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June 2021

Joseph Carter: Building Businesses From The Ground Up

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June 2021

June 2021

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June 2021

Joseph Carter: Building Businesses From The Ground Up | 5


Parsippany High School Graduate Joseph Carter helps businesses from the ground up. With challenges often comes opportunity and Carter is a perfect example of that. Realizing just how many of his favorite local businesses were struggling with embracing the internet-based

Frank L. Cahill, Publisher Barbara Freda, Sales Manager Nicolas Limanov, Photographer Patrick Minutillo, Contributing Writer Christine Mercado, Contributing Writer Sharon Maroldi, Contributing Writer Luis A. Matos, Distribution Manager

Commonalities in Celebration | 6

Summer is finally here, and I know I’m not alone in taking in the warmer days and enjoying the great outdoors again. This year we have so much to celebrate, blessed with good health and strengthened by the resolve that has helped us weather the storm of a pandemic none of us could’ve anticipated.

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Jashan By Dhaba: A “Celebration of Indian Food” | 10

This month Parsippany Focus Contributing Writer Patrick Minutillo visits Jashan By Dhaba. He saves you 8,000 miles plus trip to India, as Dhaba serves the finest right here in Parsippany. These comforting and charming eateries, known for their tasty, healthy, satisfying food are called “Dhaba”.

Member of

Janhavee Kulkarni Named “Music Student of the Month” | 12 Janhavee Kulkarni, an eighth-grade student from Central Middle School, was among the students honored as the Mayo Performing Arts Center Music Students of the month

Parsippany Student Graduates from Prestigious STEM Program | 17

Parsippany resident Shariqa Iqbal graduated from the Governor’s STEM Scholars, a program of the Research & Development Council of New Jersey. Iqbal is one of 69 New Jersey high school and college students to complete the year-long program, which provides a 360° view of New Jersey’s STEM economy through Symposiums, lab tours, master classes and research.

Mount Tabor Fire Department | 18

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Mount Tabor Fire Department is now back at home. Well it’s new home. They vacated old station on February 16, 2020; Demolition occurred on April 3, 2020; New station with five bays is in service on May 4. Four of the bays are for Mt. Tabor Fire Department and for Par-Troy EMS Total Budget was $5.2 million.

Chicken Saltimbocca | 25

Chef Matt Pierone, Gourmet Café Restaurant, located at136 Baldwin Road finally gives up his favorite recipe for Chicken Saltimbocca

Parth Bhagat Named to Dean’s List at University of the Sciences| 28


June 2021


Joseph Carter: Building Businesses From The Ground Up 2020 Was a challenging time for society as a whole, especially the economy. Businesses, both large and small, had to find ways to adapt to the new way of conducting business in order to stay afloat. In this case, it meant bringing traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to the fast-growing online world. While some businesses were well-prepared to take on their new online presence, others failed to adapt, causing them to lose their ground in these trying times. With challenges often comes opportunity and Joseph Carter is a perfect example of that. Realizing just how many of his favorite local businesses were struggling with embracing the internet-based business model. He felt the need to help out with bringing their presence online and aiding in all things business-related. Ranging from logo creation to online marketing, Joseph Carter helped guide businesses through the entire process of (Continued on Page 26)

June 2021

Parsippany High School 2010 Graduate Joseph Carter


Parsippany Focus Magazine l 5

Commonalities in Celebration “Struggle is a never-ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation.” - Coretta Scott King

Mayor Michael A. Soriano Summer is finally here, and I know I’m not alone in taking in the warmer days and enjoying the great outdoors again. This year we have so much to celebrate, blessed with good health and strengthened by the resolve that has helped us weather the storm of a pandemic none of us could’ve anticipated. We’ve made great sacrifice, and will continue to protect our loved ones, friends, and neighbors until we are finally back to normal. But it’s long overdue that we finally get back to celebrating the many blessings bestowed on us both as Americans, and residents of this wonderful Township. I wanted to remind you that we will be holding an in-person Fourth of July celebration and fireworks display this year. The fireworks celebration will be at Parsippany Hills High School beginning at sundown. I’m delighted to welcome residents back to outdoor events, and I can’t wait to share in the delight together next month. This month, on Saturday, June 19, we’ll celebrate Juneteenth, a holiday that has often been dismissed and downplayed for far too long. Juneteenth commemorates the end to slavery in the United States. On June 19, 1865, Union Army General Gordon Granger ordered the freedom for all enslaved men and women in Texas (although slavery was still legal and 6 l Parsippany Focus Magazine

practiced in Delaware and Kentucky until years later). Slavery is far from the easiest topic to discuss, but we cannot forget its part in our nation’s history, which is precisely why we must celebrate its abolition with Juneteenth. Some might ask what Juneteenth and July 4th have in common. In the simplest terms, both holidays celebrate one thing above all else: American freedom. One celebrates the release of colonial obedience to the British, while the other removed the shackles of enslaved men, women, and children, in order to form a more perfect union. America became its own country on July 4th, but found its identity in Juneteenth, when America truly became the land of the free. I hope you’ll join me in marking June 19th this year, and every year going forward. As we celebrate our holidays, we must reflect on our history – the good and the bad; the commendable and the confounding – and use that understanding to shape a better future for all Americans. The road to liberty and justice for all still proves to be an endpoint we have yet to realize, but Juneteenth signifies a remarkable step in this long journey.


June 2021

June 2021


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A Message From the Superintendent

Keeping the Learning Going

Dr. Barbara Sargent We are swiftly approaching the end to a pretty incredible school year. The Parsippany-Troy Hills Township School District prioritized the health and well-being of students and staff and worked to provide a consistent and sound instructional experience for children. We accomplished both successfully. The district opened on time in September to a cohort model (Week A/Week B) of hybrid instruction, providing daily instruction to self-contained special education students. Gradually, we offered in-person learning to more special populations, including English Language Learners, seniors at risk for graduating, and special education students. We combined cohorts in March and April and offered in-person learning to any student who desired to be present in the school building, all the while maintaining a rich virtual experience for remote learners. And, now, all schools are holding full-day sessions for the month of June. This will allow our students and staff to end the year with regular class times, lunch, and (for elementary students) in-person related arts classes and recess. I am proud of our staff and students for their creativity, pragmatism, and troubleshooting. We are ending the year on a positive and happy note – and are excited for September. 8 l Parsippany Focus Magazine

The learning doesn’t end in June, however! Our Summer Stepstones Program, a free and optional academic enrichment program for Parsippany students entering Grades 1-5, will be offered again this year for students wishing to maintain their literacy and math skills over the summer. We’re offering a special virtual camp for our English Language Learners and will identify elementary students for small group instruction in reading and math. Students entering Grades 6-9 can engage with mathematics teachers and receive valuable instruction in foundational skills that will be expected in the new school year. The Wide World of Summer program will be offered in person and a new PLUS program will provide different enrichment opportunities in STEM and Cultural Arts. Finally, let’s not forget our own amazing town libraries for fun and intellectual activities. Visit https://parsippanylibrary.org/resources/ children/ and make plans for summer reading adventures. Thanks to our hard-working teachers and students, the learning doesn’t end in June. We’re excited for a slower pace, a chance to renew our spirits, and continued opportunities for scholarship. Have a terrific summer!


June 2021

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Jashan By Dhaba: A “Celebration of Indian Food” If you are a world traveler and fortunate enough to take that 8,000 miles plus trip to India, you would probably quickly notice that all along their highways you will find numerous small, rustic, roadside eateries serving whatever local cuisine is common for that region. These comforting and charming eateries, known for their tasty, healthy, satisfying food are called “Dhaba”. Many people must travel far and wide to find a top-notch, truly authentic, traditional Indian restaurant with all those savory and unique tastes and spices that this fare is known for. If you are not up for that 8,000-mile trip at this moment but happen to be a long-time fan of Indian cuisine, or just want to experience a different, and fun, culinary adventure, you will find Jashan by Dhaba more than ready to fill that need.  Located right on Route 46 West in an attractive looking, stand-alone building, with eye-catching attractive, orange signage, Jashan by Dhaba, which describes itself as an Indian and Indo-Chinese Restaurant and Party (Continued on Page 14)

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Asif Naim and Pat Minutillo


June 2021


Janhavee Kulkarni Named “Music Student of the Month”

Janhavee Kulkarni, an eighth-grade student from Central Middle School, was among the students honored as the Mayo Performing Arts Center Music Students of the month of May as Outstanding Vocalists. Students were from Parsippany, Morristown, Washington Township, Rockaway, Randolph, Kinnelon, Chatham, Pequannock, and Mendham. Janhavee was nominated by Adam Aguanno. He had this to say, “Janhavee has been a member of Central Middle Schools chorus for the past three years in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Not only does she have a gorgeous voice, but she’s always taken advantage of many performing opportunities. She performed in this year’s school virtual musical performance as well as past musicals. She also had made North Jersey Region chorus last year prior to their performance having to be canceled due to the pandemic. She has a great deal of confidence and maturity in her voice for her age. In addition to her talent, she’s a pleasure to have 12 l Parsippany Focus Magazine

in class and a kind person!” Mayo Performing Arts Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, presents a wide range of programs that entertain, enrich, and educate the diverse population of the region and enhance the economic vitality of Northern New Jersey. The 2018-2019 season is made possible, in part, by a grant from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as support received from the F.M. Kirby Foundation and numerous corporations, foundations, and individuals.

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June 2021

June 2021


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Jashan By Dhaba: A “Celebration of Indian Food” (Continued from Page 10)

Hall, literally translates to “celebration”, or as they like to say, a “celebration of Indian food”, and it just might be the place you are looking for. Opened in September of 2019 (formerly the site of Mirchi) by the owner, Ankush Punhani, Jashan by Dhaba prides itself on offering a wide variety of dishes from the various regional areas of India, as well as some from Indochina, with an emphasis on Northern Indian fare, while still offering choices from the South. Many would describe Indian cuisine as being spicy, rich, flavorful, and diverse; of course, none of that should scare you off as your dish would be highly dependent on what you order and the degree of spiciness (heat) you prefer. And, when I mention that, I mean it as a good thing, as I personally enjoy my food with a flavorful kick. With that in mind, do yourself a favor and do not allow a lack of familiarity with the extensive menu, different, aromatic spices, or unaccustomed language to intimidate you.  You will be depriving

14 l Parsippany Focus Magazine

yourself of one of the great cuisines of the world if you do. The attentive wait staff at Jashan, who were all effusive and accommodating during my visit will gladly help guide you along the way; and as I have found, it is not that complicated or confusing once you get a grasp on some basic Indian phrases and cooking techniques. Or you can always follow the old rule of thumb; If you ever find yourself where you do not know the food, take cues from the tables of people who look like they might have grown up with the cuisine. Never a bad tip! A spacious, classy, and somewhat upscale ambiance awaits you within. A pleasant, nicely appointed, modern, semi-formal setting, that still manages to make you feel cozy and comfortable with ethnic décor throughout, and soft Indian music playing in the background. Sparkling clean and clearly in full conformance with all current health (COVID) protocols, one should feel safe dining at this establishment.  A restaurant’s appearance sets a tone, raises our expectations and suggests that the


(Continued on Page 16)

June 2021



J & J Landscaping

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Jashan By Dhaba: A “Celebration of Indian Food” (Continued from Page 14)

owner cares as much about our comfort as he does about the food they serve. Jashan by Dhaba has made that effort and succeeded. A foodie friend of mine, who loves Indian food, has been praising this venue for a while, so I invited him along for this review and as a helpful guide.  Our host and waiter, Asif Naim, could not have been more accommodating to our needs.  As suggested by Asif, we sat at one of the restaurants several comfortable, plush leather, semi-circular booths.  Gave us plenty of room to spread out!  The very amiable and personable General Manager, PurushottamPudasaini, joined us at our table to welcome us, and we had an opportunity for a very enjoyable chat.   Puru, as he told us to call him, prior to managing Jashan grew up in Nepal and started his career in the food industry as a dishwasher before eventually finding his way to Dubai, where he managed the Ritz-Carlton for 13 years, then onto San Diego, where he managed 5 different Indian restaurants at the same time. In 2019 he found his way to Jashan by Dhaba. Puru told me that “he loves what he does and finds it very personally rewarding”. He went on, “making people happy, organizing special events in people’s lives, setting up corporate and private events, and ensuring great service and customer comfort is very important.”   When asked what he likes about New Jersey, he stated, “I like

the four different seasons the most, as they remind me of growing up in Nepal”. As soon as we were seated our wine was uncorked, poured, and placed in an ice bucket as we began to peruse our phone-generated menu. By the way, I should mention that Jashan is a BYOB, so bring along your favorite. The large menu offers a nice selection of vegetarian, meat, fish, and egg dishes.  There is an emphasis on lamb, goat, and chicken for your meat selection. For you steak lovers, you will not find that on the menu. Asif, our waiter, was there to helpfully answer our questions, offer advice, and provide guidance along the way. We started with the Galouti Kebab; minced lamb patties that came with two of the chef’s special sauces. Very moist and flavorful, and the sauces were a great accompaniment.  Three nice-sized patties, so there was plenty to share.  Asif then returned with a complimentary dish that he thought we would like; Soya Chop Achari. This vegetarian dish, made primarily from soybeans, was delicious. The taste was nicely textured, somewhat chewy, and creamy inside with a slightly crispy shell. The seasoning was perfect and spicy.  There was certainly a lot going with multiple layers of flavors and spices hitting your taste buds. The spiciness was also perfect, not too hot, but just enough to hit you with a few waves of pleasant heat. For entrees, I chose to go with Goat Vindaloo, while my friend chose the Saffron Chicken. Goat Vindaloo was not on the menu (lamb is), but they gladly made it for me. I was given a choice of my heat level, from 1 to 10.  I chose a 7, but I could have gone higher. Next time!  The goat meat was fall off the bone savory and delicious, tender, and juicy. The taste of goat is slightly less sweet than beef and not the least bit gamey (as some people believe), and blended perfectly with the saucy, spicy, curry dish, Vindaloo.  The Saffron Chicken, which I did get to taste, was extremely flavorful. A spicy dish, yet sort of sweet, aromatic, and earthy, with the scent and flavor of saffron clearly prominent. This was the first time I tried this gorgeous golden-colored dish, and its complexity demonstrates why Indian cuisine is considered one of the most flavorful cuisines in the world. (Continued on Page 21)

Saffron Chicken 16 l Parsippany Focus Magazine


June 2021


Parsippany Student Graduates from Prestigious STEM Program

Parsippany resident Shariqa Iqbal graduated from the Governor’s STEM Scholars, a program of the Research & Development Council of New Jersey. Iqbal is one of 69 New Jersey high school and college students to complete the year-long program, which provides a 360° view of New Jersey’s STEM economy through Symposiums, lab tours, master classes and research. A public-private partnership among the Research & Development Council of New Jersey, the Governor’s Office, New Jersey Department of Education, Secretary of Higher Education, and public and private research companies, the Governor’s STEM Scholars provides high-achieving high school, college, and graduate students with a comprehensive introduction to the state’s STEM economy. The Scholars are a diverse and representative group of student leaders from all over the Garden State who excel in STEM and are interested in pursuing STEM-related majors and careers. “The Governor’s STEM Scholars graduated 69 of New Jersey’s most promising STEM students,” said June 2021

Alise Roderer, director of the Governor’s STEM Scholars. “As a Governor’s STEM Scholar, Shariqa Iqbal received a comprehensive introduction to New Jersey’s STEM economy, highlighting some of the most innovative and exciting STEM organizations in the state through symposiums, field trips, internship opportunities and a research project.” “With more scientists and engineers per square mile than anywhere else around the globe, New Jersey has one of the country’s most highly educated workforces and is a national STEM research hub,” said Anthony Cicatiello, president of the Research & Development Council of New Jersey. “By 2027, STEM jobs will grow by nine percent in New Jersey. The Governor’s STEM Scholars introduces the state’s best and brightest STEM students to the STEM companies, professionals, research, and opportunities available in the Garden State. Through the Governor’s STEM Scholars, we are ensuring our state’s talented students stay in New Jersey to fill these roles, securing our academic and workforce pipeline for the future.”


Parsippany Focus Magazine l 17

Mount Tabor Volunteer Fire Department

Mahadye Paniahie

New Tarn Drive Firehouse (opened May 5, 2021) Vacated old station: February 16, 2020 Demolition of the Old Station: April 3, 2020 Number of Bays: 5: 4 for Mt. Tabor FD and 1 for Par-Troy EMS Budget: $5.2 million In-Service Date: May 5, 2021


Jessie is Seeking Her Ideal Home with Jessie. The kind of snuggle partner family members fight over because everyone wants her on them all the time and she wants the same. Jessie is friendly, happy, and really enjoys the company of other people. Health: Jessie requires insulin twice a day, 12 hours apart. Her current schedule is to get them at 730am and 730pm time and she needs a family who can commit to this schedule. She was used for breeding to excess and you can see the toll on her stretched-out body.

Jessie’s ideal home would be one where she gets all the attention! She’s a real lap hog. Jessie needs insulin shots twice a day so the family must be comfortable administering these (she doesn’t even flinch!) and be home more often than not. Kids: 10 years or older; Dogs: may be able to live with another relaxed, older dog; Cats: may be able to live with another relaxed, older cat; Crate Trained: Jessie prefers the couch or her bed–she’s a princess! House Trained: Yes. Leash Manners: Enjoys short walks and is fine on leash. She does bark at other dogs when they pass Personality: Cuddles. Snuggles. Repeat. This is life

Positive Dog Training Professional Dog Walker

She had untreated diabetes and cataracts and, within two weeks of arriving to WISE, she lost her vision completely and we began the journey to find the right dose of insulin which she requires now twice a day forever. Why did she come to WISE?: Jessie was no longer useful to her breeder and was surrendered to the rescue after years of overbreeding. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application at www.wiseanimalrescue.org/adoption-application Follow on Instagram: www.instagram.com/wiseanimalrescue Like on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wiseanimalrescue

Certified Dog Trainer - CDT Dog First Aid / CPR Certified Facebook page - Yess Dog Instagram: @yess.dog bark@yessdog.com (973) 577-YDOG (9364) Brian - Fully Insured -

20 l Parsippany Focus Magazine


June 2021


Jashan By Dhaba: A “Celebration of Indian Food” (Continued from Page 16)

For sides, we went with some tasty Garlic Naan, and Biryani Rice. The Biryani Rice was courteously prepared for us as a special sample of the rice typically served with a traditional Indian Biryani dish. This delectable rice dish derives its, multitude of flavors, and special tastes through the blending of many diverse spices.  I do not know how they do it, but it was excellent! Staying in gavone mode, despite being totally satiated, I still had to try their dessert; Gulab Jamon. I mean, you have to do what you have to do, right!  Round, milk-based, fried delicacies, sweet-tasting treats that melt in your mouth, soaked in a rosewatered scented syrup, it was a perfect way to cap off this feast.  Jashan by Dhaba is certainly a “ celebration of Indian food.”

Garlic Naan

Great food, outstanding, friendly, and attentive service, beautiful ambiance and vibe, very reasonable prices, large private parking lot, BYOB. I would recommend you stop in and enjoy an evening at Jashan. Jashan By Dhaba is located at 252 Route 46 West, Parsippany. (973) 521-9100. www.jashannj.com.

Goat Vindaloo

Biryani Rice June 2021


Parsippany Focus Magazine l 21


CCM to Recognize Culinary Students with Disabilities with Special Graduation County College of Morris (CCM) will be celebrating the success of two special groups of students to recognize their accomplishments that included participating in the launch of the college’s new Food Truck Entrepreneur class. A total of eight students will be recognized for completing the Culinary Opportunities Program (COP) for Adults with Development Disabilities. This is the third group of students graduating from the COP certificate program designed to prepare adults for work in a variety of food production environments. Also to be recognized are four high school students who are completing their second year in the Culinary Arts Share Time (CAST) program. CAST is a new program the college started last year with the Morris County Vocational School District that provides students with the opportunity to earn both their high school diploma and college credits towards a degree in Restaurant and Culinary Management at CCM. As part of the graduation ceremony, luncheon will be served from the college’s new “Culinary Café”

food trailer that is also the home for the Food Truck Entrepreneur class, which will be offered again during the Summer Semester. The college purchased the food trailer earlier this year to provide students with the opportunity to take advantage of a growing culinary business opportunity while also adapting to COVID protocols in the hospitality industry. The graduation ceremony was held Thursday, May 20, when the Culinary Cafe will serve up Cuban sandwiches, grilled chicken Caesar salad and cotton candy for dessert to the students and their families, as certificates are presented and guests celebrate the graduates’ achievement. The COP graduates consist of Joseph Ellis of Hackettstown, Daniel Goldman of Livingston, Kevin Lin of Whippany, Devon Para of Denville, Matthew Paton of Denville, Alexa Reiris of Rockaway, Danielle Stocknoff of Rockaway, and John Iocencio of Dover. The CAST graduates are Samuel Moore of Denville, Lea Hutchinson-Lundy of Mount Olive, Dante Soriano of Morristown and Eduardo Penafiel of Dover. To learn more about the COP program, visit www. ccm.edu/workforce/opportunity-programs. To learn about the CAST shared time program, go to https://www.mcvts.org/domain/1346/

22 l Parsippany Focus Magazine


June 2021

Your Local Network of Professionals This space is available Contact Parsippany Focus (862) 295-1300 MATTHEW C. WRONKO ATTORNEY AT LAW

54 Main Street, P.O. Box 325, Succasunna, N.J. 07876 (973) 584-0790 Fax: (973) 584-1988 attorney@wronkoesq.com

Olga Tsiavos

Broker-Salesperson Associate CRS, ABR, SFR, BPOR Circle of Excellence 2008-2018 Gold 2016-2018

Direct: 973-219-5102 sOffice 973-539-1120 E-Mail: otsiavos@kw.com www.olgasellsNJrealestate.com 44 Whippany Road, Suite 230, Morristown, NJ 07960

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Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. (c) 2020 Allstate Insurance Co.

David Rose (908) 219-9192

NJ Home Inspection License: 24GI00107700 NJ Radon certification Number: MET12870

June 2021

drose@astuteinspections.com www.astuteinspections.com 1234 Hollywood Avenue Plainfield, NJ 07060


Parsippany Focus Magazine l 23

24 l Parsippany Focus Magazine


June 2021


Chicken Saltimbocca

(feeds 4) 4 Chicken Breasts, trimmed and cut in half lengthwise. 8 Slices of thin Prosciutto, crisped in a pan. 8 Slices of Mozzarella 1 bag triple washed baby spinach, wilted and dried. 1 cup Brown Sauce 1/3 cup Marinara 1/3 Cup Madeira wine 2 large fresh Sage, minced. Salt and pepper to taste Chicken stock to adjust consistency

brown sauce, red sauce and whisk. Simmer sauce, add fresh sage, salt and pepper. Remove chicken from pan, and plate. Return sauce to a simmer, adjust consistency if needed and spoon sauce over the chicken. Serve and enjoy! Chef Matthew Pierone, Gourmet Café Restaurant 136 Baldwin Road Parsippany, New Jersey 973-316-0088 gourmetcafenj@comcast.net

Pat chicken dry with paper towels. One piece of chicken at a time, flour, shake off excess, and sear in a sauté pan. Remove from pan and place on a hot plate or sheet pan. Stack 2 pieces together and top with prosciutto, spinach and mozzarella. Place in the oven at 350. Add some chicken stock to keep moist. Bake in oven for 5 minutes. In the meantime, remove excess oil from pan and deglaze with the madeira. Add June 2021


Parsippany Focus Magazine l25


Joseph Carter: Building Businesses From The Ground Up (Continued from Page 5)

establishing a successful business in what can be deemed as quite an overwhelming digital world. And from the ashes, his very own company Secured Leap was born. Who is Joseph Carter? Joe wasn’t always living the inspiring entrepreneurial life he is right now. As a matter of fact, his beginnings were quite humble. Joe’s parents divorced at a young age and he was left with taking on the responsibility of being the man of the house. This taught him discipline and strength to persevere in even the toughest situations, something he preaches to his clients, especially in these trying times. 
 Joe went on to become a building engineer, managing teams of people and multi-million-dollar budgets at the young age of nineteen. While extremely successful and good at what he did, Joe had a different dream in mind, The traditional lifestyle was simply not providing him with the satisfaction he craved from his career.
 That is when the idea of starting his venture began to take seed in his mind. He had the drive and the discipline, he also had the knack for leadership, and everything seemed to fall into place as other things fell out of it. Ironically, what should have been considered the worst time of his life, turned out to be Joe’s best. After a tragic failure of a real estate venture that left Joe with massive debt and broken spirits, he found a glimmer of light in the hopes of helping others in the way that he wished he were helped when his entrepreneurial plans were not panning out the way he hoped.

Joseph Carter

into a successful venture in spite of this tough economy was only a matter of time before it transformed into a thriving business that has helped more than a dozen small and large businesses recover from the trying time that the pandemic has brought upon the economy. Currently, Secured Leap is one of the only one-stop shops for both new and existing businesses to bring their venture to the online world, and it is looking to revolutionize the field.

He wished he had the guidance to help him not only during the tough times but rather guide him through the entire process from the beginning, avoiding the mistakes altogether. This is what first sparked the idea of Secured Leap.

If you or someone you know is in need of help with setting up their online business presence in the form of logo creation, LLC establishment, advertising help, Secured Leap and their team of experts is the best in the field.

Joe knew the online world like no other and he knew business and what he didn’t know, he learned through his own mistakes. His mission to help failing businesses rise from the ashes and bloom

For more information visit https://securedleap.com

26 l Parsippany Focus Magazine

Article by Brand Berry, reprinted from influencive.com with permission of author.


June 2021



Team Barberio

RESTORING PRIDE IN PARSIPPANY Barberio for Mayor Neglia and Orme for Town Council Honest, Competent and Proven Leadership for Parsippany’s Future

June 2021

JUNE 8 www.parsippanyfocus.news

Parsippany Focus Magazine l27


Parth Bhagat Named to Dean’s List at University of the Sciences Parth Bhagat has been named to the Fall 2020 Dean’s List at University of the Sciences. Selection for this award is based on completing and passing all assigned courses with no grade below a “C” and attaining an academic average of at least 3.4 for courses taken in the Fall of 2020. Bhagat of Lake Hiawatha, is a Health Science student. University of the Sciences has prepared students to be leaders and practitioners in the healthcare and science fields for 200 years. Key to its distinctive education is a tradition of hands-on research and experiential learning that is evident in every graduate who has walked its campus. Since its founding in 1821 as Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, the first college of pharmacy in North America, USciences has grown to more than 30 degree-granting programs from bachelor’s through doctoral degrees in the health sciences, bench sciences, and healthcare business and policy fields. Discover how USciences students are proven everywhere they go at usciences.edu.

Parth Bhagat

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June 2021


Free Summer Youth Employment Program Open to Teens Morris County teenagers ages 14 to 18 can learn employment and life skills through NewBridge Services’ free summer youth employment program, starting June 28. High schoolers attend the program in-person or virtually for two hours once a week, and p articipate in supervised community service projects on Thursdays, NewBridge Career Placement Coordinator Irene Candelaria said. Classes are offered Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. “I really hope kids get motivation and job skills they’re going to need in real life,” Candelaria said. Participants will learn interviewing and job search skills, resume writing, financial literacy and stress management. The program includes job site visits and supervised volunteer experiences. One focus of the program is teaching teens to become better communicators so they can initiate conversations with adults, Candelaria said. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only four students a day will attend in-person morning sessions at NewBridge’s Parsippany location, 1259 Route 46 East, Building 2. Afternoon sessions will be held virtually, Candelaria said. The summer youth employment program, which includes transportation and snacks, is open to 35 participants. Call (973) 939-2423 or email

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Candelaria at icandelaria@newbridge.org. The program is funded by Morris County and runs through August 31. NewBridge Services, a 501c(3) nonprofit, is a leading provider of counseling services, housing and educational programs in northern New Jersey, helping thousands of children, adults and seniors each year. NewBridge treats mental illnesses and addictions; teaches skills for coping with stress, grief and challenging relationships; helps children who have been abused and neglected — and their families — heal; builds and manages affordable housing; offers school-based programs that teach children and adolescents resiliency skills for healthy emotional development; helps young adults succeed in their education and prepare for careers; and supports seniors so they can remain independent. Throughout its 58-year history, NewBridge has remained true to its mission of bringing balance to people’s lives by tracking shifts in communities’ needs and providing innovative, effective programs to meet them.


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1236 Route 46 West, Parsippany - (973) 917-3850 o RefillRx Mobile App o Vaccinations o Automatic Refills o Immunizations o Medicare Part D Consulting o Vitamins o Prescription Refills o Free Local Delivery o Assisted Living Facilities o Prescription Shipping o Patient Resources Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; Sunday Closed 30 l Parsippany Focus Magazine


June 2021


Seasons 52 Springs Into Morris County

Hanover Township Mayor John L. Ferramosca cuts the official ribbon during Seasons 52 grand opening

Seasons 52 officially opened its doors to the public on Friday, May 14. Featuring seasonal ingredients and an ever-changing menu, the restaurant offers guests the freedom to enjoy its balanced approach to food and wine.

Salmon, Caramelized Grilled Sea Scallops and Wood-Grilled Filet Mignon. Mini Indulgence desserts offer the perfect amount to satisfy a sweet tooth, with selections including Cookies ‘N’ Cream and Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cannoli.

The Seasons 52 kitchen specializes in oak-fire grilling and brick-oven roasting to be flavorful and light, with all dishes fewer than 595 calories. Menu items are handcrafted using 100 percent fresh, never frozen, whole produce, and carefully sourced meats and seafood. Simply prepared dishes to encourage guests to feel good about their choices at every course, with options including an assortment of flatbreads, such as Pesto Chicken and Lobster & Fresh Mozzarella, as well as freshly prepared entrees, like Cedar Plank-Roasted

The restaurant’s menu changes four times a year to offer ingredients sourced at peak freshness and flavor.

June 2021

Seasons 52 is located at 1402 Route 10 at Dryden Way. The new restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner daily from 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Sundays, Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Reservations are recommended, but not required. Indoor dining and outdoor seating are available, in addition to takeout.


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RESOURCE DIRECTORY Laura’s Pet Spa Full Service Dog & Cat Grooming Day Care and More

Contact us about your Landscaping and Lawn Care Needs

Wall Landscape Services 211 Kingston Road Parsippany, NJ 07054 (862) 684-2215 wallservices@aol.com


Heating and Air Conditioning

(973) 599-1133 www.laurapetspa.net

1576 Littleton Rd Morris Plains

Happy Paws House Calls Dr. Mandeep Mini Dr. Mandeep Mini Veterinarian

Here Call (862) 295-1300 for details

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-Vaccines & Sick Visits -Acupuncture -Chiropractic -International & Domestic Health Certs -Western & Holistic Medicine -Euthanasia Palliative Care

Photography for all ages and occasions. Head shots, Social: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Retirement. Corporate Events, Fund raisers, Product launches, Food, Advertising and much more.

(973) 216-9408

Call (862) 285-7799 www.parsippanyfocus.news


June 2021

SAINT FRANCIS : A PLACE TO CALL HOME Saint Francis Residential Community offers short and long-term Private Room options for seniors wanting to maintain their independence, but with assistance that is close by if needed. And, at a lower cost than assisted living. Our homelike environment provides: Over 120 years of trusted service, Medication monitoring, Housekeeping, Dining, Transportation, a Family-oriented atmosphere, WiFi Network, Library, Laundry services and more. Contact us at 973.627.5000 to learn more.

BRINGING YOU THE BEST IN SENIOR LIVING 122 Diamond Spring Road Denville, NJ 07834 973.627.5000 www.saintfrancisres.com

June 2021





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Kiwanis Clubs Distribute Over 40,000 Pounds of Food Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany was among a number of North Jersey Kiwanis Clubs participating in distributing over 40,000 pounds to those in need on Saturday, May 15. Over 1,000 families with 1,426 children in eight towns received food containing fresh garden vegetables and other non-perishable items. Joining in with Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany was Tri-Town Kiwanis Club, Kiwanis Club of Greater Roxbury, Kiwanis Club of South Orange/Maplewood, and Kiwanis Club of Bridgewater. “The USDA estimates that in 2018, about 774,860 people, including 219,760 children, in New Jersey were food insecure. That means one in 11 individuals (8.7%) and one in nine children (11.3%) live in homes without consistent access to adequate food for everyone to live healthy, active lives,” said Frank Cahill, Lt. Governor Kiwanis Division 9. To find information on Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany visit parsippanykiwanis.org. Paul Tarnawski placing a food box in a vehicle

Kiwanis member Justin Musella placing a food box in a vehicle 34 l Parsippany Focus Magazine


June 2021

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272 Parsippany Road, Parsippany Most Insurance Plans Accepted Author of “A PARENT’S GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING ORTHODONTICS”

June 2021


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Zoomus Marketing, LLC. 90 East Halsey Road, Suite 322 Parsippany, New Jersey 07054


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Parsippany Focus Magazine - June 2021  

Parsippany Focus Magazine - June 2021

Parsippany Focus Magazine - June 2021  

Parsippany Focus Magazine - June 2021

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