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publisher A lot happens in a year. As our world and lives change ever faster, just a week can seem like a long time. By Friday, Monday is a distant memory. So the one year marker is significant. And it’s now been a year since I had the honor of becoming publisher of this magazine. When our company purchased the Lifestyle magazines from founders Tony and Holly Tedeschi, I pledged to continue their mission of building a better community through information. The magazines don’t deliver “the news” per se — no crime and car wrecks here — but they do deliver news that can be more meaningful. Stories about the people, places, and businesses that make our communities unique are important. Thanks to our great staff and group of contributing writers and photographers, we’ve had the privilege of telling hundreds of these stories in the past year. While the magazine’s mission has — and will always — remain firm, every healthy enterprise needs to evolve. This spring, we re-launched the magazine’s digital presence with a new mobile-friendly website, piedmontlifestyle.com. This destination provides access to all three of the Lifestyle magazines’ stories in a format that’s easier than ever to share on social media. The magazines are also evolving in print, which remains healthy, thanks to

your readership and advertising support. Starting next month, the Lifestyle imprint will expand to Gainesville. We’re excited to tell another community’s stories and provide an effective way for local businesses to reach customers through messaging that doesn’t get lost in the mix. As part of this transition, Broad Run Lifestyle will fold back into the Warrenton magazine, where it started as an offshoot several years ago. We’ll continue to tell stories from The Plains, Marshall, Vint Hill, New Baltimore and the places between in Warrenton Lifestyle, which will be distributed at more than 30 shops and other locations in the Broad Run area. As we embark on new ventures, our commitment to community journalism is stronger than ever. Thanks for your support.

Dennis Brack, Publisher

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A Mother’s Mission

Part of Our History: Dr. Robert Iadeluca

Local moms find purpose after loss

Tony Tedeschi provides a hardcopy book for all to enjoy




Families 4 Fauquier October familyfriendly events BY RACHEL PIERCE


Inherited Determination

Knowing the risks for senior drivers

Bealeton resident Will King

Warrenton based AirServ




Arriving Safe and Sound








Endurance Sports

A Refuge Restored

Open Medical Records

Challenging, but the rewards are great By Jared Nieters

Spruce Hill Farm

Fauquier Health provides easy access for patients



Local Organization with Global Mission







Finding Happiness

Become a Better Hiker

Dan Buettner shares his lessons BY DEBBIE EISELE

From Ghost Stories to the Macabre

Practice on the trail

Warrenton’s spooky past won’t disappoint this season




The Composition of a Life Sam Yoder BY AIMÉE O’GRADY

Recognize this building? It’s the current home of Allegro Community School of the Arts; 20 Main Street (see current photo, right). Latham & Green opened around 1882 and the building has been used as both a residence and a store over it’s roughly 180 years of life. Photo courtesy of Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail.

{ OCTOBER 2017 |




A Mother’s Mission


membership. “Addicts in recovery have verbalized how much they get out of listening to a parent, from his or her perspective, and vice versa.” While FODA serves a wide demographic, families of young addicts comprise the majority of regular participants. “We know drugs are easily obtainable in the high schools, so [we see] a lot of teens, along with people in their 20s and 30s. There are not many people who are much older than that because the survival rate is not very good,” Folker explained. With up to 45 active participants, the meetings have naturally bred the “FODA family,” as Folker calls her group—a group bonded by heartrending loss and a commitment to helping survivors reclaim their lives. “If you come, and continue


o longer confined to the inner city and at-risk families, drug addiction has hit much too close to home for many residents of Fauquier County. According to local law enforcement agencies, the county set a grim record last year by losing 22 of its residents to drug overdoses, with opiates accounting for 14 of these fatalities. Yet this disturbing death toll might have been worse if not for organizations like Families Overcoming Drug Addiction (FODA), founded by Caroline Folker in December 2015. Open to anyone impacted by drug addiction, FODA is a support group unique for its inclusion of both drug users and those whose lives have been affected by them. “It really worked,” said Folker of the group’s experimental start and mixed


Above: Moira Satre lost her oldest son, Bobby, to a heroin overdose in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 18, 2015. The loss motivates her to help prevent other families from having to suffer like she and her family have.

Two local activists find life after loss and a calling to comfort families


{ OCTOBER 2017 |



STEP INTO THE BLUE ZONE Discover the secrets of health, longevity and happiness with New York Times best-selling author and “Today Show” guest Dan Buettner.

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I couldn’t save my child. Ask any mother how that feels and you will get a lot of different answers with a common theme. Guilt, sadness, disbelief and most of all, grief. Grief that I will never see my child reach her potential, and what potential she had. And so, I started a support group, because I could find no support. And I educated myself in order to know how to help others, because I had none.” — CAROLINE FOLKER via the Come As You Are website; cayacoalition.org


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

to come, you will have a family,” she affirmed. “You will have people who will turn up at the ER at two in the morning and hold your hand while you wait to see if your child lives or dies. And that, for me, means we’ve made a difference. That gives some purpose to the deaths of our children.” Galvanized by the loss of her daughter Katherine, Folker intimately understands the profoundly disorienting effect of a drug-related death. At only 19 years of age, Katherine passed away from a heroin overdose in August 2015, just three months after her first intravenous injection of the drug. “For 12 weeks, I was trying to find information. I felt frantic to find anything that would save my child, a child who wanted help,” recalled Folker of her harrowing experience, which she poignantly and powerfully depicts in the FODA blog. “It was especially chaotic for someone like me, someone who knew nothing about this [issue] and had such a short window of time. I was going to websites and talking to professionals, but I couldn’t find what I needed. There was so much conflicting information on what works and what doesn’t. That was my motivation for starting this group, because I think any person who’s looking for help should be able to find it, and any family looking for information should be able to find other people who can help.” Through this initiative, Folker fortuitously met and ultimately partnered with Moira Satre, chairperson of the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition and founder of Come As You Are (CAYA), which serves to raise community awareness of drug addiction through prevention programs and relevant resources. Having lost her son Bobby to a heroin overdose in April 2015, Satre shares Folker’s resolve and is equally upfront about this nation’s opioid epidemic. “We did everything we thought to do as mothers. We had the family meals, we took our kids to church, and we were involved in their school activities,” she stressed. “We checked all the boxes. But it doesn’t matter, because addiction doesn’t pick



any type of person; it doesn’t make any distinction. This is a huge problem, and there are so many different things contributing to the problem. We [Americans] consume 80 percent of the world’s opioid supply, and it all filters down to the kids in suburbia.” And once it filters down, there is statistically little chance of sustained recovery owing to the millstone of social stigma and the prevailing punitive mode of intervention. Noting that 97 percent of intravenous heroin users will relapse, Folker calls for a more progressive and holistic response which integrates behavioral healthcare to treat the underlying causes of addiction and medical assistance to ease the withdrawal process. “In the medical community, there is no debate that addiction is a disease. If this is the case, then we are incarcerating people for being sick,” she asserted. Echoing this sentiment, Satre believes imprisonment and other disciplinary actions only exacerbate the problem. “It doesn’t break the cycle; it IS the cycle. People go to jail, they come out, they haven’t had any sort of rehab, they go back to using, and they go back to jail. So it’s really a broken system,” she contended, adding that policy reform will require a wide-scale change of attitude. “I want to see this country embrace the fact that addiction is a medical disease and not a moral failing. People are so fearful that they’re going to be judged. That’s why they feel so much shame and why they aren’t ready to admit there’s a problem,” she continued. “As a country, we need to be more compassionate to addicts and their families. I just pray for the day when help and services are readily available, when drug abuse is not shameful and addicts get the compassion they deserve.” This much-needed empathy and support are at the core of FODA and CAYA, inspiring Folker and Satre to speak candidly about the desperation that active users feel every day and the devastation families face as they scramble to prevent a tragedy and struggle to make sense of a loved one’s

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Above: United by loss and incited by an epidemic, Caroline Folker and Moira Satre use personal experience and powerful narratives to combat drug addiction.

demise. “We are not the family we were,” said Folker of her home life since losing Katherine. Reiterating the trial of addiction, Satre and her family continue to deal with the aftermath of Bobby’s death and grapple with the stages of bereavement. “Even the strongest marriages don’t always survive. The statistics [for divorce] are so high,” she indicated. “I would give anything just to have my son back, anything to replace the grief I feel now with the worry I used to feel. In my naivety, I thought he was going to be ‘fixed’ the very first time he went to rehab, that he was going to come back and everything was going to be fine. I really didn’t know that this was going to be a lifelong ordeal.” Folker added: “You see it as a hump in the road of their life; you don’t see it is as being the rest of their life, at least not until you learn that is what it always is—for everybody.” It is this illusion of invulnerability that Folker and Satre bring to light through their respective organizations. Knowing


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

from personal experience the adverse effects of denial, the two endeavor to wake the public from its semiconscious state, reminding us through candid and cautionary communication that no one is immune to this disease. “Everybody says, ‘I never saw it coming’ or ‘I never saw this hitting my family.’ That’s the similarity of all the people in our group,” revealed Folker. “I’ve met a lot of families, and I haven’t met one yet that said, ‘Yeah, I could see this was going to happen’ or ‘I could tell my kid was going to be a heroin addict.’ So, in FODA, we talk about this. In some ways, it’s almost like preparing people for what may happen because, as one of our participants once said, ‘The members are terrified that your story is going to become their story.’ That’s their biggest fear. They know that this is a possibility in their future.” Yet, in spite of this possibility, Folker is driven to deliver her message and is encouraged by the feedback she receives. “People say they leave here still feeling scared but also feeling supported. To know I’m making a difference and helping others is very important, but what’s been critical to me are the people I’ve met along the way, people who supported me when I had no other supports. I don’t know if I could have survived what I did without those people. This group hasn’t just helped me; it’s also saved me.” Likewise, Satre has benefited exponentially from the social support she’s found by reaching out to the community and sharing her own story. “FODA is my place where I can really unload. I know that twice a month I can go somewhere and people are going to give me a chance to talk and are going to listen to how I feel. I think that’s what is so great about this group: it gives people things to think about. Whether they leave here frightened or not, they’re at least armed with information—which is better, because that’s information that could save their child.” Reoriented by tragedy and united by a shared mission, Folker and Satre anticipate positive change while they honor every casualty of addiction. “I’m hopeful because I see the community engaged, and I see that people really do want to make some changes and bring services, programs, and support here to this county,” Satre expressed. “And there are a lot of things in the works to make that happen.” These things include integration of substance abuse education



FAMILIES OVERCOMING DRUG ADDICTION: SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS When: First and third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm Where: Sycamore Room at Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton Contact: Caroline Folker at 540-316-9221 or myfodafamily@gmail.com Website: www.myfodafamily.org COME AS YOU ARE COALITION: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE 5K RACE When: Saturday, September 23 Where: Verdun Adventure Bound in Rixeyville Contact: Moira Satre at info@cayacoalition.org Website: www.cayacoalition.org

into school health programs, voluntary recovery services for individuals incarcerated on drug charges, and awareness activities such as CAYA’s Run for Your Life 5K Race—an annual event that helps to support prevention programs, reduce the stigma of addiction, and educate the community about the dangers of drug abuse. “We’re all working very closely together, which didn’t happen before,” said Folker of the progress Fauquier County has made in coordinating efforts, bringing information to light, and intervening in practical and lasting ways. While this kind of cooperation is encouraging, it is the work of each concerned citizen, outspoken advocate, and grieving parent that directly touches lives and routinely saves them. Only those whose world has been upended by drugs can truly articulate the bane of addiction and illustrate the gravity of this widespread disease. It is through them that statistics are translated into stories—stories with the uplifting moral that there is always hope for change thanks to every individual with the insight to see a need, the integrity to take action, and the courage to transform pain into purpose. ❖

About the AUTHOR Maria Massaro is a Warrenton resident and freelance writer who has worked as a community counselor in Fauquier County since 2008. She is the founder of Aegis Counseling and Consulting and an advocate for individuals and families affected by mental illness. For more information, please visit www.aegiscac.com or call 540-316-8557.

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Arriving Safe and Sound Knowing the risks and taking precautions for senior drivers



alter Jones had considered himself a safe driver since he was a teenager. In nearly 60 years, he had received only one parking ticket and a warning from a police officer for speeding. Since his 75th birthday, Walter’s daughter, June, began to notice signs that he may be having more difficulty while behind the wheel. She had accompanied him to a doctor’s appointment and noticed that he had difficulty turning to see when reversing and parking within the lines. June


{ OCTOBER 2017 |



wasn’t sure how to approach the subject with her father, due to his independent and stubborn nature. As our bodies age, changes may occur in our vision, hearing, reaction time, cognitive processing and other functions that affect our ability to navigate a car safely. Medications can affect driving as well. Other red flags for older drivers include: riding the brake; hitting curbs; driving too slow or too fast; scrapes on the car, mailbox or garage; getting lost in familiar places; stopping for no apparent reason; and trouble navigating turns, among others.








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Educational Resources Department of Motor Vehicles

Stay safe behind the wheel According to Nancy Lo, Coordinator of the Virginia GrandDriver Program, driving is a complex, fastpaced activity in which a typical driver makes over 20 decisions per mile, with less than half a second to react to avoid a collision. In 2015, senior citizens aged 61 and over accounted for 13 percent of all crashes (those aged 21-30 made up 25 percent) but older adults have more accidents per mile than any other age group. But there’s a lot that can be done to stay safe behind the wheel before having to give up your keys altogether. Here are some tips that can help the older driver compensate: check your vision regularly; avoid driving in The average bad weather; plan your route ahead number of decisions per of time; limit left hand turns; avoid mile required busy highways and rush hour by a driver, traffic; and explore alternatives which can be to driving (such as friends and more difficult and delayed neighbors willing to assist) before as we age. the need arises.

20 13

License renewal information Virginia drivers age 75 or older are required to appear in person at DMV for their license renewal and to pass a vision screening; these renewals cannot be done on-line or by mail. DMV also The age reviews individuals who may in which have health conditions that impair Virginia drivers are their ability to drive safely, based required to on reporting by the individual appear in themselves or by physicians, person at the DMV police officers, judges, family for a license members, or concerned citizens. renewal. The information in the report is not released to the person under review. Each case is handled differently, but DMV’s goal is to allow individuals to drive for as long as they can safely operate a motor vehicle. June found a helpful booklet, We Need To Talk, Family Conversations with Older Drivers, from The Hartford (see resources below). Anticipating reactions from the older person, deciding when is a good time to broach the subject of driving, and good conversation starters are all subjects included in the booklet. June was able to approach Walter with respect and sensitivity toward his feelings and, although Walter became emotional, he agreed to take a class aimed at older drivers. ❖ The percentage of crashes that senior citizens accounted for in 2015.



{ OCTOBER 2017 |



804-367-6203 www.dmv.virginia.gov Offers medical review services and information on mature drivers is available online (thehartford.com).

Virginia GrandDriver 800-552-3402 www.GrandDriver.net This program’s website has self-assessments on driving ability, a free program that teaches participants how to make their personal vehicle “fit” them for maximum safety on the road, as well as other important information.

Foothills Area Mobility System (FAMS) 540-829-5300 www.fams.org Transportation information referral source serving residents of Fauquier, Culpeper, Rappahannock, Madison and Orange Counties. Their One Call Transportation Center helps callers find rides to medical and other critical appointments through public, private and volunteer options and will accompany riders if needed for “travel training.”


Transportation Services Care a Van Program www.rrcsb.org 540-825-3100, ext 3358 A Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services volunteer transportation program available to those 60 or older, or anyone who is disabled and needs transportation to medical or legal appointments.

Circuit Rider 540-341-3464 www.vatransit.org Covers Fauquier County and schedule repeats hourly. Services begin at 7:30 a.m. and the last run begins at 4:30 p.m..

Demand-Response Transportation Service 540-825-2456 or 540-341-3464 A curb-to-curb transportation service open to the general public by reservation. Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

540-422-8424 www.voltran.org This is a volunteer driver program that provides free rides to medical appointments and other critical errands for the elderly and disabled.

Virginia GrandDriver 800-552-3402 www.GrandDriver.net This program’s website has self-assessments on driving ability, a free program that teaches participants how to make their personal vehicle “fit” them for maximum safety on the road, as well as other important information.

One Call Transportation Center 540-829-5300 Helps callers find rides to medical and other critical appointments through public, private and volunteer options; accompanies riders if needed for “travel training.” Serves residents of Fauquier, Culpeper, Rappahannock, Madison and Orange Counties.

About the AUTHOR Carol Simpson is a graduate of Georgetown University. She was executive director of the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Washington, trainer at Home Instead Senior Care, and development manager at the Alzheimer’s Association of Central/Western Virginia before becoming executive director of Aging Together.

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D R . I A D E L U CA part of our history



ne of the first stories I recall editing when I first came to Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine as interim editor in 2015 is Dr. Robert Iadeluca’s. I didn’t have much, if anything to edit. The words expressed every nuance he was trying to impart and the stories were captivating, with no grammatical or spelling errors. His words share a wisdom the likes of which we may never know. In honor of his work, Tony Tedeschi of Piedmont Press & Graphics and former publisher

of the Lifestyle Magazines, created and printed a hardcover book that contains all the stories that Dr. Iadeluca ever contributed to the magazines over the years. On September 12, 2017, Tedeschi presented a copy of The Words of Wisdom of a Renaissance Man: Dr. Robert Iadeluca to both Dr. Iadeluca and to Maria Del Rosso, Fauquier County Public Library Director. The Words of Wisdom of a Renaissance Man: Dr. Robert Iadeluca will be available in early October for county residents to check out at the Fauquier County Public Library. Del Rosso said, “We’re happy to add Dr. Ideluca’s collected columns to our library. Dr. Robby is a long-time presence of encouragement and inspiration in the community. His words will continue to compassionately provide people with guidance and support.” During my time with Dr. Robby, I asked him how he is enjoying retirement. He simply said, “I am bored. I want to wake up and go to work — to make a difference. I think I may have retired too young.” I truly hope that all of us take these words to heart and that we all, too, choose to make a difference everyday. Thank you, Dr. Iadeluca, for all the great stories and wisdom you have shared and continue to share with us. ❖

{ OCTOBER 2017 |

“For almost a decade, Dr. Robert “Robby” Iadeluca generously shared his wisdom, education and life experiences with the fine people of our region in Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine. I looked forward to each article. Robby is one of those people that everyone likes and gravitates toward in a public setting. Dr. Robby is one of those people that everyone likes and gravitates toward in a public setting. Few of us have lived a life as fully as he has and, approaching his 97th birthday, he still has so much to offer. He is smart, gracious, kind, persistent, witty, compassionate, and always a true gentleman. We should all be more like him. Dr. Robert Iadeluca has made the world a better place every day. We are all sincerely grateful.”






Inherited Determination Bealeton resident Will King’s life has been dedicated to service BY AIMÉE O’GRADY


{ OCTOBER 2017 |


ollowing an adventurous career in law enforcement and the U.S. Navy, Will King and his wife decided Bealeton was an ideal place to relocate and retire. Reminiscent of the farming community of his childhood in his hometown of Lansing, Michigan, King felt at home with the quiet and convenience Bealeton offered. A true lover of the outdoors, as a child King enjoyed raising rabbits with 4-H, participated in scouts and spent his weekends hunting and camping. “It was a great time, I went on a lot of hunting trips with my grandfather who passed in 1993,” he recalls. Fishing was a family activity for the Kings. “My mother enjoyed sitting on the pier while my father, brother, and I caught fish



for dinner,” he says. “While I don’t do those activities today, I do look upon them with fond memories,” he continues. His relocation story to Bealeton is entwined with many experiences with law enforcement and military service. As a student at Lansing Community College, King studied law enforcement while simultaneously working as an auxiliary officer for his hometown police department where he earned only $127 every two weeks. He found himself selling his blood plasma to make ends meet. Recognizing his struggles were not allowing him to advance his career, King decided to join the Navy. His family members’ response was “What took you so long?”


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“I come from a long line of Navy Veterans that includes my father, two uncles, my cousin, and my brother,” he says. King’s great-uncle survived the Baatan Death March in 1942 as a prisoner of war. During his captivity, he broke his back when he slipped into a ravine while hauling a railroad tie. Punishment of a missing POW was the execution of the 10 prisoners in front and the 10 prisoners behind the missing prisoner in line. After surviving the night, King’s great-uncle managed his way out of the ravine, sparing the lives of 20 other prisoners. He was finally rescued and spent the remainder of his life dealing with the physical pain of this ordeal. King inherited this determination, dedication, and compassion for others from these family members. Throughout his career, he always accepted new challenges. In the Navy, King was a Signalman and Quartermaster, both positions dealing with the ship’s navigation. He spent 10 years in the Navy and spent one rotation of shore duty at Port Operations, Little Creek Va., where he was stationed during 9/11. In 2003, King left the Navy to join the U.S. Capitol Police, where he was introduced to politics. One of his duties

was guarding the velvet rope behind which lobbyists stood to make one final influencing pitch to legislators. “I couldn’t believe how easy a senator could be influenced, this experience has remained on the forefront of my mind over the years,” he confesses. With the Capitol Police, King became a Federal Law Enforcement Instructor and attended a special diversity program. Following completion of the course, King revised the diversity program and became the lead instructor for Diversity/Cultural Awareness. Once again motivated by the challenge, King laterally transferred to the Capitol Police to the HAZMAT team where he dealt with threats from weapons of mass destruction from February 2004 to September 2007. After four years on the HAZMAT team he began a career as a federal air marshal.

Left: Will King (top center) is photographed here along with his father, James (left) who retired from the United States Naval Construction Battalion; his brother (right), Charles who served in the Navy; and his mother, Maria (bottom center). Above: Will on Main Street. Photos courtesy of Will King.

King says, “This was a physically and psychologically challenging job. Flights to the Middle East would leave in the evening; after doing other things all day, I had to be vigilant for a 14-hour flight and, if necessary, be ready to react at a moment’s notice.” Following eight years as an air marshal, King transferred to a position within the organization as a Southeastern Joint Terrorism Task Force Coordinator where he studied analytics for terrorist movements. “This was an exciting and challenging job. I enjoyed the work,” he recalls. A natural leader and motivator, King then accepted the position of acting supervisor and assisted several of his team members in advancing their careers within the Air Marshal Service. Now retired, King has immersed himself in the quiet of Bealeton. During this time, he has reflected on his career, experiences, and the strengths he has honed. This period of mandated rest has also given King and his wife the opportunity to explore the county. “This year I've discovered some places that my wife and I enjoy dining. We are fortunate to have excellent food destinations in our community. In Fauquier, I enjoy the new Indian restaurant, Molly's, Wort Hog Brewing Company, Powers Farm and Brewery, Deja Brew (a veteranowned business), Hidden Jules, El Agave, and China Jade. Other favorite businesses we frequent are stores on Main Street in Warrenton, Messick's Farm Market, CK Home and Hardware in Bealeton, and businesses on Main Street in Marshall, to name a few. I've been fortunate to meet good people all over the county. I'm always glad to support veteran-owned businesses and hope we can attract more to our area,” he shares. His self-reflection led to King’s decision to improve the quality of life for all residents in Fauquier County by becoming part of the political scene by running for the Virginia House of Delegates District 18. He has spent the last several months in the community meeting people and sharing his perspective on key issues. For King, his affinity for helping others and his energy in tackling new challenges has begun a new chapter in his life. ❖

Aimée O’Grady is a freelance writer who enjoys transforming stories told by Fauquier residents into articles for Lifestyle readers. She learns more and more about our rich county with every interview she conducts. She and her husband are happy with their decision to raise their four children in Warrenton.


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Register Now for Trunk or Treat It's time to register your business, group, organization, or family to host a decorated trunk for our 3rd Annual Trunk or Treat Bash being held on October 27 at the WARF. Only those hosting trunks need to register. Space is limited. Visit eventbrite.com to register.

October Family-Friendly Events First Friday - Friday, October 6 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Join us on Main Street for the First Friday event and find out who will win the scarecrow contest. Farmers Market - Saturday, October 7 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Join us at the Farmers Market in Old Town Warrenton for “Kids Day”. We will have rock painting, crafts, and Legos. Limbo and our photo booth are available during a fun-filled event. Children’s Festival - Saturday, October 14 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Be sure to join us at the Children’s Festival at Crockett Park. We will have crafts and fun activities during the event. Families4Fauquier Painted Rocks Club - Sunday, October 15 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. F4F Painted Rocks Club for October will be sponsored and hosted by: Sherri's Stuff in Old Town Warrenton. All rocks and materials will be provided. This is a free community event. Happy Fest Parade - Sunday, October 29 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Happy Fest Parade will be held in Old Town Warrenton. Stop by our booth and pick up treats after the parade. Trunk or Treating - Friday, October 27 starting at 5:30 p.m. Trunk or Treating is free and open to all families in the community. You don't need to register to attend and enjoy this trick or treat event. CK Hardware Halloween Experience - Tuesday, October 31 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Follow the footprints throughout the store for some family fun. Face painting, balloon art, pumpkin painting, games, crafts, and so much more. This is a FREE event

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Families 4 Fauquier is your link to family resources in Fauquier County and beyond. F4F is committed to strengthening and enriching the lives of children and families that live right here in our own community. For additional information about joining our membership program, receiving our monthly community newsletter or any of the events listed above please visit our website at www.families4fauquier.com or email us at info@families4fauquier.com. We now offer monthly advertising, website sponsorships and community event sponsors. If your organization has an interest in helping to support our community projects, events and programs please contact us today because together we can make a difference in little ways that can add up big!


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Custom Furniture Reproductions/Adaptations Piedmont Aviaries and Heirloom Furniture custom builds American Period furniture Reproductions/Adaptations. We specialize in the Queen Ann, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, and Sheraton styles, and use many of the original construction joinery techiniques. We can also build in libraries, and studies with Wainscoting and paneling, along with intricate crowns, columns, and mantels. Let us turn your vision into reality. Bill Madigan 540-270-3092 www.piedmontaviaries.com

9049 Green Rd. Warrenton, VA 20187

Have you


in love with your Salon Lou team? 147 Alexandria Pike, Suite 102, Warrenton 540-216-7900 | www.SalonLou.com { OCTOBER 2017 |




A Local Organization With a Global Mission

About the AUTHOR Tracy Baker, a Virginia Tech graduate, enjoys reading, hiking and volunteering at her children’s school. She lives in Warrenton with her husband and two children.

Warrenton-based Air Serv delivers aid to remote areas of the world STORY BY TRACY BAKER PHOTOS BY EDWARD ECHWALU


n the wake of a global crisis or natural disaster, humanitarian aid organizations rally quickly to dispatch relief efforts. Often this means traveling into dangerous, hard-to-reach locations where conventional means of transportation aren’t practical or, in many cases, possible. When aid workers and supplies are desperately needed, the last thing anyone wants to have to worry about is how they’re going to get where they need to go, and then safely back out again. That’s where Warrenton-based nonprofit organization Air Serv International steps in. In 1984, increasing conflicts in Africa combined with a record low rainfall resulted in widespread famine that affected millions. A group of concerned aviators recognized the advantages of using small bush aircraft to aid relief efforts in reaching even the most remote population. Initially conceived in response to the famine in Ethiopia as part of Operation Life Line, Air Serv International was developed out of Mission

Above: One of Air Serv’s Cessna Grand Caravan aircrafts en route to provide disaster relief.

Aviation Fellowship as a nonsectarian, nonprofit organization that provides “last mile” aviation support for the humanitarian community. Operating a fleet of seven Cessna Caravans, Air Serv’s mission is to ensure that disaster relief makes it directly into the areas where it is needed most—even if that means utilizing roads, dry river beds, soccer fields, or even, occasionally, the sides of mountains as impromptu airstrips. Few of these remote landing sites offer much in the way of supporting infrastructure, which presents a unique set of obstacles. In addition to the regular risks associated with flying a small aircraft, Air Serv personnel must monitor the structural integrity of their landing sites, which could easily be compromised by the next downpour. The strip must be kept clear of vegetation and monitored for both people and animals, and even checked for mines or other dangerous materials. And, without reliable electricity, there are no landing lights or control towers to help guide the pilots,

Left: 5X-ASA, a Cessna Caravana, is the “Queen of the Air Serv fleet” with over 14,000 hours of flight time. Above: An Air Serv Cessna flies over the rugged mountains of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

which limits Air Serv operations to daylight hours. In addition to the logistical issues of flying bush aircraft into such primitive conditions, Air Serv faces the difficulty of operating a humanitarian organization primarily in hostile environments. Factors such as language barriers and cultural differences must be taken into consideration, as well as the local political climate, all of which can create challenges for obtaining operating permission. Despite these obstacles, Danielle Payant, the Public Relations Manager


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

for Air Serv, insists that safety is always their primary concern. “Our priority is maintaining the highest level of safety and ensuring the security of our staff, humanitarian colleagues, and aircraft,” she says. “Every time we open a new program, the security situation must be evaluated.” This includes securing physical resources, such as the aircraft and support equipment, as well as ensuring the wellbeing of the Air Serv crew and ground staff by arranging reliable accommodations and transportation, as well as a safe supply of food and water.



Possible security threats inherent to the geographic area of operation are also considered and carefully monitored. In 2001, Air Serv relocated their headquarters from California to Warrenton in order to be closer to the D.C. ‘hub’ for major humanitarian organizations. “Warrenton offers the proximity to D.C. at a more affordable cost than maintaining an office in the city,” Payant says, “allowing us to focus more of our budget on client needs rather than real estate. Practicality first brought Air Serv here, but over the years, we

Please meet the owners of JR Snider, Ltd., Joey, Kristi, Franklin Copperfield and Daisy Duke. We are a value driven, family oriented plumbing services company that has been serving the greater Fauquier County area for more than 35 years. We make all our decisions based on the six core values of Trust, Respect, Understanding, Creditability, Kindness and Humor. We have assembled an outstanding team of highly skilled, courteous and knowledgeable plumbers. When you hire JR Snider, you’re getting a professional team that’s dedicated to providing exceptional customer care and quality plumbing services.


all services for senior 10% oncitizens, teachers, veterans OFF and first responders.

If water runs through it, we do it!

540.687.5232 703.771.3308 JRSNIDER.COM

“We truly feel like a part of the community here and very much appreciate the support of the people of Warrenton.” Left: A group of children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo form an impromptu welcoming committee for an Air Serv flight.

have also found a home. We truly feel like a part of the community here and very much appreciate the support of the people of Warrenton.” Air Serv has supported humanitarian aid efforts in such far-flung locations as Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Haiti, and Honduras. In 2003, Air Serv was the first civilian air operator allowed access in Iraq following the end of initial combat operations. In 2010, Air Serv aided the International Federation of Electoral Systems by providing an aircraft for the purpose of registering voters in the most remote villages of what is now South Sudan. Currently, Air Serv’s focus is in Eastern and Central Africa. There, they work in association with


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

Médecins Sans Frontières and the World Food Programme/United Nations Humanitarian Air Service in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Chad. “Our aircraft provide air movement of personnel and cargo which would not otherwise reach their destinations due to various obstacles including lack of infrastructure, political instability, security concerns, and geography,” says Payant. In the future, Air Serv intends to maintain their mission of providing “last mile” air transportation to humanitarian efforts around the globe, possibly expanding regular service into places like Yemen, Somalia, and South Sudan, as well as throughout Africa. Over the past 33 years, Air Serv



has provided air transportation for such humanitarian organizations as Save the Children, The World Bank, World Vision, Doctors Without Borders, USAID, and more. Whether it’s delivering medical supplies and relief workers in the aftermath of an earthquake in Asia, transporting food into areas affected by civil unrest in the Middle East, aiding in the evacuation of refugees in Africa, or participating in the rescue and recovery efforts after Katrina, Air Serv International has flown millions of miles and provided access to some of the most inhospitable, inaccessible locations in the world. Civil conflict, natural disasters and health crises are a sad fact of life in many parts of the world. Those most heavily hit are often the least accessible. Thankfully, there are humanitarian aid organizations with a passion for global service, and Air Serv is there to get them where they need to go. For more information on Air Serv International, visit www.airserv.org. ❖

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Marc Leepson, author of

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Warrenton, VA

Piedmont Professional Center 419 Holiday Court, Suite 10 Warrenton, VA | 540-878-5781 www.northernvirginiadermatology.com


Sponsored by the Fauquier County Public Library and the Friends of the Fauquier Library fauquierlibrary.org


Piedmont H O M E S

Spruce Hill Farm combines style, simplicity, and the spirit of the past


Opposite page: The focal point of the property is this encolosed garden that includes a 7,500-gallon rectangular koi pond.

amed after the Norwegian spruce trees that tower over the property, Spruce Hill Farm is a singular site off Route 211 that embodies the imagination and dedication of its current occupants. Owners Kelly Williams and Michael Beidler purchased the manor house in August 2016 and worked with Warrenton contractors Jason Atkins of SNL Construction and Mark Campbell of RES Mechanical Systems to update the home in a way that honored its history, which dates back to the turn of the 20th century. A complementary duo to start, Williams and Beidler coordinated their building and design skills to create an idyllic residence that reflects their styles, standards, and visions of what a home should be. An architect with a residential practice in D.C., Beidler and his colleagues specialize in the preservation of homes. “For us, it’s really about the integrity of the product and the project, and about creating spaces that nurture people. We do very classic work in the sense that it’s timeless, and I think this house reflects that soul.” Operating on the same principle, Williams has been refurbishing and selling properties in the District for the past 25 years, advising clients on ways to enhance their home for maximum resale value. Equipped with this knowledge and experience, the couple instantly recognized the potential of Spruce Hill and instinctively understood the kinds of improvements needed to revitalize



the home and customize it to suit their lifestyles. “We saw nothing that had the grand character of this house. The stone walls and layout were very modest but very formal,” said Beidler. “We weren’t interested in changing the way it looked, as it’s a very classic house with a style that we really enjoy: very elegant, very simple, and very understated.” Yet the house had enough issues and quirks to require a team effort and a six-month restoration. “It was in a condition that it needed a buyer who really wanted to recreate something,” added Williams. “We needed to redo the infrastructure, but we wanted to keep the best features and embellish on what was already a beautiful setting.”

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1 6721 Fosters Fork Rd, Warrenton VA Q&A with Dawn & Dan 7. Realtor: As a realtor, how can working with aOWN Dan:IS Work with someone you YOU can trustMUST and “ECHOES OF GREEN” THE HOUSE HAVE! 1. Realtor: What is the benefit to the client for you to work with a builder?

builder for your clients help the clients get the best

has a solid reputation in the community for

delivering quality craftsmanship on timethis 2.7 “bang Situated against a peaceful and open backdrop, acrefor your buck” when designing/choosing a plan for their home, as far as resale? and at cost. Look at the online reviews, go to theirmaintained website and ask home your agent to walk everything! property with meticulously offers Approx Dawn: A realtor helps their client understand Dawn: Every builder is different. What is through the builder’s homes. You will get a new construction contracts and the builder’s a standard might be a REMODEL costly feel space for the quality the jobfinished when you see it Three aupper levels & aoffully lower level withfeature for one,NEWLY process for delivering new home. The of living upgrade for another. I make sure my buyers in person. A reputable builder also needs to realtor should also make sure the lenders theater room, wet bar, fullemploy bath. In-ground pool withknow tons & Mare/foa thatof upgrades come atmats a cost and help a professional teamheated and have open keep communications on going as they need them clearly understand the difference between communication with their client so that he can to be involved from the beginning as well as entertainment area. On the DC sidetoof and just minutes many standard and upgrades. It is besthas to make sure imp be responsive the Warrenton customers needs. throughout the transaction. Buying a brand new each client gets the house they want with the home is a complexto process and can be overRt 29.More details available atshould www.6721FostersFork.com More d upgrades they can afford. 4. Realtor: What clients look for when whelming. That’s what I am here for; to answer

19 Ivy Lane, Amissville, VA 6721 Fosters Fork Rd, Warrenton VA a realtor? choosing questions and watch over the details. I keep OWN YOUR OWN HORSE PROPERTY “ECHOES OFand GREEN” IS THE HOUSE YOU MUST HAVE! the process on track make sure upgrades/ Dawn: You should always interview realtors custom features completed. Good Situatedare against a peaceful and open backdrop, thisto2.7 acrethem as a professional. Ask for WITH POND & VIEWS! and get know communication is very important so there property with meticulously maintained offerssales everything! 15 minutes from Warrenton! stats, if listing a property, howApproximately they are no surprises. Setting, establishing and hometheir will market yourwith home. How they support their Threethe upper levels of living space & key a fully lower level NEWLY REMODELED KITCHEN AND BATHS. 5 stall barn with stall delivering clients expectations is the to finished clients, do they know the market for the area, a successful transaction. The is In-ground to have a heated theater room, wet bar, fullgoal bath. pool with tons of mats & Mare/foal stall, 4 paddocks & outside wash stall. House are they part time or full time. Review their happyentertainment buyer. area. On the DC side of Warrenton andwebsite just minutes hasThe many improvements and updates. All on 8.16 acres. online and client feedback. bottom to Rt 29.More details available at www.6721FostersFork.com More line is work with someone you feel comfortabledetails available at www.19IvyLn.com with, can trust and has your back.

Looking for sp 5. Builder: What is the time frame for building a house? Does it make a difference whether it’s a custom design or an existing home plan? What are the benefits of a new build? Do you work with an architect?

Looking for space?

8. Realtor/Builder: How can the client best use the relationship between the realtor and the builder to make the whole process easier and less stressful?

Whether it’s in the house or in the acreage we have ourit’scomplete your home at Whether in the house orinventory in the acreage&westart have something for you.search See Dan: My goal is to deliver their new home in 6 months or less weather is always a factor. I have several plans to choose from that are popular on my website Atkinshomes.com that will meet most client’s needs. An existing plan is always less expensive because the build is a known cost verses a designer plan from scratch. A client can change the my designs to fit them, draw a new plan or they can bring their own design to the table.

Dawn: The most important thing is to ask questions and have good communication. Make your selections in a timely manner to stay on target and on budget.

Dawn Arruda

important decisions about design changes our complete inventory & start your home search at: www.DawnArruda.com 2. Builder: What is the benefit to the client for you to work with the realtor? Dan: Dawn and I are a team. We collaborate on design and finishes throughout the home when building a spec home or designing a plan. She also works with me to market my properties and find prospective buyers. Often, she acts as my liaison with a client to ensure they understand my timelines and keeps them informed when decisions need to be made so I can deliver their home on time. 3. Builder: What should clients look for when choosing a builder?

Dan: What helps me the most is to get the

Dawn Arruda & Co. Realtors

6. Realtor: As a realtor, is it possible for you to help get the clients in their new build sooner if you work directly with the builder? Dawn: Because I am involved in the entire process and work closely with my builder, I know the important decisions that must be made to stay on time and stay on budget. I can also negotiate any changes. Some builders may have longer time frames based on many factors including if a lot has to be found, contractors, financing… Reasons to call Dawn



and selections made on time. Delays and last minute changes can impact the whole project. My team and I always try to work around last minute changes and compromise but they can create delays. Communication is key!

9. Builder/Realtor: What is the best time of year to buy/build a home? Dan: That usually depends on the climate. Generally, the best time to start building is late spring, summer and early fall. Dawn: The best time to buy for inventory choice is spring. The second biggest market is fall, September through December.


Arruda & Co. · Our social media reach advertisingenough away for privacy but Paradigm Farms is located in the heart of Fauquierand County…far · Expertise in marketing real close to Rt. 29 and the Town of Warrenton.estate Paradigm Farms features: Reasons to call Dawn • Four Custom built homes each on of a 2current acre lot · Knowledge Average days on market Arruda & Co. trends • Choose from four models ormarket use your own design for Dawn Arruda & Co. · We are local, we know • Standard features include granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, luxury Master · Our social media reac Our list Fauquier County bedroom Suites, hardwood floors Total transactions Million in sa and advertising · Experience and excellence to sales price for 2016 for 2016 Average days on market • Comcast cable is available • No HOA in customer service


45 Dawn

Arruda & Co. Realtors

55 75



· Expertise in marketing estate · Knowledge vice of curren trends 540-729-6740 Direct | Warrenton 540-341-1000 ex 8933 | Haymarket market 571-248-9491 · We are local, we kno RE/MAX Regency | 403 Holiday Ct. | For Best in Class Listing Service call Dawn at 540-729-6740 or email dawn.arruda@remax.net | Check out reviewslist on Zillow and like us on Facebook Our Fauquier County Total transactions · Experience and excelle to sales price


Call for Best in Class Real%Estate Ser

45 Dawn

Arruda & Realtors

Paradigm Farms


ximately 15 minutes from Warrenton! LED KITCHEN AND BATHS. 5 stall barn with stall al stall, 4 paddocks & outside wash stall. House provements and updates. All on 8.16 acres. details available at www.19IvyLn.com 19 Ivy Lane, Amissville, VA OWN YOUR OWN HORSE PROPERTY WITH POND & VIEWS!

6721 Fosters Fork Rd, Warrenton VA “ECHOES OF GREEN” IS THE HOUSE YOU MUST HAVE!


Situated against a peaceful and open backdrop, this 2.7 acre property with meticulously maintained home offers everything! Three upper levels of living space & a fully finished lower level with theater room, wet bar, full bath. In-ground heated pool with tons of entertainment area. On the DC side of Warrenton and just minutes to Rt 29.More details available at www.6721FostersFork.com

Approximately 15 minutes from Warrenton! NEWLY REMODELED KITCHEN AND BATHS. 5 stall barn with stall mats & Mare/foal stall, 4 paddocks & outside wash stall. House has many improvements and updates. All on 8.16 acres. More details available at www.19IvyLn.com

Looking for space?

e something for you. See t: www.DawnArruda.com

a &Whether Co.it’s in the house or in the acreage we have something for you. See

our complete inventory & start your home search at: www.DawnArruda.com

Dawn Arruda & Co. Realtors




ales 6




Arruda 45 Dawn Our list



Total transactions for 2016

to sales price Realtors

Average days on market for Dawn Arruda & Co.

& Co.


Reasons to call Dawn Arruda & Co. · Our social media reach and advertising · Expertise in marketing real estate · Knowledge of current Average days on market market trends for Dawn Arruda & Co. · We are local, we know Fauquier County · Experience and excellence Photo Credit Upward Studios Average days on market in customer service


& Co.

55 75


Million in sales for 2016

Call for Best in Class Real Estate Service $

540-729-6740 Direct | Warrenton 540-341-1000 ex 8933 | Haymarket 571-248-9491


RE/MAX Regency | 403 Holiday Ct. | For Best in Class Listing Service call Dawn at 540-729-6740 or email dawn.arruda@remax.net | Check out reviews on Zillow and like us on Facebook

Million in sales


Piedmont H O M E S


This reconstruction began with a search for the most suitable contractors for the job, a search that would lead the couple to Jason Atkins, who also recognized the existing splendor of the property. “Jason was really into the restoration idea, and that’s really hard to find,” continued Williams. “When you start getting into the guts of a house that’s had several incarnations, it’s about problem solving. And it’s difficult to find a good contractor that understands problem solving but also respects old structures.” The first problem to solve was insulation, which the entire home lacked at the time of purchase. Once this challenge was overcome, focus shifted to outdoor enhancements that would convert the well-worn 30-acre property into a functional and aesthetic haven in the hills. Intent on optimizing the very features that drew the couple to the property in the


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

first place, Williams and Beidler proceeded to the enclosed kitchen garden, which now serves as their personal greengrocer. “When we found this walled garden, it was perfect. After all, how often do you find something like an English garden, where you can close the gate and be able to protect everything in it? Much of our decision [to purchase the place] was driven just by the existence of that,” Williams emphasized. “We had this romantic notion of creating something where you eat what you grow, so the concept was to create a kind of yesteryear, when the kitchen garden was the place where you picked whatever you used to make a meal.” Reviving their agrarian roots, the two cultivated a purposeful and picturesque patch, an end that was eased by the land’s nutrient-rich soil. “We both grew up that way; our families always had a big garden, and we were so grateful to have that



again,” remarked Beidler. “We can just walk out the backdoor, take a tomato off the vine, and eat it. There is nothing that tastes like that. It’s just so delicious.” Focal to the kitchen garden is its concrete centerpiece: the 7,500-gallon rectangular koi pond. Following Beidler’s design, Jason Atkins constructed the vessel in collaboration with John Bianchi of Blue Ribbon Koi in Catharpin, who devised the complicated plumbing and mechanical systems to create the ideal conditions for the fish. The geothermally heated and cooled pond is set above ground on an axis in order to maximize the water’s oxygen, thereby producing fish that are optimal in size and health. While Beidler described this project as the most intimidating, he also recognizes the value it lends to the overall atmosphere: “The koi add that dynamic character that makes this place

McClanahan Camera

It takes a local business owner to protect one.

www.mccamera.com 540 347 2533 306 West Lee Hwy Warrenton VA

As local small business owners, we understand what it takes to protect your small business. Stop in or give us a call to get insurance for your business at a great value.

Glenn Albert, Agent 324 Waterloo Street Warrenton, VA 20186 Bus: 540-347-3339 www.glennalbert.com

Charles Robinson Ins Agcy Inc Charles Robinson, Agent 28 BLACKWELL PARK LANE WARRENTON, VA 20186 Bus: 540-680-2485

A journal of appreciation of nature, place, people, and ways of life.

OUR MISSION Affinities, not simply geography, create the Piedmont’s unique regional identity. We strive to give voice to this special—even magical—place in the hopes that it remains so.



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Winter birds of Virginia Page 50

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Carmen Rivera, Agent 251 W Lee Highway Suite 237 Warrenton, VA 20186 Bus: 540-347-1566 www.carmenriverainsurance.com

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• $5.95

• $5.95

Welbourne: 8 generations home & historof y

• $5.95



PR 2017


• $5.95


piedmontvirginian.com 1706445

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Happy Birthday to you! The Town of Warrenton launches new Birthday Bash

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Piedmont H O M E S



so meditative.” A longtime enthusiast of the koi breed, Williams also appreciates the peaceful and Zen-like effect of this feature: “You evolve with the fish. There’s something very spiritual about them. To me, the water feature is everything in a garden. Not only is it a sanctuary, but it’s also a living and working sanctuary. I love the yards and the lawns, but I think the garden is where our souls are.” Capping off the home’s conversion is the fine art that adorns the now-insulated walls. “The story of the art is sometimes as important as the art itself,” Williams mused. And with each picture telling a story, he and Beidler thought it only right to install


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

directional lighting to accentuate original pieces from their trips abroad and from notable D.C. artists such as Patricia Forester, Freya Grand, and Paul Ellis. “We like to pick up art when we travel because it then means something to us as we put it in our house,” Williams continued. “We also like to collect work from local artists and have a relationship with them if we can.” Elaborating on this point, Beidler noted the significance of supporting the arts and getting to know the individuals whose creativity stirs our senses. “It’s really important to us to support their craft, as much as our clients support our craft. So, for us, buying a piece of art isn’t just about putting color on a wall; it’s also about helping support artists’ contributions to our culture and to the culture of what they’re doing.” Visually arresting and abundantly outfitted, Spruce Hill’s other amenities include an art studio, in-ground pool, cabana, natural pond, and a bench in every corner of the property; each strategically angled so that the seated can view the grounds from its many charming vantage points. “We love nature, and we love having the organic qualities of a place like this. So, for us, it’s not work at all; it’s really how we relax,” said Beidler. And, as Williams pointed out, subtle changes can create a striking effect: “People are surprised by those little details that allow them to



appreciate different parts of this place.” While these special touches have served its occupants and inspired its visitors, Spruce Hill already had a strong foundation on which to create such a spectacular setting. Built circa 1900, the house was formerly occupied by the Mackie family, who bought the place in the late 1950s. “The Mackies did so much to create such a great palette here. There were some things that really needed maintenance and help, but that’s what we do. So it was easy for us to piggyback onto all their wonderful work and the great history of this property— and to look to the future of what it can be, what we want it to be for the next 50 years,” continued Beidler. “We were so grateful to the Mackies for letting go of this house. And they didn’t seem angry about what we’ve done,” he added with a laugh. On the contrary, the surviving Mackie daughters still visit the property and are reportedly pleased with the results. With only a few painting projects remaining, Williams and Beidler can look back on their work with pride and look forward to many years of sharing the special spot they’ve carved out and cared for over the past year. “We always look toward projects with a long-term view. We’re going to be here for a very long time,” Beidler concluded. “We have this great vision for the entire property, and every step we take down the path will be toward that goal.” With its historical imprint and enduring grandeur, Spruce Hill Farm is more than a residence; it’s also the culmination of foresight, synergy, and creativity. Through its challenging but rewarding restoration, Williams and Beidler commemorate the past and celebrate the people who worked so hard to help realize a dream. May their own legacy keep this sanctuary living and working for generations to come. ❖

About the AUTHOR Maria Massaro is a Warrenton resident and freelance writer who has worked as a community counselor in Fauquier County since 2008. She is the founder of Aegis Counseling and Consulting and an advocate for individuals and families affected by mental illness. For more information, please visit www.aegiscac.com or call 540-316-8557.

Serving Those Who Serve...

Frank DeGaray

Our rewards program is for those men and women in the service community and our way to say “Thank You” for everything they do: FireFighters, Law Enforcement, Military, Healthcare Professionals, EMS and Teachers. When these selfless professionals work with us they save money on the purchase or sale of their homes. Contact us for more information!


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Finding Happiness Dan Buettner shares his lessons with our community BY DEBBIE EISELE


an Buettner is a National Geographic fellow and New York Times best-selling author of The Blue Zones Solution, The Blue Zones Second Edition: 9 Lessons for Living Longer, and Thrive. All three of these books are full of information on how to create a happy, fulfilled life. Buettner shares information on people who have lived a long life over the past 100 years and reveals information on his study to help individuals lead a healthier life. Throughout his books he imparts wisdom, recipes, and ingredients for healthier habits. Buettner even


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

provides a checklist on how to rethink your kitchen for optimizing a healthy life. Buettner’s books provide a message about longevity, and he is travelling to our region, thanks to the PATH Foundation. The PATH Foundation is offering this PATH to Better event on Thursday, October 12, in the Highland School Rice Theater. “PATH to Better is a series of free community events that celebrate health and well-being. This October, we’re bringing New York Times bestselling author Dan Buettner to Warrenton



to teach us about Blue Zones, the five places in the world where people live the longest,” according to the PATH Foundation’s website. Registrants will receive a free copy of Dan’s latest book, The Blue Zones of Happiness. Amy Petty, Director of Communications for PATH Foundation, said, “Dan’s work has resonated with people nationwide. Highlighting areas around the world where people are the healthiest, live the longest, and are the happiest can certainly lead to positive changes that will improve our overall


health and wellness. We think his ideas are relatable and achievable, which can give people a better chance of incorporating them into their own lives. “The timing for Dan’s visit is perfect. His latest book will have just been released, and he’ll be coming to Warrenton after a three-day feature on The Today Show. We’re really excited about hosting him for the community,” said Petty. “The PATH Foundation’s mission is to strengthen the health and vitality of our community, and Dan’s message is certainly aligned with that. We believe offering the opportunity to hear different speakers can spark a positive change.” Buettner’s new book, The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World's Healthiest People, is being released on October 3. The book will provide readers with recipes, checklists, advice and Buettner’s personal experiences. The PATH Foundation is a local nonprofit organization whose focus is on strengthening the vitality of the community. The organization takes action to improve health and wellness in Fauquier, Culpeper and Rappahannock counties. “Dan Buettner reveals how to transform your health using smart eating and lifestyle habits gleaned from new research on the diets, eating habits, and lifestyle practices of the communities he's identified as "Blue Zones"—those places with the world's longest-lived, and thus healthiest, people, including locations such as Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula; Ikaria, Greece; and Loma Linda, California.” ~ Amazon.com ❖


THE FOARD-LYNCH GROUP Serving Prince William, Fauquier, Culpeper and the surrounding counties with excellence since 2005

Let us introduce the newest member of the Foard-Lynch Group,

Kimberly Holzer Kimberly is a 9-year resident of Warrenton, originally from California. She and her husband Vince have been married for 18 years and have been best friends since they were 12! They have three beautiful children: Jackson, Georgia, and James. Together they have lived in three different states and three countries over the course of their marriage, due to Vince’s time in the United States Air Force, but Warrenton is where they feel at home. Kimberly is a two time cancer survivor, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2005 and Breast cancer in 2015, and is proud to be a survivor.

PATH to Better Event WHEN: Thursday, October 12, 7 p.m. WHERE: Highland School Rice Theater TO REGISTER: Registration is required and may be completed online at pathforyou.org

Welcome to the team Kimberly! THE FOARD-LYNCH GROUP Julia Foard-Lynch, Realtor Jack Lynch, Realtor/Licensed Assistant Relocation Specialist | Interior Designer 492 Blackwell Road, Warrenton 540-270-4274 (c) 540-347-2250 (o) Julia.FoardLynch@LNF.com

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The Composition of a Life S a m Yo d e r ’s j o u r n e y f r o m a M e n n o n i t e c o m m u n i t y t o m e d i c i n e a n d m u s i c BY AIMÉE O’GRADY


hen Sam Yoder received an invitation to join the military, it removed him from the sheltered Mennonite community where he had been raised. This invitation ultimately exposed him to experiences that shaped the rest of his life—one composed of equal parts medicine and music. Today, Yoder is the executive director of Allegro Community School of the Arts. His journey has been a winding, unchartered path that often doubled back on itself and wove in the law of attraction, returning him time and again to his humble beginnings surrounded by simplicity. Raised by a nonconforming Amish family, Yoder’s father moved his wife and three children to a less conservative Mennonite community to take advantage of the use of technology. “My parents pushed back against what they considered to be manmade rules and regulations for which they could not find supporting scriptures,” says Yoder. When they moved to the Mennonite community, the family embraced basic technology, including telephones and cars, as well as alternative careers to farming. “My father never wanted to be a farmer, but in the Mennonite community, that’s just what you did,” Yoder explains. His father however, quit the farming business and earned a living as a John Deere mechanic a few years after moving to a Mennonite farm. “In both the Amish and Mennonite communities, music was part of the social fabric,” says Yoder. “We sang a cappella


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

and in four-part harmony so well we rivaled professionals.” A curious threeyear-old Yoder found an old pump organ and struggled to understand how the instrument worked; he tried to press the pedals while keying the instrument. Even at this tender age, Yoder heard music. “I just assumed everyone heard what I did,” says Yoder of his finely-tuned ear. The seed of music started to grow. Another aspect of the Mennonite community is work ethic. As time passed, Yoder grew into a young man and was instilled with this strong work ethic.



“There is a German word for lazy that has no English comparison. It is essentially saying you are the lowest of the low,” says Yoder. He has carried this strong work ethic with him throughout his entire life. While Yoder inherited his father’s mechanical abilities, he did not inherit his passion for it and has remained a farmer at heart his entire life. When he neared the age of 20, Yoder received a call from the United States Military and was drafted for two years of service following the Vietnam War. The Conscientious Objector policy gives Amish and Mennonite men and women the option to work in alternative service programs away from home rather than join the military, but the expectation is that they too will serve their country if drafted. These alternative programs can include providing community service, participating in agriculture programs, or working in hospitals, which is where Yoder went when he was drafted. “I stayed stateside and helped many men during my two years. When the two years were over, I stayed in the military,” says Yoder. A man of many talents, Yoder soon discovered he had a gift for medicine as well, if not the interest. “If I were to list 100 things I would like to have done, medicine would have been at the bottom of the list,” says Yoder emphatically. He became a registered respiratory therapist and has been published in the World Congress of Critical Care Medicine for his research, “I ended up being good at it,” he says modestly. With his military service



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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We hope you will take some time this month to educate yourself about the risks, symptoms and various screening tools. is not a term we take lightly. BREAST CANCER FACTS

In 2017, an estimated 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 63,410 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer.

About 2,470 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in men in 2017. A man’s lifetime risk of breast cancer in about 1 in 1,000. (from breastcancer.org)

Adult women of all ages are encouraged to perform breast self-exams at least once a month. While mammograms can help you to detect cancer before you can feel a lump, breast self-exams help you to be familiar with how your breasts look and feel so you can alert your healthcare professional if there are any changes. Visit nationalbreastcancer.org/breast-self-exam for more information.

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Left: Yoder as a young boy. Below: Yoder (on right) is pictured here with his daughter, Cyndi Romero (middle) and niece Rebekah Whiteley (baby).

completed, Yoder continued to earn his civilian credentials in medicine. During his medical career, Yoder developed a method to intubate people in an emergency. His method has saved countless lives. In his 20s, Yoder’s two passions were front and center in his life, even if he kept them distinctly apart. While he pursued his medical skills, he also pursued his long-time passion for music. He was part of a six-person band that spent 15 years touring. The band played a variety of music: southern gospel, rock, and barbershop quartet. A perfectionist, Yoder also earned a Bachelor’s degree in music to correct bad habits he had developed over the years. This degree was in addition to a business management degree and medical credentials he earned. To Yoder, education is obtaining “knowledge for the sake of knowledge.” He earned certificates and degrees as he needed them. “If I needed a degree to sit for my National Boards in Respiratory Care, I earned it. When we had a difficult time finding good piano tuners for the recording studio, I went back to school and became a certified piano technician,” he explains. His approach to education is a freeing experience: “It allowed me to shop a lot of competitive programs and choose the classes I would take.” This approach connected him with people and projects he might otherwise never have become involved with. As a recording studio owner, he teamed up with another person to document old time fiddlers in the Appalachian Mountains: “Many of the mining companies have gone out of business, but the sub-culture still exists. These were folks who were


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

absolute masters of their art, but were dirt poor–many have died.” Yoder tracked down recordings and “cleaned” them up as much as possible. Had it not been for his effort, the fiddler recordings would be lost forever. Today these recordings are housed in the Library of Congress and have been used as membership premiums by NPR. “For the families of the fiddlers, it allows their way of life–represented by their music–to live on. A small part of an obscure art form that will enrich the mosaic of the art culture of our society,” he explains. Yoder, who has remained a simple man at heart, believes there have been other forces at work throughout his life. He has not fought against the direction his life has travelled, although it wove an uneven and uncut path. He accepted challenges when they were presented and proceeded to utilize his strong work ethic for any given task. Yoder gives a slight nod towards the law of attraction, something he admittedly did not give much attention to in his youth,



but has observed its presence only in hindsight. In its most simplistic terms, the law of attraction works through giving something that you want increased attention. The more attention you give to it, the greater will be the attractive force exerted toward its attainment. The concept includes visualizing a better future and, through that visualization, bringing that future into existence. As the executive director of Allegro Community School of Arts, Yoder envisions a better future for his organization and the community at large. One where Allegro’s students are safe, taught by instructors that embody a strong work ethic as Yoder expects of himself, and where the arts are the heart of a community. Allegro is a nonprofit school that serves all members of the community through the arts: music, theatre, writing, and dance. The Allegro Board only agrees to add a new program in response to a documented

Welcoming Our Newest Provider! Tina Bordonaro, PAC Tina Bordonaro, PA-C, worked in Trauma Surgery at Prince George Hospital Center in Maryland before moving her family to Haymarket, Virginia. She has received Federal grants to conduct cancer research and has worked as a Health Policy Fellow on Capitol Hill. She is passionate about promoting wellness and providing preventive healthcare to families. Phone: (703) 754-0425 Fax: (703) 754-2888 www.LTFM.net www.facebook.com/LifetimeFamilyMedicine

14535 John Marshall Highway Suite 105 Haymarket, VA 20169 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm & Saturday 9am-12pm

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of W A R R E N T O N



Dr. Heidi Calladine Family Optometrist


• Comprehensive Eye Exams • Pediatric Exams • Medical Eye Care • Treatment of Eye Infections, Glaucoma and Diabetic Eye Exams • Wide Selection of Frames and Contacts Saturday Hours Available Most Insurances Accepted

508 Fletcher Drive, Warrenton 540-216-7632 | warrentoneyeassociates.com

{ OCTOBER 2017 |




community need and when they can obtain a qualified expert to run it. Among the traditional offerings of voice and instrument lessons, Allegro also has a program for the blind and visually impaired. Thanks to a grant from the PATH Foundation, they have an embossing machine to print braille sheet music for students. With his gifts of music and medicine in a continuous spiral around him, Yoder looks to the future and sees greater opportunities to weave the two together. Yoder and wife, Lachelle, who manages the business and daily operations of Allegro, have plans to implement a music program for individuals in hospice care. Yoder simply cannot help but be attracted to the beacon of these two very distinct fields that have called to him throughout his life. ❖

Above: Yoder plays an active role in the various daily operations at Allegro.

For more information on Allegro programs, visit: www.allegrocsa.org. All photos courtesy of Sam Yoder and Allegro Community School of the Arts


{ OCTOBER 2017 |


About the AUTHOR Aimée O’Grady is a freelance writer who enjoys

transforming stories told by Fauquier residents into articles for Lifestyle readers. She learns more and more about our rich county with every interview she conducts. She and her husband are happy with their decision to raise their four children in Warrenton.



SAVE the DATE Join us for three days of festivities in celebrating the installation of our present day Elementary School and special tribute to the class of 1987.

60+ Acres in Two Lots in Northern Fauquier Exceptional Home with Views

St. John Trivia Night

Friday, Nov. 17

Hosted at McMahon’s Irish Pub 6:00PM-9:00PM

Saturday, Nov. 18

Celebration Gala

Sunday, Nov. 19

St. John Family Picnic/Open House

Begins with 5:00PM Mass Black tie optional 1:00PM-4:00PM

For more information email us at alumni@stjohntheevangelistschool.org

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medical records


Fauquier Health provides easy access for patients BY ROBIN EARL


{ OCTOBER 2017 |


edical and support professionals at Fauquier Health work hard to personalize, humanize, and demystify the patient experience. One way to do that is for healthcare providers to proactively offer patients open access to their medical records while they are hospitalized.




The Planetree organization, a leader in patient-centered care, has conducted more than 20 years of focus groups; it found that patients who are given access to their medical charts are happier with their health providers. Research also says that patients who feel more in control of their own care are less

Above: Jane Mayes,RN, on 3 South, explains to patient Vicki Carroll about her medical records and answers questions about her plan of care.


S 15ofYEAR caring Friends of the Library





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Mid-Atlantic Home Health is a licensed Medicare and Medicaid certified home health agency providing Skilled Nursing Care, Rehabilitation Services and Personal Care Aide. Each case is Complimentary evaluation Commercial provided with by a registered nurse is insurance, private a customized offered to determine the pay and workman’s appropriate level of care plan of care and compensation supervision. for every patient. insurance are accepted.

Mid-Atlantic HOME HEALTH

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likely to report care coordination problems. Fauquier Health is committed to making medical records available to patients because: • Patients want it. • It demystifies healthcare. • It helps to engage patients and family members in their own healthcare. • It promotes quality and safety. • It strengthens patient/provider relationships. • It promotes shared decision making. • It enhances patient satisfaction. • It promotes continuity and coordination of care. • It promotes an environment conducive to healing. • It’s a patient’s right. Fauquier Health supports a proactive approach to sharing a patient’s medical record during hospitalization and treatment. Patients are welcome to ask their nurse to show them their records and are encouraged to ask questions about anything they don’t understand. For example, if a patient with an injury that results in acute blood loss requires a blood transfusion, the patient can view the lab values and vital signs that have been impacted. A nurse can show the patient how the blood is typed and crossmatched and explain the safeguards that are put in place – including two-person authentication and a careful step-by-step approach during the administration of blood. When patients have an understanding of their condition and the treatment options, they are equipped to make decisions about their own care. Patients working in collaboration with staff on their plan of care create favorable outcomes and facilitate smooth transitions – to a skilled nursing facility, rehabilitation, or home care. Gone are the days when the patient is relegated to a passive role. It is crucial that a team of engaged nurses, physicians, support staff, patients, and patient support systems work together toward healing and health. ❖


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

The Fauquier Health eChart is a free, secure, private program designed to enhance communication and coordination of care. It’s a platform where patients can access important health information related to their hospital stay or procedure. Patients who participate will have instant access to important information, including: • Procedures completed during a hospital stay • Vital signs taken during that stay • A list of current and past medical issues • Discharge instructions • A list of current medicines and medicine history • Laboratory test results • Radiology reports • Billing statements • Continuity of Care Documents (CCD)

SETTING UP AN ACCOUNT Patients can register for The Fauquier Hospital eChart at any time during or after their first visit to Fauquier Hospital. During registration for that visit, the patient access representative will ask if you would like to sign up. If you do, they will ask for your email address and the system will send a unique patient code to your email. If you would like to sign up in between hospital visits, go online to www.fauquierhealth.org and click on “Patient eChart,” then on “Create My New eChart Account” and then click on “Request an eChart Code.” Patients will then be able to set up an account with a username and password they select. Reports and other information are posted between 30 hours and seven days after the reports are final or after an inpatient discharge. You can sign up for an eChart for yourself, your child under the age of 10, or an adult for whom you have Power of Attorney (with proper signed documentation). You cannot sign up for or use an eChart of another adult (your adult “child,” spouse, domestic partner); however, there is a sharing feature within eChart that lets a user see information of those that have shared it from their eChart. Children between the ages of 10 and 17 cannot use eChart due to limitations of the software and HIPAA law.

Fauquier Hospital will host a CHEF SHOWDOWN at 7 P.M. ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, in the Bistro on the Hill restaurant at the hospital. Professional chef David Martin will test his culinary skills against a guest chef. Both will be presented with four healthy ingredients. Their challenge is to produce dishes that highlight each of the foods. Spectators at the free event can taste the results. Register at fauquierhealth.org

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DR. SAM L.WEIR NATIONWIDE PROVIDER OF Business Telephone Systems Voice & Data Cabling (CAT5/CAT6/Fiber) Data Networks Hosted VoIP Soundmasking Systems Data Center Builds

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he simple answer to this question is, hike more! As with any subject you want to master, you need practice. Walking in your neighborhood is a good start but will not be sufficient; hiking on trails is the key to becoming a better hiker. The difference between walking on the sidewalk and hiking on the trail is in the activation and use of various muscles. Trails are uneven, strewn with roots and rocks, and they can be slippery or sometimes treacherous. Being on the trail activates a myriad of large and small muscles to keep your legs and body in balance. While ligaments are being stretched on the trail, knee and hip joints experience a much higher usage than when walking in a park or on the road. Trails offer the best tonic for musculature and bones.

How Do You Become A Better Hiker? Practice on the trail is the way to mastering this skill BY ANDREAS A. KELLER

An easy start: building your own support group We know we should exercise but few of us do this regularly; even less often do we incorporate it into our way of life. And why, we wonder? Because rote exercise is not fun. One way to make exercise enjoyable is in learning the mastery of integrating both the mind and body. Go on a hike with a group of like-minded nature lovers; socializing in fresh air and going for a beer and a burger afterwards is a good and easy

Ok, so you’re probably not ready for a summit climb... but you don’t need to go to extremes to challenge yourself.


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Experience Old Town Warrenton’s mission is to foster and inspire an Download & Order Through Our App environment in Old Town Warrenton that enhances economic vitality

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while preserving the historic character of the community; and to promote a rich and appealing cultural atmosphere to live, play and do business.

EOTW Board Chairman, Bailey Dabney Vice Chairman, Gary Shook Treasurer, Marc Bogan Director of Governance, Hank Day Exofficio, Carter Nevill Director of Marketing, Paula Combs Directors of Economic Vitality, Gina Clatterbuck and Tom G. Wisemiller Directors of Design, Vice Mayor Sunny Reynolds and Maggie Lovitt Directors of Promotions, Lachelle Yoder and Lee Owsley Director of Fund Development, Walter Story Director of The Friends of Experience Old Town Warrenton (Volunteers), Reverend Bob Grant Volunteer Interim Executive Director, Aimeé O’Grady

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To volunteer or donate, experienceOTW@gmail.com Follow us on Facebook @experienceOTW

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Exercises to help you become a better hiker start towards integrating your mind and body. To commit to your physical and mental well-being you can always join a club, such as Warenton's Boots ’n Beer or one of the many other hiking clubs available. Finding the right one for you–where you really enjoy spending time with your fellow hikers–is paramount in building the foundation for a gratifying fitness program that can last a lifetime. For most people, exercising alone at home or in a gym completing repetitive movements on treadmills, stationary bikes, or weight machines is hardly inspiring. When you go outside and use natural surroundings to achieve muscular strength, agility, and power, you will uncover a much more exciting and rewarding approach to your training regime. Many beautiful neighborhood parks and forests are readily available and accessible to take your workouts outside. A fitness trail consists of a path equipped with obstacles or stations distributed along its length for exercising the body and promoting good health. These types of trails are a growing movement in America and are located in many different areas: forest parks, neighborhood parks, and even urban settings. Why not start a fitness trail in your neighborhood? A helpful book to help you enjoy outside workouts is Tina Vindum’s Outdoor Fitness.


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

Young people may lack interest in exercise, yet by the time they become 40 and 50 years old, the desire for exercise may awaken due to the realization that their physical resilience has diminished significantly in comparison to the flexibility and strength they enjoyed in their 20s and 30s. For those who choose hiking as a lifelong activity the following exercise programs are particularly helpful in becoming a better trail hiker. YOGA The practice of yoga aims to overcome the limitations of the body; it strengthens bones and muscles, corrects posture, improves breathing, increases energy, and calms the mind. However, the true goal of yoga is to guide you on an inner journey. This ancient art is the antidote to our turbulent world, leading the student to a sense of peace and a feeling of being at one with his or her environment. (source: Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health by B.K.S. Ivengar) PILATES This method of body conditioning is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises, developed over a hundred years ago, to strengthen and tone muscles, improve posture, provide flexibility and balance, and unite body and mind. Pilates movements are structured around the stomach, hips, lower back, and buttocks–the center, or “powerhouse” of the body–and are instrumental



Let nature be your motivator... you will uncover a much more exciting and rewarding approach to your training regime.

in maintaining good posture and alignment. (source: The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler). SWIMMING Many people call swimming the ideal exercise because it works the heart and lungs efficiently, enhances muscle strength and endurance, and is easier on the joints than any other sports activity. Among the many positives of swimming are that the water is kind to the muscles, it is injury free, increases flexibility, and promotes good joint mobility. (source: Total Immersion by Terry

Laughlin with John Delves) All three of these exercise methods will improve a hiker’s condition, but joining a compatible hiking group will make hiking the trails much more enjoyable and help create a sustainable habit that can last a lifetime. ❖

About the AUTHOR

Andreas A. Keller is a passionate hiker, avid backpacker and a charter member of Boots ’n Beer, a drinking club with a hiking problem. He can be reached via email at aakeller@mac.com.

we can help.

Time to stop the overwhelm.

The therapists at the Marianne Clyde Center specialize in Anxiety, Depression and relationship issues. Offering individual therapy and family counseling, they also offer workshops, groups and special events.For more information, visit www.marianneclyde.com or call 540-347-3797


Anxiety/Worry Stress

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Family conflict

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Job Burnout

Girls Stand Strong




Eating issues 20 ASHBY STREET, WARRENTON | 540-347-3797 | MARIANNECLYDE.COM


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Manners never go out of style Join us for the Junior Cotillion 2017-18 season Registration is open for students in 5th-8th grades

The NATIONAL LEAGUE of JUNIOR COTILLIONS Fauquier Springs Location nljc.com/chapter/fauquier nljc.com/chapter/westprincewilliam

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ENDURANCE SPORTS They may be challenging, but the rewards are great BY JARED NIETERS


oughly half of Americans run or bike on a regular basis. Marathons and triathlons are experiencing double-digit participation growth rates, and cycling has surpassed golf as the nation’s preferred casual social and business network. There are a number of reasons these sports continue to see tremendous growth.


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

As most of us know, endurance sports offer significant physical benefits. Getting started can be fairly easy, they can facilitate social engagement, and they have a wide variety of health benefits. Many participants look to endurance sports as a means of weight control, but it’s certainly not the only return on your investments of time and energy.



Despite the name, the “runner’s high” isn’t limited to runners. After any extended period of aerobic activity, participants often experience reduced anxiety and reduced sensitivity to pain–even a state of euphoria. In addition to the runner’s high, endurance athletes often experience an overall improved mood, thanks to the stimulated production of hormones

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Authors & Book Signings Author Panels & Workshops Kids story time & activities at The Fauquier Bank Plaza Bookstore On-Site 25 authors spanning adults, young adults and children.

Saturday, Oct. 14th 10 AM - 4 PM The day is free and open to the public.

Eric Litwin | Original author of Pete the Cat, the Nuts and Groovy Joe. He will be doing a presentation at 3pm on 10/14.

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and other chemicals in the body that contribute to feelings of well-being. Endurance sports may also improve overall energy levels by facilitating cardiovascular health and improved sleep. What’s more, exercising helps combat heart disease, cancer, dementia, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure. One of the reasons endurance sports have seen such incredible growth in recent years is that so little is needed in order to get started. The first step is as simple as taking a first step.



Before beginning a new type of exercise, it’s always wise to consult with a physician to make sure you don’t have any underlying physical conditions that need to be addressed as you undertake a new endeavor. After that, start easy. If you’re not currently engaging in any physical activity, try a 10 to 20 minute walk. By keeping it short and simple you make it easier to develop a habit and less likely to be discouraged by the difficulty level.


{ OCTOBER 2017 |

4 2


Chose specific, measurable, and obtainable goals, as this will increase your chances of success. Hitting those goals early may have a positive impact on your motivation.



For many people, the social aspect of these activities also helps provide motivation and accountability– whether in person, like a running club or group ride, or online. Digital applications like Strava and Zwift allow athletes to interact with their peers all over the world in online environments. Some sites and apps can also help you track your workouts and monitor progress while engaging in friendly competition.




Choose a race or non-competitive event to help provide motivation. Having an event on the calendar can also help you organize a plan for training with easy-to-follow steps. Websites like Active.com and USAcycling.com provide extensive calendars that will help you locate fun events nearby–all searchable by date and location.



Finding a professional to consult with can help make the experience more enjoyable, whether through advice on training or recommendations on the best gear. It’s particularly valuable to create relationships with those experts in real life, as their advice is often more reliable than what you might find online.

Entering into an endurance sport can be challenging, but the returns are great. Start slow, stick with it, and and enjoy the benefits. ❖

About the


Jared Nieters is coowner of Haymarket Bicycles and founder of Mapleworks Endurance Coaching. He has won multiple national championships in cycling and now coaches endurance athletes in a multitude of disciplines. He can be reached at info@ mapleworkscoaching. com and found on most social media sites at @ mapleworkscoach.

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FROM GHOST STORIES TO THE MACABRE Wa r r e n t o n ’ s s p o o k y p a s t w i l l n o t disappoint this Halloween season BY AIMÉE O’GRADY


the post office sodlier


Built in the early 20th century, the post office sits at the intersection of Warrenton’s original cross roads which dated to the later 18th century. Originally, the post office building was used as an Army recruiting office and has been reported to have its own ghostly tales. In the early 2000s, in the business across the street that is today Shelf Life, an

employee was working late one evening and happened to look out across the street. He saw a young man standing on the steps of the post office, looking anxious as he paced back and forth. After a few minutes, he ran up the stairs of the post office and into the building. The observer noticed the man’s clothing was out of date and appeared to be an old-fashioned uniform; he wore a green, wool jacket with matching pants. The employee’s curiosity got the better of him. He left the shop and crossed the street

to the post office to see if the young man needed help. Upon entering the vacant building, which had been closed for several hours, he

Above: Main Street during a monumental snow in 1898. CF Galloway’s Livery Stable was demolished in 1899 and our current United States Post Office moved to this location in 1919.

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AUSTIN REALTY MANAGEMENT & INVESTMENT INC. Warrenton: 10 Rock Pointe Lane • Warrenton, VA 20186 Gainesville: 7350 Heritage Village Plaza • Gainesville, VA 20155 AUSTIN REALTY MANAGEMENT & INVESTMENT INC. Warrenton: 10 Rock Pointe Lane • Warrenton, VA 20186 Gainesville: 7350 Heritage Village Plaza • Gainesville, VA 20155

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was surprised to find he was alone. The young soldier was nowhere to be found. Maggie Lovitt, Curator at the Old Jail Museum, has seen the young man as well. “Shopping for a birthday gift in Shelf Life, I happened to see a young man dressed in uniform on the steps of the Post Office during the day. I assumed he was a reenactor waiting for someone, and didn’t give him much thought.” Today, the tales suggest the man continues to wait for his orders outside the recruiting office. If you like a man in uniform, open a box at the Warrenton post office.


skeletons in the closet


The Independent Order of Odd Fellows is a fraternal order that was founded in 1819, similar to the Freemasons. The Warrenton Odd Fellows Lodge, dating to 1877, is situated on the corner of 5th Street and Main Street.

In 2001, a contractor was in the building to repair overloaded electrical circuits. As he searched for the circuit box, he happened upon a door between two walls. He entered the small space, thinking the circuits may be inside, and found a cloth on the ground. Upon lifting the cloth, he was shocked to find skeletal remains. Following an investigation, it was determined that the remains belonged to a woman who was about 5 feet 1 inch tall and dated back to the late

19th century. Her jaw, an arm, and a leg bone were missing. During the time of her death, it was not uncommon for organizations to purchase cadavers from catalogs through the mail.

“her remains were returned to their resting p l a c e, between the wa l l s, w h e r e they still l i e t o d a y.” Perhaps her remains were purchased by the order for rituals that were supposedly practiced at that time. The truth was never released to the public; the police were sworn to never share why the remains were there. After the investigation, her remains were returned to their resting place, between the walls, where they still lie today. Left: The Odd Fellows building was sold by the town of Warrenton in 1847 to Charity Lodge 27 of the Odd Fellows. The lot was known as the “Market House” lot and included the first floor of the brick building. The Odd Fellows and Masons shared the second floor space. In 1854, Miss Harriet Swift used the first floor of the Odd Fellows’ Hall as a girls’ school.

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Below (top): The Fauquier Female Institute was opened in 1857 as a boarding school for girls and operated until 1925. One of the building’s most famous boarders was General Douglas MacArthur who visited his aunt at the boarding school in the late 1880s. In the 1980s the property was converted into an assisted living facility and today it serves as an apartment building. Current renters have recounted hearing footsteps in empty apartments and doors will open and close on their own. Perhaps these strange occurrences are the actions of boarders who never left the institute.


d r. h o r n e r ’s deadly habits



A well-respected Warrenton man, after whom a street was named, Dr. Gustavus Richard Brown Horner cared for residents in Warrenton and the surrounding countryside in the late 18th century. However, in 1795, Dr. Horner’s patients would enter his office, but not leave. Suspicions rose until the mysterious death of Horner’s own son. An investigation ensued, accusations were pronounced, and even his own assistant confirmed that the doctor poisoned his patients. But suddenly, the charges were dropped and no arrests made. The unfortunate patients of Dr. Horner are reportedly still walking today on the street that bears his name.


creepy footsteps


playing dolls


Latham & Green General Merchandise (pictured below) was originally housed in the building at the corner of Main Street and Culpeper Street (where Allegro Community School of the Arts is today). This

structure survived the 1909 fire, and families used to live upstairs above the store. Various mentions throughout history reveal some creepy, out-ofordinary experiences in this dwelling. There are mentions specifically of a presence of a young girl that “plays” with the dolls in the building, as well as footsteps and banging noises. ❖

Previously the Fauquier Female Institute, this architectural standout (pictured above) is still in existence today. Originally, this building served as a local all-girls boarding school. During less successful years, the institution allowed student boarders from outside the area to enroll. Several stories throughout the decades reveal noises and strange occurrences from footsteps to doors shutting on their own accord.

D I S C O V E R WA R R E N T O N ’ S S P O O K Y PA S T . . . i f y o u d a r e Interested in more hauntingly good stories? Discover Warrenton’s spooky past by joining a ghost tour from the Old Jail that will have you strolling the streets and pulling back the veil on the macabre and bone chilling tales. The 8th Annual Warrenton Ghost Walk, is hosted by the Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail and offers costumed guides that take you on a journey through Old Town Warrenton and regale you with ghostly tales. Tours are October 20, 21, 27, and 28 and are offered beginning at 7 p.m. at the Old Jail. The last tour begins at 9 pm. Familyfriendly tours are available at 6 p.m. on the

21 and 28. Admission is $13 for individuals 12 years and older. Children under 12 years old are $5. Tickets sell out fast and must be purchased in advance online (www. fauquierhistory.org). On Friday, October 13, the Fauquier History Museum will also conduct a paranormal tour of the museum. The tour is from 7 to 9 p.m. and will focus on the ghosts of the Old Jail. The museum’s resident medium will be on site to talk with guests about paranormal activities and experiences. Admission is $20 per person and spaces fill up fast, so book in advance.

Above: General store Latham & Green opened around 1882 and the building has been used as both a residence and a store over it’s roughly 180 years of life. The building is located at 20 Main Street (at the corner of Culpeper and Main Street) and is the current home of Allegro Community School of the Arts.






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