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Southern California Outdoor Living, the latest addition to Panache’s portfolio, is an exquisite coffee-table book featuring stunning outdoor living spaces captured in bold, large-format photography. This collection of fine design will showcase the leading design professionals and their most unique creations—from contemporary to classical and everything in-between. The book will offer an exclusive look at inspiring outdoor living spaces that incorporate the diverse Southern California landscape. Our featured participants will be showcased in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-page profiles. Additionally, we have extended our publishing and distribution programs to include a wide range of promotional opportunities: online exposure, custom marketing pieces, custom covers, custom fulfillment programs, and the opportunity to host book release events. Our books are available in all major bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, Borders, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram. Other distribution channels include the gift market,, independent booksellers, and upscale retailers.


Michael Malone Architects Outdoor spaces are simply an extension of the indoors. The company relies on an idea that isn’t too far from Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, which says for every reaction there’s an equal and opposite reaction. While not exactly the same, the philosophy held by principal Michael Malone, AIA, is that every living area inside should be reflected in a similarly designed corresponding exterior space. So in every residence that he designs—which almost always include large, open spaces—the outdoor areas exist as natural extensions of the indoors, both in form and function, including the same incredible level of attention to detail and quality that is applied indoors. With more than three decades of experience in architecture, Michael understands that good design is not about trendy concepts or inexpensive materials. Instead, he imparts a simpler palette that reflects the family and provides long-term value in beauty, in function, and in monetary terms. Using large areas of glass—on the north side of the home when possible—his spaces are breathtaking and feel spacious and inviting. But what he really strives to accomplish on the exterior is to make being outside desirable and exciting. Facing Page: In a similar design to the interior, where the homeowner’s art collection dictated a white, gallery-like environment, the exterior boasts a stunning minimalism. The indoor dining room is surrounded by the 2,400square-foot negative edge pool, and the outdoor dining area is opposite the indoor space and also adjacent to the water. The entire wall of glass leads the eye out to the landscape. Photographs by Steven Vaughan Photography



Above & Right: A physician and his wife loved mountain architecture, so the design is reminiscent of a lodge but appropriate for its urban Texas setting. Heavy timber paired with limestone is used throughout, including in the tall screened porch. Photographs by Steven Vaughan Photography Facing Page: The long linear shape of the home became a sort of boundary between the pasture in front and the mature forest in the rear. The front porch, which faces east, benefits from a recessed porch, perfect for sipping coffee in the mornings as the sun rises or cocktails in the shaded evenings. In the rear, a screened porch, built with very large screen panel frames, mimics the home’s generous windows and provides a place for dining on one end and relaxing by the cozy fire on the other. Photographs by Jud Haggard Photography

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Talley Associates Nothing is more fun than stepping outside the box a little. Simplicity in design to achieve outdoor compositions that become an experience for the homeowners. This doesn’t mean that the process is uninvolved or the result is elemental; on the contrary, Coy Talley, ASLA, and his team apply an in-depth, interdisciplinary approach that encompasses the many layers affecting the exterior atmosphere. Considering the firm has been around since 1993, this approach has been very well perfected. From plants and hardscapes to the materials and the relationship between the interior and exterior, each space is carefully composed and edited to eliminate excessively elaborate details and include only the elements that directly enhance the design. Even the connection between the landscape and architecture is a delicate balance, drawing on each one’s forms and materials to inform the other. Using multiple planes that work together in terms of geometry and layout, Coy and his team create compositions that function and flow well, integrating the artistic with the technical in a thought-provoking way. One particular element that receives special attention is lighting, which plays a significant role. When all of these elements beautifully come together, as they do in every one of Talley Associates’ projects, the outdoor space becomes a timeless expression of the homeowners and their place in the world. Facing Page: Located on a two-acre creek lot with rolling topography, the 1970s Bud Oglesby-designed residence received substantial renovation by architect Tom Risenbichler and interior designer Carol Cumbie. Photographs by Charles Davis Smith, AIA


ABOVE: Despite its limited area, minimalism and contrast became the focus of the pool and patio area by juxtaposing and aligning wood, water, and stone onto one clean surface plane. Left & Facing Page: For a four-phase residential housing project in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood, close collaboration among all those involved led to intimate courtyards, pools, and surrounding hardscapes that integrate the building and site. The design preserves and enhances the character of the site by limiting paving and lawn areas, maintaining natural grades, and increasing opportunities for natural habitat. Photographs by Sky Modern




ABOVE & RiGHT: A quiet, modern residence located on an amazing three-acre rolling, forested site embraces the natural conditions. A simple palette of materials allows the seamless transparency of the residence to blend into the forest, and stepped fountains and numerous staircases that appear enhance the nature experience. Facing Page: This unique residential project presented many challenges as careful coordination was required for the blending new work with existing work. The site, covered in a variety of large existing tree species growing on extreme slopes and grade changes, lent itself to unique design solutions in the creation of great spaces and views. New decks and steps, integrated with existing steps and landings, lead from a new entry motor court up to both the lower and main level entry areas. A new wood ramp provides a means of entry from the rear motor court up to the back of the site. A new pool, spa, and deck space complete the site providing both a view from the interior and outdoor entertainment space. Photographs by Michael Wilson Photography

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Southern California Outdoor Living—SALES  
Southern California Outdoor Living—SALES  

Southern California Outdoor Living