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where passion meets paper


IT'S OUR LAUNCH ISSUE AND WE GIVE YOU THE PRESENTS TO CELEBRATE - A GIVEAWAY A WEEK FOR 13 WEEKS Showcase Cybéle Young Interview Erin Petson See Paper Couture’s HQ Top 10 Hello Sandwich DIY Love Mae & Tokketok PLUS Nicola Starr & The Paper Convention and so much more

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Lisa Ford

Paper Pens (set of 5) $10


where passion meets paper

Paper Runway is a quarterly magazine that offers you a mix of paper goodness, hot paper products, beautiful paper, features about the hottest paper sculptors, artists, illustrators, creators and quick DIY projects.

where passion meets paper

Each issue will be packed with pages of inspiring images, easy DIY projects, the hottest products in the stores, ideas and projects that are affordable, stylish, practical and pretty, catering for anyone looking to add a personal touch. We also bring to you feature articles on talented Australian and International paper artists, whether it be illustration, artist, graphic designers, paper sculptors or the like. They all have the common denominator of a love of paper. Paper Runway is ageless, ambitious and creative. Paper Runway is where passions meets paper.

where passion meets paper

Bottle of Pins $8 DISCLAIMER: Paper Runway is an independently produced quarterly magazine. All imagery contained in Paper Runway are subject to copyright of the artist, illustrator, photographer as named but not limited to. Paper Runway reserves its right to copyright; reproduction in whole or in part without prior written permission is prohibited. We do our best to provide correct imagery credits and obtain permission for use of imagery, if you feel that this has been misused or under represented then please email us at Any privacy information that you may provide to Paper Runway to take part in any giveaway, survey or competition may be used by Paper Runway to provide you with any prizes, survey results, new or future Paper Runway publications. We will treat your details in accordance with all privacy laws and not provide your details to any third party unless it is to furnish you with a prize you have won as a result of entering our giveaways or competition. No liability will be accepted by the editors arising out of, or in connection to, the contents of Paper Runway Magazine; views and comments expressed by authors and contributors are not always that of the editors or publishers. Paper Runway / 3

Paper Runway is an independent publication, designed, made and printed in Australia. Cover Credits: Photography: Lisa Ford, Make-up: Pam Levot Hair: Chris Edmeades, Paper Dress: Nikki Buckland with Little Branch Wrapping Paper; Mirror Blues & Surreal Mascara Model: Maison Levot, Location: Byron Bay, Australia. Paper Runway is printed by the print innovator Theo Pettaras and his team at Digital Press, Sydney. A FSC certified, ISO 14001 accredited printer which also has in place the 10,000 Trees, tree offsetting program. Printed using the cutting edge technology of the Kodak Nexpress, given some sexy curves by the Round Cornering machine and finally each spine is lovingly Singer Sewn. This issue of Paper Runway has been printed on CPI Cyclus, which is 100% recycled post consumer waste, and a Carbon Neutral made paper. The handmade glassine bags were sewn by the talented Nikki using vintage thread. Maree hates to sew, so she packacked the zine and goodies into the bags and posted them into the big wide world. Goodies included: Handmade Paper Planes by Fiona Kate. Handmade Twiglet Tags by Image: ‘Origami Mirror’ Little Branch Child abuse and neglect is Australia’s most significant social problem. In 2010 over 30,000 Australian children were proven to have been abused or neglected. NAPCAN seeks to motivate and empower all adults to bring about the changes that will prevent child abuse.  We hope to make a difference to the lives of Australian children by taking an active role in supporting NAPCAN’s work. This issue we will show our support by donating 10% of all profits to NAPCAN. You too can support this worthy cause by donating to NAPCAN at:

limited edition paint collection for now available 4 / Paper Runway


Contents Features 11. Cybéle Young Paper Sculptor 15.Cover Story Paper Doll 22. Jo Neville Paper Couture 29.Erin Petson Delicate, textural, ethereal... 36. Claire Brewster Paper Artist 38.Mother’s Day 42. Nicola Starr on collage 46. Drawn from Fashion 56. Magnolia Square The curtain closes at Paddington 65. Evolution of Brief Fiona Kate


Katie Preece

07. A note from us 09. Hot Paper 20.In the mood for blue 27.Bookshelf 41.DIY Crepe Paper Flowers 45. GIVEAWAYS! 49.DIY Tokketok confetti dipped 51. Mae all wrapped up 59. A love affair with MT Tape 61.Todays Print Renaissance 63. Window Shopping 66.TOP TEN Hello Sandwich

create • paper • love • life Paper Runway / 5

Michelle Dupont

TALENT Would you like to join us at paper runway submit an idea, a product, a story, a photo, a tutorial? we would love to hear from you.

Paper runway is based on the love of paper. We love showcasing ideas, products and stories that we believe will inspire our readers. So whether it is a DIY, a fabulous find, a wedding or party idea, or a hot selling paper product that you want to tell us about – share. Whether you’re a paper lover, a designer, illustrator, paper sculptor, party planner, you may be a creator who would like to share your art or a terrific tutorial, or have an amazing paper discovery, we would love to consider your submission. We don’t pay for submissions or products. If we feature your submission in Paper Runway you will of course be credited. We cannot take responsibility for ideas that may have been previously submitted and are credited to another talent. For contributions of products, submissions of articles, photographs and tutorials please email; with either your photos of products (lo res to start), your pitch and other illustrations, you may like to include a reference to your portfolio. We will then contact you further should your submission be accepted. Please do not submit material that has been featured elsewhere, we do like to exhibit original ideas. If you have an idea that is not listed then don’t be shy tell us about it. Whilst we are very happy to accept your submissions and we will try our best to reply to you all, we cannot guarantee a personal reply to unsuccessful applications.

6 / Paper Runway

Katie Preece

Welcome It began with virtual cups of coffee, glasses of wine, long nights, early mornings, grabbing a quick chat in between day time naps and school pick ups; and so Paper Runway was born. Sharing a love and passion for paper we have joined to bring Paper Runway to you.  Paper is understated yet regal, plain but not boring, humble and necessary.  What’s not to love? In each day sit back and think to yourself “how often do I use paper?”. For us it is the ever changing and growing “to do” list, sketches of how the magazine will form and what it will look like, we write a note to a friend to say hello, happy birthday to a loved one, post a parcel of goodies and that’s just before lunch. As days turn into weeks and weeks into months and we rely on the “modern day” technologies we aim to bring paper back to you; to enjoy and love once again. Will new technologies and mediums escape paper’s enormous shadow? We think not. From humble beginnings paper has emerged and lends itself to a vast range of techniques; it can be drawn on, folded, glued and stitched, layered and moulded, torn, ripped and cut to then transform into an extraordinary new life. It is Paperform. This issue breathes life into the pages with Jo Neville, Erin Petson, Cybéle Young and Claire Brewster all applauded for the their works with and on paper. Mother’s day is only a week away – make mum bunches of flowers or pretty her parcel with “confetti dipped” wrapping or a gorgeous wrapped gift from Mae. Didn’t make Magnolia Square’s final market in Paddington? Dash to pages 56-58 for the wrap up. We adore Leeloo’s presentation of Drawn from Fashion featured at Finders Keepers and are excited to tell you about the Paper Convention.  Our “thank you” list is long. However we do want to say bunches of thanks to Lisa Ford and Katie Preece for their photographic genius; Hello Sandwich, Theo Pettaras, Paul Bartolo, Jo Neville, and Jayde Leader for their creative contributions and helping bring Paper Runway to life. Enjoy

Nikki & Maree

Paper Runway / 7

Katie Preece

the team nikki buckland | editor | maree oaten | editor/designer | lisa ford | photographer | | katie preece | photographer | |

contributors cybele young // jo neville // erin petson // claire brewster // olivia kanaley nicola starr // angela d’alton (leeloo) // tokketok // mae // magnolia square jayde leeder (little paper lane) // theo pettaras (digital press) fiona chandler (fiona kate) // hello sandwich (ebony bizys) advertising | submissions | subscriptions | 8 / Paper Runway








01. Anytime Calendar $20 02. Beehive Bin, P. McEldowney 03. Analog Postcard Set US$10 04. Paper Tape $5 05. ‘Time Paper’ Clock by D-BROS £45 06. Punch&Pose Placemat Set $26 07. Artichoke and Rose cards $4 08. Photobook $16.50 09. Laptop Case $25 10. Vintage Flash cards $15 11. Embossed Tags (set of 8) $9.50 12. Photocurator $20




08. 09.

07. Paper Runway / 9

DIARY A4 Paper Festival 31 May to 5 June, 2011 The Paper Convention Collective will present the inaugural A4 Paper Festival, a celebration and exploration of paper as an art form. Running from 31 May to 5 June, A4 will highlight the creative applications of paper and attempt to influence public perception of how we utilise paper in its everyday form. Launching at The Paper Mill, Sydney’s premier paper-based space - A4 will span six days and include workshops, artist talks, exhibits, a zine and paper market, and a special opportunity for the local community to contribute to a fascinating public installation. ................................

Sibella Court Workshops Bowerbird Displays; May 18, 6:30pm Colourbox; May 25, 10am

10 / Paper Runway

Jo Neville – Paper Couture at the “Make Lounge” Rosettes: May 20, 11am – 1pm Learn to create a large wall rosette using a variety of materials or small fabric or paper decorations by Jo Neville of Paper Couture. For more information 02-9906 7299 ................................

Murobond Makers Market 24 May – 28 May 2011 Featuring a group of stylish ‘artisans’, a week-long event where they will display and sell their products as well as conducting hands-on workshops. ................................

Scrapbook & Papercraft Expo & Convention June 11–13, 2011 The latest in papercraft products.

National Stationery Show May 15 – 18 May, 2011, USA Business to retail trade show that focuses on the stationery and social stationery industry, New York City. ................................

Between the Lines 31 May – 11 June 2011 Contemporary Chinese Paper Art. Showcases examples from the major schools of paper cutting styles in China. ................................

Ed Pien: Haven of Delight 18 March – 26 May 2011, Canada Pien uses both drawing & paper cutting to present fantastic worlds inhabited by strange figures. ................................ For more events check our website:

Cybéle Young Paper Runway / 11

“...her creativity flourishes in the mundane, where small observations become fantastic”

Cybèle Young creates sculptural works from fine Japanese papers often printed from etched copperplates. Her inspirations come from fleeting day-to-day experiences; her creativity flourishes in the mundane, where small observations become fantastic. The results are works that emerge from familiar motifs, abstracted by passing impressions. Young compiles these sculptures to create communities that interact and form new relationships – similar to the way the small seemingly insignificant moments in our everyday lives can come together to create unexpected outcomes. She approaches her work in series and components, ultimately building an ongoing inventory of personal experience. Having developed this language, she is expanding it by exploring through experimentation. Young often fashions these sculptures with articulated parts and recently has employed stop motion animated film. This has taken her work in a new direction where her paper constructions come to life with movement and physical interaction with one another. The work of Alexander Calder has always been a great inspiration to her. Often starting with humble materials, his works are mechanically technical, whimsically playful and devoted to the abstract interpretation of the rhythms of daily life. Young makes a discipline of honoring these qualities.

12 / Paper Runway

A typical working day for Cybèle begins by taking a walk, with sketchbook in hand, and absorbing the energy in her surrounding community, jotting down everything she finds stimulating. This informs working drawings for her intaglio prints and her paper sculptures. As Young intuitively builds a body of work, themes become evident and she starts to form concepts for the final pieces. Responding to her surroundings, she ends up creating a sculptural journal from the world in which she immerses herself.

Paper Runway / 13

Photgraphy: Lisa Ford

Paper Runway / 15

Ribbon wands, Pinwheels & Pearls $8.45, Tape Dispenser, J-Me $24.95

16 / Paper Runway

“Ink on paper is as beautiful to me as flowers on the mountains Terri Guillemets

Paper Runway / 17

18 / Paper Runway

“The story I am writing exists, written in absolutely perfect fashion, some place, in the air. All I must do is find it, and copy it.” ~ Jules Renard, “Diary”, February 1895

Paper Runway / 19



03. 04.


In the mood for blue... This Page: 01. Dressing up wallpaper, made to order at www.famillesummerbelle. com 02. Paper twine $14 03. Paintbrush Notepad £8 04. Linen Sketch Book $34 www.looseleafpaper.bigcartel. com 05. Security pattern labels £4.50 06. Rainy Day Stamp Set by Yellow Owl Workshop US$12 07. Limited Edition ‘Pompom the Potters Pet’ Lisa Jones Studio £25 www.vandashop. com 08. Paper Banner, Famille Summerbelle £28 09. Chalkboard Tags $7.50 Opposite Page: 11. Blue Silogirl Car, paper+cup $4.50 12. A Love Letter Card $6.50 13. Alphabet decals $14.95 14. It’s all ok, poster $40 15. Analog Postcard Set US$10 16. Count me the Stars, Kylie Johnson $29.95 17. Blue Lady Print $35 18. I Can’t Sleep Journal $24.95 www.greenhouseonline. 19. Fortune cards (Pack of 10), TMOD $24.95 20. British Telegram Mail Set; pack of 6, £11 21. Origami Blue wrapping kit $9 22. Roster 10. Bookplates by Nora Why Not $14.95 23. World Map (Blue) Print, £35 www.



06. 07.

20 / Paper Runway

13. 11.





21. 15.

17. 20.

18. 16.


Paper Runway / 21

Photography: Katie Preece

Jo Neville is Paper Couture Jo Neville is Paper Couture. Emerging from the corporate design world Jo found herself yearning to unleash a creative and free flowing venture. Paper Couture began as a bespoke stationery store where Jo hand crafted/made everything that left her studio. Whilst Jo continues to shine in the spotlight for her home grown stationery, her paper sculptures/creations are stealing the limelight. Jo’s creations are nothing short of awe inspiring. Drawing her inspiration from everyday colour, movement and nature Jo Neville is the “go to” girl when it comes to paper form. 22 / Paper Runway

Jo loves the juxtaposition of Italian Cotton paper and contemporary stitched embellishments which she uses for her bespoke stationery orders; “Its texture, deckled edges, matching envelopes, sees it as the most traditional paper you can use� says Jo. Recently relocating from Paddington to Artarmon Jo invited us into her new studio. Katie Preece captures the papery goodness of Paper Couture to perfection. Enjoy.

Paper Runway / 23

“Jo’s creations are nothing short of awe inspiring”

This Page: The NEW Paper Couture studio. in Artarmon. Oppposite Page: The Paper Couture Showroom at Murobond.

Paper Couture @ Murobond 81 Dickson Avenue, Artarmon, NSW By appointment only (onsite) Email:

24 / Paper Runway

Paper Couture at the “Make Lounge” Murobond invite you to the Murobond “Make Lounge”. Learn a new skill in a short time, take home a gorgeous completed item, or style skills to complete your next decorating project. Relax in a fun friendly atmosphere while Jo Neville from Paper Couture teaches you how “to Make” inexpensive decorations. Murobond Head Office 81 Dickson Avenue, Artarmon. Bookings are essential. Call 02 9906 7299. Paper Runway / 25

26 / Paper Runway

bookshelf The Stylist’s Guide to NYC was the brainchild of Sibella Court, interior stylist & owner of The Society Inc. The Stylists Guide to NYC, $45.00 Released: May 2011 After living & working in NYC over a 15 year period she has decided to share her secrets with a city she knows like the back-of-her-hand: her favourite haunts, tried & tested hidden gems, secrets and holes in the wall. Sibella introduces you to her 9 loops of ‘interests’: Scents & Flower Merchants, Oddities & Curiosities, Jewellery & Hardware, Haberdashery & Handmade, Drapers & Upholstery, Art & Objets, Paper & Art Supplies, Kitchen & Table Paraphernalia and Furniture & Interiors. Each loop takes you on a journey through the city. Take your time, pick up where you left off or, if you are fast-paced like, complete in one day. The Stylist’s Guide to NYC is an indispensable accessory for anyone visiting, working, living in or dreaming of New York.

Don’t miss the Sibella Court interview with Paper Runway. Paper Runway / 27

A4 Paper Festival Words by The Paper Convention

Humans have a historical relationship with paper that spans almost 2000 years. It is sometimes a commodity, sometimes a communication media, and sometimes a representation of cultural beliefs. Whether it be reading the news, colouring-in, cutting and pasting, printing and copying, scrawling a signature, tearing open an envelope, or absent-mindedly folding a paper plane, there is an intrinsic connection between paper and humans. In an age dominated increasingly by digital media, paper-based design continues to hold its own. This humble medium has developed into a powerful tool for creative expression and functionality. The Paper Convention is a collective dedicated to the documentation of paper expressionism. It is a community of like-minded paper enthusiasts determined to encourage and harness emerging paper artists and makers. This year, the Paper Convention Collective will present the inaugural A4 Paper Festival, a celebration and exploration of paper as an art form. Running from 31 May to 5 June, A4 will highlight the diverse creative applications of paper and attempt to influence public perception of how we utilise paper in its everyday form. The festival will engage the community in a series of inspiring lectures and workshops as well as showcase an eclectic array of local and international paper artists, exhibiting work created specially for the event. Launching with an exhibition at The Paper Mill - Sydney’s premier paper-based space - A4 will span six days and include workshops, artist talks, exhibits, a zine and paper market, and a special opportunity for the local community to contribute to a fascinating public installation. A4 is an inspiring celebration of unusual techniques, curious materials, clever concepts, and reams of paper-based fun.

Create, Dream + Build with paper. 28 / Paper Runway

“ Drawing is such a personal and soulful practice, I love it and I’m paid to do it, I feel very privileged indeed.”

Erin Petson Paper Runway / 29

An Artist and Illustrator, Erin works at the cutting edge of traditional and mixed media. Her love of drawing, mark making and montage create powerful and provocative images. Her subjects have a mystical energy that is ethereal and edgy. Erin’s delicate creations have a paper doll like quality they have been described as bondage leaning Glam Fashion-vintage assemblages. Seeing her work for real is recommended as its impact comes from the texture, quality and immediacy of her Artwork. Erin currently resides in London. Tell us about your background and how did you get to where you are today? I grew up in Middlesbrough an industrial town in the North East of England, I left school at 16 and went to my local Art School, I decided at a very young age that Art/drawing was the only thing for me, so here I am. I studied Graphic Arts at degree level, and for 7 years I’ve been working as an illustrator in London. Where do you call home? East London and Turkey as my parents live in a small village there, on the coast in the South West, it’s magical. What is your creative process? I draw from life, so my creative process usually involves some research into the perfect pose or look, and mood, then lots of drawing and finally photoshop to scan and send my work digitally. How would you describe your illustration style? Figurative,delicate, textural, ethereal, feminine, colourful, mark making, collaged and experimental. How did you develop your style? It developed through a process of lots of figurative drawing and experimentation with all sorts of media. 30 / Paper Runway

“...delicate, textural, ethereal, feminine, colourful, mark making, collaged and experimental.�

Paper Runway / 31

32 / Paper Runway

“Working for yourself is such a challenge in every way, but it brings me such joy it is a definite highlight and something to be grateful for.”

Who or what inspires you? I’m inspired by patterns and colours in nature from birds, landscapes, plants and flowers. People, fashion, fine art... I have a large collection of old Victorian postcards that I collect, old books, films... Painters I love include Egon Schiele, Klimt, Freud, Hockney, Picasso, Guaguin... Everything inspires! What is your process for tackling an illustration assignment? I’m usually briefed over the phone or via email, as I work for quite a few international clients, depending on the project. I would usually do some very rough sketches to collect my ideas based on the theme and feel of the brief, then I would do some research into colour and poses, and from there I would start to do some drawings and present a rough to the client. How do you present ideas to clients? I send my work through an email, I usually produce quite a finished piece/drawing based on their brief.

What advice would you give other illustrators starting out? Self promotion is key I think, its good to select your strongest pieces of work from your portfolio and put them on a website or blog, contact as many people as possible, but keep in mind your style of work and send your work to companies that would use your style. Create your own style of working, being unique is essential. You will be hired for what you do. Good drawing skills are a must, you could be asked to draw anything in a limited amount of time so the more skill the better. What have the highlights been since starting your career? I was thrilled to be in the Dior, René Gruau exhibition at Somerset House,this year, and Pick Me Up Exhibition at Somerset House last year, lovely exhibitions and a real honour. Working for my first Vogue, which was Vogue Nippon was a treat and my very first highlight was when Selfridges in London gave me my own window to illustrate in for their Atelier theme. Working for yourself is such a challenge in every way, but it brings me such joy it is a definite highlight and something to be grateful for. Were you given any memorable advice that you would like to share? ‘Never give up” its tough out there, but if you know what you want and you have the talent never give up. Make yourself a wish list of your dream jobs and strive to make it happen. Paper Runway / 33

Knowing what you know now what advice would you give to someone wanting to leap into the art world? There are a lot of lovely people out there ready and willing to discover your work, it’s very tough starting out and finding your feet, but you’ll get there. What are you working on now? I am working on a solo exhibition of pieces at the moment, for a show in London soon! And promotional, artwork for the Band Saint Saviour for the launch of their EP next month. How do you maintain a balance between your work and your life? I have a studio in Hackney which helps me to separate my work from home, and I try to keep to a working week, rather than working the weekend, plus lots of yoga! Describe your dream studio. My dream studio, I was once at a David Hockney exhibition and I saw a photograph of his studio in Bridlington in North Yorkshire (a seaside town we used to go to when I was a child), amazing space so many easels, paints, and bright white space, it inspired me. I think my dream would be to have a studio by the sea in Turkey, and another one by the coast in England too. It would have a larder of organic tea’s, fruit and veg, a flower garden for inspiration, a hammock for naps, sea views and sky lights, wooden floor boards, a photographic studio, a printing studio... the list goes on I think a little unrealistic, but I’m hopeful someday... Do you have a “usual” day? Yes I suppose, I usually start the day with a bit of yoga and a big bowl of porridge, cycle my way to work through the park and down the canal. I get to the studio and check through my emails, check some of my favourite blogs and gather my thoughts on my to do list for the day, I try to do a drawing a day be it personal or for work. Also its good to get away from my computer for a bit. If I can fit a swim in at the local lido I do otherwise its a working day, arranging meetings, talking to clients... What is your favourite place to hang out? Victoria Park in East London, is a good escape from the hustle bustle of the city, for me I need to see some trees and get back into nature, my favourite cafe is there too, they do a good Chai Latte and lovely home made cakes, and you just sit back and watch the swans and geese swim by. What do you love most about what you do Drawing is such a personal and soulful practice, I love it and I’m paid to do it, I feel very privileged indeed. Who is your favourite person and why? My Mam, she is so brave and beautiful. Black or White? White Tea or Coffee? LOVE Tea Night or Day? Day Heels or flats? I love both, ideally heels in a bunion free world. Short or long? Long Sweet or savoury? Savoury.

34 / Paper Runway

Paper Runway / 35

Claire Brewster When I was asked to write this article about paper art, it suddenly dawned on me that it was because I am considered to be a paper art expert or to be more blunt and candid, a paper art addict. I am often asked how did I get into paper cutting and what inspires me to do what I do? I have to blame my mother (I know she won’t mind me saying so), as she started me on my journey with paper. On rainy Sunday afternoons, we would sit around the kitchen table, scissors and glue to hand filling scrap books with pictures collected from birthday cards and old magazines. This is where my artistic imagination began to flex its muscles and I started to tell stories using images. Kittens, horses and yes, saucepans were my obsessions back then. Thankfully, I think that I have moved on a bit. The origins of my current work can be found in those early days. The ideas of reusing, reinterpreting and reinventing came from those early scrapbooks. This is where I started using printed matter as the source material for my creative endeavours.

36 / Paper Runway

As the years went on, I started to flirt with other media and gained a degree in textiles, specialising in tapestry weaving. However, I always found myself back with my first love, paper. I feel that I have a real physical and intimate connection with paper which I cannot easily find with any other material. I believe that paper is often taken for granted. It is used for the most basic and mundane tasks, yet even the cheapest piece of paper has the potential to become something beautiful. There are an infinite number of ways that paper can be transformed and manipulated. It is a material of contradictions. It is inherently fragile, yet has the potential to be very strong. Paper is by its nature ephemeral, yet we know it can last for many centuries. The more I work with paper the more I feel that I appreciate it. It almost seems to have a life of its own, reacting to the environment in ways that are often unpredictable and exhilarating, almost like a long lost romance. In my work, I use paper that already had another life or purpose, but is now almost redundant. There is a tension between the act of deconstructing the paper and transforming it into a new and beautiful shape. The idea of up-cycling and re-using material is not a new one. Artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Joseph Cornell, whose work I very much admire, were masters at using materials they collected to create their amazing work. As much as I believe in the virtues of up-cycling, you will be glad to know that there have been occasions when I have had a map that is just too beautiful to cut up, too alive for me to reincarnate into another form. It is on those occasions that I feel like the American President as he pardons a turkey before Christmas, happy that one got away to fight another day.

Paper Runway / 37



02. 03.




01. Rose Garland by Talking Tables $9.95 Little Paper Lane 02 84079204 02. 5 Etoiles Papier Journal’ wall decals, Le Pré D’eau $25 03. Happy Mother’s Day Card, Rifle $7 04. Chevron Multicolour open edition digital print, on Hahnemühle 100% cotton paper, US$33 Mrs Eliot 05. Paper Pot Press $23 www.heaveninearth. 06. Red Roses Floral Wrapping Paper by Mae $3 07. Sweet Nothings Decals by Mae $79.95

09. 07.

05. 08. The Miggy Tree Print open edition print on Fine Art photo rag, $140, email: Julie.buxton@ 09. The Miggy Tree Book $19.95 10. Photo Dots Decals by Mae $64.95 11. Par Avion box set by Zetta Florence $99.00 12. Handwritten Notes to my Mother $14.95 13. Mother Goose card by Lisa Jones www. 14. Message Tiles by Mae $64.95 15. Mum n Bub card $6.50 16. In Haus Press gift tags $7.50 www. 17. Allotment PostCarden £7.65 www. 18. Orchid Portrait & Long Miss Rose Stem Prints, $35 www.littlebranch. 19. BYO coffee cup $10.95 www. 20. Kate Spade Paperweight $38 21. Happy Mother’s Day $7 22. Wooden Girl by Love, $65 www.galloplifestyle. 23. ‘Mug’ Mother’s Day Card Lisa Jones Studio $3.95

06. 08. 38 / Paper Runway




25. 24.

23. 24. Cards by Subscription $55 for 6 months 25. Amsterdam Display by Polli $89.95 26. Prints by Me & Amber

16. 26.







Crepe Paper Flowers 40 / Paper Runway

Crepe Paper Flowers by Olivia Kanaley

Supplies: Crepe paper sheets, Scissors, White floral cloth wire, White floral tape, Glue, microbeads.

Instructions: 1. Cut a strip of crepe paper about 5-4 inches wide and about 18 inches long. The grain of the crepe paper should be parallel to the longest sides. Fold in half several times until you have a small rectangle about 2 inches wide. 2. Cut the top edge, rounding it out to create a semi-circle shape. Unfold crepe paper strip. 3-4. Refold the crepe paper strip, but not exactly in half. When bringing the short ends together, stop a few inches short of matching them up exactly. Fold a few more times and cut a rounded petal edge on the opposite side as before. This will ensure that the scallops on each side are somewhat staggered. Unfold. 5. Now fold in half length wise. Take one end of crepe paper strip and secure it to the top of floral wire by making a loop with the wire and twisting it around crepe paper. 6. Begin to form flower. Gather the crepe paper as you turn the wire stem, and secure it with floral tape. Once the flower is fully formed, wrap the tape partially down the stem. 7. Using your fingers, adjust flower petals. Crepe paper has a bit of a stretch, so you can gently pull edges of petals to create a more realistic look. In the centre of the flower, add a dab of glue and cover with microbeads.

Paper Runway / 41

42 / Paper Runway

“ collage ~ it’s almost like a puzzle”

Nicola Starr

I became interested in working with collage after seeing the work of Joseph Cornell at an exhibition in Berlin in 2003. I was fascinated with his compositions, use of found objects and white space. Since then I’ve been working almost exclusively in the medium, I’ve become obsessed with image finding, spending hours in second hand bookshops and markets, as well as collecting stationery and an assortment of office supplies. The Salinger series was created in association with an East London bookshop, Luminous Books for an event celebrating the life of J D Salinger. I’ve been passionate about the literature of Salinger for years and have always found a natural cohesion between the decade he wrote in and the era most of my imagery comes from. Artistically speaking I’ve always found that my most successful pieces are based upon a few key elements and a fairly strict colour palette. I tend to spend a few hours gathering the images, it’s almost like a puzzle I have all my pieces ready I just have to pull them altogether. For Salinger I took images from a collection of 1950’s National Geographic magazines I have, as well as various photos and postcards from my drawers full of ephemera. I’ve become fanatical about vintage postcards, specifically dated around 1940-60. Floral postcards were so popular back then; the printing technique used created these beautiful matte images that not only have these beautiful colours but also scan well for the final image. Editing myself has also been a skill I’ve learnt over the years. I can spend literally an hour adding and subtracting elements and moving the composition around on the page until it looks right. I think it’s really important to edit, I’ve seen a lot of collage work where the viewer is bombarded with images and none of the background paper can be seen, but sometimes to me, the most beautiful part of one of my collages can be the white, or in many cases, beige space left around the main images. Paper is beautiful; old and worn paper especially has a texture and an aesthetic unlike any that you can recreate digitally. That’s part of the reason I love creating collages, an old theatre stub from the 1970’s that someone used as a bookmark can be included in a collage and it’s then been documented rather than just hidden on a bookshelf or thrown away.

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Hello Sandwich

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‘The Fool’ by Draw Pilgrim

drawn from fashion Words by Angela D’Alton (Leeloo)

Drawn From Fashion was an exhibition showcasing and celebrating emerging Australian designers and young fashion illustrators and artists. As a long-time lover of Australian fashion and style, I have always admired the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in the way that it combines high fashion and art without being exclusive. It’s not just for the fashion elite, everyone can get a look at the latest releases and watch the amazing catwalks as well as take part in the exhibitions and events as part of the cultural programme. Having organised other successful exhibitions in the past, and since I’ve always wanted to work on something which included fashion illustration, once we submitted the concept of Drawn From Fashion to the LMFF team and were accepted, we were very excited. From here, Renee and I worked on curating some of the finest in emerging Australian talent so that we could feature their art in our exhibition which would sit alongside the Leeloo stall at the Finders Keepers in Melbourne. We determined the concept to be simple and accessible to all art practices, that artists were to produce an original image which was inspired by their choice of runway images found from previous LMFF catwalk shows. All catwalk photos had to be from Australian designers, but the resulting image created by them could be closely based in fashion illustration or merely inspired by it and completed using various mediums, including collage and digital illustration.

‘Stella earns her stripes in style’ by Erin flannery 46 / Paper Runway

Knowing this was our concept, we looked to working with artists whose work was popular and well known within the fashion industry (Pippa McManus, Elissa Mazzone, Kelly Smith to name a few) to the more abstractly referenced digital works (Pilgrim Lee, Racket, Lauren Carney, Courtney Brims, Jessica Singh), the pencil and paint styles (Sarah McNeil, Emma Leonard, Meeri Annelli, Beth Emily,) and of course the collage and mixed media artists (Lalita Lu, Catherine Campbell to name a few). Other artists were industry favourites within the community working on canvas as their medium, Erin Flannery whose work is always popular, and new to canvas Bec Winnel.

‘Romance and the Rabbit’ by Jessica Sigh

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‘Snow White’ by Pippa McManus

“16 original and stunning artworks”

The resulting exhibition was 16 original and stunning artworks in A2 size, all wonderfully framed by Renee herself which were hung together at Shed4 in Docklands for the duration of the Finders Keepers market in March 2011. The feedback and response was incredibly positive. Some of the involved artists flew interstate to admire the pieces by their fellow artists and see their gorgeous piece in it’s ‘natural environment’. We are thrilled with the result, and we look forward to the possibility of having a similar exhibition next year. Stay tuned!

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confetti dipped goodie bags WHAT YOU NEED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . double sided tape lunch bags big bag of tissue paper confetti (i used rough cut confetti) WHAT YOU DO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tape a few rows of double sided tape on the lunch bags and dip them into the confetti! done! so fast yet so festive!  Joke is a true confetti lover - her favorite card she ever printed is the confetti card!

Tokketok is a letterpress and design studio founded by Joke Vande Gaer. Joke is a Belgian designer based in Portland, Oregon, who loves to create clean and sweet designs. Aside from their cardline, Tokketok specializes in custom announcements and invitations. Paper Runway / 49

Rustic Winter Romance Rustic Winter Romance - by Paper Runway - Available online 28 June 2011. From squealing YES to saying I do! and everything in between. Featuring Cristina Re, aimed to inspire and admire, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss this special edition. Available online only at









01. Rose Rebel Bride Print $35 / Card $6 02. “Carly” invites by Sarah Early 03. Japanese Washi Paper Tags, $6 at Murobond Showroom 04. wedding-tutorials/paper-wedding-cones-for-confettipetals - Heart garland Little Jane St, Photography: Nina Otranto 05. 5x Embroidered gift tags, Pi’lo, US$12 06. www as per no.04, Made By: Danielle Stewart and friends (bride) Tutorial By: Livy (A Field Journal) via Once Wed, Photography: Nina Otranto 07. Recycled romance novel confetti 08. As per no.04 09. Bookplate wedding by 10. Save the date $9.95, available at www.paperscissorsrockstationery 11. Florals from ‘Swinging Bridesmaid’ Card $6


11. 09.

“it wouldn’t be my world without you in it ” Blair Waldorf 50 / Paper Runway

Magnolia Square Markets, Paddington

Paper & Thread Photography: Katie Preece

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Magnolia Square is a curated market place showcasing the creative talent of independant artists, designers and makers from around Australia. As the originator of design orientated pop up retail in Melbourne, the concept is truly authentic, unique and continually evolving. Managed by a small and passionate team who care very much about promoting creativity in every guise, each event is carefully curated to bring together a cohesive group of artists, designers and crafts people at the top of their game. Often likened to a high end trade show, Magnolia Square is three days of experiential retail at its best.

04. 07.


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09. Paper & Thread inspired designers from the Paddington Magnolia Square Markets: 01. Me & Amber 02-03. Sweet William 04. Emmy Rose 05. Nikki Catalano 06. Printspace 07/10. Lala Land 08. Pip & Maude 09. Little Branch 11. Red Wagon, 12. Bronnie Massefau 13. Ourleui 04. Paper Couture, the lowercase (hot paper)

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D.I.Y - MT Tape A little story about my love of mt tape. by Jayde Leeder of Little Paper Lane I was only introduced to the Tape a year ago, (MT Masking tape was designed in 2006) when I was buying products for my then, brand new paper boutique. The absolute minute my eyeballs widened to see all these tiny flashes of colour that were drawing me in from one side of the Hordern Pavilion where I was attending a gift trade fair, I was hooked. I am talking smoke in the morning with a coffee, hooked! I ordered every colour available from the supplier and every time a new colour is introduced I have to get it immediately! When we first met (MT Tape and I), I was somewhat nervous. We had a nice courtship. At first I would seal envelopes just where the appropriate sealing area’s were. A little time would go by, and I would become more relaxed and stick two very coordinating colours together on the front of the envelope and smirk a little when posting it knowing it was a little wild and hoped that whoever was receiving the envelope would get a kick out of the colours that they saw when getting their letter! I remember seeing a blog post about gift wrapping which I am also obsessed with and was one of the reasons I opened a shop, and saw that the person had used just MT Tape over brown Paper. I became warm and my skin seemed to buzz a little at the thought of all the possibilities this little tape of love could have!



What you need MT Masking Tape, 5 pegs, scissors, bluetack, 5 photo’s


Instructions 1.

Cut enough tape to cover top of peg or length of peg


Stick tape to peg and tuck tape around the sides.


Stick blue tack on the back of the peg.


Stick pegs on wall about 10-15cm apart.


Place your photo’s with the pegs and enjoy.



Jayde is giving 2 lucky people the chance to win a roll of MT Tape valued at $4.95 each (Thin Aqua stripe or Argyle yellow), Go to to win!

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todays print renaissance Theo Pettaras, Director, Digital Press, Surry Hills, Sydney Theo Pettaras is a print innovator and a veteran in the printing industry. He has a reputation within the design community for his ability to inspire, collaborate and produce unique printed objects. Since founding his Sydney company in 2005, Digitalpress has been recognised as the country’s most awarded digital printer. He has an obsession with the Helvetica font and bass guitars.

“ Print is indeed the punk rocker of the communication medium!”

For a while we lost “touch” with print. With the popularity and proliferation of hi-tech online interaction comes an unexpected phenomenon: the nostalgic sentiment for times gone by with a desire to use printed products. Acknowledging the importance of print within our own environment and having access to paper leads us into the future. It’s all about paper and how creative paper has and continues to become a porthole into the future of design. Paper is still an important product. Rapid advancements in social media and the way media is delivered to us electronically have seriously impacted how we now consume information. Increasingly we are turning to online resources such as blogs and on line magazines for our regular fix. The need for real-time live feeds can be somewhat overwhelming. Getting information delivered quickly has now become the norm. However chances are, once read it may be easily forgotten. The power of print will always be hear to stay. Designers are a different breed. The industry cuts its teeth on paper and ink, and the nostalgia toward this platform drives a demand which has seen more periodicals hitting the shelves. Advancements in digital print technology create opportunities for people to be able to afford to print and publish their own zines and other printed material in small quantities. To the design community print has redeeming features, one of which most obviously is its physicality. The very fact that it is tangible makes us drawn to it. It offers exclusivity, even collectibility, and these are connections that have yet to be made to any online offerings. Print designers want the tactile nature of printed matter; it serves as inspiration in itself, beyond the content. In an industry where much of the success is based upon a final aesthetic, print displays an appealing sensitivity to presentation, finishing and typography that viewing on the computer screen cannot provide. So long as we continue to print on paper, print will always have a significant role to play within the design community. Despite the significant improvements in print techniques, I find the design community wanting to learn about and utilize old school print techniques such as letterpress printing and foiling. This is also reflected with an awareness and interest in traditional binding techniques. The love of old school print techniques coupled with modern design tools lends itself to a beautiful marriage. Print is indeed the punk rocker of the communication medium!

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finding gold in the education records expert Q&A dating family photos whAt our Ancestors’ death certificates can really tell us win! unlock the pAst’s history & genealogy 2011 dAme nellie melbA the 150th anniversary of an aussie icon


9 771838 504008

ISSN 1838-5044

04 03

may – June 2011

Six issues a year packed with expert articles and tips on Australian and New Zealand genealogy, history and heritage

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Weddings Portrait Editorial Interiors/Exteriors Real Estate Commissions

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Evolution of a brief. by Fiona Chandler

THE BRIEF To style a display for the two windows at the sweet Flower Child in Collaroy, NSW. A cute store that sells kids clothing and shoes, maternity wear and gorgeous toys and accessories for the under 3’s. Flower Child needed a new look, to encourage customers to buy direct from the window at the same time the store needed to look friendly a little whimsical and original. THE PROCESS - THEME An autumn theme is decided. With Autumn approaching and a new shipment of gorgeous skirts and leg warmers, we were inspired by vintage storybook illustrations of children’s clothing on an old washing line, blowing in the autumn breeze. To this we added shoes, handmade kites (made from Golden Books found at Vinnies) and washi tape. A trip to the flower markets for Willow branches, autumn leaves, a handmade vinyl white picket fence (to bring it all together and hide the rows of hangers in the second room) and hand painted copy across the windows. It’s always so much fun to play on a windy windy autumn day. It is such a compliment after working on a project like this when you have customers wanting your unique handmade props, in this case the vintage story book paper planes, once the window is changed. Flower Child 2/2 Fielding Street, Collaroy NSW 2097 Paper Runway / 65

Top 10: Hello Sandwich Recently joining with MT Tape for a wrapping workshop, Ebony Bizys from Hello Sandwich shares her Top 10 MT TAPE with Paper Runway. Hello. I am Hello Sandwich. I am an Australian artist and graphic designer living in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. I love Japan, bento boxes, pantone 107.3 and metallic hologram foil, polka dots and plaid, Holbein gouache and fluro pencils and I have a huge crush on Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugito. 1. Decorate your gift wrapping with mt tape. Use some pretty polka dot, stripey or gingham mt washi paper tape to give attention to detail to the underside of your gift (and to attach decorations to the top of the gift). You could also spell out the name of the receiver on the top side of your gift using mixed pattern mt tape!

For more Gift Wrapping tips pop over to: www.hellosandwich.blogspot. com/2009/03/wrapping.html Or purchase the Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Guide

2. Vintage wallpaper is a pretty alternative to wrapping paper. I often spy beautiful wallpaper rolls for sale on etsy and ebay. Also, if you see something in a magazine or a book you love, why not take a few photocopies of it and use it to wrap small trinkets. These pretty patterned papers can be decorated by cutting mt tape into little triangles or squares and arranging them on top of the paper. 3. Bring life to your present. Pop on out to your garden (or local florist) and pick some small stems of pretty flowers to attach to the top of your present with mt masking tape. 4. It’s fun to make cute bows for gifts using unexpected materials such as crepe paper and kitchen wax paper. Fold an interesting piece of paper into a accordion fold fan and fasten in the centre with a small length of mt washi paper tape. Each of these paper bows can be decorated with mt tape. 5. Have fun making a mt tape corsage. Stick two pieces of tape together and fold in mini-me pleats until you form an award badge style corsage to place on top of your present. 6. Recycle large-ish envelopes and help save the environment by creating a unique handmade paper gift bag. De-construct the paper envelope flattening it into one sheet. Decorate the sheet using mt tape, and re-form the envelope into a paper gift bag. Finish with some paper handles (you can cut some off a pre-loved paper shopping bag) and voila! (Full instructions can be found in the Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine.) 7. Why buy envelopes when you can custom make you own? mt wax wrapping paper can be folded in half and sealed along the edges to form a super cute little paper pocket. Fill your paper pocket with sweet treats such as doughnuts, mixed sandwiches or soap for your friends. 8. Mini tissue paper flowers are adorable present toppers! (A sweet little tutorial here: Add some mt tape decoration to the tissue paper prior to folding your paper flower for a super kawaii look. 9. Make your own gift tags by decorating swing tags from clothing items (or manila price tags from your local stationery shop) with your favourite mt tape. Be on the look out for cute images in magazines and flyers which can be pasted onto a thick cardboard stock and turned into customized gift tags. For the perfectionists-at-heart, be sure to keep an eyelet punch to hand for a professional finish.

Images: Hello Sandwich

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10. Take inspiration from the creative blogger Esther Ramirez (http://essimar.blogspot. com) and turn your mt wrapping into mini artworks. Take a 5cm strip of A4 paper and cover with your favourite mt tape. Using scissors, cut small slices into the strip to create a paper fringing which can be used to top presents.

Images: Hello Sandwich, Esther Ramirez & MT Wrapping School

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