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Is your weight weighing heavily on your energy?

Kristy’s was, too. That is until she turned to Lehigh Valley Health Network for help.

With our weight-loss team’s support and the best bariatric surgery team in the region, Kristy was able to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and now has the energy to enjoy life. Now it’s your turn. Visit to learn more. Kristy | Jim Thorpe

Is your weight weighing heavily on your energy?

Kristy’s was, too. That is until she turned to Lehigh Valley Health Network for help.

With our weight-loss team’s support and the best bariatric surgery team in the region, Kristy was able to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and now has the energy to enjoy life. Now it’s your turn. Visit to learn more.

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Ringing in the New Year As I sit here and reflect on 2023, I can only hope for a better 2024! Our January magazine topic is “New Year, New You.” With a new year comes new hopes, new ideas, and new opportunities to make our lives the best they can be. Keep this in mind when deciding a New Year’s Resolution if you choose to make one. Making resolutions is like having your own personal cheerleader, rooting for you to succeed! When you set goals, you are making a promise to yourself and your dreams. It is all about being accountable and taking ownership of your actions. With goals in place, you create a structure that keeps you on track and motivated. Deadlines and milestones become your trusty sidekicks, reminding you to stay focused and disciplined. By sticking to your plan and putting in the effort day in and day out, you develop habits that pave the way for your growth and success, whether it is in your career or personal life. Here are some helpful hints to keep you

on track and successful with your resolutions. • Mentally prepare for change • Set a goal that motivates you, be specific and write it down • Limit resolutions to a manageable amount • Share your resolutions with others • Automate where possible • Review your resolution regularly • If you fall off track, get back on quick Whether you choose a resolution or not, treating the New Year like a blank book with twelve chapters and 365 pages allows you to be your own author and write your best story. Wishing you all strength and determination to achieve what you truly desire in your life. May you experience nothing but good health, happiness, and love in the New Year and always.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year from Jacque Lynne and everyone at Panorama Community Magazine

—Larry Collum, CEO/Publisher

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Self-Care for a Successful New Year (Family Features) Resolving to commit to better self-care can happen any time of the year, but there’s something about the calendar flipping to a new year that signals a fresh start. It’s the perfect starting point for new habits and a new approach to protecting your overall wellness. Self-care takes many forms. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise are some ways to promote your physical health. So is taking good care of your body’s largest organ: your skin. When it comes to mental health, getting organized is a surprisingly effective way to manage stress and keep your goals on track so you feel a sense of accomplishment. Start working toward a new year where your wellness is front and center with these ideas for simplifying and personalizing your journey. Look for more lifestyle advice and helpful wellness tips at Prepare for Healthier Eating Habits - Portion control is a common challenge when you kick off a healthier eating plan. One way to keep your meals on the modest side is preparing them ahead of time. Meal prep containers make it easy to have freshly prepared foods in moderate portions ready whenever you’re ready to eat. Look for compartments that let you enjoy a main dish and at least one side, and be sure the containers seal tightly to keep food fresh and prevent leaks. Add Whole Grains with Ease and Convenience - Eating whole grains has never been this easy or tasty. Convenient and ready in just 10 minutes, Minute Rice’s Instant Brown Rice and Rice & Quinoa are must-haves for busy families. For those in need of an on-the-go option, Minute Rice Cups, including Brown Rice, Brown & Wild Rice, Brown Rice & Quinoa, Multi-Grain Medley and Jasmine Rice & Red Quinoa, are ready in just 60 seconds. Start the year off right and discover more time-saving solutions at Put Your Best Foot Forward - If stepping up your fitness game is part of your plan for 2024, be sure to start on the right foot with the right footwear for the job. Runners in particular should be conscious of quality shoes. Look for ample cushion, comfortable ankle support, overall quality construction and a snug fit that gives your toes some wiggle room. Even slight variations can affect your comfort, so trying on different options is likely your best path toward finding the perfect fit. Introduce Weights for Your Workout - Whether you’ve hit a plateau or you’re just bored with your workout, adding dumbbells can introduce a whole new dimension by helping build muscle and burn more fat. Rotating muscle groups lets you give your muscles a chance to recover between workouts. The options are nearly endless, so think about how you’ll use them, where you’ll store them, whether shape or color matters and how much you want to spend. Make Skin Care a Personal Priority - Your skin tells an important story about your overall health. Protecting it from harsh elements and sun damage can help ensure your skin stays supple and strong, providing the barrier it’s meant to as it protects the rest of your body. Even seemingly minor irritations like dry skin can be problematic as 749 Route 93, Sybertsville • 570-788-3809 scratching or cracking can lead to wounds Open 6 Days A Week Walk-ins welcome and infection. Rely on a regular moisturizer Evening Appointments Available when available and be conscious of applying sunscreen whenever you’ll be outdoors. Plan for Success in the New Year - Give yourself a boost toward tackling this year’s goals by getting organized. A planner can help you keep important information at your fingertips while making it easy to keep tabs on appointments, deadlines and more. You can even track progress against new habits Call Us Today for Your or journal your way toward a heathier diet. Personal Appointment with Some people prefer physical planners they can write in and update manually while One of Our Professional Stylists others find a digital version in a smart device is more convenient.

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Weight Loss is Simple by Dr. Candice Dutko, DNP It’s that time of year where you will see a lot of advertisements for products and programs highlighting the complex nature of weight loss and how their said product or program will make it easy for you to accomplish your weight loss goals. I’d like to clarify further and provide you with a little insight that will hopefully save you a lot of time and money - weight loss is simple, don’t overcomplicate it. I will add though, even though weight loss is simple, it is far from easy. It is highly likely that any product or program that tries to convince you otherwise, is a farce. If losing weight was as simple as consuming a powder, a drop, a gummy, or whatever else might be out there, everyone would be doing it and we wouldn’t have the obesity problem we do in this country. Many programs may reference hormones that are out of balance and how their product will help you balance them. In some cases, this may be true. Before exploring this path, it is essential you explore your overall lifestyle. It is essential that you first strive to sleep 7-9 hours per night, focus on consuming more minimally processed foods, hydrate properly, get some natural sunlight, and work to manage your stress. Once you have spent adequate time focusing on those and have had blood work drawn, can you then consider looking more intently at your hormones. Some other products will entice you with the promise of reducing belly fat or other trouble areas. Although I’d love for it to be the case, sadly, we cannot spot reduce when it comes to losing belly fat or fat in other areas of our body. As we devote more to nutrition and exercise, our body will choose where we lose body fat from first. In the meantime, we can work to build the muscle underneath those areas so that when we make the effort to lose fat through nutrition and exercise, our body then has more definition. This time of year, you may see


Panorama Community Magazine at-home fitness programs that promote “muscle confusion” and how it is the secret to losing weight and enhancing your fitness. Although some of the movements in the program may be fun to perform, they are not necessary for weight or fat loss. On the other hand, a progressive program that builds upon itself for a few weeks at a time and has a means of measuring progress, is often more effective in helping you accomplish your fat loss goals. Another point I’d like to take the time to clarify is that not all weight loss is equal. Many times, people believe they want weight loss when ultimately, what they desire is fat loss. Unfortunately, people will focus on overall weight loss and subsequently under eat for an extended period of time. In these circumstances, these people can actually have a higher body fat percentage compared to someone who has made the efforts to fuel well and focus on muscle mass preservation while also losing weight.

For the best overall health and longevity, it is recommended that you focus on preserving and building muscle mass as a means to not only enhance your health, but to also enhance your quality of life overall. To revisit what I mentioned earlier… weight loss is simple, but it’s not easy. It does require work and it does require change. Unfortunately, there is no other way around it that is healthy, sustainable, and effective. The good news is that it is never too late to start. You are not too old or too young to start working on building better habits. You are also never too far gone to start taking positive steps to improve your overall health. With this article, I am hopeful that I saved you from spending unnecessary money on products that will not bring you closer to your goals. As I mentioned in last month’s article (which you can now find on my blog), many of the strategies that would improve

our overall health, are actually free. Focus on consuming more minimally processed foods, hydrating with water, walking more, getting some sunshine daily, getting adequate sleep, managing your stress, and building other healthy habits, and you will be well on your way to the healthiest version of yourself. Dr. Candice Dutko, DNP is a Registered Nurse and a Fitness & Nutrition Coach specializing in an individualized approach to wellness and fitness. Through her coaching service, Achieve Wellness & Fitness, her mission is to help people build confidence through wellness and fitness to live their lives to the fullest. She prioritizes a small caseload of clients to help ensure delivery of a comprehensive and supportive service. Her gym is located on Route 309 in Mountain Top. You can contact her at 570.704.6794 or check out her website at www.

It's All About The Fit At Gino's Shoe Store Choosing the right pair of shoes to wear on a regular basis can help ensure the long-term health of your feet, as well as your entire body. The best fit for you depends on your daily use, but nothing is more important than comfort. Not only do ill-fitting shoes make you uncomfortable all day, but they can also cause foot pain or aggravate pre-existing conditions. While comfort is the priority when you’re looking for new shoes, there are a few other things to consider as well: Not too small, not too big – Shoes that are too big or too small can cause unwanted rubbing and blisters. Find a shoe that gives your toes room to wiggle, but does not allow your foot to slide around. Don’t fixate on size – Just because you’re a size 9 in one brand, doesn’t mean every shoe brand will fit the same. Shoe sizes can vary among manufacturers, which is why it’s important to try on every new pair of shoes and make sure they fit well. Wear the right socks – If you are buying running shoes, wear the kind of sock you would use running when you try the shoes on. That way, you’ll get a better idea of how it will fit during the activity you are buying them for. Don’t worry about breaking shoes in - If a shoe isn’t comfortable to begin with, it’s never going to be. Proper shoe fit is particularly important if you are diabetic since improper shoe fit can cause blisters and sores that can become serious if not found and treated quickly. If you do have diabetes or a foot problem like plantar fasciitis,


Achilles tendinitis, or hammer toe, custom orthotics can be used to make your shoe more comfortable. Gino’s Shoe Store is a family owned and oriented professional fitting center, specializing in children, youth, and adult shoes in addition to orthopedic work and doctor prescriptions. They have been in business for 60 years selling a large selection of name brand, orthopedic and diabetic shoes. Your complete satisfaction is Gino’s number one priority! For a free foot consultation in regards to pain or fitting call Gino’s at 570-474-6051. XELERO • STRIDE RITE • SAUCONY DOCKERS • ORTHO FEET • SKECHERS Shoes formthe ! ily MERRELL • TIMBERLAND • KEEN • DREW Fa e ir t En

Celebrate The New Year with A New Pair of Shoes! WE SPECIALIZE IN ORTHOPEDIC & DIABETIC FOOTWEAR 4 Doctor Prescription Specialists 4 Wide Widths Available 4 Free Consultation

Are you suffering from aching feet, back pain, plantar fasciitis, heal spurs or tendinitis? CALL US TODAY! FAIRVIEW SHOPPING PLAZA • MOUNTAINTOP




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Supplements by Stephen Schleicher, MD

Nothing wrong with taking nutritional supplements and many believe doing so wards off diseases and other ailments. Unfortunately this does not appear to be true, an opinion echoed by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force which issued this statement: “The USPSTF concludes that the evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms of multivitamins and single- or paired-nutrient supplements (except beta carotene and vitamin E) for the prevention of cardiovascular disease or cancer.” Why are beta carotene and vitamin E negatively highlighted? Because beta carotene may increase the risk of lung cancer among those already at risk and vitamin E and multivitamins may cause “small harms”. Not certain what small harms means, but at the very least they haven’t been shown to do much good. To clarify, the USPSTF does state: “Persons who have an acute or chronic illness may require additional vitamin, mineral, or multivitamin supplementation as part of management of their condition”. And their recommendations do not apply to children, those who are pregnant, those who may become pregnant have chronic illness, are hospitalized or who have a nutritional deficiency. Indeed, all pregnant women should take at least 600 micrograms of folic acid daily. Doctors quoted in Healio News on the topic stated the following: “Beyond wasted money, the focus on supplements might be viewed as a potentially harmful distraction. Rather than focusing money, time, and attention on supplements, it would be better to emphasize lowerrisk, higher-benefit activities.” In other words: don’t rely on vitamins and supplements to live longer. Eat a healthy diet, control blood pressure, and exercise! Dr. Shea DeNoia, Audiologist

EARmark Us For Trust and Reliability Accepting Medicare Advantage Plans


Hazleton Laurel Mall Suite 4 (Next to GNC) 570-622-1435


Audiologist Dr. Shea DeNoia


My father has worn hearing aids for several years. At home where it is quiet, he seems to hear us well. However, when we go out to dinner or have a lot of family around, he doesn’t seem to be able to understand anything. What can we do?


It is not uncommon for a person to have difficulty hearing in background noise, even if they are wearing technologically advanced hearing aids. Most hearing aids sold today are Bluetooth compatible, which allows the person wearing hearing aids to utilize their cell phone as a remote control. This enables the user to make changes to the volume and program the settings of their devices. Here are some strategies you might find helpful: (1) Get your father’s attention before speaking, (2) Ask to be seated in a booth or in a quieter section of a restaurant, (3) Keep hands and objects away from one’s face when speaking, and (4) Avoid multiple individuals talking at once.

Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology Accepting New Patients Immediate Appointments Available


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Pottsville 434 East Norwegian St. 570-622-1435


8 Brookhill Square South, Sugarloaf, PA


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Don't Lay On Your Couch by John Degenhart, DC

Let’s get right to the point— never lay on your couch! I get so many people who are sick and lay on their couch, or they don’t want to walk upstairs to their beds, so they even sleep on the couch. They develop backpain, so let’s explain why. Most couches have three wide pillows to sit on. When we lay down on our bed, the entire mattress is built to accommodate that we have less weight in our legs and upper body, and most of our weight is on our torso. But when you lay in a couch, the middle cushion sinks deeper, and it gradually misaligns your back, and will cause rib-sternum pain, or thoracic back spasms. So what is the solution? 1. Lay in a recliner on your back directly in front of the tv so your head is well-supported. Legs are up, head is back, you can sleep in a recliner, they are good for your spine. But what if you can’t afford to buy a recliner or have no room in your tv room for a recliner? 2. Go to Lowes, look for a ¾” thick piece of plywood. Measure the width and depth of your couch. Put the plywood under your pillows, on top of your couch. Then you can lay on the couch and your spine will be supported. A good chiropractor is never too rough and delivers an adjustment that helps a person to heal, never to feel worse. A great chiropractor goes the extra mile to determine what is causing the back to misalign. The patient will need less chiropractic care, will respect and be thankful, and refer their friends to theChiropractor. You have voted us six years in a row as the best chiropractic office in the area. If you lay on a couch, call us, we’ll fix your back pain!


Sound Healing —

Ancient Healing Modality With Origins Around The Globe Sound has an immediate effect on our being as it is tangible. Not only can we hear the sounds but we also feel the vibration of the sounds and this has a direct connection to our emotional being. Science holds the view that we are all energy beings with our own resonant vibratory frequency. Every cell in our body emits a frequency and every organ in our body has a frequency that vibrates in optimum health when all systems in the body are balanced, but when we are not well, the resonance in the body is off and we experience "stress" which can lead to illness on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. When we are not well, we often describe this as "feeling off-key".

When we are in health and feeling well, we feel "in sync". During a session various instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and others are intuitively played . You may experience a number of different sensations, including: visions, emotional shifts, blockages releasing, inspiration, a sense of deep connection with intuition, retrieval of memories, physically vibrating/tingling, and deep relaxation. You may also experience none of these things, and just have the pleasure of lying still for a while being bathed in healing sounds and vibration. Each person's experience can vary and is unique. Continued on next page.

359 S. Mountain Blvd., Mountain Top


Monday-Friday 9am-6pm CLOSED Wednesday Saturday 9am-4pm • Sunday 9am-3pm


Experience Gentle, Sincere and Loving Care • Therapeutic Laser • Massage Therapy


• Spinal Traction • CDL Physicals

1749A E. BROAD STREET, HAZLETON • 570-454-2474 HOURS: MON. & FRI. 6 AM - 7 PM • TUES. & THURS. 8 AM - 9 PM • WED. 6 AM - 5 PM • SAT. 9 AM - 12 NOON

Visit us on our website @


Panorama Community Magazine Continued from previous page. The heady combination of overlapping sounds, vibrations and frequencies is said to foster inner calm and induce a meditative state . Sound healing can make you feel more rested, relaxed and less anxious . Over time it can improve your sleep, improve your clarity, and make you more resilient . It is an excellent form of self-care. ll we ask of you is that you come with an open mind and wear something comfortable. At Soul Shine we have

everything else to make your experience enjoyable. If you have a hard time laying on the floor we even have gravity chairs upon request. We hold monthly Cacao sound healing ceremonies, special sound healing events with individual clearings in our beautiful stand in Tibetan bowl, and also private events upon requests. For more information contact Tracy Cornelius, owner Positive Vibes, located inside Soul Shine 570-704-8522 or visit

Scott J. Boyle, D.O. Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

Eric Sherman


We’re Here For You and Proud To Provide You with Excellent Care for 20+ Years!

WELCOMING NEW PATIENTS General Orthopaedics • Conservative Care Joint Replacement • Sports Medicine PRP Injections • Joint Supplements & Lubricants Trauma Reconstruction • Spine • Fracture Care Surgery of the Shoulder, Hand, Wrist, Hip, Knee, Foot & Ankle Now Offering Lovera for Knee Pain Pediatric Care Available • X-Ray On Site SURGERIES PERFORMED AT HAZLETON SURGERY CENTER Most Insurances Accepted Two Convenient Locations:

Hazleton Office – Rt. 309 1201-A North Church St., Suite 103 Hazle Township, PA 18202 570-455-8544

Bloomsburg Office – Rt. 11 3151 Columbia Boulevard Bloomsburg, PA 17815 866-937-9900

Proud Part Owner of the Hazleton Surgery Center For 10 Years!


Cold Weather and Aching Joints by Dr. Eric Sherman, DNP, CRNP-BC Patients often report increased pain and aching joints when the weather changes. Cold weather can be challenging for those with arthritis or other orthopedic conditions. So why are so many affected by these issues, and is it all in their head? The answer is that there are perfectly valid reasons for you to feel these changes. Changes in barometric pressure are often correlated to changes in pain level. The good news is many things can be done to help minimize your pain. Start with movement and try to increase your activity level gradually as tolerated. The key is to start slowly and increase the intensity and duration of exercise over time. Remember, a marathon begins with just one step. Injuries are often seen when an individual begins an exercise program and doesn't give the body time to adjust. Pain is not the goal, and it can often discourage those who attempt to work out too frequently or intensely. Take your time, make gradual gains, and your joints will thank you. In many cases, exercise is good for more than just joint pain. Becoming more active is often associated with improving mood, promoting more restful sleep, reducing the risk of falls, and improving cognitive function. Cardiovascular health and many other health conditions are also improved with regular participation in a properly designed exercise program. Many of these exercises can be performed in the home setting for those concerned with transportation to a health center or who may be anxious about working out in front of others. Various exercises can often be performed with items found within the household to help limit the costs associated with starting a fitness program. Help is available for those with additional concerns about beginning an exercise program. You can reach out to your healthcare provider and ask questions about how and when to start a fitness routine. We would be happy to help guide you through how to start this process. Our healthcare team can diagnose and treat orthopedic issues that may be holding you back from living your best life. Mountain View Orthopaedics hopes to be part of your plan to make those aching joints feel better. Please visit our website www. for additional information and a full list of our services. Call today to schedule an appointment at one of our two convenient locations: Hazle Township (570) 455-8544 or Bloomsburg (866) 937-9900. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to make your wellness our highest priority.

Two Locations: JANUARY 2024 Hazleton Office – Rt. 309 • 570-455-8544

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s r e t t Ma

MONEY MATTERS SECTION How Would You Handle Forced Early Retirement? by Edward Jones - Financial Advisors When you plan to retire at a certain age, you can follow a strategy that incorporates your investment moves, your health insurance and other factors. But what happens if you’re forced to retire earlier than you anticipated? Unfortunately, this situation is not that uncommon. About 40% of Americans say they have been forced into retirement, according to a recent survey from Edward Jones and Morning Consult, a research firm. If this were to happen to you because of a layoff, company downsizing or a health issue, would you be prepared to maintain your lifestyle today — and in the future? Everyone’s situation is different. If your forced retirement happened only a short time before you actually expected to retire, you might not need to take any steps at all. But if it was a matter of a

year or more, you may need to look into the following areas: • Cash flow – Obviously, a sudden, unexpected loss of employment will affect your cash flow. And if yours was the only source of income for your household, the situation could be especially concerning. Still, you may well have options that can help. You might find a part-time job, for one thing — many employers hire seniors for various types of service-oriented work. And if you’ve built an emergency fund containing several months’ worth of living expenses, now might be the time to tap into it. You also might need to start withdrawing funds from your IRA and 401(k), though, ideally, you’d like to delay this move as long as possible, as these withdrawals may be taxable. • Health insurance – Health insurance

> | Member SIPC


Continued on next page. > | Member SIPC


Thomas W Seigendall

Marti Joines





can be a major concern if you face an unexpectedly early retirement. Once you’re 65, you’ll be eligible for Medicare, but what if you haven’t reached that age? Through the COBRA legislation, you might be able to remain on your employer-based health insurance for a while — typically 18 months after your job ends. However, COBRA is expensive: If you’re qualified, you might have to pay the entire premium for coverage, up to 102% of the cost of the plan, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. If you’re married, you might be able to get on your spouse’s health insurance, but if this option isn’t available, you could explore a Marketplace plan by visiting the website. • Social Security – A forced early retirement could affect your decision

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm Friday By Appointment Only

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm Friday 8am-3pm

24 West Broad Street, Hazleton

24 West Broad Street, Hazleton


Panorama Community Magazine Continued from previous page. on when to start taking Social Security. You’re eligible to begin collecting payments at 62, but your checks will be considerably bigger if you wait until your full retirement age, which is likely between 66 and 67, depending on when you were born. If your sudden retirement puts you in a real cash crunch, you might have to start taking payments regardless of your age, but if you have enough in savings, or your spouse’s income is enough to keep you afloat, you may want to wait as long as possible so you can get the larger checks. Of course, if your retirement comes while you’re still several years away from Social Security eligibility, you won’t have to make this now-or-later decision right away. Being forced to retire before you planned can certainly be challenging. But by looking at the options available to you, in terms of finances and health insurance, you may well find choices that can help you minimize the disruption to your life.

Tax & Financial Planning By Alice Horton-Barr, CEO, Honest Abe's Taxes, Inc.

As you read this, 2023 Tax Season is here. Later this month the IRS opens the gates of electronic filing and the sooner you file, the better. You never want to file a return until you know you have all your papers together. Selecting your tax return preparer is the most critical decision you make, for the fees, the accuracy and the service. Your preparer should have the experience, skills, education and expertise to prepare tax forms properly. A preparer who is best for a taxpayer is one that is reputable and looks at your future as well as your current tax situation. Remember that you trust this person with your most personal information, just as you would your doctor or lawyer, accordingly you want someone that you trust and build a business relationship with. Taxpayers are ultimately responsible for their tax return. Sign up for an IRS online account through! This site allows you to This article was written by Edward Jones work electronically and securely with the for use by your local Edward Jones Financial IRS as well as you having access to your information. There are many important Advisor. Edward Jones, Member SIPC services accessible through this site. Pay attention to US mail and email! You will have W-2 (Wages), 1099-R (Pension, 401K, I don’t want to make the wrong decision for etc.), 1099SA (Social Security),1099-DIV the one person who or 1099INT and other income documents always made coming in and these should be put together the right ones.” in one safe spot. Identity Theft Letter with your number is Now is the time to make the right decisions for you GOLD. When this comes in put it with your and your family. As pre-planning specialists, we can make certain that all of your wishes are carried tax documents and/or go ahead and get it to out and that you spend only what is needed. your preparer! You cannot electronically file We’d like to answer any questions you might have. Call us today to find out what you can do to make all of the right decisions.


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without it. If you want to have Direct Deposit when you file, make sure you have a bank account or “Debit Card” that acts as a bank and the information (Routing and Account number) with your tax information. Social Security numbers (preferably cards), names and Date of Births for all Taxpayers and Dependents documents should also be gathered, unless you are using your same preparer who has this information from a previous year. Also, the taxpayer’s current state issued photo ID should be taken to the tax appointment. IRS NEWS Where’s my refund, now lets you track your refund for 3 years and it works! If you owe money, the IRS has numerous payment plan options and if you need help figuring that out, reach out to your preparer for guidance. The IRS has ended unannounced visits to taxpayers’ homes and businesses. Do you owe tax penalties for 2020 and/ or 2021? You did not receive the notice dues from the IRS because of the pandemic? You may be eligible for automatic penalty relief! SCAM: THE IRS WILL NEVER CALL to Demand immediate Payment; Send someone to arrest you; Demand payment without you knowing what and why you owe (they send you a bill and opportunity to appeal/review); or ask for bank, credit or debit card over the phone! NOT SCAM: THE IRS WILL CALL if you have reached out to them on your personal tax matters, occasionally. FINANCIAL PLANNING TIPS From a Financial Advisor, Patrick Clark, a Summary List of things that Santa should do to get ho-ho-holistic financial plan is below; if you would like more details contact Honest Abe’s, or we can share it when we do your taxes. 1. All I want for Christmas is a Budget – Stay on Budget 2. It’s the Most Wonderful Time to Set Goals – Plan Ahead 3. I’ll Have a Blue Christmas – Without an Emergency Fund – Emergencies Happen! 4. Have Yourself a Merry Little Investment – Once your have your Funds, look at your Investment Planning 5. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, While I Go – To the Beach! – Retirement! Honest Abe is looking forward to serving the Area for your tax needs. We are open yearround and do Tax Planning as part of your Tax Preparation, as one fee. Appointments are recommended; we are open 6 days per week; the Calendar fills quickly; 570-6688297.


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5 Steps to Start Planning Your Estate (Family Features) Regardless of your age, it's never too early to plan your estate and ensure last wishes are met. Estate planning isn't just for the wealthy - it's a process that allows you to determine how your assets are bequeathed and managed upon incapacitation or death. Aiming to promote cultural preservation and secure funds for Jewish institutions, the Jewish Future Pledge is a global initiative empowering families to discuss the importance of estate planning, including why patriarchs and matriarchs should ensure charitable giving continues after their passing. The organization estimates $68 trillion will be transferred to the next generation over the next 25 years with around 20% of this wealth coming from Jewish donors. Discuss these basic estate planning steps with your loved ones and consider consulting an attorney for individual guidance. Document Wishes Although not typically legally binding, preparing a letter of final wishes allows you to share information and requests, like funeral arrangements, which often fall outside of the will. It may also include an explanation of will provisions or suggestions for how funds you'll leave behind should be used. Prepare a Will A legally binding last will and testament is often considered the most important aspect of estate planning. This involves naming guardians for minor children and pets, listing all property, designating people and organizations that should receive assets, directing funds to charities and naming an executor. Consider Causes Important to You As part of will creation and estate planning, consider charitable causes you'd like to support after passing. Talking with loved ones can be a way to gather input on important causes, and those conversations can act as a springboard for generations to support a particular cause

or organization, based on their shared values. Assign Beneficiaries Naming people who should inherit assets like life insurance policies or retirement accounts is something you may have completed long ago when creating those assets. However, it's important to ensure the beneficiaries named align with your will to avoid conflict as designated beneficiaries often take precedence over a will, which could create confusion and legal headaches. Regularly Review Your Plan Establishing your estate plan is important for ensuring last wishes are met, but it's also beneficial to revisit the plan regularly to update when necessary. For example, many people review their plans every couple of years or at major life events, such as the birth of a child or grandchild, marriage or divorce, purchasing a large asset, changing life insurance coverage and career changes.


Hartley Tax Service's ad was in our book last Feb 2021. He would like to repeat that ad with the following changes: REMOVE- Small Business, Accounting Business Payrolls Sales Tax, Quarterlies, W-2's. W-3's. Exceptional service with a personal touch 1099's Act 32 Forms & Codes. Replace it with: Business, Home, Auto & Specialty Insurance **RETIRING IN 3YEARS** Not Donna Marie Dougherty any new clients at this accepting President, CISR time.


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Big Game Sunday, February 11th

Order in from local restaurants, or go out for some football fun!

NFL, Las Vegas Super Bowl LVIII Host Committee Announce Official Super Bowl LVIII Events The NFL and the Las Vegas Super Bowl LVIII Host Committee held a press conference to announce the extensive roster of official events and activations for Super Bowl LVIII. Peter O'Reilly, NFL Executive Vice President, Club Business, Major Events, and International, Sam Joffray, President & CEO of the Las Vegas Super Bowl LVIII Host Committee, and


14 Broad St., Beaver Meadows Wed-Mon 11am-10pm • CLOSED Tues

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Steve Hill, President & CEO of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, revealed the locations of the highly anticipated week-of-Super Bowl events, including fan activations, communitydriven initiatives, and more. "We are thrilled to bring Super Bowl LVIII to Las Vegas," said O'Reilly. "This city is a capital of sports and entertainment, always providing an incredible highenergy atmosphere for our events. We look forward to continuing the work with our local partners to provide an extraordinary experience for the Las Vegas community and show fans around the world what this city has to offer." "Super Bowl LVIII will mark an historic achievement for the city of Las Vegas," said Joffray. "Las Vegas is renowned for its entertainment and hospitality, and we are grateful to our community partners and elected officials for their support and collaboration in planning these monumental events. Together, we look forward to welcoming fans to the city for what will be an unforgettable week." EVENTS AND VENUES INCLUDE: NFL Headquarter Hotel at Caesars Palace: The NFL's home base while on-site in Las Vegas. Super Bowl Opening Night fueled by Gatorade at Allegiant Stadium, Monday, Feb. 5, 2024: Fans are invited to get a preview of Super Bowl LVIII and be there for Super Bowl Opening Night fueled by Gatorade, as Super Bowl players and coaches speak to media during their only public appearance in Las Vegas before Super Bowl Sunday. Fans will be able

to take part in family-friendly activities, including photo opportunities, exclusive merchandise by NFL Shop presented by Visa and autographs from NFL players. (Note: No direct access to Super Bowl team players.) Tickets for Super Bowl Opening Night are $30 and will be available in December. Super Bowl Experience at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Wednesday, Feb. 7 – Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024: Super Bowl Experience, the NFL's interactive football theme park, is a family-friendly event that takes place each year during Super Bowl Week. Super Bowl Experience offers fans the opportunity to collect autographs from current NFL players and Legends, shop for merchandise from NFL Shop presented by Visa, and participate in new and enhanced interactive games and youth football clinics. Super Bowl Experience will also feature photo opportunities with the Vince Lombardi Trophy, a 40-yard dash against NFL players on LED screens and a Super Bowl display showcasing all 57 Super Bowl rings. Additionally, in a continuing effort to provide the best fan experience, this year Super Bowl Experience will introduce Sensory Hour. For a designated time on Thursday, February 8, Super Bowl Experience will be fully operational with a modified environment to accommodate those with various ability needs and sensory sensitivities. Fans can visit for the most up-to-date information. Super Bowl Media Center powered by Verizon at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Sunday, Feb. 4 – Sunday, Feb.


Panorama Community Magazine

It's Time For Our

NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY 11, 2024: The Super Bowl Media Center hottest ticket in town for foodie and football powered by Verizon is the hub of media fans. Guests will enjoy a tasting menu activity during Super Bowl Week. The Continued on page 19. Media Center opens to credentialed media on Sunday, February 4 and is open to media 24/7 through gameday. Super Kids Super Sharing, January 2024, Pearson Community Center: NFL Green is teaming up with the Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee, the Las Vegas Raiders, Clark County Parks, Verizon and others for a sports equipment, book and school supply donation project called Super Kids-Super Sharing. Taking place at Pearson Community Center, this year marks the 25th anniversary of this Super Bowl initiative, which puts new and gently used items in the hands of local kids in need. (Note: this event is private and not open to the public.) 25th Annual Super Bowl Soulful Celebration at The Pearl Theater at Palms Casino Resort, Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024: O Sunday-Thursday: Since its inception during Super Bowl 11am to 10pm XXXIII in Miami in 1999, the Super Bowl P Soulful Celebration (formerly Super Bowl E Friday & Saturday: Gospel Celebration) has established a 11am to 11pm N remarkable imprint during the biggest week in sports as the exclusive NFL-sanctioned multicultural program. Seamlessly blending two cherished American passions—football and music— this annual celebration is approaching its 25th year in partnership with the NFL. Bridging cultures and igniting inspiration, ORDER YOUR FAVORITE the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration is an GAMEDAY FOOD ONLINE AT unforgettable evening that transcends DAMONSHAZLETON.COM boundaries and unites the sports community through music. For more information, visit www.superbowlsoulful. 10 Woodbine St., Hazleton com or follow @superbowlsoulful. (across from Penn State Campus) Taste of the NFL at Keep Memory Alive 570-453-0400 Center, Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024: Taste of the NFL is the Super Bowl's largest Follow Us on Facebook & Twitter philanthropic culinary experience and the



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Allegiant Stadium, Home Of The Las Vegas Raiders, Becomes First NFL Stadium Powered By 100% Renewable Energy The Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium, in partnership with NV Energy, announced today, on Green Sports Day, the stadium’s conversion to 100% renewable energy. With this historic achievement, the home of the Las Vegas Raiders is now the first NFL stadium powered exclusively by renewable energy. The Raiders’ upcoming Monday Night Football game against the Green Bay Packers at Allegiant Stadium will mark the first NFL game to be fully

operated by renewable power since the announcement. “The Las Vegas Raiders are proud to set the bar in sustainability not only for the NFL but for sports around the world,” said Raiders president Sandra Douglass Morgan. “We have a responsibility to our fans, players, community and planet to tackle sustainability head-on and set a new standard for sustainability in sports. Our reach and impact extend far beyond the game.” In collaboration with NV Energy, the Raiders and Allegiant Stadium have strived to conserve energy usage at the stadium for all events held there. This milestone of operating Allegiant Stadium with 100% renewable energy will help minimize the stadium’s environmental footprint and significantly reduce energy use costs. This announcement comes on the heels of Allegiant Stadium successfully obtaining LEED Gold Certification in July, further solidifying the Las Vegas Raiders as leaders in sustainability in sports. "Allegiant Stadium is excited to reach this tremendous milestone in our ongoing sustainability efforts," said Allegiant Stadium's General Manager Chris Wright. "It has been and will continue to be our mission to develop and improve sustainable policies that reduce our environmental footprint while bringing



1-3 WEST DIAMOND AVE., HAZLETON Mon-Thur 3pm to 2am • Fri 10am to 2am Sat 3pm to 2am • Sun 3pm to Midnight


world-class concerts, sporting events, and corporate events to Las Vegas. It is an honor to be the first stadium in North America to reach this achievement and to set the standard for what is possible as we continue to make an impact on the Las Vegas community and beyond." The renewable power supplied to the stadium is produced within Nevada and serves the stadium and other NV Energy customers. According to NV Energy, the renewable energy solution they identified guarantees cost stability now and for years to come for the stadium. “NV Energy is honored to be the energy supplier for the Las Vegas Raiders and their home at Allegiant Stadium,” said Doug Cannon, NV Energy president and CEO. “This project is emblematic of our commitment to meeting our customers’ unique energy needs and identifying an innovative path forward to meet the Raiders’ and Allegiant Stadium’s vision of being the first NFL team and stadium powered by all renewable energy – this renewable energy project is a win for the environment and demonstrates NV Energy’s ongoing commitment to powering Nevada with more sustainable energy.” The Raiders and Allegiant Stadium are committed to sustainable policies and programs that minimize their environmental footprint. In addition to renewable energy, other sustainability initiatives include: Waste Diversion - The stadium diverts waste from the landfill and currently repurposes, reuses, or donates 20 material streams. Food Scrap Collection - On average, 12,000 pounds of kitchen prep cuttings and end-of-event food scraps are collected per large stadium event. Cigarette Waste Collection - Allegiant Stadium is the first stadium in the U.S. to divert cigarette waste from the landfill and convert that waste into energy. More than 69,000 Watts of Energy have been created from this program. Raiders Field Grass Clippings - The stadium diverts grass clippings to the onsite biomass machine. To date, 160,800


Panorama Community Magazine pounds of grass clippings have been composed or diverted. For more information about sustainability-focused initiatives, please visit ABOUT THE LAS VEGAS RAIDERS The Raiders began playing in the American Football League in 1960 and are in their 64th year of professional football competition, including the last 54 years as a member club of the National Football League. Over seven memorable decades, the Raiders won one AFL Championship, three NFL Championships, and four American Football Conference Championships. The Raiders base training and business operations in Henderson at Intermountain Health Performance Center and play home games at Allegiant Stadium, a fully enclosed, state-of-the-art facility with a capacity of 65,000 located adjacent to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. For more information, please visit or follow @raiders on Twitter and Instagram. ABOUT ALLEGIANT STADIUM Home to the Las Vegas Raiders, located adjacent to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, Allegiant Stadium is an award-winning global events destination. A state-of-the-art, multipurpose venue with a capacity of 65,000, Allegiant Stadium has hosted world-class music artists such as Garth Brooks, The Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, Taylor Swift, and BTS with more legendary concerts to come. The fully enclosed stadium is also home to the UNLV Rebels football team and has hosted premier sporting events such as the Concacaf Gold Cup Final, Pac-12 Championship Game, Las Vegas Bowl, and WWE SummerSlam. The venue also hosted the NFL Pro Bowl in both 2022 and 2023, and has been selected to host Super Bowl LVIII in 2024. Allegiant Stadium is committed to giving back to the community through numerous diversity, inclusion, and community outreach initiatives. In addition, Allegiant Stadium is proud to be both LEED Gold certified and powered by 100% Renewable Energy, and is dedicated to implementing sustainable practices and programs. For more information on Allegiant Stadium, visit or follow us at @allegiantstadm on Twitter and @ allegiantstadium on Instagram. Twitter and YouTube pages, which can be accessed via


Continued from page 17. curated by the country's best chefs, both nationally renowned and locally loved. Hosted by culinary superstars Andrew Zimmern, Carla Hall, Tim Love, Lasheeda Perry, and Mark Bucher, along with appearances by 30+ NFL greats, Taste of the NFL will offer guests a bite of the best of Super Bowl LVIII! All event proceeds will support GENYOUth, a leading national nonprofit dedicated to helping school children thrive by living a well-nourished and physically active life. Funds will be distributed to schools in Nevada and all 32 NFL markets to increase access to and participation in school meals among youth in at-risk communities and help #Endstudenthunger. Taste of the NFL welcomes guests ages 21+. VIP Tickets are available at Super Bowl Breakfast at Caesars Palace, Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024: The NFL-sanctioned Super Bowl Breakfast is a private event that has taken place in the Super Bowl host city every year since 1988, drawing sellout crowds to hear from some of sport's biggest names. The centerpiece of the breakfast is the presentation of the Bart Starr Award to a

current NFL player who has demonstrated character and integrity in alignment with Starr's lifelong commitment to serving as a positive role model to his family, teammates and community. The 37th annual event will unite Las Vegas business and civic leaders, sports fans from around the country, and football legends, including Pro Football Hall of Famers, former Bart Starr Award winners and many more. To learn more, purchase tickets or register as a sponsor, visit www. The countdown to the highly anticipated Super Bowl LVIII continues with various community initiatives led by the Las Vegas Super Bowl LVIII Host Committee. With the support of its supporters, including Legacy Philanthropic Partner, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, the committee will continue its efforts to make a lasting and meaningful impact on Southern Nevada through Super Bowl LVIII Business Connect, the UNLV internship program, the Team LV volunteer program, various charitable events and more to be announced. Follow Us

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On the Road Again by Rich Lipinski

In November, it was announced that the Oakland A’s will be relocating to Las Vegas in 2028. The name dates back to 1860 when the Athletic Baseball Club was founded in Philadelphia. The team became a member of National Amateur Association. As baseball evolved into professionalism, the Athletics joined the National Association and was a founding member of the National League. In what was an omen of things to come, The Athletics were expelled from the National League, for failing to meet financial obligations. The Athletics name was brought back as Philadelphia entered a team in the newly formed American League in 1901. The Athletics left Philadelphia for Kansas City in 1954 and then left for Oakland in 1968. The Athletics franchise has been one of most curious of all franchises in any sport. The Philadelphia/ Kansas City/Oakland franchise has won more World Series than any team except the Yankees and Cardinals. They have had four remarkable runs over


the course of 110 years that match up with the best the sport has ever seen. They have also been one of the most badly managed and underfunded franchises in baseball history. Some of this is self-inflicted, and some was inflicted on them by their communities. During their time in Philadelphia, their presence was felt in Coal Country. Elmer Valo Valo had by far the longest stint in professional baseball of anyone from our region. He spent 20 years as a player despite missing two years for military service. He then spent another 40 years working as scout and coach for the Indians and the Phillies. He was born Imrich Valo in Slovakia in 1921. His family immigrated to Palmerton in Carbon County. He grew up in the shadow of the New Jersey Zinc Company, an iconic and infamous institution on the shores of the Lehigh River. Valo was multisport athlete who showed great ability and speed during his high school years. Valo made his major league debut in 1940 at 19. Valo was enigma, much like his team. His teammate, Hall of Famer Al Simmons,

predicted great things for him, “If he could relax a little.” Valo was intense, but he could also be the team comedian and he would play recklessly. He had more than one run in with an outfield wall, causing multiple injuries. Injuries would limit his natural ability. He sustained one of his injuries robbing Yogi Berra of a home run. Valo would stay with the Athletics through their move to Kansas City. In 1956, he became a baseball nomad, playing for the Phillies (twice), Dodgers, Indians, Senators and Twins. He retired after the 1961 season. In retirement he was a coach, scout and part-time writer for the Allentown Morning Call. He spent most of his time with the Phillies and received a World Series ring for his contributions to 1980 World Champions. Valo was very involved with working with children as an instructor and a speaker to youth groups. He stressed the value of sports and their relationship to American freedoms. Valo died in 1988 and was inducted into Phillies Wall of Fame in 1995. Valo’s is believe to be the only player in history to have been part of three franchise moves. He moved with A’s to Kansas City in 1955, with the Dodgers to Los Angeles in 1958 and from Washington to Minnesota in 1961. Williamsport Grays Historic Bowman Field played host to the A’s affiliate Williamsport Grays from 1933 to 1942. The most accomplished player from those


Panorama Community Magazine Grays team was Eddie Stanky. Stanky like most players was sold off by the A’s and became famous as the first white player on the Brooklyn Dodgers to befriend Jackie Robinson. St Clair’s Joe Holden and Mahanoy City native Ron Northey both played for Williamsport. Eddie McCrossin of Delmar MD, who follows this column on-line, sent this photo of the 1941 Williamsport Grays. Northey was part of the 1941 team. Northey played in over 1000 major league games for the Phillies, Cardinals, Reds, Cubs and White Sox. More from the Area There were a number of players from coal country to play for A’s including Northey’s neighbor Joe Boley (born John Bolinsky). Boley was the starting shortstop for the Philadelphia Athletics in their 1929 and 1930 seasons when they won the World Series. He was nearly 31 years old when he broke in as a rookie in the 1927 season. By 1931 he was playing less, but appeared in briefly in the 1931 World Series. In 1954 he was elected to the International League Hall of Fame. In 1933 he finished his professional

career with Williamsport. Joe Murray of Wilkes-Barre was a 29-year-old veteran minor leaguer when he made the long jump from the West Palm Beach Indians of the class B Florida International League to the last place Philadelphia Athletics on August 17, 1950. He lost all three of his decisions in eight games for the Athletics. This would be Joe's only work in the majors and he finished with a 0-3 record and a 5.70 ERA while pitching 30 innings. Murray had been 20-14 with a 2.94 ERA for West Palm when

called up by the Athletics. Murray finished his professional career with Williamsport in 1953. Johnny Kucab of Olyphant pitched 15 seasons from 1940 to 1958, three in the Major Leagues and 14 in the minors, losing four years to the military. He served in both combat theaters during World War II. He pitched for the Philadelphia Athletics from 1950 to 1952. Kucab made just three starts in his 59 major league appearances. On the final day of the 1950 season, was his first win, and Connie Mack's last game as an MLB manager. The information and statistics are courtesy of and and for more information about the Philadelphia Athletics check out philadelphiaathletics. org. Please e-mail comments to

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Horses & Horizons Therapeutic Learning Center Names Jane E. Ostroski Volunteer Of The Year Horses & Horizons Therapeutic Learning Center, Inc.’s (H.H.T.L.C.’s) recently named Jane E. Ostroski their Volunteer of the Year for 2023. Executive Director, Harvey Smith, presented Jane with a trophy and a certificate of appreciation depicting photos of her with some of the riders she has helped. For the past nine years, Ostroski has volunteered as both a horse leader and a side aide during therapeutic riding lessons. For seven of those years, she also served as H.H.T.L.C.'s Volunteer Coordinator. A former horse owner, Jane is retired from Air Products in Allentown, PA. She lives in New Tripoli, PA with her husband, Tom, and their two cats. When Jane isn't volunteering at H.H.T.L.C, she enjoys Crab and Shrimp Salad

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gardening, bird watching, and making gemstone jewelry. She also is an avid Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles fan. Also recently announced was H.H.T.L.C.’s Horse of the Year for 2023, Shadow. This was determined by popular Executive director, Harvey Smith, recently vote of organization’s riders presented Jane E. Ostroski with Horses & and volunteers. Shadow, Horizons Therapeutic Learning Center Inc.’s registered name, Airy’s Volunteer of the Year Award for 2023. Rising Stars, is a 16 year-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, a offers therapeutic horseback riding breed known for their comfortable to children and adults with a wide gait. He has been in HHTLC's variety of physical, mental, and lesson program since 2019. This is emotional disabilities. Shadow’s second time being named Since its founding in 1993, it has horse of the year. Even though operated from Harvey and Elaine Shadow thinks it's his job to boss Smith’s Helping Horse Farm, located all the other horses, he is very sweet between the towns of Tamaqua and and gentle with people. New Ringgold. The program is staffed At the organization’s year end entirely by volunteers. Both Smiths celebration, all volunteers received are credentialed therapeutic riding certificates of appreciation, and instructors with PATH International, riders were awarded certificates of which sets safety standards for riding achievement. centers. H.H.T.L.C is a registered 501(c)3 Therapeutic horseback riding has non-profit organization, which been shown to improve balance, posture, strength and coordination. It also helps to increase self-awareness, self-confidence, attention span, and independence. Riders often gain improved social skills as well. ARS! 82 YE Horses & Horizons holds riding lessons from the end of April through October. During its months of operation, in addition to lesson Breakfast Served All Day volunteers, it also needs volunteers Soups • Salads to assist with grounds maintenance, Burgers • Sandwiches Dinner Entrees cleaning saddles and bridles, and Delicious Desserts fundraising. Special Kids Menu For information on becoming a Buy One Entree Get One of Equal or Lesser Value volunteer or enrolling a rider in Horses & Horizons Therapeutic Learning with this coupon EXPIRES: 1/31/24 Not valid with any other promotions or discounts. Not valid on holidays. Center, Inc., visit the website at www. 189 Claremont Ave. Tamaqua Sun/Tues/Wed/Thur, or call Elaine 7am-7pm Smith at 570-386-5679. Monday 7am-2pm Fri & Sat 7am-8pm


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Fresh Flavors For The New Year (Family Features) If you're among those looking to set goals and wellness intentions for the new year, it's important to equip yourself with the right tools, whether information or inspiration, to help support you on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. That can start with something as easy as elevating your menu and the ingredients you keep on-hand. For example, Fresh Express offers more than 100 varieties of fresh, healthy and convenient ready-to-eat salads, including the French Blue Cheese Salad Kit, which combines a nutrient-dense salad mix of fresh baby spinach, spring mix, red cabbage and carrots, and is enhanced with aromatic blue cheese, crunchy garlic brioche croutons and a savory French blue cheese dressing. Available in the refrigerated produce department, the kit can be paired with better-for-you ingredients like roasted cauliflower and seasoned potatoes to make this Roasted Cauliflower and Potato Spinach Salad in less than an

hour. Visit to discover more recipes and find a store near you. Roasted Cauliflower and Potato Spinach Salad Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 40 minutes Servings: 4 • 1 small head cauliflower, cut into florets layer on sheet pan. • 3 tablespoons olive oil, divided Bake cauliflower 30-40 minutes, • 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning, ' tossing once halfway through, until divided tender and lightly charred. Cool. • 1/2 teaspoon salt, divided In bowl, toss potatoes with remaining • 1 pound fingerling potatoes, olive oil. Sprinkle with remaining Italian quartered seasoning and salt; mix well. Arrange in • 1 package (8 ounces) Fresh Express single layer on sheet pan. French Blue Cheese Salad Kit Bake potatoes 20 minutes until tender and lightly browned. Cool. Heat oven to 425 F. Place greens from salad kit in large In large bowl, toss cauliflower florets bowl; add roasted vegetables. Drizzle with 2 tablespoons olive oil. Sprinkle with with dressing from salad kit; mix well. 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning and 1/4 Top with croutons and blue cheese from teaspoon salt; mix well. Arrange in single salad kit.

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Art & Antiques By Dr. Lori Coffee Culture Inspires 1990s/2000s TV Collectibles By Dr. Lori Verderame

Movie memorabilia and film collectibles are known to bring big bucks in the vintage collectibles markets, but objects associated with the history of television are just as popular but often overlooked by comparison. Big screen versus small screen is the issue. Recently, there has been a revitalization with collectors of the collectibles that highlight the early decades of American television. Now, as the landscape of television is in flux with streaming services, YouTube TV, and the vast offerings of new online content, television collectibles from the 1970s to the 2000s are now moving these items into the spotlight with collectors of all ages. For decades, television shows have been a treasure trove for collectible objects. For more than a half century, characters from these TV shows have been the basis for some of the vintage collectible market’s most sought-after and rare objects. Here are some valuable TV collectibles that remind us of popular television shows and their beloved

characters. With the recent death of Matthew Perry who played the character of Chandler Bing on the 1990s smash-hit show, Friends, collectibles associated with the NBC show have sparked new interest. The show highlighted the everyday lives of a group of friends in their late 20s/early 30s living in New York city. Much of the funny social activity took place in a coffee shop, near Central Park, called Central Perk. It follows that one of the rare TV collectibles from Friends is a canister of Friends instant coffee resembling the popular General Foods International Coffee brand and the unmistakable elongated-shaped tin from the 1990s. The rare tin that depicted the six characters – Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler – on the label sells online for $100 each. Also, American coffee culture of the late 1990s and early 2000s permeated into the collectible objects associated with the TV competition show, American Idol. A rare American Idol collectible on the market today is

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a Keurig pod coffee machine featuring accessories including Keurig k-cup coffee pods with music competition judge Randy Jackson’s photo on each k-cup pod. Similarly, the American Idol coffee machine comes with non-dairy creamer featuring a photo of host Ryan Seacrest and other judges from the TV show that ignited the careers of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Kimberley Locke, Adam Lambert, Kellie Pickler, Clay Aiken, and others. The coffee machine itself dons the American Idol logo and the lot sells for $500 in new condition. Most of these machines were found in the early 2000s in Fox network studios around the country. While TV collectibles come in traditional and somewhat unusual forms, collectors remain taken with the characters of the small screen and the items that remind us of shows that made TV remarkable. Ph.D. antiques appraiser, author, and award-winning media personality, Dr. Lori Verderame presents antique appraisal events nationwide, appears on Netflix’s King of Collectibles, History channel’s The Curse of Oak Island and Pawn Stars do America. Visit, watch videos on or call (888) 431-1010.

Upcoming Community Events January 1st thru January 28th • Hazleton Art League • 31 West Broad Street, Hazleton • The Hazleton Art League presents Members Masters: Hazleton Art League 2022 Members’ Show Top Artists. This exhibition is being continued from December. Artwork will be on display in the Main Gallery through Sunday, January 28th. The exhibition highlights the Hazleton Art League members who were awarded top honors in our 2022 Members’ Exhibition. Admission is always free and open to the public. Gallery hours are Tues.-Fri. 10am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday 1-4pm, closed Mondays and Holidays. For info on classes, programs, and other events visit our website www.hazletonartleague. org, follow us on Facebook, Instagram @ hazletonsartleague or Twitter @HALfortheArts. For additional info call The Art League 570-455-3333. January 7th • FREE Hot Lunch • Community Bible Fellowship • 458 West Spruce Street, Hazleton • Community Bible Fellowship invites you to a FREE Hot Lunch on Sunday, January 7th from 12-2pm or until food runs out. This is open to the public and eat in only. This month’s menu is Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, and assorted Desserts. Come out and enjoy a hot meal, something sweet and great company. We look forward to seeing you all! We also welcome you to join our Worship Service every Sunday at 10:45am, and every Wednesday for Prayer at 6pm and Bible Study at 7pm. For more info email or visit our website . January 13th • Cornhole & Crowns Fundraiser and Celebration • Towers Bar & Restaurant • 1478 Tomhicken Rd, Fern Glen • This event is being held for Emily Francher, your Miss Pennsylvania Teen Volunteer, to help her raise money to defer the cost of Nationals where she will compete on the national level at the Miss Teen Volunteer America Pageant in March. Registration begins at 11am and bags fly at Noon. Come on out, have some fun and meet Emily! Join the Cornhole Tournament, enjoy the DJ and photobooth, entertainment, face painting, tricky trays and 50/50’s. The festivities will go on until 8pm. If you would like to become a sponsor, contact Kim Fancher 570-582-7474 or Amanda Ackerman 570-401-0625. They are also accepting donations

of Tricky Trays, Baskets & Gift Certificates. Please contact Colleen Sutherland 570-578-6462 to make arrangements to drop off the week of the event. We hope to see you there! January 20th • Halupkie Sale • Columbia Hose Fire Co. No. 1 • 742 W Centre Street, Shenandoah • Pick-up time is from 4-6pm. Dinner platters include two halupkies, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a roll for $15. You can order halupkie individually for $6 each. We are only accepting pre-orders! The deadline to place your order is Sunday, January 7th. Please call 570-462-9574 to place your order. January, February, March • Community Service Faith United Church of Christ • 21 Faith Drive, Hazleton, located behind the Toyota Dealer and next to The Laurels. • Widows Web group meets once a month on the 2nd Wednesday from 12:30-2pm. All widows welcome! • Men’s Grief group meets the third Wednesday every month from 9:30-11am. All men welcome! • AA group meets weekly every Thursday from 7-8pm. Enter through the Fellowship Hall doors. • Giving Tree collections accepted through February • Accepting gently used coats and shoes to be distributed to women’s and men’s homeless centers. • Cold Hands, Warm Hearts donations of adult and children’s hats, scarves, gloves, and mittens. Will be delivered to United Way for distribution. Please place all donations in large white barrels by Sanctuary doors. • Ashes will be distributed 2/14 Ash Wednesday from 7-9am & 1-3pm in a drive-by manner; please stay in your car! Ashes will also be given at the inside service from 6:30-7pm. • Lenten soup/sandwich & bible study Tuesdays 11:30am-1:30pm 2/20 through 3/19. “Lent in Plain Sight” by Jill J. Duffield. We will look at objects Jesus would have encountered: dust, bread, the cross, coins, shoes, oil, coats, towels, thorns, and stones. Please call the church 570-454-5982 for weekly happenings or call Rev. Jane Hess with questions 570-401-2239. All are welcome to join us for Worship every Sunday. The first Sunday of the month we offer services at 8am & 10am along with Communion at both services. All other Sundays, the service is held at 10am only. “No matter who you are or where you are in life’s journey you are welcome at Faith U.C.C."

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Cornhole & Crowns Fundraiser and Celebration For Emily Fancher, Miss Pennsylvania Teen Volunteer 2024 Our Miss Pennsylvania Teen Volunteer 2024 is Emily Fancher, a 15-year-old sophomore student at Hazleton Area High School! Emily resides with her family in Conyngham, PA. Emily has been dancing for the past 12 years for Tracey’s Academy of Dance and currently is competing with the HAHS Varsity Cheer Squad. Emily competed this past April in the Miss Greater Hazleton Pageant and was awarded the Miss Commonwealth Teen 2024 title and crown. From there, she moved on to compete at the Miss Pennsylvania Teen Volunteer Pageant, held on October 7, 2023, in Haverford, PA, and was crowned Miss Pennsylvania Teen Volunteer 2024. Emily is currently preparing to compete at the national level at the Miss Teen Volunteer America Pageant this March. This is the teen program that is part of Miss Volunteer America, a nationwide, service-oriented scholarship program that seeks to empower young women across the country through educational scholarships and extraordinary opportunities. The competition focuses on scholarship, education, responsibility, volunteerism, and empowerment. As a volunteer and spokesperson,

Emily has an important message to spread, her S.E.R.V.E. Initiative, which is “In the Darkness Find your Star: Suicide Awareness.” Emily’s goal over the next year with her title is to bring suicide awareness to the forefront of our community, especially focusing on children and teens to help them seek out help and someone to talk to when they are suffering. End the silence; no one should ever feel alone. Emily’s family & friends are putting together a fundraiser to defer the cost of Nationals. They will need travel funds, hotel accommodations, and wardrobe just to mention a few things that will come along with this amazing opportunity. Please consider joining us on January 13th at the Towers Bar and Restaurant located at 1478 Tomhicken Rd, Fern Glen, PA 18241 for a fundraiser and celebration! Corn hole tournament

Cornhole & Crowns JANUARY 13TH, 2024




TRICKY TRAYS • 50/50S • PHOTO BOOTH GUEST DJS & MORE! All proceeds benefit Emily & her family’s traveling expenses


with Black Diamond Corn Hole, DJ and photo booth entertainment, face painting, tricky trays and 50/50’s. Emily will be there to spread her message and have some fun with everyone! Please consider sponsoring this event: Sparkle Sponsor $100; Crown Sponsor $200; Diamond Sponsor $500 Sponsor donations can be mailed to: Emily Fancher, Miss Pennsylvania Teen Volunteer, PO Box 161, Conyngham, PA 18219 If you would like to make Venmo or PayPal arrangements, please reach out to Kim Fancher (570-582-7474) or Amanda Ackerman (570-401-0625). We are also seeking tricky tray donations. Drop off arrangements will be made the week of the event. If you are interested in donating a tricky tray, please reach out to Colleen Sutherland (570-578-6462). Thank You All, Emily’s Family and Friends #findyourstar - If you or someone you know is in need, please reach out dial 988 for the suicide hotline for help.


Former Hazleton Area High School Student Paints Mural for Her Senior Project — “Like A Butterfly, They Spread Their Wings” My name is Shastyn Tihansky and I am a 2023 graduate of the Hazleton Area High School. I am now attending Grove City College in the Pittsburgh area studying Nursing. I am so happy to finally share this with all of you!! During my senior year I decided to take art as an elective. I have always been the kind of girl that expresses her feelings through the art of music and sports. Painting this mural helped me heal while grieving. As many of you know, at the end of the summer before my senior year, my cousin Kassadey tragically passed away. In the beginning of the semester, I had an idea to create a mural. I wanted this to be uplifting in a way that anyone who looks at it whether they have lost someone or not, can view this painting in a positive way. I did not want this to just reflect Kass, but she was my main inspiration and motivation for this project. After my classmates and I finished painting the prom decorations, I had under a month to complete this mural. Every morning I was eager to get to work on it. A few classmates who helped me immensely will not go by unnamed. Ransel Colon painted the hand and helped me sketch the rough draft. Each morning he would sit with me while we sketched in the hallway, listening to and singing music. He would always set the mood for the day. Tatiana Fernendez gave the little people in the background outfits and color. She brought them to life! Karian Michelle completed the whole locker on the left side of the mural. This part was dedicated to Stanley Jimson as he has an open locker in our Career Center. Kari always had a smile on her face and was more than happy to be a part of this project! Ciara Diggs helped with shading the blue ribbon, bringing the pompoms to life, and cleaning up some straight edges. Ciara and I went to grade school together and I was happy to spend my last year painting with her. The ribbon was a pain to shade, but she showed her amazing skills, and it looks better than I could have ever done. She, too, always kept a positive “let’s get this done” attitude! Kimber Anderson kept me in the right headspace while thinking up ideas to bring to life. She also frequently checked up on me and was an all-around great friend and supported me my entire senior year. Thank you all for your help, your constant energy and encouragement each morning! I cannot forget to thank Mrs. Ward, the teacher who made all this possible. She aided me in gaining approval from my principal, Dr. Conston, and spoke to the maintenance department, on my behalf, which is how I got this beautiful piece of plywood to express myself on. She is also the reason it is hanging up in my high school!! With so much space to work on it was challenging to remember that I had to keep getting up and seeing how things looked from afar. Mrs. Ward

constantly reminded me to “take a step back and look at it in full.” The words on the ribbon stumped me for a while. I wanted to write something that had a double meaning…. I came up with the perfect words, “Like A Butterfly They Spread Their Wings.” When someone passes on, a butterfly is a good “sign” that they are still around because they spread their wings to protect all their loved ones. They are represented by the numerous butterflies flying through the mural. If you look at the right side of the mural, there are various career paths. When my classmates and I graduated, we all spread our wings and moved on to the next chapter in our lives. If you truly understand the meaning of these words, they are so powerful and can fit many situations. It’s all in how they are interpreted by each person individually. I would like to end this by saying how important it is to stay positive and find healthy ways to grieve the loss of loved ones. Grief can be a lonesome and heavy emotion, letting it fester will only yield negativity. There are tons of ways to express our emotions in healthy ways! Stepping out of my artistic comfort zone to paint this mural allowed me to find a new way to cope with what I was feeling. It also gave me a reason to get out of bed every morning when I wasn't feeling like it. My wish is that this mural brings hope and peace to everyone who sees it. Although this may just look like a painting to you, it is so much more! A part of me will be tied to this mural forever!! This one’s for you Kass… love and miss you always.

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Fur-Tastic Fabric Care: Top 5 Do's Extended Hours Now And Don'ts For Pet-Friendly Homes In Effect at West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital by Dr. Kenneth Trippett, West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital Dr. Trippett and the staff of West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital are please to announce they have extended their business hours to accommodate customer's needs. New business hours can be found in our ad to the right of this article . The West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital was founded over 50 years ago. It has a long-standing tradition of quality care. Dr. Kenneth Trippett purchased the hospital in 1996. Since then, he has continued to renovate the hospital, update the older equipment and add new equipment so that he can provide highest quality care to his patients. West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital is proud to serve the West Hazleton, PA area for everything pet related. If your goal is to keep your healthy animals healthy and make your sick animals better, then the West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital is the place to bring your pets. We offer yearly exams and vaccinations for dogs & cats along with laboratory testing. We also treat exotic animals with periodic comprehensive exams. We strive to provide complete care for our patients. Our team is committed to educating our clients on how to keep your pets healthy year-round, with good nutrition and exercise. West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital stays on top of the latest advances in veterinarian technology and above all, remembers that all animals and pets need to be treated with loving care in every check-up, procedure, or surgery. A Healthy pet is a Happy pet — call us today at 570-455-2580 to schedule your pet’s appointment!


(BPT) - Being a pet parent is a joy and privilege. Every day, you have a friendly, four-legged companion who's just as happy to join you on walks and hikes as they are to relax with you on the couch. However, having a pet also comes with some unique challenges, especially when it comes to fabric care. Pet stains, hair and odors can be tough on your clothing, bedding and furniture. However, with some preparation and tips, you can easily keep your fabrics clean and fresh, even if your furry family member has an accident. Check out these five do's and don'ts of fabric care for pet owners. 1. Do rotate pet bedding and blankets - If you have pet bedding - like removable, machine-washable pet bed covers or designated pet blankets - or removable furniture covers, they can quickly get dirty with pet hair, oils and any soil your pet may track in from outside. Make sure to regularly wash and rotate these items to prevent odors and bacteria buildup. Ideally, you should do this once a week. Make it easier on yourself by having a couple sets of bedding and blankets so you can remove and launder one set while using another. 2. Don't wait to wash - Pet parents know that accidents happen. While you can't control unexpected pet messes, you can act right away. As soon as you notice dirty paw prints, urine or other accidents, treat and wash the fabric right away to prevent any stains and control odors. Make sure to invest in a pet-safe stain remover that's gentle on fabrics. 3. Do use fabric conditioner designed for pet parents - Laundry detergent alone may

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Dr. Ken Trippett & Neena

not be enough to protect your fabrics in a pet-friendly home. Try using a liquid fabric conditioner like Suavitel® Shed Shield, specifically formulated for pet parents who want to win the fight against fur. It fights pet odors* and repels pet hair** while keeping the clothes you love irresistibly soft and fresh. Best of all, it lets you focus on your furry friends' love and companionship and worry less about fur sticking to your clothing. To learn more, visit *versus detergent alone, against wet dog and cat urine odors, tested on cotton and cotton-polyester fabrics **versus detergent alone 4. Don't wash with regular laundry - It may seem logical and convenient to simply throw pet-soiled fabrics in the wash with your other dirty items, but it's not a good idea. Make sure to always wash your pet's bedding and blankets, as well as any fabrics with pet stains and hair, separately from your regular laundry. Doing so prevents pet odor and bacteria from contaminating your regular laundry. 5. Do use lint rollers and fabric brushes - Lint rollers and fabric brushes are handy tools that quickly remove pet hair, lint and other debris from your upholstery. Consider buying a few and storing them throughout the house. For example, keep one in the living room, bedroom and foyer so you can remove pet hair as soon as you see it to keep your upholstery looking and feeling fresh. You don't have to choose between clean, fresh fabrics and a pet-friendly home. Using these five tips, you can easily care for and maintain your clothing and home fabrics for you and your fur babies.

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our business hours to accomodate our customer’s needs Monday 11 am to 7pm • Tuesday 9am to 5pm Wednesday - Medication Pickups 9am to 12pm Thursday 9am to 5pm • Friday 10am to 5pm Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month 9am to 12pm

We hope that you will take advantage of our longer hours. We look forward to serving you into the New Year!

West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital

570.455.2580 •

ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS 45 W. Monroe Ave., West Hazleton 29

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Chamber Chatter with Mary Malone, President — New Year Fresh Start! There is nothing like the clean white page of a NEW YEAR. A fresh start to begin anew and build the best version of both you and your business. Here at the Greater Hazleton Chamber we also look forward to January and our intense planning to make the next year the best for our members and the community at large. To show you how serious we are about this, let me tell you about our NEW YEAR MEMBERSHIP incentive … where you get four months for FREE… The Chamber year runs from May 1 of one calendar year to April 30th of the following calendar year. We think the impact and perks of membership to a business is so great, we start off the calendar new year with a GIFT to potential new members. You get the first 4 months of the calendar year FREE. 4 months of member to member discounts, 4 months of mixer, luncheons and red carpet breakfast at the reduced member rate. The opportunity to price your electric and gas through our expert’s at World Kinect and health insurance costs with My Benefit Advisor. Don’t delay, use the energy of the new, fresh start of 2024 to call the Chamber at 570-455-1509 and take full advantage of this incentive program.

Serving Lower Luzerne, Carbon, Columbia & Schuylkill Counties

So many of us start the year with personal resolutions which are an excellent way to reset and renew. I challenge you to have a business resolution for 2024. Never gone to a Red Carpet, join us January 22nd to hear from Congressman Cartwright. Shy about going to a mixer, grab a friend and come to the next Chamber mixer for some power networking to boost your business. Looking to support local businesses… Share the social media page, invite some of your friends to take a look at the page. These are all fantastic resolutions to start the new year out right for businesses. Do not forget to check out what is happening or sign up for one of the chamber programs or events by going too . Happy New Year from the Board, Staff and Volunteers and I look forward to seeing you in the community and updating you next month for Chamber Chatter... Cheers

a is Panoram ort supp proud to Across Wreaths America

Suit & Tuxedo Rentals

Plus Accessories

ALL FORMALS ARE TRIM & FIT STYLES 310 W. Broad St., Hazleton


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CAN DO, Greater Hazleton Economic Development CAN BE Innovation Center, fostering entrepreneurship City of Hazleton and the Townships, Boroughs and Municipalities surrounding the City Small Business Counseling with the Small Business Development Center Hazleton Launchbox of Penn State Hazleton, business start-up & co-work space THInC, the Hazleton Innovation Collaborative, growing entrepreneurship Partners in Education, business & student alliance Downtown Hazleton Alliance for Progress Hazleton Area School District Annual Dinner and Trade Exposition Committees Affiliated Organizations Eckley Miners Golf Village Tournament Since its inception, the Chamber has been involved in Over the years, the Chamber has created organizations to address virtually every significant community development Icebreaker Golf Outing specific community needs and continues to work along with those Visit Luzerne County activity in Greater Hazleton. Issues are addressed by entities. They include CAN DO, Downtown Hazleton Alliance for FUNFEST Business three committees: Community Development, Business Progress,to Greater Hazleton AreaNetworking Civic Partnership, Junior Leadership Trade Show Discover NEPA Transportation, and Government Affairs. Hazleton, Mountain Council of Governments, Partners in Education Greater Hazleton Job Fair Employee Benefits Options and Eckley Miners Village Association. Eckley Miners Village Program of Work Regional Job Fair Empowerment Grant Every two years, members are asked to state theirWomen’s Business Affiliations Pennsylvania Cleanup Hazleton ArtGreat League community priorities. This input is developed into the Members become indirectly involved in the Chamber’s growing Red Carpet Breakfasts Energy Savings Program Chamber’s Program of Work. network of business organizations, including the Pennsylvania Ch amber Affiliate Organizations Awards Programs Chamber of Commerce, Penn’s Northeast, Great Valley Technology Ribbon Cutting Celebrations Committees/Special Projects Networking Mixers and Seminars - Junior Leadership Hazleton Alliance, OSHA Alliance, NEPA Alliance, Luzerne County Convention The Chamber embarks on special projects or creates Annual Summer Car Cruise and Visitors Bureau, PA Council of Governments and International Procedures committees based on the needs and concerns of Referral its Community Awareness Tours Partnership/Rails - Greater Hazleton Area Civic to Trails and Mid-Atlantic Festivals and Events Associations. members. Community Reading Day Online Business Directory - Mountain Council of Governments Great Valley Computer Collaborative Contest Member to Member Discounts Social Media Marketing Business discounts, helpful information, Email Communications, 32% and open rate professional gatherings greater

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Annual Dinner & Executive Business Exposition ChamberChoice Health Plan Business & Referrals Community Awards Packets Networking Newcomer Mixers On-Line Chamber Certificate of Origin Service and Ladies Night Out Women’s Luncheon Programs Spotlight on Members Golf Tournaments withCounseling one featuring Small Business Business Start-Up an On-Course Business Exposition Member to Member Discounts Greater Hazleton Job Fair Red Carpet Breakfasts featuring legislative updates & current community news For more information contact: Anniversary Event celebrating long-standing Chamber Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce Hayden Tower, 8 West Broad Street, Mezzanine Suite 1490, Members Hazleton, PA 18201 New Member Welcome Gathering (570) 455-1509 or 1-800-653-3378

Holiday Celebrations Great PA Cleanup

Fax: (570) 450-2013

For more information contact:

Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce Hayden Tower, 8 West Broad Street, Mezzanine Suite 1490 Hazleton, PA 18201

community awareness are just part of Volunteer Committees the Chamber package.

Join today Call 570-455-1509 (570) 455-1509 Fax: (570) 450-2013

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Color the winter scene


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Answers on page 50 ACROSS 1. Century Gothic, e.g. 5. Good times 8. Pi times radius squared 12. D'Artagnan's sword 13. Before "saw" and "conquered" 14. Honeybunch 15. *Contagious skin bump 16. Centers of activity 17. One of a duo on "Sesame Street" 18. *Estrogen and testosterone 20. Tiny piece of anything 21. *Pertaining to ear 22. Pocket watch chain 23. Bed "on the tree top" 26. Home ground 30. Yankee's foe 31. Heart-to-heart 34. First Nation nation 35. Clumsy 37. Summer mo. 38. Boris Godunov and Nicholas Romanov 39. ____ 1 jet speed 40. Last in octad 42. Intelligent humor 43. Win or go home competition 45. Actor Snipes 47. Not stood 48. Knitter's unit 50. *Eye part 52. *Vitamins' partners 55. Old-time calculators 56. Port of Yemen 57. Memorization method 59. Greek Bs 60. Bank on 61. Crazy one 62. Yamaguchi or Hamill's jump 63. *"Bad" cholesterol, acr. 64. Rudolph, e.g. DOWN 1. Like proud marines 2. Moonfish


Theme: Health & Fitness

3. Infamous Roman Emperor 4. Between triad and pentad 5. Flora's partner 6. Umbrella-like inflorescence 7. "The Untouchables" leader 8. *Richard Simmons' workout 9. Deliver a tirade 10. Lake north of Cleveland 11. Sailor's assent 13. *Uncontrollable movement disorder 14. Retire from military 19. Deprive by deceit 22. *"All the rage" diet, e.g. 23. Way to curl hair 24. *Pertaining to kidneys 25. Manila hemp 26. *H in HIIT 27. Type of fishing net 28. Eagle's nest

29. Easily irritated 32. Naive, alt. spelling 33. Excavated 36. *Annual exam 38. Not our 40. Young newt 41. Maid to a maid 44. Desert mirage 46. L. Carroll's and J. Heller's characters 48. Chose between competitors 49. Funereal bell sound 50. Wild goat 51. Loan attribute 52. Lime-rich soil 53. Dirty money 54. Greek portico 55. Legal grp. 58. *Heart test acronym


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Hazleton history in the style of an old fashioned Sunday paper supplement

When The Circus Came To Town

The Mansion House

Elephants on Broad Street in West Hazleton? Yep, thousands of people showed up at the Lehigh Valley Railroad freight yards at Vine and Mine streets June 13, 1952 to watch the workers from Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus unload 24 of the huge beasts. They marched from there to the Kress showgrounds in the borough, where an air-conditioned 8,500-seat big top had been set up for the circus sponsored by the Hazleton Kiwanis Club.

What looks like an antebellum Southern plantation house is actually the Mansion House, a hotel built in 1852 at what is now the corner of Broad and Laurel streets in Hazleton (where the Leader Store later stood). During the Civil War Union troops were quartered there to deal with draft protesters in Columbia County and what was called the Fishing Creek Confederacy, a supposed conspiracy to sabotage anthracite coal mines. In the 1890s, the first floor housed a clothing store known as Oak Hall.

By Carl Christopher

For more stylized photos from Hazleton's history, visit ROTOGRAVURE on Facebook.

A WORD FROM OUR ADVERTISERS Panorama has been a valuable tool to me in getting information to their readers in multiple counties that I serve at my business. Panorama offers many advertising options for any size of business, and they offer more than advertising in the form of articles submitted by their contributing writers… so much great information and it’s FREE to pick-up and enjoy!


(Located in the Dunham’s Wing by Play Zone) Monday Thru Saturday 11am-6pm

Laurel Mall Gift Certificates Sold Here! 34

Must be 18 to play.

- Joe Scarcella, Metallo’s Formal Wear & Dry Cleaning


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APPLY NOW! APLICA YA! For Bus Route Information Call 570-459-5414 Or Visit Not Sure How To Ride The Bus, We’ll Teach You. Ask About Our Travel Training Or Bus Buddy Program.

Para Obtener Información Sobre La Ruta Del Autobús, Llame Al 570-459-5414 O Visite No Estoy Seguro De Cómo Viajar En El Autobús, Te Enseñaré. Pregunte Por Nuestra Capacitación En Viajes O El Programa De Compañeros De Autobús.

If you are 65 or older you are eligible to ride Hazleton Public Transit’s fixed route bus any time for FREE thanks to proceeds from the PA Lottery. This FREE bus pass never expires and can be used on any public bus in PA.

Ciudadanos de la tercera edad Viajan gratis a partir de los 65 anos o mas. Su tarjeta de "Senior Citizen" nunca expirara y la puedeusaren todo Pennsylvania.

1. Complete the shaded section of the application and cut out. 2. Make a photocopy of one proof of age identification. Acceptable proof of age: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Driver’s License, Pace Card, PA ID Card, Armed Forces Discharge Papers Passport or Naturalization Papers, Veteran’s Universal Access ID Card, Statement of Age from Social Security Administration. 3. Mail the application and copy of proof of age to: HPT, 126 W. Mine Street Hazleton, PA 18201 You will receive your FREE bus pass in the mail within one week.

1. Complete la sección sombreada de la solicitud y recorte. 2. Haga una fotocopia de su identificación con su edad que sea aceptable. Elija entre las opciones de la solicitud. 3. Envie por correo su solicitud con la copia de su identificación que compruebe su edad: HPT, 126 W. Mine Street Hazleton, Pensilvania 18201 Recibira SU pase de autobus gratuito por correo dentro de una semana.

Application—Senior Citizen Transit Identification Card Free/Reduced Fare Transit Programs For Senior Citizens

Solicitue Su Tarjeta De Identificacion Para Personas Mayores De 65 Aros O'mas Y

Viaje Gratis Ofrecemas El Programa De Tarifa Bajas Para Los Que Califiquen. Name Of Applicant (Last, First, Middle Initial) Nombre Del Solicitante(Apellido, Primer Nombre, Inicial Del Segundo Nombre) Address (Street Or Route) City Or Post Office Direccion (Calle O Ruta) Ciudad Or Oficina De Correo Home Telephone Number ( ) Date Of Birth Numero De Telefono Fecha De Nacimiento Sign Here Firme Aqui

This Section To Be Completed By Transit Agency

Acceptable Proof Of Age Documents (One Required - Check And Include Applicable Information)

Esta Seccion Debe Ser Completada Por La Agencia De Transito Documentos De Prueba De Edad Aceptables Se Requiere Uno Marque E Incluya La Información Correspondiente Baptismal Certificate - (Church Name And Address) Certificado De Bautismo (Nombre De Lglesia Y Direccion) Birth Certificate (#) Partida De Nacimiento (#) Photo Motor Vehicle Operator’s License (#) Licensia De Vehiculo De Conducire (# ) Other Otro

Pace Identification Card (#) Tarjeta De Identificacion De Ritmo PA Identification Card (#) Tarjeta De Identificacion PA (#)

I Do Hereby Certify That I Have Reviewed The Above Age Documentation And The Information Contained Herein Is True And Accurate To The Best Of My Knowledge And Belief. Por Lo Presente Certifico Que He Revisado La Documentacion De Edad Y Que La Informacion Contenida En Este Documento Es Verdadero Y Preciso Segun Mi Conocimiento Y Creencia. Signature Of Transit Agency Representative Certifying Age Documentation Firma Del Representante De La Agencia De Tránsito Que Certifica Documentación De Edad Printed Name Of Above Transit Agency Representative Nombre En Imprenta Del Representante De La Agencia De Transito Name Of Transit Agency (Include Street Or Route, City Or Post Office, State, Zip Code) Nombre De Agencia De Transito Incluya Calle O Ruta, Ciudad U Oficina De Correos, Estado, Código Postal)

As safety guidelines for COVID-19 continue to evolve, we continue to follow all CDC guidelines. Our buses are cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized daily.

Como medidas de seguridad por el COVID-19 seguimos todas las reglas establecidas por la CDC, todos nuestros autobuses estan debidamente desinfectados y limpiados diariamente.



Date Of Application Fecha De Applicacion State Zip Code Estado Codigo Postal Age Male Female Edad Hombre Mujer


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How One Automaker Is Granting Wishes Across The Country (BPT) - Eleven-year-old Quinn has faced the fears and anxieties that come with a critical illness diagnosis. At 11 days old, she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. However, Quinn's condition has not dimmed her passion for life. Her desire for excitement and adventure keeps her going despite her challenges. When Quinn was asked, "If you could have one wish, what would it be?" she did not hesitate. She said she wished to go on a tropical vacation with her family. In partnership with Make-A-Wish® New Jersey, Subaru of Cherry Hill made Quinn's wish come true by hosting a send-off party for Quinn. She thought she was going to look at cars with her family at Subaru of Cherry Hill but was surprised by family, friends and community members. The party included all her favorite things, a Kona Ice truck and fire dancer, plus exciting gifts for her trip. After an exciting limo ride to the airport, Quinn spent a week in the sun, experiencing the local culture and seeking thrills on a zipline. Her trip allowed her to relax, recharge and make lifelong memories with her family. "We know how physically and emotionally difficult medical treatments can be for children and their families," said John Daqui, general sales manager at Subaru of Cherry Hill. "As a supporter of Make-A-Wish New Jersey, we hope to provide local children like Quinn with strength and positivity to fight against a critical illness."

Transforming lives, one wish at a time Quinn is just one example of the many children across the U.S. whose wish has been granted thanks to the partnership between Subaru and Make-A-Wish. According to MakeA-Wish, about 27,000 children are diagnosed with a critical illness each year. Through the annual Subaru Share the Love® Event, more than 600 Subaru retailers across the country partner with Make-A-Wish to support children and families impacted by a critical illness. Since 2011, the automaker and its retailers have donated more than $32 million, helping grant more than 3,300 wishes in the U.S. "We are humbled and thankful for the ongoing support from Subaru of Cherry Hill," said Michael Dominick, assistant vice president of marketing and communications for Make-AWish New Jersey. "A wish can be a game-changer for children like Quinn, courageously facing a critical illness. It can restore hope when hope is needed most and serve as a catalyst for renewed strength for entire families." Quinn's wish isn't the only one Subaru will help grant this year. Now through Jan. 2, 2024, Subaru will donate $250 to the customer's choice of charities for every new Subaru vehicle purchased or leased at any participating Subaru retailer, and Make-A-Wish is one of the benefitting organizations. Retailers can select up to two hometown charities in their local

A CLEAN CAR HAS CLASS! #1 Auto Detail Shop in the Hazleton Area Gift Certificates Available

communities to receive at least an additional $50 for each new vehicle sold or leased. Also, participating Subaru retailers will donate $5 to their registered hometown charities for every Subaru vehicle routine service visit during the campaign period. To learn more about the automaker's long-standing partnership with MakeA-Wish and how you and other customers can bring joy back into the lives of children with critical illnesses like Quinn, visit

Trust Your Car to the Area’s Most Up-To-Date Collision Shop


New Size 10’x40’ Standard features include: • Open Seven Days A Week 6am to 10pm • After-Hours Emergency Contact Available for Tenants • Most Up To Date Security System & HD Cameras • 24 Hour Surveillance • All Units Have 8’ Doors

r Call for you day! to t appointmen

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2023 Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Earns TOP SAFETY PICK in Latest IIHS Testing PRNewswire The 2023 Chrysler Pacifica has earned a TOP SAFETY PICK rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) for 2023. The Pacifica was ranked "Good" – the highest-possible rating – in IIHS tests that simulate three of the most common types of real-world crashes: • Driver-side small overlap frontal impact • Passenger-side small overlap frontal impact • And moderate overlap frontal impact Pacifica's robust body structure, which features multiple steel grades including Advanced High-strength and Ultra-high strength, contributed to these results. "The Chrysler Pacifica is America's most awarded minivan for 7 years running and 2023 Chrysler Pacifica stands alone among minivans with its 97 standard-equipment safety and security features and its renowned versatility," said Chrysler brand CEO Chris Feuell.

Engine & Hoses Check Belt & Battery Check Oil Changes & Tune-Ups Tire & Brake Check Wipers / Lights / Fluids

"The total package delivers the superior level of driving confidence consumers want and deserve." Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) is among the safety features that come standard on the 2023 Chrysler Pacifica. It's also an essential technology to qualify for an IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK rating. The IIHS revised its ratings system in 2020 to include a greater emphasis on AEB and headlight function. The 2023 Pacifica features LED headlamps as standard equipment, along with daytime running lamps, fog lamps and taillamps that benefit from LED technology. LED provides a balanced beam of light that also minimizes glare for oncoming traffic. Further enhancing the Pacifica's value proposition is its functionality. It is North America's only minivan with second-row Stow 'n Go seating, which provides foldin-the-floor convenience, and available all-wheel-drive (AWD).

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New Year, New Home: 5 Inspiring Trends For 2024 (BPT) - The new year brings an air of excitement and inspiration that many people channel into new projects. This year, use that energy to refresh your home! Your home should be a space that you can't wait to return to after work, school and errands. With a few updates, you can easily transform your living room, kitchen and bathrooms, infusing these spaces with both style and function. So, get ready to start 2024 with a home update using these five inspiring trends. 1. Embracing organic and natural tones and materials - In 2024, consider integrating soothing neutrals and rich earth tones in your home for a beautiful and clean aesthetic. Also, embrace organic and natural materials. They're timeless and long-lasting, bringing airiness and texture to any room. You can achieve this by incorporating natural stone, wood and rattan materials in furniture, flooring and decor. Together, these natural elements and colors will create an inviting space that brings a touch of nature indoors. 2. Indulging in a spa-like bathroom - You don't have to leave your home to have a spa experience. In 2024, transform your bathroom into a serene oasis with spa-inspired features. For example, consider switching your current showerhead with a newer model like the Delta® ProClean™ 6-Setting Hand Shower. This powerful and practical addition to your shower features two massage spray settings so you can relax to the fullest. You can easily restart the water with the same temperature as when you left it off, providing a seamless showering experience while helping conserve water and, most importantly, your hot water supply! Once you're done with your shower, use the ProClean™ spray setting to clean shower surfaces at least two times faster than standard sprays, powering off soap scum and shower messes. Delta® bath products make it easy to maintain a clean bathroom. 3. Making statements with accent walls - An accent wall can completely shift the design of a room. For example, a floral wall in the bathroom or a tropical print behind the sink can bring personality to the space. So, this year, embrace your creativity and choose a color or pattern


that makes a statement. 4. Investing in functional spaces - Function should be at the forefront of your mind when upgrading your home. Whether you rearrange furniture to improve flow or add technology to simplify tasks, you'll enhance your daily life at home. For example, opt for a faucet in the kitchen that has features that make cleaning up easier, like Delta®'s Touch2O® Technology. A simple touch anywhere on the spout or handle with your wrist or forearm activates the water flow at the temperature where your faucet handle is set. The Delta® TempSense® LED light changes color to alert you to the water's temperature and eliminate any possible surprises or discomfort. Perfect for little ones who might not realize the water is too hot to touch! In your bathroom, add a practical and visually appealing sink faucet that enhances aesthetic appeal but also improves functionality. Opt for a model like the Stryke® Single Handle Pull-Down Bathroom Faucet, which quickly cleans toothpaste, dirt and small debris from your sink with a nimble pull-down spray wand. The Lumicoat® Finish marries function and fashion, offering several options, including Champagne Bronze, Chrome and Matte Black. Best of all, the finish resists water spots and mineral buildup.

It easily wipes clean without needing cleaners or chemicals, helping to keep your bathroom spotless. 5. Mixing styles - Why settle for one style? Mixing styles is a popular design trend, allowing you to choose styles that resonate with your multifaceted aesthetics. Combine traditional and modern elements or vintage and contemporary pieces. Experience a journey with your home renovation, find intentional inconsistencies between rooms and spaces and add more colors, textures and finishes. This year, resolve to update your home to suit your style and everyday needs. Let these five trends inspire you in your home renovation and decoration endeavors in 2024!

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Why Choose S.J. Kowalski? S.J. Kowalski has been serving the plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation needs of the Greater Hazleton and surrounding areas since 1972. We install high-quality equipment from today's industry leaders like Trane, Mitsubishi, Lennox, Navient, Rinnai, Honeywell and Climate Master Geothermal, while providing "round the clock" emergency service. We're a family owned and operated Trane "Comfort-Specialist" and a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite contract. Here's what our customers are saying: • "Used a local oil compnay since I moved into my house. Furnace never worked right until I called your company. Your technician found the problem, serviced the unit and it has never worked better." - White Haven • "Your team did an excellent job! It is true industrial art work." - Nesquehoning • "We had a great summer thanks to your company's great work. Well worth the investment!" - Berwick • "Great experience throughout the whole process." - Drums • "The installers were very professional. Once they finished they went over the controls and what filters had to be maintained. As good as it gets!" - Berwick • "The workers were wonderful not only at their work skills but at the cleanliness and professionalism they portrayed throughout the job." - Berwick • "Excellent company to work with from salesman to installers." - Hazleton • "Satisfied and pleased with workmanship and sales proposal." - Drums • "Excellent service and excellent system. Thanks S.J. Kowalski!" - Drums • "I have been with this contractor for a long time. Great technicians and service department." - McAdoo • "Got prices from several other companies. Your salesman was very thorough from his initial visit to meeting with me and my wife with the final proposal. Answered all our questions and addressed our concerns. We knew that your company was the right choice and we were not disappointed! Installers were polite, professional and a credit to your company. Will recommend S.J. Kowalski, Inc. to our friends and neighbors." - Sugarloaf • "A real person answered the phone when I called. I really liked the personal service I received." - Mountaintop • "Every time we call for an emergency or non-emergency we are always treated as a #1 priority. Not the norm in the industry today!" - Mountaintop • "My builder was going to use another contractor in my home but after I saw an example of your workmanship in a neighboring home I insisted that he contact you. Your price was well within our budget and we are more than pleased with the end results. Thank you for a job well done." - Hazle Township Check out our website at to view more comments from our customers. Call 570-455-2600 today! We would love to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers!

All New Uprights! ALL BRAND $179 VACUUM REPAIR Kenmore Oreck $199


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Repairs • Bags Expert Belts • Filters • Parts Dyson Repair 300 Center St., Tamaqua Central Vacuum 570-668-1120 & Lamp Repair Rt. 309 Across from Speedway Gas Open Mon-Fri from 10am til 3pm


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7 Smart Home Solutions that Enhance Convenience and Security (Family Features) Devices that allow you to stay connected to your home from virtually anywhere are all the rage. If you're looking to seamlessly integrate innovative solutions into your home for added convenience, security and peace of mind, you'll need smart tech with the right features. The experts at Masonite, a global industry leader in interior and exterior doors and door systems, share these seven smart home solutions. Garage Door - Leave behind that nagging feeling that you forgot to shut the garage door when you're a block away from home. Smart garage door openers that connect to an app on your phone mean you can always check on the status of your door to ensure it's closed when it should be. It provides the added benefit of keeping track of who's coming or going while allowing you to remotely open the door for friends, family, neighbors and others who may need access when you're away. Front Door - Take your front door to the next level with a high-performance model incorporated with top tech like the Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door, the first residential front door to fully connect to your home's electrical system and wireless internet network. Homeowners can create a customized welcome-home experience with the door's motion-activated LED welcome lights and a smart lock that recognizes your arrival and automatically unlocks. Whether at home or away, homeowners can use the door's smartphone app to program the lighting, confirm if the door is open or closed with a door state sensor or monitor the entryway with a built-in video doorbell. Plus, the integrated connection to the home's power means there's no need to charge or replace device batteries, providing peace of mind that you're always connected and protected. Available at The Home Depot, homeowners can select from a range of designs, colors and glass styles all made with the Masonite Performance Door System. The system is designed to protect your home from


the elements and provide superior weather resistance, energy efficiency and comfort with premium fiberglass construction, a rot-resistant frame and a 4-Point Performance Seal so there's no need to sacrifice style for enhanced performance. Mirror - Hectic mornings may never completely be a thing of the past, but you can smooth out the start to your day with a smart mirror that displays important information like weather, news updates and your schedule. Many interactive displays allow you to check notifications and play music for a sleek, stylish addition to the bathroom that helps you stay on track and on time. Refrigerator - Smart refrigerators are often inherently newer models, meaning they're typically more energy efficient to save money on electric bills. With built-in features like cameras and sensors that aid in keeping track of grocery lists, they can help reduce food waste by reminding you to consume perishables before they spoil. Some models even include an interactive display that lets you watch recipe videos so you can test your skills with a virtual assistant. Oven - Wi-Fi connectivity is the key feature of smart ovens, improving the cooking experience with increased control. By using an app on your

smartphone, you can remotely preheat the oven and set timers. You can even cook like a pro with models that allow you to import recipes for automatic temperature control. Dishwasher - Similar to smart appliances like refrigerators and ovens, smart dishwashers bring added convenience to your day along with improved function and efficiency. Connection to Wi-Fi and remote accessibility via smartphone app allow you to start wash cycles and check cycle status while away, receive notifications when detergent is low and more. Washer and Dryer - If laundry feels like a chore, you can make it less of a hassle with smart washers and dryers that connect to your home Wi-Fi network. These smart appliances allow you to remotely start and stop washing and drying cycles from your smartphone and can send notifications when cycles are finished. Built-in diagnostics send alerts to your phone when there's a malfunction or it's time for required maintenance. Plus, they can help you maximize energy efficiency by automatically starting a cycle during off-peak hours. Visit to find more innovative solutions.



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Self-Care For Sick Days — Navigate Cough, Cold And Flu Season Like A Pro (Family Features) Cooler weather inevitably means cough, cold and flu season isn't far behind. Now is the time to take precautions and set yourself up with healthy habits. "As much as we try, avoiding viruses, bacteria and germs to prevent getting sick can be a challenge," Dr. Tim Tiutan, MD, said. "However, being prepared with the right remedies, listening to your body and its symptoms and remaining diligent with a healthy routine is just as important as treating symptoms head on." To help navigate this cough, cold and flu season, consider these tips from Tiutan and

the experts at Mucinex. Prepare and Prevent - You won't find a foolproof way to keep germs away, but you can lessen your chances of getting sick and make sure you're equipped to weather an illness. * Practice healthy habits. Keeping your body in prime condition can help ensure you're in the best condition possible to fight back when germs attack. That means keeping up with exercise and ensuring you're getting enough vitamins and nutrients through a well-balanced diet. * Get a flu shot. The flu shot gives your body a head start in fighting back

against flu bugs. If you're exposed to the flu after receiving the shot, your body can immediately go on the offensive against those germs. You may not stay completely symptom-free, but you're more likely to experience a mild case and be back on your feet quicker. * Restock the medicine cabinet. The start of cough, cold and flu season is an ideal time to dig through your medicine cabinet. Start by discarding any medications that are out of date and make a list of anything you need to replenish. Be sure to include pain relievers, fever reducers, decongestants, Continued on page 44.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS PROGRAMS The Area Agency on Aging for Luzerne and Wyoming Counties, Health & Wellness Program offers fitness classes and educational workshops free to those 60+ years young. The Health & Wellness Program is a Department of Aging program that focuses on promoting health and wellness throughout Pennsylvania. We offer numerous exercise classes both in person and virtually through Zoom for interested individuals. If you would like to attend a fitness class or educational workshop, you will need to preregister and you will be asked to fill out a registration form and pre/post exercise class surveys. This information is very important and is required so that we can continue to sponsor the classes and workshops at no cost to you.

Learn more by calling your local Area Agency on Aging today

Call us at 1-800-252-1512 42


What's Happening At rums? lace D Providence Ps, Dir ector of Sales and

Panorama Community Magazine

by Kristen Adam nal Director of Sales Stephanie N Miller, Regio

Now that the holidays have come and gone, we are looking forward to a new year surrounded by good health, and those we love! The snowy weather doesn’t slow us down at Providence Place… Our bowling league has been keeping our residents entertained, our baking club has been stirring up some family recipes, and live entertainment has been a huge indoor hit! Join us anytime to see our campus firsthand! You're invited to attend our upcoming events… • Thursday, Jan. 4th – Mass with Father Mike Kloton – 10:00am – dining room • Wednesday, Jan. 10th – Musical Entertainment by George Rittenhouse – 2:30pm – dining room • Friday, Jan. 12th – Drum To Your Own Beat Drumming Class with Joe Ciarvella – 2:00pm – 2 nd floor • Monday, Jan. 22nd – Dementia Support Group – 6:00pm – 3 rd floor sunroom


• Wednesday, Jan. 24th – Ed-U Presentation: Local History of Anthracite Coal Mining with Beverly Meneely – 3:00pm – 3rd floor • Wednesday, Jan. 31st – Ed-U Presentation: Tour of Our Planetary System by Night Wonders of Astronomy – 2:30pm – 3rd floor We are extremely proud to announce Providence Place Senior Living has been awarded “Best of” in Independent Living, Assisted Living, & Memory Care Senior Living by U.S. News and World Report. Providence Place is welcoming new residents at our Drums Campus. We offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, as well as secured living arrangements for memory support! Call Stephanie Miller, Regional Director of Sales at 570-956-8495 or Kristen Adams, Director of Sales at 717-497-3525 for more information! We look forward to assisting you with this transition!

Photos from recent events: Top: Bowling league participants Left: Outing to visit TreeFest in Bloomsburg at Caldwell Consistory Bottom: Residents creating Christmas floral arranements


Panorama Community Magazine Continued from page 42. antihistamines and cough syrups to fight symptoms. It's also a good time to restock items like tissues, cough drops, hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap. Treat Symptoms - Although the flu can hit fast, it's often hard to tell at first whether your symptoms are due to a simple cough, cold or a case of the flu. Either way, managing symptoms like a cough can bring relief and help you keep comfortable and get plenty of rest. * Give your body time to heal. Sleep plays an important role in your overall health, especially when you're under the weather. On average, you need 7-9 hours each night to give your body enough time to fully recharge. When you're sick, you likely need even more, and it's a good idea to dial back your activity level, too. Pushing your physical limits often only delays your recovery time. * Take medications as directed. Nagging symptoms can often keep you from getting the sleep you need. One way to give your body the break it needs is to effectively manage symptoms. A hacking cough is a common symptom that can be painful and disrupt your sleep. Consider an option like Mucinex DM 12-Hour, a cough suppresent which relieves chest congestion and thins and loosens mucus, giving you an extended reprieve. It's clinically proven to last up to 12 hours, provides relief for chest congestion

Dr. Thomas Kislan Founder, Medical Director Nationally Recognized Dry Eye Expert Comprehensive Eye Care

and makes coughs more productive. Prevent Spread - Getting sick may be beyond your complete control, but you can take steps to protect others from germs when you're feeling ill. * Keep germs to yourself. Washing your hands often, covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze and sneezing into your elbow if you don't have a tissue are simple ways you can limit the spread of germs, especially within your home or workspace. Frequently wiping down high-touch surfaces can also help reduce the spread of germs. * Skip socializing. If you're feeling under the weather, stay home. Even a mild cold can easily spread, and an illness that affects you mildly could cause significant distress for someone else. Avoid unnecessary errands and take advantage of services like curbside pickup if you must get out. Also check with your employer about working remotely if you're up to it. Find more ways to stay healthy and limit symptoms by visiting Cold vs. Flu - There's a lot of overlap between cold and flu symptoms, while both the common cold and the flu are respiratory illnesses, they are not caused by the same viruses. What is a Cold? - Generally, colds are milder than the flu, and more likely to cause runny or stuffy noses (while the flu can cause

Dr. James Deom

Director of Optometric Services, Comprehensive Eye Care, with a focus on Keratoconus, Pediatric and Brain Injury

stuffy or runny noses, it's less likely to do so). You won't feel good, but you'll probably be able to do some or all of your daily tasks. What is the Flu? - The flu often feels worse than a cold; you might experience the same symptoms but amplified. The flu comes with more pain and fever than a cold. Common flu symptoms include sore throat, chills, fever, runny or stuffy nose, muscle fatigue or aches and headaches. The flu can also develop into more serious conditions and complications, making it more dangerous than the average cold. The flu can be dangerous for young children,elderly, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems. Treating a Cold vs. Flu - You can be vaccinated against the flu. There is no such vaccine for common colds. If your provider recommends it, getting the flu vaccine each year can go a long way toward preventing sickness. Whether you have a cold or the flu, symptom relief is largely the same. Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids and take overthe-counter medicines to relieve symptoms. Stay home to avoid spreading sickness. Watch for shortness of breath, chest or abdomen pain, confusion, sudden dizziness, severe or persistent vomiting and flu symptoms that improve then return with fever and worse cough. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult a doctor.

Dr. Corinne Belanger Comprehensive Eye Care and Macular Degeneration Low Vision Specialist

Dr. Brendan Connors Comprehensive Eye Care and Macular Degeneration Low Vision Specialist



Hazleton Eye Specialists

281 Airport Road, Hazle Township • 570-453-2020

Stroudsburg Eye Specialists

2942 Route 611, Suite 5, Tannersville • 570-421-3342

Pottsville Eye Specialists 44



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Celebrating the Most Wonderful Time of the Year on the Mountain Everyone was in the Holiday Spirit this Christmas Season with decorating many Christmas trees in the common areas of our facility. Residents were as busy as the elves making Gingerbread houses, Ornaments, Wreaths, Banners and Necklaces to display in their rooms. Family and friends joined in helping their loved ones with decorating their rooms with trees, handmade crafts, and of course…special memories from their homes. The Mountain Top community also joined in by volunteering to entertain our

residents with different groups Caroling throughout our facility, and a wonderful Children’s Piano Recital. Other groups entertained with Christmas Bingo, which had prizes for everyone! The Local Churches provided Christmas Services, and gifts too; plus, the local American Legion Post 781 presented presents to all our veterans. Reminiscing about Holiday Traditions and sharing cookie recipes was a big hit during our group activities. Our Hot chocolate and Cookie Social was certainly enjoyed by all! Our Annual

Christmas Party was held with various appetizers, and a tasty Holiday punch. Everyone was truly “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.” To finish out December and 2023, a New Year’s Eve celebration was held to welcome in the New Year 2024!!! with lots of cheers and happy faces. All of us at Smith Health Care Ltd. Wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year, keeping old family traditions while creating new memories and traditions.

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Skilled Nursing • Personal Care Memory Care • Assisted Living


• Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy + Respite Care with 24 hr. staffing and 24 hr. security system • Activity Coordinator schedules daily crafts & social gatherings • Bustling beauty/barber shop • Nutritious, “Home Cooked Meals” served in welcoming dining rooms • Laundry and housekeeping is done for you! • Lovely decor is comfortable & inviting – scenic views from our patio, courtyard and lounges • Free WiFi for all residents & guests • Ample parking and if that wasn’t enough...

We’re Pet Friendly Too!




PHONE: 570-455-3339

Veterans, Medicare & Medicaid Participant

453 South Main Rd., Mountaintop

Ph: 570-868-3664 Fax: 570-678-7218 45

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LVHN Celebrates Strong Women Through Lehigh Valley Business Empowering Women Award Recognition Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) was founded by women and continues to be led and propelled forward by women today. LVHN’s workforce is 80% women. LVHN employs 513 women physicians, 177 women residents and fellows, and 3,674 women registered nurses. “Across the health network and at every location, women lead the way.” That’s why we are proud to receive the Lehigh Valley Business Empowering Women Award. The Empowering Women awards shine a light on companies and organizations that demonstrate tangible efforts and documented results in supporting and empowering women in central and eastern Pennsylvania. LVHN is proud to be part of the inaugural class of recipients, which includes 25 strong regional companies. Promoting growth at LVHN - LVHN has a long-standing tradition of hiring and promoting women within the organization. Across the health network and at every

location, women lead the way. They hold leadership titles such as supervisor or manager and are also in chief, chair, administrator, vice president, senior vice president and president positions. More than a thousand women are leaders in the organization. At LVHN, however, it’s not just about the numbers. We are passionate about offering mentoring opportunities and employee resource groups to help colleagues connect with each other to learn and grow. As colleagues grow professionally and explore the possibility of earning a degree, LVHN provides support through individualized academic career consulting, defined career paths and educational support, including discounts and tuition reimbursement. Career paths help colleagues at every stage of their career see the opportunity to build a career with LVHN. Elevating women at LVHN - LVHN is focused on not only employing

“Home That’s Close To Home” Making the Decision to Move is Difficult. Finding the Right Place is Easy. • Housekeeping & Laundry Services • Personal Care • Transportation To Doctor Appointments • Secure Memory Care Unit Be Safe • Cable For Television • Independent Apartments • Daily Activities • 24 Hour Care Staff and Stay • Each Level Has It’s Own Dining Room • Licensed LPN’s & RN’s On Staff Healthy • Assistance With Activities Of Daily Living • Courtyards And Veranda Areas • Veteran Program For Vets/Surviving Spouses • Medication & Diabetic Monitoring

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women, but celebrating women who make a difference. Women at LVHN are consistently recognized with the prestigious Women of Influence Award from Lehigh Valley Business. Each year, Lehigh Valley Business honors the region’s most accomplished and impactful businesswomen with the Influential Women in Business Award. These exceptional women are leaders in their fields, and each shares a commitment to excellence, integrity and making the region a better place to live and work. They also give the invaluable gift of time to others by making it a priority to mentor the next generation of leaders. Mentoring is a core element of Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL), LVHN’s professional group focused on the acknowledgement of all women as leaders navigating a broad range of personal and professional roles over a lifetime. Launched in 2022, this networkwide group is made up of hundreds of LVHN colleagues who are passionate about empowering and elevating women in the workplace. WILL provides rich opportunities for mentoring, learning, networking and more. Investing in the community - LVHN has made significant investments inside and outside the organization to support an equitable work environment and to create opportunities for women in the community. LVHN also makes many community investments to empower women. The health network is a longtime premier sponsor of the Lehigh Valley Women’s Summit and supports the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania’s annual Lehigh Valley Take the Lead event, which honors incredible women leaders who are positive role models in our community. In Carbon County, LVHN serves as an ongoing sponsor of the Carbon Chamber’s Women in Business program, which hosts monthly educational luncheons. Other community investments include annual sponsorship of the YWCA of Allentown’s The Perfect Fit program, where over 600 women each year find the clothing and confidence necessary to start a job and build a career, and support of Bloom for Women and the BW NICE Red Shoe Luncheon. LVHN was honored at an event in Reading with other award recipients on Monday, Nov. 13.


Panorama Community Magazine

Kick Off The New Year With A Healthy Smile! Your 2024 Guide To Proactive Oral Health (BPT) - Are you ready to take on the new year with healthier habits and a boost of confidence? Then, it's time to make your oral health a top priority! Not only does investing in your oral care create a healthy smile, but it can also improve your overall well-being. According to the University of Illinois Chicago College of Dentistry, good oral health is a leading health indicator and is important for communication, human relationships and even financial prosperity. If you want to be dentist-ready and feel your best in 2024, check out these five simple oral hygiene tips. 1. Consistency is key - The first step to a yearlong healthy smile is consistency. As your 2024 New Year's resolution, promise yourself to make and maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine. Brush your teeth at least twice a day for a full two minutes, and pay attention to how you're brushing. Gently brush over your teeth and gums in a soft, circular motion. 2. Upgrade your oral health routine and toothpaste - Invest in your smile by upgrading your toothpaste and going to the dentist at least two times a year. Staying on top of your oral health routine and finding the right toothpaste can make a huge difference. Choose a toothpaste like Colgate Total Plaque Pro-Release, which offers long-lasting 24-hour antibacterial protection after two weeks of daily brushing. The unique breakthrough formula penetrates hard-to-reach places to fight plaque bacteria along the gum line. It's clinically proven to significantly reduce harmful plaque bacteria associated with gingivitis and help you get ahead of oral health problems before they start. 3. Watch what you eat and drink You're probably aware that sugary drinks and snacks can damage your smile, but acidic foods and drinks also pose a threat. According to the American Dental Association, products high in acids can wear away the enamel protecting teeth, making them vulnerable to cavity- and infection-causing bacteria. However, you don't have to say goodbye to acidic foods and drinks entirely. Instead, limit them in your diet and opt for alternatives to save your teeth from excessive wear and tear. 4. Hydrate to be great - Staying hydrated has so many positive health effects, including supporting a healthy smile. For example, drinking plenty of water helps maintain saliva production. Why is saliva important? Because it rinses


away bacteria and neutralizes acids in your mouth. Saliva is your body's natural defense, so make sure you maintain a steady supply by hydrating. 5. Keep learning, keep smiling When it comes to oral health, knowledge is power. Make sure to read the latest oral health tips so you can take an active role in your smile's health. For example, follow

dental associations on social media so you can stay up to date on dental care recommendations. As recommendations change, you can adjust your oral care routine to better care for your smile. Let 2024 be the year you double down on your oral health using these five tips. With a little time and care, you can be dentist-ready this year and beyond.

1090 N. Church Street, Hazleton PA 18202 570-459-1485 Independently Owned & Operated 2nd Location for Your Convenience

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COVID Booster, Pneumonia, Flu & Shingles Vaccines! School & Work Physicals with PPD Test and Driver’s License Exams Available

Leocadia Prawdzik, M.D.

Internal Medicine


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Bilingual Services Available Daily Proveedor medico y asistente en la oficina Ablan español.

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“Attention Commercial Drivers” We Are Performing CDL Exams! Call For an Appointment. Atención Conductores Comerciales (CDL) Hacemos Exámenes Físicos del DOT. Llama Hoy Para Una Cita Con Lennie Romero, DNP FNP-C

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NON-HEALING WOUNDS Northeastern Pennsylvania's Leader in State-of-the-Art Vascular Care. Specializing in Minimally Invasive Endovascular Surgery, Wound Care & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. NOW OFFERING ADVANCED MODALITIES LIKE:

Wound Care Debridement Compression Wraps Skin Grafts Endovenous Laser Treatment Vein Treatment Varicose Veins Radiofrequency (RF) Ablation Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ACCEPTING ALL MAJOR INSURANCES! APPOINTMENTS WITHIN 24 HOURS


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Tips to Support Your Metabolic Health in the New Year

(StatePoint) Good metabolic health is the backbone of great overall health. Unfortunately, many Americans misunderstand what metabolic health is and are not aware of its importance. A recent poll from Metavo/Harris Poll Study reveals that nearly three in four North Americans have experienced at least one issue related to metabolic health in the past year, while only 52% have heard, read or seen information on metabolic health issues. What’s more, only 30% of North Americans know that metabolic health is not the same as gut health, and many falsely believe that metabolic issues mostly occur in those who are overweight. “This knowledge gap plays a factor in why many health issues related to metabolic health, such as brain fog, food cravings and energy slumps, often go unaddressed,” says Dr. Paul Spagnuolo, associate professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph, whose research includes finding new ways for people to proactively support their metabolic health. Issues related to metabolic health can take a toll on your mental wellbeing, your ability to perform your job, and even your social life and personal relationships, making it critical to nip them in the bud. To improve your metabolic health and feel your best in 2024, consider these tips: • Get active. Whether you’re hitting up the gym for a weight training session or simply going for a longer walk during your day, daily physical activity is recommended to support your metabolic health. • Prioritize proper sleep. Maintaining proper sleeping habits can help to keep your insulin and hormone levels balanced. • Fuel often. Fueling more frequently can boost your metabolism. Being sure to eat smaller portions at regular, consistent times every day and drinking plenty of water can also help improve metabolic health. Set alerts on your phone, or even use a hydration app, to help you remember to drink up. • Explore supplements. Consider taking a daily supplement designed to support metabolic health and activate metabolism naturally, like Metavo. Featuring the proprietary avocado compound Avocatin B, also known as AvoB, Metavo Advanced Glucose Metabolism Support activates your metabolism naturally at the cellular level. “Having a flexible metabolism at the cellular level enables the body to properly metabolize fats, proteins and carbs to help improve insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance and energy,” says Dr. Spagnuolo, whose research led to the development of Metavo. To learn more, visit


Vascular Health with Dr. John Guerriero

Are you suffering from: Limb Pain, Swelling, Cramping, Difficulty Walking, Numbness, Tingling? Discoloration of Skin, Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Cellulitis? New or Old Wounds that do not heal? These can be signs of something more serious. Have you been diagnosed with high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease, heart disease, peripheral artery disease? If you've answered "Yes" to any of the above questions you can be at risk for a Stroke, Blood Clots, Aneurysms or even limb loss. Look no further. NEPA Vascular Institute is here to help you. With over 35 Years of combined vascular experience, we want to get you back to living your best life. Our Institute has knowledge and training to correctly diagnose your problem. We use advanced technology to treat our patients with minimally invasive techniques so you can return to normal activities. In most cases even the same day! Schedule your appointment today. We offer same day ultrasounds and lab work; all at our convenient locations in Berwick and Wilkes-Barre. Ask about our additional services that are now being offered such as Percutaneous Arterial Venous Fistula formation for dialysis, Prostate Artery Embolization and Uterine Fibroid Embolization It is time to take control of your Vascular Health! We want to help! Call us today 570 616 8589. We believe that saving limbs is saving lives. ELEGANT ACCOMODATIONS AT THE MOST AFFORDABLE RATES!


“Where Our Family of Residents Come First” 24-hour Continuous Care with Licensed Nurses Personal Assistance with Health Care Needs Assistance Available for All Activities of Daily Life Homemade Meals Accomodating Special Dietary Needs Social, Religious, & Wellness Activities Housekeeping & Laundry Services Custom Furnished Apartments with Private Bath Veterans Program Respite or Short-Term Care Please Call Our Office Regarding Questions About Admission

The Laurels is standing strong with our residents and families. We are following all CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19. We are incredibly proud of our Laurels care team and all the healthcare workers in the Greater Hazleton area

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