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WA R R E N T O N Congratulations to Molly’s Irish Pub for winning the Best of the Best of Warrenton Award!

In this issue… Spend an Evening Under the Stars Get ready for fall sports …and MORE!


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“Best Bank”

Real People. Real Relationships. Real Community Bank.

“ It's comforting to

do business with competent, friendly professionals who treat me right. That's why I have been a customer of The Fauquier Bank for 30 years.


enuine community spirit, real efficient and friendly service. That’s what you’ll find at The Fauquier Bank. For over 100 years we’ve been helping people with their financial needs, neighbor to neighbor. It’s our community, too. The Fauquier Bank. Making your financial life easier.

BANKING OFFICES Old Town Warrenton View Tree-Warrenton New Baltimore Catlett The Plains Bealeton Sudley Road-Manassas Old Town Manassas

Banking and Wealth Management Services 5 4 0 - 3 4 7 - 2 7 0 0 / M e t ro : 7 0 3 - 3 6 6 - 1 6 0 0 / 8 0 0 - 6 3 8 - 3 7 9 8 / f a u q u i e r b a n k . c o m

Member FDIC

September 2006



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September 2006




he Best of the Best. That is what we are calling the winners of Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine’s Best of Warrenton Awards as chosen by our readers. This is the first of what we intend will be many annual celebrations of the finest organizations and people in our community. A few months ago we sent out over 10,000 ballots asking our readers to tell us what they felt were the best of our great Warrenton area businesses, people, places and organizations in over 90 categories. The citizens responded well and we officially announced the winners at a party at Legends Event Center on August 10th. All of the winners were invited along with members of the Town and County governments and a few other select VIPs. Guests were treated to a fun evening with great food and beverages provided by the Legends staff.











Mayor George Fitch opened the evening with encouraging remarks for all businesses in Warrenton, complimenting everyone on their excellence in business performance. The Mayor, himself, was voted Favorite Elected Official. We invited all of the guests to cheer for those that had been selected as Warrenton’s favorites. Some of the rooting for the winners was almost deafening as well as entertaining. We wanted people to have a good time and they certainly did. Among those that received the loudest cheers were Fred’s Deli on Main Street, attorney Robin Gulick (where else but Warrenton would you find so much love shown for a lawyer?), Rankin’s Hardware, The Fauquier Bank, TimesDemocrat writer George Rowand and Andreas Keller. If you know these people, you will understand why they are so adored. If you don’t, make the effort to get to know them. They are Warrenton. Other winners included Borders, which received the most votes in one category and Salon Emage won in two categories including the one I believe is most important, Best Customer Service. The big winner of the evening was Molly’s Irish Pub, taking six awards including best nightspot and best bartender, Sam Rogers. Kitty and Laurie Enright of Molly’s were given the Best of the Best Award for winning in the most categories and receiving the most total votes. The list of winners is as varied as Warrenton itself. National chains, mom and pop businesses, new stores and long-time standards were all winners. David can still beat Goliath in Warrenton as we’ve identified great personal service as the dominant theme among the winners. Being the best means you are the favorite of the people today. What you deem is the best may not be the right decision for your neighbor. I looked at the winners and realized that about 40% of the winners were not my first choice. What that signifies Warrenton Lifestyle

is that we have many more wonderful businesses and people that did not win but they are still worth exploring. So why did we do this? One of our intentions with The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine is to continually celebrate all of the terrific things we have in Warrenton. Another is to give greater exposure of our businesses and organizations to the people that live here, over half of whom are commuters without promoting their competition from other tax bases. We also think it’s important to continually revisit our community as changes occur on a daily basis. We may not like all of them but we must concede that the majority of changes are demand driven. We want people to debate the winners. It’s good for business if people are arguing that the right choice was or wasn’t made. The most important thing is that we want local residents to have an opinion and passion about our great Town. With so many positive features of Warrenton, how could we ever run out of material? There is obvious competition in our area when reviewing the ballots. We believe most competition makes for better business and better choices for our citizens. It makes all parties work harder and allows the best to succeed while eliminating those that don’t adapt. There were several categories where the winners won by only a few votes including the category where our firm, Piedmont Press & Graphics, won – Best Place for Printing/ Copies. We narrowly beat our friendly, national competitor, Staples. We mention them because we love what they’ve brought to Warrenton – readily available supplies and selfservice copying – two things we had dabbled in before and decided we didn’t want to do. Because of Staples, we have choices right here where we live without having to drive to another County. Since Staples arrived on the scene, our copy center business has more than doubled. We think this September 2006

is because people have two very good choices and don’t even think about driving to another county. Also, because the voting was so close, our team at PP&G knows we will have to raise our level of service again in order to compete with them next year for this award. That’s always good for you, the consumer. So consider the Best Of list as just a “slice” of the thousands of wonderful businesses, places, and people we have to offer. After all, Warrenton is one Photos: (from top to delicious home-baked pie. bottom): Robin Gulick, Best We started with about Attorney and members of his 150 potential categories to office. Legends Catering, Best admire. Our team worked Catering. Jack Flikeid, Habitat hard to scale that list down for Humanity, Best Group to a more manageable to Volunteer for. Jennifer and size so we could fit it all Carl Norskog, Carousel on one ballot. We even Ice Cream, Best Ice Cream. experimented with our first Stephanie Dollinger, Guest. Ashley Norris and Sarah online survey for some of Conrad, Hartman Jewelers, the categories where we Best Jewelry Store and Best Place received a great response, for Pets to Hang Out. too. We now have a monthly survey available at our website. Please participate. In a handful of the categories, the winners were almost unanimous. In others, there were tightly contested races that came down to the final days. There were some great surprises, and, in my opinion, no disappointments. So, agree with the people who voted or not, but I urge you to take the time to find out your own favorite for next year. It could be someplace you haven’t even heard of until today. Thank you to our team at Piedmont Press & Graphics and especially to my son Mike, one of our summer interns, for tabulating thousands and thousands of votes.

And now to the winners…





Dry Cleaners, Acclaim Cleaners Place to Have a Reception, Airlie Mortgage Broker, Andreas Keller of Mid-Atlantic Mortgage Best Place For Auto Parts, Auto Zone Physical Therapy, Blaser Physical Therapy New Store, Borders Book Store, Borders Desserts, Café Torino Ice Cream, Carousel Ice Cream Women’s Clothes, Christine Fox Restaurant, Claire’s at the Depot Saturday Night Date Spot, Claire’s at the Depot Auto Dealership, Country Chevrolet Place to Eat When You’re VERY Hungry, Country Cookin Flower Shop, Designs by Teresa Best Pediatrician, Dr. Dennis Rustom Chiropractor, Dr. Douglas Smith Veterinarian, Dr. Elaine Lutz Doctor, Dr. L. Trice Gravatte Dentist, Dr. Tom Sentz Music Store, Drum and Strum Ethnic Cuisine, El Agave Website, Fauquier County Public Library Place to Be Alone, Fauquier County Public Library Place to Work, Fauquier County Public School System Local School, Fauquier High School Golf Course, Fauquier Springs Country Club Hamburger, Foster’s Grill Antique Store, Fox Den Antiques Picture Framing, Framing by Cyndy Deli Food, Fred’s Late-Night Food, Frost Diner Local Journalist, George Rowand Group To Be A Volunteer , Habitat for Humanity Jewelry Store, Hartman Jewelers Best Place for Pets to Hang Out, Hartman Jewelers Performing Art Venue, Highland School Art Venue Best Hotel, Holiday Inn Express Dog Groomer, Hound ‘N Hair Breakfast/Brunch Spot, IHOP Insurance Agent, Joe Runion at State Farm Car Repair, Joe’s Service Center Plumber, L.J. Foley Plumbing and Heating, Inc. Caterer, Legends Real Estate Office, Long and Foster 8

Elected Official, Mayor George Fitch Photo Developing, McClanahan Camera Place to Eat With Kids, McDonalds Best Garden/Nursery, Meadows Farm Bar, Molly’s Irish Pub Dancing, Molly’s Irish Pub Nightspot, Molly’s Irish Pub Place to Watch a Sporting Event on TV, Molly’s Irish Pub Place for A Night Out With Friends, Molly’s Irish Pub Bartender, Molly’s Irish Pub - Sam Rogers Outdoor Dining, Napoleon’s Historical Site, Old Jail Museum Health Club, Old Town Athletic Club Annual Event, Old Town Warrenton Spring Festival, Steak, Outback Healthy Lunch, Panera Place for a Salad, Panera Place to Eat When You’re Alone, Panera Quick Lunch, Panera Teacher, Paul Tieche @ Marshall Middle School Men’s Clothes, Peebles Shoes, Peebles Pizza, Pizza Hut Electronics Store, Radio Shack Place for a Family Picnic, Rady Park Furniture Store, Rankins Furniture Hardware Store, Rankins Hardware Lawyer, Robin Gulick Place to Buy a Cell Phone, Rob-Rit Communications, Inc. Hair Salon, Salon Emage Customer Service, Salon Emage Accountant, Scheulen Patchett & Edwards, PC. Barber Shop, Siggi’s Sports Barber Shop Pre-School, St. James Preschool Place to Buy Printing / Copies, Piedmont Press & Graphics Coffee, Starbucks Entertainer/Singer/Band, Street Legal Sandwich, Subway Artist, Sunny Reynolds Contractor/Handyman, Superior Heating and Air Conditioning Bank, The Fauquier Bank Paint Store, The Paint Shop Financial Advisor, Tom Tucker of Edward Jones, Place to Find the Perfect Gift, Town Duck Best Pharmacy, Walgreens Take-Out, Waterloo Café, Warrenton Lifestyle

September 2006


Living A Healthier Lifestyle Get Ready for Fall Sports


by Amy Petty

or many Warrenton families, going back to school means more than reading, writing and alarm clocks. It also means back to the football field, the tennis courts, basketball gyms and more. While many student athletes now train year round for their sports, it’s still important to listen to the experts when resuming regular practices or beginning your first foray into conditioning. Kendal Blaser is a physical therapist with more than 20 years of experience. Owner of the practice named Warrenton’s Best Place for Physical Therapy in this issue of Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, she’s seen her fair share of sports related injuries. Her six point approach to getting back into the swing of things has solid steps to avoiding injury and achieving fitness.


1. Start gradually. Almost all sports require running, so athletes (or aspiring ones) should take care to start slowly and add distance gradually to their

great care to acclimate the kids to the team and to the workouts.”

workouts. Most team sports are going full throttle when actual practice starts, so make sure to do some pre-season work if possible. But that’s still not the same as working out with the team cautions Steve Downs, Fauquier High School’s Athletic Trainer. “We take

In addition to athletes, Jim sees a fair number of students coming in to buff up or lose a few pounds. He says, “There are lots of similarities between students’ interests and adults’ interests in fitness. Their reasons for being here are pretty much the same. Anyone can

Jim Pulchine, Director of Fauquier High School’s wellness program and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, develops programs specific to the sport for the student athletes, as well as adults who have joined the high school’s gym. Jim says, “No matter the age, research has shown there is no substitute for resistance training. Not running, treadmills or elliptical machines. I develop programs to meet the level of the individual so they can build up their strength.”

Warrenton Lifestyle

Lifelines classes before practice. Adds Steve, “It really helped to decrease the nitpicky injuries and pulls by getting their muscles warmed up.”

find success if they’re willing to take the time to get in shape.” 2. Stretch. Time and time again we’re told the importance of stretching before and after a workout, but it’s easy to skip this step when we’re in a hurry. Big mistake. Kendal says, “Sore muscles are much more likely to occur when returning to fall sports activities. Stretching, particularly following exercise, can help minimize the muscle soreness the following day.” In fact, Pulchine sets up groups with Chip Maloney at Chestnut Forks for

September 2006

3. Keep well hydrated. Remember not only to drink plenty of water during activities, but also before conditioning. School athletic programs are very conscious of this issue, according to Steve. He says that during the hottest days of football camp, practice was moved to 5:00 a.m - 9:00 a.m. to take advantage of the coolest part of the day. And while eight glasses

of water is the recommended intake for your average Joe, that amount needs to be increased relative to activity level. 4. Good nutrition. With all the low-carb chatter, it’s easy to forget that carbohydrates are necessary for maintaining a high energy level when working out. Also, athletes (like the rest of us) should try to lay off the fast food and follow recommended nutritional guidelines. The Food and Drug Administration’s food pyramid is a good place to start. 5. Adequate sleep. We all can get tired and cranky when we’re not getting enough sleep, but Kendal says this is probably the most commonly neglected component of teenagers’ routines. “The athletes need to recognize that their bodies are better prepared to condition when they’ve had enough rest. They’re more alert, which decreases their risk of injury, and their bodies are more tolerant of the exertion required.” See Healthy on Page 12


Healthy cont’d from Page 11

6. Proper footwear. Be certain to invest in good shoes. Mike Stanislaw, certified distance coach and owner of On the Run Sports in Warrenton, agrees. “For anyone doing athletics, there are many different foot types. It’s really important to get a shoe shaped to your foot. If it’s a high arch, you need a narrower shoe width, low arches need more of a stability shoe. Make sure the


shoe is holding your foot properly. It gets pretty technical. There are so many injuries with people choosing the wrong shoe, I’ve even done it myself.” Mike also says it’s important to have the right shoe for the right sport. While high school athletes are usually well aware of this, less seasoned athletes need to be educated.

she says, “It’s always a tough transition from the lazy days of summer to the more demanding days on the athletic field, but by observing these six simple steps, it may not be quite so painful!”

Whether your son is the next Michael Vick or your daughter is the next Mia Hamm, make sure they’re following these steps for a healthy athletic season. Take the time to educate yourself and your children. Kendal Blaser speaks the truth when

For information about On the Run Sports, visit www.otrsports.com or visit the store in Warrenton Shopping Center at 251 West Lee Highway.

For more information on Blaser Physical Therapy, visit www. blaserphysicaltherapy.com or call 3411922.

The wellness center at Fauquier High School is open Monday - Friday from 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., and 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon on Saturdays. Call 347-7501 for more information. Go to www.mypyramid.gov review the FDA’s food pyramid.


Have a suggestion for a future column on making a healthier Warrenton? Email your ideas to amytpetty@adelphia.net. Amy Petty has lived in the Warrenton area for the past seven years. She is the Marketing Director for the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites.

Warrenton Lifestyle

September 2006


Warrenton’s Magical


By Kitty Enright

he Partnership for Warrenton will be holding its 17th annual “An Evening Under The Stars” gala and auction on September 16, 2006 at 8:00 p.m. This is Fauquier County’s largest fund-raising social event and should not be missed! The event is held outdoors, under the stars, on Main Street in Historic Old Town Warrenton. Main Street is transformed into an impressive magical wonderland of white lights and chic elegance. Participating restaurants display their cuisine on white clothed tables, which they extravagantly bedeck in hopes of winning the coveted ‘best of’ award. Further setting the enchanting scene, invitations suggest “semi-formal attire” and add “black tie optional”. Excitement fills the air while over 500 guests make their way along Main Street where they will sample tastes

from the menus of over twenty-five of the areas finest restaurants, inns and caterers. One of the highlights of the evening is dancing the night away to the music of the legendary group, Daryl Davis and his Band. Back by popular demand, Daryl Davis and his five-piece rhythm and blues, boogie-woogie band will set the tone, as guests dance to a variety of upbeat tunes. As a performer, Daryl 14

Davis has worked with countless greats such as Elvis Presley’s Jordanaires, The Coasters, Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters Legendary Blues Band. Davis was the featured pianist on Caphas & Wiggins’ 1992 Grammy Award winning album, Flip Flop and Fly. Daryl Davis and his Band should not be missed. Even the legendary Chuck Berry praised Davis as a “very, very fine musician. You really ought to hear him”. The evening will also feature a fabulous silent auction with numerous items such as paintings, golf packages, a rock fishing trip with over night stay, jewelry, spa packages, a sailing trip for four aboard a 42 foot sailing yacht, bed and breakfast holidays, gift baskets galore and much more. This year, Hartman Jewelers will be donating a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Raffle tickets will be sold throughout the evening for a chance to win the dazzling prize. Previous years have included honoring distinguished guests, whose names have helped bring attention to the event. Past honorees have included Robert Duvall and Willard Scott. This year, event coordinators have chosen to honor a husband and

wife. Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour pro, Kris Tschetter (pronounced ‘cheddar’) and her husband and well-known golf instructor, Kirk Lucas, will be this year’s honorary guests. You don’t have to be a golfer to appreciate the couples ‘celebrity’ and their enthusiasm to help raise funds to protect Warrenton’s Historic District. The Partnership is delighted that the couple agreed to attend. In fact,

Warrenton Lifestyle

Evening Under the Stars the couple says they are flattered to be invited and are looking forward to Saturday’s gala. Kirk and Kris own 75 acres in Warrenton where they have a golf instruction and practice facility. They have plans to build their dream home on the beautiful property. Kirk is a renowned golf instructor who has written for many golf magazines and has frequently appeared on the golf channel. He has instructed many PGA and LPGA players and continues to teach his favorite pupil - his wife, Kris! In the midst of her 19th year on the LPGA tour, Kris just finished her 16th US Women’s Open. Kris is among the top women on the LPGA tour. Kris surpassed the million dollar mark in 1995 and the 3 million dollar mark in 2000. Kris and Kirk have two beautiful daughters: Lainey Elizabeth is 3 years old and Kyra Marie is 23 months old. They love Warrenton and are frequently in Old Town. This year’s fundraiser will benefit The Partnership for Warrenton, a volunteer-driven non-profit organization that serves the public by creating a vital downtown through economic revitalization and historic preservation efforts. Partnership projects include: Old Town street lamp restorations, building illuminations, streetscape improvements, Christmas in Old Town, July 4th Children’s Parade, Father’s Day Car Show, Flags for Old Town and the nationally recognized Children’s Christmas Shop at Gum Drop Square. The Partnership for Warrenton is a publicly supported 501(c)(3) taxexempt foundation who are proud to be accredited as a Virginia Main Street Community. Having accumulated more than 25,000 volunteer hours since 1997, the Virginia Main Street September 2006

Program has recently recognized and awarded the Partnership and their devoted group of volunteers for their dedication to downtown revitalization. The Main Street program equates the unpaid volunteer hours to more than $456,000 in support to Warrenton’s Historic District. The Partnership is indebted to the support they receive from the community. Be it volunteers, the Town of Warrenton, Fauquier County, area businesses who have donated items for the silent auction or placed ads in the evening’s program, the fine restaurants, inns and caterers who provide food for the evening, or the financial investors, such as the event’s corporate sponsors, the Partnership recognizes that the organization’s success is a direct link to the contribution of the

entire community. Every year guests come away from the evening feeling inspired to protect the downtown for future generations. The Partnership for Warrenton’s Board of Trustees invite you to buy that dress you’ve had your eye on, pick out a special tie, invite your friends and bring your dancing shoes to the best party of the year. For more information on how you can be a part of The Partnership for Warrenton visit www.historicwarrenton.org, e-mail partnership2@verizon.net, or call (540) 349 - 8606. Kitty Enright is the Vice Chair, Board of Trustees for the Partnership for Warrenton and the co-owner of Molly’s Irish Pub.

The Partnership for Warrenton Presents An Evening Under the Stars ★ September 16, 2006 - 8:00 p.m. ★ Courthouse Square, Main Street, Historic Old Town Warrenton ★ Tickets can be purchased online at www.historicwarrenton.org or at these fine ticket outlets: • BB&T (Main Street Branch and Route 29 Branch) • The Fauquier Bank (Main Street Branch and Route 29 Branch) • The Town Duck (15 Main Street, Old Town Warrenton) ★ Cash, Checks, Visa and Mastercard accepted ★ Tickets are $35.00 per person prior to September 10; $50.00 thereafter. Tickets will be available at entrance tables on September 16th. ★ A limited number of reserved tables with eight guest tickets are available until September 10 at $400.00. ★ Inclement weather change of venue: Highland School Due to limited space, tickets do not guarantee table seating. 15

Salon Emagé Offers a full suite of services including: Full Hair Services Manicure Nail Pedicure Waxing Massage Facial Airbrush Tanning Body Wraps and much more.


Give yourself the ultimate pampering. Salon Emagé Day Spa nourishes your body and spirit with luxurious treatments designed to pamper, rejuvenate, restore and rehydrate. Take the time to escape the today. 2006

Thank you for voting us… Best Hair Salon & Best Customer Service WA R R E N T O N


Call 540-341-4052 today! 51 east lee street • warrenton, va 20186

Call “Robin” or her assistant “Nancy”

540-341-8105 or toll free 866-341-8105


221 Broadview Avenue • Warrenton, Virginia EQUAL HOUSING




Warrenton Lifestyle

Your Ad Here would reach 30,000 Warrenton consumers at their homes & businesses. Call Cindy McBride today to get in the October issue at 540.347.4466


107th Annual BEST OF

August 31 thru September 3, 2006

Voted 2006

Warrenton Horse Show A labor day tradition

WA R R E N T O N Golf Course

Hunters, Breeding Championship, Side Saddle, Fox Hunter Classes Saturday evening features The $5,000 Warrenton Hunter Classic and Terrier Race Exhibition

Show begins each day at 8:00 a.m. Admission $5 per person • Children 12 & under free Benefitting Bright Stars, The Fauquier County Fire & Emergency Services, Fauquier SPCA, Partnership for Warrenton, and the Make-AWish Foundation

Warrenton Horse Show Grounds

Warrenton, Virginia Phone (540) 347-9442 warrentonhorseshow.com September 2006


Warrenton-Fauquier Heritage Day “A Return to Yesteryear”


n September 30, 2006, the Warrenton-Fauquier Heritage Day is returning to Old Town. Celebrating 247 years of Warrenton and Fauquier heritage and honoring the National designation as a “Preserve America Community,” Main Street will be showcasing years of history from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is the second year of the event. Main Street will be flooded with reenactments, special displays, tours, and lectures that will take place at the Old Courthouse, Courthouse Square, Spilman-Mosby House, John Barton Payne Building, and the Old Jail Museum. Last year saw the day begin with a Living History Parade down Main Street with revolutionary characters leading the way. Future plans include expanding the celebration next year when all of Virginia celebrates the 400th anniversary of Jamestown. The 2007 event is planning an overnight ride with the Black Horse Cavalry that will culminate during the parade of Heritage Day 2007. Admission is free to the public, and all donations will go to benefit the John Singleton Mosby Foundation in their restoration of the Spilman-Mosby House and future home of the John Mosby Museum. For more information, please visit their website at http://www.mosbymuseum.org or call at 540-351-1600. Also available online is the Heritage Day Registration Form and information on how you can volunteer to help.


2006 Blue & Gray Ball Is Announced

A FALL VICTORIAN TEA with period dressed tea servers is scheduled for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28TH in the ST. JAMES EPISCOPAL CHURCH Fellowship Hall. The event will include a Fashion Show of Period Victorian Clothing. Tickets will be $30.00 per person.

Please join us for the seventh Blue and Gray Ball to enjoy an evening of mid -19th. Century mannerisms, social pleasantries, and theatrics. Tickets are $70.00 per person for members and nonmembers are $85.00 per person



Warrenton Lifestyle


Onli ! ne Sur v ey www.warrentonlifestyle.com This month’s survey question is‌

Which is your favorite Warrenton Grocery store: Food Lion


Natural Marketplace


Remember, this is an online survey only, so log on and vote today! September 2006


Another Great Reason to Shop Warrenton First:

We’ve got it all covered at:

Reason 2.

Convenience: Doing business locally will save you precious time. Those hours you would have spent driving and stuck in traffic can now be added to your leisurely shopping experience, spent with your kids, or give you the option of not missing the first half of a football game.


Warrenton Lifestyle



Framing By Cyndy WA R R E N T O N

A Gallery of Unique Framing, Art & Gifts BEST OF


ed Vot


Picture Framing

36A Main St. Warrenton, VA 20186 Cyndy Pierce-Burnett 540-341-4048



Local Talent WA R R E N T O N

The dog days of summer couldn’t squash this talent! Caroline Flikeid took this rock from her yard and transformed it into a work of art.



Caroline Flikeid Age: 7 School: Highland Interests: Dogs and Animals of all kinds.


September 2006


In e r e h W ? n o t n e Warr

Where in Warrenton was this photo taken? We will occasionally publish a portion of a photo of some person, place or thing uniquely Warrenton. Those that correctly identify the photo will be put into a drawing with the winner receiving a check for $25.00. Send your best guess by the 15th of this month to our fax number at (540) 347-0917 or email to WarrentonLifestyle@ piedmontpress.com or send via postal mail to: Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, c/o Piedmont Press & Graphics, 404 Belle Air Lane, Warrenton, VA 20186.

Last month’s winner

Lourdes Gordillo for correctly identifying the sign on 29 North headed out of town. This photo received the most responses yet, as we didn’t crop the picture!


http://spryder.casebook.org/warrenton/ This website provides an interesting look at the history of Warrenton through categorical pictures. The main page provides a brief overlook and history of Warrenton, and displays the categories on the left side of the page. The website welcomes visitors to leave their own information about certain pictures and some personal experiences. The images are separated into nine different categories. Advertising features pictures of old ads in business and real estate from Warrenton. One section features pictures of old buildings and landmarks such as Airlie, Mosby House, and the Court House. History sections include Civil War and John S. Mosby. There is also a section that features foxhunting and a section labeled Miscellaneous which features random photographs of pictures from Warrenton years ago. The final three sections are features on restaurants, people, and streets and locations. Inside each of these sections, there are a variety of different pictures for your viewing. Each picture has a little information included with it from people who know history about it. If there is no information included with it, there is an option for the viewer to add their own comments if they know any information about it. We contacted the website’s author, Stephen Ryder, and asked him why he started the site. “Well, I’m always interested in history and Warrenton seemed to have a fair amount of it.  I started collecting postcards and local history books and quickly realized just how much of this stuff was available (mostly on eBay).  I started collecting them together to show a bit of how Warrenton has changed over the years.  After the site grew a bit, locals started sending me items and it went from there.” Mr. Ryder did mention that he no longer lives in Warrenton and hasn’t updated it as often as he’d like. He’s kept it up for people to enjoy and post their comments and the personal stories they tell regarding many of the photos. Visit the site at http://spryder.casebook.org/warrenton/ Warrenton Lifestyle

September 2006



Warrenton Lifestyle


Saturday, September 23 at 6 p.m. SHARP Visit the happy island of ARUBA, experience life in a RUSSIAN orphanage, wander the city streets of London ENGLAND, take a tour of the ORIENT, greet the many faces of SPAIN, marvel at costumed dancers of PERU, and more! Tour the nation’s Largest Missions Displays, you’ll experience the drama, music, and ethnic foods of each country. The Korean Dance Company that performed at the olympics will be there. A true Multi-Cultural experience! Battlefield Baptist 540-347-5855 4361 Lee Highway (Rt. 29) Gainesville, VA Come early for moon bounce & pony rides at 4:30


COMMUNITY EVENT FREE International Festival


Don’t miss our open-pit barbecue.


to Amanda Summers-Howe of Warrenton for winning $200 in the Best of Warrenton random ballot drawing!

September 2006


Map of Warrenton HEALTH, BEAUTY & DINING 1 Ben & Mary's Steakhouse 2 Blaser Physical Therapy 3 Chestnut Forks Athletic Club 4 Fauquier Springs Country Club 5 Galloping Grape 6 Gold's Gym 7 Molly's Irish Pub 8 Mom's Apple Pie 9 Nova Medical Group 10 Salon Emage 11 Sandesh Studio 12 Subway


RETAIL & PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 13 BB&T 14 Capitol Sheds 15 CFC Farm & Home Center 16 Christine Fox 17 Edward Jones 18 Hartman Jewelers 19 Holiday Inn Express 20 Mid-Atlantic Mortgage/Andreas Keller 21 Remax Regency/Robin Law 22 Superior Heating & Air 23 The Fauquier Bank Piedmont Press & Graphics/ Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine 26

Warrenton Lifestyle A

September 2006


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