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April, 2015





April, 2015



April, 2015

ACROSS THE DESK By Whitey & Robin Noll

It seems that the saying, “In like a lion out like a lamb” is proving true as it is slowly warming up. This girl is going to be happy to sit out in the sun in April. I would say that the music scene in PA is warming up but it’s been “hot” and happening all winter long and it isn’t slowing down and in fact, the choices we have coming up are are making the music scene hotter than ever. I use to think the music scene wasn’t that vibrant in Pennsylvania with the limited amount of advertisers in the magazine but now with the internet you see how much music is out there. Just in our magazine in all the schedules that are listed there’s over 200 DIFFERENT bands and musicians listed. In the articles this month our writers write about numerous bands and clubs, and events that don’t even advertise. We are truly blessed with the choices we have to treat our ears and senses to music of all genres throughout Pennsylvania. The only reason to be bored and say “nothing is happening” in PA



is because one chooses to stay put and not venture out. SLP Concerts are bringing national acts to various venues throughout PA including Godsmack with special guest Hellyeah at the Reading Eagle Theater, also known as the Santander Arena, on May 2nd. The show is at 7:30pm. For tickets contact Check out this month’s ad on page 2 for more SLP concerts coming up. There are more MMC 19 photos and Jim Price’s review of his adventures at February’s conference. Cancer has been making it’s rounds in the music community and the lastest struggle we learned about is Randy Robertson, “Rockin’ Randy” from Triple R fame is fighting the battle and hopefully with the help of all of us he will be successful to donate go to: does have insurance through his employer, but Randy has not been able to work for the past few weeks. So, without income, it can prove to be very stressful hindering the healing process. Every dollar counts. Thank you for your generosity and to help win this fight. I know you all helped us with Whitey and he’s doing great. I love you Whitey to the moon & back and more! Live in the Love & Light of Jesus Christ our Savior.

April, 2015

OUT & ABOUT by RACHEL ROCKS! Yippeee!! Back to a “normal” month, or as normal as it can possibly be. March’s weather was absolutely insane, but I guess it’s supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. I am definitely ready for the lamb, that’s for sure. The snow wasn’t the worst we’ve seen, but it just seemed like the ground was covered in ice FOREVER. I’m so glad it’s all melted, and I can’t wait to hear the roar of the lawn mowers, even if it’s before 8am on a Saturday. I was lucky and through the strange weather, I was still able to catch a few bands. The first band I went to see this month was Sterling Koch. He was playing right down the road at St. Thomas Roasters Coffeehouse. This night it was Sterling on guitar and Gene Babula on bass. Just the

two of them were filling the room with amazing music. Sterling plays regularly at St. Thomas Roasters and he has the fans to prove it. The tables were filled with people sitting back enjoying the music and drinking the delicious coffee, tea, and smoothies. Sterling plays a great mix of roots, blues and rock music, mainly from one of his five solo albums. Sterling played three different guitars during the set I saw. He’s most well known for his slide guitar, but it was great getting the chance to hear him play his 12 string too. It was a great getting the chance to sit down and listen to these guys play. Check out Sterling’s ad in this issue and head on out to listen to some great original music. After Sterling’s show I headed down the road to The Blue Moose for some more blues music by the Erica Lyn Everest Trio. My friend Terri texted me and let me know she was there, so I decided to stop in and check it out for myself. Erica Lyn has a great voice. She sings blues and jazz songs that everyone loves. She was fighting a nasty cold, but if she didn’t tell me herself, I

would’ve never noticed. She knows that the show must go on and she just kept on singing through the pain. I hope my path crosses again with Erica Lyn, because if that was a bad night, I’d love even more to hear her on a good one. The next night, after a long day of delivering, I headed over to Chick’s in Hummelstown to see The Rockets. My good friend, Ricky Weitzel, is their drummer and every chance he gets he’s telling me about his shows, so I was glad I got a chance to check these guys out again. These guys are currently playing as a 3 piece. Their guitar player, Ken, sometimes plays the keys too. All three of the guys sing, so there are great back-up vocals and harmonies in a lot of their songs. The Rockets are focusing on true “Classic” rock and roll from the 50’s and 60’s. They had the crowd at Chick’s up dancing and having a great time. Jeff from Element 22 was also in the house so he came up to sing a song with the band. It’s always nice hearing Jeff. Hopefully I’ll get out and catch Element 22 again soon. These guys would do great at the local VFW’s and Legions. They do a great job covering all of your favorite one hit wonders that introduced us to Rock N’ Roll! Keep an eye out for The Rockets, they’ll come soaring your way soon! The night wasn’t over yet, I still had time to swing into Double K for Smokin Gunnz. These guys are going to be super busy playing at many different biker events throughout April and May, but they will be back at Double K on May 2nd! The Double K crowd always packs the house when Smokin’ Gunnz are on the stage. I really should do a head count at one of their shows to see how many people squeeze themselves onto that tiny dance floor! Smokin’ Gunnz shows are always tons of fun with plenty of people watching to do. Double K is so convenient and close to home, and super easy to stop in for the last show of the night. I love all of their staff, it’s definitely my “home” bar, where everyone knows my name, and I know them too! It’s always good to feel safe when I’m “Out and About” by myself, and I definitely feel safe at the Double K. My next night of listening to “live” music was an odd one. I met two musicians, Susan Ruth and Matt Vrba at the MMC this year. They are both touring musicians from Nashville. Susan sent me an invite about a special concert they were doing online through a website called Concert Window. I don’t know how much it cost them to perform on Concert Window, but it was set up like Kickstarter. It was a live, sort of podcast of them playing in Susan’s living room. They both took turns picking songs and playing us some of their favorites. The fans or viewers can then “Tip” them in exchange of seeing them play. They had bigger catergories you could “Tip” for cool rewards like a song written for you, or free downloads of their music, or all kinds of crazy stuff like artwork they painted, etc.. It’s also a live chat, so the viewers were able to comment on the songs they were playing, or whatever. At one point Susan asked where all

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Amber of Take 147 w/ The Takers 10


April, 2015

Out & About continued.... the viewers were from, all over the US: CA, TX, WA, PA, MD, FL, etc.. it was a super cool way for musicians to make a few extra bucks, especially when they have so many fans widespread throughout the country. If you’re looking for a fun new experience for your band you should really check out “Concert Window” for yourself. The next night I headed back to Chick’s for Frayed Nott’s Chick’s debut. Frayed Nott is from Hummelstown, so this is a venue they’ve wanted to play since they began. All of their friends and family were able to come out to the show, and Frayed Nott had Chick’s more packed then I have ever seen it. Saying they had “Standing Room Only” doesn’t give them justice. It’s more like elbows to hineys! I loved seeing and hearing these guys get the recognition they so well deserve. When I looked around the crowd I saw quite a few other bands members came out to support them too. It just goes to show you how awesome these guys are when other bands come out and support them on their night off. I saw parts of Badd Seed, Take 147, Nacho Daddy, and Override. Who knows who else was there, like I said that place was packed! I do believe we’ll be seeing Frayed Nott back at Chick’s soon! Keep an eye on their schedule in this issue and get out there and support these guys, you won’t be disappointed. The night still wasn’t over! To finish off my night I zoomed up to Tubby’s to see Back in Black. When these guys get a chance to get back in the area it’s always a special treat. Congrats to Back in Black for rockin’ our faces off with their AC/DC madness for over 25 years!! That is an absolutely amazing accomplishment. Obviously they’ve had some member changes over the years, but they’ve continued to rock, no matter who is in the line-up! They all have a great stage presence and rock the night away til the last possible second. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten the chance to come out and see them. I’m so glad I squeezed out my last ounce of energy to get up there and rock out with Back in Black! The next night was another trip up to Tubby’s for Take 147. I got there a little late, and I missed their opener, the Colt Wilbur Band, but I heard a lot of great things about their new line-up. Hopefully I’ll get to see their new band soon. Jason and Colt did come up on the stage with Take 147. I saw them help with Take 147’s original “Caravan Court,” Gretta had some assistance from Jason while playing the beer bottles for that song. Every Take 147 show is a blast with plenty of shenanigans from both the stage and their “Takers”. This was St. Patrick’s Day weekend, so people were even a little extra festive! Take 147 was just given the opportunity to play the Whitaker Center, opening for Mary Lambert on March 31st. It’s awesome to see them getting the recognition they deserve! They only have a few more shows before they are taking a break for the Summer. Check out their schedule in this issue and get “Taken!” The next night I bopped back down to Chick’s for Nacho Daddy. Since they started advertising they’ve been getting a lot more gigs. It’s amazing what just a $30 ad can do for a band! If you are struggling to find places to play, maybe you should try advertising in the PA Musician Magazine! Let people know you are out there. If you show a club owner that you are willing to put money into promoting your shows, it helps them realize that you are taking your “job” seriously. Sometimes it “Takes Tickets to Make Tickets.” Nacho Daddy had a decent crowd there enjoying the show. I like to describe these guys as a Classic Party Band. They are playing your classic rock favorites that everyone likes to party with. Their set was filled with songs that continued on page14....

April, 2015



NATIONALS By Eric Hoffman

Greetings Rockers ‘N’ Rollers! Former Harrisburg native and Fuel frontman, Brett Scallions, brought his solo unplugged tour to the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA. His tour titled “Roots to Rock and Whiskey Talk,” included songs from his band Fuel as well as his time while singing for The Doors. Scallions was extremely impressive in this stripped down style, telling fabulous stories of his music career. He also covered songs by Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Hank Williams Jr. and Kenny Loggins. It was great to catch up with Brett and really see his talent exposed solo as an artist. The legendary Kix band returned to the mid-state with a sold-out show at Lancaster’s Chameleon. A tour promoting their latest seventh studio album, “Rock Your Face Off”, released last August. Kix continue to deliver one of the best live shows out there and have proved it after three decades as a band. Steve Whiteman, Brian “Damage” Forsythe, Ronnie “10/10” Younkins, Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfant and Mark Schenker will have a busy summer with Kix shows booked in Gettysburg, Dewey Beach, Ocean City and Columbia, MD and they will be back in PA in May when

Eric & Brett Scallions

they come to Tubby’s in Duncannon. Highlight concert of this past month was that of new band BRONCHO at Baltimore’s Ottobar on April 3rd. The Oklahoma based band just wrapped up a tour opening for Billy Idol and are currently touring with The Growlers. BRONCHO are simply incredible – bringing infectious grooves reminiscent of Velvet Underground and Sisters Of Mercy. The band is breaking huge ground with their sophomore album, “Just Enough Hip to Be Woman”, with a recent 7 performances in 3 days at the famous SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. BRONCHO return to Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia on May 15th. NATIONAL NEWS: continued on next page..



April, 2015

Out & About continued.... people definitely recognized. My last night of the month I headed back up to Tubby’s for Penntera. When I got there Thousand Pound Destruction was rocking the stage! Everyone was rockin’ out to their great mix of thrash metal. There is no moshing at Tubby’s, but you can tell this crowd really wanted to! They definitely did a great job of getting this crowd pumped up for Penntera. When Penntera took the stage the crowd was already hugging the stage ready for some serious kick you in the face kind of music! I haven’t seen these guys in forever, so it was my first time seeing Johnny Thompson on lead vocals. He is an amazing vocalist and his stage presence is insane! They also recently got a new bass player, Dave Garry. I’ve seen Dave in a few other bands in the area. He looked like he was having a blast up there on stage rockin’ with these guys! Altogether the band sounded amazing, it’s hard to believe they recently underwent those changes. People didn’t want the music to stop at the end of the night, all night long the dance floor was packed with people rockin’ out and having a great time! Penntera is planning a huge bus trip to NYC on September 25th. They are playing with Schism on a Statue of Liberty Boat Cruise. I saw pictures from last year, and I’m not missing it this year. This boat can hold something like 500 people, but the space is limited on the bus. The bus is leaving Harrisburg at 7am, you will have half the day on your own in NYC, and then at 7pm it’s time to load up on the boat for the Sunset Cruise from 8pm to 11pm!! Then we’ll be back in Harrisburg around 2 or 3am. Talk about AMAZING!! I totally can’t wait. The tickets for the bus are already selling like hot cakes. They are only $65!! That includes the bus pass and your ticket for the boat cruise. You can’t go to New York for any cheaper than that!!! Come and join us!! You can e-mail Space (Eric Dengler) for more ticket info at You can also check out their ad in this issue and see where they will be rockin’ next! Well that’s all for this month. It’s so short and sweet compared to my novel last month!! I hope you all have a very Happy Easter with your family and friends. I’m so glad Spring is FINALLY here!!!! Get those decks open, I’m ready for some fresh air!!! If you see me “Out & About” please stop me and say Hi! Any questions or comments e-mail me at Remember Support Local Music and check out our website, for even more Hot Shots, Shot Hot by me and Jim Price.

Penntera fans at Tubby’s



April, 2015

April, 2015





“LIVE REVIEWS” By Jim Price We have just turned the corner into Spring 2015, and already I have learned of a number of events that are quickly making me anxious for the warm weather season to fully arrive! Concerts, festivals, special events are coming soon - bring them on! As I alluded to last month, winter didn’t seem to achieve its full fury until after the groundhog saw its shadow in early February; then all hell broke loose! Wintry weather even impacted February’s 19th annual Millennium Music Conference (MMC) at the Best Western Premier Central Hotel in Harrisburg, shattering much of the Saturday night showcase schedule around the Harrisburg area but enabling other fun possibilities to take place. When the all-day snow event made roads slick and difficult to navigate, several venues cancelled evening showcases, and some bands, musicians and even daytime panelists had to cancel out of their appearances. During the daytime business conference, this resulted in the cancellation of the popular “Blind Demo Derby” panel. But when conference director John Harris sent word that the panel would be replaced by a day-ending jam session on the PA Musician Open Mic Stage, it didn’t take long for a number of musicians to grab their instruments and make it happen. Soon, multiple musicians were striking up an unplugged jam session in front of the stage; including members of New York’s The Rusty Guns, New Jersey’s The Coteries and other bands, even renowned harmonica virtuoso and manufacturer Lee Oskar jumped in on the jam! (Also some “Professor” guy with a djembe.)


With some showcases cancelled, and musicians and conference attendees stranded at the host hotel due to the bad roads, the hotel’s O’Reilly’s Taproom by default became the Saturday night showcase destination for many. The PA Musician contingent of Robin, Deb Whitcomb, Rachel Rocks, Meredith Kaminek and yours truly (plus Christine Kearns) arrived at O’Reilly’s during the showcase set by Ian Mellencamp and his band. The New York-based nephew of the renowned John Mellencamp, Ian and his band introduced a spacey, psychedelic jam-rock flavor on a number of original compositions and a version of Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up.” Learning that Brooklyn’s J and the 9s’ showcase elsewhere in town had been cancelled by the weather, Ian and his band cut their set short to allow J and the 9s to set up and perform two songs. Costumed frontlady and performance artist J9 and her bandmates made it count, delivering full fury and spectacle on their blistering punk-driven rock. Albany, NY’s Myron James Band then performed a melody-driven brand of modern rock/pop original songs, followed by Boston’s Tom Flash and their punk/surfdriven brand of rock. Next was another band snowed out

Alex Hilton Band


MMC 19 Trade Show Jam

of their scheduled showcase, as New York’s Glaser Drive took the stage for a three-song set. Featuring the four Glaser sisters - Faige, Chaya, Eden and Doren this group displayed bright and lush vocal harmonies on their selection of folk-flavored original songs. Johnstown representatives Lucky Lad Green then closed out the showcase with their spirited brand of Irish-flavored punk rock. Singer Eric Smay, guitarist Steve Boyle, multi-instrumentalist Ryan McDonald, bassist Jim Berkin and drummer Bret Berk fired off tunes from their EP such as “Irish Pride” and “Tale of a Sailor,” plus newer songs like “Family” and “Chase the Snakes.” The music wasn’t over yet, as the hotel graciously allowed a multitude of restless conference musicians one last opportunity to jam and network together in Conference Room A; the resulting afterhours jam session lasted until nearly 4 a.m. O’Reilly’s Taproom was also where my 2015 Millennium Music Conference experience began, during their Thursday night opening party. Within continued on next page...

April, 2015

The Professor continued... minutes of checking into my hotel room, I arrived at O’Reilly’s to catch local Harrisburg modern rockers Observe the 93rd in acoustic form. The group sounded strong as they mixed original songs with select favorites from Third Eye Blind, Ben E. King, the Offspring, Wheatus and more. Arriving as an alternate showcase act to fill in last-minute showcase vacancies at MMC, New York City’s Metorana was a late add to close out this night’s kickoff party. Singer/guitarist Ian Keller, bassist Sam Allen and drummer Alex Hernandez immediately captured my attention by opening with a Primus cover; they sounded good, doing hard-driving original garage-flavored rock and punk with a slight Nirvana twist. Metorana made the most of their first MMC experience; they also were added to O’Reilly’s Friday showcase and performed on Saturday night as well. My Friday night MMC showcase journey began at Carley’s Ristorante in downtown Harrisburg, where solo keyboard performers took the spotlight. First up was State College’s Elizabeth Findley, a.k.a. The Syncopated Keys. Elizabeth displayed her hearty singing style on a number of her original songs, including numbers aired on my radio program such as “Broken” and “Let Loose Tonight.” Intrigued by her brief performance earlier in the day at the MMC Trade Show PA Musician Open Mic stage, I stuck around to watch Buffalo, NY’s Christina Custode, who displayed a dazzling, classically-geared piano style as she sang catchy pop-geared original songs. And I caught a few songs from Nashville’s Susan Ruth, accompanied by Matt Vrba on guitar. Susan displayed a great voice and personable style on the songs I witnessed. After meeting Springfield, MO’s Paralandra earlier in the day at the MMC Trade Show, I decided to catch them in action at Gullifty’s Underground in Camp Hill, where they performed as part of a special showcase for producer David Ivory’s indie record label, Flexitone Records. Hitting the stage moments after my arrival, Paralandra offered a powerful, classic-rooted hard rock sound not far removed from Halestorm; singer/guitarist Casandra Carson demonstrated a hearty voice up front; flanked by her father Paul Carson on lead guitar, bassist Josh Pool and drummer Nick Gray. Paralandra gave a charged performance on songs off their Rise Up EP such as “Alive,” “Weightless” and the title track; I also liked their powerful anthem “Heroes.” Next was Baltimore’s Silvertung, riding a wave of recent rising national notoriety. They exhibited their driving brand of modern heavy rock, and did their latest charting single, “Never Too Late.” Another band I saw earlier at the MMC Trade Show, Philadelphia’s Beyond Eden then delivered uptempo and darker modern rock, led by singer Jennifer Eden’s potent voice. Their style suggested the more technical leanings of Evanescence and Tool. Finishing up the night was another Philadelphia group, Rausch, who fought technical issues but still dazzled on two compositions. They channeled progressive, theatric, piano-laced heavy rock reminiscent of classic Queen and Yes, but infused with modern rock aggression. Lead singer/keyboardist/namesake Doug Rausch displayed mastery on the ivories and a dramatic singing style, totally investing heart and soul into his performance and leaving all on the stage. The aforementioned Lee Oskar provided another highlight of my Millennium experience this year, as I sat in on his workshop entitled “Discover a World of Music Possibilities.” Lee discussed and demonstrated some of the nuances and theory of playing harmonica, shared tips, answered audience questions, and then capped the session with a mini-concert where he showed his harmonica prowess along blues, jazz, funk and other backdrops. continued on page 20... April, 2015



The Professor continued... I spent most of the remainder of the two-day daytime business conference staffing my section of the PA Musician corridor of the Trade Show, and enjoying the steady stream of musicians who graced the PA Musician Open Mic Stage. I witnessed incredible talent during both days; among my favorite highlights during Friday’s Open Mic performers was Ontario, Canada’s Ed Roman, who brandished a bass and performed two distinctively different numbers - the first, “Kids R Like Vegetables,” featured Ed playing a funky bassline topped by some original beat poetry that brought the house to attention, and he followed with an instrumental inspired by Nikola Tesla. I also liked the brassy sounds of New Jersey’s Running Late, the bluegrass and Americana flavorings of New York’s Rusty Guns, and conference frequent flyer, Joey Welz hammering the ivories with some early-flavored rock’n’roll to close the day. My favorite Saturday Open Mic highlights included the sharp-sounding R&B of Harrisburg’s D-Bo, the

acoustic punk rock of New York’s Jackknife Stiletto, the spirited soul-toned rock of Philadelphia’s Kelley Plante, boisterous rock from Philadelphia’s The Terribles, the rollicking keyboard work of Ohio’s Bill Kurzenburger and the aforementioned day-ending jam session. All of the Open Mic stage talent was excellent; I also saw performances from Maddison Binkley, Susan Ruth, Matt Vrba, Deb Guy, Justin Angelo, Chuck Schaeffer, Beyond Eden, Senorita Awesome, Elizabeth Findley (The Syncopated Keys), the Alex Hilton Band, Michi, Terry Gayhart of Shift Seven, Eli Bridges, Catalina Gonzalez, Paul Saint John, The Coteries, Dylan Moore, Seiichi Daimo, Matt Tarka, Liz de Lise, Aubreylyn, Tom Flash, Jenna Marotta, Ryan Alan Band, Bret Alexander, Christine Custode, the Whiskey Shambles, Sole Pursuit, Abby Lappen, Montgomery Streets, Linda Gambino, Music Mike, Chad Bruce and Chris Whitmer. Fortunately, following Saturday’s snow, travel conditions had improved substantially by Sunday morning, enabling me to depart from Harrisburg and Ian Mellencamp

return directly to the second Benefit for Brian Cupples event at Altoona’s Family Pizza & Pub. A popular area musician, Brian has continued to battle health complications stemming from long-term mercury poisoning, including recent developments that have lengthened his road to recovery; proceeds from this acoustic-geared show helped Brian with his mounting medical bills. I arrived in time to join my Backyard Rockers bandmates for the latter part of their set to open the afternoon. Backed by Randy “Jackson” Rutherford on bass and The Hurricanes’ Bob Watters on drums, Pat McGinnis strummed and sang a selection of his own original songs and select covers. He performed songs from his self-titled CD such as “Walking My Dog” and “Feels Like She’s Gone,” as well as numbers from John Prine, The Band, Neil Young and Fabulous Thunderbirds. Then joined by Rick Wertz on guitar, Eric Wertz on bass, Bob Scholl on sax and Wil Jones on drums, Randy “Jackson” performed a mixture of classics from B.B. King, Dobie Gray, Elton John, the Eagles, Crosby Stills & Nash and more. Along the way, Kathy Niedenthal joined in to help with backing vocals. Although not able to be physically present at the event, show beneficiary Brian Cupples phoned in and spoke to the musicians and audience continued on next page...

Casandra Carson of Paralandra 20


April, 2015

The Professor continued... through the P-A, thanking them for their support and explaining the extent of the health issues he has been dealing with. With Beau Saller helping out on drums, Dreadnot - Bobby Gates and John McKelvey continued the music with mostly British rock favorites from the Rolling Stones, Emerson Lake & Palmer, The Fixx, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and more. Next was Stormy, who set the tone to their set with an excellent rendition of Traffic’s “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys.” From there, the roster of singer Mark Montrella, keyboardist Charlie Leiden, guitarist Brandon Stewart and drummer Bill Hocherl performed classics from America, Steely Dan, the Byrds, Phil Collins, Tracy Chapman, the Beatles and more. I had to depart before Triple Threat’s set closed out the event. Hats off to show organizer Bill Hocherl, who with Don Osborn coordinated production for the afternoon, Polly and Family Pizza for providing the venue, and to everybody who came and showed their support; more than $1,000 was raised. The weekend leading up to St. Patrick’s Day provided the setting for a number of parties and special performances. Although not a note of Irish music was to be heard, McGarvey’s three-band St. Patty’s bash did at least provide some punk-flavored rock. When a lastminute injury sidelined scheduled show openers Pennsylvania Mike and the Bedlam Boys, Huntingdon’s Strait & Miller answered the call and opened up the night with acoustic blues and original songs, joined by banjo man Bob and Naildriver’s Kevin Siegel behind the drum kit. The Railroad City Murder Machines then pounded out fast-firing, punk-fueled rock, featuring blistering originals plus their hammering take on Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight.” Xs For Eyes then closed the party with their pedal-to-the-metal punk rock sounds, firing off multiple original songs plus select amped-up remakes from the Ramones, Rancid, and their popular slamming take on “Folsom Prison Blues” to end the night. Penn State Altoona’s Office of Institutional Equity, Diversity, and International Student Services presented a performance by Philadelphia’s Barleyjuice trio on St. Patty’s eve in the Slep Student Center. Playing a variety of instruments, Kyf Brewer, Keith Swanson and Alice O’Quirke performed original Celtic-flavored folk, pop and rock songs from throughout their discography, along with select Celtic-flavored covers. Their original song selection included such numbers as “Nancy Whiskey,” “Pretty Wild Bride,” “Nancy Drinks Tequila,” “Hard Life of Ivan MacRae” and more. They displayed crisp vocals and harmonies, as well as dazzling instrumental execution; I especially liked Alice’s fiddle work during their instrumental spin on the Who’s “Baba O’Riley.” The Barleyjuice trio’s Penn State Altoona stop was

their second performance of the day following an earlier matinee show at Penn State Mont Alto; the group celebrated St. Patrick’s Day performing at Philadelphia’s World Café Live. On St. Patrick’s night, Flashpoint entertained at Pellegrine’s, but didn’t exactly have the ‘luck of the Irish’ on their side. The group battled some health issues this night, as regularly-scheduled bassist Bill Hunter was sidelined by pending surgery the following day; former R2B2 bass man Bill Smith filled in for him. And a bout of laryngitis impacted frontman Don Osborn’s singing voice. But Don, Bill, keyboardist Ken Civils and drummer Bill Hocherl soldiered on, and provided the largely green-clad audience with a mixture of classics from the Hollies, Santana, Van Morrison, Cars, Rolling Stones, Procol Harum, Dire Straits, Van Halen, Grand Funk Railroad and more. They also mixed in Irish toasts and humor along the way. I then ended my St. Patrick’s festivus 2015 by joining

The Ryan Alan Band

my Backyard Rockers brethren for their weekly Tuesday Open Mic Night at D’Ottavio’s Gran Sasso in Hollidaysburg, where some of the musical guests provided Irish musical flavors. Phil Baskin was in the St. Patty’s spirit, and mixed a few Irish favorites in with his selection of classics from Pure Prairie League, James continued on page 22...

Joey Welz

April, 2015



The Professor continued... Taylor, John Prine and more. Other performers during this edition of Open Mic Night included singer/songwriter James Lee, Ron Balestino, Raining Blue and the duo of Tami Hinish and Jeremy Schimansky. Webster’s Bookstore and Café in State College hosted a unique showcase early last month. “Women & Words” offered a variation on the ‘guitar pull’ format. Two singer/songwriters - Erin Condo and Hannah Bingman - shared the stage with two poets, Rebecca Gafron and Greta Haney. The performers cycled through the group in varying orders, each singing a song or reading one of their poetic creations. This was fun and interesting, as the four women often took cues from the previous performer’s creation in selecting what they would do next, and gave insight on their creations as they performed them. Erin did several songs from her latest CD, Love and Lightning, such as “Find My Home,” Odessa,” “Best Laid Plans” and more. Hannah likewise did several selections from her latest CD, Loam, such as “Hard Times, Our Times,” “Deep Water,” “Farmer’s Prayer,” “Hard-Hearted Woman” and “Mustard Seed.” The mixture of music and spoken word art was intriguing and well-received, and enabled the four women to step outside their familiar performance avenues and into a more interactive setting. Longtime York-based groove-rockers Hexbelt paid their first visit to the stage at Pellegrine’s in Altoona last month. This show had been relocated to Pellegrine’s last minute from another local venue, but still managed to draw an audience as loyal Hexbelt fans from nearby counties made the roadtrip to join curious local fans. Hexbelt sounded strong as they did jam-styled, groovedriven original rock with touches of reggae, funk, Americana and more. Singer/guitarist Dann Ottemiller, guitarist Mike Couch, bassist Neal Kreider and drummer/singer Tony Agguire provided tight and tasteful musicianship; their sound was clean and precise, but relaxed. Beyond their range of original song material, an added highlight during Hexbelt’s latter set was a spirited edition of James Brown’s “Cold Sweat.” Rich Edmundson opened the night and performed between Hexbelt’s sets. The Elk Creek Cafe in Millheim hosts live music every Thursday night during their “Pub Hang,” and I was able to see The Strayers during one such Thursday last month. Singer/guitarist Bill Strayer, wife Denise Strayer on accordion and vocals, and drummer Josh Troup performed two strong sets of their unique brand of acoustic-geared folk and rock, mixing original songs with select covers. I liked this group’s unique set-up and distinctive sound; Bill handled most singing duties, with Denise providing the accordion underscore and solos, while Josh gently powers the songs with his brush rhythms. The Strayers did songs off their self-titled CD such as “Nothing’s Gonna Change,” “Remind Me I’m Kind,” “I’m Not Running” and “Sometimes the Sometimes.” They also pulled out some intriguing remakes, such as Denise singing John Lennon’s “Watching the Wheels,” versions of Van Morrison’s “And It Stoned Me,” Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky,” the Stones’ “Mother’s Little Helper,” Bob Dylan’s “The Mighty Quinn,” Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger,” and Denise’s popular rendition of the Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself.” The Strayers received nice response from the audience, who demanded and received an encore at show’s end. The Strayers return for another “Pub Hang” at Elk Creek Café on April 9. I caught my first look at Johnstown rockers 1 Over 8 in late February at Crousey’s in Windber. Featuring former Day Well Spent singer/guitarist Mike McCloskey and drummer Jason Nagy, along with continued on page 23...



April, 2015

The Professor continued... bassist Josh and frontman Justin; 1 Over 8 did solid work on a mix of modern and classic rock favorites, injecting their hearty punch into tunes from Third Eye Blind, Tom Petty, Blink 182, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top and more. This group pulled out a few surprises I wasn’t expecting, such as James Gang’s “Funk #49,” Bob Seger System’s “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” and a powerful read on Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs.” The decent-sized crowd enjoyed 1 Over 8’s enthusiastic performance and kept the dance floor busy through much of the night. A rising name, watch for 1 Over 8’s arrival on stages across west-central PA in the months ahead. Providing rock’n’roll ear candy to area dance floors is Rokkandy, who I saw in action in late February at Davey’s in Hastings. Jim Ricotta recently took over Rokkandy’s bass duties, joining singer/keyboardist Pat

1 Over 8 McConnell, singer/guitarist Bob DeArmitt and drummer Paul Turner. Rokkandy brought the party to Davey’s with a wide mixture of song material, spanning classic and modern rock and pop favorites, dance hits, slow dance numbers and more. Jim, Bob and Pat all handled lead singing duties throughout the night. Their set list included versions of Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff,” War’s “Low Rider,” the Rolling Stones’ “She’s So Cold,” the GoGos’ “We Got the Beat,” Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” and numbers from Jimmy Eat World, Tom Petty, Strangeloves, Ramones, Kid Rock, Pat Benatar, Theory Of A Deadman, Black Crowes and more. Mostly quiet during the first two sets, the Davey’s audience awakened midway through the nightcap set, and then didn’t want the band to stop, prompting four encore tunes! Since this show, Mark Panek has replaced Paul on drums. Rokkandy is spreading their sweet sounds throughout the region; they return to Davey’s on April 25. Harrisburg headbanging force Leadfoot brought classic ‘80s and ‘90s-era heavy rock back to State College’s Arena early last month. Leadfoot has a new guitar player since the last time I saw them, as former Rhymes With Orange guitar man Bernie Alonge replaces Shane Burger in the lineup. Bernie, guitarist Patrick Laubscher, singer Russ Weikel, bassist Kip Forbes and drummer Anthony Blauch quickly triggered dance floor action with hard-hitting ‘80s fare from Guns N’Roses, Ratt, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Metallica, AC/DC, Poison and more. The group also threw in a few original tunes, plus some ‘90s and more recent numbers from Bush, White Zombie, Drowning Pool and Rage Against the Machine, plus dropped a House Of Pain “Jump Around” midsection into Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health.” Leadfoot pulled out a few pleasant surprises, such as a take on Megadeth’s April, 2015

“Sweating Bullets,” Slade’s “Run Runaway,” Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” and Accept’s “Balls to the Wall.” Wary of unpredictable travel conditions along I-80 during the snowy season, the Giants of Science decided to take a short hiatus from long-distance road journeys beyond their northeastern PA home base during the winter season. This set up for the group’s glorious return last month to Altoona’s Four Dees Lounge after more than a twomonth absence. Their hardcore legion of area fans were eagerly awaiting them, and even presented a cake to welcome them back! Sans their popular labcoats and facepaint décor this night, the current Giants roster of singer/guitarist/ringleader Mick, keyboardist/singer Scotty B, bassist/singer Johnny 5 and drummer Steve provided their trademark ‘80sthemed party, focusing on new wave and pop hit favorites from the “Decade of Decadence.” Tunes from R.E.M., The Cure, Simple Minds, Soft Cell, Violent Femmes, Men Without Hats, Modern English, Outfield, Bangles, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Chumbawumba and more soon filled the room and dance floor. Approaching two decades of providing dance floor fun to audiences far and wide, the Giants Of Science showed no signs of slowing down this night, and they remain one of the state’s reliable crowd-pleasing band attractions. Sadly, the area music scene lost a longtime member on March 7th with the passing of Paul Mishock at age 65 after a

The Strayers lengthy illness. Paul played in a variety of bands and projects over the years; among them The Hallmarks, The Rattlers, The Untouchables, Mario Crocetti Trio and more. He was also a member of the Cresson Volunteer Fire Company. The area music scene also mourned the loss Johnstown natives Barry Himes and Jackie McCann, who both lost their lives in a South Carolina vehicle accident on March 21st. Barry was 52 and Jackie was 51. Barry was vocalist for popular 1980s Johnstown rock band The Kick, and also became a freelance videographer and photojournalist whose work appeared on Pittsburgh television stations, ESPN, MTV, the History Channel, CBS Sports and others. Our sincere condolences are with the families, friends and colleagues of all three. News and notes… After a ten-year run on area stages, Huntingdon County-based rockers Force Of Habit have parted ways. Johnstown’s Inside Out has found their PENNSYLVANIA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

LeadFoot new drummer, and he is a familiar name; former Stept On and Bad Daze drummer Jim Bagrosky replaces Mark Gindlesperger behind the kit. Naildriver has reunited with singer Matt Watson, and will be officially announcing their new rhythm guitarist shortly. Guitarist Kayla Feaster has parted ways with Root & the Fifths to reform her blues project with Bethany Helsel, the Rhythm Sharks; Ryan Weaver will replace Kayla as Root & the Fifths’ new guitarist. Citing personal reasons, singer Tyler Hull is stepping down as the frontman for area rockers Emberstitch; the group is working with a new singer and will announce that name shortly. The Red Letter Band has added new singer Tami Hinish. Philadelphia’s Modern Colour has added new guitar player Nate Ridge. Happy Birthdays to Arejay Hale (Halestorm), Ron Dalansky (Half Tempted), Jim Ricotta and Pat McConnell (Rokkandy), Ron Brode (Lies, Inc.), Kelly Montgomery, Ashley Thompson and Brendon Burns (7th Gear), Bill Hocherl (Triple Threat), Chuck Lavera (Hate Grenade), Rob Hampton (Gas Station Disco), Todd Giornesto (Giornesto), John Homerski (Flood City Brass), Matt Harnett (Tree), Glenn Walstrom (Kyx), Ben Bower (Born and the Beanstalk), Chris Hescox (Spider Kelly), Justin Fair (Xs for Eyes), Dave Nott (Gypsy Caravan), Steve Spack (Red Alert), Tony Feighner (Never Enough) Chuck Mason (Chuck Mason & Blue Reality), Chip Castello (One Brick Shy), Dave Buzard (We Came From Space), Drew Jackson (Atlas Soundtrack), Mark Hill (Biscuit Jam), Bob Gironda (Who’s Your Daddy), Marge Bubner (Orange Fire), Pat McGinnis, Ryan Matthew, Dennie Huber, Lauren Johnson, Mark Oswald, Kenny Karlheim, Rob Carolus, Ricky Lee, Ron Gallucci, Frank Ciccarella, Mike Reigh and Shel Hoachlander. Please send correspondence and recordings to: Jim Price, 1104 S. Catherine St., Altoona, PA 16602. You can also e-mail me at jptheprofessor@gmailcom. And if you’re into social networking, look me up on Facebook or Google+. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!

Hexbelt 23

PA Musician Magazine Reviews LIZ DE LISE - “TO & FRO” EP (no label) Philadelphia-based singer and songwriter Liz de Lise turns the stories of nomadic street kids into an engaging, imaginative musical journey on her EP, “To & Fro”. After spending a summer interviewing and observing street kids that passed through Portland, Oregon, de Lise crafted the six songs of “To & Fro”, in the process weaving together a colorful musical tapestry that blends elements of Americana, indie pop and folk, jazz and ethnic flavors. The overall sound recalls classic folk artists like Joni Mitchell and Melanie, but also suggests a theatrical edge with frequent asides and side journeys. Additional musicians help flesh out and color the arrangements; including de Lise’s father, Louis, on accordion, marimba, keys and percussion, Allan Slutsky on mandolin, Jess Molan and Steve Beskrone on double bass, Bruce McFarland on banjo, Azeel Bhatti on table, Mirjam Ingolfsson on cello, plus several backing singers. Opening with a gypsy folk flavor, “Ode” recounts the story of a traveling dreamer content with his freedom. The gentle, string-toned “Homeless” offers a loose poetic observation of a street traveler, while the multi-tiered “Pan” relates one traveler’s dreams of someday settling down. With its irresistible chorus hook, “Strangers” finds commonality and community with fellow vagabonds, while the minimalist folk of “Star Fire” juxtaposes street life survival and freedom. Bringing the journey to its close, the multi-flavored “The End” offers a dramatic arrangement with frequent twists and turns, highs and lows, Queen-like choral moments and more. Liz de Lise’s clear, pleasant voice and imaginative songcraft provide strong threads throughout this set, and her captivating arrangements and wordplays keep the listening experience fresh from start to end. Produced and recorded by both de Lise and her father, “To & Fro” sounds clear, balanced and smooth, with all vocal and instrumental components shining through. Liz de Lise’s imagination and artistry rise to the forefront on “To & Fro”, an adventurous set sure to open ears and minds for this rising talent. (The EP can be obtained through Liz de Lise’s website, A portion of the proceeds from EP sales goes to Outside In, an organization that helps homeless youth.) – Reviewed by Jim Price TAKE 147 - “NOTHIN’ TO LOSE” (no label) Harrisburg’s Take 147 first formed in 2005, and arrived at their current all-female roster in 2010. Singer/guitarist Gretta Zechman, lead guitarist/singer Rochelle Smith, bassist/singer Amber Grunden and drummer/singer Patty Wilson demonstrate hard-rocking punch, swagger and wit on their first full-length album, “Nothin’ to Lose”. The group’s base sound is largely rooted in the hard-rocking traditions of classic Lita Ford and Girlschool; blending the melodic edge of the former with the grit and spit of the latter. The disc’s dozen tracks run the gamut from April, 2015

throttling rockers to power ballads, with one novelty curio and a remake thrown in for good measure. Several songs vent the scorn of relationships turned sour; such as the stern disc-opener “You” and the rowdy “Tired Of,” the latter highlighted by gang-shout choruses and Grunden’s fast-firing mid-song rap. Take 147 throws caution to the wind on the uptempo “Hideaway,” and weathers the nine-to-five for their right to party on the crunchy title track “Nothin’ to Lose.” The group turns introspective on the dark-toned “Salvation Ends,” and showcases Zechman’s piano talents on both full group and solo takes of the heart-ripping ballad “Goodbye.” Take 147 fends off amorous advances on the Smithfronted “Lonely Girl,” and celebrates a booze-laced girls’ night in with “House Party.” The group also lightens up the mood with the Grunden-fronted tonguein-cheek redneck ode “Caravan Court,” and they give hard-rocking muscle to a version of Alanis Morisette’s mega-hit “You Oughta Know.” The performances here are strong; Zechman sinks emotional capital into her vocal delivery and convincingly sells her range of moods throughout the disc, and the group’s instrumental execution is tight and fearless. Produced by the group and Jason Shaffer, “Nothin’ to Lose” sounds appropriately full, balanced and edgy. Take 147 states their credentials on “Nothin’ to Lose”, blending intriguing melodies and hard-edged chops into a loud and proud set. (The CD can be purchased through the group’s website, and at live shows.) – Reviewed by Jim Price BASTARD BEARDED IRISHMEN - “RISE OF THE BASTARD” (no label) Originally formed as a side-project in 2008, Pittsburgh’s Bastard Bearded Irishmen have become a regional favorite with their brand of amped-up Celtic rock and punk sounds, and have even captured the attention of Rolling Stone Magazine as a band to watch for. Their latest CD, “Rise of the Bastard”, gets its Irish up with raucous music perfect for lifting pints and shot glasses to over 15 tracks. Most of the songs are originals, and most are rowdy odes to drinking, rebellion, drinking, fighting, drinking, devious women, and did we say drinking? Fast and furious fare like “Switchblade Molly,” “Paddy O’Shea,” “Heidi Ho,” “Bastard Blarney,” “Bartender’s Friend” and “Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Beer” should trigger plentiful moshpit jigging, while “Tomorrow” and “Land of the Free” slam with socially-conscious themes. Although Irish and Celtic are the prominent flavors, Gypsy music informs the frenzied disc-opener “Mama” while surf flavors drive the darkthemed “Red.” Bastard Bearded Irishmen show that they can slow it down with the somber liver damage lament “Last Drink.” The group also honors pub and folk song tradition with updates of “All for Me Grog,” “Tell Me Ma” and “Three Drunken Maidens.” These Bastard Bearded Irishmen - singer/guitarist/banjoist Jimmy Bastard, guitarist/tin whistler Jon Pitcher, mandolinist/pianist Danny Rectenwald, fiddler Paul Dvorchak, bassist Ben Jaber and drummer Dan Stocker - go for broke on much of the album, quickly accelerating their material to a feverish pitch while keeping the execution tight and the melodies intact. Jimmy sings and howls with adrenaline and enthusiasm, delivering the balance of range, rage and edge. Recorded PENNSYLVANIA MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

and mixed by Alex Herd, and produced by both Herd and the band, “Rise of the Bastard” sounds clean, full and sharp, allowing the group to deliver its full Celticflavored sting. “Rise of the Bastard” provides a feverish joyride from start to end, and provides clear testimony as to why Bastard Bearded Irishmen indeed are on the rise. (The CD can be obtained through the group’s website, ) – Reviewed by Jim Price SHANE SPEAL’S SNAKE OIL BAND “HOLLER!” (C.B. Gitty Records) York’s “King of the Cigar Box Guitar,” Shane Speal, envisioned his dream band when he formed his Snake Oil Band two years ago, once describing the project as a “heavy-metal jug band.” The group’s debut CD, “Holler!”, offers riproaring roots and delta-styled blues with a heavy-hitting twist, created with mostly homemade and handmade instruments. Speal’s full-throated growl, grungy cigar box guitar chords, slide work and stomp box rhythms anchor the sound; assisted and supported by harmonica player and guitarist Aaron Lewis, washboard scratcher and percussionist Ronn Benway and washtub bassist Farmer Jon Sprenkle. Speal and his Snake Oil Band blend original compositions, amped-up traditional blues and prison yard shouts over “Holler!’s” 17 tracks. Opening the disc, “49 Years” boisterously plots revenge from within four walls, highlighted by Speal’s sinister snarl, guest guitarist Don Belch’s scorching midsong solo and some well-placed gunshots. Also criminally catchy is the excellently-titled “Strung Out, Drunk and Busted (and There’s a Body in the Trunk),” a dark ode to a nocturnal burial run that slowly builds with Lewis’ slinky harmonica flourishes, intensifying percussion echoes and more. Lust inspires several tunes such as “Big Leg Woman/Swing the Hammer,” the rockabilly-ish “Judy Got a Booty,” the playful “When She Gets Drunk, She Gets Horny,” the testimonial “A Fat Man Will Love You (Like No Skinny Boy Can)” and an ode to surgically-enhanced beauty “Simulated Sadie.” The group gets lowdown with “How Long Will You Make Me Suffer,” condemns demon alcohol on “Whiskey Blues” and promises more revenge on “Six Feet in the Hole.” Speal’s Snake Oil Band honors traditional blues with the rousing “Holler!” medley, and gives a subdued blues makeover to the King of Pop’s popular hit “Billie Jean.” The performances are inspired and spirited, and it quickly becomes clear that these musicians had a blast recording this set. Speal growls for keeps here; his blend of raw emotion and wit sells each song. The band is rowdy and jubilant, and the production is full and appropriately jagged, allowing the rawness of this back-to-basics instrumentation to fully shine, warts and all. Shane Speal’s Snake Oil Band doesn’t just revisit raw roots blues on “Holler!” - they drop a big rig engine into them and make the blues roar in their own refreshingly distinctive way. (The CD can be obtained through Shane Speal’s website, – Reviewed by Jim Price

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April, 2015

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April, 2015

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April, 2015

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April, 2015