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October, 2014

ACROSS THE DESK By Whitey & Robin Noll

Rocktober is upon us and this month’s issue is full of events and Halloween Parties happening everywhere. We started September out with Rachel’s Birthday Party at Tubby’s and I was glad that I took the time to go out with her and her friends for dinner and then the great show at Tubby’s with StarChild, LeadFoot and Steel. I do enjoy live music. It’s so much different today then in the 80’s when you went to a show. The bands are so professional, they go on the time they are scheduled and don’t stop playing until their time is up. They go from one song into another and strive to keep the momentum going. The change overs are quick and efficient – hats



off to all the stage hands and musicians who work so hard at their craft for all of us to enjoy. Living with a musician I realize how hard they work at getting all the songs right. All three bands this night were seasoned pros and they put on one heck of a show. Enjoyed it immensely. On Friday the 12th I headed to Birdsboro to witness Headstone 118. They’re on our cover this month. They performed on the patio at Island Pizza so that was a blessing for me. I got to sit outside under the stars and enjoy a drink, a little food, and great music. You can read all about it on page 16. Gullifty’s is back with a full schedule and a slew of food specials with affordable prices. Gullifty’s not only has a line up of great live music it’s also a great place to watch sporting events of any kind with a fun crowd. Check out their schedule and enjoy. We’d like to welcome Jeff Kreitz Jr. to our pages, he’s from the Williamsport/Lock Haven area and is covering Keith Hummel’s territory. Also have to say a very special Happy Brithday to Jim Price on October 12th...Happy Birthday Jim. Well, I’m out of space. Have a great month. I LOVE YOU WHITEY!

October, 2014

OUT & ABOUT by RACHEL ROCKS! I am in denial that it’s already time to write my October article, and so I’m running extremely late for my deadline. I was hoping I could maybe find the time and the energy to see a few more bands for this article, but it is what it is, I saw five bands this month. In close to 8 years of writing that is the least amount of bands I saw in one month. I should be happy that I at least got out there and saw some live music, but it is hard to believe this month is already over. My first night out on the town this month was also my secret birthday celebration surprise night. A group of my friends took me out for an awesome dinner and then surprised me by taking me out shopping for an outfit I would never buy myself. The trick was I then had to wear that outfit “Out and About” to Tubby’s. I had quite a few people have to take a double take because they couldn’t believe it was me, I couldn’t believe it was me either! I was wearing a tiny little black dress, black heels, and even jewelry! It was quite the accomplishment for these ladies to get me to wear such an outfit in public. I recently lost 60 lbs. so it was also part of a makeover, getting me out of my regular jeans and t-shirt, and they didn’t even let me wear my hat! I have to admit it was tons of fun. Mom met us at Tubby’s to help celebrate and even she was amazed. She’s tried for years to get me to dress up. It’s amazing what you’ll do for your friends. The whole night at Tubby’s was a great line-up of bands, StarChild, LeadFoot, and Steel. The first band was StarChild. StarChild seems very comfortable with their most recent line-up, Timmy Vincent has gotten nice and comfy behind the drum kit, and they are continuing to rock the faces off of everyone who will listen. It was awesome seeing and hearing StarChild back on Tubby’s nice, big stage with awesome sound. StarChild opened the night with amazing energy on the stage, taking advantage of all of the space to move around and get the crowd pumped up. StarChild has been expanding their viewing area with gigs as far away as Altoona, Gettysburg, and beyond, make sure and go rock the night away with StarChild at your next opportunity! LeadFoot took the stage next. I haven’t seen these guys in a very long time. I quickly learned how to dance and headbang in heels during their set! LeadFoot covers so many of my favorite 80s Metal artists. Russ can sing just about anything and he’s backed up by some amazing musicians to keep the show on point. They definitely kept the dance floor hoppin’ and the party rockin’. Hopefully it won’t be so long until our paths cross again. Steel closed out the night and I have to say I’m proud of myself for being able to last all night long without breaking an ankle or passing out. 6 years ago Steel played at Tubby’s for my 30th birthday party, and I had a little too much fun and had to go home early. Everyone knows how much I love these guys and this night was no different. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen them rockin’ the stage at Tubby’s, so that was a special treat unto itself. When Steel played their original “Black and Blue” Chris called me up on stage, I absolutely love all of Steel’s original songs, their Hammered CD is by far one of the favorites in my collection. After my special song, my good friends Joanie, Terri, and Vicki brought out a cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. Thanks Vicki for making the delicious cake, and thanks to everyone else for making my birthday one I won’t forget for a very long time, what a great night of music continued on page 1 2 ...

October, 2014



OUT & ABOUT continued.... and fun! Check out Steel’s schedule in this issue and get out there and party with these guys soon! Chances are I’ll be there headbanging the night away with you! I had a couple weekends home because of family shenanigans, one of those family shenanigans was the Central Dauphin homecoming football game. I have to give a quick shout out to the CD Marching Band. I stayed after the game to hear their special performance and I’m glad I did. Not only do they have all of the musicians marching around the field, but they also wheel out amps and everything else for all of the electric instruments, bass, guitars, etc. It’s hard enough to play an instrument but to be able to move around flawlessly the way they do is amazing to watch. I know music is struggling in every school just to keep funding going. I was thrilled to see music seems alive and well at CD. After I got the kids and hubby home and tucked into bed I headed out to Double K to see what was going on. Nacho Daddy was on the stage, rockin’ the night away. It was the first time I heard these guys. They play a great mix of everything from Van Halen to Sublime and a bunch of other stuff in between. Nacho Daddy has been playing together for a little over two years, and are constantly looking for new and exciting places to play. Check out their ad in this issue to see where they are playing next and how to get them booked at your venue. Thanks Nacho Daddy for seeing the importance of advertising your band and getting your name out there by advertising in the PA Musician Magazine. We greatly appreciate your support. Zero Gravity, also played at Double K. Zero Gravity was definitely doing a great job of entertaining

the crowd. These guys have amazing harmonies and they really put on a great show. The energy was crazy at Double K, til the very end of the night. I’ve crossed paths with them once before and glad I did again. My good friends Diva and Ro from Take 147 came out with me to help celebrate Ro’s birthday. It was fun to hang with the girls and rock the night away without Ro being on stage. I feel like I wasn’t at Double K in forever, but then managed to get there twice in one weekend. It’s not easy for venues to keep providing live music, I’m so glad Jim and Karen do their best to make sure live music stays alive! Check out Double K’s ad in this issue to see who will be there rockin’ the month away. Guess what, it’s not my last band after-all! I decided to squeeze one more weekend into this article. Friday night I headed up to Tubby’s to see Frayed Nott opening for Back in Black. As usual I was running like a mad dog to make sure I got up there in time to see Frayed Nott and I’m thrilled to say I’m glad I did! Frayed Nott have had quite a few opening opportunities at Tubby’s, and hopefully they get the headlining spot they deserve. Frayed Nott always amazes me at how much they rock the stage with only being a 3-piece band. Their song choices are amazing too. They play a lot of the 90’s and still a few 80’s favorites that a lot of bands don’t cover. Dave has a great voice that is crystal clear when he sings. Seth really knows how to rip on the guitar, and Scott does a great job at keeping everyone on track while he’s thundering away the beats! Do yourself a favor and check out their ad in this issue and get out there and become a Notthead yourself. You won’t be disappointed. I haven’t seen Back in Black for a few months, so it was great to finally see these guys again. They flawlessly play all of your favorite AC/DC songs with ease. They were playing some songs that I haven’t heard them do in a very long time if not ever! As a tribute band you might think their show would get stale or boring, but not these guys. They are so much fun to watch and hear! They mix it up just enough to keep it interesting and they have an amazing stage presence. I always have a blast taking pictures of these guys. You just never know what they are going to do next. Back in Black is from Massachusetts, but they make their way thru the area

pretty frequently. Keep an eye out for them coming back to the area soon! Saturday was a very long day, but I managed to sneak out pretty late to see Fierce at the FieldHouse in Etters. When I got there around midnight the place was rockin! Fierce had the dance floor so packed they had the patio door open and there were people dancing out on the patio too! I made it there in time to see Jerri step out from behind the drums to take lead on vocals, she did a great job showing off even more of her talents. Jax also took the lead to sing fellow band member, Vicki’s original song, I believe it was called “Restitution”. It’s always awesome hearing “cover” bands making the switch to their own original music. Mary was ripping away on the guitar, constantly amazing people with her talent. Last but not least is Marti; I don’t think there is anything that girl can’t sing. They have such a crazy mix of music from rock to blues and everything in between. Overall it was a great night of music and I’m glad I got to party with Fierce again. It’s always awesome to see so many rockin’ ladies on the stage! Check out Fierce’s ad in this issue and get out there and rock with them soon! I’m thrilled to say “Welcome Back” to the pages of the PA Musician Magazine to The FieldHouse. They are currently under new management, Joseph Daub has recently stepped up to the position and has many great things in store for The FieldHouse. They now have their own In-House soundman which will help tremendously continued on page 1 4 ...

Rachel & Friends - THANK YOU LADIES!



October, 2014

October, 2014



OUT & ABOUT continued.... in a room that is so difficult to mix. They are going to do an Open Mic night on Tuesdays, Acoustic nights on Thursdays, and Live Bands on Saturday nights starting at 10pm! He has some great music all lined up, and some delicious weekly specials. Check out their ad in this issue to see all The FieldHouse has to offer and pick your night to head on down to Etters and check it out for yourself. I had one more special day Out and About with my family. On Sunday for lunch my family met Mom and Dad at Big Woody’s. It was a beautiful Fall afternoon and we sat out on their deck to enjoy the view. While we were able to look out at the gorgeous river and the Rockville Bridge, my hubby and kids were able to watch 3 different football games all happening at once. Needless to say everyone was entertained. The food was absolutely delicious and all of our sandwiches and platter’s came with Unlimited French Fries!! Plus they have special spices on the table to doctor up your yummy hand cut fries. With the food, drinks, and great company, it’s easy to say we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and our time at Big Woody’s. Check out their ad in this issue and see what they have coming up in October. Well that is officially all for this month. Hopefully I will be able to get Out and About more often this month, after all it is ROCKtober! If you see me, please stop me and say Hi. If you have any questions or comments you can e-mail me at Please get out there and SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!

Tom & Rachel at Tubby’s

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October, 2014

NATIONALS By Eric Hoffman

Greetings Rockers ‘N’ Rollers! Sadly it seems Summer is over, but not before some great concerts to end it. Motley Crue brought “The Final Tour” to the Allentown Fairgrounds with Alice Cooper as support. I had not bought tickets in advance, so was undecided on whether to attend the concert. Luckily, 2nd row center tickets were made available day of the show. So it was a no brainer – the Crue’s “Final” tour! The production was pretty amazing with lots of fire and explosions. Motley Crue didn’t let anyone down playing some of their absolute greatest hits, “Looks That Kill,” “Shout At The Devil” and even a Sex Pistols cover “Anarchy In The UK.” It was great to see this iconic Metal band on stage one last time. Gullifty’s brought Southern Rock band Saving Abel on September 9th. I’m not entirely familiar with the band, but got a quick lesson that night. Saving Abel had a hit song in early 2009 titled “Addicted” which brought their major label debut cd to No. 49 on the Billboard charts. The band had a major change in the past year as their lead singer, Jared Weeks, decided to follow a solo career. Saving Abel continue to march on and has previously toured with the likes of Nickelback, Hinder, Papa Roach and Creed. It was great to catch up with friend Jim Fetzer, who’s is currently touring the country as Saving Abel’s tour manager. Sawyer’s Cantina of downtown Harrisburg held a free outdoor concert on September 11th with national artists Rusted Root. The Pittsburgh native band has sold over 3 million albums worldwide. An amazing night

October, 2014

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue with tremendous summer weather and a crowd of nearly 1,000. Rusted Root performed notorious hits “Send Me On My Way,” “Laugh As The Sun” and “Ecstasy.” Congratulations to local concert promoter John Harris, Jr. on a hugely successful event. Jack White rocked Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD on September 14th. The former White Stripes frontman brought his “Lazaretto” tour to one of the nation’s oldest and best amphitheaters. Playing over

26 songs, White included his latest solo material as well as former bands, The Raconteurs and The White Stripes. I really enjoy his music and can’t help but consider Jack White is on the verge of a musical genius with his minimalist style, whether it’s his writing style or recording style. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers visited the brand new 10,500 capacity arena in Allentown, PA. The PPL Center, located center square downtown, hosted the concert on September 16th with opener Steve Winwood. The legendary rockers are currently touring their latest album “Hypnotic Eye.” A great night filled with iconic songs, “Free Fallin,” “A Woman In Love,” and “Refugee.” Formed in 1976, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers have sold more than 80 million records worldwide, making them one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time. NATIONAL NEWS: A partnership between Clair Michael Glabicki of Global Corp. and Rusted Root & Eric Tait Towers have opened Rock Lititz Studio, the largest rehearsal space in the world. The 2,000 square foot studio cost $7 million to build in Lititz, PA. Last month, The Wall Street Journal called Lititz “the industrial heartland of

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There are no “Rock Stars” in Headstone 118 By Robin Noll photos from Headstone 118’s facebook page Jeremy Rohrbach started taking guitar lessons at the age of 9. He was born with a desire for all things musical. Over the years he has been in several bands and musical ventures. He attended Geenville Music College in Illinois and was involved in all types of music from jazz to country to rock. He settled down and taught guitar lessons for years when his wife realized he needed to do more to fulfill the call to music God had placed in his heart at such an early age. She encouraged him to start a band. He wanted it to be a Christian band that rocked so he found some fellow Christians that wanted to play similar types of music but after a few years they all left accept for Mark Lackman. Jeremy and Mark had formed a bond and Mark hung in there. Mark’s goal was to record a CD, at least one. He didn’t want to give up until they had accomplished that goal. Mark and Jeremy wanted to have a band that would get the message of Christ out to the public through the music they wrote and performed. They weren’t called to be preachers but they both felt the calling to use their music to share their faith. Mark had taken drum lessons at Fred’s Music in Shillington under the teachings of Martin Bradfield from 1989 to 1993. Music was always a part of his life as well and one of the many reasons Jeremy and him were drawn to each other. In 2000 the band started with the name of Metamorphosis but after a few line up changes they came up with a new name that better explained what both felt about their lives and their music at the time. They wanted to die to their own musical ambitions and glorify Jesus, therefore they changed the name of the band to Headstone 118. Based on Psalm 118: 22 - The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. Dying to self and letting Jesus Christ be the cornerstone of building the band to share their beliefs through the music that God had gifted them with. Their first goal, as a unit, was to write originals and produce a CD. In 2007 they released their first CD selftitled “Headstone 118” All music and lyrics were written by Jeremy Rohrbach - guitar, vocals, bass and Mark Lackman - drums and backing vocals) except for ‘Direction’ and ‘Fade’, music and lyrics by Mike Fry

Bill Dilks - Bass, MOOG Taurus Pedals 16

and Jeremy. It was self-produced and was recorded and mastered by the Ryker Brothers in Muhlenberg. Later in 2007 Headstone 118 accomplished another goal. They had been searching for a solid bass player that would fit in for quite sometime so they could perform their music live. They had posted a flyer at Zeswitz Music in Reading and in walked Bill Dilks. Bill called for an audition and Jeremy asked how long he had been playing bass, when Bill answered over 30 years Jeremy thought, oh this guy might be a bit old. When they got together for the audition the sound and vibe were spot on and Bill said he felt like he was finally home and Headstone 118 had the bass player they had been seeking. Bill has performed with many musicians over the years but said that getting together with Jeremy and Mark filled that musical void he had and he now feels fulfilled as a musician and enjoys the sounds they create. Jeremy stated that over the years they have all developed a true love and respect for one another and the

Jeremy Rohrbach - Guitar, Vocals

Mark Lackman - Drums, Vocals reason they have been able to stay together as a unit is that there are no “rock stars” in Headstone 118, they are just three simple guys that know what they want to accomplish with their music and know what to do to get it done and with the help and favor of God they know that nothing is impossible. When going to a Headstone 118 show one will not only hear originals but also covers for they know that people want to hear songs they recognize. Criteria for covers include songs that contain no vulgar language and have a positive message. They do covers such as; “Really Got Me” by Van Halen, “Drift and Die” by Puddle of Mudd, “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, “Rocky Mountain Way” by Joe Walsh, “Blue On Black” by Kenny Wayne Shepherd, “Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down plus many more. Because of their positive message and being a 3 piece band, they are hired to perform in family friendly venues. They mix in their originals with the covers. They hope that one day people will recognize their originals and request them as well. In 2012 Headstone 118 realized another goal when they released their second CD entitled “Left Behind”. It was recorded by Viking Camel Studio with Jeremy Simon and mixed and mastered by The Dome Studios. Richard D. Gavalis was the sound engineer with Marc Brand being editing assistant. “Left Behind” has 10 PENNSYLVANIA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

songs that speak volumes. Jeremy pours out his soul and his heart cry through the lyrics and his guitar playing and vocals. Mark keeps a steady and pounding beat and Bill fills in with his excellent bass work. They truly become one as they endeavor to express their deepest thoughts and feelings in the music that they create and deliver to their listening audience. Jeremy has his children help out on a few songs. “Mckenzie’s Song” has a child’s vocal performed by his daughter Mackenzie Rohrbach and “No Compromise” has children saying the Pledge of Allegiance. The last song on the CD, “The Abyss” is the reading of the ‘Word of God” put to the intense sounds of Headstone 118. A very interesting combination of words and music that makes one stop and reflect and think. If you’re one who is into the heavier sounds of music with very thoughtful and soul searching lyrics than you should order a CD on line at or on Itunes or you can pick up one from any Headstone118 gig. “Left Behind” has received airplay for two of the songs, “I Believe” and “No Compromise” on Y102, 105.7 the X and 101.5 Bob Rocks. Headstone 118 would like to first and foremost thank their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “Nothing is possible without you and everything is possible with you.” They thank Christ for bringing the three of them together to write and play music. They thank their families for putting up with their dreams, long hours away from home and giving them the time to create. They also went to send out a BIG thank you to GLS Music (Steve, Lorraine and Greg) in Bernville for their continual support and for all the help they have given over the years. Headstone 118 is an independent rock band from Reading, PA whose desire is to play music for one and all to enjoy. You can find out more about them by going to You can follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Email them at and if you want to talk to Bill about booking the band for benefits, charities, church venues as well as bars they have been received well in all areas, call him at 610-420-9401. I will warn you… they rock hard and they rock heavy with a positive message that will bless you. October, 2014

NATIONALS continued....

Tom Petty

HarMar Superstar Philadelphia Boot & Saddle October 15th. Judas Priest Allentown PPL Center October 15th. Julian Casablancas & The Voids Philadelphia Electric Factory October 16th. Gerard Way Philadelphia Trocadero October 17th. Julian Casablancas & The Voids Washington DC 9:30 Club October 17th. Benjamin Booker Washington DC U Street Hall October 20th. Benjamin Booker Philadelphia World Cafe October 21st. The Misfits Lancaster Chameleon October 23rd. Southern Culture on the Skids Harrisburg Abbey Bar October 24th. Judas Priest Baltimore Pier Six October 24th. Ocean Blue Philadelphia World Cafe October 26th. Genitorturers Baltimore Fish Head Cantina October 31st. Dum Dum Girls Philadelphia Union Transfer October 31st. S. Hoffman



“LIVE REVIEWS” By Jim Price October continues to be one of my favorite times of the year. An unapologetic fall foliage junkie, I will be on the road to get my annual fix of autumn colors, and a number of fall festivals featuring live music will provide destinations for my leaf-watching journeys! Ebensburg’s Potatofest (already completed, recap next month), Prince Gallitzin State Park’s Apple Cider Festival, Bedford’s Fall Foliage Festival, the Hartslog Day celebration in Alexandria and Hollidaysburg’s Pumpkin Festival are just some of the fall fests on my radar, and an out-of-state jaunt to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia’s Apple Butter Festival might just be in the cards as well! Johnstown’s Cambria City neighborhood again became my home away from home on Labor Day weekend for the annual Cambria City Ethnic Festival, where neighborhood churches and other venues provided a continuous supply of great ethnic food, drink, musical and other entertainment. Especially stepping up its presence at this year’s Ethnic Fest was the Venue Of Merging Arts (VOMA), who brought a vast assortment of local and regional jam, funk and blues performers to stages outside and inside Ace’s Lounge. The most anticipated of VOMA’s performers this year was Brooklyn’s Moon Hooch, who triggered a massive and feverish dance party with their unique brand of high energy, instrumental “cave music.” Comprised of sax players Wenzl McGowen and Mike Wilbur plus drummer James Muschler, Moon Hooch practiced unprotected and unsafe sax as they struck up go-forbroke, funk-driven, infectious grooves that intensified, breathed and swaggered; stirring the large crowd into some of the most tumultuous dancing action I have ever seen! Also impressive on the VOMA stage was Baltimore’s Deaf Scene, specializing in all-instrumental, progressive-geared rock. Guitarist Dave Fullerton, bassist Eric Courtney and drummer Brett Schatz constructed soaring, spacy arrangements, cleverly utilizing dynamics, distortion and effects, and incorporating interesting twists and turns along the way as they did compositions from their Three-Pound Universe CD and other creations. Pittsburgh’s Angry Johnny Stangry and his CRS Band also dazzled on the VOMA stage, doing a mixture of blues, funk, early rock’n’roll and R&B. Namesake Angry Johnny Stangry showed some furious fretboard work as he and his band mixed it up on tunes from Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, Big Bill Broonzy, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more. As part of VOMA’s late night entertainment inside Ace’s Lounge, Philadelphia’s Flux Capacitor took fans on expansive intense jam rides that rode to the brink, triggering vigorous dancing and hula hooping. Other VOMA stage performers I saw included State College’s Perkolators with their reggae-driven brand of jam rock, West Virginia jam specialists Fletcher’s Grove, and Akron, Ohio’s Aliver Hall with their unique and energized fusion of jam and progressive rock sounds. I enjoyed lots of other music at Cambria City Ethnic Festival as well, including the annual street party outside St. Mary’s Church pavilion hosted by Johnstown party favorites Yum for 15 years running! Singer Dan Vavrek, guitarist Steve Toma, bassist Shawn Mock and drummer Brian Scaletta quickly elevated their party to a feverish pitch with favorites from Beastie Boys, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Maroon 5, Foster the People, Volbeat, Neil Diamond and more. Inside Ace’s Lounge, the Stone Bridge Blues Band generated powerful electric blues continued on next page ...



October, 2014

The Professor’s Live Reviews continued... from the libraries of Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker and more. During their last set, the group - guitarist/singer Mike Borstnar, bassist/singer Brian Moore, harmonica wailer Rick Rhodes, keyboardist Harold Hayford and drummer John Mundy - welcomed guest Don Osborn onstage to sing and play guitar. The jams became more intense and furious as their performance continued; my personal favorite highlight was the extended version of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine,” where Harold unleashed some of the most evil-sounding keyboard work I’ve ever heard him do! Also impressive was the reunion performance of Johnstown party rockers Ground Zero under the Resurrection Church tent; their strong vocals, harmonies and airtight execution stood out as they did classic and party rock favorites from Steve Miller Band, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Romantics, Donnie Iris and more. I also got my Irish up during Ethnic Fest by catching portions of sets by the Michael O’Brian Band at Resurrection and the Irish Pretenders at the ACRP stage; and witnessed strong rock’n’roll from Midnight Graffiti under the Holy Cross Church tent and Cajun Norm & the Jam Session Band at St. Mary’s. And the Ethnic Festival cuisine was again incredible! Following the conclusion of Cambria City Ethnic Festival, I headed to Johnstown’s Southmont Gardens to check out the weekly Sunday jam night hosted by longtime Johnstown institution The Desperadoes. The veteran trio of guitarist/singer Mark Middleton, bassist Mike Suppes and drummer Harold Knappenberger was joined this night by guest keyboardist Rick Oswald. In the best Desperadoes tradition, the group fielded requests from the packed house audience, and honored requests for numbers by Question Mark & the Mysterians, Neil Young, the Beatles, the Standells, Billy Joel, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Santana and more. Rick’s tasteful organ fills added detail and depth to the Desperadoes’ sound, and the group clearly enjoyed the challenge of fulfilling the unexpected song desires of the crowd this night. Stormy weather did not dampen spirits during last month’s inaugural Bluegrass in the Park festival at Windber’s Recreation Park, which turned into both a celebration of regional bluegrass talent and a celebration of Windber community pride. The music commenced with early sets by the Paint Creek Pickers, Striped Maple Hollow, Tree and Revised Edition. I arrived just as the next group, Johnstown’s Whiskey River Panhandlers, were getting under way. Singer/guitarist Chris Verbano, guitarist/banjo picker/singer Mike Giuffre and upright bassist Justin Giuffre mixed traditional old-timey folk and bluegrass favorites with original numbers. One of their highlights was a rendition of Merle Travis’ “Sixteen Tons,” which they dedicated to Windber, its coal-mining heritage, and everyone who worked underground. Performing as storm clouds began to appear on the horizon was Thorn Bush, the folk/bluegrass inception of Windber’s musical Spinelli family. Five members strong including brothers Jim, Bob and Dan Spinelli plus Jim’s sons Josh and Jarod; Thorn Bush performed folksy takes on numbers by The Beatles, The Band, Little Feat, Eric Clapton and more before rain and a lightning threat shortened their set. After the storm passed, Mama Corn made friends and had fun as they performed selections from their new Hold That Crooked Line CD, bluegrass standards and more. Band members shared the spotlight as they performed songs they contributed to the album; such as “Someday Knock On Wood,” “About a Minute Ago,” “Another Couple Days,” “The Hanging of Alfred continued on page 2 0 ...

October, 2014



The Professor’s Live Reviews continued... Andrews,” “Red Arrow Train” and more. As night arrived, West Virginia-based bluegrass group Bud’s Collective dazzled the audience with their instrumental skills as they played original songs and select remakes. Singer/guitarist Buddy Dunlap, mandolinist Jack Dunlap, banjo picker Gina Clowes and upright bassist Cody Brown introduced interesting originals such as “The Roving Gambler” and “Sweet Dreams in Cincinnati,” and gave their distinctive flavor to numbers from Gordon Lightfoot, Django Reinhardt, Pure Prairie League, Kenny Rogers, Tom Petty and more. As showers again arrived, Winchester, VA’s Drymill Road capped the festival with their mix of traditional and original bluegrass, with a few surprises thrown in. Guitarist/singer Sean Loomis, banjo player/singer Robert Mabe, upright bassist Dave Hurt and mandolinist Doug Ross previewed songs from their forthcoming CD such as “What You Deserve,” “Bottle” and more; and offered their rustic renditions of the Byrds’ “Mr. Spaceman,” the Rolling Stones’ “Honky Tonk Women” and - for the encore and finale, their grassed-up take on Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains the Same!” The first Bluegrass in the Park was a big success, and early word is that the event will return next year, possibly expanding to a two-day festival. After Bluegrass in the Park finished, I stayed in the Windber vicinity to check out the Justin Garman Trio at the Windber Hotel. Namesake Justin Garman sings and plays guitar, backed by bassist Mike Wozniak and drummer Jason Kirchner. The Justin Garman Trio entertained the happy Saturday night crowd with a mixture of modern and classic rock, pop and country favorites, all done in their distinctive, lightly funky style. This group owned each song and infused it with their own personality; spanning classics from Van Morrison’s

“Wild Night” and the Rolling Stones’ “Beast of Burden” to more modern numbers like Modest Mouse’s “Float On” and Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours.” The lively crowd dug and danced to the Justin Garman Trio’s offerings this night, including a bachelorette party that kept the dance floor occupied through much of the night. Central PA’s longest-running annual local music benefit concert returned to the Cresson Sportsmen’s Club in late August. The 23rd annual Kids Come First Benefit: End Of Summer Jam again provided a day-long slate of area bands and performers, while raising money for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The Backyard Rockers opened up the music with acoustic takes on favorites from The Band, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Greg Kihn Band, Santana and more. Bedford’s Mo Yon then strummed and sang numbers from Waylon Jennings, Four Non Blondes and more, before Rokkandy introduced their brand of fun rock’n’roll. Four members strong, Rokkandy mixed a variety of hits; including classic rock favorites from Greg Kihn Band, Tommy Tutone, Tom Petty, GoGo’s and Black Crowes, along with disco and funk numbers from Donna Summer and the Commodores. Next, Mahoney B & the Blacksnakes announced their arrival under the shortened monicker of The Blacksnakes, before proceeding to celebrate traditional electric blues and blues rock. Joining the group for much of their set was young guest axeslinger Ty Fowler, who traded solos with guitar master Jason Feathers on blues classics such as Junior Wells’ “Come On In This House” and others, and even on the group’s original tune “Bottom Shelf Woman!” Introducing new bassist Tim Kelly, Cottonmouth celebrated classic and southern rock during their set. Tim, singer/guitarist Kirk “Otto” Tonkin and drummer/singer Ken Slovikosky stirred up

Kiss Alive! NYC and fans

photo by Jim Price

the party with numbers from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger System, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show and more. Western PA’s Tony Mollick marked his return to this event with his new trio, The Jive Turkeys, who delivered fast and furious jump blues, rock and funk grooves. Flanked by bassist Rob Mudery and drummer Shawn King, Tony reprised songs from some of his past projects, including TMP’s “Likely Story” and the Groove Junkies’ “Justice.” He and the Jive Turkeys also did lively funk-rock renditions of Charlie Daniels’ “Trudy,” Louis Jordan’s “Saturday Night Fish Fry,” songs from Brian Setzer, Jimmie Rodgers and more. A last-minute substitution brought Johnstown/Ligonier-based duo Flying Blind to the Kids Come First stage, and they made the most of it. Singer/guitarist Chris Pickering and bassist Nick Kosanovich displayed a driving, upbeat style and sound as they offered lively updates of classics from Eric Clapton, Steve Miller Band, Rod Stewart, Stone Temple Pilots, plus excellent versions of Bill Withers’ “Use Me” and the Wallflowers’ “One continued on page 2 1 ...








October, 2014

The Professor’s Live Reviews continued... Rainbow” and his adaptation “Twinkle Little Star on Steroids.” Sarah then followed with a gentler presentation, showing a delicate touch on her ukulele strings as she crooned a ballad. Craig then joined her for a few duet numbers, including “Say Something,” displaying tasteful harmonies with their ululele virtuosity. And Craig added some solo numbers, including “Guilt.” This presentation enabled the audience to witness the full potential of the ukulele through the wide assortment of arrangements from tranquil to aggressive. The Allegheny Ukulele Kollective is planning its second annual Ukulele Soiree event for next March, and they will present the return of Lil Rev for a workshop and concert at Penn State Altoona’s Eve Chapel on November 3rd. Big Apple-based Kiss tribute Kiss Alive! NYC made their first visit to Altoona’s 30 Something in late August. Skye 2.0 launched the night with their celebration of 1970s era progressive and arena rock. Singer/keyboardist Adam D, guitarist/singer Don Osborn, keyboardist Ken Civils, bassist Kris Civils and drummer Bill Hocherl demonstrated impeccable musicianship as they mixed an impressive array of material from the libraries of Yes, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Styx, King Crimson and more. They focused on lengthier Yes classics like “Roundabout,” “Astral Traveler,” the Yes take on Simon & Garfunkel’s “America” and “Yours Is No Disgrace.” Skye 2.0 also did a selection from Jesus Christ Superstar, King Crimson’s “Court of the Crimson King” and more. Kiss Alive! NYC then recreated the spectacle of classic Kiss with the costumes, theatrics and - of course - the music. Featuring singer/guitarist Luke Luv (“Paul”), bassist/singer Thomas Pressano (“Gene”), lead guitarist/singer Pasquale Porpora (“Ace”) and drummer/singer Michael Haar (“Peter”); Kiss Alive! NYC celebrated Kiss’ biggest hits and classics, spanning mid-1970s gems like “Strutter,” “She” and “Cold Gin,” to 1980s-era Kiss favorites like “Lick It Up,” “Domino” and “I Love It Loud.” Kiss Alive! NYC captured the excitement of classic Kiss, and successfully rallied the crowd into a rocking frenzy in front of the stage. Delivering their hard-rocking Kiss to McGarvey’s stage last month was the return of Harrisburg’s StarChild. Altoona’s No Angels kicked off the party with an engaging variety of classic-rocking favorites. Singer/guitarist Ross Hoover, bassist/singer Beth Hoover, guitarist/singer Todd Lane and drummer/singer Todd Mallory fired up the crowd with tight renditions of numbers from The Cult, Stone Temple Pilots, Doobie Brothers, Lenny Kravitz, Green Day, Badfinger and more. Highlights included the Beth-fronted version of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me,” and No Angels’ set-ending edition of Angel City’s “Marseille.” StarChild then unleashed a nonstop two-hour-plus celebration of hard-edged rock’n’roll, as they mixed original songs and plentiful Kiss classics. Singer/guitarist Jerry Martin, guitarist/singer X Bomb, bassist/singer Sharon Starr and new drummer Timmy Vincent delivered exuberant takes on Kiss classics such as “Deuce,” “Love Gun,” “Calling Dr. Love,” “Hide Your Heart,” “Lick It Up,” “Black Diamond,” “Strutter” and more. Several of the original songs were from StarChild’s forthcoming Volume 3 CD; including “Come Back for More,” and the group did earlier anthems like “One More for the Road,” “You Better Think Twice,” “I’m Forever Young,” “On Fire” and more. With Jerry leading the way, StarChild’s energy and excitement rode a constant high from start to end, and kept McGarvey’s fired up for the duration. This band is must-see; StarChild returns to McGarvey’s November 8th. continued on page 2 3 ...



October, 2014

PA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE REVIEWS BLUES EVOLUTION - INSPIRED (Inner Vision Recordings) First formed in 1990, Blues Evolution is a studio project collaboration between Pittsburgh native, singer and songwriter Elexus Quinn and Johnstown-based guitarist and musical director Ziggy True. Their second CD, Inspired, offers a sparkling set of classicgeared blues, jazz and R&B sounds. From their launching pad of blues, Quinn and True explore different sonic tapestries, tapping various corners of the blues spectrum, from early swing and jazz to gospel to electric blues. The melodies are catchy, and the song arrangements sophisticated; topped by Quinn’s hearty growl, which recalls classic Ray Charles and Louis Armstrong. Helping to bring this music to life is an allstar cast of musicians from western PA plus an additional guest with international notoriety. Bekka Bramlett, the daughter of 1970s hitmaking duo Delaney & Bonnie Bramlett, contributes backing vocals on a hard-driving update of Herman Brood’s “Saturday Night” and duets with Quinn on the boisterous, gospel-driven “In the Name of the Father.” Other guests include longtime Johnstown-based drum master Chuck Kerrigan on six tracks; the bass player stable of Scott Jeffreys, Randy Rutherford, Bill Smith, Steve Spack, Andrew Woodson and Max Everzen; keyboardist and co-engineer Dave Villani; a large brass contingent including western PA contributors Tom MacDonald, Greg Maiocco and Jen Shuty; and a number of backing singers including Johnstown’s Denise Canby. The album begins with a 1930s/40s jazz/blues tone with “Don’t Lose Your Mind,” with Quinn’s growl recalling Cab Calloway. Blues Evolution delivers R&B on the title song “Inspiration” and the uptempo remake of John Miles’ “Out of the Cradle.” They explore a variety of blues flavors; such as the bold “MU Blues,” southern blues on “The Blues Was in Their Souls,” and gospel blues on “When They Seal the Coffin in My Grave.” And jazz flavors shine on two versions of “Somebody’s Everything.” The performances are tasteful and inspired, with Quinn singing each song for keeps with a myriad of emotion, and the contributions of his instrumental cast shaping and supporting each song. Recorded at several studios including Altoona’s Data Music Services and Johnstown’s Fabulous Blue Room, the overall quality of Inspired is clean and full, masterfully mixed to enable all of the components of Blues Evolution’s sound to sparkle. Inspired is inspired, and a tasty celebration of American blues. (The CD can be obtained through Blues Evolution’s website, —Reviewed by Jim Price MATT OTIS & THE SOUND - MATT OTIS & THE SOUND (no label) After three solo albums, Bedford-based singer/songwriter Matt Otis returns with a full band, Matt Otis & the Sound, and their self-titled album. Now flanked by keyboardist/bassist Sean Cogan, violinist/bassist Johnny Bayush and drummer Charlie McClanahan, Otis explores a range of folk-based rock/pop flavors over the disc’s dozen tracks. The full band’s impact is immediate, as both Cogan and Bayush generate additional texture and mood with their timely flourishes and fills throughout the album. As with his previous work, Otis muses about a variety of thoughtprovoking and observational themes about the human condition, utilizing clever wordplays to drive his philosophical and spiritual messages home. A number of songs touch on different aspects of human behavior, with Otis offering his own takes on them; on the upbeat “Make,” for instance, he tells listeners to find love within themselves instead of searching for it from external sources. The leadoff track “Take Me Home” addresses the desire to reboot one’s life and start over, while the disco beat-toned “Down, Down, Down” celebrates finding a personal passion. Other songs involve rebounding from life’s pitfalls; “Darkness” comes to terms with sudden heartbreak, “Disease” proposes letting go of internal negativity and hatred to escape the loneliness it produces, “Bones” displays empathy for others experiencing emotional pain, and “You Will Know” with its gang shout choruses celebrates that moment of selfrealization and personal healing. On a more playful note, the 24

whimsical “Karma” warns of just rewards for infidelity, and the album finishes with a fleshed-out update of “The Most Important Thing” from Otis’ previous album, Life Love Death. Otis again displays his knack for elaborate yet catchy song hooks, and arrangements that most effectively bring those melodies to life. He gives his most passionate singing performance yet, running the gamut of emotions from gentle to intense. The musicianship is strong throughout the disc and serves to support each melody, and the overall mix and production allows that musicianship to shine. Matt Otis & the Sound is Otis’ next step forward, as he again raises the bar on his blend of songcraft, imagination and creativity. (The CD can be obtained through the website— Reviewed by Jim Price WINE OF NAILS - WONk THYSELF (Attack on Culture) It is said that no wine will be served before its time…For central Pennsylvania musical adventurers Wine Of Nails, more than a dozen years had passed since their last recorded sojourn, 2001’s On and Beyond. Titled both as a play on the acronym of the group’s name and a reversal of half the phrase “know thyself,” their long-awaited third longplayer WONk Thyself finds Wine Of Nails again pushing the creative envelope, throwing out the genre rulebook and following their collective muses into uncharted territories on the musical landscape. Guitarist/singer John Charney, bassist Scott Jeffries and drummer Domenick Peruso explore a wide expanse of musical turf, incorporating elements of rock, jazz, ambient, international and other forms of music into often expansive, colorful and unpredictable adventures. The group deploys intricate arrangements, oddball time signatures, atmospheric effects and frequent tempo shifts into the fray to keep things continually intriguing and engaging. Breaking with tradition, vocals take a more prominent role on this Wine Of Nails offering, with Charney barking lead voice off the bat on the abrupt hard rocker “The Blight of the Emerald Isle.” The group also sings and chants on the tropical-toned “Eleuthera,” and incorporates vocals into the expansive 11-minute-plus epic adventure “I Walk Alone.” Another vocal number, “Fit Right In,” serves as the message piece of the set as it celebrates the “cult of the real” and heralds those souls who boldly step outside of the box to follow their own muse. The instrumental pieces are dazzling as well; “Enygma” utilizes tricky time signatures and abrupt breaks to add thrills to its basic melody line, while “Dibattito” presents instrumental discourse and argument, with all three musicians playing against and off one another. Another expansive exercise, “Starlit Tippietoes,” elaborates on themes first suggested on “Holy Hoptoes!” from Charney’s 2006 solo album Be Water. The trio’s instrumental feats mesmerize and captivate, and a major part of this album’s appeal is observing how Charney, Jeffries and Peruso navigate the churning musical waters they have embarked upon. Recorded at Johnstown’s Venue of Merging Arts (VOMA) and produced and engineered by Charney, WONk Thyself sounds vibrant and consistent from start to end, and everything sounds clear and balanced through the busy, ever-changing arrangements and overall complexity. WONk Thyself provides Wine Of Nails’ most ambitious and wide-ranging sonic adventure yet; and fans of wide-open, eclectic musical exploration will savor the wine offered up on this freewheeling voyage. (The CD can be obtained through Wine Of Nails’ Facebook page, MASON PORTER - HOME FOR THE HARVEST (no label) After establishing themselves as adventurers in the Americana and bluegrass realm with their live show and initial recordings, Philadelphia’s Mason Porter emphasizes melodies and mood on their third full-length album, Home for the Harvest. The group’s core roster of acoustic guitarist Paul Wilkinson, mandolinist/guitarist Joe D’Amico and upright bassist Tim Celfo craft eleven engaging melodies with personable, relatable lyrics; blending elements of bluegrass, folk, folk-rock and country. All three musicians contribute smooth, heartfelt singing styles, and blend for tasty vocal harmonies that recall classic Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young or the more rustic side of the Eagles. Their words touch on personal, daily PENNSYLVANIA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

life themes; the bluesy title song, “Home for the Harvest,” addresses the challenges of maintaining stability on the domestic front through the rigors of daily work and other distractions. The disc’s opening track, “Back to Where We Started From,” promotes togetherness and returning to one’s roots. Mason Porter generates upbeat moments such as the love song “Blue Eyes Smile,” the assertive “Fill My Cup,” the drum-driven and boisterous “Can’t See” and the uplifting folk of “There Was a Time.” The group paints more tranquil settings as well; gently pleading for acceptance on “Let Me In” and yearning for stability and comfort in “Little Country Home.” The vocals and harmonies are smooth and bright, and the instrumental performances nicely support each song, with guest drummers Ellen Houle, Colby Wallace and Matt Magarahan adding light percussive punch where needed. Produced by the group, Home for the Harvest flows along smoothly and consistently, and sounds full and simple, allowing Mason Porter’s acoustic artistry to achieve full fruition. With its simple and rootsy tone, Home for the Harvestoffers a pleasant, relaxing listen, as Mason Porter embraces melody and the coziness of folk and Americana styles, and distills them into a restful comfort zone all their own. (The CD can be obtained through the group’s website, —Reviewed by Jim Price ANTI CORN LEAGUE - WOMB I & II (no label) Sunflower Spectacle band members Chris Kupchella and Derek Gresh first formed The Anti Corn League with percussionist/pianist Nicole Eicher as a side project in 2006. With The Sunflower Spectacle now on hiatus, The Anti Corn League has unleashed their creativity upon the world with the dual CD’s Womb I and Womb II, revealing compositions and adventures generated during the past three years. Like The Sunflower Spectacle, The Anti Corn League’s sound is rooted in 1960s-era retro rock and psychedelia; but comes from a darker and more unpredictable place. Light and pop-geared melodies intertwine on Womb I with lengthier, ethereal exercises, acoustic interludes and more. The experimentation on Womb II leans toward harder and edgier, at times reminiscent of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd and the more agitated side of John Lennon’s musical persona through the later Beatle years and into his solo career. An interesting array of instrumentation enters the mix as well, including guitars, bass, piano, organ, glockenspiel, farfeeza and more. Although not concept albums per se, the general theme of the albums is reminiscence and nostalgia, and examining why such memories are more vivid with the passage of time. The band members revisited their childhoods and past, even including audio from home videos on Womb I’s interlude “Muttman Prophecies” and Womb II’s “We Are All Now Dinosaurs.” The simple “White (Jarome)” helps set the Womb I’s reminiscent tone, while the catchy and whimsical “Popular Culture” reflects on a childhood adventure. The Anti Corn League evaluates their earlier decisions and beliefs on the lengthy disc-closer “We Were Wrong (You Were the Fool).” The group explores a retro surfrock vibe on the expansive jam “Mummy’s Tummy,” and taps into ‘90s-era grunge and alternative rock influences on the hard-edged “The Dark Knot.” Womb II’s tone is established early with the disc-opener “Pot Luck (The Memorable Hit)” and the Rolling Stones-toned boogie of “Ch-Ch Eye/Mystery Bus.” Childhood memories are again celebrated with the playful folk of “Lucia Piranha,” based on a fictional character Gresh created during his childhood. The Anti Corn League then digs deeper and heavier with such exercises as the punk-toned “I Have Too Many Carnival Songs,” the brooding “Melon,” and the chaotic “Dr. Zaius the Great Ape.” The group experiments with jazz elements on the expansive and Pink Floyd-like “Indecision (the Eterrnal Burn Run),” and taps into Nirvana-like folk with “Holy Jack.” The ride on both discs is unpredictable, as the Anti Corn League gearshifts in multiple directions throughout the sets as their creative vibe guides them. The recording is basic, raw and organic, and captures the spontaneous and combustible nature of the group’s sound. Together, Womb I and II expose the freewheeling nature of The Anti Corn League, and the group’s unwavering willingness to throw out the rulebook provides an intriguing listening adventure. (Both CD’s can be obtained through the group’s website, —Reviewed by Jim Price

October, 2014

Susquehanna Valley NEWS By Jeff Kreitz Jr. Hey music lovers. Lots of news to report this month. Big news dropped late last month. Breaking Benjamin is back! Founding member Ben Burnley is back with a all new line up. Reports are that they are in the studio and a tour is likely to follow. Guitarist Tony Harlan has a lot of shows coming up, solo and his band Random Axe. Random Axe plays at the Nippennose Tavern on October 11th. Look him up on Facebook. Beatlemania, a touring Beatles tribute will be at the Wellsboro High School Theater on October 18th. Another tribute band called Paranoid, who covers Black Sabbath, has a special Halloween show at LT’s Bar, just outside of Milton, on October 25th. The WZXR Birthday Bash took place last month at the Cell Block in Williamsport. It included Rev Theory from New Jersey and Aftermath. Aftermath has a Halloween show at the Angus Inn on October 25th. Monstertrack Supergroup will be heading down the river next month for a big show at Tubby’s bar on November 22nd. Graces Downfall and others will be there. The Ye Old Meeting Place has a big show on October 18th with Uncutt and Noise Pollution. Hybrid Ice made a return trip to Lock Haven Floating Stage for a make up show.All their hits were included and they did a fitting tribute to Survivor vocalist Jimi Jamison, who passed away in August. Thoughts go out to a local soundman, Steve Reeser, who was injured in a motorcycle accident. Wishes for a speedy recovery. Please send any news to me on face book or email me @ Support live music and the PA Musician.

opportunities for artists to perform! And since we are lucky enough to live in the Mid-Atlantic states, there are college campuses everywhere! Stop by those bastions of higher learning nearest you and get the word out about your band or solo acoustic act. Go to the office of student activities, the different club offices, and post fliers on the bulletin boards that you are available to perform at parties. Remember that the students you play to today can become your long-lasting fans in the future, or even the owners of businesses that might offer you other gigs! You could even make a “mini-tour” out of a few shows at different campuses in the Philadelphia area on a given weekend. Now that the weather is nice and brisk, get out and do a little leg work. Pound the pavement some and get your name out there! But still remember all those Halloween parties and events that offer lots of opportunities. These have the added feature that you can dress up and act even weirder than normal!

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SANE ADVICE By John Kerecz

October and fall are upon us and usually I take this opportunity to write articles about getting out there and doing Halloween shows. But this year I wanted to call attention to another particularly autumnal scene; the fall college campus. Colleges and universities have lots of

October, 2014




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October, 2014

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October, 2014

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WANTED: That 70’s Rock Band is looking for musicians Harrisburg area metal cover and lead vocalist. Berks band looking for Bassist, lead County, PA. contact: Dave, Guitar, and Vocals. We’re 610-406-5535 thank you putting together a new band! Already in place are former WANTED: Musicians for a drummer of Ebenezer Screw rock/metal cover, tribute, and Kamora, and former original band in Norristown, Guitarist of Trouble Walkin PA. Call Danny: 610-2903492 or email: and Kamora. 717-525-0014 WANTED: Experimental F M J solo metal p r o j e c t , WANTED: Thunderlizard seeks guitarist, Entertainment has an bassists, keyboardist, and Immediate salaried opening for Lead Guitarist(s) for a vocalist. Email: Cover Band project. Musician must be team oriented/

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AVAILABLE: Professional Drummer looking for professional working and to tour. i have management and equipment sponsors. Can

AVAILABLE: Blues, folk, roots, Americana, or electro BASS PLAYER available. 20+ years of experience, including jazz, Hungarian music. Electric


fretted/fretless, some upright bass. 570-441-0305. AVAILABLE: Harrisburg area acoustic upright and electric bass player, singer/ songwriter looking to add to a duo or other. Enjoy country, bluegrass, folk or acoustic rock. Enjoy what I’m doing but miss the really strong harmony. Looking to be your third part for covers and originals. Call Mike 717-5650539 or email AVAILABLE: Rhythm Guitarist looking to join fun group playing 80’s style rock. Some originals too. State College area. Early 40’s. Call anytime. 814-342-9123. AVAILABLE: Professional rock drummer in Altoona area for established working band. 30+ years, Covers, Originals, and Studio, most recent: Half Tempted, Hy-Tyde. Call Erik @ 814-381-5312. AVAILABLE: Bassist / strong lead and harmony vocals; Also play guitar and have originals: Available for working band or musical situation in Wilkes-Barre / Scranton area. Call David 570-899-2272.

October, 2014

October, 2014



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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine October 2014  

The PA Musician Magazine is a FREE publication that is distributed throughout the state of PA. We are the magazine for not only the people w...

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine October 2014  

The PA Musician Magazine is a FREE publication that is distributed throughout the state of PA. We are the magazine for not only the people w...