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A Fauquier Best Kept Secret: Crockett Park

Lord Fairfax Soars Fauquier High School Musical: All Shook Up …and MORE!

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Tony Tedeschi Jennifer Heyns authors her first story for The Warrenton Lifestyle and showcases one of the jewels of our community: Lord Fairfax Community College’s (LFCC) Warrenton campus. With its diverse student body, the LFCC campus has been my second home for almost seven years. During the summer of 2000, my sons, Mike and Kevin, then ages 13 and 11, were having a conversation with me about college. As always, I emphasized the importance of education and the need to earn a degree to get ahead. Of course, out of the mouths of children, come the questions you never are prepared to answer. “Dad, why is college so important if you didn’t finish and you’ve done well in business?” I must have stammered for a few minutes before I realized what I had to do. “Boys, Dad knows college is important and that’s why I’m going back to school in the fall to finish my degree.” That September, 22 years after I first entered college, I took a literature class from Bob Ashcom and an art history course from Becky Parrish. Both instructors loved teaching so much that they infected me with their passion and I was hooked. Fortunately, it didn’t end there. Almost every instructor at Lord Fairfax, like Michelle Malek, taught subjects they were passionate about. For the most part, this continued in most of the courses I took through Old Dominion University (ODU). Graduating from LFCC in 2002 with an Associate’s Degree, my education continued through ODU’s Teletechnet program at LFCC and concludes this week (May 5th) when I will walk in the convocation in Norfolk, earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Management. Much of my family will be there at graduation. It will be an emotional moment for me, one that has been building for a long time. A handful of people close to me know how difficult

it has been to stay on course towards graduation while raising four children and managing a few businesses. Only with the support of my wife, Holly, the inspiration from my children, the encouragement from my mother and the talent of our team at Piedmont Press was I able to get through this. When I wanted to quit, I thought of these people and forged ahead. Graduation will be my first visit to the main campus. All of my courses from ODU have been viewed live, through satellite broadcasting, on large televisions at the LFCC campus. The classrooms are equipped with microphones so students can ask questions, something students in lecture hall courses cannot do. With the addition of email, the facilitators at our Warrenton campus, the great people at the library and internet applications such as Blackboard, the Teletechnet experience was, in many ways, better than classes I’d taken decades ago at places like UCLA and Loyola Marymount University. A lot has happened in our family since I went back to school. All the classes I have taken have had a positive impact on my life, helped make me a better person and a smarter businessman. If you are thinking about going back to school, just go to the campus and talk to one of the terrific counselors at either Lord Fairfax or ODU. Or, email me tony@piedmontpress.com with any questions. Warrenton Lifestyle

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May 2007

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May 2007


WARRENTON – THE NEXT GREAT COLLEGE TOWN? Lord Fairfax is a steppingstone for students of all ages. By Jennifer Heyns


rom teens preparing to fly the coop to empty nesters, people of all ages in the Fauquier community are realizing the value of higher education. 1468 to be exact – the current number of residents enrolled at Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) and Old Dominion University’s (ODU) Teletechnet in Warrenton. Surprisingly, only half of the students matriculating at the rural campus are of traditional college age: 18 – 24, proof that higher education is viewed as a beneficial tool to everyone, regardless of age. And, at LFCC and ODU’s Teletechnet, the students’ goals vary as widely as their ages.

school and will graduate this May with her Associate’s Degree in Education. It took her two years to accomplish this goal, but, because she was dually enrolled, she will graduate LFCC President John “Ski” Sygielski handing out diplomas at last years from LFCC commencement ceremony. just one year admission to community college following her high school graduation. students who maintain a certain grade

Many of the younger students at LFCC are dually enrolled high schoolers looking to get ahead in the competitive world of acceptance into four-year colleges.

Many high school students are skeptical of community college, but those who now attend LFCC realize how advantageous it can be.

“I was home-schooled,” said Jamie Carlson of Rixeyville, “and came to LFCC to earn some college credits.” Jamie started attending college classes during her senior year of high

“My parents encouraged me to come here,” said Jamie, “I hadn’t planned on staying but the staff here is wonderful and I made a lot of new friends – I didn’t want to leave. I love the small environment, friendly campus and there’s never a problem finding help when you need it. Plus I like the guarantee of a spot when I transfer.”

Lacey Baird of Warrenton (nursing), Sam Fubara of Warrenton (Liberal Arts), & Johs Matheny of Warrenton (general) - studying in library. 8

Like a lot of other students, Jamie is taking advantage of one of the many transfer agreements made between state community colleges and fouryear institutions. Several of the Commonwealth’s four-year colleges have agreed to guarantee

point average and earn an Associate’s Degree in a defined field. This fall Jamie will be transferring to Virginia Tech to study history and education. Josh Matheny of Warrenton has also realized the advantages of earning his Associate’s Degree at community college. “I had my sights set on James Madison University,” said Josh, “but they received 13,000 applications for only 3,000 spots and I didn’t get in. I wasn’t thrilled about going to a community college, but it’s working out better than I expected.” Josh said that he now sees community college as the perfect transition from high school to a four-year college. He said that going to LFCC has allowed him to save some money, figure out what he wants to do with his future and has given him time to visit friends at various four-year schools to see where he really fits in. He advises high school students to consider community college as a way to “get some college See College on page 10 Warrenton Lifestyle

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May 2007

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College continued from page 8

credits under your belt” before going away to school and wants to let them know how much easier it is to transfer to the school of your choice from community college than it is to get accepted straight out of high school. Josh will be awarded his Associate’s Degree in general studies this month and will settle into JMU in the fall. For Richie Potts, community college is giving him something valuable to fall back on. Richie started at LFCC with the goal of earning a certificate in Education but found a new passion while working during the summer months at Micron. Richie has delayed starting his new career as a five-year apprentice in an electricians’ union until after his May graduation. “Although my career won’t be in the field my degree is in, it was a matter of self-pride,” said Richie, “I really wanted a degree and I came this far I wanted to see it through. Plus, plans

college. Although it took her several years, the timing worked out perfectly. Julia completed her general courses while her children were very young. By the time she realized her affinity for nursing her children were both in elementary school, allowing her time for a heavier course load.

change in life, having a degree is never a waste of time; it gives you something to fall back on.” For Richie, choosing community college was never in question. “It’s a lot cheaper and the class sizes are smaller. You don’t have any classes where there are 500 kids and, sitting so far back, the teacher looks like a dot.”

After moving from Gainesville to Warrenton, driving to Woodbridge and Arlington for NOVA Community College nursing courses became a daunting task.

For other people community college is not a place to start, it’s a place to pick up where they left off, or to switch gears and learn something new.

“Shortly after our move, I found out about LFCC and their nursing program,” said Julia, “What a blessing it was to have the Warrenton campus just down the street.”

After graduating from high school in the mid-1990s, Julia Megill headed to Radford University. But much like Richie, Julia’s plans changed. After one year of college she got married and had a baby.

She will graduate next spring and is looking forward to giving back to the community after such a long and devoted college career.

“College was always in my plans for as long as I can remember,” said Julia, “but for that first year after high school, I wasn’t committed mentally.”

“I feel very confident in my choice and the reward that is waiting for me at the end of this degree is very clear,” said Julia.

She continued her education gradually, taking only one or two classes per semester at community

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Warrenton Lifestyle

Her advice to other adults considering college: take it one step at a time – baby steps. She said she made it most of the way by taking just one class at a time. “My family was my priority and I didn’t want school to take away time spent with them, but I also knew that finishing college was very important to me. Now I look back and it was so worth it.” Nancy Graves of Marshall also understands the importance of family and, like Julia, had attended one year of college following high school and then got married. With her husband’s Lord Fairfax Community College is graduating its first nursing class at the Warrenton campus on Navy career moving them May 12, 2007. frequently, Nancy put off a proud student at LFCC and has give her the challenge that high school earning her degree until her children taken her 16-year old home-schooled could not while giving her a head start were older and her family settled. daughter, Anna, along with her. on her college endeavors. For Nancy, After an 18-year gap, Nancy is now For Anna, community college can this is a long-awaited chance to fulfill her desire for a college degree. See College on page 12

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College continued from page 11

“I’ve wanted to go back to school for a long time,” said Nancy. “I’m interested in psychology and sociology – I need to have a career where I feel like I’m doing some good.”



Nancy plans to complete her Associate’s Degree at LFCC then transfer to ODU’s Teletechnet and continue on to obtain a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

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Aside from earning a degree, Nancy sees college as an esteem-building opportunity. “There’s just so much satisfaction in bringing home an A and reading the positive comments teachers write on your papers,” she noted. Nancy is a strong advocate for higher learning and encourages anyone considering it to at least sign up for one class and give it a try. “It will really get you motivated and headed in the right direction.” Motivating is exactly how Linda Harper, a Library Specialist at LFCC’s Sowder Library, describes LFCC. She gets to see and talk to nearly everyone on campus – they all come to the library sooner or later. Linda knows that many of the adults who attend college started out feeling very intimidated. They fear that the gap in time is too large, they are too old, the technology is too far advanced she said, but they push these fears aside and register anyway. “This is a great place to be,” said Linda, “I am inspired by these students every day.” The Commonwealth of Virginia may soon offer a new incentive to attend community college. Last February the State Senate unanimously passed a bill called The Community College Transfer Grant Program and this April it received the support of the subcommittee on Higher Education in the Virginia House of Delegates. The bill will now return to the appropriations committee and, if supported, will go to Warrenton Lifestyle

the House floor for a vote. “This bill will enable students receiving an Associate’s Degree at a Virginia state community college to attend fouryear in-state colleges and universities at a cost equivalent to their community college education,” said Thomas Madrecki in his April 16, 2007 article Transfer discount moves forward in The Cavalier Daily.



Whether community college provides a place where you can dip your toes into the “real world” or give you a chance to rewind and start again with a new set of skills, take the initiative and commence a new path. This May, many

students will experience graduation, but they will tell you, it is not the end – it’s just the beginning. “As college president, one of the most rewarding days of the year is Commencement,” said LFCC President John “Ski” Sygielski, “I love being a part of the excitement as our graduates close a chapter on their time at LFCC and embark on a new chapter in either their educational or work life. It does not matter if an individual is 17 or 57; the college is focused on changing lives and impacting the community by educating all who desire to better themselves.” The Lord Fairfax Community College Fauquier campus is pleased to announce that 157 of its students will be participating in the May 2007 commencement program and moving on to pursue other great endeavors. Old Dominion University will graduate three Warrenton Teletechnet program participants and has invited them to their main campus in Norfolk to celebrate commencement with the rest of the student body. Congratulations to all!

Jennifer Heyns is a resident of Delaplane, where she enjoys country life with her husband, two young sons, two dogs and her mother-in-law. She has been published in many local, regional and national publications and is currently working on her first book.

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You’ll be “All Shook Up” Fauquier High School Spring Musical Brings Elvis to the Building


By Katelyn Foudray - Photos by Karl Pittelkau with her. Younger brother to John, Eric is enjoying his first lead role, feeling he is similar to his character.

oustabouts, small town teens, and the hopelessly-inlove gather to bring the Addison E. Lightfoot Auditorium to life in Fauquier High School’s spring musical production of All Shook Up.

“I feel like Dennis is a lot like me,” Weathers said. “Dennis is like a sidekick friend, and I’m used to being the sidekick type to my brother.”

Featuring the music of the legendary Elvis Presley, All Shook Up is a story of a small town girl who falls in love with a trouble making, motorcycle riding roughneck. Natalie, played by senior Cathy Humes, has not seen much of the world past her work as a mechanic, but dreams of finding love and adventure. However, when Chad, played by senior John Weathers, is released from prison, he comes into town with the roar of his motorcycle and shakes the world Natalie has come to know.

Natalie’s father Jim, played by senior Nick O’Neal, has fallen in love with the sassy and glamorous local museum owner Sandra, played by junior Aubrey Staunton, who refuses to return his affections. While he is swooning over Sandra, Jim fails to realize the local AfricanAmerican diner owner Sylvia, played by sophomore Janelle Cottman, is vying for his love. Just when things could not get more confusing, Chad sees Sandra and falls in love with her.

While this is Humes’ seventh time in a lead role in an FHS production, she can relate Senior John Weathers becomes the center of attention as Chad, a most to Natalie out of all the roustabout who brings life and music to a small town in Fauquier characters she has portrayed. High’s musical performance of “All Shook Up”. “Natalie - I can relate to more because she’s more of a tomboy,” Humes said. “I tend to be less girly than some of the other characters I’ve played.” According to Humes, the most challenging part is the dancing aspect of the performance. “I’ve done a lot of acting and singing, but not a lot of dancing,” Humes said. “There are some big dancing numbers in the production, so that makes it harder, but it’s still fun.” Senior John Weathers has enjoyed three years in FHS productions, two 18

of which he has played the leading male character. To Weathers, Chad has been a fun character to portray. “He’s a cool and sexy guy,” Weathers said. “I can relate to Chad. I mean, I’m not a roustabout per say, but everybody’s got that cocky side.” There are eight other principal characters that make for a complicated but interesting storyline. Natalie is falling for Chad and does not realize her best friend Dennis, played by sophomore Eric Weathers, is in love

O’Neal, who is entering the FHS stage for the first time, is excited about his role and his improved singing.

“I have to change my singing from metal to this,” O’Neal said. “I’ve become a lot better singer because of the musical instruction from this musical.” Meanwhile, town mayor Matilda, with the help of local sheriff Earl, played respectively by seniors Jean Miller and Jake Baggette, is busy attempting to keep the townspeople from dancing or listening to any form of music. Matilda tries to control the antics of Chad, who believes music and dancing are necessities of life. Matilda’s son Dean, played by See Musical page 20 Warrenton Lifestyle

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Musical continued from page 18

Juniors Janelle Cottman, left, as mother (Sylvia), reprimands her “daughter” Sara Troxel (Lorraine) for singing and dancing in Fauquier’s musical “All Shook Up”. 36 year old Kevin Mettinger has directed Fauquier awardwinning theatre productions for six years. He is a 1988 graduate of Fauquier High with over 17 years of theatre and directing experience. sophomore Ryan Steves, meets Sylvia’s daughter Lorraine, played by junior Sara Troxel, and immediately falls in love with her. However, Dean knows his mother would never approve of their interracial love because of his mother’s strict beliefs and ideas. His first time in the spotlight, Steves feels lucky to have a principal role.

Seniors John Weathers and Cathy Humes return to the stage in Fauquier High’s musical performance of “All Shook Up”.

“The days we tried out went really well for me,” Steves said. “It feels great to be in the musical.” Will Natalie win the affections of Chad? Can Dennis convince Natalie he is the one for her, or find love elsewhere? The interesting plotline raises questions that keep the audience guessing until the final bow.

His sixth year directing an FHS spring production, Fauquier High School teacher Kevin Mettinger immediately fell in love with the show when he first saw it on Broadway two years ago and feels everyone can appreciate the show. “Elvis is an icon and this show pays great tribute to him even though its

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May 4, 5, 11, and 12 at 8:00 p.m., and May 6 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets will be $10 for adults and $7.50 for students and seniors. The dinner theatre will be May 11, and tickets will be $20 for adults and $15 for students and seniors. For more information, e-mail Kevin Mettinger at kmettinger@fcps1.org.

Dance captain Aubrey Stanton directs choreography during rehearsal for Fauquier High’s musical performance of “All Shook Up”.

not about him,” Mettinger said. Mettinger feels the music is the best and most challenging aspect of the production. The complicated harmonies force the actors to have a good sense of rhythm. However, Mettinger also thinks the music is what will draw the audience in.

May 2007

“Young, old, city, country, every race, creed, every type of person likes at least one Elvis song,” Mettinger said. “Everyone should come ready to dance in the aisles because this is a show you’ll have a hard time just sitting and watching.” All Shook Up will be performed

Katelyn Foudray is a senior at Fauquier High School. She is Editor-in-Chief of The Falconer, the Fauquier High School student run newspaper. In addition, she is also a member of the National Honors Society, Spanish Honors Society, International Thespian Society,  and Student Council Association. Katelyn enjoys acting in school plays, teaching a first grade religious education class at her church, and writing. She plans to attend Flagler College in St. Augustine this fall. All photos for this article taken by Karl Pittelkau, White Post Photography. www.whitepostphotography.com


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Crockett Park Like A Mini-Vacation


hrow open the windows, pull out the summer clothes and find the sunscreen.  Spring is finally here!  It’s time to get your friends and family together and head outside for some warm weather fun.  Fortunately for you, you live close to some great outdoor activities.  In particular, C.M. Crockett Park is just a hop, skip and a drive down the road from Warrenton.  Head out of Warrenton down Meetze Road, about seven miles, and soon on the right side of the road, you’ll see a sign for C.M. Crockett Park at Rogues Road (be sure not to turn left onto Rogues Road a little bit before the sign).  Upon entering the park, parking is readily available.  Areas are well marked so even the new visitor to the park can navigate his way around the area.  Whether you’re looking for some solitude and reflective time, or you’re with a group of hundreds, this versatile resource really does have something for everyone.

Boating It’s hard to believe that you can have the joy of riding in a paddleboat without the hassle of driving to the Jefferson Memorial, but it’s true.  Crockett Park has many paddleboats that can be rented, but they didn’t stop there.  The park also offers jon-boats with and without electric motors, canoes, and they even have a small sailboat that can be rented.  Germantown Lake, with over 100 surface acres, is a great setting for taking one of the boats for a spin (or


paddle or sail).  Rental information is posted on the park’s website and covers fees in a variety of time increments.  Get there early enough and you might be able to snag the coveted swan paddle boat.  Make sure to wear a life jacket!

Concessions and Rentals On weekends from March through Memorial Day, then daily through Labor Day, the Concessions and Rentals stand is open for business.  Not only can you rent the boat you’ve been itching to check out, but you can also rent volleyball equipment for the volleyball court, horseshoes, a rod and reel, or a croquet set.  If you forget your picnic food, you can buy some hot dogs and pizza to fill up your tank.  Candy, drinks, and even fishing lures are also available for purchase.


the fish population and water quality closely in an effort to keep the lake pristine and healthy.”  It is required to have a fishing license, and conveniently you can buy one at the park.  If you’re planning ahead, some other options to buy a fishing license include Rankin’s and Clark Brothers.

The Forge Ropes Challenge Course You’ve probably seen similar courses on television, but who knew there was one in Fauquier County?  This activity is perfect for corporate, youth or camp groups, and it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Picnics Crockett Park really is the perfect See Park page 26

Recreate some Mayberry-like memories by grabbing your fishing pole and head to the one of the piers to catch a Largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, redear sunfish, and shell cracker.  According to Crockett Park literature, “The park staff monitors

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Nova Medical Group As a member of the Nova team, Tobey is happy to be working with the Warrenton Community. She believes a holistic approach to patient care is the most thorough way to connect with her patients and establish lasting relationships. This along with continuing education keeps patients informed about current medical research and recommendations. She is looking forward to providing health care that reflects rationale from multiple disciplines, while being tailored to the needs of the individual.

Tobey Balazs, MSN, FNP Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Now Accepting New Patients! Nova Medical Group combines conventional and complementary medicine to minimize the need for multiple doctors. Affiliated, Nova Urgent Care provides urgent medical care services on a walk in basis for non-life threatening conditions, acute illness, and minor injuries with minimal wait times.

528 Waterloo Road - Warrenton, Virginia 20186 Medical Group 540.347.7611 Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Urgent Care 540.347.0400 Wednesday & Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

www.novamedgroup.com May 2007


Park continued from page 24

place for a picnic.  Pull up in the parking lot and you’ll see carts ready for use to transport all of your picnic items.  Tables are all around the area, and you can find one by the playground to please the children, or maybe on more secluded for your romantic outing.  In return, the park asks that you leave the pull carts where you found them and clean up after your fun is finished.

novac.com for more information. See how lucky you are?  All of the amenities listed above are ready and waiting for you.  And we didn’t even mention the walking and nature trails, disc golf course, cross country skiing (we’re completely avoiding all talk


Directions: To get to C.M. Crockett Park, take Meetze Road/Rt. 643 out of town.  The park is located about 7 miles south of Warrenton, turn right at Old Rogues Road.  Signs will help guide you to the parking area. Hours of operation: March - Oct.: 7:00 a.m. til dusk (times for dusk will be posted at front gate) Nov. - Feb.: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. For more information, you can call 540/788-4867, or visit them on the web at http://www.fauquiercounty.gov/ government/departments/parksrec/ index.cfm?action=crockett

Special Events The Crockett Park Panorama Shelter is a spacious and scenic location to host your group’s annual get together.  Whether you’re hosting the Cub Scouts, a school reunion, church group or family reunion, renting the Pavilion assures that your guests will enjoy their backdrop.  Able to accommodate 100 guests comfortably, it even has a fireplace to set the mood.  In addition to the Panorama Shelter, four other shelters are available for rent for groups up to 40 people.  The Waterside Amphitheater can also be rented. It seats 200, but can hold up to 500 when the lawn area is included.  Music festivals and nature talks are the usual guests in the amphitheater, but weddings and private festivals also find their way to the beautiful spot.

food, and head out for a day of fun.  Don’t forget your fishing poles!

of cold weather) and the boat ramp to bring in your own ride.  Having Crockett Park so close to Warrenton is like having your own lake resort (minus the swimming, it’s not allowed).  It doesn’t even require any frequent flier miles, rewards clubs, confirmation numbers or credit cards to go.  Come on!  Pack up the kids, grab some picnic

Have a suggestion for a future column on Warrenton? Email your ideas to amytpetty@adelphia.net. Amy Petty has lived in the Warrenton area for the past seven years. She is the Marketing Director for the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites. All photos for this article by Amy Petty.

And Soon…

Daytime isn’t the only time that Crocket Park is the host to fun activities.  The Northern Virginia Astronomy Club has been meeting there to enjoy the night sky.  All of the wide open spaces make this an ideal spot for you and your telescope to see stars, planets and constellations.  Due to relatively low light pollution, club members have even spotted Omega Centauri, a globular cluster associated with the Milky Way, on several occasions.   To participate in this activity, visit their website at www. 26

Warrenton Lifestyle

Give us a whirl.

jazzercise.com (800)FIT-IS-IT



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gentle family dentistry • implant dentistry restorative & cosmetic care

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The Victorian Naturalist Opening in May

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