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International Board of Directors 2013 Candidate Profiles

Erik Brand Active Member Since: 2007 Local Chapter: Minnesota Partners, US Region Qualifications: I am humbled by the challenges that lie ahead for Partners, yet inspired by the five decades of accomplishments that volunteers and staff have achieved. Some of the skills and qualities I would contribute as a member of the board include strategic planning, having worked with a senior executive from General Electric on a strategic review and plan for more than a year in my day job, and our own chapter’s work, under the leadership of the former head of the University of Minnesota’s health policy department, to review its strategy and goals. I have worked in the nonprofit sector as well as in business and government, and have had some successful experience with fundraising.

Personal Statement: My experience over the past seven years volunteering with Partners of the Americas (as a chapter member, then chapter treasurer and president, and most recently as a Partners Foundation board director and secretary) has introduced me to people from across the Americas who share an exceptional level of commitment to their vocations and interests, a truly high quality and caliber of experience in their fields, and proven effectiveness in getting things done. It’s been an honor to connect with them and to serve with them. These experiences have changed lives, certainly, and not least my own. I’m motivated and committed to apply for this position because serving on the international board of Partners of the Americas would be a new and productive way for me to give back to an organization that has been instrumental in creating positive change in the lives of so many people.

Background: Erik Brand has been an active member of Partners since 2007, when he was the chapter’s delegate to the convention in Brazil that year, making his first trip to Uruguay with Partners following that convention. He has been active as the chapter’s treasurer for three years and then president for two years. He is currently a board director and the secretary of the Partners of the Americas foundation, a position he has held for a two-year term. Some of the highlights of the Chapter’s success over the course of his involvement with Partners have been the acclaimed prison reform project, led by Bruce McManus and Connie Roehrich along with counterparts Gabriela Fulco and Gabriela Correa in Uruguay. Under his tenure, the chapter has also undertaken ambitious art exchanges through the University of Minnesota and Weisman Art Museum with the University of the Republic, and many educational programs for students. In his home community, Erik has served for nearly a decade on the fundraising board of the local arts center, a renovated and repurposed Catholic church in the historic downtown that has raised more than $2 million for local arts and has become a focal point for bringing more than 10,000 patrons through its doors during the course of the year for performances, classes and cultural activities. Professionally, Erik publishes the Latin America Advisor newsletters at the Inter-American Dialogue, a think tank in Washington, DC, and directs its Corporate Circle program. He worked previously at the International Advisory Group, a publishing and public affairs firm in New York City. Earlier in his career he worked at the Advisory Board Company and, briefly, at the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress in Washington. He graduated with a double major, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from Wheaton College and has undertaken master's degree coursework in international management and public affairs at the University of Maryland and University of Minnesota. He resides in Lakeville, Minnesota, with his wife, Marlais Olmstead Brand, and twin daughters (age 11), who have been enthusiastic volunteers at numerous asados and our local Partners events for years.

Jan Brummond Active Member Since: 2005 Local Chapter: Colorado Partners, US Region

Qualifications: Possesses over 40 years of Financial Management experience, including serving as the Chief Financial Officer in “for Profit Business, Not for Profit Charities and Governmental Organizations. I have experience in planning successful fundraising events for Colorado Partners Chapter and other not for profit organizations. Successfully presented and received positive support to increase property taxes to improve education opportunities within the community. Personal Statement: Partners has increased my awareness of the cultural differences in the world, causing me to want to be connected to a world of giving and serving. My experiences with hosting and co-chairing the Regional Meeting "What Works", in May of 2013, has increased my desire to become more involved as a Partners leader. Having served on a variety of boards, and providing fiscal and financial leadership as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of several "for profit" and "non profit" organizations, providing clear and concise financial information. I have over 40 years of Financial Management, including working in legal, not for profit, and governmental organizations. Additionally, I have planned successful fundraising events for the Colorado Chapter and other not for profit organizations. I have successfully presented plans to communities to receive Mill Levy Overrides and Bond Projects for the school district's need.

Background: Joined December 2005 after TG guest visited and toured my school. Received Travel grant to Brazil, September 2006 – Presented Character Counts to 140 school administrators in Belo Horizonte, and conducted student workshops in Sabara and Diamantina. Initiated braided scarf and photo note card fundraisers for Colorado Chapter. Elected to Colorado Board in 2008. Donated time to complete our chapter’s 501(c)3 application. Served as VP 2010 – 2012. Elected as VP/Treasurer, December 2012 to current. Organized and co-hosted “What Works: Expand Partnerships: Inspiration, Application and Perspiration” in Greeley, Colorado in May, 2012. Consistently hosted “homestay friends” from Minas Gerais. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Regis University, 1989. Masters – Business Administration, university of Phoenix, 1993. Intermediate Spanish, some Portuguese. Business Services Director – Platte Valley Shchool District. Weld Re-7. Administer all finances of the district ($12M annually), as well as supervise facilities, ground, food services, technology, and transportation operations. Past treasurer, Creative Living Church. Board of Directors, Colorado Association of School Executives, Department os Business Officials. Organizaed and chaired Kentucky Derby Fund Raiser for the Greeley Philarmonic Orchestra Guild.

Wayne Brian Chance Active Member Since: 2003


Local Chapter: Trinidad Partners, Caribbean Region

Activities include:  Interacting with various chapters including Mississippi and Guyana, managing the execution of the Youth Ambassador Project – Trinidad, as well as hosting international members from Washington at Vision on Mission Head Office

Qualifications: Being a CEO of an NGO and sitting on numerous boards, cottittee and groups both governmental ans private, I have had privilege to develop a number of skill sets that would be a great and valueable contribution to the growth and development of Partners of the America. To name a few: Fundraising, Managing Donor relationships, Dedication and Commitment, Leadership, management, Interpersonal Skills, Corporate Governance, Motivational Speaker. Personal Statement: I am happy to bring twelve years of active experience, in which I have devotedly served both as a Director and Public Relations Officer of the Trinidad Chapter of Partners. Over those years, I had the pleasure to interact with many directors locally, regionally and internationally from partners, the resultant exposure to successful practices and challenges left an indelible impression. Having gained familiarity with the history, the vision and mission of Partners, I can therefore provide effectual and consistent representation. William Latchman (deceased), a dedicated and committed President of Partners of America – Trinidad Chapter for many years, died on September 04th, 2013 while revamping, broadening and deepening the work of Partners within this hemisphere. I had the opportunity to work closely as his right hand and confidante in pursuit of that mission. Together we agitated for, and received support from public, private sector and external sources for various projects. On the day he died, he was due to address an august occasion, attended by hundreds. It was announced that the program must go on and Mr. Wayne Chance will have to officiate in Mr. Latchman’s stead. The mantel of leadership had passed; I now had to assume greater responsibility. Therefore, I now offer myself as candidate to serve on the international board. I hereby state my unequivocal commitment to the ideals of the organization and by God’s grace to exemplify these ideals in pursuit of the goals and objectives of Partners within the region and the world.

Achievements:  Mr. Chance has represented the President of Partners of America Trinidad Chapter at numerous meetings with government officials and key stakeholders.  Worked with at risked communities and schools as a motivational speaker In the prevention of crime and deviant behavior  Led initiatives to revamp the Chapter and increase the membership  Completed Secondary level of education. However, currently pursuing Bachelor of Laws (LLB). Other activities and leadership roles:  President and CFO of Vision on Mossion for the past twenty (20) years  Member of Board of Caribbean Umbrella Body for Restorative Behavior (CURB)  Managing Director of Best Caribbean Caterers  Member of three (3) Government appointed Task Force Committees:  Designed comprehensive plan for prison reform and the reintegration of ex-offenders  Developed a deportee task force report for the management of the social issues of returning citizens; under the Ministry of the People and Social Development  Participated in the compilation of the National Youth Policy under the Ministry of Sport & Youth Affairs

José Mario Corona Dominguez Active member since: 1980 Local chapter: Jalisco Partners, Mexico Region Qualifications: Serving and working for a better world by teaching young people how to break from the traditional cycle. Steadily working toward achieving equality among Latin American countries, in line with the goal of President John F. Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress in 1961 and continuing the mission of Partners of the Americas, founded in 1964 by the great John Boren. The legacy they have given us must be continued, while history will be our judge. Personal statement: I've been working with Partners for the Americas for 33 years. I would like to contribute my support and ideas to strengthen the board of directors, because I know that the experience I’ve obtained thanks to each board member who has motivated me to continue serving the partnership unconditionally. Being part of the board is an important commitment, considering the upcoming challenges and new generation of youth, whom we must support to secure the future of Partners of the Americas. Building something requires first laying a good foundation. Doing so will allow members of the board to have a forward-looking strategy and to achieve their objectives. I am willing to commit myself fully to the board.

Background: Founder of Jalisco chapter in 1980. Served as chapter president twice. Public relations director. Emergency services director, Director of new member admissions and the Director of development. He attended meetings in Little Rock, Arkansas, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Colombia, and in Mexico in 1986. Conference in Mexico in 2010 on the topic “Mexico, Transcending Borders,” attend by, among others: Steve Vetter, Tasso de Castro Lugon, Mike Sayre, Matt Clausen, Mark Cox of Oklahoma, and other representative from countries such as Nicaragua, Peru, Brasil, Costa Rica, Paraguay, El Salvador, Venezuela, which 120 members of Partners of the Americas participated. He participated in three meetings in San Antonio, Texas, and eight meetings in Oklahoma.             

   

Degree in business administration from Universidad de Guadalajara, student leader. Candidate for mayor. Councilor. Coordinator of civil associations in Guadalajara. Founder of first sub-chapter of Partners of the Americas in Jalisco (Arandas). Served as Jalisco chapter president on two occasions. Surgical instrument donations of 4.5 million dollars. Meetings in Washington, DC. Processing of scholarships for studies in Oklahoma Spent one month in Oklahoma at Red Cross: civil protection, prisons, nursing homes, 911. Increased chapter membership to 180. Meetings in Mexico with other Partners of the Americas chapters. Member of construction chamber. Representative for seven construction firms for more than 30 years. Current director of international and Guadalajara sister city relations. Presently, director of Guadalajara justice ministry’s mediation center, appointed by Guadalajara mayor Negotiated for Jalisco: Seeds for famers, women’s footwear. Relationships with universities, government offices and citizens.

Gersion de Castro Silva Active Member Since: 2004 Local Chapter: Brasilia Partners, Brazil Region

Qualifications: Leadership, confidence, teamwork; Acting within socially vulnerable communities; Initiative and communication; Skills at writing and analyzing projects; Experience in the development and analysis of fundraising projects related to important social and educational actions; At least 30 years of management experience, with professional initiation at the age of 14.

Personal Statement:

Dear friends and partners at Partners of the Americas network, I am a candidate to the 2013 International Board Election and I would like to request the Committees’ support, so that we can represent this international Chair in the tasks of connecting, serving and transforming lives.

Background: My extensive experience in community institutions and leadership have begun in movements at the Catholic Church by participating on groups of teenagers, at school and in neighborhood association within my community in the 80’s, by organizing cultural events, and as draftsman for popular newspapers with the intention of publishing cultural musical activities and folkloric festivals in the community. I started working very young, at the age of 14 and have always acted as leader of youth institutions in the Brazilian Federal District. In 1997, I was elected advisor of the Deliberative Council for the Cultural Foundation of the Brazilian Federal District. I am a member of the Cultural Movement since the early 80’s and have acted as a professional fine artist there since 1989. I served as juror at Paranoá and São Sebastião Courts and currently I am listed by the Court of São Sebastião as a volunteering jury member for popular trial sessions. I am a career server for the State Culture Secretary in the Brazilian Federal District, working in the “Fundo de Apoio à Cultura-FAC” (Support Fund for Culture) department, which belongs to the Permanent Technical Committee of Projects Performers, sponsored by FAC.

I am a Cultural Agent for the Brazilian Federal District; I am president of the Partners of the Americas Chapter, Brasília, DF – Washington, D.C. since 2011, now in this position for a second term. I am a grad student in Social Services.

Dr. Sam F. Drew, Jr. Active Member Since: 1998 Local Chapter: South Carolina Partners, US Region Qualifications: I have vast experience over a 47 year career in leadership, organizational planning and fiscal management. I have served in top management positions in a variety of organizations and managed staffs of 30 to hundreds of employees and budgets of a few hundred thousand dollars to millions of dollars. I have direct experience with both governments, corporate, and not-forprofit organizations and agencies. I have research and evaluation skills focused on local, state, national, and international programs and projects. I have grant writing skills and skills in research and evaluation. I am motivated and a self-starter. I work well on teams and believe there is synergy in collaborative organizations. Personal Statement: Spending time with my Grandson this morning made me think again how powerful family relationships are. Partners of the Americas builds an extended family for all of us. My many years serving through Partners of the Americas has enriched my life with so many warm and meaningful relationships with other partners - truly an extended family. Positive bilateral change occurs as a result of these relationships. Indeed. I believe that people to people relationships are the fundamental and essential elements of any lasting change. I truly want to give back to Partners and that is why I am seeking a seat on the International Board. I want a Partners organization that seeks strength and synergy through new partnerships. And I want to help strengthen, build, and extend our local chapters to remain the foundation upon which all our work has been built over the past decades. I have the experience, time, energy and motivation to devote to this goal. I am a team player. Please review the information in my candidates' application. I hope you will agree that my professional experience over four decades, and my personal and leadership involvement with Partners over the past two decades will assure that I will be a productive and contributing member of the International Board of Partners of the Americas. I ask for your vote. I will work hard for you and always in the best interest of our organization. Thank you for your support

Background: I Joined Partners in 1998 and have been a continuous member for the past 15 years. I was elected to the board in 2006 and have been reelected for three consecutive terms (our term limit). I served as Vice-President of the board for two years (2006-2008) before being elected President for 4 years (2008- 2012). I now serve on the Executive Board as immediate past President.

During my tenure with Partners, I have traveled several times to our sister chapters in Cali and Pasto and our family has hosted many visitors from Colombia in our homes in Columbia, SC and Clemson, SC. I helped write two grants during my tenure that engaged our chapter in international activities. One was a direct grant to our chapter from the Department of State to train young People and impoverished women in leadership and entrepreneurial skills. That project resulted in an Exposition in SW Colombia, showcasing small businesses that were developed by our participants. I wrote the evaluation plan for that international project and served as project evaluator. I spearheaded an effort for our chapter's participation in Partners of the Americas International Climate Change project involving Clemson University _Radio Productions and several other statewide partners in the effort. We hosted several Climate Change Fellows and sent three Fellows to Colombia with that project. Several of our chapter members continue work in this area of climate change. Most recently, I have encouraged and helped plan for a micro-loan program in Pasto to assist small business owners and/or small business startups obtain needed financing. The loans from this program will be targeted to the lowest socio-economic group in Pasto. Our chapter is granting $10,000 to the Pasto chapter to initiate this program, targeting to begin in early 2014. I have attended three bi-national conferences during my tenure with Partners – two in Colombia and one in Washington, DC.

Carol Fimmen Active Member Since: 2009 Local Chapter: Texas Partners, US Region Personal Statement: It is a great and humbling honor to be nominated to serve on the International Board of Partners of the Americas. I am very excited to serve in this capacity and apply my experiences in program development, assessment, and fundraising. I have worked my entire life in academia developing programs for various sectors of society including youth, communities, and the private and public sector. I have been extremely successful in forging strategic partnerships and alliances and strongly believe in the concept of success by joining forces and sharing resources. Throughout my tenure on various boards, I have put this belief into action and have established long-term relationships as well as generated more than $10 million in grants and contracts. If I am selected to serve on the International Board of Partners of the Americas, this same belief will guide me as I represent this worthwhile organization. Past discussions in education have centered on international readiness and the grasping of diversity. Much time and many resources have gone toward discourses on this subject. The question is no longer whether we need to prepare and organize for cultural pluralism, ethnic diversity, and an international operating environment. Rather, the question is: How can we best accomplish the task of global cooperation and successful community development? I believe my background, education, and professional and international experience have prepared me not only to assist this organization in answering that question, but also to be an effective member and a strong advocate for Partners of the Americas.

Qualifications: As a member of the Board, I bring the ability to understand and envision the process of globalization through education and social outreach. My background in academia, as well as, my years organizing large scale global events with extensive domestic and international community impact have equipped me with a unique and well-round focus concerning leadership. My knowledge of policy development and implementation as well as my proven ability to provide quality leadership have allowed me to act as a consultant and founding member of various international organizations. The combination of these skills will allow me to be an effective and globally-minded Board member. Background: Carol P. Fimmen is the Director of International Programs at Alamo Community Colleges. Prior to coming to ACC, she was the Director of the Office of Global Education in the College of Business and Technology at Western Illinois University. Among her responsibilities were the development and implementation of international and cross-cultural programs to provide educational and professional opportunities for students and faculty. In addition, her responsibilities included the development of semester exchanges and summer programs for outbound and inbound students and assisting interested faculty with grant proposals. Ms. Fimmen administered a variety of international education initiatives including study abroad programs, curriculum development, faculty and student exchanges and professional and academic programs. With her guidance, Global Education developed new alliances and expanded collaborative partnerships with domestic and international colleges and universities, government and non-governmental agencies and the business community. During the last 15 years, she contributed to the development of proposals and directed several international projects. Under her direction more than $5 million in external grants were received. She planned, developed, and implemented strategies for generating resources and/or revenues for the unit.

Jorge Fabián González Ruiz Qualifications: I believe I have the right profile to assume the duties of a member of the international board of directors at PoA. My best qualities include: the ability to bring people together, a gift for persuasion and an evenhandedness I maintain no matter what the situation. I know how to work under pressure. I am critical thinker, methodical, disciplined, thoughtful and organized, as well as sensitive to social issues and interested in the advancing the common good. I am willing to give and receive feedback. Honesty and dedication are values that I have grown up with. I am persistent in achieving the objectives I set for myself and value the knowledge I obtain from the various experiences that life presents me. I’m open to change, which I approach as both an opportunity and a challenge that will allow me to grow. I’m a natural leader. Of my skills, I would highlight my aptitude for technological tools, which allow me to explore new options to continually improve processes. I see myself as intuitive, while my analytical side allows me to study various topics in depth and obtain optimal results. I take a goal-oriented approach to life, and structure my life plan around day-to-day work. Personal statement: My experiences as a volunteer have given me the opportunity to learn what it means to live life with a long-term goal, whereby teamwork is an increasingly enriching activity and decisions are more responsible and relevant. Likewise, I learned that every action counts and that an outcome will improve to the extent that one decides to take the initiative, because action is what makes all the difference. However, on many occasions I asked myself: How far must I go in life to make the difference I am capable of? And the answer to that question tells me that there are still generations to come whose lives will be transformed and shaped by the decisions and actions taken today. For this reason, and as a result of the experiences I’ve gained through the organization and my professional and personal growth, it’s evident to me the need for promoting the integration of our countries through strategic partnerships. These will help establish our region and turn us into active participants in the decision-making process, ensuring the promotion of initiatives and projects that boost the economic, social and cultural development of each one of our regions. Coordinated work enriches the process of creating innovative ideas, which as they gather strength become initiatives, and these in turn materialize into organized, economically viable actions based on relevant research that will continue positively affecting our organization, its support networks and the benefiting communities. Our society needs leaders who represent our ideals and who base their work on conviction, love and integrity in order to achieve goals that benefit future generations. I believe I am the product of a training process that has planted those values in me. These have been cultivated over time and are today seeking to further propagate and transcend time. This is why I think now is the time to show the full extent of our gratitude by reaching out and serving, increasing our scope and adapting to the norms of a changing world.

Active member since: 2007 Local Chapter: Colombia, Central East Partners, Northern Cone South America Region Background:  Facilitator for English as a second language program, select and purchase teaching materials and organize inspection and evaluation visits to various educational institutions in the localities of Usme, Ciudad Bolívar and Engativá, as well as the municipality of Tena, in Cundinamarca. 2008 – present.  Oversee creation of strategic partnerships, participate in seminars and conferences on topics related to human rights, education, internationalization, social entrepreneurship, and national and international volunteering.  Design and evaluate national and international cooperation projects.  Translator and interpreter for visiting international volunteers and interns in Bogotá, Cali, Cauca, Neiva, Ibagué and Buenaventura  Participate as speaker at academic meetings on topics such as bilingual education and technology at universities and renowned high schools in Bogotá, Cali and Medellín  Attended international convention in Washington, DC, in 2009 and observed good teaching practices at educational institutions in Florida.  Attended convention in Medellín in 2011.  Representative of bilingualism project and PoA at government organizations such as: APC, the presidential agency for international cooperation; SENA, the national institute for vocational training (in Valle region); the educational ministries of Bogotá, Cali, Buenaventura and Chocó; and the national education and ITC ministries.  Participate in regional committees to develop localized plans for advancing issues related to education in the departments of Valle, Cauca and Chocó. Manage coordination between different companies and foundations to create support networks, to carry out educational and cultural projects.

Jhani Laupus Active Member Since: First joined Indiana Partners in 1979; member of Washington, D.C. Partners 1981-83; rejoined Indiana Partners 1989 – present. Local Chapter: Indiana Partners, US Region Qualifications: Portuguese and Spanish language ability and cultural understanding from firsthand experience studying, travelling and working professionally and voluntarily in Brazil, other Latin American countries and Europe. Long experience in Partners if the Americas as a chapter volunteer and leader, participating in a variety of projects and cultural events. International business and government experience at the local, state, national, and international levels. Legal, nonprofit, and fundraising expertise. Depth of experience in education and government, directly and indirectly, which are two critical areas of activity for Partners.

Background: Co-chair and a founder of IN RS Youth Ambassador Program; VP for PR; Board Member 2000-2008; Chapter delegate to Intl Partners Convention in Ouro Preto, Brazil, 2007; attended all Intl Partners conventions and most Regional conferences in the US and Brazil, 2008present; participated, planned, and assisted in all IN Partners cultural outreach activities, 1989 to present as well as many Partners projects; Intl Partners board committee on American Fellows Program. 

Personal Statement: I am extremely proud of the 50-years success and progress of Partners of the Americas in improving the human condition across the hemisphere. My life-long commitment to Latin American started with my studies in Latin America and languages, then continued with trade and policy work for the US Foreign Agriculture Service, a Modern Mexico immersion program, and nonprofit management and fundraising. All of this leads me to offer to serve on the Partners Board, at a time when my children are grown and I can offer time and substantial pertinent experience. I believe these will be exciting times for our Partners organization. When I came to my first Partners New Leaders training at the Ouro Preto International Convention in Brazil, in 2008, the newly-elected Indiana Partners president, I was quickly impressed by the enthusiasm and insights of new leaders I met and even more by the deeply-felt commitment of longstanding leaders and members. My service as a Partners chapter President has given me insight into the complexities of our Partners organization and, as a result, I now feel prepared to make a contribution as a board member. I have a deep respect for the people who serve Partners so faithfully in Latin America and the US. I would consider it an honor to serve on the Board in this unique and critical time. More importantly, I would consider it an opportunity to use my background and experience to assist Partners at this auspicious moment in our 50-year history.

Education: University level—Latin American Studies, The Fundraising School course, J.D. in Law, Indiana University Languages: Fluent in Portuguese and relatively fluent in Spanish; knowledge of French from living and studying in Brazil and Spain. Travelled extensively in Brazil, and rest of South America, Mexico, and Caribbean. Experience: Worked in policy for US Foreign Ag Service, including GATT Intl Trade Talks; created State of Indiana Intl Ag Trade Program; created statewide cultural immersion program on Mexico in the 20th C. Founding Ex. Director of the National Committee on Planned Giving (now Partnership for Philanthropic Planning) with the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy. Environmental and policy advisor to Veolia Water Intl in Indianapolis. Active in community schools, environmental and international organizations.

Binka Le Breton Active Member Since: 1999 Local Chapter: Minas Gerais Partners, Brazil Region Qualifications: I’m an experienced speaker, networker, linguist and traveler, I have lived on five continents and have a global vision as well as grassroots experience as Director of Iracambi Research Center and President of Iracambi NGO. This has involved me in the day to day hassles of fundraising, handling communications in several languages, collaborating with all manner of colleagues with their background of differing expectations and working styles, dealing with ambiguity and cross cultural relationships or lack thereof, against an everyday background of startling beauty, amazing natural resources, crashed computers, blocked toilets, power and internet outages and balky vehicles. I see my chief contribution to the board as being through advocacy, networking and communications. I’m a good listener and above all I’m flexible and resilient. I would welcome the opportunity to be more closely involved in POA! Personal Statement: I'm the co-founder and director of Brazilian nonprofit and research center: Iracambi Rainforest Research Center I have ample experience in handling international students and volunteers - along with the ability to call forth their sometimes unexpected gifts. I’m adaptable and flexible, and I can do what needs to be done: whether it’s cleaning the toilets or giving a speech on modern day slavery at the UN. I served for six years on the board of the respected environmental organization The Keystone Center which showed me that the challenges and joys of non-profit management are the same world-wide. I'm a good linguist and networker, author of seven published books and accomplished lecturer, and I believe that international exchanges are the best way to share knowledge and promote peace.

Background: Iracambi Rainforest Research Center, represented by Binka Le Breton, has been involved with POA since 1999 when Iracambi received its first exchange visit from two members of the CO chapter with the objective setting up the Iracambi Research Center and NGO in an isolated area of Atlantic Forest, 350 km from Belo Horizonte. Since then, with the full support of the MG chapter, Iracambi has received several visitors on both Education and Culture, and Farmer to Farmer grants, has recently hosted a Legislative Fellow program, and has also been the proud recipient of several small grants. Binka attended and presented at conventions in Ouro Preto, Washington DC, Medellin and most recently the What Works regional meeting in Greeley CO. Binka holds degrees in music and language, regularly tours the college lecture circuit, and has also presented at the United Nations in Geneva. She is the author of eight published books, is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French and German, and is currently learning Japanese. As well as directing the Iracambi Research Center she served six years on the board of the Keystone Center: a respected policy and science education institution based in DC/CO.

Raaida Mannaa Active member since: 2011


Local chapter: Northern Colombia Partners, Northern Cone South America

Qualifications: Employing communications, new technologies and innovation, I work toward the development and empowerment of youth volunteers around the globe. As an international speaker and trainer, I educate people about the power of networking. Furthermore, I belong to various global youth leader networks, such as the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community and the organization One Young World. My desire is to use all of these skills and connections to support Partners. I believe the organization is undergoing a period of positive change that presents various challenges, such as the inclusion of new programs and working with chapters in novel ways through PartnersConnect. Many of these new opportunities are by nature linked to youths and their employment; therefore, I believe it is important to create an opening for discussing and improving them via innovative and inclusive tools.

 

  

Personal statement: Partners of the Americas has opened a number of very important opportunities for me, but, the most important of all, has been the chance to re-discover my passion in life and re-incorporated it into my professional career. Coordinating the 2nd World Summit on Youth Volunteering changed my life. Since then, I‘ve been committed to use all my skills to promote the work of youth volunteers worldwide. In particular, and by using different communication strategies, I am working to empower youth through volunteering, celebrating their projects, -all with a deep impact in their communities-, and giving them the right tools to connect and create strategic partnerships. In the current moment that the organization is in, implementing so many positive changes that require an innovative view to many subjects, I can be a representative of the new generation and their impactful work in the International Board of Partners. I constantly work with Partners’ youth all around the Americas, and I would like to serve them, by being their voice in the Board, giving them the recognition they deserve for all their hard work they do and finding ways to help them have a deeper impact in their communities.

 

January-December 2011: Organizer for 2nd World Summit for Youth Volunteering December 2011 - Present: Cofounder and Coordinator of Red 2021. 2012 – Present: Advisor to the president of Northern Colombia-Florida chapter on subjects related to Red 2012 and to projects lead and carried out by the chapter’s youths. Actively involved as specially appointed board member. 2012 in Chicago and 2013 in DC: Representative of Partners (red2021) and IAVE, Conference on Volunteering and Service (participant and presenter). Communications Consultant and Volunteer: PLAYLEE Project (Barranquilla and nationally) Volunteer: Youth Colombian Leaders (participant and presenter at 1st convention in Cali). Education: Film Production, New York Film Academy, New York, NY; Master’s in Journalism, Unidad Editorial and Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid, Spain; Public Communications and Journalism, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia. Languages: Spanish (native), English (advanced), Portuguese (intermediate), Arabic (basic). Other leadership positions: Founder and project manager, Global Youth Volunteers (IAVE). Curator and founder of Hub Barranquilla (Global Shapers Community, World Economic Forum). Delegate, appointed on merit (One Young World). Colombia representative, Young IberoAmerican Leaders Program – Leadership Scholarship (Fundación Carolina). Communications Coordinator, Office of International Cooperation and Development (Universidad del Norte). Communications Coordinator, International Conferences (Universidad del Norte).

Lisa Martin Active Member Since: 2004 Local Chapter: District of Columbia Partners, US Region Qualifications: As an Executive Director of a non-profit organization, I understand the importance of a strong governing board, including the challenges many nonprofits face today particularly in terms of financial ones; however I find with these challenges come opportunities to think more creatively and collaboratively. I would additionally bring some ideas and insight for Partners to engage in stronger and more effective marketing and communications. I would particularly be interested in serving on a communications committee and working with the staff and other volunteers in this area. I am also very excited about the 50th and would welcome working on the planning of the conference and festivities. Personal Statement: With a great passion for Partners’ people-to-people mission, I currently serve as president of the DC Chapter, but have also served as VP for Programs, VP for Administration, as well as Lecture Series Chair. After nearly 10 years actively involved with Partners through the Washington DC- Brasilia partnership, I believe I am now well-poised to make a valuable contribution on the international board of directors. This is an important time for us all as Partners celebrates 50 years in people’s lives across the hemisphere. As an executive director of a small arts non-profit organization in the Washington DC metro region, I have a keen insight into running an organization understanding many of the challenges facing non-profit organizations today. I believe I could provide some knowledge and experience in not only surviving, but thriving in the current economic landscape. One area I am particularly interested in is working on Partners’ marketing and outreach, which are key to raising awareness of Partners and engaging more people in what we do. I would also like to work on strategies to bring about creative collaborations and partnerships, as well as to engage our members to work together in expanding our reach and involving even more people and organizations in our people-to-people network. This is a new era for the organization where we face some challenges, but also have opportunities to move the organization forward through the 21st century. I am very excited to be involved at this time in our history.

Background: Since 2011, Lisa Martin has served as Executive Director of Silver Spring Town Center Inc. During her tenure she has had oversight of SSTCi programs and events, including the Silver Spring Blues Festival, the Harvest Moon Festival, the SSTCi Arts Salon, and performances on Veterans Plaza, including Twilight Tuesdays and Wednesday Night STARZ. This past year she also launched two popular programs—SSTCi’s Film & Lecture Series and SSTCi’s SPARKLE “Senior Programs Aimed at Re-Kindling Lifetime Engagement.” She has over 15 years of experience working with arts and cultural events primarily in the Nation’s Capital, including the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, as well as a wide variety of embassy events. During her graduate studies in 2000, she lived in Galway Ireland doing research on the Galway Arts Festival the focus of her Master’s Thesis: The Galway Arts Festival: An International Multi-Arts Event Interwoven Into Its Physical, Socio-Cultural & Artistic Landscape. Having worked on numerous arts festivals and other large community-based events, both domestically and abroad, she is skilled in all areas of program development, marketing and promotion, membership development, as well as event management. She also has a strong background in volunteer management having recruited, trained and managed hundreds of volunteers for city- wide events, including the 2004 International VSA Arts Festival, a four-day multi-arts event which brought together over 1000 visual and performing artists with a wide array of mental and physical disabilities from all corners of the globe. Lisa is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer having served as an English Teacher in Estonia 96-98. She currently serves as president of the DC Chapter of Partners of the Americas. She recently did a Partners visit to Brasilia where she gave presentations entitled “Community Building through the Arts in Public Spaces” which details her work with SSTCi. She has a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts Management from American University, and a BA in Journalism and a BS in Cultural Anthropology from San Diego State University. She is a Native San Diegan who has called the Nation’s Capital home since 1999.

Tiberio de Paula Pedrosa Monteiro Active Member Since: 2002 Local Chapter: Pernambuco Partners, Brazil Region

Qualifications: I believe that my legal experience with the third sector and my level of commitment to volunteering can contribute in the management of the Organization. My international experience as foreign exchange student in Argentina and in the USA, and my fluency in English and Spanish also ease the tasks related to the approach and interaction with the Chapters.

Personal Statement:

I intend to continue the work developed in the last three years of the international articulation council in the Brazilian Chapters for Partners network and help in the strengthening of the Partners of the Americas institution. I believe that my experience in the third sector has helped me better understand and act as the institution challenges arise. I also intend to strengthen the voluntary work, once I believe it to be Partners’ major mission.

Background: Chairman of Pernambuco Georgia’s Chapter 2007-2010. While occupying the Chairman position I have coordinated the celebrations of the 40 years partnership, held in 2008. Coordination of the Committee’s American Fellows Project and the American Business Fellow Project. Member of the “Instituto Companheiros das Americas-ICA” (Fellows of the Americas Institute). Member of the International Council 2011-2013, Workshop on Fundraising at the Philanthropy School of Indiana University in June 2013. Master Degree in International Development. Lawyer, specialized in nonprofit organizations and contracts. Over 10 years of dedication as attorney to nonprofit institutions. Pro Bono Lawyer of important local Social Organizations such as Cruz Vermelha (Red Cross) Pernambuco branch and the “Grupo de Ajuda a Criança Carente com Cancer”, (Supporting Group to Needy Children with Cancer), Pernambuco. Fluent in English and Spanish.

Harry E. Wing Active Member Since: 2004 Local Chapter: Peru Partners, Northern Cone South America Qualifications: Having grown up in the United States and having worked and lived in six Latin countries in South Central America and the Caribbean for some 30 I possess in-depth understanding of both cultures and During my entire professional have implemented and evaluated development policies and programs Latin American populations in improving their standards of living and leadership My fulltime employment, short-term consultancies and close collaboration with international entities and many private voluntary organizations have provided me with a range of experiences in how these organizations are structured and operate. Filling positions on the Peru Partners Board of Directors over the last five I bring to the table understanding of the organizational, financial and outreach problems and possible solutions Partners operations locally and internationally. Because I am retired from my activities, I have sufficient time available to dedicate to International Board responsibilities well as fulfill my obligations as President of the Peru Personal Statement: I believe my lengthy personal and professional experience in Latin America, the last eight years with Partners of the Americas in Colombia and could be service the organization at the international level in the determination of policies and the development programs. It would provide me with the opportunity to become more familiar with programs and activities throughout the some of which we might undertake in I would like to assist the chapters in the Northern Region of South America in together more sharing lessons learned among each and representing them International

Background: While living in Medellin, Colombia, from 2004-2006, I became a member of the AntioquiaMassachusetts chapter of Partners. Shortly after arriving in Lima, Peru, in late 2006, I assisted the Peru chapter in reorganization and re-registration with the Peruvian government and Partners USA. I served as Treasurer of the chapter 2007-2010, as Vice President 2010-2013, and am presently the chapter's President. I served as the chapter's coordinator of the Youth Leaders and Youth Ambassadors program financed by the U.S. Department of State during 2007-2011 in which we sent 62 Peruvian high school students to the U.S. during three weeks to observe and participate in leadership activities. For the past six years I have coordinated the Peru chapter's actions in supporting the Texas chapter's efforts in the rebuilding of the rural community of Vina Vieja in Peru destroyed by the earthquake of2007. I served on the International Board of Directors of Partners during 2009-2010, assisted Partners USA during the second half of 2010 in the preparation of an unsolicited proposal for funding from USAID Colombia for an integrated rural development project in the northern part of Colombia, attended annual Partners Board of Directors meetings in Washington, DC, in 2009 and 2010, participated in the Second Summit of Youth Volunteers held in Barranquilla, Colombia, and the Partners Board of Directors meeting in Medellin, Colombia, in late 2011. On the basis of my ten-day visit to the Texas chapter in San Antonio, Texas, in June 2013 to prepare the Peru-Texas participatory plan for 2013-2014, I was asked to participate as a virtual member of a fiveperson working group in the review of the Texas chapter's organization, leadership and performance in order to achieve improved efficiencies, effectiveness and outreach. The process is led by an AccentureCUSO consortia contracted by Partners USA for this purpose with the expectation that the experience gained by my participation will lead to a similar process with the Peru chapter.

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