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PAN AM Brand Book

Pan Am Our story In an effort to better understand where the brand can go, we went back into the rich and colorful history of the Pan Am brand. In our research we discovered that a combination of bad business decisions, oil crisis and a changing understanding of air travel led to the downfall of the brand as a world airlines.


Pan Am Time line

Pan American Airlines America’s airline for international travel. With the best rained crews and the highest quality aircraft Pan-Am was considered the very best for long distance travel.

Pan Am our story


March 14, 1927 Pan American Airways (PAA) is formed

The Logo

Pan Am’s holding company Aviation Corporation of the Americas (ACA) changes the name of the corporation to Pan American Airways Corporation. This is driven by a large options purchase by Boeing, Pratt & Whitney and United Airlines.

The original logo was simple and monochromatic as were most corporate logos associated with travel during the mid 1920’s.


First cargo mail flight from California to Manila.


As the war ends Pan Am finally has competition for international air travel.


Extensive use of land based Stratoliners ends the era of the flying boat.


Pan Am officially becomes Pan American World Airways, Inc. Pan Am is the launch costumer for the Boeing 707.


Deregulation of airline industry, for the first time, Pan Am can finally have domestic air routes.


707-320 allows first regular non-stop trans-atlantic crossings.


Pan Am World-port in New York. Pan Am builds the Pan Am building in New York, still on the 100 tallest buildings in the US.


Pan Am purchases National Airlines in an effort to expand their routes domestically.


Pan Am flight 103 is blown up in the skies over Scotland.


Pan Am logos

December 4, 1991 Pan Am ceases operations, one of three airlines that go under that year.

As time went on Pan am tried really only made one major transition in logo appearance. In 1950 Pan takes on the globe logo that became iconic to the brand and though there were variations the logo never strayed far from the globe.

Logos through 1949

The globe logos

Pan Am

During the run of the globe logo from 1950 to 1991 it came in two different blues and one version of the logo used both of the blues. Pan Am railways—the current owner of the brand—has chosen to adapt the winged globe logo from the 1930’s to decorate their livery. Current usage


Pan Am new opportunities Although this company ceased operations December 4, 1991, this airline was iconic for many decades and was even made into a TV series recently. This airline made some poor decisions but had great brand loyalty even as it went bankrupt. Nostalgia could be opportunity this brand needs to get back on it’s feet. We envision the new Pan Am to be a travel company and destination resort for those souls wanting to explore the cultures of the world. The Pan Am travel experience will fully integrate local cultures to create immersive experiences that will last a lifetime. The destinations will be carefully chosen for safety and the opportunity to maximize experience. At the state side resorts we will create the culture for those unable to travel overseas. Careful attention to architecture, foods and traditions will be crafted into large immersive environments. Regional craftsman will be brought in to aid in creating an authentic experience. Whenever possible native languages will be spoken to ensure a truly immersive environment.


Brand Grid


Where we were

Where we are headed

A brand grid is a tool to visual what makes a brand unique. You compile images that show a relationship such as, “if Pan Am were a piece of architecture, what would it look like.� In this way we were able to visualize where we were, and where we want to be.

The feel has shifted from an airline focus to that of a cultural exchange company focused on creating opportunities for cultures to interact at a core level.

Pan Am

Pan Am new opportunities


Our brand soul

Beyond imagery

Enabling cultural exchange

We were able to boil the brand down to a series of only three words that represent the mission that we are trying to achieve.

Our brand mission statement

Pan Am new opportunities


A set of key words for the new Pan Am Keywords are single words that help to visualize where you want your brand to go, or what you want the brand to be to others.

Making the very best that world cultures have to offer accessible

Soar Explore Culture Limitless

Pan Am Logo development After we had some thoughts on imagery and had spent some time looking at the competition it was time to start creating an identity. To create a brand that resonates we have to have to bring a series of problem solving techniques to the table. We had to visualize what Pan Am is and how to distill that into a visual identity that can be used across a large spectrum of mediums. We normally have many directions that are created as part of the process but we will only include one direction in this presentation in an effort to economize on time and resources.


The beginnings


First sketches

Early refinement

We started with an old school graphite pencil and a sketch pad to begin the process of creation.

Once some directions are established for the logo we move to the computer to refine the sketch. This allows us to use fonts and create vector shapes that are much more readily transformed.

Pan Am logo development

Final Logo Concept


Final adjustments Once on the computer a couple concepts started to get final adjustments and a couple new ideas emerged.


The final Pan Am logo concept After the final tweaks were made we decided that the luggage stack was the most versatile idea. This concept not only give us a solid logo, the design works well in all of the colors chosen for the identity and it also very well reversed. The suitcase is usable as an element on its own without breaking the system and will also work as a repeated pattern for textiles an many other uses.

Pan Am logo development


Pan Am Brand Standards The guidelines for a brand are a necessity when establishing or maintaining a brand. They offer a guide to help in consistent implementation of logos colors and type to ensure that our staff and clientele has a consistent on brand experience. Strict adherence to standards are important and this guide should be used in any visual work being done for Pan Am. Included is an implementation guide for the primary business needs and uniforms for the park or promotional events.


Logo proximity limits

Logo variations

The logo

The logo

This is the final logo that identifiers how close it can be to other objects or the edge of a page.

The minimum size for the standard logo is being shown. The logo can adapt when the size gets too small to show details.

The light blue marks the space that should be left as white space when using the logo.

The logotype The combination of letters and absence of the illustrative portion of the logo is for use when a picture might be deemed inappropriate. Such incidents might include where the tall version of the logo does not fit as a design element or wear text is the best option for identifying the brand. For strong horizontal uses when the suitcase and logo type are used together. Pan Am Brand standards

Web identifier

Also shown is the suitcase which be used as a web browser identifier. It can be used in this capacity in any of the approved brand colors.

Pan Am

Logo no smaller than .25 inch

Logo down to .5 inch

Nothing Closer

The logotype Here the logo is shown in black and white reversed, when using grays or colors. The logo can be shown in any of the approved colors but the stickers on the suitcase should always be white so as not to create an off brand color combination.



Identity colors

Approved fonts


Primary font family

In order to assure consistency in color we chose not to include a spot color as part of the identity.

The approved font family is Helvetica Nue LT. This family will give many options for type usage and compliments the display face well.

We chose a group of five colors to give plenty of flexibility in application while still staying on brand. The tints of all the colors are approved for use except red. Red will often look pink in a tint and so red is not approved as a tint color.


128 128 128


251 184 031


00 159 223

CMYK 00 00 00 50

CMYK 00 27 88 02

CMYK 90 15 00 00





Pantone Cool Gray 8 C


Pantone 123


Pantone 801

White, black and 50% gray are approved for use with the logos.


068 134 063

128 221 071


217 037 037

CMYK 49 00 53 47

CMYK 41 00 68 13

CMYK 00 83 083 15





Pantone 362

Pan Am Brand standards



Pantone 7488


Pantone Red 032

Primary Typeface Helvetica Nue LT STD Light

Helvetica Nue was chosen because it is the refined and most modern version of helvetica. This font works quite well reversed and has been found to be exceptionally readable in many instances.

Helvetica Nue LT STD Regular

Secondary fonts

Secondary Typeface

For the secondary font we have gone with the font that was used in the logo itself. The font is an all capital letter set limiting it’s flexibility and readability. Only use this font for titles or subtitles. This font should never be used for body copy.

Helvetica Nue LT STD Medium Helvetica Nue LT STD Bold

Big noodle titling regular Big noodle titling oblique


Pan Am logo Applications This is a collection of some suggested applications for the brand. For park and event uniforms we suggest the inclusion of the native national flag of the wearer along with an identifier as to what languages they speak. Careful attention must be paid to the national flags because we do not want to insult any of our guests. Hats are not approved for wear in the parks nor is the use of mirrored sunglasses. Employees must appear approachable and friendly. Color choices should also reflect this approachability.


Primary corporate business needs The stationary and business card package is designed to change colors based on divisions within the company. The envelopes are security lined with a matching color. Business cards have a paper core that matches the core color for that division. This does make the cards a bit thicker than normal cards but adds a unique feel and high quality high end look.


Other logo uses


Polo Shirts The polo shirt is a staple for many companies. The polos at Pan Am are meant to be worn as work uniforms. Care must be taken in the fitting of the polos for either sex wearing them. The polo is often one of the first impressions our guests have. Regional flags are positioned on left sleeves.

ID Cards The ID cards clearly identify staff to each other and to guests even if the staff is wearing a regional costume.

Julia Vargus

Julia Ju ia Vargus


Supervisor Su pe erv so or



Cards are chip equipped and are very secure for entry into secured areas or when logging into Pan Am terminals. Each ID will have a picture, name, and access level clearly displayed. Each ID is laminated with a holographic suitcase pattern based on the logo. Pan Am applications


Coffee mugs Heavy authentic cafe coffee cups will be available in any of the many coffee shops and will be available for purchase by the guests.

Pan Am applications