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WARRENTON’S REVOLUTIONARY PRIDE Joseph Warren and the origin of our town’s name

Understanding Dyslexia The struggles, complexities, and new Virginia laws to help those with the disability

Piedmont Homes Accessorize your home Helping your college student create their home away from home


is for BBQ lovers!

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Snoring and sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, daytime sleepiness and moodiness. A sleep study is the only way to know if you are getting enough good, restorative sleep. Talk to your doctor about a referral to the Fauquier Health Sleep Center. FauquierHealth.org | (540) 316-DOCS

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new website, piedmontlifestyles. com. On the website, you can read articles from all our magazines: Warrenton Lifestyle, Broad Run Lifestyle, and Haymarket Lifestyle. Additionally, we will periodically post the articles on social media, so follow us on our vibrant Facebook page and on Twitter. On the Fourth of July, our thoughts naturally turn to patriotism. We remember those who fought, and died, for the freedom we enjoy in our country. Our Warrenton issue contains a feature on Dr. Joseph Warren, a Boston patriot who gave his life at the Battle of Bunker Hill and for whom our town is named. But the Fourth of July is not just for remembering the Declaration of Independence, but also those who have fought for our freedom since. In Broad Run Lifestyle, read about how you can experience for yourself the terror and immense stress of President Kennedy’s staff in the fascinating Cuban Missile Crisis Escape Room at the Inn at Vint Hill. Also think of our local veterans today; read about Battle Buddies, a nonprofit founded by a local retired U.S. Marine and a registered nurse that pairs volunteers with veterans who might need some company and assistance as they age. Our regular home section contains ideas for accessorizing your home with lights, and a lighthearted guide to

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Charlotte Wagner Maria Massaro Steve Oviatt Fauquier County Public Library Staff Fauquier Health Nathan Gilbert Katie Fuster

creating a home away from home in a dorm room if you are sending a son or daughter off to college. And please read our feature story on dyslexia. The article provides tips on identifying dyslexia in your children, as well as information on new laws to assist students…because the success of all our children is the foundation to our community’s future. Students and teachers at Haymarket Baptist Church Preschool and Kindergarten in Haymarket, which prides itself on starting children on this path of success, are losing one of their close-knit staff family—they wish “Mr. Bobby” a very happy retirement! Remember, if any of these articles are not in your local issue they are available on piedmontlifestyle.com.

Pam Kamphuis Editor

Charles Rose is a seasoned property expert. His diverse background and relaxed approach make for easy conversation, whether you’re interested in home-buying, selling or commercial property.

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06 The Battle Buddy Program Bridging services for veterans BY AIMÉE O’ GRADY

08 Introducing Your Dog to Water A safe introduction can lead to a lot of summer fun BY CHARLOTTE WAGNER

12 Virginia is for Barbecue Lovers Locals consider our state’s famous style the best in the South BY JENNIFER SCHULTZ

16 Families4Fauquier July’s Exciting News & Event Information

18 It’s Not That Simple Dyslexia is much more than most people think

44 HOMES 28 The Exclamation Point for Your Home Accessories will transform your space BY BOB MOORE

34 Home Away from Home


24 Relay for Life Raises more than $112,000 for the American Cancer Society

The differences between sons and daughters moving into a dorm room







38 Warrenton’s Revolutionary Pride

48 Trails Less Traveled

Joseph Warren and the origin of our town’s name

Enjoy hikes that offer quiet beauty in Shenandoah National Park



44 Rules of the Road

52 Beat The Heat

Biking and running on shareduse pathways BY JARED NIETERS

With this satisfying dulce de leche ice cream recipe BY MARGARET YABS SUGE

Joseph Warren by John Singleton Copley, oil on canvas. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

{ JULY 2017 |




“[Battle Buddies] pairs aging veterans with their younger comrades to help assess their needs, help with transportation, and provide companionship.” BY AIMÉE O’ GRADY

The Battle Buddy Program Bridging services for veterans BY AIMÉE O’ GRADY


ighty-seven-year-old Korean and Vietnam veteran Peter lives very simply. His one-bedroom apartment is furnished with only a sofa, rocker, and a recliner that he recently received. There are a handful of books lying on a few tables. There is no television. The recliner faces a large picture window that looks out of the first-floor apartment onto a small lawn. Peter lives on a tight budget: $1,100 monthly, most of which goes toward paying his rent. Peter’s wife has passed away and his family lives on the West Coast. Peter does not complain, but rather simply states the facts. He has had two major operations for cancer on

his jaw, with another one scheduled. Even though he suffers from several maladies, when asked by his doctor how he is, he will answer that he is doing well. Hero’s Bridge was created for people like Peter. David Benhoff, LtCol, USMC Ret. and Molly Brooks, RNBC, CHPN, created the nonprofit organization to improve difficult circumstances for veterans who served their country and fought for freedom worldwide. Battle Buddies is one program Hero’s Bridge offers, which pairs aging veterans with their younger comrades to help assess their needs, help with transportation, and provide companionship. Phil Kasky, Captain, USN Ret. is a Hero’s Bridge Battle Buddy volunteer; “My wife, Mary, was with me at [the VFW Post 9835] meeting and Molly and Dave’s comments resonated with us, especially the importance of Battle Buddies and how together, we might make a difference in an old veteran’s life.” Benhoff connected the Kaskys with Peter. “We feel it is both a duty and a joy to help Peter, and even the smallest of things can make a big difference to an aging veteran such as Peter who no longer has the mobility of a younger man. Mary and I visit Peter weekly, we make occasional grocery runs for him, help with errands and assist with local transportation needs. Our friendship has grown and he has become important in our lives. We have become important in his life as well,” says Kasky. Brooks adds that “Peter's situation

is unfortunately common. Many aging veterans are predisposed to isolation due to their time spent in the military culture. The military promotes stoicism, self-reliance and suppression of emotion, especially during times of war. This mindset often prevents them from reaching out or asking for help later in life.” As our veteran community ages, even those who led well-adjusted lives can experience post-traumatic episodes when a spouse passes away and health fails. Brooks feels that the Battle Buddy program is “so special because they see glimmers of themselves in each other.” While the organization is still in its infancy, veteran members, like Peter, appreciate the effort made by Benhoff and Brooks and offer suggestions on the areas where improvement is needed. Hero’s Bridge is committed to growing the programs offered by their nonprofit organization to serve this great generation of veterans during their twilight years. Benhoff and Brooks are hoping to grow the number of volunteers involved with Hero’s Bridge as the list of participating veterans grows. Benhoff is confident that through collaborations with other organizations in the Piedmont region, the group will gain momentum and improve the quality of life for our community veterans. If you know of a veteran who would like to join Hero’s Bridge, please call 540-993-6386. To register as a volunteer, please visit the Hero’s Bridge website at www.herosbridge1. org.❖

Aimée O’Grady is a freelance writer who enjoys transforming stories told by Fauquier residents into articles for Lifestyle readers. She learns more and more about our rich county with every interview she conducts. She and her husband are happy with their decision to raise their four children in Warrenton.


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my family

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Purchase & Refinance Mortgage Services offered by member options, llc

uvacreditunion.org 434-964-2001

ask how we can make getting a mortgage easy and affordable. Thanks to our Helping Hand Homeownership Program veterans, first-responders, health care workers, and those whose job is to serve the community may qualify for help with down-payments, closing costs, and principal reductions. Visit uvacreditunion.org for details. Mortgage services provided by Member Options, LLC (licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission, VA License #MC-5520) NMLS #194038 (nmlsconsumeraccess.org) a wholly owned subsidiary of UVA Community Credit Union.

federally insured by ncua

Membership is open to those who live, work or own a business headquartered in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Culpeper, Fauquier, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Madison, Nelson, Orange, or Rappahannock.


Introducing Your Dog to Water

About the AUTHOR Charlotte Wagner, BSc owns and operates K9ology LLC in Warrenton where she teaches group and private training classes for pet, competition, and working dogs. She holds a Bachelors of Science with honors in Animal Management from the University of Essex with a special interest in behavior. She regularly competes with her furry family members in breed confirmation, tricks, obedience, rally, and dock diving events.

A safe introduction can lead to a lot of summer fun BY CHARLOTTE WAGNER As the heat of summer builds, water activities become increasingly popular for all family members. We may take a trip to the lake or beach, or wander with our canine companions along local creeks and river banks. However, not all dogs take like ducks to water. Here are some ideas on how to safely introduce your dog to swimming while having fun.


{ JULY 2017 |

1. Not all dogs swim Some breeds, like the Labrador retriever, are notorious swimmers; they have webbing between their toes to help them better paddle in the water. Other dogs, like the bulldog, do not have the build or natural enthusiasm when faced with open waters. The reality is anatomy alone does not dictate if your dog can swim, and genetics will not guarantee that your dog will enjoy water activities. Careful introduction, fostering confidence through motivation, and building trust are key to making your dog water-savvy, regardless of breed or genetic makeup.



2. Introducing water For young puppies, or those dogs averse to water, consider investing in a baby pool. Begin by throwing toys and treats in the empty pool until puppies are eagerly jumping in and exploring the area. Praise and make a big fuss for dogs that show interest. Try coaxing those that are more hesitant with a tasty treat. Once dogs eagerly enter the pool, begin filling it with water, adding no more than a couple of inches at a time to ensure that the pup remains interested. Early exposure to the temperature changes, the feel of a wet coat, and movement of water will build a solid, positive foundation.

Why Gainesville Is The Place To Experience Assisted Living Like You’ve Never Seen Before!


If you’re needing care for a senior in Gainesville, Tribute offers a rich, active life and detailed care in three convenient locations. A full-time nurse in the community directs resident care, so individual needs are met through a personalized plan. This gives you confidence knowing your loved one is being cared for in a luxurious and safe community at a location perfect for your family.

Tribute isn’t just about care. Our Director of Excitement keeps residents involved and active. From video bowling tournaments to outings in the luxury van, residents have fun together. That’s something they can’t do living at home. Experience Tribute by scheduling a private tour. You’ll discover how Assisted Living Like You’ve Never Seen Before!SM will put you at ease about the life and care of your loved one. (703) 468-1895 13650 Heathcote Boulevard Gainesville, Virginia 20155 TributeAtHeritageVillage.com Hello@TributeAtHeritageVillage.com

3. Start desensitization in shallow waters If you’re visiting a creek or watering hole, start off with shallow waters. Walk into the water with your dog, praising them along the way. Use a toy to encourage him, or use some highvalue treats for curious and confident behavior. Start off by having your dog get used to standing in the shallow water before attempting a deeper area and swimming. You can slowly begin going further into the water, calling your dog to you to further build confidence. When introducing your dog to swimming, ensure it’s a gradual process over multiple days. This will help to prevent your pup from getting overwhelmed. Make the practice sessions short and sweet to ensure the focus is on confidence.

4. In the pool If you have a backyard pool it is vital to teach your dog how to safely climb in and out. Start off by guiding him to the stairs and rewarding him for stepping in. Then, from just a couple feet inside the water, reward your dog for climbing back out. Heavily praise and reward your dog for exiting the pool. Once that has been firmly established as a habit, allow your dog to further explore. Even with dogs who are averse to water, it can be a life-saving skill to teach them how to at least tolerate exiting the pool should they accidentally fall in.


{ JULY 2017 |

5. Use a life vest The use of doggie life vests is great when teaching your dog how to swim. It minimizes the pressure on the dog of having to worry about multitasking by staying afloat and paddling to move. This is an ideal piece of equipment for dogs that are not built to swim well, and for those lacking confidence to swim. Put on a vest and voila, all your dog has to worry about is paddling forward. Using a vest also prevents your dog from getting its head under water, thus limiting negative experiences in the water. Going boating? Life vests are good to have for boat trips too. Check out the Ruffwear Float Coats available through your local outdoor outfitters and through www.ruffwear.com/floatcoat, or browse your local pet store for a vest with a good fit. The coat should not be loose when worn and should also have a handle attachment so you can help guide your dog in the water. Try it on at home and get your pet comfortable before using it outdoors.

6. Say “no” to sink or swim Some people believe that simply throwing their dog into the water will encourage them to swim. For a handful of dogs this may be a successful approach, but for the majority of canines it may be a traumatic experience. This method of “flooding” (as opposed to slow exposure and desensitization) often leads to a negative association and total resistance to water. Mere over-exposure and expecting the dog to adapt can cause dogs to become fearful and lose trust in their owners. Instead of forcing your dog to be in the water, take your time to slowly build their confidence through guidance, praise, reward, play, and tons of support for confident, curious, and exploratory behavior.



7. Restrictions to water access and activities Not all places are petfriendly, so make sure to check out your destination regarding restrictions. Certain beaches only allow access to dogs during off-season months, whereas others have pets banned altogether. Local leash laws may further restrict your activities. Some public lakes and ponds do not allow swimming or access for dogs because they are used by recreational fisherman. Note the dangers lurking in fishing destinations: stray hooks, snagged fishing line, and leeches in the water. In moving water, be aware of the risk of drowning due to strong currents and waves. Learn more about the various types of waters, if there are any pollutants, or if there is a health hazard to your pet (some forms of algae and bacteria can make your dog seriously sick).❖

Above; Using a life vest will reduce fear when introducing your dog to swimming, as the dog only has to worry about paddling and not about staying afloat. Check with your destination regarding leash laws and limitations on pet accessibility before planning a trip to the lake or beach with your pet. Photos by JD Harvey.


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Just as all barbecue fans can’t agree on where the best barbecue hails from, they also don’t agree on the correct way to spell the word: is it barbecue, barbeque or BBQ? While regional differences certainly still exist, Joseph R. Haynes’ Virginia Barbecue: A History makes the case for our Virginia being considered first among all American barbecue cuisines. If you’re wondering what constitutes Virginia-style barbecue, it originally included chopped and sliced pork and beef (as well as chicken in the Shenandoah area) with four different regional sauces.

Locals consider our state’s famous style the best in the South BY JENNIFER SCHULTZ


merican barbecue is borrowed from many different cultures, making it as diverse as the south itself. But where can you find the best barbecue? Brisket lovers might say Texas can’t be beat. Pulled pork fanatics start talking about favorite places in North Carolina, and ribs aficionados dream about Memphis barbecue.


{ JULY 2017 |



Haynes, a Virginian native, traces the state’s barbecue back to the Powhatan natives who slow-roasted meat on wooden grills. Their influences—plus that of English colonists and African-Americans who contributed spices and seasonings— soon made the style famous throughout the nation. When the Commonwealth residents migrated to other states, they brought their famous barbecue and advertised it as such. In fact, when politicians wanted to garner goodwill with voters, they threw enormous barbecue parties, which often proved to be quite

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raucous. These outrageous grand parties eventually ended amid religious opposition and post-Civil War decline. Haynes’s writing is matter-of-fact and packed with tons of information without being dry or academic. Black and white photographs scattered throughout include advertisements from long-gone establishments, recipes, political gatherings and even current barbecue stops that continue to serve Virginiastyle barbecue. The Commonwealth residents continue to take great pride in their unique style. In 2016, the Virginia General Assembly designated May through October Virginia Barbecue Season. If Virginia Barbecue: A History leaves you hungry for more, check out Haynes’ blog Obsessive Compulsive Barbecue for more details about his research and travels. Haynes, an award-winning competition barbecue cook and master barbecue judge, interviews and lectures on the history of Virginia barbecue and Native American cookery. He also consults with museums and other organizations featuring demonstrations and re-creations of our state’s historical barbecues. Virginia Barbecue: A History is available from the Fauquier County Public Library. You can learn more about Virginia barbecue on Sunday, July 30, at 2 p.m. when Mr. Haynes presents Calling all Barbecue Lovers! at the Bealeton Depot, adjacent to the Bealeton branch library, 10877 Willow Drive North. Haynes will discuss how southern barbecue developed in Virginia, its traditions and its changes through the centuries. He’ll tell where authentic Virginia barbecue can be found today, as well as provide authentic and delicious local recipes that can be made at home. His book will also be available for purchase. If your mouth is watering to try some authentic Virginia-style barbecue, you won’t be disappointed! The Bealeton-Remington Ruritan Club will be selling barbecue lunches prior to the program. All proceeds benefit the Ruritan Club. You can call ahead to reserve your plate, but drop-ins are also welcome. If you have questions about this program, or to place your reservation, call 540-422-8500, ext. 3. If your summer plans include barbecue, or other outdoor summer fun, the Fauquier County Public Library has many resources to help you plan and host a great summer event or meal. ❖

About the AUTHOR Jennifer Schultz is the Youth Services Librarian at the Fauquier County Public Library and recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary with the Fauquier County Public Library. A Louisiana native, she unabashedly loves the New Orleans Saints, hair bands from the ‘80s, Broadway musicals, and all things Star Wars.


{ JULY 2017 |



BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS BARBECUE BIBLE by Steven Raichlen If you want to expand your barbecue knowledge, pick up this enormous collection of tips covering everything from the proper way to light a grill to sauces/rubs from various barbecue traditions to guidance on food safety.

THE BIG BOOK OF OUTDOOR COOKING AND ENTERTAINING by Cheryl Alters Jamison Ready for some serious outdoor entertaining? This book includes over 800 recipes for appetizers, main courses, and drinks.

MASTER OF THE GRILL by the editors at America’s Test Kitchen If you’re familiar with America’s Test Kitchen’s magazines or its PBS show, you know that they meticulously test their recipes. If you want extensively tested recipes for burgers, steak, and more, look no further.

WHAT CAN I BRING? COOKBOOK by Anne Byrn Invited to a cookout this summer but need some inspiration? Read on for over 400 ideas for appetizers, salads, side dishes, and desserts to wow your friends and fellow attendees.

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July’s Exciting News NEW Families4Fauquier is excited

to have joined the painted rock phenomena. F4F Painted ROCKS is a community club of Families4Fauquier. We will meet at least once a month to paint and decorate rocks. The rocks are to share kindness and to inspire others. All ages are welcome to participate. Photos of rocks may be posted by anyone and you do not have to come to our club to participate, but we will have the rocks and materials available to paint the rocks at our club meetings. The painted rocks was incorporated into our Hero’s Project and will be utilized for a number of community projects. Join us on July 23 at Earth, Glaze and Fire from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Follow our new group page and get involved today on Facebook.

Clockwise: F4f’s Annual Bicycle Rodeo with the Fauquier Sheriff’s Office; Community Engagement Day; Red Nose Ice Cream Social with Peter Mccory “the one Man Band”; Bicycle Rodeo Bike Winner. Facing Page: First Rock painted by Jenna for our new F4F Rocks painted rock club.

Join our mailing list or become a Charter Member and get involved today! Families 4 Fauquier is your link to family resources in Fauquier County and beyond. F4F is committed to strengthening and enriching the lives of children and families that live right here in our own community. For additional information about joining our membership program, receiving our monthly community newsletter or any of the events listed above please visit our website at www.families4fauquier.com or email us at info@families4fauquier.com. We now offer monthly advertising, website sponsorships and community event sponsors. If your organization has an interest in helping to support our community projects, events and programs please contact us today because together we can make a difference in little ways that can add up big!


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Dr. Harris...

q. a.


I’ve neglected my mouth for years and I am scared to death of the dentist. How can you help me? We develop a rapport with our patients. Once you get to know us, your anxiety will diminish. We have medication, nitrous oxide, and administer painless injections. We are very sensitive to your feelings. We want you to be comfortable. If you need a lot of dental work, we can do one tooth at a time, or your whole mouth in as little as 1 to 2 visits. We tailor our treatment to your needs.

Parade lineup starts at 9:30am and parade kicks off at 10am at 5th and Main Street. Be sure to stop by the F4F tent for Flags, balloons, dog treats and popsicles. JULY 7 FIRST FRIDAY IN OLD TOWN WARRENTON

This event is from 5-8pm and will feature Legos, crafts and fun activities for the whole family. JULY 14 VINT HILL BLOCK PARTY

This event will be from 5-8pm and will include family fun with crafts, Legos and our photo booth with props. JULY 21 CULPEPER AIRPORT

Families4Fauquier will host a community tour at 1:30pm. Those wishing to participate may sign up on our website. Bring a snack or drinks to share. JULY 23 HERO’S PROJECT PART 1 SUPPORTING OUR WOUNDED WARRIORS AT WALTER REED

This event will be held from 11 a.m. to 4.pm at Earth, Glaze & Fire. Christmas in July is back again this year help us get a head start on making handmade and decorated Christmas ornaments, along with painted rocks for our November Hero’s Project for Walter Reed Medical Facility. Follow our event and stay up to date on all the details. We heard from Santa and he will be stopping by to see everyone! Be sure to follow our summer camp event page to stay up to date with great upcoming summer camps and vacation Bible school listings.




420 Hospital Drive, Warrenton 540.347.2777 www.harrissmile.com

{ JULY 2017 |





{ JULY 2017 |



It’s Not That Simple Dyslexia is much more than most people think BY DEBBIE EISELE

“Dyslexic kids are creative, ‘outside-the-box’ thinkers. They have to be, because they don’t see or solve problems the same way other kids do. In school, unfortunately, they are sometimes written off as lazy, unmotivated, rude, or even stupid. They aren’t. Making Percy dyslexic was my way of honoring the potential of all the kids I’ve known who have those conditions. It’s not a bad thing to be different. Sometimes, it’s the mark of being very, very talented.” — R I C K R I O R DA N ( AU T H O R O F P E R C Y JAC K S O N S E R I E S )


ave you ever witnessed a child or an adult turn left when they were supposed to turn right, or seen someone have difficulty tying shoes, yet are athletic and capable with so many other things? Or watch a teenager attempt to draw a picture of an object or image in front of them, yet leave out many of the small details they were supposed to copy? Many parents have watched their child—who appeared to be happy, inquisitive, smart, and full-of-life—change almost rapidly overnight. They have witnessed tantrums and meltdowns on school nights (even though they are much too old for that type of behavior), or right before a test. Some children refuse to read out loud in the classroom, yet love books as long as someone else reads to them. Others may read beautifully out loud but cannot explain or discuss what they just read. These are all symptoms that something may be going on with your child. There are many things that can cause these

underlying issues, but one of them could be dyslexia. Many people will say dyslexia is a reversal of letters—it’s not that simple. Did you know dyslexia is a neurological condition and every individual with this learning difference has a very unique profile? This makes defining dyslexia much more complicated. Dyslexics are also referred to as “1 in 5” since dyslexia affects 1 out of 5 people, according to Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity. The International Dyslexia Association’s (IDA) definition (right) is informative, but it doesn’t address everything that impacts the inherent learning differences of dyslexics. “Having dyslexia can have far-reaching consequences on education,” said dyslexia expert Dr. Rachna Varia, a licensed clinical psychologist and director of testing and diagnostics at MindWell Psychology. “While students ‘learn to read’ through third grade, it then changes to ‘reading to learn.’ If a student is not a strong reader, it will impact all areas of study.”

What is Dyslexia? “Dyslexia is a specific learning disability (SLD) that is neurobiological in origin. It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities. These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language that is often unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction. Secondary consequences may include problems in reading comprehension and reduced reading experience that can impede growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.” – Adopted by the IDA Board of Directors, Nov. 12, 2002. This definition is also used by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). Source: The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) (www.eida.org).

{ JULY 2017 |




“In public school settings where many teachers are not knowledgeable about this condition, students with dyslexia may be considered stupid or lazy. Parents who have children diagnosed with dyslexia should seek out reading instruction that is based upon a systematic and explicit understanding of language structure, including phonics. This reading instruction goes by many names, Structured Literacy, OrtonGillingham, Simultaneous Multisensory, Explicit Phonics, and others.” — T H E I N T E R N AT I O N A L D Y S L E X I A A S S O C I AT I O N ( S O U R C E E I D A . O R G )

Dr. Varia also noted that dyslexia impacts the decoding of the written word. “Dyslexic students may add or delete sounds when reading individual words, which of course then changes the entire meaning of a passage and [reading] comprehension will suffer. Many dyslexic students (but not all) have vulnerabilities in phonological awareness (the auditory route to reading), and orthographic processing (the visual route to reading),” she explained.

Symptoms of Dyslexia There’s not a one-size-fits-all checklist. Each person’s symptoms will vary. Reading specialists, parents, and teachers need to look for a variety of symptoms. If you are a parent or educator and you think a child is being lazy or not trying hard enough, check this list before suggesting they try harder. Most dyslexics actually work much harder than their peers—and many have average to high intelligence—they just learn differently. • Meltdowns and anxiety over going to school • Test anxiety • Phonological awareness issues • Phonics issues (sounding out words) • Reading comprehension issues • Difficulty learning math facts—learns them but a few days later doesn’t remember them • Spelling difficulties (encoding)—learns to spell correctly and/or knows flash cards, but next day doesn’t spell correctly and spells a word differently each time (many times the way it sounds when they hear the word) • Slow reading speed (out loud and silently) • Difficulty with reading fluency • Fear of reading in class or in front of others • Speech delay or difficulty with speech articulation in younger children


{ JULY 2017 |



What should parents do if they suspect their child may be dyslexic? Ask the school, in writing, for a full and complete psychoeducational evaluation to determine if your child needs remediation and intervention for reading, spelling, etc. Send this request, making sure to detail your exact concerns and specify this particular test. The school then has to conduct this evaluation—by law—within 65 business days. For more information, you may visit page 12 of the Parents Guide to Special Education, available through VDOE. Parents may also seek a private psychoeducational evaluation from a clinical psychologist who specializes in dyslexia. These tests are expensive but extremely insightful. The results provide a more in-depth discussion of a child’s strengths and weaknesses, and provide an amazing framework to assist a child (or even an adult—it’s never too late to obtain intervention and remediation for dyslexia). Importantly, a private evaluation will provide you with a diagnosis. School districts are unable to diagnose a learning disability; they only determine if a child is eligible for special education services. Without proper identification, intervention, and remediation, dyslexic students may experience limited success in school, anxiety, low selfesteem, and depression. For students with a learning disability the dropout rate from school is three times that of peers, according to an Understood. org presentation on Capitol Hill. Community residents, parents, and educators alike may assist dyslexics by providing their valuable input at local school board meetings, SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee) meetings, and by speaking with their state legislators.

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New Virginia Laws

How well are the public schools in the region helping students with this invisible disability, as measured by SOL scores?

Until last year, there has been no mandate in Virginia for higher education (such as colleges and universities) to provide detailed instruction about dyslexia to those studying to become teachers. Also, it has not been required for existing teachers to have training on this learning difference and how it may affect students in order to become recertified. Things are about to change. In 2016, Virginia passed House Bill 842 (HB 842) and it was signed into law by the governor. The law, which took effect July 1, requires that aspiring teachers—and veteran teachers seeking recertification — have dyslexia training. In 2017, Senator Richard Black and Delegate Benjamin Cline wrote mirror bills in both the Virginia House (HB 2395) and Senate (SB 1516) to provide more support for dyslexics. Legislators passed both the house and senate bills unanimously, and they were combined and signed into law by the governor in March and became effective July 1. Specifically, the bill “requires one reading specialist employed by each local school board that employs a reading specialist to have training in the identification of and the appropriate interventions, accommodations, and teaching techniques for students with dyslexia or a related disorder and to have an understanding of the definition of dyslexia and a working knowledge of several topics relating to dyslexia.”

Special note: Dyslexic students are categorized under specific learning disability (SLD), but not all SLD students are dyslexic learners. At this time, the state doesn’t offer a dyslexia category as they do for autism. Source: Virginia Department of Education with search parameters: students (all), genders (all), grades (all), economically disadvantaged (all), limited english proficient (all), migrants (all), homeless (all), disability (yes), disability type (Specific Learning Disability - SLD), state level division (Fauquier County and Prince William County).

SOL pass rates for children with specific learning disabilities (SLDs) in Fauquier County Public Schools. School Year 2015-2016 SOL TEST


English: reading English: Writing History & Social Science Mathematics Science

28.81% 26.21% 53.75% 37.31% 45.00%

School Year 2014-2015 SOL TEST


English: reading English: Writing History & Social Science Mathematics Science

24.48% 25.61% 47.58% 32.01% 44.33%

So what do these laws mean? Lorraine Hightower, a regional leader for Decoding Dyslexia Virginia (DDVA) and a long standing member of the Virginia Parent Teacher Association (PTA), has a great deal of experience with this silent disability. DDVA members, including Hightower, assisted in creating the language used in Senator Black’s bill. The new legislation requires “that for every school district that employs reading specialists, there will be a trained and qualified dyslexia advisor, who can guide the district on how to best identify students with dyslexia, effectively meet their unique academic needs, and also serve as a vital resource for parents,” Hightower said. “There are still school districts in Virginia who are hesitant to even use the word ‘dyslexia,’” Hightower said. “This [law] is a huge step forward for dyslexic students and their families.” Fauquier County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. David Jeck said, “We will be in compliance [with HB 2395 and SB 1516], since several of our reading specialists are completing the GMU (George Mason University) dyslexia courses. We should also be in a position to exceed the requirements which is, essentially, to have one reading specialist trained in the identification and interventions for students with dyslexia.”❖

SOL pass rates for children with specific learning disabilities (SLDs) in Prince William County Public Schools. School Year 2015-2016 SOL TEST


English: reading English: Writing History & Social Science Mathematics Science

35.64% 26.34% 52.78% 36.71% 40.81%

School Year 2014-2015 SOL TEST


English: reading English: Writing History & Social Science Mathematics Science

38.25% 28.17% 52.23% 36.01% 39.66%

Compare overall student pass rates to that of those with a SLD: Overall pass rate for Fauquier County (all county students) is 80 percent+ for all SOL tests. Overall pass rate for Prince William County (all county students) is 79 percent+ for all SOL tests.


{ JULY 2017 |


The online version of this article contains even more information and resources for our readers. Visit piedmontlifestyle.com. Debbie is a writer, editor, and a mother of a dyslexic student. She is also a member of DDVA Fauquier - Haymarket Chapter, and is involved with educational advocacy efforts in the state and federal government.





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Relay for Life raises more than $112,000 for the American Cancer Society BY ROBIN EARL


auquier Health’s Relay for Life team was well represented at the annual event on Saturday, June 10, at Fauquier High School. Relay for Life benefits the American Cancer Society. The Relay for Life website explains, “Relay For Life is a team fundraising cancer walk event where team members take turns walking around a track … Each event is 6-24 hours in length and each team is asked to have a member on the track at all times to signify that cancer never sleeps. Cancer patients don't stop because they're tired, and for one night, neither do we.” Fauquier Health’s team was 32 members strong, and raised more than $16,000. The health system team was the top fundraiser for the night; in all, Fauquier Relay for Life raised more than $112,000. Team captains were Sandy Shipe, Director of Cancer Services; Richard Shrout, oncology nurse navigator and Judy Bodenschatz, laboratory clinician. Sandy and Richard were selected King and Queen of the fundraisers

when they were able to raise an additional $500 at the event. Sandy said, “It was wonderful to see so many of our patients – past and present – walking in the Survivor’s Walk to kick off the Relay. To see those that we have actually cared for… It was a very humbling experience for me.” “We displayed our Fauquier Health banner when it came time for teams to take a lap around the track; the stick that held the banner was a beautiful carved spirit stick made by one of our patients.” Team member Jenny Large, a practice manager with Fauquier Health Physician Services, said, “Relay for Life was so much fun! They had line dancing, jazzercise, moon bounces for the kids. And at 9 p.m. they turned all the lights off in the stadium and lit the luminaries. I was honored to be a part of it.” Christina Ballard, community manager of the American Cancer Society said, “Each luminary represents the life and story of someone who has either passed from cancer or who currently in the fight. We had more than 900 luminaries lit this year.” ❖

Top to Bottom: Richard Shrout and Sandy Shipe were crowned King and Queen of Relay for Life when they raised an additional $500 for the American Cancer Society. Laboratory clinician Judy Bodenschatz proudly proclaims her survivor status. Food, drink and fun were on the agenda at Fauquier’s Relay for Life on June 10. Team captain Judy Bodenschatz and Rebecca Wolfrey, director of Case Management, led the Fauquier Health team during the parade of teams. Photos by K. Conway Photography


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Complimentary evaluation by a registered nurse is offered to determine the appropriate level of care for every patient.

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OUR MISSION Affinities, not simply geography, create the Piedmont’s unique regional identity. We strive to give voice to this special—even magical—place in the hopes that it remains so.


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Dream Buildinges in a Hom old of ngh Stro n Space Ope


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Chef Anthon Nelson y

the GAR NOV/DEC 2016

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Neighbo rhoo

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of our favorite Airbnbs in the Piedmont

Winter birds of Virginia Page 50

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From Field to

n New Fictio


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The Pied mon t Hold s Its Own

Holiday Tab le

Adorn, Reflect , Nourish Plus: The Chef Who Saved a Dying Art


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Home Decorating

Home Away From Home

Accessories can transform your home

Moving your college student into a dorm room

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The exclamation point for your home Accessories will transform your space



riends don’t let friends decorate their home without accessories. Most of us consider accessories to be things we use to enhance our wardrobe: jewelry, a scarf, hat, purse, or a pocket square for the blazer all complement what we wear and take our appearance to the next level. The same principle applies when decorating a room. Think of accessories as the exclamation points for your home. For example, take a clear glass vase and transform your plant stand into a seasonal, sensory sensation by filling it with layered colored sand and cotton ball stalks in the summer, fall leaves and corn stalks in autumn, or wine corks and tulips in the spring.

Fireplace Mantels

I am frequently asked for advice on how to decorate a fireplace mantel. In most cases, the fireplace is the focal point of the room. This provides a great opportunity to get your “accessory groove” on. There are three main design methods you can use to spark that mantel to life: the “bell,” the “U,” and my favorite, the “upward slope.” The bell shape starts with a large, tall item in the middle of the mantel flanked on both sides by shorter, smaller items. The “U” has tall items on both ends and lower

{ JULY 2017 |




Can’t take a vacation this summer?

Bring the beach to you with nautical accessories to create a relaxing, coastal atmosphere.

More Tips!

Glass Jars

are such versatile home accessories. Mix and match shapes, sizes, textures and colors and fill with a variety of seasonal items. You can’t go wrong!

Combine style and functionality! When filled with various kitchen necessities, these simple glass jars are transformed into a beautiful display.

Think inside the box! Make a statement with antique or vintage style items. Then try pairing with more modern pieces for a balanced look.


{ JULY 2017 |



Try layering or combining home decor items for a personal touch.

Featured Listing items in the middle. The upward slope can be arranged to flow either left to right or right to left. Place a smaller, shorter item on the end of the mantel, a medium-sized, somewhat taller item in the middle and a larger, tall item on the opposite end. If you were to draw an imaginary line over the top of the items it would create an upward slope.


Let’s illuminate the topic of lighting, starting with getting our terms straight. In the trade, the word “lamp” is used to refer to the light source that is commonly called the “bulb.” What is commonly called a “lamp” (a table lamp or a chandelier) is referred to as a fixture. Although it’s good to be aware of the technical terms, let’s just call them lamps! Lamps play a major role in accessorizing and decorating. When working with a client, I like to focus on function and mood. Lighting has three main functions in a room; in our industry they are referred to as ambient, task, and mood. Ambient lighting provides general overhead lighting to a room through recessed, track, and can lamps. Task lighting refers to light that serves a specific purpose. Reading, writing, and other activities require specific light. A floor lamp or a lamp placed on a table next to a comfy chair can provide ample reading light. Smaller lamps are great for lighting up your desk. A pair of candle lamps can provide just the right amount of glow to read piano music. Wall sconces by the fireplace accent the mantel while providing light for a conversation area. Mood lighting draws attention to items or textures in a room to affect the atmosphere for the occupants. Recessed wall washers spread light in one direction toward the wall. Placing floor can lights behind a plant can cast dappled shadows on the ceiling. Picture or painting lights can be installed above or below your wall art, adding yet another layer of mood to the room. Another option is the realistic flameless candle made of real candle wax with a faux flickering flame. These little beauties add a cozy ambience without the worry of real flame or melting wax and can be placed throughout the room. Use various wattages of bulbs throughout your lighting fixtures to allow some areas to shine and others to glow, providing a lovely variety of illumination. When accessorizing a room with light, always remember this: “It is not the size of the candle that matters, but the size of its light.” Time keeps on ticking into the future—clocks make a timely addition to your décor too, and I must hang a huge six-foot sunburst mirror that just arrived. Blessings to all! ❖

About the AUTHOR

Bob Moore and his wife, Lois, founded Shelf Life Furnishings in Old Town Warrenton. Bobby Fresh Design is an interior design service being offered through their store.

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Situated against a peaceful and open backdrop, this 2.7 acre property with meticulously maintained home offers everything! Three upper levels of living space & a fully finished lower level with theater room, wet bar, full bath. In-ground heated pool with tons of entertainment area. On the DC side of Warrenton and just minutes to Rt 29.More details available at www.6721FostersFork.com

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Approximately 15 minutes from Warrenton! NEWLY REMODELED KITCHEN AND BATHS. 5 stall barn with stall mats & Mare/foal stall, 4 paddocks & outside wash stall. House has many improvements and updates. All on 8.16 acres. More details available at www.19IvyLn.com

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Average days on market

Million in sales for 2016


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Home Away from Home The differences between sons and daughters moving into a dorm room BY PAM KAMPHUIS


ll moms want their children’s rooms at college to be homey, but boys certainly care less about this than girls do. I have had the pleasure of raising two boys and one girl to to send off to college; the boys are out of college now, and my daughter is going to be a freshman this fall. It occurred to me that the packing and decor process would be extremely different—and likely much more expensive—this time around. My kids are on the far ends of each spectrum when it comes to exhibiting typical examples of their gender...my boys are very boy-like and could care less about anything but sports, and my daughter is very girly, fashion-conscious, and needs all decor to be “cute.” From my perceptions of my kids, I think the difference is that boys just need a place to sleep and dump their things, while girls view their dorm room as their home and plan for it to be a mixture of the comfort of their room at home and their first foray out into the

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world.” My daughter is starting to plan, gather her things, and add to her Pinterest board. As of this writing, she is at 90 pins and it’s only the beginning of June (seriously, check out the dorm insanity on Pinterest—it is mind-boggling). Below are a variety of items that will most likely head off to college with your child this fall. Based on my observations over the years, here is some advice on the differences in gathering these items for girls versus boys. I’ll explain why I think it’s better for the STUDENT to pack, because “mom might get it wrong” OR if the MOM should pack because, well … you do want them to survive the first year, don’t you?


Laundry supplies

girls: STUDENT ...must have newly purchased Lily Pulitzer coordinated bags. boys: MOM ...if the student selects they will come up with an old duffel bag previously used for sports and likely not smelling very fresh. Or a simple trash bag.

Sheets & pillows girls: STUDENT ... because they have to be cute, right? boys: MOM ... because if you don’t pack it they’ll just sleep on the bare mattress. Seriously, I have witnessed this with my own eyes. And don’t bother with the second set of sheets...they won’t change them all semester. *check the size of the mattresses at the dormmany colleges have long size single mattresses and standard single sheets will not fit. Bed Bath and Beyond knows all about this.

Mattress cover girls: STUDENT ...because, it’s a mattress and who knows who else has been sleeping on it? boys: MOM ...because, it’s a mattress and who knows who else has been sleeping on it?

girls: STUDENT ...adorable hamper found on Pinterest, laundry detergent, woolite, mesh bags for delicates, dryer sheets, drying rack for drip-dry clothes, color-coordinated hangers, and shoe-organizing racks. boys: MOM ...they will need the largest plastic hamper with handles you can find because they won’t do laundry until they bring the hamper home with them on breaks for mom to do it. OR they’ll wait till they have absolutely not a stitch left to wear and then spend a day and a half with the huge hamper washing everything they own in the dorm laundry room. Or they will only wash what is needed for that day.

Room Decor girls: STUDENT ...following the dorm room decor on Pinterest. Must haves: cute curtains, comforter, throw pillows, laundry hamper–all color coordinated and matching every single thing in the room. All of these details have been discussed extensively with her roommate ahead of time. A clock (to complement decor only, because everyone just looks at their phones for the time anyway). Twine to string photos across walls. Cute, color-coordinated baskets for storing anything and everything. Mirror … because, of course. Twinkly Christmas lights, and scented wax melting pot (no candles allowed in dorms, no matter how cute). Desk decor: colorcoordinated file folders, pen holders, notebooks. boys: STUDENT ...a sports poster. But they will not worry about how to hang it and will then just crumple it up and stuff it under the bed. Maybe a Budweiser sign. Everything else is just N/A.


Sports paraphernalia

girls: STUDENT ...because there’s way too much and mom will pack the wrong thing

girls: STUDENT ...because mom will forget something.

boys: STUDENT ...because they only need a toothpaste/brush, deodorant, soap, and shampoo, and hopefully they can manage at least this basic packing?

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*caveat: regardless of the sport, both girls and boys will need hundreds of dollars of new equipment before departing for college.

Clothing Other items

girls: STUDENT ...because mom will pack all practical comfortable stuff and nothing that looks good.

girls will need a small refrigerator to keep sophisticated food like hummus, fresh mozzarella, fresh vegetables, yogurt, and fruit cold. boys will need it for beer. girls will need a microwave to cook a number of sophisticated recipes specifically for microwaves that are neatly cataloged on a Pinterest board and for which the dry ingredients are already purchased and packed. boys might do an occasional cup-o-

boys: STUDENT ...with mom caveat: they will only pack what is in season on the day of the packing, which in August in Warrenton would be shorts and t-shirts. They might throw in a sweatshirt. But if they are going north for school, they will likely have snow and very cold weather before Thanksgiving break, and they will not have a coat and will wander the campus in shorts. Again, I have witnessed this with my own eyes.


Towels girls: STUDENT ...monogrammed, with a preferably matching comforter. Enough to use one every day between laundry days. boys: MOM ...because otherwise they'll just dry themselves off with a t-shirt from the hamper. Only pack one so they need to use it every day, otherwise extra ones will get stuffed somewhere and get moldy.

...I’d like to ask everyone to wish me luck as I help this daughter of mine pack for school! ❖


boys: STUDENT ...because mom will forget something.

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Revolutionary Pride

Joseph Warren and the origin of our town’s name BY PAM KAMPHUIS


id you know our town was originally called Fauquier Court House? In 1777, a Princeton graduate, Hezekiah Balch, founded a school here which he named Warren Academy, in honor of General Joseph Warren, a forgotten patriot of the Revolutionary War. In 1810, the town of Fauquier Court House was incorporated as Warrenton, for the school (which sadly failed) and the man. Warren had become a hero of the revolutionary era and was know throughout the colonies. Moving up through the ranks of the Sons of Liberty, he was initially elected chairman of the Committee of Safety, then elected president of the

Massachusetts Provincial Congress. Then, three days before his death in the Battle of Bunker Hill, he was appointed a major general. He was so beloved and revered throughout the colonies that he immediately became a martyr, and his death served as a rallying cry to patriots throughout the colonies. From that time on, his name was commemorated in many towns and counties, ours included. Joseph Warren was also a popular Boston physician, and grand master of his freemason lodge. He rose quickly as a leader of the patriots. He had incredible personal magnetism and charisma. He was outgoing, friendly, intelligent, and had a great sense of humor. He was completely beloved, and revered, by almost everyone (even some of the British, such as General Gage, royal governor of Massachusetts, who had immense respect for him).

Above, Left: Statue of Warren at the Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston, MA, dedicated by the 6th District Freemasons of Massachusetts on Oct. 22, 2016. Credit: Joseph Lapin/walkbostonhistory.com. Above, Right: Joseph Warren by John Singleton Copley. Oil on canvas. This is the only image of Warren painted from a live sitting. All others were copies or conjectures of this one. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.


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Warren was born to a prosperous apple farmer in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He attended Harvard and became a doctor, which earned him entry into the upper echelons of society, but he did not exclusively treat—and socialize with— the wealthy. He was a popular doctor among all of society: both patriots and loyalists, the wealthy, the middle class, the artisans, the poor, and the slaves. He believed very strongly in the egalitarian values upon which America would be founded; it was possible, by hard work, to break out of the rigid social classes that were in place in England and the colonies at the time, to move up in the world. Warren believed passionately in the patriot cause, so much so that he was one of the most outspoken and influential leaders of the opposition to the Crown and Great Britain. He, along with patriot Samuel Adams, were two of the most radical patriots in Boston, which was one

John Cary wrote, “The entire document [Suffolk Resolves] compares favorably with the Declaration of Independence, and the preamble is as exciting as Jefferson’s great state paper.” On the night of April 18, 1775, he was the only patriot leader remaining in Boston, all others having evacuated due to their imminent arrest. It was an extremely dangerous place for him to be, as the third-ranking patriot (behind only Samuel Adams and John Hancock) wanted by the Crown for deportation to England to be tried for treason. Such a trial would have undoubtedly resulted in a sentence of hanging, drawing, and quartering—a dismal end by any standards. As the chair of the Committee of Safety, he was one of the only people with the authority to call out the Massachusetts militia, and the only one remaining in Boston. Acting on information received from a wellconnected spy, who to this day has never been identified (but has been rumored to be Margaret Gage, Americanborn wife of the British commander in Boston), he dispatched Paul Revere and William Dawes to rouse the countryside to gather on Lexington Green. Here he played a pivotal role in the start of the Revolution. Clearly, had there been no militia on Lexington Green to meet the British Regulars, the Battle of Lexington and Concord may not have occurred, and subsequent history would have been very different. Warren was also president of the Provincial Congress (the illegal patriot government), becoming the de-facto commander-in-chief in the chaos

of the most radical towns in the colonies. Warren’s most enduring document was the Suffolk Resolves, one of the first written documents that formally unified the colonies in the common purpose of opposition to the crown (pertaining to representation in government and taxation). This was the first document that took resistance to the next level and recommended the formation of community militias in preparation for armed defense of these rights in the event it became necessary. Aside from its political value, the document in itself was a masterpiece. Warren biographer


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Above: Warren tendering his services to General Putnam just before the Battle of Bunker Hill. Wood engraving by James E. Taylor (Artist). Credit: The New York Public Library Digital Collections, 1875


The physician Warren was, by profession, a doctor. He was a trusted friend and family physician to John and Abigail Adams and their large family. True to form, he treated everyone regardless of politics or ability to pay. In the day when most women, for propriety’s sake, preferred the assistance of female midwives during childbirth, due to his skill and calm, comforting bedside manner, he became a popular obstetrician. At a time when inoculation against smallpox was still regarded with fear and suspicion by some, Warren, due to his excellent reputation and personality, was able to convince reluctant people to have themselves and their families inoculated, thereby slowing the spread of the disease in the epidemic of 1764.

that descended after Lexington and Concord, during which time his talent for leadership and politics came glowing into light. But he wasn’t content to stay as a leader in the government writing policy, however inflammatory. He wanted to fight. He was known to say, “These fellows say we won’t fight. By Heaven, I hope I shall die up to my knees in blood.” Against the wishes of his peers, who realized his value in his leadership position and did not want him in the line of fire, he was appointed major general on June 14, 1775. When he arrived at Bunker Hill, two experienced veterans, General Israel Putnam and Colonel Prescott, both immediately offered him the command, given that Warren (as of only three days prior) technically outranked them. Warren refused, saying, “I shall take no command here … I came as a volunteer, with my musket, to serve under you, and shall be happy to learn from a soldier of your experience.” It was a long fight, and Warren stayed till the very end, by

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Not all the havoc and devastation they (the British) have made has wounded me like the death of Warren. We want him in the senate; we want him in his profession, we want him in the field. We mourn for the citizen, the senator, the physician, and the warrior. —


JULY 5, 1775

which point the patriots had run out of ammunition and had resorted to throwing stones at the Regulars, covering others so they could retreat. He was one of the last to leave their position in the redoubt, was shot in the head and died immediately. In some cases, the opinions of a person’s enemies are useful in getting a full picture of a person. British General Thomas Gage declared the loss of Warren as having more value to the British than the loss of 500 patriot soldiers. Thomas Hutchinson, onetime loyalist governor of Massachusetts, recalled, “If [Warren] had lived, he bid as fair as any man to advance himself to the summit of political as well as military affairs and to become the Cromwell of North America.” Loyalist Peter Oliver wrote in 1782 that if Warren had lived, George Washington would have been “an obscurity.” As it turned out, Warren proved as effective in unifying and rallying patriots in death as in life. And, of course, speculation among historians as to what would have happened

had Warren lived is rampant. Would he have, after fighting through the Revolution, moved into politics, congress, even higher? Many think so. Warren was engaged to Mercy Scollay, an avid patriot and a writer on par with Abigail Adams. Warren and Scollay were the colonial-era version of an up-and-coming power couple. Warren’s name was commemorated in many things: towns, counties, streets, navy ships, schools, and parks throughout the colonies and the young United States. Paul Revere named his next-born son, Joseph Warren Revere, in his honor. And Hezekiah Balch named his school, and our town. In Warrenton and Fauquier, our land of historically Confederate loyalty, of Virginia Colonel Robert E. Lee who chose to serve his state instead of his country, and of our locally-celebrated guerilla-style cavalry commander John S. Mosby, Warren’s legacy in Warrenton is the memory of the many sacrifices necessary in the founding of our nation, still together today, a reminder that our nation will endure. ❖

Personal life Warren originally married Elizabeth Hooten, a well-todo young woman with a large dowry, who bore him four children before her death in 1773. Shortly before his death he became engaged to Mercy Scollay, daughter of a prominent patriot. The above painting has only recently been identified by Samuel A. Forman as Scollay at age 22, and is the only image of her known today. Unfortunately, his obsession with politics came with a price: his family and his finances. Upon his death, he left his four children destitute. Interestingly, it was Benedict Arnold who came to the children’s aid, sending money for their support and lobbying in congress for Warren’s pension which was due his children, in which he was ultimately partially successful.

Above: Portrait of a Lady in a Blue Dress, 1763, by John Singleton Copley. Credit: Terra Foundation for American Art, Chicago / Art Resource, NY. Left: The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker’s Hill, June 17, 1775. A dramatic, romanticized, likely very inaccurate representation of Warren’s death. Oil on canvas, Artist John Trumbull. Credit: Wikimedia Commons Note: Warren’s link to Warren Academy, and thus Warrenton, is doubted by some, as there is no definitive proof of either. However, given the timing of the naming of Warren Academy (two years after his death) when things were being named for Warren throughout the colonies, the likelihood is strong. It has become an accepted fact and stated as such by the Old Jail Museum, the Town of Warrenton, and local historians.


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Sources: Richard Frothingham, Life and Times of Joseph Warren; Alexander H. Everett, Life of Joseph Warren; John Cary, Joseph Warren: Physician, Politician, Patriot; Samuel Foreman, Dr. Joseph Warren: The Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill, and the Birth of American Liberty; Rhoda Truax, The Doctors Warren of Boston: First Family of Surgery



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Rules of the Road

Biking and running on shared-use pathways

About the AUTHOR


Jared Nieters is co-owner of Haymarket Bicycles and founder of Mapleworks Endurance Coaching. He has won multiple national championships in cycling and now coaches endurance athletes in a multitude of disciplines. He can be reached at info@mapleworks coaching.com and found on most social media sites at @ mapleworkscoach. Photo by Greg Gibson.



ummer in Virginia is an wonderful time to be outside and exercise. A growing number of residents in Virginia’s Piedmont are choosing to bike and run on some of the most beautiful roads and trails in the world. As more people use these shared spaces, it becomes more important to understand our rights and responsibilities.


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A cyclist riding recklessly not only endangers themselves and others on the road, but also damages the cyclist-motorist relationship.�

First and foremost, cyclists on roads must obey the rules of the road, and cyclists on sidewalks need to follow the rules for pedestrians. That is to say, when bikes are on roads they have to follow the same rules as cars, but when they are used on paths and sidewalks they need to operate as if they are on foot. Cyclists need to take responsibility for their own safety and help to maintain the smooth flow of traffic. A cyclist riding recklessly not only endangers themselves and others on the road, but also damages the cyclist-motorist relationship. It is important for all users of the roads to remember that cyclists



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are allowed to ride two abreast, but need to abide by the rules: “When riding two abreast, bicyclists cannot impede the movement of traffic,” according to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). While riding two abreast is enjoyable, cyclists should move to a single-file line when other vehicles are in the same lane of traffic, as the law requires. Additionally, drivers are required to give three feet of space when passing cyclists.

Runners Runners function as pedestrians on roads and paths. Runners are required to stay off the road where there is a sidewalk or path. However, in Fauquier County, many roads don’t offer those options. Where there is no dedicated space for pedestrians, runners should face traffic. Running against traffic affords the ability to observe and react to approaching vehicles. Like every other user, runners are required to obey any traffic control they may encounter. This includes traffic lights and pedestrian control signals. Drivers need to remember that runners do have the right of way in crosswalks and intersections where the speed limit is below 35 miles per hour. All bikers and runners should use common sense and take responsibility for their own safety. Wearing


{ JULY 2017 |

Choosing Wisely bright colors, avoiding the use of earphones that drown out other noise, and avoiding odd hours when possible will improve safety. Using reflective materials and flashing lights at dawn, dusk, and in the dark is an easy way to be more visible. “Pretend you’re invisible” is a good approach for anyone exercising out on our roads. In an age when drivers are more distracted than ever, don’t assume you are “seen.” Behave accordingly and always give yourself an “out” by having a plan of action when being approached by any vehicle. Be ready to quickly step out of harm’s way if the need arises. Stepping off the road or pedaling into a driveway to make room for motorists is a reasonable way to engender a healthy relationship with drivers and ensure the safety of all involved. No workout is worth risking life and limb. In the end, cyclists and runners are also drivers, taxpayers, fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons. Shared space should be appreciated. It is a great fortune we have access to such a beautiful area and respect toward one another.❖



Opt for multi-use paths when possible. The best way to be safe is to avoid cars altogether. Drive new routes ahead of time and pay attention to the shoulders, hills, and turns. Look for roads with long lines of sight. Pick roads with wide shoulders. Avoid commuter routes. Don't train in eastbound lanes during morning hours. Try Gravel! Giving gravel roads a try will help you train on roads with few cars and where average speeds are lower.

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Enjoy hikes that offer quiet beauty in Shenandoah National Park BY ANDREAS A. KELLER


merica is rediscovering hiking. More people, young and old, lace up their hiking boots and venture out into nature because it’s fun, it’s healthy, it’s in. Through the website Meetup they pick a hiking club and look for one of the best hiking trails to spend a day in the great outdoors with other like-minded people. It’s a great way to be social and make new friends. The best hiking destinations are often showcased with beautiful photographs from glossy magazines or weekend sections of many publications. A glance at The 7 Best Hikes in the Shenandoah National Park lists Old Rag Mountain, Dark Hollow Falls, Blackrock Summit, Compton Peak, Bearfence Mountain, Whiteoak Canyon and Hawksbill Mountain. Each one of these hiking destinations offers a payoff in unparalleled views. They literally have become famous


{ JULY 2017 |



tourist spots. The only drawback is that the trails can be very crowded on sunny weekends.

Seeking the Stillness of Nature If you are looking for a less-traveled trail or you simply want to enjoy solitude while immersed in the quiet of nature, there are certainly many trails, long and short, beckoning you with their silent beauty. Shenandoah National Park offers over 500 miles of hiking paths. Many are interconnected, or cross with the 105 mile long portion of the Appalachian Trail which runs through the full length of the park. A little bit of homework is required to hike the less traveled trails. On hikingupward.com you can actually select hikes based on solitude. The suggested hikes below can be found on that website. You may also want to inquire with the


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park rangers about a trail’s condition, as some may be overgrown or the blazes may have faded.

Overlooked Hikes in our Neighborhood Double Bear Rocks. Close to Sperryville there is the Pass Mountain Trail, one of the least-used in the Shenandoah National Park. This is a two-mile uphill climb on a well-maintained trail accompanied by the rushing waters of the Thornton River. It is a pleasant forest walk along the ridgeline with views of Mary’s Rock before reaching the Pass Mountain Shelter. The Pass Mountain Trail, marked with blue blazes on intermittent trees, which intersects with the whiteblazed Appalachian Trail (AT), offers a smooth and easy-on-the-feet stretch of trail to Pass Mountain. The rocky descent on the AT leads to the Double Bear Rocks, which offers a stunning vista of New Market Gap, Luray Valley, and the Massanutten Range with Strickler Knob and Kennedy Peak. The length of the hike is eight-and-one-half miles with an elevation gain of 1,750 feet, suitable for both young and old alike. There is no river crossing, just a beautiful hike with a great payoff. As a reward for this hike, only two miles west of the trailhead on Rt. 211 is the newly opened Sperryville Trading Cafe and Market with a delectable menu of organic food and grass fed beef. Boots ’n Beer sampled it and recommends it despite the missing libations. For libations, the Boots ’n Beer crowd likes to go to the nearby Griffin Tavern in Flint Hill. Veach Gap. Near Front Royal, secluded in the George Washington National Forest, is one of the easy, little-known hikes of 7 miles with a little more than 1,000 feet elevation gain. If you ever want to hike while being surrounded by white and pink mountain laurel while enjoying the warming sun on your face and wind tousling your hair while on the ridge top, then this is your hike in late spring and early summer. The profuse, exuberant flowering of mountain laurel on this trail turns any hiker into a happy one. If the mountain laurel is no longer in bloom, it's still well worth an early morning hike to enjoy a spectacular sunrise coming up over the horizon of the Shenandoah National Park. On the way back along the ridgeline three overlooks invite you to stop, each one opening up to increasingly more expansive and beautiful vistas of the south fork of the Shenandoah River. After hiking such a wonderful trail, hikers can find more delight at a place that offers 34 different craft beers on tap and made-to-order burgers at the PaveMint Tap House and Grill in Front Royal, VA. Bear Church Rock. This hike is not well known and somewhat more demanding with over 2,200 feet elevation gain on a eight-and-one-half mile picturesque trail along the beautiful Rapidan River before climbing alongside the Staunton River. This path boasts many small falls and pools that provide


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enjoyment along the way. The Staunton River Trail leads into the steeper Jones Mountain Trail, which in early summer resembles more of a tunnel with all the canopies of mountain laurel. A side trip to the Jones Mountain Cabin is worth the extra effort, and the final climb to the Bear Church outcropping is steep but rewards you with a panoramic view. Last March, a large group of Boots ’n Beer hikers braved cold weather with chilly wind gusts at the top of the mountain and looked forward to getting some solid food with craft beer served in old fashioned pitchers at the Pig ‘N Steak in Madison. If you're looking for a new trail or to avoid a crowd in the Shenandoah National Park, you'll be pleased with these pleasant and less-crowded hikes. The recommended nearby food and drink spots will serve to make a day of hiking even more enjoyable! ❖

Top: South fork of Shenandoah River seen from Veach Gap. Center: Boots ’n Beer Hikers James McDonald and Janice Pardun with Lady Boots on the Appalachian Trail to Double Bear Rocks. Bottom: Boots ’n Beer Hiker Simona on the Appalachian Trail to Double Bear Rocks. Photos by Andreas Keller.

Andreas A. Keller is a passionate hiker, avid backpacker and a Charter Member of Boots ’n Beer, a drinking club with a hiking problem. He can be reached via email at aakeller@mac.com.

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Dulce De Leche Ice Cream




July is National Ice Cream month and also the perfect way to celebrate is to enjoy the experience of making and tasting your own delightful cold treat. As a pastry chef with over 15 years of experience in making homemade ice cream as well as all types of desserts, I would like to share a delicious, easy to make ice cream recipe you can have fun making and eating.


cups whole milk


cup heavy cream


pound dulce de leche (about 1 cups) teaspoon pure vanilla extract


cup chopped almonds, toasted (optional)




Ice Cream Maker

1. In a 3 quart saucepan, using medium heat, bring milk and cream to just a boil. 2. Remove from the heat and whisk in the dulce de leche until it is all dissolved. 3. Next, whisk in the vanilla and place mixture in a metal bowl. 4. Add a pinch of salt, to taste. 5. Place the bowl in a larger container full of ice and cold water. 6. Stir occasionally for about 15 - 20 minutes, or until the solution is cold.

7. Place in ice cream maker and freeze

until the dessert is almost firm. If you wish to add pecans, this is when you will need to add them. 8. Lastly, remove the ice cream to another airtight vessel and harden in the freezer for a minimum of one hour. 9. Scoop into ice cream bowls and top with a sprinkle of almonds. Garnish with small wafer cookie if desired. 10. Serve your tasty treat!

This recipe yields about 1 ½ quarts of ice cream. Dessert makers prepare for about 15 minutes of active involvement, but the recipe will take a little over 2 hours to complete. Epicurious notes indicate that the ice cream will keep for about one week in your freezer. This recipe was modified from epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/dulce-de-leche-ice-cream-238431


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Margaret Yabs Suge is the executive pastry chef at Poplar Springs Inn & Spa. Prior to joining the team at Poplar, Chef Maggie worked in both international and national settings, including 13 years as the assistant pastry chef at the Inn at Little Washington. Chef Maggie brings skill, imagination and creativity to all the dishes she creates. Poplar Springs Inn & Spa is located at 5025 Casanova Road, Warrenton. Maggie may be reached via email pastrychef@poplarspringsinn.com.








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