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June, 2019

June 15th- w/ KIX @ XL LIVE July 21st- w/ BUCKCHERRY Chameleon Club August 3rd- w/GREEN JELLO @HMAC FOR BOOKING AND TICKETS CONTACT

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June 15th Double K Tavern July 6th New Bloomfield Firemans Carnival July 20th Susquehanna Valley Harley Davidson 2pm-4pm July 20th Hilltop Pig Roast 7pm-11pm

6/7-11th Annual UMC Blues-A-Thon 6/8-Red Run Gun Club, Ralston 6/13-Rudy Gelnett Summer Music Series 6/14- The Brickyard, Williamsport 6/22- Sonestown American Legion 6/23 Peir 87 Bar & Grill For gigs:

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


Editor’s Ramblings By Josh Noll

The Magazine that keeps on giving over 36 years later!

Founder- “Whitey” Lee Noll Consulting Editor/Angel of design-Robin Noll Owner/Publisher/Sales-Joshua Noll Lead writer/Photographer/Sales- “Rachel Rocks” -ProductionJosh Noll, Robin Noll, Rachel Rocks, Sadie the dog -Staff PhotographersJim Price, Rachel Rocks, Meredith Kaminek Chris Rider -MOFO (Master Of Financial Operations)Missy Weidenhof -Assistant MOFOEmily Strawser ~ JUNE COVER PHOTO by Meredith Kaminek~

-DistributionRobin Noll, Josh Noll, Rachel Rocks, Jim Price, Keith Hummel, “Space”, Deanne Trio, Randy Wilson, Shawn Kurey, Fuzz McGirk, Jimi Jaymz, Dan Mccorkle, Zac Grace, Imelda Redding, Jeff Pittinger, Sterling Koch, and whoever else we can talk into. -Field EditorsJim price..........................................The Professor Rachel Rocks...................................Out & About Eric Hoffman.........................................National Chris Rider & Michele Kelley.....Hitting the Road Daisy the cat................................The Daily Yawn


Wow!! just like that a year has passed and I now have 12 issues under my belt. Seems small in comparison to the 30 some years that my parents have been doing this. Countless hours spent typing away late at night wondering what the next day will bring. Will you make the press in time? Will the truck make it to the press to get the papers? Will the printer have the paper done in time? Will I make it through delivery?… and so on and so on. Until I finally deliver my last spot, only then does my mind ease and I can start to relax. Thinking I have weeks until I have to go through all that again but those weeks turn to just a few days, and then just a few hours, and once again my mind is racing thinking about how the hell am I going to do all that again. Ok, I know, how hard can it be? Really nothing in life is really as hard as our minds make us think it is. We spend hours stressing over something in our minds when the best thing to do is not think about the process, just do the process. Take each step one at a time and before you know it, you’re done. I couldn’t have made it through the last year without all the people that help the magazine and there are so many that help us deliver the papers that it is hard to mention them all. The core of the paper is of course still Robin/ my mom. Although “semi-retired” she still helps me out in her “free time”. Its really a labor of love with her and without all the lessons and reminders there is no way I could be doing this. Next of course is Rachel Rocks! Sure, she wanted to hang it up a year ago but deep down inside I knew she wasn’t ready to hang it up, just yet. How she does it I don’t know, but she can talk an ear off during a show while taking pics and talking to almost everyone in the room. It’s pretty amazing watching her work and I love all the help she gives me. For those that still don’t know, Rachel is my little sister, always was always will be so it really is a family affair around here and we like to keep that feeling going with the paper. If you’re part of the paper then you are part of the family weather you’re a writer, an advertiser or a reader we consider you all as part of our tribe. The third person on the list, and going on his 33rd year of writing for us, is The Professor Jim Price. I’m not sure what I would do without Jim. If you have never met him then I feel bad for you. He is some kind of superhero and that is no exaggeration. Mild, mannered college professor by day, superhero DJ/writer/ artist/musician/wildlife photographer/delivery/all round great guy by night. I left MMC beat and had to drive 30 minutes to get home Jim had to journey back up to Altoona and before he made it home he stopped again to see some more bands. I don’t know where he finds the time or energy to fit as much in as he does. We are thankful and love his dedication to the paper and the local music scene. Be sure to shake his hand and tell him thank you for all his hard years supporting local music. Next up is Eric Hoffman, another music lover and PA Musician lover at heart. A lot of people may not know this but Eric is our archivist, or however you say that. He has collected all the old back issue we had and added them to his collection, amassing what I am sure, is one of the most complete sets of PA Musicians in existence (Jim Price says he has them all hidden away somewhere as well). Last time I talked to him he was missing 4 issues. Eric does our National column and keeps our babies safe and sound. One day he hopes to have them somewhere the public could check them out. So if you have some really old issues and don’t know what to do with them please contact Eric to see if its some of the lost missing issues.

Another long time supporter/helper is Meredith Kaminek she is a great photographer and has shot so many covers that we have lost count. She is our regular “go to” for the cover shots including this months, and we love her work and the fact that she always makes time to fit our cover shoot into her schedule (even when we are on a time crunch and heading towards the deadline.) She loves local music and shooting bands so if you need some band photos look her up. The new comers to the scene are next on my list and that is the team of Michele Kelley and Chris Rider. I have known Chris most of my life going to school with him and his brother so when I started seeing him at shows taking pics I asked him to send some over for me to check out. Of course they were all great pics and I really loved how he really enjoyed the music and talked to the bands and the people around him. Then I met Michele and I could see something happening there. I wasn’t real sure at the time but the next day or so Michele messaged me about something random and I just threw it out there. Hey, why don’t you and Chris take on writing for the paper it’s a volunteer gig and you get to see bands and work for free! They were a little nervous at first, and so was I, but the stars really aligned on that one and I got some great music lovers for the paper and Chris’s pics keep getting more amazing all the time and Michele is doing an awesome job writing about the bands and working with venues and promoters so they catch all the great shows. Next is the delivery people; Jim Price has a list so long it’s amazing and that is how we reach the northwestern part of our territory. We also have Sterling Koch who takes care of the Reading area for us. He somehow always makes himself available to come grab the papers when I text him while flying up 81 that I will be there in 30 mins. He is another true music lover always playing a gig or teaching a lesson somewhere. SPACE (Eric Dengler) is next. He takes papers to places that Rachel Rocks can’t get to so everyone in and around Harrisburg can find a paper. Then there is the old timer he hides in the shadows now days running sound somewhere bitching about guys fucking up his cords or turning up amps after he has his levels set and that is of course, Keith Hummel. Whitey always said the best place to stand is next to the sound guy if you really want to hear the band. Just don’t do it with a full beer or when you’re super drunk, sound guys hate that. Keith has been around since day 1 and has just been sort of an uncle that I get to help carry speakers or roll up cords for on occasion. He still delivers papers for us and when I asked if he wanted me to do it for him he said “NO, just drop me my papers every month,” was his response. Last and certainly not least is Whitey the Mighty! Without the old man none of us would have met, and none of this would be here. He had a dream of doing his own thing and thought, “hey there are local magazines for fishing, for cars, for knitting. Why don’t we have a local music magazine?” So he started his dream and with no computers, or internet, or ways of connecting with people other than the old fashion phone service, he set out driving the 78 Dodge van around to all the shows to talk to bands and venues and convince them that they needed the PA Musician Magazine and they need it now. It’s pretty amazing and I remember the first issue coming out and unloading the van and stacking them in the house. Sorta crazy to think about starting something of this scale from scratch but If you know Whitey then you know that once he sets his mind to something he makes it happen no matter what. That’s why we love him. Thanks Dad love you. Also a big THANK YOU to all the advertisers of the paper without them the paper would not exist so if you enjoy the paper please support the advertisers they are what makes up the local music scene and without them there would be no scene. So here’s to another year of great music and if you want to be part of the family just give me a ring, shoot me an email, or send a facebook message. It’s way easier then you think; no credit checks, no contracts, just you joining the family.

The PA Musician Magazine is published by Joshua Noll 178 andy stroup rd liverpool PA and reserves the right to exercise its discretion in the acceptance of all advertisments and to edit or condense any ad based on its standards of publication. PA Musician Magazine is not responsible or liable for the condition, dispostion, or availability of any article advertised, and disclams any warranty, expressed or implied, of any item published herein.. ALTHOUGH EXTREME CARE AND DILIGENCE IS TAKEN IN CHECKING AD COPY FOR ACCURACY. The PA Musician Magazine or the advertisers are not responsible for compostion errors, mistakes, or misprints.

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

June, 2019


APPEARING LIVE AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS: June 1st 8pm Toll Man Joe’s Bayside, Wildwood NJ June 22nd 8pm Red Rose Restaurant & Lounge, York PA Aug 11th 8pm Sands Casino Molten Lounge, Bethlehem PA Aug 31st 8pm Burning Bridge Tavern, Wrightsville PA


June 1st: DAM Party w/ Pat Travers Band, Boiling Springs, PA 6pm June 8th: Private Party June 15th: CLUB XL w/ Kix and Defiant, Harrisburg, PA 8pm July 6th: BLARNEY’S DECK STAGE, Mechanicsburg, PA 9pm

August 14th: Susquehanna Valley Hd Bike Night, Harrisburg, PA 6-8pm August 17th: Charity Event FNB Park, Harrisburg, PA (more info coming soon) August 17th: CLIFF’S TAVERN, Camp Hill, PA 9pm

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June, 2019

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

June, 2019

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


OUT ‘n’ ABOUT By Rachel Rocks

Sum! Sum! Summertime!! It’s finally here, and music is everywhere!! Please get out there and enjoy it! Also, don’t forget to still get out and support the bands in the venues. Check out all the schedules in this issue, I’m sure you’ll find something like you like. The first big show I made it to last month was Warrant at XL Live. XL snagged Warrant on their way to M3 so all of us could see a super cool show up close and personal. XL Live is a great venue for National bands to stop and make a pit stop between shows. Time Bomb was the first opener of the night, and they put on one heck of a show. It’s sad to say it was my first time seeing them with their newest line-up with Dave Grim on vocals and Randy Groff on drums. They’ve both actually been part of the band for a while. Dave really rocks the 80’s metal hits. He also seems to be always singing with a smile on his face. All of the guys in Time Bomb have amazing stage presence and they rock the stage from the 1st note to the very last. The next opener was Every Mother’s Nightmare, from Nashville, TN. They have also been playing music since the 80s even

when it wasn’t “normal” they didn’t give up, they just kept rockin’! Their songs definitely confirm that they are definitely a bunch of rebels, rockin’ the world, one stage at a time. It was cool to talk to some of their fans and see some even brought old albums for them to sign. It was nice to see an opening band all head to the merch table after their set and meet their fans. So many bands just scatter and you never have an opportunity to say hi or personally get to meet them. Even local bands should head to their merch table during breaks. If fans really want to see you and talk to you, they know where to find you, and that way no one can get upset if you don’t make it to them to say Hi, they can just come say hi to you instead. Just my opinion. The long anticipated Warrant took the stage next. I watched them rock the stage for a few songs, but since Michele and Chris were also there I decided to spread the love and head down to Chick’s for Calling Off Doug. You can read all about Warrant’s show in Michele Kelley’s article in this issue and I’m sure Chris posted plenty of amazing Warrant pics on his Chris Rider Photography page, and maybe some even made this issue. People don’t understand why I don’t spend more time covering the “National” acts.. and taking advantage of big concerts, but I just always say if you supported music the way I do, you would completely understand. I’m not one to just sit in a seat, or squeeze myself in amongst a zillion sweaty grumpy people, I like to dance, party and have a good time. Trust me, I know my

dancing sucks, but as long as I’m having fun I’ve learned to not care what other people think. When I got to Chick’s Calling Off Doug was in full rock mode, entertaining the masses. I ran into a few of my old SOS dancing partners and got them out dancing and I also ran into Jenifer Rose, who is usually standing behind the mic with her band The AfterParty or the Uptown Band. It was awesome to let loose and just have a good time. Calling Off Doug is a rare party band out in this scene. There aren’t many bands still playing all of your modern dance party favorites. These guys and gal are always keeping up with the times, learning new songs, and keeping people on the dance floor. Don’t get me wrong, they still play a lot of your 80s favorites, but they mix it in with enough modern songs to prove that they are continually learning new songs and adding to their show. If you want a great night of dancing and having a good time, check out Calling Off Doug’s schedule in this issue. continued on next page 9..

Stop in for dinner, check out our beer selections, and then stick around for the Area’s greatest entertainment!


• 6/15 - Irish Music Session 5-7 • 6/1 - Berkley 9-12 Blind Theory 10-1 • 6/7 - 1st Friday Karaoke 9-12 • 6/22 - Six Bar Break 9-12 • 6/8 - Chris Haag & Tanner Leed 9-12 • 6/27 - Ben Ginder Acoustic 6-8 • 6/13 - Ben Ginder Acoustic 6-8 • 6/29 - SlothLoveChunk 9-12

Drew Hall / Calling Off Doug at Chick’s

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

June, 2019

OUT & ABOUT continued..... Next up was a trip to Blarney’s to LeadFoot. Once again we were enjoying M3 style music without having to fight thru the crowd. LeadFoot rocks the stage with all of your favorite 80s Metal. Russ has crazy amazing vocals mixed in with just as crazy stage presence to always make sure every LeadFoot show is a great one. Usually Kip backs him up on vocals, but he unfortunately lost his voice before the show, but the good news, he could still play that bass! They also had a blast from the past with Terry White filling in on guitar for the night. It’s awesome that Terry was able to step up and help them out. LeadFoot will be opening for the Complete Black Sabbath Experience on Saturday, June 1st at XL Live. Get all the details in XL Live’s schedule in this issue. This was a busy month of adventure. I spent Mother’s Day weekend with my mom and sister, and Josh spoiled us with a guided canoe/kayak ride down Sherman’s creek. I love spending time with family, but that also means I miss out on all of my band fun. My next adventure made up for missing band fun because I went to Seaside Heights on the Jersey Shore for the 2019 Jersey Shore Music Festival. The festival was celebrating it’s 13th year! I can’t believe I haven’t checked this amazing event before. It was the beach, bands, and friends! Anyone that knows me, knows I was in heaven. My adventure started a night early because I headed down to Philly to pick up my MMC friend CK who flew down from Boston. We met at a hotel and had a night of adventure on the streets of Philly. Even though I delivered the streets of Philly for years, I never really took the time to stick around for the tourism/nightlife. CK and I enlisted the help of our Philly native friend Brian Cronin to show us around town. Thanks to the suggestion of our Nationals writer Eric Hoffman we headed over to Milkboy for the Blac Rabbits. The main guys were originally buskers that made it on to the Ellen show, and they’ve been rockin’ the US ever since. It was an awesome little show, they are known for their Beatles covers, and even their original music had a Beatles feel to them. After listening to their set we adventured out on the streets, thanks to our hand drawn map from Brian and listened for music. I was thrilled to see how many places had karaoke, open mics, etc. It seemed like music was everywhere. After our long day of work and travel we stopped to relax at Time an awesome little bar/restaurant that had some smooth jazz music coming from inside. We met the keyboard player Anam who was fabulous, but I unfortunately didn’t meet the other amazing musicians, sax, drums, guitar, etc.. people were switching out and just having an awesome night of jazz. After some chill time we headed back to our hotel which was AMAZING, it was the Marriott Downtown, directly across the street from Congress Hall. Before we hit the road, we stopped in to peak at the Liberty Bell, which was a first for me. I couldn’t believe the line of people to actually go inside and see it, so I just looked in the window and then we zoomed to Jersey! They started the festival off with a Roundtable event where everyone had 60 seconds to introduce themselves. I thought it was a cool way to start off a festival. I went there flying blind, I didn’t really know who I was going to see so it was a cool way to get to know some of the people at the festival. The Roundtable was at our motel, the Hersey Motel. It was a great little motel, I can’t believe I haven’t noticed it sooner. It has an amazing pool

Calling OFF Doug

and a lounge and we had 4 ladies in our room and we had plenty of space to sleep and hang out. Yeah, there was only a common balcony, but when you are at a festival like this it was nice, especially when everyone was out partying together til the wee hours of the morning anyway. Our first band of the festival was Nearly York out of Lancaster. They were playing at the Bamboo Bar. I missed them when they played at the Annville Theatre and I heard they were good, so I thought I’d check them out. Crazy that I had to go the whole way to Jersey to see them, but I’m glad I did. They were a great band and they had me excited from the beginning. All festivals I’ve been to have such top notch musicians, I knew I was in for a treat all weekend long. I found out that Nearly York has a gig coming up at the Union House and other venues in the area, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for them, and you should too! Next we headed to Aztec for The Kid & The Curse from Seaside Heights. I met their drummer Carlito at the Roundtable event, and how could I resist. He is definitely a DIY musician. He was even handing out and hanging up flyers that he drew by hand, each one was different, he didn’t just draw one and copy it, talk about dedication to your craft! The music was as good as the flycontinued on next page 10.

Brian Gates / Time Bomb at XL Live

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Friday June 14th Saturday June 15th Friday, 06/07 - GINGERBREAD MAN, Mechanicsburg, PA Saturday, 06/22 - BLARNEY’S, Mechanicsburg, PA Friday, 07/12 - GINGERBREAD MAN, Mechanicsburg, PA

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June, 2019


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OUT & ABOUT continued.....

ers. For only having a drummer and guitar player they definitely rocked. I’ve been to the Aztec on beach trips before but that was my first time seeing a live band on their stage. It’s a great bar and they have $2 Miller Lites all day everyday! Plus they are right on the boardwalk! After their show we decided to jump in the Sky Ride that goes along the boardwalk and the ocean and make a pit stop at our room. We unfortunately lost one party animal to an early bedtime, but the rest of crazy girls kept going… On our way out of our room we heard some cool sounds coming from Hooks across the street and we wound up catching the Josh Christina Band from Baltimore, MD. Josh played some crazy amazing keys that of course drew my ear right in! They were a cool and upbeat band that kept us entertained. Josh just released an original called “Lets Get Woke” and that’s exactly what we needed, a little wake up to get us motivated to keep moving! Hooks also had life size PacMan and competitive basketball which were tons of fun too! After some competitive fun we continued our adventure down to EJ’s Tap House, which is definitely a rock venue. Even earlier in the day before bands started at EJ’s they were already playing rock music on the radio and we knew we were gonna like that place! We made it there in time for The Inversion Circus from Red Bank, NJ. The Inversion Circus didn’t have a vocalist, but they definitely had musicians that could play! They played a rock/jazz infusion that was thoroughly entertaining! I was glad they at least introduced each song and told us about the meaning behind writing them, because it really helped connect you to each piece. Their bass played Chris not only played his regular bass, but also switched to some form of a stand up bass. It was pretty cool and very different. We stayed at EJ’s for the duration of the night and we also caught Pralaya from New York, NY. These guys definitely kept the place rockin with their alternative rock madness. Their energy was insane and they had a great sound. Empire Fallen from Belleville, NJ took the stage next. Even though they were the biggest band of the night with 5 members they didn’t let that stop them. They were all over that little stage with enough energy for everyone in the room. In March they just released their new album “Knife Party” you can check it out online. Empire Fallen also get a reward for being one of the only bands to follow up with me after the Festival. The last band of the night was Autopilot. I’ve seen these guys the last two years at the Millennium Music Conference, and they never disappoint. They come all the way down from Saskatchewan, Canada so if they are willing to travel so far, I am willing to make it to their show. They’ve come down the last few years to the Jersey Shore Festival so it was cool to see how they’ve already developed a fan base in the area. Since they released their album “Afterglow” last year they’ve really been gaining momentum across the US at many different radio stations. They tour about four months out of the year, and they are willing to travel anywhere people are willing to listen. After their show we headed back to the motel and just hung out and had a great time. The next morning was a little rough, so we decided to head out to the beach and take a recovery nap. When we woke up the festival was in full swing, we had kites of all shapes and sizes flying above us and the booths were all lining the boardwalk with tons of vendors to check out. We walked the boardwalk and saw a group of guys that were obvious a band… Here it was Wild Planes. I met these guys at our MMC Booth and they’ve played on our Acoustic Stage, and of course they remembered me because of Fireball! They invited us to their show later that day, but first we needed food. Even though there were awesome food trucks set up we wound up finding a nice spot to sit and enjoy a delicious lunch. After lunch we headed back to the room to get ready for more adventures and right at our Motel they also had a stage, so from our balcony we were able to enjoy Kjersti Long from Annandale, NJ. After she belted out Barracuda she then told us that she’s 12 years old! WOW! What a voice. She had a band backing her up along with 3 backup singers. The next band was supposed to be The Dirtee Blondes, unfortunately most of the band couldn’t make it, but the one guy that did still said the show must go on, so he went up on the stage with just his guitar, little amp, and a microphone. He was a little awkward without the rest of his band, but ya gotta love the kid’s determination. We headed back up to the Boardwalk and checked out the free Monster Truck Rides. The Jersey Shore Festival literally had entertainment for everyone. Then we heard music coming from EJ’s that sounded intriguing so we bopped in for a few continued on next page 11...


Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

June, 2019

OUT & ABOUT continued.....

songs from Another Day’s Armor from New York, NY. These guys had a total rock look from their hair to their outfits. One guitar player definitely looked like Nikki Sixx, they had a super cool sound and they were well worth stopping in to hear. Then we headed back to Aztec for Odette/Odile, no offense but they are a perfect example of different strokes, for different folks. They were pretty much just dancers dancing to a track that she operated with her watch. It was different and they definitely had a good crowd so they know how to intrigue people with their outfits and promotion. Next we headed to Grant Ave. that was completely shut down and hosted the main stage, food trucks, and Hell On Wheels BMX Stunt bikers. I listened to Vextion from Farmingdale, NJ. They had a female lead singer that not only had a voice that could just soar she was also an insane guitar player having no problems keeping up with the guys in her band or throughout the conference. Next we headed up to Jimbo’s for The Random Hubiak. I’ve seen him at the MMC too, but it was cool to see him playing in his full rockin’ element. After The Random Hubiak it was time to head back to the main stage for another show for Autopilot. That was my first time seeing them on a big stage where they could really move. It was a gorgeous day and Autopilot looked amazing up there on the huge main stage. After Autopilot I enjoyed watching some of the Hell on Wheels BMX Stunts. Reminded me of the old days of sitting and drooling over my big brother’s cool friends! Ha!! For those that don’t already know Josh still does the fancy BMX Tricks. I’ll never forget watching him pull off his own Superman and Can-Can in our backyard. You think he would learn that he’s not a spring chicken anymore, but he loves flying through the air! Speaking of flying through the air, the next band was the band we met on the boardwalk, Wild Planes from New City, NY playing at Jimbo’s. Jimbo’s might not have been the best venue for the bands, they really didn’t have a lot of space and they had Cheesesteak steam blowing on them from the grill.. but they didn’t let that stop them the Wild Planes were there to party! Honestly even though I love all bands, they were my favorite of the festival. Their original music is hilarious and catchy. They want to party and make sure everyone is having a good time! Their harmonies are crazy. I can’t imagine seeing them on a stage where they can actually move! I would absolutely love to

see them playing down here in the Harrisburg area. Hopefully I can find a club that’s willing to take the risk. Believe it or not the night still wasn’t over. As a matter of fact it was only like 9pm! After re-grouping at the room we went back to EJ’s, one band I did really want to see was Revel 9 from from Long Beach, NY. Their lead singer DJ, I met years ago playing with a band called Gee Davey. Even tho he had new band mates and a new band name, he still knows how to rock! I’m glad I finally got a chance to ‘revel in it’. I really wanted to see the next band, Know Your Enemy from Somerville, NJ, but unfortunately the venue was running behind and I had another band to go see. Know Your Enemy was the only band that personally contacted me before the festival and invited me out to their show. The intrigued me with video links and everything, but unfortunately my schedule didn’t line up. Ironically enough the next band I went to see is called Running Late from Madison, NJ. They are another band that has graced our MMC Acoustic Stage a few times, but I never got the chance to see them play live. When I saw their name on the schedule I knew I wanted to finally get to their show. Running Late definitely didn’t disappoint. They are a Pop/Rock Alternative band. Their music is tons of fun from the beginning to the end! They recently picked up Lauren on lead vocals who is phenomenal and also a Tre who is a keyboard player; Mix that in with their already amazing line up of Noah on guitar and vocals, Mike on bass, John on Sax and Ori on drums, and it is one heck of a party!! There aren’t many 6 person bands out there so it’s amazing to hear the music they can create. I’m so glad I got a chance to catch them live and in action! The very last band of the festival was Funeral Students. Their drummer left them right before the show, but they didn’t let that stop them. They all brought their acoustic instruments and made the most of the show. Their vocals were amazing and I’m sure they could be heard even better acoustically. I’m not really sure how I was still awake at this point, but somehow my senses made it through and I enjoyed every minute! I’m extremely thankful to Indian and the rest of his crew for inviting me down and putting together such an awesome festival! We really did truly have a blast all weekend long. I’m crazy busy the month of June too with my cousin Patti graduating from High School, and my Daddy’s birthday Bash!!!

Mixed in with Father’s Day. Hard to believe Whitey the Mighty is another year older. I love spending time with family and friends, but I do get out to see more music every chance I get. I will be starting things off right with the DAM Party, May 31st and June 1st. If you missed the details in last month’s issue check it out at If you see me Out and About please stop me and say Hi! I love meeting new people out supporting local music!! Get out there and enjoy the scene, you’ll be glad you did!

DJ / Revel 9 at Ej’s at Jersey Shore Festival

Deck Stage

5401 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg

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• Open 4pm-2am



COLT WILBUR Sat. 06/08 ~ NEARLY YORK Fri. 06/14 ~ WHISKEY ON THE ROCKS Sat. 06/15 ~ RENEGADE RADIO Fri. 06/07 ~



LAST SHOT BAND Sat. 06/22 ~ CALLING OFF DOUG Fri. 06/28 ~ THE GRANT BRYAN BAND Sat. 06/29 ~ HOT LIKE MOLLY Fri. 07/05 ~ CHAPEL HILL Sat. 07/06 ~ ROAD CASE Fri. 06/21 ~

June, 2019

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

featuring Ryan Alan



CENTRAL PA FRIENDS OF Dedicated to the Education, Presentation & Preservation of JAZZ - America’s Music! Since 1980...


JUNE 12-15, 2019


Resident/Commuter Camp for students 12 to 21

Open to any student who is interested in learning to improvise w/ master educator/ar sts Sean Jones, Tim Warfield, Kirk Reese, Steve Varner, Jeff Stabley, Paul Bratcher & more

Mack Avenue Recording Artist




The most dynamic young trumpet artist on the jazz scene today with Jeff Reed - Bass Alex Brown-Piano CV Dashiell - Drums


7/11 RIVERBOAT JAZZ CRUISE 7/12 JAZZ PARTY with Ali Ryerson & the River City Big Band 7/13 CONCERT AT MT. GRETNA with piano giant Gorge Cables Trio 7/14 JAZZ PICNIC at Indian Echo Caverns with 5 great bands! JAM SESSIONS - WORKSHOPS - AND MUCH MORE!! 2019 FALL CONCERT SERIES

Friends of Jazz Night Friday, Sept. 6th 6:30-10pm Ft. Hunter Park Harrisburg PA

Free wine tastings with ticket purchase



6 P.M.

By Eric Hoffman

Greetings Rocker ’N’ Rollers! The Summer concert season is shaping up very nicely with many big National bands touring including artists such as: Rancid, The Who, Blondie, The Menzingers, Fuel, Ratt, Aerosmith, Blink 182, KISS, Twenty One Pilots and The Rolling Stones, just to name a few. Last month, concerts were a bit quiet for myself due to traveling to the small island of St. Barths in the French Caribbean. However, I did manage a couple of music sights, including the home of Jimmy Buffett and the gravesite of Johnny Hallyday, an iconic singer dubbed the French version of Elvis, who is credited to bringing rock n roll to France in the 1960s. Fortunately, I was able to catch The Hives and Refused at Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia on May 18. Titled the ‘Scream Team Tour’ featured two of Sweden’s most popular bands, who are traveling the States this Spring for 10 shows in 12 days. Refused were popular in the 90s and known for their non-conformist and far-left political lyrics. The Hives were once called “The Best Live Band on the Planet” by Spin magazine and continue to put on an incredible live show. The band delivered their popular songs, “Walk Idiot Walk,” Hate To Say I Told You So” and “Tick Tick Boom.” Local favorites, Bridges and a Bottle, reunited on May 19 for their first show in 10 years. The band reformed to play a benefit for musician and friend, Ken Robinson. An all day event which featured 18 local bands including Nate Myers and the Aces, The Colt Wilbur Band, Don Johnson, Grumpy Old Men and Madison Ryan. Bridges and a Bottle once had a regional buzz with several record labels interested. WXPN named them Artist of the Day and their cd “Trojan Horse” was recorded by multi platinum Grammy nominated producer Jeff Glixman. The band were impressive and played all the fan favorites, including “18,” “Carousel” and “Pistol.” The great success of their recent show has rumors that Bridges and a Bottle will possibly do more. Legendary band, The Who brought their latest tour “Moving On!” to Philadelphia’s Citizen Bank Park on May 25. The English rock band that began in 1964 still features surviving members Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend but also includes Zak Starkey (son of Ringo Starr) and Simon Townshend (younger brother of Pete). In each city The Who have chosen an orchestra to back the band. The 50-piece Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia had played with the band before at The Mann and played this entire show, backing classics including, “Baba O’Riley,” “Substitute” and “Pinball Wizard” My thanks to Steven Swisher of Swisher Sweets for making this evening possible.

3 P.M. Jazz Piano Master

Jazz Vocal Sensation

Lucy Yeghiazaryan

Susquehanna Art Museum, 1401 N. 3rd St., Hbg PA


Geoffrey Keezer WITF Public Media Center, 4801 Lindle Rd., Hbg., PA

Support jazz in Central PA Join the Friends of Jazz!! 717.540.1010

www.friendsof Steven Swisher of Swisher Sweets


Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

Ryan Lindsey of BRONCHO

NATIONAL NEWS: The Rolling Stones have rescheduled dates for this year’s “No Filter” tour after Mick Jagger underwent heart valve surgery in April. The iconic British rockers will play 17 shows in North America. Demand remains exceedingly high for The Rolling Stones. Despite only staging 28 shows over 2017 and 2018 – 14 in each year. New dates include Washington DC’s FedEx Field on July 3 and Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field on July 23. Madonna has announced intimate theatre residencies in 7 major US. cities. The pop icon’s “Madame X” tour includes 47 shows thus far and tickets will range from $60 to $760. These shows represent Madonna’s first proper U.S. gigs since 2016. The Material Girl will release her anticipated 14th studio album “Madame X” on June 14. Madonna is the best-selling female solo touring artist of all time and her “Sticky & Sweet” tour, which took place from 2008 to 2009, is the highest-grossing concert tour by a female artist ever, with a final mark of $408 million. The tour visits The Met in Philadelphia on Dec 7, 8 and 11. Sinéad O’Connor has signed with talent agency ICM Partners. “We are truly excited and honored to be working with such a talented, unique and groundbreaking artist,” it was stated. “We cannot wait to see her performing in North America again.” Returning to music by the name Shuhada Sadaqat in respect of her recent conversion to Islam, Sinéad O’Connor has left an indelible mark on the music world. The Irish singer’s return to music comes after somewhat public struggles, during which she stated she was suicidal after losing custody of a son and later appeared on the Dr. Phil show to discuss mental health issues among musicians. Lil Wayne and Blink-182 are taking on a full summer’s worth of headline dates together for what is sure to be a unique tour. Neck Deep is coming along as support. In announcing the tour Lil Wayne and Blink-182 released a mash-up of their respective hits “A Milli” and “What’s My Age Again?” Both acts haven’t really been on the road in earnest since 2017. Blink-182 has cancelled dates in the past due to Travis Barker’s medical issues involving blood clots in the drummer’s arms. The tour visits Hersheypark Stadium on July 5 and Merriweather Post Pavilion on Columbia, MD on July 21 UPCOMING SHOWS: The Distillers Philadelphia Union Transfer June 1. Rancid / Pennywise / L7 - New Jersey Old Bridge Raceway June 2. Twenty One Pilots - Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall June 8. KIX - Harrisburg Club XL June 15. White Reaper - Lancaster Kaleidoscope June 18. Perry Farrell - Philadelphia World Café Live June 18. Flock of Seagulls Reading Downtown Alive June 19. Teenage Bottlerocket - Philadelphia Kung Fu Necktie June 21. Ocean Blue - Lancaster Tells 360 June 22. Blondie - York Strand June 23.

June, 2019

Katz 22… Getting People Off Their Seat and On To Their Feet!

By Rachel Rocks Katz 22 is a four-piece powerhouse rock & roll dance band with excellent musicianship and superb vocalists. Featuring drummer John Hawk, bassist Rusty Fohner, keyboardist Zach Nyce and guitarist Kathy Rimm, Katz 22 entertains like no other band in PA. They’ve only been together as Katz 22 since 2017, but their experience as musicians truly shows in every note. You can tell they must be good because their fan base has already grown immensely in a very short time. Kathy Rimm is their lead singer and guitarist. Kathy has been singing every since her mouth could open! She used to drive her family crazy singing all of the commercials to products as they were walking through the store. When she was 13 years old, she finally got her hands on a guitar. Her parents tried to get her lessons, but that never worked because she can just hear a song and memorize it, she didn’t need all of the details, she just wanted to play music. She joined her first band at 16 and hasn’t stopped since. John Hawk has been drumming since he was 3 years old with wooden spoons! When he was 13 he got a guitar and his brother got drums, luckily they switched and he finally had real drums to play. He took private lessons and was in band and the orchestra all through school which really helped with his rhythm and counting skills. He’s played with a variety of bands throughout the years, he played with originals acts throughout NYC, Jersey and Philly. He’s also played in a country band and opened for quite a few country acts such as George Jones, Brian White, etc.. Even though he’s played in a lot of bands nothing compares to Katz 22. Zach Nyce is their keyboard player and on the day we did this interview he just graduated from college and he was officially Dr. Nyce. He has his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate in Music Performance. His keyboard skills are amazing, he’s been playing since he was 5 years old, and he’s not stopping anytime soon. Even though he’s very serious about music and he’s played all over the place, from Japan to Greece, and of course in the US. He still just wants to play Rock-N-Roll! He has so much fun, and he is able to have fun because he is surrounded by amazing musicians. Zach also has a solo original project, but he loves getting together with Katz 22 and practicing and playing. Last, but definitely not least, is their bassist Rusty Fohner. Rusty is a Retired Master Sargent from the US Air Force. Being in the armed forces he of course moved all around the world, and he took advantage of every new place he lived, he would move from Duty Station to Duty Station forming bands: Florida, Tennessee, Europe, it didn’t matter music was everywhere! In 2005 he moved

June, 2019

Photo by Meredith Kaminek

Zach Nyce

Rusty Fohner

to the Chambersburg area and there was a click of musicians he couldn’t quite crack, eventually he spent 10 years in a country band where he got to open for some great bands like David Allen Coe and Blackberry Smoke, but he’s not a huge country fan, he wanted to rock! As soon as he heard Kathy ripping on the guitar, he knew this was the band for him. Even though I’ve never seen Katz 22 live yet, I did enjoy quite a few videos on their Facebook page. You can see quickly that their musicianship is top notch! I thought Dr. Nyce would be the one laying down the law with perfection, but I’m told that Rusty is truly the guy that won’t accept a subpar performance, he expects everyone to always be on their A game, and they truly are. They all also appreciate how much they challenge each other with their song choices, they play amazing artists like Heart, Boston, Pat Benatar, etc.. they have a knack for finding songs people forgot they knew. Their vocal harmonies are also insane! They feel their harmonies are extremely important and they help add in a special layer to every song. The band

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

Kathy Rimm

John Hawk

has one goal in mind when they hit the stage, get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor! The band has achieved their goal night after night. The band has and will continue to perform at just about any type of venue - small clubs, large festivals, casinos, weddings, colleges, corporate events, wineries, private parties, charity events, etc. Sat. June 1st they will be playing Hanover Moose, and Friday, June 7th they will be playing at Cliff’s Tavern, they are excited to be playing at Cliff’s for the first time as Katz 22. You can check out their full schedule in their ad in this issue. To get Katz 22 booked at your club or private event, you can contact them via email: or phone: 717752-2267. Rusty is currently doing most of their bookings, but if you are a promoter or booking agent, they are looking for representation. Katz 22 so far has been an awesome party train and they just keep chugging down the track! Of course they need all of the pieces to their train to keep their party rockin. They wouldn’t be the band they are today if it wasn’t for all of the support from all of their significant others. Rusty is the sound guy, booking guy, etc, but when he’s on stage his wife Pam steps up as their sound guru. Pam also sends out flyers and helps get gigs wherever she can. Zach’s wife Martha has to hold down the fort at home with their new baby girl. John’s girlfriend and Kathy’s significant other help out with merch and wherever they can. They also wanted to give a special shout out to John’s sister Barb for giving them their practice spot. Last but not least they wouldn’t be playing anywhere if it wasn’t for all of their friends and fans for supporting them at their shows. They all love seeing people up dancing and having a good time. Make sure and check out their website, www.katz22band. com, for even more info. If you’re looking for a fun night out on the town with a band that will get you off your seat and onto your feet, then check out their schedule and plan your next night on the town! Their combined talent and experience produces a high-quality, entertaining and energetic rock & roll experience that you won’t forget! 13

Bakuru Mtn,

Hollow Roots

Savoy Brown East Coast to Nowhere


Switch Fu

Joan Osborne

Jeffrey Gaines


Savoy Brown

Nate Myers

Rascal Revival


Justin Angelo

Every Mother’s Nightmare

Every Mother’s Nightmare

Switch Fu Photos on page 14 by Chris Rider Photography 14

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

June, 2019

HITTING THE ROAD By Michele Kelley

Hello sunshine! After all the rain we had, it is so nice to see the sun again and feel warm temps. Something else that is heating up are all the bands and new talent we discovered this past month. Some names that will be exploding in the next few months along with some throwbacks that gave me some time to reminisce about the old days. I am excited to share them with you. I have a lot to cover this month so I will get to it. We started the month at Club XL in Harrisburg to cover three rockin’ bands. Time Bomb, Every Mother’s Nightmare and Warrant. Time Bomb kicked off the night covering 80’s and 90’s rock. These guys are such a blast to see perform. We saw them back in December for the Toys for Tots Concert and had such a good time that we had to go see them again. These guys dig in and find some gems to cover that I have not heard in a very long time. Strange how I can’t remember what I had for dinner last week but I can belt out some song lyrics from 25 years ago. The band consists of Dave Grim: Lead Vocals/Guitar, Brian Gates: Lead Guitar/Vocals, Todd Williams: Bass/Vocals, Randy Groff: Drums/Vocals. If you haven’t heard them play, you are in for a treat. They will certainly give you some flashbacks to the long hair rockin’ days. Next up was Every Mother’s Nightmare from Memphis, TN. Some of you might remember this band from the late 80’s/early 90’s if you watched Headbanger’s Ball. MTV featured three of their most popular songs “Walls Came Down”, “Love Can Make You Blind” and “House of Pain”. They were full of energy, had great stage presence and showed the crowd they still have it goin’ on! We got to talk with some of them after they finished playing and they were such cool guys to hang out with. Always nice to find personalities behind the music. To end the night, Warrant took the stage on their ‘Dirty 30 Tour’. As a fan of the 80’s hairbands, I was curious to hear them play. I wasn’t sure if all the years of hard partying would affect their sound and performance. Having a different lead singer also changes a lot of things but not for these guys! They rocked it just like back in the day and even did a few of the crowd favorites like “Heaven”, “Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich” and of course everyone’s favorite “Cherry Pie”. What a fun night! A few months ago, I was contacted on Facebook by R.J. Conrad and he asked me to give a listen to a song he had recorded. Yes, I do listen to music sent to me. I had Chris give it a listen also and we talked about it before responding to him. Chris has always been a fan of Dave Matthews so he instantly noticed the Dave influence. I was picking up a Dispatch influence but no denying the Dave influence. We liked what we heard and I reached out to R.J. I shared our conversation and he backed up that they were both one of his favorites. Nailed it! So, we found out where and when his band, Rascal Revival, would be playing and went to check them out at HMAC. This was our first time at HMAC (I know, I know, but at least we finally made it there) What a cool place! I see a ton of bands listed to play there and but our schedules just had not lined up to make it. I absolutely loved all the original art they display throughout the place and all the old architecture. I bet that building has a lot of stories to tell! HMAC has 2 stages and will be adding another one soon. Special thanks to Chris Werner at HMAC for giving us the grand tour and the warm welcome. Also, congratulations to Chris on the purchase of HMAC and now being co-owner! Looks like some great things are in store for them. Three bands were scheduled to play that night at the Stage on Herr. The first band was East Coast to Nowhere. When they took the stage, they announced that this was their debut performance. I absolutely love catching these bands! You get to see the progress they make along the way. They are a 5-piece Punk/ Rock band originally from Adams County. For being a brandnew band and never playing in public, they did a great job. Keep it going guys! Next was Rascal Revival from Harrisburg. They are an Alternative Folk-Rock band that started as a 3-piece band in 2017 and recently expanded to a 6-piece band consisting of R.J. Conrad: Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Jeff Fuhrman: Drums, Jake Joyce: Lead Guitar, Liam Galiano: Bass, Caleb Stelle: Violin and Eric DeAlmeida: Sax. I kept looking at the bass player thinking I knew him from someplace. It turns out, Liam also plays with the band Sun & Rain that we have covered a couple times. Always cool to see musicians sharing their talents. The band did a great

June, 2019

job of mixing original songs and covers from the 60’s to current. They had a great groove going and I am really looking forward to hearing them explode in the local music scene. For being a newly expanding band, they were extremely tight. They have a lot going for them and they are really picking up speed with their bookings! Go check out their Facebook page to find a show near you! We were exhausted from a very long week and late-night prior, so we were not able to stick around long for the final band, The Hollow Roots. They are a Blues/Rock/Metal band from TN. They have a unique sound to them and we really enjoyed hearing them but we had a long drive ahead of us and my bed was calling my name. They play a lot all over the place, so I am sure we will get to catch them another time. We took a week off to recuperate since we have been going hard with music, our full-time day jobs and a family emergency that I wanted to stick around home for in case I needed to jet. Thankfully, things have settled down on the home front and we are back up and running, literally! Next was the final show for the Harrisburg University Spring Concert Series, Joan Osbourne at The Whitaker Center in Harrisburg. A week before the show, Frank Schofield announced that Harrisburg native, Jeffrey Gaines, would be opening for her band! I was ecstatic! I absolutely love hearing him play. Jeffrey always has such a heartfelt and powerful presence when he performs. His stories and lyrics command everyone’s attention. That evening, he talked about growing up in the Chambers Hill area and how he drove around before the show to find his childhood home untouched from “progress”. He shared how he would sit in the back of his parents’ station wagon playing Hot Wheels and singing to “Tiny Dancer”. He continued by saying he started music in school and how the guidance counselor told him to stick with it, because there wasn’t much else for him. I had to chuckle, because I had heard the same thing from the school I attended. Strange how times have changed. That would never fly in today’s world! I for one, am glad that he stuck with it, because he is amazing! He played some newer originals and performed one of his hit songs “Hero”. Jeffrey will be back to Harrisburg on July 19th at HMAC at the Stage on Herr. Mark your calendars now. I’m sure this will sell out fast! Joan Osborne was next! Another one that I have always wanted to see live and just now had the opportunity to do so. Joan’s second album “Relish” was released at a time in my life when so much was changing. The time when you’re forced to look real-life straight in the face. This album is probably the one everyone remembers with the well-known songs “One of Us” and “St. Teresa”. I recently found out that Joan was in the band Trigger Hippy. I have been listening to them for a few years and never took the time to investigate them. I was able to talk briefly with Joan after the show which was surreal. I find it so interesting how music will take you back in time to certain moments in life. I had forgotten what an impact this album had on my life until hearing her that evening. My friend Michael Lundy from the band Prairie Dogma said it perfectly “It is pretty cool to meet your musical/cultural touch stones”. Could not have said it better Michael! Joan will be releasing a new album soon and we were the first to hear a bit of it that night. Keep your eyes open for her release date! Round 3 of the spring series of Whitaker Unplugged was amazing! This month’s performers were Michael Arthur, Hunter Root from Medusa Disco, Justin Angelo and Soji. Wow! An impossible decision to make with such great musicians from all different genres! It certainly was not an easy decision! This month’s winner goes to Justin Angelo. Congratulations Justin! Each month the winner receives $100 cash and a paid gig at Strawberry Square. The winners will advance to the finale on August 16th. The final winner will get $500 in recording time at the Green Room, Harrisburg and perform on the main stage at Kipona! Join us on June 21st at 5pm to see who will be the next winner! This has been so fun to do and I am so thankful The Whitaker Center allowed me to be part of this. Admission is $5 in advance and $8 at the door, so get your tickets early! After Whitaker Unplugged, we headed to Mifflinburg Hotel & Scarlet D Tavern to see Bakuru Mtn. This was our first time there and seeing Bakuru Mtn. Neat place with great food and service! Bakuru Mtn is a 2-piece band consisting of Mark Cresswell: Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica and Jerrin Bottiger: Percussion. These guys do a mix of covers from pretty much every genre from jam, reggae, blues and rock along with some great originals. They were a lot of fun to see. We will be seeing them again soon. The following night we headed up to Que Brew to catch our friend Jason P Yoder. Jason is a singer/songwriter with influenc-

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

es of Country, Rock and Jazz. He has been playing since he was 13 years old starting out with trumpet. Not only does he sing and play guitar he also plays piano, percussion, bass guitar, mandolin and banjo. Not to mention that he is an all-around great human being! His wife owns B Original Studios and does Graphic Design, Photography and Printing Services. She made a patch and Iron-on for Chris’s Photography which turned out awesome! Such amazing people! If you see Jason scheduled somewhere to play, stop in and see him. If you need some graphic design and printing done, look up B Original Designs and let her know we sent you her way! We thought we were finished covering bands for the month but we ended up at our friend Becky Blue’s house for a housewarming party and ran into John Merx from Switch Fu. It was a great afternoon filled with a bunch of awesome musicians that just jammed on the first real hot day of the year, so we were all a melting mess. John convinced us to come see him and the band play at Club XL a few days later. All right, twist my arm. I mean, what better way to kick off your vacation and what isn’t to love about this upcoming show! Switch Fu, Nate Myers and the Aces and none other than Savoy Brown. With that line up one would think Switch Fu were straight up Blues. Not the case! They are a mix of Blues, Funk and Rock. Switch Fu is a Harrisburg band with members John Merx: Vocals/Harmonica, Bill Wasch: Guitar/Vocals, Eric Slaughter: Drums and Jay Kirssin: Bass/Engineer. They kicked off the night and WOW! Pretty cool stuff! If I had to explain them in simpler terms, picture Danzig singing funky Blues/Rock. I know, right! I loved it and can’t wait to see them again. Great job guys! Next up was a long-time favorite of ours, Nate Myers and The Aces. I first saw them over 15 years ago and I still love seeing them play. They have so much fun entertaining their fans with their clever and sometimes comical lyrics. Anyone that has seen Nate perform before knows he is an exceptional Harmonica player and I still cannot figure out how he holds out those notes for that long. It impresses me every time. Never have I heard someone hold a note that long before! Always a great time seeing them play! I was so happy to close this month with this final band, Savoy Brown. One of the earliest British Blues bands that have been playing since 1965 and are the longest touring blues/rock band in existence! I usually mention bigger named bands and who they have opened for. These are the guys that are always the headliner giving the opportunity for bands like KISS, The Doobie Brothers and many others, to open for them. Current members include Founder, Kim Simmonds: Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica, Pat DiSalvo: Bass and Garnet Grimm: Drums, both joining in 2009. The band has had numerous members start out with them over the years that went on peruse their careers with bands including Fleetwood Mac, The Kinks, UFO and Foghat. It was a great night of music and fun to see such a wide range of ages in the crowd. Get out and support your Blues Musicians. It is an audience that never seems to have the live support it deserves. We will be in W.V. at Waynestock when this issue is released, so look for the breakdown from Shakedown St. in next months issue! Shows we will be covering in June are: 6/13-The Dirty Mojo Blues Band at Liverpool Volunteer Fire Company Carnival. 6/19-Deathcab For Cutie at Riverfront Park, Harrisburg. 6/28-The Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws and Molly Hatchet at Spyglass Ridge Winery, Sunbury and a few others that we have in store for you. Finally, Chris and I would like to wish a happy 1-year anniversary to Josh Noll: Owner, Editor and ‘Superstar’ (yes, I used the SNL voice)! Thank you so much for everything you do for local music and for taking a chance on us! You have done an outstanding job and I am excited to see where you take this! So, if you want to wish Josh a Happy Anniversary, PLACE AN AD ALREADY! Catch you all next month!

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It’s anniversary time again, as I begin my 33rd year of writing for Pennsylvania Musician Magazine! This journey continues to be exciting, and each month provides new and interesting adventures as I observe and report on the variety of live music happenings throughout the west-central PA region and beyond. Thanks again to main man Josh Noll, as well as founders Whitey and Robin, for allowing me to continue this journey! Outdoor live music activities continued to pick up steam as summer approaches. Huntingdon hosted the 15th annual Mayfest celebration in late April. Live music again transpired on six different performance stages along a five-block span of downtown Huntingdon’s Washington Street. Five different bands performed on the Desert Garden Day Spa stage; after my bandmates and I – the Backyard Rockers – kicked off the day’s music on that stage, I saw Reboot as they provided musical fun. Singer and guitarist Josh Crownover, singer, guitarist and keyboardist Matt Kyle, bassist Brian Smith and drummer Chris Skipper mixed up an unpredictable variety of tunes spanning classic rock, pop, country, dance hits and more. Josh and Kyle handled most lead singing duties; Reboot mixed up tunes from Van Halen, Walk the Moon, 3 Doors Down, Bruno Mars, Charlie Daniels, Devo, Prince, Queen, AC/DC and more. They also fused together The Knack’s “My Sharona” with Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky,” and in what was probably the craziest moment of their performance, Matt did his best Lady Gaga on a version of “Bad Romance!” I then visited the Renaissance Faire stage to see Full Kilt, performing before Huntingdon’s royalty. With the Queen (festival organizer Linda Dearmitt) looking on, the plaid-clad cast of singer and guitarist Mike Zerbee, bassist and singer Chris Myers, fiddler Mandy Passmore-Ott and drummer Jake Yarnish performed Irish-flavored folk and rock tunes; mixing their own original songs with numbers from Seven Nations, Garth Brooks, Carbon Leaf, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys

and more. Back at the Desert Garden Day Spa stage, Hawestone delivered country sounds, mixing original songs with modern country favorites. Singer and guitarist Ken Gray, lead guitarist Eric Smith, bassist Dick Shoemaker and drummer Tim Guthridge did numbers from Dustin Lynch, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Combs, Big & Rich and others, along with their own original songs “White Knuckle Ride” and “On Top of the World.” I then came across youthful rockers Vinyl Stripes, performing at the Colonial Times stage. All in or entering their teens, lead singer and guitarist Nate McDermott, guitarist and singer Thayne Riddle, bassist Dayton Barger and (11-year-old) drummer Avery Miller did nice work on a variety of modern and classic rock numbers; doing songs from Green Day, White Stripes, CCR, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Deep Purple and more. And I caught a portion of Force Of Habit’s performance on the Desert Garden Day Spa stage as Mayfest wound down. The roster of guitarists and singers Guy Kumpf and Steve Goodman, bassist Tim Rupert, keyboardist Mike Simpson and drummer/ percussionist Chip Briggs mixed up rocking numbers from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger, Eric Clapton, Procol Harum, 3 Doors Down, ZZ Top and more. Craft brew connoisseurs converged on Altoona’s People’s Natural Gas Field early last month for the 12th annual Pints for Pets Brewfest, sampling craft brews from regional, local and national brewers to raise funds for the Central PA Humane Society. Live music was again part of Pints for Pets. Lauren & Joe and Bill Ferrell’s Classical Edge Music entertained during the special VIP session, while Eric McCrum and Ed N’Born entertained during the event’s public session. Accompanied by his Hope Fallacy bandmate Trey Carruthers on drums, Eric displayed a strong voice and witty delivery as he sang newer and classic rock and pop numbers from Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, Dave Matthews Band, Goo Goo Dolls, Eagle-Eye Cherry, the Beatles and more. Highlights included a mash-up of Sister Hazel’s “All for You” with Blues Traveler’s “Runaround,” and Eric’s ‘MC Rum’ rapping midsection to the Cranberries’ “Zombie.” Ed N’Born followed with their wide variety of acoustic favorites, honoring requests along the way. Some of their setlist included tunes from Sublime, CCR, Garth Brooks, Alice In Chains, Billy Joel and the set-closing merger of Smash Mouth’s “All Star”

with Semisonic’s “Closing Time.” The beer sampling at Pints for Pets was good as well; my top three favorites were Robin Hood’s Nitro Nuttingham Peanut Butter Porter, Rivertowne’s Hala Kahiki pineapple beer and Boxcar Brew Works’ 1896 (German) Pilsner. Altoona native Jimmy Mowery’s quest to win on NBC Television’s popular talent search program “The Voice” ended in late April when he came up short on public votes to advance to the show’s next round. Multitudes of appreciative fans, friends and family came out to cheer Jimmy during last month’s homecoming visit to the area. He first played to a packed house at the Altoona Primanti Bros. location, before playing an outdoor set the next day as part of the Historic Hollidaysburg SpringFest in downtown Hollidaysburg. Flanked by a makeshift band of local music colleagues Ty Ayers and Ian Bennett on guitars and Trey Carruthers on drums, plus his bass player from Myrtle Beach, Jimmy performed a set of modern rock and pop favorites. He did songs that he performed during his recent run on “The Voice,” including Charlie Puth’s “Attention,” Usher’s “U Got It Bad” and Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy.” He and his group also did numbers from Matchbox 20, The Outfield and more; and after mentioning that he couldn’t find anyone in his current home base of Myrtle Beach who wanted to do pop punk, Jimmy and company broke out Blink 182’s “The Rock Show” and Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy.” Along the way, Jimmy reflected on his “Voice” experience and referenced bands from his local music past such as Past Curfew, Dropout High and Like a Movie. The large crowd dug every moment of Jimmy’s homecoming set, and gave rousing cheers after each tune. Before Jimmy’s performance, I also got to see sets from young performers Wilted and Coltt Winter Lepley during SpringFest. Wilted – lead singer and guitarist Christian Douglas, lead guitarist Julian Saborio, bassist Dylan Forr and drummer Dom Sisto – mixed original songs from their forthcoming CD with several favorites. Their sound blends elements of alternative rock and funk; some of their original songs included “When I Found My Way,” “The Run” and “Dangerous Friend,” while their cover selection included tunes from the Talking Heads, the Doors and Violent Femmes. Coltt Winter Lepley blended folk, pop, blues continued on page 17




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June, 2019

THE PROFESSOR continued..... and other favorites with his own original songs. Coltt again showed his talents as a musical storyteller as he performed his own story songs “The Ghost of Emma” and “Bandito.” And he covered an eclectic range of artists, including Bob Dylan, White Stripes, Bill Withers, Neil Young, Woody Guthrie, and even a sing-along version of Cab Calloway’s “Minnie the Moocher” to end his set. Happening the same weekend, I caught the second and final day of the annual Blair County Arts Festival at Penn State Altoona, and weather wasn’t as cooperative this day. Rain and thunderstorms turned out to be a connecting thread of the day, as three of the five acts I witnessed had to cut their sets short due to rain-related issues. I arrived during R2B2’s performance at the Food Court stage, and knew we were doomed the moment guitarist and singer Rick Wertz remarked that it wasn’t raining. Within seconds, droplets began to fall as a developing thunderstorm made its arrival. I got to witness a few songs, though, as R2B2 – Rick, guitarist Ric Criste, keyboardist and singer Mary Villani, bassist Fritz Wyland and drummer Beau Saller – did funky hits from Cameo, Stevie Wonder, Pink and Morris Day and the Time. But increasing rain and a sudden shot of lightning cut R2B2’s set short. I then proceeded to the relative shelter of the Misciagna Portico stage to see Randy Rutherford and Bob Scholl finish their set of jazz and pop numbers. Randy on guitar and Bob on sax sounded smooth as they finished their set with a version of Steely Dan’s hit “FM (No Static at All).” With storm clouds clearing, I returned to the Food Court stage to see the Altoona Brass Collective. Numbering nearly 20 members, the Collective applied their collective brass talents to a variety of sounds – from John Williams’ theme from the movie “1941” to Malcolm Arnold’s “Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo” to the devotional song “On Eagle’s Wings,” a musical salute to the nation’s Armed Forces and more. I headed back to the Misciagna portico stage to see the Full Kilt Duo of Mike Zerbee and Mandy Passmore-Ott, accompanied by guest Shawn Gority on bagpipes and Uilleann pipes. I was able to witness a version of Seven Nations’ “Scream” and another song or two, before more arriving rain triggered a power outage to end their set early. I soon made one

more trip back to the Food Court stage, believing that the stormy weather had passed and that Mother Nature wouldn’t rain on Felix & the Hurricanes’ set. I was wrong. The Hurricanes – this day lead Hurricane Felix Kos on vocals and guitar, Jeff Clapper on vocals and bass, and Bob Watters on drums and vocals – made it through much of their set, doing original song favorites and select covers. Some of their numbers included popular favorites like “Beale Street,” “Keep On Rockin,’” “Black Widow” and their ‘Russian surf music’ instrumental “Whirlwind.” But the sky darkened and a downpour quickly deluged the grounds, sending sound engineer Pat McGinnis and his staff to cover up speakers and gear, and prompting Hurricane Felix to quickly launch into B.J. Thomas’ hit “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” as a number of audience members converged under the performance tent. A shot of lightning sealed the deal and ended the performance – and the Arts Festival. New York third-wave ska legends Mephiskapheles visited the stage at McGarvey’s last month. Leading off the show were Railroad City Murder Machines. The lineup of singers and guitarists Randy “Cheeze” Williams and Tim Mort, Dan Mort on bass and Billy Mort on drums mixed up high-powered rock’n’roll and punk sounds. These guys performed melody-based high-octane original rock’n’roll songs but could quickly accelerate into punk rock velocity on numbers like “No Mercy for the Victim.” Former Marauders frontman Ben Dumm’s newest project, Ben Dumm & the Prostitutes, then pimped their brand of punk-fueled, roots rock’n’roll. Ben on lead vocals and guitar, Darren Jones on bass and Steve Holtz on drums fired off new and older original songs from Ben’s arsenal including the set-opener “Devil’s Debt,” and also offered high-octane takes on “Midnight Special,” Elvis Presley’s “(Marie’s the Name) His Latest Flame,” a Little Richard number and more. Mephiskapheles then raised some hell with their edgy brand of ska music. Seven members strong with a three-piece horn section, Mephiskapheles brought the party, delivering fiery, feisty original ska sounds that quickly had the crowd up and moving. Charismatic singer Andre Worrell delivered a booming voice and vocal sass as he led the group through numbers such as the group’s self-titled intro “Mephiskapheles” into “Attack of the Geniuses,” “Bad continued on page 18

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June, 2019

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


THE PROFESSOR continued.....

Andre Worrell /Mephiskapheles

Angelo Rivera/Schism (Tool)

Chet Lafferty -Jean Claude Trans Am

Dan Mort / Railroad City Murder Machines

Eric Smith / Hawestone

Jackie Kopco / Walt & Jackie

Fritz Wyland / R2B2

Jason Straw/Darkness On the Radio

Jimmy Mowery

Julian Saborio/Wilted

Guest Kayla performing w/ Schism (Tool Tribute)

Mary Villani / R2B2

Tucker Landis / Shallow 9 Matt Kyle/Reboot


Tim Guthridge / Hawestone by Jim Price / See all JP’s Shots at Musician Magazine Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

John,” “Bad Toupee,” their popular “Bumble Bee (Al) Tuna Song,” the devil-themed “Satan on the Beach” and “Satan Stole My Weed,” “Saba,” “Break Your Ankle Punk,” “Doomsday” and more. More and more folks danced, skanked and grooved as Mephiskapheles’ ska party progressed; and when they called for the encore at set’s end, the group responded with “Rank & File” and “Friends Like You” to close the night. My first time seeing this group in action, I was impressed with Mephiskapheles’ high-energy, go-for-broke ska-driven good time, and I hope to see their return visit soon. Another of McGarvey’s big highlights recently was hosting New York City-based Tool tribute act Schism, sponsored by Cohocoholics Productions. This was a multi-band bill, featuring several local openers. Ed N’Born commenced the music with a short set of acoustic rocking favorites from Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Cracker, Live, Sublime, Black Sabbath and more. Maul and Negan then performed sets that showcased their own original music, while reprising their Layne Staley Alice In Chains tribute from April. Maul presented their two-pronged vocal duo of Todd McKeone and Luke Patterson (who I incorrectly identified in last month’s column, my apologies!) to capture the Alice In Chains harmonies on such tunes as “Them Bones,” “Rain When I Die,” “No Excuses” and “Rooster.” Negan introduced several new originals during their set, including the scathing “The Boy” and “The Goat Whispers.” Schism was phenomenal, accurately capturing the power, mysticism and technical prowess of Tool. The only Tool tribute endorsed on Tool’s websites, Schism – singer Angelo Rivera, guitarist Keith Williams, bassist Sean Murray and drummer Donald Pusateri – played material from throughout the Tool catalog, mixing established favorites with deeper cuts. Opening with the title track to Tool’s “Aenima” album, Schism played through familiar numbers such as “Stinkfist,” “H,” “Forty Six & 2,” “Schism,” “Sober,” “Hooker with a Penis” and more; and they dug deeper for numbers such as “Intolerance,” “Pushit,” “Rosetta Stoned,” “Third Eye” and others. An unexpected highlight was a special guest, young guitar player Kayla, who Schism welcomed on stage twice; first during “Vicarious,” and later during one of the most complex numbers in the Tool catalog, the title track from “Lateralus” – Kayla excelled on both, much to the delight of both band and audience! Schism took no breaks during their nearly two-hour performance, and eagerly responded to encore calls with “The Pit” to end the night. Music fans and dog lovers converged on McGarvey’s in late April for the A Darrah Bull Birthday Bash. Proceeds from this event helped out A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue, a Blair County-based non-profit organization dedicated to caring for homeless dogs in the area through providing foster care until permanent loving homes can be found for them. State College’s Same Old Haunt and Washington D.C.’s DoubleMotorcycle both performed before my arrival, but I got there in time to catch my first look at local punk rockers Jean Claude Trans Am. This group features a seasoned cast of performers from the Altoona punk rock scene – X’s For Eyes’ Tom Noel on lead vocals and guitar, former Lose The Name member Jimmy Skinny on guitar, The Flannels’ Chet Lafferty on bass and Toby Hunter on drums. Together they rocked with fast-firing punk rock favorites from Bouncing Souls, Rancid, Diesel Boy, Descendents, NOFX and more. Jean Claude Trans Am’s uptempo sounds triggered cheering and some dancing as their set progressed. The A Darrah Bull Birthday Bash raised more than $600. Shallow 9 felt the power of the 4th within them and served as the cantina band at McGarvey’s during the Star Wars “May the 4th Be With You” party. This was a unique Star Wars-themed edition of Shallow 9’s high-energy dance party, complete with Star Wars music ushering in each set, Death Star beach balls bouncing around between band and crowd, light sabers adorning drummer Todd Harshbarger’s drum kit and more. Shallow 9’s three-pronged vocal presentation gets stronger with each show, with Erika Marino Ankeny, guitarist Ryan Weaver and soundman and singer Mike Stanley swapping and blending their vocal talents to rally folks onto the dance floor. Lots of pop, rock, rap and dance hits ensued from the likes of Fall Out Boy, Cheap Trick, Sublime, Wheatus, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Billy Idol, Bruno Mars, DNCE, Outkast, Panic at the Disco, medleys, mashups and more. Also at McGarvey’s, I caught the last leg of a punk-rock triple-bill last month, featuring The Flannels, Late Last Nite and Dave Hates Everything. I arrived just before Dave Hates Everything took the stage to celebrate the release of their brand new continued on page 19...

June, 2019

THE PROFESSOR continued.....

self-titled CD. Lead singer and guitarist Pat Orr, guitarist Shawn Doran, bassist PJ Lang and drummer Alec Plumley threw caution to the wind with their haphazard brand of punk rock, slamming forth new tunes such as “Nature Boy,” “Modern Hero,” “Jumpsuit Johnny,” “Last Call” and more, plus “Weekend Warrior” (an older number that they update on the new CD) and others. Dave Hates Everything kept the music at breakneck velocity, yet never took themselves too seriously and had fun with the fans who stuck around for their set. Dave Hates Everything will be part of The Snipped’s Father’s Day Extravaganza show at McGarvey’s on June 15. And I caught much of the late April metal music triple-bill at McGarvey’s, featuring SamarA, Darkness On The Radio and Deadside. I only got to see SamarA’s last song, but was nonetheless intrigued by this group’s unique merger of terse, darkthemed metalcore and mesmerizing video footage – in this case showing a cluster of swarming bees in conjunction with the music. Johnstown’s Darkness On The Radio (DOTR) followed with their scathing brand of power metal, performing tunes from their “New Murders, Old Crows” EP plus some newer numbers. Demonstrating his Tasmanian Devil-from-Hell howl, frontman and guitarist Jason Straw – flanked by guitarist Jay Snyder, bassist Greg Hatch and drummer Jason Kirchner – scorched McGarvey’s walls with tunes such as the EP title track, “Sons of Devilry,” “Shallow or Six Feet,” their closer “Judas Take the Wheel” and more. And Clearfield’s Deadside capped the night with their scorching set of raging power metal. Frank Rumfola is still one of the region’s most intense frontmen, again demonstrating the knack of going from quiet and soft-spoken to unbridled rage in mere seconds! He, guitarist Travis Hudson, bassist Alec McCracken and drummer Justin Strickland torched the stage with fierce numbers like “Anti,” “Street Smarts,” “Where Were You,” “Viral” and more. I caught up with Rust as they rocked Slammin Sam’s in Johnstown last month. This trio again delivered the goods in a big way, bringing full thunder and finesse on a variety of 1970s and 80s rock classics. The roster of singer and bassist Mike “Griff” Griffiths, singer and guitarist Aaron Wolf and drum-

mer Jared Fetcko were tearing through a take on the Doors’ “L.A. Woman” as I arrived, and immediately followed it with Iron Maiden’s “Flight of Icarus” to end their first set, with Aaron’s soaring Bruce Dickinson-like vocals and searing guitar solo work quickly bringing me to full attention! The remaining two sets provide more such fireworks, as Rust rocked the house with tunes from the Beatles, Rainbow, Ozzy, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath (the Ronnie Dio-era Sabbath classic “Children of the Sea”), Pat Travers’ “Snortin’ Whiskey” and more. For the night’s finale, Rust unleashed one of the most malevolent-sounding versions of Rush’s “Working Man” I have heard on a local stage – Aaron gave the full-shred display on guitar, and Griff boomed some of the most evil-sounding bass work I have heard on this Rush classic! Excellent show start to end; This Rust never sleeps, they deliver the goods! I had not seen Morgan James perform on stage since he fronted popular Cambria County group Stix and Stones back in the 1990s…But I finally caught up with him as his current project – Morgan James & the Mojo Men – performed last month at the Loretto Pub & Grill. Saint Francis University had just completed finals week and graduating seniors filled the house to celebrate before getting their diplomas. Singing and playing guitar, Morgan plus his Mojo Men – his former Stix and Stones colleague Dave “Redawg” Solinski on zendrum (an electronic drum held and played like a guitar) and Jim Zemlock on bass – were up to the task of helping this crowd get happy and rowdy one more time before grabbing their sheepskins and heading into the working world. This group mixed up lots of classic rock gems; doing numbers from Them, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bob Marley, Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Jane’s Addiction, Janis Joplin, Social Distortion, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, psychedelic Doors classics and more. They sounded strong, and it was fun to watch “Redawg” going bonkers on the zendrum, conjuring an entire percussion army on one electronic instrument! The dance floor saw more activity by the group’s nightcap set, with students stepping up to help with backing vocals and even helping Redawg pound out his zendrum rhythms. A fun show – watch out for Morgan James & the Mojo Menas they bring rocking good times to area stages. It had also been a while since I last saw popular Johnstown

duo Walt & Jackie perform, but I took in their performance last month at B&L Wine Cellar’s Bon Air location in Johnstown. Walt Churchey and Jackie Kopco made musical magic with their mix of classic rock, pop and folk favorites, done in their own distinctive way. Both accomplished solo performers, Walt and Jackie complemented each other nicely – Walt with his bold, resonant voice and Jackie with her dynamic range and clarity. Both played acoustic guitar, with Walt also contributing some shakers and other handheld percussion, and Jackie playing piano and ukulele. They often alternated lead singing duties, and their voices blended nicely on several duets. Several highlights for me included Jackie’s treatments of Sara Bareille’s “Saint Honesty,” Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain,” and Walt’s renditions of Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page,” Hootie & the Blowfish’s “Let Her Cry” and the ever-popular Johnny Cash favorite “Folsom Prison Blues.” Some of their duets included Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow’s “Picture,” Weird Al Yankovic’s tongue-in-cheek “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” and the show-ending version of Bon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles’ “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.” Walt and Jackie’s presentation was pleasant and warm, and they showed both a musical and conversational chemistry that hooked the audience in. News and notes…Area motorcycle rallies will bring marquee entertainment during the weekend of June 20-23. Johnstown’s Thunder In The Valley will feature Saturday headliners Firehouse, while Altoona’s Pennsylvania Roundhouse Rally will present Thursday headliners Fuel and Saturday headliners Kix. (McGarvey’s will present Jimmie’s Chicken Shack on Saturday following the Kix concert.)…In conjunction with International Day of Music on June 21, ArtsAltoona, the Allegheny Ukulele Kollective and Greenbean Coffee House are partnering for “Make Music Altoona,” which will celebrate the creation of music at locations throughout the city…The Clarks have released a new album, “Between Now and Then Volume 2,” a collection of popular original tunes, deep tracks and cover songs from the past 10 years of The Clarks’ career…Stephanie & the Wild Hearts have announced their new permanent bass player, Chad Morral…Pittsburgh heavy metal rockers Skell have begun continued on page 20..

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June, 2019

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


THE PROFESSOR continued.....


By Jim Price

work on their next full-length CD; Grammy-winning engineer Jimmy Hoyson will do the engineering and mixing on the album, expected out later this year…Popular West Virginia-based international show band Rick K & the Allnighters suffered the passing of their bass player, as Paul Alan Doege passed away unexpectedly on April 23 from health complications. Paul had been a member of the group for more than ten years. The group has been working with different bass players until a permanent replacement can be found. Please send correspondence and recordings to: Jim Price, 1104 S. Catherine St., Altoona, PA 16602. You can also e-mail me at And if you’re into social networking, look me up on Facebook. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!


DAVID UOSIKKINEN’S IN THE POCKET – LIVE AT THE KESWICK (no label) For those not familiar with the name, David Uosikkinen is a founding member and drummer of Philadelphia 1980s hitmakers The Hooters, and in 2010 he formed his own band, In The Pocket, to celebrate Philadelphia’s music legacy with an all-star cast of that city’s musicians. Live at the Keswick captures moments from In The Pocket’s December, 2018 concert that coincided with the Keswick Theatre’s 90th anniversary, as a cast of more than 20 Philadelphia area musicians appear on 15 songs that either originated from or are connected with Philadelphia. Some of the songs are outright Philadelphia classics, such as the disc-opening version of Cinderella’s final Top 40 hit “Shelter Me,” sung by young blues-rocking upstart Joey Ditullio. Soraia’s lead singer, Zou Zou Mansour, belts out the soulful lead vocal

on the Ronettes’ hit “Be My Baby,” released on Phil Spector’s Philadelphia-based record label Phillies Records. Cliff Hillis provides the voice on Todd Rundgren’s 1972 Top 20 hit “I Saw

the Light,” while Philly local music hero Kenn Kweder provides some comic relief with his take on another Philadelphia hit, Billy Paul’s “Me and Mrs. Jones.” Other curios here include performances of Smash Palace’s “My Mistake,” Beru Revue’s “It’s Good to Be King” and the late Robert Hazard’s new wave classic “Escalator of Life.” Tommy Conwell teams with David Uosikkinen and his Hooters cohort Andy King on Conwell’s “Here I Come” and the Hooters hit “And We Danced.” The album and performance end with Philadelphia’s Ben Arnold singing on a rendition of The Youngbloods’ hit “Get Together,” a song connected to Philadelphia as the Youngbloods’ Jesse Colin Young is a Pennsbury High School alumnus. The performances are fun and upbeat, and the album has a consistent, pleasant vibe as listeners can sense the celebration and nostalgia as Philadelphia musicians bring Philadelphia hits and classics back to life onstage. The live recording sounds balanced and bright, and the overall production keeps the album active and moving along. Live at the Keswick captures a special night and celebrates Philadelphia’s musical heritage, as David Uosikkinen’s In The Pocket preserves and keeps the city’s music alive and relevant. (The CD can be obtained through the website http:// POST TRAUMATIK – ANGER MANAGEMENT (Wiener Records) Since 2008, Post Traumatik has been bringing the rock to stages across western PA and beyond. The Homer Citybased sextet introduces their distinctive, hard-rocking sound on their first full-length CD, Anger Management. Post Traumatik merges flavors of hard rock, blues and punk over the disc’s ten tracks, with The Runaways and Black Keys serving as key influences. Front and center, and providing a strong connecting thread through the whole set is singer Chelsea Stiles, who displays good range, a potent voice and ample clarity. Providing the punchy backdrop behind her are lead guitarist Joe Pribesh, rhythm guitarist Sean Murphy, bassist Tony Malandro and keyboardist Stefan Petrigac, plus three drummers on the CD – Logan Mesick on seven of the songs, plus Joe Lassick on one track and the group’s live drummer, Gregg Shotts, on two numbers. The opening track “Addict” sets the tone for the album, offering a catchy, riff-driven melody, and Chelsea’s escalating range

and intensity. “Misery” displays a faster, old-school punk vibe, while “Faster Than Slow” presents a more blues-rooted, Stonesgeared sound. Not surprisingly, the title track “Anger Management” provides an urgent, stern tone as Chelsea fumes about the things that set her off. Post Traumatik rumbles heavier on a few tracks, such as the riff-powered “Set Me Free” and “Don’t Stop” with its Blue Oyster Cult “Cities on Flame”-flavored riff. And they slow things down on two tracks, the brooding power ballad “Running Away” and the slow-building, contemplative “Rock N’Roll Suicide.” Post Traumatik includes one cover song on the album, giving their own flavor to Faith No More’s “Faster Disco” to close the set. The performances here are solid, with the band sounding tight and confident, and Chelsea’s voice in good form. The melodies are catchy, and the lyrics relatable and easy

to digest. Recorded by Sean Murphy and self-produced by the band, Anger Management sounds broad, balanced and consistent, and the mix allows this group’s thunder and edge to deliver full impact. Anger Management provides a convincing introduction to Post Traumatik and their hard-rocking musical terrain, and is a strong-sounding set well worth checking out. (The CD can be obtained through CD Baby and other online retailers.) BRADY NOVOTNY – PASSIONS COLLIDE (MTS Records) Playing guitar since age 10, Pittsburgh’s Brady Novotny first studied classical and flamenco guitar, before discovering rocking shred guitar legend Randy Rhoads as well as jazz guitar. He honed his skills and developed into a Pittsburgh session guitarist, and has been involved in worship bands and done some national touring. On Brady’s debut album, Passions Collide, his musical influences merge into his own unique style and sound on 10 mostly instrumental tracks. Brady shows his virtuosity on the guitar strings early and often; displaying intense shred solo skills, mixed with classical, flamenco, jazz and acoustic moments along the way. Each track has its own distinctive vibe; the disc-opening title track “Passions Collide” presents just what that title advertises, the collision of brash guitar chords and heated shredding, punctuated by jazzy passages and even a flamenco guitar flourish at mid-song. The following number, “Ancient Romance,” follows a busy, stormy arrangement that shows ample guitar fireworks that ultimately serve and reinforce a powerful melody. Flamenco takes initial control on “Cara Bella,” before the composition alternates back and forth between full shred interludes and gentle flamenco passages. The album’s lead single, “Redemption’s Cry,” evolves into a somber power ballad showcasing the vocal talents of Brady’s wife, Jennifer. Brady mixes blues and hard-rocking punch on “Heart’s Fire,” and gets the funk out with “Soul Harmony,” even deploying a horn section to help flesh out the grooves. “Blue Rose” presents a dark-toned vocal duet, while the disc-finisher “Midnight Prayer” shows a detailed and elaborate arrangement, mixing spoken word, vocalizations and a “Hallelujah”-studded homestretch. Passions Collide is captivating, as we hear Brady experimenting with guitar styles and angles of musical approach throughout the set. His guitar skills are prominent throughout the album, yet they always serve and support the melodies and arrangements without becoming obsessive or self-indulgent. The album is produced by fellow Pittsburgher David Granati, who understands the balance between melody and virtuosity, and whose input enables both Brady’s melodic sensibilities and guitar talents to shine. Passions Collide is a strong debut, and a convincing introductory chapter into Brady Novotny’s unique musical world. (The CD can be obtained through Brady Novotny’s website,

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June, 2019

CLASSIFIED NOTES BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS PROFESSIONAL GUITAR, BASS & KEYBOARD LESSONS, 50 plus years of experience, all styles. Call Bob Trott 717-829-6393. WANTED: WE PAY CASH for used guitars, amps, effects, etc!!! Call Matt at Creter Guitar Shop, Jonestown at 717865-3677. We also do guitar repair and have a variety of lessons available. WANTED: Vintage guitars, basses, amps, banjos, etc. Fender, Gibson, Martin, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, etc. Top dollar paid! Call Player’s Exchange at 717-975-2385 or stop by and see us at 225 S. Third St. Lemoyne, PA. Email: THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR RECORDING DOLLAR: Celebrating our 30th year in business. Pro Tools, HD3/Accel, 192k Interface, 2 inch 24 track analog, 16 channels of API outboard mic pres, Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit, SWR 7 GK bass amps, Marshall half stack, Fender twin & Bassman guitars amps, Hammond B-3, Yamaha C7 grand piano, Authorized Pro Tool dealers. CD/DVD duplication on site 3 CCC Video Services. 5.1 surround mixing. $300 per day., Altoona PA. Phone 814-9442406.

AVAILABLE: Soundman, 25 years experience, References upon request, call Brian 717-503-6859. EQUIPMENT FOR SALE FOR SALE: 1968 Vintage Martin D12-35; serial: 241698. 3-piece Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. A lush piano sound when turned up. Needs the “standard every 20-year Martin tuneup (neck re-set, bridge re-glue; 3 hairline cracks - estimated by Luthier, “Woody” Phifer as $1,000-$1,300 for all - as he just completed work on exact same model) Priced here at $3,1000 AS-IS. All Honorable offers considered. Original Hard Case included; one owner all 50 years. Text “Martin” to 516-662-1225 for pics and info. FOR SALE: Gretsch 7Pc Catalina Maple - Deep Cherry-Remo Roto drums -Zildjan A Series - 4pc 14HH/16/18/21 Sweet. Serious Inquires only sold as set - no deliveries/no shipping. $2750. 570-2743429 FOR SALE: 2 - 24” REMO Powerstroke P3 Clear Drum Heads - NEW - $35 for BOTH, Pickup in Lititz. 717940-0066

digital dubbing cables. Much more…. 570-606-3677 FOR SALE: Littlite gooseneck task lights. Desktop/tripod mic holders. Pair of AKG 391 B condenser mics. 570606-3677 FOR SALE: Onkyo 6-disc carousel automatic CD player with remote. Model DXC320. One owner, great condition. 570-606-3677 FOR SALE: Fender Princeton Chorus guitar amp, used little, sounds great, corners little rusty, one foot missing, original effects pedal included, $140. 814-669-4443. FOR SALE: Fender Prince-

ton Reverb Amp, hardly used, never gigged. $800, Call Doug at 570-713-9149 FOR SALE: Tascam 380 24 track recording board with V.U. meters, $500. Call 717627-4800. FOR SALE: Mastering cassette recorders like new, $35 each. Call 717-627-4800. FOR SALE: PA system Peavey XRD 8 channel, $195; Band /DJ Lights, pair, $150; Two Fender Squire black electric guitar with cases, $150 for both. Call 717-3798010. FOR SALE: Epiphone ES339 natural wood, $375; Epi-

phone cherry sunburst, $375; Epiphone Turquoise blue, all traditional Pro’s with cases. Epiphone Hummingbird, $400. 717-303-4211. FOR SALE: Epiphone Explorer Flying “V: Les Paul, all three Korina wood with cases, $1,000. Epiphone customs white and black, both mint god HDW cases, $1,000. Gibson Firebird studio 717303-4211. FOR SALE: Guitarist throwing in the towel selling 16 electric guitars, one Gibson, one Dean, rest Epiphones. All almost mint condition. Cases and stops go with instruments. 717-303-4211.

MUSICIANS WANTED: WANTED: Drummer seeking dance R&B funk classic rock 70s to 90s excellent equipment modern sound seasoned player will travel. 717-5766320. WANTED: MUSICIANS, Bassist and vocalist looking to form metal band. Cover mostly big 4 and others in that trash era. Practice in Berks county call 484-7949734. WANTED: Drums Conga Percussion; pro level. Original Dance Rock live; studio. Madonna-Leonard; Tex-Mex; Lionel Hampton; Caribbean.

To place your FREE Classified Note Email to: Submit your “Note” along with your phone number and area code...Or fill out the form (one word per space). CLEARLY print your NOTE along with your AREA CODE & PHONE NUMBER. Send it to: PA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE, 178 ANDY STROUP RD. LIVERPOOL, PA 17045

FOR SALE: Tascam DA88 multi-track recorder with SY-88 sync card and RC848 remote control. Well maintained. Includes sync/


for July 2019 issue... Friday, June 21st 717.636.4203

June, 2019

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


F-M dual lead vocals. (17901) 917-686-2334. WANTED: Bassist needed

for Pop Punk band. Practice in Harrisburg once a week. Looking to play a few shows this summer. Call Bryan for details 717-710-0379.

The area’s BEST PRICES on Strings & Accessories

WANTED: Drums Conga Perc; pro level. Original dance hall folk rock with Latin, TexMex. Live; studio; video. F-M duet vocals; award win production. 917-6862334 (zip17901)

Expert Repair & Service •BUY • SELL • TRADE • CONSIGN ~Vintage Guitars & Amps~

WANTED: Frontman or Woman for early 2000’s to current hard rock cover band in the Williamsport area.

“The Player’s Choice in Carlisle, PA”

717.422.5794 147 N. Hanover Street Carlisle, PA 17013

America’s Original Indie Label Celebrating 6 Decades

Get Released on our Winter Radio CD. Released to 10,000 plus Stations. Call for details...717.627.4800 Join Us for: 1. Worldwide Radio Releases 2. Worldwide Distribution 3. Shopping Deals at Conventions 4. Manufacturing on C.A.R. 5. Submissions to Movie Music Super 6. Publishing ASCAP & BMI

WANTED:”Carlisle drummer seeking guitar, bass, and singer for a RUSH tribute band.” 717- 609-5353. WANTED: Reliable Bassist for Lewisburg 5-piece lite Jazz, Pop, Rock Swin, Latin, R&B, mostly cover band. Playing 2-3 times per month.

Skilled group but fun. Call Rick 570-716-1210. WANTED: Musicians. I’m an aspiring lyricist seeking a musician to write songs with. My words, your music. If interested, please email me at” WANTED: Autumn’s Music Box needs musicians and one lead/backup singer for variety band Mount Union and surrounding area, call 570-8986888. WANTED: Bass player with serious metal chops needed to round out Metal cover band. We play anything from Sepultura, Ozzy, Queensryche, Slayer, Metallica, Testament to Dream Theater, Opeth, and Children Of Bodom. Interested? Hit us up. Practice in Dillsburg. divinemizery@gmail. com WANTED:



P.O. Box 808, Lititz, PA 17543


“Being Independent is Being Canadian American.”


Bassist and Drummer to do 60’s style music to do benefits for those with cancer etc. Practice Marysville area. 717379-8010.

MUSICIANS AVAILABLE AVAILABLE: Drummer available for gigs. If you need a drummer to serve the music call Bryan at 717-710-0379 or AVAILABLE: I’m a Guitarist that’s looking to form a Deep Purple or Rainbow Tribute band. Jeff 919-606-3443 AVAILABLE: Singer looking to help or start band. Have lots of experience. Influences are rock and roll from A to Z. Please call Kevin 717-2588719. AVAILABLE: An aspiring lyricist looking for a musician to collaborate with in writing songs. If interested, please email AVAILABLE: Lead guitarist looking for working cover band. Prefer Hard Rock/metal, Pro gear, located near Lancaster 919-606-3443 Jeff

‘‘Your Headquarters for Electric Pick-Ups”


OVER 7,000

Guitar & Bass tock! Pick-Ups In S

Eas Access y f I-81 & I rom Across -83 Dunkin from ’ Do Exit 50 nuts B on I-83

Specializing in Dimarzio & Seymour Duncan Custom Color Pick Ups 3966 Jonestown Rd • Harrisburg, PA 17109 • 717-580-2621 22

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

June, 2019

June, 2019

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine



VIP LOFT Seating Available with Bottle Service

JUNE 2019 801 S. 10th Street • Harrisburg, PA 17104

Box Office Hours: MONDAY thru FRIDAY 11:30am-1:30pm and on Event Nights Tickets can also be purchased by phone with a credit card, Call 717-409-8975

Doors open at 7 p.m. except where noted • Patio Open/Smoking Section Available • Snack Bar • Pool Tables •Parking for over 500 cars • Also Available for Private Parties & Special Events

w/Every Mother’s Nightmare / Time Bomb Ozzy & Dio with LEAD FOOT


SAT. 06/01

$10 Doors 7pm drs. 8pm show / 21+

w/ Signal 21 & Ray Rossi (Metron Reunion)

FRI. 06/07

Adv. $15/dos. $20/ drs 7pm/show 8pm 21+

SAT. 06/08

$30 adv. / $40 dos drs. 8pm /show 9pm/ 21+

21+ $20 adv. $25 dos


THURS. 06/13

Adv. tx. $15 / 21+ 7pm drs./ 8pm show

FRI. 06/14


Adv. tx: $10 7pm drs. 8pm show / 21+

SAT. 06/15

doors 7pm/ show 8pm


SAT. 06/22


FRI. 06/21

Cover $10 / Drs. 8pm/ show 9pm / 21+

THURS. 06/27


Adv. tx: $15 / Dr. 7pm/ Show 8pm / 21+

7pm/ 8pm show/ 21+ GA $18 adv. / $23 dos

DRAKE NIGHT featuring DJ...

FRI. 06/28 $5 Cover/ Drs. 9pm/ show 10pm / 21+

SAT. 06/29

$10 Cover/ Drs. 7pm/ show 8pm / 21+


Doors 7pm



FRIDAY 07/12 7pm/ 8pm show/ 21+ GA $31 adv. / $40 dos


SATURDAY 07/20 7pm/ 8pm show/ 21+ GA $15 adv. / $20 dos

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

WEDNESDAY 07/24 Adv. tx: $32.50 / dos $40 / Drs. 7pm/Show 8pm 21+

June, 2019