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2012/2013 Annual Report


ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners (W/NP) promotes multicultural understanding, cultivates lasting friendships, sponsors community-based training programs, provides people-to-people activities and maintains a nonpartisan stance. WISCONSIN/NICARAGUA PARTNERS OF THE AMERICAS 1965 . . . birth of the private sector organization

Partners of the Americas office in Washington DC

Why Wisconsin and Nicaragua?? COMMONALITIES 路 economies dependent on agricultural production 路 each takes in approximately 57,000 sq. miles. 路 extensive stretches of coastline and large inland lake 路 valuable forest areas


Working Together, We Make a Difference

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Members and Friends of W/NP, The 2012/2013 Annual Report features the past year in review through presentation of W/NP's vast project work in Nicaragua. The highlights of this report focus on the significant impact of your support for citizen diplomacy and volunteerism serving humanitarian needs.

As we near the 50-year mark of W/NP presence in Nicaragua, it is important to emphasize the significance of this durable commitment to humanitarian work and the powerful reality that your faithful support of time, talent and monetary gifts have made each accomplishment possible. The displays and comments of the various people-to-people projects is only a sketch of the vital contributions that absolutely improve the quality of life for each recipient of W/NP goodwill. The annual travel groups and exchanges are perhaps the best example of how person-to-person contact enriches personal and community lives of participants whether Nicaraguan or Wisconsinite.

The W/NP programs are thriving as an expression of the goodwill that members and friends continue to share. With your support and the essential in-kind donations of material goods and services, W/NP has been able to fulfill our mission and commitment to serving those less fortunate than ourselves.

Board of Directors - 2013 Dr. Brad Martin, President Whitehall, WI Linda Weber, Vice President Appleton, WI Lorraine Danczyk, Secretary Stevens Point, WI

Thank you and all the best in 2014. Dr. Brad Martin, President

Keith Roeske, Treasurer Stevens Point, WI Mike McCord, Past President Clintonville, WI Willard (Bill) Davidson Eau Claire, WI Barbara Johnson Whitehall, WI Tom Ordens Stevens Point, WI Marilyn Slusarski Stevens Point, WI Judy Van Schoyck-Fritschler Oxford, WI Ken Wiske Oak Creek, WI


Wisconsin and Nicaragua work together to create lasting relationships while promoting citizen diplomacy at its BEST! The strength of the Partnership is in the volunteers, professionals and caring people with altruistic hearts that willingly share their expertise, networks, and work cohesively to improve and enrich the lives of people.

VOLUNTEERING WITH W/NP "Volunteers are unpaid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless."

As a private, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, W/NP offers an avenue of some sort for everyone to express their concern for others - by bringing together volunteers citizens of both countries getting to know each other, working to find solutions to common problems and making friendships for a reason, a season or a lifetime. “Since first traveling to Nicaragua as a representative of W/NP the direction of my life has changed. This organization provides an opportunity to give the Nicaraguans education and skills which leads to hope and sustainability in their lives. For U.S. volunteers to give of themselves is a win-win situation for all involved.” - Judy Miller, Volunteer

The strength of the Partnership is in its members who willingly share their resources, expertise and networks. “I went on a learning center tour in 1998 and was hooked. I have traveled to Nicaragua 35 times and I am helping the women to gain skills to better their lives. One woman now has a sewing machine repair and maintenance business because she saw me doing it and she said, ‘If Lynda can do it I can too.’ The people in Nicaragua are eager to learn to better their lives and their family situations.” - Lynda Pracht, Volunteer

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ~Leo Buscaglia

There is a growing awareness of how effective nonpartisan efforts can be among citizens who are responding to global challenges. W/NP works hard to provide opportunities for citizens who want to get involved; we leverage support to maximize our resources and results. Fulfilling the personal responsibility each of us has as citizens, to do our part as we are able, is beyond measure. 4

Working Together, We Make a Difference

This past year the volunteerism network has grown to an all-time high. The participants from the Learning Centers in Nicaragua have shown immense gratitude and their best desire to continue working efficiently with the organization and following the good examples they have witnessed through the years. Volunteers in Nicaragua have good memories of such people as Henry Gillis, Sherin Bowen, Conrad Kelley, Lynda Pracht and Frank Shadewald. Some of them were in Nicaragua just a few times and others like Sherin and Lynda spent much time there. Sherin and Lynda were inspired by the Nicaraguan volunteers, dedicated people who desire to learn, improve their lives and build a lasting legacy through the Learning Center program opportunities. The underlying theme is collaboration, and the coordination has been possible by having a diverse network of volunteers; humanitarians, community leaders, government leaders, firefighters, teachers, students and hospital volunteers all working together.




With a shared vision, volunteers from Wisconsin and Nicaragua have developed and coordinated a network of thriving Learning Centers (LC). The LCs grew out of what was formerly known as the highly popular W/NP Sewing Center network. The first sewing centers were established in 1982 with the goal of providing opportunities for women to acquire vocational skills that allow them to remain in their communities. Eventually the centers transitioned into LCs with changes in technology, life-style and the role of women and men brought about needs for new program initiatives. The support from Wisconsin has been tremendous through the gathering of supplies for the Learning Centers. Current LC activities include sewing, handcrafts, knitting, ribbon embroidery, bags, jewelry, bakery classes, gardening, fruit and vegetable dehydration, building kitchen stoves and chimneys, micro-lending, lending libraries, student exchanges, Chica Nica doll dresses, sports and most recently the therapy dressing projects. Ometepe Island is home to one of the most successful W/NP Learning Center thanks to outstanding volunteer support coordinated by Bill Davidson, Janna Radtke and the Eau Claire Lutheran Church. The Merida Learning Center now works out of a new building where ladies and children can attend to learn how to sew, make different handcrafts, use the lending library and participate in cultural activities. The Bicycle Project not only provides transportation for the volunteers, but also offers rental options for tourists to generate income for their Learning Center activities. Merida has received many supplies during the past five years such as children’s clothing, toys, sewing machines, sewing supplies, school supplies, books, tables, school chairs and bicycles that have been distributed into their assortment of activities. In exploring how the Learning Center could be sustainable in the future, Bill introduced the idea of constructing a sales room. His vision through the years is teaching how to fish, rather than just providing a fish, and the sales room would provide the Merida Learning Center space where volunteers could promote their products. With the new space now nearly completed, the sales being generated provides women, children and youth the opportunity to earn needed income for the well-being of their families. Each LC is autonomous with organization and management by the people of their communities. Class subjects are in response to requests from community members. All classes are designed to include skill-building, personal dignity, and self-sufficiency, with an emphasis on employment for (rural) people. The program is focused on the care of families and communities, the encouragement of members to assume leadership responsibilities and strives for international understanding and friendship. 6

Working Together, We Make a Difference

Lynda Pracht took the Learning Center Program to the next level. She touched the hearts and lives of Nicaraguan women though development of the "Chica Nica" doll dress project. The magnitude of her influence is hard to fully comprehend. Lynda passed away April 24, 2013 and will be greatly missed by many as she left behind a significant legacy to the Nicaraguan women. The Chica Nica Project will live on and we invite your involvement to help continue this outstanding project that provides much needed income to Nicaraguan women through the sale of dresses. (More dress styles available on the website )

The successful Chica Nica project all began with Lynda Pracht traveling to Nicaragua in 1998 on a W/NP sponsored Sewing Center Tour. The Lynda Pracht, founder/coordinator of the Chica Nica project excellent embroidery and design skills she saw, the enthusiasm of the Nicaraguan women, their spirit and their strong desire to become self-sufficient, inspired her to find a niche market in the doll dress trade. Women from the Sewing/ Learning Centers are sewing beautiful dresses, now known as Chica Nica Doll Dresses! Each dress is required to pass a very rigid quality control review. The Nicaraguan women receive a standard fee for their work before the dress leaves Nicaragua. Purchase of these lovely dresses provide income to the home, often the only money coming into the household to support the family. Over 10,000 doll dresses have been produced throughout the years, each fashioned perfectly to fit an 18� doll. Thanks to this project, women can stay in their community, earn an income, learn a skill and live with dignity.

Lynda traveled extensively promoting and selling Chica Nica doll dresses, a project she knew made a difference in the lives of many Nicaraguan women. 7



Many of the participants in the Learning Centers have learned skills that they would like to use to start a business, but do not have the funds or business knowledge. The Opening Doors project is intended to give business training plus a small amount of funds to enable them to start a business enterprise, thus learning while actually running their business. Each participant is expected to repay the loan so that others can be given the same opportunities in the future. In November of 2012 eight learning centers participated, benefiting 46 women and eight men. Hazel, age 37, with five family members got a small loan of $300. With that she was able to work on jewelry, buy handcraft materials, buy locallymade shoes and create gift bags among others projects. Before taking the loan from WNP, she had a business plan but was lacking the funds to carry it out. By joining the Opening Doors program, she was able to make her business plan work and was happy running her business. With the profits she was able to buy extra material, buy some medicine for her children when emergencies arrived, buy school supplies and pay school tuition for her children. She feels motivated to continue with her business on her own.

Business training is a vital and important part of the project. The training sessions cover the components such as; what is a business, what is a business plan and why it is needed, description of the product to be produced, resources needed, costs involved, how to sell the product and recover costs plus profit, explanation of the cost of borrowing money, and how interest is figured.


Josefa is leader of the Gracias a Dios Learning Center. Her business consisted of jewelry making, construction of school uniforms and unique ornaments for special events and pi単atas. She is a happy woman since accomplishing her objectives. At the same time she worked on her business she was able to train seven people from her Learning Center so that the shared knowledge would be like a seed. With the profits made from her business in 2012 she was able to stock a good quantity of the necessary materials and supplies for the coming year. By December of 2012 she already had several orders of different products; she is well known in the community so that helped her business to develop quickly. She is thankful for the opportunity; she and her colleagues are very proud and blessed with work. Working Together, We Make a Difference


Axel & Lourdes

W/NP is grateful for the ten-plus years of exceptional service provided by Careli Tours, and guide Juan Carlos, for our travel groups. They know the country and, with our well-established network, together we provide a secure, rewarding and comfortable travel experience. We carefully select itineraries that provide a close-up view of Partners’ activities and some of the best of Nicaragua!

Each year, W/NP offers a variety of trips for volunteers to travel to Nicaragua and see first-hand how projects are impacting lives. The size of the groups vary. Volunteers have opportunities to participate in activities and translation is provided, although many find it unnecessary in the spontaneous "show and tell" environment. If you have a commitment to service, interest in cultures, a willingness to learn, and a taste for new adventure, then we encourage you to seize these opportunities. Some examples are: Physiology of Disabilities, Eyeglass Projects, Learning Center Trek, Partner City groups, Cultural/Photo Tour and “The trip was absolutely incredible!!! It was all I could various Service Learning Groups

have possibly imagined it would be plus a million times more. When my family and friends ask me how the trip went, I don't even know where to start in describing it to them.” - Cortney




Field studies show that a lack of Vitamin A is known to cause nutritional blindness in children. Vitamin A deficient children are more vulnerable to complications from diarrhea, respiratory infections and measles, which can and do result in death. Increasing Vitamin A intake is one of the most costeffective interventions for child survival. Through the diligent work of Bill Davidson, past District Governor (left , center),

combined with gracious support from Lions Clubs throughout Wisconsin, much has been accomplished in reducing blindness and child mortality in the children of Nicaragua. Health related, special thanks to McDonalds for donating benches, tables and chairs for the hospitals in Nicaragua!



W/NP provides support to a variety of sports teams. In 2010 the women’s softball league reactivated after years of dormancy. Since that time, W/NP has been supporting this league. To the left are two of the ladies who are part of the league. They have been promoting and encouraging the new generation of girls to practice softball. To the right are two girls that decided to play softball after they watched the good example of the older generation filled with pride to practice softball. The two ladies and the two girls were part of the allstar game of the league last October. Thank you to everyone that has sent sport equipment and uniforms down to Nicaragua. Working Together, We Make a Difference



Good vision is a health benefit often taken for granted in the developed world, but for those in need with no means for correction, this deficiency is critical. Each year a group of Wisconsin volunteers travel to Nicaragua as part of the Eyeglass Project. In January 2012, 1,935 people were evaluated with eye exams and fitted for glasses in the Bluefields area and in January 2013, 1,684 persons were fitted for eyeglasses in Chinandega-Somatillo.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle This project is made possible by Lions International. There are nine Lions centers worldwide that coordinate, sort, clean, categorize, box and label donated eyeglasses to prepare for distribution to developing countries such as Nicaragua.




Working Together, We Make a Difference



The John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer (FTF) Program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). U.S. volunteers participating in Farmer to Farmer spend two weeks on assignment working directly with local counterparts in Latin America and the Caribbean to address previously identified local needs. One example is Erin Peot and Arlen Albrecht who complemented each other’s skill sets with Erin working on business/marketing and local sales opportunities along with exploring low cost value-added concepts, and Arlen on horticulture production. Arlen focused his work on organic vegetable production, disease and insect control, square foot gardens, drip irrigation, jet stove making and water harvesting/gravity-fed drip irrigation systems. Both volunteers built on past volunteers work and advancing projects. Other topics have focused on veterinary medicine, animal nutrition, genetics, pasture management, milk processing, agro forestry, soil management, farm management, horticulture, human nutrition and consumption of vegetables, organic production, agriculture economics, marketing, potato production, integrated pest management, communications, and dehydrating vegetables and fruits.

BICYCLE PROJECT W/NP has been receiving and shipping bicycles to Nicaragua for many years. We have experienced growing success for three years now, after starting an official "Bicycle Project" facilitated by the W/NP Learning Center network, individual volunteers and many other donors of bicycles and various items needed.

Diddman Jarquin traveled to Wisconsin to learn more about bicycle repair. With the experience earned in that travel, he volunteers hours to W/NP and is able to take out every single part of a bicycle, paint the frame parts and put the bicycle together again. 14

Working Together, We Make a Difference

HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE FIREFIGHTERS UNITED A unique project called “Firefighters United” has brought together Wisconsin and Nicaraguan firefighters. W/NP began to ship fire trucks and ambulances to Nicaragua in 2000, and soon firefighters in both countries began to join in the activities. An average of three or more emergency vehicles are shipped each year, as well as firefighter coats, boots, helmets, air packs, hoses and other necessary equipment. 27 fire trucks (three more waiting to be shipped) and 12 ambulances with a value of more than $1,000,000 have been shipped. This program would not be possible without the Denton Program which allows the vehicles to be shipped on Air Force cargo planes. Thanks to Dr. Brad Martin, the W/NP program is immensely successful.

Update from Waspam by David Cleban, Puerto Cabeza Committee Coordinator


In Nicaragua, Comandante Jaime Delgado, Asociación Civil Cuerpo de Bombero Voluntarios de Nicaragua, coordinates the incoming shipments of EMS vehicles. W/NP is grateful for his consistency in general support for the Managua Office, events and program activities.



SCHOLARSHIPS Sponsorship has continued for scholarships to secondary school, university and for INATEC (training) programs. Secondary school scholarships are sponsored by Partner City activities as well as individual donors. Students attending the university are funded by individual donors. INATEC courses have given young adults life skills in computer, beauty and woodworking. The program coordinators set clear expectations for the students which include community service requirements. This Ismara Diaz (university program gives hope to the future of individuals, families, graduate,) recently opened her own and communities. Las Lagunas students Pharmacy near Boaco

Irma Rugama (right) poses with business partner at their new beauty salon. INATEC scholarship student.

LENDING LIBRARIES Promoting education at all levels continues to be a primary goal for W/NP volunteers. Funds come from individual donors, church groups, school groups, services clubs and many others who pool their funds to make significant improvements for a student’s educational experience. The Lending Library project meets the acute need for accessible quality reading materials. The primary goal is to offer reading opportunities for children and adults. Being able to check out books and take them home encourages leisure reading and parental involvement. Most of the libraries are based in already established Learning Centers which naturally complements the educational opportunities offered to the community. 16

Working Together, We Make a Difference

Community Outreach & Fund Raising (while having fun) WISCONSIN SWINGS FOR NICARAGUA

The annual golf outing at the Winagamie Golf Course was a great success! Very special thanks to Judy Miller for coordinating the event that has been growing each year in # of participants, and to Mary Beth Nienhaus for hosting the event each year. Among all the things the Appleton folks do, the golf event really stands out as a fantastic way to spread the word about W/NP and the projects in Nicaragua.

6th ANNUAL BIKE/HIKE EVENT Participants from all over Wisconsin and Nicaragua join in this month-long event and strive to collectively complete a total of 2,350 miles, the distance between Wisconsin and Nicaragua. The activity spans the whole month of October. Participants register, receive an event T-shirt and a chance to win a bicycle. Each participant keeps track of miles walked, jogged or biked throughout October that are added to a final grand total. The event is a great way to be active physically with W/NP while raising awareness about the wonderful partnership Wisconsin has had with Nicaragua for nearly 50 years!

Learning Center Fairs at the Managua Office

The Quarterly fairs are a way to promote the LC’s activity and opens opportunities for teachers and students to market their products. The experience helps in many ways such as learning which products are in demand and how to price and market products.



Through multiple programs, much of W/NP's activity focuses on education and leadership training; providing skill-building opportunities to improve vocational skills, community-focused leadership and emergency humanitarian assistance for natural disasters. The W/NP shipping program provides the essential resources that keep each project active and credible with the larger effect of reducing the pangs of poverty. The Shipping Program reveals the character and size of the W/NP humanitarian heart. The annual volume of material shipped to Nicaragua from our central Wisconsin warehouse is huge. The amount ranges from 50 to 75 tons annually, not including fire trucks and ambulances. While monetary value is not the goal, the goods shipped in 2012 were conservatively valued at $865,000. Wisconsin individuals and organizations, as they become aware of the needs in Nicaragua, generously give materials, machines and equipment that annually fill 4-6 sea vans for shipment. Local volunteers continuously sort and pack donated items for designated recipients in Nicaragua.

The Managua staff receives shipments and coordinates the distribution of goods to their predetermined destination. We are grateful to the staff of the Denton Program and the Funded Transportation Program who assists non-profits in transporting goods to their final destination.

There is no question that the Shipping Program strengthens the humanitarian work of W/NP. The evidence is written in improved lives, enhanced vocational self-determination and esteemed selfworth with dignity. 18

Working Together, We Make a Difference



Two large warehouse storage facilities accommodate the organization’s extensive shipping program. The Wisconsin warehouse, located at 2139 North Second Drive in Stevens Point, facilitates the gathering, storage and shipment preparation of: hospital beds and other health care equipment; sewing machines and supplies; student and teacher desks, school supplies, backpacks; bicycles and sports equipment; emergency vehicles; wheelchairs; and Learning Center training and material equipment. The significant improvements to the Managua facilities have greatly helped in the ability to receive shipments and have also allowed for expanded Learning Center and language classes including a bicycle and sewing machine repair shop area.

Meet the staff who facilitates the humanitarian mission between Nicaragua and Wisconsin.











Our Partners W/NP is deeply grateful to our many benefactors who support this organization’s work. We wish we could share all the expressions of appreciation we have received from our Nicaraguan friends; the recipients of your goodwill in Managua are equally appreciative. We wish to thank the thousands of people who have donated material goods this past year. Many of you are unnamed heroes and heroines whose names we may never know or whom we may never meet. Thank you for your assistance and generosity. To those who provided financial support, please accept our appreciation and know that we recognize you as our Partners. In the process of preparing this Annual Report we may have inadvertently missed including some donors. We tried our best, but if your name is not listed, please do let us know so we can honor you in our subsequent reports. Adams,Reuben & Sofia Adler,Judith Albrecht,Arlen & Lucia Aldana,Otto Alderden,Robert & Karen Allen,Sue Anders,Donald & Barbara Anderson,Vicki Andrews,Colleen Angulo,Mirna Anthony,Robert Arnold,Lloyd & Julie Asuquo,Fidel & Kathleen Aufderheide,John & Nancy Backer,Mark & Linda Bablitch,Jim & Judy Bachman,Paul & Kathleen Baldus,Joe & Barbara Baltz,Curtis & Kathryn Balz,Cindy Barber,Norm Barthel,Kevin & Patricia Bartlett,David & Cheryl Baum,Kenneth & Jeanne Beardsley,Dolores Becker, Dennis & Riley, Pam Began,Daniel & Sue Belling,Clarice Bembenek,Holly Benavente,Jorge & Cecilia Benson,Judy Bergman,Carole Beschta, Danielle Bessette,Dennis & Joan Bieri,Judith Billings,John & Victoria Bitner,Zoe Bizub, Donna Bloch,David & Barbara Blohm,Leroy & Margaret Boggs,Florence Bonnell,Tara Boverhuis,Patricia Bowen,Robert (Bob) Bowen, Jr,Bob Bowers,Elaine Braun,Jonathan Brendel,Jutta Brethauer,Doug & Kate Brindley,Chris Britzius,Wade Brody,Brittany Brown,John Bruner,Angie Brush,Robert & Eleanor


Burton,Jenny Butler & Cathryn Eckberg,James Byrkit,George Cable,William Carlson,Chad & Jennifer Cellitti,Thomas & Mary Chander,Jagdish & Jyotsna Cheek,Robert & Kathleen Civettini,Nicole Clausen,Matthew Close,Carolyn Coble,Daniel Cocks,Stephen Coffey,Jean Congdon,Rick & Linda Cook,Carol Cox,Otto Carolyn & Jeff Craig,Megan Crandall,C L & E S Cray,Randy & Patricia Danczyk,Anthony & Lorraine Danczyk,Dennis & Ruth Danczyk,Kathryn Darling,Raymon & Connie Davidson,Bill (Willard) Davison,Joseph & Paula DeDeker,Bo Dent,Dorothy Derksen,D. Jon & Susan D. Derksen,J Eric & Leah Diemer,Gregory & Blanche Dins,Jim Doll,Jerry & Mary Ann Dombrowski,Karen Dougherty,Daniel & Rebecca Dougherty,Michael Dowis,Douglas & Cynthia Dyar,John Ebert,Lisa Edge,Ellen Edison,Keith & Nancy Egner,Shirley Elsass,Daniel & Gail Anderson England,Douglas & Beverly Enright,Robert Etheridge,Catherine Etheridge,Patricia Evenson,Mark & Linda Everson,Dave Falk,Gerald Farness,Anne Feichter-Thistlethwaite,J. H. & Kay Feldman,Richard & Lois Fimreite,Olin

Foemmel,Dave Fox,Jeannette Frazer,Tiffany Frederick,Merry Freeman,James Freire,Virginia Fritschler,Brian & Judy Van SchoyckFuller,John Gallagher,Mary Lu Gamroth,Charlotte Gerend,Jane Gierke,John & Lynn Giese,Jane Gillis,Gregory & Anna Gillis-Smith,Jessica Glinski,Mary Gloe,Christopher & Nancy Godley,Heather Gotelaere,Toni Grasamkee,Barb Grigsby,George & Carolyn Grimm,Donna Groh,Robert & Janet Groos,Fred & Jeanne Gross,Sheila Grunert,Larry & Phyllis Gullen, Moises Gumz,Vern Hackett,Kay Hale,Mary Jean Hamilton,Susan Haney,Emil & Wava Hanson,Colin & Hatty Hanson,George & Joanie Harpstead,Milo & Ruth Hartleben,Peggy Hartman,David & Christine Hartman,Dennis & Nora Hartman,Donald & Barbara Harvath,Char Harvey,William & Lucy Havlovic,Martin Hawkins,Diane Hayes,Julie Hein,Sam Heine,Lee Helweg,Julie Hencik,Joe Henry,Marlowe Herrold,Judith Highsmith,Frances Jones Hill,Abbey Hlavac,Bernard & Mitzi Hoff,Don & Roma

Holle,Arthur Holmes,Mary Holt,Dennis & Alana Hovel,Michael & Carolyn Hundal,Amrit Hutchison,Michele Iwanski,Maynard & Elizabeth Jackson,John James,Krista Janssen,Guy Janssen,Mary Jilek,Anthony & Anne Jilek,Julia Jisko,Todd & Sarah Johanesen,Craig Johnson,Katie Johnson,Kurt & Barbara Johnson,Linda Johnson,Minerva Johnson,Murray & Jane Johnson,Tom Johnson,Wayne Johnson,William Joles,Harry Jore,Katie Kaiser,Mark & Agnes Karcher,Jeff Kauffeld,Jason & Giselle Kauth,Kristin Kautz,Ronald & Mary Kawleski,Cheryl Kealiher,Corey & Rosalind Kellogg,Dan Kemmeter,Gene & Nancy King,Sara Klessig,Lowell & Chris Klevgaard,David & Donna Knippel,Thomas & Debra Knowlton,Robert Koch,Ronald & Constance Koch,Diane Koch,Connie Koepke,Mark Koeppen,Dick Kohls,William & Janice Kolb,Ruth Ann Kordiyak, Peter and Frances Nelson Korger,Henry & Betty Krohelski,Jim & Linda Kropp,Jeffery & Ann Krueger,Gerald & Doris Krueger,Leon & Mary Kuhl,Maggie Kujava,Laurie

Working Together, We Make a Difference

Kurzynski,Bernice Lahti,Ann Marie Langrek,Cheryl Larrick,Geary & Lydia Larson,Tammy Laux,Lois Lawler,Lois Leavell,Sally Lebreton,Pierre & Laura Lefebvre,Connie Lehmann,Rod & Julie Leighton,Vernon & Lauren Lepak,Frederick & Barbara Lesczynski,Bob & Carol Levendusky,John Lewis,Ada Mae Lewis,Gary Ligman,Carol Lillis,John & Maxine Lindberg,Sharon Linzmeier,Lynn Lo,Ka Lia Longmore,Linda Lorman,Barbara Losinski,Edward & Theresa Maharg,Karen Mansavage,Dotty Mantens,Hilbert & Donnielle Martin,David & Joan Martin,Brad & Joanne Martin-Keefe,Lauri Martinsen,Victor & Elaine Marx,Richard & Karen Matesi,Lyna Matysik,Diane & Michael Maurer,Ellen Mayer,James & Vickie McAvoy,Paul & Maureen McCabe,Steven & Annette McCure,Lawrence & Patricia Mcdoniel,Stu McDonnell,Carolyn Mcdowell,Ardith McGavran,Caitlin McRoberts,Daniel Medd,Rosemary Melotte,Sarena Meske,Lila Metzig,Jeanne Meunier,Richard & Kristine Mielke,Mary Milheiser,Louis & Patricia Miller,Charles & Judi Miller,Dennis & Marie Miller,Eric & Molly Linn Miller,Judith Mirr,Linda Mischnick,Jerold & Nancy Moen,Raymond Molner,Renee Montgomery,Daron Morey,Susan Morgan,Robert Morzinski,Tom & Patricia Mueller,Jacquelyn Muench,David & Debra


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Working Together, We Make a Difference


The spirit of volunteerism is alive and well with Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners! Annual Report compiled by W/NP staff and Volunteers —THANKS EVERYONE!

Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas, Inc. Room 129 Nelson Hall, UWSP Stevens Point, WI 54481 715-346-4702 24

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Working Together, We Make a Difference

Wis-Nic Annual Report 2013  
Wis-Nic Annual Report 2013