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November 2009


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November 2009


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I think you are going to love our feature story this month. Our focus is on Buckland and Buckland Farm at the edge of the Fauquier/ Prince William County lines. Buckland contains a wealth of historical sites and information unknown to most of the public. When I first met Buckland Farm owner, David Blake, and began talking to him about what he was doing at Buckland, I knew that the community deserved to read more about it. Of course, I turned to local writer, history buff and horse-enthusiast, George Rowand, knowing he would be able to capture the excitement that Buckland generates. My wife, Holly, went to visit Buckland twice, and each time came back with dozens of stories of historical buildings, sites and references that left her almost breathless. George claims that the interview he did with David Blake “was the most extraordinary interview I’ve ever done.” I think you will agree. Jennifer Heyns provides plenty of options to keep children busy with a variety of afterschool and weekend activities. Dr. Iadeluca shares another terrific story from his bountiful life with our readers. Dok Klaus lends his expertise for wrestling with those nagging computer popups. These are only a few of the great features in this month’s issue. Look for the photos of seniors playing Wii at the library! Warrenton is getting its own Chamber of Commerce this month and Rowand interviewed a few of the interim/founding board members to give you some insight. I have agreed to serve as the interim President of the group, especially because of the energized, experienced initial Board of Directors and other advisors that have offered their services. Warrenton is the heart and soul of Fauquier County and its business community has specific needs that the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce will work hard to meet. Call or email me if you want more information. With Thanksgiving just in front of us, I want to thank all of you for reading our publication each month. The demand has grown so much that we are continuing to expand our mailed circulation and will soon be over the 11,000 mark in business and home-delivered, free magazines in and around Warrenton. We wish to thank our advertisers that have continued to support us in so many ways. We are glad that our publication is bringing you the consumers you seek. Finally, I wish to thank all of those that contribute each month – the writers, photographers and editors as well as the production team here at Piedmont Press & Graphics that create the art, print the pages, bind, mail and deliver Warrenton’s best magazine each month. With thanks,

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Tony Tedeschi, Publisher

Correction: In the article, Warrenton Couple Serves Locally, Acts Globally (published in October, 2009) we would like to clarify that Marsha Grant and her husband started and own Cleansing Water and are both US Citizens. You can contact her at: www.cleansingwater.com Warrenton Lifestyle

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A Lesson in History

Buckland: S

“In my opinion, properly protected and researched, Buckland has the unique potential to teach generations to come much about American values, especially the role of free enterprise, in the development and growth of the U.S. during its founding years between the American Revolution and the Civil War Era. Too often, as at Jamestown, no architectural evidence and few documents survive to help tell significant pieces of the story as it does at Buckland.” William M. Kelso, Ph.D. APVA Director of Archeology Jamestown Rediscovery

The landscape has not changed much from this October 18, 1863 drawing by Alfred Waud (scene of calvary engagement with Stuart) and the Buckland Preservation Society is working hard to keep it that way.



n an area rife with American history – monuments, President’s homes, Civil War battlefields – there is one place nearby that can hold its own with anything anybody else has to offer. You’ve probably never heard of it, but if you’ve lived in the area for any length of time, you’ve probably driven past it hundreds of times, maybe – if you commute to work in Northern Virginia – even thousands of times. The place? It’s Buckland, just over the county line in Prince William County. So, exactly what kind of history are we talking about here? Well, how about Native American burial mounds to start. Then add in all the luminaries from the birth of this nation – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson. Toss in a couple of foreigners like the Marquis de Lafayette and Claudius Crozet – Napoleon’s bridge

Warrenton Lifestyle

: Small Town, Big History

Preserving Fauquier’s Historical Borders By George Rowand

builder. Then bring it more up to date with connections to the Underground Railroad, a battle between forces of Jeb Stuart and George Armstrong Custer, a stop over by Teddy Roosevelt, and you’ve got enough history to keep archeologists and preservationists busy for years to come. And, oh, I almost forgot, many of the important buildings from 200 years ago are still standing. David Blake, the owner of Buckland Farm nearby, said that he was fascinated to learn all the historical information about the nearby area when he bought the farm.

A Yankee Town “There was a town right here,” Blake said. “A very important town in Virginia history. When you’re whizzing past here at 60 miles-per-hour, you don’t realize that there’s so much history that’s here. I’m hoping that this can be preserved as a welcome to Fauquier and as a way to keep Gainesville from rolling over us.” Blake made a Power Point presentation to show some of the historical facts. He showed an old map of the town, which showed the location of the buildings. “These are all 18th and 19th century buildings,” he explained. “It’s the best example of a Piedmont Virginia town that there is. In Warrenton, the original buildings are lost. You don’t have the original buildings in their context.” But the history of the town goes back a lot farther than the 18th century, Blake said. “There is a Native American step mound here, which could go back 5000 years,” he said. “Religious ceremonies were held there. This was a major trade November 2009

route for Native Americans and one of several sites in Northern Virginia for Native Americans. We need to tell the story inclusive of Native Americans. We can tell a much richer story, and it’s all here. There are twenty-some burial mounds around the step mound.” Blake showed slides of some Native American artifacts found in the area, one of which looked like it could have been used in ceremonies involving human sacrifice. Blake stated that the town of Buckland came to be because of Broad Run. “Europeans came as far inland as possible by boat, and here’s where they stopped on Broad Run,” he stated. “The early American settlements were established from about 1747 to 1796. Buckland was built by the power of Broad Run, and it boomed during the turnpike road era when everybody was coming through this place. It had pretty much everything, a quarry, three mills, a blacksmith, and the largest distillery on the east coast at the time. That was their biggest export, whiskey. And we have three of the four original taverns still standing. Williamsburg has only two. A woman of that era [travel writer Anne Royall] said that Buckland was ’a real Yankee town for business’ because there was so much activity here.”

Brooke’s Tavern (one of two taverns in the town) once hosted a meeting between General Lafayette and President Monroe.

Blake said that he has spent a decade doing research into the town that he has come to know and respect so well.

Just a few feet from what is now Rt. 29, French Engineer Claudius Crozet, bridge builder for Napoleon, inspected “Buckland was one of the first towns and redesigned the thoroughfare between to shift from a tobacco economy to a wheat economy,” he explained. “And in Buckland and Warrenton. In 1823, 1797, it became a chartered town with Crozet had been appointed Virginia’s state engineer, making the turnpike at Buckland History Continued on Page 8 one of his first American projects. 7

Buckland Tavern, now the residence of a member of the Buckland Preservation Society, was frequented by many former presidents and politicians. President Van Buren scheduled a meeting at Buckland Tavern in 1838. President Andrew Jackson “passed through this place, in great state, stopping to take breakfast…while here, some of his friends called on him and had some conversation with him in the [Buckland] Tavern (the tavern porch, by the bye, was once a favorite haunt of his, and the theatre of many of his exploits)… he held forth most luminously among other matters relating to his administration upon the Bank of the United States.” The current resident, a great collector of antiques, keeps the Tavern and its rooms as close to original while keeping it habitable for himself.

History Continued from Page 7

48 lots with a grid and a town common, which was unusual in the South. Buckland was established by tradesmen and merchants.”

All About Trade Blake said that John Love – who owned the house known as Buckland House that Blake currently occupies – was a man of business. “John Love was an attorney who made a lot of money on patents, law and land speculation,” he said. “He went to Philadelphia and saw all the machinery there, and he decided to bring it down here. This guy was following every new piece of technology in the world.” One of the things he did was to start a turnpike company from Fauquier to Alexandria. He hired Claudius Crozet to build the bridge over Broad Run. “Buckland Bridge was built in 1807, and it leads onto the first McAdam [a hard surfaced] road in Virginia,” Blake 8

said. “On that road, you could get your manufactured goods to port and then to market. The bridge is gone, but the foundations are still there, and so is the road, covered by dirt now.” Early presidents came and went through Buckland and Buckland House, Blake said, (see accompanying article) and another bit of history concerns the role of African Americans in the town. “In 1835, there were 130 whites and 50 African Americans in the town,” Blake said. “There were freed blacks here, and they lived among the whites, not in a different part of town. Some of the freed blacks owned slaves themselves, and there was a slave auction house and

Buckland Post Office - records show the list of Postmasters dating back to its opening in December of 1800. The post office also served as a store and as a stop for coaches and advertised a fare of $1.75 from Fairfax Courthouse to Buckland.

History Continued on Page 10 Warrenton Lifestyle

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Buckland Mill (left: view from across river; center: top floor of mill; right: below ground level). This particular mill was a grist mill for grinding grain to flour. History Continued from Page 8

holding pens, so there were good and bad sides to this history. When the Nat Turner Rebellion [a slave-led rebellion against their masters] occurred, the whites got really scared, and they started turning the blacks out, so there was this ugly side. This also was a stop on the Underground Railroad that helped slaves escape to the North and freedom. I think that we need to tell the whole story.” In 1863, there was a battle between Union and Confederate troops in the town. “It was in October, 1863, after Gettysburg, and it was a very important battle for the South after the defeat they took in Pennsylvania,” Blake said. “All the Yankee papers said that the Battle of Buckland Mills was a skirmish, 10

but there were 12,000 men fighting, and the generals said that it was a rout. Hundreds of men were killed here. George Armstrong Custer was here, and it was the last defeat he suffered until the Battle of Little Big Horn. The Confederates marched 200 prisoners to Warrenton, and the Yankees had set up their command on top of the [Native American] step mound. It’s the highest spot around here.” Blake said that another favorite of area residents of the day – Col. John Mosby – used to use Buckland as his favorite place to fight duels. “He shot a man dead here,” he said. Buckland went into decline after the Civil War, yet that might well have saved what is there. “The turnpike era ended when the

railroad came through, and all this closed down after the Civil War,” Blake explained. “Then the Great Depression hit, and nothing was touched. It’s pretty rare to have a site like this that is untouched. There are 21 buildings that are still standing from that era.” The history that Blake wants to preserve is under a new threat, even worse, it seems, than Yankee cavalry. “VDOT wants to make a six-lane highway along [U.S.] 29,” Blake explained. “If they do that, we will lose a lot of the town. “We’ve got a unique gem here, and with the records that we have, we can restore it, and we need to restore it all. That is the aim. I hope that Buckland can become a center for education that is known world-wide. Warrenton Lifestyle

November 2009


Community Events

The Blue and Gray Ball at Buckland Farm will be held Saturday evening, November 7, 2009 at Buckland Farm and promises to transport participants back to the War Between the States period of 19th Century “Old Virginia.” Tickets, which include a buffet dinner and ball dancing, are $100.00 per person or $75.00 for students. Tickets will sell out quickly so all interested patrons are strongly encouraged to order tickets now to avoid disappointment. The period décor and atmosphere of Buckland Farm, established in 1774, will add splendor to this memorable evening. The Welcome Reception will begin at 5:30 pm. Members of Company H of the 4th Virginia Cavalry, “The Black Horse Troop,” commanded by Captain Terry Treat, will make their dramatic ride on horseback carrying torches. Guests will overlook the site of the Battle of Buckland Races to greet the moving column of soldiers recalling the valiant Virginians of almost 150 years ago. Carpenter’s Battery member Kyle Printz will provide an artillery drill and nighttime cannon firing. Inside, participants will enjoy browsing the beautiful Silent Auction tables and placing bids on interesting items ranging from Virginia-themed gifts, antiques and relics, to paintings or prints by renowned artists such as 12

The Blue and Gray Ball at Buckland Farm Will Delight Guests with 19th Century Splendor John Paul Strain and Keith Rocco. Rick Garland, as General J. E. B. Stuart, will play the Steinway in the parlor. The enchanting evening will conclude with a raffle, but cherished memories will linger for a lifetime. After dinner, period musicians Southern Horizon, a string quartet from Richmond, will play a variety of songs from the War Between the States period. Dance master Corky Palmer will teach guests each dance on the spot, calling the dance when the group knows the basic movements. Buckland Farm will be transformed back to the mid-19th Century with the magnificent sight of ladies and gentlemen dancing the Grand Marche, Schottische, Spanish Waltz, Le Carillon De Dunkerque and the Virginia Reel, among others. Two dance sets will be performed with an intermission

in between. Mrs. Didi McConnell and staff will be on hand to take portraits of guests for a nominal fee as a keepsake of the memorable evening. Proceeds from the Blue and Gray Ball will support the Buckland Preservation Society and preserve the Town of Buckland National Register Historic District and the integrity of the Buckland Races Civil War battlefield core-ground. Buckland Preservation Society is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. The Society encourages anyone interested in the historic preservation efforts to join as a Supporting Member or to volunteer. Contact the Buckland Preservation Society President Linda Wright at 703.754.4000, Board Chairman David Blake at 540.347.5821, or visit www.bucklandva.org for additional information.


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A Lesson in History

Unveiling B

Pleasant Colony’s final resting place. 14

Warrenton Lifestyle

g Buckland’s Treasures David Blake is on a Mission to Shape His Farm’s Rich History

TBuckland Farm again, just like in the days when

By George Rowand

here are thoroughbreds in the paddocks at

the farm was turning out stakes winners and even a double classic winner named Pleasant Colony. Perhaps there are not as many now as then, but still, they add to the bucolic atmosphere that is so appealing to many. When David Blake bought the 400 acres that comprise Buckland Farm – part of which sits in Fauquier County – in 1998, he thought that he would settle into the life style of that place, breeding racehorses, playing polo and foxhunting. Standing on the front porch of Buckland House, Blake pointed to the right. “Pleasant Colony is buried right over there,” Blake said about the 1981 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner. “It is a great thing to have him back home, where he belongs.” When Blake did another type of digging, he was surprised to discover the history of the place. Now that study and research has occupied a lot of his life since. “I came here with big ideas about what I intended to do here, but they pale in comparison to what is actually here,” Blake said with a laugh while sitting in a parlor of Buckland House. “There is just so much here that is interesting that I haven’t had the time to concentrate on anything else.” Like a lot of other locations in the area, Buckland Farm has produced artifacts from the history – Native American arrowheads and Civil War belt buckles, for example – and Blake said that the nearby town of Buckland has a considerable history (see accompanying article) that fascinates him and that deserves to be preserved. “It’s humbling to live here and see all the history that’s November 2009

gone on before you,” Blake said. “A man named Samuel Love lived here, and he married a Fauquier County woman,” he continued. “Governor Patrick Henry appointed their son, John Love, to a committee that brought [American inventor] Oliver Evans’ machinery to Virginia. The machinery increased the output of the wool carding factory, and some people called the place ‘The Lowell, Massachusetts of Virginia.’ Lowell was well known as a manufacturing town. Then John Love was hired by Oliver Evans to represent him in his patent cases, and one of them established the precedent of intellectual property.” Blake said that four sons of Samuel Love fought in the Revolutionary War. John Love became a famous attorney and land speculator. He served in Congress for two terms. “Look at this,” Blake said, pointing to the cover of the Harvard Business Review’s History Review of Spring 1997. “On the cover is John Love’s office in Alexandria. He was very well known.” The Buckland House has seen it’s fair share of history as well, Blake said. “One of the first things I found was that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, even Teddy Roosevelt were all here,” Blake said. “Teddy Roosevelt changed horses on his 100 mile ride from the White House to Warrenton. And Jeb Stuart had dinner in this house for his generals after the Battle of Buckland Mills.” The house itself has some features that are unique. BUCKLAND FARM Continued on Page 16 15


BUCKLAND FARM Cont’d from Page 15

“Look at this newel post,” Blake said, pointing to the post on a stairway between floors. “When we had the people from Williamsburg in here, they said that it was an exact copy of one that was in a tavern in Williamsburg. It must have been made by the same artisan. “The moulding,” Blake continued, “was the first of the style in the country. The porch was a Greek-style porch, which would have made the house look like a courthouse.”

in the north and worked its way south. But wheat grown on this farm was resistant to the Hessian Fly. President James Monroe came out here to see the wheat, and he bought 200 bushels for himself, 200 for Thomas Jefferson and 200 for James Madison. Jefferson later sent a letter to John Love about the wheat.”

It is that sort of history that has attracted David Blake to the place he now calls home. “Buckland lies at the midpoint of the Journey on the Hallowed Ground,” Blake said. “We are the halfway point between Gettysburg and Monticello. It is a wonderful place to live, and I really want to help preserve what has gone on before us.”

Horses and farm life Blake said that important thoroughbred stallions stood at Buckland Farm centuries ago. “There were stallions standing at Buckland for a big price, including Spread Eagle, the sire of Eclipse [from whom 90 percent of all thoroughbreds descend today],” Blake said. “Three of the 12 foundation sires stood at Buckland. These are the first real horses brought to the United States. George Washington bought a horse for his personal use from Charles Love, Samuel Love’s son, and Washington told the U.S. Army how they should be buying horses off of Charles Love after he retired from the presidency.” Blake said that the farm became a model farm for the young country in the early 1800s. “We have some unusual soil here,” Blake said. “It is the widest, deepest deposit of this type of soil in the country, and it is great for growing wheat. It has a very high calcium content, a very high iron content.” That combination may have protected the Buckland wheat from the scourge of a foreign pest almost 200 years ago. “When the Hessian soldiers came to America to fight for the British, they brought with them a fly in their meal,” Blake explained. “Released into the country, that fly began destroying the wheat crops in America, and it started 16

If these walls could talk… “One of the first things I found was that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, even Teddy Roosevelt were all here,” Blake said. “Teddy Roosevelt changed horses on his 100 mile ride from the White House to Warrenton. And Jeb Stuart had dinner in this house for his generals after the Battle of Buckland Mills.” Warrenton Lifestyle

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Goals of the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce The Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary member organization dedicated to improving the local economy and quality of life by serving the business community through the following objectives: 1) Promote the community’s products and services to our residents. 2) Provide leadership to bring together our businesses and individuals to create a favorable business climate for existing taxpaying entities. 3) Educate the members with marketing and management alternatives and solutions. 4) Promote cooperation within our membership, and with local governments, agencies and non-profit organizations. 5) Partner with our Visitors’ Center to facilitate inquiries into our community by potential guests, as well as people needing relocation assistance. 6) Oversee business-networking groups where business people work in harmony to provide products and services to those that seek them. 7) Form “triage” business teams that can provide emergency counseling to businesses in difficult situations. 8) Conduct surveys of our members and the community so we may constantly improve our ability to serve. 9) Keep business members up-to-date by informing them of relevant news and information through a variety of printed and electronic media. 10) Host regular membership meetings where business people can participate openly and actively in their Chamber of Commerce. 20 20

By George Rowand A new Chamber of Commerce will debut this month in the Warrenton area. Named “The Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce,” the organization is designed to provide services currently not available to local businesses, to focus on businesses in and around the town of Warrenton, and to work to promote tourism and the Warrenton Visitor Center, organizers said. “We’re willing to step up and help local businesses,” said Jim Casey, owner of M3Company in Warrenton. “This is a tough time for businesses, and we want to come up with some new ideas to help local businesses get through it. The town has grown and it’s time that it had its own say in things.” Several organizers mentioned that the loss of the Small Business Development Center – which used to have a full-time office at the Lord Fairfax Community College campus in Warrenton – was significant and costly to the business community. With new energy and new ideas, the group thinks that some of the services provided by that organization can be replicated. One idea is to have “Business Triage” available to members of the new chamber. Basically, a chamber member with business issues could contact the Triage for help, and be able to talk with bankers, lawyers, accountants and other successful business people immediately. Organizer John Stewart, owner of Vantage Economics, said that in this economic climate, it might make the difference between a successful business and a business filing for bankruptcy. “I hope that the Triage will provide the types of services that I provide from my own company,” Stewart said. “If you have a problem, it will be nice to be able to bounce ideas off a business person. I think it will end up being something like SCORE [Service Corps of Retired Executives]. A former business executive could provide some great advice for a small business person. Most of the businesses in Warrenton are small, with one or two owners, and it would be nice to be able to tap into these resources. I think there are a lot of people out there, already in the community, who can provide help for local businesses.” “The Triage is going to be the most critical thing we do,” said Dennis Taylor of Paradigm Solutions. “There are a lot of small companies that are really struggling, and since the chamber Continued on Page 22 Warrenton Lifestyle

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chamber Cont’d from Page 20

Small Business Development Center has moved away, that really isn’t an option for a lot of people. I’m seeing it first-hand in my company. I’ve advised a client to close up shop.” “Some people don’t know how to cry for help,” Casey added. “Their business is in trouble, and they don’t know where to turn or they are embarrassed to admit that they don’t know how to run a successful business. We think that the Triage will be a great help for them.” Interim President, Tony Tedeschi, agrees. “Now is the time for the business community to come together like never before. We’re ready.” For this new chamber, the emphasis will be on businesses in Warrenton or nearby. Like Jim Casey, Stewart currently is a member of the Fauquier

national level,” Taylor said. “I know that there are a lot of companies that are looking to be ready when the economy really gets going again. We think that having regular seminars and workshops will help. I think that there will be an emphasis on business education. We will have experts come in to help people understand the ideas behind running a successful business.” Businesses in Old Town Warrenton could be the beneficiary of the new chamber’s activities. “We want to be better linked to tourism for Old Town,” Stewart explained. “We want to educate the public about the impact on this community when they spend their dollars locally as opposed to traveling to Prince William or Loudoun to buy something. It has a huge impact on a community, so educating the public is something that this group hopes to take on.”

“Now is the time for the business community to come together like never before. We’re ready.” Chamber of Commerce. (Casey’s business is also a member of the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce.) Stewart said that one of the issues discussed by the other organizers was how to provide services at a local level. “In Prince William County, several chambers emerged over the years to cover specific towns or areas, and we thought that we should provide more specific services for businesses in Warrenton,” Stewart said. “We’re going to offer seminars and workshops that currently aren’t offered. We’ve bounced ideas around about holding seminars on a regular basis as well as regular quarterly economic summits. We may have experts come in and speak to local businesses.” “I also think that the local economy is stronger than what you see on the

An interim Board of Directors includes founding members Jim Casey, Mark Child, Andreas Keller, Les Nichols, Angela Smith, John Stewart, Dennis Taylor, Tony Tedeschi, and Linda Voelpel. Elections for a full board are scheduled for late January 2010. “We’re really excited about the new chamber,” Stewart said. “I think that a lot of local businesses are going to be excited about what we plan to offer. We’re looking forward to helping these businesses.” “Our focus will be on: ‘What can we do to better serve the community?’” Taylor said. “We want to work with the [Fauquier] Chamber, with the Balanced Growth Alliance, with the Partnership for Warrenton. This organization is going to be very open and welcoming.”

For more information, visit the website www.warrentonchamber.org 22

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© ® Cinda Baxter 2009; all rights reserved. Proudly supporting RetailSpeaks and independent retailers everywhere. * Employment statistics courtesy U.S. Department of Labor/Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2/6/2009


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Warrenton has been very popular with out of town magazines this year. (including the Alexandria Old Town Crier, Virginia Living Magazine, The Piedmont Virginian and the Virginia Sportsman Magazine.) It’s easy to see why when you stroll Main Street and the fall-foliage adds to the tranquil easy manner of Old Town. Come up and enjoy your Old Town.

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TECHNO In Action

The Doktor is in the House

T g

Scareware Scams Overwhelm Virus Scanners Have you ever been in a situation like this? You are surfing on the internet and suddenly a window pops up telling you that your computer is infected:

B f c 1



When I published a similar article a year ago, I did not anticipate getting dozens more computers per week struggling with this issue known as scareware. ZDNet defines scareware as a warning message that pops up from a Web site that claims the user’s computer is currently contaminated or not running properly. Scareware is a dishonest attempt to cause a user to purchase antivirus, registry cleaner or some other software that repairs problems or enhances performance. Nasty rogue software programs are still conning money out of people. I will provide you some insight about this threat, as well as some tips and tricks for getting rid of it. Scareware has become even scarier. According to Wikipedia, this type of Rogue security software uses malware (malicious software) to install itself and force computer users to pay for removal of nonexistent malware. Rogue software will often install a trojan horse to download a trial version or other unwanted actions.”

Cyber Criminals?

Fake antivirus programs are multiplying so quickly that they could start to overwhelm the detection capabilities of Antivirus software. Rogue programs passing themselves off as real antivirus software have grown in the first half of 2009 by 485,000 samples, more than five times the total for all of 2008 (techworld.com 10/1/09). 30

The reason for the growth in numbers is due to ‘polymorphism’, an old defense technique which involves changing the binary checksum of every copy (or download) of a piece of malware. This makes it much more difficult for antivirus programs to detect the programs. Supposedly, 78 percent of the rogue-ware business is controlled only ten criminal entities although hundreds more may exist.

Strange Error Messages?

Someday you might see a pop-up message that like this:

You might have forgotten or ignored this message, but later big screens pop up out of nowhere claiming: “You are infected with 34 or so of nasty infections/security risks and you need to buy software to get rid of those threats.” Your computer might even get hijacked to websites you didn’t intend to go to, even pornographic websites. COMPUTER Continued on Page 32 Warrenton Lifestyle

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COMPUTER Continued on Page 30

Credible Companies?

The pop up screens and names used for the programs may seem legitimate. You can replace WinAntivirusPro 2006 with others like: Winfixer, Antivirgear, Antivirus Gold / 2008 / 2009, Drive Cleaner, IEDefender, MACsweeper, MS Antivirus, MS Antispyware, SpySheriff, Systemdoctor, TheSpyBot, SpywareStormer, and more. There are hundreds of variations out there! In the last few weeks, I have seen new names such as PersonalAV, Windows Police Pro or Spyware Protect 2009.

telling me that after they paid their credit card number is being used to buy other things. Clients must discontinue and change their credit cards to stem the financial abuse!


So, how does the computer get infected? The less protection you have, the more likely these virus programs can infect your computer. Make sure you have a professional non-rogue Antivirus software program installed, such as Norton, McAfee, Avast, Avg, Trend micro, Kaspersky or NOD32. Be aware that you should have only one Antivirus

first wave of a new kind of a virus. The “immunizing” Antivirus software might not know what to do with it. It may notice the infection but might be incapable of removing it because it melted together with a system file. In this case, Windows will not allow the Antivirus software to touch or remove the infection. Sometimes you download the infection together with so-called Trojans Horses, referred to as such because by downloading one thing, the computer is unaware that it is downloading something else hidden inside. For example, you download a “free” game or music file. Once you start installing and playing the game, the hidden malicious software will get installed as well. To my knowledge, many main stream Antivirus programs often do not block the fake Antivirus infection or remove them completely and successfully.


Credit Scam?

The error messages are intended to scare you so that when one comes up, you’ll panic and buy their virus protection software. The screen looks authentic. It shows a lot of symbols that look impressive, and comments that make the user think he is buying great antivirus software. All the user needs to enter is his credit card information to pay $39.99 or so. The problem is that the buyer probably isn’t getting what he wanted, and he definitely won’t want what he may get. Recent Scareware has increased its damage by misusing your credit card information as well. Lately, clients are


software installed at a time; otherwise, these programs mess up Windows and/ or fight over the files to be protected. Some clients tell me proudly that their computer came preinstalled five years ago with, for example, Norton, and they were running scans every day. What they are not aware of is that the Antivirus subscription needed to be updated on a yearly basis. The result may be that the protection on their computer is only good for viruses that came out 4 years ago possibly missing the thousands that have been added in the last year. Even if your computer anti-virus software is fully updated, it could get infected, especially when hit with the

How does one get out of this mess? You might think that you just click on cancel and ‘Voila’ the problem is resolved!” Hopefully, but often it doesn’t seem to make any difference if you click “cancel,” “ok,” or even the little “x” at the right hand corner in Windows. The malicious software will be downloaded and installed, and will bug you over and over again with popups and requests to buy the software. By the way, trying to uninstall the rogue software program might result in another error message. Or your system tells you it is uninstalled (but is still on your computer).

Don’t panic!

If you already paid the money to buy one of these rogue programs, I would recommend calling your credit card company right away and check your credit card usage for possible fraudulent activities. The problem for the banks is that the companies behind this scam often use false or foreign addresses. It COMPUTER Continued on Page 34 Warrenton Lifestyle

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COMPUTER Continued from Page 32

looks like the owners of these companies’ domain names/ websites are in the Ukraine or Honduras. There are lawsuits out there to shut down these companies, but they are slippery fish to catch. Some people try to restore their computer in the hopes of getting rid of the viruses. This sounds like a good idea, but in my experience, restoring the computer to a status of some days or weeks ago doesn’t necessarily remove all the infections. On the other hand, you might suddenly notice that Windows is having other problems and that software you installed recently is gone. Some clients go to the extreme measure of using computer recovery software (sometimes offered on bootup of the PC) to re-install Windows itself. While the non-destructive method usually will not remove all infections, the destructive one will do the job. It will remove all viruses and you will have a clean system. But now the client is upset because the data is gone. It was wiped out along with the viruses! If this is fine with you, good; if not, there are tools that might be able to recover a good amount of the data.

Sack the Scareware!

Some tech blogs recommend disconnecting the internet right after this popup comes up. As mentioned before, do not try to click yourself out of the popup! Usually the download will be triggered anyway. By quickly unplugging/disabling the network connection or disconnecting the modem, a download will not be possible anymore. (But you can’t know if it might have happened already). Some sources say that pressing Alt-F4 on a PC will minimize the damage. An offline backup of your data might be a good idea. Some data might be infected, but later on, when your system is clean again, you can clean up the data files. My recommendation is to bring the computer to a computer specialist. These

rogues security software programs are tricky and tough, and it’s really hard to remove them completely. The nastier versions of this scareware entail a professional manual removal of the infected files. Otherwise, the tools say that they removed the “evil,” but after the next reboot or a few days later, everything is back and the partially dormant infection reawakes. But if you really want to risk doing your own surgery, then, without going into tedious detail, I can recommend a few procedures. You should: 1. try to stay offline 2. remove temporary files 3. check/trim your startup files 4. run a full system scan with your existing Antivirus 5. run Spybot Search&Destroy (a free tool), but make sure you download it from this website: www.safer-networking. org! There are malicious copycats out there. 6. run the housecall free online scan from Trend Micro (now you have to be online) If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me at askthedok@dokklaus.com.

t o n r a e L S TIHe at


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Community In Action

Seniors Enjoy Volumes of Clubs, Books & Activities at the Library W

here can people in Fauquier County find a thriving hub of activity regardless of age or experience? -The local library! Three branches- Warrenton, Bealeton and Marshalloffer convenient locations for everyone. Some of the most appreciative and active visitors are people over the age of 55 from all over the county. One volunteer speaks for many saying, “As a kid, I found the library a place of refuge and comfort.” The variety of activities, in addition to the vast collection of books, makes the library a very rich and exciting environment for those who are retired or those looking for information. Seniors looking for enrichment and socialization attend the many book clubs and discussion groups or try their hand at virtual games like Wii tennis. Bill Hopkins has been volunteering in Technical Services area of the library for seven years. “I process the new books as they arrive at the Library. I check to see if those new books are on reserve and prepare them all to be put into circulation” The advantage - “ I get to see all the new books first!” Others take part in the genealogy program or volunteer at the library as a way of giving back to the community. Marta Florin has volunteered one day a week at the library for seven years in the technical services area.” I love seeing the new books come in and noticing how the trends and styles change” Marta was thrilled when “my mother, who is 89 came to visit from Tennessee, she learned how to use the computer to get to the genealogy software Heritage Quest Online offered here in the library. With the reference librarian’s help, my mother researched her family history” The library has a number of special collections that may be of interest to seniors, including large- print materials, books on tape and on CD, downloadable audio books, online books and magazines, encyclopedias, and other reference materials, including databases that put thousands of articles from hundreds of publications at your fingertips. “I’m so happy with your expanded audio sections,” writes a LIBRARY Continued on Page 38

36 36

Warrenton Lifestyle

itopia Home h c r A

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Visit our Showroom. We carry samples of cabinets, countertop surfaces, tile and flooring.



Reference Support - Reference

librarians provide assistance with a broad spectrum of inquiries. The library allows patrons access to a number of online databases that include full-text newspaper, magazine and journal articles. The Bealeton library has access to The Foundation Center database of funding sources for non-profit organizations and individuals. Natalie Swart is the resident expert and guide those interested in using this unique resources Call Ms Swart at 540-439-9728. Senior Navigator - Staff at all Fauquier libraries can assist seniors finding information on the SeniorNavigator Web site(www. seniornavigator.com) Senior Navigator, brings more than 21,000 health and aging resources to seniors, caregivers, adults with disabilities and their families. The Health Resources Web page makes searching for health and wellness information quick and easy. The library partners with Fauquier Health to provide access to health and wellness books, videos, magazines and numerous online resources and features links to popular Web sites such as the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus. Genealogy – The library holds spring and fall genealogy marathons and periodically schedules genealogy one-on-one programs. HeritageQuest Online™ combines digital, searchable images of U.S.federal census records with the digitized version of the popular UMI® Genealogy & Local History collection and other valuable content. Genealogy one-on-one sessions are now being scheduled through Nov. 24. Forty-five-minute appointments are available between 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. selected Tuesdays by calling Mary Sue Marsh at (540) 347-8750, ext. 6. Seminars are presented on a variety of topics such as saving on energy costs, the history of southern culture, memoir writing and gardening. Suggest a topic! 38

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patron in the suggestion box. “My mom is losing her ability to see and books are her passion. It really helps!”

Internet classes

Many seniors learn how to use a computer and the Internet - to retrain for a part time job or keep up with the grandkids. Free classes for adults to introduce or expand Web skills are presented at all of Fauquier County’s public libraries. The Warrenton and John Marshall libraries offer a weekly

series of classes; Week 1 - Internet Basics learn to get comfortable using this versatile tool, Week 2 - Web-based e-mail - learn to create a free e-mail account, Week 3 - Search and Explore learn about popular search engines, Internet directories and the library Web site, Week 4 - Tips and Tricks - learn shortcuts for common computer tasks. Gunnar Grotos had his 80th birthday in August. He never dreamed he would be using a computer on a daily basis. Gunnar joined the Internet Basic class and he was hooked! He went on to take every level of the Internet Instruction for Seniors. “Alison Pruntel [electronic resources librarian] is a very good teacher. I always have questions and she is so helpful. I’ve learned how to search,

do e-mail and use Word and Excel.” Recently, Gunnar got a computer at home and uses it for church related e-mail as well as keeping up with his stock portfolio.” I’m not on Facebook yet...but we’ll see.” Another senior, Albert Sigoun knew nothing about computers until he saw the Internet Basics class at the John Marshall Branch of the library and saw so many seniors participating, he decided to join in. “I went every Tuesday and now I can send e-mail to my family. I keep going to learn more” Albert, like many others said, “I wish

even more people would take advantage of everything happening at the library!”

Socrates Café

The Socrates Café program is for adults who enjoy having open and honest discussions, sharing differing opinions in a respectful forum. Topics are thought provoking, and new members are always welcome. Alex Petty has been attending The Socrates Café for over a year. “I think the Socrates Café discussion group is a gem. I know of nowhere else where spirited enlightened discourse happens in a format which is open to the public.” LIBRARY Continued on Page 40 Warrenton Lifestyle

Heaven Sent, LLC In-home Senior Care

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Respite Care Transportation Garden Care

Heaven Sent Provides:

Providing that special care and care management for those with all forms of Dementia. Giving time, freedom, and peace of mind to the primary caregiver. To Doctor appointments, shopping, or drives to enjoy the scenery. Keep up your garden with your favorite flowers and plants.

Light Cooking—Light Housekeeping—Laundry—Medication Reminders—Errands–-and much more

CALL 877-349-7772 NOW and Receive A FREE Vial of Life • A FREE Consultation and Needs Assessment • AND A FREE Report “What Everyone Needs to Know When Planning for Eldercare” All with the friendliest, most trustworthy Caregivers, who are bonded, insured and licensed.

All in the comfort of your own home!

Now Taking Vacation Reservations for

Twin Palms Luxury Villa in St. Maarten

Stunning sunrises over Dawn Beach on the Dutch side of the Island with beautiful views of neighboring St. Barth’s. Twin Palms is just a short walk to the beach to enjoy incredible snorkeling and diving. Twin Palms is convenient to the newest casinos, restaurants and spa on the island. The Villa offers two master suites, one studio suite, fully equipped custom kitchen and private infinity pool.

November 2009

For weekly rental rates and availability, call Mark at 540-270-8378 or go online www.warmvilla.com


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Book Clubs

The Library online

The Great Books Clubs, day and evening sessions, generally meet at 7 p.m. the first Monday of the month and at 1 p.m. the third Monday of the month, at the Warrenton Library to discuss some of the world’s greatest literature. Great Books discussions are designed to promote reading, thinking and sharing ideas. The Mystery Book Club is the perfect outlet for those who love mysteries and suspense. Participants choose a variety of mystery titles and authors to discuss. Margaret Binning is a member of the Mystery Book club that meets at noon on Thursday, once a month. “We have about a dozen people there most of time. Bring your lunch!” Mary Ellen Nealon [library staff member], is the moderator and helps us choose the books we will read. “It costs nothing, the books are part of the library collection, just read it and return it and you can take part in the discussion” The popular book clubs at all three branches have their own lists of current bestsellers, well-written favorites and classics lined up to discuss.

The library offers numerous services through its Web site (http://library.fauquiercounty.gov) making using the library easier than ever. From the library Web site, seniors can review the library’s entire collection, no matter which library they usually use. The Web site gives access to the library’s nearly 200,000 books, audio books, e-books, music CDs, videos, and DVDs. Reserving or placing holds on books and other items is easy with a free online account and with an e-mail address; you can be notified when your items are ready to be picked up. It is easy to renew your books online too; andthe library will send you courtesy notices three days before your items are due back if you provide your email address. There are several online newsletters, accessible from the library’s web site, including Wowbrary, a service that provides information on the newest additions to the collection, several blogs highlighting special events and other library news, book recommendations by library staff, and news and tips for using the library’s electronic services and resources.


Warrenton Lifestyle

Volunteer program The library has a variety of volunteer opportunities at all three of its branches with flexible hours available Monday through Friday. Some positions require training, so volunteers are asked to commit to six months of volunteering. Bea Whitehead, 82, has a long history with Library Services beginning with her work with the New York Public Library over 30 years ago running the Bookmobile program on Staten Island. When Bea moved to Warrenton in 1980, she was employed by the Fauquier County Public Library when it was located in the John Barton Payne Building. When she retired in 1989 Bea “came right back in the door as a volunteer. I was brought up believing we are all placed on this earth to help other people” Processing incoming books is great fun, but for Bea, the best experience is sharing volunteer duties with people who have been giving their time for many years. “They are all like old friends” Margaret Binning has been volunteering at Fauquier Library since 1993. She processes the new books and types the spine labels. She volunteers in the schools as well, taking children’s books to make kids of all ages aware of what is at the library and help them get a library card of their own. Margaret feels strongly that “Everyone needs to support the Library here - especially in these times.” For every 40 hours Ms Bea gives to the Library, Exxon-Mobil Corporation, her husband’s employer donates $500.00 to the Friends of Fauquier Library for maintaining and developing programs at the library. Another rewarding way to volunteer that benefit s the library is to join the Friends of the Fauquier Library or help sell books at its used bookstore the Book Cellar, which is located at the John Barton Payne Building, 2 Courthouse Square, Old Town Warrenton. The Friends Book Cellar is open10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. For more information about Friends or to volunteer at the Book Cellar, call Denise Johnson, (540) 439-1939. Vicki Vance is the Aging Together County Resource Specialist for Fauquier County. Aging Together strives to build strong communities in which people can grow older. Check us out at our monthly meetings the third Tuesday of each month, 1:00 pm at Fauquier Hospital or call Vicki at 351-1063. Cynthia Taylor is the Fauquier Library’s Public Information Coordinator. Check out the library’s Web site at http:// library.fauquiercounty.gov for a complete calendar of library events for children, teens, and adults, or pick up a monthly calendar at any Fauquier library.

Programs of Interest to Seniors Internet classes for adults

Classes at the Warrenton Library are held at 9 a.m. on Tuesdays. John Marshall Library classes are held at 11 a.m. on Wednesdays.

Socrates Café

7 p.m. the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Adults meet for lively discussions Call (540) 347-8750, ext. 6, for upcoming discussion topics and more details.

Book Clubs

All county libraries have adult book clubs meeting monthly. Each group has its own personality and relies on its participants for the clubs’ personas. New members are always welcome. The Great Books clubs meet at 7 p.m. the first Monday of the month and at 1 p.m. the third Monday of the month at the Warrenton Library. Call (540) 3478750, ext. 6, The Mystery Book Club meets at noon the third Thursday of the month at the Warrenton library. Call (540) 349-1823 The Bealeton Library Book Club meets at 7:30 p.m. the second Monday of the month The John Marshall Library Book clubs meet at 1 p.m. the second Wednesday and at 7 p.m. the last Monday of month,

Book N’ Stitchers

Bring your knitting and crochet projects to Book ‘N Stitchers meetings to share tips, tricks and ideas from 10 a.m to noon on the fourth Thursday of the month at the John Marshall Library.

Scrabble in the evening

The John Marshall Library has a dedicated group of “Scrabblers” who get together for this wonderful game at 6 p.m. every Monday evening. Call (540) 364-4910. Bealeton’s Scrabble group meets at 7 pm on Monday.

Remember… November 1st Daylight Savings Time Ends - Move Your Clocks Back 1 Hour! November 2009


Community Events & More

Active After-School Choices for Children By Jennifer Heyns


often hear how parents are over-scheduling their kids, making them so busy, hectic and stressed for time that they are overwhelmed. While this may be true in some cases, for the most part signing your kids up for extracurricular activities offers a myriad of benefits. Sports, dance, music, art and other after-school activities and programs can help make children more well-rounded, give them better socialization skills, help them identify special talents, bring quiet children out of their shells, and increase motor skills and coordination. The key is finding the activity that is right for your child. Not every child is cut out for every type of activity and pushing a child into a program that does not really fit his needs can only prove to discourage and frustrate him. Making it more difficult, though, is that it’s sometimes hard to determine what that child’s interests or talents are if they haven’t given any extracurricular activities a try yet.

Above: For A Dancer’s Candy Girl group placed 1st in the Junior Jazz Division in National’s. Right: Visiting a Martial Arts class before signing up will be beneficial to both student and parent, helping to find the right fit before making a commitment.


“Parents should request a free trial class for their child to see how they like it before registering,” suggests Lois Pfeiffer, Warrenton resident and 3rd Degree Black Belt Instructor and Partner at the Academy of Martial Arts in Marshall. “Avoid the urge to lock into a long-term membership agreement until you’re sure your child will stay for the long-term.” As a way to help families determine if Tae Kwon Do is right for their child, the Academy of Martial Arts typically allows a child to test drive a class with a group of kids their own age before requiring them to sign up, and offers a month to month commitment in addition to longer contracts. The study of martial arts is a great activity for children of all ages. It teaches respect, discipline and confidence, and the physically challenging activities can help with memory, coordination, balance and strength. “Tae Kwon Do is not Warrenton Lifestyle

Tae Kwon Do

Thai Boxing

Build your body & mind with martial arts! about



Grandmaster Kun Hwayou our ABC’s We’ll teach Lee of World Martial Arts Center in Warrenton. “It is about education; if a center is not focused on teaching the child then Tae Kwon Do will not be useful in their life.”

A: Attitude B: Belief C: Confidence

Grandmaster Lee admits that sometimes it is difficult for parents to find a proper martial arts Grandmaster Kun Hwa Lee center because they are Grand Master Kun Hwa Lee not familiar with martial 9th Degree Black Belt OwnerIt&is Instructor, World Artsclasses Center and interview instructors arts. important toMatial watch to determine their focus, expectations and level of experience. He also says that during class times, there are always parents positive attitude, “Yes, I and Can!”it would be a good idea of Our current students available to Join speak to them, too.energy, which generates positive

connect. heal. shine.

www.transcendentwomen.com • • • • •

yoga & meditation mind-body-spirit wellness programs destination yoga/spa retreats corporate wellness strategies for self-care

32 Waterloo Street, Suite 100

Studio: 540.341.3609

Cell: 540.878.7209

today to keep your energy level up.

While it’saffects best toour start a child out with an activity that seems ultimately students. to pique their interest, Cynthia Kelly, Director and Owner of the Virginia Civic Ballet Company in The Plains, explains that 608 W. Blackwell Rd.,a substantial Warrenton, it’s also important to give that activity amount of time before switching to something else. “It used to be that parents decided what well-rounded additional education they wanted for their children, researched the teacher and school, signed them up, and then stuck with it,” remembers Kelly. “Art education, just like math, is about cultural development; discipline heightens pleasure and if your child tries a different activity every year, you will never find out what they truly enjoy or what talents could develop.” Kelly believes firmly in the parents’ involvement in choosing the right activity based on what they know about their son or daughter and what type of education they feel is best for them. She likes the “pick it and stick to it” approach to after school activities. Rachel Good, Owner of For A Dancer, Inc. in Warrenton, agrees that parents should help children decide what activity to pursue but warns that, especially for younger children, sometimes what they ask for is not really what they are expecting. “Listen to your child,” says Good. “A child who asks to do ballet does not always have the correct terminology for what they truly want. If they dance to Hannah Montana, they might really prefer Jazz.” Good recommends taking children into a dance center and observing classes together so that they can properly identify which type of dance interests them. Dance, much like martial arts, takes discipline, can be physically challenging, and offers many of the same benefits. Dance can foster creativity in children and give them confidence through recitals and performances, as well as

VA 20186 • 540.347.7266 • www.wmacu

PEACE AND TRANQUILITY Relax and enjoy this beautiful colonial nestled in the tress on 5 acres D.C. side of Warrenton. The home features a master bedroom on the first level with 4 additional bedrooms and 4.5 baths. The large country kitchen features a fireplace and space for the entire family to gather. Other amenities include hardwood floors on main and upper level, 2 fireplaces, covered rear porch, 2 car garage with storage over, walk up stairs to attic level, walk out basement and so much more! Call to view this lovely home offered at $699,900. Gloria J. Beahm, CRS, GRI & Kristie Beahm Pancione Ranked in the Top 5% Nationwide GPAAR/Long & Foster Top Producer Long & Foster’s Founder’s Club Long & Foster 492 Blackwell Road Warrenton, Va. 20186 540-341-3525 direct line 1-800-523-8846 toll free


Gloria.beahm@longandfoster.com Kristie.pancione@longandfoster.com

activities Continued on Page 44 November 2009


activities Continued from Page 43

encourage bonding and socialization skills by working in a group dynamic. “Dance technique should be taught in a fun, positive and loving manner,” says Good. “It’s about building your child’s self confidence in a positive atmosphere and making them a success.” Sometimes dance, music and art lessons are about more than just developing the arts. “Our students become proud members of the Allegro family, often ready to share the cause of giving back to the community through support of fellow musicians, young and old,” says Cyndi Romero, Executive Director and co-founder of Allegro Community School of the Arts (formerly Allegro Community Music School). “The programs offered at Allegro reflect the desire of the school to reach the needs of the entire musician, through recital and performance opportunities, outreach events and programs, master classes, and ensembles,” she adds. Romero, who developed Allegro as a non-profit organization, is as dedicated to reaching out to the surrounding community as she is in developing artistic talent with her students. She encourages everyone involved in her school to use their gifts to encourage others. This approach can help children see how their involvement in an activity can harvest growth opportunities elsewhere. Kids love participating in sports. In addition to many of the same benefits as martial arts and dance, sports also teach children about competition. While competition is often seen as negative, it is something that every person deals with in life. Learning how to compete properly can help children face adversity and persevere throughout their lives. Competition also teaches children how to win and lose graciously. No one likes to lose, but it is important to be able to do so, keep your chin up, shake hands and tell your opponent “good game”. A good coach/instructor will teach your child how to do that. Not every child is naturally athletic, 44

All of the instructors at Allegro have at least a bachelors degree in their field of study or at least 10 years of experience.

but there is such a great variety of youth sports available in Fauquier County that you may be able to find one that interests your child. There are leagues for soccer, football, baseball, softball, basketball, roller hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, wrestling and bowling. There are also lessons geared toward competition such as horseback riding, cheer, swimming and motor cross.

measure. Every person should learn how to handle themselves around water.” In order to enroll children in the proper lessons, Rice suggests that parents ask questions to make sure that students are grouped properly by age and ability. “Parents should look for the proper child to instructor ratio. Six to one is good. Also look for a clean, safe environment with plenty of guards on duty.”

Fauquier County offers many of these programs and activities in short classes that last only about a month or two. Each Fauquier County Community Center lists all of the next season’s class offerings in their Good Times publication which is available for free at several locations including county schools and libraries.

The Fauquier Community Theatre provides a wonderful opportunity to involve your child in the theatre. It is a non-profit organization that produces several plays throughout the year. While their productions are not always geared toward youth casts, children can get involved in other ways. “We offer opportunities to act, sing and dance in plays and musicals, and opportunities to help with directing, stage managing, producing, lights and the many other facets of theatre. We are always looking for help,” says Evelyn Rice, Vice President of Fauquier Community Theatre. “We recently have been trying to do one show per year that

Additionally, the Town of Warrenton runs the Warrenton Aquatic & Recreation Facility, or WARF as most of us know it, which offers activities for children including teen yoga and swim lessons. “Every single child can benefit from taking swim lessons,” suggests Margaret Rice, Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation. “It’s a safety

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either involves using an under 18-year old cast or a show for preschool aged children. This year we are doing Disney’s Cinderella.” Joining the theatre can take a lot of time and practice over months, depending on the production and the organization, but some children are best suited for activities that are a bit more fleeting. “We try to offer courses over a short time frame,” says Kimberly Entrican of Warrenton’s Tagaloo. “I’ve found that it’s much easier on family schedules and less stressful for them when they don’t have to commit to something several months at a time.” Tagaloo tries to capitalize on activities that are not so commonly seen in Warrenton like photography, etiquette, sewing and creative writing. “These are things you can find at other places, but we try to put our own spin on each topic to make it really unique and interesting,” says Entrican. “One of the things we do is partner with other businesses in our community so that real professionals in a particular field are teaching the classes. I believe that when businesses work together, it benefits both businesses and it’s definitely a bonus for the kids.” Entrican teaches the etiquette courses herself

From sewing classes to a large variety of themed birthday parties for girls and boys Tagaloo is an unexpected treat for all.

SOURCES AND RESOURCES Allegro Community School of the Arts 4151 Weeks Drive, Warrenton, 540-349-5088 www.allegrocsa.org For A Dancer, Inc. - 85 West Lee Highway, Warrenton 540-349-9862, www.ForADancerInc.com Tagaloo - 23 Smith Street, Warrenton 540-229-1656, www.Tagaloo.com World Martial Arts Center, 608 W. Blackwell Road, Warrenton 540-347-7266, www.WMACUSA.net Warrenton Aquatic & Recreation Facility 800 Waterloo Road, Warrenton, 540-349-2520 Warrenton Community Center 430 East Shirley Ave., Warrenton, (540) 347-6896 Vint Hill Community Center 4235 Aiken Drive, Warrenton, (540) 347-6894 Marshall Community Center 4133-A Rectortown Road, Marshall, (540) 364-3886 Fauquier Community Theatre 4225 Aiken Drive, Warrenton, 540-349-8760, www.FCTStage.org Academy of Martial Arts 4221B Frost Street, Marshall, 540-341-4799 Virginia Civic Ballet 4237 Bragg Street, The Plains, 540-253-5258, www.VirginiaCivicBallet.net For a list of county recreational opportunities go to: http://www.fauquiercounty.gov/government/departments/ parksrec/index.cfm?action=groups

and she has other great local experts teaching classes such as humor author Susan McCorkindale mentoring creative writing, and Faith Maddox, who worked at McClanahan Camera for 12 years, taking charge of the photography classes. The schools, libraries, local blogs and online discussion boards are also great sources of information about extracurricular activities. In addition, do not discount word of mouth—ask friends and neighbors about the groups they have been involved with and what type of experiences they have had. No matter what activity you find for your child, you will know it’s the right decision when you see their confidence grow, their skill-set increase and especially when they come home with big bright smiles on their faces. 46

Warrenton Lifestyle


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Mental Health

by Robert B. Iadeluca, Ph.D.


hen I was a small boy attending Sunday school, I was taught that there were two major types of prayers – prayers of petition and prayers of gratitude. There may be others but this is what I was taught. A prayer of petition is asking for something – please God, may I have this? I remember the story of the two boys arguing about the existence of God, one saying that He never answers any prayers. “Three times I have asked for a bicycle and I still don’t have one.” “He answered,” replied his buddy, “He said NO.” The other type of prayer, I was taught, was a humble one, thanking Him for all the many blessings already received. In my practice as a Clinical Psychologist, it is common for me to ask a patient to write a Gratitude List. For some this may be difficult. According to author Eric Hoffer: “The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.”

Gratitude is a substantial part of the world’s major religions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism. It is, indeed, life empowering. If you focus on what you “have,” it will change the state of your consciousness, this leading to a finer quality of life. Throughout my childhood, a plaque, which my mother had hung on the wall, proclaimed, “Keep your face toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind.” It did not say that there were no shadows. It merely recommended that I acknowledge that they were there and then move toward the sunshine. Year after year that plaque hung there, to the point where I no longer read it. I just automatically absorbed its message. Sadly, my mother passed away when I was nine years old but her legacy of positive thinking remained. My friends THANKS Continued on Page 50

However, it is amazing how long this list can become if one really digs into ones thoughts. To stimulate the patient’s thinking, I often start him off by having him write, “I am alive.” In a research project on Gratitude and Thanksgiving conducted by two psychologists, several hundred people were divided into three groups. The first group kept a daily diary in which they wrote events that occurred during the day. The second group recorded unpleasant experiences. The third group made a daily list of things for which they were grateful. The third group was more likely to feel loved and reported a high level of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism, and energy with less depression and stress. They exercised more regularly, were more likely to help others, and made more progress forward personal goals. These conclusions emphasize the strong relationship between gratitude and healing.


Warrenton arrenton Lifestyle ifestyle

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THANKS Continued from Page 48

in this community know that my auto license plate is ALL-OK. It does not say that every single thing is OK. It merely expresses my philosophy to the reading public. Four years ago my son passed away at the age of 53. That was a shadow. However, I have many fond memories of him. My most recent memory is that of the medical care given him by the hospice in which he died. Although his ailment was a tumor on the brain, he was in no pain whatsoever and spent the end of his life with dignity. The compassion exhibited by the hospice was unbelievable. This was the sunshine of which my mother’s plaque spoke. As Thanksgiving nears, I think of that adage “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” In the process of giving, is it necessary to receive? Author Mavis Gallant in one of her books questions the appeal about cats. “They don’t care if you like them. They have not the slightest notion of gratitude and they never pretend. They take what you have to offer and away they go.” I like to think that my cat, Cookie, is perhaps just a bit grateful. In my earlier years, I visualize my 50

handing something to someone and some handing something to me. I saw it as two separate actions – I give then I receive. However, my thinking has changed. I now see it as one unified concept. Giving is receiving. One can give without receiving in the usual sense. I am a volunteer in numerous community, statewide and nationwide organizations. I spend much time helping them in one way or another and one cold almost say that I do so because I am selfish. I receive more than I give. At twelve-step meetings, be they AA or for any other addiction, “gratitude” is a common topic. People recovering from this insidious disease quickly learn that self-centeredness will often lead them right back to the immediate selfgratification of drug use. Instead of being grateful for the many possessions they already have, both material and intangible, their self-centeredness causes them to ask for more and more and more. As most every well-read person knows these days, addiction is a mental, emotional, and spiritual as well as physical disease. Let us ask ourselves how we are approaching this year’s Thanksgiving. What does that word bring to our mind? Food? Family? Alcohol? Dispute? Love? Children? Church?

251 W. Lee Hwy., Ste 679 Warrenton

428-1818 Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9-9; Sunday 10-6

Did the thought of gratitude enter in? The headlines will continue to scream death and destruction. Will be we be grateful for anything? Every experience – even pain, frustration, anger, fear, disappointment, sadness – is a learning experience. Said Cicero, the great Roman philosopher: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all the others.” My years have ever so gradually taught me acceptance and, follow that, gratitude for the minute bit of wisdom I may have gained.

Dr. Iadeluca holds a doctorate in Life-span Developmental Psychology and a state license in Clinical Psychology. He is also a volunteer with Hospice of the Rapidan. Warrenton Lifestyle

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August MccArthy Making Mobility Affordable!

Attorney At L Aw

Power Chairs • Home Elevators Vehicle Lifts & Scooters Stairlifts • Lift Chairs

One client at a time.

We Sell and Service All Types of Mobility Equipment! Quality Products with Excellent Customer Service!


Old Town Warrenton 540-222-6216 www.themccarthyfirm.com

sales @virginiamobility.com Visit our showroom to view our working products! Located at: 294 West Lee Highway, Suite 101, Warrenton, VA 20186 (behind Yeng Cheng Restaurant) Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-4:30pm • Saturdays by appointment

St. James’ Hosts 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament St. James’ Episcopal Church will host its 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Sunday, November 8th at Stonewall Golf Club. Registration is at 9:30 a.m., followed by the Blessing of the Links at 10:30 a.m. and a shotgun start at 11:00 a.m. LPGA golfer, Kris Tschetter, and her husband and coach, Kirk Lucas, will be conducting a half-hour clinic at 10:00 a.m. Additionally, golfers will have the opportunity to purchase shots from Kris at a tee to be determined. The cost is $150/player which includes continental breakfast, box lunch, dinner, and awards. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available. For more information or to register, visit www.saintjameswarrenton.org or call 540-347-4342.

WARRENTON’S BEST KEPT HOME CENTER SECRET! Summer’s Heat Pellet Stove $100 off in stock model with this ad Quality Turman Wood Pellets $5.39 per bag when purchased by the pallet

Proceeds benefit St. James’ Youth Mission Organization and Outreach Programs.

very Deli ble! la Avai

CFC Farm & Home Center 143 Washington Street Warrenton, VA 20186 540-347-7100

29 Business, turn onto Sycamore Street (located directly across from Warrenton Horse Show Grounds), turn right onto Washington Street & make immediate left into CFC parking lot.

www.cfcfarmhome.com November 2009


Community Events & More

An “Almost Christmas” Concert November 7 - 3 pm

Faith Christian Church and Outreach Center

6472 DuHollow Road in Warrenton, VA National Capitol Army Band of the Salvation Army and Warrenton Chorale will present “An Almost Christmas Concert” on Saturday, November 7 at 3:00 at the Faith Christian Church and Outreach Center which is located at 6472 DuHollow Road in Warrenton. The concert is free and open to the public, with a voluntary donation opportunity after the concert via the Red Kettle Program. Please do not contact the church but visit our website www.warrentonchorale.org for more information. Come and enjoy the delightful sounds of the longrunning annual community “Christmas in Music” concert of the Warrenton Chorale. The Warrenton Chorale has been entertaining the local citizenry since 1953. We are accompanied by extraordinary talents of an organist, pianists and a variety of local musicians. Our performance includes the Adult Chorale, the Youth Chorale and the Handbell Choir. Bring in the holiday season by celebrating with us and creating a Christmas tradition for the whole family. You will experience the splendor of “Christmas in Music” with a rich mixture of traditional and creative musical arrangements. Please plan on joining us, for a concert that’s sure to launch you into the mood for the Holiday season. The Warrenton Chorale presents “Christmas in Music” Dec. 3, 4, and 5 at 8pm each night and a 2pm matinee on Saturday. All concerts will be held at the Warrenton United Method Church. Tickets are $6.00 in advance and may be purchase at the following locations starting November 9th - g. whillikers Toys and Books, and Rhodes Gift Shop in Warrenton, BB&T Bank, Bealeton and the New Baltimore Animal Hospital. Tickets at the door are $8.00. For more information, please visit our website at www.WarrentonChorale.org.

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Warrenton’s Annual Christmas Parade Women of Wonder (WOW) Fauquier County is proud to once again organize Warrenton’s Annual Christmas Parade, to take place Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 10 a.m. along Main Street. This parade is a Warrenton tradition and a fun holiday event. We rely on community volunteers to help plan and run the parade, as well as contributions to help fund it. This year, we also hope to bring the community together in a common cause. In this difficult economic time, many members of our community are struggling to meet the most basic of needs (food, clothing, shelter). Christmas is a time of giving—let’s join together to help those in need. In addition to covering the costs of the parade, we hope to raise donations for the Fauquier Food Distribution Coalition. The Fauquier Food Distribution Coalition is a collaboration of local businesses and organizations that provide food and supplies to families and individuals within our own community. Requests for assistance tend to peak during the holiday season. Last December, the food coalition helped 284 households (952 individuals)—a record high. Visit www.fauquierfood.org for more information. The theme of this year’s parade is “Season of Giving.” We encourage all local businesses and organizations to consider becoming a parade sponsor. Anyone can donate non-perishable food items at the parade grandstand, or make monetary contributions to parade volunteers. If each person in Warrenton donated $1, we could raise over $9000*. If we include all of Fauquier County, that amount rises to over $66,000* (*according to 2008 Census data). To make this event as successful as possible, we need help spreading the word to our community. Please join us to make this a happy and memorable holiday event! Women of Wonder is a local non-profit organization that unites women in friendship, support and community service. For more information on Women of Wonder (WOW) Fauquier County, or the Warrenton Christmas Parade, please visit www.FauquierWOW.com.


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Let me pamper your pet in the lap of luxury. I will come to you in my customized, mobile grooming salon. Your pet will receive a beautiful grooming that will leave your friends and neighbors asking “Wow, who groomed your dog?!”

Your pet will be...  Nurtured, well cared for, and  Groomed beautifully!

177 W. Lee Highway, Warrenton (In Safeway Shopping Center)



Convenience and perfection, right at your door. Linda Hoisington, Owner/Operator. Serving in and around the Warrenton area.

Mobile: 540-295-1961 www.lovethedog.net

****Fall Harvest Special! $10 Off Per Pet For First Time Customers****

177 W. Lee Highway, Warrenton

“New” Xtreme Cheeses

(In Safeway Shopping Center)



Monday Nite Special LArge 99 After 3 PM pizzA Monday Nite Special


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(Fried Jalapenos, Double American

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Tuesday Lunch Special $4.10 all lunches


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Pre-W comple inter te plum bing inspec tion

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Call fo r detail Complete Plumbing Service Including Water Heaters Toilets - Repair & Replace Faucets & Garbage Disposals Sewage Ejectors Water Main Repair & Replace Dishwasher Installation


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MRC Plumbing & Heating Established 1987

Family Owned & Operated Licensed • Bonded • Insured

• SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS • Certified Gas Contractor & Master Plumber • Residential & Commercial Plumbing



Toll Free: 866-347-3013

Proudly Serving Loudoun, Fauquier, Prince William & Culpeper Counties November 2009

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Water Treatment & Softeners Well Pumps Boiler Installation & Repairs Drain & Sewer Cleaning Gas Line Installation & Repair Bathroom Remodeling

(Limited time

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• •

What’s New












Thanksgiving Specials

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Call for details Weekly • Bi-Weekly Residential • Commercial VA Class A License #2705116554A

We Do Windows

In addition to cleaning your home or office

540-439-4859 after hours: 540-439-3967 www.janddhandyman.com

We accept: A J&D Handyman Service Company

Loving Care When You’re not there MiD-DaY WaLKS & viSitS vaCation/hoLiDaY SPeCiaL neeDS Kelly Parrish - owner BONDED • INSURED • LICENSED

540-272-9546 54


The leaves have turned and fallen to the ground and now it is time to turn our attention to the holidays and cold winter months ahead. We have a few new businesses to help with that. If you want to make sure your home is ready for the cold, call Linda Mastervich at Piedmont Energy Analysis. Her new business uses infrared thermography to find all the heat leaking areas in your home, so you can spend your energy dollars wisely to fix them. Or maybe you just want some help getting your home ready for that holiday party; call Exquisite Finishes, a new cleaning service with a personal touch. Dorothy Brewer will make your home shine and you will have more time to enjoy the holidays and all the compliments. Send a last minute gift or finish off the decorating with flowers from Gainesville Florist, which has just moved to the New Baltimore area of Warrenton. And when you need a break, try the new Mandarin Buffet & Sushi restaurant that opened near Harris Teeter. They have a wide variety of items for you to feast on for one flat price and they offer discounts for children and seniors. Gina Moore, MD has also opened Women’s Care of Warrenton near the Holiday Inn and is accepting new patients. While Virginia Mobility & Lifts has opened an office above the Yen Cheng restaurant and can assist you with all your needs for power chairs, elevators, vehicle lifts and much more. Stop by to see all they have to offer. There are a few businesses that are closing or have closed. Women for Women OB/GYN has closed and Gifts n Things on Main Street has been having a closing sale. The owner of Brown’s Wood Stuff has decided to retire and close the business. But before they do, they will be selling in-stock merchandise at a discount and you can even still place orders with some manufacturers and receive a discount on those items also. This would be the time to get a great price and that special piece of furniture you have been wanting. Simple Comforts has moved to a new space near the Giant food store and they sell all the products that make life easier and safer as we age. Stop by to see all the products they carry, many of them would make great gifts for the holidays. Another great business, J&D Handyman, will be opening a new office soon on Lee Highway, near the Bloom store. They can handle all the large and small jobs around your house. And a new business will be coming to 5th and Main Street, Pablo Teodoro is working on the final details to open a Great Harvest Bread Company. It will take a few months to prepare the space and he plans to open in February. Amy Griffin is the owner of inFauquier.com, a comprehensive online directory of consumer businesses located in Fauquier County. Maps to all the businesses can be found at inFauquier.com and check out the What’s New page for more business happenings in the entire county. You can reach her at (540)347-4922 or amy@inFauquier. com with your questions or any tidbits you hear about local business.

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• All General Home Repairs • New Constructiion (Additions & New Homes) • Remodeling (including kitchen & bath) • Custom Landscape & Hardscape • Electrical • HVAC service work • Seamless Gutters • Plumbing • Re-roofing & Tear offs • Excavating / Bobcat work • Painting (Interior & Exterior)

Locally owned and operated since 1989


Call us for a complete listing of what we can do for you!

The Original Since 1989

Quality Workmanship • Licensed & Insured • Free Estimates

• References available • No Subs Used

• Member of Chamber of Commerce • Class “A” License VA #2705116554A

NOVEMBER SPECIALS: Insulation starting at $599

Call for interior/exterior painting special!

Damaged crawlspace insulation

Attic Inspection $29.95 Thermo-laser testing for heat loss

Office: 540-439-4859 5336 Rixeyville Road - Rixeyville, VA 22737 www.janddhandyman.com handyman1989@comcast.net November 2009


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