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Fall 2013 International Professionals Fall 2013

International Exchange For Change Success Happens Easier When We Are Connected

Heading for the Toussaint Louverture Airport of Haiti-Maїs Gaté, excited to ever leave my country for the first time to participate in the International Professional Exchange Program in United States of America. A program funded by the U.S. Department of State but implemented by Partners of the I do believe that the InterAmericas based in Washington national Professional Exchange Program is a better DC. To me this was going to be a way to be connected with dream turning into a reality since professionals around the all my life I have been learning world and success hapfrom other professionals but never pens easier when we are had a chance to work with 239 connected to share and learn from others in order International Professionals from 50 to bring something valucountries in the world. I had the able into the community impression at the very first sight where we are living. that it was going to be a UNIQUE experience in my life and for the benefit of my community. As a Legislative Fellow from Haiti, I was the only one Haitian among 239 professionals, this created an occasion to be remarkable for the Haitian Flag entire fellowship program in DC. My name is Doudly Elius born in Haiti, I am very motivated and involved actively in the Haitian society to bring change where it’s necessary in order to improve life by replicating what I learned as a Legislative Fellow.

Host Organization I worked at Rutgers University in New Jersey, a State University with a huge territory of 5 campus. I had the chance to be placed at the NJSBDC (New Jersey Small Business Development Center) which is a department whose mission is committed to guiding established small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to create and expand their business enterprises which will, in turn, result in sustainable growth, job creation and statewide economic development and prosperity. Through NJSBDC, I learned about : -The process of acquiring a new business -The SBA lender relationship and regulations -The contrast between starting a new business versus buying an existing business or franchise also I participated in some seminar involving marketing and social media strategies. The host organization helped me understand how Small businesses work in New Jersey and the rules and regulations that have to follow to start a new business which is different in Haiti since lending money to Small businesses has always been considered as a hindrance but due to this fellowship experience, I understand that lenders are eager to lend money to small businesses since they obtain more in return. After I got a chance to understand the system of how Small businesses function through the SBDC program, I created an M&E system of data analysis that helps monitor and evaluate the SBDC program. This also helps understand how well the program works and what change needs to be made in order to bring some improvement when its necessary.

Dominican Rep, Haiti and Paraguay Professionals-Partners of the Americas Picture after breakfast with Senator Al Franklin in DC. As a matter of fact, all the fellows with different backgrounds, spreading around the United States had the chance to build a network with other professionals and that’s where this experience got even more interesting. The consideration of being connected with all these resources while learning by exchanging creates an easy pattern for success to happen. As a Legislative Fellow, I understand now why all the fellows believe that the International Exchange Program is an important step toward change throughout the world.

The US Cultural Aspect and lesson learned I met with two members from New Jersey-Haiti Partners who explained to me everything about the Americans cultural aspect, from starting to family meeting (through diner time, lunch and breakfast). I rapidly found out that the American society is founded on planning since every time they are having food together, they take it as an occasion to discuss about their issues and most of the time, all their problems always got an answer. This is to say that the American cultural aspect is a dynamic environment where people are always planning for improvement. I had the chance to visit many historical places where I learned very useful aspects of the American people and the way that the legislative system works. Having attended a conference with Bruce McCracken, a member of New Jersey-Haiti Partners, I learned the concept of “Complete Streets”, also accessibility policy for people with disability and I am willing to introduce it into the Haitian society since streets should be for everybody not only for cars.

I enjoyed creating something that is valuable to NJSBDC. I am certain that my help will contribute to the improvement of New Jersey Small Businesses in a very near future. Contact information Phone : 509 36 65 7126 Email : Skype : doudly.elius Blog:

Brainstorming Session for Problemsolving—Washington DC

Latin America and the Caribbean Professional Fellows working together at Partners of The Americas Headquarter Office in Washington DC

Incredible people met from Fellowship

A member of the New Jersey-Haiti Partners, Kareen Kirsch, took me to a big meeting at a Jewish church where I had the chance to listen to former US secretary of States, Madeleine Albright who made a very inspiring presentation about her powerful experience when being the first lady United States secretary of State. Her speech really touched me powerfully and the lesson learned is so useful that I have already started sharing it within my community. I also had a chance to meet and listen to another powerful person, Sam Daley Harris, founder of RESULTS and Microcredit summit Campaign at Princeton Trinity Episcopal Church, he has identified and advocated for effective solutions to the causes of poverty and worked successfully to increase political will and funding for these solutions through powerful citizen action. My life has profoundly changed related to the lives and generosity of Americans like: Dr. Joe Cohn, Sherley Cooney, Jeff Ritcher, Loretta Dumas, the Clinton and some Haitian diaspora, Kenel Raphael Augustin and Nicolas Angelas along with the people that I met at Rugters University Toastmasters Club. I would also acknowledge Pastor. Lynn and Clinton for their hospitality and Partners of the Americas for making me an International Legislative Fellow which connects me with other international Professionals, I believe Success happens easier when we are all connected to the same vision. Doudly Elius Legislative Fellow

Legislative Professional Fellow Doudly Elius

Legislative FellowDOUDLY ELIUS

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