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Dramatic New Mixed Use Development and Public Open Space

Dramatic New Mixed Use Development and Public Open Space



“Our practice revolves around you: the patient.”
practice revolves around you: patient.”
— DR.

25 years, Dr. Ariel Ostad, has trusted world surgeon in his is Triple BoardCertified in Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Mohs Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery, and Dermatology. He known for his expertise in skin lasers, liposuction, skin cancer surgery, and facial Dr. founder of a boutique aesthetics practice located in Upper East Side NYC, distinguished his artistry, “less more” facial anatomy advanced refined and impeccable approach to compassionate personalized care. He is passionate about having an on his patients and helping them look as they feel. Dr. Ostad aims to empower his promoting healthy skin, wellness, anti-aging, and Ostad international notoriety for his in Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Skin and Facial Reconstructive Surgery. He textbook of Skin and he contributing associate editor for Journal Drugs in Dermatology. Dr. Ostad received extensive from NYU, UCLA and is fellow American Academy Cosmetic Surgery, American Society of Surgery, American for Laser Medicine Surgery, and is on the medical council of Skin Foundation. Dr. Ostad is an associate professor School of where surgery to young doctors in training. has received President’s Volunteer Service Award from President in 2012. His hobbies the arts, reading meditation, and studying longevity and lifespan. Dr. Ostad resides with his three children in NYC.

For over 25 years, Dr. Ariel Ostad, has been a trusted and leading world class surgeon in his field. He is Triple BoardCertified in Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Mohs Micrographic Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery, and Cosmetic Dermatology. He is known for his expertise in cosmetic skin rejuvenation, lasers, liposuction, body contouring, skin cancer surgery, and facial reconstruction. Dr. Ostad, founder of a boutique aesthetics practice located in Upper East Side of NYC, is distinguished by his artistry, “less is more” philosophy, facial anatomy expertise, advanced techniques, refined results, and impeccable approach to compassionate personalized care. He is passionate about having an impact on his patients and helping them look as good as they feel. Dr. Ostad aims to empower his patients by promoting healthy skin, wellness, anti-aging, and a positive mindset. Dr. Ostad yields international notoriety for his skill in Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Skin Cancer and Facial Reconstructive Surgery. He has co-authored a textbook entitled Practical Management of Skin Cancer, and he is a contributing associate editor for Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. Dr. Ostad received extensive medical training from NYU, Harvard, UCLA and is a fellow of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, and is on the medical council of the Skin Cancer Foundation. Dr. Ostad is an associate clinical professor at NYU School of Medicine where he teaches surgery to young doctors in training. He has received The President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama in 2012. His hobbies include the arts, reading books, meditation, exercise, and studying longevity and lifespan. Dr. Ostad resides with his wife and three children in NYC.


Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation

Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation

Liposuction local anesthesia

Liposuction under local anesthesia

Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Upper and Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Nonsurgical Face and Neck Lift

Fat Transfer

Face and Neck Lift Fat

Nonsurgical Body

Nonsurgical Body Tightening

Mohs Micrographic Cancer

Mohs Micrographic Skin Cancer

Surgery and Facial Reconstruction

Surgery and Facial Reconstruction



Facial Fillers

Facial Fillers

Scar Revision

Scar Revision

Lasers for sun damage, brown spots, wrinkles, scars, rosacea

Lasers sun damage, brown spots, wrinkles, scars,

Platelet Rich Plasma for hair restoration

Platelet Rich hair restoration

AviClear Laser for acne

AviClear Laser for acne

Sclerotherapy for leg veins

Sclerotherapy for leg veins

Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation

Cosmetic removal of moles and benign growths

212-517-7900 897 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10065 Between 66th and 67th Street on Lexington Avenue
Cosmetic removal and benign growths 212-517-7900 Lexington Ave, New NY 10065 Between 66th and 67th Street Avenue

FOPE is an Italian fine jewelry brand established in 1929. The headquarters and production facilities are located in Vicenza, Italy, where all jewelry is still proudly made in-house thanks to a unique combination of craftsmanship and bespoke technology.

The FOPE creations share a distinctive character given by the 18kt gold weave that varies in width and design. This signature

jewelry represents a quintessentially Italian idea of style which has gained further global recognition with the introduction of Flex’it.

The Flex’it bracelets and rings are crafted solely in 18kt gold and are rendered fully flexible thanks to tiny gold springs hidden between each link, an exclusive invention the brand has patented worldwide.


Beautiful Blooms, Beautiful Life

For 80 years, the Winston Flowers name has been synonymous with unparalleled products, quality, and service. From stunning weekly flowers and custom container gardens to unforgettable décor for in-home entertaining, our expert team offers a full menu of services to suit your lifestyle and your home. Life is beautiful, after all—so make every day an occasion to celebrate with beautiful blooms.

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IEditor’s Letter

t’s time to shake off the last of those winter blues and step into spring - and there are already plenty of events and travel destinations in bloom. In this issue, we are proud to highlight our favorite writer, PARK’s very own Michael Gross, who is already getting nods from the critics for his Flight of the Wasp, the ultimate voyeurism into the lives of the rich and famous. We also speak to several power women who are making a difference and showcase the Soloviev Foundation, which is shaking up the art world with its philanthropic efforts.

The charitable arm of the Soloviev Group, the foundation is dedicated to shaping a better future and bridging diversity with a common language. It is also passionate about helping the most vulnerable, exemplified in their partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and have also given support to a Vatican-led project that teaches values to underprivileged children.

The world needs light now more than ever, and Bruce Munro, known for his world-renowned light-based installations, has done it again with his latest project, The Field of Light at Freedom Plaza in Manhattan - made possible by a gracious commission from the Soloviev Foundation. British-born Munro believes the Midtown East urban location only makes this project more fantastical.

We also visit artist and collector Hunt Slonem at his home - one of many. The famed artist, whose works are found in galleries around the world as well as at Bergdorf Goodman, keeps us enchanted with his creative vision. Known for his butterflies and bunnies, Slonem’s whimsical work can also be found in decorative items including placemats, sculptures, sheets and houseware.

Fresh off of International Women’s Day, we are honored to introduce you to well-known philanthropist, actress, author and animal activist Leesa Rowland. With new creative projects as well as a self-hope book that wants to teach you how to hone in on your charisma, Rowland keeps things rolling. Meanwhile, Dr. Franziska Huettner might

just be the city’s most passionate plastic surgeon. Women around the world appreciate her expertise – Dr. Huettner even offers post-op photo shoots to make every woman feel like the goddess that she is.

Some of the biggest events coming up this season include the Youth America Grand Prix’s 25th-anniversary gala, featuring some of the most talented dancers from around the world, and of course, we are already waiting for the Met Gala theme announcement.

If warm weather triggers the travel bug in you, find yourself under the Tuscan sun, especially in one of Gianluca Ziveri’s Italian Style Villas properties. His offerings can be found from the shores of Sicily to the mountains of Piedmont and everything in between. Each special home also offers personalized guest services ranging from Michelin-star private chefs to bicycle rentals and can be booked through travel company J.MAK Hospitality.

For some Southern charm, Wild Dunes, a Hyatt resort just a short drive from Charleston, South Carolina, epitomizes laidback luxury with beachfront accommodations plus plenty of outdoor activities and dining options. You may prefer to find yourself immersed in the rugged landscape of the Midwest at Green O, the first-of-its-kind adults-only luxury getaway just outside Missoula, Montana. Maui is also inviting travelers back after its devastating wildfires, and the newly renovated Fairmont Kea Lani is the best place to savor the spirit of this special island.

Wherever you go, bring a copy of PARK - and your sense of adventure!


Experience Makes The Difference



AFrom the Publisher

s my team and I were putting the finishing touches on our Spring 2024 issue, I came to the realization that PARK is three years old! It really did startle me that around this time in 2021 I was gearing up to become an independent publisher. Of course, it goes without saying (or, at least, how Hillary would phrase it) that it takes a village, and that without my partners, the editorial staff, design and sales team, none of this would have been possible. So, a thank you to them for making it all happen.

Here at PARK, we are constantly evolving; I believe strongly in moving forward with purpose and adjusting to the ever-changing marketplace in which we find ourselves. With that said, we are now the only independently owned magazine in New York that text messages our issues to readers! Now received through the USPS, at exclusive hotel rooms and on the phones of this country’s most affluent, PARK has become the magazine, as our indefatigable George Wayne likes to quip, for Billionaire’s Row (and for their homes in the Hamptons and Palm Beach).

It is my hope that you read the following pages with interest and that we help you glean much-wanted information on a wide range of topics. I’m particularly proud of the article on Michael Gross’ latest book, Flight of the Wasp: The Rise, Fall, and Future of America’s Ruling Class. But beyond that, we have in-depth articles on the Soloviev Foundation and The Field of Light, a piece on Hunt Slonem by Lady Lilliana Cavendish and a slew of tempting travel stories

Thank you, dear reader, for picking up PARK, for appreciating the effort that goes into it and for driving us to be better!

See you next issue!

22 |
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Flight of the WASP: The Rise, Fall and Future of America’s Original Ruling Class, bestselling author Michael Gross (Model, 740 Park, House of Outrageous Fortune, Focus) retells American history through the lens of a dozen privileged, often intermarried families who came to America in Colonial times. The book focuses on one individual in each era of American history, people who, for good and ill, invented a new nation, and sometimes failed as spectacularly as they succeeded. Each stood out in American families that persisted through up to fifteen generations—and Gross also traces those families from their arrival in the New World to today.

It opens with religious dissenter William Bradford, a Mayflower organizer and leader of the Plymouth Colony. It then introduces Gouverneur Morris, the reluctant revolutionary, lascivious libertine and least-known Founding Father, who wrote the U.S. Constitution before becoming the new nation’s ambassador to France. He later married a relative of John “Jack” Randolph, scion of one of Virginia’s fabled First Families, a gender fluid slave owner who was also an onand-off drug addict, and who would later be proclaimed the father of modern American conservatism. Next up is Nicholas Biddle, offspring of prominent Quakers, an erudite, handsome, highly social eminence who headed the Second Bank of the United States, forerunner of today’s Federal Reserve, but ran afoul of the anti-elitist President Andrew Jackson, and died in disgrace. Biddle shares a chapter with Lewis Cass, the longtime governor of the Michigan Territory and author of Jackson’s brutal policy of pushing native Americans onto reservations west of the Mississippi River.

Moving into the middle 19th Century, we’re introduced to Henry Shelton Sanford, a New England heir who founded America’s first overseas espionage network during the Civil War, before repeatedly failing in business, and enabling King Leopold of Belgium’s theft and rape of the African Congo, even as Shelton pioneered Florida’s tourism and citrus industries. In the Gilded Age, Gross focuses on George Peabody, the father of today’s JPMorgan Chase banking behemoth, who epitomized greed and accumulation, but became one of America’s first philanthropists, and William Collins Whitney, whose family married into the Bradfords, setting him on a course to power and wealth, first as the modernizer of the U.S. Navy, then as a behind-the-scenes political fixer, and one of the founders of New York City’s transit system, and finally as the man behind one of America’s greatest inherited family fortunes.


In the first half of the 20th Century, we meet Henry Fairfield Osborn, the eminent paleontologist who headed the American Museum of Natural History for decades, made it a world-class institution, but destroyed his own reputation by championing WASP supremacy and flirting with Germany’s Nazis. He’s followed by Michael Butler, the bi-sexual polo-playing playboy heir to Chicago’s Butler Paper and Butler Aviation fortunes, who romanced Audrey Hepburn, Tyrone Power and Rock Hudson, and married women three times before producing the 1960s Broadway phenomenon, Hair, but followed that undeniable accomplishment with decades of hair-brained failed schemes that led to his ignominious bankruptcy.

The excerpt that follows is from the closing pages of the book, in which Gross looks at the lives of living members of many of those families. It focuses on Whitney Tower, Jr., a direct descendent of Bradford, and Whitney, as well as Anthony J. Drexel, the Philadelphia banker, and Katharine Drexel, one of the few American Catholic Saints. Whitney was no saint. From rock-and-roll backstages to Andy Warhol’s Factory, to legendary discos like Studio 54, The Surf Club and Xenon, and on to equally famous drug rehabilitation clinics, Tower blazed a trail from excess to contrition to confinement in a wheelchair, but somehow never lost his sense of humor.


highest-profile heirs of the Gilded Age. Harry Payne Whitney and Gertrude Vanderbilt had three children, Flora (b. 1897); Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, who was also known as both C.V. and Sonny (b. 1899); and Barbara (b. 1903); they inherited fortunes from both their father and their grandfather William C. Whitney. The fortune of Oliver Payne, William C.’s estranged Yale roommate and brother-in- law, passed through Harry’s brother Payne to his wife Helen Hay Whitney’s children, Joan Whitney Payson and John Hay “Jock” Whitney, born, respectively, in 1903 and 1904.

Sonny’s sister Flora was educated—sporadically— at Brearley and Foxcroft, and through travels with her mother (she had her own apartment in Paris at age fourteen). She was engaged to Theodore Roosevelt’s youngest son before he was shot down behind enemy lines in World War I. At twenty-three she married a friend of young Roosevelt, Roderick Tower, a Philadelphia stockbroker whose grandfather and father, both named Charlemagne, were respectively a coal, rail, and mining executive and America’s ambassador to Austria, Germany, and Russia.

The marriage lasted four years and produced two children before Flora divorced Tower in Paris for desertion. A sculptor like her mother, Flora remarried, had two more children, and lived a very social life in Aiken, South Carolina. After Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney died, Flora struggled to preserve her mother’s Whitney Museum; she tried but failed to merge it into the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but then revived it with the help of her siblings, and ran it until 1974, at one point even selling at auction a J. M. W. Turner painting she inherited for a then-record price of $6.4 million, and giving her museum a portion of the proceeds. A daughter, also named Flora, would later run the Whitney Museum.

Flora’s son Whitney Tower was a Harvard graduate who, mirroring his uncle, flew reconnaissance missions for the Army Air Force in World War II. In 1948, newly married to Frances Drexel Cheston and hoping to write

about horse racing, he took a job as a sports reporter at the Cincinnati Enquirer, remaining there until 1954. By then the father of a two-yearold son, Whitney Jr., he returned to New York to become horse racing editor of a new weekly magazine, Sports Illustrated, a post he held for twenty-two years. He later ran the National Museum of Racing in Saratoga Springs.

After an infancy in Cincinnati, Whitney Jr. grew up in Old Westbury on Long Island, where his grandmother ruled over an eight-hundredacre farm on what’s still called Whitney Lane. The family spent summers at Whitney Park, where they owned a quarter of his great-greatgrandfather’s sixty-eight- thousand- acre tract of virgin forest in the Adirondack Mountains.

When Whitney was seven, most of the original Long Island property—which had once encompassed a thirty-room copy of a French château, a nineteen-room colonial manor house, two stables, six cow barns, cottages for 150 employees, and other outbuildings—was sold for development. The Towers had a home of their own a half mile away. Whitney was sent to the forty-acre campus of the Green Vale School at the end of Whitney Lane in Old Brookville, which his father

26 |
Whitney Tower Jr., Jerry Hall, Keith Richards & Mick Jagger at Studio 54 (PHOTO BY ANDY WARHOL) Cornelia Guest at Templeton (STEWART SHINING) C.Z Guest BY SLIM AARONS

and an aunt had attended before him. He knew his father was in “the horse business,” he said in a lengthy interview in 2020. “I was at every racetrack in the world.” But he claimed he didn’t know his family had been rich. WASP reticence ruled the day. “There was no talking about money.”

At thirteen he was thrown out of Green Vale after he was caught selling fireworks in a bathroom at recess. He went next to a boarding school in Massachusetts, where a history class focused on the Gilded Age robber barons. When William C. Whitney’s name came up and he said he thought they were related, he recalled that his teacher responded, “If Whitney is your last name, you’ve got it made.”

In tenth grade, Whitney was sent to another boarding school in Colorado Springs while his parents prepared to divorce. His father had multiple mistresses. “There was a girl behind a counter wherever there was a race track. My mother was devastated. I’d say my prayers, ‘I wish they’d stop arguing.’ ” He was flying to Colorado with his parents when his father deplaned in Chicago. “My mother was crying, my father was, ‘Bye.’ ” Whitney says his father was then having a fling with Michael Butler’s horsey sister, Jorie. Two girlfriends later, that same year, Whitney Sr. married the second of his three wives. Back at school, caught with a girl in his room, Whitney Jr. was asked to leave.

halfway through his sophomore year and friendly with brand-name heirs to the Merck pharmaceutical and General Foods fortunes (“We were the little rascals of the jet set”) when this latest school asked him to leave. He recalls, “They said, ‘You can’t have all Fs.’ I said, ‘Why not?’ ‘You’ll understand when your parents talk to you.’ They never talked about that stuff.”

Whitney was sixteen and in public school in Bedford, a wealthy New York suburb, in 1977 when his mother married another journalist. At the same time his father finally answered his question, “Why are people so nice to me?” He swears he only then learned that his family was still rich. “Not many kids had 160,000 acres. There were so many things about my family in the newspapers, everyone thought Whitney had money.” But as a trust fund kid, he didn’t, not yet. “I was on a strict allowance. I was probably the poorest person in my class. I was always borrowing money.”

Having learned to drink in Colorado, Whitney graduated to drugs in public school. “All my friends did [drugs]; I was the addict who loved it.” He first took cocaine at seventeen. “Not daily. When people had it. It was so innocent, until it innocently blew up.” That happened a year after he enrolled in the University of Colorado. He was

Fascinated by the movies, Whitney Jr. enrolled at the Neighborhood Playhouse, a prestigious New York acting school, and then moved to Hollywood in 1972. He made a few commercials, but also made trouble, and ended up in drug rehabilitation. Afterward he would bounce from coast to coast, and by the late 1970s he was enmeshed in New York’s late-night scene. One new friend, John Phillips, former leader of the Mamas and the Papas, was a notorious drug user. One night Whitney responded to a summons to Phillips’s East Side townhouse, where the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger opened the door; the two became fast friends. Jagger had an ulterior motive. “I did ask, ‘Why me?’ Mick wanted to befriend the A-list. He knew the names. He was very much socially minded. Andy [Warhol], too. They were insatiable about being invited to the best parties by socialites. I never had so much fun. I never got so high.” More stints at rehab

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney by Robert Henri (1916)








ensued, but “they didn’t take.” He shot up at a family funeral, where he asked First Lady Nancy Reagan what inspired her Just Say No to Drugs campaign. Sometimes, he said, “I thought I was gonna die.”

In the early 1980s, Tower was a fixture on the Reaganera young social scene, appearing regularly in the party pages of Women’s Wear Daily as one of the era’s pretty young things, bouncing from Studio 54 to Xenon to Regine’s. In 1985, Tower fell for a girl at a party; Pamela Franzheim’s father, a Texas oil man and breeder of thoroughbreds, had been a Nixon-era ambassador. The couple married and together descended into addiction. A son, a third Whitney Tower, was born in 1987. A family intervention and another rehab stint followed. Then in the early 1990s, Whitney said, his wife walked out, but not before calling his mother to say her son was “a hardcore addict.”

Confirming these events, Franzheim says she was engaged when a mutual friend took her to Tower’s apartment, where she found him in a giant Victorian bed with pneumonia—and “it was love at firs sight.” She noticed but ignored the multiple pill bottles on his bedside table, and soon “blew off” her fian é, and after a “huge” wedding, she and Tower went to Bangkok, Thailand, for their honeymoon. An expat friend of her new 29

husband’s arrived before their luggage did, and she was introduced to “chasing the dragon”—smoking heroin. “I’m not saying I was a perfect girl,” says Franzheim, now living in Corpus Christi, Texas, “but I didn’t know opiates—or that there was an issue. We never left the hotel. It was a bad beginning.”

A few good years followed, living near Whitney’s mother in Bedford, New York, but after Whitney III, who she calls Little Peanut, was born, “Whitney started again.” Franzheim calls his behavior self-sabotage but admits she joined in, and they alternated stints in drug rehab clinics like Hazelden, in Minnesota. Eventually, her weight dropped to 89 pounds, she was riddled with infections, and “I couldn’t take it anymore,” she says, admitting she called her mother-in- law to say, “We both needed help.” A tortured, years-long custody battle ensued, with their boy bouncing back and forth between them. “It was heartbreaking,” she allows.

Finally, Franzheim says, she cleaned herself up, got a PhD in Psychology, and started a company in Houston, Texas, specializing in crisis counseling, working with drug addicts, battered women, and others in distress, who were referred to her by local Texas courts. Today, she is an artist, while continuing her counseling career. “We’re all good now,” she concludes, adding of her exhusband, “He’s managed to survive and maintain his essence. That’s why he’s Whitney; he’s witty.”

While getting divorced, Whitney had lived alone in a tiny New York apartment and worked as a gofer for a music manager. He later moved to Bedford and stayed with his mother, then got a house of his own there with bedrooms for his son and the child’s nanny. He can’t recall each recovery and relapse but estimates he submitted to drug rehabilitation more than ten times. “I took jobs when I needed money and I always needed money. I went through $1.5 million,” part of his share of a $25 million trust fund. But then his trustees cut him off, telling him, “If you’re gonna continue this lifestyle, we’ll give you an allowance. Don’t ask for more.”

Tower had already traded away a sofa that had belonged to his Vanderbilt grandmother to pay for his portrait by Warhol, and then sold that for drug money. “I stole from my mother. Silver. A first edition of Tom Sawyer. That didn’t go over very well. My brothers and sisters hardly speak to me, still.” He was in rehab again in 1998 when his father had a stroke after bypass surgery. He thought about leaving rehab and finding some drugs, but his father begged him to stay in the program. So instead of quitting and relapsing, he checked into a halfway house, stayed a year, returned to Bedford, and signed a contract promising he wouldn’t get high again. “I said, I

won’t, and of course, I did it all.”

After his father died in 1999, Tower relapsed again, ending up in rehab in Delray Beach, Florida, a town where “sober homes” forex-addicts are a cottage industry. It was the start of his longest stretch of sobriety in thirty years. He didn’t return to New York—“the scene of so many crimes,” he would later write in a magazine confessional—for years. Six months later he got a place of his own in Palm Beach, and in 2003, he married his second wife, a decorator.

They met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. “She was more of an addict than I was. She started to want this and that. She thought I could get a lot of money.” He refused. Then, in 2005, out of the blue, he had a heart attack. Told his drug abuse had damaged his heart, he took it as a warning. Another came when his wife ended up back in rehab in 2006. Whitney called a local lawyer, one who advertised on matchbooks. “He got me a divorce

Jackie Kennedy BY SLIM AARONS

in eight hours,” for a mere $750.

During that marriage, ironically, Tower had begun to work as an assistant drug counselor. He was amused by his friends’ reactions to his new career. “I’m sure you know a bit about that!” he quoted them, laughing. “It all adds up to a great story that can help other people.” But though he completed most of the required training, he never earned his final credentials. Having survived that heart attack at age fifty one (“I died. My heart stopped. I coded. They had to bring me back”), at sixty-six he ended up in an assisted-and independent-living community in West Palm Beach, Florida, after another car hit his, flipping it over at an intersection in nearby Delray Beach, breaking his back.

“I could have managed my life in a better way,” he said, showing off the scar to a visitor while acknowledging other, mostly invisible scars from a half century of addiction to “alcohol, pot, cocaine, heroin.” Raised to be superior, he had a long way to fall—and did with a fierce, thoughtless enthusiasm. Though he spent decades as a leading exemplar of WASP irresponsibility, entitlement, and moral decay, he still feels the tug of his family’s legacy of achievement, however tainted it might be, and the irony of his wasted advantages.

Tower leaned forward in his wheelchair with the impish grin that had always drawn others to him. “The doctors here are like a tribe in Africa with a drum,” he said. Aware of his past, they refused him pain medication. Somehow he was still able to laugh at himself. Which he did, thinking about his greatuncle Payne Whitney, who “decided his relatives were crazy enough to need their own mental institution,” the Upper East Side New York psychiatric clinic that still bears his name.

“I can’t believe we don’t have family reunions there.” P | 31
Excerpted from Flight of the Wasp © 2023 by Michael Gross. Reprinted with the permission of the publisher, Atlantic Monthly Press, an imprint of Grove Atlantic, Inc. All rights reserved.
Consuelo Vanderbilt (PHOTO BETTMANN ARCHIVE) Brooke Astor William Bradford Signing the Mayflower Compact Anderson Cooper & Gloria Vanderbilt (PHOTO PMC) WHITNEY TOWER JR.





IN 1959, IN LONDON, AND IS WORLD-RENOWNED for producing large, immersive, light-based installations which often employ an incredible logistical thought process—not to mention acres of fibre-optic wiring and lighting—to create spellbinding works.

The recurring theme of a Bruce Munro mega-installation is light employed on an environmental scale to astound its audience. With commissions from the likes of Lord Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild and the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as Australia’s Uluru Northern Territory, the Field of Light concept has catapulted Bruce Munro’s career into the stratosphere. His astonishing installations have transformed the idea of shared art experiences across the globe.

Owing to a gracious commission from the Soloviev Foundation, it’s finally New York City’s turn! Field of Light at Freedom Plaza made its debut mere weeks ago and has already become Manhattan’s latest meditative mecca. Installed on one of the last stretches of undeveloped land in Manhattan—virtually next door to the United Nations—through January 2025, Field of Light at Freedom Plaza seems primed to become a beloved symbol of hope and optimism in the city for the next 12 months. Bruce Munro’s Field of Light was conceived in 1992 on a visit to Central Australia. The cinematic sweep of that first installation in the bush became emblematic of his future evocative light show spectacles. This newest manifestation, set along the East River waterfront at 41st Street, with Tudor City and the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop (@fieldoflightnyc), may well become one of the city’s most embraced public arts projects in history. Munro is reportedly sustained by an obstinate yet fundamental spirit of optimism and it’s clear that this particular project could not be more timely for a world in which fear and pessimism lurk around every corner. Let’s regale The Illuminati.

GEORGE WAYNE: Field of Light at Freedom Plaza seems destined to become a beacon of hope and optimism. When did the enormous promise for this project first dawn on you?

BRUCE MUNRO: When I visited Uluru in 1992, the experience gave me a new perspective on life. It was not a eureka moment but a subtle, joyful awakening experience. The first installation took ten years to realize from that initial visit. But I realized then that I yearned to create art about connectivity and shared experiences. I had found my subject matter. For me, art is a language of communication when fulfilled with integrity and passion, heart and spirit.

GW: Can you recall the moment you conceptualized what this latest light project would look like?

BM : Installations that one repeats become iterations, and not all installations have more than one showing. Field of Light was always intended to travel to other places. That was the instinctive notion before I had even created one! The installation is changed by the landscapes it inhabits as much as it changes the landscapes. Amazingly, the good spirit of the artwork prevails wherever it goes. And it does make people smile. For me, that’s a fantastic result. Freedom Plaza is a special location because it’s so urban. Three sides of the installation are flanked by monolithic

ARTS B 34 |

architecture; on the fourth are the Hudson River’s swirling waters. Its surroundings dwarf it, but I am hopeful it will shine brightly as a small beacon of hope. My instinct is that this iteration is a city-sized window box of light.

GW: One of your esteemed patrons, Lord Rothschild, said: “His study of light with such great curiosity is what has fascinated me.” How would you define your particular fascination with light and how it began?

BM: Light became my language of choice by chance because I was told in my early twenties that I had too many ideas. However, when I thought about it I realized that light had caught my attention long before I formally employed it to create art.

GW: Will this Field of Light be comparable to your Field of Light at Eden Project, staged in Cornwall, UK in 2008-2009?

BM: The Field of Light at Freedom Plaza has its own unpredictable identity.

GW: What are the most unique new components that make this Field of Light like none before it?

BM: The Field of Light is always inspired in form as a direct response to the place it inhabits. I take it as a given that every moment of our existence is unique and therefore will fascinate.

GW: Tell us about the project’s nod to sustainability and TerraCycling?

BM: All elements are always carefully repurposed/ recycled when they come to the end of their life. The power requirement is minimal, equivalent to an average family home for five hours a day.

GW: And what do you hope will be the legacy after the installation is dismantled in a year?

BM: When my father died I realized that I just need to take small positive steps to make a difference and that making someone smile is a good start.

GW: What was it like working along the Tropic of Capricorn in the Australian bush in 1992?

BM: Amazing! The Australian outback is like nowhere else I have been. You are thousands of miles from any coastline, yet 500 billion years ago the continent was under the sea. Geological time makes one appreciate that human life is just blink and one needs to live it with great respect, care and love.

GW: Rank this newest commission compared to your many others. What will make Field of Light at Freedom Plaza like nothing ever staged in New York City?

BM: If the Field of Light raises a collective smile among the New Yorkers who visit, then that will be its uniqueness and legacy. | 37


GW: Was the first appearance of The Field of Light concept in London in 2004 at the Victoria and Albert Museum?

BM : No. It was in Harvey Nichols’ windows in Knightsbridge. An exhibition curator from the V&A spotted it and it migrated across the road several months later. It was serendipity.

GW: Eden Blooms is GW’s absolute favorite light installation.

BM: Eden blooms was in part inspired by reading HG Wells and Jules Verne as a youngster. Also, my fascination in designing manufactured widgets to mimic organic forms.

GW: Your snowball chandeliers are so amazing! If GW were Jeff Bezos’s wedding planner, a lighting commission for that grand wedding would be one

of my first demands on the table. Have you ever created a spectacle for a billion-dollar wedding?

BM: In 2006 I created twenty-six snowball chandeliers for a wedding on Treasure Island, San Francisco. I have always loved a challenge.

GW: With pessimism lurking around every corner, it seems, one can only hope that this Bruce Munro work of artistic diligence will offer relief to New York City and the world.

BM: The Field of light is just a small step towards the light. It is my touchstone.

I had good teachers—my mum, dad and stepfather— hopefully they will all be smiling !

GW: There you have it, good people:

GW x The Illuminati. P




AS ONE OF the longest outdoor exhibits of light the North American continent has ever witnessed. Encompassing more than six acres on Manhattan’s East Side, from 38th to 41st Street along First Avenue, Field of Light at Freedom Plaza will be open to the public three days a week through January of 2025. This virtual garden of light is an extraordinarily immersive experience, the mastermind of renowned British-born light artist Bruce Munro and a grand gesture to the city and the world courtesy of the Soloviev Foundation.

Field of Light at Freedom Plaza represents the seamless intersection of art, nature and technology. Its 17,760 lowlights and fiber-optic stemmed spheres illuminate with a slow and subtle change of hue a magnificent and ethereal muted landscape on an expansive waterfront site with the marvelous skyline of Manhattan as its backdrop.

Beyond its novelty, Field of Light at Freedom Plaza promises to become much more: In a world ravaged by two wars, where fear and loathing pace restlessly around every corner, this new work has the potential to offer succor, hope and optimism as a Mecca for meditation and solace in these trying times. The fact that the Field of Light is a block away from the iconic United Nations HQ only underscores its future legacy as a spectacular gift to this city and the world.

How do you transform six acres in one of the last undeveloped Manhattan parcels of land into a spectacular field of light? You start with one of the world’s leading large-scale production managers in the business and you hire the best production team and creative consultants that

money can buy. That’s where the Executive Producer of the Field of Light steps into the fray—Tracy Strann is no stranger to this rodeo. Strann worked with light artist Bruce Munro on the first Field of Light project in the U.S., which continues to enchant audiences as Sensorio: Field of Light on fifteen acres in Paso Robles, California. For more than six months, she’s been living out of a suitcase in New York City, recruiting volunteers and dealing with City Hall red tape while preparing this raw, undeveloped site. Strann’s efforts will ultimately welcome thousands and thousands of people for the next calendar year to marvel at acres of intricate wiring and the intricate mechanics that went into creating the light at the end of this tunnel. Yet here we are, a week before the grand debut, and she is as cool as a cucumber.

“We are ahead of schedule” Strann says, all business as she peers down from a tower across the street onto the site where the artist’s magic potions percolate in their final stages. | 41 ARTS

GEORGE WAYNE: From gravel and dirt to this vision: you must be thrilled! But tell us about one of the most unexpected hiccups you faced with staging the Field of Light at Freedom Plaza

TRACY STRANN : The permitting process. We knew it would be extensive but didn’t know how extensive it turned out to be. And then, too, we didn’t expect to find all that wildlife—geese and ducks—that were nesting on the property, the need to make sure that they were taken care of and that the fledglings who were born on the property flew away first before any work commenced. We had to wait until they were old enough to fly away. We delayed the construction to ensure the wildlife was safe and cared for.

GEORGE WAYNE: Some have called this project an “Eden of Light,” but how would the Executive Producer define what the city will experience?

TRACY STRANN : Field of Light is an immersion into wonder and delight. It will be both a meditative and an unexpected spiritual experience – a unique way to connect with oneself and others and the most immersive and deeply sensory experience you can imagine.

GW: This, indeed, must be the assignment of a lifetime...

STRANN: Having lived half of my life in California and the other in New York, the opportunity to move back to my favorite city and produce an installation of this magnitude by a world-class artist is a dream come true. Not only can I assist and apply my practical experience of producing Field of Light at Sensorio in Paso Robles, but I also get to work with some of the best professional event specialists in the business.

GW: While you have years of collaborative experience with the light artist Bruce Munro, how has this new project pushed the collaborative synergy to new creative heights?

STRANN : Producing in a rural envir-


onment such as Paso Robles could not be more different than producing a project of this size and scale in, of all places, Manhattan! This is the opportunity of a lifetime and will bring lasting and unforgettable memories for people from all over the world. Admission to the site will be free and open to the public on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 5 pm to 9 pm through January 2025.

GW: It will indeed become a Mecca. There is no doubt in this arbiter’s mind that Field of Light in New York City will soothe those who seek succor and promote optimism. The experience of the Field of Light will be like walking through acres of bulbous light tulips. Is that the correct summarization?

STRANN: Like walking through the most magical light garden would be the best way to describe it.

GW: Field of Light at Freedom Plaza may be entered where 41st Street meets the FDR Drive along the Eastern waterfront of Tudor City. I will say it again: the timing of this installation will light up the world. What are your thoughts?

STRANN: The chaos and division in today’s world cannot be denied. Finding a peaceful respite from all the noise is intended to offer our guests solace and reflection. I hope Field of Light at Freedom Plaza provides a safe space to recall what is beautiful and meaningful in our lives.

Considering its neighbor is the United Nations complex, there is now no more impactful location in New York City for such an exhibition.

GW: It will be an extraordinary, immersive experience; that much is guaranteed. But what about the noise pollution, the carbon footprint and all the other now-required nods to sustainability and the recyclable? Because, come to think of it--this will be the largest, most enduring outdoor light exhibit in the history of New York City. So, what, if any, are the eco-friendly aspects of Field of Light?

STRANN : Everything we do has sustainability in mind. The exhibit elements lie on top of the land and are not invasive. Any use of service ware at special events is compostable, and all communication and ticketing is electronic.

GW: The intersection of art, nature and technology: nothing will define that more emphatically than the Field of Light. Is that the ultimate declarative?


GW: Did you have a shaman/faith healer bless the grounds before construction began on this project?

STRANN: This exhibition is for everyone regardless of faith, race or nationality. We invite all to experience the exhibition through their own eyes. This is an amazing,

42 |

transformative, and grand-scale piece of public art. A field of light to embrace a field of dreams.

GW: The goal is to produce the most monumental, albeit temporary, experiential light show America has ever seen. But what do you hope will be the legacy of Field of Light at Freedom Plaza a year from now, after it’s dismantled?

STRANN: I hope guests will take the essence of the experience into their daily lives for years to come, and this will be something that children will grow up remembering, when they came to East 41st with their Mummy and Daddy to see The Field of Light.

GW: I love the words from one of Bruce Munro’s friends and benefactors, Lord Rothschild, who defined the artist’s craft as ‘’ephemerality—it’s his ultimate artistic choice.’’ How would you define it?

STRANN: A particular vision brought to light. A multi-acre walkthrough experience of light and its soft power.

GW: We’ll leave it to Stacey Soloviev, one of the directors of the Soloviev Foundation, to have the last word: ‘’Field of Light at Freedom Plaza is a celebration of the creative force of New York City. And the democratic freedom of expression we enjoy in our diverse communities, our city, our nation. The promise of a bright future as New York continues its dynamic recovery.’’ And it’s already sold out through February 2024. Wow! Any final thoughts?

STRANN: Working with Bruce Munro has been the greatest joy of my professional career. I look forward to exploring and executing his artistic vision whenever and wherever it may lead. To participate in sharing Bruce Munro’s phenomenal work in the creative epicenter of New York City is a dream come true. P 43
Paul Cézanne, L’Oncle Dominique coiffé d’un turban (ca. 1866) PHOTO: STEVE ZANE/VERICHROME
Henri Matisse, Acrobats (1952) © 2023 Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS),
New York PHOTO:
© 2023
New York
Pablo Picasso, Buste d’homme (1908)
Estate of Pablo Picasso / Artists Rights Society (ARS),


Alexej von Jawlensky, Still-Life with Flowers and Oranges (c. 1909)

© 2023 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Cy Twombly, Untitled (1961)

© Cy Twombly Foundation

Joan Miró, Composition (1926)

© 2023 Successió Miró / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Joan Miró, Peinture (1927)

© 2023 Successió Miró / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Joan Miró, Paysage animé (1935)

© 2023 Successió Miró / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Jean Dubuffet, Henri Calet Costume Rouge (1947)

© 2023 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Jean Dubuffet Le Jongleur (1944)

© 2023 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Alberto Giacometti, Caroline in a Red Dress (1965)

© 2023 Succession Alberto Giacometti / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Alberto Giacometti, Portrait of Yanaihara (1960-62)

© 2023 Succession Alberto Giacometti / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


IME AND AGAIN WE’RE COLLECTIVELY CONFRONTED WITH THE somber hues of adversity and challenges, but through the struggles, a canvas of hope often reveals itself. One such stroke of ambition comes in the form of the Soloviev Foundation. The charitable arm of the Soloviev Group, the Foundation’s ethos is rooted in compassion with the unwavering objective of advancing humanitarianism, environmental stewardship, and education.

At the heart of this philanthropic establishment lies a reverence for art, and respect for its profound ability to bridge diversity with a nuanced and common language. Like art, the Soloviev Foundation recognizes its transformative power and embraces its potential to shape a better future.

Exemplifying a commitment to present and future generations, the foundation was instrumental in the establishment of Marymount University’s Center for Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility. By partnering with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), the Foundation has crafted a digital ark, a platform transcending borders to combat the shadows that threaten our most vulnerable. The Soloviev Foundation has also cast its support behind “Sport at the Service of Humanity,” a Vatican-led project that teaches values to underprivileged 45
Alberto Giacometti, Caroline in a Red Dress (1965) © 2023 Succession Alberto Giacometti / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York PHOTO: STEVE ZANE/VERICHROME






LEFT TO RIGHT: Alberto Giacometti, Grande Figure (1947)
2023 Succession Alberto Giacometti / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Miró, Portrait of Ramon Sunyer (1918)
2023 Successió Miró / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris Pablo Picasso, Portrait d’un poète (1941)
2023 Estate of Pablo Picasso / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Picasso, The Torero (Still Life) (1911)
2023 Estate of Pablo Picasso / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Léger, Les instruments de musique (1926)
2023 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris PHOTO: BONNIE H. MORRISON.

children with the grace of a parable, ensuring that lessons transcend the playing fields and bolster character.

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, a sanctuary for young warriors battling the adversaries of pediatric diseases, finds its walls reinforced by the Foundation’s generosity. Seeking to deliver health and hope, the Soloviev Foundation plays the role of a steadfast partner, casting a spotlight on the courage of the children and families facing these hardships.

Yet, the Foundation’s brush does not limit itself to large institutions. It also finds inspiration in the local hues of Riverhead, New York, where through the Family Community Life Center, the Soloviev Foundation pledges to nurture the roots of community, ensuring that the branches of social, educational, recreational, and cultural programs flourish. And on Long Island’s South Fork, the South Hampton Animal Shelter received a gift to support its ongoing and faithful work.

From the bustling energy of New York to the serene shores of Delray Beach, Florida, the Soloviev Foundation supports


organizations like the Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreation Center and the Roots and Wings Foundation. Its donations ensure that education leads to empowerment and literacy becomes a guiding light for young minds looking for a brighter future. Meanwhile, the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation feels the warmth of the Foundation’s contribution, protecting and preserving the fragile ecoregion.

Ukraine’s plight echoes in the Foundation’s gift to Americares, providing medical assistance to refugees. And in supporting the Wounded Warrior Project, the Soloviev Foundation’s donation conveys a deep gratitude for service and recognizes that healing the wounds of war requires a collective embrace.

Resembling an artist’s brush that moves with intention and compassion, the Soloviev Foundation is more than a vehicle for benevolence. With each stroke, it redefines philanthropy, and transforms the practice into a shared experience of humanity. P 47
WORKS LEFT TO RIGHT: Roy Lichtenstein, Girl in a Mirror (1964) © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein Henri Matisse, Interior with figure (1947) © 2023 Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York Jean Dubuffet, Maison de Campagne (1944) © 2023 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris Isamu Noguchi, Idi Amin (1979) © 2023 The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, New York / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York PHOTO: TIM NIGHSWANDER/ IMAGING4ART Jean Dubuffet, Le rédacteur (1951) © 2023 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris Isamu Noguchi, Idi Amin (1979) 2023 The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, New York / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York Isamu Noguchi, Mantra (1979) © 2023 The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, New York / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York PHOTO: BONNIE H. MORRISON.

Hunt Slonem

Artist & Collector

Some people collect Barbie dolls. Others collect rare baseball cards. My friend, the artist Hunt Slonem collects mansions. Not miniature doll sized ones, but full-scale mansions across the country. In July 2004, I was invited to a birthday cruise on the Hudson River to celebrate a famous New York artist. As I was admiring the city skyline someone came up to me and introduced himself. The first thing I saw was a big, happy grin and a huge yellow ring, to which I immediately tried to make a claim. Then, the mighty Hunt Slonem said, “if we are to become friends, I promise I will give it to you.” Of course, as I love big stones, I immediately felt a new friendship was born. Close to twenty years later I’m still waiting for the ring, but at least I acquired a true close friendship that continues to grow stronger.

The Cordts Mansion

We immediately hit it off, and a week later I visited him in his first of many grand homes on the Hudson Valley, Cordts Mansion. Here, he gifted me with a beautiful butterfly painting, as well as a

Top: Belle Terre on the edge of the Catskills Above: A glimpse inside Belle Terre, one of Slonem’s acquisitions

portrait of an Italian countess -- both of which are hanging on the walls of one of my homes. My passion for collecting Hunt’s work started that weekend. He reminded me so much of my friend Andy Warhol with a touch of Capote because of his ingenious choices of figures and colors in his work.

Back in NYC, I visited his studio on 11th Street and Hudson, which takes up a full block. Parrots, one of his favored subjects at the time, were flying around or kept in large Victorian cages facing the river with stunning views of the water and sunsets. His creativity, love of life, interest in the world, and friendships with glamorous ladies and movie stars reminded me of an artist who could fit in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

The Searle Mansion

His collection of furniture, China, silverware, hats, and old frames, combined with his fascination with color, perfectly melds old and contemporary styles, which is present in all of the lovely homes he has collected over the years. I absolutely love his estates in Louisiana, as he owns two of them, the copper baron mansion in Upstate New York, and The Searle Mansion in Massachusetts, all of which are filled with his own work, as well as some pieces from his own collections. Each of these houses are his dreams come true and are testimony to his refined taste and discerning eye.

Hunt’s Signature Bunny

His recent work focuses on one of his favorite subjects, the bunny, which has become a trademark of his. Bunnies are currently featured in sculptures, cushions, pillows, sheets, houseware. You can also find his work on the top floor of Bergdorf Goodman, a true Hunt Slonem bonanza! I am very much looking forward to visiting his newest mansion this spring. For what I’m expecting is to be an impeccable Easter egg hunt with Hunt! P 49

TThe Mission

The Women’s Jewelry Association’s (WJA) mission is to help women in the jewelry and watch industries advance and develop professionally through networking, education, leadership development and mentoring. It has been quietly doing so for many years, having just celebrated its 40th anniversary, marking the milestone by giving its annual Ruby Gala a refresh, with a new venue, The Pool Lounge at the Seagram Building, and captivating entertainment by aerialists, musicians and immersive dance performances.

They also attracted new sponsors. One highlight of the evening’s auction was a ‘priceless’ exclusive VIP invitation for two to Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week show, attendance to the house’s exclusive cocktail reception and private dinner, a tour of the Balmain showroom, and the opportunity to pre-order the new collection.

Monica Elias Chairs Ruby Gala

Longtime board member Monica Elias, CEO and Executive Producer of Elias World Media, was tapped to Chair the 2023 gala. “We were inspired to take a new approach and create one-of-a-kind experiences that would leave a lasting impression and were symbolic of WJA’s momentous milestone achievements over the years,” Elias said. “The evening was meticulously curated to emulate the beauty, creativity, and passion of the jewelry and watch industries. The gala’s new format and venue provided us the opportunity to collaborate with new industries and receive generous support from new partners. The gala garnered media coverage in some of the most prominent outlets, and it was attended by some of the most notable names in jewelry, fashion and philanthropy.

“We are grateful to partner with organiza-


40th Anniversary Ruby Gala

Susan Chandler & Monica Elias PMC

tions that help to make our educational moments possible,” said Susan Chandler, WJA President and Chief Merchandising Officer for Citizen Watch America. “I am personally very proud that WJA remains committed to community, inclusion and education at the forefront of all we do,” she added, citing the group’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion programs, Jewelry Loupe Project and Gen-Z research discussion as examples.

Philanthropic Arm of WJA

WJA’s members are comprised of women working in all areas of the jewelry business, from individual designers, manufacturers, business owners to corporate management. It also has a foundation, which issues grants and scholarships for both industry newcomers as well as veterans. “We raise money to be able to send the winning applicants to educational programs, or for an infusion of capital into their business,” said Chandler. WJA programs help young designers gain access to exhibit at the big industry trade shows, which is very expensive, and provide guidance in growing their businesses.

Elias explained that these types of programs are at the heart of the organization. “These programs provide the needed tools and resources to help elevate industry professionals to advance their careers. WJA’s global network includes so many inspiring and influential professionals, too. From a wide range of knowledge to diverse roles, this benefits the organization’s mission to facili-

tate professional growth through empowerment, education, and leadership development.” The range of skills, she explains, is essential for the organization, so that all can lend their expertise.

Elias’s background is in production and broadcast news, and her company, Elias World Media, is a multi-award-winning video production and broadcast media services company that produces and distributes branded television content for leading brands and Fortune 500 companies spanning luxury, jewelry, beauty, fashion and medical aesthetic markets, to name a few. Elias is the go-to premier partner to the jewelry industry when telling their stories and placing them on television. So, when you see a red-carpet diamond jewelry brand story on national news or the local morning news shows, there’s a good chance that video was produced by her company. Elias has interviewed notable CEOs, celebrities, and dignitaries and has covered international red carpets and UN political and economic affairs.

Breaking Glass Ceilings

The organization’s mission has proven successful; this insular business whose inner workings are often veiled for security reasons, has a healthy percentage of women in positions of power.

Chandler, WJA National Board President, has been in the industry for a long time working for branded national and global

companies including Citizen Watch America and David Yurman. “I look around and there are so many women now within our industry leading companies or at C-suite levels, VP levels, director and up,” she said. “I think that we’ve broken the glass ceiling in a lot of ways.”

Today, she notes, the WJA board concentrates on the future, continuing and expanding what they’re already doing. “We don’t talk about what we don’t have because we’ve really broken through a lot of the barriers that, 40 years ago, the women who started this organization were facing.”

Even 15 years ago, she added, it was hard to find women in positions that could really influence and move the market. “Due to my work with WJA, I get to meet and work with many amazing women with vision and drive to build their own businesses. It’s a privilege to learn from them and it makes me very proud of our industry.”

Also notable is that there are many female jewelry designers. “More than ever, women are designing for women,” said Chandler.

Gabrielle Grazi, the president-elect of the WJA Foundation Board of Trustees and Vice President, Head Retail Strategy & Partnerships at Natural Diamond Council, said, “We aim to inspire women who are beginning, advancing or enriching their career in the jewelry industry to join our community. The WJA has strong network of women who are always willing to support the next generation of young designers.”

Most important: relationships

Board member Monica Elias put WJA’s work into concise perspective. “I recently read something that caught my attention, it said ‘The most important currency in business is relationships.’ I thought that was so powerful and thought provoking because it’s true.” Relationships are vital, she believes, because they produce enhanced networking, promote collaboration, build trust and create a dependable path to success if genuinely and regularly nurtured. P | 51
Diane von Furstenberg & Ivanka Trump Gabrielle Grazi Lorraine Schwartz Nadja Swarovski & Iris Apfel GETTY PMC PMC COURTESY OF WJA



A Journey Through Motherhood, Art, and Jewish Heritage

Libby Klein, who just made her debut at Miami Art Basel, is an emerging artist, wife and mother to five children. She sat down with Park Magazine to talk about her artistic process, her inspirations, her traditions and her style.

Can you share a bit about your background?

I am a full-time mother of five, a full-time entrepreneur and a full-time inspirational speaker. I was born in Israel and moved to the States when my dad passed away when I was five years old. Although I wasn’t old enough to remember the culture Israeli streets have to offer, I vividly remember walking the old city streets and I can still feel the cold stones on my fingertips to this day. My Israeli and my Jewish culture have definitely impacted my art and is a large part of who I am as a person. Losing my father at a young age also gives me perspective on appreciating my family.

How would you describe your artistic style?

I consider myself an abstract artist with just enough sketch to tell a story. I tell my story through textured art. Every piece has an energy that flows through the abstractness of the creation. In many of my pieces, I add gold leaf and even some gemstones to signify the legacy we are a part of. Most importantly when the piece is done, regardless

Libby Klein

of the message, it must be beautiful. I try to represent the beauty in our lives.

How do you incorporate Jewish culture and traditions into your art?

I don’t really have to incorporate it; it’s really who I am as a person. My heritage and traditions are in my bones, and my art is very much a reflection of it. My legacy is a big part of me. As an example, I am a grandchild of Holocaust survivors. My grandmother Rene Reichmann in 1943, during the heat of the war, smuggled herself back into Hungary to try and save her family (and strangers) from the Nazis. Having that legacy within me has given me my calling and a feeling of responsibility to impact the world. My only wish is that my children and grandchildren view me in the same light.

What challenges have you faced as an artist?

The biggest challenge for me was, and always will be, letting my art leave my studio. Once I am done with the creation, I feel such a strong connection to the piece. I almost feel like I am giving away a piece of myself. It took some time for me to understand that my art in someone’s home can change their room, their perspective and their happiness. Another challenge, which I am grateful for, is running my business and caring for my family. People ask me all the time how I juggle

both, and the answer is that it’s not possible without sacrifice. I also try to include my children in my successes.

What message do you hope viewers take away from your art?

That life is beautiful even when it’s not perfect. Nobody wants to see a picture of a giraffe that looks like a giraffe – you can just go to the zoo for that. I want my art to make you think. For example, when you see a beautiful bride going to meet her groom, the imperfection makes you think about life and the value of triumph and courage. I want people to walk away inspired, to appreciate the challenges and opportunities life offers. My inspiration is a bee because a bee doesn’t know its limitations. It doesn’t know that its weight is too much for them to fly, but it flies anyway. In life we often don’t have a choice on our surroundings, but we do have a choice on how we react towards it. The freedom of brush strokes adds to that sentiment.

Do you collaborate with your clients for their commissioned pieces?

Yes! Maybe a little too much. But my goal with every client is to bring out their feelings and put it on canvas. I recently created a piece for a family that lost their father. It was a beautiful piece, showing the dad holding hands with his kids walking towards the sunset. I must’ve spent hours with the client to understand who their dad was and what he meant to them. It was truly powerful. I pick up on energies, so when I sit with a client, I tap into what motivates them, which helps me understand their unique story.

Are there any specific artists who have influenced your work?

I am attached to Renoir and Chagall. Their whimsical approaches with just the right amount of sketch very much speaks to me. P 53
Instagram @libbykleinart
“Women of Valour”

Artist Joseph FIORETTI

Ukrainian Institute of America

OSEPH FIORETTI will showcase a selection of his works at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York beginning on March 14th, with proceeds going to Ukrainian charities. The opening night reception should be a star-studded affair, with Michael Douglas, Gloria Steinem, Sean Penn and Gwyneth Paltrow among those on the invitation.

Coming from Wilmington, Delaware, Fioretti, 84, is married to Oscar-winning actress Lee Grant, and has had a prolific, colorful career, from plumber to ballet dancer to movie producer to visual artist. His most recent incarnation as a painter got a boost in 2019 with a successful show at the National Arts Club. “Over the last three years I’ve finished about 35 pieces that will hang in the Ukrainian Institute,” Fioretti said.

Activist Lee Grant’s idea

While considering a follow-up exhibition, Russia invaded Ukraine, and his wife and a few friends suggested mounting a show to help raise funds for humanitarian efforts for Ukraine. Lee Grant is of Ukrainian ancestry, and the Shampoo star has been an activist all her life. She was blacklisted during Hollywood’s “Red Scare” HUAC era, shut out of the industry for 12 years just after her Academy Award-nominated 1951 film debut in Detective Story, for refusing to divulge names.

Pre-show fundraising for Ukraine

Fioretti loved the idea. After years as a movie and TV producer prior to becoming a full-time artist, he is luckily in a position to be able to donate the proceeds. In fact, he began fundraising immediately, and by late December, when we spoke for this article, he

J 54
Lee Grant and Joseph Fioretti

had already raised $90,000. He hopes that amount will continue to grow, and to find a matching donor by March when the show opens. This effort was practical, Fioretti explained. “The Ukrainian Institute doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic, so I’m very pleased with the fact that I raised this money.”

Ukrainian theme –sunflowers, Zelenskyy

Works in the exhibit are in various mediums, including pencil, watercolor, gouache, pastel and oil, and eight pieces will feature sunflowers, Ukraine’s national flower. “The key painting, I think, is a large bouquet of sunflowers that I did in gold leaf, and it sits on a black backdrop, and it’s just stunning,”

Fioretti said. He also expects to include a portrait of President Volodymyr Zelensky. There are ways to donate without purchasing artwork. Fioretti has published 250 books on the show priced at $95, and posters depicting one of the works are $50.

Getting famous friends on board

Fioretti is turning to prominent friends like Michael Douglas, Marlo Thomas, Gloria Steinem and Judy Collins, to help spread the word about the fundraiser. He also called on Sean Penn, who made a recent documentary on Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukraine, to put him in touch with the Ukraine Ambassador in Washington, who is supporting the upcoming event. “We’ve known the Penn

family for years because we were neighbors in Malibu,” he said.

He has been gratified to find that because the benefit is for Ukraine, people have been very generous. The photographer they hired to photograph the work, the publisher of the exhibition’s book and the book’s designer all offered discounts without being asked. “The less I have to spend, the more money that goes to charity,” Fioretti said.

A colorful life

Fioretti’s many careers throughout his life prove that he has never stopped growing. After high school, he joined his father as an apprentice plumber, which was not for him. So, he studied ballet, moved to New York in 1961 and began dancing professionally on stage and television. By 1963 he met Lee Grant, who grew up in Manhattan, and his dancing career came to an end.

“I walked into my wife’s house; I went into culture shock, because I had never been in the house that had Chinese Deco rugs, and paintings on the walls, and things like that,” he said. “My jaw fell open, and I realized that dancing was never going to be able to support this, and if I wanted to hold onto her, I better figure out a way to make money.”

They moved to California, Fioretti began working on low-budget movies, learning how to produce, and later he had a company producing commercials for big advertising agencies. “And then one day, I decided this isn’t for me. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m the type of person, overnight, I’ll say, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ and I’ll just stop it.’”

Eventually they moved back to New York, and he took classes at the Art Students League.

In the meantime, he and his wife started a company making documentaries for HBO and television movies for the networks, and did that for 25 years, winning awards along the way. Their 1986 documentary Down and Out in America, about homelessness in the U.S. during the Reagan presidency, received the Best Documentary Feature Oscar. Baghdad ER, on U.S. military surgeons in the Iraq war, won four Emmys and the prestigious Peabody award. P 55
Lee, 2022 Reflections, 2023 Ukrainian Sunflowers, 2023

The YAGP 25th Anniversary Gala

I’m generally not into revolutions; but, as revolutions go, this one is pretty big – and I am definitely a fan.

The revolution in question? The one started by Youth America Grand Prix – the world’s largest student ballet competition, when it revolutionized the world of dance by radically changing the way the world’s dance schools and companies look for talent.

It did so by creating a global network of dance – a centralized, global pipeline of opportunity for dance students worldwide to audition for scholarships to the world’s leading dance academies. It also gave dance schools and companies around the world access to virtually any talented young student anywhere on Earth.

“If we knew how much work this would be, we probably wouldn’t have done it,” laughs the mastermind behind the revolution, the charismatic Russian ballerina who started it all 25 years ago. “Back then, there were all these dance students looking for a place to study – and all these schools looking for talented students, but there was not one place where they could all meet.”

Youth America Grand Prix became that place – now conducting auditions in more than 30 U.S. cities and 15 countries worldwide. The most talented and promising of them gather in New York in April of each year for what has now become the world’s largest dance family gathering – where they annually audition for more than a half a million dollars in scholarships to the world’s leading dance academies.

Susan Jaffe: Artistic Director of American Ballet Theatre

The result? 450 YAGP alumni are now dancing in 80 companies around the world – including such preeminent companies as the Paris Opera Ballet, The Royal Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Stuttgart Ballet – and, of course, New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre, America’s national ballet company.

Susan Jaffe – the celebrated American ballerina who became the Artistic Director of American Ballet Theatre last year – says it is difficult to overestimate YAGP’s role as a major pipeline of dance talent. A champion for young talent throughout her entire career,


Grand prix

A Revolution in Dance

Jaffe was involved in YAGP from the very beginning, serving as a mentor, teacher and a scholarship presenter for countless aspiring young dancers. “Right now,” she says, “60 out of 92 ABT company dancers are YAGP alumni – and so are 7 out of the 12 dancers in the ABT Studio Company, the junior company of ABT.”

One of these celebrated YAGP alumni at ABT is Calvin Royal III, how a Principal Dancer. Royal III participated in YAGP almost two decades ago – and credits YAGP with the opportunities it took for him to succeed. “Youth America Grand Prix provided an opportunity to have a pathway for exposure in the dance world, and access to scholarships. It has been a springboard for dancers of color, like myself, for decades –and, as a Principal Dancer of American Ballet Theatre today, I am proud to say I have joined the roster of many incredible artists worldwide who also took part in YAGP.”

Iconic YAGP Gala

If there is one place where the impact of YAGP is the most obvious, it is the iconic YAGP Gala – a spectacular evening of dance,

which serves as the culmination of the week-long Season Finals. This year’s big 25th Anniversary Gala will take place on April 18, 2024 at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center – and will, as always, feature some of the most promising young talent from around the world alongside some of the most celebrated dancers performing today.

This year’s YAGP Gala headliners include the stars of American Ballet Theatre Calvin Royal III and Chloe Misseldine, Mariinsky Ballet’s Maria Khoreva and Kimin Kim, and the heartthrob of Stuttgart Ballet, Friedemann Vogel. They will be joined by a stellar cast of YAGP alumni and some of the most electrifying young dance talent on the planet. The audience will be treated to World Premieres by Joshua Beamish, James Whiteside and Maria Konrad – who will choreograph her new work to the music composed by Karen LeFrak.

The stage is not the only place for celebrity sightings at YAGP – there are also plenty of them in the audience. And, if there isn’t enough excitement on the stage, the postperformance dinner and dancing with the stars promises to be the party of the year –

56 |

The YAGP 25th Anniversary Gala will take place on April 18, 2024 at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. For tickets, visit

with a dynamic leadership committee of New York’s most followed socialites, chaired by YAGP Trustee, Marcella Guarino Hymowitz. Confirmed Gala Co-chairs include Paul Arnhold, Elissa Brenner, Chelsea Clinton, Rebecca Cohen, Courtney Davis, Wes Gordon, Aly Gradone, Sarah Hoover, Lilli Hymowitz, Carrie Kaufman, Lindsay Kraus, Candice Miller, Coby Mugrabi, Grace Pomeranc, Lilah Ramzi, Emily Reifel, Indre Rockefeller, Priya Shukla, Daniela Tisch, Barbara Tober, Virginia Tomenson, Lesley Vecsler, and Lina

Over the years, YAGP Gala attendees have included the likes of Mick Jagger, Cicely Tyson, the Olsen twins, Nicolas Sarcozy, Katie Couric, and Chelsea Clinton, as well as celebrity Gala hosts – Alan Cumming, Hoda Kotb, and Keltie Knight.

Why do they come? For sure, to be entertainment. Some come to see the young stars of tomorrow before they burst out internationally. But there is also something deeper than that.

Larissa pauses before answering the question why dance is so important to her personally, and to the audiences that have kept coming to YAGP for the past 25 years. “Dance gives us a powerful way to express our humanity, to discover and communicate our unique voice. It allows us to connect to ourselves and to each other in a way that is just not possible in any other artform. It makes us better humans – and makes the world a better place.” P | 57
Candice Miller, Marcella Guarino Hymowitz, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen Chloe Misseldine (Photo: Darian Volkova) Calvin Royal III (Photo: Quinn B Wharton) Maria Khoreva (Photo: Darian Volkova)


World Class Plastic Surgery with a Personal Touch

Huettner Franziska


HuettnerMD PhD FACS


FRANZISKA HUETTNER WAS BASICALLY BORN INTO the business: both her mother and father were well respected physicians. He was a skilled general surgeon, and her mother led her own family practice. Spending much of her early childhood alongside her mother in her office and making house calls, Dr.Huettner immensely enjoyed the connection and sense of purpose she felt from these visits. Those early experiences, together with her father’s fascinating stories about surgery at the dinner table set the stage for Dr. Huettner’s to become the talented surgeon that she is today.

Entering medical school she wasn’t entirely sure which specialty to pursue, but Dr. Huettner recognized that she was supremely talented with her hands. “I really enjoyed creating and doing things, changing people’s lives and achieving a surgical result as close as possible to what they envisioned,” she says. “I can honestly say that I really, really love my job. Dr. Huettner finished medical school in Germany, earning her M.D. as well as PH.D. She was board certified first in general surgery and then in plastic surgery. But she didn’t stop there also earning a fellowship in aesthetic and breast surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, one of the top medical institutions in the U.S., where she has remained as staff. “I trained with the best of the

best in the country, and it was really an experience. I was very blessed to do that.”

Over the years, Dr. Huettner has published numerous articles and book chapters in the field of surgery and presented these on both on national and international stages. After several years of working at a very busy trauma and burn center in the Midwest and teaching at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine as Assistant Professor, she set down roots in New York in 2017, a city she chose for its cosmopolitan vibrancy and closer proximity to Europe and her family. Dr. Huettner opened her own practice, Manhattan Plastic Surgery NYC, on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side. “When I saw my name on the outside of the

60 |
“I trained with the best of the best in the country, and it was really an experience. I was very blessed to do that.” 61
“Most of the time I ask patients, instead of telling me what surgery they want, to describe how they want to look at the end. Then it is for me to figure out which surgical plan will get them there.”

building on Park Avenue for the first time, I had to stop for a second and realize what that meant, and how far I have come. How exciting to be able to do what I love, right here in the heart of New York City.”

While opening her practice, Dr Huettner continued her role as mentor by training residents and fellows as Plastic Surgery Residency Program Director and head of the breast reconstructive center at St. Barnabas Hospital. During the height of the pandemic, Dr Huettner was one of just a handful of plastic surgeons in the city who were on the frontline caring for COVID-19 patients in intensive care units. “The pandemic lead to a much broader acceptance of virtual interviews and allowed us to practice at a much broader level and to communicate with patients in a more approachable way than ever before,” she says. “And so, it really changed how a lot of my colleagues and I practice now.”

Dr. Huettner offers a broad spectrum of services within the plastic surgery field and beyond, including

skin care, laser treatments and injectables. From facelift surgery to breast and body procedures, her goal is to develop an individualized plan for each patient to achieve the best possible result. “The only surgery I don’t offer is rhinoplasty, but I am blessed to be surrounded by colleagues who specialize in that, so I am happy to refer patients out,” she says. Dr. Huettner invests a lot of time speaking to patients beforehand, talking in detail about the pros and cons of surgery, as well as possible risks: “Most of the time I ask patients, instead of telling me what surgery they want, to describe how they want to look at the end. Then it is for me to figure out which surgical plan will get them there.” Although Dr. Huettner offers a wide range of surgery, she is often sought after for breast and body surgery. “Sculpting a breast, whether during a breast reduction, lift or implant is more art then just surgery for me. The same applies to body surgeries, like tummy tucks or arm- and thigh lifts combined with liposuction. It’s a privilege to be a plastic surgeon and as such we owe it to the patient to give them the very best aesthetic results possible. These days we have so many more modalities and techniques we can offer to patients, like adding liposuction, fat grafting, or an energy device to a case, leading to an even better result. It’s the little things and attention to detail that often make a big difference in the outcome, and satisfaction of the patient.”

Dr. Huettner is also known for her revision work, and many of her patients love the fact that she is not only highly skilled, but also a woman. She does, after all, know what women want. One of the special gifts Dr. | 63
“It’s not about what I may feel the patient needs to have done, it’s about understanding their needs and desires, and to advise them if I can achieve this for them.”

Huettner bestows on her patients is the opportunity for a complimentary before-and-after photo shoot, including a modeling shoot and post-surgery interview with world-renowned celebrity photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth, whom she has known over a decade. He explains what is most special about her: “I interviewed so many patients where we focus on their experience with her and the practice. Every single one said that they had never encountered any doctor, plastic surgeon or otherwise, who was so invested in them, and each explained how Dr. Huettner truly cared for them. She is so personable with every patient, which is something you rarely encounter, even with a regular doctor. I mean, she’s an internationally recognized, highly awarded doctor who is at the top of her game. With a lot of people like that, you just don’t have access to them,” he says.

In Dr. Huettner’s practice, she always puts her patients first, and at times that includes house calls if needed. “To do all this, it’s also important to have a strong team behind me, focusing on customer satisfaction and treating each patient with kindness and according to the highest standards of care.” Dr. Huettner’s main goal is to ensure that every patient feels happy about having had surgery. “Patients should feel sexy and good in and out of their clothes,” she believes. When it comes to breast surgery, she aims to keep everything proportional, whether an augmentation or reduction. “Breast reduction surgery doesn’t mean to make them as small as possible,” she says. “It just means removing an excess amount of breast tissue to make them smaller in order to relieve the patient’s symptoms, while still leaving them with a nice aesthetically shaped breast.” And when it comes to face lift surgery, a natural, younger and not operated look is

what she is striving for. “My patients just want to look rested and a younger version of themselves, not like a different person. It’s not about what I may feel the patient needs to have done, it’s about understanding their needs and desires, and to advise them if I can achieve this for them.”

Following in her mother’s caring footsteps, Dr. Huettner makes sure to advise patients on her honest opinion before conducting any surgical procedures, especially as they might have a hard time envisioning how they might look or feel afterwards. She is also proud to perform gender-affirming surgeries: “Allowing people to express who they want to be and giving them a voice has been very transforming for a lot of my patients, and I am glad to be able to be part of it,” she says. Dr. Huettner’s practice has proven to be so popular that she opened a second location in Florida, now celebrating its one-year anniversary. She chose the Lady Lake area, close to Ocala, the horse capital of the world, after spending time there with her mom for the warm climate. Sadly, her mother passed unexpectedly halfway through her office renovation process. Dr. Huettner opened the beautiful space in dedication to her mother on what would have been her 81st birthday. “My family and I are so blessed to be able to reside in both places, New York City and Florida. And I intend to continue growing both offices. God only knows where the journey will further take me. Life is an exciting gift, and I am looking forward to what is to come next.” One thing is for sure: wherever Dr. Huettner’s journey goes, you can be certain that plastic surgery perfection and a personable and caring doctor will be leading the way forward. P

64 BEAUTY | 65

Wellness Studio


Every new year brings thousands of stories about the latest wellness and diet regimes. But the fact remains that dedicated work, exercise and a healthy diet are the best methods for losing weight. To help you achieve your goals in New York City, there is one space on the Upper East Side that stands above the rest: Wellness Studio, owned by Eva Pena.

We recently had the very pleasurable experience of speaking to this hard-working entrepreneur and single mother. For all our readers on the Upper East Side seeking to change their look and get healthier, we can’t think of anyone better to join you on your journey!

Please tell us about your background.

As a mother of three children, I started working out to find the energy to deal with the challenges of raising a family as a single parent after my divorce in 2006. Fitness changed my life, providing me with physical and mental

strength, discipline and self-appreciation through this journey. What started as fitness enthusiasm led me to become a bodybuilder, competitor and finally, a fitness coach. Its impact on my lifestyle made me give up on my original career as a civil engineer in the Dominican Republic and dedicate myself to helping others discover greatness within themselves. It took years of practice on the program’s design and comprehension of human body performance improvement, supported with continued education on sports nutrition, the physiology of exercise and physical therapy,

What was the impetus to start the studio?

After approximately six years as a private trainer in NYC, I discovered that my clients were having difficulty finding providers in different areas to keep themselves accountable on their path of well-being. They motivated me

to create a space where I could offer all the treatments I recommended to them to stay in their best physical condition. One day, I accepted the proposal from one of them to make that space possible, and we created Wellness+ Studio.

What is the main focus of the studio?

Our primary focus is to provide every individual with the resources they need to improve their physical condition as they age or face different challenges. We are helping them to “cultivate their best self” no matter their stage of life.

What services do you provide?

Our logo represents the balance between nutrition, exercise, recovery and rest, and we support each one of those aspects as part of our philosophy, with treatments including nutritional coaching, personal training, yoga, mat


Pilates, assisted stretching, massage, acupuncture, facial treatments, and our Signature Recovery Session. In the future, we will also include IV therapy, physical therapy, and non-surgical skincare treatments in this list. Certified professionals provide all our services in a private and exclusive environment carefully curated as a sanctuary to become your absolute best.

Is this your first business?

Wellness+ Studio is my first wellness-oriented business in NYC; I was growing my own fitness coaching company until 2022. In 2014, I developed a similar concept in DR, focused exclusively on personal training and nutritional coaching.

What are the plans for the company in the next five years?

In order to continue offering exclusive and private care for our community, our capacity by

location is a top priority. As we reach it, we will continue to open new locations in different areas of NY and the USA to facilitate our New York-based clientele in continuing their programs wherever they go and also to bring the opportunity to new members.

Who is your demographic and what are they trying to achieve in the studio?

We work with a vast, diverse community, but our major demographic is mostly individuals over the age of 45 who care about their health conditions for leading a long and functional life. Our programs are designed based on the needs of each individual, from specific sports

training, injury rehabilitation and body weight control management to simply maintaining their current condition.

Are you involved in any charitable work/ organizations?

Of course! We enjoy supporting different communities through The Suzanne von Liebig Institute (SvLI), a multifaceted organization with varying interests in environmental stewardship, animal protection, arts, education and supporting the advancement of at-risk populations, among many others. In addition, we are developing a weekly program for Ronald McDonald House at their UES location through their Wellness Center, where we have the privilege to interact with the children’s families and serve as a channel for them to find a space P 67


Leading the Charge in Dermatology and

Beyond 69


or just get a refresh go to Dr. Ariel Ostad. Using a combination of minimally invasive and surgical procedures, Dr. Ostad has a remedy for all dermatological and facial plastic surgery qualms, from scar revision to skin cancer removal to body sculpting to neck lifts. With 27 years of experience and board certifications as a dermatologist, dermatologic surgeon and facial cosmetic surgeon, there is no better man for the job.

Dr. Ostad was drawn to plastics early on in his education as it merges his love of art and medicine. His education brought him to some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, fulfilling his general medicine internship at Harvard, his dermatology residency at NYU and his Mohs micrographic surgery and cosmetic surgery certification at UCLA. Today Dr. Ostad is known for being a leader in the latter and has been listed as Top Doctor by Castle Connolly and RealSelf and as a New York Super Doctor. He is a three-time recipient of NYU’s Surgical Attending of the Year and serves as a Clinical Associate Professor there. “I very much believe in volunteer work and passing on the information I’ve gathered to passionate young doctors in training,” he says.

His Philosophy

Dr. Ostad’s goal with any patient is to build and maintain strong connections. “I want my patients to see me as someone who is truly genuine and absolutely cares for their well-being through giving them the best advice. I feel that compassion is unfortunately lacking in medicine, but it’s so

important that patients know that I have their best interest in mind.”

Another pillar in his practice rests on his sense of artistry, technicality and understanding of facial aesthetics. In the realm of celebrities, there are often those who look overfilled and completely unnatural, which goes against Dr. Ostad’s entire ethos. “I believe less is more with these procedures,” he says. “The best results are those that are subtle, where patients look their best but nobody can figure out what they did.”

Minimally Invasive Procedures

The field of cosmetic surgery has shifted dramatically in the past twenty years, when patients would formerly solely turn to invasive procedures, such as facelifts, neck lifts and body lifts. Dr. Ostad now sees his patients want more minimal changes. “A majority of the patients I see in my practice don’t want downtime,” he explains. “People who live busy lives don’t want to take time off. They don’t want to go through a surgical procedure with two to three months of recovery.” Therefore, they turn to procedures using Botox, fillers, lasers, energy devices and, at times, the power of their own plasma to tighten and improve the

“I believe less is more with these procedures. The best results are those that are subtle, where patients look their best but nobody can figure out what they did.”

tone and texture of their skin. The recovery of these procedures spans from mere hours to a couple of days.

Dr. Ostad’s treatments with Botox and fillers target any facial insecurity a patient might have. “We use Botox to fix expression lines – the creases between the eyebrows, frown lines, forehead creases and crow’s feet. Fillers, primarily made of hyaluronic acid, are used to lift and contour the jawline and improve laugh lines and under eye hollows,” he says. More often than not, these procedures have resulted in younger people seeking treatment as an anti-aging modality.

His laser treatments have acted as a savior for his patients with sun damage, rosacea and scars, but he also emphasizes the power of regenerative medicine, which often flies under the radar due to its novelty in the medical world. “Regenerative medicine utilizes one’s own blood plasma to drive collagen production to improve skin,” he says. “One common treatment is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). We take the patient’s blood, spin it, separate it and take the plasma, which is packed with growth factors and vitamins. We then inject the plasma in the scalp for hair growth or into the face to stimulate collagen.”

Surgical Specialties

Although less invasive procedures have become more and more prevalent, Dr. Ostad continues to offer surgical expertise in his Upper East Side office. Patients are referred to him for reconstructive surgery to avoid deformities due to facial skin cancer. Additionally, he offers a range of cosmetic interventions, including upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, minimally invasive neck tightening, and excisions for facial moles. He also performs a select amount of face lifts, although a majority of his patients can benefit from non-surgical options.

Body Tightening

With a rise in weight loss treatments, such as Ozempic,

Dr. Ostad has seen body tightening rise in popularity. “These drugs definitely serve a purpose for patients struggling with weight loss,” he says. “I’m a fan of them, but they are not without side effects. These patients are losing weight rapidly, and, as a result, they’re dealing with what we call Ozempic face, which is hollowing of the face, or with Ozempic body, where patients are getting loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite – whether it’s on the face, the neck, the arms, the chest, the buttock area or the hips.” He expects to see even more patients for body tightening in 2024, as some estimates predict that up to one in three people will be on this medication over the next decade.

Dr. Ostad also performs liposuction as a way to address weight loss problems under local anesthesia and without putting someone to sleep. “We address a lot of areas, whether it’s the double chin, arms, abdomen, waistline, knees or calves. We’re able to create a nice contour and silhouette for somebody who is dealing with stubborn areas of fat.”

A Philanthropic Edge

Dr. Ostad is committed to giving back. He and his wife have established the Alaleh and Ariel Ostad Endowed Scholarship Fund, which provides opportunities for students to achieve their own dreams and goals. Dr. Ostad also emphasizes the importance of inclusivity, specifically with serving the LGBTQ+ community. “Our office very much supports and has empathy towards any person who feels they’re not being attended to due to their sexual orientation or gender expression,” he says. Additionally, he is on the Medical Council of the Skin Cancer Foundation, which funds research and brings awareness to the importance of early skin cancer screenings, is a large contributor to Feeding America and advocates against human trafficking. P | 73 BEAUTY

Laine Siklos


In Politics & Philanthropy

aine Siklos is not a philanthropist, she is a philanthropic advisor, and is quick to make the distinction. This is because her value is not in the figures she personally donates, but in the strategic largess of everyone she advises, some of who are in the highest circles of business, entertainment, media, and technology. Through her consultancy, Embassy Row Global, where she is Founder and Chief Ambassador, she and her team of Attachés work with clients on all ends of career spectrum. For example, retiring senior executives who wish to remain active on boards or in create a foundation. She guides them to zero in on what they’d like to accomplish, making them consider items such as involving their children in their future endeavors. She also aids younger entrepreneurs who are looking to enhance opportunities for their businesses. She has encountered Silicon Valley owners who think the best way to get a patent approved is starting with attending Presidential or VP fundraisers. “No, politics is a long play,” Siklos explains. “You have to think about it over the next five, ten, twenty years.”


Clients value her connections.

To maintain her relevance, Siklos has a wide range of knowledge in current events, even in areas she doesn’t personally resonate with her. “I need to be 360-degree conversational. I am only as good as my ability to come up with ideas and introduce people and create projects,” she says. Some of her past projects include sponsorships and partnerships with Cannes Lions, Council on Foreign Relations, Fast Company Innovation Summit, Lincoln Center, Royal Academy of Art, Tribeca Film Festival, and Vanity Fair. “It’s about staying similarly advantageous, being able to say, ‘Actually, I attended a small lunch with First Lady Jill Biden last week; I spoke with Gillibrand’s team yesterday; I was at United Nations General Assembly relatedevents with Meera Gandhi, Cherie Blair’s and Mayor Eric Adams.”

Philanthropic activities

She also supports charitable causes of her choice and has served on committees for the Central Park Conservancy, LACMA and MOMA. She has co-chaired galas for the American Ballet Theater and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, and is a member of the American Advocates of the UK National

Theater. She even helped co-create the junior committees for Lighthouse Guild and the Paley Center for Media. “I will never have the clout or funds of my clients, and prefer to do my work behind the red-carpet,” she laughs.

Siklos has traveled to Israel, Jordan, and Syrian border on a mission trip to UNICEF’s Za’atari Refugee Camp with the organization’s Board. She escorted, via Blackhawk helicopters, a group of film executives to the Mojave Desert for a full-day session at Ft. Irwin - the world’s largest combat training facility – to more accurately depict war-zone reporting.

Extraordinary Life

– Female Zelig

Siklos’ remarkable path in life brought her to this career, and her resume is quite long. She started as a US Senate page in high school and then became a White House intern and campaign staffer. She held a multitude of other jobs in D.C., including being elected as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.

While on this trajectory as a female Zelig, Siklos has flown on Air Force One, went by helicopter to Camp David, attended the Hong Kong handover to China in 1997, and

drove an ailing Russian Foreign Minister home when she was just in her early 20s. She has helped a majority of the past presidential inaugurations and transitions. As an executive in strategy and communication, Siklos predominately worked internationally, for Hearst Magazines, TIME and Warner Bros., earning an MBA at NYU along the way. These experiences culminated when she became Chief of Staff at advisory firm LionTree, where she was a member of the management committee. She later became a consultant for Sotheby’s.

Family Matters

Her own children seem to be keen in joining her in these endeavors. Her fifteenyear-old daughter Anabelle serves as a junior ambassador to the National PAC MOM’s, while also popping into NYC for opening night of the NY Philharmonic and The Quest 400 party. Her seventeen-year-old son Henry has briefly interviewed President Biden and Transportation Secretary Buttigieg when they were on the campaign trial and found the golden egg at the White House Easter Roll during his childhood. They were both introduced to New York Society via horse drawn carriage at Viennese Opera Ball. P 75

Actress & Author


Literary Triumph

From the silver screen to literary triumph, actress, producer and owner of Ireland’s Kilkea Castle, Christy Cashman, has released her debut novel, The Truth About Horses. The project took nine years to come to fruition.

Despite having appeared in more than

The Truth About Horses

twenty Hollywood movies, including Ted 2, American Hustle and The Golden Boys, and publishing two children’s books, Cashman felt trepidation on becoming a novelist. “I don’t think I had the confidence earlier; my life was going in a lot of different directions, I was producing films, and my kids were younger.” With the story long gestating in her mind and her children now young adults, she finally decided to eschew other projects and concentrate on writing.

She need not have worried; reviews have


been terrific. No less than Joyce Carol Oates, the National Book Award-winning novelist, described it as “irresistibly readable… a book that plunges us into a beautifully evoked rural world in which horses are both magnificent beasts requiring human love and devotion, and iconic creatures out of mythology.”

Magical Realism

While Cashman has a lifelong love of horses, like Reese, the book’s young protagonist, the story does not reflect her real, fairytale-like life at all. The Truth About Horses tells the story of a young woman whose fierce spirit and determination guide her in facing adversity and life’s unexpected challenges, framed by the extraordinary bond between humans and their equine companions. Reese’s mystical encounters with a herd of wild horses led by a mysterious black stallion led to the book’s setting in South Dakota.

“I wanted it to be in a place where you actually might see wild horses,” Cashman said. “Somewhere in middle America felt right for the story, also because of the wild horses and what the land and the environment look like there.”

Started out to write a Screenplay

Cashman took some writing classes to hone her skills, but originally planned to write a treatment that could be developed into a screenplay. In the process, she found the main character’s voice, which came across much more in long form as a novel. “Once I started writing, this voice luckily came to me and was very clear. Her voice was probably the easiest part of the process because once I had her voice, I was able to tell the story, I think, in a convincing way.”

The book’s magical realism also came naturally. “Once I had my vision of the wild horses, I knew that I wanted it to be... almost

like a leitmotif in a song, a recurring theme,” Cashman told us from her home in Boston in early December, during a short break in her 60-stop book tour. She was headed to Miami the next day for an appearance at Books & Books during Art Basel, and later that month would be back in her hometown at a bookstore in Chatham, MA, and to read The Night Before Christmas at the Boston Pops.

Book launch at Dublin Horse Show

In August, Cashman’s novel made its grand debut at the prestigious Dublin Horse Show, near her family’s castle, hosting footballers, actors, fellow authors and the horsey crowd at a luncheon in a private suite with views overlooking the Main Arena.

The work required to promote her book has been eye-opening, but also a fun experi ence. “Writing is kind of isolating, but part is very social, so it is really having to claim both identities,” she said.

She and actress Jane Seymour are work ing together on developing the story as a TV series.

Cashman has found that she loves process of writing and character develop ment and is now working on her next “It’s set in the ‘80s in a small town in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, and there’s not a horse in the book.”

A real-life fairytale

So how did Cashman come to own an Irish castle? She was living in New York and her horseback riding group went annually to Ireland. “I tagged along one year, and then they couldn’t get rid of me,” she joked. After meeting her now-husband, Jay, he asked her to visit him in Boston, and Cashman told him she was heading to Ireland to ride the following week.

He replied that since he’s half Irish, he’d join her, and invited himself along. “I said, ‘I’m going to be riding every single day, and gone all day long. What are you going to do’? And he said, ‘I’m going to look for a castle.’” Thereafter, they went every year, even after they’d married and had children, and she rode, and he looked at property. “And then 20 some years later, he truly bought a castle.” Kilkea, which dates to 1180, had been abandoned for a number of years. They bought it in 2012, began renovations in 2016, and opened it as a resort hotel in 2018. “It was fast and furious, and then it’s just been a constant renovation project. Now we’re renovating yet again.” She chuckled. P 77
Christy Cashman & Jane Seymour PMC

Arthur Aidala

New York City’s Top Trial Lawyer

ou may recognize attorney Arthur Aidala from his many television appearances, most prominently as a longtime legal commentator analyzing complex cases for Fox News, as well as Fox 5, New York 1, and various other news outlets. What you may not know is that the man you’ve seen on TV is one of New York City’s top Trial lawyers, taking on some of the highest-profile cases in recent history. His firm, Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, has handled Harvey Weinstein’s criminal and civil cases, Alan Dershowitz’s Federal defamation case, 50 Cent’s civil litigation case, and Ghislaine Maxwell’s appeal. His firm also represents Rudy Giuliani in attempt to salvage his license to practice law. In the past, Aidala has represented President of Fox News Roger Ailes, former US representative Anthony Weiner, NY Giants Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor and Dream Hotelier Vikram Chatwal during their times of crisis.

The Power Hour

Blending his courtroom experience with his perspective as a lifetime New Yorker, Aidala is now the host of his own radio show: The Arthur Aidala Power Hour. Tune in to AM970 The Answer every weekday between 6 and 7pm to listen in on the renowned attorney’s discussions with high-profile guests regarding the law, politics, New York living, health and wellness, entertainment and more. Aidala has had guests that span from Mayor Adams, former Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo to Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Reilly and Rudy Giuliani. The show is also rebroadcasted on all podcast platforms. Aidala hopes the combination of his contributions in the legal field as well as educating the community through the Arthur Aidala radio show will make significant contributions to make our state the best it can be.


Ambitions To Be an Actor

Despite his stellar legal career, that started at the Brooklyn D.A.’s office, Aidala did not originally want to enter the legal profession. He really wanted to be an actor and even studied theater both in his high school at Poly Prep and in college at SUNY Purchase. However, Aidala ultimately decided to go to law school and follow in the footsteps of his father, a former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney. “Shortly after joining the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, I got to fulfill my theatrical dreams by writing, producing, directing and starring in my summations at the end of trials,” Aidala laughs. “When you’re on trial and you’re in front of twelve jurors, one of the challenges is to hold their attention. A lot of the theater skills that I learned about body-positioning and voice intonations and using your arms and your hands, and your voice have definitely helped me in front of jurors and judges throughout the years.”

Diverse Practice, Helping People

Aidala doesn’t take on high-profile cases for the notoriety. “I became a lawyer to help people,” he says. “Anyone that becomes an Assistant District Attorney, doesn’t do that for wealth, fame or fortune, and that was one of my initial forays in the profession and I loved it. I had tremendous role models there regarding ethics and morals and values,” Aidala says. His own father, with whom Aidala worked alongside after starting his own firm, and late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, are among those who inspired his passion for service. “With the exception of time with my family, nothing really is equivalent to that feeling of gratification I get when I help a fellow human being in their most desperate time of need,” he explains.


Giving Back

Several years ago he took on the Brigitte Harris case, a young woman who killed her abusive father, as he was greatly moved by her situation. Not only did he work pro bono, but also convinced all the experts who

testified to waive their fees because she did not have the funds. “The facts of that case were so horrific, and it was very gratifying when we achieved such positive results for her,” Aidala says. Aidala also represented Maritza Ramos, the widow of slain Detective Rafael Ramos, as she launched The Detective Rafael Ramos Foundation, which he says was a highlight of his career. “It was an opportunity to help a family who just had the ultimate tragedy do something good for the community,” he says. Aidala used his local news contacts to help get the word out, and when the foundation held its first fundraising event it was with Mariano Rivera as its star. The organization aims to raise awareness of the dangers faced by law enforcement officers and to better connect officers with the community, and to support families who have lost loved ones working in that profession. This November, Aidala will be named the Humanitarian of the Year at the Detective Rafael Ramos foundation. Also being honored at the gala will be the New York Police Commissioner Edward Caban and Chief of the New York Police Department Jeffrey Maddrey.

Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins

Aidala also works on corporate business deals, putting together, as he describes it, “the guy who sells the tires with the guy who sells the cars.” Partners and associates in his firm, Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, are work on a wide array of legal specialties, including personal injury law, real estate, civil litigation and appellate law. Members of the firm include three former Supreme Court judges, Honorable Barry Kamins, Honorable John Leventhal and the Honorable David Lewis. “It’s a full-service law firm,” Aidala says. P 79

No-nonsense Approach

Divorce is an awful experience, highly emotional and painful for all parties involved.

So why drag the process out, prolonging the agony – and running up more and more legal fees? Attorney Ken Jewell runs his matrimonial law practice, Jewell Law, with that philosophy in mind, resolving divorce cases as efficiently as possible, enabling clients to move forward.

“We pride ourselves on getting the job done and doing what’s necessary and expediting clients as opposed to having their cases drag on, unresolved,” says Jewell. “A happy client is a client who’s got whatever they need done,” he adds. “If the client is looking to get divorced, he or she wants to get divorced. Our clients don’t want to go through years and years of agony; they want to get the job done sooner rather than later.” Jewell tries to get his clients to see divorce proceedings in as positive a light as possible, as a way to move away from an unhappy situation.

Courts View Marriage as Economic Partnership, Not Emotional

One of the biggest problems in matrimonial law is that everybody wants justice, Jewell explains, but obtaining justice for the perceived wrongs your spouse has committed is not possible - unless someone shows up with bruises.

For Jewell, it’s very important that people are aware that when a marriage goes bad, the courts look at it as strictly an economic partnership – absent very limited circum-

Ken Jewell

Divorce Attorney

Ken Jewell

stances such as domestic violence. “The litigants need to understand that the emotions really have no play here, that it’s a business transaction, through and through, and we just have to work through each of the issues as quickly and efficiently as possible,” he says.

Jewell urges his clients to focus on solutions that will help dissolve the marriage: parenting time for the spouses; support payments, if required; and dividing up the assets. Explaining this can be eye-opening to clients. “As a general rule, the judge can’t rule on the injustices of the marriage. And if you’re trying to be vindicated, you’re just going to be throwing good money after bad, because there’s no resolution to get there.”

And Jewell’s goal is to get you out of that unhappy relationship as painlessly as possible. “It’s better, the sooner you let go, the sooner you close the door, the sooner that new opportunity can present itself, whether it’s a new relationship, a new job, whatever the case may be, the sooner that can come around.”

Resolving Personal Animosity May Require Counseling

Of course, he understands the emotional suffering caused by divorce, and helps to alleviate it however possible. If anger levels are so high that the spouses are unable to talk to one another to resolve the issues, Jewell may recommend they speak to a counselor. “This way, I’m dealing with legal issues while somebody who’s highly trained in dealing with people’s emotions and how to

Ken Jewell & Dr. Zorica-Filipovic Jewell reconcile issues that the couple otherwise cannot, can keep them focused.” This helps the parties to reach as satisfactory an agreement as they possibly can so they can bring closure to their unhappy marriage.

Would You Rather Be Happy or Would You Rather Be Right?

For every decision a client makes in settling a divorce, Jewell asks: “Would you rather be happy, or would you rather be right?” Right, he says, is always more expensive and usually with no better results.

If you want to be happy – and isn’t that the point of ending your marriage? You need to think about what it is you’re fighting over, and whether or not that continued fight is going to make you happy or is it going to put a big dent in your bank account.

Jewell Law’s clients have included highprofile CEO’s, fashion models, doctors, performing artists, and real estate moguls. Many are professionals and entrepreneurs who have built their businesses; they’re attracted to his no nonsense approach to resolving their cases, saving them time and money in the process. Jewell often conducts divorce cases entirely by phone, e-mail, and Zoom -- requiring no on-site visits, another time saver.

Started Firm Soon After Law School

Before attending law school, Jewell spent ten years as a Supreme Court librarian in Nassau County, helping judges and lawyers research legal issues. He was torn between becoming a psychologist or an attorney, and matrimonial law seemed a natural fit. “It sort of hits the hybrid of being both a psychologist as well as being an attorney and helping people.”

Jewell worked for another matrimonial practitioner for a short period, but quickly realized that with years of legal research experience already under his belt, he could bring in business and help people in a way that he considered more appropriate. He opened Jewell Law in 2003. P 81

Katz BRUCE Dr.


JUVA Skin & Laser Center’s Pioneering Cosmetic Dermatologist

leader in advanced laser technology, body contouring and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Bruce Katz, of JUVA Skin & Laser Center on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, was an original pioneer in the field of cosmetic and laser surgery.

Always interested in medicine, Dr. Katz was on the frontier of skin tightening and fat reduction before anyone even knew what that meant. It was during his rotations in medical school, however, that he realized his passion for cosmetic dermatology—at a time when it was still in the very early stages.

“Not a lot of doctors considered it serious medicine, but I saw it as an area we could improve upon and that had a lot of potential,” said Dr. Katz.

After he finished his residency at Columbia Presbyterian, Dr. Katz became chief resident there, where his superiors tried to persuade him to do bench research. Dr. Katz, who would go on to develop breakthrough methods, was not to be deterred from starting his own cosmetic dermatology clinic, though. Unsurprisingly, he was once again told it wasn’t “serious medicine.”

This dedicated doctor would go on to set up his cosmetic dermatology clinic at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, where he became the only dermatologist with operating privileges, and that was just the beginning.

Upon traveling to France in 1983 to learn from Dr. Illouz, known as the founding father of liposuction and inventor of the Illouz Method, Dr. Katz brought his knowledge back to the states.

This liposuction leader then turned his attention to laser technology.

“Lasers were in their infancy during the early ‘80s and ‘90s, and I decided it was a great new area to get involved with. I underwent extensive training and now lasers are one of the most frequently used energy-based devices in cosmetics.” His JUVA Skin & Laser Center is one of the largest laser centers in the world.

This forward-thinking doctor, who is currently a clinical professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, continued to believe that the field had a big future. He also became one of the first doctors to perform SmartLipo using lasers. Katz realized that while the procedure could remove fat, it could also produce collagen, and tighten the skin as well.

“The first time around we saw that while we could use liposuction to take fat away, the patient would wind up with loose skin, so we needed to find a way to tighten the skin. I had heard about a laser being used in Brazil and Italy that could remove this excess fat. But what was not understood is that the laser could potentially tighten skin at the same time.”

Once he knew there was a solution to sagging skin, he went to see things for himself.

After doing the FDA trials, he was once again at the forefront of this latest technology. People magazine even featured the doctor for his work in SmartLipo back in 2005, in what would be the longest article ever published about any cosmetic procedure, showing just


how much Dr. Katz was helping to expand and popularize the industry.

Even decades later, Dr. Katz is sought after for his techniques, personalized care and latest procedures using SculpSure, Cellulaze, Emsculpt, Sofwave, Ellacor and the Madonna Lift among others. His JUVA Skin & Laser Center is an all-inclusive space for dermatology, cosmetic surgery and even a MediSpa that offers facials, hair removal and makeup services. Doctors come from all over the world to train with him.

With a team dedicated to clinical research, the Center is also focused on toxins that last twice as long, in fillers as well as other lasers and energy-based devices. Having been a researcher for 25 years, Dr. Katz has also been involved in pharma research for acne, psoriasis and eczema.

When it comes to the latest looking-good trends, Dr. Katz says that it’s all about non-invasive procedures to take away fat—and build new muscle. He did research on a technology called EmSculpt that does both of these things to produce a more sculpted area.

“These latest technologies tighten the skin non-invasively with no downtime, are not painful in any way and work to treat cellulite and other areas that are popular in body sculpting. Now, we can remove fat and patients can go right back to work and exercise with-

out any incisions.”

This leader in all things laser and liposuction is also a world-renowned lecturer who continues to speak both nationally and around the globe. He has lectured to crowds in Brazil, Dubai, China, Japan and all over Europe and South America. Dr. Katz also continues to teach other doctors from around the world about his pioneering expertise.

The celebrity doctor, who counts rock stars, actors and politicians among his clients, also prefers giving his patients a more natural look.

“We want people to have realistic expectations of what they can improve. We don’t want them coming out with unnaturally big cheeks or overly large lips. We don’t want the surgery to look obvious. It’s about doing things in a way so that people can’t tell what you’ve done, just that you look like a better version of yourself, maybe ten to fifteen years younger. The goal is not to make someone look like a completely different person.”

For one-stop laser and cosmetic surgery shopping with one of the country’s most skilled surgeons, JUVA Skin & Laser Center has a customized procedure or full package for anyone. P 85

Villa Miami

Bringing Italian Design Sensibilities to Miami

Villa Miami, a collaboration between the powerhouse restaurant group, Major Food Group, whose restaurants include Carbone, Torrisi, The Grill andDirtyFrench,Terra,OneThousand Groupasdevelopers,ODPArchitectsand Charles&Cohandlingtheinteriordesign issettorevolutionizeMiami’swaterfront skylinein2027.PARKwasluckyenough tospeakwiththeteambehindtheproject andlearnmoreaboutthisfascinating newdevelopment!

What was the inspiration for the building?

Can you speak to the Italianate feeling of the building?

Villa marks the first-ever collaboration with Major Food Group, one of the most iconic hospitality brands in the country. The vision for Villa is rooted in the MFG ethos, inspired by a feeling reminiscent of Lake Como or the Amalfi Coast. It’s a building that makes the aspirational lifestyle a reality, merging excellence in design, dining and hospitality.

How many units? What amenities does the building offer?

Villa is comprised of 72 full and half-floor residences. The development affords residents


all the luxuries, conveniences and amenities of high-rise living, along with the expansive living space and floor plans that they would expect from an estate home.

Amenities include a spa experience inspired by Ischia’s Mezzatorre thermal spas, state-ofthe-art gyms, a private Member’s Club, a branded beach club, a rooftop helipad, an elevated pool deck that captures the essence of the French Riviera fully serviced by MFGtrained staff as well as a new MFG restaurant just downstairs.

Are the units customizable to client specifications?

Our residents can expect a high level of customization and freedom in their living

spaces. Renowned designer Vicky Charles, known for her work as former Design Director of Soho House and commissions with celebrities such as the Beckhams and the Clooneys, brings a distinctive European sensibility to our interiors. In a departure from the city’s traditional white marble and chrome aesthetic, Villa is designed with a focus on romance, noble materials and warmth.

What restaurants/venues will the building have?

Villa will unveil a brand new MFG concept on the ground floor where our residents will have exclusive access. Additionally, residents can enjoy MFG culinary services at home, with epicurean experts stocking pantries with

imported delights, selecting wines for cellars and even making in-home appearances for dinner parties. Private chefs can craft dishes from the CARBONE menu and sommeliers can provide custom wine recommendations for special occasions.

How/why did you pick the site?

Edgewater is emerging as one of Miami’s most dynamic neighborhoods for its centrality and unobstructed views of Biscayne Bay. Within minutes, Villa residents can enjoy Michelin-starred dining, premium shopping in the Design District and art exhibits at PAMM or ICA Miami. And they’ll return home to an exclusive, walkable bayfront community with pristine views in every direction.

The name suggests a love affair for Miami - can you tell us why it’s such an important destination?

Miami encompasses all the elements of a fantastic city: favorable weather, diversity, safety, business-friendly regulations and more. There’s been a recent paradigm shift that has prioritized lifestyle, connectivity and community and that has greatly benefitted Miami’s growth and development. The recent surge in migration has dynamically reshaped the city’s demographic, cultural, culinary and entertainment landscape, enhancing its appeal and desirability even further.

When is the completion date? Are you on track to finish on time?

We’ll be breaking ground this summer to deliver the residences in the second quarter of 2027. P 87

Shakuff Lighting

At the Summit of Custom Lighting

Shakuff Lighting represents an illuminating testament to artistic innovation and craftsmanship by transforming spaces into captivating realms of light and design. Specializing in handcrafted custom lighting fixtures, Shakuff seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic brilliance. Each piece echoes the artisanal mastery of the brand, creating a firmament of light that transcends mere illumination. Shakuff designs draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, incorporating elements from nature, contemporary life and cultural motifs. The result is a stunning

collection that caters to the individual tastes of clients while maintaining an overarching commitment to quality and creativity.

Meticulously hand-blown glass combined with cutting-edge design defines Shakuff’s signature style. The brand’s dedication to customization ensures that each fixture is a unique masterpiece, reflecting both the client’s vision and the artisan’s skill. From striking chandeliers that command attention to subtle pendant lights that delicately enhance ambiance, Shakuff Lighting transforms spaces into artistic visions.

Beyond its commitment to craftsmanship, Shakuff places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices, utilizing eco-friendly


materials and energy-efficient technologies. As a beacon of innovation in the world of lighting design, Shakuff continues to redefine the boundaries of possibility, casting a radiant glow on the intersection of art and functionality.

PARK recently had the pleasure of interviewing and speaking with Shakuff’s founder, CEO and creative director Joseph Sidof.

How did you get into lighting design? What did you study? Where do your passions originate?

I met an Israeli artist who makes beautifully textured colored glass. We developed

What some of the projects you’re most proud of. How about the most complicated?

Ivy Branch is one of our proudest projects. We had to create something for an offset dining room and needed to make the lighting work while keeping the decor balanced with the layout. The biggest challenge was to design a fixture that would work for the space without making any construction/holes in the ceiling in order to have the fixture installed seamlessly into the space.

What are the trends in lighting design? And how do you keep up with them?

palettes of color together, starting with stained-glass tile décor. Over the years I developed a line of lighting that I felt was needed for customization. We then started to create a line of blown-glass fixtures. My passion comes from nature, my appreciation for art and beauty and communication with people.

How long have you owned your own business? What was the impetus behind starting your own firm?

I opened the business in 2007. I had a strong sense of entrepreneurship and I wanted to start my own business doing what I was interested in.

The latest trend is fixtures with organic shapes made from a combination of materials including metal and glass. And this is also how the Bloom and Ivy Branch collections came into being. We absolutely love using different forms of metal and hand-blown glass.

What does the future hold for Shakuff?

We plan to expand our building to increase our production space, showroom and studio, where we will create everything in-house in one place including canopy, blown glass, and packaging. We also hope to have more showrooms in the Middle East and Europe in the future. P 89


Furnishings that Elevate Conscious Craftsmanship—MasayaCo’s Ode to Growing a Sustainable Legacy

Nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of Nicaragua, a narrative of ecological renaissance and artisanal mastery unfolds by way of Masaya Co. Founded by the visionary Aram Terry, MasayaCo’s genesis embodies a noble quest to marry environmental reclamation with the artistry of sustainable furniture crafting. At the heart of MasayaCo lies an ethos deeply represented by a commitment to what can only be described as the “Seed to Seat” philosophy. Rooted in the soil of reforested teak, each meticulously crafted piece of furniture bears witness to a journey that begins with a humble seedling and culminates in an opus of warm-modern

pieces. The narrative unfurls with an impeccable blend of artisanal finesse and ecological stewardship in support of MasayaCo’s unwavering dedication to the essential alchemy of sustainability.

The heartbeat of MasayaCo extends far beyond the conversation around craftsmanship by expressing a well-spoken language of community elevation and social responsibility. With a dedicated workforce of over 400 individuals drawn from the local fabric of Nicaraguan communities, MasayaCo brings empowerment through every form they create, offering not just furniture but a promise of economic vitality and social cohesion. Its charitable initiatives, including partnerships with Seeds for Progress and DIFFA, speak volumes of their commitment to leveraging their success for the betterment of society.

When it comes to aesthetics, the brand’s


fresh uptick on these classic silhouettes bridges time-honored techniques with a forward-thinking modernity. MasayaCo curates an ensemble that resonates with connoisseurs of refined taste and conscientious living from the intricate weavings of handcrafted masterpieces to the radiant allure of bespoke creations. With their largest market nestled in the embrace of the United States, MasayaCo’s online emporium and showrooms in Nashville and Berkeley serve as sustainable outposts where discerning patrons embark on a journey of enlightened consumption.

Peering into the horizon, MasayaCo’s gaze extends towards vistas of boundless potential and transcendent growth. With aspirations to cultivate more arboreal sanctuaries, expand their global footprint and imbue the world with a deeper

appreciation for sustainability, MasayaCo emerges as a vanguard of green commerce. The company’s sister venture, Masaya Homes, presents a vision of architectural splendor crafted from reforested teak.

In a world where the pursuit of beauty often comes at the expense of environmental integrity, MasayaCo emerges as an oasis of design-forward change—a sanctuary where the rhythms of nature converge with the poetry of human ingenuity. Through its steadfast dedication to the noble art of sustainable craftsmanship, MasayaCo not only adorns living spaces with modernminded furnishings but also sows the seeds of a greener, more luminous future—a legacy that reverberates from one generation to the next. P 91


Earth Care

Personalizing Your Hamptons Landscape

for your own lush landscaping, the Hamptons-based Unlimited Earth Care offers personalized designs for every season. By taking clients’ interests to heart, founder Frederico Azevedo and his team create an outdoor space that is an extension of their indoor home. Azevedo, who is also a master at creating a custom color palette, speaks on the latest trends this spring and offers tips for keeping your garden looking fresher longer.


How do you curate personalized landscaping for the properties you design?

My designs begin with the environmental conditions of the property, such as what kind of soil there is, and of course the aesthetic of the existing structures—is the home modern or traditional, and from there I know what plants will do well there and what kinds of changes in elevation, paths or borders might be beneficial. I meet with the clients to discuss what they are hoping for and understand how they would like to extend their lives into the outdoors: do they entertain? Love to cook? Do yoga? From there I design guided and inspired by these parameters—and the result is that no two Unlimited Earth Care gardens are ever quite the same, apart from a few of my design signatures that clients may request, such as curving floral borders and my vivid color palettes.

Are certain flowers and plants seasonal?

Yes, and that is why I plan each design carefully to move aesthetically through each season. I want my gardens to signal spring with delicate early bulbs, which may shift into lush green lawns for summer activities, and elevate fall, which is an incredible season to spend time in your garden, with designed patios and

seating areas framed in fiery-leafed trees and fall blooms, like chrysanthemums.

What are the biggest trends in design for the upcoming season?

Well, I try not to design according to trends, and I’m still maintaining my past designs year after year, but I do love that sustainability has been very popular this year. People are very interested in pollinator gardens, which are gardens planted only with native plants that support local bee, butterfly and bird populations. For outdoor furniture, I’ve noticed that people are interested in natural materials and artisan pieces that are unique and have a kind of modern warmth. At the Garden Concept Store this year I’ve carried some very beautiful, handcrafted pieces made from sustainably harvested wood.

Plants are not stagnant swatches, they are color palettes in motion, and even in one petal there could be a range of hues—so, because I have been designing with these living, growing colors for over 30 years now, I know them all very well, and I really understand how they look at every stage of their lives once they’re planted. Sometimes I work according to the color wheel, and use complementary hues, like soft yellows to highlight a bright purple, and other times I go for something more homogeneous and design a bed all in golds, yellows and oranges. Colors change everything. I can create a meditative space all in hues of greens, and then nearby a vivid space planted with graphic blooms that seems to give you energy.

How do you ensure things last longer?

How do you come up with a color palette?

Color is definitely my signature as a designer, and although I have a very specific way that I use and pair colors, it all begins with the plants.

Gardens are alive, and careful maintenance is key to keeping them healthy. Unlimited Earth Care offers full maintenance services, and I only plant what I know has a chance of lasting where I place it. But the truth is that nature is unpredictable, and an uninvited rabbit could decide to visit—although I do take care to plant many naturally deer and rabbit resistant flowers, some beautiful flowers are their favorites. I work to keep things as beautiful and healthy as possible, and not design a garden that has to be forced to exist.

Anything you want to add about your store/products?

Yes, at the Unlimited Earth Care headquarters in Bridgehampton we have the Garden Concept Store, which carries a unique selection of planters, sculptures, garden accessories and outdoor furniture for the modern garden, and also the Garden Market, which carries a curated selection of native and well-adapted flowers, plants, herbs, vegetables and shrubs that I use in my designs. I love to help customers find the right planter or flower for their home, so please do come visit us at 2249 Scuttle Hole Rd., Bridgehampton, N.Y. P | 93

Spring Celebrations With FlowersWinston a

s the days warm, the flowers bloom, and the world comes back to life, it’s no wonder that spring is the time for so many celebrations. This year, allow Winston Flowers to make the season even more spectacular with perfectly of-the-moment floral décor and gorgeous gift options for all your happy occasions.



Easter and Passover are the perfect opportunities to shake off the winter slumber and gather with friends and family to celebrate—and there’s nothing more fitting for celebrations than a table full of incredible blooms. With only the most exceptional flowers, textures, and colors of the season, a table topped with a Winston Flowers centerpiece is sure to be as beautiful as the memories made around it.

Their Enchanted Garden Centerpiece is the perfect spring feature for your Easter or Passover table. Featuring plush ‘clooney’ ranunculus, sunny ‘butterfly’ ranunculus, swirling apricot roses, sprays of miniature lavender roses, and amethyst clematis accented by soaring stems of Italian sweet pea, gold-crowned daffodils, and helleborus ‘winterbells.’ Embellished with crisp spring greenery and displayed in a pistachio-colored vase, it is sure to make a statement!

Another favorite, the Pastel Charm Trio, makes for a delightful centerpiece for any springtime occasion. Adorned with plush peach ‘kahala’ roses and petite mauve spray roses, they are accompanied by gold-crowned mini daffodils and bells of helleborus in matching rose-colored vases. This piece is ideal to scatter down your table for Easter or Passover and then give as gracious a parting gift to guests.

The Sunlit Garden Centerpiece is sure to leave a finishing touch for elegant spring entertaining. This perfectly proportioned centerpiece showcases crisp white roses, mint green cymbidium orchids, honey-hued tulips, and helleborus ‘winterbells’ crowned by

buttons of chamomile and petite blooms of blue tweedia. Complete with fresh seasonal foliage in a muted green vessel.


Celebrating a special spring birthday? Winston Flowers has just introduced the festive new Birthday Cheers—available for delivery nationwide!

Make this someone’s happiest birthday yet with a festive collection of snacks, sips, and gifts. This celebratory box includes nonalcoholic sparkling tea presented with a brownie cake chocolate bar, Raaka’s vanilla waffle cone chocolate bar, a flower-filled lollipop from Hard Nectar, and a decorated sugar cookie from Three Fifty Bakery. Complete with a fig- and orange zest-scented candle by LOHN, two star-shaped sparklers, and, of course, hand-dipped birthday candles and matches.


Flowers are a Mother’s Day classic—and for good reason! There’s no better way to show love and gratitude to the mothers and mother figures in your life than with an unforgettable

floral arrangement. Even better? Mother’s Day coincides with the brief but oh-so-sweet peony season. Here are some great gift ideas featuring these seasonal showstoppers to make this the most memorable Mother’s Day yet.

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the one who loves you best with a magnificent display of garden-like blooms with the Lively Garden. Plush coral peonies and four varieties of vibrant roses and spray roses pair perfectly with whimsical stems of bubblegum sweet pea. Framed by fans of fern and displayed in a clay-colored vase.

Celebrate the amazing mothers in your life with an unforgettable arrangement of fresh spring flowers. Pastel Dreams’ luminous rose-colored peonies bloom from a bed of apricot spray roses, swirling ‘playa blanca’ roses, and soft peach lisianthus. Organically arranged with whimsical lavender clematis, snow-white tweedia, puffs of lime viburnum, and aromatic mint in a textured, tapered pot.

The Garden Empress is an extravagant array of seasonal flora is fit for a queen or your mother!. Three exclusive varieties of Dutchgrown peonies—in shades of gold-kissed coral, bubblegum-pink, and vibrant fuchsia—bloom from an extraordinary base of peach ‘saga’ roses, plush ‘Miss Piggy’ roses, and both apricotand berry-hued spray roses. Complete with verdant fans of fern and shown in a sleek ivory bowl.

Whatever you choose, make it perfect with Winston Flowers. They are the best of the best when it comes to elegant, sophisticated and extraordinarily beautiful arrangements! P | 113

Italian Villasstyle

Unlocking Bella Italia, One Villa at a Time | 95 ESCAPES


s an Italian American of Southern origin, I’m justifiably proud of the many cultural achievements of my ancestral homeland: our contributions in opera, art, folktales, food and style are tremendous. Unfortunately, here in the States and across Northern Europe, the image of Southern Italians is not always the most positive. So, when you meet a highly successful Southern Italian, even for me, it is a moment to celebrate and an interaction to cherish. One leading light of the South is Gianluca Ziveri, owner and founder of Italian Style Villas. His company sits at the summit of luxury villa rentals on the peninsula, and he has revolutionized how wealthy—and let’s be honest, you must be wealthy to use his services— clients vacation in this land of enchantment.

From the shores of Sicily to the mountains of Piedmont and everything in between, Gianluca and his team have sourced and scoured the land for 850 of the best villas and apartments (in centers of art and culture) for his discerning clientele to immerse themselves in their surroundings. Seeking only the finest experiences, he and his team ensure a smooth and stressless stay. He accomplishes this by having an attentive staff of concierges placed strategically across the country to meet the needs and demands of this high-flying set. So attuned to his clients’ expectations is he that if something should go wrong (which rarely happens) and he does not like how the owner of the villa has responded to the challenge, he immediately deletes them from his inventory.


Recently, I had the very pleasurable experience of speaking to Mr. Ziveri. He is a man of great charisma and culture, easygoing and vastly knowledgeable about the Italian tourism market. Consider this story of when Gianluca’s company was formed: “We say that because the day of our incorporation is Valentine’s Day, February 14th, we put love and passion into our business. And it is true because we work hard to express our passion for service to our clients, who demand nothing less.”

As we speak further it becomes clear that Gianluca has long been a man with a mission for Italian hospitality. “I always had the idea to work in the tourism industry, 97

and my dream was to be the owner of the biggest luxury hotel chain in Southern Italy. Only for the south of Italy,” he adds with a smile and a glimmer in his eye. But hotels are not villas and so he credits his uncle for the switch: “My uncle started renting out middle-level apartments in cities in the late 1970s and ‘80s and he suggested that I go into rentals as well. When I discovered that to finalize the booking for a luxury villa and a middle range apartment, there was no difference in terms of effort, but the earnings were, as you can imagine, very different, I abandoned apartments and started working only on luxury villas. This is how Italian Style Villas was born.”


In the beginning, the company only rented villas on the Amalfi Coast, and because the vast majority of his clientele back then (and to this day) was American, Gianluca only looked for houses with American standards of comfort, like central air-conditioning, large refrigerators, etc. He says, “We started to look at villas that had only these kind of amenities and facilities. And then I noticed that the clients don’t stop only on the Amalfi Coast, they come for two or three weeks to Italy, and they want to spend one week in Amalfi, but the second week in Tuscany or in Lake

Como. Eventually, I started to contact some owners in the evergreen markets of Tuscany and Lake Como and also some owners contacted me too because they saw that there was a very interesting market, the upscale American market.”

Having his ear to the ground for the latest travel trends in Italy is of the utmost importance to Gianluca. Not only finding homes that have the level of comfort Americans expect and demand, but also knowing the areas Americans are looking to travel to is critical for him in providing the best service for his clients. “For example, many Americans are asking about Piedmont because, especially for September, October and November it is a place that is famous for wine and truffles. Therefore, we are working to find properties in that area, especially connected to the wine world, and close to the truffles. In the last 10 years, we have many clients asking for villas in Puglia, and in recent years for Sicily, because of White Lotus. It is our job to find the places that our clients would like to stay!”

Just like fashion, it’s important to remember the classics and those are places that are constantly sold out, like Tuscany, Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast. These are the places that are always the highest in demand. What sets Italian Style Villas apart from its competitors? Gianluca explains, “In these places, we have excellent connections with villa owners. It is rare that we have to seek out new places. We get many


calls from property owners in these areas looking to join our list.”

As for his American client base, Gianluca reaches them in two ways. One is direct. A client can directly book with him on his website, but often (and especially in villas that cost $15,000 or more a week) it is a travel advisor that books the stay: “Normally, when I have a booking of $10,000 to $15,000 a week, I can have direct clients and clients that come from travel advisors,” he says. “But, when the price is over $15,000 per week, you can be sure that 90 to 95% of the bookings come directly from travel advisors.”

One of the smartest choices Gianluca ever made was to become a client of Jon Makhmaltchi and his firm, J.MAK. They are the largest and leading sales and marketing representation firm for boutique

hotels and tourism providers in the United States. Gianluca was effusive in his praise for them: “Many agents, many advisors all over the U.S. and Canada, they love and respect Jon. When I meet somebody during a travel show or in meetings, and I tell them that J.MAK is my representation firm, they go crazy with praise every time! Jon is amazing. He and his team have truly helped my business!”

What further sets Italian Style Villas apart is the number of services it provides. Beyond just booking a villa, there’s a whole department dedicated to fulfilling guests needs beyond the rental. Things like booking a chef—he has categories of cooks, from the “ nonna” experience all the way up to Michelin-starred chefs—to bicycle rentals, access to events as a VIP would experience it. For example, Gianluca can pro-


vide special access and positioning at the horse race called the Palio di Siena, in the important Renaissance town of Siena.

From world travelers to those newer to luxury travel, Italian Style Villas is the perfect company for your needs. The curated list found on its website conjures daydreaming; it is easy to long for the rolling hills of Toscana, the “Il Dolce Fare Niente” lifestyle of the Amalfi Coast and the history and culture of Sicilia. Let Italian Style Villas immerse you in the flavors of the Italian countryside. With Gianluca’s firm, you can easily understand why Italy is considered the center of western civilization!

I’ll see you in Italia! P 101





Savor the Spirit of Maui

In the heart of the Pacific, where gentle trade winds speak the secrets of paradise, stands the Fairmont Kea Lani, a resort that bears witness to tales of serenity, luxury and enchantment. Hidden on the golden shores of Po`ipū Beach, Fairmont Kea Lani rises like a crown jewel amidst the emerald embrace of Maui. Here, where the Pacific Ocean kisses the lush rainforest, every corner harbors ancient Hawaiian legends and promises unforgettable adventures.


Visitors’ journeys begin in the resort’s newly redesigned and expansive lobby, awash in warm woods and adorned with touches of Maui. The scent of the ocean breeze mingles with the gentle melody of Hawaiian music, weaving a spell of island enchantment. This is the setting for cultural immersion: Learn to surf like a pro, take a hula lesson or even try your hand at making traditional Hawaiian crafts in the spectacular lobby. The expansive, open-air cultural center is meant to permeate Hawaiian culture, traditions, and values from within and is open to all who seek to create respectful and meaningful connection to Maui. Under the guidance of Director of Hawaiian Culture Kamahiwa Kawa‘a, Hale Kukuna also serves as a 24/7 accessible seat of education for the community.

The resort’s Oceanview suites, newly redesigned, are a haven of tranquility. Sunlight slants through floor-toceiling windows and doors, bathing the spacious rooms in shades of turquoise. The balcony beckons with its endless ocean views, the rhythmic lull of the waves a constant lullaby. Plush furnishings and handcrafted décor speak of island elegance, each detail echoing the rich cultural heritage of Maui.

Days at Kea Lani are a delightful mosaic of sun-kissed adventures and luxurious indulgence. Rise with the sun and submit to the gentle caress of the Pacific. The beach stretches before guests like a golden ribbon, beckoning with the assurance of serenity. Sink your toes into the warm sand, letting the waves lap against your skin, the ocean’s symphony washing away every trace of stress. Later, indulge in the resort’s array of amenities, starting with a rejuvenating spa experience at Willow Stream Spa. Nestled amidst lush gardens,

ESCAPES 104 | 105

the spa embraces ancient Hawaiian healing traditions, leaving guests feeling not only pampered but spiritually renewed.

The resort’s three pools, including an adults-only pool, offer a refreshing escape. Sip on exotic cocktails delivered with a genuine smile by the attentive poolside staff. Evenings at Fairmont Kea Lani unfold in a cacophony of culinary delights. The resort boasts a diverse array of dining options, each capturing the essence of Maui’s bountiful offerings. Savor the flavors of the Pacific Rim at Ko, where the menu celebrates the island’s diverse culinary heritage. Experience the intimate atmosphere of Nick’s Fishmarket Maui, where freshly caught seafood is transformed into culinary wonders. The extensive transformation of the property includes the addition of Pilina, Maui’s largest ocean-facing bar/restaurant

with a culinary-focused drink menu that reinforces the resort’s commitment to Hawaiian culture.

Easily become enchanted by the Te Au Moana Luau, a celebration of Hawaiian culture beneath the starlit sky. The rhythmic beat of drums, the swaying hips of hula dancers and the tantalizing aroma of traditional Hawaiian cuisine transport revelers to a realm where time stands still.

The true magic of the resort, however, lies in its people. The staff embody the spirit of aloha, going above and beyond to ensure every moment is filled with joy and comfort. From personalized concierge services to heartfelt greetings, the hospitality is a treasured part of the Fairmont Kea Lani experience. Every interaction reinforces the idea that Fairmont Kea Lani isn’t just a resort – it is a community, a family that welcomes


guests into the heart of Maui.

Fairmont Kea Lani is more than just a resort. It’s a place where ancient Hawaiian traditions blend seamlessly with modern luxury, where every detail is meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable island experience. It’s a reminder that true paradise lies not in extravagance, but in the warmth of aloha spirit.

As you say goodbye to Fairmont Kea Lani, memories linger like a fragrant lei draped around your neck. The resort not only provides a luxurious escape, it offers a life-changing, transformative experience. Carry the spirit of aloha home with you. The story of Fairmont Kea Lani is a tale of serenity, beauty and the enduring magic of Maui. P 107


A Rosewood Resort

A Magical Mexican Mirage


The sun paints the sky in hues of apricot and rose upon arrival at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, a Rosewood Resort. Nestled between the sapphire of the Pacific Ocean and the sunbaked Baja California desert, the resort’s 84 suites and villas unfold like a mirage of unparalleled luxury.

Stepping through the grand entrance, guests are met with the scent of plumeria blossoms and the gentle notes of a Mexican Mariachi band. The air conveys a palpable sense of serenity and the invitation to shed the burdens of the world and slip into a state of blissful indulgence.

Each oceanfront suite is a symphony of handcrafted detail. Sunlight dances on the tile floors, illuminating hand-woven tapestries and vibrant local artwork. Expansive balconies beckon with salty breezes and endless ocean vistas. A lazy breakfast or sunset drink outside allow you to bask in the endless horizon.

Guests awaken to a symphony of aromas wafting from Arbol, the resort’s signature restaurant. Chef Guillermo Martinez is a culinary maestro, weaving magic with the

freshest local ingredients. Each dish is a poem on a plate, a kaleidoscope of flavors that celebrates the bounty of Baja. Savor tuna ceviche so fresh it practically swims on your tongue, and melt-in-your-mouth lamb barbacoa slow-cooked to perfection in an underground pit. Experience a private dinner on the beach where the resort’s chef and dedicated staff treat you as if you’re visiting royalty.

Days at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, a Rosewood Resort offer a cornucopia of self-pampering. Spend mornings lounging on the pristine beach, the soft sand massaging your feet as the turquoise waves whisper secrets from the shore. During afternoons at the award-winning spa, the expert touch of skilled massage therapists melts away tension, leaving you feeling reborn. Lingering afterward is the scent of lavender and lemongrass, a fragrant serenade to newfound serenity.

When the sun dips below the horizon and the sky blazes in fiery hues, head to La Botica, the resort’s speakeasy-style bar, where entry is gained via a secret password to the doorman. Inside, the air crackles with the energy of live music, and laughter mingles with the clinking of colorful glasses. A master mixologist conjures up bespoke cocktails, each one a

liquid masterpiece that tantalizes the palate and sparks conversation.

Nights at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, a Rosewood Resort, are for stargazing, the diamond-dusted expanse of our vast universe stretching above like a celestial blanket. The gentle strumming of a lone guitar and the whisper of the waves lull visitors into a state of peaceful slumber.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso, a Rosewood Resort is more than just a resort. It’s an experience that lingers long after the last tan fades. It’s a place where every detail is meticulously crafted to create a symphony of the senses, where time slows down and each moment becomes a treasured memory. It’s a reminder that true luxury lies not in extravagance, but in attention to detail and the genuine warmth of hospitality, where the staff takes their pleasure in serving the guests and, where, ultimately, the creation of experiences touch the soul.

As you bid farewell to this haven in the Mexican desert, you’ll leave with a renewed sense of peace and a heart brimming with gratitude. Hold onto to that cherished belief that Las Ventanas al Paraiso, a Rosewood Resort, is paradise found.P


Immerse your mind, body, and soul at this Caribbean getaway


Step into the enchanting world of Silversands

Grenada, where luxury meets adventure in a captivating blend of exquisite design and the breathtaking beauty of Grenada’s natural surroundings. Nestled along the pristine shores of Grand Anse beach, the intimate resort boasts 39 meticulously crafted guest rooms, 4 opulent suites, and 8 private pool residences, providing a plethora of choices for the discerning traveler.

Grenada, known as “the Spice of the Caribbean” is a haven of unspoiled paradise with stunning beaches and lush landscapes. Silversands extends a warm invitation to those who seek passionate luxury, inviting

them to immerse themselves in a modern island retreat devoted to the timeless art of sophistication. As a distinguished member of Leading Hotels of the World and a Virtuoso Property, Silversands Grenada guarantees an extraordinary escape where every moment is nothing short of exceptional.

Silversands Grenada stands as a tranquil

sanctuary, where the architecture seamlessly blends with the serene surroundings, instantly evoking a sense of peace. The staff’s warm welcome, combined with engaging conversations and refreshing cocktails, establishes the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable stay. Silversands Grenada not only meets but surpasses expectations with its attentive staff, captivating atmosphere and impeccable service.

Embark on a journey of indulgence with access to a world-class spa. Silversands Spa offers unique holistic treatments that promise to rejuvenate your mind and body. Discover a haven of tranquility surrounding a serene pool at The Spa at Silversands. This oasis invites travelers to indulge in pre- and post-treatment relaxation with a menu featuring traditional massages and inspired

110 |

face and body rituals. More than just a spa, it’s a transformative experience where you can enter as you are and emerge reborn. Your journey into serenity extends beyond the treatment rooms, offering a complete array of amenities, including four opulent treatment spaces, a hydro-suite, cutting-edge fitness center equipped with Peloton gear, and a stylish hair and nail salon. Silversands not only pampers but captivates with a spa experience that promises rejuvenation at its finest.

Continue to Elevate your senses after a rejuvenating experience for the mind and body by treating your taste buds to culinary masterpieces. Silversands takes dining to the next level with its four unique restaurants, where menus are carefully crafted with meticulous care and precision. Each dining

spot has its own special flair, weaving together a tapestry of diverse global influences. What results is a delightful variety of dishes made from locally sourced ingredients infused with the distinctive aromatic flavors that characterize Grenada. At the Grenadian Grill, you’ll enjoy a relaxed vibe and inventive beach-inspired cuisine with chef’s seasonal picks and premium cuts, all just steps away from the shore with stunning views of the water. At Asiatique, you will find a varied menu featuring Thaiinspired delights. From crispy sesame tuna and coconut chicken salad to Som Tam and Green Chicken Curry, each dish is a culinary journey. You may also begin your day here with a delightful buffet breakfast served daily in the inviting Asiatique dining room. Relax in the laid-back ambiance of the

open-air Beach Lounge, providing direct beach access and a lounge-style rum bar. Indulge in authentic island cuisine that effortlessly shifts from casual beach-club fare to sophisticated evening bites. Alternatively, immerse yourself in a realm of rare, small-batch spirits sourced from globally esteemed distilleries. Silversands invites you to not just embrace serenity but also relish the extraordinary flavors that elevate your luxury escape.

A trip to Silversands Grenada is a celebration of deserving to immerse yourself in a life of luxury. The ideal seasons to embark on this getaway are autumn or winter, ensuring optimal weather and maximum enjoyment. P 111 ESCAPES


Green O

A Montana Adventure that Brings You Closer to Nature and Yourself

For a travel experience that blends Midwest rustic with big city chic, Green O, Montana’s adults-only hideaway with a rugged landscape and activities for both avid adventurers and newbies to the ranch life alike, will never cease to surprise you.

Offering individual homes with modern interiors and a high-end dining experience with renowned chefs all while surrounded by the untouched nature just outside of Missoula, this sophisticated spot is almost surreal in its never-ending dichotomy.

Situated deep on the southern edge of Paws Up Ranch, Green O features 12 uniquely designed and secluded Haus accommodations. Whichever architectural design you choose, you

are sure to awake in the midst of a dense forest with views of the Blackfoot River Valley and mountaintops. After all, the ranch is located between the million-acre Bob Marshall Wilderness and Swan Mountain Range, with the Garnet Mountain Range, home to large elk herds, to the south.

Elevated 23 feet in the air, the Tree Haus is nothing like the tree house you might have played in as a child. This accommodation offers two stories of living space with a bedroom suite on the second floor, accessible from a spiral staircase. Guests will also enjoy two separate decks from which to view the tall treetops which remain just as enchanting whether covered in fall leaves or with winter snow. With

1,030 square feet of space, you will have plenty of privacy plus a ground level hot tub.

With curved 180-degree window views of nothing but forest, you will be transported to a realm of relaxation and calm in the Round Haus, where my own journey began. Enjoy a two-sided fireplace, sunken seating area and ultra-modern kitchen. Even your bathing experience will have you feeling at one with nature.

Also situated on the timbered hillside is the Green Haus—think part woodland bunker, part modern museum. This special home will fully immerse you in equal parts luxury and wilderness. If you want to sleep under the stars without having to deal with the elements, the Light Haus will make you feel at one with your surroundings without sacrificing the same luxe amenities, including a glass-pavilion-like design,


ultramodern eco-kitchen and-floor-to-ceiling windows. No matter which haus you choose, you will wake up to a Yeti right outside your door with fresh coffee and pastries.

Inclusive rates include daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as all beverages and meals, round-trip airport transfers and a Lexus luxury SUV to use during your stay.

Deep within the woods you will also find Michelin-quality dining that will make you feel as if you are in New York or Paris, not outside Missoula. Located within walking distance of each property, the Social Haus is the heart of the Green O, especially by way of your stomach. This intimate building features artisan-designed custom lighting and shou sugi ban-treated wood. The intimate lounge, circle bar and open kitchen allow you to start and unwind your day of adventure while watching the chefs at work.

Each nightly six-course meal features a rotation of menu items, from bison to fresh fish, as well as unparalleled presentation that is at

once artistic and playful. The pastry chef also delights the senses with his nightly selections, from decadent to light and fresh.

Seasonal adventures include horseback riding, fly-fishing, trail activities, shooting sports, ATVs, hot air balloons and more. Add some serenity to your stay with a unique experience at the spa village. Surrender to rest and relaxation in a tent as you succumb to a Himalayan salt stone massage, or take part in restorative yoga, forest bathing, breathwork,

potion classes and Vinyasa power flow at the wellness center.

The equestrian center, set amidst the imposing mountain ranges, serves as a meeting point for you to embark on your activity with an expert guide. The two-story space is also a gift shop featuring locally made items as well as apparel that will help you blend into the rugged Midwestern lifestyle.

Explore the unique landscape of the Green O and neighboring Paws Up, which features its own log cabins, glamping tents with full bathrooms and separate dining experiences.

Perhaps the best part of all is that you never know where your adventure might take you, especially as you roam the property, take in a sunset, make a picnic and spot some bison along the way. This special retreat will help you to reconnect and recharge with your partner, nature and most importantly, with yourself. P | 113
Add Charm to Your Next Southern Stay

dd some charm to your next Southern getaway with a stay at Wild Dunes in Palm Isle, South Carolina, offering upscale accommodations with natural surroundings, all just 15 minutes from Charleston.

Whether you choose to explore the vibrant city or stay within the resort compound, there is plenty to do—as well as see and eat. With a variety of accommodations and even a new Sweet Green Inn, stay and play as you wish.

Beloved by generations, the original Boardwalk Inn, which offers historic charm, is just a short walk from the beach. This four-diamond resort featuring 93 rooms and suites has kept guests coming back through the decades. For an ultra-luxe stay, the property’s bi-level presidential suite features more than 1,400 square feet of space including a formal dining room with seating for eight as well as a fireplace, living area, hardwood floors and oversized master bedroom, plus a wet bar and study area. The resort also offers a fine-dining establishment, Coastal Provisions, with the freshest local seafood and

real Southern breakfasts as well as an expert cocktail menu.

The latest resort, Sweetgrass Inn, which helps to anchor the dunes and in turn preserve their history, offers more modern furnishings. Become immersed in coastal comfort, with each room boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, views of the pool or forest and one-bedroom suites with a balcony. Right outside your door, you may access the large pool area as well as Salt Boutique with local treasures and an array of dining options including Hudson Market & Cafe, and Woody’s Eatery, both perfect for breakfast, or Coastal Crust for lunch. Guests can even grab a casual bite at Laughing Gull Restaurant & Bar, overlooking the pool.

There are also larger Sweetgrass residences available for families and longer getaways, while those seeking their own private space can choose from a variety of beach homes and condominiums that may be purchased and rented out.

After waking up on your balcony with a cup of coffee and a breeze in the wind, take it slow in true Southern style or get your golf game on at the Links or Harbor courses, where both guests and locals can enjoy 36 holes designed by Tom Fazio. There’s even a top-tier golf school and golf getaway packages. Stop by for lunch at Huey’s on the Links Course restaurant, then get back to your game.

You can book water activities, or make it a pool day at the Sweetgrass Pool Complex, which has everything from a hot tub to a kid-friendly splash pad, as well as the zero-entry pool. Go from a morning dip to live music by the firepit at night at this communal gathering spot. They also offer a Tacos & Tequila food truck so you can enjoy street tacos and Mexican-style beer before going for another lap. Your pool options don’t stop there either, as the Grand Pavilion pools overlooking the beach are centered between Beachside Burgers & Bar. For a more intimate and relaxed experience, lounge out at the Boardwalk Inn adults-only pool or take a swim at the swim center pool behind the Sweetgrass Pavilion.

If you’re making it a beach day the staff will bring lounge chairs and umbrellas so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Ranked as one of the top 10 tennis resorts in the country, there are 12 clay courts as well as stadium courts, and even lit courts for night play as well as five new pickleball courts.

The property has become a family tradition for many, who are invited to make each stay their own. P | 115

Grand Velas Riviera Maya

A Paradise for Families

Located on the Riviera Maya in Mexico, the Grand Velas Riviera Maya is not your ordinary all-inclusive resort; it’s a luxury haven for families seeking the ultimate vacation experience.

With its impeccable service, breathtaking natural surroundings and a wide range of family friendly activities, it’s quickly become a top choice for families looking to create lasting memories together.

Upon arriving at Grand Velas Riviera Maya, guests are welcomed into luxurious accommodations with spacious suites that are perfect for families, complete with separate living areas, private terraces and even some plunge pools. These comfortable, wellappointed spaces provide the ideal retreat after

a day of adventure, ensuring everyone has a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep.

One of the resort’s standout features is its dedication to providing family friendly

amenities for guests of all ages. The Grand Velas Kids’ Club is a prime example, with a vibrant and engaging space designed to keep the little ones entertained and supervised while parents

enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time. Activities at the Kids’ Club range from arts and crafts to interactive games and outdoor adventures, all led by certified professionals who ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Teens’ Club offers a haven for older kids where they can socialize, play video games and participate in fun activities under the supervision of attentive staff. From ping pong to a pool table, this space allows teenagers to have a vacation tailored to their interests.

Water-loving families can take advantage of the resort’s water sports offerings, including kayaking, paddleboards and scuba diving. The Grand Velas Riviera Maya also boasts an impressive collection of swimming pools, including an adults-only pool, and a dedicated family splash. The property’s beachfront

location means that building sandcastles and enjoying the waves are always just steps away.

There are activities throughout the day on the resort grounds as well. Whether it’s a bubble foam party for toddlers or Aqua Zumba and Water Aerobics for adults, the resort offers activities and adventures that cater to every family member.

For those interested in cultural experiences, the Grand Velas Riviera Maya provides opportunities to learn about Mayan culture through workshops, demonstrations and tours of nearby archaeological sites including Tulum and the Coba ruins. Exploring the rich history of the region is not only educational but also a fascinating way to bond as a family.

What’s truly outstanding at this resort is their exquisite dining experience. A variety of

gourmet restaurants serve international cuisine, ensuring that even the pickiest eaters in the family will find something to savor. Our favorite is Frida, a Mexican restaurant. The resort’s commitment to culinary excellence extends to its children’s menu, which offers a range of kid-friendly options prepared with the same care and attention as the adult offerings.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya is more than just a luxury resort; it’s a sanctuary for families seeking a vacation filled with adventure, relaxation and unforgettable moments. So, pack your bags, gather your loved ones and embark on a journey to this paradise in the heart of the Riviera Maya for a family vacation you’ll cherish forever. P

The AC/Moxy Hotel in Downtown LA

An Urban Sanctuary

At the heart of the pulsating energy that defines Downtown Los Angeles, the AC Hotel and Moxy Hotel stand as a dynamic duo, urban sanctuaries where sophistication seamlessly merges with avant-garde flair. The dual-branded property represents a collaboration between Marriott International and InterContinental Hotels Group. Its story unfolds against the backdrop of the city’s skyline, a narrative combining the threads of modernity and Los Angeles’ timeless allure. The AC/Moxy Hotel beckons with its sleek façade and delivers on its promise to transcend the ordinary.

With its contemporary design epitomizing European elegance, the AC Hotel’s curated selection of art pays homage to the cultural richness of L.A. The lobby is bathed in soft lighting that exudes a refined ambiance, inviting guests to unwind and immerse themselves in the city’s eclectic spirit.

Rooms at the AC Hotel boast panoramic views of the city’s skyline. The minimalist yet chic decor, punctuated by subtle nods to Southern California’s relaxed vibe, creates an

atmosphere of understated luxury. Floor-toceiling windows frame the glittering urban landscape; outside, the city lights dance in a kaleidoscope of dreams against the canvas of the night.

Adjacent to the AC Hotel, the Moxy reveals its bold and playful personality. A younger sibling with an avant-garde spirit, the Moxy embraces the city’s vibrant energy with open arms. Allow yourself to be drawn into the lively atmosphere of the Moxy’s welcoming spaces, where modern design collides with a sense of whimsy. Dubbed the “Living Room,” the lobby serves as a hub of activity, complete with eclectic furnishings, vibrant artwork and a vibe that encourages socializing.

Upstairs, the Moxy’s rooms continue the theme of contemporary playfulness, featuring flexible furniture, vibrant colors and an overall sense of irreverence that resonates with the free-spirited soul of L.A. Each room is a canvas waiting to be painted with the stories of its guests, a blend of modern comfort and urban dynamism.

The AC/Moxy Hotel duo is more than just a place to rest your head. It’s a gateway to the diverse environment of Downtown L.A. The rooftop bar’s panoramic views of the cityscape and the distant mountains, make it a go-to spot

for sunset cocktails. The mixologists craft libations that mirror the city’s creativity, with each drink an ode to downtown’s evolving landscape.

AC Hotel’s restaurant presents a menu inspired by the culinary traditions of Spain, with a modern twist. The explosion of flavors and textures showcases the chef’s dedication to sourcing the finest local ingredients.

The AC/Moxy Hotel is strategically positioned at the crossroads of art, culture and innovation. The hotel’s proximity to iconic landmarks, art galleries and the thriving nightlife of Downtown L.A. allows one to immerse oneself in the city’s ever-evolving narrative.

The dual identity of AC and Moxy, each with its unique character, contributes to an experience that encapsulates the essence of Los Angeles – a city that thrives on diversity, creativity and energy that refuses to be contained. More than a temporary residence, the AC/Moxy Hotel in Downtown L.A. is a tale of modern luxury and urban discovery. P laxox-moxy-downtown-los-angeles





‘‘Butch started with one ice cream truck, and now he owns a sprawling hospitality empire. His company, The Dover Group, is a bit like Procter & Gamble to Long Islanders. People know the brands, but they probably don’t think about or know who the parent company is. Ask a local about Peter’s Clam House; “Oh yeah, in Island Park. Great place, the best seafood. I’ve been going there as long as I can remember.”

What about The Milleridge Inn?

“My brother got married there.” Or The Malibu Beach Club?

“One of the best beaches on Long Island, and we have the best.” Did you know they are all owned by the same guy? “No, really? Who is he?” Butch Yamali and his company is called The Dover Group.

I’m honored and proud to be working with Butch handling the risk management and insurance for a dozen of his companies. Not only is the work we do for him and his employees important, but it’s also fun. Whenever you are at one of Butch’s places, you’re never more than an arm’s length away from someone who has a big smile on their face.”


BORN IN LONG BEACH, NY AND GROWING up in Island Park, Butch Yamali could have been a prime candidate to race off Long Island the first chance he got. Instead, he saw almost unlimited opportunity in Nassau County and beyond. 117

According to Yamali, “I believe you can always judge a person’s character on how hard they work.”

As a teenager, Yamali was introduced to regular half days of work, just twelve hours, at his father’s specialty shop, Dover Gourmet. Rather than creating a distaste for the hospitality business, it set the stage for a career mostly making something out of nothing or fixing and rebuilding broken food service establishments and brands.

Yamali’s start was as innocent as a vanilla ice cream cone and perhaps just a matter of circumstance. It was the late 80’s and he was hired to work on an ice cream truck that was rented by a local community organization for an afternoon event. Reflecting on making maybe $100 for a day’s work, he took the experience and the money and invested in his own ice cream truck. His first event netted him $2,000 and Carnival Ice Cream was on a roll.

One truck became more than 50 and further grew with a licensing / distribution agreement with Good Humor Ice Cream. Carnival Ice Cream is Long Island’s largest ice cream distributor and is the official distributor of Good Humor Ice Cream, Breyers, Ben & Jerry’s, and Sealtest products. Carnival only sells the name brand products which consumers know and trust.

Yamali targeted a nearly unlimited set of potential customers and venues for the Carnival brand including… town pools, at sporting fields, crowded parking lots, local events, sports tournaments, festivals, picnics, birthdays, Mitzvahs, corporate and private parties, among other functions. They established

the brand in more than 30 parks that reads like a Who’s Who of NY County and State Parks, and over the years they have earned exclusivity through hard work, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The parks and beaches in which Dover has operated over the years include, but are not limited to:














From Carnival Ice Cream came more, much more; again, from practically nothing, new businesses emerged in the form of Quick Snack Vending Machines, Dover Caterers, and Dream Event Planning…

Quick Snack Vending, the #1 On-premise Pepsi


distributor in Long Island and # 2 in NYS, is in hundreds of small, medium, and large businesses, as well as, educational facilities, municipalities, recreational facilities & high security locations such as, but not limited to: United States Department of the Interior | State of New York | Counties of Nassau and Suffolk | Towns of Hempstead, North Hempstead | City of Long Beach | Villages of Rockville Centre and Valley Stream | Internal Revenue Service | More than 25 local school districts | Mercy Medical Center

Dover Caterers is rated as one of Nassau County Long Island’s finest, most elegant, stylish, and best priced off-site catering companies. Located in Freeport, Dover Caterers offers the highest quality, offsite catering services on Long Island, including outdoor catering for all occasions - weddings, family / corporate events, holidays, birthdays, baptisms, graduations, communions, and more.

Located in Freeport, Dover Caterers is rated as one of Long Island’s finest, most elegant, stylish, and best priced off-site catering companies on Long Island.; including outdoor catering for your next wedding, celebration, family or corporate picnic, holiday, birthday, baptism, graduation, communion, and more.

Dream event planning is a full-service event planning and production company, specializing in cutting edge decor, custom props, eye catching floral arrangements and centerpieces, lighting, linen, staging, entertainment, branding and interactive activities.

Dream also delivers DJ entertainment, videog-

raphers, photo montages, ice sculpture, party favors, music videos, limousine services, photo booths and more.

Long Island’s most elegant, picturesque, waterfront venue for weddings and special events.

Overlooking Milburn Lake in Baldwin, The Coral House offers an exquisite location for weddings, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, and holidays. Whether you’re planning a wedding for several hundred guests, an intimate party for family and friends, or a business gathering, the Coral House will make your special event an occasion to always remember.

“The original property can be traced back to 1672… the history of the place says Milleridge has had presidents eating there, settlers, British and Hessian soldiers, and even an underground bootlegging operation during the prohibition era,” says Butch Yamali, president of the Freeport-based Dover Group.

“I took the Milleridge property over in 2016. It hasn’t been a sleigh ride, but we’ve got everything back online, and headed in the right direction,” says Yamali. ”We’re blending new offerings with Milleridge tradition. It is a great combination with more than 100 special events planned for the rest of the year.”

The sprawling Milleridge complex is an impressive property able to accommodate about 1,000 diners. It also features a catering hall, cafe, pub, bakery, flower shop, and general store. Recently, they hosted the 2022 New York State Republican Convention Dinner at the Inn. P


Chef Guo





Come experience culinary excellence at Chef Guo, where diners may enjoy a tasting menu of high-end Chinese food. This first-of-its-kind restaurant spotlights the talents of Guo Wenjun, a culinary virtuoso from China and the creative force behind officially endorsed health-conscious dishes.

With a legacy spanning four decades, Master Chef Guo extends a gracious invitation for food enthusiasts to deep dive into the joy of an opulent, imperial Chinese dining experience. In the culinary tapestry created by Chef Guo, flavors are intricately woven into the teachings of ancient Chinese imperial chefs and physicians. Guided by

the sagacious wisdom passed down from his mentor, Imperial Chef Ding Guangzhou, this culinary spectacle seamlessly blends the age-old principles of balance, moderation and complementation with the latest insights from nutritional science.

Chef Guo has garnered widespread acclaim, having crafted culinary experiences for distinguished guests such as APEC delegates, representatives of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and influential Chinese political figures. In the realm of gastronomy, he stands as a maestro, offering a dining experience that captivates the palate with unparalleled distinction.

Throughout the meal you will taste Chef

Guo’s passion and experience with every bite. The presence of the celebrity chef working diligently in the kitchen onsite adds an extra layer of warmth and exclusivity while the transporting atmosphere may have guests wondering if they have arrived in China. The meticulous attention to both presentation and flavor is flawless and the blend of ingredients and inventive culinary methods are truly exceptional. The service is personalized, with each dish explained as it is served. And, like a royal dining experience, the staff goes out of its way to make guests feel like kings and queens.

Prior to the 19-course meal, a dedicated server leads guests past stone pillars carved | 123

into horses and invites them to a table adorned with hand-painted chargers complemented by royal yellow and goldplated China. The ambiance is enhanced by a soothing playlist of Chinese classical music in the background.

Once seated, you will encounter a welcoming spread of four chilled hors d’oeuvres, symbolizing life’s diverse flavors: Tartness (black beans and vinegar), Sweetness (sliced yam), Bitterness (bitter gourd), and Heat (fried anchovies). Prior to indulging in the main course, a refreshing white pekoe silver needle tea will cleanse your palate.

Explore poetic main courses like “The

Butterfly Falls in Love With the Flower,” served on a 24-karat gold-accented dish resembling a butterfly-filled garden. The menu continues with artistic touches like yin-yang symbol soup and fried foie gras in an iron birdcage.

Farther along, a Thai jewelry box holds a bean curd pouch with eight foods, including Wagyu beef, smoked duck and unique pork chops by Guo. Accompanied by tomato sauce and a melting chocolate Pocky stick, the menu also offers slow-cooked tofu with a surprise: caviar. Following the traditional Chinese custom, Guo serves fresh fruit for dessert. Enhance Guo’s dining experience with a seven-wine pairing expertly curated

Located in Eastern Midtown, access to the windowless dining room is obtained via the soft chime of a doorbell. The space is meticulously designed to replicate the feel of an elegant Chinese banquet, overseen by devoted chef and passionate Chinese culinary connoisseur, Guo Wenjun. Describing him merely as an enthusiast falls short; for Guo Wenjun, Chinese cuisine is not just a passion, but an integral part of his life. Chef Guo insists on reservations, offering two seatings each evening from Tuesday through Sunday. P

124 |

Mulberry Street will be flaunting its rizz this spring when Il Pellicano settles into the neighborhood as the new #1 classic Italian restaurant in the heart of New York City’ Little Italy.

Regarded as the best Italian dining in Fairfield, Connecticut, Il Pellicano now aspires to become the foodie buzz of Mulberry Street, says the man behind the brand. ‘’I am from Rome,’’ booms Massimo Tobacco. “Il Pellicano is known as a traditional Italian restaurant with a refined and elevated twist that will dream up the finest Northern Italian classics that Mulberry Street has never fully experienced.’’

To ensure it becomes a destination, Il Pellicano is situated above a gorgeously appointed, Parisian-style ‘20s speakeasy known as Bijoux. “Il Pellicano and Bijoux will be the synergy and the buzz of the new Mulberry Street,’’ says its principal, KyKy Conille. ‘’We will be working together to deliver elevated dining upstairs and

Il Pellicano 127

late-night shenanigans downstairs.”

For such reasons, the Downtown Demimonde have already been flocking for late dinners at Il Pellicano, then wilding the night away dancing and prancing below in the Bijoux. “Mulberry Street is no longer the tourist trap,” adds the exuberant Tobacco. Tell that to their more famous and established neighbors Paesano or Lunella, where the Fettuccine Alfredo is still acknowledged as the best in Little Italy. “We have better lobster ravioli!” the impresario chimes in without missing a beat. Other menu standouts from Chef Saul Medina include the divine opener of Carpaccio di Pulpo, thinly sliced octopus, roasted eggplant and tomato mustard drizzled with a sherry glaze. The Il Pellicano Carbonara and the Taruffo Al Funghi pasta dishes are a must-order. Signature entrees are Branzino Alla Palancia, with a rutabaga puree and rainbow carrots, and the Pork Chop Scarpariello, with crispy potatoes.

And then there is the quaint setting of the small dining room, where one feels as if


this Roman emigre to Little Italy. “This is the heart of the Italian-American culture, and food is the lore and foundation of all things Italian. Il Pellicano will become your next destination dining.” If you say so, Daddy Massimo! This statement is even more prescient considering that the restaurant is actually now right next door to the upcoming Italian-American Museum, where Mulberry and Grand Streets meet.

they’re dining in some charming inn on the outskirts of Rome. Owner Massimo Tobacco’s journey from Rome to big-shot New York City restaurateur began in the mid-‘80s when he learned his trade at classic eateries such as Tre Merli, Azurro and Paper Moon Giardino, in Milan, before conquering the dining scene in trendy Fairfield, Connecticut. And now, he chooses to take on and reinvent the wheel in historic Little Italy. The fact that Mulberry Street has been listed on city maps since 1755 is not lost on

As for the Bijoux? Think of this next buzzy boite as the new Nells, of NYC’s ‘90s scene. “Bijoux is very luxe and will offer guests an upscale experience,” says nightlife legend and owner KyKy Conille. “Think of the vibe of a high-end speakeasy in Paris of the 1920s, and you mix in the eye and style of ‘only-inNew-York, and we have a win.” The development and construction of the Bijoux can be credited to Emilio Barletta. Giuseppe Conte and Gilbert Hippolyte are the other principals re-defining Mulberry Street with “The Il Pellicano Posse.” P


Cucina Alba



NYC Foodie Alert! If you have not experienced Chelsea’s beloved Italian hotspot Alba yet– what are you waiting for!? Cucina Alba has been making quite the buzz since it opened last year, bringing playfully romantic “Italian vacation” food to Manhattan. Alba proudly whisks its guests away to an Italian holiday with an urban twist through the power of flavor. This restaurant effortlessly blends seductive and refined cuisine with a playful yet sophisticated atmosphere. It has become the go-to destination for both art enthusiasts and residents of Manhattan’s cutting-edge architectural wonders.

The name “Alba” has a beautiful meaning in Italian – it translates to “sunrise.” And, much like the dawn of a new day, Alba has become a fresh start and a triumph for Chef Adam Leonti, who grieved the loss of his UWS namesake restaurant, Lenoti, in 2020. Located in the stunning Lantern House building designed by London-based architect Thomas Heatherwick, Alba is a culinary oasis where modern design meets




Italian chic, and you’ll be utterly captivated. This place is an absolute showstopper, boasting breathtaking oversized windows that flood the space with natural light. It also features a cozy color scheme of creams and oranges that create a ambiance that screams White Lotus glam. You can enjoy your meal in a well-lit setting with the option to dine indoors or outdoors.

Ahead of his time, Chef Adam Leonti stands as a visionary who paved the way for a nationwide bread-baking renaissance during his tenure at Brooklyn Bread Lab. In

2019 he went on to write his own book, Flour Lab, in order to help others master the art of bread making. You can effortlessly savor Chef’s deep-rooted love for bread with the first bite of his signature focaccia, lovingly baked in a Roman oven and paired with yummy whipped ricotta. This divine selection also pairs very well with the tableside prepared burrata.

When you browse the dinner menu, don’t miss out on the Agnolotti—an absolute must-try. This dish is a harmonious blend of luscious black truffle and creamy fonduta, creating a delectable symphony of flavors. The truffle sauce complements the caramelized onion filling beautifully, making every bite a delightful experience.

Located near the southern end of the High Line, Alba is celebrated by tourists and locals alike. While walk-ins are accepted, reservations are highly recommended as Alba consistently attracts a bustling crowd seven days of the week. P 131



- Grilled CourseKinmedai . crispy scale . scallion shoyu . roasted baby corn .

132 |
Yakimono tokyo negi

Craving one of the best Kaiseki experiences in Manhattan? Head over to foodie Mecca Tribeca and pop into Tsubame. This kaiseki represents the dawn of a fresh start and is led by visionary Chef and owner Jay Zheng and his team of highly experienced chefs. You might recognize Chef Jay from his other celebrated NYC eatery, Gaijin, that has been rebranded as Kōyō.

In a neighborhood infatuated with Omakase spots, some may ask what is Kaiseki? Kaiseki refers to a traditional multi-course meal, built around the finest seasonal ingredients. Like Omakase, it is a bespoke experience primarily focused on the flavors of the food the chef serves. Kaiseki is more like a work of art created by a master craftsman – showcasing every element to be carefully curated for a complete aesthetic and multisensory experience.

Chef Jay is truly a master, engineering the freshest ingredients to design colorful plates and exploring vibrant flavors that leave a deliciously lasting impression on diners.

Chef Jay’s deep love for superior ingredients can be traced back to his humble beginnings in a remote Chinese village. Growing up

without modern conveniences like running water and refrigeration, he made a daily journey to the market to acquire fresh food, instilling in him a profound respect for the purest flavors and igniting his unshakable passion for exceptional cuisine. Chef Jay also furthered his expansive Japanese cultural knowledge and deep admiration for its culinary traditions through many visits to Japan as a young man.

At Tsubame, guests will find a menu filled with tradition and excitement. Following the classic Kaiseki style, a sequence of dynamic

and artful presentations is prepared with a variety of high-quality fish, primarily sourced from Japan. Chef Jay also incorporates decadent Western elements such as caviar and truffles into his creations, showcasing a remarkable repertoire of techniques while steering clear of ostentation. The creativity and excellence of Tsubame is enjoyed through 18 courses that showcase a thoughtful progression of nigiri and other spectacular dishes.

At Tsubame, the obsession of seasonal ingredients showcased through an everchanging tasting menu serves as a vivid reminder that each meal marks the start of a new beginning. The restaurant takes its name from the barn swallow that used to nest in the chef’s hometown during spring—a charming touch. Inside, you’ll find a cozy and uncluttered space with just one focal point: a 10-seat chef’s counter. To be sure, barn swallows are symbols of good luck and snagging a seat at Tsubame’s chef’s counter is indeed like hitting the culinary jackpot! P

instagram: @tsubameny 133
Hassun - Part of season bites - Potato Pave . Shiso. Sansho . Osetra caviar Nigiri - KatsugodaiCrimson Seabream Gohan - Rice Course - Hokkaido Uni, Toro Tartare, Koshihikari Rice

Contained within the Perelman Performing Arts Center, Metropolis by Marcus Samuelsson offers a lively, contemporary American dining haven. This vibrant restaurant, helmed by its namesake Chef Samuelsson and Executive Chef Ed Tinoco, proudly stands as the culinary cornerstone of Lower Manhattan, contributing to the final chapter of the World Trade Center site’s rebuilding.

Metropolis takes diners on a culinary journey through the diverse and rich traditions of New York City, reimagining them through a modern lens. The menu showcases inventive cocktails, a worldly wine list and a commitment to gracious hospitality. Crafted by renowned designer David Rockwell, the restaurant’s atmosphere strikes a perfect balance between dazzling and inviting. It features a bustling bar, a landscaped outdoor terrace and a lobby lounge offering free-to-the-public artistic

Metropolis PAC NYC

programming. Metropolis invites you to experience the vibrant tapestry of New York’s culinary heritage in a setting that seamlessly blends art, culture and exquisite dining.

When you enter Metropolis, the interior décor screams Mid-century Modern yet the restaurant’s massive space still feels warm and inviting. Its architectural brilliance and culinary offerings compose a harmonious symphony. Considered Marcus’s open love letter to New York City, the menu draws inspiration from each of its five boroughs. Indulge in a variety of appetizers, including fried olives, smoked hamachi tacos, prawns and a bountiful farmer’s market platter. Each dish is a flavorful ode to the vibrant and diverse culinary landscape of the Big Apple.

Experience the contemporary take on timeless classics with menu offerings like the Flushing Style and the reimagined pigs in a blanket, renamed “blanketed franks,” which

features chistorra, a flavorful Spanish sausage, accompanied by a mouthwatering bravas sauce that imparts just the right touch of spice and heat. The crispy and crusty “blanket” provides a perfect contrast to the subtly charred sausage, creating a harmonious blend of textures and flavors.

Savor a diverse selection of main courses, including sheep’s milk triangoli, a triangleshaped pasta reminiscent of cacio e pepe, alongside the richness of short rib, succulent lamb, the unique “aged crescent island duck,” and the delicate flavors of arctic char, a fish with ties to both salmon and trout. Presented in an avant-garde, gastronomy lab style, these dishes feature smaller portions adorned with vibrant sauce accents for a visually stunning and palate-pleasing experience. Trust that whatever you order, it’s some love from New York. P


invites patrons to engage in the art of conversation over a delectable selection of pizza pies and classic cocktails.



Meet Parla, a vibrant all-day neighborhood hub for excellent pizza, cocktails and good times. Nestled on the Upper West Side of New York City, Parla’s menu is an ode to high-quality ingredients that are served with a generous dose of heartfelt hospitality. Impeccable service and delectable cuisine are non-negotiables for the talented team at Parla, the brainchild of Corner Table Restaurants, a group whose distinctive approach you might already recognize from the triumph of their initial venture, The Smith.

Parla, meaning “to talk” in Italian, is not just a restaurant; it’s a symphony of conversation, a celebration of fantastic food and a communion of flavors. Executive Chef Brian Ellis, the maestro behind the scenes, orchestrates a menu that

The heart and soul of Parla lie in its pizzas, each a culinary masterpiece, transcending the ordinary. The rounds, thin and crispy, beguile the senses, while the squares, light and fluffy with a crisp base, redefine pizza perfection. Explore the pizza landscape with options like the Tomato Pie, NY Classic, and The Happy Clam—an oceanic delight adorned with little necks, garlic, lemon, parsley, oregano and Parmesan. The square pies boast unique creations like the Upside Down, Hot Hunny with pepperoni, stracciatella and Calabrian chili honey, There’s a Don Ham version, with bacon and gruyère fondue, leek and shaved Brussels sprouts, and the Full Shroom, with creminis, roasted garlic, mozzarella, fontina and chives.

The culinary excitement doesn’t end at pizzas; Parla’s menu dances through a myriad of delights. Savor Pepperoni Meatballs bathed in spicy vodka sauce, or try the beloved Catchy O’s—spaghetti cacio e pepe arancini that tantalize the taste buds. Indulge in veggies like roasted eggplant with whipped ricotta, pistachio and tomato, or dive into Parla’s Chopped Salad, adorned with crispy calamari. The pasta selection is a canvas of flavors, from Goat Cheese Gnocchi with hot fennel sausage ragu to the Wild Mushroom Mafaldine.

Cocktail-side, Bar Director Mike di Tota concocts seasonally fresh cocktails and fan favorites. From the effervescent Spritz and Aperitivi to the playful Hot Honey Margarita, every sip is a revelation. The bar also boasts a curated selection of local and Italian wines, beers and non-alcoholic options.

Designed by nemaworkshop, Parla’s ambiance showcases rustic charm and natural elegance. Upon arrival, you will notice and terracotta tiles that lead to a tranquil 14-seat backlit bar adorned with marble countertops. In the dining area there are 30 seats awaiting guests who will be treated like family. Parla welcomes diners daily at noon, offering a culinary experience with a local neighborhood ambiance that goes beyond the ordinary. P


Elaia Estiatorio


Elaia, the ancient Greek name for the olive tree, has joyously unfolded its branches in the heart of Bridgehampton, extending an invitation for connection and community, health and abundance. It serves as an authentic expression of love through food, music and atmosphere, captivating your senses and beckoning you to return with anticipation. At Elaia, Chris Boudouris and Sofia Crokos, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, combine their expertise in hospitality and events as well as wine and spirits to craft an authentic Greek experience. These two reconnected later in life in order to marry their traditional Greek roots and passion for food and give life to Elaia Estiatorio.

Known for her global career in event planning, fashion and design, Brooklyn-born Sofia envisioned combining her love for food and flowers in her own Greek restaurant. As the creative force behind Elaia, she curates every detail to ensure each night embodies the festive Greek spirit. Chris, a self-taught wine and spirits expert from Serres, Greece, meticulously hand picks each wine bottle available at Elaia. After moving to the Hamptons, he noticed a gap in authentic dining and yearned for traditional Greek cooking that felt like hom

This inspired many forces to come together and create the authentic experience that is Elaia today.

Elaia presents an à la carte menu featuring Greek favorites such as homemade spreads, mikra piata (small plates), and kyrios piata (main dishes). Kick off your meal by sampling all five spreads—fava, htipti, melitzanosalata, taramosalata and the refreshing tzatziki—for a comprehensive taste of Greece. Follow with the classic avgolemono, a traditional Greek soup made with organic chicken, carrots, onions, dill, celery, long-grain rice and olive oil, and finished with egg and lemon. For main courses, the manitaria saganaki is a popular choice, offering a delightful combination of chicken, mushrooms and rice, with a vegetarian option available upon request.

Elaia invites groups of eight or more to savor a Greek feast with three appealing packages. Pre-ordering ensures a seamless dining experience that mirrors the joy of a big Greek celebration. Choose a package that suits your group’s tastes.

Elaia offers dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, and reservations may be conveniently made online through OpenTable. . Don’t forget to commence your meal with the traditional greeting, “kali orexi!” P


The Bazaar

When you find yourself at The Ritz-Carlton New York, NoMad, don’t miss the chance to check out The Bazaar by José Andrés, created in collaboration with the city’s Flag Luxury Group. Prior to your arrival to The Bazaar be prepared to take off on a tasty adventure of exquisite flavors, impeccable hospitality and

wild creativity.

Powerhouse Chef José Andrés has proven himself time and time again with the respected execution of each of his ventures. Recognized as “Outstanding Chef” and “Humanitarian of the Year” by the prestigious James Beard Foundation, José Andrés stands as a globally acclaimed culinary trailblazer. Beyond his culinary prowess, Andrés is a New York Times bestselling author, dedicated educator, charismatic television personality and the visionary chef/owner of José Andrés Group. Entering The Bazaar, it will be easy to recognize the chef’s dedication to excellence by the attractive ambiance and hospitable staff.

You will be greeted upon arrival with a warm welcome from the affable team. The lounge bar, boasting an impressive design, will set the tone for the evening, with the equally captivating dining area on the second floor adding to the overall allure. The highly trained serving staff will help navigate the menu with personalized recommendations for your taste.

The cocktail menu is boldly creative, while the wine list showcases

highly rated Spanish and Portuguese vintages. For those looking to join in on the fun spirit-free, there are a few well- designed mocktails. A fan-favorite food item for the table is the Jamon Iberico de Bellota, which is hand-cut from the famous acorn-fed, blackfooted Spanish pig. Also very popular are José’s Tacos, which features jamón Ibérico de bellota, Ossetra caviar, quail egg and nori. For a celebration of sophisticated flavors, the cotton candy foie gras and the bluefin tuna paired with a fried egg are dishes that evolve and transform with every delightful chew, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. The Wagyu air bread must not be missed: it is symphony of Japanese beef, Manchego cheese espuma, caramelized onion jam and chives. Savor generous portions of carefully selected cuts of classic Wagyu and Kobe beef, prepared tableside on an Ishiyaki stone.

The Bazaar is a place where connections thrive through the art of ambiance, excellent food and impeccable service. With additional locations in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles (opening later this year) and in D.C., The Bazaar is also a concept that brings people together. P

DINING 134 |
The #1 Source for Custom Luxury Rugs 646-403-4006 @gordianrugs


In Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood, Sagaponack shines as a seafood haven with a chef-driven, approachable focus. Chef Phil Choy orchestrates a kitchen that creates shareable plates, fostering a welcoming ambiance. His culinary prowess extends to a seafood menu designed to appeal to all tastes. Chef Choy honed his skills at the Michelinstarred Dovetail, dedicating a year postinternship to further refinement. From there, he ascended from line cook to sous chef at Daniel Boulud’s Boulud Sud on the Upper West Side.

Named in homage to a beloved Hamptons

town, Sagaponack offers a delightful fusion of fresh, high-quality seafood complemented by expertly crafted cocktails. Infused with a culinary spirit inspired by Asian and Mediterranean flavors and techniques, the menu reflects the diverse background of chef Choy. From this inspired blend emerges a tantalizing array of dishes, promising diners an exciting and unique culinary journey.

Kickstart your meal with a handcrafted cocktail, such as the Lychee Dreams, which strikes the perfect balance of gin, lime and ube-infused syrup. Then, delve into the delectable and fresh seafood that Sagaponack is renowned for. The Gambas al Ajillo features perfectly cooked shrimp bathed in a garlicky and slightly spicy oil, ideal for dipping bread. The scallops and salmon standout as refreshing tastes to the overall dining experience.

Experience a diverse range of oysters, each with its unique variety and origin. For a comprehensive tasting experience, try the Dressed Trio which offers oysters prepared in three distinctive ways. One is adorned with a red chili Fresno sauce and pepper, delivering a pleasant kick and complemented by the cooling spice of shallots. Another is dressed in a green cucumber yuzu sauce, offering a milder, refreshing, minty taste followed by a contrasting kick. The third variation features an oyster dressed in a buttermilk caviar sauce. Additionally, indulge in the Roasted Trio Oysters, where cooked oysters are enriched with brown butter, vadouvan curry, and smoked tomato.

For larger dishes, the menu is both concise and delightful. The first option is the tempting Seafood Paella, a flavorful blend featuring lobster stock, chorizo, fennel sofrito, saffron and an array of seafood. The last option is the standout Surf and Turf— a 40 oz. dry-aged ribeye, cold-smoked and seasoned with a tantalizing 5-spice rub. Served with a Cantonese-inspired Lobster sauce infused with ginger, Espelette pepper and lemon, the dish includes a whole lobster for an exquisite culinary experience. When you visit Sagaponack, fresh seafood and excellent flavors are a guarantee. P




An additional Passover miracle is about to be unveiled – an updated look of everyone’s favorite kosher food brand: Manischewitz. From their matzo balls to macaroons, plus chicken soup, matzah and so much more, Manischewitz is as much tradition as the holidays celebrated by families around the world. With a fresh new face, inspired by their continued goal to bring people together while reaching a broader demographic, they hope to bring joy through their recipes which have been around since their founding 130 years ago.

The first thing people will notice is the vibrant packaging and colors which showcases the “Jewish Food for All,” identity across all the products just in time for Passover. Also, for sale on www.manschewitz. com is merchandise with playful and deeply rooted ‘Yiddishisms.’

Shani Seidman, CMO of Kayco, the parent company for Manischewitz, explains how the brand is focused on appealing to both lifelong fans as well as those just getting introduced to Jewish comfort food. “In an effort to update the cultural relevancy with a younger Jewish

audience as well as mainstream culturally curious audience, we have refreshed our brand with an exciting new look and feel on our current and new product offerings,” she said.

With a legacy deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, Manischewitz is embarking on a journey to transcend the kosher aisle, inviting everyone to “Savor Our Tradition” and explore the culinary depths of Jewish heritage.

“Manischewitz is not just about food; it’s about stories, heritage, and a sense of belonging. Through this rebranding, we aim to capture the hearts of the culturally curious and kosher-keeping alike, offering a taste of Jewish tradition that’s accessible to all, adds Seidman.

For Manischewitz, it’s all about welcoming those of all background and ages to the table while experiencingJewish culture, which can be felt through their food.

The walk down the kosher aisle will include: New Manischewitz gluten-free and Kosher for Passover Knishes;New Manischewitz Frozen Gluten Free Matzo Balls: New Manischewitz Grape Seed Oil; as well as the new branding on traditional Manischewitz products such as Matzo; Matzo Meal; Matzo Farfel; Matzo Ball Mix; Gefilte Fish; Matzo Ball Soup; Mandlen Soup Nuts; Chocolate Covered Matzos, Macaroons, Chicken Broth and Cake Mixes and more. P



Leesa Rowland






actress and producer—Leesa Rowland does it big. The Texas native who has taken on New York never stops championing those passions and projects she holds dear to her heart, including her animal charity. With the release of an empowering new self-help book, as well as film roles and her legendary events, Leesa’s long list of accomplishments keeps growing.


She might be known as a glamour girl, but Leesa, who founded her own non-profit, also knows how to get down. Growing up on her family’s cattle ranch, she remembers how each cow had its own facial distinctions. “I would name them and everything and found out what was happening to them and what slaughter was,” she said.

After getting into animal activism following her move to Los Angeles, Leesa began working with Chris DeRose, the founder of Last Chance for Animals, in 1989. “It’s my biggest passion,” she says of animals.

The healthy-eating vegan has continued to be an advocate for animal rights alongside DeRose ever since, and founded her own non-profit group, Animal Ashram, in 2013.

She is especially involved in working against factory farming and advocating for farm animals. “I do a lot of work trying to rescue the ones that we can and get them into sanctuaries,” she said.

Leesa is also committed to helping our canine companions by working to ensure that the long list of dogs and cats that appear on euthanasia lists every day have a chance of getting rescued by the next day, or before it’s too late. “We try to offer


sponsor money and find fosters to get them into a rescue, and it’s constant. It’s a lot of working through the night.”

After moving to New York in 2007, Leesa began doing theater and commercials in high school and college. After graduating from journalism school at Texas Tech, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream and landed amongst the stars. She studied at Stella Adler Studio and quickly found herself in film and TV projects, as well as print modeling, through which she made most of her money at the time.

She put her scary good talents to work by appearing in horror movies as well as more light-hearted films such as The Bros. Leesa also starred in the Nuke ‘Em High series, as well as Travis Campbell’s Slaughter Daughter. She has since added executive producer to her resume and is reprising some of her biggest roles.

L eesa continues to hone her talents by taking improv classes at the famed Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and also studies with actor Richard Kline, known for his role as Larry on the late-1970s show Three’s Company.

In her latest book, The Charisma Factor, Leesa shares life changing lessons you won’t find in school. “It teaches you how to negotiate and how to communicate in the world. There are aspects that cover both the personal and professional.”

She says her world lessons come from being in the entertainment business and watching different charismatic types over the years. This also extends to what she’s observed since moving to New York. “I see how different people work it. I also think a lot of people try too hard,” she says.

Her friends also add their own tips to the self-help guide that attempts to show people how to harness their inner spark and shine for all to see. “I want to help people become the best that they can be. One of the chapters that’s especially strong is about different charismatic personalities, the traits that they have and their magnetism. It’s like a behavior study.”

T he philanthropist and now proud New Yorker has found her charismatic match in her adopted city. “I love it all. I love the events, the variety, Central Park, the boathouse in the springtime. We have the best restaurants, and we’re very blessed to have the absolute best rooftops.”

She continues to make her mark in Manhattan with her legendary soirees, including last year’s Old Hollywood Glamour Halloween Ball at Hard Rock Hotel Times Square that paid tribute to throwback silver screen stars. Fashion designer Marc Bouwer designed her dress while notable attendees included Ramona Singer, Dottie Herman, Sharon Bush, Cheri Kaufman, Debbie Dickinson and Tina Radziwill. P | 143

Spring Awakened

Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Ice-T. Pope Francis, Anne Hearst, Jay McInerny, Candace Bushnell, Beyonce, Mr. Brainwash, Daniel Boulud & Blake Lively

C ouri

William Hearst Harris Christie Brinkley, Baroness Milly de Cabrol, Paula Peck and Nicole Miller were among the friends and family at the christening of Paula and Randy Hearst Harris’s son William Hearst Harris at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Southampton, which was opened for the special occasion. After the intimate ceremony, there was a seated lunch for 30 at his mother’s, Anne Hearst, and her husband’s, “Bright Lights, Big City ‘’ author Jay McInerny’s, far flung estate Ashgrove Farm in Watermill. The festivities also served as the opening of their mansion after the scary fire that almost burned the place to the ground with them in it in 2019. The extensive renovations were overseen by top interior designer and architect Robert Couturier, and now includes an over-the-top Greek tiled spa and bath with antique lanterns lighting up the blue and gold tiles, inspired by the one at Hearst’s grandfather’s William Randolph Hearst’s Castle in San Simeon, California. Hearst inspired the Orson Wells classic “Citizen Kane.”

Princess Yasmin Aga Khan & The Imagine Benefit

Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, the founder and Honorary Chair of the Imagine Benefit, built on the legacy of the Rita Hayworth Gala, led the perfumed pack to Jazz at

Lincoln Center to raise funds for the Alzheimer Association (ALZ). The evening, underwritten by Rolex, was hosted by a celebrated group of New Yorkers, including Denna Rockefeller, Michelle Herbert, Naeem Khan, Joseph Boitano and others of that ilk and stripe. The evening, which honored Prager Metis, featured two-time Olympic medalist for gymnastics Laurie Hernandez, who served as the gala’s emcee. The ALZ is a worldwide health organization dedicated to care, support, and research. Since its founding in 1980, they have raised more than $86 million.

Candace Bushnell

“Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell wore a sexy little black dress and Manolo Blahnik boots, that Carrie Bradshaw would have loved, to her birthday party at skincare mogul Peter Thomas Roth’s townhouse. “Fifty-something women are the hottest new dating demographic, and I should know, I am one of them,” laughed Bushnell. The lipstick-red birthday cake featured a billboard for Bushnell’s new unscripted dating show about four friends in their 50s based on her book “Is There Still Sex in the City?” On top of the cake was a Chanel bag, Cosmo glass, a stiletto shoe, and a string of pearls. Guests

enjoyed a jazz performance by Yoav Eshed, who played Happy Birthday for the crowd that included Nicole Miller, artist Marc Dennis, Fern Mallis, Mark Packer, Sandra Ripert, dermatologist Dr. Ariel Ostad, Jean Shafiroff, Susan Gutfreund and Roth’s glamorous 100-year-old mother Carole Roth.

Pope Francis & SOMOS Community Care

Pope Francis is concerned about healthcare in New York City. At a recent conference at the Vatican the Pope said, “The figure of the family doctor has almost disappeared, the current systems are so bureaucratized and computerized that the elderly and poorly educated find themselves effectively excluded or marginalized.” The Pope met with Dr. Ramon Tallaj, the founder of SOMOS Community Care, the largest, nonprofit physician-led network in NYC that treats over one million patients a year in the five boroughs, at the Vatican. The humanitarians have created a new campaign starting in New York, called “Thank you, doctor” to rediscover the role of the family doctor in response to the challenges that

144 |
Peter Thomas Roth & Princess Yasmin Aga Khan Photo: PMC Paula, William & Randy Hearst Harris Dr. Sofie Mahlkvist & Dr. Ariel Ostad Photo: PMC

health systems face in NYC and around the world.

The Dog Store & Shiba & CO

A new trend on the Upper East Side is that attractive, wealthy women have given up on finding suitable men to date and have switched their affections to their dogs. Their pooches give them unconditional love and non-problematic attention, and, of course, their four-legged friends don’t cheat. This trend has created new businesses and better sales at highend pooch establishments, including an increase in business at The Dog Store on East 61st St, where pampered pooches can get everything from acupuncture, blowouts, massages, and personalized jet and yacht training. Their celebrity clients include Beyonce, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and Simon Cowell. Shiba owners in New York, of which there are over 30k including Richard Gere, now have their very own designers at the online store Shiba & CO. The company’s

designers, Nico Di Stefano and Jiatai Qi, have created colorful hoodies, dog collars, leashes, and silk bandanas, which also come in sizes suitable for their owners so they can match their pets when they strut their designer duds on 5th Ave.

Mr. Brainwash & Clarendon Fine Art

Michele and Barack Obama, Madonna, David and Victoria Beckham, and the Kardashians all collect artwork by Mr. Brain wash. He even painted a family portrait of Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian alongside Kendall, Kylie, and Kris Jenner in the style of Renoir and unveiled it on “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

Sunflowers and Irises, painted circa 1890, and Warhol’s Flowers and Camp bell’s Soup cans, both created in the early 60’s at his silver foil wrapped Factory in Union Square.

Momager Kris said it’s “one of my favorite paintings.” The artist, who says, “If I believe it, it’s art for me” opened “All You Need Is Art” at Clarendon Fine Art in Westport, CT. The exhibition celebrated the gallery’s first anniversary in the States. The show featured limited-edition silkscreens, marrying four of the most famous artworks in history: Van Gogh’s

Miami Art Basel & Carlton Fine Arts City dwellers, including philanthropist Laine Siklos and attorneys Arthur Aidala and Marianne Burtuna, who didn’t make the trip to South Florida had the Basel experience in Midtown at Carlton Fine Arts on Madi son Avenue. Gallerist Charles Saffati showed over 300 works by artists, including Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Marc Chagall. The five-floor gallery also showcased emerging artist Libby Klein, who presented paintings of Israel, including those of Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall. Klein also showed her works at the Altair Hotel during Basel.

Campion Platt and Andrea Stark, along with the Colony Hotel’s Sarah Wetenhall and Jayne Chase, served as chairs for Iris Dankner’s Holiday House in Palm Beach. The tabletop event featured more than 15 top designers, including Alexandra Naranjo, Mabley Handler, and Philip Gorrivan, who created their own elaborate tablescapes to showcase cutting edge décor and lifestyle concepts to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at The Colony Hotel in Palmhousenyc.

Daniel Boulud & International Sous Vide Day

hosted a global celebration on January 26th with VIP fêtes in Washington, France, Brazil, and Thailand. The D.C. event welcomed chefs Farmer Lee Jones, a former judge of Food Network’s Iron Chef America, and Jamie Simpson.


& “Our Planet Powered by AI”

Holiday House

- Palm Beach Interior designers

Top NYC chef Daniel Boulud is among the fans of Cuisine Solutions, the leading maker of sous vide foods. Boulud, along with over 30 Michelin-starred chefs, celebrated the company’s 7th annual International Sous Vide Day to honor the founder of the cooking Bruno Goussault’s 82nd birthday. This year they

Ice-T hosted a party for Mark Minevich’s new book, “Our Planet Powered by AI: How we use Artificial Intelligence to Create a Sustainable Future for Humanity,” for a group of tech and business leaders at the home of Ambassador Paolo Zampolli. … On another night Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary with a bash at the Hustler Club hosted by movie producer Noel Ashman. Guests included “Scarface” actors Steven Bauer and Angel Salazar and writer Anthony Haden-Guest. 145
Join me on the following pages for a look back at the season’s best parties.
Andrea Stark & Iris Dankner Photo: Annie Watts Gerard Bertholon, Dr. Bruno Goussault & Daniel Boulud Photo: Cuisine Solutions Blake Lively Photo: Getty Laine Siklos Photo: PMC Ice-T, Mark Minevich & Coco Austin Photo: PMC Arthur Aidala & Marianne Bertuna Photo: PMC


The Story

The Metropolitan Museum’s Aquisition Gala, long one of my favorite events, has changed its name, but not its mission. The new Art & Artists Gala celebrates the museum’s expansion by welcoming new works, recognizing once marginalized art and introducing contemporary artworks and artists. This is the gala where you see more billionaires than movie stars, although Jesscia and Jerry Seinfeld were in the mix this year. The stellar night was cochaired by five of the city’s leading philanthropists: Samantha Boardman, Amy Griffin, Dasha Zhukova Niarchos, Gina Peterson, and Ann Tenenbaum. Others seated in the Temple of Dendur for the blacktie dinner were Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Vanesa Getty, Robert Kraft, Karlie Kloss and Alison and Leonard Stern. Spotlighted artists included the Guerilla Girls, the NYC-based feminist art activist group launched in 1985, Tiffany Girls, the women who helped craft some of Tiffany Studios’ art nouveau masterworks, Mary Sully and David Diao. The Mets’s CEO and Director Max Hollein gave the key note address followed by sculpturist Nairy Baghramian. Artists leading the applause included Simone Leigh, Jordan Casteel, Lee Bul, and Rashid Johnson. Dinner was prepared by chef James Kent. For dessert, guests were invited to knock a leucite hammer against a grand display of chocolate bark stalagmites, an artistic conclusion to a fabulous night at the Met. The benefit, which raised a record 4.4 million dollars, was sponsored by Tiffany & Co. The museum’s collection is never complete, and this gala ensures the work can go on.

PHOTO CREDIT: BFA/COURTESY Agnes Tang, Frida Escobedo & Oscar Tang Leonard Stern, Max Hollein & Alison Stern Aby Rosen & Samantha Boardman Anna Wintour & Annette de la Renta

The Event


The Story

George Hamilton, Thom Browne and Peter Som were among the guests at Isabelle Bscher’s Galerie Gmurzynska’s solo exhibit by artist Anh Duong. The critically acclaimed show was dubbed The Incoherences of a Gentlewoman. acclaim for both herself portraits, paintings of Vincent Gallo, Susan Sarandon, Anjelica Huston, Karen Elson and Christian Louboutin – several of which were on display. Titles The Melancholy of Impotence; Without Obsession I am Lost and The Gentlewoman or the Aggravation of our Incoherences. Duong’s work can also be found in the permanent collections of the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C. and the Statue of Liberty Museum in New York. Her work can also be found in the private collections of filmmakers, artists, architects and designers ranging from Dennis Hopper to Bruno Bischofberger. Among those pursuing the art and drinking Aphrodise bubbly rosé included Joseph and Sabine Getty, Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict, Anne Mcnally, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Christopher Mason, Derek Blasberg, Eugenia and Janna Bullock, Joseph and Sabine Getty, Janis Gardner Cecil, and Monica Elias. Galerie Gmurzynska is an internationally renowned gallery known for its museum quality and uniquely curated exhibitions.

SYLVAIN GABOURY /PMC Thom Browne Hamilton Janna Bullock & Eugenia Bullock R. Couri Hay & Sabine Getty, Joseph Getty & David Rancovic Lucas Bscher


The Story

Scarlett Johansson and Ben Platt were honored for their philanthropic work at God’s Love We Deliver’s annual Golden Heart Awards. The night kicked off with cocktails and small bites from Indochine. The night included remarks by Matt Damon, Michael Kors, David, Foster, Cynthia Erivo, Rupert Friend, God’s Love CEO David Ludwigson, and Scarlett Johannsson, who opened up about her childhood, “My family was dependent on food stamps, hot lunch programs, and government aid to support our household of four children, and as someone who’s experienced food insecurity firsthand, I understand the devastating impact it has,” she said. Mary J. Blige and Tony Award winner J. Harrison Ghee from “Some Like It Hot” performed. The always fun benefit was Co-Chaired by Blaine Trump, Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka, Huma Abedin, Ariana DeBose, John Idol, Christopher Jackson, Jordan Roth, and Samantha Rudin. DJ Lina Bradford kept Julianna Margulies, Ashley Park, Beanie Feldstein, Noah Galvin, , Patina Miller, Erich Bergen, Grace Elizabeth, Alex Newell, Olivia Perez, Jessica Wang, Tyrod Taylor, Olivia McDowell, Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel and Luann de Lesseps taping their toes The night raked in more than $3.5 million for GLWD ‘s mission to provide medically tailored meals and nutrition services for individuals living with severe illness including HIV/AIDS.

PHOTOS:SEAN ZANNI/PMC Scarlett Johansson Michael Kors, Blaine Trump & David Ludwigson Noah Galvin, Ben Platt & Beanie Feldstein


The Story

Martha Stewart, Ivy Getty, and Fe and Alessandro Fendi were among the celebrants at Central Park Conservancy’s Annual Gala at Rumsey Playfield. Presented by Harry Winston, the evening’s theme, “A Night in the Emerald City, ‘’ paid homage to the park, which is the crowning jewel of NYC. More than 400 guests garbed in dazzling cocktail attire gathered for dinner, set against a backdrop of emerald tones and glittering décor, including oversized poppies and even a yellow brick road. Guests were entertained with a performance by the stars of Broadway’s WICKED in honor of the show’s 20th anniversary. Event co-chairs included Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, Laureen Seeger and David Cohen, Evelyn and David McCabe, Mo Sakurai and Harry Taylor who were joined by Betsy Smith, the President of the Conservancy, who said, “I’m delighted we are able to come together in celebration of the Conservancy’s work to preserve NYC’s most iconic landmark.” Following dinner, the Conservancy’s committed Young Associates joined the party for dessert and dancing. The Associates event Co-Chairs included Mercedes de Guardiola, Serena Miniter, Molly Moorkamp, Savannah Engel and Eric Goldie. They welcomed friends including Brittany Harwin, Sam Dangremond, Katie McCurdy and Savannah Stevens. The benefit raised over $1.3M to maintain our beloved park as a respite from the pace and pressures of city life.

PHOTOS: SEAN ZANNI/PMC Gillian Miniter, Mo Sakurai, Muffie Potter Aston & Elyse Newhouse Martha Stewart Will Zeckendorf & Anna BenderZeckendorf Megan Zuckerman Eric Goldie, Zach Weiss, Beverly Nguyen, Savannah Engel & Jeremy Batoff Sarah Alister Jennifer Lee, Mercedes de Guardiola & Joelle El Sawalhi Megan Melbourne & Brittany Beyer Harwin

The Event


The Story

The Humane Society of New York was toasted at a pampered Blenheim King Charles Cavalier named Phantom Winston Webster Hay’s 2nd birthday at “A High Tea.” Guests were amused to find the outside of the house banked in “snow” that continued into the house and up the staircases. Phantom’s “father,” R. Couri Hay had decked the halls with pinecone-festooned garlands, branches of red berries, white poinsettias, and his greenhouse filled with Narcissus and Paper Whites. Revelers gathered around the tree covered in ornaments that the host had collected on his travels. Couri’s chef Andrew Molen made tea sandwiches and waiters in white jackets offered lobster rolls and Beluga caviar “bumps.” Although the fête was billed as a “tea party,” no one touched a cup of Earl Grey, opting for flutes of Aphrodise, a new sparkling rose that was recently chosen to be served at the prestigious Restaurant Association Gala at the Savoy Hotel in London, courtesy of the bubbly’s founder Frank Schilling. After multiple rounds, everyone gathered around the Steinway to sing carols with Broadway composer Paul Katz on the keyboards and Erik Botcher, the City Councilman from the 3rd District, on the guitar. After struggling through the 12 Days of Christmas, everyone was exhausted and headed to the living room, where Botcher introduced Rebecca Seawright, a Member of the New York State Assembly, who had a surprise for Couri. Seawright read a Proclamation from NYC and NY State “to honor Couri’s promotion of the arts” and a long list of “charitable organizations.” A surprised Couri turned several shades redder than his velvet jacket and thanked Rebecca for the Citation and announced a donation to The Human Society in Phantom’s name.

PHOTOS: NADJA SAYEJ Peter Thomas Roth & Nicole Miller Erik Bottcher, Rebecca Seawright, R. Couri Hay & Joe Alexander Adrien Lesser & Evie Evangelou Charles & Janis Cecil Gardner Eugenia Bullock & Oliver Young Taylor May & Georgia Couri Martha Cohen Stine & Monica Elias Lucia Hwong Gordon & Janna Bullock


Actress Jane Seymour, who is currently starring in the TV series “Harry Wild,” hosted a lunch at the Polo Bar for fellow actress Christy Cashman’s debut novel “The Truth About Horses.” The critically acclaimed book tells the triumphant story of a young woman facing life’s unexpected challenges, devastating losses, and searching for her place in the world. Christy and Jane, who are both lifelong equestrians, bonded over their mutual love for horses at Cashman’s castle, Kilkea Castle in Ireland. The party started with a snafu when the guests, including actress Cornelia Guest and Sharon Bush, whose extended family includes The Polo Bar’s owner, Ralph Lauren, were locked out of the restaurant for fifteen minutes, as the Bar’s staff wasn’t prepared to let them in until 1:30 on the dot, when the hotspot, which normally doesn’t serve lunch, was set to open for the private party. Over killer pop overs, crab cakes, branzino, and chocolate cake, Seymour told the revelers that she had signed on to co-produce Cashman’s novel into a movie and that “there just might be a role for me in it.” After lunch, Seymour dashed downtown, where she joined new love, rocker John Zambetti, to sing with him during his set at Parkside Lounge. The actress told pals, “The relationship is serious and I’m very happy.” When asked if a walk down the aisle could be in her future, she laughed and said, “I’m not sure aisles are important anymore.”

The Story
Laine Siklos & Adrien Lesser Sharon Bush & Bob Murray Isabelle Bscher Christy Cashman & Jane Seymour Cornelia Guest & R. Couri Hay Julia Haart


The Story

Honorary Chairs Jeff and Nicola Marcus, Event Chairs John and Amy Phelan and this year’s Palm Tree Award recipients Linda Gary and Michael Bellisle led the perfumed pack at the 18th Annual Palm Beach Police & Fire Rescue Ball at Mar-a-Lago. Suzanne and Woody Johnson, the ever-glamorous Kimberly Paige Bluhm and her real estate and casino magnate husband Neil Bluhm, Bill and Marianne Powers, Jean and Martin Shafiroff and the Foundation’s CEO John Scarpa were all on the dance floor at the black-tie dinner, which was themed was “La Dolce Vita.” The evening began with guests gathering poolside for cocktails, while a DJ and saxophonist entertained and performers encased in clear plastic spheres created an aquatic spectacle in the pool. The club’s ballroom evoked the coastal glamor of Capri with elaborate arrangements of lemons, lush greens, crisp blue and white linens and a faux cobblestone dance floor. Over 700 guests were treated to a dinner of arugula salad, lasagna, and tiramisu. Jennifer and Sylvester Stallone and Andrea and Steve Wynn contributed to the live auction, conducted by Sebastian Clarke of Heritage Auctions. Other guests included the Foundation’s VP David Mack and his wife Sondra. All proceeds from the Ball remain in Palm Beach and benefit the Palm Beach Police and Fire Rescue Departments. Event sponsors included Lugano Diamonds, Devon and Tom Roush, and Mark and Janet Levy. The ball raised over $3.3 million.

The Event
CAPEHART Jeff and Nicola Marcus & Howard and Michele Kessler Joh Phelan, Linda Gary, Michael Belisle & Amy Phelan Jean & Martin Shafiroff Bill & Marianne Powers David & Sondra Mack Mark & Janet Levy Kimberly & Neil Bluhm Woody & Suzanne Johnson


The Story

The Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) hosted their Ruby Gala, marking their 40th Anniversary, at the iconic Pool Room in the historic Seagram Building on Park Avenue. The milestone event recognized the organization’s visionaries and raised funds to support the mission of the WJA, which stands as a beacon of support and empowerment for women in the jewelry and watch industries. The gala has previously honored trailblazers in the industry, including Donna Karan, Diane Von Furstenberg, Iris Apfel, Fern Mallis, Stellene Volandes, Robert Verdi, Mercedes Abramo, and Nadja Swarovski. Monica Elias, CEO and Executive Producer of Elias World Media, and Susan Chandler, WJA President and Chief Merchandising Officer for Citizen Watch America, served as the co-chairs of the evening. Both Monica and Susan were supported by WJA committee members: Gabrielle Grazi, Aida Alvarez, Kendra Bridelle, and Ivette Nersesyan-Stephanopoulos, as well as Anna Samsonova, Jen Cullen Williams, Rachel Jurisz, and Jacqueline Cassaway. Also in the mix dressed in red were Kimberly and Steven Rockefeller, with their jeweler daughter Kayla Rockefeller who founded her own brand Kayla Jaclyne, Esther Fortunoff, Ruth Fortunoff, gallerist Isabelle Bscher, David Kellie, Grant Mobley, Stephanie Gotlieb, Emily George, Monica Rich Kosann, Steven Lagos, Kristi Nicolosi, Malyia McNaughton, Lorraine West, Adrien Lesser and Daniel Stock. The gala had a Moulin Rouge theme with aerial and stage performances occurring throughout the night. The legendary space was festooned with hundreds of candles and red roses. The elaborate food stations featured bites from Carbone. The gala’s sponsors included De Beers, Jewelers Mutual, Citizen Watch America, GIA, Elias World Media, JCK, Krainz Creations, Platinum Guild International, Stuller, The Centurion Jewelry Show, BOSS Logics, Chrysmela, Goldstar, Heritage Auctions, Instore, Lux, Bond & Green, Marco Bicego, Richline Group, Sheetal, Uni-Design, V&A Group, and Casadevall Group. The WJA is dedicated to empowering and advancing women within the jewelry and watch industries.

The Event
PHOTOS:SEAN ZANNI/PMC Malyia McNaughton & Adrianna Nassi Lorraine Schwartz Esther Fortunoff & Ruth Fortunoff Gabrielle Grazi, Monica Elias & Susan Chandler Eugenia Bullock & Janna Bullock John Green & Norma Jean Green Jane Li, Kayla Rockefeller, Katherine Wislocki & Jordan Raidi Rachel Rosin, Brandee Dallow, Ann Arnold, Anna Martin, Yancy Weinrich, Kendra Bridelle, Jaqueline Cassaway, Susan Chandler, Gabrielle Grazi & Phyllis Bergman


The Story

Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Michael Bloomberg, Martha Stewart, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Laine Siklos, and Michael Bloomberg and his decorator Jamie Drake were among the cognoscenti at The Winter Show’s Opening Night to benefit the East Side Settlement House (ESH) at the Park Avenue Armory. The glamorous evening featured elaborate hors d’oeuvres by Canard and provided an opportunity for guests to preview the fair’s esteemed exhibits before they opened to the public. One of New York’s most highly anticipated social events, the evening was attended by more than 1,000 guests, including Bunny Williams, Alexa Hampton, Wendy Goodman, Billy Cotton, Arie and Coco Kopelman, and ESH’s Daniel Diaz and Thaddeus Gray, from the worlds of art, antiques, design, business, and philanthropy. The Show’s 70th edition featured 76 exhibitors from around the globe. Proceeds from the Opening Night Party and all net proceeds from the show provide unrestricted funding to ESH, a community-based organization serving more than 14,000 individuals and families in the Bronx and northern Manhattan annually. The show was sponsored by Bank of America.

The Event
Alonso Díaz Rickards & Michael Diaz-Griffith Alexa Hampton & Peter Pennoyer Nicky Hilton Michael Bloomberg Martha Stewart & Kevin Sharkey Bunny Williams Jill Kargman


The Story

Isabelle Bscher of Galerie Gmurzynska curated a critically acclaimed solo exhibition for renowned Austrian pop artist Christian Ludwig Attersee, entitled “Beautiful Like His Paintings,” at their New York gallery located at 43 East 78th St. Max Hollein, Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, remarked on Attersee’s work, stating, “Within the art world since the 1960s, Attersee has been a solitary activist for an inventive and sweeping art of life and passion, a positively provocative celebration of the artist as an inventor and beautifier of the world that we live in.” Born in 1940 in Bratislava, Slovakia, Attersee’s artistic journey commenced during his youth near Linz and at Lake Attersee. He displayed early signs of creativity by writing short novels, composing music, and creating comics. His formal artistic education led him to the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna. In 1966, a pivotal year, Attersee, now 83 years young, adopted his iconic surname after the lake, using it as a signature in his artwork, a practice that would become emblematic of his oeuvre. This marks Attersee’s first solo show in New York. The gallery presents an extensive survey of the artist’s evolution, with work spanning from the 1960s to his most recent paintings produced this year. His pieces are characterized by a fusion of abstraction, surrealism, and pop art, all of which cemented his position as a master of Post-War European painting. “Attersee” will be on view through January 31st.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF GALERIE GMURZYNSKA Christian Ludwig Attersee & George Hamilton Janna Bullock & Eugenia Bullock Sofie Mahlkvist Nadja Sayej Kayla Rockefeller, Kimberly Rockefeller & Steven Rockefeller Max Hollein


Billy Porter, Don Lemon, Marcus Samuelsson, and NYC Council Member Erik Bottcher were among the personalities who strutted down the runway at the 8th Annual Blue Jacket Fashion Show. The event was created by designer Frederik Anderson to benefit ZERO Prostate Cancer, the nonprofit organization whose mission is to end prostate cancer through research and creating solutions to achieve health equity. Also on the runway wearing designs by Tommy Hilfiger, Thom Browne, Carlos Campos, and Bruno Magli were Wilson Cruz, DJ Young Paris, Mike Woods, Ty Hunter, Don Hood, Carlos Greer, and La Goulue’s master of ceremonies Omar Hernandez. The evening began with an update on prostate cancer, and the heightened chances that Black and Latino men face when it comes to the disease. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among American men and is the second-leading cause of cancer-related death. Outside the Tribeca studio where the show was held, there was a testing station for guests who wanted a checkup. Among those sitting in the front row were Tamron Hall, Fern Mallis, Holly Robinson Peete, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Bevy Smith, top plastic surgeon Dr Lyle Leipziger and divorce attorney Daniel Stock. The show was supported by Johnson & Johnson.

GETTY IMAGES FOR BLUE JACKET Young Paris Marcus Samuelsson Billy Porter Don Lemon Omar Hernandez Frederick Anderson Wilson Cruz Alex Lundqvist


The Story

Clarendon Fine Art hosted a reception for Banksy’s protégé, Mr. Brainwash, to celebrate the opening of his new exhibition “All You Need is Art.” The event also marked the first anniversary of their U.S. flagship gallery in Westport Connecticut. As part of its U.S. launch, Clarendon partnered with The Westport Museum for History & Culture. The “All You Need is Art” show was splashed over the gallery’s two floors and featured his exclusive limited-edition silkscreens, marrying four of the most well-known artworks in history: Van Gogh’s Sunflowers of 1888 and Irises of 1890 and Warhol’s Hibiscus inspired Flowers of 1964 and Campbell’s Soup tin from the 1962 series. Those in attendance included Clarendon Fine Art’s Chief Executive Officer, Helen Swaby, the gallery’s Manager, Eve Gianni, and Chief Commercial Officer, Rebecca Ball. Also in the mix were Jennifer Tooker, First Selectwoman; Kitt Shapiro, Eartha Kitt’s Daughter; Lisa Wexler; Lucia Gulbransen, Robin Moyer Chung and Jennifer Bernicker. “My aim is to reveal the unexpected,” the artist said of the event. Mr. Brainwash, whose collectors includes the Obamas, Madonna, and David and Victoria Beckham, rose to fame in 2008 when he mounted his debut show in Los Angeles, “Life is Beautiful.” The critically acclaimed exhibit welcomed over 50,000 visitors with pieces selling for six figures. In 2010, Mr. Brainwash appeared in “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” an Academy-nominated documentary produced by Banksy that documented his transition from filmmaker to street artist. 157
The Event
PHOTOS BY JERRI GRAHAM Kitt Shapiro Helen Swaby, Mr. Brainwash & Rebecca Ball Elizabeth Walsh & Eve Gianni Jennifer Berniker Marlene Brown & Monique


The Story: Field of Light at Freedom Plaza was a brain-trust consensus four years in the making between pedigreed PR majordomo Richard Rubenstein and the ever visionary CEO of the Soloviev Group, Michael J. Hershman. A grand public art concept would have a home, at least for a year, in one of the last undeveloped swaths of prime Manhattan property. “It will be a moment to light the hearts of all New Yorkers and all who come to the Field of Light at Freedom Plaza,” the Soloviev CEO predicted as long as a year ago.

That moment finally arrived last December, when this largescale art project by internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Munro was officially illuminated by Stefan Soloviev. The dashing Chairman of the Soloviev Group, with his movie-star looks, switched on the thousands of lights at the Field of Light at Freedom Plaza, remarking briefly: “We hope to bring a sense of exhilaration, and of optimism to New York City.”The timing could not be more resonant and consequential for such a piece

of public art. Field of Light is, in essence, a new strolling ‘park’ filled with more than 18,750 stems of lighting over six acres on prime East River waterfront at First Avenue at 41st Street. This meditative Mecca will remain in place for twelve months, freely welcomes guests on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Visitors are encouraged to first visit the website: in order to schedule their complimentary tickets to visit Manhattan’s newest bit of Zen.

Field of Light at Freedom Plaza comprises 18,750 lowlights, fiber-optic stemmed spheres that were individually assembled and then hand-placed across six sprawling acres and by a team of eight from the U.K.-based studio of the light artist Bruce Munro. And it would not have at all been possible without the Soloviev Foundation and its predecessor foundation, which has a long and venerated history of artistic philanthropy initially under the amazing eye of Stefan’s father, legendary developer Sheldon Solow.

The values of community engagement and educational programming evident in this demonstrate the Soloviev Foundation’s dedication to humanitarian and environmental commitments. “It’s our social responsibility,” says CEO Michael J. Hershman.

Field of Light at Freedom Plaza glitters with 18,750 stems of light Stefan Soloviev, Chairman, Soloviev Group, illuminates Field of Light at Freedom Plaza
The Event:
Michael Hershman, CEO, Soloviev Group Hayden, Stefan, Quintin, and Carson Soloviev Artist Bruce Munro

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Welcome to #gwsays, a fresh and exclusive post-millennial rag from inimitable gossipeuse George Wayne. The people, places and things #gwsays you need to know is GW’s original and pedigreed take on the Culture of the Day. So welcome to #gwsays, Darlinkas!

Andy’’ (Cohen) and Bravo. More so because Nupur & Mr. Flynn invented and hold the trademark rights to BAGCEIT(r) the small, chic, ultra-light and portable “seat” for your Birkin at the dinner table. It is the first portable “anti-microbial seat” for your personal items in a public setting.

e’re going to hit the ground flossing and hot-stepping because GW has been wanting to introduce you to his favorite ‘It Couple’ of the new season. We’ll dub them “Nupur & Mr. Flynn,” as in Nupur Parekh and her husband, Guy Flynn, one of the most fabulously intriguing and divine husband-wife dynamic duos GW has met in a while. You know how it is…sometimes you meet a couple, immediately grasp their dynamic and quickly realize that these two will be soulmates for life. Nupur & Mr. Flynn need to be added to the cast of RHONY (Real Housewives of New York City) is the GWMEMO to ‘’Queen

BAGCEIT didn’t exist, so Nupur & Mr. Flynn felt it was necessary to invent it! And we’re all here for it. “I’ve had the idea for BAGCEIT, pronounced “bag seat”, in my head forever,’’ the stylish Nupur explained over dinner at Cucina812, the couple’s favorite restaurant on Billionaire’s Row. ‘’After decades of stretching my bag handle with purse hooks, asking for an extra chair for my purse, or putting a dinner napkin on the floor with my bag on top, I decided I had to invent the www.bagceit. com because, surprisingly, nobody else did!›› GW cannot think of a cooler and more fabulous item to be included in the famous seven-figure gift bags given out to talent and presenters at this year’s 96th Oscar ceremony! So we had to get word on BAGCEIT to Lash Fary, the brilliant curator of the

famous Oscar goodie bags, which is usually two suitcases worth of the most luxe swag on the planet! Can you imagine seeing Margot Robbie pulling out her BAGCEIT for her Birkin over lunch in St. Tropez this summer? Hopefully, she will find BAGCEIT included in the Oscar swag bag this season. For any fashionable germaphobe for whom hygiene is of premium importance, there is not a more of-the-moment accessory than this invention. Guy exudes the aura of Jimi Hendrix meets Sly Stone, and Nupur looks like a princess from the Maharaja. ‘’I was born in Washington, D.C., with two amazing parents who were born in India,” she explains. “I retired in 2019 from the asset management business to focus full-time on philanthropic work and travelling with my sweetheart and husband. During one of our dinner dates in Johannesburg one evening, I really didn’t want to put my brand-new bag on the floor, and that’s when it dawned on me -- BAGCEIT. So, I hired Harbor Designs and Manufacturing out of Baltimore to help with the engineering and design. Sales today couldn’t be better, and

160 |

we feel it is time to explore opportunities in the luxury market space further. As for my sweetie, he is the coolest! People stop him all the time in airports all over the world, asking if he’s famous. It’s funny!’’ With that news, there’s no doubt now that a BAGCEIT cameo at the 96th Oscars must clearly be manifested.

And speaking of this year’s Oscars, there is nothing GW looks forward to every March other than catching a red-eye to LAX and telling the cab driver: ‘’1200 Alta Loma Road, and step on it!’’ WeHo, baby, and the legendary Sunset Marquis Hotel is always the L.A. home away from home during this arbiter’s annual Oscar-fest pilgrimage. There is not a hotel steeped in cooler Hollywood legend and pedigree than the Sunset

Marquis, now celebrating its 61st year as the inn that is always IN. West Hollywood has far more posh and opulent hotels than the Sunset Marquis, but this is where the free-spirited, creative soul has always been welcomed. Back in the ‘70s, ‘80s and early ‘90s, the Sunset Marquis was unquestionably the stomping ground for “a lot of overindulgent, hedonistic and crazy shit from the bar to the bathrooms,’’ was how Rolling Stone magazine aptly described it. ‘’If God had invented a hotel for rock-and-roll bands, it would look like the Sunset Marquis.’’

Now in its 61st year of business, the hotel has unquestionably mellowed. These days, the vibe is more Zen and wellness-

centered, so much so that that’s all the property’s equally legendary general manager wants to talk about: its splashy, brandnew amenity known simply as SPA. ‘’We are absolutely thrilled with the reopening of SPA at the Sunset Marquis,’’ says Rod Gruendyke. ‘’It is under the direction of Arch Amenities with the goal of elevating the experience not only for guests but also for the public. This is in addition to our Wellness Center and the complimentary daily passes to Equinox (L.A.’s hottest gym), which is just next door.’’ These days, Hollywood glam and excess at the Sunset Marquis are about its ‘’special symphony of relaxation and rejuvenation.’’ That’s the new mantra: massage, body treatments, skin revival and a sense of spirit and sanctuary set amongst the timeless charm of this iconic property off the Sunset Strip. Whether you book a suite, a villa or the Grand Deluxe Retreat or Presidential Villa, you can rest assured that luxury at this iconic four acres of

serenity in the heart of West Hollywood will nonetheless be one of the nexus points, as it always is, during Oscar week, and something scandalous is bound to happen. So GW looks forward to reporting on the 96th Oscar-fest week in Los Angeles by night and imbibing the meticulously crafted menu of spa treatments at the Sunset Marquis by day. LOL.

But before schwing through La-La-Land, you need to know about the new private club that has suddenly shot to the top of the saturated market for pricey members-only clubs in New York City. The 2.0 version of the Core Club has quickly staked its claim as the most spectacular, breathtaking and spacious new members-only escape in the international capital of the world. The buzzy developer of the moment is the controversial Israeli Michael Shvo, and he’s pulled a masterclassmastermind with his revitalized and reimagined from top to bottom iconic former Coca-Cola building at 711

Fifth Avenue. Famous interior designer Peter Marino was left to his devices, and, as one would expect, the look of the new Core Club oozes sleek, power-chic elegance, all 60,000 square feet of it. Founded in 2005, the Core Club has long been one of the earliest pioneers of the private club concept in New York City and its splendid update comes with initiation fees that begin at $20,000 through $100,000. On top of that, annual dues total $18,000. Don’t blink - you can’t afford to. Come this spring, the sparkling and huge open-air terrace of the Core Club overlooking Fifth Avenue will be the place to wine and dine your next summer lover. Did I mention the two gorgeous restaurants, full-service beauty salon and fitness center and the Dangene Institute for non-invasive beauty offerings? Or the 11 short-stay suites exclusive to its most exclusive members? There’s no denying that Core Club is prized among Manhattan’s most astute one-percenters. I will be in touch. P 161
Bottom left and above: Swishing in with ‘Nupur & Mr Flynn-undoubtedly one of the IT Couples of Billionaires Row and who ought to be cast as nextadd to RHONY - Andy Bravo!! Top Left: The Core Club membership is at a premium! Jennie & Dangene Enterprise partners who own the franchise have every reason to be proud. Jennie Enterprise gives GW the grand tour of The Core Club building it is now 711 Fifth Avenue. PHOTOS: CHARLES ADOFO, PATRICK CASHIN

Cartoon Corner

162 What a Feud! Inspired by FX’s Hit New Show Feud: Capote vs The Swans

manner guarantees the continuing existence of any view. Furnishings are only included if and to the extent provided in your purchase agreement. The project graphics, renderings and text provided herein are copyrighted works owned by the Developer. All rights

described herein, will be provided or, if provided, will be as depicted or described herein. Any view from a residence or from other portions of the property may in the future be limited or eliminated by future development or forces of nature and the developer in no

purposes. Renderings depict proposed views, which are not identical from each residence. No guarantees or representations whatsoever are made that existing or future views of the project and surrounding areas depicted by artist’s conceptual renderings or otherwise

unless made in the prospectus or in the applicable purchase agreement. In no event shall any solicitation, offer or sale of a unit in the condominium be made in, or to residents of, any state or country in which such activity would be depicted herein are artist’s conceptual renderings, which are based upon preliminary development plans, and are subject to change without notice in the manner provided in the offering documents. All such materials are not to scale and are shown solely for illustrative

a buyer or lessee. These materials are not intended to be an offer to sell, or solicitation to buy a unit in the condominium. Such an offering shall only be made pursuant to the prospectus (offering circular) for the condominium and no statements should be relied upon unlawful. All images and designs

and/or representations shall be deemed made by Developer you agree to look solely to Developer with respect to any and all matters relating to the marketing and/or development of the Condominium and with respect to the sales of units in the Condominium.

names and logos of Terra, One Thousand Group and which uses the Villa marks under a license from MFG, which has not confirmed the accuracy of any of the statements or representations made about the project by the Developer. Any and all statements, disclosures

The Condominium is not owned, developed, or sold by Major Food Groups or its affiliates (“MFG”). This condominium is being developed by 710 Edge Property, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Developer”), which has a limited right to use the trademarked

reserved. WARNING: THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF REAL ESTATE HAS NOT INSPECTED, EXAMINED, OR QUALIFIED THIS OFFERING. 2742 Biscayne Blvd, Miami • 786 471 0912 • • Sales Gallery Now Accepting Appointments Exclusive Sales by Douglas Elliman Development Marketing

head in the sky, hand in the water Step into a life curated by globally recognized talents & tastemakers. Estate-style homes in the sky, each designed around a sweeping horizon line, featuring a first-class lifestyle with a level of personalized service unseen in Miami. Half- and Full- Floor Bayfront Residences Starting at $5M+. Developed by:

a major food group residential experience

Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating the representations of the developer. For correct representations, make reference to this brochure and to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida statutes, to be furnished by a developer to

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