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June, 2015





June, 2015



June, 2015

OUT & ABOUT by RACHEL ROCKS! Summer is HERE!! Yippee!!! My feet will be in the sand before I know it. I can guarantee you that the PA Musician website will be updated by Friday, June 5th, because after that day it is the official start to Summer, and I am leaving with my family for VACATION!!! I am so excited it’s crazy!!! I have tons of stuff to get done between now and then, and the first step is getting this article done, so here goes nothing! First and foremost, I have to say Happy Birthday to my Daddy, Whitey the Mighty (wytmyt) Noll!! June is his birthday month. (We celebrate month long birthdays in the Noll family). I wouldn’t be out here supporting live music or doing anything that I love doing if it wasn’t for you and your brilliant idea to create this amazing

magazine. It was an awesome vision, and I’m grateful that I can help keep it going. I know I don’t tell you enough, but you are truly an awesome Dad and I will always love you. You are truly our rock and you help keep us grounded. I’m so proud to call you my Daddy! XOXOXOXOX! Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day!!!!! The month started out at The Abbey Bar for an all original show. I unfortunately got there late in the night, so I missed the first few bands, but I did get there in time for The Bird Reserve. This four-piece is a very tight group that definitely had the crowd on their feet and filling the dance floor. It was awesome to see such a great crowd out supporting original music. The Bird Reserve had amazing harmonies and their music was upbeat and very entertaining. It’s one of the bands that you can’t watch without having a smile on your face, and I definitely did. The main reason I came to this show was to catch the next band, Close to Consideration. They were on our

cover last month. It had been a long time since I actually got out to see these guys, and I’m glad our schedules finally matched up. During the interview they were telling me about these shows they’ve been putting together with a few other bands and how successful they’ve been, it was great to see it for myself. It was awesome to see so many people at The Abbey Bar supporting original music. I know I don’t get out there very often, and it seems like I don’t support original music enough, but I do try and support those that support me as much as possible. When Close to Consideration took the stage the crowd was immediately back on their feet and crowding the dance floor. CTC’s faster tempo, funky songs had the crowd dancing along. For only being a three piece these guys pull off an amazing sound. They have a lot of big shows coming up throughout the summer at a lot of really cool sounding festivals. Check out their schedule in this issue and get out there and support original music. The following weekend I headed to Chick’s in Hummelstown for Element 22. It was great seeing these guys rockin’ out again. Element 22 play so many sing-along songs that people love. There were people jumping out of their seats because they were so excited by their songs! Needless to say they had plenty of people on the dance floor, dancing along, including me! It’s also been a long time since I saw these guys. I still missed their lead guitar player Dave, he was missing because his son was graduating from college. Congrats to all the graduates out there! Welcome to the working world!! Darrel Adams was filling in on guitar so the show could go on. With the decks opening for the summer Element 22 and E22 Acousitc have some great gigs coming up in the next month and beyond. Check out their schedule in this issue and get out there and dance the night away! The next night out was a long one, I first headed down to New Oxford Social Hall to interview The continued on next page ...



June, 2015

Out & About continued.... Happenstance Band, and to catch some of their show. These guys perform two shows in one, they start the night with a more acoustic set, and then for the 2nd and 3rd sets they turn up the volume and really start rocking! I only had time to stay for their acoustic set. It worked out great because there were still a good amount of people finishing their dinner when they started playing at 8pm. For those that were done they came up and started slow dancing and singing along. It’s nice to be able to ease the crowd into your music gradually like that. To read all about their show and them, check out this month’s cover story and check out their ad to see their full up to date schedule and plan your next night out on the town! My night wasn’t over yet, next I zoomed up to Tubby’s for the Kix show. I was bummed I missed Voodoo, but I heard that as usual they had an amazing show. I was shocked and saddened to hear that Voodoo is calling it quits after one more final show on June 27th at Tubby’s. Their farewell show starts at 8pm with special guests, Dirt Cheap, Bad Mr. Kitty, and Frayed Nott. I’m sure that’s going to be one heck of a show that you don’t want to miss. When I did get there, Take 147 was still on the stage. It was definitely a packed house at Tubby’s. I’m glad the ladies of Take 147 got the opportunity to play in front of such a huge “rock” crowd. It’s so easy to pigeon hole Take 147 because they are an all female band, but they can rock just like any all male band out there! Ro has been a huge fan of Kix since they first started, so it was quite the accomplishment for her and for all of them to open up for Kix. They rocked their set and gained some new fans in the process. Take 147 is taking a nice long summer break so they can work on some new songs and revamp a few things in their show. If you need your Take 147 fix don’t forget they still have their CD “Nothin’ to Lose” for sale. Support local music and buy a CD today! Finally the last band of the night was Kix. Kix is definitely making a comeback with their latest CD “Rock Your Face Off”. They have been touring all over the US. Their next PA date is July 11th at Moose Park in Gettysburg. Every time I see these guys I am truly amazed at their talent. They definitely do ‘rock your face off’ at every show! It was great rockin’ out with our good family friend, Glen Hoffman. Glen started out as one of the very first Kix fans back in the early 80s with my brother Chris. They followed them everywhere. Every Kix show I see I definitely miss Chris and wonder what he would be up to if he were still here on earth. I love and miss my big brother, even tho it’s almost been 25 years since he died. He was ran off the road while driving a motorcycle. Remember with Summer and this beautiful weather keep an eye out for motorcycles! They are everywhere!!! Tubby’s did a great job hosting a big show. Steve required the main rock room to be smokefree, so they opened up the side door and corded off an area for smokers. It worked out really well, and I personally loved having it be no smoking! Maybe someday we can get all venues to be smoke free! That would be awesome!! This was a crazy month as usual, so I didn’t get out again until the big Krankin’ for the King event at Moose Park in Gettysburg. It was a benefit for Randy Robertson, former owner of Triple R Guitar, and fellow area musician. He was recently diagnosed with cancer, and had to undergo a major surgery at John’s Hopkins and when he gets strong enough, he will also be going through chemo. It’s a long road, but he is ready to fight, and we are all right here fighting by his side! It was an all day event. Throughout the day there were just over 1,700 paying people through the gate. There was continued on page 1 2 ...

June, 2015



Out & About continued.... tons of donated food and raffle baskets, all in all the event raised over $9,500 for Randy’s family. It was so beautiful to feel the love throughout the entire Moose Park. Everyone was there for a common goal and that was to support Randy and his family. It was awesome that Randy himself made it to the event for the full day! He posed for lots of pictures and signed autographs throughout the day. Before the last band, Steel, he even got up on stage to thank everyone for coming and for organizing the event. Needless to say, it was pretty emotional. It was amazing how well run the entire event

was. It was organized and ran by the Women of the Moose, which also mainly happen to be the Wives of Steel, plus a few of their friends. So many people were pitching in to help any way they possibly could. Aaron and Scott from Sonic Productions did the production for the day, and Jonny from Rebel Lighting Works lit up the stage! It was an absolutely amazing day. Mom and I both got to go to the show together, so that was pretty special too. I always love hangin’ with my Mommy. Even from the very beginning there was a decent crowd. People were all spread out with chairs, blankets, coolers, etc. They were there for the long haul and ready to a enjoy a great day of music.

Scarlet Angel started of the event at 1pm unfortunately we weren’t able to be there at 1 but it looked like they started the event with a great performance. The first band we saw of the day was Gun Metal Gray. I haven’t seen these guys in a while. They recently underwent some member changes, they have a new bass player and drummer, but that didn’t slow them down, they still had that stage rockin! It was awesome to see the kids with their devil horns rockin’ out with the band too! Gun Metal Gray have so much energy and an amazing stage presence. They were a great band choice to help get the party started! The next band was Single Barrel. I’ve written about these guys a few times now. They are taking Central PA by the horns and getting their name out there and getting their time on area stages. They’ve played quite a few shows as openers, and I’ve seen their name on quite a few benefits as well, and now they are headlining shows too. Single Barrel is definitely a band that has grown on me. The first time I saw them I was tyring to figure out the songs they were playing, I honestly thought they continued on next page ...

Randy, Rachel & Molly Robertson



June, 2015

were originals, I was quickly corrected that it’s more just modern southern rock, and Outlaw Country that you don’t hear on the radio everyday by great bands like Blackberry Smoke, Shooter Jennings, Gov’t Mule, and many more. Once you hear and experience their music you realize that their musicianship is top notch which makes for a great show! You also learn some things about life that you might’ve wanted to say before, but just didn’t know how to say it! Check out Single Barrel’s ad in this issue to get them booked at your venue, you won’t be disappointed. They will be playing at Double K on June 20th with special guests, The Ride, starting at 9:30pm. Even before Single Barrel Aaron —sound man extraordinare was over, Mom and I got whisked into the kitchen for kitchen duty. It was great to see all of the donated food. It was also overwhelming trying to get the orders all right as we were doing in by shouting them out to all the wonderful crew that was helping, it was chaotic! Thanks to everyone that came and stood in line, I know it got long at times, but I hope the deliciousness of the food made you forget all about it in the end. Unfortunately, because of being in the kitchen, I pretty much missed Ebenezer Screw and Voodoo. I ran out and snagged a couple of quick pictures, and I could see that there were still plenty of people out there enjoying the show. By the time we made it out of the kitchen I was amazed at the amount of people there. The crowd more Randy Thanking Everyone than doubled while we were in there! We made it out of the kitchen in time to hear Smokin’ Gunnz. If you read my articles you know I write about these guys very often. I love seeing them every chance I get! It was great seeing Mom see them and enjoying their music too. Smokin’ Gunnz plays in the Gettysburg area quite a bit for bike nights, etc. and you could tell a good chunk of the Organisers: Lisa, Joanie, Joanie’s Mom w/ Randy crowd was there to see them. These guys are a well-oiled machine. If you haven’t seen them perform, you really should. They play throughout the state and beyond. In September they will be down at Ocean City Maryland’s Bike Week. Check out their schedule in this issue to see where they are rockin’ next and get out there and support some deep fried southern rock! The next band of the night was Penntera. I absolutely love these guys. Dave Garry has been a great addition to the band as their new bass player. I’ve seen him on lots of stages, and I have to say he really seems like he is finally where he belongs. My good friend Terri was there, so needless to say I probably banged my head a little too much. continued on page 1 4 ...

The Wonderful Crowd hung in there all day - STEEL’S performance June, 2015



OUT & ABOUT continued... I’m still paying for it today, even tho it was truly worth it! Johnny is so crazy on vocals. I honestly have no idea how he can sing like he does and bounce around the stage. He has so much energy! I was able to sneak up on stage and get some great pics of Space! Make sure and check out the Hot Shots in color at Penntera’s boat cruise on the New York Harbor has been changed to Friday, September 18th, that just means it’s a week closer to my birthday! I can’t wait to share such an awesome experience with these guys! I hope you can all hop on the bus and come and join us, it’s going to be a great time and New York City will never be the same! Hahaha! Check out their ad in this issue for all of the details. Before Steel, the last band of the night, took the stage, Randy himself made his way up on the stage to express his thankfulness for everyone there and everyone who organized this amazing event. It was very emotional for everyone there. Randy still has a very long road ahead of him, but I think he knows without a doubt, he’s got lots of people looking out for him and cheering him on! There are two more benefits for Randy, I am unfortunately out of town for both of them, but on Sunday, May 31st there is one at Fed Live in Harrisburg, I understand that will be an all age event and June 6th at Gullifty’s where Pentagon will be performing. It’s $15 per person, but all proceeds go directly to Randy and his family to help with medical bills and living expenses. So far with the benefit and the Go Fund Me account, over $22,000 has been raised for Randy. So completely awesome! And if you don’t have time to go to any of the events you can still contribute through Go Fund Me. Now onto something else awesome… Steel!! They were originally scheduled to play first to get things started, but I’m glad they played last to end the night. It seemed like a perfect way to end the day. I know they all must’ve been extremely exhausted. They were all running around along with their wives and friends to keep everything running smoothly. They were running sound, manning the gate, working in the kitchen, emptying trash, and just making sure everyone was having a good time all day long, plus they had to help prepare things ahead of time, and clean up after! What a super group of people!! So besides for doing all of that, they also had to find some ultra reserve of energy to rock the stage at the end of the night and they did one HE** of a job!! Steel goes above and beyond at every show and this was no different. Kudos to you all for an excellent show and an overall amazing event! Check out Steel’s schedule in this issue and get out there and rock with these guys soon!! You will be glad you did! You can also check them out online at It’s time once again for my yearly, my boys’ Daddy is great speech… Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband Kris. I would not be able to be “Out & About” having the time of my life if it wasn’t for him holding down the fort. He supports me in all kinds of crazy ways, but the best way of all is the Daddy that he is to our boys! He is one of the “kids” always playing with them and convincing Mom to buy the latest gadget or game. He loves us all unconditionally and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have hooked my fingers into this guy! We also are celebrating our 16th Wedding Anniversary while we are at the beach on June 12th!!! Time sure does fly when you are having fun! Thanks Kris for loving me like you do, I love you too!!!!! Well that’s all for this month. I will be gone for a good part of June, so you all have to fill in for me and get out there and SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!!! I hope you all have a fabulous month. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, especially mine! If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail me at Also, check out our website at 14


June, 2015

The Happenstance Band: More Than Just a Show, It’s an Experience! Article & photos By: Rachel Rocks The Happenstance Band is a two-piece band from south central PA. Yes, that’s right I said two-piece! Rich Johnson and Jordon Reese came together through none other than ‘happenstance’. Similar people loving similar music, they both loved playing it, and they both wanted to get out there and perform, and here they are! Rich Johnson has over 30 years guitar experience, playing in multiple bands since the 80’s, but he is very happy where he is now. He plays many different types of guitars, but two of his favorites are an acoustic twelve string, and his beautiful Strat. He’s confident he can bring the classic rock back to the bar/club scene and bring you one heck of a show! Jordon Reese is the other half. He’s their lead vocalist, and also their light man and sound engineer. Jordon has been singing and playing music ever since he heard Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album back in 1991. He doesn’t have the same amount of band experience as Rich, but Rich has definitely taught him a lot. One of the most important lessons is to appreciate more of the classics, like The Beatles and The

Jordan Reese

Rich Johnson Rolling Stones. After months of practice Jordon is finally confident enough to perform some songs from these great artists. His one rule though is he tries to make them sound as authentic as possible. How do two guys make The Beatles sound “authentic”? Through lots of trial and error Jordan and Rich have finally found great programs or backing tracks to play with. They can now cover at least 20-30 different artists, everything from Beatles to Megadeth to even some current radio hits! You might think playing to a track is easy, but it’s actually even more difficult. You can’t “make it your own,” you have to keep everything the same as the original artists, the same tempo, same style, everything! The Happenstance Band has learned to embrace technology. They don’t have just a little drum click track backing them up, they have a full band with many different instruments: piano, violin, cello, you name it, and it’s probably there somewhere! The best part is you never have to worry about them playing too loud, or not practicing their part, and if they ever get an ego you can just fire them with the push of a button! Rich and Jordon both understand how important stage presence is, and trust me, they have it! They definitely know how to put on a show. They have a full light show that is also computer driven, including a spot light! At a full show they usually play three different sets. Their first set is a calmer acoustic set. A lot of venues they play usually have a dinner crowd, like the New Oxford Social Club where I saw them. 16

That first set allows people to finish their food and get ready to party. Their second set turns up the volume a bit and they start playing more of their dance favorites to get the party started and get the dance floor moving. They also add in another element of surprise, during their second and third sets they play music videos from the original artists on TVs on both sides of the stage. You can watch the original music video while watching the music live! It’s quite interesting and something I’ve never seen done before. By the third set their funk is funking and the speakers are crankin! They also play a lot more rock ‘n’ roll to keep the party thumping all night long! With only a year of playing together they’ve already accomplished a lot. In their first year they’ve already played over 35 shows. They already have at least 60 songs on their set list, and they learn at two or three new ones every week. Even though they are playing with a program they are still available to take requests from their fans, they even encourage it. Obviously they want to make sure the crowd is having a good time. They cover so many different genres of music, and they can easily still change their set lists with the push of a button depending on the crowd. One thing they don’t play is country. The closest thing they get to country is “Wagon Wheel!” Overall they can play up to four hours of music. Even though learning new songs is important they know that people are looking for more than just a show, they want an experience, and The Happenstance Band is ready to give them one! Getting started in the music industry is not easy to do, especially when no one out there is doing what you do. They’ve been hitting the pavement talking face to face with many club owners throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland, and it has paid off. Once they convince them to give them a try, they can pretty much guarantee they’ll also get another booking in the process. They are also very versatile in where they can play because they only need about 5 square feet of space and enough equipment for 4 Channels, not too many “bands” can say that! Their shows can be as small or as big as the venue will let them. They have had some help by other bands allowing them to open for them, and getting their foot in the door, they wanted to send out a huge thanks to Blakkout and Disorderly Conduct. Having bands that are already established in the area vouch for you definitely helps make finding a gig a little easier. They also wanted to send a huge shout out to all the venues that have given them a chance too! Obviously without the venues to play in, they wouldn’t have a show. The Happenstance Band is just getting started. Their minds are constantly reeling with new ideas, and they are ready to entertain the masses! You can check out The Happenstance Band’s ad in this issue to see how you can get them booked at your venue! You can also check them out on Facebook at or on their main website, You can also call them direct at 717-421-1095. The Happenstance Band is ready to bring the show to your venue! Don’t delay and give them a call TODAY!


June, 2015

June, 2015



NATIONAL continued...

overwhelming support when tickets went on sale April 20th. More than 300,000 tickets sold in five cities, with four cities sold out in minutes. Promoter Garry Van Egmond added four new dates. The final tally could eventually match the record-breaking 700,000 sold for 2010’s Black Ice tour. On that tour, AC/DC set a new record for Australia’s fastest-selling tour. Social Distortion’s summer tour will feature the band playing its 1990 self-titled album front-to-back along with many of the band’s classic songs. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the LP that brought the band a wider audience. Songs such as “So Far Away,” “Ball and Chain” and “Story Of My Life” as well as Social D’s treatment of the Johnny Cash hit “Ring Of Fire.” Mike Ness & Co. visit Philadelphia’s Festival Pier on August 19th. “We are very excited about this tour,” Ness said. “It was a great feeling to play songs that I hadn’t played in twenty years, or more. All I can say is ‘it’s gonna be a kick ass show!!!!” Axl Rose wrote to Indonesian President Joko Widodo April 27th asking him to stop the impending executions of three individuals convicted of drug trafficking, which

carries a mandatory death sentence. The wordy, 15paragraph missive questions the efficacy of capital punishment in fighting drug trafficking, and ask that Widodo “give [these three individuals] a permanent stay of execution and ... change the course of your own life and place in both your country’s and world history.” Rose says he did not know these men personally, but “their story has touched me deeply.” He adds that, “I realize I am no one and no one to get involved with your affairs or those of your government.” The news came out April 28 that they were both executed as scheduled, but a third person slated for execution was pardoned. UPCOMING SHOWS: Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons Harrisburg Abbey June 13. Local H / Anthrophobia Lancaster Chameleon June 14. The Rolling Stones Pittsburgh Heinz Field June 20. The Killers Atlantic City Borgata June 20. The War On Drugs Washington DC 9:30 Club June 21. Fuel /Everclear / Toadies Bethlehem Sands June 25. Dave Matthews Band Camden, NJ Susquehanna Bank Center June 27. MixTape Festival featuring NKOTB, Nelly, TLC, Salt n Pepa, Vanilla Ice Hersheypark Stadium June 27.

Susquehanna Valley NEWS By Jeff Kreitz Jr. Hey music lovers! June has arrived and summer is almost here. So much going on in our area this month both inside and outside check out all this info... The First Annual BBQ blowout at The Stage 5 on the river in Williamsport takes place on the 27th. Music from Eric Val, Just Bob, Scott Bird, Dug Out, The Keystone Ska Exchange and All Else Fails. LT’s Tavern in Milton has some great live rock music this month including Black Sabbath tribute band Paranoid on the 6th, Red Halo on the 13th, Broken Fayth on the 20th and Cosmic Jelly on the 27th. Tony Harlan’s Random Axe returns to the American Legion Post 104 in Montoursville on the 19th and the American Legion Post 617 in South Willliamsport on the 27th. Vocalist Nick Coyle has teamed up with guitarist Mike Orlando from the band Adrenaline Mob and drummer Chad Szeliga (formerly of Breaking Benjamin) to form a new project called A Beautiful Disaster, look them up on online for more info. Audio Box returns this month with a few shows check them out at The Trout Run Hotel for Bike Night on the 11th, and The Mill Tavern in Montoursville on the 27th. The Hummels Wharf Fire Co. also known as “The Wharf” welcomes in the legendary Queensryche on the 12th along with Lynch Mob and Gun Metal Gray opening the show! Speedy’s Place in Milton has Unncutt on the 13th. Williamsport area band Strawberry Alley have undergone some member changes as well as a name change, now a three piece and going by Strawbridge Road, they will be debuting at Knoebels Grove Amusement Park in Elysburg on the 25th. The Flu Shots are taking advantage of the summer weather this month with some outdoor shows check them out at the Turbotville Fireman’s Carnival on the 3rd, the Hughesville Fireman’s Carnival on the 6th and at the American Legion Post 268 in Muncy on the 26th. A great new band, Gentleman East comprised of former members of the Badlees as well as guitarist Aaron Fink (formerly of Breaking Benjamin) released a new 6 song EP entitled “Oh Yesterday” last month, look them up on Facebook and give it a listen! Prairie Dogma a great acoustic duo featuring Mike Lundy and Dave Jackson roll into the Smiling Chameleon in Lewisburg on the 4th, Barrel 135 in Williamsport for a Lycoming Co, SPCA Fundraiser on the 17th, the Fero Winery in Lewsiburg on the 19th and continued on next page ...



June, 2015

Susquehanna Valley continued...

the Mill Tavern in Montoursvile on the 26th. Jeff Pittinger is set to release his new project next month. Singer/songwriter Eric Val has just finished up a new single entitled “Beautiful Lie” a video and release date will be forthcoming. Hard rockers, Quarterstick invade the Millheim Hotel on the 6th and the Crossfork Inn on the 27th. Some big news for you people that don’t know the new Breaking Benjamin album ‘Dark Before Dawn” drops on June 23rd! That’s all I have for this month, please send any info, news to me at or look me up on Facebook. As always get out and support live music as well as the Pennsylvania Musician Magazine!



“LIVE REVIEWS” By Jim Price It was 28 years ago. I was managing and promoting an Altoona-based rock band called Tommi-Gunn, and was already advertising Tommi-Gunn’s schedule in PA Musician Magazine. Noticing that most other parts of the state had their own writers and columns but that there was no Altoona-based column, the light bulb went off in my head to start penning a column to report local music happenings in my part of the state. Although Robin nixed the idea when I first proposed it, I decided to send her a sample article anyway. It would cost me a few sheets of typing paper, a big envelope and a few postage stamps. The worst thing that could happen was that my sample article ended up in the trash can. It didn’t. My first PA Musician writ appeared in June, 1987, and hasn’t missed a month since. Thanks again to Robin and Whitey for letting me do my thing in PA Musician each month; this magazine was a game-changer for my life and career, and opened doors to multiple new friendships, job opportunities, musical sojourns and lifelong memories. I have been part of PA Musician for more than half of my life! Last month, I enjoyed two things I had waited at least 30 years to experience. One was the new Mad Max movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. (What a FANTASTIC flick; I have already viewed it twice as I type this, and will likely have seen it at least once more as you read this!) And 35 years after first purchasing and hearing the vinyl import version of their “Strong Arm of the Law” album, I finally got to see 1980s New Wave of British Heavy Metal pioneers Saxon in concert! When I learned Saxon was spotlighting music from their classic “Strong Arm of the Law”, “Wheels of Steel” and “Denim and Leather” albums during their current tour, I knew I had to do the roadtrip to Reverb in Reading to bear witness! Several groups opened for Saxon; I missed the first, Red Halo, but arrived during Small Town Titans’ set. Singer/bassist Phil Freeman, guitarist/singer Ben Guiles and drummer/singer Jonny Ross introduced a number of new hard-hitting songs that should be on their forthcoming new CD. Two Philadelphia-based groups followed; playing their second show, Salems Outlaws generated a strong, melody-based take on 80s-styled metal, while Corners of Sanctuary thundered with a classic metal sound rooted in the tradition of Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. Allentown’s MindMaze then rallied the growing crowd, performing original, classic-styled power metal. Sarah Teets delivered a strong, clear voice up front, with Jeff Teets demonstrating detailed, precision lead guitar work, and drummer Kalin Schweizerhof and bassist Rich Pasqualone driving the attack with thundering, pummeling rhythms. MindMaze continued on page 2 0 ...

June, 2015



The Professor continued...

been banned in some nations due to its history-based lyrics. When the Reverb crowd demanded an encore, Doug reappeared on stage to fire off a guitar solo, which led into the two-song encore of “Wheels of Steel” and Saxon’s shout-along anthem “Denim and Leather” to close the night.

did songs from their latest CD, “Back From the Edge”, such as “End of Eternity,” and mixed in older material as well. With the sound of motorcycles setting the tone, Saxon arrived on the Reverb stage and revved up their classic “Motorcycle Man” to launch their performance. As advertised, Saxon spotlighted songs from their early career; doing numbers from the aforementioned albums plus songs from their “Power and the Glory” and “Crusader” albums as well. Singer Biff Byford, guitarists Paul Quinn and Doug Scarratt, bassist Nibbs Carter and drummer Nigel Glockler played nearly all of their classics - “Power and the Glory,” “And the Bands Played On,” “To Hell and Back Again,” “This Town Rocks,” “Strong Arm of the Law,” “20,000 Feet,” “The Eagle Has Landed,” “Princess of the Night,” “747 (Strangers in the Night),” “Heavy Metal Thunder” and more. Every Saxon favorite fired up the Reverb crowd Saxon by Jim Price more, and the group honored requests handed to them at the front of the stage. Their epic about the assassination When I journeyed to State College early last month to of John F. Kennedy, “Dallas 1 PM,” was a clear-cut pick up and commence deliveries of the May issues of favorite, and when they honored requests for the title PA Musician, I never suspected I would end up at a song from “Crusader,” Biff explained that the song had Garth Brooks concert! But when a friend in town texted

and informed me that he had a free extra tickets with my name on it, I found myself at Penn State’s Bryce Jordan Center to see Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood in concert. Opening the evening was one of Garth’s backing singers this night, singer/songwriter Karyn Rochelle, who performed a short set of several of her original songs. A North Carolina native now based in Nashville, Karyn has written songs for such country music heavyweights as George Jones, LeAnn Rimes, Ronnie Milsap, Reba McIntyre and others. She did such numbers as the catchy and punchy “Jezabels,” “Better Off,” and a song she wrote for former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler, “Red High Heels.” A chaotic cyber malfunction-themed intro led into Garth Brooks’ opener “Man Against Machine,” followed by his proclamation “Let’s kick the s**t out of this place!” and his driving honky-tonk hit “Two of a Kind (Workin’ on a Full House).” From there, Garth took over the house and had the huge Bryce Jordan Center audience eating from his hands as he and his band - keyboardists David Gant and Steve Cox, guitarist Johnny Garcia, fiddler Jimmy Mattingly, pedal steel player Bruce Bouton, bassist Mark Greenwood, drummer Mike Palmer, and backing singers Karyn, Vicki Hampton and Robert Bailey performed hits from throughout his career. “Beaches of Cheyenne,” “The River,” “Two Piña Coladas,” “Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up),” “God’s Greatest Gifts,” “Thunder Rolls” and “People Loving People” were among the songs performed early on. As Garth performed “In Another’s Eyes,” his wife, Trisha Yearwood, stepped onto the stage to join him, before performing her own mini-set. Trisha sang several of her best-known songs, including “XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl),” “How Do I Live,” the title track to her latest album “PrizeFighter” and “She’s in Love with the Boy.” Garth then returned to continue with more of his hits, including “Shameless,” “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” “Friends in Low Places” and “The Dance” to end the set. The Bryce Jordan Center crowd quickly erupted to demand not one, but two encores. The first encore featured a fast-firing version of “The Fever.” For the second, Garth and his band honored requests from the audience, doing a solo rendition of “That Girl Is a Cowboy,” “Mom,” “All American Kid,” “Much Too Young (to Feel This Damn Old)” and “Standing Outside the Fire.” Admittedly, I was not a big Garth Brooks fan and knew only his major hits entering this show, but he made a believer out of me this night and proved he is a top-notch entertainer! He was personable and appreciative of the crowd at all times, and worked all sides of the stage, even crouching down at one point to grab a lady’s cell phone and do a selfie with her at the edge of the stage. He was conversational, humorous, and owned the venue and the audience. Outdoors, downtown Huntingdon hosted its annual Mayfest celebration in late April. After helping to kick things off with my Backyard Rockers bandmates on the Desert Garden Day Spa stage, I checked out some of the other live musical entertainment happening throughout the event. Next on the Desert Garden Day Spa stage, Dan & Galla provided a fun midday party as they did joyful versions of 1960s hits from Herman’s Hermits, the Turtles, Monkees, Mamas & Papas, Three Dog Night, Spencer Davis Group, the McCoys, Doors and more. Dan played keys and sang, while Galla sang, played guitar and flute. Galla was also drafted to step across the street to emcee a series of dachshund drag races, and the duo provided fun for the kids with limbo, hula-hooping, bubble-blowing and bubblegum bubble contests. Further up Washington Street, I then saw the trio of Chris Matthews, Tom Shaffer and Rich Stomackin. Chris sang, Tom played guitar and sang, and Rich played harmonica. This trio performed a pleasant mixture of continued on next page ...



June, 2015

The Professor continued... classic rock and folk hits from the Band, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys and more, plus touches of gospel. I then returned to the Desert Garden Day Spa stage to witness the Nick Miller Project with guest singer Gabe Green. I have witnessed Nick’s brand of musical looping before, where he uses loops of guitar riffs, percussion and other sounds to build song arrangements, tunes and jams. He has pushed this art to a brand new level; here he took a number of Gabe’s original pop/R&B-flavored numbers and created looping arrangements for the songs, setting the launching pad for Gabe to display her expressive and soulful voice. Nick also unleashed some incredible spacey bow-on-guitar solos. Besides original songs like Gabe’s “Love Me Long Time” and “Curbside Blues,” highlights included an inventive take on Sonny & Cher’s “Bang Bang,” Nick pulling out his sitar for a couple of solo numbers, and a dazzling version of “All Along the Watchtower” near show’s end. Last month’s 48th annual Blair County Arts Festival again provided a wide variety of live music throughout the campus of Penn State Altoona. I arrived during the Beatlemaniacs’ performance at the Food Court stage, as singer/drummer Jerry Carnicella, guitarists/singers Bob Helbig and Johann von Schrenkel, and bassist/singer Andy Rhody celebrated the hits of the Fab Four and honored audience requests along the way. Next on the Food Court stage was Mama Corn, doing what guitarist/singer Bruce Forr described as “bluegrass-ish music.” Bruce, singer/banjo man Jeremy Nelson, upright bassist/singer Bryan Homan and singer/dobro player John Stevens (mandolinist Chuck Cox was missing this day) mixed original songs from their latest CD, “Hold That Crooked Line”, with select traditional bluegrass and folk favorites. Their voices and harmonies were bright, delivered with grins and frequent touches of continued on page 2 2 ...

June, 2015



The Professor continued... witty humor. Tyne & the Fastlyne followed with their own folk-based sound. Tyne on vocals and banjo, Bill “Wiggus” Wilgus on guitar and mandolin, and John “JK” Kennedy on upright bass did a diverse range of song material in their own unique flavor, including tunes from Indigo Girls, Dolly Parton, Steve Earle, and a version of Mick Ralphs’ (Bad Company’s) “Oh, Atlanta” (made popular more recently by Alison Krauss). Tyne displayed an amazing, impassioned voice and dazzling banjo skills. Johnstown’s Flood City Brass then brought brass-driven rock and funk to the Food Court stage, doing numbers from Chicago, Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Ides Of March, Gary Moore, Jesus Christ Superstar and more. While the horn section of sax player Jen Shuty, trombonist/sax player Jim Bilitski and trumpeter Dan Perich was frequently in the spotlight, singers Tom Pavic and Natalie Kurchak demonstrated stellar voices, and Randy Rutherford put on a guitar clinic with tasty, fluid leads. Your Dad’s Friends then brought their vintage rock’n’roll party to the Laurel Pavilion stage. Chris Gallagher filled in on bass, joining singers/guitarists Don Bedell and Rick Herbster, keyboardist/singer Roger Corey and drummer Dave DeCapria as they performed numbers from the Isley Brothers, Monkees, Tommy James, Neil Diamond, a Lieber & Stoller medley and more. Chris Woodward & Shindiggin’ closed out the festival’s first day with a country party, mixing original songs with current and classic country favorites. Their set built momentum as they did songs from Miranda Lambert, Brantley Gilbert, Blake Shelton, Johnny Cash, Lee Greenwood and more; leading to the climax, where all four band members - Chris, bassist/singer Brianna Sheeder, guitarist/singer Mike Gambardella and drummer/singer Zac Grace - brought instruments off the stage and played among the audience. I caught part of Sunday’s Blair County Arts Festival slate as well, starting with new State College-based group Frackwater Jack on the Food Court stage. Although this group features Your Dad’s Friends’ guitarist/singer Don Bedell and YDF alumnus Dave Misera on lead vocals and guitar, this band does not play your dad’s music, instead specializing in 1990s/2000s-era rock and alternative. Dave, Don, bassist Chris Gallagher and drummer John Cunningham performed tunes from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Nirvana, Jet, U2 and more. I then saw Pat McGinnis and Jason McIntyre perform on the Misciagna Portico stage, playing a mix of original songs from Pat’s recently-issued self-titled CD, plus select numbers from John Prine, Lowell George and more. This was one of Jason’s final area appearances before he relocated to Denver, Colorado at month’s end. Craft beer proficienados and live music fans converged at Altoona’s People’s Natural Gas Field last month for the 8th annual Pints for Pets Brewfest fundraiser for the Central PA Humane Society. Pints for Pets convened over two sessions, an afternoon and evening session, each featuring beer sampling for more than 75 brewers, and two bands each. Tree the Band led off the afternoon session with uptempo folk and Celtic rock sounds. Singer/guitarist Matt Harnett, fiddler Jen Harnett, bassist John Penrod and drummer Mike Dixon performed tunes from Old Crow Medicine Show, Flogging Molly, amped-up traditional Irish and folk numbers, and more. Shallow 9 fired up the dance party during the latter half of the first brew-sampling session, mixing modern and classic rock, pop and funky favorites. The Perkolators’ Eric Milinchuk now plays guitar for Shallow 9, joining singer Erika Marino, bassist Mitch Neuder and drummer Todd Harshbarger. Before Pints for Pets’ second session ontinued on next page



June, 2015

PA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS CDs reviewed by Jim Price HIGHWAY 4 - UP IN ARMS (no label) Butler-based foursome Highway 4 gives their own fresh kick to anthemic, classic-styled hard rock on their first album, Up In Arms. Highway 4’s hard-driving sound is firmly rooted in 1970s and 1980s-era guitar rock, especially AC/DC. Mike Angert’s guitar flavor is informed by the stylings of AC/DC’s Malcolm and Angus Young, and the rhythm section of bassist Tylar Parker and drummer Graham Huselton packs aggressive horsepower and wallop behind Highway 4’s attack. Singer Kelly Brown fronts the group with a potent, high-flying voice that recalls classic rock women such as Pat Benatar, Lita Ford and Heart’s Ann Wilson. The songs and riffs are catchy, dealing with commonplace topics of relationship ups and downs and life in a rock band. Much of Up In Arms is pedal-to-the-metal, with the band survival disc-opening ode “Day By Day” setting the tone. The group infuses a funk edge into “Come Down,” and “You Can Find Me Here” delivers a slight rockabilly punch. The high-octane “Red Handed” is one of several songs unleashing scorn over relationship deception; others include the stern “One of These Days” and “Somewhere Caught (In the Middle).” The group muses about the apprehension of stepping away and hitting the road on the burner “Headin’ “Out” and the slower “Break on Free.” And music dreams and aspirations are the focus of “Long Road Home” and “The Rhythm.” Highway 4 slows it down once on the final track, the Pat Benatar-flavored “Where’s Your Faith.” Highway 4 plays for keeps, and their delivery is aggressive and tight. The guitar chords snarl, the guitar solos slice and dice, and the rhythms drive and hammer. Kelly Brown’s voice rings high and clear throughout the set, and she delivers her voice with heart and passion. Recorded by Doug Kasper at Pittsburgh’s Soundscape Studio, Up In Arms sounds big, crisp and full; allowing Highway 4 to show their teeth without compromising their melodic edge. Those longing for classic-flavored rock will savor what Highway 4 brings to the table on Up in Arms, a bold introductory salvo designed for cranking loud on big sound systems. (The CD can be o b t a i n e d t h r o u g h t h e g r o u p ’s w e b s i t e , COASTAL REMEDY - TO THE WORLD (no label) Indiana’s Coastal Remedy raises the bar on their songwriting skills on their sophomore full-length CD, To the World. The sound generated by singer/guitarist Max Bizousky, guitarist Adam Hess, bassist Matt Snyder and drummer Matt Magill is rooted in contemporary alternative and indie rock in the spirit of Incubus, yet displays structured and infectious melodies and ambient tones through the disc’s 14 tracks. Coastal Remedy plays with a variety of song arrangements and dynamics on the album; the disc-opener “Cozy” quickly builds to its punchy, infectious chorus in its offer of foldaway comfort, while the title track “To the World” is a dynamic, dual-speed affair. The group gets heavy with 24

the explosive, tension-and-release arrangement of “Bones,” and experiments with escalating arrangements on “Thought” and the jazz-informed “Golden Place.” Coastal Remedy is also adept at slower paces; constructing an infectious, soulful groove on “Gloria,” taking listeners on a dreamy acoustic ride on “The River” and painting darker shades on the atmospheric and ambient “She’s in Love.” Bizousky varies his delivery, from high-soaring vocal acrobatics to soft-spoken, poetic passages. Instrumentally, Coastal Remedy mixes up their textures and tones, layering guitars and changing up rhythms to keep the entire set fresh-sounding from start to end. Produced and engineered by Klint Macro at Cobblesound Recording Company in New Kensington, To the World sounds clean, crisp and full, and lets the band expose their expansive musical personality with minimal studio bells and whistles. The result is a fresh, captivating listen; Coastal Remedy elaborates on their style and sound on To the World, revealing to the world an adventurous band unafraid to explore and push the boundaries of their musical realm. (The CD can be purchased through the group’s website, WRITING OFF TOMORROW - FLIRTING WITH DEATH EP (no label) A dual-state collaboration featuring musicians from Somerset County, Pennsylvania and Morgantown, West Virginia, Writing Off Tomorrow formed nearly five years ago. The group’s sophomore seven-song EP, Flirting with Death, defines and refines the group’s unique and tenacious numetal dynamic. Casey Ringler’s caustic guitar work and feral vocal snarl counterbalance the melodic siren-like voice of the group’s lead singer and lyricist, Megan Edison; with bassist Bill Wiltrout and d r u m m e r Joe Canfield powering bruteforce rhythms. Wr i t i n g O f f Tomorrow runs the gamut between pounding metallic aggression and bursts of shadowy melancholy. Fitting of the title, Flirting with Death is a dark album, following a loose theme of personal wars and struggles pushing the soul and mind closer to the edge. The disc begins with death, as against a wall of strings, “Funeral for a Lie” observes an ended life, its separation from pain, and the emotional wreckage left behind. It leaps into the pummeling “Kick Your Body Cold,” where patience is wearing thin and the game is getting old. The explosive “Wither, Bleed and Scream” savagely addresses domination and possession, while the disco beatPENNSYLVANIA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

powered “Pick My Bones Dry” ponders head games. In perhaps the disc’s darkest moment, the ballad “Another Day” explores inner demons and suicidal struggles. The clarity and focus of Megan Edison’s voice convincingly sells the set’s dark themes, as her performance is full and steady throughout. The band throttles with velocity and precision, with the mix allowing them to bare their full teeth while retaining the dark melodic tones. Writing Off Tomorrow strengthens their musical identity on Flirting with Death, raising the bar on their creativity and intensity. (The EP can be obtained through the group’s website, CLOSE TO CONSIDERATION - CONSID-IRATION (no label) Formed nine years ago when the members were young teens, Close to Consideration has evolved their unique fusion of reggae, funk, jam, punk and ska. Their latest CD, Consid-i-ration, mixes all of these flavors into a punchy, catchy blend over ten tracks. Singer/guitarist Chad Wright, drummer/singer Austin Weaver and bassist/singer Sam Hug generate often infectious song hooks, and mix up tempos, chords and rhythms to bring those hooks to life. Wonder and hope inform much of Considi-ration’s lyrics; the reggae-driven disc-opening title track is philosophical and ponders direction in life, while the funkier “Uncontrolled Flow” muses about creativity and freeing one’s mind. The group ponders a pot bust on the darker reggae of “Probation Song,” and offers a hopeful tone on the relaxing R&B-flavored “Floating.” Close to Consideration fires their ska/punk chops on the playful “Yabba-Dabba-Do” and the disc-closer “Chee-Woah,” and generates some Rolling Stonesflavored hard rock on “Counting.” The group delivers a spontaneous vibe and feel with their performance, executing with a go-for-broke attitude but displaying instrumental tightness. Chad Wright demonstrates a fast-firing, freewheeling singing style that serves the material well, occupying a middle ground between Bob Marley and Anthony Kiedis. Recorded in an auditorium at York College, Consid-i-ration has a cavernous resonance to it, yet the components of Close to Consideration’s mix sound clear and distinct. Wright’s vocals could stand to be more prominent in spots, but overall this is a good-sounding set. Close to Consideration’s lively, carefree approach makes Consid-i-ration a fun and rewarding listen, and suggests that this group’s live show may offer a similar sense of adventure and spontaneity worth checking out. (The CD can be obtained through Close to Consideration’s Reverbnation page,

Send your CDs & Recordings for Review to: JIM PRICE 1104 S. Catherine St. Altoona, PA 16602 June, 2015

The Professor continued... numbers from their four-song EP such as “Irish Pride,” “Lead Sled,” “Tale of a Sailor” and “Bar Fight,” and introduced newer tunes such as “Beer Run,” “Family” and “Chase the Snakes.” Pure Cane Sugar also visited McGarvey’s in recent weeks. The vocals and harmonies generated by Kate Twoey, Natalie Race and Molly Countermine are always incredible, backed by stunning guitar work from Junior Tutwiler and precise and often complex rhythmic passages laid down by Daryl Branford and Bob Hart. Besides their obvious musical skills, Pure Cane Sugar has the knack for not only crafting infectious original songs, but turning cover material into their own distinctive flavor. The group pulled off a fresh and invigorating take on Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” that stripped the song down to its bare blues roots and reconstructed it into a whole new entity far removed from the Zeppelin version! Pure Cane Sugar also served up musical sweetness with inventive versions of The Band’s “The Weight” and a freewheeling medley version of Buffalo Springfield’s “Mr. Soul,” plus original song favorites like “No Regard,” “Get a Leg Up” and “My Favorite Song.” audience requests and more. The new mach edition of the Chris Bell Band is now operational, and I caught them in action last month at The Arena in State College. Long established as a blues guitarist and singer, Chris has now expanded his repertoire to encompass a broader roots and Americanabased sound. Flanked this night by guitarist Brian McHugh, drummer Ben Leaper and bassist Jaco Gassler, Chris delivered hard-edged country and Americana, southern rock, original tunes and more. They did multiple songs from Chris’ latest CD “Bell Countyline” such as “Take it Outside,” “No Big Deal” and “(That’s How) Country Girls Do It,” along with numbers from Jason Aldean, Allman Brothers, Blackberry Smoke, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more. Chris demonstrated a gritty singing style and his guitar work dazzled; he and his band attacked each song with vigor, and took many of the tunes on freewheeling, intense jamming joyrides. See the Chris Bell Band when they perform outdoors at Lemont Village Green on July 10. Also at The Arena, I caught the hard-rocking doubleheader of Big Bear Chase Me and Inside Out early last month during local skin/body art business Ikonic Ink’s second anniversary celebration. I arrived during Big Bear Chase Me’s set; the group has changed guitar players since I last saw them, with Arena sound engineer Steve Shutt now playing guitar, joining bassist/singer Adam Zimmer, singer Brian Storm and drummer Adam Rider. Big Bear Chase Me had the party going pretty well with their blend of ‘90s-era and modern hard rock favorites; performing numbers from Fuel, Silverchair, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, and even breaking out a song I’ve not heard in ages, Sponge’s “16 Candles!” Making their first Arena

June, 2015

appearance, Inside Out then slammed the lid on the night with their powerful set, winning the Arena crowd with their mix of heavy modern rock, metal and original tunes. They did several songs off their “Unbreakable” disc such as “Giving Myself Away,” “Taking My Life,” “Inside of Me,” “Vampire Eyes” and “Sacrifice,” as well as tunes from Three Days Grace, Seether, Disturbed, Static X and more. Jim Bagrosky continues to settle in well behind Inside Out’s drum kit, packing thunder behind the crunch generated by singer/guitarist Tim Frick, guitarist/singer Kolt Green and bassist Larz Philip. Half Tempted reliably continues to churn out the best in classic rock. With guest Steve Oswalt singing lead vocals during the group’s visit to Altoona’s Family Pizza & Pub last month, Half Tempted struck up the party with their classic rock mix, delivering a few surprises along the way. Steve, guitarists/singers Ron Dalansky and Jim Mincin, bassist Joe George and drummer Shawn Gioiosa kept the dance floor busy with tunes from Grand Funk Railroad, Tom Petty, Steppenwolf, AC/DC, Queen, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Kiss and more. The surprises included a version of Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music” with Parliament and Prince side journeys, a version of Rick James’ “Superfreak,” and a dance floor-filling edition of Iron Maiden’s “Running Free.”

This Albatross also knows how to throw the party, evidenced by the good-time display I witnessed last month at Altoona’s Belmar Hotel. Singer Autumn Shiffler, keyboardist/guitarist/singer Paul Johnson Jr., lead guitarist/singer Phil “Philly Grooves” Wagner, bassist Mike Stanley and drummer Les Beatty mixed female-fronted rock and country hits with other classics and a few surprises along the way. Autumn’s voice was in fine form as she sang numbers from Blondie, Pat Benatar, Scandal, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, Alannah Myles and more. The group broke out versions of Jefferson Starship’s “We Built This City” and “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease, and kept the dance floor packed through it all. This Albatross performs during Central Blair’s Relay for Life event at Altoona’s Mansion Park on June 12, and opens for Bon Jovi tribute Bad Medicine at Altoona’s Railroaders Museum June 19. Other performers I saw recently included Felix & the Hurricanes, launching the Belmar Hotel’s annual anniversary weekend last month; and a variety of performers at the weekly Tuesday Open Mic Night at D’Ottavio’s Gran Sasso in Hollidaysburg including Amy Yatta, James Lee, Ron “The Music Man” Balestino, the Jailhouse Rockers, Playground Hijinks, Phil Baskin, Dan & Warren Peters, Rich Edmundson and 22 East. News and notes: Bret Michaels launches this year’s Alive at Five Concert Series at Altoona’s Railroaders Museum on June 5, with proceeds helping out the Heart Institute of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Jo Dee Messina headlines this year’s Summer’s Best Music Fest, happening June 6 in downtown State College. Big Head Todd and the Monsters headline the PENNSYLVANIA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

performance menu for this year’s annual AmeriServ Flood City Music Festival, which takes place Aug. 7-9 at People’s Natural Gas Park in Johnstown; other performers announced so far include J.J. Grey and Mofro, Eric Lindell, Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers, Eric Tessmer, Feufollet, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Tree, Crew of the Half Moon, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing and more. Jeff Clapper is retiring from his long run as bass player and singer with Felix & the Hurricanes after July; the Hurricanes will soon hold auditions for possible replacements. The Backyard Rockers have added a fourth member, as Mo Yon comes aboard to share lead singing and guitar duties, plus play bass and sing backing vocals; Mo’s first official performance with the group was during Huntingdon’s Mayfest in late April. State College-based indie musician and open mic host Harold Taddy is leaving the area to relocate to the Rochester, New York area. Happy Birthdays to Greg Malec (Red Alert), Zac Grace (Chris Woodward & ShinDiggin’), Jill Simanski (Pistol Peg & the Beer Kegs), Kolt Green (Inside Out), Norman Nardini, John “JT” Thompson, Zupe, Brett O’Donnell (Untyed), Adam Pielmeier and Eric McCrum (The Hope Fallacy), Jaime Dubetsky (Acoustic Stew), Todd Alper (Bite the Bullet), Chris Verbano (Whiskey River Panhandlers), Erika Marino (Shallow 9), Beth Hoover (No Angels), C’Jay Castello (Chris Vipond & the Stanley Street Band/C’Jay’s Music), Johnny Bayush (Painted By Millions), Ernie Peterson (Southside Strays), Ken Gray (Twelve), Luke Pfister, Chris Conrad (Syrins), Ed Somerville, Kayla Feaster (Rhythm Sharks), Bob Krebs (It Is Written), Ken Slovikosky (Cottonmouth), Whitey Noll, Joan Shrenkle, (John & Joan), Mike Holzer (Allegheny Ukulele Kollective), John Ciccarella (Wreathbearer), Scott Imler, Mike

Holzer, Bryan Zerbee, Kira Burley, P.J. Kelly, Jason Berardi, Tom Seidel and Bob Sr. (4D’s Lounge). Please send correspondence and recordings to: Jim Price, 1104 S. Catherine St., Altoona, PA 16602. And if you’re into social networking, look me up on Facebook or Google+. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!

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June, 2015

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FOR SALE: Compressor/limiters. Aphex 720 Dominator II, DBX 266XL,Drawmer 241L. Leave message. 610-4880914. FOR SALE: Microphones. (2) AKG C-391 B condensers. Excellentcondition, low price. Bass roll off and-10db attenuation. Includes clips, foam windscreen, cables and protectivecases. 610-4880914.

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Attach any camera to these unique CAMERA MOUNTS. Leave message 610-488-0914 FOR SALE: DAT Recorder. Panasonic SV-3500 in very good working andcosmetic condition. Includes power cable, wired remote and original shippingbox. Records at 44.1 khz. 610488-0914 FOR SALE: Mic stands and tons of cabling. Mic cables, instrumentcables, snakes (RCA, ?”, XLR etc),,monster speaker cables, balanced EDCO to multi-pin etc. Leave message. 610-4880914

FOR SALE: Hammond Proline 860 Leslie, With foot pre-amp and leslie 11 pin cable, All in great condition! $600.00 Phone 717-248-8739 Email:

vocalist. old school heavy metal band. Originals some Covers, must have dependable transportation, Pro equipment, serious inquiries only!! 717-6149887

FOR SALE: Peavey LB1200 par 64 midi and dmx controled lights with gels, 2 bars with 4 lights each. work great $250 Ph. 717-248-8739 email:

WANTED: Hard-hitting drummer with experience and good instinct wanted for working band. Must be willing to travel. Originals and mostly KISS, Poison, Crue, Joan Jett covers. Full drum kit available. Call Sharon 717-465-8119.

FOR SALE: 1 Pair of JBL TR Series Tower speakers, dual 15” subwoofers and horn speakers $500.00 570765-2227 Don.

MUSICIANS WANTED Keyboardist. 70’s 80’s up. Funk Rock. “Silverhawks” members new five piece band “AURORA”. Have all players, two sets. Weekly Lancaster practice, bimonthly gigs. Warren (717) 286-3262. WANTED: Lead Singer Harrisburg. Auditioning lead



Serious Opportunity! Clearfield, PA: “Apocalyptic” metal project needs Drummer and 2nd Guitar. Versatility a plus. Influences: Sludge, Black, Grind, Death…etc. Contact SaintFrancis Apocalypsis. 814-205-4288. WA N T E D : M u s i c i a n s . Drummer looking to form original, instrumental group. South central PA region. Shannon 717 264-9951 WANTED: Frontman needed for Full Time band, 21-30 years of age, Pop/Rock band Covers and Originals.

June, 2015

SINGER WANTED: WilkesBarre area male vocalist for established party band (covers). Please email a link to some vocal samples email WANTED: Looking for players to jam with Lehigh Valley blues rockabilly call johnny suede 484-862-6513. WANTED: Band based in NEPA with published original material and signed with a major promoter; is currently seeking a Keyboardist, Vocalist and Guitarist with vocal ability for recording and concert venues. (Serious inquiries, please) Dennis 570704-8131. WANTED: Keyboardist witth vocals for classic / original rock-n-roll band: Full size Hammond B-3 with 147 Leslie cabinet provided. Rehearsal Space located in Milton, PA for $20 per hour. leave name, number, brief message; We will return your call 570-412-4312.

WA N T E D : M u s i c i a n s . Forming all original black metal group. Seeking like minded professional members. Musical abilities, image conscience. Drums, bass and lead. Interested gouls feel free to email, or 717-770-9621 DRUMMER WANTED: for originals studio project. hardedged, melodic, progressive rock. Electronic set a big plus. Newer stuff is waiting. WA N T E D : LYRICIST searching for an imaginative lyrics writer to put his/her words to my original music compositions for studio recordings. Dark, deep, passionate. WANTED: Singer and guitarist wanted for all original band._We play rock/hard rock._Must have equipment, transportation, and experience. Practice in Manchester (York area). 717712-2008 or _717-418-0020.

WANTED: Frontman / Vocalist Lancaster-based rock band seeking frontman/ vocalist. proficiency with rhythm guitar and / or harp a plus. Larry after 5pm 717 252 2616. WANTED: Working Band Looking For Lead / Rhythm Guitar Player & Keyboard Player For Autumns Golden Oldies. Positive Attitude And Team Player A Must. Call Randy @ 570-898-6888 WANTED: Piano Player/ Keyboardist for original rock/ folk/ blues project. Singing and songwriting a plus. Contact or 717-813-5158 for details. WANTED: Musicians. All female rock band Streetwalker is reforming in Pittsburgh , seeks female bass , drums. over 21. Must have talent. Your equipment. We have agents and promoters waiting 717-3645660.

WA N T E D : M u s i c i a n s . Seeking lead guitar, drums, bassist, keyboards. All original black metal group. Prefer experience, will deal if none. Male or female Image attitude dedication a must. 717-770-9621 dsadler131@gmail. WA N T E D : M u s i c i a n s . Original goth metal band seeks male or female Drums, keyboard, lead guitar, bass. Dedication and image a must. Type O Nightwish Moonspell Dimmu B o r gir. dsadler131@gmail. 717-7709621. WANTED: Lead guitarist wanted for working Central Pa rock band Disorderly Conduct wanna make some money and have some fun email or call Scott 717-318-1725 WANTED: Lyricist seeks composer: Many songs, many genres, rock, rap, country. Need set to music. E-mail me at Bob

MUSICIANS AVAILABLE AVAILABLE: Classic rock lead vocalist in Northumberland county available, many years of stage experience. I have live video available, contact: frontman_classic_rock@yaho AVAILABLE: Keyboard player all styles to sit in with working band. No startups. Call Dean 570-784-2689 email AVAILABLE: Keyboard Piano player, Danville area, well seasoned can also sing some lead. Can sing harmony. Also can play left h a n d e d b a s s . Working situation only, any style Joe 570-356-2390. AVAILABLE: Guitarist between York and Lancaster Counties. Primarily into hard rock to metal. 1986Stratocaster@GMail.Co m AVAILABLE: Guitarist playing old out-dated material but doing it extremely well. Looking for same playing out, heavy

rehearsal time. I’m not interested in that arrangement. 717-303-4211. AVAILABLE: Male vocalist, excellent range. Some rhythm guitar skills. Best at singing 50s-60s oldies rock and roll or 80s-90s country songs. Carlisle-Harrisburg area. 717-533-5263 AVAILABLE: Rock Vocalist. Kevin Dubrow, Robert Plant, Bon Scott, Layne Staley type voice. Rhythm guitar skills also. Prefer established original or cover. HBG area. Reply: AVAILABLE MUSICIAN: Playing 35 years lead, slide, and acoustic guitars. Solid lead or back up vocals if needed. Solid personal stage equipment. Solid transportation and D.L. Playing Married, clean cut, semi retired with lots of time. Please no heavy, punk or hard rock. West York, Haover and Gettysburg areas. Please call Dave Lanich. 717-817-2165. AVAILABLE: Guitarist from Harrisburg area looking to put together band at my location or yours. Weekend rehearsals only. Covering 70’s I0’s material. Easy stuff to start. 717-303-4211.

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June, 2015

Profile for RACHEL ROCKS

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine June 2015  

We are a FREE magazine that lives, breathes, and supports music! We are the magazine not only for the people who make music but also for the...

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine June 2015  

We are a FREE magazine that lives, breathes, and supports music! We are the magazine not only for the people who make music but also for the...