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MARKETING SERVICES that suit your unique needs Inside — the tools you need to gain: More customers More sales per customer More frequent customer visits


As an independent Christian retailer, you run a business and a ministry. Our goal at The Parable Group is to support your mission of spreading God’s Word by helping your store thrive. We offer you a variety of resources, using a multi-channel approach, that lets you hand pick the mix of services that are exactly right for your business.

Just want help with data? You got it. Need an easy email solution? It’s yours. Professionally-designed catalogs? We do that too. There’s no membership requirement—you don’t have to leave your current marketing group, or even be a part of a marketing group. We simply want to help support you in the ways that are most important to you.

Targeted Marketing Data-Driven Design Measurable Results

DATA SERVICES Our philosophy about data is simple: Data reveals insight, insight helps shape the best message and the best message produces more results. Utilize data to your advantage—we’ll take the guesswork out of it. SA L E


The Parable Group has been uncovering what motivates the Christian audience for over 25 years. We can tell you not only what your customers are buying now, but who is most likely to respond next. Knowing that could help you:

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• Target promotions to the right customer • Reduce your mailing costs • Increase your response rates

SALE TWO -DAY 22-23 Feb. 10-11

All that means more revenue for your store!



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Drive more traffic to your store with expertly designed, yet surprisingly affordable catalogs. Catalogs are the cornerstone of building a successful promotion strategy. Research tells us that customers who receive our professionally-designed catalogs not only come into stores more often, but spend more per transaction. We understand the critical importance of: • Product placement • Number of promoted products • Balanced category selection

Sale runs April 23 through May 24, 2013

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Catalog samples

3/26/14 12:38 PM

EMAIL SERVICES Our visually-striking email promotions prompt immediate action and maximize your brand’s impact. Of course you want to gain new customers and maintain a closer relationship with the customers you have. Communicating with them through online channels is crucial in this day and age. Our ready-to-send emails can: • Drive traffic to your store • Build product awareness • Strengthen customer relationships

Ready-to-send Email

Ready-to-send Email

Ready-to-send Email

Services At-a-Glance


At-a-Glance Parable offers youServices a variety of services to help you communicate effectively with your customers, Parable offers you a variety of services to help measure your sales, your business andyour customers, you grow communicate effectively with increase your profits. Ouryour multi-channel measure sales, grow your business and Ourmix multi-channel approach lets youincrease select your the profits. service approach lets you select the service mix that’s exactly rightthat’s for your business. exactly right for your business.

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Choose your own unique mix of marketing services that will benefit your business the most.


Customized Data-Driven Promotional Strategy Comparative Bestsellers ParableConnect

Key Operational Metrics

Data Reporting on Your Behalf Comparative Bestsellers Clerk Capture Rate Metrics

Key Operational Metrics Recommended Markdowns/Returns Data Reporting on YourAutomated Behalf Post-Sale Credits Automated Address Correction Updates (POS-specific) Clerk Capture Rate Metrics Parable Predictive Mailing Model

Recommended Markdowns/Returns

USPS Optimized Mailing Strategies

Automated Post-Sale Credits Consumer Catalogs and Inserts Digital Consumer Catalogs Automated Address Correction Updates (POS-specific) Automated Promotional Product and Price Updates (POS-specific) Parable Predictive Mailing Model Promotional Planning Guide

USPS Optimized Mailing Strategies

Promotion Stocking Reports

Consumer Catalogs and Inserts Response Analysis Promotional Automated Traffic Driving Emails Digital Consumer Catalogs Data-Driven Targeted Emails

Automated PromotionalAutomated ProductNew andCustomer Price Updates (POS-specific) Emails Promotional Planning Guide Email Perfomance Analytics Email List Rental Promotion Stocking Reports Ready-to-Send Emails

Promotional Response Analysis

Quarterly Custom Email by Request

Automated Traffic Driving Emails Additional Resources: Data-Driven Targeted Emails Merchandising Kits Automated New Customer Emails

Parable Essential Inventory

Email Perfomance Analytics

New Customer Postcard

Email List Rental

Business Claiming Service

Ready-to-Send EmailsUnlimited Custom Emails Customer Satisfaction Surveys Quarterly Custom Email by Request SnapRetail

Online Display Advertising Email Append Additional Resources:

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Customized Data-Driven Promotional Strategy

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Please contact: Daniel Whittington


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John Strifler

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DESCRIBING OUR SERVICES Here is a more in-depth look at how our services can help you and your business. Customized Data-Driven Promotional Strategy Helps you plan a yearly marketing strategy, balancing print with email and digital advertising. ParableConnect Informs your business decisions by providing 24/7 access to information, analysis and resources. Comparative Bestsellers Helps you stock the right products by comparing what you’re selling, along with your stocking levels, to other stores. Key Operational Metrics Compares your customer spending habits and clerk effectiveness during point of purchase interactions, compared to the average store. Data Reporting on Your Behalf Saves you time by automatically reporting to SoundScan, CROSS:SCAN, New York Times, Above the Treeline and more. Clerk Capture Rate Metrics Helps you manage front line staff to encourage good habits at point of purchase interaction. Recommended Markdowns/Returns Helps you manage inventory levels to maximize cash flow. Automated Post-Sale Credits Saves you time by automatically reporting sales to vendors, guaranteeing post-sale credits, improving cash flow and protecting your margin.

USPS Optimized Mailing Strategies Ensures the lowest mailing rate by obtaining change of address and address standardization. Consumer Catalogs and Inserts Drives traffic to your store, and represents your store brand and product selection to customers. Automated Promotional Product and Price Updates (POS-specific) Saves you time by automatically adding products to your POS, and setting sale prices and dates for each promotion. Promotional Planning Guide Provides you with necessary information to run a successful promotion, including PO’s, vendor forms, listings of all postsale credits and more. Promotion Stocking Reports Helps you monitor inventory with weekly reports showing your on-hand levels for products in current and upcoming promotions. Promotional Response Analysis Assesses the effectiveness of your promotions by analyzing the number of responders and dollars spent, items purchased and more—even fully calculates ROI for each promotion. Automated Traffic Driving Emails Drives traffic to your store, grows sales and saves you time by sending weekly emails on your behalf to your entire list. Data-Driven Targeted Emails Helps grow your sales by sending relevant messages to specific customers, chosen by their buying behaviors and preferences. Automated New Customer Emails Turns your first-time customers into repeat customers by delivering a timely message of thanks, plus return coupon, to new email addresses. Email Performance Analytics Assesses the effectiveness of emails with regular analysis. In the past year, our stores have seen $18 in sales for every $1 spent on email.

Automated Address Correction Updates (POS-specific) Helps you save on costs by automatically updating your in-house mailing list for accuracy.

Ready-to-Send Emails Saves you time and increases awareness with productspecific emails, professionally designed and ready for you to send.

The Parable Group Predictive Mailing Model Optimizes your advertising investment by identifying customers most likely to respond to a mailing.

Quarterly Custom Email by Request Drives customers to your in-store event with an email created by our professional designers.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES The Parable Group brings you a variety of additional resources that can help you run your business more efficiently, communicate with existing customers and help reach prospective customers — all while growing your brand.

Merchandising Kits Refreshes your store and complements other promotional channels to enhance the in-store experience. Improves perception and increases the average time spent in your store—resulting in an increased average receipt. The Parable Group Essential Inventory Helps you stay in stock with the best backlist titles available, plus earn extra discounts through participating distributors. New Customer Postcard Helps turn one-time customers into loyal customers by regularly sending thank you postcards to new signups on your mailing list — proven successful in store after store. Business Claiming Service Helps current and potential customers find your store by ensuring accurate store information online. Email Append Service Builds your email list by finding and contacting your customers who don’t have an email address on file, then imports them into your POS system. Unlimited Custom Emails Helps you communicate with your customers on the subject of your choice with professionally-designed, custom emails. Customer Satisfaction Surveys Learn how to improve customers’ shopping experiences by getting feedback from customers shopping in your store.

SnapRetail Ready-to-Send Templates Keeps you in closer contact with your customers by using easy, flexible email templates with access to tens of thousands of product images, or your own uploaded images. Online Display Advertising Gains customers for you by affordably marketing your store across thousands of premium sites and mobile apps, targeting Christians in your local market.

We want to support you in what you do best, serving customers through your business and ministry. Let us assist you with marketing solutions that will excite and motivate those customers to action.

Targeted marketing Data-driven design Measurable results


John Strifler 800.366.6031 ext. 587

Serving independent retailers since 1985

Parable Marketing Services Brochure 2014  

Parable Marketing Services Brochure 2014

Parable Marketing Services Brochure 2014  

Parable Marketing Services Brochure 2014