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Panic Attack Disorder - Understanding The Treatments & The Effectiveness Of Self Improvement E-Books By Paris Lee

Panic attacks are a sudden intense fear that may be triggered as a symptom or sign of a panic attack disorder. Sometimes, the attacks can occur unexpectedly in the absence of an actual threat or danger such as being at a party or inside an elevator. It can cause fear that could develop into phobia, affecting a person's everyday activities. Panic attacks could affect anyone including children. In fact, most attacks start during adolescence, which sometimes accompanies depression, social awkwardness and possibly the thought of suicide. A panic attack is characterized by palpitation, dizziness, nausea, chest pains, stomach upset or even the fear of dying. Panic attack is not life threatening but most of the time, it is mistaken as a heart attack. Some panic attacks can also occur during sleep and this is called a nocturnal panic attack. This can cause sufferers to suddenly wake up with a feeling of dread but with no clear explanation. If you have been suffering from a panic attack disorder, there are many available treatments. Medication prescribed by doctors is an option. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved anti depressants that prevent panic attacks and anxiety are Paroxetine and Sertraline. These medicines can be used for a long period of time. FDA has also approved a number of medicines that can only be used for a limited period of time, with the longest being a few months. If you want faster results, you can do a combination of medication and panic attack counseling. Counselings alone are not as fast as taking medication but it can be more effective in the end. It can help you to identify the cause of the panic attack disorder, when it could happen and the best way to deal with it. When panic attacks happens, most people feel that they are losing control or even feel that they are going to die from a heart attack. Counselings can help in giving an individual more control over their body and mind instead of just succumbing to the panic attack that could result him or her in limiting their social life and even basic activities. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the better-known counseling programs not just for panic attack disorder but also for social anxiety or phobia. This program is popular because it generates faster results. It usually lasts for three to four months but changes are noticeable in just a month or two. CBT is a program that manages your problem by changing how you feel and consequently affecting positively on how you act. Unfortunately, even though CBT programs and medications can efficiently produce faster results, the cost of treatment and counseling can be quite expensive. Having said that, you cannot just ignore a panic attack disorder because it does affect the way you live your life. Today, there are self-help programs that adapt the CBT method. Some are available in self-help e-books or CD. These work almost like a one-onone counseling but this type of self-help e-book requires that you follow all the steps and be steadfast in finishing the program.

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Panic Attack Disorder - Understanding The Treatments & The Effectiveness Of Self Improvement E-Books