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4 “We all have a responsibility to give what we can.” – Eva Aguirre Cooper





SENIOR LEADERSHIP TEAM Diana R. Sieger President Laurie Craft Vice President, Community Investment Ashley René Lee Vice President, Public Relations & Marketing Kate Luckert Schmid Vice President, Program Stan Vander Roest Chief Financial Officer Marilyn W. Zack Vice President, Development



Michael Rosloniec (Chair) Kathleen B. Vogelsang (Vice Chair) Christina Keller (Immediate Past Chair) Kyle D. Caldwell Clara Kilburn Thomas Kyros Emily Loeks Ana Ramirez-Saenz Richard Roane Amy Ruis Carlos Sanchez Reneé Williams

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Grand Rapids Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization made up of nearly 800 funds that have been established by people over the last century to do good in our community, forever. Our community partners—donors, nonprofits, leaders, doers, and more—collaborate with us because they trust us. We stay in front of the ever-changing issues that impact our community and the organizations working to bring sustainable change. We help local philanthropists leave a lasting legacy by stewarding their assets to accomplish their goals.

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PARTNERS in community WINTER 2019 | Issue 82






PARTNERS in Giving Grand Rapids Community Foundation is deeply rooted in West Michigan’s incredibly strong legacy of giving. Our nearly 100-year existence has only been possible because you and other passionate community members have decided to partner with us for your giving. Our donor, nonprofit and community partners give so much to strengthen the lives of everyone who calls our region home. Together, we pool our knowledge, passion, influence and resources for the betterment of our community, now and in the future. As a community foundation, our collective impact is our secret sauce, and your partnership is a key ingredient. By pooling our gifts through our endowment, we can sustain our impact to benefit our children’s children, and beyond. Through our intentionality and willingness to tackle knotty issues, we are teaching future generations the power of philanthropy. We give together in traditional and innovative ways that involve a combination of financial resources, social capital and pulling up our sleeves to “do the work.” That’s how we are changing the narrative of what it means to be a philanthropist. Continuing to build a strong, inclusive community isn’t easy. But, together, we have been at this for nearly a century. I am encouraged by the tremendous history of giving that has been the cornerstone of our community.

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I look forward to your continued partnership as we forge ahead to build our future, our community and our legacy as PARTNERS in giving!

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Eva Aguirre Cooper To Eva Aguirre Cooper, philanthropy is not a check box on her weekly agenda. It is a way of life. Together with her family, she is integrally involved in community and gives in many ways. Eva volunteers time and expertise on local boards and committees; champions diversity, equity and inclusion; provides financial resources in strategic ways; and makes other community contributions. Giving back was something taught to Eva from a young age. Her mother raised her to believe that “we all have a responsibility to give what we can.” Eva remembers these lessons and acknowledges that her mother’s generosity shaped her perspective on how to show up in community. Eva is constantly making connections and leveraging her network for the good of West Michigan. Her coworker Jordan Carson says, “She has her hand in so many different projects and community efforts and you know that if Eva’s hand is in it, that it’s going to succeed. You know that if she’s on your side, you’re going to do something really special. She’s a visionary.” Eva knows how to connect a need with a person or group who has resources. As community engagement director at WOOD-TV, she makes the larger public aware of particular community needs. In personal conversations, she encourages people to research a new committee or board role. Her longtime friend and mentor Juan Olivarez says, “She works tirelessly to understand why things are important and why people need to get involved. She does an incredible job of just bringing people in.”

“Eva’s passion for community transcends her involvement with the Community Foundation. She has demonstrated her commitment to community through her service to local nonprofits and community groups through various leadership roles, including board involvement,” said Diana Sieger, Community Foundation president at the October 17 event. “Grand Rapids Community Foundation, and West Michigan as a whole, is better because Eva is here. We are better because of her passion, her persistence and her purpose to build and strengthen community wherever she goes.” Eva has boldly used her voice to support the West Michigan Latinx community. “She’s been a strong advocate for not just Latinos but marginalized individuals and communities. She’s worked on cultural integration, cultural awareness and the importance of equity throughout our community,” says her friend eMily Alemán-McAlpine. At first, the title philanthropist seemed a lofty one to Eva. She imagined the word described those who make million dollar contributions, but she says spending time with the Community Foundation taught her that everyone can be a philanthropist. “I would challenge everyone to find that one thing that really inspires you, that’s part of who you are, that connects with others, to make things happen for the better of all our community,” she says.

Eva received Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s 2019 Jack Chaille Community Philanthropy Award, given at the annual donor celebration. She has shown outstanding support, visionary guidance, community leadership and extraordinary work on the Community Foundation’s behalf.


F.P. & M.B.S.

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To learn more and watch a short video highlighting Eva, visit grfoundation.org/news.


in Progress

Grand Rapids Community Foundation has the pleasure of working closely with our generous partners and donors to create a flourishing community for many generations to come. Thanks to this support, our Board of Trustees approved just over $1.2 million in grants in October 2019 for the following nonprofits.

LATINA NETWORK OF WEST MICHIGAN, $450,000 In its first five years, Latina Network of West Michigan has established a space for network building, professional development and healing for 300+ women in Kent County. It has also received federal nonprofit designation. Through this grant partnership, Latina Network of West Michigan will create a system for long-term sustainability, purposeful impact and cultivate the assets of the network.

THE EDUCATION TRUST-MIDWEST, $300,000 The Education Trust-Midwest is a nonpartisan, equity-driven, data-centered education policy, research and advocacy organization. It campaigns for high academic achievement of all students. Its Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning network works with principals, teachers and leaders in high-poverty schools. This grant will help innovate and expand the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning network in Grand Rapids Public Schools.

KCONNECT, $375,000 KConnect convenes groups of cross-sector leaders to create a common agenda. Its workgroups align institutions and leaders in Kent County working on issues, such as education, health, housing and food security. KConnect focuses on creating a clear path to economic security for all children in Kent County. This grant will help KConnect improve the lives of all by addressing systemic inequity from prenatal to career stages.

COMMUNITY REBUILDERS, $66,000 Community Rebuilders is known for their work and full range of services to all populations that face a housing crisis. These services include case management, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, links to employment, health and more. This grant will help Community Rebuilders address social determinants of health, so they can prevent and end homelessness for Kent County families.


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This grant will allow Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan to partner with FEMA on a fire safety program targeted to underserved Spanish-speaking households in Wyoming.

Editor’s Note: The Fall 2019 PARTNERS in community article “PARTNERS in progress” incorrectly said that the grant made to the Heart of West Michigan United Way was for $150,000. It was for $50,000. The total amount awarded in grant partnerships for that article was $720,000.

1 0 WAYS TO G I V E A N D I M PAC T CO M M U N I T Y Our community’s needs are big, small, systemic and interpersonal. Community foundations are centered on the belief that our impact together is meaningful and capable of meeting our collective vision for a better future. No matter your background, age or financial situation, you have something to contribute to that promise. Here are 10 ways to consider partnering with Grand Rapids Community Foundation for your giving. 1


The simplest way to give to the Community Foundation is online! Online gifts are quick, secure and impactful. Choose to give once or make a monthly commitment. Give to the unrestricted fund or support a specific fund. Visit givegr.org/donate to learn more. 2


We’re known for “Gifts, Growth and Grants,” but we also impact Kent County through community leadership initiatives. For example, Challenge Scholars, Our LGBTQ Fund and our African American Heritage Fund are making measurable change.



Make an immediate gift to the Community Foundation and continue to receive income for life. A charitable gift annuity gives back now with tax benefits and lifetime payments, and the residuum will continue giving in perpetuity as part of an endowment fund. 7


The Community Foundation has provided scholarships in Kent County since 1945 and now awards more than $1 million annually. Encourage post-secondary education with an endowed scholarship. We awarded $1.36 million in scholarships to 630 students in 2019, including 67% to first generation college students. 8


$100,000 - the African American Heritage Fund’s goal to raise by Juneteenth 2020

Our community’s needs are constantly changing and ever-present. Establish a Field of Interest Fund supporting one or more special interest areas—like the environment, scientific research or youth programs. The Community Foundation will make grants in your name, now and in the future.




Join our Metz Legacy Society by including the Community Foundation in your estate plan. Your charitable bequest will benefit our community forever, while honoring your legacy. 4


Gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares offer unique tax advantages. As year’s end approaches, consider contributions of appreciated securities. If you are holding assets that have increased in value, this may be a smart option for you. NOTE: All Depository Trust Company (DTC) eligible stock transfers must be initiated by 12 p.m. on December 30. 5


Consider a direct transfer from a traditional IRA account to the Community Foundation. If you are 70½ or older, you can transfer up to $100,000 annually and won’t need to recognize the distribution as income.



Recommend grants to the nonprofits you care about through a Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation. We’ll take care of the accounting and administration, so you can focus on impact. And, you can design a grantmaking plan that encourages philanthropy in the next generation of your family. 23 new funds created last year at Grand Rapids Community Foundation

10 GIVE THE GIFT OF YOU Want to give your time or share your expertise to benefit our community? We partner with nonprofit organizations throughout Kent County who would love to have you as a volunteer. Volunteers contribute to more than a dozen Community Foundation committees and advisory councils. See our volunteers on page 10. READY TO LEARN MORE ABOUT A GIVING OPTION? Whether you would like to give now, later or just explore your philanthropic options, our team is here to help. Contact a member of our development team today at 616.454.1751. PARTNERS in community | 7

Left to Right: Marilyn Zack, vice president of development; Jonse Young, director of philanthropic services; Shaun Shira, major and planned gifts director; Jenine Torres, development officer


Selma Tucker arrived in Grand Rapids by way of Grand Valley State University. As a young man living in a small, rural community near South Bend, Indiana, becoming a Laker wasn’t part of his life plan. Rather, it was a door that opened for a teen who was brave enough to see what was on the other side. “I wasn’t an academic person. But I knew that what awaited me at home was nothing but near-poverty and a lot of internal consternation. I had to do something because I was being eaten alive,” Selma said. “The decision was pretty simple. I heard universities were nice to gay people, so I figured why not? I applied to Grand Valley sight unseen.” HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION Selma was accepted and recommended for GVSU’s Oliver Wilson Freshman Academy (now known as Oliver Wilson Scholars). This program provides academic support and personal development to selected students to help them transition to college and find success. “Freshman Academy was a big break for me. I’m grateful that someone in a cubicle was looking at stacks of data and picked me out,” said Selma. “The humble and challenging work they did to develop Freshman Academy was really beautiful, and I appreciate that.” By the end of his freshman year, Selma was laser-focused on earning a degree in political science and public administration to help him achieve his dream of becoming a city manager. He worked hard and built a network. At commencement, he had three job offers in his pocket—pretty great, especially considering it was 2009. He thought he’d leave town like most of his peers, but he stayed for the City of Grand Rapids, working under mentors Eric DeLong and Greg Sundstrom.

PARTNERS in community | 8

Today, Selma is a vice president with Public Sector Consultants. He leads the marketing and communications team, a new practice area for the 37-year-old, Lansing-based firm. He’s been with Public Sector since 2013, and he resides in Grand Rapids’ East Hills neighborhood. A LEGACY IN THE MAKING When it comes to community issues, one of Selma’s passions is safe and affordable housing. “From a policy standpoint, housing is where most middle-class wealth is held. If a family is shut out of the housing market, it is incredibly difficult for them to gain wealth and get to a place of stability,” Selma said. “I think A.S.P.


people who are working on housing and thinking of it from a multi-disciplinary standpoint are doing really important work.” He also supports his alma mater and Grand Rapids Community Foundation. In 2017, Selma became one of the Community Foundation’s One Hundred New Philanthropists. This is a group of donors who commit to giving to the Community Foundation now and later. Selma decided to support the Community Foundation after his lifetime by naming the organization a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Also, to honor his commitment as a 100 New Philanthropist, Selma makes monthly contributions toward his pledge. “I’m a millennial, and I’m very much in the beginning of my philanthropy, but I know my giving will grow,” Selma said. “You have to think about people who are on the tail end of the bell curve, and I think the Community Foundation is doing great work in that space. They’re not afraid to talk about issues that might seem impolitic. There is a fearlessness in what they’re doing, and I’m attracted to it.” The full scope of Selma’s ultimate legacy is yet to be written, but he knows the type of impact he’d like to make. “I want my work to have a strong element of service, and I want all people to do well,” Selma said. “I worked hard to get where I am, but I did not get here alone. My environment facilitated my growth instead of diminishing it, and that was possible, frankly, because someone gave money. There were breaks and people who took a chance on me, and I want those opportunities to exist for others.” PLANNING IS IMPORTANT, LET US HELP Planning what will happen to your assets after your lifetime is important. Getting started is often the hardest part. We’re here to help you understand all your options and explore creative ways to leave your mark on the community you love. Let’s talk! Reach a member of our development team at 616.454.1751.

Expanding Locally Driven

PHILANTHROPY BY AND FOR COMMUNITIES OF COLOR Since 1994, Grand Rapids Community Foundation has focused on building relationships and celebrating identity-based philanthropy, by and for communities. Now we can elevate this work, thanks to being selected by W. K. Kellogg Foundation as a Catalyzing Community Giving grantee. The CCG partnership will provide $350,000 over the next three years. CCG grant partnerships support communities of color in using philanthropy to become agents of their own change. It engages donors in issues that disproportionately affect vulnerable children and families in their communities. Here in Kent County, the partnership will support the Community Foundation’s African American Heritage Fund growth and emerging philanthropic partnerships in the Latinx community. It will also help us explore potential frameworks, possibilities or models that may evolve as we learn along with community members. “W. K. Kellogg Foundation and Grand Rapids Community Foundation are both committed to equity and leveraging philanthropy. Specifically, Kellogg’s theory of change and the Community Foundation’s North Star operating models embody empowerment, access and inclusive growth. Fueled by community voice, these allow communities to

be agents of their own change,” says Jonse Young, our director of philanthropic services. Thirty-one other community foundations, nonprofits and emerging networks across North America make up the fourth CCG cohort. This three-year, $9.5 million WKKF investment includes the Community Foundation among eight new grantees. “We are so fortunate to be counted among an international cohort of grantees. It takes all types of institutions, partners and ideas to carry out this work in an intentional way. We are so thankful W. K. Kellogg Foundation sees us as a trusted partner in West Michigan,” says Jenine Torres, our development officer. With the first year’s funds, the Community Foundation will build its operational capacity to effectively engage communities of color. Included in this focus is a consultant(s), who will manage the African American Heritage Fund and Latinx Advisory Committees, inform staffing structure, build relationships, fundraise and convene community members. A Request for proposals will be released soon. For more information, contact Jenine Torres at 616.454.1751, ext. 126. A.R.L.


2014 2005-2009 COMMUNITIES OF COLOR INITIATIVE This initiative was created to celebrate, engage and impact communities of color in philanthropic partnerships. It birthed the African American Heritage Fund.



This regional Field of Interest Fund addresses LGBTQ issues. It began when a donor couple matched $100,000 with gifts from 263 initial donors. The fund is still growing and accepts endowed and non-endowed gifts. A volunteer committee approves grants annually.

2006 AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE FUND This endowed Field of Interest Fund pools gifts to address issues unique to the African American community. A $10,000 match from the Community Foundation and gifts from 109 initial donors began the fund. It’s still growing, and a volunteer committee approves grants each year.

This grant partnership supports communities of color in using philanthropy to address issues impacting their communities. The partnership will support African American Heritage Fund growth, emerging Latinx philanthropy and ideas that may evolve.

2017 LATINX PHILANTHROPY Early in the Communities of Color initiative, there was discussion about philanthropic partnerships with the Latinx community. More recent conversations resulted in a volunteer committee and focus groups to gauge philanthropic interest among Latinx people in Kent County. Now the committee is identifying next steps.

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Local African American men made gifts to create this scholarship fund. It helps African American graduates of Grand Rapids-area high schools pursue certificates or degrees in occupational education or skilled trades.




Board of Trustees and Committees Grand Rapids Community Foundation is so grateful for the many individuals who volunteer the gifts of time and service to our community. Without their selflessness and commitment to strengthen the lives of everyone who calls West Michigan home, none of our work would be possible. This list of volunteers is current as of October 24, 2019. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Michael G. Rosloniec, Chair Kathleen B. Vogelsang, Vice Chair Kyle Caldwell Christina L. Keller Clara Kilburn Tom G. Kyros Emily J. Loeks Ana L. Ramirez-Saenz Richard A. Roane Amy J. Ruis Carlos Sanchez Reneé Williams

PARTNERS in community | 10

ADVISORY COUNCIL Caitlin Townsend Lamb, Chair Brandy Arnold Craig P. Clark Stephanie Doublestein Brent T. Geers Candy Isabel Nakia Kyler Kyle Lim Bryant Mitchell Tim Mroz Jennifer A. Pascua Melissa Powell Mary Reagan Shapton Eddie Tadlock David Thompson

AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE FUND COMMITTEE Kenneth James, Chair Jeffrie L. Chappell B. Afeni McNeely Cobham Beverly A. Drake Lauri S. Parks Keyuana Rosemond Aleka Thrash AUDIT COMMITTEE Janice A. Oshinski, Chair David Centers Cindy Havard Tom G. Kyros Matthew Osterhaven Carlos Sanchez CHALLENGE SCHOLARS ADVISORY COMMITTEE Marisol Blanco Travus Burton Bridget Cheney John Helmholdt Clara Kilburn Kyle Lim Eleanor Moreno Carol Paine-McGovern Richard A. Roane Shayla B. Young

CHALLENGE SCHOLARS DREAM FUND Chi Benedict Travus Burton Jayanna Carter Isabel Garcia Kenyana Gary Tennille Harkness Jessica Maat Antony Peña Elyanah Ruiz Pablo Eliseo Villalvazo Jahan Webb Jeremiah Weisman FUND FOR COMMUNITY GOOD COMMITTEE Emily J. Loeks, Chair Mercedes Barragan Jesse M. Bernal George W. Davis DeDe Esque Brandy Lovelady Mitchell Amy J. Ruis Carlos Sanchez IMPACT INVESTMENT COMMITTEE Alex Caceres, Co-Chair Kyama Kitavi, Co-Chair Christina L. Keller Michael G. Rosloniec Kathleen B. Vogelsang

INVESTMENT REVIEW COMMITTEE Kathleen B. Vogelsang, Chair Bill Darooge Joan M. Garety Ben Irwin Edward Mikolay Kevin Patterson Michael G. Rosloniec Robert W. Roth LATINX ADVISORY COMMITTEE Carlos Sanchez, Chair Andres Abreu Alex Caceres Sergio Cira-Reyes Guillermo Cisneros Claudia Covarrubias Omar Cuevas Ivette Melendez Alexis Reame Lea Tobar Rebeca Velazquez-Publes OUR LGBTQ FUND ADVISORY COMMITTEE Michele McIsaac, Chair Holly Cole Jason Franklin Graci Harkema Dave Heilman Teri Jourdan Marilyn A. Lankfer Jill May Mark E. Nettleton Shelley Padnos Dottie Rhodes Carol L. Sarosik

PROFESSIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Mandy Chardoul, Chair Michelle Hirschauer Anthes Dan G. Baas Lori J. Baker Jason R. Brinks Robert D. Brower Molly J. Tupper Chelovich Pamela J. Cross Carl W. Dufendach Christopher L. Edgar Eric Fischer Frederick W. Gaul Brent T. Geers Dirk C. Hoffius Wendy Holtvluwer Laura A. Jeltema Neil L. Kimball Bonnie S. Kopp Tom G. Kyros Marilyn A. Lankfer Daniel W. Miller Josh Pfennig Jeffrey B. Power Laura Radle Nicholas A. Reister Thomas B. Roberts Robert W. Schellenberg Melissa A. Seguin Eric Smith Mike J. Taylor Michael Van Haren

Jane Plaisted Charles F. Pletcher Susan Pocklington Gary E. Pritchard Laura M. Urzola Rivas Richard A. Roane Huemartin Robinson Chaunte Rodgers Kelli Rose Chuck Ruffin David M. Russell Margaret E. Ryan Frederick Sebulske Amy Skogstrom Matt Slagle J. Patrick Smith Corinne N. Sprague Wendy L. Stock Rebecca Strauss Lorie Tensen Beverly Thiel Mark Thomson Vertlee Trice Erica Tuohy Joy Uddin Jacquelyn Vander Laan Lou VanderHave Diane VanderVeen Lillian VanderVeen Jade VanderVelde Jolan Webster Yilin Wendland-Liu Barbara Wepman Carol Werkema James B. White Lois Wilber Carole Morgan Williams Troy Yarbrough TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY COMMITTEE Jeff Kissinger, Chair Laura Conrad William Corkill Ashima Saigal Mark Slagle Kelly Talsma

YOUTH GRANT COMMITTEE Antony Peña, Co-Chair Christina Vann, Co-Chair Kyle Austin Christian Baty Ava BooydeGraaff Stella BooydeGraaff Zoe Braun Khya Carter Carole Chee Hope Chun Noah Chun Livia Dietrichson Ryleigh Fischer Caleeb Fisher Cody Garrison Dallas Hopson Roman Jeffries Midian Johnson Clara Kilburn Kyle Korte Brenda Lopez-Arreaga Skylar Meyer Jack Nelson Kaylanna Ross Natalee Ryder Kynade Sparks Kyndle J. Sparks Drew Theut Alexandria Vaughn-Earvin Pablo Eliseo Villalvazo Lily Walker If you would prefer your recognition name to be listed differently, please contact us at 616.454.1751.

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SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE June Anderson Ron Apol Mary M. Appelt Jennifer Bailey Claudia Bajema Beth Banta Mercedes Barragan Janeé L. Beville Damon Bouwkamp Kathy Boylon Reed Bretz Myra Burton Molly J. Tupper Chelovich Sue Y. Chu Leeann Clay

Beverly Clifford Clay Coleman Ty Cook Chelsea M. Coretti Joe Croft Khumbo Croft John D. Darling Bill Darooge Gwendolyn D. Dawkins Maureen F. Dreher Hugh Eisen Jack Finn Tess Gaibi-Vandongen Patricia D. Gardner Victoria Gibbs Derether Greer Daniel Groce Kathy Hackett Ty Hallock Mary Hanson Kenyatta Hill Laura B. Huizenga Jennifer Jackson William Jackson Jennifer L. Jordan Cathryn Keating Kurt F. Kimball Shay Kraley Marjorie Kuipers Tammy Looman Tim Lopez Elias Lumpkins Allen E. MacDonald Nancy Maiquez J. Joseph Mapes Jon G. March J. Stephen Marshall Rodney D. Martin Kimberly McKee Diane McMillan Pam E. Mitchell David W. Morgenstern Kenneth H. Morris Rachel P. Mraz Carol Muth Patricia E. Newby Peggy Novosad Dan A. Oumedian Chad Patton Anke Pearson Todd Peters

Grand Rapids Community Foundation 185 Oakes Street SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 If you would like to receive PARTNERS in community in your email inbox, sign up at www.givegr.org/PARTNERS or contact us at 616.454.1751


& THAT WELCOME, EUGENE SUEING We are thrilled to introduce Eugene Sueing, our newest program director. Eugene earned a Bachelor of Science in communication from Grand Valley State University and a double master’s degree in public administration and social work from Western Michigan University. Before joining our team, Eugene served as the community enrichment director at YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids and a site team clinician for Kent School Services Network at Westwood Middle School. As a life-long Grand Rapidian, Eugene is eager to bring his talents and experiences to our work in service to community.

KEEP IN TOUCH, LIZ! Congratulations to Liz Warners as she takes the next step in her career from philanthropic services associate here at Grand Rapids Community Foundation to foundation operations manager at Hope Network Foundation. Liz always spoke with passion about her work here with data and technology. She made sure everything was running smoothly. “We are sad to see Liz leave our team, but we know that the future holds great things for her. The impact that Liz has on everyone around her is profound. I can’t wait to see what everlasting impact she leaves on this community,” said Jonse Young, director of philanthropic services.

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s general scholarship application is now open until March 1. By completing one scholarship application, students are entered in the selection process for 500+ scholarships from 70+ funds. Apply today at grfoundation.org/scholarships.


• Tuesday, December 24, 2019 • Wednesday, December 25, 2019 • Tuesday, December 31, 2019 (beginning at noon) • Wednesday, January 1, 2020 YEAR-END GIFTS TO BE CREDITED FOR 2019 TAX RETURNS MUST BE:

• Delivered to the Community Foundation by noon on December 31, 2019 • Postmarked on or before December 31, 2019 • Given online by 11:59 pm on December 31, 2019 Please note that complex gifts such as an IRA transfer or a gift of stock or mutual funds may take longer to facilitate. Please allow enough time for processing. Depository Trust Company (DTC) eligible stock transfers must be initiated by 12 p.m. on December 30. We are here to help. Please call the Community Foundation development team at 616.454.1751 with any questions.

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PARTNERS in community Winter 2019  

PARTNERS in community Winter 2019