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File Your Taxes By February 19th & Enter To Win LINCOLN’S BIRTHDAY PRESENTS! 1ST PLACE: $106 • 2ND PLACE: $71 • 3RD PLACE: $35 ASK US ABOUT BANK PAYMENT OPTIONS & CASH ADVANCES Additional Fees Apply Appointments Recommended Evenings & Weekends Available

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Presidents Day is an American holiday celebrated every third Monday in February; Presidents Day 2021 occurs on Monday, February 15. Presidents Day is traditionally viewed as a time of patriotic celebration and remembrance to all Presidents past and present. After the death of George Washington in 1799, his birthday was unofficially celebrated as a day of remembrance called Washington Day. Throughout the 1800s, people used this day to honor the man that shaped America and the legacy he left. In 1832, a resolution permitted the removal and internment of George Washington’s body in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and the erection of the Washington Monument in 1848 caused more celebrations nationwide. It was not until the late 1870s that Steven Wallace Dorsey proposed that Washington’s birthday should become a National Federal Holiday. President Rutherford B. Hayes signed it into law in 1879 and joined the four existing bank holidays that were previously approved in 1870. Because of Abraham Lincoln’s legacy and the proximity of his birthday on February 12, it is proposed that Washington Day should become Presidents’ Day to celebrate both men, but that idea was rejected by Congress. Washington’s Birthday did not officially become Presidents’ Day until the late 1960s. Senator Robert McClory of Illinois concocted a plan that moved key bank holidays to Mondays to increase the number of three-day weekends for workers in what is known as the Uniform Monday’s Act. The hope was that it would increase productivity and decrease employee absenteeism. Unsurprisingly, the labor union agreed with this idea and so did the private sector. In 1971, Richard M. Nixon made the executive order to pass the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which shifted Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans’ Day to Monday. With the date landing in the middle of Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthday. It became known as Presidents’ Day while having a simultaneous benefit for retail stores as they advertised their special sales events during this time. By the mid-1980s, Presidents’ Day became the common term and continues to this day. In its original incarnation as Washington’s Birthday, the holiday gained special meaning during the difficulties of the Great Depression, when portraits of George Washington often graced the front pages of newspapers and magazines every February 22. In 1932, the date was used to reinstate the Purple Heart, a military decoration originally created by George Washington to honor soldiers killed or wounded while serving in the armed forces. Patriotic groups and the Boy Scouts of America also held celebrations on the day, and in 1938 some 5,000 people attended mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City in honor of Washington. In its modern form, Presidents Day is used by many patriotic and historical groups as a date for staging celebrations, reenactments, and other events. Several states also require that their public schools spend the days leading up to Presidents Day teaching students about the accomplishments of the presidents, often with a focus on the lives of Washington and Lincoln. All the presidents in American history, past and present, are remembered and honored for their exemplary work in making America the great country it is today. Information gathered from: www.history.com/topics/holidays/presidents-day www.nationaltoday.com/presidents-day/

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Are You A “Prepared” Tax Payer? by Alice Horton, CEO, Honest Abe’s Taxes Tax Filing is a “Recap” of the year, it is history, and cannot be changed. You can “plan” your year and have some idea of what your “recap” will look like. Which of the following tax payers are you? Scenario 1 Taxpayer A: Married Filing Joint, Both Work W-2 Job; they have one child. They filed their taxes using a franchise firm, paying $290 to get a refund of $910. They left with no advice of how to increase that refund or protect the possibility of owing the next year with both of the taxpayers looking at pay raises in the coming year. Taxpayer B: Married Filing Joint, Both Work W-2 Job; they have one child. They filed their taxes at Honest Abe’s, paying $110. Their refund is $910. Their withholding is reviewed. They are asked what refund were you expecting? Their response, $2000; so they were advised how much extra to withhold to accomplish a $2000 refund the next year and that in

July they should submit year to date paystubs for evaluation to Honest Abe’s so that it could be reviewed to see if they were on track for a $2000 refund for the next year. Scenario 2 Taxpayer A: Widowed Filer who has SS and Retirement Income but works part time job. No dependents. Files with a franchise firm; pays $300 for tax service. Her refund is acceptable. During the year her son and daughter in law pass away and she gains custody of two middle school age children. She calls the service for advice and gets a machine saying they are only in one day a week by appointment only! Taxpayer B: Same type filer uses Honest Abe, same occurrence. She pays $125. That widow calls and Honest Abe’s is in the office, sets an appointment to the convenience of the client, and gives the client advice that at the part time job the taxpayer can now change from single and zero to head of household and three as she will now qualify for filing as HOH with two dependents. So, are you filing your taxes using a service charging you high prices for a recap? Or you are coming to see us at Honest Abe’s where we charge reasonable prices for planning & preparation for all our tax customers? Call for an appointment today!

450 Washington St., Freeland • 570.636.0660 www.dellacrocedentalcare.com

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Honest Abe’s Business & Tax Services, 310 S. Church Street, Suite C-3, Hazleton, PA. Over 40 years experience—DON'T STRESS! PAY LESS! Contact us today, 570-861-8297 or yourtaxpatner@aol.com.

5 Tips For Building (Or Rebuilding) Your Emergency Savings

(Family Features) The new year provides an opportunity to re-evaluate different aspects of your life, and that includes your budget and savings habits. Planning for emergencies by building - or rebuilding - a savings account to withstand the unforeseen can increase confidence in your overall financial health and reduce worry that a significant life event will negatively impact your finances. "Our research shows having emergency savings is the foundation for long-term financial health," said Chandni Ohri, program lead in savings and financial health with BlackRock's Emergency Savings Initiative. "The start of a new year is a good time to make a savings plan, which can consist of putting a little bit of money away regularly." Even before the pandemic began, 4 out of 10 Americans had a hard time finding even $400 to cover an emergency, according to a report from the United States Federal Reserve. However, if you don't think you have money to save, consider the majority of people who were able to save for an emergency for the first time in 2020 earned less than $60,000, according to research from BlackRock's Emergency Savings Initiative, a group of nonprofit experts, corporate partners, and providers. Changes in spending due to the pandemic plus government stimulus packages helped many individuals create much-needed cash buffers. Consider these tips to build your emergency savings account and create a buffer of cash for when emergency strikes: • Start a Savings Habit—While it's less important to have a specific dollar amount in mind, getting into the habit of putting some money in savings with each paycheck can help protect you should an emergency arise. While one good rule of thumb is to set aside enough to cover roughly six weeks of living expenses - housing, food, transportation - take a look at what it would cost to cover unexpected issues with your car, a trip to the hospital, a leak in your home or the replacement of a major appliance and start there. Even a small amount, such as $50

in your savings account when it's the day before payday and you're running on fumes, can save you from an overdraft fee, having to resort to using a credit card, borrowing from a loved one or taking out a loan. However, research from the AARP Public Policy Institute found having a cash buffer of approximately $2,500 can help prevent financial hardship over the longer term. If you lose your job, for example, your emergency account could help pay for necessities while you find a new position, or the funds could supplement any unemployment benefits you may receive. • Automate Your Savings—Because an emergency can strike at any time, it's important to have easy access to your funds. However, the account should also be separate from your checking account so you're not tempted to dip into your reserves. Pick a free savings account with no minimum balance requirements and link it to your everyday account to quickly move money over if you need it. Look for ways you can automatically save such as enabling roundups from your checking account to be transferred to your savings with each purchase or having your employer split your paycheck and automatically deposit a portion into savings each payday. If you're planning to stash funds away for months or years that can serve as both an emergency fund and long-term savings, consider a highyield savings account.Look for Ways to Cut Back While you may have already made changes to your spending habits amid the pandemic, periodically shopping for competitive rates of recurring bills, such as cable and internet, cell phones insurance policies and other utilities, can be a simple way to save some money each month. Start by asking your current providers about any special rates and promotions that may be available to loyal customers then check with alternative providers to see if they can pro-

10 • Panorama Community Magazine February 2021

vide the same or better offerings at a reduced cost. Sometimes returning to your current provider with a more competitive rate from elsewhere can be extra incentive to work out a deal to keep a longtime customer. Also look at any subscription services you use, or potentially don't but still pay for, and see if they offer a cheaper plan that still meets your needs or if you're able to cancel subscriptions you no longer use frequently. Other expenses such as dining out or buying new clothing and accessories could also be scaled back if you find you're splurging too much. Avoid completely cutting spending for leisure activities from your budget but look for reasonable tweaks that can allow you to set more money aside for unforeseen expenses. • Take Advantage of One-Time Opportunities to Save—Assuming you expect to receive a tax refund, this provides an easy way to boost your emergency fund if circumstances allow you to save all or a portion of the return. If you're able, consider having your refund directly deposited in your emergency account. The same strategies can be applied to any government aid checks you may receive, such as a second round of stimulus money that could be distributed to eligible citizens in 2021 to help reinvigorate the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There may also be other times throughout the year when you receive one or more cash gifts, like your birthday or holidays, that can help provide a nice cushion to your emergency fund if you can avoid the temptation to spend it. • Replenish What You Use—Remember to review and adjust your savings plan as needed, whether you're able to contribute over a longer period of time without dipping into the account or if an expensive life event pops up that requires using all or a portion of the funds. Should you need to dip into the savings, do your best to make replenishing the account to a level you're comfortable with a primary goal in case any additional unexpected expenses arise. Alternatively, if your saving is going well, consider increasing the amount you're saving each paycheck so you're better protected against any major life changes or able to finance a large-scale purchase down the road. Find more information and tips for building your savings at savingsproject.org.

Estate Planning For Blended Families provided by Edward Jones If you’re in a blended family, you’re already aware of the emotional and financial issues involved in your daily life. But what about the future? When it’s time to do your estate planning – and it’s never too soon for that – you’ll need to be aware of the entanglements and complexities that can get in the way of your vision for leaving the legacy you desire. You can take comfort in knowing that you’re far from alone. More than half of married or cohabiting couples with at least one living parent, or parent-in-law, and at least one adult child, have a “step-kin” relationship, according to a study from researchers at the University of Massachusetts and other schools. That’s a lot of estateplanning issues. Nonetheless, the task does not have to be overwhelming – as long as you put sufficient time and thought into it. Here are some ideas that may help: • Seek fairness – but be flexible. Even in a nonblended family, it’s not always easy to be as equitable as you’d like in your estate plans – too often, someone feels they have been treated unfairly. In a blended family, these problems can be exacerbated: Will biological children feel cheated? Will stepchildren? Keep this in mind: Fair is not always equal – and equal is not always fair. When deciding how to divide your assets, you’ll need to make some judgment calls after carefully evaluating the needs of all your family members. There’s no guarantee that everyone will be satisfied, but you’ll have done your best. • Communicate your wishes clearly. When it comes to estate planning, the best surprise is no surprise – and that’s especially true in a blended family. Even if you’re the one creating your estate plans, try to involve other family members – and make your wishes and goals clear. You don’t have to be specific down to the last dollar, but you should provide a pretty good overall outline. • Consider establishing a revocable living trust. Everyone’s situation is different, but many blended families find that, when making estate plans, a simple will is not enough. Consequently, you may want to establish a revocable living trust, which gives you much more control than a will when it comes to carrying out your wishes. Plus, because you have transferred your assets to the trust, you are no longer technically the owner of these assets, so there’s no reason for a court to get involved, which means your estate can likely avoid the time-consuming, expensive and very public process of probate. • Choose the right trustee. If you do set up a living trust, you’ll also need to name a trustee – someone who manages the assets in the trust. Married couples often serve as co-trustees, but this can result in tensions and disagreements. As an alternative, you can hire a professional trustee – someone with the time, experience and neutrality to make appropriate decisions and who can bring new ideas to the process. Above all else, make sure you have the right estate-planning team in place. You’ll certainly need to work with an attorney, and you may also want to bring in your tax advisor and financial professional. Estate planning can be complex – especially with a blended family – and you’ll want to make the right moves, right from the start.

Thomas W Seigendall Financial Advisor 24 West Broad Street Hazleton, PA 18201 570-455-5376

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Study: Most Americans Say They're Optimistic About A Brighter Financial Future In 2021 in 2020, compared to just half (50%) of those who did not work with one. (BPT) - As we enter 2021, here's one more essential item to put on your list in addition to canned goods and masks: a financial checkup. According to Fidelity Investments' 2021 New Year Financial Resolutions Study, more than two-thirds of Americans experienced financial setbacks in 2020, often from the loss of a job or household income or another emergency expense. Even those lucky enough to maintain their income still may have had to tap savings to help others, as nearly one in five attribute their financial setback to providing "unexpected financial assistance to family members or friends." Despite this, many Americans remain optimistic and determined to make their money work harder in the New Year, with 72% confident they'll be in a better financial position in 2021. "Americans are clearly ready to leave 2020 behind and start 2021 off on the right foot, including when it comes to their finances," said Stacey Watson, senior vice president with oversight for Life Event Planning at Fidelity Investments. "This year's top financial resolutions are consistent with what we've seen in the past, however, what makes 2021 unique is how people will achieve them, given the financial pressures and major life events many continue to experience throughout the pandemic." This year, 65% of Americans are considering a financial resolution for 2021, which is down marginally from last year (67%), but still quite strong given the headwinds experienced by so many families. Younger generations appear to be more committed to actively improving their finances in the new year, with 78% of all Gen Z and Millennial respondents considering a financial resolution compared to 59% of all Gen X and Boomers. "Younger generations are building up their careers, families and finances, so it makes sense they have important financial resolutions

to make. Still, Gen-X-ers and Boomers also experienced significant financial challenges in 2020 and may want to consider making some resolutions of their own to build a stronger financial future particularly when it comes to retirement readiness," continued Watson. Making a resolution, and checking it twice Resolutions are an important start, but the key is to keep good financial routines going strong well beyond January - and ultimately have them become life-long habits. The study reveals the key to a successful resolution is the good feeling of making progress and setting clear and specific financial goals. Having someone to help keep you on track and hold you accountable also plays a role, as nearly onein-five indicated this was a major reason they were able to stick to a financial resolution last year. In fact, more than three-quarters (77%) of people working with a financial professional were able to stick to their financial resolution

Putting 2020 in the rearview To help build a better financial future, consider these three things you can do to move forward: • Begin with a budget • Of those who said they were in a 'better' financial situation this year compared to last, more than one in five attributed the success to budgeting better. With so many online tools to make tracking your spending and savings easier, including Fidelity's Budget Checkup, there are simple ways to create and stick to a budget aligned with a '50-15-5' guideline. • Replenish that rainy-day fund • More than 8 in 10 Americans say they'll build up their emergency savings in 2021, an important money move considering that many may have tapped into their stash of cash due to financial setbacks in 2020. • Find new sources of income • Nearly two-thirds say they plan to find new ways to make money in the new year, whether with a side hustle, selling items online or getting a part-time job. And with 30% of Americans planning to 'declutter' their homes in 2021, there's a good opportunity to find more than just loose change in those cushions and closets. To get more tips for making and keeping your financial resolutions, visit Fidelity.com.

This study presents the findings of a national online survey, consisting of 3,011 adults, 18 years of age and older. The generations are defined as: Baby Boomers (ages 56-74), Gen X (ages 40-55), millennials (ages24-39), and Gen Z (ages 18-23; although this generation has a wider range, we only surveyed adults for the purposes of this survey). Interviewing for this CARAVAN® Survey was conducted October 14-21, 2020 by Engine Insights, which is not affiliated with Fidelity Investments. The results of this survey may not be representative of all adults meeting the same criteria as those surveyed for this study. Margin of error is +/- 1.79% at the 95% confidence level. Smaller subgroups will have larger error margins. Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Member NYSE, SIPC, 900 Salem Street, Smithfield, RI 02917 © 2021 FMR LLC. All rights reserved.

12 • Panorama Community Magazine February 2021

5 Tips For Starting Your Own Business

(BPT) - There's no doubt the pandemic has hit small businesses hard. Even in its early weeks, February to April 2020, the number of active businesses plummeted by 22%, according to a report from the National Bureau of Economic Research. And unfortunately, the consequences of the early shutdowns impacted minority-owned businesses even harder, with Black-owned businesses seeing a 41% drop, Latinx businesses 32%, Asian businesses 26% and women-owned businesses 25%. Does that bad news mean that now is the wrong time to consider starting a new business? Not necessarily. Opportunities exist for small businesses today, including support and funding for start-ups - and especially for minority business owners. If you want to start a small business, here are steps to get you started. 1. Do your research. First, make sure you understand the current market for your business. This step is crucial to turn an idea into a fullfledged business plan. Ask questions like: • Is this product or service in demand right now? • Are there similar products and services out there, and are they succeeding? • Can this product or service be delivered safely for employees and customers? • Could the business support rapid growth if it really took off?

Ask other business owners about their challenges and rewards to explore whether this is a good option for you. Use market analysis tools recommended by resources such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) to get to know the market for your business. 2. Write a business plan. No business can find funding, investors or partners without a solid business plan. Learning to write a comprehensive plan also forces you to fully think through every aspect of your proposed idea. The SBA is a great resource to research types of business plans. Enlist the help of other business owners during the process if you can to understand how their plans helped them and what to avoid. 3. Fund your business. Every business needs capital to get started. Your business plan's financial section should provide a clear idea of the capital you need to launch. Most businesses rely on multiple financial sources, including: • Personal funds • Bank loans or personal loans • Investors • Crowdfunding SBA loans can be a good option. For example, Huntington Lift Local Business is a small-business lending program focused on serv-

ing minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses. Huntington is a top SBA 7(a) lender that has developed creative lending options and other features to help bring relief, recovery and growth to small businesses across the Midwest. With Huntington's program, businesses can secure SBA-guaranteed loans from $1,000 and up to $150,000 with: • Zero origination fees • SBA fees paid by Huntington • Lower credit score requirements • Free financial education courses • Checking accounts with 24-Hour Grace overdraft fee relief, and service fee waived for 36 months • Flexible, longer-term repayment options 4. Develop a marketing plan. Creating a brand identity and communicating it well is crucial to success. Consider hiring or contracting marketing services to help you choose your business name, create a logo, build your website and develop a strategic marketing plan to get the word out about your business. 5. Take care of business. Dotting the Is and crossing the Ts is necessary for any business. Details include choosing your business location and registering your business, applying for all the required licenses and permits, including federal and state tax IDs - plus opening your business bank account. Also, consulting an accountant with experience helping small businesses can ensure you have your business and financial ducks in a row. Starting a small business is a daunting challenge, but it can also be a rewarding opportunity. Taking the time to fully explore and utilize all the resources at your disposal can help ensure that your new business will be a success.

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Tax Refunds And Bankruptcy by Christy M. DeMelfi, Esq. It’s that time of year again when people are filing their taxes. Even though some people dread tax time, many look forward to it because of the tax refunds they receive. Most people consider these refunds a “wind-fall” because it is money they do not receive monthly. If you have outstanding debts, you’ll start to receive “special tax refund deals” from creditors offering to settle for a portion of what is owed. I suggest not being too quick to jump at these deals. Remember, settling one or two of your debts with your tax refund may not solve your problem. Often, people think it looks better to settle a few debts before filing for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Any payments made to creditors within 90 days of your bankruptcy filing must be disclosed on a form called “Statement of Financial Affairs”. If the payment was substantial, it could actually complicate your bankruptcy as the trustee may feel you favored one creditor over another. Therefore, unless your tax refund is going to settle all your debts, do not bother to make deals with a few. It is a much better use of your tax refund money to pay for your bankruptcy filing and truly start over with a clean slate.

All Federal 1040 & State PA40 Returns E-Filed

Rick Hartley AFSP, RTRP Local Returns (570) 443-9633 (Office) Property Tax Rebates • Rental Properties (570) 579-7522 (Cell) Small Business Accounting 1601 Honey Hole Road, Business Payrolls White Haven Sales Tax • Quarterlies taxman@pa.metrocast.net W-2s • W3s • 1099s • Act 32 Forms & Codes ~An IRS Licensed E-File Preparer~

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Office in McAdoo • Serving all of NEPA

www.demelfilaw.com Christy M. DeMelfi, Esq. assists people in filing for bankruptcy and may be considered a debt relief agency under federal law.

I don’t want to make the wrong decision for the one person who always made the right ones.”



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Now is the time to make the right decisions for you and your family. As preplanning specialists, we can make certain that all of your wishes are carried out and that you spend only what is needed.

We’d like to answer any questions you might have. Call us today to find out what you can do to make all of the right decisions.


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Continuing the Tradition of Quality Service Since 1876 PO Box 429, 669 W. Butler Drive, Drums 570-788-0977 • Brian M. Harman, Supervisor PO Box 129, 1265 Rock Glen Road, Rock Glen 570-384-3312 • Jason K. Harman, Supervisor Sara E. DeAngelis - Funeral Director


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5 Steps Schools Are Taking To Help Feed Children During The Pandemic (Family Features) Nearly 30 million children in the United States rely on school meals for a significant portion of their daily nutrition. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of food-insecure children has increased 20% to 1 in 4. Although many schools are operating remote or hybrid models, most are still open full-time for feeding students. An issue-framing report by GENYOUth, a national nonprofit dedicated to creating healthier school communities, addresses what's at stake for schools today, progress that has been made, challenges they face and key opportunities that exist. It concludes that although the role of the school building has changed this year, health-promoting schools supporting the "whole child," including ensuring children receive proper nutrition, matter more than ever for students to live full, productive lives. Due to COVID-19, school nutri-

to pick up meals during a narrow window of time. However, as people return to more typical work schedules, their availability to take advantage of provided meals is compressing. Some districts are expanding, even doubling, their pickup windows to provide greater access for families.

tion professionals, bus drivers and volunteers are taking measures to distribute and deliver school meals through a variety of methods that enable social distancing, including grab and go, bus stop drop off and drive-thru pick up. Creating Extended Meal Pickup Times During the initial lockdown, many families were home and had greater flexibility

Eliminating Barriers to Providing Meals School feeding programs are typically required to collect income eligibility applications from families to determine if children are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. Due to the pandemic, the United States Department of Agriculture is allowing schools to waive those requirements and offer free meals to every student. In addition, many school feeding sites don't require students to be present to pick up food; parents, siblings or caregivers can collect the meals. Raising Awareness of Options wand Locations In response to crisis-level food-insecurity, GENYOUth, working with multinational software corporation SAP, engineered


NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS The combination of comfort, convenience, affordability, and a smoke-free environment makes Majestic House one of the most luxurious senior residences in the Tamaqua area. Majestic House offers an ideal location and carefree living experience for senior residents at an affordable cost. RENT IS BASED ON 30% OF YOUR ADJUST GROSS INCOME. For information, email us at: majestichouse@ptd.net

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WE HAVE WHAT YOU NEED! “Brand New” Office Desks Chairs • Filing Cabinets! COVID

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February 12 Meatball Sub Sale, Friday, February 12 from 5 to 8pm at Columbia Hose Fire Co. No. 1, 742 West Centre Street in Shenandoah . ADVANCED ORDERS RECOMMENDED. Prices: $8.00 with cheese and $8.50 with cheese & sweet peppers. Call 570-933-4234 and leave message to place order. To list your Community Event in our Calendar, please email the event to: editorial@panoramapa.com.

the SAP4Kids digital school-meal locator app so families in need can find food and other resources near them amid the pandemic while also providing ways for organizations to offer additional support.

February Is National Pet Dental Month!

Providing Multiple Meals at a Time Scheduling is also a factor, leading some schools to offer multiple meals at a time. Whether it's meals for a full day or enough food for several days, offering multiple meals at a single pickup time streamlines scheduling for both the school and families. In addition, it reduces points of contact, helping to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

in animals the same as they do for people. Dogs and cats are much more tolerant of mouth pain, then we humans.  Just because your animal is eating, doesn't mean that everything is O.K.  If you notice signs of bad teeth, this is also an indication that your pet is in pain.  In an attempt to give all the pets in Hazleton a nice white smile and better breath, One of the easiest to check and  we are offering 10% off all dental procedures most overlooked aspects of keeping your pet with the ad below paper through the end of healthy, is a healthy mouth.  If you haven't February. done so recently (and don't feel bad if you haven't, most people don't), pick up a lip and look at your pet's back teeth in a well lit area.  Large chunks of brown tartar, red, eroding gums, and bad breath are all easily recognizable signs of an unhealthy mouth.  Most people seems to think, that bad teeth is a problem that is limited to the mouth.  Unfortunately, this just isn't true.  Bad teeth frequently cause liver trouble, kidney trouble, and heart trouble in animals.  I have cured a number of heart mummers in dogs and kidney problems in cats simple by Veterinary Hospital cleaning their teeth and treating with antibiotics.  More importantly, bad teeth cause pain

Seeking Assistance and Support Federal funding continues to support school meal programs, but schools are also partnering with a wide range of organizations committed to students' nutrition needs. One example is GENYOUth's Emergency School Meal Delivery Fund, which has provided thousands of schools with millions of dollars in grants and in-kind support. The fund provides monetary grants to schools to supply resources for meal distribution and delivery to help ensure children continue getting nutritious meals. "We are at an extraordinary moment where schools are taking unprecedented, heroic measures to get meals to kids," said Alexis Glick, CEO of GENYOUth. "Our fund provides grants to schools for the equipment, transportation and resources they need to feed kids daily. I believe the only hunger children should face is a hunger to learn." To learn more about the report or donate to the COVID-19 Emergency School Meal Delivery Fund, visit genyouthnow.org or text "SCHOOLS" to 20222 to make a one-time donation of $25.

by Dr. Kenneth Trippett, West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital

West Hazleton

February is National . . .


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Panorama Community Magazine: February 2021 • 17

Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori Top 10 Valuable Valentine Collectibles by Dr. Lori Verderame Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th and honors the Christian martyr, St. Valentine. Persecuted by the Roman Emperor in 273 AD, St. Valentine’s feast day is now highlighted with the gifting of flowers, sharing symbols of love and sweets like candy and cakes, and sending romantic cards. While St. Valentine presented the flowers from his garden to young lovers in order to promote the Catholic sacrament of matrimony, the February 14th holiday that bears his name has sparked the exchange of various works of art and antiques over the years. Some of the most popular Valentine’s keepsakes from the antiques and collectibles world are: 1. Valentine Cards. These small tokens are exchanged between childhood friends and lovers alike. Examples from the early 1900s come in the form of post cards and are worth $5-$10. Vintage examples from the World War II era range in value from $10$20 depending on condition, market, artist, and sentimental message. 2. Courting lamps. The Victorians gave us restrictions on courtship in the form of the courting lamp. The courting lamp had graduated markings on the glass to indicate minutes. The marks on the lamp showed the amount of time left before the fuel source

450 Washington St., Freeland • 570.636.0660 www.dellacrocedentalcare.com

expired. Once the light went out, your lover must be on his way home. Today, these rare Valentine’s keepsakes are worth $75-$100 in good condition. 3. Candy containers. Glass candy containers from the early 1900s came in all shapes and sizes. They are widely collected and range in value from $50 to several hundred dollars. For some, the Teuscher, Godiva G, or Jacques Torres boxes from these great chocolatiers are as desirable as the candy itself. 4. Chocolate molds. Chocolate molds are very popular, particularly on the day when an abundance of chocolate is exchanged and consumed. Metal chocolate molds which date back to the late 19th Century are the most sought after examples that collectors look for and they are expensive… valued between $500 and $2500 for fine examples. 5. Jewelry. There is nothing quite like getting a piece of fine jewelry featuring gold, silver, or another precious metal and gemstones. Costume jewelry is also a desirable Valentine’s gift by makers such as Sarah Coventry, Kenneth Jay Lane, Weiss, Trifari, Coro, Monet, Maravella, etc. Some jewelry items are desired Valentine gifts for their color like ruby or garnet gemstones. Pearl necklaces are also popular Valentine’s gifts and it is believed that pearls must be given as gifts as it is bad luck to purchase pearls for oneself. Fine jewelry holds its value over time and is a coveted collectible. 6. Candy and Candy boxes. Valentine candy comes in heart shapes and in heart shaped boxes too. Valentine candy made by Russell Stover, Godiva, Whitman and others are a welcome addition to any living room coffee table. The quality of the candy spoke volumes about the lovers as they exchanged gifts. Once the delicious chocolates or chocolate covered cherries were devoured, the decorative heart shaped candy boxes of decorated embossed cardboard were saved through the years as keepsakes. Today, candy boxes in the shape of hearts command $2-$5 alone online and at local antique shops. 7. Hair crafts. From circa 1850-1890, weaving human hair was a popular craft project. Women would save their hair from a hairbrush, place it into a hair receiver on a trinket tray on a dresser and use it later to weave watch fobs, bracelets, and framed hair flowers

18 • Panorama Community Magazine February 2021

pictures. These woven hair items were given as gifts to loved ones on Valentine’s Day as a remembrance. 8. Dance cards. In the early 1900s, a dance card was a coveted and highly personal object. Some cards were worn like oversized lockets around the neck of the prettiest girl at the party. For some Valentine sweethearts, dance cards were made of a metal cover with thin sheets of bone or ivory and used like paper to write a future dance partner’s name upon promising him the next dance. These rare pieces of Americana are not easy to find and range in value from $75-$100 depending on materials, age, and condition. 9. Vintage couture. Winter hats, coats, scarves, and formal long gloves from that bygone night on the town in celebration of Valentine’s Day are all the rage. Look for period hats of fur, faux fur, or felt. Collect leather or textile gloves with fanciful detailing at thrift shops, antiques stores, estate sales, Jewelry, specifically and flea markets. You pearls, are a very will have to save your popular Valentine’s pennies to buy some Day gift and colof the name brand lectible. Photograpieces with highly phy Staff of www. sought-after examples DrLoriV.com ranging in value from $250 to $500 each. 10. Flowers and Flower vases. When you receive that wonderful Valentine bouquet of roses, it is wonderful to enjoy the blooms and the fragrance. However, once the roses wilt, the vase from the florist becomes a cherished keepsake. Many of these florist vases from circa 1920s to 1950s have stood the test of time and remain popular with collectors. Ceramic pieces by Royal Haeger, McCoy, Roseville, and other firms are cherished Valentine collectibles today and in good condition, they are valued from $75 to $250. This Valentine’s Day as you make new memories, don’t forget to cherish the old ones with art, antiques and collectibles. Dr. Lori Verderame is the award-winning Ph.D. antiques appraiser on History channel’s #1 show, The Curse of Oak Island, about the world’s oldest treasure hunt. Dr. Lori offers free information about antiques appraisals and selling at www.DrLoriV. com and www.YouTube.com/DrLoriV


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5 Ideas For Helping Your Community's Teachers (BPT) - A love of learning and a passion for children is what makes teachers special. As COVID-19 has impacted schools across the country, teachers have proved their agility in shifting gears quickly to teach students as effectively as possible. Whether your community's schools are in person, online or a mix of both, it's the teachers who have the hard work of making school a positive experience no matter the circumstances. This year, it's critical to support teachers to position them for success so students can thrive. Consider these five steps in supporting teachers and showing you care. 1) Add extra supplies: Go beyond the supplies list and buy extras for the teacher. This might be adding extra glue sticks and pencils, or, making a teacher's care basket with personal items like hand lotion, sanitizing wipes, tea and coffee, stickers, etc. What's more, remember that sup-

plies are needed all school year long. A mid-year supply drop-off is sure to be appreciated. You might even consider running a supply drive to help teachers in need throughout the year. 2) Ask about volunteer opportunities: In-person volunteer opportunities may be limited or unavailable right now, so be proactive and ask teachers about virtual or distance volunteering options. You might be able to lead a virtual story time, organize a book club, help by checking digital papers, dropping off items at students'

749 Route 93, Sybertsville • 570-788-3809 Open 6 Days A Week Evening Appointments Available (Walk-ins welcome when available)

homes and much more. Simply reach out to your teacher to show your willingness to help and you can discuss volunteer opportunities that match your skills and interests. Beyond the classroom, check out volunteer opportunities at libraries, study halls, community centers and more. 3) Get involved: As a supporter of public school teachers and students since 2009, Sonic provides essential funds needed for learning materials and innovative teaching techniques to inspire creativity. The business donates to public school teacher projects multiple times throughout the school year including during a fall voting campaign and Teacher Appreciation Month in May, as well as through special funding events throughout the year. Visit LimeadesforLearning.com to learn more about how to get involved and help teachers. 4) Stay up to date: Being informed not only helps you understand what's happening in your student's world, it helps you be a more engaged partner in their education. Teachers appreciate parents and caregivers who stay up to date by reading grade newsletters promptly, checking emails from the school often and visiting classroom websites or social media pages regularly. Additionally, consider attending school board meetings, even if it's virtually, so you know what's happening in the district. 5) Practice patience and understanding: The 2020-21 school year contains a lot of unknowns. Whether it's in-person, virtual or hybrid, remember to practice patience and understanding with educators as they navigate these new waters. Everyone is in this together and teachers are doing their best. Remember, the attitude you project about school is what your children will reflect, so make sure to stay positive and make the best of any situation as the year unfolds.

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Texts: Good, Cliches: Bad (NAPSI)—When it comes to succeeding in business, it’s important to know what not to say and how not to say it. Fortunately, a recent survey can help you and your firm avoid these pitfalls. What Not To Say For example, people have a low tolerance for work jargon. When asked what work phrases they hate the most, respondents replied: 1.Per my last e-mail: 32% 2.We’re all in this together: 32% 3.Blue sky thinking: 29% 4.Did you get that thing I sent you?: 28% 5.Let’s touch base: 27% 6.Let’s circle back: 23% 7.Can you get this to me EOD?: 23% 8.Let’s table that: 21% 9.Let’s get this offline: 12% Essentially, the key to getting people to read and respond to a message is to keep it simple, keep it short and avoid clichés. The clearest communicators write the way they talk. How Not To Say It According to the research, respondents estimated they get 44 e-mails a day and 32 of them aren’t worth paying attention to. That comes to over 16,000 emails a year with 11,680 of them deemed a waste of time. The survey from SizzleDeck, a software application that makes it easy for businesses to build, share and track phone-friendly landing pages, found more than half of Americans polled have difficulty clearing their work e-mail inbox. Sending a text, however, is still an effective way to get attention. On average people check their phones 18 times during a day and are more than three times more likely to prefer to read text messages than open e-mails. In fact, three-quarters admit checking their phones first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Learn More For further facts and tips, visit www.sizzledeck.com.

Local Children In Need Of Mentoring, Fostering, And Adoption! by Missy Nenstiel, Brandon’s Forever Home Being a child in foster care has never been easy and a worldwide pandemic just made things harder for the nearly 500 children in Luzerne County seeking family reunification or permanency. One of the biggest hurdles isolation from the pandemic has brought about, is that now children have less access to mandated reporters who are trained to recognize neglect and abuse such as teachers, coaches, and health care professionals. Children who are accepted into foster care then face the deficit of approved foster homes. Locally, we have on average 75 homes for the aforementioned 500 children. A recent New York Times also recognized the fact that the teens in foster care who are not adopted and “age out” without any support system in place have suffered beyond measure becoming jobless and homeless. Their article states, “This past May, FosterClub conducted a small survey of 613 former foster youth, 18 to 24, to understand how the pandemic was affecting young adults with experience in the foster care system.

Sixty-five percent of respondents working before the pandemic reported losing their jobs. Another 23 percent said they were experiencing housing insecurity. And only 37 percent said they had an adult to turn to." Brandon’s Forever Home has been at the pulse of this crisis and is putting out a call to those interested in learning more about fostering, adoption, and youth mentoring. There is a place for you during this time where you can make the difference in the life of a child by providing support and stability. If fostering is not something you have considered before you can speak to us about our mentoring program which has been functioning remotely and contactless since March 2020. Our staff is knowledgeable and caring and all conversations are confidential and non-committal. Feel free to contact us anytime by phone 570-5998BFH, email missybfh@ptd.net or reach out through social media. We are always available to answer your questions and help guide you to what makes your heart feel best.

Every Child Deserves A Loving Home

WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEKING Ask About Our ADOPTIVE & FOSTER FAMILIES. Mentoring HAVE YOU BEEN CONSIDERING Program FOSTERING OR ADOPTION? THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN IN LUZERNE COUNTY IN NEED OF LOVING HOMES WHO HAVE. If you or a family you know is interested, contact Brandon’s Forever Home today to see how you can help a local child or create your forever family. Contact Us For More Information: Phone - 570-599-8234 • Website - www.brandonsforeverhome.com Email - missybfh@ptd.net

Panorama Community Magazine: February 2021 • 25

Joke s and Riddles


Q: Why did the cookie go to the doctor? A: Because he was feeling crummy.

Q: Why is a fruitcake like history? A: Because it’s full of dates.

Name That

Birthstone Every month has a birthstone, sometimes more than one. Do you know what your birthstone is? Fill in the blanks to name some birthstones.

A M E __ __ Y S __


__ I A M __ N D


P __ R __ D O __


G __ R N __ T


E M __ R __ L D


__ U B Y


S A __ __ H I __ E

Answers: 1) Amethyst (February), 2) Diamond (April), 3) Peridot (August), 4) Garnet (January), 5) Emerald (May), 6) Ruby (July), 7) Sapphire (September)

What Rhymes with…

List 10 words that rhyme with “grow.”











Some answers: blow, bow, dough, flow, glow, hoe, low, mow, no, row

Joke Jokess AND AND

Riddle Riddless Q: What goes up and never comes down? A: Your age!

Q: Why are candles put on top of the cake?

HAPPY APPY BIRTHDAY IRTHDAY Few people do not know the song, “Happy Birthday to You.” It is performed at birthday parties everywhere. Most people believe it was sisters Mildred and Patti Hill who came up with the song. The sisters were educators and created the song as a classroom greeting. At the time, the words to the song were: “Good morning dear teacher, good morning to you,” Over time, the words of the song changed into: “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear.... Happy Birthday to you.” The song was published in 1924 and has been popular ever since.

Fact or Fiction?

Birthday Combo Challenge


Some birthday parties would not be complete without a birthday cake and ice cream. Here are some questions about the birthday treat combo. How many can you answer correctly? 1) Neapolitan combines vanilla, chocolate and cherry ice cream flavors. Fact or Fiction? 2) Sheet cakes have more than one layer. Fact or Fiction? 3) Vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream. Fact or Fiction? 4) Some birthday cakes have ice cream in them. Fact or Fiction? 5) Mint chocolate chip ice cream is red. Fact or Fiction? 6) All birthday cakes are made with flour. Fact or Fiction? 7) Rocky road ice cream has marshmallows. Fact or Fiction? 8) Some birthday cakes have fillings. Fact or Fiction? 9) The number of candles on a birthday cake usually equals the number of years the birthday boy or girl has lived plus five more for good luck. Fact or Fiction? 10) If the birthday boy or girl blows out all of the candles on their cake, they will get what they wished for according to tradition. Fact or Fiction? Answers: 1) Fiction, Neapolitan combines vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, 2) Fiction, sheet cakes have one layer, 3) Fact, 4) Fact, 5) Fiction, mint chocolate chip ice cream is usually green, 6) Fiction, there are recipes for making birthday cakes without flour, 7) Fact, 8) Fact, 9) Fiction, usually it’s one more candle for good luck, 10) Fact


A: Because it’s too hard to put them on the bottom.

Enter the Annual




(AGE APPROPRIATE) courtesy of Della Croce Dental Care in Freeland, PA Contest for children ages 3-12 only. Winners will be randomly drawn from all correct entries received by February 22, 2021. All winners will be listed in the March 2021 issue of Panorama Community Magazine. All Contest Winners will be notified by phone. Prizes will be mailed to the winners unless otherwise noted.** **One entry per address. Contest for children ages 3-12 only. Prizes are drawn ramdomly and have no monetary value. Prize can only be redeemed for contest prize offered by the sponsor. Winners will be notified by phone. Prizes will be mailed to the winners unless otherwise noted NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

$50 Gift Card

courtesy of Dr. Frank Glushefski in White Haven, PA

$50 Gift Card

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I FOUND ALL 12 TIMMY THE TOOTH ICONS PAGE LOCATIONS: __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ PLEASE PRINT NEATLY Email:________________________

Age (REQUIRED) ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 22, 2021 **One entry per address. Contest for children ages 3-12 only. Prizes are drawn ramdomly and have no monetary value. Prize can only be redeemed for contest prize offered by the sponsor. Winners will be notified by phone. Prizes will be mailed unless otherwise noted. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

Detach and send your completed entry form to:

“Bullet” Bob Hayes by Rev. Connell A. McHugh For Black History Month, I would like to reflect on “Bullet” Bob Hayes, the only man to win a Super Bowl ring and an Olympic Gold Medal (actually 2 Gold medals). Hayes won his Olympic Medals in Tokyo in 1964. He won the 100 meter dash and anchored the four man 400 meter relay team. The USA team actually trailed by a couple of meters entering the last leg of the race, however, Hayes with his blinding speed pulled out the race for his country in one of the greatest all-time Olympic performances. Hayes was considered the fastest man of his era and has even been compared to Usain Bolt. The tracks in Bob Hayes’ time were slower than in Bolt’s days. Immediately following the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Bob Hayes abandoned track to sign as a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. In high school, Hayes was on the 1958 12-0 Gilbert Panthers in Florida who were the black school state champions (this was the era of racial segregation). Florida A & M recruited Hayes for football and track. Hayes never lost a race in the 100 yard or 100 meter events. He

was the first person to break 6 seconds in the 60 yard dash. Hayes was eventually inducted into many Hall of Fames including the inaugural class of his Alma Mater, Florida A & M in 1976. Bob Hayes preferred football over track. He remarked, “Catching a game winning touchdown is more of a thrill than winning Gold Medals. You play football for your team, not for yourself.” Bon Hayes began his NFL career at age 21 and was a star from the start. In his very first year, Hayes caught 12 touchdown passes. In addition to his speed, Bob Hayes had great football instincts. Hayes revolutionized the wide receiver position in that he could not be single covered. This forced opposing teams to use both zone defense and the bump and run strategy to prevent Hayes from running wild. Bob Hayes scored 13 touchdowns in his second year. He complimented the Cowboy running game of Don Perkins, Calvin Hill, Walt Garrison and Duane Thomas. The Cowboys were quarterbacked for most of Hayes’ ten

28 • Panorama Community Magazine February 2021

years with the team by “Dandy” Don Meredith and Roger Staubach. In 1967 and 1968 Hayes led the NFL in punt returns. Bob Hayes was considered so dangerous an offensive threat that teams generally played double coverage on him – a cornerback with him and a safety behind him. In his rookie season, Hayes was the first to lead his team in receiving and the initial player to reach 1,000 yards in receptions for Dallas. Throughout his career, Hayes averaged an amazing 20 yards per reception. For most of his track career, Hayes was not invited to major track meets because of his color. Finally in 1962, the University of Miami did invite him where he set a world record of 9.2 in the 100 meter dash. At Florida A & M Charlie Ward Sr. was the quarterback. His son, Charlie Ward Jr., became a Heisman Trophy winner and an NBA player. Hewitt Dixon, the future Oakland Raider, was also a teammate of Hayes. President Lyndon Johnson pleaded with the Florida A & M coach to give more time to Hayes to practice track for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic games. Don Meredith was the first star quarterback to play with Hayes. Meredith played his entire 1960-1968 career with the Cowboys, starting out as a backup to Eddie LeBaron. Meredith was the starting quarterback from 1965 through 1968 for the Cowboys. In 1966, Meredith led Tom Landry’s team to their first winning season, throwing for 2,804 yards and 24 touchdowns and was named NFL Player of the Year. Meredith retired at age 31 at the peak of his career, the very day Roger Staubach was released from his Naval obligations. Meredith, the former two-time SMU All-American in 1958 and 1959, became part of the first Monday Night Football team broadcasters with Frank Gifford and Howard Cosell. With Roger Staubach at quarterback, Hayes was instrumental in helping the Cowboys reach the Super Bowl twice, winning their first in 1972. Staubach felt that Hayes totally disrupted defenses. For his career, Hayes had 377 receptions for 7,414 yards for 71 touchdowns. In 1970 and 1971 with Staubach at quarterback, Hayes averaged 26.1 and 24 yards per catch. As previously stated, he had an amazing 20 yard average per catch throughout his career. Bob Hayes was elected to the U.S.Track and Field Hall of Fame in 1976. After retiring from football in 1975, Bob Hayes worked as a real estate agent for Roger Staubach’s company. In 1978, Hayes was arrested on 3 charges of selling cocaine and pills to an undercover agent and was sentenced to 5

years in prison. He was paroled after serving 10 months and deeply regretted his drug and alcohol abuse. Hayes did straighten out his life and in 1994 finished his degree from Florida A & M. Hayes, who was born on December 20, 1942 in Jacksonville, Florida, died in the same city on September 18, 2002. The drug usage and alcoholism delayed his induction into the Football Hall of Fame which took place in 2009. His son Bob Hayes Jr. read a very moving talk written earlier by his father on the chance that he would be inducted to the Hall after his death. Bob Hayes Sr. thanked everyone who had given him opportunities in life. Friend and teammate, Roger Staubach, unveiled the Hall of Fame bust of Hayes. Another NFL Hall of Famer, Ollie Matson, one of the great running backs of the 50s and 60s, won a Bronze Medal in the 400 meter single’s event and a Silver Medal in the 400 meter team rally at the 1952 Olympics in

Helsinki, Finland I probably have more football cards of both Hayes and Matson than most other players. One could expect to pay $50+ for a nice 1966 Hayes rookie card but later cards are much more affordable. The Matson rookie card from 1952 is more expensive than the Hayes rookie card and his mid-fifties cards run about $20 or so. Late 50s and 60s cards of Matson are much cheaper. We have to remember that Matson played on the 1950 San Francisco Dons undefeated team that was denied a Bowl bid because they had black players. Their story, Undefeated, Untied and Uninvited is the

subject of a book and film documentary. I recommend both. References: • Wikipedia • My Own Knowledge of Football and Track cards Fr. McHugh is very involved in New Testament Scriptures, has one of the best collections of high-end New Testament Scripture books and commentaries in Northeastern Pa. and frequently offers Scripture sessions in the area. revmchugh@ptd.net

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If you are 65 or older you are eligible to ride Hazleton Public Transit’s fixed route bus any time for FREE thanks to proceeds from the PA Lottery. This FREE bus pass never expires and can be used on any public bus in PA.

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1. Complete the shaded section of the application below and cut out. 2. Make a photo copy of one of proof of age. Acceptable proof of age: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Driver’s License, Pace Card, PAID Card, Armed Forces Discharge Papers, Passport or Naturalization Papers, Veteran’s Universal Access IDCard,Statement of Age from Social Security Administration. 3. Mail the application and copy of proof of age to: HPT, 126 W. Mine Street, Hazleton, PA 18201. You will receive your FREE bus pass in the mail within one week.


Multiple Companies for All Your Insurance Needs Call, Stop In, Go Online URENOVICH INSURANCE AGENCY 517 Centre Street Freeland, PA 18224

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Sweet Valentine Treats

Cranberry Raspberry Vanilla Valentine Punch Ingredients: 8 cups cranberry-raspberry juice 8 1/2 cups cranberry ginger ale 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 pint raspberry sorbet frozen cranberries, for garnish Directions: In large punch bowl, add juice, ginger ale and vanilla extract. Stir until combined. Add frozen cranberries and scoops of frozen sorbet. Stir slightly then serve immediately. Servings: 6-12

Red Velvet Mug Cake Ingredients: 6 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon cocoa powder 1/4 teaspoon baking powder 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/3 cup milk 2 tablespoons butter, melted 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 30 drops red food coloring 3 tablespoons powdered sugar 1 tablespoon cream cheese, softened Directions: In 12-ounce mug, whisk flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt. Add milk, butter, vanilla and food coloring; mix until blended. In small bowl, mix powdered sugar and cream cheese until smooth. Drop cream cheese mixture into cake batter. Press into batter until covered. Microwave up to 3 minutes until cake is done. Makes 1 serving

Potato & Cheese Cheddar & Bacon Cabbage Prune Farmers Cheese

Candy Heart Bark Ingredients: 6 oz. white chocolate, coarsely chopped 2 oz. pink candy melts 1/4 tsp. canola or vegetable oil 8 oz. semisweet chocolate, coarsely chopped Conversation Heart Candies & Sprinkles, for decorating Directions: Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat; set aside. With a double boiler or microwave, melt white chocolate and candy melts together. If using a microwave, stir chocolate every 20 seconds. Once melted and smooth, stir in oil, then set aside. Melt semisweet chocolate the same way you melted white chocolate. Pour onto prepared baking sheet and spread out into a large rectangle using a spoon or rubber spatula. Drizzle white chocolate mixture on top, then use a knife or toothpick to swirl layers together. Sprinkle top of bark with conversation hearts and sprinkles. Refrigerate to set, 2 hours. Once hardened, break into pieces as large or as small as you want and serve. Yields 8-10 servings

Sauerkraut Spinach & Feta Potato, Cheese & Jalapeno Alessio’s Cheese Ravioli

Lonczynski’s Old Fashion Drop Noodle Potato Haluski Pancake Batter


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Available in local supermarkets & direct purchase for bazaars, church functions, fundraisers, etc.


REGULAR MENU ALSO AVAILABLE Located in the Church Hill Mall


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Lenten Specials Feb 17th thru April 3rd All You Can Eat Shrimp $13.99 6oz USDA Choice Sirloin Steak & All You Can Eat Shrimp $16.99 Specials Served with Fresh Garden Salad & Choice of Potato Add the Buffet for Only $5.25


Pierogie Omelettes • Potato Cakes Haluski • Crab Cakes Mac & Cheese w/ Stewed Tomatoes Shrimp In A Basket Fish Filet Sandwich


OPEN: Mon.-Sat. 7am-7pm • Sun. 8am-2pm

Buy 1 Lenten Entree & Get A Second One Half Off Valid from February 17th thru April 3rd Only Good On Lenten Features. Not valid with any other offers or discounts.

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CROSSWORD PUZZLE Puzzle Answers on page 50 56. Sean Connery, for one 57. Harmful 59. Erstwhile (2 wds) 61. Islands of the central and S Pacific 62. What a tailor does to an old coat's insides 63. Those who group similar things 64. Chair part Down 1. Deserving affection 2. Not using liquid Across 3. Concluding musical passages 1. Hastily made devices (2 wds) played at a faster speed 8. Low relief enamel on ceramic 4. ___ Christian Andersen 15. Smallest of the Great Lakes 5. Altdorf is its capital 16. Gives personal assurances 6. Allotment 17. Small movable scale that slides 7. Reddish brown along a main scale 8. "Terrible" czar 18. Father's sisters, informally 9. Grimace 19. "Iliad" warrior 10. Humorous play on words (pl.) 20. Whooping birds 11. Appear 22. "Wheel of Fortune" buy (2 wds) 12. Therapeutic massage 23. Software program that performs time-consuming tasks 24. Lentil, e.g. 25. Auditory 26. Drunk (2 wds) 28. Drink from a dish 30. Black European thrush 31. Like some mushrooms 33. Water diffused as vapour 35. Artist's media (2 wds) 37. Break, in a way (3 wds) 40. Constrain (2 wds) 44. About to explode 45. "Harper Valley ___" (acronym) 47. Agreeing (with) 48. Anchovy containers 49. Break 51. ___ Victor (acronym) 52. "Go on ..." 53. Ancient Egyptian documents 32 • Panorama Community Magazine February 2021




13. Even smaller 14. Small bone, esp. in middle ear 21. Unshakably 24. Unite 25. Beginning 27. Depth charge targets (2 wds) 29. Hawaiian dish 30. Bony 32. Large North American deer 34. Publicity, slangily 36. Appear, with "up" 37. Spanish male gypsies 38. River to the Atlantic through Venezuela and Columbia 39. More pronounced bowed legs 41. Relating to pigs 42. Revenues 43. Most orderly 46. Dawn goddess 50. Lid or lip application 53. Johnnycake 54. Gulf V.I.P. 55. Two ___ in a pod 56. Ado 58. College entrance exam (acronym) 60. "A Nightmare on ___ Street"


LOCAL & REGIONAL DRIVERS NEEDED! FULL or PART TIME DRIVERS 250 Air Mile Radius Paid $20- $24 Hourly Salary Increases on a Merit Basis To Schedule an Interview Call Larry


✔ Home Daily & Off Weekends ✔ 8-12 Hours Per Day ✔ Drop and Hook – No Touch ✔ 1 Year Experience Required ✔ Must Pass DOT Physical & Drug Screen ✔ Must Have Clean MVR / No DUI ✔ Dependablility a Must!


Why Is The Proper Engine Coolant Is Important? by Thomas R. Buff Engine cooling system failure and overheating is one of the top reasons for breakdowns on the road. The majority of motorists do not give engine coolant a second thought, it is another one of the forgotten fluids, only checked when the engine light is illuminated or when it is time for service. However, engine coolant is vital to engine longevity and performance. It not keeps your engine at the proper operating temperature but it also lowers the freezing point of the cooling system, protects the system from rust and corrosion and it raises the boiling point of the cooling system. The cooling system is the lifeblood of the engine and the majority of components have remained the same for many years. But the coolant has changed in

its composition and functions. The green coolant that was most common in all vehicles can now ruin your engine. Today there are three different types of coolant. IAT or Inorganic Additive Technology is the standard green coolant that has been used for many years. It is very harmful to the environment and also very corrosive to the vital engine components and materials used in todays engines. The additives in this type of coolant break down very quickly so it needed to be replaced at least every two years. It is uncommon to see this type of coolant used today. Organic Acid Technology or OAT coolants are now used in many of todays vehicles. It can be colored red, orange, purple


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or yellow. This type of coolant has many additives incorporated that work to limit corrosives and chemical breakdown of the coolant. It is considered an extended life coolant. This coolant which is standard in many of today’s vehicles will provide protection for up to five years or 50,000 miles. It is required and if mixed or replaced with the wrong coolant will void the warranty of the vehicle. The most common type of OAT coolant is called Dex Cool which is orange. General Motors and VW products utilize Dex Cool. Many diesel applications utilize this type of coolant as it contains less nitrates that are very corrosive. Hybrid Organic Acid Technology or HOAT is another type of coolant used an is most commonly orange or yellow. This coolant is a combination of the OAT and IAT formulations. It uses a mixture of chemicals to combat corrosion. It is also good for five years or 50,000 miles. Ford, Chrysler and many European cars commonly use HOAT technology. What is important to remember is that older car engines used mostly brass, rubber and iron parts. These components were almost indestructible and not as easily corroded or broken down by the coolant. Today copper, nylon, aluminum and magnesium are used in many components. The coolant is a big factor concerning additives used today to protect your engine. There are many types and colors of coolant today. Always check with your manufactures specific requirement for what type is needed for your car or truck. Stay healthy and safe. Happy Motoring!

Trust Your Car to the Area’s Most Up-To-Date Collision Shop! NEW STORAGE UNITS AVAILABLE!

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Tips For Keeping Your Heating Bills Down This Winter by The Experts at S.J. Kowalski A toasty home is welcomed when escaping the chilly weather. Less welcome are the heating bills that can come with keeping your home cozy and warm. By taking a few preventative steps it’s possible to optimize energy usage, and get the most from your heating system and still live comfortably. 1. SEAL UP YOUR HOME: Keep cold air from seeping into your home. Insulate windows and doors with weather stripping and caulking. Capture natural heat by opening curtains on south-facing windows during the day and close them when the sun goes down to keep the warmth inside. If feasible, consider replacing old windows and updating insulation with newer more efficient versions that will make your home both more comfortable and cut down on heating bills.

2. MAKE SURE YOUR HEATING SYSTEM IS WORKING PROPERLY: Consider scheduling a service check up with S.J. Kowalski, Inc a Trane Comfort Specialist to assure it’s running at its best. Keeping your furnace clean, lubricated and properly adjusted can save about five percent on heating costs. A technician from S.J. Kowalski, Inc. can assess your system, suggest any repairs it might need and make sure you are ready for the coldest temperatures before they arrive. 3. WHAT THERMOSTAT SETTING IS BEST?: Agreeing on where to set the thermostat isn’t easy. To save money, set it as low as possible while still maintaining a comfortable temperature, usually between 65 to 70 degrees. If you aren’t home during the day,

consider lowering it even more. And if your household can manage it lower your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees at night to sleep comfortably while saving on your utility bill. Compromise with the family by placing warm throw blankets on the couch, adding layers of bedding and investing in warm fuzzy socks. 4. REPLACE YOUR FILTER: A dirty HVAC filter restricts air flow and increases energy usage as your system works harder to push air through it. Replace or clean filters once a month when the system is being used most to ensure that the air can pass through freely. Call S.J. Kowalski, Inc. at 570-4552600 to schedule your maintenance if you haven’t already done so.

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Snow Thrower Safety Tips: Keep Best Practices In Mind This Winter (NAPSI)—Clearing snow and ice from driveways, sidewalks and parking lots is no small job. You rely on your outdoor power equipment to do the heavy lifting, and it’s important to keep safety in mind. The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) reminds home and business owners to use snow throwers, often referred to as snow blowers, safely and offers tips to help. “Weather today is more unpredictable than ever, and you need to have your snow thrower serviced and ready to power up,” says OPEI President and CEO Kris Kiser. “Have the right fuel on hand and review your owner’s manual now so you can use your equipment safely.” Kiser says preparation is key and that home and business owners should consider the following: Review the owner’s manual. Check

the owner’s manual for safe handling procedures. If the manual cannot be found, look it up online, and store a copy on your computer so it’s available to reference in the future. Review how to operate controls. Be able to shut off equipment quickly. • Check equipment. The snow thrower should be powered off when being checked over. If fuel was not drained last winter before it was stored, empty the gas tank now. Adjust any cables and check the auger. • Purchase fuel. Be sure to use the correct fuel recommended by the equipment’s manufacturer. For most gasoline-powered snow throwers, that is E10 or less. Often fuel stations are closed after a storm so buy gasoline in advance of storms. Fuel that is more than 30 days old can phase separate and cause operating problems. For more information on Looking for Something Unique? •Birthdays •Anniversaries •Weddings Any Special Occasion WE HAVE IT ALL! BENCHES • BIRD BATHS RELIGIOUS • ORIENTAL GARGOYLES • ANIMALS GNOMES • PEOPLE

We Take Pride in Providing Our Customers with the Highest Quality Products at the Most Reasonable Prices!

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Be careful when changing directions while using your snowblower.

fueling properly see www.LookBeforeYouPump.com. • Store and use fuel properly. Place gasoline in a proper fuel container and label it with the date purchased and the ethanol content. Store fuel safely and out of the reach of children. Fill the fuel tank outside before starting the engine and while the engine is cold. Never add fuel to a running or hot engine. • Tidy the yard. Snow can sometimes hide objects. Doormats, hoses, balls, toys, boards, wires, and other debris should be removed from areas you intend to clear. When run over by a snow thrower, these objects may harm the machine or people.  • Dress for winter weather. Locate safety gear now, and place it in an accessible closet or location. Wear safety glasses, gloves and footwear that can handle cold and slippery surfaces when operating the snow thrower.  • KEY SAFETY TIP: Never put your hands inside the auger or chute. Use a clean out tool (or stick) to unclog snow or debris from the snow thrower. Your hands should never go inside the auger or chute.  • Turn OFF the snow thrower if you need to clear a clog. If you need to remove debris or unclog snow, always turn off the snow thrower. Wait for all moving parts to come to a complete stop before clearing any clogs or debris. • Operate in visible conditions. Never operate the snow thrower without good visibility or light.  • Aim with care. Never throw snow toward people or cars. Keep children or pets inside and away from your snow thrower when it is operating.  • Use extreme caution on slopes and hills. Use caution when changing directions on slopes. Do not attempt to clear steep slopes.  • Know where the cord is. If using an electric powered snow thrower, be aware of where the power cord is at all times. Avoid tripping. Do not run over the power cord.

5 Ways To Design With Authentic Materials (Family Features) Creating a welcoming and relaxing space may be easier than you expect when you give natural materials a leading role in your design. Elements like natural stone, wood, fiber, metals and even plant life can allow you to express a sense of unique personal style that is broadly appealing. Most inviting rooms share one quality: ample natural light, which creates a subtly vibrant and energetic ambiance. Other aspects of an enticing design may be less obvious to the casual observer. Special touches like custom craftsmanship lend a special aesthetic to furnishings and decor, and bring authenticity to your home. Similarly, items that are made in America using an artisanal approach can elevate the character of a room when compared to things that are mass manufactured. For example, choose a single piece of artwork from a talented artist rather than multiple pieces of mass-produced art from a retailer. You can incorporate natural and hand-crafted materials into your spaces in countless ways, but these ideas can be achieved regardless of what your budget may be. • Natural Stone: When many people think about designing with stone, features like countertops or flooring come to mind. Incorporating stone in more unexpected ways can make an even bigger impression. You might choose a coffee table or end tables that are made of stone or feature stone accents. Accessorizing with stone also introduces an earthy appeal; think agate bookends or decorative items like sculptures. • Hardwood Flooring: The floor is often the

largest design element of a room, so utilizing authentic materials for your flooring makes a strong statement about the overall tone and feel of the room. An artisan-crafted hardwood flooring option like Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is crafted individually - one board at a time so the emphasis is on the natural beauty of the wood. You can choose a completely custom look, from wood species and grade to texture and color, or make your selection from a collection of popular tried-and-true finishes. • Natural Fiber Textiles: Careful attention to detail is important for a cohesive design, so be sure to keep thinking natural when selecting textiles. Linen and rough cotton fabrics bring distinctive textures that maintain an organic vibe. Natural textiles can also be quite durable, making them practical selections for often-used spaces. Elements to consider include window treatments, fabric components of any furnishings and accents like pillows or throws. Jute or wool rugs and textile artwork may also work well with this motif. • Plant Life: Vegetation is a central element to landscape design, so when your goal is to cre-

ate an inviting indoor space with a connection to nature and the outdoors, it makes sense to incorporate plants as part of your design. Options vary greatly, so it may take some work to narrow your selections. If the rest of your space reflects a specific region, choose plants native to that area. You'll also want to consider lighting and watering requirements as well as the level of care you're able to dedicate. • Metals: Adding metallic components like iron, copper, gold or silver to your space can bring everything from an edgy style to graceful beauty. While furnishings and accessories are common ways to incorporate metallic flair, also think in terms of lighting and hard features like railing spindles and window treatments. Get inspired with more ideas to create an inviting, authentic space at wideplankflooring.com.

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The Tooth Fairy Is Now Taking Calls (NAPSI)—Good news for families: The Tooth Fairy now has her own phone number to congratulate kids on losing teeth and encourage them to care for their smiles—helping to promote good oral health habits and reduce the incidence of tooth decay. Parents and guardians can call the Tooth Fairy Hotline toll-free at 1-833-FAIRYWA for their children, and select from four messages from the tooth fairies. Each pre-recorded call features a different tooth fairy with a distinct pediatric dental health message designed just for kids. The messages include: • First Lost Tooth—this celebrates a child’s first lost tooth and describes the importance of baby teeth • Lost Tooth—this celebrates a child’s lost tooth and encourages kids to keep up a healthy smile • Good Dental Exam—this one congratulates children for a good dental exam and prepares them for future appointments  • Poor Dental Exam—this provides words of encouragement for a child’s next dental exam if the first appointment did not go well. The new hotline is part of The Tooth Fairy Experience, a free statewide program pre-

Kids can call The Tooth Fairy Experience’s new Hotline to listen to four different voice messages from the Tooth Fairy herself.

sented by Delta Dental of Washington. It teaches kids how to keep young smiles healthy and sets them on a path for a lifetime of good oral health through free community and classroom presentations (currently offered virtually), as well as downloadable materials for educators—developed in partnership with the School Nurse Organization of Washington—which are dentistreviewed and kid-tested.


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“The Tooth Fairy is a powerful ally in getting kids to care for their smiles,” said Abbie Goudarzi, DDS, a Delta Dental of Washington dental consultant. “So these positive phone messages can be a great tool for helping parents start a dialogue with their children about cavities and the importance of brushing, flossing and nutrition.” Additional Ways to Interact with the Tooth Fairy For those looking for more fun ways to engage, the Tooth Fairy offers customized letters for children, You can pick from special message options similar to the hotline. The letters are addressed to each child and mailed to their homes on the Tooth Fairy’s personal stationery with a special Tooth Fairy stamp. The Tooth Fairy even has her very own website (www.TheToothFairyExperience.com), social media channels (Facebook and Instagram @ToothFairyWA) and offers a free quarterly enewsletter, Grin & Grow, for young fans. The newsletters contain information about the Tooth Fairy’s upcoming appearances, helpful dental health information written for kids, fun tooth facts and much more. Simply visit TheToothFairyExperience.com and scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe—and rest assured that you can cancel at any time, your e-mail won’t be shared, and you won’t get any additional unsolicited e-mails. Additionally, due to COVID-19, the Tooth Fairy is providing free face masks to children upon request. The masks showcase an illustration of the tooth fairies. Parents and guardians can e-mail the Tooth Fairy at hello@ thetoothfairyexperience.com to request a mask while supplies last.  “We’re really excited with the response we’re getting from The Tooth Fairy Experience. Everyone from teachers and librarians, to dentists, parents and most importantly the kids themselves are saying what a wonderful experience this is,” said Kristi Ellefson, senior public relations and brand manager for Delta Dental of Washington. “The Tooth Fairy hotline and letters are just two of the ways the program is making dental health education fun and exciting for kids, helping us achieve our vision for a cavity-free Washington.”

Match Your Winter Skin Care Routine Children's Dental Health Month by Frank Glushefski, D.M.D. With Lifestyle (Family Features) Winter weather can pose some unique challenges to your skin, especially if you're trying to maintain an active workout routine. Exposure to the elements while exercising outdoors can have a harsh impact on the skin. On the other hand, the humidity and constant running of heaters can also wreak havoc if the weather forces you to work out indoors. "The winter season can be a challenge for those trying to maintain their workout regimens, especially this year when many people are staying closer to home," said Dr. Jeanine Downie, boardcertified dermatologist and Medline Remedy consultant. "An outdoor workout is a great way to get some fresh air and burn calories, but it's also important to nourish your skin before and after you've completed your workout." Just like establishing a good winter workout routine, there are some things you can do to keep your skin in shape all winter long. Use sunscreen any time you venture outdoors and dress for whatever elements you may be facing. Be sure to remove wet clothes, which can create friction and skin irritation, immediately after returning inside. Limit the length of hot showers, which can also dry out skin, and use a quality moisturizer, especially after exposure to harsh weather. Learn more about winter skin care at remedyderm.com

The month of February is designated as National Children's Dental Health Month and it presents a golden opportunity for you to help your children brush up on optimal oral hygiene. It is a little know fact that dental caries (tooth decay) affects children in the United States more than any other chronic infectious disease. Left untreated, tooth decay will ultimately lead to pain and infections which will result in problems with everyday activities such as eating, speaking, playing, and even learning. Although it may seem a daunting situation, the good news is that tooth decay and other oral diseases that can affect children are preventable. In fact, the combination of dental sealants and fluoride have the potential to nearly eliminate tooth decay in school-age children. Following are just a few things that you as a parent or caregiver can do to insure optimal oral health for your child: 1) Brush at least twice a day to remove plaque. If not properly removed, it can result in cavities. Compliance may be an issue so try to make it fun. 2) Encourage daily flossing. Flossing will mechanically remove food debris from in-between teeth that a toothbrush cannot reach. 3) Visit your dentist every six months or even more frequently when undergoing orthodontic care for routine cleanings and check-ups. 4) Protect your child's teeth with fluoride.

Use a fluoride toothpaste. For children less than seven years of age, only a pea-sized portion is necessary. Consult your dentist if in fact your drinking water is not fluoridated. Topical applications at your dentist are advisable. 5) Consult your dentist about dental sealants. Placement of them will protect teeth from decay. They are placed on the chewing surfaces of back teeth to “seal out” the decay process. 6) Encourage your children to eat regular healthy and nutritious meals and stress avoidance of sugar-laden carbonated drinks, sweets, and frequent between-meal snacking. 7) Provide your children with custom-made dental mouthguards from your dentist for sports. A well-made custom mouthguard will greatly reduce the likelihood of injuries to the mouth, teeth, and existing dental work. With the advent of National Children's Dental Health Month comes the awareness of the importance of adherence to and enforcement of proper oral hygiene for your children. By the mere following of these simple pearls of advice, you will guarantee your child optimal oral care and hygiene. I encourage you to not hesitate in contacting my office at 570-443-9892 should I be of any assistance in either beginning or continuing your child's journey on the road to optimal oral health. Also, please remember to visit our website at www.toothdocpa. com.

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Feeling A Cold Coming On? Do These 3 Things Right Now (BPT) - Colds can make you feel run down and miserable. The last thing you want is the coughs, the sneezes and a run-down, foggy head feeling to hang on for weeks on end. So, that begs the question: What can you do to get through this bug as quickly as possible? "Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for the common cold but there are some things you can do to line up your body's natural defenses when you first start noticing symptoms," says Dr. Jake Deutsch M.D., Founder and Clinical Director of Cure Urgent Care in New York City. What that means is taking action immediately. If you're feeling sniffly or have a tickle in your throat, it's time to put a quick plan into motion. Here's the recipe for relief: 1. Make a date with your pillow: Sleep lets your body rest and heal. Not getting seven to eight hours of shut-eye every night makes you more susceptible to catching a virus. Plus it can prolong your recovery time, according to the Mayo Clinic. When you feel a bug com-

ing on, try an earlier bedtime to make sure you're getting the extra rest you need. And if you feel sleepy and run-down during the day, that's your body telling you to take a break. Give yourself permission for a quick nap, if your schedule allows. 2. Drink plenty of water: During a cold, your body will need more fluids; in fact, being sick puts you at risk of dehydration. To make sure you're getting enough, download an app that lets you track how many ounces you're drinking a day. Think about keeping your favorite teas on hand too, as the hot liquid loosens congestion. 3. Get your dose of zinc: To shorten the duration of your cold, an effective product to try is Zicam® Cold Remedy RapidMelts®, available at Walmart. Its clinically proven homeopathic formula taps into the power of your body's natural defenses to shorten colds. If you want to be better faster, take it at the first sign of a cold. BONUS TIP... Watch a funny movie: As you've probably heard, there's a link be-

tween stress and depressed immune function. On the flip side, laughing triggers increased production of antibodies and T-cells that help fight off infection, according to research described in Science Daily. Streaming a comedy is the perfect pairing with a quiet, restful evening at home to get you on the road to recovery. "Although it may seem simple, completing these easy steps are the most important things you can do to support your immune system," says Dr. Deutsch. "Aside from rest and relaxation, the single most proactive thing you can do is to take Zicam at that very first hint of a cold to get better faster." To shorten your cold, adopt these healthy habits and turn to clinically proven Zicam® Cold Remedy. To learn more, visit zicam. com.

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Controlling Potassium When You Have Kidney Disease (Family Features) Foods high in potassium, an essential mineral and electrolyte, offer health and nutrition benefits. Potassium helps muscles, including the heart, expand and contract, but for people whose kidneys can't filter out excess potassium, its buildup can be deadly. Many foods, like bananas, have potassium, but some have more than others. For the 37 million Americans living with kidney disease, the American Kidney Fund's "Beyond Bananas" educational campaign stresses the importance of controlling and managing potassium levels for better health outcomes. High potassium, known as hyperkalemia, is one of the common and serious side effects of kidney disease. If you have kidney disease, you are at risk for hyperkalemia because your kidneys can't remove the extra potassium in your blood. This can be dangerous as high potassium can cause heart attacks or even death. However, some people do not feel symptoms of high potassium until it's too late and their heart health worsens.

If you do feel symptoms, some of the most common are tiredness or weakness, nausea, muscle pains or cramps, trouble breathing, unusual heartbeat and chest pains. For those with kidney disease, high potassium is not just a measurement at a point in time but rather a chronic condition. Some of the most common causes of high potassium in those who have kidney disease are eating high-potassium foods, using a salt substitute that contains potassium, constipation, missing dialysis treatments and taking some medicines or herbal supplements. A food with 250 milligrams of potassium or more per serving is considered a high-potassium food. Some examples include bananas, grapefruits, dried fruits, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, beans, most meats and fish, dairy products, nuts and chocolate. If you are on dialysis or your doctor recommends you eat low-potassium foods, aim for a daily potassium goal of 2,500 milligrams and no more than 3,000 milligrams per day. Low-potassium foods include cauliflower, pep-

pers, cucumbers, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, bread, rice and pasta. Your doctor or dietitian may adjust these goals to fit your needs. High potassium can be controlled long-term by choosing the right foods, taking medicine and following simple tips such as these: • Ask your health care provider and dietitian to help you create a potassium management plan. • Call your insurance company to find out if your insurance plan covers nutrition counseling. • Use a potassium food guide to help you select tasty, lower potassium food options. • Find low-potassium recipes, such as those in the American Kidney's Fund Kidney Kitchen. • Download a potassium tracker to monitor how much potassium goes into your body every day. • Talk to your health care provider about finding a potassium binder, a medicine that sticks to the potassium in your body and prevents some of it from being taken into your bloodstream. To learn more and help manage your potassium, visit KidneyFund.org/beyondbananas.

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5 Quick Tips For Prioritizing Health And Wellness (BPT) - Making it through a day, month and especially the busiest time of year, deserves a pat on the back these days. The new year brings a time to reset and look at new ways to put your wellness - and your family's - front and center. Now, when focusing on your health and wellness is more important than ever, it can also be difficult to manage. Fortunately, there are easy solutions and helpful tools available that can help you prioritize these almost effortlessly. Here are a few simple ways to approach a healthier new year and bring on an improvement in your overall well-being: 1. Rethink organization. The new year provides an opportunity to take stock, reset and reorganize. Physically getting your house in order or using an online calendar or tracking app to organize busy schedules and to-do lists can be helpful in mitigating stress. As you take a look at how you utilize the space in your home and your time, you may also find a reorganization of priorities is what 2021 calls for. Looking at organization from all angles will

help to make sure all areas of your life are in order as best as possible. 2. When it comes to shopping, prioritize convenience. We already create a ton of excuses to ignore our health and wellness needs - difficulty buying essential items should not be one of them. Did you know that Walgreens redesigned their app with new features to help you live a healthier life? Through myWalgreens you can order online and grab essentials instore, curbside or drive-thru pickup in as little as 30 minutes. "We know how difficult it can be to put your health and wellness first, especially with the added stress of this pandemic," said Stefanie Kruse, vice president of digital commerce and omnichannel, Walgreens. "But myWalgreens is designed to make it easier for your individual needs, whether that's curbside pickup, 24/7 pharmacist access or daily, local health forecasts." 3. Set aside time to recharge. When thinking about packed to-do lists, we usually find it easiest to deprioritize our own personal needs, but to show up as your best self for others you

need to show up for yourself. Specifically designate time in your schedule each day - and abide by it - to address your wellness. Blocking off even 15 minutes to meditate, stretch, get fresh air, eat a healthy snack or simply relax can rejuvenate you and leave you feeling better. 4. Get moving. With a lot of workout facilities closed and exercising outside being difficult in the winter months, look for creative ways to stay active. Carve out 30 minutes every day to get your body moving. You don't have to do a high-intensity workout or pay for an expensive streaming membership. Create movement challenges with your friends and family to get your heartrate up. Do a workout over Zoom with a friend and check out the plethora of free workout videos available online. 5. Reward yourself for meeting your goals. Setting sights on new health goals can keep


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wellness top of mind, and incentives can even make it fun. Reward yourself along the way with wish list purchases, treats or guilty pleasures. If tracking by hand feels inconvenient, myWalgreens allows you to earn bonus Walgreens Cash Rewards for reaching health goals. With the app you can get daily, personalized recommendations for health and wellness, and real-time local environment and health forecasts which make hitting your goals even easier. And remember, it doesn't have to be January 1st, to start taking note and implementing these tips to lead a healthier, happier life. Starting today is better than no day.

5 Ways To Get More Vitamin C • Pick heavy fruit. When shopping for citrus, choose fruit that smells fresh and feels heavy for its size. The heavier the orange, the juicer it's likely to be. • Explore versatility. Fresh citrus like California Navel oranges make a nutritious addition to sweet and savory dishes, beverages, cocktails, sauces and more. • Use the whole fruit. Reduce food waste by consuming the flesh, juice, zest and peel. Try squeezing juice and grating zest into a smoothie, using orange segments for a vibrant salad or combining diced Navels with red onion, cilantro and jalapenos for a zesty salsa. • Retain vitamin C content. Vitamin C is water soluble, so to retain as much as possible, eat citrus fresh, avoid overcooking and use minimal amounts of water. • Refrigerate for longer shelf life. Keep your citrus fresh longer by storing it in the refrigerator at a temperature below 42 F. To get the most juice out of the orange, bring it to room temperature before cooking.

In The News by Stephen Schleicher, MD. Here are some recent articles dealing with health: 1) Skiing and Sunburn: Skin Cancer Risk Still High in the Winter for College Students, this an article published in docwirenews. To quote: “Unlike their class schedule, college students’ risk for skin cancer doesn’t take a holiday during the winter months—and they may not be protecting themselves”. The article sites a study that examined over 650 college students and found an increased use of tanning beds especially in the winter and among male patients. Tanning bed use is directly linked to skin cancer, especially the deadliest type, melanoma. Further, most college students are either unaware or unconcerned about sun exposure in the winter. To quote one of the authors: “The worst sunburn I ever got was when I went skiing and didn’t put on sunscreen.”

2) "COVID-19": Hand sanitizer poisonings soar, psych patients at high risk”, this the topic of an article published in the British Medical Journal. In Great Britain the number of poisonings during the Covid epidemic increased by over 150% and in the US by over 70%. So be careful: alcohol found in hand sanitizers is highly poisonous if ingested. 3) And another warning also from the BMJ: “from cradle to grave, alcohol is bad for the brain”. This article deals with the alcohol that we drink. According to the article even low to moderate drinking during pregnancy is linked to “poorer psychological and behavioral outcomes in children”, drinking during teenage years is linked to shrinkage of brain cells, and drinking in midlife can result in “small but significant brain volume loss”. Geez, looks like we have to wait until we get old to safely drink


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Keeping Seniors Safe In The Bathroom by Marlin Duncan, Comfort Keepers Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for injuries resulting from a fall. And, it’s estimated that 80% of these falls happen in the bathroom. Fall-related injuries can range from minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises to more severe injuries, including broken bones, hip fractures, head contusions, and even spinal cord injury. It’s easy to understand why bathrooms are particularly hazardous for seniors. Bathrooms tend to have slippery surfaces and nothing to grasp in order to prevent falls. As we age, reduced muscle strength and balance can make falls more common, and those with a history of falls have an even greater risk of falling again. In the bathroom, this can occur when stepping into and exiting the tub or shower; when reaching for a

towel bar, sink top, or other objects for balance when walking; and when sitting down and getting up from the toilet. Installing safety features in the bathroom can reduce the risk, and there are many options available:

provide stability for balance and be a resting place for those who can’t stand for long periods of time. A good shower chair has rubber tips on the legs to prevent sliding. Also, installing a hand-held showerhead allows those with balance issues to shower while seated. • Using a bath transfer bench. A bath transfer bench eliminates the problem of stepping in and out of the tub. Users can sit on the bench outside of the tub then slide into the tub, eliminating the need to step over a bathtub wall.

For the shower and tub • Install grab bars or a tension pole. Towel bars are great for holding towels but aren’t built to support weight. Installing slip-resistant grab bars to help support balance when entering and exiting the shower or tub can help. Seniors should choose bars that are color contrasted from the wall for visibility, and ensure they are securely fixed to the studs of For slippery surfaces the wall for adequate support. • Add non-slip mats. Having a non-slip rub• Using a shower chair. A shower chair can ber mat (or decals) on the floor of the shower or tub as well as a non-slip rug on the floor can help prevent slips. A non-slip rug should be placed in front of the toilet, by the sink, or in any place that there is a risk of water making the floor slick. • Add non-slip adhesive strips. These can Ask about the health screenings we offer. be placed on the top of sink edges to guard Our pharmacy is not only dedicated to making you feel better when you’re sick - we’re here to help you against hand slippage if these surfaces are stay healthy. Come see us for blood pressure monitoring, patient counseling, vitamin therapy and more. used for balance support.

Come in for a closer look at your health.

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For the toilet • Use a raised toilet seat. For seniors that have difficulty lowering themselves down to sit on a low toilet seat and rising to a standing position, a raised toilet seat adds 3-4 inches of height, which reduces squatting. • Install grab bars for standing and sitting. Grab bars can be installed to help with lowering and raising. And, there are some raised toilet seats with built-in grab bars to provide extra assistance. Comfort Keepers® can help. About one-quarter of Americans over age 65 need help with everyday activities such as eating, bathing, and getting in and out of bed or a chair. Our trained caregivers can help with these and other tasks, while engaging clients in activities that improve quality of life. They can also provide support for physician-approved diet and exercise plans, provide transportation to appointments and community events and can assess a home for safety issues and reducing fall hazards. For more information on how we can help, contact your nearest Comfort Keepers® office today.

Are You Always Tired? by John Degenhart, DC So many people in my practice of all different ages complain of how tired they are. Sometimes it’s low blood sugar, or low iron, or thyroid or poor sleeping habits. But most of the time after those areas are taken care of, I believe fatigue is the result of not being in physical shape, mental shape, and spiritual shape. The world’s stresses tire us. All of us are living a battle that nobody else knows about. So, whatever your story is, we can’t make excuses as to why we can’t do what I’m about to share. We must have a discipline to eat less sugar, it addicts us to crave more, only to rob us of our energy. We must fight daily to keep our weight down. We must force ourselves to go for walks daily. We cannot give in to our fleshy desires. If you are accustomed to junk food, that is all you want. You crave sugar and empty calories; nutritious food is unpalatable. You have developed a taste for the wrong things. The only solution is to quit it. You must reeducate your palate and learn how to appreciate healthy food. Likewise, with your mental shape. Smartphones, web surfing and binge television watching create cravings and addictions that weaken us and deprive us of the joy and pleasure in healthy mental and spiritual nutrition. Cut those out and discipline yourself to really enjoy wholesome stimulation and godly thinking. Distractions are everywhere. You need to mentally learn to focus your thoughts on one thing. Meditation is concentration. You need to concentrate to overcome a problem in your life until you find a solution and then you will feel powerful and energetic. Most people are stuck in the litany of negative thoughts from always complaining about their problems but never

truly seeking solutions and the negative thought rob them of energy. Finally, the most important battle we fight to overcome fatigue is our spiritual shape. Once your body is eating healthier, and you learn to steer the ship of your mind to only think of good things, then you are ready to align your heart to be one with God. This conversation, of your heart and mind becoming like God’s is a spiritual process. It is God recreating Himself in us through the power of the Holy Spirit. You will gain skill to purge your heart and mind of wrong thoughts. Your spirit will become one with God’s. there will be no room for depression, anxiety, anger, or fatigue. You will have an eternal source of life and energy. What a beautiful path to pursue!

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Cancer Care Prevention During A Pandemic by the Cancer Treatment Center at Hazleton With February being recognized as National Cancer Prevention Month and World Cancer Day taking place on February 4, now is a good time to discuss cancer, and most importantly, how to prevent it. According to the recent 2021 Facts and Figures released by the American Cancer Society (ACS), a substantial proportion of cancers could be prevented, including all cancers caused by tobacco use and other unhealthy behaviors. The ACS reports that, excluding non-melanoma skin cancer, at least 42% of newly diagnosed cancers in the U.S., about 797,000 cases in 2021, are potentially avoidable, including the 19% of cancers caused by smoking and at least 18% caused by a combination of excess body weight, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity. In addition, the ACS states that cancer screenings play an important role in the prevention of cancer-related deaths. Screening can help physicians find and treat several types of cancer early before they cause symp-

toms. Early detection is important because when abnormal tissue or cancer is found early, it may be easier to treat. By the time symptoms appear, cancer may have begun to spread and be harder to treat. Another reason why now is a good time to discuss cancer prevention is that with Americans avoiding the doctor’s office amid the COVID-19 pandemic, experts have seen a drop in important cancer screenings. According to a survey by the Prevent Cancer Foundation, 35% of American adults had a cancer screening scheduled during the pandemic and missed it. While it is understandable why people may be nervous about visiting their physician’s office during a global pandemic, people need to realize that routine cancer screenings are essential and that early detection saves lives. During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, many states issued stay-



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at-home orders and cancer screenings were delayed as states sought to reduce transmission risk and health care facilities prioritized resources to ensure their ability to care for increasing numbers of patients with COVID-19. Unfortunately, this had the unintended consequence of decreasing the number of individuals returning for screening. The trend continues even now that the restrictions have relaxed nationally and despite health care facilities having developed the protocols to safely provide cancer screenings. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Cancer Treatment Center at Hazleton is not wavering on our commitment to providing patients with safe, high-quality, and comprehensive cancer treatment services. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, our center is following all recommended guidance from public health authorities, including best practices for hygiene and infection control, as well as staying on top of the latest COVID-related guidelines, including those from the CDC. The Cancer Treatment Center at Hazleton would like to remind you that cancer screenings are as important now as they were before the pandemic. If your cancer screening appointment was canceled or postponed, please call your primary care physician today and discuss if a screening appointment is right for you. If you, or a loved one, have recently been diagnosed with cancer and you would like to learn more about our center or discuss treatment options, please visit our website at HazletonCancerCenter.com or call us at (570) 459-3460.

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Want To Improve Your Heart Health? by Ting Oh, PT, Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans with over 800,000 people dying every year which is around 25% of all deaths. If you have heart disease or want to prevent it, one of the best things you can do is to exercise. Not only can it help with blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol and increased good cholesterol, but to has been found to reduce death rates by 25-30% even in people after a heart attack. So how much should you be doing? According to the American Heart Associa-




tion, you should be getting around 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly. That means 30 minutes sessions, 5 days a week or one hour sessions, 3 times a week. The more you exercise, the lower your risk. Not sure what moderate exercises are. Moderate intensity is different for different people and should be based on your existing fitness and activity level. One good way to figure it out is based on your maximal heart rate which is calculated at 220 minus your age. So for a 50 year old it would be 170. Moderate exercise would be



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around 70% of that number so for a 50 year old you would want to exercise so your heart rate is around 119 beats a minute. What type of exercises should you do? There are 3 types of exercises that have been found to be helpful for a healthy heart. Aerobic exercises, strength training and stretching has all been found to help with heart health so a good well rounded program would be the best. No matter what exercises you do though, you want to be sure to do them with moderate intensity as that is where the benefits has been found. What if you have aches or pains? With the guidance of a Physical Therapist, we can help you figure out a way to manage your pains and modify the exercises in a way to reduce your risk of making your pains or arthritis worse. For those of you who want to work on improving their heart health, get moving! If you want some guidance on the types of exercises to do or for those that may have health issues or pain, FYZICAL in Hazleton can help. Our Fitness facility is equipped with heart friendly equipment including aerobic and weight training with devices that can help you monitor your heart rate. We are staffed by Physical Therapists who can help manage pain and injuries to make exercising easier. To schedule an appointment or for more information, give us a call at 570-5011808, visit our website www.FYZICAL.com/ Hazleton or catch our TV show “Wellness Through FYZICAL Therapy” on WYLN.

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What’s Happening At Providence Place Drums? by Stephanie N. Miller, Director of Sales Residents and Staff at Providence Place are looking forward to a happy and healthy New Year! While practicing social distancing, our residents rang in the New Year with a lobster feast which was enjoyed by all! Residents made 2021 wishes and New Year resolutions! Check out some of our photos! We are happy to let you know that all of our residents & team members are being scheduled to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at our clinics in the next few weeks. As a part of the Phase 1b distribution, any current or new residents at one of our communities as of February 15th will be eligible to receive the first round and subsequent rounds for immunization. We have availability in our Independent Living, Assisted Living and Secured Memory Care as of today. If you have a patient, friend or referral that may be a good fit – please reach out anytime!

We aim to respond and assess residents within 24 hours of inquiries. You can also find community specific information (pricing, floor plans & more) on the campus page here: https://www. providence-place.com/ drums-hazleton-retirement-community/. We are welcoming new admissions and taking precautions to keep everyone safe! Call Stephanie Miller, Director of Sales at 570956-8495 for more information! Providence Place strives to deliver superior quality senior living that is surprisingly affordable. Providence Place offers Independent Living, Personal Care, and Memory Support in a Secured Environment. For more information, visit our website at www.ProvidencePlace.com.

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A & A Italian Food & Pizza.....................22 All American Jeep...................................... 3 Antonio's Pizzeria & Bar..........................23 Billig-Helmes Insurance...........................24 Bonanza Steak House.........................21,31 Brandon's Forever Home.........................25 C & D Seafood........................................20 CACL Federal Credit Union..................... 7 Cancer Treatment Center @ Hazleton....47 Carbon County Animal Shelter...............23 Cedar Street Supply.................................36 Comfort Keepers......................................44 Damon's Restaurant................................31 Degenhart Chiropractic...........................45 Della Croce Dental..................................51 Derm Dox Dermatology.........................43 Diane's Salon On 93................................24 Dr. Eugene Stish, M.D............................51 Dr. Frank Glushefski, D.M.D.................39 Edward Jones...........................................11 Fellin's Jewelers.........................................20 Frankie's Pizzeria & Restaurant...............21

Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center..........48 Harman Funeral Home...........................15 Hartley Tax Service..................................15 Hazle Park Quality Meats........................22 Hazleton Eye Specialists...........................42 Hazleton Public Transit............................29 Hollywood Millwork...............................35 Hometown Farmer's Market..................... 2 Honest Abe's Tax Service..... Calendar, 9,13 Horizons Gifts..........................................23 Houck Homes, Inc..................................35 Jack Mundie Tax Accounting..................14 John Scheland DPM................................40 John's Church Hill Restaurant...........21,31 Jon-David & Helen's Hair Salon............17 Kiki's Bakery & Café............................2,21 Law Office Of Christy M. DeMelfi, PC........15 Lehigh Valley Health Network................41 Lombardo's Flooring & Office Products.16 Majestic House Apartments....................16 Marchetti Hardware.................................37 Mauch Chunk Opera House...................23 Maylath Valley Health............................... 2 Milk House Creamery, LLC....................22 Miller Auto Body.....................................34 Momma Millie's Bakery..........................22

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Mountain Statuary & Stone...................36 Naturally Yours - The Organic Shop.......23 Nature's Trail............................................23 Patricia Spevak CPA, PC.........................11 Paul Capparell, DDS...............................38 Paul Urenovich Insurance Co..................29 Peaceful Therapeutic Massage..................21 Providence Place.......................................49 R & L Helpmates Inc..............................43 Ron Myers Well Drilling.........................35 Rossi Coal Company...............................37 S.J. Kowalski, Inc.....................................51 Senape's Bakery........................................22 SJM Auto Sales........................................34 Smith Floral Co.......................................20 Smith Health Care, LTD.........................48 Standard Drug Store................................44 Stewards Store..........................................31 Strawberry Square Inc. Trucking Co.......33 T & L Pierogies........................................30 Tarone Brother's Super Market.....Calendar The Amish Pantry....................................21 The Beacon Diner....................................22 The Laurel Mall........................................19 The Laurels Senior Living Community...46 The Pizzette Cucina Siciliana..................... 2 The Small Car Center..............................34 The Treasure Shop....................................23 Two Italian Guys Pizzeria.........................31 West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital.........17

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TEXT: 215-359-6001 FAX: 215-547-8736 WWW.SECODASTOWING.COM secodaparts@gmail.com 36 TERRACE RD. • FREELAND

Our Services Include: •Cleaning Call Today for a Chimney Professional to Insepect, Clean or Repair Your Chimney!

•Rebuilding •Repointint •Relining We Service & Repair Any Chimney Type: Brick, Block, Stone & Stucco

Expires 2/28/21

Pizza • Stromboli • Calzone • Salads Pasta Dishes • Hot & Cold Subs

JC Small Engine

380 S.Poplar St., Hazleton

Happy Valentines Day! Show Someone Special How Much You Love Them With One Of Our Custom Pasta Baskets !



•Inspections Cleanings •Maintenance Metal Chimneys •Repairs Rebuilds •Relines Restorations


treetopchimneyservice@ptd.net Proprietor Michael Wersinger Licensed & Insured

Lawn & Garden Equipment Sales & Service After the Sale...It’s the Service that Counts! Stihl • Simplicity • Echo Exmark • Snapper Ferris • Columbia ~ AUTHORIZED DEALER ~ Briggs & Stratton • Tecumseh Kawasaki • Kohler PICK UP & DELIVERY


Route 93 - 2281 Hudson Drive, Weatherly

WE SPECIALIZE IN ORTHOPEDIC & DIABETIC FOOTWEAR ✔ Doctor Prescription Specialists ✔ Wide Widths Available ✔ Free Consultation FAIRVIEW SHOPPING PLAZA MOUNTAINTOP



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Panorama Community Magazine February 2021  

Panorama Community Magazine February 2021