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3 — MA Fashion Film & Photography Dhruvin Shah

Annelies Schubert — Fine Arts Junior

Ellen Yiu — Foundation Freshman

Leah Oros — MA, Transdisciplinary New Media, in collaboration with Lu de Lopez from ESAT

Christal Hedman — Interior Design Study Abroad at PCA

Jorge Ayllon Farfan — Fine Arts Junior

Christine Forni — Fine Arts Senior

IDEM Paris

Terra Foundation for American Art

48° 50' 32" N 2° 19' 33" E

48° 51' 40" N 2° 19' 10" E

École Lesage 75014 M 4 Vavin

48° 52' 23" N 2° 20' 30" E

75007 M 7 Assemblée Nationale

47 min by metro 31 min by bus 45 min by walking

28 min by metro 40 min by bus 1,5 min walking

Notre-Dame 75009 M 9 Richelieu - Drouot

48° 51' 10" N 2° 20' 59" E

75007 M 6 Bir-Hakeim RER C Champ-de-Mars

75004 M 11 Rambuteau •

Les Arts Décoratifs

35 min by metro 45 min by bus 1 hr 7 min walking

48° 51' 47" N 2° 19' 59" E

La Gaîté Lyrique 48° 52' 00" N 2° 21' 12" E

75003 M 4 Réaumur - Sébastopol •

14 min by metro 20 min by bus 20 min walking

1 hr 5 min by metro 1 hr 46 min by bus 4 hr 30 min walking

48° 51' 30" N 2° 17' 39" E

18 min by metro 30 min by bus 40 min walking

20 min by metro 25 min by bus 30 min by walking

78000 M 2 Versailles RER C Versailles Château Rive Gauche

Tour Eiffel

48° 51' 39" N 2° 21' 09" E

48° 48' 17" N 2° 07' 13" E

10 min by metro 20 min by bus 25 min walking

75004 M 4 Cité

Centre Pompidou

Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles

75001 M 7 Palais Royal Musée du Louvre •

The American Library of Paris 48° 51' 32" N 2° 17' 56" E

Les Invalides 48° 51' 24" N 2° 18' 45" E

15 min by metro 30 min by bus 30 min walking

75007 M 9 Alma - Marceau •

75007 M 8 Invalides RER C Invalides •

26 min by metro 36 min by bus 50 min walking

Louvre 48° 51' 39" N 2° 20' 09" E

75001 M 1 Palais Royal Musée du Louvre •

18 min by metro 15 min by bus 30 min walking

35 min by metro 35 min by bus 1 hr 5 min walking

With relationships to many of the greatest cultural institutions in and around Paris, industry partners throughout France, and a faculty made up of leaders in the creative industries in Europe, Paris College of Art students have access to an extraordinary range of opportunities to learn and develop into the designers and artists of tomorrow.

Paris College of Art 48° 53' 11" N 2° 20' 35" E

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Gare du Nord

48° 53' 11" N 2° 20' 35" E

48° 52' 48" N 2° 21' 17" E

75018 M 2 Anvers M 12 Abbesses •

15 min by metro 17 min by bus 22 min walking

Louxor 48° 53' 00" N 2° 20' 59" E

75010 M245 RER BDE Trains to London & Brussels •

4 min walking

75018 M 2 4 BarbèsRochechouart •

15 min by metro 17 min by bus 22 min walking

(*) minutes are calculated from PCA

Geraldine Biasotto — Communication Design Senior

Ana Helena Arévalo — Art History, Theory, & Criticism Senior

Sasha Betzer — Photography Freshman

Ana Helena Arévalo — Art History, Theory, & Criticism Senior

Andrew Vox — MA, Transdisciplinary New Media

Design by Sho Konishi — MA, Fashion Design: Haute Couture Haute Technologie — Photograph by Lawrence P Givens

Chase McCurdy — MA Fashion Film & Photography

Paris College of Art (PCA) is an International college with US degree-granting authority and accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Paris College of Art has a dual mission: To provide the highest international standard of art and design education taught within an American pedagogical paradigm, while being influenced and informed by our French and European environment. To open up French educational opportunities to the world and international education to the French.

Paris College of Art

Established in 1981 to provide the

highest standard of American education to undergraduates in fine arts and design wishing to pursue degree options in Europe, today Paris College of Art continues to fulfill that mission while in addition providing programs at the graduate level. With the resources of our location in one of the world’s most resplendent cities, we emphasize an interdisciplinary approach to academic programs. We draw students from around the world and the spontaneous cultural diversity this engenders complements the program and fosters a critical sensitivity toward the globalization of visual culture and its impact on respective art and design fields. Our multicultural environment nurtures artistic practice as well as individual growth and the intimate size of our classes provides an optimal environment for developing the discipline and skills required for our students’ artistic pursuit. While our classes are taught in English*, we encourage students to study French so that they can take full advantage of their time in Paris. At Paris College of Art, students develop personal expression through creative problem-solving and process-oriented research. Our methodology gives students a competitive advantage, both academically and professionally, while emphasizing ethical interaction with society as a whole. Through our international faculty of working professionals, we maintain close ties with the Parisian art and design culture. Special events, exhibitions and conferences bring students in intimate contact with their distinctive European setting. Graduates of PCA receive Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees issued under PCA’s degreegranting authority from the state of Delaware and accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

*With the exception of CUPA classes, which are all taught in French.

The European Network of Information Centers in the European Region and National Academic Recognition Information Centers (ENIC-NARIC) provides official recognition of the equivalency of degrees in Europe. For every graduate of the school who wishes, PCA prepares and transmits their diploma and transcripts to the ENIC-NARIC in order to obtain this valuable recognition. In addition, the Rectorat of Paris recognizes the school as a private institute of higher education.

Campus While the larger campus is certainly Paris, with its museums, historical sites and contemporary art venues, the facilities of Paris College of Art are ideally suited for the creative endeavors proposed in the classroom. Located in the 10th arrondissement, the Paris College of Art facilities include: an amphitheater able to seat 200, a gallery space, student and faculty social spaces, a private landscaped courtyard, and many light and airy classrooms with amazing views of Montmartre. Students of Paris College of Art have designated social/eating spaces, out-of-class work-space and access to computer labs and specialized studios. The neighborhood of PCA provides easy access to the textile stores of Montmartre, one of the city’s best photo service stores just steps from our front door, many theaters, performing arts studios, and the offices of many creative agencies as well as cafes and restaurants nearby.

Paris College of Art promotes the artistic and intellectual maturation of promising students into exceptional professional artists, photographers, designers, design managers, and art historians through a rigorous art, design and liberal arts education.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac PCA Fashion Show President 2012

Paris College of Art

“There is no future without creativity and we have seen tonight that creativity belongs to youth. It is quite amazing to see so much talent coming from so many countries and so many visions of the world.”

Degree Programs

Undergraduate PCA’s intensive undergraduate programs prepare students for the professional world of the creative industries and for going on to complete graduate level work. The BFA degree programs begin with the Foundation year that is built on the philosophy that there are fundamental approaches, skills and knowledge to be learned that are common to all creative disciplines. Students wishing to study

Photography can begin in Foundation year or have the option of “direct entry” into the four-year Photography curriculum*. Students in Design Management enter directly into their major beginning from the first year. All undergraduate curricula incorporate liberal studies course work and art and design history. Below you will find the wide range of undergraduate programs we offer and you can find in-depth information on: www.paris.edu.

BFA (BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS) = FOUNDATION YEAR + 3 YEARS • BFA, COMMUNICATION DESIGN Communication designers give form to information in advertising, publishing and editorial design, corporate and exhibition design, websites, multimedia, environmental graphics, signs and maps, service design, interaction design, film and video. In all these fields, the need to clearly and succinctly inform, entertain and persuade remains a critical concern. • BFA, FASHION DESIGN The art and business of fashion give form and function to clothing, a basic human need, imbuing it with meaning in the ever-evolving language of style. The Fashion Design program emulates the working process of a professional design studio in which students acquire an understanding of tools, materials, construction techniques and textile design methods, enabling them to express their individual creative visions. • BFA, FINE ARTS Offering a strong foundation in the artistic tradition via both established and new media, this program enriches our students’ capacity for communication and expression as a whole. The curriculum balances a full investigation of traditional media: drawing, painting and sculpture, with extensive explorations in video, installation, performance, photography and digital imaging. Through interdisciplinary practice, students are provoked to develop individual artistic modes of inquiry. • BFA, INTERIOR DESIGN This program encourages a thorough yet versatile design approach, following systematic and coordinated methodologies. With an emphasis on Retail and Commercial Spaces, the program is intended for undergraduate students aiming to become professional interior designers specialized in retail, commercial, exhibition and event spaces.

Paris College of Art

• BFA, PHOTOGRAPHY* The Photography BFA addresses the technical aspects of image creation (both analog and digital) and production, with an emphasis on developing a creative vision as well as how photographs are disseminated, presented, discussed, used, documented or archived: in short, how they function in today’s image driven society. Through a progressive core seminar structure, lectures, lab and studio courses as well as an internship, students gain first-hand commercial experience from practicing photographers and learn about innovative, cutting-edge approaches relevant to a photographic practice, while defining their own unique way of working. BA (BACHELOR OF ARTS) = 4 YEARS • BA, DESIGN MANAGEMENT This program offers students the people, problem solving, managerial, entrepreneurial and leadership skills required to become a strategic designer and/or design manager. Through a unique combination of courses in design, social sciences and business, from human-centered design, digital fabrication, data visualization to marketing, and sustainable design & business for example, students gain a thorough understanding of the agency of design.

Graduate PCA offers 1-year MA and 2-year MFA degrees in Drawing, Photography and Image-Making, and Transdisciplinary New Media (TDNM), and 1-year MA degrees in Design for Social Impact, Fashion Design, Fashion Film & Photography, and Interior Design. These programs provide students with the competitive edge that they need to succeed professionally.

MA (MASTER OF ARTS) = 1 YEAR • MA, DESIGN FOR SOCIAL IMPACT This program aims to train the designers of tomorrow who will tackle issues of development, whether at a local, national or international level. Issues of education, health, the environment, gender equality or poverty require innovative and inter-disciplinary design thinkers, whether at the international level or in a focused local context. It combines theoretical instruction with hands-on projects in Paris and abroad. • MA, FASHION DESIGN - HAUTE COUTURE/HAUTE TECHNOLOGY New materials are being developed at a fast rate, enabling garments to do more than clothe: they can measure temperature, transmit information about the wearer’s physiological state, provide stimulation, release compounds into the skin, etc. Aimed at equipping designers with the knowledge and skills required to make the most of these emerging new technologies and materials, the MA in Fashion’s lead faculty will be pioneering French designer Elisabeth de Senneville. • MA, FASHION FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY The MA in Fashion Film and Photography meets the demands of an expanding market for fashion advertising through storytelling in photography and film, using social media and capitalizing on the ability to reach large audiences at reduced cost through online marketing. Many young fashion brands rely entirely on films distributed online, and fashion films have their own festivals, like the one pioneered in Paris by Diane Pernet, and this phenomenon is doubtlessly growing. • MA, INTERIOR DESIGN Aimed at emerging designers and conceived to provide them with the necessary tools and skills to become professionals in this field, this program prepares students to meet the demands of an expanding high-end residential and commercial property market in capital cities around the world.

Paris College of Art

MA/MFA (MASTER OF FINE ARTS) = 1 or 2 YEARS • MA/MFA, DRAWING In these programs, drawing is understood as more than a support or preparation for other disciplines: it is considered the work. The aim is to explore contemporary and emerging approaches to drawing alongside the continued acquisition and practice of academic skills. There is an expectation that students will explore a convergence rather than opposition of the two. • MA/MFA, PHOTOGRAPHY & IMAGE-MAKING Focusing on visual storytelling and image-making: still image, moving image, and multimedia, with a curriculum that understands photography as a hybrid and emerging art form, this program explores digital-imagemaking as a force and is designed to be practice-based and processoriented. Based on the intersection of visual phenomena, critical studies, and creative production, the program offers a unique blend of studio practice, and theoretical and art historical training. • MA/MFA, TRANSDISCIPLINARY NEW MEDIA Designed for those who are interested in exploring the wide-ranging creative field of New Media that goes beyond traditionally defined art and design disciplines, this program employs methods of transdisciplinary practice through collaborative teamwork. Through a shared creative process, students will re-frame their current understanding of different tools, technologies, theories and methods, developing hybrid systems and solutions that go beyond any one discipline.

Non Degree Programs


Summer at PCA

The intensive curriculum of the PCA Certificate Program offers a non-degree option for those wishing to launch a career transition, refine a professional level design portfolio, or prepare for entering a Master’s degree program The Certificate Programs are ideally suited for the mature student who already has an undergraduate degree and wishes to complete his/her education with a professional art and design concentration. These programs emphasize skill development and provide a solid foundation in the process, technology, and language of art and design. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours for the one-year Certificate Program. Studying full-time (minimum of 12 credits per semester), certificate students with the guidance of their Academic Advisor develop an individualized program specifically catered to their needs and interests. Examples of certificate program curricula are available on www.paris.edu, and they cover all the areas of study offered at the undergraduate level.

The Summer Program at Paris College of Art offers an exciting set of courses with a modern edge in the historically and artistically rich city of Paris. In these two-week long courses, introductory through advanced level students will explore art, design, culture, and language. An international faculty comprised of professional artists and designers guide students through the colorful streets and neighborhoods of Paris. Through field trips to museums, studios, boutiques, and design organizations, students take advantage of the abundant resources the city has to offer; Paris serves as both a subject matter and a source of inspiration. Studio work, lectures, and independent research projects allow students to develop new skills, refine their understanding of art and design, and create portfolio pieces for college or graduate school admissions. For more information, visit www.paris.edu/summer


CUPA In 2011, CUPA became a part of PCA. Focusing on direct matriculation and optimal academic and personal support, the Center for University Programs Abroad (CUPA) provides a high quality study-abroad immersion experience in Paris to linguistically advanced, highly motivated students from US colleges and universities. While the program provides a home base and a comforting structure, CUPA students are directly matriculated in French universities, do the same type of work as their French counterparts, and are strongly encouraged to participate in numerous activities in the Parisian context. This program is a great study abroad program for students interested in French immersion. For more information, visit cupa.paris.edu

Marnie Shanahan

, Study Abroad at PCA Student from Sydney College of the Arts, Australia

Paris College of Art

“Thank you for making my time at PCA unforgettable. The knowledge I have gained, inspiration I have found, and challenges I have faced have resulted in both academic and personal growth.”

Study Abroad

Study Abroad At PCA

(Bachelor’s Level) PCA offers an extraordinary Study Abroad program for college sophomores and juniors, or those with undergraduate degrees who wish to spend a semester or year experiencing the art, design, and culture of Paris. At PCA you can: • investigate fashion design, textiles and the history of French costume in the original city of fashion; • photograph on the streets of the city where the medium was born; • develop your artistic vision while being exposed to classical and contemporary art; • expand your knowledge of design by being exposed to European design sensibilities and approaches; • experience French design business realities first-hand. Studying full-time in English, Study Abroad at PCA students have the freedom of choosing from our vast array of courses to create a rigorous and stimulating curriculum that matches their academic needs and interests. Students can focus their studies in one departmental area or create a multidisciplinary selection.


Paris College of Art


Study Abroad At PCA Student Exhibition

Paris Inside /Out

Each semester, the Study Abroad at PCA students curate an exhibition of their work held in a professional gallery. Organizing the show with the help of the Study Abroad at PCA office, students learn how to create and promote an exhibition and sell their artwork as well as gain an important addition to their professional CV.

To initiate students to Paris’ thriving contemporary gallery scene and give them backstage access to the city’s art and design community, we offer a one-credit course composed of excursions and guided visits to art exhibits, design workshops and other French cultural events throughout Paris. Recent visits have included the Parisian hotel designed by Martin Margiela, Prada 24 hour Museum, Foundation Louis Vuitton, the Muzéo Ateliers and La Maison Rouge. Paris Inside / Out is open to graduate as well as undergraduate students.

French Instruction and Individual Tutoring PCA offers four levels of French language courses from beginner to advanced topicbased courses taught in French that include outings such as French wine tasting and visits to sites particular to Paris like the Passages Couverts – enclosed shopping areas dating from the early 19th century. These outings not only help to improve student’s language skills, but also their general cultural knowledge. To help enrich student’s everyday life in Paris and accelerate their acquisition of the language, PCA also provides individual French tutoring. French language classes bring together undergraduate and graduate students.


Exchange Program

In addition to studying with peers from all over the world, students enrolled in the full-time BFA and BA programs at PCA have the opportunity to study abroad during their junior year at one of the universities in our Exchange Network.

4 1




23 2






1. Vancouver, BC, CANADA Emily Carr University of Art + Design

6. Lima, PERU Corriente Alterna Escuela de Arte

2. Kansas City, MO, USA Kansas City Art Institute

7. Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

3. New York, NY, USA School of Visual Arts

8. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA Universidad de Palermo

4. Brooklyn, NY, USA Pratt Institute


EUROPE 5. Baltimore, MD, USA Maryland Institute College of Art

26 27

9. Stockholm, SWEDEN Konstfack 10. Helsinki, FINLAND Aalto University School of Art & Design



Paris College of Art


16 17



19 20 11 13 PCA 15




11. Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS Willem de Kooning Academy 12. Moscow, RUSSIA Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts 13. Antwerp, BELGIUM The Royal Academy for Fine Arts 14. Budapest, HUNGARY Maholy-Nagy University of Art and Design 15. Zurich, SWITZERLAND Zurich University of the Arts 16. Glasgow, SCOTLAND The Glasgow School of Art 17. Edinburgh, SCOTLAND University of Edinburgh

18. Dublin, IRELAND National College of Art & Design 19. Wimbledon, ENGLAND Wimbledon College of Art 20. London, ENGLAND Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

London College of Communication

21. Barcelona, SPAIN Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny

24. Seoul, South Korea Hongik University 25. New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C National Taiwan University of Arts Shin Chien University

OCEANIA 26. Sydney, AUSTRALIA Sydney College of the Arts 27. Melbourne, AUSTRALIA Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

ASIA MEA 22. Kyoto, Japan Kyoto Seika University 23. Suginami, Japan Joshibi College of Art + Design

28. Jerusalem, ISRAEL The Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design

PCA hosts students in the Study Abroad at PCA program from schools both within our exchange network and beyond. In addition to those schools in our network, recently students have joined the program from: DENMARK Copenhagen School of Design & Technology KOREA Sookmyung Women’s University LEBANON Lebanese American University MEXICO University of Monterrey Universidad Iberoamericana UK Oxford University University of the Arts London

USA Art Center College of Design American University Bates College Brown University California College of Arts Carnegie Mellon Clark University Colby-Sawyer  College Columbia University Corcoran College of Art & Design Cornell University Fordham University Georgetown University George Washington University Hamilton College Lehigh University Minneapolis College of Art & Design

Reed College Rochester Institute of Technology Sage College of Albany Sarah Lawrence College School of the Art Institute of Chicago School of the Museum of Fine Arts Stanford University Tulane University University of California, Los Angeles University of Massachusetts University of Michigan University of the Arts, Philadelphia Vassar College Virginia Commonwealth University Yale University


Corporate Partner Projects and Career Services PCA stresses the value of networking as a vital tool to starting one’s career. Internships, through which students further their creative capabilities and are introduced to the professional aspects of their chosen areas of study, are an integral part of all of our academic programs. The Career Services Office and faculty in each department develop relationships in the industry to create internship opportunities and develop corporate projects for students. Corporate partnership projects give students an invaluable opportunity to showcase their ingenuity to corporate executives and such opportunities can lead to job offers and help students expand their professional contacts. Through participation in corporate projects, internships, and job search skills workshops (including resume & cover letter writing), students gain great insight into the professional market and develop job search skills geared toward working in Europe and beyond. HERMÈS WINDOW IMAGINATION A team of PCA students, from various departments, designed and produced Hermès window designs for their Avenue George V boutique heralding the opening of the Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais. TAKASAGO SIGNATURE SCENT For the third year, in 2017 PCA’s Fashion seniors worked with global fragrance manufacturer Takasago to develop signature scents that express the essence of their senior collections. Takasago selected and produced one of the student’s signature scents, which was featured at PCA’s End of Year Show.

TAIPING CARPET DESIGN AND IN-STORE MARKETING Design Management students worked with Taiping, a Chinese luxury carpet company that largely serves the B to B market. Taiping asked the students to develop new carpet designs and analyze their in-store marketing to expand into the premium, B to C market. COMPAGNONS DU DEVOIR PCA students developed leather goods in partnership with the Compagnons du Devoir, an organization of craftsmen and artisans dating from the Middle Ages that teaches the traditional techniques of the artisanal metiers of France. Teaming up with the Compagnons du Devoir apprentices, our students learned the steps it takes to go from prototype to a manufactured accessory product. MUNICIPALITY OF SOUILLAC Students in Design Management reconceptualized the uses of the Souillac convention center as a cultural and entertainment center. The students presented their project to the city council, president of the municipality, president of the region, and Conseil Général who are considering it for development. DECLÉOR / L’ORÉAL Decléor, specialist in natural skincare, invited PCA fashion students to create a new uniform for the estheticians in their spas worldwide. Finalists of the project worked closely with the prototyping agency and the winner’s design will be produced and launched in 2016. WAPS PROJECT FOR DESTINY SCHOOL IN KENYA Marie Aichagui and the Destiny School in Mathare, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya, invited PCA students to work on a communication campaign for Beauty Waps, re-usable sanitary pads. Their contribution resulted in a care package and information booklet as well as a crowd-funding campaign to kickstart the Waps Africa Project.

MAUBOUSSIN YOUNG TALENT COMPETITION Mauboussin, in collaboration with PCA, established their first jewelry design contest, organized to discover and to launch new talent in jewelry design. The Mauboussin Young Talent competition focused on the avant-garde and creative imagination of its participants, in relation to current trends. The winner, selected by jury, received a prize of 10,000 € and the winning design is produced and sold by Mauboussin. AUBUSSON PCA students collaborated with Les Ateliers d’Aubusson – creators of modern tapestries inspired by the Aubusson designs that have adorned castles around the world for more than six centuries. PCA students competed in the ‘Contemporary Tapestry Project’ and the winning design was produced in the Les Ateliers d’Aubusson workshop and will be sold exclusively in their stores and online platform. TSUMORI CHISATO PCA Fashion Film & Photography students had the opportunity to interpret the creations of Japanese Fashion Design Tsumori Chisato through the media of photography and video. Our students photographed during Chisato’s fashion shows as well as created editorial image stories using her designs.

Notable Alumni Erin Fetherston Tom Ford Bennu Gerede Georgia Hardinge Calla Haynes Lazaro Hernandez Nicky Hoberman Dimitar Lukonov Ryan Mendoza David Peck Julia Restoin Roitfeld Patrick Robinson Margot Warre

Paris College of Art

STUDENTS HAVE RECENTLY DONE INTERNSHIPS AT THESE COMPANIES Alexander Wang / American Retro / Anne Valérie Hash / Antik Batik / Antonio Marras / Aesthete / Assouline Media / Aubade / Bibliothèque Kandinsky / Balmain / BETC Design / Bismarck Phillips Communication Media / Boucheron / Carré Noir / Céline / Celio / Cerruti 1881 / Centre Pompidou / Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles / Chloé / Christian Dior / Christian Lacroix / Christian Louboutin / Christie’s / Colors / Condé Nast Publications / Devi Kroell / Dice Kayek / Damir Doma / Dim / Diane von Furstenberg / Dior Homme / DM Media / Elle / Emanuel Ungaro / Euro RSCG / Estée Lauder / Fred & Farid / Galerie Hussenot / Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac / Giambattista Valli / Girault Totem / Givenchy / Groupe Idoine / Hachette Filipacchi / Hermès / Hervé Leger / IMG  World / Isabel Marant / Jed Root Europe / John Ribbe / Karl Lagerfeld / Kenzo / La Chambre Claire / Lagerfeld Gallery / Lancôme / Lanvin / Libération / L’Oréal / LVMH / Magnum Photos / Marc Jacobs / Martin Grant / Martine Sitbon / MPM Film / Musée des Arts Décoratifs / Muzéo / Nina Ricci / Oscar De La Renta / Ogilvy / Paco Rabanne / Penhaligon / Peugeot-Citroën / Philip Lim / Reed Krakoff / Repetto / Rick Owens / Rochas / Rue Du Mail / SAFI Paris Design Week / Shigeru Ban / Smart Design / Sonia Rykiel / Studio JBSB / Sotheby’s / Swarovski / Terra Foundation for American Art / Tissus Malhia Kent / Tod’s / Torrente / Tom van Lingen / Ubik / Starck Network / Van Cleef & Arpels / Versace / Viktor & Rolf / Victoria & Albert Museum / Vogue / Wilmotte et Associés / Woman’s Wear Daily / Yiqing Yin / Young & Rubicam The resources provided by the Career Services Office remain available to students post-graduation, and they are encouraged to become active members of the Alumni Association to help further their career development as well as that of the classes that follow. In addition to a university education, PCA offers its students significant resources to help them enter the art and design field of their choice, including, but not limited to, career counseling, networking and internship opportunities, interviewing skills, and resume and portfolio reviews. However, PCA makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, regarding an individual student’s success entering the job market.

“Studying in Paris is really one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. It’s a really wonderful way to immerse yourself in this city with students who share the same passion and curiosity.” —

Annie Nguyen PCA Communication Design Student

The cultural diversity of Paris College of Art combined with our location at the crossroads of Europe makes studying here a uniquely rich experience for young artists and designers. Student life is a blend of structured classes, studio time and extracurricular events including guest speakers, gallery openings, social gatherings and the discovery of the world beyond the walls of the school. Drawing upon the infinite resources the city has to offer, the Student Life Office and the Student Council organize special events, including: evening outings to the theatre; museum, gallery, and professional atelier visits; and cultural immersion activities and events.

Student Life Office An important resource for students, the Student Life Office is both the center of student activities and a support network that helps students navigate the many practical aspects of life in Paris. The orientation program provides a week-long introduction to the French capital as well as an opportunity to meet fellow classmates, faculty and staff who form the school community. Student Life Counselors help students obtain residence permits (titres de sĂŠjour) and advise on such practical matters as banking, telephone and transportation systems, and also insurance and medical referrals. PCA students subscribe to French Social Security that provides very comprehensive healthcare coverage and to which they can add a complementary health insurance for a very reasonable cost. The Student Life office helps students find English speaking doctors and manage the administrative aspects of health care coverage.

Paris College of Art

Student Life

Housing For students who are new to Paris, finding a place to live here can be both exciting and challenging. The Student Life Office provides information about several different housing options, designed to accommodate students’ needs, preferences and budgets. Whether students wish to live in student residences, in homestays or in independent apartments, Student Life provides individualized support in securing housing and settling in Paris.

Meals PCA students take advantage of the city’s vast culinary offerings by preparing meals at home, eating in local restaurants or from take-away shops in the neighborhood. Additionally, through the CROUS, a branch of the French Ministry of Education, students have access to four restaurants and twenty university cafeterias where they can have a three-course meal for lunch or dinner for as little as four euros.

Exhibitions & Events PCA GALLERY - ESPACE 15 Espace 15 is a vital component of the school, and offers a showcase for artists of all genres. As part of the institution’s cultural mission, Espace 15 presents the work of local and international painters, sculptors, illustrators, photographers, and installation/multimedia artists as well as student work from all the departments. ANNUAL END-OF-YEAR & FASHION SHOW The PCA End-of-Year & Fashion Show is a visual culmination of student work from every department. In 2016, the President of the Jury was the renowned designer, Ece Ege of Dice Kayek, and in 2017 it was Patrick Cabasset of L’Officiel Magazine.

PCA Talks PCA Talks, scheduled monthly during the academic year, are designed to engender discussion on topics related to art, photography, fashion, design management and more, and feature professionals and experts in the creative industries talking about their work and process. PCA talks are also available via live stream www.ustream.tv/ channel/pca-talks. Ask questions via Twitter @paris_edu #pcatalks. The 2016-17 calendar included: Nicolas Nova Design Ethnography Marc Geffriaud Deux mille quinze Steve Bisson The Yellow Period of Van Gogh was Actually a Lack of Blue? Cristina Hoffmann Left to our own devices Pierre Barbrel (Lunch Talks) Fear of Breakdown or Icare – Fight, Flight, Freeze Boryana Petkova (Lunch Talks) Drawing as an idea Sabine Mirlesse (Lunch Talks) Song of Fruit & Contention Lieven Lefere (Lunch Talks) Control and Reconstruction Michael Woolwarth Still Under Pressure, Thirty Years Later Raina Lampkins-Fielder Art Direction for a Cultural Center

David Peck

, Class of ‘06 Creative Director/CEO of David Peck USA

Paris College of Art

“The financial assistance I received from Paris College of Art allowed me to concentrate on my studies and benefit from everything the school and the city offers. I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today without the education and the professional contacts I gained by studying at PCA.”

Financing Your Education

We Can Help You Make Your Dreams Come True We are here to assist you in financing your education at Paris College of Art. We provide scholarships as well as the College Assistance Program (CAP) to students with financial need and/or academic merit, in order to help pay their tuition costs. We also provide assistance to students in navigating how to obtain financial aid from other sources like their home country’s governmental loan and scholarship programs, and private granting organizations. Approximately 30% of PCA students receive financial assistance from the school. Applying for assistance is not difficult but it does take time to fill out the forms correctly and to provide us with documentation of your financial situation. To receive the best possible financial assistance package you should apply for PCA Financial Assistance as soon as you have submitted your application for admission. Many of our most successful alumni have received financial assistance and today are making their dreams come to life becoming designers, artists, design managers, etc. Full-time Undergraduate Degree, Certificate, and Study Abroad at PCA Students are all eligible to apply for financial assistance. International graduate students are also eligible. Awards are made on the basis of three criteria: the student’s financial need, merit, and assessed commitment to their program of study at PCA.

Cost of Education 2018-2019 UNDERGRADUATE, CERTIFICATE, & STUDY ABROAD AT PCA PROGRAMS Includes all school fees and is applicable for the Fall & Spring terms for full-time study. Per Semester Tuition Fee – 14,000 € GRADUATE PROGRAMS Includes all school fees and is applicable for one full year (Fall & Spring terms) for full-time study. Per Year Tuition Fee: EU/EEA/CH Nationals – 14,000 € International Students – 28,000 €

Paris College of Art

PCA Financial Assistance

Degree & Certificate Students

Study Abroad at PCA students

Financial assistance packages for eligible students in the degree and certificate programs may include:

PCA provides financial assistance to qualified students to finance their study abroad experience with us. Please contact studyabroad@paris.edu to find out more about the program, eligibility requirements and the application process.

SCHOLARSHIPS & INSTITUTIONAL LOANS Scholarships & Loans are awarded to students who show financial need and/or academic and artistic merit and defray a portion of tuition. Loans do not come due until 3 months after the student has completed their degree or certificate at PCA or immediately after the student has left the school for any other reason. COLLEGE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (CAP) Students who are awarded the College Assistance Program are required to complete an assigned number of hours each semester, on campus, assisting an academic or administrative department. The hours that they complete reduce their following semester’s tuition due; if the student wishes, a portion of the award can be received as a monthly stipend. Participation in the College Assistance Program is mandatory as it has a direct impact on financial need assessment. Should a student fail to complete all of the assigned hours of their CAP, their total financial assistance package will be lowered upon annual renewal. TEACHING ASSISTANT POSITIONS For select MFA students teaching assistant positions are available providing an opportunity to develop your teaching resume. Students in the MFA program who have the necessary qualifications can TA up to two semesters in the second year of the degree. We assess each student to determine if their expertise is a good fit for courses taught at PCA, and, if the applicant is legally authorized to work in France (typically 20 hours / week on a student visa), then the applicants chosen to TA will be employed by PCA and receive a salary for the hoursthat they would teach.

APPLYING FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Once a student has applied for admission to Paris College of Art, she/he may access our financial assistance application in the Admissions Section of mon.paris.edu. Students are encouraged to apply for admission and financial assistance by the priority deadlines: February 1, for fall entry, November 1, for spring entry. Applications received after that date will be considered after priority applications are reviewed. For further information: financialassistance@paris.edu FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE POLICIES All undergraduate financial assistance awards are valid for one academic year. To retain their financial assistance package, students must complete all of their awarded CAP hours, and remain in good academic standing (maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 with a full-time load of at least 12 credits, including all degree requirements). Students must reapply each spring semester and show continued need each year. Awards may be reduced or discontinued if a student fails to complete his/her awarded CAP hours or if their financial circumstances, academic performance or behavior are deemed to no longer warrant or merit tuition assistance. MA and MFA financial assistance awards are made for the full program (one or two years).

OTHER SOURCES OF ASSISTANCE Several countries provide financial assistance to students studying at PCA. We provide support to students in navigating how to obtain financial aid from their home country’s governmental loan and scholarship programs, and private granting organizations. On our website: www.paris.edu, you will find information about these types of aid listed by country; if your country offers financial assistance and you do not find it listed on our website please contact us. CAF/FRENCH HOUSING ASSISTANCE Students in France with financial need, regardless of nationality, are eligible to receive financial support from the French government to offset housing costs. This aid is administered by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (Family Allowances Fund), commonly referred to as the CAF. Students may apply for this aid after they have secured housing. The amount of support depends on the student’s need and the type of housing. Please note that an application for CAF does not guarantee that you will receive aid, and this government assistance is only awarded to students enrolled in full-time studies in France, for a minimum of one academic year.

STEP 1. Complete the application form Via our online application form, you will provide us with the information we need for you to start your journey toward becoming a Paris College of Art student. Fill in this form carefully and completely. When you submit your application you will be required to pay the mandatory application fee. Please note that you can save your application while in progress, and return to finish it later with the 10-digit key you receive on-screen upon saving. Within a week of submitting your application, you will receive a login and password to check on your application status, and you will be personally assigned an admissions counselor who will be your contact throughout the application process. Go to www.paris.edu/admissions to apply.

STEP 2. Submit supplementary materials All applicants are required to submit a personal statement and transcripts from a minimum of three years of study. The remaining application requirements depend on your background and intended program. Read through the descriptions of the application materials in the Admissions Section of www.paris. edu to find out if you are required to submit them as part of your application.

STEP 3. Schedule an interview To complete your application, you must have an interview either by phone or in person with a member of the admissions committee. At any point during the application process, contact your admissions counselor to schedule an appointment.

Paris College of Art

Apply to Paris College of Art


We review completed applications in rounds throughout the year. You’re encouraged to apply early as priority for admission and scholarship is given in earlier rounds.





Review rounds

Application round deadline

Review rounds

Application round deadline

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5

by by by by after

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3

by 1 February by 1 April after 1 April*

15 November 1 February 15 March 1 June 1 June*


Application round deadline

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3

by 1 October by 15 November after 15 November*

*based on available spaces

Paris College of Art seeks serious, responsible, and highly motivated applicants who demonstrate potential for growth. A prospective student’s potential for artistic achievement is one of the most important criteria in evaluating candidates for admission, whether it be at the undergraduate or graduate level. PCA students work with high level professionals in their chosen field of study, and a level of maturity and autonomy is expected of our students. English proficiency is a requirement, but we seek to serve an international student body where no one national group is dominant in numbers. We also care deeply about the sense of community that an institution of PCA’s size is able to offer, and respectful collaboration and teamwork are important values at PCA © 2017-2018 / Paris College of Art. This catalog is a guide, the information it contains is, as far as possible, up-to-date at the time of publishing, but is subject to alteration without notice. Paris College of Art reserves the right to change any matter contained in this publication, including but not limited to tuition, fees, policies, degree programs, names of programs, course offerings, academic activities, academic requirements, facilities, faculty, and administrators. In addition to a university education, the institution offers its students significant resources to help them enter the art and design field of their choice post-graduation, including, but not limited to, career counseling, networking and internship opportunities, interviewing skills, and resume and portfolio reviews; however, Paris College of Art makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, regarding an individual student’s success entering the job market as an aspiring artist, photographer, designer or design manager. Payment of tuition or attendance at any classes shall constitute a student’s acceptance of the administration’s rights as set forth above.

Paris College of Art

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The latest work from Paris College of Art and information about our programs.

PCA Catalog 2017  

The latest work from Paris College of Art and information about our programs.

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