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March, 2014

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March, 2014





March, 2014

ACROSS THE DESK By Whitey & Robin Noll

What a crazy and busy February even with the bad weather. So appreciated the “warm spell” we had the last full weekend of February. It gave everyone a chance to get out and enjoy the music that was happening everywhere throughout the state. The Millennium Music Conference was a huge success and was well attended this year. The Lancaster Roots and Blues Fest was also a huge success and plans are already going forward for next years. I was not able to attend the MMC this year due to it being over our deadline and I had to stay here and work but the rest of our staff was there. I want to thank Jim Price “The Professor” and Meredith Kaminek for manning the PA Musician Magazine booth and hosting the Open Mic stage. It gave Rachel Rocks a chance to mingle and network with those who were there for that purpose. Usually we are so busy at our booth that we don’t have a whole lot of time to talk “shop”. She thoroughly enjoyed getting to talk to so many musicians and industry people. One of the things that kept being asked by various PA bands was how much the cover of the PA Musician is now? We did sell the cover at one time and many bands took advantage of that to give themselves a boost but I personally got tired of bands buying the cover and then being gone and broken up the next month. I also felt bad about not giving more coverage to those who advertise with us and support us month after month with their hard earned dollars, so now I pick who is on the cover by the amount of time they have been advertising and sometimes a band that has supported us in the past is having something special coming up that needs the extra press and I will give them the cover as long as they purchase an ad to promote their event. WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR THE COVER feature anymore. We also don’t write negative if we can help it. Our job is to promote and help people achieve their dreams or career goals, it’s not our goal as a publication to critique artist. That’s up to each individual to decide who they like or don’t like. We are a marketing tool for the music industry and we have had the honor and privilege over the years of helping many bands to accomplish name recognition so that people went out to enjoy their music and become life long fans including; Fuel, Live, Kix, The Sharks, Halestorm, Poptart Monkees, The Badlees and Emily’s Toybox just to name a few. Are we perfect, no. We are not a polished publication run by any big company. We don’t have college degrees. Whitey just had a vision and a dream of helping musicians and the music industry throughout Pennsylvania to have a common source to promote their talent at very reasonable rates. He was one of the original DIY musicians. At the time we were jobless and on welfare. But Whitey had a vision of what he wanted to accomplish and it was my job to help him, having a high school business education and no graphic experience. It’s been an amazing 32 years. We still rent, my car has over 200,000 miles and we are by far not rich money wise but we are rich in that we get to promote and help musicians and artist achieve their dreams even if it is in a small way and for that we are very thankful. Saying all that, we were considering to stop publishing the PA Musician Magazine but have changed our minds and will continue to provide the music industry a tool to promote their ventures. Hopefully more of you will join us and we can continue to grow and nurture the music scene throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Have a great month and get out and enjoy some live music and be sure to enjoy some green beer on St. Patty’s Day but be sure to have a designated driver. Any comments, opinions or suggestions feel free to email me at or give me a call at 717.444.2423. I like to talk on the phone. We do accept Mastercard and Visa for payment...



March, 2014

DEADLINE for the APRIL 2014 issue is Thursday, March 20th... Call today, don’t delay... 717.444.2423. If we’re here we actually answer the phone, if not please leave a message.

March, 2014



OUT & ABOUT by RACHEL ROCKS! Today is a busy day! I have to get my article done quickly, because the MMC is coming in just a few measly hours, and I am sooo excited!! I just finished my itinerary for the weekend, it’s not easy picking and choosing out of so many amazing acts, there are over 100 shows in just one weekend and I am only one girl.. But alas you will have to wait til next month to figure out where I went and how much fun I had, because right now it’s time to focus on what I did see… My boys are getting older so they are staying up later and later, which makes it difficult to “sneak” away without them noticing. My new strategy has been to bop out to early shows, then go home to kiss them goodnight, and then muster up the energy to go back out again. I’m very blessed I live in Harrisburg and there is so much going on around me and within minutes of my house so usually this is possible. You might ask yourself why do I have to kiss my boys goodnight didn’t I just say they are getting older?!? One thing I promised myself 8 years ago is that being “Rachel Rocks” will never interfere with being a Mom. My kids RARELY know that I go out, hence the reason I miss a lot of opening acts. They do usually see me editing pics on my computer and I quite often hear, “where did that guy come from?” They are expecting to see themselves sledding down a hill, not some strange man with his hair flying everywhere.. lol. So that’s a story behind my madness. Again, I apologize to opening acts, I can only imagine how frustrating it is when I walk in right after you get done playing… it’s not because I don’t like you, or respect you, it’s just because I put my Family First, thanks for understanding. My first early escape was over to St. Thomas Roasters in Linglestown for The Sterling Koch Trio. Sterling has quite the following. Every time he is at St. Thomas it is standing room only. There are practically people sitting on his lap! One thing for sure is everyone is enjoying the music! I’ve seen Sterling with all different musicians. This time he had Gene Babula with him on bass, and Jack Kulp was on the harmonica. We all know I like some good harp blowing, so it was cool to hear the extra addition to some songs I’ve heard before. As always Sterling and his band mates don’t disappoint. Sterling has a lot of different CDs for sale and other great info at his website,, you can also check out his ad in this issue for more information. Continued on page 11...



March, 2014

Out & About Continued.... Later that night I bopped into Double K for PluggedIn. They’ve recently undergone some member changes with a very new bass player, and Chris Hicks on drums. Even tho they are still working out the kinks they didn’t want to cancel their show. With the new members they are adding in plenty of new songs to help keep their show fresh and exciting! The following weekend I made it up to Tubby’s in time to Audiobox. This three piece band knows how to put on a party! Matt has an amazing personality on and off the stage that helps to quickly turn the night into a party. These guys play some true rock-n-roll songs that quickly have you singing and dancing along. They come all the way down from Williamsport, but since they’ve played Tubby’s quite a few times, they’ve definitely created their own following of fans. Hopefully we continue to see them play more and more in this area and beyond. Small Town Titans were the headliners of the night. The crowd was definitely already primed up and ready to party and they easily just kept the party going! Small Town Titans are currently looking for a new, permanent bass player, but the night I saw them, Joe from Audiobox, just switched his bass and kept on playing. He’s played shows with Small Town Titans enough that he could easily fill in. The Small Town Titans have become hometown heroes at Tubby’s. It’s awesome to see a more original focused band being so successful on a big stage like Tubby’s. STT also mixes up their sets with some covers, they did a great job covering Imagine Dragons song, “Radioactive”. That’s also one of my favorite songs, so I’m glad they didn’t screw it up.. lol. Keep an eye out for these guys, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them soon! After a long day of delivering the next day I stopped in at The Alpine Inn to see my good friends from Steel. Steel hadn’t been at The Alpine for a while so everyone was there in full force to enjoy the show! I have so many songs I LOVE when these guys play them, but one of their most recent songs they added to their set list is “Fire”. I know it’s from Bruce Springsteen, but I guess the Pointer Sisters released it.. I don’t know.. but one thing I do know is Steel does an amazing job covering it!! I love these guys and I can’t say enough great things about them. They might’ve been out here on the scene covering music for quite a few years, but one thing for sure is they like to throw in new songs to keep us all on our toes. Check out their schedule in this issue and get out there and support these guys.. You won’t be disappointed!!! The next night I headed back up to Tubby’s for the return of Take 147. These rockin’ ladies were off for a little over a month because Amber had to have hip Continued on page 12...

Vicki Villone from Plugged-In at Double K March, 2014



NATIONALS By Eric Hoffman

Greetings Rockers N Rollers ! Legendary alternative band Pixies visited Carnegie Mellon Music Hall in Pittsburgh. A beautiful venue and my first time seeing this band who formed in 1986. Great songs that included “Wave of Mutilation,” “Monkey Gone to Heaven” and “Where is my Mind?” Pixies have been a massive influence for so many big bands, Kurt Cobain formed his band Nirvana noting, “I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies. I have to admit it. When I heard the Pixies for the first time, I connected with that band so heavily I should have been in that band—or at least in a Pixies cover band. We used their sense of dynamics, being soft and quiet and then loud and hard.” A great show that opened with FIDLAR from Los Angeles. FIDLAR became one of my favorite bands of 2013. Kings of Leon’s ‘Mechanical Bull Tour’ visited Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo on February 19th. The Tennessee Brothers put on a great show filled with their staples “Sex On Fire,” “Use Somebody” and “Molly’s Chambers.” Having 2nd row seats benefitted the experience and Kings of Leon added a nice touch with a very small pit section in front of the stage in which they took fans from the last row of the arena and brought them to the front of stage. Grammy-winning guitarist Gary Clark Jr opened the show with his trademark fuzzy guitar sound and smooth vocal style. Congratulations to John Harris Jr on another successful (18th) Millennium Music Conference here in Central PA. Over 300 artists in 30 venues over 3 days. It was good to see Observe the 93rd, Minshara and The 91’s. Some other great local shows in February included Rightstart at Gulliftys February 8th, Martini Bros at Alpine Inn February 14th and Lisa Doll at Ted’s February 22nd. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band are bringing their “High Hopes Tour” to Hersheypark Stadium on May 14th. Melissa Etheridge is also bringing her “This Is Me Solo Tour” to the Hershey Theatre on April 22nd. And Morrissey, the former singer of The Smiths will visit the Hershey Theatre on June 19th. Here’s the NATIONALS news ! Guns N’ Roses is returning to Las Vegas in May for another residency. The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is once again playing host to the rockers. The band says it’s planned the sequel to its 2012 Sin City residency “due to overwhelming demand.” The 2014 residency – dubbed “No Trickery! An Evening of Destruction!” is also making one single other stop to Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Pennsylvania on May 13th. Continued on Page 16...

Brandon Schwartzel of FIDLAR



March, 2014



“LIVE REVIEWS” By Jim Price March has arrived, and although the long range forecast says more colder than normal temperatures, the end of this harsh Winter of 2013/14 is in sight. And although conditions this winter have been harsh, the frigid temperatures and snowfall did not thwart my ability to take in a number of noteworthy events in recent weeks. February 9, 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ legendary appearance on the Ed Sullivan television show. Penn State Altoona commemorated the occasion by hosting the weekend-long International Beatles Celebration last month in downtown Altoona’s Devorris Conference Center. The event featured three days of informative seminars and panels exploring the Fab Four, their music, impact and legacy. Some of the most noteworthy highlights were presentations by several

lunch and dinner speakers. Mark Lewisohn, recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on the Beatles, presented “Tuning In: Images of the Beatles History,” where he showed slides and presented lots of trivia and anecdotal details about the Beatles’ pre-fame years before 1963, also outlined in his new book The Beatles: All These Years, Volume I - Tune In. The author of the book Beatles Gear, Andy Babiuk, showed conference attendees pictures of the vast variety of different instruments and gear the Beatles used, and shared stories on how unusual circumstances and instrument mix-ups resulted in the distinctive tones and sounds that define several of the Beatles’ most legendary hits. And Abbey Road Studio engineer Richard Langham was interviewed by Jerry Zolten about his memories of recording the Fab Four and other famous recording artists. Other speakers covered a myriad of Beatles-related topics; Dave Villani and Jerry Zolten gave a presentation demonstrating the production innovations that George Martin used in the studio to bring the Beatles’ sounds to life. Another presentation studied how American immigration policies in the 1960s

prevented some British artists like Sandie Shaw from achieving stardom in the United States during the British Invasion years. And Beatles-related art was on display during the celebration as well, including “Meet the Look-Alikes,” curator Ken Orth’s collection of more than 1,600 pieces of art resembling Beatles album covers. National recording group The Smithereens recently issued an EP of live Beatles covers, B-Sides The Beatles. The group visited Café 210 in State College during last month’s 50th anniversary Beatles celebration, and performed two Fab Four hits during their rocking set; “Please Please Me” and “This Boy.” The Smithereens singer/guitarist Pat DiNizio, lead guitarist Jim Babjak, bassist Severo “The Thrilla” Jornacion and drummer Dennis Diken - also fired through many of their own well-known favorites before a large, festive crowd. They charged through such numbers as “Top of the Pops,” “Miles from Nowhere,” “Behind the Wall,” “Blues Before and After,” “Mystery Girl” and more. This was a high-octane show, as The Smithereens kept the momentum and excitement level high throughout their performance. During their set-closing hit, “Blood and Roses,” Jim came out onto the floor and jammed on his guitar in the midst of the crowd. When the audience called for an encore, The Smithereens responded with their biggest hit, “A Girl Like You,” which incorporated portions of Free’s “All Right Now,” The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” and Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” Opening this show was J.R. Mangan’s newest collaboration, J.R., James and Olivia. This project introduced singer Olivia Jones, who joins J.R. and bassist James Miller. Olivia displayed a potent voice as she sang songs from Fleetwood Mac, Ben E. King, Big Mama Thornton and more. Penn State’s Jazz Club, Open Mic Club, Guitar Club and RoBurrage Music Production presented the annual Music Is Life Festival, which took place over two nights last month at Heritage Hall on Penn State’s University Park campus. (A scheduled third night, February 13th, was cancelled due to a snowstorm.) I attended on the Festival’s first night, February 11th, and witnessed performances from Cone Of Silence and Band Burrage. Cone Of Silence celebrated the connections between jazz and rock, performing progressive and jazz-rock classics from such names as Yes, Steely Dan, King Crimson, Jethro Tull and more. Singer/guitarist Steve Christensen, keyboardist Liz Grove, bassist James Miller and drummer John Lynch picked out some interesting selections; such as Yes’ “Tempus Fugit” and “Starship Trooper,” Steely Dan’s “Aja,” “Kid Charlemagne” and “Boddhisattva,” Jethro Tull’s “Nothing Is Easy” and more. Guest Eric Brooks helped out on saxophone during several numbers. Cone Of Silence’s musicianship and precision were top notch, and they sweated the details to capture the nuances of their complex song material. Band Burrage followed with their dazzling blend of modern jazz, fusion, funk, rock and pop. The group’s namesake, drummer/keyboardist Ronnie Burrage, has played with such noteworthy names as Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins, Pat Metheny and Jaco Pastorius. Joining him were guitarist Eric Slaughter, bassist Nimrod Speaks, sax player Rick Tate and singer Shenel Johns. During their set this night, Band Burrage played a wide variety of numbers, including several from their latest CD, Heal such as the harder-edged “A Time in Amerikkka.” These musicians displayed inventive arrangements, stunning instrumental precision and improvisational skills as they darted through their vast variety of flavors; including soulful interludes, angular jazz fusion workouts and more. The second night of the Music Is Life Festival featured appearances by fingerstyle guitarist Trevor Gordon Hall and Marvin Horne, plus various student musicians and other performers. Continued on Page 19...



March, 2014

The Professor Continued... Area bands and artists braved snow-covered roads last month to donate their talents to help a local cancer patient. The Benefit for Raymond Michael Dorsey at Pellegrine’s helped raise money to help Raymond as he battled stage III colon cancer. The afternoon saw performances from Chelsea & Stevie Moses, Black Ace with the Platinum Soul jazz step team, Cousin Mike, Untyed, the Backyard Rockers, guitarist Shawn Brown, Left for Dead, Skye 2.0, Triple Threat and Bite the Bullet. Besides performing with the Backyard Rockers, I got to see Left for Dead and Skye 2.0. Left for Dead delivered a crisp, high-octane, hard-rocking set. Singer R.J. Payne, lead guitarist Rich Johnson, rhythm guitarist Denny Yon, bassist/singer Bill Nusom and drummer Dave Russell sounded strong on numbers from Collective Soul, Flock of Seagulls, Tom Petty, Green Day, Duran Duran, Foo Fighters and more. And Skye 2.0 celebrated 1970s and 1980s era hard and progressive rock. Singer Adam D, guitarist Don Osborn, keyboardist Ken Civils, bassist Kris Civils and drummer Bill Hocherl blew the dust off progressive rock gems like Yes’ “Roundabout” and King Crimson’s “Court of the Crimson King,” as well as numbers from Jesus Christ Superstar, Deep Purple, Boston and more. Sadly, Raymond Michael Dorsey lost his battle with cancer on February 20th; his family appreciates the outpouring of support from those who participated and attended this day’s benefit concert. The rising popularity of the ukulele was celebrated early last month with the inaugural Ukulele Soiree and Petting Zoo event, presented by the Allegheny Ukulele Kollective and Gigbox Music at Penn State Altoona’s Misciagna Building. This day featured a multitude of ukuleles of different sizes and shapes for visitors to pick up and play, plus instructional ukulele workshops for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. The workshops introduced newcomers to the instrument, and also taught strum techniques, blues styles and more. An open mic jam allowed various ukers to step up and perform throughout the afternoon. Some of the participants included members of the Allegheny Ukulele Kollective, Dr. Dave Parry, Raining Blue and others. And one lucky participant won a Makala Dolphin ukulele. The Allegheny Ukulele Kollective hosts the Second Sunday Ukulele Jam each month; the next one happens on Sunday afternoon, March 9th from 2 to 4 p.m. at Penn State Altoona’s Slep Center. McGarvey’s (formerly Aldo’s) hosted their annual Chinese New Year party in late January, marking the start of the Year of the Horse. The party featured Chinese décor, party favors, a Chinese food spread, and the decidedly not-so-Chinese modern country musical flavors of Pistol Peg & the Beer Kegs. Singer Jill Simanski, singer/guitarist Mark Simanski, lead guitarist/singer Joe Scott, rhythm guitarist/singer Brandon Kane, bassist Justin Brown and drummer Steve Holtz kept the massive packed-house crowd happy with their mix of modern country favorites. The group kept the party moving with hits from Chris Janson, Shania Twain, Little Big Town, Alan Jackson, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Alabama, Garth Brooks and more. Pistol Peg & the Beer Kegs sounded sharp, bright and exciting throughout; Jill’s voice was in great form, and she radiated genuine enthusiasm for her song material. Several weeks later, Pistol Peg & the Beer Kegs performed during last month’s annual Penn State Dance Marathon, THON, at the Bryce Jordan Center. Hate Grenade pulled the pin for the detonation of their debut EP, Reload, last month with a CD-release triple-bill at McGarvey’s. Harrisburg’s DeathMaschine kicked off the evening with a set of terse, intense industrial rock. Lead howler N. Maschine, guitarist A. Continued on Page 20... March, 2014



The Professor Continued... D.D. & the Pub Crawlers frequently kick off weekends at Altoona’s Belmar Hotel with Friday dinner hour performances. These have quickly become so popular that people need to make reservations beforehand to get a seat. I luckily did get a seat during such a Pub Crawlers party early last month. Singer/namesake Dana “D.D.” Martino, bassist Art Martino, guitarist Jim Houser, drummer Todd Harshbarger, and the four-piece horn section of saxophonists Anthony Martino and Pat Schirf, plus trumpet players Nate Beatty and Adam Lingenfelter put together a multi-flavored party featuring rock, blues, swing, funk and ska favorites. The group mixed it up with numbers from Stray Cats, Sam & Dave, Van Morrison, Bob Marley, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Led Zeppelin, Wilson Picket, the Toasters, No Doubt and more. Highlights were numerous, including Art and Dana’s son, Nicholas Martino, stepping up to help with vocals on the combo of Louis Prima’s “Jump Jive and Wail” into the Andrews Sisters’ “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” Jim Houser’s blistering guitar fireworks on Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Redhouse,” Dana’s spirited vocal performances on Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man,” LaBelle’s “Lady Maramlade” and more. D.D. & the Pub Crawlers stirred up frequent dance floor action and raucous cheers throughout this night; they return to the Belmar March 14th. The atmosphere felt like prom night or a wedding reception, but when On The Run staged their “Dressed Up to Get Messed Up” party last month at Pellegrine’s, it resulted in a multitude of shirts, ties, vests, suit jackets, dresses, high heels and good times. On The Run guitarist Paul Johnson kicked things off with a solo acoustic set; strumming guitar, wailing harmonica and singing favorites from the Rolling Stones, Steve Earle, Old Crow Medicine Show and more. Then, Paul and his On The

March, 2014

Run bandmates - singer John Ross Green, guitarist/singer Ryan Weaver, bassist Tyler Miller and drummer Brian Fisher - rocked their dressed-to-thenines audience with two sets; the first emphasizing original songs and the nightcap set focusing on covers. Their original set featured songs from their forthcoming new recording, as well as established originals like “Monsters Like Me,” “Never Coming Home” and more. Their cover set kept the dance floor busy, as On The Run did songs from Yellowcard, Jimmy Eat World, Tom Petty, Foo Fighters and Lit; and John displayed his highflying vocal acrobatics on the night-ending rendition of The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” On The Run kicks this month off in a triple-bill March 1st at Around The Corner in Johnstown with Lucky Lad Green and He Hate Me. The Giants Of Science close in on two decades of musical onstage lab experiments. Back to sporting their trademark white facepaints and labcoats, Giants Of Science - singer/guitarist Mick, keyboardist/singer Scotty B, bassist/singer Johnny 5 and drummer Steve kept the dance floor at the 4D’s Lounge busy last month with their fun blend of favorites with an emphasis on the ‘80s. These Giants still can successfully pack a dance floor with such ‘80s favorites as Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” and Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself,” and also sprinkled in numbers from Pearl Jam, Goo Goo Dolls, Tom Petty, James and more. Along the way, the group welcomed 7th Gear/Chris Vipond drummer Randy Servello to climb behind the kit on Poison’s “Talk Dirty to Me,” and Pistol Peg drummer Steve Holtz to staff the drums on a country favorite, Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places.” And on a personal note - When my own group, the Backyard Rockers, celebrated our second anniversary as a band in late January at Pellegrine’s, we welcomed a number of musical friends to join the party. Ambush kicked off the night with a variety of classic rock


favorites. Singer/keyboardist Adam D, guitarist Kip Woodring, bassist D.J. Gates and drummer Jamie Shumac set the evening’s fun tone with song from Styx, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Journey, Bad Company, Eddie Money and more; guest Randy Karle contributed harmonica on Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “House Is a Rockin.’” Joe Novak then performed a brief solo set, including Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” and his unique take on Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” 2nd Street - the father and son tandem of Jerry and Jared Carnevali - performed twice during the evening; displaying nice harmonies and tight execution on songs

Dave Villani and Abbey Road Studio Engineer Richard Langham Continued on Page 22...


The Professor Continued... from Tom Petty, Jethro Tull, Eric Clapton, CCR, Doobie Brothers and more. Zombie Butterflies rocked the house with hard rock and metal favorites spanning the 1970s to today; singer/bassist John Scarfone, guitarist Rich Piccerillo and drummer Pam Hiles lit up the stage with numbers from Lenny Kravitz, Thin Lizzy, Stone Temple Pilots, Iron Maiden and Metallica. And fulfilling an idea that began more than a year ago; thanks to Zombie Butterflies for inviting me to pound out some Brazilianstyle beats on hand drums during the set-ending edition of Sepultura’s “Ratamahatta!” With John Scarfone playing bass and Bill Hocherl behind the drum kit, The Sitch partied down with tunes by the Doors, Van Morrison, Aerosmith, Cee-Lo Green, Green Day, Beastie Boys and more. And the host band played as well; thanks to Big Jim Ricotta for sitting in on bass with us! It has been a fun ride so far; thanks to all the bands and musical friends who partook in this night’s celebration, Pellegrine’s where our story began, Adam D for giving us the kick in the pants to get this band started, and all who have supported us so far! News and notes…A special benefit fundraiser takes place on March 29th at Altoona’s Bavarian Aid Society to help out the brother of The Hope Fallacy drummer Trey Carruthers. Ryan Carruthers is currently hospitalized and battling a rare form of cancer called M.D.S.; The Hope Fallacy will provide the entertainment… Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats have issued their second full-length CD, called You’re All I Got…Lies, Inc. introduces their new guitar player this month, as former Rain Must Fall guitarist Jarrett Bickel takes over for Nate Nagle, who is departing the group due to school-related reasons…The western Pennsylvania-based group The House Band has announced two new members, as Josh Erhardt takes over lead guitar and backing vocals, and Dan Siegel handles lead vocals and rhythm guitar…While the Altoona-based group The House Band takes a leave from live stage action, guitarist Tom Rhodes introduced a new band project last month called Stella’s Revenge…Paragon have ended their run on area stages, citing changing circumstances within the group’s roster…AC Express is going on indefinite hiatus……Happy Birthdays to Kent Tonkin (Lies, Inc./Drum the Ecstatic), Jeremy Nelson (Mama Corn), Kirk Tonkin (Cottonmouth), Kevin Siegel (Half Tempted), Joe Konior, Bob Muhlbauer (Ozone Rangers), John “JK” Kennedy (Miss Melanie & the Valley Rats/Tyne & the Fastlyne), Dave Nichols (Red Alert/The Boomers), Jim Donovan (St. Francis World Drumming Ensemble/Sun King Warriors), Ken Pompa (Night Train/Jerry’s Fault), Pam Hiles (Zombie Butterflies), Chris Lawson (Nobody’s Heroes), Kate Twoey (Pure Cane Sugar), Chrissy Miller (AC Express), Rick Ramsey (Disorganized Crime), Autumn Shiffler (This Albatross), Walt Yatta (Raining Blue), Ken Civils (Skye 2.0), Tom Brown, Allen Jones (One Brick Shy/Gigbox Music), Brian Nicarry, Jim Bagrosky, Mycenea Worley, Jimmy Adler, Greg Hatch (10 Million Devils), Rene Witzke (Maxwell Strait/Ted McCloskey & the Hi Fis), Mandy Passmore (Full Kilt), Dan Myers II (Locked and Loaded), Jerry Militello (StarChild), Trey Carruthers (The Hope Fallacy), Darren Buchko, Jen Bertiaux, Fredrico, Alicia Hritsko and John McKnight. Please send correspondence and recordings to: Jim Price, 1104 S. Catherine St., Altoona, PA 16602. You can also e-mail me at either or you’re into social networking, look me up on Facebook or Google+. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC! 22


March, 2014

SANE ADVICE By John Kerecz

Well now that we are into the start of the conference season and we have discussed networking, we have to discuss following through. I once heard the analogy that networking is like golf. You can’t win if you don’t follow through with your swing. A funny thing happens when you don’t follow through with a golf swing. You end up putting all your efforts into the back swing which

March, 2014

causes the ball to head in a million different directions, inconsistently. The same thing happens with our networking. We can put all our energy and time into the preparation and stop short of the follow through. Being musicians and being creative, we are usually great at coming up with ideas to promote our music. We know that it’s not rocket science, and yet we struggle time and time again with getting our ideas off the ground. This isn’t surprising since we are wearing so many hats. Yet when we look at all the different roles we have to play, it is truly our “marketing hat” that can fast track us to the next level. So we must ensure that we allocate the time it deserves! More importantly we all have to make sure


we fully follow through, just having a list of contacts or a stack of business cards is not enough. We need to use them to reach out. If we promised to send them music samples or CDs, we need to follow through on this. Sometimes all it takes is a “thank you” for talking or a “hello” email. No matter what you need to do to follow through, get busy doing it!




March, 2014

Please say, “I saw your ad in the

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FOR SALE: Only eight Epiphone guitars left, flyingV, two Explorers, three traditional Pro’s, SG

DEADLINE: March 20th! . . . y a l e D t ’ n o D Call TODAY... 3 2 4 2 4 4 4 7 71 March, 2014



CLASSIFIED NOTES continued... Phone 717-248-8739 FOR SALE: Hammond email: superstarr@hot- Proline 860 Leslie, With foot pre-amp and leslie 11

pin cable. All in great condition! $600. Phone 717-248-8739 Email: FOR SALE: Tascam professional 24 track recording mixing board, sacrificing for $500. 717627-4800. email: FOR SALE: Yamaha powered 8 channel PA board, EMX-200, 200w per channel, 8 inputs and 8 outputs. Sacrificing at

$250. Call 717-627-4800 o r e m a i l FOR SALE: Mastering cassette recorders like new, $25 to $35 each. 717-6274800. FOR SALE: Barratone guitar and practice amp guitar $135, amp $75.put in ubject line guitar or amp phone.Call 717-309-0162 for details or e-mail abrumsm1tortoise@gmail. com

FOR SALE: Compressor/ limiters. Aphex 720 Dominator II, DBX 266XL,Drawmer 241L. Leave message. 610-4880914. FOR SALE: Microphones. (2) AKG C391’s. (1) AKG D112’s. Mics include clips and cables. Leave message. 610-488-0914. FOR SALE: Multitrack recorders. Tascam. (3) DA88’s, (1) DA-38 and (1)RC-848. Includes sync cables w/balanced snakes, rack cases and remote controlstand. Leave message. 610-488-0914. FOR SALE: Multi effects processors: t.c.electronics M5000 w/digitaloptions. Ensoniq DP/4. Lexicon LXP-5 w/MRC. Leave message 610-488-0914. FOR SALE: Atlas heavy duty boom mic stand with 2-lb. counterweight,triangular base and casters. Excellent condition. 610-488-0914. FOR SALE: DI boxes.



Countryman Type 85 and ProCo CB-1. Leave message 610-488-0914. FOR SALE: Record video of your band from the stage or Front of Housesound board. Attach any camera to these unique CAMERA M O U N T S . 610-488-0914.

MUSICIANS WANTED AVAILABLE: S i n g e r / Drummer/ Bassist. Male, mid-40’s (“Look” early 30s’s!) West Shore. Covers: Vertical Horizon, Googoo Dolls, Lifehouse, U2... NOT Metal, Country o r P u n k . AVAILABLE:Experienced Drummer looking for band in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg a r e a . Very professional. Rock, Blues, Soul, Country Email: AVAILABLE: Metal/hard rock drummer looking to

March, 2014

CLASSIFIED NOTES continued... fill free time jammin with a talented group of musicians. Im 41 with tons of experience and gear. Harrisburg area. Interested? Call Victor 717-903-3155.

AVAILABLE:Professional guitarist available for session work, gigs, and more. 717-537-1065�

AVAILABLE:DRUMME R looking to join a band I AVAILABLE: Bass player am 52, if that matters, and looking for working band. have pro Tama and Roland drums. williedrum4u@yah Hard & classic rock. Ephrata area 717-371-1692 Rick.

March, 2014

MUSICIANS WANTED WANTED: Keyboardist and bass player for a nonworking classic rock/ country practice band in the Marysville area. Call Joe at 717-856-2619 or email



CLASSIFIED NOTES continued... WANTED: Lead guitarist with vocal ability for modern, classic rock variety band. Practice weekly. Must be versatile, have experience, gear and transportation. Berks County, Reading area. Call 610-451-3824. WA N T E D : Female vocalist for acoustic project. Covers and original from the 60’s to now. Please call or text. Leave message. Glen, 717887-1260.

WA N T E D : Classic, modern rock cover band is currently looking for good solid drummer with experience. Must have equipment and transporation. Practice weekly. Reading, Berks County area. Call 610-4513824.

email WA N T E D : Working modern rock band seeks lead guitarist. Back up vocals a plus. Central Pa. Please contact: Mike Bonilla 717-648-4535 or Mark Wineski 717-8568075.

WANTED: Looking for a drummer who listened to WANTED: Keyboardist Shannon Larkin a lot back and bass player for a non- in Wrathchild America working c l a s s i c days. Or Shannon Larkin, rock/country practice band if you read this... leave in the Marysville area. Call message 717-957-4933. Joe at 717-856-2619 or

WANTED: Local up and coming country rock artist seeking a bass and lead guitar player. Big venues ready to book. Email m for details.

Serious minded only. Vocals a plus. 570-6680164.

WANTED: Lead Singer / Front Man for established country band in Schuylkill County. New and classic country covers. We have gigs, PA and practice space. Rhythm guitar ability a plus. Call: 1-570449-8583 or

WA N T E D : Vocalist needed for established Lancaster based hard rock band. Clean vocals, no screamers! Contact supeyrockerchick@hotmai to hear tracks and for more details.

WANTED: Experienced Drummer looking for band in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg area. Very professional. Rock, Blues, Soul, Country Email:otispsmith@gmail.c om. WANTED: Classic hard rock cover band looking for an experienced solid drummer. Need a team player to fill the spot. we will work once we find you. call Jheri 717- 585 3437. WANTED: Upright Bass player Needed for Rockabilly Power Trio.



WANTED: Moog Slim Phatty, preferably for trade. Eric 610-704-1468.

WA N T E D : Seeking musicians for NEW band. Dauphin- lebanon county. Practice space fully equipped with all instruments. Any position available. Any genre. For details...Junior 717-4548201 WANTED: Singer and guitarist wanted for all original band. We play rock/hard rock. Must have equipment, transportation, and experience. 717712-2008 or 717-4180020.

WANTED: Guitar/bass player with vocals seeking the same to form acoustic duo/trio classic to modern rock. Pottsville area- call Brian 570-590-6646 or m WA N T E D : Gigging carlisle rock metal band seeks SINGER ,T.O.A.D, Nickleback,acdc,gnr,crue,p riest and the classics too, 6 gigs on books more available..Mike, 717-4406857. WANTED: Thrash metal band looking for vocalist. Must be able to do a wide range of styles from Metallica to Overkill. Practice in Mt. Holly. Interested? Call Vic @ 717-903-3155 WA N T E D : Metal/hard rock drummer looking to fill free time jammin with a talented group of musicians. Im 41 with tons of experience and gear. Harrisburg area. Interested? Call Victor 717-903-3155.

March, 2014

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine March 2014  

The PA Musician Magazine is an entertainment magazine for the state of Pennsylvania. It is the magazine for not only the people who make mus...

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