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Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks - Is it Possible To Cure Anxiety And Panic Attacks Forever? By Paris Lee

Are you in search for more information on hypnotherapy for panic attacks? Firstly, it is important to understand the basics of a panic attack. A panic attack is an expected or natural reaction to threat or danger. It is a defense mechanism natural to both man and animal. It helps to protect people from danger through normal reactions which include fighting back or running away. However, sometimes people experience an attack even when there is no stimulus or any physical threat present. This could be a symptom of panic disorder, anxiety or even depression. People who experience it usually feel nauseated, chest pain, suffocation, a numb sensation and even irrational fear that they are going to die. In severe cases, some attacks are also mistaken as a heart attack, which adds more anxiety to the sufferer. There are many reason why a person suffers from panic attack, it can be genetics or hereditary. It can also be symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks. Such attacks can be due to medication side effects or even poor diet. In any case, an attack does not equate to mental disorder since it is actually a common occurrence. Five percent of the population suffers from panic attack at some point in their lifetime. There are cures and treatments available, with the most common treatments through medication. The most prescribed anti depressants are Prozac or anti anxiety medicines like Xanax. However, medication does not really eliminate panic but it only works to eliminate or minimize the symptoms to provide temporary relief. Some doctors would recommend a more natural approach in treating panic attacks like yoga, proper diet, meditation, exercise and other natural alternatives. Other sufferers also seek help from hypnotherapy for panic attacks. Hypnotherapy is known to reduce phobias, insomnia, anxiety, over-eating and other psychological and physiological problems. Hypnosis is not mind control when you are in a hypnotic trance. Instead, your mind is more open and responsive to suggestions and this helps the subconscious mind overcome psychological or physical problems. One of the famous hypnotherapists, Milton Erickson, developed the Neo-Ericksonian hypnotherapy which uses more of the informal conversational approach and other strategies rather than putting the person in deep trance. However, the question is whether hypnotherapy helps to cure anxiety and panic attacks. With hypnotherapy, the therapist uses regression to bring back the patient to its first ever panic attack to analyze the patient's mind. This is a traditional approach. There is now a new method known as cognitive hypnotherapy which is a combination of cognitive behavior therapy and hynotherapy, also known as CBT. This therapy is found effective as a treatment to medical disorders like insomnia, anxiety, drug addiction even psychotic disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques are widely used for therapy and most of the time tailored in self-help application. One of the new self-help applications that uses CBT is a program called Panic Away by Joe Barry. A combination of CBT and hypnotherapy for panic attacks could work wonders if the person is committed in applying the method. Still it is important to gather more information to recognize and avoid potential attacks. As the individual learns the symptoms and causes of a panic attack and follow the treatment as suggested, the person can expect to cure anxiety and panic attacks. Do you want more information on the combined therapy of cognitive behavior therapy and hypnotherapy for panic attacks? Want a FREE 7-Part Mini Series on how to stop panic attacks and general anxiety fast, using a natural and powerful program called Panic Away by Joe Barry? Find out more at You may also like to read more about the signs of a panic attack.

Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks - Is it Possible To Cure Anxiety And Panic Attacks Forever