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Molly Michael & Laurie Enright

THE LONG RIDE HOME - BRINGING HEALING TO VETS Gardening in Small Spaces | Girl Scouts: Adventures in Leadership & Service

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   

 


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Molly Michael & Laurie Enright are embarking on The Long Ride Home see page 22 for the full story. Photo by Norman Photography & Paperie


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Setting your pre-loved dog up for success in the home New Support Groups

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Get Some Dirt Under Your Nails

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English children found sanctuary in Warrenton during WWII

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Girl Scouts: Adventures in Leadership & Service Gold and Silver Awards are Apex of Scouting by Danica Low

Reaching for the Gold

The Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital (GSCNC) defines the Gold Award as that which is the highest award in Girl Scouts, and focuses on a Girl Scout Senior’s (grades 9-10) or Ambassador’s (grades 11-12) interests and personal journey through leadership skills, career explorations, reflection and advocacy. The Boy Scouts’ Eagle Scout Service Project is a well-known rite of passage for many high school boys in our County. Not nearly as recognized is the work middle and high school girls are missioning as part of their Scouting experience. The Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are structured in a way that prepares a Girl Scout for the next level of advancement in community

service and leadership, beginning in sixth grade. Much like an Eagle Scout project, in order to begin on a path towards one of these Girl Scout awards, a Girl Scout must show the initiative by submitting a proposal for approval by the GSCNC. Once the proposal is approved, she must complete the project, in the allotted timeframe, with the planned resources and parameters which she set forth in the proposal. After the project is completed, she submits an evaluation, examining what worked, and what didn’t, to show her understanding and to help future Scouts. The Girl Scouts are given the freedom and creativity to make these projects unique to them and their own passions and interests. By this point in their Scouting experience,

they have volunteered in different capacities and for more than a couple of organizations. Kate Vorder Bruegge, a sophomore at Wakefield School in The Plains, chose to focus her Gold Award project on Fauquier FISH (For Immediate Sympathetic Help) in Warrenton. FISH offers a food bank, utility bill assistance, Easter and Christmas dinner groceries, a school supplies program, and a Food4kids Program for those who financially qualify. Kate and her troop began volunteering at FISH several years ago when they began working on their Silver Award projects. Kate credits Girl Scouts with getting her to FISH, and FISH, she says, has inspired her to do more. In a very involved and in-depth process, Kate has teamed with the

leadership at FISH to implement a nutritional awareness and recipe program for customers. Kate is solely responsible for coming up with the design and concept of the project and “making it happen,” she says. The concept is based on the awareness of how far a dollar can be stretched to create as many nutritional meals as possible for a family or an individual. Kate says when she was working at FISH for her Silver Award project, which included volunteer hours stocking shelves and helping customers, she noticed recipe books that FISH had on hand were going unused. She had conversations with customers about their busy schedules and limited time to cook at home, or not owning a working stove. Kate has created a program – which is currently being implemented at FISH – that will bring in small groups of customers, for a specified class time, and educate them on ways to combine ingredients stocked on the shelves at FISH, to go further into a weekly meal plan. And for some, she will teach how to create hot nutritious meals without the use of a stove. Kate is currently gathering research to show how many more meals than one can be made with the few dollars it costs to buy a quick fast food meal. She plans to offer participants incentives for participating in the program and send them with recipes in a “meal kit” to promote these smart and healthy habits at home. Caitlin Wagner, who completed her Gold Award project last August, constructed a “Creation Trail” at Grace Episcopal Church for community members and children to “strengthen their spirituality and foster stewardship for the world.” Caitlin says, “I also helped to organize and run the Vacation Bible School at my church focusing on creating the trail. I taught the children to write prayers and express appreciation for the world around them while teen volunteers aided in the construction of the trail.” Although Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are not religious organizations, many members choose to live out their faith and bring it into their Scouting projects when possible. Caitlin adds of her Gold Award project, “My project has beautified the grounds of Grace Church while bringing the community together in a spiritual experience. It offers an open and inviting way for people to explore and strengthen their relationship with God. It also teaches children (and reminds adults) about their world, and God’s hand in creation, while fostering awareness of their roles as stewards of the earth.”

Silver Guides the Way

Tish DeVere and Sheila DeHaven have led Troop 795 out of C. Hunter Ritchie Elementary School for eight years. The girls in their troop, including each of their daughters, have graduated from elementary school and moved on to different middle schools, but still come together every other week for troop meetings. In 2014, the troop of six, which Mrs. DeVere says are ‘driven and accomplished,’ earned their Silver Award, which is the second highest service award a Girl Scout can earn.


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The Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital defines the Silver Award as that which symbolizes a Girl Scout Cadette’s (grades 6-8) accomplishments in her Girl Scout and local communities as she discovers her strengths and takes action to make the world a better place. For their Silver Award, Troop 795 worked together to lead a Daisy/ Brownie troop through a year of


activities. As fourth and fifth graders, they created badge requirements for the Daisy/Brownie Scouts; prepared materials for the Daisy/Brownie troop meetings; developed a behavior scale; learned how to manage, guide and teach the younger girls; and conducted meal and budget planning for yearround activities which included a camp-out experience for the younger girls as well. In the end, Troop 795 helped eight Daisy/Brownie Scouts earn more than 100 badges over the course of the scouting year, and successfully earned their Silver Award honor, which included fifty hours of planning and execution by each Girl Scout. In ninth grade, Troop 795 can begin the application process for the Gold Award program. They are preparing for the Gold Award now by completing a lesson plan (called a Journey) that meets one of the requirements. Mrs. DeHaven believes, “Girl Scouting is the least expensive and most rewarding experience for girls, but depends greatly on the leader’s investment of time, mind-share and energy.” Mrs. DeHaven was a Girl Scout as a child from grades one through seven, and her mother was also a Girl Scout leader. Annika Vargus and Morgan Strickland of Troop 1439 earned their

Silver Awards by putting together a child labor awareness project. Annika says, “Girl scouts to me is the ability to shed light on the difficult and troubling situations. Not just in our community but around the world. For my project, we were able to show the (Girl Scout) Daisies that people everywhere need help and support. To not just stay focused and localized, but to take in the whole world as one picture and see all the good and the bad; and what we can do to make it better.” She adds, “This project has enlightened me on so many things around the world. While researching one thing you can uncover so many other things.” Girl Scout Troop 1757 recently had five girls (four Cadettes and one Ambassador) reach their Silver Award achievement, according to leader Joi Hadler. Troop member Grace Curry says she was inspired to earn the Silver Award because “there was a need for a Daisy Troop and I wanted to work with the younger girls to teach them about the Girl Scout way of life.” Troop member Brenna Cushman shares she was inspired to earn the Silver Award because “of the opportunity I would have to influence a younger generation to be healthy, confident and courageous.” Both girls co-led a Girl Scout Daisy Troop, teaching them responsibility and to support their local and global community.

History (and Community) Support Girl Scout’s Future

Becky Crouch, Girl Scout Administrator for all Fauquier County troops, is a former Maryland high school teacher. She is currently a volunteer who oversees the forming and coming together of troops, training of leaders, and membership inquiries from within our community. She organizes many events throughout the year in which Girl Scouts of all ages and regions within the County can come together and learn and grow together. Mrs. Crouch was a Girl Scout herself when she was an adolescent for three years, and then served as an active and faithful leader for many years for her two daughters. “They are now grown and continue to have fond memories of their years in Warrenton Lifestyle

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March 2015

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Girl Scouts,” she says. The month of March has been celebrated as Girl Scout month for 103 years, according to Girl Scout tradition. It includes the Girl Scout birthday, March 12, which is the day the original Girl Scout, Juliette Gordon Low, registered the first troop of eighteen girls in the state of Georgia. Girl Scouts all across the country, celebrate the week of the birthday with community service, family service, friendship, religious (optional) and leadership events. Many Girl Scouts, like those in Fauquier County, will also celebrate by beginning the longawaited Girl Scout Cookie sales. Cookies sold by troops in Fauquier this season will include the ‘regular six’ – Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Do Si Dos, Trefoils and Savannah Smiles. Booth sales begin in March, and will not include new cookie flavors that have been advertised nationwide, including a gluten free option. Mrs. Crouch wants the community to know how hard these girls work, from cookie sales to Gold Award Projects. “The girls are taught everything from leadership to outdoor recreation activities. There are troops all over the County for all ages. Girls can travel to another region to join a specific troop, it does not have to be at your school or in your local neighborhood,” she says. “Young women who choose to stay involved as a Scout, may even choose to belong to Campus Girl Scouts in their college years,” she adds. There are currently 614 active Girl Scouts registered in Fauquier County. Mrs. Crouch suggests that studies show Girl Scout Gold Award recipients often grow up to be Congresswomen, Supreme Court members and leaders


in government, the private sector and their communities. Currently, Fauquier Girl Scout Jordan Hadler of Troop 1757 is interning as a messenger in the Virginia Senate office in Richmond. Of this experience, she says, “(In Girl Scouts,) I have learned to never give up on anything that you really want, and to always have a smile on your face because it makes everyone’s day.” She volunteers Monday through Friday, in a typical work week schedule, and is expected to keep up with school assignments during this 45 day period while the Senate is in session.

nursing. What has Girl Scouts done for them? They answer: helped build confidence to speak in front of 200 people!; sing in several school musicals; encourage shy friends to be more outgoing and do more activities; be spontaneous—Girl Scouts are often asked to do things at the last minute; established a reputation for being reliable, as Girl Scouts are asked to volunteer for lots of activities. Says Caitlin, “Before this project, the idea of speaking in public horrified me. Once I challenged myself and put myself in this uncomfortable position, I learned that public speaking is quite

Leaders in the Making

simple and the fear can easily be overcome. Because of this experience, I now can stand up in front of an audience and speak passionately about a project I am proud of completing.” Annika says, “I hope my project brought awareness to many kids and families about the problems of the world. Maybe even set some wheels turning on how they can be helped.” Kate adds, “I think I will get the most out of my Gold Award project. The Silver Award project was about teamwork. The Gold Award project is about leadership. I am learning a lot more about self. I am the one that has to drive this train and put it together.” To register for a Girl Scout Troop in Fauquier, contact Becky Crouch at crouchbj@yahoo.com.

When a group of Girl Scouts at a recent hot chocolate social were asked about their career goals, a myriad of answers were given: anthropology and archaeology, pre-school teacher, psychology, medical field – maybe

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2015 RAM

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March 2015


I’ve Been Rescued! Setting your pre-loved dog up for success in the home

Public shelters, private rescues, and various non-profit organizations assist in the acquisition, processing, and rehoming of millions of unwanted pets each year. These animals are often the result of relinquishment or abandonment with varying backgrounds and histories. Your new canine family member may have some training and temperamental needs to consider post adoption. Here are a few tips and insights to help adjust to the sweet life: Take Your Time. Providing a loving home to a rescue is very rewarding; however make sure to find a dog that suits you lifestyle. Consider exercise needs, health, age, grooming, training, and history when searching for your new companion. Ensure you ask about what type of temperament testing was conducted on any dog you view and spend some time playing with and walking the dog. Be realistic about how much your family can take on and communicate that in order for the rescue to help find you a match. Many owners are keen to welcome a puppy into their home, when many adult or even senior canines could be a more appropriate fit. Dog proof your home. Make sure your house is pet friendly by minimizing exposure to electronics, shoes, plants, food, and toxic

materials. Destructive chewing and counter surfing can not only be a pain for owners, but cause harm to canines. Consider closing doors or using baby gates and tethers where appropriate when you dog is not under direct supervision. If you are using a crate, make sure it is set up and ready for your new arrival. Establish rules and routine early on. Take a moment with all members of your family to discuss what your canine companion is and is not permitted to partake in. Will the dog be allowed on furniture? Are some rooms off limits? What happens if the dog jumps? No chasing the dog! Who will be going on walks? Where do we play? Who will be feeding the dog? Who is in charge of vet visits? Do we need a dog walker? How much grooming does this dog require? The honeymoon period. Many rescued animals require a period of 6-8 weeks to fully adapt to their new environment. It is after this time that their full disposition and quirks are often revealed. The key to preventing bad habits is early identification and redirection of unwanted behavior. Ensure you are aware of your dog’s development over the first couple of months in order to reward and encourage a confident, social, and mannered canine. Ask yourself: Is he becoming overly clingy? Has vocalization escalated? Does the dog seem anxious? Has he become defensive? Is he weary of strangers? Do other dogs seem to trigger him? Take your time with a multi-dog household. Whether you have one or a multitude of other dogs sharing your home, a slow and structured transition will foster harmony. Begin by introducing dogs on

neutral ground to prevent resource guarding or territorial behavior. Allow 2-3 seconds of sniffing and greeting on-leash, then redirect each dog for a short break. This can be repeated multiple times in order to allow the dogs to become acquainted without over-stimulation or cause for inappropriate behavior. Next take a walk with both dogs prior to bringing your new member inside the home. If you have more than one other dog you may need to repeat with each member. When to seek further assistance. If things get overwhelming and you feel like you are at your wits end, do not hesitate to contact a certified trainer or behaviorist to assist in helping you decode your canine. Gaining perspective can help you successfully reach short and long term goals with your canine. Having the right tools, strategies, and teaching mechanisms can help ensure a long and rewarding relationship.

Charlotte Wagner is a certified animal trainer and behavior consultant. She successfully completed her BS with honors from the University of Essex in England furthering her passion in training and behavior. She advocates that prevention, management, redirection, and training of alternate responses is key to training success. Charlotte currently owns and operates Duskland Training and Behavior in Warrenton and can be regularly seen at conformation dog shows, agility events, rally obedience trials, therapy visits, and community gatherings with one or more of her precious pets


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Fauquier Health Fauquier Hospital Offers New Support Groups

Oncology nurse navigator Richard Shrout works alongside cancer patients to ease the treatment journey.

Support When You Need it Most A diagnosis of breast cancer is devastating for a hundred reasons, but Richard Shrout, Oncology Nurse Navigator, can help patients as they try to sort through the confusion, anger and fear. This newest member of the oncology team is an expert in guiding patients as they enter what is perhaps the most challenging time of their lives. What does Richard do for patients? It depends on what each patient needs. He answers questions, provides emotional support, helps to expedite tests and surgeries, and explores financial options. With decades of experience as a nurse, educator and research coordinator, Richard is uniquely positioned to provide the various kinds of assistance that cancer patients may require. Fauquier Health’s oncology nurse navigator can: • Guide cancer patients through diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship; • Advocate on patients’ behalf to enhance communication with health care team; • Work to find appropriate resources and support needed; • Assist with locating appropriate resources to pay for health care needs; • Facilitate health care appointments and arrange for transportation; • Provide educational resources to patient and family; and • Help with coordination of follow-up care. 14

In order to help people who are going through difficult times, Fauquier Hospital is hosting two new support groups. The Cancer Support Group will meet the second Monday of every month, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., in Fauquier Hospital’s Sycamore Room. Oncology nurses, licensed social workers, and spiritual care providers will offer cancer education, hope and support to patients, family members and caregivers who share similar experiences. This professional support, provided by Heartland Hospice, will help guide patients and families through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Heartland Hospice of Warrenton provides end-of-

life care for the mind and spirit as well as the body. To learn more, contact Mary Kelly, nurse liaison at 540-349-3970. The Bereavement Support Group has been formed to help those who are experiencing a loss because of the death of a loved one. The group, for those 18 and older, will meet the third Monday of every month at 1 p.m., in Fauquier Hospital’s Chestnut Room and is sponsored by Capital Caring. To register, or for more information, contact Roxanne Woodward, bereavement counselor, at 703-957-1800. Participants should feel free to drop on at any meeting, without having to notify a counselor in advance.

Support Groups Hosted by Fauquier Hospital Unless noted, groups are held at Fauquier Hospital. For more information, call 540-316-DOCS. Alzheimer’s and DementiaRelated Support Fourth Wednesday, monthly 4 to 5:30 p.m. The Villa at Suffield Meadows

Diabetes Support Thursdays (call for dates) 6 to 7 p.m. Fauquier Health Wellness Center

Bereavement Support Third Monday, monthly 1 p.m., Chestnut Room

Epilepsy Support Third Tuesday, monthly 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Chestnut Room

Breastfeeding Support Mondays 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Family Birthing Center Cancer Support Second Monday, monthly 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Sycamore Room

Look Good… Feel Better Second Monday, monthly (In June, it will be June 15, the third Monday.) 10 a.m., Chestnut Room Call 540-667-2315, ext. 3, to register. MS Support Second Saturday, monthly 10:30 a.m., Chestnut Room Warrenton Lifestyle

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spring concert

The Fauquier Community Band will present their spring concert “Decades: A Musical Time Capsule” on Monday, March 9, at 7 pm. Please come out to Taylor Middle School (350 E. Shirley Ave.) and join us for an enjoyable evening filled with music through the years. Songs from each decade will be featured, from the 1900s to present day, including Eighties Flashback, Dance Fever, Fifties Time Capsule, The Roaring 20s, Beach Boys Forever, Begin the Beguine, and many others. Audience members are encouraged to dress as a character from their favorite decade. There will be a raffle of prizes from local businesses ($1 per ticket). Concert admission is free, and donations to the band are gratefully accepted. A complimentary dessert reception will follow the concert. Get ready to go back in time and join us for some wonderful music! Call 540-422-8560 for more information, or visit www.fauquiercommunityband.com.

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Multicultural CLASSROOM

Her name was Nicole. We met on the playground in kindergarten and became fast friends. I remember afternoons spent playing at her house. Her parents spoke another language, and she spoke English with an accent. Because I was only five years old, I was fascinated by the sound of the language her family spoke. It was like they were the only members of a secret club. After kindergarten, Nicole’s family left the United States and returned to Germany. I had never heard of Germany and remember being shown where it was on a globe.


She and I continued our friendship as pen pals. I eagerly waited for mail from her. I studied the envelopes, the stamps, the paper on which she wrote, and the photos she sent. She sent me pictures of herself over the years. Everything about my friend’s life looked so different from mine, down to the clothes she wore and the homes in her neighborhood. When I was fourteen, Nicole’s family invited me to visit them in Lausanne, Switzerland, near Geneva, where they had ultimately settled. I spent two weeks traveling around the Swiss countryside, eating German

by Aimée O’Grady

food, and listening to conversations that flowed freely from English to French to German. Influenced by these experiences, I spent the second semester of my junior year of college living in France, and I visited Nicole again during that time. She and her mother took me to Germany to visit their family town of Florsheim. Today, we remain connected thanks to social media. I will always be grateful for our friendship, which made the world smaller and introduced me to a different culture. Although Fauquier County is

Warrenton Lifestyle

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Aimée and Nicole still a strong agricultural community of farms that have been in families for many generations, young families from Northern Virginia and beyond are relocating here in increasing numbers, bringing with them greater cultural diversity as a result of a denser population of immigrants. Warrenton’s restaurants provide a glimpse at some of the cultural diversity just beyond our doorsteps. Non-native residents operate Irish, Chinese, Italian, Thai, and Mexican restaurants in town, and a first-generation American manages Warrenton’s only Cuban restaurant. Contact with other cuisines, languages, and cultures provide our community with an education that cannot be received without a passport. The gift of cultural diversity is an invaluable gift, one that young people can learn to value at an early age. In the classroom, this sort of immersion is referred to as a “culturally responsive education or classroom”. It represents an effort to help all students become aware of the different cultures and people groups they may interact with when they complete their educations and take their place in an increasingly connected world. By embracing cultural diversity and providing examples of multicultural role models, schools help students understand that people of different ethnicities, appearances, and genders have a positive influence on the world. This in turn increases acceptance and respect. 18

In Warrenton, firstgeneration and bilingual students ride the bus with children whose families arrived in America generations ago and have only ever spoken English. Though they may speak a different language at home and celebrate different cultural traditions, young people are aware of only their shared interests: an obsession with Frozen or Transformers, or the excitement of an upcoming school celebration. Jen Walker, Warrenton parent and Assistant Professor of Education at Mary Washington University, thinks that educators need to embrace diversity in their classrooms and use it as a teaching tool. “Asking students who have recently immigrated to the area or are even first-generation Americans to share their language and cultural traditions in the classroom will help students have a better understanding and acceptance of cultural differences.” Walker feels that many members of the community whose families have been in the United States for generations don’t understand the difficulty of assimilation. “My eldest daughter was invited to a birthday party by a South American classmate. At the party, the girl’s mother confided in me that she didn’t know how to hold a child’s party in the United States and

was nervous about doing it correctly.” Increasing awareness of the challenges of assimilating into a new culture goes a long way toward helping new families become integrated. Warrenton photographer and parent Sunny King was born in Korea and moved to Georgia as a child. Her father came to the United States first to establish residency. After about four years, King, her mother and sister joined him. Six years after the family came to the United States, her brother was born here. King laughs when she remembers what it was like being in a country where she didn’t speak the language. “My sister and I would string together the few English words that we knew or that we thought sounded like English words. We didn’t make any sense, but we reassured each other that we were actually speaking English.” Despite early language barriers, she remembers picking up the language quickly. “It helped that my father knew English and my mother had learned conversational English when we were in Korea.” Today, King is married to an American and has two young children. Her eldest is in the preschool program at Highland School. “Even at the age of four, my son is aware that he is different. He has commented on the color of our skin and makes remarks that some people in his class look like him whereas others look like daddy.” King keeps her Korean culture in the forefront for her children, with Sunny King and her children Payton and Dawson

Warrenton Lifestyle

Wine Finds,

Cigars & Surprises

Warrenton’s best source for great wine, premium cigars and craft brews 389 W. Shirley Avenue, Warrenton, VA 20186 • (540) 349-4443 www.Facebook.com/TheGrapevineWarrenton

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traditional Korean meals and regular visits from grandparents. She values school programs that introduce students to other cultures. “Recently my son’s school spent a week studying Brazil. He knows more about Brazil than I do and still remembers last year’s lesson on Russia.” Mary Stright, a kindergarten teacher at C.M. Bradley Elementary School, also celebrates a Heritage Week at her school. At that time, area high school students visit the classrooms with their countries’ flags and images of where they lived and what food they enjoy. Visiting exchange students make the rounds to each elementary school to share information about their home country. Stright makes use of technology to help with cultural barriers and recommends certain websites to help parents work with their children at home. Children who are learning English as a second language at Bradley receive at least thirty minutes of private instruction every day. To further integrate ESL students and educate their classmates about their culture, “families are encouraged to come to my classroom and read a book in their native language. Many times they bring a tasty food item from their native country for the youngsters to try,” Stright explains. Beth Banks, principal at C.M. Bradley Elementary School, observes that new students who do not speak English are very quiet upon arrival at school as they absorb all the cultural differences suddenly thrust upon them. After time, they become more comfortable and begin to socialize. Banks notices that children “learn the social kid talk before they learn the academic language.” New students are always a novelty in the classroom, and “every student wants to be assigned ‘Helper’ to the new student…whether foreign or US. The children just want to help each other.” Laura Hoover, Foreign Language Instructional Supervisor for Fauquier County, manages programs that help new non-US students overcome communication barriers. Hoover believes that “the more we can learn from others that we perceive as different, the more we will realize that we are all the same.” To help with this 20

THERE A RE O VER 10,000 M I N O RI TY STU D EN TS I N FA U Q U I ER C O U N TY PU BL I C SC H O O L S 1 .6 % 1 1 .3 %



education, Hoover manages short- and long-term exchange programs and oversees ESL instruction at all grade levels. She finds that non-US residents give the community an opportunity to celebrate differences. She feels that children make stronger, more positive connections about cultural differences when they are associated with classmates and friends. Elsewhere in the community, efforts are also being made to increase cultural awareness by bringing remote corners of the world to Warrenton. Lee Owsley, owner of Latitudes Fair Trade on Main Street, is happy to discuss the countries of origin of her boutique’s items with her customers. With inventory from India, Guatemala, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Ghana and many others, Latitudes introduces area children to other children their age whose lives are very different from their own. Owsley hosts workshops for children and is working with a local mother’s club to establish a pen pal program. Further out in the county, local farmers are adjusting their practices to welcome the increased number of immigrants visiting their farms. Immigrants from Northern VA enjoy spending the afternoon in the Fauquier countryside because it often reminds them of their homelands. Area farmers

have begun posting pictorial signs to help eliminate language barriers that might make it difficult for new guests navigate their farms. Although a small melting pot compared to other more densely populated towns, Warrenton residents, educators, and business leaders recognize the rich diversity that our small town possesses and excitedly shares with others. The school system employs an arsenal of programs and activities from International or Heritage Week celebrations to foreign exchange programs to diversity projects that demonstrate every resident’s cultural heritage in an effort to increase awareness and acceptance of cultural differences. These efforts to incorporate students’ cultural traditions into the classroom help new members of the community fit in while educating children about other nations and their traditions. This, in turn, helps children have a better understanding of and overall respect for all people, regardless of ethnicity, and makes our community an ever more welcoming and accepting one. Aimée O’Grady is a freelance writer who lives with her family in Warrenton, VA. She is excited for her children to learn about our diverse world. Warrenton Lifestyle

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Molly Michael & Laurie Enright photo by Norman Photography & Paperie

The Long Ride Home Mother-daughter teaM rides to bring healing to veterans by Danica Low

Heroes Among Us

Across Fauquier, and within Warrenton town limits, there are heroes among us. Many look and act the part of everyday citizens, but have unsung, remarkable stories to tell – stories that astonish us all. A common chord is always courage, bravery, compassion, and action that goes above-and-beyond. An awareness of others and thinking outside of oneself is part of a hero’s story. One of these heroes is someone we all know as a local small business owner, who owns and operates a very popular restaurant in town – Molly’s Irish Pub – with co-owner Casey Ward. Laurie Enright has been running this business, initially with her sister Kitty, since her daughter Molly was nine years old. The single mom, with family roots in Arizona, fell in love with the Town of Warrenton while stationed at the Pentagon with the Air National Guard, of which she has completed twelve combat deployments. Laurie recalls the day the world stood still – September 11, 2001. With construction underway for the restaurant, and her young daughter in tow, Laurie received a phone call with military orders. She would leave for deployment in the days to come. “I asked my sister to oversee the construction of the building (Molly’s Irish Pub) and to care for my daughter. I could not say where I was going, when I’d return, or communicate with them while I was gone.” But, with bravery, she went. The deployments also had an effect on Molly, now 22. She inherited her mom’s fearlessness, sense of adventure, commitment to duty, and hunger for a challenge. No plans to join the military have

Above right: Laurie and Molly at the gates of the Heroes Garden. Below right: Directional sign at Boulder Crest Retreat Below: Main entrance welcomes combat veterans.

March 2015


been shared, but Molly suggests that travel has been the thing to quench her thirst for discovery and ambition. “I am most happy with my backpack, camera and journal exploring and learning about our world,” she says. Before she turned 18, she had traveled to six continents. As an anthropology student, she spent months studying abroad in Ethiopia living in a small, poor village, living in a hut and walking for water. Molly too, exudes that love for other cultures and humanity – a desire to help her fellow brethren.

Adventure at Every Turn

It shouldn’t be surprising then, that both Laurie and Molly are motorcycle enthusiasts, sharing a similar sense of adventure and seize the day approach to life. When time allows, they like to ride together to visit new places and meet new people on short day trips on the bikes. “Molly had been asking for a motorcycle since she was about 12 years old,” says Laurie. “I initially said, ‘after you get your driver’s license,’ to which she saved up all of her tip money for a long time (from working at Molly’s Irish Pub) to purchase a dirt bike.” In October 2013, while Laurie was deployed to Afghanistan, Molly pitched her mother by phone on the idea of a cross-country motorcycle ride when Laurie returned. “It was something we spoke of for a while after that,” says Laurie. “We had to find the right time.” Molly had been looking at bikes for a year and a half before she propositioned her mother; she was clearly determined to make it happen. After much discussion, the self-described risk manager and safety conscious business owner and her daughter explored, planned and examined

this notion for a cross-country adventure. Once the timing seemed right, they began putting the pieces in place. After 29 years of active military service, Laurie retired from duty last October. Molly graduated from Arizona State University last May. The recently retired military veteran and her daughter decided to embark upon this challenging and rewarding cross-country motorcycle journey together, which will begin Memorial Day, 2015. “We are looking forward to our time together as mother and daughter, but we also want this journey to be about others,” says Laurie.

Giving, and Giving Some More

Philanthropy and charitable giving has become as much a part of Molly’s Irish Pub as its renowned beer battered onion rings. The business has raised more than $500,000 for numerous charitable organizations and families in need over the last thirteen years. Most wellknown, is its annual 5K race held in March, Wearing of the Green, and involvement with the local charity golf tournament, Philapalooza, coming this July, which raised $22,500 in 2014 to provide music scholarships to local children. In recent years, Laurie has dedicated the Wearing of the Green 5K to veteran-supporting organizations, “…in light of the thousands of injured service men and women returning home in great need of our support,” she says. “We want to support these war heroes as much as we can,” says Laurie. “We recognize that since 2001, more than 118,000 veterans have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, and more than 52,000 have been wounded

Custom built cabins at Boulder Crest allow combat veterans to reconnect with their families and themselves in comfort and tranquility.


Warrenton Lifestyle

UniStars Unicycling Showtroupe to Perform Benefit Show & Clinic The UniStars Unicycling Showtroupe will be hosting their annual performance on Friday, March 13th, 2015 at the Vint Hill Community Center Gym, 4235 Aiken Drive, Warrenton. The event will be from 6:30-8 pm. Watch the UniStars perform as they ride unicycles from 2-6 feet tall, in formations and over ramps. Watch them perform on many specialty bikes, too. Then it’s your turn to try! Did you ever want to learn to ride a unicycle?

Heaven Sent

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Here’s your chance! Anyone over the age 8 will be able to try to ride the equipment. If you already know how to ride, join in and learn some new tricks. There will be no charge for this event, however donations will be gratefully accepted for Fauquier County Relay for Life. For more information e-mail: theunistars@gmail.com


45 N. Hill Dr., Suite 202, Warrenton, VA 20186 • 540-347-0180


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March 2015

• Request an Appointment • Ask a Provider/Nurse, • Request Prescription Refills • Access Medical Records Visit our website to register: www.childhealthassociatesltd.com


12 YEARS of caring

Call 540-349-7772 www.heavensentpca.com Serving Fauquier and surrounding counties A State Licensed Home Care Organization


From left to right: Sheila Wetherell, RN, FNP-C, Margaret N. Honeycutt, MD., F.A.A.P. and Candace Simpson, CPNP Like us on Facebook and Twitter!

• Newly designed website • Online appointments • Comprehensive pediatric wellness & illness care • Compassionate & well trained staff


Left: Molly and Laurie stand with Boulder Crest Executive Director, Jennifer Marino, outside the activity lodge. Right: The interior of one of the well-appointed cabins suitable for men and women of all abilities.

in action. These men and women and their families need – deserve – our help.” During her military career, Laurie served as an Intelligence Operations Specialist and then Combat Systems Officer on the EC130J, serving the Air Force Special Operations Command. She volunteered in a military hospital in Baghdad, and has seen much warfare and the effects of war on soldiers, both physically and emotionally. “With anything in life, you’ve got to believe it in your heart what you’re doing it for,” says Laurie of her philanthropic work. In the spirit of everything Laurie and Molly put their minds to, and as the true humanitarians that they are, they weren’t going to experience this cross-country motorcycle adventure for the sole purpose of enjoyment and recreation. If they were going to do it, it was going to be for others. “I want to give back to my military brothers and sisters,” she says.

Biking for Wellness

For these reasons, the motherdaughter cross-country motorcycle journey will serve to bring awareness and attention to the Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness, www.bouldercrestretreat. org, in Bluemont, Virginia. Their motorcycle ride has turned into a


fundraiser for Boulder Crest, and has been named “The Long Ride Home.” Laurie explains that, metaphorically, this name reflects the long and often painful journeys our veterans face from deployment, reintegration, physical and mental therapies and difficulty readapting to civilian life. Boulder Crest is a retreat and wellness center, hosting four logcabin styled homes, an activity lodge, water sports, outdoor amenities for recreation and therapy, a sanctuary garden and 37 acres of rolling Virginia hills and forestry to be explored. The mother-daughter team is accepting upfront in-kind donations to support their trip, such as gas cards, food cards, camping supplies, batteries and rain suits – visit www. thelongridehome.org/wish-list-anddonations for a complete list – but one hundred percent of monetary donations in support of this cause go to Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness. And in true fashion, Laurie and Molly have set some astonishing goals. They are rallying the community and regions as far and wide as will hear their call, to help them raise $292,000. This will cover the costs required for Boulder Crest to operate four cabin facilities for military and veteran families every day for a year ($125 a day for 365 days). Boulder Crest is a non-profit organization that survives on donations. Recreational therapy adds approximately $75/day to Boulder Crest’s expenses.

Laurie and Molly tell us that they have also set a goal of riding 10,000 miles over four months to raise awareness for “our beloved veterans.” They are working with a public relations specialist who will help them get the word out to a national audience. But, they recognize most of their support will come from their home of Fauquier. “We are a most generous community, people just need to know.” After twenty months of planning, Laurie and Molly will fly to Tempe, Arizona, where Laurie was raised and where their family still resides. The week prior, they will ship their matching 865cc parallel twin-engine, 68 horsepower Triumph Bonneville bikes to Tempe, along with their gear and supplies – much of which has been donated and continues to come in from the Warrenton community. They are preparing for their journey to begin on May 25th, Memorial Day. Their route takes them to Bellingham, Washington, across to Anchorage, Alaska by ferry, and by bike up to Yukon, Canada. They will then head south to Yellowstone National Park, and east to Michigan, Quebec, Boston and down the East Coast right into Warrenton by way of Main Street. After visiting fifteen national parks, multiple military and public safety memorials, numerous Veterans centers and hospitals including Walter Reed Memorial, they plan to arrive in Warrenton on September 30, four months after their adventure began. Warrenton Lifestyle

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Our monthly Community Education Group will start back in April! Our series will run from April through October for 2015. April:

Wed. April 29 from 5p-6p, Arva Priola from the disAbility Resource Center will talk about information on hearing loss, resources available from the Virginia Department of Deaf and Hard of Hearing, technology available to help those with hearing loss and maintaining independence with hearing impairment. As a special bonus at 6 pm, Arva will be teaching some Basic Sign Language! Please RSVP to Amanda at 540-347-4770 .

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Left: The music room at the Activities Lodge. Right: Guestroom

Heart of Community

As Laurie and Molly finalize the packing and details of their trip over the next six months, they encourage the community to know how it can help. Donations may be made directly through the Long Ride Home Website (cited previously) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ thelongridehome), and donors will immediately receive a tax exempt receipt from Boulder Crest. Checks may be made out and sent directly to Boulder Crest (mention The Long Ride Home in the memo). In-kind gifts are accepted and are making a big difference thus far in the mother-daughter team’s preparations. Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage donated duffel bags, saddle bags and tank bags, Happy-Trail contributed the motorcycle side racks and SiteWhirks designed The Long Ride Home Website at no cost. Pledges may also be made by the mile; as Tippy’s Taco House recently pledged .05 cents per mile of motorcycle travel to Boulder Crest. Molly says, “By liking our Facebook page you can help us build awareness locally and show support as we try to grow this awareness to a larger scale.” Plans for a welcome home celebration on Main Street is in the works to be held on September 30, when the duo completes their crosscountry ride. Laurie adds, “What amazes me as an adult reflecting back on my life, was the constant and continuous giving of my parents. They define volunteerism. Even with our small income they always were donating


every spare penny to others in need. They taught me that if you have the capacity to help others, that it is your responsibility to do so. That is as much of my DNA as their Irish blue eyes and Cherokee thick, dark hair.”

Healing Begins Here

“Boulder Crest is the first privately funded facility of its kind – a military and veteran wellness retreat – in the country, and it’s here in Virginia,” says Ken Falke, founder and chairman, and 21-year combat veteran of the U.S. Navy and retired Master Chief Petty Officer. The retreat center offers nonclinical therapies such as art, music, hiking, culinary, equine, yoga, canoeing, knitting, song writing and archery. Special programs such as those for caregivers, outdoor recreation for children of the fallen, communication for couples and multiday retreat options are also offered. The retreat accommodates families as well as individuals, and strives to provide an atmosphere where healing and peace can begin. A typical stay is a week, although day or weekend events are sometimes offered. “We use the acronym ‘R&R’ here frequently, but we have coined the term to mean ‘rest and reconnection,’” says Mr. Falke. Many of the staff and volunteers at Boulder Crest have served in the US military as well. Executive director, Jennifer Marino, United States Naval Academy graduate, retired Marine Second Lieutenant, and CH-46E helicopter pilot, deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Of the retreat, she says, “We want to offer our guests a high-impact special

experience when they come to Boulder Crest, but we also want to send them home with new tools they can integrate into the lives.” She adds, “Our hope is that we can become a model that others can replicate in other parts of the country because the need is obviously greater than we can serve.” Mr. Falke agrees. “What we’ve built here is beautiful. We’ve been working hard for several years now, and we have an evidence based program that has measurable benefit. We’ve built curriculum around it to help participants and therapists alike that can be shared with like-minded people. We’d like to see our program scaled out to another ten locations around the country. Other people can model this, and we’d like them to. People call us daily to come and see what we’ve done here.” “Thirteen years of combat (since 9/11) has put people in some situations,” says Mr. Falke. He and Laurie met through a mutual friend in recent years. “The first time I saw Boulder Crest,” says Laurie, “I knew this was where the 5K funds (and subsequent fundraisers) should go.” Molly adds, “There is only so much you can learn about the world and about others by going to school.” While she supports education in an academic setting, she says her mom taught her to see the world around her as her classroom, with infinite possibilities. “We are excited about our crosscountry journey. We will be thinking of military and veterans every mile we ride. And we hope that you will be too.” Warrenton Lifestyle

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Under Your Nails Start your own garden, even in the smallest of spaces.

With the last frost just around the corner, farmers in our region are eager to begin working the soil. Town residents Jim and Amber Kiffney are also eager to begin the growing season. They are busy planning the third year of their raised bed garden. As the Kiffneys can attest, a kitchen garden will not only supplement your groceries but will also provide a number of health benefits for the whole family. The Kiffneys have lived in Warrenton since 2004 and in their current home since 2012. Having had success with raised beds in their previous home, when they were preparing to move, Amber spent many afternoons at their new property, prior to closing, studying the light to determine the best location of her


raised beds. Now in its third year, the Kiffney’s garden includes 14 beds, 3 of which are maintained by their children, ages 6, 4 1/2 and 3. Amber’s mother is a Master Gardener in South Carolina who always maintained garden beds when Amber was young. But for Amber, gardening does not come naturally. “I need to research everything and keep a calendar reminding me when things need to go in the ground,” she says. Since it’s important to her to recreate cherished memories from her childhood for her own children, she is happy to do the legwork. She fondly remembers pulling vegetables from the garden and eating them during childhood summers. When she sees her own children in the garden having

tomato tastings with neighborhood children, she feels like it is “a parenting win”. “It’s a memory that I have been able to recreate for them and that makes me feel really good.” Parenting wins aside, Amber is creating a healthy environment for her children beyond the fresh food they are eating. Local pediatrician Dr. Joshua Jakum was instrumental in building the Culinary Healing Garden outside The Bistro at Fauquier Hospital. The garden is used as a teaching tool about healthy food and where it comes from, in addition to supplementing The Bistro’s kitchen. Dr. Jakum, along with other pediatricians, is concerned about the decreasing amount of time people spend outdoors. “The single greatest thing we can do for our patients is to encourage them to spend more time outside and be more active.” By establishing a garden and getting outside to maintain it, families are giving their children another reason to go outside and soak up sunlight. “Without sunlight, we can’t absorb vitamin D. Today, we see a dropping rate of normal vitamin D levels, which can be attributed to spending so much time indoors,” he explains. Dr. Jakum also cites one animal study, published in the March 2007 edition of The Journal of Neuroscience that suggests that outdoor activities could fight depression. “This study found a correlation between the bacteria in dirt and a rise in serotonin levels, suggesting that getting our hands dirty in the garden could literally make us happier,” explains Dr. Jakum. The Kiffneys and their three children spend a lot of time getting their hands dirty as they learn through trial and error. “Last year I bought marigolds thinking they would make a nice border for the garden beds. They looked great until they shot up to three feet and shaded all my plants. Turns out I bought the wrong marigolds.” Amber has also reached out

Warrenton Lifestyle

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Four-year-old Andrew Fuster watering a garden bed.

to local resources for help. When she wanted to add more nutrients to her soil, she turned to the experts at Meadows Farms, who suggested a growing mix of half top soil and half leaf compost. She tossed in a little vermicompost from the children’s worm farm and some aged manure from Home Depot and she had a great cocktail for gardening. When things go wrong, she turns to our local Master Gardeners, who work out of the Virginia Tech Extension Office on Pelham Street. “More than once I have reached out to their hotline with a photo to see what I have done wrong.” Amber laughs at the mistakes she has made and what they have taught her. As a result of these lessons learned, today the Kiffneys enjoy several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, radishes, herbs, garlic, onions, beets, corn, and potatoes. Since she hasn’t had much luck growing

2015 Fauquier High School Spring Plant Sale May 3 - 8:00am-6:00pm May 4 - 8:00am-6:00pm 32

What Grows Well in a Container

from seeds, she eagerly awaits the plant sale at Fauquier High School, a sale operated by the Horticulture Students, to purchase transplants for her garden. The Kiffneys aren’t alone. Joel and Katie Fuster grow more at their Warrenton townhome than their family is able to eat, enabling them to eat homegrown vegetables during the winter. Katie uses square foot garden beds that enable her to work around the poor soil and drainage problems in her yard. These beds allow her to plant more densely, use her space more efficiently, and ultimately enable her to grow more. To make use of her deck that receives full-sunlight, she grows smaller plants like lettuce, greens, and a variety of herbs in containers. Like Amber, she uses a mixture of materials in the soil. “Plants need a good soil mix that drains well, contains plenty of nutrients, and allows for air penetration,” according to Katie. She likes to get “fancy” with the containers by using 3 parts organic matter like compost or humus, 1 part sand or vermicompost, and 1 part peat moss. Katie also turns to local resources when she encounters trouble. “The gardening center or the county’s Cooperative Extension Office can help you select your plants. A lot of companies now

Jim Hankins, Coordinator of the Fauquier Education Farm, suggests the following plants for containers: Tomatoes can grow vertically up a stake or tomato cage. Plant shorter, leafy greens like lettuce, spinach or Swiss chard around the base of the tomatoes. Swiss chard is great in containers because it will do well even in mid-summer heat. Also, since you only harvest the mature outer leaves, you can get a continuous harvest for many months. Lettuce and spinach will do best in spring and fall. Summer squash do well in containers but will become large plants, so be sure you have room for them. Eggplant and peppers do very well and can be really pretty. The Japanese eggplants have a gorgeous purple plant. Almost all of the herbs do really well in containers. There are lots of plants that are pretty on your deck. You may not get a big yield but they are fun to grow. Sweet potatoes are really attractive plants. A large, deep pot will yield a few sweet potatoes, and some can be surprisingly large. Several types of climbing beans are really pretty and can be grown up a lattice or even strings. You will not get more than a couple handfuls of beans, but they are fun to grow. Warrenton Lifestyle

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sell plants and seeds that are wellsuited for container gardening.” Gayle Shelden, a registered Landscape Architect and owner of Green Gate Studios, gardens with a different perspective. “I like to incorporate vegetable plants with my flower gardens. Hot peppers are so colorful and have interesting shapes that complement a mixed flower bed very nicely.” Gayle also employs companion gardening, “Since we began growing vegetables almost 30 years ago, we have always planted marigolds with our tomatoes. Theoretically, they attract the aphids, keeping them away from the tomatoes. Since I have always grown marigolds, I don’t know if it works, but I have great tomatoes every

Warrenton Farmer’s Markets Saturdays May through October on the corner of 5th and Lee streets in Old Town Warrenton Wednesdays April through October at Fauquier Hospital

year!” Gayle also adds basil in her tomato and marigold beds because she likes the contrasting colors. Although Gayle is a landscape architect and has a thorough knowledge of how things grow, she, too, has learned to garden by trial and error and isn’t always successful. “I love bell peppers and eggplants. Every year I struggle to get them to grow. They don’t grow well, but I haven’t given up!” Having grown vegetables in rows for many years, Gayle now prefers to use the square foot garden model. She finds that these beds are easier to maintain and require a minimal amount of effort. “As I get older, the tasks associated with maintaining a vegetable garden, the rototiller, amending the soil, weeding and harvesting, have taken a toll. The raised beds have eliminated a lot of the physical labor,” she explains. Gayle also uses her garden to help camouflage unattractive areas, such as “an old chain link fence that was here when we purchased the property is a perfect trellis for cucumbers. Their big leaves help hide the fence and makes cucumber harvesting much easier.” When Amber Kiffney studies her

front yard, she laughs as she wonders if neighbors would object to a small victory garden planted there, like the gardens planted during WWI and WWII to relieve pressure on public food supplies. But a garden maintained by family members, that supplements groceries with fresh, homegrown produce is always a victory, regardless of where it is planted.

Need More Inspiration? The Virginia Cooperative Extension Fauquier County and Extension Master Gardener Offices maintain vegetable and herb demonstration gardens. The gardens demonstrate different growing methods. All harvested produce is donated to the Fauquier Community Food Bank. Office is located at 24 Pelham Street, Warrenton. Master Gardeners Help Desk can be reached at 540-341-7950 x1 or helpdesk@fc-mg.org.

Left: Gayle Shelden’s flower bed. Center: Each year the Kiffneys walk down the path near their home to Fauquier High School to the Horticulture Department’s Spring Plant Sale. “We load up our little red wagon and walk it back home. The whole wagon load usually costs about $30 - healthy plants and VERY affordable!’ Right: The arbor Jim Kiffney built so they could take advantage of vertical space. Their cherry tomatoes were strung up one side. This year’s plan is tomatoes up one side and cucumbers up the other. 34

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Fauquier Health Urology is proud to announce

Dr. Kathryn Sullivan has joined Dr. Brian DeCastro Dr. Brian DeCastro and Dr. Kathryn Sullivan are board certified urologists with the skill and experience to treat both male and female patients. Whether you’re suffering from a kidney stone, incontinence or a more severe condition, you can count on Dr. DeCastro and Dr. Sullivan to give you compassionate, expert care. 550 Hospital Dr. • Warrenton, VA • 540-316-5940 7915 Lake Manassas Dr. • Gainesville, VA • 703-743-7300 fhdoctors.org Planetree Designated Patient-Centered Care.

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Kim Forsten Takes the Helm of Fauquier Habitat for Humanity Fauquier Habitat for Humanity begins 2015 with the installation of new board members and a new President. Kim Forsten, owner of Old Town Athletic Club, has taken on the leadership of the Board of Directors of Fauquier Habitat for Humanity. Kim has served on the board since 2012 and has served as an officer for the last two years. Jim Hricko served as President of the Board for three years and retired at the end of December. Under Jim’s leadership, the Board set the path for completing the Sterling Court project by the fall of 2015. This project began in 2009 and has been


Fauquier Habitat’s main focus. The Sterling Court Project is located in the Town of Warrenton and, when completed, will provide decent, affordable homes to 14 qualified, local families. “Sterling Court was a huge undertaking for our affiliate,” stated Dana Pappas, Treasurer of the Board of Directors. “We have been dedicated to this project since 2009; we are look forwarding to taking on other challenges.” “The coming year is an incredibly important year for Fauquier Habitat,” stated Kim Forsten “and I am honored to be asked to lead our board during

New President Kim Forsten

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About Fauquier Habitat for Humanity Celebrating over 20 years of serving our community, Fauquier Habitat for Humanity works to eliminate the blight of poverty housing. Since 1991, it has built 48 homes and rehabilitated several others for qualified, local families that need a hand up. Like all Habitat for Humanity recipients, Fauquier Habitat For Humanity families pass a detailed qualification process, participate in a continuing education program, and invest hundreds of hours of their own labor into building their Habitat houses. Once they move in, they make regular mortgage payments and remain engaged in Habitat For Humanity’s ongoing education program as well as their community. Habitat mortgages are paid at cost; we make no profit on these homes. The principal portion of the mortgage payment when received is returned to the building fund to build future homes. Fauquier Habitat For Humanity is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International.


this time. Not only will we be finishing the Sterling Court project, we will be setting the path for our affiliate for 2016 and beyond. It is a blank canvas – how many houses will we build, where will we build, and what other type of work can we accomplish that fulfills our mission and serves the most people, and most importantly, how do we support that work.” New members joining the board this year are Ron Aiani, a local lawyer; Krista Coyner, former Chair of Women Build; Dr. Bonnie Foster, a local Dentist; Ray Knott, Sr. VP of Union First Market Bank; and Faye Walker, a Habitat homeowner. “Each year, as we look for new members to serve on the board, we try to identify what talents, expertise or business experience we need to add that will make our board most effective,” said Brenda Drerenberger, Executive Director of Fauquier Habitat. “I have truly enjoyed and been inspired by all

of my board members who have served. This year, however, is such a critical year for our affiliate, it was important that we reached out for very specific talent and expertise. I believe we have a board in place that will take us to a higher level of service, and I look forward to working with them.” Since its inception, Fauquier Habitat has built and/or rehabbed 51 homes in Fauquier and Rappahannock Counties. This work is accomplished through the support of volunteer labor and community donations. For information about how you can support our work, please contact our office 540341-4952 or email us at info@ fauquierhabitat.org. Fauquier Habitat for Humanity is located at 34 Beckham Street, Warrenton, VA. It is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. You can follow Fauquier Habitat on twitter @fauquierhabitat and on facebook.

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‘It is our duty and privilege…’ English children found sanctuary in Warrenton during WWII by John T. Toler The contributions of the citizens of Fauquier County on the battlefield and the homefront during World War II are well documented, and a source of enduring pride for the generations that have followed. Perhaps less well known are the efforts by individuals and groups in America to help the people of Great Britain, who faced Nazi Germany – a determined enemy bent on total domination of Europe – before the U.S. entered the conflict in December 1941. On Sept. 1, 1939, fifty German armor and infantry divisions supported by powerful air units invaded Poland.

Two days later, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announced that Britain was at war with Germany. British armed forces were mobilized, and in anticipation of German air attacks, thousands of British civilians – mainly children, women with young children, and pregnant women – were evacuated from the major cities to the countryside. The Nazis soon overran most of Europe, culminating in the fall of France and the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from the beaches of Dunkirk in late May 1940. At that point, Britain stood alone.

Horrified by the bombing of British cities and aware of the suffering of the civilians, many Americans were anxious to help. One of those organizations was the British War Relief Society (BWRS), founded in the U.S. in 1939 to provide charitable, non-military support for the people of Britain. BWRS assisted with the evacuation of British children from the cities under attack. The children were brought to host countries, including the U.S, Canada and the other Commonwealth nations, where they could “stay for the duration.” According to the Merseyside Maritime Museum, before the program ended, 170,000 children were evacuated to safety. By mid-1940, it was clear that a German invasion of England could come at any time. The influence of the isolationists in the U.S. Congress (advocates of the Neutrality Act) and the widespread belief that England was going to lose the war anyway kept the U.S. from joining the fight, but there was a way to help that few could argue against. An editorial in the June 24, 1940 edition of the New York Daily Mirror expressed a sentiment shared by many Americans: “Hitler may hurl hell towards England at any moment. America German air attacks on civilian targets in preparation for Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of England, caused severe damage in the cities, including London.


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for your peace of mind

The Woods At Warrenton

A wonderful home, inside and out. Custom deck for outdoor enjoyment and four bedrooms to accommodate the family, this spacious home features an open kitchen/living room with a breakfast area and a fully finished basement with wet bar.

Helping Prevent Bathroom Falls The Overhead Grab Bar provides a safe secure hand hold from above. Each Overhead Grab Bar is custom built and installed to fit you and your bathroom. Available for Bath Tubs and Shower Stalls.

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The Natural Marketplace Mid-Atlantic Home Health Serving Fauquier County and surrounding areas since 1985

Let us help you in the New Year! Mid-Atlantic Home Health is a licensed Medicare and Medicaid certified home health agency. We provide: Skilled Nursing Care Rehabilitation Services Personal Care Aide Commercial insurance, private pay and workman’s compensation insurance are accepted. Complimentary evaluation by a registered nurse is offered to determine the appropriate level of care for every patient. Each case is provided with a customized plan care and supervision.

540-347-4774 or 800-989-0055 183-1 Keith Street, Warrenton, VA 20186 March 2015

Organic Produce & Groceries Vitamins & Herbs Nutritional

Visit Warrenton’s Healthiest Store Serving the community for 25 years!

Organic Deli: Soups, Sandwiches, Salads, Smoothies & Juices Organic Skin, Hair Products & Cosmetics MASSAGE ION CLEANSE DETOXES THERMOGRAPHY


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must act instantly. America must say to England, ‘Our bars are down to your children. Send them by the thousands, it is our duty and privilege to give them a home.’ There is no conceivable reason for not taking 60,000 children if England wants to send them, and more, too.” The situation in England was becoming more desperate, but the British Foreign Office was reluctant to endorse sending children out of the country since it could be seen as a sign of weakness. But American companies in England had already begun evacuating the families of its employees, and with the fall of France, it was obvious something had to be done. A committee of Parliament was assigned to study the situation, and

as a result, the Children’s Overseas Reception Board (CORB) was set up to handle the evacuees’ applications. Within two weeks, over 200,000 applications had been received, with about half eligible for the program. However, as the situation became more critical and further delays unthinkable, the government took less of a role, and the overseas sponsors assumed the initiative. In the U.S., a 1940 Gallup Poll indicated that five million American families would be willing to take in English and French children, and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt pushed to open America to the refugee children. The U.S. Committee for the Care of European Children was quickly established to “cut the red tape” involved with bringing the children to

America, and England’s ambassador to the U.S., Sir Philip Henry Kerr, the 11th Marquess of Lothian (1882-1940), served as the children’s legal guardian.

Coming to Warrenton

Many Americans with the capability and desire to help the children acted quickly and decisively. In 1940, Eugene Meyer (18751959), a banker and publisher of The Washington Post, sponsored an entire nursery school – consisting of 14 children, two teachers and a governess – at Clovercroft, on the Springs Road near Warrenton. The children ranged from 20 months to 15 years of age, and were attending a boarding school for children whose parents were stationed overseas. Miss Margaret Leechman

The British children and their teachers were photographed in October 1941, when the Duke and Duchess of Windsor visited Clovercroft. Front row, from left: David Shaw, Jane Duke, Peter Hyland, Willow Barter, Robin Lee, Gillian Leaver, Jeremy Lord, Christopher Leaver and Tony Shepherd. Back row: Miss Margaret Leechman, governess Aida Dewidar, Mrs. Sterling Larrabee (who was hosting the Duke and Duchess), the Duchess of Windsor, Duke of Windsor, Miss Barbara Ravenscroft, Valerie Dixon and Betty Picot. Hidden behind Valerie is Kristin Leechman; absent were Brendan Hyland and Sally Dixon. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gookin. 42

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The Clovercroft children were brought to the U.S. aboard the S.S. Duchess of York in August 1940. Their voyage was safe, but in 1943, the Duchess of York was sunk off the west coast of Spain after a German air attack.

In November 1940, a ball benefiting the British War Relief Society was held at the North Wales Club. The list of sponsors included the names of many prominent citizens of Warrenton and Fauquier County. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gookin. and Miss Barbara Ravenscroft ran the school, assisted by a trained governess, Aida Dewidar. The school was located on a farm in Bexhill, East Sussex, and after the war broke out, the teachers and children were moved to Devonshire, on the east coast of England. But due to its location near the English Channel, German bombers regularly targeted the area, and soon afterward, they were bombed out. The daughter of the U.S. military attaché who had spent summers at the farm was aware of the situation, and persuaded Mr. Meyer to be their sponsor in the U.S. After the war, Miss Ravenscroft wrote a mildly fictionalized account 44

of the experience entitled The Young Ambassadors under the pen name, “Angela Pelham.” In the book, she also changed the names of people and places: Warrenton is called “Warrenburg;” Clovercroft is “Maplecroft;” Mr. Meyer is “Mr. S;” and the Rev. Paul Bowden is “Rev. Macy.” Miss Ravenscroft’s character is “Auntie Bee;” Miss Leechman is “Auntie Mandie;” and Miss Dewidar is “Rickie.” It is in the persona of the fictional teenage English girl Angela Pelham that the author describes the children’s experiences in America, mostly in the form of letters sent to her parents in India. After the BWRS and the U.S.

Committee for the Care of European Children completed the arrangements, the children took a train to Liverpool, where they boarded the ocean liner S.S. Duchess of York. Escorted by British destroyers and cruisers, their convoy cast off on Aug. 10, 1940. Ahead of them was a 10-day transAtlantic trip, making port at Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was a very dangerous voyage. Scarcely two weeks after the Duchess of York arrived safely at Halifax, the S.S. Volendam, carrying 320 children and their escorts, was torpedoed off Northern Ireland by German submarine U-60, and had to be abandoned. Fortunately, everyone onboard – with the exception of one crewman – made it to the lifeboats, and was saved by other ships in the convoy. After a brief stay in Montreal, the children from the Duchess of York who were bound for Virginia motored south to Washington, D.C. After having lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Meyer at their home, they were taken by bus to Clovercroft. A Spilman family property for more than a century, Clovercroft was owned at the time by Baldwin Day Spilman Jr., who rented the property to Mr. Meyer “for the purpose of sheltering English children.” Mrs. Melville Church II handled the lease. The children and their teachers arrived to find the house completely furnished – including children’s toys, dolls and tricycles – and staffed with a cook, laundress and maid. Soon after arriving, they were introduced to their new neighbors, including the Rev. and Mrs. Bowden, who lived next door at The Oaks; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Winmill, who lived across the road at Clovelly; and Dr. and Mrs. James Sinclair, who lived on Lees Ridge Road. A medical officer in the Canadian Navy, Dr. Sinclair was the children’s physician until receiving orders to serve at a hospital in Canada. On Sept. 1, 1940, Lord Lothian visited Clovercroft, where he had “…a gay and somewhat strenuous reception… as the little refugees ran forward to meet the Ambassador,” according to the account in the Sept. 6, 1940 edition of The Washington Warrenton Lifestyle


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Enjoying a tea party at Clovercroft in the spring of 1941 were (from left) Jeremy Lord; Bland Greene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Greene; Willow Barter, Betty Picot and Christopher Leaver. Courtesy of Miss Stuart Greene.

Lord Lothian, the British ambassador to the U.S., visited the children at Clovercroft in September 1940, where he was photographed holding Jeremy Lord, then age 2. Post. “Kristin Leechman, age five, got hold of his fedora and made off with it. When she gave it back, it closely resembled something on a scarecrow in a nearby cornfield.” Lord Lothian spent time talking to the children about America, but there was another purpose for his visit. He was accompanied by Katherine Lenroot, the head of Virginia’s Children’s Bureau of the Department of Labor, and Dr. William H. Stauffer and W. L. Painter of the Virginia Department of Public Welfare. After checking the accommodations, walking the 46

grounds and talking to the children, the officials “…agreed that the arrangement at Clovercroft appeared to be ideal, particularly so because the children were banded together as they had been in the past. And were under the care of the same adults they knew in England,” according to the Post. “Lord Lothian told us it was fine for England to have a little colony of young people like us in Virginia, and we were all just as much ambassadors as he was,” wrote Angela.

Triumph and tragedy

Back in England, major events were taking place. Since Aug. 12, 1940, Hitler had ordered almost continuous bombing raids on England, in preparation for Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of the British Isles. The biggest German air raid took place on Sept. 15, when 300 bombers crossed the Channel; the Royal Air Force responded heroically and ferociously, destroying more than 80 enemy aircraft during what is known as “The Battle of Britain.” Two days later, Operation Sea Lion was indefinitely postponed. But there would be terrible news as well. On Sept. 13, 1940, the S.S. City of Benares left Liverpool with 406 passengers and crew, including 90 children and their escorts, en route to the United States. On the night of Sept. 17, 1940, German submarine U-48 attacked the convoy. Just after midnight, the City of Benares was hit in the stern by a torpedo, and sank in 30 minutes. Two hundred sixty of those on board perished, including 77 children. In light of the tragedy, on Sept. 28, 1940, Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced that overseas evacuations must cease. At that point, the U.S. Committee for the Care of European Children had approved 3,500 applications, and had arranged transport for 1,000 evacuees, but only those already in transit made it to the U.S. and Canada. The last ship arrived on Oct. 3, 1940.

The Young Ambassadors

Mr. Meyer insisted that Clovercroft children of school age go to local schools, but the idea was not popular with Arthur Jenkins, secretary

to Deputy Prime Minister Clement Attlee. Despite minor cultural and communication differences, the children quickly adapted to the schools, and the community to the children. In The Young Ambassadors, Angela Pelham described her first day in sixth grade in Miss Green’s class at Warrenton Elementary School. She noted that there were 30 students in the class, and she made friends with Sam, the boy who sat beside her. Angela had difficulty understanding Miss Green, due to “her terrific American (likely Southern) accent.” On the other hand, her classmates were intrigued by Angela’s British accent. At recess, “…what I had dreaded happened,” wrote Angela. “A boy who looked older than we were started to copy me, and as his voice was breaking, he sounded awful,” she recalled. “Everyone laughed, but suddenly Sam kicked him on the shin, and he let out a howl. Fortunately for me, Miss Green came back.” Sam remained her friend for the duration of her stay. Later, there was an awkward moment when the class was studying the War of 1812. “It was rather embarrassing,” said Angela. “You know, we did such awful things as burning the capital. We had questions on it today, and everybody looked at me and giggled.” Since the children and their teachers were Episcopalians, they worshipped at St. James in Warrenton, where the Rev. Bowden served as rector. As Angela recalled, “Church is awfully nice here. Everyone we know goes here, and it is quite a social affair. Before the service begins, people talk in loud voices and have animated conversations. We were surprised at first, as we have always been taught to speak in whispers if it is absolutely necessary to make a remark. “The organist is an Englishman, and plays beautifully. There are ladies in the choir… we have lovely hymns and everyone sings lustily. The service is very nearly the same (as in England), but much shorter.” As for recreation, Mrs. Winmill often invited the children to Clovelly Warrenton Lifestyle

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Clovercroft, the home of Max and Maria Tufts on the Springs Road, as it appears today. to play and ride her ponies, and children living nearby often came to visit, including Bland Greene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Greene, who lived nearby at Hunting Ridge. One of the highlights was the “paper chase” on horseback arranged for the children by the BWRS, and held at Clovelly under the guidance of Mrs. Winmill. Angela participated, riding “Starlight,” one of Mrs. Winmill’s ponies. “We met at her stables… and were told the direction to start in, and then we had to follow pieces of paper tied onto trees. It was the greatest fun in the world. I had no idea where the finish was, and suddenly came into to a field with tables spread with lunch and lots of people about. I found to my surprise that I had won!” The community supported the Clovercroft children in other ways. One of the most impressive events was a ball held Nov. 23, 1940 at the North Wales Club to benefit the British War Relief Society, under the patronage of Lord Lothian. Committee Chairman for the ball was Mrs. Paul Mellon, of Upperville; Mrs. Robert Young, of Marshall, took reservations. Sadly, Lord Lothian died in December 1940, but that did not mean the end of the children’s high-level social engagements. In the spring of 48

1941, Mrs. Roosevelt invited them to the White House for an Easter tea, and during their visit, they were given a sugar egg with a picture in it. A memorable visit took place in October 1941, when the Duke and Duchess of Windsor stopped by Clovercroft to see the children. The Duke, it is recalled, was the former King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in 1936 in order to marry twice-divorced American Wallis Warfield Spencer Simpson. The duchess had ties to Warrenton dating back to the 1920s, when she lived at the Warren Green Hotel while her first divorce was ratified. Christmas was always a special time for the children at Clovercroft, with dinners, gift exchanges and entertainment. In both 1940 and 1941, Mrs. Winmill drove her carriage over from Clovelly, with her dachshunds and Father Christmas on board. The day after Christmas 1941, the children were invited to The Oaks “…for a cine’ (movie) and tea. It was a grand party, the films were very funny, and we had a ‘scrummy’ tea with ice cream in the shape of Father Christmas,” wrote Angela. “The Oaks was built by my wife Betty’s uncle and aunt, the Rev. and Mrs. Paul Bowden,” recalled Richard Gookin. “The Bowdens took a great interest in the children next door

while they were here, and on their return to England.” The Gookins have lived at The Oaks since 1994, and among items found in the house was one of the movies shown during the 1941 festivities. In July 1942, Jeremy Lord (then 4 ½) and Kristin Leechman (3½) were brought to the Washington Cathedral, where they served as trainbearers at the wedding of Miss Lorna Hobling and Lt. Col. Ronald A.B. Davis, an officer in the British Army. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the wedding party, including the children, left the cathedral under an arch of British swords.

Return to England

By the end of 1942, the agent in charge of British refugee affairs felt that after two years in America, it was time for the Clovercroft children and their teachers to return home. The reason given was that the teachers were needed to reopen their school, and do some real war work by taking sick children from a London hospital and caring for them. Assigned “Top Priority,” the teachers were asked to come back immediately, and it was clear that the little colony of English children would be broken up. Gillian and Christopher Leaver went to live in the British West Indies with their father; six children Warrenton Lifestyle


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FAUQUIER COMMUNITY THEATRE ANNOUNCES: Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr. The Fauquier Community Theatre will be hosting auditions for Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr. for males and females age 5 to 18. Auditions will be held on Friday, March 13, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, March 14, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Callbacks, by invitation only, are Sunday, March 15, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Auditions and callbacks will be held at Fauquier Community Theatre at 4225 Aiken Drive, Warrenton, VA. Audition requirements include, a filled out audition form found on FCT's website, www.FCTstage.org, a picture you don’t mind parting with, a list of all conflicts through the month of July, prepared Disney or Broadway song and either bring a cd or sheet music, piano player will be present and you will be taught a dance. The show will be performed July 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, and 26. The show is being directed by Evelyn Rice and Jeremy Vest, music directed by Evelyn Rice, and choreographed by Ali Amado. The show is being produced by Amanda Gibson. Questions, please contact the directors Evelyn Rice (evelyncarolrice@gmail.com) or Jeremy Vest (jeremyvest9497@yahoo.com). Fauquier Community Theatre (FCT) is a non-profit theater company. FCT seeks to enrich and entertain a range of audiences through a variety of live productions that enhance the cultural life of the community. The Theatre offers a range of challenging creative opportunities that inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in theatre. FCT seeks to cultivate an appreciation of the performing arts in our community by offering high quality performances, by educating through experience, by participating in community activities, and by cooperation with other performing arts groups. Visit us at www.fctstage.org.

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the choir at St. James sing the hymn, Eternal Father, Strong to Save (For Those in Peril on the Sea).


In June 1982, Sir Christopher Leaver, one of the English children who stayed at Clovercroft during WWII, returned for a visit, where he met members of the Tufts family, including 18-month-old Jonathan Tufts, son of Max and Maria Tufts. Courtesy of Mrs. Max Tufts. whose parents thought it was safer for them to remain in the U.S. were moved to a boarding facility and school in New York; and the remaining six went back to England with their teachers. As one might expect, leaving Clovercroft was bittersweet. “It was really very sad leaving Warrenburg (Warrenton),” wrote Angela. “On the last day, we had people coming to tell us good-bye, and we went ‘round the stores thanking everyone for everything they had done for us.” Packed and ready, the group was met at Union Station by Mr. and Mrs. Meyer, who bade them well on their trip to New York, and the voyage back to England. “It was hard to find words to thank them for all they had done,” said Angela. After arriving in New York, they had a brief stay in a hotel before boarding their ship. They expected to board the S.S. Queen Mary, but instead disembarked from Staten Island on a smaller vessel, allegedly built to make trips up the Amazon River. The convoy was protected by four destroyers and a corvette, and accompanied by an oil tanker. Their boat was noisy and crowded, the food “ghastly,” and the crossing slow, taking a full 17 days. They arrived just before Christmas 1942 in Liverpool, where their adventure began – two years, three months and ten days earlier. Once home, they cabled their sponsor in America that they had arrived safely, and learned that during both of the Sundays while they were en route, the Rev. Bowden had

The children and their teachers remained in touch with their friends in Warrenton after their return. Mr. and Mrs. Gookin have a small collection of letters sent from England to the Rev. and Mrs. Bowden. Mostly “thank-yous,” the letters came in envelopes stamped with a censor’s ID number; one from Miss Ravenscroft apparently had something that didn’t pass, as parts were cut out. Jeremy Lord sent photos of himself taken at his home in Cardiff, and Valerie Dixon, back at Oxted, Surry, related that she had just started school at Berkshire. Christopher Leaver was only four years old when he left Clovercroft, but he still remembered the place when he and his wife Helen visited Warrenton in June 1982. But this time, he was Sir Christopher Leaver, Lord Mayor of the City of London. At the time, Clovercroft was owned by Mrs. Leonard Lennman, and was the home of her daughter Maria and her husband, Maximilian A. Tufts. Married in 1978, Max and Maria have lived at Clovercroft ever since. The Leavers arrived just before lunch, and were greeted by Maria, her mother-in-law Mrs. Sally Tufts, and Mrs. Tufts’ cousin, Mrs. Anne Britton. Unfortunately, Max was elsewhere on the farm dealing with an emergency. “A welcoming party!’ said the lord mayor,’” according to the story in the June 17, 1982 edition of The Washington Post. “They toured the grounds in the warm sunshine, took pictures under the cypress trees, and wondered what happened to the green shutters. The front yard maples have grown in 40 years… and inside, the watered silk wallpaper he remembered is gone, but the downstairs rooms are much the same.” In one of the photos, Sir Christopher is holding the Tufts’ son Jonathan, then 18 months old – recalling the image of another Briton, Lord Lothian, holding Jeremy Lord some 42 years earlier.

Additional reading

Perhaps the most comprehensive account of the wartime evacuation of English children to the U.S. and Canada is See You After the Duration (2004), written by Michael Henderson. Mr. Henderson has an intimate knowledge of the subject, as he and his brother younger Gerald came to America on the Duchess of York in 1940 along with the Clovercroft children, and stayed with a family in Boston for five years.

Author John Toler is a writer and historian and has served Fauquier County for over 50 years, including 4 decades with the Fauquier-Times Democrat. He has written and lectured about many legendary characters in Fauquier County’s history. Toler is the co-author of 250 Years in Fauquier County: A Virginia Story, and author of Warrenton, Virginia: A History of 200 Years. 50

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JUSTICE by Dr. Robert Iadeluca

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Not too long ago a patient who was under probation for having used a drug illegally was referred to me for recovery from addiction. She was also receiving medication legally from a physician for a separate illness. While waiting for the court date to be set she applied and obtained a position at a local business where she became known as a competent employee. Months passed and she ultimately appeared before the judge. Despite her excellent business record, she was sentenced to a jail in Northern Virginia. I notified the jail that it was necessary that she continue her prescribed medication but they refused to do so. Her mother also contacted them, explaining the need, and receiving the answer that “we are a jail, not a hospital.” Legally they were correct and not required by law to see that she received the necessary medication. During the following months as her mother reported to me, my former patient went through a long period of misery due to her untreated illness. Nowhere in the Preamble above did our nation’s founders mention the word “law.” It would appear that to them the concept of justice was uppermost in their minds, not only by the appearance of the term but the fact that it is the second reason mentioned for establishing a constitution. While those two terms are often used in the same sentence, upon examination it becomes quickly obvious that they are not synonymous. Law is the agreed upon rules by which a society abides. Justice is a philosophical concept. It separates the good from the evil while abiding by the laws. Justice is also a universal concept. Every religion has its equivalent of the Golden Rule: “As ye would that other do unto you, so shall ye do unto them.” When considering the concept of justice therefore, other terms may come to mind e.g. rightness or fairness. Justice, as the founders obviously recognized, goes far beyond law. The common notion that laws are a form of justice is incorrect. John Rawls, an American philosopher and author of “A Theory of Justice” stated that the stability of a society depends on members of that society believing that they are being treated justly. Immanuel Kant, German philosopher, emphasized the importance of fundamental human dignity. The foundations of justice, in other words, can be traced to notions of social stability, interdependence, and equal dignity. Norms derived from a mandate from the masses (hence the term “We the People”) are an agreed upon way of behaving to each other. According to the national nonprofit organization “Vera Institute of Justice” most inmates come from impoverished communities where chronic drug abuse and other physical and mental stressors are present at much higher rates. Health care in those communities tends to be poor or nonexistent. More than sixty five percent of inmates have a substance abuse problem compared with approximately ten percent of the general public. People in prison are among the unhealthiest members of society. The surge of punitive drug laws has sent millions of people to prison where they rarely if ever receive Warrenton Lifestyle

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the care they need. The institute describes this “mass incarceration a destructive and distinctly American phenomenon and one of the greatest public health challenges of modern times.” A disastrous byproduct is the fact that 2.7 million children have a parent in prison. The rate of incarceration in the nation has increased dramatically. The so-called “justice” system has focused on locking people up and has not exerted an equal effort on decreasing the likelihood of recidivism, i.e. repeating an undesirable behavior after the person has experienced negative consequences. Many prisoners about to be released are excited about how their life will be different this time, learning however it may be difficult to fit back into “normal” life. According to the Urban Institute seven out of ten released males will be rearrested and half will be back in prison within three years. Because of the above facts I agreed to become a member of the board of Second Chance, a newly formed organization (later to be a Center) in Fauquier County dedicated to furnishing newly released inmates a real chance to find jobs and housing and dedicated to counteracting laws that keep punishing people after they have been released e.g. denying public housing and food stamps to those with drug felony convictions. The Center’s Mission Statement follows: 1 – The goal is to provide education, guidance and compassion to the exoffenders struggling to achieve the second chance, putting them on the right path to a more productive life. 2 – We will not judge them for the choices they’ve made. Second Chance Center will provide a program that fosters self-determination, avoiding despair, and focuses on positive action.” Are our current actions as a society treating all persons equally? Businesses will often refuse to hire a convicted felon, especially in any position with responsibility for handling money, this involving most work. Those found guilty of even a traffic ticket are disqualified from receiving all government funded educational loans and financial aids. A large percentage of inmates are illiterate. Lack of education makes ex-inmates qualify only for low skill, low wage employment. Three quarters of those returning from prison have a history of substance 54

abuse. Many of the arrests for drug possession have been conflicting with many areas of our constitutional rights as Americans. Incarcerating people for non-violent drug offense destroys lives. Punishment for a drug law violation is perpetuated by policies denying child custody, voting rights, employment, business loans, trade licensing, student aid, and public housing or other public assistance. Recidivism is highest among those who are under 18 and are AfricanAmerican. There is a systemic racism in the prison system and in the so-called “drug war” which sends many blacks there. African-Americans represent only 13 percent of the U.S. population yet account for half of ex-offenders releases. Election state laws have barred nearly six million people with felony convictions from voting and this stripped one in every 13 black persons of the right to vote, a rate four times that of non-blacks nationally. Restricting rights of those who have been released from prison is inconsistent with the values of our nation. The fifteenth amendment ostensibly guarantees black Americans the right to vote. Voting rights keep exinmates connected to civic life and make it easier for them to rejoin society. Seventy percent of those prisoners with mental disorders also have substance abuse disorders. Mental health problems can contribute to an increased risk of recommitting illegal acts. Three quarters of those returning from prison have a history of substance abuse. Prisoners are reluctantly absorbed into communities. And if they are fortunate enough to locate educational opportunities, they are often denied financial aid based on their records. These policies that exclude people with a record of arrest or conviction from key rights and opportunities may follow the law but justice is not served. The label “felon” can follow a person convicted of a drug law violation for the rest of his life. It is essential that all who are incarcerated hear something other than negativism. The punishment should be proportional to the crime. Training is required to improve their self esteem and help them develop a sense of community. They need to take an active role – to take responsibility, to repair if possible the harm they may have done or by performing community service.

We are in a struggle for the soul of American society. Justice does not happen automatically; it has to be established as emphasized in the Preamble. And “we the people” benefit, not just those who have been incarcerated but their families, the victims of the crimes, the police, the parole officers, the taxpayers – all of society. Justice is the mutual recognition of each other’s basic dignity. The statue of Lady Justice is usually depicted with a set of scales suspended from one hand. With these she measures the strengths of a case’s support and opposition. In her other hand she carries a doubleedged sword symbolizing the power of Reason and Justice that may be wielded either for or against any party. She wears a blindfold representing objectivity with the goal being conducting justice without fear or favor. Most wrongdoers can learn to change their way of life by restoring their sense of self worth. One learns not only how to behave ethically but why one should. We need to take into account the seriousness of the crime – the intent of the criminal. We need to envision a society where people are no longer punished for what they put into their own bodies but only for crimes committed against others. Time is of the essence. We need to consider their personal circumstances before incarceration, what happened throughout society while they were incarcerated, the time needed to reestablish ties with their family, and the importance of securing formal identification. The need to help them integrate themselves into society exists at this very moment. The average recidivism rate for released prisoners is 40%. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Dr. Iadeluca holds a Ph.D. in Lifespan Developmental Psychology and has a practice in Clinical Psychology on Hospital Hill in Warrenton, Virginia. www.robertiadeluca.com Warrenton Lifestyle

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IN as


FAUQUIER COMMUNITY COALITION UNITES LOCAL GROUPS TO BETTER OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. When we think of Fauquier County, horse country, hiking trails, rural roads and many school snow days come to mind. However, there is something that lies at the heart of this County that is much more than rolling hillsides. Fauquier citizens pride themselves in making community service a way of life. In a ballooned illustration of this give-back mentality, on a recent Saturday, more than 230 volunteers covered Fauquier in a single concentrated effort. Spanning 27 different projects, volunteers from Warrenton Baptist Church and Fauquier Community Coalition served and brought compassion to as many citizens as possible – in one day. Projects included cleaning and painting a transition housing unit, making and delivering lunches to Veterans, building a ramp for a home in need of handicap-accessibility, yard work for the elderly, and winterizing a community garden to provide food for the community next spring. The Warrenton Fire Department jumped on board to serve this effort by delivering smoke detectors and 56

batteries to local homes. Says volunteer, Laurie Schauss, “People from all ages and demographics served (in this event), and people of all demographics were served. Even small children volunteered with their parents by picking apples and putting together fruit baskets for the home-bound.” This event, called Operation InAsMuch, is nationally promoted http://www.operationinasmuch.org/ join-the-revolution. Spokespeople for this local InAsMuch event said they hope their efforts ignite a spark in many to do the same in their neighborhoods or communities. Fauquier Community Coalition Director, Lynn Ward said, “Our goal was to give people a very real sense that there are others out there that genuinely care.” And by serving hundreds of Fauquier citizens across Fauquier County, with a volunteer crew of 231 people in an eight hour time span, they were able to do just that. Projects were concentrated in Bealeton and Warrenton, but sprinkled throughout. “It is hard to say how many we

helped,” he said, “because some will be impacted through the food we collected to be distributed at the Food Distribution, and some volunteers will keep on giving long after this event has gone by. But we estimate close to 500 people’s lives were touched, in a day.” Pastor Jay Lawson, of Warrenton Baptist Church, which helped pioneer the event, said it was about exposing people to community needs, and inspiring them to continue serving in some capacity. “We provided ways for volunteers to explore and facilitate the building of relationships in the community,” he said. According to the InAsMuch Website, “Over 1,600 churches in 21 states have joined the ‘revolution.’ (Approximately) 405 of these churches reported that they collectively sent out more than 22,000 volunteers in 2011 to minister to 116,000 people in their communities, representing $3M in labor hours and material costs,” in that year alone. “Each project was spawned through the imagination of members,” Lawson continued. “One team went to the town of Warrenton and asked Warrenton Lifestyle

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aquariums20187@gmail.com Serving Fauquier County homes and businesses since 1992. March 2015


Left: A volunteer crew prepares to do construction work with Habitiat for Humanity. Top Right: A volunteer team breaks for a photo while providing outdoor repairs and landscaping for a local resident. Bottom Right: A car maintenance team conducted minor repairs on several single mothers’ vehicles. what they needed done. The answer was help in cleaning up streams in the town. And so, a team of our volunteers walked along a stream in town and filled trash bags with garbage.” Last spring and summer, a local community garden plot (50’ x 100’) produced more than 2,500 pounds of vegetables, which were donated to the Fauquier Community Food Bank. In this “Compassion Revolution,” one group of volunteers prepped the garden for winter, to ensure the same bountiful harvest come spring. Volunteers picked the remaining vegetables, tore out plants that were no longer producing so they could be used for mulch/compost, spread existing compost received from a local source, completed a fence to keep wildlife out of the garden and assembled a PVC pipe irrigation system. In a traditional home repair styled mission, one volunteer team worked to prepare a wheelchair ramp for a teenage girl and her family of twelve. (She had to be lifted each time she entered and exited the home.) And the 27 teams of volunteers helped in a variety of other, non-traditional ways, as well. A car maintenance team did minor repairs on several single 58

mothers’ vehicles. A team of women have committed to knitting one hundred sweaters for low-income children before the winter. Local organizations contributed supplies and services to this event as well, including Piedmont Press, Rankin’s Hardware, Carson Associates, and the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Department. Fifteen firemen checked, replaced or installed smoke detectors in homes that were at risk provided replacement batteries. Nearly 200 homes were visited by these firemen and this volunteer group, and together, they say, they hope to continue the project every 6 months until all the neighborhoods in Warrenton have been reached. In a project geared toward helping children and babies, another volunteer group collected new items for babies and children who receive services from the Virginia Department of Social Services in Warrenton. A variety of items were collected from the community such as diaper bags, diapers and wipes, baby clothes, blankets, lotions, and pacifiers, pack and play cribs, diaper bags and back packs, and hygiene products – and were delivered to their guardians. Barbara Crowling, of Child Protective Services, Fauquier County Department of Social Services said

“The InAsMuch team provided portable cribs for DSS which will be given to families with newborns to provide babies with a safe sleep environment.” She added, “The items that were collected and provided to DSS will help when families and children need emergency services, and there are many times these needs arise after normal work hours and other community resources may not otherwise be available.” On the impact the project will have, Mr. Ward said, “The way I figure it, if we can inspire 11 other churches in this County to take on the same kind of compassion event just one Saturday in a year, we will have a compassion revolution right here in Fauquier year round.” For more information on how you or your organization could organize an event like this, please call Fauquier Community Coalition at 540-9374628 or visit the Operation InAsMuch Website listed above. Fauquier Community Coalition, or FCC, is a group of local organizations, churches and groups whose goal is to improve communication across the community in regard to those who are in need. FCC serves as a clearinghouse of sorts for various needs that come through these organizations. Warrenton Lifestyle

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Helping Prevent Investment Fraud Protecting your retirement nest egg and sustaining your retirement income are challenging enough. Taking precautions to help guard your investments from fraud is important. People who are older can be common targets for fraud and financial crimes. Scam artists and unscrupulous sales people target seniors, who are often seen as: • Generally trusting • Home alone during the day • Accustomed to answering the door or the phone • Reluctant to report fraud • Confused by online ads and offers

product or service, it’s important to consider your overall financial situation. Is the product or service right for you? Be aware of your liquidity needs, fees, and costs associated with an investment. Consider your income needs and the overall risk you can afford to bear with any investment.


There is some wisdom to the old adage, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Offers of an investment with an above-average rate of return or income rate and little-to-no risk are almost always deceptive. Some representatives and salespeople may use scare tactics to gain access to seniors’ savings and investments. They may threaten physical or financial harm, use

Scam artists are well aware of these common perceptions and often use these tactics: • Phone calls • Emails • Personal sales pitches • Pop-up ads on the Internet Here are a few guidelines to follow that may help protect you or a loved one from investment fraud. PROCEED WITH CAUTION

Don’t jump into an investment. Slick websites, smooth-talking solicitors, high pressure sales pitches, and extravagant promises can be misleading. Before investing in any investment 60

Warrenton Lifestyle


intimidating statements, or call repeatedly. Be wary if the solicitor asks you not to tell anyone else about the investment, tells you it is a one-of-akind deal, or that other people (maybe even dropping the names of prominent people in the area) have already bought in to the arrangement. Services described as a “limitedtime offer” or any person who pressures you to make an immediate investment decision should also raise a red flag. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to seek a second opinion. Beware of guarantees to make money or to achieve a guaranteed rate of return. Con artists often use promises of high returns to lure people into financial scams. FEW THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE

For example, seminar invitations that come with an offer of a free meal may seem appealing. However, some of these seminars turn into high-pressure events where you may be given bad advice or be pressured to open an account that is not suitable for your financial situation. March 2015

Contact your law enforcement agency immediately if you suspect an individual or organization is employing fraudulent actions. Investment fraud can take many forms. There are Ponzi schemes, for example, where fraudsters advertise high rates of return on client investments. High payouts may continue until new investors are no longer available. Then the scheme and all the money disappear. Other common schemes to watch out for: • pyramid schemes • scams involving coins and precious metals • ownership interests in oil and gas interests • viatical scams (known as “cashing out” of a life insurance policy, or a “living benefit”) • affinity fraud through community groups, clubs, and even places of worship Healthy skepticism is a wise strategy for seniors when approached by any person with a sales pitch. WHAT TO DO

Wells Fargo Advisors is very concerned about protecting seniors from financial fraud. We believe your financial health is an important aspect of your retirement and that it must be guarded carefully. Even if you don’t suspect the deal or the person is fraudulent, there are a few steps to take before investing your money. END THE CONVERSATION

Practice saying “no”, or telling the person you always speak with someone else before making decisions. Have an exit strategy. TURN THE TABLES

Ask questions. A legitimate investment professional – as well as his or her firm – must be properly licensed with a regulator depending on the type of business the individual (or firm) conducts.

There is some wisdom to the old adage, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” TALK TO SOMEONE

Stepping away from the situation and asking for another opinion can help you see the true value of an offer. Talk with a Financial Advisor about the ways you can protect yourself or a loved one by monitoring your personal financial information and being selective in providing access to personal data. Find out more and print out a pamphlet to read over later. The SEC has prepared “Seniors: Protect Yourself Against Investment Fraud”. The Better Business Bureau and the FINRA Foundation created a website and pamphlet for seniors and their families to find out more. Visit http://www.bbb.org/smart-investing/ for more tips, and download “Fighting Fraud 101: Smart Tips For Investors”. This article was written by/for Wells Fargo Advisors and provided courtesy of Nicholas Sicina, Financial Advisor, in Warrenton,Va at 540-347-0111. Investments in securities and insurance products are: NOT FDIC-INSURED/ NOT BANK-GUARANTEED/MAY LOSE VALUE. Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SIPC, is a registered broker-dealer and a separate non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. ©2014 Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. All rights reserved. 0614-02375 [94323-v1] 07/14




Baked Bread, Coffee and Community GREAT HARVEST BREAD COMPANY A little bread shop with striped awnings, intimate seating, aromatic coffee and fantastical baked goods has been hugging the corner of Fifth Street and Main Street for close to five years. Great Harvest Bread Company is a small family-owned and operated bakery chain that has quickly become one of Warrenton’s favorite community hangouts. The recipe for this well-liked spot is easy to follow: Combine 1 energetic owner, 30 spirited employees, a pinch of hard work, a dash of dedication, a scoop of community awareness and add handmade baked goods to taste. “Everything we do here is a small-town-values choice,” owner


Pablo Teodoro, said as he discussed the bakery’s decision in supporting other privately owned businesses. Great Harvest purchases their milk from a single farmer (Trickling Springs) and reaches out to local farmers for the hundreds of eggs they use weekly. Open early everyday, their friendly staff knows the ins-andouts of creating the perfect cup of coffee. “Our coffee comes from Central Roasters in Virginia,” Teodoro said. “It’s custom roasted; it’s our unique blend of coffee with our name on the bag.” Pair any caffeinated concoction with a Pumpkin

Warrenton Lifestyle

Muffin, Lemon Scone or a Cinnamon Twist. If you prefer savory to sweet in the morning, they have 2 delightful mini quiches (Spinach and Cheddar as well as Spinach, Cheddar and Bacon) that are certainly filling. “We just released hot sandwiches with toasted breads,” he remarked. They offer 9 handcrafted sandwiches with your choice of bread that are available for toasting. Try their classic Ham & Swiss with tender slices of honey-smoked ham and Swiss cheese topped with thin-sliced red onion, romaine lettuce, sliced tomato, white wine Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Their California Cob is a signature sandwich with fresh avocado, smoked turkey breast, crispy bacon and a bleu cheese spread accented with thin-sliced red onions, romaine lettuce, sliced tomato, salt and pepper. Relive your childhood memories with the Perfect Peanut Butter

& Jelly, their tasty peanut butter with eclectic jam combinations. As always the bakery offers loaves of freshly baked whole grain breads, cobbler breads, dinner rolls, pies, cinnamon rolls, homemade granola and much, much more. “We’ve been offering the community a great experience when they walk in the door,” Teodoro mentioned. “The thing we work the hardest on is consistency in the quality of our product and customer service.” Great Harvest Bread Company is located at 108 Main Street, next to Latitudes Fair Trade. They are open seven days a week: Monday through Saturday 7:00am to 6:00pm and Sunday 8:00am to 5:00pm. For more information about their bakery goods, lunch items or farm fresh products please visit their website at www. warrentonbread.com, connect with them on Facebook or give them a call at (540) 878-5200.

The restaurants that appear in this section are chosen by Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine (WLM) food fanatics. We visit the establishments and pay for our own meals and drinks. Listings are chosen at the discretion of the editors. WLM does not accept compensation for listing events or venues. March 2015


The Warrenton Lifestyle dining guide provides information on Warrenton area restaurants and nightspots. The brief comments are not intended as reviews but merely as characterizations. We made every effort to get accurate information but recommend that you call ahead to verify hours and reservation needs. Listings include Best of Warrenton award winners as well as advertisers and non-advertisers. Please contact us if you believe any information provided is inaccurate.

Airlie Garden Bistro

(877) 988-7541 • 6809 Airlie Road www.airlie.com

Enjoy modern Virginian cuisine centered on locally sourced and sustainable ingredients in an upscale setting. Menus include sophisticated dishes that honor the labor of love and sustainable practices of local farmers. Seasonal cocktails, local wine, and Virginia craft beers complement the menu at The Garden Bistro and allow for a true taste of The Old Dominion State. Open for Sunday brunch from 10:30 to 2:30 and dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar

China Jade

El Toro

Authentic Chinese, Thai, Fusion, and Seafood cuisine. Offer lunch buffet everyday. Feature China Jade specialties and Kid’s menu (includes chicken wings and grilled cheese). Casual dress.

Authentic Mexican restaurant offering a variety of dishes for lunch and dinner. Menu has lunch specials and traditional entrees like chimichangas, burritos, and quesadillas. Children’s menu available. Full bar. Casual dress. Dine-in or takeout.

(540) 349-1382 • 275 W. Lee Highway

China Restaurant

(540) 351-0580 • 589 Frost Avenue www.chinarestaurantva.com

Authentic Chinese cuisine. All you can eat buffet Saturday 11am to 3pm, Sunday noon to 3pm. Dine in, carry out, or free delivery available ($15 minimum and within 5 mile radius).

(540) 341-2044 •105 W Lee Highway www.applebees.com

Claire’s at the Depot

Black Bear Bistro

Casual yet elegant restaurant offering locally inspired seasonal American cuisine. The service is as first rate as the food. Open for lunch and dinner and brunch on Sundays. Broad wine list and craft beers available.

(540) 428-1005 • 2/34 Main Street www.blackbearbistro.com

Restaurant offering local beers and wines, soups and salads, appetizers, and entrees. A wide variety of American food with a twist. Try the muffaletta sandwich! Also features Sweeney’s Cellar, located one floor below.

(540) 351-1616 • 65 S Third Street www.clairesrestaurant.com

(540) 341-0126 • 86 Broadview Avenue

Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar

(540) 341-8800 • 251 W Lee Highway #177

Authentic Thai cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner. Full bar with an emphasis on California wines. Happy hour with $2 drafts and selected appetizers M–F 5-7pm. Sunday 50% off wine by the bottle. Delivery available. Casual dress.

Fauquier Springs Country Club Grille Room (540) 347-4205 • 9236 Tournament Drive www.fauquiersprings.com

Country Cookin’

(540) 349-9120 • 623 Frost Avenue www.countrycookin.com

Fauquier Springs Country Club’s Grille Room is an exclusive restaurant for its members and their guests. The Grille Room is open Tuesday thru Sunday and offers a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s taste. Lunch & dinner weekdays with breakfast available on weekends.

(540) 216-3940 • 34 Main Street

Covert Cafe

Five Guy’s Restaurant

Burger King

Serving up home-style, hot and cold sandwiches, soups, sweets like gobs and muffins, and side items like potato and macaroni salad.

Foster’s Grille

The Brick at Black Bear Bistro Offering wood-fired brick oven pizzas, Italian inspired appetizers and desserts.

(540) 347-3199 • 34 Broadview Avenue www.bk.com

Café Torino

(540) 347-2713 • 388 Waterloo Street cafetorinoandbakery.com

Restaurant offering authentic Italian pasta, seafood, appetizers, and desserts. Breakfast served in the morning. Lunch offers sandwiches, pasta, and more. Dinner usually requires reservation and is only available Thursday thru Saturday. Dine-in or takeout. Casual dress.

Carousel Frozen Treats

(540) 351-0004 •346 Waterloo Street www.carouselfrozentreats.com

Soft-serve ice cream, milkshakes, fried-oreo’s, smoothies, hot dogs, sliders, grilled cheese and boardwalk fries.


(540) 347-9791 • 256 W Lee Highway www.chick-fil-a.com/warrenton


(540) 351-6155 • 7168 Lineweaver Road www.covertcafe.com

(540) 878-2066 • 6441 Lee Highway www.fiveguys.com (540) 349-5776 • 20 Broadview Avenue www.fostersgrille.com


(540) 347-0401 • 323 Comfort Inn Drive www.dennys.com

Burgers, French fries, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, wings, and salads. Daily specials. Patio seating available.

Domino’s Pizza


(540) 347-0001 • 81 W Lee Highway www.dominos.com

El Agave

(540) 351-0011 • 251 W Lee Highway www.el-agave.com

Authentic Mexican restaurant offering a variety of delicacies for lunch, dinner, and dessert. Menu has specials for lunch and dinner combinations including fajitas, enchiladas, and burritos. Children’s menu available. Full bar. Casual dress. Dine-in or take-out.

(540) 428-1999 • 73 Main Street

Offering gourmet coffee, breakfast, and a vaiet of deli sandwiches, salads, subs and pitas for take out. Daily specials. Recommended to call orders in.

Frost Diner

(540) 347-3047 • 55 Broadview Avenue

24-hour old fashioned diner serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. Casual dress.

Great Harvest Bread Co. (540) 878-5200 • 108 Main Street www.warrentonbread.com

Loaves of bread handcrafted using whole grain wheat grown on family farms and ground daily in the bakery. Sandwiches, muffins and a coffee bar.

To update your listing please email: editor@piedmontpress.com

Warrenton Lifestyle

Proud Supporter of Fauquier Youth Sports


504 Fletcher Drive Warrenton, VA 20186 540.341.8580 www.LedoPizza.com

540 349-2330

147 W. Shirley Ave., Warrenton (Next to Fire Station)


The Best Mexican Food Specialties You’ve Ever Tasted! FREE DINNER

4 Hard or 3 Soft Shell Meat or Bean Tacos with 16oz. Fountain Drink $5.39

Buy 1 Dinner at Regular Price-Get the 2nd Dinner of equal or lesser value FREE

Offer Good With This Coupon Through 3/31/15. Limit One Coupon Per Customer or Family. Not Good With Any Other Coupon or Offers. Valid for Dine-In or Carryout. Good For All Dinners On Our Regular Menu Up To $8.00

Offer Good With This Coupon Through 3/31/15. Limit One Coupon Per Customer or Family. Not Good With Any Other Coupon or Offers.

$5 OFF

your purchase of $25 or more

Dine in Carry Out Catering

Offer ends 3/31/15. Valid at Ledo Pizza Warrenton and Culpeper only. Not valid with other offers. This coupon has no cash value. Void if copied or where prohibited. Coupon must be present at time of purchase. Limit one coupon per guest.

Hidden Julles Café

(540) 316-3121 •70 Main Street #22

A cafe serving a wide selection of fresh and organic foods like stacked sandwiches, fruit smoothies, salads and more.

IHOP Restaurant

(540) 428-1820 • 6445 Lee Highway www.ihop.com

Joe & Vinnie’s

(540) 347-0022 • 385 Shirley Highway www.joeandvinniespizza.net

Family owned pizzeria, open for 21 years. Offers pizza, subs, pastas, and seafood. Daily lunch specials. Pizza available by the slice.

KFC/Long John Silver

(540) 347-3900 • 200 Broadview Avenue www.kfc.com

Ledo Pizza

(540) 341-8580 8504 Fletcher Drive www.ledopizza.com

Manor House Restaurant at Poplar Springs

Mojitos & Tapas

Chef Kenneth Hughes returns to Poplar Springs to lead the Manor House Restaurant’s culinary team. Classically trained, Chef Hughes blends “old world table” cuisine together with an emphasis on fresh food from raw and artisanal local sources. Enjoy the new à la carte selections for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. And they do so in an ambience that is elegant, yet unpretentious: a fieldstone manor house with stained glass windows, a soaring fireplace, a richly appointed bar, and a terrace overlooking a quiet rural countryside.

The only true Cuban/Spanish restaurant in the state of Virginia. Authentic Cuban staples, Spanish tapas and a wide variety of mojitos. Family owned, smoke-free. Open for lunch and dinner. Known for their signature Cuban sandwich and seafood Paella. Happy Hour, Ladies Nights and Special Events. Full bar. Casual dress.

800-490-7747 •5025 Casanova Rd

Never cutting corners this pizza, sub and pasta shop serves many Italian favorites. Known for their large square pizzas, Ledos also carries fresh salads, calzones, shareable appetizers and sandwich combos. Casual attire.


Little Caesars

Family owned, traditional Irish pub. Relaxed environment offering traditional Irish favorites. Open for Lunch and Dinner 7 Days a week. Irish Music Seisuin and Dinner Special on Sundays. Free Wi-Fi. Private dining room available. Full bar area with happy hour specials and appetizer menu. Valet Parking Friday and Saturday Evenings. Outdoor Patio. Live entertainment. Casual dress.

251 West Lee Hwy 668 www.littlecaesars.com

LongHorn Steakhouse

(540) 341-0392 • 505 Fletcher Drive www.longhornsteakhouse.com

Mandarin Buffet & Sushi

(540) 341-1962 •514 Fletcher Drive

Authentic Chinese restaurant offering a large buffet selection of sushi, soups, and meats.

March 2015

(540) 347-7888 •351 Broadview Avenue

McMahon’s Irish Pub & Restaurant (540) 347-7200 • 380 Broadview Avenue www.mcmahonsirishpub.com

(540) 349-8833 • 251 W Lee Highway #157 www.mojitosandtapas.com

Molly’s Irish Pub

(540) 349-5300 • 36 Main Street www.mollysirishpub.com

Family owned, traditional Irish pub. Open for lunch and dinner. Laid back, fun environment. Traditional Irish fare and lots of sandwiches available. Sunday brunch from 11am – 2pm. Full bar. Live entertainment four nights a week.

The Natural Marketplace (540)349-4111 • 5 Diagonal Street

Organic Deli offering traditional sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. Choices also include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free selections. All organic fruit and fresh vegetable juices. Take-out and catering available.

Northside 29

(540)347-3704 •5037 Lee Highway

Comfort food at its best. Featuring Greek/ American specialities this restaurant is family owned and operated. Banquet room available.

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Dinner Special Buy 1 Dinner & Get The 2nd Dinner 1/2 Price icks St. Patrrink Day D ls ! Specia

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Fajita Dinner Special Mondays $8.99 Tuesday & Thursday Lunch Special $4.10 all lunches 11am - 2:30 pm

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Gift Certificates Available

251 W Lee Hwy - The Warrenton Center 2014


Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

(540) 349-5050 • 139 W Lee Highway

Japanese steakhouse serving Hibachi style chicken, steak, shrimp, fish and sushi. Sushi available for take out. Fun, family environment.

www.warrentonlifestyle.com • (540) 347-4466 cindymcbride@piedmontpress.com

Ruby Tuesday

Top’s China Restaurant

Sibby’s Restaurant & Lounge

Asian restaurant serving authentic Chinese food. Daily specials and combos available. Dine-in or take-out.

(540) 341-4912 • 74 Blackwell Park Ln www.rubytuesday.com

(540) 349-2828 • 185 W Lee Highway

(540) 349-0457 • 6419 Lee Highway www.outback.com

(540) 347-3764 •11 S. 2nd Street www.sibbysbbq.com

Catering - Banquet Room. Home of Boss Hawg BBQ

Tropical Smoothie CafĂŠ

Panera Bread


(540) 349-0950 • 41 W Lee Hwy #53 102 Broadview Avenue • www.subway.com

CafÊ offering bistro sandwiches, wraps, gourmet salads, soups, and smoothies. Meals served with either chips or fruit. Also offer pick-two combination. Catering and kid’s menu available.

Papa John’s Pizza

Sunny Hills American Grill

Vocelli Pizza

Restaurant conveniently located on Main Street. Offer breakfast until 10:30 am, and burgers, wings, entrees and more for lunch and dinner. Check out their soup du jour as well.

Waterloo CafĂŠ

Outback Steakhouse

(540) 341-4362 •251 W Lee Highway www.panerabread.com (540) 349-7172 • 322 W Lee Hwy www.papajohns.com

Pizza Hut

(540) 347-5444 • 95 Broadview Avenue www.pizzahut.com


(540) 349-7171 • 251 W Lee Highway www.pizzarama.com

Pizza, sub, sandwich, and Italian entrĂŠe restaurant. Available for pickup and delivery. Offer both hot and toasted and cold subs. Gourmet pizzas and calzones also available.

Red Truck Bakery

(540) 347-2224 • 22 Waterloo Street www.redtruckbakery.com

Bakery located in Old Town Warrenton next to the Old Jail Museum. Serving fresh pies, quiches, breads, cakes, and coffees daily. Online ordering available.

Red, Hot & Blue

79 Main Street • (540) 351-0550


(540) 347-9669/9666 • 5063 Lee Highway

Authentic hand-tossed New York style pizza. Dough made fresh daily on premise. Family owned and operated since 1974 - three generations. Voted Best Pizza in 2012.

Sweet Frog

(540)359-6401 • 488 Fletcher Drive www.sweetfrogyogurt.com

A self serve frozen yogurt shop, serving all natural frozen yogurt with a toppings bar that is full of sweet treats to customize your creation.

Taco Bell

(540) 341-4206 • 316 W Lee Hwy www.tacobell.com

(540) 349-7100 8 360 Broadview Avenue www.redhotandblue.com

Tippy’s Taco House

Renee’s Gourmet To Go

Mexican restaurant offering different quality specials everyday. Menu offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas, desserts and more. Dine-in or takeout. Open for Breakfast at 7am. Casual dress.

(540) 347-2935 • 15 S Third Street

Gourmet sandwiches, soups, salads and sweets. Open for lunch only. Limited patio seating or grab-and-go options available. Soups are the specialty at Renee’s – each day there are two news soups. She-crab soup available every Friday. Catering and business lunches available.


(540) 428-1818 • 251 W Lee Hwy #679 www.tropicalsmoothiecafe.com

(540) 349-5031 •484 Blackwell Road www.vocellipizza.com (540) 349-8118 • 352 Waterloo Street

Asian food available for dine-in, take-out, or delivery. Wide range of dishes available to order. Dishes served with a side of white rice. Casual dress.


(540) 347-5528 • 281 Broadview Avenue • www. wendys.com

Yen Cheng

(540) 347-4355 • 294 W Lee Highway www.yencheng.com

First Chinese Restaurant in Warrenton. Wide range of appetizers, soups, and meats. Offer chef specialties and daily combos. Also offer a healthy food section and thai food options.

(540) 349-2330 • 147 W Shirley Avenue www.tippystacohouse.com

Warrenton Lifestyle

We have a tradition of world-class dining, elegant comfort and historic surroundings. Our staff is waiting to share these traditions with you.

P.S. The Manor House Restaurant— All we need is you.

5025 Casanova Road, Warrenton, Virginia 20187 | 540.788.4600 | PoplarSpringsInn.com

March 2015




GRAY GHOST A Taste of History Rappahannock County is home to several fine wineries, but the oldest among them deserves a moment of special attention. For the past two decades Gray Ghost Winery and Vineyards has given Virginians great quality wine made in their small family-run facility. Owners Al and Cheryl Kellert have created a must-visit piece of Virginia’s viticulture steeped in our country’s history. Though the vineyard was first planted in 1986, Al began his journey towards these vines as long ago as 1969 when he began his first fermentation project with his college professor. For almost two decades Al and Cheryl made and enjoyed their own homemade wine, eventually from vines grown in their own Woodbridge backyard. After transplanting the 160 vines from their backyard to the current vineyard in Amissville, the Kellerts continued planting. Today the Gray Ghost (named for the exemplary Virginian Col. John Mosby) grows nearly 9,000 vines, covering 13 acres with 10 different varietals. Your approach to the winery presents you with a view of these vines, which combines their quiet rustle in the breeze with the deep silence of the countryside to produce a uniquely calming feel. The building has an elegant, almost antebellum air about it. Inside you will find a tasteful (apologies for the pun) bar to one side, but your attention will be captivated by the personal history around you. The front half of the building is only 10 years old, but the production half to the rear was converted from stables that long predated anything else on the property. Al and Cheryl completed the initial construction work themselves. While working on this behemoth of a task, they also developed their vineyard. 68

Warrenton Lifestyle

The doors finally opened in ‘94, shortly after the ‘93 vintage had been completed. Today, Gray Ghost wines are made only with grapes grown on their own estate- a true rarity in Virginia! The 10 grape varietals are transformed into 14 different wines, though not all are available year-round. French is the only oak used, with the exception of a few Hungarian barrels for Seyval Blanc. All whites are aged in the Sur-Lie style, quite uncommon on the east coast, but perhaps the most interesting point of Al’s wine-making his refusal to crush his grapes- they are merely destemmed and pressed. This avoids cracking open the seeds, which would release bitter oils into the juice. The signature soft finish to the wines is the result of this careful practice. The tasting list will vary depending on the season, so multiple visits will not provide you with re-run performances. The whites are dominated by Chardonnay, served in three styles. The classic is full of tropical fruit with a hint of yeast on the nose, while the more heavily oaked Reserve Chardonnay has pear and fig wrapped in toasty vanilla flavors, enhanced by malolactic fermentation. Chardonnay also appears with its crisper, unoaked form in the Victorian White, with green apple, citrus flavors and a touch of sweetness. On the crisper side of things, the Seyval Blanc is a clean white with a lemon feel in search of gentle seafood. The Vidal Blanc, however, has richer fruitiness dominated by honeydew and a floral nose

that begs for spicy seafood. Also ready for heavier, spicier foods, the Riesling’s apple and citrus acidity and Gewürztraminer’s pineapple, jasmine and spices are sure to steal your heart. The reds are rich but gentle. The Victorian Red begins the list with an easy blend of Cabernet Franc with 35% Chardonnay, making a wine much akin to a semi-dry rosé with bright red fruits that appeal both to red and to white lovers. The single varietals are quite descriptive of their grapes: a well-structured Petit Verdot, unfiltered Cabernet Franc and a powerful Cabernet Sauvignon each give their respective rich flavors with a noticeably gentle finish. All these varietals, with the addition of Malbec and Merlot, are combined in the Ranger Reserve, a left-bank-Bordeaux styled blend with intense dark berries, mocha and an easy, gently tannic finish. Even if you came for the whites, you will walk away loving the reds. Gray Ghost has always been a family-run and familyfriendly establishment. Al and Cheryl’s children, Amy and Al, help both the business and the production. Harvest is an exciting volunteer event, and many local teenagers are hired to help care for the vines in the summer growing season. Father and son handle all production, personally caring for every barrel and every bottle. Whether you are looking for a strong center of the community, a rich piece of Virginia’s history or an artisan of fine wines, be sure to put the Gray Ghost on your radar.





Jim Hollingshead is a self-educated oenophile who grew up in Texas, Wisconsin and the rolling hills of Virginia. An entrepreneur with far too many interests for his own good, he spends his spare time pretending that he can write. March 2015





is being Relay For Life The Fauquier . Event kicks off at 6th held on June un High School. R e tl et and 4pm at K ilies4Fauquier am F M Join TEA day! get involved to uierrelay.com www.fauq

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Families4Faquier will be collecting plastic Easter eggs for our upcoming Easter Egg Round Up Fundraiser. Plastic egg can be dropped off at Edward Jones at 147 Alexandria Pike, Suite 100 in Warrenton. Watch our Facebook Page for details. Easter Egg stuffing event will take place on March 11th at Foster’s Grille in Warrenton from 5:30-7:30.

nty Parks and The Fauquier Cou g Hunt Eg Recreation Easter Warrenton e th at ld he will be r, 430 E. Community Cente arrenton Shirley Avenue, W . Join the am on April 4th at 10 egg toss, e th r fo y nn Bu Easter nt. egg races and egg hu Dog Sledding 101 will at C.M. Crockett Pa be held rk on March 21st from 10am-N oon. Expert Dog Sledder, Ron Gagne will demonstrate all th ere is to learn about dog sled raci ng.

St.Stephen s hosting a s Preschool will be crapbookin on March g event 28 There is a th from 9am-3pm. $2 preschools 0 fee to register. tstephens@ to register. yahoo.com

lementary M.M. Pierce E gton will in School in Rem Fun Fair r ei th be hosting on March r ai F and Craft -4pm. There 21st from 9am od, silent , fo will be games ors and d en auction, v crafters. In February we delivered 250lbs of food and 60 new pillows to SAFE which provides support to families of domestic violence which serves Fauquier County.

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SCHEDULE YOUR 3D MAMMOGRAPHY TODAY 3D mammography is an advanced, clinically proven technology designed for early breast cancer detection. During the 3D mammogram, multiple projections create a 3D image of your breast tissue. Your radiologist can see breast abnormalities in a way never before possible. Fauquier Hospital is the only facility in the region to have the new low-dose technology available for 3D mammography; using the same radiation dose as a 2D mammogram. Research studies show that 3D mammography reduces callbacks for additional imaging by up to 16% and increases cancer detection by up to 40%. Talk to your doctor about whether 3D mammography is right for you.

Once you have a physician’s order, please call (540) 316-5800 to schedule your mammogram appointment.