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Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners - Therapy Dressing Project FIRST PHASE

Learning Center volunteers are moving forward with the Therapy Dressing Project and welcome new staff members Marcia Velasquez and Kenia Delgado to the therapy dressing project.

Project Underway

Saturday May 25th was a special day for the therapy dressing project. One month ago from this date the project started at both Antonio Lenin Fonseca Hospital and Fernando Velez Paiz Hospital, and patients have been able to be helped and treated for their burns.

Personal Stories

German is young 17 year old boy. He was boiling water to get rid of ants on the wall of his house and unfortunately put the boil water in a plastic container, never realizing that the plastic container would melt. The boiling water splashed onto his left hand, leaving a severe burn. German was ridiculed and mocked at school because of his burn. This, coupled with the constant pain, made it difficult for him to attend school and resulted in him missing many days of learning. This soon changed when a doctor from Velez Paiz Hospital let him know about the Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partner’s Therapy Dressing Project. The doctor explained to him how wearing the therapy dressing will reduce pain and help him heal quicker and more effectively. German will wear the dressing for three months. Carlos Gaitan and Rafael Gaitan are brothers who work in a sugarcane field in their hometown. Last December 23, there was a big fire in the field while they were working. Both brothers were trapped in the flames, unable to escape. Ninety percent of their skin was burned off due to this fire, and they had nowhere to turn for help. Five months after this devastating accident happened, Doctor Leandro Perez sent them to the Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partner’s office to receive therapy dressings. Carlos and Rafael received gloves, sleeves, vests and pant dressing pieces. They are also expected to receive masks, which are currently still in process of being made, by June 1. These brothers’ continuous persistence inspired everyone 1

Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners - Therapy Dressing Project FIRST PHASE

around them. Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners enjoyed their jokes and encouraging dispositions in the midst of such tough hardship and misfortune. German, who happened to be receiving his hand dressing the same time as Carlos and Rafael, heard first hand from these two gentlemen how much quicker his burn would heal from the therapy dressings. Norma is a 33 years old woman who was in a motorcycle accident about four months ago. She severely burned both of her arms and damaged one of her ears from the friction of her fall. She heard about the project when she was attending an appointment at Lenin Fonseca Hospital. She was very happy to hear about the Therapy Dressing Project, and inquired about getting dressings for her wounded arms. With her arm therapy dressings, her arms will not expose to the sun and will heal much more quickly and effectively. Norma also spoke about the embarrassment of her burned arms, and how the dressings will raise her self-esteem because her burns will no longer be the first thing people notice about her anymore. Norma, as well as the other patients, said the program is great resource and will benefit many people with a lack of economic resources.


Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners - Therapy Dressing Project FIRST PHASE

Patients are receiving information and recommendations once they receive the therapy dressings: • Therapy dressing will help limit irregular healing of the epidermis cells on the burn areas. • The patients need to use the therapy dressings 24 hours a day, just removing them when will take showers. • Before they put on the therapy dressing, they need to apply a therapy ointment onto the burn areas, which helps the healing process. • Patients are receiving two pieces of every therapy dressing they need in order to accommodate for laundering and cleaning. • Information is provided for proper laundry care in order to maintain the life of the dressing. • Patients are welcome to acquire a new therapy dressing if the dressing gets damaged or, after physician evaluation, body proportions change and a new size is needed. Two days have been set during the week for the therapy dressing project (Tuesday and Saturday). Learning Center volunteers are the main force behind this project, and keep it running smoothly. Learning Center volunteers are glad to be a part of this project; it helps them understand the necessity of the therapy dressings for the burn patients, but also helps the volunteers gain more experience in sewing and other essential skills. 7 patients have received therapy dressing attention


Burn Therapy Dressing Project Stories  

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