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Warrenton J A N U A R Y

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I am getting healthy.

For nearly a century, your health has been our priority. It will be for the next century, too. That’s why we’re continuing to work hard to provide you with high quality care close to home. You’ll see it in new programs and expanded services designed to meet your unique needs. You’ll feel it in advanced technology and facility upgrades to give you the best experience possible. And you’ll know it by our steadfast commitment to creating a health system our community can count on today and every day.


Wellspring Specialty Services Just a Phone Call Away!

Suzanne Amourso, RD Diabetic Educator

Peter Lewis, LCSW Behavioral Health

Jonathan Brooks, DC Chiropractor

Asmaa Chaudhry, MD Dermatology

Robert Weaver, MD Ear, Nose & Throat

Nabeel Babar, MD Endocrinologist

Amr Etman, MD Gynecologist

Peter Godfrey, MD Gynecologist

George Stergis, MD Neurologist

Brian McAlary, MD Pain Management

Judith Okalba, DPM Podiatrist

Amber Mullins, FNP-C Women’s Health & Wellness

Wellspring Specialty Clinic | 540.825.4557 541 Sunset Lane Suite 301, Culpeper, VA 22701 www.wellspringhealthservices.com



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from the E D I T O R



’ve always loved the elderly. When I was young, my mother was a physical therapist who did in-home therapy, and I’d go along with her. Maybe that’s where I became comfortable with seniors. I’m always the one at a social event who will seek out the oldest person there just to hear their stories. We lost my mother-in-law last May at the age of 90. She lived independently in her own home until a week before her death, and still drove herself to church until a few months before that. But the last year of her life she needed more help from our family than she ever had previously, mostly with financial issues. Or rather, we thought she needed help with finances, she thought she was doing just fine and didn’t want to give up her financial independence; she fought us fiercely when we took away her checkbook because she kept giving her bank account routing and account numbers to scammers and charities over the phone. It was my experiences with her over the last year and a half that was the genesis for this issue for Fauquier County seniors and their families. We learned so much about the challenges seniors face today as we navigated life with her failing memory and limited mobility. I wanted to bring this out to the community. Little did I know, when I started putting this issue together, that it would just explode with information. There are county services and groups that help seniors that we found for my mother-in-law, but I have since come to realize that Fauquier County has many people — both in law enforcement and general citizens — who care about seniors, and there are many many more programs out there than I was aware of. Some of them are health and safety related, and some are plain old fun things for seniors to do in our community so they are not so lonely and isolated. Some of these you will find in these pages, but there won’t be room for all of them. These days, many seniors still live alone, and sometimes far away from their families. I feel it is important for everyone in our community to keep an eye on our senior neighbors and friends as they age and may need more assistance. Fauquier County is ready to help them. And seniors, please don’t be afraid to reach out for help! Your family, neighbors, fellow church members, physicians, law enforcement, and friends are all out there and would be very willing to assist you, you only have to ask.

Kara Thorpe kara@piedmontpub.com

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New Year’s Promises to My Dog


Seniors Get Moving with Exercise


Fauquier Health Wellness Center


Looking to the Future



Appleton Campbell

Seniors: Are You Ready to Surf the ’Net?


Starting Seeds Indoors

Technology for Seniors BY KLAUS FUECHSEL




Phone and Internet Safety for Seniors

Hearty Single Serve Meals BY LAURA SEARS

Protect yourself from frauds and scams



Young at Heart Warrenton’s Dynamic Senior Social Group BY CHRISTINE CRADDOCK


Older, Wiser Learners Programs for Seniors at the Fauquier County Public Library

Heaven Sent Cherie Vermillion’s Life Ministry

The Fauquier Senior Center and Warrenton’s Adult Day Healthcare Center Respite for caregivers and social opportunities for seniors BY HANNAH SAMLALL





Keeping Fauquier County’s Seniors Safe The TRIAD and Dementia Friends Programs




Care and Living Options for Seniors When additional help is needed BY HANNAH SAMLALL


Seniors are THRIVE-ing at Allegro Community School for the Arts The benefits of art and dance to the physical and emotional health of seniors BY FRANNIE BARNES

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New Year’s Promises to my Dog Enriching your relationship with your dog BY CHARLOTTE WAGNER HARVEY


he New Year is always a good time to reflect on the past and prepare for the future. I think back on the dog shows of the year, competitions, milestones, the heartache of a lost pet, and the happiness that comes with a household full of animals. Now is the ideal time to assess, reassess, adjust, and alter how I interact with my dogs. As we turn to a new calendar year, I begin to think about resolutions outside of cleaning the house more often and having my car’s oil changed. As a trainer, these are my resolutions for my dog for the New Year.

I will be better at considering my dog‘s needs over others. Many times I have allowed people to pet my dog, welcomed a dogdog greeting, or have listened to other people trying to control my dog when it wasn’t necessarily in his best interests.


{ JANUARY 2020 |

I need to respect that my dog is allowed to have choice in the interactions he has. I need to listen when he says “no!”

I will be more consistent in training my dog, for his well being and safety. It is important to be

mindful of how commands are used. Sometimes we ask our pets to perform a command or behavior for no reason. Sometimes we command them only to give up after a few seconds of frustration, derailing our training efforts. Other times obedience commands are more crucial: we need the dog to respond right now because they’re about to get plowed over by a tractor or kill the neighbor’s cat. I will work on my tone, consistency, and practice training skills on a regular basis for a more reliable — and therefore happier — dog.

I will ensure to stay on top of all veterinary and medical needs.



This is not a difficult task for me, but plenty of people simply get caught up with their lives and forget about their pet’s maintenance needs. Make a list, check it twice, set reminders on your phone, or go old school and write in a calendar. Main things to remember include: • Core vaccinations such as rabies, distemper, kennel cough, etc. • Monthly preventatives such as flea and tick medication, heartworm preventative, and dewormer • Grooming appointments and toe nail trims. Even if you don’t own a high maintenance breed, make Toe Nail Tuesdays a regular occurrence. • Refill and order/pickup any specialty prescriptions. Be it food, pills, topical treatments, or creams, make sure you keep your pet meds stocked up before you run out. • Schedule an annual physical exam for your pet, just to make sure everything is functioning properly. For senior pets, or those with medical conditions, it may be a good idea to send in some bloodwork.

I will exercise my dog even when it does not suit me. The

reality is the majority of our pets are overweight and understimulated. It is only human nature to try and dodge a walk on a cold rainy day, but the reality is both humans and dogs need regular outings for a healthy life. I will put on my boots, grab my coat, and ensure he gets the physical (and mental!) exercise he needs.

I will set my dog ups for success, not failure. Rather than

being frustrated because the dog simply is not listening, I will try to problem solve the situation and try a different approach. More often than not, owners expect their

local expert THE EXPERT:

Charlotte Harvey HER EXPERTISE:

Pets and Animal Behavior Charlotte Wagner Harvey holds a Bachelors of Science with honors in Animal Management from the University of Essex with a special interest in behavior. As a dog trainer and the owner of K9ology in Warrenton, she helps dog owners and dogs find common ground to establish a peaceful life together. Her core tenets: there are no shortcuts, it is hard, and do it right or don’t do it at all. She lives in Rappahannock County with her husband and a farm full of animals including horses, chickens, cats, and, of course, dogs.

dogs to automatically know what is expected of them. I will take the time to teach my dog what is or is not acceptable behavior.

I will try something new with my dog! There are so many

fun activities available to dogs and their owners. I have participated with mine in dock diving, agility, and obedience competitions with great delight. This upcoming year I hope to try some new tricks, a different discipline, or a new sport to strengthen the bond between my dogs and I. No matter the past history or age of your dog … it is not too late to start improving your life with your pet. ❖

Paul Morrison

D I V O R C E M E D I AT I O N HOW IT WORKS 1. You decide to be in charge of the outcome of your own case instead of letting a Judge tell you what to do. 2. You or your lawyer contacts our mediation coordinator, Sharon Wiggins, who sends initial paperwork and sets up a pre-mediation conference call with Paul to ascertain the issues, schedule the date and place for the mediation and set ground rules. 3. Show up with an open mind and settle your case with Paul’s help.

COST Paul requires $3500 to be placed in a trust account and billed against. This fee is usually split between the parties. Paul bills at $350 per hour for mediation services. Most cases are successfully resolved in less than 8 hours.

About Paul Morrison

Paul began his own law firm in 1987, concentrating on trial work including primarily Family law. In 1999, Paul began performing neutral case evaluations and mediations with an emphasis on divorce cases.

With a success rate of over 95%, Paul began offering his services to the Northern Virginia, Piedmont area in 2017. As a practicing lawyer, Paul has a unique insight into the current judicial thinking, which gives him the tools to obtain inexpensive settlements and avoid costly and emotionally exhausting litigation for his mediation clients.

Remove the mystery–when it’s time to move on, call Paul!


Looking to the Future; Appleton Campbell


ne of Fauquier’s oldest family-run businesses is expanding in 2020. Since the mid 1970s, Appleton Campbell has served our community’s homeowners’ HVAC, plumbing, and electrical needs with quality and efficient customer service, operating out of a historic building in old town which was once the ice house and power plant for the town. Now in its fifth decade, the owners are relocating operations to a new facility to streamline efficiency and accommodate the needs of the company as it grows. Lifestyle sat down with Heather Appleton to talk about this new era for Appleton Campbell.

How long has Appleton Campbell been in business? Tell me about the beginnings. We began in January 1976, and we’ll be celebrating 44 years of serving Fauquier County and the surrounding areas this year. The company was started by Jim Appleton, the grandfather of our current president, Mike H. Appleton. He started the business with just one truck, and Mike started helping him. He was just 16 years old, so it was a great learning opportunity for him. Not only was he learning a trade, but he also learned a great deal about ethics and the value of hard work. Flash forward to today, and Michael J. Appleton is the fourth generation to run the company. Our vibrant management team will continue to build on the strong bones and ethics set about by Jim Appleton all those years ago. Scott Wayland, our current vice president, has also been a key player in the growth and family culture of the business for the past 25 years.

What services do you offer the community? Appleton Campbell offers plumbing, heating,


{ JANUARY 2020 |

air conditioning and residential electrical service repairs and replacements. Since 2007, Appleton Campbell has been committed to serving homeowners exclusively, rather than working on new construction and building projects.

How has Appleton Campbell grown since the beginning?

Where will the facility be? How big will it be?

After starting with just one employee and working for many builders throughout the first 30 years, we now have about 90 local employees. We encourage our staff to participate in the surrounding communities, and we’ve narrowed our business focus to serving only homeowners. Our company’s growth philosophy is rooted in teamwork, and we strive to take care of our employees so they can take great care of our customers.

The new office will be right next to Home Depot, off of Alwington Boulevard in Warrenton. It’s a little more square footage than our current office building once you include the warehouse we have rented for the past few years across town. The new space will allow us to operate both from a single building, rather than having them separated.

How will this enhance your business?

I understand you are opening a new facility to accommodate growth. Tell me about that. We are all very excited about the new facility. The new structure allows us to gain a bit of extra square footage, but we’ll have enough parking


for all of our employees and service vehicles. The town has been very gracious in allowing us to use the parking lot next to the dog park for our employee vehicles, but we’re glad to finally have enough parking to accommodate all of them without using a municipal lot.


Just having the new parking and the warehouse all under one roof will be a huge improvement. The new office will also have a larger training room, which is a great need for us. The office layout — and the extra garage doors for loading and stocking our vehicles — will improve our timeliness and efficiency,

allowing us to complete tasks more quickly. The new structure will give us the opportunity to grow and better serve Fauquier and eight surrounding counties (Culpeper, Madison, Orange, Rappahannock, Stafford, Loudoun, Prince William, and Fairfax) as we look ahead to the next 40 years of Appleton Campbell offering value and excellence to area residents. ❖

Clockwise from top left: The move in date for the new facility is on schedule for early spring 2020. Michael Appleton, Mike Appleton, Heather Appleton & Scott Wayland Scott, Michael and Mike at the June 2018 ground breaking

Join the





Be one of the first 25 residents to move in and enjoy a customized package that includes: ~ $1,000 off monthly rent for the first 6 months ~ $1,000 toward moving expenses or decorating ~ $250 Salon & Spa gift certificate ~ Recognition as Founding Member ~ Pre-opening Events

one of the first 25 residents to move in and enjoy

Call now to become a Founder’s Club member: 540.216.7557

Information Center 25 S Fourth Street ~ Suite 101 ~ Warrenton, VA 20186 Community Address 349 Legion Drive ~ Warrenton, VA 20186 540.216.7557 ~ WhiteSpringsSeniorLiving.com


What Do You Need to Start Seeds Indoors? ...Hope, Faith and Patience BY STELLA VERADUCCIA

If you’re like some people, the winter months seem dreary and endless, and spring cannot arrive soon enough. One antidote for the winter blahs is to get an early jump on your spring garden by starting seeds indoors.


{ JANUARY 2020 |



What You’ll Need There are several different ways to start seeds: the pellet method, the peat-pot method and, for lack of a better term, the paper-towel method. Your supplies depend on which method you choose. In all cases you’ll need quality

seeds, markers to label them (wooden popsicle sticks from craft stores work well), a spray bottle with a misting nozzle, containers, warmth, and light. Oh, and equal parts of hope, faith, and patience. All of your materials must be squeaky-clean — not quite medical-grade sterile, but almost. If you are repurposing household objects as containers or reusing old potting materials, they must be thoroughly washed. Use warm, soapy water mixed with bleach or disinfectant to kill any lingering lifeforms that may contaminate your seedlings, and dry completely before use.

Pellet Magic If you choose the pellet method, you’ll need a supply of peat pellets (also called Jiffy pellets) and a clean container to put them in. These pellets are small round discs that look like checkers, made of compressed dry peat moss in a very fine netting, which magically triple in height when rehydrated. For the container, clean plastic or styro egg cartons are a perfect fit for the rehydrated pellets, as are small yogurt containers or paper cups. To begin, spread the pellets out in a single layer in a shallow bowl or baking dish and slowly add warm water just to cover the top of the discs. As the water is absorbed, the pellets will grow and swell a little; if all the water is gone, you may need to add more to get the pellets to full size, about two inches tall. Here’s where patience comes in – it can take up to 60 minutes to fully rehydrate the pellets. While you’re waiting, you can prepare the containers. Remove the lid of the egg carton, use a large nail to poke a few small holes in the bottom of each compartment, then slide the lid under the


{ JANUARY 2020 |

carton as a drainage tray. If using paper cups or other individual containers, be sure to allow for drainage. Once the pellets are fully rehydrated, place one in each compartment, spread the netting a bit at the top, and use a nail to make a small hole for the seed, following the seed packet directions regarding depth. Place a seed in the hole, cover lightly with loose peat, and add a few drops of water. Add your seed-marker stick, tell the seeds you believe in them, cover, and move the tray to a warm spot to start the germination process (more on that below).

Practical Peat Pots Peat pots are molded flower pots made of compressed peat moss, sometimes mixed with wood pulp, which look like cardboard but are biodegradable and can be planted right in the ground. (A cowpot is a similar product but made of processed cow manure.) If you choose this method, you will also need a commercial seed-starting mix, which is a light, loose soil-less planting medium specially designed for seeds (not potting soil or garden soil, please, which are too heavy and will smother your seeds). Peat pots come



in various sizes and shapes – individual rounds or squares, or a multi-part “flat” with small individual compartments that can be separated before planting. Fill the pots with seed-starting mix, place them in a drainage tray, and mist the top liberally with water from your spray bottle. Using a nail or pencil eraser, make a few holes or narrow rows in the top, following the seed packet directions regarding depth and spacing. Place the seeds in the openings, cover lightly with mix, and mist well; plant a few more seeds than you want or need, as you will thin them out after they germinate. Insert your seedmarker sticks, tell the seeds you hope they’ll be happy, cover, and move them to the warming spot (again, below).

The Quicker Starter-Upper If you are not naturally gifted with large amounts of hope, faith or patience, the paper-towel method is for you. In addition to clean paper towels, you will also need clean zip-lock baggies, a pen to label your seeds, a tray, and the willingness to transplant your seedlings once they have germinated. To begin, fold a clean paper towel in half, open it and mist one side liberally. Place your seeds on the wet half, either scattered randomly or in a row, but with enough space between them to be able to lift them out later. Fold the dry half to cover them, mist well, insert it into a baggie which you have already labeled, and seal. Each baggie should contain only one type of seed, as different plants have different germination

rates; place the baggies in the tray and move to the warming spot, where they should sprout both leaves and roots in just a matter of days. You should then remove the most robust ones gently with tweezers and plant them either in a rehydrated pellet or peat pot filled with starting mix. Regardless of which method you choose, all seeds require warmth to germinate, then light later to grow and, of course, moisture. Place your pellets, pots, or baggies in a large disposable baking pan with a fitted plastic lid – a makeshift greenhouse – and put it in a warm spot: the top of the refrigerator or radiator works well, as does a sunny window. Check daily for moisture and mist liberally if they are drying up. Once they have sprouted leaves, remove the cover, water and fertilize lightly; place them in a cooler spot that gets at least six hours of bright light a day. Rotate them periodically so that they don’t get leggy, and use a fluorescent grow light if you don’t have a southfacing window. When the seedlings have sprouted true leaves (the second set after germination), the pots or pellets can be planted in larger pots to continue growing indoors into small, full plants. A few weeks before planting them outdoors, they need to be “hardened off” by spending a few hours in the shade outside on warm, dry days. Winter is here. You could give in and hibernate, or you could perform a supreme act of hope, faith, and patience by starting your garden seeds indoors. ❖

HAPPY NEW YEAR! from Tolson Appliance Center



Over 60 Years of Experience

We Service What We Sell:

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470 Broadview Ave. Warrenton, VA 20186 • 540-347-3030 • www.Tolsons.com

SERVICES INCLUDE o p s Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling • Cabinets • Countertops Custom Projects • Custom Built Closets

SERVICES INCLUDE Kitchen & Bathroom Design Cabinets • Countertops Mud Rooms • Custom Projects Custom Built Closets

Our specialty is designing kitchens and baths for all budgets. Warren Cabinets, Inc. is a distinct design center. We have shared our facility and showroom with Tolson Appliance Center for 20 years, providing a one-stop custom service for our clients.

Stop by our showroom to discover our extensive product offerings!

We thank our customers and neighbors for their patronage and wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! Please connect with us on Facebook to take advantage of our upcoming sales! We look forward to serving our community in 2020!

470 Broadview Avenue • Warrenton, VA 20186 Located in the Tolson Appliance Building

540.349.9222 | www.warrencabinets.com

get { JANUARY | WARRENTON LIFESTYLE } 15 Our specialty s. is designing kitchens and baths for all 2020 budgets. o u r Warren Cabinets, Inc. is a distinct design center. We have shared our

local expert THE EXPERT:

Laura Sears


Single Serve Meals T O





Easy, familyfriendly meals

Baked Ziti with Meatballs

Haymarket resident Laura Sears has been blogging at LB’s Good Spoon since 2008. There she dishes up her love of food, family, and more. Pay her a visit at blog. lbsgoodspoon.com

There’s something so comforting about a big bowl of baked pasta. While it’s something to be enjoyed in these cold months, I took this recipe one step further by adding some mini meatballs. Make this dish with a green salad and you’re good to go! It’s also a dish that can be made in smaller portions and placed in the freezer to be shared with others when needed. If you make and freeze this recipe, allow it to defrost in the fridge the night before cooking. If you’re making it from frozen at the last minute, increase the baking time by at least 30 minutes, checking the middle to ensure that the center is warm before serving. INGREDIENTS:

1 1 1 1 3 2 1 1 16 ½ 1

lb penne pasta Tablespoon butter Tablespoon olive oil onion, diced cloves garlic, minced 32 ounce jars marinara sauce teaspoons Italian spices 32 ounce bag frozen mini meatballs ounce ricotta cheese cup parmesan cheese cup mozzarella cheese


1. Boil a pot of water for your pasta and bake al dente according to the directions. 2. Meanwhile, make the sauce by sauteing the onion in the butter and olive oil for about 5 minutes and then adding the garlic and sauteing for about 2 more minutes. Next add your marinara sauce and the Italian spices. Simmer for 10 minutes. 3. In a separate bowl, mix 16 ounces of ricotta with ½ cup parmesan and set aside. 4. In a large bowl, add your drained cooked pasta and 2 cups of your sauce. Next add the ricotta mixture and stir


{ JANUARY 2020 |



to combine. 5. In a 9x13 dish, add a layer of pasta then sprinkle with several meatballs. Ladle some sauce and then a 1/2 cup mozzerella and a 1/4 cup of parmesan. Add another layer of pasta, meatballs, sauce, and cheese. 6. At this point you can freeze until you’re ready to bake, or bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes until bubbly. *Note: If you’re baking this the day you plan to eat it, I recommend adding the meatballs to your sauce before you simmer it so they start cooking in the sauce.

t r o f m o C y’s l i m a F s r U o You t t n a t r o p m I is NG!


Lifestyle THE 14TH ANNUAL





540.348.2906 | appletoncampbell.com AC WarrentonLifestyle_Ad_v3.indd 1

12/11/19 8:47 AM





122 W Warre

Phon piedm


Providing affordable, quality veterinary care to cats and dogs with the utmost compassion

Christopher Grams, D.V.M. Jill Grogan, D.V.M. Traci Sandberg, D.V.M. Susan Steinkamp, D.V.M.

122 West Shirley Avenue Warrenton, VA 20186 540.349.7200 piedmontpetsvet.com

{ JANUARY 2020 |




Sausage and Vegetable Lasagna When it comes to lasagna I want there to be a lot of flavors, a lot of meat, and a lot of veggies. While it’s not a one pot meal, it’s a one pan meal and I want to get everything in there. This recipe was created with that in mind. There’s a depth of flavor thanks to the sundried tomatoes and Italian sausage, and great health benefits thanks to the spinach and mushrooms. While you can make this recipe in a 9x13 pan, I made it with the idea of freezing and giving it to those who could use a good, warm, home cooked meal. With this recipe you’ll be able to make about 6 loaf pans of lasagna which can each serve as a dinner for two adults. While it may take a little bit of time, you’ll have a lot of dinners to gift and some to enjoy. INGREDIENTS:

½ 8 2 2 2 ½ 6 1 2 2

Sears’ Family Favorite Drop Biscuits Delicious for breakfast with butter, jam, or honey, and as a side to soups and stews, these drop biscuits come together easily and can be frozen so you can pop out one or two at a time as you need them. INGREDIENTS:

3½ 5 2 1½ 2

cups flour teaspoons baking powder teaspoons kosher salt sticks chilled unsalted butter cut into small pieces cups milk

onion, diced ounces baby bella mushrooms, sliced tablespoons butter small zucchini, diced lbs. Italian sausage, ground onion tablespoons tomato paste 28 ounce can crushed tomatoes bay leaves teaspoons salt

1. Defrost the spinach overnight in the fridge. When you’re ready to cook, place the spinach in a colander and squeeze it with paper towels to get all the water out. 2. Next, saute half a diced onion, mushrooms and zucchini with salt and pepper in 2 tablespoons of butter for 5-6 minutes. Allow the water to come out of the vegetables and set aside. 3. Make the sauce. Saute the sausage in a dutch oven with 1/2 diced onion until browned and then add the tomato paste through sundried tomatoes. Allow to simmer to reduce about 10-15 minutes. In a bowl, combine ricotta, spinach, egg, and 1 cup parmesan. 4. To assemble: Place 1 cup of sauce on the bottom of each loaf pan, then 1/3 cup of vegetables, 1 lasagna noodle, 3 tablespoons of the ricotta mixture, and then ¼ cup of shredded mozzarella. Repeat with 1/2 cup of sauce, vegetables, lasagna noodle, ricotta and mozzarella until your pan is complete. Cover and freeze until you’re ready to eat, or bake at 375 covered for 30 minutes and then uncovered for 20 minutes. If you are cooking from frozen, allow to defrost the night before in the refrigerator.

1. Preheat your oven to 450. In a large bowl, mix the dry ingredients and then add the butter. Cut the butter into the flour with a pastry cutter and then pour in the milk. 2. Use a fork to mix the batter until combined. It should be wet without any dry flour spots and be careful not to overmix it. Using a muffin scoop, place the dough onto baking sheets and bake for 12-13 minutes until golden. Makes about 24 biscuits.

{ JANUARY 2020 |

teaspoons Italian seasoning cup red wine cup sundried tomatoes, chopped oz Ricotta cheese oz frozen spinach, defrosted and drained egg cup parmesan oz shredded mozzarella box no-boil lasagna noodles aluminum loaf pans




2 1 ½ 32 10 1 1 16 1 6



Geothermal Repairs $150 Off

Geothermal Flushing







Increase Confidence | Improve Concentration | Shed Excess Pounds | Look and Feel Better 608 Blackwell Road • Warrenton, VA 20186 (Behind Sheetz) 540-347-7266 • www.warrentontkd.com { JANUARY 2020 |




Young at Heart Dynamic senior social group meets for education, friendship, and entertainment BY CHRISTINE CRADDOCK


or being a group comprised of members over the age of 55, the Young at Heart program certainly lives up to its name. The almost 200 members meet once a month, get together for holidays and card games, and even take trips together. One of the program leaders, Marianne Boston, emphasizes her desire to raise awareness that seniors can certainly participate and be active in our community. When Jackie Keller moved here 10 years ago, she joined St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church and was asked to help form a Senior Group. She and Mary Guyant, another founding member, worked to create a small group that has now grown into more than they could have imagined. Guyant says she started the group with the help of her husband, praying the seniors would come, enjoy the fellowship, and return the next month. She brought baked goodies at first, and then eventually others started pitching in, helping set up and making coffee. As more and more members began to attend, “we grew and learned from each other,” she says. The decade-old program includes a planning board to schedule and plan all the events to enjoy. There are trips to the Inner Harbor, theatres, group performances, and even a cruise once a year. They have traveled to Canada and the Carribean. “We are a really active group and enjoy getting together,” says Boston. Sometimes it is just something small where a member will simply bring a guitar and we gather for companionship. There are two bridge nights a month, along with other card-playing nights. Last year’s Christmas celebration included a luncheon, door prizes, and decorations.


{ JANUARY 2020 |



Above: A Young At Heart Field Trip Left: Founding member Mary Guyant

At the monthly meetings at Warrenton’s St. John the Evangelist Mercy Hall, Young at Heart seniors have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers brought in to educate on a variety of topics. Participants bring snacks to share and open minds to learn. Topics may include exercise, social security, AARP, healthcare at home, and other subjects of interest to this age group. Sometimes these meetings serve to introduce new programs for seniors to take part in or use as a resource. For instance, a speaker from VOLTRAN — Volunteer Transportation Service that serves Fauquier, northern Culpeper, and Rappahanock Counties — gave a presentation at one meeting that inspired volunteer participation for some and provided assistance for others. Volunteers with VOLTRAN provide rides for the elderly and disabled to doctor appointments and necessary errands. After the

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• Midday Walks

presentation, two Young at Heart members signed up to become volunteer drivers. Other Young at Heart members • Medication are unable to drive, and therefore are in need of VOLTRAN’s services, so it became a valuable resource for them. • Vacations Trips and events are usually planned in partnership with • Holidays Fauquier County Parks & Recreation, Blue Bird Tours, travel clubs, Aging Together, and other senior organizations. • Midday Full service petWalks sitting The goal is to meld with other community organizations and • Midday Walks • Midday Walks • Visits activities to bring people together and create friendships with while your pet remains in the comfort of their home • Visits others of similar interests and grow local groups for seniors to • Visits • Medication M.S. Biology & 12 years experience•inMedication veterinary medicine join. “We look at the needs our seniors are currently having • Medication • Vacations and try to meet them,” says Boston. Fauquier/Culpeper/Rapp• aVacations hannock • Holidays• Vacations The magic of partnerships with other organizations • Holidays is building that network of like-minded individuals and • Holidays s k Wal ay Sitting dpet providing more opportunities for seniors in our community Full service sitting d Full Service Pet While your Pet i M • Full service pet to get together. For instance, a representative from the Full service pet sitting sitting in the of its Comfort ile your petRemains remains in the comfort of their their Home home s i V • Wellington at Lake Manassas came to speak to the Young at while your pet remains in the comfort of their home ionthe comfort of their home while your pet remains icatin d e Heart group to advise them of programs and classes at their M.S. Biology & 12 years experience in veterinary medicine M • years experience in veterinary medicine M.S. Biology & 12 s n M.S. Biology & 12 years experience in veterinary medicine o facility that are free for area seniors to attend. The programs i t Fauquier/CulpepeVra/R caappahannock Fauqu•ier/Culpeper/Rappahannock cover all sorts of topics, from art and painting to wine, culinary Fauquier/Culpaeypser/Rappahannock lid pursuits, fashion, photography, and much more. Partnerships • Ho with other organizations also yield benefits for members. • Midday Walks “This group is dear to my heart and I look forward to • Visits each get together,” says Keller. Many other members feel home ting r t i i e s h t t e • Medication f p the same. Boston says “Young at Heart has given me an o ice ort e n i education on available community resources for seniors and c i l serv the comf d • Vacations ry me a n i n i their families, as well as the joy of sharing good times with r s e et • Holidays main e in v c like-minded seniors.” n e k i c p er anno hcomplicated. rs ex Taxes a Word of mouth is the biggest factor in other seniors hearing a • Midday Walks p e p Taxes are are complicated. Getting Getting your your taxes taxes done done isn’t isn’t enough Taxes enough are- -you complicated. you need need Getting your taxes done isn’t enough y • Midday Walks Full service pet •sitting 12 er/Ra Midday WalksTaxes are pare eTaxes p about this unique program. Their events are listed in the St. l Taxes are are complicated. complicated. Getting Getting your your taxes taxes done done isn’t isn’t enough enough you you need need complicated. Getting your taxes done isn’t enough you need Taxes Taxes are complicated. complicated. Getting Getting your your taxes taxes done done isn’t isn’t enough enough you you need need Taxes are complicated. Getting your taxes done isn’t enough you need u C • Visits r/ your your taxes taxes done done right. right. That’s That’s where where we we come come in.We We your hire and and taxes train train done the the right. That’s where we come in. We hire and t • Visitsin. uquie your while your pet remains in the comfort ofhire their home your your taxes taxes done done right. right. That’s That’s where where we we come comein. We We hire hire and and train the the your taxes done right. That’s wherebut weadditional come in. hire thethe •train Visits John’s Church bulletin, efforts aretrain made to your taxes taxes done done right. right. That’s That’s where where we we come come in.in. in. We We hire hire and and train train the theyour taxes done right. That’s where we come in. 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Callmembership today to your appointment. list,make with an information sheet with all the Full service pet sitting Full pet sitting 7777WWLEE LEEHWY., HWY.,WARRENTON, WARRENTON, VA VA20186 20186 540-347-7517 540-347-7517 77 W LEE HWY., WARRENTON, VA 20186 540-347-7517 Full service pet sitting s activities planned for that month. And for540-347-7517 not-so-tech-savvy k l a 7777WW LEE LEE HWY., HWY., WARRENTON, WARRENTON, VA VAcomfort 20186 20186 540-347-7517 540-347-7517 77 WSHOPPING LEE HWY.,CENTER, WARRENTON, VA 20186 SHOPPING SHOPPING CENTER, CENTER, BEALETON, BEALETON, VA VA22712 22712 540-439-1270 540-439-1270 BEALETON, VA 22712 540-439-1270 yW while your pet remains in the comfort of their home ile your pet remains in the of their home a d d i seniors, a member, Donna, contacts them over the taxes phone to isn’t enough while your pet remains in the comfort of their home M Taxes Taxes are are complicated. complicated. Getting Getting your your taxes taxes done done isn’t isn’t enough enough you you need need Taxes are complicated. Getting your done • SHOPPING SHOPPING CENTER, CENTER, BEALETON, BEALETON, VA VA 22712 22712 540-439-1270 540-439-1270 SHOPPING CENTER, BEALETON, VAyour 22712 540-439-1270 15135 15135 MONTANUS MONTANUS DR, DR,CULPEPER, CULPEPER, VA VA 22701 22701 540-825-8700 540-825-8700 15135 MONTANUS DR, CULPEPER, VA 22701 540-825-8700 Taxes Taxes are are complicated. complicated. Getting Getting your your taxes taxesVA done done isn’t isn’t enough enough- you - youneed need Taxes are complicated. Getting taxes VA done20186 isn’t enough - you need 77 77 W W LEE LEE HWY., HWY., WARRENTON, VA 20186 20186 77 540-347-7517 540-347-7517 W LEE HWY., WARRENTON, 540-347M.S. Biology &experience 12WARRENTON, years experience in veterinary medicine M.S. Biology & 12 years in veterinary medicine make sure they are able to attend as well. 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Call Call today today to to make make your your appointment. appointment. Call today to make your y a d i l during during the the calendar calendar year year in in which which the the return return was was prepared. prepared. during the calendar year in which the return was prepared. Ho • them together. Seniors really can have fun! Interested seniors * * If If you you discover discover an an H&R H&R Block Block error error on on your your return return that that entitles entitles * If you discover an H&R Block error on your return that entitles OBTP#B13696@213 OBTP#B13696@213 HRB HRB Tax Tax Group, Group, Inc. Inc. 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Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617 Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617 Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617 Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

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Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617 Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617 Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617 Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

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Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617 Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

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Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617 Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Pet Sitting Wendy’s Wendy’s PetPet Sitting Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617 540-422-9617

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Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617

Wendy’s Wendy’s Pet Pet Sitting Sitting Wendy’s Pet Sitting 540-422-9617 540-422-9617 540-422-9617


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Older, Wiser, and Still Learning



n the spring of 2015, Fauquier Public Library invited older patrons to share their ideas for library programs aimed at active, older adults. “We wanted to learn what kinds of programs active older adults wanted and needed from their library,” said Natalie Wheeler, branch manager at the Bealeton library. It quickly became apparent that older Bealeton area residents were looking for opportunities to learn new things, share their experiences, have fun, and connect with others. Hence, a new program – Older, Wiser, Learners – dubbed OWLs – was born.

A Modest Beginning Held at the Bealeton branch of Fauquier County Public Library, OWLs began as a once-monthly program, often with outside speakers on topics relevant to older residents such as “Knowing the Signs of Alzheimer’s,” “Home and Personal Safety Tips,” and


{ JANUARY 2020 |

“Chair Zumba.” Other favorites included playing “Get to Know You” bingo, tailored specifically for the OWLs, and “Travel Tales,” when they share their adventures at home and abroad. Participants soon asked if a second, less structured meeting could be added to the schedule. “In addition to the interesting topics each monthly program covered, they equally enjoyed the social aspect of meeting and mingling with others,” noted Wheeler. “We added the Coffeehouse to foster the connections OWLs were making with one another and provide another avenue for new OWLs to learn more about the program.” Over 50 OWLs participate in the program throughout the year. Some come to every meeting while others drop in occasionally. Sumerduck resident Regina Elam is one of the founding members and rarely misses a meeting. “Once I retired, I didn’t know what to do with my spare time,” she recalls.



“OWLs is a way to connect with others my age and see and hear about things I didn’t know before. I have nothing but good things to say about OWLs,” she concluded.

Making Connections OWLs is also a great way for folks new to the area to meet people and learn about the community. Both Mary Ann Browning and Nanci Fisher joined OWLs as a way to meet new people when they relocated here to be closer to family. When Browning moved to Bealeton three years ago, she knew the best way to get to know people was to become involved in the community. Enter Mary Sue Marsh, a reference librarian at the Bealeton librarian, who provided Browning with information about OWLs and the Bealeton book club, both of which Marsh leads. “OWLs has helped me get to know people. We share information about things to do and places to

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Like saving 20%. From layers of protection underneath the market’s highest rated shingles, to the 80-hour intensive training given to every team member, some of our best work is the part you’ll never see. And that’s the whole point.

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OWLs enjoying games, food and friendship during the annual holiday party

Other Library Services for Seniors

go, plus we learn things at the programs,” Browning said. Fisher’s experience was similar. Although she had already explored the programs offered by the Bealeton library and was interested in going to OWLs, a chance encounter shortly after moving to the area reinforced her belief that the library offered programs for seniors like herself. “Just days after I moved here, I met two ladies in my neighborhood. When I told them I had just moved here from Pennsylvania, they said I must join the book club and OWLs at the Bealeton library,” she recalls. She attended an OWLs meeting soon thereafter and has been a regular OWLs participant ever since. “I have met so many interesting people with interesting stories to tell, if given the time,” she concluded. According to Marsh, there is a sense of community among the OWLs; many have become friends through the meetings and have ongoing meet-ups outside of OWLs, such as lunch and bingo, as well as coming to some of the library’s other programs. They even check on each other when there is a medical issue. “As newcomers arrive in the area, looking for friends and activities to keep themselves busy, they come to the library and find out about the OWLs program,” Marsh said. All OWLs programs are free and open to any active, older adult, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Friends of the Fauquier Library. “We don’t card anyone,” jokes Wheeler, “All active older adults interested in making new friends, learning new things and sharing what they know are welcome.”

BOOK CLUBS: Book lovers of all ages are invited to join one of the seven book clubs offered by Fauquier Public Library. Not surprisingly, many of the OWLs members also participate in the Bealeton Book Club. Third Thursday of the month, 2:30 – 4 p.m. Go to fauquierlibrary.org/for-readers for a complete list of book clubs, including meeting dates and reading lists. LARGE PRINT BOOKS: Some seniors are discouraged from reading as their eyesight begins to wane but their love of reading has not. Large print books, in virtually every genre, are available at your local library, with over 2,100 titles available in large print. LIFELONG LEARNING: Active seniors will enjoy the Great Courses video collection. Learn something new with How to Stay Fit as You Age or travel to the Lost Worlds of South America, Medieval Europe or the World’s Greatest Churches, without ever leaving Fauquier County. Great Courses can be accessed free from home or at your local library. SERVICES: Did the grandkids give you an e-Reader this holiday season? Use it to explore over 23,000 free ebooks, audiobooks and e-magazines from your local library. Technology not your strength? Our reference librarians can help uncross your wires! HEALTHY MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT – AT ANY AGE: In addition to programs for older residents, and the resources listed above, the library has a wide range of materials of interest to OWLs or anyone caring for an aging friend or loved one. Here are a few suggested by library staff:

Ageless Soul: The Lifelong Journey Toward Meaning and Joy by Thomas Moore Ageproof: Living Longer Without Running out of Money or Breaking a Hip by Jean Sherman Chatzky Disrupt Aging: A Bold New Path to Living Your Best Life at Every Age by Jo Ann Jenkins Forward From Here: Leaving Middle Age – and Other Unexpected Adventures by Reeve Lindbergh The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully by Joan Chittister Happiness is a Choice You Make: Lessons from a Year Among the Oldest Old by John Leland Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To by David Sinclair Neuroimmunity: A New Science That Will Revolutionize How We Keep Our Brains Healthy and Young by Michal Schwartz Winter’s Graces: The Surprising Gifts of Later Life by Susan Avery Stewart Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing as We Age by Mary Bray Pipher

Bealeton Library and Bealeton Depot (adjacent to the library) 10877 Willow Drive North, Bealeton OWLs regular monthly meeting is held the second Thursday of the month, 2 p.m. OWLs Coffeehouse is held the fourth Thursday of the month, 2 p.m. Pick up a library calendar of events for meeting topics or go to fauquierlibrary.org/calendar


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540.422.8500 fauquierlibrary.org Warrenton | Bealeton | John Marshall

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Heaven Sent: Cherie Vermillion’s Life Ministry Helping local seniors live independent, dignified lifestyles with affordable senior care services.



s senior citizens get older, sometimes they aren’t as able to be as independent as they have been all their adult lives. Many seniors, and their families, face the challenges of this situation every day. Assisted living housing and nursing homes are extremely expensive and require the senior to move out of their own home, often against their wishes. Often their goal is to continue living as independently as possible, whether in their own home or in a family household. Heaven Sent is an organization in Warrenton that can assist seniors and families in these situations. Providing senior care services, their mission is to help their clients lead dignified, independent lifestyles in the comfort and safety of their own homes by providing dependable and affordable care. Founded by owner Cherie Vermillion, Heaven Sent is a product of careful prayer and preparation. Cherie, previously an IT manager who was laid off after the dot com crisis, prayed to God to guide her in making her decision as to what to do next for her


{ JANUARY 2020 |

life’s mission, and she was inspired to care for the elderly. Without any experience in elderly care except with her own family and neighbors, Cherie researched the industry, formed her vision for her company, and opened the doors in 2002 from her home office in Warrenton. Heaven Sent provides the full gamut of elderly care, from caring for clients who need just a little help with transportation to appointments and grocery shopping, all the way to those who are bedridden and who need complete personal hygiene care. Cherie’s caregivers can also help with meals, light housekeeping, medication reminders, and, more importantly, companionship. “We are different from Home Health; they’re sending folks out to perform tasks and leave. We are there for the duration, we become extended family members to the clients.” Cherie explained. What does Cherie see in the elderly today? “They are losing their independence, and they don’t like it. They are lonely and bored, and sometimes get depressed and lose interest or can no longer do things



they once enjoyed. Our job is to increase their quality of life. I have one client who periodically requests a ride to her hairdresser in Front Royal. It gets her out of the house, and it energizes her and makes her happy. Sometimes clients aren’t well enough for big outings, but we still try to get them out a little, maybe for ice cream on a nice day. It makes them feel like they’re alive. We try to be a light in their day.” While Cherie is personally involved in every single case, from initial assessment on, she prides herself on her staff, which is very carefully selected, trained, valued, and trusted for their judgement. It takes a special kind of person for this calling. And it is considered a calling, not just a job. First of all, they must love working with the elderly. “I look for the right heart for this kind of service. If that doesn’t exist, it just won’t work,” Cherie said. “I look for people who are flexible and and can get along with a wide variety of people.” Extensive, ongoing training is provided, and her caregivers are trusted and rewarded for their valuable work. As Cherie explained, “After all, if my caregivers aren’t happy, how can they make the client happy?” Cherie carefully matches her caregivers with her clients, and always introduces them prior to starting care to ensure a good fit. “It’s got to be a win-win situation, when I pair a caregiver to a client. Otherwise, nobody wins. It all goes back to quality of life, and quality of care.” The prices at Heaven Sent are often lower than those of similar organizations — and they offer more flexibility with unexpected scheduling changes — but the quality of care is still paramount. Cherie concluded, “This is a ministry for me. I care greatly about the individuals and that they are treated with dignity, honor, and respect, which quite often they don’t get. When I took care of my first client, the first time I left her apartment I stood out in the hallway and bawled my eyes out. Because I could not believe I could have that much compassion for a complete stranger. My heart just overflowed. That’s when I knew this was where I’m supposed to be.” ❖

WELCOME 2020 MY GOAL: “To exceed your expectations.” Let me show you my Marketing Plan that gets results!

Client Testimonials Dawn listened to our thoughts and plan, initiating a well-thought approach for us to reach our goal. We were able to have back and forth conversations on many topics but especially important to note, when our viewpoints were not identical, they were easily discussed openly and a new direction was agreed upon in a timely manner. We had total faith in her & her wonderful assistant, who make a killer A-team. SELLERS – MIKE AND LISA (NOVEMBER 2019) Dawn helped me pack up my house. It sold to the very buyers she told me about in less than 1 week after I moved out. She really went above and beyond in selling my house. She also recommended a Realtor in TX where I was moving to. Dawn is worth more than her weight in gold. She knows the housing market and is an expert at getting the job done to your satisfaction. She is the best and I would ‘Highly’ recommend her for all your real estate needs. I can’t give her enough high marks…there’s only five stars but she is definitely 5-stars plus .....She is the Realtor your blessed with and lucky to find. A word to the wise..... if Dawn recommends it, just do it. SELLER – SHERYL (NOVEMBER 2019)


From the very beginning of this very stressful process, Dawn has been my guiding light. She not only assisted me with selling my old home, but she was incredibly helpful in locating my new home. Her wealth of knowledge of the Warrenton area along with her knowledge and understanding of my needs and desires were invaluable to me. We went through a few homes before I finally settled on this one and with each home Dawn provided me with her honest and direct and welcomed advice and expertise by pointing out issues and things I may have never even thought to look at. She knows homes inside and out. I have no doubt that I would not have found this home without her experience and networking abilities. She and her team are worth their weight in gold! SELLER/BUYER – KAREN (AUGUST 2019)


A Personal Message From Dawn Arruda

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RE/MAX Regency in Warrenton sonal Message New Year, awn Arruda

It is that time of year when we gather with our family and friends to celebrate and give thanks for our good fortune and health. cy in Warrenton

New Home?

family h.

to take this opportunity to thank allcelebrate of my clients who have entrusted me andI want friends to

with one of the biggest decisions - buying and selling their home. It is always my pleasure to represent you and a thrill to see my clients achieve their goal. clients who have entrusted me

! t a h C s ’ Let

selling their home. It is always the upcoming holiday season bring you joy and happiness. my clients May achieve their goal.




Member, Fauquier Chamber of Commerce Economic Development/Legislative Committee

M e m b e r, Fa u q u i e r C h a m b e r o f C o m m e r ce Supporter, Kettle Run-Scholarship n o m i c D e v e l o p m e n t / L e g i s l a t i v e C o m m i t te e

Program, Booster Club & After Prom

u p p o r t e r, Ke t t l e R u n -S c h o l a r s h i p P r o g r a m , Supporter, Boys and Girls B o o s te r C l u b & A f te r P r o m

u p p o r t e r,

B oy s

S u p p o r t e r,


G irl s



Fa u qSupporter, u i eHabitat r

Club of Fauquier

for Humanity

H a b it at

fo ® r H um anit y Realtor , RE/MAX REGENCY

Arruda & Co. LLC & Co.Dawn LLC n Arr uda Realtor & r Dawn Co. Arruda & Co.L L Realtor Realtor a & Co. LLC Dawn Arruda & Co. LLC o. LLC r ud a & Co. LLC Dawn Arruda Dawn Arruda & Co. LLC Dawn Arruda & Co. LLC or Dawn Arruda & Co. LLC Realtor DawnRealtor Arruda



Realtor® ABR, CDPE, MCNE

Realtor ® Realtor ABR, CDPE, MCNE 0 Direct Realtor fice 540-729-6740 Direct l 540-341-8933 Office 540-729-6740 Direct lArruda emax.net 540-341-8933 Office Dawn Arruda Dawn l 540-729-6740 Dawn Arruda RE/MAX Regency | 403 Holiday Ct. | Warrenton, VA 20186Direct ® -729-6740 Direct omfort Inn Dr. l Warrenton, VRealtor A 20187 ® ® ® ABR, CDPE, MCNE 187 dawn.arruda@remax.net Realtor ABR, CDPE, MCNE, PSA Realtor ABR, CDPE, MCNE dawn.arruda@remax.net Realtor ABR, CDPE, MCNE 740 Direct Warrenton: 540-341-8933 | Haymarket: 571-248-9491 540-341-8933 540-729-6740 Direct VA 20187 RE/MAXOffice Regency ll 7373 Comfort Inn Dr. l Warrenton, 540-341-8933 Direct RE/MAX Regency lOffice 7373 Comfort Inn Dr. l 540-729-6740 Warrenton, VA Warrenton, VA 20187 l 540-729-6740 Each office independently owned and 20187 operated 540-341-8933 Office Direct l 540-729-6740 l Dawn.Arruda@remax.net l www.dawnarruda.com Each office independently owned andDirect operated dawn.arruda@remax.net dawn.arruda@remax.net A 20187



Keeping Seniors Fit, Healthy, Fauquier Health’s Wellness Center offers seniors of any physical capability opportunities to improve their health through movement BY GARY CARROLL


auquier Health’s Wellness Center may not have the Fountain of Youth, but it certainly does a great job in keeping local seniors healthy and vigorous. On a recent visit to the modern, wellequipped facility located next to Holiday Inn in Warrenton, I ran into a fellow senior friend, Jon Holmes, who, although he looks my age, surprisingly told me he was ten years older. Active at the Wellness Center for about a decade, Jon said he believes that his participation has contributed to his ability to stay very active in charity work in the community, including work with the Lions Club and Habitat for Humanity’s RESTORE shop. Meeting with staff members Meghan Costello and Taylor Bireley, I learned that the Center, which started out originally providing services to cardiac and pulmonary patients from Fauquier Hospital, has expanded its services significantly over the years. Now, it provides a wide variety of health services to patients referred by their physicians, as well as to those who participate in Center activities just to keep in shape and stay healthy. Taylor is the Supervisor of the Wellness Center and Meghan is an Exercise Physiologist trained in kinesiology. Meghan says clients who participate in Center activities range from college athletes to one member who is 98 years old. The Wellness Center is truly for everyone, but seniors receive special attention. Meghan noted that classes and equipment at the facility help seniors by increasing strength and balance, elevating their spirits, and creating more energy. In the mornings, you can find classes recommended for seniors just starting out, including Gentle Yoga, Stretch-Strength-Balance, Golden Tone, and Meditation. Of course, seniors can also choose to use the fully equipped exercise room filled with high quality fitness equipment to strengthen and sculpt bodies.


{ JANUARY 2020 |


ABOVE: Members participate in the Stretch, Strength, and Balance class held on Monday and Wednesday mornings. RIGHT: Jack Yeck works out on the Wellness Center’s fitness equipment.


Fauquier Health Wellness Center

and Strong

419 Holiday Court, 2nd Floor, Warrenton fauquierhealth.org/wellnesscenter 540-316-2640 Mention this article and receive a free assessment with new membership through January 31, 2020.

But the best news is that there is no minimum physical capability requirement to use the facility, and the staff is dedicated to modifying classes and instruction to fit individual needs. Absolutely anyone can participate regardless of physical capability. Even individuals in wheelchairs exercise at the center. Meghan emphasized that the goal is to help each person to move in some way, regardless of their condition. Every new participant starts at a slow, steady pace. As with any new exercise program at any age, it is recommended to check with your physician first and advise the instructor of any health issues you are facing. During my visit, I decided to participate in my first Yoga class. Despite feeling like I was stretching muscles I didn’t know I had, I found the class reenergizing and Exercise Physiologist Andrea Stump, the instructor, was welcoming and patient. Afterwards, she reassured me that I did “fine” for my first class and volunteered some overall advice for me on how to stay healthy in my “golden years.” Andrea, I learned, was a good example of the highly-trained, professional staff you will find ready to partner with you on your fitness and health journey. The Fauquier Health Wellness Center is the only local center to offer certified medical staff on site to help you safely work towards your optimal health. The staff of 26 individuals includes physical therapists, dieticians, exercise physiologists, massage therapists, registered nurses, and many more clinical and wellness professionals. The reach of the Wellness Center stretches out into the community also. Currently, staff members provide exercise classes at the Villa at Suffield Meadows on Route 29, as well as strength and movement classes twice weekly at Fauquier Health Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Many also use their visit to the Center as an opportunity to socialize as well as exercise. Some members routinely schedule lunch with their friends to follow their workouts. (I suspect those lunches are healthy ones.) The Center also hosts a “pot luck” party around the holidays and is planning to put together a member cookbook based on their recipes. ❖

{ JANUARY 2020 |




“If you’re just starting out, you’ll need some help to get up and running. Your adult children are the obvious ones to ask, but don’t count out grandchildren! Young adults, teens, and even pre-teens are very technology-savvy these days and are often the best ones to show you how to have fun online!”

local expert THE EXPERT:

Klaus Fuechsel HIS EXPERTISE:

Computers & Technology

Klaus Fuechsel owns the local awardwinning computer repair store Dok Klaus. He and his team deal with all kinds of computer issues; data preservation is one of their top priorities. You may contact Dok Klaus via phone 540428-2376 or visit his website www.DokKlaus.com.




hile collecting thoughts for this article, I remembered Dr. Robert Iadeluca, who was living on his own until a few weeks before he passed away last summer at the age of 98. Every day he did a handful of things on his desktop computer: he read the New York Times, checked his emails, read the latest Facebook posts, researched on the web for information, and wrote articles which were also published in this magazine. I would like to share some information and tips so other seniors can also take steps toward connectivity and independence through technology. An added bonus: not only can technology be useful, it can also be fun! COMMUNICATION Just last week my 87-year-old Mom, who lives alone in Munich, expressed how much she loves our weekly Skype sessions. It’s not the same as being there, but at least we can see each other face to face. On the average Sunday, we have an online family gathering with my mother, me and my wife in Warrenton, all three of our daughters, my sister, and one or two nephews, all the way from different cities in Germany, New Jersey, and Lusaka, Zambia. Yes, this is possible with the internet! The ways we stay in touch with family and friends have changed significantly over the last few decades. Hand-written letters have sadly become rare. If you want to communicate quickly with children, grandchildren, and younger friends, they most likely prefer a text message or email, all of which they can access on their mobile phones. If you still have an older model “flip phone,” you can still

{ JANUARY 2020 |



perform these tasks. But there are so many more technological applications out there nowadays that you should certainly consider upgrading to a larger touch screen phone which will open up so many more doors for you. This will enable you to take and share photos and communicate visually through apps such as FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp where you can chat and see each other while you’re doing it. CONVENIENCE You can do much of your shopping online from the comfort of your home; for example, ordering groceries and medicine to be delivered to your door, which can be especially helpful for seniors with limited mobility or transportation issues. For security purposes, always use a credit card when shopping online, instead of a debit card or automatic withdrawal from your bank account. ENTERTAINMENT There are so many programs online to train your brain, play interactive and individual games, and more. My mother enjoys Scrabble with me online, and my father-in-law challenges himself every day with Solitaire. Kindles and light tablets are perfect for accessing E-books. You don’t necessarily need to purchase them or have a monthly subscription; you can access thousands of electronic and audio books for free via the OverDrive App through your local library. Ask about this next time you go to the library. I enjoy listening to audiobooks on my phone or on the computer. If you have questions while you are on your journey through technology, please contact me at 540-428-2376 or at klaus@dokklaus.com. I enjoy providing one-on-one classes, too. ❖

We are freedom help hope peace of mind { caregivers }. At FirstLight, the care we provide goes beyond the basics of bathing and medication reminders. If you or your loved one wants to work in the garden or play a cherished game, we’re there. Our team, led by local owners, Mark and Stacey Harvey, will spend time getting to know your family and finding ways to enrich your lives. Let us create a personalized care plan to fit your needs: • Conversation & company • Transportation, shopping & errands • Bathing, dressing & hygiene Caring husband and wife team, Mark & Stacey Harvey... here to make a difference.

• Medication reminders • Laundry & light housekeeping • Assistance with meals

• Walking & mobility assistance • Mail & paperwork organization • And much more!

Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.




Piedmont Professional Center

Call now to reserve your spot!

419 Holiday Court, Suite 10 Warrenton, VA 20186 P: 540-878-5781





Phone and Internet Safety for Seniors Protect yourself from financial frauds and scams BY PAM KAMPHUIS


s our aging population grows, and as people are living longer lives due to advanced medical treatments, one concern of people with aging parents is how to keep them safe. Warrenton Lifestyle met with Lt. Richard MacWelch and Michelle Wright of the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office to discuss safety and security of senior citizens today. According to Lt. MacWelch and Wright, a significant threat to seniors is their vulnerability to financial frauds and scams. Seniors face the same safety threats every day that the rest of us do; the difference is in how they perceive their surroundings and their world. “Seniors are very trusting,” said Wright. “They always want to see the good in people, and they don’t want to bother anyone by asking for help. Sometimes they are too proud to ask for help, or don’t want their family or others to think they’re incapable of handling their own affairs.” Seniors have spent most of their lives without the internet, and grew up in a time without aggressive telephone or door-to-door marketing, and as such they are particularly vulnerable to internet and phone scams. Trained from an early age to be polite on the telephone, they have a hard time saying no. They are usually not able to discern when callers, or people contacting them by email, are trying to, best case scenario, sell them


{ JANUARY 2020 |

something they don’t need, all the way to the worst case scenario, steal their identity for the purpose of financial fraud. It’s important to understand,” explained Wright, “that it takes very little information for someone to get started on stealing your identity. Even giving out your birthdate puts you at risk. If a caller has your phone number, he also has your address. If he then obtains your birth date, he has enough to go a lot further into obtaining even more information about you.” The results of fraud can be devastating. If a criminal gains enough personal information from you, he can do anything from buy a cell phone to empty your bank accounts to apply for credit cards or even a car loan or a home mortgage. “Phone scammers prey upon the elderly. They know what they’re doing, they know exactly what to say, which tone of voice to take, whether to be friendly and polite or forceful and threatening. They can assess the vulnerability of the senior and manipulate them into giving out information. They are experts at it.” said Lt. MacWelch.

Some common types of fraud:

• Selling something you don’t need, such as car warranties, extra insurance, mortgage refinancing, loans, etc.



• Bogus charities asking for money • Investment schemes • Sweepstakes and lottery scams telling you you’ve won a prize • The grandparent scam in which the caller pretends to be a grandchild who needs to be bailed out of jail. • A call from someone claiming to be the government or Social Security or law enforcement insisting you owe money which must be paid immediately. • Attempts to gain personal and financial information. • Medical miracle cures or anti aging products • Prescription scams: a caller or website selling prescriptions at a vastly discounted rate from another country. These prescriptions may not be real medications at all. • Calls “confirming information” • Phishing scams, which are emails that lead to a bogus site — for instance, a site that looks a lot like your bank account site — for the purpose of extracting information, usernames, and passwords. • Home Services scams and frauds. This includes people coming to your door and offering tree services, lawn services, or home inspections/repairs, often demanding payment or deposit in advance.


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Seniors should follow the following precautions:

• Do not assume that everyone who calls you is honest and calling with legitimate business. • Remember, you have the right to simply say “no” or hang up the phone if a caller is making you uncomfortable or pressuring you. • Realize that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. • Never respond to any sales or financial inquiry calls immediately. Take the time to think about the call, consider the information, and, most importantly, consult with someone trustworthy, such as a family member. There is nothing that will come in by a phone call that has to be acted on immediately. Don’t fall for “you have to act now to receive this special rate.” • Never give ANY personal or financial information out to anyone over the phone or internet. Callers may offer you “discounted payment plans” for bogus purchases if you authorize a monthly direct debit from your account. Giving that information means that they have all the information they need to empty your account. • Beware of calls that “only want to confirm information.” The caller may identify himself as a representative from Medicare, and tell you there’s a problem with your account. “He may then ask you to read off the information on your Medicare card so he can confirm that the records match. “You have no idea how much personal information is connected to your Medicare number,” explained Shelly. “Seniors need to realize that Medicare, the government, or the IRS will never make that kind of phone call.” • Conduct most transactions with a credit card instead of a debit card, and protect your PIN carefully. Always use the same credit card so it’s easy to keep track of. Check your statements carefully, and contact the credit card company immediately if anything seems off. • Do not hire home services contractors who come to your door or contact you by phone. Always choose contractors by recommendations from family or other trusted friends.

Beware of mail fraud

Just like phone and internet, not everything that comes in the mail is legitimate. Seniors tend not to realize that, with computer graphics today, it is possible for scammers to create a document that looks very real, even down to the shapes of the letters and logos. If you receive mail asking


{ JANUARY 2020 |


for money or personal information, investigate before replying. However, it is important NOT to verify the suspicious document by calling the number provided on the suspicious document itself — that will only connect you to someone involved in the scam. If the communication is from a well known organization, verify the number on the official website or ask someone trustworthy to check it for you. If it is not from a known organization, ignore it.

Important facts

Government agencies — Social Security, Medicare, the IRS, and law enforcement — do not perform business by phone or request personal or financial information. They will notify you by mail in the event they need to communicate. There is no legitimate business or organization that does business with gift cards. Period. If a caller requests you purchase gift cards from a store and send them in or read them the card information, they are a fraud. Unfortunately, sometimes seniors confuse gift cards with credit cards, since they are the same size and made of the same material and include account numbers on them. Accept the fact that people lie to seniors to get money, both on the phone and by mail. Simply because an envelope comes in the mail with heartrending, emotional stories and adorable photos of puppies or needy children doesn’t mean the sender has any intention of benefitting either children or animals with any money you send them. If you’d like to give to a charity, give locally to one in your community that you’ve checked out, or donate to a large, verifiable charity where you can be sure your donation ends up where it is intended. The most important thing for seniors to understand is that the world is full of fraud and scams, and they are particularly vulnerable. Therefore, they need to rely heavily on a trustworthy family or friends when navigating phone calls, emails, and mail which may be illegitimate. Instead of giving information over the phone, take a phone number to return the call after you have asked someone trustworthy for advice. Put suspicious mail aside for your son or daughter to go through. Asking for help or advice doesn’t mean you’re not capable of handling your own affairs; it indicates that you’re savvy enough to recognize threats, and consult with someone with more information to avoid potential problems, much like you would consult a doctor about a medical issue. The consequences of financial fraud can be devastating, and can include losing all your financial assets. Take steps to protect yourself. ❖


In the event that personal information is lost — whether by loss or theft, or by fraud — take steps to freeze your credit reports and bank accounts immediately, advised Wright. Contact your bank directly for help with your accounts, and contact these three important credit bureaus to protect your credit: Equifax (800525-6285), Experian (800-397-3742), and Transunion (800-6807289). Report the fraud to the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office (540 347-3300) so law enforcement staff are aware of it and can help prevent it in the future.



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A Respite for Caregivers and Opportunities for Seniors Warrenton Adult Day Healthcare Center BY HANNAH SAMLALL


hen the day comes that an elderly loved one requires additional care or supervision, it can be overwhelming to weigh all of the different options. The senior’s family members have likely planned for this time in advance but when the time comes, there is so much more to consider than they had previously anticipated. Many caregivers will move to working part-time or retire from their job in order to care for their senior full-time. Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services (RRCS) is here to say: you’re not alone and you have options. “Our mission is to provide support services to the community and support family members and caregivers as well as the seniors,” said Susan Walters, who is the Health and Caregiver Support Services Manager at RRCS. Susan oversees the Warrenton Adult Day Healthcare Center, along with many other healthcare support programs. An entity since 1990, the Adult Day Healthcare Center (WADHC) moved into its new location in Warrenton in 2003. “Our presence is there in Warrenton,” Walters said. “But we serve the surrounding communities as well. It’s a very safe, secure environment.”


{ JANUARY 2020 |



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7998 Crescent Park Dr. Gainesville, VA 20155 (703) 753-SEED https://gainesvilleva.wbu.com



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The center, which is regulated and licensed by the Department of Social Services, is housed in the Warrenton Community Center along with the Fauquier Senior Center and Fauquier County Parks & Recreation Department. The Warrenton ADHC provides a nurturing, safe environment for adults who need assistance with daily health and personal care activities. “It’s so vitally important as a respite entity because most caregivers in the home don’t have any personal time,” Walters said. “They have someone at home with a functional or cognitive issue that they can’t leave at home alone. They’re having to care for their loved one 24/7 so they don’t have to resort to a more permanent solution like assisted living.” RRCS offers many resources and assistance to caregivers because they understand how important respite is for those who are caring for their loved ones full-time. “Even having as little as four hours, two days a week of free time can make the caregiving process so much easier,” Walters said. “They know they have a safe place to take their loved ones while they do things like go grocery


{ JANUARY 2020 |

shopping or attend their own regular doctor appointments.” Since the WADHC is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., caregivers can even continue to work if they choose to do that. “Some people come all day, every day,” Walters said. “Some people come two days a week. It’s whatever fits their lifestyle and schedule. Our seniors can interact and socialize and be part of the programs that the Senior Center, which is held next door, has available.” The list of activities that the Senior Center offers is varied and extensive; members of the WADHC can participate in board games, puzzles, Jeopardy, and — everyone’s favorite — Bingo. More dynamic activities include volleyball, kickball, and the bean bag toss. It’s important to note that there is an application and approval process required to participate in the WADHC program. “The rate is reasonable in relation to having in-home care services, and it is on a sliding scale,” Walters said. “A support coordinator for the county will go into the home and do an assessment and will assist the caregiver in determining a plan of action. I encourage people to come in



even before that to come take a tour and check it out.” The Warrenton ADHC serves adults 18 and older who meet admission requirements: Reside in Culpeper, Madison, Orange, Rappahannock, Fauquier, or other nearby counties; have an identified need for ADHC services; be at risk for institutional placement without ADHC supportive services; and do not have current needs deemed to be a danger to self or others. The program offers care and supervision provided by certified aides and nurses, social and recreational programs based on individual interests, health monitoring with medication administration and/ or medication supervision, a personcentered plan of care developed with the participant and family, a nutritious lunch and two snacks per day, and access to care coordinators and other aging services. “We tailor the plan of care and activities to what each person’s needs and interests are,” Walters said. They can participate if they want and we encourage it, but it’s what they want to do. Among other things, the participants are able to get socialization and even develop camaraderie. They can really get into participating in the activities.” WADHC encourages caregivers and seniors to come in and see all the benefits they offer. “We are very interested in having folks come in and take a tour through the building, and ask any questions,” Walters said. The Warrenton ADHC accepts CCC+ (Medicaid managed care), private pay on a sliding scale and some private insurances. Transportation is available in some areas. For more information about the Warrenton ADHC, contact them today at 540-825-3100, ext. 3464. ❖


S 17ofYEAR caring


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Love the peace of mind with our professionally trained, carefully screened caregivers, who are bonded, insured and licensed. Experienced and trained in caring for those in Hospice and those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, Parkinson’s, Cancer, COPD, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes and more.

Dr. Shannon Moore | Dr. Lisa Butterfield After 40 years of providing our community with the best eyecare around, Dr. Sam Weir is officially retiring! Dr. Shannon Moore, who has been working with Dr. Weir for the past 14 years, is taking over ownership of the practice while he makes big plans for his future. Although he is leaving the office, the staff and other doctors are all staying so you will see the same friendly faces when you walk in the door. Dr. Moore and Dr. Butterfield look forward to continuing providing the community with the best eyecare around for many years to come!

CNA’s, PCA’s, Caregivers with a heart for helping the elderly, Please contact us for career opportunities.

540.347.0555 528 Waterloo Road, Warrenton | warrentoneyes.com

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A Community of and for Seniors The Fauquier Senior Center BY PAM KAMPHUIS


hen seniors retire from working, sometimes they don’t know what to do with themselves. Especially if they can’t drive any longer, their world becomes very small and lonely. They lack mental and physical stimulation, as well as socialization. This is something the Fauquier Senior Center is designed to help. Overseen by the Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services, the program provides educational, physical, and social stimulation, recreation, nutritional information and a nutritious noon meal for their members. But, said Lola Walker, the Nutrition and Volunteer Services Supervisor for RRCS, the most important thing they offer seniors is the opportunity to have fun! One member said, “I was a cafeteria worker in the public school system for my whole career. When I retired and couldn’t drive any more, I stayed home alone, staring at the four walls for two years until I started attending the Senior Center. It is such a blessing. I am much more active, healthier, and happier all the way around.” There are two programs that the Center is required to offer: Nutrition Education and Healthy Steps, a gentle exercise program which can be performed either sitting or standing. But there is so much more that the Center offers. Seniors can enjoy socializing with their friends and playing board games. Other activities include things like playing Jeopardy, volleyball, kickball, bean bag toss, making crafts, and many others. The two favorite activities for members, by survey, are field trips and Bingo. “They really like Bingo,” said Lola. “The socialization is key; the members become like family,” she added. Outside members of the community contribute to the success of the Center. Community members volunteer periodically, leading activities or calling Bingo. “We have a dedicated and enthusiastic staff, but others volunteering and visiting livens it up a bit,” said Lola.


{ JANUARY 2020 |


“It is such a blessing. I am much more active, healthier, and happier all the way around.”


Another important benefit that members gain when attending the senior center is having access to other RRCS agency services and a connection to local support networks. The Center can really act as a safety net and connect seniors with organizations that can assist them. With a membership of 65 seniors, about 30 will attend on any given day, making the large community room buzz with activity. The program is held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Thursday every week at the Warrenton Community Center. Seniors must be over 60 years old and self sufficient (or bring a caregiver). Anyone in the county that meets these requirements is welcome to attend. The program is free, except for a requested donation for the noon meal, and free transportation is provided from anywhere in the county, pending availability. ”It’s easy to join; there is no waiting list, seniors attend as a guest for three days, fill out some minimal paperwork, and they’re in,” said Lola. ❖

540.347.3396 220 Culpeper Street (corner of Culpeper St. and 29 Business) Appointments Monday - Thursday: 8am - 5pm, Friday: 8am - 4pm

Quality • Integrity • Compassion


Dr. Robert C. Flikeid

Left: Dr. William H. Allison Right: Dr. Michael G. Koerner

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Keeping Fauquier County’s Seniors Safe TRIAD and Dementia Friends Programs work with the community to protect seniors BY PAM KAMPHUIS


Do you have an elderly neighbor or someone you know who perhaps seems a little “off”? Perhaps they wander a bit, have trouble remembering things, or appear confused sometimes? It could be a more serious problem than normal aging — they may suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Since many Fauquier seniors continue to live alone and far from family members, it’s important that we as a community maintain awareness of their well-being so that we can be of some help. An important part of that can be familiarizing ourselves with dementia’s signs, symptoms, and stages.


{ JANUARY 2020 |



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The statistics for dementia are sobering. According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that 50 million older adults are affected by dementia worldwide, and that number is expected to almost triple by 2050. As a community, dementia education, awareness, and advocacy are important as the aging population of Fauquier County increases. Dementia Friends is a national organization designed to educate the public about dementia, and support and serve those who are living with the disease and their family, friends, and care partners. The organization emphasizes that each individual can make a difference at a local level by working to create dementia-friendly communities. Dementia Friends has created a program to educate the population and has trained representatives throughout the country to present information sessions in their own communities. Stacey Harvey, owner of FirstLight Home Care in Warrenton, is a Certified Dementia Practitioner as well as a Certified Dementia Friends trainer. She is part of the Piedmont Dementia Education Committee that holds free training sessions in the community to educate businesses and individuals to recognize the signs of the different stages of dementia, how to interact with a person living with dementia, and what to do to get help. The program is free, and anyone can attend. It is an excellent program for individuals, businesses, and groups — for instance, church groups or Home Owners Associations — to attend. Stacey is committed to getting the word out about dementia in our community and will come anywhere locally to present the free program. For information on Becoming a "Dementia Friend" please contact Aging Together at 540-829-6405 or agingtogether.org, or attend a scheduled session on January 21 at 9:30 a.m. at the PATH Foundation in Warrenton.


Seniors can be vulnerable in many ways, and Fauquier County, thanks in large part to Lt. Richard MacWelch and a number of community partners, is fortunate to have a program in place to assist seniors with safety and protection as they age in our community. Fauquier County TRIAD is a group comprised of community partners and local law enforcement with the goal of protecting


{ JANUARY 2020 |

TRIAD topics: • Online, phone and in-person home service scams

• Online dating (yes, this is a Lt. Richard MacWelch at a TRIAD presentation at the Fauquier Senior Center. Courtesy photo.

our growing elderly population and keeping them informed and safe. On the first Wednesday of every month, TRIAD holds free educational workshops for seniors, caregivers, volunteers, those who work in senior service provider industry, and anyone else who is interested. In addition to educating seniors on very important topics focused specifically on their needs, there are other benefits to seniors attending the programs. It gets them out and socializing, which combats loneliness and isolation. It builds trust and confidence between seniors and law enforcement, so they are more likely to reach out when they need help, which reduces their susceptibility to victimization and crime. They also meet other community members who are experienced with seniors issues who may be good resources for them. TRIAD is run by a SALT council, an acronym for Seniors And Law Enforcement Together. In Fauquier County, the SALT council consists of Lt. Rick MacWelch of the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Department, Mark and Stacey Harvey of FirstLight Home care, Ellen Phipps of Aging Together, Sophia Cameron of The Villa, and representatives from the Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services Board. Casey Shelton of FirstLight Home Care said, “I really have so much praise for Lt. MacWelch, he has done so much in this county in making TRIAD work.” ❖



thing for seniors!)

• Home safety and fall prevention

• Gun Safety • Rebuilding Credit • Senior abuse, financial abuse

• Legal matters: Powers of Attorney, guardianships

• Medication safety • Seniors mental health, depression, and suicide

• Decluttering • Self Defense

TRIAD... get involved! Schedule: First Wednesday of every month, 10:30-11:30 a.m. Location: Fauquier Senior Center, 430 E Shirley Avenue, Warrenton Information: 540-347-7729 or 540-579-7570 or facebook. com/fauquiercountytriad Lunch is offered after each program. RSVP to 540347-7729 required, $1-$3 suggested contribution

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Care Options for Seniors

When more help is needed BY HANNAH SAMLALL


s an adult child of an aging parent, one of the most difficult times comes when the parent is not able to be as independent as they have been, and needs more help navigating daily life. Relatives and caregivers may worry constantly about their elderly loved one living alone. This can be a traumatic time for the seniors themselves as well, as they face losing their independence or even the ability to live in their own home. With the senior population rising in Fauquier County, this is a concern for many. There are several things to consider when it comes time for an elderly loved one to require additional care, whether that be extra care or help in the home, assisted living, nursing home, or any number of different options. Arguably, one of the most difficult decisions to make, however, is determining whether or not your loved one is able to live on their own. “There are several things to look at, safety-wise,” said Mittie Wallace, who is the Program Manager for Services & Benefits for Elderly & Disabled Adults at the Fauquier Department of Social Services (DSS). “Are they falling down? Using appliances, such as a gas stove, that may no longer be safe for them to use?”


{ JANUARY 2020 |



In addition to safety, there may be other signs that your senior parent may require additional care. If they are no longer able to manage their finances, perform regular household responsibilities, or practice proper hygiene, these are all signs that it might be time to seek additional assistance for them. Does that mean the senior must move to an assisted living or nursing home? Not always. Once it has been determined that your loved one requires additional care, the next decision is to decide what level of care they need. “We always look at the least restrictive option,” Cindy Giles, who works as a Family Services Specialist/Adult Protective Services at DSS, said. “We talk to the family and do an assessment to gauge what level of care is required and whether or not that person will be able to remain in their home with support services. Our goal is always to keep people in their homes as long as possible.” DSS has several different programs available, such as their companion program. “This provides seniors with a helper approved by DSS who would go into the home to help with things such as meal preparation, housekeeping, and assistance with laundry,” Giles said. “That could be the level of care they require that would allow them to stay in their home. If the need rises above that level, another living situation may be a better option.” “My mother, with the help of a companion from DSS and the home delivered meals program from RRCSB, as well as assistance from family and her church community, was able to live alone in her own home until her death, just after her 90th birthday,” said Dos Randall of Broad Run. “That made her very happy.” One option that many families of elderly loved ones look into is having their loved one move in with them. This may seem like the best option, but it’s important to understand the realities before choosing this as the best possible option. One consideration is expense: “They have to make their home ready and accessible for their parent or elderly loved one,” Wallace said. “Are there stairs to get to the bedroom? Modifications to the home may be necessary.” Additional considerations, such as the wellbeing of the caregiver, are also important. “What kind of stress will this place on them?” Wallace said. “It’s important that they have family to give them respite, when necessary. We’ve seen the caregiver’s

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We’ve carefully selected the most skilled and compassionate team to take home care to the next level. Our expert team is licensed, insured, and bonded and possess the skills and passion necessary to provide our clients with superior in-home care. We’re committed to finding individuals with the right heart posture. This innate sense and passion for caring for others defines the EverNest team. From personal care services to companionship services and beyond, our home care offerings are tailored to suit each of our client’s lifestyles and needs. Please call us to arrange a free consultation! Licensed Home Care Agency through the Virginia Department of Health

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540-272-9546 www.furryfriendsva.com

{ JANUARY 2020 |





“We want to say that adults have the right to make the decision on their own. We definitely respect that. Different circumstances may affect that when mental, cognitive, or physical health impairs their ability to have that conversation”

health deteriorate because they have medical issues of their own, and the responsibility may bring on added stress. Some caregivers take on this task and then they’re not able to get to their own medical appointments and do other very basic things.” If the family isn’t available to assist, there are other options such as a paid caregiver. It depends on what their elderly loved one needs, whether that is 24/7 care or someone to come in during the day, either daily or a few times a week. Everyone requires different levels of care, so it’s important to include an impartial professional who can help to determine the level of care needed for a loved one. “We want to say that adults have the right to make the decision on their own. We definitely respect that. Different circumstances ONLINE ORDERS • PRIVATE EVENTS • CATERING may affect that when mental, cognitive, or physical health impairs their ability to have that conversation,” Wallace said. “We rely on Serving Fresh Italian Food Daily the primary care physician’s input, as well. We ask their opinion, 11085 MARSH RD. SUITE A, BEALETON, VA 22712 what they are seeing as the needs, and we come together with the adult child and any other concerned family or friends we can bring 540.439.3332 | GRIOLISBISTRO.COM in, approaching it as a partnership.” When it comes to financing this care, there are several options n@FormulaX2MidAtlantic.com 8078 Crescent Park Drive #205 • Gainesville, VA 20155 available. The Medicaid unit at DSS can evaluate for long term Licensed in Virginia care coverage through Medicaid and determine what that pays for, whether it’s care in the home or for a nursing home stay. Another possibility is a state-funded auxiliary grant, which is an income-based and resource-based program which can be applied for through DSS, who will assess eligibility and coverage. Another option is private pay; there are a variety of senior care service Cleaning in Warrenton The OnlyDry GREENEARTH Dry Cleaning in Warrenton companies in the area. No Hazardous There are many different options available in Fauquier County Chemicals No Hazardous From our family to yours, thank you for all levels of care. The Warrenton Adult Day Care Center offers Chemicals for your ongoing patronage over the Gentle onshort-term care during the daytime. There are senior apartment past 20 years. It is because o Fabrics Gentle oncommunities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities in Safe for Water, Fabrics are able to celebrate this annive Soil, and Air Fauquier, as well. Safe for Water, is an honor to call you our cus Soil, Air“There are also adult foster care homes. If anyone wants to Safeand for Water, is an honor to call you ourNo customers. Hazardous YEARS Soil, andbecome Air Chemicals a provider for this, they can be paid to do this,” Wallace and the Gentle on said. “They provide housing, meals, and transportation to medical Warrenton Center Cleaners Fam Fabrics appointments for an elderly senior. This is a great transition when someone can no longer live in their own home because it’s very $ 00 $ 00 m -pm, 7:30SAT pm, SAT - 6:00 30 8:008:00 am -am 6:00 pmpm similar to living at home, but with care.” It can also be a rewarding OFF OFF OFF OFF Service by 9am, by 5pm Best e (M-F)(M-F) In byIn9am, out out by 5pm Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning experience for the provider, both personally and financially. Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning Minimum 55Pieces Minimum 10 10 Pieces Minimum Pieces Minimum Pieces Voted With With coupon. Excludes Household items, Leather &the Suede. rising senior adult population in Fauquier County, With coupon. Excludes Household items, Leather & Suede. With coupon. Excludes Household items, Leather & Suede. With coupon. Excludes Household items, Leather & Not Suede. valid with any other offer. Exp. 5/31/18 Not valid with any other offer. Exp. 5/31/18 Best of Warrenton Not valid with any other offer. Exp. 5/31/18 Not valid with any other offer. Exp. 5/31/18 adult care homes and people to assist with the companion Coupon must be presented with incoming order. Coupon must be presented with incomingfoster order. ~ Suite 153 ~Customers Warrenton, VAso much 7to Years in a$ Row! $ with incoming00 Coupon must be presented order. Coupon must be presented with incoming order. like you mean us 00 program are in high demand. “We have a waiting list of people at the Holidays and year round. Thank OFF Discover Fauquier ■ May 2018 3 OFF 3 3 Discover Fauquier■ May 2018 you for trusting us to provide excellent Discover Fauquier Fauquier■ ■ May May 2018 2018 3 Discover Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning Discover waiting,” DiscoverFauquier Fauquier May 2018 service, a fair price and a dry cleaning 33 Wallace said. “If they don’t get something as simple as ■■May 2018 Minimum 5 Pieces Minimum 10 Pieces process that is earth friendly. with incoming order. Coupon must be presented with incoming order. Coupon must be presented someone to help them with cleaning or meal preparation, they’ll 7 Years in a Row! ~ Suite 153 ~ Warrenton, VA Coupon must be presented with incoming order. Coupon must be presented with incoming order. Best Wishes and Not valid with any other offer. Exp. 5/31/18 Not valid with any other offer. Exp. 5/31/18 Happy New Years from All ofBest Us of Warrenton Not valid with any other offer. Exp. 5/31/18 Not valid with any other offer. Exp. 5/31/18 have to transition to another living situation.” With coupon. Excludes Household items, Leather & Suede. With coupon. Excludes Household items, Leather & Suede. Coupon must be presented with incoming order. Coupon must be presented with incoming order. With coupon. Excludes Household items, Leather & Suede. With coupon. Excludes Household items, Leather & Suede. Voted Minimum Pieces Minimum Pieces Minimum 10 10 Pieces Minimum 55Pieces If you’re interested in participating in the Adult Foster Care Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning e (M-F)(M-F) In byIn9am, out out byThanks 5pm Best Service by 9am, by 5pm for voting program OFFor want more information about the options available as OFF OFF OFF uspm the pm Best Dry 30 8:008:00 am -am 6:00 m -pm, 7:30SAT pm, SAT - 6:00 14 years $ 00 $ 00 a senior or caregiver, contact the Department of Social Services BEST Cleaners 251 West Lee Hwy ~ Suite 153 ~ Warrenton, VA in a row! today at 540-422-8400. ❖











5 00



With coupon. Excludes Household items, Leather & Suede. Not valid with any other offer. Exp. 01/31/20


With coupon. Excludes Household items, Leather & Suede. Not valid with any other offer. Exp. 01/31/20







10 00 5 540-349-3141 $ $ 00





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Warrenton Center Cleaners Fam and the

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WARRENTON LIFESTYLE is an honor to call you our customers.

is an honor to call you our cus


Soil, and Air Safeand for Water, Soil, Air



Beautifully Remodeled One level - 4 Bedroom - 3 Bath home situated on .70 Acre lot. Interior features spacious kitchen, tile flooring, new stainless steel appliances, plenty of counter and storage space, new recessed lighting. Kitchen opens to sunny and bright dining area and family room. Spacious master suite with remodeled bath. 3 additional bedrooms and 2 remodeled baths on main level. Kitchen/Dining Room opens to deck and fully fenced backyard. Stunning hardwood floors throughout, new windows, new light fixtures, pellet/wood stove flue in Family Room. Unfinished basement with tons of storage/workshop space and wood stove completes this amazing property. Minutes from in town Warrenton amenities and commuter routes.

OFFERED AT $379,000 | VAFQ161714

Vivian Sheaffer


vpsheaf1@gmail.com www.washingtonstreetrealty.com

When it comes to upgrading your home, start from the floor up. We have a HUGE selection of flooring to make your home beautiful!




BODY RELAX CENTRE Deep Tissue, Swedish, Foot & Couples Massage


FREE 30 MIN MASSAGE when you purchase a 60 or 90 minute Massage.

If you’re feeling stressed and full of angst, If your body is stressed and in pain, tight and full of knots. Sun W Spa is where you need to be. We provide high quality therapy in classy, Friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Your satisfaction is our goal!

COLD DRAFTY WINDOWS? Our new custom windows will keep your home warm and cozy this winter.

75 W Lee St Unit 104, Warrenton, VA 20186 (540) 935-2189 • sun.grouppayless.com Follow Us on Facebook!



Unlimited Options to Bring New Light into Your Home!

6593 Merchant Place, Warrenton, VA 20187 703-468-4769 | windowsunlimitedva.com

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Seniors are THRIVE-ing at Allegro Community School for the Arts

Dancing Through Parkinson’s program of Invertigo Dance Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Photo by Joelle Martinec, Ginger Sole Photography

Music and dance programs increase quality of life for our older population



hursdays at Allegro Community School for the Arts is alive with senior citizens. Not just a school for young music and theatre students, Allegro’s goal is to bring the arts to all. Now they are reaching out to the senior demographic with their THRIVE program, designed to bring the joy of the arts, especially music and dance, to those who are older, regardless of arts background or diminished physical ability. Whether it’s music, dance, theater, painting, or other forms of creating something beautiful, it’s been proven


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through research — study The classes are held in after study has shown that Allegro’s dance studio, a participating in various forms large, brightly-lit open space of art provides a mental and with brightly painted walls in physical boost to all ages. And purple and pink; the setting is who is more in need of this energizing and calming at the than our senior population? same time. While movement All of the baby boomers will and dance are very therapeutic THRIVE program coordinator be aged 75 or older by 2035, for seniors, the setting is about Cecilia Dohm which means that before we as far from a medical, therapy know it, we will have a larger population of type setting as you can get. older adults in our community. About 60 percent of the guests take the The Allegro Community School for the class standing (and dancing!), and some Arts, which has always worked tirelessly to stand with walkers, or sit on a chair or in a bring the arts to everyone in our community, wheelchair. But all are beaming and moving understands this. Led by coordinator Cecilia with the music, and in the process increasing Dohm, who is working towards her master’s strength and balance, all while having a blast. degree in clinical mental health and dance All sorts of music is used in the classes, therapy, the intergenerational THRIVE from Big Band pieces to popular hits from program that features music, dance, and art the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s to opera, ballet, and is specifically designed for those over the musical theatre to disco. But the most popular age of 55 to encourage them to engage in the music with the seniors is The Beatles. arts, as opposed to merely observing them. The guests, about half women, half men, So every week, three music and range in age from about 65 to late eighties. movement programs are offered for seniors. All enjoy the program immensely but,




For ALL Your Remodeling Needs Our Services include: Kitchens • Bathrooms • Basements Decks • Carpentry • Flooring Electrical Service • Tile • Cabinets

Our mission is to provide you with the lowest competitive pricing, quality products and exceptional service.

6649 Garland Drive, Unit #11, Warrenton, Virginia 20187



“Everyone has a story to tell, a lesson to teach, and wisdom to share.”

Visit our Showroom: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

We Warrenton



St. Michael’s Academy


Vint Hill & Haymarket • Full & Half-Day Care Preschool and Elementary School • Loving Non-Denominational Christian Environment • Before & After Care Available Open House January 25th • 10 AM - 2 PM

Lifestyle To share your story, email editor@piedmontpub.com

540-349-3110 or st-michaelsacademy.org

for more information! facebook.com/stmichaelsacademyva

St. Michael’s Academy Haymarket

Vi nt H i l l

703-754-1948 • 540-349-3110 { JANUARY 2020 |




Cecilia said, “It’s the men who mostly come up to me and tell me how much it engages them. And these are men with no musical or dance backgrounds; they’re engineers, mathematicians, retired Air Force. It just shows how this program can affect people.”

Dance for Parkinson’s®

One of the programs included under the THRIVE umbrella is Dance for Parkinson’s ®. The Mark Morris Dance Group created Dance for Parkinson’s ® in 2001 for patients, their families, and care partners to help with movement that includes balance, sequencing, rhythm, and aesthetic awareness and draws from ballet, tap, folk, and social dancing. Cecilia studied this program and brought it to Allegro in 2018. The program is steeped in research which includes how dance helps Parkinson’s patients with movement, but also psychological aspects, interpersonal skills, problem solving, and emotional and cognitive skills. The program has been well received around the country. Cecilia shared the story of a man who participated in a class in New York City who had diminished abilities. He could only use his thumb and was wheelchair-bound. He was a fervent student and despite his limitations, every weekend he would take the train to get to class. He proves that the limitations we put on ourselves are in our minds. “It is amazing to see participants in the Dance for Parkinson’s ® program. Just because their body is paralyzed doesn’t mean they can’t dance in their mind,” Cecilia said.

Dance for Dementia

Researchers from the Department of Dance and Department of Psychological Medicine in New Zealand found that the use of familiar music and the natural gestures of dance can help to promote a better quality of life for those living with dementia. The memory stimulation, mood moderation, and social interaction proved to be a positive counterbalance to diminishing cognitive recall. The challenge for dementia patients can be the perceived dangers of leaving their comfortable surroundings, but Allegro is working with local private agencies to bring the program to facilities where patients live to alleviate this problem. Props are used for this program, such as scarves and baby dolls, to spark memories of holding a child, or being a child. One of the many side effects of dementia includes


{ JANUARY 2020 |

depression, and recalling these memories can help counterbalance these feelings. Caregivers have noticed that those with dementia who participate in a program that uses music along with safe, guided movement have improved day-to-day mood, decreased physical deterioration, and are easier to care for. “Patients with dementia may have memory that is waning, but it is still within their body’s system, and through this program we hope to help them retrieve good memories,” Cecilia said. Caregivers have also benefited from these programs. Having activities to do with their loved ones with dementia increases the quality of their relationships by creating shared interests. The THRIVE program is not limited to these two classes. A Seated Dance for Older Adults class is also offered, and there are many other programs available for senior students. There is an adult choir and beginning ballet classes for adults, aimed for dancers with no previous training, as well as pottery, drawing, and even basic craft classes. The classes are still catching on as Allegro is working on getting the word out to the senior community, but everyone who comes to the programs returns again and again. Cecilia said, “Once you come in once, you’re hooked. Music and movement reach the part of the brain that’s connected with emotion. And you can tell how it affects our guests, both the seniors themselves as well as their families. People are brought to tears sometimes as they feel what the activity can do for them. It’s really empowering and uplifting. And the guests bond with each other, it really becomes like a family. We encourage participation from family, and sometimes you’ll see teenagers out there dancing with their grandparents. It’s truly heartwarming. Some of our staff can’t even watch the classes any more because it brings them to tears.” Cecilia added, “Dance is for everyone. It is for all levels and all body types, and all physical and intellectual abilities. It’s mostly about relationships, building community. Camaraderie. Learning something new together is exciting and the arts are a beautiful vehicle for that. Don’t be afraid to try something new.” For more information about Allegro’s programs, contact Cecilia Dohm at cecilia@ allergrocsa.org or visit their website at allegrocsa.org ❖



Come on out and give it a try! A variety of classes support and welcome all, including those with invisible disabilities and physical disabilities, even those with wheelchairs and walkers. The classes include a variety of modifications for all movement abilities. Volunteers are present in all classes to assist in standing, sitting, and serving as a helpful friend if needed. Caregivers and family are welcome (or, in the case of Alzheimer’s or dementia, required) and encouraged to participate too!

THRIVE Program Schedule T HURSDAYS

11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Dance for Dementia 1 - 2 p.m. Dance for Parkinson’s 2 - 3 p.m. Seated Dance for Older Adults FRIDAYS

12 p.m. Community Choir for Older Adults



7745 Mourningdove Ln. Warrenton, VA 20187


6 bed | 4 bath | 3800 sqft



$125 VALUE!

WITH ANY FENCE JOB OF 150 FEET OR MORE Not valid with any other offer or prior purchase.

703.263.8437 BEITZELLFENCE.com


5-Star Zillow Client Reviews

All Brick Rambler beautifully sited on a knoll, over looking a private, tree-lined, two acre lot. Designed with multigenerational living in mind, 3800 finished square feet thoughtfully laid out to include separate entrances, two kitchens, separate living, dining and family rooms, two master suites - one with a private deck, and a fully finished lower level with additional living space, two bedrooms and a full bath. Ample closet spaces and multiple laundry options. Newly renovated from top to bottom. Something for everyone. Large driveway with plenty of space for parking. Turn key and move-in ready!


20 Rock Pointe Lane • Warrenton, VA 20186 540.347.9900 • www.piedmontpediatrics.com

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