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A Place Called Blessing

Parenting & Finance

John Trent 9780849946189 Soft cover $15.99

SALE $10.45

The Total Money Makeover, Revised Dave Ramsey

Financial expert, Dave Ramsey gives solid, hardhitting advice needed to make your goals a reality. 9781595550781 Hard cover $24.99

SALE $14.95 The Blessing, Revised and Updated John Trent, Ph.D. & Gary Smalley

Biblical truths and tips for parents on how to instill self-worth and emotional well-being in their children. 9780849946370 Soft cover $15.99 |

SALE $10.45

The WellBehaved Child John Rosemond

Make this “parenting workshop in a book” available for small group or individual study. 9780849947155 Soft cover $15.99

SALE $9.95 Regret Free Parenting Catherine Hickem, LCSW

The founder of Intentional Moms offers seven principles for parents to raise their children well . . . and know they’re doing it right. 9781595553232 Soft cover $15.99 | №2

SALE $10.45

Marriage & Family

Releasing in January

Releasing in January

Real Marriage DVD-Based Study Kit

Real Marriage

Mark and Grace Driscoll

Mark and Grace Driscoll

Help strengthen marriages with this kit that provides 11 (10-15 minute) videos for small group or couple discussion, participant's guide and leader’s guide.

Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife answer tough questions about sex and marriage that many married couples may be too uncomfortable to ask their pastors.

9781418550400 DVD Plus Participant's Guide $39.99 |

SALE $24.95

9781400203833 Hard cover $22.99 |

SALE $14.45

The Love & Respect Experience Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

See marriages transformed with this Biblically based devotional, geared toward understanding what women and men need most. 9780849948176 Tan Leathersoft $22.99

SALE $14.95

Family Life Marriage Bible Dennis & Barbara Rainey

Navigate the mystery of marriage with the help of this Bible, filled with insights from the Raineys. 9780718020446 Hard cover $34.99

SALE $21.95


DVD- Based Studies

Think. Discuss. Explore.


I never liked jazz music because jazz music doesn’t resolve…I used to not like God because God didn’t resolve. But that was before any of this happened.

-Donald Miller

Releasing in March Exploring Blue Like Jazz DVD-Based Study Donald Miller

Using Blue Like Jazz movie clips as a means of sparking conversation; Donald Miller offers a frank look at critical but often-avoided topics facing youth during their transition to adulthood. 9781418549510 DVD Plus Participant's Guide $29.99

SALE $21.95 9781418549534 Soft cover Resource $14.99 |

SALE $9.95

Releasing in April Empty Promises DVD - Based Study Pete Wilson

Explore God’s plan to heal the soul’s gnawing inner emptiness that is always longing for “something more.” Learn to turn your worship toward God. 9781418550547 DVD $24.99 |

SALE $17.95

Beautiful Outlaw DVD -Based Study John Eldredge

Small groups can use this study to clarify their perceptions of Jesus, discover who He really is and fall more passionately in love with Him. 9781933207537 DVD $34.99 | №4

SALE $24.95

DVD- Based Studies

Heaven is for Real Todd Burpo 9780849946158 Soft cover $16.99

SALE $9.95 Heaven is for Real: A DVD-Based Conversation Kit Todd Burpo

The New York Times bestselling book is now a DVDbased curriculum for churches and small groups. See what the Bible teaches about heaven and hear from the Burpo family about Colton's experience. 9781418550660 DVD Plus Participant's Guide $29.99

SALE $17.95 Stuck: A DVD-Based Study Jennie Allen

Brokenness, anger, fear and sadness. These ‘stuck places’ are familiar to us. Jennie’s study will help you wrestle with Scripture and discover the God who sets you free! Includes DVD, Study Guide, Leader’s Guide and more. 9781418548735 DVD $39.99 |

SALE $24.95


Spiritual Growth

Inspiration From Max Lucado

Releasing in January This Is Love Max Lucado

Embark upon a life-changing voyage through the story of the death, resurrection and unsurpassed legacy of Christ. 9781400320066 Hard cover $12.99

SALE $8.95 Outlive Your Life

Releasing in January

Max Lucado

Max Lucado invites us to make a difference in our lives, not just in heaven, but here on earth. 9780849920691 Hard cover $24.99 |

SALE $15.95

Great Day Every Day Max Lucado

Each day presents a chance and a choice. Learn to fill your days with divine power and peace. 9780849920738 Hard cover $18.99 |

Releasing in February A Love Worth Giving, Mother's Day Edition Max Lucado

Explore ways to reflect on the perfection of God’s love in your daily life. A great Mother’s Day gift! 9780849948312 Hard cover $14.99

SALE $9.95


SALE $11.95


Spiritual Growth

Each of us has our reference point and as a Christian the reference point by which I measure my life and thought is the Bible.

-Billy Graham

Billy Graham In Quotes Franklin Graham with Donna Lee Toney

Drawn from both personal and published works, Billy Graham provides input on more than one hundred topics. 9780849946493 Soft cover $15.99

SALE $10.45 Unto the Hills: A Daily Devotional

Nearing Home

Billy Graham

Billy Graham

This classic collection of 365 devotional readings will bring you daily to that special place of renewal and refreshment.

In this moving narrative, Billy Graham shares his personal experience of growing older and teaches us important lessons about how to view our time here on Earth.

9780849946219 Soft cover $15.99 |

SALE $10.45

9780849948329 Hard cover $19.99 |

SALE $10.95

Releasing in March The Heaven Answer Book Billy Graham

We all have questions about eternity, and Billy Graham has Biblical answers— provided with understanding and reassurance. 9781400319381 Hard cover $14.99

SALE $9.95


Spiritual Growth

Read. Reflect. Respond. Releasing in March Our Last Great Hope

God Loves Broken People

Ronnie Floyd

Sheila Walsh

Millions face an eternity without God. Pastor Floyd exhorts us to begin a global movement to reach the lost.

Explore how to redeem our messes and failures to create a deeper intimacy with God.

9780849947070 Soft cover $15.99

9781400202454 Hard cover $21.99

SALE $10.45

SALE $13.95 Releasing in January How Do You Kill 11 Million People? Andy Andrews

More Lost Than Found Youth expert Jared Herd re-engages those who have drifted from faith with the truth they long to hear.

Through the lens of the Holocaust, Andrews examines how only truth and an awareness of an involved populace can prevent history from continuing to repeat itself.

9781400203031 Soft cover $15.99

9780849948350 Hard cover $14.99

SALE $10.45

SALE $11.95

Jared Herd

I Am Second

Close Enough to Hear God Breathe

Dave Sterrett

Greg Paul

Raw and real stories of notable people who have had a radical, lifechanging encounter with Jesus. Discover the power of the Gospel to rescue us.

Learn to hear the voice of God speaking in ordinary events and relationships of your life, and in the deep current of Scripture.

9781400203734 Hard cover $19.99

9781400203000 Soft cover $15.99

SALE $12.95

SALE $10.45

Releasing in January


Faith-filled Fiction Fiction

Fiction entertains, but it also inspires, educates and challenges. Add these books to your church library or book store to offer an array of inspirational fiction for your congregation.

His Steadfast Love Golden Keyes Parsons

Historical Romance

Releasing in January Love Lifted Me Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck

General Contemporary

9781595546296 Soft cover $15.99

SALE $10.45 Releasing in February Blue Moon Promise Colleen Coble

Historical Romance

9781595544919 Hard cover $19.99

9781595549150 Soft cover $15.99

SALE $14.95

SALE $9.95

An Amish Wedding Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Long

Romance 9781595549211 Soft cover $15.99

SALE $9.95

Waking Hours Lisa Wiehl with Pete Nelson

Suspense 9781595549402 Hard cover $26.99

SALE $15.95



Gift Bibles Personalize it with the recipient’s name on the cover. Releasing in February Gift Bible, NKJV 9781418548209 Earth Brown or 9781418548186 Cotton Candy Leathersoft $19.99 each

SALE $13.95 each

Study Bibles

Releasing in January NKJV Study Bible, Second Edition With “the mind of a scholar and the heart of a pastor” this Bible has the most complete study system for pastors, teachers or students who desire accurate study in God's Word. 9781418548674 Hard cover $44.99 | № 10

SALE $24.95

9781418547103 Charcoal or 9781418547127 Cranberry Leathersoft, Indexed $84.99 each | SALE $47.95 9781418547097 Charcoal or 9781418547110 Cranberry Leathersoft $74.99 each | SALE $42.95 each 9781418549954 Large Print Indexed Leathersoft $104.99

SALE $64.95


The Take Action Bible, NKJV


Includes reallife stories of people who are responding to God’s calling in word and deed. 9781418546496 Soft cover $19.99

SALE $9.95

The Voice™ New Testament Revised and Updated

A dynamic Bible translation telling the whole story of Scripture in an artistic screenplay format. 9781418550769 Soft cover $6.99

SALE $2.95

The Devotional Daily Bible, NKJV Arranged in 365 bite-sized sections designed for 15-minute readings.

SALE $19.45 SALE $13.45

9781418549381 NKJV Hard cover $29.99 | 9781418549374 Soft cover $19.99 |

Giant Print Easy on the Eyes Releasing in March Giant Print Center Column Reference Bible, NKJV Enjoy visual comfort with giant print type. This Bible is also filled with references and study aids to strengthen your Bible reading. 9781418548261 Cranberry or 9781418548292 Auburn Leathersoft $39.99 each | SALE $25.95 each

№ 11

Kids Books & Bibles

Releasing in February My First Devotional Help young readers cultivate a habit of Bible reading and reflection. 9781400316991 Hard cover $14.99

SALE $9.95 My First Study Bible Remember your first Bible? Here’s one for kids ages six to ten. 9781400316908 Hard cover $16.99

SALE $11.45

Just in Case You Ever Wonder Read & Sing: 100 Devotions, 100 Bible Songs

Max Lucado

Encourage parents to read this timeless children’s classic to their family with its tender message of unconditional love, comfort and protection.

Stephen Elkins

Get kids spending time with God 24/7. Includes 2 CDs! 9781400317165 Hard cover with CD $19.99

9781400319589 Hard cover $15.99

SALE $11.95

SALE $13.45

Heaven Is For Real for Kids As told by Colton Burpo to Todd & Sonja Burpo

Colton tells about his trip to heaven and shares that Jesus really, really loves children. 9781400318704 Hard cover $14.99

SALE $8.95 Jesus Calling for Kids Sarah Young

The original Jesus Calling devotional book tailored for kids and tweens. 9781400316342 Hard cover $14.99

SALE $7.95 № 12

Tween Books & Bibles

Max Lucado's Daily Devotional Bible, ICB Max Lucado

Everyday encouragement for young readers; featuring 24 topical articles from Lucado. 9781400316847 Flexible Cloth $24.99

SALE $16.45 Sequin Holy Bible, ICB These sparkling, trendy International Children’s Bibles make great gifts for girls—especially when personalized. 9781400317462 Teal Flexible Cloth $29.99

SALE $19.45 Three Cups Mark St. Germaine

Teaching children to save, spend and be charitable can be as simple as 1, 2, 3 using this heartwarming tale. 9781400317493 Hard cover $9.99

From playful to serious here are some resources to help impact that fun yet challenging time as tweens.

SALE $8.15 Confessions of April Grace: Cliques, Hicks, and Ugly Sticks K.D. McCrite

Girls will relate to April as she deals with siblings, boys and growing up. 9781400318261 Soft cover $9.99

SALE $8.15 No Place Like Holmes: The Future Door Jason Lethcoe

Join young detective Sharpe as he races against the clock to solve this time-bending mystery. Fiction parents can trust. 9781400317301 Soft cover $9.99

SALE $8.15

№ 13

Teen Books & Bibles

ResourcesHelp to raise Reach Youth up the next generation to honor God in all areas of their lives.

The Take Action Teen Bible, NKJV Includes true stories of teens who are putting their faith into action. 9781418549053 Soft cover $14.99

SALE $9.95 9781418549060 Hard cover $24.99

SALE $16.95 Impact: The Student Leadership Bible, NKJV The perfect Bible for equipping and empowering young leaders. 9781418549077 Hard cover $29.99

SALE $19.45 There You'll Find Me

The Homelanders: The Truth of the Matter

Jenny B. Jones

Andrew Klavan

Finley must give her secret past to God to have any hope in her future.

Charlie, a normal high-school kid, just woke up in someone else’s nightmare. Will he get out alive?

9781595545404 Soft cover $12.99

SALE $6.95

9781401685201 Soft cover $9.99

SALE $8.15

Releasing in February From Blah to Awe Jenna Lucado Bishop

Jenna’s radical testimony will cause teen girls to hunger for more of God. 9781400316557 Soft cover $14.99 № 14

SALE $11.95

For Teachers & Grads

Great Gift Ideas Send graduates off with meaningful gifts that provide the spiritual wisdom they’ll need to tackle new challenges and opportunities. Releasing March 6 God's Answers for the Graduate: 2012 Give grads answers to life's questions on topics such as relationships, time management and decision making.

Releasing in March

9781404189980 Tan/Fiscagomma Leatherflex $14.99 | SALE $9.95

God's Promises for Graduates: 2012 Guide grads through Scriptures about character, integrity, respect and more. 9781400318179 Navy, 9781400318193 Red or 9781400318186 Pink $14.99 each

SALE $9.95 each

Bless those that serve.

Jesus Calling Deluxe Edition Sarah Young

Grace for the Moment, Morning & Evening Edition

Offer a daily reminder of the peace Jesus brings, with this uniquely inspired devotional.

Max Lucado

9781400318131 Leathersoft $24.99

9781404113749 Tan/Brown Bonded Leather $19.99 | SALE $12.95

SALE $15.95

Features five-minute morning and evening daily devotionals

God's Promises for the Teacher Jack Countryman

Encourage teachers as they influence the next generation. 9781400318391 Hard cover $9.99

SALE $8.15

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