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Mariposa Baba Center Gets More Real Daily!


o weekend-long business meetings were held in the fourth quarter of 1992 toward the goal of establishing a Meher Baba retreat center in Mariposa County, California. The meetings were held at the home of Chris and Christi Pearson, two former longtime members of the AMBCSC who moved to Mariposa three years ago. Many will know Chris and Christi as the selfless and energetic hosts for two fabulously successful "Bhaustock" gatherings graced by the attendance of MandaIi member Bhau Kalchuri. The focus of the two meetings, and a subsequent one to be held in early January, has been to work out details of the Center's mission and organizational structure. This is a considerable task, not unlike the drafting of a Constitution! May the work of the Mariposa planners prove, with Baba's blessing, as enduring as that of our country's founding fathers! The following important points have been agreed upon by the Mariposa planners: The center is for spiritual renewal dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba and His principles of active love and service, and specifically is to be a home for meetings, retreats, service projects, and the growth of community. It is to be run, within a short and clearly delineated period of time, by a democratically elected Board of Directors. Initially, however, the board will be established by appointment, with the Southern California, Northern Califor-

nia, and Mariposa Baba groups specifically represented, and with several At Large members who may represent other constituencies and bring needed skills and energy to the project. It has also been agreed that two types of membership are to be established: "Associate (non-voting) and "Active" (voting). Associate membership will be widely and freely available. Active membership will likewise be available to all who subscribe to the mission of the Center, but will, in addition, require active service in support of the Center and at least annual attendance at an on-site work meeting. The requirements, although no less open and democratic than the voting requirements of the southern and northern Baba centers, are somewhat more rigorous in order to ensure that voting members will be both committed and well-informed regarding the mission, activities, and history of the Center. Since there will be significant physical assets at

Bhau Kalcburi to Return This Year! Bhau has announced that he will be returning to California in May! In separate letters to Lynne Berry and the Pearsons (see Letters, page four) he said, "I was not intending to visit the States this year, but they told me that if! do not visit Mariposa in 1993 there will be a setback for the project." The exact dates of "Bhaustock IV" are not yet established, but don't plan anything in May!

Joe Harmoo, MeIJer Spiritual Center Attaney, Aueuds November Planning Sessioo Joe Hannon, a member of the Myrtle Beach Meher Spiritual Center Board of Directors and longtime legal cmlllsel to Elizabeth Patterson, Kitty Davy, and Atlanta's Meher House, flew from Atlanta at his own expense to help us with the Mariposa Center planning. Joe emphasized the importance of a "consistent and persistent" program of community relations, and shared his knowledge of legal, tax-related, and political pitfalls. We are most grateful to Joe for his timely and . invaluable help!

risk, this will be quite important. Directors will, beginning perhaps as early as within a year of the formation of an independent corporation (expected to occur in the next few months), be elected by the aforementioned voting members. Since it is anticipated that interest in and utilization of the Center will be widespread and extend beyond California and even the western U.S., it was decided that there will be no geographical residency requirement: any-

Attended Most Recent Mariposa On-Site PlaJUJirJg Meeting Brian Drygas, Greg Dunn, Noreen Graham, Lisa Greenstein, Ron Greenstein, Joe Harmon, Bruce Kennebut, Hermann Loew, Jack Mormon, David McNeely, Chris Pearson, Christi Pearson, Tom Pearson, Michael Ramsden, Nick Skok, John Stout, Alan Talbot, Karen Talbot, Georgene Tarbox.

Attended a Previous Mariposa On-Site Pl8l1lliIJg Meeting Soussan Adham, Dick Anderson, Roman Babiak, Brian Drygas, Greg Dunn, Noreen Graham, Lisa Greenstein, Ron Greenstein, Chris Haffenden, Pris Haffenden, Joe Harmon, Bruce Kennebut, Laura Hogan, Peter Justin, Hermann Loew, Brad Mandell, David McNeely, Dee Mehta, Jack Mormon, Kevin Mossberger, Chris Pearson, Christi Pearson, Tom Pearson, Michael Ramsden, Rocky Rodgers, Darrell Rupe, Nick Skok, John Stout, Marko Swearingen, Alan Talbot, Karen Talbot, Georgene Tarbox, Linda Zavala.

one who can meet the service, attendance, and other requirements of active membership can become an active member and even a Director. _

Letters to the Editor To the Members of the Northern and Southern California Baba Groups:


We would like to express our deep feelings of enthusiasm and commitment towards the project of purchasing land and establishing a Home for Beloved Avatar Meher Baba for the Western United States in the Mariposa area. At the first work meeting this weekend [in August Ed.] at our place in Mariposa many wishes were expressed of what such a center could offer. We . hope all these wishes and aspirations come true and are willing to make a life-long commitment towards helping bring these dreams into fruition. It is entirely possible and probable that this will happen in the near future. One of the most exciting aspects of this project for us is the opportunity to serve Baba's

August 23, 1992

ever-expanding family. The many ideas expressed of establishing a place for group Sahavas, for individual retreat, for children to enjoy being in an environment dedicated to Beloved Baba, for an archive center, and for service to humanity in various ways provides for anyone who would like to help a unique opportunity to put into action the principles of love and service that Beloved Baba has given us. When we lived in the Los Angeles area for many years we treasured the opportunity to go to our place in Mariposa for rest, relaxation, and spiritual renewal, much like a visit to the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach. To always continued on page 4

His Fingers Are in Everything

q ,

brIar Ram

've heard that Meher Baba is looking for a few good slaves. It would seem that many times things in the world are quite the opposite of what they are with God. In the world, no one would choose the miserable life of a slave, and yet with Baba, no matter how much we wish to be His slave, we find it almost impossible! Though it is a most difficult task, may we all keep at it and not give up, that one day we may be kidnapped from Maya and placed in divine servitude! Here is an update on our family and farm since the last article. Amazingly, a couple of years have passed, and in that time, many of my older boys who are now 19 or 20 have moved on to live independently, and two new children have been added. All together, around 14 boys have been adopted over the past 13 years. This leaves six boys aged 9 to 15, and two (ages 19 and 22) who have chosen to stay on the farm, involved in its projects. Although most of my boys have been of Hispanic origin, there are currently Caucasian, Filipino, and some mixed race representatives as well. One thing that has been especially difficult is watching the older boys go through emotional trials and difficulties brought on by their past trauma and biological family influences, which were very negative. Even in the best of situations, members of every generation must learn things for themselves, often the "hard way," by experience. For my children, with their past influences, this is especially true. So although it is at times difficult to sit by and watch them go through it all and "unpack" the sanskaric baggage that has built up, as long as we remember that only Baba is in charge, things smooth out. When we think things are bad now, just imagine how terrible and empty it would be if there were no Baba in our lives! And in these intense times growing more so, what better Companion could one ever hope to have? The challenge of raising children at this time is very great. Sometimes I look at one of my children's life situations, and it seems hope-

less. Yet, with Baba here as our companion, things move on. There can be the most difficult of times, yet He dissolves all the difficulties with His special brand of Divine solvent. Of course, these children will have much to deal with all their lives, but Baba has clearly prevented innumerable potential disasters here on

every level: physical, emotional, etc. In other words, when cases of "acute sanskaritis" come up and cause a crisis to manifest, Baba's Nazar is there, so all the crises can come and go, but His loving glance equilibrates everything. In order to give an example of what most of the boys have been through, here is the story of the latest addition to our family, a nine-year-old boy we'll call Kekoa. Like many of my children, Kekoa suffered multiple rejections in his life, beginning with the neglect in his biological family and his permanent removal, the most traumatic event for all children. When the boy was five years old, he was placed, along with his younger brother, in an adoptive home. By the time Kekoa was eight, the family was deciding (after he had been legally adopted by them for some years) that he wasn't fitting in, and essentially wanted to get rid of him while keeping the younger sibling. Amazingly, another couple of my boys came continued on page 14


Letters to the Editor from page 2 have a home to go to where we felt the Beloved's presence and comforting support was an integral part of dedicating our lives to Him. We would love to help establish such a home for us all, where we would always be welcome, where there would be opportunities for service and work, or just to get away and be with our Beloved. For us, the beautiful land in Mariposa provides such a place for inspiration. A project of this magnitude will touch the lives of all Baba lovers in the Western United States. We look forward to working with you all on this project and pray that Beloved Baba guide us so that his fragrance manifests for us all at His new Home in the West. Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai! In His Love, Chris and Christi Pearson

THE LOVE STREET LAMP POST A quarterly publication of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southem California 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310)474-9454 This newsletter is designed to keep the Southern California Meher Baba cormnmity and friends abreast orCeDla activities, and to provide a forum for conttemporary accounts of life with Meher Baba as Guide. Bdilon: Greg and Gay Dunn Jeff Maguire CGalrillulan: Lynne Berry, Priscilla Breindel, Marc Brutus, Larry Fletcher, Dina Franklin, Jeff Maguire, David McNeely, Chris & Christi Pearson, Jay Ram, Georgene Tarbox, Adele Wolkin, and Linda Zavala Alai.IiJlI; Chris and Pris Haffenden

Protram CIIIitpenaD:

Letter to Chris and Christi from Bhau I am now healthy and fme, and I may [am able to ] visit the United States. Om and Ma (Tom and May Pearson) told me that if! do not visit Mariposa in 1993 there will be a setback for the project, and therefore I have decided to visit Mariposa. I went through the agenda and minutes of the meeting, and I am very happy to note that everyone is paying attention to the universality of Beloved Baba. He is above all religions and He is above everything, and if in order to serve His cause we establish something, it must have universal nature. It cannot be called "Organization" or "Society" or something like this, which indicates the conventional term. We have to go beyond convention and we should not bring any aspects of any religion into that establishment which is created to dis-establish everything and everyone! I do not know the laws of the United States in order establish charitable trusts or non-profit corporations, but it is good that Joe Harmon is [helping] you all to establish the Mariposa project on a sound legal footing. So far as self-sufficiency is concerned, I think there is no harm if the property is rented for seminars concerning medical and educational matters, and also for health camps, student camps, and meetings for different matters which are not political or religious. I'm just concerned about His cause, and whatever way and means you create in order to serve His cause will make me happy. Bhau Kalchuri

PJ_ _ all ,,"nell... Jlllteriallo:


Greg and Gay Dunn 3401 Dow Avenue Redondo Beach, CA 90278 (310) 371-6321 clwlpaleuNc:riptiOll

Letter to Lynne Berry from Bhau ~


Pris Haffenden 3616 '/, S. Centinela Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90066 (310) 390-2779 Published quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) AU contents C 1993 by the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southem

California, except where notod.


It was my pleasure to visit you all and to receive His love from you. And I tell you the truth that I felt Beloved Baba's presence in Mariposa very strongly. And I know that, because of this fact, you all are now thinking of having a center for north and south California in Mariposa. No one thought of a center in Mariposa when there was the first Sahavas program, but I

had got that thought at that time. And now I hope that there will be a garden for the Beloved, and the birds will have the opportllllity to be in the garden, and to sing for the Beloved. Bhau

The following is a response by David McNeely to last issue's Letter to the Editor by Greg Dunn, followed by dialogue between David and Greg.

More Thoughts on Mariposa In the last issue of the Love Street Lamp Post (Letter to the Editor: "A Mariposa Meher Retreat Center") Greg Dunn claimed that if we put "starry-eyed prognostications aside, the practical reality is that by holding our annual Sahavas on our own land rather than at Pilgrim Pines, we can recover every two years more money than we've been able to raise for the Permanent Site in 20 years." Since I have acted as treasurer ofthe Sahavas for the last three years, I feel responsible to present another perspective. According to Greg's assumptions, what we have paid to Pilgrim Pines over the last two years ($42,622.06) equals what we have in our Permanent Site fund (about $62,500), and that we could somehow "recover" all of it if we didn't use Pilgrim Pines. I guess this assumes that everything we give to Pilgrim Pines is profit, that they have no expenses for food, or salaries, or overhead of any kind. There is also an assumption that we could charge just as much as Pilgrim Pines, even though we would have little more than vacant land to offer! Perhaps there is a more reasonable approach. Let's just say for the sake of argument that we do charge as much as Pilgrim Pines about $100 per adult for a four-day Sahavas. A 10% profit would then give us $10 for each adult, and $5 for juniors and children. Ifwe were to have a full camp of300 people, with 30 children & 30 juniors, the resulting profit would be about $2,430. Over two years, this would total not $62,500, but only $4,860 - a sum we could reasonably expect. Even so, is this "in practical reality" us-

able profit? How much will it cost us to provide the basic necessities of toilets, showers, dining hall, and kitchen facilities? How about chairs, and tables, and pots and pans? How about a building or two? Clearly, it would take years of investing all of the Sahavas "profits" before we could ever have the facilities we have already come to expect at Pilgrim Pines. And after struggling for all those years to accomplish this goal, we will then have earned the privilege of cooking our own food, cleaning our own bathrooms, maintaining the grounds, and the plumbing... Does this mean we shouldn't do it? No! But then again, maybe yes. How do we know? How will we make this decision? I am not arguing that we give up this dream. I am asking only that we truly are not starry-eyed in our pursuit of it. -David McNeely

Greg responds: David, thank you for your concern. The two years I was co-chairperson of the Sahavas committee, 1987-1988, our combined profit exceeded $22,000. 1 I have provided you with documentation to this effect. At the same time, our combined payment to Pilgrim Pines for the two years was approximately $40,000. Figuring that 40% to 50% of the latter went for Pilgrim Pines staff salaries and certain kinds of continued next page 1 Before we who made up that committee get accused ofgouging our Baba brothers and sisters, let me explain how that profit came about. We priced the Sahavases so we would break even with a level of attendance we felt confident we could achieve. We had to be conservative in our estimate, as we had no financial buffer with which to absorb a loss. We ended up with a very full camp both years, and that's where the profit came from. I personally supported a less conservative altendance projection the second year, which would have lowered the price. The process of setting the price is a democratic one and I was outvoted. In any case, we had to tum people away at the price we did set due to camp space limitations. And of course, we did then, and do still, offer "scholarships" to those in financial need.




Georgene Tarbox composed the following between the Saturday and Sunday sessions ofthe October Mariposa Project meeting in Mariposa. She read it out at the start ofthe Sunday morning session, to the delight ofa11. Oh, Meher: tell us how to be one heart with

Oh workers of the Project Mariposa:

Your mind. We all know we want to grow into this someday, some lifetime but, tell us how to do it now, today' Now is when we need this gift. Now we are trying to make a new home for YoiJ. .'

Don't Worry. Just call My name and I am there. Just call My name and I become the leader. But I like a little leela. Much of My creation does not make Me smile. So just remember, it is Me being mischievous in you and your dissenting neighbor. If you remember this, then your gift ofmaking Me smile is priceless. Don't worry, you are speaking with one heart and with My mind. Only I'm the ultimate ventriloquist and I speak from many sides of the circle! Be reassured, you called My name and I became the leader. Oh future members of the Project Mariposa: My name was called and I became the leader. Be in My new home and give Me the gift of a smile.

Now we are trying to arrive at Your will. , Now we are worrying about spiritual guidelines, members of each center, and money. Now we are divided over words and ideas and visions. Oh, Meher, tell us how to be one heart with Your mind, and tell us quick! We all know we are part of You, but why is it that the part we are expressing is your leela? Why not show us how to express your harmony? We promise You: Once You have your new home You may play in your mischievous way. But now, couldn't you give us the gift of Your c1earsightedness?

Letters continued


overhead we wouldn't have at Mariposa, that would have left $22,000 + 40-50% of $40,000, or $38,000 to $42,000, which could potentially have been used for any Baba-related purpose. When I made my assertion about recovering "every two years more money than we've been able to raise for the Permanent Site in 20 years," I did have the mistaken impression that the Permanent Site fund currently held something in the low 40's rather than the $62,500 you (no

XOBRA T, 1992. (Georgene Tarbox)

doubt correctly) report, so I should, at the very least, have said three years instead of two. But there were other assumptions buried in my statement which your letter has made me realize should be brought into the open. No doubt most controversial is the assumption that the entire Sahavas profit could be directed toward a Mariposa Center, or any other one thing. This would require a most radical departure from our historical operating procecontinued on page 12

Help Plan the Mariposa Center! The planning process for the Mariposa Center is an open and democratic one. If you are interested in participating, know that you are welcome and wanted! However, in recognition of the monumental amount of work yet to be done within limited time and resources, and in fairness to those who have already contributed substantial amounts of time, effort, and care in identifying, analyzing, discussing, and resolving issues, please come prepared. The planning process to this point has been carefully documented with meeting minutes and other important papers (such as draft versions of the Center's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws). These can be obtained from Greg Dunn, (310) 371-6321; Herman Loew, (707) 763-8424; or Chris/Christi Pearson, (209) 9665078. Those with a computer and modem can download them from the Mariposa area of the One World Bulletin Board System (see following announcement). See also the list of project participants, who will be happy to talk with you regarding the project.

Mariposa Project Finds "Online" Home Larry Fletcher, a Los Angeles Baba-lover and former Southern California Center Caretaker who serves as the System Administrator for the "One World BBS", an electronic bulletin board system, has graciously agreed to make the board available for communication regarding the Mariposa work.' Larry has established special "Mariposa Project" areas for both messages and file uploads/downloads. Project participants and other Baba lovers with access to modemequipped computers can also send private electronic mail. The message area provides a facility for electronic conferencing that transcends the limitations of space and time! Anyone can leave a public message related to any aspect of the project, and others can sign on, view, and respond to that message at their convenience. The Files area permits the posting of documents of

general interest, such as meeting minutes, drafts of proposals and legal documents, and the like. To use the One World BBS, set your telecommunications software to 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and No parity, and dial (310) 372-0987. Use the sign-on password "PARVARDIGAR" for immediate access to the Mariposa areas of the Board. For help with any aspect of the process, call Greg Dunn at (310) 371-6321. (Other Helperwallas solicited!) I

II is also available for submission of Lamp Posl copy

Congratulations to... ...Karen Blackmore and Joe Gareri on the birth of a beautiful baby girl on November 8, 1992. Her name is Francesca Ann Gareri. .. .Teri Adams and Bob Adams of Albuquerque on their marriage, November 28, 1992.

Avatar Meher Baba Trust Baba has given us an extraordinary privilege to allow us to participate in His very special Trust work. Meher Baba tells us that He is the Personage by whom serving, we serve the whole universe! Jai Baba. If you wish to offer a love donation to Baba's Trust, please make you check payable to: "Friends of the Meher Baba Trust," and send to: Lynne Berry, Trustwalla 267 Hanover Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Contributions for the Lamp Post Please share your artwork, photos, poetry, letters, articles, and ideas with us. Send to Greg and Gay Dunn, 3401 Dow Ave., Redondo Beach, CA 90278. The Spring deadline is February 21 st. If you wish to send a donation, please send it directly to the AMBC ofSC, 10808 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025. If you have a computer with a modem, you can also submit copy to the Lamp Post via the One World BBS. See the announcement "Mariposa Project Finds Online Home" at left.


All events, unless otherwise noted, are at the Center, 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, (310) 474-9454. Uyou have program suggestions or are interested in presenting a program, artwork, or music, please contact Jeff Maguire at (310) 545-3671 or Linda Zavala at (818) 795-8322.

JANUARY EVENTS January 2, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. January 2, Saturday, 8pm. HOW CAN WE REMEMBER BABA IN 19937 Bring at least one idea to share as we bring in the New Year, hosted by Marguerite Poley. January 9, Saturday, 8pm. GUITA NIGHT with Fred Stankus and his stash of edibles and new ideas for us to "nosh" on. If you bring food and drink you won't be turned away. January 16, Saturday, 8pm. "I AM THE ETERNAL CHILD" Meher Baba said. Tonight, everyone from the very young to the very

Amartithi 1993 January 30, Saturday, 8pm. 8:30-10:30 10:30-10:45

Program Silence coordinated with silence in Meherazad, India (Noon to 12:15 on the 31 st).

The event will be held at the Oneonta Congregational Church, 1515 S. Garfield Ave., South Pasadena. Maps are available at the Center.


old can enjoy some time with the child within as Rosalie Dunphy hosts this night of Big Fun with Baba. January 23, Saturday, 8pm. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Here's your chance to give your views, vote for a new Board of Directors, consider new motions, and maybe change the course of modem events. Your opinions count! January 30, Saturday, 8pm. AMARTITHI 1993. Tonight we come together in joyful remembrance of the Beloved's leaving His physical body. Coordinated by Linda Zavala (who can use help with refreshments, flowers, and decoration - call her at (818)795-8322 to volunteer.) Oneonta Congregational Church, 1515 S. Garfield Ave., South Pasadena.

FEBRUARY EVENTS February 6, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. February 6, Saturday, 8pm. REALITY AND ILLUSION IN THE MOVIES. Baba's special relationship with Hollywood began even before His awakening, with a treatment he sent off to Universal Pictures as a boy. It later included trips to movie studios, a planned film project, and a relationship with maverick movie producer Gabriel Pascal. Jeff Maguire will discuss all of the above as well as his own recent adventures in Maya's playground. February 13, Saturday, 8pm. LOVE IS THE KEY. Rose Choi will lead a discussion on the meaning of divine love in our daily lives. Bring a Valentine treat to share. February 20, Saturday, 8pm. AFTERNOON

TEA WITH WITH RHODA DUBASH. Through the magic of video, Dina Franklin will take us along to a charming tea party with one of Meherabad's most charming hostesses.



There are area group meetings in Orange County and in Pasadena. For meetings in Orange County, call Georgene Tarbox at (714) 953-3193. In Pasadena, call Diana Goodheart at (818) 791-1078.

February 25, Thursday, 8pm. At the home of Jacko Caraco: 2243 E. Live Oak, Los Angeles

Inland Empire Baba Lovers now meet occasionally. Anyone in the Riverside/ Joshua Tree areas please call Jay Mohler at (619) 366-9330.

February 25, Thursday, 8pm. BELOVED


The Ojai Meher Baba group meets every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. For location call Peter Justin at (805( 646-4159.

Jacko Caraco shares his home for this happy event. Maps at the Center. Bring appetizers and snacks. If you want to help or contribute, call Fred Stankus at (213) 257-8371.

For Santa Barbara Baba Group meeting information call Donna Karpeles at (805) 682-1877.

February 27, Saturday, 8pm. BIRTHDA Y MESSAGES FROM BABA. John Stout hosts a

The San Diego Meher Baba group meets monthly. For meeting times and locations, call Scott or Anne Makeig at (619) 4367155.

night devoted to the many memorable messages Baba dictated on his birthdays throughout the years. Also featured: a film of the Beloved.

The Fresno Meher Baba Group meets every first, second, and third Wednesday each month. For location and time call Sharon or Phil Scott at (209) 449-0877.

MARCH EVENTS March 6, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

The Portland Baba Group group meets every Friday night. Discourses meeting are held every other Sunday afternoon, and a monthly meeting is held every month at the Wilson's house in Scotts Mill, (503) 8732048.

March 6, Saturday, 8pm. KALIYUGA COFFEE HOUSE. A night of music, art, and poetry devoted to the Beloved, hosted by Pris and Chris Haffenden. Bring your works, your voices, or your rapt attention.

The Seattle Baba Group meets every Friday night at 8 p.m. For location and other information, call Joyce Geoffroy or Tom at (206) 283-7027.

March 13, Saturday, 8pm. SONGS OF KABIR. Marguerite Poley will host an evening of sharing the joys of Kabir's heartful verses.


March 20, Saturday, 8pm. OH! THE VISION OF YOU MAKES MY HEART SING. The Beloved appears on film tonight brought to you by a new projectionist in the wake of our good pal Charlie Morton's departure for the greener pastures of Oregon. We'll miss you terribly, Chuck.


\\ ~ ----,rz..I_.A _


Area Meetings

Beloved Baba's 99th Birthday Celebration




March 27, Saturday, 8pm. MEHERABAD/ MEHERAZAD MEMORIES. Those recent pilgrims who are still standing after Baba's cosmic blast ofjoy will share their experiences


(:')~~)z Z __



~ ~.. ~~A. u



Jai Baba, and Welcome to the Bookstore!



We have three new items this month for you. The first is 0 Radiant One, a tape by Cathy Haas Riley, the long-awaited ;;-": follow-up to Sweet Wine of Love, released six years ago. In the interim, Cathy's voice has grown and matured, and she has been musically experimenting with many different styles. Those who were lucky enough to hear her at the L.A. Sahavas two years ago were treated to some great rhythm and blues, African and Negro spiritual influences in her songs. This tape is wonderfully eclectic, with Cathy having composed all the music and most of the lyrics. Exceptions are two written by Baba, "To Keep You Intoxicated," and "The Ocean Is Fire," taken from Meher Sarod by Bhau Kalchuri, and two from Rumi's books Open Secret and Unseen Rain. One of these, "Be Caught by God," gets a fabulously exotic treatment with Charles Haynes on flute! Charles then goes on to playa mean sax on the very haunting "The Ocean is Fire. " As you all reel in shock - "I didn't know Charles played sax!!!" -let me tell you that this is not "our" Charles Haynes, but a professional musician ofthe same name who lives in Connecticut! When a friend heard Cathy was looking for a flute and sax, she recommended Charles. Turns out he has heard of Meher Baba, and when he found out what he was needed for, he was so happy to be involved with the project that he donated his services. (Baba draws His net ever tighter!) Thinking it would be a great joke to say on her flyer: "Featuring Charles Haynes on sax!," Cathy asked the Myrtle Beach Charles if she could. Ever appreciative of our Beloved's sense of humor, Charles said, "Go ahead. If Bill Clinton can play sax, I guess I can!" The cover of the tape features a very colorful painting by Cathy's husband, the artist Tom Riley. The tape includes 12 tracks and sells for $10. A second new tape came to us just yesterday, definitely hot off the press. It is entitled The Oil

ocII"", (

~-~ .. -



Only Real Thing, featuring Bobbi Bernstein and friends. For all you people who have stood up and applauded Bobbi at one of her rousing concerts, you can how hear her in your own home! Some of the friends singing along with her are Denise D'Angelo-Jones, Jerry Edwards, and John Gunn; all the songs are composed and arranged by Bobbi, with the exception of "Bhau's Beguine of the End" by, of course, Bhau Kalchuri. Talk about variety! We get a calypso, complete with steel drums; a boogie woogie which makes me want to put on my dancing shoes; a lullaby; did I hear a tango in there?; and definitely a Beguine. Altogether a delightful tape, fun music with lovely Baba words to sing along to, and an appropriately whimsical cover: a detail ofWodin's "Baba and the Dancing Bears." $10. I am happy to report we ~ finally have in a large supply of ~ the Tee shirts with Baba's signature across the front. They are avai~able in M, L, XL, and XXL, and ill some new colors, my favorite being Paprika, a bright hot pinky red. There are also aqua, light blue, jade, black, and white. Not all sizes are available in all those colors, so order soon for the best selection, and always list a second color choice. These are Hanes Tee shirts for $10 each. Remember the beautiful pencil drawings of Baba by Diana Le Page featured in our last two Lamp Post issues? We still have some left at $18 each. And now, something new: To commemorate Baba's visit to Avatar's Abode in Queensland in 1958, Diana sketched a portrait of Baba with a background of the Baba House and the trees on the Abode. We have made this beautiful portrait into a very fine Tee shirt. Beneath the drawing are the words Meher Baba, and on the back is "Avatar's Abode, Australia." A artistically beautiful shirt at $12. Also very beautiful and definitely eyecatching (quite a conversation piece when out in public!) is a shirt produced by "Fredericks of Hallywaa6 Chicago." In fabulous color on white is a psychedelic rendering of a young Baba with the words, "There is no power



greater than love - Meher Baba. " This is available in L and XL only. $11. Don't forget our perennial favorites "Real Happiness Lies in Making Others Happy," and "Don't Worry, Be Happy - Meher Baba," both in a variety of sizes and colors, $8. We haven't mentioned .. bumper stickers lately. We have IOOIA! three different ones, all $1: God . " . , . Alone is Real, Meher Baba is ,and Don't Worry, Be Happy - Meher Baba. Los Angeles is the place for bumper stickers and personalized license plates. In our group we have HI BABA, JAI BABA, AMB KJ, and my own 10 Q BABA. (I got the latter when my whole life seemed to be one continuous "Thank You Baba!") A bumper sticker I saw on the freeway about a year ago really struck me as being quite wonderful. I've told many people about it since, and they all say thoughtfully, "Wow, yes!" But it wasn't until a few days ago that I actually ~ it. It's so simple, but so hard to do; yet if we can, life becomes so much simpler - so much less heartbreaking. It is simply: LET GO LET GOD







Kitty: Love in Service

Kitty: Love in SeIYice, is a new video from the Sheriar ~ Foundation starring, of course, the matchless Kitty Davy. This beautipJI 13-minute tape includes excerpts from interviews with Kitty, footage from Kitty's 1OOth birthday party, reminiscences from those close to Kitty - even footage from the memorial for Kitty at Meher Baba's Samadhi at Meherabad. We see Kitty relating the essence of her relationship with Baba: "The love I felt when I first met Baba translated itself immediately into selfless love and selfless service, which I feel is the goal of life..." and "Let every word and deed be what you feel will be pleasing to God." Cathy Haas Riley relates a story of Kitty which captures so well her childlike innocence and beauty, and the disarming humor she embodied almost



Should I make some up for us all? From my foreign correspondents I hear that if you are passing through London and are looking for a place to stay, how much nicer to save money and stay with a Baba family. Marion Saunders lives in Twickenham, very near Delia DeLeon (who loves to have visitors) and runs a lovely little Bed and Breakfast. She will also provide dinner for a small extra fee.1t is only ten pounds sterling, or about $20 for the night. You can write Marion at 11 St. Peters Road, Twickenharn TWI lQY England, or call her at 01-892-3029. An Australian Baba-Iover, Le Buchanan, who met Baba in 1956 in Melboume, has taken the time to record audio presentations of books by and about Meher Baba. These tapes provide a service for those who are blind, old, or physically disabled; spend a lot of time driving in their car; or just want to hear Baba's words read aloud. Meher Baba Film and Video Project, Sydney, Australia, is offering these tapes for worldwide distribution. If you are interested, write or call us for a listing of what's available, and prices, or write directly to Meher Baba Film and Video Project, GPO Box 1826, Sydney, N.S.w. 2001, Australia. continued on page 16 unconsciously. Kitty had just returned into her house, Dilruba, from conversing with the postman on the front porch. With great excitement and enthusiasm she exclaimed, "You know, I always thought that I wanted to be a concert pianist in my next life, but now I think I want to be a postman'" Pressed for an explanation, she said, "Postmen get to go around and meet everybody and talk to everybody. Yes, I think that's what I'd like to be!" She was - of course - completely serious. The tape closes with a monologue from Sheila Krynski, delivered against the candlelit backdrop of the Samadhi memorial service. "While I was sitting behind the tomb in India recently, a friend told me that, when Kitty died, his mother said to him: 'You'll never have another friend like her. ' The truth of that statement took my breath away." -GregDwm II


from page 6

dure. As all of us who are even vaguely familiar with the AMBC's finances know, our center has for years depended rather heavily upon Sahavas revenues to make its books balance. Without that source of revenue we would either have to come up with a great deal more from local pledges, or invent some other highly effective fund-raiser, or find alternatives to some of our current practices, perhaps most notably the maintenance of a fulltime, dedicated meeting place. I personally believe there may be satisfactory alternatives to the latter, but of course there are opposing opinions within our group on that topic. 2 My point was that, if we wanted to and were of a mind to do it, we could raise a substantial amount of money in a fairly short period of time to make something like a retreat center in Mariposa a reality. You question whether we could reasonably charge as much for a Mariposa Sahavas as for a Pilgrim Pines one, given that "we would have little more than vacant land to offer!" This completely disregards the enonnous intangible benefit of a Sahavas held on our own land, and produced entirely with our own labor. I believe this "intangible" benefit has been fully perceptible to most attendees at the two Bhaustocks. Why not pay for it? We'll be paying ourselves! Eventually the center will be as well-appointed as Pilgrim Pines, for those to whom that matters. It will at all points be suffused with the perfume of the love and labor of the Lovers - and the Beloved - who have made it happen. That's worth something l Furthennore, a Sahavas would be only one of many far-reaching benefits from the many uses to which the land and facilities of a Mariposa Center could be applied: personal retreat for


2 It is probably worth noting at this point, for anyone who may be nervous that the Board of Directors (on which I do not serve) wiII "close down the L.A. Center and give aIIthe Pennanent Site money to Mariposa," that they could not do so even if they were ofa mind to, which I'm pretty sure they aren't. Our Center's Bylaws prohibit Board expenditures in excess of 30% ofour annual budget without direct approval by the membership.

spiritual renewal, service projects, ruralization and self-sufficiency training, and so forth. Most importantly, it would provide, on a larger scale and in a way involving a broader base of people, the same benefits of a major, Baba-focussed work project that we in Southern California have enjoyed in the Sahavas for many years. The Mariposa Project planning committee has not, to this point, made any request to the AMBCSC for money. Nearly all of us feel on that committee feel such a request to be premature until we have a very solid plan to present. Nevertheless, finances have naturally been discussed. Georgene Tarbox has proposed the very interesting idea of making the request to the AMBCSC be for a loan rather than an outright gift. This would allow the Pennanent Site money to be used for a wonderful Baba purpose without giving up forever the idea of owning a center in Los Angeles. I believe a Mariposa Center would - far above and beyond allowing us to recapture some Sahavas money that goes out the door every year - become the collection point for a farreaching fl()w of creative energies, resources, and Baba love. I encourage anyone with even the slightest curiosity about the project to make the effort to visit Mariposa and attend a planning meeting. Nearly everyone who has done so has caught the Mariposa bug! Jai Baba! - Greg Dunn

David responds: Greg has kindly afforded me the opportunity to respond (to his response) in this issue. I appreciate the chance to clarify my position, and I must say I enjoy being able to explore these issues in a full debate. I hope these arguments back and forth will contribute to everyone's appreciation of the significance of some of the choices we will be making in the future. Greg still seems to contend that $2 I ,000 is a reasonable projection for Sahavas profits. I must insist that from my perspective, such a profit would be too costly for the L.A. center, for Baba Lovers, and even for the Sahavas. In his total, Greg has counted all profits from all sources - including bookstore sales, the art

auction, and the "fly-to-India" sweeps. First, it should be reiterated that these three items usually total more than the revenue from registrations路. Second, do we seriously want to consider giving up AMBC fimd-raisers to support Project Mariposa? Bookstore profits are originally the result of AMBC investment in inventory, and these days come from the donation of vast amounts of time and dedication by our bookstore-walla, Dina Franklin. Personally, I can't imagine that these profits would go anywhere but back into the bookstore and the center upon whose resources it depends. Ifwe don't feed some of the profits back into the source, how wiU we grow and expand? Similarly, the art auction and the sweeps are fimd-raisers that were initiated by our center to support our center. As Greg himself points out, to give these up would mean radical changes in the way our community comes together. I don't believe we should give up our center! For me, this is just too great a cost! More fimdamentally, I take issue with the idea that we might build into the Sahavas registration fee enough profit to generate $20,000 in a weekend. People may very weU be wiUing to contribute toward the Mariposa project, but I don't believe the Sahavas is the proper vehicle for this. Historically, a priority for us on the Sahavas Committee has always been to provide for everyone at the lowest possible cost. If we were to shift this priority to one where making money becomes so important, I seriously question whether it would even still be a Sahavas. What a cost this would be to all Baba Lovers, and to Baba's Sahavas! I think I speak for everyone on the current Sahavas Committee when I say that the Sahavas is not considered by us to be a fimd-raiser. The hours we dedicate to aU the work involved is so freely given not so that we can make some bucks for the AMBC! We are deeply committed because we find it so richly rewarding to contribute toward what becomes - without fail! - a pilgrimage to the feet of the Beloved. May it ever be just so. FinaUy, is the money we pay Pilgrim Pines reaUy money just going "out the door"? When I consider the value we get from the use of their

facilities, and from the services they provide us, I think it is one of the best deals around. As a worker at the Sahavas for the last many years, my experience has been that I can hardly make the drive home each year because of my exhaustion. How would it be if we had to also clean all continued on page 16

1 Greg's description of how we arrive at Sahavas profits is accurate, but, as an active member of the current Sahavas Committee, 1 would like to add a few further comments. We do tIy vel)' hard to predict just how many people will be at/ending the Sahavas, and we divide our expenses by that number, then add a safety margin which wiII hopefully become profit. However, all children, all juniors, and all "scholarships" pay only the fees that are charged by Pilgrim Pines. Only the adults who come at the full rate contribute to the AMBC overhead (primarily this is the guest speakers' airfare, the printing and mailing of the flyer, and the video taping - which is shared 50150 by the AMBC general fund). Ofcourse, everyone is aware that all labor is donated, but I bet most people are unaware that a substantial portion of the committee expenses is also donated by the Sahavas Committee members. It also needs to be pointed out that most of the $22,000 profit that Greg refers to has come not from the Sahavas registrations, but from the fund-raisers. In 1987 for example, out ofa profit of$9,337, $4,050 came from the registrations, while $5,287 came from other sources which were optional expenses for the people at/ending. Hopefully it will be recognized that anyone may have a full experience at the Sahavas without spending money in the bookstore, in the toddy shop, at the art auction, or on sweepstakes tickets. Also, we derive much of the registration profit (the $4,050 portion in 1987) not from excessive fees, but from careful accounting. We charge each individual as if they were to eat every meal, and stay every night; however, we pay Pilgrim Pines only for the meals actually eaten, and the beds actually used. So ifan individual arrives a day late, we make money. If someone skips breakfast (about 10% usually do), we make money. I don't have the figures for 1987, but in 1992 (which had only 158 aI/ending), we made a profit of$2,521 simply from this careful counting! The 1993 Sahavas wiII cost adults $170.00 (you heard it here first!). Out of this total, about $16 was added for our safety margin, or profit. Again, for any registration costing less than $170 - children, juniors, scholarships - $0 will go toward AMBC expenses, and $0 will go toward profit.


His Fingers from page 3


whole, where what is said and done is often 180 from the same sort of situation; a two-parent degrees from the truth. As the intensity of this distortion seems to be on the rise, this creates an family who adopted the child and had them for almost impossible environment in which to raise many years, but then rejected him when he became older (and somehow did not fulfill their children. But the fact is, Baba created this disexpectations), while keeping the younger sibling. ease, and of course, He is also the cure. And the Thus, Kekoa had lost his second family as well cure is administered with His love, leading more and more to His remembrance. as his brother. What's worse is that in order to Only through Baba's guidance and help, our give the child back, the parents must build a case with therapists and psychiatrists and a psychiatric farm has become The Pacific Neem Mission -hospital, in an attempt to show that the child is Tropical Rural and Island/Atol1 Development beyond hope. The way the system is now, this Experimental Station. Things have greatly expanded into twelve projects can be successfully done with any child. Thus, with all dealing with sustainable Baba created this disease, food production in the poorthese horrible things now on est areas of the world, so paper, the child has no chance and of course, He is also the of finding another family, and cure. And the cure is that we may demonstrate is doomed to a childhood in the agricultural techniques some sort of institution or administered with His love, and provide new species for group home. This is the leading more and more to improved nutrition. And His remembrance. watching this unfold has situation Kekoa was in when he came to our attention. been quite a process, as He Kekoa has some minor causes everything to fall problems, but is really an intelligent, sensitive, into place before our eyes. I'm only the maintenance man, and Baba really does all the work! and loving child with great potential. He is nothThis has been a good experience for the boys as ing at all like his paperwork suggested: it is as if they are talking about a completely different well, seeing how it works with Meher Baba as person. This is something that I've also seen Chairman of the Board. Also, since we have many visitors come by these days from around with the other children, and it is very dangerous. Psychological workers have become the "high the world, it gives them exposure to a diversity of people. priests," you might say, of our society. Better to Dear friends, we have all heard how everylet the Highest of the High take over! Since thing in the world comes and goes, how it is all Meher Baba has come into Kekoa's life, he has changed much, and seems happiest when spendtransitory, even our lives, our bodies. And when the body goes, we don't even retain the memory ing time with me in Baba's room; keeping it of our previous existence. But there is one thing clean, reading, collecting flowers for Him, or that is passed on, and that is Baba's connection just talking with me in there. Now, his favorite with us. I'm sure that our children come to us thing is reading to me from the book, "Baba Love Us Too," and I'm amazed that he is able because of their connection with Baba also; thus to pronounce the Indian words right off, as ifhe we can work to cultivate their connection simply by demonstrating just how His living relationknows them from before. ship with us works in everyday life. In this world of shadow (Maya), sunlight (Reality) can become rather distorted, and such Yet the mind is always wandering and concan cause a great conflict in our lives as well as juring and thinking, and scheming, instead of our children's. This can make it difficult to leaving to Him what is His. But still, out of perceive clearly, and to act on intuitive feelings, complete love and compassion, Baba takes care so important to the fulfillment of our lives. We of everything. With Baba, it is all very simple, see this in our personal lives and in society as a continued on page 16

When Mara was about two years old, we visited with her the L.A. Zoo. We were delighted to see Baba's face in a photo taken at the monkey area. This photo reminds us of Mehera's tree outside of Baba's room at Meherazad. .,

TIle Breijldel Family

I love smaII animals, for they are a part of my creation; but I love children much more, for with them, I am the eternal child and they in their happy play are My playmates. ., AVATARMEHERBABA

Hey Diddle Diddle from Nursery Rhymes in Meher's Time Written by Meheru Irani, Published by Sheriar Press Š 1977

Hey diddle diddle, Life is a riddle. It won't be unravelled By playing a fiddle. Why do we come And where do we go? It will take many lifetimes The Truth to know. When you travel to the moon, What is it you learn?

That earth is far better And you wish to return. So hold Meher's daaman, And you will travel fast; Hold on to His daaman Until the very last. Hey diddle diddle, Meher is the riddle; And He is the player, The tune and the fiddle! .,

Changing From The Random House

Book of Poetry for Children Š 1983 Random House,Inc. I know what I feel like; I'd like to be you And feel what you feel like And do what you do. I'd like to change places For maybe a week And look like your look-like And speak as you speak And think what you're thinking And go where you go And feel what you're feeling And know what you know. I wish we could do it; What fun it would be If I could try you out And you could try me . ., by Mary Ann Hoberman


His Fingers from page 14 and the complexities of modem life can melt away; it is just a matter of trusting Him. Everyday events can become quite incredible, as His divine, graceful fingers are tmIy in everything. And Jai Baba for that! Ifanyone is having difficulty with a child, or would like more information, feel free to contact us. Box E Hakalau HI 96710 (808) 963-6823. MEHER BABA KI JA!!! •

Letters from page 13 the bathrooms, cook all the food, do all the dishes... and then drive six hours to get home in time to go to work the next morning? I'm afraid that for many people it would no longer be a Sahavas. By paying Pilgrim Pines to provide all this and more, almost everyone attending need be concerned with nothing but Baba. This is certainly not money wasted! In closing, let me re-affirm that I believe in

the dream represented by Mariposa. I believe that it is worth giving it our best. I also believe that "our best" is to approach it with clear thinking and careful planning. We must be very diligent when we explore all the consequences of our choices. Let's remember that it is appropriate to have our head in the clouds, but only when our feet are fIrmly on the ground! -David McNeely

Bookstore from page 11 This next is a gem I thought too inspiring not to pass on to you. A month or so ago, Bhau was attacked by some Dobermans and bitten pretty badly. He did not want a "big thing" to be made of it, so nothing was officially said. However, in a letter he wrote to us in response to our get well card he said something that stunned us all, gave us a great laugh, and then set us to thinking. (What an incredible way of thinking to aspire to!) Bhau said, "When the dogs were biting I was feeling the pain, but the thought of dying • kept me happy!" Jai Baba! 'J":)'


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Delia, Baba's "Biggest Blessing to England," Returns Home


cern for others even in the face of her, own hardship. "Delia had her own, unique way about her, and life as a close friend was never dull. The abiding impression we have of Delia was of her Faithful Delia passed peacefulIy to Baba at deep and true love for others, her courage and 6:30pm London Time Thursday 21 sl January. loyalty, her steadfastness and intuitive wisdom, The Mandali replied: and above all, her unwavering love, after a lifetime of selfless service, for her Beloved All MandaJi salute Dearest Delia, Beloved MeherBaba. Baba's faithful Leyla and big"Delia gave up many asgest blessing to England now q)elia was a light pects of the world into which merged in His Ocean of Love. in our lives, a she had been born in order to Dear Delia supremely happy in follow Baba. Of course, Delia glorious, wonderful the mansion of her Lord Avatar herself felt she sacrificed nothexample to us all. Meher Baba. ing. On the contrary, she gained Mani and Meherazad Family immeasurably, and her life changed completely after that first meeting with Tribute in Loving Memory Baba at the performance of 'The White Horse ofDelia DeLeon Inn' 60 years ago. "Her faith in Him was absolute, and despite Shireen Bonner, a guest at last year's Southern California Sahavas and for many years a the difficulties Baba sometimes placed in front of her, she was true in her resolve to follow His resident of England, wrote the following (excerpted) tribute to Delia: wish to lead the English group, as the last chairman appointed by Him. "For those who loved Delia, and who were "It might be easy to forget that Delia had fortunate enough to have her in the forefront of already been with Baba for nearly 40 years when their lives, it is hard to imagine life without her. there came, in the late 'sixties, the' 'sudden She was so much a part of our loves--sharing news as it happened, phoning constantly to keep influx of young people" as she wrote in her book. This heralded a new period of service in in touch, showing her love, gratitude, and conelia DeLeon, after a lifetime ofloving service to Meher Baba, has gone home. In a fax to the Mandali, Sue Biddu gave the news:

Delia's life, and those who met her then, and office and not to go up and talk with the group. So I stood while they passed - Baba wearing a whose lives she influenced, know the vitality and enthusiasm she brought to those early meetings. long English coat and a hat down to His nose Her concern for the English Baba community and disappeared into the box. Soon afterward Meredith arrived and it was he who showed me was profound, and her guidance to the Association was a gift from Baba which has now sadly into Baba's presence. By this time Baba had passed. taken off His coat and hat, allowing His hair to "As the years went by, and she became fall to His shoulders. Someone said, 'This is physically more frail and had to endure hardyour surprise, Baba!' He looked at me kindly, ships with her living situation, made me sit next to Him, and patted my hand. From that she still continued to hold the abiding impression moment I intuitively recognized torch for the English group. As we have of Delia was of Him as my Master, and I sudMani says in her cable, Delia was indeed Baba's 'biggest her unwavering love, denly wanted to cry. after a lifetime of selfless "I was stunned. I had seen blessing to England.' With service, for her Beloved His face before in my dreams: Delia's passing comes the end of an era. Meher Baba. the eyes were startling in their beauty; the face seemed lumi"Delia was a light in our lives, a glorious, wonderful nous, honey-colored, framed by a halo oflong, dark hair. He seemed to be enjoyexample to us all. To those who loved her, she gave us comfort just by being there. Now she has ing the play; there was a funny man in it and I gone, and we should take comfort knowing that, heard Baba chuckling. Other than that I hardly heard or saw anything because I was only conjust as she wished to be cremated wrapped in scious ofBaba sitting there. At the end I could Beloved Baba's sadra, she is in fact wrapped in His Loving Embrace for all time. only look at Him and say, 'Baba, I must see you "Avatar Meher Baba K.i Jai." again,' and He nodded. "It was only many years later, I came to Delia's First Meeting realize the full significance of the play, 'The With Meher Baba White Horse Inn,' for Baba is known as the White Horse or Kali Avatar by His Hindu folIn this excerpt from her book, The Ocean of Love: My Life with Meher Baba, is a descriplowers. Even the plot of the play had significance which I did not fully appreciate until tion of Delia's first meeting with Meher Baba: "Baba wanted to go to the theater and a box 1980, when I went on my own to see a revival at had been booked at the Coliseum for a musical the Richmond Theater. The first time I had been too absorbed in Baba to pay it any attention. Set comedy called 'The White Horse Inn.' Margin an inn in Austria where everybody and everyaret wanted me to come to the theater as they had promised Baba a surprise, and I was to be thing is at sixes-and-sevens, it tells how the that surprise. Emperor pays a visit, sorts everything out, and "I had imagined what the scene would be settles all quarrels." like when I first me Baba - a solemn atmoDelia was included by Baba in a select group he playfully dubbed "The Frivolous Three," sphere with me falling, weeping, at the feet of the Christ. But Baba was teaching me the first which included Kitty Davy and Margaret of many, many lessons before I even met Him. Craske. The three are immortalized on a videotape of the same title. With His humanness and His humor, He was showing me how false an idea of true spirituality Delia herself gave a wonderful account of this was. her 1948 trip to India, published in Filis "I had been instructed that when I saw Baba Frederick's "Women In the West" issue in The Awakener (V 01. 20, No.2). • arrive at the theater I was to wait at the box



Politics in Baba's Family

Guest Opinion

by Ward Parks


uring the manonash phase of 1952 Meher Baba characterized His personal connection with religion and politics as follows: "As the Divine Live embraces in its being One and All including even the members of the animal and vegetable kingdoms, and since from the moment of the attainment of manonash I have attained complete unity with that immeasurable and illimitable Divine Life, I cannot and will not identify myself with any caste, creed, religion or political party. From my point of view, all religions are great, but God is greater. In the same way, all political parties are, in their own way, noble, at least in their consciously accepted objectives. But the claims of the undivided and indivisible life are irresistably supreme, and, as such, greater than those of any THE LOVE STREET LAMP POST A quarterly publication oflbe Avatar Meher Baba Center ofSoulbem California 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310)474-9454

This newsletter is designed to keep the Southern California Meher Saba community and friends abreast ofCeoter activities, and to provide a forum for contemporary accounts of life with Meher Saba as Guide. Bditcn: Gre8 and Gay Dunn ProplLlll Cbaitponoa: JelfMaguire COIIlr:ibutcn: Debra Ash-earnpagna, Lynne Berry, Shireen Bonner, Alissa and Mara Breindel, Marc Brurus, Dina Franklin, Bing Heckman, Caroline McDonald, Ward Parks, Mike Ramsden, Christina Riley, Fred StanIrus, Adele Wolkin, and Linda Zaval. M~: Chris and Pris Halfenden

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Published quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) All contents C 1993 by Ibe Avatar Meber Bab. Center ofSoulberp California, except where noted.

party, howsoever noble." Because of statements like this, Baba's lovers seem generally to have accepted that loving Baba does not imply any political outlook or commitment. Moreover, most Baba groups that I have known tacitly discourage political discussion. The Meher Center in Myrtle Beach actually has a rule on the matter that dates back to the directorship of Elizabeth Patterson and the lifetime of Baba. The general understanding seems to be this: that while Baba did not prohibit his lovers from having political opinions or necessarily from engaging in political activity if their lives take them that way, the focus ofBaba work and Baba community should be on loving Him. This should not get mixed up with politics; indeed, Baba environments should be kept as free from politics as possible. I believe that this consensus - if! have characterized it fairly - is a wise one, and my purpose here is to urge that we stick to it. The reason why I bring the matter up at all instead of letting sleeping dogs lie is that, in the Baba functions I have have participated in over the past few years, I have noticed a certain slippage on this point. What I have observed in particular are an increase in derogatory remarks about conservatives and Republicans and a prevailing assumption that Baba lovers are going to be political liberals. In my view this development is unhealthy, since it will have the effect of making Baba lovers --or newcomers to Baba who haven't yet decided whether they are Baba lovers or not -- feel unwelcome if they do not share this political outlook. I don't want to exaggerate the problem: the simple-heartedness ofBaba's family prevails, and meetings that I have attended continue to be centered on the Beloved. But now might be as good a moment as any to ascertain where we as a community stand on the issue of politics and politicizing in our midst. I am myself one of those who is very sensitive to political remarks in Baba environments, and this sensitivity is due my own recent expericontinued on the next page



Politics from page 3 conclusion to come to, since Raba is above politics. If there is any political message that we ences at work. I am a professor of English, and, want to convey through our Baba functions, it is as it happens, I believe that the study of literathat He cannot and will not identifY Himself ture, like the love of God, ought to eschew poliwith any political party. Ideologies and power tics. In recent years, however, it was becoming configurations change quickly; but God is eterobvious to me that political criteria had become nal. His message of love transcends politics and paramount in hiring in my department, that proall forms of divisiveness. fessors were making no secret of their attempt to Since some of my contemporaries have convert students to their own political views, and seemed startled to find that persons who profess that persons who disagreed were being ostrato love God could fail to subscribe to the social cized and even punished. Finally I spoke up and and political views which they regard as enlightcriticized what I regarded as a spirit of intolerened, I would like to convey a little of my underance. The first time I did this I was subjected to a standing of the nature of philosophical (rather two-hour grilling during which time I was charthan political) conservatism. I hesitate to do this, acterized as an extreme reactionary and combecause I do not want to be engaging in the very pared to David Duke. When I published an aractivity (of politicizing) that ticle about the problem in the I am cautioning against. But student newspaper a few If there is any political message since there do seem to me to months later, a number of the that we want to convey through be emerging problems of full professors in the departour Baba functions, it is that He tolerance, I feel it would ment tried to have me cencannot and will not identify help ifmore ofBaba's sured. Over the next two Himselfwith any political party. lovers, and especially those years I continued to write and of my generation, can apspeak out against the politipreciate that wisdom has cizing of education, and this many aspects and that sincere persons can see resulted in my being the target of a professional the same higher truths from different ideological harassment and sex discrimination grievance by vantage points. To avoid political discussion, a colleague. In my speeches and articles I had what I will try to convey is a certain vision of never mentioned this professor but had consisreality. My point is not that this vision is better tently addressed my criticisms to general condithan any other but simply that the opening tions that I regarded as unethical; nonetheless, I flower of one's love for God could lead one to had to get a lawyer and defend myself in a twosee the world this way. The Lord's mansion has hour hearing, where I was questioned extenmany chambers, and many dwellers in them; all sively on my ideological outlooks - as if these are His. . were relevant to my guilt or innocence on the As a philosophical outlook, conservatism is harassment charge. rooted in the insight that human knowledge, Because of this experience, I have a very power, and goodness are limited. This implies strong reaction when Baba lovers in Baba envithat one should proceed with humility and cauronments create the presumption that loving tion in one's attempts to improve the world. For Baba brings with it a set of political and social in disregarding one's own limitedness one creperspectives. If! were learning about Baba for ates unintended negative side-effects or even the first time, these attitudes might very well counterproductive results. These failures are due drive me away. I can imagine myself reasoning not simply to correctable flaws in the implementhus: God, if He exists, must be above politics, tation of one's designs but to the much more and accessible to anyone of any political persuafundamental problem, that one did not have the sion. So if these Baba followers comprise just knowledge, power, or purity of motive to do another politically correct group, Baba cannot be the Real One. Now this would be an unfortunate continued on page 15

Letter from the AMBCSC President Dear AMBCSC Members and Friends Everywhere: Center activity has continued to grow beyond the the physical plant's capacity to sustain its activities. We the Board are embarking upon an ambitious program to plan for the Center's future needs. The original Mission Statement of the Center (Article IIa from the Articles of Incorporation dated June 21, 1974) states the Center's purpose as follows: "To propagate and disseminate the message and teachings of our Beloved Avatar Meher Baba through establishing and maintaining a center and providing a place of loving fellowship." In order for the Board to be successful, they will need your generous donations oflove, patience, cooperation, ideas, time, energy, and money, more than over before. The current Center badly needs replenishment and refurbishment before fmally being replaced. The year 1994 will see Baba's IOOth birthday and 25th

Amartithi. There is much to do to plan for these events alone. Yet it will also be the Center's Twentieth anniversary on 21st June 1994. We want to be safely settled in a new home by then. Please maintain a close watch on your mail. Respond to calls for work parties, offer to give assistance to one of the 17 committees that will help you express your love for Baba, and be prepared to contribute your ideas for its future. Don't just use the center: help recreate it more and more, and more and more, and still yet more! Heartfelt thanks to the 1992 outgoing board - John Stout, Steve Berry, Rocky Rodgers, Jeff Maguire, Georgene Tarbox, Fred Stankus, Christina M. Riley, Pris Haffenden, and Marko Swearingen - who successfully piloted the Center through a very difficult time. You have left the Center in a significantly stronger fmancial condition, laying the groundwork for our future prosperity with your austerity program. Thank you, Michael Ramsden

AMBC Board of Directors for 1993

Baba Center Brainstorm

The voting members of The Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California held the Center's Annual General Meetin (AGM) on January 23, 1993. The meeting was well-attended by voting members, and by evening's end a New Board of Directors had been elected. Our new officers are as follows:

The following is raw material from the Long Range Plarming Committee's first brainstorming meeting Friday, February 19, 1993. Please use these "idea-lets" to stimulate your own thinking on the Center's future. Then share your thoughts by returning the questionnaire on page 19. Thank you!

President Michael Ramsden Vice-President/ Publicity Fred Stankus Secretary Glenn Russ Finance Bob Dearborn Service Mehemoush Lorkalantari Treasurer Donna Sanders Bookstore Dina Franklin Program Debra Ash-Campagna Membership Pris Haffenden Many new functions and tasks have been defined, among which is the position Publications Coordinator, to held by Christina M. Riley.

When You Close Your Eyes and Envision A New Center What Do You See? Place for kids· good acoustics· bigger/ biggest bookstore· reading quiet room· beautiful greens· an outside space· clean bright airy • parking • library with shelves of natural wood to ceiling· beautiful room for archives viewing and storage· computer center· humidity control· plenty of storage· comfortable audio/video viewing room· meeting room· stage in meeting room· high ceilings· a church building· a school building/grounds· modem kitchen· continued on page 17


Mariposa Update Works continues at a -rapid pace on the groundwork for a Meher Baba retreat center in Mariposa County in the Sierra foothills. At press time, the final draft of the Articles ofIncorporation was under review by attorneys Alan Talbot and Joseph Harmon. It is expected that incorporation papers will be filed in March. As requested by the Planning Committee for the Mariposa Project (now provisionally called "Meherana Mariposa"), the boards of the Southern and Northern California groups each appointed two representatives to serve on the initial Board of Directors of Meherana Mariposa. From the north, the appointees are Jack Mormon and Brian Drygas; from the south, they are Michael Ramsden and Greg Dunn. Chris and Christi Pearson were previously appointed members of

the initial board by a vote of Planning Committee members. These six will appoint three additional members, At Large, to complete the initial board. The terms for initial board members range from one to three years, and each will be replaced by an individual elected by the voting membership of the corporation-to-be. The Meherana Mariposa Bylaws will be completed in March, as will the selection of a final name. Subsequent efforts will focus on the development of a formal long range plan, fund raising, and the purchase of suitable land. The project is one of considerable scope, and help of all kinds is and will continue to be needed. If you would like to participate, please contact any member of the Meherana board, or write to the Lamp Post.

Letters to the Editor

an opportunity wasted, and been somewhat embarrassed to have paid help at a gathering that should be wholly devoted to Baba! Did Baba have paid help or servants at his large gatherings in India? No, all the work, as I understand it, was done by lovers ofBaba for Baba as an opportunity to serve. Why else are we there? Just to kick back and enjoy ourselves or to stand up onstage and proclaim how much we "love" Baba? The point is, Baba is in everything. Baba is the work - whether we are cleaning latrines or singing songs or praying or listening to the birds twittering in the trees, it is all Baba. I would rather be in an open field with only a blanket and a handful of munchies than be served a feast in a great hall and sleep on goosedown provided by others who have not dedicated their work to Baba. And if we are exhausted at the end, how wonderful, how fortunate for us, that we have been allowed to give our all for Baba. My rationalization in the past at Pilgrim Pines for having the staff provide the amenities was that Baba was using this to contact them through their work there. But it is a blessing that might better be given to avowed Baba lovers at Mariposa! Jai Baba!

Working at Sahavas


I read with interest in your last issue the discussion about the new Mariposa center being planned, which I think is a wonderful idea, but I have one comment: David McNeely says: "Finally, is the money we pay Pilgrim Pines really money just going 'out the door'? When I consider the value we get from the use of their facilities, and from the services they provide us, I think it is one of the best deals around. As a worker at the Sahavas for the last many years, my experience has been that I can hardly make the drive home each year because of my exhaustion. How would it be if we had to also clean all the bathrooms, cook all the food, do all the dishes ...and then drive six hours to get home in time to go to work the next morning? I'm afraid that for many people it would no longer be a Sahavas. By paying Pilgrim Pines to provide all this and more, almost everyone attending need be concerned with nothing but Baba. This is certainly not money wasted! " But frankly, when I have been to the Sahavas at Pilgrim Pines, I've always felt it was

Julia Ross

Acts of Love and Service by Lyrme Berry



ust as timely today as it was 25 years ago is a talk Adi K. Irani gave to the Andhra Meher Baba Center in 1968. As Adi points out, there are many ways to serve Baba. A love donation to the Avatar Meher Baba Trust is something you may want to consider. Here's an excerpt from Adi's wonderful talk (l.S printed in the book, Just to Love Him: "An act of true love is that which is performed by a lover for his or her Beloved who is the personification or God. Although the Beloved is too high or too vast for us to truly reach Him or contain Him, there is a way of life given to m by Meher Baba which can take us to where He really is. That way is to love Him and serve Him. "Let us come together and perform acts of love for our Beloved. They may be prayers, goshti, sahavas, holding of gatherings, melas, distribution of literature, giving of monetary assistance, feeding the poor, and many other things we can think out and plan, and in this way -- through our talent, ability, industry, art, wit, and generosity -- express our love. "Meher Baba Centers all over the world are a standing manifestation of an infinitesimal part of Avatar Meher Baba's will which is beginning to show its light and force on the horizon of human suffering. The time is not far when the gigantic cloud of darkness will burst with a multi-atomic thunder, outpouring Avatar Meher Baba's love in a deluge of His blessing. Until this moment of moments arrives, the work - the preparing of human receptivity - should be our prime concern. An eventuality like this, coming once in about a thousand years or more, will be lost if we are caught napping. For after Meher Baba's Manifestation as the accepted Avatar of the Age by millions of people, we will have no room for work. There will be no need to work. Baba's message of love and truth will have stormed the world with a new bursting of light and a new awakening of God. "We call ourselves Baba-Iovers, devotees, and disciples. We must come forward and give with a stout heart and a sturdy hand what we are able to give - not floundering, not flinching, but

going forth and giving anything we can afford -our time, talent labor, or wealth. "Make hay while God shines." If you would like to receive additional information about the Avatar Meher Baba Trust, or send a love donation (payable to Friends of the Meher Baba Trust), please contact: Lynne Berry, Trustwalla 267 Hanover Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 966-1262


AMBCSC Bulletin Board Art Auction Every year at the L.A. Sahavas there is a Baba-filled Art Auction. If you can contribute art related to Baba or with a spiritual theme, please write to the Center, or call at (310) 474-9454 and leave a message for the Art Auction Coordinator.

Sahavas '93 Baba's beloved Meheru Irani will be a guest speaker this year along with Charles Haynes and Bob and Jane Brown. Meheru is one ofBaba's close women mandali and the niece of Mehera. She lived with Baba since 1942 and continues to live at Meherazad. Charles fell into Baba's net when he met Baba in Myrtle Beach in 1958 at the age of eight. A great speaker, we'lI enjoy his stories of growing with Baba. Bob and Jane return by popular request to entertain and inspire us with their Baba-filled music. We're looking forward to a full camp this year, so send your deposits in early. In keeping with the Center's goal of spreading Baba's message oflove and truth, and in recognition of these times of stress for so many, we encourage each of you to share Baba with others by inviting to the Sahavas a friend, a co-worker, a young person, or someone with whom you have shared Baba. There will be special events for them. Share the gift or His-love-fire with someone you know! Bulletin Board continued on t1le next page


Bulletin Board continued

Congratulations to... ... Betsy Tall Casey and husband John Casey on the birth of their baby boy, Austin Meher Casey, on January 4th. .. .John Connor and Barbara Agone who were married on February 20th. Congratulations to us as well, because they will be joining our community! ...the winners ofMehermas Sweepstakes '92. First Prize, a round trip airline ticket to India, went to Mehera Page. Second Prize went to Jeff and Lynn Maguire of Manhattan Beach; Third Prize went to Andy Lesnick of Myrtle Beach. Thanks to all who contributed to a wonderful gift of love.

Contributions for the Lamp Post


Please share your artwork, photos, poetry, letters, articles, and ideas with us. Send to Greg ,md Gay Dunn, 340 I Dow Ave., Redondo Beach, CA 90278. Please note: The Summer issue deadline is May 21 st. Because many people have been receiving their Lamp Posts late, it is necessary that we hold to this deadline strictly. We especially appreciate early submissions. Thanks! If you wish to send a donation, please do so directly to the AMBC of SC, 10808 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025. For those of you with access to a computer, it is a great help to us if you can submit your copy on disk, along with the paper copy. We can handle virtually all disk formats and word processors, IBM-compatible or Mac. When you send us a disk, just let us know whether it came from an IBM-compatible or a Mac, and what word processor or text editor you used to produce it. If you use a particularly obscure word processor, save the file as plain, unformatted text if that option is available. If you don't know what word processor or machine you're usir'6, send a disk anyway and we'll figure it out. If you have a computer with a modem, you can submit copy to the Lamp Post via the One World BBS at (310) 372-0987. Set your modem to 8-N-1, use "PARVARDIGAR" for your initial password, and upload to the LampPost file area.

The Wise Owl on the Work Box... ...Wants you to know about "Mastery in Servitude" opportunities coming soon. First Saturday of each month. Join Will David to make sandwiches and collect foods to be handed out to the homeless in Santa Monica and other needy neighborhoods. Call Will at (310) 548-1931. April 3, Saturday. "Fly to India Sweepstakes" mailing party at the Center after the meeting. What a great way to become a WORKBOXWALLA and share the fun and enjoy the accomplishment of completing these tasks for the Avatar Meher Baba Center! The WORK BOX is just beginning. Look for more announcements in the next edition of the Love Street Lamp Post! Hoot-Hoot from the Wise Owl

India Visitation Summer Schedule 1993 MEHERAZAD: Please note that from 3rd March, 1993 until 1st July, 1993 pilgrims will not be able to visit Meherazad and the Mandali will not be available. MEHERABAD: Accommodations at Meherabad will not be available from 15th March to 14th June. From 15th June onwards the usual accommodations at Meherabad will be available for stay of Meher Pilgrims. Please inform all in your area. MANI S. IRANI

Narrator Sought for Baba Documentary Tim Thelan is looking for a narrator for his documentary, Meher Baba, The Awakener. This will be a voice-over narration only (no on-screen presence required). Male or Female. No previous voice-over experience necessary. If interested, please call Tim at (310) 393-3715.

Meher Mount Report


n October 16, 1985, a fIre conslUlled all buildings at Meher Mount, a 160-acre plot in Ojai and the longtime residence of Agnes Baron. Meher Baba visited the property in 1956. Since the fire, much has transpired. Agnes has recently deeded the property to Meher Mount Corporation to preserve it for the future. According to Bing Heckman, a member of the MMC board, the purpose of this non-profIt organization is to preserve and enhance Meher Mount as a natural, educational, recreational, and inspirational resource. He says, further, that MMC will encourage interested people to use the natural setting for teaching social, hlUllanitarian, and environmental concepts and values, along with the teachings of Meher Baba. Major progress has now been made on a new building which will serve as a Center for the MMC activities. The design for the building includes one large main room with a fireplace, an ocean view to the west, and a valley view to the north. There is a large kitchen, and two other rooms for use as bedrooms (for a Caretaker) or offIces. There are also two bathrooms; one with a shower over a tub and the other with a shower.


The main room is along the right side. The two rooms to the left are bedrooms/offices

The stucco exterior will have a Pueblo adobe look. Bing reports that the new building is more than half completed, but that much work remains, for which support is still needed. Workers have completed the replacement of a water storage tank and distribution lines, as well as the foundation and framing. The doors and windows are also in place. MMC has raised over $40,000 for the work continued on page 14

Area Meetings For meetings in Orange County, call Lynne or Steve Berry at (714) 966-1262. Inland Empire Baba Lovers now meet occasionally. Anyone in the RiversidelJoshua Tree areas please call Jay Mohler at (619) 366-9330. The Ojai Meher Baba group meets every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. For location call Peter Justin at (805( 646-4159. For Santa Barbara Baba Group meeting information call Donna Karpeles at (805) 682-1877. The San Diego Meher Baba group meets monthly. For meeting times and locations, call Scott or Anne Makeig at (619) 436-7155.

The Fresno Meher Baba Group meets every fIrst, second, and third Wednesday each month. For location and time call Sharon or Phil Scott at (209) 449-0877. The Portland Baba Group group meets every Friday night. Discourses meeting are held every other Sunday afternoon, and a monthly meeting is held every month at the Wilson's house in Scotts Mill, (503) 873-2048. For Sacramento Baba Group meeting information call Marilyn Buehler at (916) 9254451. The Seattle Baba Group meets every Friday night at 8 p.m. For location and other information, call Joyce Geoffroy or Tom at (206) 283-7027. 9

All events, unless otherwise noted, are at the Center, 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, (310) 474-9454. If you have program suggestions or are interested in presenting a program, artwork, or music, please contact Debra Ash-Compagna at (818) 441-4466.

APRIL EVENTS April 3, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. April 3, Saturday, 8pm. HOW I CAME TO BABA. Marc Brutus hosts a night devoted to the sharing of stories of the "Divine" romance with a mix of poetry, music...and more! To participate, please call Marc at (213) 882-4860. April 10, Saturday, 8pm. THE LAST GREAT DARSHAN. Join us as Sam Ervin hosts a panel ofBaba lovers who attended Baba's Last Darshan in 1969. April 14, Wednesday, 8pm. SPECIAL GUEST FROM MYRTLE BEACH. Phyllis Oll, "Heroine on the Path," shares her spiritual journey as a lover of God, and artist, and a woman in the material world. Your host, Michael Campagna. April 17, Saturday, 8pm. ART FROM THE HEAR T, Come and create a Baba inspired mural with Wi!! David and Debra Ashe, our hosts and resident painters. Also, express yourself in the Art of Talking, the Art of Painting, the Art of Dance, the Art of Love, and the Art ofBaba, Children and the young at heart are welcome.

Art when inspired with love, leads to higher realms. Love art, and that art will open for you the inner life. -Meher Baba


April 24, Saturday, 8pm. FILM NIGHT FOR NEWCOMERS. Caroline McDonald and Steve Berry invite new people to come and enjoy the glorious visage of Meher Baba! Old-timers bring a friend! Children and adults come and ask lots of questions!

April 25, Sunday, 11am to 4pm. COMMUNITY

POTLUCK BRUNCH AND BRAINSTORMING SESSION. Come and share your ideas and concerns regarding short and long range plans for the AMBCSC. Hosted by Mike Ramsden, Fred Stankus, and the Board. April 27, Tuesday, 7:30pm. SPECIAL GUEST: BHAU KALCHURI. See the box below for more details of Bhau's visit. Also, more information will be coming via the phone tree.

MAY EVENTS May 1, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. May 1, Saturday, 8pm. FROM SEX TO SAKI. Mike Ramsden will discuss the pain of separation arising from some of the issues of sex while attempting to experience the joy of the "Wine of Love" on the journey to Baba. May 8, SatW'day, 8pm. VIDEO REQUEST NIGHT. Come and pick out the videos of yOW'

Bhau Kalchuri's Tour '93 April 26, 7:25am

Bhau arrives at LAX Singapore Airlines from Hong Kong

April 27, 2-4pm 7:30pm 8:00pm

Tea at Dr. Ajang's* Reception at the Center Meeting at the Center

April 28

Bhau leaves for Northern California

May 7,8, and 9 (Fri-Sun)

Bhaustock in Mariposa

May 26 - June 1

Back in LA, staying at Jacko Caraco's

Bhau's schedule will include teas and public talks as well as joyful meetings at the Baba Center. Stay tuned for details. (Next Quarter Bhau returns July 9th through July 15th.) * 3466 Hightide Dr., Palos Verdes (310) 544-2878

choice from our extensive video library. Enjoy intimate moments with Baba, Mani, Eruch, Filis, and more. Create the evening you'd like to enjoy. Contact Debra Ash-Compagna (818) 4414466. May 15, Saturday, 8pm. SPECIAL GUEST

MEHERA MAKEIG, "TALKIN' 'BOUT MY GENERATION. "Born in 1975, she is 18 years old, an artist, and this girl's just mad for Baba. Come and enjoy her stories and a unique perspective on Baba's world and love. Hosted by Lois Jones. May 20, Thursday, 7:30pm. ARTI IN COMMEMORA TION OF MEHERA 'S PASSING. All are invited. Bring your stories and treats to share. May 22, Saturday, 8pm. MEHER BABA

SHAPES THE DIVINE DESTINY OF AMERICA. Meher Baba foretold his May 24th, 1952 car accident in Prague, Oklahoma and deemed it absolutely necessary. Julia Ross and Adele Wo1kin will illuminate the mysteries surrounding the shedding of the Avatar's blood on American soil. May 23, Sunday,.2-5pm. WOMEN'S

and GIRLS' TEA TO REMEMBER BABA 'S DARLING MEHERA. Celebration of Mehera joining her Beloved. Please bring stories to share, pictures, a treasure ... Please bring treats. At the home of Karina Page, 4530 Starling Way, Highland Park, (213) 225-3910.

May 28, Friday, 7:30pm. KALIYUGA COF-

FEE HOUSE and TODDY SHOP WELCOMES SPECIAL GUEST BHAU KALCHURI. Bhau will officially open the Kaliyuga Coffee House with special readings from his God-Inspired Ghazals. Hosted by Debra Ash-Campagna and Pris Haffenden. May 29, Saturday, 8pm. BHAU KALCHURI ON BABA 'S "AMAZING GRACE. " Amazingly, Bhau returns to grace us once again with

his stories of our Beloved Meher Baba. Hosted by Dr. Sister L., Terry Lucas.

JUNE EVENTS June I, Tuesday, 8pm. BHAU KALCHURI, THE GAMES BABA PLA YS. Cards, tiles, marbles, kites, and higher planes games. Hosted by Jeff Maguire. June 5, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. June 5, 8pm. HAPPY BIRTHDA Y FILlS. Tonight we honor Filis Frederick, our center's founder and Baba's chosen editor of the Awakener joumal, 1953-1986. Come share a memory or a favorite A wakener selection. Hosted by Adele Woldin and Debra Ash-Compagna. June 12, Saturday, 8pm. SPECIAL GUEST! MARGUERITE POLEY!-- LAUGHTER -GOOD MEDICINE! Marguerite tells humorous stories from her memories of meetings with Baba in Myrtle Beach in 1958, focusing on the divine and sublime humor of the Godman. Share a hilarious life story, joke, or thought with your Baba family tonight. Children of all ages welcome! June 19, Saturday, 8pm. GUTTA NIGHT WITH FRED STANKUS brings you fellowship, food, conversation, revelation, and inspiration in this fun-filled evening of focusing on Meher Baba. Come prepared to share moments when listening to your inner truth - the voice of Meher Baba - has changed your life. June 26, Saturday, 8pm. MANDALI HALL NIGHT WITH FILMS. Capture the feeling of Mandali Hall. Share your favorite stories or readings. Coordinated by John Stout. June 29, Tuesday, 8pm. SPECIAL GUEST MEHERU R. IRANI! We welcome one of Baba's close women mandali to our Center with much love and enthusiasm. Meheru will talk about her life with Baba. Hosted by Christi Pearson. (Area meeting listing is on page 9)


Jai Baba from the Bookstore!


by Dina Franklin This issue we have three exciting items to talk about. The fust is Mani's book: you've all heard of a Godfather and a Godson, but how about a Godbrother? If you are the sister of the Avatar, that is exactly what you have! Godbrother is the delightful title for what I know will be a totally delightful book. Although Mani Irani has spoken to us about her childhood growing up in the sure knowledge that the big brother she loved so much was also God, she had not put her memories into book form, until now. They are not just cute stories, but lessons learned that are applicable to us all. If you have read Eighty-Two Family Letters, you will know ofMani's mellifluous, flowing style - a joy to read! Along with her wonderful words go the whimsical illustrations of Steve Jameson, better known to you, perhaps, as Wodin. The publisher assures us we will have the book ere the end of April. Paperback. $12. Another most anxiously awaited book is the third edition of Welcome Home. Three years in the making, it is the definitive guide to traveling in India when your destination is our Beloved's Samadhi. It gives you all the necessary phone numbers and addresses for the all-important reservations at the Trust Office and Pilgrim Center. Also included are all the details of the "Meet and Greet" service Rustom Vazifdar has organized to escort you unscathed through the perils of Poona and Bombay, which is, in these wild and wooly times, a distinct necessity! Wanting to spend a few days in Poona? Want to find Baba's birthplace, the home He grew up in, the place where the magnificent Guruprasad once stood? You will find detailed maps of the city showing you all the Baba places to visit, where they are, and how to get there. No detail to make your journey easier has been overlooked: even down to which taxi stand to use to get the best prices and trustworthy service! Welcome Home is a paperback, $7.50, and a must for all going on a pilgrimage. Don't leave home without it!

The third item of great interest is Volume VI of Bhau Kalchuri's magnificent 21-volume biography of Avatar Meher Baba entitled Lord Meher. The publishing of the fust five volumes has been an extremely expensive endeavor, and lack of money is all that is holding up publication of Volume VI. To help rectify that situation we are having a tremendous sale on previously published volumes. {See the notice at right.] Long-time Baba Lovers will well remember The Awakener, a magazine published at Baba's direction by Filis Frederick. The first edition was July 1953. The Awakener was filled with "scoops" from Baba and other information He wanted disseminated throughout the world. All the Western Baba Lovers read The A wakener to get the absolute latest on what was happening. Leading lights of the Baba world such as Countess Nadine Tolstoy, Princess Norina Matchibelli, Elizabeth Patterson, Kitty Davy, and many others were writing of their last visit with Baba, and etc. There are many fascinating bits of information in these magazines that are not to be found in any books. Filis worked very hard at making this magazine 100% to Baba's satisfaction. Unfortunately it died when she did. But the L.A. Center has just received a large quantity of most precious back issues. Some issues are missing, but we do have many from the more than 30 years of publication. If your collection has holes, maybe we can fill them for you; or if you would like to sample a few (any particular period?) let me know. Two very popular editions are both special issues: one on Baba in Hollywood (did you know He met with Mary Pickford, Tallullah Bankhead, Greta Garbo, and Douglas Fairbanks, among many, many others?), and another on Baba's Women in the West. The A wakener has wracked up some pretty impressive firsts: publication of the Prayers, the Highest of the High, the Twelve Birthday Messages, and so on. They are $5 each, but discounted for quantities. You may call me, Dina, evenings at (310) 837-6419 if you have any questions. Another little book that recently came to our notice is called Don't Wony Be Happy. This little 4 x 5" paperback is selling across the councOIJtinued on page 14


You can help publish the long awaited






Publication of this, and the subsequent 15 volumes of Avatar Meher Saba's biography, have been held up due to lack of funds. In an all-out effort to remedy this, we at the Avatar Meher Saba Center of Southern California are selling already published volumes at a greatly reduced rate. This biography is a MUST for all people interested in Saba as it tells His whole life story in intimate detail, taken from diaries kept by His Mandali, written down at the time. Presented in beautiful, 6"x9", hard-bound volumes of approximately 1000 pages each with many, many photographs throughout, the original selling price of this magnificent biography of Avatar Meher Saba, by Shau Kalchuri, was $42 per volume.

ORDER NOW!!! ~ First vo!um&-$30; additional volumes-$25 Pay by credit card (minimum $40) or check. At these prices, the remaining volumes will sellout fast! And they won't be reprinted-at least nO! In our lifetimes.

Send checks along with this form to: Bookstore Orders Avatar Meher Baba Center of So. California 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025

All orders: Shipping (and gift forwarding) add $3.00 for 1st book, $1.50 for each additional book; California residents add 8.25% sales tax.

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Unfortunately Vol. 1 is completely sold out, but Vol.'s 2, 3, 4, & 5 are now being sold at the following (incredible!) prices:


The first copy (of any volume) you buy is $30; any additional volumes (with the same order) will be only $25 each!

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(Please allow 3 weeks for delivery)

Once 'He sPu[[s a Sour Crose Once He pulls a soul close to Him, Out of Compassion or the Eternal Whim, He impresses on that mind that for him the world is naught. The Beloved becomes the focus for all that is sought. An emptiness is felt as the world drops away And the aspirant senses this is no longer play But a deadly game walking a tight rope -Razor-sharp...devoid of hope. He instantly knows not to recruit any others, For one must be prepared or their spirit is smothered. Know that He has drawn you close to His heart. My dear, it is made of fire. It teaches Love's art Of serving the Lord completely and true. Keep all this in your heart. It is only meant for you.


On this razor-edged path you will recognize brothers. It's a sweet recognition not given to others. You've entered a different world by His Infinite Grace. Play your earthly role with heart focused on His face, For yours is a life between the Beloved and you. It is not meant for all. This fact is true.

a Heidi!

Speak not of the failings of others, who are far from free. Only the Beloved sees their hearts. For you: accept. Let things be yOll

And efface yourselfin the light of My Love. That is the path for you. Be assured of My help every step of the way. Be honest. To Me remain true. H.M.Doll

Bookstore from page 12

Meher Mount from page 9

try in commercial bookstores for $4.95, but from us, for only $3.95. It is a collection of wonderful reminders of how to change negative thoughts and feelings into positive possibilities, such as "Don't Worry.. .ifyou feel lonely, Be Happy: it a chance to be with yourself. Don't worry...if it feels like you are not doing great things, Be it an opportunity to do small things with great love. Don't Worry .. .if someone is yelling, Be it a request for love and attention"; and so on.Very thoughtful lines, one per page for 76 pages. It makes a lovely "cheer 'em up" gift for a friend who's down, or just a thought-provoking gift for yourself. I hope to hear from you folks out there in the hinterlands, or if you live in L.A., see you...

completed thus far. While the Center will be a great asset for Meher Mount programs for decades to come, an immediate need exists to replace Agnes's trailer. She continues to use the stove for heat. The insulation is poor. The electrical system consists of extension cords strung about, all on only a few plugs. The list goes on. She is hanging in there, but the conditions are clearly less the optimal for her health. Those desiring further information may write to the Directors at the address shown below. Contributions both of funds and labor are sought. Maps for visitation are available, and you can be added to the corporation's newsletter mailing list upon request. MeherMount 9902 Sulphur Mountain Road OJ ai, CA 93023 •

... At the Bookst~o.....

Politics from page 4 place in the life of the spirit; it is inevitable that what one was trying to do. The Achilles heel of they should be movements in the spirit of poliidealism is hubris. tics also. It does not follow from this that one should What I am trying to say is that oppositions never try to serve others. But one's efforts should of viewpoint are the inevitable outcome of the be based on a submission to the general laws that tension of forces that sustain duality. This is govern human interrelations; and to understand why, so long as "politics" continues to playa what these laws are is the fIrst task. To try to signifIcant role in human culture, lovers of God impose one's own will and vision, however will continue to fmd themselves on opposite noble, in defIance of these laws is to disregard sides of the fence. For conflicts to be creative in the fact that a certain wisdom has framed things their effects, God needs sincere and worthy exponents of opposing positions. So far as polithe way that they are. Imposed change is often destructive. Truly constructive and beneficial tics impinges on the life of Baba 's family, we change needs to proceed out of a healthy respect should never expect or even desire unanimity. for the ordinariness of human experience and for This said, I would like to return to the position on politics that Baba the systems of reciprocity that "unenlightened" people going Himself enunciated, which is about their lives and business So far as politics impinges on that He has no politics. The the life of Baba's family, we politics of Baba 's family have come up with. This is the essence of the conservative should never expect or even should be these -- that is to vision. desire unanimity. say, no politics at all. It is Now the infinity of the impossible, I grant, to keep politics out completely, in the truth is in no way a prisoner of sense that Baba groups need some way of chanthis one perspective. Indeed, it is equally posneling the flow of authority and of structuring sible to assert that human knowledge, power, and goodness are unlimited -- in the sense that we are their affairs. But the goal of all Baba "politics" all really God. The unconscious intuition of this ought to be to transform politics into exchanges of love where the political element vanishes. our real identity fuels the engine that drives our age-old search; and it is this motive force that And as to the politics of the nation and world gives rise to idealism in the fust place. A dialecaround us, it would be wiser if, as aBaba famtic between the spirit of boundless enterprise and ily, we stay away from this altogether, or at least whenever reasonably possible. When a crisis the awareness that "I can do nothing," between a movement towards the fulfillment of dreams arises that concerns, say, the survival or some vital interest of the Meher Spiritual Center in and a drawing back from the delusiveness of dreams, between the impulse of "I am God" Myrtle Beach or some other Baba center, then some form of political action may be required. and the normal human experience of "I am not God," creates the beauty and poignancy and But the purpose in such cases is not to politicize but to protect those spheres in which the extragedy and charm of human life. This same change of Baba 's love and the practice of His dialectic, as a source ofthe generation of social remembrance are cultivated. The introduction of power, projects the political arena. The desire to transform the world is rooted in the knowledge politics for its own sake ought to be avoided, that I contain within myself the power by which since it is bound to create divisiveness. one day I will transform myself; the holding The most obvious form that politics takes concerns candidate or party competition for aloof from social activism, in the belief that the world is best not meddled with, draws support political office or the claims of rival political from the insight that only God has that power ideologies (as in the struggle between democracy and communism). Yet the domain of poliand I must await His pleasure. The leap of encontinued on page 20 thusiasm and the sigh of resignation both have a


Dear Friends, Our loving thanks to all our contributors and workers who gave SO" wholeheartedly last year. Once again, however, we must for your continuing love gifts in order for the Center to continue its current level of service - to you in the Baba community and to the whole community of which it is a part - and we need to ask for more love gifts to meet the Center's growing commitments. Weare therefore asking you to consider making a monthly donation, which would greatly assist our Center in covering its ongoing expenses. Often, small monthly donations are easier to give than a larger amount. One may give for the Center's general needs, or to a specific area or areas. Monthly gifts may also be made in the name of someone else who would otherwise not be able to afford a fmancial contribution. We lovingly invite you to share in the fmancial support ofBaba's Los Angeles Center! In order for each friend to participate, an envelope will be sent every month. Please do not think that a regular donation of even $1 is too small a gift for Baba's Center. All donations are seen only by the Treasurer and are kept strictly confidential. We have all read or heard stories about the ways Baba would accept donations--those things given with love are the greatest gifts of all. , The Board of Directors Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California

My center is the heart ofevery lover. Every lover with a heart that loves Baba is a center.


Whoever wants to work spreading My message oflove and truth, absolutely needs a central office and groups of workers who can function .from that central office. There is always a need for a group to have a center. I would like you all to belong to certain groups, because you can cooperate and tell others aboutMe and share your thoughts. You learn mucbmore than when you remain byyourself. When you listen, exchange thoughts, offer prayers, My Presence is there. Where there are five collected together, Parameshwar is there, I am ,there. If you are talking of Me, having love for me, then there I am. AVATAR MEHER BABA

Brainstorm from page 6 dining room' administrativelboard office' limits • central location • Avenue 64 • two guest rooms with adjoining bathroom..shelter/ daramshala for the poor' hardwired electronics' activity room for making art • day care center' rehearsal music room' a travel agency--help with travel' fireplace in three rooms' espresso machine for coffee/tea house' at least two bathrooms' security/dog? • exterior workshop/ workshedlstorage. What Does the Baba Center Do? What Is It For? Sells books' provides focus on Baba • brings people together' soothes the soul' helps us unleam • expands mind and heart past preconceived notions/inspires' opportunity to do service' consistency/constancy • a place to come and enjoy/love others' Sahavas, the annual event, as outflow oflove • Sahavas in the center' magnet for Baba lovers' mandali magic magnet· Gutta Night· funlhumor • acceptance of others and tolerance of differences in people' music & other arts & poetry' creativity artistic activity· outpours Baba's love. What Can the Center Do More Of? Acknowledgment of new people/welcoming • counseling' outreach' outreach for elderly' camping trips' things for children & young people & babies. What Goals Do You Want to Set and By When? By June 21,1994, the 20th anniversary of this Center: Physical building with room to grow--spacious • all age groups comfortable using center regularly • newcomers comfortable using center regularly' center open daily to public & Baba lovers' beautiful clean furniture and setting' service to community expanded' expanded outreach/education to community· organized public talks' administrative functions c1ear/ effective' committees clear & creatively focused on long range plans' more participation in center activities' growth' young people on board' greater family feeling' organized annual

pageant: artists, writers, music, plays' more organized Baba activity for kids, regular program Le., every Saturday' support for young adult Baba lovers' identified facilitators for young people's groups' once-a-month newcomer meetings. What Are the Considerations in Realizing These Goals? Responsibility· money' allocation of money' time' committed people' more workers • location' space' too few members/more members' regularity of income' banks as source of support· current facility: roadblock or temporary asset? • creativity re raising money' rudeness/politeness' personality conflicts' communication' insularity· fear of the stranger/welcoming the stranger' c1iqueishness/inclusiveness • fear of sharing Baba with others/openness' fear of looking like a cult • lack of publicity/publicizing • complacency/comfort· fear of being taken over by other groups / protectiveness' courage' fear of buying' fear of committing' bylaws/organization. -

The best way of cleansing the heart is by leading a normal worldly life. That would help you to live in the midst of your day-to-day duties, responsibilities, likes and dislikes, etc. All these can become the vel}' means for the purification of your heart. -- AVATAR MEHER BABA

Amarthithi 1993 Celebration On January 30th at the Oneonta Congregational Church, Baba's Amartithi celebration was held with over 60 people attending. It was a magical evening, charged with the exchange of love between Baba and his lovers and the celestial orchestration of thunderous lightening punctuating various dramatic moments during the evening inside the 40' teepee-shaped structure. Special thanks to Linda Zavala for coordinating this wonderful evening and to all who so lovingly participated.


Baba Shepherd, have you any wool? Yes dear, yes dear, three bags full. One is of Mercy I hold in great store, To give to this world that needs it sore. The second is Truth to light man's way Out of the darkness into the day. Love is the biggest bag of the three, For through it you can come to me.


Meheru Irani Red is a Robin Red is a Rose Red is a flower that Baba grows.


The angel is wearing a necklace which has the inscription: I love you for always. I love you for care. I love you for Baba, No matter where.


Leela Dwm, age 5

Alissa Breindel, age 5/12

Spring is here, Spring is here Baba's watching everywhere. He loves us all, yes in dide, We love him too, yes in dide. He loves the flowers and the birds, So happy Spring is what you heard. 18


Mara Breindel, age 9 /12

Baba Center Long Range Planning Questionnaire The New Board has fonned a Long Range Planning Committee to help envision the creative future of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California. At the first meeting on Friday, February 19, we began a process of goal setting by brainstonning. Notes from our brainstonn are included in this issue starting on page 5. We are opening up the process to brainstonn with you by mail and by meeting. Please tear off this survey and send it to us

with your heartfelt suggestions. Please come, if you can, to a meeting llam Sunday April 25th. Help us plan the Center's future - this could be the most exciting and important meeting since the Center's first incorporation - if you help us make it so! We will complete the collection of your verbal or written responses by April 27th so that the committee will complete the long range plan by June 21, 1993.

Clip here: What, in your opinion, are the five most important dreams, goals, hopes, considerations, and/or purposes for the Avatar Meher Baba Center Of Southern California? For any Meher Baba center?








_ 19


page 15

tics has been expanding, and there are other issues that I feel we should be wary of. Certainly this green earth is one of God's fair creations; yet Baba lovers of my acquaintance hold very different views on the merits of contemporary environmentalism, and there is no reason why these differences have to be worked out during those few, precious occasions that have been given over to the celebration of His love. In the same way, the various "liberations" and "empowerment" movements are scenes of vast contention in contemporary society; to bring these matters up and to try resolve them in a Baba setting is to risk replicating this warfare within the Baba family and alienating many Baba lovers for no

God is not to be learned or studied or discussed or argued about. He is to be contemplated, felt, loved, and lived. - A VA TAR MEHER BABA

AVATAR MEHER BABA CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90025


good reason. I am not trying to create a list of proscribed topics. My point is simply this: we have the Ocean of a Divine Beloved to be swimming and drowning in. The more we think of Him, the more of Him we will find to think about. These other issues are a quagmire. Let's stick to Him. I don't feel that rules, prescriptions, and dogmas on this matter are needed. There is in Baba's family a fountain of good will, that consists in the overflowing of His grace at the present time. This is enough. When we feel Him awakening within us, the differences between us become longings that love, in its inspired moment, leaps across. It is here that all politics comes to an end. _

Views expressed in the Guest Opinion colwnn are the author'S and do not necessarily represent the views of either the Love Street Lamp Post or the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California. What's your opinion?

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Starving for More of Meher Baba Dina Franklin of the AMBCSC bookstore recently received the following letter from a pris-

oner, Paul Armand, at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. In the letter, Paul mentions Cedric Williams, who was the subject of Eln fJl1icle in 1l1e Awakener some years Elgo. You will find that StOlY reprinted on p.2. ello. My name is Paul Armand. I'm presently confined to the Louisiana State Penitentiary. I'm very much aware of the frightening stigma attached to convicts, exconvicts, and aU the other so-called loathsome characters in the world, but I'm hoping with all my heart that you can transcend any prejudicial conceptions of me for the moment. I'm just a man. I am writing you in an effort to obtain some information on Meher Baba. I was introduced to him by a truly unique man, a fellow prisoner by the name of Cedric Williams, a guy who's cool, calm, and collected mannerism struck me as being quite eccentric considering the generally tensed and chaotic natUre of the prisoners. He shared a great deal ofknowledge with me concerning Meher Baba and his


teaching, which I can honestly say I'm hW1gry, no, starving for more of. I can't say that I feel that all consuming "love" which Cedric often spoke of and obviously felt for Baba, but I do have this deep desire to know more about him from an intellectual standpoint. Over the years I've learned to never say never, but it's very difficult for me to accept another man as "God" in any form or fashion. In spite oflhal, I'm sincerely drawn 10 Baba's wisdom, and deeply inspired by the way he lived. The prison administration abruptly moved me 10 another area of the prison one day while Cedric was at the infirmary. Because of Ihis unexpecled transfer I was unable to procure any oflhe books he had. I really feel as though I'm going to miss somelhing valuable if I don't seek further information. His philosophies on life - at least those which I can comprehend - have had a profound effect on how I see mysel f and the world around me. My friends, believe it or not, I was just beginning to recognize the many different facets of the Ego when they moved me. It's something Cedric and I were spending a lot of time discussing. He told me that Baba said the ego must be annihilated, and that it was the force that sustained ignorance.

The only thing I have concerning Baba is a picture that Cedric gave me one afternoon. It's a picture of Baba wearing a tattered coat, cuddling a little lamb. Cedric wrote the words "Don't worry, be happy" on the picture, and practically demanded that I tape it to the wall above my bunk, which I did. He used to always tell me that Baba's name and pictures had power; well, in his words, "were soothing to the soul". I'm more of a down to earth fellah - I can't relate to words and pictures having any power, yet I find that I have grown quite fond of the picture. Perhaps it's because of my affinity for Baba, or maybe it's the frequent attention it draws from other prisoners and security alike. My friends, it was last night that I discovered your address. I was laying in my bunk when it occurred to me that I had never looked on the back of the picture, and whoever distrib-

uted it might have their address printed on back, so I unt.'lped it from the wall and looked. Eureka! There, hand-written, was the address - Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California, etc. There were also a couple of names, Mario and Linda Zavala, which didn't seem to be connected to the center address. I used to earn four cents an hour for working in the cotton fields. The State takes half of that. I'm not getting a cent now because they moved me to what they call "extended lockdown." Here I am only allowed out of the cell for one hour each day - no work. I'm telling you all of this because I want you to understand that I'm clearly unable to pay for any literature at the moment. However, I'm expecting to be back working in the fields soon. There I'll be in a position to pay you. Of course, it'll take time, cOIJtiIJUed OIl page 18

Reprinted from The Awakener Vol. XX, No.2, pp. 52-53

The Missing Part June 16, 1982 Dear Mr. Francis Brabazon: I hope this letter has found you in the very best of health - you don't know me, but my name is Cedric Williams. I'm 22 years old and I'm in a Louisiana State Penitentiary serving 25 years. The reason I'm writing you is because of "Meher Baba". Before I go any further allow me to inform you on what motivated me to write you. It was back in the year 1975, the 22nd of January. I was in a small jail in Mississippi. The jail caught on fire, I was in the last cell. The fire started because of bad wiring. The jail was very old itself. All the guys were shouting trying to get out of the cells. It was about an hour before anyone in authority heard us screaming for help. The heat and smoke were enormous. It was about another halfhour before the firemen arrived. As I said this was a very old jail; they didn't have automatic doors. Each and every cell had to be opened by hand and key. I was lying on the floor with my coat over my face trying to breathe through it. The smoke had just about put me unconscious. There were two other guys in the

A True Baba Story cell with me, much older than I. By the time the fireman made his way to the cell I was in, I was too weak to move from the floor. I peeped up and saw my cellmates rush out of the cell, and the fireman moved out just as fast. I knew that it was the end for me, because I couldn't find the strength to move. I remember calling God for help, then all of a sudden, I gazed through all the thick black smoke, and I saw a man dressed in what appeared to be a white gown. I knew it was God, because He walked toward me in all that thick smoke. I saw that the smoke didn't seem to bother Him. He took my hand and walked me down the long hall of cells. The thick black smoke was everywhere yet it didn't seem to bother me anymore. He walked me into the office where all the authorities and firemen were. Then He seemed to disappear. 111ey rushed me to the hospital, and I didn't awake until the next day, which was when I inquired about this mysterious man dressed in white with long dark hair. None of the policemen on guard at the hospital saw Him. There was one guard who I knew should have seen him. because he was right at cOlltinued Oll page 18

President's Repolt

Center Activity Report - January to June 1993 by Mike Ramsden

This has been a very busy six months, and it appears that the remainder of the year will be just as busy. Meheru is arriving for the Sahavas, Bhau will be with us intermittently until he leaves for India in early August, and the remainder of the year will be busy with many other activities. THE LOVE STREET LAMP POST A quarterly pUblication of the

Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los An8eles, CA 90025 (310)474-9454

This news)ener is designed to keep the Southern California Meher Saba cormnunity and friends abreast oreenler activilies. and to provide a fonun for contemporary accounts of life with Meher Saba as Guide.

Bditon: Greg and Gay Dw1n ContribUlon: Debra Ash-Campagna, Lyrule Berry, 1al Dasrur, Dina Franlc.lin, Larry Fletcher. Mani S. Irani, Lynn Maguire, Caroline McDonald, Bal Natu, Mike Ramsden, Christina Riley, Glen Russ, fred Stankus, BiU Stephens. Adele Wolkin, and Linda Zavala CaJondar Bditor (Program Chairperson): Debra Ash-Campagna DulribuliOD: Chris and Pris Halfenden Please share you artwork, photos, poetry,leners, articles, and ideas with us. For those of you with access to a computer, it is a great help to US if you can submit your copy on disk, along with a paper copy. We can handle virtually all disk rOnnalS, IBM-compatible or Macimosh. Let us know which it is and what word processor or text editor you used to produce it For particularly obscUIe word processing programs, save the fLle as plain, W1fonnatted text, or just send the disk and we'll do our best to figure it out If you have a modem, you can submit copy via the One World BBS al (310) 3720978. Set your modem to g-N-I, use "PARVARDIGAR" for your initial password and upload to the LampPOSl file area.

Love Street Lamp Po6t ,ubmiujOll deadlineJ are: August 21 (FaJJ issue) + November 21 (Winler issue) February 21 (Spring issue) + May 21 (SwllIller issue) Please .e.nd all new-detter ;materjal to: Greg and Gay DWUl 3401 Dow Avenue + Redondo Beach, CA 90278 (310)371-6321

Please 'ADd Addre" cbMJ.seJl,ubJcriptjoJJ request, to: Pris HafTenden 3616 lh S. Centinela Avenue + Los Angeles, CA 90066 (310) 390-2779 Published quarterly (Jarl, Apr, Jul, Oct)

All contents 01993 by the Avatar Meher Baba Cel1l~r orSoUlhern California, except where noted.

Specials Guests and Events: So far this year we have been showered with love, events, and talks from many local Baba lovers and out-oftown guests Bhau, Phyllis Ott, Dara and Amrit, and Diana and Bill LePage. There was a notable fund-raising event at Connie Crawford's house with a full three-course dinner at Connie's expense, with all funds raised donated to the Center. The same evening, Debbie Ash hosted a "Baba Newcomers" meeting at the center with 18 newcomers present. There have been many other wonderful and varied meetings at the center including Phyllis Ott's fabulous and inspiring art exhibition and talk. An Art Forum was later held, out of which grew the idea that the ~:;;~;;~;:;~~;;~::;:l Center could and I should more actively support the work of our Baba community artists, intensifying its role as a forum for the display of artwork, for readings of poetry, stories, and plays, and for performances by musicians and composers. Are there any volunteers Julia Pearson, Charlie Morton, and to help run such a Mariah Valentine at Bhaustock. project? We also enjoyed a delightful evening with Mehera Makeig representing young adults in love with Baba. Center Work: There are now 19 official committees reporting to the Board of Directors administrating, organizing, planning, and supporting Center activities. We do need a few more people to help serve on these conuuittees, perhaps as much as four hours per month. There is a lot of work to be done. For example: the Archive Committee has become very active under the guidance of Linda Zavala and David McNeely, not just to look after our Center's Baba treasures, but also to plan for their safekeeping for the next 700 years. continued on the next page 3

We need help cataloging, storing, restoring, and making them available. We realize just how fortunate we are. We visit the Samadhi and Mandali. The Mandali visit us. We may have little need for these treasures now, whether as sound tracks, visual aids, written words, or material treasures. However, Bhau has reminded us that "the Mandali shop is closing," that we should take advantage of India now! How important it is for us to pass on these treasures in good condition to our children's great grandchildren so that they may experience and share Baba's love from these treasures in as pure a form as possible. Another task requiring help is the planning currently underway for Baba's centenary celebration. There is only eight months left for this, and we will need lots of help. The next committee meeting will be at Sam Ervin's house, Wednesday, June 9th, at 6:30pm. Please contact Fred Stankus if you are planning to go. The Long Range Planning Committee continues to meet to assess the Center's future needs. At this time it is addressing the basic mission of the Center - redefining and refining it in the light of past and current experiences. This will mean some changes to our Articles and Bylaws to cope with our projected growth. It will also pro-

vide us with a more reasonable assessment to plan our projected move. The New Center Site committee was authorized by the Board to pursue the purchase of property (subject to member ratification) in Highland Park at Avenue 64. However, at this time the asking price is still far more than the offered price! It has been a useful experience for all concerned - testing the procedures to be utilized for property purchase. If the tendered offer had been accepted, the full membership would have been notified and invited to tour the property. A Special General Meeting would be called to ratify or reject the purchase. At this time there are no further active ongoing efforts to purchase property, pending completion of the needs assessment by the Long Range Planning Committee. When this is complete we will be able to implement a property search, complefe a purchase, and move with a clearer vision of the Center's physical needs and future activities. For example, it has been suggested that it would be ideal to find a church property already zoned for Non-Profit Religious activity, with appropriate parking, meeting space large and small, administrative offices, space for children, continued on page 15

Letters to the Editor

Ward mentions, Baba specifies sex as one of the separative factors. "In the one undivided and indivisible Ocean of Life, you have, through ignorance,

We are delighted with Ward Parks' article on Baba and politics. Ward has such a marvelous command of words, and this piece has given us much food for thought. We certainly needed to chew on these ideas, and I imagine many of your other readers feel the same way.

Bill Stephens


Many thanks for Ward Parks's essay, "Politics in Baba's Family" (Spring 1993). It is one of the most intelligent and superbly written pieces I have ever seen /Tom the Baba community. I would like to add to it this quote from Baba, which I recently put into our Boston newsletter. Note that here, along with the divisions of caste, creed, religion, and political party that

created the pernicious divisions based upon sex, race, nationality, religion, or community; and you allow these self-created divisions to poison your heart and pervert your relationships. You are already parts of one life, and, as such, brotherhood is not something which is to be brought into existence through laborious efforts, but is the supreme fact, which claims your recognition and wholehearted allegiance as soon as you have the candidness and the courage to face the Truth. " (From the message "The Unity of All Life," delivered in Nagpur, 14 November 1944, and reprinted in Messages.)

Kendra Crossen Letters continued OIl page 13

Beloved - A Screenplay

B eloved,

a screenplay by Liam Mullen with of Merwan, the screenwriter describes the followassistance from Michael Shepard, Patrick ing scene: Meyers, and Christopher Ott, blends stories of CLOSE ON Merwan 's face as the oil lamp Hazrat Babajan's early life, Meher Baba's boyfinally flickers and dies leaving him totally conhood, and several sagas of the Prem Ashram boys sumed in darkness. From out ofthis darkness, a into a tale of the One Journey of us all. The story jagged white light begins to manifest near the begins with the escape of Muslim princess Gulouter edges ofMerwan's feet. This mysterious Rukh (who later became the Perfect Master light slowly begins to weave its way forward, Babajan) from an arranged nuptial. After a long edging up each side of his body, before finally journey leaving her near death, the princess is coalescing as a more potent and powerful force discovered by an Indian boy Habib who later, as a near the top of his head. The outline ofMerwan 's white-bearded old man, tells her story to a group body begins to gradually disappear as the pulsing of boys in Poona. The intensity of the jagged boys listen raptly as light expands and grows Habib describes the in its brightness around metamorphosis of Gulhim. He is quickly enRukh into the Master veloped in its luminous Babajan; her burial alive luster as the bed itself by jealous and vindicradiates with a blinding tive Islamic c1eril:s; and white light. her inexplicable later reThe Prem Ashram appearance. saga focuses chiefly Habib introduces upon the stories of the one of the boys, RamAbdullah, Ahmed, and nath, to the now elderly Ali. All are unswerving Babajan, who tells in their one-pointed Rarnnath it is his great desire to be and remain as close as possible to -:::.. ••••••••• destiny to meet the true Holy One. "Even death," their Master. This is not so easily done, as the boys' parents and comshe continues, "will not change this outcome." munities rise up against the strange goings-on at Not long after, Rarnnath, a Buddhist, has the school. the good fortune to become a member of the Contributing heavily to fan the flames of Cosmopolitan Club founded by the dashing young St. Vincent's High School student Merwan opposition is one Lt. Col. Irani, a well-respected and influential Parsi (Mehera's uncle, as it so Sheriar Irani. Rarnnath departs, at Merwan's suggestion, to happens, although this fact does not fall within the begin a pilgrimage to Buddhist holy places. scope of the screenplay). Irani, well-meaning but Upon his return he has contracted a fever from convinced Baba is a fraud, plants spies in the which, with Merwan at his side, he succumbs. ashram and organizes a campaign against Baba and the Ashram. He reappears later in the story reincarnated as Also neatly woven into the story is a depiction Ali, a Prem Ashram boy, to continue his journey of the heart toward union with his Master. of the relationship between Baba and his boyhood The main part of the Beloved story concerns friend Baily, a ne'er-do-well whom, by his own description, "trouble always seems to find." the Prem Ashram, but before we get there we Baily is a failure at school; recipient of a "see" the momentous unveiling of Meher Baba by Babajan. To convey the new and exalted state continued 011 page 16



EN-liTE-EN- ing offer from


Rajoo of Hollywood (As advenised al Bhauslock TV)


ou've had nonalcoholic beer; you love sugarfree candy and diet sodas...We've all had nonJairy creamer and thank goodness for decaffeinated coffee, right?

But have you ever stopped to think, if they can take the alcohol out of beer, the sugar out of candy, the cream out of the creamer and the caffeine out of coffee, why can't they remove the sanskaras from life's most pleasurable experiences? Now I know what you're thinking: what a ridiculous concept. nut now, Rajoo of Hollywood turns the ridiculous into the sublime! Yes, Rajoo of Hollywood, psychic to the near-famous, lets you enjoy a wide range of experiences while winding up only a third of the sanskaras! Let's say you want to go out dancing but are afraid of the all the sanskaras you'll pile on. You're hesitant to play basket~ ball because your competitive J urges may bind you forever to ~_ the gross plane. Or maybe you want to buy a shiny red Mazda Miata convertible and customize it to the point of sheer lunacy, but you're afraiJ you'll get too attached.



Lcave it to Rajoo to psychically elimill3te lip to two-thirds of those nagging sanskaras.

Rajoo's slogaJl:

"Feels Great - Less Binding" So call Rajoo today and find out how you, lor only $39.95 a month, can take advantage of this special olTer. Don't wait a moment more! While your soul leads the life of Ghandi, your body will lead the life of Riley! Tlwt's

En-Lite-en from

Rajoo of Ho1Jywood.

-void where prohibited by 1:Jw-

Bhaustock IV "The Big One" may have no-showed, but the Ancient One was everywhere in evidence at Bhaustock IV, held May 7-9 in Mariposa at the seven-acre Sierra home of Chris and Christi Pearson. As in the past, Bhau Kalchuri keynoted the event with numerous talks and question and answer sessions. Despite a painful spinal condition, I3hau made himself abundantly available, bringing I3aba close for everyone with his treasurehouse of I3aba tales and singular storyteller's art. Entertainment was provided by singers including Scott Makeig, David Miotke, Deborah Ash-Campagna, Michael Campagna, Karen Sterkin, and Rick Scheu, magician Huey MacDonald, jugglers Prem Makeig and Dana Brook, stand-up comedy show host Bobby Manonash (Jeff Maguire) with sidekick Ed McMaya (Fred Stankus), and numerous others. 1"ne event was not without its gross sphere calamities. A major earthquake foretold by Nostradamus scholar-corne-lately Manonash failed to materialize, crushing the hopes of attendees who had expected to be relieved of the obligation to return to their day jobs after the event. Even worse, the food ran out on Saturday evening as ravenous aspirants devoured the appointed fare with unprecedented rapacity, leaving scores of campers Durgerless in BabaLand. Only the swift import of back-up provisions from the local high Sierra pizzeria saved the day. . T-shirt connoisseurs found I-lanes Heaven at Dina Franklin's traveling bookstore, with an unprecedented selection of shirts sp,llming a breathtaking range of styles and themes. For the aesthetically-minded, there were beautiful new hand-made selections from Raine Mormon to complement the now classic Andrea Winzimer designs. A beautiful new MchcrDnD t-shirt designcd by Gay Dwm was unveiled. Rick Scheu, Jr., from Oregon, arrived with what proved a popular line of "TALK AND TALK AND TALK" lees and swcats, while Mark Palmer and Kyle Morrison provided "Bhau Kalchuri

Meherana Update Meherana, the organization formed to estab-

Bobby Dearborn relaxes in the ambience of the great outdoors.

1993 World Tour" shirts in the finest rock band tradition. Dina also brought samples of a line of new one-of-a-kind custom tees imprinted with a variety of beautiful photos ofBaba and Babarelated paintings. On-site lodging included an ample campsite beautifully prepared by Chris and Zak Pearson, and a hodge-podge ofRV's, covered pick-up trucks, station wagons, and other make-shift mobile bedrooms. Others took advantage of the abundant selection of local motels and bed-andbreakfast facilities. The latter phenomenon naturally impacts the local economy favorably, and gives Baba lovers a chance to mix a bit with the local residents, whom we hope will become long-term friends. Chris and Christi's neighbors were very gracious concerning the event, with the local neighborhood association delaying plans to recut the conunon access road until after the gathering so as not to cause any traffic problems. George and Katie Jennings, the Pearson's neighbors across the street, held a garage sale

continued on page 8

lish a permanent retreat and gathering center in Mariposa, is now a California corporation, as of May 5,1993. Work is underway to apply for Non-Profit status with the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service so that contributions will be tax-deductible. Approval as a Non-Profit is expected before the end of this year. The status, when awarded, will be retroactive to the incorporation date. Supporters have already donated more than $12,000 to the project, which was officially unveiled at Bhaustock IV with a new brochure, T-shirt, and button. "First Most" Associate Memberships are now available with nominal membership dues of$IO. Copies of the brochure are being mailed to all on the mailing lists of the southern and northern California groups, as well as those on the Meher Lahar list. If you have not received a Meherana brochure by a week or two after receiving this Lamp Post, and would like one, please contact Meherana at the address/phones shown at the end of this article. The organization's bylaws, which define its operational rules and administrative structure, are now complete. (For a copy, write to Meherana. Please include $2 to defray reproduction and mailing expenses.) Primary activities for the coming months will include fund-raising and further elaboration of the Site Development plan. Meherana 's directors and supporters are keen to see that the project moves forward with all possible dispatch. We will all be very happy to meet on Meherana land for Bhaustock V, next • year! Wouldn't you like to be there, too?

For more information, please write to: Meherana 5311 Italian Creek Road Mariposa, CA 95311 or call: Chris/Christi Pearson (Mariposa) (209) 966-5078 Brian Drygas (Northern California) (408) 356-3512 Greg Dunn (Southern California) (310)371-6321


Chemical Pollution Worsens Near Meherazad 14th March 93 Dear Baba Lovers, We are touched by your overwhelming response to our circular regarding "Non-Industrial Zone" petition for Meherabad and Meherazad to the various ministries. This petition has created quite a stir within the ministry, but in spite of this, the government is dragging its feet about taking concrete action. In the meantime, the situation, with respect to the chemical factory, Praveen Organics, has taken a turn for the worse. The seriousness of the situation cannot be expressed in words. The chemical factory is releasing toxic eff1uent into air and soil, which has already polluted the wells and damaged the crops of the adjoining farmers. The gases released by this factory have been a source of major health problems to the surrounding villagers who have been suffering from nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting, and are now even showing signs of neurological problems. Meherazad residents are also badly affected by the noxious emissions. The factory mostly operates during the night and often shuts its operation during the daytime to escape official inspection. Recently there were two major accidents at the factory. The first one took place on 25th January 1993 and the second one on 12(h

Bhaustock IV from page 7


during the event where several Bhaustock attendees socialized and copped bargains. Katie commented favorably several times on the music wafting over from the gathering, saying it was beautiful and "happy." . The Bhaustock gathering has emerged as a wonderful new tradition within the West Coast Baba community, as well as for numerous Babalovers who come from other parts of the United States and around the world. Many now hope it will not only evolve into a permanent annual affair, but also become the spawning point for a new retreat, gathering, and community service center through the Meherana project. _

Februarv 1993. Both these accidents resulted in major gas leaks which covered the entire area with cWorine gas, yet no action seems to have been taken against the owner. Two environmental organizations have come forward to fight this case. As per advice of these organizations, we wish to bring more international pressure on the government. We urge Baba Lovers all over the world to write individually to the undermentioned ministries in the following manner: I. We beseech the government to take a serious view of the health hazard created by this factory. 2. We continue to wonder why the factory was not located in an industrial belt where all facilities, such as water, electricity, transport, etc., are already available? 3. Is it because such a polluting industry would not be allowed in an industrial belt? 4. Has it been purposely located in a remote place in order to escape official scrutiny and subsequent closure? 5. It is our request that this factory be relocated and for the government to take proper steps to declare a "Non-Industrial Zone" around the areas ofMeherazad and Meherabad, to prevent continued on page 14

Bhau's Flight Schedules JULy 9, Wednesday DELTA # 601 DEPART: SALT LAKE ARRIVE: L.A. 3:35pm

mLY 17, Saturday UNITED # 809 DEPART: L.A. 10:00am ARRIVE: S.F. 11 :22am mLY 21, Wednesday UNITED # 1709 DEPART: S.F. I 1:30am ARRIVE: L.A. 12:54pm (rest day)

JULY 22, Thursday HAWAIIAN AIR # 10 DEPART: L.A. 9:10am ARRIVE: Honolulu 11 :40am

mLY 27, Tuesday HAWAllAN AIR # 20 DEPART: Honolulu 1:30pm ARRIVE: L.A. 9:40pm AUGUST 1, Sunday SINGAPORE AIR #(tba) DEPART: L.A. 2:30am

AMBCSC Notes Nuptials

...was a huge success. Debra AshCampagna hosted the evening with the able assistance of Marc Brutus, our projectionwalla; Glenn Russ, temporary bookstorewalla; and Mike Ramsden, our carpoolwalla. Baba's grace brought 19 guests to the Center - a full house. More newcomer nights are being scheduled due to such a positive response.

Dunphy, the inspired and energetic cleaning crew who spruced up our center for our special April guests. Did you notice that the upstairs is now a lovely shade of pink? We thank Tamara Mark, Emile Alexander, Glenn Russ, and Deborah AshCampagna for giving their tin1e to paint for Baba. A special thanks goes out to Marc Brutus who thoughtfully chose the color and purchased the paint and supplies. Shireen and Mehrnoush Lorkalantari purchased the material and lovingly sewed the Center's beautiful new upstairs drapes. Jai Baba! Thank you, Lynn Maguire, for cleaning our precious embroidered Master's Prayer, and Baba's Sadra Cover as well. Donna Sanders, thank you so much for having our carpet cleaned. Thank you to all who helped make the Kaliyuga Coffee House evening with Bhau so lovely. Thanks to a thoughtful Board decision, GTE recently installed a telephone answering system which allows one to press buttons for information regarding all coming events, including special dates with Bhau and Meheru. Nice job - it works great! Rosalie, we love your cheerful messages!

And at the Same Time...

Freeing Your Creative Self

Connie Crawford and Carol Cunningham hosted a fabulous, fun-filled fundraiser and gourmet dining experience at Wayne and Connie Crawford's beautiful home. Their home was transformed into a classy restaurant with over 100 people in attendance including special guests from India, Dara and Amrit. The special dedication of chefs Connie Crawford and Bob Dearborn, as well as all who volunteered as waiters and waitresses, created a night to be remembered. 111ank you, Bob, for coordinating this magical evening.

Radha Delamarter will be offering her funfilled, heart-stretching, Baba-full, "Free Your Creative Self' workshops to our Baba community. Call (818) 340-8836 to sign up.

Congratulations to Porsha Pearson and Bill Pearson on their marriage on March 12th. (Yes, his name is Pearson, too!) The ceremony was held on Catalina Island. Porsha and Bill reside in Torrance.

A Brother for J. V. Congratulations to Peni and Mark Choi on the birth of their son, Michael Francis, on April 6th.

New Parents Congratulations to Buck and Mehera Busfield of Sacramento, on the birth of their daughter, Priya, on May 3rd.

Newcomer's Film Night

Workingb ox wallas Many thanks to Mike Ramsden, Clea Sucoff, Tamara Mark, Debra Ash-Campagna, Will David, Lou, Ken Havens, and Rosalie

Avatar Meher Baba Trust Baba has given us an extraordinary privilege to allow us to participate in His very special Trust work. Meher Baba tells us that He is the Personage by whom serving, we serve the whole universe! Jai Baba. If you wish to offer a love donation to Baba's Trust, please make your check payable to: "Friends of the Meher Baba Trust." Send to: Lynne Berry, Trustwalla 267 Hanover Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626


All events, unless otherwise noted, are at the Center, 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, (310) 474-9454. If you have program suggestions or are interested in presenting a program, artwork, or music, please contact Debra Ash at (818) 441-4466.

JULy EVENTS July 2 through July 5, Friday - Monday. SILENCE DA Y SAHAVAS at PILGRIM PINES. July 3, Saturday BABA CENTER CLOSED FOR SILENCE DA Y SAHAVAS. July 6, Tuesday, 2-4pm. TEA WITH MEHERU at Jacko Caraco's. July 6, Tuesday, 7:30pm. FAREWELL PARTY FOR MEHERU at the Center. July 10, Saturday, 12 noon to 12 midnight. SILENCE DA Y CELEBRATION. Drop in anytime and share the Sounds of Baba's Silence. Videos of Meher Baba, Fred Stankus' cable magic, and some ofBaba's favorite movies will be shown. The upstairs will be open for meditation and prayer. Hosted by the sublime mime at this time, Marc Brutus. July II, Sunday, 2-5pm. BHAU GIVES A PUBLIC TALK. Oneonta Cogregretional Church, 1515 Garfield Ave., South Pasadena. Hosted by Fred Stankus and Jeff Maguire. Mike Campagna and Debra Ash share their music. Contact Fred at (213) 257-8371. July 12, Monday, 7:30pm. BHAU IS BACK! Welcoming reception at the Center. 8pm Talk & Talk & Talk with Fool #9! Hosted by Adele Wolkin. July 13, Tuesday, 2-4pm. TEA AND TALK WITH BHAU followed by a CHILDREN'S SHOW for Bhau at 4pm at Jacko's. Call Debra Ash if you wish to participate. July 13, Tuesday, 7:30pm. BHAU DANCES IN AN OCEAN OF QUESTIONS at JACKO'S. Hosted by Jacko Caraco.


July 14, Wednesday, 4-8pm. BHAU GOES to SOUTH PASADENA FOR MICHAEL'S

ITALIAN COOKING. Tea, potluck, and Bhau discoursing on the spiritual value of pasta. Musicians, minstrels, and nightingales come and play. Contact Michael at (818) 441-4466. July 16, Friday, 2-4pm. TEA AND TALK WITH BHAU at Jacko's. July 16, Friday, 7:30pm. BHAU'S TALES OF THE NEW LIFE. The New Life calls and we must answer...Bhau tells how. Hosted by Mehrnoush Lorkalantari. July 17, Saturday, 8pm. AWARENESS THROUGH ART. Join painter and humorist extraordinaire, Marguerite Poley, as she leads children and adults alike in creative artistic activities that stimulate awareness and expression in the moment. Assisted by Will David, Diane LaFleur, and Debra Ash. Supplies provided. July 24, Saturday, 8pm. THEATER GAMES AND STOR Y TELLING with the gifted actress and director Radha DeLamarter. Ably assisted by the nine Muses, Radha will guide you in "Freeing Your Creative Self' through theater games, story telling, improvised monologues, and lots of laughter. Wear comfortable clothing. July 29, Thursday, 2-4pm. KALCHURI at LA MAISON du MANONASH, Jeff and Lynn's new home in Manhattan Beach. Come for tea and talk. Contact Lynn at (310) 545-3671. July 30, Friday, 7:30pm. BHAU REVEALS ALL! ... And that ain't all. Free your mind, the rest will follow. Hosted by Marko Swearingen. July 31, Saturday, 8pm. BABA IS THE STAR AND THE A VA TAR. Come watch him shine. Film night fun with Charlie Morton. Newcomers welcome. ADDRESSES FOR TEAS Jacko Caraco, 2243 E. Live Oak, Los Angeles (213) 462-7602 Debra Ash and Mike Campagna, 1112 Glendon Ct. South Pasadena (818) 441-4466 Lynn and Jeff Maguire, 2108 Magnolia, Manhattan Beach (just two blocks frolll the old place) (310) 545-3671



1" •






I Ca[endar I•

AUGUST EVENTS August 7, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. August 7, Saturday, 8pm. MEHER BABA MANIFESTING READY OR NOT! (The hidden meaning within prayer.) Peter Justin will share many unique and heartfelt stories with us tonight. Hosted by Jurgis Sapkus. August 14, Saturday, 8pm. KA WALLI HEART AND SOUL NIGHT. Kawalli John Conner wiII entertain and delight us with ghazals and kawalli songs straight from his heart and the soul of Meher Baba. August 21, Saturday, 8pm. BABA IS MY HERO AND MY GOD. Come share your raw feelings. Hosted by Glenn Russ. August 28, Saturday, 8pm. SILENT FILM NIGHT featuring the lovely visages of Beloved Meher Baba. For newcomers and oldcomers. Musical accompaniment coordinated by Michael Campagna. Hosted by Debra Ash. August 29, Sunday, 11 :30am. MORNING ARTI. Hosted by Michael Ramsden.





1" •



Area Meetings For meetings in Orange County, call Lynne or Steve Berry at (714) 966-1262. Inland Empire Baba Lovers now meet occasionally. Anyone in the Riverside/Joshua Tree areas please call Jay Mohler at (619) 366-9330. The Ojai Meber Baba group meets every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. For location call Peter Justin at (805) 646-4159. For Santa Barbara Baba Group meeting information call Donna KaIpeles at (805) 682-1877. TIle San Diego Meber Baba group meets monthly. For meeting times and locations, caB Scott or Anne Makeig at (619) 436-7155. The Fresno Meber Baba Group meets every first, second, and third Wednesday each month. For location and time caB Sharon or Phil Scott at (209) 449-0877. TIle Portland Baba Group group meets every Friday night. Discourses meeting are held every other Sunday aftemoon, and a monthly meeting is held every month at the Wilson's house in Scotts MiB, (503) 873-2048. For Sacramento Baba Group meeting information caB Marilyn Buehler at (916) 925-4451. The Seattle Baba Group meets every Friday night at 8 p.m. For location and other information, call Joyce Geoffroy or Tom at (206) 283-7027.

SEPTEMBER EVENTS September 3, Friday, 7:30pm. KALIYUGA COFFEE HOUSE. Bhau launched our first Friday night Kaliyuga Coffee House in May. Let's continue this experience of madness and joy in Meher Baba with music, drama, and poetry. Hosted by Pris Haffenden and Debra Ash.


September 4, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

September 18, Saturday, 8pm. GUTTA NIGHT WITH FRED STANKUS. Experience feIIowship, food, conversation, revelation, and inspiration in this fun-filled evening of focusing on Meher Baba. Come and share your favorite Baba stories.

September 4, Saturday, 8pm. ERUCH AND MANION BABA'S SILENCE. A new video shedding new light on Baba's silence. Hosted by our fabulous bookstorewalla, Dina Snow Franklin. September II, Saturday, 8pm. MEDICINE


Street reveal experiences while under the influence of Meher Baba. Hosted by Mike "CrazyMan" Ramsden. Music by George Gerdes and Mike Campagna.

September 25, Saturday, 8pm. ARE YOU BOUND FOR BABALAND? Come and find out tonight as Glenn and Deb lead you in games that will expand your consciousness and tickle your heart. FILM NIGHT to follow games.


At the Bookstore! by Dina Snow Franklin Well, we told you in the last issue how great Mani's new book would be, and you have proved us correct! We can't keep it in the Bookstore! As soon as it comes in, a crowd forms around the counter and suddenly they are all gone! In case you didn't read our last issue, let me tell you what everyone is raving about: It is a book called God-Brother. There is only one person who is able to use those words: Mani Irani, Meher Baba's little sister. He was 24 when she was born, and was the first member of the family to hold her. These are the stories of her childhood, and the lessons Baba so lovingly (but fmnly) administered. The colored picture on the cover of this wonderful book is by Steve Jamison, better known as Wodin. The picture itself, of Baba flying a kite and little Mani reaching up to catch hold of the string, is worth the price of admission! Wodin has done many little sketches throughout the book, and it is amazing how with just a few lines in a caricature, the compassion, love, and tenderness ofBaba comes shining through. One ofMani's stories of the time Baba administered I lis famous Slap - followed by a Kiss - is accompanied by a drawing ofBaba lovingly enfolding a tearful little seven-year-old in His arms with such a look of love on [lis face, it melts your heart! God-Brother is an absolute must for every child to read, or if they are under five or six, to have read to them. What a delightful treat to have just one little story read to them each night. (I treated myself thusly.) There are 35 stories in all, some funny, some enlightening, all heartwarming and wonderful. It is beautifully printed in a 7"x7" format, 146 pages, paperback, $12. [Editors' note: The .." ..h-,rr"Ul m•• 'hlldhnod """ \l,'hl'rllab",


story "God's Tiny Clothes" from God-Brother is reprinted in this issue's Children's Corner.] We now have Naosherwan Anzar's new book, Presence. Forty-five years ago Naosherwan Anzar met a man who gave him a glimpse of reality. This man was called "The Awakener" by those who knew him, for he awakened love in the hearts of his admirers. Presence is The Awakener's story - a mystical journey into a world of answers, 88 pages, paperback, $9.95. The third of our new books this month is Maya's First Rose, written by Baba-Iover Martin Scot Kosins, a composer-musician from Michigan. The book is not about Baba per se, but shows us, very strongly, a life of love and devotion such as Baba asked of us. "Maya" was a great big, lovable, part Shepherd, part Boxer who had given Marty 17 wonderful years. In the last two years of her life, Marty all but gave up the outside world to give her round-the-clock care. The book is selling briskly around the country in commercial bookstores for $15.95. Thanks to the generosity of the author, we are able to sell it for $12. It has been widely reviewed, and I can do no better than quote a few of the reviewers' comments: "Maya's First Rose is a compassionate treatment of a sensitive and difficult issue: the life, and death, ofa cherished pet" ... "No other book has ever depicted the Human-Animal emotional bond as tenderly as Maya's First Rose" ... "Anyone who has ever loved or lost a pet, will find a shared experience and comfort from Maya's First Rose." Marty's devotion to Maya is an inspiring example of unconditional love! Hardbound, 104 pages, $12. 111e response to the sale of Lord Meher has been excellent! Hermes Reiter, of Manifestation, Inc., publisher of the volumes, says it's looking like we should see Volume VI early in '94. Meanwhile, as long as author Bhau Kalchuri is in the States (through the end of July), we can continue selling Volumes 2-5 at the discount price of $30 for one book, and $25 for each additional book. After that, they revert to the

original price of $42 per volwne. Love Personified, that exquisite though expensive "coffee table" book of photographs of our Beloved is almost all gone. I have five left, and then, alas, it will be no more. We have taken $10 off the regular price and are selling this hardbound book of 160 glossy pages of nothing but fabulous photos for $50. We have received another shipment of back issues of The Awakener, that wonderful Baba magazine Filis Frederick started, at Baba's instruction, in 1953. So if you called and we were out of them, try again - but hurry! They are $5 each, or $4 if you are buying more than six. Shipping is supposed to be 10%, but if you are buying $100 worth, obviously it won't cost $10, so allow a reasonable amount. T-Shirts... Do we have Tees!


TIum" In the geniu, of Mack Palmer, Kyle Morrison, and the Chicago group, we have a Tshirt, the likes of which sell at rock concerts for $25! Silkscreened in three colors, forest green, teal, and black on white, the shirt proclaims" AVATAR MEHER BABA PRESENTS THE BHAU KALCHURI NORTH AMERICAN 1993 TOUR." (This is not just straight-printed folks: there are great graphics!) Underneath that


Letters /Tom page 4 As someone who is generally categorized as a political liberal, I find myself in perfect agreement with Ward Parks' article in the last issue about "Politics in Baba's Family," which he apparently writes as a political conservative. I found Ward's article to be very carefully and sensitively expressed, and a beautiful presentation of the issues for Baba Lovers. As a writer in economics, I have received criticism from traditional leftists who find my work too "New Age" or spiritual and not classconscious enough, etc.; and from a "Christian economist" who reacted to my development of "Hwnanistic Economics" as humanistic and therefore anti-spiritual! In the political sphere

are Bhau's now-famous words: "Whether you want it or you don't want it, you will have it!" On the back of the Tee is listed all the towns and cities Bhau is "playing." It's a truly fun shirt! $14, M, L, & XL. We also have back in stock two very big favorites from a year or so ago. One is the artistic rendering ofBaba in a turban, silk screened in black and grey, with a royal blue background on a white Tee. The other is a psychedelically coloured painting of a young Baba (the photo of the painting is on the window of the Blue Bus at Meherazad) with the words beautifully printed in black: "'There is no power greater than love'Avatar Meher Baba." Both of these shirts are Hanes Beefy Tees M, L, & XL at $12 each. Well, we have enough this month to satisfy even the most demanding of shoppers - and remember, Mani's book is a MUST! So drop me a line or call me evenings till midnight at (310) 837-6419 to place your order. MasterCard and Visa are accepted for orders over $40. If you would like a complete booklist before you order, let me know and we'll send one right out to you. Either way, let's hear from you! See you... _) , At the Bookstore. _1 ...AA.-'\... 0~ P.S. I'll be in Australia Aug.! to Aug. 29 so order before or after that.

when one, with Baba's universalism for inspiration, tries to forge ahead in new directions, one can easily receive criticism from all sides of the political and social spectrun1. But, as Ward so correctly points out, none of this politically tinged philosophy or advocacy has any legitimate place within the formal confines of Baba meetings, Baba Centers, or Baba work. Baba is so much greater than this, and to associate Baba with a particular political position is to din1inish his status and to fail to be true to the trust he has reposed in us. Thanks go to Ward for bringing this issue to our attention and helping us to retune ourselves to Baba's wishes for us in this regard.

Kenneth Lux.


Excerpts from Bal Natu's Letters Regarding Conversations with The Awakener Since the publication ofConversations with The Awakener by Bal Natu, Bal has received many responses and questions from readers of how

life, I can no longer recollect by which gate I first entered that blessed Garden.

these "conversations" came about. Bal has kindly forwarded to us excerpts from some of his responses to these questions.

I am like a crooked dried twig on Baba's universal tree. When the bird - the presence of the Awakener - comes and perches on the twig, it gradually comes to life, and buds sprout. The tender shoots and leaves with their lovely soft colors appear. They begin to rustle in harmony with all the other leaves on the tree and with the tree as a whole. 1l1ese song-like rust lings and movements form a Conversation. When the bird flies away, the twig returns to its former shape and state. Now if you ask me specific details about a Conversation, I won't be able to say or remember anything but the general idea of it. But every Conversation deepens my trust that I am His dry _ twig - that I belong to the Awakener.

he writing of Conversations is not the result T of inspiration or intuition. It is a wee bit of a recognition (not revelation) of my relationship with Meher Baba, the Father and Mother in One. I am happy to admit that the Conversations form a most delightful part of my life with Baba, a way to be in His close presence. The Conversations are neither totally "real", nor completely"fictional". The percentage of "truth" contained in them is for the readers to decide and judge. And I assure you that I will not disagree or argue with anyone about their judgment. A Conversation is my play with Baba's presence, and, at the same time, a game that He plays with me. In the beginning, I clearly view a sunlit peak, but do not know how to scale it, how to reach the top. Or sometimes I hear a piece of a refrain, or a rhythm, but do not find the words or notes to make a melodious song out of it. However, through the suspense and uncertainly of this playful challenge, my feeling of intimacy with Baba blossoms. It exerts a tender pull, leading me to the melodies that contribute to form a Conversation. However, I often wonder whether I have succeeded in presenting it in the way He expects of me!


As for how the Conversations began, it is hard for me to pinpoint a specific moment or episode. It is as though I had become accustomed to walking in the Garden of the Awakener, taking in the fragrance and beauty of the place, which filled my heart. And it is as though every time I entered the garden, I went in by a different gate, and that each time, He was there to greet me. After so many visits, which have transformed my

Pollution from page 8 industrialization of these areas. Ifworse comes to worst, we will have to think of the possibility to help him relocate as we do not wish him financial harm. We would be grateful if you would inform other Daba Lovers in your area about this matter and urge them to write. Instead of having a group sign a single letter, it would be better to have each individual petition separately on the above lines, as this would have a greater impact. In your letter to the ministry, it would be helpful to point out that Meherazad is centrally located, surrounded by sanctified places of pilgrimages such as Avatar Meher Baba Seclusion Hill, Samadhi of Perfect Master-Gorakhnath, Temple of Khandoba, the Tomb-Shrine ofMirawali, Temple ofBaijabai, Ram-Sita's place of exile in Happy Valley, called "Sita Kund" and the Ram Temple attached to it, where yearly pilgrimages are held. Your letters should reach the ministries as soon as possible. It contilJUed 01] page 16

Center Activities from page 4 library, archive storage, a garden perhaps, and a courtyard for volleyball, basketball, etc. We can ask Baba. Is it too much to ask? Not if it is from the heart, and given by the heart. Which brings us to the next activity: Fundraising. There are many projects planned this year. One of them - Connie's dinner - was an outstanding success. Regular donation envelopes are distributed monthly; there are two sweepstakes, the art auction, the silent auction, and several smaller events such as yard sales. We do exist by love gifts and generous volunteer help. We have been slowly accumulating funds for the New Center as well as for operating the center, but we are not yet in a position to buy what we think we may need. The Film Project has been most successful, having raised two-thirds of the initial funds requested. 111ank you to all who have participated in whatever way you have managed. Please continue to give from your heart. Publicity: Other ongoing activities include Fred Stankus's production of Baba-oriented cable televsion programs through local Santa Monica cable lV. The Service Committee continues to tend to those in our communitv who have additional needs, and also reach o~t to serve some of the more severely disadvantaged in the community at large. Mailing and Membership Committees continue to supervise our ongoing mailing lists (international, national, and local), our growing membership list, and our members' everchanging addresses. The Bookstore is a crowning glory due primarily to the dedication of Dina Franklin, whose efforts bring the Center a regular, reliable income. Dina badly needs help, especially with the accounting. This would allow her to spend more time publicizing the Bookstore's offerings, filling orders, and corresponding with people who in-

Those who truly love Me are my 'centres' in the world. Let each Baba-lover, wherever he or she may be, be a 'Baba's Centre' personified, radiating the eternal Message of Love Divine, living a life of love, sacrifice and honesty. - AVATAR MEHER BABA

quire about Baba or the Bookstore's merchandise. The Sahavas is now in its 20th year. There are in excess of 23 subcommittees involved in the successful running of this wonderful event from transportation to childrens' services, food, entertainment, and guest arrangements and housing. We also have many other events, some planned, and others spontaneous, facilitated through the medium of our ever-growing phone tree list! Finally, there is the Love Street Lamp Post itself, without which distribution of this letter would not have been as easy as it is! What would we do without it? It carries Southern California Baba news worldwide. It has become a forum for the interchange of Baba news, ideas, and stories. It takes much devotion and hard work to produce, and therein lies the tale of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California. So much heart and hard work by all, at all levels. It is amazing that so much is done in the midst of everyone's regular lives. It has been said that Southern California Baba lovers are crazy. If this is crazy, may you all be crazy too! A personal thought: When Baba first drew me to Him, those Baba lovers who had known and met Baba 20 years or more beforehand were looked up to, listened to, almost revered. Twenty years later, they still are, but their nun1bers and presence are decreasing. Now the mantle of their responsibility is passing to those who came to Baba 20 years or so ago! How Baba loves us! •


Pollution from page


is the wish of the Mandali that Baba Lovers should show restraint and not use harsh language while writing to government officials to avoid antagonizing them as we need their help and support in this matter. Kindly note that the Mandali or Avatar Meher Baba Trust will not be able to entertain any future correspondence on this matter with individuals or Baba Centers. We request that you mail us a single photocopy of your letter for our records. Please send the copy to: Jal Dastur, c/o Avatar Meher Baba Trust, King's Road, Post Bag #31, Alunednagar, M.S. 414001, India. The following are the addresses of the various ministries to whom the letters should be mailed: I. The President of India, Mr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, Rastrapati Bhavan, New Delhi. 2. The Prime Minister ofIndia, 152 South Block, New Delhi. 3. The Lok Sabha Speaker, 20 Akbar Road, New Delhi.

Screenplay from page 5


prison term arid dishonorable discharge from the navy for embezzling funds to finance a wild and dissipative lifestyle; and a voluntary dropout from Baba's immediate (physical) circle; in short, a young man who cannot seem to hear or understand Baba's words or ways in spite of the closest personal contact. Although Baily, through a lifetime of association with Baba, never seems to quite get the message, he is nonetheless never allowed to stray far from his friend Merwan's, and later his Master Baba's, watchful care and love, and in the end he is seen still with Baba at the Prem Ashram. This relationship is a positive joy and hope to those of us who are particularly thick-headed about getting the spiritual message. It recalls Bhau Kalchuri's famous and oft-repeated pronouncement: "Whether you want it or you don't want it, you will have it." So it seemed to go with Baily and so may it go with you and mel

4. The Minister of Environment and Forests, Attention: Secretary Rajmani, Paryavaran Bhavan, C.G.O. Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003. 5. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mantralaya, Madam Cama Road, Bombay 400 021. 6. The Secretary Energy and Environment, Mr. U.K.Mukhopadya, Mantralaya, Madam cama Road, Bombay 400 021. 7. The Chairman, Central Pollution Control Board, Pariwesh Bhavan, East Arjun Nagar, Shahdra, Delhi 110 032. 8. The District Collector, Mr. Ajay Mehta, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, 414 001. For Western Baba Lovers, we request you to write an extra letter to: 111e Civil Aviation & Tourism Minister, 22 Akbar Road, New Delhi stating that this factory is a health hazard and a deterrent for thousands of visitors to India who come to Ahmednagar solely for pilgrimage to Meherabad and Meherazad. In His Love and Service, JAL P. DASTUR •

Beloved is an ambitious undertaking on many fronts. So much of the action in the spirituallife takes place on the "inside," and it takes a great deal of art and craft to convey such experiences in outer forms. The difficulty is compounded when the iIU1er experiences are of a nature about which both the screenwriters and we can only speculate and imagine. Attesting to the difficulty, the screenplay has, according to Liam, been through between five and thirteen drafts, depending on how one counts them. Nevertheless, some of the most interesting passages in the screenplay deal with such ineffable matters. Then there is the mountainous obstacle of obtaining the support, funds, and technical talent to translate the vision fTom the printed page to the screen. We wish Liam all success in his endeavors to bring the Ancient One to the Silver Screen. Those desiring more information on the project may contact Liam at (415) 474-5442. •

Now here's a little 11d4 rap! ~~~~ I picked it up on 11d4 ~ lap. ~ I thank you. 11d4, for this day . and trust that you will take away ~ . This stuff I'll lay on you today. ~ by Bill Stephens

I give you my thoughts and words and deeds. My urges. moods. and wants and needs. I now entrust them all to you. The thoughts I think. the deeds I do. The words I speak. the words I write For all this day from morn till night. I give you the good. I give you the bad. The harsh and sweet. the glad and sad. My tears and fears and worries too; Sanskaras red and white and blue. My dreams and schemes. profound. profane. Profuse. prolific. and insane. My attitude. my joy and pain. In sunshine. rain or hurricane. ~ 11d4/

And. beloved. take my motions. My locomotion and commotion. Notion. potions and devotion. All promotions and demotions. Motions of my hands and feet and of my innards when I eat. Motions of my hungry heart-a let me love you a la carte.

Motions of my tongue and jaw. Working of your natural law.

And 11d4, I entrust to you My bodily sensations. My mind's confabulation. All rumination. meditation. Ostentation. preparation. Titillation. flagellation. Perspiration. dedication. Declaration. separation. Admiration. provocation. Reparation. altercation. Not to mention osculation. Postulation. stimulation. Isolation. degradation. Cerebration. celebration. Every action and reaction. All contraction, satisfaction. All congestion. indigestion. All division. indecision. All digression and transgression. Indiscretion. retrogression. And depression and confession.

11d4.11d4.11d4,11d4/ Take my thought and words and deeds. Take my worries. wants and needs.


Beloved, take it all. The Long and short. broad and tall. All plans, intrusive or effusive. States of mind fully inclusive. Optimistic. pessimistic. Egoistic. humanistic Altruistic, jingoistic, Evangelistic. mechanistic. Masochistic and sadistic. ~ 11d4 .... , /

All addictions. predilections. Contradictions and afflictions, Derelictions and restrictions. Benedictions and convictions. Elemental. fundamental, Instrumental. monumental. Accidental, sacramental. Penitential. providential. Evidential. inconsel1uential.

~11d4" ••• / Give me the gift of perfect calm And soothe me with your healing balm. Teach me to keep my big mouth shut And lift me out of my noisy rut. Flush my words right down your sewer And let my love be strong and pure. Take these things I offer thee. Take them all, and I'll be free! Take this stuff away from me 50 I'll be free to come to thee. 17

Armand from page 2 but I'll gladly pay for whatever literature you send me. On the other hand, if for some reason you're unable to assist me, I'll understand. After all, I am a stranger, and to make matters worse, confmed to the State Penitentiary. I'm somewhat optimistic about writing you: Cedric has told me so many beautiful things about Baba followers. He says they often get together and eat, drink, sing, play, etc., as one big happy family. He told me that though Baba put all the knowledge in writing, it was his followers that really guided him to understanding the word. He used to speak of a woman named Filis with a sense of reverence: he said that she accepted him like a son and taught him many things. Cedric also told me that she had died, but not in the sense that I know death. In actuality he The Missing Part from page 2 the door when this mysterious man walked me in the office, but he said that he didn't see anything. All of them say that I walked out alone. Anyway, I never forgot the face of this beautiful man. I just really found out yesterday who this wonderful man is. It was "God Himself," Avatar Meher Baba. Almost eight years have passed since 1975 and I have thought of Him constantly, yet I didn't really know who I was thinking about, until now. This is how I found out who this most powerful one is. I was put in isolation (dungeon) yesterday and there was a small book on the floor entitled The Awakener. There's also a picture on the cover, a picture ofMeher Baba. Right away, I recognized the picture. There's no doubt, He is God. He's the one that saved my life from that fire in 1975. He is the one who has floated in my thoughts and dreams for nearly eight years. Francis, I feel as though I have found the missing part of me. It is my greatest desire to learn how to praise our Master, so that I may receive His endless blessings. I feel a deep desire to spread the word of "Baba" so that he may know how much I appreciate Him saving my life. The book that I found in this cell is The Awakener. I read the poem you wrote, for Mehera's birthday, only through true love could one write something

still thinks she is alive in some strange way. Cedric had a tendency of talking in ways that often baffled me. I mean he would sometimes say things that were totally contrary to reality, and then try to explain them. For instance, Cedric would say "alive but not live", "dead but not dead", "the world is an illusion", "a fool may become wise in a thousand life times", and so on. Such utterances may make him seem like a nut, but he's really a very intelligent person, one whom I grew to love as a brother over a four-month period of time. I'm compelled to believe that everything he has said has some kind of meaning. Maybe it's some kind ofBaba "code" talk? My friends, I've been trying to contact Cedric through the prison grapevine for the past month, with hopes that we could get some reading matecontinued OIl last page

so beautiful. I'm sure you must be a real busy man spreading Baba's teaching, but if it's not asking too much, I would like for you to teach me how to live the way Baba wants us to. On the back cover of the book (Reminiscences, Vol. XIX, No.1), I saw a few addresses of information centers about Meher Baba, but unfortunately I have no money. My mother died November 11, 1979, I never knew my father. My two brothers and two sisters live with my grandmother now. She gets government checks for keeping them. I make 4 cents a day working in this prison. I use that for post stamps and writing material. Your poem is what really made me write you, because your love for Baba is expressed loud and clear. The book didn't say whether or not Baba had ascended back into his natural infinite form, or was he still in the flesh. There is very little unity in the United States, probably because so few people know Baba. My experience with Him leaves no room for doubt, His power is real. It's impossible for me to express what I'm feeling right now. I truly hope that you can find time to answer this letter. P.S. Please show me the way! I'll be looking forward to hearing from you soon. If there is a special way to pray to Baba, tell me. "Love" Cedric _

God's Tiny Clothes The following story comes from God-Brother by Mani S. Irani, illustrated by Wodin, published by Sheriar Foundation, © 1993 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust. See page 10 for more details. fOood the time I was seven, I had my first dream of God. Although I knew my brother was God, I didn't really know what " Avatar" meant. This dream helped me to ooderstand. I dreamt that I was way up in the sky, sitting on a big, fluffy white cloud. I was sitting on the edge of this cloud, my legs dangling over the side. Seated before me -.1 was this enonnous Man, a tremendous Being. He didn't have a stitch of clothing on, but He didn't seem naked in the way that a human would. I knew tIlls being was God. I was dressed in a lovely white lacy dress with a full skirt, and wore a pink bow in my hair. "I hope He notices my dress," I thought as I straightened the folds of my skirt. He seemed friendly, so I asked Him,

"Why haven't you got any clothes on?" He smiled and pointed over the edge of the cloud. I looked down. Stretched below us in space was a clothes-line. And on it, fastened with pegs, were tiny baby clothes. Diapers and smocks, little bonnets and socks, were hanging on that line in space. I looked at them and knew that these were His clothes. There was nobody else up here. TIlls was God's place. This was God's clothesline. So these baby clothes belonged to God. I said to myself, "My goodness. He is so terribly big. How can He fit into these tiny clothes? It must be so very wlcomfortable for Him to get into them!" As I thought this, I looked up at Him and saw that He was looking at me and nodding in agreement! Then I heard a very clear voice in my head. It said, "Yes, I wear these clothes from time to time. I put them on when I come among you as man, in the guise of the smallest of the small." And then there arose in me a wave of happy wlderstanding. I sighed the deepest of sighs, so real that I actually heard the tail-end of the sigh as I woke up. ., Mani S. Irani

Children's Letters to God


© 1966 by Eric Marshall and Stuart Hample, Essandess special editions.

from Meher Baba is Love, by Adah Shifrin and Patricia Sargent © 1961 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust.




~ 1..-

., Dear God, When you started the earth and put people there and all the animals and grass and the stars did you get very tired? I have a lot of other questions too. Very truly yours Sllennan


Love the sky, the clouds, the moon, Love the stars and soo. TillS is Baba smiling Dawn on each and Everyone. .,



from page 18 rial on Baba smuggled to me; however, all of my efforts have been in vain so far. They don't allow us to correspond with each other - I guess they think we would plot a take over or something? Angola is a very large place: there are well over 5,000 inmates confined here. If I was in general population it wouldn't be much of a problem getting word from one point to the other, but like I said I am presently on extended lock down and that makes it almost impossible to get any kind of word to Cedric. Most of the inmates call me "Lawyer" around here. Yes, you guessed it, I know a little something about the law and spend a lot of time helping other prisoners with their cases. I don't charge them anything because they really don't have anything. It's sad, but many of the prisoners arc very illiterate, and the system doesn't do anything to help us. Believe it or not, this place is a mess. Friends, I know this is a pretty long letter, and I wanted to cover all areas so there wouldn't be

AVATAR MEHER BABA CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90025


any misunderstanding of my intentions. I'll close for now and get to work on filing this Writ for a young guy who just came a few weeks ago. May Baba always protect you and the other followers, and always will each of you find perfect comfort in him. Paul Annand, Jr.


For all who wish to vvrite either Paul or Cedric, here are their addresses: Paul Am1and, Doc #091938, Camp D Hawk 4-L-3, LA State Prison, Angola, LA 70712 Cedric Williams, Doc #87818, Camp D Hawk 4-L-5, LA State Prison, Angola, LA 70712 !fyou wish to send books or other materials, you may wish to check with Dina, who is keeping a list of what has been sent. Contact her through the Center, or at home (310) 837-6419 evenings till midnight.

Non-Profit Organization

U.S. Postage

PAl D Redondo Beach, CA Permit No. 196



"Living with Meher Baba Every Day" A Sabavas Talk by Charles Haynes [abridged]

[To read Ch,u'les I-Iaynes's thoughts in print is not to experience the full impact of his delightfill and absorbing speaking style and talent. He is a master oftiming, a gifted improvisational wordsmith, and a smashing mimic. His rendition of Eruch during this talk was a particular delight, not only because he captured tbe lilt and intonation of Eruch's beautiful voice so well and with such humor, but equally because tiw performance brought Eruch so close. Nevertheless, a talk so well put together as tiJis one by Charles can yield sweet fmit in any mediWlJ in which it is planted. For those of you who were lucky enough to hear this talk first hand, we trust it will, like a resonant gong, ring fOIth again in your heart. For those who missed it: here's that rare second chance!]


hen I first saw Baba in this lifetime, in 1958, the first thing He asked me had to do with this question ofliving with Him. I was in the Lagoon Cabin, with Baba seated in the chair there, and I was standing next to Him. I know I wasn't alone in the room - I mean, there were other people - but they simply disappeared. I could only see Baba. He was wearing his pink jacket, and looking at me, and smiling. I was little, and he was seated, so we were on eye level. Baba was so expressive, and so direct, that if He was silent, it didn't feel so. Baba asked me, "Would you like to go where I live?"

I didn't know much about Baba at that time. I knew one thing, that he was from India, which seemed a long way away, and I had no idea where it was, or what it was like, and I thought "That must be what He means." I said, "Oh yes!", with enthusiasm, because already I was in love wilh Him. This must have been five minutes into my meeting with Baba, but r knew that I wanted to be with hin1. Baba seemed pleased. He gave me a beautiful smile, and he said, "You will!'; Many years later, at Meherazad, Eruch brought out a little notebook he had kept at that time. You know' Eruch took notes for Baba, so that ifBaba gave some order to someone, Eruch would note it down next to their name [laugbter] so He could keep track of all this. Eruch gave me this little book to look through, of the notes he made in 1958. I fOWld my name, and next to it, it says, "Wants to live in India with Baba." I thought, "What a wonderful way to be remembered!" Who wouldn't want to live with Him? I didn't know then what I know now, that I can live with Him now. I thought of it as "someday, somehow" that would happen. I didn't realize that the way we

live with Baba now is preparation for when He me had existed before my love towards Him; and He had sought me before I had sought Him." comes again, and again, and again. Teresa of Avila lived with Baba. [Saint] When we feel that we want to live with Meher Francis lived with Baba. He wasn't in the body. Baba, it is because He has it planned, and the plan .So it's not a matter of in the body or out of the is unfolding. In the west, we think that we think of body: it's a matter of, are we living with Him? something, then we long for it, then we work for In 1962, in Guruprasad, I panicked about this. it, and then maybe it happens. Baba says that's On the first day, it struck me, sitting there looking false. It's the other way around. He plans, he lays at Baba, that this was only for five days. I was it out, then we begin to think of it. Worry is rooted only going to be living with Him for five days, in this thinking [that we are in control]. Living with Meher Baba now is not only and I didn't have enough capacity to take him in. In my heart, I was too small. I thought, this is possible: it's already planned. All the life that He going to be over, and if! don't take a lot in, will I lived was in preparation so that we can live with Him now. have Him with me when I leave this place? I felt this would be the "Willingly would I speak I was in the living room at last time I would see Him (and it My word and reveal My Dilruba one day with Elizabeth, turned out to be so), and that gave hidden things ifyou would who was receiving a visitor, a me even more anxiety. diligently observe My minister who had come over to I stared at Baba, and got more coming and open to Me the express his condolences regarding and more anxious about it. As door ofyour heart." Meher Baba's passing. He said, soon as this got to a peak in me, msus. in THE IMITAnON "You know, Mrs. Patterson, I just Baba reached down, grabbed my OF CHRIST want you to know that I understand how much you must miss, chin, and shook me out of my stupor. He said, "I will give you all that you can er, uh...Meher Baba." She looked up, smiled, and take. You can't take more than I will give you, so said, very spontaneously, "Oh, nO...don't you relax and enjoy yourself." see...He's so much more available now!" That is the best news Baba has given us, that So the question is, how do we avail ourselves of this availability of His? I've thought of two there is nothing to worry about. Especially there is nothing to worry about when it comes to living ways that Baba has begun to help me to do it: in with Baba! He will give us exactly what we need, listening to Baba, and in nurturing Baba. when we need it, and it's all mapped out. The In Thomas a Kempis's book, The Imitation of script has been written. Christ, Jesus speaks and says: "Willingly would I Eruch has, fQr years, been trying to bring this speak My word and reveal My hidden things if _home to me. Once I said to him, "but Eruch, if! you would diligently observe My coming and say, 'Oh, it's just all what Baba has planned,' open to Me the door of your heart." But to listen, then I might just sit here and do nothing." Eruch one has to trust.what one is going to heaLOne has said, "You won't do that." "How do you know I to trust that God actually speaks within our hearts. won't do that?" I said. "It's not your nature," Trust is not easily come by: that's why we worry. he replied. So I 路gave up, finally. I decided he And also, we think we're unworthy, and who are must be right. we for God to speak in our hearts? So then we One day Eruch gave me a saying from a Perask somebody else, "What did He say? What is fect Master, Bayazed. He said: "At the beginning, He saying?" We go to workshops and things and I was mistaken, in four respects. I concerned say, "Can you tell me what He's saying?" Bemyself to remember God; to know Him; to love cause it's hard to tlUstwhat He's saying. Him, and to seek Him. When I had come to the But we can trust it: not because we are worend, I saw that He remembered me before I rethy, or have the capacity, or have big hearts, or membered Him; that His knowledge of me had great spiritual development, but because Baba 2 preceded my knowledge of Him; His love towards continued on page 20

The 1993 Youth Sahavas By Zak Pearson'


his summer's Youth Sahavas in Myrtle Beach at the Meher Spiritual Center was fantastic! This year saw the biggest turnout yet, and also, the sahavas extended an extra day. There were approximately 90 teenagers from 14 to 18 years of age, and 12 counselors each in charge ofa small group of kids. The sahavas also had three adult coordinators: Linda Hansen, Lois Jones, and Buz Connor. I wish to take this time once again to thank the counselors and coordinators for their much appreciated time and effort which they put into the sahavas. Also, I cannot forget the fantastic food prepared by John Mijak and RozyTaubman. I must have gained at least five pounds during my stay at the center! Our stay started with the opening/greeting ceremony held in the Meeting Place, where we got to see friends from last year and the new faces around us as well. Also at this time, we met with our counselors and BONDED with one another. I was in the Bungalow Five cabin along with Wesley Joyner, Rubin Rarick, Graham Mourtah, and Jonathan Ramsden. Our counselors were Charles Harmon and John Nye. I really had a good time with all my cabin mates and counselors. We had a few special guests, but we all had hoped to get to see Meheru. Unfortunately, the sahavas schedule conflicted with hers and it was not possible. Everyone missed her dearly. However, we did get to hear stories from Darwin and Jean Shaw. I also really enjoyed the program of Leroy and Hadassah, the very talented African folk musicians. Neither can I forget all the workshops provided by Frank McNutt and everyone else. There were tie-dying, clay working, art design, and many others on a long list. It goes to say that everyone was always busy doing something. The counselors also did a great job with the discussion groups, and I really enjoyed them. The discussions allowed everyone to speak their mind and talk with others their own age comfortably, something you don't often find.

Every night everyone would gather in the Meeting Place and participate in a large group activity. My favorite had to be good 01' Square Dancing. I really enjoyed the programs organized by the staff. Jane Haynes was here and there throughout the sahavas and I did get a chance to say "Hi", although she was very busy. Eruch Adams and I also had the pleasure to have tea with Phyllis Ott, along with a tour of her and Lyn's many wonderful paintings. Another big event was the meeting at the Bam on the last night. Baba's presence was very strong for us that night, and it was a very emotional experience for everyone. It was at this time that we got to express our deep feeling for Baba and each other. The whole thing was a very wonderful occurrence and I hope to have it repeated next year. One of the most significant events of the Sahavas was the closing session at Baba's house. Everyone was there and it was a beautiful way to say, "See you next year!" ADULTS!!! Ifany of your children or any children you know are between 14 and 18, I urge you to try to get them to go to the Youth Sahavas. It is an unprecedented opportunity to help them find their own way to Baba and also to know that they aren't the only ones who don't understand. Many Baba children have a hard time accepting Baba, and the Youth Sahavas is an excellent experience. Besides that, it's a great place to get to know other teenagers and how they deal with everyday problems, or whatever the situation may be. Baba's presence is very strong at the Center and it is a wonderful experience no matter how you look at it. Also it's a great place to eat to your heart's content and gain weight while meeting friends! Don't miss this opportunity!!!! •

Can one really have enough ofgifts from Baba? The grace to spend a lifetime in His company was His biggest gift to me. Is that enough? No, it is not. One can never have enough ofBaba 's love and company! From GOD BROTIlER by MANI S. IRANI

Thanks for the Memories...


This is the last Love Street Lamp Post to be under our editorship. We have accepted a role as . editors of The Meherana Messenger, a new publication to be launched in support of the Meherana project to establish a Baba retreat center in central California. Producing the Lamp Post has been a wonderful experience for us. Once a quarter we immerse ourselves in this Baba work, examining the many, varied, and beautiful expressions of love for Baba represented in our contributors' writings and artwork, then arranging them for the Beloved's enjoyment like flowers in a fragrant bouquet. To those of you who have contributed, we extend our deepest thanks, not only for helping us make the Lamp Post a success, but also for the assistance you have given the two of us in remembering and loving Baba as we enjoyed your work. We wish to extend a very special thank you to Adele Wolkin who, particularly in the first few years of the Lamp Post, nurtured it - and us with innumerable ideas, clippings, news items, letters, poems, and, most of all, with her unfailing sweet encouragement. It was she who, each quarter, made sure the Lamp got lit. Adele, we could not have done it without you. We're also indebted to Filis Frederick, who with The Awakener set an example of care, perspicacity, and perseverence which has been an unfailing inspiration. Thanks to all of you who let us know personally that the Lamp Post has been valuable to you. Your encouragement and appreciation gave us our wings. For you who sent your appreciation in silence: we heard that, too, and we return your love. The Lamp Post will appear next quarter under new leadership, and we hope you will all continue to give it your support. Dina Franklin, Mike Ramsden, Debra Ashe, Glenn Russ, and many other past contributors will continue to be active in its production. It's an exciting time around the AMBCSC, with a renewed effort underway to fmd and purchase a permanent site, strengthen and update the Center's organizational structure to provide for the new members Baba will bring

the Center's way in the future, and generally to revitalize this already vital part of our Baba lives and community. The Lamp Post will keep you in touch with the renewal, and help you find out where and how you can contribute to it. Perhaps you would like to take a lead role in the Lamp Post itself. Now is the time to come forward! Jai Baba to you all. We'll see you at The Messenger. Greg an d Gay Dunn THE LOVE STREET LAMP POST A quarterly pUblication of the

Avatar Mehee Baba Center ofSouthern California 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310)474-9454

This newsletter is designed to keep the Southern California Meher Baba community and friends abreast oreenlee activities, and to provide a forum for contemporary accounts of life with Mehee Baba as Guide.

Editon: Greg and Gay Dunn Contributor.: Debra Ashe, Lynne Berry, Jacko Caraeo, Dina Franklin, Larry Fletcher, Ray Lee, Mehemoush Lorkalantari, Mike Ramsden, Glenn Russ, Adele Wolkin, and Linda Zavala CaI/lD.dar Editor (Program Chairperson): Debra Ashe Dutribution: Chris and Pris HatTenden

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All contents 01993 by the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California, except where noted.

President's Report by Michael Ramsden

'7our Board has been working hard in many


areas this year. As there were seven new members it took several months to complete our on-the-job training, as it were: dealing with the daily and monthly administrative and business affairs, planning programs, cleaning, paying bills, etc. We have been impressed with the legacy of valuable work completed by previous boards on the Center members' behalf, and are doing our best to support the ongoing progress of efforts they began. We have been working in several areas beyond the daily, monthly, and yearly business. Bhau has talked about the five 20-year periods following Baba's passing, and the number oflovers Baba will draw to Him. Our Center and others like it have the opportunity either simply to react to this growth as it happens, or to plan to receive it. In an effort to do the latter, we are examining the Center in every way to prepare to receive Baba's lovers now and in the distant future. We have, through the Long Range Planning Committee, redefmed what we want and where it should approximately be, and have begun again the process of finding and buying a facility with your (the members') fmal approval. It is obvious that we need a larger facility. It has to be centrally located, easily accessed, and at least 3000 IF, with parking. It may be remodelled, and should not be in an office high rise. It is to be

purchased. This means of course, that a large fund-raising campaign will be inititated to purchase outright, ifpossible. When such a facility is obtained, our current administrative structure will not work well. We currently have no Policy and Procedures Manual that can be handed down to successive board and committee members (with the notable exception of the Sahavas Committee). There are no training or apprenticeship policies for Board Members and their successors. Oneyear terms have the propensity to cause loss of, or sudden shift of, direction and goals. Awareness of our stated mission and the Bylaws themselves is not good. Our budgetary process and fmancial management, although accurate to the penny, needs further development to provide Board and committee members with more current information. Our mission statement and the Bylaws are being reexamined with emphasis upon terms of office of Board members, Active Membership criteria, vo.ting procedures, quorum, and other changes necessitated by more recent changes in Non-Profit corporation law. In due course, the membership ~ The above photo is of Baba's samadhi. The window painting, placed in the tomb earlier this year, was done by our own Charlie Morton. For information about obtaining a print, see "At the Bookstore" on page 17.


will have to vote on our recommendations. We have sought and received professional help from a business consultant, Tom Dortch, who has kindly donated his experience and time. This

Meheru relaxes with Saba lovers during a visit to Huntington Gardens. We thank Saba for sending His dear one, Meheru, to share with us her love for Saba as a Sahavas guest and at many smaller gatherings. One message she brought to us was to take care to love Saba in every way possible.


process is continuing, with deadlines set for each activity to be completed. We hope to have all activities, reports, and changes ready for membership approval by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January 1994. If you wish to participate in these ongoing activities, contact a board member for details, and be prepared to volunteer your time. Make sure you have recorded or renewed your mem-

bership by the end of this year if you want the right to vote. (Contact Pris HatTenden for this.) If you like what is happening at the center and want to help, but have no time, large and small donations will greatly assist us. We are planning to have one hundred thousand dollars, or close to it, in savings by the end of this year. We will need much more than that to purchase a new Center outright, but such a course will leave us free of rent/lease committrnents. As of this time the Center has no debt: we would like to keep it that way. What a wonderful Sahavas was held this year! What great fortune we have enjoyed with Meheru as our guest. It was without a doubt among the greatest gifts oflove from our Beloved that has been experienced by all present. Guests Bob and Jane Brown filled our cups to overflowing with their love, and Charles Haynes filled our hearts with delight with his wonderful stories of Baba. In particular, his story concerning a cert..'lin birthday attended by Elizabeth and himself brought the house down. The Sahavas Committee once again excelled, and at the time of writing this they, together with your board, are beginning to explore the possibility of working with Meherana and perhaps other groups with a view to relocating the Sahavas. There are many questions and concerns, but we are sure that the end result will please our Beloved. Thank you, Bhau! Your continued presence this year has meant so much - perhaps much more than we can know. You bring Baba to us. Part of your message this year is tinged with sadness because of the realization of something you speak about: "The Mandali Shop is closing - visit the Samadhi now! Take full advantage of the presence of Baba's close ones - the Mandali. Don't wait. Baba is calling them home." We hear you and we will come. Jai Baba. The Centennial Committee continues to plan for Baba's birthday. They have tentatively booked Occidental College in Eagle Rock as our Activity Center for the two-day celebration, with Naosherwan Nalavala as our primary guest. There are many other events and activities

continued on page 19

Meherana Update Meherana Corporation has raised more than $23,000 thanks to many generous donations. The Meherana board is now filing for NonProfit status with the state as well as the IRS. When conferred, the status will be retroactive to Meherana's May 1993 incorporation date. The organization's Bylaws, which define its operating organization and rules, are now complete. The bylaws are designed to provide the foundation for a democratic enterprise that will serve many generations ofBaba lovers, present and future. Contact us for a copy. Donations of $3 to defer photocopying and postal expense for the documents will be appreciated. Christine Pearson, Meherana Board President, recently returned home to Mariposa after traveling with Bhau and Meheru for several months. Christine spread the word about Meherana to Baba lovers across the U.S., and Meherana acquired many new members. Chris Pearson has been vigilantly at work

for many months scouting out suitable land sites for a center. He's now being assisted by Georgene Tarbox, who moved to Mariposa with husband Nick Skok at the beginning of the year. Chris has located a beautiful site, which both Bhau and Meheru saw and liked. A short video about the Meherana project is in the works and will soon be made available to Baba Centers. The video includes footage of the Mariposa physical environment, interviews with Board members and others directly involved in the the project, and an interview with Bhau Kalchuri on the subject ofMeherana. Greg and Gay Dunn, just ending five years as editors of the Lamp Post, will soon begin production of a new publication, The Meherana Messenger. Be sure you're on the Meherana mailing list (different from the AMBCSC mailing list) to receive The Messenger! A brochure describing Meherana is available continued on page 20

Update on Baba's "Beautiful Souls in Ugly Cages" by Linda Zavala The letters from Paul Armand and Cedric Williams in the last Love Street Lamp Post evoked a heartfelt response from Baba lovers around our country. They also led to some unexpected problems, such as various items being returned or even destroyed by the prison because they didn't meet prison regulations for postal items. Cedric and Paul have nevertheless advised us that they now have all the Baba books and photos they can make use of at the moment. Please don't send any more of these. You may still send clothes or money if so moved. However, doing so also requires very specific procedures. You are welcome to contact me for these. Please note also that the efforts being made on behalf of Cedric and Paul are strictly from one heart to another and are not sponsored by the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California. I received a letter from Cedric a few weeks ago telling us that due to his efforts and Baba's

grace, he will be released in March 1994, significantly sooner than expected. Persons actively involved with Cedric and Paul in southern California include Adele Wolkin, Dina Franklin, Peter Justin, and myself. Please feel free to contact any of us for more information or the latest news. We have been deeply touched by Cedric and Paul and feel the longing in them to feel God in their lives while they survive in the most intolerable circumstances each and every day. One is reminded of Baba's description oflepers as "beautiful souls in ugly cages." Surely His compassion is equally great for those who have to experience other types of desperate circumstances in life. Baba has again reminded us here in southern California how quickly He can move through the love of His lovers, and how there are no obstacles for the Beloved! Linda Zavala, SO.Oak Ave., Pasadena, CA 91107, (818)795-8322.•


AMBCSC Notes ... Archival Activities

1004 Wall Calenda. When nwnkind becomes completely deaf to the thunder of His silence, God incarnates as mem. - Avatar Meher Baba


he 1994 Meher Baba Wall Calendar is filled with lots of significant Baba dates (although all of them were significant when He walked the earth); many (and we mean many) beautiful Baba sayings; a mixture of lovely black and white photographs and black and white reproductions of Charles Mills' beautiful paintings; and more...

"No Baba lover should be without this calendar. " - Samkara & Experience ORDER BY SEPT. 15, 1993 If you are a center and would like to place an order of 50 or more, please call 813/5'26.4556 and ask for Christina.

Price: $6.00 ea. Order from: Avatar Meher Saba Center of Southern California 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard • Los Angeles, CA 90025


The Archive Committee was reactivated this year. We've been busy! All Center films have been cleaned and specially coated: the Beloved and His close ones really glow now. The living Mandali are autographing their own books for the future. Archival storage has been obtained; sound recordings from the old days have been recovered; and the audio cassette library will soon have new talks. We now also have a video lending library, with selections from past Sahavas and Center talks, available by mail from our wonderful Tapewalla, Larry Fletcher. We're working to complete our sets of The Awakener, the Glow, and Divya Vam, and are saving the Meher Gazette journal from the 1930s. We are also beginning to compile a complete set ofBaba books in print. We have acquired better quality film projectors, and many other small tasks are being completed. Special thanks go to the continuing devoted service to the Beloved of Larry Fletcher, Ray Lee, Charlie Morton, and Chris Pearson.

New Archives Project: Two new video productions are planned: one to film Baba children in the Los Angeles area discussing their relationship to Baba; another on Baba lovers' first encounters with the Beloved. If you are interested in you or your children participating in these projects, please contact Linda Zavala at (818) 795-8322. To participate in the committee's activities, or if you have ideas for ncw or old archives, please contact Linda or co-chair Davc McNeely (213) 258-9887.

Service Committee Report On August 15, 1993 the AMBCSC Service Committee arranged a visit to dear Mr. Dana Field, a long-time Baba lover, at Beverly Manor Convalescent Home. There was beautiful music, dancing, and expressions ofjoy in Baba's name. Thank you to all who attended and participated to make it a wonderful Baba event. ~

Look for announcements about the next group visit with our friend, Dana. On Sunday, September 26th, 1993, we have planned a group visit to Meher Mount in Ojai, where Baba visited in 1956. We will say hello to Agnes Baron, examine the new structure, and discuss the future of Meher Mount. The service committee is getting ready for the Thanksgiving Feed the Needy project. Volunteers and contributions are welcome. The AMBCSC is making available free private counseling and psychotherapy sessions. For information regarding this or any other concerns of the service committee, please contact Mehernoush Lorkalantari at (818) 3683800, or write to the AMBC Service Committee, 10808 Santa Monica Blvd., L.A., CA 90023. Remember, after all, Baba loves us all!

A Special Delivery Congratulations to Porsha and Bill Pearson on the birth of their son, William Reid Pearson, ill, on August 10th, 1993.

Images ofLove As part of the celebration ofthe 100th anniversary ofBaba's birth, members of the Meher Baba Center of Northern California will be presenting a slide show of visual art reflecting Baba's life, message, or relationship with his lovers. If you create art and would like to participate in this project, you are invited to submit slides of your work. Any media that can be made into a slide is acceptable; for example, painting, drawing, cartoons, prints, sculpture, textiles, photography, installation, video art, videos of performance art, or anything else that your heart can conjure up. You should clearly identify the slides with the title, medium, dimensions, and artist's name. We encourage you to write a brief statement explaining your art philosophy, or how your work is inspired. Depending on the number of submissions received, we may not be able to use all slides

Baba Center Dinner and Auction Saturday, October 23, 1993 5:30pm - 10:30pm Come enjoy the food, your friends, and the auction when we raise money to support the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California. Auction items include personal services, entertainment, jewelry, clothes, artwork, and Baba treasures. A drawing will be held for the Grand Prize of a round-trip ticket and five nights at the Avatar Meher Baba Center in Myrtle Beach. The auction is at the home of Pat Griffin and John Echeveste: 5431 Baldwin Ave. Temple City (818) 309-9302 For reservations, call Karina Page at (213) 225-3910. Invitations will be sent in the mail.

for this presentation. However, we would like to create a permanent slide registry of all entries for future projects. The deadline for submission is November 1, 1993. You may include up to five slides (or video). Send it to: Images of Love c/o 1538 Elm Street El Cerrito, CA 94530 (510) 237-9257

Avatar Meher Baba Trust Baba has given us an extraordinary privilege to allow us to participate in His very special Trust work. Meher Baba tells us that He is the Personage by whom serving, we serve the whole universe! Jai Baba. If you wish to offer a love donation to Baba's Trust, please make your check payable to: "Friends of the Meher Baba Trust." Send to: Lynne Berry, Trustwalla 267 Hanover Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626


All events, unless otherwise noted, are at the Center, 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, (310) 474-9454. If you have program suggestions or are interested in presenting a program, artwork, or music, please contact Debra Ashe at (818) 441-4466.

October 6, Wednesday, 7:30pm. COME 12-

STEPPIN' WITH MEHER BABA AS OUR HIGHER POWER. Enjoy finding a new life into a path of recovery. This is also a new weekly event led by our own Bob Dearborn. See the 12-step box on page 15 for the complete schedule. October 9, Saturday, 8am till 4pm. YARD SALE A T ADELE'S HOUSE. Find that deal of a lifetime.

OCTOBER EVENTS October 2, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. October 2, Saturday, 8pm. TRUST NIGHT. Trust your night to L.A. TrustwaIla Lynn Berry. Lynn will share the many charitable ongoings of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust in Amednagar, India, set up by Baba in 1959. Come join Lynn and our special musical guests Billy Goodrun and Debra Ashe. October 4, Monday, 7:30pm. IN THE SPIRIT OF FILlS FREDRICK, come and explore, explore, explore the heart of Meher Baba's Teachings. This a new weekly event. Check the box below for the complete schedule.

October 9, Saturday, 8pm. MARGARET CRASKE MEMORIES. Caroline McDonald takes us on an intimate journey into the world of one of Meher Baba's close western women mandali, who lived her life serving Meher Baba through the art of dance and devotion. October 9, Saturday, 8pm. THE CHILDREN'S HOUR. Bring your children and let them have a blast sculpting with clay, painting, drawing, and talking. Debra Ashe and Adele W olkin will facilitate this event. October 16, Saturday, 8pm. MORE "TALES FROM THE NEW LIFE." "I want all of you to understand once and for all that I am completely serious about the NEW LIFE." -Meher Baba. On October 16, 1949, Mehera, Eruch,

New Monday Night Programs, 7:30pm.

IN THE SPIRIT OF FILIS FREDRICK, come and explore, explore, explore the heart of Meher Baba's Teachings.


October 4: Hosted by Mike Ramsden.

October 18: Hosted by Mehmoush & Roxi.

November 22: Hosted by Rose Choi.

October 11: Come and share the Devotee Syndrome experienced by all Baba lovers after leaving Baba's Samadhi of Love and returning to the Lunatic Asylum in the material world. Hosted by DA Ashe.

October 25: Hosted by Pris & Chris Haffenden.

December 6: Hosted by Joyce Stenner. Music by Richard Stenner.

November 1: Hosted by Peter Justin. November 8: Hosted by Rosalie Dunphy. November 15: Hosted by Stan Mathews.

December 13: Hosted by Lynn Maguire. December 20: Hosted by Diana Goodheart.


VIDEO CASSETTE LIBRARY Take advantage of the newly opened video section of the Mail Order Cassette Lending Library. It is stocked with many of your favorite Baba talks from the past few years! The library's growing collection currently has over sixty titles, beginning with the 1983 Southern California Sahavas and continuing to the present. These talks were given both at the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California and at the Sahavas. For those who were present at the time, these videos offer a unique experience to relive the moment; for those who missed the event, the videos offer a new perspective on our eternal Beloved. Audio cassettes remain available as always. Selections are listed following the video cassettes.

The Mail Order Cassette Library operates through the mail and is administered by Larry Fletcher. For a catalogue and complete instructions on how to borrow the tapes, please write to: AMBC-CL, c/o Larry Fletcher, P.O. Box 3233, Redondo Beach, CA 90277-1233. The library is run on a completely non-profit basis and is offered as a service to the followers of Avatar Meher Baba by the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California. In His service,

Larry Fletcher Librarian, Avatar Meher Baba Center Cassette Library


160 161 162 163 165 167

1983 SARAVAS OPENING PANEL Panel discussion. SAM KERAWALLA talks about his life with Meher Baba. LYNOTT talks about how his family came to Meher Baba. Part 1. BERNICE IVORY How I came to Meher Baba. Part 1. LEATRICE JOHNSTON Growing up in a Baba family. BERNICE IVORY How I came to Meher Baba. Part 2.


168 BILL LEPAGE My Life with Baba. 170 LYNOTT explains how after meeting Meher Baba his family came to live at Meher Center. Part 2. SAM KERAWALLA Tales from the Life of Meher Baba. 174 CLOSING PANEL Panel discussion. 1984 SARAVAS 186 FIllS FREDERICK Five lessons Baba taught. 187 CHARLES HAYNES A Talk on Perfection. 188 BUNTY KELLY BERNSTEIN How I came to Meher Baba.

VIDEO CASSETTE LIBRARY CATALOG 189 CHARLES HAYNES talks about growing up in Baba's Love. 190 DARWIN SHAW tells how he came to Baba; he also describes his many meetings with Baba. 191 SHAW FAMILY The Meher Daba Connection. 192 DARWIN SHA W Ways to Cultivate the Inner Life. 193 FlUS FREDERlCK Get ready for life after death. 197 I3UNTY KELLY BERNSTEIN Baba and the Dance. 198 DARWIN SHAW The Preparation and the Gift. 199 JEAN AND DARWIN SI-IAW My life with I3aba. 1985 SARAVAS 208 BHAU KALCHURl Baba's Sahavas, Work and Eternal Presence. 209 FlUS FREDERlCK Ten tests for aBaba lover.

245 SUBBA AND NASIMA RAO Baba Stories. 246 NAOSHERWAN ANZAR talks about the history of gazals. 248 NAOSHERWAN ANZAR Ten demands of true discipleship.

300 302 303 306 308 312 314 315

210 FlUS FREDERICK How I came to Baba. 211 BHAU KALCHURI Baba's universal responsibility.


212 KITTY DAVY The Significance of Awareness.


213 FlUS FREDERlCK The kick and the kiss. 214 BHAU KALCI-IURl What is our duty toward the Beloved. 215 BHAU KALCHURl In the world, but not of it. 217 BHAU KALCHURI Baba's Manifestation through His Silence. 1986 SARAVAS 243 ANN CONLON How I Came to Baba. 244 ANN CONLON Intuition workshop.

I (cant.)

1988 SARAVAS I3HAU KALCHURl Living with God in Hwnan Form. HENRY KASHAOUTY Confronting contemporary issues. BHAU KALCHURI Inviting Baba into your life. MERWAN DUBASH TIle Story of My Life With Baba. BHAU KALCHURl The story behind Lord Meher. HENRY KASHAOUTY Putting Baba first. BHAU KALCHURI The Significance of following Daba's Orders. HENRY KASHOUTY Remembering Baba. BHAU KALCHURl Following Baba's promptings. FAREWELL PANEL Discussion.

1990 SARAVAS BHAU KALCHURI The Glory of Love. 368 370 TOM RILEY My recollections ofBaba 1958 and 1962. 371 BHAU KALCHURI Baba's Manifestation. 372 VIRGINIA ROOD Coming to Meher Baba. Part I. 374 BHAU KALCI-IURI Roses and Thoms. 377 VIRGINIA ROOD Coming to Meher Baba. Part 2.

VIDEO CASSETTE LIBRARY CATALOG 379 BHAD KALCHURI "A strange disease attacking my body." 380 BHAD KALCHURI Surrender to the Beloved.

I (cant.)

381 BHAD KALCHURI Living Baba's New Life. 382 PANEL Do not let go the hand of Truth. 385 VIRGINIA ROOD Workshop.

AUDIO CASSETTE LIBRARY CATALOG I7 FILlS FREDERICK talks about the New Life and Baba's fust car accident. 21 RHODA DUB ASH tells how she came to Baba and also shares her many experiences in Baba's presence.

22 KITTY DAVY: Meher Baba and Consciousness. 25 RHODA DUBASH: The Importance of Obedience. (B) RHODA DUBASH: Faith in the Master. 28 KITTY DAVY tells how Baba came to her and Baba's first trip to the West. 55 PASCAL KAPLAN: Life After Death and Reincarnation. 63 LEATRICE JOHNSTON reminisces about times she spent with Baba from 1952 to 1962. 73 CHARLES HAYNES: Meher Baba is the Awakener. 75 CHARLES HAYNES: The New Humanity and the New Life. 82 FARHAD SHAFA talks about the followers of Meher Baba in Iran.


85 FILlS FREDERICK shares her memories of Meher Baba's early Western women disciples. 101 HENRY KASHOUTY: The Importance of Believing in the Most Recent Manifestation of God. (B) HENRY KASHOUTY: Conscious Awareness of the Avatar. 103 MEHERWAN MISTRY: 111e Lover and the Beloved.


116 BILl EATON: My Last Sanskara. (How I came to Baba.) 120 HOSHANG BHARDCHA: Humor, Obedience and Love. 124 NAOSHERWAN ANZAR talks about his life with Meher Baba. 134 ANITA VIELLARD talks about her life with Baba in the years 1931 to 1934. 135 WENDY HAYNES CONNOR tells how she came to Baba and her trip to India in 1962. 136 TEX HIGHTOWER tells how he came to Baba; his story includes the dancers' plane ride to Myrtle beach in 1952. Part 1 to #149. 139 TOM AND DOROTHY HOPKINSON tell how they came to Baba. 149 TEX HIGHTOWER: How Sanskaras Lodge in the Mind. To drive homethe point Tex falls back on his experience as tailor and sandal-maker for the Avatar! Part 2 from #136. 157 FILlS FREDERICK talks about the Life of Christ including details given by Baba about his life as Jesus. (B) FILlS FREDERICK: How to Work for Baba. 161 SAM KERAWALLA talks about his life with Meher Baba. 162 LYNOTT talks about how his family came to Meher Baba. 170 LYNOTT explains how after meeting Meher Baba his family came to live at Meher Center. Part 2 from # 162.

AUDIO CASSETTE LIBRARY CATALOG 173 SAM KERAWALLA: Tales from the Life of Meher Baba. 187 CHARLES HAYNES: A Talk on Perfection. 189 CHARLES HAYNES talks about growing up in Baba's Love. 190 DARWIN SHAW tells how he came to Baba; he also describes his many meetings with Baba. 192 DARWIN SHAW: Ways to Cultivate the Inner Life 198 DARWIN SHAW: The Preparation and the Gift. 206 LEATRICE JOHNSTON talks about Baba's Birthday and of special times she spent with Baba. 212 KITIY DAVY: The Significance of Awareness. (B) DEUA DE LEON: Meher Baba and the Arts. 243 ANN CONLON: How I Came to Baba. 246 NAOSHERWAN ANZAR talks about the history of gazals. 254 FIUS FREDERICK: Inner Guidance. 260 PETER SAUL talks about how he came to Baba. 261 RUSTOM AND SOHRAB IRANI talk about their lives with Uncle Baba. 263 ANDY MUIR: My Life With Baba. 265 JANE HAYNES: Piercing the Veil. 280 ROBERT DREYFUSS: Overland to MeherBaba.

IV (cont.)

298 GOKARAN SHIRVASTAVA tells how his family came to Meher Baba. MERWAN DUBASH: The Story of My 306 Life With Baba. 330 GULNAR AND JEHANGIR SUKHADWALA Gulnar Baba's niece and her husband tell how they came to be Baba Lovers. 342 KHOSROW NAMlRANIAN TOOS one of the Prem Ashram boys from Iran gives a talk in Farsi, translation in English. 346 KUSUM SINGH: How I Came to Baba. 357 HOSHANG BHARUCHA: Glimpses of Guru Prashad. D3-D4 DON STEVENS: The Theme of Creation. A two and one half hour commentary based on God Speaks. (Please add $1.00 to the base rate for second cassette. For information on purchasing this talk write to: Don Stevens, LE DOMAINE DU LOUP, Le Riou, 06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer, France.) D5 FAREDOON N. DRIVER (PADRI): Living With The Avatar. This and other talks by Mandali members may be purchased from: Meher Lahar Inc., 5311 Italian Creek Road, Mariposa, CA 95338 D9 FlUS FREDERICK: The State of Creation. D II FILlS FREDERICK: Reminiscences on Baba. D14 FlUS FREDERICK: Womens Spirituality. ALL CASSETTES listed as having only one talk are recorded on both sides. At the end of TALK on side A, go to side B.


Meheru, Dr. Ghani, Gustadji, Dr. Nilu, and others embarked on the "New Life" journey with Meher Baba. Many stories of the journey were shared last year but there is much more to tell! Come join our host Lois Jones and the story tellers as they spin tales interwoven with music by our New Life strings duo, Greg and Gay Dunn. October 23, Saturday. THE CENTER WILL BE CLOSED TONIGHT because everyone will be attending the SILENT AUCTION EXTRA VAGANZA-FUND-RAISER at Pat Griffin's and John Escheveste's house (5431 Baldwin Ave., Temple City, CA 91780, 818-309-9006). The children's dinner and entertainment will be at 5:30pm. The adult dinner and entertainment will be at 7pm. Call for more information. October 30, Saturday, 8pm. LOVER'S DIGEST-A MEETING IN FOUR PARTS. Marc Brutus will present an evening with a magazine format, centered on Meher Baba with (1) features drawn from newsletters from around the Baba world, (2) a welcoming and getting to know newcomers segment, (3) an opportunity to talk about all that Beloved Baba has been giving, and (4) Baba movies. October 31, Sunday, 11 :30pm. MORNING AR TI. Hosted by Chris-Pris Haffenden.

NOVEMBER EVENTS November 6, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmound Ajang. November 6, Saturday, 8pm. THE GODMAN'S NAME. The power of the Godman's name has helped lovers of God through the ages. Since the time of Krishna, the Avatar has emphasized the spiritual force inherent in His name. Mansari says, "Baba's name plays the whole game." Hosted by Steve Berry and John Page with music by George Gerdes. November 13, Saturday, 8pm. GUTTA NIGHT WITH FRED STANKUS. Experience fellowship, food, conversation, revelation, and

A New Wednesday Night Weekly Program, 7:30pm

12-STEPPIN' WITH MEHER BABA AS OUR HIGHER POWER. Enjoy finding a new life into a path ofrecovery. Led by our own Bob "Herculean Messenger of the Higher Power" Dearborn. October 6

November 10.

October 13

November 17

October 20

December 1

October 27

December 8

November 3

December 15

inspiration in this fun-filled evening of focusing on Meher Baba. Come and share with Freddeee. November 19, Friday, 7:30pm. FUN FRIDA YS! One Friday a month come and have some fun! The Lunatic Asylurn is open to all kinds of ideas. Tonight experience MEETING OF TIlE MINDS, a live interactive performance where the audience addresses a historic panel of saints, sages, masters, and mandali. From Tajuddin Baba to St. Francis of Asisi, don't miss the fun! November 20, Saturday, 8pm. COME ON AND TALK with Jonathan Ramsden as he hosts a young people's panel which will involve questions from the audience. Listen to Baba experiences from the heart. Music by Mikeee Groove Campagna. November 20, Saturday, 8pm. THE CHILDREN'S HOUR. Bring your children and let them have a blast sculpting with clay, painting, drawing, and talking. Debra Ashe and Adele Wolkin will guide the fun. November 27, Saturday, 8pm. WELCOME TO ADELE'S ARCHIVAL WORLD OF BABA SLIDES dating from the 1930's up to the

continued on tlJe next page


late 60's. Enjoy rare portraits of Beloved Baba and the inspiring music ofBiIly Goodrum.

December 26, Sunday, 11 :30am. MORNING ART!. Hosted by Merry Chris-Pris Haffenden.

November 28, Sunday, 11 :30am. MORNING ART!. Hosted by Karina & John Page.



January 1, Saturday. THE CENTER IS CLOSED. Happy New Year!

December 4, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

January 8, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING devoted to discussion of Beloved Baba. All are welcome. Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

December 4, Saturday, 8pm. BABA LOOKED GLORIOUS! Bob Dearborn will share from several sources the account of Meher Baba's second accident which took place in Satara, India, on December 2nd, in 1956. Discussion is encouraged. Rosalie wiII sing "Ishtiakay."

January 8, Saturday, 8pm. HOW CAN WE REMEMBER BABA IN 19947 Bring at least one idea to share as we bring in the New Year. Hosted by Marguerite Poley.

December II, Saturday, 8pm. Music by Debra Ashe and Billy Goodrum. December 17, Friday, 7:30pm. FUN FRIDA YS! One Friday a month come and have some fun. The Lunatic Asylum is open to all kinds of ideas. Hosted by Mike "The Pres" Ramsden. December 18, Saturday, 8pm. CELEBRATE BELOVED MEHERA'S BIRTHDAY: Join in


on a discussion and sharing of Mehera's significance to the world and in one's personal life as an example of pure devotion. Bring birthday treats, a song, a poem, and a special story to share. Coordinated by Adele Wolkin and Linda Zavala.

Inland Empire Baba Lovers now meet occasionaBy. Anyone in the Riverside/Joshua Tree areas please caB Jay Mohler at (619) 366-9330. TIle Ojai Meher Baba group meets every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. For location caB Peter Justin at (805) 646-4159. For Santa Barbara Baba Group meeting infonnation call Dolilla KarpeJes at (805) 682-1877. The San Diego Meher Baba group meets monthly. For meeting times and locations, call Scott or Anne Makeig at (619) 436-7155.

December 22, Wednesday, 7:30pm.

The Fresno Meher Baba Group meets every first, second, and third Wednesday each month. For location and time call Sharon or Phil Scott at (209) 449-0877.

CANDLELIGHT CHRISTMAS JUBILATION. Come and experience the longing for the

For Northern California program infonnation call (510) 845-4339

Beloved and the joy of His coming with readings and song. Please bring canned food and clothing which will be distributed by the Service Committee to those in need. After the program, gifts for the children will be exchanged and refreshments will be served downstairs. Hosted by Debra Ashe and Tamara Mark. December 25. Merry Christmas! Merry


West Coast Meetings For meetings in Orange County, caB Lynne or Steve Berry at (714) 966-1262.

Meher Baba Blessings.

TIle Portland Baba Group group meets every Friday night. Discourses meeting are held every other Sunday afternoon, and a monthly meeting is held every month at the Wilson's honse in Scotts Mill, (503) 873-2048. For Sacramento Baba Group meeting infonnation caB Marilyn Buehler at (916) 925-4451. The Seattle Baba Group meets every Friday night at 8 p.m. For location and other infonnation, caB Joyce Geoffroy or Tom at (206) 283-7027.

At the Bookstore By Dina Snow Franklin As I sit on the golden sands gazing at the crystal clear aquamarine waters off the Sunshine Coast of my native Australia, thinking how fabulous is this, my yearly vacation, I suddenly hear a little voice saying, "but I'd rather be in India... " Say what?!? Addictive stuff, this pilgrimage business! Now some may think that a sneaky way to segue into our lead item this month, but it's true! I can't wait till September '94 when I get my four weeks in India. But back to L. A... Ann Conlon, the Bookstorewalla Supreme from Myrtle Beach, suggested some time back, "Why don't you make a mug saying 'I'd rather be in Ahmednagar... "'. Loved the idea, but my somewhat twisted Aussie - or is it L.A.? - sense of humor changed it to "I'd rather be in the Tomb." Quite a conversation piece at the office, wot?! I asked a number of our artists to submit designs in a rush as Sahavas was rapidly approaching. Prem Makeig gave us a lovely rendering of the Samadhi, and at the 11th hour, with two computers, two fax machines, the telephone, and Christina Riley and myself -- "back tree bigger, front tree smaller, wri ting larger... ", etc., etc. - we finally got the design to our satisfaction. We rushed it to the manufacturer's immediately. TIley broke all records and had it done in four days, in time for the Sahavas. It proved a very popular item, with people buying and using them there, instead of the ecologically incorrect Styrofoam. The design is in a lovely forest green and black on white, with a delicately curved lip. It's a tea or coffee lover's delight in a full 11 oz. mug for only $6! We hope eventually to have a complete set

of similar Baba-theme mugs. Any suggestions out there? We were thinking of ''I'd rather be 011 Mehera's porch" with a sketch of the house and all tl1e flowers, done in at least four colors. How about ''I'd ratl1er be on tl1e 7tl1 Plane" ? Illustrations completely open for suggestions! Let's hear from you. We have an absolutely magnificent photo for you, also readied just in time for the Sahavas. Charlie Morton has for many years been working on a painting to fit in the window at the head of the tomb in the Samadhi - a lifetinle labor of love. At first the painting was going to be made into a stained glass window, but to Mani it never seemed to be "just perfect." Charlie then changed the medium to oils on canvas, and it was finally declared to be just as it should be for our Beloved. Earlier this year the painting was installed in the window, and shortly thereafter, at a special garlanding, the women Mandali filled the Samadhi with magnificent blooms of every imaginable color. Charlie took a photo of tile whole scene, taking in the now brightly colored murals on the wall, the stone lintel above the window, part ofthe ceiling with its beautiful blue sky and f1uffy white clouds, the words that are etched in gold in the white marble slab, the heaps of flowers, and above all, our Beloved sitting on the grass looking in on us all. I've been told that, such is the 3-D effect, that it seems as though the window above the tomb is open, and Baba is just sitting on the grass watching us' It's a truly beautiful photo. We have it available in a 20" x 30" format for $35 (plus $10 S&H), or 8" x 12" for $14 (plus $2 S&H). (The

photo is rectangular, although we have reproduced it on page 5 in an oval frame.) Francis Brabazon, Baba's Au tralian poet, was the person Baba chose to be His Herald Down Under. Originally a Sufi under Baron Von Frankenburg, Francis went to meet Baba in the U.S. in 1952. He recognized The Reality immediately, and was commanded by Baba to return home at once and tell Australia about Him. Francis had the great joy of preparing for Baba's visits in 1956 and 1958. Shortly thereafter Baba called Francis to India to live with the Mandali



indefinitely. When he departed, Francis left Bill LePage to take care of Avatar's Abode, Baba's home in Queensland. Bill has recently written a book on the early days ofBaba in Australia called The Turning of the Key. He fust met Baba during "The Three Incredible Weeks" in 1954, and was with Him during the Australian visits, the East West Gathering in 1962, and again in 1967. "This book is a wonderful addition to existing memoirs of Meher Baba, rich in atmosphere and detail and love, as the reader follows the growth ofBaba's influence in the land called Down Under." - Ann Conlon, Sheriar Press. Approx. 360 pp., with photographs. Paperback $12. Years ago, Pascal Kaplan wrote a wonderful little book called Understanding Death. It had been out of print for some time, but as we kept getting requests for it, I tracked it down and found it to be one of those books that should never go out of print. Accordingly, we had it reprinted and it is now available for $5.50. It gives a very clear and concise overview of death and reincarnation from the knowledge given by Baba, without overtly being a "Baba Book." As such, it makes an excellent gift to a friend who may not believe in or even have heard of Meher Baba, but who is facing the death of a loved one, or even his or her own death. Even if you feel very secure in your knowledge and faith, it's a handy book to have in your library available for lending out at the appropriate time. (Now if we could just get Mastery ofConsciousness reprinted!) Have you or a friend just had a baby? A beautifullittle gift is the book by Adah Shifrin, Meher Baba Is Love: a compilation of sayings, photographs, and drawings for children, beautifully put together in an 8" xII" format on glossy paper. It is never to early to start reading to a baby, especially about Baba. My mother gifted her fust grandchild with a copy, 10 these many years ago, and it was a very treasured start to the children's library. $6.95. We have a new video, also just released by Sheriar Press, called "The Process of Awaken-

ing." It is an interview with Eruch Jessawala taped in Mandali Hall at Meherazad in January of this year. Interspersed with film and photographs of Meher Baba, the video captures the intimacy and naturalness of Eruch's talks, this one focusing on what Baba said was most important: living life with an awakened heart, a life of inner contact with the Beloved. Particularly moving is the picture . Eruch paints of how Meher Baba keeps a hold on us when, enticed ..... ••••• by the bright trinkets of the world, we turn away from the Divine light He tries to show us. This video is an hour of being back in Mandali Hall, listening to a master storyteller spin magical tales of his Master. $29.95. Remember the great T-shirts commemorating Bhau's visit I told you about in our last issue? Well, since they are rather topical we are selling off the last of them at a mere $ 7.50 each! They are 100% cotton, in M, ~ L, & XL, printed in two tones of green and black on white. p---We also have plenty left of Baba in a Turban M, L, & XL, $12. Last year in India one of the Baba singers - was it Ted Judson, or maybe Ward Parks? - said to me, "The very best singer, in my opinion, of Baba songs, has never been recorded!" Surprised, I asked "Who is that?" and received the reply, "Richard Lockwood of Australia." I had never heard of rum, and so vowed to try to catch him during my next visit home. I was in Sydney during the August 13-15th celebration of the 37th Anniversary ofBaba's visit here. Imagine my delight to hear announced: "Richard Lockwood will now sing a few songs for us." For the next 15 minutes I sat transfixed with tears running silently down my cheeks (and this from an unemotional woman!) as Richard poured out his soul in praise of the Beloved. When he finished, I pounced! "Why have you not made a tape?!" I demanded. "I have," he replied. "It should be available in a few months'.'I'm overjoyed! I'll keep you informed. ~ See you... At the Bookstore! ~~~




President's Report from page 6 planned over a three-day period. We need volunteers to help the planning process, and to help on site, so please see Fred Stankus. Your Finance Committee and Treasurer continue to attend to the cutting edge of fund-raising, budgeting, and accounting processes including a review of our Bylaws to streamline these.

.''''''_--"" 1lL.........


\ (



Jane and Bob Brown share their devotion to Baba in song.

The Membership Committee's chairperson, Pris Haffenden, is currently empowered to review membership criteria. Her recommendations, once approved by the Board, are to be presented to the members for approval or rejection at the next AGM. Current voting membership is approximately 140, with our mailing list (for the Love Street Lamp Post and other communications) approaching 1300 including outof-state and overseas addresses. Our Bookstorewalla Dina Franklin continues to provide significant practical support to all Baba-lovers on our mailing list worldwide. Most importantly for our Center, Dina, by her efforts, will be providing approximately 25% of the funds necessary to run the Center. With the amount of work involved, additional help is required with the financial bookkeeping end. One volunteer is needed now! Please. Your Program Committee has worked hard


this year to provide a varied meeting and activity opportunity to a wider cross-section of our members. This last quarter, we will be opening the Center during the week for two other events which we hope will help you all in your love for the Beloved. Your Archive Committee has been very active restoring audio tapes, videos, and films for storage and future use, as well as to create a more active library function for use at the center and by mail. Funds and volunteers are still needed, as are storage and easy access not currently available at the Center. Most of the valuable Baba "relics" are in special storage for preservation, pending a better house. The Committees have repaired and/or replaced much of the film equipment and have even begun a special archival film project produced by Linda Zavala, with an interview ofBhau which will be available for loan as funds and time permit. The Special Educational Film Project by Tim Thelan continues to progress rapidly. It is hoped that the finished project will be ready for presentation on PBS TV by January 1994. You have all kindly donated 75% of the funds requested so far. This project is almost ready. Tim reports that he has the first rough cut ready and is preparing to do a second, with the third being the final edition. And sadly we must say goodbye to our Love Street Lamp Post editors Gay and Greg Dunn. After five years of wonderfully hard labor, and twenty quarterly issues they have to bow to the pressures of modem living and other personal activities and hand over their love child into the hands of others. Your Board is currently committed to maintaining and expanding the function of the Lamp Post and actively seeks qualified personnel to keep it running. Greg and Gay will be helping with the handover process so that your next issue of the Lamp Post will arrive in a timely fashion! From all our hearts we thank you Greg and Gay. I know that I speak with the force of all the hearts of the Lamp Post readers. Jai Baba. _


Meher Mount Report by Bing Heckman

A new house for Baba is 90% complete, but we stilI need about $5,000 to finish. Work and materials remaining include insulation, wallboard, finish electrical, finish plumbing, door knobs, and paint. The building will be a great asset for Meher Mount for decades to come. We are very concerned about completing the work before the winter cold so Agnes can be moved out of her trailer, which has inadequate heat and other major problems. In her current physical condition Agnes will not do well in the trailer over the winter months. Meher Baba was on his way to stay at Meher Mount with his Mandali in 1952 when the accident in Prague, Oklahoma occurred. Baba visited the property a few years later in 1956, and said it had a "spiritual atmosphere." It has views of the ocean to the southwest, the Ojai Valley and Topa Topa range to the north, and other ranges to the south. There are 160 acres with extensive areas for hiking and camping. Much more important, Meher Mount is a place dedicated and preserved for decades for Baba.

Meherana Update from page 7 for the asking. "First Most Member" buttons are available to those who become Associate Members in Meherana's first year ($10 annual dues), and 100% cotton Meherana T-shirts are available for $10. Meetings are held frequently in Mariposa. Join us! Meherana, 5311 Italian Creek Road, Mariposa, CA 95338, (209) 966-5078.•

Living With Meher Baba from page 2


said, "That's what I've come to do. I have come to awaken myself in your heart, and you can depend on it!" To feel connected with Baba is to know that He's done that within our hearts. We don't have to be worthy, or aware, or developed, or whatever, we simply have to trust that He is telling us the truth, and that His whole life did end in that victory, that He can speak in our

Agnes Baron reluctantly found herself in the role of overseeing the preservation of the property. Baba entrusted Agnes with this role, and she has personally held the property since the mid 1950s, overcoming many difficulties along the way. While Agnes may not have endeared all who have visited Meher Mount, she has endeared many, and no one would doubt that her honesty and dedication to Baba are absolute. Baba called Agnes his watchdog. Not to divulge any secrets, but some would say that while her bark can be loud, it is really much bigger than her bite. Agnes's main concern for the property is that in addition to preservation of the property for Baba and visitation by those interested in Baba, she would like it to be used for service. MMC, a nonprofit corporation, has been formed to help with this effort. If you are able to contribute towards the completion of the Center, a little help will go a long way now. Also, if you have ideas you would like to share, or would like a map to MM, please let us know. Meher Mount, 9902 Sulphur Mountain Rd., Ojai, CA 93023.• hearts if He wants to. Even when he was in physical form, Baba was very careful to give us the clear picture that the answer to everything is within each of us. I think Baba went to great pains to do that. He was always evoking, from deep within [individuals], the answer. Baba wants us to hear Him from within, not because it's a nice thing, not because He's no longer around to ask, but because that's all He worked for His whole life. It was the whole point of His life. As Elizabeth used to say, "Baba never put things in from without: He draws things out from within." Even to think, "Baba, I want to listen - I want to hear you," means that we already have the capacity to do so. That's the good news. So important was this to Baba that He said, many years ago, that we should rely, first and foremost, on what we hear deep within ourselves. He said this: continued


page 22

YOur q)i'Vine Game by Bhau Kalchuri from Ocean Waves and Sun Rays

o Meher! I ask You very often to kill me with one stroke but why don't You kill me? The reason is this, that my false self does not want to die and therefore You have to kill it inch by inch very carefully.

o friends! The Real Self in everyone never suffers and never enjoys and it always remains in the state of Bliss though it does not experience it. This is the reason why we are in creation - to experience the state of Bliss; but we remain stuck under the clutch of misery and happiness.

o brothers and sisters! No one is greater than our Real Self, and no one is lower than our false self. Let us therefore part with the company of the false self by throwing it in the fire of Love for the Beloved and become one with the Real Self.

o Beloved! How is it possible for anyone to fathom the secret of Your Divine Game? You are Eternally free and You are eternally bound in everyone and everything.

o Lord! I don't want to keep You bound in me and therefore why don't You get Yourself free from me? But this is the secret of Your Divine Game that You give full freedom to my false self to play its game and when it gets completely tired it sets You free.

o Father! Why did You create innumerable toys for Your children to play with? And why do You get them lost in the Game? Perhaps You want to get them tired of the game and when one gets tired You embrace him to give him inner strength and make hinl play with You.

o Bhau! How long will you play with the toys and how many games are still there for you to play? If you don't know this, ask the Beloved, and make this as a game of asking Him until He answers.


Living With Baba from page 20 "Do nothing, even to please Me, or the world, against the dictates of your conscience. Unhesitatingly do what you think to be right and proper, despite the opposition of the world. Let your mind be as firm as a rock that resists strong blasts of wind from all sides." So even if the whole world were to say that what you're doing is not right, or that you don't understand Babaeven if the closest people to Baba were to tell you that - Baba wants you to do what your conscience speaks. Baba said that he "Meditation is the listening had two very practical side ofprayer" people in His circle, - ELIZABETH PA TTERSON and that Elizabeth was one of them. One of the things she told me was, "Meditation is the listening side of prayer. It's very important to speak to Baba: but it's also important to listen to Baba. " She said, ,'We're very busy here at the Center, and there's not much time for anything. Baba keeps us very busy. But you know, ifjust in the morning, when you first wake up, you'll just take a few minutes, in silence, to listen to Baba... " She paused here and clarified, with a little twinkle in her eye: "Now, He won't give you answers in so many words ... " then continued "but the day will be the answer." Rumi says, "Borrow the Beloved's eyes, look through them, and you will see the Beloved's face everywhere. The Beloved says, 'I shall be your eye, and your hand, and your loving.' Let that happen, and things that you have hated will become helpers." Baba says, "Every moment I respond to the whole of Creation. My response, being Divine, is wholly from love." Everything in our lives is His response of love. But listening helps us to begin to trust that that's true. That's a lifelong process, to really trust that that's true. That's the journey we're on. A second way we can avail ourselves of Baba's availability is through nurturing Baba within ourselves. The Mandali we admire so much, and from whom we've learned so much, nurtured Baba. They were given that opportunity: to nurture Him, to care for Him. And they 22

took the opportunity. That's why they were there. Baba was also training us, through them, to nurture Him. And now that He's left aside that coat that he wore, he gives all of His lovers the opportunity to nurture and care for Him. I know we usually think of it the other way around: Baba's the Godman, the CIu'ist, and He cares for us. The truth is - if the Mandali's exan1ple means anything at all - that their nurturing and caring for Him was how He nurtured and cared for them. And our nurturing and caring for Him is the opportunity we can take. That's how he nurtures and cares for us. He makes Himself available to be nurtured. StTeresa talked of this as "building a sweet nest in the soul for Him to live in" - as though He were a baby bird, and he had to be taken care of. That's the metaphor she uses. It's easy to say, "Well, He's not in the form, does He really need us to care for Him?" Of course not. As Baba says, "I am perfectly capable of doing My work alone." He didn't need the Mandali to care for Him: He doesn't need us. But He gave them that opportunity, and now He gives it to us. Why should it be any different for us? This is my fantasy of it - I picture it as me behaving like this: Imagine that it was the duty ofMeheru, Goher, Katie, or Mani - one of the women mandali - to make breakfast for Baba. Whichever one it was, suppose that one day at Meherazad in the early morning, "Borrow the Beloved's she woke up and said to eyes, look through herself, "I'm tired this them, and you will morning. I get up so early see the Beloved's face every morning. I think 1'1 eveIJ'Where. " - RUM! sleep in. After all, Baba's God. He doesn't need breakfast. You know? Why should I get up and get breakfast? He'll be fme. He doesn't need that. " It's such a ridiculous fantasy that I realize, if that is so absurd, then why is it that I neglect Him so much. Why is it that I don't nurture Him every day? Well, of course it's because on some level I think, I guess, that He can get along without it. And He can! He could have gotten along without contiJwed on last page

The Sahavas Dont't Worry, Be Happy. The trees are sort of sappy; The pool is very freezing; I hope there's not much sneezing. There are mosquitos, snakes, and bears; In the night there are many scares. I guess this place is pretty fun, And now this poem is done. 'If

B ... is for Baba, Who sits in a tree, Sitting there watching over me. 'If

Leila Hage, age 11

Eva Greenstein

-Babaisme, Baba is the sunshine. I love it when I hear His voice. He is a gleaming heart Sparkling through the stars. 'If Leeia Dunn, age 5 112


Living With Baba

from page 22

breakfast. Dut he makes himself fragile, he makes Himselfavailable. He gives us the opportunity to nurture Him. For His own sake? No. l3ecause, by nurturing Him, we care for ourselves. And we forget about the rest of us, the part that isn't our true self. Consider the Mandali. What time did they have to think about "What do I want for breakf:lst? What am I going to do today?" Mehera, in particular, was the ideal ofselOess love for Baba. Her every thought was "What does naba want? How can I take care ofl-lim?" Even when I Ie was not there, her lhought was "What can I do for Daba? lIow can I make Him more comfortable? lIow can I think of His needsanticipate His needs?" And lhat should really give us a picture, I think, of how we can nurture Daba in our lives, cvery day, if we take the opportunity to do it. TIlen we become more and more like Mehera

AVATAR MEHER BABA CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90025

and the others whom Baba has provided as examples, as if to say, "If you nurture Me enough, if you care for me enough, then that's how you will be. You won't even think of it. Whether I'm in the body or out of the body, you won't even think of it. Every thought will be for Me." St.Teresa of Avila says something so beautiful about this: "Let us not imagine lhat we are boll ow inside. You will laugh at me, perhaps, and say that what I'm explaining is very clear, and you'll be right. For me, though, it was obscure for some time. I understood well that I had a soul, but what thi soul deserved, and Who dwelt wi/hill i/, I did not understand, because 1 had covered my eyes with the vanities of the world. For in my opinion, if! had understood as I do now, that in this little palace of my soul there dwelt so great a King, I would not have left Him alone so often." And naba says, "Daily I support you and share your consciousness. Now I want you to uphold Me so that onc day you can share My consciousness." Jai naba! •

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