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In this issue‌ The Legend of Col. John Mosby Money Matters with Andreas Keller Where in Warrenton?

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On the cover: The future Mosby Museum located at 173 Main Street. Photo by Holly Tedeschi.

Warrenton Lifestyle

Fauquier County More than a Home to the Confederacy’s “Gray Ghost” by Dave Goetz Lawyer. Soldier. Patriot. These words, on the monument to Colonel John Singleton Mosby at Court House Square in downtown Warrenton, give us a tempting glimpse into the character of one of the more interesting, influential – indeed, studied – figures from the 19th Century. John Mosby had many experiences in Warrenton and throughout Fauquier County during the War Between the States. Fauquier was part of what became known as “Mosby’s Confederacy”, an area comprising the northern tier of Virginia counties that Mosby protected as a colonel in the Confederate Army. Mosby also settled here with his family after the war ended in 1865, renting a house near today’s US 17 north of Warrenton for 10 years, before moving to one of the better homes in town

for about 18 months during 1875-77. That house (pictured on cover), at 173 Main Street, is owned by the Town of Warrenton and leased by the John Singleton Mosby Museum Foundation. Purchased in 1998, the foundation is

returning it to its 1859–80 appearance to reflect the four prominent families – including Mosby’s – who lived there during that period. Mr. Mosby also maintained a law practice in Warrenton, with James Keith, in what is still known as the “California” Building on Wall Street near the court house. John Mosby, his wife Pauline, and their eight children are buried in the Warrenton Cemetery, on the brow of a hill near “The Memorial Wall to Name the Fallen”. But these are mere sketches, faint outlines, and don’t begin to tell the full story of this most storied raider of the old Confederacy. To get a better understanding of this man, we must look at who he was and the core beliefs that Continued, see Mosby on page 6

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Mosby, Continued from page 5 made up his moral compass. He was born December 6, 1833 to parents of modest means who lived in rural Nelson County, Virginia. As a child, Mosby was frail and sickly, and confined to his bed for lengthy periods. Doctors from the area did not expect him to live beyond the age of six. Still, he learned to read at a young age, and later recalled that his childhood hero was Francis Marion, the famed “Swamp Fox” from South Carolina whose band of local “citizen soldier” militia disrupted and antagonized British forces during America’s war for independence. He learned Latin, Greek and mathematics, and studied these subjects as a student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Mosby shot a fellow student, George Turpin, in the neck during an argument, which landed him in jail. He asked the prosecuting attorney, who had argued for his incarceration, if he could borrow a few law books to pass the time, and became infatuated with law. He became sick once again, however, suffering from “consumption” – today’s tuberculosis – and was released from jail before completing his sentence. Once recovered from his illness, he asked the prosecuting attorney to mentor him to “read the law” so he could stand for the bar and become an attorney. This he did and, when war came to Virginia in 1861, the 27-year-old Mosby was married and a father. He had joined a local home guard unit, which was mustered into Confederate service as the First Virginia Cavalry. By the spring of 1862, Mosby was serving as a scout for General Jeb Stuart. He despised routine army life and, at year’s end, asked Stuart for a few men to probe Federal defenses in Northern Virginia rather than endure boring months known as “winter quarters.” Over the next five months, Mosby’s reputation grew rapidly. He not only harassed Federal cavalry and gathered intelligence on the movement of supplies and information, but captured a Union general out of his bed in Fair

Mosby’s Rangers fax, defeated a much larger force of enemy cavalry in a lopsided victory and destroyed a train engine and set fire to its cars within a mile of enemy cavalry just above today’s Catlett in southern Fauquier. His band of “partisan rangers” was formally organized near Atoka in northern Fauquier as the 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry, on June 10, 1863. Mosby’s brilliance was expressed in many ways, and his tactics are still studied today. He virtually did away with the saber in his command, instead preferring the six-shooter, believing the saber to be an antiquated and romantic weapon of no use in modern warfare. He also billeted his men in the “safe houses” of southern sympathizers in a defined geographical area, making them farmers when they weren’t soldiering. By doing his own reconnaissance with the help of one or two trusted scouts, Mosby greatly minimized the chance of his plans leaking to the enemy. After deciding to conduct a raid, Mosby informed company commanders of a date, time and place to meet, and then their subordinates fanned out to various residences spreading the word. His men virtually never knew of Mosby’s plans prior to a raid. Mosby preferred couriers to other means of communicating, believing

that if friendly forces could see or read his messages, so could the enemy. There is no record of Mosby ever torturing a prisoner, and neither did he take part in the spoils of war. The command grew to eight companies, with a total of about 800 troopers over the 28 months of the command’s existence. Mosby and his Partisan Rangers terrorized the Union Army in Fauquier and surrounding counties: attacking supply trains; disrupting communications with Washington; wounding, killing and capturing literally thousands of enemy troops; and, in the process, so causing fear in the enemy’s army that he earned the nickname, “Gray Ghost.”

Salem (Marshall), VA Just 12 days after Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, Continued, see Mosby on page 8 Warrenton Lifestyle

March 2006

Mosby, Continued from page 6 1863, Mosby disbanded his command at Salem – today’s Marshall – in northern Fauquier County. After the war, Mosby practiced law in Warrenton, and was quite busy with war claims against the federal government and other legal actions. He became a Republican and stumped for

Mosby at 55

Grant in 1872. The public debate at Salem shocked most of those in attendance, who could not believe a hero of the Confederacy would turn his back on his fellow citizens and stump for a Republican, especially their former enemy, Grant. Mosby was shot at one night in 1877 in Warrenton, as he was getting off a train from Washington. The shooter missed, and Mosby saw it as a clear sign that his life was in danger. Grant interceded with President Rutherford Hayes, who assigned Mosby as US Consul to Hong Kong, where he served the next seven years. After Hong Kong, Mosby served as a staff attorney with the Southern Pacific Railroad (1885-1901); a special agent in Nebraska, Colorado and Alabama during the McKinley administration (1901-04); and with the Justice Department as an assistant Attorney General under President Theodore Roosevelt (1904-10). Mosby died at Garfield Hospital in Washington, DC, May 30, 1916, at age 82. Some 3,000 citizens came to his funeral and burial in Warrenton

Mosby’s Grave, Warrenton Cemetery Cemetery. The former sickly child and dreamer, guerrilla leader, attorney and diplomat was gone. Some say it was the end of an era. The author of this article, Dave Goetz, owns Mosby’s Confederacy Tours, and periodically lectures on “The Life & Times of John Singleton Mosby.” He lives in Warrenton and may be reached at: mosbyman@infionline.net .

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March 2006

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Money Matters Credit & Divorce

by Andreas A. Keller


alf of all marriages in the United States end up in divorce! Although this is a staggering statistic, it does not address the emotional and financial consequences that accompany divorce. While it is difficult to assuage the emotional turmoil following divorce, the financial damage can be contained with some prudent preparations that fall under the umbrella of risk management. The major cause of broken marriages is arguments over finances and specifically, disagreement over the allocation of limited resources toward various priorities. All too often these issues, if unresolved, can have a negative impact on credit reports and credit scores. Individual versus Joint Accounts If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, it may be worthwhile to consider keeping one’s financial independence during marriage for obvious reasons: • There is a legal difference between an individual and a joint account. In the case of an individual account, the individual alone is responsible for paying off the debt, irrespective of whether the individual is married or single. On the other hand, a joint account holds both of the people on the account responsible for paying off the debt. Therefore, an account in one person’s name is that person’s responsibility alone; no one else can affect that individual’s credit record negatively, whereas the reverse is true with joint accounts. • Creditors are not parties to a divorce decree, and they are able to hold all signatories responsible for paying off debts in a joint account. A divorce decree stipulating that only one spouse is obligated to pay the balances of joint credit card accounts will have no effect on creditors. If that spouse neglects to pay off the debt, such neglect will not only damage the credit record of both spouses, but will also subject both spouses to collection and legal proceedings. • Authorizing another person to use an individual or joint account may increase one’s vulnerability if the authorized person does not pay the bills on time or neglects to pay the debt when due. It is the credit card holder, individually or jointly, who is contractually liable for paying the debt and not the authorized user. Credit Before Divorce Faced with separation or divorce, the powerful emotional toll, combined with legal and financial woes, may make a person forget to make regular bill payments. This neglect can lead to the default of loans and credit cards. Worse yet, March 2006

a person may deliberately stop making credit card and loan payments out of spite or in order to deny the other party the ability to use the object of the payments. In either case, the person who does not make the payments may not realize that, in case of a joint account, the damage to that person’s financial credit record is tantamount to self-inflicted wounds. Therefore, the responsibility to pay all bills is of paramount importance to prevent credit scores from becoming adversely affected and the post-divorce financial recovery from becoming drawn out and painful. Until the separation of joint accounts after the divorce, minimum payments for credit cards and all loan payments must be made. Just one late payment on a mortgage can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in additional finance charges for future credit. Protecting one’s credit rating before a separation or divorce may require some or all of the following steps: • Obtain a copy of all three credit reports, preferably with credit scores, and analyze all entries for accuracy. • Establish an individual bank account in your own name. • Make sure you have at least one, and preferably three, credit card accounts in your name only, each with a minimum credit line of $1,000. • Close any joint accounts with a zero balance. • Freeze any joint accounts with outstanding balances and request creditors to confirm in writing that both account holders’ signatures will be required for any new transaction. • Authorized users, on individual and joint accounts, may need to be removed. Separating your financial matters before divorcing is just the first step to minimize potential financial damage. Good record keeping is an important aspect of this financial separation. All bills should be paid on time, and you should know exactly what you owe and to whom, as well as what investments you actually possess. Consulting a financial professional before a separation or divorce ought to be the next logical step. Prudence dictates obtaining professional help in assessing the real value of assets and investments and in considering any tax consequences. A final thing to consider is the use of mediation or arbitration for settling differences. Both of these options are likely to be less expensive than a divorce attorney, and neither option requires court appearances. However, since not every separation or divorce occurs on amicable terms, it is Continued, see Money on page 14 11



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Money, Continued from page 11 important to keep in mind that, if using a divorce attorney, that attorney alone cannot necessarily protect you financially. Seeking financial planning advice prior to a separation or divorce is essential: After all, there is life after divorce. Credit After Divorce After the divorce is finalized, check your credit report to ensure that only accounts and credits in your individual name are listed as active, and all joint accounts have been closed or dealt with as agreed upon in the Property Settlement Agreement. With the divorce final and assets divided, there are some administrative chores to complete: Remember to change names on the house deed and car titles, name new beneficiaries on insurance policies and retirement plans, and write a new will. The idea of financial risk management in one’s personal life is nothing new, but it is easily ignored or forgotten. Education, knowledge, and preparation are the keys to managing one’s personal finances and associated risks successfully. More information on divorce and credit issues can be found on the website www.mortgagemomentsonline.com. Andreas A. Keller is a Senior Loan Officer with Warrentonbased Mid-Atlantic Mortgage Corporation and can be reached at his cell phone, 703 346 7262, or his office phone, 540 347 9522, ext. 108, and via email aakeller@mac.com. He also publishes a quarterly newsletter, MORTGAGE MOMENTS, which is available at www.mortgagemomentsonline.com.


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ht g i m You o li ke t ‌ know Population (year 2000): 6,670, Est. population in July 2004: 8,295 (+24.4% change) Males: 3,061 (45.9%), Females: 3,609 (54.1%) Population change in the 1990s: +1,549 (+30.2%). Elevation: 640 feet County: Fauquier

Town of Warrenton Statistics (source: City Data)

For population 25 years and over in Warrenton

For population 15 years and over in Warrenton town

High school or higher: 83.2% Bachelor’s degree or higher: 25.7% Graduate or professional degree: 8.0% Unemployed: 2.7% Mean travel time to work: 28.7 minutes

Never married: 24.0% Now married: 47.2% Separated: 3.6% Widowed: 11.0% Divorced: 14.3% Foreign born: 5.8% (2.5% Asia, 1.5% Latin America, 1.3% Europe).

Land area: 4.2 square miles Median resident age: 38.1 years Median household income: $50,760 (year 2000) Median house value: $144,800 (year 2000)

March 2006

Ancestries: German (15.8%), English (11.4%), Irish (10.7%), United States (8.3%), Italian (4.4%), French (2.6%).


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