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January, 2014

January, 2014





January, 2014

ACROSS THE DESK By Whitey & Robin Noll

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, all the visiting and gift exchanging is complete and now it’s time to get the creative juices flowing and improve our businesses and our lives. We have a fresh year to improve on ourselves and to finally keep all those resolutions we have made over the years (smile). I’m very thankful for all that God has blessed me with this past year. I was reading my journal from last January 1st and it was encouraging to me that certain things I wanted to accomplish have been


accomplished. Of course there are many things I want to accomplish this year. One of them is to hit my deadlines everytime, (you can all start laughing now) another is to act like everyday is a deadline maybe then I would get more accomplished. Hmmm, I’ll have to work on all that. Of course I’ve been working on that particular resolution for 32 years, maybe this will be the year. We have a few new advertisers this month. Forsburg Industries out of Mount Joy does a number of things related to the music industry. Forsburg Industries designs and builds sound equipment. Jeff Forsburg, owner and CEO appears to be an accomplished musician and is involved with all sorts of creative pursuits. Be sure to check out their ad on the back page and look up his website and see if his company can help you achieve some of your goals for 2014. Medusa Recording Institute has also placed an ad and I looked up his website and Will Ferraro has built an amazing school to teach you how to become a well trained audio technician. Be sure to read all about the Medusa Recording Institute on page 24. An event happening at Gullifty’s in Camp Hill sounds like it is going to be a blast and is a great and fun way to raise money. Test your luck by taking part in the


Susquehanna Ski & Snowboard Club’s Monte Carlo Ski4Life fundraiser from 6-9 pm on Saturday, January 18th at Gullifty’s Underground. For a donation of just $20, you will receive $10,000 in “Fun Money” that can be exchanged for chips at the Roulette, Black Jack, Texas Holdem and Craps tables. Play for two hours and at the end exchange your “winnings” for tickets that make you eligible for prizes. Proceeds from this event will benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and will be distributed equally among the fundraising efforts of SSC members who participate in the 2014 Ski4Life event. While our “play” casino may not be as real as our neighborhood Hollywood Casino, the benefit to patients in Central Pennsylvania will be very real. Table Sponsors for this event as well as prize donations are welcomed and needed for this worthwhile event. Last year SSC had proceeds exceeding $800 to benefit LLS. Please consider helping them achieve an even higher goal this year and also promote your business. Interested parties should contact Sherry Predix at Speaking of benefits, another benefit I noticed is going to be happening February 1st at Market Cross Pub in Carlisle. Hemlock Hollow will be performing to raise money for the Hilltop Academy Service Dog Benefit. There’s a $3 donation requested for the charity but you can always give more. Hopefully we’ll be caught up from the holidays by then. If you’re a musician and received Christmas money Drums Etc. in Lancaster is having an amazing sale. Clip the coupon on the small back of the page and save 20% on anything that they have in stock. You just have to present the coupon and you can hang onto it for further purchases up to January 25th. Pretty cool. I do hope you take advantage of that coupon and Rick gets a lot or response or he’ll say the PA Musician Magazine doesn’t work...YIKES! We know that isn’t true (smile). Speaking of results in advertising Frank Pensiero has been running ads for Dr. McGillicuddy’s product and

January, 2014

just this past month his company’s Fireball Whisky has gone to the top 10 list of Whiskys! Woohoo! We have given his product out every year at the Millennium Music Conference and we know several people that now buy it on a regular basis. If you have a great product people are going to buy it. Congratulations Frank. I do have to restock my shelves, that Fireball whisky is mighty tasty. Another event taking place at Drums Etc. is a Drummer’s Workshop being taught by Matt Greiner of August Burns Red. While I was hunting a picture for Rick’s ad I read up on Matt and listened to some You Tube videos of his drumming...WOW! Here they are from Lititz. Apparently he was born drumming and loves heavier music but he also loves Jesus. They have traveled all over the world and performed regularly at The Chameleon. It made me realize all the talent that abounds in Pennsylvania. Rachel was telling me that there were people on The Voice that were from PA that she never heard of. Musicians amaze me. They work so hard at their craft. To some people it is such a gift from God that they learn instruments easily and can remember

words to songs effortlessly. Other people have to work hard at all aspects of their musical accomplishments but they do work hard and the results are wonderful and a blessing to all that they share their music with. I must go and get this to the printer. They want to print it so they can go home before the snow hits. If it doesn’t snow too hard, or if it does, and they have the roads clear I’ll be heading out on the delivery route tomorrow (the Lord and the weather willing). I don’t like sledding in my car. Our family has truly been blessed this year with Whitey’s health. Now he weighs too much (smile). I still would like to sell the PA Musician Magazine to someone who loves music and can take it to a whole other level to promote the music industry throughout Pennsylvania. There is definitely a need for the Pennsylvania Musician Magazine. May the unconditional love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior dwell in your very being this year. May you experience His comfort, love, and forgiveness in your life throughout this coming year. Love and light to one and all, Robin Email:

Happy Birthday to my wonderful children... Andrea (January 6th) & Kris (January 8th)

January, 2014





January, 2014

OUT & ABOUT by RACHEL ROCKS! Happy New Year!! It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. Time sure does fly when you are having fun, and I’ve definitely had a lot of fun this year. Thanks so much to all the bands, businesses, and fans, that have supported me, and the PA Musician Magazine throughout 2013. I have to say a quick Happy Birthday to my super-dee-dooper-dee husband, Kris on January 8th! He fully supports me going out and supporting all the bands I can while he holds down the fort, I wouldn’t be able to be Rachel “Rocks” without him. “Thanks Honey!” This month reviews starts out from a show I saw on Thanksgiving Eve, for what some people believe is the biggest party night of the year, I headed down to Reverb in Reading with my good friends Terri and Mike Miller for Fates Warning. When Terri saw them on the schedule she knew it was a must see show for her. Fates Warning is considered to some as the first true progressive rock metal band. They’ve been playing together since the early 80’s. We got to the show in time to see the opening acts. The first band of the night was 20Til8. As soon as we walked in the room you could tell these guys were out there to have a good time and rock your faces off. They definitely have their own sound, you couldn’t quite tell if they were playing metal, punk, or just hard rock! At one point they had a guest vocalist come on stage, I couldn’t believe her voice. It was hard to believe those roars were coming out of a girl’s mouth! Amazing! They had a great stage presence and made sure their fans were having a “sweet” time by throwing Oatmeal Cream Pies (YUM!) and other delicious goodies into the crowd. I recognized one member in the band, “Kohl Train” on bass, he also works at Penn Ave. Music in Reading, one of my many delivery spots along my route. 20Til8 did a great job at getting the night started. Blyndsyde took the stage for what they were calling their “final” show. Their fans were out in full force to support them and see them rock the stage one more time. They took the stage by storm ready to rock their fans one last time! They again had a special kind of sound that you couldn’t quite pinpoint, but to know that it was their own and they liked it. They didn’t care what anyone else thought. Blyndsyde definitely finished their run with a continued on page 1 2 ...

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Out & About continued....

My first stop I headed out to Double K for Black Mountain Jack. I haven’t seen these guys for quite a while. It’s always nice to be able to sit back and enjoy a night of some great country music. Black Mountain Jack has quite the list of originals they play now. All of them are great songs that really catch your attention, and have you singing along by the end. They still definitely fill the dance floor at Double K. There are plenty of people that like to boot scoot and boogie!! Don unfortunately is currently going thru chemo, but he still plays as much as he possibly can. Fortunately for them, Gary Baker, their sound engineer, can also step up and fill in on guitar and lead vocals. Gary actually plays in another band called Swift Kick with Jack and Steve, so it’s an effortless changeover when it needs to happen. It’s awesome to see how the fans and his band mates stand by Don on this difficult journey. “Keep rockin’ Don!” Our thoughts and prayers go out to you for complete healing. The following weekend after some birthday insanity with my now 8 year old Mason, I zoomed up to Tubby’s for Take 147. I love seeing them at Tubby’s. They have a great stage with amazing lights that make it so much fun to take pictures! Also there is plenty of dance floor for the “Takers” to let loose and have a great time. Check out my “Hot Shots” so you can see some the crazy leg kicks of the “WhooHooers” it’s dangerous out on the dance floor, but fun! Take 147 is also getting quite a few YouTube videos of their original songs, and some cover songs, you can check them out for yourself by searching for “Take 147”. You can also check them out from their main website, Take 147 thought they were going to have one more show of the year at the Tourist Inn, but unfortunately that show was canceled because of snow, so the Tubby’s was their last show of the year! We unfortunately have to wait a long time til they take the stage again, their bass player, Amber had to undergo a major hip surgery and has a long road of recovery. Not to worry, she’ll be back jammin’ on her bass soon!! Their next show is scheduled for Friday, February 7th at Tubby’s once again and I’m sure it’s gonna be crazy! This month was sort of crazy with birthdays, Christmas, and snow storms, but the next weekend I made it back up to Tubby’s for their rockin’ night with Override, Sucker Punch, and Steel. The first band of the night was Override, but unfortunately I didn’t make it there in time for their set. The next band, Sucker Punch, was having a great set. It sounded great and I loved their song selections, but unfortunately something went wrong for them on the stage side of things, and they unplugged and left abruptly.

January, 2014

Fortunately Steel was all there and ready to take the stage, and we were ready to start rockin’ out with them! It’s been a while since I’ve seen Steel up at Tubby’s. It doesn’t matter where these guys are, big or small stage, they put on one heck of a show! It was their last show of the year and they gave it their all to the very end of the night! Rockin’ out with these guys never gets old. I love going to their shows. They are truly musicians that play time after time just to let loose and have a good time with anyone who will take the time to listen. They all have full-time day jobs and truly continue to play gig after gig, just for the fun of it! They have a CD full of great originals, called “Hammered”. It’s one that is also in my “favorites” rotation in the car. I love to bang my head and let loose every chance I get. Every time I see

Steel I always leave their shows smiling! I tried to zoom down to Johnny Joe’s in time to see Trailer Park Cowboys, but unfortunately I was trying to cram too much into my already very crazy day! I’m sorry guys, one of these days I will get out to see you again. My final band of the month, and also the band on our cover this month is Kat and the Mad Dogz. It was fun to sit down with them and learn more about how they became a band and why they are the musicians they are. You can check it out for yourself in the cover feature. Kat and the Mad Dogz were performing at Double K and have definitely become one of Double K’s favorite bands. When they are there the place is packed! It doesn’t stop Kat from coming off the stage and getting out there with the crowd. They all put on one heck of a continued on page 1 4 ...



Out & About continued....

show that’s always worth going to see. Check out their schedule in this issue and get out there and catch a show for yourself soon! Well that’s a wrap for 2013! Thank you again to everyone for all the support!! This job wouldn’t be nearly as fun without all of you to party with. I’m so blessed by all of the amazing people I’ve met throughout the year. Thanks to everyone who reads my jibberish month after month! I’m sure I’ll see you Out & About throughout 2014! If you have any questions, you can email me at If you want to see all of my Hot Shots in color, check them out at

NATIONALS By Eric Hoffman

Happy New Year Rockers & Rollers! Welcome 2014 .. but first let’s re-cap the final month of 2013. Legendary horror punk band Misfits visited Reverb in Reading on December 7th. The band from New Jersey formed in 1977 has gone thru many members including founding member Glenn Danzig. The current line up still features Jerry Only and Dez Cadena along with drummer Eric “Chupacabra” Arce. I am a late bloomer in regards to only discovering Misfits a few years ago. But was always familiar with the band’s look and iconic skull image logo. Misfits have influenced and been covered by hundreds a bands from Guns ‘N’ Roses, Bouncing Souls, Green Day, Metallica, NOFX, Pennywise, AFI .. just to name a few. Their sound is a bit Ramones’ and I was glad to finally see them live and keep learning Misfits! December 10th it was down to Washington DC for Swedish garage rock band The Hives! The phenomenal show took place at the great 9:30 Club. Often claimed as The Hives were once again simply amazing with their onstage banter, insane energy and crazy stage antics. The band is currently on tour with pop artist Pink but has been filling nights off with headlining club shows. A great show shared with Deuce Gibb of Martini Bros. and also Paul Sorrels & Josh Howard of The Virus. There also were some very decent local shows to close out the year. Framed Innocent rocked the Harrisburg Gingerbread Man on November 27th with Tower of Swine and Gonz. I was seriously impressed with punk rock duo Framed Innocent. Band members, Brad Grissinger and Pete Bedorf really make a huge sound for only two musicians. It was a cd release show for Framed Innocent who gave free copies of their recent album “Defined.” Gonz were also a great new discovery! The band is: Jay Gonzo (guitar), Mick Gasm (bass) and Brian Cartwright (drums). I really look forward to seeing more of both these local original bands. Here’s the NATIONALS news: Prince is going to make his sitcom network television debut with an appearance on the Fox show “New Girl.” Prince will play himself in an episode “centered around his notorious star-studded house parties.” The episode is set to air Super Bowl Sunday, February. 2nd. The milestones keep piling up for rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Chuck Berry. On January. 15th, the 87-year-old singer will mark his 200th performance at the Duck Room at the Blueberry Hill venue in St. Louis. Berry has been playing his hometown venue the second Wednesday of every month for years. Jay Z leads the Grammy Award nominations with nine. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Kendrick continued on page 1 5 ...



January, 2014

Nationals continued...

to the people who nominated and voted for us. Thank you most of all to Kurt Cobain.” Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl commented, “For once…I’m speechless. From the basements, to the dingy clubs, to the broken down vans, to …the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I’d like to thank the committee not only for this induction, but also for recognizing Nirvana for what we were: pure rock and roll.” The 29th annual induction ceremony will take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on April 10th and broadcast on HBO in May. UPCOMING SHOWS: Imperial Teen NYC Panache Brooklyn Bonanza, January 11th. Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), White Marsh, MD House of Rock January 19th. Junior Brown, Sellersville Theatre January 23rd. The Pixies / Fidlar, Pittsburgh Carnegie Music Hall January 25th. Jerry Joseph, Philadelphia World Cafe January 26th. Follow Eric’s adventures on S. Hoffman.

February’s issue is our Millennium Music Conference issue... it will be included in the “Goodie Bags” of all people attending and it goes out all over the United States and beyond.

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“LIVE REVIEWS” By Jim Price Happy New Year, and welcome to 2014! As you ponder hopes, anticipation and resolutions for this New Year, I hope you’ll use 2014 as an opportunity to indulge your creative spirit. We all have talents that are waiting to shine. Often with today’s tendency toward longer work hours and life’s other issues, we neglect fostering and indulging those talents, or pursuing those passions we really want to be doing. Resolve to block off some time this year to do those things you love, whether creating music, art, crafts, poetry, written work or any other creative endeavors. Those creations help define you and your legacy, and sometimes can even lead to new and exciting opportunities. And you may discover new things about yourself through your creative journeys. The arrival of wintry weather limited my live music adventures in recent weeks, but I still got to witness some noteworthy performances. A big highlight during my Thanksgiving weekend was getting to roadtrip to Blawnox (northern Pittsburgh) to witness an epic bluesrock throwdown at Moondogs featuring Norman Nardini and Felix and the Hurricanes. With two busloads of devout “Hurricaniacs” making the trip over, the Hurricanes - this night singer/guitarist Felix Kos, bassist/singer Jeff Clapper, drummer Bob Watters and keyboardist/singer Dave Villani - opened the festivities by serving up lots of new and favorite originals, select covers from Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers, Doors, and even Blackfoot’s “Highway Song” sent out to the bus travelers. Norman Nardini and his band then convened service at the “Church of


Rock’n’Roll,” performing new and established original songs done with Norman’s trademark spice and wit. Surrounded by his seasoned cast of bassman Harry Bottoms, keyboard/sax man Larry Siefers, guitarist Vinny Q and drummer Mike Floccari, Norman roused the crowd with favorites like “Rock and Roll City,” “I Hate a Nickel,” “Heat of the Night,” “Nothin’ to Lose” and more. Norman’s humor and wit were in abundance; he quipped about his folks’ neighbor Raphael, celebrated the largeness of Felix (“He’s like a farm animal!”), and the presence of a couple of friendly hecklers in the house made Norman even crazier. During the night’s homestretch, Norman started welcoming guests to join him onstage; first the mayor of Erie, Joe Sinnott, to sing “Brown Eyed Girl”; followed by Felix, Bob and Dave from the Hurricanes to jam on several numbers. Two of Pittsburgh’s leading blues ladies, Barbara Blue and Shari Richards, then each took their turns and stepped forth to join the party, each demonstrating their amazing voices. Norman’s popular song “Love Dog” was featured on National Public Radio last month, during a special Pittsburgh spotlight edition of David Dye’s World Café program. Also on Thanksgiving weekend, Punxsutawney-based classic rockers Down to the Wire returned to an Altoona area live stage for the first time in more than four years, rocking the stage they used to frequent through much of the 1990s at the 4D’s Lounge. Singer Joe Serian, keyboardist/singer Kevin Cielo, guitarist Matt Taladay, bassist Dom Catanzarito and drummer Brian Rowan kept the 4D’s dance floor busy with their blend of 1970s/80s arena rock favorites, spanning classics from Kansas, Boston, Journey, Golden Earring, Deep Purple, Van Halen, and their longtime trademark closer, Head East’s “Never Been Any Reason.” Down to the Wire’s overall execution was tight, clean and powerful, and their vocals and harmonies were strong and clear. Production continued on page 1 9 ...

January, 2014

The Professor continued...

from Wallace Audio enabled Down to the Wire to sound big and majestic, and gave their song material appropriate punch and thunder to make it feel like a concert experience. Down to the Wire plays infrequently around the region; watch for them at special events and festivals. The Sitch spent Thanksgiving Eve raising money for Altoona’s St. John the Evangelist School with a fundraiser at the 4D’s Lounge. Now with the addition of Art Martino on bass and guitar, The Sitch continues to generate the dance floor party with a variety of classic and modern rock/pop hits; from such names as Poison, Proclaimers, Beastie Boys, Green Day, CeeLo Green, Jay-Z, John Mellencamp and more. Art, singer Dustin Reisling, bassist/sax player Ryan McCracken, lead guitarist Greg Larrimore and drummer Huck James welcomed “Harmonica Dave” Baird from the Backyard Rockers up to wail some harp on Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funk Music,” the Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues,” and the combo of the Romantics’ “What I Like About You” and John Mellencamp’s “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.” (Thanks to The Sitch for inviting me up also to hit some djembe during The Proclaimers’ “(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles!”) The Sitch already has a busy 2014 shaping up, with shows throughout central PA and western Maryland. Several area bands and performers converged on 30 Something in late November to donate talents and help out an area family with unexpected funeral costs. Zachary Reed lost his life in a November 3 vehicle accident; the Benefit for Zachary Reed served to remember him and help out his surviving family. With Phil Baskin helping out on keys and backing vocals, the Backyard Rockers commenced the music with their brand of acoustic rock, folk, blues and country, performing favorites from Neil Young, Tom Petty, The Band, Steve Earle, Green Day, Marshall Tucker Band and more. Huntingdon-based acoustic duo Strait & Miller then took the audience on a classic blues and folk journey. Lead singer/guitarist/harmonica player Chris Strait and bassist/guitarist Dylan Miller did early blues numbers from Robert Johnson and Son House, plus songs from Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bill Withers, Ray Charles, Paul Simon and others; and introduced original songs such as “Vaudeville,” “Night Shift Blues,” “D.U.I.” and “Palm of Her Hand.” Formed from the ashes of Screamin’ Ugly, Rewind made their debut appearance with the spotlight on mostly ‘80s and ‘90s era hard rock and metal. Singer/guitarist Chris Silva, guitarist Matt Hunter, bassist Ryan George and drummer/singer Floyd Hunter amped up the energy level with numbers from Judas Priest, Metallica, Alice In Chains, Volbeat, AC/DC, Guns N’Roses and more. This Albatross then continued the festivities with a danceable blend of female-led rock and country favorites. Singer Autumn Shiffler showed her amazing voice, backed by lead guitarist Phil Wagner, rhythm guitarist/keyboardist Paul Johnson, bassist Mike Stanley and drummer Les Beatty. Autumn flexed her clear and powerful voice on numbers from the Dixie Chicks, Vixen, Patty Smyth, Blondie, Joan Jett, Gretchen Wilson, Alannah Myles, and a surprising rendition of Triumph’s “Magic Power.” The benefit concluded with sets from Raining Blue and Born & the Beanstalk. Attendance was good for this benefit, and the funds raised helped the family to cover continued on page 2 1 ...

January, 2014



The Professor continued...

Zupe’s creations into a dance production. Co-written by Zupe and Chuck Knepper, “San Paulo” (from Zupe’s 2010 CD Dance) provided the musical soundtrack to the three-part dance movement “Reluctant Mambo” choreographed by K.T. Huckabee. This night’s presentation at the campus’ Wolf-Kuhn Theatre also featured “Celebration,” a West-African-themed dance choreographed by Becky Bickford, a frequent flyer performer and dance coordinator with Johnstown’s Kulani West African Dance Group and the St. Francis University’s World Drumming Ensemble. Speaking of which…When the St. Francis World Drumming Ensemble staged their annual semesterclosing fall concert at the campus’ JFK Auditorium in late November, a special guest from West Africa’s Ivory Coast gave the performance an extra dimension. Stilted and costumed dancer Sogbety Diomande made two appearances during the hour-long performance, which featured traditional drum songs from around the world, with an emphasis on Africa. Directed by former Rusted Root percussionist Jim Donovan, the Ensemble is open to St. Francis students, faculty and staff, as well as the area community. Practices begin again after classes resume January 13, and take place on Monday nights at the Boilerhouse facility on the St. Francis campus. The spectacle of Elvis Chicken brought his brand of cluck-n-roll to 30 Something last month. The beaked, costumed alter ego of longtime musician Tom Brunner, the Elvis Chicken experience is hard to describe. His presentation occupies some bizarre middle ground between the music parodies of Weird Al Yankovic, the theatrics of Alice Cooper, and the drunk-styled stand-up comedy of Foster Brooks. Armed with a syndrum and an electric ukulele, Elvis performed original songs and song spoofs, from fractured Don Ho Christmas ditties to irreverent Michael Jackson and Carpenters interpretations, to his “Silver Bells” send-up “Turkey Bells,” punctuated with resets of Ylvis’ “What Does the Fox Say.” Tom/Elvis also did some psychedelic spacerocking ukulele interludes during the course of his performance as well. It all amounted to a wildly eccentric, surreal performance that observers this night likely will not forget. Elvis Chicken is a road bird, frequently touring up and down the east coast to perform at punk and hardcore shows and other venues. For something off the wall and completely different, watch

for your next opportunity to see Elvis Chicken in action, before Elvis leaves the building. Thank you very much. Brother and sister reunited onstage for a fun acoustic evening at Shaw’s Bar in late November. Visiting from his current home base of Frederick, Maryland, Altoona native Shawn Johnson joined sister Lauren Johnson onstage to perform a wide variety of favorites before a packed-house, jubilant Friday night crowd. Alternating singing duties with Shawn strumming guitar, the pair triggered dancing and constant cheers and applause as they performed numbers from Hootie & the Blowfish, Neon Trees, Stevie Wonder, Lady GaGa, Janis Joplin, Fun, Beatles, 4 Non Blondes, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more. Shawn and Lauren strung together several medleys along the way, and kept the music nonstop to keep the crowd happy. Shawn sings and plays guitar for Maryland’s Broken Rocker, who play mostly in eastern Maryland with occasional forays into Pennsylvania. Bob Helbig continues to celebrate the Beatles with his continued on page 2 2 ...

St. Francis University World Drumming Ensemble w / dancer Sogbety Diomande as “Kakilambe” photo by Jimberly Jean Moschgat

Elvis Chicken January, 2014



The Professor continued...

“Mi Solo Beatles” show. During a pre-Thanksgiving performance at Patton’s Thirsty Dawg Taverne, Bob took audience members on a journey throughout the Beatles’ musical career, mixing popular hits with lesser and more obscure Fab Four classics. Bob used several different guitars to accurately capture the tone and feel of the Beatles’ originals, and guest Craig Fitzpatrick frequently joined to help with backing vocals. Bob did obvious hits such as “All My Loving,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” “Day Tripper,” “8 Days a Week” and “Ticket to RåÔide”; but also dug deeper for such gems as “Thank You Girl,” “I’ll Cry Instead,” “She’s a Woman,” “I Will” and “Happy Just to Dance with You.” Later in the show, Bob’s Beatlemaniacs bandmate, Jerry Carnicella, joined to help with backing vocals on “Hey Jude” and “Back in the U.S.S.R.” Bob reprises the “Mi Solo Beatles” show from time to time at the Thirsty Dawg Taverne; Beatles connoisseurs should watch for it along with appearances by the Beatlemaniacs. Triple Threat entertains at Pellegrine’s during the second Thursday of every month, and often vary between electric and acoustic presentations. Last month, the group went acoustic; singer/guitarist Don Osborn, bassist/singer Bill Hunter and drummer Bill Hocherl mixed up classic rock and blues, including their distinctive takes on numbers from Eric Clapton, Beatles, CSNY, Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Eagles and more. Along the way, guest “Harmonica Dave” Baird wailed some harp on the Doobie Brothers’ “Long Train Runnin’” and Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” and Priscilla “the Tambourine Lady” Gati tapped some tambourine on a song or two as well. Triple Threat always offers a cordial, relaxed, quality performance; watch for them every second Thursday at Pellegrine’s. Pellegrine’s continues to host Open Mic/Jam Night each Wednesday night, and welcomes area musicians to bring their instruments to take part. Still coordinated by Adam DiFlaviano, every week is different, as the assortment of musicians in attendance changes from week to week. During the final edition of 2013 (since Christmas fell on a Wednesday), numerous musicians participated; including members of Skye 2.0, Triple Threat, Ambush, the Backyard Rockers, Bodacious B and The Sitch. Also joining the festivities were Jam Night regulars such as singer/guitarist Joe Novak and Priscilla the Tambourine Lady, plus the return of singer/guitarist Eric D after a lengthy absence, and newcomer percussionist Thom Minnick. The jams this night were amazing, from a marathon edition of the Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues” featuring a drum duet between Bill Hocherl and Thom Minnick, to hearty renditions of Neil Young’s “Powderfinger,” The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun,” Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” and more. Open Mic/Jam Night provides opportunities for new faces to showcase their songs and chops, plus enables musicians to network with each other and step outside their comfort zones to play music and styles outside of their usual performance situations. Sadly, we lost a member of the Pennsylvania Musician family last month. Bloomsburg-based singer and songwriter Dave Blackledge passed away after an extended illness at age 63. Dave was revered for his brand of witty and funny music, as he wrote a number of comedic songs and recorded several self-produced CDs, as well as his most recent, 2005’s Spread It On Thick, produced by Bret Alexander with members of the Badlees providing backup. Dave was also a strong supporter of original music, and organized several singer-songwriter festivals that introduced independent continued on page 2 3 ...



January, 2014

and the Mishler; performers this year include Pure Cane Sugar, Tommy Wareham, Tyne & the Fastlyne, Born and the Beanstalk, the Backyard Rockers, Your Dad’s Friends, Ground Crew, Root and the Fifths, Pat McGinnis, Last Stand, Steve Summerhill, Mama Corn, and show organizer/emcee Vic Rizzo with John McKelvey…State College’s State Theatre presents “Runnin’ Down a Dream: Celebrating the Music of Tom Petty” on Jan. 25, with proceeds benefiting Easter Seals and the State Theatre; performers this night will include The Screaming Ducks, Erin Condo & the Hoofties, Hannah Bingman, Grain, The Nightcrawlers,

The Professor continued...

Dave Blackledge

photo by Jim Price

singers and songwriters such as Mycenea Worley, Hannah Bingman, Rhyne McCormick, New York’s Denise Barbarita and more. He also was a columnist for Pennsylvania Musician Magazine for a few years, doing the always-entertaining “Singer Songwriters and Other Madness” column; and he produced and hosted his own local music radio show on WHLM in Bloomsburg before retiring last year due to his health issues. Dave will be missed, but his laughter-inspiring music will live on. News and notes…The second annual Mishler Bands Together for Charity concert will take place on January 11th at Altoona’s historic Mishler Theatre, raising money for Family Services Incorporated of Blair County

January, 2014

Triple Threat

Chris Vipond & the Stanley Street Band, Miss Melanie & the Valley Rats, Ted McCloskey & the HiFi’s, Pure Cane Sugar and more…Flight 19 will be grounded until early March; the “Party Plane” will sit on the tarmac while drummer Paul Caracciolo II logs some hospital time…The Good Seeds announced that they are going their separate ways, and that band members will be surfacing in new projects…Cambria County modern rockers Juke Left have also announced their farewell after two years together…Meanwhile, popular ‘90s-era Somerset County rockers Nixon Pit


Down to the Wire

Crew have reunited and are hitting area stages again; the well-known roster of singer, bassist and flute player J.D. Ross, lead guitarist Donn Ross and drummer Mike Kinsella are currently in the process of booking shows to mark their return…Guitarist Chris Silva has joined the ranks of Ganister…Happy Birthdays this month to Felix Kos and Jeff Clapper (The Hurricanes), Bob Helbig (The Boomers/Mi Solo Beatles), Brian Mannarino ( Without Zerb), Randy Wilson (Ganister/Way Down East), Jared Carnevali (Night Train/2nd Street), Stevie Moses (EVK), Hiro McNulty (The Whatleys), Kelly Countermine (Biscuit Jam), Mike Crocetti (Strings Radio), Jim Zemlock, Scott Jeffreys (Black Cat Moan/Wine Of Nails/Groove Gathering), Sean Osborn (Born and the Beanstalk), Doug McMinn, Adam Mundok, Matt Brown, Kip Woodring (Ambush), Rick Wagner, Lisa Fazenbaker, Beth Hale (Halestorm), Bill Fischer, and Claudio (30 Something). Please send correspondence and recordings to: Jim Price, 1104 S. Catherine St., Altoona, PA 16602. You can also e-mail me at For my weekly updates on area music scene happenings, check out JP’s Corner on the Rockpage forums area at And if you’re into social networking, look me up on Facebook. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!


MEDUSA RECORDING INSTITUTE IS NOW OPEN! The Medusa Recording Institute, Youngstown, Ohio, opens its new recording school in January. Designed and set up to be a world-class recording studio, Medusa is officially registered by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools, and its six full time staff are ready to educate the audio professionals of the future. “The major focus of Medusa Recording Institute is to cut to the chase and bring hands on experience, through an accelerated program designed to turn out the best audio engineers in the field. We can do this in months, not years,” promises founder Will Ferraro. No stranger to studio design, Ferraro has designed and built three studios over the last eight years, and wanted Medusa to be his last – and greatest work, this time with the added benefit of “...having one of the best audio recording schools around.” Situated in 16,000 square feet of mansion building, Medusa comprises four control rooms which were designed, “…first and foremost to be able to produce world-class recordings. What sets it apart is the integration of the recording arts program,” explains Ferraro. “The rooms were designed to be classroom friendly for instruction, and to enable real life experience to train audio engineers and those seeking skills needed to enter the music industry.” An Audient ASP8024 mixing console is the centrepiece at the brand new Recording Institute which opens its doors to students in January 2014. “I was searching for a maintenance free, sonically clean, analogue recording console,” says Ferraro when asked about the technology. “The Audient is a perfect fit for Medusa,” he says, clearly very pleased with the desk. “The layout is simple and it is the perfect console to teach signal flow to entry-level audio engineers. It handles anything we throw at it with ease. The mic pre amps are clean and

SANE ADVICE By John Kerecz

We all commit to starting over once the New Year rolls around. It is entirely possible we ate too much, did not exercise enough or spent way too much money (or did all three!). The New Year is an opportunity to reflect upon what we need to do and decide upon the changes we wish to make. I suggest an artist who has not yet “made it” start the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions that will help him further his career. Keep them simple, measurable and achievable, things that you can do and will have no excuse if you don’t. Play New Towns: It’s easy to play to your friends in your home town or to a crowd that already knows you in another. What really tests you is taking the stage knowing nobody in the room, then you find out how good you really are. Print Out Flyers, and Hand Out All of Them: Flyers are becoming increasingly forgotten about by artists, but I really think that getting something to put in people’s hands is a good investment. Put them around venues that you play. Hand them out at the door or just ask if you can leave a couple on the counter at local businesses. Be creative. Go To See New Bands and Festivals: Go to shows just as a fan. Hear other music, see other performers and let it inspire you. Try to go to at Least One or Two Music Conferences a Year: It’s not only about learning new things, it is always about networking! Actively Collect Emails after Every Show and Conference: An email list is still a very useful tool for an artist to have. Go round the venue and ask people face-to-face if they’d like to sign up. You’d be amazed what confidence and a friendly smile can do. If you’re too busy then try and get a friend to do 24

Will Ferraro founder of Medusa Recording Institute transparent with plenty of headroom, the EQ section is very sweet, and the two bus compression is awesome.” The console is interfaced with an Endless Analog CLASP system. The studio recorder of choice is a vintage Studer 24-track 2” tape machine. The digital audio workstation of choice is a ProTools HDX system, with a full complement of plug-ins running ProTools eleven software.

audio recording program. Starting with the ‘Jam Room’ they learn about the basics of signal flow, then continue to tracking and editing in ‘Studio Down’, via the self explanatory ‘Mastering Room’ and finally when they’re ready: ‘Studio Proper’ where the 36 channel Audient ASP8024 with Dual Layer Control and patchbay resides.

Students work their way through each of the four studios towards completing the six-week accelerated

Registration and information can be found at with classes beginning in March of 2014. Call 234.855.1899 for appointments to tour the school at 2403 South Avenue Youngstown, Ohio 44502

it for you. Try to Write One New Song Every Week: If only 20% of it is any good then you end the year with 10 more good songs, maybe even a couple of great ones. Do Some Charity Work: You’ll be making the world a better place, and on top of that, charity gives you a little extra

shameless promotion. Use it as an excuse to get in the papers, or on the radio. Collaborate With New Artists: This will give you interesting musical avenues to explore without having to totally change your style. It will spread your name to a different fan base and you can even count it as one of your weekly songs.



January, 2014


STERLING KOCH “A STEEL GUITAR BLUES CHRISTMAS” (Full Force Music) Sterling Koch in 2000 issued his first Christmasthemed album, “Acoustic Christmas”, a gentle and reverent selection of mostly instrumental acoustic Christmas standards and original compositions. Since then, Koch has re-embraced the blues over the past 13 years and has made steel and slide guitar his forte. So his second Christmas album, “A Steel Guitar Blues Christmas”, offers rip-roaring slide guitar yuletide blues and blues rock over seven tracks. Koch sings and demonstrates his steel guitar talents, flanked by drummer Al Esis and harmonica wailer Jack Kulp. The disc opens with a swagger, with the bold and boisterous “I’m Your Santa,” announcing the arrival of the big ol’ blues elf himself. That news is also pronounced on the bouncing boogie of “Have You Heard the News,” and the brash bravado blues of “Back Door Santa,” with Kulp’s harmonica wailing out in glory. Kulp also shines on the deliberate and sturdy “Rock Me,” and Koch lends his steel guitar flavor on the rambunctious disc-closing edition of the Chuck Berry hit “Run Run Rudolph”. Koch and company also get slower and slinkier with their Christmas blues, on “Christmas Blues” and “Merry Christmas Baby.” Koch’s steel guitar tones and bluesy growl are front and center throughout the disc, and he convincingly stamps his signature on each number. There is never any question that this is an electric blues album as well as a Christmas-themed set, and the overall presentation is edgy, bold and proud. The mix is clean and balanced, allowing Koch and his cast to show their edge and carry the set. “A Steel Guitar Blues Christmas” is a welcome dose of electric blues for the collective Christmas music lexicon, and is the perfect gift for that blues fan longing for some yuletide blues this holiday season. (The CD can be obtained through Koch’s website, NATE MYERS - “IT’S MY MUSIC” (no label) On his sixth full-length release, “It’s My Music”, Harrisburg-based blues harp proficionado Nate Myers broadens his musical horizons and expands his bluesbased sound into a diversity of styles, with impressive results. Over 13 tracks, “It’s My Music” finds Myers harping, singing and scatting with his band the Aces and a plethora of guest musicians through a multitude of flavors; including blues, Texas waltz, rock, soul, country/Americana, hip-hop, swing and more. A capable storyteller, Myers marries traditional blues with a hiphop touch to share the story of a Chicago-bound bluesman on the title track “It’s My Music.” He weaves a sad story of unfulfilled love on the Texas-flavored January, 2014

“Waltz for 1,” and conceals a secret on the folksy “Marked Man.” Myers celebrates brassy R&B on the disc-opener “Her Hand My Hand,” revels in the joy of living on the uptempo rocker “Breathe,” crafts a catchy ‘60s-flavored blue-eyed soul dance number on “Back Porch Swing,” and jumps, jives and wails on his own jump-blues romp “Dip Dip Wadda Dip.” Myers doesn’t neglect his blues foundation here, providing additional highlights with the slinky blues of “You Know” and its smoking midsong harp solo, as well as the dark and bluesy closer “Rainin.’” Myers’ voice and harmonica tie all of the songs together into a cohesive whole, and his distinctive presence and personality stamp his signature decisively throughout this entire set; per the album title, it’s indeed his music. His cast of players give additional color, variety and depth to the songs, keeping the set sounding fresh from start to end. The production by Myers, Pete Netznik and Jason Shaffer enable each

with the atmospheric jazz-funk of “Time to Time.” Guest Cate Striplin helps with vocals on the beautifully soulful “Bird on a Wire.” “Primrose” creeps along a slinky jazz-funk groove, “Port of Call” bounces gently with a relaxed vibe, “Go Quietly” is playful in tone, and the

piano-driven soulful ballad “Every Hour” finishes the disc. Royal Benson demonstrates abundant instrumental chops throughout the disc, and their vocals and harmonies are strong as well. The performances are inspired and uplifting; listeners can sense the excitement these musicians are sensing as they ride these grooves to their ultimate heights. The production is clean and clear, with everything sounding balanced and full. Royal Benson ups the ante with “Dominoes & Gravity”, a colorful and exhilarating slab of jazz/funk/rock fusion that will keep listeners captivated from start to end. (The CD can be obtained through Royal Benson’s website, song to radiate, and the mixes sound balanced and smooth throughout. “It’s My Music” shows Nate Myers embracing more styles of music and making them his own; and this is a fun album that should keep listeners tapping toes from start to finish. (The CD can be obtained through Myers’ website, ROYAL BENSON - “DOMINOES & GRAVITY” (no label) Royal Benson first arrived on State College area stages four years ago, and quickly spread their tasty brand of jazz-flavored funk and rock to stages throughout the state. On their second longplayer, “Dominoes & Gravity”, Royal Benson further defines and focuses their sound, while raising the bar on their inventive arrangements and musicianship. Singer/keyboardist Adam Tarin, singer/guitarist Matt Fern, bassist/singer Tim Myers, saxophonist/flutist Michael Fortunato and drummer Jordan Thompson craft inventive melodies with intricate rhythms, intriguing chord progressions and adventurous arrangements. All five musicians constantly play and push off one another, elevating their full-tilt musicianship to the stratosphere; especially Fortunato, whose sax mastery escalates the excitement on each tune. The end result suggests the jazz-pop flourishes of Steely Dan merging with the improvisational theatrics of Phish. The jazz-funk flavor is obvious from the get-go, as Royal Benson opens the disc with the upbeat love song “Hold Me Down.” The title track “Dominoes & Gravity” drives forward into a soaring jazz-rock fusion reminiscent of Phish; and the group also stretches out PENNSYLVANIA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

The PA Musician Magazine is brought to you by and solely funded by the display ads in our paper. Please tell them, “I saw your ad in the PA Musician Magazine.” It let’s them know their ad dollars are working.




January, 2014

CLASSIFIED NOTES BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS ATTENTION JOLENE & LONNIE ECKARD your phone number has changed and I’m trying to reach you! Please call me so we can catch up. Glenn, drummer 717-887-1260. HAIR STYLIST WANTED: Famous Cuts “rock n’ roll hair salon” (Lemoyne) is looking for a stylist. Experience required. Very generous commission. Fun work atmosphere, flexible hours. Call Jerry 717-761-5050. FOR RENT: Indoor spaces availabel for bands seeking places to practice. Located in Marysville. Call Earl at 717-379-2168. WANTED: WE PAY CASH for used guitars, amps, effects, etc!!! Call Matt at Creter Guitar Shop, Jonestown at 717-865-3677. We also do

January, 2014

guitar repairs and have a variety of lessons available. WANTED: Vintage guitars, basses, amps, banjos, etc. Fender, Gibson, Martin, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, etc. Top dollar paid! Call Player’s Exchange at 717975-2385 or stop by and see us at 225 S. Third St. Lemoyne, PA. Email: THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR RECORDING DOLLAR: Celebrating our 29th year in business. Pro Tools, HD3/Accel, 192k Interface, 2 inch 24 track analog, 16 channels of API outboard mic pres, Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit, SWR 7 GK bass amps, Marshall half stack, Fender twin & Bassman guitar amps, Hammond B-3, Yamaha C7 grand piano. Authorized Pro Tool dealers. CD/DVD duplication on site 3 CCC Video Services. 5.1

surround mixing. $300 per day., Altoona PA. Phone 814-944-2406. RIGHT COAST RECORDING: State of the art vintage recording environment with years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers. www.rightcoastrecording.c om Phone 717-560-1530. WANTED TO BUY: Piano sheet music. Call 717-250-4798.

DRUM LESSONS: with Jeremy Hummel now at 3 Locations: Selinsgrove Home Studio, Dale’s Drum Shop (Harrisburg), and The Perfect 5th (Mechanicsburg). Jeremy is the original drummer for platinum selling artist Breaking Benjamin. He has over 15 years experience as an educator, professional musician and is a regular contributor to “Modern Drummer” magazine. Call 570-898-0800 to get started.

FREE PA CABINETS!! Folded W Bins, Mid Bins, monitor cabinets. “Old school” sound guy cleaning out garage! Take them now or I’ll burn them. Call 717-444-2513. Please say, “I saw your ad in the


SOUTH SOUND PRODUCTIONS Currently Seeking Bands needing Representation. Serious inquires only please. Call Vickie at 717832-6154 or Email: vickiesouthsoundprod@




FOR SALE: Used Like New $275, Fender Mustang III 100W 1x12” Guitar Combo Amp excellent condition, foot

switch, cables Call 717- control stand. Leave 319- 0919 reasonable offer message. 610-488-0914. only please FOR SALE: Multi effects processors: t.c.electronics FOR SALE: Compressor/ M5000 w/digital options. limiters. Aphex 720 Ensoniq DP/4. Lexicon Dominator II, DBX LXP-5. Leave message 266XL, Drawmer 241L. 610-488-0914 Leave message. 610-4880914. FOR SALE: Atlas heavy duty boom mic stand with FOR S A L E : 2-lb. counterweight, Microphones. (2) AKG C- triangular base and casters. 391’s. (1) AKG D112’s. Excellent condition. 610Mics include clips and 488-0914 cables. Leave message. 610-488-0914. FOR SALE: DI boxes. Countryman Type 85 and FOR SALE: Multitrack ProCo CB-1. Leave recorders. Tascam. (3) DA- message 610-488-0914 88’s, (1) DA-38 and (1) RC-848. Includes sync FOR SALE: Record video cables w/balanced snakes, of your band from the rack cases and remote stage or Front of House

sound board. Attach any camera to these unique CAMERA M O U N T S . 610-488-0914 FOR SALE: Drum Riser 6 X 8 X 12”. Sets up in minutes. Solid as a rock. Very compact for transport $200. 570-205-4109 FOR SALE: Brand new wine red Gretsch “Black Hawk” snare drum shell complete and perfect. No heads. $50 570-205-4109 FOR SALE: Hammond Proline 860 Leslie, With foot pre-amp and leslie 11 pin cable, All in great condition! $600.00 Phone 717-248-8739 Email: FOR SALE: Peavey LB1200 par 64 midi and dmx controled lights with gels, 2 bars with 4 lights each. work great $250.00 Ph. 717-248-8739 email: FOR SALE: Tascam professional 24 track recording mixing board,



sacrificing for $500. 717627-4800. email: FOR SALE: Yamaha powered 8 channel PA board, EMX-200, 200w per channel, 8 inputs and 8 outputs. Sacrificing at $250. Call 717-627-4800 o r e m a i l FOR SALE: Mastering cassette recorders like new, $25 to $35 each. 717-6274800. FOR SALE: Vintage Rogers Drum set, not needed anymore, white and chrome all hardware, cmbals, pedals, roto’s seat. Played by many drummers. Your smaller set, plus cash? Call 717-939-1383. FOR SALE: Marshall JCM800 100 watt tube and both top and bottom 1960 cabs $2,700. Also Gibson Inverness green traditional Pro custom with case $2,300. Killer combo, 717939-1383

January, 2014

MUSICIANS WANTED WANTED:Working Lebanon based female fronted Modern Country band is auditioning for a bass or guitar player. Vocals a plus.Call John 717-222-9599. WANTED:Lead Singer / Front Man for established country band in Schuylkill County. New and classic

January, 2014

country covers. We have gigs, PA and practice space. Rhythm guitar ability a plus. Call 570449-8583 or

Practice spot. Marty Stewart, Dwight Yoakam, Travis Tritt, Aldean and Joe Nichols are some influences. Gimme a hollar.717-770-9621.

vocalist that can play acoustic guitar to complete line-up for Heart Tribute Band. Central PA based; travel required gigs. 814-380-1617

WANTED:Singer and guitarist wanted for all original band. We play rock/hard rock. Must have equipment, transportation, and experience. 717-7122008 or 717-418-0020.

WANTED: Ozzy clone. Do you look like Ozzy? Do you sound like Ozzy? Did you ever want to be Ozzy? Black Sabbath tribute looking for singer call 610-743-5821.

WA N T E D : Traditonal experienced metal band looking for clean vocalist and bassist. 919-9378 or m

WANTED: Musicians for all original country group.

WANTED: Looking for Nancy! Need female

WA N T E D : Wellestablished private function band (10 years)


seeks experienced Lead Guitarist with lead vocals. Scranton area. 570-4982848 WANTED: Lead guitarist wanted for working modern rock band based out of Central Pa. Call 717-648-4535 or 717-8568075. WANTED: Drummer/ Percussionist, Gypsy Caravan is currently auditioning drummers. We play original Rock n Roll

with select covers. We are a Rock band with colors of Jazz and Blues in our music. We are looking for someone who can provide light percussion as well as drums. Looking to play out at least 2-3 times a month and practice twice a week. We have gigs booked our own practice place and PA. For more info email: continued on next page ...


Classified Notes continued... WANTED: Professional working oldies band looking for drummer and lead/rhythm guitar player. background vocals helpful not required. Call Randy 570-898-6888. WANTED: Drummer for StarChild. Hard hitter, good memory, good timing all essential. Must be willing to travel. Full drum kit available. Working band. Call Jerry 717-761-5050 Tues-Sat. (Famous Cuts Hair Salon). hildBand.

WANTED: Modern rock Carlisle band seeks singer/ frontman w/range for Ac/dc Gnr Crue Volbeat Nickleback T.O.A.D and classics. 10 gigs booked 2 gigs a month, 1 practice per week. 717440-6857 or WANTED: Female backing vocalists for paying gigs. Must be dedicated, enjoy hard rock Genre and willing to commute to 19021 area code. Ask for Rich 267632-8376.

WANTED: Experienced lead vocal, guitar and bass needed for heavy edged rock band. Originals and covers. Bloomsburg. 570380-9043, ask for Dave. WANTED: Bass player for cover band. Rock music. Nothing too hard or too soft. Practice once a week in York. E-mail: WANTED: Drummer with time keeping and vocal skills needed immediately. Classic to modern rock. 10 gigs booked. Carlisle. Pro gearno ego a must. Mike 717-

440-6857 orhaggertymike@verizon. net WANTED: PROKeyboardist for Female Fronted Blues Band , complete our line up , 3/4 of our set list worked out doing Meaty eclectic Blues.. Looking to go out soon..We practice on Sundays 2-5 in Duncannon, PA.. m or call / TEXT 717-364 5660. WANTED: Musicians. All original Metal group forming. Reliable and serious. Image and attitude. Influences: Pantera Lacuna Coil Soilwork Lamb of God, Fear Factory and Megadeth. 717-770-9621. WANTED: Lead, rhythm, bass guitarist who sing. I have been playing drums for four years now and people think I do pretty good. I’m also a mean tambourine player. My interests are classic and newer rock and maybe



some heavy metal. I live in Altoona, PA and hope to find some people either from my area or close by. I have gotten a few replies from people but they were too far out. Please contact me at my email address: Thank you for your inquiries. Priscilla Gati WANTED: Bass player for a laid-back band (in our 30’s). Covers, some originals, mostly 90’s rock and other songs. Practice in York. E-mail: WANTED: Musicians. Metal band forming. Practice spot. Serious only! All original, career minded and image conscious. Dedicated! Txt or call and leave msg. 717-770-9621 Edward. WANTED: Creative people wanted for startup 70’s style rock/folk/pop, project, mix of originals and covers. Home studio, stage gear. All positions are needed. Call Dave in York. 717-650-6696.

WANTED: Fast Drummer needed for Thrash Metal band. Must be 21 or older. Must have good timing, double bass ability and DEDICATION. NO ego’s, attitudes or breakdowns, ask for Justin. 717-5797451. WANTED: Experienced, female vocal and bassist looking to form or join a 90’s til now current country band. Contact robby at 717-764-2598.

MUSICIANS AVAILABLE AVAILABLE: Experienced Bass player looking for a band that does Original and cover music, please contact 717713-4491 or email: AVAILABLE: Guitarist in State College looking for others. Check me out at Reverbnation. Justice Welsh 410-353-3425.

January, 2014

Classified Notes continued... AVAILABLE: A ready to go and truly experienced bass player available for a grade A band. Contact Robbie at 717-668-1543.

gigs, and more. 717-5371065”

AVAILABLE: Bass player available. Good transporation, equipment, attitude. Can travel. blues, Jazz, Roots Rock, Country Jam band. Originals, duo’s or band. I sever the song. Call 570-582-0059.

AVAILABLE:DRUMMER looking to join a band I am 52, if that matters, and have AVA I L A B L E : Singer pro Tama and Roland looking for guitar player drums. williedrum4u@yaho AVAILABLE: Metal for acoustic duo or band o.c drummer from Harrisburg that needs a singer. area. 40 years old, looking Influences anything A to Z. AVAILABLE: Experienced to fill some free time Lots of experience and Bass player looking for a playing in a decent hard stage time. 717-258-8719. band that does Original and rock to Metal band. Not cover music, please contact looking to travel too far. AVAILABLE: 717-713-4491 o r Interested? Give me a call, Professional guitarist Victor 717-903-3155. or available for session work, divinemizery@gmailocm

DEADLINE for December’s 2013 issue...THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21st. Please give me a call and reserve your space...717-444-2423 January, 2014





January, 2014

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