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August, 2013





August, 2013

August, 2013



ACROSS THE DESK By Whitey & Robin Noll

Coming across the desk this month was a little note from Anne from X-terra when she sent in their schedule. Anne wrote: “Just wanted to let you know we played the Yahweh Fest in York today and had fans in the audience who never had the opportunity to see our band before because we haven’t yet had the opportunity to play ver much in that area, but were there because they saw our ad in PA Musician. Yes advertising does pay off. We wanted to thank you for being faithful all these years for providing so many of the bands in PA a place to advertise in a quality publication that is available to the public free of charge in so many locations across the state.” Thank you Anne for advertising with us for over 25 years. We appreciate your continued support as well. It’s encouraging to get notes and hear about how the mag has helped businesses to achieve their goals and establish more fans. Many publications are struggling to keep their ad revenues so they can stay in business. We too struggle but I do know that over 10,000 copies get picked up each month and on an average at least 2 people glance through the issue per copy if not more. We also have over 5,000 likes on facebook and I’m continually posting our advertisers events on our timeline as they post them on



our page. Sorry I can’t post everyone’s event but I do post those who use the hard copy to promote themselves or their events. We also have our website that is updated each month plus we have a digital copy on So for one price you get the hard copy, the website and the digital issue. We realize many people enjoy reading the information we print on line but we also know there are many fans who support live local music who don’t want to read it on line, they like having the hard copy in their hands. Even though our digital issues load quickly some people don’t have the newest computers or internet service that makes loading quick and easy. Gee, I sound like an info commercial. There are so many bands and events happening throughout the state on a continual basis, I just wish that more promoters, clubs, stores and bands would utilize our pages to let the masses know that you exist and where they can find you in the social network jungle. Working on the September issue now so give us a call and reserve your space. We even will design the ad for you at no additonal cost. Help us to keep on keeping on. A BIG THANK YOU to all those who help us each month by running your ads, writing articles and taking pictures. Keith Hummel has been writing for us for 30 years coming up next month and has decided to lay aside his pen as his life is so crazy busy with doing sound for events throughout the state and working. We are very thankful for all the years he has spent writing for us and delivering the PA Musician Magazine. We are looking continued on next page ...

August, 2013

A c ross the de sk continued...

for a volunteer to cover the Selinsgrove, Northumberland, Williamsport and northern regions. It isn’t a paid position but it will give you recognition when you go out and if you’re a “live music junkie” it is a great way to provide for the addiction. Give me a call at 717-444-2423. One person who has been utilizing our pages to promote the Central PA Friends of Jazz events the past few years has been Steve Rudolph. With the 33rd annual Central PA Jazz Festival coming up this month I thought it would be appropriate to have him on our August cover. Rachel did the interview and she thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the jazz world in Central PA and also experience the sound and talent of so many great musicians. She took piano lessons growing up but after experiencing a Steve Rudolph show said, “I don’t play piano.” Be sure to read the article on page 17. Jeff Pittinger has released another CD entitled “Monster Track Supergroup Volume II”. All songs were recorded, mixed produced, and mastered at Saturation Acres in Dupont and produced by Bret Alexander and Jeff. There are two originals, “Take My Advice” and “Adrienne” and two covers, “Indian Reservation” and “Day After Day”. The Mill Tavern and Coors Light are presenting Monster Track Supergroup at The Mill Tavern in Montoursville on Saturday, August 17th. Special guest at this event include Mycenea Worley, 44 Mag, Small Town Titans and Audiobox. Everyone through the door will receive a free copy of his new release. Doors at 7:30 and music begins at 8pm. Whitey and I had the privilege and honor of attending his first release show back when he was on the cover and Jeff puts on one heck of a show and gives his fans and audience 200%. No doubt about it, you will enjoy this show. There are many events happening on August 17th incuding the 1st annual Jack’s Mountain Blues Fest. If you are a blues enthusiast you won’t want to miss this event. Hosted by Mason’s Motorcycle Club Inc known as MMCI Chapter 19, they do a number of events throughout the year to help people in their community. Funds raised in this event will go to The Taylor Bingaman Health Care Fund and Camp Spifida. So if you like live blues music and want to help others in need head to Jack’s Mountain Blues Fetival in Laurelton, PA at the West End Fairgrounds. Camping and places to stay are available and it is an All Age event with children 5 and under free and children 16 and under for $10. See their ad for details and more info. Enjoy life in the month of August. Thank you for reading the PA Musician Magazine and like us on I love you Whitey

August, 2013



OUT & ABOUT by RACHEL ROCKS! What a crazy summer! I’m very surprised that I was able to see as many bands as I did this month. I’m also happy to announce that I’ve seen some really nice summer crowds at venues all over the place, which is very encouraging. If this many people are still getting out to support live music in the summer, lets only hope the excitement continues into the Fall. This article is going to be done quickly because last night I did something crazy, I bought (well my husband bought) a Cannon 60D. I have no clue what I am doing, so if you see me Out and About and you know things about it, and you want to teach me or give me pointers, I’m all ears! I need all the help I can get. I plan on taking some classes from the GREAT Meredith

Kaminek, but I know it’s going to be a long learning process. Photography has always been a passion of mine, so I’m very excited about my new endeavor. The first amazing musical spectacular I got to see this month was all of the shows at Disney World in Florida. It was surreal to see how far technology has come and the things that they can do. Also on our way back up from Florida in an RV we stopped at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. We were once again blown away by their nightly laser/fireworks show that they display on a huge granite mountain. Throughout the show they played music from different artists that were born in the state of Georgia. It was amazing to see. If you are ever near Atlanta, check it out for yourself! I made it home on Friday afternoon, and by Friday night I was out supporting live music! Element 22 was playing at Chick’s in Hummelstown. It’s always a crazy night when they are at Chick’s, and it was exactly what I needed. It’s awesome to see their confidence on stage now. Jeff is becoming quite the rapper! Watch out for that guy, he knows how to get the booties shakin! All of the guys sing back-ups, which in turn gets the whole crowd singing along to all of their favorite songs from the 80’s to today! It’s always fun to watch people’s reactions as they start each song, with a look on their face of “Hey I know this song..” Element 22 will be rockin’ throughout the state this month, check out their schedule in this issue to see where they will be rockin’ next! The following night I was zooming all over the place. I wanted to meet up with my friends Joanie Jones and Aaron Zimmerman, so I first zoomed to Big Woody’s to see the Jewett Brothers Band. This three piece had a good following at Big Woody’s. They played some great calm music that allowed us to just sit back and have a drink and catch up after not seeing each other for so long. Sometimes it’s nice to have music playing softly enough that you can visit without screaming at each other. Even on a rainy night Big Woody’s deck was still getting a lot of use. They have it nice and covered so you can enjoy their deck in any weather. Big Woody’s really gets some great bands at their venue. Check out their schedule in this issue and plan a trip to check out Big Woody’s Beach Bar and Grill. You won’t be disappointed. After their first set, we zoomed over to Johnny Joe’s for what

I thought was going to be the Martini Bros. CD Release Party.. unfortunately I looked at their ad wrong. They weren’t there, but Bamboozled was. A local favorite they had the club hopping and people dancing on the dance floor. Aaron and Joanie stayed for some more of Bamboozled, I grabbed a mag to find out that the Martini Bros. were actually over at Champions in Highspire so I headed over there. By the time I got there I unfortunately missed Trailer Park Cowboys set. I really miss those guys. Hopefully with me being around more in August I’ll be able to check out their schedule in this issue and get out their rockin’ with those guys again soon! The Martini Bros. already had their dancing fans drenched in sweat and having a great time. They played their new songs and a lot of their old songs, entertaining their fans to their fullest ability. When I got a chance to listen to their new CD “Under the Covers” I was thrilled to hear they stuck to their Rock N’ Roll and kept throwing it at you through every song! The Martini Bros. had a great idea and they had a whole CD Release month! Covering all of their key areas: Lancaster, Highspire, Mechanicsburg, and York. They made themselves easily accessible to their fans, and they promoted it in the PA Musician Magazine, hopefully it all paid off for them in the end. There aren’t very many “true” rock n’ roll bands left in today’s music scene. It was awesome to see the Martini Bros. still have it and then some! The next weekend started out super awesome with my first stop to see Kat and the Mad Dogz at Double K. WOW! Mom was right, they are amazing! Kat can definitely sing and play the electric violin. Her stage presence is insane, she has so much energy and can bend and move while singing and playing, it’s crazy watching her go! She even jumped on the stage for the “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Very cool! All four members sing lead at different times, and back-ups all the time. The sound coming off the stage is awesome! I’m so glad I finally got to catch them live. When I walked in they were even singing their first original song. They are definitely getting the groove and hitting the scene hard! I know you will be hearing more of this band throughout the state and beyond! Check out their schedule in this issue and get out there and rock with Kat and the Mad Dogz soon! I forced myself to leave Kat and the Mad Dogz because I continued on page 1 3 ...



August, 2013

Out & About continued...

was hoping to catch Small Town Titans CD Release party up at Tubby’s. Unfortunately I didn’t know they played in the middle of the list of bands so I missed their set. I was looking forward to this show since February when they were flying their planes around the MMC promoting their release. I did get to snag a new CD and it was everything I expected. Phil’s super strong vocals mixed in with an amazing driving beat that definitely knows how to wake you up! I loved how they named it “From Fight to Flight” and they promoted it so great to go with the name, that is not something you see.. Their “flight crew” the ones that supported them on indiegogo (where they exceeded their goal of over $1,000) all had their own special shirts that said “Flight Crew.” In talking to Jonny after the show he said, “he was thrilled that this was the biggest crowd they’ve had at a show just to see them.” They’ve opened for Nationals which obviously had a larger crowd, but there were a lot of people at Tubby’s, so it was awesome to see all of their hard work paid off. Great job Small Town Titans, I can’t wait to see your careers continue to soar! The band I did get to see at the STT release was The Better Half out of Philly. Every time I see a new original band it always amazes me at the talent all around me, that sometimes I never get to see. They had a great stage presence and their originals had a great feel and rhythm to them that drew you closer to the stage. I wish we could get more bands like this to promote themselves in the magazine. It’s only $30 for a business card sized ad every month. Not only does it get you the extra exposure you need, but with some consistent advertising you can also get on the cover of the magazine! It’s a really good deal and it’s really not that expensive. For the month of September, that’s only $1/day! Think about it, it doesn’t matter what genre of music you play, we accept it all, and treat it all equally. Call today and get your space reserved in our September issue… 717-444-2423. The next week I finally made it out for my Thursday night shenanigans in Linglestown. Thursday nights I try to go out with my friends and just hang out and relax and have a little fun. We started out at the Linglestown Firehouse Bar, which is a private club, but a fun one to join! They even have central air now, and are currently in the process of putting in a full kitchen and other fun things! My favorite bar tender, Tony Treese works on Thursdays and we always have a good time listening to good music on the juke box and chillin’. After a little while we headed down the road to Blue Moose Bar and Grill. Ray Rossi and Brandon Reece were out there doing karaoke, and Big Mike wanted us to come out and sing with him. What happens at Blue Moose stays at Blue Moose, so that’s all I can say about that. Overall it’s just nice to stay very close to home and enjoy Linglestown. It’s a great little town! That Friday I was exhausted from swimming all day with my friends, but Sabrina texted me about going to see Smooth Like Clyde with her out at Hollywood Casino. So she picked me up and away we went. We figured out I haven’t seen Smooth Like Clyde for five years! That’s a little crazy that it’s been that long, but it probably has. Again, it’s hard to follow all the bands in the area. I wish more would advertise so I could know all of the different schedules, and know where to go. They play out at Hollywood about once a month, and they definitely have a continued. on page 1 4 ...

August, 2013



Out & About continued....

following out there. There were so many people jumping and dancing on the dance floor that I actually felt the floor moving up and down and wondered if the basement has a 12 ft. ceiling?!? Smooth Like Clyde puts on a great show! Their energy and variety of songs is tons of fun. It’s unbelievable how they move from one artist to the next. You really have no clue what they are going to do next! I’m glad Sabrina invited me out and I finally got a chance to see these guys again. The next night I tried to get up to Tubby’s in Duncannon to see the Colt Wilbur Band opening for American Posse. Colt Wilbur was celebrating his 21st birthday and there was definitely a party going on! I can’t believe he’s only 21! I missed his bands set, but American Posse had him up to sing a couple songs, and his voice is just amazing. I really hope to catch a full set of the Colt Wilbur Band soon. I’ll have to check out their ad in this issue and plan a night to catch them Out and About. I don’t know if it was American Posse’s first night at Tubby’s but they had a great crowd. American Posse has been blowing away the local stages for a few years now. Their talent as a band is awesome to see and hear. Plus their ability to cover all of your top country hits with Steve and Shelby at the mic is just awesome! If you are a country fan and you haven’t gotten out there to see American Posse yet, I highly suggest it! I left Tubby’s early enough that I still had time to finish off my night at Double K with Ebenezer Screw. I enjoy country music and can handle listening to it, but my true passion is Metal! I love to let loose and bang my head! I’ve said it before, but I’ve been able to handle going “Out and About” for so long because of all the different types of music I get to see in one month, or even it one night! Going from country to hard rock/metal is a shock to the system, but one my system likes! Ebenezer Screw had Double K rockin’ hard when I got there with plenty of people squishing on to the dance floor to bang their heads and having a good time. Sonic Productions was there doing sound and lights and you could tell by the awesome precision. Aaron and Scott of Sonic Productions are a great team and can get any show above and beyond all expectations. If you need sound and lights for your show, check out their ad in this issue and get them booked for your next big gig. On a side note.. I wanted to apologize to Single Barrel. Last month I mentioned that Chris DellaPorta’s new band is an all original band and they are not. They are playing some obscure covers that you don’t hear from other bands in the area, and that I’ve never heard of before so I just assumed that they are originals, silly me. I greatly apologize to anyone that I’ve led astray. Single Barrel is taking the area by storm and hopefully you’ll catch them at a show soon! This month I’m really looking forward to taking Mom down to see Walk Off the Earth in Philly. They are playing at Radio 104.5’s Summer Block Party at The Piazza. We’ve both been mesmerized by their awesome videos on YouTube and their latest release R.E.V.O. I can’t wait to see how good they are live! The Summer Block Party consists of three different amazing shows with all different artists. It’s a free show so I’m sure it’s going to be packed, but we can’t wait to check it out! We’re so glad that Clear Channel is accepting us as press so hopefully I’ll at least get close enough to take a few good shots! Well that’s all for this month. I’m hoping to be around a little more throughout the month of August. Although I am escaping this weekend to Connecticut, next weekend to Philly and delivering, and then of course I need to go camping at least one more time before summer is over.. Oh geez.. well I have this new camera that is dying to take pics of local talent, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to use it. Thanks to everyone for all of your support!! Just a little FYI September is my birthday month.. wouldn’t it be awesome to make the PA Musician Magazine have the biggest issue EVER!! Lets do it! Call today and save your special spot! 717-444-2423. If you have any questions or comments hit me up at Can’t wait to snap you Out and About!!!



August, 2013

Nationals continued... incident. Paris “threw a fit” hours before her suicide attempt when she was told she wasn’t allowed to attend a Marilyn Manson concert. When she ran into her room screaming and slammed the door. Manson replied, “I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want.” The shock rocker dedicated his song “Disposable Teens” to Jackson at his Los Angeles show. Nine Inch Nails’ new album “Hesitation Marks” arrives on Columbia Records September 3rd. The first new NIN music in five years comes to us via a collaboration between Trent Reznor and producers Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder. A North American tour follows with a visit October 19th – University Park, PA’s Bryce Jordan Center. The two month road trip features Explosions In The Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor supporting on select dates. Reznor says “This is the full-on NIN live experience realized as we never could before.” Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe was acquitted of causing a teenage fan’s death at a concert in the Czech Republic. Blythe was accused of pushing a 19-year-old who had climbed onto the stage during a 2010 concert by the Richmond, Virginia-

based band at Prague’s Abaton club. The man’s head hit the floor and he later died of a head injury. Prague’s Municipal court ruled that Blythe was not guilty but the state prosecutor appealed. Prague’s High Court upheld that verdict. Its decision is final. Scott Weiland has countersued his former band mates in Stone Temple Pilots claiming they had no right to expel him and shouldn’t be allowed to perform with a new lead singer. Weiland’s former collaborators sued to get him to stop using the band’s music in solo performances. The singer claims the three other members of Stone Temple Pilots are damaging his solo career. He is seeking more than $5 million in damages. Weiland stated “How do you expel a man from a band that he started, named, sang lead on every song, wrote the lyrics, and was the face of for 20 years, and then try to grab the name and goodwill for yourselves.” The group has performed with new frontman Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Paul Bostaph has rejoined metal band Slayer after more than 10 years. This marks the second return to Slayer for drummer Bostaph. The change from original drummer Dave Lombardo, comes just weeks after Slayer guitarist Jeff

Tegan, Eric, and Sara in Toronto Hanneman succumbed to alcohol related cirrhosis. “Paul’s a great drummer and a good friend, and we’re very happy that he’s decided to rejoin the band,” Slayer’s Tom Araya said. “We’re still pretty numb from the loss of Jeff, but we don’t want to disappoint our European and South American fans, and we need to begin moving forward … having Paul back in the band makes that a whole lot easier.” Shows coming up: Jerry Joseph Harrisburg Abbey Bar August 1st. Journey / Rascal Flatts Hersheypark Stadium August 1st. Hexbelt Harrisburg FedLive August 2nd. Southern Culture on the Skids Lancaster Chameleon August 3rd. Justin Timberlake & Jay Z Hersheypark Stadium August 4th. First In Space Harrisburg Gingerbreadman August 9th. Alice In Chains / Jane’s Addiction Scranton Montage August 9th. The Killers Columbia MD Merriweather August 10th. Jason Aldean Hersheypark Stadium August 10th. The Lebowskis Harrisburg Ted’s August 11th. KIX Reading Reverb August 17th.

Brad Gressinger, Eric, Chris Mooody / Dead 50’s

DEADLINE for the September issue... Tuesday, August 20th... Don’t be left out... Call 717-444-2423 16


August, 2013

Susquehanna Valley NEWS By Keith Hummel August is here, and with the end of August comes Labor Day, the official end of summer. Soon musicians will move indoors for their music making. I must say with the hot, humid rainy summer playing outside was not fun. I do look to September as I have three outside festivals to work, so I know it will be a cool time in more ways than one. No news sent to me accept what Robin has sent me. This is one of the reason’s I’m hanging up my pen next month. I’m not a computer person so I don’t go there for info. I rely on people sending me news and views. So without input —no output. Also my time keeps getting


scarce at print time, as it is this month. I’ve got an hour or two to get this together to get to Robin. I’ve not spoken to Robin yet to see if anyone contacted her about taking over covering our music area (Selinsgrove, Sunbury, Northumberland, Williamsport, Danville and beyond). If you’re a lover of live local music and enjoy writing contact her at 717-444-2423 or email her at I will tell you next month’s article will probably be longer than Jim Price’s. Get more pages ready, Robin! Tubby’s in Duncannon fires off August on Thursday the 1st with a show including: Nonpoint, Adrian Blitzer, Surrender the Fall and Broken Fayth. Tickets are $15. A big blast that night so make it a point to get there. Friday the 2nd at Tubby’s Badd Seed will be playing hard and heavy, new rock, and Starchild, playing 80’s style rock opens the show. Then on Saturday, the 3rd those Handsome Devils come to Tubby’s playing new rock with openers Bridge Street. FLASH - Super Bob is back! FLASH - only $5 cover for this rocking dance band at Tubby’s Friday the 9th. Guest bands that night are Silver Tongue, Broken Fayth, True Becoming and One Echo One. Plenty of music here to see and dance to. Get the ham out, Green Eggs return with their hot night of music to Tubby’s on August 10th. Don’t forget Broken Fayth’s CD Release Party at Tubby’s on August 23rd and then on Saturday, the 24th Adrian Blitzer returns headlining their own show with Thing 3 opening. This just in... David Allan Coe will be returning Friday, August 30th with openers Mountain Road, Colt Wilbur, and Drunken Bastards. Finishing the Labor Day weekend on Saturday will be the mechanical Bull Riding event with Tubby’s favorite DJ. Enjoy the hot dog days of summer in the cool air conditioned Tubby’s.


As always Tubby’s has a great menu that is affordable so that you can go home with some “jingle in your pocket” as Randy is fond of saying. MMCI Chapter 19’s Rock Fest in the West was a huge success last month and went off without a hitch. Jim and Julie Unger and MMCI crew know how to host these events so everyone has a good time. They are a lot of work but they are doing another big one August 16th and 17th as they host an All Age event this month so the whole family can enjoy the music and time together. The First Annual Jacks Mountain Blues Festival will be happening at the West End Fairgrounds in Laurelton. The music they have lined up for this event is all of the local favorites inluding: Sterling Koch Band, Skyla Burrell Blues Band, Reverend Blue Jeans, Mystery Train Burgess, Mitchell & Seal, Ann Kerstetter Band, The Blind Chitlin Kahunas, James Supra Blues Band, Max Schang Band, Kelly Richey, Dan Lawyer & Serious Trouble, Ron Yarosz & The Vehicle...WOW, what a line up. Details are in the ad on page 9 and you’ve been seeing the ad for a couple of months now so hopefully you already got your tickets and are set to go, if not it’s not too late. You know it’s going to be a great event. If you want more details and information call 570-837-9414. I realize that there are a few of us who still don’t use the computer for everything. One more LAST plea for any and all information for the month of September... PLEASE send me your info by August 15th and also would love to get my hands on John Hahn’s new release and any other releases out there. I love listening to new music. K. Hummel, 2770 Klinger Hollow Road, Liverpool, PA 17045 or email: Please say, “I saw your ad in the PA Musician Magazine” and support our advertisers...Thank you!

August, 2013



“LIVE REVIEWS” By Jim Price The outdoor live music season is alive and kicking, as plentiful concerts, festivals, outdoor parties and other events are making my summer busy and happy! Had anyone told me even a decade ago that I would become a fan of bluegrass music and that an annual bluegrass festival would become one of the pivotal events of my existence every summer, I probably would have laughed hysterically. But lo and behold, I am now a bluegrass fan, and the annual Smoked Country Jam Bluegrass Festival has become one of the marquee events my summer season revolves around. Celebrating 10 years, this year’s Smoked Country Jam happened in late June at Quiet Oaks Campground north of Renovo, with proceeds benefiting the Lupus Foundation of PA. This year’s festival featured the perfect blend of conditions: warm, sunny days; full-moonlit nights; camping in tranquil wilderness surroundings in the northern “PA Wilds”; friendly camaraderie between musicians, fans, families and campers; and of course, the music. Music transpired on two stages throughout the weekend, plus heated up after hours with bluegrass jam sessions at campsites throughout the grounds. The event also included instrument and bluegrass music workshops; plus the annual Pennsylvania Heritage Songwriting Contest, where the top three winners performed their compositions on stage. Massachusetts-based singer/ songwriter Pat Kenneally won first prize with her song “Duffy’s Cut.” “Red Arrow Train” - a collaboration between Mama Corn mandolinist Chuck Cox and former Hillbilly Gypsies member Jason Teel - took second prize; and York area singer/ songwriter Palmer Druck captured third place with his ode to urban sprawl, “They’re Movin’ Baltimore to Southern PA.” As a bluegrass festival, Smoked Country Jam featured plenty of performers specializing in traditional bluegrass; tapping from the lexicons of Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs and more. Some of these groups included North Carolina’s New Broad River Band, Ohio’s Open Highway and Kentucky’s Cumberland River. But numerous acts generated unique slants on bluegrass, plus country and Americana-geared flavors as well; including one of this year’s clear crowd favorites, Nora Jane Struthers & the Party Line. A New Jersey native now calling Nashville home, Nora and her Party Line cast performed a playful blend of country, folk and bluegrass flavors, showcasing bright melodies and story lyrics. Her group’s title song, “Party Line,” had become a favorite of fans by festival’s end. Also unique was Boston-based Hot Day At the Zoo, mixing traditional folk and bluegrass flavors with ragtime, blues, and even a touch of Eastern European folk. Harrisburg’s Colebrook Road was a popular attraction at this year’s Festival, mixing traditional bluegrass and modern “newgrass” styles into an energetic presentation. Former Hillbilly Gypsy Jason Teel introduced his new group, Reverend Willard’s Acoustic Circus, who mixed bluegrass with folk and blues flavors. And Jason’s former group, Morgantown, WV favorites the Hillbilly Gypsies, slammed the lid on the Festival with a rip-roaring, high-energy all-star bluegrass blowout; as they invited guests from the other bands to join them onstage for heated bluegrass jams. This homestretch included appearances from popular young fiddle prodigy Gus Tritsch, members of Altoona’s Mama Corn to sing the song they created for this festival, “Smoked Country Jam-o,” and the Festival-ending a cappella rendition of “Good Night.” Accenting the evening music were performances by the Boomtown Hoops Astral Rhythm Dancers, who danced using illuminated hula hoops, flaming hoops and more. And again, this festival showed those in attendance that bluegrass is a wide-ranging realm of music, and each group offered its own slant with interesting surprises along the way. Other groups I saw during this festival included Virginia’s Drymill Road (I didn’t actually “see” them, but heard their set while setting up my campsite), Mama Corn, the Blue Roots (who performed a bluegrass spin on the Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody”), New York’s Jim Gaudet & the Railroad Boys (who offered a unique bluegrass spin on Dire Straits’ “Walk of Life”), Ohio’s Nightflyer and New York’s Chad Darou & Stealing Time. This was again a splendid weekend that went by too quickly; I already look forward to returning to next year’s Smoked continued on page 2 0 ...

August, 2013



The P rofe ssor continued... Country Jam, happening June 19th-21st. While returning homeward from Smoked Country Jam, I decided to stop off in Lock Haven to relax along the Susquehanna River. As I relaxed, I noticed sound gear being set up and a band preparing to perform at the Triangle Park Floating Stage. Curiosity piqued, my Pennsylvania Musicianly intuitions kicked in, and I decided to stick around and experience this band. It turned out to be New Jersey-based Fleetwood Mac tribute band Tusk, performing the Mac’s catalog of hits and classics. This show turned into a major party, as Tusk - playing on the floating stage on the river - was surrounded by the Triangle Park amphitheater audience in front of them, and a growing flotilla of pontoon boats behind them, full of partying and swimming passengers. Tusk did an excellent job playing the music of Fleetwood Mac, with lead singer Kathy Phillips convincingly capturing the voice and style of Stevie Nicks. Guitarist Scott McDonald sang the Lindsey Buckingham parts, while keyboardist Kim Williams sang the Christine McVie role. Bassist Randy Artiglere and drummer Tom Nelson provided the rhythm section. With audience cheers and tooting boat horns to urge them on, Tusk played such Fleetwood Mac favorites as “The Chain,”

“Dreams,” “Second Hand News,” “Gold Dust Woman,” “Rhiannon,” “Gypsy,” “Sara” and many more. The guys in the band did a medley from Fleetwood Mac’s early blues years, combining “Oh Well” and “Black Magic Woman,” before Kathy and Kim did a duet version of “Landslide.” When the boater and landlubber crowds demanded an encore, Tusk answered with “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” and “Don’t Stop” to cap the show. My July 4th celebration of American Independence again contained plentiful live music, courtesy of State College’s annual Central PA 4th Fest celebration, with live music staged near Penn State’s Beaver Stadium and Bryce Jordan Center. Mysterytrain kicked off the music on the Stadium West stage with their upbeat and improvisational brand of original music. In one of their final shows before lead singer, songwriter and ringleader Dan Klock takes an extended hiatus from the group, Mysterytrain played such numbers as percussionist Jacob Haqq-Misra’s happy-go-lucky ode “Send Me a Smile,” wife/keyboardist Gina’s “Long Cold Winter,” and “It’s Alright.” Biscuit Jam followed with acoustic folk and Americana sounds, displaying plentiful instrumental and vocal talents. Kelly Countermine sang and picked banjo; Nathan Cutshall played guitar, acoustic bass and harmonica; Mark Hill played guitar and ukulele; Steve Kochersperger sang,

played guitar and acoustic bass; Denny Hayes sang and played guitar; and John Cunningham played drums. Biscuit Jam offered their colorful and distinctive takes on numbers by Johnny Cash, Grateful Dead, Hank Williams, CCR, The Band, and even a rural-flavored read of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll.” Clearfield County’s A Day Awaits then performed bright and hopeful Christian-themed rock, highlighted by crisp vocals and harmonies by the husband-and-wife tandem of Brennan and Mandi Bell. With lead guitarist Brad Johnston launching their set with a blistering shred rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner,” Beech Creek rockers Seven2Ten proceeded with their blend of rocking favorites and originals. AC Express then took things in a more country direction as they combined original country songs, popular country, rock and pop favorites. Singer Chrissy Miller flexed her vocals early and often, as she led AC Express through a Whitney Houston tribute, plus songs from Journey, Pat Benatar and Heart. OverheaD continued with their interesting variety of sounds. The five members of OverheaD played multiple instruments and sang, contributing to the group’s ever-changing sound and musical variety as they tackled material from Stray Cats, K.T. Tunstall, Beatles, B-52s, John Mellencamp, original songs and more. Highlights included Eileen Christman’s fiddling fireworks on Charlie Daniels’ “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” and the group’s resurrection of State College pop-rockers Backseat Van Gogh’s 1980 chestnut “Catch a New Wave.” I then headed to the Bryce Jordan Center lawn stage, where young Riley Roth performed. Riley brought a friend this year: Virginia’s Tyler Layne, whose music has recently been getting heavy airplay on Radio Disney. Tyler sang a few of his hits, including “Boom Boom,” and dueted with Riley on a version of Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise.” Jackie Brown & the Gill Street Band followed with a lively set of classic R&B and rock sounds. Namesake Jackie Brown displayed a fiery voice and spirited stage presentation, fronting the Gill Street Band - keyboardist John Wise, bassist Mike Siggins, guitarist Ryan Alford, drummer Jordan Thompson; and the horn section of trumpeter Andy Harbison, trombonist Chris Gamble, and sax players Tom Gallagher and Matt Donovan - on feisty reads of the Ike & Tina version of “Proud Mary,” James Brown’s “I Feel Good” and “Living in America,” Doobie Brothers’ “Long Train Runnin’” and more. After the huge 4th Fest fireworks display, Chris Vipond & the Stanley Street Band closed out the event with their annual post-mortem street party, triggering dance action with their funky blend of original songs and classics. This band was clicking on all cylinders, with C-Jay Castello offering an incredible guitar solo display on Bill Withers’ “Use Me,” and Mike Stanley putting on a bass funkmanship clinic on G Love & Special Sauce’s “Back of the Bus.” The group also welcomed guest Joche Gayles up to front the group on Dr. John’s “Right Place Wrong Time” and Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” People’s Natural Gas Field in Altoona got its Irish up in late June, presenting the inaugural Guinness Irish Festival. Along with the host beverage, Irish food items and Irish merchandise for sale; live music was part of the festivities. The Michael O’Brian Band opened the afternoon with their blend of Irish folk, pub songs and humor. I arrived in time to see the last half of Full Kilt’s set. With drummer Pat Boland unavailable this day, Nua drummer/percussionist Jim McDermott sat in to provide Full Kilt’s percussion behind singer/guitarist Mike Zerbee, bassist/singer Chris Myers and fiddler Mandy Passmore-Ott. Full Kilt did Irish-themed numbers like Steve Earle’s “Galway Girl,” Flogging Molly’s “Drunken Lullabies,” and Mandy’s fiddle showcase “Jameson Set,” before young Irish dance troupe the Tir Na Nog Dancers joined the group on Gaelic Storm’s “Go Home Girl” to end the set. Baltimore-based Nua then took the audience on their own lighthearted Irish-flavored journey with their mixture of original songs, Irish folk, pub and political favorites. Jim McDermott on bodhran and Belfast-born singer/guitarist Tommy McCann did standards such as “Whiskey in the Jar,” “Wild Rover” and “Drunken Sailor,” as well as versions of The Proclaimers’ “(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles,” “Wagon Wheel,” Johnny Cash’s “Long Black Veil” and “Folsom Prison Blues,” plus their own originals such as the local-flavored “Working on the Curve.” Tommy and Jim blended their musical skills with a casual and friendly sense of humor that kept the audience hooked and smiling. The Guinness Irish Festival was wellattended, and a sequel is likely for next year. If you like a state park experience with your live music, Canoe Creek State Park near Altoona hosts live music at its beach concession on Saturday and Sunday afternoons through

continued on pg 2 1 ... 20


August, 2013

The P rofe ssor continued... Warriors. Soloist Jim Gagnon kicked off this phase of the concert with some calls on his shell horn, a funky didjeridoo cadence and a woodwind instrumental called “Earth Prayers.” Led by Summer Rhythm Renewal organizer Jim Donovan on guitar and vocals, the Sun King Warriors then performed a multi-flavored variety of original songs and select covers. Jim, singer/keyboardist Brandon King, lead guitarist Dan Murphy, bassist Kent Tonkin, drummer P.J. Roduta and percussionists Harry Pepper and Bryan Fazio performed their adaptation of the West African drum song “Fanga,” original songs such as “Can’t Stop Falling,” “Ooh La La La La La Hey Ma Ma Ma Hey La,” “You Got to Believe It” and “Lift You Up in My Arms” (dedicated to Jim’s wife). Brandon led the group and onstage dancers on a rousing rendition of Young MC’s “Bust a Move.” The most special moment of the night occurred on the last song, when Jim Donovan’s children joined him onstage to help sing, dance and play percussion on the community singalong edition of Rusted Root’s “Back to the Earth.” The song ended in a moment of silence, as everybody in the auditorium realized that special sensation of total community and togetherness. This year’s Summer Rhythm Renewal provided a very rewarding and stimulating experience that enabled participants to realize new insights, gain empowerment in our own lives, and enjoy camaraderie and community. Thanks to Jim Donovan, all the instructors, the support staff, the kitchen staff at Torvian Dining Hall, all friends old and new I shared the experience with, and my Pennsylvania Musician accomplice and official Summer Rhythm Renewal photographer Meredith Kaminek for the smiles, laughter and happiness! Next year’s Summer Rhythm Renewal happens June 26th-29th; I’m all in! Several touring bands have visited area stages in recent weeks. Columbus, Ohio-based rockers Devil By Design played Aldo’s stage in late June. It Is Written kicked things off with scathing original metal songs off their forthcoming CD. Devil By Design then did a set of high-powered hard rock originals, spotlighting songs from their forthcoming CD Dirty Things. These guys had good songs and firepower, and although the crowd was small, Devil By Design won a number of new fans with their strong performance. (The group disbanded shortly after this show, but their new songs will be made available via iTunes.) New York-based modern rockers Event Horizon then visited Pellegrine’s stage last month in a double-bill with the Rhythm Sharks. Kicking off their summer tour, singer John Clark, guitarist Mars Vendz, keyboardist Andrew Salamone, bassist Craig Podell and drummer Parke O’Leary demonstrated an original modern funk and progressive rock flavor that recalled elements of Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers and later-era Rush. John displayed a crisp, high-ranging voice, and his bandmates varied tempos and rhythms to keep the music invigorating. The following night, Pellegrine’s hosted another double-bill, featuring Baltimore’s King Belvedere and Lies, Inc. Opening the night, King Belvedere’s performance and sound were a throwback to the ‘80s hair band party rock of Guns N’Roses, Motley Crue and Poison, with songs that delivered solid hooks and gang shout choruses. Singer/guitarist Jeff McKenney, lead guitarist Alex White, bassist Jay Hitaffer and drummer Johnny Sexx provided all-out swagger and enthusiasm as they introduced original songs plus a version of Poison’s “Fallen Angel.” An additional highlight was Alex White’s full-shred guitar solo, which even referenced Van Halen’s “Eruption.” Then, clad in suits and formal attire, Lies, Inc. kicked off their set with a version of Rush’s “Temples of Syrinx,” before launching into a collection of new and old originals. Singer Lily Taylor’s voice was in good form, and she even introduced a rhythm guitar for one song. Nate Nagle’s lead guitar work was strong, and Kent Tonkin’s bass string maneuvers were fast and furious. New Lies, Inc. original songs like “Over Easy,” “Mommy Dearest” and “Believer” mixed melody, detail and metal aggression. Lies, Inc. will anchor the inaugural Halos & Harlots: A Celebration of Female Music and Art event at Aldo’s in late September; more details next month. For fans of classic ‘80s-era heavy metal, Iron Wolf is a rising name worthy of your immediate attention. During last month’s appearance at Jay’s Place in Ebensburg, Iron Wolf played original and classic heavy metal rooted in the traditions of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Dio. Iron Wolf features three brothers; Alec Wolf on bass and vocals, Austin Wolf on guitar and vocals, and Andrew Wolf on drums. Blake Brendlinger continued on pg. 2 3 ....



August, 2013

The P rofe ssor continued... plays rhythm guitar. Iron Wolf’s last set showcased all original songs, such as their title tune “Iron Wolf,” “Darkness,” “Fear,” “Riders of the Night,” “Evil Angel” and more. Both Austin and Alec displayed superb singing voices with ample power and range. When the small Jay’s Place audience requested an encore, Iron Wolf sealed the deal with a thundering take on Judas Priest’s “Metal Gods.” Iron Wolf will demonstrate their brand of thunder during the Kids Come First Benefit at the Cresson Sportsmen’s Club August 25th. Harrisburg’s Mycenea Worley returned to the Altoona area in late June, performing at Pellegrine’s on a double-bill with the Backyard Rockers. In between the Backyard Rockers’ two sets, Mycenea - armed with her 12-string acoustic guitar mixed original songs off her new Siren CD with an eclectic blend of cover material. From her CD, Mycenea performed the title song, “Siren,” the popular “Low” and the somber ballad “You Don’t Know Me Now.” She also gave her distinctive interpretations to the Mama Cass Elliot-popularized “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” Roberta Flack’s hit “Killing Me Softly with His Song,” K.T. Tunstall’s “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” and Janis Joplin’s ever-popular “Me and Bobby McGee.” For her finale, Mycenea welcomed guest guitarist Brian Cupples, Backyard Rockers harmonicat Dave Baird and percussionist/kazoo tooter (modesty prohibits me) to join her on Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.” Mycenea Worley returns to the area in late September as part of the inaugural Halos & Harlots Celebration of Female Music and Art event at Aldo’s. Frequenting the stage at Northern Cambria’s City Hotel from time to time is the acoustic duo of Andy Lubert and Kenny Jubas. During their latest appearance early last month, Andy and Kenny blended their talents on an eclectic variety of favorites from the ‘70s through ‘90s. Andy and Kenny like to resurrect the forgotten gems everybody else ignores. Some of those gems this night included Three Dog Night’s “Shambala,” Bad Company’s “Shooting Star,” a request for Gordon Lightfoot’s “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” the Guess Who’s “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature,” Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” and more. Andy and Kenny emphasized crisp vocals and harmonies, and generated a relaxed vibe that kept the audience happy. Other performers I saw in recent weeks included Brand New Wings during their first visit to Aldo’s in late June, Felix & the Hurricanes as they entertained at the annual Cresson Firefighters Carnival early last month, and Altoona’s Inside Out during their rocking party at Family Pizza & Pub last month. News and notes…National recording group XFactor1, After the Fall, Big House Pete, Skell, Shattered, Terry Lee Spencer and the Rockness Monsters are among many acts performing at this year’s Rock For Life charity concert, happening August 2nd-3rd at the Iselin Ballfield west of Indiana…The Backyard Rockers, Emberstitch, the Rhythm Sharks, Locked and Loaded, Lies Inc., Ghostown Revelry, Untyed, Iron Wolf, Punk Fiction, Rich Edmundson, Josh Gallagher and Ryan Long will donate their talents during the 22nd annual Kids Come First Benefit August 25th at the Cresson Sportsmen’s Club, with proceeds benefiting Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh…Also happening at the Cresson Sportsmen’s Club that same weekend will be the inaugural Pickin’ for Wishes Bluegrass Festival to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation; the August 24th show will feature performances from The Hillbilly Gypsies, Blue Shades, Trains Moonshine & Jesus, Mountain Therapy and Matt Bartin & the Dixie Travelers…Drummer Clint Carothers will leave both Flight 19 and A.X.E. at month’s end to work in Nashville with studio veteran Bruce Watkins; Flight 19’s new drummer will be former 5 Nations/Breaking Bad drummer

Paul Carraciolo, Jr., while A.X.E. will end their run…Drummer Jim Cummings is parting ways with Rush tribute band Distant Signals…Twisted & Used have disbanded after a six-year run…And we extend speedy get well wishes to Half Tempted singer and guitarist Ron Dalansky. recovering from serious injuries suffered during a dirt-bike accident last month…Happy Birthdays to Rick Wertz (R2B2/Music Emporium), Fred Myers (Fred Myers & the Redneck Majority), Paul Rainey (Chris Woodward & ShinDiggin’), James Miller (Spider Kelly/Collapse), Scott Jurcik (Highway Divide), Beau Shirk (Good Seeds), Brad Fisher, Pete McCartney (Total Whiteout), Phil Wagner (This Albatross), Bob McGarvey (Rapid Fire), Jamie Smith (Music Emporium), Bob Fogelsonger (Sound of Silence), Frank Rumfola (Nine Six Nine), Kenton Sitch (Shallow9), Noah Figlin (The Nightcrawlers), Cheeze (Railroad City Murder Machines), Jamie Shumac (Ambush), Steve Forgas (Blue Collar Fate), Elaini, Forrest (4Ds), Phil Baskin, Todd Lane (Skye 2.0), Dan Klock (Mysterytrain), Chad Straw, Terry Wilt (One Brick Shy), Alec Russo, Jason McIntyre, Rob Bonsell, Greg Turchetta, Erick Carlson, Matt Karlson, John Harris and Jeff Rittenhouse. Please send correspondence and recordings to: Jim Price,

Summer Rhythm Renewal drummers 1104 S. Catherine St., Altoona, PA 16602. You can also email me at For my weekly updates on area music scene happenings, check out JP’s Corner on the Rockpage forums area at If you’re into social networking, look me up on Facebook. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!

Sun King Warriors & dancers August, 2013



SANE ADVICE By John Kerecz

Boosting Your Creative Side can be challenging in all phases of life even when writing a song. Inspiration

comes from a variety of sources, the following are just a few ideas to help boost one’s creativity when writing songs and for just plain anything. Many people find inspiration through passions that are dear to them. This can include a love interest, a city, a book and more. So look into your heart and see what motivates you. When

writing, it’s important to make sure that there is a powerful emotional impact. One of the best ways to make sure a song has an emotional impact is by writing with passion. It’s essential to be passionate about something in life. Without passion, everyday life can become dull and uninteresting. You need to truly live life to have inspiration. There are many activities that can help one find inspiration for songs. Instead of thinking up new lyrics in one’s home, try going for a walk, drive, or maybe a vacation. Being exposed to new things can be a great way to whet one’s creative appetite. Lyrics sometimes come from a darker place inside. Many people write songs about the sad things that have happened in their lives. In some cases, one of the best ways to find inspiration for a song is through collaboration with a friend or band member. There are lots of potentially great lyrics being thrown around in our everyday conversations. Make sure you are prepared to write them down. Good writers are always looking for that classic line, and often it’s closer than you think. Writing a song can be challenging, but so is everyday life, just keep at it!

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August, 2013

August, 2013





August, 2013

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August, 2013

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August, 2013

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