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December, 2014



December, 2014





December, 2014

Across the Desk continued.... moments. He’s still delivering to choice locations and we do appreciate him. He is one hard working fellow. This month we’re running a little late as I decided to spend time with my family over Thanksgiving and took an evening and went to my Granddaughter Kate’s band concert. Such talent all the young people demonstrated. All kids do not have their noses in their games, these talented musicians proved that this night as I know it took hours to learn their parts with the precision they showed. I was in awe of their performance. Thank you to all the music teachers and students who diligently work on their music to entertain us for free. It seems musicians perform for free at an early stage but then I guess that is true only if you’re placing a monetary value on music but the enjoyment one receives from such music truly is priceless. Thank you to all musicians everywhere who bring enjoyment to our lives with their talent and share it with all who will take the time to listen. December is full of music happening in the club scene as well as you can read in our pages. Mary’s Cheers Bar is starting up an Open Mic on Wednesday’s. Mary’s place does truly have a friendly atmosphere and the food is homemade and delicious. She continually tries to give her clients what they want and keep the business end of the business running smooth. Mary’s is located between Manheim and Lebanon and is right off the PA Turnpike. On this page is Big Woody’s schedule as well. Shaun keeps his club with musical treats all month long every month. He also host the Paint & Sip event which

December, 2014

continues to grow in popularity. You can enjoy both casual and intimate dining at Big Woody’s as he has the Rockville Room with Grand Piano nights. The Rockville Room is gorgeous and if you want a romantic evening with your special someone you should check it out and enjoy the great food they serve. Then you have the casual and friendly atmosphere of the Lounge with great drink and food specials. Like I said, the best of both world’s is available at Big Woody’s. Another special event happening on Sunday, December 14th is the 40th Anniversary of Third Stream as they are having a concert and reception at The Central Hotel Ballroom off of Union Deposit in Harrisburg. Check out the back page for details and info. Notice also on page 32 the listings of all the great SLP Concerts that will be happening at the Chameleon in Lancaster, Reverb in Reading and the Sherman’s Theatre in Stroudsburg. Stan and his crew continue to bring all the hot and happening acts for all ages throughout different venues in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Too see all they have to offer go to their website at Woodshed Guitar Works in Carlisle is running their raffle to win an Epiphone SG with gig bag. All the


proceeds benefit Speranza Animal Rescue. It’s $5 per chance and you can enter as many times as you wish. Winner is to be drawn December 20th. While there you can pick up some musical gifts for yourself or your favorite musician. This is the last month I’m going to be late in getting the artwork to the printer (you can all smile now, and say right) but I am making a public announcement that I will change my procrastinating ways and barring all technical difficulties and situations beyond my control, I will commit to self-improvement. Love to one and all, and may you receive and accept the best gift of all and that is Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. His love is unconditional and true. Love you Whitey, thank you for all the music you have brought into my life. I so enjoy music of all kinds.




December, 2014

OUT & ABOUT by RACHEL ROCKS! The last article of the year! I’ve been blessed throughout 2014 spending another year Out & About seeing lots of live music and loving every minute of it! My nights Out & About are definitely my sanity, no matter how crazy my weeks are I know that live music is right around the corner. Thanks so much to all of the musicians and clubs who have entertained me throughout the year. I can only imagine what you’ve all sacrificed to make it all possible. You’re hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed! The first show of the month, which was a long time ago, was Take 147 at the Tourist Inn. I wasn’t planning on going down to the show, but I heard they had a trailer malfunction and they might need some help with their gear. It was a good wake up call, if you have a trailer, regular AAA coverage doesn’t help, you need trailer coverage as well! It’s a cheap save for at times like this when your trailer needs towed. I was glad I was able to drive down and help even though they did in fact have everything under control. The good part of this bad situation is that I also got there in time to enjoy the last set of their show. The dance floor was already busy, but when Toya got up and started impersonating Michael Jackson, the place went crazy! Take 147 continues to take the area by storm. It’s awesome to see their “takers” traveling from near and far to party with them. They recently got selected to play the Reverbnation stage for the Millennium Music Conference. Their originals are also getting more airtime from various radio stations. You can check out their CD ‘Nothin’ to Lose’ on their website, Take 147 will be back rockin’ Gullifty’s Underground on December 13th and Tubby’s on December 20th, check their schedule in this issue for all the details. My next night out was one I’ve been waiting for a long time, Smokin Gunnz’s CD Release Party! Their selftitled CD has nine fabulous original songs! Smokin Gunnz have been burning up area stages for close to 20 years hooking everyone in with southern rock. Even though they’ve been busy playing “cover” shows, their minds have still been on their originals. For quite a few years they’ve been playing some of their originals at their shows, mixing them into their set lists. Two of my personal favorites are “Raise a Little Hell” which definitely packs the dance floor at every show, because after-all who’s not ready to ‘raise a little hell’… , my other favorite is “Lost Heroes”, a song dedicated to all of our Veterans, it’s a very well-written song with very meaningful lyrics that also gets the dance floor packed with lots of belly rubbin’ going on. They’ve been harassed for a while from their fans, family, and friends to get a CD done, and I’m so glad they finally did, it feels like Christmas came early! Check out Smokin Gunnz’s ad in this issue to find out where they will be rockin’ next and pick up your copy of “Smokin Gunnz”. The next night I headed back to Double K for Steel. I haven’t seen these guys in a very long time, and it was awesome to finally get out and rock with them. It was an early night for me so I didn’t get to spend too much time with them, but I’m glad I got out for a little bit to rock with my friends in the Steel Nation! Steel is blessed to have a great group of fans that come out and support them and dance all night long. Tonight like usual they had some special guests take the stage, Brian Weaver, came up to play a few songs on the guitar, Tracey Black and Bill Burns also came up to help with some vocals and enjoy a couple minutes of stardom. (You can check out Bill’s band, Blakkout, December 19th at Gullifty’s, continued on page 12...

December, 2014



OUT & ABOUT continued... opening for StarChild.) Steel’s shows are always about making sure not only their fans are having a good time, but they do as well. It’s always so much fun watching these guys on stage loving every minute! Check out their ad in this issue to see where they will be rockin’ next! The next weekend’s first stop was at Gullifty’s for Nate Myers and the Aces. I’m thrilled to say that Matt Eisenhower is back at Gullifty’s booking the bands! Make sure you check out Gullifty’s ad in this issue to see all that he has planned for The Underground. If you haven’t been there in a while, you really need to get back and check it out, it’s been No Smoking for a while, they also have great drink specials, and a nice, huge dance floor to really let loose and have a good time. If you’re not much of a dancer they also have plenty of tables and chairs where you can sit back and enjoy the band, or even eat some of the delicious foods off of their menu. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful place for live music, now we just need to get out there and support it before it’s gone. I was excited to see Nate Myers and the Aces in their ad last month, it was great to finally see them in a venue where their fans could actually move! Nate Myers and the Aces rocked the stage all night long. It was actually Pete’s birthday at midnight, so we all had plenty to celebrate! They are playing tons of shows throughout December, from the beach, to Big Woody’s, to Baltimore! There is no reason not to check out their schedule at, and support these amazing musicians somewhere along the way! My next night out was a new band for me, Bridge Street. They’ve been advertising a few months now I just couldn’t get our schedules to line up before, I’m glad I finally caught them Out & About. They are a four piece

variety band playing all of your favorite dancing and partying songs. I was excited to see Kathy playing keys! There definitely aren’t enough keyboard players in the Central PA area. When this band says “variety” they definitely aren’t joking, they play everything from Patsy Cline to Poison! If you want to hear some great music and have a good night out on the town, check out Bridge Street. They will be appearing at Racehorse Tavern on the 12th, Brenn’s Pub on the 13th and Spring Grove VFW in December. For all of you clubs that are looking for a new band for your venue, or for anyone having a private event, give Bridge Street a call today, their schedule is already filling up fast for 2015! The following weekend my first stop was to see Booby Trap at Double K. I haven’t seen these guys for a few months, and I’m glad our paths crossed again. When I arrived Booby Trap had Double K rockin! When you watch these guys play you can tell they’ve been playing together for quite a few years. They can just look around

Jeff Pittinger at Tubby’s

and know what’s going to happen next, and that’s a good thing because by the 3rd set, David, their sound guy was ripping up the set-list because they weren’t following it, they were just up there rockin’ and having a good time, doing what they do best! I’m glad I got there in time to rock out with these guys again! My last night out this month I headed up to Tubby’s for Monster Track Supergroup. I got there in time to see one of their openers, Graces Downfall. Graces Downfall came all the way up from Scranton to rock the faces off of Tubby’s, and they truly did. For an opening act they had the dance floor on fire! Their harder rock edge was a huge hit with the Tubby’s crowd. Their lead singer had crystal clear vocals, and all of them had an insane stage presence. I’m glad I made it up there in time to see these guys rock the last few songs of their set. I’ve heard so much about Monster Track Supergroup for the past two years, I’m so glad I finally made it to a show. Their lead singer, Jeff Pittinger, is relentless when it comes to promoting his shows and I love him for it! He always advertises his events, and he personally contacts me to let me know where and when they are playing, plenty of time in advance. He’s a great promoter and performer. Monster Track Supergroup has a total of six guys in the band, all of which are very seasoned musicians. Two of the most well-known members are Brett Alexander from The Badlees, and Jeremy Hummel, formerly of Breaking Benjamin, that’s just a little idea of the caliber of musicians in this band. I was surprised by their selection of music, they were all top hits of the 60’s and 70’s. It was like one giant sing-along! Some of my favorites were “Wild World”, “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” , and “Day After Day”. They already have two CDs available for sale, pretty impressive for a band that’s only been together for a little continued on next page...



December, 2014

OUT & ABOUT continued... over 2 years. Overall it was a great night of entertainment. Keep an eye and an ear out for Monster Track Supergroup and catch them when they are touring through your area. On a side-note this holiday season, and anytime really, I’m trying a new business, Rachel’s Rockin’ Photography! If you know I’ve seen your band or your loved ones band, or maybe you’re a super fan and you just want pictures of your favorite band, give me a call today, 717-580-1939, or e-mail me at You can purchase individual prints for reasonable prices, or get a whole collage, or just the full-size digital image. I have most of my band pictures from 2007, literally 10s of THOUSANDS of pictures. If I haven’t seen your band, and you would like to get professional live shots, I would also love to set-up an appointment with you. If you would like to get pictures in time for Christmas, please give me a call by December 20th. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please make sure and designate a driver when you are out partying and celebrating the holidays. I know way too many people who have recently gotten DUIs. It’s serious stuff and totally isn’t worth messing up your own life and the lives of everyone around you. Be safe! And PLEASE don’t drink and drive! Well that wraps up 2014. It’s been a crazy year and next year will probably be even crazier. If you see me Out & About please stop me and say Hi! I’d love to meet you. If you have any questions or comments you can send them to Please SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!

band features Kathy Valentine formerly of 80’s girl group The Go-Go’s. New York City’s Jane Lee Hooker gave a great opening set. The Bluebonnets were very welcoming, spending time and having fun after the show with the HMAC crowd. Country artist Dierks Bentley brought his “Riser” Tour to the Hershey Giant Center on November 13th. Dierks is touring in support of his 7th album and its hit single “Drunk on a Plane.” Country music has changed dramatically over the past decade and may even be considered today’s pop music. An incredibly fun night and huge thank-you to Diane Lockner of Capitol Records in Nashville, for making it all possible. Hershey concerts have also announced a few 2015 concerts: Linkin Park January 27th - Florida Georgia Line May 2nd - Nickelback August 8th - 5 Seconds Of Summer August 29th. Also locally, The Abbey Bar held its annual Toys For Tots benefit concert on November 15th featuring The

Dierks Bentley Martini Bros, Underground Cartoons, Shea and Logan, The Jellybricks, Manian & the Monumentals, continued on page 14...

NATIONALS By Eric Hoffman

The Bluebonnets

Greetings Rockers ‘N’ Rollers! The past month started off with a phenomenal show with the return of Southern Culture on the Skids at Harrisburg’s Abbey Bar. I believe this is the best band to ever grace The Abbey Bar and once again confirmed, frontman Rick Miller possibly the best guitarist I’ve ever witnessed. Southern Culture on the Skids are categorized as rockabilly, surf rock and country music, with a punk edge and humor. Hailing from Chapel Hill, NC – their music is infectious with songs describing love and cuisine in the southern lifestyle. If ever you’ve doubted the music of Southern Culture on the Skids, I promise a single live concert of theirs will forever change that belief. Compliments to promoter Sarah Staub of the Abbey who is bringing this talent to Central PA. The Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center (HMAC) brought a very worthy show on November 6th. The Bluebonnets of Austin, Texas tore up Stage On Herr with their garage glam blues rock. The all-female rock December, 2014



NATIONALS continued... The Dirty Thieving Gypsies and The Perfect 5th featuring Madison Ryan. New band The Bo Deadlys featuring Richard Reilly (The Victims), Deuce Gibb (Martini Bros), Tommy Cooper (Kid PA) and Ryan Sohmer (Jet Silver) made their debut at HMAC on November 14th. And The Alliance, The Lebowskis, The Tsunami Experiment and Rightstart played Gulliftys on November 8th. NATIONAL NEWS: Marilyn Manson returns to the road with his latest shockarama, dubbed “The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour” beginning in January on the East Coast. Manson has a new album to support. “The Pale Emperor” lands in stores January 20th. Backing the iconic one on this road trip will be guitarist Tyler Bates, bassist Twiggy Ramirez, drummer Gil Sharone and guitarist Paul Wiley. The itinerary includes: January 21st - Silver Spring, MD., The Fillmore. Januay 23rd - Philadelphia, PA., Electric Factory. And January 31st - Bethlehem, PA., Sands Bethlehem Event Center. U2’s website reported frontman Bono has “injured his arm in a cycling spill in Central Park” and will require surgery to repair it. The band had to reschedule their planned weeklong appearance on NBC’s “Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon. The week prior, Bono’s private plane lost a hatch as it was coming in for a landing at Berlin, Germany. The aircraft, which was flying from Dublin, was never in danger of crashing and landed safely. Bret Michaels made a return to the concert stage, just one week after a string of six hospital visits and kidney surgery. Michaels’ was immediately rushed to a hospital on November 1st after he performed a concert in Knoxville, Tennessee. Michaels has had numerous physical issues through the years. He was diagnosed with diabetes as a child and was struck in the head by a set piece during the Tony Awards in 2009, an injury that led to a near-fatal brain hemorrhage. Michaels’ handler said the singer isn’t overdoing it as he returns to performing. “We’re basically doing weekend shows for the rest of the year,” said George LeBlanc. “We have 10 or 11 shows scheduled.” Jon Bon Jovi reportedly told an entertainment reporter something that hasn’t been officially announced - that continued on next page...

Rick Miller of Southern Culture on the Skids 14


December, 2014

NATIONALS continued... Richie Sambora is no longer a member of Bon Jovi. At a movie after party Bon Jovi was asked about Sambora being MIA from the band’s concerts since spring 2013. Bon Jovi responded, “He quit. He’s gone. No hard feelings. Being in a band isn’t a life sentence.” AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was charged in New Zealand last month with threatening to kill and possessing methamphetamine and marijuana. Prosecutors dropped an original murder-for-hire charge, saying there was not enough evidence. Angus Young, says his band mates have not been in touch with Rudd since charged. Young, added Rudd’s behavior was somewhat erratic while recording the band’s new album, “Rock or Bust”, which is due to be released on December 2nd. “We had a few issues before with him, even when we were recording it was hard even to get to him to do the recording,” “And then he was supposed to show up to do promos with us, to do video shoots and a few shoots and a few other things, and he never showed up for that either.” Young concluded, “Phil’s absence will not affect the release of our new album and upcoming tour next year.” There is NO truth to reports that Robert Plant turned

down a lucrative offer from Virgin boss Richard Branson to play Led Zeppelin reunion shows. The singer “has not been in receipt of any offers in recent months” about Led Zeppelin gigs, and hasn’t met or communicated with Branson in 50 years. Plant was “disappointed with any confusion this current fabricated story may bring.” Branson said in a blog post he was “dazed and confused” by reports he had offered the band 500 million pounds ($800 million) for a 35-date comeback tour. Led Zeppelin disbanded after drummer John Bonham died in 1980. Surviving members Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones last performed together in 2007. Taylor Swift’s new album has sold 1.287 million copies in its first week. Nielsen SoundScan announced that “1989” earned the largest sales in a week for an album since Eminem’s “The Eminem Show” sold 1.322 million units in 2002. Swift is the only artist to have three albums push more than 1 million units in its debut week. The 24-year-old launches her “1989 World Tour” in May. Shows include: June 6th - Pittsburgh, PA, Heinz Field, June 13th - Philadelphia, PA, Lincoln Financial Field and July 13th - Washington, D.C., Nationals Park. Wayne Static, the frontman for the metal band StaticX, has died at age 48. No location or cause was given of his death on November 1st. Static-X, whose album

“Wisconsin Death Trip” went platinum, was set to begin a month long U.S. tour November 3rd. Static was a native of Muskegon, Michigan, and lived outside of Joshua Tree, California. He is survived by his wife, adult film actress Tera Wray. Liam Gallagher broke the news on Twitter that Beady Eye has split up. Gallagher wrote “Beady Eye are no longer. Thanks for all your support. LGx” The English rock band was formed in 2009 following Oasis’ big breakup. Along with Gallagher, Beady Eye was guitarists Gem Archer and Andy Bell, and drummer Chris Sharrock - four out of the five members of Oasis’ final lineup. The fifth member is, of course, Liam’s brother Noel. In related news, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl stated in a recent interview “The whole Oasis thing is a shame. We all love Oasis. We’ve played shows with them before, where I looked at them and thought, ‘That’s the greatest rock band I’ve ever seen in my life.” UPCOMING SHOWS: Cher Allentown PPL Center December 2nd. Har Mar Superstar Lancaster Chameleon December 4th. The 91s / Black River Mafia Harrisburg Savannahs December 6th. HIM Silver Spring Fillmore December 12th. The Passionettes Harrisburg Abbey December 20th. Jeffrey Gaines Harrisburg Abbey Bar December 26th.

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December, 2014





December, 2014



“LIVE REVIEWS” By Jim Price We enter another holiday season and approach the end of another year. I always like the holiday period between Christmas and New Year’s Day, when the world appears to slow down for a few days, nerves appear less frayed and moods are generally happier. Given current events in our nation and world, I think we all need that break from the drama. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, or have the best times celebrating whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, even “a Festivus for the rest of us!” State College’s historic State Theatre again celebrated Happy Valley’s wealth of musical talent with the “Return of the Native Sons and Daughters” concert last month, presenting original music from ten different groups and performers - all who have issued new CD’s in recent

months. Pure Cane Sugar commenced the proceedings with their harmony-laden sound, with singer/guitarist Kate Twoey, singers Natalie Race and Molly Countermine blending for lush two and three-part harmonies on several new songs; backed by guitarist Junior Tutwiler, bassist Bob Hart and drummer Daryl Branford. Guest Jason McIntyre joined the group for two songs from his and Junior’s new “Miles” CD, “Times Forgotten” and “Madness in Her Eyes.” Next was Eric Ian Farmer, who strummed and sang several original songs that blended folk, soul and jazz flavors. Fleshing out Eric’s creations were Gary Abdullah on bass, Andrew Jackson on congas, Josh Troup on drums and Ronnie Burrage on Senegalese clay udu drums. The Strayers followed with their folk-based originals; presenting a sound distinguishable by the accordion underscore of Denise Strayer. She, her singer/guitarist husband Bill Strayer and drummer Josh Troup performed selections from their self-titled CD, including “Remind Me I’m Kind,” “I’m Not Running” and “Sometimes the Sometimes.” The show’s lone solo

performer, Hannah Bingman, then strummed and sang a trio of songs, including material from her latest CD, “Loam”, and her popular “Finished, Fine, Done.” Ted McCloskey and the Hi-Fi’s sent the concert to halftime intermission with a punchy set that spotlighted mostly tunes from Ted’s latest CD, “Sea Foam Green”; including the samba-toned “Running on a Loop in My Brain,” “A Wreck Around You,” “Cameras and Microphones” and “Painting Hearts on My Sleeve.” Ted on guitar and vocals, singer Molly Countermine, bassist Rene Witzke, drummer Daryl Branford and keyboardist Mark Daubert turned their last song, “Little Beat Sweetener,” into a hard-driving jam homestretch to bring the audience to its feet for a standing ovation. After the intermission, Chris Rattie & the Brush Valley Rumblers reconvened the music with their three-song set of Americana-laced rock. With Jimmy Lovcik sitting in on bass, the group opened with the Screamin’ Jay Hawkins-inspired “3am” and continued with the rustic “So Long,” before closing with the incendiary “Burn Em’ Down,” which escalated into a chaotic, Beatles “Helter Skelter”-like ending. Newcomer State College duo The Tommy Roberts then settled things back down with a trio of songs from their just-released self-titled CD. Singer/guitarist Brian Cleary and singer, guitarist and harmonica player Nate Cutshall performed the opening trio of folksy songs from the CD; “Fishin’ for Pearls,” “Way to Go” and “Walking Back (to Tennessee).” Miss Melanie & the Valley Rats then generated blues magic with their three-song set. “Miss Melanie” Morrison’s voice was again electrifying, as she poured total heart and emotion into each note. Rev. James Harton’s organ fills were reverent and tasteful, Mark Ross’ guitar virtuosity and timing provided just the right accents and intensity, and Jordan Thompson’s steady drum work kept it all rooted and together. Erin Condo & the Hoofties brought the concert to a close with their country-edged flavor. Namesake, singer and guitarist Erin led the group on songs from her latest CD, “Love and Lightning”, including “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and “20 Years”; backed by Bill “Wiggus” Wilgus on guitar, bassist John “JK” Kennedy and drummer Kevin Lowe. Many of this night’s musicians will return to the State Theatre on February 7th for “Bright Side of the Road,” a celebration of the music of Van Morrison. Providing another major highlight during the past month was the fourth annual Patched Together Benefit at Altoona’s Bavarian Hall, raising funds and awareness for Home Nursing Agency’s Healing Patch, a program that provides counseling and mentoring services for area young people who have experienced the loss of loved ones. Some 13 bands performed on two stages during Patched Together’s eight-hour span, starting with Cambria County-based bluegrass group Trains, Moonshine and Jesus (TMJ Bluegrass for short). Five members strong and anchored by dobro player Steve Shilling plus the husband-and-wife tandem of upright bassist Tim Holtz and fiddler Amanda Holtz, TMJ Bluegrass did traditional bluegrass numbers from Jimmy Martin, Flatt & Scruggs and more. Tree the Band then lent an Irish tone to the afternoon as they did their boisterous brand of Irish-flavored folk. Singer/guitarist Matt Harnett, fiddler Jen Harnett, bassist John Penrod and drummer Mike Dixon triggered dancing with their rollicking takes on “All for Me Grog,” “Whiskey in the Jar,” “Drunken Sailor” and more. With Randy Servello filling in behind the drum kit and Jarrett Bickel handling guitar duties, Jim Donovan and the Sun King Warriors further escalated the festivities with their brand of original, worldbeat-flavored grooves that brought more revelers onto the dance floor. The musical flavor then turned toward country, as Dirtkicker performed modern country favorites. As singer Gary continued on next page...



December, 2014

THE PROFESSOR continued... Bickerstaff, guitarist Matt Day, bassist Bob Peace and drummer Sam Timchak mixed up hits from Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Florida Georgia Line, Little Big Town and more, the dance floor filled up with a contingent of country line dancers, frolicking children and several mascot guests, including the Altoona Curve’s Al Tuna, Texas Roadhouse’s Andy the Armadillo and Sweet Frog’s Scoops ‘N’ Cookie. Pure Cane Sugar then electrified the house with their mix of melody and harmony-driven Americana-rock originals and innovative updates of classics. In addition to original song favorites like “Get a Leg Up” and “My Favorite Song,” Pure Cane Sugar offered robust and powerful renditions of the Beatles’ “Come Together,” The Band’s “The Weight” and Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” Rapid Fire then generated rock and funk from the 1970s and ‘80s. Singer/keytarist Adam D, guitarist (and event stage manager) Bob McGarvey, b a s s i s t Aaron Gindlesperger and drummer/singer Bud Beals kept dance floor action constant with tunes from Journey, Wild Cherry, Guns N’Roses, Commodores, Bon Jovi and more. With Harold Hayford helping out on keys, the Hurricanes then did their thing, mixing original songs and select classics. Recognizing a number of children in the room, lead Hurricane Felix Kos invited kids to step up front as the group mixed Zac Brown Band’s “Sic ‘Em on a Chicken” with the “Chicken Dance,” and welcomed guest Patrick to groove and air jam onstage during several songs. Mama Corn then returned the musical flavor to bluegrass as they did songs from their new “Hold That Crooked Line” CD plus a few grassedup remakes; among them a version of Pink Floyd’s “Fearless.” Chris Vipond & the Stanley Street Band then got their groove on and delivered a funk-fueled clinic, offering original tunes and catchy takes on select classics. The Backyard Rockers continued with their acoustic flavor, doing numbers from Neil Young, Tom Petty, Steve Earle, Marshall Tucker Band and more. Mama Corn’s Bruce Forr contributed backing vocals on the Rockers’ rendition of “Wagon Wheel.” Making their Patched Together debut, Portage’s Old Skool then celebrated rock’n’roll of the 1960s and ‘70s from Paul McCartney & Wings, Hollies, Doobie Brothers, Beatles, Mitch Ryder and more. Punk Fiction mixed up acoustic, funk and reggae sounds as they did hits from Raconteurs, Zac Brown Band, Three Doors Down and more. Nobody’s Heroes then closed the benefit with their punk-fueled brand of Americana. Singer/guitarist Grant Matthews, singer/banjo player Brian Dumm, upright bassist Chris Lawson, lap steel player Joey Lenze and drummer Abe Weber did several new songs from their forthcoming CD, plus their own Americana takes on songs from John Denver, Dion, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash and more. This was the most successful Patched Together yet, raising a grand total estimated near $13,000. The Allegheny Ukulele Kollective presented a return visit last month by instructor and performer Lil’ Rev, who conducted a ukulele workshop and concert at Penn State Altoona’s Edith Davis Eve Chapel. During the workshop, Lil’ Rev —who has authored several instructional ukulele method books in the Hal Leonard series— showed attendees techniques such as finger rolls, triplets and the 12 essential strums for ukulele. During his concert, the Milwaukee native displayed a variety of ukulele styles and skills as he performed original compositions, blues, jazz, folk and pop standards. Lil’ Rev spotlighted his fingerpicking technique on “So Goes the Years” and clawhammerstyled ukulele playing on “Old Number 7.” On tenor uke he played a medley of Broadway standards, and he continued on page 20...

December, 2014



The Professor continued... Sublime, Lenny Kravitz, Blondie, Maroon 5, Weezer, 4 Non Blondes, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Cee Lo Green and more. The crowd didn’t want this party to end, and successfully persuaded Shallow 9 to finish out the night with the three-song encore of Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” Georgia Satellites’ “Keep Your Hands to Yourself,” and Halestorm’s “Here’s to Us.” For the second year in a row, former Misfits singer Michale Graves decided to celebrate part of his Halloween weekend at McGarvey’s, headlining a fourband bill. Railroad City Murder Machines opened the show before I arrived, and Xs For Eyes was just under way. Singer/guitarist Tom Noel, guitarist/singer Tim Mort, bassist Gary “Oob” Frisco and drummer Justin Fair sounded strong on their supercharged punk rock, as they piledrove tunes from their new self-titled CD such as “Up All Night,” “All Away,” “Under Flames” and more, as well as their fiery read of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.” A large crowd gathered in front of the stage as the next band, Detroit’s The Goddamn Gallows, launched into their rowdy fire-and-brimstone psychobilly mix. The crazed cast of singer/guitarist Mikey Classic, singer/upright bassist Fishgutzzz, animated washboard and accordion player TV’s Avery, banjo player Joe Perreze and drummer Baby Genius spotlighted songs from throughout their discography, including their latest album, “The Maker”. Highlights included songs from the new disc such as “Load Your Guns” and “Copper King,” plus crowd favorites like “City of Hell A” and “Y’all M-F’ers Need Jesus.” Michale Graves and his band finished the night with hard-rocking original songs with a few Misfits classics

December, 2014

thrown in. Graves’ voice was in good form, and he and and Ace Frehley’s “New York Groove” into the his band’s execution was high-velocity, triggering some midsection. Also performed were “In My Time of moshpit turbulence in front of the stage. The group fired Dying,” “Plastic Jesus,” and - dedicated to Phil Rudd through favorites such as “Walk Among Us,” AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” with Shane veering off “Zombies,” “Fiend Without a Face,” “Last Man on into a Lipps Inc. “Funkytown” midsection! When the crowd screamed for the encore, Shane’s Snake Oil Earth,” “Crying on a Saturday Night,” and Band closed the night with the Doors’ “Roadhouse appropriately enough, “Halloween.” Blues,” again done heavy jug band style! Shane Speal’s Every so often I encounter a band that blazes their own Snake Oil Band left the crowd hooting and hollering, trail, sets their own ground rules and does something with the room draped in toilet paper and confetti. Be sure completely different and refreshing not heard or seen to see this spectacle when they return to McGarvey’s before. Shane Speal’s Snake Oil Band is such a group, next spring; they offer something completely different! based on the wild and unpredictable performance they Former Altoona-based metal mongers Choking Faith offered last month during their first visit to McGarvey’s. reunited on stage in late October at McGarvey’s. Namesake Shane Speal - “the King of the Cigar Box Although I missed most of their set, Naildriver opened Guitar” - describes this group as his dream band, a with a torrid display of original power metal, and closed heavy metal jug band! Their performance was raw, loud, continued on page 22... rowdy and bluesy, executed with Shane’s hearty growl, stompbox beat and multiple cigar box guitars, Aaron Lewis on harmonica and Al Hamilton filling in on washtub bass…And the group’s wildcard, one man army, washboard player and percussionist Ronn Benway, armed with a washboard adorned with cowbell, cymbals, bells and more; he also fired off sirens and manned the toilet paper launcher, something I haven’t seen deployed since the early days of Emily’s Toybox! Shane and the Snake Oil Band did amped-up original delta blues numbers like “Strung Out, Drunk and Busted (and There’s a Body in the Trunk),” “Big Leg Woman,” “A Fat Man Will Love You (Like No Skinny Boy Can),” “49 Years” and more. And their cover selection was far from routine; their gritty blues send-up of Rush’s Aaron, Ronn and Shane of Shane Speal’s Snake Oil Band “Working Man” incorporated “Bo Diddley”



The Professor continued... with my favorite tune off their “White Devil Chronicles Vol. I” EP, “Seal the Exits.” Choking Faith then reconvened to blast the rust off their dormant metal savagery. Frontman Jason Mittan reprised his feral lead howl, flanked by guitarist Dan Miller, bassist Steve Seymore and drummer Joey Richards. Choking Faith recalled their original hard-hitting assaults as “Wait,” “The Trainwreck of Life” and “Freedom in a Body Bag” and more, and reprised their ferocious take on Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild.” The group closed the night with a monstrous read of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name.” Both Choking Faith and Naildriver joined forces again last month for a special night of metal with VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show host Don Jamieson; recap next month. StarChild returned to McGarvey’s to fire up their Kiss-flavored party last month. With guest drummer Michael Haar (from Kiss tribute Kiss Alive NYC, who played 30 Something recently), StarChild blasted full force Kiss-flavored originals, including several from their new “Volume 3” CD, along with maximum Kiss classics. Singer/guitarist Jerry Martin was again the commanding presence up front that rallied the audience into StarChild’s celebration of life, love and Kiss rock and roll. Guitarist X Bomb drilled precision leads and shreds early and often, and bassist Sharon Starr provided solid bottom end plus witty comic relief, and even offered up her best Gene Simmons ‘tongue’ display. StarChild kept the McGarveys fans engaged and excited to the end, and answered encore demands with the ultimate Kiss anthem, “Rock and Roll All Night,” to close the night. StarChild continues to build their area fan base with each visit; if you haven’t experienced their hard-rocking party, make a point of attending when they return to McGarvey’s next spring! For vintage rock’n’roll with a kick, there’s The Overtones. During last month’s visit to Altoona’s Belmar Hotel, The Overtones mixed up rapid fire hits from the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s; spanning roots rock, British Invasion, Motown and more. All four band members sing; guitarist Jeff Reid, drummer Mike “Wax” Waksmunski, lead singer/tambourine player Bobbie Golden and upright bassist Rik Golden. The Overtones played popular hits and a few surprises; bouncing between favorites from the Hollies, Elvis Presley, Supremes, Bill Haley and the Comets, Stray Cats, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Tommy James and more. Unexpected surprises included versions of Tom Jones’ “She’s A Lady,” Big Joe Turner’s “Shake Rattle and Roll,” more recent hits such as Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumpin,’” and even a polka, “In Heaven There Is No Beer!” Their vibrant and enthusiastic treatments of vintage rock’n’roll hits have established The Overtones as a rising force on area stages; watch for their return to the Belmar. Two former members of popular longtime Altoona rockers The Front - singer Bobby Gates and guitarist John McKelvey - began their acoustic journey as continued on next page...



December, 2014

The Professor continued... Dreadnot this past summer. During one of their biweekly Sunday performances at Altoona’s Family Pizza & Pub last month, Bobby and John celebrated classic rock favorites of the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s. They did several medleys along the way, stringing together groups of songs from the Who, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, and they also did select numbers from the Black Keys, Youngbloods, The Fixx, Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Foo Fighters, U2 and more. In addition, Bobby and John performed several original songs from their studio project MFG (which pairs them with drummer Skip Fisher), including “Lauren,” “Klepto,” “Don’t Kill the Moment” and others. Dreadnot enables Bobby and John to explore some different musical paths beyond their past projects; see them every other Sunday at Family Pizza. Other performers I saw included all the musicians who have frequented the Backyard Rockers’ weekly Open Mic Night at D’Ottavio’s Gran Sasso in Hollidaysburg in recent weeks; including Denny Labriola, Mo Yon, the Stormy contingent of keyboardist Charlie Leiden and singer Mark Montrella, Ron Balestino, Jerry Carnicella and Andy Rhody of White Shadow, Jim Ricotta, Rich Edmundson, Dave Balestino, Dwane Edmiston, Ron Russell and Phil Baskin. Thanks to all for attending and sharing the music! We at Pennsylvania Musician Magazine extend our sincerest condolences to the family, friends and bandmates of Black Mountain Jack lead singer and guitarist Don Meas, who lost his battle with cancer last month. He was 62. News and notes: Johnstown-based heavy rockers Blood Union disbanded last month, and guitarist Jay Snyder also departed Inside Out’s ranks to form a new band project. Lies, Inc. is seeking a new guitarist, as Jarrett Bickel has announced his departure from the group at year’s end. Pittsburgh’s Lovebettie has a new bass player, as Nick Quinn replaces Brandon Vatter. Keyboardist Elliott Hertzler is departing Harrisburg’s Observe the 93rd, citing career reasons. Root and the Fifths changed bass players, as Bethany Helsel left the group and Pat Lang replaced her. Longtime area musician Pat McGinnis has completed his first solo album, and will celebrate its release with a CD-release

event Dec. 14 at Altoona’s Knickerbocker Tavern. Happy Birthdays this month to Dom Peruso (Wine Of Nails), Chris Vipond (Chris Vipond & the Stanley Street Band), Adam Zimmer (Big Bear Chase Me), Natalie Kurchak (Midnight Graffiti/Flood City Brass), Victor Synn (Hair Force One), Nate Woods (Black Sun/The Blacksnakes), Dwane Edmiston, Tony Mollick (Synesthesia/The Jive Turkeys), Luke Henry (The Lawn Darts), Paul Johnson (This Albatross), Mark Pettenati (Locked and Loaded), Jen Brickner (Gypsy Caravan), Jordan Thompson (Nightcrawlers/Royal Benson/Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats), Sam Thurau (Saving Jake), Bob Ruffing (Ruff Tymes), Matt Otis, Sterling Koch, Denise Baldwin, Duane Sipe (Dunnings Creek), Michael Hughes (Kyx), Alex Clark, Jason DeWitt, Tom Pavic (Flood City Brass), Chris Strait (Strait & Miller), John Bunting (Bazooka Joe), Tim Eckenrode (Untyed), Candi Vee (Sucker), Mike Kinsella (Nixon Pit Crew), Gerry Stanek, Russ Patterson (Emberstitch), Eli Byrne, Mark Montrella, Shawn Hocherl, Mike Wertz, Rob Berkhimer, Anthony Irvine, Harry Sr. and Natalie (Pellegrine’s),

Starchild by Jim Price Rob Jr. (4D’s Lounge)…and of course, the overseer of these pages, Robin Noll! Please send correspondence and recordings to: Jim Price, 1104 S. Catherine St., Altoona, PA 16602. You can also e-mail me at And if you’re into social networking, look me up on Facebook. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Lil Rev (autographed) by Jim Price December, 2014



Susquehanna Valley NEWS By Jeff Kreitz Jr. Hello music lovers! December is here...and with that means alot of New Years Eve shows, get out and support live music! Alot of news this month..first up True Becoming are back in action! They are set to release a new single very soon as well as new music, live gigs, and possibly a tour! No doubt True Becoming will be very busy in 2015. The band Quarterstick from the Lock Haven/Renovo area are back as well. Longtime members Dana Confer, vocals and Dave Coleman, bass are joined by Jason Hritzko on guitar and Kelly Whitty on drums. You can check them out at the Mifflinburg VFW on December 12th and at the Keystone in Renovo on December 20th. Williamsport’s Audio Box is set to release new music this month with a cd release party at Riepstine’s Pub in Williamsport on December 6th as well as shows at LT’s

Tavern outside of Milton on December 20th and a New Years Eve show on the 31st at the Post 1 American Legion in Williamsport. The band Duece from the Shamokin area featuring Kevin Collins on vocals (formerly of Hybrid Ice.) has a very busy schedule this month with shows at the Eagles Club in Sunbury on the 6th, the American Hose Co. in Mt. Carmel on the 13th, the South Williamsport Moose Club on the 19th and a big New Years Eve show on the 31st at Splash Mountain Campground in Northumberland. Billy Rock and Sucker Punch have shows this month, catch them at the V Spot in Scranton on December 13th and they will rock in the new year at the New Berlin American Legion on the 31st. MTV artists Red Halo from Shamokin just got a recording contract and are in the studio working on new music, so much is going on with these guys look them up online for more info! Hybrid Ice venture out to Jim Price’s area on the 31st for a big New Years Eve show at The Arena in State College. Tony Harlan’s Random Axe have shows this month at the Sullivan County Roadhouse on the 13th and a return to the Montoursville American Legion Post 104 on the 20th. Live music at LT’s Tavern outside of Milton this month include a Christmas party with Audio Box on the 20th as well as a special acoustic show with Duece on the 27th. Speaking of acoustic shows, vocalist/guitarist Bob Woodring also known to many as “Just Bob” has an acoustic gig at the Smiling Chameleon in Lewisburg on December 11th and reports are he is putting a full band together for an early 2015 debut! Lastly this month some big news for all the drummers in our area, Epic Percussion a full on drumshop is open in downtown Williamsport! They are located at 228 West 3rd St. Stop by and let Ryan and the gang help you with all things drum related, check them out online for store details. That’s all for this month please send any news or info to me via Facebook or email me at motherman2000@ Always support live music and the PA Musician Magazine!

SANE ADVICE By John Kerecz

The holidays are upon us and as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, energy is low for all of us. No matter which holidays you celebrate, you’re shopping, attendance at social gatherings, and end-ofyear obligations will be increasing. Activity and stress levels increase at exactly the time of year that the body begs them to decrease. Musicians have even more stress and concerns than others since they have to balance their family obligations while utilizing these holidays as a great time to play more gigs! So this month I decided to share some tips on how to manage holiday stress: 1) Practice Self-Care; Be good to yourself! Get enough sleep, eat well (most of the time) and keep your sense of humor. Celebrate this season, but don’t wear yourself out. 2) Set Boundaries; Choose the events that you must attend and that you want to attend. Skip the rest. Your body will thank you. 3) Spend Responsibly; Finances can be a huge stressor any time, but especially this time of year. Make a realistic budget, determining how much you can spend without jeopardizing your financial state. Stick to that figure! 4) Be prepared; Family is a major source of joy and stress, and both are emphasized during the holidays. Mentally prepare for the dynamics you know are coming and you’ll have a greater chance of surviving them. 5) Party Smart; It’s fine to party hard and “blow out the pipes” occasionally, but repeated blowouts and hangovers in the span of one month will leave you feeling depleted. Pick your party nights judiciously. 6) Eliminate Useless Worry; Count your blessings, be grateful for what you have, and enjoy yourself. Don’t do what you don’t have to. Happy holidays!

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December, 2014

PENNSYLVANIA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS... CHRIS RATTIE - “ALL THESE THINGS” (no label) With his previous band, State College Americana-rock favorites The Rustlanders, Chris Rattie experienced the ups and eventually, downs - of the major music industry. He leaves that chapter of his career in the rearview mirror on his first solo disc, “All These Things”. Recorded with his present band, The Brush Valley Rumblers, Rattie explores life’s ups and downs over the disc’s eleven tracks; contemplating his recent journey and the state of the world around him. Rattie’s collective style adheres to his Americana roots of country, blues and rock, but stretches into grittier and edgier territory. Change is a strong theme on the album; the opening track, “So Long!” is Rattie accepting change, bidding farewell to his previous journey and moving forward. The country-toned “Hotel by the Highway” assesses that journey, pondering the emotional investment against the disappointing return. The bluesy “The Way It’s Got to Be” also acknowledges change and when it’s time to pick up and move on. Demonstrating a Dire Straits flavor, “Hard Heart” addresses the personal grit needed to stay above water when times get tough, and the acoustic title track, “All These Things,” resolves that there is a tomorrow and that nothing lasts forever. Rattie gets angry on the album; contemplating pent-up anger on the Screamin’ Jay Hawkinsinspired “3am,” and venting about the current world’s state of affairs on the incendiary “Burn Em’ Down,” which culminates in a distortion-laden Beatlesque helter-skelter ending. Rattie sinks heart and soul into these creations, singing with confidence, tenacity and grit; and his guitar work matches that emotion, ranging from the melancholy meow on “Feelin’ Bad” to grungy Neil Young-like fury on the disc’s hardest moments. His Brush Valley Rumblers flesh out the song arrangements with appropriate backdrops that range from smooth and rustic to coarse and agitated. With “All These Things”, Chris Rattie moves forward and embraces his own musical path, and delivers a personal album about perseverance when dreams fall apart. (The CD can be obtained through Chris Rattie’s website, —Reviewed by Jim Price

Highway” revels about love and misadventures. Recorded live at Kettle Pot Tracks near Philadelphia, “The Electric Years” captures the inspiration of the moment, as Reese conveys her words with spontaneous heart and soul, and her bandmates support her voice with solid and tasteful backdrops. With its heartfelt and robust display of edgy folk and Americana, “The Electric Years” clearly illustrates why Caroline Reese & the Drifting Fifth are garnering attention and opening slots for several major performers, and it will leave listeners eager to hear where this group’s journey heads next. (The CD can be obtained through CD Baby, or through the website —Reviewed by Jim Price Xs FOR EYES - “Xs FOR EYES” (no label) Altoona’s Xs For Eyes formed four years ago, uniting four seasoned performers from the central PA punk and rock scene. Guitarists Tim Mort and Tom Noel worked together previously in Chapter 5 with Mort fronting; this time out, the roles are reversed, as Noel sings most lead vocals. Bassist Gary “Oob” Frisco and drummer Justin Fair comprise the group’s rhythm section. “Xs For Eyes’” self-titled CD provides no-holds-barred punkrocking aggression and attitude over its ten tracks. The rhythms charge at high velocity, the guitars snarl, and Noel barks and

howls with tenacity and intensity; yet the melodies are solid and distinguishable. Xs For Eyes vents on personal themes of day-to-day living and survival through the disc. The opening and closing tracks, “Up All Night” and “Not the One,” both address deceit, while “No Way Out” feels four walls closing in. “Bullets” is about reaping what you sow, “All for Nothing” touts accountability, and the dual-speed “Don’t Let Go” fights against all odds. Noel celebrates home on “Orchard Street,” while the anthemic “Under Flames” lives life full fury to the ultimate blaze of glory. The performances are spirited and go-for-broke, as Xs for Eyes takes each number, floors the accelerator and never looks back. Recorded by Larry Luther at Mr. Smalls Studio in Pittsburgh, the sound is lean, mean and full; with the band baring teeth, spitting vinegar and roaring at full power. For those who have seen this group live, Xs For Eyes delivers a similar adrenaline and fury. It is a CD designed to be cranked at full volume; furniture and fragile objects be forewarned. (The CD can be obtained through CD Baby.) —Reviewed by Jim Price

CAROLINE REESE & THE DRIFTING FIFTH “THE ELECTRIC YEAR” EP (no label) Reading native Caroline Reese started making music at an early age, and recorded her first album, the folk-geared “Indian River”, in 2010. She expanded her horizons into bluegrass, country and alternative with her 2013 follow-up, “Slow Code”, and joined with several college associates to form her band, The Drifting Fifth. Their latest seven-song EP, “The Electric Year”, reveals a solid blend of alternative folk, country and rock flavors. Reese’s soaring, emotive voice and acoustic guitar remain front and center; now flanked by electric guitarist Mark Watters, bassist Alice Terrett and drummer Tom Markham. Her songs each display compelling melodies as she sings themes of life, love, struggle and adversity. The rustic-flavored disc-opener “What I Did” asks for forgiveness, while the country-driven “Before I Go” looks for inspiration and encouragement. Showing more of the alternative flavors, the dark “Child Of War” sings of devotion through hard times, while the disc-closing duet “50 Wasted Years” ponders the passage of time. In a harder vein, the angrier “Fightin’ Side” is a breakup song, while “On the December, 2014



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December, 2014

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

CLASSIFIED NOTES BUSINESS CLASSFIEDS WANTED: Worship Leader / Music director / paid position. Harmony Church, Dillsburg is seeking an experienced Worship Leader / Music director. Duties include weekly music and video selection along with strong ability to lead Sunday service playing contemporary Christian worship music along with occasional traditional hymns. Congregation size under 100. Paid position with pro sound / video system and operating team in place. Please contact jackguyler@harmonychurcho WANTED: WE PAY CASH for used guitars, amps, effects, etc!!! Call Matt at Creter Guitar Shop, Jonestown at 717-865-3677. We also do guitar repairs and have a variety of lessons available.

WANTED: Vintage guitars, basses, amps, banjos, etc. Fender, Gibson, Martin, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, etc. Top dollar paid! Call Player’s Exchange at 717-975-2385 or stop by and see us at 225 S. Third St. Lemoyne, PA. Email: THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR RECORDING DOLLAR: Celebrating our 29th year in business. Pro Tools, HD3/Accel, 192k Interface, 2 inch 24 track analog, 16 channels of API outboard mic pres, Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit, SWR 7 GK bass amps, Marshall half stack, Fender twin & Bassman guitar amps, Hammond B-3, Yamaha C7 grand piano. Authorized Pro Tool dealers. CD/DVD duplication on site 3 CCC Video Services. 5.1 surround mixing. $300 per day., Altoona PA. Phone 814-9442406.

experience and a long list of satisfied customers. Phone 717-560-1530. WANTED TO BUY: Piano sheet music. Call 717-2504798. FOR SALE: Music Store, complete stock and displays. Moe’st Everything Muse 825 Ann Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360.Call 570-223-6900 shop or 570-350-2962 cell.

performed with an acoustic guitar. Musical genre is not important. Would prefer someone playing the northeast circuit but will consider artists playing in larger local markets. Anyone interested should contact me. Please post and share this anyplace you think would be appropriate. Brian Howard Guitars 717-566-9883

Collection 7,200 Country 45’s with origianl papers and picture sleeves. Very good condition, asking $1,800. 814765-1222. Ask for Don.


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FOR SALE: 700 33 1/3 Records all in sleeves for $100; 700 45’s records all in sleeves for $100; 175 45 records all in sleeves they are Variety and Comedy all for $150. 717-567-3700.

WANTED: ARTIST t o sponsor. This deal includes one of my guitars as well as maintenance on your other instruments. To be considered for this sponsorship you must be a working musician (band) playing a minimum of 8 gigs per month over the past year and have future bookings showing this to be a continuing schedule. At least 50% of your show must be

RIGHT COAST RECORDING: State of the art vintage recording environment with years of

FREE CLASSIFIEDS Up to 25 Words Email your ad to or mail it in and send it to: PA Musician PO Box 362 Millerstown, PA 17062 by Monday, December 22nd for the January issue. Thank you for using the PA Musician Magazine

December, 2014




EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: FOR SALE: Tascam 380 24 track recording board with V,O. meters, $500 717-6274800. FOR SALE: Mastering cassette recorders like new, $35 each. 717-627-4800. FOR SALE: QSC Powerlight 4.0, 4000 watt, professional power amp with connectors and 80’ NL4 speaker cables. Asking $800. 717-642-9559. FOR SALE: Hartke LH1000 Bass amp, $300; All tube bass

amp. Custom made $300. Call Jeff 814-585-0362.. FOR SALE: PA system 4 base bins, 2 mid’s and 2 high’s, 1300 watts- crossover and effects, $3000 or best offer. Newport 717-567-9426. FOR SALE: Peavey LB1200 par 64 midi and Dmx controlled lights with gels, 2 bars with 4 lights each. Works great $250. 717-248-8739 or email: FOR SALE: Hammond Proline 860 Leslie, With foot pre-amp and leslie 11 pin cable, All in great condition! $600. Phone 717-248-8739 or

email: FOR SALE: Carbon black Ibanez AEB10 BK acoustic electric guitar, with genuine hardshell case for $350. Call Chris at 570-713-9486. FOR SALE: Vintage 1990 Danelectro longhorn bass, burgundy color, duel lipstick pickups, and new edge tape. Sounds GREAT! $400 obo. Please leave phone number and message. 610-750-3132. FOR SALE: Selmer Bundy saxophone -used, good condition with case plus strap, etc. $200, obo, Danville. 570275-1816 ask for Suzy. FOR SALE: Carvin 6 channel PA System, $250;

Fender Starcaster electric guitar outfit, $125; Peavey 16 channel 3600 watt PA system with double 15 plus horn speakers, $599. 717-3798010. FOR SALE: PA system 4 base bins, 2 mid’s and 2 high’s, 1300 watts- crossover and effects, $3000 or best offer. Newport 717-567-9426. FOR SALE: Carbon black Ibanez AEB10 BK acoustic electric guitar, with genuine hard shell case for $350. Call Chris at 570-713-9486. FOR SALE: Alesis Microverb 4 Effects Processor - $100; Alesis Quadraverb 2 Dual Channel Digital Effects Processor - $150; alesis quadraverb Excellent

condition - $75; Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1602 Rackmount - $100; Rocktron HUSH Super C Guitar Noise Reduction $100; TC ELECTRONIC G MAJOR guitar processor $200; ADA MP1 High Gain Tube Preamp with Chorus $200; Marshall 1974x reissue mint with original transformer from upgrade and choke installed. $1500. Tom, 814-386-2239.

MUSICIANS WANTED: WA N T E D : Musicians. Drummer and guitarists Lebanon area, starting hard rock band, experience preferred, vocals, bass, and lead/rhythm guitar needed.

Have jam space. Contact A n t h o n y @ or C h r i s a t WANTED: Roadie for the Happenstance Band. Run lights and unload and load equipment after the show. Pay based on experience. We play south central PA and the Baltimore area periodically and need dependable person to do the job. Call Rich for details 717-421-2095 WANTED: Part time Lead Singer ! Just looking for fun, no pressure, male or female, that wants to rock in a part time Variety Rock Band! No ego’s, we laugh at practice not scream at each other, We have the gear and do a wide variety from John Cougar to Social Distortion to U2 and Jason Aldean, Just fun Bar Music ! Text 717-982-3999 WA N T E D : Musicians. Theatrical Goth metal band. Mostly originals. Drums, bass and lead._ Type O, Xandria, After Forever, Coal Chamber are a few influences._717770-9621. WANTED: Lead Guitarist. 621AD is looking for a lead guitar player to complete their lineup. They are an Original band from Lancaster, PA Ryan Knox at 717-201-9449. WANTED: Musicians. Metal Core singer looking to start or continued on next page...



December, 2014

CLASSIFIED NOTES continued... join a Christian Metal Core band. Must have faith in Jesus Christ. Location Honey Brook, PA. Please call Rob 717-327-5968. WANTED: P r o f e s s i o n a l drummer looking for professional musicians. US Tour followed by World Tour. I have management and equipment sponsors. Full time gig. If qualified, let’s talk!! NY 631-428-5494 or PA 570254-8142 or CA 805-6377249

3492 or email:

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Must look the part. Professionals only please. Call 570- 498-2848.

WANTED: Musicians. That 70’s Rock Band is looking for musicians and lead vocalist. Berks County, PA. contact: Dave, 610-406-5535.

WANTED: Musicians: Previously full-time band (The Roadsters) now reforming. Looking for dedicated drummer, keys & guitar. Genre: Late 60’sToday. Serious players contact:

WANTED: Musicians. FMJ Entertainment hiring advanced level Guitarist for Hard Rock Cover Show. Guaranteed monthly salary. guitarists@fmjentertainment.c om

WANTED: Bassist. All original Lancaster based Christian progressive metal band named Axiom Inherent is seeking likeminded bassist. E m a i l @

WANTED: Musicians. Metal Core singer looking to start or join. A Christian Metal Core band. Must have faith in Jesus

Christ . Location Honey Brook PA. Please call Rob 717- 327-5968. continued on next page....

WANTED: Musicians. Autumns Golden Oldies, working 50’s/60’s band looking for lead guitar and keyboard player vocals a plus. Call Randy 570-898-6888 (Northumberland, Union County).

WANTED: Musicians for a rock/metal cover, tribute, WANTED: Led Zeppelin original band in Norristown, tribute band auditioning for PA. Call Danny: 610-290-

December, 2014



CLASSIFIED NOTES continued... WANTED: Drummer wanted for all original band. We play rock/hard rock. Must have equipment, transportation, and experience. 717-712-2008 or 717-418-0020. WANTED: Female vocalist! Harrisburg and vicinity. Original / cover projects. Acoustic and electric positions available. Dedication a must! Top pay and top venues, must be able to play full schedule. Contact Willy G. at 717- 805-1302. WANTED: Part time lead singer! Just looking for run, no pressure, male or female, that wants to rock in a part time Variety rock band. No egos, we laugh at practice, not scream at each other. We have the gear and do a wide variety from John Cougar to social Distortion to U2 and Jason Aldean, just fun bar music. Text 717-982-3999. WANTED: Drummer. All original rock band seeking serious minded drummer. Our sound is similar to Clash/Elvis/ Costello U2. Located in Lancaster county.


Call Matt at 717-606-2749. WANTED: P r o f e s s i o n a l working band StarChild needs pro drummer. Must be a KISS fan and also able to play originals. Willing to travel on occasional weekends. Hard hitter; Accuracy and consistency are key. Full drum kit available, just bring sticks. Call Jerry 717-4658120. AVAILABLE: Drummer Professional /Experienced looking for band in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster area. Rock n Roll, Blues, Soul, Country or whatever .- email

MUSICIANS AVAILABLE: AVAILABLE: Lead Singer from Northumberland county looking for classic rock band. Many years of stage experience, no drama or egos, contact:frontman_classic_roc AVAILABLE: Metal Core

singer looking to start or join a Christian Metal Core band. Must have faith in Jesus Christ. Location Honey Brook, PA. Please call Rob 717-327-5968. AVAILABLE: Professional rock drummer available in Altoona area for established working band. 30+ years, Covers, Originals, and Studio, most recent: Half Tempted, Hy-Tyde, Erik @ 814-3815312. AVAILABLE: Older bassist, vocalist looking for a Classic Rock, Blues, or Country Band. A weekend gig here and there would be nice. Professional equipment and transportation, No drugs or booze. eMail: AVAILABLE: Female Vocalist would like to join/ start a band. Age 25. Country /Rock /Pop persuasion. Does not play any instruments. Cambria/Blair County. 814381-5845. AVAILABLE: Drummer Professional /Experienced looking for band in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster area. Rock n Roll, Blues, Soul, Country or whatever .- email

AVAILABLE: Professional drummer looking for professional band that is currently touring or ready to tour but needs drummer. I have management and equipment sponsors, plus more! Let’s talk!! NY 631428-5494 or PA 570-254-8142 or CA 805-637-7249. AVAILABLE: Looking for a Classic Rock, Blues, or Country Band. A weekend gig here and there would be nice. Professional equipment and transportation, No drugs or booze. Email: AVAILABLE: Blues, folk, roots, Americana, or electro BASS PLAYER available. 20+ years of experience, including jazz, Hungarian music. Electric fretted/fretless, some upright bass. 570-441-0305. AVAILABLE: Rock ‘N’ Rollin’ guitarist belting out what most can’t or don’t want to learn. I’m disappointed looking for quality players that can make the grade. 717303-4211. AVAILABLE: Professional Drummer looking for professional working and to


tour. I have management and equipment sponsors. Can bring lots to the table. If serious let’s talk! 631-4285494 or 570-254-8142. AVAILABLE: Versatile Bass Player available with strong vocals for fill-in or position in classic, modern rock band or acoustic. Have good equipment, transportation. 35 years experience. 610-4513824 AVAILABLE: Female vocalist looking to start rock band in Lancaster County. Musicians ages-40-60, genre 1960’s-today. Experienced and dedicated only need apply. 717-682-4987 AVAILABLE: Professional rock drummer available in Altoona area for established working band. 30+ years, Covers, Originals, and Studio, most recent: Half Tempted, Hy-Tyde, Erik @ 814-3815312. AVAILABLE: Bass player with over 30 years experience available, based in Lancaster, PA. Samples of work available. 508- 735-8197 AVAILABLE: Blues, folk, roots, Americana, or electro

BASS PLAYER available. 20+ years of experience, including jazz, Hungarian music. Electric fretted/fretless, some upright bass. 570-441-0305. AVAILABLE: Harrisburg area acoustic upright and electric bass player, singer/ songwriter looking to add to a duo or other. Enjoy country, bluegrass, folk or acoustic rock. Enjoy what I’m doing but miss the really strong harmony. Looking to be your third part for covers and originals. Call Mike 717-5650539 or email AVAILABLE: Rhythm Guitarist looking to join fun group playing 80’s style rock. Some originals too. State College area. Early 40’s. Call anytime. 814-342-9123. AVAILABLE: Bassist / strong lead and harmony vocals; Also play guitar and have originals: Available for working band or musical situation in Wilkes-Barre / Scranton area. Call David 570-899-2272.

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December, 2014

December, 2014



Pennsylvania Musician Magazine Dec. 2014  

The PA Musician Magazine has been supporting the Pennsylvania Music Scene for over 32 years! We are a free monthly magazine that is not only...

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