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June, 2014





June, 2014

June, 2014



Across the Desk continued....

Well my printer needs this NOW. So without further ado, I bring to you the June issue of the Pennsylvania Musician Magazine....Read on and support live music to the best of your ability. Much love to one and all and THANK YOU for your continued support and appreciation and who knows.... someday I may hit my deadline in plenty of time or atleast write my article before the hustle and bustle of getting ads done and such. One can only continue to pursue those ever elusive goals in ones life.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the Love of my Life, father of my precious children and creative genius... WHITEY THE MIGHTY!!!

Whitey Noll - Lead Singer for the Starfires

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine Office will be closed June 7th thru June 15th...VACATION...WOOHOO!!



June, 2014

OUT & ABOUT by RACHEL ROCKS! Yippee!!! Memorial Day… Summer has finally begun. The weather has been absolutely beautiful. The decks are all shined up, and ready for you to come relax, enjoy the weather, and a great evening with friends! I love getting out of the dark, crowded rooms, and into the wide open spaces for concerts and special events. I’m so glad Summer is here. It was a long, dark winter, and I am so glad it’s over! This month was pretty crazy busy with Mother’s Day smack right in the middle, but I still managed to get out and see a few bands. The first band to cross my path this month was Black Mountain Jack at Big Woody’s. Black Mountain Jack had Big Woody’s packed and everyone was boot scootin’ and having an awesome time. I’m thrilled to announce that Don is definitely on the road to recovery. Most nights he has his strength back and can play all 3 sets. It’s great to see him doing so good. Black Mountain Jack is a true, passionate country band, and I really do appreciate that. They aren’t out there trying to play what everyone else is doing, they are playing the music they love and doing a great job doing it. Jack has been helping out with vocals more from behind the kit, which is allowing them to play some new songs and add a new twist to their show. If you want to see all of the latest sound gadgets, check it out at one of their shows, all of the sound is mixed on an iPad and they have more gadgets and gizmos that I don’t even understand. It’s amazing how technology changes through the years. Check out Black Mountain Jack’s schedule in this issue and get out there and boot scoot and boogie with them soon! The next night I was heading out late so I decided to just bop out to Double K for Zero Gravity. I’ve heard a lot about these guys, so when I saw their name on Double K’s ad, I thought I’d check them out. Wow! What a great group of musicians. Absolutely amazing harmonies and great musicians all around. Their one guitar player even played a guitar with two necks! It’s a shame they don’t advertise to let people know where and when they were playing. I’m glad they were playing at an advertising venue, the Double K, so I got the chance to see them play. The next night out on the town I headed up to Tubby’s for Frayed Nott and Take 147. I was so excited I finally had a night where I could get out early and catch the opener, Frayed Nott. I’ve made it to shows where they opened, but unfortunately I was always too late to see their set. Thanks guys for all of your patience!! I can’t imagine how frustrating that is for you as musicians. They played a great set of the great rock songs from the 80’s and 90’s that you don’t hear every other band playing. They were great songs that everyone got excited to hear and sing along to! For just being a 3-piece these guys really have a great sound. They’ve been busting their butts and being openers for quite a while now, hopefully they get to headline soon and get the stage time they deserve! Check out Frayed Nott’s schedule in this issue and get out there to see them soon. Take 147 took over the stage and rocked the night away! I love watching them continue to grow as a band. I can’t wait to see what happens once they finally release their CD. I hear that the big CD Release Party is going to be in August, so keep your schedules open, I’m sure it’s going to be a party you don’t want to miss! Patty’s “WhooHOO!” song is getting pretty intense… people are kicking their legs super high in the air! It’s dangerous out there and very competitive! Patty’s gnomes are very special and hand painted, so trust me, it’s well worth the fight. I haven’t gotten one yet, but I’m going to keep on trying!! WHOOHOO!! These fine ladies will return to Tubby’s on June 27th, after their big trip to Toledo, OH to play in the Megaton Music Festival. Awesome opportunities are popping up for these ladies, I can’t wait to see what happens next! Check out their schedule in this issue and get out there and rock with them soon! The following day I realized it’s time for my deadline and I still haven’t seen very many bands so I did a Status Update on Facebook asking where everyone was playing. I got quite a few responses, it’s amazing how much music is out there to support, every night of the week! The first band I saw from the post was Shift 7. I’ve seen these guys play on our Acoustic continued on page 1 2 ...

June, 2014



Out & About continued... Show at the MMC, but I never saw them rock out as a full band, so this was a great opportunity. They were playing on a Wednesday night Bike Night at the Quaker Steak & Lube in Mechanicsburg. They are only a 3-piece band, but they definitely know how to rock! Terry and Keith make it interesting switching up vocals and instruments throughout the night. Not only were they playing their original music, but they were also throwing in a couple of covers that were being requested by their fans. Overall it was a fun and wild night and I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if they had a little bit bigger of a dance floor. They were squished into a corner because of horrible storms hitting the area, but they made the best of it. Luckily for them, Pamela Weaver from Steel Kitty was in the house, she jumped on the mic for a couple of special requests and helped the guys with some songs. I’m glad they

responded to my post and I got a chance to see them play as a full band. Fred Pellegrini also commented on my post to let me know he was going to be playing at Big Woody’s open mic that is hosted by Jon Skiffington. Since Big Woody’s advertises, I was glad I could stop in and check out their open mic. It was more of an Open Jam instead of just your typical Open Mic. When I arrived Fred was playing guitar and singing, Jon was on bass, Patrick Murphy was playing a Cornet, and Frank Mistretta was playing a Cajon. The songs sounded great, all of the guys were amazing musicians. It was awesome to just sit back and enjoy the music. When the guys needed a break Megan Barto also stepped up to the mic and played us a song. Open Mics are such a relaxing way to go out and enjoy some music. I’m glad the decks are open and there will be more chilled out acoustic gigs in my very near future. For the last weekend of the month I headed back to Double K for Lost Love Horizon. They used to be called Plugged-In, but due to some member changes, and overall music changes, they decided it’s best to start fresh with a completely new name, so welcome to the scene Lost Love Horizon. Dean Villone is still the lead vocalist and guitar player, Brian Steager is on lead guitar, Jon Skiffington on bass, and Chris Hicks on drums. The night I saw them Dave Snyder from Thing 3 even filled in on a set on bass. They play pretty much all genres of music and everyone sings which help mix things up even more. Of course with Chris Hicks on drums they have some of the best Stage Production in the area. Get out there and support these guys and hopefully you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was and have a rockin’ good time! For my last band of the month I stopped in to see Nate Myers and the Aces back once again at Big Woody’s. The band was in full swing when I arrived with everyone dancing and having a great time! These guys just fly from one song to the next and keep the dance floor busy! I was glad to hear Nate slow it down and play “Buck’s Blues” I love hearing Nate ‘sing’ a story. He’s an amazing story teller and all of the guys are such great musicians, it’s guaranteed to be a good night out on the town. One guy even came up to Nate and said, “I’ve been a truck driver for over 30 years and I’ve listened to a lot

of music, but you’re music is the best I’ve ever heard!” These guys are definitely one of a kind musicians that you have to hear for yourself to appreciate. This night they had Jimmi Sexton on guitar. They’ve been playing with a few different guitar players the last few times I’ve seen them, but one thing for sure is they are always playing with top notch musicians. Check out their website,, and see where they will be playing next and get out there to see them for yourself! One last important paragraph for the month.. Happy Birthday Daddy!!!! That’s right folks, June 16th is Whitey the Mighty’s birthday! I had the privilege to spend the night at Mom and Dad’s Mother’s Day weekend and had some good quality time with Daddy. There’s nothing like waking up to hearing him jamming on some kind of instrument, uke, guitar, or whatever. He’s always playing music. We are all so blessed to still have Dad with us. His cancer scare was no fun whatsoever, but he’s now cancer free and doing amazing! I’m so glad for all of the latest technological advances with Cancer Research and the amazing medicines and treatments that saved his life. People often ask me how he’s doing and I love saying, “He’s doing amazing!” Happy Birthday Daddy!!! I love you oh so much!!!!!! … Of course I also have to say Happy Father’s Day! As the Daddy of this magazine he gets ripped off because his birthday and Father’s Day are at the same time.. but Happy Father’s Day too!! Without you, this magazine would’ve never even been a thought. You’ve supported so many musicians and businesses throughout the 30 plus years of having the magazine! Your visions and ideas are awesome. LOVE YOU! Also, Happy Father’s Day to my hubby Kris, without the best Daddy in the world for my two handsome boys, I would never be able to be Rachel Rocks. So kudos to all the Daddy’s out there! I hope you enjoy your special day. That’s all for this month, short, sweet, and to the point! I hope you all enjoy your first month of Summer and get out there and support music wherever you possibly can!!!! Have any questions or comments: See ya Out and About!! Check out our website for more pics in color at

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June, 2014

June, 2014



NATIONALS By Eric Hoffman

Greetings Rockers ‘N’ Rollers! The amazing Nicole Atkins of Neptune, New Jersey made her first visit to Lancaster and its latest venue Tellus360 on April 24th. Atkins singing is beyond beautiful and has been compared to Roy Orbison with a mix of very traditional vocal styles and introspective lyrics. Touring for her latest cd release “Slow Phaser,” she will provide as support to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds this summer. Alternative hip-hop artist M.I.A. brought her first tour to America in the past 4 years. M.I.A. a British-Sri Lankan recording artist combines elements of electronic, dance, hip hop and world music into her songs. Her latest album/tour


“Matangi” visited Washington DC’s Echostage on April 27th. A great, very colorful visual concert which featured her hits “Paper Planes,” “Double Bubble Trouble” and “Bad Girls.” Locally, The Lebowskis held a great cd release show at the Abbey Bar on May 3rd. Promoting their newest album “Tuesday Nights,” the band put on one of their best shows to date. All four members: Craig Dunkle, Jon Rich, Tommy Presite and Brian Cartwright were in great form, really giving it their everything. The Lebowskis punk vibe is providing the best local scene in Central PA. Former locals, Fuel, returned to the midstate on May 9th in support of their latest effort “Puppet Strings.” Although singer Brett Scallions is the only remaining original member, the band put on one of their best shows in years. A packed Lancaster Chameleon sang along to notables “Shimmer,” “Bad Day” and “Hemorrhage (In My Hands).” My thanks to Pam Saunders for her generosity on this show. Mid-May got crazy with 3 huge national shows in 3 consecutive days! Legendary iconic band Guns ‘N’ Roses visited Bethlehem, PA for a single East Coast date. Sands Casino hosted the sold-out show on May 13th. Axl Rose was incredible and still proving his mark in music history. Those who have not stayed upto-date with GNR, will still speak of Axl’s spoiled past behavior and ‘not the same band’ etc. But unless you have been in the same room as W. Axl Rose in the past 2 years, fans have no idea what they are missing. His voice is strong as ever, his presence is dominating and passion is 110%. When those house lights go out and Axl wails “You know where you are! ... You’re in the jungle baby!” Every music lover realizes what they are witnessing. Bruce Springsteen visited Hersheypark Stadium the following night May 14th. Springsteen began the show covering The Clash’s “Clampdown” and then proceeded with 29 E Street Band songs in 3 hours. The Hershey Springsteen show grossed $2,984,798 with an attendance of 28,398. The Killers visited May 15th during their brief 8-date North American tour. The Sands Casino claimed possibly one of their best shows in their 2 year existence. A wild surprise as The Killers began the show with possibly their biggest song “When You Were Young,” usually saved PENNSYLVANIA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

Guns ‘N’ Roses for the encore. Along with their hits, The Killers covered Psychedelic Furs’ “Heartbreak Beat” and Creedence Clearwater Revival’ “Bad Moon Rising.” National News: Glenn Danzig has filed suit against former bandmate Jerry Only for rights to the iconic Misfits logo. Danzig’s suit claims Only cheated him out of royalties and merchandising deals. Only “secretly” negotiated deals with retailers and threatened to cancel deals if the retailers alerted Danzig. The band allegedly has a contract from 1994 in which they agreed to share ownership of the marks. Misfits disbanded in 1983. The lead singer of the band As I Lay Dying has been sentenced to six years in prison for plotting to kill his wife. 33year-old Timothy Lambesis pled guilty to hiring an undercover sheriff’s detective to kill Meggan Lambesis last year. The singer said she had restricted his visits with their children after a separation, and he also was angry that his wife would get a large share of his income in a divorce settlement. His attorney said Lambesis acted out of character and the behavior was sparked by steroid use. The metal band was nominated for a Grammy in 2008. Apple Inc. is orchestrating a $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics, the headphone maker and music streaming distributor founded by hip-hop star Dr. Dre and record producer Jimmy Iovine. The potential acquisition would add Beats Electronics’ popular line of trendy headphones and music streaming service to an Apple line-up that already includes digital music players and the iTunes store, the world’s top music retailer. The headphones have become a bit of status symbol worn by celebrities as well as audiophiles. Many thought Led Zeppelin would have a reunion tour following the band’s one-night-only December 2007 gig at London’s 02 arena. Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, along with Jason Bonham who aptly filled the very big shoes of his father John Bonham behind the drums, wanted to do a reunion tour. However, Plant was dead set against it but now isn’t totally dismissing the idea,”I don’t think there’s any reason for me to do that ... Otherwise we’ve got nothing to be mystic about. … Everything will develop as it develops. All doors are open. All phone lines are open. I don’t hear from anybody. Talk is cheap. … But I just think everything has to be new. Then you can incorporate history.” Paul Simon and his wife, Edie Brickell, were arrested on disorderly conduct charges during a “family dispute.” Simon,72, and Brickell, 47, who have been married for more than two decades, were each given a misdemeanor summons. Brickell told officers Simon shoved her and she slapped him. Brickell smelled of alcohol, had a bruise on her wrist and Simon had a superficial cut on his ear. The couple just released a new duet song titled “Like To Get To


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June, 2014

NATIONALS continued...

Eric & Andy Andersen Know You” opens with the line “You share my home, you share my kids and my dog but I swear I don’t know you at all.” Simon is a 12-time Grammy winner and Brickell is perhaps best known for the song “What I Am,” recorded with her band the New Bohemians. Before resuming her tour at London’s O2 arena Miley Cyrus held a press conference, where she assured the public that she’s ready to return to the stage and that it really was an allergic reaction – and not a drug overdose – that landed her in the hospital. Cyrus was forced to postpone her U.S. tour until August after treatment for a sinus infection went awry. “I didn’t have a drug overdose,” she told reporters. “I took some sh**y antibiotics that a doctor gave me for a sinus infection and I had a reaction.” Cyrus boasts she’s now “the poster child for good health,” doing yoga, eating honey and taking vitamins. Stephen Pearcy, the frontman for Ratt, has issued a statement that he is leaving the group. “After 30 years creating the band RATT and losing a real brother, Robbin [Crosby, late RATT guitarist], it’s time that I personally part ways with the band. I am officially done with having anything to do with them due to the constant turmoil, unresolved business, personal attacks/threats in the public forum, and most of all, the disrespect to the fans. I will personally continue to make music and perform live shows. See you out there.” Pearcy’s decision comes on the heels of his sister’s death. The reconstituted Replacements featuring founding members Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson has been playing only festival dates since returning to the concert world in 2013. Now for the first time since 1991 the band is headlining their hometown of Saint Paul, Minn., September 13th at Midway Stadium. This summer Kings Of Leon embarks on the third leg of the band’s “2014 Mechanical Bull Tour” beginning in Missouri. The same venue where back in July 2010 the band stopped the show after only three songs when pigeons perched in the amphitheatre’s rafters began bombing the musicians with bird droppings. Close stops include: August 15th – Bristow, Va., August 16th – Bethel, N.Y., August 28th – Holmdel, N.J., and August 29th – Burgettstown, Pa. Young The Giant and Kongos appear on select dates. UPCOMING SHOWS: Jeffrey Gaines Harrisburg Abbey June 6th. Cheap Trick Lancaster American Theatre June 6th. Martini Bros / Hexbelt York Depot June 6th. The Virus Brooklyn Acheron NYC June 9th. Bob Mould Harrisburg HMAC June 12th. Morrissey Hershey Theatre June 19th. The Give Take Harrisburg Ted’s June 22nd. Tegan and Sara Bethlehem Steelstacks June 23rd. S. Hoffman

Killers June, 2014





“LIVE REVIEWS” By Jim Price This month, I join the 27 club. No, not THAT 27 club, the age when multiple rock stars and celebrities seem to die by misadventure…I’m instead now part of the exclusive club that has been part of Pennsylvania Musician Magazine for 27 years. Thanks again to Whitey and Robin for letting me do that thing I do here every month; thanks also to the many musicians and readers for the support and kind words over the years, it means a lot! I accepted a long time ago that this has become my calling, pimping the cause of live local music. And in those rare instances over the years where I have ever entertained thoughts about stepping away from this venture, something always quickly happens to end such thoughts cold; usually a kind word from an unexpected

source, or an amazing show that reminds me exactly why I do what I do. Several exceptional shows in recent weeks have helped guarantee that I’m not giving up this gig any time soon. One such show happened early last month at Altoona’s Church In the Middle of the Block art facility, pairing up the talents of Pittsburgh great Norman Nardini and Harrisburg’s Nate Myers & the Aces, with proceeds helping out Monica’s Heart Greyhound Adoption, which finds loving homes for retired racing greyhound dogs. Making their first-ever Altoona appearance, Nate Myers & the Aces made a great first impression with their tasty variety of blues-infused sounds. Nate proved his vast talents as both harmonica player and storyteller; a big highlight was his childhood dog story “Sparky Come Home.” Nate, guitarist Jimmi Sexton, bassist Pete Netznik and drummer Michael Noll also did the waltz number from Nate’s new It’s My Music CD, “Waltz for One,” “Beauty All Around” off the Persist disc, before riproaring the set home with “Rock the House,” allowing all four players to blow off some solo steam. Then from the capital of Appalachia - “Pittsville, Pennsyltucky” - the

‘High Priest of Pittsburgh Rock’n’Roll’ Norman Nardini brought his band onto the stage and served up an incredible and entertaining set as only he can do it! Norman was in especially humorous form this night, bringing gut-busting laughter even before the first note was played with his bulldog references before the instrumental leadoff “Bulldog.” Then noting his guitar was out of tune, he turned the flaw into another riotous comedy bit, loosening up the audience and firing up the party. Norman favorites old and new were plentiful: “Something’s Cookin,” “It Is What It Is,” “Over Said and Done,” “Wonder,” “The Blues Come Blowin’ In,” his dogthemed hit “Love Dog,” “Three Kings in Memphis,” “Here Comes the Weekend” and more. Norman’s band smoked the house, especially sax and keyboard man Larry Siefers, whose sax solos were stunning! Bassist Harry Bottoms provided the steady bass foundation, Mike Flocari delivered the powerful drumbeats behind it all, and Vinnie Q provided the extra guitar depth. Then for the encore, the moment I eagerly anticipated all night, as Norman invited Nate Myers up to wail some harp. The homestretch rendition of “Minimum Wage” into “Shake Your Money Maker” delivered fire-and-brimstone musical fun, slamming the exclamation point on an incredible show! Another amazing show happened later last month, when Altoona native son - drummer John McKnight and one of his current groups, the nationally-renowned Chris Duarte Group, brought blues-rock excitement to 30 Something with special guests The Hurricanes. John’s former band before relocating to Atlanta in the late 1990s, The Hurricanes - guitarist/singer Felix Kos, bassist/singer Jeff Clapper and drummer/singer Bob Watters - turned their night-opening set into a showcase of their library of great original songs, triggering dance floor action and capably setting the table for the headliners. The Chris Duarte Group then dropped jaws to the floor throughout the house with their stunning performance. From the get-go; namesake, guitarist and singer Chris, John and bassist Dustin Sargent delivered lights-out Texas-styled blues-rock, boogie and jazz during their two sets. Chris’s frenzied guitar displays had to be witnessed to be believed; he locked into the zone on each and every song and took off to the stratosphere! The group performed a number of original songs, including tunes from his latest CD My Soul Alone such as “Yes, It’s You,” “Show Me That You Want It,” “Sweet Little Girl” and more. A couple of times, the group took jazz fusion side journeys with innovative instrumentals that showed a different side of their talents. During the nightcap set, the group beckoned Felix from the Hurricanes to join in onstage during the blues standard “Tin Pan Alley,” along with “Born Under a Bad Sign” and the funk-fest pairing of Billy Preston’s “Will It Go Round in Circles” into Parliament’s “Give Up the Funk.” The Chris Duarte Group’s performance left me staring off into blank space for 15 minutes after it ended, processing the total sensory overload I had just experienced! Last month’s 47th annual Blair County Arts Festival at Penn State Altoona also provided multiple musical highlights over two days. Shortly after arriving on the first day, Saturday, my ears were rewarded by the incredible two- and three-part vocal harmonies of Pure Cane Sugar at the Food Court stage. Even despite chilly upper-40-degree temperatures, wind and occasional spits of rain; singer/guitarist Kate Twoey, singers Natalie Race and Molly Countermine still sounded great on their selection of originals, assisted by guitarist Junior Tutwiler, bassist Bob Hart and drummer Daryl Branford. I especially enjoyed the Daryl-introduced funky spin on Pure Cane Sugar’s popular original “My Favorite Song.” Next on the nearby Laurel Pavilion stage was Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats with another great performance. Namesake “Miss s sounds great on the group’s latest CD, You’re All I Got; but experiencing her soulful delivery and vocal firepower live takes it to a whole new level! Her support cast of master guitar man Mark Ross, keyboardist Rev. James Harton and drummer Matt Zelenz knew exactly how to frame Melanie’s voice with just the perfect arrangements. Melanie packed ample feeling and range into songs from the new CD such as “King Bee,” “Let’s Ride” and a continued on next page ..



June, 2014

The Professor continued... hearty rendition of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” Slamming the exclamation point onto the set, though, was the group’s reverent and stirring treatment of “Amazing Grace” - simply put, pure religion! Your Dad’s Friends then capped the day with their vintage rock’n’roll party. Singers/guitarists Don Bedell and Rick Herbster, bassist Craig Schaffer, keyboardist Roger Corey and drummer David DeCapria shared singing duties as they triggered dancing with hits by Chubby Checker, Beatles, Dion, McCoys, Standells, Kingsmen, Ben E. King, Neil Diamond, Mitch Ryder and more. Returning on Sunday, I made my Arts Festival performing debut with the Allegheny Bilge Rats Shanty Choir at the Food Court stage. Next on that stage was the debut performance of Project Blues Book. This new group features four recognizable Altoona music scene names: singer/guitarist Ric Criste, singer/bassist Bill Smith, sax player Bob Scholl and drummer Jeff Crownover. As Project Blues Book, they performed a mixture of blues, jazz and funk; including material by Jimmy Thackery, Robben Ford, Average White Band and more. I then saw State College’s Pandora’s Bop offer jazz sounds on the Laurel Pavilion stage. Alto sax player Rick Hirsch, trombonist Jay Vonada, guitarist Mac Himes, bassist Bob Hart and drummer Kevin Lowe mixed dazzling musicianship and improvisational adventure as they performed jazz from Miles Davis and others, including a jazz variation on the Beatles’ “In My Life.” Mama Corn then closed out this year’s Arts Festival, but did so sans singer/banjo man Jeremy Nelson, who logged hospital time late last month. (We wish him speedy recovery wishes!) Singer/guitarist Bruce Forr, mandolin player Chuck Cox, stand-up bassist Bryan Homan and dobro/harmonica player John Stevens performed a selection of folk, bluegrass and Americana sounds; including Chuck’s historic ode “Red Arrow Train,” “Going Up the Mountain,” “Smoked Country Jam” and more.

June, 2014

Besides the Arts Festival, Penn State Altoona was a busy place for live music as spring semester drew to a close. To celebrate the end of the school year early last month, the campus’ Office of Residence Life organized the End Of Year Bash, featuring a variety of fun activities centered near Laurel Pavilion. Live music was part of it, with Get the Picture frontman/guitarist Corey Reid opening the afternoon with an acoustic set. Next was Acoustic Time with Donny Burns, the new father-andson-based trio featuring former Cut The Mustard/Sharp Turns frontman Donny Burns and son Donny Jr. Dad plays cajon (box drum) and guitar while son strums

Acoustic Time guitar, along with bassist Jacco Gassler; all three sing. Acoustic Time mixed up favorites from Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, The Band, Cat Stevens and more, and welcomed a “Professor” up to tap beats on the cajon during Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” (thanks guys!). The group also did several original songs such as “Glass Eyes,” “The Empty Chair,” and at least one Donny Sr. past classic - his Sharp Turns original “Bill the Wino.” Altoona’s The Big Time then turned up the tempo with their energetic set of go-for-broke pop/punk sounds. Singer/guitarist Derek Mrdjenovich, guitarist Brandon Porta, bassist Dylan Auerbeck and drummer Aaron Porta triggered cheering and dancing with original tunes such as “Sick and Tired,” “Trial and Error,” “Take It to the


Floor” and more. The Big Time heads to Atlanta this month to record their new EP, which should be available later this summer. Live music, interpretive dance and literature converged into a special performance at Penn State Altoona early last month during the Ivyside Dance presentation of Maddening Madness at the campus’ Misciagna Family Center for Performing Arts. An innovative modern dance drama based on Ray Bradbury’s classic novel Fahrenheit 451, student dancers brought the various characters of the story (about a future world where books are outlawed and burned) to life with interpretive dance performances, set against a musical backdrop generated by some of this area’s finest: Erika Marino on vocals, Rick Wertz on guitar and vocals (he also masterminded arrangements), Eric Wertz on drums, Randy “Jackson” Rutherford on bass and Harold Hayford on keys. This cast of musicians accompanied the performance with select numbers from the Beatles, CCR, Foo Fighters, Paramore, Pink Floyd, King Crimson (“I Talk to the Wind,” I haven’t heard that song in years!), Tool, Duran Duran, the Doors, an original score and more. It was intriguing to witness how these different artistic visions all converged and coordinated on the theater stage to create a memorable, uniquely original result. Congratulations to all the dancers, the musicians, choreographer K.T. continued on next page ...

The Whatleys & fans


The Professor continued... Huckabee, Mo Stroemel on lights and special effects, and Julie Piotti Hollows for the costuming! This production took creativity to some new places, and generated awe and wonder. And drum thunder sounded outside Penn State Altoona’s Slep Center in late April as New York’s Taikoza presented traditional Japanese drums and rhythm. Featuring Marco Lienhard, Marguerite Bunyan and Chikako Saito; Taikoza showcased ancestral Japanese Taiko drums (weighing 100 pounds and more), shakuhachi and fue bamboo flutes, plus traditional Japanese costume and dance. The group performed a variety of traditional Japanese drum songs and dance from various parts of the country, such as the lullaby “Itsuki,” “Hachijo,” “Eisa” and others. It was interesting to hear the similarities between Japanese and western rhythms; at least one rhythm had a strong swing feel to it. Taikoza encouraged audience participation, with Marco and Chikako venturing into the audience during their routines, and audience members were brought onstage to hit the huge drums. Another former Ramone visited the area last month. C.J. Ramone, who replaced Dee Dee Ramone on bass and helped rejuvenate the group from 1988 to 1996, brought his current band to McGarvey’s to headline a four-band bill. The Whatleys, Xs for Eyes and Railroad City Murder Machines set the table with their respective slants on high-powered punkish rock. The Whatleys delivered the pure spit and vinegar, Xs for Eyes provided the pedal-to-the-floor speed and kick, and Railroad City Murder Machines infused punk prominently into their guitar rock and swagger. C.J. Ramone and his band guitarists Steve Soto and Dan Root and drummer Michael Wildwood - then got down to business, mixing Ramones classics with his own Ramones-flavored original tunes, all ushered in with the trademark Ramones “one-two-three-four” count-off. They did such Ramones chestnuts as “Judy Is a Punk,” “Blitzkrieg Bop,” “Cretin Hop,” “Psycho Therapy,” “Commando,” “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend,” “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker,” “53rd and 3rd” and more. They also broke out Motorhead’s “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.,” and when the McGarvey’s audience shouted for more, answered encore demands with their spin on “California Sun.” In the best Ramones tradition, their performance was short, sweet, to the point, and ultimately fun and memorable. Huntingdon hosted its annual Mayfest celebration in late April, filling several blocks of downtown Huntingdon’s Washington Street with vendors, food stands, arts, crafts and live music. Each block had a different theme, including period dress and features relating to Renaissance, Victorian, the 1950s and Woodstock. I got to see several performers, and was an actual performer myself as I debuted with the Allegheny Bilge Rats Shanty Choir, doing an assortment of pirate and seafaring odes. This day, we were joined by guests, including renowned ukulele performer Stuart Fuchs on didjeridoo (he conducted a ukulele workshop earlier in the day at Penn State Altoona), as well as some guest belly dancers - I could grow to like this gig! Afterward, I took in several of the other performers, first encountering the duo of local singer/guitarist Grace Fala, accompanied by 91-year-old harmonica player and World War II veteran Tim Ruggieri; these two performed select standards, including “Sentimental Journey,” “When the Saints Go Marching In” and more. Following them on the same stage was acoustic duo Strait & Miller. Chris Strait and Dylan Miller performed a tasty blend of delta blues, classic rock, pop and folk. The pair provided a diverse blend, including Robert Johnson’s “Walkin’ Blues,” Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine,” Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” and more. I noted a brisk wind during their performance, as strong winds threatened to life tents at Mayfest; the reason may have been that Hurricanes were occurring down the street. When I arrived to take in The Hurricanes’ last set, a special highlight provided a reminder of why this band is great. When Felix Kos spotted a special fan, Jed, air-jamming to their music on a nearby bench, the group seized the moment and made continued on next page ..



June, 2014

The Professor continued... Jed’s day by inviting him onstage to jam in front of the cheers of the audience. Beer lovers and music connoisseurs again converged upon Altoona’s People’s Natural Gas Field last month for the 7th annual Pints for Pets Brewfest, raising money for the Central PA Humane Society. Tree and Body & Soul performed at the earlier afternoon session. I attended the evening session, featuring Locked & Loaded and Chris Vipond and the Stanley Street Band. As attendees sampled beers from some 80 different breweries, Locked & Loaded commenced the music with their hard-rocking mix. Singer Dan Myers II, lead guitarist Dan McConnell, rhythm guitarist Mark Pettinati, bassist Mike Lacovich and drummer Matt Stephens fired up onlookers with charged favorites from The Clarks, ZZ Top, Van Halen, Tom Petty, Foo Fighters and more. The musical flavor then shifted into groove mode with the arrival of Chris Vipond and the Stanley Street Band, who mixed originals with groove-infused covers. Namesake Chris on vocals and Hammond B3 organ, co-namesake Mike Stanley on bass, guitarist C’Jay Castello and drummer Randy Servello offered distinctively funky takes on Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” Dr. John’s “Right Place Wrong Time,” the fusing of Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky” into Led Zeppelin’s “Trampled Underfoot,” Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime” and more. Despite cloudy and damp conditions, this year’s Pints for Pets was again a big success. And for the record, my favorite microbrew this year was the Bush House Brown Ale from the Gamble Mill in Bellefonte; since Gamble Mill runs live music, I now have an additional reason to explore this venue! Talented area youth again took the spotlight at the 24th annual Crazy Fest Amateur Youth Talent Show in late April at the Greenwood Firehall in Altoona, giving youngsters the opportunity to showcase their talents for plaques, trophies and other prizes before a friendly and supportive audience. As determined by a panel of judges made up of former Crazy Fest contestants, this year’s top winners included dancer Olivia Confer in the age 7-9 group, singer Layna Henry in the 10-year-old group, a first-place tie in the 11-year-old group between dancer Pamela Lantz and guitarist Dylan McNeely, dancer Clint Curfman in the age 12-13 group, singer Shannon Barnes in the age 14-15 group, a first-place tie between dancers Mackenzie Counterman and Sydni Piner in the age 16-17 group, and singer D-Jay Dunio in the age 18-21 group. In the duo category, Layna Henry and Tiana McCabe captured first place. In the group performance division, the Dunio Family Singers took top honors. In the Crazy Fest Fan Favorite awards, as determined by audience votes, Olivia Confer won the female Fan Favorite award, while D-Jay Dunio won the male Fan Favorite award. In the Future Star awards, Layna Henry won in the ages 13-and-under bracket, while Sydni Piner captured the 14-and-older honors. In the Crazy Fest Outstanding Awards, guitarist Ty Fowler won the Outstanding male musician award, while violinist Christina Evans took the Outstanding female musician award. The Outstanding Dancer awards went to Clint Curfman in the ages 13-and-under class, and to Mackenzie Counterman in the ages 14-and-older class. The Outstanding Male Vocalist award went to D-Jay Dunio, while the Outstanding Female Vocalist award was given to Shannon Barnes. The duo “The Cup Girls” won the Outstanding Variety Act award. And Most Original Performance award honors went to the duo of Layna Henry and Tiana McCabe. Crazy Fest organizer and host Dennie Huber thanks all the contestants for sharing their talents, Jack Servello for running sound, all the sponsors who supported the event, the Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company for providing the facility, Pastor Barb and company for providing pizza and hot dogs on short notice, and all of the families and fans who attended and cheered the contestants on. Dennie reminds everyone that next year marks a quarter century of Crazy Fest, and everybody is invited to be a part of this special milestone. After an eight-week run, the fifth annual “Battle of the Acoustics” drew to its conclusion at Northern Cambria’s City Hotel last month. Six finalists entered the arena: June, 2014

Somerset-based country crooner Alex Clark, Chest Springs-based country singer Paul Hoover, Ebensburgbased duo Brian Nipps and Dave Mallin, Altoona-based trio Ground Crew, young Patton-based duo Chandler Weaver and Kenzie Blake, and from Nicktown, Solegion frontman Jarrod Bartok. After all six stated their cases on the stage, the audience voted and three judges submitted their verdicts. At the end of the night, Jarrod Bartok was crowned this year’s champion, with Chandler and Kenzie placing second and Ground Crew third. Jarrod won prizes from the City Hotel, plus a guest appearance on the June 29th edition of Rocky 104.9/ Rocky 99’s “Homegrown Rocker” program. Philadelphia-based jam rockers Flux Capacitor visited State College’s Café 210 in late April. Comprised of three brothers — singer/ guitarist Peter Specht, keyboardist/ bassist/ singer Michael Specht and drummer/singer Jason Specht — Flux Capacitor introduced an improvisational brand of hard and progressive-flavored jam rock. Their songs contained frequent tempo and key shifts, intensifying passages and unexpected side journeys. Their intensifying arrangements hinted at Phish, while their technical shifts brought to mind classic late ‘60s/early ‘70s adventurers like Yes, King Crimson


and even the adventurous side of Led Zeppelin. Flux Capacitor’s grooves kept the Café 210 crowd on the floor and grooving in front of the stage the whole evening, and the group rewarded them with a take on the Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street” to end the night. Flux Capacitor returns to Centre County for the Thickhead Music Festival at Tussey Mountain Amphitheater September 5th. Ohio’s Doctor Smoke headlined a hard-hitting fourband bill at Pellegrine’s early last month. Altoona-based trio Wreathbearer led off with their brand of hardcoreinfused doom metal. Bassist/vocalist John Ciccarella, guitarist Shawn Doran and drummer John introduced a scathing, dark sound on their short set of original material. Klockwick then demonstrated their style of melody-geared power metal as they blended originals with select covers. Frontman/bassist Josh Brubaker, guitarist Dave Charlton and drummer George Phillips fired off bold anthems such as “It’s On,” “Winds of Change,” “Bipolar,” “Birthrite” and more, as well as takes on Black Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave” and “Paranoid.” Black Sun then unleashed their dark, improvisational brand of metal rock, punctuated by Jason Feathers’ continued on next page ...


PA Musician Magazine CD Reviews THE STRAYERS “THE STRAYERS” (no label) The Strayers - Bill and Denise were married in 2003, and started making music together six years later; with Bill playing guitar, and Denise taking up accordion. Both sing. They brought aboard percussionist Josh Troup to round out the trio as they recorded their self-titled debut album last fall. The Strayers’ blend of acoustic guitar, accordion and soft percussion immediately gives them their own distinctive folk/ Americana style and sound over the disc’s ten tracks; six original songs and four interpretations. Produced and mixed by Mark Ross (Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats) and Noah Figlin (The Nightcrawlers), The Strayers has a simple, rustic quality to it; with Denise’s prominent accordion groan providing a constant and soothing underscore to the melodies. Those melodies are engaging, as The Strayers sing about personal experiences and observations along life’s journey. Displaying a rugged, hearty singing style, Bill shares lessons learned on such numbers as “Remind Me I’m Kind” and “Sometimes the Sometimes,” and asserts his resolve on “I’m Not Running.” On “Things Got the Best of Me,” he repents for a moment of haste. “Nothing’s Gonna Change” shares frustration over the troubled state of today’s society and world, while “On My Way” is more hopeful in tone. Denise shares her cautious and modest singing style on two of the group’s remakes; the Avett Brothers’ “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise,” and a catchy folk spin on the Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself.” The performances are honest and heartfelt, and the vibe is tranquil and informal; the listener can sense the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere that went into this recording. The Strayers provide a unique and memorable folkbased sound on their debut; a captivating set that sets the table for what this group has to offer, and establishes a foundation for them to explore from. (The CD can be obtained through the group’s website, MISS MELANIE AND THE VALLEY RATS - “YOU’RE ALL I GOT” (no label) Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats exploded onto the Pennsylvania blues scene three years ago; introducing the fiery and emotionally-charged voice of singer and namesake Melanie Morrison Ziegler. Setting the table with their 2011 half-studio, half-live debut “Slow Down”, the group further defines and expands their blues horizons on their sophomore studio album, “You’re All I Got”. Again, Miss Melanie is front and center throughout the disc’s ten tracks, flexing her vocal range and exuding a broad variety of passion and emotion with every note. She owns every song she touches; pushing the highs higher on the rousing disc opener “Tell Me Where It’s At” and the slow blues of the title track “You’re All I Got,” growling deeper on the rowdy motorcycle-themed joyride “Let’s Ride,” June, 2014

getting playful on the alcohol ode “Whiskey & Me,” and offering reserve and reverence on the beautiful discending treatment of “Amazing Grace.” Helping Miss Melanie shine is the band surrounding her, as they skillfully support her performance with appropriate mood-setting backdrops. Guitarist Mark Ross, keyboardist Rev. James Harton and drummer Matt Zelenz provide the perfect blend of tones and intensity to color and shape each song. Ross styles and profiles on his guitar strings during punchier numbers like “Lookin’ for a King Bee” and the jump blues of “Good Man,” and he and Harton provide the dynamic peaks and valleys to enhance the moodiness of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” Harton’s organ groan ranges from soft to boisterous, and his gentle accordion tones color the Tex-Mex-flavored “Promise of Dawn.” Several guests help out along the way, including sax players Doug Bernstein and Tom Gallagher, and bass players Rene Witzke and Pat McGinnis. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bill Filer at Audible Images Recording Studio in Stormstown and produced by Theo Wesley Maxwell, “You’re All I Got” sounds clean, balanced and polished; with Miss Melanie’s voice and all the instrumental ingredients standing clear and distinct. “You’re All I Got” is the creation of a focused, seasoned band, as Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats show their mastery on a variety of blues tones and flavors. (The CD can be obtained through the group’s website, DAVID UOSIKKINEN’S IN THE POCKET “SESSIONS: ESSENTIAL SONGS OF PHILADELPHIA” (no label) Known as the drummer for one of Philadelphia’s most famous rock band exports, The Hooters; David Uosikkinen has assembled an all-star cast of Philadelphia-based musicians to form his project, In The Pocket. On “Sessions: Essential Songs of Philadelphia”, Uosikkinen and In The Pocket celebrate Philadelphia’s rich musical heritage by updating ten songs either created by the city’s musicians or recorded in Philadelphia; and a portion of proceeds from the album’s sale benefits Philadelphia’s Settlement Music School. The cast of performers here is vast; including Uosikkinen and his Hooters bandmates Eric Bazilian, Rob Hyman, Fran Smith Jr. and John Lilley; as well as Scandal singer Patty Smyth, Tommy Conwell, Jeffrey Gaines, Schoolly D and many more. The songs targeted on “Sessions” cover a wide swath of Philly music history and are all given upbeat treatments, resulting in a joyous and celebratory vibe throughout the album. Two of the most well-known songs are Todd Rundgren creations; the rousing disc-opening version of Nazz’s 1968 chestnut “Open My Eyes” with Jeffrey Gaines singing lead, and the Cliff Hillis-fronted remake of Rundgren’s 1972 solo hit “I Saw the Light.” Another clear highlight is the rockinfused update of Trammps’ 1977 disco-era hit “Disco Inferno,” featuring lead singer Graham Alexander, midsong rapping by Schoolly D, and backing vocals from Richie and Charlie Ingui of the Soul Survivors (known for their 1967 hit “Expressway to Your Heart”). Patty Smyth provides the voice on In The Pocket’s update of the A’s 1981 minor hit “A Woman’s Got the Power.” Early Philadelphia rock’n’roll is remembered with the Tommy Conwell-fronted version of The PENNSYLVANIA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

Dovells’ 1963 hit “You Can’t Sit Down.” The musicians pay homage to Philadelphia rocker and hitmaker Robert Hazard by revisiting his 1983 song “Change Reaction,” and they recall early 1970s group The American Dream by covering their minor hit “I Ain’t Searchin.’” And two Hooters numbers are updated; the group’s 1980 song “Soon You’ll Be Gone,” which pays tribute to departed band members John Kuzma and Bobby Woods; and the disc-ending impassioned rendition of “Beat Up Guitar.” The performances are vibrant and spirited, as the assembled musicians put heart and soul into their celebration of their city’s musical heritage. The sound is full and edgy, allowing the energy of each remake to shine. Sessions offers an exciting listening experience as well as a Philadelphia music history lesson. Here’s hoping it’s just the first of more such chapters recalling Philly’s rich music tradition. (The CD can be obtained through the website GHOST OF WAR - “ONLY DEATH IS REAL” (no label) Since their formation in 2010, Gettysburg’s Ghost Of War has made their presence felt on the mid-Atlantic metal and rock scene, performing at several major festivals and serving as backing band during recent East Coast tour swings by Metal Church singer Ronnie Munroe and Anthrax’s Neil Turbin. Ghost Of War’s debut CD, “Only Death Is Real”, presents their terse statement of purpose; mixing classic, power and thrash metal fireworks through nine songs. Guitarist Thane Farace, bassist Gary Daniels and drummer Jim Mathis provide the instrumental thunder and aggression behind singer Ronnie Peterson, who combines full-bodied vocal power and range with a savage bark. Following the introductory doomsday interlude “This Is Not a Test,” Ghost Of War lays down the law with rampaging Slayer-ish power metal on the title track disc-opener “Only Death Is Real” and the multi-speed “Heaven’s Burning,” and they also turn up the aggression during “Falling into Eternity” and “Absolute Nothing.” The group recalls classic Ronnie Dioera Black Sabbath with darker-toned rockers like “Beautiful Lies” and “Future of the Past,” and conjures an Ozzy-like acoustic-geared ballad on “She.” Ghost Of War also gives power metal makeovers to two classics, their hammering take on The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s 1968 hit “Fire,” and a full-throttled rendition of Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re An American Band” to slam the exclamation point on the disc. The performances are tight and powerful with the band clicking on all cylinders, and Peterson exudes a commanding voice and presence throughout the disc. The mix is balanced and full, and enables Ghost Of War to show their teeth and sharp edge. Ghost Of War connects with the jaw on “Only Death Is Real”, as they tap traditional classic and power metal influences and integrate them into a brash and bold direction all their own. (The CD can be obtained through the group’s website,

All CDs reviewed in June by Jim Price Send your CDs for review to:

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June, 2014



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