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September 2005


Saturday, September 17 in Old Town Warrenton Willard Scott, Honorary Chairman Daryl Davis and his Band Silent Auction $40 until September 10 $50 thereafter


Publishers Tony & Holly Tedeschi tony@piedmontpress.com

nder th U g n i n e e St Ev

Tickets available from Fauquier Bank, The Town Duck , and BB&T in Old Town. Inclement weather site Highland School The Partnership for Warrenton 540 349-8606 Light Refreshments & Hors D'oeuvres Provided by: Airlie Center CafĂŠ Torino & Bakery China Jade Claire's at The Depot Domino's Pizza Fauquier Springs Country Club Frogs & Friends Grandpa Groovey's

Griffin Tavern Hog Wild Caterers Inn at Vint Hill La Vita Bella Legends Catering Molly's Irish Pub Mom's Apple Pie Napoleon's Orlean Restaurant

Panera Bread Pizzarama Smokie Joe's Starbucks Coffee Subway The Town Duck Thornton River Grill

Attire semi-formal


Publisher’s Note Welcome to the second issue of The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine. Your response to our first edition has been absolutely fantastic and gave us the incentive to forge ahead, working on the next few issues. I think it’s important to discuss what led up to its creation and clarify a few issues. First, for many years I’ve written and spoken about my 5% More Loyalty Plan. It is a very simple concept. I would like to see our local citizens, businesses and government spend just 5% more of their money here that they are currently spending elsewhere. That’s easy. It’s only cutting out 1 out of every 20 trips to Manassas or Fair Oaks and buying those goods here instead. Warrenton alone is home to almost 1,000 businesses, many of whom sell the same goods and services our residents travel to other Towns to purchase. When we go elsewhere to shop we are, in effect, “importing” the goods we buy. The money spent is lost to our own community’s economy. It means that more of the tax burden is saddled to the property owners in the area. To give you a better idea of how much money is “leaking”, Fauquier County’s median household income is about $57,000 and per capita retail sales is only about $6,700 or 12%. Compare that to Virginia’s median income of only about $40,000 with per capita retail sales of about $9,300 or 23%. The state average is almost double Fauquier County! While this data is a few years out of date, it is still relevant (Source: 2000 Census). 5% would make a HUGE difference. A 5% diversion of per capita retail spending back to Fauquier County would bring $6.5 million in initial spending or about $26 million considering how many times money turns over in a local economy (Multiplier Effect). 5% of income additionally spent in Fauquier County would bring a staggering $57,000,000 in spending or, with the Multiplier Effect, over $200,000,000 to the economy. Here’s where Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine comes in. The intention of the magazine, which is built on the concept of an advertising shopper, is to turn your focus back to Warrenton, even if just for a moment. We want to introduce or reintroduce you to new stores and old, long-time practicing professionals and recent additions to firms, and show you a few more opportunities to play and relax right here at home. We chose to focus on Warrenton because no one else exclusively was. It is the heart of our County and as Warrenton goes, I believe, so does the rest of Fauquier. The magazine is not intended to be a fine literary work like the former Fauquier Magazine. We’ll leave the indepth writing to our two fine newspapers, The Times-Democrat and The Fauquier Citizen. It’s not intended to blanket the entire County since Discover Magazine does a great job doing that. We identified several needs: • Warrenton needed a targeted marketing product that was focused exclusively on it, that was of high quality and had content to insure readability. Our clients want direct mail and many of them needed an affordable choice from a more traditional campaign or that want to augment an existing campaign with intense local branding. • Warrenton needs to continually get its message out to the community about the wonderful attributes the area has and about the value of shopping locally. • Warrenton businesses have no organizations representing just them. The purpose of most business organizations is to promote its membership and loyalty among the community. We needed something to cohesively represent Warrenton and starting a magazine was a natural for us. • We needed to reach everyone that was a top prospect. The best way we know how to do that is to mail to every single house and business. We’ve started at 9,000 mailed pieces plus another 1,000 distributed around the area. The entire project is produced at our plant. The articles come from our staff, one student and members of the community, our area experts. All design, printing, binding and mailing takes place right here in Town. It’s a very Warrenton product. Thanks for the comments. We received over 60 letters, faxes and emails from all of you with our first issue. We appreciate your input and guidance. Regards, Tony Tedeschi 404 Belle Air Lane • Warrenton, VA 20186 • 540.347.4466 4

Warrenton Lifestyle

A Labor Day Tradition Warrenton Horse Show


he 106th celebration of the Warrenton Horse Show will take place September 1-4. Drawing many local and out of state exhibitors, this show remains to be a popular event over the Labor Day weekend. Some exciting features of the show include, Hunter classes, Ladies Side Saddle, Leadline, Walk-Trot and the famous “Jack Russell Terrier races”. Saturday night will host the terrier races, and a Hunter Classic. The Fauquier Hospital Benefit party will take place at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday evening. Saturday features the Thoroughbred and Non-Thoroughbred Hunter Breeding and The Sallie B. Wheeler USEF National Breeding Championship, for yearlings, two year olds, and three year olds, and the first annual $5,000 Hunter Classic, sponsored by Miller Toyota. Sunday will host the “Hunt Night” classes. This years show will benefit The Fauquier Hospital, Head Start & Bright Stars, The Fauquier SPCA, The MakeA-Wish Foundation, and The Fauquier County Fire and Rescue Association. The show begins at 8:00 a.m. each day, with evening classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Admission is $5 per person, which can be purchased at the gate, and children under 12 are free. There will be food available, as well as other gift concessions and tack shops. For information call (540) 347-9442 or (540) 788-4806, or visit our website, warrentonhorseshow.com The horse show grounds are located on Rt. 29 South Business, also known as West Shirley Avenue.

September 2005


PhotoSearch‌ We are accepting photos for our upcoming issues and the 2006 Warrenton Calendar we will be printing this year. If you have interesting photos that were taken in Warrenton (meaning the 20186/20187 zip code area) and would like to see them possibly featured in our publication, then please send in a print or hi-res digital file of the photo. Include your name and a description of the photo.

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September 2005


Around Town We Go

by Lily Rose

I approach the Post Office as I finish off the last of my coffee a couple minutes before 8:30, Tuesday morning. I am gratified to see the Circuit Rider, Warrenton’s public transportation shuttle bus, pull on to Main Street as the day’s temperature rapidly reaches eighty degrees. The bus comes to a halt and I smile at the driver as the doors swing open and the chilled breeze from the air conditioning welcomes me aboard. The Circuit Rider, provided by Virginia Regional Transportation Association, is an important asset to the town’s transportation. The service follows a fixed route through Warrenton hourly, beginning its first run at 7:30 a.m. and its


last run at 4:30 p.m., and picking up an average of 50 people a day for 50 cents a ride, Tuesday through Friday. Monday offers approximately 100 passengers a free ride throughout the day, while Saturday’s schedule is more limited as the Circuit Rider operates from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. There are two “loops” that the bus follows. The Maroon Loop begins to pick up passengers behind the post office thirty minutes past the hour and makes stops at the medical buildings, Blackwell Road, CVS, Giant, K Mart, the Oak apartments, Warrenton Manor apartments, Safeway, Food Lion, and Third and Main. The Black Loop begins at Third and Main, stops at Third and Lee Street, Leeds Square, WalMart, Warrenton Community Center, Fauquier Hospital, Human Service, Food Lion, The Work Place, Fauquier Family Shelter, Shadow Lawn, and comes back to the Post Office in an

hour’s time. For roughly eight years, VRTA has been operating around the region. Headquarters are located in Purcellville and the service extends throughout Loudoun County, Leesburg, Dulles, and the West Central Region, including Fauquier and Culpeper counties, as well as Orange and Front Royal counties. The association has been supported by multi-level funding, which allows the non-profit organization 18 paid bus drivers for the regions in which it operates. Transit Manager Michael Barnes recalls the relevance of the service. “It provides mobility for a variety of people, and affordable transportation,” said Barnes. “We’re relatively inexpensive and we target a certain population; people who don’t have a lot of means to have other transportation modes.”

Warrenton Lifestyle

According to Barnes, the community has been very receptive and has come to rely on this mode of transportation. The buses are convenient for all riders, equipped with a means for accommodating wheel chairs, and bus passes are available as well as certain discounts. One of the shuttle bus’ regular riders, Cletus, has been using the bus as his only mode of transportation for three out of the four years of living in Warrenton. Cletus rides almost daily, generally making a trip to Safeway, and will “continue to ride the bus for a long time.” As one lady descends from the bus, she views the service as a blessing. “I’ve been riding it ever since it started,” the passenger said. “It’s been God-sent to me.” The idea of public transportation in Warrenton surfaced with the residential population in mind, but has extended itself toward the business community

as well. “It’s not something that’s addressed directly,” said Barnes. “We bring people to town and we bring them to their businesses and the shopping centers, so obviously there’s a correlation there that they wouldn’t be able to get there otherwise.” For now, the Circuit Rider is the only shuttle bus that operates in Warrenton, but expansion is a vision for the future. Supported by the community, the potential progress in the service depends on people’s needs. Barnes predicts that with the steady growth of the town an increased need for transportation will continue to rise, allowing development for the shuttle service. In shuttle bus driver David Lamham’s four-month experience with the passengers, he recognizes the positive contribution the service creates. While the bus is occupied with a majority of senior citizens, all ages take advantage of the

Schedule repeats every hour 1st Run Starts 7:30 a.m.


Ea irl



r St


lo Tay

e Av ey


Falmouth Str



opportunity. With a stop at Shadow Lawn daycare, Lamham commonly acknowledges youthful adolescences, as well. In addition to the Circuit Rider there is a correlated service, a demand response bus, which permits people in Fauquier County to make appointments to be brought into town. This valuable form of transportation is utilized greatly by Fauquier’s inhabitants, as they increasingly display their desire for accessing Warrenton. Before I disembark the bus, my thoughts travel past each brilliant face in my wake. It is these passengers we can thank for providing the town with convenient opportunities. Warrenton acts on its community’s appeal, and our appreciation shows in the countenance of every active citizen. To call for information about the shuttle bus: 540-341-3464. Lily Rose is Copy Production Manager of The Falconer newspaper at Fauquier High school, where she will be a senior this fall. As a patron of art and music, she looks forward to pursuing her interests in college. This will be Lily’s 16th year as a resident of Warrenton.

Last Run Starts 4:30 p.m.

16 Aviary St.


Saturday’s service 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. W es



rle y




13 Post Office




1 / 24 2

Av e





Al ex a



Wate rl

Hospital Hill



Ke it





Cla yS



ul p



P ike


11 / 21

Old W aterlo

o Rd


rch S

Wi ste he





t Av


oo S





t St.





ld C





Blackwell Rd

Bear Wallow Rd.







e Av iew dv





oa Br






Maroon loop:

1 Post Office (rear/side lot) 7:30 2 Haiti Street (bottom at park) 7:33 *3 Medical Bldgs., Blackwell Rd. 7:36 4 Giant 7:40 5 Sears/Safeway 7:42 6 The Oaks Apts. 7:44 7 Warrenton Manor Apts. 7:45 8 Rite-Aid (Warrenton Village Center) 7:47 9 Bowling Alley 7:49 10 Subway 7:52 11 Food Lion 7:55 12 Warrenton Middle School 7:57 13 3rd & Main 8:00

Black loop:

13 3rd & Main 8:00 14 Leeds Sq. 8:02 15 Falmouth/Aviary 8:04 16 Falmouth/Taylor 8:06 17 Community Center 8:08 18 Wal-Mart 8:10 19 Fauquier Hospital (Medical Offices) 8:12 *20 Human Services 8:16 21 Food Lion 8:18 22 The Workplace 8:21 23 Fauquier Family Shelter 8:24 24 Post Office (rear/side lot) 8:30


September 2005


W ired Warrenton School is back in session and you’ll need all the tools you can get to keep up with your child’s active life. Our featured website of the month is the official Fauquier County Public Schools’ homepage. We’ve used it in the past to check calendars, find out about school closings during bad weather, get registration forms and find email addresses and phone numbers of school administrators. Each individual school has their own website that you can get to which has more detailed information including lunch programs, teacher conferences, and even staff vacancies for those of you looking to end your commute.


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540.347.4466 Rate Card Warrenton Lifestyle will be magazine provides highlights on Warrenton businesses and people along with vital facts and fun-filled tidbits. Our goal is to accentuate the positive of the area we live in while creating awareness for all residents, old and new. Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine is a full-color, 8 ½ x 11 publication with over 9,000 printed and delivered monthly. It is free to all addresses in 20186 and some of 20187 and 20188 zip codes. Advertising will be limited to businesses in the immediate Warrenton trade area. The only ads yours will compete with are with those from merchants that are from your tax base. Our vision is to keep our residents shopping at home. o of insertions per year: N Full page Two-thirds page Half page Third page Sixth page Business Card

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• Camera-ready artwork on disk is defined as a file in one of our acceptable formats, all fonts included on disk (or text converted to outline/paths). All photos, logos or art included on disk - photos should be 300dpi -solid black and white art should be 600 - 1200 dpi. • If you need an ad, our award-winning design department can create one for you.

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Where In n? Warrento We will occasionally publish a portion of a photo of some person, place or thing uniquely Warrenton. Those that correctly identify the photo will be put into a drawing with the winner receiving a check for $25.00. Where in Warrenton was this photo taken?

Last month’s winner

was Sandra

Pittlekau for correctly identifying the tree stump and fence at the Warrenton Cemetery next to the grave of W. E. Bullocks.

Send your best guess by the 15th of this month to our fax number at (540) 347-0917 or email to WarrentonLifestyle@piedmontpress.com or send via postal mail to: Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, c/o Piedmont Press & Graphics, 404 Belle Air Lane, Warrenton, VA 20186.


Warrenton Lifestyle

Map of Warrenton HEALTH & BEAUTY

1 2 3 4

Salon Emage Healthy Inspirations Dr. Finkel Therapeutic Skin Care


2 10












5 Fauquier Springs Country Club


6 Andreas Keller 7 Dorsey Signs & Design 8 Karate Sports Academy 9 Visitor Center 10 Mary McCarty/Remax 11 BB&T 12 Piedmont Press & Graphics





13 Warrenton Horse Show 14 International Gold Cup Office 15 Piedmont Regional Orchestra

September 2005


Each month we’d like to hear from you, our readers, about your favorite places, merchants or things in Warrenton. We’ll publish the results each month. Thank you to everyone that contributed in August. Last month favorites: 1. What is your favorite place outside of your home to read in Warrenton? 1. Rady Park 2. Panera 3. Tie between three different coffee houses 2. What is your favorite hair salon in Warrenton? 1. Sherpa Color and Design Studio 2. Salon Emage’ 3. PR @ Partners 3. What is your favorite late night place to eat in Warrenton? 1. Frost Diner 2. Foster’s Grill 3. Legends

This month’s survey: 1. What one thing do you wish you could buy in Warrenton that you currently have to travel to get? 2. What Warrenton pizza do you like best? 3. Who is your favorite Warrenton physician? You must answer all three questions for your survey to qualify (even “none” will suffice). Send your favorites to our fax number at (540) 347-0917 or email to WarrentonLifestyle@piedmontpress.com or send via postal mail to: Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, c/o Piedmont Press & Graphics, 404 Belle Air Lane, Warrenton, VA 20186. Must be received by the 15th of the month to be considered.

Keep Warrentonians in Warrenton… advertise your local business today. 540.347.4466


Warrenton Lifestyle

Best Kept Secrets

The Visitor Center Delivers


ucked in a grove of trees about 100 yards off of Main Street, behind the Spilman-Mosby House and the 200 year old boxwoods, a beige trailer sits as a new building is constructed nearby. This humble dwelling houses the Warrenton-Fauquier County Visitor Center. The entrance is off North Calhoun Street. Bet you didn’t know we moved or where!! At first glance, you wonder how could that small rectangle have what I need? Step inside and you’ll be surprised! Besides the standard expectations of a visitor center--state maps, local maps, Virginia Travel Guide and a list of local lodging and restaurants--the walls are FULL of local, regional and statewide invitations to inform, for get-aways, for exploration and for entertainment opportunities. Did you know that Warrenton and

Fauquier County have three walking tours, at least three driving tours and four museums? The well-trained, friendly staff can help you plan a day concentrated on history, local or state parks, winery tours, hiking, biking, bird watching, fine dining or curiosity shopping. At least twenty-five annual events, special enough to be listed on the Virginia Tourism Corporation website for promotion, plus numerous local events make living in this community all the more special. There is no admission, no charge for brochures and browsers are welcome, actually encouraged. Isn’t it time you checked out “Warrenton-Fauquier County’s Best Kept Secret?” The center is open 7 days a week, 9am-5pm, 360 days each year. If we don’t have what you want, we will find out where to get it for you.

Once the new building is completed, volunteers will be needed to continue the many services provided by your community visitor center. Call 540-3410988 or email visitorcenter@warrenton va.gov for more information, or better yet stop by and see for yourself.

Ideal Choice Mary McCarty:

The Ideal Choice for Your Move

221 Broadview Avenue, Warrenton, VA 20186


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