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Vol.39 #445 Nov 2020


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November, 2020

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine



Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

November, 2020

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Another busy month at the PA Musician office has come to an end. November is the anniversary of the the magazine and this year starts our 39th year of publishing the paper. Its hard to believe that it will soon be 40 years old. The paper started as a dream of Whitey’s and was just away to get some extra Christmas money for the kids. It has now supported our family and the local music scene for many more years then he ever thought imaginable. From that first yard sale typewriter, to the first Mac ever produced we have seen it all. The term, ‘copy and paste’ was a way of life as every letter, border, and picture was painstakingly cut out of paper, waxed, and then stuck onto larger sheets of paper and rushed off to the press to meet that deadline. It’s a far cry from the ‘copy and paste’ we know now days where a simple couple of clicks sends the paper over the interwebs and to the people. We would like to thank all of our supporters, some who have been with us since the start. Without you we would not be able to continue to do what we love. I would also like to thank Robin (Mom) and Whitey (Dad) for starting the paper and for trusting me with its future. I have some big shoes to fill and hope I can continue to serve the music community as they did. With covid not letting up people have been asking what is going to happen with the live music scene over the winter. The 25th annual Millennium Music Conference is still taking place but will be slightly different this year. Things are still up in the air but what we do know is that it will be a 2 day event on February 26th and 27th held at the Hilton in downtown Harrisburg. Showcase submissions are free this year and the deadline is November 30th. Get your submissions in now to be considered for a showcase event. For more details please check out the ad in this issue. The other big event coming up is the 2nd annual Central PA Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony which has now been postponed until spring 2021. They are doing all they can to have an actual event vs a live stream. Please read the special announcement below for all the details. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to COVID-19, the Second Annual CPMAs & Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be pushed out into the Spring of 2021. After much deliberation, we’ve decided not to keep the last Thursday in January as our firm date. If the ceremony remained on 1/28/21, then it would have to be virtual—as indoor venues will not be open to capacity. The intent for our annual ceremony is to be “our local music scene’s biggest night.” The nominees and winners deserve to be recognized amongst their peers and ultimately share in celebration together. A virtual ceremony does not meet these standards.

Therefore, all will be pushed out to the March/April timeframe, with hopes that our area returns to a sense of normalcy—where live music and a sold out theater can be celebrated. The good news is...NOMINATIONS for the 2nd Annual CPMAs have been EXTENDED! Please use the Official 2020 Nomination Form on our website at whereFans are encouraged to nominate their favorites, and artists are encouraged to nominate themselves! The intent is to ensure that the voters are able to review all content from all acts. Tag your favorite band/artist in the comments! Artists: let us know if you’ve released new music (album/EP/ single) this past year. If so, do you have a single that you think should be nominated for “Song of the Year?” For what categories would you like to be considered? Have you had any major achievements in 2020? *Songs/albums must be released prior to 12/12/20 to be considered for this year’s CPMAs.* If you plan on releasing new music over the next few weeks, please send us your content before your release date, so we can review it. If your release is slated for after December 12th, then it will be eligible for the following year’s CPMAs. Official nominees will now be announced on 12/18/20! In addition to the online nomination form submission...mp3s, links, and videos can be emailed to OR “For Your Consideration” press kits can be mailed to: CPMHOFP.O. Box 172, Hummelstown, PA 17036. VOTE, NOMINATE! Yes Covid is kicking the music scene in the ass, but please remember that there is still lots to do out there you just need to look a little harder. Racehorse Tavern has some live music events in the works featuring full bands so keep your eyes out for dates. Penntera and Maiden America our both playing there in early December along with a benefit put on by Mad Hatter entertainment on Nov. 28th. The Second Annual Ride for Gage’s New Hot Wheels featuring live music by Buckskin Whiskey and Alice-In Sane. They will also have Raffles, food and giveaways. The event runs from 4-11pm. Also another spot that has been supplying live music is the Sherman’s Creek Inn. Under new management they have vowed to support live music as much as they can so please stop by and check out what they are offering. On the cover this month we are featuring an up and coming artist by the name of Devon Beck. She splits her time between PA and Nashville and if you’re into the country music I highly recommend you check out the full story on page 13 and go catch a live show when she is in the area. You can find her ad on page 6 to see where she is performing. Next up we have something a bit different for my article, it will be my first ever Editor’s CD review!! Being the editor has its perks as I was bestowed with an early copy of the new Suicide Puppets CD, “Tales of Living and Dying On Slaughter Ridge Road” (Unable Records). The guys have been hard at work over the summer ripping out some new and some revised tunes for our listening pleasure. The cd starts with a creepy intro setting the stage for what is to come. the first song, “Man In Black” is a hard hitting song and it’s clear

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

November, 2020

that they have taken the new album to the next level with spot on mastering by Jason Shaffer at Full Tilt Productions in Mechanicsburg. The clarity of the vocals and instruments really stands out on this one from start to finish, the whole album comes off clear and crisp. Working with Unable Records for the first time they decided to revisit some Puppets classics with a new version of the cover song, “Send Me An Angel”. This song dates back to 1983 and was performed by the band Real Life and written by Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker. For me it will always bring back memories of my favorite cult classic movie RAD, when Cru Jones and Christian Hollings got down with some bicycle boogie and wowed the crowd full of over-aged high school kids, with some sweet freestyle moves. Yes this was a song that sparked my freestyle days as a youth and one I will never forget. I’m still waiting for the Puppets to do the original version for me one day, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. From here the album turns up the heat with “Jesus Loves Me” and “Blacker Day” (keyboards for Blacker Day features John Bechdel of Ministry), for me sets up a feeling of living in a day and age when times are changing and you just never know from day to day what will happen next, be it good or evil. “A.R.M.E.D” is a song detailing the torments our military men and women face when asked to defend our country and gives a different side to the band that most don’t see. It is one of my favorites off the new album delivering a strong punchline throughout the song. Overall I feel this is by far the best album by Suicide Puppets to date. They have really been working hard the last couple years to refine their sound and deliver something that really represents what they are about. The time in the studio was well spent and mastering and production of the CD is top notch with solid performances from the whole band. If you’re into super tech double kick drums, solid bass lines and screaming vocals topped with amazing guitar work then “Tales

November, 2020

of Living and Dying on Slaughter Ridge Road” is right up your alley. If you’re reading this then the CD is already available to purchase so go get a copy! Well that’s it for this month if you would like to advertise in the paper please give me ring or send a text, hell I even respond to smoke signals. We can help get the word out and our prices are cheaper then you will find anywhere else. I hope to continue to print over the winter but really could use the financial support of the local music community to continue to do so. One thing for sure is we will keep doing the online issue, but for me it’s all

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

about the print and I refuse to be beaten by the covid 19. So do you have a new CD coming out or a benefit or show then let us help you get the word out. Call: 717-636-4203 email: Joshnoll@ See you next month as we prepare for the return of old Saint Nick. I wonder what Santa looks like wearing a mask??



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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

November, 2020

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


OUT ‘n’ ABOUT By Rachel Rocks

Ebenezer Screw

Photo by Rachel Rocks

Ebenezer Screw took the stage next, I haven’t seen these guys in forever. They had a few new members, but Mark was still leading the pack on vocals. They had the dance floor packed! With Double K closing last year, Ebenezer Screw hasn’t really had a place to play where their fans could let loose and have a great time! I know for sure by the end of their set, my whole body was going to be hurting the next day, and I definitely wasn’t wrong! I’m so out of practice rockin’ the night away, that’s for sure! Observe the 93rd was up next and even though their style of music is more Alternative Rock, they had their fans there in full force dancing their set away. Observe the 93rd (OT93) plays a lot of original music. Their newest video for their song “Hymn” hits hard about school violence and mental health, with me having two boys, one in 9th grade and one in 12th grade, this song really hits home. It is only one of their songs of of their EP “Alive” and is a continuation from their other song “Cartoons” which has a video release last year. This Panic-demic has really hurt their momentum as a band, but it also helped them have more time to hone in on their creativity. I’ve ran into Road Case a few times during this Covid Craziness, but I was still happy they were on the bill. I love hearing and seeing them play! They all have an amazing stage presence and always put on one heck of a Pat/ Penntera “show”. Chris and Clint switch

Photo by Rachel Rocks Chris / Road Case their guitar roles back and forth and even have some jaw-dropping, guitar-ripping harmonies! Of course Jeff and Ed also have their own shenanigans, but can still keep everyone grounded, while the other Chris (Redding) wails away on the mic! These guys play some hard hitting classic rock n’ roll favorites that you don’t hear from everyone else. Last but not least, Penntera took the stage! In true Rocktober fashion, they came out in costume, and of course Rockin! For Penntera not only was there head bangin’ and dancing, there was even some Moshing! Remember I mentioned my body aching, this definitely did not help! Penntera played for well over an hour and had just as much if not more energy at the end as they had in the beginning. Of course, as the crowd got crazy, the band got crazier! It was a fantastic ending to a full day of entertainment. I have to give a big shout out to Jeff Rittenhouse (Ritt) for do-

continued on next page..

Photo by Rachel Rocks

WOW! Rocktober did not disappoint! I had the amazing opportunity to feel “normal” at two different shows this month. I’m extremely grateful to all of the venues for having acoustic shows everywhere you turn, but I have to admit, I truly missed ROCK or any FULL BAND shows. I really missed seeing all my friends and dancing and have a good time! The first show this month was an awesome benefit for Children’s Miracle Network. Space (Eric Dengler) saw the need to help 105.7 the X with some fundraising in their “Pay for Play” campaign, so he jumped on it, got it all planned with an amazing line up of bands! I unfortunately missed the beginning of the show, I heard there were a lot of great bands to get the day kicked off. When we arrived I could hear Steel rockin’ from the parking lot! I missed these guys and everyone so much! I was very glad Holly and Matt were my DDs for the day, as soon as I walked up to the crowd, Bill Obrian handed me my own JAR of Apple Pie Moonshine, and the fun didn’t stop there. Of course Angie brought out her previous bar tender experience, and had a whole bar at her OT93 merch table! It was a crazy day for sure. Thank you everyone for the libations and for making it seem like a “normal” day. There were hugs, dancing, and just so much fun! As soon as I got to the dance floor I instantly noticed the HUGE smiles on everyone’s faces! The band and the fans! I think they missed playing as much as we missed hearing them. Music is definitely food for the soul. Steel rocked their whole set! Aaron, Chris, Dave, and Trevis played like they’ve been playing every

day together! There are benefits to playing so long together without a single change in the line-up. Their set was solid, well oiled, and yet so refreshing! In perfect Steel family fashion, we lined the dance floor and banged our heads to end their set with “Hallowed Be They Name.”


Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

Jeff / Road Case

Photo by Rachel Rocks

November, 2020

OUT & ABOUT continued...

Grant Bryan and Sarah Sheriff took the stage next. I caught these two once before at the Racehorse Tavern, they make a great duo! It’s great how Sarah allows Grant to focus more on his vocals while she takes over on guitar. I have to admit, it’s nice to see the role reversal and see a woman be the one rockin’ on guitar! Way to go Sarah! Grant sings all of your country favorites, plus throws in some great originals! He has such a classic country voice. He’s easy to sit back and listen to, and just enjoy the music. Next up was Corina Rose. I was so excited I finally got to

ing an amazing job with the sound and lights. He had everyone sounding great and kept the vent running on time. After the show Ritt gave a shout out to all the bands for being so respectful and professional. Overall, it was a super fun and successful event, raising almost $5,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network. Way to go Space! And everyone else who helped him along the way. What a fabulous idea! After some much needed rest and ibuprofen, it was time for the next party! I was invited to the Party Barn in Mechanicsburg for CappelloWelsh Management’s one year anniversary party. The Party Barn is privately owned and currently Tony Samento, the owner is preparing to go to battle with the township to try and Cold Spring Union

Grant Bryan

November, 2020

Photo by Rachel Rocks

Photo by Rachel Rocks

keep the Party Barn partying. Of course, legal fees are expensive, there is a Go Fund Me page so the Party Barn Peeps can help out however they can. I can tell you that the Party Barn is one heck of a place! I hope they find a way to keep going! Leslie Cappello and Tia Welsh of CappelloWelsh Management picked a crazy year to start a business, but they have survived, and if they could survive this year in the music business, then chances are they can survive anything! After a wild ride their first year they were ready to celebrate, and they know how to throw one heck of a party! They scheduled a full night of amazing entertainment, and they truly found the perfect venue for their party. Brandi LM was the first performer. She usually plays with her full band, Brandi LM and the Bottomshelf, but this night she was flying solo. She started the night off right rockin’ out on her electric guitar and belting out some amazing songs. It’s always hard to be the first performer, but Brandi did it flawlessly.

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

Photo by Rachel Rocks Corina Rose see her perform her own whole set. Corina has been making herself known throughout the midstate and beyond. Corina quickly catches you off guard, she’s so stinkin cute and petite, but she is clearly the one Martina McBride wrote her song “I’m Little but

continued on next page..


RJ Moody

OUT & ABOUT continued...

Photo by Rachel Rocks

I’m Loud” because she’s also countrified and proud! She really played a great set! Hopefully I’ll catch more of her country charm real soon! RJ Moody is another one I’ve heard so much about, but this was the first time I got to hear him perform. RJ has played with different bands throughout the years, but he’s finally stepping out on his own. October 30th he will be releasing his first single, “70 in November”. RJ is on a new journey, but who better than to support him than CappelloWelsh Management! Sometimes finding the right management company is all you need to help give you the confidence and stamina to keep moving along within the music world. Good luck RJ! Devon Beck stepped up on stage next. I had just seen her a few weeks earlier at Flinchy’s, but it was nice to catch a full set this time. Devon is making the transition from central PA to Tennessee! Read all about her story on how she got where she is today in the Cover Story in this issue. Devon has an amazing and distinctive voice. The lyrics to her originals really draw you in to her music. I’m glad Devon reached out to get on the cover of the magazine. She is now on my radar, and I can’t wait to see where her music career takes her next! The last few times I’ve seen Colt Wilbur he’s been with his band. I have to admit it was kind of nice to see him flying solo for this show. Even though he was all alone on that big stage he quickly got the dance floor hopping! Colt definitely knows the right songs to sing to get the people up, dancing along, and having a great time. The Colt Wilbur Band also has their own original album, “Heart of Stone”, that’s exactly what Colt has, a heart of stone that makes everyone feel right at home when you listen to him perform. David Self looked like a quiet and shy guy off the stage, but


David Self

once he took the stage he shined like the rest of them. He plays more rock songs than country, but he was a great asset to the show. David is new in the area, but I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of him as he makes his way around the midstate and beyond. Keep an eye on this guy, it’s always the quiet ones that sneak up and surprise you the most! Nathan Merovich was another pleasant surprise for me. He’s obviously been doing some pretty cool things behind the mic already like opening for Big & Rich, Chris Jansen and many others, he’s already released some amazing original music, but he gave us all a sneak peek of one of his latest releases, “God Bless the Blue Collars”. As a blue collar family myself, this song definitely hit home. To end his set he had the closing band, Cold Spring Union, come up and play a song with him. It was a nice little tease of what was to come right after one crazy fireworks show! Tony doesn’t mess around at the Party Barn, when he says there are

Photo by Rachel Rocks

Nathan Merovich

Photo by Rachel Rocks

going to be fireworks, there are definitely going to be fireworks! After lots of Ooohs and Ahhhs from the crowd for the fireworks it was time to come in and finish up the night with Cold Spring Union. I haven’t heard them in quite some time, but once again I was impressed and felt like I “joined the union” all over again. They blend Southern Rock and Americana perfectly together. Cold Spring Union is a boot stompin, hootin’ and hollerin’ good time! I’m thrilled to say it’s the first time I saw their bass player, Morgan join the party. He usually hangs off to the backside of the stage, but this time he came up front and partied with the rest of us! They were a perfect way to end this wild party! Congrats to CappelloWelsh Management on their 1 Year Anniversary, here’s to hoping there are many more and the parties just keep getting bigger and bigger! The next adventure of the month I went up to Raystown camping for the weekend with my hubby and our good friends Holly and Matt. Our adventures led us to Lincoln Caverns where they had their caves haunted and a haunted trail through the woods. I have to admit, I don’t handle scary things very well, and there were quite a few times I collapsed from fear!! Way to go to all of the ghouls and goblins, and especially to Darth Vader for scaring the bejeebus out of me! We really had a Spooktacular good time, even though I was positively terrified when I had to go in the woods for firewood after we got back to the campground! The following weekend I went down to Midway Bowl for another opportunity to see Observe the 93rd play as a full band. This was an outside show so it was a little chilly, but Midway Bowl does a great job providing heaters and firepits to help keep people warm. Plus OT93 kept people warm by packing the place to their Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

Dylan from Observe the 93rd

Photo by Rachel Rocks

Covid Full capacity of 50%. People were being turned away at the door! Midway Bowl is definitely becoming a Hot Spot for fun in the Carlisle area and beyond. Hopefully they find a way to keep the music going once they have to move indoors. Last but not least, I headed back down to the Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel for the monthly dose of DMC Duo. They seem to play there at least once a month, and the opportunity for great music and delicious food is a hard one to refuse. Friday, November 13th they will be back at the Eagle Hotel for 80’s Night!! Get in your requests now by messaging them thru Facebook! Also, it just so happens to be Darrell’s birthday, so I’m sure it will be a night you don’t want to miss! I have no idea what’s going to happen to live music over these cold winter months! I know that I will be out there supporting music however I can. Music truly brings me happiness! I can’t imagine a cold, dark Winter without it! Please keep me in the loop with what you are up to, where you are playing, or even just links to you jamming in your living room! RachelRocks@pamusician. net. Let’s all work together to make it thru this! If you do see me Out and About please say Hi! I took a ton of pictures this month, so obviously they can’t all fit in the magazine, I will do my best to remember to post them on our Facebook Page, Have a fantastic month! Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands, and Sneeze into your Elbow! And by all means.. GET OUT THERE AND SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!!!

NATIONALS By Eric Hoffman

Greetings Rockers ’N’ Rollers! Local artists continue to play outdoor shows filling the concert void during the pandemic this past month. The Children’s Miracle Network put on a music festival on Oct 3 at The Mechanicsburg Club Picnic Grounds which featured 9 bands including Steel, Observe The 93rd, Road Case, Ebenezer Screw and others. And Shea Quinn (The Sharks) & Steven Swisher (Swisher Sweets) put on a fun show Oct 17 at the Copper Pub & Grill. NATIONAL NEWS: Eddie Van Halen, whose guitar virtuosity influenced a generation of players and who led his namesake band, Van Halen, to international superstardom from Pasadena, Calif., died Oct 6, via news from his son Wolfgang. Eddie Van Halen passed at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, Calif., surrounded by his family including wife Janie, brother Alex and son Wolfgang. Van Halen is among the top 20 best-selling artists of all time, and the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall continued on next page.. November, 2020

of Fame in 2007. Rolling Stone magazine put Eddie Van Halen at No. 8 in its list of the 100 greatest guitarists. Eddie Van Halen was something of a musical contradiction. He was an autodidact who could play almost any instrument, but he couldn’t read music. He was a classically trained pianist who also created some of the most distinctive guitar riffs in rock history. He was a Dutch immigrant who

Photo by Rachel Rocks

Nationals continued...

Steel at Children’s Miracle Network festival - Oct 3

was considered one of the greatest American guitarists of his generation. Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” hit the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for the first time since 1977. The resurgence comes from a viral TikTok video of a man, sharing a video of himself cruising on a skateboard, drinking from a jug of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry, and lip-syncing to “Dreams.” The video has resulted in a huge bump in sales and streams for the song, and a new truck full of Ocean Spray for the skateboarder and Fleetwood Mac’s own Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood have got in on the video fun. In fact, Fleetwood Mac’s entire catalog is being rediscovered with a massive boost in sales. Singer, Brett Scallions, officially left his band Fuel on Oct 21. The frontman posted on his social media, “FYI, I AM NO LONGER IN FUEL! I will no longer be performing nor will I be supporting

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Nationals continued...

the Fuel brand in any way. Unresolved differences have finally come to a point to where it’s best to simply walk away never to return.” Scallions has been working on solo material the past year and plans on “touring and performing no only the new solo material, but also the songs I’ve made famous over the years.” Fuel formed in Harrisburg in 1989 and gained massive popularity with their album ‘Sunburn’ in 1998 featuring the hit single, “Shimmer.” Beastie Boys have given their support behind Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. It’s a career first for the legendary hip-hop band, who are famously protective of their music and have never licensed a track for a political ad. Surviving members, Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond, approved the use of their song “Sabotage,” for a Biden campaign commercial. Tony Lewis, singer and bassist of English rock band The Outfield, died at age 62. He died “suddenly and unexpectedly” on Oct 19 near London. The Outfield formed in 1984 and remained active for about three decades. Their hits included “Your Love,” “All the Love” and “Say It Isn’t So.” He was preceded in death by bandmate John Spinks, who died of liver cancer in 2014 at age 60. Country star Mac Davis, who launched his career crafting the Elvis hits “A Little Less Conversation” and “In the Ghetto,” and

whose own hits include “Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me,” died at the age of 78. Davis died in Nashville on Sept 29 after heart surgery and was surrounded by family and friends. A New Hampshire man who suffered serious spinal injuries when a stage diver landed on his head during an Agnostic Front concert in New Jersey has reached a $2 million settlement with the show’s organizer. Jason Kooken, 46, of Exeter, was injured at an April 2017 punk music festival staged at Convention Hall in Asbury Park. Security did nothing to stop a stage diver who walked past security staffers, climbed on the stage, pointed and then “corkscrewed his body” over the band’s lead singer, Roger Miret. The stage diver landed on Kooken, who has undergone spinal surgery at a hospital in New Jersey and has since recovered from his injuries. Stevie Nicks’ concert film “24 Karat Gold The Concert” opened in theaters Oct. 21, it will mark just the latest music-event film released by UK-based Trafalgar Releasing, which recently scored a hit with BTS’ “Break The Silence” by selling $1.7 million worth of tickets as of Oct. 2. While live events are largely shut down, but cinemas slowly reopening, the concert event film is one way for fans to sate their longing to see their favorite artists performing after seven long months since COVID put a stop to most concerts. Trafalgar has also released films by artists including Gorillaz, The Cure, Shakira, Nick Cave and Slayer. Before COVID, Trafalgar scored hit releases in 2019 with BTS’ “Bring

Eddie Van Halen at Hershey GIANT Center - May 18, 2008 The Soul: The Movie,” which sold a whopping $24.3 million in tickets, followed by Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony’s “S&M2” with $6 million in sales. Depeche Mode’s “SPIRITS in the Forest” sold $4.6 million; and Roger Waters’ “Us + Them” sold $3.4 million.


February 26 & 27, 2021



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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

November, 2020

Devon Beck – Taking the Country Scene by Storm Article by Rachel Rocks

Her Grandma always said, “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself!” and that is exactly what Devon Beck is doing. It’s quite appropriate that Devon is taking the Country-Pop music scene by storm in 2020. She didn’t let a little pandemic hold her back from her dreams, if anything, it just gave her the fuel she needed to fight a little harder. Devon is definitely a lucky girl to have her family’s support in her musical journey. She got her first guitar, at just 10 years old, for Christmas. She started taking guitar lessons but got frustrated with all of the theory and notes, she prefers to play by ear, and she would just listen to songs and started playing along. Devon also is very thankful for all of the local music community’s support. Herman Zeiders and Jimmy Shull are old family friends, and when they heard Devon was starting to perform, they took her under their wing, and gave her the first taste at rockin’ out with a band! They had regular Saturday jams, and she definitely knows, that somewhere down the road she will be playing with a full band, she feels more at home with the support of a band with her on stage. For now though, she is working on discovering her niche and writing some amazing original music as a solo singer-songwriter. At just 16, in October of 2018, Devon went to her first open mic at Spring Gate, hosted by John Kelly of Dovetail. John encouraged Devon to get up on stage and give it a try, she played one song, which led to a couple more, and by April, just six months later, she was playing her own 2 hour shows! She loves playing her original music, but also plays plenty of cover songs as well to be able to play a full solo show. There are way too many people to list everyone that

November, 2020

Devon in Nashville

Devon Live at The Party Barn

photo by Rachel Rocks

has helped her along the way, but Wally DeWall and the whole Colt Wilbur Band have been extra supportive. Wally has helped her a lot, not only by giving her guitar lessons, but even with sound equipment, and other solo performer tricks he has learned throughout the years. She’s been on stage a few times now with the Colt Wilbur Band and has even had the experience of co-writing a song with Colt. Tia Welsh managed the local Bald Hills Distillery and helped by giving her some shows to get her feet wet, and give her the confidence to play out at other venues as well. Even while she was in high school at Red Land, her teachers were also very supportive. She wrote her first song, “Forgive Me” at just 16 years old as part of a recording class she took while she was in school. “Forgive Me” was recorded by Tyler Adkins. She also had a music composition class in her senior year that really helped her progress into the songwriter she is today. She started taking vocal lessons with Daniel Orama at Vocal Production Studios in Lancaster. She released her fist single on March 13th of 2020, the day the Pandemic hit! It was so frustrating to have shows get canceled, and get a good chunk of wind knocked out of her sails, but she didn’t let it stop her. On July 11th, 2020, on her 18th birthday, she released her first EP, “One Sided Expectations” it was produced at County Q Studio in Nashville by Ace Lutz and Sam Grow. They did an amazing job at producing the EP and teaching Devon even more about the songwriting process. The EP is a genuine reflecPennsylvania Musician Magazine

tion of the struggles many teenagers face, shining a light on heartbreaks and turbulent relationships. Don’t let her age fool you though, the lyrics to her songs are very heartfelt at every age. We all have plenty of struggles we face, and we do our best to get through them and come out stronger in the end. When I saw her for the first time, I heard her play one song on her EP, “Love Me, or Get Lost”. The lyrics to that song were basically the words I told my now husband, six months before we got married. Lucky for me he chose to love me, and he still does to this day. But it’s so true, who doesn’t get to that point in a relationship where you just say either we are going to do this or not. You can read Jim Price’s review of the EP on page 23 of this issue. Devon recently took another big leap in her career, and by January she will be a full time resident of Nashville, Tennessee. She’s been making so many trips back and forth, she’s really racking up the frequent flyer miles. She loves it in Nashville and refers to it as ‘Little Big Town’. Even though it seems so big, everybody knows everybody, and everyone is willing to work with each other. In November she will be down for at least two weeks participating in writers rounds, it’s an amazing way to network with other singer-songwriters and helps one learn even more tricks along the way and improve in the art of song writing. Devon is so young, but has already accomplished so much. She has a few more shows scheduled in the area to finish out the year here in PA; November 6th she will be at the River House Bar & Grille in Middletown and November 20th she will be at Hershey Vineyard & Brewery. I guarantee if you make it to one of her shows, you will become an instant fan, just like I did. Even if you can’t make it out to a show, or if you just want more information, Devon has a fantastic website at You can keep track of her upcoming shows, read a lot more about her, watch some videos, or just listen to some music. She’s also on every Social platform you can think of, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, Youtube, etc. If you would like to get Devon booked at your venue or private party, please email her at



My next trip was the trek up to Iron Vines Winery in Sunbury to see Allan Combs II. I’ve known Allan for a little while now, but hadn’t got out to see him in bit. Allan’s got a great sense of humor and always includes a bit of talk about the songs he chooses to play and why. It was nice to see him play some new tunes that I hadn’t heard him play before including James Taylor, Theo Katzman, Prince, John Mayer, The Doors, as well as a number of well written originals. Allan plays all around the area as a solo acoustic act, as well as with his band “Allan Combs’ Soul Medicine”. Definitely get out to see him and/or the band if you get the chance. Third venture for the month was a trip back

By Chris Rider

Happy Halloween folks! Hope you got some decent treats and maybe less tricks. October was another month of great music. As it starts cooling off for the year, and the days get shorter, there’s less and less outdoor shows to get to but venues are finding creative ways to host live music inside and still abide by the rules we’ve all come to “accept”. Even with all the restrictions, I still find that the musicians I go out to see, and the fans that I go out to see them, are just happy to be able to get out and enjoy some live music, food, and a few drinks among their friends. My first trip was out to The Party Barn after an invite from Honeypump, a classic rock cover band fronted by husband & wife Ritner and Stephanie Casey. Playing a huge variety of rock from Led Zepplin and AC/DC to The Beatles and Chicago, these folks brought the party. They played to a large and appreciative crowd that clapped, sang, and danced the whole night. With folks circled around campfires outside, this place just has a really cool vibe to it that I hope can continue in the future. They are currently working with the Monroe Township officials to get an additional use permit as well as addressing parking and attendee number concerns. I hope they’re able to get this all squared away soon and can go back to bringing great live music to the area.


up to Iron Vines for their one year anniversary. Nate Myers and “Historic” (Nate’s word, not mine LOL) Pete Netznik were playing they’re wide mix of blues with a style that only these guys can bring. The afternoon ended with an all star jam that included Kenny Jenkins, Sunbury Slim, Iron Vine’s owner David Snyder and others. We had a great time, and once again I have to thank David for his incredible hospitality. Happy Anniversary to the crew at Iron Vines, and I wish you many more! Next up was a ride out to the Shermans Creek Inn in Shermansdale. Troy, the owner, is a huge supporter of live music and has live music going several times a week. They’ve got a nice menu and a great beer selection which all adds up to being worth the trip. Wes Hoke was doing a solo acoustic show under the tent outside, playing a wide range of covers including The Allman Brothers, The Wood Brothers (a personal fav), as well as a number of his own originals. Wes has been playing around the area for quite a while and also has a band “Wes Hoke and the



Nate Myers

~Specializing in Portrait & Music Photography~ rider photography email: 300 N. Market St. 14


Liverpool, PA 17045

Allan Combs

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

Pete Netznik November, 2020


Jason Yoder Bare Roots Band”, formerly known as Root 74. I had a great time listening to Wes play as well as talking to him about his history playing music around the area. My final trip out for the month was up see my pals at Isle of Que brewing. Jason Yoder was cranking his familiar mix of rock and blues on their small stage while I enjoyed a few of their IPA’s. Jason always brings his own unique touch to the songs he covers and his many originals that he’s written over the years. I’ve seen Jason play a number of times, and each time is full of different songs from him. It was great to get back to Que Brew...I can’t stress enough how great a place it is. With a great staff and set of owners, great customers, great beer, and a love for solid local live music...what’s not to love? So, that’s it. I didn’t get out for as much this month as I’d gets in the way sometimes. I have to say though, each of the shows I did get out to see was just fantastic. It’s just a reminder that even with all the stress we’re all dealing with in different ways, it’s awesome to see that live music can bring so many people together at least for a short time to enjoy something together and maybe life ain’t so bad. Just a reminder: if you’ve got a show coming up that I should see, make sure to send me an invite, shoot me an email or a message, let me know about it. The majority of the shows that I go and shoot I find out about through invites from all of you or your friends. Hit me up on facebook: @chrisriderphotography or email: chrisriderphotography@gmail. com, stop me if you see me out & around and say hi. Until next month...go find some live music and give them and the venue your support. [all photos on pages 14 & 15 by Chris Rider]

Wes Hoke November, 2020

November has arrived, meaning that Thanksgiving and the holiday season are just weeks away. While this has been a difficult and challenging year, I’ll still take stock and be thankful for a number of things as we enter the season. Having just completed my 60th orbit around the sun last month, I’m thankful to have good health. (I just completed two lengthy hikes at Canoe Creek State Park and Kinzua Bridge State Park during the weekend preceding the writing of this article!) I’m grateful to still have employment. I’m thankful for the special folks in my life. I’m thankful for this area’s resilient music scene, which has found ways to keep live music happening during this crazy year. And I’m thankful to be able to write about that live music in PA Musician, which has weathered the storm this year to mark its 38th anniversary this month! Thanks again to Josh Noll for continuing to provide this valuable resource to the state’s music community, and for allowing me to continue to be a part of it! Outdoor live music continued to happen throughout October. One outdoor highlight was last month’s Inaugural Homegrown Music Festival at Johnstown’s Lorain Borough Park. This was a great day, as this first-time event brought some great western PA-based music to the stage and raised nearly $2,500 toward the Community Foundation of the Alleghenies to help out area residents struggling due to COVID-19. The day’s first group, The Ne’er Do Wells, were finishing their last song as I pulled into the parking lot, but started things on an upbeat note with their brand of indie Americana rock. Afro N’at took the stage next, and roused the audience as they stretched the parameters of their horn-driven funk and jazz fusion. Tom Foolery Buchko on trombone, Josh Covert on trumpet, Randy Penrod on guitar, Scott Jeffreys on bass, Elias Ghantous on drums and Mark Goncher on congas introduced a bunch of new original exercises, as well as tunes off their debut EP. The new material was adventurous and amazing, merging progressive jazz and rock elements with their brassy funk, jazz and jam flavors – envision Herbie Hancock and Santana meeting Mahavishnu Orchestra and King Crimson in a dark alley! Some of Scott’s distorted bass lines were downright ominous and sinister, horns and guitar were mapping out interesting directions, and the percussion section was mixing up various rhythm patterns. The group often stretched out and explored these new sonic frontiers, all the while keeping the grooves steady. Afro N’at is working on a new recording, which should be available soon. Next up was Even the Odds, who brought a crisp-sounding mixture of melody-geared rocking covers and originals. Singer/guitarist Scott Roberts, guitarist Kurt Weidlein, bassist Jason Miller, keyboardist/guitarist Sam Adams and drummer Mike Hype sounded strong as they did numbers from the Talking Heads, Ramones, Don Henley, Men at Work, Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters, Weezer and more. They also did some of their own, introducing original tunes such as the reggae-toned “No Regrets,” “New You” and others. Their execution was tight and clean, and Scott provided a clear and solid voice up front. Even The Odds showed constant enthusiasm, which helped trigger some dance floor action as they went along, and even prompted demands for an encore at set’s end, which the group answered with a version of Weezer’s “Undone (The Sweater Song).” As night arrived and the temperature started to drop, Van Waylon heated things up with their blazing set of classic rock favorites. Todd Harteis on lead vocals and bass, Sebastian Steele on guitar Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

and Ben Ressler behind the drum kit quickly had folks dancing as they rocked tunes from Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, the Rolling Stones, Black Crowes, Wilson Pickett and more. Van Waylon generated momentum with each tune; Todd was wailing on the vocal end, Sebastian was cranking out some fiery guitar solo displays, while Ben kept the beats steady and powerful. The group grooved up “Mustang Sally” to keep the dancers moving, took it slow and slinky on Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold,” and closed the set with a blistering version of the Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post” to leave the crowd excited and happy. The Derek Woods Band picked up that happy vibe where Van Waylon left off, and carried it to the end of the show with their upbeat set as they mixed original Americana/rock-geared songs with various classics and hits. Derek on vocals and acoustic guitar, Joshua Carns on lead guitar, Joe Scheller on saxophone, Chris Schaney on bass and Chris Belin on drums kicked things off with Spencer Davis Group’s “Gimme Some Lovin.’” They introduced several new songs that will be on their next recording, such as “Up in the Air,” and they did tunes from their latest EP, “The Question,” such as “Unforgiving Tree.” They stirred up dancers – including the Celestial Fire Dancers performing outside the stage pavilion – with stirring renditions of the Allman Brothers’ “One Way Out,” Tom Petty’s “You Wreck Me,” Billy Preston’s “Will It Go Round in Circles,” Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” and The Rascals’ “Good Lovin.’” The Derek Woods Band kept it fun and charged, with Joshua firing off inspired guitar solo work and Joe delivering some tasty sax excursions along the way. They rode each groove to its limit, making the remaining audience members forget the colder temperatures and keeping folks moving on the floor. At set’s end, they got called back for an encore, which they answered with a spirited version of Bobby Bland/Grateful Dead’s “Turn on Your Love Light” to close out the night. The inaugural Homegrown Music Festival was a success with a good turnout, and this event will return next year at Lorain Borough Park. Roundhouse Harley-Davidson, between Altoona and Duncansville, closed out their 2020 Pennsylvania Roundhouse Rally Concert Series last month with a three-day finale. I caught the Thursday and Friday musical activities…Thursday night was a special Veteran’s Night concert, with Felix & the Hurricanes kicking off the music. Singer and guitar slinger Felix Kos, bassist and singer Jeff Clapper and drummer and singer Bob Watters already had the audience fired up when I arrived, as they stormed through renditions of Focus’ “Hocus Pocus” and the Ted Nugent double-shot of “Stranglehold” and “Free for All” to end their set. After Typhani Russo sang the “Star-Spangled Banner,” Ricky Lee & the Mustangs took the rest of the evening on a country-flavored joyride, mixing several of Ricky’s original songs with country and rock’n’roll hits. Singing and playing acoustic guitar, Ricky was backed by his skilled Mustangs cast, including C’Jay Castello on lead guitar, Rick Wertz on guitar and vocals, Mary Villani on keys and vocals, Randy Rutherford on bass and Eric Wertz on drums. Setting the patriotic tone of the evening with his song “(America’s) My Hometown,” Ricky sang other original numbers such as “Back Then,” “Somethin’ Bout You,” “God Bless America,” “Who’s Countin,’” “Home Free,” the new song “One Day at a Time” and more. He and the Mustangs also did country hits from Craig Morgan, Jon Pardi, Big & Rich, Luke Bryan and others; and broke into rock’n’roll with favorites from John Mellencamp, Chuck Berry and Jimmy Buffett. Ricky allowed his Mustangs to shine as well, with Mary singing lead on Shania Twain’s “Man I Feel Like a Woman,” Rick Wertz leading the group on Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music,” and Rick and C’Jay sharing some playful exchanges on their guitars. Ricky and the Mustangs kept the mood happy through their entire set, culminating with Ricky brandishing an American flag and running through the continued on next page.. 15

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THE PROFESSOR continued...


Matt Stoyanoff / Avenue of Kings


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November 8th – SAHAYRA November 22nd – JONAH WHALE November 29th – VINYL VAULT SPECIAL To have music aired on the HOMEGROWN ROCKER, submit Broadcast-quality recordings to:


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crowd during his set-closing original song “Looking for America.” When the audience demanded more, Ricky and the Mustangs responded with their version of Elvis Presley/Travis Tritt’s “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” to finish the night. And chili connoisseur that I am, I finally got to sample some of Ricky Lee’s self-named brand America’s Best Chili after the show – good stuff! The PA Roundhouse Rally Concert Series took a heavier-rocking turn the following night, headlined by Los Angeles-based all-female Iron Maiden tribute group The Iron Maidens. Opening was Avenue Of Kings, who mixed hard rock and heavy metal favorites. This group has a new look since the last time I saw them; joining singer Matt Stoyanoff and guitarist Chris Silva are guitarist Rob Lynn, bassist Beau Cabassa and drummer Randy Wilson. Led by Matt’s soaring voice, Avenue Of Kings did numbers from Megadeth, Scorpions, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Skid Row, Alice In Chains, Ozzy Osbourne and more. Matt displayed his singing acrobatics on versions of Queensryche’s “Empire,” Whitesnake’s “Still of the Night” and a Helloween number. The group closed out their set with a powerful version of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” with Matt and Rob coming out in front of the stage to jam with the audience. After Typhani Russo sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” The Iron Maidens charged into their celebration of Iron Maiden music with “Aces High.” Singer Kirsten “Bruce Chickinson” Rosenberg, guitarists Courtney “Adriana Smith” Cox and Nikki “Davina Murray” Stringfield on guitars, drummer Linda “Nikki McBurrain” McDonald on drums and Wanda “Steph Harris” Ortiz on bass fired through numbers from throughout the Iron


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Randy Wilson / Avenue of Kings

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Maiden catalog, showing ample skill and tenacity along the way. Their first show since February, The Iron Maidens mixed established and deeper Maiden classics such as “Die with Your Boots On,” “22 Acacia Avenue,” “Revelations,” “Killers,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Wasted Years,” “Children of the Damned,” “Two Minutes to Midnight,” “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and more. Their instrumental skills were excellent and on target, especially the precision guitar leads from both “Davina” and “Adriana,” and Kirsten displayed ample vocal range and intensity in the “Bruce” role. Some of the highlights included Kirsten donning red jacket and waving both the British and American flags during “The Trooper,” the group’s own ‘devil’ gracing the stage during “Number of the Beast,” and – when the group was called back for the encore – their tall ‘Eddie’ mascot lunging around the stage during “Run to the Hills.” (‘Eddie’ did lunge a little too hard at one point, though, decapitating himself and making a hasty exit from the stage.) The Iron Maidens’ enthusiastic celebration of Iron Maiden’s metal musical legacy brought unanimous roars of approval from the large Roundhouse crowd. The PA Roundhouse Rally Concert Series closed the book on the season the following night, Saturday, with Zac Grace, Zach Wade & the Good Grief and Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute group Green River. Watch for this concert series to return next year. I enjoyed a special preview of a new western PA-based Allman Brothers tribute project last month in a rural setting near Saltsburg. The new project, An Evening With…, did a test run in front of an invitation-only audience of around 50 people. After

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

November, 2020

THE PROFESSOR continued... some acoustic performers

Felix Kos/The Hurricanes

shared a few tunes to open the afternoon, Mount Pleasant-based quintet Contagious warmed up the onlookers with their set of rocking favorites. Lead singer Doug Halterman, bassist and singer Ed Secosky, guitarist and singer Bud Smith, guitarist John Brosh and drummer Jim Murray mixed up tunes from the Eagles, Spin Doctors, Tesla, The Hollies, .38 Special, Aldo Nova, Volbeat, Kiss, Skid Row and more. Conta-

gious sounded strong and together, and they had fun rousing the audience with their hard-rocking sounds. Seven musicians comprise An Evening With… – including “Crawdad Joe” Dedon on lead vocals and bass, Tony Mollick on guitar and lead vocals, Matt Baranti on slide guitar, David Blake and Dave Resto on drums, Artie Lapka on hand percussion, and T-bird on keys. Kicking off with “Statesboro Blues,” An Evening With… delivered a dozen heartfelt Allman Brothers classics, displaying excellent musicianship along the way. Among the Allman classics heard this night

were renditions of “Midnight Rider,” “Soulshine,” “Blue Skys,” “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More,” “Dreams,” “Woman Across the River,” “One Way Out,” “Melissa,” “Back Where It All Begins” and others. The guitar displays between Tony and Matt were stunning, Joe’s and Tony’s voices were strong, and this group clicked like a well-oiled machine, riding each tune to uplifting heights. According to Tony, the group will continue to add more Allman Brothers songs to their repertoire during the winter months, with the goal of being ready to bring their full-scale show to live concert and festival stages beginning next spring. McGarvey’s continued with more Sunday afternoon matinee live band performances in recent weeks, both outside and inside. Faded Flowers and Zach Wade & the Good Grief performed in

Jeff Clapper /The Hurricanes

the outside parking lot during the last Sunday in September. Under sunny skies, Faded Flowers opened the afternoon with their hookpacked, punchy brand of original modern rock. Michael Kensinger on the lead voice, Jarrett Bickel on lead guitar, Michael

Wertz on rhythm guitar, Hunter Karns on bass and Randy Servello on drums enthusiastically presented their tunes to the gathered onlookers. Faded Flowers played at least a dozen of their original songs – including songs from their debut

Bob Watters /The Hurricanes

EP “The Side Effects of Living” such as “Stay,” “Rollin’ On” and “Do You Laugh When U Lie?” They also introduced newer numbers such as the funky-grooving “Black Lashes,” “Where Do We Run,” “Soul to Souls,” “Out of My Head,” “Tonite,” “Can’t Lose the Feeling,” “Sunday,” “Imagination” and “The Truth Hurts.” The group injected two cover songs into this day’s set, Stone Temple Pilots’ “Vasoline” and their closing rendition of Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.” This set demonstrated that Faded Flowers has a lot of forward momentum as they continue to develop catchy, quality songs and grow their fan base. For Zach Wade & the Good Grief, this was their first show since before all this COVID madness began, and they were clearly happy to be entercontinued on next page..


Dec. 4 Single Release “Orange Crush” Dec. 12 Pine View Acres, Pottsville 6:00 PM


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November 6 – BELLA TERRA WINERY (Briar Valley Winery), BEDFORD (starts 6 p.m.)


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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine



and more. Like Faded Flowers, Zach Wade & the Good Grief showed they have creative momentum moving forward with their fresh cache of new tunes presented this day. Chillier temperatures moved the musical action inside McGarvey’s the following Sunday for a triple-bill. This presented my first chance to see new local rockers Lloyd, who opened the afternoon. This Tyrone-based foursome – Nick Munyons on lead vocals, Matt Savino on drums, Devon Johnston on guitar and Brandon Pry on bass – delivered a set of original emo-geared rock, punk and funk. Instrumentally Lloyd was tight and togeth-

Michael Kensinger & Hunter Karns / Faded Flowers THE PROFESSOR continued...

taining their fans and “fam” again. Namesake Zach on the lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Rogan Allen on lead guitar (playing a Gibson Explorer guitar for much of the day), Devin Pierce on bass and Keegan Allen on drums mixed up acoustic-rocking original tunes and select covers over their two sets. They introduced several new songs along the way, including “Phone a Friend” and “High Hopes,” and also did tunes from their “@ the Bitter End” EP such as the title song, “Like a Coma,” “I’ll Survive” and the show-closing “Something Happened.” They also did renditions of Prince’s “Starfish and Coffee,” plus tunes from the Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder, Counting Crows, The Cure, Gin Blossoms

Randy Servello / Faded Flowers

er, and laid down some interesting grooves, the launching point for Nick’s agitated vocal displays. His style had a David Byrne quality to it, pushed to the next emotional level. Lloyd received a good response from the audience, especially on their last number, which rode a disco-styled rhythm before escalating to a total meltdown finish. Lock Haven-based trio Suburban Downgrade then took the stage to dish “Crawdad Joe” out their brand of thrashy, fast and furious punk rock. Zach “Spatz” on guitar and vocals, Andrew “The Eel” on bass and vocals, and Craig “Crater” on drums cranked out high octane, all-out assaults that brought the fury. Reckless abandon, feedback, spit and vinegar made this a fun set. And Mediocre Gatsby finished out the show with their punk-edged brand of melody-based rock. Kevin “Kevo” Quinn on lead vocals and guitar, Andy Mathias on bass and vocals, and Greg Brigham on drums did a number of original songs, including tunes off their forthcoming debut EP. Among their numbers were such tunes as “Candy Hearts and Razorblades” and their title song “Mediocre Gatsby,” which ended the set; they also did their variation on Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” Mediocre Gatsby sounded solid and strong, and Kevin sang his words with edge and purpose. This was a good show, as all three bands brought distinctive styles and flavors to the stage, and those who showed up appreciated their efforts. The ensuing Sunday’s rainy forecast forced This Albatross’

Scott, Josh, Elias & Tom / Afro N’ scheduled outside performance inside McGarvey’s as well. The group nonetheless made it a fun time for the folks who attended. Singer Autumn Grooves Wagner, hubby and guitarist Philly Grooves Wagner, bassist PJ Kelly, guitarist Kirk Robison and drummer Shawn Gioiosa delivered three charged sets of favorites, mixing up classic rock, pop and country hits. While the Pittsburgh Steelers won the day’s NFL battle of Pennsylvania against the Philadelphia Eagles on the wide screen televisions, This Albatross commenced their first set with Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About,” and continued with tunes from Gretchen Wilson, Aerosmith, Pat Benatar, Don Henley, John Mellencamp and continued on next page..

Derek & Joe / The Derek Woods Band

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

November, 2020

“Keep Your Hands to Yourself.” Songs by Billy Squier, Roxette, Pat Benatar and Tommy James & the Shondells brought the show to its close. This Albatross sounded strong throughout it all, playing their song selection with gusto and enthusiasm, and generating dance floor action several times throughout the performance. [Just before this month’s issue went to press, we received the sad

THE PROFESSOR continued... more. The Black Crowes’ “Hard to Handle” triggered the first dance floor activity, and This Albatross locked into their groove with the Joan Jett double-shot of “Do You Wanna Touch Me” and “I Hate Myself for Loving You,” before ending the set with a surprise take on Whitesnake’s “Still of the Night,” highlighted by Autumn’s powerful and soaring vocal heights. Resuming musical action with Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way,” This Albatross proceeded in the second set with more great-sounding favorites, doing numbers from Walk The Moon, Pat Benatar, their excellent version of Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen,” Blondie’s “Heart of Glass,” plus tunes from Madonna, Lit, Tom Petty and Lita Ford. Country sounds launched the nightcap set as This Albatross did Trick Pony’s “Pour Me” and followed it with Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine.” After renditions of Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” and Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock’n’Roll,” the group welcomed Autumn’s dad, longtime Altoona area Autumn Gooves Wagner frontman Steve Shiffler, up to This Albatross sing lead on Georgia Satellites’

Philly Gooves Wagner This Albatross

news that Steve Shiffler passed away unexpectedly on October 28. Jim will share more about Steve and his memories next month.] After Ebensburg’s annual Potatofest got mashed for this year due to COVID-19, a smaller-scale event, the Spud Stroll, instead took place on the same day in late September

Zach /Zach Wade & The Good Grief

Guest Steve Shiffler w/This Albatross

with local businesses running sales and specials spaced throughout downtown Ebensburg. Live music was a part of the day, with performances at the Penn Eben Park’s gazebo. The Matt Wagner Duo performed earlier in the day, and I caught much of The Boomers’ performance later in the afternoon. Singer and bassist Bob Helbig, guitarist and singer Dave Nichols, and drummer, keyboardist and singer John Shimko kept an all-ages audience of music fans and passers-by happy with their blend of classic rock’n’roll hits. Their song selection spanned early rock’n’roll favorites like Roy Orbison’s “Oh Pretty Woman” to the funky double-shot of Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music” into Parliacontinued on next page..




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November, 2020

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Rick Wertz & C’ Jay Castello of Ricky Lee & The Mustangs

after a few months away), I headed to Huntingdon to catch some food and live music with Dylan Miller at Stone Town Cafe & Gallery. This was a pleasant show, as Dylan entertained diners in the Café’s outdoor courtyard. I ordered up a tasty dish of chicken parmesan over pasta as Dylan proceeded through his opening set, mixing original songs with select blues and other cover material – two of his covers early on included his arrangements of Bryan Adams’ “Run to You” and Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309/Jenny.” As Dylan took his intermission break, he shared his stage with three students from nearby Juniata College – two ladies and a guy – who entertained the onlookers with a set of covers, many from the 1960s. I had a moment of pleasant reflection during one

THE PROFESSOR continued...

ment’s “Give Up the Funk,” to classic rock numbers from Bruce Springsteen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top and more. The Boomers’ final set was highlighted by two lively medleys; the first saluting Tommy James and his second-generation Shondells (which The Boomers noted were from western PA) with “I Think We’re Alone Now” into “Hanky Panky” and “Mony Mony,” and the second stringing together The Hollies’ “Long Cool Woman,” The Champs’ “Tequila,” Tony Joe White’s “Polk Salad Annie” and CCR’s “Suzie Q” to end the afternoon. The Boomers are always fun, from their lighthearted personalities on stage to their instrumental skills, including John playing keys and drums at the same time and Dave’s clean and inspired guitar solo work. The Ebensburg audience didn’t want this party to end! And after an afternoon of working out my PA Musician delivery muscles early last month (when the print edition returned

Davina, Steph & Adriana / The Iron Maidens

Mike Hype & Scott Roberts /Even the Odds of their songs, when they broke into Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” – as I watched these young musicians perform a song that came out more than 30 years before they were born, I thought about one of my earliest exposures to rock’n’roll music, when my mother used to play a Simon & Garfunkel (vinyl) album on the living room stereo when my age was in the single digits, and “The Boxer” was one of those songs I remembered hearing back then. I thought of how these young musicians were inspired to play one of the same songs that awakened me to rock’n’roll all those years ago! It was cool to hear this trio doing other songs from that era from Ben E. King, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, in addition to a number from Jeff Buckley and a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Dylan then returned to perform his nightcap set. He again did many original tunes, including one he co-wrote with Doug Forshey, and he also did songs from bluesmen Mississippi John Hurt and Lonnie Johnson, plus Hank Williams Sr.’s “Hey

Good Lookin,’” Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again,” Waylon & Willie’s “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” and more. News and notes…The public event cancelled for this year due to COVID-19, the Patched Together From A Distance: 2020 Concert happens online Nov. 13, with performances from Rick Wertz, Mellissa Vella and Matt Otis & the Sound to raise donations for Home Nursing Agency’s Healing Patch program…After a successful first event in late April, Live United Live 2, an online fundraiser for Centre County United Way, will take place on December 4, and will feature at least 12 area bands and performing artists, along with opportunities for community members of the community to donate online; performers for the event will be announced later this month…Two area music names have earned nominations for the upcoming annual Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMAs); Zupe’s Christmas polka song “Dasher, the Reindeer” has been nominated for Best Holiday Song, while the Derek Woods Band’s song “Unforgiving Tree” has been nominated for Best Americana/Folk/Acoustic Song. The awards take place on January 27 at Avalon in Hollywood...Images Of Eden have signed an official recording contract with Pavement Entertainment for the worldwide release of their fifth album, “Angel Born,” expected to be released in February…Another Pittsburgh area live music venue has shut its doors – Hambone’s in Lawrenceville closed permanently following the passing of owner Jeff Holt in September and COVID-19-related debt issues with a bank…Bad Luck Lover Boys recently added Adam Lingenfelter on bass; the group is recording a full-length album expected out later this month…Tim Woods has released his new album, called “Vortex.” Please send correspondence and recordings to: Jim Price, 1104 S. Catherine St., Altoona, PA 16602. You can also e-mail me at jptheprofessor@gmail. com. And if you’re into social networking, look me up on Facebook. Happy Thanksgiving, keep washing those hands and wearing those masks, and SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC! [all photos on pages 16-20 by Jim Price]

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November, 2020

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November, 2020

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CRAIG BONNER – HALLOWEEN BALL, PART ONE (no label) Not originally a fan of Halloween season, Palmyra-based singer and songwriter Craig Bonner was inspired by a former girlfriend to write a song called “Halloween Ball” several years ago. Craig continued to flesh out and add elements to the initial story, and his five-year process has culminated in his first CD, the Halloween-themed album Halloween Ball, Part One. Through ten songs, Craig weaves a loose narrative about unusual happenings involving a spooky house atop a hill, as well as some of the characters who frequent the house. (According to Craig, these initial songs develop the background, history and context for his song “Halloween Ball,” which will appear on

his follow-up Halloween Ball, Part Two album.) Craig sings and plays acoustic guitars, while other guest musicians help him flesh out and bring these songs to life, with more contributors providing character roles for dialogues and skits which occur between songs on the album. Joe Trojcak plays keys, provides special effects and backing vocals, and also produced and recorded the album at his Progressive Enterprises studio in Elizabethtown. Anthony Pieruccini contributes electric guitars and cello, Ryan Frantz plays bass, Kevin Daboin plays drums and percussion, and Alexis Evans and Bernadette “BB” Bratina provide backing vocals. The songs are rock-geared and blend various flavors, spanning classic and gothic-styled rock to hints of Alice Cooper, Bobby “Boris” Pickett and more. Curious boys becoming scared of monstrous sounds from a spooky abode lead into the album’s first song, “The House on the Hill,” with Joe’s ominous organ groan underscoring Craig’s sung narrative and background on tragic events that happened at the house. The undead run amok on the faster-paced “Zombies on the Run,” culminating in a chaotic homestretch cacophony of fleeing townsfolk and wailing police sirens. Folklore gossip about the house leads into “The Girl in the Graveyard,” where swamp blues-flavored verses lead to ghostly choruses. Girls singing “Ring Around the Rosie” preface a visit from the Bogeyman on “The Gingerbread Man,” while the creeping “Harold, the Spider” conjures a darker Alice Cooper vibe., and the hard-rocking “Hairry D. Wolf” brings a werewolf into the mix. The eerie “The Hanging Tree” adds another haunting angle to the house narrative, and the 10-minute album-closing opus “Something Strange (Monster’s Ball)” reports a strange gathering at the house, complete November, 2020

with various Halloween characters, movie, TV and cartoon creatures, Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson too. This album works as both a cohesive story and musical narrative; Craig’s expressive voice serves his narrative well, giving the story’s presentation an appropriately creepy edge. The songs are infectious, and the musicians serve the mood of each song, from Joe’s keyboard underscores to Alexis and Bernadette’s timely backing vocal accents. Everything works well together, from music to voices to skits and dialogue, and the sound mix enables everything to sound clear and in place. Halloween Ball, Part One is fun listening and nicely done, as Craig Bonner and his colleagues deliver an album of worthy mood music for trick-or-treat and Halloween parties. (The album can be accessed or obtained through the website https://

Stahlman on guitar, James Arroway on bass and Rob Chisholm on drums deliver a fun, rocking, 8-song set with a sound that mixes classic, modern rock and funk flavors; channeling influences spanning Led Zeppelin, the Black Crowes, the Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. The Crowes and Chili Peppers influences shine prominently on the punchy funk-rocking album-opener “Summer Rain,” with the band setting its infectious groove instantly and having fun with it. The tempo increases with “Thinkin’ Straight,” with its catchy melody, memorable chorus hook and words of determination in the pursuit of someone’s heart.

Determination to get out of town and chase the dream of being on stage informs the words of the feverish rocker “Out of Dodge,” as JOEY DALTO – ALL FOR YOU (no label) Joey Dalto has been Donny uncorks scathing guitar solo fireworks during the song’s making music as a frontman for several prominent central PA latter midsection and homestretch. Donny recalls a fun weekend bands during the past two decades – including past projects like triggered by attending a Foo Fighters concert on the upbeat “Foo Echoburn and Pocket Rockit, and currently with Harrisburg-based Fighter Weekend,” and a driving riff sets up the powerful chobands The Famous and The Swisher Sweets. Along the way, he rus payoff of “Carousel.” Guest Dan Collins contributes fiddle has been writing his own songs, and introduces some of those crework on the funk-driven “Think You Know,” while Cody Wolf ations on his debut solo album, All For You. Singing and playing offers the timely midsection raps on the milder-toned title song guitar, Joey introduces a guitar-powered, melody-driven hard rock “Satisfied,” helping build its lyrical message about stopping and style that mixes classic and modern rock flavors over the album’s smelling the roses. The songs are catchy and solid, and the band 10 tracks. He shows a knack for potent song hooks that snare you delivers them with excitement and enthusiasm. The performancin, driven home with his clear, dynamic es are energized and tight, and vocals and vocal harmonies are voice and a tight-sounding support cast spot-on. Self-recorded, mixed, engineered and produced by the including guitarist Tyler Adkins, bassist band, Satisfied sounds clear, full, lively and edgy, as the songs Phil Cannizzaro and drummer Trent Sp- and performances do the talking without the dampening of studio renkle. Joey’s blend of classic and modern bells and whistles. Donny Burns & the 3rd Degree trailblaze their rock elements quickly becomes apparent own hot-rocking path with Satisfied, a satisfying, energized listen that should prompt listeners to quickly crank up the volume. (The on the album-opener “Angel,” containing a sleek, hard-driving album can be obtained through online music retailers and streammelody and chorus reminiscent of peak Bryan Adams, tinged ing services.) with a modern-ish sheen. He also displays straight-up rock on the dual-speed, hard-edged title track “All For You.” Once a finalDEVON BECK – ONE SIDED EXPECTATIONS EP (no laist to become the singer for platinum-selling rockers Fuel, Joey bel) After graduating from high school earlier this year, youthchannels a Fuel flavor on songs such as “Can’t Stand” and the ful singer and songwriter Devon Beck is reaching for the stars. escalating “Maybe Crazy.” He takes things in a funkier direction The Harrisburg area native has relocated to Nashville to pursue on “Breathe Again,” and shows a viable contemporary pop-rock her musical dream, and issued her debut EP, One Sided Expectasound with the beat-driven single “Miss Lonely.” Joey shows a tions, on her 18th birthday in July. The slower and darker tone on the ethereal “Isolate Me,” and crafts four-song recording reveals Devon’s obtwo quality power ballads to finish the album on “Epic Love” vious songwriting and lyrical skills, plus and “Things to Say,” the former featuring keyboard and strings a smooth, soulful voice and singing style from Erik Avakian. All ten tunes offer crisp, tight arrangements to bring those skills forth. She seamand efficient songcraft. Joey’s voice is clear and constant throughlessly fuses together country and pop out, and his associates execute cleanly and on the mark. Produced and engineered by Michael Washkevich, and recorded at MDW flavors over the course of the EP, and her words address love, reProductions in Harrisburg, All For You sounds full, cohesive lationship issues and heartbreak. The leadoff song and title track, and polished. Joey Dalto delivers a well-crafted, fresh-sounding “One Sided Expectations” finds Devon hesitant about investing and consistent debut effort in All For You, serving notice of his emotional capital in a new relationship after previously expecompelling songwriting skills and excellent vocal abilities. (The riencing the pains of heartbreak. She encourages commitment album can be obtained through Joey’s website, www.joeydalto. and reliability on the slower and steady “Love Me or Get Lost,” and acknowledges her role in a failed relationship on the sullen com.) and piano-driven ballad “Forgive Me.” And Devon learns from DONNY BURNS & THE 3RD DEGREE – SATISFIED (no la- past deceptions on the punchy country-rocking closer “Devil in bel) When it comes to music family bloodlines, the expression Disguise.” Devon’s voice is front and center throughout the set, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” often proves true. From as she comfortably bridges the middle ground between country the early 1980s on, Donny Burns Sr. made his mark on central twang and Adele-like soulful pop. The songs are direct and to PA stages as the frontman for Cut The Mustard, Donny Burns the point, and Devon’s instrumental contributors provide just the & the Sharp Turns and Time with Donny Burns. In recent years, right backdrops to frame the songs. The production mix sounds Donny’s son, Donny Burns Jr., surfaced as a guitar player and clean, smooth and polished, making all four of these songs sound singer with the Time project, before stepping away in early 2019 complete and “radio ready.” One Sided Expectations showcases to make his own mark with his self-named band, Donny Burns & Devon Beck and what she offers, and provides an impressive the 3rd Degree. The group’s blazing live show has quickly grown opening chapter in this young artist’s musical journey. (The EP a regional fan base, and their debut CD, Satisfied, should continue can be accessed and obtained through Spotify, Apple and other to win the group new fans. Donny on lead vocals and guitar, Nick online music platforms.) Pennsylvania Musician Magazine



Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

November, 2020