letting the seeds of despair and disappointment ravage the garden of our hearts, (paraphrasing from the Song of the New Life) to put aside the painful memories of the past and allow our hearts to be rekindled and burst into flame with love, because love alone is all that is real. Then I grasped that this was the essence of transformation, the transformation that would spread from heart to heart and ultimately transform all of Humanity. . That was a while back, and that marriage failed. Here I am proposing to another woman.

by Michael Childs

Adi K. Irani had asked me during a meeting at Northern California's "The Box" why didn't I become celibate? I replied, "Marriage is my Path." Why risk more pain and failure and public ridicule? Baba said that a couple truly in love with each other would be a beacon of hope and an inspiration to Mankind, that their children would be blessed by such a union and that it would only take the touch of a Perfect Master to bring the lovers to God Realization (see 'The Sanctification of Married Life" in the Dis. courses). I seek that pearl He offered to all of us. Every marriage started out with good intentions, only to be sabotaged by my mind that demeaned and undermined the goal to which I aspired. Each marriage had its lessons. Each partner presented me with mirrors showing not my glorious love for God but the pettiness of my fears and desires. Should I retreat in failure? Can I live without love? Can I say I truly love God if I cannot truly love another? Since I came to Baba the day after He died, how will I have His physical embrace except in another's arms? My children love me with that quality and I them. But to love another adult, a comparative stranger, to entrust my heart and well being to her... that is both a frightening proposition and an invitation to play like an innocent child, to trust, to live this life that God has given us as he intended, to be happy. Every marriage, every relationship, every situation has demanded that I weed out the fears that have made my garden a mockery of love. In the Discourses on the New Humanity, Baba says that "true love is not amenable to any form of force or coercion" and that "there is no love in the presence of fear." And did He not say that "true love is not a game for the faint hearted or weak; it is born of strength and understanding"? If I am in love with Love itself, there is no other option than to di ve to the ocean's floor once more to seek that pearl He promised us, is there? Michael Childs is an aspiring artist, writer and composer who sells nuts and bolts to auto and marine craftsmen. He lives on an antique wooden tugboat in Sausalito with his two sons. 31

IN MEMORIAM ADAD SDlFIDN, long-time Baba-Love, and autho, of a numbe, of publications On Mehe, Baba, passed away hom a stroke on m Ap,il 12 in Los Angeles, CA, althe age oOS. Adah was bo in Baltimo,e, moved Florida when she was five yea" old, and man-ied A"on Shifrin 'he'e in 194<;. She he"d about Mehe, Baba in 1960 and was a founde" along with the FO'bes', of the Miami Baba group. She and he, husband lived in Los Angeles since1982. She had suffered a stroke in 90, Which 'ende'ed he, left side pa..lyzed. Pe, he, wish, Baba's 19 name Was ,ePeated as she was passing away. Adah Wrote sto. ries, ,ongs, play, and nume,ous poems, mostly fo, children, abou, loving GOd and ,emembering his advent as Mehe, Baba. He, mOst PDpul" book is Meher Baba is Lo".. Mes. sagesfar Children 4,a /00, which is stil1 in prinl. Her child"n's play, Meher Baba. The Dag, The Cm. The Lomb and The Rabbi" is stil1 Pe,fonned. She is smviVed by her hus. band A"on, her daughrc, Su,an Shif,in-Cassidy and son-in_


law DaVId Cassidy. and their son, Beau DeVin. Aaron lives at 14644 La Maida St.. Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 Reproduced here is a Song of love for Baba entitled "My Meher." If you Would like a COpy of the actual sheet. Or a COpy of the above-mentioned play, Write to the BOOkstore, c/o the LA Center (address On page 3). Thank you, Adah.

s.... ~



al'1 I

JEANNE SHAW passed away on June 26 in her home in Myrtle Beach at the age of 86. Her husband and two daughters were with her at the end. Jeanne was born in Schnectady, NY, and there met and married Darwin Shaw. Jeanne and Darwin first came into Baba's orbit in 1932 when Darwin saw an item in the local newpaper. Subsequently, the Shaws had much contact with Baba-Lovers in New York City and were frequent guests at the Stokes home in Greenwich Village. There, one day, while in the special room in which Baba had given darshan to so many on earlier visits, looking at His picture Jeanne experienced Baba coming and embracing her. When she then met Him physically in 1934 at the Shelburne Hotel in New York she felt it was not for the first time at all. Later, Jeanne and Darwin were among the first ones to come to stay at Youpon Dunes as Baba's Center was being built in Myrtle Beach, SC. She worked with the other women and, along with Darwin, was one of the founders of the Meher Spritual Center. Meher Baba said, "The Center is filled with Elizabeth's, Norina's and the Shaw's love." At their home in Schenectady, NY, Jeanne and Darwin were "mom and dad" to many then-young Baba Lovers. Her smiling face and the myriad "little things" she did while sharing the warmth of Baba' s love with innumerable newcomers, hosting and speaking at what must have been thousands of meetings-both in their home and throughout the country-and her continuous service and love for Meher Baba, were and will always be an inspiration to those who knew her. During her last days, she saw Baba several times and Mehera once. She said, "You have no idea how beautiful it is over there. Ybu all talk about love but you have no idea what this love is. God is really everywhere." Jeanne is survived by her husband Darwin, her children Leatrice, Renae and Lowell, and seven grandchildren. Jeanne dedicated her life to Meher Baba; she lived her life completely for Baba; she was, and is, Baba's. ALL MUNDANE KNOWLEDGE, HOWEVER COMPREHENSIVE, IS BUT A DISTORTED REFLECTION OF THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF GOD· REAUZATION. ALL HUMAN MIGHT, HOWEVER IMPOSING,IS BUT A FRAGMENT OF THE INFINITE POWER OF GOD·REALIZATION. ALL THAT IS NOBLE, BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY, ALL THAT IS GREA~ GOOD AND INSPIRING IN THE UNIVERSE, IS JUST AN . INFINITESIMAL FRACTION OF THE UNFADING AND UNSPEAKABLE GLORY OF GOD-REAUZATION.

From a videotaped talk given by Jeanne Shaw at Meher Baba House, New York City, in /973 for the television show, "Glimpses of India. .. "I loved God very much as a child and all the way through my life, I was very devout while growing up. The first literature we [the Shaw family] had were the Discourses. It seemed to me as if I knew them already; it all seemed so familiar. Of course, I always just thought of Meher Baba as Master. I didn't know him as the Avatar then. "I had read so much about Divine Love; but it never occurred to me to question, "What Is Divine Love?" because it was beyond me. But when I met Baba then I felt what Divine Love is. If someone asked me what it was like I said, "Well•.• I can only say, you melt. You melt when you feel that flame of Meher Baba's Love. I knew what love was-of a father, of a mother, and then my love for iny children, and the love of and for my husband, and love for God the way I was brought up. But when I met Baba, that was something else. It was an indescribable, melting feeling that was so uplifting; and it was like coming home to my real Father. "Later, when I saw Him again In 1952, this stands out in my mind. I never knew the experience of extra-sensory perception or picking up thoughts, and these things were happening within me for the first time. I began to know that in that Love there's knowledge. You know things; and you know you haven't learned them or been taught them, but suddenly these centers open up and you know things that you haven't been told. I also saw Baba's power; but with me He was always very gentle and I always just saw just the love aspect. "Our children all became lovers of Meher Baba. We didn't push it and we didn't try to convert them. They were just brought up with it naturally. On their own they wanted to read about Him. They waited until 1952 before they met Him. When Baba put up His hand [she raises her hand, palm facing forward, with fingers outstretched] He meant He wanted the five Shaws. It was always the five Shaws. "We talked about having meetings, He said, "Don't worry if there isn't anyone coming because if there are five gathered together in my name, there I am, too. My presence is there." So it has been that way. And if no one came, there were always the five Shaws and we had a meeting [she laughs]; "



A BABA NIGHT'S EVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD ROOSEVELT HOTEL. Dinner, dance, and auction will occur on November 4th, 5:00 pm to ? This is L.A.'s Baba party of the year. This year we are fortunate to be able to hold this event at the very hotel Beloved Baba stayed at in 1956. In fact, this event wi II be held in the very room where Baba met with his lovers. Auction items will include photos blessed by Baba, photos and books signed by Mandali, and other very special Baba trea ure . We hope to see you there. MEHERMAS SWEEPSTAKES drawing will take place December nnd, 1995. on Mehera's birthday. Grand prize will be a round trip ticket to India for a pilgrimage to Baba's Samadhi. Look for your entry forms in the mail. THANKSGIVING AT MEHER MOUNT

Potluck Thanksgiving at beautiful Meher Mount with our special guest Katie Irani. To help us plan and to defray expense , please send your $10 per person registration fee to THANKSGIVING DINNER, 6230 Poppy Peak Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90042. Please call Gigi Driessen or Fred Stankus at(213) 257-8371, who are coordinating the event. to let them know what food item you will be bringing. Wedon't want to end up with 1,272 pumpkin pies! Make checks payable to AMBCSC and indicate the number and names of guests, addresses and phone numbers. WINNERS, WINNERS Congratulations to the winners of our Fly ro India

Sweepstake drawn at this year's Sahavas 011 July 4th, 1995. Peter Justin of Santa Barbara, California, won our grand prize-a round trip airline ticket to India. Steve Jacobs of EI Cerino, California, won second prize, a beautifully framed 8 X 10 inch print of Beloved Baba. Georgene Tarbox ofMaripo a, California. won our third prize, which was also a framed photo of Beloved Baba.

that Filis' poetry can be shared with her many friends in the Baba world, the project is in the pre-publication stages in Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, because of the costs involved, the project is at a standstill. Donations are being requested so that these captivating poems may finally be enjoyed in book form. Any amount that you wish to contribute would be truly appreciated. After printing costs are met, all proceeds from the sale of Light on Running Water will go to the Trust in India. Because I worked so closely with Filis, I a happy to serve as voluntary coordinator of this project. Won't you join me in making this publication possible? For every $50 donated you will receive a complimentary copy of Light on Running Water. Contributions by check or money order may be made out to me and sent to: PO Box 1862, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29598. If you have any questions or would like further infonnation, please call me at (803) 2724570. Thank you so much for your generous support. In Baba's Love, Mary Lloyd Dugan FROM THE DESERT WITH LOVE

Baba-Iovers of the Southern California Desert Group gathered for the first time in La Quinta, CA. It was a very special event, with lovers from both the low desert (Palm Springs) and the high desert (Joshua Tree) areas attending. Because I had miscounted the number of settings for the guests, a vacant place with food was left at the dinner table for the Beloved; of course we all know Who had counted what. We all felt Baba's presence and felt very blessed in being together and sharing in His LOVE. Many heartfelt stories were shared by Jay, Marta, and Leo, with LOVE poured from heart to heart. Even our group photo turned Ollt well on automatic, snapped by Baba. Jai Baba. Priscilla Breindel. [The announcement was postmarked July IOth!-Ed.]


Toward the end of her life, Filis Frederick of Los Angeles wrote a compelling, heartfelt collection of poems entitled LighT on Running WaTer, about herrelationship with Meher Baba. Some year ago, while I was assisting Filis with the last edition of The AlVakener, we discussed the possibility of printing her poetry, and Will David contributed a number of delightful illustrations for the manuscript. ow, in anticipation

Saba's Desert Group: back row. left fO fight, Matthew, Prisell", Marta, Jay and leo; front row. !efl to ngm. Alissa, Mara and Jaime. Jai Saba!


The documentary screened at the 9th Parnu Visual Anthropology Festival in Parnu, Estonia (July 2-July 9), and at the 17th Annual Big Muddy Film Festival in Carbondale, IL (Feb 25-March 5). The documentary has been edited, by popular demand! The infamous "3/4 ofthe world" reference has been removed. This new version is one minute and eleven seconds shorter (total running time: 55: 15). No new footage has been added. The KTEH broadcast for the Bay Area has been rescheduled for some time in October. A deal has been arranged with Direct Cinema Ltd. for h?m~ vi~eo and non-theatrical (educational/library) dlstnbutlOn. They plan to release the video with new b~x artwork beginning in August, and the retail price will be $25. VHS copies will be available trom the ~A B?okst~re. ~I~hough Direct Cinema is targeting hbrarles, UI1lVersltles, bookstores and mail ordercatalogues, we could use some help in getting the documentary into smaller video stores around the country. If anyone is interested in offering demo copies to their local video outlets, please contact Tim Thelen at 1102 II th St., #103, Santa Monica, CA 90403 (310) 3933715, ore-mail Also CS Associates, located in Mill Valley, CA ,will be handling foreign television sales, as well as home video/ non-theatrical sales in most countries outside the U.S. BEAUTIFUL SOULS IN UGLY CAGES

Paul Armand, my inmate pen pal, would like to have m.ore pe? pal.s; so, if you are inclined to strike up a fnendshlp With someone dearly in need of Baba's love and support, please contact him. PAUL ARMAND, JR. DOC.#91938 CAMP "D" Falcon-3 Louisiana State Prison Angola, LA 70712. About Cedric Williams: Yes, he was released from prison Dec. '94 and is residing with his grandmother in Natchez, Miss., and getting used to his new life. May Baba's Grace be with him in his new surroundings. Contact Linda Zavala at (818) 795-8322 for further information. FROM THE MIGHTY RUFF PEN

The third in a series of spiritual catharses, a new book entitled, I Could Write a Book... : Promotion and Sale of the Spiritual Reflection, by Craig Ruff, will be tumbling off the press soon. The volume is in advance sales stages; inquire through the Bookstore. A JEWISH WOMAN'S SONG

A new art gallery in Greensboro, NC, called "The Artery Gallery," is hosting a show of Phyllis Ott's paintings October I through November 10. The Artery Gallery is located at 1711 Spring Garden St., Greensboro,NC 27403, 91 0/274-9814. Call for prices and availability of paintings. [Phyllis has changed her last name to 0 'Toltz-Ed.]


The mail order audio cassette library contains talks by guest speakers from Sahavas gatherings and Center meetings in Southern California. There is a $2.50 fee for each talk, which includes round trip postage and return envelope. For a free information packet wnte to: AMBC-CL, PO Box 3233, Redondo Beach, CA 90277; INTERNET:; FAX: 310-372-0987. JAI BABA! ONE WORLD

One World is a FREE Online Service in the Los Angeles area that carries the Avatar Meher Baba Internet list as a conference. To access One World call 31 0-372-0987 using a computer and modem. To access the conference select M)essage Menu on the' Main Menu and then A)rea change to "750" Meher Baba chat. Conferences can be read online, read continuously and saved to your disk for later reading, or you can use an offline reader. JAI BABA! ARE YOU READY FOR LORD MEHER IX?

The current book in the Lord Meher series, containing the rest of Volume VII and the full Volume vm is off press! The text begins with Meher Baba's las~ meeting with Upasni Maharaj, on October 17,1941 and Upasni' s dropping the body after the Pearl Harbor attack, and ends with Narayan Maharaj dropping the body in September 1945 after atomic bombs were dropped on Japan (August 1945), bringing World War II to an end. The book contains 576 pages and 170 photographs. The price is still $75, plus $7 for UPS delivery and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Volume VI &VII: Only a few hundred copies remain in inventory; Volumes III, IV & V: Some remain, specially priced at $25 each; Volumes I & II: Sold out! Volume 1: The second printing of this sold-out volume is still pending. Pre-paid sales only raised 20% of the printing costs to date; ifinsufficient funds are raised by early 1996, refunds will be sent. Volume IX is in its preparation stages and should cover the years 1945 through. perhaps. almost 1950, with 600 pages with hundreds of photographs from between those years. Your continued support is necessary for this project. Please send your pre-payments and Benevolent Spirit contributions to: MANifestation, Inc., PO Box 7335, Myrtle Beach. SC 29577. Jai Baba! CORRECTIONS TO THE LAST ISSUE

We offer our sincere apologies for the misspelling of Bob Brown's name as "Bab Brown" in the article on the Northeast Gathering's Sahavas.


Enter the rose as sunlight. Touch what cannot be held. Lay all that you are here and kiss the threshold of your being. Welcome to the Garden of Love.

You are no longer the same, so stop thinking and talking as if you were. Kiss the ground, kiss your own mouth, learn other kinds of caresses.

Why look behind? The gate is closed. Don't take your eyes from the waterwheel. but unwind your mind like a bandage and surrender your wound to the light.

This is not me giving you anything, nor is it you giving me anything. Why steal from yourself?

Let go, as if you are becoming sky. Sky is painless, traceless joy. Stop relying on yourself, but stretch and spread yourself out as a child in a swaying meadow of flowering sun.

This is the Garden of Love, the threshold of your infinity. by Mirek Mirek was born in a Polish refugee camp in England in 1951. He was educated there and since has travelled extensively looking for a home. only to discover that one's "Real Home" is within oneself. He has lived in several countries, including Wales. the Netherlands and France. but now lives in England with his son. Dylan-Mirek. Mirek's work has been published in a number of magazines in England. the U.S.. Canada and India. Two of his books have been published, "Songs Grown From Sand And Stones" and "The Singing, The Loving And The Growing... Also, one play, "As Long As It Takes... Last summer, his poetry readings at morning arti at the Samadhi were riveting.

Now you are ageless, timeless, a river singing through the heart of truth. Welcome to the Garden of Love. Respectability anchors you, the tides of self-will drag you away. If you resist, it doesn't matterif you don't, it doesn't matter. What you are drinking is not in the glass or bottle. You are drinking yourself. Step outside words and concepts, slide out of the groin and stomach and throw yourself into the soul's river. Now drink from eternity!

You are growing inwardly and outwardly, yet you are not growing at all. Now reap yourself and know what's true. Welcome to the Garden of Love.

The LampPost welcomes poetry submissions! They must be typewrlUen with the date sUbmitted, your name and address on each page. None can be retumed unless accompanied by a stamped, sel'-addressed envelope. Send to the Poetry Editor, clo LoveSt,eet t..mpPost, at the address on page 3.

Avatar Meher Baba Calendar AVATAR


(J) (J)





J A I !

The 1996 calendar has arrived! And it has a new look: completely unfolded it's 8.5 x lJ. with the calendar and Baba dates on the bottom half and the beautiful photographs and messages of Meher Baba on the top half. It's two-color, with the photos printed in a gorgeous duotone looking like old sepia prints-all on a rich, 801b. gloss stock. Plus, it's 14 month's long! At ONLY $7.00 each, there is hardLy any markup from cost. All design, scanning, and typesetting is being donated. Contact the Bookstore to order.


Good news: for a few weeks it seemed as tho there would be no Baba Calendar for 1996. o horrible thought! Christina Arazmo, the very talented lady who designs them, has got us hooked! The last three years have seen our walls graced with beautiful photos of our Beloved, wonderfully chosen sayings of Baba, and on the bottom part of the Calendar, each date of any important Baba happening is entered in that date's square. Each year's ending we have eagerly waited to see what beauty she has created for us again. Christina has just given me the details of the '96 Calendar. There has been an enormous rise in the cost of paper, ( it has almost doubled ), so rather than raise the price above the usual $7, Christina has chosen to chan~ the format. It is a little smaller, but to compensate, it is printed on a heavy gloss stock with the photos in a soft sepia tone, and the printing in russet. Looking, as usual, very professional and very beautiful. Because of the money constraints she can only print up the amount that is ordered now, and prepaid. Last year our Bookstore sold 300, so that is the amount I shall be ordering. It would be very helpful if you could get your orders in to me as soon as possible; A, so I can see where we stand for quantity, and B, so you won't be disappointed when you find they are all gone by November. Remember they will make a lovely Christmas gift for many of your friends. A Baba lover here in L.A. ordered 40 of them last year. I jokingly asked him was he setting up a competitive Bookstore! " No", he replied, "I'm giving them to all my friends, non Baba lovers I couldn't 'push' a book on, but to whom I can happily give a Calendar." Its a good thought... . It is with great joy that I can tell you about the new book from our very dear Eruch: That's how it was. It is a 406 page paperback book that sells for $15. For all of you patient souls who have waited for the reprinting of Is that so and Determined to be His, this is it. Not only does this new book incorporate all the stories contained in the two previous editions, but there are more stories as well. For those of us lucky enough to have made the pilgrimage to the Beloved's Samadhi and sat in Mandali Hall en-

by Dina Snow Franklin

thralled by the stories of Mani and Eruch about life with the Master, this will bring back all those memories. Read a story and be transported right back there. For the rest who have not yet made the trip in person, read the stories, watch the videos, and go there in your imagination. Meher Prasad has produced a number of videos of Eruch's talks in Mandali Hall. Increasingly I see people, myself included, who are sitting in Mandali Hall listening to and looking at, Eruch and Mani through the lens of our camcorders. (Imagine how incredible it would be, had these things been around in the 50s?!!) But for those of you with no access to a camcorder, we have professionally produced tapes with Eruch speaking on a number of subjects. In one, shot in 1981, Eruch reflects on his life with The Master'; and talks about what the future will bring. The Future With Meher Baba is 45 minutes long and sells for $20. Beholden to Him. a 1990 interview, powerful in its directness and simplicity, focuses on finding The Beloved within one's self and the importance of that personal relationship. 52 minutes. $20. In 1993, Eruch's unique imagery soared anew as he talked about the inner life with Meher Baba. Interspersed with film and photos of Baba. Eruch focused on what Baba said was most important: living life with an awakened heart. a life of inner contact with the Beloved. The Process ofAwakening, 60 minutes, $30. The latest film made in Mandali Hall is Eruch telling us what Baba said he needs from us: He is the Perfect One, who is and has everything , except... ......imperfections! In Offering Our Imperfections Eruch says Baba said we must lay these at His feet, wash ourselves clean in the Ocean of His love. Eruch talks also of the necessity of 'befriending the mind' and covers a wide range of other topics. 50 minutes, $30. Another new book hot off the press is by Don Stevens. I'm sure most everyone is familiar with Don's prolific pen: he is the narrator of Listen Humanity, given him by Meher Baba, who also asked Don to help edit God Speaks. Don had a hand, too, in Meher Baba's Discourses, and helped edit the Mandali's Tales of the New Life. He then went on to write Listen, the New Humanity, Man's Searchfor Cer-

continued on next page 37

BOOKSTORE, from previous page tainty, and The Inner Path in the New Life. In his latest book, entitled Some Results. Don has finally set down on paper a wide variety of his own experiences in following Meher Baba, which he has done for over 40 years. Thoughtful, honest, humorous and controversial, his observations range over his own life and the lives of other people with whom he has had long relationships. The meaning of companionship; the place of centers and groups, and their dangers and values; individual preoccupations; sex and celibacy - all are grist for Stevens' mill as he lays out his account of how Meher Baba may use a particular person or set of circumstances to breach our most resistant natures and push us to change in the process. A light easy read, it is paperback, 113 pages, $10. There is one more book I would like to tell you about, and also to ask for your help in the procurement thereof. It is called Much Love, hardbound, 606 pages and sells for $20. I personally think it is a most marvelous book: one might well call it The Readers Digest ver ion of all the books on or about Meher Baba. The table of contents covers eight pages. It is divided into seven parts. The first 270 pages are dated diary like entries in clear and comprehensive detail of Baba's life. In a letter to the author, T.K. Ramanujam, Bal Natu writes ....."1 really marvel at the way you were able to present Meher Baba's life in such chronological detail, interspersed with fascinating discourses. The stories you have chosen do an excellent job of presenting Beloved Baba in all of His humanity and Divinity, while, of course,




Baba's words speak for themselves. All seven parts reflect His glory". Part two is the "Much Love" of Meher Baba and its various manifestations in the lives of His lovers. This is illustrated by anecdotes of dozens of people. Part three is everything Baba gave us on prayer, worship, grace, Man's advent and his goal etc. Part four: Song of Glory to Lord Meher, poems and hymns. In part five we find a very comprehensive listing of the Important Messages of Avatar Meher Baba: The Universal Message, The Highest of the High, Meher Baba' sCali and twenty others. Part six is to do with Baba's many declarations of Divinity, and seven is on Baba's Silence. This book is the most marvelous compendium and 'ready reference' on Meher Baba that has yet been produced. T.K. Ramanujam has done us a great ervice in writing this wonderful book. Perhaps if Mr. Ramanujam reads our magazine he would be kind enough to tell us a little about himself, as people keep asking me who is this man, and I don't have a clue! Now here is where you can help us: this marvelous book is only available in India, and even then it is hard to get. I could only buy 6 to bring back with me last October. Marc Brutus was so very kind to bring back another eight, but this does not even begin to keep the visitors to our Bookstore happy! We need lots more for all you mail order folks who will not be going to India in the near future. But for those of you who are going, our request is this: could you buy as many as you can comfortably carry, (even if its only two or three!) and upon your return to the States, send them off to me, either UPS or fourth class book rate through the post office, and I will immediately reimburse you for the books and the shipping costs. It would be a great service to our Center and to all the other Baba lovers out there who would love to own this book. Jurgis Sapkus, our artist who makes the plaster casts of Baba' s hand, feet and footprints, has made something new for us. Actually he first designed and created this medallion in 1969. He cast it in bronze and took it to The Great Darshan. It was beautiful to look at, but a bit too heavy to wear. Jurgis has combined silver and pewter so that the model pictured here, exact size, weighs only 2 and a half ounces. We sell it, chain included, for $35.

Good news! Tim Thelen's documentary on the life of Meher Baba the Awakener is available once again. It has been picked up by a commercial distributor for world wide sales, and the new price is only $25. See page 35 for the details. It has only just been brought to my attention that we have Buz Connor's new tape The GLory of Love priced at $10 in our Catalogue. Buz set the price at $12, so please add the $2. We were out of them for a short while, they sold so well at our Sahavas, but we now have plenty in stock. See the review on the back cover. Many of you took Richard Piekoff up on his offer of his Made In India tape at the new low price of $8 (from $12). I'm sure you're glad you did, it's really beautiful guitar and tabla playing. Last issue I told you about the King of Hearts cards and envelope, and the postcards, same size, for $1.50 and .75c respectively, but didn't show them to you! So here it is. Carolyn Parker's cards, also mentioned in our last issue, are selling as fast as I can get them in the Bookstore. Check your last issue for the most popular photo, and herewith displayed: 3 more close-ups of Baba (they are shown on pages 17 and 21, order by page number), and an absolutely exquisite one ofBaba's chair at Meherana. It is the very vibrant colours of the last one that really enhance the photo, but there is also a gentle loving feeling to it. Perhaps not much of this will be conveyed in the black and white copy shown here, but trust me - it's gorgeous! The close-ups of Baba are in sepia tone, but the roses are a multitude of colours. There is one pencil sketch of the young Baba drawn by Carolyn's equally talented husband Leroy with the crown of baby white roses. Another card, The Dove, has been cut out of an extreme close up photo of a creamy white rose (grown in Carolyn's garden), with the little olive branch hand drawn in gold ink. This card, being blank on the inside, as are they all, would be wonderfully appropriate for a wedding, Christening, Christmas, sympathy etc. (How

about to make up with a loved one after a tiff!?) That is, of course, if Baba lovers even have tiffs! When ordering, specify the letter beneath the card:With envelope, in cello bag, $3. A lovely painting of Baba and the children (see page 6) is now available from Laurie Blum. She calls it "I and my Father are one" . We sell it as a super size postcard - 5 1/2 by 81/2, $2.50. It is also available in a large size print $30. Adah Shifrin (see page 32), who recently joined Baba, wrote quite a few books, booklets, plays and 'playlets'. I think her best known and loved book is the delightful Meher Baba is Love. This beautiful little book, with brightly coloured whimsical drawings by Patricia Sargent, belongs in every child's library. You could start reading it to a 2 year old, as did my mother to her first grandson, or for any age on up to 10 or so. (Or, ~s Adah says, for children from one to ninety nine.) Adele Wolkin, looong time Baba lover, has a seemingly bottomless trunk full of Baba treasures. Quite apart from all the letters, and other personal items our Beloved gave her, she must have one of every book ever written about Baba! She recently showed me a 'playlet' Adah had written for production with pre-schoolers or kindergartners, long since out of print. It is called Meher Baba, the Lamb, the Dog, the Cat and the Rabbit. We have Aaron Shifrin's kind permission to reprint it for you, so anyone who works (or plays) with young children would enjoy it. $3 Remember, if you have any questions about anything we carry, or might carry, call me between 7pm and II pm weeknights, at 310 837 6419 or fax me 24 hours a day at 310 839 BABA and I'll be happy to help you. Don't be shy about asking for more Catalogues, we have over a thousand left. In fact, if the heads of the various groups around the country would like a couple of dozen to have on hand for when newcomers show up at your meetings, please let me know and I shall promptly ship you a carton full. See you, at the Bookstore~~

A Walk With "The Glory of Love"

by Mark Trichka

A review of the audio tape, "The Glory of Love," by Buz Connor ON A DAY WHEN I WAS FEELING DOWN and blue I went for a walk in the Vermont countryside with my Walkman and a copy of Buz Connor's new cassette "The Glory Of Love." As the sun filtered through craggy roadside apple trees, I listened, and my spirits were lifted by this exquisite music full of love for God. Thirteen songs were recorded in a small concert setting. Buz sings them all with a rich and soulful voice. Most of the songs are of medium tempo with a folk feel. All the songs shine and sparkle. Most were written by Buz, and there are also contributions by Mani, Mehera, and Meher Baba, Himself. Buz accompanies himself very tastefully on guitar and dulcimer. Carol Gunn plays truly enchanting piano. Some songs feature a delightful vocal chorus, brilliant guitar work by Mike Hansen. and assorted percussion expertly played. Trudy Gardner and Cathy Riley lend splendid vocal supporl. All these elements are well recorded, and the concert setting made me feel like I was there listening, singing along, and shouting "Jai Baba" after every song. As I continued walking I began to smile and wave at car and tractors as they drove by. Such was the effect of the music.

The title song, "The Glory of Love" features lyrics written by Mani for Mehera's birthday. Mani reflects on her feelings around the event of Mehera's passing to Baba. "Meher Baba," is a song that is fun to sing along with. You've probably heard it before, and this is an excellent version of it. Buz uses Meher Baba's words from one of the family letters in his composition, "God Has Always Existed." He has crafted an ingenious melody that serves as a perfect complement to Baba's words. "Begin The Day," with words by Shavak Framji (Cyclewalla), has a genuine devotional feel and offers practical advice for loving God. As I rounded the la t curve before turning into my driveway, I listened closely to Buz singing "Lord And Friend." Mehera composed the words and the music. It is a beautiful song expressing her love for her Beloved. Something was stirred within me, and my own hear' cried out to the Beloved. Then I felt I was walking with God. I was glad to be rid of that down-and-blue feeling I had when I started my walk. "The Glory Of Love" is $5.95 plus $2.50 shipping, see the Bookstore address on page 3. P.S. I almost forgot to mention some other jewels in this necklace. Buz reads some quotes from Baba and others and this contributes still yet more to the tape.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

AVATAR MEHER BABA CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90025

PAID Redondo Beach, CA Permit No. 196 -".a. -~....




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