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Selecting a Tactical Shotgun for

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION The word tactical takes on many meanings. For many the word tactical means just paint the stock black. For some it means just make it short. For others it means just use the word and you can charge a premium at retail. For the trained operator it is the right tool to efficiently support the mission. The dictionary defines tactical as: 1. of or relating to combat tactics as: a. of or occurring at the battlefront (i.e. a tactical defence) b. using or being weapons or forces employed at the battlefront (i.e. tactical missiles) c. of an air force: of, relating to, or designed for air attack in close support of friendly ground forces 2. of or relating to tactics: a of or relating to small-scale actions serving a larger purpose b. made or carried out with only a limited or immediate end in view c. adroit in planning or manoeuvring to accomplish a purpose Tactical Shotguns – may be pump action or semi-automatic. Most however are characterized by the shorter barrels usually 18 to 20 inches compared to that of most sporting guns which are often 24, 26, 28, or 30 inches barrels. Most police, military or tactical shotguns may also have larger capacity box, clip or tubular magazine. For the executive protection agents our battlefront may take the shape of a rural, suburban or urban landscape. Traditional military strategy often focuses on the execution of the objective through the application of a larger, superior force, often focused on first strike capabilities. Executive protection agents and teams often function like Special Forces units composed of a small group of highly trained individuals. Often agents are deployed as a militia of one where you are expected to be your own first line of defence. Your tactics most closely resemble the Secret Service. You have an immediate and simple objective escape the

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Circuit :: OnTheJob is your mantra. The tactical shotgun may be called upon to assist you in those objectives. Also in most states it is much easier to get clearance to carry a shotgun than it is to carry a carbine. While there are a number of speciality uses for the shotgun, when it comes to engaging with a shotgun, the shotgun has historically been deployed at traditional handgun distances and is designed to give the operator either superior firepower during close quarter engagements or increase their efficiency through the implementation of a spread shot pattern where the accuracy of an individual projectile may be difficult to achieve due to the cadence of the events or movement of the threat. When working as an individual agent on a high risk detail, the shotgun may help increase your defensive capabilities through either enhanced firepower or the ability to function like a short range rifle through transition to a slug. Phil Roberson, Beneli pro says it best in one of their featured commercials “A shotgun in my opinion must have three things BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!” When I think about the three critical characteristics I look for in a shotgun I think of simplicity, reliability and efficiency. When I think simplicity the tool must be easy to operate particularly under stress. When it comes to ease of operation there is nothing simpler than a pump action shotgun. When it comes to reliability I want a tool which has been battle tested. When it comes to efficiency the tool must increase our ability to accomplish the job with minimal time, effort or economy of motion. While there are many fine shotguns in the market place below are four of my favourites when it comes to tactical shotguns. The selections are not better or worse, the tools are just different. Just as the situation should dictate your tactics, this mission should dictate the tools.

Pump Action Shotguns Remington 870 Tactical For many years Remington tactical shotguns have been the gold standard for Military and Law Enforcement operators throughout the world. The Model 870 express Tactical continues to build on that legacy with a durable “hammered” gun-metal-grey powder-coat finish, a quick-pointing 18 1/2” barrel and includes an extended ported Tactical Rem Choke. It features a 7 round tubular magazine of 2 3/4” or 3” 12-gauge firepower with the factory installed 2-shot extension. The Model 870 Express Tactical with XS Ghost Ring Sights is designed for rapid target acquisition and precise shot placement with the XS blade sight and XS Ghost Ring sight rail (fully adjustable for windage and elevation), which accepts optics and sight systems as well. Both models have black synthetic stocks and fore-ends with sling swivel studs. Recievers drilled and tapped Key Features: • 18 1/2” tactical barrel with XS front blade sight RC Tactical (ext/ported tube) • XS Ghost Ring sight Rail (mounts to receiver) • Sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation • Front blade sight works in conjunction with Ghost Ring to quickly and accurately acquire target • Tactical style fore-end • 2-shot magazine extension • Receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts (XS Picatinny rail with ghost ring included)

Mossberg 590A1 Key Features: • Stock choices include a 6-position adjustable tactical stock, pistol-grip Cruiser models, standard full-size polymer stock, or a polymer Speedfeed model that holds four additional shells in the stock for quick and easy reloading. • Every 590A1 Special Purpose model features a drilled and tapped receiver, factory-ready for Picatinny rail, scope base or optics installation. • Overall length 36 1/8 to 41”, Weight 6 ¾ lbs to 7 1/2 lbs.

• Surefire Light • Gear Sector Light Attachment • Surefire Forearm Rail Attachment • Magpul Angled Foregrip • Knoxx Recoil System • Side Saddle spare ammo carrier The Mossberg 590A1 is a time tested and true battle shotgun. Similar to the Remington 870 it has been a top choice for Law Enforcement and Military both around the country and around the world. It features a heavy-walled parkerized barrel, metal trigger guard assembly, metal safety button, and an upgraded magazine tube that can easily be opened for cleaning and is readily adaptable for a magazine extension. Its 3” chamber will receive either 2 ¾ or 3” shells. It comes equipped with an anti-jam elevator, dual extractors for reliable feeding, and positive shot shell extraction and ejection.

• Barrels lengths include 18-1/2” (with 5+1 magazine capacity) or 20” (with 8+1 magazine capacity), all with cylinder bore. • Depending on the model, you’ll find a choice of 3-Dot, Ghost Ring, or basic front bead sights. • The deluxe-equipped 590A1 SPX model comes fully loaded out of the box with the features you want: a factory-mounted Picatinny rail, LPA/M16-Style Ghost Ring combination sight set, and removable M9 bayonet/scabbard combination. • Other 590A1 versions include the 590A1 Mariner model with Marinecote - finished barrel and receiver for added corrosion resistance for marine applications, extreme wet weather or humid environments and a reduced (13”) length-of-pull 590A1™ Compact model perfect for smaller-stature shooters. • 590A1 shotguns are also available in 14” Class III Restricted models for law enforcement and military personnel. What I like most about the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 590 are ease of operation, reliability and enhanced ability to accessorize. There are a number of after-market lights and ammo carriers designed to fit directly onto the weapon system to enhance efficiency.

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for optics, a fully adjustable ghost-ring rear sight and fixed-blade front sight and a black synthetic pistol-grip style stock. The rear sight is click-adjustable for both windage and elevation. These sights are intended for rough service and feature rugged “wings” to protect the removable ghost-ring and front post. Key Features: • Magazine Capacity: 4 + 1

The M4 Tactical 12-gauge auto loading shotgun features Beneli’s unique Auto Regulating Gas Operated (A.R.G.O.) system. It has dual stainless steel, self-cleaning pistons located just ahead of the chamber that operate directly against the bolt assembly. Because the pistons push directly against the bolt, they move only ½” for complete and rapid cycling with minimum vibration which aids in quick target acquisition. The M4 Tactical comes standard with a Picatinny rail

• Chokes: M • Type of Sights: Tactical military ghost rings; receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mount; Picatinny rail is included • Overall length 40.0” • Average Weight 7.8 lbs • Length of Pull: 14 3/8 ” Drop at Heel 2 ¼” Drop at Comb: 1 1/2 “

Saiga Shotgun

The Saiga 12 gauge is a rotating bolt, gas operated semiautomatic shotgun built on the Kalashnikov or AK47 platform. It may be assembled with a fixed, folding or telescopic stock depending on the shooters preference. While the weapon has been built on a classic AK47 platform there are a number of aftermarket stocks, forearms and accessories available to allow the shooter to customize the weapon to their preferences to be able to accept optics, lights etc. The detachable magazine is preferred by many as it offers shooters a quicker option of getting the shotgun back to full capacity particularly during emergency reloads. Key Features: • Semi-Automatic • May be assembled with a Synthetic Stock, Folding Stock, Fixed Stock or Telescopic Stock

capacity quicker. The reliability of the Saiga 12 is virtually unchallenged. It is battle tested as it is built on one of the most reliable weapons operating systems the fighting world has ever seen. The Kalashnikov platform has been bringing bad guys to task since 1947. For Saiga shotgun operators with folding stocks, when the shotgun stock is transported in its folded capacity it makes it an excellent vehicle weapon, by reducing the overall length of the tool. It is also easily concealable, as both the weapon and spare magazines can be transported in a medium double racket tennis protective case. However, one of the best features of the tactical shotgun particularly when loaded with 00 buck ammunition is double tap is usually not required!

• Bolt Stop • No Choke • Threaded chrome-lined barrel • Adjustable gas system for 2.75” or 3” shells • Feed System Detachable box magazine – available in 5, 8, 10, or 12 round magazines or a 20 round drum. When it comes to efficiency both the Beneli M4 and Saiga 12 are gas operated and eliminates the need to pump the shotgun thus maximizing economy of motion. The tubular bottom fed magazine of the M4 makes transition to the semi-automatic shotgun easier for prior pump action operators as they are already familiar with the basic mechanics of the loading system. The 8, 10 and 12 round magazines and 20 round drum of the Saiga 12 further enhances efficiency by reducing the need for reloading. When reloading is required the detachable box fed magazines allows you to bring your weapon back to full

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• Folding Stock • Magpul Angled Foregrip • 10 Round Box Magazine Mark “Six” James is Founder and Executive Director of Panther Protection Services, LLC. Panther Protection Services is a full service protection agency performing threat assessments, executive protection, self-defense training, firearm instruction and high risk tactical protection.

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