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Keeping Promises 2014-2015 REPORT TO INVESTORS

Park’s Promise

Serving those who serve their community and country with personalized, globally-relevant education for life.

DEAR FRIENDS, During this special anniversary year, we reflect on Park University’s proud 140-year legacy and look forward with optimism to ensure an even brighter future. We are grateful for the diverse and generous support Park receives from our new and steadfast donors. Your shared commitment to Park’s enduring mission has been a constant point of Park pride through the decades. For 140 years, the University’s mission has enabled Park to keep its promises to provide access and opportunity for students to achieve a private, liberal arts education. It is Park’s unwavering mission that has anchored the University through many changes and challenges. The landscape of higher education is always evolving. Delivery methods have changed. Economics have changed. For Park, one thing remains constant: a commitment since 1875 to help students pursue and achieve their educational goals. Today, Park’s mission is the driving force that moves us forward. It inspires us to make the difficult decisions to ensure Park is positioned to move into the next 140 years with an even greater sense of pride and purpose. It directs our every step to ensure we are meeting the diverse needs of thousands of Park students around the world to successfully face an ever-changing future. The University’s 2015-16 academic year ushered in another period of positive change — new leadership, new ideas and new initiatives — to strengthen and expand its proud heritage and leadership in providing a personalized, private university education at a public university price. We look forward to sharing the exciting year ahead with you, our friends and community. Sincerely,

Laurie D. McCormack Vice President for University Relations and Development


• We expect accountability for our actions at all levels, to each other and to Park University. • We treat all with civility and respect while being open and honest in our communication. • We seek excellence in all we do, with passionate learning as our highest priority. • We celebrate global citizenship through our connected learning and working environment, as well as community stewardship. • We embrace inclusivity that fosters diversity, teamwork and collaboration. • We act with integrity through honesty, efficiency and reliability.

Photo by Kenny Johnson


Park University provides access to a quality higher education experience that prepares a diverse community of learners to think critically, communicate effectively, demonstrate a global perspective and engage in lifelong learning and service to others.


Park University, a pioneering institution of higher learning since 1875, will provide leadership in quality, innovative education for a diversity of learners who will excel in their professional and personal service to the global community.



Sonja Burris, freshman, Kellee Sander, sophomore, and Bonnie Alsbury, assistant chair and assistant professor of nursing

Photo by Kenny Johnson

NURSES NEEDED • Registered nursing is listed among the top occupations in terms of job growth through 2022. The RN workforce is expected to grow from
2.71 million in 2012 to 3.24 million in 2022, an
increase of 526,800 or 19 percent.* • U.S. nursing shortage is projected to grow to 260,000 registered nurses by 2025. A shortage of this magnitude would be twice as large as any nursing shortage experienced in this country since the mid-1960s.* * Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections 2012-2022 (released December 2013) Photo by Kenny Johnson

“There’s a right time for everything,”said Gerry Walker, D.H.Ed, associate professor of nursing in Park’s Ellen Finley Earhart Department of Nursing. Walker has guided the growth of the nursing department since she arrived at Park in 2002.

This fall, the nursing program took the lead in meeting the fast-growing need for highly trained nurses when it moved into a 40,000 square-foot location in the new Academic Expansion Space on the University’s Parkville Campus and began working with aspiring Bachelor of Science in Nursing students. “With the commitment of Park’s Master Plan, we now have the space to house a truly state-of-the-art nursing education facility,” Walker said. “And with Park’s promise to meet the changing needs of students, we’re fortunate

Whitney Locke, sophomore

to have the administration’s support to begin offering the full, pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program at Park.”

fast-growing field or pursue a career change — leaving many prospective nurses stranded on nursing program waiting lists.

With a lifelong passion for nursing education, Walker added, “It’s a dream come true.”

“In 2014, there were 204 students who were qualified for admission to a nursing program in the Kansas City metropolitan area who were not able to pursue their education simply because all the established area programs were full,” Walker said.

Diagnosing the demand

Park has proudly served nurses in the Kansas City region for the past 30 years, offering an Associate Degree in Nursing program for licensed professional nurses to become registered nurses (LPN to RN). In spring 2012, Park expanded its reach beyond the University’s Parkville Campus with the addition of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Completion Program (RN to BSN) — a fully online program — to offer associate degreed and registered nurses the career mobility path they need to remain competitive in evolving health care environments. As the demand for nurses has surged, so too has the demand for nursing education — particularly for those without previous nursing experience looking to enter the

And despite a widely recognized nursing shortage, health care providers are rapidly implementing the BSN as a hiring requirement. The Institute of Medicine has set a goal that by 2020, 80 percent of RNs at the bedside will be BSN-qualified. Hospitals must comply to earn Magnet status, a quality designation. Since 2013, Park’s nursing program has received an exponential increase in inquiries — more than 1,700 calls annually — from prospective students seeking placement in the pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

Park University

was awarded a $75,000 grant from the Victor E. Speas Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee, for technology upgrades for the Ellen Finley Earhart Department of Nursing to enable program expansion. The University is grateful for the continued support of the Speas Foundation, which partnered with Park in 1985 to start the Associate Degree in Nursing program. To further support the growth of Park’s nursing programs, the University welcomed new faculty this past August, all of whom have experience and expertise with prelicensure nursing students. One of these faculty members, April Haberyan, Ph.D., will now head the nursing department to facilitate a well-deserved sabbatical for Gerry Walker, D.H.Ed, associate professor of nursing, who has guided the growth of the department since she arrived at Park in 2002.

Gerry Walker, D.H.Ed, associate professor of nursing, with students in Park’s Ellen Finley Earhart Department of Nursing

State-of-the-art solution

To find a way for Park to expand opportunities for students seeking advanced nursing education, Walker joined forces with Emily Sallee, Ph.D., dean, College of Arts and Sciences, and Scott Hageman, associate dean, School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Together, they researched internal and external indicators that clearly demonstrated it was the right time for the University to invest in offering the full, pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Park. In August 2014, Park’s Board of Trustees voted to approve the new program. With four new laboratories featuring expanded patient simulators, Park’s nursing program now equips future nurses with the latest advances in nursing education. To prepare students for the realities of patient care in a safe learning environment, the program utilizes:

Photo by Kenny Johnson

• Four adult and two pediatric computer operated mannequins (patient simulators) that have heartbeats, can breathe, talk and simulate a wide-range of medical conditions and biological responses to treatment. • Two birthing simulators that can birth a baby (including the possible complications of pregnancy and childbirth). • A control room where instructors can remotely operate the simulators to create both common and uncommon high-risk clinical situations. • A digital audio-visual system that records scenarios in simulated environments to facilitate learning. Debriefing after a simulation allows students and instructors to discuss what occurred, both positive and negative.

“Simulation will no longer be a once or twice a semester experience for our students,” Walker said. “The expansion of our simulated patient training will give students weekly opportunities to make clinical judgments and test their skills while building competence and confidence.” Walker is always encouraging nurses to continue their education to position themselves for greater success. “Nursing is one of the most stable, mobile and versatile professions with tremendous growth opportunities,” Walker said. “A bachelor’s degree in nursing is the gateway to a limitless future.”

Mackay Hall — the iconic centerpiece building named after Duncan Mackay.

Generations of Generosity:

Rutheloise Borchardt honors family with $200,000 estate gift Family members often share a connection to Park University — even among those who aren’t Park graduates and have never had the chance to meet. Park recently received a $200,000 estate gift from Rutheloise Borchardt of Sun City, Ariz., who passed away in December 2014, to support beautification of the Parkville Campus. The gift is named in memory of her mother, Katharine Smith Borchardt, who died in 1983. Rutheloise’s lifelong love of the Parkville Campus was a reflection of a family member’s critical financial support to build majestic Mackay Hall — the iconic centerpiece building named after Duncan Mackay. Mackay was an Illinois banker who donated $25,000 in 1885 toward the construction of the building. Borchardt’s great-grandmother was Mackay’s daughter. “Park is fortunate to benefit from the generosity of cherished family relationships we’ve sustained over the decades,” said Laurie McCormack, vice president for university relations and development. “It was an honor to personally meet with Rutheloise who expressed a passion for sustaining the beauty of the Parkville Campus that is a point of pride for Park students, alumni and friends around the world.”

Laurie McCormack and Rutheloise Borchardt

Brian McRae, Park University baseball assistant coach and former Kansas City Royals centerfielder, helped secure a grant to upgrade the infield surface at Comfort Field on the University’s Parkville Campus.

Major League Legacy helps Park score $10,000 grant from Baseball Tomorrow Fund and Royals Charities

His name is baseball royalty. When Brian McRae — a 10-year Major League Baseball veteran and former Kansas City Royals player — joined the Park University baseball staff as an assistant coach in 2013, all heads turned with a swell of Pirate pride. “It’s like having Warren Buffett spend time with business majors,” said Claude English, Park University’s director of athletics. “Brian has been an incredible addition to our baseball staff. Any time you have the opportunity to bring in someone that spent 10 years at the highest level, you’ve done something special for your student-athletes.” Aside from sharing his all-star techniques with Park

student-athletes, McRae is helping lead the way to improve the baseball experience at Park. Last spring, McRae was instrumental in securing a grant for $5,000 from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund — a grant matched by Royals Charities — for a total of $10,000 to upgrade the infield surface at Comfort Field on the University’s Parkville Campus. The University’s baseball program is Comfort Field’s main tenant, but more than 60 youth and high school games are played each year on the field, benefitting nearly 2,200 baseball players in the Kansas City area. “Park University’s baseball program prides itself on the quality of our playing surface. This grant is making a vital piece of field maintenance possible,” said Cary Lundy, ‘82,

Park baseball head coach. Last season, the Pirates’ home bullpen was refurbished and new wind screening with Park University branding on the outfield wall was installed. “We want to create a more fan-friendly atmosphere. This grant scratches the surface of what we want to do to improve Comfort Field,” McRae said. Among the improvements Park’s baseball program intends to make include a new press box, concession stands, restrooms and other amenities. “We know that Park’s baseball field attracts hundreds of prospective Park students and supporters to campus,” he said. “We want the baseball program to significantly contribute to their overall positive impression of the University.”

Continuing the Dream at Park Brian McRae played for five Major League Baseball franchises — the Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Colorado Rockies and Toronto Blue Jays. His major league career began in 1990 after being drafted by the Royals in the first round of the 1985 first-year player draft. He hit .261 in his career with 103 home runs and 532 RBIs, spending the majority of his career (1990-1994) in Kansas City, making his debut with the Royals on Aug. 7, 1990, against the Chicago White Sox. McRae played in more than 1,300 games in his major league career with more than 5,100 at bats. He is the son of Hal McRae, former Royals player, manager and coach. “Brian lived the dream and he knows how to teach the game,” said Park baseball head coach Cary Lundy, ‘82. “He brings a lot of credibility to Park’s baseball program.” McRae’s youth coaching experience includes managing the Kansas City Sluggers, a traveling showcase baseball organization for 15-to-18-year-olds in Kansas City. He has also served as an analyst for the Chicago Cubs Network (WGN), radio and ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight.” When he’s not coaching Park student-athletes, McRae is a student himself, pursuing a degree in social psychology. “I started playing professional baseball right out of high school, so I only took a few college courses,” McRae said. “Coaching at Park opens up an opportunity for me to focus on my college degree and allows me to pursue my goal to become a baseball head coach at the college level.”

Photo by Kenny Johnson

People First: KCP&L and Park University Share Top Priorities in New Park Partners Program “People first.” These two seemingly simple words summed up advice about leadership for Park University graduates by Terry Bassham, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Great Plains Energy and Kansas City Power and Light Co. during the University’s Kansas City Area December 2014 commencement. “People are your greatest asset,” Bassham said. “If you get that priority mixed up — and start worrying about balance sheets, earnings and income statements — you’re going to run afoul.” This guiding principle of focusing on the needs of people first as the foundation for success is shared by Park and has led to a valued relationship with KCP&L, one of Park’s inaugural Gold Level members of its new Park Partners program. Focusing first on the needs of people — particularly students and employees — is evident in KCP&L’s and Park’s priority for quality, accessible education. “We value programs like Park Partners as a way to forge and sustain positive community relationships that benefit a highly educated and capable metropolitan area workforce,” said Elizabeth Danforth, KCP&L’s director of public affairs. “Park offers the flexibility that is particularly convenient for working professionals to advance their education and pursue their career goals.” Over the years, KCP&L has supported Park in multifaceted ways, from coordinating with Park’s Career Development Center to recruiting interns and employees, and sponsoring Park’s annual Ballyhoo fundraising event for scholarships, to sponsoring special educational outreach initiatives for high school students, such as Park’s Summer Business Academy. KCP&L has also been generous in sharing the talent and expertise of its employees to volunteer on various Park boards and advisory councils. Recently, Park University and the City of Parkville, Mo., partnered with KCP&L and the Missouri Department of Transportation for new decorative street lights along Missouri Highway 9 in front of the Parkville Campus. “As the electric utility for the Kansas City region, our assets are here and our employee base is here. We’re not going anywhere else,” Danforth said. “Ultimately, our company is healthy if our community is healthy — from education and economic development to the environment. Partnering with institutions like Park is key to our success.”

Mailroom to Master’s Degree: Carol Baker, ’03, is testament to putting people first at KCP&L and Park University

The “people first” culture at Kansas City Power and Light Co. was a top priority to Carol Baker, ’03, when she began her career with the electric utility — one that started 27 years ago in the mailroom. Baker’s career trajectory since joining KCP&L is testament to the good advice she now passes on. “When I talk to college graduates, I always tell them to not be concerned about getting the top job, but rather to look for a company with a reputation for investing in the skills and career development of its employees,” Baker said. After earning a bachelor’s degree in 1988, Baker was interested in pursuing a career in public relations but unclear of her specific path. She learned about job openings at KCP&L, a company she knew had an outstanding reputation and culture. When she was offered a job in the mailroom, she welcomed the opportunity. “It gave me an ideal opportunity to meet and learn from people working in all facets of the company,” she said. Photo by Kenny Johnson

“There’s never really a good time to work a full-time job, attend class, study and manage family responsibilities, but both KCP&L and Park made it possible.” — Carol Baker, ’03 It was on her mail rounds that she discovered the route to her ideal career in KCP&L’s marketing and public affairs department. After taking an administrative role in the department and demonstrating her public relations skills, Baker was promoted to community relations manager, a position she held until a promotion in 2011 to focus on government affairs as a community business manager. Over the years, she gained a wealth of experience coordinating company volunteer programs, corporate meetings and events, and serving as a liaison to city and county governments, an area where she wanted to expand her knowledge and expertise. “I’ve always known I would pursue a master’s degree. An undergraduate degree provides a solid a foundation, but a master’s degree allows you to hone in on a specific area that will be beneficial to your career,” Baker said. Admittedly, she said it was a difficult decision. “There’s never really a good time to work a full-time job, attend class, study and manage family responsibilities, but both KCP&L and Park made it possible,” she said. Baker took advantage of KCP&L’s Education Assistance Program and the flexibility of Park’s Master of Public Affairs degree program, which is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. “Beyond the program’s convenient format, I knew Park had a very good reputation within the business community, and the faculty and graduates of its MPA program are impressive.” Within two years, Baker earned an MPA in 2003 and said she realizes the value of Park’s master’s program each day serving as a public affairs liaison for KCP&L to city governments — including city managers, mayors, public works departments and city councils — to guide them in tapping the appropriate resources and assistance they need from KCP&L for various city projects, from new developments to storm management. Baker is now giving back to her alma mater as a member of the University’s Public Service Advisory Council. “In my job, I meet many successful Park graduates who are leading public affairs initiatives throughout the Kansas City region, including some of my professors and fellow students,” Baker said. “It’s an honor to have this opportunity to pay forward my experience to support Park’s continued leadership in cultivating public service leaders, both in our community and around the world.”

Last fall, Park University launched Park Partners, a multifaceted program designed to create mutually beneficial relationships with the business community. Companies qualify as Park Partners by making a financial contribution to, and engaging with, the University in multiple ways. The program aims to fulfill specific needs pertaining to career services, as well as corporate philanthropy, leadership, professional development and networking objectives.

PARK UNIVERSITY IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE ITS INAUGURAL PARK PARTNERS: GOLD LEVEL MEMBERS Cerner Kansas City Power & Light SILVER LEVEL MEMBERS BankLiberty Burns & McDonnell ECCO Select Henry E. Wurst Inc. LaserCycle McRuer CPAs Port KC Saint Luke’s Health System Truman Medical Centers UMB Bank US Bank BASE LEVEL MEMBERS Commerce Bank To learn the many ways to become a Park Partner, contact Erik Bergrud, M.P.A. ’94, associate vice president for alumni, constituent and employer relations, at or (816) 584-6412.

career services | corporate philanthropy | leadership professional development | networking

A New View:

Campanella Gallery Receives $15,000 Grant from Stern Foundation for Relocation and Renovation To see their creative work professionally displayed — and to view the work of other artists — is indispensable to a quality education for art and design students at Park University. To support relocation and renovation of the Campanella Gallery on the University’s Parkville Campus, Park received a $15,000 grant from the Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts. Named for the late Vincent Campanella, professor emeritus of art and distinguished artist-in-residence at Park, who passed away in 2001, the Campanella Gallery was created in 1988 to host group and solo exhibits by Park’s art and design majors, as well as faculty and regional artists. The Stern Foundation grant will support costs to relocate and renovate the Gallery from its original location in the McAfee Memorial

Thanks to a generous gift of artwork created by the late Vincent Campanella from Campanella’s daughter, Tura Campanella Cook — including an endowed fund to provide preservation funding — Park is now home to much of his original collection, many of which are proudly

Library to the second floor of Norrington Center. The entire building is undergoing renovation and is expected to reopen in May 2016. The expanded Campanella Gallery will feature new lighting and storage space for safe art handling. “The art and design programs at Park are vibrant and growing with approximately 200 students either majoring or minoring in fine art, graphic design or interior design,” said Laurie McCormack, vice president for university relations and development. “This grant will enable our students, faculty and local artists to showcase their diverse talents in a larger, professional gallery space. We are grateful to the Stern Foundation for its continued support of arts education and programming at Park.”

on display throughout the University’s Parkville Campus. A walking tour exhibit guide to the University’s collection of original watercolors, sketches and oil paintings has been created for the enjoyment of Park students, faculty, alumni and friends.

Park Presents: The Business of Entertainment Ballyhoo 2015

Guests entering Ballyhoo on the red carpet.

Park University rolled out the red carpet to welcome sponsors and guests to celebrate Ballyhoo 2015. The evening event was hosted on April 14 at the new corporate headquarters for AMC Theatres in Leawood, Kan.

of the architecturally stunning AMC Theatre Operations Center and a special presentation about the movie distribution industry from Elizabeth Frank, executive vice president and chief content and programming officer at AMC.

This year, Ballyhoo (formerly known as Founders Day) — an annual event that raises funds for University programs and scholarships — supported Park’s School of Business and the Presidential Honors Scholarship. Billed as “The Business of Entertainment,” this year’s event was attended by more than 100 guests who enjoyed an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour

AMC is one of the world’s leading theatrical exhibition companies known for propelling innovation in the theatre experience with 350 locations and 5,031 screens located primarily in the United States. The event marked the first time AMC opened its doors to allow a nonprofit organization to raise funds and entertain guests.

Sandy Thode, Rick Thode, secretary of the Board of Trustees, and Laurie McCormack, vice president for university relations and development.

Kevin Prenger, Jeanette Prenger, ’09, Board of Trustees member, Courtney Goddard, vice president and general counsel, and Peter deSilva, former Board of Trustees member.

Michael Collins, ‘04, chair of the Board of Trustees, Molly Collins, Brenda Jackson and Keith Jackson.

David Warm, Board of Trustees member, and Ann Mesle, immediate past chair of the Board of Trustees.

AON, Summa Cum Laude Ballyhoo sponsor: Marlene McCabe, Joshua Eckrich, James Spears, Tom Redel, Scott Gray, Jane Arts and Jim Arts.

PARK UNIVERSITY WOULD LIKE TO THANK BALLYHOO 2015 EVENT SPONSORS SUMMA CUM LAUDE AON MAGNA CUM LAUDE David M. Fowler Jenzabar Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation Port KC UMB Financial Corp. CUM LAUDE EFL Associates Husch Blackwell LLP Kansas City Power & Light JE Dunn Construction Co. Lockton Cos. Skyline Displays Heartland U.S. Bank

BACCALAUREATE AECOM BKD LLP Backoffice Brigade LLC BankLiberty Erik Bergrud and Kimberlee Ried Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. Terry Christenberry The Dodd Family Foundation Roger and Darla Dusing Jeanette Prenger/ECCO Select Educationconnex LLC Mark and Mitzi Foster Courtney Goddard Helix Architecture + Design Roger and Nancy Hershey Jerry and JoAnn Jorgensen Brad and Jane Kleindl

LaserCycle Inc. Lathrop & Gage LLP Mark One Electric Co. Inc. Martin Marietta Dennis and Laurie McCormack McCownGordon Construction McRuer CPAs Hon. Ann Mesle Metropolitan Community College Miller Analytics LLC David and Petunia Monchusie Laura Ozenberger and Keith Cary Polsinelli ProPrint Digital Ricoh USA Inc. Danny Sakata Saint Luke’s Northland Hospital Andrew and Emily Sallee

Siemens Industry Inc. Sodexo Richard and Sandy Thode Truman Medical Center Charitable Foundation David and Julie Warm

SWINGING FOR STUDENT-ATHLETES Park University Hosts 2014 Golf Scramble The 2014 Park University Golf Scramble, a four-person tournament that benefits the University’s athletic programs, was hosted on Oct. 7 at The Deuce at The National Golf Club of Kansas City. The tournament raised more than $40,000 to support Park University’s Department of Athletics. Proceeds from past golf tournaments have helped renovate Park’s track, purchase a new electronic timing clock, refurbish seating at Julian Field and provide other resources for student-athletes.

Jinny McCoy, Karen Hass, Nanette Chatham and Shirley Tott

Nathan Marticke, M.A.C.L. ‘10 (Park University associate vice president of constituent David Long, Jason Fuehne, Mark VanLoh and David Yeamans development), Michael Collins, ‘04 (chair of Park’s Board of Trustees), Rick Thode (secretary of Park’s Board of Trustees) and Brad Kleindl, Ph.D. (dean of Park’s School of Business).

THANK YOU TO PARK UNIVERSITY 2014 GOLF SCRAMBLE SPONSORS TOM WATSON NCS Pearson eCollege JACK NICKLAUS 160over90 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Pepsi Beverages Company Ricoh USA Inc. Siemens Building Technologies Inc. Xerox ARNOLD PALMER Alexander Open Systems AON BankLiberty Burns & McDonnell Cerner Corporation Educationconnex LLC North Kansas City Electric Co.

TEAM Cruise Holidays of Kansas City/Comfort Tours & Travel Nathan Driskell Hakes Real Estate Heartland Motor Coach Inc. Honor Capital LLC Ryan Jensen KCB Bank Keller Williams – The Ken Smith Team Jason Kline Laurie McCormack Jinny McCoy Parkville Area Chamber of Commerce Sodexo MB2 Sports Martin Marietta Midwest Construction Services Inc. NextPage LLC PlattForm Advertising Port KC Michael Weighill Steve Wilson

INDIVIDUALS Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa Campione Interior Solutions LLC Brad Kleindl Richard Thode IN-KIND 54th Street Central States Beverage Co. Courtyard by Marriott Kansas City at Briarcliff Henry Wurst Inc. Honda of Tiffany Springs Marriott Kansas City Airport Park University Department of Athletics ProPrint Digital The Roasterie Inc. – Danny O’Neill Snacks on Racks Trezo Mare

Legacy of Enlightened Business Leadership Endures at Park “Treat others as you want to be treated,” said Christy Hazelwood. “That was my father’s guiding philosophy for success in business and in life.” As executive vice president of human resources for Marion Laboratories, Michie Slaughter institutionalized two core business philosophies — “treat others as you want to be treated” and “those who produce should share” — that were instrumental in creating one of the 20th century’s great American business successes. Slaughter, who died in March 2014 at the age of 72, was one of the primary architects of the leadership, organization and management strategies employed by Marion under the leadership of its founder, Ewing Marion Kauffman, during the company’s most dramatic growth period from $50 million to $1 billion in sales. “It was not lip service for my father. He truly believed that people are willing to work hard as long as they feel appreciated and are sharing in the goals, challenges and prosperity of a company,” Hazelwood said. Slaughter’s legacy for the enlightened use of human resources policies that are ethical, fair and generous as a component for creating business value will continue at Park University, thanks to a gift commitment of $250,000 from the Michie P. Slaughter Charitable Remainder Unitrust to benefit the University’s School of Business. The gift will endow the Michie P. Slaughter Fund for Ethical Human Resources Leadership, providing scholarships and supporting research. A portion of the gift will also be used to support the production of a case study of Slaughter’s work to be used in Park University business courses. “This gift will transform our human resources program,” said Brad Kleindl, Ph.D., dean of the School of Business. “It will offer students a unique opportunity to learn how Michie Slaughter helped Ewing Kauffman implement a management revolution through ethical leadership at Marion Laboratories.” Photo credit: Heidi Abbott, Thrive Creative Studio

In 2012, Michie Slaughter joined two other former Marion Laboratories key executives — Bob Rogers and Jim McGraw — as featured speakers of Park’s School of Business Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series on the University’s Parkville Campus.

Hazelwood said it was important to her family that “ethical” be a part of the fund’s name. “The word can sometimes be misunderstood as lofty, preachy or about morality. For my dad, it was very simple,” she said. “Ethics is a word that describes how you treat others. He believed that business leaders and entrepreneurs have a serious responsibility to carefully make difficult business choices that are good for everyone — from employees to customers and the community.” Slaughter moved from North Carolina to Kansas City in 1974 to join Marion Laboratories as the executive vice president

of human resources. In 1989, he helped found the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and served as its first chairman and president from 1992 through 1998. He also served on the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation’s Board of Trustees from 1998 to 2003 and helped design the Kauffman Fellows Program. Working with Hazelwood and her sisters, Michelle Slaughter and Holly Newton, Park carefully structured the fund to formalize an ethical human resources education that continues Slaughter’s legacy for future generations of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

“My dad always had a ready smile. He put people at ease. He didn’t play the power executive role because he didn’t believe in that. He didn’t see himself as someone lauding over employees. He thought of himself as right in the mix with everyone and valued each individual,” Hazelwood said. “That’s why we are especially pleased to establish this fund in honor of my dad at Park where his philosophies of how people should be treated are shared.”

Correspondent for a Turkish television station who participated in Park’s Center for Global Peace Journalism workshop in January.

Perspectives for Peace: Park’s Center for Global Peace Journalism receives grant for Syrian refugee project

The “global perspective” in Park University’s mission statement is evident in educational initiatives led by the Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University. The Center received a $35,000 grant from the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, to fund a special project, “Reporting Syrian Refugees: Building Communities of Understanding in Turkey.”

School room in Syrian refugee camp.

Roughly 1.8 million refugees have escaped the violence in war-torn Syria by seeking safety across the border in Turkey. Refugees have been maligned and scorned, due in large part to inaccurate and xenophobic reporting from Turkish journalists, further exasperating peace efforts. To address the issue of inflammatory media coverage of Syrian refugees, the Center partnered with the University of Istanbul (Turkey) on the project that includes training seminars and field reporting experiences that seek to defuse tension between refugees and their host communities. “Our training in peace journalism seeks to add depth and context to media reports about refugees,” said Steve Youngblood, director of the CGPJ and associate professor of communications arts at Park. “In doing so, it is hoped that refugees will receive more of the international assistance they desperately need.” The three-part project began with training seminars in Adona, Turkey, last December. In March, a Peace Journalism Summit was presented at the University of Istanbul. The third and final segment of the project was hosted in Malatya, Turkey, in November. Project participants offer counter-narratives in the

media that reject stereotypes and xenophobia by telling stories of the refugees in a way that helps communities understand the scope of the crisis. Since 2012, the Center for Global Peace Journalism has been dedicated to promoting the concepts of peace journalism, including advocating non-violent conflict resolution. “The establishment of the Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park is consistent with the University’s mission and core values rooted in a strong global orientation,” Youngblood said. The Center conducts seminars and courses both in the U.S. and abroad, and serves as a catalyst for international peace journalism efforts through The Peace Journalist, a semiannual publication with worldwide distribution, as well as the Center’s website ( The Center’s principles are also integrated into course curriculum and presentations across academic disciplines at Park.

In March, two Park students attended the International Peace Journalism Summit at the University of Istanbul. Michael Dean, a senior sociology major, plans to pursue a career in diplomatic and international relations. Taylor Miller, a sophomore communication arts/ journalism major, plans to pursue a career in international journalism.

2015-16 Board of Trustees Michael M. Collins, ’04 Chair of the Board Kansas City, Mo. Thomas H. Holcom Vice Chair of the Board Kansas City, Mo. Scott D. McRuer Treasurer of the Board Chair of the Finance Committee Parkville, Mo. Richard E. Thode Secretary of the Board Raytown, Mo. C. Ann Mesle, J.D. Immediate Past Chair of the Board Kansas City, Mo. R. Lynn Bondurant, ’61, Ph.D. Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee Avon, Ohio James Cornelius Kansas City, Mo. Lynn Craghead Kansas City, Mo. Katheen J. Dodd Kansas City, Mo. Dennis D. Fisher, Ph.D. Kansas City, Mo. Kristopher S. Flint, ’97 Kansas City, Mo.

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Richard Keller Leavenworth, Kan.

Charles A. Garney Kansas City, Mo.

Jeff McKinney, ‘81 Past President of the Park Alumni Council Round Rock, Texas

Virginia B. McCoy Past Chair of the Board Parkville, Mo.

Rosemary Fry Plakas, ’63 Alexandria, Va. Jeanette E. Prenger, ’09 Parkville, Mo. Danny K. Sakata Parkville, Mo. Judith M. Simonitsch, J.D. Independence, Mo. Eric J. Wade, ’82, M.P.A. ’85 Lenexa, Kan. David A. Warm Chair of the Trusteeship Committee Executive Director, Mid-America Regional Council Kansas City, Mo. Julie M. Wilson Lee’s Summit, Mo. Roger W. Hershey, J.D., L.L.M. Assistant Secretary/Past Chair of the Board Independence, Mo. Ami E. Wisdom Assistant Secretary Kansas City, Mo. HONORARY TRUSTEES

Mark S. Foster, J.D. Kansas City, Mo.

John C. Brown Past Chair of the Board Kearney, Mo.

Lindy A. Johnson, ‘13 Recently Graduated Trustee Richmond, Mo.

Robert P. Corbett, ’38 Lee’s Summit, Mo.

L. Louise Morden Lewiston, N.Y. Gerald R. Moss Decanso, Calif.

Park University Office of University Relations and Development Staff Laurie D. McCormack Vice President for University Relations and Development (816) 584-6210 |

Danita Hodges, ‘12 Executive Assistant for the Vice President (816) 584-6209 |

Erik Bergrud, MPA ’94 Associate Vice President of Alumni, Constituent and Employer Relations (816) 584-6412 |

Debbie Johnston Creative Director (816) 584-6819 |

Nathan Marticke, MACL ‘10 Associate Vice President of Constituent Development (816) 584-6844 | Jason Anderson Development Director (816) 584-6406 | Brad Biles Director of University Communications (816) 584-6888 | Alisha Blackwelder, ’03 Special Events Manager (816) 584-6420 | Carlos Chaurand Graphic Designer (816) 584-6889 | Linda Doubenmier Prospect Researcher (816) 589-0673 | Leah Fletcher Assistant Director of Career Development (816) 584-6578 | Jessica Greason Director of Advancement Services and Annual Fund (816) 584-6329 |

Hannah Kloster Special Events Coordinator (816) 584-6214 | JoMarie Mortelli Advancement Services Manager (816) 584-6815 | Fred Rohrer Graphic Designer (816) 584-6208 | John Roushkolb Social Media Manager (816) 584-6817 | Gabriela Sa Teles, ‘09, MACL ‘13 Web Services Manager (816) 584-6828 | Bobbi Shaw, ‘01 Administrative Assistant (816) 584-6207 |

Civic Advisory Council Stephen J. Duethman, chair Kansas City, Mo. James S. Allen Jr. Parkville, Mo. Charlotte Barksdale Lenexa, Kan. Vince Clark Leawood, Kan. Bill Dietrich Kansas City, Mo. Chris Fisher Kansas City, Mo. James Isom Kansas City, Mo. Bob Langenkamp Kansas City, Mo. Kaleb Lilly Overland Park, Kan. Yvonne Seckington Kansas City, Mo. Jackie Snyder Parkville, Mo. Michael Wurst North Kansas City, Mo.



n New Estate Intentions n Gifts In Kind n Pledges n Cash








$236,021 PLEDGES

$214,487 PLEDGES

$356,086 PLEDGES

$1,425,137 CASH

$1,662,434 CASH

$1,150,564 CASH





$1.9 million


total fundraising activity during fiscal year 2014-15 $1,000,000



unduplicated annual headcount (Fall 2015)

BREAKDOWN OF GIFTS RECEIVED Percentage of total cash donations received in 2014-15 by source. n Alumni n Other individual n Foundation n Business/Corporation n Other non-individual*





26% 32% 15%

*Non-individual refers to estates and trusts.

Percentage of total number of gifts 2014-15. n Alumni n Other individual n Foundation n Business/Corporation n Other non-individual*



7% 3%


school colors pirates mascot: “Sir George”


ethnic student population


canary and wine


undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio

school founded in Parkville, Mo.


graduate student-to-faculty ratio

41 campus centers

providing face-to-face instruction in 21 states, plus online internationally Parkville, Mo. (flagship campus) Downtown Kansas City, Mo. Independence, Mo. Austin, Texas El Paso, Texas Little Rock Air Force Base, Little Rock, Ark. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Ariz. Luke Air Force Base, Glendale, Ariz. Barstow Community College, Barstow, Calif. Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base, Barstow, Calif. Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, Oceanside, Calif. Fort Irwin, Fort Irwin, Calif. Victor Valley College, Victorville, Calif. Moody Air Force Base, Valdosta, Ga. Mountain Home Air Force Base, Mountain Home, Idaho Scott Air Force Base, Belleville, Ill. Hanscom Air Force Base, Bedford, Mass. Fort Leonard Wood, Waynesville, Mo. Whiteman Air Force Base, Knob Noster, Mo. Malmstrom Air Force Base, Great Falls, Mont. Holloman Air Force Base, Alamogordo, N.M. Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, N.C.

Grand Forks Air Force Base, Grand Forks, N.D. Minot Air Force Base, Minot, N.D. Defense Supply Center Columbus, Columbus, Ohio Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio Tinker Air Force Base, Midwest City, Okla. Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort, S.C. Charleston Air Force Base, North Charleston, S.C. Naval Support Activity Mid-South Millington, Millington, Tenn. Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo, Texas Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas Laughlin Air Force Base, Del Rio, Texas Randolph Air Force Base, Universal City, Texas Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Utah Fort Myer, Arlington, Va. Headquarters Marine Corps / Headquarters Battalion Henderson Hall, Arlington, Va. Marine Corps Base Quantico, Quantico, Va. Fairchild Air Force Base, Spokane, Wash. Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, Wyo.

Awards • Park University was selected as the No. 1 “Best for Vets” private college/university in the country and No. 2 overall in the “online and nontraditional” category by Military Times. • Park is again among the top-ranked private colleges/universities in the country for annual return on investment percentage, according to the PayScale College ROI Report. Among students who live on campus, not including financial aid, Park is ranked No.2 among all private colleges/universities in the country with a 9.5 percent annual ROI (behind only Brigham Young University). Among students who live off campus, not including financial aid, Park is ranked No. 3 among private colleges/universities with a 9.7 percent ROI. • For the fifth consecutive year, Park University was selected as one of less than 330 colleges and universities across the country to the 2015-16 Colleges of Distinction list. • For the second straight year, Park was one of 15 colleges/universities nationwide to receive a Best Value School distinction from University Research & Review. • Park was named to University Research & Review’s list of the “Best Ten Colleges You Never Heard Of.” • Ranked No. 9 on the “30 Best Affordable Online Colleges 2014” list and No. 19 on the “Best Online Colleges 2014” list by Best Value Schools. • Ranked No. 59 among all schools in the Midwest on The Other Colleges Guide’s “Best Bang for the Buck” rankings. • Ranked No. 15 on the “Best Online Colleges for Military and G.I. Bill” list by Online Military Education. • Ranked on the list of “100 Most Affordable Online Colleges in the U.S. 2015” list at No. 80 by Great Value Colleges. • Selected a military-friendly school for the seventh consecutive year by both Victory Media and Military Advanced Education magazine.

Park University's Honor Roll

Park University’s Honor Roll acknowledges all donors at varying levels during the fiscal year. This Report to Investors recognizes all gifts received between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. The Office of University Relations and Development has made every effort to ensure accuracy. If you believe corrections or additions are needed, please e-mail or call (816) 584-6816.

FIDES ET LABOR GIVING LEVEL Gifts totaling $100,001 or more Estate of Rutheloise Borchardt Donald J. Hall**


Gifts totaling $50,001 – $100,000 Donald J. and Adele C. Hall Donor Advisory Fund Victor E. Speas Foundation

CLOCK TOWER GIVING LEVEL Gifts totaling $10,001 – $50,000 Aon Michael, ‘04, and Molly Collins Morris and Tura Cook Peter and Michelle deSilva David* and Beth Fowler Goppert Foundation Joe Lewis Jefferson Foundation Rachel Martin Kendell, ‘44 Dean, ‘53, and Charlotte Larrick Philip and Patricia Love Missouri Colleges Fund Inc. National Christian Foundation Mark Ptashne and Lucy Gordon Kenneth and Roswitha Schaffer** Richard J. Stern Foundation The Sunderland Foundation


Gifts totaling $5,001 – $10,000 Ed and Margaret Bradley Michael and Katheen Dodd JE Dunn Construction Company Jenzabar Inc. Pete, ‘71, and Kelly Kale Kenneth B. and Roswitha A. Schaffer Donor Advised Fund Jinny B. McCoy Scott D. McRuer Molle Toyota Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation Port KC Steven and Evelina Swartzman

UMB Financial Corporation Dorla D. Watkins, ‘80, ‘00* WB Family Offices R. David Wentz David, ‘58, and Ruth Nettleton Wetmore, ‘56**

CANARY & WINE GIVING LEVEL Gifts totaling $1,001 – $5,000 160over90 CA, LLC Alexander Open Systems Anonymous** Robert and Judy Armstrong Tewaney Ayalneh, ‘03* and Cynthia Wissinger ‘05 Bank Liberty Baseball Tomorrow Fund Roger, ‘78, and Patricia Bell Erik Bergrud, ‘94,* and Kimberlee Ried BKD LLP BlueScope Foundation Lynn, ‘61, and Kay Oates Bondurant, x62 Burns & McDonnell Gregory Scott Byard, ‘97 James G. Cariddi, ‘49 Gayden F. Carruth Cerner Corporation CGSC Foundation Inc. Audrey Wentz Chinnock Terry Christenberry Robert and Shirley Miller Clark, ‘61 Robert P. Corbett, ‘38 Clarinda Creighton* Matthew J. deMayo, ‘10* Joanne E. Drake, ‘53 Michael* and Molly Droge Robert P. Dunn Manuchair Ebadi, ‘60† Educational Assistance Ltd. Educationconnex LLC EFL Associates Elizabeth T. Willems Trust Enterprise Rent-A-Car Dennis and Ann Fisher Mark S. Foster Karen R. Frankenfeld, ‘59 Fredric and Shirley Stith Gnau, both ‘64

John A. Gondring, ‘64 Arlisa Grayson David Hackathorn, ‘67 Harold E. Hirsch Foundation Inc. Henry Wurst Inc. Roger* and Nancy Hershey Brian*, ‘86, and Nadienne Hoffman, ‘03 Husch Blackwell LLP JMA Information Technology Inc. Jerry * and JoAnn Jorgensen Kansas City Power & Light Kansas City Royals Martin, ‘73, and Valerie Kirsch Brad Kleindl * Robert and Susan Hanson Klemmer, ‘64** The Klemmer Charitable Fund Lockton Companies Inc. Donald and Barbara MacDonald Antoinette J. Madeira, ‘88 Edward and Jody Manchion, ‘99* Marjory Louise Rodgers Rice Charitable Trust Dennis and Laurie McCormack* McCownGordon Construction LLC John and Jane McMillan McRuer CPAs Joe Melookaran Ann Mesle John E. Miller Missouri Arts Council David, ‘00*, and Petunia Monchusie Michael, ‘70, and Susan Newburger North Kansas City Electric Northrop Grumman Technical Services The Pattison Family Foundation Rosemary Fry Plakas, ‘63 Kevin and Jeanette Prenger, ‘09 ProPrint Inc. David Quemada* Frank Quemada Ricoh USA Inc. Royals Charities Inc. Dan Sakata Carol Sanders* Siemens Industry Judy Simonitsch

Skyline Displays Heartland Inc Charlie L. Smith* Jerry White and Cyprienne Simchowitz Ronald and Michelle Minyard Schwartz, both ‘70 Blanche and Neil Sosland Rick and Sandy Thode US Bancorp Foundation David and Julie Warm Wesley and Lou Rogers Watkins, ‘64 Jack, ‘59, and Marjorie Crabtree Wells, ‘60 Philip and Carol Groundwater Wheeler, both ‘62 Julie Wilson Xerox Global Services Zona Rosa’s Change for Charity/ Olshan Outreach **


Gifts totaling $100 – $1,000 54th Street Grill AECOM Technical Services Jeremy and Heather Aldrich James, ‘53, and Carolyn Jansen Alexander, ‘53 James S. Allen Harriet Allgood, ‘47 Stephen B. Allison, ‘69 Jason Anderson* Anonymous Peter Apostolopoulos Hilton and Judith Appollis, ‘06* Alexandr and Manana Arakelov Jimmy D. Arbuckle, ‘01 Argosy Casino Jose III, ‘06, and Carmelita Arispe James and Elizabeth Scott Ashlock, ‘53 Asian American Chamber Commerce** Kenneth, ‘04*, and Karen Austin, ‘03 Dennis Ayzin and Mira Mdivani Back Office Brigade LLC Barbara M. Bailey, ‘95 Theresa S. Baker, ‘75 BankLiberty Elizabeth Barnett, ‘41 Charles, ‘63, and Ruth Barton Jo M. Beld Theodore, ‘71, and Mary West Betsch, ‘72

Bradley D. Biles* Rosana Privitera Biondo Eric Blair, ‘06* John Blair, x65 Frances Woodbury Blair, x41 Lacy L. Blevins, ‘12 The Boeing Company Robert Bognar, ‘02, and Jennifer Carrera-Bognar Eric, ‘08 and Diann Bonner Charles L. Brindel, ‘65 William, ‘65, and Geraldine Brinton** Brinton Family Charitable Fund Margaret E. Brisch John and Judy Brown Richard L. Brownrigg and Amber Ankerholz Bertha Burns, ‘40 Robert and Beverly Burns Mary F. Calder Adrian M. Callaghan, ‘02

Francis C. Campbell, ‘78 Jackie M. Campbell, ‘11* Arthur M. Campbell, ‘43 Campione Interior Solutions LLC Robert and Beverly Somerville Cantine, both ‘62 Elizabeth Capps Karen R. Carter, ‘64 Jerry S. Carter, ‘79 Keith Cary and Laura L. Ozenberger Jonathan and Ellen Chilton Glenn Church, ‘92, and Marlene Taylor, ‘96 Gregory D. Claycomb* Michael, ‘72, and Carol Clissold Gary, ‘70, and Cathy Cobb Vito and Cathy Colapietro, ‘06* Jill H. Colburn, ‘94 Richard, ‘78, and Kathryn Coleman Comfort Investments LLC Mark and Mimi Comfort

Commerce Bank Cook Family Fund Donald, ‘49, and Caroline Cook Amy B. Cooksey, ‘49 Timothy, ‘03, ‘08*, and Susan Corbeil, ‘07* John, ‘42 and Anna Cory** The John C. and Anna M. Cory Charitable Gift Fund Trey A. Crawford Eugene, ‘64, and Erin Crooks Wilbur D. Curtis, ‘96 Don and Patricia Dagenais Keith M. Dailey, ‘00* Page and Beverly Dame, ‘67 Robert, ‘04, and Brenda Dandridge, ‘07 Augustin, ‘83, and Kyong Davila Johnny Ray Davis, ‘93 Woody and Louise Davis John S. Dean *

Kay S. Dennis* Suzanne Discenza* Robert Dodds and Deana Bland-Dodds, ‘89 Stacey L. Doherty Austin J. Doolittle Cecil and Linda Doubenmier* Joseph, ‘70, and Jan Drew Nathan B. Driskell Elton H. Dublin Sr., ‘83 William and Mary Duensing Roberta Dunlap, ‘55 Betty Dusing* Roger* and Darla Dusing ECCO Select Richard M. Eberst, ‘69 Jean Wolfe Edwards, ‘44 Alexandr and Manana Elia Carolyn Elwess, ‘71 * George Estabrook

PARKITE GIVING LEVEL Gifts totaling $100 – $1,000

Justin L. Eubanks John S. Eulich Roger Milton Evans, ‘89 Randolph and Jane Gillespie Fehr, both ‘64 Donald and Lora Kehr Fendlason, ‘58 Glenn Ferdman* Raul F. Fernandez Margaret Ann Fields, ‘73 Ronald, ‘75, and Karen Fory David, ‘61, and Anita Ferrer Foulk, ‘63 Jack, ‘54, and Barbara Hays Fowler, ‘55 Robert, ‘81, and Karen Frank Peter K. Friedman, ‘71 Beryl Fuller, ‘53 John R. Garrett, ‘78 James* and Linda Tunner Gary, ‘93 Paul, ‘60, ‘88*, and Sylvia Helms Gault, ‘60 Stanford Gerber and Linda McShann Gerber, ‘00 Gayle Gill William Gillespie and Terry Seelye-Gillespie, ‘65 Gerald W. Gillette, ‘50 Rick P. Gillis, ‘86 Kristin and John Goodwin Kelvin J. Goodwine* Lawrence B. Guillot* Ira Goldberg, ‘67 Jessica Greason* Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO James, ‘49, and Mary Griffes Scott* and Beth Hageman Hakes Real Estate Debra J. Hallgren, ‘00 Frank P. Hamilton* and Marie Corry Gary and Rosemary Hardison Gary and Sherry Harms Diana L. Harris Ruth W. Harritt, ‘50 Courtney Goddard Hawkinson* Heartland Motor Coach Inc. Hebert Inc. Timothy John Hebert, ‘98 Kenneth Hefner * Helix Architecture + Design Harold L. Henderson, ‘64 Dave and Gunda Hiebert** Dave and Gunda Hiebert Family Fund James and Danita Hodges, ‘12* Carole S. Hoehn, ‘77 Gregory G. Hoffmann, ‘94 Thomas and Denise Holcom** Tom and Denise Holcom Foundation Edwin and Mary Hood Jerome L. Hood, ‘79 Hormel Foods Corporation

Raymond G. Horvat, ‘89 Robert Earl Hoskins, ‘74 Paul E. Houghtaling, ‘59 David and Karen Myers Huinker, ‘69 Barbara Hulse, ‘58 Thomas L. Hunzeker, ‘71 Michael W. Hurley, ‘70 Beverly J. Hurston, ‘80 Renee Jack, ‘90* Margaret H. Jackson Stewart, ‘76, and Virginia Jaehnig Edwin and La Deena James James M. and Jane H. Stacy Charitable Fund Charles L. Jeffery Jr., ‘71 James R. Jensen Andrew T. Johnson* Marquida E. Johnson, ‘08* Donald, ‘69, and Carol Johnston Richard R. Jones Sr., ‘80 Mark W. Jones, ‘86 Maynard and Corrine Jones Judy A. Jordan, ‘10 Larry L., ‘77†, and Gloria Jordan Joyce and Donald Rumsfeld Foundation K & S Associates Inc. Theresa J. Keltner, ‘98 Spencer, ‘98, and Marcia Kendall Kendallwood Health Care Services Ruthanne Rene Kiefer, ‘11 Diana S. Kilbarger, ‘85 Jason Kline* Arthur, ‘65, and Susan Kluge Koenig Law Offices Stephen and Ellen Kort David Kucharczyk Alonzo E. Lane Mary Laren Erin S. Larison LaserCycle Inc. Lathrop & Gage Don and Evelyn Frierson Lawrence, ‘90 Roger S. Layman, ‘58 John and Melanie Lazor, ‘86 Benny and Edith Lee David R. Lee Samuel G. Leonard Steven, ‘72, and Jayne Lewin** Steven & Jayne Lewin Charitable Fund Tymeca S. Lewin, ‘09 Charles, x54, and Shirley Howard Linn, ‘54 Paul, ‘72 and Sue Long Dominic Lopez Richard and Donna Trelease Loraine, ‘75 Larry and Nanese Loza, both ‘05 Helen Lucas, x59 John, ‘83, and Susan Williams Lynch, ‘94 Christopher C. Madden, ‘91

Cody C. Malloy, ‘15 Jerold and Susan Marcellus* Mark One Electric Co. Martha Lee Cain Tranby Music Enrichment Fund Nathan, ‘10*, and Crystal Marticke Michael, ‘77, and Nancy Mason Joseph, ‘68, and Linda Traphagen Mastrangelo, x70 Michael S. Mattson, ‘94 Dorothy G. May* MB2 Sports Gregory A. McDonald, ‘93 Diana Boyd McElroy * Joel, ‘55, and Carol McKean Doug and Nina McKenna Jeff McKinney, ‘81 Jim, ‘71, and Karen McMillen MeadWestvaco Foundation David J Meatyard, ‘93 Metropolitan Community College Amy S. Meyer Michael & Susan Newburger Foundation Midwest Construction Services William and Geraldine Peterson Mier, ‘52 Robert, ‘56, and Marcia Miller Miller Analytics LLC Charles, ‘64, and Sandra Minert Missouri State University Kenneth A. Mitchell, ‘11 Marilyn J. Montague, ‘82 Richard N. Moore, ‘70 Louise Morden William W. Morgan, ‘81 Denahm A. Morton Gerald R. Moss Carla V. Mullen, ‘03 Michael and Elizabeth Weese Muncal, ‘05 Florence A. Naylor, ‘65 John S. Nelams, ‘81 John R. Nesbitt* Michael Newmyer, ‘74 NextPage Inc. Sally Nielsen Roger F. Nordquist, ‘55 John* and Jean Noren Lois Noto, ‘58 George, ‘57, and Cynthia James Null, ‘58 Robert Lewis Osborne, ‘07, ‘13 Irene H. Osuga Milton D. O’Quinn Joseph, ‘79, and Helen Parker Parkville Chamber of Commerce Bruce E. Patterson, ‘68 William and Linda Lawton Perry, both ‘67 James K. Phillips Jr. Victoria C. Pick Jean R. Pierce, ‘72

William and Virginia Pilchard Tari A. Piskac William * and Darlene Pivonka Plattform Ad Audrey J. Pollard, ‘49 Polsinelli PC Sam and Nancy Rohlfing Potter, both ‘66 Adam Potthast* Ergys Prenika, ‘05 Blake P. Priddle Hanh Van Quach, ‘79 Lester Ray, ‘69, and Carol James Dave E. Reese Tammy Adonna Reid, ‘91 Amy R. Reif* Brian Renshaw* Patricia E. Rhoades, ‘51 Lincoln K. Richards Beth VanGoethem Riekeman Roger S. Rikkola, ‘65 Carlos Riojas Saundra M. Ripper, ‘98 Niki D. Rittenhouse, ‘05* Domingo J. Roario Denne Roe Wayne Rogers, ‘64, and Nanci Rogers Joseph, ‘88, and Grace Rosboschil Gary, ‘67, and Trudy Henderson Ross, ‘66

Lester, ‘70, and Maria Ruark Peter C. Rothberg, ‘66 Gerald L. Rushfelt Saint Luke’s Health System Saint Luke’s Northland Hospital Andrew and Emily Sallee* Sandra L. Sanders* Walter, ‘94, and Melinda Schoemaker Schmitt Music Penelope Scialla, ‘69 Joe G. Schoggen, ‘43 Jerry L. Schrader, ‘57 Raymond and Marjorie Severin Gordon and Betty Flabb Shull, ‘47 Velma J. Schuster, ‘44 Michael and Mary Sellers Kian and Judith Shafe Michael W. Shaner, ‘12 Efrem B. Shimlis, ‘97 * Mary A. Shriner* Logan M. Sight Judy Simonitsch** Donovan N. Smith Jr., ‘56 Duane R. Smith Leslie H. Smith, ‘85 Robert, ‘52, and Elaine Smith Robert, ‘49, and Joann Hoell Smith, ‘50 Sodexo and Affiliates

Gordon L. Sparlin, ‘99 Rev. George C. Spence, ‘00 Sporting Kansas City Walton* and Susan Stallings Macondray J. Steiger, ‘72 Rosa M. Stein, ‘67 Nancy Steinacker* Peter A. Stelmacovich Jonathan D. Stepp William, ‘66, and Linda Stewart Hugh G. Stocks and Laurie N. DiPadova-Stocks* Straight Forward Bruce and Valerie Strauss, both ‘71 Frederick, ‘69, and Somjit Swain Tanner L. Swisher Nancy Szlapka Rex A. Tarwater, ‘00 Taylor Glass Bert, ‘87, and Martha Terrazas

The Terrazas Family Trust Stephen W. Terry * Judith L. Tharp, ‘63 Bernice J. Thompson, ‘58 James, ‘95, and Laura Threatt Allen Townsend Trezo Mare Ristorante Truman Medical Center Charitable Foundation Lyle Tweedy, ‘04 US Bank Linda J. Vestal, ‘94 * Maureen O. Viall, ‘83 Roger and Phoebe Wolfe Vance, ‘53 Lois Van Cleve William, ‘11*, and Kathleen Venable, ‘14 Harold, ‘70, and Claire Via Lucy Vigliaturo Arthur M. Vollbrecht, ‘14 Lynette Wageman, ‘59

James A. Waldrop Jr., ‘05 Jamie R. Walker Terrence * and Linda Ward James E. Wark, ‘96 Carol Bucher Washburn, ‘64 Dorothy J. Watson, ‘52 Henry F. Weathers, ‘74 Michael and Rita Weighill, ‘90 * Florence M. Weinberg, ‘54 Ronald L. Welch, ‘92 Edwin and Judith Wenberg Richard and Louann Osborne White, both ‘58 White Alloe Chapter D.A.R. William J. Groves & Kathryn H. Groves Trust Estate Marilyn A. Williams, ‘91 Charles and Margaret Mcelwaine Wilson, ‘65 Stephen P. Wilson, ‘13* William, ‘52, and Joan Woo

Robert, ‘97, and Kellie Woodruff Joyce Arlene Wright, ‘94 Robert, ‘64, and Gretchen Young Steven* and Barbara Youngblood, ‘09 Beverly C. Zimmer, ‘97 Fritz and Nancy Zschietzschmann Linda Zurn † Deceased * Faculty/Staff member ** Gifts given through funds held at a donor advised fund or contributions made to other organizations designated for Park University include: Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, Schwab Charitable Fund, The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving, and United Way of Greater Kansas City, Vanguard Charitable Endowment.

Club 1000 launched in the fall of 2013 to grow annual giving at the leadership level. Membership in Club 1000 is offered to those who make an annual gift of $1,000 or more. These funds are distributed at the discretion of the University’s president for Park’s most pressing needs.

Park has truly enriched my life both as a student and a proud graduate. Being part of Club 1000 is a small way I can give back to my University, and pay it forward to the next generation of Park students. — Elizabeth Muncal, ’05 Robert and Judy Armstrong (friends), California* Ken, ‘04 (staff), and Karen Austin, ‘03, Missouri Lynn, ‘61 (trustee), and Kay Oates Bondurant, ‘62, Ohio* Eric, ‘08, and Diann Bonner, Virginia* Ed and Peggy Bradley (friends), Missouri* Margaret Brisch, ’63, Oklahoma* Gayden Carruth (trustee), Missouri* Michael ’04 (trustee), and Molly Collins, Missouri Robert, ‘04, and Brenda Dandridge, ‘07, Illinois* Eric, ‘08, and Diann Bonner, Virginia* Joanne E. Drake, ’53, Colorado* Michael (staff) and Molly Droge, Missouri* Richard Eberst, ’69, California* Dennis (trustee) and Ann Fisher, Missouri* David (staff) and Beth Fowler, Kansas* Jack, ‘54, and Barbara Fowler, ‘55, Colorado* Tom (trustee) and Denise Holcom, Missouri* Donald Johnston, ’69, Hawaii * Jerry (staff) and JoAnn Jorgensen, Missouri* Pete, ‘71 (trustee), and Kelly Kale, Virginia* Marty, ‘73, and Valerie Kirsch, Florida* “Dean, ‘53, and Charlotte Larrick, Missouri* Toni Madeira, ‘88, Missouri* Nathan, ‘10 (staff), and Crystal Marticke, Missouri*

Dennis and Laurie McCormack (staff), Kansas* Joe Melookaran (trustee), Kansas Louise Morden (honorary trustee), New York* Elizabeth, ‘05, and Michael Muncal, Arizona* Florence Naylor, ’65, Colorado* Michael, ‘70, and Susan Newburger, Missouri* William and Linda Perry, both ‘67, Illinois* Rosemary Plakas, ’63 (trustee), Virginia * Audrey J. Pollard, ’49, Kansas * Jeanette Prenger, ‘09 (trustee), Missouri * Lincoln R. Richards, ’56, Massachusetts Joe Schoggen, ’43, Arizona * Kian and Judith Shafe (former trustee), Missouri * Neil and Blanche Sosland (friends), Missouri Macondray Steiger, ’72, California Bert, ‘87, and Martha Terrazas, New Mexico Rick (trustee) and Sandy Thode, Missouri * Bernice J. Thompson, ’58 (former trustee), Missouri William R. Walinow Jr., ‘71, and Karen D. Walinow, Georgia* David (trustee) and Julie Warm, Missouri * Dorothy J. Watson, ‘52, Missouri * Jack N., ‘59, and Marjorie C Wells, ‘60, Tennessee *Inaugural member

Photo by Kenny Johnson

Howard Bailey McAfee Heritage Society

Members of the Howard Bailey McAfee Heritage Society are consummate leaders who have demonstrated their love of Park University by committing to a deferred gift through a will, trust, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, deferred gift annuity, life insurance policy, remainder interests in real estate or pooled income fund gifts. Park appreciates its alumni and friends of the University whose growing numbers establish gifts through their estate plans.

Photo by Alicia Abla

Robert Bryan Armstrong Deanna Medlin Armstrong, ‘70 Noble I. Ayers † Clifford E. Backstrom, ‘32 † Evelyn Dahlstrom Backstrom, ‘33 † Rev. David Laird Barclay, ‘53 † Phyllis B. Bayer Richard C. Bayer, ‘54 † Roger E. Bell, ‘78 John A. Bennett, ‘50 † Eliot S. Berkley † James F. Bigalow, ‘39 † Dorothy E. Blackman † Ralph E. Blackman, ‘31 † John E. Blalack, ‘82

Robert B. Booth, ‘68 Rutheloise Borchardt † Donald J. Breckon Sandy Breckon Ethel M. Metheny Bricker, ‘44 † Frances Neil Broadhurst, ‘42 † William B. Bruch Virginia Bruch, ‘97 H. Hildreth Buterbaugh, ‘65 Anita B. Butler Beverley Byers-Pevitts Vincent Campanella † Robert R. Cantine, ‘62 Beverly Somerville Cantine, ‘62 Mae Cariddi †

James G. Cariddi, ‘49 James L. Cobb, ‘56 Phyllis Dawson Cobb, ‘58 Mimi Comfort Mark Comfort Mary Alice Corbett † Robert P. Corbett, ‘38 Anna M. Cory John C. Cory, ‘42 William Cozort, ‘57 † Martha A. Crockett James E. Crockett, ‘45 George T. Croskey, ‘40 † Tamas Gyorik DeSalanky, ‘69 Katheen Dodd

Michael Dodd Ruthann Crinkelmeyer Donahue, ‘64 Michael Droge Molly A. Droge Kenneth Eason, ‘32 † Betty Eason, ‘33 † Richard M. Eberst, ‘69 Charles J. Edwards, ‘42 † Dennis Epperson, ‘69 Bonnie Wallace Epperson, ‘70 Herman Fischer † Marion Tollaksen Fischer, ‘33 † Karen Peters Frankenfeld, ‘59 Audrey H. Freeman † Arthur B. Freeman, ‘65 †

Sylvia Helms Gault, ‘60 Paul H. Gault, ‘60, ‘88 Steven F. Gebert, ‘92 † Doris McClatchey Gerner, ‘51 James P. Gerner, ‘52 † John F. Gibby, ‘49 Ricky C. Godbolt, ‘93 Courtney Goddard Hawkinson Malcolm J. Good, ‘39 † Josephine Barni Green, ‘33 † Kathryn Houghton Groves, ‘31 † William Perry Guilkey, ‘97,’07 Edwin E. Hancock, ‘34 † Oradelle Malan Havey, ‘32 † Gwendolyn Hawks Loucile Mayhew Heckman, ‘33 † Carl F. Hedquist, ‘37 † Dean Henricksen Kathryn Henricksen Alice Hornecker, ‘30 † Robert E. Hoskins, ‘74 Kenneth Robert Hougland, ‘49 † Eva Mae Tyree Hougland, ‘50 † Doris A. Howell, ‘44 Thom H. Hunter, ‘42 † Ruth Rinehart Hunter, ‘44 † Joan Ioannidis Mary Lou Jaramillo, ‘92,’96 Richard W. Johnson, ‘69 Katharine Cox Jones † Louise Mann Juergens, ‘27 † Pete Kale, ‘71 Fred R. Kenower, ‘25 † James Kensett † Lenore Brownlee Kensett, ‘48 Arthur H. Kensler † Joyce Kensler, ‘88 † Diana S. Kilbarger, ’86 Arthur F. Kluge, ‘65 Lorene Metheny Knight, ‘39 † William R. Knight, ‘39 † Anne L. Wickham Lane, ‘91 Dean Demotte Larrick, ‘53 Cathy R. Lennon Patricia L. Sapp Lutz, ‘44 † Ora Mae Lyle † Edward F. Lyle, ‘25 † Kenneth MacDonald, ‘33 † Margaret Haner MacDonald, ‘34 † Ruth Yoakum Mackenzie, ‘33 † Donald M. Mackenzie, ‘33 † Harriss Cleland Malan, ‘28 † Michael John Mangus, ‘95 † Donald H. Martin, ‘45 † Margaret Nichols Martin, ‘47 † Robert E. Martin, ‘50 Dorothy May

Kenneth B. McAfee † Hugh B. McAfee, ‘41 † Mary Ann Sackville McAfee, ‘42 † Helen H. McClusky † Howard Y. McClusky, ‘21 † Virginia B. McCoy Diane K. McDowell David W. McDowell, ‘60 † Maria E. McGregor Neal L. McGregor, ‘89,’92 Marcia S. Miller Robert Clinton Miller, ‘56 Milton H. Mohler † Ferne Mohler † Margaret Ann Monahan Rita Monahan David F. Monchusie, ‘00 Thomas R. Mooney, ‘67 † John M. Moore, ‘25 † Margaret Whiteside Moore, ‘27 † Louise Morden Cameron H. Morrison † Florence A. Ito Naylor, ‘65 Michael Newburger, ‘70 Jessie Craig Obert, ‘31 † Timothy Pelton, ‘70 Andrea Lang Pelton, ‘70 Thomas A. Perry, ‘34 † Lora Turner Perry, ‘40 † William L. Perry, ‘67 Linda Lawton Perry, ‘67 Harry Peters, ‘35 † Rosena E. Eldridge Peters, ‘36 † Robert R. Pevitts Barbara Ann Potts, ‘54 † Constance Koning Proffitt, ‘54 Russell Proffitt, ‘55 † Mary Ann Metheny Putman, ‘41 † David V. Quemada Patria Quemada † Thomas A. Ray, ‘71 Mary Bess Markward Renken, ‘33 † Marjory Louise Rodgers Rice, ‘38 † Verna Griffin Richardson, ‘55 † Dorothy Riggs, ‘30 † Robert M. Riley, ‘43 † Betty Ann Meyers Riley, ‘45 Stanley K. Rogers Annelle Hauetter Rogers, ‘60 Gerald L. Rushfelt Penelope Tipton Salazar, ‘63 Weston T. Sauby † Lucille Crawford Sauby, ‘43 Barbara Moser Schaible, ‘56 Winifred Harris Scheib, ‘37 Harold Scheib, ‘39 † Joe G. Schoggen, ‘43

Charlene Schwenk Schoggen, ‘43 † Maxine Spoor Schoggen, ‘46 Phil H. Schoggen, ‘46 Robert W. Seamans, ‘56 Joseph T. Sefcik, ‘43 Barbara L. Small † Terry Snapp Betty G. Snapp Talma B. Stanley, ‘29 † Thompson Starfire, ‘65 † G. Ross Stephens, ‘49 † James David Stratton † Hila Richards Stratton, ‘35 † Jerrie McComb Sullenberger, ‘45 Willard Franklin Sullenberger, ‘45 Mary E. Swallen, ‘25 † Stanton A. Taylor Eleanor McDaniel Taylor, ‘54 † Hugh Temple † Saranna Johnson Temple, ‘43 Tammy M. Thompson Bernice J. Collins Thompson, ‘58 Timothy Joel Thompson, ‘93 Betty Broadbent Turner, ‘31 † Berniece M. Miller Vaughan, ‘34 † Constance Vulliamy, ‘33 †

Gary Wages Lynette Wages Irvine D. Walker, ‘32 † Marie Hubbard Walker, ‘34 † Clara M. Mariner Wallace, ‘26 † Alice W. Winter Waln, , ‘23 † Charles Walters Dorothy K. King Walters, ‘47 Dorla D. Watkins, ‘80,’00 Dorothy J. Harper Watson, ‘52 Ann E. Webb, ‘81,’99 Michael A. Weighill Rita Weighill, ‘90 Thomas M. Wells, ‘34 † Martha Findlay Welsh, ‘27 † Marjorie Jacoby Westmoreland, ‘41 † Carol Groundwater Wheeler, ‘62 Philip D. Wheeler, ‘62 Jim Willson, ‘56 Mary Alice Webb Wilson, ‘32 † Jerome W. Wilson, ‘33 † June Delores Withers Mary Wolfe † Herbert Snow Wolfe, ‘18 † † Deceased

Tribute Gifts

Park University offers a meaningful way to celebrate those special individuals in our lives who have made a positive impact for which we are grateful. Park is privileged to receive these generous gifts in honor and in memory of faculty, alumni, staff and friends of the University.

IN HONOR OF Scott Hageman by: Michael and Rita Weighill, ‘90 Garry Hoffmann by: Gregory G. Hoffmann, ‘94

Jack Palmer by: David L. Palmer Joseph Ryan by: Mary Eleanore Griffin, ‘98


Steven M. Karbank, Marcia S. Karbank and Joe Smuckler by: Jonathan and Ellen Chilton

Thomas W. Beld, ‘72 by: Jo M. Beld

Diana Kilbarger by: James E. Clippard

David Laird Barclay, ‘53 by: Karen R. Frankenfeld, ‘59

Larry D. Minor by: Jeremy and Heather Aldrich

Waldo Y. Burger, ‘42 by: Amy S. Meyer

David L. Moore, ‘92 by: Roger Milton Evans, ‘89

Mae Cariddi by: Michael and Rosemary Arnone; Anthony Barulich; Michael and Ann Beninato; Ronald and LeeAnn Blinzler; Donald and Sandy Breckon; Richard L. Brownrigg and Amber Ankerholz; James G. Cariddi, ‘49; Marie Cascil; Evelyn Casey; Club Campofelice Di Fitalia; Sandra K. Corte; Catherine M. Danna; Richard and Anna Estes; Jacqueline Filardo; Paul, ‘60, ‘88, and Sylvia Helms Gault, ‘60; Samual and Lana Gill; Paula R. Gorenflo; Ryland and Margaret Graupner; Gary and Sherry Harms; Michael and Joy Hobick; Jon and Cathy Hopkins; Koenig Law Offices; Edward T. Kratty Jr.; Julia L. Lindner; Kenneth and Linda Mann; Adrienne J. Middleton; Ted and Miller; Amy L. Parsons; Agnes M. Saladino; Lou and D. Rene Serrone; Esther J. Shelton; Fredda Strode; Lucy Vigliaturo Bessie L. Droge by: Paul, ‘60, ‘88, and Sylvia Helms Gault, ‘60; Roger and Nancy Hershey; Dennis and Laurie McCormack; Dan Sakata

Albert Dusing by: C.W. and Pamela Bercaw; Lynn, ‘61, and Kay Oates Bondurant, x62; Ronald Brecke; Donald and Sandy Breckon; Dobbs Elementary School Teachers; Betty J. Downing; Betty Dusing; Levester and Winifred Edwards, ‘03; Betty Fogarty; David and Beth Fowler; Paul, ‘60, ‘88, and Sylvia Helms Gault, ‘60; Donald J. Hall; Deena Holt; J & B Machining; Helen Lucas, x59; Michael and Antonia Mancuso; Dorothy G. May; Dona A. McAndrews; Dennis and Laurie McCormack; McRuer CPAs; James K. Phillips Jr. ; William and Darlene Pivonka; Mary A. Shriner; Doris H. Strong; Dorla D. Watkins ‘80, ‘00; Diane E. Williams Bob Goodwin George Estabrook; Paul and Linda Huebner Larry L. Jordan, ‘77 by: Gloria Jordan Kuno B. Laren, ‘48 by: Mary Laren Nicholas E. Manchion by: Raymond and Marjorie Severin Royce Martin by: Roger and Nancy Hershey Ramon F. Noches by: Lucinda Noches Talbert Norma Parrott by: White Alloe Chapter D.A.R. Marlowe Sherwood, ‘63 by: William and Barbara Mcdowell Whitt, ‘65 Michiko Taniguchi, ‘62 by: Irene H. Osuga Luke Ryan Williams by: Raymond and Marjorie Severin Samuel David Williams by: Raymond and Marjorie Severin

Park University is an equal opportunity employer encouraging applications from women and minorities. The University will recruit and employ qualified personnel and will provide equal opportunities during employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or status as a qualified protected veteran. 8700 NW River Park Drive Parkville, MO 64152

Park University's degree programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Park University is a private, nonprofit, institution of higher learning since 1875.

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