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April, 2020

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April, 2020

April, 2020

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine



4/1 Garrett Shultz 4/8 RJ Moody 4/2 Corina Rose 4/9 Corinna Joy 4/3 Jason Carst 4/10 Nathan Merovich 4/4 Olivia Farabaugh 4/11 Conrad Fisher 4/5 Cheryl Woods 4/12 Cheryl Widad 4/6 Nick Andrew Staver 4/13 Hank Imhof 4/7 Cody Tyler 4/18 Shea Quinn

live streams start at 7pm on

Facebook @cpmhof

More live streams will be added as the quarantine continues. All perfomances include virtual tip jars to help support each musician during the COVID-19 pandemic. 4

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

April, 2020

4/4 Millerstown Moose 4/25 Quehanna Motor Lodge

For more info and Booking: Facebook:@FOBRocks

! e c i u J e h T Classic Rock, Blues, & Originals Fri. April 17th - CARLISLE MOOSE 7pm 25 E. High St. Carlisle, PA

717-567-7070 211 NORTH 4TH STREET NEWPORT PA, 17074 April, 2020

Sat. May 16th - HOOK & FLASK STILL WORKS, 7pm Carlisle, PA (Acoustic Juice)

Booking info: 717.448.3888

the Juice

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Editor’s Ramblings By Josh Noll

Wow what a difference a month can make. To say things will never be the same after COVID-19 is most likely a true statement. Will the music world survive? Yes it will. In the 38 years that the paper has been alive this is the first time that we are not printing and distributing a hard copy but we will publish the usual digital issue. The choice to do an online only issue was a very hard decision. With most of our delivery locations closed and with lockdown now extending to the end of April, there really was no other choice. I looked into a smaller print run but most of the cost is involved in the setup of the press not the amount printed. I would like to thank all our supporters for sticking with us and still advertising. Without them I would be living in a van down by the river when this is all over. Which actually doesn’t sound too bad, haha. One thing is certain, music will survive. In fact if you have just been watching the news, or sharing fake news posts on your facebook, you might be missing out. There is a whole new way in which you can still enjoy live music. Yes, Live Streams! While live streams are far from new they have found a new foothold in the music community. Instead of sitting around complaining, a lot of musicians have picked up the cameras and continued with their craft. Adding virtual tip jars to their live streams is also taking off and helping support starving musicians in this crazy new world of reaching their fans and acquiring new fans. When the “Shit” hit the fan, one of the first bands to keep us entertained was Six Bar Break. Ben and the boys have been doing live streams and videos for awhile so it was pretty easy for them to start streaming shows right away. I watched the first one of there quarantine live streams and I must say it was a great time. I got to watch it along with the famous Rachel Rocks! It is always fun watching live music with my little sister even if we are miles apart and only connected through our computer screens. Smashing the like button at the end of songs is the new virtual applause. I have been trying to catch as many live streams as I can since this all started and I have to admit that I’ve seen way more musicians this month then I would have otherwise. Six Bar Break will be live streaming for the masses through this whole ordeal so please keep an eye on there facebook page @Sixbarbreak for more live streams. Another group to step up right away was The Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame and Keystone Amplifiers. They started a live stream series aptly named The Quarantine Live Streams. They will be hosting live streams with virtual tip jars for as long as needed to help out the local music scene.

I have watched a bunch of Live Streams now and I must say I have seen a ton of great musicians. Including Kevin Cole, Shine Delphi, Cody Wilt, and John Rossey. All of them did a great job with my favorite performance from John Rossey. I really was into his style of playing and banter. I thought he really did a great live stream. You can check him out @johnleerossey on facebook. Also be sure to check out the list of upcoming streams hosted by CPMHOF and Keystone Amplifiers on page 4. If you find yourself still able to be working and can do so please tip the artists as for some of them this is the only income they will get. Along with the above mentioned streams I also caught a few more. Including Corinna Joy and Erica Lyn Everest. Both these lovely ladies took the live streams to the outdoors and hosted them from the back patios. They both belted out some powerful vocals and did a great job adapting to the new way of live music. It’s fun to watch everyone explore the world of live streams with different setups and backdrops to capture the sound and style of the performance. Another very entertaining performance was put on by Ed Varner. He had a previous show planned at The Short Bus Brew House in Burnham but with all shows cancelled he decided he would not let that stop him. He hosted a live stream from the safety of his own home with a tip jar and all earning will go to help musicians who are not working through this whole ordeal. Ed took requests and is not one to back down from songs he has never attempted. I wish I was that talented and brave enough to do what he was pulling off. At one point the Kazoo was even busted out mid song. Check out Ed’s ad in this issue and be sure to catch a live stream or one of his live shows once this mess is over. Well what are some other ways you can support local music while being locked at home? A lot of bars and restaurants are offering take out and some even delivery. If you have always complained that no one delivers around here then by all means please take advantage and try it out. They are staying open to try to survive, so when you get tired of cooking or eating those leftovers or frozen pizzas please go support a local business by ordering some food. Along with food comes drink and even though they closed the state stores you can still find ways to satisfy your thirst. A lot of winery’s including Spyglass Ridge Winery in Sunbury and Deerfoot Vineyards and Winery in Shoemakersville are open for take out. Heck Deerfoot will even send it right to your door. I recommend some Goblin Alchemy! If you haven’t tried it please do so ‘cause the stuff is like a golden nectar sent from the gods. Both of these winery’s support local music so you should support them. Be sure to check out Spyglass Ridge Winery’s schedule of events on page 2 and the other events they are having throughout the paper. Well that’s all the space I have for this month so please stay safe and healthy and remember to support local businesses. If you’re reading this then thank you for enjoying our first only digital issue at ~All cover art by Jim Price “The Professor” ~

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

April, 2020

April, 2020

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine



Original members Chad Wright and Austin Weaver reunite with special guests to perform at the


Booking Now ! 717.979.9234 Email:

Booking Now! 717.979.9234 Follow us on FB, Instagram: @blindaccuracy 8

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

April, 2020

Keeping The Blues Alive in PA

Info/booking: Observe the

Derek Henry solo

4/25 LoyalSock Hotel, Montoursville 9-12pm 5/2 Oregon Hill Winery, McElhattan 6-8pm 5/9 Riverside Campground, Montgomery 7-10pm 4/25 The Circle, Hanover 8pm www.facebook/latimoresky

For gigs: Call 570-651-5014



4/4 The Littlestown Eagles, Littlestown PA 8pm 4/17 Riverside Camping Association, Lancaster PA 8pm 4/24 Seacrets, Ocean City MD 5pm 4/25 Tourist Inn, Hallam PA 8pm 4/29 The Winner’s Circle Saloon, Grantville PA 8pm

For Bookings Contact: 570-687-8827

April, 2020

For more information vist our website & follow us on

Sat,. April 11th 9:30pm McSherrystown Moose Lodge 720 McSherrystown PA

Sat. May 9th 9:30pm Tourist Inn, Hallam PA Fri. May 29th 8:00pm Dam Party, Boiling Springs PA le at ered” Availabite “Steel Hammon bs we r All gigs & ou Booking: Chris 717.688.9177 or Aaron 717.580.0218 Email: ~ Hope to see YOU at one of our shows! ~

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OUT ‘n’ ABOUT By Rachel Rocks

Well, March definitely came in like a lion… and it looks like it’s going out like a lion too! What a month! My heart absolutely breaks for everyone in the music industry, from the biggest to the smallest, to the fans, bartenders, doormen, and everyone else. If anyone is in desperate need of anything, please reach out! I might not be able to help you directly, but I will find someone who can.. Email: or just give me a call 717-580-1939. Unfortunately, so many of us live paycheck to paycheck and just missing one or two paychecks makes a huge difference in our lives. No one should have to go hungry, or miss out on a necessity item, or even just some good old comfort. This pandemic is none of our faults, and we are here for each other. This music community has to come together now, more than ever… This article starts out quite a while ago, on the last weekend of February for the 24th Annual Millennium Music Conference. Kudos to John Harris and his team for pulling off another successful year! I had an amazing weekend filled with music, friends, and more music! This year the MMC made its way back downtown to the Hilton. It all started off Thursday night, once again with the bag stuffing. I’m happy to say we had good attendance this year and had all of the bags stuffed in about an hour. It’s always awesome to see how the bag stuffing instantly starts off the networking, and that winds up being some of the people that you see and talk to all weekend long. After the bags were stuffed we headed to the Ad Lib Café off the lobby in the Hilton for the KickOff Party. This year was a little more laid back since Ad-Lib only has room for Acoustic performers. Thursday night is a great night of seeing friends from previous years and also a great opportunity to meet new comers. Bright Kelly, an indie rock musician from Philly, kicked off the night. He quickly captivated the audience with his very soulful voice. Bright also plays with his full band, The Great Enough. It has to be a little intimidating playing the kick-off party of a music conference when you know pretty much everyone watching you is a musician or at least works in the music field in some way, but Bright Kelly did it flawlessly. Next up was Bill Hartmann, a singer-songwriter from Lake Worth, Florida. Bill instantly pulled you in with his story-telling lyrics. We had the privilege to hear Bill a second time when he stopped by Rock Mill’s open mic stage at the trade show on Saturday and played a couple songs. Bill was

definitely one of those guys that jumped at every opportunity to share his music with anyone who would listen, and it is definitely great music to hear! Northern Borne from Cambridge, NY took the stage next, they played some bluegrass music with a rockin’ beat and kicked the party up a notch. They also played us a few songs on the open mic stage Saturday afternoon, waking us all up! Derek Henry, the only local musician on this night’s line up was next. Derek plays acoustic shows all over central PA and beyond, but he also plays with his full band Observe the 93rd. On a regular 3 hour set of music Derek plays a lot of covers, but this short set he played a bunch of originals. Derek has 11 shows booked for the month of April, we are all hoping he will get to play some of those shows and get back on stage soon! Jason Dimaco from Raleigh, NC was the last musician of the night. Jason played some amazing blues rock that helped keep all of us hooked in til his last note! Even though the Kick-Off party was a little more mellow than usual, with only acoustic acts, it was still a great show and a great way to kick-off the MMC. Friday morning the fun started early with the Trade Show. I unfortunately had to work til 1pm so when I got there the trade show and conference were in full swing. The panels were all well attended and the trade show had a continual flow of people to meet and familiar faces to catch up with. I was bummed we couldn’t find anyone brave enough to play on Rock Mill Industries’ open mic stage, but they made up for it on Saturday. As always it’s a blast hanging out with the other vendors, and just hanging with all of the PA Musician Magazine staff. Once again I am super thrilled that Rock Mill Industries handled the Acoustic Stage. It is so awesome to just visit with my friends new and old. Huge thanks to PJ Groft, the lead singer from Latimore Sky, for coming to hang out with us. It is always awesome to see local musicians take advantage of everything the conference has to offer. He was attending the panels and learning everything he could possibly learn. A new vendor this year was the company Strung. It is a guitar string jewelry company. They provide a playlist of bracelets all inspired by a different song. The strings from each bracelet are the chords used to play a song. There was a card and a charm indicating which song was represented. I got Dad a super cool adjustable guitar string bracelet. There was as usual plenty of shenanigans happening throughout the day. After the trade show, we have about an hour or so to recharge and then it’s off to the live showcases! Friday night we spent most of the night at HMAC. It all started with an alternative pop/rock band, Madison Ryan from Harrisburg, up in the Capitol Room. Even though they had the early 8pm time slot they already had a great crowd at HMAC. Madison Ryan has been playing shows all along the East Coast since 2017. She recently released a new single Avant Garden that can be found on all of your favorite music platforms. It’s a bummer that locally there just aren’t many places for

Jim Price, Chris Rider, Josh & Missy, Rachel Rocks them to play, but Madison Ryan is not afraid to travel, it’s been a fun adventure already, and they are just getting started. Next we headed downstairs and caught the last couple songs of Peter Stone. I recently saw him at Boneshire Brew Works and I was excited to see him playing again. Peter is from here in Harrisburg and you can catch him playing his own unique genre of alternative mixed with folk rock music throughout the area at breweries, wineries, etc. He plays everywhere he possibly can. Peter has a bunch of different music streaming online you can check out while you’re stuck at home, and even when you’re not. The next band on the Kitchen Gallery Bar stage were The Foxfires from Nyack, NY. We have seen The Foxfires the past 3 MMCs and every time, no matter where they are playing, they put on a great show! The Foxfires were traveling without a drummer this time, so they just played an acoustic show. They are another band that has definitely created their own genre of music, a little bit of surfrock mixed with punk, mixed some modern rock. Whatever it is, it sounds great, and Christian’s voice is mesmerizing! Speaking of mesmerizing, next we walked into the Stage on Herr for Possimiste from Reykjavik, Iceland. She is a solo artist that definitely has her own style of music. She is more of a story teller, beating on a big drum and playing other interesting instruments. It once again amazes me at all of the different styles and types of music you can hear in one weekend! Next I ran back up to the Capitol Room for June Divided from Philly. I have to admit June Divided was one of my favorite discoveries at this MMC. Melissa, their lead singer is extremely talented. She not only sings, but plays the keys and guitar too! The whole band sounds great and has definitely been added to my Playlist favorites! Well it was time to call an Uber and head to O’Reilly’s. On our way out the door to the Uber I saw Josh and Missy heading in for The Huxleys. I’m glad they saw them because they looked like a very interesting band to say the least. Kudos to all of the Uber drivers of the MMC. Since we all have a tendency to drink too much, mixed with exhaustion from no continued on next page...

BOB RANDALL Now Booking 2020

Original & Covers of Hard Rock/Classic Metal

“The Red Album”, “Wolves” & “X-Nihilo” CDs at: Wayne’s World, 419 Memorial Hwy. Dallas, PA,

“GOD DON’T MAKE JUNK” Available at CDbaby

“I Can’t Get You Off Of My Mind”

Now Booking for 2020!!

Bookings: 570-881-7734


Apr 03 ~ Chick’s Fri 8pm · CHICK’S · Hummelstown, PA Apr 24 ~ McKay’s! Fri 9pm · MCKAY’S CAVE · Carlisle, PA Jun 13 ~ Sun Valley Campground Sat 8 AM · Sun Valley RV Campground · Narvon, PA Contact us: Email: Phone: 717.379.3973


Calling OFF Doug

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

April, 2020

OUT & ABOUT continued...

sleep, ubering is a very safe and very smart decision! At the end of the day an Uber is way cheaper than a DUI. Our Uber got us very safely to O’Reilly’s in time for Single By Sunday. It was an odd and super small stage for the energy of Single By Sunday, but we all know that O’Reilly’s knows how to party!! It was awesome to see Taylor as the bar manager, and still ready to handle our shenanigans, especially when Jonny climbed up on the bar and then soared over top of a patrons head. Single by Sunday was also back for the 3rd year. The connections they’ve made while coming to the MMC the past 3 years is amazing. Last year they said they actually spent more time in the United States than in their hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. This was our last band of the night, but thanks to our Uber stopping at Sheetz for a beer run, it was back to the hotel to gather together with friends. After all, one thing we don’t do at the MMC is sleep… Saturday it was back to the trade show, but I’m thrilled that this time we had some amazing acoustic entertainment on Rock Mill Industries stage. The first victim of the day was Dan Barry. He took full advantage of his 15 minutes and set up his merch along with a guitar case for tips! Dan is a singer songwriter from from Sea Isle City, NJ. I’m so glad he got up there and played us a few songs. The open mic stage gives us an easy way to see even more music during the MMC. Alex Cano took the stage next. Alex played for us last year too, so we knew we were in for a treat when he took the stage. Alex has an amazing voice and he’s always a pleasure to listen to. He also set out some merch, including his biggest seller, his snap back hats that he embroidered at Rock Mill Industries. He made a connection with Rock Mill last year and they struck up a deal for merch. Rock Mill Industries is your one stop shop for anything band related, they have their recording studio and practice space, but they also have their own videographer, screen printing, embroidery, stickers, and it’s also where Hershey Solutions is located which meets all of your AV needs! Oh, and I forget they even added in their own tattoo shop too! I’m telling ya, they have a little bit of everything. They have some specials going on right now called Rock Mill Relief, seeing how none of those businesses listed are considered essential, they have been shut down. They are creating Rock Mill Relief hats, shirts, tanks, etc. to help raise funds for not only themselves, but different local bands that are losing so much money during this crazy Coronavirus. Check it out and place your order here: Sara Ontaneda from Queens, NY stepped up next. She played the guitar and was accompanied by a guy playing some kind of musical pad to add in drums, or whatever instrument he needed at that moment. It was quite interesting to say the least. Kevin Correll from Sunbury, stopped by to play us a few songs. I’m glad he did because I unfortunately just didn’t have time to make it to his showcase, but I really wanted to hear him. Kevin plays a mix of alternative blues and tells a story with each song. Some of his songs are comical, but serious too. Kevin plays throughout central PA, I’m going to be keeping an eye out for him so I can catch a full show soon! Evy Zee, who works with Jason at Full Tilt Productions, and was April, 2020

manning his booth, took advantage of the demo guitar that Tone Tailors guitars had to use, and jumped on the stage to play us a few songs. Evy is based here in Harrisburg and is often caught playing with Jon Garcia & the Hopeless Romantics. A whole group of people came down from Williamsport to check out the trade show the first band was Half Tempted followed up by The Unfortunatetz, both bands had their own distinct sound. The Unfortunatetz seem to play more up in New York than they do here in PA, but they are obviously willing to travel wherever they have to in order to share their music. III for the Road is also a Harrisburg based band taking full advantage of the conference again. I’m glad they took the time to stop by and play us some music. Next up we had Northern Borne and Bill Hartmann that I also saw at the Kick-Off party. The final band of the trade show was Electric Sensei from New Jersey, I love their tag line on Facebook because it’s so true “Fun music to transform normal people into strange people.” It was awesome to end the trade show stage on a high note! I hope more people take advantage of the stage on Friday next year! Saturday night we kept Uber even busier because we were bopping back and forth between HMAC and XL Live. We started at HMAC for Featherburn, from Lancaster, at the Stage on Herr. Unfortunately, they had some sound issues and started a little late which was a bummer because we wound up only being able to hear one song. When we were waiting for our Uber I was able to catch a couple songs by Kendra & the Bunnies. Kendra is an amazing folkish story-teller. It’s quite hilarious when you find out where the “bunnies” are. You can check out Kendra & the Bunnies on facebook, you tube, etc. She is really talented and has quite a few fun videos to check out online. I’m glad we made it over to XL Live to see Single By Sunday finally on a stage where they could really move, dance, and have a good time! SBS just got back from Colorado where they found out they won a contest to be able to tour around to different college campuses, but then Corona hit. They were actually quarantined in Hershey, stuck with no where to go and no way to get back. Luckily for them they know important people in the airline industry and they were able to get on a plane and back to Scotland. It was a little stressful when someone showed up at their hotel door with an extra roll of TP and some towels, with a Good luck speech, of you are being quarantined for 14 days. I know this shut down is stressful on everyone in their own way, but that would be way too much stress for me to handle! After SBS it was back in the Uber for Autopilot at HMAC again. Autopilot is another 3peat band, but I can never get enough of these guys. They come down from Saskatoon Canada, and they are another band that seems to spend more time touring the US than they do at home. They do whatever they have to do to keep their music alive and kicking. Hopefully this whole thing clears up soon so we can have them back down here playing in the US again. Then quick call another Uber and back to XL Live. We made it in time for the Stonewall Vessels, my other favorite surprise of this MMC. I can’t believe these guys are from Lancaster and I’ve never heard of them before. They had 3 guitar players but it all sounded so continued on next page...

101 East Main Street Fredericksburg, PA




Mon. thru Thu. 3pm-6pm/ Fri. 3pm-5pm



• AMERICANA & SHOCK TOP MONDAYS: Hamburger, Cheeseburger ($6) or Chili Dog ($5) w/ Fresh Cut Fries (w/bev. purchase) Shock Top 22 oz. Drafts $4

• YUENGS & WINGS TUESDAYS: AUCE WINGS ...$14 pp (w/ bev. purchase) 16 oz. Yuengling Lager Drafts $2.75

• HUMP WEDNESDAYS: Cheesesteak or Cheesesteak Hoagie w/ Fresh Cut

Fries $8 (w/ bev. purchase) $1 OFF a 16 or 22 oz. European Draughts

• WING THURSDAYS: 50¢ WINGS (mini. order of 10) EAT IN ONLY (no take outs) Dressing & Celery extra. Sorry No other Discounts apply (w/ bev. purchase) 16 oz. COORS LIGHT DRAFT $2.75




Friday, 04/03- FEHO STEAK NIGHT 4-10pm /Acoustic 6-9pm DJ STU 9pm-1am


Saturday, 04/04 -FEHO STEAK NIGHT 4-10pm; DJ KICKIN’ KEV 9pm-1am NEW ACOUSTIC ACT NOTICE 6-9pm


Friday, 04/10- FEHO PRIME RIB NIGHT 4-10pm / Acoustic 6-9


DJ STU 9pm-1am


Friday, 04/17 - FEHO STEAK NIGHT 4-10pm / Acoustic 6-9


Saturday, 04/18 -FEHO STEAK NIGHT 4-10pm/ DJ STU 9pm-1am Acoustic 6-9pm w/


Friday, 04/24- FEHO PRIME RIB NIGHT 4-10pm / Acoustic 6-9pm with



chip stanilla


sign ups @8pm/Balls Drop @9pm Saturday, 04/25 - FEHO PRIME RIB NIGHT 4-10pm / 9pm-1am Acoustic 6-9pm...


~Handicap Accessible~ Hrs. Mon. thru Sat. 11am-2am/ Sunday 11am-12mid. Kitchen Hrs: Mon. thru Thur & Sun. 11am-9pm / Fri. & Sat. 11am-10pm


Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


OUT & ABOUT continued...


Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

cohesive! I always get nervous when I see “extra” musicians on stage, but these guys really know how to bring it all together. They also have a line on their Facebook page that says” its about coming together, bringing all they can to the table, and letting it come out the way it’s meant to be…” That is what they do. It definitely comes out sounding smooth and well rehearsed, and their energy and vocals just bring the house down! The last band of the night and of the MMC was Observe the 93rd. I know I see these guys all of the time, but my MMC traveling buddy, CK, comes down from Boston and she has liked these guys since she first saw them a few years ago, and we all know that I like them, so who am I to argue. With so many bands playing all throughout Harrisburg, OT93 still brought a great crowd. For this show they had Todd Williams filling in on bass, and Brett Sheib on guitar. Even though part of me misses Derek playing guitar, it is awesome to see him be free and be able to move all around the stage and focus completely on his vocals. Observe the 93rd will be hopefully be playing May 30th at Johnny Joe’s. I seriously hope we are back to normal by then!! The last band out for the month for me was Road Case at Johnny Joe’s. It had been entirely too long since I saw these guys. Again, another amazing band that just doesn’t have enough places to play anymore. The Harrisburg area is really struggling finding places for local talented bands to play.. Anyhow, Road Case had Johnny Joe’s packed and people dancing along all night long. It was awesome to see so many people out supporting them. Clint had some nice and pretty new guitars to play, and they sounded as good as they looked. It was a great night of rock n’ roll and so glad I was able to see this show. I absolutely LOVE all of the Live/Recorded shows bands/musicians, etc. are sharing on Facebook, YouTube, or wherever. My first live show of Quarantine was Six Bar Break. It was so awesome to prop up my phone and listen to their show while I made dinner. But I’ve enjoyed so many great shows, I can’t possibly list them all. The Dropkick Murphys show on St. Patty’s Day was super sweet! I had one heck of a mosh pit happening in my living room!! The dogs thought I was going crazy. I also loved Go Go Gadjet’s show, it’s crazy to hear all of the different aspects to their show that they took the time to explain a little of the behind the scenes stuff. These guys have been busting their butts for years and adapting along the way.. Plenty of solo stuff happening every night, multiple shows per night. I loved Ritt when he said you all really need to set up some kind of set list so you don’t all go live at once! Give Ritt a call, he will get you on the list. Haha! The Jellybricks were the most creative they had some kind of almost virtual jam where they were all at home, but still managed to play songs together. I was impressed, I don’t know how they managed to stay in time with one another and no one had a connection that lagged. I love how people are overcoming this obstacle in our lives. I hope we can continue to work together and get through this craziness. I know this virus is hitting so many of you, in ways I can’t even imagine. I don’t want to brag, but my husband and I are both essential employees, so we are not burdened like everyone else (this is not my day job.. lol). If ANYONE needs help in any way, groceries, medicine, or even just a friend to talk to, please reach out, 717-580-1939 or RachelRocks@ I can’t do much, but I also have a gaggle of friends that are willing and able to help. Please don’t struggle, and don’t think that you are alone. We are here for you… We want to help however we can. When you get help, after you get back on your feet, just pay it forward. We are a community, and as a community we need to stick together. Please stay home and stay safe!! But I hope the bars and liquor stores are ready for us when they unlock their doors!! Hang in there everybody!! If you plan on going live or if you have a video to share, hit me up at Have the best month you possibly can!! Since you can’t support live music this month, how bout supporting bands or businesses, hit up their websites, order merch, buy a gift card, or do whatever you can to keep us all afloat.. Oh and of course.. ADVERTISE in the PA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE!! Thank you all who have continued to support us during this difficult time, we truly do appreciate all of you April, 2020

NATIONALS By Eric Hoffman

Greetings Rockers ’N’ Rollers! A few shows squeezed in last month before the current crisis took over the world. Hall & Oates played the first night of their current tour at Hershey’s Giant Center on February 26th. This year marks the 50th anniversary of their formal partnership but the duo aren’t celebrating it, they are more focused on a new album. Hall & Oates sold-out Madison Square Garden in NYC two days later but had to put the rest of their 38 summer dates on hold. Harrisburg University brought The Revivalists to the Forum Auditorium downtown on March 4th. A unique show in which the Forum removed the permanent seats for the first time to create a general admission pit area. Harrisburg University will continue to bring live concerts to the historic Harrisburg venue that was built between 1929 and 1931. Young, The Giant is scheduled for December 12th and past HU shows at the Forum include Jason Isbell, Grace Potter and Rodrigo Y Gabriela. March also saw the grand opening of new music venue, Phantom Power in Millersville, PA. On March 6th, Heart Bones (featuring Har Mar Superstar and Sabrina Ellis) played the first show and put on a fantastic performance. The duo was in the middle of their Hot Dish US Tour 2020. Congratulations to Gregg Barley on his latest venture and new venue, Phantom Power. Gregg has been a huge part of the Lancaster music scene with many years spent at the Chameleon Club and the opening of Tellus 360. Congratulations are also in order to John Harris and the Millennium Music Conference which took place February 28th-29th, celebrating its 24th year. MMC has educated and showcased thousands of independent acts and artists over the years. NATIONAL NEWS: As the world deals with the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, society has felt the affects in almost every possible way. Practically everything has shut down including businesses, employment and the entertainment industry. It began with professional sports teams ending their entire seasons on March 11th. Quickly to be followed by the music industry, with bands cancelling tours, venues closing and Live Nation putting all concerts on hold. With the viral spread, the city of Austin, Texas announced the cancellation of South By Southwest (the largest music conference in the Nation) which was scheduled to begin on March 13th. This marks the first time in 34 years that SXSW would not take place. The cancellation has estimated to have cost $336 million in economy revenue loss.

Pearl Jam was the first band to postpone their 2020 tour, citing public health concerns surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. Pearl Jam wrote on Twitter “It’s been brutal and it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. So we are being told that being part of large gatherings is high on the list of things to avoid as this global health crisis is now beginning to affect all of our lives. The risks posed to fans is simply too high for our comfort level.” Then the Rolling Stones followed postponed their North America “No Filter” tour stating, “We are sorry to all the fans who were looking forward to it as much as we were, but the health and safety of everyone has to take priority. We will all get through this together – and we’ll see you very soon.” Which then led to a flood of cancellations of tours (Elton John, Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters, Guns N Roses, Madonna, The Who) and shows by bands, venues and promoters. The U.S. government then stepped in cancelling continued on next page...


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NATIONALS continued... all events and closures. Governor, Tom Wolf, extended a shutdown to the entire state of Pennsylvania, closing schools statewide and a range of government offices. The virus, which started in Wuhan, China, has spread to more than 30 countries, including the United States, Italy and South Korea. With the world’s population staying safe at home to combat the virus, many artists have started a new trend by streaming live performances for their fans. Neil Young was one of the firsts to announce his live stream the Fireside Sessions, “Because we are all at home and not venturing out, we will try to do a stream from my fireplace with my lovely wife filming. It will be a down-home production, a few songs, a little time together. See You Soon! NY.” Other artists who have streamed live include, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Keith Urban, Pink, Rob Thomas, Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow, John Legend, Dave Matthews and Metallica. Lady Gaga is meant to visit six International cites this summer, July 24th to August 19th, as part of a short run dubbed “The Chromatica Ball Tour,” promoted by Live Nation. The concerts will take place at Stade de France in Paris (July 24), the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, UK (July 30), Fenway Park in Boston, MA (Aug. 5), Rogers Centre in Toronto, ON (Aug. 9), Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL (Aug. 14) and MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ (Aug. 19). Lady Gaga was in the midst of her Las Vegas residencies “Enigma” and “Lady Gaga Jazz + Piano,” with shows confirmed through May. Journey principal members Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain have fired drummer Steven Smith and bassist Ross Valory, alleging in a law-

suit the duo has launched a “corporate coup d’etat” by attempting to claim the rights to band’s trademarks. The suit was filed March 3rd in California Superior Court and seeks $10 million in damages along with other declaratory relief. Smith and Valory are accused of holding an improper shareholder meeting February 13th to oust Schoen and Cain from leadership roles in and take control of Nightmare Productions, the corporate entity that conducts part of the band’s business and owns the Journey Mark. The lawsuit accuses Smith and Valory of “self-dealing .. and have destroyed the chemistry, cohesion and rapport necessary for the band to play together. Journey can only tour successfully and succeed creatively if it is united and the band members trust one another. The actions taken by Smith and Valory shattered that trust.” Live Nation will book shows at Philadelphia’s nonprofit Mann Center for the Performing Arts as part of an exclusive multiyear partnership. As part of the agreement, the Mann and Live Nation will offer enhanced VIP options to enhance the guest experience at the open-air venue. Live Nation will also participate in developing new music festivals to fill the Mann’s multiple stages. The Mann’s 22-acre campus is in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. The main stage, seats 4,500 under its roof and can accommodate 10,000 more concert goers for terrace and lawn seating. Public Enemy has abruptly fired founding member Flavor Flav following a public spat over the rap group’s plan to perform at a Bernie Sanders campaign event. Public Enemy “will be moving forward without Flavor Flav,” the band said in a brief statement. “We thank him for his years of service and wish him well.” Flavor Flav responded on with incredulity, writing to band leader Chuck D: “You wanna destroy some-

Har Mar Superstar of Heart Bones thing we’ve built over 35 years OVER POLITICS?” He scolded the rap pioneer: “I’m very disappointed in you and your decisions right now.” Public Enemy released this, “Official Statement: Public Enemy did not part ways with Flavor Flav over his political views. Flavor Flav has been on suspension since 2016 when he was MIA from the Harry Belafonte benefit in Atlanta, Georgia.That was the last straw for the group. He had previously missed numerous live gigs from Glastonbury to Canada, album recording sessions and photo shoots. He always chose to party over work.” Currently, there are no future concerts in the near future. Most tours have been postponed until later this year. Stay tuned. Please take care of yourselves and stay well.

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Sketches with Jim “The Professor” Price This month we are putting the spotlight on our one and only Jim “The Professor” Price. He has been with the paper since 1987. According to Whitey the Mighty when he hired Jim he told him he would never fire him and that if he wanted out he would have to quit. Quitting I don’t believe is in Jim’s vocabulary as he has been a staple of our Magazine since the day he started some 33 years ago. His devotion to music is like no other and he continues to see countless numbers of shows each and every month. All while recording data, taking pictures, and of course doing his famous sketches.

So here is five quick questions with The Professor. PA Musician: What got you into music? The Professor: When I was a youngster, my older brother, Mike, used to bring home albums when he was commuting to Penn State (University Park), and turned me on to Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Moody Blues, Santana, CSNY and others. Then I started listening to the radio. I saw my first rock concert (Ozzy Osbourne and Motorhead) in 1981, and although I couldn’t hear for the next week, I was hooked on live music. I saw my first local show in 1981 as well, when Harrisburg’s Full Moon played at Penn State Altoona.

If you are lucky to be etched into time by The Professor then you know it is a special treat. His process for his sketches is quite amazing. It happens at random times when a song or performer strikes a nerve in his mental core. He instantly whips out his little sketch pad and starts capturing the sight before him. By the time the song is over or the performer has left the stage he has a basic draft of what is to come. Then by shear memory or sometimes a photo he recreates the the mood and persona of the moment and aritst, capturing it all with ball-point pen and colored pencils. Digital and pictures of the drawings are impressive but it is when you see the originals up close and personal, that they come to life and really show off what he is creating. It’s a pretty cool sight when one of his sketches is first seen by the subject matter. Sometimes laughter sometimes tears as people just can’t believe that they are now permanently PA Musician: Who are some of your favorite local and captured in time. national artist? The Professor: Local: Felix & the Hurricanes, Jim Donovan & the Sun King Warriors, Faded Flowers, Inside Out, PennSoulvanians, Pure Cane Sugar, Matt Otis & the Sound, Black Cat Moan, Mama Corn (plus many more). National: Queensryche, Halestorm, Kix, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Yes, AC/DC, Southern Culture on the Skids, Reverend Horton Heat, Ghost, Avatar (plus many more). PA Musician: Along with writing for us and playing in Backyard Rockers what other jobs/music related activites are you involved with? The Professor: I’m an instructor in communications at Penn State Altoona. I work part-time in radio, hosting the “Homegrown Rocker” weekly at 105.9 Qwik-Rock. April, 2020

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

I host several trivia night events weekly, every two weeks and monthly at venues in Blair and Cambria Counties. PA Musician: How did you get started with your sketches?

White Witch

The Professor: I have been drawing since I was a little kid. It started with tracing maps, drawing big rigs and hot rods, and evolved into sketching people by the time I entered high school. I started doing musician caricatures in 2011 after a radio cohort told me that he earned $80 one night drawing couples at a bar.

PA Musician:Any one you would like to thank? The Professor: My older brother Mike, Meredith Kaminek for her inspiration and love, the PA Musician family, my Monday night “Wing Gang” (Bob, Chris, Amigh, Kate and Big Jim), Penn State Altoona, and all of the local and regional bands and musicians, whose music and creativity inspire and drive me to do what I do in PA Musician, on the radio, and more.



Another month has come and gone...but this one’s gone out with quite the bang I suppose you’d say. Covid 19, Corona Virus, whatever you want to call it...has thrown quite a wrench into the live music industry (as well as everyone else of course). At this point, no one knows how long this thing is going to last, but I can assure you that it has touched everyone’s life in some way or another. For some it’s just an inconvenience, to others it’s meant a loss of income, and for many others it’s meant the loss of their life or perhaps a loved one. Before it made it here to the States, we did have some time this past month to enjoy some live music. My article is shorter this month than normal as a result of all of this, but here we go. As I’d mentioned last month, the Millennium Music Conference was held the last weekend of February at the Harrisburg Hilton, with showcase performances all around the area at more than 25 venues for three nights. Friday night I decided to hit a smaller venue that I haven’t been to yet in New Cumberland, Dead Lightning Still Works. The place was packed and had a small stage in the front corner just big enough for a solo performer. As I ordered a fruity vodka drink at the bar, Kendra & the Bunnies from Los Angeles took to the stage. I never did find the bunnies, but Kendra played a great mix of originals and a few covers including “I know you Rider” (a personal favorite LOL). Kendra has a unique sound with influences from the likes of Grateful Dead, Stevie Nicks and a few others. Kendra released her first album “of Vinyl”

Kendra & the Bunnies

in July of 2019 and has released an EP and another single from her upcoming album since then. Next to take the stage was Matt Tarka. You may remember Matt as he took part in last year’s Whitaker Unplugged in July. Matt put on a great performance then, and I’d had a great conversation with him afterwards, so I was really looking forward to seeing him play at Dead Lightning. Matt lists his influences as Green Day, Dead Milkmen, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and The Alex Cano Get Up Kids, to name a few. He brings a unique and varied folk-rock style to the stage which I enjoyed quite a bit. Definitely go out to see him play sometime, or look him up on Spotify. Saturday, during the Millennium Music Conference, Rock Mill Industries had their stage setup for small three-song performances by anyone that wanted to sign up. I was unable to attend the entire day, but I did manage to catch performances from Dan Barry, Alex Cano, Sarah Ontaneda, Kevin Roy Correll, The Wildcat O’Halloran Band, Lucas Fields, Evy Z and Tempted. This made for a very wide range and variety of music played in a short amount of time, all of the performers showing off their talents. Thanks to everyone that took the time to participate or to stop & give the performers a listen! My next trip out was to HMAC for a night of music with 6 bands. First band up was Words Matt Tarka For Hands, a Hanover based rock duo. This two piece rock band played all original music with a lot of energy. This was their first time playing in Harrisburg and they did a great job getting the crowd warmed up and starting the night off in style. They’ve got an album coming out in a few weeks, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for it! Next up was Baltimore based Flying Jacob, female-led alt-rock band that’s been

playing since 2016. I’d recently been introduced to their music by a friend and was really looking forward to seeing them perform live. Lead singer Kaytlin Medley brings a powerful voice to the stage belting out heartfelt lyrics. I’ve been listening to their music for a little while now on Spotify and dig them quite a bit. Third up for the evening was Harrisburg based Eternal Frequency: winners of the CPMHOF’s “Best New Band” award, this female led five piece hard rock band brought a high energy to the stage and was very animated, keeping the crowd moving. They played a blend of originals and covers, all of it powerful music with great melodies. It was evident early on in their set how

Dan Barry they won their award, they put on an awesome show and I look forward to hearing more from them for sure. Fourth act up for the night was Missouri based Flashing Lights, a four piece pop/punk rock band that played mostly originals with a few covers tossed in. They’re currently recording their first EP which they hope to release soon. The fifth band

Doll Skin


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Eternal Frequency of the night was Fame on Fire, a four piece alternative pop/rock band based out of West Palm Beach. These guys had a very upbeat, positive and driving sort of sound to them that I enjoyed listening to. They’ve been getting quite a bit of airplay on Octane, Sirius Radio and it’s understandable. They’ve got a great sound and are definitely worth checking out on all streaming platforms, as well as on Octane if you have Sirius Radio. Final act of the evening was Phoenix Arizona based Doll Skin, a four piece all female Alt-Rock band that came out and took the stage by storm for a crowd that was clearly familiar with their music as they sang along to all of their songs. These girls put on one hell of a show and were a blast to see. Soon after that show, Corona started taking hold, shows started getting canceled and postponed...and here we are, stuck in the middle of it. Folks, even though we can’t go out to see shows live, there’s a TON of artists putting on live shows on Facebook. Donations are asked for, but not required. Make sure to check em out and give them a listen. A lot of these folks have lost their sole source of income for who knows how long, so consider making a donation if you have Words for the means. At the very least, give Hands their show a share to spread the word. Any little bit that any of us can do to help them out will help keep live music alive and, maybe not well, but at least on life support until we can return to some sort of normalcy. Artists, please make sure to let us know when you’re going to have Facebook-live events so that we can share them and help get the word out for you. Everyone stay safe, wash your hands, stay six feet or more away from others as much as you can...and hope and pray that this thing passes as quickly as possible.

Words for Hands April, 2020

Evy Z

Eternal Frequency

Doll Skin

Doll Skin

Fame On Fire


Flashing Lights

Flying Jacob Lucas Fields Pennsylvania Musician Magazine



What a difference one month makes…30 days ago, few of us could have predicted that the United States and the world would be brought to a near standstill by the COVID-19 pandemic. Everybody’s reality has changed…For my day job, I am now teaching college students from a laptop computer in my bedroom rather than face-to-face in a classroom. Businesses far and wide have had to curtail their public operations or close shop indefinitely, and social distancing has become the recommended – and in many places, enforced – norm. Live music and other entertainment in public spaces has ground to a halt as bars, restaurants and performance venues have been told to shut down; and for the first time in its history, PA Musician did not go to print for this month’s issue, and is solely an online publication until further notice. But in these trying times, we again are reminded of the healing power of music. With live music venues closed down across the country, many musicians have taken their live shows to the internet, streaming live performances from their studios, facilities and even their living spaces. The value of this was realized on St. Patrick’s Day, when popular Boston area Celtic punk band the Dropkick Murphys – forced to postpone their annual St. Patrick’s shows until September – staged a special free live streaming concert, dubbed “Streaming Up From Boston.” The performance itself was great, as the Dropkick Murphys poured heart, soul, enthusiasm and energy before a global audience of more than 130,000 on Facebook and more than a million views on YouTube. It was heartening to see the global response to the concert on Facebook, as fans from throughout the United States – plus Australia, Italy, Germany, Sweden,

Canada, the United Kingdom and other parts of the globe – commented and thanked the band throughout concert. Photos and videos were posted of families and small children dancing in front of computers and televisions as the group performed. Opening with their version of “Irish Rover,” The Dropkick Murphys mixed favorites and new tunes – introducing new numbers such as “Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding,” “Queen of Suffolk County” and “Burn It to the Ground,” playing their current single “Smash Sh*t Up,” and doing familiar favorites such as “Rose Tattoo” and – for the show closer – their ever-popular “I’m Shipping Up to Boston.” At a time when the world needed a morale boost over the present situation, this concert lifted spirits and demonstrated the power of music to provide emotional relief, and unite a global community of music fans together. After that concert ended on St. Patrick’s night, I found another online performance closer to home, as John “JT Blues” Thompson played a two-set show at his home – dubbed “Phydeau’s Place” – in Bellefonte. John kept spirits high with his St. Patrick’s-meets-Mardi Gras blues and boogie party, as he happily entertained the cyber audience; singing and tickling the ivories on his mixture of Louisiana blues, boogie and funk, plus his Big Easy-styled takes on popular hits, classics and requests. Dr. John was popular this day, as JT played his unique take on “Right Place Wrong Time” twice to honor a request. He also did tunes from Warren Zevon, Grand Funk Railroad (a fresh New Orleans-styled take on “Some Kind of Wonderful”), Bob Seger, The Drifters, Little Feat, Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder, and at least one Irish artist – doing Van Morrison’s “Moondance.” John also did a few of his own, including “Cab Ride Boogie” (as he remembered State College guitar great Mark Ross, who passed on March 11), and “Dance Little Sister Dance” to end the set. I also saw “JT Blues” in action during another online performance the following weekend, as he and the Triple A Blues Band live-streamed from the location where it all began for them, the Music Mart in downtown State College. This performance was excellent, as the Triple A

roster of Andy Tolins on guitars and vocals, Tom “Muggsy” Gallagher on saxophone, “JT” on keys and vocals, Justin Dorsey on bass and Stubby Stubbs on drums had fun groovin’ the blues, mixing blues and soul numbers. Their performance included songs from Robert Johnson, Little Walter, Freddie King, Clarence Carter, Junior Wells, Sonny Boy Williamson and more. The musicianship was great, as all of these musicians dazzled on their solo skills and blended well, and the mood was happy. That performance kicked off a Friday night of “live-stream surfing” for me, as I took in parts of four other online performances by regional musicians. I next joined in progress a performance by Dubois-based hard rockers Easy Tiger. I caught several songs toward the end of their performance, as they did hard-hitting rock that recalled early 1970s-era heavy rock as well as more recent names like Mastodon and Clutch. Singer/guitarist Andy Wyant, guitarist Andrew Bailley, bassist Karl Hoffman and drummer Ian Aughinbaugh brought it full fury on the three or four original tunes I heard from them. I next happened upon the Hillbilly Gypsies’ first couple, Trae and Jamie Lynn Buckner, who decided to do an impromptu online session that turned into a two-hour plus casual performance from their couch! This was fun, as both Trae and Jamie Lynn shared happiness with online visitors, joined along the way by their happy “chipit” (half pitbull/ half chihuahua) canine pal Slim. The pair did plenty of songs along the way, spanning folk, bluegrass, country, original songs and even some rock and roll. Although recovering from a cold, Jamie Lynn still sounded great on voice, sinking heart and soul into every note, and Trae belted his hearty voice and strummed guitar. They did songs from John Prine, Merle Haggard, the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, the Marshall Tucker Band, Willie Nelson, Jimmie Rodgers, Wayne Hancock, Hazel Dickens, traditional numbers, and even a song Trae confessed that – as a West Virginian – he usually avoids doing, John Denver’s ever-popular “Take Me Home Country Roads.” Trae and Jamie Lynn clearly connected with the online audience, as many folks thanked the duo for helping continued on next page...



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April, 2020

The Professor continued...

them forget about the stress of the current situation for a while. Jamie Lynn said this was therapeutic for them as well, as performing is their livelihood and connecting with audiences and sharing their love of music is what they do. She encouraged everyone to continue to share their love out to the planet during this challenging time. You could feel the love between performers and audience, and this turned into a heartfelt, special experience. Following their performance, I surfed a little more and came upon a live stream performance by Cumberland, Maryland-based party rock foursome Drunk After Midnight. I caught a few of their songs, as they partied down with numbers from My Chemical Romance, Fountains of Wayne, Kings Of Leon, and a pop song medley fusing together numbers from Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and more I finished my stream-searching journey that night with York’s Y2Kids as they did their “2000s Party” live-stream. Originally scheduled to play at The Arena in State College this night, Y2Kids mixed rocking 2000s and other favorites from My Chemical Romance, Harvey Danger, Bowling for Soup, Fuel, The Darkness and more. I continued my online live music surfing the following Saturday night to see two more performances, starting with Kristi Jean & Her Ne’er Do Wells – actually, one Ne’er Do Well this night, as Kristi Jean and Steve Branstetter made the music. Steve provided the guitar backdrops as Kristi sang numbers spanning early country and rockabilly to folk and honky tonk. They did songs from Charline Arthur, Imelda May, Bobbie Gentry, Mary Chapin Carpenter and others. Despite some streaming issues, this was still an enjoyable set, and Kristi Jean and Steve indicated that more live streaming will happen soon. I then happened upon Shades Of June frontman Ryan Krinjeck hosting his own live streaming watch party. Armed with acoustic guitar, Ryan played a variety of rock and pop favorites, taking online audience requests along the way. Brandishing a smile through it all, you could tell Ryan was clearly enjoying the experience, as he did songs from Foo Fighters, the Beatles, Matchbox 20, Toto, Elton John, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Men at Work, Oasis, the Proclaimers and more. He paid his respects to Kenny Rogers (who passed away a day earlier at age 81) with his version of “The Gambler,” and fired up the online crowd with his take on Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” And just before St. Patrick’s Day, I saw the Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers present their live-streaming “Straggle in the Living Room,” as the roster of singer and guitarist Gary Antol, fiddler and singer Libby Eddy, mandolinist and fiddler Ray Bruckman and upright bassist Niko Kreider threw a two-set folk and bluegrass party from the comforts of a living room. The group had fun as they performed many of their Appalachian-fla-

vored original songs and honored online audience requests. They did several numbers off their latest studio CD, “Poison River” (see the CD review elsewhere in this month’s issue), such as the tranquil “Things Take Time,” “You Never Even Knew My Name,” the instrumental “Hesper’s Waltz,” “St. Anne’s Prayer,” “Where the Red Bud Blooms,” “Moonlight Gown” and more. Libby led the group on a version of Dolly Parton’s “Nine to Five,” and Ray performed “Maverick of a Higher Creed,” a number from his first solo CD from last year, “Foundations.” Thanks to all bands and performers who are bringing their performances online during the COVID-19 situation. Know that you are providing something bigger than just music – you are providing solace and relief to many folks who are impacted by what is going on. Your performances take minds off the stress of missed paychecks, cabin fever and shutdowns, toilet paper shortages and more. Thanks for giving us bright moments and relief, and for bringing folks together in a different way during a time where we have to maintain “social distance!” Given the events of recent weeks, the 24th annual Millennium Music Conference (MMC) in Harrisburg now seems so long ago...But musicians and music industry people again converged on Harrisburg in late February for this year’s conference, which took place at the Hilton Harrisburg Hotel & Conference Center. MMC again featured informative panels about many aspects of the music industry, including recording, booking strategies, marketing, social media, monetizing music, music careers, songwriting workshops and more. For this year’s keynote, Chris Kurtz and Aimee Lankford presented “The Mediatwist Workshop – Building Your Black Book,” which instructed attendees on strategies for generating audiences and fan bases using social media. MMC also presented a trade show, and a multitude of bands and performers showcased their music throughout the Harrisburg area. I arrived in time to catch much of the conference’s Thursday night kickoff party at the Hilton’s Ad Lib Craft Kitchen & Bar. On the stage as I arrived was upstate New York folk and bluegrass duo Northern Borne; singer and guitarist Sarah Babushkin and dobro player John Wensley performed several of their original songs, generating a casual, rustic vibe. Derek Henry, singer and guitarist of local Harrisburg rockers Observe the 93rd, followed with a mix of some of his original songs with a few choice covers, including tunes from CCR, Third Eye Blind, Chris Stapleton, Nirvana and more. Derek’s original songs were solid and showed good hooks, and he made his cover selections his own with his unique arrangements on each number. Raleigh, North Carolina’s Jason Damico then finished the night with his set, blending his own blues-rooted original songs with his distinctive takes on a variety of classics. Displaying a bold voice and singing style, Jason did originals such as “22” and “No More Tears,” and also covered tunes from Stevie Ray Vaughan, R.E.M.,


Cream, and a creative spin on the Doors’ “Riders on the Storm.” I spent the first full night of MMC showcases, Friday, at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center (HMAC), where music was happening on three different stages. I bounced around between the three stages, starting at the Green Room stage, where Charlotte, NC-based singer and guitarist Todd Murray – stage alias Sincerely, Iris – played traditional and delta-styled blues originals and adaptations using a unique-looking Ohio license plate box-shaped guitar. Among his songs was a delta-blues treatment of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.” Next was New York City-based singer, songwriter and Alex Cano. Accompanied by Kevin Myers on cajon, Alex sang several original songs from his latest CD,

April, 2020


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Andrew Roberts / Lucky Lad Green

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Wildcat O’Halloran & Kathy Peterson

H OT SH OTS, SH OT H OT The Foxfires 20

Annie Stoic of Jackknife Stiletto

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“Every Rise of the Sun.” including “The Bridge,” “Two Steps on the Train” and “Back Against the Wall.” Alex displayed a hearty, soulful voice, and he and Kevin propelled each song to emotion-packed highs. Later on at the Green Room stage I caught part of Harrisburg-based singer and songwriter Peter Stone’s set, as he did electric folk rock-geared original songs celebrating the outdoors. Some of his songs included “Alpine,” “The Dam,” “Pacific” and Susquehanna.” And I caught several songs from New York’s The Foxfires, who closed out the Green Room stage. Three members strong this night, the group blended psychedelic, folk and rock flavors on original songs such as “Matchless Part II,” “Slowdive,” the new “Wanderlust” and more. I saw a couple of acts at HMAC’s Stage on Herr – including one of the more intriguing performers I experienced during this year’s conference, Iceland’s Possimiste, who crafted her own electronic song backdrops and visual settings to sing and perform mystic, pop-geared and poetic numbers about love, heartbreak, space spirits, temptation and more. Visually, she created an imaginative stage setting with Nordic-styled imagery, pink and purple hues, and her own creative costuming. Some of Possimiste’s songs were slower and dreamy, others were uptempo and danceable. Possimiste got the audience involved early, and encouraged sing-alongs and even left the stage to step out into the audience. Her set was fascinating and different, as she indulged her own vision and created her own audio-visual world to sing and play in on the stage. Later at Stage on Herr, I witnessed Houston, Texas-based electronica duo The Radio Broadcast. Blending elements of electronic dance and synth pop, Michael and Kristin Heilman mixed beats, digital soundscapes, vivid lighting and soaring vocals into a captivating presentation as they performed original songs plus a unique take on Robert Smith of The Cure’s “Not in Love.” And I caught three performers at HMAC’s upstairs Capital Room stage, starting with Harrisburg’s Madison Ryan and her band. Madison displayed a crisp singing voice, abundant energy and poise as she led her band on a selection of upbeat pop-meets-rock original songs, with a cheering crowd of fans looking on. Among her songs were “Paranoid” and “Best of Me.” I later caught the last two bands on the Capital Room stage, This Is Huxley and Eternal Frequency. From southern New Jersey, This Is Huxley exploded onto the stage with a rowdy set of hard-hitting modern rock. Decked in suits and vests, the five members of Huxley blasted original tunes, including “Evol” and “Regression” from their 5-song EP, plus high-powered takes on tunes from Jet and Linkin Park. They successfully fired up the crowd, and triggered a unique rolling chair mosh derby in the middle of the floor! Harrisburg’s Eternal Frequency then closed the night with their powerful set of melody-rooted, hard-hitting rock. Singer Emelle brought the charged, high-flying voice up front, flanked by guitarists Justin and AJ, bassist Tyler and Dane behind the drum kit. Eternal Frequency provided constant movement and energy as they did original songs from their “Transcendence” EP such as “Temptations,” “Fire” and more. While Rock Mill Industries’ open stage at the MMC trade show remained unused during Friday, the stage came to life on Saturday as numerous musicians played mini-sets throughout the afternoon. I got to see most of them; including New Jersey’s Dan Barry, aforementioned New York folk rocker Alex Cano, New York City-based singer and songwriter Sara Ontaneda (doing Latin-toned folk and pop sounds), Sunbury-based blues howler Kevin Roy Correll, members of Massachusetts blues performers The Wildcat O’Halloran Band, Middletown’s Evy Zee, members of Williamsport’s Half Tempted, Williamsport punk rockers The Unfortunatez, Harrisburg’s III Of A Kind, New York roots/bluegrass duo Northern Borne, Florida’s Bill Hartmann, and a suddenly-assembled group of three musicians – a sax player, guitarist and a spiral didgeridoo player – who converged on the stage toward day’s end to generate a captivating, percussive free-for-all instrumental jam. I split my time between two venues during Saturday’s final night of MMC showcases. I first caught some music action at Harrisburg’s River City Blues Club, beginning with Scranton area punk-rocking trio continued on next page...

April, 2020

The Professor continued... Blind Choice. Singer and guitarist Dylan Pysher, bassist and singer Matt Habrial and drummer Tanner Snyder set the tone early with fast-firing, melody-geared original songs and a few select covers. They did some tunes off their “Mental Scars” EP such as “I Don’t Exist,” “Balance on the Floor” and “Stormy Night of Stray,” also the original tunes “Firing Squad,” the new number “The Mistake” and more. They also did high-powered numbers from Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Green Day’s “Basketcase” (as the group donned blindfolds) and Pearl Jam. Blind Choice kept it high-octane from start to finish, with lively stage movement and a friendly stage personality that kept the audience in the show and cheering. Next was Johnstown’s Silver Screen, sounding strong as they did their set of hard-hitting, grunge-inspired originals. Singer and guitarist Stephen Platt, lead guitarist Ben Ressler, bassist Robbi Rummell and drummer Austin Danel introduced several new tunes that will be on their soon-to-be-released second CD, plus songs from their “Inertia” EP, as well as their own take on Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason.” Silver Screen received a great response, and even drew some dancers on the floor during their new original “Drugs.” One of the talked-about groups showcasing this year at MMC – New York City’s Jackknife Stiletto – then delivered their punk-fueled set to the large crowd. Signed to Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records label, the all-female roster of singer and guitarist Annie Stoic, bassist Mel Funk and drummer Foxy Roxy fired off songs from the group’s two EP’s, blending catchy melodies with noholds-barred, fast-firing set and earning strong cheers from the crowd. I then headed up Cameron Street to the Appalachian Brewing Co.’s Abbey Bar for two more bands to end my MMC experience. I arrived as New York City’s Kevin Daniel & the Bottom Line was into their last couple of songs. They blended country, folk and blues flavors, with namesake

Kevin Daniel delivering a strong voice and personality in the frontman role. The final band I saw during Millennium weekend was Pittsburgh’s Derek Woods Band, who performed their brand of acoustic-edged, groove-driven music. Derek on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Joe Scheller on saxophone, Joshua Carns on lead guitar, Chris Schaney on bass and Chris Belin on drums performed a number of original songs, including numbers from their latest EP “The Question” such as “Unforgiving Tree,” the soulful title song “The Question” and their punchy take on Bob Dylan’s “Gotta Serve Somebody.” The group did one other cover, their upbeat adaptation of the Doobie Brothers’ “Listen to the Music,” along with several other original tunes. They mixed fluid grooves with solid musicianship, highlighted by Joe’s prominent sax work and Joshua’s tasteful guitar leads. Derek’s voice was straightforward and steady, and the band worked well as a unit, drawing audience members out of their seats to dance and groove in front of the stage. The final band I saw in a public space before everything had to shut down was Chris Rattie & the New Rebels, as they performed at Boxer’s Cafe in Huntingdon. Chris on vocals, drums, harmonica and guitars, plus multi-instrumentalist Nathan Cutshall and bassist Jeff Downing played a variety of Americana and roots-based original tunes and a few select covers. Delivering hearty and gritty voice, Chris belted out new dark-toned, blue-collar anthems such as the new single “Chaos & Stardust,” the bluesy and dark “Anxiety” and “My Devils.” He also broke out an older original he wrote years ago about paranoia, “This Old World.” The group did several songs from their “Porch” album including the hard-driving “Country Boy,” “My Mountain” and “Heading into Darkness,” as well as “Burn ‘Em Down” off Chris’ 2013 “All These Things” set. Among the covers performed were Nate singing lead on Jimmy Reed’s “Baby What You Want Me to Do,” and a rendition of NQ Arbuck-

le’s “Cheap Town.” Chris and the New Rebels kept the audience riveted with their dynamic of raw, heartfelt vocals and musicianship, plus quiet nuances that piqued attention. Chris commented that Boxer’s is one of the group’s favorite rooms to play, and this night showed why – this is a great listening room, and folks were here to enjoy the music. Washington, D.C.’s daMOOD paid their first visit to McGarvey’s early last month, headlining a triple-bill with DoubleMotorcycle and Lloyd. Six members strong, daMOOD merged rock, funk and hip-hop elements into a freewheeling, energetic and original sound. Keyboardist April Reardon, guitarist Chris Smith, bassist Dan Zboyen and drummer Beau Bailey provided groove-laden backdrops for frontman Ricole Barnes’ exciting blend of raps, soulful voice and swagger. The group did original songs, including numbers from their forthcoming new CD, “In the Red,” due out later this year. Some of their tunes included “Ra Sunshine,” their NPR Tiny Desk Contest track “Travel,” “Cupid Bang Bang,” “Hot Chocolate,” the rowdy “Do It,” “Kick” and more. Their grooves were infectious, and daMOOD quickly drew much of the McGarvey’s audience in front of the stage for a closer look. COVID-19 situation pending, daMOOD is scheduled to return to McGarvey’s April 17 with the PennSoulvanians, Johnstown-based Irish punk rockers Lucky Lad Green recently returned to action with an updated roster. As St. Patrick’s Day approached last month, I saw the new edition of the group at the Windber Hotel in Windber. Joining founding members Ryan McDonald on bass and Jim Berkin on guitar are new vocalist Andrew Roberts, drummer Shane Boyer and accordionist Jim Vizzini. After Black Guy Fawkes opened the night, Lucky Lad Green played a set mixing older and newer song material. They reprised previous rowdy Irish punk-flavored anthems like “Irish Pride,” “Lead Sled” and “Bar Fight,” plus introduced several new songs that will appear on the group’s forthcoming EP. The new songs continued on next page...




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April, 2020

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The Professor continued... retain the group’s punk-flavored energy and rowdiness, but mix more of a traditional edge, largely courtesy of Jim’s accordion and Andrew’s smoother vocal delivery. The reaction was favorable for Lucky Lad Green’s new incarnation; watch for more shows once live music returns to area stages. And before COVID-19 delayed the start of baseball season, the Matt Pletcher Trio provided live musical entertainment during the Altoona Curve’s annual Curve Fest early last month at People’s Natural Gas Field. As visitors purchased advance tickets for the Curve’s 2020 season and enjoyed complimentary hot chocolate and pulled pork sandwiches, the Matt Pletcher Trio – Matt on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Randy Servello on drums and vocals, and Ben Eberhart on lead guitar and vocals – played a selection of Matt’s original songs, rock and country favorites. They played the title track to Matt’s debut album “Sure Thing,” along with tunes from Chris Stapleton, Georgia Satellites, Dion, Social Distortion, Chris Janson and more. Two icons of the State College area music scene passed away in recent weeks…Arthur Goldstein passed away on February 27 at age 75. Arthur was a popular musician and educator. As an educator, he taught jazz and classical performance art and history, and offered personal piano instruction through the Music Academy. As a musician,

he performed with a number of bands and projects dating back to the 1960s; including jazz projects such as Silent Way, the Arthur Goldstein Trio and Arthur Goldstein Quartet, the rock bands Marley and Round 2, and his popular R&B-based group and alter ego, Archie Blue, which released two albums in 1981 and 2016…And guitar great Mark Ross passed away on March 11 at age 59, following a brief battle with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. For the past four decades, Mark

Arthur Goldstein with Archie Blue, Dec 31, 2014

Mark Ross with Miss Melanie & the Valley Rats, May 2014

became known and beloved as a guitarist, educator, producer and music store proprietor. Mark formed Queen Bee & the Blue Hornet Band in 1985 after first meeting singer Tonya Browne as she tended bar at

the Brickhouse Tavern in State College. The group separated after 14 years of national and international touring plus several studio and live albums. Mark subsequently joined singer Dawn Kinnard to form the country blues project Dusk Til Dawn, and performed with Tyne Palazzi in the Americana project Tyne & the Fastlyne. After meeting singer Melanie Morrison Zeigler, Mark played guitar with Miss Melanie & the Valley Rats from 2011 until last fall. Mark also owned and operated Alley Cat Music in State College, and authored a children’s audio book called “Mixed Up Morning Blues” in 2010…We at PA Musician express our sincerest condolences to the families and friends of both men. News and notes…Due to COVID-19, The Front’s final farewell show, scheduled for later this month, has been moved back to October…The annual Allegheny Ukulele Soiree, scheduled for this month, was cancelled due to COVID-19…The Snipped has announced their new bass player, Frank Conrad, who replaces Rik Golden…And Scott Jeffreys has taken over bass duties with Johnstown funk performers Afro N’at… Faded Flowers has released their debut EP, “The Side Effects of Living,” online last month. Please send correspondence and recordings to: Jim Price, 1104 S. Catherine St., Altoona, PA 16602. You can also e-mail me at And if you’re into social networking, look me up on Facebook. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!


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April, 2020


ALYSSA HANKEY – AMERICAN SPIRIT (no label) Emerging from rural western Pennsylvania north of Pittsburgh, Alyssa Hankey has rapidly established herself throughout the region as a expressive, passionate singer and songwriter. Her latest album, American Spirit, is a strong set of acoustic compositions rooted in the traditional folk of Bob Dylan, the blue collar ethic of Bruce Springsteen, and the raw vocal intensity of Janis Joplin. Alyssa’s hearty voice is front and center throughout the album, and she packs emotion and purpose into her words. The album follows a loose theme of the American experience with references to the Vietnam War era and life in the western PA rust belt. Vietnam informs several songs; the disc-opener “1968” paints a picture of America at this point in time, from flower power hippies to military draftees and draft dodgers. “Remington John” documents a soldier who served and was wounded in Vietnam, only to suffer the psychological wounds of war afterward and see his job outsourced to Vietnam. Alyssa describes blue collar life on “The Way It Is,” survival in the rust belt on “The Flood,” and observes how bad things can happen to good people on the somber ode “The Good.” She laments being born too late for the vinyl record era and rejects current-day trendiness on “Idaho,” and sings about the life of a traveling musician on “Jukebox Baby.” Alyssa also offers two versions of her soulful ballad “Love Song,” a solo version and a duet version with Jason Gamble. Alyssa’s presentation is fearless and authentic; listeners can sense that she means every word she’s singing. The songs offer catchy melodies and simple arrangements of voice and guitar (with occasional bursts of harmonica), allowing Alyssa’s words and raw vocal delivery to provide the focus of attention from start to end. Alyssa Hankey channels the spirit of 1960s America, American folk and blues on American Spirit, yielding a strong set of heartfelt, personal music. (The CD can be purchased through CD Baby and online retailers, as well as through Alyssa’s website, THE JAKOB’S FERRY STRAGGLERS – POISON RIVER (no label) Jacobs Ferry is a location near the Monongahela River in southwestern PA, near the cen-

April, 2020

ter of the region from where the members of roots-inspired group The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers hail. Their third studio album, Poison River displays the group’s brand and blend of traditional, old time-flavored bluegrass, folk, country and Americana music. The Stragglers – singer and guitarist Gary Antol, fiddle player and singer Libby Eddy, mandolin/fiddle player and singer Ray Bruckman, upright bass player Evan Bell (since replaced by Niko Kreider) and guest dobro player Jody Mosser – create uplifting sounds over the album’s ten tracks. Gary and Libby handle the primary singing duties, both displaying distinctive singing styles that complement each other well. And the whole group demonstrates masterful musicianship and vibrant song arrangements that bring out the best in each tune. The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers mix up several flavors during the course of the album…Both the Gary-fronted album opener “Moonlight Gown” and the Libby-crafted fiddle instrumental “Hesper’s Waltz” offer slight Celtic folk touches. The driving title song “Poison River” features Libby ‘s powerful and emotional voice as she sings of rust belt despair and desolation. Libby’s energetic performance also shines on “St. Anne’s Prayer,” an ode of coal mining peril co-written by Frank Serio and the late Sue Cunningham. Libby also shows a tender side on the tranquil waltz “Things Take Time,” singing about motherly advice regarding patience. Gary’s bold and straightforward voice carries one of the album’s cover numbers, “You Never Even Knew My Name,” first created by Colorado’s Sweet Sunny South; and he also lends his calm presence to “The Homefront” as he longs for the comfort of home. Ray created two instrumentals that both showcase the instrumental talents of the group, the fast-paced “Benezette Blues” and the cycling “Don’t Go Across the Ocean.” And the album finishes with “When the Redbud Blooms,” a song brought to the band by West Virginia songwriter Ron Fletcher; the song and album finish with the sound of Ron singing the song’s words and melody over a phone. The performances are skilled and heartfelt, and listeners should be able to sense the warmth and joy that The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers bring into this music. The album flows together nicely and gels as a complete set. The recording enables all voices and instruments to shine brightly. Poison River shows why The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers are considered one of the rising names in folk and bluegrass circles. (The CD can be obtained through CD Baby and online music retailers, as well as through the group’s website,

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April, 2020

April, 2020

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Harrisburg Scottish Rite Theatre


Sunday May 17th 3:00pm

Friday June 12th 8:00pm

LIGHTS OUT Tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

Limitied Tickets available!

Friday July 24th 8:00pm


2701 N. Third Street, Harrisburg PA Harrisburg Arts - 717-238-8867 Ext. 236 Free Parking in Well-Lit Lot Adjacent to the Theatre


Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

April, 2020